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Vol. III. No. 29.
YMUt, B C, SATURDAY, FEB.   V.i, 1904.
Price Five Gents.
5^* Send your Job Printing to the
Mikkor Office.
Spencer Sanderson, the local hardware man, is expected back from Scotland next week.
Seventeen pound kit of Holland
herrings, $1 35 per keg, at Seaney's +
Large stock of choice eating and
cooking apples at Seaney's.   . +
The Chinese begin their new year
celebrations on Monday, and 'decent
people are hoping that the pyrotechnic
display will drive some devels out of
Just airived, a fresh shipment of
White Star Jellies and Jams at Seaney's. x
Manager llarnhait of the Ymir mine,
who has been on the sick list for a cou
pie of weeks, is around again. He
went up to Nelson last night.
Always smoke the Monogram or
Marguerite—the peoples' e-hoice. ,W
J. McMitlen it Co., sole agent for B.C.
Vancouver. -r
Rev. J. H. White, Huperintendent
of Methodist Missions for British Columbia visited Ymir this week. He
preached in the Methodist Church on
Kundav evening last.
Newitt & Co. are selling oft a big
stock of ladies' Waists to make room
for spring goods. Talk of bargains !
J ust see these, -. n
Registered at the Ross House during tho week »ere: W. J. Iiromner,
Rosslaud; C. II. MacDonald, Vancouver; John Haggerty, Rosslaud; T. H.
Hiitherham, Cyanide plant; Geo. Moffat, Nelson; L. Ward, Spokane;
Choice lot of Okansinin, Northern
Spy and Rhode Island Greening Apples ; also Washington, Baldwin and
W|ntér Maiden Blush, at Seaney's, X
S. Bywatcr, one of the directors of
the Broken Hill Mining ie Development Co., operating the Wilcox Mine
is visiting the property. He reports
OVftrthillg going well under the able
management of Mr. De Witt.
The supper for the hall last night
was partaken of at the Waldorf Hotel,
mid the unanimous verdict is that it
was tin; best nnd funniest supper ever
put up in Yni:r,
E. W. WiddowHon, the local assayer
his installed it beautiful mineral cabinet iu his office. It is well worthy
inspection, as it contains a great collection of (/re, thu special character of
which Mr, Widelowsun is always happy
to explain.
The flanger wn» at work yesterday
/cloaring  the  snow from the 'railway
track between Northport and Nelson.
The  snow fisll for the  past week Jias
boon 14 inches, the heaviest uf the sea-
Mill.    '
Three cars of eire froni the Hanter
V. mine, were shipped to the Nelson
Miiolter on Thursday. Tho ore hail
been on the cars at (he spur for set
l'i'iil days, but could not be got out
owing to heavy snow.
♦ ♦*♦♦♦♦♦+♦♦«*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦■♦"♦•♦
A pencil mark in this space
is a gentle reminder that your
subscription is due Please
cough up
To-morrow will be St. Valentine's
Day in Ymir, as elsewhere. The postmen in this refined camp do not go
their rounds on the Sabbath, so that
even the fortuuate ones will have to
wait until Monday morning for their
J. C. Carruthers, who has entered
into partnership with T. Newitt of the
Ymir Clothing Store, arrived in town
this morning and went behind the
counter. Mr. Carruthers was in the
camp when it was geographically described as Quartz Creek—hence an old
timer, and a popular one at that. Mr
Carruthers will keep business humming.
Mr. "Jack" Welch, who has been
visiting his sister and brother-in-law,
Dr. and Mrs. Duncan, for the past
couple of months, left for his ranch at
Maple Creek, Ass., on Wednesday last.
During his stay iu Ymir Mr. Welch
made very many friends who sincerely
legret his departure. Jack is a jovial
Englishman, and is bound.to be popular wherever he goes.
Jerry Ryan, who is serving two
months in Nelson jail for robbing , in
Ymir, was brought before Judge Forin
at Nelson, on Thursday, having elected
for a speedy triul on a charge of steal
ing a watch, valued at $35, from G.
W. Evans at the McLeod Hotel bore
The date on which Evans was relieved
of his watch at the McLeod Hotel,
was January 21st.
U. W. Hannington prosecuted on
behalf of the crown. The prisoner
was undefended.
Evans identified his watch but could
give no idea of how the prisoner got
hold of it. He and tho prisoner were
rooming together at the McLeed Hotel
but there was a g'jpd deal of drinking
going on and the witness' recollection
of what happened on the night of the
alleged theft was decidedly uncertain,
Archie Macdougall, haltender ' at
MeLeeid's, testified that the prisoner
warned to raise, souiq,money on the
"ticker" and that he gave him flö in
cash and set up the drinks for the
house twice, making a total of $0.50
Tho prisoner gave up the watch, but
said he was working and would redeem
it.      \ «
Ryan was sworn in his own behalf
and at once admitted pawning the
watch and said that he and Evans
had been having a social time together
for some days, ami their money having
al) gone ho suggested goimi to bed.
Evans pulled out his watch to see the
time, and Jerry suggestod that, the
ticker would ho good for more booze.
Evaiis handed him the watch and lie
raised the money as described by the
bartender. Evans went to sleep and
he, Ryan, spent some of the 85 for
more drink then and the balance next
Recalled by the Crown, Evans would
not deny the truth of the prisoner's
story, He could not recall he »aid,
what happened, hut he did not think
he had given tip his watch.
Judge Forin dismissed the charge
with » few caustic remarks about peo
pie who went on prolonged spreas and
lost their money and jewelry. Ryan
was taken back to jail to serve out the
remainder of his sentence on former
Tho Russo'Japanesa war has begun,
the little brownies making a significant
starter by crippling the Russian fleet
at Port Arthur. No serious land engagement is reportée!.
