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Y< >ju I] I No. :Jii.
YMlli, B. C, SATUEpAY, APRIL 2, 1904,
I'uick Five (Jents,
Published,  in  the Boycotting camp   of   British  Columbia.
'%.: >
\  i C1,i"i''s. '   '
V WtPeV&t
- <icäSv5P:*; -^IT-
IS Your Watch Ameri»
can, English or
Wliatever the movement is,
when it gets out of order send
it to us, We can repair any
damages and return it as good
;is it was in the first pjaee,
maybe better, Our wm'k is
all guaranteed Give us a
trial ; you are sure to be satisfied.
Manufacturing   (Jewelers
and Optician«.
N'klson,       - B. C.
raymen& Teamsters
YMIR,   li    C.
Handling heavy ft'oight ft
CoA'coapomtenco proutpkly
attended to»!
i l'tibUtil.i-it *'v«rv S-itiir>ln,v nml mullm) w tmy
1 tdilr*t^j. or -IflivtT'-d l»y oarrmr iii tnwu,
i    Suti.rripviuuti tUGQltOf iniitllQ. puy^M*  ti td-
1 AdvftHUtuu rtttt», $l.5u pur mud pur month
j >iO public oiiUTluimtn'iit to which au atinii»-
I .-iioii fff 'i> i'ls,nri;i'd. will he noticed In Tub Mix
; itou uulciM uilvfrtUetl Iu itH columi.*.
Only article* of mrrit will bo ««lyt-riIs«m1 io
thvNR 00lut/ll)i. aud tin; in'eri'-iri of m^itfl Wlfl
i)tt care fully «mtrded tutiliml irçi'*-pt»^Udf per-
Tub Munvm can lis hid from itl.1 U-mhne
bftWrtd«Al«rH in thûdLxtrli'.t.or can l>« ubta.imd
4ir«ct fron» tb» oHUw. _
Coiiimorciii,. printing <\' «vntv iK-cription
lone on tin- pten\Uiti at rmtudttrd trices.
0. Smith.   Publish kr.
f1 "P
li'lKII'qiKII'AlIK OK iMI'eillVK.MB.slTS.
Warwick und Fourth nf .Mdy ruinerai
vliii ins, situate in I Iii'   Nelson Mining
1 h'visinn of West Kooteiiny District.
VV hi) I'M l«icu.ii'i| : On north side nf Wild
llol'M) ("reck nml six miles I rum Ymir,
Cube notice Mint I,   I'. !>. Clements.
.(■•ling  iu .-»•_;»■ 111  fur  tliu   Brokern  Hill
Mining A Development ()').,  Limited,
In« Minor'»(jHrtilleuteNo II HU.ilil,
inienili sixty diij'H from Ilm (leite Huron',
lo ripply  in thu MiuiiiK Ki-coueler for
V-Ttllii.-iiliiH .nf    InipriitHUifiiJ*. tor I lie
iiiiniihc of nl tninlng Otfontn g.raus's nf
'll- llllllVll   till« IHK
Ami further ink« notion Mint notion
iiulur auction 87, iiinsi lie ooromenood
" l'ire Un- is-iiniieu of] »ttoll octtUkmlcs
<; iiii|iiiivuiiii-iii.
Imii'il this loth day of Ki-lmuiry, WOi
V ü «'I.KMKN.I'Ü. Ni'Unn, U.C..
■■'■■is ■" ■■ ■ »•—asasa—— ■ss^sjaEtaaipasajaaaaa
IS, (> T ICE,
I/O) DKUNejl'KN r OuOWNBlts,
last thu government auditor hau
ppeared od the scene to audit
the accounts of the Ymir General Hospital—that institution which the local
branch of the Western Föderation
of Miners claims as peculiarly its own.
