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The Ymir Herald 1905-06-03

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x*. ..^-,invy ^,y;\
3     .JUN7-1905
Vol. 2—N(
V.MIl;.  li. C. SATl iivBAY, .H'NK ::. l!)0-*
PltlC'K 1'ivi: < 'K.N II
Alfred Parr i, buck  to   look   aft,
bis mining interests here.
.Mi- and Mrs. Tom Oddie leave  ft
Fining news      THE YM,R DISTRICT.
The Porto Ll iou sail mill i-  shipping
u car of lumber nearly every tinv,
.Mi-s Irene Campbell    of   Ciirleton ■ ... .
Place, is   visiting   her   cor,.in    Mrs,      J. McKiny has miule a rich   stril
.liiiiie- Ruddy iii Yniir. ,,0 |,j, propei-lics. on I{. -1 creek.
Tin- lust   -wioiv    disappeared   fi        Shipping i mence.s lids week finni I
the hills in sight-of Ymir lust year on the Fo'diorn mine.    The Irainivay   i-' Thu following notes and reports on properties in the Yniir  district
ibe I I lb June     This year il   uill   1 e completed, and   on-   i*.   heiii"   taken   taken from i be M ini-ter of M im -' Jlepoi I for 11)04.
llu ir ranch at Coclirau,   X.    W.   'I.. .
to-day. ibe I Mb .Iiiiii-     This year il   will   le  completed, and   ore   i-   being   taken
,,,    ..,.„.      ... . i-.lav or two Im,., from all three shafts for .shipmeul    i--1
.Mrs. Williun   turner, •liinr,  n> vis , '
iling her parents .Mr. und Mrs   John '     N"-'o!v one bundiwl minpi's lie.-iiei-*.   <••■' A   ■'■     ll!
This property was operated tlirongh  i     Tbe Golden    Moiuiirl, . Mininc
mi    the   vein-   In    lhe   Ymir  (.lold   Milling Co., curried   un   il ti-loi i
were issued in Yinir during   the   lust       Work is still in   prm-i-ess   oi ■'"" -v"'"'     -    ll,e   Yllli'' (!ol(l
,.,,,,.„ , | week i.f May, besides a few s is- Union J ick group, ,i.„l   a   very   en-   Mi"CS'   U''"   ,,n,'ins  why'    l"'1""1
ligh water has finally struck town* *, ,      ■     ,     , ,     -     there was mined and   milled   ."..'.''..'tii
,„   ,   -     i,.    ,i sued to 1 nur citizens   inun   U-eston, couraging showiif-f has been mm e   in
niadc its record mi-ibe   year   on ,, i       ,-- tons ot ore.    This yielded by am.ilga-
I'.  *-*■ Il.e  I llll-eil   Inline! ' l.e      f. ,1       ..t     ll - -
i        ,     ..      i         ,        , ! million S-'.i'T per   iou.   und
g I grade ot galena   b.u    I n    un*
I  I" I I ■ .^    lit     IflVlUU      \   <1 1 I I • I    .**•   I      ■■ill     I .1 I
iiiii int; llu.1 year « ilh   n    *ut ..
Tbe system of  development    « .-
nieuii- of ,i lung cross-cut,   -.-. bicli
originally   outlined,   culled   i -      i
,.                        .    ,.     .                             Tbe Wilcox stamp "mill is still run-   B ' grane oi gaienn   nits     -n    nn-                           • ■            /
'''  P-c-enl    indication   a   ,no,.t           red in the-Jrin, and is   widen! „g   trttleS ° « C'SS V,l"e * U° }m tl,n   of |'i'>v..,g uf SlOO teet,      11„-
plentiful     cop  ,,f  wild    raspberries  "'"" °""    ;    "?'   ,U , -,s ,hr Iri'. i- driven I'm. In r "   ore crushed, and also SU.1*.   ,-,-   ton   van I nil  lold    1,-1 'eel    ttitl   -
,, , , .       , ,        compressor pant is    bcinc   insta ed,   ' "rm ' • "'"'" muni i.
will be at the servico ol    ibe   pickers         '           '                                                                                                            by cyan id ing tlie tailings,   making   a encountering any high grade ore.   an
'will treat ores from the Fog ■„   um!      Twenty f,,, u,s   ..I   tint   taken   tot,vi Rl-oss recovery per ton  of. $ 1.0-.' work upon it ivas abandoned.       Im,
,.  ,    ,,.   ,     -                  a              Arizona,                                                  from* different   purls   uf   the   placer   •„ j,0|d, -ailver I   lead.      Tbe   con- |„g t|,B latter   portion   of   tin:
ii"v. .1. I!. IMinliurst trom Cumber        ..... . . i„.,*.,.. ... ii.n si:,.... i      i  I ,   ,
lilll Iif    1-1 Hi'     vuliuel
this vear
x I ""     ■ -...-    ...    ....     |-..e ■ i . in ooiii, snv.-r anil   lean,       I in-   eon*
it  ram Cumber       At thn YuMr recording   ulHce   t|,js -WS--S nt Hall Sfiiiug last   week,   re* Leninites an ide by   I'm"   vanimrs
on    i ednesdny | week     CUivcr Blaii*  iocorclr.1   assess*  milted iii*over 20 cents tvorlh of gold,   which nru set ralher s p in ordei   to
.    I"'i"1    "    77" nl for two  vears   on    ibe    Alamo jol'llt l,,° *'ate.o£<pver *5*.'.0C per  cubic  t|,row soniu zinc bluml to the    tail-
ri'estiyterian   cnurcli ilurini'     .Mr. -                                                                 ,. ,,i     -■          ,-,i .  ,
'-.    . miii.-:id eiaim: l.d Pet,-.:- 'recorded as*1 l*"''1-       mie of the pans   were taken Lings, ami thus avoid a   penalty   from
xou ng s absence.   , - : ,*, , ,,,„ , ,-,, , *,.
1.111,1   1>.       C,     111 iii.'I
inst, mil will Tl   lb
Isesstn'eiit mi the I'ogo and   Loiiropiii-
j frum tbe niilronil cutting. ,i ,,.-1,,.,-.,     | ,,-   , ...,-    .,;    .. ,,. . ,,
surface work disclosed   ile-   e: i-1 . ..
of a b. dy ol' high griitlu ore, It ing I • -
III cell   tt lull   Imd   I I l-t iollslv   bl ' II     111!.'
sidered lhe outcrop of ihe   mniu   vi'ii
und lie- mo,lib   of    tbe    long    tunnel
ipping     and      smelling| An endeavor to locate  ibi*   bodt
lu more than half   tie-   gross   ore from the long tunnel wu- success
I sessinent on tliu togoauil   kuurupat- "1"11 ""  "■  - ...o... tne sun
There were two upsets on lho Yah-   kin claims-J. a. Harbottle   recorded      Patrick   Clarfc,   of   Spokane,   has Uniting,
"'' ''"'' 1''";'1 ;!"- M'''''*'     ■" ''"' "l'8'   the location of ibe Helena claim, und thrown up bis bom! ,,u the   Kootenny | amount I" more ihan half   tie-   gross | or,- from i In- lung tunnel wu* success-
■use un Monday las!, the accident was „ bill of sale for an eighth interest   in Hello group at Salmo.    Tbe   crosscut   «*■>( f, the concentrates.    Tho  costs ful, „ drift being advanced I i   ii
uased by tho brake block coining off,. t|„, y\:[y | ,.lv t„ pcier T.-i ro: 1',' !,ur- tiinii. I wus completed uboiii ten  days ; of   cyiuiiding,   although   very     low,  at a point dUO feel ,„ i'i     ibe   ,	
n the wagon driven   by   MeM'Aster,  ftnl0v recorded a bill of sale of a   half ago, and the   tmo'tvin-'   obtained  wns when deduoted fn ho yield,   shoiv  tal of the luiiiml     In this   drift    thn
,.,,li!..,. :., „ I....1  i.-...   i .....   . ' ......