The Provincial Legislature Wns prorogued early this week after the most
business like session since confederation;
The biggest graft that struck tho
town honored "The Opera House'- with
a visit during the week, and filled the
bill to their entire satisfaction. The
show was an amalgamation and eon-
tentration ( I all the genius under the
canopy of—comeelies. They ' billed
themselves to appear in the Opera
House, and that It should be clearly
understood that an honor was being
conferred on Ymir, it was professionally announced that there were two
grea", shows in one—the Alpines and
the Whites. The barrooms of Nelson
were similarly honored by these gentry,
who there satisfied themselves by going
round with the hat, tickets being scarce
and the opera house being engaged by,
of course, inferior entortainors. On
Sunday—the better the day the botter
the deed—the companies struck Ymir
—and Ymir yielded to thoir infatuation. Professor White, the greatest
ventriloquist of the age, alighted from
the train followed by hisdistinguis'ied
company, and billed the town for a
show the following night. If it were
put to a vote there would be no "noes"
in the professor's case—all would be
"ayes" that the real tiling had struck
the camp. Of course, everybody turned
up to enjoy the sport and were treated
to a genuine " bum show," tho ventri-
lovuest even attaining to the skill of
that most modern of ».lUuitertuinuients
—-the Punch and Judy dialogue.
There was an entire dring î of program announced for the second night,
with apoligies for the absence of scenic
effects owing to a breach of contract
on the part, of I lie railway company,
somewhat excusable owing to the
heavy snow fall.
The second night cume and so did
the Suckers, The Professor hud gone
to Nelson to look after scenery, but
.the other ■ iiienib Ts of th« company
were equal to the emergency: they got
a lot of boys on the stage and amused
the audience1 with such edifying fe.its
as a lad's dexterity in taking oil his
shoes and socks and putting them on
»gain without having time to apologise
for the rudeness of tho operation. As
a scientific experiment tho boys were
also called upon to elemental rat« in
what a short space o' lime one of the
elk could masticate a biscuit and prove
his swallow to be clear by the act of
whistling. Such astounding feats as
these held the audience, und Ihn show-
men at once realized that they had
suckers to deal with. Nor did they
miss the opportunity at availing themselves lef the position A few pieces
of gauely silverware wero exhibited
and these were to go to the Ymir belle
win; secured th« greatest number of.
votes for inherent beauty. In short,
a beauty, contest was started, which
resolved itself into a popularity vote,
and ultimately into any old thing wnich
would bring funds to the showmen's
treasury. Somebody hod the audacity
to put up one lady's name, whose father
or brother, wore they in the camp,
would have pounded the faces of the
rest of the company as Hat as that of
the professors.
But the suckers sucktvJ, ittthoiigh a
foul could have seen that it was a pure
nnd simple "skin" gaine.
'The Ross House Savages and the
McLeod House Poker. Chips, two lecal
organizations, entered the contest,
each determined that their ii'ininee
should win. The voting was started
at half a cent per vote; then they came
down tn$'J  per  1,000, next$l   per
1,000; at. 50c some thousands were
bought up, and finally the voting power
Was handed over to outside "grafters"
so that the excitement might be kept
up and the suckers be still further bled.
A Lemon was introduced to flavor the
mixture, and then the Savages caught
on. They were, however, determined
to carry their point, and thoy did. The
Poker Chips also took a tumble and
retired from the contest.
Along with their other graft, the
artists had "The Successful Songs of
the Season," for sale by the copyi'itk'ts
Howling, Haveland it Dresser. Of
course it does not say what season,
but the songs which the company recommended were "The Same Old
Crowd," (they told the Ymir suckers
they aro coming bac«: again); "You
give me your love and I'll give yon
mine," "I guess/I'll go home," "Dear
Old Girl," "Raving " -'We've got our
eyes on you "j—"In the Sweet bye and
bye," etc.
Included in tho "Seasons Successful
Songs" is a modern cook book- the
whole lot, for which the company are
the sole agents in the eastern and western hemispheres, was disposed of at
25e. per copy, which entitled tho purchaser to 50 or 100 votes for beauty,
popularity, or any old thing which net-
tod cash lo the bum showmen. What
a laugh they must bo having st the expense of the Ymir suckers.
On the frontispiece of the so called
song book is the picture of a lady who
has no more clothes on that portion of
her anatamy shown than would prove)
positively essential to a Zulu princess
for modesty or warmth in her tropical home.
Tin! Kilitnr tini'i, mil hnlil liliusi-lf pi-jiiimlil.
fur Un- opinions of (torNUPotidonts, but r,-sitrvir*
to tiim-i'lr ih'! nullt i« 'iHniiTiiit'' taiih mütler u*
to lilin inuy sppoar Itruuwsnt or offituslvo,
All uoiiiiniiilir.ulliiiiyuiist Im uuuoiilpuniiiil Iry
th'- iiiiirtiiDr ill,.- uutli ir—not u mtissurlly lor pt|b-
Mention, but us u in-'iiiH ol iduallty,
iVi' ilc not uii'loruk'i to ruturii rujuotd 1 o Irfss •
ponili'iuMi unitjiM ni»niini>l so to ilo.
To the Editor, Mirror
Dear Sir—If your correspondent,
who signs Jiiniself "A Wrightinan,"
was somewhat amused when he road
the article quoted in last week's paper,
written by Mr. Buckworth for the
Nelson Daily News, you can quite see
that his letter mode most -if the folks
in town laugh, chiefly because the
paragraph mentioned was practically
correct; and further because your paper
was repeatedly calling down the late
correspondent (P. J. Gleùzler) forgiving totally incorrect news, and sometimes your pupdr even went as far lyi
to give it Considerably stronger than
I have put it above.
As you stated some III tie time buck,
Messrs Buckworth and Oleu/.ier have
"swapped" positions, and yet I can.
only remember one instance where the
f/irmer was anything like incorrect,
and certainly T should not say he wns
in the paragraph ."A Wrightinan"
sends you; whilst tho luth-, tho local
member's nominee for position, was
continually sending up unreliable
When u constituency represented by
a conservative hi parliiuneiiti lias to
get the leader of the opposition to gelt
up and ask for a larger appropriation
for it, there is something wrong somewhere, and I am afraid that most uf
the electors in this neighbourhood will
think John Houston wits correct in
his speech, when he' said "that 'Ymir
was represented by a man who had
only been known to make, one' speech
(which'was read from a typ6 written
copy) and that if the member ceiul'J
not speak und bring the needs of M«
district  forward,   ho   was  practically
**** ** ****** Ml «i***»!*** Mr**
Deer Tim—T haven't much toime to
writo this week for meself an' a few ov
che boys is trying to straiten out the)
hospital,accounts—an' a darn tadiom
job it is. There must, be a lot ov suckers knocking about or it wouldn't be
hard to trace where the money is going
An' talking of suckers, Tim, Ymir
takes the kuko. A few showmen struck
town the other day an' offered what
thoy called a silver t ay pot for the lend
ov the loan ov a few girls' names to
bleed the boys wid The names was
chawked down on a tnrpaper blackboard, an' a bettor bait to kotch suckers was niver invinced.