From time to, tiiuo we have called attention to what, on the face of them,
appeared ta be a eliflicult array of
I'lgmes to reconcile with facts. 'Vliese
figures we were obliged to get from
the government otnee* at Victoria
as the hospital board of Ui rectors positively refusée! to give any information
as ta what was being done with tho
money rolling iu from «all sources, ostensibly for the purpose* of hospital
support. In thin action th-y ptotWed
to havo been acting undw instrautions
from, the Minors' Uuiiui. When til»
retui'iLs arrived at this nlljce, we were
«Uited by a deputed agent of tho union
and cautioned, or tlireutenexl, tliat if
wo made use of the iaformation there
was. trouble iu stove fnr us Hut tlvere
was a public duty to be done, ami we
resolved riot tn shirk it, luippvn wluit,
U»y. It is, a hurribJn revulatioM to
make, but so no nf lite very iwu who.
utero mosl persistent in. doiivuulirig
the information wo published were
aiiiong the lirst to, be iutiini/!;i>ted tn
join in- the boycott against us—IWM
lures who are now cringing after the
uuiiui bosses puying liomagu to their
»way, We shall publish tlieir names
later on. But tho ligures did appear
in 'I'iik Mi nun«, and then eanui the
threatened dooteo—B0.YUCVTÏ Smith
and bis family mid dllve i liein, out ot!
tho camp ! How it has worked tlio
world knows. Our lulvcclising accounts
Were collectable on tlui 1st of each
iiiuntlv yet nine advertisers withdrew
between I be Util and lOtll of KeU'UiU'y
Why t Because the mjnci-.' union
met on the ITth nf the mputlv and the
llnycott «-iiiiinut.il»; li.nl to report pen
gross, 'fini nue page papi o wo ium
now palilishing is •un.vllUllllg Rvideuce
of tlio sfBtctlvorteH ot tl«Lt  Bnyoott
tlsonWs,      lininHiliiiii'ly ptrtto'   to, the
datiis   given   ilm  hospital  ligiue-H Iiad
llie government allows in collected as
if lie wore an indoor patient of llie
hospital, This is a typical otuK*. Then
tho general iinpisusion was that the
miners' union wa« inaiutaiuing tlio
Union hospital, whereas such is riot the
fact. |t was set forth that the union
had oontributed s$j.lC'|..riQtawanlathe
building of the present hevspitak the
boises now claim that this was only a
loan \ TI,o big prolits made qn run-,
ning tlio institution- -despite lavish
extravagance and gross uiisraanugo«
ment—arc said to go toward» paying
off this L0,A!J (!) and other very shaky
debts. But there will he a sworn investigation held, and then the guilty
ones will bu brought to justice, Tho
sooner it is held the better.
Tilt lmcul labor agitators are making
dcspeiate efforts to got some man of
their own kidney tex start a newspaper
in Ymir, They had one man here
from Northport and another from
Rossland looking uver the ground, but,
neither appeared tn be favorably impressed with tho situation or la plaoe
any confidence in the promises of the
union bo&sea. These follows are now
in treaty with u former Cripple Creek
editor who en|oys, the distinction of
being an accomplished agitator and an
able advocate of mob law. If this
gentleman has private funds at his
disposal, or is a freak of uatur who can
subsist oiv unfulfilled promises and unpaid bills, Ymir is an ideal spot for
his journalistic oocoutricitios,
Tits. Ilovcoi'T against the editor of
Tim MiKiioil ajid his family still continues, and has worked sw effectively
up to. elate that it is being extended
to others—in fact, cuern is. so. littlu
business being done iu the town that
tho storekeepers and saJonii, rutin have
started iu .boyvottiug one auotlior iu
the hope uf securing wW little trade
remains. In tho words ot secretary
Campbell, of the Citizens' Association,
"tiie town is on the bum, and everything is coining in (ruin (Iu- departmental stnres " The condition of
business is desprrnte, and be suggests
a desperate remedy, "Well havo to.
kill a few more to make things lively."
In view of the fa,it that Vhero «ils a
murder in Ymir last wee-k, the senti»
ment is aigUÜlcaufr ; it fairly illustrates
the trend of public feeling in the camp
iii present. The most serious Crime
—even rluil of murder—is treated with
a levity which must beget conlvtiipi
for law am! (inli'i
Hewitt BohUmjHhas purohnseil from
tint Doillllilnll ^ji.ei nuieiit SrK) iu:res
iu the forty mi!«' bellt for >f2. per acne
for grazing purposes.
'I'll (i. Kli. (.. laUltiCIM   lit W, l'\ Pol.