-   o •—i I iiiu muj   nut   in imiT iniiiii-.   :uir* niiiil. I tins coinplctcl uliiuil leu   days
-ii tin-ivaeoi: driven   by   MeM aster,  ftniov recorded. a bill of sale of a   half ago, and the   rifio'tving   uhtained   tvns  wiieu uenuot i o yieu
resulting In a bad  piling   up.      For- ,merest jn   tl"1   Sovereign   clattii   to apparently as goijd  as   tlm'.   on   the only a small piolii on   the  t,
innately both drivel1 and horses eacap   Owen llnyer  ■'     - -•--'■—'-     •'    ■•   l!      ■■     ..f ii,.. ,,,iii i„;i,,,....
ed without damajic
•ciiinieiii   owners ot' the pmperty claim to   li
!• feet ot' -.Iiii,pin,'  ,_*ulenu.     Tn •    long
■ ij.j.ui, ini.   *i-* ^oi.o    ,1*,     iim1.     on     loci i i
oyer. Isurfaee, on tho-st'rength of ivhicii   ibe of the mill cutlin^s. I !) feet of shipping galena.    Tn •   loin
The report for I JJ0.4 of jFlimes   Mc-  Pl'9Pe''ty was bonded     No  reason   is      With the exception of a small   pil    tunnel also passes   through   a   lur.-
Sum Coulter, for ilv of Vmi r,    is ; (Jregnl1,    Inspei-tot- 'of ' Metalliferous  assigned for i-eitOKtiishing tin- bond        Iai" of rich ore mined in No.   I    level, j body "!' loll grule galena.    This has ..
Ilm vook upon ti-hiol, Mayor Houston's Lline8i on the mines in the Ymir   -lis*:     Additional men „.e being   pul   ,„,''" ' ''e extracted during .be  year   width of 411 feel, and , ,.!, -  , i   ,,
mayoral ship has struck.     His   wor    triet is brief and to tl.e   poinl       lie at tl.e Ymir mine, including   a  la.    '■- '""" ""»-"' »""" *l'" "t'- -*!' "*">: ">- i;i- .."li-,."! i«- "t ^'i.    Mil!
hip first dismissed Coulter   frum   bis ■ ,lvs ,.T||0 a|lipping mi„,s„t- t|, s   ,,is. „,- ,,_,„„, |niMM w|)() | '''Hi levels, ull lho richer ore, .,-,„„ the   tests are being mud.- »itli ,1 »
1-,-iii driver of the li,-.1 tea,,,.   A triet have worked c6ritii.ously   during here last tick-     Tl ant drift on the i "*"'       ,"""1"'      "'" "'"' \ l"'M'1' :""' " """'l'»1"""1 ^ ,l'-"l>   "
Hontyoft ilderman   called for  the year.    On others than   "t it lOOO-foot level driven further \M ' '' ,"m"!< '","'l"'"VI" ""'•'  M'   ••« ereetcd during   i loming
his resinstallmer.t.   Ten minutes at'.;,,,,,,.,,,    shipping     „     co.isidetiible and as the present plans are re led   'T.
ter tho council had confirmed Lis re- :lllllliullt   „f   development   work   has tc Include 150 feet of driving in   ibis ,""'"'1     '1"v"l"l'1"""'   ,lui'in« II r N I'KU  V.
'.i-inr-j-'ti-i-nt' tbe    Miivnt-    fii-nrl     lorn ii i o    i-     i •  i    i i >!,.., . the vent hus been    llie    extension    oil      .,., .       . ,    .
,pp j.., 1.1    .uu,..    i.uu   inni   been done, all of ivhich has   been   in direction on tlra'deep level, it is   con*     ,    '  , ,,    ,        , Ilns mino wui: aperabCfl*
,,,,i(i-i i . ,   ,,      ,   , -   , In: lib, ■'. b and    Oth  eve S. Iiiwn     , ,       ,     ;,' ,     ,       ,     ,    ,,
■ accorihineo with the Act, fidently   honeil   klint   the     oreshool the year by tlie-13.C   -lundu-.-1    M i-
,..,,,.„ ,  , i-i', , ....       I to tin- nth level tbe nuv   shoot    iniiiii- ' ' ,,., ,
Word was brought in  from   Salmo      In tho liat of accidents In   mL,tft||iJ «'hieh is known to have a I"1''1' "!l'" : , lills ils l„.i„ill.l| i,.,,,,,,,   .„„)   pitches   l"R        PJ'         '"  t,t'*)p'"t"   *"
on Thursday lust,   that   tin-   bridge \ fel-olw ,,„,„,, during I '.mi I,   three   uie ,l"'   ''"•*'-   "illb'-'  ^""dv   reached. ]af]y tQ\hg „-,lM",M',,i       ,.■   Mli  our ••' whttt  is   l'"'ll|v   ''li'-'ili"d    '• t!,,.-.Sabnun I'.i. „r„:, tbe   road r,.eported from   ibis   district,   ull   of a*'eat aatiufaction k   felt   locally   at pil(.|, 0f tlie-pay shoot Coiitinue-i   ,-ni-   ''""M - i""1''"!:';"'' "'   -?''1.1'   '"''
io tl> Queen niiile, had collapsed dui- wbiui, occured   ,,t   Uu-   Vmi,-   mine,    uppurent   determination   of   tho ^ l(|e   ^nt £m>s _(t||e 0th an(J per and galenftj   ivith   unlive   -il*.
ing the Sturm  of  Wednesday   night. T|,ey   ,„„  „.    follows!—July    n'l-t.   Vmir company to persevere  in   theii iQtl/lovel* should v be very    close I ,V,"I",'"||-V -1'"'"'""'     TlfB   •'llll"i  '■
The deputy   mining   recorder   wired *?,.,ink Hilveston, six iib*, broken   and fiffol't8 to ,J,-ivo ,hu   «-"f'   ""i1   ,l'" ,,,,„,. „1|(| ,|„, iml, |,.,,.| i-'now being'""'""'""'""''"""'■'''""'""''   "''
Hold   Comi.,i*sK,M.-,-   llenwick    with sca|pW0Unds by f, ig   lotvn   tviuze; ""'-I'""' is finally reac I, or proved pu„liej l0 ,M, •,■,*„     s|loultj (|lN |cve, I [U"> i'"' inlluemied by oxcassof silvei
the Infurniatiun „n;: t!,c  latter   went .September (.3|rl, Robert Urown   kill-  '-" luivc fuili d to reel, th is lepth. ^,ikB m_ ., wj(| ^ |ln( l]me .^     \»ut us lhe pioperty admits of working
■low:. ,-,:: Friday tu   n i.-itni.1,-1   i,    and ed by   cable   break    ir,   ore hoisting   block of ground ov-*r   100   feel    deep H R'°0' ' S' "'"' ""'''l"i '"•'   :"'
arrange for repairs, shaftj Decembei Oth,   Mercer   Anile, ♦♦«*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ w||j,,l -s?l(    ,.,„    „„l,„„.|l,.,|    lUlll  v*hbW »-smelting rates at- ,„.■,.
Lilian.   Malonef created    some- finally injured by being ctushed   be-* NOTICE. ! i which wiUI-o   enough   to   keep   ib- if""." ,""'   ""'""'?   "'   ll"'   IV"vil"' a   .li'-Lurbuu-,*   ,,   the   saw tween car and chute, * .... 11 mill busy forborne years. nnd that at Northport, a sat.sfacto.)
.,,**,..    ,   . ,,.,      ,     -   ..     ,  . I .       .     i.i . slmiving lias been made by ".the   com*
un.! i>-.oe last I hursday.     Oft   being      The Ladies uf the   Vmir   I li*. >•   of X *   A ci'OSS market     HI    I ns"       During the year,   operations   wero       "  .      . .
i .,.    i( . . .. A 4, pf ttl 1   '"I   tile     III sl      Ni'iil  s     (iin'i :it lint1-
i-idered   oil   the   premises   by    Mr.  Maccabees wero  "„i    home"   to   the X ,  isulernbly    pered   by   lack   of.',     ,.     "   ,        ' ,
ii i i i ■        o! i     r o- aV    ,..,,.,, i,,,',.,,,,L     ,  , .i.i ami, Willi un    nul i-.-i-i-il    ili-iiiiiliii    lo!
llewar, ho revenged himself by falling Kniiilits of the   same   urder. and   i„.XNlM"  Iliiln'itli's l linL J, water power, due   lo   the   unusually..                        ,                  ,    ,
.   , i         ,     .,         ,,  , i     i     , t> ,i , ,.,,                           " i Um   ore,   mul   cheaper   methods   ot
in tliu pool m trout oi   tlm  hnruwnre their ft-iontlir. on   Thursday   eveniim ♦               i      .• .        • ,,.tiv   sea..,,,. hrough   the   winter     . .             ,               ,,
,,....., nun nu,,..,              inin, j V(,|||. S|||,si(.,.|ptniii is iii U'- , ,                 mining, even better tosults are  lo  b,
stut e, and nmking fllr.   Dotvnr go in |Mt jn th0 Masonlu Hall,     Tbe  ball,X' ,, months the fljinpany earned on oper. . .   ,   .    ....
