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Vol. 1—No. 11.
YMIE, B. C, SATURDAY, -JULY 30, 1:904.
Price Fivk Cents.
44 4 -l-4 4 44*4 ,-■• a 44 4*4 4 44-4-4 i-ii
A number of picnice'rs bad an out
ing at Hall siding on Tuesday lust.
The Salmo base ball   team   will  be
up on .Sunday to play the Ymir team.
Mrs. John MeLeod,   has   just   received from   tho  east  a   large   new
stock of carpets and rugs.
Spencer Sanderson lias gone out
with John and Kenneth MeLeod on a
trip through the northern pin t of B.
George Orchard, manager of the
Porto Rico Lumber Company, is
away on a two weeks visit to Winnipeg-
Mr. and Mrs. Hufschmidt, who
sold out of the Yniir Bakery this
■week, left yesterday for Marcus,
Mr. and Mrs. Barnhardt and family returned f*'om Victoria on Thursday last and will take up their resi
dci.ee at the Ymir mine
Paddy Daly says that politics have
lots to do with road building. We
wonder if they have anything to do
with post office appointments.
The carpenters on the Ymir |.Catholic church finished their contract on
Friday last, The seats have also been
put in, and all that remains to be done
is the cut chaining and painting. At
the social given last week, after paying all expenses ($10.50) the sum of
$5*1.50 was netted for the church
• There seems to bo a good opening
here for a man with enough cows to
supply the town with milk. The
present supply from Waneta is very
ii-regular and during the very hot
weather, moreover, suffers considerably on the railway journey.
The Ymir public sohoo
on Monday August 15th,
M. L. WhilliaiiR in charge.
A short trail has been constructed,
by the Government, up the north
side of Porcupine creek, leading to
the lona and other promising claims
in that section.
The forest fire, the stnone of  which
was seen to the   west   of   Yniir   on
Wednesday last, was aoross the   lake
* *.
from Krie a Utile to the south. It is
supposed to havo been caused by
sparks from the railway eugine.
A social under the auspices of the
Presbyterian Ladies Aid will be held
on the grounds in front of Mr. J.
McLeods, on Monday evening Aug.
1st. Hazlewood ico cream, Buttermilk, Candies etc., will bo for sale. A
program is being prepared. Admission 10 cents.
Paddy Daly threatened lot of
things to Hurry Wright if he
didn't get a wagon road to the Atlin.
He had done them. He has written
a letter, or had ono written for him
by his private secretary, to the "Daily
j-Nowa" telling them all about it. It
surely is alt oil with the poor M. P.
-t+**#*Sl t-4-4 Mttl-H-M
i , '.-•fr-S'i
Dr. Dohcrty has been appointed
Coroner and Health officer in the
province of British Columbia. This
appointment is of considerable importance, as the need of a local health
officer has often been felt, and Dr.
Dohcrty is ono who will admirably
fill tbe bill. A resident coroner is also
an acceptable innovation.
Robert II. Cos grove, Secretary and
Manager of the Spokane Interstate
Fair, which this year is held October
.'I to 9, has left Spokane and gone
east after special attractions to put on
at the fair this year. This is the
first time the Spokane Fairs have
taken tho trouble to send a man east
to secure these attractions, which are
so important to tho jollity anil success of the Fair. In other yean the
Fair has booked it* attractions as
best it could, from circulars and
second-hand     reports. Bargains
have at times boon made in this way
and al the same time some very poor
turns also havo been chosen.
Mr. Cosgrovo is just the man to
send on this mission, rather than to
delegate the important cask to somo
one else. Mr. Cosgrove has been in
i be oxpositioti business all his life
and knows just what attracts the
people, Ho is so well acquainted
with the vaudeville profession that he
doubtless will be able to drive good
bargains for tho Spokane Fair, as well
us pick out much better attraction!
i ban has been had in the past.
And tho interesting part of it is,
those attractions are to bo free in
front of the new grandstand, aud not
off in somo sideshow, whore extra
charges will bo made to see them.
