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The Ymir Herald 1905-07-29

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 la  GSM M. f$-_J_i
Hi? $ i w^
i 1 il   4
• £. Ugis/ntiV^^
L/."-   JW31*     *1
Vol -    X"  I !-
v.mii . !'■. c. - \t!'imI -\V ,jui,v -!'. I'.io;
Death of I.e..- Ward. .   .
'hice Fivi: Ci.ni
I.".' \\ iird, ■; iniiier *■■-.■ Ii I. no .1 n
HI.,! iv Wright M. I .   A.   returned
Yniir, has   gtilio    I .    join    thu    ;n nl
The B. C.   Parliament.   Co-operation  in  Defence
mu..  the    iniiuij uf   ;,,,    Albcrni j    I 'n.iia,lii's   Militill*)   < llttliiv
instil ii'ii.i '.i i he i i.e. |.| ninent,    Ihe
iinijoriiv.■   iiii.ler    iniiu-nvluil     painful       The Yankee Girl mini, is now ship- ,.,.,,.,..„,, .,,-   ,,„,    Provincial Legishi "ur   militiuy   outlay-.,    •
tc '   '""" 7'"'V'              "''   ":"     ''  circumstances     About six weeks  ago j'-.nj.'nt lhe r.itoof fonrleeii   Ions  per j livt, ,iss(.m|j]v js ns follnw*. IMUG and thereabouts   tiggregutc.l    .
I"ls""} '"''                                             he left the   Second    l.elief   mine   m day                                                                  Conservatives l.'l million a year,   have   gradually   in-
■ -■Si-vera! parties of picnicers are eu-  JSriu, whoi'o hu had    b.'i-ui   .-.0,1;.,..-,• I,        A carload of coimentratos fr   the           Liberals 111 creased, until tho Minister of   Mi  1
jj-iyiu.:   lie ui-elvcs    camping   out   at   and ciumi down with a   ^00    ehi-ck. |.\.,.„   ,,,;,„.   ;,   ,,,,...    i.,,,,    . !,..,,;,.,|            Sooiiilims now tells us thai   wo   sliull    huu-    l.
Hall -Ming this wt-i-k.                               Ho remained in Krie spending   leu ***|,e |..........  \mvc   .....   ,,,...,,;,-,' |   n           I,ubor ..teinbei I "I*"-"1'   during   the   preseni    n
Bleu -a, t Nev. ill holds uli. hinii    ,v ; "!""'-V'    nlllil    ';i,"u'     '^'     Tin,,..lay ,,,;.,, {\tl,,.,,U ,„ ,1,:. , :,,, j:„.'lt ,„•   .,,,. - nth nn less a -ui,. than -'l.i1' "
■  cord !■■! : he hoK.lav makers ,u.    Hall    wrek' wl,e"   I"** absence was noticed, which was discovered 01. lho    -uiface |J It must be confessed that fur  a   (!
fot-a.ij.i over i"i0 in .mo day.          |I!is   :'1""1"'"   bein«   ""'H   l"JW*iVP''. last fall,    This ore is n'i.iv being mil!-      Tlio Govern it cuuequo lias   eminent that is opposed tu   "milil
md nobodv luu'ing heard of   hiin    for etl and consequently tfcj  ne:,
lllll  |!||
a majority of   four   over   nil   parties  ism" the jump is considerable.    See
which mill' lie   conibined    iigainsl    it,
,V',l;';'>:'"T'"!l  !V'T"   ll   ,';'   —"'- -"P-. »' is expected to be a large  -
''"''   -!l  l!l-'   --""'(I'"''*'    ll"*   week. Lut, nnd on Tuesday   las'    his   body _
»'|«1  'it-urs .unci proved in health■   Wlls fmlm|   non,    ,.„.    rai|,.IJft(|    ,,.,,';.
Kelson now boasts u    lady   barber, | about a mile south of Erie.      I.    was Ymir Mint*.
vyl,        iikiial  ii anil ulatioii    of   Itir-   cvidunl thai he had been duii'l    iiluul        u    ,1,1 ■ , • 	
1 I, 'i in n- l.e mouth of June.     Ihir-
sill.    ,|.1...-inl.nies is -.iiii ti,   he   grout,   lh 1-00 days, and from ilm   appearance ,,.   ,  ,             .,-1              1          ,    ,      «       . ,         , ,,         .      ...
"                                       "'-,',      ,,„■ ty stamps ran L'i   days   und    crushed     Another   Flag   Incident
__.,-     .,*. ,,         ,         I,.         1  ,-      ot 1I10 corpse Ur. IMhott cinie to    the   , ,    .	
[aBRI;-- I'uller returned to her   duties                  ' _i_uni  inns   ot   ore,    producing   •h. •
»!,-- N'elson Hospital, List    S0.nl.1y,   ';"""h>!'"'- Ll"*1 'j''"1''   **«   primarily „„„ ,,. ,, ,,„,,.,.._ ,..,,Ul „,.., ;l, ;.....,.„_
afti-i   ',ii"viii'.; two tt','1 !.*,   holiday   in.'1""1'''   v'r'"':   l|r'"'L       ll'"^"    t-ml nnd 20o tons of  concentrates   valued   Ymir as the husband     f   11    populni        What we nre going into now   i-
..                                                                know hiin bust, iilHi-m thai   hi*    hear! ,     ,.,,       ,,.,            - ,
\ne. • at .- I 100.     i ne ryaniil 1 1 hint   treated
h-id always caused him trouble inno .         .• .  ••■*             1    •       .   ,
......                        *    1      .   1    • !'Hlit tuns n| tin lie's   1. i'. -. 111. -111 ■ *-     ,11-
NV »l-*-|'">"'-i'ii '-.'iin louated   in       There being no c ■tery   in    Krie, L „        ■     ,   ,     ." -. ,   ,         .     ,
wi                               ,             ,     i- ii".1 estimated    at   SIOJU.      Sundrv
P«ls-'-'' au-l .-: starting to operate   his   tl,e body Was 1noughtt0  Salmo,   and -.■,-,
I                                  I                                                      PI HI,   lllll-    -s.l.              ,,   ;l        ; ,..,.,,,,           .■- -s     ,|
|-ecen;..vi.,'.,i,.re,| p,',,|iert.y  011    Bugle  |)uH, ,,,            Wed.msday    last   by w   ■■                            -',
,                                                              I Working   expenses    i-r-.li.        Prollt
Mr. Clark, the \ mir umlortaker. Tho S|*,;     Thero was    expended   -Ju,*in., | For a background on these post<*rs he  abuut through tho   determination    ■!
KN'e.l ii'ldii-left this   wee!:    for   his only relative of the deceased,    is    bus the month on development work   |Bon    used the Btnrs and   stripes,       Cndci    the Government to separate us, in    -
broil   :'-niiieli at ('.ielii'.",!ie,  Alberta,   lieved to be a brothel   now  in    Colo •,-*■*,                                                           the federal law ibis wus not an offense | fur as defence is coneer I, fiom    1
^H two Sandy Odd ies are   now   the rndo,
hist    i the O.l.iie,. Dr
poi lions of the increased e.\-peinlil ui 1
n state of ullairs liable to iniiko it a I aro conimendable. I'or example, th.
good .ie..' more independent Limn j added pay for inilit-iaiiicn on aetiu
j heretofore. service, whioh Sii   Frederick   llord 11
lung resisted, i.- well deserved, I'.ui
uther features of thu augmentation in
the cost of defence aro open in tpn-s-
'rofessor McEwcn. well known in tion.
lir a- 1 he husband .' 11 popular V*
young lady formerly residing here, huge military establishment, and
has just had ,1 unique experience of great—or, relative to our fornier 1 -
American law. It appears thai he perience, a somewhat large— stuiulitu.