•,    i •        ,              ,     i       i  i «>                                .  . .' . ' nn t nn • ii I-1.    i he mine   it eonnuctet
utter luui, as lie was to1 drunk to Help W1W very   tastefully   decorated   with X I'i'.-il' nfnl t\v Uulllil  In' Lii.-id - > ations by   -'.i-mii   power,     -^'''""'c'1';,,,;,!, ,|„, N„Kl||1 .,„,,   ..-^ s,    |
himself,    Even then   lie   refused   to bunting and flowers   und  progressive X   - ! I this increased the cost of working   '",'-,'    . .'      '''     '       "    . .   fP
,i               t         e    n    i   ,     ,   •                                                                         *.    i             r                        -,-            .,.                                           .                         UailwiiV by means ol auir.'nal    tram
ipuetdown, and was llnally lodged in w|,|st was in ordor tinder cloven p m. IX to hen 1'   ll'OIIl   y.iu    ll    ymi,.  per ecu , i.i ivoa   done   in   older   '" ■ „,IV r.",,iH, f„t.u  wit|.   __xi\iur.
lhe goal for a brief iiensou of rest  nnd The piiue wihners were MUnea.   IVurliX      , '<■  keep a force oi men available to  takel?    •... •'<„„ „'„.-.  ,   . 'f
* txncA, i . It ,.,,i,i ii,i,,,ii   ii , .     , ...       trains, winch were completed durinji
•••'"•ngi', |Cai-.u,,   ,i,„l   Jessie    M,.'l.c,l,     and IXmai t0 'me 1L COtltlllllCll.   | advantage oi the chonper   condftioni L||(J      .   o |||(, ||ljf|(, ( ' |(ji||        T|*
(,,, Thursday night lu-t   the   total  Messrs Noivitt and Archibald,      Af-  4*************************   of working which will i 10 with   tho ,|li|iml.I|N juHng ,,,., ym. ',",„„„„„'
:■ iiubei'ol votes east fm- ll. C. capdi-1 ter the gntfieti wero over I'effesliments  "
. . .: . ,. ■  1      1    .1...       I.     11        .. . 1       ..
il ne- iii the Hpoltcsi
I. -1
,,' Spokesman Hoviow con-  were sters-ed, und tlia ball   mis   then
Hotel Arrivals
■ -10  lie.  j.",ii-ieno   iieiii* 1*     inn-*-- **,   *-'"*-!>      .,,.,,      ,.,.-,     111,11 I ■ 1II. Iw I   /A I I I
1 fof. 11 trip tu tin- I'oiilun1!   Pair, tllenred for t|an«ing wliiiili iVua   niain«
.nil,,.,! in   84,13.1,      Tnkiti.:   tho laine'l until the p.i.,,11    hours.      Miss!      Mt'LltoU  llnri-.t,:—
t age price obtained for each  paper Jessie AlcU-od'and Dr,   1511 lot t   con-  C. II. Hurt, Nelson)
mly ono  cent,   ibis   means   that trlbuteil the   dunce" music,   „,„l   of 1 B, fllanoharil, tiu\mo\
1,1  I....  1.1    , J".    ......       ,l„,,o   foil U   .11,,.,..,,I     ..,,,,1 1      ,,,,,„...   11'     II    11,1 V    1
'■ 'I','    '""       ■-.,,,       , ,,,.,,^      ..,,..              ,       1    ,,,   , in.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
,»*-'i,* has Blen rocoivod on puplr sales n-boul forty presenl, each   ami   evory  w, P. Ticrm-v, {felsonj
si-i.-e tbe ennttrt, bi-giu'i.   'i'he circida one enjoyed tho o^bfliffg   to   the   ut>pD, McArthur, Nelson
limi of the Spokesman in B.C.  before most "    '	
(lid contest begun   wm   about   1000
pei .tut, and those figure*, show   that
It. M    lloodi1,  Nelson;
I-I. II. F.linliilrst, Cuniliel'liini
(i    I»   Hell, SallllOj
Fire Brig4d« Signals.    ! Mrs Geo, lloiherlmiii, Portland
tt. \V. Ilrigstiick,  Nelson
ll.e Clitltest must lllll!'   ilii'i-i'iised    Ibe
rireulation   lo   about'.1000,     Two       fire-ohhrf Co% has prepared   thai?.' LIUhrtoTd, Vaniouver
thirds ,.f WO, oi isdo, thereforeiVill   aIIowUk i>lgnat» for bundling the firef-W. 0. Hum, Vauvoui-M-
tlHoiit represent the*profit of tho   pa-,,,,,,,,,,,    st(,u,|v  -,inging   „„,„„..   fl|.e   L. B  Aiciy.N-elsoi,;
, ■, from thn cmtest in thi, province j ,„,,, ,,.„lir (]mU^tK . ,-„,•<,„ (padie) '''• Wdlo and wife, Tinir mini
..: u.f. and wo  are  of opinion that I „„. t,()k„s „„,„„., „„.Pl„ f,„. ,|(,,p ,„;    WA.,i,,i»ii- l\„n.,,-
■?•.!(• should go  far   towiuils   paying, ,„„,„„„,„   ,,,,,,.   „.,,..*,   ,|*.vi„K   (U|(j [-1-Hb-'haids..... llul',,., Jtasi,,
lh" "»P™ ft'" '-'  fli «   '- ! reeling It up J & "7' V;""i ^7
, .   ,,    . , 1*       1 I'rodoricH /lames, Oolden
ilu-s fiian this Province, nim   afe   to
1 .   1110  "guesti"  at  the   generous
■ ipokosinnn "   riuciffg whal 11   pajin
CIlCIK'll NliTlrK.
• John J'u'll, Erie}
J I1'.  \V, ■'tfitllliell,   Nelsoll.
,,  ,.,,,    .    ,i      1 -,„ ,,     l'lll'-si'il'viiIlN >'ili 1 ru- -•* (i 11 ,| a v I;     ('.'t-ino'in n «v Moi-i.i
■■.■heme It ih, llie "Yniir Herald     'till , i/usiioroi.ii  s imii.i
Scbo'il  mul    I'.ihli-    ClaitKi     III   u.  in.
, ,'lou -nil, un-! I.-   any   young   Iiul*,
Etetiing sei-ti(e, 7:30,      Voiin-j Pee
D, A. 11tffnti.'*!, Mul*.
»       J    livening sefviep, 7:.ill,      roong Peo-
tiling in n   hundred   subKcri'ptfdns,   pW Society meets on Friday evening i''   !'■ Kay, Nelson
tillers a week's linliduv to 1'u'rto   ltioo   at S o'clock.    All din --(elu ne.    I lev ' A   Piiri'i PrioohiAj
1 li. Yinim..', M   A.   Pmtlt \, 'IMliii'ui, ki"Pt-
y-i iiii^, .,11 i-jt|dis,.*, paid,
, 1 siii-uiienis uiiriii-,' 1 ne   year   itui'uinie,
spring and consiuiuont abundance  "i ,   ,*, ,.,j . .,., ,      ,
'    ° 1 mi 17,1 ii*" ton*..    Ibe grade   uf   thi
ore w.i.s lower Ulan that of   the   100
1 heTnlno'Va*operated with about ,        ,. ,       , ,        . ,
' tons winch in,, le    p   tin-    ttinl    sbn
half a crbw throughout the rear and .  «.   . ,.       ,,
uie,,ls fioin tin-   plopi-lly,    mil    lbei-
furnished.nmpluyinent for 90 men, ..        ,   ' .      ,
•Ai-reco'iipi Usui nn; nu Vantages, in  t n>
wIIXJOX, j ivny of excess of lime nhd lower   per
This property  was   operated   con*- centagos of silica     fn addition to lh
tlnously  during   the  year   bv   tlio,.market available dOHllg the year, the
Uroken Hill Mining dl   Development company will   have   the Marysvilli
Conlpany,   Tile company's llical yearUmolter lo ihip to during lhe coming
en.ll III .Inlv. and   during   Ilm   iiitu*, vi*,ir.   the Initio lias   furnished   ,-,„
mm,ills tfoiistitutlng   the   operating ploymetjt for a crew.of 20 men diirin-j
I pol'tion of the t'Oltlpnliy'i flrw  jearn the ytfar,
11,400 tons of ore were milled,   «it i,,o ''l'l;/']1*,   MINI-'
inghiss tecoter* of 138,1100,    UoVel*     ,, -7   «
H i.l-,        ,, Operations were carried on for mlti'
onment was advanced   On   all   h-vel'i ,   ,    ....,,,       ,,. ,,.
