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 V(jju }ll N.y 40,
XubttÀéd to the Boycotting camp   of  British Columbia,
YMI», B. C, SATUltUAY, APRIL 8Q, 1904.
Piuck Five Okj,*s,
*-s ■ n ; ,JLim-"-rMiLWaUBe
Is Yojir Watch ^men?
,ca|i, English or
1 ßwUmt
Whatever the pjijvaroent if>,
when it gets out of order send
it to us. We can repair any
'In mages and return it as good
ns it was in the first place,
tiiiiylie better, Our wprlj: is
all guaranteed. Give us a
n-ial ; you are sure to be satisfied.
rianufaçturing   jJeweler*
and Opticians.
NkI,30N,     '     r B.C.
i i    n .m u i/.iii.'.iil..i i
TUOTICKIt hereby giyen that I »hall,
iy on Monday, the End day of May.
A.D., 1904; at the hew of eleven
o'clock In the forenoon, at Forester»*
Hall, Ymir, B. C, bold a Court Of Be
vision for tn» purpose of bearing and
determining ' any or all ' objection»
»gainst the retention of any name or
nrrnes od the Register of Voters ot the
above named district.
Dated at Ymir. B. C. the Ttb day
of March, »»04.
RegUtrar of Vote*.
Published ever» Satardajr »nd mail«) >o any
'•sldrasi, or delivered by carrlar in town.
|iibaerlBMp»a woor,.er annual, jayetil* In *d-
,'  ^dTariJijuR rates, IMP aar I?*" 9?l month.
J|g pabllc eutert»iqt»e»t lo »-blob »» admis-
•l.qa (at Is alitrged, will be »otioeJ In Ta» lin*
M» »»>»> advefflMd t» It* eoju«aue.
0«1» articlaa of Merit «III ba advertised in
Ihete oo|«ioiu. and the In-sinrsU »I leaden aril)
ba oaretnlly »ii»rd«d asalnit Irraaponslbl» n*r-
•«"Mj   .' • f
pt» »Jiaaoa oan be had taiiu |ll l-ed|ni
•ewadealan iu the district, qr nan be obtained
attest (rain thaofltoe.
(Joininoreial printing of «rerr desortotle»
d»|e ob the iifismUea at «»»dsrd price«,
0. SsjITH,    PUBLISH«».
.-. UJLIU»^
rno O. ED. C. Mahtim. H. W. F. Pöt>
» LOK. or any 'other nerton lei whom
they may have traoalo'rred their Interest»
iu the GOOdeuOugh Fraction mineral
claim, aitnaied on Wild Horte (.'reek
a trout four mile» from the town of Ymir,
and adjoining the Mugwump. Rockland
sou Lexington mineral claim» in toe
Nelton Mining Division of Wart Re».
ti-nay District, and recorded Iu the Re-
corder1» office for the Nelton Mining
Division, ''
Yon and each of yon are hereby notl.
lied tbat I have .expended thirty .four
dollars and twenty-five otnU (184.85)
in labor and improteraeiou upon th»
shove mineral claim in order to hold
sume antler the provision» of the Min
er»l Aot, and If within ninety day» from
Hie date of this notioe you fail or rrfeu»
t • contribute your portion of expenditure, together toil» »fl eoata of »dver-
i ising, >'our Interj-eM* In aald claim» «IH
heroine th« property of Hie »ubterlber,
tniil«r »eciiou 4 of »n aot entitled "An
Act to Amend th» Mineral Aot, WOO.*
,0. A, LOVKLI,.
Dated at Ymir, B. C, Ibkj 17th day
of February. 1«04.
i    ■ n ■» 'I     ,"f       'i'  »    i H"   »>»a»
Spokaae Falls &
«. ■ c
'Phe only all rail mote between
Pointa entt, weit and »nuth to IWaw«
html, Nelauii, Grand Fork» and Re-
puhlic. Buffet cats run between Spokane and -Nortli|«rt. '
Kflfectivo Junes U.U. 1»US,
6.15 p. in
7. Sup-m
4.U0 pm
« I» p.m
Leavev , Dally Tralu
MA a.m. : Spokanei
10 4(1 ».ui " Bosslaml
l>.:i.a.m '      Ymir
7,.0ani tsvlaon
UiWain; «rand Kork»
«.80 a.«        Republlo
lu oouueKtlou with
G        N '
Urkat    IIoib'imern
Ticket« to all PofntA.
rit. Paul, Duluth. Minneapoli», Chloago
àitd all point» East.
