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The Ymir Herald 1905-06-17

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\> &
-i. He'
Vol. -—No, ."•
YMIK,  li. C. SATURDAY, -II'NK  17. IVW.'>.
Price Pin i: ' 'km**.
School Board   Election.     ;
r.ti'iX: -l.'it l'i i'lnv the Bill .Inn
i it id' ot William Coffey  nt   I'uii
There it ii! be   nn   eh ctioii   fur   n
nhool trustee on Suttirdiiy lil tli June,
to replace Kd. Peters who retires   hi
ul imi.    Ant- resident    householder
-   I   ■.-•-••   -   • •  ■   r .......  •
I'ii,- -iinii' niiii- iii the  Yinir    di--
uid nre noiv in commission, und    ure
Will Vmir Incorporate.
■der* li  I rn, "i from In-
Tliis is t fnii still einiMit   '
A   l,i--Mi   ill   TiiMli   M.'ill,'.-.1    ";' ll"' niui.i.-i|.id iinln   ,i -
i lo rend the loe.d in ■■ -|   , ■ -
I to realise I he     inutiu*.    .1   '
UlH.il   bt    lllll   '■   11 "11-    '.  I'" :    I   -
if ilemoli-hiiiu    Ih.-ii
. , ,' ,, . ,   ,   brut,-on ihi-iii.    besides ilii-i',   ship-   certain celebrated trial,   the   netvspa I
Mrs  1*  Campbell and sou   Icfl    un   wty resident householder,   t*.  enlitled , ,   . ', , v. , ,'    | enls.
Wednesday kit for a   three   month'*   In tote, mid is also eligible  for   el
i. il to Tori'iii'-. tion,
.   treatinit otei MOO tons of ore per day,       Some fen  weeks it no. apl otitis   of   n
ho a«e ot -.'1, "i    lhe   wife  ot .' , , . | proces
mi'   being   iniide   rers of  Nelson,
iineivhal I
lu-iit-i ot crut
iVoiii thu   Arlington,   Yankee   Oirl, I harshly, lhe | pie. of i'mir, for  their I       The  Mines of  Vmir,
.,,*,,.., , , . ,        li shmilil be pointed out tlint   nl'
J l.e iliTtji fi-tin* gn.iiiiil on    which '
Keystone mid ('imn ii ni King tu   the ;.so-called hick of loleriitinii and   exhi-     '
11..  Yinir Jiospitul stunds, have   now
tin1 I-' nt' January   ne.Nt,   «lion   tho
bition of petty |.'.ilou-ii*
an old ullage tt Inch tein
There   i* I
lluil    peo
Whal Thev Ai"  li-
, , , I.-,. "School Act" conies   into    force,       A. party of Chicago capitalism win 	
b   n delivereil to the trustees. . .    , , , -    ,i    v      v.i    n        pe in glass   houses   sum dn I    ihi-.m
I the duties   of   the   trustees   bei-oine  are interested in tlie iSew York   Leii-  ' " Ai   nil.  VMni  mi SB thirty   «in.n.
Miv.'I'miI ,.  ii,..iinn .,f   ilm    Vmii , .. ,      , i i ,i  i , stones, and the aforementioned   nous .
.ui.--* IiiMui. motion oi   me     luui   m norous   nnd   responsible   than   trid group on Jubilee   moutitiiin   ur- are iu use nnd driving i* prn-i-edino ..*,
i    i 11,, _,, ,',„!   iv i,,„,;,,„    t',,,.    i|,,. , ... .,,,        i      ,    .      in,      puii-is milfllt  now,    --villi    ad in nt aiii' l   , , . *      ,,    ,
i.. I., t.u Hospital, is tenting   ioi    im*  t, :ii]t-i- the pr nt -vsii-ui.    li   i*   n**   riyed in town on I lim-d.iy ln*t      lhe      ' . . "'   lhe sixth, seventh   and   tenth   leu -
,   , i ,,, .1,,, ,.,,,., ,, nf .. ful* it..,.',-.< . , ,. , , i ■ i ■ .     .- t. i,    i>    turn llii-ii attention in are!1 home, nnd .      , •     , ■ .
'   ' i in Uu''"Ui-e ot .i ti n tt,, „,. sential therefore   thai   reliable   men   part} :u Inch cj-tusisUof .Messrs, l*.   li. ...     apd in the prospecting IiiiiiipI.
-               , .              .    ,     hi,      m*     i,           it     i critisixe the condition   ••)   ullairs   in
lurod ClitiPinnn,   formerly   etnii* -huitld bu eh n, and m viuw o(   the   H. IWntel1,   I     \\     Bryan,   II.    I, .
,   ,                             ti     i   n    t    i<     ll   i                       i-. their own town,     li should   be    then        "'  ""■*''        "      ■""I
nn r at the Porto Hico sn-v mill,  has I excellent record made by the  preseui   Muivhall, A.  I*.,    lledsironi   and    li.                                                                         \. cuuinres-ur plant is on  .trd-i
,    ,                ,     .... ,.                  ,        i       . ,i iibieel to seek to brinir into   Innnnniv "   •    "■    ""I"          I
kit to take another position nlfooyio.   trus *, it is doubtful If they can    be ■ W ight, were ,-„, -n,1 oiel the   pro-      ■      ,„,| ,,, ,„-,„■   ,;| and while this is being   ilistnlled   .',-
.    , , i I I >  i      11   ,     .       ,1 I * lit*   Tl .111 II l_   I  II  MM  IM ■".   11 III I   ' ' I   I" Ml I      (Ml
,   . .,       ,   ,    •      iu.proved upon.     A   letil-ing   trustee  perty jesterduy li)  l-.tl, lotets the lo- ...    ...        , ,       ,,     ,.*	
(..■oi'ge Crowe let! on   luesday    for       ' ■ , into the sores;  ti t Ini-    ihtlli    to   .on- ' """ H'"   '" " °"    ''   '" -
;'. ..Luui*.   where,   if -conditions   am jc,,n ul  "'*" '"' ' I'"'""1' '"'  "''" j tinuahy add   iu   Lhe   irritation,   „,„) | and Ai-imma min, ai- by
f.iii ui ii 1 ii-,-. be intends lo loc.rto for
■,. hill*.
Tin' slim-ill - -nl" of  the   situ    mill   lu«t week as to the   stiiliing   of   ill
Tlio i-epoil    ivhich    was   circulated   kepp the  ,;j,y   „,-   N,.u,,n   ,„.,-„,.   ,,„ •     At Tilt! kI-.iin leii stamps inn-
''  public as lhe home of iiiilliuil   haired,   and lhe. lessees have a bunch  of ici)
,■ ..    Corh,   ,[,..   y.lnl    ,|rf>-„,.,,   outfit on Porcupine ereek   has   beei n-i-ein in the prospecting ttinnel nl   8pite uiirl pntiy Joul.iusy.      Tb'1   nm     rich oro to put through,
.",.   .   ,., ;„,;'.,   ,.,',-,.   ,,,'7:'* posti I until next Thursday, lhe Ymif mine, is  ureuiature,     This     - j   ,   „-j       f   N„,SI,1L   KV!iil*st   ii       .                          ,        ,
nves on .-loiitui. next   tor   .iietucinc i'     '                                      • . .                .  .           . .   .      ,                                                                   At  'i ii is ',■' m s   ten   statnpi   a
bit, ivhere he goes to take cliiu-gc of     The accuiiiulatiun of stiignan i wnt-   "'"""   '"'"'" '!'   ''  '.''''"'   '. "' W   !*0UI'ce "-   mniiseuienl   to ouutsideis, I   .   j;      .lh,| Ml.   Waldie, thu  less.
ifige-tliugblf^it'ss, !er   between the   inilroiid   Ifack   and   ^^I'^J" J|'1,"„*',1,1.1.l* .:''.' > ",Usl. '':' "V   ,iu'"nillUll«   '."   ri8«» | is looking   forward    to   -   , iiul
A football inmcli i:- 'to   be   pliived
lirst   avenue   I'onstitlilns   a    serious
'","""'1"1 "mil ll»> tunnel   has   pro-   ,njnt]e,| cl*tiMM8l    n,,;.,,,, ,0-day is an |
gi-essed nt l"n-t inn feet further.     In i
,,i,„,„„, ma c„ ,-  ,      oe   pu,    „ ,            ,,- , „, lwM      ,., „„ ■  „,        „   ,„,„„„ fo(, „ , ,,„„ f   ;
owning (Sntiirduy) be wee.   ,U                      «              ,..,   ,,   ,.,„„„,-- ,„.   to de n.te.y    , ,„„,,„.. ,„,,,;,„„ „„,  ,limlei A, tuk s,i,;,,m. ,
i* town luiiui  and   a   tntr.i  from                               -         place the i-ein, illitcl. is a  blind   one, L,             ,u   j,,   ,,„,   ,.,,„;,„.„       , are .crush...* nm   '
»■    ■      •          ,     -it                           srnemi n ulsajfleau 0 -nu-ii on  nm ir-                             „    , .,.,.,.   '              * , ,
• mir inine and null,                          '                                                              i be fxislcnri- ul « hieh i*   milv   nidi- Li-olmbli. in    ilm   I i,„,.oi,,h,       'll  more iiuielutblu In I
li'i'li6on*i.  mid if lint -tell lo  mil ni-              ,       ,       . .   ..          ...                      pi.ilul.'li  in    Hi"    Honiiliioii         Mini
,r sale cheap, two loU on Second   .-..,,. i ,    ,; ...          ,, ;,   '^"',l ''->' ' 'icb «out which   i*   get- lu.e „,!„,,,.   „,    ,,,,,,,,,.„,     pi'ohts this ftSt J
t nne.    These lots are cleared   and
tnitily breed   disease,      I hie   privnti
citizen   bus   iiliemlv     t'onununleaied
!:• I i   •   '- n    .i.no
b.    I-'     plot II..
treatment, so   ill i
in!"    llll-eiiill    1.'-
ting mol'e and more abundnnt n-i   ibe   ».{,„ un{j utiject   i*   !-.   "knife    som(.  Inrger Until in tlie previous history
li   i".  however
lite nun'
"'•   '«I"S   I""   ">'   '^    b««eb,H1   wi;r, the chief, incial healih   „i)i- lu,,"e    P1^*™    , ll   »  »°™w nthei-per I vol- hi 'ith   ridi
-""'I-    Apply at this office. cer, and has received a reply thai  .he U"'M •"'•'"'V'""" l'"™ '-" 'l"'li .-.d" nnd approbrlum, an. lander      F  ...■ (aKkeb null   ,.
•^ local l.iiouf tho Lidies oi   tl.e j ...alter will be looked in.,,.' 200 feet from lhe portal ot the tu.ine).   .,,,„ at eVL,y l)))pol.tu|lity     T„  tvhicl, | pf ,-iol, galena  oro   ia   shipped
Maccabees gave a farewell   sociul   tt
The eharnt'tei' and -ize   of   the   Hunt
It Is reported thai a   new   society   found, gives abundant   promise   of  n    , , ,,	
:'    'V'"'"'1   -   ^     W- h„s iieeu formed in   Nel-,,,,   m   p, ''■'"	
* ih   ('line   tih"   leave   shortly   foi
""   rich vein of conBidei able width,    One;     |*|ie Nelson corres d    oi   il
dms the newspapers   cheerfully   ton | two or tllr Ini-.
