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Vol. 1—No. 3.
Price Five Cents.
***************4 ** **i *** #4
Patronize Herald advertisers.
The Nelson fall fair takes places this
year on September 28 and 29.
Birth—On Tuesday afternoon, May
31st, the wife of David E. Grobe of a
daughter.    Both doing well.
Silver dropped this week to 55c;
but two silver dollars ■ is good for a
year's subscription to the Herald.
The McCloskey Vaudeville com
pany, which was to show here on
Thursday night, failed to show up.
.Mrs. Crowe, who has been in Nelson
for the past few weeks under medical
treatment, returned to town yesterday.
Friends of Harry Holland, a pioneer
of this camp, will regret to learn that
he is dangerously ill of cancer in
According to the prophecies of the
Rev. Ira D. Hicks for the month of
Juno this month will be a long succession of storms,
"Sufficient unto the day is the evil,''
will be the text at the Methodist
church next Sunday night' at 7:30
o'clock.    Everybody invited to attend.
Herbert Mason, formerly foreman
of the Hunter V. mine, has left to do
work on his mining properties,' after
which he plans taking in the St. Louis
John Harbottle finished the rebuild
ing of the Porto Rico Sawmill  Com
«*pany'a burner on Monday last, and the
mill started up agai n with a full force
on Tuesday.
A photograph was takeu last Toes-
day of the pioneers of the camp, that
is those who were here before August,
1697. John Harbottle was the
originator of the idea.
There's quite a slump in Tim
Eaton's express parcels coming to
Ymir since it became known that the
goods could be purchased from local
merchants at the same price.
Miss Gray, who resigned her position
as nurse in the Ymir hospital a month
ago, returned to Ymir this week before leaving for Phoenix, where she
has accepted a position in the local
Rev. R. E. Collis returned from the
Methodist conference at the coast on
Monday and will remain here about
two weeks, after which he will go to
Kimberley, to which place he has been
The bush fire that was raging last
week south of Porcupine creek, did
not damage the Hunter V. tram. The
men succeeded in getting it under
control, and the recent rains put it
out entirely.
W. A. Stevens left the Hunter V.
Company's employ on Tuesday last and
goes to work on his ranch at Granite,
two miles from Nelson. W. P. Sloan
is in charge of the lower tramway
terminal now.
Presbyterian Church—Morning service, 11 a.m,; Sunday school 12; evening service, 7:30. Young Peoples'
Society meets on Friday evening at 8
o'clock. All are welcome. Rev. H.
Young, M.A., Pastor.
As usual Nelson intends celebrating
Dominion day in grand style. The
program for the day is being poorly
advertised. If Nelson wants outside
visitors it must let them know An
advertisement in the Herald will do
the work.
Constable W. 0. Forrester is enjoying a layoff from his official duties for
• few week. In the meantime constable J. Wilson of Creston has been
enjoying a restful holiday from his
duties elsewhere by being temporarily
in charge of Ymir. He is now succeeded by J A. Eraser of Rossland,
who has recently been appointed to
the force.
There were apparently good games
of baseball played elsewhere than in
Ymir on the 24th of May. The Nelson Tribune reports a mutch at Creston where the Score stood at 43 to 16
in favor of Creston when the game
closed at midnight.
Ymir Old Timers.
On Tuesday last some eighteen or
twenty old timers of Ymir met to
gether and had their photographs
taken; after which they adjourned to
the St Charles hotel, where an impromptu meeting was held.
Upon the meeting being called to
order, John Mcl^eod was unanimously
elected president, and E. VV. Widdow-
son secretary pro tern.
J. F. Harbottle. in moving the
formation of a society of the pioneers
of Quartz creek aud Ymir, drew
attention to the fact that most towns
in the country had similar organizations, and suggested that it should be
confined to men that were in town
prior to the end of '97. He thought
that an association could very well be
formed in the district, Bay to meet
once or twice a year when most appro
priate, and that a dinner could be
given on such occasious,
D. A. Cameron thought the idea a
very happy one, and it would certainly
have his support.
After further discussing the matter
the following resolutions were unani
mously carried.
That a committee of three be appointed to interview the pioneers of
Quart/, creek and Ymir as to the desirability of forming an association; to
decide upon meeting places, dates and
number of meetings per year. The
committee be further instructed that
the ptace of meeting shall be confined
to hotels owned by men eligible for
election to this society.
That a committee be appointed to
frame a list of bylaws of association
and rules to govern same.
That N a copy of these resolutions
shall be sent to the Ymir Herald for
The 'following committee was appointed by the president: F. MeLeod,
E M Peters and S. Miller.
Hotel Arrivals.
McLbod Houb» — Julius Levy
Rossland; J. H. Cites, Northport; L.
D. Allen, Boston, Mass.; J. McVicar
and wife, Vancouver; Win, Marcellus,
Nelson: M. F. Cole, Nelson.
Cosmopolitan—Joe Derham, Salmo;
G. F. Fuller, Moyie; John Hera, Rossland; S. Johnston, Dauphin, Man.
Waldor*—S. Wellman, Spokane!
Fred Wolflo, Foghorn; W. H. Spencer,
Nelson. -
Ross HouiR—J. Freeman, Oskar
Ross, Salmo; C W. P. Hall, North-
port, Washington.
Business Locals.
For fresh fruit, go to the Fair.
For flags and fire works, go to the
For ice cream and ice cream sodas,
go to Seaney's.
Pine apples, bananas, oranges and
fresh tomatoes at Seaney's.
For double Jersey buttermilk, go to
the Fair.    Sole agents for Ymir.
We are agents for Hazel wood ice
cream and buttermilk.    The Fair.
Andy Chriesl is making the best
beer on tap in Ymir If you want to
get a drink, which will do you good
and have no bad eflects, ask for
Chriest's beer, and at the same time
support home industry.
******** ******* 4 * ***** ****
The Queen mine at Salmo has
shipped three gold bricks during tho
past month worth $2900.
The Second Relief has at present
16 men at work. The full force is
expected to be on, hand shortly.
Over one hundred free miners' certificates were issued by the deputy
mining recorder in Ymir during the
few days preceding the :31st of May.
The management of the Broken
Hill Company have bought up Fred
Huzeu's large holding of stock. Mr.