Mr Cosgrove will visit the Domin
ion of Canada Exposition at Winnipeg* which is ono of tho biggest Fairs
in America, and ho will visit the
Minnesota State Fair, which is one of
the big Fairs of ihe middle stales
It appears that Dick Shrum can
catch more than fish when occasion
arises, aud is not adveise to bear
potting. He was up Hidden creek
with Messrs. Winslow and Stewart,
and ou Saturday last was left at tho
camp alone while tho other two returned to town. Having caught
sight of some deer he started out' in
pursuit with his Winchester. Before
getting up with the deer however, Ije
came up with a gootl silted bear and
look a shot at him. The bear fell
crashing down the hill in the thick
brush and as it was now dark the
hunter determined to leave further
investigation until morning. In the
morning he found the boar within ten
foet of where he disappeared. After
taking the skin aud some portions of
tho meat, ho was packing his horse
with the plunder, when hearing a
slight noise, lis turned to find a fine
fat doe intently watching his operations. The deer got away and wo
presume that Mr. Shrum having 300
or 100 trout in his bag and several
hundred pounds of bear moat on his
horse, concluded that he could not
claim right to shoot .deer out of season, for the purpose of supplying
Himself with food.
»HrtM'»-M -MM *VM ***<:•■• »♦ *♦*+•*
G. H Green has commenced operations on the Copper Farm    claim   at
Green City.
Mich Tait is in charge of a gang of
men employed by the Government to
repair tho Wilcox waggon road.
Ten stamps are dropping steadily
at the Second Belief mine. Twenty
men are now employed at the mine
and mill.
The B. C. Standard Co. has acquired 500 inches of water on Porcupine
creek for supplying power to the Hunt
er V. mine.
Tho assays from the Goodenough
vein, contigous to the Ymir mine show
a lnrge body of pay ore. One cross
sample gave $34.
The Yankee Girl seems to show up
well under development The lodge
has now been traced over 1000 feet.
In ono place it has a width of nine
teet with a value of $14 -iO in all values.
A cable from the manager of tho
Ymir mine to the London otlico of the
company states that the 000 foot
level is looking exceedingly well and
that the returns may bo expected to
improve this month. The gross receipts for June wero $10,000.
At the local recording otlico tho
following records were made this
week: Hank Noll recorded assessment work on the Spotted Horse and
Lone Star claims; N. N. Nattstcad on
the New York and Buffalo claims;
Kd Peters on No. 90 claim; J. B.
Rowley recorded tho location of the
Hustler claim and D. K. Globe of
the Edith claim
James 1 learn, one of  the  pioneers
of   Ymir,   and   often    affectionately
called "Grandpa"   by   his    numerous
friends of a younger   generation,   has
left for Victoria, where he expects   to
meet. Ins brother from the  old   country.   Mr. Beam oame bore in   1897,
and barring a few   trips    to   Nelson,
has never left this immediate  vicinity
since  then       Ho   was  considerably
older when be first arrived than when
he left, arriving as a genial   patriarch
with a Hewing snow white beard, and
leaving as a comfortable middle   aged
gentleman,    He has been  in   several
businesses since bis first arrival,   and
his never failing courtesy and   alien-
tion to his   customers   wants,   made
him the most popular salesman in the
town.    In his last position   as   assistant postmaster his   invariable   courtesy made him   an   invaluable   public
servant, and thu fact that his applii a-
tion for  ^he position of postmaster
was turned down by Mr. Oalliher,   iu
accordance with the   wishes   of   certain good Liberals, is   not   calculated
to increase that gentleman's   majority
in this   town,      Mr.   1 learn,   carries
with him, the liest wishes of   n   large
number of Ymjrites and   iu   his  departure Ymir looses one of   its   most
popular citizens.
Mrs. Crowe has purchased the
bakery business of W. A. Huf
sobmidt, for her son George Crowe.
George is a capable baker and will
doubtless keep up the good name of
the Ymir Bakery,
The subject at tho evening service
of the Methodist chinch will be. "The
Catholic Church." This will proba
bly bo the last service hold in the
Methodist church for somo time, as
Mr. Levering returns next week to
his .school at Sandon. Ho will only
lie teacher there until October when
he leaves to take a course of medicine
at the McOill University. There has
been no now appointment mado for a
Methodist preacher here, and it is not
expected that one will lie made for the
Election Day in   Kootenay.
The election bill was taken up in
committee at Ottawa on July "7th.
