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The Ymir Herald 1905-10-14

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rjtf * **
1 ' i *\KHW^
Vol. 2—No. 21.
V.MIR. B. ('.. SATURDAY. OCT.. 7. i!io:,.
Price l-'ivt: ('i:\i-
1*•1. -i •<.'.:•« 1
Oliver Wethered, eliiiirinaii ot   the
LOCAL ITEMS   »«ndon&B. a (iiiidiieiiis, a,„i „ :ri|NiMn wpwq'
-    - .e..f..»....,.^%,:.   direetorotthe Ymir Gold iMines |.„|      V   1,^>^VJ   HCW5
Mis.   KneeliiniJ    is   away   at    the!
-pol.ane Fair.
arrived in Ymir un Thursday lasi to
go over the Ymir Mine. A San
Franeiseo engineer also   arrived   hist   ""'"' u'"k "" ll''' Olielialia group
Mr. John Dewar returned   from   a   Friday for the s«" - i   ■'•   Wild Horse creek.
11 ip east tin- Meek.
The  Perfect   Woman.        been gained' this season    would    have
to lie made pnlili,- through t>he   in; .-
The most symmetrical woman   and j r,,,. BUrvf>y dnintielH.    Tho   atrtj.iuir.il
Joe Sturgeon |1M resumed develop- I , " '"°* 1pe,'^',y (tov6.l°»M? '1nan   ,n «»rvey of th, ,, is still   far   .,-,,
*• tho wed have been   picked   by   the   being completed, but will have to   -,■
Wild tfor.se creek l'''>"'k'"1 1'"'""'" *"""" "f   ''l,ic,l«B'   carried over to  tl year,  u th ,,
i        ,     ,   „   ,   "' P"W . '"';l   "       ,. „ v Lhe Vyo,,mn is n Mta A' 'lVe,""'>'. »■»••  making cannot be carried  on   -l-„ .,'
,sp,oh,,,,le ,|,at,,p,-o,,-an,  o    .level-       Messrs. Tarr I   Norihridge  who shew ppear at   the   beauty   „ ■  t„e winter montl*    I.   is   expected
Jim O.lle 18 back from a trip   into opulent will be hud out for   the   en.   are operating the J'amurac   mine   on in   .Madison   Square   Garden     Newn    ...   i     -n . , -     ,
,,..,, ■        . ,        , i •   ',    - i    , ..tie work will tu- resumed in the ,,,-■••,-
the Similkameen country suing Winter. lease Intro now over 100- tuns of   high York, October 9ch.    Miss    Trenary's  spl.;n„      \    .po.t        t. •
Con. Wolfle is operating a mine   in       -The Beresford, puffcrm  and   .Mist  «m,Je '"'" *orlv,i       ,'"1'   shipment, measurement*   follow;      Nock.     13 Lork) embodying.such resells T'-i
Idaho with n big crew of men. j Fraction   claims   whirl,   adjoin   t|le   l,,p3' '''>« constructed u   first   class inches; chest, normal, 10; chest,   con-  ,.eu,jy fol. pUbireutiort will   he   issii.„|
i Ymir mine    advertised   by   the  n" lli'1" u'ilil ,V""' ""' ",in''   «"   ""' facte.), 3o 3 S;  chest, expanded,   H  during the winter
Ulficial   lieeeiu-r  of  the  old   Hritish \Ymlr W"«°" rmtl 1 2; bust, 11; waist, 27;   right   thigh,       It is understood that  tho   goologi-
America Corporation to  be   sold   by      The first clean up from the Arizona 24 ^ *> '"P' 41>  '''gli'  kl"''''   l:'   1,4l'cal structure of'hi« camp   has   biwn
The government is now   doing   re- ' tender,   The sale takes place in I.ons  ore, has proved very disappointing to loft cttlf> u s'*i right linkle>   *   1^1 found to bo   of   extraordinary   cm.
pair   work-   on   the   Wilcox   wagon [don, and besides these claims in   this   the leesoer,    A   brick    weighing   80 "Si,fc lji"ep«, in cepofjo,   II; right el- plexity.    From   comparatively   early
"i;l'1- ' imtnediaie neighborhood,   there   are  ounces and about 12 tons of   eonceh- bow' ,0 '""i |,,8l,t forearm, in repose, geological times lo   a   petiod   -.!e.-:,
The Editor of the Herald is in   re-  tlll(*otliei'lols comprising claims   in Urates were prutlueed fioni   217   tons ni"4i wrist, 0 l-2j height, 5 feet  Dj recent this  has   been   the   see,.,.  „(
i-eipt of an enquiry,  from   Winnipeg, |tlie Hossland district. of ore crushed.    As thu   assays   ob- weiSl,,;' 10° pounds,     These   dimoti-  hcav^' volcnntu acLivitv.   one   mo'tcn
tained from tho ore nearly   all    went '"'""" ttiH L,,mblu ""' lll'-ica "'' Ylllil't0  rock alter another being ex tended   „t
Ten return tickets were issued from
Ymir to Spokane on .Monday last,
for lands in this district  .suitable   for      The train over thu   Mpukniin  Fall-  l:
ti :ut raisin"
and Northern to Spokane  last   Mum
from Nl-.' to .-'17 the lessees were   an-    M'"1 ",U l,ow '"''"' ll"'.' i'l'f'i'"'U-li    ll
Mr. and Mrs .1. A Friiser return
lav was a record breake
lie  part
■ ticipalii.g i, far better return.
ideal  form,
10 intruded until an intricate oiltworli
of rock has been produeed. Further
complexity bos   been   introduced*   by
ei from their honeymoon,  last   Suns   from Nelson brought 130  nns»engers.       In explanation of the   cable   from
tiny, and have taken   up   their   resi* 0ver 135 Mmo f,om ll.'u G>«nd Forka   tho manager of the Ymir mine which  C.   P.  R.  Will    Cut    Run- j the wholesale Picturing and  faulting
deuce in tlm Atkinson house. | branch and about   the  same  number | was published in our last   issue,   the] ning   Time.
branch and about   the  same  number   was published in our lust   issue,   the
| ft'   Husslaiid,    These   all   met   at   Ixmdon olflcc has appended   the   fob
rlends behind.
it the cooled rocks by tnovemonls ou-
iasloiiB.1 hv   the    \ Ulcanisifl    and   by
Cyrus St Amanda, who  has   heetl j Uar^'w^ ^^ ^""J^ : Mwing'nme;   '""This" important  'ore tl.to Til,. KooteliaVH  "","i" bUildi"S ("r™-    W,,i,i  "l!
,, charge of the Hunter V   trail,   for , ,(|,     „v „,,, t{m ||u,   (|.im|    ^^   „,.„ ^ of „„ ^ |h ^ .( ^ ^ _ '    ' «.(..-, makes i, „   very   favorable   I	
, me months   departed   tins   Motion  Spokiulo jt w ovm.   ?00 „  »t,-uca 2(10 feet east frnni   the   ,l„lfl        Tho rullning lime between    Nelson   «"'• tot the fonnatiolt of  ore   bodies,
si week. aves many   ,.i,, y,„g | ^^ '       a00 fcet I'elo* tho dl v,„-y   (0   fBBt and nil other Kootenay   , *,   and  it "'akns a tough- knot to untie
of §20 ore) in level No. o,   which   is   Vancouver our the C. T*. ll. will   he;     After lhe  volcanic   ii,es   a   groat
.Mr. 11. It Atwiiter Jr. or   Helena I .   * '''    ''"l*'' f   1{">'h'"'   hu*Un"'   ., 1() fce|. w'   , ■,,,„„ (||„ ^   (      ,,'   ' cut by exactly twelve hours when the-l -1"1'"'1' l'1""1 ll"' "'"'I' swept over li,
1       " '   '"    "   ' !    atingcost, unt.o   about   JC  per ",ntar " •**"-«««'»*«'  ""•'"'  on  country in this district,    ,-,„,   ,
,ent output,   exclusive or aboUt November   I.     At  preseul   l"11  loftiest peaks,   melt   its   old
„ „„„. .„, ... s   ,  Sl    , ,     "'.|i„!nt, but this figure can be "•« running time between Nelson and 0>°ry   and  H „d   mouiiUiins-    ,„,,l
XIri^^Jli^T^^n^Mr^u^  htrget   „„,- V« ««r is 3D hours.     I.   wilt   be -raping „,l,  bare.      Foil.,,,,
i^t..!^ reduced to 27 hou™ Uhtler   the    ' the glacial period   a   large   body   of
sebedu'e, which is now in progress   of water occupied the valleys,   sni„ ,.-.