Hazen was the original owner of one
of the claims of the Wilcox group.,
Messrs. Hughes, Parr, aud tho. Daly
Bros are at work on tho Yukon
Fractional claim, between the Atlin
and Dundee mines. This is the property which the Dundee Company
claims under the Kitten location.
Roy Riblet, representing B. C.
Riblet, was over the Hunter V. tram
last week to look into several little
deficiencies which had come to light
in the course of operation. This week
some of Riblets's men are at work
fixing up these defects.
The Fern mine at Hall Siding is
now working a full force of men and
turning out considerable ore. Mr. E
Raramelmeyer, who has the property
under lease, is running the ten stamps,
and in connection, a concentrating
table of a new type, known as the
Overstorm. This is manufactured by
the Allis-Chalmers Company of Chicago, and it is claimed is the most
mechanically perfect of any table, the
three different motions being perfectly
adapted to the purpose.
Manager A. H. Tuttle of the Broken
Hill Company reports that the Wilcox
mine never looked better than at the
present time. On the upper Wilcox
tunnel, the work is progressing on a
fine t>ody of ore, while in the Fourth
of July new sloping ground, 150 feet
long, with a varying width from two
to four feet, has been opened up,
Oevelopment work is also being prose
cuted on the new Vein on the Fourth
of July recently opened up. The
meeting of the company has been
postponed until July 9th.
Recent tests on placer ground, leased
by John Falls and others at Hall
Siding, hovo been very satisfactory,
and prove the existence of a large area
of auriferous gravel regularly impregnated with gold in paying quantities. Similar ground to this is being
worked by the California Dredge Com
pany in California and other states
and making big money, the cost of
operating being placed at 7 J cents per
cubic yard. The tests on tho Hall
creek ground, taken from gravel near
the surface, indicate a minimum value
of 50 cents per cubic yatd, which
should make it a very profitable field
for operation. It is a fair presumption,
however, that nearer the bedrock,
which has hitherto not been reached,
the average will be much higher. The
black band averages alout 10 pounds
to the cubic yard, and after as much
gold has been extracted by amalgama-
mat.ion as possible, is still worth about
$10 per ton.
The manager of the Ymir Gold
Mines reports the return for the month
of April, 1904, by cable, as follows:
Forty stamps ran 30 days and crushed
3050 tons (2000 pounds) of ore, producing 731 ounces bullion. The
estimated realizable value (gross) of
the product is $7650; 250 tons of concentrates shipped, gross estimated
value, $6,825; cyanide plant treated
2280 tons (2000 pounds) of tailings,
producing bullion having estimated
gross value of $1950; sundry revenue,
$825—total, $17,250; working expenses, SI5,800—profit. $1450. There
has been expended during the month
on development, $1275.
Wedding Bells.
John McVicar, 1..A., one of the
pioneers of Ymir, was married to Miss
Noble of Aylmer, near 1/melon,
Ontario, on Monday last. The wedding took place in Vancouver, and a
number of old Ymiiitos wore around
to congratulate their old fellow citizen.
Spencer Sanderson, Phil White, R.
MucRoberts and S. DesBrisay, all late
of Ymir, had the pleasure of shaking
hands with them. Mr. and Mrs.
McVicar arrived here on Wednesday
morning last, and will take up their
residence in Vmir. Mr. McVicar was
one of the earliest settlers in the old
town of Quartz Creek, and for several
years was assayer-general to the camp
and surrounding district. For the
past two years he has been connected
with the Ymir mine and is now in
charge of the cyanide works in connection with that institution.
The bill to amend the lead bounty
act, so as to meet the wishes of the
Associated Silver-Lead Mines and the
boards of trade of southern British
Columbia, passed through committee
and was read a third 'une on Thursday Under the an inded act, provision is made for o payment of a
certain proportion °i bounty upon
surplus lend oiv- <ported from
Canada for treatment. The immediate effect of this is to increase the
number of men employed at the St,
Eugene mine, Moyie, which will now
be able to run its big mill up to its
full capacity.
The intent of the lend bounty act is
primarily to foster the lend smelting
industry in this oountiy, and its
extension to ores smelted across the
line would seem calculated to defeat its
first object. The extension, however,
is at present necessary, because there
are at present not sufficient lead stacks
in British Columbia to handle all the
ore which can be produced by Slocan
and East Kootenay mines.
', To Subscribers and Intending
As we stated last week we
started with a blank subscription list. A goodly few friends
to whom we sent copies of the
first issue, on expectations, have
responded to our invitation to
walk in and deposit, but there ! ',
are others. Ail advertisers get ! ',
a free subscription; but wo shall ! !
necessarily 'have to gradually
eliminate all those others to
whom we are now Bending, who ',',
do not declare themselves,
Negotiations are in progress for the
arrangement of a game lietween Nelson and Ymir at the Dominion day
sports in Nelson. It is to be hoped,
however, that the team put up by
Nelson will bo a little stronger aggregation of talent than that which visited
Ymir on Victoria day, otherwise the
game will bo even more lopsided than
the game on that occasion. The Ymir
boys have had more practice and improved considerably since that date.
The Ymir nine goes down to Salmo
on Sunday to play the Salmo team.
Finlay MeLeod, manager of the
Ymir team, is in receipt of a letter
from the captain of the Nelson team
which was here on Victoria day, expressing the thanks of the Nelson boys
for tho generous treatment and hospitality tlicy received on that day.
Citizens' Association
The regular monthly meeting of this
association was held on Tuesday last,
J. W. Koss in the chair. The minutes
of the previous meeting were read by
D. Campbell, the secretary, aud
Dr. Duncan who, since the inaugur
atiou of the society, has acted as
treasurer, tendered his resignation
from that position in consequence of
his approaching departure from the
town. The treasurer's statement of
accounts was audited and found correct, there being a balance in hand of
$28, which was handed over to Finlay
MeLeod, who was appointed to the
position of treasurer. Dr. Duncan's
resignation was accepted with regret,
and a vote of thanks was passed in
recognition of the admirable service ho
has rendered tho association during
past years.
Tho question of fire equipment then
came up and a resolution was passed
instructing W. M. Coffey, chief of the
fire brigade, to purchase a new hose
cart and nozzle, together with other
necessasy equipments. A couple of
hundred feet more hose is also needed,
but funds are not in shape to permit
of that expenditure so far.
Bad Man Caught.
The one armed convict named Mul-
holland, who escaped from Nelson jail
about a year ago, has been located.