It provides for holding elections in
certain constituencies (of which this
district is one) on a date to be fixed
by the returning officers later than
the date of the general election. The
matter lias not yet been decided, time
being given to allow the Minister of
Justice to look into it.
Mr. W A. Galliher, the member of
this constituency spoke strongly in
favor of leaving the dalo to be fixed
by the returning officer. Ha stated
that in Yale Cariboo and Kootenay.
miners should get an opportunity to
vote the same as parties living along
the lines of travel In this we quite
agree with him, but we entirely fail
to see bow the proposed amendment
would aid this purpose. The date of
the general election is always known
al least two months beforehand, and
there is no portion of this constituency
from which a regular polling place
cannot be reached in two weeks at
The Hon. member's purpose is
however apparent, and wc fear that
it is to bo laid more to the futheiing
of his own interests than that of his
constituents. The idea is that a great
leverage in the local campaign will be
gained by the candidate, whose party
has the osoendancy in the general
election, a leverage which was worked for all it was worth iu tho last
Dominion campaign here. In this
particular instance however we feur
that Mr. Galliher's aspirations will be
disappointed and that ho will have to
fight for a defeated cause. Even then
however he will be able lo get a lot
of liberated oratorical talent centered
hore, as in the other delayed election
districts, in the vain hope of reducing
the Conservative majority.
Lead From Ymir.
Tho following is a statement of the
lead ore shipped by tbe mines of the
Ymir section to tho Nelson smelter,
during the year ending 30th, June
1901, together with tho actual
amount of lead contents:
Tons of ore.    Lbs. lead.
Canadian King
Hotel Arrivals.
WAIMM HotKLi—0. K. Hutchison, Denver, Col,; W, Ferguson,
Northport) A John •.tone, Krie; G.
Ilollenberg, Nelson: S, Deaue, Boundary; A, Swannell, Nelson.
Vancoivk.k Hotel;—Peter Cyr,
Butte; J. Joniek, Spokane; II. Couture, Moyie; O, Oagnier, Nelson; J.
Perila, Nelson; S, Perils, Nelson; L
l.einaine, Keeston, Idaho; G. Fhincr,
Keeston, Idaho; J. Orila, Nelson; S
Buska, Nelson; C. Sline, Slocan; N.
Tenevill, Vancouver.
McLkoii Hotel:-- John Condon,
II. Chambers, Hamilton llyers, J. B
lloriita,  W. Ten nan t,  Nelson.
Cosmopolitan Hotel:—G Davis,
Waneta; J. Hall, Waneta; F. T Mc-
Farland, Nelson; 0 Larson, Kettle
Kails; N. N. Natutcud, Krie; T.
Cleildlnnuny, Vancouver; II. Tracey,
Nelson; W II. Bayes, Nelson; W. L.
Boyd, Krie; B, Nelson,  Salmo,
Boss lloi.'SF,:—A. I'urr.Nelson; It,
T, Short, Salmo; II Kinahaii, Nelson,
3005        Br.3,869
On this 420 tons of  lead   produced
in tic! Ymir section, tho  Government
bounty amounts to $0,403.50.
11 should however bo rcmombered
that Ymir is principally a gold camp,
as evidenced by the fact that it has
more stamp mills I renting free milling rock than any other camp in B.
C. Tho lead production is practically a side issue and probably does not
represent more than ten por cent, of
thn actual valuo of tho ore produced.
The table above also refers exclusively
to tbe shipments to the Nelson
smelter, while both the Ymir and
Wilcox mine, have mado considerable shipments elsewhere, Nevertheless the total value of the load shipped from Ymir properties to the Nelson smeller during tho twelve months
in question, is over $35,000 and
with the addition of ihe lead bounty
over $42,000
The Atlin Road.
In the "Daily News" of Thursday,
a lelter appears signed by Patrick
Daly, in which a big kick is registered becailse no work is being done ou
the Dundee road, in order to enable
the Atlin Company to ship ore. Mr.
Daly has a perfect right to do all in
his power to obtain Government assistance in making a road to his mine,
but when he insinuates that tho reason he does not secure that assistance
is because ho is politically opposed to
tho local member, and endeavors to
retaliate by ventilating bis grievance
in the public press, ho is making a
very foolish move, In the first place
it cannot possibly further his object,
and secondly, by this means, ho opeu i
the way to a public discussion of tho
merits of the ease.
