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The Ymir Herald 1904-12-31

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...     *-   O /|0|y
yV 'V.    '.
JAN 8 - 1905      Cc. ''
V..i.. I -No
YMIK'.  li* C.SATFlMiAV.  I >E< 'KM I'.KIJ 31, 1904.
Price Five > 'ia i>
rung Review,
ruin i
H   y R. M -a I   ii
Ymir Camp is now the Third Largest; Producer in
The Province.
The. yii.u- whieh is just eios/mg    htui 1     The fpllovt ins detailed   informal io)] hid both sl||es,   The other, ab,out 11QU 1-"0(!||()IIN   MI^T'. 10 feet wide, mul !ip|icur.s   In   be   the
wit-passed considerable phupge pi   thr*  as to t|.e, more   impoitant pjxi'peftiea, | feet flitjfnpt, but still 'h tho sumo (le        The Foghorn mine is   another   in-1 niajn vein uf the ||il), the  uthers   be.
mining   itnlivstrj    in    ibis     jectiup.  Iit*^   been   gathered    t1"1"     reli^blp pp,8.\t     -s    ab.out     70  ft.  l.y 10U ft. i stance ju which the   year    l'.iil-j   has iing branches.    This big join   is   no.y
"   ' ' 'fill*, tlcpni-.it lakes lhe f..rm (if....   im-    witnessed tlm  successful   cu,lmintt*,ioti  being crosscut by a tipincl, and thei-|
■    '   - '—       -« -I.-J     i. \.';..„.. ;„,i;,...,;,„,  ,!...,  ,i ,„.,,„■;.
There has been mure systematic |ni|
ing conducted, i>n.l more properties,
jiivvo been under development, thai,
daring any previous year. While there
_ li.is possibly   linen   leu-   pro'spnoUpg,
and less   wnik    dupe   OTi    assess.ne.it
work, merely'fey the sake of keeping
the claims alive., 'here has been Colli
siderahly mi'i'-i! work d.niu un fi.|'iiierly
undeveh'j-*-'! 'properties with a view
tu showing up their rod worth.
[-.    Hitherto, it has been frequently said,
.       that ton many propei'tyiowners, mere-
\\      Iv do enough work in assessment and
t< -taking, to keep   their   titles   up,
llieir    object   not   being   to   ..how   U|
uie|ise triangle extending over the
greater part uf two claims and if (t has
any depth at all,  is   practically   inex-
—ti- ■- • n  --.•••
..f several years of dead,    work        At   is every indication, that g"°'l ore wil
the ptesent   moment,   thi*.  puopeyty be struck very shortly.    The   proper
has a piosf encutiragipg outlook   and ity   is   ve|-y   favorably   jocutpd    fo,
has in sn,'ht many years of   profitable cheap transportation,
iiperi.tinii,     '('hue years    ago   opera**! QUEEN    MINl'j.
lions    were    tii,iiiiiiei,.-ed    oil    a lung       Tl.e Otieen mine is owned hy    Tur
crosscut tup.ic| whii.li was designed, to  per, Scul|y and W.ddie,   hi|t   during
lap a ficb body pf O|0 exposed Oil the jpfi ,|„, ,,;,,,- y.*a;- has. been operate-.
surface at a depth of about 800 feet-, solely by Win, W.-ildi.-, who has lpa«.
The tunnel lytasdriven   tl.ro.njh   very L* t|„* interests of his partners.     Tin
hard rock a di-lance of 1400 fept ten-Stump null of the Yellowstone
without encountering any pay ore in ,,,,11 j*, ...,|s,, leaned liy Waldio, and bat
sullicient rpjantily io make it a paying been running regularly mi the Qneei
proposition. Two numihs ago hqw- 0,.Pi i|,e nyqeeeds hpipg very sutisfac
ever, a bfttly of fine galena ore >*'|ls|'im-v
uncovered nn llie surface at a poii
inrces and limy he   relied   Vjpop   "
substantially correct.
V-M1H   laiNB,
Development ut   the   Ymir   u.ino.^-^-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
during ihe year l.as  resulted   in   the'' haiistiblc.    So fur ih'e-greutegb fJpptl
detci.iiiiiatii.il of the tine point   which i obtained is less than l00.-ft.atld should
decid..'s tie fulu.-e history of the mine!-1'.- ll.'p'.-.it  not   extend   upv  deeper
When lhe long   cr,iss-cii|.   had   been I than this, there is mioo^lrto keep   up
driven hulf-a-mile and the vein struck the nresonl output of  -u '  tc"!S  l"'*'
at it depth nf 1000 feet, which is  now ; day, fop many years to cqine
two yems since, the crucial point  bad      The oro is hrougljt to the  railroad
jA\,   Ililherto, it has Ifen freipu'i.tly said,   arrived, und whop the   vein    „t    tpiscnrs by an aerial    tramway,    14,000
"C"      Hint too many pro|ierly..iw.iers  n.e.e-   *„,ini H,,s ,'„ulld to be barren   uf   pay i f<'ot long, which juis a iu-i.xi tiitiin   ca-
W      ly do enough work ill assessment and   ore, it was thought   that   this'well I pacity of 400 tons perjl.iy. Atpresenl
known mine  was to have hut a    brief  it is only worked to ha|l its   capacity,
jjT——j -- —-"  y_ -_---       - | Jiistiiry The theory favoring the east-   but tl.e forthcoming year will probably
i heir property for what   it   is   worth L,.n tren(, ^ t\w   \nn   w.,s'  f,,,*,,,,,,!. see a demand for all this class of ore
llut to retain   it  until a loam   c -! h„wcw-r, and work bus been  conduct    which the property Call put out.     j^^^^^^_
along, and they can soil it fur-a coin*-\q_ j'„   aecordiincfl   with   this  tlteory     The 8. C.   Standard   Co.    which thp first showing.    Fuytlier   explora-,
paratively small   sum,   to   somebody : „ j,^   admirable   preseverance.        A owns the properly   is   contemplating tion by drifts aptl cuts at a   point, in
4"     \|ho is willing to take a plungo.     !"  long drift,   lum   been   run   eastward the installation  of a crushing plant   ' ^^^^^^™-   *':
the earlier stuges of a  mining   *-ftn'P.  f,-om the end of the crosscut, and last similar to ihai in opu.-tition   at   the
litis is a very usual condition, bill lhe, *N',,w,ln|„... ,|M. t*<,,,,j,rinv  uu*    ils    re»  Gfnnby mines, which i- calculated   to
passage from that sia^e. to one where'w.n.c)| 1UU|   ,||(.   |0Rt   pav...|,.„,,   Wll, further economise   by   saving   much
il...- properties.-ne   proved   up   t„   a j picked" up.    Consequently  the   Yinir bull dosting and  ham ['breaking  of
sumo where || reasotiahle estimate   of   Cq  |m|j ]U1,V ff |ft).ge ll,H.ru, ,.f ,„,, |„.. ' ruck   The company lool.s forward lo a
their   intiinsic    worth   is   possible,   twa*;ii the six nnd tchlli  levels,   from[j very profitable year, in^view of   tlio
»1 -y     ...itrits the point. Where tlio camp   be- , „!yi, |, hl Mjl,|lh jt8 s0 ^,uily .„••*   (u,.;ri«a in lhe price  of silver, and the re-
comes the   stihstamial   eoiiire   of   a ' .-„,„,,. V,,M1S,  ' |dilution   in   freight   and   treatment
permanent Industry.    This point   the j     Oiher events of importance  during ! rates.    There.are moreover,   portions
Vmir camp has now reached. ( t)ie yn[. wni, lll(, Ml.i|iiT,K ,,,- a atreak of the ore body from whioh higher re-
The output of the shipping initio*.   ,,f rich i-hipping ore in the   |00   foot turns than* the averugo nre   expectet).