He is again doing time, having been
sentenced to three years in the Stoney
Mountain penitentiary. The provincial authorities will endeavor to
have him sent to Nelson when his
sentence in Manitoba is concluded.
He was sent to Nelson from Rossland,
charged with a vicious assault. While
awaiting his trial, the one-armed man
scaled the jail wall and disappeared as
completely as if Kootenay lake had
swallowed him Up.
Since tho abolishing of the Creston
mining recorder's office, records on
locations in the Sixteen mile section
a\u be mode at Ymir.
Fire In Ymir.
Sunday morning lost a disastrous
fire occurred, which entirely destroyed
the residence of A1. Garvin across the
river, The alarm bell was sounded
about 9 a.m., and a crowd immediately
turned out, but it was quickly seen
that all efforts to save the house must
bo entirely futile. The flames had
already secured a firm hold on the dry
logs forming the walls of the main
building, and the heat was .so intense
as to render approach within ten yards,'
scarcely possible. Under these circumstances it was impossible to attempt to save any of tho household
effects. The only things actually saved
consisted of an organ and one trunk
of clothing.
The fire hose, which was on deck as
quickly as possible, was found barely
sufficient to reach tho flames, as it hud
to be brought from the hydrant ut tho
Herald office, right across the Salmon
river bridge and about 200 feel down
the east bank, making a very long
stretch of hose It was well-manned,
however, and although useless in saving the house, was tho means of preventing the lire spreading to the bridge
and other houses, Great sympathy
is expressed with Mr. and Mis. Garvin, ..
who loso their residence and practically all their household effects. , There .
was no insurance. jjx n jgjgpr^'
■IT?^ff"WWT11Sr»^s«»l^1Wr^P1<^T»»WlWW^^ '
(3ppd   Weather?   flood  Crowd,   and   Good   Sports
}<ieen«y   Contested.
Once ipore Yinir was favored with I hand, is 11 sufficient indication of the
Queen's weather when celebrating in j quality of the Nelson play. However,
commemoration of the birthday of our! the prowd derived lots of fun from the
Jate gracious lady, Queen Victoria
As on previous occasions the bpayens
conspired with the celebration cou|-
mittee to make the day as perfect and
pleasant as possible, and helped to
paint the town in bright and glowing
colors, Will) sunshine jn the air and
sunshine in their hearts Ymirites celebrated, and loqkej to it that their
Visitors received a goodly share of a|l
(.he entertainment going.
The town was profusely decorated with flags and bunting and
presented quite a gay and festive ap
pearance when tho train from Nelson
pulled in. There was.a little disap-
pointtwmt expressed at the fewness of
the visitors from Nelson, the number
being less i! an half the attendance on
previous occasions. This, however,
was probably accounted for by the
counter attraction of the lacrosse
match between Nelson-New West*
minster held at Kaslo, to which some
600 Nelson holiday makers betook
themselves However, there was a
determination that nothing should be
allowed to stand in the way of the
enjoyment of tho occasion, and the
visitors were quickly swallowed up in
the crowd of Ymirites, visitors from
Salmo apd Erie, and men from the
Ymir and Hunter V. mines, bah of
which were practically shut down for
tho occasion.
As soon as the train had dropped its
passengers the Nolson band, which was
in attendance, formed up and headed
A procession which marched through
the principal streets, and finally came
to a halt on the baseball ground, where
f jMr. Patrick Daly, the president of the
celebration committee, formally opened
the day's proceedings with a neat
' speech of welcome 10 the visitors,
giving them the freedom of the town.
Mr. Harry Wright, M P. P, for the
district, who was among the visitors,
also addressed a few words to t)i9
The sports were then brought on
without delay, and footraces and
jumping contests were the order of the'
day until noon. In the jumping contests Lowe of Salmo and the Rev. R.
E. Taylor, lato Methodist preacher in
Ymir, distinguished themselves.
After dinner the first item of Inter
est was the horseracing. In the open
quarter mile Chris Willis' "Steptoe"
from Salmo won the best of three
heats from Kirkpatrick's "Buckskin."
In the local race Kirkpatrick's horse
won from an entry by Tom Oddie,
Following tho races the crowd adjourned to the baseball grounds to
watch the match between the Nelson
Intermediate team and the Ymir
team. Several of the Salmo team
were included in tin- Ymir nine, making a very strong combination. Tho
line up wss as follows;
Nelson—Hemery, 1st base; Steele,
pitcher; Sickle, loft field; Miller, 3rd
base; Kelley, right field; Avery,
catcher; Nelson, 2nd base; Stanford,
shortstop; Freese, centre Held.
Yfnir—Cawley, 1st base; Anderson,
pitcher; Roberts, left field; Therein,
3rd base; Knglish, right field; Sheedy,
JJnd base; Blanchard, catcher; Carney,
shortstop; Watt, centre field.
Somewhat to tho disappointi.iout of
tho spectators the game was a very
one sided affair, Ymir having a walk
over. Tho team sent down from Nelson was a very indifferent combination, and made a very poor showing
indeed, so that the history of the game
would be but a long series of errors on
their part. Tho spectacle of tho Ymir
catcher walking down from the home
plate to second base and there calmly
putting out two men, aimlessly dodging
In nnd fro, without the tmll lenving his
spectacle, w)iieh, perhaps, was all t)iat
was wanted, except to pnike sure that
the trophy stayed in Ymir. The efforts of the Nelson band to make a
division, .were somewhat overshadowed by >' e artist pn the single
horn who, from h;s lofty position in
Nature's grand stand to the west of
the ground, distfihuled megaphonic
melodies umj pertinent pointers to the
The drilling match followed the
baseball game, and the crowd moved
en masse to the rook placed for the
purpose in front of the Miller house.
The teanis entered were McGillvray-
Browti and Autle?\Vr,iy. Of these
McCillvray is all old-tinier and was
one of the winning teum in the cc'e>
biation here lost year and on Dominion day last ill Nelson, lie and his
partner succeeded in putting down a.
record hole of 43j inches in hard
granite; Brown displaying great skill
in   handling   the    steel,   while   Mo»
K, W. Widdowson.
W. A. Hutschmidt.
llROKEKAf.K AN.1>   IjJ^JJlJAjtfCR.   •
Percy J. (j,le:i/er.
jll TCllKli.
John PhiHieit.