Ye may talk ov yuth an' beuty
Or ov favorites galore,
But whin it comes to duty
Ye must be there, usthore ;
Don't do the thing that's crookit
But always stick to right,
Ye may depitid that suckers
Whin the showman strikes yer villa.)
(He don't often come yer way);
Don't think that he's on pillage,
For ho aint built that way ;
He's shure to do his utmost,
If only for a night,
For well he knows that suckers
'       Always
The showman know» that business
Is business—purely bis',
Tnat when he meets wid softies
The graft is solely his ;
i Tlio' Savages an' Poker Chips
May clamor or may fight,
He's safe, because that »uckors
I knows me nose, ye know I knows,
So quoth Professor White,
An' none can say him yea or nay,
He knows that he is right ;
But whin it comes to voting
For beuty or for spite,
• He feels content, for suckers
Larry Finn.
Why send to Nelson for your breed
when you can get it, fresh und whole,
some every morning at the Ymir Cafe
à Bakery! Is this tlio way to support
n home industry? +
useless, und  tho district  must  take
anything it can get."
Regarding the later portion of "A
Wrightiiiun's" letter, it. eloes not require ansWt'flng) as it is simply a pie,,'
of political vcimin, which it is best td
ignore—"Yours, etc.)
A "ItieJilr" Man.
To thu Editor, Mirror
rfir—I read with much Interest tin'
figures you supplied bust week with Ml
feretice to the local hospital, anil have
nut heard any explanation of their)
silica. I notic« for the two lu'onths/
NerrMmber and Dcceinbei'i tllstftfjîD'
99 is charged for new buildings. The
only now building t am aWare of Iti
connection with the hospital is a wood
shod, erected about this time, Did ii
cost $.riN0 minus one. Cent I 1 would
like• td take the oontract for putting
up n bettor building for S100—Yuui's
p.. »._Would it not bo well to hilvi«
tho accounts audited by a govei nulL'.ir
auditor I
H.Sr An Ad. in
J is  a  Salesman calling at all the '
• •
• homes  nnd mines  in the district •
• evei v week and being given court- •
J ous consideration. »
Published ov':rv Saturday (»ml mail««) to any
■fMres.i, or delivered liy iMirrior hi town.
Bubtorl piton« 88.00 l*Qt »unuin, payable n id-
»MICK. „
Advertlsini: rut«!*. $1.50 ii**r inch  per month
No public eutert&iliment to which au admission tw t» charucd, will Im ootiOed in Tun Mm
bor unii'HS advertised in its column*.
Only article» of merit will be advertised in
these column.«, and the tu^epeata of reader« will
be carefully guarded acainst irresponsible persons, f
Thb Mmitoii can be had Trout all leadine
uewadealerfl in th<i dtstrlut.or can he obit! tied
direot from theoffice.
Cotnmerêtftl printing n' every description
done on the preml*<t* ut h tap dard urlu«*.
0. Dbll Smith, Editor.
the clique everlastingly conspires
against. But throw any light on tho
movements of the small band and they
blow and bluff as if they are the whole
thing. Except some explanation can
be given of the figures published; the
public have the right to demand an
investigation. There will be no confidence placed in the management of
the hospital until the government,
in this instance as in all others, appoint a couple of independent men to
act on the directorate of the institution
--to which they contribute liberally.
Wilson Frederick, of Dunellen, N.
J., whose friends probably saved his
life by contributing 4,500 pieces of
cuticle to bo grafted on his scalded
body aftar he hud been hurt in a wreck
nearly a year ago at Westfield, is now
around again, and is reported to look
better than ever in his new skin. Yet
people will say that beauty is only skin
deep !     *
Tue chairman announced at a meeting on Tuesday of the Liverpool, London and Globe Insurance Co., that the
company's loss by the Baltimore fire
would be $1,000,000, for which it was
fully prepared. It is a good thing to
be insured in a good company. Five
of the fire insurance companies having
home oltices at Hartford, Con, estimate
their losses, as the result of the Baltimore fire at *2,'275,000, divided as
AST week we published a sum- follows: Aetna, $500,000; Hartford,
mary of the  returns furnished to   §750,000; National, $"00,000; Orient,
$175,000; Phoenix, $350,000.
A blue-book on .South   Africa just
the goverumon", by board  of  directors
of what is   culled   the  Ymir  General
Hospital,   bur. what those who run it
would have designated the Ymir Min» j i!,SURl1 contains a pessimistic  despatch
from Lord Milner, British High Commissioner in South   Africa, in   which.
ers' Union Heu-iMt. As we explained,
the returns quoted were applied for
frequently but, refused by those who
profess to run the hospital in the interests of the public, Why? Gentle
reader (us.the novelist, says) ask yourself the question.      Ir'everything was
ohenieor militia. The Japanese army
now consists of 273,268 officers and
men. It is doubtful if, in case of war
this army could bo raised very greatly
above that figure.
London, Mr. Stead's now papsr,
presents its readers with a unique census that it caused to be taken of the
number of persons who entered liquor
stores as compared with the visitors
to the churches of all denominations
on a certain Sunday, in the district of
London known as Pmldington, In
the distri-t, which contains 142,690
people, 31,331 wero found at church,
chapel or meeting hall and 122,175
were found in the public houses. The
male visitors at the public house? ex»
ceederi the number of male residents
in the district, which quito likely
means that the number of males discovered in excess of population shows
that more than one visit must have
been made by several persons or that
the public houses of Paddington must
have been visited by men from
other districts. The census shows that
women were more than twice as numerous as the men, who attended
church, but at the same time that of
tho 81,625 women in the district there
were 28,118 who visited the public
houses. Of children under fifteen, the
appalling fact is shown that while less
than 7000 visited the churches of the
district during the day, moro than
10,000 entered the portals of the
drinking shops.