iOiow considerably larger than  hen-   |eVel, whi'ih hiid bceii.ltftliUbO  foot From one such portion  400   ions   of
toiore, and with the exception of   ihe   wM     K,, „. ihis pocket several  good "re were shipped, wl io   market
1     " ' ''    ■'       "     ■   ' ■■ ' • ,       . i ..,.;..„ ,,f „!l-**.„,  „nu    ,m|v     I I    lo
nearer the portal of the    tu.ine!   than
This property, owned by the Hastings (B.C.)   Explorations  Syndicati
has been a steady   shi| per   of   liigh-
grade ore.  Four or lite cars are  sloped i-M'iy month, and   eai'li   of  then
t|lO tUUIiel approximately   under    this
new discovery, resulted   in   the   un*
covering of lhe vein {'i * _____________________________________
i   ,.,„, c   .   i   ,        .i t        Oafs nets tie company   qver   81,00(1
nearly 600 feet    below    lhe   surface |   ,'      ,   , ,   . ,
That lllis shout of ..in in lhe tunnel is
I after deducting freight and treatment
hat I lis slim,- ..I oil! ... ...e tlliin.-. .s	
- I he total average  value ot    tl
" mm as that found on the surface j fa m     ^    v   ^
almost perpendicularly ..hove ,i,    CMaJ   _              	
low grade districts of the Uoundary ,llipilK,„u of cl.ude oro W0|.e mm|P, A I price of silv,..r «fts only 11 lo 48
and llossland, Ymir district has now bllriy of h*Kl, gl-ade milling o.o wask-nls per ounce, and lhe returns were
a larger output than  any   other   dis    ,,,„„ m-ounteicd ii.in the east   drift within a fraction of S10.00   per  ton
trict in the Province.   This U a   fan ' (f |1|(, six(|i ,(,V|,L | afler freiuht and   tpat nt   deduc-
ihat h„s been hut littli advertised, Although tlie Yinirmino is cipiip- lions. The greater part of the values
and is an important 9   bearing   pn| „iih an 80 stamp   mill,   on   an Ui'e.ih sllVer portions ofitibeing rloh
upon tl.e future Of the    cam,,       Tl.e   ^.^ ||y  1Q |mu, ^ ._ |(im|ms> j ,„ ,-,,., ,iK„,.   ]lM1| „ _„ prioe QJ   ,-y,
mines producing ihe hulk of this ton,- Mu|i i|lM-|i;, tl|1. yC(l|;      -•*!,,,   0J.llri*adJ vef is now fully 10 cents higher than
nnge, which places Yniir in   this   im |j)unf) „.hu,|, it4   ,.„,   h,,,,,...,   ,'„   die in the returns ubove quoted, tho pro
l""UMl H*i"l'«   ll>-0   hUMever  nono   Pn.viin-e lusit 1  in steady operation| fll« may bo expected to he porportiou-
'"',l P»'»'lm--iiig tip   to   their   f"H dirougl'.out ihe   year,   and   recoversIololy' imrimwd.
capacity, thai is, to llie capacity    ';"'   ,•,,„„ 7,-, u.,„s ,„;„„, ,,  ,„., ton of \Vll.c«.\  MINK.
>oui|i|.i'd,   and    for.,   -i-       ,      ,   i     un i      ,       ,r-o ..-  • .    i.
| tailhigs treated.     1 he principal cause I     I he looked 11.11 Mining and    llc-
hardly be doubted, as specimens fnu
the two tlillere.it parts are so identical
that they can.ml In- told'apiirt.
Besides this largo body of high
grade oro there is an enormous body
of concentrating ore exposed hy tin-
tunnel, which crosscuts about |G feel
of it, with a value averaging *0.00
per   (.in.
The Unldelt Monarch Co, which
o» ns the property oonsists of a number of merchants and business men
principally   located   near    Itilzvil
,   .,   ^^^^^^^_,„           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^
which their pl'oscnl plants aro in..'.id  L,f the full eighty  stamps   not   being relo- ul ('"., whinh ..'.m.s tho   Wil.
■   ,„|        Thus    tin.    Ymir,     Hunter    V.     I  ..(     ,.„i, „•.„,«. !.„.v  minti lum I n s\ sleniaticallv   tle-
ivi r IdtlO  ions   hove   been  shipped
I his year.
SECOND Kl'l.llir.
Thiu   property,   which   although   al
present is owned l.y Ki.it'll nod Camps
bell of Spokane, is said to   \i<-   und.
option to east.'in capitalists, has been
steadily    producing   throiigho.il    the
summer.    It i- equipped «i.I. a   ion
-tamp ...ill and cyanide plant, Tie
returns from lh illing operation-
are reported lo have much exceed. •
those uf any previous  year,  Bonie of
W.-.sn., where the   f pany   iu.s   its the oi*o treated   overi'ging   >40   p
oil'u-es.    It is understood that in oon*  ton.    Bxteiisira  development,   haw
sequence of lho encouraging aspect of also been made, and there i w mii I
to he six veals -upph I'or th"'mill    in
the i.line a.   ptesent,   ample   cupitul
will he forl.hr ing   for    its    fbl'fiBI
development mid I'm   the  installation
(it'll large |jlniil  lotre.it  the product,
I-/'"     Wilcox and other mines tire all   pr
r    videtl with lho  necessary  ctpiip'nioni i,y HU.rfm or by Water power,  but   tl
li^.   f.,r producing ore ai twice the present pi.iCH nf fuel for siean. power is   high
'••"••"'" *»\ "'"""" Am»n ......uuh io   coi.Hi.h'rablj.   curl.nl    the
'' .plating the increase of  outpul pVuHu. wl.on Uiih iii^tlincl is used.
"I ho full capacities    Taking  the       |„ S|,., „,l,, l,-,.i M,-, a, II. Barn.
I"" |uipmont nf the nihil', which ,,„,,; •„„-,,] ,|1( imiKl.,s,hip   and
 '" l",M'm treating their own   ore rt;„ .„,,,,,,,,,, ,,v s, .,. b^.d1{)      M|.
,„- shipping them to smelters, the foi S]„..lU j, „ mi)linfi  „ uf   .,,„„   ,,x..
lowingistho  Mm,,,,. ige   pet ]irnr |n   Siil|1||   AMm   a||(j   l|i(j
,"";'"1' ' Korea,
used, was lhe scarc'ty of   water pow* cox mine bus been systematically de»     This properly    ownrd   by   (Jrobe
''.""'    " | useil, was tne scarc'ty oi    waier pnw . cox m  n   ... , hl   .,,,,      	
Wilcox and other .nines are ull   pro- ....    ..   •      ...        , . , , ,        , , I    l       -
.   ' ll-    'he innr mill call lib tun Bilher  veloping its resources throughout the n,-nlmnt     buvell   and    M.l.eod   Im
tide.    tWlli   lie   nccos-aiv   o.| i 111 illlflll     , ,,    , ..        , i    .    .1 i       i ,i    . •    i
~~~f '    ' l.v xlciiiii or 1 iv water power,   lull    the   \eai.     li     has,    dining    that    ln'iiod;, ,,   ,      ,        ,   , .,
^~~ ' ' heen well ih-M-l-ii id din ing lhe    year,
■..-....      ...II' tin,, ll„. | ' "
been   entirely   self supporting,     the 1   -., ., ,, ,',   , .,
11 .   | witli inn result ihal there is now eon
product of lhe small |,mi    Stamp   ...ill'     ,      , ,    ,     , , •       •   , .