Montana, who in ID03 was   manager  w|t|| |(1|) j.^, y.^ ^ ^  Ymj(   ,„!„, cos, a u
,,f the Ylhll' mine, is how at   t)M*», I ^ •„ ,|i(, .      bf   (.„r|s„|tm„ ; ton on the pies,
Arizona, examining the Oahtmet and j „,,„, ,„  , X1    u  , v , f ,,f developmt'nt,
Arizona Cos property tiiel'e,
David K. Ordbe has been  appoint- j Mihes, Ltd., have formed ii   bUsinessI '
id vice-president of the. Alk   Mining : paltliMshlp its mining engineers, with	
and Milling Co.) wlliilll   Is   Operating headquarters in London,    .Mr  Hoops   ♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦#♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦       ■m-,! I"!',
under the iflahngeillBIlt tlf.). j.  Ilildd j er was to leave London ml    lhe   ihlili   i *
it the heatl'of Clelirwitter creulc. inst, oil ll professional visit to   West
Ymir has again Won the prize   this j H'" Australia,
year for the best eistribit of  free-mills j     Lust week's   II.    C.   (l-i/."t"   I'nn-
iitg gold oMi lit the  Mpokhne   exhibi-1 tained notice of tho   appointment   of jXS|JIIUU ItM.'icMli'S   Hint
lion.    The Hunter V. mine also wins  Percy d, Gleaner   to   the  position  of  J ......
, ecohUr-WzB for the best   exhibit   registrar   of   voters   for   the   Ymir ♦•V,"U' «»'^CllJ)tloh IH  lit    til-
■t' silver ore ElCutol'al District, vii'o T. H.   Atkin-  Ireal'ailll \VC Wolllll  lie "llld
John   Houston   telegraphe.1   front   »"" resigned,   A court, of levisiur. to i
iioldlields. Nevilda,   to   the   Nelson   be held ia the "Forester'))   Hall'   on|$tollei
iribune, that Harry   "arsliuw   (late | l>0i  ltl'' Wn»  ftlso   a-lvbrtised   oVer
ing them to at least the height ,,f p ,
A crosH luat'kuil   in   tni.s
advent of thtj new tiflfo town of Rowland, and leaving .-.
ii)l the route of tiuvol heiween Van- - wealth of sotted debris oeer a coiim.!-
; eoUVer and Nelson will be radically stable portion of the rocks, Tlift
altered To-lay in order to get to widespread mantlo of drift has been a
Nelson iron, \'in, 'Oliver, ,,r from 8ieat handicap ui.prospectinjpM well
Vancouver to Nul.-m, ll'itvclers pro- "* to the geological work in the ,iis<
i- I via Arrow   Lakes   and    llobsoili   Ul''''
Aftct Novetnbei 1st li,ibsoii  will   be     The impression prevails   that    '
sidetracked altogether, and the  route , Brock Is satisfied ilia, there are s,,...
in an.I out, of   Nelson   will   be   via  Propel ties at fresoitl   idle   un   «hi.
' N.-ikttsp, Uosebery and Slocan City.    ■ w"ork should bu dune, and that it' ih,,
Leaving Nelson, the C. I'. II   route "re to be worked, the   present   time,
if Ymir) and Tom foM'ns  hm,-  ju-t   Mr. G leaser's hame but   so   fur   that j| Wwll to IlllVC it  COUtillllCil.   ;;  will   run   to   Hloean   Junction   and  w,ie" M'e big mines and  smeltnr   are
broUgllt ill a burro load of  ore   that KwUtaUin lias received no otlleial no- ^»»»»^»^>>»»»»t»»»W»»^ thonce to Wocaii City  by   rail.      A.  operatil.g ol. a largtl scale,   oflers
will ..„ nOO.ounces iii silver, from  the licu of   llN   nppointinBht.     As  the   Slocan city bdau will bo operated   to  'avofable un opportunity as is   like',
-outh Toll district, j Forester's Hall was   I,,,,-,,,   dowl.   il , ColutnblU   lend   ' "'"^"^'" ,h" 'J of .Slocan Lake   l«°ccur.
yearliffolijs.lilllcultiesi.ro still   fUl-     Br,llsn ^OlUITlDia   l.eatl   IThuiice tlthro   will   be   another   mil
iir   from   \"il   il   voil
A triumph of surgery has just b
With regiii-l to the permanence   ■ t'
I ther inci-easedi Production. ride in   Nakusp   'in   tlib    Columbia  '' "-• bodie. in depth It   i-   under.
iinnonnced   from   Philadelphia.       A    ' Itiv.r.    l-,-,„„ N.tkttsp boat, will  run '^'"".•' thai he  i aiders   the   present
man hss.lit+d fol several hours *h!l- ^ hnblly revised figures of lead   pro-   to Arrowhead and  thence   over   the indications to be lather favorable.
his beau was   removed   fol   repairs, j    Sin.* ib discovery   thti   Klondike j duc£|on  fol,   t|„,   lis.-al  year  .'inline' „0,.,, r„,a„ ,i;l |(l.v„Nl„,t„   ,„   v.„,       Asked what   hatl   btJUii   the thief
tliat is nfltllillg for the Stlitds   where  h'» contributed more than f ISt',000,-  Jutle ,1o last hai iw been   publish-   ,„„,,,.    T, „„.,,,„„. win |„.   ,•,,.  handicap to the  develop ,„   „f  ,|„
Nib dead rise regularly to   casl   their 0d0 to the world's tjt.ld supply, ,.,,.    The following are the figures:       lowed from VallCoUvBr Into Xtilson,      camp, bo replied!    "The mime,  wast
votes at olel'tioh tiiilei Sir William   llalbsay   Males   thai founds Ibati    Bounty Narrows Dehtyoil lluata, -'•''•"
The llibli't Trantway Co., III. been   nut liioib titan one'teiith of an ounce ^el*o" Niheltfr  10,421,071 8110,709 j     |„ ,„,),.,. „, ,... f.,.-.- Its running timl       Tl >mpie*lly of tl amp  makes
i>iigaeed foNeveval   weeks   in   con-   of latlibin in known to be in exlstance Trails Iter     i:i. I |i',,''-V,     00,081   botweeli Vancouver and SelsOn,   the il necessary to have the mining   .lone
net ing att aerial Ifiullwny front   the I anil that the amount of radium   salts
C. P. It. was forced   to   aboliah   the lll"ler lll° dilcction of thel.<esi   tech
Conrad group of mineral   claims,   on colliuiolily referred to   as   radium   is   Including clainls |Wltl at the   Starys-   tri|» up tlm Arh.W l*ltta.    While   on nieal ^leni, dud at no time   is   SUch
bittlo WindV arm, Yukon   Territory,  Vcl-V small, ville smelter, the totnls for lead   pio- -,,„. ,,,„ fl,„„  \'nncoU,.ot,   ,,,   y0|gon j uianagument more nttcossary than   ■„
the lahe, for the conveyance of Ore
..             .    ,                  i„t ,|l"'ni '""l   ^""'ll"1   "'   ''"i1-"1" ire  the navigatijii of the   Arrow    Lake,  the initial stages in  th"  development
.Meri-.irv    lossl's    lire    silltl    to    lie        .„.. .    .         ,,    .,.•     i, , i „,, i >,.,,.,                                                                                    '
Hid sappllrta.   Thestntlu y buble ia h(Jt,)eSt ,-„ Uloni. i1(i(,B   ,,..,,,,,1,,,   „,.      '',7—        , !"' "      "° ,l,lHcu,t,d'' il is !,MI j" of a property    Thd salary of sUel. «,„
Stated to be 10 3H0 feet In length,        Ridtt milu^amatiOt..    these I «   oc W,   "  ' "     "7;^ - .,  ,,  t   u      '''" """"''"" '    V"'""-   '"   ll'° 0,nci'11 h 1uickb' »a*l by the avoid.