',,,,, , ino.-iths by nllllam   waldie,   ime  of
with satisfactory :, suits, and tl," pro*1 ., ,  ,,    ,. ,
.    ' ' , the nwnefsi trndcr   Ibisc   ami   bond.
dliction uf Ibe fll'it si* iitoiilbs i.'t   tilb   ,,      .,      ,,     ,.. ■
„    ,   Lousidernblo dwciiurngemclit was mel
current fiscal year wl I Uo filly Up lo    ,,,' ,.,...   ,,,      ,. ,      . ,     ,  ,
■    ' wltli dunlin the rot-liei-muni lis of thd
the bent r8*mts for a similar iu-i \<A In
the previous yeol1. ..The lmprovement» \]em< butl,Jff'""" ''"  " '  ««
Tn'adfi- flaring the year consist of tin yoB'' *'*e lbtwe 8"11'-'*-,( -'""l IksI.1
ilddilioiud traliiway Hi coli.'ll" I lho 01 lilgll<grnun nrC Olofifi upon 000
No. 3 letel with the mill, and lho feet of work Was dohe id advnnfcinij
doubling of the company's milling ,*„. .,,'.,..,,11,',"!". i„ lhe N„. 1
capacity by ilm addition of teii |eM II16 lessee htu llnvbloped uli on
siampsfrom il.e mill rettiote.1 floln c|luto for „ ,,,,,.,1, „f ;u ,-.,., „,,,, „)(
j tho Uolilen Wedge  properly   in   .',..- f,i(.„ , f |,,f, ,., .,,,1, if, „,,.. -,v	
%!,"'•••" ,,|",rk'>: (-(.onilnued un Imh page.; THE YMIR HERALD
■jlilll-hoO I'l-orv MOuriliiy nu I iniiiii...! tonii)
:-,---. ,-r  lultft-ri d liy .-urni-i' III t-ovu..
s.ili*t:rl|ilioii*i C-y.liO l-cr itnnuni, pttyabti In ail
* ov.-i-t,-,!,- ri.i---   Sl.'.')  |..-r  inch   |.'-r imuilli
in:   lin: n.ii nun   ■■■ lind   Irum   nil  li-inlum
i    i-.ili-nli-U In Hi" .l,.-i.ri.:i.or nan  bu ul.tu i.-l
 rroin 'I ill---
.    i,:,nr-iii   priiiiii..-  .u   .-v.-i-v    ,!.-..|i|,ii,.i
!, ni.    li 11,.   |.r..|lll«..* :it  M-ilnliiril prlcca.
Illll.l-ll'.ll   BT   1 UK   I i III.ISIllNO   COMI'ANl
11.   KKAIISS,   MAXAtll.ll.
SATURDAY. JUNK, •"-,  11)05,
The New   Power.
.Iiipnn tod.'-,', is ono of tbe great
World-powers. Sin- is ilu: conijuercr
of whal li.-.- hitherto been considered
lb, second ii.,.*! powerful fighting
force in ilu- iv..rid. Consequently her
position among tlie nations is entirely
altered, Hitherto Japan bus been
the pupil ..,' tie- ttlii.e nations.      She
speeches in favoi of this proposition
mid bus referred in glowing terms lo
tbo reduction made in intes, when the
II. X. entered into competition with
tin- I.'. I'. I!.
I'-v fur ilu.- best criticism ivo have
seen mi ilu- proposed plan of I le1
(beat Northern, is that, contained   in
John MrVit Ml, VV. M.
r.nn'Y J. Ci.i..t/.K.i., Secretary.
a couple   ..f   recent   articles   in   the)    each    ith.      Visiting    brothei
YMII! No. .11 A. F.   & A.  I
M     Meets    Friday   iu   each t
month. Visiting brothers wel nd IJhe  Klfld  YOU  WOUld   Lake    |
*.    Ilv*-- ■■; t - l-l I   '-i'i""'- ' <•—•**•- :
V.MII!  L'i I nil-: No. .'IJ   K.   of   P- -
Meets first and   third   Monday   in
"Nelson Tribune.      The mure   n nl
article, particularly, brings to lighi
ilu- nigger in ilu- fence. Mr Hill i*
known as tho pioneer of cosy grades,
lie, more limn nnv other railway
man, lias insisletj on the economy of
easy grades, even when initnl expenses
are heavy Tbe gnide on ibe (licit
Northern west of >*}pokaiic ii nut by
tiny means an easy grade, llui un
easy grade lo liverett cun be obtained
by a line tupping tbe Siniilkanieeti
country and thence dropping south*
west across tlm boundary Iiiu1. If
! the Siinilkameeu lint: ia continued on
iu llie const without crossing tlie
boundary, then tho Hope mountains
havo tu be crossed, with un exception-
u* .em. be,- sons abroad im., tl,.- var-l'1'1* ",WP «lude  u'   •■'■"■•*■"""■•      Mr*
iuus purls of the world,    where   they   llil1   •■■"   ■•■■"S''**l''»'d   I"   Mr.   Koss
l but. In- is prepared to start construction nisi from Coverdale immediately
"if" mountain conditions permit.      li
have studied every na.tion'ti special
Industries. These, her pioneers, have
,-i-turin-i! und    -.proud    broadcast    the ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
,        i   ,     .i ,    i   . i .      ii in lliii bill,: "if" tbat ihe writer   in
knowledge llioy Ituvo acquired  among *
,i    ,- H ..iii       i t      the "Tribune" locates tin,  weak  -mot
tbe fellows  until   t'j-ilay   -Japan   has '
I His theory i-* that it i-   Hill's   iuten
ClIAKLUa All', C. C,
Jons (1  LlHWAII, IC.  I!, -v S.
VMill   IllVli,  I.AIUKS OF   TIIK
MACCAHEESJ,       Meels    second
nud fourth Tuesday in ench month.
■*■*. Uleakeh, I.. (-'.
I,.   Ill', ItttollTII,   il    K.
Old Settlers Maple   Syrup.
Pure in I-I, I -:! und I gallon Tins.
Sold by
I). CAMPBELL,    •    =     YMIR.
ftl!'-     -.„-.- .*,„*,, ,,,.  .,
.   i*5?'0RTF0.imtnBY^-'
, !/*SU !*_£>-■' -~     - I
•iisi over her school days, and is "edu-
eiitcd. .-iiul lluil tu n degree, surpass
ma thut of -.oui'.. of her former  teach
tion to obtain un easy-grade route  lo
! Everett,     If be can, along  ibis route,
Lands and   Works.
C.'ani-ollatiiiii nf ke-serve,
1-UOTICE is hereby given that the
1 " reservation established in pursuance nf the provisions of the ' Columbia and Western Railway Subsidy
Ad, 1896," nol ices of which weie
published in the llritish Columbia
(iiizctte mul dated 7tli May, llS'JO,
and 5th June, 1800, respectively, are
hereby cancelled.
Crown  lands situated  within  the
urea embraced by tho   said   reserva-
/Mining Agent      -      Stocks and Shares
Mutual Life Insurance Company ul" New York,
Canadian Casulaty—-Boiler Insurance Co.
London Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
Ottawa lure Insurance Coiniiany.
I'llisT  VENUE,
Ml It, ti. (
  tap tho   rich   Similkamccn   country,
Under these circumstancessit is not w,th "s   '""""■I"-   V~M -,   so
 .asonable to suppose  that   Japan ,,iuuh l,l° bette''-    l3uc !t is   "'"   liis
will insist upon the other powers   ac- ' liatB »lttit*t'011 '>>' •"•-)' ll"'il"- '"
cording her a consideration   equal   to',imM Uu:oU«h "' ""'   '""•'''   '"   ""
ibul extended to   any   oilier   power.