1 i siilerunle high _;i ado i re In sight,   for
being iiiletiti.ile lo io ep a  force    nu-.--.   ,      .. .    ,. , i    i    .     -i
1 ih.-ship....m ol ivioch a rawhuio trail
aging jfl  ineii    ill    w,,|li.       A    lurge ,   . ,        ,    ,   ,.    ,
i- now being prepared,    A mail lias
o.ut.i.i.v of high grail, ore   has   been' ,    .,   , ,
1 • I been -link    *..     tee.,    the    butlulll   ol
pill  ill -i-.'ht and d.-M-l ipi.ie.i.s    whieh      i ■  i   •      ,, i,i
' ' ]wln.-h I*-, ii11 in   ore,    and    inel.ul.-s   a
are expected to consitinutc in tho near ,    ,   ., .
1 p.iv s I real. ..t   three   feet,  averaging
future are expected to add largely   t.>. ...,,, .,..
1 • I over ---.(I per Ion, lhe    ateiige   ol
the I ii-i-ni reserves.    In ihe   No    .1;  ,       ,   ,       .        , . , ,
1 . .1 the w bole vein    w bub    is    no,-'    fei I
tunnel u shoo, of oxi .cly  . Ich  on
1'orto liieo
.Second Relief
»ide, is nl..mi JI I per ton.    A   . un
in-I has been run alio...  200 feet,   and
Hunter V    (IliilllWaV)
Ore Hill
'""""""'I lll'NTI-.Ii   V.  MINI-',.    _____________________
'"   .. .  \- i    i i     I ...nii.i" over -'..nil per ton    bus   ben
,.,,,(.       I lie llu.in. \. mine »i ^ mir holds - , ,„- , ,„,	
ii, lievelot.e.l,  while larger shoots   of    le-- ,  . ,  .       i^^^^^^^^^^_
00(11" p.obablv uii.i|..e position a.noug the I i    ' a socuiid tunnel is now net ng run   on
'      i .-in i, I.lull ifradi have been developed in  ., ,      ,   ,,,
,.,,,,; mines ot .In- r.o\.nee.    lis ore, com-     B   * ' lho vein to mp lho shaft,
' lv\ ,   , - a     ,.    , ., ,    ,,    oiher parts of 11. iue,      W'.uk   is1
| po-ed chit liy ol calclle, is   a   valuable I '
suiellcr Mux, and  consequently   com-
ma.ids a very low rate for  treatment
•jot. I
now being directed to cutting at   lho
depth of nbopl 100 feat, a  wide  vein
  at i.i:I
This properly owned by  lhe    Atlin
ids a very Tow rate fbr  trea nt.; '"T""" ""'"" l'"'"""'"  ' '  *"'"| *    ■
i,"N , t-Nol , Trail    ^.ilof milling orcwhiel,   o, „,,,,.; • I. A' M. C jany   has „l-o be „
, ,.   .. ,.:.i i „,.„,. „,„„i    ii 11 dcr energetic develt'ipnieiit iluriug the
The N.-.ll... oil,  Nelson,   Trail    and, '" .Hilling ore, w „„■„   .„    „	
,.     , |,        , ....    ,,     ., was lil feet wide, and averaged    fliMtSi'energetic development during the
( riiubv smellers   nlu.ihse the   llun.er, -^     A ihjfl    „„,    .,|1|lv.    -„,-.,,
'.'I'J.'.ti V. ore forsnmltiug purposes, and id    '" ;-'""-                                               I     ,                       ..  .
__________ -il •      ii...-,    ,t        ,,, il.,, ,,„.   and ,. luim.-l .un L'l-. le.-l, w ne h   was
\,|.l to these,  the ,„.l,..,l     1 i „  ■ i l„,.i,b . I.,- , „ hit- ,-„„, ,t,„e, I a, e    low;      UUrillgthos .'I lhe   nunc    «„,              I
1 i,,,    „,,  i ,,„ i,„  p,.,,f Via ,,i„     1 ,| .„,  ,-.   bse. ueiilly    colli led       Willi          0
ns tbe Arhng on, K.-y-l. , Kootedni , -In unenis.     I he gren.er pa I   ot     he '                     •■                                      i          i       r
1 ,       ,        ,* ■' •   m ,,-,.,      .     i„ found by t liroctors I  of   such  wl(io onc-c,uH'ing n   good   grade   of
IWl   l"1"' <i"«'   vvl,,Ll1     ""   "■■'■" l-'I-'''•""'■ «««>"'«l  -"Iv   I-' ore, a shipinont of*80 tons ol   which,
shippers during.certain   «easous,   i    pm-cent silica.    A port! lil e an encquraging nature,   llmt   It   was j  -.     ^ m_« fig ^     .
die monthly mnxiiiiuii   output    is  in | body recently   opened   is   ttoniowllat decided to it once incioase the treat**         vrvv \-i du    •.•s-ci-
.    the neigl.ls.iho.'d of 2H000 tons,    I'le   inure silicious, currying abotlt 30   per i,,.. plani,     Another  ton-stamp   n'.ill]
<   '  actual oiitpul  is   -.-    '"   I -I.  cent, silica, bu.  high.r   value,    * 1|IW tllcfc(ore ben. purdmsed, although      \1,        "In"' "  '"""i, ',"'  ""'''
I      cniieiallv about half this   llgure,   but   ning from 98 .,   ©10.00.      The' „  ,     ,               .     ,    opening up ibis property all the •* in-
... i -ii . .'"I v.i in.sl'i   ed.     In prcpiiration  tor   ,,,,.      |, ,.,„,„;,,„ ,,» .,    ,„.,„,,,   , r   .;  „
Bvenihatipl  Ymjr m   the   posi- nfe is mined very cheaply, the i|uarn ■   ''    '   ""M[H "■ •'   g|onP   "'   I"8
.   .... [this new mill, a see,,,,,!   aerirtl   train- oliihns. wliloli  me  traversed  bv  fi'vi
l.o '■ '   I	
(i,,n of hav.ii-. tli" third   largest    out-   me.hod being   adopted,    due   ipi.irry
,mi of any riislrici '" the province.      lisliOw about   110 feci (tide (villi ore
WaV Im- been creeled
lailiis, which   are   traversed   by   fivi
| palallel veins, one of which   is  about,
The Keystone and Kool iy   11.
.nines in thi- lieigllborhood have   al• •
been sllippi 1'S of high  ;-l ,n|e   o|e    ,|
ing the year.
OU If Ull.I.  MINI'..
'I his propei iv has been operated by
il w ner,   11     lib troll,    doing   ihu
tear.     11 is equipped    w ith   a   mil
I itn stamp mill, li  w iii.lt  g I    r-
nn ii- hate been iibinine.1.    I. is now
bonded lo   Westby    I   iSeldou
Minneapolis,   >-, ho   propo, •   voi It ■ ■
till-  p.opel t_\       n       III,.I 11      e'.lel,
-e de during lb-- coming ye till AM i\ Mi  MINK.
This mine i- .o be f   Hit.   b •
things of the distt iet,       li    was   ru
oeiitly pu.el .1 for   970,000   hy   n
Untie syndie.iie represented by A.
Jcncyivlsky, n syndicuto which is billeted to he i.i tha Held for I lip Am tl-
g.nn.iled Ctlpp -i I 'o.      I'  has   a    H ,
vein of high go. le milling ere « hi It
h i- been alioelv extensively develop
ed. und a I.ii g" fi i- (1 of m.-n uie    ,,    ,
continuing tlm develop n tnt, Wl on
ihe mine starts the producing stage,
it .till probably havo one nt ; ,,,
largest output. "I the djiti i t
This mine has been wot km I undel1
lease by 0 II llai nhaiill A number of mull have been woi king at g I *
ling uill ore on tribute, he-ides art
other force « ho are ii. work opening
(Coittil I on ,'lr.l   I'.tge.; '\
I'liljllishi'il avert. Suiiir,liiy ini,. iimili-il loan
iiiMr*-—. or .i.-livr-r.-il liy carrier III toivti.