A i   III'. I'OII to nu ". lh" I'll   stain]
8,,0,'t,y   "r   te'he btothor I„f   „,„„.      The  ,,!,,„ , ,,,.,,   ,    „ , g0 ^  ^ „.  m,„    mill is to be started   up   nex,    ttee,
Injury done by   promiscuous   whisky I «iis six by sevon by seven   feel,   nnd L(.ion ,|llls
Jim Oruluiln rcttil-ned to  town   on drinking, especially by ivorkiug   men  i-outiiiiied a   sttnuk   of   -olid  galena
'Affairs of ibis   city   government
There is n large bunoli ot high   gnu
I me in sight,
V. I'diif-il.iv In-!,   in   look   I'liei   his  with families, is  recognised   nnd   of-   which assayed over 1*200 per ton, RinJ I i-.,lVe tictirlv como lo a dondlock     Tin-     At'run i*'oiiiiii|ik, rich ol-e is  In
milling interests here,    -Iiiu   tiwtn   u   forts ure being llinllo   t gaiilse   ii   wm nvel-il foal wide, Lily solieitorj as a rosult of tin    ouar -J llliM''1 ""'" '''"   "''"l   "''''   l"'T'""
ie--ipi-uti i- inteie-i   in   the   Yankee crusade which will to u  large  exteni
Irel between Mayor   Houston   mid   n i'''"' 8,,il '"•'
[iirl besides other valuably properties,   c int this evil,     For  this   purpose   ^40<>t>-)t)>t)#<)t)t)>>>t>yt)t)t>># i jority of his council, is   [radically |     At tub *tuwox*t. tliu  I"--'-   Iihv.
the ii"   society   bus    been    formed,   4 4
Tin- licence coinlnij5sloiii'l'.s returnetl
in in Nelson .vf-ii-idnv and   reported'
nil   applications   gi.ini.-d,    including
: in   lien one li' (le"!ge   (been    for    :i
i "it I licence ui Green (.'iiv,  hull' mn 1
, ,. • 1 ,, .'  a '      .1    i.  i- c  i- vi-lln^  -upply
between I'li-ie nnd ib" Soft nd   lieliel ' •
cbielly if single meiii whose motto  i*
•■'loiin itith whlskoi'i  and who   have
bundid   ilieiii-ilii'-,   tngethef   in     a
whole I,inilcd elfi 'sliausl    lho
1 sniiro.
Messrs, Waldbesdi1 and Uenson,
forinerli enipluyees of ibe liootenav
shingle in., nt Nalniii, nre Ulnuiig lhe
immigrants fi-oin thai town since lho
i-ipiiiii'-:- Invasion, mul have brought
1 heir families lo Ymii1     M ii  report-
'I  ll.nlll   ot III I1     flllflilit'9     llt'O     l"llt ill;;
woril -. of com men t, Tbe I'ml
News, iiie Tiibiilie, mid ibe I'lcont
mist .veil  fo. mi'-,- in    perfect   nm"
tiilii'iii1   I'l'iim   vmi   il   vmi
ponded from il peration   of   hi-   got about .'150 tons   ol'  ore  nveragii
duties mid   .be   efty   ileasuror   inni
iliotu -I I    pel'   i.ni.    ready   to   1 •
througli tin- Wilcox  mill.
Kll'itl    I 111-'.      tl'lilMil'ov,     11     .   ,1 i,
.    , 11 read his title clear to dismissal nl  mn
\ iTiisM.ii.i'h,1,!   in   tlnsj;  „,,,,
illilicatC**)   that;|      T ":i""1 l}etween ""• llwv'"',l,,d I which nets Old c pany Itlioui ■*-•	
.... ;; foul* of his aldermen luui settled down  if) shipp!ori BVci-y t«'J oi- throt. iIiivk.
■V strange thing happened iu   Nol*. T yOlll' HllliKt'l'iptlOll IN  III    ill'-,, tn a question whoi her or  not   Driven
1 fast week, so stl-aligo   Hint   it   is ♦ ' ,  !! Coulter of the Rre team shall or shall      T11H iioJCiKn V. tllsf* is III   pi
:.                             111                     1 * '        "UU"   "I   H"    ■ 1 ■ t■  ii'i'iin  ^iiiin  'ii     -inni ■
.      mil'1111(1  IVO Would  lv glrtfl;; not be tetaincd in the «u.vico of   the  -'.active, -Ut will res.i.u rk-I
city.    Beginning with 11 dismissal  bt
' ihe mayor, which ■! majority   oi   <l
ie      On -ini'- ""iiii t oeii 1 is ni 11 11   1.
I'., ii- oihi'i Licit tiiiiinph* .In-  z     •  I   . (| 1      „ ij   ,.,,1,1 j||u(.|l    < ■  council refused i" tecogniilu, .be driver; of men is deti|..r'iii*' lb" big ledgi
'■•"■'* t has   1 1,   leiiistaied   nlld   instantly      , K ,„,.„., ,.M   .1    |.*,   |i„i„,.,i,
Marconi W'iteli — l.'o., Inusl mid   this
,,iher. -,... 1.- exiraordiiinrv,      Kach  ♦^♦♦^♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦^ I*aUs|iended four tiineg,      'I
miicil I
if the lin oe  papers   devoted   several eyentually tuok lhe   advice   of   Ciit
columns nf nous   -pine   in extolling      livery minor and sun nlill  elliployeo I Solicitor P  K.  Wilson    who   i*   ilu
pnlicV     Th'1'business pitri n-i-o!  >*■       \     ii 1.: 11.- 1
■Uld l'eler Ti'tl-o Hte m-ii'l ipiua   1     1
tein of galoilu mi'1 gl't^ coppei,
Hotel Arrivals
Ymir ].odge No. .'.'.' ol' thu Knights   ,(„. „„,,,,, ,,,- ,|T„ >!,,,,.,,,,j -^i,.,,,,   ,-.» v|„,,,i,| ,;l)n *,„ neciilenl pnlicV    The business partner of W.   A.   Qnllilio
t-f Pythias will eondiict a   nt'rvlee   i"  cxemplyHed by  Messrs.   Muino   and  t is trilling, and lin  accident   may pominioi inber for Kootenay. Mi
be Masonic Hull 0I1 Suiidny the li*ili| m,,,,,,,.    '|-|m, ,1,,..,,.   gontleinen   are huppwi nl any lime.    '-'or. sayi lifteen j VViUon declared thai iI'i't had n legal      M,l,i-,.n IIotki
insi . 11. memtil'i of ilepalted brethern   ,.xl,,.,,. .,, (.xHiiplylliig   .In-  ■'-t-i.-.n' dollars a yenr you can  secure   Hi'    right to pay their seM-ant even it   he C. Matheion, Phoenix1
itho ban* gono.lolaliliul1 ill n   higher 1 t|,er*l( onn uu „„   .|M,i,,w    -,|'   doubt, dollars a week whllsl   bud   up   from  hud done no wol'k,     llljl   the   mayor sl, JJ. H. Stein, Van ve.
odgo,   The serrice will itiiumenrU nt Tho only kick tlm   ••Herald"   In.*   i- any kind of accident.    I'. -Jleui>.er   is refused to sign tlm check,    Then  the ll. S. Pyke, Vnncouvci
b-!IO p. in., Hid tho public are invlled,   that thoy il t see'III   ."  excmplyfy now piepalwl lo l|Uole on   mv   kind j council gave, by re»olui.liJn   authority J. J, Whalbn, Vancuuiei
M.-.iil„-i*..f ibe lodgeuro reiiiiesii'd 10  ,,,,„„ |M Vlh,, „tr\*\t.    If"   ul»u   Inslles   a   gonoral  to two of llioir mfimbor to   -mn   the n, J   Moore, **Tulsnn
I'" in the Hull at In'iOp, ill. sluil-p, w   M  W|i|i , ,„„,,„,,!. „(-  v,„lr. hdallh policy  which   -.'it'1-   ,-'i:,   por  check   -md   .I.e.,   orderetl   the   city |*. HoUMini Helton
iiul ■ 11   MiVii-iti   formerly   assayar |ms concludwl  111   hnporliiiil   iiiiiilno i-t'oi* foi teiiipornl'y disilbillty and fl,« | troasurer tn nlHx his siglilltl ider| Mux aobliart) Nelson
lind evnnidei nl the   Ytiiir   miiioi
dual „, Nelson     Tl.e   propellies   ,,,-p | uOO for pehnanonl dlnabijity from uny   penalty of ilisll.issal
, Boil MoNeuin, Nelsen;
:  m■ iiu.iliieliiig 11    -etii'.   ot   RxpCrl. ,,    , , .,       fofili nf *ii l(ln--i of diMMi", nil for *?|.'i I     Iiiii il,'. h'-oibri'fill ndviii Int-, noli* 1 I,. Willinm*,   I'.osshiud
' on Eagle   ci'iek    nlioin    iieveil    mill's
im nt- on ih.'- o|e- oi n   big   property ,        pet milium. fled tile bnlik thut 110 chcuks aro to be   [■*, |), ]|. Daniel, Chicng
fllllll   S'l'lsiill, lllld llie nt* ll"d   lit    li.   I'. 11 ,1,       •,„     .     I     :.        ni.     I    '  1-    ...    .I,,     ,1     , n  ■
  paid miles* life eitf    (leal    M   alllxeu, 1 |-. \\ . Mill'Sludl   • hlcai;
''    ^Teilberg ''I'l'i1 "ii*-ei<! is nihsinji.    It. Is alleged   M. & IklfeK JTi-lson;
in Moiiiniiit.   The res tilts of his   ex
p. 1 im> 1.1* bull' bei'li   10   I'm'   favour fJv(!t)berg iiiid othc
liblu as to justif y the   emotion   nt'   11 was lhe locnlor of the   Uraulto   miii
■mull len toll   pl.mi|   pii'bini'i.'iiv  io nnd also   ownos   ib"   'iieenli    on
11,11  installation   of   a   big   treating o^, - ,-,, .,, ^i^t,   .„    ,,„,,,
niiiil. ,   , ,    ■     1
nuggets have i''contlT been   Obtuinetl
llei-ii-e Ml. Ton, T.t.vl.,! M.   !,   A. M|   „ , ,,.„ ,„„,,,,,!,,„.,,,,-.,, „„ , "
I-,- been ttatelllng iii-oiinil the   '"'in-  ,        ,      (-lull stioke (pau.v^twdstrok
FlrfeBrilade  Slnnuls.     iI() ui, |tv.Mayor Houston'** pocket!   So   |'ho«. Draper, NeUrin:
.. * J1 it I lermail "'it'if'1'! thd   check   lasi ■ John I''. I'inibui:'   Russian
l-'Iro chief Coffey has.prepaied   tl..'    ,,      ^ ,    d ,,,.,,, „„, ,,,,. ,,,„•„,.,„„  |
olloiving   i-igiiuls for hnnllllng the lire : liU. (.j,v ..i,.,^. \v, K  Wnesom who  i-
Itil.'ll'in;   Me.idv   ringing   inruti**!   Urb bolwccn the devil iinil thu   life
liy reeeiilly, ,'lntl ill so doll'g IliM   bud
,.|i ft 1  *-"|H,li"'l nn']
"I -i/i il I i.ll 1 1  hflS iilie-iot     ''I ill
ib.i'i- strokes, moans a ''ib for help to
iiiuse)   lo si-v il ids-.'.
