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The Ymir Herald 1905-08-05

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Vol.. 2-tNq i:
i * • » • K i »-* *
• «»_»»__«i*_i_**^**^'"".!-^'^r™,,"w
y.mik. r. <...„ s.nti i.'i'W, AUursT ••. m*\
■ i    i n-fii ■■■■■■ i _ii
»'   '     ■"l. ' f-A,-     s—£■**
'I!!!'!-: 1-!\|'  (-KNTS
i       a very considerable sensation   hail
.-- 1 » 1,1 H *W|i Mil * , • f- * .. * I a * *, .
hi't-ii caused by ihe publication in  till
S. DesBrisay of the l>s'-i:i-i-«.vJol-|Tl.j,l.|*/l.j,ulll,'  „,-   H    st)U(, (t   l|m|
bing Co, is a visitor in town for   the
Imminent.       I+-**■»■*■•.» * •  Hejn/.e |-Oo|«_ This Way.   Th* Yankee- (iirl   Case,
miNINQ NEWS:    ,, . ... ... .     ...   '      , ,    .---
:.,..,. . i,..s^^,.., '       '' ''     v    ,il"1'  "'   •u,s50ul,>. |      Injunction Coutiiiii'vl
Mr. lieilley, supei ilileiitlenl • |   i he
Mi. -I    W.   Ward,   ol   Missoula,
Montana, is visiting the   I'u.ut   cities
I1 ...   l.i um".    ".      *<      ...... ii n-i i -.     in,.,                                         -        -                                     ■ in      ' .1      ill i' ii i,e 11 e in     i e-.u. i, in
I Wm    between   Germany   and   Hreat  N*'lso» smeller, which, has a lease   .... thu inin»r»l  belts   of   the   Province
rime in -about two yearn,               H,-ita»n   in   imniiiieni.     The    paper \lhe tl111 ' v- ■"'*"'• H'1 «   v'vil   "f We say, that l.e has   come   h.-n*   he
u MeLeod and Shorty   Hii,',:ii>*|says                                                    inspect! thai pi'*fitj on  'l'l'"'"*- |jev-iiiK that this is a   richer country
e working an repairs  tn   the   (in*..      "According to the most reliat-le iu-
ernment road up Porcupine creek forniution furnished   tn   ihe   eilitoi
W. H, Spencer and -***. H,   Senuev,
■I wo old timers of Ymir, were   among
l.e visitors from Nelson nn Friday.
■ General" (.'ostallo has now secured
iinough space in   stretch   himself   in
•B I .is lull imposing long th in tin.*   depot
Stewart Newitt secured a sixteen
inch rainbow trom from amongst the
logs right opposite the depot, this
Nine bids Iiiu.- been received for
tlie contract of driving |00 feet on
ihe May Day claim. Mr. Iloultbee
ivill bo over shortly in decide upon
« hich tender to accept.
Mi - .lean Clark, uf Vmir, in aii|ong
.he successful candidates who   pa.s-,-i|
lii- recent teiiuhers examination,   She
has obtained a   third-class  certificate
which entitles her tu teach  fur three
George Crowe luis put   in   a   new
.iai- between tin's nation and England
may not be averted, All (human
warships have been fully prepared for
prompt action, having received secret
instructi...u that 'Vin is considered
Tt'gel iu a llerliti suburb, wheie
•ui' located the extensive works nf
Herren |!m-ig, ilu1 «eli known mai-h-
inii uiul gun iieiiiiii'a.'liiiei-, This
linn controls the newspaper, and ' I"'
assuinptioii is that tlio "reliable in-
furmation" emanates from that firm
.Mi— "iecord ha. handed in hei
ie.ij.'n,in'.ui from the nursing stall al
the Ymir General  Hospital.
lhe survey nf lhe New York Central Group is now completed, ami
applieaiion will he made foi crown-
grunts us sn,m as possible.
|i is probable that within a couple
nf week* the construction "I u new
aw mill will In. commenced "it Puree
iiie of confectioneries   at   the   Vinir  pine creek.    Mr. Cu-   nf   Nelson   is
'iH>' '■'**'' iu copper ami gold than    thai    whieh
llec'iil lepnru from the Yinir mine lie lias left, though   theru   a,.i   snmi
are mint eiicouruging     On   the   fjQO nice things there,      He   ,!,.,,   ,tiiti**.
fuui level a fine body of .*J7 ore, is said thai he believes    Heitijio   i-   looking
m have le'i'ii discovered, sufficient   to this waj, and ihat hi1 is lil(pl\   tn   he
Ice-ip (lip   mil!   siiprlied   I'm   several found in the nea| future erecting cop-
months,                                               i I'i'i'   smelters   in    llritish   Columbia,
...  ,,   .,■•   , ii*       ,ii Mi'. Wand bus been   pr-ospouting   for
h. Jl. \\ in-lnw i-   ilt'velopmg    the I ' °
.Silvpi J'enk Group   hi    lhe   hem!   nt
in search   nl   information  regarding      A" application foi   ....    	
mn hour-d before chief j i-ti. ■   11
•III      Mnlj.iay       1,1-1,      ',. ll. lejll       (J
Qrabe, ii. A. Luvell, li.   .\    Mi.-  .
and Jani.i- l|   (ju,h.n,, arp lhe   plaintiffs and 0.  F. Doyle ihe defend
The plaintiff*! are i hi' um ,. i -   *t i
Yankee Girl and thp Canadian     or
An option in |ii||eli.i-e, i. ii!: a     .■
ing claqso was entered   into  betw.-.u
the plaintiffs iiul   .he   defen li
Mai'ch I".,  un*'..   Tin's agree.m ui   -e.
plaintiffs now -.i-i, ,.,  can. .1.       I
also ask an ni.le.- |t»*,rn.iiliny   he
fendanis from shipping   fi|i th.
1 from the claims, and froin  v.-i11■. I■ ....-
fifteen vear-, and »ill use hi- exper
ienee iu searching ilu: range, nf tin*
province fur mineral deposits
Wild Ilurse creek.    There is a  prcm
ising showing ... ilu'- brnrorty, and  a
tunnel ha-   ah. ady   i i en   i un   fifty
feet.    Wnik will he resumed mi   this
tunnel next week, and ii   is  expected
,        . ,     i  • .•        i  i     i    i   • i .i'-ii   'h.1 sulu ni nn.1   alteadv   shione.I,   an
to*,crosseut the vein iu uiiniher M   It., I M.stllHril|sllC'f|   11 ulilli.lli   \Vill| . "
"... l aec.iunt.!l!' nl a    iae   -hii .. eil    hv    i.i-.
... .     *,.,.,.      _ .      ing from the Hunk   of   C nei •
Viscount  With   auards.lXulsol)lvnvmuniM tho h
of driving,
Shipments from lhe Hunter V
mine are rapidly increasing, and h
iiuiiihi-i' of cars were sent to the Nel
son smolter this week- These later
shipments nn1 of considerably higher
grade than heretofore, a body nf ore
carrying a comparatively Iue,- i|uan-
lity nf free sllvei having beet) reeent-
He ai Dominion  Fail1 in
Np\V   \V('*.!|l)ill,**t('|'.
iiecountiiig nf nil nu- shipped   hv
defendant from llie mine in   .|ue-<i..
since llie date of the agreenieiii .:   I   ■
oiiler for the defendant in deliver   •-,
Tiie officer u-lui v, ill he in ulmrge oft possession of the mineral claims
H. M. Iri-h i!u.-iids   hand   mi   theii'j     On tlm 3-Sili nf July,   last    i-'ii.'.
foi'thonming visit    to   the   Pn.ninion
fair at   New   Westminsloi    will   be
the plaintiffs obtained   ex   pm ti
interim injunction restraining th
 ,,,« •',..".".. ,
Lieut. Viscount de Vesci.    The   V"1s-  fentlant fru^r tp.kintr tail nnv   ,
.■mini do  Vesci   descends   from    lh
tlPgOcillling l'"l  lhe right   In    en!    lhe
Active Co's, timber, and   if   siiccesa*
ful will immediately comment peril1
Ilukery.     He   has   Everton   Tofi'ey,
■Ciylesbury Butter Scotch, 'Nougat, !,
lh, packets Chocolate, Salted Peanuts,
Peppermints, etc.