-      (.
All work entrusted to us is neatly and promptly
Mail Orders receive special attention.
The    Meat   Market,
AH Kinds of Fresh and Salted Meats
Mail Ortiers will receive prompt a'tention.
John Philbert, Proprietor.
Kootenay   Coffee
Nelson, B. C.
referring bo tha Transvaal Legislature's
approval of Cliinp.se labor, Lord MilJ
nor says ho realizes the gravity of the
action, hut there is not the shadow of
a doubt as to its   wisdom.      The  de»
Archibald Edward Stuart, alias
Prince Athrobold Stuart de Modena,
the divorced husband of tho Countess
Rüssel, has  been   sentenced  by Col.
straight and above-board would pot j pression iu business is increasing daily,
the director« of tlifj Ymir Hospital be 'ho revenues are falling off, many peons anxious us are the-, directors of every | P1« »•'« out of work and unless the
Other hospital in the province to court situation soon changes a great exodus
the fullest investigation and give the , "f white» ft inevitable. Public opinion
greatest publicity to their particular . I,e «rirIs. '* tleoisively in favor of im«
and gênerai iinnagcinent of funds en- ! ported labor,
trusted to them,     Why should the ] ~~~
Ymir directorate be the ou'y exception I TlIK P"b|i<> accounts o» the province
to the rule J Why I A member of ! wur(; brought down in the Ontario
Hie union called on us on Tuesday and I Legislature last week. The most in-
informed us that tho half-dozen who j westing items of expenditure are those
run tho local branch of the union had ! '" oonnuction with'the Gamoy investi-
it on the tapis to inaugurate an official j K!lti"n- TI,B t"1'1' <"OSt (,f "'at famous
boycott against ns. Just what we fiai to the people eif the province was
expected and have been preparing for. j «44,462.20. This is a nice little sum
Let it come, and a few of these fellows l" W f"r «posing fraud. Hut it will
will find themselves in jail—wbero j l"'ove " blessing if the money thus
thoy should have been long ago. Tho isPont wi" bnt h"vo the effect of dimin.
experiment has been tried by the j'""'"« P0''6'"'1 «""'uption
"packer" president of the union, and
it did not work. We were advised to
take out a warrant for his uncvt, but
his friends interceded, and action has
lieen deferred pending developments"
What a pity that a trades' union—
founded on sound principles—should
bo dominated by "havo-beem" while l
the   practical   working   members are
Give us a trial.
Employs« who «re disposed to be
satisfied with nothing short of elami
Haling their employer's business enterprise, significantly remarks the
Reiseland Miner, should combine und
start a business of their own. It will
require no greater effort to croate a
respectable industry of their own than
to ruin  ono that  smne ono else  has
persuing their honorable avocation î If        .  ,    „  .,   .,   , .,, , ..
• " . , ,     ,      created.    Besides the former will bring
this little cliuno ot lunatics could only    . .   .       . .   ,,  . .    , ,
1 . ,,  ,      ™r more comfort and individual   good
have their way life in l nur would  bo   ,,        .-    , .. _.     ...   ,       „ , ,,
,   , . ,., ,   i I ban   tho latter.      It will   beneficially
inloleiable and things  would bo made '
so hot that capital would give the camp
a  wide  berth.      Fortunately  for all
concerned   there is a preponderance of
rational,   intelligent  men iu the local
branch  of the miners'  union to koep
the arrogant element from  effectually
Draymen & Teamsters
YMIR,   B.    C.
Handling heavy freight a
Correspondence promptly
attended to
emphasize tho difference between construction, and destruction. Men who
are genuino workers can do this.
A livkly  discussion is  provreissirig
in the European press concerning  the
.,,     , ,,,    i relative chances of Russia nml Japan
asserting itself, otherwise we would be ' .   ,, ,  r
■n the event of hostilities.    The cor-
having tho worst phases of the Coeur
d' Alone uuarchv «'-enacted here.    In
the  interests of  tiie public   we gave
publicity to figures  showing how the
receipts of tho   tfiiiir General Hospital
are handled, and  fur this heinous of-     ,,,,..,
' ntes ot tliesiije ot the armies am who v
fence the merchants of town are lo be   „ ,,   .       '
ruptioii resulting in the ill-ei|uipinont
of the Russian navy is so notorious
thai, opinion seems to favbt tho Jupan-
■ ese as having the betterclmncoin case
of a decisive engagement    The estlm.
eiiniK.linn by the little clique lo withdraw their patronage from Tub Minium, under the usual dire penalties,
What presumption I As if tho entire
custom of the' little clique would keep
an applestand in business ! The best
customer« of the local merchants are
tho mines, employing working minors
Slid feeding tlictn well in the respective
l'»,rl;ng houses—the class of customer
favorable to Russia. The numerical
Strength of the Russian army is largely
a matter of conjecture. Its peace foot
ing is about NGO 000 men. As nearly
ns can bo reckoned the fm'oc available
for carrying on the earlier stages of te
war amounts to nearly ,'1,100,000, But
in case eif national emergency this
force could ho swelled to about 7,fi00
0110 lighting men by the calling out of
tlio territorial reserve and the opol-,
We are not general Grocers
and Provisioners, but we make
a specialty of
Teas and Coffees.
You can always rely on get-
Denison at Toronto to serve six months ting   the    bo»t,   and   at   right
in the Conterai Prison on a charge  of pHCCS.
vagrancy.      Stuart  was arrested  on i      Mailorders  receive prompt
January 4 by Detective  Nlemiu, after  att-pnl-inn
defrauding   the  King  Edward   Hotel
Company out nf $70,' the Semi ready
Wardrobe Co. out of $40, and Patrick
Malier, a   livery   man, out   of   $10.
When arrested Stuart  had only   nine
cents in bis possession.
Ho had been remanded from week
to week in order that Mr. T. C. Bob-
inotto, K.C., his counsel, could com»
iiiuuiuate with his London lawyers,
but as no word has been received, Col,
Denison decided that be would not
wait any longer.