T. U, Atkinson
!>KY   JJOOTM   AND    JBJfTS   H/lf.NlUlllVIS
jVoBrisay Jobhing Co>
Newitt * Co.
ypmgpruiue   dkai.kii.
William Clark.
1). Campbell.
DeijBiis,iv -lobbing,Co,
S }-{. Seauey.
V. 3- T, Koss.
Cosmopolitan—John Braau,
Mcl/ccal House—Finlay MeLeod.
Miller House—S   Miller.
palace—'fait £ Ruddy.
Koss Bouse—0. Archibald.
Vancouver—Owen Boyer.
Waldorf—George (Jolnian.
Ymir—J. \V. Masterson.
I.AlllKS    l'l'UNISltlNO     AND    }Hf,I,|NKH(
Mrs. John MeLeod.'
Percy J. Uhuzcr.
Herald Publishing-Co.
T. H. Atkinson.
I), (anipliell.
8. I|. iScHiiey,
HllisliSw iSi Wilson.
William Clark.
pretty and effective     Anile and Wray I
also put in some hard licks  and   were,
giving promise of making the match a|
close one when their steel broke in the
hole.    In spite of this,   however, they "
got down 34 inches, and from their Clark's   Furniture   Store
quick   ami    heavy   hitting ami  slick j WILLIAM  CLARK
changes it is certain they would  have
made a fine showing if their luck   had
held  out,    The   purse   won  by Me-1
Gillvray aud Brown amounted to $100.
In the final of the quoit match, that
veteran thrower, John F. Harbottle,
defeated Wallace of Nel'on by 21-10,
and accordingly retains the championship cup,
In the evening, after a fine display
of fireworks, the day's fun was wound
Mail orders promptly attended to
| Birch Strkrt, •        • Ymih
When you want good value   f* \ An DtJpI   1   t C
for   your    money   go
NOTICE is hereby   given   that  the
up by a grand ball in the Union  hall, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
at   which   a   large   attendance   was ! Undermentioned porsWlmve made ap
,,,.,,,, .1 plication under  the   provisions  of  the
gathered and enjoyed first class  music |,yquor LioenM Aot. moo,"  for hotel
and dancing until the small hours.        i licenses at the places set opposite their
The following is a complete  list df resneotive names:
,        .        . Owen Hover, VancoUVor Hotel. \ mir,
the prize winners ; ^^^^^™
foot HACKS.
■ Boys, under 8—Jst, Alex MeLeod;
2nd,- Harvey Foster; 3rd, — Boss.
Girls, under 8—1st, Hazel Newitt;
2nd, Winnie Shrum; 3rd, Minnie
Boys, under '13—1st, Alf Clark;
2nd, — Schwartz..
Girls, under 12—1st, Vera MeLeod;
2nd, Dora Jordan.
Girls' skipping race—1st, Vera
MeLeod: 2nd, Dora Jordan,
Men—1st, C. Therein: 2nd,   Freeze.
Three-legged raoe—1st, Klavena
Keefe; 2nd, Clark-Ferguson
Hack iiich—1st, Keefe; 2nd, Newitt,
Boys' long jump—1st, Newitt: 2nd,
Schwartz; 3rd, Steele.
Men's long jump—1st, Cauley; and,
Sheedy j 3rd, Taylor
Standing Jump—1st, Taylor; 2nd, J.
Hop, step and jump—1st, Taylor;
2nd, Lowe,
High jump—1st, Lowe; 2nd, Taylor
Open—Chris Willis, Steptoe.
Loral—William Kirxpatrick, Boan
McCillvray and Brown, 42f inches.
J. F.  Hal bottle.
Shelf Hardware,
Builders' Hardware,
Paint, Oil, and Glass.
Tinamithing and Repairing
of every description done,
Mitch, II Tait, Palace Hotel, Ymir.
J. \V. Masterson, Ymir Hotel, ymir.
0. U. Archibald, Hnss  House, Ymir.
E. M. Peters, 81. Charles Hotel, Ymir.
Finlay MeLeod. MeLeod Hotel, Ymir.
John lireau, Cosriopolitan Hotel,
G. S. Coleman, Waldorf Hotel. Ymir.
Samuel Miller, Miller Hotel, Ymir.
A meeting of the Hoard cf License
Commissioners of the Ymir License
District will be held to consider such
applications at the Court House at the
City of Nelson on Wednesday, the
tif'iM nth day. of June, 1901, at the hour
ot 10 o'olock in the forenoon.
O, W.   YOUNG,
Acting Chief Llocnss Inspector,
Chief Constable's Otlloe,
Nelson, B.C., May 20, 1904.
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
rpii e only , all rail routo bet ween
Points east, west and south to Boss-
laud, Nelson, Grand Forks and He-
public. Buffet cars run between Spokane and Northport.
Effective June M'.h. HMCI,
8.46 a.m
10.40 a.m
9,;i2 a.m
7.20 ii. in
11:1)0 it ill
8.30 n.m
Daily Train
Grand Folks
In connection with
6.18 p. in
4.36 p in
6 36 p in
7.20 pin
4 00 p.m
U.16 p.m
UltrJAT       MOlUilEHN        Fly.
Tickets to all Points.
81, Paul. Dulutli, Minneapolis, Chicago
mid all points Fast,
For rates, folders anil full information
regarding trips, call on or at'drusi an
agent of the S. F. A N. Hallway or
G. F. * P. A., 0, P  *T. A,
.Spokane.        7I'J \V. Riverside, Av.
Because there you wjll r)n,d the most complete liiip of  BOOTS,  SHOES
and CENTS' FURNISHINGS that lias ever been offered in Ymir,
Nothing shoddy or raggy about this line.    Stylish mid up to date,
The king of all shoes all over the Dominion, durable and up to date  in  i,iylu
and finish.
We have none.    Therefore use  plenty of Tooth
Paste, Tooth Powders, or Tooth Washes, which am
| nil antiseptics.    They not only prevent rot, but keep
mouth sweet and  healthy, and  so allowing the
saliva to i'i\it into the mouth, aid digestion.
Tooth   Brushes of  all grades  from   15c,   to   $1.00
Can be found, at
Druggists and Chemists, Ymir
N, B,—Buy your .Stationery at Atkinson,
J - Newly furnished throughout,    Sample rooms in connection.   ,J
• Rates #1.50 to $i!.o0 per day
• FINLAY   McLEOD. Proprietor
Plastered House, eight rooms and cellar, $13 per month,
Furnished House, seven rooms, $'20 per month.
