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The Ymir Mirror 1904-01-09

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1   rib:      ¥
Vr»t.. IIJ   No -'4.
V.M1 If. B. ('., SATU11DAY, JAN, i*,   1904.
PttICK Fivk Cents,
i»**tt*».   • .».■»'I«>*.>•••*• è#** no longer tulorato tin- objaotlnnable trustees who
the liivinl,  two
t 'Ù' S  i"1 .'
Si nun,, i u ice
,. . . i . i » >,. • •
.lull Printing to the
:tig«, $1 .'I-") per kig, at bcancj s +
The    rat   sltntlil'it of   the season   WHS
,.,.',., i      this iiftef II nil the rink
v. li Bunk worth has removed his
, iiii i i t building adjoining the
1!,,. ,    Louse.
practice .if turning the olRee Into u Iwivu no children attending the school,
bill-posting    oo rn        Heretofore and appoar to  take no interest what
every Tom, Dick und Harry woe per-  overln.it,   One of the pair is un old
miited to null up all Hints and cindi. baohelnr (Pair) and tho other (police
Constable Forrester) is brother-in-law
tn tin.) late scliool-iiiistress, and has no
inure family ties with the school,     th'.
; tiuns ut Migns for sunn' one else tu CO 110
I along and disfigure.   Only legal notices
Seventeen pound   kit   of   Holland L|,ou|d IVppBIH. 0n tho  walls ul a  ptwt
[,• rgt
stuck  of choice
mules nt Souc'v's.
.It lit;
bright, M. P. I3 l'a» lefi
fur Vi oria to. attend the Lucid I^eg-
islatmv, which resumes wmk oft Mon
lust iu rived, » fresh shipment "f
W'liiti Star   '.'Hies and .lams at Sea-
v , .x
Ni-aiit J Ou. have installed n large
safe, tin best thing of the sort in thu
iiistrici .    This is n good sign of trade,
S  II   i .rng.'ii, rep" m-nting llie Intei
naliniial   Cutrespoiiilencu    Schools   ul
Seninlon, Pen . was  lining business in
luwn tills week,
Choi .■ lot of Okunagun, Northern
Spy and Rhode Tslantl Careening Ap
pies ; also Washington, Baldwin ami
Winter Maiden Blush, lit Henney's.  x
IÏ, W. Widtluwsoll, the assay er, left
yesterday evening for Nelson, to superintend the sampling of n car or ore
from the Empress Mine, Whitewater.
" Are Preachers Producers" will be
ibe subject on Sunday evening at, 7.30
at the Methodist Chu roh. Socialists
and Laborists special's' invited.
Always smoke thu Monogram or
Marguerite—tho peu).les' rhoice, W
.1. McMillan & Co., sole agent for B.C.
A typewritten notice is posted in
nil the. bar-rooms in town calling a
meeting of Lib irais for tonight to appoint delegate to attend tho Liberal
convention in Nel   i
At the record office on Tuesday a
certificate of work was granted to
Th »in n I'lynn i the Centre Star
mineral ilahn ir work donu since
March i   I   1»03.
At the n d 'dice on Wednesday
u certificate nt work was.grantor) to
W. O. Sivyer for work dune on the
Ci oo Noo-Goo-Noi) mineral claim since
•Jillli .lune.litO...
The attention uf applicants fur crown
grunts is respectfully called to chapter
135, still section 5, of tho Mineral Act
(ISil", c 'JS, s. 8). The act has not
been complied with in sevi ril instance,
and Ih-re is trouble in st.u'o.
Registered at the Boss Bouse dur
ing the week were: Alfred Parr, Atlin
mine; John II. Young, Cyanide plant;
.1. Colraer, Cyanide plant; S. II.  Km
gar, Nelson; Thus. .11. Watt, Cyanide
plant; W. J,  l!i in II',   Nels in,
Duncan is the third trustee, and is
the only properly qualified man of the
trio. The public sfiTiuld take a greater
interest in. these affairs than is at pre
sent manifested, it reasonable results
are to be obtained.
\V A Connelly, nue of the lessees
uf the Canadian King mine adjoining
the Arlington property at Erie, went
up tn Nelson on Tuesday with'a car
load of ore, or about '-0 tons, consigned
to the Hall Mines smelter. This i.s
J the seventh lot snipped by the lessees,
some five cats going to the Trail Sinei
ter, and the icst tn Nelson. The ore
has chiellv gold values with » little sil
\>'\-, ami goes from S~'U to ?7"> to   the
(i II. Iltirnlnirt, who regimes duty
■is g»nerul manager ol tin Ymir mine,
arrived m town lius morning, aecum-
ptinleil by Win. Hudson, who is ihe
newly appoiutetl foreman ol  Ihn  mine.
Mr. It.   M,   Atwaler has  resign" I  a< i     tabled reports of opérations at   the
general manager, i Ymir mine fur November were:   Ymir
  -The mini, manager  repnrts the ro
.1 l'lulberi, iiroprieii.i of lie Ymir turn fur Nuvember; '.'50 stamps ran
Meal Market, was over in Nelson on Ufj days and cruslie I d/.'.l.'iO tons ('.'.000
Wednesday, closing the sale of the pounds) of nrer producing 987 ounces
McLeod Hotel. The establishment, „f bullion. The estimated realizable
which was built ami run by Mr. Phil- value (gross) „f the product is.-?lO.liOO;
bert, changed bands sometime ago, L>87 tons of concentrates shipped, grow
Final payment 1ms just been mad'.       estimated value $8,500; cyanide  | hint
treated '.'.SOO torn (2,000  pounds)   of
tailings, producing bullion having  estimated gross value uf t2,350; sun Iry
ceived  any pay  for two months,   ami   „„,.„„„_   tgBO-llil.SoO,      Working
expenses, #'J3,000. Loss $150. T'.ere
has been expended (luring the month
on development, 93,500."
'.»•» + ■»*.***i t i*. »*******'! * ü J their respective ridings.    The   Pernio
x » Mr. Burn supporting l»t. Bunnell, ami
V*» *WkMt**l ».»*. MiMi! »"» '•» »* ' Kuss n, man named Joyce An attempt,
Deor Tim—.I'm a gond dale better ! was made to have the convention sels
ibank ye, after nui Kristin is over- èct the Pernio member of tho exeeifcs
feeding. Jeff Davis was telling me tive. Mr. Houston protested, and tilg
that a man is a foal tn be  getting his ; members uf the party  in   Fernie ami
degistive organs to wiirk whin he cm
get ready degisted too I to s.v.illy Hi
says he takes pitent brekfast finds in
the nurnhigi, an' tint there's so much
force an1 grapotiuts in thim that they
work up a powerful aputyte for a big
dinner. ''Its foin; stuff entoirely,'
says Jeff, '• if ye take it in moderation
and* lave room for a good beofstako
abodt twi-it a day, an' a few hard built
eggs." " What do ye want atèing the
Oggs an' beef'take for if the patent food
is good cnuf," says I CO. Jeff, "Just
following the instructions on the box,"'
savs Jeif.   " Ye have lo ate something
Columbia are to select their rcp-cseutu
tives on tho executive among them-»
The members elected were; A. H,
MacNeill, of HiHslnud; John Houston
of Nelson; William Hunter, of Slo:an;
'l\ Taylor, of Reyolstoke; B. F. Green,
of Kaslo; Harry Wright, of Ymir, and
G. T. Rogers, «f Cranbrook.
The executive mill and selected A.