Crown Attorney Curry put in a»
evidence information received from
the. London polico authorities, showing photographs of Stuart, hi» aliases
and the following convictions, which
had been registered against him:—
Win. S. Bailey, alias Win Brown
Cannon Captain Archibald Stewart,
Count de Modena, and Prince Francis
of Modem». June 21st 1897, cycle
stealing at Ilfiacoinlie, two months un»
der the name of Win. liruwu. Feb.
ii, 1M>8, fraud at Aberdeen, Scotland, 30 days under the name of Win.
Brown. March tiô, 1898, fraud at
Stonehaven, JO days, under the name
of Wtn.% Brown. April 35, 1898,
fraud ut Linlithgow, lined £6 and
costs or In days under the iiuino of
Wm. Brown. June i, 189», fraud at
Dunbar, Scotland, IS days under tho
name of Win. Brown. Juno JO, 1898
fraud etc., Newcas'.l» on-Tyne Quarter
Sessions, six months, under the name
of Lionel Bailey,- Jan. 0,1899, larceny and fraud at Lincoln Quarter
Sessions, nine months, uudur the name
of Win. Lionel Bailey. June 30, 190J
causing false entry to be made in a
marriage register, two days in jail under the name of Win. Brown.
Stuart denied all tlip charges except
the lust. Col. Denison was convinced
however^ that Stuart was the man who
had served all the .sentences.
Drink our Beer, and you will
agree that you want nothing
Dry Goods,  Millinery or
GO TO Till.
Post Office Store.
"Cot tho habit! ' you who haven't
All the wealth you want to  use)
Word your ads so folks will read them
As they do the ourrent news.
Print 'em curly print 'em often
Lest, your prjfit up-to-date—«
Profit once so sleek and bulky— ]
Dwindles smaller while you wait.
Hot, Cold and Vapor
W.   M.  COFPEV,   Prop.
Ymir Citizens
Regular  monthly  meeting
last Tuesday of the month
I*. W. Itm,
Oaufi Sitrrii,
Ymir Transfer Company
fA'UOfl A LB/iat i'.ioY
Teaming «ft Express
All order« promptly a'tomlod to
une! the greatest care^exercised In the
handling ol goods.
«■ ^
3- g"
* S
m   *
3 S
%      H.
s t
"V   S!
!"*»»•• 6^«« »*»#-*««•«■
YMIlt,   B.    (V
When yon want to meet any.
body in Ymir or get reliable
information about the camp go
to the Palace Hotel, and while
transacting your business get
a refreshing elrinh. a rirst-clas*
meal or a genuine smoke,
The Palace Hotel,
M. Tait and J. ltnldy t\'M<
n   i i     ——a».
Services aie held under Minors Hall
every Sunday morning at 11 ; evening
ut?i30.   Interesting service, familiar
hymns, everybody welcnnin —-It. 1}
Colin, Minieter.
Sunday School and liililè Otski',8 ll'U
survive 11 a.iil and 7.3U p.m. Rev II
Yoiing, pastor,
Subscribe to the Mirror and you get all the news, "SHORTY"   DAY,
In connection with the demise of
the late Mr. Day the following from
Ihe pen of Colonel duck Kg m, a pioneer
newspaper man of the west will be mad
with ir.tereiit:
"Soon after the Groat Northern
Minen acquired its holdings iu Poplar
creek, "Shorty," as I lay was familiarly
rolled by his friends, was appointed by
W. B, Pool to prospect the Lucky Jack
nnd the Swede groups and tn locate
the ledges, As a finder of ledges ho
had but few equals and iu that capacity be was very successfu' at Poplur,
locating them iu tho most unexpected
"In tho course of h|a wanderings in
search of good locations he had traversed many rough places and endured
many hardships. In the deserts of
the American states he hud suffered
from lack of water and intense heat
and he had experienced the rigors of
snow and frost in the mountains of
Oregon, Montana, Idaho and British
Columbia. Often it has been bis prac
tice to spread his wet blankets in the
snow, and to roam through the mountains where he would not have a dry
stitch for weeks at a time. All this
told on his. otherwise strong consul u
tion. Then too, he was a convival,
good hearted fellow and tboro was
hardly a man in the Kootenays who
could hold a gathering of prospectors
and miners together with inimitable
and characteristic stories a» he could.
The fund of yarns whioh he carried
in his head, if written, as only he
could tell them, would make a fortune
for the author The hardships endured in the mountains together with his
convivial habits finally broke down an
otherwise strung constitution, and it
Was noticed that the patient prospector, while working fur the Great North
ern Mines, used to t unplain occasionally about the stoapness of tho mountains and say that hit, wind did not
hold out as it used to Finally he had
»severe attack i\t iViplar of stomach
and lung troubles and took to his bed.
In a few days the hopeful fellow was
up again but he still had a grievance
against the steepness of Gold monn-
tain and said that he had always bel.
lows to mend if he went up against a
thousand foot raise, and then he would
tell how years ago he crossed the Sophie mountain di>ide by way of the
Dewdiiey trail witbo.it knowing that
he had such things as "lungs, Jiver and
lights, and fixings" inside of him. That
was the beginning of the end. The
trouble grew and about twe weeks agj
he left Poplur for the purpose of going
to Rosslaud to attend a lawsuit and
also to seek medical advice, and now
the news conies that he has passed
over the last great, divide.
"Shorty" Day came to the Kootenays in 1894 from Oregon and ever
since then has followed prospecting.
He located the Porto Kico property
in the Ymir district which ho sold
for about $35,000 to u British Corporation. Some of the money from the
Porto Rico sale he invested in Ross
land realty and considerable of this
now forms a portion of his estate. He
had a number of locutions in the Sim-
ilkameen which he hud held fur several
years. This property is said to be val
uable, but nothing can bo done with
it until railway transportation facilities
have been provided. It is understood
that he also had some mining interests
at Poplar creek.
"Day experienced one of the chief
disappointments of his life at Rossland.