Tin1 old timers »eem in he   gaiher-
|ng iu Ymit' this woek.    S.   DesBris-  brought in to the Ymir Hospital this| J NOTICE
iiy, W. II Spoiieci',   N.-U   Cliisholm,  week from the CJueen mine at Sulmo.
(Ill coming up    tu   one   nf   lhe   levels
through a raise, lie grasped the   track
rail juNt as a loaded   car   wa-   being !* spni!(! illdiciltOK   Mutt
bosephJloyor  Iihs   purchased   the"1"-    The car wenl   over   his   hand # ....
iiecesKituting the amputation   of     | VOU1'-Sllbsfl'iptlOll IK ill   III'-
''"--'''' f rear und wc would I..1 ,_l;u
10.1.e-t,    imw    ClllployCll |
Jai.d i- very popular among the Frenc
y opened up.    The general   avetage   great baronial familv   uf   De   Vesci,
nf me -hipped .bn ing the   j.ii-i   week j which w.u iii historic eminence in the
is ah.ii i 110 ounces of nil vt-r and •-'.'! in   lime nf the early kings, and hul sum •
gold,   S.iiiio remarkably   line    specimen's nf ti",- silver iu lent I'm'...    hayc
been brought in town.
jiiiirge Hii'iisoii and IS. II, Snuiie)
all lum: the proud distinction nf he.
ing old Vnjirites.
Kl.m-In-niike  lintel,    in    Nelson,  from
Jo-i-pli Murgeoii     The Hherbrooke is
Hi..* nf il.e oldest   hotels   iii   Nelson
A    r   named   Saunders    was   •^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■»
A fin-,- m.'ii'kf.l   in   ihi-
.il.tiiining ait)' money from  the
up in An-.i-l 1 Ith     The  appli
ou Mnn., in .■ uitiuue l!l i   iujuu
limi uuiil tlie! ei' ihe   case   i •
fall,    W. A. Maedolia'd, lv  I',
mons to   parliament   as   llarnns   .1.
Visci in I-JIIJ.   The first baronet was   peared for the plaintifTs   I;
sir Th,nuns \'e-ey ivliu was created  a  Macdonald im- ihe defendant
baronet nt'   Ireland,   Septembi
•ench   ui the Vmir mine, has purchased   theXtollClU'   fl'0111    VOU    if   J'Oll
Ksidents of the uity.                           ! drug store mul Im, iu Block   IU   from f
i   .John MeVicar, who has been   con-  T. H   A.k .,.    Mr,  Trebeljahr   |, t Wish i- Inn- .1   ''	
■iicting   snini!   experiments   in    the j ""w '""' "' ll"' IhirokI owners of  real
Bui nt of the ore from a   .Muntuna !'"-l'lt'''" Ymir as besides   his   recent
■tine,   has   severed   his   connections purchase ho owns the bakery building
■ilh the   company   employing   |,in)l  in Block 18 and the residence   formal. .1 i.- uni..:.' buek east. I ei'ly occupied l.y S. II.  Seaney.
LU-     •-'-,
.'ill**', Inn subsequently inking holy
, orders wu- consecrated bishop of
Kill.iloii in 1711, l.ieiii. Viscount de
Vesci i- t'l.f second -nn, although heir
presumptive, of Sir John llnberl
William \'e-ey, who wa- lieutenant
colonel of tin ColiUteam Guards, und
..I ihe Honorable Artillery oompuny
.. of l.nnilmi. The Vesey family have
fm a ccnturv and a half occupied in.
portant commands in llritaiu's   army
and !..f. v
Investigation of Zinc  Resources.
Dog fanciers aie promised a better    CiOVCl'lllllt'lll  Will Sri id K.v
kennel show llii- year at the Spokam
Inte.state Fair than ever before.    A.
There will bu a social held   in   the      Tlio firm of railroad conliactors for   15. Jackson is secretary and  exjiects
Mi...-.-' I.'nimi Hull nu the Uiih in-t.! « bom Dnuguld Cameron was endcav.   the-finest siring of dogs ever   exhibi-
ill ii id    nl'    the    Catholic    Cli.l.vh   ill j "n"'A '" -*.1'1  "■ eonlra.-l mi I he    Orilllfl
Rnir, Durintf lho evening a vidua- Trunk Pacific Im- abandoned that
.ble iiait-l, will l„. raffled, fti| purpose, Mr. Cameron Im- now ,.
Hise purchusiiig admission tickets! eonlnuil on a new road connecting
lim it.e u ehiiieii. Sail l.iihe L'iiy   and   San    Francisco.
,,     ,..,   ,  ., His nephew ''ector McClarty expects
.Mi-   'Ink lliirlnw, ,mw   ,,t'    Villi. '..,.., ',
tn null him iu  a  im.uih.
i-OUi'i.   I.,..-    h-.-n led    sebool I
'teacher I'm ihe Vmi.   pul,lie   school,      Thomas Glynn, a suction man,   *as
The ..pens on tho   I lih   Augu-i arrested   on   Sunday   uighl  last   by
but if ih.- |iie-ent hoi   weather   emi- Constable Frasor, for being drunk and
iliiue-. i, i-,„„ Improbable thut   U»« disorderly oi: the streets      He   was      A
ted ill Spokane The premium li-l
Im- been rovised and improved and i-
bclieved to cover  .mv   defects   there
may have heen before,    Kntri lose
October 3 Tin dog show lasts from
Octobei 11 in 11 There me plent)
nf line animals ill ibis part nl' ll.e
country and if everyone ulm ha- one
will send it lo Spokano this   year   il
will iiialie a line -lum llli.1.
entering    Spokane
me unitsd ilu- \. in in  granting   tn
lho Spukane luicrstaiu Fair lliu finest
uni'l'S-ions for llie handling nf    rxlii-
llillays mil he .'
lodged in g ml nn ,-iiiniiiv   nlglil    mul
<e,n,.i   MaoPdilano   M.   E,   who brought up   I'm   trial   the  following
irmerly managed  severul   propaMies , „ ,.
I, ibi-,h'sfici, and  af.erwaid' wenl 'l,,V'    A«irwMftfl,'»'   ",1"""'   ->'"!  bits of fmit, grams and grasses whlcli
■ Siam, is now managing a mine   in the prisoner promised to  « t   the they lu.-o over given,     Fruit,   gtain
ti .*    .   >-i   i       i ...„...,. „.,,,„,,,    ,i,,,  ,,...;,ii,,,,   in«tii-i. and vegetables whieh uie fur   cxhibi*
■li'Xiio.     I'  (lark    who   aceoin- "ale.   «ag..n,    ll.e   pie-ining    JUSIICI ' -
■    ,  ,. ... . -ill- ii- ■! •      i   e I tion  I'lil P'i-e- nnly   and   lire     lint    s, ih J
(limn il lum In Sunn, i- now in l.miil.iii iltsmi-seil  lum with a nuiuiual  line. '     '
taking ilemiise in siiiw-ving. „ CUII be lOtumed ut    a    one half   rate.