H MacNeill, of Rowland, president;
G T. Rogers, of • 'ranbrook, vice-pros
sident; and William Hunter, of Sloe in
'Phis concluded the   business of  tit«
else womit or twist, a day to puJvent convention and it adjourned sine die.
yer degisters getting mouldy,"  Bcdad, j     In the evening  a banquet was ten
dered to the visiting delegates,  which
proved a most enjoyable atfiir.
I'lie Nelson    Daily  News gives  tho
Tim,   lull [ don't  'ielivetlii.it already
degisted foils is iu it will pigs head an'
oibb'Vge,      it they only   work   tip an
appetite far  what   a chap isn't at all   following sketch of Mr   Mackintosh !
to unes  sure  ov   (a goj I square nuil) |    The lion. C. H   Mackintosh,   who is
ineself .1 rather .11 widout thin. nominated by Hi i conservative! to u in-
, ...  î, i    î      test. Kootenay constituency, is a native
Jell    U.ivis,   he   has J
of London, Ontario; his grandfather was
an Inverness man, and his father born
in the County of Wieklow.   At an early
There is trouble on at Salm..    TI
loggers  an I mill   hands   have not   r
UO not considui heir work a labor of
love. Them was u inortgige on the
logging outfit wl ich bas been foreclosed
and ihe lUdil ar; seeking legal  redress
Rev. W. W. Bier will lecture in
Cnion Hall un Monday evening, 18th
inst., his subject Is'ing "Six Months
pi New York " The lecture will be
illustrated with limelight vie*,, lk,„|
a treat is in store for those who at»
.end, The rev. gentleman is an accomplished lecturer, and always brings
a crowded bouse
At a meeting of   the Ymir   Liberal
,-, ,-,       .,■ w .     i      oonlractlfw partiel, but   llie  esteem in
Conservative Aasociation on Saturday k '
,        ,. ... .  , ,   ,,   ,,   ,"    wliieli the Mi-.iug couple   are   held was
evening last, Harry  Wright, M. P  P. [ ' .
, , ,    ,       luilini'tl lo  by 'he choice collection  of
An talking
the mosl beautifullestan' aocomotjiitiug
hat ye evir clapped yer eyes upon. Its
a black wo.i, iu mourning for the deer,
departed hairs what should be under
it, uu' its any shape ye loike to mako
it. Jell' gincrally wares it, a la Glengarry, bekase liliza Jane towid him it
was ihe mosl becoming stoyle.      But
uge lie became a contributor to uniy
literary pu'iliciti ii»,    Wnon sevuiitujil
III' Was City    mill If of   1:1 •   I. I I I I I   t'.'H !
Press,' He hit b.'cn articled tu a la.v
student hut In uonsbquenud of llluuss
was obliged to rslinniijii  his studies.
be can in ike it any shape   he loiks be   I» 1S00 he wrote the "Welcome" lolhe
pulling it up or down, r.nght or left- ! Prl"0fl "' WttiM  whloh   WH   P«*»»»*«
Benjamin Weld Toronto, und Miss
Margaret Mcl.ane. alitor ol Mrs .1.
t'oilliert. were on Wednesday evening
married nt Nelson nl I'm residence ol
Mr, and Mrs Sturgeon. Silica Street.
Rev. Kai her Alili-t) nlllelalud, the bride
being gnen awsy hy  >lr    .1.   l'hilhert.
Iiilts Annie sturg   anlod ai brutes-
niant. I'he eereni my was performed
in the pre.-eiice of Hie relative! and n
few   of ihe  i III Inert la tn    fi hurts   of   llie
fro n u   bishop's hat to a Tum o' .Shan
lo 111» highness, then  visiting  (ana la.
\ He   went to  the Unit,! I   Stales  during
ter.    Tis a bale, Tim ,     .        ■ ,     ,
the American war. Ins letters uttnicliug
There S the cat   after running away ; ,*.    . .       _
.. , •>        J liriit''"/ "eal ot stleutloli. Sn
wid the pen.     No more (ill next week
Laiiiiv Pins.
The   Liberal   Conservative  convention for  ihe  Kootenay  constituency
met in Nelson on Wednesday and  in
he ii-'tiii" oit) odiior of the London
Fret, t'r.iss, then city editor of llie Him-
Hon l'un m, th in pr iprlet if of two
inewspapera, the Statnroy Dispaicfi ami
the Parkhill Gaaetto, bitli of which ho.
sold out and aviptel the poilllgiof
manager of the Chicago Journal of Com.
tuerce, where he sludi I tin lai|li quel,
lion, returing to Canada in 197;!, and
in January 1H7I hcieg appointed manag.ing editor of the Ottawa (iilizun,
which position he   held   as  editor   and
was selected a delegate to attend the
convention in Nelson, called for the
purpose of nominating a candidate for
the forthcoming dominion elections.
A report of ilie convention will be
found in another column.
There was u general clearing out  of
tin-horn gamblers last, week, and it    is
actually rumored that Pjlioa Constable Forrester had something to dB
with ridding llie cuiiip of 'liesn gentry;
Just fancy I Forrester gi ting a move
on !    To a friendly game there can be
wedding presents which greeted llicm.
The bride WHS dressed ill n pearl grey
travelling dre-s. and looked her liest
Her numerous friomls in Ymir, where
she is well known having spent U couple
of vacations here, will un letst mil the
slgnillciinoe nl ilie term Mr. mid
\lr<. Worden led f ir Spukanu on their
honeymoon trip, an I all »vis'i t'iani a
long, h ■ !».»>'. a 11 pr up ir i H lit I,
I'o lue Bditor Mill Itou
Heur Sir—Now that a Storni has neun
raited  over   the Chicago theatre lire
minuted   Hon. 0. H,   Mackintosh,  of I proprietor, for nearly twenty years   In
1874 he entered Into a vlgorou! cant'
Kosslund, as their candidate for thu
dominion house. Two other names
were Submitted,—J, A. Harvey, of
Oranbrbok, and Chus. W. McAnn,' of
Mr Harvey withdrew, and a ballot
was taken, the selection lying between
Mr.   Mackintosh   and   Mr.    McAiiii.
patgo, tlie issue being protection or
free trade. His experience Iu the United Stales was heiielicul, and for two-
years l.o was the close friend und adviser of Sir John Maudonald. the conservative leader. lu 187N the conservative party was victorious; iu 187'.!
Mr. Mackintosh was elected chief mu
ll resulted in favor of the former by jiglrate of the capital of Cumula, llie
■2i to 1 I. siinioin 1880and IMSI resigning in 1HS'-'
The committee on resolutions re- !l" "('(''!ll11|,(' oonservafivu nomination
ported the following: J '« Ottawa, and. being elected by   u
Resolved, That Uns convention her
Why   send    o   i 0      in      < (1(|   0|)j<,ct,i<ln|   hut   when   professional [nml   lhat  | uhlie buddings   ll.rOUgllOllt
teas or Coffees when 1 111)    ' » standing j K>|[||lj|(.rH get j,,,,, j, ..t|„, 0||(,(,M|. |„ „jj" | ,,„. „minlry ure l.-ieg   looked over und
idler to refund you your money if l|   rendered »iif-, doii'i you Hunk some-
cannot give you os good if not better i    John Houston,   M P.P. for Nelson, [i hing ought lobuilnnuln ihii oonneo-
value for the same price— S. II. Seanev , Myf ||(J ;,ll)>n<ls lo |,j,| u,jj(.u lc, |lritish   lion will) regard to U.ll III   Hall   when
Columbia OS Boon as Hie present sea
. . . I  >'m >i iiuiiii   i,„    ^,.,/o    ii-.    i (|u     in e.s.'im    n, ^
,\n imporunt strike is  reported at  _, (t|   , M _, '.  u„| leiinliimeni
Vniiriles asseiilile ah mi there is an  en-
the Fern Mine, III the new workings.