had some largo posters printed, ad- army. This situation and il cons.,
vert ising his liypnolic eiitcrtailinient.   quenl  expense,   have   been   brought
. ..    , ,     ,   ,      ,,,,,    triet, <i*ont down on Wednesday,    but    »♦<*>*•*>«*«<'•<^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦>*
lie statistical year look tor   '.U'.l , <>
,'         ,                         1    ■         .-  , ■      decided that 110   inuuest   was   neces    <t>
lllll,        1 ,:,- j.lesi-li!   jiiipeiatl.il:    ot    Lil- 1 '                                            .;,
--,,-,,               •                     .. ' sirv. O
lllll 1 :       !!        -I,..'   -.-',   I       UU       lll-'i.'ll-.'     nl   - j,
1ST. I •'.'.' -il.ee I ll-i census ut   I'.llll, !|>
Iiiii under the laws  of   tho   stale   ut rest 1 if ihe Kmpiru.    Al the last    c-i-
Wnsliington ii constituted 11  criminal louiiil conference  tho   represeutiiti'   -
iiiisdemcaiiuur     His bills were   post- of the various doiiiiniotis   wen-  nl.- .
i 1 eil around in O lynipin, the state cupi- tu whal extent '.hey could .co-opei it
J  till, soi lays precCeding Ins   arrival, with Great liritain in the task of  ile-
'IT-  In,,.-,! iLe-li'.-;,.1'   ih-   Port..      S   'I. Seaney leaves Nelson shortly   I
ltii-..mi:i 1:1,1,    way   mi    Wt.ine.ilay  for a trip tu Portland, Ore. Xhl
\ cross lirtl'kcil    ill    tlli.sJ  u        gave the   authorities   tiinu   to   fendingour  com .1    interests,
iaec in,I
hearing however, he gul   clear   .ui   n   thai the Kinpirc ill lurge  might    w.
Ill I   I I  I   s   W
4  prepare for action,    Consequently   us I was pointed oui that the charg.  upon
Ill's     tliat 5   SOOIl  II- he step I
.     ..... ..- ...  -.icpped ill'   the   train,    he   Hrilain i'"i tho army   and   the  navy
4   nn,  arrested,       At    the   Bubscqueiil   was verj heavy, and ii was suggest,  i
liiglii   mi'l eiiii-.i'I a-hut  down   of   a      On Monday next, the court at   Nil-  J VOUl'.SllllSOl'llltlOll I-   in    Ill'-X'
few I i- in the sawiug department,    son will givu n   decision   us   (.1   the * X
opeialioi. uf the Wilcox mino by   the  51'1''"' '"■ilil  Wl' *vo'**(*
*. ''The I'".' :l contest as to the   owner-    '..,,.. _
,.   , .      -I prnvisiiiii.il hiiii'iittiir r       , „ ... ,
Hflp ill    il.e    Kilteii-xukoii   li.'ieliuii X to llOOl'    Iron)    V..i;     H     you-X oilverl -'■■  ■-■   .■■   or mcrcluinilisc ind    pire, Willi the exception   ol    '  lii
hall l,t-.-ii postponed until next month.       The weather has heen so  h t    . ur   * 4   the professor's lawyer inaintained that   agreed to participate in  th <|   1
The .-..:.icit is l.eiveett   the    Dundee   ing tho last two weeks that the   iiih-   ♦ wish to lliiVO il   COlltillUOtl.   J   hypnotism was neither of th    and    Australia, South   Afri   1,
i.p  ,r].i[l 2  teclinicalitv     It appears thai tin-law   conlributo lo the  cost,   thus   shaiii
Jj   forbids using the    Nutiolial   Hag   for   ilm Inn.len.    livery part of the    IL
S\nili..i'e mil Dulv, t'o'li-v,    Hughes   men could not muster energy   enough  ♦
t   1 Hlli trI   I llie     pll.ell.
B_V,-..iies, lent to tlio Dully News      (ieorge Coleman,   of   the    Waldoif
1 1111 1        ,- ■     1 I Im I 'hiiiiiiii.ii I 1 u.!   . lisped..i'    1!
1,-On 1 I '.ii-    nm.1 Lim-   'Lit   although Hotel, lum now recovered   HUlhcienily ,   ,       -
1 .    . ..I.l..- I.l I ,-.|     V\ alli'tu    IS     klluCklllg     hole-     in     lhe
lhe i ei..*' I...'   \\ ni.i   being  missing •*" aiteml to husiuesu,   although   still    .   .t
his client w.is therefore nol •;'iiliy.
Hotel Arrivals
Wai.iioki  Ho'iki.:
was 1. j 01 I'd lo ll.e !■!..' il."i ll cutislil"
lilCstalioiieil.il "'.iiiu...   ii>1   iissislillice
fruit business in Ymir.    Koveral luim
, . .. ..    • .       ,       ...   1 I! Skinner, Hall Si,lin..
shipments nt trim consigned t-i   1 mir
I. \V. Falls, Hall Hilling
imemhii' -till in hi- gait.
Many gallons   of   fine   in pbeirirs    ;.,.,„„,., i,,.,. |,,,.n   condemned   by
In nu,' in; tli" -e.ir.'h w,\n afforded bi   |,avo already   bden   picked   from   Ihu   i,*,,, |llU,|v
lho in.' '.-.I ii ii >  mid that   it   was   r.ot   vacant lots between First and    Avon  |
until     ... 1 .one fn.in Ymir 1h.1i   .-mv-   ues ill lhe south part of lown. I
lliit.    in.'   a    llioroiigh    search   was       ,,    ...      .       , ., ...
(in  liti'silav   last,    II.    I.     llokiins
Jl ichel Tait, inspector of 1 oads and
An entiie it iin!..,1.1 of line exhibition livestock " ill conio from the
Minlic "i 1   tain fair this year to   the
*,w i'1""-1, ,,uuk*   Portland fair md i   expected ...   stop
.', oi'l h and • Meaner   ..11   11   chari
ir at tin- Spokane Interstate   Fair,
W. Strallinrn, Knslo;
0. Nimn. Nelson;
-I. C Thelin, N'elson;
M. l.i,.|. If,,1.:.:
Frank .McKay, -Nelnui;
llev, W. |;   Uoss, tli.,,, ,  Foiks;
trail- t'-'i    Ll   lii-iri.-l,  has    heen   ex-   i-ruelly to nnimiils.    Tin   charge    was      ,.- , ,, ,   1        .,       u. „i ''   V   ' '""• Montieid;
w hull open.. 1 ictoocr   J       Mock men
 ,'"''""1   b>'   An«ly   Ihirgoss,    who   m]   t;ll),, s.,   , „   llffu-j   ,„   , 11'   P   »unl.       -
iimii., ..- ih wn^iin in-..Is to the Key-
-.ion. .n I Poi in Hico iniiies 1 his week
will,    .,   •. iew    in   us ei iiiiuing   tin'
.111,01,:.: 1' 1. 1 01 . ie. is. try . llu i-
How    1 *   :   11 ■ ..'    lhe    11 ail     bel iVCt'll
*'"«$ '!,atihea,'.',-",lh.M packed   n|8pokn||0  ,;„..,„ ;,   ,,    „„.   „",.   P- C. Green, Nelson;
""I ' ''"'•l'1' '"•' poun.lsoti   tin    back    ,,,_,,, ,   , (||)     w   ,..   ;.;,,„,„,,  ,,,.,,, |*'* :   K1'"-"1.  !'•'
if 01 [i ni Li- ea\ 11-"., iisini;  11    1 iding
laddie.    Tlm horse's back was scalilctl   ..
1 (er of , he  I Inlon    Stock    Vurds   nf
(Ihicago, t,.', hi ng tl     : 1 iiul nul,     li
Sa\ win 1 ni.i lv ie, which iii    view   ul   but lhe horse was nol    otherwise    in-      -,, , 1   11      .1       ,- 1 .      r  Millan G'liinl,   Ilu   In.
.-. ill he   pi.ih.tli! v    llu-    lin •■-!     ! .|
ihe ii.. 1 .. 11 - _ iiiiiiih'i' of 1 niichei - in
Ihat ll.-ti .... i- I"'' miing 11. .11.1 nil ml
high*., .'.