\\ o have often noticed the nice iin»   ..  ,   ,. .,   ,      ,   -.        ,
}  , , ii. ' It tin* truu i--iintleil anil nf  nu   fur-
■A new reason has come to hand  to plu.tin|ity „, „lt.   |iett(]||no  t.,liinr of
Hcmiiii fm tin-   exceptional   number .   .,   ..      ,.    ,,.   , ,     ,
- ,,.,,., tho "Daily News,     His latest  break
of -.nine nul electrical   disturbances
■i-ulont throughout tl.e   world ihi- is"""'" "   tele«''aPllio   ]tm   »tMtln«l
But.     Mr   Marconi is said to he   re- tl,at ll,B    """'    (i,""'"u   T'l*vl'"'    l,M
___,   ,1       .,,,     ,,     . i    ... promised the abolition of the   preseni
•poii-ilile.        lhe    I iirntsli    hsheiinen I '
H ,i , ., ■ i i    ,     i   ,* ,,    ,.     ,i embargo on American   fisherman   in
ID  ll.e Ihm.iI  nt   the   hig     .Mill'-
i --.   , ,       •    --.        ii    i Canadian waters  whereby   a  licence
JM -lutions in   Cornwall,    long   ago J
■npluhid that ever   since   the   iu- of 95 per rod is required.   Tl,,-i, all
Sulluti f these plants,   thoy    I tl.o iiifortuatlon contained In theitem,
■fl'cred I,   i, minimus   succession but ^'"^ t,,fl Ho"'   aC0''«°  rtt*VlC"'
Blight..'. •      At  ij)0 luippe-ns to be the Consul vatlvo whip,
Ih..   fair, ion   bciwrn,     and for no other reason, Mr.   Liberal
far ,    -in,1,, some   lit- "-Nows" man, heads the piece "Empty
Nt .   en the Idea. •p'™»*««'"
ihcr value at the close nf the oxposi*
lion the railroad companies mil re-
I fund ull freighl charges paid llicrcon,
This means that fruit which .s used
fur exhibition purposes only cun he
shipped free to the fair.
Clli'lidl NOTICE.
I'lii-.sIivnilil.iN ('in.ii. ll—S ii n il a y
School uiul Uible Class, In ,i. ni,
Evening sen ice, 7:30. Vming Peoples' Society i I* mi i'riday  evening
iii ,**' o'clock, AH ore wejci me. llev
H. Young, M. A.. Pastor
The Dominion Government bu- acceded in il.e rejiresentations which
have heen nia.le I,, ii, from Ihi'isli
Columbia, and "ill -end an expert t"
examine into the zinc resources nf the
Province, These representations
have been made principally l.v ihe
Provincial Mine- Association .md the
ajwocialcd Hoards of Trades, to which
institutions the nine miners nil! owo
the great Impetus which it Is expected
will he given their operations by ihe
increased knowledge and wider ml
veiti-eini'lit which "ill n-ull from
ihe expei t - exuminalmn.
li i- reported that VV ll. Ingalls
ilu- famous zinc expert nf New York,
Im- heen lei.uiied l.y tl..- government
for the purpose and ihat I..1 will bo
assisted l.y Dr, Haaneli "f ihe I in
minimi Department nf Mine-. The
main object will be tn repott nn the
known deposits nf zinc in the Pro*
vince, to conduct experiments us in
the l.cst iiiid most economical method
nf reducing the nre-, and in advise ...
t... il.e pi ope r maikets f... disposal "i
il.e predticis.
Hotel Arrivals
M. l.i:..I, HOTBI.!—
II. I!. Green, Porto Klcoj
N. Chlsholm, fioldfleld;
Mis, Delaney, Hllverton;
S. Desl'i isuv, V.inci.iivei;
VV, II. Spencer mid wife, Nelso
s. II, Seuiii'i Nelsotii
Several    > illies-f,      Were   e\,u
and ii developed ihat ..he real   difi,  -
.nee between the parlies was  uu
construction   t..   he   placed   ..n   >
wording i.f ihe agreement foi tin* n-ik
and purchase nf   tl.e   claims,     ';
agreement requires il.e "nei pro. • •■ I*
nf all nre shipped  tn   he   hanke I
ilu- credit nf the n«nei-, an.I    '..
applied a. pin I m' iin- purchase i,. ...■■-,
The plaintiffs cuntend thai il.e ) hi  -■
"net proceeds   mean, net suiclli .    i .-■
tin ns and il..- only   reduction   '-■'
should In; made from ihe  gins-,
if the ore, .'lie lhe -meltei i Inn ge-   I   .
freight and treatment,    Several   >•■
known milling men were in court,   "i
behalf nf the plaintiffs, in   testify   . -
in their interpretation of ihe   phrase
Tl..- defendants mi   the   othei    ban .
contend thai ihe   phrase  mean	
profits, and i hey should he allowed i
deduct all working expenses, such    i-, hauling, mad ropaii   ele,   ,;, .
the hahinee only, after   these   .i. ■
limi- -In ui Id he payable in tl « n.,.
The point is one » hich i« liable '••
cur any lime in a loosely Worded cou>
ira.i, .mu a judicial ruling as   n.  llii
correct reading will he ..f mtei■ -t   n
all mining men,
The chief   justice   tin illy   out	
that lhe lumiey in   lh,-   haul,    remain
llieie until the I.i il of the aelinn   an,,
to bo then disposeJ of,    Tin-  iiucstimi
ni shipping further me lias   heen   ad
journod until August 1 I t• >   he   th   ,
argued at tl i-l,    ilm    Injunction
continuing meantime umi   no   me    ..
he -hipped.
The main questions at issue -».11 bu
disposed of at the full assizes in he
hold in Nelson nexl I Ictober,
Fire Brigade Signals,
Firo chief Cufiby I.,.- prepareil tin
ullow ing -igii.,1, f0|. hniidhiig the fire
alarm: steady ringing means iin
i»ne stroke (jiausi (two strokes (puu .
three strokes, means u call for le Ip ■
handle the hose when drying ni n
reeling it up after use, ■;>
When in  Nelson
Cull al I 'a ten a mle's.    You will lind greatly
ducedprices  in   Watches, Jewelry,  Silver-|  "wi-y *-*. «■-.?   if a „,,.,. .„■,••
1 • sober sometimes, how uu arih kin   he
''       "lie's iliuiilc    all     lhe    tilin-,''    siii'l
(Joodley, disgustedly.
"I le- ;i fool, sub!"  exclaimed   (.'"I.
■•Ah:    1 'ni rather surprised tn hear
vou -hv that.'
• •* ,.
•     HEADQUARTERS    mil    MINING   MEN    AND   TIIK      •
gift, mid his goods are always mosl reliable
J. O.   Patenaude,
ware, Cut Glass, and Novelties.    You can   al- appreciate a real g i.;.u..i,,-..i,'-     •
: Philadelphia l'n 8s.
ways find something in uis stock suitable for a   ,... , ,    ,    ,   ,,
O l      I he-, were seated so close   togetliei
..ii the pnrlor sofa that then-   « as   no
renin between them I'm-nn  argument,
When she suddenly let   loose  a    large
and snuli'iil -igh.
"What's the mutter,   dm 'ing!     ha
Manufacturing Jeweller. Watchmaker and Optician. „kl^
• Oh," she replied   "1 jllst happened
Newly furnished throughout,    Sample rooms in connection.
•       Hates •**'!.-".I.l to ?2.o0 per 'lav.
FINLAY   McLEOD, Proprietor
PHONE 293.      NELSON- B  C*
in think thai this would be our last
evening together until lo morrow evening!"
**************************  **********************
4   <*-
1 —* — -9
American and B.  C.   Hydraulic
"Gracious,   I'.l-ie'.     exclaimed    the
PlaCer     Company,  Ltd. little Kirl's   mother,   "why   are   you
shouting   iu   that   horrible   fashion!
Why can't you be quiet like Willie?"