It is said to be llie richest yet made on
the property. The mine is tinder lease
lo K   Kamiiielineyer.
sion of the local legislature is over. He
assigns as a reason thai lie cannot
make a living here. This is the usua|
fate of the new-piper ni  n      lie winks
hard for the community in which lie
on'.1 I'hls lime iwi'lv«
mOlllll 1 litten.Inl the funeral obliques
of the lut ' Win H ickey iu tie. hall, mid
all who were there ivmnihr how narrowly a panic was s Verlud, I hi ik upon
liai liiiihliug as Ihe greatest llealll trap
.1   liian   in,i
I   F    liniiiicllv    .„nt   to   'i»"-"*. and having made others rich and   |n tbeonU .try.   A sleep  single liic stair
by expresses its full confluence In Hon.
! Richard Mcllridc and his government
i iu the province of British Columbia.
Resolved, That each and every per-
I sou nominated at the convention as u
j candidate to contest, the  constituency
of Kootenay, and their nominators and
seconders do pledge ihe.uselves to loyally support and assist in the   election
of ihe successful nominee.
Resolved, Thai this meeting, con-
venod for the nomination of u conserva
live candidate to cotesl the constitu.
eiic.y of Ivoolenay al the next general
election, heartily expresses  confidence
himself poor, be is turned down     Nel
sou  will   miss John   more  than John
will miss Nelson.     II. mile money in
Nelson Ins' nicht In receiie the  second
puynieiii   (ttt.AHO)   on   Ihe  Hold   Olip,
rold li)   litem  under u    bond   lo   Con
Wollte and (1   F   Uevaull, ol  Spokane,   Nelson,   but every   cent   he   mult
who are now pushing  development   on I spent liiere.
Ilila pri nnsi g pr. p.iiy .        	
  The Ymir public Uclmol oponed on
IVmtnilMter McLskI   ha    nndti  ex     Monday lust after Clirislmas vaculi
leiisive iiiipioveuieiits iu the postiiltiee,
inli'ieleil   to give   belter   fe  iiities   for
wn) Id ids up 11 Ihe room 'u  which en
li'it.-iu neuis are  held;   the bidding   is
ot wood  badly uuiistrueieil, and with
out inleipiiilc lire  proleciioii.    I iilllici
I ale an h.vIiii cillumlly   I he re  s nie ol
iliusc days —Voll,s
A pencil mark in I hi- space
with Mr. ,1.  N.  Maeilotinlil us   teacher
pro. lein    It is oxpooled ihm a per« Is ft gentle reminder that your
lue      Please
Mndling  Ihe mail   and   al   the  same  uianciit teacher will soon be appoin'ed  HU0scrij<«lon   i
lime give   greater public   aeconiuioila-
lloii.      Il   is lo lie   hoped I hat he   will
Instead of the lady who refused the
|sjst.     Unfortunately,  of   the three
C)llg]l  up.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦<»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
VorV large uiiijority. He was successful in all Ids Ottawa ('. nicttl, the work
ing élusses ml,ling greatly to his vote.
When powderly, the head ol llie Amur-
lean labor Organization visited Ottawa.
Mr. Mackintosh was unanimously „c
lcclcd to ucl us chairman. Iu 1803, the
position ol lieiileniiiitgovcruor of the
Northwest Territories w,,s offered lo
him l»y Sir John Thompson, then pre-
niier, and Mr, Mackintosh held that
ollice until January, 1808, when he resigned lo enter into active mining Work
pi liritisii Columbia,   He was itiettu-
iii, tit it 1 in bringing millions of dollars
into thu province, and today most of
the mines he purclmsid nie great ore
producers.    11 ■• lia!  UJJII   unremitting
iu R. I. Borden and llie policy he has L|noe then In urging Ihe dcvulopiunit
expounded since becoming leader of of British Columbia refusing all offers
Ins majesty's loyal Opposition at Ottawa   lO go elsewhere, mid   publicly   staling
Thesu were  carried without a  divl« j
sluil, John   Houston,   being the  only
dissentient, and llie only clause he ob-
jecte.l lo was that rotating to the Melinite government.
John Houston, of Nelson, move I
llii>L un executive committee of one
for each ruling be appointed to conduct llie campaign, the delegates for
each ridillgj^wlectlog '„the   member for
lluit his tiret dit') was lo work Willi
those who believed iu the province, d'lic
rx•gOVel'UOl'    is  hugely   iiilcientert   in
mining affairs iu various parts of the
province, H • has invest ,| Heavily mill
like others fell lin: depressi ni of th-
lasl two or three years; still h : "come,
up smiling," and is as cheery and lio,»-
lui its the li.si day he e une lu Itii.i»,,
)  s^ agg    |."1' —mi
An Ad. in
is  a Salesman culling at all the J
î «
■ homes   and  mines  in the district J
', eveiy week and being given OOlirt «
' ..us consideration, *
I'ublilshei] overv Saturday and mallei) to any
ail dress, or delivered by carrier in town.
Subscriptions 93.WpaT annum, payablo In ad-
vu ncc.
.Advertising rates, Jt.fiO per Müh per month.
No publia entUftaltnnent to whloh an admis-
4IDII fen I* oharaod, will be noticed In Tub Mm
itoit unless advertised in Its autumns.
only artiuliis of meiit will be advertised in
those columns, and the Interest» of leaders will
be carefully (tuarded »«alust yrresponslblo portons,!
IHK Mi intuit uiiu be hat) frmn all laadinit
newsdealers in the district,or can be obtained
direct from the officio.
Commercial printing of every description
done ou the premises at standard prices.
C. DflH Smith, Editor.
respecting man would do under the
:ircuimtaneos-=rh« resigned olijce., Jt
will be interesting to note the nejft
move made by the little clique who
presume to uet for rwpeutublu Liberalism.
Vt\llA,AQE politics are always very
V/ interesting to the  villagers who
participate and intensely amusing to
l hose who look on.    Ymir provides as
much  fun  in this particular us any
other little community in the country,
Not that we have so many politicians,
lull the few wo have,  on  one side at
least, are of tho typical   village type—
that class of men  who  in  tlio winter
season  lounge  around the har»rooms
learnedly discussing the nflairs of the
nations, and in the summer spend their
valuable timu seated on tho  sidewalks
dangling their legs   to the rhythm of
the  pondrous   topics   they  propound.
The Liberal party in the  oamp is (li-
vided into two factions—tho wise and
the otherwise,   or   the dependent and
i en » i
independent!   This was fully shown ut
the recent provincial elections. Parr,
the ignominously defeated candidate,
claimed the endorsation of the Ymir
Liberal Association ; hut it transpired
that the claim was unfounded. A big
lot of the registered Liberals attended
u public meeting, and in the name of
llie Ymir Libeiul Association pledged
their allegiance to the Wright cause
denying that the association, us an
association, had endorsed Parr. For
doing so they were denounced as unwise young Libérais—at least, this is
the mild way of putting it : the term
applied is too altogether coarse and
vulgar to appear in print, and dashes
are source. We are not aware that
Ihe breach has been closed. However,
lhose claiming to be the old, original
aggregation, reorganized, and in their
I'llorts to give a tone of 'respectability
lo the uHair, induced J. W. Itoss, J,P.,
to accept the presidency. Now, Air.
Itoss is an old time, consistent Liberal
«hose consistency e.cn his political
opponents must admire. He might
have seen, however, that he was only
being made a tool of. If he hud any
doubt on the point it was rciuovcd'on
Monday evening last. The president
decided to call a meeting for tills evening for the purpose of selecting a de-
legate' to attend the convention at
Nelson to iioiniiiatc a candidate for
the forthcoming dominion elections.