Healtlu.  Taeeinia, Victoria, Portland.
and all I'aeiqc Ousft point».
Through r»Uce and Tourhvt Hl*»p»ri.
Dinlug. »ud Buffet Smoking Library car
Q   FAST   TRAIN»   DAILY   0*
For rate», lok|ir» and full reformatio«
reg »riling trip», call on or »e'dreM an
agentvf tfc* ». F. &». Railway Or ,
H. A. JAÉKSO.S.       II. BRAND r.
II. r. ê V. A, Ü. F * Ti A.
a..',. mfigS»'
J2^HE wretched distinction of being
w the only town in Britith Colombia
where Boycotting ia-openly and »ya«
tematicaliy oafried on, is »boat the
only distinction which Ytm> enjoy* a»
preaeot, and the outlook ia anything
but encouraging tot an early improve»
Orsjrt in osuting condition«. Butine«
ia at a »taod-still-»and worat, 1er the
credit heretofore extended by whoh>
aalè house» it being cnrtailadj »nd not
without gopd reason. Tho stock»
carried are barely anflloient to keep
the »tore» open, und»r a pretence of
doiog a taade, but how long tin« pro«
teuce can be kept up ia • mystery, a»
ihe practice of tending »way for every»
tiding (when cash can »coomnany the
order) it bejooniing even more faaliion«
able thanever-«-«nd if Ymir i» any thing
it ù a fathionahl« burg in thia respect.
One' half-deoent genersl »tore woull
not be kept pusy supplying tlie wants
of tb.fi who)» community. Eren th»
-tudoon buwtmat—by long odd» (he
chief iuduitry of tho town-».is so far
below th» mark that »even out of th»
nine saloot.1 now operating can be jmr
chated, eolle-itfvely or individoallj, for
«menaong Thia i» » chance for «owe
unprincipled man with money to lot»
todiatUtav^biroaelf, The bargai» (J)
cm b» clinched M any time after May
24th, on which dut» » little harveat
from th» aohedultai producU of grap».
of rye, barley, Imf «nd «rtiflcial tub
atitut«» i» »Kp»ctt»i by local aetioou
own. Then Uiere »ouldbathe addis
tlonal advantage *4 invetting oo»'»
•Apitftl in. • b^eottiog community.
.»in ui »iii m i'
Jk aom» of th» »mw» rrawiit roapa
Ymir utdtogeihtw omitted/ Thagw
graph»*» are evidently on U» th»ir job,
' As agitation ia on foot to chang»
th» nam» of Ymir to that of BogMtown
but tit» Mélton people object. They
claim ttwt audi change might do an
injustice lo their thriving »uburb,
Acting Chief Constable Young paid
an otljoi»! visit to Ynur yesterday.
Pgtt office Inspector Grenßelel paid
hi» first official visit to Ymir on Mom
Paul Victor Loath, secretary»tretw
surer of the Active Qold Mining Co.,
hat left for his liouie ir. Cinoinatti,
Bavtwa) families are packing up
preparatory to leaving Ymir, the Boycotting atmotphere not proving poi>-
genial to morals or health.
Tho Fern mill, at B»ll Siding, ha»
started work for tho season. A great
body of ore has been taken out during
the winter, »nd this will beaun through
the mill »t once.
Mr», «T, P. Yroom,   wife of the fco!»
lactor of customs  at Waneta, has re«
turned  from a two   months' trip   to
•outhern California where »he was vi«
iting rW brother,
J, R, Cranston, of Rotsland, wa« in
town a few days ago,    He is working
a claim adjoining the  Fern, and  re
port» that  he ha*   » car of rich   ore
rawly forihipment,
A gam» of baseball between Ymir
ani Salmo on Sunday last, resulted
in favor of the first named team by a
More of 17 to Id, The return match
will be played in Ymir on Sunday
those responsible. Th« report will
fully »ubatantiate »II our charg»», «sad
Itence w» i*re aiixknu to giv» it full
publicity. Circumlocution may have
it» charm» f«ir »om», but nut for •»—'
under eii*Ung ciroumttuoea.
Ou \V«diMad»y laat Mattm, H»r>
•!iaw A Wilton reeumad work on t»»m>
ing th» ismoentrate» from th» Ymir
Mill, »uapMieied fur a few week» in
cona^ueM» of th» bad condition of
the road» and the impattable bridge,
owing to building operauoui.