N.OO'.iU' milium, puyajjlii In tnl-
.\•!v.*ri 1-itiir rstuj, ll ■'id p.T tnttli |inr inunHi
Tun IIkiiai.u 1:1111 be luui Iroin nil li-iitll'lll
M.iit-sit.'iil.ir.-i in tliu illstrkt. ur mm In- ob.s'imtl
Uroot rruiu tin., ullluij.
I'oinin.Tiiiiil   prlntiiis  t;(   Bt/.-ry    description
lu.lii un lie-i.ri-mls.is ul souiiiuril prlurs.
I'l.'llll-ipiD  III  TI1B
I.pit.u.p   fi'llMs-llMi   COSIl'A.NV
11,   p'.lltNS,   .»|,l*.-,V(l(::i'.
H-V^DAY, pEC, :il, lfOf
'l'ospi|-|it cofjiex flip i/itigip hour,
e,hen all who e/itilepiplnte prpgrosj)
du. ing the popiipg ypar, will devote
llie...selves, to a retrospection cf the
goings of the year which is closing,
and to a formulation of a yet of good
n-olutiops fpr ppicticp during the
tear which d'lwps toin.qi-row Qr if
not for practice, throughout the year,
for tbe Hfi.t few days pf it aryw.iy.
With all dge humility, and with a
perfect recognition of i(,s own sho|t-
l.o.nings. the |I|il|AI,D would lite, to
piake a ftw pi'etjitiii|fiic)i*.tip|i!}. Pni jug
IpOii, in.iy there be more charity exhibited, and a greater fjovy qf tl|p
null; of human kindness, than has
been seen before in Yipip, May
I here be less dessiiniu.ilion of spiteful
scandal, too often wholly unfounded.
It there be no good report to spread,
may the evil report bo burjed under
iu. accumulation of igood will and
brothel'])' hiyu, consideration for one
|U.otl.Gr'11 feeling-., and a heaity opti-
loi-iii as regards tl|0 intrinsic moral
worth of the human animal as a type
If we cannot (piite act up to thu angelic chorus and show "peace and
good will to nl| mankind" hit us re-
11.ember that the exhibition of petty
ill will reflects more on the exhibitor
1 li .ii anyone else. With such rosolu-
in prnctiuQ during |905, Vmir will be
i|uitc a   different   place   tu   live   in
With    apologies    for   trying     to
preach, Ihe II|;i(.U.|i wishes a right
happy new year to all the citizens of
any large pioli.s since il.ey   look over) NotlCfi.   ' 1
the business.     Akliot.gh    they    have j -,-,*,  pEf,INQUENT CO-O.^N KR*?.
.1.11).aged to keep   pri'tty    even,    they 1     ,,   IT   ...    ¥_      , ,
'?■■>'> ■>      0 U, VV. Keech, or any other per
are out a lot   of   fill**   and   trouble, j | ?0|J U) w||1)I)1 ,'„.  ()|^.    "|,.IU, ,,,,;„.
Their work is of value to  every   citi- j ferred his interest in   tlie git. Thomas
c.i ,, ,    anil Telegiap). mineral claims situaled
/en of the town, since tl.e proper   ad-j   ' "    ''
in the      Nelson Mining        Divi-
vertisenient of the   piining   resources j gi(.p y Weg(.  Kootenay   Ip'st.ict, and
recorded in the  Recorder's  office  i))f
tl.e .\elson Mining Division,
Vop and   each   of you are   hereby
of the camp, is lho   essentia)   fo   its
commercial prosperity.   Burely   then
the Herald is justified   in    asking,   n
in.i.-re hearty   support   for   tnu   new   hundred and two   doljurs    and   fifty
cents f**10;!..j0) in labor and i.np.qve-
notifjed that I   have   expended    one
year than hitherto. It has but little
to complain of, l>ut there art; just a
few who are allowing others to be.ir
tjie fjurden flf advertising (he car/ip.
whilst they yi|j look after their share
of the profifs.
- ■. . . . ggagSB
I*ii-p chief Coffey has prepared flie
following signals fur handling the fire
alarm. Steady ringing means fire,
One stroke (pause) two strokes (pause)
three strokes, meat's a call for help to
handle tbo hose wljen drying und
reeling \l up aftpr use.
inents upon the above mineral claims
in order to hold same under provisions
of the 5finer.il ^et, and if witjiip
ninety clays from the date of this notice you fail or refuse to contrdptp
your portion of expenditure, [togejdicr
with nil cps'.spf u.dycrtising, yopr ip-
tp'e.st in said plaim wijl beponie t|ip
property of thp spbseriber, under sec-
jpn J oi uu apt eptitled "An Act to
A/nend the Mineral Act, 1900,,
Paled at Yniir, B. C. this }lt|)
day of Nov  1904.
Evening service, 7:30,
HKHllVTBItlAN   ClllJ||(,'ll— 8 Utlllliy    -TO ty'AI.TK|t   J.      IIUf.llKS,     Or
;hool and    Bible   Cluss,    ,'{   p.    pi. I      other person lo whom he may
p.    pi. I       oilier persoii 10 wuoni ne may nave
Voung   Pep- j transferred his interest in tlie Meadow
pies'Society meets on I'riday evening Lark mineral claim, sjtuated op
at 8 o'clock. All are welcome, llev. i Wild Horse creek about seven miles
II. Young, M. A., Pastor. I from the town of Ymir. in the Nplson
Mining Division of West Kootenay
District, and recorded in the Record*
er's office for the Nelson Milling Di
You and each of  you   are   hereby
j notified that I have expended seventy
! six   dollars   and    eighty-seven    cents
($76.87) in labor   uPd  improvements
upon tlie above mineral claim in order
to hold s.i|ne pnder the provisions   of
1 the Mineral Act, and if within   nine**
; ty days from the date of  this   notice
I yon fail or refuse to contribute   your
portion of expenditure, together with
; all costs of advertising, your   interest
j in said claim will    become   the   property of the subscriber, under section
[4 of an   act   entitled   ''An   Act to
Amend the Mineral Act, li-'X)."
Datetl at Ymir, H. C, this ..'il   day
of October 1904.
Perhaps your watch
docs   not   rup   as   it (.;
For  about  half tt century
llii-s -fitablishnicut hai ntiide
a ■pecially of -skilled WBlch
•Hill    repairing.    A  wooden   Uttc
•">      ...'11   i— '-—-jL -.» ;..
Mill be nenl on request iii
which you can forward yPMr
tinie-pieco to tin,
_ .
We   prepay   all
charges  In   returning
Mi watches   and  jewelry
repaired by u»,
With this week's issue we have en-
di-iivored to ptesent a fair and complete review of tl.e progress of lho
iiiiiii.it; indilsliy in this section, diir-
iiiL,' IHUI. Our information has been
mostly withered from official sources,
and may bo j-cnerully relied upon as
s-li l.-tatil in 11 *,- eo.reel.     If   a    few    er-
rors have crept in, they will bo gladly
to. 1.-.-..'.I in subsequent issues.
We do not think any unprejudiced
re ult r. perusing   till*   brief   siuiuiiiii \
of tbo industries, can fail to recognize
llie fait, I Iml Ymir camp .mist inevitably become one of the heuvlesl
I n ilueei's iii tbe Province As we
have shown, tl.e present equipmcntR,
actually in use, can put out 25,000
ton* of ore per month, while there
uie oilier mines not now producing,
wbill, uill eventually add largely to
this figure, This review will he eir-
euliiied largely, and, as generally hap
puns lo milling new« in    the    Herald,
Will b .pied into tl.e big  dailies   of
commercial and mining contres, li
surely bcliovei all who have the
prosperity of tho town, elthel' as its
1 .inn,, ri i.-tl 01 mining aspect, to help
uliitig tlie good ivorli, and to see to it
1 but 1 be local paper is in 11 position t .
