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The Ymir Mirror 1904-04-23

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Published  in  the Boycotting camp   of  British  Columbia.
Vol., Ill No. SO.
Price Five Obst*
■fv/()''l''E is hereby given that I shall,
-^ ' on Monday, tiie 2nd day nl May.
A D., 1904. at. the hour of eleven
o'clock in the forenoon, al Foresters'
Hall, ymir, B 0., hold a Court of He
vision for the purpise of hearing and
determining any or all objection»
ii'iniusi the retention of any name or
nrmes on the Realster of Voter» of the
libeivo named district.
Dated nt Ymir, K. C. the 7th day
of March. 11HI4.
Registrar of Votes.
Draymen & Teamsters
YMIR,   B.    C.
Hnndling heavy freight a
Correspondence promptly
attended to
rpo G. Ed. C. Maktim. H. W. F. Pot>
* I.OK or any other persin to whom
ihey may have transferred their interests
iu the (îooileneiugh Fraction mineral
Claim, s'tuaiert on Wild Horse Creek
about finir miles from the town of Ymir,
and adjoining the Mugwump. Rockland
nn« Lexington mineral claims in the
Nelson Mining Division of West Kno-
lenay District, and recorded to the Re.
corder'» ollice for the Nelson Mining
Yon anil each of yein »re hereby nnti.
licet that I have expended thirty .fuir
dollars and twenty-five cents («Sl.V,'))
in labor and improvements upon the
n hove minerai claim in order to heild
same under the provisions of the Mineral Aid. nnd if within ninety days from
the elate of this notioe yon fail or refus«
to contribute your portion of expenditure, together wilh all costs of advertising. J'ollf Interests in said claims will
become the property of the subae'riher,
under section 4 ot nn net entitled "An
Act 10 Amend the Mineral Aot, 11100."
Dated at Ymir, B tt, this 17th day
of Kehriinri-, 1!W4.
i'iiiiiiisiii.ri »trarr Bsiartav»nil latllsd many
» Irtntss, or li-llvnr,'d liy uarrlsr In town.
bcK'% snirsnrit'tliin*0900f.esr »ntiiun, ptyshja In'»d«
V'lr,-ril«lmr fains, fi.ni> p,.r iimh u»r month
N>> pullllll Siit'Tialnilti'iil l" wliluli an admis-
.inn In,- Is i:harj,..l, will Is- niiUpii I In Tim Ml»,'
ami iinipss ailvi'ril»i*il in Itsaoluilti)»,
(lull ariluli's ul ncrlt «III tin mlvi-rilsi.il m
(Hasp i,i,linnii.. ami lie ln','ri'sis -if r,-a,|,-rs will
l,.' uar-'liili) uiisr,l,"l  aualnst lrr"»i*in.|lili- |»r-
las Miiimm  nan <s* lui   Inen   alt   li'mltn«
Nswsllstlnrs III llin illslrttl,iir nan n» riiiia'iisil
' lllmil rr-'in tire oillij*.
t'liiniii'miil iirliiinii e' SV«T? di'surlplln*
Seas mi III* ufSinlsSS al si'iii,|sr,l nrlnss.
(/'. HtiTii,   l'uni.tsiian.
S.M'b'llD.VY. APKIf.'W.
the first place, applieel to deiwn Thk
Mirror, in which psople saw themselves as others see them. But the
reflection wn> repugnant, and hence the
means aelnpted to destroy it. In this
particularly sinful community the ways
of the transgressor are made easy—as
easy as fellow transgressors can make
them. In the Sodom and Gomorrah
of old there were not found seven
righteous, 'and the city, we are told,
was destroyed by fire and brimstone.