Th» agent of unolher »how, with a
beauty contest as n feauture, was in
town thia week, but having summed
Up the position, came to the conclusion not to bring his aggregation of
taknt here, a» suckers with cash are
few nod fir between in Ymir just
Special preparations are being mode
for the Siilinn   contingent , expected
to visit Ymir tomorrow,  mid engage
i» baseball.     The grounds are being
cleared fur the game,  and practices
an being held thut local men may
Prov» the victors.
There waa a soap traveller in Ymir
lb» other day w)io tried to place an
order, arguing that cleanliness is next
to godliness. He left town ceuiviiioed
that there was no godlineM in Ymir,
Re wk« invited to give his experience
»t the church social on Tuesday but de
that a place may be found for him on
the futxe at the expiration of the month.
Therp was a special meeting of the
Liberal« of Ymir on Tuosday evening
last, the object being to announce to
tho Federal Government that in the
opinion of the local organization A.
C. O'Neill would make a first-clsss
postmaster for Ymir. A rumor had
been circulated during the day that
John McLeod, the present incumbent
of the office, hoe] resigned.
AeiAW we have to*porogix» for going
to lire»» without tit» auditor'« report on
tha JYuiir Hospital. W» made what
wa considered, aatlsfactory arrange
menu for « copy oi\ tU rt port, »ad th«
delay  .»anything lint creditaMtr t»l(,e/,heir camp, and they are dreading
.1.' .      ,^.u.m.II.U W.. - *     avili     ..      S"
11m Ymir war new» for th« week
la ou a par with the sensational information coining fmin the East. The
big bluffing enemy is still kept at luty
and wondering what the next move
will be. All they know it that there
»*e a few more telling bomb» to burst
Work lia» been aom»fflwt retereled
on the bridgsf building owing to th»
non arrival of heavy timber» ordered
haw» «it» Confit.   It is, however, pass«
«t»»»?aw sT-Wai-    ffa^*^^*^^*
the cen»ei|ueiio)s.
. Thrlioliday-makiiig public »re particularly cautioned to avoid Ymir on
May 24. Boycotting is enntagous
htse, and visitors will incur the risk
ot contracting the disease, which up
to th» preterit is confined to this town
A guilty community is shmutled ih
gloom, and under such conditions there
can be no genuine amusement.
Provincial Police Constable Forres«
t»r ha» been officially notified that his
■ervico» will be' dispensed with one
mouth fron date. Tili» is the result
of the recent investigation intou num
bar of serious charges pi eferred and
proven against 1'iarrestur. Under cer-
tuiti conditions, h'«wevor, it is possible
That horrible innovation in "religious" circles, known as "the experience
social," was eqacted in the Ymir Presbyterian church on Tuesday evening
lait, tho usual objeot boing to ruise
funds. Some of the experiences given
would .make »n ordinary Christian
blush. It was noticeable that none
of the lady enthusiasts had the sael ex
perience ot doing without a new spring
bonnet to swell the exchequer of the
Manager Barnhart, of the Ymir
Mine, reports the returntfor tho month
of March, 1904 by cable, as follows:
45 stamps ran 30 days and oruahod
3,300 ton» (2,000 lbs.) of ore'producing 870 ounces bullion. The estiiAat
ed realisable value (gross) of the pro -
duct i» 19,000. 370 tons concentrates «hipped, gross valuo estimated 17-
780. Cyanide plant treated 2,280
tons (3,000 lbs.) of tailings, producing
bullion having [eatimatoj) grots value
of $1,800, Sundry revenue, $700.
Total, 119,280. Working expenses
(18,400. Profit, «880. There has
been expended durieig the month on
development, $800.
The ordinary monthly meeting of
the Ymir Citizens' Association wa»
summoned for Tuesday evening last
and although the butines» wo» an«
nounued as "important," tho secretary
did not turn up with the minute book,
nor did the mem bees appear in sufficient force to form a epioruin. The
niukel«in-tlie-slut<agent«ieoretary evidently thought business interests would
be better served at »n experience social under church auspices, and wend«
ed his way thence. There was ne min«
ute book, no «ecrelary, no quorum,
and hence no "important" business
transacted. Interest, in the associa«
tion i« evidently lagging,
Tho saloon keeper« of Ymir are
making a desfierale effort to delude a
lot of vititora to this 'hoycitiug camp
tu celebrate un May 24th. Tno whias
key element is to run llie wholo show,
und that the plan mar appear the
mure complete, ihey have got the
license commissioners on one nf their
committees. Thia is beautiful, if the |
scheme will only work. All prizes
are to be elistribuleel in lite saloons iu
turn, and cash prir.es ure to bo lu ken
out in trails. If suckers will only
turn up in sufficient number*, some uf
the nine saloon men will be able lo
pay their next license.