Her cilir.ens will have to bo respected
ii- arc tbe citizens of  any   other   nil*
lions, und i' is likely thai Japan  will
n-i-nt any iiiViuiit put Upon luT child- 	
nm in foieifin land-. In ibis respect I'"'" Washington, Duncan Koss bus
It is slgniflcant to nm,- tlni! in j,Ji"d"bd in strenuous la.ieuuge to
.,,:,' ineieose of trade, Japan is ,-,-,,* \ P,ovu lluU th" *s ",!l "■» ™*' Th,lt
iutely discriminating against Cana* u llmt l,,oro is "° intention to build
.11,11! go ..1*.    This, it .is said, is in con-',l"' !i'"',u Everet'tl ,l1"1 tlmt if il  did
I lot ince.
Tbe effect of sucli construction
would of course be detrimental .,,
Canadian interests. Tlio iruilic of
■ liis rich district would   be   diverted
lion will be open to sale,  settlement,    ,»^^^&>d£&&&&-^&^^&&>-2*-&-v
lease and other disposition, under tlie   /ii' "Vi-i
"' ' ' ""■" t JOB    PRINTING   *
months after the dale of the lirst publication of this notice in   the   British
Columbia Cassette' provided, however, >la
that in all cases when lands   are   so iii
sold, pre-empted, leased or   otherwise -/K
alienated by the Government and ire flt
subsequently found, upon the   survey W
of the Columbia and  Western   lluil- *T{
way Company's blocks, then tl.e   per- ilv
,ns acquiring such   lands   shall   ue- -/ii
tlliil!   gOOIIS.        I Ills,  ll   IS  Slllll,  IS  l'l lllll*
„„„    .,  ,i,    ,„,.;n-   i   i.i,,i  cross the boundaryi the effect   would mont would undor the   provisions  of OT.
-ii i j ili'111 I'  • 11      1    ,   '       I   . 1 I" I       U-sI'lU     IIllllll I                                                             * jy
tiiiin in the ctsu of  the   States,   mid J b«? in«*i«niflcaiit»    Experience however tl Land Act," except ill respect   to  «
quire their   title   thereto   from   the
li.iiltvnv Company, who have agreed 'I*
tn deal liiill   -neb   purchasers,   pre* W
cinptui-,, lessees, ete.j   on   the   Baine iii
terms and conditions as the   (loycrn- fa
1 .li, tbo built by. will I".'   ai'    itlll'iinudiaii
doubtless it is so 111 Mlnii!  Chios.      I,J':'"  nuglit severe lessons,  and   it   i*.
„:l,er cases however, there is no   dif*' P»*"bablo llmt in tho present  instance
l.-r.-nce mill v.'t Canada  is    resolutely j'1"' PI»j«fted loud whomsoever it may
• verlouked. Thin procedure is doubts
less tu llie nil lire nt a reprisal for
tbe repented at tempts tn pass ail li legislation :-u tile pail 01
iin- II, c Oovornment,     li  must Iii
*^*'f*1*'f*1*'|^*'*-aiTfa*a*a.*<a<a<a<a<1'i'a.<'a.<*a.<BH*a'a''ia^ I H H ' KNT CO-OW \ MRS.
i ie ii-mi.*-t land lii.l.ipm ttlucli is in
habitod by while men, and  if   arnica   T0 chafiei 0  Bimpson, or auy  othBI
bio relations   wore   eatablishoil,   H"» pomon W whom lie mn.y have   trans*
' '' *   ,"1'1"   between   tho   '*--■■   f,-,,.,! hi*. i,n.-*.-i-- i**i tl..- *-Mnv   III..,-
i-i.iintries wintlil bd very litrgei. Japan   gom,.   ,,,,„,..,,,   ,.|.,iMK    M,„a„.,|    „„
I...I1-..-I- ii,-, lines in p..t„p ttith   Arty L-rwi, „loU„Win   two   and    i   hall
■'.,,.m, iiu-l is ul,.M'lv piMi-ieiiiii-f   to j (ttHus Huuthwent fiuiii   Vmb-    in   tin
livert the greater part df llel; trade to   Nelson   .Minim;   Division   of    Wesi
thel ports
tlmlicr   liind-   mi    the    Company's
block1., which shall be subject  to   the
regulations issued by the Company
relative to tlie cutting of timber on
the Columbia ami Western llailivay
Land Grant.
W s iiidtH-
Deputy Commissioner of Lands
A Work-. Lands und Worms Do
partinienti 1
Victoria, 11 C, U.'lrd, Feb, l90u
S.    ■»
. S3 SU
13.^ SU
r 3 SU
i - to
(i N. R. -X Ci lJ; Ri
Kooti'tiay DistriOtt and   recorded   in
| llie  Heclililor- OIHCU    fill      tllO     s'el-"ll
I Mining Division.
  I       Ymi ami eiuli nf  ymi   H   hereby
Ihn railway situutioii in   (Southern   notifled, thnl I bate   expended ThreoI
,,.,.,,,,, .,,   .,►   .     ,. , I hundred and seven dollars and fifty eta
llniisli Ctiluililiiiti is how nf   peculiar
(•**'"iii".o,,| iii labour and ilnproi-emer-ts
Intel est,    Tl.ett-o gieilt    liVnls,   Ibe ,   ', .       ,  , .    .       ,
upon meuno'.i1 mineral clttim in order tu
:'  >'  '■  "i"'il"',;   N   il    nil1   -"toll I |,oi*j the same undor tho provisions of
eeking to Un in Control af llie Similku-' the Mineral Act, and if within ninety '
ei,   distl'ieti    ll    di-tVi'i !    tlltll    rich ! day*, f 1 tilt dilto tlf tills IlllticO    vol*
i : miise of whieh Is fully   appreciatedfM '" |V1'',M' r" «rt>t-ribulte y"-u-   pm*.
, .,    ,    hoi   tion of expenditure (which is one lulu
Iiv the ii-ni companies,      I.  •!    Hill '
ibeil iiiul fifty tllreo dollars ftlld seven
ibe (J real Northern inaatiati**, has sig"'.   .. .   r , .,   ,,,, ,.   ,
I tv live cclll- IOV lb,1 llilce yctlr.- t-lidili!*
iieu his willingness to bllihl throughU* ^ i.i,,.-,- togethet with ail eosts ol
Ibis district, und   oh   t*o   llife   coast, ailvortisirtaT, ydtlr inierdst irt the   said
ttillll ul a d.'llil' ul ui'i'li'ey. of ilu   n'.Vi* i i-liihn llill In-ionle tl',.- piopeilf ot    llie
f land as bonus.    AccoV.iiug  I'd   his j subscrihurf undor seelidti 4 of an   Ael
!ii',iiilipieie ill the Ottawa House Mr.
I nun ..,, lloss, he i-   inoVcoter   i-ud-,
■ -Iiii I t nl, 11 UCtloll    ut    once,        M,
:'■■,•'• Uitl oent'.cniitn's ifk.
,■'.'■■ solid re' I, Iiii n I iii.;-
':.' ens-* Willi -, (No, 1 -'<•. ;
sl-l's for '   'i.cki.
In,*, I-.,...        .1 r.ll.-il .*.i.r
INo.   i.l.iS. '       *'""• Mill'
lent -llio.. i„„>... i-ni M-1I-.
for $u iml
A   i.uly's   solid   |?old I
ivikteli i No. i »576)wiil
"i*..;!-:ii!ii-ei!   " Ryrie'
nn1.-. en,ent   will   com
you S.25.00.
In ii ai'Vanr troia-fllled cn-e
l\,-.        I*,,.,      .1      !,.*•.     I«,|)
$it 00,   Soul t-.r cactliOBue,
"DOAViu'NP t'AI I "
I III III l.-l
1 /#\
^d kk   _'
*%rSS     flit         L^
_,_    1     ■*»          X«M
*^          -".^     ~w
"Z     '/.     —**
sr few to
•=■ ffi ?j
-*? te^
****-% ^*
- H *—«
*—.   f4\     "H
f. .'.  _\
(Slf ft!     *>
S- ST,«
!r* *     <
*c        *
•*:  *!>
/.     **i
'entitle 1    "All     Ail     in     Aul'lll     till
Mineral Act,  IHOO."