..iiiiin.e iii this line      Tl.e   present
oM iiers of tbe Herald llO-VO not    made
ppak'i's in Staploand Fancy OrpcerieB, Miner's Siiiulii.-*
Bjaij){.ets,.Socks, Mjtts, Gloves,   IJiibljera,   Undec,
wear,    Overalls,    J'a^ent      Medicines,
|*JEI-SpN b, e,        .       p©X J095,
Mining Agent     '     Stock? and Share*
MB .   .„i..
'-_— AGfJlNT    FOR-,—-
Matual Life Insurance (Jonipany pf Np-jy Yprlf,
P-anadian Gasujaty— Kpiler Insnrajicc Cp.
London Mutual Fjrp Insurance Cpinpany,
Ottawa Fipe Insurance Dpnipany.
Noilly furnished throughout.    Han.pie rooms in connection.
Rates f 1.50 to $2.50 per day.
FINLAY   McLEOD, Proprietor
Post   Olliee   Stoic    -    Yum.
Clark's   Furniture   Store
Undertaker  and   Furnituro    Pealei'
Mail orders promptly attended to
UlltCII S'Mtl'iKT, - . Ymik
Meets  train   evorj   inoi'iiiiiy
except Sunday, for freighl
Kootenay Coffee Co.
Wholesale and retail dealers
in I'Vcsb It..asted
High * Grade - Coffees
NKLSON, 11. 0.
All work entrusted to us i.s neatly and
promptly   executed.
for   Ymir
mill.   Ily .special orders mi
Sundays, Of for Vinir inine.
ALEX   ODDIE    Pkop
Ymir Citizens
I,Asi l'l Ksiiw IN i:.\( li  MONTH,
•I   W,  ll.iss, rresidenl.
I' •' \ m eiii'.t.i., Secretary,
l''t*il..u McliHOl), T.eas.irei.
***************** ♦+44*>4.#
I Delivered nny
t place in town.
Stove Lengths
Per Gait Load.
I'le.iM' forward Tiik Ymik Hkk.m.i* for
][ and acknowledge receipt of enclosed 9	
Tiik Khiiai.ii is published  every Saturday morning und
contains all  tl.e  news of the camp.
Hatks-Pkk Ykaii, f*2j HaL* Yis.mi, #'1.
Porto  Hico
Lumber Co. Ltd.
Ymir TransferCo.
.JACKSON & LEAHY, l'r.ips.
Teaming and
Express ....
All   orders  promptly  attended ti
iiiid the CR'nt-Oat care exercised in   tin.
.L handling of gnniU
Gold,  Silver, or   head    -    fcl.OO
Copper,     -    -    -    -    -     >$1.50
Cold Silver,      -.- $1 oil
Charges for ollii r metals un up.
Provincial Amayer
P.O. Drawor All.'i,   YAllli, B.C.
—-  ■   ■
J v.
lie-li car of urocories,    t;,i mu prj, n these goods as wii
- * e selling tbcin cheap, and   «.-  always   lend   fur   low'
We can pleiuu you for >|unlity us  we i   us   | Keo,   iJl   lines
being   ietlt ce I,
Wc*are selling al very low p.ii-.s.    llul.hers — wenrn goin«.
to close them oul before spring.     He. our
prices before but iug,
J   •   -i.- -. '• -    j        • -.-.*'. *.     Million, who I.ave   now   considerable
3    LOCAL  ITEMS   . i ■■>••" •» «■«•<«- *»'"1 have-recently started
',' .      .*.. .   ■ ... .... ,.,,,,.,,,.. t    "P the ten stump mill attached to the
• ...ii.e.
A. Chrtest lias put in u large   new ,
kettle in his brewery. \    Ti"' K- F,,ur "■iP8-*""   "■'«•   l'"1'"
developed to some extent during   lhe
Inspector Cunningham that the fruit
growers of llritish Coiunibiu have not
by any means attained to the degree
of perfection in growing fruit (hat is
attainable, British Columbia is only
beginning to show tl.o world «linl
run In' achieved in this glorious Pro-
t iiur. Every nine of available I.in. 1
«ill he required and there are more
acres I ha n thu good pi.-pie of Vmi*
Oliver have any conception of,
I'm.ihills which ure now neglected will
Im the most fuvored'sites for future
The only thing llui. retards more
rapid development in the scarcity of
nursery stock. It. is most difficult to
find trees that will puss the cnteful
inspection which prevails at the I'uin
igaliug station. (Iter 22,000 trees
were condemn. .1 for Sun .lose scale
and hoi is during the present month.
1,500 trees will he cremated early
next, week, while S'l'IOOO trees were
deported. As long as the most dangerous pests uie kept out of the l'ro-
vint-e, British Columbia will keep    its
The t'oi.-e ut the   Hunter  V.   mine   ,*,.,,._ „,,*,„. $* out) having beep   spent i position at the head of the world   for
clean, well-grow n fruit,
1.3 being increased again. [upon it    This property   adjoins   th.
I-'.t-h llollcuil    lle.ring   in    171V. | Hunter V., und its ore body is of  til
kits, ut Sen.let's, $1,50 per kit.
Monday Jiinu.iry 2nd, is  children
•1 iv a. The Fair.    Uoinu  and   g il
if'"'                                                        "roup, which hus ,i wide vein of gall
V .   v. Turner i.- now   fore.nun    of| „„
the l.r.nlv Ivlith miii.'   nl   Silverton
'.vhieli is under lease to M   S, Davys.
I same nature ns that described   under
the Hunter V.
Messrs, Price   und    Uurgess   have
.In.ie fonsiileruhle work   on    the    I,,tin
A I ti ge nieteo. it..* was obsei ved    to
t'n.'.i (ii.Tuesday iii-jlit, last,  soinewhor
'ielwe-'n town and    the    Hunter    V
mt ore.    I licy are now ilnt mg a cross
ul. tunnel to tup the vein ui depth,
Fulls,  Dewar   und   MeLeod   liuvol
''Of course,' said the inspector,
"there is relief from the dearth in
nursery stock in si^-ht. Interior nursery men ure hemline tluir energies
io propagation und our Const men are
doing likewise, but nurseries cannot
be created in a soason Two years
hence we shall have censed importing,
thereby greatly lessening the danger
of iufe'ti i.i   fr .in   destructive pesta."
done considerable   prospecting   work
ni tin
placer lease of J 10 acres at
*4*44**4**4 ********** ♦**>*>»
S.- ■ the handsome pictures in S. II. "has shown u general average value of-
-eu.let's window.    One of ilie-e   will 50 cents per yard   witbout   hod  rock
•e given away with e\e v cash purch- being reached.    A Kytid-catc hus been I
H Am\ ' .• i
Year after year wo solicil your worthy patronage and wu lien by - -r-i -.
our sincere gratitude for your liberal patronage in the past aud by honest
dealings and low prices hope to merit your continuance.
(live us a cull and receive full '.line for every dollar you see lit to duvet
our way.
Groceries   and   Provisions.
We will name prices that defy   competition.
Hun£.ninn ll. ur Sj 1.85 per su- k.
Granulated sugar        80.50 per sink.
American Ham and Bacon  the   veiy
th licest 1 <  I-2c per lb.
No, 1 Cre-iincry butter       28c per lb,
quality guaranteed.
.Wi.-rot't pot.n ns, no better   in     lie
world '-''■ pei' pout d,
Fancy Biscuits      !5 to 20 eta per b.
Ci iger t-iiiups 12 I •'-' uta pet: lb. 1
Fancy apples $1,25 per ' OX,
l'.eiii.-nih, i- oi r soap oil; r. with every 2-".c purchase yo i receive n In *''
which eniitles v. ti to a drawing for a 850 (id Uianuphuno now on  exbihitioii
. i     i    *        i *   *  l!l ""•' "ton
A cross iiiiirk.il   m   tins*!
se of ten dollars
formed by E.   Fellows ,,f Portland, J space indicates thai
< lur thanks and lies'
Vow Year to   all,   foi   their   liberal!