NON-PERSONAL LIABILITY. ,.He.-fi0t ,„  ,,„ ,[Ui,,.  tl„. WB_
we're playing," replied lilsie.      "He's
Capital $50,(100 in 500,000 Shares of ten cents each pupa ceming lu late and I'm you."
—Philadelphia Press,
The Company is now preparing   to   work   tlio  (lold     ___-_-_-____-_-_—-_. —
Dredge, Black Sand und Nugget placer lenses nl Hull
Siding, and in order to purchase, the necessary iiiadim***
ery, the promoters have set aside a limited number ot
shares for immediate sale
The shares arc fully pa-dan.1 nun assessable,
The Company's ground averages ."HI cents  per   eubie
yard on the  surface, over _40 acres.
Please forward Till! Ymih Hi.iui.i. for
md acknowledge receipt ol enclosed
J  anu .leKiiowieugi- receipi -n ei.i-msv.i -,-  4
4             Tiik Hi-iiiai.I) is published  every Saturday morning and *
% contains all  the news of the wimp. 4
* *
4       'i;— -Pi.u Yi:ah, "•"-'; Half Ykah, Sl. ♦
♦ *
GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL Clark's   Furniture   Store
Until bed rock is^reiu-lied these shares can be obtained at n bargain.
Meanwhile the treasury stuck (_(!0,(J(lf) .Slinres) is
left intact.
YMIR, li. C.
E. W. WldUowsou.
UK..Kt'.UAiiK  ami   INSUKANCB.
Percy J- (jleuiter.
-I.iliu l'liilliert.
ImV    1....Uis   ANU    ni.NI-   I I IINIxltlNi.
I). CunipbglJ.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
lin- Cniiaila Drug anil Book Co.
I 1 ItSlTUIll!   I'HAI.I.II.
William Clark.
Ii. Campbell.
UesBiisuy Jobbing Co,
Cosr.iopollliiii—John Breau,
Mel.iinl House—Finlay Mcl-eoil,
Miller House—S  Miller.
I'liiiu-i—Tail & Ruddy,
Vancouver—Owen Ilm, er.
Waldorf—Ucorge Co I num.
Vmir—.1. W. Mastorson.
(Continued from b'ilst pug. 1        I mehl i'hursday nighi on the yote   foi
1  would have saved us a largo   ex-  tlie support of the   Irish   land   com
poiiiliiure     h seems   probable,   alio,  mission, than the Intrinsic importance      r. s, t. h„ss
ihat, with a view   to   elticiency,   we -'* >''** vote itself    Tl,.-mn- was   ac-     mils   i-l-iinihumi   am.   .n     .u.
would bo better off under   the   pi-iii-*- tually due to tl.e slackness, or rather,      Mrs. John McLeu.l
ciple of co operation than we can   be |to tho indifference of the government's !1-^  -'  "■■""■
despite    tl
going it alone      Military machinery 1own   supporters,   «
:- constantly changing] and our small
means could be better used   iu   union
■•• ilh the Impei iai service than iii  the
purchase of armaments   which   in   a
few years been....1 obsolete.     Certain
Iv, as regards the   navy,   wo   would IlllUt,! ir* keeP'"«   1,"'ir   ""'"   '*'   ,l
irnngesi possible whip enforcing   the
Percy .1. Gleaner,
Herald Publishing Co.
Mil--      Mclllllll
I  Mi
William (.'lurk.
necessity uf iheir attendance on   that
particular nijzht,   allnued   themselves      ,,
1   . ; . I). Campbell.
in 00 lulled into a false confidence  by tha ic!*.
ilu- ru-e nf the Liberals and    Nation-      llarehaw A: Wilson.
Jhokson A- Leahy,
Alex. Oililie,
Iue,1 in desirable position  if   we background until tile critical  mu nl Tohaccuis
wero   contributing   to   the   Imperial «''''ived-
...rvico than we shall have when   we'    That this was allowed   to   happen
hegin to invest in warships   for   0UP. jimme-liately after   Mr.    Balfour   had
-lies.    The life of   a   battleship   |H  chIIciI a 1 -ling ,if hi-party   to   im-
-hort, and wo shall be continually n-  press upon his sup* is the need  of V\|||>     l-Hl/I.DV
newinit our plum, at great expense.      their absolute loyalty    to   eon* ••,l"*     BAI\LK1
Business principles to day   louh   u,j **ince Mr. Balfour of tlio   eselessness      GEO   c/voiVf, Pwnitiun.
,-o-opcration,    L'tiion gives slreiiKth.  of allempling lo face amitliel*   session
It is tbo same in the larger or nation-1 of parliuinenii hut as lho folding   of ,,
,                 . ..  ..     1 len "•" are  again,  g ve  u-  a   'in
1   -pl,,',e.      Winking   i iiiony    ittotis in August on accoi if  the
with the Kinpiie, I'm ileleme |iup,.-es  ll""'-1 ■""l foi'otnei   i"'i    would
ivo would bo stronger,   and   the   ex-  ho ' ' •nvunicnl to thn counlry.liti
Opposite Coui tliouse  and   new   Post
oilice,   Best 1201 meal   in   town. and American plan,
Only   while    labor    employed,
First class bur
\Y11,1.1 AM  Cl.AKK
Undertaker   and   Furniture     Dcal.-t
Mail orders promptly attended tu
Biui'ii o'rnituT,
Hotel ....
(Under entirely new munagemuut.)
Dining   Llooin   and   liar
supplied  wifli   tli"   best
in the market.
Liiglit  opposite depot,  Yinir
YMIK.   11. C
pet su would bo far less llinii il  prom- 'l''il1'"1 '" •v'lU """l ll'" ;'" '"   '""
..,-i,,l,e.    It would surely bo   wisoi   fore dissolving parliament.
to join with ihe Umpire wherever  we      Premier Balfour's audience of King
■ in than in -land for   isnl ition,   and
I   I'M wind July 23, la-ted only Ic  mitt
,- m hasten that tiny of which   Sii , "",* ""'l '' '" *<»PP*"«d thai  he   inti«
Wilfrid   Laurier   speak-   when     |, J mated the foregoing decision   lo   His SAM   MII.I.KII,  Prop,
describes tho  gradual   weakening   nf  -Mnjcuty -
the tie and verance of lho   eon | ~~ ! 1 lcn<|.|iiaM ,Ts lor Mllllllg Men
liection, "just ns lhe ripe   fruit   falls) The    -lok.r.
from the parent .--tein-'-Mail ABinpin
Till'   I'.l'.'-T   II1IAN1) nl   Ilil.MKKTlC
The  Kootenay   Standard
and   Jiumiia.
M Wl I'u II KKIi   IIV
__   C-   Welm & Co,
Ni-I>'iii, li, Ci
First-class Jl)i11lii*_, Uooin,
flest    Inainls   of'Wine
Liquors and Cigars.
Second Ave
Y.M 11.
Headquarters for Hilling
and Commercial Men
Most Comfortable hotel in the di*.-*
triet.    Everything first-class.
YMIK,  11. C.
X***********44********** "
_L *  *
X   M\LL_WOOD.   \\
* I >.-liver.1.! any
iilace in town.
Stove lengths    :;     Ymir Citizens
Ymir Transfer Co
JACKSON & I.KA11Y, Propi.
Teaminq and
Express ....
All   iit'h-rs  promptly  attended
llllll   ill!1  I'll'lltl'st  I'll!"* I"!(|ei-e,|    i||     (hi
handling of goodi
I).v 81.35
Qreen i*?!.00. T
The British   Parliament.