11 thi-' mbantifnb   lb1,   Huijor   hai
notified ib1 til* st/lltiitcrt1 ilu' I"1  wil
ncciisiiiii th meet prominent ConierV.i-*   « '-'• " hallllle tho   no-"   when   di-yillg   nnd
live winkers ill Ids   *ul'I..ll«   IWppli.g  "inde.    Theiei -go   t,u„„i,.r   "f   ^^ l|M„ „ M|, „,•.;,, „s, 1, -    i,-,•...•.-V     1, !-,--    .■■■    vn
places  the Selsilil Hally news M -gal     shipping 01 ft already in sight,  nful   it
ling nil   •i-pieioii-',    liargue.'.   (hal   In inlemlnl 10 ship   at   lonii    .-   ilu
Mi. Tiitlor I'loild leife in.  i.llie/'    (irm.    11 "ll mn I." fil     Hi    all i| !*,        Ml'OII
Ible object III IRlkiliJi  to   lh(*sb  men 1 while   d lopilient,   (tliieli   Mil   '
.■niii- lliil'ev,   Brie;
Dicky Oolllllsi Brie;
Marry IsrtOl'i  Snlino
John Mei'01,1,1.1, Halm
l'i   Clnil*,  I!.,-In,.  .
II. S. linker, Nel	
1 Ui.'lTCfl  N'O'CfC
n'-iii 11 nl tv   * -lit in u     S
■.-i'i   il   '•!-' n hell!       **'' III"    ,':"-."l      b.l*
r.,ni -oli'-ii'-'l 'iii" lh!' colliiell   iiiiolhei
nnd the tltf will !"• eSpHitell  • ■  fool
i Llits lull-'.    MUmiwIlil*! the  bank,   ne* I A  ,,:,i'."V  Hhi-vi'll
.linni'. I bub 111:,   M
\v 'l.i'oiic l|..l   i
,, ,, 1 ■ on. W ollle, Ispokniie;
due' l" Minor Mou-ioii   doi-s   not    ,, ,   ,. '.
I'.il. I'el'gllson, > '■•■ 1
' .)"" in ..'lot'.i.*          'ie- ".                         . , „jblfl    c|(w       |(,    .,    (i| " * '    ""** '   " "    K.I. l-'eiuuson. N. •.*..,
,(li,.i-il„in   plepaMnA   n niipaignicoinineiicell nl**. nilu fllll be |.ilsll '    ' . ,,.                  ,t I, v whr-WcHt shfalflll pay aoybodt I ,,tmn(! YhttM; Nt
,.,       ,,    ,   ,.,.,„   „',.,1 as ruiriillriffl 1 idle     Mi    Snori- '     "'"''' ,    .             . or not and, apjalii   tfcco'di/lrf   i"   tin   1?. \V. Ilryaii, Chicng
lur an npproacliilig gelicial eli-c in eu as mpiiii*   1   possion      in      1  .1 ^     ^  u on I'l-iday  evening                                                            ,.   ,   via'' bill Cl
lifts piotiiii"', Mhiel, llilghl be tolled a jeer's associates in .be d, , *tlv jt , ui, , L     A„       ..,.,,;      (|,.v chief niaglslMe)   lb" 1 „t  employe,   | ^   ^ J,^,^^  .'JV'^
big deilticiion'i'rblfiit'HrtVrfll firrrtWsV,     J06II Inen
II "YoUllgl  ^    -V-' I'll"!'1''
jfcdoubtful whetllei ihey shall   lulu j ,.;. wi,,!,,, Cue ..-■' Watch  Repairing
No nint-fc'V Yvl|;it is tic* matter witl)   yn>\\y
Wilfrll   \\c Cilll HI ike   il   MS "'O.H 1  ilS   II 'W,  il*     Wu
t'iiipldv only pxjici'l sviirkiiiMii, i\\\(] ciuv \vorl*j
i- nil gliavilllt'-'C'l, f/'.ivc V(>uy waftil Willi
Mr. A, I-I, Fi-ciicIi. <hii- loci|| ii.iicnl..
J, 0,   P&tenaude,
/Vtaiiufac-iurmg Jewe|le»», \Vateh*T>aker*and Q|Hi<*'i'Mi,
VMllt   lll'SINKSS
American and -b,  C.  BydrauHQ
Placer Company Ltd,
Capital $5o,iu)o in 500,000 Shares pf ten cent* each
Tlm Company is now [ircparlny;   In   \yo|-|<   llui  (Inlil
Dredge, liliiivk S11111I iiinl Nu^tii't (iliU'i'i' leiisen nI   Hull
^iilili.L1', lliul ill Ill'lllT In |Hl|i |lil*r till1 iiPt'i.'Hsurv pniuliiiia
1 1 y, iiie |irt>|iiiit<-|- liiiir -id iisiili' n limited |in|iil>t-|' (if
-liai't1.- lur immediate sale,
Tin' .i-liaris ni V fully 1 in iii ami nun unriCHKiibli*,
The Company's ground averager! f>0 cciUk per  coble,
iiinl mi tin* .i-ni'taci', nyi'r'4-IM iii'i'i'-,.
Until bcflji'oi'-k is rciu'lictl tliese  sliiircn   run   be   ob
'ninril ni 11 bargain,
Mcanwliili* iJit* U'lii.-iiiy  stodi   (^00,0(10   iSlinrcs)   is
L-i'l  illtart,
.lj.*A , I.-...,.
iK. W . it'id.loysiin.
r.iiii!ii-;|!A|.|-; akii   IXS| i*' ^^< !;
Percy .). (-jleiijser.
|i| T« III.,..
John I'hilliert.
nu,   i.iiiip.-   ami   |iK.N"T* 1 ! USUiliX|,s
ll. (Jiinipbpl!.
DesBrisay Jobbing l'n
•fill* Ciimi'lii Driiir nnd   It 10k li;.
I I IINIil'I.K    UKAl.l Ij.
Willi:;;,1 ('Iiul..
1,1(11,1 ,,'IKo
|>.   (' |ilil'll.
DesBiisny .Jobbing Of*.
'.1   |I, **i';;.|i'.v.
jlu'll'.l -
(;ps|i.o|)iiiit„|t—jpim li.i'iui.
Mi'l-iml ll.i|l.M--l*'ii,l;lv Mcl-Cflil.
Jiiiiiiu- iiiuii*!-—s f,i;ii-.-i-.
I'lilm-i- — 'I -;it ^  [**.lli|tly.
Ynnpoiiyer— Qweu |i".\i'i'
\\ ll I lb 11 {— (jriil'|ic C'llllllipi.
Vinit'—j- VV. Mai-tet'son.
11,\|i !'\v 11.;:
I . S. T. Koss.
I ■ I II -    ill M-II1M.    .'.si'    |ll|.|.|KK|l
.Ml*. -John Mi-l.i'iiil
ilisix,!   iiiiriuilifli
I'.-n-y .1.  (ilen/i-r.
Herald Publishing Co,
0T.1,1 itisi'iiiy. *
|1. ('',l|lt|ibi'll.
fi. (1. Seiitiey .
j I iii>Iiiiw .V ll ilstiii.
iliii'k-1111 v*i |,i'iilii.
Ab\. Oildie.
J'0|1ACI n|-|
Mill-. Mpliinis
Wiiiiiiiu cimk.
*    RRApQVAftT^s  FQii  *min|N(, mp   -\>si  1'W   ;
■j'i:.vvi:i'i.iN'(i rnn-!''.
■■»■   iu ■ .—.
Ven-ly turnjshed throughout.    Sample mums in connection.
t      li,,,.',- #1.50 tn fci.oO per day.
|'lNt.'\Y   .Mi LEQL). Proprietor       3
the \mn hf^ld ?
I'f,1!!*!1 fonvan] Tin: Yuij: H|-:u.t|.ii fo,|-
imuiih    4
South African   War  Laml
(Irani Atit.
nud «p|i*ioiyleilgB |i.c(ii)>t -,;f enelpspd *..... J
T|ip Hl*:ii.i!.]i is iiu|ilish|'d   every .Siiliu'diiy Hlpl-*.|i||g ;,-<l    |
4   t',ili!ni;i*   ;dl   t|ip   H|",v*   nf  th;1 paflip. <
J jli'il-:*- -l':-:ii Yl-lAJl, a4-?; (1 Uf Y|:.i|i, $]. J
-"•"'. "■■'.■**il*M'..'^i|l   .    ■     J	
ll IU - 'S.JJi.i«U.W4AJ..^llJf!^«5??"
GRAND CENTRAI- HOTEL'Clark's  Furniture   iSton
Opposite C0141 tlioiise "I'll   i"'"'   ■''•',
ii'lir,'1,   Resi 'J*"i • nipol   iii   tpwi|.
Iviifii|it-iin und Aiui'lii'iin plan,
Only   W'liitn    hibor    employed.
First ,'hu-i bar
VH.I.IA.V  L'l.AIili
L'lidi-i-t.ilii'i'   mul    Furniture     l'i-.'t'
Mujl orders 1'i'iiiijitiv uuended l.i
lli|ii n Stii|:|-.|', t Y'.ti
HANTS of mini iiia.li-  i"   Voliiiilwra, tli.-lr
liflra of miliini, ttii'l.-r uulliorily ul tliit
I Aitl    .,)..   -ul-ji'i-i   I*. 'I un.Iiii.hi luui    auoli
I Imnl- -llilll lllivi- Ihi-II MlloolUtl     111   ih.    iii.iiil. i.ni, rr l.i I"'* Hi.'tir-i dm' nf .lull.   IWl'i.       Nul Iiiu
i,   ili-n-lnro, lu-rel.j   nlvrii   Ibal   appliiint -
It In litis  nm -.i   11-  lili-ii  ;il a t-iii-riiiu.-iii
II  i      .-i,ili llai. 111).