Jo is I'. I It fin,'11...' I
Rl Ottawa has   made   eloquent'-DatWl^t Ymir, l»tli* May 19M.
|        Ymir, B. C.       % We have just got in a
t-t i.- i nun iiii1,   -niinun i*
new line of i;^1;^; 't"vS
Which aro hard to heal for pilicjfanrl durability     Also   a   line  of ilm  .
brated Anies Hold n shoes.
Which have just arrived, offer a large variety uf -ui ilv up-to-date   styles,
See niir line of Stetsons,
ins: Co.
Production of mineral in
11.-j,in in
The following is the production of mineral by districts foi  l'."i-' ;
Curil no Dratria.,-:—
Cariboo Mining Division
Quesnel Minim,' Division
Omineea Mining Division
Cnssiar District
l'l t-i Kootenny Disti iet
West Kootenay District:- -
Ainsworth Biviiiion
Nelson Division
Slocan Division
Trail Ci'eek Divisirii;
Other parts
Lillooet District;
Vale District:—
(isoyoos, (iniiiii Porks and Green wood uivi iona  l,110,.'l(i(l
Sitiiilkuniecn  Division 2 nOO
Yule Division 7.7,4In—   1,1110,281
Const Disti lets:—
Nun, nm, Albernl, West Coanl of \ .1 , \ ictoria l,702,67S|
Shipping Mines In 1904.
Tons of me    Number of Mines        Men
mill,    l'i;,  spi'i'iul tifili-t-   mi
Siuulnys, < >r fur Vnur niiiu*.
Al EX. ODD: 1     r
IWATKIl   SI PPLIED    Poll    DO-
u.i    POUNDS     I'll lis
U.   '. '.'. I'o—, Secretary
I sJSn**-
ive just received nul-spring   tock of Men and B    -   suit-,      llmti1
SpOkaiie  FallS    & | are three good features about (hem, Style, Quality    and l'rice.      Wc    ii.itc
lecided to inuke a general u     ice, in this department, for the   nev    -in
ou a b    1 eduction in  Suits,   Summer   I ndfi ■   n
Northern Ey.
, il iys, iiiu 1 ti hi ipiuiuii
l,("i,.iij--*-    17-1,11001-T-I nil-   all   rail   route   between      '
.")."i.s,o7;l       Points east, west and south to Koss-   "    "     "'"
; ., iniiiui: luii'i. Ncl.-on,   11 rand   Korku  and   lle-
i public    Ijuffet cars run between Spo
I kune nnd Not-tin,,u i
llulli-t Cars   run boiwe n   Suokano >''
1 73,(110     5,806,070
fans. Kootenay:—
I1',ut, Steele
West Kootenay:—
Other Difi-ion-
Vale: -
I 1,569
801 ;925
Shipping Employed
2 16
2 271 i
.liitli-t Cars   run between   Spokano We carry a few specii    mir competitors do not, such   as   Switi *    I     it-
and Nelson ium Ilucon and Ham, llnf i   Utitter,    Asliciofl   Potatoes    and    vai
l-llutm- ,\p:il  lUIln, other articles.    The price is as low as the lowest and quality guarantci !
cute Daily Train            Ai i ivi
' Spokane
11 06 it in Rossliind
9, In it in Nelson           !'■ 35 p.m
11::;,, a iii Grand I'm Its       :: 50
1U.00 I'iioet i\         5 80p.m.
7.00a.m ltepulilic         0.30 p.m           Here's where we shine.    We have greatly added tn n'lf Patent Med   im
SAVF      TIME. slocl< :'"'1 '""' S**PP'- .""' "'i,i'  ■> auythiiiK al strictly lis! piiec.
Seattle,     Tacoma
_,-IJ+*--r~-riX-: «■•*-***--.
U. S. T.  ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Vmir,    B.     C,
■J .'!i
7 I
ill i
Will Do It Well.
Department    ol'    Education
Otmi'iutteCH Si' fixhi-
Mi ui Fair  Will   be
of tin* Best.
ll I, is been cstiinntt d that 100,-
050,000 i nbic feet, iif timber ai'e unnu-
ally used in ibe underground work-
in.,"-of lii" mines in this country,
St..  Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
i UN I N<|   CARS, l    LA    ' A K IK.
Best   Meals   on   Wheels
Q     FAST    TRAINS      Q      ,
L I'.Asr ami WEST DAILY l~     '•
*-  iif  iind, I tiiFdern    II irdtiar,
Paiiitf! mid   Oils,   Stoves,   Cmd
Steel, Potvdi     I'Ve   and   Cap .
.lr.miie   anil   Tiiiiviu-e,    Kti il
Ul    I :ii'!-    ol    Plumbing,   Tin*
•um mul   .iiun" -.1    llepui
S| iai   Excursion   Rates
To World'5Fair,St, Louis, '('he Mutual  Lift' tllHli
-V.  -. - 1 ■ *•*.
'.' < Ulli'K!ll\   (ll  N. Y.
Your Choice of Itouti
New tVi-i!,!!i-uii|, May Blht! Ill
i.-j.h iii ii requesl from lho tnnna^e-
iticnt of lhe . loniinioii Pair tu have
ii.- aiiperinteu lein of education lake
"luii^e of a school exhibit which it   ii
"— —*    TR1DE  !
I " ',- ! I" bate ii, llic e|,..,l   ii.tlioii- ^ym   WEf'r DEOIGN3
,,! i.\, ition which   uoens   lie i **TrTT*-H      Copyrights &0.
 \|ioi-iiu,!i "in ii    op ni    ii fintMioaen a a ekotttl and dea&rtptlnn mnj
Sept., 27, Mr,   Alexander   Rubim-on,    JX^'^XJ _V&^v.Sm\IS
.   .       , >     t        .. il,„i,«lo,.tlr..'.i,llvi',i.-i!. l|.iiiilli.i'il-...i'l'.li'-ii,i
- uierillteildeilt "I eilUCiltlOn, u nm un, -      mnt Iron, ifliloat nimior.for adCurlniMiiiliiiiia,
I-,.:.- -I. i-iK.-n ttir.-iti-ii •tliiuii .v Co, r-K-.-li-e
r,.. the appointment of Supt. Eaton "t     i»reiaf nutlet, wiitiiiut olisron. In tho
vie ,,. i.t.3d by u    Scientific Hitiencan,
,,,,i,,.,. ,,,' nil Ln- anhoril    aunpi'ir.tcnd-      A hnnitaomolr llliurtfiil«d *6»HI**.   inn/.-.,, dr.
mince ot all 11,1   scnoill       'I" ' '''    " ' ,.,,1,,, f mi)* al'Ietitiao Jniinnil,   'li.Miia.t3o
, v.'nr: t-.iir tiieiittii I'. dulil bynll ni-ii:-Icitl'-ri.
"•,: zz~  -.■ vifeReaiat-bii i
piiriuici i-' anxious lu iniriio '.be educational exhibit one of ill"    t   at*
ii mite features rif Ibe f.«ir,    and    in   t
unlet to do thi« a   | a at  leaat   50x  4.
10 . f,  , should be available,    If  the   _
Has Assets Exceedii    $400,000,000.
A |,'iiii'i in il \h the sttl'osl iliVcstluuiil Iviiown lu mnn.
l-'or rates, folilers onil lull Iiiforniiitiun
ii^uiiiiii;: t:i|"-.. end on or ai'dress an
agent of UiuS.'F. AN. Ilnlltvay. or (',lK]| jnvo.stolt ill  l-il',' Illmil'tlllCR i-1 ■*; ".|, illVOHfcd llllll     wil
II. A  -JAOKSO.N.        II. IIKANIM',
li   !•'. & I'1 A. 1     I'. 'V   I'- A
710 \V. oi- in 1
I'l'llll'll c,!,,|,,mil,I III!,1!',"-!.
.Ml unciu- -i'.iI liii'dii,--'. U't-ii cni'i'y     i'co  niiHiiints  ill' lid
x Hotel Ymiri
mnnnuotneiil   can  see  its   way  clear ^
,.     .     , ■-, ,      f 'I llO    u'sl   .Wi'iil
to this, the department will xanrnntee 4       .     ,   . ,    .
*     And A(!('(iii1tll()diitiuii
i ako the edacational exhibit   one* tn Town
nf ilm very   best   "i   the   Dominion I  m	
''"• 4 A lino -I'lurlion ul" W'iiii1*-.