Mr lioss came to this olllce, and duly
handed in the copy of the notice lo be
printed. This notice was written by
A. C, O'Neill,' secretary, und by him
dinned, The work wits, done, delivered
and paid for l>,v Mr Ross. liltt the
moment tho "liberal" minded executive aommitteo heard that the hills
une doing printed III Ymir, instead of
«puding away for lliem, there wits Ihe
ii.ii;i1 ho«l. The sum involved was
I.nl i?:.', lull they would nut pay this iu
the cutiso they love so much.     They
i".,,|ved lo have the notices ty|ie-
n litten and posted in all the barrooms
in toWU,       Mr. lioss did  us any self.
Oun ever welcome contemporary,
the Phoenix Pioneer, suggests the following new-year resolves. They are
iqually sugges'ive to the Ymirite us
to the Pheoniuiun,    Here they are:
Hesolyc that you^ will not be a
"knocker"-^pne who always sees some
thing to rind fault about in regard to
his home, town or district. Always
look on the bright uidu of things,
Resolve that you will say all tho
good that you can, and as little as
possible' that is otherwise, of your
neighbor or business opponent. Chicks
ens generally come home to roost,
Resolve that you will have more
charity towards all men, of high or low
degree, Charity is a quality that
nays tho highest kind of interest,
Resolve that you will not credit
every "fish" story that you hear. Judge
everything and everybody on its or
their own merits, and du nut be swayed by prejudice.
Resolve that you will be an optimist
rather than a pessimist. As a rule,
the world has little use for the latter.'
Nearly every ono has troublos enough
of his own.
Last, but not least, resolve that you
will keep your subscription to your local paper paid up, if it is worthy of
support at all, Ulessed is the man
who pays the printer and docs it
day every leap year, calling the fifth
day before the 1st of March a double
sixth. This calendar is used even now
in Russia, and was accepted everywhere until 1Ô82, when Pope Gregory
XIII. compiled the present calendar.
Caesar's mistake was in giving euch
year an average of 30Ô 1 4 days, which
is 11 minutes too much, and would
amount to 12 days by this time. Gregory overcame this difficulty by ordaining that when leap year fell in a
centurial year it should not receive its
additional day unless the year was a
multiple of 400, Thus 1G00 was a
leap year, hut 1700, 1800, and 1900
were not, so that those who are alive
in 2000 will celebrate an event which
has not occurred for four centuries.
Even the Gregorian calendar is not
perfect, for our civil year is 22 seconds
longer than the solar year. As this
only amounts ti a day in 3,860 year's
wo need not worry,
New York ministers ur« organizing
to light the divorce-aod-remurry habit
of the United States. Leaders ol almost all the Protestant denominations
have plegi'd their support, lo a coll
mltteo of the Protestant Episcopal
(Jhuruh, who would have all the ministers forhidd'Oi to marry divorced persons and who seek to secure more uniformity and s.'verity in Uni divorce
laws of the various stites. The movement becjm noil" too soon. Already loo
many peuple in tha United States re-
Kiud the obligations ol marriage with
inililfi'ivtiei', if not, contempt. The
Country Inn citizens of hoth sexes with
"'weddcil and purled" records which llie
Snlta.n of Turkey or th« S'cih of Persia
niijjhl envy New Vork, (ihioagn, South
Dikotn Spokane and S .utile have es-
Tui') terrible fire at the Iroquois
Theatre iu Chicago, which was the
last and greatest calamity of the year; tshlislied repetitions us M cocas for
just closed, brings to mind otliei great
fires. Although 590 Ines «ere lost
on this occasion history tells of greater losses, but none so speedy or unexpected. The fire which occurred in
Brooklyn Theatre on Dec, û, |87<i,
has hitherto held the record for fatalities at a theatre Are, 295 being the
total number of lives that were lost.
The disaster occurred on a stormy
niglit'during the performance of "The
Two Orphans" liy Kate Claxton and
her company. For the last 18 years,
up to the end of 1902, 1522 theatre
nod opera house fires have occurred in
the United Slates with an aggregate
property loss of $10,930,150. The
fatalities are not recorded, and it is
dilli.mlt even to estimate them. A 27
years' record shows an average burning of about 02 theatres and opera
houses annually in the United Stales,
During the famous Chicago conflagration of 1^71, when the city was over
swept, 200 lives were lost. In 18Ö2,
50 people were burned ut a fire in San
Francisco. The great London, England, fire of 1GG0 cost tho lives of
about 1,000; the London bridge fire
disaster of 1212 yielded n death total
of .'1,000. The Vienna Ring theatre disaster a few years ago resulted in 500
deaths. The Bazaar fire terror in
Paris, at a more recent date, caused a
life loss of nearly 200.
TllK history of leap year, without
reference to its sentimental associations
is very interesting, hound as it is with
the history of our calendar, says the
Mail and Empire. The road of the
searcher after truth in this matter,
like other loads, leads to Home, where
hundreds of years before Christ, it was
the custom of the priests to dull together the people at the boginning|of each
month and apprise them of the sacred
and feast days to be observed. The
word calendar is plainly derived from
llie Latin word "entere"—to call So
blldly did the priests nriaiige tilings
that iu the course of a few centuries
their Spring came in Summer. Then
cunie the wise Julius Caesar, who,
looking into the future, saw the time
when the 17tlt of March would he
celebrated on the 12th   of  July.     He
decided to reform the calendar, and,
with the assistance of Soslgones, an
astronomer, did SO ill 10 II.t', To
in ike the civil yv.ir Ik the solar  year,
niiiiriin. niai bonds misfits. The prsc
liée has set ils stamp upon Ihe nation
lis eonsei|iieiii'(.s have not heua good,
and I lie more the praetioH of hreaklng
matrimonial bonds extends Ihe worse
will be the efrVd upon the general morality. Citnuita is Interested in the
moral stains of th» United SUtei, for
the Ussons ill corruption are easily
learned, i Fortunately the divorce
hal.lt has hoi ,,vi i taken hold on our side
of ihe line. Our statutes and our re-
ligious organisations do not encourage
it. In (luiiariii marriage and divorce
are still serioiH undertaking«, and are
likely lo ornithine so. If the movement
launched In New York to rehabilitate
American matrimony meets with suo-
cesy nil over the United Suites. Ihere
will h» no greater r»j 'Icing anywhere
than on this side of the line.—Ross
laud Miner.
The following is fron the Nelson
Daily News, and Is reproduced because
"Peck" is as well known in Ymir as in
any other part of the world. Hu whs
for a time on the stair of Tin: Minium,
some couple of years ago and during his
stay iu the camp was a great favorite.
Tlie News says:
Everybody iu Nelson knows "Peck''
McSwillll, till! Hill S'yc of Ihe Kooleiiuys
who is so full of humor that he would
joke wilh Kadelille if he came to hang
him. Pot k of late has, lik i Silin Wflgg
dropped into poetry, This hu- become
10 miloll of a habit that even when lie
writes a letter lo lilt friends he hitches
Pegatllt and indulges iu metrical jingles which, even if ihey li ive lire I and
misshapen feel, con'ain much humorous
merit. New Year's d iy entne nlongjas
usual, and a- usual "Peck" resolved
lo swear oil' principally it U asserted
for the reason Hint ihe brand ol Scotch
iu Ihe particular place in Gi'uunwool,
where Ids credit is good, was not up to
Ihe standard aid some linns disagreed
with him He wished to tell (/hurley
Ink of the Daily News all about the resolution and wrote him as follows:
(iiecnwood. New Year's, l!)l)l.