Personally wo are only loo anxious
to see as many roads and tiails built
in this section as possible, and of tho
limited amount available, we would
like to see as much done as possible
in the most advantageous direction.
Tn this respect we havo no doubt
that if Mr Daly would have patience,
he would sec the Dundee road * put in
shape by the Government. But to
spend several hundred dollars for the
purpose of getting down 50 or 6Q
tons of ore is unreasonable, and although the Atlin is a property of con
siderable promise and which bc-
lievo will be ultimately a considerable
producer, we beg to doubt Mr. Daly's
statement as to the large tonnage in
sight" and "blocked cut." Up W
date there is no connection between
the upraise from the lower tunnel
and the shaft, and we aro informed
on good authority, that there is some
question whether this raise and shaft
aro on the same vein.
Furthermore, is   the   Atlin   Company entitled to assistance   from   the
Government   under   any   conditional
For one thing there is   no   pay   (oil
attached to it. Another and morn im
portant (Ml w t!   ' this   coppany   in
order to avoid paying     a   legitimate
debt to the Government in the   shape
of the annual licence, transferred   its
property to trustees, and   it   is   now
held under their  individual   licences.
One of the principal objects   of   Gov
eminent assistance in tho   matter   of
wagon roads is to increase   the   pro
vtncial   revenues   derived   from   tho
properties assisted thereby, and when
a   company,   by   such    questionable
methods, deprives the Government   of
its legitimate revenues, we do not sue
how    it   can reasonably   turn   round
and expect that same Government   to
assist   it.        Mr.     Daly   starts  his
letter by describing himself as   mann
get of tho Atlin Company, a company
which has no legal assets   and practically does not exist at all.    And that
company demands a government   appropriation!    Wc   think    that   most
[alt-minded people, unprejudiced   by
party and politics will agree that such
a demand is unreasonable,   and   that
Mr. Daly has been foolish in  /enting
his supposed grievance publicly.
As we said before we are glad to
see as much public work done here as
possible, and have moreover reason to
bolidVe that work will be done on the.
Dundee row), but Mr. Daly's fiulitlc
rush into print is not likely to ' 1
Last Sunday al Salmo, the local
baseball team was defeated by the
Salmo boys, the scores being fifteen to
eight. The batting ou Isjtb sides
was about even, but the fielding of
the Ymir team ws» poor.
Presoytbriam Church-—M o r nin g
Services, II a. m.; Sunday aohool   \i\
Evening service, 7:30.      Vintm*    P*»*j
plfs'Society meets on Friday evening
at R o'clock.     All are welcome.     \U\.
B, Young, Mi A., Pastor, THE YMIR HERALD ^Y'mirmine' A liu|e Hioioua
I'ubllUliod everv Saturdsy and mailed tunny
■■ iiir-s*-, or dollverod by qprrler in town.
Sui,* cripLi..t;s O'.'.GO [.or milium, payable In ad*
vj ecu.
idforllilnj niton, it.GO per lucli |i"r im.iiili
Commaroial  piloting o'   Djury   dMtsriptloa
done oil Hie preuu-Ma.at standard prices.
rum.isaKi) by Tin.
, SATURDAY, JULY 30, 1904.
ness  in  distributing    some   reports
would be   distinctly   advanlagius  to
tho   town.      We   find   this   article
quoted in   coast   papers   with    head
lines such as "Ymir—Tough    Charac
tors numerous."    We confess to   hayo
TBS   IH...M.I. can  bo bad   (Tom   all   leading   ^       .^ ^.^ ^ fm ^ ^^
.    „ .'Ivulnr*. ill the district, or cull  be  ol.lu.lied
direct rrom the oniee. Iof tnes? tou8i) charaoters.      If   tbore
are any such individuals in the neigh
borhjjbd they are a.lepts at keeping
themselves out of sight, and have up
to the present been remarkably harmless. Our journalistic predecessor
did succeed in giving a particularly
bad name to the town for a while,
and it is u pity that now the oduin
has been largely removed, that such
misleading articles should get into
Ihe provincial press. We do not
credit the correspondent responsible
for it, with any bad , intentions towards the name ol the town, but a
little more judiciousness would be acceptable.