When he sold out the Porto liic» he,
thought us he was a man with u guod
bank account, and also a guud "fellow
he should seek better society than he
had hitherto bgein circulating amongst
11 was his desire to become a member
of the Rosslaud club, and a friend pro»
posed him for the honor. The club
was then iu its heydoy, and mode up of
promotei'S, successful mining and busi
nés.-, men and others. Some of the
members did not think it desirable to
admit a newly rich prospector to the
club and  "rihorty"  was  rejected.    It
Send us your order for
Thou notion—The promptness of doli very, the cleanliness and
freshness of goods, tho full Inmost measure, and the quality that
you get. You will find abundant reason for sending us your
future orders.
Our Stationery and Confectionery dopartment is full, and
oomplete lots of goods to choose from ; quality guaranteed.
Our Candy is fresh, and no better quality can be obtained
is said that Mr. Day's objurgations and
exclamations when the news was gently broken to him completely threw in
the shade even the classic efforts in the
way of denunciation and invective that
the most accomplished sixteen-mule
teamster ever attempted.
"George G. Day is dead and it can
be said of him that he wronged no man
or woman while living, that he was
always willing to share his .last dollar
with a friend and that the world is
better off for his having lived in it,
which is as much as uan be said of
any man."	
The New British battleship Hiber-
nia and sister ships, Britannia
and Africa, are to be fitted for ••tor-
age uf oil as fuel in large quantities.
This announcement has raised a suggestion whether coal firing will not be
altogether abolished in the three latest
additions to the King Edward VII.
class in the navy. A construction
ollicial gave it as his opinion that oil
fuel would long remain as merely supplementary to coal firing in warships.
He admitted that the method of employing it would soon be developed to
a stage ut which it would prove quite
us effective a means of generating motive power as coal, this notwithstanding that coal bunkers are not likely
to become a thing of the past in warships for a long time to come. One
point which in tho export's view seriously militates against a general adop
tion of oil as fuel for warship purposes
is the dangerously inftainable quality.
An example of this was cited by a
construction official suine time ago.
When the German battleship Kaiser
Wilhelm II. was carrying out steaming trials, it touched a rock with sufficient! force to perforate its bilge
plating amidships. An inrush of
'water followed, and oil stored fit the
fuel tanks came floating tu the surface, Had this reached the level uf
the furnace doors both builer and engine rooms would have flashed a blue
sheet of unquenchable (lame Luckily
the pumps were set lu work iu time
and proved equal tu keeping the leak
under. While the danger might be
minimized by distributing the oil in
us many hermiticully sealed tanks as
possible, it could never be quite eliinin
ated and a bursting shell would doubt
less cuuse havoc
It. is encouraging to learn from the
new seoretary of war, Mr. Taft, through
a speech he made before leaving tho
Philippines, that the American-Philp-
pine policy is to be "Tho Philippines
for the Filipinos." Better late than
never. Yet thousands of lives might
have been saved—to say nothing of
American ideals—had this policy been
adopted when the Filipinos had the
Philippines and were governing them
better than they have ever been governed before or since. But that might
havo prevented franchise grabbing by
American capitalists, which was the
vital force in policy of Philippine subjugation.
•' Toronto the good " is not growing
better : in fact, it is going to the hod.
The annual report of the chief of police
shows that 11,687 prisoners were apprehended or summoned durinir the
year 1903, being 1302 more than for
the preceding twelve months. Besides
turning out every-day, ordinary criminals, tho Vale of Hypocracy is furnishing a big batch of ballot-box stuffers.
Gold, Silver or Lead, any one,, . $1.00
Copper   1,60
Gold-Silver     1.50
Silver-.J.ead     1.50
These prices are strictly nett cash,
Pnee3 for other metals,,on explication.
All pulps kept one month from date
of arfsiiy.
Samples by mail or express rootive .
Prompt Attention,
Headquarters for Mining and Traveling
Men. Neat Sample Booms for Commer.
cial Travelers. The bar is supplied with
the very best brands of Wines, Liquors
and Cigars. Give us a oall and wo will
guarantee satisfaction,
First Avenue, "^'   ^"  " YMIlt, B C
liiiu Assaynr t,> Hall Minus Smelter,
YMIlt, B. (.'
P   ()   Box 11.       G   Nf. KxprtjM.
G. O. Buchanan, supervising officer
for the distribution of the lead bounty
reports that he has received from Ottawa a full supply of blanks for the
use of mineownois who desire to ap
fly for the bounty on the'lead they
have produced. Those who put in
their claims now will bo able to get
theii money in three weeks. Mr,
Buohaniin calls particular, attention to
section 3 of the regulations under
which the bounty is distributed.
2 —All producers or vendors of
lead bearing ores who desire to avail
themselves of the provisions of.the act
above quoted, and to ho paid bounty
shall, before malting claim for such
bounty, notify the minister of trade
and commerce of their intention to
claim under the provisions of the act
and shall declare the name of the mind
producing such ore, its situation, the
names of the president, secretary and
I manager as well as the name uf tho
ollicial authorized to make claim.     ,
These declarations, although addressed to the minister, must bo sent
to Mr Buchanan, in Order that he
may make a note uf then) or otherwise
there will bo a delay until the notice
of them has been returned from Ottawa to Mr Buchanan, The document
itself must Ir; made out to the minister und then enclosed to Mr. Buchanan
Claimants niu-t also bd careful to
stop at tho end of the month; that is,
the January cluiin must not include
any ore delivered to the smelter iu
■■■^mifmmmmmtmmmmmmmmmmmm, >
Spend your money in the camp you live in-'whara
you make it.
THERE is no longer any excuse for sending away from
Ymir for anything in our line, as we carry a full
and up-to-date stock of
Clothing and Gents' Furnishings.
It has been saiel that we elo not sell as cheap as outsido
houses. Do us the justice of consulting our pric33 and ex-
aming our stock. Pleased to have you do so. We are offering great bargains in
Dry Goods.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Surveys of Mineral Claims, Mines,
Pre-emptions, Land Purchases,
Townsltos, eto,
Crown Orants of. Mineral Claims
a Specialty.
P. O  »ox 594,        Tel. 104 & 15o
Dominion and Provincial   Land Surveyor,
Surveys of   Mineral   Claims,  Lands
Town Sites, etc.
Crown Granting of Minorai Claims.