,     .       ,    ,              ,    ,„   •.                    ,         „        ,         a          ,        i         lhea.„o.nit.it l"a'l,e.»p,„.i„! was iCOMt w ,.U|| w t)|e ,ftkM f ,{(ib  i                 '        •
During tho last month I'Wi    tonsjcUr dtiu to lloilrod murcUry ami ilmah -. | <. V -''. • - -   notlnds,   .In   winch   the     .... ,     . , ....   ....... I ano° otdeaij   work,     In   the
Hi ore »el-t! shipped flom the   Arling- IgUlll wlllfcli Hows "".ay In tlie   tailings   |)(il|„|V   ai.| W|w c, ,..,;>, - _-,-_
on lo Arrowhead ditrina   tllo   hiaht
mi U Fait', tit lhe   Hail     MillBS   atld i'on»."!lll'iitt'i
without having to loso   many   hours
,  history of il
8 eatilpi and especial I) h)
The ptiich.t'i- p!i, '■ ol   Alaska  was f,„|,, j- 0S,70J,o31   pounds   of   lead I im,
'he grand total for the year, there.  ,i„„, „, ,|„, \*tt,.|'0>vs, just below   Na-  ,noni' •"' 'he sinallor companies, which
Smelter,    lhe net retuHis after   do-      n» pUWiKW pHWJ ol   AlasKa *mium, is 00,70;J,034   , mis   ,,t   ieadiku,p     U0at, leaving   Robs aily Icould least afford it, a large   ,     ,
luction oHreight and treatment rate $f(!j6o,0o0, nlld It hm. I.ee nated prodUcU.I and   f :i:n;.-i,:ir   paid   „, ,,, „ ,„ing always have to lie   upofnb tely u,eles, t I- „,    i
' unledtb$6l20.1S  or   ovfr   $i< t|mt the nnltmy svliich fra funq  Rshdr.  bounty, .„ ,|,„  Narrows   -ill   daylight   next '
• ", ton net.   The expbitsos  i'lidmling ,c„iii!i(| ll)im,, |iiiu. 1..ll|r,„„|   .,,   ,,„.      -pn,, leadine pr.id'i.-i-s and  taHiers rnorriing.    It is becauso of thu   Na,- I
levelopmcnt   for   the   tiioutll    »'''l','|,,„1,|,-.,)r tl,,. fniit-d States si,r e   its J,,f t|tb lead bounty wele, in  order Of I rows and lhe delay involved ill   pass-j     F'^ Bn'jracle Signals.
•' 188.23*. purchasB is in osedss  tlf   ten   billion   prudUolion, as follows     Ni,   Bugelie,  ing thl-bugli them that Hobson   is   to
The Ymir Dramatic Club is   bfeiiig dollnl'S
..    . ' .i.i r.. .  .        n
the Bldoan), Puraillse (X, E, KodtoH-  n,ai'nii   Steady ringing   means, fire
ay), 8il«ei Cup (UrdeaU)i Bnterpriso, ' 0,,° «t',oke (pause) two strokes (pausi
Lucky dim, Silver hustler   (.Sldcan),     Survey    Work    in    the    three strokes, means a call for Imlp t,
■ organized, and will  eke Its   lirst
performance' oil ti<- abotlt the   llth   of
•"> oember.    The piece which is   call-
"A Family Affail" will he render
•" in aid of the public   sbiiool    funds,
NojU. «tar (both In Kast  Koofonay)   i„. cut „„ ,,„. ,„„,,.  „,   |eft„  du(.ihj    ^'o chief Jleftinis has pi'epared the
Slocan St.-,,, tvanlioc, I'uyne   („!l  in ' ,]„. u-il!t,,. „„„„!,,. | ""owing signals for handling the lirt
hotei Arrivfll*
.M.-IAmi HutIji.!-
,,   ,   ,   ,     ,     ,,., • .leiison, Brie
»,itch are 't    tltj behind,     the  press ,   .
        , F Him -k, brie;
nl me,nbt'isup cobsrsts ol the Misses .      .     .    ,, .
1 .(ill  ll'iriihanll, 1	
lurk and Keefe, .Mis. T  H   llother-    ^ (, ^{mU< |,;n,,.
'"Oi,, and .Messrs. Molnlils, McKenilti  jje|,t Winn, Sahno;
'"■ d Suunilci-s,   If the performance ia il A Mbntgomery, Selsoil.
u.cessfulahd well patltihlsMi   II   IS     Comloi'oi.rrA.i Holi'.i.:-
'-insiooil that the   eltib   .ill   gIVo J?I8!1t;o1H'gl1 .^^"IrL.^i-,,,!
: : |Jd Iboeklev, sani raimisco
'"''i pi'i-foimanceK illiring the winter   „ iirillj  f.y^
'i aid of tlm hospital and wther   good ; (.• |j|.0wit, I'l'ie;
' m-es. , A Alldbl-SOll, N"rth|''''':
Vmir , imir)i and Triuim (Lardeau))
handle the   hoso   whlttl
' reeling it up after use,
trying   i,,,'
II. \V. Brock,   in   charge   ol   the
After being statlohelv for   aovcral "trnctul-ul geologicftl   survey   ,.f   the ""'
Jays tllb price of lead udVabeed   two  Kosslarltt ca.npi has loft fol-the  Kast,| '-'H''!(r|| KOTICri
p,HnUV «da.y I is now *N IBs,  1"","r '","i,,« '"   ,overul   IB0"l,rt   j" ,,|,,!"" "'"!,v  ''"";"1    ««nda«
furtheianr-oof the *obt in Which   he School mid   Uible   i ''n-s    |,,
rf It gains 12 points inolw lho bounty, is ongnjfbd, says the llossland   Miner, v     . ■■.-■u'    '■
will bC Wiped out.    Tle! priei' ,.i  „ll. j Messrs. Jloyd and Yoling will remain    ' ',"""" ~"1'1""' ' •'        koun^ Pej
. , .    hero fol'some tune   lohgef      Ask-.'d l,lel "olnety meets on I'riday  eV..,;.„^
ver agitin iulvance.1 ',,       lsjnboui tlto simbndr'* Work, Mr,   Bh>uk j »t« o'tilook.    All ,.,-„ ,v-| ,„',,.    ,,.,'
.iiit.'il  lb.,   what   inforuiatiou   harl W, (i,  V   •   PastcM
I'll tt*   Kl   itS  lee,,1,1    plieel,
: i
■> ■
i'lil.lii-lii-l uyorv  Si.iiiriliiy i.ml intltliid   lo any
,i,!,ln-.s.,,.- ,l,.|iv,-i-,-,l by qirrinr In tojvn
■S'll.-.'ri|,l!el,s.:.'.'.JlM,,.r      ;,,,,,,„„,      |   .,;.,,,!..; .,    ,„       CliR C^ l ^ \Q tl Of R^.S(3fV9/
r/i.-tsi District,
A'lv-rli-iiie r  '"-. II 60  |„-r  on',.   |i..j> hi,.ml.