Furnished Cabin, two rooms, #7 per month.
Cabin, partly furnished, $<> per month.
Fresh   Goods  for  the  Spring Trade
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Dundee Marmalade, Blue Point Oysters. Crosse &
Blackwell's Pickles, Jams, and Chow Chow; well
selected Teas, Coffees and Cocoa, Government
Creamery and Hazclwood Butter.
Fishing Taokle, Stationery, Eire Works, Sporting Goods, Murines, Con-
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S. H. SEftNEY        •      . w       .       YMIR, B.C.
We   oarry   the   leading   brands    imported
and  Cigars,  Stout,   Ale,    Brandy   and   Wine.
Please, forward Tiik Ymih IIkhm.d for
ith    $
X   and ooktiowlodgo receipt of ehuiosed :
Tub llKHAUiis published   eviry Siituiday nioniing and    ♦
eotitains all  the  news 01 the uAnp. ^^
RA'ii;s--J.'Eit Yk*ii, $i} Half Yi;.\u, $1,
<y Watches....
If you wish to purchase a good
watch it will pay you to examine
our stock. We carry the largest
and finest stock of Watches in
the interior. You can have any
movement in any case you desire,
and we guarantee you satisfaction.
Watchmakers and Jewellers   -   -   NELSON, B. C.
N.B.—Mail orders receive prompt and careful attention,
Dago miners are becoming numerous
aronnd Sattdon.
The sine output of the Slocan for
the present year will reach 8000 tons.
The Sunset in the Slocan has paid
another $6000 dividend, making up to
date $66,000.
All the mines are idle at Camp
McKinnoy, and the camp looks like a
deserted village.
T. H. Trevarrow of the Snowahoe
mine has been appointed superintendent of the Le Roi,
Hematite iron ore in good quantities
has been discovered on Fenwick
mountain, near Fort Steele.
All the silver-lead-zinc mines at
Whitewater are starting up, after a
shut down of about two years.
Boundary ore shipments now run
from three to four times as much as
those from Rossland, every week.
The Winnipeg mine, near Phoenix,
is to be sold to satisfy a lien for wages
and Bank of Montreal judgment for
The Providence mine at Greenwood
has paid its third dividend of ten
cents per share. This property has
paid from the grass roots,
For four years, ending May 31, the
Boundary mines have sent out over
2,000,000 tons of gold-copper ore.
The total /alue is estimated at
The Marcus Daly estate, owners of
the Nickel Plato mine at Hedley City,
will build a smelter on the reservation
near there. The Nickel Plate Company have spent over a million dollars
in developing their property, but have
never shipped an ounce of ore,' owing
to the lack of transportation facilities.
During the summer the International
Coal and Coke Company plans to expend approximately $350,000 on its
coal fields, 10 miles east of Michel, on
tho main line of the Canadian Pacific
Railway, Four hundred coke ovens
are now being put in, ami 250 men
are at work on the property. With
400 ovens working the output in ooke
will bo about 500 tons a day, while it
is the intention to make the coal output amount to 3,000 tons a day by
September 1st. By tho first of next
year it is planned 2000 men will be
working in the fields, while 5000 will
probably be employed when the company gets to running at the capacity
Grand Trunk Pacific
On the occasion of the third reading
of tho national Transcontinental Bill
the Hon. Mr Borden proposed the
following amondnient:
"That the bill bo not now read s
third time, but that it bo resolved:
"That the bill proposes to ratify and
confirm agreements imposing upon the
country enormous obligations for the
construction of the transcontinental
' railway, a large portion of. which is to
become the property of a railway corporation, to whom the remaining portion is to bo leased for 50 years on
term* onerous to the country.
"That the obligations undertaken by
the country under the proposed agreements will provide almost wholly for
the cost of constructing the proposed
railway, while the obligation assumed
by the Grand Trunk Railway Company
is comparatively small.
"The house is of the opinion that instead of ratifying the proposed agreements, it would be more in the public
interest tha1; the Dominion should assume the whole obligation necessary
for extending across the continent the
continent tho present government system of railways, thereby completing a
transcontinental railway from the
Atlantic to the Pacific, owned by, and
under the control of the people of
Mr Borden not only declares in
favor of public ownership, but he declares that the agreement with the
Grand Trunk Pacific is subject to the
ratification of the people. Ho denies
the right of the present government to
close the discussion and to check the
advance of public ownership. He
gives the promoters of the scheme fair
warning that the matter is not closed,
and that the people have still a right
to choose between "a government
owned railway and a railway owned
government." At the same time he
declares that the projectors ought not
to be put to any loss, and that the
Grand Trunk ought to have full run
ning rights over the extended government lines, and ample access to the
This declaration raises a distinct
i isue, on which the people have to pronounce in the next general election.
As a live issue it is much to be pre.
fei'erl to dead ones, such us tho claim
of either party to the authorship of
the prosperity which the country now
enjoys. The Conservatives party has
a better chance of winning on thut
issue than on any other; and win or
lose, it is better to stand or fall by a
definite policy. The country is tired
of old party shibboleths, charges and
countercharges, and will welcome a
question which lends itself to intelli
gent discussion and fair argument.
What is.the situation of tho Liberal
party on this question 1 Two years
ago, practically the same proposition
as that formulated today by Mr. Borden, was announced amidst cheers by
Mr. Blair, was supported by Sir Wilfrid Laurier, and was acclaimed in
parliament by the present minister of
railways. Today the Liberal party
has turned upon its own programme
and has produced a bill under which
the country provides nine tenths of the
money with which to build the railway and then passes it over to a
private company to operate at a profit.
In a nutshell the proposition is this:
The country bears practically all the
responsibility; the profits, if any, go
to the company; and tho losses, if any,
fall on the taxpayers. We find from
$150,000,000 to $175,000,000 and
ask nothing from our partner in the
enterprise except a small bon ' guar
an tee, and present him with $26,000,-
000 worth of stock for which not one
cent has to be pid. If we have to
pay for it, why not own it ? gaining
a quid pro quo in reduced taxation or
reduced rates. To quote an illustration of the actual terms of the deal,
which wlil appeal to us here: .Supposing two parties purchased and
worked   a mineral  claim,  one parly
putting up nine-tenths of the cost and
the other one-tenth. It would be a
natural presumption chat the one who
put up the nine-tenths would be in
control, The government of Canada,
represented by the Liberal party, is in
the position of the nine tenths subscriber and the Grand Trunk Railway
Company of the one-tenth man. But
in this remarkable deal the latter is to
have control, reap all possible profits
and only call up his partner when the
business goes behind and there are
losses to be adjusted. Better to buy
up the one-tenth interest and have
entire control, This is the policy
which is formulated by Mr. Borden.