Balfour'fl l.iUelv Coursei
IJal  supplied  with  bent bl-ands of
lie Uye-l'm a   niuin-inu inn j vvi'"'<1 [ll\aon and v<*>n'
who ..».. nun-never say  dud-dud-die,    |.-,,h, Avl;N1 J \:uu,\\. C
, dud-dud don t you know"! ,
>||H. ( iniidc    -Well,     .level'       mind, , —.     -     ■
you curlainlj* try hard enough  in   do
It is understood that Premier IJal-  so-Lifei j KoOteiiay    CoffCV   Co.
four has decided to remain   in   office      The adverliseiiiont of a Springfield,       ffiBEKEJ   b    ACTCDt
until thp end of the   session   and   to  ^o., dential   saysi     "JjauKliii.g  gas      ^OhrBB   ROAS T|_Kb
dissolve parliament iu October.      N" and   .iiuli.*.ed   sir   for     eatl-ucting.
authoritative    Blatement,    however,  pe|-fectly safe and liiii'tlilijsa   l-"ly   in
mill be mad" until   Monday,   nnd  in uttendance."
tlio Interval   thin   declalon   may   bo     , . ,,
'A wolftaiis honnW vtouid not cost |
' ,"1'1'"1 milch if it wasn't for  the  trimming,"! Hitjh -"tirade * 6?-t)ffeeS
The ei i-is bus n-hiuinol n serious as-     ......        ,., i „ •     i
■uu'l tlif inlse/IV li'Jsuaiiil
peel owing more to the circ stances      ..N,.i,|„.t. v,,m|,| n „.,,„■, whiskers,' I
Per Cart Load. |
X      Now is the timo to put in |iLw, IM, l!Ml.N |v , u „ M,lXI
♦ ll ''nod MMililv. ♦
T " • 4     Fim.w MctiBou, President;
t . , j. Pbrcy Qt.EAZHit, Secretaryi
? I   Ol'tO     RlCO *\ A   li.  BuCKfwoBTll,   Tie..
\  Lumber Co. Ltd. I
♦ +mHm»H*Bm+*-H-H*-r X
Wholesale und retail ddltlbl's
III   I'le-li   Unllsle.l
(tending the defont *>f  the  govern** answered hia wife/—Chicago News.
NMIjSONi )» Qi
J'usi. oilici.* Store        Ymii;
K.  W.   WlbDOWSON
ClIfEMlHT    \S\>    A AS A V KM.
I _■« utaftf NtUon Smcl'tr)
<iold, Sll-ren or I..1...)    -   Ui.ou
(.'.ippl-l,      -    -     . -     -      sl.."."
'inld'Silvi!','     •    •      - ijl.riii
Charges for oilier ihetnln on ap
Baker St., Nelsoh.
1* 0 Drawer 1108,   Phone .M;T THE YMIR HERALD
Pub   :-..■■.I  , v.rv  Siilur.liiy .-in.l miiil.-.i  lo any
M.lilri *-. ■ ! .leliv.-r.-.l liy mirn.-r l.i tn.lvn.
.-  . -. . 11 ".|.- ti ill | it minimi,  i'iiyiil.1,. in-i.l
...■" .Iiie Ml.-., i\M |,,-r  I,  |. r muiith
nn; Hbiuui owl .„• Ini.I Iran nil l.'inllle.-
i. .- .. r- .1. lie-.ll-lri.'l, ..r lllll! I'.' nlita'lti-il
l!   H'.'l        1-, •!," '.lll.v.
i'. . H-r-iml iirliiluifl .'' every .1 ■ -.-rii-ii.-n
Ion.". n ll,- iir.-ini-i-t-jit -i-iii.liir.l i.n.-.--.
I'l  I'.l.l-llKIl   IIV -lllll
lll'   I'llIl.lSIIIM.   COMPANY
IATURDAY. AUGUST,   ■".,   1005.
at llu- then pending elections, should
declare against the Government responsible for the contract that bad
been entered into, a modification in
tin1 terms, or perhaps a cancelation nf
il..* bargain, would follow. After
that the contract was beyond reach.
When lhe entire issue is   silled    il
VMI!! LODGE X...   il A F   A.
M      .Meets first    Friday   in    each
in mill. Visiting brothers welcomed.
John McVicaii, \V. M.
Pkiicv -I. Oleazkii, Secretary.
Y.M I If  LODGE No, 3j   K.   nf   P.
Meets first und   third   Mm).lay   in
The Wise and the Foolish
The late floss Administration in
.he Province of Ontario was approach
ed by the Gland Trunk Pacific Co.,
for a bonus in the sunn- way as wu-
pu. own 11. C. Government, but with
very different results While the people of B. 0. arc to be congratulated
upon tin1 firmness and incorruptibility
of its present administration, whieh
successfully withstood the machinations of lho G. T. P. plutiipolenl.nils
the people of Ontario are now groan-
e,inn's ... this.    A contract once made      i-aeh   month.      Visiting    brother
is morally binding.    While   a   Logis*      welcomed.
1 nine has a power lo cancel it and  tn I
ClIAIIMSS AiU'liiii.u.n, i'. C
John G L'ewah, K. II. Si S,
!.«•__ *-. .- ~uMm
power cannot be exercised, except   in   VMM!  1IIVK,  LAMES OF   THE
extreme cases.     It eejtainly cannot      MACCABEES,       Meets    second
, ■    i     -.i i   ■       .i   i     -.nd fourth Tuesday in each month.
lie exerciueij   without   rendering   the |
,.,,,, .. . S. Cl.I.AZKIt,   L. (.'.
■State liable for damages if any action ,    ,, ,,   ,**
8 | L. licci.uniiru, i;   K.
has been taken in good faith   by    the j
party uf the second   part    under   the
contract,    The bust way out for both _ .
interests is through negotiation   lira-, TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS.
lie nation may lead   to complications —:—
i f   ,i     , . *, TO Charlei G, Simpson, oi any  other
und further loss, while n treaty   may! '      '
"ive .-lief person to whom he may   have   trans-
_____________ fered his interests in ihe "May   Blos
som'    ininer,ii   claim,     situated     mi
Brown   inn....Iain    two   and    a    half
The Kind You Would Like
TASTES t!(>Ui>.     I-S GOOD.
Old Settlers Maple   Syrup.
Pun- in l-l, I--J and 1 gallon Tins,
Sold by
D. CAMPBELL,    -    -     YMIR.
Mining Agent      -      Stocks and Shares
C. P.-R.   Profits.
L' iglll'i.s for   Juno   lllld    I'l'O  mj|es southwest fr    Ymir,   in   the
deeding    Kleveil   MolltllS        Nelson    .Mining   pivision   of    West
. ri ,. »   , Kootenay- District, and   recorded   in
Arc   bittishictoi'V. ,    ,.      ,       ,.     *
 .      .  ." tlio Itocordors oilice  lor   tl..'   Nelson
(J. !'. I'. gross earnings   for   June  Mining Division,
•.vci-i* S**,'-i."!<'»,*J-_lj.   working   expenses.        Y.ul and eaeh of   you    nr.!    hereby
ng and[protesting   under   ,.   burden >i,0'.2t,-098, and not profits,  i?l,502,-  notified, that I have   expended Three
,. , ,     ,       , ., ,       ,        193:1 hundred and seven dollars and fifty cts
which has been laid upon them by   a ,,.,«.,.,, , .