Tin   llmui.n can  l,o bad   fr,,in   ill  kiiilne.,
,H--' -l.-il-.r- in lie' ilisl;-; .[.. r ,'„. n    ',■■    ,, ,1.1 ii..,1
..li:-,-. Irora ilia olHc -.
Coram,Tml   priming   - '   ,;vefy     I,   'ii|,'..,i,
,-l"l ll tt,,-;,r--i,n-,-s ,ii .-.-in l.o-l ::,,-,--.
ii. ki:.)i.-n's, y.vxAiiKii,
4*iSA) IN',.
!■:. \V. W'hldowsoii,
IHIt-lfiKUAfJH   AI,to   IN." lux.  I..
I'l l"\   ,1. (lleazer.
in I. in-.:;.
John I'ltilhorl
Oil)    /..nil'-     INJI   .',!■. X -|'<   I f  II.Mt I li -s •
ll. ,.':i;il|il,e|'.
11,-sliii.iiy Jobbing Co.
,0111 ,,-.
Tun Cuia la Drug and li ,ok C.i.
, I 11N11.'i.i:   Iikaj.i.i;
VVi'liuui Clink.
'.II'.'.'   I'.llll-.s.
j). Campbell.
N.vi,- ■ i- ueri'liy  nr -ii ilr.i    n *, i ,., ,  ,,
le-.-i i  nlileli  «.,■  |-,■:,!,.'.■ I   in   tli„  l,    i-
■   ..-".. ii,I ;.,'■ I '.''li Annus,   iwi,  ■-.,., i-in-j „
I,- I'   .1   l.,l|.|   Ati-llilinu    h n't     i   ilisl in™    .;   .-. |,
-    mi in ■■ , -..!.-■ i il,,- -:.,.,:.. |(i,   ■■  |„,.,,....
Kiijlhis- i:.oiv"i "','i lljzi'lu i   i- e:o.,-■ Ii-i.
N iilei i- -,'.,   . e en  iIimI  llinl  ,,i,riti ii - :  -.',.-
ii ii, ■-.., i, i . on. ■■ -'i"i i-ii. ii'i; i .-.I,-:.   -  ,- |.i,.'i-!,i   ,,,
»'■-■" ««...—:.s-.    ;:;:;,,:-..::,,;;:;;:;.;::;r.V;;;!;rv;;:;::'
  - ] Hie ;il',lllll ,,1 1m,.nil  lln-l-  :, t. - • hi:-1 ,|    l.'uil),
'   ||sr,'s,'i,l,|.,l ii, -„I-,r:,.i ,-,.,» I,'.,,„l    I.Vlll'J    In 11"; ill !.:,,>'  JolliiiijK C,„
l.Vi'l'I,  ll, ,- hit-ilr,- t\-,i,\,,,   :,n-|   „    M   il,     III    II;i, "
Killllllt Villi,,,)-. Uklulil Leu mil,     III l|     ,,.,!-, I,,.,.|;. | '"   ''- 'l
.   -     ,,.:.-. ■; i.-l    ll- ,111 ||||, ill.,,-', „|  KHllJlK    Ul.' I'.    1,1' I :        'i"S|-.lO|,l.lit:lll—Jllllll lli'ei.i
I llilll .  I"',' I, lilll'l- Ill.'fi'lill ivill -,-■  ,    ,||    In    -nl,-
SATURDAY, OCT, W JOOO.      | >.,-.• .i.iini.ii mei ,,:i„-r ,ii-i.,,.e,.,,i „, , .,,„
| prill i-i.-iis ,,| ihn    l,;o,,l   .,,-,.   . i   -,mi :,:i,-i-  II,.-
■Illlll (KI)U    •'-,>   "I   I"'-' ml"-l-   II ■*.:      I'l'"' i'1-l
l.nl ll,i' rutin ol io,',i "I  iiny i-ijilmi}   -hull  i,oi
hi ii„:„.|,-,i iii any land, -,, , ,e- I.
Ilejllljy (.'iillllillssiiilHT ul   Llllld.    anil    Hull.-.
I :, lei.-mi,I Wi ,1.- |I.|,:ii-Oi:,-iii.
VI'Moi'la. I). C , :;.-i Auinisi   III)'..
John    Ilouston     his     apparently
shaken lhe   du-t   of   the   Kootenays
from his feet   fcr.-ever.      This   man,
-easily the most wide-known   man   in
eastern I lii ti-.li Columbia ''a   nieinbei
ul pailiaiuciit, mayor of   a   city   and
promoter of dl')0,000 enterprise"   law j
chosen to east oil all these ollites and 1
to once  more   take   to   his .original
trade, flint   of   a   compositor.      J.'el
mites    from       Ooldfield's,       Nevada, I
..where he is   working   as   a   printer,    Uigllt of Way for   l.faij W-UVS,
that he will not return to Kelson, but ] ''''■'•
assigns no reason.
If any reason can be  found   at  all  ,,„
::,iTI('i: '- licri'l.y urjveii llinl nil Crown
■I- nlons il,,- l,.',,i. I li.:,-s of ..... ratlwo)',
t,-i- ,,i- triMnwny ,',,ui],-,,iy. iiiuurporiiti-d , inli-r
to explain his action, it muse   be   in ""1,,!'rlt»' ot ')';• i-.-i-isi,,,.,,.. „r mi- e,,,i„
"...I l...v|li"ii .yidih nf l|Iiy  (50)   I'.-i  on  it
di ,0 -niil linos, in-'- pi's i-rvi'il for riitlil  ,-l ivny
urpo.-es Tor ■.,,,-tt   niihvjiy, poivcr or Iran,win
li. rim Coiiiinissioiicr, i i,:,:i,|s ,,.   \\   i,,.
the inherent pride of lhe man He
once stated that if he "ere defeated
in his handling of   the   Cue   brigade
episode, that is, if Sam Coulter   ever   '•:""'"'""1;» '•'i-  " ■ '
1 \ i rln. II. i .. Ilr.l Oct. i"'i-. !'.«)
acted again as driver of the fire team
that he himself would never act us
it.;,\< r, Whether that is the reason or
not, the fact remains that he is gone,
and Nelson has lost its most promi-
iii ill and active citiz in.
John 1 lousi ,u   certainly   had   his
The Great Northern Unilway Imu
issued an Atlas of oil pages containing up-to-date maps of town, Wis.
cousin, Minnesota, .Ninth and South
Dakota, .Montana, Idaho, Washington
British Columbia, Oregon, Kansas,
faults,    Everyone knew thai   becuuse   Missouri, Nebraska,   Wyoming,   Col
lie delighted    lo   make   them   public
and fi.,-lv   .»in,1    them.       Hut   the
An  Atlas For $1.00,
orado,      Alaska,      Hawaii,     Japan,
Philippine Islands, Ohinii, the 1 luited
States and of I lie World,
lion himself with all his   faults   audi     0i addition to lips, tho Atlas   con
tains valuable statistical information
relative to the stales named abo\n, it
printed on ilie very   best    quality  of
idiosyncrasies was a (nan   to    bo   admired,    lie was a large-hearted man
,,      ,   ,      , i paper, shows the lilies ol   tho   On al
mi, tlioiii.li he always scorned to  en-   .-     ,        ,,  ., ,   .     .