- .W large 1, .'ii . 1 . i    '"   1 •    lire   in*
|p|!. 1 in   I ivi    been     een   n uentlj
■ I   s.iln...      Those    ne    In 1
bri       11..1 1   •■ ■  ...--ii , "ii four   li 1 .
Hll   Hill   ll")   hell".  of   lie       |n. il   III It'Lel
htt 1 '11I l.v the 11. eni sl 1 ikes lit
BiiL . um I.ai'■ 'le . .mi thing lo do
•Uli.! ' Le 1 11 -. ',. .■ oi il.e .laps ill
Rule ... !i ii,. v had air,' of tL" pro.
elii '!--- ni' tl.e   llii'-T.ii   he ir,   tin j
iiltl probably bu   gii Ing   -s.tl    n
,!" 1 ei ih just now.
I'ln   stiignant   watei   question   i'
fuiii being ngitated,    I >r    Fngnn   tin
pr..' in. 1,1 le iiiii :.:li. ei' Ii 1- the   siili-
jt-i '       I ""'       !'. l.'l''      Lllll. I 'oll-.lllbll
Fl 'I he I-I .si: 1. 'I 11 III Ip llf llu
Kl h ile allOWillg all tllO pLiees where
Bit: is     now     lie.".Illiuhlle I Till
Sin I 1 luces arc lo the south of llu
Cl. ■ ■   ■   .a'li.ilrv and on   I hit    lot    he-
Hiin John McLeods liuuso  md  ilu
|j,     • .'.    s|,,ie I'he   '., ,,l   -1      oil      llu
l'i1. ' f w ay bel ween |-'ii -i a veilUe
Hi       :     1 iilro.'i.l liiiek appeal's nm   I.
K  Ingiianl
ill lie   j a.ilv    ll.e    in
red,    As it was evidenl    thai    tlm , , , ,        I  C. Carriither«, Xelsm
1 l.looileil   1- 1! I |u L'l •!       01   ai-1 ll      tO      Uu   I
1 .-!. -■ ll, -I   erred    . Li.-il,    through    ,,    ■,.   ,. ''   11   llro.in, Si   kane;
I  .Kill.'   '"I'1. '
igii.-in.ee, and hud nol been guilty of Ch   1, Hurt,  N'elson
, ,,,-■', Robt, II   Co grove, M mager uf the ,     ,. ,,
,, 11,ton ciuelty, lie was let oil with   n ,       .  |     Lomiol'iil.iTA.v llo-riil
Spokane  I ntt isi ilu    ran ,    » hi.-'i    1-
" ,ln""1 held : .1   yent ft Del r U   to   10, H' '■'l:'"1'' l;'"-"""!'
I'ln* Lidies Aid of the    Presbyter-    «aya 11101 ders    foi    premium   .1 ••   ' '■ s  ",: ke, Krie;
W   .1    llilli.'.I.-.  N,.|-.„,
W  C, Hall, Northport:
ian church guvo an open nir social  on   *vat'u received within one   week   nftei
U'e I ne day niiiil ! 1-1 on   the   1 scanl
lot   IU'.I      Kim. I Ull'-. Til
1 liny were   mil    Hi hi    w ere   received
altogeiLer In-i year.     11 may l»
e    L'loilll
ess,11 v 1.1 havo printed  re thalt   1 lie
was lasteI.illy .lieoriie.l will,   Chilli's,.   ,„,„„',, .,, ,,,,,,,),..,.      T|,;.    .., !;,   we|| _ 	
lanterns and hunting, and still   more   for tl xeellonco of this   vein's   fair.
,„.....                            ,   ,,   .                , ,   1 CHUUCII  N'OTICI1'
"tastefully   with ice croam, oako  nul I I.* ru 11 growers, far rs,   took   rni   rs,
,. was 11 e I alien.Im,e  artists, mining men dog fundi r-  and
inai kel g irduiiei - nt u uniting to show
1 isiims from the oust, who will bb  iu
itteud 11.ee in lame nunibei *, I hal ilu
mull colonies, pi umpl ly tindei
join    nol . it n shine mid  shure    1   ■
basis, but in a   reasonable   maiiiii
in    tho    lieai ing    iif      respoiisibilil
While Austi di 1 g.ivu   - I.UUU.Ot  1
vear for naval defence, il « 11 - ol! ■
ly s.-i fm ih thai our    positiull
"i laiind 1,  nil."      Th"   absolute
positive refusal of our 1 Liveriiun nl
join vi ith Auslr diu and South   Afri   ;
in Impel iai defence bus In   11  followed
by action ill   111 it.iin.      I'he    Vllunl
in.I   I'll, ilic  -'|U e!l"l|s,    tt iii. ll
iii (J.i mi'l in 11 waters, huve In en    -villi
01.1.'. 11,    The etuii'ino us   sum      1   1
iimu illy am.un,' 1 aiiiiidiuiiH  niving   n
i he j ri -'-ii. e nl 1 he   Ilcul    have
bet ii Htoppcd,     Follow in^ this chilli
the lecull of the i'.i.   ■  .'  ''...! 1
il  I', ipiiniiill i.i- hi en de iiled    iq 011,
in,I 1 he I lominion I.. - i 11  e li   I
garrison those point,.     I lie ne ■    1   -
I . mlitiii .■ 1 • : 11...-,-, tlie 1     . '    1    '
altered sii u il ion     We will    hn
pioi ide 11 million  i year   foi    II    1
.ni.i Ksqiiim .it, mi'l, in .
ing iL ii ihe   n 1 it'll v     "i.i.. ■ ■   ■.
pi in ik-iill*, . in, ...■ m ii calle I upon   1
ike lho 1   1   use ol    11    !.. 1   .
menl, nml   of   11   Iai jei    perm in
force ur   standing   army.      A
i'.in\ ing il, hat gi      the    Idea     ■:
conscription i- in niii I by the   Mill
ter nf  M iiii in     Thi-   polii ici 111   1. .
PlIKHHVTI IIIAN   I'nri'.'i!     S I a v   u,"", ftl1 Ml" v"""-' ": " ' '   "   ! "
S Looi iiiid    Uiblo   (lass,    id   ,,. „,, I to nppear ... tl niiu.il   c,im|
W    J      li"     AillsWnllh.
■I. c,
■ I A. Amui on. N'orthpori.
I-Iveniug service, 7:.'I0,      V ,.  I.e..     *''" ' bserved thai the new   Ilium-
pies' Society meets on f'ridny  evening  ""' -i"1^'""'   l|i*-
\li-s Ollin   MeLeod,   Mi-s   Sherrnden  tho last week of   the   I'm ilm,.I   fair
ui.l I'e   ILIini!   contributed    inilru- Thousands of eastern visitors will   b,
•an iy,     1 tier
md an excellent  program   «as   pro
vldi d, The vocalist ■ were Mi- Clark
MlwCm lAli-sVeii,   M.-l,,,,-l I rnhuid K.hpli-0 is"tliaiiche.t  land "in  -" « o'clock.    All nn. welcu     llev   military expenditu,
The Misses Julien. Mis.   .1 a   unci tlio world.   Tl.o Spok.lno   F,i mes   U-Young, M. A., Paslor '" "- .000 ,«• , is prndu.'.-i
in pari by n nulla) -. nnd in ■
largei extenl by the new   policy   un
Fire BHffade Signals,       der which the Hovernineiit i, fuse,   ..
 nt.il selections, while   Mr.   J,    N.   throufili   w.th   Iheir   Nighuefliig   in h co-operate wi  Kmpire and eleu
Macdonald as a raconteur Mhonn   inn   Portland I will  bo   ready   to   see      l*'iro chief Coiroy has prepared   the to  itand   alone,      The   qucsti	
new light,    The llev, Mr. Ilom    who  re of the Pacific Coast,   iiml  every   olliiwing ^igtinln for handling tlio fire  whether the militarism of tlie admin
noted in chairman congratulated   Um community which in   well re- icnted Inh     Steady   ringing   means   firo I iftrutioii in as wise 11   tho coopcratim
ladies,,,,,I xcellenceof   their   ,u-' ai ihe spnka,,,. fair   will   reap   largo Ono stroke (paune) two strokes (pause)  thfl,"8lj(*cn   ":"'1"'1'      l'1""1   ''''
,,,, 11- • , ,, . polul "I * low ol ■ upon   ■ Impeilal   ...