■e   i.eiiL or nny
! been published.      The threatened de-
i ct;i>(i was put  into. (nrelO)   (he  avowed
nl her pits ni  lu «hörn ' intention, lining tn, (biro us   ia<1 befole
ii'j ini.v have irtiiislerreil Ihelr li,l,nesis   the littles ganui was eüposeiL       Wlmt
Ihe   IliinilelKilMll    ll'lKU'tloll    lllillet'lll , . , ,       i   i
Mini.   KltliH   nn Wilil' Ih.rse (Jnwk    ,v>,lwu''"   W'  b"  ,UI'  IMW"»"!» J^y
mill feiir nillwefrnltlitllii IaMÏii of Vmir. | nceiui.od.iii Honding n,gnvci:iiu«eiit audi-
ul ml||ilirlliu Hin Mugwump. Itockhiinl t()|. U) |1H,k „v.jr thu clmlleiigisl lujuoiuits
"i   IstUtlOuliull   til i ns-1 is I   claiuw in Ur
"I'l-nn   .VIIiiii,;;  Ihvlsliiu nf Wi»t   K,oll
aMiny Dl-iii in., mul reoorelml in ihre H"
iililin's ollice h(f Hie   Nelson   Milling
iini-inli. *
Von a ie I caeli of. you uro hernliy noli
led Hint   I   liHsVH   ,'\|ii'iiili'il   Ihlrli-foul
iiillai's mul   tiVUIlty live cents   (fttil.tftO.)
n   lulinf   IMiil   lllipiovelllelils II411KI'Hie
1I111V11   inii'i Kill i-hiiin in nliler   In  •■• ■ I»I
lint at last that ollicial has. rjoma. And
what diios Im lind I—Tlut for years
past tho union bosses liuve been robs
bing the govei'iiiiiuut by. insiiiug false
reports. l/'t us illustrate bo«' tho
giiaf(. lias.been woikisL A sawinil'j
bund collies  up from   Hillmo   minus a.
All ItCt ol' tile llriu'sli Colunihia leg-
isriitnre pnssnd 011 .day 1 Mb, 1003,
eli/.itled- ",\n Iktjtl iielatiug to emplny-
luent on wi.rlio, Oils (ilorlnll lueier fi anel lise griiuU'il by private acts," liua
bueti.ilis(illow(!d by thü ObverfienrOoiir
end in, council, 'the bill ul tried at llie
exclusion' of .l.iipuiieso- from- cuiploy-
lui'llt on nliese wni'kii«, |b «ils cidlfd,
the l^ibsir Itegulal.ioi^ .V't. njitl, sot up
an (•dm.-atioiial I'■"»!. to prevent th» u(l>
|ilofnient uf Cliinesn and Japanese.
• nue iiuilin- Hi» piiorisJoiiK of, Hie Min ! Iliiger joint, of which he has been ncei-
«Ml Act. ti(,.|.ifiw|ihiii niiiniy ihiys-fiiun ,|,mU||y deprived by thu inachiti.'rv.
:'ie 'late nf.lllis linline Villi flliltor I'lfem« |„„      ,    .      , . ., ,     ",
 irihnie yoiir po'.lniu, tri c»p IU   U.e doctor her« dresses the wound and
I-IU-", logelliei' ■witii nil eosls of udvei- the man. returns tn his home with in-
n-ii,g, yieni Inimvsls In salit claiiuHi Wilt j „tmiction* lu>w to treat what remains
'n-i (line tint prn.a'H.v nf llie subscriber,     . ..    ,, ,, ., ,      e
,. r tUOtloil 4 Ofnen   act entitled -An  «* "»» ■»**■       D«"«W *• c'uPIb «
Ml to Auirinl Ihe Mimil'iil Act,   l.'.H'O.' ' uioiiths lie is living in Sahno bet'iirn lie
(>. A. l,i)VKI,L       cull return to  work, this  man   is put
Vnied ul Vmir,  II. (J,, this I.T.lh duy dtitvil tue lining a patient IN the Ymir
.,t, tyuruiyy, illb t.. . | ^yltnJ urn! the per capita grant which
*sj* *SÏ** J-***« r* t I*
»*■'*■#» »
■.•n-f.I-vj,s,^,». J.. s,|, IV...S.I.«:!-f.,A i,* m,
Harry     Wright,    Ml" P.,    paflstnl
through   Ymir yesterday  evening on
| his way home from Victoria,
,_, . '■. The Kog Horn mine is oloaed down
111«  monthly meeting of the \miri      , .. .    .    ,,.,....      .,,
_. .       , .       :   . .   ,,      ,„ and it iselnuoitul   if  it   will  open  uli
Cit'zeiu Associai ton was held on Tues-       .      , .,,,'•      ,, ,
, I 'M.'ain unless a stamp null   be installed
day evening last, Bresidsnt Boss in the '
chair.    There wis a good attendance.