I .Niiitlii-rii Hallway, alio   is   m   every
deavour   lo ingratiate   himself   with  way a commendable work,
the public, his large-heartedi.ess     en       This Atlas will be   distributed   at
■ the in tual cost, ot production and   « ill
denied him to those who we it   a' be sent to any addtess   upon   receips
friendly footing with him,  an*1   gavo  of $1.00.    Address, I'.   I     Wliituev,
,...,, , ,        , . ,    I'ltssenger   TralHc   Mamiger,     Ureal
him I lilt  mid mi     lie    lieolile    u- in: i    v     ,, .,   ..        , ,,     ,    ...
1     ' .Nortlie. n Kail way, M   laid, Minn.
iiiade him so in.'iiiy t inns , idol ions in     ■
legislative  and   municipal    elections.
He had a personal   magnetism   about
him which ho used   politically.      He I     GEO.  CROWE, Proprietor.
wus an astute political!,  bill   a   very  Come in and sen tlm bargains in  eon-
Undiplomatic one.    His typical west-   fectionon for the next few days,     A
un I'leo'dn, ss allowed nothing of the   hue going at almost cost,    All    fancy
,i ,- ii.,       ,i    i, a  boxes strictly   at   cost.      These   ate
sinootliin-ss i.i    a   diplomat,   alio    lie
,,,.,, eas|i bargains so be  sure   and   brine
..li 'ii defeated his end-, lo In- liliiut- ,      ,     ,
| your poekcl book .
lies • of speeel.,   and   uncompromising
niiitude, Hi- lui linens eneigy and
gri al exei 'iiise ability made him fai
Mini tiw,r lho most gu ahead mayor
Nelson evei had. and hi- tenure of
oiliee wus al« ,\ -, m.ii ke.1 by more
progress in en ic all drs than dui ing
il.e lenute of other incumbents
Willi longue and pell he si as alike
i ii lie, plain spoken,   and direcj      A
spade was n sp ide, or m iybo a .1	
hpade with him, and neter a horticultural implement. Ho spoke his
tl utijjhl right out, and nev, r troubled
I., hide his opinion of u tan, In
fact he lived tint ty ur forty yours too
late, In the curly days i f llu greul
west, John Houston's ruggednoss
«',,nld have been an additional
strength to n line character, and he
would havo gone fur, as he would
lillVO .eriiiiiiK U"iie far ill our ow ll
day, were it liol his lack of iidapli-
.Mi-I.eoil House— '••|)il»v ilel.eoi.
Miller (louse—«  Miller.
1'iiiaec—Tail & JM.hl.i.
\'iiii.-iiui i-i — Utven Ho' er.
Wnl.loif—t;, utee Colmiin,
Vmir— .1. W. Aiastersoii.
V. s. T. l'.o-s.
I   \   I Ji-.-s     ICIOMSIIIM.     AM,     .IH.I.INKII
Mrs, John McU'oil-
;iim.v,   in., oi.io.i;
Percy J.  Gleaner.
Herald Publishing Co.
.-•I.IIIONJ--.II) .
I). Campbell.
Hursluiw .V; t\ ilson.
Jackson & l.ealiy.
Alex. Otldie.
Ton u'nii-1
Miles Melon's.
I Ni'hliTAHKI.-.
William Clark.
Y.MII! LODGE No.,11 A, F. ,v A.
M .Meets first Friday in eaeh
month, N'isiiine brothers welcomed.
John McVicaii, \V. M.
PlSHCV J. ClUazhh, Secretary.
YAIIII LODGE No. ,')2 K. of P.
Mi ets lirst and third Monday in
each month. Visiting brotheis
Ctt u;i.K.s Aiiniiiuui, C. C.
John ll I'nwAK, K. II. & S,
N'.Mili lll\'i-:, I..MUMS OF THE
MACCABEES.       Meets    second
Dili! fourth Tuesday in each month.
I. M.l.i-'.oo, I.. C
Ij. Bu'ctcwoiiTit, 1!   K.
The Kind You Would Like
c.\sTp> GOOD,     f*> COODi
0l»j Settlers Maple   Syrup.
Pure in 14, 1-2 and j gallon Tins.
Sold by
|). CAMPBELL,    -    -     YMIR.
Mining Agent      -      Stocks and Shares
_..__Ac;i.NT   FOR—
Mutual I.ill' iiisiinuicc Company of New York.
Canadian Cn.sulaty—Uoilcr [nsumnce Co.
London .Mtiiim! Five Insurance Company.
Ottawa Fire Jnsunincc Company.
V.MIR, B.   !
I ho], ii, and se,, our ■ splendid   as-
sorttnenc of reading mailer.
Try our liooli exchango.
Save duel,ir hills by lolling ii- pre.
si i ibe I'or youi colds.
A full li ,t drugs ami stationery
always in stock
^*m>   *^.
22J. Z~    hti
•Hi* S* s
7r   ^ k:
«~. -:
y .7 9
—».     -*•      >*2
•*"      •—*.   """
r+ >.   C
0'        '<
' £ H
i r-:. w. widdowson
ClIKUIsl    ash    Ahsavhii.
'' .iic Muyer N,-ls„n Sniellrr'
llolil,   Siller,  or    Lead $1.00
Copper,     -----     si.r.u
[ fluid-Silver,     •    -     .    ■   81,50
' 'h.-ll ges fol'  olhi I  metals on up.
'- pliei i ion.
'.aker St., Nelson.
i'   i Drawer I 108,   Phone AIJ7.
J. C. ELLIOTT,  Prop     Z
Clark's   Furniture   Stored
L'ndcrlakcr   and   Furniture     Dealer  >';
Mail orders promptly attended to      ilj
lien >Tiii:i.T,
/is    <sc
Headquarters for Hilling A\ 7- g
and Commercial Men      -^
i:  a  >
.Most eoinl'iirlahle hotel in  lhe   diss   >\
V.MIK,   13, C,
tii.t.    Rverytbing first-class,
Ymir, B. C.       1
■---—": —
Closing  out  our   Clothing  and ymir stage
Gent's Furnishings Department   m^ lmiT^ m».i,i,w
except Sundny, l,,i-  freiglil
Hats, Boots and Shoes, Blanket,, Crock-en, ete. etc      ,-,,, '     !!"•■!  1'™'.^   ^r    Villi.'
,..,,,, '    ,     •' i.'eiuiiiiig  no,.,  a,       mill.    Bv special orders  mi
piaetieally wholesale prices,    Come quick before .sb.es g», broke,,. Siimlnvs. Or for Vimr mine.
It will pay you to  lay in a
stock for the next two years
 No goods s.,,ld on fiedit e.\,:epi   lo    special   arrangement. ■   —
All accounts due must, be paid or closed by nole before 1st Sept,   100;",
DesBrisay Jobbing- Co.
Canadian Forestry Con-   Society of Civil Engineers.
Veiltion. Representatives of Associations   of I
Land .Surveyors.