Tho facts of the case show the town
in a wholly different light About
tbe time when the "Mirror" had
worked lip a pretty lively reputation
for the camp, a new provincial constable was stationed here This was
about three months ago, and during
that time the constable In question
has been enjoying a peaceful season
of test and masterly inactivity, there
having been not a singlo instance
calling for the display of his authority.
Practically tho only jobs the now
constable has had havo been fixed up
for him to keep his hand in, when he
has been callod away on special duties to different sections altogether,
It is evident therefore that either
the reputation acquired by tho town
was wholly unwarranted, or else the
new constable is a particularly awe
inspiring gentleman whose mero
presence Is sutliciont to repress
would-be law breakers Able officer
as Cousin bio Frazer is, wo do not
think this to bo the case, and must
conclude that Ymir is as orderly and
peaceable a camp as can be found
in Ihe Province, a fact by the way
which is recognized by tho authorities, when they often leave it whol ly
without police protection.
Liberal - Conservative Candidates for Partiament.
For Kootenay District,
Of Rossland.
For Yalo-Cariboo  District,
Of  Grand   Forks.
New Westminster District,
J.   D.  TAYLOR,
Of New Westminster.
Tho United States arc begin ing to
worry about losing so much of their
population to Canada, and a protest
is being lodged from Washington
against tho Canadian immigration
The attempt of Russia to get mixed up with some of tho great European powers, looks as if she were
seeking an excuso to retire gracefully
from Manchuria and Coroa aud thus
give Japan no futher oxcuso for pursuing tho war.
Destructive forest fires are now reported to bo raging along tho Kootenay lako und in the Popular creek
section, Homo very valuable bunches
of timber aro now said to bo burning
fieiMciy, ami there is' no possible
means of staying tho destruction.
The woods around Ymir are now in
an exceptionally dry condition, and
a careless camper may bo tho moans
of inflicting incalculable damage on
this section of country. If a flro is
allowed to get abroad at this season,
it is liable to bo as disastrous or oven
innro so, than tho fire of 1003. This
year also wo havo boon visited with
more high winds than usual, and
should ono of those happen to come
along when a fire is raging, there
would bo lively times. We cannot
therefore impress too strongly on all
who havo occasion to make camp fires
to be sure and see that, all remnants
of the fire are properly extinguished
before leaving the scene It is unnecessary to call lo mind the heavy
penalty incurred by the originator of
a forest fire, if found. It is to tho
Interest of ovory individual to exor
ciso the utmost caution iu this respect
for his own sako ulotie, if for no
The best brand of domestic
The Kootenay   Standard
|   J.   C.   Thelin & Co.
Nelson, B. (.'.
Post OHice Store,   -   Ymir
Wholesale and Retail
Mail orders receive prompt attention.
First-class Dining Room.
Best bra in Is of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
Second Ave.
Wc hud thought that with the de
parture of the editor of the late
"Ymir Mirror" and his batch of
trouble, from this pm t of the country, wo should see no more newspaper stories about the ' tough town of
Ymir." Wo havo however been dii-
appointed.    Home tlmo  tigo   the   lo
cal correspondent of the  ''Nelson
Daily News" wrote an article to thai
paper about the number of bard-
looking men in the camp and mi
•lined escort for tho gold brick   from
The announcement of tho Prorogation of the Dominion House is ox
pected at any moment. Thu Liberals
are losing no time in starting the ball
rolling Immediately after prorogation.
Hir Wilfred Laurier is to open tho
campaign at a convention of lour
counties in Qosps, Quebec.
II L—L- ?
The prize list issued by the Ccm-
m'lte of the Provincial Exhibition to
open at Victoria on September 'J7tb,
it a lengthy one, containing altogether
2,848 prizes, mostly cash prizos, In
addition to this f.'IOOO is to bo distributed in purses for the horse races,
Our Stock is Like Running Water, ALWAYS FRESH.