Tiie first business after finding the
minute book, was to appoint a secretary. Dan Campbell was induced to
act for tli« night, but Inter on was appointed to the ollice as permanent secretary.
The committee selected at previous :
meeting to collect $16.80, with which
to pay Mr. H. li Mmith's bill fiu- sur-
veyieig tho burial ground, reported tluit
they hail collected 3>lS..ri(X and paid
, the bill, a receipt for whioh was produced,
On motion oj S. H. Seaney ;t was
decided to vote Ih» balance remaining
(81.7ft) to the collectors in payment, of
services rendered.
'Hie   secretivry   was   instructed   to.
write  to. Mr.  Sniith   and  secure  the
deed to tho ground, given by the rail
way company.
A long discussion ensued as to Ivnw
the deed in i|uestion should be made
out. (t wus pointed out that it would
have to. lie lield in trust by coeue per
sons uauieet
A suggestion was made that the
dee«! sliould Vs> holel in trust for the
public by the president of the ussoeia
tion atd the chief ollicers of the hx-al
societies— Freeiivosons, Knights of
Pj'thia«, and Miners' trnion—for the
time being.
There was considerable opposition
to this course-
Andy Burgess proponed that three
members of tho association Itr iiiuim.-i!
us trustees.
Fir.lay Mel.i'od supported the motion, abiding, "Tho way things arc going, none of these sooletias nwy be
liore afteo a while. We may all have
to clear; out."
Dun CninphelL—As long as we ki-ep
on killing peuple we »ill be all right.
i'iulny »Vcü'od—We havelhat puu
pens' graveyimdi paid, for anyway.
(,'iunpliell.—'Llie town, in on the bum
anil everything'iv couung iu,from,those
(Wpurtnumt.-il stnres We'll have to
kill a few  inure to. make things lively,.
lit was. ulthuatidy decided to name
three mou Mgntve-yaiidtisuiitew, These
thrcewciic.l. W, Bohh, prvsideUnf, the
association;.    W, M.   Colley,    ballier,
at tha property,
Mr. A. B. Buckworth is authority
for the statement that chore will b>
special music in the Methodist Church
tomorrow evening.
The last of the ore mined at tlio
Dundee under the late l-)nd, which
has been thrown up, was rawhided
down the hill yesterday,
Acting Ciiief Omscable Young w is.
over from Nelson this week investigating a series of charges prefer! ed against,
the local policeman, Pnrroster. H-v
isonjifged with everything but ell-
ciuncy and sohi-ioty.    I
(iovernment Auditor Ooepal spent,
three ibvys this week auditing tin» an.
counts of the Ymir Ilnpitnl. Watuh
out few Ixis report, and uliat will liap-
pen wluMV it appears.
Miss Macdoikild, iiulIi-imi, and Miss,
dray, head nurse, at the Vmir Hospital, have tendered their resignation*,,
to lake effect at an curly dull'. Wluil,
is up nowl It is rumored that several
other clvauges arc on the upis.