Representatives of Fish and Game i
Associations, and
All otheis who take an interest    in
WATKi;   SUPPLIED   ,F01i     DOMESTIC'   AM)     FIRE
I'l l!l'OS|>: r N |. |-: |;
'•'■> rdl'NIis PRKS-
I . S. T.  Ross,   Seeieluri
The Heiald is   in    receipt   of    tlie
toI'owing   letter   from   Sir    Wilfrid
TER OF CANADA, An invitation is also   extended   to
Ottawa, 21st August,   1000. jt,,e bureau of Forestry of the I'nitcd I SAAI   MILLER,  Prop
Tu the Public of   the   Dominion   of  States, the American Forestry   Assos
The Co
.... -..„ „_„      Humps on our back.     Bui   our   Fot-I   ami
tv y| 11 j rp jjnjri   hands are sure to be warm  because!  we  can")
IVilLLtli nil I LL|rhe most uptodato Shoes,   Rubbers, Uerm.ni
Sucks, Mitts mid Gloves ever offered in Ymir.
iatiun and the State forestry   Oui-. Hoatlqiiartct's foi> Mining Men AVi(ll CiK'il ol  i lie above ;l I'l ides \\V ,U'i VC a*»])OSl
no suppiicMWiiT best brands of ti\*i» gunrantee to give si I isf'acl 1011   01'   IllOlU'V
Canada possesses one of the lar-irest  eHUS'"'d Associations lo bpiiiI    repi
' - ,. , •      , , . I        I"'1'    sill,plied     H III,     hi St    I
seutatives to this Convention
ureas of virgin forest of any   country | se"
in the world and is ranked by    Euro- i
poan exports first, or among the first,      The subjects to  be   considered   ul   v,m AvkniJe
of the important sources of the woi Id's the convention will bo discussed    un
tin.her supply for the future. ; .j,.,- the [0||0wing divisions:
The preservation of the streams   in       I     The Nation and the Potest
\V,;„„! I.,,,,,,       i "'"""' "Muors and cigars, [refunded.        I 11 1U l<I i'l U HI  UT    I'll IT)'     II      fill!      Sllld
Y.MHI, II.   C
perennial and constant (low, which is
largely controlled by the forests on
the watersheds, will have   an    impor-
forestry in relation    to    Agl'i-
eulture and Irrigation,
,"..    The l-'ofest   and    the    Lumber
taut influence on  tho  industrial  and and Pulp Industries, I Opposite Coutthouse  and   new   I'm
;ricultural development of  the   Do-      I.    The Relation of ouf Forests  to ..
•   ■ f,,| ■ r , , ^    , , "Hue,     I,est   Jill mei.      ill     town.
million. The expansion of our eluc
li ieal and mechanical industries will
be regulated to a great extent by
water, which forms the greatest
foiiroe of power in all countries, and
-nine of our western districts are de-
pendent on irrigation to ensure the
success of agricultural operations
our other Industries! Railways; W.-itet
- - -    ,"i ■■-,,-,
'owei-s;   Mining;   Building   Trades; Euf°P«aii und Ainurican plan,
Wood Working Manufacture.'
.',.    Scientific Forestry and    forestry Education.
By the kindness of   the  Canadian
Railway Companies a single faro rati
Only   white    labor    employed.
First class bar
J. A.    ER1CKSON,
mplete line of Suits, Overcoats,   Raincoat:
[Jnderclothes, Umbrellas, Sweaters,   Cardigan
Jackets, anything and everything yon   require
[to face the cold and   dreary   winter.      Men,
I Boys and Youths will lind  our price, quality
ami lit right, always right.
ver their roads on the cei tifleato plan
In   all   the   older   provinces   t|ie will probably  bo  allowed   delegates, |«m^— n .,    , , , mm^mMatmmmm
clearing of the soil lias   been   carried I l',,K'll''|l'"- "• ll"'  ''«<»>*'•   '»   atten
to such an extent that tho ill  effe,l8Mm,ce   In regard to rate ailways   KoOteHaV   Coffee   Co.
„n the water supply and  on   agricul- m the Lmtci1 ****>   "'"i"1""'"^""'
uro are clearly marked) while on  tlie
he until" later,
II   Ul*   II1HUU   I.IU'I ,
Fuller announcement will be  made      COFFEE   ROASTERS
U. S. T. ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Ymir,     li.     C.
High * Grade « Goliees
western prairies the need  of   shelter-
ing trees for house, and field* is   ser- \ hnf ,l"'1 fo1' fu,'thel'  P"*Hiculars   aps
iously felt by the settlers. plication may bo made 10 tho   Score. ,,-,,,
J ',    ,■,] ,,•„,,.„,,,-  .. W ho esnle and vtai   den er-
Tho   early   cor.struction   "1     the ''"> '"   '" Convention,     ^ |
Transcontinental   Railway,   and    of l!' "' c,llllPl,ol|i i„ |-;,..i, nDttsted
other railways, through our  northern bept, oftho Interior, Ottawa
furcated districts and the   eonsetjueiii " ,;""-
. pehing of those districts  to   general ' 'l';"' courses of study leading to lhe |
IrulHej will increase the da f   from ,|"-1' r'   mining   eligineor   ilccupy
i<;i#- -    ~-£g£ZZ&*
Theso conditions are not hew( they >"- '" ""' '•    Tim requirements  *..»■ "if^-A ~*&P'*
" -■■'■■,i -■•■■•■■'- 'm> Transfer Co.     JM        HU
JACKSON .& I.i:\HV. Props.
tnunc, win increase tlie danger   limn ""-"'    •"    Ii!,s   0'-l:"vi    v)
lire which has already   been   a    lt .four years,   but   exhibil   quite   Widi
dive agent of destruction,
Vatialion in plan and   bcoj e,   n d-
 "'• j"j- ...--,  ...-_,
iavo from time to time received put)-  admission to the best  mining   schools  V.,, j,. '
ic attention, and during the   Wossion comprise     Elementary   and    certain
it closed Parliament authorised   the portion*   "'   advanced   mathematics,
,     elementary   cheinisirv   and   physics,
iiinioning of a convention    ,,r   the ,     ,      ,-',, ,.   ,  ,      ,
■ dee hand drawing,   l-.nj'-h,   elemeil-
""   l,0l'mjK|1 dlMUMion of the same.  t      M,t„,.,., t.|BII|1.llUl.v (jflr , und Tantnlita ami
I tlierefore hereby   call   a   public !either elementary French,    Latin   or I taminft  and
Shi It' and I! lildors Mod,, ire.
Paints and ' hi-, St ivos, Coal,
Steel, Powder, l'"use and Cap-:,
(iranito and Tinware, 8ti -in
All   hinds   ,,,    Plumbing,    I'iii"
smithing   and   General    11 i iii
Kott i- the tone to.  Id "In" stove
n   t^r-'
I ,.11'ieiore nereoy   call   a   |
■ .invention to meot  in   the   City   of Spuni 'i
1 Mia in on tho loih, 11th   und    I 2ih   —	
I ,I,iiniary,  I'.HiU, under the   uu«piees
t the Ciiniidiun Forestry Association,
mil i" ihi- convoni ion are spe :i dly
invited: I
Members of the Senate and   ' 'ouse \
nl I 'oiiiinoii-;
Liiiiieiiiiii-diie.'riiors of   the    Pro-
\. V.
Express . ...
Members   nf  LegislatiV,   Cuuncils
o"l   l.i'»i-!,-,ti'.e   ,\s blies   of   the
I'l ol imis;
I >- minimi   and    IV,e. intiial    Forest :
\h inbers of the I Innadian   Forestry I
\    iciation
llepresental ivci   of    Iiiimbcrmon"s
'     '" lei lolls.
Ilepresontatives    of     Uourds     ol
llopresenlatives of Universities-,      '■ j of n Utbge Amethyst sur-
:.'■;:• ■.".,i..iiws   nf     Agricultural jjt rounded Willi 3° Whole
lieges,                                               . 8 Poarls    the price  beiiijf
Iteproseiitutivesof Farmers'   tusti- I' $32, postpnidi
",''', y      it    I2YK16 BB0S»
llepres, utaiiv,- ,.,f lluilwoy   Com-    <-      k^ M,n ,
llepresnntalivea of   tho   Canadian
Wining Institute,
Ihpiesi nti,lives of   the   Canadian
Tin Vmethysl has been
referred lo as the " Matronly Jewel " and the
epithet is undoubtedly
Tho new Diiilfioncl Hall
li;,* ■ 'i jiiu eel'.' cxl. lined • .-,-,-:■•• of   ' nielliyst
4 |Il-,i,.i  III   -.   1'ellih'' 111 -,
j.'J,,;..,,   Necklets,   btC.