1-,-lfronuge on ('I
In iidi-u in ou e!
-,     ,.    ,      Oregon, to take Up   I Ins   propi sit on, X !•.*•• %
test wtsi.es for tno , ,   Xvoui'subscription IS .111   ill'-*
.,   ,     ..,      i; .md arrangements   I.ave   beel iue Z- ' a
ii-imus.    Hung yourl1"1'i"'''"'!l'"- ''"""i'1'''''1'1''   ■'•:l<'• *■ ""• V  ♦ ff.'ir iin.|  wc would   In'  glad? ■
...     ,   ,      roi on the ground next month. % a
lllllll'll  S   llltV,   .lll.l    2.Ill  ; Y ? .
Tlio Fuir.    j    ('n'll<   '''W'lgs   have   also    been I* to Ileal'   in.in   yon    il    yon £r| ]|(,  ^|**{*|-
worked during thp summer, along the *
A.    II    litttle,   manager   of   the u , ,      ,,    ,, . f vvisll to lid\
  salmon rtVer,   by    I-..    Petersen   niid,*"1"        '
Broken Hill    Mining   and   Develop-1    , ,        ', .      , ,        ♦
others, nnd tort lair  cleaii*ups   have   4.*o-c.<-o*o*>*>-J
iiieni Co, returned from Chicneo und   ,
llien ll il
other eastern points   on   Wednesday |
Joe Sturgeon,of Nelson, has lei ..
.-.,..I rui-t for ll! feel of ih it im: nit t he
i In iiulis i-luiiu M if the Wild Horse
bride!   The tunnel is nlrviidy   in   B2      «6me two year*   Bro   efforts   were
,•,,,,t ! .....do lo . inplov .lupunese in the Atlin
.'(■ H   colli limed
Japanese   For   British
il Life tnsiii'ance Company of K vi.
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
A policy in 11 is the safest investment known to man,
('ash invested in Life Insurance is cash invested thai   will
1...--1 i;i*t \i \\.'..i-:ii vv.wiu.   return compound interest.    %
\ll successful business men carry large  Hi mis of li fo
iisiii'.'inee.    It provides for the family, protects it man in  iii*.
" Iold iio(
strn.-tionslVeeol'   charge!    clean    du- J ftny  j',,.,,, ,,,' |j |'(l j,.s„,.*m,.*. apply t..
sirul.le business.
Permanent position) rapid advance*
inout: salary and  expenses!   full   in-     i i  . i      ' ,     ,    i •      , i       •    .    ... '. . i,* .,,   ,„,,,,,    . ,,
' old lice, and protects Ins other investments,    Uor   rates   oil
, , hydraulic mines".    The opposition   of ;-n    j   |    Nichols Co,,  I.i .1. Toronto.
Any       pllllol.        Wn.-e       J.lll-c h.T-f I ii i   . i
1 A i tlie W lute miners,    however,    wus   no:
■itnonuts lil not less than 25 cents,   on1            ,,   , ., i   -,   .1               (Mi nlit n this naii-i-)
I strong that tin mine oWnels   desisted                                    '  '
NiwYiii.s fliiv. Jniiuarv   ..hid,   can i   ,i   •    „•   , v\                   ,    i
In It.eu ellorls, there appears to   lie ,       ...                     .        .
Ii.im'hIiv toy on our counters l'l! 111'., ii. ,i ,       .    , ,,   ,,
I in the air an attempt   n. reiiilioiltice
""'''""'■     the Japanese.      Mine   owners   ur^e ! **************************
: |        . ♦ 4
D. Guinpbcll has   pul   in   a  good 1 that it is not possltohi to npuhttemany \4   L|      j.     *     \7*♦•!••   ♦
•-t.i-.-l- of trunk-. .I.reet from the   f.n-   [of lho lutgj hydretllic lllillps    Without  t   IIOICI       I   111 I I     ♦
Percy J. Gleazer, Local agent-
Dry, and is   prepared   to   oiltlll   all   reducing the  .-"M   uf   labour.     The
'hose svhose were ilnf.irtinlate enough
1 , lo- • iheii trunks in .1. • rou ui  (Ire
inn wu.'ts also pit.nl out thut there ' 4 ....      n     ,    \i     i
; * I lie In ,-l   .Yields
uru fewer white nnnets in   the  mines  ♦ .     ,   .                  .    •
* And Aee.it.nn...lull.ni
IIOW  ill III  Im lllerlv.       UlOV   IIO.l'     pros    4 .       ,.,
11 iii I own i
About leu ili-li.'s of  snow    I'fll    in
Vmir  i Thu.sdiv.  to   be    f,d- j I""" "' *'" l; ' ,li,"'s ""   A   l'"«"1'
'■•wed on Thursday night and   f.-idut   M'"v'' n.ploying Japaueso only as I-
...i.m.i.i i.iii.n-.'.'s. they pill ilib  trhito t A Hue selection nt Wines,
miners to work a-   foremen,   thereby |{        l.iipiol'R lllld Cigttl'S.
with In-lit\  shuvM-rs   of   miii,   which
will make the snow on   lhe   roofs   it
'    h. ,-tvv loud.
Mi-s Whillans, who left Vmi. ou
"-ntuid.it l.ii, hus asked n- to pub
licl) .hii.il, the School TrUsleeH, foi
the kind e\pies-ion of .heir uppoedu-
tion )( her ellorls as school teacher.
Mud for lhe handsome lPntiiiini.nl
wI.ith uccoinpanicd it.
Annual ftlnlng Review
I'l'd^'iv-.-, ol' i ho Vinu1 (lamp
(Cuntinned from 1st, Page.)
a fourth It-y.-l iii tin- mine, whieh wil
il-. e a furthor large aitiotiut of ore in
light, The property is equipped
with a 11-11-m1111n[i mill, und a. tin
lore.i. it.-.in up of tho ..ih.iii-.-., ..
brick valued at iJSOOO wad produced,
besides Hi o rut-loads of Iiiiii Knid.
b. licet.Ir.iti s.
I'l'.liN   MINK,
'lie- loin .nine in lhb same Vicinity
Is ul-o   worked    uudur   lease.      Till
•eSst-es arc Skinner, Cooke nnd   Mac
white i f
ineivushig thu   wagei   of   tie
n.liters, bin reducing tho  total   labor
.huixe    Tin-, the inine  owners  say,
tt ill llllott   thrill  In (Vol k   ill.' III....'!,  oil
i. larger siu!e,
I   \V. iiAHTKHSOK,     Prop, X
4*4**4************4* •♦••>♦♦♦♦
Bi C. The Best.
Hon. -1,11 Turner, Agt'lll (lenelul
in I j- no li.ii for llritish Columbia, has
cabled to the Minister of Agriculture
the important m-ns ■t'nii for the
second inni', ihis '.i itmiti, lh itislt Col-
iiuihiu ti nil hus heeii awarded the
Hold me.ul, ll.-sI Iu competition   with
.ill the World, und al the more   recoil,
exhihi.i  CUlllpPtilig M illl nil I 'lit i-.li
This lltJWS i' hy ful- the tttosl hn-
po.iuni nnd far lenchiiig in its re-
stills that -.i..^ evl-r enl.lid to r.riti.-li
Colombia, tl simply ihoilns .hi*,
tile inter lho lillllHsIl Iniiguugc i-
-tpoken ihe reputation nl .'.is province
as a fruit glutting eotlhtl'j lu.i-l been
establisln d.
li it as stnii'd to a represent..live
of ihe "Notts Advertiser"   l.y   Fruit
-   1 Ci
ii Silver
r*rofcj • crfTee
flp on t-j n ihouv
t....l di llftr fire
t(illation grt.
iii tiry IliikH ft
ft lis* ftcilltltf
\ux tnnl.it.;: ■olid
ifhrt '.vnrp nt r
; .        < il liy nn
■    I     .11! Pit)     ||1
clAUct jud. Arllsllcdtnluii-
•?r», (nodcrn luscliltiefy, mfd pklllctl hand'
woit.r. n. it i miii't thr dltefl d-n|n rvliloti c.f
p acllcnl !"• I*.1- -t* < f ilis fit th, iiiflkenti im-
tqiiAlled eqmbluillou fur lUrulntj out fitii
Writ*- for llltiatrrttcd calrl'oirul.