I',.I."...U'Ills and    lhe    enjOVablo     0VC«   returns        I hose who .1.'Sl|e     J.I <-|,i I .UM , Ihl-ee strokes,  means ll eall  tor lielp to . , , ,'
" - operation would certai   1   have   beei
nings   eiiieiiniimieiii   thoy   hail   nf-  llntn should write to Mr. Cpsgiove   al   Imlidle the   hose   when   drying   "nd  tho botto** polic*, wMitribu
fouled. Jon*--. j reeling it up after use. (Cohtlnui 1   .'el -
Watch   Repairing
N(» nmllcr wlml is ih" liiiillcr witli your
watch wc can make il as ^outl as new. as wc
employ only expert workmen, and our work
is ;ill guarantee*!. Leave your wateli with
Mr. A. K. French, our local agent.
J. 0.   Patenaude,
/Manufacturing Jeweller, Watchmaker and Optician.
American and B.  C.   Hydraulic
Placer Company Ltd.
Capital $50,000 in 500,000 Shares of ten cents each
The Company is now preparing to work the (-told
Dredge, Black Sand and Nuggel placer lenses m Hull
Siding, nnd in order to purchase the necessary inaehin***
cry, the promoters have set .'i*-iiie ,-i limited number of
shares for immediate sale,
Tlie shares are fully paid and nun assessable,
The Company's ground averages .">0 cents  per   cubic
yard on the  surface, over _40 acres.
1'ntil bed ruck isj'.-nclieil these   shares   can    be   tili-
tained al >■ bargain.
Meanwhile ihe in ,'i-niy   stock   (•JIIO.UUO    Shares)   is
left intact.
known fact llmt   iiie   famous   black I
sands ol" llie Curibou contain   ft   very
huge pm ceil luge of plu tin um,    though I
the iiinllu'i' Iml.-  hus   uevi-r   ve'    heen •
located     iiie big cumps operutiuij   in • •
that district fur il\ I.,-,   t li.ii   inil-j •     HEADQUARTERS    FOH    MINIM!   MEN    AND    THE     ■
ings containing this deposit, but sinco • TRAVELLING PUBLIC. J
il   h 1- I ii'" 11 discovered lint    the    -*'lllil I • ■
ia .valuable it hus  heen   saved,       Mr. • -_._■_■_——■—— ^
Newly furnished throughout.    Sample rooms in eoiinectioi
• Rates $1.50 to 92.50 per dav. 4
• FINLAY   McLEOD, Proprietor       S
• **• •
♦*»♦♦♦*»♦♦♦♦♦*»-»-»♦♦♦*»♦♦♦♦♦■»*♦•» **********************>
* Tiir*      vMin      iicDTil f\ <**
Pleiwe'forward Tin-, Yum Hbrai.ii for
I in l!..i-. « ill visit Bullion, » In-re 1 he
Cariboo Consolidated Hydraulic
i-oinpiiny uperatei- nn u Iai ge se.ile.
K. W, Wi.lilowson.
Percy .1. I lleii/i-r.
Ill   l'l IIK1I.
.lei,:; I'iiill-erl.
I'll!     1,mills    AMI    HEN I-   I I  I1M-IIIM,
I). Oiinipbul!.
He-Iiiis.iy Jobbing i'u.
Ull! lis.
I'u,' Ouiin In Drug nml I! .ok ('... £ mn! acknowledge receipt of enclosed $
1 rI!sill'11K    IIKAI.KH
Williiim Clink.
II. Campbell
OrsBiisny Jubliln*' On.
(Jusuiopnlitiiii—John Breau,
MeLeod llmiM—l-'inliiv Mel,,*,nl.
Miller House—S  Miller.
Palace—Tail {t  Ruddy.
Vancouver -Owen Buyer.
Waldorf— George Column.
1'mir—J. W.  Mimli'i-soii,
I'. S. T. Koss.
IAI IKS     II  llMMIl.si.     AM.     lllll.IM.il
Mrs. John MuLeod
MIMNIl    II l-.l -iil.IiKII
l'liei ,1. Glenr.ur.
Herald Publishing Co,
*» Tun Herald is published   every S.iiur.h.y morning and    5
*» cimtains  nil  tin- news  uf llu: camp, *>
4 4
% ItATi-s--Pkr Ykah, *:!;. JIw.f Yeah, %\. %
* 4
sTA I I.IM-Ill .
lr Campbell.
lilll'SllIIW .V WiIron.
Jackson .v Leahy.
Alex. Oildle.
Mil.-   Meliuiis.
William Clark,
GRAND OEjNTRAIi  HOTEL Mark's   Furniture   Store
Opposite Couithouse  .md    new   Post
office,    Best !!;". • iiu-nl    in   town,
liuropeun mid American plan,
Only   while    labor    employed.
Firsi el.iss bur
Undertaker   and   furniture    I'-.m
Mail orders promptly attended t-i
illli II OTRKKTi
■ I
1*111 *
More  Indemnity   for   Leg-|Wit.V*l turns the opposition llnds fault
1 iiul t'n.111 unv lenl reason, bul    simply
for lh.- -ike nf trying t.■ discredit  tlm
fines   I'm' Nt.ll   Vlli'lldillli-c
nel ion I n ibe lirst place the n.n.i n
j menl, .■-.. 11-1 imi call on nu election hell is definitely announced ihut tlio fore Mr. Mutinies had lesigned, mid
government will suliiuil proposals to therefore il whs uii easier matter fur
Purlin.nenl this sessoti to increasi! the the opposition 1-1 luuiw when thai
indemnity uf Senators and members gentleman would lake ilm step thai
from-31,500 to *}-J,500, 1 would vacate the seal    than    For   ih.
Tliis will involve an iiinenduient  of goveiniiieni       The   fuel    lluil     Mr.
lie  Ael  governing   deductions    for I Miinsuii wus in tlie field was an   indi
absence,    li Is staled thill    the   gov-   cation that lhe guvennneiil    iiul   nol
i-rniueiii will require each member   to iiiuiui to drug out lhe lime   after   ilu
sign un ui 1 en11.1 nee mil 1 lui I v.   inn!   n ' resignation wns in, und ii pposition I
deduction of •?!** 11 dny will l-u in.iiie might have been quite Riiii-ilicd thai
for every du) nil which 11 member is the government did nol nieun to leuvi
not recorded in the attendance  regis-   Alherni unrepresented fm   mi   Ind.-fi.
CEO    CPOWE    PRorFtiETOit.
j|e.e .v.-me  agiiiu,  give   us  1.   .'nil.
VMM:.  I'.. C
j Hotel ....
(Under entirely new uiitnngetiiinit.)
Dining   liouni   ami   liar
supplied   \vi*li   tlie   best
in tlie market,
Right  opposite depot,  Ymir
Again Open lor business.
A iiiii lino 1.1' I'1 in.- nm!   Patent
MediJines mi bund
Alsu a  full  li f   fttiitiuner
nul School 1 up| lies,
'ill',   lil-'.si   l;l!AM. (IF   l)()MK,STIC
rhe Kootenjiy   Standard
and  .luanita.
11 i-.i r\i "i rtii 1,  i;>
l-"irsl -class .1 lining I,'..hid.
l'i1**! . brands -of Winn
Liquors and Cigara.
OWEN   BOYER,  Prop,
Second Ave
J,   C.   '-TeW WC^dT"
Nelson. I'.. ('.
1 i'. :   discount    uhich   l4*H4.44>4444^4.444.^^fff 4
tt.il   he  -..l.i   .-lie ||i,       C'.IIIIO   ill   Ullil     see  j   * J
'■■■ I'' \X    MILL WOOD.