It is probable thut at the next general
election this will form the principal
issue and the public will have the op-
poitunity of defending their property.
Deal Is Off.
Owing to tho prosecution of John
Houston, publisher of the Nelson
Tribune, on a charge of criminal libel,
the deal for the sale of that paper to
H. W. C, Jackson of Spokane and
associates has been called off. Mr,
Jackson, however, plans to put in a
paper at Nelson later. Jackson was
to have taken over tho Tribune the
first of June and mm it into a liberal
morning paper.
E. W. Widdowson.
W. A. Hufschmidt.
Percy J. Glenzer.
John Philbort.
T. H, Atkinson.
D. Campbell.
DesBrisuy Jobbing Co.
Newitt & Co.
William Clark.
D. Campbell.
DesUiisny Jobbing Co.
8. H. Seaney.
U. S. T. Boss.
Cosmopolitan—John Drcau,
MeLeod House—Finlay MeLeod,
Miller House—8, Miller.
Palace—Tait & Ruddy.
Ross House—C. Archibald.
Vancouver—Owen Boyer.
Waldorf—George Colnian.
Ymir—J. W. Masterson.
Mrs. John MeLeod.
Percy J. Gleazer.
Herald Publishing Co.
T. H. Atkinson.
D. Campbell.
S. H. Seaney.
Harshaw & Wilson.
William Clark.
Wholesale and Retail
Mail orders receive prompt attention,
Ymir  Bakery   and   Cafe
Short orders a specialty. Fresh bread,
cakes and pies daily.
First-class Dining Room.
Best brant is of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
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The king of all shoes all over the Dominion, durable anil up to date in  style
and finish.
..Harmless  Headache   Powders...
Will cure all kinds of headaches, produced
by powder Miiokei worry, indigestion,
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Eye  Trouble Headaches—Cured  by  using  Glasses Fitted by Us.
Druggists and Opticians, Ymir
N. B.—Blind, Bleeding, Protruding ami Itching Piles, cured always by our
Special Medicines. Corns, Warts, etc., etc., removed without pain by
Preston's torn Curb.
Newly furnished throughout.    Sample rooms in connection.
Rates 8l..r>0 to $'2.50 per day.
FINLAY   McLEOD, Proprietor
Plastered House, eight rooms and cellar, #15 per month.
Furnished House, seven rooms, $20 per month.
Furnished Cabin, two rooms, $7 per month.
Cabin, partly furnished, $0 per month.
Fresh   Goods  for  the  Spring Trade
Ask for Swift's Bacon and Hams (they are the best)
Dundee Marmalade, Blue Point Oysters, Crosse &
Blackwell's Pickles, Jams, and Chow Chow; well
selected Teas, Coffees and Cocoa, Government
Creamery and Hazolwood Butter.
Fishing Tackle, Stationery, Kiro Works, Sporting Goods, Magazines, Con
fectioncry, Pipes and Smokers' supplies. All goods sold at very reasonable
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Wo    carry   the   leading   brands    imported     Liquors
and Cigars, Stout,   Ale,   Brandy   and   Wine.
Second Ave.
YMM      '
Please forward The Ymir Herald for
. month    ;
and acknowledge receipt of enclosed $	
Tim Herald is published  every Saturday morning and
contains all the news of the camp.
Rates—Per Year, *2; Half Yeah, 91.
•\ /
Published 'everv Saturday and mailed to any
addreia, or delivered by carrier In tuwu.
Babiorlptlon* C9.00i.er anniun, payable In ad.
. Advertliini! rates, 11.60 per inch per month
The IIifuld can be had from all leading
newsdealers In the district,or oan be obtained
direct from the office.
Commercial printing or every description
done on the premises>t standard prices.
This issue of the Ymir Herald is
the biggest issue of any paper ever
printed and published in Ymir. Our
circulation is growing slowly but
steadily, and we want all the residents
in the Ymir electoral district to look
upon this as their home paper.
On another page will be found an
account of an effort to form a local
Old Timers' Society to consist of the
pioneers of Ymir and Quartz creek,
who were located here prior to the end
of 1897. The idea is a good one, as
the society will form a bond of union
among those who have most at stake
in the camp, and the annual meeting
will make an opportunity for interesting personal reminiscences. We wish
the new society every success.
would find its own natural level based
upon its intrinsic merits.
In the meantime, however, the
report is that the mine will soon cease
shipping and that tho Northport
rmeltcr will close as soon as the
30,000 tons now on hand- have been
treated. This has already had an
effect in this camp, since it stops tho
shipments from the Hunter V. mine
to Northport. As we have said, however, these sinister reports are very
liable to suffer material change,
according to the temperament of the
London exchange, and long before the
reserves at the smelter have been
exhausted it may be receiving regular
shipments as heretofore. In the
meantime the Hunter V. is shipping
regularly to Nelson and Trail smelters.
The returns from the Ymir mine for
the month of April, which are given
on another page, indioote a decided
improvement over immediately previous returns. Since the commencement of the year the monthly returns
h»ve shown a slow but steady increase,
the last returns being the highest for
pretty nearly I wo years. So far, how
over, the milling operations are still
limited to 40 stamps, but it is probable
that this number will shortly be increased. At the same time there are
a number of unofficial reports circular
ting as to the discovery of immense
pieces of very rich float, which indi
cate the existence of another ore shoot
on the property.
There seems to be but little doubt
now that the present state of affairs in
connection with tho Lo Roi mine at
Rossland is merely the result of a bear
raid in the London stock exchange
For some months past encouraging reports have been issuing, and those in
the know probably sold short, and then
proceeded to knock down the price in
order to get in cheap and fill their
contracts. The last cablogram on the
condition of tho mine, which intimated that the reserves hod been over
estimated by $350,000, was a knock
down blow to tho market and enabled
the bears to cover themselves to the
tuno of a handsome profit. This has
apparently been the history of many
of the ups-aud-downs of the Le Roi.