. ., . In June 190t tho net profits were i(*?30(.oO) 111 labour and iniprovemer-ts
weak and apparently purchasable »<l-' (]|!(|L -A,,-twelve months end*- upon the above mineral elain/in order to
ministration, liven those 8UPP0I'*'-I'S ;„„ june 20 the figures were as foi- ll"1'1 the sumo under the provisions of
of the lin-s government who endorsed |uW8. Gross earnings 850 181 iSS-Ji *'"' Mineral Act, and if within ninety
its policy, and charged its opponents working expenses, #85,000,71)4; net days from the dato of this notice you
with tiarrowmindedness and treason profits, 815,475,088; for thu twelve fail or refuse lo contribute your por-
ublic interests,   now   admit,  that' months ending Juno 30 there   was   ..  tion of expenditure (which is one hun
net profit of 814,213,105. dred and l.ftv three dollars and seven-
The increase in net profits over the   ■>' t\\o cents for lhe three years ending
su period last   year   is,   therefore,  8 .May D.I05) together with all costs of
1I.1I.   Tho bonus gives to the 0. Ti  for June 853 021  and  frum -Inly   I   advertising, your interest in the   sai
". is 82000 in cash nnd 6000 acres in to June nil, there was an  increase  ..I' claim will lr me the property ut'  the
and for every mile constructed on  a',81,201,983. subscriber, under section 4 of an   Act
__fc_ entitled   '-An   Act   to   Amend   the
Mineral A.-.,   1900."
•I mi*. I''. Mint1.'ni 1.1.
Dated at Ymir, 13th, May  1905.
 AGKNT    I'dl!	
Mutual Lie Insurance Company of New York.
Cnnadiaii Cnsulaty—Boiler Insurance Co.
London Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
Ottawa Fire Insurance Company.
VMIR, ll. C-
to I
the affair i-i a gigantic steal, and   that
Ui.- legislation should In- at once   it-
puriiou nt' road which «jll be in. the
neighborhood nt' 200 jiiiles long, thus
• •.tending a burden un Orlulio of *-'-l -
UOO,000, .-..ul twelve million acres of
ihe situation raises i'u   interesting
question    Can ihu  State  take  back
MlNl-'.llAl. ACT.
(i inn, K. i
lYi'iiiu-ut.- nt Improvements
again,   give  us  a   ei
Hi...1  Quart1-*.,   Hovel*    New    Vmi
that which it has    given'       -"-peakine I ;:'■'"'':''■   ..j]"*"-'   j.™"   '"l,'1   i'T"'
, I'liii'limial „,inei'iil (.1iuiii*i MHinle.1    in    pie|.e ....
broadly, the legislature has the   right  Hie Nelson Mining iJivlslon   ol   \Ve»i
Kuoii'iiiiy District.
•A'Ihto located:—On Julillaii   Moitn*
lain shun two miles Ironi Vmir.
TARE   SOl'ICl-!   -Inn   I,   I-'.     C
(Ireon, acting as agent for A.  R    Pel-
eis I'  Miner's  Cerilllruie   Nn     I'..
RI.DIII, nml   I'-    H-   II.   Hunter   lire
Mini r'a (,'erlillcato Nn. I! 81,1)0".',    iu, ilfity .Ini- limii llie ilatn   hereof,
lo applj lo the Mining llccoribr for a ...   .... . ...,   .,
tliai   ihe   House Curilllcatu ol Improvuni ems,   (nr    Um !-,A'"    ..i-i.M.    li
i.. pass ii hit.-\ .I- legislation it pleases
It inn repeal th'* law   it. eliarted     yea-
terday.     ftcan stop whatever outlay
ii Im- entered   upon   at   apy   ii ne.
Vie.vei|,  tllUII ill  th.' light  Of lh.1 pOW«
in mIiu.Ii the Legislature   may   cxer«
vise, it -eeitis   cletl
.■an rescind .1 grant if ii «isbes a 1   !"
tin.    Llul Un1 right tu   act   does   not
1 -ai ilv ni'-i.ii that   action   should
he ini.en.     Many things _Iiul ..'!.■ im"'
do .oe lefi umi.ui" bucauho ii Is better
.11,1 in nn thiiin,    ' n It'gisla! mn   ih uu .
1-. in tbo n.nit!'! "!' the e ercisu '.1 lhe
repealing po* li" tion   bu* (
• ...'en 11.en nn'- nl ..'.ii1! .I application;
zz   SU
±   t
I    sU
"     \U
YMIH, r. C
purpose of obtaining a  Crown   II rain — *
1.1 ihe aiiovii uiatiiis. H.-it'luiiMi'ici-s for Milling M01
Anil fnrilii'l'take iio'lce lluil   action,
muter auction 87, itiusl lie ,,             ,,  ,     ..,   , '. ,       ,    ..
helon* the issuance ot nidi  Orililoatu »■"  "IT1""1   *»_"'  bcst brands of
:! Improvements. win.-, li.|Uuis cigars,
Daieil this iwuiity.elglit day ol  Jul}  1 	
A. I'   1 10.5 I i;-i Avesi 1..                 Ymih, 11,  C
!•'. c, urci'ii,
,•*•'.-I-.... P.. C. -_-_-_--__—----_-_---_-_-_
Help Wanted,  Female.
,,,.,..,..,,..   that niunf thu natuieof      W.intmh    Ladies to do plain   s,-«-
,1   in, "".-I
lu * 111 per \i i.     Win li -ui   any
, ,,. in.* ai humi*,   '.ihull'  or   -nine   1 u
., tmiirai 1    I bu f'Jltlu '. alt* ■ Uojcct to 1
I lll-llllli ",   el'.It He-    I
fur full pat t i. el.11 ■
amen bnciil   w-hi'iiuvt*r   ihu   house 1
• h-|...*e,i' in uiiiend them,   The Inttui**,'
 ing that '.hev ....• tl..•'."-idi   "t   '-i'lina Mfg. CO., Mm
iiarepineiit 1 niered  hetwoi 1.   lhe
nd     -1
iveriimetil   which fm    il"1   niomcnt I + 4+++++.^++4.*.*,«,-1.*. f44+(H*f
||.p| Ill- ll.e |.i'i|.!''. 1.1,1    ilm    othi'i-i ■£
■ ,„iu I,, tl,,' barg nn. ere nol   altera- j 4
1,1,,   .,-, ■ .-.I.11,   ■,   'i"".   a' rang unuhl 1 *
1, 1, .,, ai 1.." v.i'li th1, mutual   '■ ui-   I
I I             iiincc in town, I
„i t,l the p..Mr-.    Tne '*   ■''.   '-i'i- \\   *
11 1'"' ,v"" ,"11"'V,"'|>      Siovfe LenKlhs      \
1       * 81.00.4
I ),.1 iV|.li'i| ;|||\
place in town,
-,,,1 me!. :\ ..* .1 lliuttcl '.I nil
,„'   ,- 1 gu .'".  I" the public   .hul
-,-_■]....n,.-nr i'.:'.! f madti   bj   thti   Male
.llUll     III.'       '"        Mil.lei''". Ve!        th''
  ip ■ uhi' I' " i"" '' " '"   '■'
.,e ni "ll till*   il       ' "" '"    ' ''
. : , .,,,.,,,',( '■!■ lh. Canadian
!■ , .',,1 |ji ne ... !«■!. "•• ■ i-ftel-
... ,,,1- 1,i il.e iniiiii Trunk I'acillc
1 impunyi in 11)04, ii 1 tl"J l""T"'
♦ Dry ••?!.••!•'
♦ V\r Cart LOAlii
4 NOW   i"  1 :"'   'OUI'   In   pUI    IH
4 11 good supply
Nothing inuUc1- a more
charming gift lor
"My ladye faire" than
a silver-mounted pcr-
tiiinc bottle.
'■ vi     No. ie r la -pr.ii.l Wilud ni     ,\::
.'.,-■/     $i.-,-.   I..».-. .li-nicti --H--    ti:.*,
Ul  ii'tt'*-. eriiain.-nl.-d  -iiUi     W\
open | in .ifilinii all*    ly.|
vcr Ul*pokil,
Distance is annihilated t?i
when you ordcf ol  us |",;
by niiiil.    Catalogue
sen! on rciuct.
BVftlB; ui^os.
t       Porto Uicn
t    lilllll'icr Co.   I III.     _
: x
*44444^».44i.t.4':*-4">f*-*4****- 4
I Ymir. B. C.       I
Ymir, B. C.