1 ♦ 	
.1. C. ELLIOTT   Prop,     ; foellvei'etl any
place in In*,-. 11,
ER HOTEL I    S(ovel^lhs    \    Vmir Citizen.
-.l_.ll   ! I'U  }  *-•*-;_  Dry81.R0. Green (?1.00. 4\
^.\n   Mil.I,i.l!.   l'i..]..
eu *fl,00,
Pef ©art Lorttl.
ter us present),    The oireet. will he   to nitu time!    Instead of raising a   howl
Clllllpl 1   llielllliels  III  he  111' .* I*   I'l'gUl.ll'   ill     i'l   tWU lllOelelll   , 111 e-l |. ,|i-,  ll |i|ni-i
their attendance, nml it may tend   lo lion press should bu u little n
shorten ilu- proceedings of the session, sistenl in iheir line of nuliuu.      They
ns ..n ■!-   member*    ruulinu   thai   tlie) should   c pare   tines   > efure   they
will havo to attend to   their   Purlin- make such  sill)   exhibitions   ,>*   tlie
.,,.  1,1.11 V   .ll'lH" till IllHit)'       HI       llli"     e.lll'.l.l1      111    Hi  '   I '•'"   |..||n  l-,e|e | I .'.I    III
respect this   -    Lon ha    .'"'.'ii  nhiiosl I illustrate     Nuiiiiinio Kree Press
i., ii ... Mi'l.'!    they »;ill be belter   In-1 —»-
L-line I tu faciliuni   thu   piugruss   ..i      'I'lu-eo   siinplu   nu da    eompri»e
! U'iuess, ; •ninite, feldspui, ijuurtf .ne' mi .1
"^** j     Di idging foi gold al ii..,-uie. r. .,
Inconsistent Attacks.    |,,s, ,•,,„„,; .j,,,,. s;;,-,,.,.,,,-.,„., ,.,.i-„.
,      yard of ninterhil hiindlo.l,
T|ie nieun--i-ienei ol ih.- opposition ,
I in attaching the provincial  gny.       Mexii-.m dotlni's art! redeeinabl (
■ ui nt is most amusing,    Only  iu-'   ''"'   '"•','111"   l'"''""*   '"   die   *-!tiited|
Kmurday wo hud   the  i.rgi '  Mr   States at tho rate of   iu  -   .-in-   in      •'„.,,   ,upplic(l   with  best  brands of
Aiiketi clamoring foi ihe   llghl,   and   American iiu.licy, rih(Ai| lit]uors and cigars
assuring its rentals ■  . • v  dny      Howard DuIJo'ih, tha pl.aiiiuin   .•.»-1
Ib.il i*. i„r.i stlileil to lho time Albcrni  1 ert ul Pltllmlalpliia,   who  lms  twiei
 iHlitunuu)  Is will  ,1   ri'i'i ■■-•■iiiu- 1 , i.||..,| i',,. ji 11 „'!., li of pint inn in, j
live can on!) nerve  .-■   Inten»ifj   the osinlridum nnd other tnetid*    of   il.e
'• lignatinn against the  government,    samo family i< uotiliiiuing his inresti
Vet on Momlny the   Vietnriu   'I'imus,LHl|0|„,    The fuel thai   he   In*   ul
-I, n .is i. was almoin I thai   ilu-  ready made   t**o   -.-ii-   to   Curibou
•.mis fm-  tin*   I'li'ii.'ii   were   It-iued,   leads tu the beliof that his third   trip
liurled lU thuiitler against the g rn   j, n*ia(|n t0 dellimtely locate claims   in   miMinery
ment for being In uuch n   hurry   "to' whtuli Uicuie 1 Ions metals   may   be Wholesale and fetail denlefn aiid
inn,, a ineiiil.ei in thai ••".it ln'f'.M'   It found,    Mr. DuBois lepresents  mail' in Flesh Roiwted Btapiti
..,,,,,,1,1'„n.l-|.-..><.."i  "nine  "1 |.  ufne-titrem of electrical g k who um*  f||rth  « t.ra«s« »eol'l'ee». Qdods
laid plot for taking 11   unup   fehlicl,  |a large amount of plaiiunni, and he ls| ,
\\ hit is 11 piinr «..iei 1,nient t..d-i un-   i.iiisiuiiiiy   ..--il..-   lie   pliicef1   gold MRS.     J.    McLEOD
,,  ei.iu.ii.iiii..*1-'     Whichever*! p« i/f the conlineiit,    It is a   well- M-I..**"N', P. «' ' L'oBt Ofticd   Sl u*j    -    Xuu.
Headquarters for Hilling
and Commercial Men
Must comfortable hotel in lhe diss
triet.   Everything fii-st-class,
YMIH, n. c.
Ymir Transfer Co,
JACKSON .v UvWIY. Props.
Teaming and
Express ....
All   order*-   promptly  utl  ■-
nul the greatest , ^,,.,;.,,, ,,, T*.,,
handling ul' gouda
.■*■•   •*.■.. ••- *    —%..—    .r—
■ Mlil'-T.-s. ...
Ilcl.l'.na.'lei's r..r .Minnie; Meli; i      Muw is the time to put m       *
% M I -ui-i.lv t 1-AM1--J-IH-IW1MV IN KAi'll SlnSTH
* ;     I'-'i-u*, M. i,,,,ii, President.
■'!;si A\ . m 1 .
■ '—■,■■   .-        I     M. I   I-1-
I       IJorto Rioo       \
V.11'.. II.  Cl t    i , . *
J   i.iiiiiiioi' C01 Ltd.   I
>■•■-' 1 (ii 1 ./in. Secretary.
1     I'    Hi ' K-ii'.'.ll,   'J'lPllS
Kootenay Coffee Co. _________'_
\\'\li,'.- -llie  llii'i   ll'illii    lltiltlof
'«!        »>  .
ClliiMlf 1
1 NI
A---11 mi,
U'e l.l.,cr Nf I,..,, Sll.clllf
"'■i'l.   SiKer,
Copper,     -
II!'     1
•ml     -    $l.0(J
-   -    .*-■!. :>'■■
»      .-.! no
1 ll 11 gts  fli
ill he
llli'lill'l nil  ,1].
l'<l   Ll !.«,'!
Phone ,-U'. ,
THE VMIR HERALD Ki«««i.*.i«i. - im
__________________________________  given to tlie former Liberal member.
,,,.,.,, ».   , I    There can be no stronger   endorsa-
r.iii,li-lii.il i-vTv siitur.liiy mi'l iiiiiil.-.l to nn.. n
».!.!r.—. <t li.liv.-r.il l.y .-iirn-r in "..mi. tion of the    policy    of    thi!   Meltride
Subscription*tM.(J0|.t!r iinnura, payabiuin *ui   government than this,     The   puerile
attempts of the Liberal press to   dis-
Advvrtliluii rales, 11.60 pet inch pet , ul,    ,.„„„, ,|l(, VR.tlJ|.y ,)y j,,,,,,,.,,,!,,, a,    lc,
The  ilKi-.At.ii .-.un in- hud   tr.iiu  nil l.-i.din
' corruptibility of the   Alberni   voters,
and their predilections for those   whoj    ettc| ,t|,.     Vuttinu   brothets
ie ivsilimlera in tho .Ir-iri-it. -.r .can  I Iils'iusl
dir.-et :r*.iii the olllcu.
Cininerelal  prlntma  ...   every    -k-wrlptloii [ooulc* Pronituo them ttppiOpliutioilS,   is
d the pre.niae»;at awndard priuea. ii slur on u   respectable   community,
''' "U-"K" H1 TH,: J und 11 proceeding highly   characters
1 lie of the papers in question. For it is
in fact which can hardly be gainsayed
11. kearns, manauub. ,|||lt *.],„ liberal press, especially   the
YMIR LODGE No. 31 A.J?.  A,
M     Meets lirst    Friday   in   each
month, Visiting brothers welcomed.
John McVicau, \V, M.
I'i'.iuv J, (Ji.i:\/i:ii. Secretary.