Tilt* World's Great Cities. ,•*! nwoupied    Lake   Km.   and   ti
  troatina  permitted   lhe   ciilai-acl   o|' ,„„„„,,, ,|,„, ,,.,,„
According lo llie mosl  recent   sti-   Niajfara to   hofjin   ii-   existence   nl l ll  I'.uilKKX
li-iii-*,   the, eoniparative   population   r/»ivistoivn,      From   ilm   place    the iiiu-fijiiiiiiiiia*-inui-riif UmUiV work
nml area (including parks etc.) ol  the   river lias since cul back its   gorge   to,1 ■■ ""•' Worlf!.1)".l""'l.";e,.'.t'
great oitius of lho world, is as follows:   the present site.    Thai   time,    10,000
>.|. miles,    Population,   veifrs ago, may be   regarded   nn   the
I..,i,dun I .'HI        11,000,000 close of winter in one   of   the greal
Paris 1)1        'J. "ni t,i it ii i cycles of climatio chaligo.    It    would ■
Merlin M-l        •1,4:10,000   beii istlng to know lion  lung   the
Vienna *-'J        1,002,300  seasons of that cycle are.     Aro   m.-j SAM   MIU.KH, Prop,
-'.  Pelnrshurg Ml)        1,'JIO.OOO  000 years a inontli, a   springtime   or! ——
'Jl f,.*il,:i,i(i  t -e!    Do wo live in the  earli    ier* j Ht'il(U|imrtei'H Ibi'Milling Moil
.'in        1,000,000  tial season of a great  tin   nud   i-  lhe
1,250,000  ulinintu to grow   warmer   during   lhe
many tens of thousands of   years   in
cornel   «■ i-  i*   the   tummer   ul'  ibi*
I iiverpoo
I1, kin
I'. .-lull
I 'hit-ago
s -iv ^'..
100        i.uu'.i.	
.in"       :l,437,000
r.nr supplied   uiih  best brands of
Miii,-, liouors mul cigars,
Hotel ....
(Under entirely new maiingoninnl.)
Dining Room ami tinv
Hiippliei] wifli I |ir benl
in the market.
Righl  opposite (l(-|iut,  Yiniri
|''ii'st'-i'l,if.-* pining ii'u rn
I'.-.*!   brum Is nf Wii -
LLjilirlw ,i|):l l'.'igll)>.
OWKN r.OVKIl, l'i..;.
iSi'i'iiiul A.ve,
lycle well ailvauccd nnd u ill » glacial
1-' um Ai km K,
V in ii. I'.,   i
Tin-: in -'.si |IHAM» ok iitiMi-.siir
The Kootenpy   Standard
and   Juanita.
11 WI'I'li-Tl'IIKIi   ill
HOTEL.-. .
Headquarters for Hi ning
and Commercial /Men
Most comfortable hotel iu the di-*
triet,    Everything fii**t-class.
VMI 11,  II. C,
/" C.   Ihelin & Co.
Kelson, ll, ('.
_!Ymlr Transfer Co
— j       JACKSON K I.K.Miy. Pi-opg,
The diamond being pure carbon   is   winter again sheathe the north   tein  i
,.'U,l.ii-til.'..'mid ii   i-  lhe  only  g    penile zone in icel- Willis Vntxianai,    Celiac*   T-r.
-. .1 iea. burn.  ti* dJ   A lack of k ,... ,      (Kootenay  Uffee to.; , !        Teaming and
ntuid burn-to curbonie acid iii   oxy-  jst reguitling   lho   present   duty   on      COPI'KE   ROASTERS       t+*^**k**-*H-H4***H4'V-H+-*H4* Express
i-i-n, and is thus forever consumed   h" /,inC oro imported   into   tin-   Uniletl *
 ' I- States,    Theael   covering   ibi-   lion
,\ meteorite found   in   tin-   Cai   ' n in ell'eot since   July   'Jl.   1807,
Wholesalo and retail dealers
in Fresh 111ui-t. <l
Mil.SON.  II. C
I'i diln, An/..,  mid  exhibited   in   the •""I pn'vides thai minerals, crude,  nr
Americuti Museum of   Natural   His- H"! ntlvaneed   in   value  or  condition I
i.n.   :i,.„   Volk, contains a   Binall **■>• reflnuig m grinding, or   bi   othei   Hiflh » Grade * Collees
iiiiund mid is the onl)    known   nc process of miiuufucture, shall bc   freu 	
ireuee of a illBinond in a me rite Lf duty,   This refer ho nine ores' **i*. ....-.*   .. .-
I,it|tiid enrbon dioxide,   formed  by that have llul   I n   t'onceiitrated   oi
,iibj...i:tiiig the gi-s   i"   |ire*sure,   luui otherwise treated,    Hinc in blocks  oi !
■nine into use   duriiix   recenl   years,     .    - ,
pigs in ussesseil ni un,. ,',.||i |„.,' .„„,,„ i     r .'ireful
It has been cmployul asii Bit*   extin- ,., ' -wiirtllll
. ....     i ',t 'illM' '" **heets, imi iiiiii-hi'd   nm   fur-
'.'niched and for charging liquids with ' ""
ll,,. an,    Tl,,.,, fgnu  in   ib,-   -..* ','"1 "'Ivtnced than lining   rolled,   i-
i ,!!,.il -... i.i wuters i- mil known, "*• ' '•< '""' and one-f lh   i'i*n'ts
t        ,  ,■ T
t I leliveretl nnv
'i*   promptly  iitti'iidi'ii I.
+ [iluce in town,
I     Stove Lengths     ;      ^
I     Ail   md
and lh;* greatesl care exorcued in ih
liiuidliim . ' ...ml*
• ir *-'1.1M i.
mir Citizens
Prescription j| " fl   i',m..u ,m.•i.K..i..»iv.-i.i..*i.i.
Pharmacy.     || PortO    Ri('() * I'l'.nr v Olbazbr, Seoretnn
I    Per Cart Load.     ||
T N"»  i* lin' (itin- tn put
it yniHi supply,
•i 'iii'i'fuliiesH"
I'he finest rubies ih the  world   ,„-,- I"'1 I-"".!     /.hi.- ..Id and   ivorn   ,,i,,j ,, ,,„, WII„.MWI„,| „,■ ,„„.   pleSc,-ip.   |     LlllllboV Co.   Ltd.     *.
I from llurmu, they (iti*ises«iiig   a '"id lit only to be rciuiiiiiifiictiiicd,   i- tion Depnrtiiient, !♦ *j
11 itiliiiiiy beautiful red tiui known u* .assessed a I three I th of n eeni   pei I Wl' ""' ,'l*"','nl "' Ul,e '"""' '""   L'"'; **+*++*++++*++++*+***4** X\
i .,.,,,-,'. blood     Uubiesof  large >'wr ,„,UM,|.     Manufactured   articles    •
A ll*. Duckworth, Tien*.
nre very .ore, and a.ubj fix. 'fe    ,(, ,   ^  ^   fa
I,, four caiats m weigh! ol   lliio   eolor
'■ poseii niiolly or in   pan   of   mn       >>o are careful to do every part nl
llnesl i|int iiv nt iiin;'
NVo are careful to note nnd   fnllo**
-I       every instruction of the Physician.
. valued .a from  li'i1   l"   '• "  '" ,
„,. ,,,!,,-,.,„*i„„;,„,,,tl 11,-si.waier ""-•"'Umlivhethel-panly  ||v
maiiiif 1,,'d. I,,,.,,„ |,*.•,.*.■) .,*,,    Ihetanada Drug and |       ana
|Hs,.-,tii,„.t"d -"H'"»bul ind'l',,,,1.' .'"I"""1 >tl»feni, Z,,„- -ul,,!,,,,,. j.
I, ii,.,! (0,000 years have pawed 'not olherivisii especially provided foi
.,,,,■,. tin'I'liuiuii i*:i- -'"I,   thai   tin* und  lii'itii-   would   ...ni..  under  this
..mi bei'ii putt nl'th''Iiii'"   (-''"'I   ire' paiiigriipli, lit i'I.-i pei-tt.„t, ,k| v„|0|.ert), j   |(i io llu, in. und 4 to 6i80 _   m.  , I'nst   Otlii-i-   Stun1 V'MlII
lhe tiurk pl'ecisoly lii|lit.
e Canada Dm
Hook   Co.,  Ymir.
In.   Kllinti'* iiMI.-e hours  At  lho
dolfl, Silver, or   Lead .**'l mi
('"ll"'i',    -   -    ■    .    -     ,--|.;..i
(Jold-Sllvor,    -   -     -        -*'i :,i,'
Charges filr oiher nletals un n
Provincial Assnyei
NeLson, B. C. We have just got In a
M Md.-   irain  e\i it  11101 ninjj '
new Sine of j z^tVl,''^
mill,    Hi .-ii.'i'iiil iirilel*   "ii
AMERICAN SHOES     >-!- i,r„, v,„„,„„„
4LUX. &DBIE    <-•*-.--
Wlii h are hard to heal fm-price und durability     Ai- ■   a   line    i   th    -   le-
brated Allies Hold' n -'.....• .
our     NEW HATS
Wbii-ii have just arrived, oiler 11 Iniuu variety nf stiictlAqpitu-ilutc   Hides
**j;-,- oui line "i ini-i -"ii.*.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
People Who Won't.
h.ocicttes  I lin| bay ' \>q   [o
.' ohlest brolherhoods  in    the   country,
Inn ing 1 n in   existence   -ii    lhe
■i-     i llftcentl utury,      lii iginnliv    i hev
WATEI-j .^t.'lVuj.li l-'.ib DO*
MIJST1C .'.Mi I'll: !■:
i unrosBs u N 111: ll
lio    11 if">' i>-«     )'|;i;s
were Flemish Incu weavers who settled in )*Jiiglani|, und their descen*
Hut ween two anrl three thousand of jdaiils keep thu uld cu toms up mosl
1 oule in Britain who are bound tnistrielly. They do not allow water in
live on a my, if suinnionod, are unv form, either exturnally or inter-
i.oleninly pledged not tu do anything ntilly, but the*, may drink milk or
of the kind They are members of anytliiin,' alcoholic,
lhe "Anti-Jurors' League," which In spite of this creed, they are not,
,,.,,, slai-ted bv John C'ufle nboul '-l-p-'uently, un unclean assembly,
ibiii.v years ago; mid if they are sum- M,M "f' --''em live in ISsseij and th
limned to attend on a jury, liny ure Spitalljclds districts, and live and inbound under lhe rules of the league, termarry almost entirely among lliein
tu refuse. selves.    They    consider   people   who
I'  s. T. li..*S| Secretary
V\l IJ
-3Bse=s L_«i-:
Wi  have jusl ruceivt I  • spring slock of Men and Unyi  -''H-.     'Hi n
SpOSiane  FallS    & ] ire I „ I i,-:..,.,-.-, about then,, Style, quality   and  Price.      \Y
I li'.-idi'd ii dm ii -i neral mil iu prien, in this department, for the   lies
lays, and will'piuiaiitue yot) a big rpdiictjon ifl  St)iU,   Summer   IT|idei
Shoes, Hats ,w. Ac,
Northern By,
rr be only    all   rail   route   hel ween
j ..im* east, iti-*i mid smith to Hu-
lun ! Ne'son, Grand Forks and lle-
pulilic, llitlii'i e-'ir* rr,ii between Spo
kune and Northpoi I
und Nelson.
1 -tli'i-iivi- Ap:il  190.1,
pally rutin Arrive I
We eiirry a fen specials our compelitors do not, such   ;•-   Hwift'     Pi
ium Ihuoii and Hi  Ila/e'.w I   liutter,    Ashorofl  Putaluus    und    vurinii
uther articles.    The price i- us Ion as lhe lowesl nnd ipiulity guuruiitced.