We do not doubt that a vigorous canvas of the modern city of Ymir would
reveal a somewhat larger percentage of
good, but it would show little diminution of evil. It is not recorded in the
Good Rook that Boycotting was one of
the besetting sins of the denizens of
that far eastern metropolis over whose
town site now repose the stagnant
waters of the Dear) Sea ; but they deserved all they got, even if they did
nothing worse. The preachers of eld
Seldom and the other place do not appear to have wielded a very powerful
influence over tlieir congregations, at
results go to prove. Thej were evidently handicapped, as some of tlieir
brethren are to-day, by being obliged
to apply tlieir energies to tiie*col lection
plate rather than to the good work of
the Master ; or possibly they had some
primitive scheme of boycotting one
another which took up all their time-
Had they been men ei enterprise and
ability, endowed wtjA teal for their
work, • different fat* woold have
awaked their unfortunate people. They
evidently had the wrong class of men
in the pulpit at the elate eif the horrible conflagration here alluded to. Is
-there much of'an Improvement in this
particular in our own time 1 The
rulers of the modern church send
able and excellent men to the foreign
missions to civilize the Japs and teach
the Chinese that Joss should have no
terror for them, hut anything is good
enough for a small British Columbia
community. T'.e men they send out
here cannot afford to speak with vigor
»r independence—even if they could.
With the treich«roil» boyoitt now
epielemic in Ymir neither of the local
parsons havo attempted to dual from
their pulpits : were they to do so they
weiuld have to pray more fervently
than over, "Give us this day our daily
grapenut." It ia not fail to place
even amateurs in -his awkward position and have them despised of men,
anil with congregations composed almost e.vc'usively of pinafores, petticoats
and animated fashion plates.
/jyiOQRlMSO tpthe Ymir «irres-
Ha, pondent of the Nelson Daily News
( «ho is loe-al'.y accepted as an authority
mi church matters) " The boycott has
»prend to the churches—Metheslintanel
Presbyterian, The parsons aro accusing evil other of different things. It
is certainly uufortunste that even the
churches'cannot dwell in harmony tos
gethur." This is but it natural sequence
We predicted it a couple of month»
ago, when the Miners' Union hisses
licensed a Itnyctitt against the editor of
Util paper for having elareel to exp s«
I heir crooked way».      The cowardly,
tlUlioneatf treacherou» weapon was,   in
WoNiiKiiKut, are the ways and means
adopted to " raiso the wind," for the
church. It was thought that every
device, excepting the kissing content,
hail been exhausted in Ymir, Not so.
The nickel-in-the-slnt machine has
Isien operated for the church fund, but
the good brother who undertook to
manipulate tho wheel so as to increase
its cheating capacity did not accomplish all that was exported of him. A
lot of other "games" wore worked with
a like commendable object, but the
latest one is termed an "Experience
.Social " The plan is for every body to
make a» much money as possible for
the church and thon give their experience in making it, confining them
selves a» far as practicable to the truth.
One of the Indies at least will have
a painful experience to recount : she
uneJertiKik the simple tank of eeliting a
newspaper. This she appropriately
named The Comet, and that any little
fragment of a good reputation which
Ymir still clings to may he préservée!,
it is necessary that the phenomenon
lippnar not again. Mrs. Newton Knee-
land is the nominal editor, hut it would
lie cruel, unjust, to hold that lady re-
sponsible for the rubbish with which
the little sheet is filled. The fulsome,
fawning flattery, the terrible todyism,
the spiteful spirit, and the evident aim
to cater for personal traele are dis.
gustir.gly glaring. Limitless exaggeration is indulged in, white the show
made of knowing something reveals a
contrary mental condition. Ymir is
depicted ns a health resort, although
the snow, which began to fly early in
November huit year, is still on the
ground. "Our mountain streams (in
eluding Wild Horse Creek) afford ab
undance of the purtst water in the
world." It is not only pure, but it is
swket I and the waterworks system is
as flue as Canada can produce 1 A»
for sport, any man who .can tako a
holiday from May 1st to November 1st
oan "catch trout or hunt for bear and
deer as fancy dictates." Of couree *
he could also hunt for elephant and
giraffe and other big game. The visitor can also listen to the dropping of
80 stamps at the Ymir min« and tee
the yellow metal abstracted from the
ores 1 He can also see one of •' the
finest tramways in the world " at the
Hunter V. The Comet in ikes the
wonderful discovery that •' there are
nine hotels and ten- business houses
in Ymir. For obvious reasons, there
is no attempt made to enumerate the
ten business house», bnt, as in all other
cases cited, the goods carrier] " would
do credit to any ciry in the world."