One Brooch of com-
rteliing beltuty   consists
The Mutual Life [nsuranw ('ompaiiy ol
Has Asset.-- Exceeding $400,000,000.
[uili \ iii tl is tho safest hivostmoiil Iviitiwn to mini,
All   iinh.ni   |   miptly  attended m       ('nsli invi'stt'il in Iiifb lltsiiriini'c is cnsli ilivt'stt'il llinl    will
and the gr, iteit cm  rcisctl in  thu   |-,-i,mi c'()lll|HHllliJ iiili-iv-l.
Iiillidlinu of gutol I       . 11 e  1 1 1 p   in
I       All Sllfl'l     -liil  lill-III,'--. IIU'li   r.-illi     l.il'ji'    niilnlllil-    1)1    |||,<
»_.*— —...—-...  iii-iiiati.-i-.    li [irovidoH for llio family, protects 11 iinui in  his
old age, aial iirtitt'tM ■ his oilier investm tuts,    Knr   rates   ,,,1
in\ Ibrm "i life hiHiirance apply In:
r^;-^ ,-"'     StcriillF Percy J. Gleazcr, Local Agent.
) v / Silver
>„.! dollar pre
rcntfltiu,. n.-t.
Ilrnry Ili.ks A.
r,':,l»'     f«nl H«
fornoklng Mild
, j!. pi v.-nre an
;.,-.i- rit by no
01 tier concern in
c'-.atTjyu. ArltitlcddlfO'
en, ":-„!rrn macliliiery, nii'l Ikllled hand
all muter the direct au|    -..-'nil
■ , , niliera of tlie ft, rti. make un un
i.iHlte.l c -'"' InaUi«, I", lor&lng out I Di
v.'iitr fer llluilraled catal . I I,
Sterling .-el-.rr,
I .Silver Piatt,
n'alchu, ''■'■■
m    "'
Henry Birks&S ins
MONflll Al
!■   . e, Ii., '  ,  ,     |„ y
ihi Id,1,1 •
- -- - -•-   - . , 1   ...n
\i y \ r    y \ ll K !•"!'     'VA8HIN('1'°'N a '' •'■ lf^
WASIUM. I'ON .4 <'.  N   IIV
mul Or, al '     then    -   itl     ,  r.    :,-
 .. and I'. II, ,'. N', Co.,   foi   |     •
■•  '   and     li ■ • -,- ■    ' ut   I) ,
! ind an I S, i on  « i It   t.:" I
r     I    |{„     ',
;    ■    "    ^'l> UAI.TBU MEATS ,',,„, , llt s-,.|„ „ ,.,,.|, ,,,„   ,,  |;
A   V.   Co,   )"!•    I> " ,| K,   i.ll.l S,
H - I, R 'tail
Mil ..'   1 iniujit  nil.'
JOHN   I'lllld'l.'KT   Prop,
1 '.mm "i     t I 'mi leu  «iih    ' ,    |-..,
I lie,-iiv ,,.   I  mul    \|..i ...  ,-.    \:   1 •
Uuii' ' 1 un truimi hoi writ
-, I . |,',.|,,,l ..
H.JA.JJ     I   I,  -:i S
Hun 1 nl f ,    uiiar A rt
. ma, \\ :,••
: (
is ;il\viiys ivplj done. Watch Repairing fe done
by oxjxMts. Jewelry Hepairing, Manufftcfoir-|
jnnanij Eii^ivjng is <loiic by f'jrst cjass workmen, prescription wwk jn Optics js (|onc fry
an experienced Optician. A piece of an old
lcnsissuHicicnl (q enable us to replace it, Xew;
Ulasscscan be fitted perfectly.    Send for our
Ri      /,  .   i                   *                                 I Second At
'\yel)-y Catalogue.. i	
I Hotel
:       First olftss Djnuig lUvw
|3est   l>i;iiiils of Win<'.'
I        Ljquors ;iji<] Chjaj's,
OWPB !»)Vi;ji, Prop.
: ———
• HMPQVAKTKjm   FOR   MfNlNG  »gDI   AJJP   '''Jib
• 'n'.AVKi.LjNr. public,
Wf.'i, tu«i,i.-ii»'ii throughout.    Sarpphj fuohw in aonnoction.
iiia.es HM If) #2,5fl per day
F1NLAY   ftfcLEQD, Proprietor
ijettcr Than Ever llefora
J, 0.   Patenaude, fH^Tv^Tf
Manufacturing Jeweller, Wfltdwiaksr and Optician, i t HOIcI    T 11111  J jA ■**•■ Pa«' P'« >"*
PHONE: 293-     NELSON' BO     [\      Ti   ~~M ,       1| The r*e,fth AnnM8'
October 9 U*   15, !9P5.
Smallest Coin   Current-     l,,ive '*•''" Wilier underestimated tTinn
fi,:/iggeriibnj.      Tim   Biitii,.-   vent   is
Tin. Best Meals
Anil Ae.-oiii'ifinlatjon
In Town,
b, >Wning.
t'Wo found finitish Golmnbia in a-s|| A fi'jc selection nf Wines,
prosperous acofldition an our  ..'*» j      l.ii|uoi's and ' Igtips,
province, Quebec,     i'he wave of pros   j 	
perity aflfecU the whole coftntry. j j, \v. MAKTftH.SON",     Prop,
"Now Hint the   -Mine,   have   bean $»+++»»«»»»»»»»»♦M » M ♦' ♦ * | Wonderful Displays of Pain's Famous Pyroteohnies, "The Fall of
placed upon a smjn,. ^auis there  *ill
—^—^^~^^^—*m*B~^^—~-m\    p,n.fc .-\_i-tliui'" in Pluming Fievorks,     fru'ger Exhibits in Every
be renewed activity,     it   i«   not   a
mining boom, but the mine.- nnvoiitba J ******»+++**+**++H*++*\        "-I'"" '"■'"' <>"' ''■'»'■■    ^""'" ««'"'*>■ ■•"* l!u"»-   *ho   U '•"
less reflect the (/eneral   prosperity   nf ! . u/A/-in      ♦
the Went    They are doing well." t     MILL  WOOD.     }
'I'h,' history of the smelting
iildus-    ▼
/olivered any
try in British Ooluiflliia really   dates   ♦             place ill town,
from   |88S,   when   a  small  oopper  j 	
sux'ltci- si'ioi   erected   at   Qahlea,   a
point on tho Canadian Pacific railroad t
nt the oonftuonee of the Columbia and t
Kicking II,use  rivers,     Apparently ♦
'ijs   smelter   was   erected   only   to ♦       $aw •„ ,j„, ,j„u. t„ put ,„
Stove Lengths
Pry 8J.35. Green 81.00,
Per Cart Load.
secure 11 j.riint of bind adjasont to thu
town, beeausa after its completion   it   J
was never blown   in.     During   |H8!)   ♦
a good supply.
Porto Rico
The Binallest pojn in,*' carfent in
■|Mii.,p..',.iuid the ouo having the leaat
value intrinsically, in tint Creek leps
ton, Some idea of its vmallness may
be hud from t,1)'" statement thiu it
takes IQO of them to make a drachma
and'he latter coin is worth a trifle,
less than 3O cents jn American money.
English-Speaking People
English is now Bpoken by about
J 25,000,000 people. A century ago
il  was .spoken by    00,000,000    people
only. During that period no otlier
leading European language has made
the slightest advance, Gorm.it has
held its own ami is now spoken by
PO.000,000, but ibi.s is no higher per-
pontage nf the total number of people
1.1' Kin-opium descent than it had a
hundred years ago,
World's Greatest Forests
The (.own forests of Russia comprise 30,000,000 acres belonging to
the Czar, and 303,000,000 acres ooti>
trolled by another branch of the gov.
eminent, The Czar employs 27,000
a,,...! police, who cut approximately
12,000,000 tons a year, chiefly fot
firewood. Twenty rem* ago wood
, utters in the I tnitoil Siatos foiled
limber covering 1.0,000 acres annual
Iv, nut. this wholesale destruction has
been slopped.