N "er^iat penalties   tho   luiv pl. a., heretics; I if o. I   Uiem    ^                                                      , TV/Oft./  P' L~> V          A    AI H
im-mi ib<-i„. lliej: stand nut   against I •■''•••'■lesn   -1-""   or   daughter   ol   the   , •_ 0.- „.,,,         Kosshitid          4.35 p.m O   /  /\    J   [ \J l\l EL /X    Y        /4 / V LJ
thcsuii ui*.    Uaeli member pays   „ f *i'«--ihing population*—ivhi.-h    is   very    9.10 a in           Nelson           li 85 p.m r"\ /~) J'   I f~ O
dulling it week lo tl.e treasury of  ,|,e  «ldom-the backslider Is barred   out J 'J^*™      ^^"J"       \ _v™ \ UK LJ L/O
le-igue, and if he is called on for  jury »f the "Samite" community. \'M n.m Kepnliiin $M*£m ^  ,e wo shine.    We have Ureatly added I   Pate.,1 Modi
t.mv he ignores the   oiider,   und   the                    -     —"***—                                  CA.\ff*     T*i n/i rr* ,                                  ,-              •   ,   ,-       •
5/\Vt       I l/Vln, itock ..ii I   -ii|-|.l- you wilh t unythniu al striclly li-: pnci
A.IjXj    TIKE .  TIME
11 li i- bn- in  ]nv   bi*   (ines.      This      'Didn'l -bin body of water u sed   to
ocicly is inude up by ubout    one-half  be culled the Atlantto  Ocean?"  asked
i f il ji eii.i*. un  principle,   who   Imld
ii.ni en i-i man has a right to his own
i In* tourist.
"Oh, yi-," responded the old -!;i|i
lime, und that the Government, be per; "but now it is merely n privati
ing puiil tn deal out [[justice,   bus   no  pond ow md by .1. Picrpont  Morgan.'
I lIiI In ciimiiiuud citizens in   help   il  ) ..I ,.   iii .. i —,.	
The rest of thp nieinbers are busy
i. in. whoso tniii- is '.vni-tli a good deal
ii. ir Ijntii the jury fre, an.!   who join
lhe   league   in    insure     themselvesI            SAM   .MILLi-'i!    Pi-od
i.gitinsl having to serve     The   result 	
is ihat in lu.'.ny..ii-i,ids tl.e oiHcials Headquarter!-) for Mining Men
d 11-un n people who are known   !St.  Paul,   Chicago,   New
in be members, ns they never turn ai j»'     liar  supplied   with   best brands of York     'llld
and ii only lends to trouble,    The in   wines, lii|uors and cigars,
i- mo of tin- league I-   about    E^OOO
,- year, und it payi oui '-n uu  ilveiuge
'-■"■ nOO in Iiiu * '■ ■    -, .
A *iill more powerful gulhering is
,1... "Uiiiu.l   Parents        - K-iaii,.,,.'   KOOteiiaV/    Coffee   CO.    W««AltY   CAJ.IS,     MODERN
TliS'l   A I IMF,
Yvm. 13,   C
Seattle,     Tacoma
U. S. T.  ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Vmir,    B,     C,
i Inch binds ii-.ilt' not to let its  inem
I ers' childn n attend ->-In>i•!     This  i-
iiwkivnrd, as the School Board  has   it I
way of making things  uncomfortable]
I- r | iiiri.i- wjiqse cl|ild.ren   don t   ui-
liinl.    There is a   regular   subscript
I i
Wholi sale and retail dealers
in Presh Roasted
lilNIN'i   CARS,
ui-.ii..- a  i.a  i ami:
Best   Meals   on   Wheels
•ii   cf £'2 a year levied on each mem    ...    «        /--.      j /?,   vv C\      I" AS I       I RAINS        f\
i*i   f   i ,  ,      High * Grade * -Eollees lJ *i
er, whether ho has   one   infant   or        *-» at EAST ANDWEST DAILY Z.
twelve, iin.l In* linen und Inw expenses
i.ir paid for |iiin when he is "hauled
lip   I-i the law,
Thi* £2 does not cover the   whole,
mover; und when some meinbei gets
itiin such Iml ivater before   I he   mag- ;
i-iintr* thai heavy fines have   lo   be
I aid, ii special "whip round," or grnnl '
is in id'', and is always pioniplly   met.
I.a-1 yeur ibe inembt rship   of   lhe
ii-Kocialioii was over six thousand   in
DEALER  l\'j
S mil' . 111.1J Uuilders II irdw-m >,
Paints un I i i.l*. Stoves, Cul,
Steal, I'ltd.-I I',.-' mil dps,
(li'uiiiiu un I Tinware, Steu n
All l.iiil- of Piumbing, Tin*
smithing and (Joneral llepuii
NELSON, li. C,
Special    li\. ut-imi    II tic*
i „..„•= «. riir-L- . ..;-.       'Iii(' Mhmi;i! Lil'*' I n**iiiiiiicc Coni'i'im oi'X.Y.
Lewis «x -wlarK I air. i
Has As.sct.s Exceeding 5400,000,000.
,-\ I'ldiri iii ii in tlie HilfeHl iiivestnienl known to mini,
t'a.sli invested in Life 111*11 nun'.1 i-. mwli invested thai    will
Trade Marks
, , . . . C0PVRI0HT8 4l-..
I.l li   Hi'l -llul N-nl Intnl.  iillil   li-l     mill           unr.mn -n ii.llim a alii-lrh ami-Iwrtnll.. n nuiv
1     ,. I     qnlililT un'iirliiill Olir i.|iiiiI..ii Iruo "In- run
1'iu   M;i ii-ul.'I    lint'*      wile     I'liui'tt'il.      inv.-iiii'.n 1-1 iT..hntily r iii'i.i'i'.i'--  limn i'-"-
lli.ii. .lr l.ll vrolill'l''lit lill. 11111.•11.. ...lt 1 11 I-nl.-rl 9
'I j ,. 11 ,,ii|,li. i-   t',,1     n..,,-i.,i |.,,t,.-    .,,,1     -..-nt 11 "I- ii'-t nwi-m-y lora.. iiiii. 11 imit-iit-i.
11      UUIIOII    I*    Ulltl      II,,l),l...1.111 *     ,lti ).,,,,.,,1, ,„!,,.„ tTn.-uuii Mii'.n .1 r-i. r.-..;l»c
, I    ivreUtl notlw. without cqiu-go. In tna
,ett,n„a,,ab,tof   levyin,    he   ,..,. j     5^^ fatftofc
most penalty on ull who   aro   known     A^„„M„„„.lr lllnllI „„„„:,.   .,,,„.-,.„.
. . riiliidnii i.f any *jr|onttUf! J'lin'iiiil.    TiTti.*. 13 0
MU'IIIUIMH nt tlif HUQlOtV, .nul l!if»   sub-      Tfiir: four mimttH *}i   Bold by all iiowartfwlars.
« -nh^Uy,;uBd^w4P|||l-Sto
n ti ui. None .it' ilm in.-nib -i-, nn-
lei v poor iiu-ii, bin inii-i'v tradesmen
i'i not d busiiiessi -, mid 1 hi* society
iii lil* n bigger crop nf law eases tliuii
Miy other,
There i- an nrirniii'-ed body of   peo
50   YEARS*        1
i*'*-E for rati -. folders und full information
I. (iHi'dinu 111| - cull  mi i-i ii.'iln 19 un
iiuenl in Un- S. I', it N   Kiiilii-u   or
II. A. JAI ICSO.N,        II   IIKAN'DI' -
(; |, * p. a       1   i- iv 1   \   return compound interptst,
•i"v'- -1.11 •     .        All sueeesHful liusincsh men enrrj   lui'j^n iiinotintH of li1
I,. ,,. 1, iiinurnnee,    li [irovidoH for the family, iiroteets fi m 111 in   li-
niii ago, and protect.**! Iii^ otlicr investm Mils.    I'm   p.u ■-   u
ani' form of life iiiHiiraticc npply to:
♦ ♦
: Hotel Ymir t
pic who won'l iiii*h, and un* pinlitl uf  t-        ,     ,    . ,     •
f     .\inl Aecommoilal 1011     t
| *
ii     a    In .ithi'l bund
il.     'I
l"i '
know 1
lu-t ii
tu  .111'    'l -'U'l   in    T
-  ■ 'X
gipsies, 11* mosl 1 T
Tlir Ih-i  Meal-s
In T w
' '\ Sterling
mul    generally
X A Iiiu1 -r'i'i;' ion of W'iiirs, •*■
inn niiiKsiis ih.'; *       |.i,|n,„s,i id Ciuars. X
*           '      % *
4                                    ♦
1             'If T
"•   '•"')'   niim*|t .1   \v.  MASTERSOK,      Prop, r
Prom • ccrTec
Ipoon to a th'-iii
iml doltar pre*
n-ninti'iM irt.
Henry Hirlci A
Bonu*    facllltiei
fur tnnkinfC lOlW
ftllverwnre ntr
poMewed by no
oiherconcern In
ct-'.BCT Jus. ArtUtlcrlMlRn
pr**, moMfm mtchlnery, tn-l »i»iiicii bind-
workers, til under tin direct lupervltloti of
pmetleal memben of tbe firm, make an tin
equalled comUriaUon fur turuttig out fine
Write for lUtlltflttd cn(n!o?tie.
Jcv-elry,    *
Sterling Silver,
Silver Plate,
U"    Ot    llii'j *44*****************44***: i  1 W,Uh"' C'C'
Henry Birks & Sons
Jcwrkl. lo Hi. I ...lleaiy
Ihf I .i.l 1 1 Mi e.
Percy J. Gleazer, Local Aqeni
Y Ivfl X ~l
m;i..-hn ,1- I- I' SHEPAIICO
WASHINOl'ON .V- 1 . V i:v
V   V. & V.   ItV. .v N   ni.
and Qreal Northern, Northern  Paeili
  .mid 0. I!, il; N. c...   for point-t   en 1,
wt'sl    and   SOlltll ; i-.iiiiii-1-N   rn    I;,.
, bind und N'.-l—ni   w iib   the  1' maili 1
I'aeiflc Kuilwiiv.
Il!lsl1    VN"  "AI.TKII  MKATH Con.meU at NuIhoi, will, th,    P   I
A N.  Cn.  for   Kaslo mid   K    ,1
Wholesale nnd llnlail , • ,.   , . ,
1 ulinocts ni 1 urleiv w ilh  -it.. ■ 1
11 im -ml anil   Midnav, ll 1'
.,  ..      , Ibiil'.i   earn run on lrain.i 1- ■ ■.   ■
.Mud "ii.'i- ir. rr,..  I iuiiii.i   ,tit.-nn.hi  0    .