To C. H. Ink. Kst|,i
My Résolve—
Peck resolvodi nII I al«j s,v ire,
Not lo touch boosts iu nineteen four;
I'o steer clear of whisky, gin und beer—
Live a model life all the yiuir.
Not drink anything that'll create nu In-
waul lire—
Ullt—Still like others  you'll lind Peck's
a liar.
Mr   Psalm Wrilcy.
Love   cuti neither b"   bought nor
The    Meat   Market,
AW Kinds of Fresh and Salted Meats
Mail Orders will receive prompt attention.
John Philbert, Proprietor.
All work entrusted to us is neatly and promptly
Mail Orders receive special attention.
Kootenay   Coffee   Co.   YMIR BREWERY.
Nelson, B. C.
Drink our Beer, and von wil
We are not general Grocers
and Provisionen, but wo make
a specialty of
Teas and Coffees.
You can always rely on getting the liest, and at' right
Mail orders receive prompt
Give us a trial.
Draymen St Teamsters
Y Mill,   B.    C.
agree that you want nothing
A. CUR [EST, Prop.
Dry Goods,  Hillinery or
00  I'O IHK
Post Office Store.
60   YEARS*
ur g»vo Ifabruni'}' au additiomtli sold but it odd Iw «xoliangeil,
Handling heavy freight a
Correspondence promptly
attended to
Hot, Cold and Vapor
W.   M.   COFFEY,    Prop.
Copyrights A<
Anvono «doling ft «ketrh ond pMaMntlftn nm»
lulckly ,i-iüri:iiii mir opinion free wm'iIht fin
■iiventinn 1* probably piitentublu, t'nttiRiiinh*n<
iIohh -'nicilypDiilli.ontlal. Handbook on t'nu-m-i
.-(•nt true, umOflt »ironry forJOtnirmd iwtonm
I'iifonti inkott through Mumt &<o "i-.jln
tpcciittnotke. Without chnrgo, iiiilia
Scientific Hmota.
A hanrtiomely I Hunt rat od wppkir.   ) nrreat cir
culm lou of any nel«ntlflo Journal. 'iVrtuft, |3 r
roar: four months $1. Sold by alt nevntrtenlers.
Brauch Offlee. 6% F M.. Waabiowon, t- i'
..... „
s a>
7 *l>
8 M    ">
g«      Tl *
h r
e» SB    B.
m   ei
I -
M     ((
Ymir Citizens
Regular  monthly   meeting
last Tuesday of the mouth
mm   *
» I
0 9
SO *
H f
r. .v. lim,
c   Dm.;, Smith, i
.»»»» $««« >»»» £««« 6-
Ymir Trai^fir C)Ti)iiy
JA0K80N & I.I'.AIIV,  I'iiois.
Teaming & Express
All (irilcrs upromplly iiHonduil i<
dilti thu ut'cilti'nt cnrcJVxi'i'cim',1 iu lln
liiluillliig uf ijooiU,
.Servicesme belli under Miners Mull
overy Sunrlny tnorning nt 11 ; uvoniiig
Ut7.30. Intcrestinu' service, fiuiiliir
livnins, ovurybotly wolooinn,—It. \ù
Cnllis, Mini iter.
I'ltKS.iVl'KitlAN' ClIL'it Jil
Sou l.iy Su'iool un I lliltlu ' Hum ;! I >
service 11 .'i.m  nml 7,80 p.m,   Kir 11
Voting, pastor.
_L i
The laws of the State of Washing
ton, us administered in Sp.ol.anu, uro
accommodating jn ultuirs matrimonial.
Official returns show that during the
year just closed 2ôfl plaintiffs called
upon the superior court of Spokane
I'uunty to settle their domestic difficulties by mean« of divorce. In 172
cases decrees of divorce were granted.
Tn seven cases tho suits were dismiss
cd. In one case the defendant appeal
ed to the supreme court. Severity
six cases aro still pending In most
of the cases the decrees were granted
on defuult, the defendants failing to
put in an appearance. During the
same time IOO4 marriages licenses
were issued, showing that for about
every four weddings one divorce suit
wan filed.
"Those bandits made n great mistake
when Ihey beld me tip last night," said
the heavy man with a broml smile.
"How Was that?" inquired the thin
man with Ins collar turned up.
"Why, it seems they halted me on n
■slide' that the small boys of the neigh-
lorhond had made during the day, and
when I threw up my bands I lost my
balance and my feet flew out from under n,e and I kicked one ol those hold
up lellows in the stomach and the other in the neck, and in grasping nt.
something to break my fall I oaue.lu
hold nf the first ruffian'« hair and the
second Indians rout front, and we all
went down 111 a shrieking heap together
with me on top. Ihe craili whs so
loud Hint the neighbors ran out to see
what was the mailer and when Ihey
got us sorted out the hold-up ohaps
were sent to the nearest hospital and I
trotted home
Hurry Wright, M. I, A., for Ymir
rdlng, was in the ci'y yesterday afternoon on business concerning his constituency. Mr. Wright is cimoiis to
discover the nieds of the district bo as
lo gain fer il every consideration from
Ibe legislative assembly.
The Trail-Ymlr division embraces
the whole of the old Nelson mid Itoss-
land districts wilh thu exception of the
Jim all areas contained within the limits
of the Rossland and Nclso,-, municipalities. It Is therefore an exceptionally
large territory, (»king in all the outlying district between llie Selkirks and
llie Gold Hange south of the. Slocan
Mr. Wright has promised to do nil in
his power to advance the welfare of Ins
riding, and us he will have the heart}
support of Mr, Maodonald, llie nieinbir
for Uossbind, it will he entirely the
fault of I'reinii'i McBride  if the  olainis
of Trail.Ymir are Ignored.—.ftossland
Spcal.iiig of his past life to a friend
in Venice, just before the papal election
in connection with whiob bis name was
mentioned, the Pope remarks 'J lie l'ait
Mall Magazine;   said]   "My   lifu   has
1 » strangely rulied by the Hgure nine.
For nine years I was a schoolboy at
Were; for nine years a student al IViduu!
for .nine ypsrs a curate at Tombulo; for
nine years a priest, at Siilzimo; for niue
\ ears a Oannon nl.Treviso; for nine
years a bishop at Mantua; and now for
nine years I have been Cardinal Patriarch at Voulue! and when I inn Pope
.    .     . tin che D10 VUole    .    .    . forse
iil'rn nove annl . , . (as long as
• lud wills . . . possibly (or another
nine years)."
A Swedish baron und a Helgiap count,
charged Willi devil worship and the
systematic corruption of minors, have
appeared before the court at Paris,
«hieb sat with closed doors to hear the
ease. Il was stated that the baron hud
iiiraiged u temple lo Sitiin at his re-
sldencu in the fashionable Klyseu Quarter, and thai tho count assisted him by
iitnactii'g minors thereto. Counsel for
the defence pleaded thai Ihey were cor-
iiipled by reading the works of popular modern Kreuch authors, and that
these writers, and not their victims,
.Should beheld responsible.
Never give up as long as  their  is  a
spark of life left in your business.
Oood advertising and lutrd work will
Ian Ihe tiniest spaik ton llamu.
Woman is the tail est work of the
great umhin ; ihe edition is large tud
110 man should be without u copy.
I beg to thftnk my numerous ens-
tomers for their patronage during the
year 1909, and hope by continuing to
keep a well selected stock of Groceries, Provisions, .Stationery, etc., to
merit ft continuance of same for 11104
during which my efforts will be un«
ceasing to give entire satisfaction,
Yours respectfully,
D. Campbell,
Ymir, R C, -fan., '04.