A Wonder in Beards.
The most hirsute man in the
world is not lo bo found in the
"greutest show- on oarth," lie is u
[frenchman, and is content to li.e a-
11 moulder in the iron works of Moie ]
I in.'on, earning Ins livelihood   by   la I
lillf,   tllllUgll    'I'll II    tell,pied      III      lllli;e j
1 lii-,■ to make an exhibition of him-
■1 If,    His name is l/mis 1 luiilon,  and
he is -eli Illy-tlillO  V'.il s i,|     llgi .     Inn
emiles  ii   a   j ii   of   pride,   aftoi
miiulding fur sixty even years, to n-
ti-e a relit iiiu' pension hi fore he is
, gbty.    lb- i- ,,nly a little man,   Inn
'■ l:-",i ||f'"" ■ ""'"• ''■"■-■• iillimi    £E&njr£R vvwv (oast  i'<»i\i>
,11'I is erowtii'il l,v    a    liimiHtnelio AlftliTfiril    '"":  ffopoallloai   iwo
Ini-ht". from tip to tip.,    When   <',-„  | IVtUlV I KtAL ^F^^F'^jFi  St*   ,>al1''    Chicago,    New
I..,, is iii w,uk lie ."lis 11;,   his   b,innl 1 lirn 11 n '» lh» P«at raanaalna-
,.    1 •!■ Ilinfl n*wapop«f-fiiU to tha
,ii,i tucks it under Ins  slutt,        I li.'ie, IlkllnLU l.iim »,ei, u,,- beat uf
1 .   ,        , , ,       ,   , mi'lliiK l." n.r homa;
is- linn" o|   heiediii-   nl" ul    his! ''"'on  hi larae quantity 1
iiu   s.-ws ol ilir World 111
ruse.     His father Imd 11 beard   , ach    fwnunarlaadloin, pageafoi
lh<   la,iiir,   i,,i,i   lot   Die
till   tu his knee-, und lwoofllisffle.il    Houaawll«iBundaiprf«dlii«
I n.curale   Mailed   k.-imj-k
rni"l's, -ui.i.eis |n I he 111 nil' of    .lour     one  cotnplalj .lory  rail
'' I   *fV..      Jll.l   III,    |,|l|K-f   to  a,
dan,  had el,111,nous li aids. i »,ll'you, local i*u«r.
Week, night entries.    The Finest Show of Live Stock ever   In:. I
in Washington.    PpsTo-Date Vaudeville Program Every Aflcr-
«! 11/1011 and Kveiiing.    Beautiful   Fmit   Displays   for   H14   Casli
*  Prizes     Five or more Rxciting Races Daily.     Spokane  Kennel
Club's Big Annual Dog show,    Indian Village and Indian Knees
and Dances,
Reduced Rates   and  Special Excursions on all
Howell W. Peel, Piesidem
Jlobt, H. Cosgrove. Sen. and   kjgr.
the Kootenay   Smelting  \.   Tradin„ T
company completed a smelting  plant.    *■     r    .1    .. / ,.     r 1 1       X
,.,,,'   ,     ,,      '      i   Lumber ( o. Ltd.   %
at Itovelstoko, whero the tailway
crosses thu Columbia river about -•"
miles north from the head of Arrow
lake, mi,I commenced smelting lead
ure on a conimeroial scale. Activ
operations were continued only for
short lime.     The    works    were    then
clote I do« „, leaving n memento in the
shape of a moulded bar of lead brand-    |
ed "Kootenay," which is now  in   tho
i Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
'"'      only   all   rail   route   between
points east, nest and .south to Boss-
, ,, ,, land, Kelson,   Grand  Forks  and Re-
\ ineral Museum, in tun   Department   ,,,,11;,     ,.„,,• , ,   . ,,
1 put,i,e.    liutletcars run between Spo-
.f Mines ut Victoria, whete it is  said   kane and Northoort
10 represent   the   first   bar   of   lead
smelt,'d in British Columbia.
Ymir Citizens
'euve Daily Train
D.4fl a.m Spokane
11 05 a. in Kossland
7.:'o a.in Nelson
1118O a in Grand Forks
10.00 a.m. I'lioenix
7.00 ii.iii liepublio
A1 rive
ii.20 p.m
*,. 15 p.m
8 15 p.m
4 25 p.m
li nop.in.
0.80 p. 111
...MKimu. SAVE  TIE.
VstTill lisn.w in i'..\rn Mi,NTH. ALIj    THE     TUVEi]
livi.u Mrl.i.oi,, President.
I'i.in 1 fj|.n.\'/i'.ii, Secretary.
A  li- BucKwnii'i'ii, Tieas
.Seattle,    Tacoma
WtLMl     S^«V.%.0ctri PACIFIC
York, and
« N O  TMl
The Entire West  Booming.
Si,- Tlinuiiis  Hliau^hunssy,   Senator
.1   I'.u'ei  1,1,1 Mr.   Charles    llo--
1 , 1 .hiind   in   Montreal   Saturday
1     ninu; on lhe Hoo train from   their
nf Inspect ion in the west,
•y .,11 report that 1 h iiintry   is
Imiiiible condition. The condi-
11 mil [lioul .'ir, i|iiiie tho host
in we.uei n COtllltry h ,s ever ex-
11 iiluiie is iii splendid simp.,"
1 hi,,    d Mr lli.siner, as he itcppud
he train.
Wo flnd that   the   crop reports
sl.KKI'KKs     DUl'FET,
j Best   Meals   on   Wheels
fjlffT'     ' ;0     PAST   TRAINS
2    FAST   TRAINS     Q
Tn;.'.,r .'  -r.i
Obi 'if-.
OopvntaHi i A.
Anrnno mnrilns ,1 Rfcolrh imhJ ii"i-rit,iii n nm]
quickly hs'-.ti■,... our ,,|.ii,i,,i, l,.'ii nlieilier i •
,1,vis,11,hi 18 |ir,,l,nl,ly ,„i,."i,'i,,,li,.  (',,,,,.,iiiitl-' ■
, n .irifiiy itiilldonllnl. lf..ndl>nokoil i'i louL,
.,-,,, In-,,. oi,i,,h, ii.ffi'cy for."I'liriiii.'I'nli'iil..
I'.ili-tilK t.ik.-.t llT".,^,. Miiim \ l',,. r*','.,|ff(
ii,fr,,.i nulla, without cnBtBO, .„ tiio
ScicttiSfic Hsncsican.
A hiindinfnolf lllustrAtod w#aktT< Irfirowt rtr
oulfitlnn "f jiiit |o)«Dtma jimnnii. '1'onniiM t
ftAri [nurnioniu t<   t">u\byti\i nownuwlen
irmtcb om.«. at I ht. w«.uiu«.un. ut
Special   Excursion   llate-
Lewis & Clark Tair.
l-'or rules, folders 11, .1 lull interne,!n
i-egiit'dlny trips, cull 011 or le'dnss uu
igont ol the s. K. & N. Hallway, or
(i. I-'. & I'- A, (,. I'. & T- A.
Spokane      7 in W. Ulvoraltlo Av,
Tin: iu:sT iihand op domestic
Hotel . . .   .
(Under ciitir,  .   ■     ■ , ,
Tliv;  Kootenay   Standard
Dining  '.   •,:,
and   Juanita.
supplied  \ ■■
in the in,., i,
*■ — .
J.   C.   7/ielin & Co.   ~~
Night  upptisiti-  ■ .;
Nelson, I!. C.
John i;ul.
• 'i,   mul   i   1


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