1       ' Spokane nnd   llepublii
II  .1. .l.\i KSON
lii Ini'lll .,
,,,,„ J
JOHN I'llll.lildiT,  l'i. rfr-f-^g-xa—"■'■w
"ill       Im I  ■   ■ r-    s ,  in hiy-iinl uiii.ll,.,]   li i
,  ■ .In        ...   1   ' . v.'!"-.  ...  I...li
nl      ri   '.. II    ■ " . ■' ;    r   i.tiliiiin     pu i 111,1,1 III ml.
■ i    i        . nil      U.i pi'i niuli  |ii:  in..niii
in- .I'ln i*i y .-    nol    essenLi nl.      Tin
in li. idiuil    pill .-li.t-'-i-    i-     pruel iciilly
ui'ihlt'd i -di'i nnd buy single   arti-
•!i'- nt ii-lt.ili's.'il,' rules, (from t\uii-i--
.i lh. li .ii" ibi'ii,-i'ln'-, n Li'.- siriel li
i i-i.iili-i■-, nhle lo bin in Iiii -j'-i quail
ities frum ,!ln- producers, tb.in the
■i b.i'i--niii - i luiu^ -l\ rs can, 'j l(iere is
..I  n-.'- im tpiesl i-ni, a- In tb -ii   | oi -
A. I-',   .i- A.J
"lMill l,(i.|:i.|-: •-.',,
M     Miti- i,:„-i    Friiu-   iii  I'mi ;
in.mi li. V i-ii nn bnuJiei-s neb niued
John Mi Vii ui, W. M.
Pl'.lii ) •!. !U.;:. i/., ii. Secrelai i
in     -     Il»; I-  i an   "      '■''!    I.:*""       '.   I.'.il'l i
■•   .-jit.      Ill II i-  ,.:,,■ I, i.r   -i.,1   b.'    , :
I.   ■ .' .■-
       :  |,;i„iiiii,  .'  ,„.,•,-   .i,.cH|.iloi i1'''-1 ''-■" lo tlo ibis, or of lhe righl of
  |.-ni,*.-..ii   , lamlnl-i]  |V..-, . llie     |'IIH j.llsrl'      In      i',..'l'''ll',-I'      ill      'in'
''■'*      *•"•   ''      -1' li'b.'.M.I'-l    lll.l, Kit.        ll      IS      s|lll| ly      111,
lll.l)     l'l   lll.l -IHN'.    I'l;,l|l- 1.- 1
y*Mjii i.-iIk;)-; No. •■}■>.  v.. "i  P
Meets i,isi nnd   ihn.I   Monday   in ,
..-ni-li   iiiiiiuli        Vi-iiiu'      brtitheis
,■!,,,,, 1
C|l-*.'tu'..s Am llli!Al*y/, I'  C.
.InllS I i   I 'I.It Ml.  K.   II. -i- s.
The Kind Voy Would Like ^^1   "^
""'' ^$m7v\ "il •
jffi■i y •**-.-* &vy&& vi
f*Ki- ■, i... ■ ■ ■-'■? s';&M'tyi ';
I'A.ST-ES G-OOJ)      I- ii* ml;
instance of the changing conditions of  VMIII  HIVE,  LA-DiliS' OF   THE
; 1 I.id'-,   i'l   W^it'll    1-,   ill   n'l    0.1 l.l.'.'l'     fcUflj
changes, ihe weiduT eIoi;,iefl-t ;s   push
| ed to llie   wall,   /.md   .i-i.f 1i.--i-   wjiolly
I ni -l I'd i u.i I of compel it inn uy l'i mi d ii,
udupl i biin-i'li t's ;,'i tin- e-biingeji by
new iue' horls.
ii.  ij i-'.ii'\s, pi iy n.;.i.
.-'',: ri;i»A'...'. ,;i: ni:   iv, I'm:
\ peyilliill' -it'.nil ion .has   hi ity-n    in
'-iiiiiii-ction with \\ . J!   \.\i)unis's si-;,t :
i ""
..ii 'in' 1'i'n iiuiiil Legisature.    A-   i- I .*.    ,.    ...    %%,•,,   •»    >■ ■   ■ •
ic P. R. WiJ-l Build Line
..i i-ll know ii, t!ir ;ni'inl in  toy     Vl}n I'lii
,   ,  I From Golden.
lms iicen ,'ippi.i;iii'.'l ;....i,i'imn- ,7! Un-.
Yulioi ld-.li-i. 1. l)i- lms ;ioJ ;::i yel
1     l.liid      hi;    .1 ■;!     ill     llie    11,       ('
\IA('.i'.:.l',,Ki;s Mr., 1.     - I
nud fourth Tuesday ;.i each month,
.*-. i;i.,i\/..,i.. 1.. c
li. Ill.-CKi; mil 11   II   li.
Xowajds  Iiiii   iSfuele
Old Settlers IVlapJe   Syrup.
Pine in J, 1, !■;•' m;.I ,' s^lk-fi Tins.
•Soljcl by
I). CA/ilPBIf.LL,   .   -    VAVIR,
*   w,?CiaE0-.?AIIME0gr,-t
U s<^'/,-.'w-.  "'    .8
Lands and  Works.      MJnjng Agent
(.'tinusllatioii fit'  lio.-jei've.
Stntks and Share.*
Coii.sli-H.cti.oi) ,.,'ii the Jviiiiii'iiu1. Pen    •. lO'j'fCB i.. hereby given   U)»l   the
AGENT    FOll-
        i ak l< I     I   -. I..   ,ivi- ;y giv.-ll    Oi*     lu'
I   -m-l.il'.iv, mid ,-laim. lh.-.. 1    I le'-c   !»,.,., ,  ,, I H\ • .111    1   ■
tnd llui way, to run from  Gojuwi  "ni**^    itwrvaiuifi estabbobed 111   pur.- -,,   ,      ,  , ...   . ,, ,. ..        ..    .
»' ing to pievm him retaining   tl* themUlineof'hoC  P. ll/to   Fort sua,, f tlm provinions of the   '('"!- WuU,'U  Mf« InaimiUW C OWlMUjy ol Nov*.   \ Otlf.
-.-it. in ■]. iii- ui' In-■ iji-w .-i|.-|"' mi im 'in.   si,.,.!,. ,„, 1 fn- fi,,;;,   the   Iii f   lho uinbia and Weslcrti Eailwav Subsidy Cuil/liliilll CllSJllllty— lioijcj' lllsill'iijire ( '().
ii 1    iiniuobalilu   ilnl    Mr    Mt-fiinis  Crow's Nesl  Pass HaiUvai-,  is    lo    be  Act, 189(1," notices   of   which    "'*'l" 1        1        ai ,   ...       .
1 , ,   , ... ",     ... ,  , -    ,,     ,,-.■,   ,. 1    , London Mntiml p)vc Insuraneie Compaiiv,
will mlopi i|iis   course,    bijt    ul    the  nilieiiced at an early daU*.       ,\ork  published  111    the    Jlrilisli   Colnnibis I
,im..11 i; ,,|.,,.., ||„.  ,|i,i,.   ,,,'   t|10 j will ho started  -fl    Golden,   und    lhe, (bizelle and dated    7th    May,    189/5, I >!.tuil..'l   ) "il'i1 Jjlsill'iUX'*1 <'m!)1|i;IIIV.
tracks will be pushed iilong iii"   eiuit-  and 5th June, (890, respectively,  aro
ern side of the upper Columbia  riven hereby cancelled, ——~.—™._
)■-..  >!- ii.ni allogether in In-   linni's,
A 11 1 !."'li"ti of .".'.11-;' run nol    In'   Ills   (
. tor some lew miles oeturo l.dl
nu   ini until    lb.-   prnsenl    ii|ui))ber's       ft is learned on very good   nuthuri-
'    i_-ii.ii nm hi   bi'i'ij liiindi -j   in,   .md I iv limi lhe plans of lhe C.  P. U. con
Mi   \|, Inn,-. ,.in   lima   continue   In  eeining tbia linu  of   railway   are   m
Crown  lands  i-iiunitd   within  tlm        )''ll»S'j'   VENUK,
area einbroeed by the   -aid   ieseri-a> I _
iiun will be open to sale, settlement,
-Mill,  B,
I ulil the .,' 1! foi lb" i.;.|..i-iiiiui until
1 !n iiiiiint'til ,-n: ii..- 11 hen hi- ., nsiil-
. 1 - ibi- coinlition of   iill'iiii-   i-   in. nl
brii ilv -ri forth   nl-
fin    lieiug
laso ,-iu.i 11IJ11T 1I1-
losition, under lhe tfn
t,     ^•^-^••^^^■^■2,*ti->-^^'^-fe'Jfc'ii.'S:ife'^'i.->ii.X
asked fur a ciii.tirniutioii   of   the   ,t.   piovisions of tho "Eand   Act,"   three
If..11, .Mr  |i. llarpole, general   super-1 nioiiths after the date of the lirst pub-   TJf       *^ 'v-w -—" *     af\ » 1   1    W   11   '**| \J y|j(
itendeiil of the C. 1'. II   Pacilic    Hi    linition of ibis notiw
"iii-ibli- I.. In- "nn   par'}1.      That J vision, stated thai   be  knew   nolhing' Cu
1 lit* in sent in..in-ill 1.. 1.i'i   fiivourable
;- 1 - idi-iiii'd bv lb" fat!I 1I1.11 llieie   i-
:i.' it i-i.liipi-tllioil illllOllg I lie   l.ilii't.i
.. 1 tin' iioiuinufioii,   w nib'   i b"   ( "it- '
■■ : 1 .ilm- 1111'   ni'i'udy    agl'Pi d    Upon
III    III.'    Illlll-ll
lumbiti Gazclte; provided, however, /ii
beyontl the fact that lho line   uns   to1  , ,, 1,1 i!i
iibnt in all eases ivliei'3 lands   aro   so H\
bu bttili sometiine. | j.i
.... . .   ,,      ., sold, uie-einptod, leased or   otherwise fl\
1 In- statement    .-i   Ah'    Miupole s ' f      ' 'Ai
ib.1 In- knew the bn.' '.nml.I be   built "lieualed b*, the Government und are Wi
iinelinie i- signillcanl in ii"" "t   lb" subsequently found, Upon th"   survey •}_
.1. * xy
-,. == su
6.^-   to
i.i.-i ilm il,.■ limit.-inn-   Cenlrul   «.i- of the Columbia and  Western   Hail
""  "",'l"!"'''"'    Ml'    M,U,son'   '"'mi-i "i '  expressed   ag "lent J „.ftv Company'* blocks, then the
M'licilly.popular  111.in.    ivhu   has  that iniisuuclion Has to be comment*-
bt-.-n inavoi* of .N'anaiino for four   su.     ed before August |, ||1U*|,   nnd   t-om i ...