Tenders will he invited in Vancouver,
Chicago, Montreal, Winnipeg and Calgary, for the main onual excavation
conmcted 'villi the O. P, K 's stupendous il ligation project near the last named place.
J. 8. Dennis, engineer in charge,
states that the tenders will bo called
for at once. The main c.unnul will be
i)5 mill's long. 60 feet wide ut Ihn bottom . and will hold water to a depth of
t"n feet. 'I.is canal will carry the
water to supply the secodary canal which
will, when ultimately completed, be I lft
miles long.
To make the main canal. 250,000.000
cubic feet of earth will have lo be removed, and the work will be done bj
power plants such as steiini shovels.
railways, eta The project isthelurg
est of its kind on Ibis continent, uni is
designed to make iisful lor general agricultural and giuzing purpose.' over three
million acres of Ian I now lying waste
owing to the lock of moisture, the rp-
gioii being guhjesl. to cycles of extreme
drought. Of the tracted to be reclaimed it Is estimated I h»t 1,600.000 acres
will be rendered lit for growing cereals
of all kinds, Ihe balance to be devoted
to giaaing and the cultivation of grasses.
At present, however. Ihe company's
plans are lo bring but 800,000 acres
under Irrigation, and after colonizing
that, to extend llie works gradually until Ibe system covers the entire area.
There was brought to Vane -over the
other day 11 partv of fourteen Chinamen
for deportation on lo China on the Empress of India, llie Mongolians were
iimlei llie charge of two United States
immigration officials who accompanied
tin ill from Rlclllurd, Vermont and M alone, New York, where they were stop,
petl at the Uoiindury line when trying
lo enter the Uniten Slates. The fourteen Cbiiiiimi 11 are of u party of seventy
who were hi ought over on Ihe Empress
on her lust trip and have sinoe been
held up In Montreal. Kifty-six ol the
parly had tickets through to Trinidad
and Bermuda and were shipped through
in loud, The remainder claimeu to
bu entitled to enter United Stales territory, hut when they presented their
qui lillcutiiiiis al Mulone and Kicliford
were turned back and deported. All of
them offered to pay poll tax to enter
(iaiiadii, but were not permitted to do
so. '1'lis number of Chinamen thai
may be brought lo Canada in any one
ship is one lo every .10 tons register.
As Ihe Empress of India bad alreudy
passed her full ipiota the proll'crred poll
lux for the unfortunate fourteen was re
fii'cd mid, the) will have to sail for
I heir native laud.
A few centuries ugo. if a man wanted to make himself fiinn.us, lie became
a knight. If he were un artist he became
known ihro.igh some wealthy or distinguished patron. In these da} s
whatever the road one would travel)
by way of urt. business or the profes
»ions he must advertise, Without the
newspaper, no man Is known favorably
or unfavorably. To succeed in any
thing he must lie known, und lu bu
known he must use newspaper space,
It is not case, but effort; not facility
but ilillicoltii s, that makes business men
aud great merchants.
Miller Hotel
SAM   niLLER, Pr«p,
Headquarters for Mining and Traveling
Men. Neat Sample Booms for CommerJ
cial Travelers. Ihe bar is supplied with
the very best brands of Wines, Liquors
and Cigars. Give us a oall and we will
guarantee satisfaction,
First Avenue, J ■ '  " j "^   " YMIR, 1} Ç
Owen- Bover Prop.
Comfor»hK  Convenient, Conversant
Visitors to'town,  no matter what
their nationality, will find
friends and countrymen
I'rv  ns   Trust us, an I  ws  will Tie it
you Truly.
Dominion and Provincial   Land  Surveyor,
Surveys  of    Mineral    Claims,   Lands
Town Sites, etc.
Crown Granting of Mineral Claims
Omen : Con Ni'ani.hv ami VioroRtA
Srs , Nei.h in, il. (J
Headquarters for
Mining and Commercial Men,
Choicest   Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
Aro now considered tho oorreofc thing,
We have them
In endless variety and at print's to suit all pockets,
Come and See
Our Stock of Clothing and (ï outs' Furnishings, Roots,
Shoos, Rubber Goods, Fancy Slippers and general
Dry Goods
JJoil't fall to see our stock before yon make a selection
We will supply your liest desires in
Gents' Furnishings,
Good, comfortable
rooms will be found
in connection.
YMIR.  British Columbia
Hold, Silver or l.enil, any one.. ,,f 1,00
Copper    I.A0
(.old-Silver      1.60
Silver Lend      1,150
These prices are strictly neu cash.
Prices for other metals;,on application,
All  pulps kept one  month from Unie
of assay.
Samples liy mail or express rootive
Prompt Attention,
lititi Asuiyer i.i It ill,\tlii n S u ill u-,
YMIll, B. C
!•  O  Mon 11.      G S. Kxpresi.
In the County Court of Kootenay,
holden at Fort Steele.
vroTK.K is MKHKIiV (ilVKN Urn'
-^ on lflili rial of November, IOOM
ii whs ordered   In,   ,1    A,   Form, E-q .
lodge   of   the   MMi<I I  otll'l.    licit   .IlllllCH
Ferguson Armstrong. Olliolal >\d
iniuistrrttor nl the County nl Kootenay
he administrator ol all and singular thé
Pstale ol WILLIAM  J. SALMON, of
Wilcox   Mine,    near  Ymir,   miner,   deceased, intestate.
Every   person Indebtod to  llie said i
deceased is required to make payment
forthwith in U ndurslglii'd,
Every   person   having  in   possession |
rfleets   belonging  lo the   deceased is
required forthwith to notify the undersigned,
Kveiy creditor, or other person, luiv.
mg any claim upon or Interest in the
distribution of the personal usiiuo of the
said deceased is required, within ihlrti
days of this  dale, losend by registered
letter, addressed  to the nnderslg I,
his name and address and  lie   lull par
denial's  nl his claim or Interest, and "
statement of lilasoeminl, ami ilie nature
of the sei urily (if any) held in him,
After the expiration of III« said thirty
diiys th.- Administrator will   proo i
with the distribution of il stale, hnv.
ing regard to those claim» only of whloh
be iball have
Dated «t Foil Steele tili H 28th day ol
November. 1908,
Ulllulal Admin's'nu, r
Kill Steel«, 1'. C.
Ckktificatr of I.mpiiovrmknts
New    Victor,    Ituvul   and    Excelsior
Minorai  Claim-, situate iu Nelson
Mining Piviaion of West Kootenay
Whirc located l On Wild Horse Creek
about seven miles from Viuir.
Take notice thai I, John McLatehie,
of ihe city of Nelson, acting as agent
for Krank Bowser, Free Miner's Certificate No. II 7 1,7^S, intend, sixty
(lavs from the date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder for a Certificat«
of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And l'uiiher take notice that notion,
under section.37 must bo commenced
before the issuance of such Gortillcuto
of Improvements
Dated this I'Jth day of Sept, 1903,
Clark's Furniture  Store.
Undertaker and Furniture
Ymir, IV C
Ma'l Orders promptly   attended to.
Pkovincial Land Surveyor,
Surveys of Mineral Claims, Mines,
Pre-emptions, Lund Plirobuei,
Townsites, etc
Crown (irantsol.Mineral Claims
a Specialty.
I'. (J Box 604,       Tel. 101 & 150
Some females ure   relegut (I   to  llie
spinster du»» beoausu ot their eulentu.
•'The proof of the pudding
is in the eittino;."