Eight of the nine saloons in town ad
rertise their wines, liquors and cigars
in this special church publication. Why
not t Is not saloon money better than
any other money for church purposes
in Ymir t Then Tlio Comet busmears
ils tail by dragging it over the union
bosses. Shop I shop I shop I Burgess,
the union president, is advertised as
the proprietor of the organisation,
while in ordur to get another »lap at
the religious opposition shop, the locai
apprentice to the Methodist ministry
is ironically named " W. A. Coddles,"
The young «nan's name is H. E. Collie.
Then there is an awkward- elnfence put
up by Tho Comet on behalf of one of
tho few male members of the Ymir
Presbyterian Church awaiting trial oo
a charge of murder committed here a
month ago. Finally camies the choicest
specimen of rot and hypocrncy that
The Comet reveals. It is well known
that the Presbyterian patrons of the
eastern departmental stores are a very
numerous bexly in Ymir. The general
rule here is to »end away for everything
when you have the cash, and when you
have not ' the cash, then '• run your
face" in the ^looal store. It appears
thoy managed to raise the rash for the
printing of The Cimet, ami consequently the printing was dime abroad.
Yet The Comet has a fearfully original
article headoel, •' Trade ut Home."
The writer, or artist, paint» a pen
picture of a one.bunded sweat shop
He, or she, brings one, in imagination,
up many flight» of stairs to a dog kennel, where sealed by a Dielest stove
resurrected from senne scrap heap—
alluding presumably to the stove—sit»
a girl of ten years of age, her cheeks
hollow and emaciated, her large blue
eyes staring in undisguised astonishment, nnd a few rags illy concealing
her nitckedursa. What is she doing I
Why, sewing on waist buttons nt one
cent por dosen by the feeble rays of a
twitted rug in a saucer of grease I Her
father is in the mansion in tho skies
and her mother is cxpeoving soon tu
join him. Take a long breath here,
gentle minier, but don't cry Uesorve
your tears until you hear tho oxper-i
ience of others at Tii"sd ay night's
church social, There will lie a silver
collection, ul theelisir.
******+**********>»**. 11***41*
»•#/#♦•( (J, #i»:t»(|it|(*(f *r^r^1»sH|n»^*sWr»i*j'
Work on the bridge »t Ymir con
tinues to progress but so far no new
stringers have been laid.
A "Comet" struck Ymir on Thursday
—an ill-omen of an "experience social"
one of the latest church fails.
The waters of the Salmon River are
rapidly rising and serious flood» are
looked for. It is to be hof eel the
bridge will be open to traffic before
they come.
J. A. Macdonnld, who has r-een in
hospital for the past couple of weeks
with a bud attack of la grippe,was Suf
fici»ntly recovered to be discharged on
Duncan McFarland, who for sever»'
months has beer, storekeeper at the:'
Ymir Mill, has resigned the position
and on Wednesday left for Nelson.
The railway service was somewhat
improved this week, but trains do not
yet run on scheduled time, owing to
numerous wash-outs, snow slides and
floods between Nelson and Northport
Frank Sleeman, who for a number
of years was employee) as a miner in
the mines around Nelson and Ymir,
dieel at I.iskeard, Cornwall England,
on March 10th, of consumption.
It is periodically announced that
the Pilot (Ymir) Gold Mining Co. have
made arrangement* to install a sUmg.
mill, bot up til the present there is
nothing in it but the usual bluff apparently.
The frogs were heard in croaking
chorus for the first time this season
on Thurseluy evening This is a sure
sign that spring is with us. No attempt has been made so far to Boycott
the weather.
Both Ymir anel Salmo have organ-'
iced baseball teams for the season On
Sunday the first match of the year was
played at Salmo with tho result thief
Ymir won by a scire of 22 t > 21, the
last half of the ninth innings not bo«
ing played.
■ 'M
Frank E. Collins, nn employe of
the Kisitenny Shingle Co. at Salmo,
wn» brought to Ymir on Mon lay for
hospital treatment The fore part at'
the right fiait gut caught in a revolving saw, and was almost cunplutely
cut off.