I    , ,    . ,       ,,    -     Mijii-i-  tbt-ir    till"    Ibi'leto    ti'iHll    lb"   »|»
V(,.,,.) I pleted on 01 before August   1,    |90i,    ' iK
1     llailivay Company who have  agreed   •'•
. .un *. .nul i.s. iiu-ii ii.I*   per-   /t*4
; -.'ii- acquiring such  lands   -.hul!   ac -   /i\
1       auiioiiiiced on good   mithoril 1
,   ilu- ''.1111..T. ■   Timoihv    P.ilon   is
I'ln' -1.a.-in.-i.i thai tb" bn,' 1-   in   In
litiih is ful I v confiriiiuloi-j .•!'   the   i"-   lo deal with   -u.li   purchasers,   pie-
I nl '   t ll.lt   1 .ill-il tl.ilnll   i-  In  -lull     III i-    ,
limner foi in  obtuin   the   Ilominioii
to ofvn a branch   itiUblishmciil   ,;,„,, „„„.„, grndtiated bonus ,.|   from
nq tors,
in,,-  ^K
terms nnd coiiditiiins n-i tb.1   Goyorn-  fa
Itfeill   Mi.ll'.d lllld,'I'   li:"     ' rni'i«!niio    nf    rP
iin- "l.und Act," excepi in respect   to   fl
,,;,'   |i|ii\i-i<ni
\ 11 -in-.  :.   which   11.I II   probably S.PJ-OO to $0100 per mile uoik    must1
a gi  at iiit-reuse in Ins mail   or- be commenced before August  1.
u,i,  in this Provi     While      '*'•'« "»l>*   -   PK-joclcd,   will   run | H'»>>e>'   I*'*'*   »«'     H,e    Company's
, i'i.•iu ii..Id. 11 in a   -milhi'usii'i iv   dir»   blocks, ivhich shall be subject i"   ilu
■1 , 'b\   I.ui.'ii   i-   11   conn nativeli
• eel ion toward l'ort Steele,   wheie   its ,-egiilations issued   bv   the   Company
. ; concern eniuiiareil   in   -..uu1   i-t , -,,    , ,., .,,
' III 11111111-.    11 111      III'. I I.l'     I'.lhl      w ill
American inaiboidei   houses,    lu- rollow clouely along lho eastern   bank
.  thing oui lo Winnipeg and   Win- uf the upper Colombia river.
,1 1- -1.: ilicnnl "I il e   i.i.-!.   limi
,' ■   . »s 1 I-ni here,  lb"   in 1il-a.11 -
11   lei, *l    -     -    iii", -..n*
:   ,     is    till-
. .1 1 -.- 1- bt'i'iiming   mi    inipor
•   : 1 .11..1 in ilu' tradi of  the   . mn
li p \    • ihe big Chicago bu ise
■   1  ' '    In •   I'liiirel}    lu   im |n t 1,11 ip, (;  sin i,-,,ii. , 1 nni   olhei
1 isii        ii  1   1. I..    :  •  atleiupl j.,-,.,.,, |-j whom he 111 iy   hove   trans-   1
•   lyiu**    ;i>"ils   in   customers ,-,,, ,.  , inton-sts in tl May   1'.:..-'
null ': ■ ■ an* sin I   ■'   .'■< '' . , . 1 ,1   claim,     situ .■- 1    on
'   '     ' •'*•!" "''•' 1!    111  im miii 1.   1 -1 -    nul    1   I i'l
■ '    ■ 1   ■ 'I    ■      ,:' I - ;    .ii »t fiuiii   Ymir,   in   1!
,    .   , , II j.  ■ ...     , :   . Sl'lt-ull      MillillU      1 '.'■ .-1'  ii      - !       \\ ■ -'       I.-;'
■ 1    ■  i, 11, .:,: in- -.    lv• hil liny lbsli ii'l, mul    1.       I   .
In   i; ■     tiro  ful     11 "    N, -on
M        . I', ■  iiun.
^    1 and eni.l   "i   i'i     .1"   i ,  • 1 ■,
•   iHililii.il, lluil  I have'  expi ., ...  I
I 1   ■! lIMI ]   11   ''mi.'     hll'gl      |m|, ;,     I    |,„|   sf-Vfll 'I"     .,-    II    I lllll   rl-
11 tin     i-flii'live     ■!   '•       lh'     '     ■    ■'   ;:'    iboUl and im| 1 oieuii'i I -
     • semailini    houses  and   upon the ulmvi mineral claim i Ier In
I     l|    till    - , ,-■    Oiull'l   I I ■■   1 :    ll 1-1.'li- i't 1
:      a ot iioiii lv   every   He-
,   11 ;■.• 1 1. Act,  and ll  11 ill .;i : :i • ".
i'i   nindise,    I-   btiund . ,       .  .
1 mi- from I lu- ..Hi- ..! iiii- in', .■ "   i-i;
*   "• •»   '■ "    yfttt*   ' ' 1 ,', HI :,!■.-      . . nirib  ■ ...in    1   :
il . li .: ... -   in   "1 !" n,,1   , 1 , -.1 (which is one imn
,,,,,    1     ,   I, \ present- Iml and tilt 1 et*        - Hid sevt 1
1,     . ,    I.,   ib,-   local ty il-"..'   - fori i; i-. > -1- ending
, -   \Jrt-,    '.■.'I'.'.',   tllgl I' "I    » 111.     . Sl> ol
. 1.. , iini!  1      c  or   ;"--
. b 11 Using, i . in .1  -1' -• .1. lhe   -1 -i
 ,   ,-:•■. ,i  1   '. .1 -
, .. ii di become lhe rroperti   ■■
1 . .    1   -• .. , . 1   il."
-■;..■-.   1 .- ■   1- :   -     '     ■     •   . I    111      \
,.-:,  1     ■■-.:■      ' I'-'''
enlil    I   "An     \ '■   10    A mei  1   I
'   :' '    '""' '   ""'"    Mineral Ait-   moO."
nill 1 u*i 111 il 1    .I-":!    all   nf ,|,,I1V i'  n u:,;,,ml
I    ,i ...i     'tn..;:.,   when     .-inni ii-     |i,iiul at Y111.1. idi,,   Mir,    III   D
: itive to lb" . utling ut' limber ..ti
lhe Columbia and Western llailwjiy
bind Giant.
v **- i;tu;i:
Deputy   Commissi r   ni    Lands
..   Work
Victoria, II  i'.  :3nl, l';'.  1'
'•      "T
#%i   '-v-$
* *v -- * t - ■*- ■ * ** *
:'. : hups   } .     •   V. .it.
not   1        is
..  i.
U .■   pi cpay   nl.
charges   i-i   t cl urninij
. -   and   i.- a c'.-.-y
rep '■   I bi '.:-.
:>V!s..- BROS.
■»     /.     ~"
1:   -^ i
S.  •:   J
«        Ymir. B. C.       I
%^**$ZS$$$$$Z$$$$$tz$Zi_ I
Watch   Repairing
Nn niiillcr \vli;i| i*s iii" niiiltiii' \\i|li your
-a.iI.'Ii wc ('(ill malvc il ns g-oorl ;i-i new. ;i> \\c
cni|iloy mil) pxpei'j wnikiiion. «ni(| our w,»r|<
is nil   uiiiiriiiil<'(i(l,      t.(i';i\*' your wmIcIi villi
Mr. A. l'l, Fivucli. (nir I pen] iiu'ciil..
J, 0,  Patenaude,
Manufacturing; Jeweller. VVatchmqker apd Optician,
. 'i   .   . -o-s-eft*-**
American and £.  C,   Hydraulic
Placer Company -Ltd,
Capital $50,000 in 500,(Hip {shares of ten cent** papli
Tlm C'n|ii])iiiiy is now |ireparing lu \voj-l, tlio (lul(|
Ui'ttljiC, liliirk Siii'.il 1nml Nii^id |il;ii'ri' Icjim'.** al |ln||
Siding, mul in order to iiiinli;i>r the pceeissiin ninrliiii?
. 11, tin- |itii|iititi-r*-' huve -ri (isidi? 11 limit-oil ninnlier uf
-limi'.- fur iiiinii'ijiiiti' *-nl''.
Tin1 .-liiiir*- lire fully [midmul nun io-si*k.*--h1i1ii
'I'ln-1'I'liii'.'inv'.- ground nvernges ">0 (:i*iit,s iii'i' rnl>ir
vmi! mi the  --iiiiiiri1, oyci' 240 lU'i'e.s,
'I'jli' nuiiibi--- nt' tiii'ii _:inl b'',V'
Wnrhillg i|l |l|l(j ;l,li|llld t-iilll  inine-     ill
ilm I iiii"i| Siitii-, agufflgatiw *"ii'.il.*'iiin-.
tin- averugp v,'0(-ki||g   v.1:!'   ":l-   '•■"
In shilling ll""U,-;b ivt'i gi'olllid ii
i, ntiiv bi'i'iiini;;;: i| jcgului' ppwlirii 1"
i |i)|il|i.v lun ii||.s ;n i-iiiib   holf,.      '|'his
is di|ii" in in.-i,if (,he eijplpijinn l.i' the
ilyiinuiii". '|'b,' ciii-t n|' Cjip aii|| I'u-i-
iii   l,ii'iilii||g   -ji'.uiiul   jl)    iw.'thuiii.v
uliljhl.       Till-  frill     l'\.|.l'lis|'    ill     b'.rill:- I
ipg (jrotind i ni ihilliiiL.' thi Ih'Ii-.
If one nr I M't bul;-- of (1.,;- jiiuiml    dn |
llul   U-I  nil',    ill,'      ,1   ll'ji     i|.i|l,'     i,.V      l||l'
iilbt'l's niii b,' i,'ilu,','ij i;i ;i |lii||il|i||i|l|
lii'inc iin- inir-sity of li-'i',iug n|| |hp
hole.1 ■■lii-li'.l Id' iiti,',!-!1, tlm i,-" nf
Inn in; - ti, ,■•!,.I,   h,,li:   lines    |lfil    ijii
away ivjth thn npopssity fif pi'iiperly
prolneting the ciips against watei*.
Another iil'ice. iv|ip|'p (loi|b|p-eapping
is important i, ii; ll'tt ljntti;i|. holy j|i
a ivel drift,
lll'Aliiir Ml'll'll.-i    I'lll!    M|N|N(i   M I'.N    -\>'l.   TIM5
TiiAvr-i-i-iNi! rriii.|i',
Noivly fumjslied throughout.    Bani|j(p |'0!)|pij ip wiuu'-H'"1-
llul,- .-l.."i" In J2.50 pm  d:iy.
• |'l.S| A\     .Mil.KUll,   i'ritlii'ietcr |
1'iiiil lieflji'deli is rt'iuiieil ilicsi1   phni'i'ta   ,n
i   in1   (ip-
lamed at n liurgnin
Mi-aiinliili1 ihe tirn.-urv   -|ni'k    (#10,1*00    Hnil'i'-I    U
led intact,
1-:. W . Widtbnv-iiii.
lll.i'iil-.llAilK   AN|i   |NS| |i i», |..
Percy .1. !ili'ii:;i-t'.
|i| it-iii-.ij.
.lollll i'liilbi'i't.
inn    i,uniis   an|i   iii-Mi. 11 i:,i;ii|S|,.*
I). OanipbelJ.
Iii'sHii-jnV Jobbing Co.
dim Canuda Drug nr, 1 Huali On.
|TIIN|TU|,|:    liKA|.|-.|l.