'IMIE volume of business done by Us
during the past year proves eon«
uluaively that we are successful caten'i-
iii our line, mid that the reputation
which has built up our trade is still
enjoyed by Us,
This year we will surpass all our
previous efforts in every depai'tniou',
Wo are solid with our old patrons;
but we wi.nt to secure a host of new
customers,  and   if the best of  goods
and the best values will do it, our I
will be accomplished
Our stock of Groceries,  Provisions
Confections, Clothing, Gents' Purni*l -
ings, etc.,  are always striclly reliable
ami our prices are right.
Yours for Initio ss,
♦»♦♦»»♦♦«»*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ Watches and Jewelry,
This year our stock is larger
than ever, and we have added
a very fine line of Cut Glass.
Our Watches for Boys cannot he surpassed for the money
Send us $2 and we will mail
you one. It will please the
boy, Wo guarantee every
Patenaude Brothers,
Manufacturing Jewelers,
List evening I was talking
With an editor aged and gray,
Who told me of a dream lie had,
I think 'twas yestcrda) ,
While snoozing ir. his olHcfi
The vision came to view,
For he saw an angel  enter,
Dressed in garments white and now'
Slid the angel, " I'm from heaven,
The Lord just sent me down
To bring you up lo glory
And put on your golden  Clown.
You've been a friend to everyone,
And worked hard night and day;
You have supported many   thousands,
And from few received your pay,
.S i wn want you up in glorv,
Fur you have labired hard,
And the good Lord is preparing
Your eternal, just, reward."
Then tin; angel and llie editor
■St.irtcd up tn.var ls|glory's gite,
Eut   when  passing  close    to   Hades,
The angel  iiiunniired:  "Wait !
I have a pi ice to slio.v you.
It's the hottest place in hell,
Whore the ones who  never paid 3'ou,
In tonnent always dwell."
And, behold the editor saw  there
His old subscribers by the .score,
And grabbing up a chair ami fan,
He wished for nothing more;
liut was hound to sit and ivatoh them
As they'd, sizzle, singe and burn
And his eyes   would   rest on   debtors
Whichever way they'd  turn.
Slid tin) angel, "Cunu on, editor,
There's the pearly gate I sec."
il.it the editor only muttered,
"This is heaven enough for inc.''
A Swedish baron iiinl a Belgian count,
eliiirgeri Willi devil worship and the
systematic corruption of minors, have
appeared before Hie court nt Paris,
» hieb sat with closed doors In hear tin
ease. It was stated that the baron hail
arranged a temple to 8atan at his re
sideline in ihn fashionable Rlyseo Qiar-
1er, and thai thu count assiste I him by
nltraotiog minors thereto Counsel for
the defence pleaded thai they were corrupted by reading the works of pipu-
lar modern French authors, and Hint
these writers, and not their victims,
should beheld responsible,
A horseshoe does nut always bring
good luck—especially if il, is on the
foot of a niiile.
Few men are appreciated until they
lake up their residence in the cemetery.
Idleness is the fool's continu ms holiday. That is why no newspaper men
are fools; they seldom liuve holidays.
The nit of keeping the lunulh shut
.should be iiiughi in every shool.
• Brains, versus (look UiokV'i is tho
subject of a household writer It is a
combination of brains mid cook books
most fellows are looking fur just now,
(J.   II.   Ilulloek-Wchsler,   chief eon-
siaiile for Kootenay. is in  the Boundary country or olllc'nl business.
'The (I'reenwoori -lumitcur dramatic
ai cii i y played "A I'u it liy Affair" at
Phoenix on Monday evening last. 'J'||j
acting was quite realistic in purls.—
lliiiindnry (.reek Times,
A lowly seat has  at least one  good
point—it is usually a safe one.
Learn lo   say nothing   at the   rigid,
Those who borrow trouble .should
lud object to paying for il,
K »' Subscribe   fur  Tim   Mimum
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry. Co.
V. V. it E. U.V. & N. CO.
TMie only all rail route between
points eist,west and south to Ross
an Nelson, Grand Forks and Re
public. Connecta at Spokane witl,
uhe Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. It. it N. Co,, for points east,
west and south ; connects at Ross
land and Nelson with tho Canadian
Pacific Railway,
Connects at Nelson with tho P. It
& N. Co, for Kaslo and K. and S
Connects at Curlew with stage fin
Greenwood anil   .Midway, 11. C.
Buffet cars run on trains lietween
Spokane and   Republic.
Kll'ectiv,; Nov. äüuri. 1UU2.
S.IÔ II in
III I" it.Ill
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7.'JIJ a m
Daily Train
1 l:iiö a ni    ((Jrainl Forks)
ll.3Uii.in Kepubbu
ll.;.\. JACKSON
General Passenger Agi ,
Spokane, Wfttli
li. 13 p in
•1..S3 p.n:
■i 83 p in
7 id p m
.'I .13 p in
ö.I,'i p.m
Provincial Secretary's Officp,
28th December, 1903.
I f IS HONOR the   Lieutenant   Govs
ernor in Council has been pleased
lo make the following appointment :
Pkhcv  .I auks  GliKAZBIt,   of   Ymir.
Bsijuire, J.P,  to be a Deputy Mining
Recorder for that portion of the Nelson
Mining Division known   as  the Ymir
| District,  with   sub-recording olHce at
! Ymir, vice Mr  A. li   Mink worth.
Y.MIK,   II.    0.
When yuu want to meet anybody in Ymir or get reliable
information about the camp go
to the Palace Hotel, and while
transacting your business get
a refreshing drink, a first-class
meal or a genuine smoke.
The Palace Hotel,
M. Tait and J. Ruddy Props
0 Diamond^
»'"» g«t all the news „f t|„. ,
"Diamond Hall"—Ryrie
Bros.—Toronto, is one of
the largest retail jewelry
stores in the world.
From lis magnificent Mm-lc of Ilia,
inonda, Jewelry, Silverware, Leather
Oooda, I'U'., you may *.-lert with
guaranteed %.,!isl...tî.>n el your
A request will bring' to your
door—free of cost—our
handsomely illustrated new
catalogue. Ready for delivery Nov. 15th.
The great magnitude of our
business permits of our selling at money-saving prices.
We reluri, ymir money in full witli-
iiiii quoatfon if on receipt of articjea
ertli'red yuu are not |iciTcctly kiitis-
I III, I.•(>, 122 ,in,f 124
Vunjl« .St,, Toronto
The   nirror
To your Frien ds v
And liel}) to
There is no more effective menus of
accomplishing this end
Wonderful    Growth   of   the   Hail   Order   Business   of   The   Robert
Company, Limited, Toronto.
Toronto ha» long been noted as the,
city of fine stores. With her miles nf
beautiful residential streets, her avenues of tress. s:>l2*nlld lalce front,
unequalled street cur service and her!
gteiit department stores, such as that
of the Robert Simpson Comoany, her
citizens no«sess advantages few other
cities can boast.
The firm, m Mr. Simpson's death,
In 1897, became a limited company,
and no modern phenomenon of the
buslneSB world, so fur as Toronto I*
conceit ed. has occasioned more remark than the growth of ihe business
of the Robert Simpson Company
Large though the building is and added to from time to time as It has lieen
The Robert .Simpson Company building stands in the most prominent position In .he city, via., the southwest
corner of Queen nnd Yoij3 Strer's.
where, situated In the vavy centre of
the city. It has long been one of tns
most familiar land-tnnrks of the town.
As a specimen of modern store architecture. It stands supreme In Canada.
It extends from Queen Street on the
north cleor through the block to Richmond Street on the south, with a long
series of magnificent front windows
on Queen, Tonge and Richmond
Streets. Counting the basement, the
store numbers seven selling floors,
each  of whloh  would  provide
Boom for a Regiments Drill
On these seven floors, In twenty'-
three distinct departments, praotlcally
everything needed Ul dally life, mov
be bought for the lowest economical
price for which a store can sell It.