VMIR  LODOE Nn. 32   K.   of   P.
Meets lirst und   third   Monday   in
Hl.il.W.II    l'l lil.ISIIIM.   ll.MIWN*,
(.'oust papers, by their scurrilous at*
templs tn defame public men by en-
- i tirely baseless accusations, must., if
The day before polling day iu -VI- ' they 1 utv.--nn> inilu.-nc-i* at al', in-
bi-rni, the Victoria Times said editor- ;)uenM an ,|(,IR.sL electo,,lte .lL,ilillst
Jally; "It is tberefoie apparent that u„. pft).ty whju,, ;ll(,y ,,.,„,.,,.„,. *pllke
the 'appeals to reason' of the eloquent : -..,„ m08t impo,.teIlt Liberal pipers at
speakers who have gone into the .-on- ,,„, C(mt T|,ey ,„.,, ,,„, Vancouver
stimencv in the name of the McBride j VVo,.|d) the -Vancouver Province, the
Qovernment are not likely to convert i Victoria Times and the Nanaiino
a handsome Liberal majority into a Herald. The World has just had to
satisfactory Conservative majority.' make-its apology ?ind gracefully hack
Tl.e day after lhe polling the same doW„ f|.om (t8 statemenU 1W t0 Mr.
paper said: "In all candor we must Hide's connection with a pulp com-
eon fjss that the result was not unex- piinyi ^ements.obviously made for
pected." Here ia a unique example the purpose of defaming and disc-red-
of the sincerity of opinion expressed .*..„_ „|(, premje|. in U„, eyes o{ Ul(.
in the Times'editorals. electors.   The Times mul ihe  Herald
have   made even   worse accusations
The late.it llgures from Alberni give
a Conservative majorit) of 01, tin-
votes cast being 243 to 1?8. At the
lust election the Liberal candidate
polled 320 against the. Conservatives
102. The total vote is almost the
same, but shows conclusively that at
least one-third of il.e electorate in
Alberni, bus become disgusted witli
the tactics uf the Liberal part)- in
llritish Columbia, and since the lust
.lection have turned over to support
..nd endorse the policy of the present
Conservative administration. If, a«
the opposition  claims,  llie  McBride
parly is UhW'Ortliy Of confidence, what
must bc the opihioli   of  the  electors   , ,.
Province,    lhe  present   ailuiniisira-
with regard to tho   opposition   itselfl ,
I.mi i- the lirst tor I went V veins nr si.
which are costing them respectively, a
libel suit for $ 10,000, The Province
is fouling its own nest, and is inviting
a libel suit 'rum a member of its own
parly (Mr. Duncan Hi.ss) iu the
Federal house. These disgraceful
tactics cannot fail to have iheir in-
llueiii'c and have undoubtedly had
their effect in winning the Alherni
election for the McBride government.
The record of thai government itself, is of course 'lie chief factor in
this jury trial however, and the verdict of the men of Alberni meets
witli the   approval   of   all   unbiased
The magnitude of the change in the
oteisan overwhelming condemna
lion of the Liberal port)', but not
i.(her than could be expected from
the history of tlie recent sessions
which exhibited so markedly th e incapacity and puerility of the opposii
lion leaders.
which has   shown   a   disposition   to
boldly grn-p   il
brought about   by
-sperate   slllliltli.il
a  succession   of
Cn un.i:s AiU'tiiliAi.t), C. C.
John G D'jwar, K. R. & S.
Y.M 111 11IVK, LADIES*   IF   THE
MACCABEES,       Meet-    second
n...1 fourth Tuesday in each month.
S. U'.GAZER, L. C,
L. Buckwokth, 1!  K.
TO Charlei '■• Simpson, or any other
person to whom he may liai.1 tiinis-
fered his interests in the ''May Blossom" mineral claim, situated on
Brown mountain two and a half
miles southwest from Yniir, in tlie
Nelson Mining Division of West
Kootenay District, and recorded in
the Recorders oilice for the Nelson
Mining Division.
You and each of you are hereby
notified, that 1 have expended Three
hundred and seven dollars and fifty els
($307.00) in labour and improvements
upon tin* above mineral claim in order to
hold the same under the provisions of
the Mineral Act, and if within ninety
days from the dale of this notice you
{ail or refuse to contribute y m- portion of expenditure (which is one hun
ilred and fifty three dollars and seventy live cents for the three years ending
8 May 1905) together with all costs of
advertising, yum- Interest in the said
claim will become the property of the
subscriber, under soctiun I of an Aftt
entitled "All Act to Amend the
Mineral Act,  1900."
John F, Hakbotti.k.
Dated al. Ymir, 13th, May 15)0-").
TheKind You Would Like
Old Settlers Maple  Syrup.
Pure in I-I, I-- and I gallon Tins
Sold by
Mining Agent      -      Stocks and Shares
Mutunl Life Insurance Company of New York.
Canadian Casulaty—Boiler Insiminu-e Co.
London Mutual Firo Insurance Company.
Ottawa Five Insurance Company.
The Alberni  Election.
in.iUesliii'i iiihn!histrations proceeding
it.    The   finances   of   the   Province
were in  exceedingly   bail   condition,
capital was clnycy of 11.   C.   und   its
credit was nl '     At tho risk of losing
the support of the electors because of
iueieased taxiitinn, the Mullride  gov-
A few days aim ii prominent Liber*   eminent resolutely applied   the   only
•il paper nii'.lc the statement that the effective means lo  remedy   the   evil,
people of •A.'lberni.Wet'B constituted   u and to-day the finances of   the   I'm*
jury to puss verdict upon the actions I vince have   acquired   a   stable   and
and conduct of   the   present   British business like aspect, its credit is vast-
Columbia admin fstittliun.     The   Al- lv improved und it is enjoying a pros*
hi'ini hye-i'lection is the second   ihat   peritv which wu hope and   believe   is
has been held sltvco the M. divide gov* , anything but an eyesore   to   all   but
ei nineiit comu tn p'lw.-i-ami the firs*,  tho most jealous minded of l.ih.'i-'.N.
since the  important   legislature  for..   The men*of Alberni have rendered
Wliiali'that government is i esponsible,  their verdict on   thii   evidence,   and
\wis passed.   To those who have   fob ' not upoh any   promises   which   may
lowed the course of .'.'cuts, and watch i have been made them by members  of
fed carefully the proceedings   of  both: the   McBi'i.le   administration)     any
p.u ties iu tlie house, their  eotil.i   be j more than upon those matte tliem   by
Lut one impartial verdicti    And   this I the energetic I liberal mem bet's of   the
'..I diet the men of A II •"ini   llt»Ve   re-' Dominion     Parliament     who     went
11 i
turned', with no uncertain voice,   ai-  eloctiotieentijft
berni hitherto has been a Liberal con-      If the opposition  would   lend   its
-siitueiicv.    At   the   largest   general Ienevgios w the pt-omulgatlon of usoful
•election a Liberal was   elected   by   u  legislation, it would find  greater slip-
ninjoiity ot three, to bt*   This   larg<*; pm t R'ottl til's tttectoVs, than by p'.'.rvtt-
Inajorily bus entirely disappeared and , iue its present method ..f vainly   en*.
<n tl..* elfelioii  ol   tost   Saturday   ii j deaVoVftig t" ill", '"..t it snWe  ntt-J   ol
Conservative supporter of  the   Mc*| the opposite pun     as done something
bride government was returned by a   wrong,
Again Open for Business.
A fu!'. line of Drugs and Putent
Medicines on hand .
Also a full line uf Stationery
und School supplies.
Wo have a large supply uf books
taken over at a big discount, which
will be sold cheap. Come in and see
for yourself.
J. C. ELLIOTT,  Prop,
Watches I
Ouf getitlvman's 14k.
solid goul*, hunting-
case Wfttfth (Nd • at_I 7)
i-Sg s-ells for ■f.to.ot*.
In a aw***- ttoM-fillei vaia
[No. iiihSi ihe aama "seal,
lent ■" Hyr'tt" nioVemet-* wile
I'or $,..-».