M inueer Kcity sut 1   tli."    ir.lilircd
apnea will be  idlo.e.l   iiiiiI   thai    tin
pri/ '•-
Prom ■ cctT-f-r
Ipooa to a thotih-
-\u\ dollar prc-
Cnlntiuii srt,
Henry liirk»&
Sons* facilities
i*ormaking solid
stiver ware are
possessed by no
tlhcrconcern in
eri, modem mni-lilniry, find skilled handworkers, all under the direct supervision of
practical membefl °f the firm, make nn unequalled comWuatldb for turning out fine
Write for llfuftfrfcfed eata'.ojtue.
ut_fw»-  Henry Birks & Sons
+      lev.clrj'
l,i(|iiiiis nml (li-gal'Hi      *
1    !*f T   ! Sterling Silver, MONTBFAI
-,/- .vi',1 In* mini., -nit.sf.i.t.iiy tn tli<-  I ,,    U-.   MAHWlWO-Jf,   ■  -Prop.   X      Silver Plate.      — W"<"1    —
•1...11 iii.-nt uf iidm-nliun. 5^r,*H>A».** /*••?>. 44 ■.*.* ■.. -.**,f*|.J I 1 Wtt-^lies. clt.   | .       ,1!,-.,,',, "'
iii-ni-iiirr. ll [n'ovidcs for tlie intnily, | iitccts 11 man in lii.*
uld age, ttiul jii'otoctH Ills otlior investniunt** lur ralcn 0:1
nm l'i'i'!!i nf life iiiHiiraiico apply 10:
Percy J. Gleaner, Local Aqeni
V- J:X x 'P-
NELSON ft I-I'. SliEf Villi HV. i'i
i:i-:i)M()l'N'l.\!N I'.All.W'AV CO
W.l'-lll.NC I'US  i<   ' .   >•'.   IIV
v, v. « 1: iiy. ,••- n. en.
and Gh*nl NoHb'.i!i, I-Turtlifcrh  I'm-ilh1
.-. ■ and O. 11. A N. G .   for p-.iiii*-  e.1-1
'..'  '     it"11    HllUtb      eo'i'i'-.-'s    at     ||,„.
land and >". * I ■ 1 11  n ith   lho   (liuiadiail
CiiBsij axii -M,!'.:iiiiitiv     ''T:*1" ,,"'«1"'^, .
' ..'iii'.'t. 111 Nel .tin « Ith the  1'  ll
" N,  Co,  !'■.-   ..iu-*' ,  add   K. mid S
, points.
('ounceI - i'1 1 '"i|i-ii «in,  .i,1L.,. i',,i
I Oreenwood and Midfra*, I] 1'
.,,,,,,,,. ,     ,,,   ,. , j      l:;i!'ei     IN reii ,-h tl-nlim lie '
.ilu!! "!-'l':(s rec'T /•  pr mil, 1   .,; 1 «■:; 11 • --*i
":1 ol.aiie mul   Hi |,ul.(ie
II   \. -l.\. KSON
llcnerol   l'll-.e|iei'.«
Wholesale and llelail
-liHIN'  lllil I'.i I! ■    • m
American a»& B,  0, ^Hydraulic
Placer Company Ltd,
Capital $50,000 in 500,000 Shares of ten cents each
The Company }3 now |ii'epai'iiiij fo worl; thp (jok|
I ii'i'tl^t*. B!;u.-k iSnnil an'il'Sn,i!,m'i |iltic'ci' jofipes a| Hull
Siding, nml in oi'ilop to mirclinse tin* iipceHsarv ftiai-liin =
iiv, tin* m'oinoti'i-s have -ri aside a limitPfl nnmk'!' <|l'
sliares lor immediate wilt'
Tin.* shares an1 I'lillv ijaiil iiinl nun fipspssinblo,
Tlie I'i'inpaiiy's gi*ouml averages 50 vc\\$x  pip   riiliir
t.'iitl on tin' siiii'nrc, over ;'■!'» aciv-H,
I'mil lic.l^'tK'k iis readied tjii'st*   sliitri'.s   e;i|>   bo   oh-
(aincd nt u bargain,
Meanwhile tin* (rca-uiy stocli   (jiOO.OOO   hhlifi
h'l't   illt.'ll'l,
ivt $13 an p.yince, recovered .froin tbe
rf fsluioebosos in vaulting ftr pl'K-fV
■ »old, A* far 11- .mi Up iisecitiiiped-
•platinnni bats li-n aa yet been fqund.
'•in place" in Columbia, al
though its occurrence is lyidi* sp,rail
in the Slave'. pf tin* placer gptld, departs
throughout the Produce-
In tbp report nf l','0- the occurence
of pli|iin\un in ciiuiideiable quantity
was ppted ut epvpral pojP.U OP the
Qupsnel livi'i'.l-'uribtio putrid T|iexe
occurrences wero ibe subject 0,1' a
speciftl ipvestfigatipp by a repvoseptft:
iiie of un piisterp firm interested in
the |net(ils, but with what; ii'**nlu hus
lipl lu I'll li'iii'tu;{.
ITS)    11
VMiR, li. C,
1-~f in- W»  *■!-»- r    .. I 'I        ii-miltllMlllltfal-M
The Ymir  District,
(Continued from li'irst page,)
ii has been opened up in the No. |
level tlie vein maintains a width of
tiver ii feet, in some places being !•
Fi it in this lliere is a small
body of oro which will be shipped
crude, the values ranging   from   840
nriil cait and west dirocliou, its course
being nf ten determinable by the
'-gossan" capping caused by the
weathering of the iron sulphides
which form a part of the vein matter,
On mt1 Ohio a tunnel Itut been inn
in for 300 feet on a fissure uontaiuing
from 11 to I feel of lalcose mat ter and
in £i0 per ton, and tha   rest   of   the |.quiu-ta.    The surface slope.-, at such  n
1 is expected to mill from  813   ('
-■J" in Lold par toll. Stopillg on this
ne was Hot commenced until December.
Milling was commenced in April,
lull the value of the mill fend was so
liiw limi n loss resulted on tbe earlier
JC, VV . Wiililoivsoii,
iii.iiiiKn.Atii: ami  insi'ii.ts'i't.
Percy il ■ lllr:t„'T.
.lolin 1'liillicrt.
inn   coops  an|i  ..kni. ryiixisil|Mii=
ll. (inmpbcl),
peuHrisuy (lobbing Co.
J'lio Oanadn Drug and 11 io!» C>.
I t KXfU'l.l*    |iPAf.|',|t*
William ('bul;.
I! Kill Kit I Is*.
P. Campbell.
UcsBiifiiy Jobbing On.
!»   II. Se(\ppy,
l.'t..-i;iop„iitiin—John Breau.
Mcbuiil House—finlay Mct-eqil,
.Miller House—S Miller.
Palace—Tail ,V Buddy.
Vain ver—(liven Buyer,
Waldorf— (ieOi'tto Colnian,
Vmir—J. \V. Miistersoti.
I'. H, T. Koss.
MlltS     I I I-'MMIIM.     AMI     llll.|.|NK|l
.Mrs. John Mc! t|
iliMNt:   llpCUIIimil
Percy ,1. Gleaj-er.
Herald Publishing Co.
1). Campbell.
s. il. Seaney.
llar.-liutv & Wilson.
Jackson ,v. I.caliv.