Offiub : Con Stani.kv an» Vierow.i
Sts., Nelson, 15. 0
A.cnuplo of weeks ago Georgo F.
Dougherty, seoretary of Qitouiwood
Miners' Union, W, F. M. No. 23,
walked out of Greenwood down to
Midway and on into American tort it-
ory, heing a fugitive from justioo, having appropriated funds of the union
as well as funds of District No. 6, W,
F. M., of whioh ho was also secretary.
It required several days to ascertain
the amount of his embezzlement, hut a
member of the Greenwood miners'
union states it will he nearly 91,400,
of which 1630 belonged to the Groan-
wood union and $744 to District Union
No. 6. Dougherty has left his wife
and child p/raetically without means of
support, and Ids whereabouts are not
known or have not been given out. He
is known to have gambled but it is
said he did not pay his gambling debts
when he left, nor many others,
The Husso Japanesa war has begun,
the little brownies making a significant
starter by crippling the Japanese fleet
at Port Arthur. No serious laud engagement is reported.
Headquarters for
Mining and Commercial Men.
Choicest   Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
Good, comfortable
rooms will be found
in connection.
With Your Next Order.
\, i and  I Gallon Tins.
Fur Sale bv
"' The proof of the pudding
is in the eating."
TpHB volume of business done by us
during the past your proves conclusively that we are successful caterers
in our line, and that the reputation
j which has built up our trade is still
enjoyed by us.
This year wo will surpass all our
previous efforts in every department
Wo are solid with our old patrons ;
but w« want t> secure a host of new
customers, and if the bust of goods
and the best values will do it, our end
will be accomplished.
Our stock of Groceries,   Provisions
Confections, Clothing, Gents' Furnishings, etc.,  are always strictly reliable,
and our prices are right.
Yours for business,
YMIR.  British  Columbia
The UinK this season is more spacious
than ever
Weather permitting,   the lee will b
kept in the best condition.
'   Comfortable dressing room on the
Tickets (good for six skates) $1,
Murphy Je Van DkBocurt, Props.
AtirewiowiilinB -
inniKlJ ilr.'-r: '.« O'J
".I'.on It prMlmM
60   YEAH8
M vi M
CCV-.s'-'l.'- i
*!•.#:,!'!■• ,ii; : i*"" 't">''
r öt-1'it'Mi ii-ji) wMA'i"
 jgMntfltuohihiM.tnti. HrtBdhoOsti  i >'■>'■■
ton t fn«o. <îïôi:*t Hfftmay foi wtKinj. î-H" '*
l'nlottW tftUcii tnrri***  M«   i  î *■<* f**?t<
tpftitttPOtli*, WlihoutOT^t«, »o -do
A hnndPO'nrlT illi»itr%tofi wmv,«. | n»iii«» «ir
ctnuMtin nf nny ««UrtultK* ttmrtint. Yi-r». p V i»
Mnri lour tiiont.u |i   p.O'J oyml » »wMljmli ...
anliefe OAM. m I nt. WmSuwiou. ut, Watches and Jewelry.
Is Your Watch American, English or
Swiss ?
Whatever the movement is,
when it gets out of order send
it to us. We can repair any
damages and return it as good
as it was in the first place,
maybe better. Our work is
all guaranteed. Give us a
trial ; you are sure to be satisfied.
Hanufacturing    Jewelers
_        I        and Opticians.
^sj^i&M:^' Nelson,        -        -       B. C.
They are having a lively time in Ross
land over municipal affairs. An element calling itself the "leform party,"
secured a majority vote at the late
elections and at once proceeded to put
in operation their peculiar blend of re
form. They demanded the dismissal
of the civic officials without assigning
cause and were determined to inaug-
erate the spoils system. Hut the more»
sensible and rational members of the
council blocked the move of the self-
styled reformers, and are now appeals
ing to the electors for endorsation. A
public meeting was held on Wednesday evening last at which two gentle*
men were endorsed as candidates for
election to the council—Aid Rolt, who
retired to test the public feeling on
the "reform ' tactics, and ex-Aid Him
ilton, on like grounds.
The following resolution was unanimously passed— 'That this meeting
does not favor the spoils system, and
declares that city officials shall be diss
missed only ftr good cause first shown
That this meeting desires that the
members of the council shall forthwith
thoroughly Intestigate all the departments of the city government with a
view to securing most rigid economy
and competency."
Aid. McDonald, the ring-leader of
the reformers and special representative of the .Miners' Union, was one of
the speakers. Ho is thus described
in the Rosslaud Miner:
"McDonald delivered a long harangue, and the longer he talked the more
he alienated the sympathy and support
of those present. It is impossible to
deceive a liosslalul audience that is
fully informed. When therefore, McDonald made frequent reference to
"honesty" in various connections, and
prated about the poor workingmaii
and made biselossand dispicable charges absolutely foreign to tho question
at issue and was given the lie direct
in four different instances and made
to retract, the people present became
utterly disgusted with him. His sophistries, his inooheiency, his empty
and vapid phrasing, his claptrap, his
evasiveness, his wretched posing, his
appalling ignorance, and hi» stupid
inability to realize that ho was laying
bare his miserable motives as a spoils
man in the thin guise of reform--all
these combined to brand him, Yet
this creature had the unblushing effrontery to pose us a reformer,"
- Certikicatk ok Impkovements.
Shsmrock, Rustler,   Antonio and Monday Mineral   Claims,   situate  in   the
Nelson   Mining   Division   of    West
Kootenai" District.
Where located :—About one and a half
miles south west of Erie
Take  notice that I, John McLatchie.
P.I.I.S.,  of  the City of Nelson,   agent
for  the   Oui don    Milling   and    Milling
(yompsny,     fr'iue   Miner's    Certificate
Ho.   ti.   68,210.   intend,    sixty   days
from the date hereof,   to apply to the
Mining Recorder tor certificates of improvements for the purpose  nf obtaining  Crown Grants of the above claims.
And further take notice thai, action,
under section 37, must bo 00111111611001!
before the issuance uf such cei titfeate of
Dated this ÜÜrd daj of January.1904
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry. Co.