A  lady's   solid   gold
watch (No. 12 576) with
gilat-unteed   " Ryrle "
movement   will   eost
,_ you $i5.o*.>.
!)« Iii a n-veai i.-U-filleil ra«e
Oil I No.   ,--,ol   il   1."la  ..nly
SS »i7-w   BtiudforrtUMf**-
'.Vil      "IMAMOBO IIAIiL'*
£, -'  "'
J1   »i»   V
i_^  ■*-*
/. 5 3
• 7'    *»     **"•
—a •—
i*t     <
/   ^,
*-*    y.
Ymir, B. C.
^«€€€€*€€€€€€€€^€€€€€€€€t# 'N
Lake of the Woods
C-_I-I_C--D   CTU"ST   I2ST.
Also New Supply  of   Canned tioods-
I M rets   i miii  <". on   liioi'iiiiij;'
oxccjil Siunl;i\. I'or  Cix'ijflil
.•Hid ].;i.-.--cli;_.1l> lur Vinir
in ill. l!v spi'ciill ..r.lri.s nil
Sundays. (li* for Yum mine.
lull "ii us for anything in the ivaj uf llais  .<! «, or   Clotliim.',
the latest styles, finest quality and lowest prices.
DesBrisay Jobbing- Co,
A Peaceful   Invasion.
Companies Act 1897.
Active measures  ure   being   taken |     Notice is heieby given that    lid-iir
j)v . In- Manitoba .sjuverninciil,   th.e   C,
Kit., iiiid the G.N.lt. to secure   30,-
Ol"1 men in the   Kust    and    transport
(In in in llie priiirii-s tn    help    ill    the
Milton llniiil. resident mine manager
uf the Company at Vinir, I! ('., lms
been substituted the attorney of the
"Ymir Quid    .Mines,    l.i..died,     and
WATKll  si'I'I'I.ikii   Poll    I>■*;.-:
mm poses   r N D i:;i:
95     1'i.lM'S      l'l!!:.-'
As usual, i »iii- -imk is coin Dosed of tiotliiuy Iml llu* In •*•!
I', s. T,
\\ e take a [irifli* iiT-linviiig our customers say: Mint, iml
(inly do we give the liesl tpuility for the money, Iml Hint
their orders are tilled witli neatness and dispatch.
celcl.ll V
■heal fields during the  coining   hur-1 that the former substitution of Savan-
. i'c-i.    This is ii wondeiful fact,  when   noli Johnson ("ipeuk has heen revoked,
at is remembered that   30    years   ngo       I luted -li.lv ^Otli,  1905,
Bo only inhabitants   of   those   samel S. Y. WOOTTON,
bra li ies   were    tlie    Indian    and   the
bull..In.    There  is, however,   another
side   In   llie  pic Hire,    which     shows
llie niie weak point ill making a specs
tally uf wheat growing.     It is u    bus-
•'vjji.. m which gives  employment   to   a
forge ;.imy uf men,   hut   only   fair   a
Ji..iiii il period    in    eu.-li    year,   while
• im m d I'm .ning,    prnperly   conducted,
Hbihi ides employment   to   the    farmer
gSiid his assistants   the   year   rum..I,
Syiiiiill t'linns well   tilled ..re   therefore
''jjlioii   pinlitable in llie end, for    while
SSp'h. ut   farming   enriches   the     few,
|{jriii\eil farming liohls   the   populiition
'" luget her .-llul    iifl'oi-ils    il    comfortable
living lo the greater number.
-i-tiur of Joint   Slock   (Ion
Help Wanted,   Female.
hull    sew*
A Lady on Smoking.
WaNTBI)—Ladies to do pl
ing ut home,   whole   or   spun-    lime.
-**.". to Sl0 per we".;.     Work sent  any
distance, charges paid.    Send   "lump
for full particulars,
LUNA Mfg. CO., Moiitienl.
An Atlas For $|.oo.
The Great Northern   Hallway   bus
I issued an Atlas iif -"ui pages   contain*
I ing up-to-date maps   of   Iowa,    Wisconsin. Minnesota, North  and  South
I   almost   wish   1   could    smoke, | Dakota, Montana, [daho, Washington
llritish Columbia, Oregon, Kansas,
Missouri, Nebraska, Wyoming, Col*
mado,      Alaska
Are you horrified.' Why! -Men do
it to let the steam nil, and I am sure
we have got a good deal more to l< t
oil'I lei.. I hey have. The nlnson men
don I I'll is because tlu-y smoke. I'he
pipe dries lhe tcnis and ipiells hysteria. We retire In our closets arid
make our eyes    red   nml   o'ur   noses
Now a woman en pipe   must
Haw nii,     Japan,
'hilippitie Islands, China, the United
lilies and of the World.
In addition to this, the Aihis   eon
I tains valuable statistical  information
relative tn the stales named above,   is
print! d on il.e very best quality of
paper, shows the lines uf lhe Ureal
Northern Railway, and is in every
way a commendable, work.
^^^^^^^^^ |    This Atlas will  bo   distributed   ul
I know it would make uie deadly    ill i ,i
Yet when
ledk a monster; and a cigar is eon.ing'
it too siriing. but what about mv Lady Nicotine in the fni'in uf a gentle
little   igiirelte.     I!nt I    can't   do    it.
I il.e actual est of production and will
view    inun,   complacent, i, , ,
^^^__ ' I lie scut to any a'.dress    upnli    reeeips
Meric'ess, Mi-llsbaliiiiced,   .serene,   en-1
._-. i ■      ,,-•       ,     ,      c      i     nf $1.00.    Address, |-'.   |.   Whitney,
-.eloping liiinsell in    clouds   ot    pale-
blue -unike. when I hear   his   logical I Passenger   ,'rafflo   .Manager,     Great
ddjdu.iu.il- umi think uf u:y own kan-
Nul'lhi-rn Railway, St   Paul, Mi
00  VE&R3'
gar.", leaps ai ..inclusions, I liava
yeariniies. I long in imvelop myself
in thiee calming brain ilu'-th I knew
one w.iiiiiin w ho -niokcil nines,      She
■viilt ;i darling old woman in ifii. hoi|-e|
lit   ll       Hue   nf     ihllSC     l|UI I'l'i      so* !
nulled - '.ni.,I--, but iii reality fri.-ii.l-,
fell., al I,-ii'li llii'!!is!-he- lo "his*; Imuawi"
B_ I..-I..ml.    She could do mulling iiii :        „.    ,,... —    i
^^_^ ,    , ,        , ^fe-__R3BHK?*    ni'--"- Ma tins
.e hud her  little   "blunt of   the        ^__5__W        hnmtn
—— ,1       I1     lll.l ,1 ~~~ ' OOP-iHlOHT*. SLC
-.pipe     llie lu-t   ll-lliglll    llu-     nun lung, Aiir-.ii" •'•!. U"il i. ».-t'"'l H..I-'."./Ti..'" i. innT
|t* lu'it at l.lght,.      I renil'inl.e. |   when !    IUvmii'-iTV I'rt'JjJ''»,A',',''7/!.',",i'i.ij.Ii'.',-',i'-,','.'.'V.i'-i
mv i.uie oi.i ivniniiii would get net**   ''■777i7''u777iB''7il'^;,[l'l'7;:7'"i'.
VOU- nnd le.i'iwi.lked over    .-nun-    hig I    '''^.iV^tltil' n4__MU_M
•ii,,,;,, „r.•!,„.■,im, i-i,,. was maio,-   Scientific /imocan.
.lv.             ,                            ,,    .               ll                    A *inn.!i..in-'-!» IlliiSirsp-1' *'•'■*< I*,    l.-.l.-.-i ,-***•'
llOlle.i —luiw  I' iv    '..nine!'     wn.llil     en   ,     ,'!,|,,i„,n -! .i»» ...-ii-mlll- l'» I,   'Iitii.-.Mo
I    «onri inariniifllM |i  .-,..'t:.>..M !'."»-i".'i.Ti.
tfen Ml,,'!!!, go -upon the  Infl'-.l     hjJUU * (U M,BrM«,»,. ftffl )fOln
fj-eiii piiiie    iner    the    ki'elu'li  -and I        J»»» oTllM. «* t M- Wsiblturiffl. U C.