H PI.'      VI '.! >.
lev. dry,
Silver! laic,
Watili:i, etc.
Eleory Blrks & Sons
oint'.v uuildimcj
j,-*.iMs.„ Hi. I i ellowy
il.e I ml i-i Mttno
I'lti- i- ihn ti ol tin- \t rn* to gi I yoUr pick "f lho nidnv 81 loci |iluou« •»(
I'nnilturu.    Iron Uoiln, Linoli/iims, lliigi. Carpnta und Hntdmuoki.
8bLK    AOfeKtfl    I ('il    Till-:    &IASbN-UlSCIl    1'tANu.
Furniture Dealers and I uncial Direetof-s
N 11      W,. un- Into :..'• ii. - loi tie- M-ir-'elll' K:i..il..lV   Mllli'-s ami   llu-  (,|..li,;'
Boi-lloiirtl Hook Case and I'll. ■
Wilson & Harshaw
Draymen and
ymii:,  ii   (.
Il'iiidliiiu lie-.\y frdiglll .'i
('nl I .-s| ,i ilu ll'iico |.|iiii.|it|y
nttoiitlod in
M-'.I.-ON .'.- I- I'. 'sllK.l'Altli KV. ('()
I;I-;Ii.\KiI:n i a in RAILWAY I <>
\VAsin\.;r...\ & < . n. iiy
V. V. ,v K   HY, & N  ('(..
'; nd Ci-i-i'i Northern, Northern Pa ill'
lllld O, It, ,v  N. Co ,   lor   point,   .  ,  I-
, (VCSt    nnd     -"'ill     , -oiilieels   ul    ll,..
I,i.id und  N.-l-oii   tt ith    ilu.   ( '.in.idi nl
j 1'iieilie Uaihvay,
Coni: -el- ui Nelson ..ith lh" P, ll.
!.(.- N. Oli, for Kudo illid IC. an I ,J,
, points,
Conrtbi is .,• . 'i.rlciv with  stage for
(Iteelltvood mid    M i'ltliiv.  It. I '.
UnfB i   -...    i -in ou trains oetwecll
iS| i Inine nil I   llupubliu
II   \. JA< KmiN
titinornl Pnitlinger -tgl,
,--ij ikdiiv. i»' isii •
I ^■^■2^-i*i-'i:^'2^^;i^'.,^',i •"5s^-5t'2iJfcA'^A^A'^A> ..
I have Yom%\-« e:
/h __                                                         yij   I    Mrs. <;rowe,
j/k\ O     C        1~      J\J                                          i^K    ;          IIKOKUBAOK  AM>   INSUHAKC'K
iii ■*■—/    i -t—-    X    Y >K I'.-ret  ... Olniz.-r.
A M                                  BUM1IBR.
ik The 1835 R. Wallace Silver   Plated  Wan?   -&      ',,,,n 1'i,i11""
^J* W     1 I.IO     1..nilis    AND    OKNIs   |.-|.(**,.s|||N
WJ W   i     H  OrtinpliulJ.
|n -    ..   -                                       \ti        DfslJrlsiiy Jobbing Co.
/JS .                                  \|/   j    N-»lit&Oo.
/iV I.l*                                                    II      1  •        1                           in      -                 KI-IISITUIlB    IJKAI.liK
W Lis designs are iiiiequalk-d m beauty  _\t \ wmimn cinrk.
m '                              '     W I
•w and we guarantee its wearing quality,     w     u. cmpi-eii.
t?|> W   i     Di-.-Hii.s,,'}- Jobbing Co.
A\ \|>   I    S  H. Seaney.
* ~                                   —                 y;
/j\ As a gift or an addition to your own   \i>
/|\   table nothing could Ire nicer than our  J
§   Spoons and Forks in the  Floral  Pat-
!    tern, French Qrey finish.
Among our other specialties in Je\y-
elrv, Watches and  Novelties, will  In'
1    found many attractive things suitable
j    for ( liristmas presents.
COME   AND   SEE   US   OR    SEND     US
ft      Our Watch Repairing departtment \\t
ft  . L.. w
ft   is-tii'st class 111 every respect. Send us  w
ft   vour work we guarantee satisfaction.      \f/
ft W
ft f
ft       Wnteliniukers. Manufacturing Jewellers aud      V'
* m," W
x^/A Opticians, ay
/jy   BAKER STREET, NELSON, B, C.    ty
The Kootenay   Press.    |'•""■■• rupoca l.ave toovereonm,  Thut
_ _   — j In   spite   of   ndvtii'HU    uil'ctiinnUlices
Wet-lip   lhe    following    from    llie   these piipel-s   KOIftillllO    III     lhe    "nod
Nelson "l.uilt N.-tts'und m-.-dler,M to'H-orlt of   making   known   lire   K.'.'.it
nii.v, we nnite agree with the mu.timet.I potentialiiien of the Itiiiibriil reHoiirees
i\iii..sid- of Kooleimv speid.s volumes    for    lhe
"i'i u people, we thinlc   itppreciato pluck und perHeverance of their   pub-
ti,t. till adequately the eJtci'llenl   work : llalii'i'*., itiiyuna of whom, were  Ito   to
luting done, for tlm   mining   Industry ilevoto the suitm  amount   of  energy
IIV tlie K ...tct.nv pre-s.      There   ere und ({fay .nutter to Illm11.1t unv   other
pupil- published in every   wet ion   of calling would eaaily oarn far   granter
the'Kootenny   mining   ilinlrlet   tlial pecuniary rowanU.
heek after week lierald to the  world May be umong   tlio   nmiiK-ioiiH   on
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
'Cl.c only nil rail route between
points east,, ivest und sontl. to Rossland, Nelson, Gland Forks nnd He-
puhlie. Ilull'et t'.irs rlln between Spo
kane .mil Northport
Klfeoiiva Juim 1 111:, 1908,
'e.ve Iluily'I'rnin Arrive
8.46 ...in        Spokane 0. Ifi p.m
10 10 n. in Ho.ss|.,i,i! 4.86 p.m
'.1.1)2 11 in Vmir 6 80 p 111
7.'-'il ii ... N.-lson 7 20 p'in
'. 1.86 :i 111      (Iriiiul t-'inl;s        I no p in
8.80 ...... K.'pul.lie (i. 16 p.in
A.XJXi    —J3l~     TldVTE
■Seattle,    Tacoma
lh.-ie.s......es..I'll.... r.-| tiro local-  high then* n e h, lally   wl , ;   '       '    ' '.**.,.,.,
hies.   Homo of these papers are   nol  .'purl for the   eiiiortnininent   of   llio lAuIN'     l/".\M      Lvlul-3
ti iv imp.-.-i..',' Ill uppo..um'" hid Ihev ' p.ll.lishels   of    liewspnpcrs    in    small
leaeli theexohango editoCa of the  bi« eo.u.i.unities.   They got proi-lou*   lit* St.   Raul,   Chicago,    New
(io.se.iop.diiii.i—Jolin Breau,
.Mt-I.eoil 1 Ions.'— Finlay Mel.ood,
Miller House—S  Miller.