The bear raid Iti Loudon is now
working a hardship over tho whole
Kootenay district, but thoro is comfort
in the knowledge that it this is the
true explanation of recent events,
things mu»t shortly return to tho proper basis. Aocording to reports from
Rossland the Le Roi mine is today in
M good a position as over in its history, and the next move may be mode
by the bulls of the exchange and may
boost the price sky high. This is tho
penalty of greatness, for were the Le
Roi mim) of less importance in financial
circles it is probable that its  price
In a few weeks it is probable that
quite a number of men will bo leaving
the Kootenays for the northern portion
of British Columbia to settle along the
supposed route of the Grind Trunk
Pacific? railway. The class of men
entering this new district, will be
mostly the hardy,pioneers, who are
ever shaking oft the dust of established
and civilized centers for lliose freor
fields where there are no shackles of
conventionality, and the heart
always warmed by the ever present
prospect of great and Midden wealth,
which may at any unexpected moment
gladden the eye. Apart, however,
from these wilder dreams, it is a
generally established opinien that the
country in question is destined to be
raridly opened up, and hundreds of
square miles of country known to contain gold, but which under existing
conditions cannot be workel at a profit,
will be taken up and developed.
What few prospectors have explored
the Omineca district are unanimous in
their accounts of the large quantity of
gold there, but the ditliculty and cost
of getting adequate supplies in to
properly work their finds has hitherto
been the cause of comparative
Further, the country in question is
valuable not only by reason of its
mineral resources, but for its wealth
of timber and agricultural resources.
Whatever pass is chosen for the route
of tho new line it must run through
immense fertile valleys, where the
climate and conditions are certainly
as favorable as the country on the
eastern side of the Rockies in the same
latitude, which is now a great wheat
growing section. Although this
aspect of the resources of the district
will not come to the front until the
railroad is undor construction, it is a
significant fact that a host of land
buyers are turning their faces in that
direction. South African scrip, which
gives the holder a right of pre-emption
of 100 acres anywhere in the province
until the 1st of July, 1905, is now at a
substantial premium, a fact entirely
duo to the opening up of those northern areas. For the next year or two,
however, it is tho prospectors hunting
for placers who will most explore
tho country.
many cases they have from $10,000 to
$50,000, which, it is understood, they
will probably invest in farming lands
and other real property throughout the
As may be gathored from a perusal
of the London newspapers, a great
many more of those most desirable
immigrants have intimated their intention of moving west, to settle and
found homes. It is this class that
makes the most desirable kind of
settler in any country, and they could
not possibly come to a better part of
the empire than British Columbia in
quest of homes and the free, independent life which has so much charm
for the genuine Anglo Saxon man or
The activity of the agent-general
and his able assistants is producing
gratifying results, and the wisdom of
establishing Hon. Mr. Turner in London as agent-general is now apparent
to everybody.
The Toronto Mail remarks : Of
minerals British Columbia turned out
$17,500,000 worth last year. If, as
the Liberal leaders maintained, the
province is a sea of mountains, the
mountains are worth having.
Post Office  Store.   -   Ymir
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Maryland Casualty Company.
London Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
Ottawa Fire Insurance Company.
mercial Men.
Choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
Good, comfortable
rooms will be found
in connection.
YMIR. British Columbia
Desirable Settlers.
Tho department of immigration at
Victoria received last week from Hon.
Mr. Turner) agent-general, l.ondon,
England, a very pleasing notification,
which was to the effect that upwards
of 250 persons, directly known to the
agont-general's office, have left London
bound for British Columbia this spring,
with the intention of settling in the
province. The majority of thoso immigrants possess some capital,  but  in
All work entrusted to us is neatly and
promptly executed.
Gents'   Furnishings   Store
The only reliable and up-to-date Men's Outfitters
in Ymir. Our goods are the best quality, and we
do not propose to be undersold.   :::::::
A full line of Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
rph 0 only all rail route between
Points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson, Grand Forks and Re'
public. Buffet cars run between Spokane and Northport,
Effeotivo dune 14tb. 1903,
Leave Daily Train Arrivo
8.46 a.m        Spokane 6.16 p.m
10.40 a.m        Rossland 4.36 pm
9.32 a.m Ymir 6.36 p m
7.20 a.m Nelson 7.20 pro
11:36 a.m     Grand Forks       4.00 p.m
8.30 a.m.       Republic 6.16 p.m
In connection witb
Great    Northern    IIy.
Tickets to all Points.
St. Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis, Chioago
and all points East,
Seattle,   Tacoma,   Victoria, Portland,
and all Pacific Coast points.
Through Palace and Tourist Sleepers,
Dining and Buffet Smoking Library oar
For rates, folders and full information
regarding trips, call on or si'dress on
agent of the S. F. AN. Railway or
Q. F. & P. A., C. P. A T. A.
Spokane       710 W. Riverside At.
This If the tir,io of the year to get your plok of the many select pleoot of
Furniture.   Iron Bed*, Linoleums, Ruga, Carpets sod Hammocks.
D. ricARTHUR & CO.
Furniture Dealers and Funeral Directors
N.B.—Wo are sole agents for the Marshall flanitsry Mattress and the Globe*
Seotlonal Book Case and Files,
Hamilton Powder Co.
Blasting, Mining, Stumping and Sporting Powders.
Dealers   in   Electric  Blasting   Apparatus,   Safety  Fuse,
Detonators, etc.
Orders filled promptly and carefully.
E. W. MONK, District Agent,
-  •--■ *
Aqua ammonia is an excellent extinguisher for a gasoline fire
The world's production of gold
dropped to $65,000,000 last year.
All the gold coin in the world at
present in use weighs less than 900
An inch of rain means that 101
tons of water have fallen upon every
acre of ground,
There are 3000 firms in the world
making munitions of war. Of these
900 are American.
Last year 50,007 immigrants left
the British Isles for Canada; while
25,518 went to Cape Colony.
The new naval 50-ton 12-inch wire
gun will .fire shells weighing 850
pounds at the -rate one a minute
Shipments of coal from all Nova
Scotia mines in 1903 were 4,050,000
tons, an increase of 305,000 tons
over 1902.
Graphite is presumed to be of
animal and vegetable origin. Coal has
been known to have been converted
into graphite.
The largest spider in the world has
been found at Sumatra. lis body is
0 inches in circumference and its feet
spread 17 inches.
The great Sudbury, Ontario, nickel
deposits were discovered in making a
cutting through a hill for the Canadian
and Pacific railway.