W    .1 ■•hl.el   '      If    yon     e.lllgll!     nlll
Win ,   with her pipe in her nioiilh she
tjli'.iM whip ii  oui    iiiid    il.iiri    il
■king hot--into llu-   bosom   of   herjl
"llli   gow lr'        .-he     Ini. i-.|     to    -.moke
dim '   iii   -.- ii h   .mlv   i In-   "childher'
tin ...  h. r       \'l lhe knots anil  gnarls
,Wlii.el 'nil',' ■  I .."I  of h"i  old    hire    as
htll-   hew    I.,,i'i    (ill     lhe     lillle    '-hurt
SHuni-en.    To please her    beyond    all I
ape. ■ h :d! *,n-i had io do sm lo   bling
hoi ii.-i i,um " ,,f "'■-■• i .t" fi....1. the shop
imthe little country town  when   you ^^^
B>k your morning's rido there     >\nd| +  A flflC .Idlci'tiwiHif Willi
x Hotel Ymir:
Tho Ileil M.iil-
\ii'l .\ti.i.iiiiiii..il.iii"n
In Town,
?*j(liii   w.ul;  -he "m.lllil     put     Ollt"    oflfc | jl || |l,/'.-. || | |l |   ( 'i^'ll |'-
|»ei '.i - -h" c.'illi d :! , al'ii-r tell    blastsl, ♦
l-Jo - | imn filler lluil eier I   lieui-l    of j «,
Koiim ionk ii lespiiiriig than   Dei-1 J .1   w. MAS'ffitlsON
If w hen -In  urn oui nf "iwi-t.
__-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-   I   I
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
•in-i ;il [ii'i'.si.'iit we are paying cmisidcrable -it-toution   tn
imi' < 'tiliibriiia IVuits.    When   preserving   time   eonics   I'm
,ii      i,      n   , ■;       , iilnnis. iieiielies, etc.   we would like to have  you   if ive  n-  .1
I'   . 1 1,'      ail   rail   route   h.-i v. een   1 ' 1 ■•
points east, -!,esl and south to Ross- , ('till, .'lllll tllillk  We r.lil give .lull  'll'i.'.'s elf,. ! lull    will   I.K'    .'I!
land, Nelson,  Uraiid   Forks  and  Re
edict ears run  between
l.i.no and NortllUoft.
lufl'et Curs  .1111 between   Spokon
mid Nelson,
1 Hi iin i- A pill, l'.U'i'l,
tirely sii i.sliietoi \ to vou,
A- r.'i'iir.l-; our (rent?
 iirnishingH Departnient, thi-   i
Arrive oei'oining and now is one of our lending departineiits.
0.20 p.m
o"i?p.m      "  ,Vnli  'l;,v<' llnl Jilretuly called,   wc  would
fl.80pPm! liki1 10 li;ivc vou conic and exainine our -loe!*.',
i;.:io p.m j
'.eave Daily Train
I).-Hi a.,11 Spokane
11 06 a. in llossland
'.' 10 ii.ni Nelson
11:30 a ... Grand Porks
10(10 11. III. l'l li\
i".no a.m U.-nul.lic
A-IjIj   the    time
iiv  using
Seattle,    Tacoma
St. Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
r.\l,.\c*:   .WU   TOURIST
H.l-.l-.l'l-l-.**     IlL'KI'KT,
1IKAI.S 1   I.l   I'AKTE.
Spst   Meals   on   Wheels
2     FAST   TRAINS      Q
Courteous (reatuieiil i> ouv "molto."
U. S. T.  ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant.     Vn'.ir,     B.     C,
Special   Excursion   Hatea
Lewis & Clark F:air.
iii;.\i.i;i! in
Shell'  .111.]   Iiii! lei -    llui.'  1 .
I'lilll'l  Ull I     II.Is,      Sl. I.e..      Clll,
Stoel, Poiv.ier, hue- m-I Cap-,
1 ir.uiiio mi I Tin .-. are, Steam
All   kinds   of   Plumbin*,',   Tin*
-iin-liiii^   iiu-1   (Jeueral    Kepaii
The Mutual Life [lisurnlice Company of N.N
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^J Has Assets Exceeding $4oo,ooo(ooo.
I-'or..-.'.-. folilert ami full Information j
ri'^Mi'iline lrl|», call  en in ■ iu'.In— nn I A  |)(llic\   ill i'  i- ! It.1 -illi1-!   ill \ ,i--l llh'lil  KllnWIl tu in.Ml.
■teem of the S. K. iSiN. Hallway, or ,                      ..    ,..                       .         .   .             , ,              ,
II   A  .l\(l\st..\         ||   DHANDT ( ;i-ll lli\>■-!.'.I III  hllo lllHIlI'llllC'C lrt Cll.**ll lllM'-Sll'M tlinl     Wil
1; r _ i1 a 1   i1. .v 1 • a. 1 iviiii'ii fun.j...inni hilc'i'cst,
Hnokaue       71" \V. li.ve.-il.- Av. , .. ,,  , , , ,. ...
Bi'ok Htiu.    I     *^" —iif -i -i*-* — till IniJiii.1 ■•- we'll   ..Mi\   hil'ji1   iiiii- .mi! -   ul lilt
i iu-iii'-'im-i*. ll |ii'.i\ i.lf- Im- i in1 I.iii.il*.. |'i-.iif.-i« n im.iii in lii-J
old hijc, ;tiitl iirotcclH lii- ui Imi1 iuvcsl menl h L'or iviun • i
;im\ 1..rn. of life* Iiwui'iiuci! ii|i|'lv to:
from a ccfTrc
ft»K>ll lO C tllOU*
ii'd (!(!Ur  pre-
Hntillon iet.
iUnry Blrki ft
Bf:n»' fmilitic*
{•jt maklhg (wdiei
iltvtrwtrt »"f
p<i-ir*«r'l Vy nt:
Other concern in
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H /rtistlcdeiiRD-
ern, Uo4er0 mni-lilnny, nml skilled hniul-
warktri nil underIhf iclttfc! lupcrvlilon of
tir.it fiiefnberl of il f Brifl, niHke nn un
lied grtn&fniifoa tot fnrtilD| out (iue
Wrlta for llloilrttcd cklfltofM*
Henry Birks&Sons
tlt<irt ICI,
Percy J. G'eazer, Local Hqenl
Sterling Sll-ftr,
Silver Plata,
Ill'll'. •*, etc.
I——i ...I
Bir-K1.'.1 DUUDINO
J.». I. ila II- I , r eocy
il,t I >,, ,1 :.!.„ c
i .'i-i!   \\\' - ii iii' \ir 11
tt'i ■''-..  iii; r ■ -,:
M-:i.-i».\ i IT. s'|||.;i'.|;ii |;y.    i   i
w.\*-iiin'..|.in ,> ' . n. ;:v
V    V.   Sl  V.    I!V.   .':   N.  L'l).
anil' I real Northern, Noil  ern  I'
mi I ii. II, & N. Co ,  fur i
-. ■ I    mill   soul ll :  . ollll. "       ill
1 ne! and Nel* hi   w ith   the   Cumi
Pacific 1 <. ■ i 1 *■■. • -.-
('-ui ti at Nel   n with tlio P. tl
iv N.  ('•..  i'i.'   Kiuiln  niiil   K.
__\      Connect"      Curl<M •■
i h. an ivowl and Midw uv, 11. C
Buflcl   - "i- run oft tr iin* in I »■.
.Mail   i'l'i- .-•■ |."in|' iitteiiti'.ii  gpokane and   lit/public
ll   \ [.IA. I.siiX
I)..,,,.,     i',*...■,....,• i  ■
JOHN  i'llllilH-'-liT,  Prop, tsiiokitu,


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