1'iilnee- I uit & Hu.hly.
Viiiii'inn er—Owen Boyer.
\\ ultlo.f— (jeorue Column.
Vmir—J. VV. Muslerso.i.
..".I.IKS    l-TIINISirtNO     AM.       Ml] 11KEII
Mrs. John Meheoil.
Percy J. (ihitzer.
Ilernlil Publishing Co.
ST AT It IX i: It V.
I). Campbell.
S. II. Seaney.
Ymir is Safe.
vVe Have Medicines For All Ills Of The  Mind ;nnl
A complete Hue of patent medicines ofwWel) thefgllowln^
nre n few: Cnstoria, Heel Iron and wine, Lung l-Jalsatu,
I'icrrc's Favorite Prescription, Yellow Oil, Paines Celery
('(iiii]i.iiiii.l. Hood's nnd Ayer's Sai-sapari.lla, Painlcillei', Si inp
Pigs, Pink Pills, Carter'u, Chase's and Dodd's Pills. Nestle's
Milk Pood, Mcccn oiniuiciit. :! II Liniment, Ploriilu VViiter,
I Castor Oil, Epsom Salts, Sulphur, Glycerine, Vitsiline,
Linseed. Tooth Powders, ... We liave also put in a complete line of school supplies.
First-class Billing Loom.
Best liiumIs of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
We    carry    the    leading   brands     imported
and  igirs,   >S:).i:,   A1:*,    B.-n ly     and   Wine.
Second Ave.
York, and
nitUldu d.iilies und the tiewa they Iiiivb tlo morn than hard khockn   ihi*.   »llld
-ntlieied is uitt'ti the "idfst    [iiisiilile  (p|- , ,„. ,|n ;,|,, 11||f|  „    ,.,1hV    *.,,*,,,.,.    ,„
nnudulion.    WoHoftl.O   papela   «■(• | ^^  ,„,,,„,„ ;l(„ ^ f|„|lll,1„„„t
Infer tn nre publlnhed   MHilef   clfeum*. ;	
, ., ,,      ,. I snlisei-tli'-rs, slintilil   nl    leu.;l.    he   ns
stance*) tlmt eniuil »   groat   deal   ol .
I,,,,I ,u,rl, v0ry , -It    rcinuncrateil   "*"'*-'1 ' ' ,l"'1" wll,'M M,eV ''<|..tii fhirti
Tin-men «I...i foi in i.'t...',• week   af« tho Dyerlaitinn   urind   of   thu   print
Ier week produce the Cainborno Miii*L|inp.
t-i. llie l.iii.loni!   IIomI'-.v,    ih"    Knlao	
Kooleliuiu.i,   tin-    *'u.idoi.    Sho-d ml. , "" —   "*~ ~~
ll„. siu.'un Dtill, lhe   Ymir   llernld,
l|,u Moyie Leader,   the   I'orl   Hteele |     ^
rnspeeiot, the Wiliii' i Ouli ("p. 'I"
. , ,,i fill U of dillt.itl.ic'. lll.lt v.o.dd
■.ifin innir.i.o.in.ulilo to inf-n ;-:i-.Mi.'o,i
li, ,,n„,| ruliiii;.". ti-o.c il"-y confrount'      dp
ed » ith sin.il.ir   .(..idilioii-t.        Spni'KC
|,,pnl,itioii,  t.-iv limited   udveinni. j        ,,.„„„• ,',.;.,m.:, - -.. oiTin-iViwii.'or ~"        IO WoriCl'6 Itlir, J'.t. I .Olli*
Vou*. ( lioii-r ,.'  i;,.-,;.
e.ii.intA inliun thniiiiil. Huiiii ,; ,. .. , , ,
.-, itvitttt. tn.ii.mtcljiiriii), ia•■! ■ I'or rate*), iiililefsahil full iifnrmlillofi
ii,,,, ot'.l,(-i.-"IV..iM on the pur.    "I        SaftftfiffC   fflWl&H'ttitl ii'ii.ir.llliK Iflpi". OKll of, or Hi1 Is ufi
9Vlt»IHI»iy  Jf aBafc-H^ t, -f-**i%^ „.,, ,„ ,|,„s. [•. ,vn. imiiwiiv or
■     " I irvoit Qlf •
M.   ',   .;.\([<-.().N,        ||. HKAN'IM',
..     , fi-iir: ."lit in • ; '    .-' "I .'/"li '" -■■ :„lin!i-r-
v.,Ilk lin V -'.re dt'injl, ure some ol    l1- •■       --     •
Natef   ilitlietiltii'M    lhe    p>
I'AI.Ai'K   AND  TOl'ltlsT
Sl.l'Kl'KltS     l!l!l'l''KT,
DAY COAt'llf.s,
Dining oar«i
.n.i.u.M ,i   t.t   l tuir:
OO   YfeAftS'
ixpwuwi     [Jest   Meals   on   Wheels.
?^i1TP.f'0 PAST T^A,NS 9
ml F- JA$r ■■■■■       <- l'\sT AND Wlls'f hAll.Y ««
S?S«f'V-*i<S?K.'. !«■• -,v,
We are doing busjness again, aijd next week will   Imve  ns
complete a stock us ever.    We have now a complete line   Of
GLOVES,   niTTS,   TOP   SHIRTS,   and   UNDERWEAR of all grades.
At Present in the Union Hall   building,
Hotel ....
(Under entirety new managetiiB.it.)
Dining Room and Bar
supplied wifli tlie best
iu the market.
Kinlit  opposite depot,  Yniir
Headquarters for flining
The Kootenay   Standard
arid  Juanita.
MAN'll-'AI"ITHi:I)   111
~/T C. ___h__ Co.
Nelson, B.    Ci
arid ComWercial Men     /Vlortl?(3.*4J"G
Sale ....
.Most ronil'oi (ulile lintel in  the   (lis
t.i.l.     Kterylhino f.r.st-el.iss.
YMIIt,   II. C
Morlcv  k   Co.  Slock
of Xiiins Goods.
p'niMiiiiijje todi-ntt from mid, ..niy to.'    ;;::,-':;;•;:,;,'',,,,;,::o'<,i.','i:,,;';;',,.-...:,:■„■.',
 I li..,-, (It  „!■.,„,■-  0 I .;■-.--' ■ ' il...l».
«r.-ipienllv, und .-ntife hns-1   ol    npi'1'1
^W!PW'   U"or^T:' Hpt-einl   R-tuflmluA    lUtM
,JRr\,M *':     To World V Fair, St. Lo
.,:,, |||      i'P  |   Iii (-i'i i pllllull Lei' Hfliellici* ;
rTi-1 ""i1 ii&'co.^'a---'fewYofn
10    pi.ln.sl.eis    ot ftniwOHM.n 10t, Wiwtiintnn-. I*. r.\
Fancy  Goods, Toys   and
Mooks, Violins,   Quitars.
p-hrrH AnH NAi/rnO Meats     Banjos tftc. etc.
Wllolesiilo nnd Iti'titil
.•yluil onlc-1 ItjcBi-ro' prt/itipd nttohtldli
(JOHN l'llll.llKII'l',  Prof*
At Prices Without Regard
tot cost. You can aavt
fio per cent.
;EVer>'thirij!f in this class
SAW MILLER, Prop, must be sold h^fore Xm is
and priced are ridiculous
Headquarters I'or Milling Men |y |()SVt
tint siippiird   tt l.li  In-,i liinrid*. cf\
tvi.ies,- liipmi ! ilinl i'i-»iirs,
O. !'. .V I" A,       (!, I'. .V I'- ,\ | I
7|" VV. rllrtrsAvfl sm.k.iiic Knvr Av'-m*!,- Ysmii, U. (3, \KI.S1)N.-
~   4


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