Experienced enterprising "buyers
«re scouring the world nearly six
months of the year securing the most
suitable merchandise where It Is produced .best and oheapest. Quantity I:
no drawback. The bigger quantity
bought, the lower the price. If the
good« are right the Robert Simpson
Company cannot take too much of
them.      (
The buolness now known as the Robert Simpson Company Limited, was
established away back tn 187,1, by the
late Mr. Robert Simpson. An unequalled Judge of dress goods and silks, nls
store soon acquired a repirtatkn for
dress fabrics second to none in Canada, and that reputation has been one
of the store's most valued and most
carefully treasured assets ever since,
Soon Tonge Street rivalled King Street
In Its attraotlveness for the Indies of
Toronto, and when after the great fire
In IXnS. the new building was erected.
Tonge Street was indisputably mastir
(if the situation. To-day the tide (if
retail business flows fullest right -it
the corner of Queen and Tonge Streets,
•o less than four blocks,north of where
h sentercd ten years «go.
M wn i still t"0 Small until n few weeks
mi lo nccomtnodute the wealth of merchandise which comprises the Robert
.Simpson   t'ompi.i y's  "forward"   storli.
An Addition  Equal  to  One-
sixth of the luildinp;
has Just been arranged for, by utilizing Ihe great reserve slock loom 01:
the lop Hour and slifflliig the reserve
stink tn nn outside warehouse This
move gives room on llie first floor for
lh" display of the finest stock nf drcs«
gnoils and silks  11 Canada, and one nf
the finest on the continent. The Olunk
department, where rendy-to-wenr garments for women are sold now occupies the entire second hat of the
main building, a s--"- emfi 1, ,1 r,.||,
sized piovlnce of Out 11 In fl i!d. The
sample furniture show-room occupies
the next entire floor, carpets and curtails the next, whl'e on tin» fifth tlonr
above Ihe ground Is situated the largest and most popular resin lira nt In
Toronto with a ten-mile view over the
city In three directions, One entire
door of the Richmond Street U'Vg is
given over to Men's Clothing, and II
lias become the most popular place
In Toronto for men who do their own
Shopping, flnv"-,'• ''lothVir I" fa'"
ous, it being chosen from the cream of
the production of Ihe CiiiiaiMnii manufacturers In  competition.
On the  third   floor of  Ihe Rlchmmd
Street wing  Is  situated "
The Great Modern Mail Order
which has made Ihe name of Roberl
Simpson Company Limited, famous
throughout the Dominion. It Is safe
to say that every post-ofllce In Canada
has rinne and Is doing business with
this department. Through the Mall
Order System, families miles away
from any considerable centre of population, may utilize the facilities of this
great modern store with the greatest
of convenience and the most entire
satisfaction.   The system Is very sim
ple.    Twice   a   year   the   firm   send«   1
catalogue   to   every   ho'is,»hi,j,|   m   m,
jind   whose   name   and   uddress   they
have.   This catalogue contains .1  complete   revised   »ml   up-ln-date   :iv   .it
about   every   article   a   Cm ili.m   ov   ,
Canadian  household  wnnis or  lequlre*
m  everyday   lire.    Muh   Hem   i*   mini.
tiered,   tally  described  and   very  nfieu
Illustrated  so thai  the  leader receives
i'   trui' nml  He, li,, |rt>:,  „1   n,„  u, ,„N
referred to.   Lastly,  tl-e price is quoted plainly, and  11   Invariably  gives  ni"
inaiil   order  customer   tl.j   fall   advan-
lags of  the  1,1'j city  shn-s eciino'iii":il
method  of  h.idllng  business.    Se.u»,|
lomfortnbly   al   hume    ihe   mai!   m,le:
customer  in   Ihe   «heat   secilnn   nf  the
territories,   In   the   mountain   towns   ,ir
,Mie Rockies. In the thriving uni- <-■•
Niemann of New Ontario   and evm is
far-off   Dawson   In   ih"   Yu'mn.   ivhe—
' ever h» or she m iy he. so long as the
Canadian   Mall   service   reaches   non
; l'ieli-   nines,   Hint   customer   may   hnv
if;cm tie big Robert Simpson Store In
! 'I 01011I0
As Though Distance Did Not
When the order reaches the Mall
mder department or th" Robert Simpson Company it is at once entered as
i"i',.|veil. and handed lu n > of th"
(mined crop of practical buyers, who
•n ■ ' 'î,- ,!,,'i-i'.iin,.,fw whe-'e th? goods
inre rn sale and buy Jjst as   he ens um-
ei id i.eise f weieshe shopping  In
peieon uslnral! the Judgment an I BOO I
11  s e  m î, ■       '•    of hand'  "•  s       ,|
'of such orders every day. T OTO ill
are assembled In ihe mail umei .,,■•
'"irtment. checked over and  passe I   in
10 the parcellers, who che k then
again, wrap them, .• • it puss Uiem i,,
Hie shipper. The Dominion Bxine-'«
Cnmpnny  ami   the  Canadian   K■caress
''m.",.,|iv   ,'e'all   six   SPe'lal   w-nn»   In
handle ihe stote's express parce s wl'lt
ihe le.is posa.ll) e delay, while ih„
il'm's ovn delivery department Iio"hi>«
handle the package« shipped thront"1!
the post-office, with the sppe'1i
promptness   necessary   to   catch   tin
••"ry fi,"t  ii'.il,..- „'..  ',,.   ,,        ,,',.■„
fio'n whence Ih" o'dcr- we e re I -el
' "ine   Mm«   aun     n   in    i   ,'a ■   < ■ ,|., i
the fl m link n h'i "eh n' I > 1 ••>• oo«„i
ed   at    random   from   (id as   ic rived
and  bad  them  photographe,!  nu its  in
chow Ihe post-Inn lk of 'he n"'.,„- fin ■■
whence   Ihey   came.     The   nhn»n   wr"
ici'iKliiceil and pulillshed.    Se'i'nm, in,
i*e«d.  (vi-  «   ni" ' • 	
11 linn's wide usefulness h"en plncrd ' ••
fore   the   public,     v ,,.n    \ ,, .   ..
"aiifax.  roughly speaking,  th» »nil""
Dom'1 Ion nf Canada  was représente!
Ihe 1803  Fall  anJ  Winter
of the Robert Simpson Company «
now being mal'ed lo the firm's i'iï«m!»
as fast as 11 large staff can 1 II >««,
Ihe envelopes and dispatch the pane:«.
r  is a magasine of sun? 21) in-'s
replete with Infnrmatl"! as tn slyl'i
qualltlos, new Ideas and prices. The
look its'df Is ns attractively go',ti»u
up as any magazine, with half-lnip
culs, showing the magnificent depni't-
tn nls where the gonds nie so.u. Any
reader nf this paper may receive one
of thes? oatalOTUei f"e> 0:1 si ill i-
namp and address pl-iln'y ivrltleil ir
Ihe Roheit Simpson Company Llmlied.
Ton 1 Ho, ,
Moreover Ihe firm extend fn h-,'-
thc heartiest welrore to look through
Ihe store should they visit Toroil.o,
livery modern facility at the slore'"
command, such us wnltliig-nurna,
writing desks, lavatories, parcel check
office, etc., Is free'y at their eervlce,
while the largest and Ilncst stoak of
merchandise Ihe store ever gathered
tog'ther from the markets of the
wo'ld Is on sn'e nt a scale of prices
rn y possible to a business of such,


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