V. V. & E. KY, & N. CO.
Tho IIooper-Diiiismuir trial has con-
eluded after a hearing lasting for 42
days at Victoria The plaintiff, an
adventuress hailing from California,
sought to have the will of the late Alex
Duusmuir sot aside on the ground of
undue influence. Her inotlier, a divorced
woman, lived with Duiisulilir for some
years, but a few weeks previous to the
millionaire's death she went through
the ceremony of marriage with him.
However, she did not long survive the
deceased, who had mode ample piovis-
iou for hen Then tho daughter of the
briefly legitimate wife, who admittedly
was not a child of Dunsinuir's, took
action to recover some of the millions
he had left behind. Her claim was,
of course, declared groundless, and the
sturdy adventuress and her hackers
will have to pay the costs of an oxpen
sivn law suit.
rpiie only all rail route botweon
• nls 0 ist, west and south to Ross
an $ il son, Grand Forks and Re
public. Connects at .Spokane with
alio Croat Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. it N. Co., for points east,
west and south ; connects at Ross
land and Nelson with the Canadian
Pacific Railway.
Connects at Nelson with the P. R
ife N. Co. for Kaslo and it. and S
Connects at Curlew with stage for
Greenwood and .Midway, B. C.
Bullet cars run on trains oetweon
Spokane and   Republic,
Effective Nov. 22ml. 1902,
Leave Daily Train       j    Arrive
8.15 a.m Spokane 6.45 p.m
lo.-In a. m Kosshiiid 4 35 p.m
9.82 a m Ymir à 35 p. 111
, 7.20 a.ni Nelson 7.20 p m
11:05 a 111    (Grand Korks)       3.35 p m
9.30 a.m Republic 5.15 p.m
(}eneral Passenger Agt.,
Spokane, Wash.
Clark's Furniture   Store.
Undertaker and Furniture
Ymir, B. 0,
Mall Orders promptly   attendedto.
Trallic on the railways iu Ontario
is practically suspended, with the exception of passanger and a little freight
business on the main lines. Ho bad
has tho situation become that Montreal wholesale houses have begun calling in their travellers, as not only are
they unable to get around, but'f they
wero the railways are unable to deliver
the goods they sell, On some branches
in Ontario trains have nut been operated for a week, and some places are
iu danger of fuel and food famines. To
avert this the railway companies are
doing everything in their power. Even
the oldest inhabitants cannot remember a winter anywhere opproaching the
present one, in fall of snow and in low
temperature readings. In Montreal
thermometer readings below zero were
recorded on nineteen of the thirty»one
days in January, and On'urio did not
oscap» much inoro lightly. The present fear is that a big thaw will come
and cause a disastrous flood.    ,
The   flirror
To your Friends '
And help to
-  •   THE
There is no more effective ni3:ms of
accomplishing this end
• All work entrusted to us is neatly and promptly
• executed.
Mail Ordcs receive special attention.
Tlio fourth annual report of the
Canadian Fonestry Association is to
hand, and provides very useful reading. An interesting paper by James
I/jamy, Crown Timber agent for British Columbia was read at the meeting,
but it partook rather of generalities
than detail, which is to be regretted.
Forest lires in the Kootenays, ho declares, are mainly due to the carelessness of prospectors in not extinguish»
ing their camp tiros. One would think
that prospectors would bo tho most
careful iu this respect, as thoy should
know that nothing serves more to prevent snow slides than well timbered
mountains. Mr. Loamy advocates
the fire »-ardency system and speaks
from experience when he says that it
has proved very effective in the past
few years. It is clear that sonio practi
cal efforts must be inado to save the
timber of British Columbia from destruction, if the great lumber industry
is to continue to yield. The rapidly
increasing demand for lumber supplies
in Europe, which will be supplemented
by the requirements of Eastern Asia,
makes the position of Canada very im
portant in view of the fact that the
ability to supply the demand is on tho
decrease practically everywhere in the
old lands.	
Cur" Send your Job Printing to thu
Miunoit Ollice.
Among che many "special" numbers
issued by the press of tiie province,
none fulfils the.bill better than that
published by the Phoenix Pioneer-
Such a number cannot fail to prove of
great servi-e in making known to the
outer world the wealth of the great
Boundary country, The information
is carefully compiled and artistically
illustrated, and what is of iinmen»r.
importance—it is a homo product.
Other "specials", have been printed in
some of the big eastern cities, and the
major portion of the contents aro of
no local value whatever. The Phoenix
Pioneer special is purely local in its
get-up and strictly reliable. It is to
be hoped an exceptionally good number such as this will prove a financial
success to its enterprising publisher,
At the Supreme Court sittings at
Nelson, on Thursday, before Chief
Justice Hunter and a jury, the action
of the Lamb Lumber Co., of Minneapolis, against the Revelstoko Lumber
Co, for breach of contract to deliver
009,000 feet of lumber, was decided in
favor of tho plaintiffs the jury award ,
ing them $2,250,
Prince Alexander of Teak and Princess Alice of Albany, were iiiiirriod at
London on Wednesday. The bride
was nicely dressed, Their numerous
friends and acquaintance« in Ymir join
in wishing thorn a jolly time of it.
The-Russo-Japanese war in making
great headway, so far decidedly in
favor of the Japs, The battle up to
date has been a naval one, in which
the Russians have shown themselves
to bo thoroughly incompetent. They
have lost several warships, and do not
seem to show any tact, Unless they
do better on land than they have done
on water, the Japs will have an easy
Tho wearers of "boiltshirts" in Ymir
will regret to learn that the biggest
starch facfceiry in the world is gone to
biases at Oswe'go, New Ycrk.
The carnival at Rosslaud is in full
swing—municipal and general. The
race between the R'eforniers and the
Progressionists is the most interesting
for the denizens of the City in the
J. W Wilcox, mail clerk at Moose-
law, has been arrested in connection
with the disappearancn of 810,000 in
Bank of Hamilton bills from the registered mail botwefii that city and
Vancouver about three months ago
Rev. E. II. H. Hohnan, ot Nelson,
in a letter to Mayor Boyd, of Spokane
objects to the purification of his wor«
ship's city at th« expense of other communities, to which the unfortunate
women are flocking, Why not send
them to "Toronto the Good,"


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