was shockingly mangled, having a gusli
over th» eye from an axe stroke ami
a slash on the scalp several inches long
from a knife-blow; hi« buck is terribly
bruised. Both of the Japanese who
committed the murderous assault havo
lieen arrested. Saunders says that
during the tnejee, the Japanese fought
with the ferocity of wild beasts.
(From the Kçonomist.)
For the past three weeks or so, John
Houston has been at the coast making
arrangments, it is understood, for the
installation of a job printing plant,
Daring the absence of this gentleman
of the old school, the Tribune has been
under the supervision of an irresponsible individual named Peck MrSwuin,
It is suggested that McSwaiti is assist-
ed by William Blaketnore, whose vet«
satility as actor, orator nnd author
is to well known Whether the us«
sociation is creditable to Mr. Blake
more or discreditable to McSwain wo
know not. But we do know that the
Tribune of the past two or three week«
fully emphasizes the oft-repeated at,'
sertion of The Economist that the immigration laws of Canada need to bo
revised at once. Tho children' of
the slums of Europe have become a -
menace to tho well being of the Do«
minion. Without nny conception of
what is decent they becoiuo u charge
on the community, eitlior as street
lneiidicanls or inhabitants of the in-
.tilutioni maintained at public expense
for restricting the activity of the vicious
and degenerate. If we had proper immigration laws, strictly enforced, it is
unlikely that McSwain would ever bar»
been pot in it ted to land. It is an ui.«
fortunate policy which permits the
scum of Europe to enter our country
and by the aid of our common schools
freely opened to them, to acquire sufficient oducatiein to collaborate with
Mr. Blakemore in the editorship of the
Tribune. A ejiobo in private life is
disgusting, but comparatively innocuous, as editoi, even of the Tribune,
he is a public nuisance.
Sidney S. Saunders, well and favor*
ably known iu this district, is once
again um 1er the doctor's care. The
following ia from a Coast exchange
juit to hand: On Saturday afternoon
the foreman uf the Sidney sawmill discharged eight Japanese helpers because
buaiuets diil nut warrent keeping them
on. Two of the Japanese litter pick
ed a quarrel with th» foreman who
was accompanied by Sidney S. ÎSaun-
dots, insistant foieinan, and word» led
to blows. The Japanese flew at the
two whiteuien armed with a knife and
axo. Tho unarmed whiteuien
defended themselves as well as thoy
could, but received ghastly wound*
about the heuei and body.    Saunders
The old Duke of Cambridge received u magnificent funeral tho other day
—tho greatest funeral of an English
soldier since thut of Wellington. The
King and Queen wore there in the AL«
bey. The report goes on to say:
'Thereafter the body of the "old Duke,"
as he was affectionately known to tl a
public, was taken to Ketisal Ureen
Cemetery and buried beside that of
his morganatic wife. Among the
principal mourner» went Admiral and
Colonel Kiwgeorge, the lnte Duke's
sons." The King of Kngluud would do
a poplar thing if he »hoa/ed his respect
for the marriage velntion us viewed
by all hit subjects by repudiating one«
and for ever that disgraceful German
thing known as a morganatic marriage.
An Knglish woman ought to tie good
enough for the wifu of «ny English
prince The late duke's wife was a
worthy woman, and her sons uro re-
spec-ted iu tho highest circlets in E inland. What the King should do is
Ui eiinhlo the oldest son, simply us a
protest against a miserable (ieritiiiu
piece of snobbery. Tiie pretensions
of Oeriiian royalty to be above: earthly
law und custom—iu claim to a kind
of divinity that is sacrilegious, is doubly
sacrilegious when it involve« the. sanctity of marriage. There can't be twe>
kinds of marriage relation even for
pliures in E'iglniiil. —
Ferule was visited by a elieasti-oiis
tire yesterday morning, that pttctieally
wipsil out the iusinest section of the
town, involving a loM of I-'-00,000 id
H'iôO 000, with insurance.aggregating,
in llie neighborhood of ?2."i0,000.
4  .J..-I' rnHAV-


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