Alex. Oddie, rul-T
Miles Mcliiuis
William Clark.
l      HKAlilH'AHTill^    l'Oli    -MINING   AfPi    A-P-P   '-','
*>            Jfewly furnished throughout   Sample roopi* i» -souneot^n- «
• •*
t Hales SUM tp ^e'lOpfi' day. <
• I'LN"LAV   McLEOD, Bpapfietol' ;-
low angle that the face uf lhe  mime]
is estimated nl not over 70 feet deep,
A sample taken liy the writer from
ibe wails   of ilu*  tunnel  at   various
places, and quite   sutliciently general
to give uu approximate   valuation   in
the exposure, gave upon assay in lho
: ui of ilm year's operations, The) Government Assay Office, $11.00 in
.Hiking of the rich ore early in l'<-! eol.l and lu.J-J oz. in silver to the
,. n,ber resulted in bringing up lho lon -V sample taken of the I8.|nch
mill icevery und established a satis. ' ,.UfIJ, „-.,,.,|." a, ,|„. ■•„,... ,,r ,|l(. ,uils
hietory balance on the year's upBi-a- j ne| RaVe, similarly, -J-JC-IO in gold
'*>".'«.    A*   there  are   115   feet   "• i and :l.-s „/.. in   silver      A   general
-.i'"""1 above tho    No      I     level,   thoI sltniple tft|,p|) uc,.„w 3   „,.     ,     ■-,.*     „,-
lessee has a.good ore reserve in l>i» ledge matter exposed on the surface,
r"-.'oot pay chute, This he esti. L,me oo0 feet above the tunnel, gave
mutes „i I..1.111 tons, sullicient t" ' -j L3 o0 i„ g0|d and tl.'J „/.. in silver
keep the mill going   for  six   montht.,  A Keneri<1 8ainp|e fr0ln quiirU Ht   t|,e
  from which ho estimates  to  .ave tunnel «.ive, similarly, gold  $10  and
;.. all values 814 per ton This '"'• Uiivc |,j ,,;.., nbile ,', .ample of mils now being stuped the full length -*fl|;li,, b]uL.k weathere_ gnMtU] ,-,,„„ „„.
Il"','1""''' outcrop of  of   tin-   leads,   taken
For lhe nine   months   there   were  ,.0ly to see if it   carried   anything,
milled 4,840 tons, tl.e values   in   tl.e for mMuj, WM s.-sMv< gftvfl U|(J   .^
 «'g«m being   $-28,850.09,      From  ,onU,,ng hiRh nssny of $3o0 in   ^,,,|
this is? tons   of   concentrates   were Lnf] m mtKm h B.,vc|.
made, lho valUea of which   were   $4, ;     ()|1 ,||(. ,•„,,„„„. (.|,,im a ,„„„„, ,ms
i-.10.l-l,   values   ro-i been run in 000   to   GOO   feet,   hut
rovi-inl .*-...,,.i il ...i. seems in its course to   have   .uu   oil
A crew of 20   men   mis   workin«, rein, whicli, however,   !s picked
'J"r'".--' l!"' *VI''"                                    ' up again near lhe face, and bus   been
I'.AYONNE GROUP. drifted on for 50 feet.     This   tin I
The Bi'ovii -iul MineraJogist, in tho is likewise shallow,
Ainiiial llcport, 1903 (p.  II"),  drew      Tho   stl'ongest   points   about   the
attention tu   a   property   on   Midge mineralisation, ns  so   fur   developed,
creek  vvliii      bud   exceedingly   goodIaroJ.I10  perslsleiiey   of   the   lend  orl
iirospccts, mid now, on Summit creek, j leads ivticj of the good values  contain-1
tl.e   Pi-.v. nuo Gioup  litis come  ini" ed, for the assays ipjotud   above   aro
priimini-nei from tho high assays   ob-1 not selected, but are the assays  from
Ir.ined from surface showings or shal- all the samples  taken.      It   is   trui
low ivorkings,   'l'l.esc properties were ibnt ihu development ii as vet  supei ■
located in 1901 by 0.   Harrison  and flcial, but the Icieiib und strength   of High  « Grade * Gol'leeS
I*', Hindoo, two prospectors, who,   by tho   minoialisatiun   argues   stronglyl
the expenditure of a lurgo amount  of for depth.    As ii stands, the property
pei'houtil labour, brought the claims in, is one of ib,-   niosi   promising   pros«
kh*.   n'hiiite of development as to   on' pects seen in the district,  and  thore
.,i,l,     em to be Crown-granted.    The is more than a probability   that   de
group I i» recently been   luken   over velopmont will prove it to be a mine,
bv a syndiculo, composed of Montana      lincournged  by   the   success   met
mining men, for, it is reported, a cash  with on lho, Bayonne, a large number
•taiynVopt of $80,000, nnd  surveys   of of ulaittiiKliave  been   staked   in * thd
tho groi ,' liave been completed,   Tbe 1 vicinity, us is usually the ease   wlnSru
group cousists of 10 clnihis, the    1'ilt- ' a foil 11111110 location   lias   been   made,
,utite, Oxford, Columbus, New Jersey,  but ns these sinkings are   mostly   re-
Ohio   Delaware, Maryland, It eitliicky, ' cent and the surface   wash   is   heavy,
Headquarters for Mining .Men
liar  supplied  with  best brands of
tt iocs, liquors and cigars,
FltsT Ai i:m i:,
Yum, 1!.   C
Kootenay Coffee Co.
'j        Wholesale and retail dealers
ill Fresh Unlisted
there is as yet little definite to  show
what ni.iy be expbeted,
Platinum in B. C.
Illinois and Virginia.
A quartz ledge,   varying  in  Width
(,-ojn 2 lo 1 i or 18 feel,   with    indeli j
i.iielv determined walls, cuts tlu'OUgl
the granite formation for a long   dis- —
lunce and has been located with con« Tbe production of platinum," has
siderable exactness on the surface by ibis year been confltied to'Grfnite
i. inuhber of open cute and trenches, creek, in tbe SiinilkAttiten, atW 'this
Tliis lend stiikes up the hill In a hih- creek produced unlyrfKlJ omit'1*!1 Md^-d
Why go Elsewhere.
Eastmans arc tlie lirst.
Prise lis. mul Catologue** an1  now
being distributed ni
The Canada Drug  and
Book   Co.,  Ymir.
Dr.   Kllio.i's oilice hours  at  the
in to 11 a, 'a. nnd 4 to 5:80 p, in.
Please'forward Tub Y-,n|i H'JBA'.p fuj-
i iib
.ml acknowledge receipt of enclosed §...,..
Tin-: Iliiii-M.p is published  every Saturday !Wl'U*nj5 IVPd
!: contains all the news of the camp.
.lUT|'.s--t5!-:i! Yi...ti(, *?:_!; llu.f Yictn, $\.
Opposite Couithouse nnd   new   V^i
oilice,   Ilcst :-.i*"i: meal  in   town.
liiifppeap nf ul Apiericap plan.
Only    ttliiie     labor    eifiplpyed.
First class bar
Tllo>?AS ,v EHlCKSQNi
Clark'g   FMmiture   Storr.
yndeftakor   ami   (furniture    |)eidi
JIail orders propiptly attended in
I3i|:cii S'!'ui-:|:t,
■**-»*qftW->flf ■biiV'*'.- WWP
Hotel ....
(Under entirely new uianageiiiuni.)
Hilling lioniii mul Har
supplied wifJi ilu* besj
in iin* inarki't.
Iii^lit  (ippom'tc  (lc|io!!,  Ytnii1
.miin ni'iKAU, Prop,
Tin-: iikst i!i!.\N|i 01  ii.i\ii'.sni'
The Kootenay  Standard
and  Juanita.
M IM'f.llTfllHll   IIV
/.   C.   Thelin (5 Co.
Nelson, 1>. ('
***************** *******]
t Delivered any
W place in town.
Stove Lengths     1
Hit 81.36, Green $1.00. |
Per Cart Load.    J
Now is the time to put in
a good supply,
INnio  l.ioo
♦  Lumber Co. Ltd.   i
l**4*********4*-**4*****4 I
l-' JJiliili^' li'd'.i bi.'in.lH ur Win'
l-iijiitij-.*-; ami C'igaps,
OW]-:X DOYRR, I'rop.
Second Ave,
Headquarters for nininj
and Commercial Men
Must DOinfortahli! hotel iu ihe  di-
triet,    Everything firtt-closs.
YMIH,  B. C,
Ymir Transfer Co.
Teaming and
Lxpress. , ,..
All   nnltd'n   pi'oinnVi-    attended
mul the greatest care exercised in
haiidlin" of coods
Ymir Citizens
Kini.av Mi l.i'.on, President.
Pknc'Y Gl.l.AZRIt, Secretary.
A H. It'i-Kivoiifii,' 'IV i-
i Vr>6t   (Hlicp   StuO
Vmi is.
Gold, Silver, or  '.end'       11,.im
Copper,    -   -   -    .    _     Jl'.ilu
Hold-Silver,      -     .       .     .     |*,fili
Cliargea for other hl'el •!
E.   W.   WIDljfOWSON
Provincial Assayer
Nelson, H.'d
*MM'»*'*alalaalaa»a*aaa»aaa.      \  "


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