1 tSL X
fTz^ ^ ^ _f-_Z_Zi£i4Z&Zi£i&£;4Zi£i£i£i£.4i:iZi&£;.'Z;i''-i-*
, * *«?^^^-t«-c*c*c*s?«*?;c-y-^-*?*^*-ff**--*r-c*c*c:s;''
to Lake of the Woods
Carload just iis^
^-i-Also New Supply of   Canned (loudi,-^-.-^-
till on us fm- anything in the way of Han. Shona, or Clothing.     Wa  havi
thp latest styles, finest quality apd Iptyegt pyjpps
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
***• •—-t—?..T,:r- j--**-*-.-
Dis Hyah Piece am   Copy
I *.- dune btifii lived to i'uri.i h hint;
V ."" »"V44-4.1 f . 11 ami HWB
TTT i   "rinuini inii|i.iiii ij^iiii i
liOVV to  |)C  Beautiful.     | doner from   the   Pacific   count   was
mentally thanked, the fish tvas cut up
into eight or ten nice piece* and dis-
iributed amongst some nf the fashionable deniftens »>f Metcalfe Stieet, and
I-out beauty an' de cayah oh tie the Itideau Club men had to be con-
- ;..«x-huiii    Ise done had er  com   teni with halibut, block bass and such
■xslium nigh onto erbout 85   )*ih», Lthor *.|wint«w «! tl» flnny tribe   .-.-
rndun foiin' out how tor cayah t'..'       ,, ,     , , .    ,   ,
.,. ,     ,   , .      i     .     iciil'l b.' nhluined iii ilu- hval market,
lor make ile l.-mes unit an   wite,
1   r chile ter poun' .>in wif er nnillot | ■—*«
• i .ley done  reduced  ter  or pulp,
li'h put on <t cote er wile   paint.
to remove moles, take er   liatcher      v ,:    :  i     i .i       m
Notice is heieby given thai    Edgar
hop em awav.      Urn   dry   mint Kei,   .   ■■     ,        • ,
J ul 11 ton tiauo, resident iniiia mun.igei
'   a pestercating roun' -nm'inn',     i   .- ,i    ,. , ,.       ,,   ,,     ,
' " of the Company at Ymir, B.  C,   has
Per take blackheads out,   vo   inns'. ■ ,,;,,,,   i ,i     ,, .* .
- j been substituted the attorney  of  tin
ie ro'face   obar   nito   in  carbolic  „v    , r n   u* ,•       in       ,
;    ) mu (."hi    Mines,    I.unit; ,.|,     and
il an den use or currycomb   iu   de  ,i   , ,i    ,-. .  .*. .*       m
J that thi1 former substitution of feavan
"' ' i.i.l. Johnson Speak lias been revoked,
Ter remove wrinkles,   take   a red      Dated July 20th, 1005,
iron an'  bu'u   little   spots   roun' y Y  WOO'ITON
ier vor fare, when do l.u'ns ull , ,, . ■ ,,. ,.   ,- ,   •   ,   ...    ,     ,.
'                                        HBgtstrai or Joint   stock   Companies
ley takes tucks   in   do   skin   an' ]
rs all de wrinkles out. . —i......,—— _%____-,.,.,....-.___
''...' red ink' for do' li|is.      Put  on
...mi'l hair bresll,    Ii    will   nniki1
Companies Act 1K97.
ips look jes' like chorrios.
An  Atlas For $1.00.
The (iirai Northern   Heilway   has
Never Came.
',   •  iniou juice in   di*   eyse   l-efo' issued an Atlas of 5(1 pages   contain-   .. a pahiy.     Il   will   miikcein ing up-to-date maps   of  [owa,    Wis
|es ! i.l;*' 11 dark  Ian tun   in   de consin, Minnesota, North  and  Bouili
ill lo ob de nito. I Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washingtoi
Do l.refl can bo kop nice an'   sweet llritish  Columbia,   Oregon,   Kansas,
Hi--    iiiu1 nufb'n but grass,     Hat's  do Missouri, Nebraska,   Wyoming,   Cub
kv •..   le cow done do it     The Week. .rado,     Alaska,     Hawaii,     Japan,
-*o- I'hiiip; im- I-I,ml-, China, the United
Tale  of  a   Fish   That   Hl,am ,ml "f lho w,",|fi'
In addition lo iiii-, the Atlas con
iniiis valuable statistical infoi nml ion
lelaliie to the states llllllll'd above,   i-
ither Member   (!'ii   S
in hi Off Mr, Riley, M. I'
  Nolthi'i'ti llnilway, and   i-   in   every
This is a fish alnry, and  of   a   fish  way 11 i-ommendiible work.
: ivhich was to have heen.    M •,      'l.bis Atlas will  be   distributeil   at
I.',, nrgu It ile v, M. P. for Victoria, was  lho act ual cost of production und will
'. f the wnrni   advocates   of   trap be sent to any address   upon   rcccip*.
■"      11 1-liitish Columbia,    These nuts 1 ()f -j.^    Addri**.**, I1.   I     Wbitnuv,
' '     In... ununited   ilns   year   with   ,, ,.   ...     ,.
1 ,       I 1'ns-eimi'i'    I rull '    Mining. .,     tifcal
11 'nil d on the very   best   iiualit y  ol
panel*, -hnws lhe lines   uf    the    < in-ill
I-i   .1 success,    In   one   Imp   alone,
1 from Victoria, Ij'JOO fish wett*
■ 11, twenty-four   hours      Mi.
'     Tn I.l, iif   Vi.'.tii i.i,   uppri'cia- '
1   I! 1 !i> s interest on behalf of
ming men, pi. ked otil a In ..u.i*'
|niuiid Spi mt; -11 lu.''ii md t*>
1  eluii ees paid, to Iii'm  ri'pr**-
,.' .11 1 in.iu.i     A similar   li-h
'. forwarded lo lho Minister nf
. 1 11 He    Uld Fislim ie-,     The1,' Iml li in
N.".■ 1 hern Wailwuy, Hi   Paul, M inn
BO   VEilBS*
1   'ifinni- M«RKI
Dtl am
Oopvriohti 6.
Ii'nr n'. and •..- '   mi
....                        ...     1           ,               ,,., .,.        ,. ,1 1, !!-i,l II .1, '■', ', ..l.'l -!.'-   '  1 ' ll '   I'"''
,-    1 in 1 III..111. nn \\ .'illi, -.lay.      I lie      ,,,"-, I our "I ll.n.n flu" 	
\| ui let's was safolv dellverod to him,     !',!!','..'.'"."*.:.'     it iiumi km. I'.i.i-'nii
1     .,,, 1 1 i|.|.-.i Huoii.-r ' ' ii'i'iirinii in'"' ia.
■ . 1 . . ... ■ .1*.   . r ,.   ,,     ...........
"•   '    ' I..M    Ml      Itlley   e.iine   In    I'll
in    fm   hi-   splendid    plscutoiini
,   »hich ii «us  his  intent ion     ,,
a iiuoii.-t lur.
, ,,, mi i ii.,*i .... ...I'll Mum   ■. ' ■
■ 1, ,N", .in   '   mo, initio
Sciennfic Hmerkan.
r llli.«l*fn.od w. .
[lo present to tllO   llideall    Club,   the     rMNl'f"iirtuiintbii'f]  Mid broil 1.1...>'i...iiir«.
1   press cniiiiMiiy'i   official*,   declared    M(JNN <? C0-',6,3,!,ad BV NeW T0iK
,     ., ,,     j        Brand• inure.i!%. I W. Wnililuulon. UO.
•in   1 had imi reached Ottawa,    r.n '
■I. 1 v tht' following day produced  tin
Meets train every moming
except Sunday, for freight
and passenger for Ymii'
mill. By special orders ..11
Sundays. Ov i'..i Ymit mine.