\Vi|ilai|i Chirk,
1>. Campbell.
pesBiisiiy Jobbing (,'n.
(insiiiopnlltiiii—.Inlin Breau.
.Mi'l.ii.d lltitisi1—l-'iiiliiy McJ-ead.
Miller House—S  Miller.
Pulpce—Tait iV ({it.lilt.
Vancouver- Owen llfiyer,
Waldorf— tieorge Colnian,
Vmir—J. W. MiisIitsoii.
IIaiiH "'.ini;
r. s. 'i'. iinss.
I .11 11 -     II I,Ml II1M,     IMi     \ll|.|.I.SI'.ll
Mrs. John MeLeod
lil.N'INtl   llflCOHpKK
Percy J. Gleny.er.
Jlerald I'iihlisliiiig Co,
.It I 11. N KI {\ .
1). Campbell.
„,„ Hliuuld nurk   nndergromid   over "I''1"' "■'"''.
The  Hight   HOUr  Law. Infusorial   nui-ih   i-.'iisi.u   nf   ib,
-ilii'inii- skeletons of  niicrn-innpie   ni'
Ai l.'iii.vsiniili ln-.i ni'."!, ih"   oases gunisiiis known ns   diatouitt.      li   i
of Hex \-  Andii-iv llrydeii nud   Hex ||mj|,|y ,,,,-d fdi for  absoibing   nitro
,-  Harry   Carroll,   nero   heard   by ulyeerine, ftlrniing djnninitn.      |i    i*.,     Hnrshniv & Wilson,
peace Justices Allan und   Mathiosnn, ai„, usp,| fm, ,mnv .m,,.,. pm-pose-i   in      Jackson & Leahy,
.lustico Allan road lhe charge as   laid U,(, aiis,.nuUbly   f..,-   polishing   pur.     A''X'"'''"'i'.ip.i,, ,.|-T
bv Inspector of Mines    pick   against p(ls(.s. i     Miles Mclnnls
t .ii-..II.      Tho   information   charged      ,.,, ■     ,   ,       ,      ,,  .    •' i niikiitahkii
, ...   ,,. ill"   mill      lllllll'i        111'      lllll      I   llllt'l    I       Will!.,,,,   C|.,,*L*
I'uriol iv th ivnrkiiig in the Welling-L,        .    , .    , Willlain Claik.
.     I --iiiii- i- iibmil  in per   nun.   nt    ib" :
i,.ii   Jnllit-iv   Company«    Extension i
1      . total   iititptii   nt   the   ivorld,       Hi"1 ' '""   "
Initios over eight hours in i lav,   in   ,     , ,    .
.,,,,. ,, '    |      hniilagn nt   coal   friiin   iIn*    I'l-nn-il !
Violation nt lb" ( mil   Mint-    Hegula-. l
i iiiiint ,-iinI (Un.i inni"-   in   points   mt
limi Act. I i   i    i-     •
,.     ,,   • i.iiiii' r.i in is iii nils ni ,'iim innii-   en-
IVirnster  A    I'.    I.uxtun,    K,   ( .. ,, .   , ,   ,   .,
, .        j parity,    M"-t "i iin- s I   built   t'ud
Vi, im in, umieured  for   tin-   iletent-e. ,
11   ,        , .     . ,     furs carry lini.ii'iii pounds.
li.- mtuI In- b id mi objection in  iii.iI.i-
that he thought would    go   ini"   tho      A water   ditch   or   llu    pm-singl
foundation of tho   whole   act.      U0 'irounil a curve ahnuld have thn outer    Sunlit   African   Will'   l.ainl
edge raised for the same rnason    ihat I
read tho section in the act relating to .
I Un-niiii-i'i'iIui. ni n iiul mi ii   railway
lhe einplovnient of wliito men   under-  , ,  •     i...,,,„i      -pi ,    '.-
tiaek is eleiateil,       lin-   a in    of j , , Hants of Iiun! mndi- In V iin-i-r.-.. iln-li
grotiiid o.-er eight houra,       I'liu   sec- L)tvation, nf course, depends upon the  "'   in-ir« nr nulmi., mnii-r nuiiioriij ... 	
lion,   ivhilu   -iiiiint  ibii    no   while  radius of the curve and   lho   velocity a*-'. »**■ aiiiij-ut i- Hi iiti..u umi  -u.-ii
I inn.I- -I, ,;i Im vi- i. "" -. i,..'i.i   i.i   tl,.- iii-iii!..-.
I lill ,.r li.'l.i lir-i .l-i.i ill .lull,  IUC'i.      s ..,,*,
eight hour* in any one day,   did   nol       The pi-iiditcriun of aluminum in llie'n, ui-i.ii*. ii.i.i> nivi-ii Umi •> i •■■ -i. -1 -■-->.. -
|,,-Uvidii that ib" fi "I working ovei ■   Cnited States ainouiils to   .ilmul    7, I tor-m-l. Intnl.  -' i«- HI1-.1 m . linvri, ,,.
„. ,   ,i      , ,    W0.000 pounds per annum,   ibis   he- "■■■"'■ ***v "im'im**.
Imii" wns nn  illi'iiii- iigiunsi    llu-   int..       -ii
,   .        ,     Ing tin- iii'iiductinii for 11)03,    In ten
Un concluded  that,   tlm   being   the              '
years the production   lum   grown lu-   ,.„„,,„,,, w„rk. ,„.,,„,,„„,„.
ruse, the court had nj jurisdiction   »»| teen fold.     The   production   of thoV
the matter. ' United Hiatos i- ahoui     half ii.-.W
I Inn   Worships   .'iiliiiiiiui'il   court   total production of the world. i •«. *, . i .
,. , ,   ,        , \\\ c lire niiikiiiu a   ki
for fifteen.nnmUM, uuring ivincii per-;     In driving the Simplon tunnel   m'* '
|„d they held   »  private  coiiHtiltation  cidoiits to workmen roaclmd the   fear-1 [\\ir   j||   ;i||   kinds   (»1
ivith Attorney I.uxton and   Inspector ful fi8,lle of r,-r,nfl!  I,lt"iti   "f   ""ui'-ci
, ,   . ; wore of ii minor  character;   III!   men
Dick.    I pon ih mi being  reopen- ,
In-i   Iheir  ihen   Inns,  including tlm'
'•'I 'l,MI " All,'n s"'1 eng •!,   Signor   bianco,   nnd   tivol
••Tin-''"ini   I'liiii'liidi'-   i"   dismiss nther ollicialsi-J-S men iveru so serious-
lho ensos as il tines not think   it   Im- ly injured its to ciitso  lifelong   disa-
|iii-isdictioii in the matter." bloinonl
'I'he above decision means that   tb"      The belief i- generally expressed in |
mailer teats with the   An y-Gfn llritish Columbia thai    ihe endeavor
,     ,,        ...     , ,, „.,   t it very low-grado   tailings   luui iF 01'   0110  Wl'CK  Oil V,   III
eral whether tlm justice* of (lie  i""'' - .  '
b in nl llu* biitlmii nt lhe   failures   iif
lum- jurisdiction iii ih'1 case nr   not. .  The Canada  Druo*   and
"       ' tb- I'JIlnoro process in llritish (nluiu-l    '        wauaua   i'i n>;    j»ii«
[f it is su decided, and the Govern- |jin T,,„s,. ,„, ,|„, gl.0U||(| expl.e8a
Inenl is inclined to push il" matlcr, thn opinion t Imi if ores nt' decent
it vlj|| iju.-iv in-   before   lb"   mi | value hud I « treated ib.n very sat-j
jnstii'i- iis'nu
11   I' tJIII-.I.N,
liii.rriniiiiii —i-iii-T lil l.i.ti.l-.i llurk-
n. I-  until iiul. mn
Station cry
Book   Co.,  Ymir.
Ur,   Kliinii - office bum-   at   th
4**44***4***************** ********4w*mw-*.%4*****.*i
?|piusp fopvayil T|i|: Y\ii|i II|-;nu.i' for.
itiid i||-l;u'ii',l(ii|,m; receipt ;'.f (spclospil
*» Tiik (rlpuALp is pu^jslipd   evefy *siil;i|ilny i|i|i|';ii]t;,' anil    •
X (.-onpiips  all   the  news pf thp camp,
|{iTj-s--P|;n Y|i.iii, *'-': ll'ii' Ykah, «i,
.        —  ^ '. ,j„ ii . - . "'*.
I.Ti.WI) ( KNTHAh HOTj^!. Clark's   Furniture   move.
Opposite. Couithouse  nnd   iicw   1'isi
ullii'r,   Resi 'J*-' ■ ii'i'nl   in   town.
Kuropenn nnd American pl-tii.
dply   white    labi'i'    pipplpyed.
First flius bar
Hotel , . ,  ,
(Under entirely new uiaiiftgenuuit.)
piiiing Jiiiuiii  inni  I hit
<u|i|iliril   wifli    tlio   lit'st
in tho market,
liight  n|i|!(i*-itr  depot,   Vinir
wu.1.1AM (-'l-APiK
l..'iitli-|tiilit'i'   mid   l"ui-||iiuri'    hi'iili'i
.Mail oi'dej's pcpinptly iittepded i"
illlill BTRB)l'l1.
Kiivt i-Iits-j -|)i|iiim lioom
|]est   lii'iiipls;   uf WinC'-i
l,ii|ll(irs iind ('igaps.
OWKN l!(»Yi;i!, Prop,
Seccuul Avo,
I II!'.   HINT   III! \\|> |l|*'   luiMI'lSTIC
The Kootenpy   Standard
and   Juanita.
i| IXl'PACTl lllili   111
"7.   C.   Thelin & Co. ~~
Nelson, I',. ('.
Headquarters for Hining
and Commercial Men
Most comfortable hut.i-1 in the t|i-
trict,    Everything first-class,
YMIH, 11. C,
1 44************** 4-H-4+-H;
I iclivci-cil any
place in town.
J Stove Lengths I
T I Iry §1,35             Green 51.00, I
X Per ©art Load. }
I V               • +
♦ .s.'iv is the tunc I    pul in T
t a »i.oil supply. t
♦   1
| Porto  l.ir<» J
♦ Iitiiiiliov Co. Iilil. I
Ymir Transfer Co.
Teaming and
Express ....
All orders promptly attended tn
nnd the .uirutr-i care exercised in tlrf!
handling of goods
* 4************4**4****** X
MRS.   J.   McLEOD
Yniir Citizens
Pinlav MoTjBou, Preaident,
Pkiii v Cli.EAZEit, Secretary,
A    II.   IllTKll'lillTII,   'I'lt-ns.
isfift-turv renults would have heeii nb-1 drug   store
I'dncd. I   jn u, || „. ,„. .,M,u t„ .-,.;|iM,. m.  il'nst   OltiCC   IStOl'd    -     Y>lilt,
,:"1,1- SHver, or I.,,,.l .. ft* QO
Copper - - - - 81.50
Gold-Silver,     -    -      .        ?160
Clmi-jjcH fur oilier mctala ou up
plication, '
Provincial Assayer
Nelson, B. C.


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