— r
-    Aehipeu'ting   tin-ltorn gambler, bus.
given away the key  tn the cards tiseit
j in Yrnir foi' swindling the uninitiated.
i The uatde. ans-very oleveuly marked,
i sn  ikit tho  tin horn with  the   "key'"
i can   read the bucks  M easily   as   the»
face.    Men who have kist hundreds of
dollars  iu the   "friendly games"   into.
which   they   Itiive been   trapped  now
realize how, t.lusy hdivo  heeti swindltsl,
Tliene is great, anxiety twice a day
in Ymir—when the trains arrive,
livery train is oxpuoted to bring somu
g«werumenl oHlclal to investigate thu-
01'linlliality of the cinui. A few morn
of these geiUle.nien ui-n daily looked,
The New York state board of medi-
atinu. iiinii lu'hitratmii reports that in,
that sJntn aJime therm were 111'.' strikes,
audi lockouts  in, UKW,   Ol   (Uly   mein!'
i htm in l'OOU;    But une single  «trlkn>
und. Dun. CainpU-ll,   rMckh.'-in-tlv »lui   ,,i, ,„ i, year,, that of the building trades.
agent,     A.s   neither-the   Isiulxiv   DOT laiul nf l, • escuvator» and isickmen in
iiieklcin-vlii-.-slol, man are British suJ>  : New Vurk city, causi'il  a greater loss
jects, It is.dnilblfuj   if they will   he ae I of tlini than, the LI,-: labor dispulu, of
teptisl as trUtsUBK for pnjilic property j nio-j'    So lus«, than M,M\4, men wire
in B. I'. | diis'utly and I l,,l!ii;i inen indirectly m-
Daj[, Cjiiupbeli resktdil/ there wasUolvud in the  building trades strike
anvtlMllg lobe lloiU us to the buUtUtlg   in New York    ciiv, and blui-lltturngAtr
)>ii'ei|ieiiil has closed one-third of
its saloons during the list ten years,
and so decreosod her polie* force iu
consequence as to bar« ell'eeiedi an
(Hiouniny of $+0|OpO yeauly.
The Cold1 Cup Mine eontiiwes. idle.
A few of tin- directors of the company
operating-it havn been in, town during
tho week I,Miking for Hn extension of
time on their bond mid easier terms,
Th« next payment, i?10,000; falls due
on the Hth inst,, but will not hi1 met,
TiniO bus been extended fiiraperiisl nf
MX month« '        .
of till', new, bridge.
Il'liilay Mclxsidr— Uli, we ure getting
Isvii.nwioli,g(»'ci:iuiU!iiL uumey into.ibis
toufi, •
Th« simii'i!''my collncteiL ihs-s m the
absence; of I Ir. Duncan,, ihn treasurer,
and th« linppy, gathering dispersed,
'li'lei r.:ii in ns of. the Ylllil min« for
lYnlii uury .me lis follows—"Thirty llie
stamps run 21 elays and crushed -TOO
tyni (liOOO) pounds) of «iv, proiliici'i,:
7,I<1 ounces bullion. The estimate i
probable value (gross) of, (he prodiu.t
is. sW-tOOj.'i/iû tons of uoiiceiitrate's
shipped, gross estimated, value 87400;
cyanide plant treated 7*10 ton» [Ü000
pounds)! of ladings .producing bullion
having ostinuited gross value nf *l liui
sundry revenue »800—? 1.(1,7.00. Work
ing expenses, |Ili,2ftO. Profit. (450,
There lias been expended during month
on dewlopment fcV>."
loss of time chilPgeaiile tO'lhe Htlike
was t,t00)000 days' lohnt. I be totnl
loss to labor fluni I Im striken and locks
nuis of li."0'J was only "i.'i'k.i.'ls'.'i d.iis'
emplnymeiit). Other strikes lust year
in New York, state aile ici 7.1,,'-71
working people and mused a loss of
iiusi-ilum !l,OO0|000'diy»' work. Tue
iitlloial report of ills'New Yoi'lt state
board of mediation and arbitration,
stall", that bel year's «tllkuâ III thai
state weis- chielly tVir |sjCO|Jllltl'ili nj
ihe union, anil iidinil- lb.it a- u ivholu
tliwv were UtlHlUJcsssfltl,
The bova.niiiieis ailijlilK.'l'ittoi's hi,■■•
failed to agree and l;l(RU'J iniiuirs ntin
on slnikn, liwiry mine in lows is
AJauys   smoke   the  MonoglMtu or
Marguerltn—the peoples' eh,né".    \\
J. McMillen it' Co,, sole ngeilt Vor IVC
Vsucouvei. Ju


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