ALE*. ODoit:    -P*»pp.
I '. K. T. RofiK,   Seen tai'.'.
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
'V 11' •• all tail .-.ait" bel ween
points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson, Grand Forks and li.1'
public iiuif.-t ears run between Srio-
kann and Northport,
Buffet Cars   run betwpen   SDokane"
1 —
and Nelson,
1 ll.-i-t.i.  Ap.'ll, 1905,
'..'ave            Daily Train Arrive
9.45        Spokane 6.20
U 1 ■. 1 in        Hosslnml 4.55 p.m
9.1(1 a.m          N'ei-nn 0.85 p.m
11 i.'ln :. m      (Iran.I Korks B 50 |..ili
10.00 a.1...         Phoeiilx 5.30p.m.
7.IKI am         Republic 6.80 p.m
A. LI.,    THIE     TIME
Seattle,    Tacoma
St.  Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
A!.!,   points   i:\sr
SLEEPERS,    lil'l'l !-:r.
DINfNfi   LA!!.-.
Ml- \ l.i A    I.A    I A I! IK
Best   Meals   on   Wheels1
-.'J' . "-nw*..
Aa usual, mil stock is composed of notlilny Iml tin 1 .-■
Wo take ti pride in having our oiistomcps say: that, 110
only do we give the best .|ii;tlity foi1 the monny, Imt tlm
tlmit- orders ;u!t' lillt.'.l with neatness and dispatch
•lust ill present wo are paying considorable attention   i' California Fruits.    Wlien   preserving   time   comes   foi
plums, peiumes, etc., we would like to huve you  give  us  ;,
call, aud think we oan give yon prices etc, that will bo   ei
ijri'lv siitiajfaotory to yon,
As regards our Gents' Furnishings Department, thi-i   i*
becoming and now i*^ one of our leading departments.
[f you have not already oa-lled, we would
like lo have vou come and examine our sfoel.
Courteous treatment is our "motto."'
U. S. T.  ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Vmir,     B,     C,
f.   -
Shelf .in-i   lluil Ir-n     ll.n .
1'iiiits ,ui.|   . lils,    Sl 1. ■ .
.-"■;. I'nv I.-,    li-      ml    '
... 1 i.i"   11111   Till '■ .11 .
!'.'- \lVit.
,1 .'4SBJ__L.
-•>   *^   .r,—.)/ Lo<__—«■***■**-"
7 \ i
1 ■ .(■
I    I
9 ,AST TRA1NS  9! L44
JL i:.\.-l AND WEST DAILY _-!     '
A I   nf    I'  .  il
. :.,; litll'    .Hi I    ' Il'II1 . il
S| • fin     l.\ iir-iuti    li'nii-s
LeM is v0*; Clark Fair.
The Mutual Life Insurance Company ol'N s.
" is Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
Fur 1 -ii. -   f.   Ii*i • n I tull Infoi ii.uiii'h '
,,..,-. in,... 11,1 ■ ,   1 on or 11 'iin*M imi      \ |..'li.\ in 11 ih the tiiilcs! invest menl known tn nm
nui'iii 1 .**  1 ■ .'.■ N  llnll ■'• 11. rn        ■      , ■    1   ■ 1 •     1 '1     i 1   ■ ,.,1
II   I   lA.Kso.N,       I1.HKANIM. ( "sl1 "U "^ '"' 1"  ' ■ll'' ',M" '""''' l^''"''' "" ,,,!l       '
i, j  ,v j- \ i   )• ,,. |. ,\ j I'l'tiirii cornpdiuKl interest,
''"      ''i'"1   " Av,|     All successful business men carry  lartfe aiiiniints  ..I'
''■''■ * i •    ■■ i
insurance,    li iii'iivnli's fiir 1I..1 family, prntcets a man  u
old age, and iiroteels hi- ntlicr investments,    |mu*   rates
;iii\ Im iii ul life insuraiiei1 iipplj to:
■*   ■'.    - t.... -aja t    «,%    ■   „ .'-<•
ll Hotel Ymir}
ian o .iii-ii er.
Mr. RHoy lind   br/jan   to womler 44444444+4444444*-^4*444*iv**
111 il hail In . mil.' nf tin1  finiiiiiis   s il -
'ii.'i.. i-|'('iiully a-   ilie  Ltltlcau 'Hub 4
|tiii-ii.l..-is nciu   sliiiiiK-iiii'i;    ii|.    lln'ii' 4
I 1 p| .'iii...- for   Frid.i)      On   I'liduy 4
I nim ninj1 mi... ni'ii 1 • Mr Itlley  Halted
I'ln- I'xpn'ss iiiiii.-i-, iii-i-ic-.l   upon   iin1
|l,i..|.- being .'nil-lilt.'i,   and   llioii   ii I '"  "  *
1.1 - -ii-.ovcied thai il.'- li-li  bud   nr«
|iiM'd mi Wi'diic.-diiv, ti.11 dny it «"*- 4 ,\ Hue selection 0
due ii Unit it inni Kirn di'iivi'i'i'ii nt I      IJiiiiors and Cigai'H.      ♦
Mi" ii -i-i .ii... nf Mi.   George   Perlny, X   f
hi   P    There the mintttko   wo«   nol t ,1. w. MASTEHSOM",     Prop, X
It.'.'i ".I.    I'he unknown but generous 4444444444*444******4*44*4
The I'.i-i Meals
And Aeeoininodation
In Town.
Winrs, I
I Sterling
Pn'm a ci II"
IJ....11 In n lliuua
an.I J. liar ptc-
leBUtlotl art.
Henry Blfki ti
B'..*' fadlltlt*
lot making wild
|. ,-|-'Shr,l hy (lfj
ullier ccntc.u In
eL«»tTiu». Artistic lntjn-
fi«, ni.,!rrn maililncry. and ikill'1 Imml
„,,ik-*i> all iiinl'r the direct aui^tvlilon ot
practlcnl memberl of tl.e flrm, maVe in un
ciun!itd combination loi lun.iug out fine
Wlilc tor lllullrnlrd mtflloBi.e.
Silver Plait,
Wetchfi, etc.
Hl*>a'     BOILSINQ
Jrwf li * "■ I! i I . ..Iracy
il.r I vl .1 M, e,
Percy .J. -fileazer, Local Agent
•i' :.i ' R
M'.l.-uN Si I !   SHBl'.MID IO
IIKIi.M'U'M ,MN II lll.W \V '
W aSHINIi I.I.V  .V  . .   S    II.
V   V. ,v i;   hv, ,v N  '   ■
und • Ifiii Ni'iiliii ii, S. i iii.'in  ;
.mi! ' i. II. & N. ''"..  i.'i  | '.nt    • ,
tvi -i   mul   -until . .'..unci i-  ,n
i.iii.I nnd Ni-l-.-ii   « it li   i h|i  i'
' I'lii-iiir Hiiilwny.
I-'IIKSII   A.N'li  sM.iin in \ i - ('..nn.'. i-ui'.\i'|.,.i! .mi, • ,     ]■   '
Si N.  Co.   I'U    Ku-I.i   .in I   K. mul
Wholosalo iiiid Hi'Ui Colincctn nt, Curleii  with  ■;..'
i!ii'i'ir,ii,...| mul ,\|iii.i.ii', |: i ■
llllll'.'l   lllll   .ill    t I .1111-   ..      v   * |
.Muil"i- receive prompt  nUctitiini Spukftno und  Ibpubllc
II   A JIA( Ksn.V
(j«ni iiii.i,H--.i,i:i'i Aul
jl       JOHN l'llll.iu;ii'l,  I'-,,,. '  s|.',i,„,,,-, u.i.n


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