Tho Hunter V Mine was clewed
down last week owing to transporta«
tion t"ouble», The ore bins were lllleel
anel the available curs, but the rail;
way company could not handle th*
freight. The rood (s again clear, ami
operation» will be resumed at the mine.
E. W, Widdowson, essayer, on .Wednesday received a cablegram from Leicester, England, announcing the death
erf Ili» mother, The deceased litely wns
eiver soveitty year* of age, and had
been iiilitn/ fen' a long time. There
are five in the family to mourn
'.i,i i
The Oak llnnley residence ha» been
moved from First Alloy to Second
A couple of disappointed 'eiitnnier«
cial men visitée! Ymireluriiig the week.
They found they eoiihl pla.ie no orders
nor collect no «Mb, and declare tliat
they never saw n camp so sick with
the Hoycott fever. They assert the
epidemic is  bound to prove fatal  In
several cases,
Win. Waldie, lessee of the Queen
Mine, at Halmo( was in town on Wed
nesday with sum*, bullion, the first
clean-up of the season. The result of
a seven days run gave 24 our.oes, which
was run into brick form by E. W.
Widdowson, the local assayer. Mr.
Waldie is using the Yellowstone mill
and looks foreward to a profitable season's operations
A drunken man narrowly escaped
i fatal accident as the train was steams
ing out of the station for Nelson on
Wednesday evening. Ho attempted
to board the cars While the train was
in motion and, missing his footing, was
dragged for several yards between the
wheels The train was stopped in
time to avert a fatal accident.
The old log building at the water
tank has been razed. It was one of
the first buildings in Ymir, wlien this
thriving and law-abiding metropolis
was known by the more euphonious
name, Quartz Creak, and it did service as an hotel, hog-psn, church,
school-house, stable, hobos' rendezvous
etc. The removal of a few more land
mark» might improve the sanitation of
the dirty town.
Mrs. (Dr.) Duncnn and family bid
adiou yesterday to Ymir. They will
make their home in Victoria. Much
regret js felt at the departure of Mrs,
Duncan, who ha» been a resident of
the Camp for the past three yeais.
There are several other families pri«
par'ng to leave town, the ntmosflirre
of a boycotting camp not proving conducive to health or happiness.
Chris Willis,' teamster of Saline,
while conveying a slei *li loid of supplies to the Queen mine I ist Saturday
lost hi* sleigh and the contents through
a large mud slid« coming down the
mountain side. It wa» with difficulty that he managed to cut the liar«
nous off hi» team and gel them to a
place of safety. The scene of the accident is covered with mud to a depth
of 10 feet.
The cayuses of Ymir continue to
roam around devouring any thing and
everything to appease their hunger]
They are taking tira place of the heard
of swine who uweel to feed on the pub«
lie, their owners claiming that the hogs
were benefactors acting as town vcav -
cngers, Policeman Forrester wns hit >
the hog enterprise »nd conveniently
accepted the sanitation theory, acting
accord ingly. People are now asking
if be is alto in che cayuse scavenger enterprise, or how much he i» making
out of it.
At the mining recorder'» office during the week, Duugald Cameron recorded tho Lionel uiiucrVil claim on
the divide between the main nnd south
forks of Porcupine creek about five
and a half miles from the town uf Ymir.
G, II, Uarnhart recorded the Easter
mineral claim on the divide between
the main ami aeiuth forks of Porcupine
creek about five and a half miles from
Ymir, J. H McDonald recorded the
Falmouth mittel »I claim, situate .'I
miles ninth of Ymir, and about one
mile from the line of thee Nelson and
Kurt Hhoppard railway. A certificate
eif work was given John W, Harknes».
on the Morning Glory claim fur work
done »ince the 2 J ml of May, 11)0,1,
Certificates of work were granted
Thomas Peacock fen' two years on the
Aetna mineral claim for work,dome
since May (Uli, IDOi'l) to M. lvgan on
the Noonday mineral claim, for work
lime since 2,'lril April, lut):!. A etc
tilicnte of improvements was graille I
rlsnies P. Hunnex of Erie on t ie I, t
lie J is) ne lierai claim,
Spring weather hasset in at Inst.
■"*•■" -J


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