Canada's forests are equal to supplying the world with wood pulp for
840 year, on a basis of a million and
half tons of pulp a year.
The total efficient fighting force of
the British army is at present  5G0,-
000 men, while the number of recruits
and sick includes 120,000.
In   the   Tamarack   copper    mine,
Miohigan,   a   plumb line,  4250  feet
long, made of piano wire, was recently
lowered from the shaft mouth.
To give some idea of the rate at
which tho depopulation of France is
proceeding, the population of Normandy alone fell of 7500 in 1900.
The gross revenuo of Great Britain
lost year was $700,500,000. Of this
$595,500,000 came from taxes and the
rest from post office, crown lands, etc.
Rossland is 3400 feet abovo sea
level and Ymir'2100 feet. La Paz,
the capital city of Bolivia, in South
America, is 12,000 fcot above sea
It is estimated that a coal bed,
averaging six feet in thickness, contains fully 3,000,000 tons of coal pet-
square mile, but naturally in the
working there will be some loss.
The latest bird to become extinct is
the California condor, the spread of
whose wings was 12 feet. Two thous
and dollars is offered for an egg, but
none havo bean found foi 17 years,
Monday is the Greek Sunday,
Tuesday the Persian, Wodnesday was
the Sabbath of tho Assyrians, Thursday of tho Egyptians, Friday is tho
Turkish Sunday and Saturday the
Sabbath of the Jew*.
Tho mineral known as rubellite, and
only found in Sun Diego county,
California, is a red tourmaline, boing
imbedded in lepidolite, a lithia mica,
Its value is wholly as specimens, it
being coo soft to be cut its a nom.
According to ancient custom each
month of the year has its particular
gein or birth stone, whioli arc as
follows: January, garnet; February,
amethy.it; March, blood ..tone; April,
diamond; May, emerald; June, agato;
July, ruby; August, sardonyx; September, sapphire; October, opal;
November, topaz; Docombcr, turquois
The great silver mining industry of
Catorco, Mexico, is sail to hove hid
its origin from a man having  built a
*  Are to cook food and after tho fire was
cm to have found silver in the ashes.
This was in 1775. The famous silver
mines of Potosi in Bolivia are said to
have been discovered by a man having
displaced a bush and which had native
silver among its roots.
Interesting Booklet.
The Great Northern Railway has
issued an interesting booklet on business openings in the northwest along
the line of the Great Northern. It
includes a description of nearly all the
towns in the western states on the
system, their population and business
enterprises, together with a list of the
enterprises which might be started
with good facilities in each locality
The booklet should prove instructive
to all new settlers in the northwest
and to business men seeking a location
The Atlantic News.
One of the few remaining expedients
by which it has been possible to withdraw oneself for a time from the bustle
and rumor of the world is now practically doomed. It has been threatened for some time, and now its fate
is sealed The Atlantic voyage, there
is reason to believe, bus been the
means of saving many an American
business man from the madhouse, the
enfoned suspension of money-making
activity (save in the trivial matters of
poker and other innocent amusements),
though only lasting a few days, having
been attended with marvellous results.
But since wireless telegraphy first became an established fact, there has been
little hope for the millionaires, and
now, unless they care to taku their
chance in Central Africa, or tho un
charted regions about the Poles, they
seem destined never to get really out
of reach of a telegram. For the news
is that Mr. Marconi has demonstrated
that a ship crossing the Atlantic can
receive messages throughout the entire
voyage, and that a daily wireless news
service with each of the Cunard boats
has been arranged by a New York
paper. •   if'
NOTICE is hereby giyen that Joseph
W. Ross has made application Under
the provisions of the "Liquor License
Act, 1900," for hotel license at the Ross
House, Ymir, in place of Charles
Archibald, as formerly advertised.
A meeting of the Board of License
Commissioners of the Ymir License
District will be held to consider applications at the Court House at tbe City
of Nelson, on Wodnesday, tbe fifteenth
day of June, 1904, at the hour of 10
o'clock in tbe forenoon.
Acting Chief License Inspector.
Chief Constable's Office,
Nelson. B. C. May 81, 1904.
Shelf Hardware,
Builders' Hardware,
Paint, Oil, and Glass.
Tinsmithing and  Repairing
of every description done.
Clark's   Furniture   Store
Undertaker   and   Furniture    Dealer
Mail orders promptly attended to
Bmou Strut,       -       -       Ymir
Kootenay Coffee Co.
Wholesale and retail dealors
in Fresh Roasted
High ' Grade * Coffees
;^t ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ »'44*»»«4»«l»
■Hotel Ymir:-
The Best Meals
?    And Accommodation    ?
In Town.
:: A fine selection of Wines, ±
'■ '•      Liquors and Cigars.
J   W. MASTERSON,     Prop. 1
Harshaw & Wilson
Draymen and
YMIR,   B.    C.
Handling heavy freight a
Correspondence promptly
attended to.
Gold, Silver, or Lead - $1.00
Copper, ----- $1.50
Gold-Silver,     •    -      - $1.50
Charges for oilier metals on ap
Provincial Assayer
P.O. Drawor Al 13;   YMIR, B.C.
Headquarters for /lining
and Commercial Men
Most comfortable hotel in the district.    Everything first-class,
Hotel ....
(Under entirely new management.)
Dining Room and Bar
supplied wMi the best
in the market.
Bight opposite depot, Ymir
Headquarters for Mining Men
Bar  supplied  with  liest brands of
wines, liquors and cigars.
First Avenue,
Ymir, B. C.
V. V. & E. RY, A N. CO.
and Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Co., for points east,
west, and south ; connects at Ross-
laud and Nelson with the Canadian
Pacillc Railway,
Connects at Nelson with the P. R.
<fc N. Co. for Kaslo and K. and S.
Connects at Curlew with stage for
Greenwood and Midway, B. 0.
Buffet cars run on trains between
Spokane and Ropublic,
General Passengor Agt.
Spokane, Wash.
$2.00 per annum.
Eastern Canada, the Western States, Coast
Towns, and in Great Britain.
It Is Important
To   let  these   financial centers know   that
is one of the richest free-milling camps
in British Columbia, and
Has More Stamp Mills
in operation than any other camp
in the Province.
It Has Developed
and Paying nines
And many others which only need a comparatively small amount of development to
become profit-earning.
IN  THE. . ..


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