A large trade, quick selling methods and prices, keep tlio
Stock moving continuously. No chance for anything but
the FRESHEST here.    To-day we   offer  the   following,
Best Sugar Cured Bacon and Ham (Swifts) per pound      18■■
No. 1. Granulated Sugar, 10  pounds   for II .00,
Choice Creamery Butter,   Bulk,   27c.    Tomatoes (Quaker) per can....    15c.
A Splendid Laundry Soap G bars for ,      25c,
.'I pounds Moea and  Juva  Coffee  for. $1.00
Try 3 pounds of our Ceylon Tea   for (1,00,
If not satisfactory your money will bo refunded. We are not hard up and
have got lots of money. Saye our discounts and defy our opponents to
equal us in price and tjuality.
Mining Agent     -      Stocks and Shares
Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York.
Maryland Casualty Company.
London Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
Ottawa Eire Insurance Company.
YMffi, B. C.
YMIH LODGE, No. 82,   K,   P,
Meets flttst   and   third    Mon
ays of month.
Visiting   brothers   welcome..
.1. 0. Dkwaii, C. 0.
Mti.w Mi Inms, K, It. S,
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
rP he only all rail route between
points cast, west und south to Rossland, Ne'son, Grand Forks and Republic, liuffet cars run between Spokane and Northport.
Effeollve .lune 14th. 1903,
Leave Daily Train Arrive
8.15 a.m Spokane 6.16 p.m
10 -10 a.m       Rossland 4.36 p.m
9.32 a.m Ymir 5 36 p m
7.20 a.m Nelson 7 20 p'tn
11:35 a m     Grand Forks      4 00 p*m
8,30 a.m Republic 0.16 p.m
A-IjIj    THE     TIlvdlE
Seattle,    Tacoma
St. Paul,  Chicago,   New
York, and
MI.AI.S A    LA   f'AIITK.
All work entrusted to us is neatly and
promptly   executed.
Meets train every morning,
excepl Sunday* for freight
and passengers) for Ymir
mill. By special orders oil
Sundays, Or for Jfmir mine.
Best .Meals on   Wheels.
Speolal   Excursion   Rates
To World's Fair, St. Louis
Your Choice of Huule.
For rateii folder* and full Information
regarding trips, call on or at'drosi un
agonl of tho 8, !•'. & N. Railway or
II. A. JA0B8ON,       H, BRANDT,
(I. F. & P. A., ('  P .-. T. A.
Spokaue,      710 VV. Riverside Av.
 AND ;
Gents'   Furnishings   Store
Tho only reliable and up-to-date Mini's Outfitters
in Ymir. Our goods aro the best quality, and we
do not propose to be undersold.   :...:..:
A full line of Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes
Tills Ih the tlmo of tlio year to got your plulc of tho many lelool pie  ol
Furniture.    Iron lloils, UnoloumH, Rugs, Carpels ami Qmnmookl,
D. flcARTHUR & CO.
Furniture Dealers and Funeral Directors
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selected Teas, Coffees and Cocoa, Government
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Pishing Taolcle, Stationery, Fire Worke, Sporting poods, Magogine ,    .,
fiHii.ionory, Pipe* and Smokers'supplies.   A1J goods qold at very reasui
'\ Bright Future For Northern Country.
Expert's Views on Certain
Hundred Miles Square   of
Gold-Bearing    Gravel
Covered by New
W. M. Brewer, who has been in
the north for the past nine months
"The chief excitement in White
Horse since the discovery of Bullion
creek in October last has been placer
mining in the new diggings As I
was looking for copper ore for the
Tyee smelter, I did not give any attention to the stampedes out to Bullion and the other creeks. Nor am I
prepared to express any opinion
about them other than from reliable
information. I am convinced that
there is a very largo area of gold-bearing gravel. In fact from the number
of creeks located, the area, covered by
these new diggings must be in the
neighborhood of 100 miles square.
"Kluane lake alone is represented
as being 80 miles in length, and Dad
Wright has make discoveries on
Coon creek, at tho north end of the
lase, Bullion creek enters into the
south end of the lake. Between
f- these two points prospectors claim
that there are a very large number of
creeks emptying into the lake on both
the lake and left wing, many of
which are being staked,
"The Aisek division, which com
prises Ruby, Fourth of July, Twelfth
of July and several other creeks, is
about 40 miles from Bullion creek
aud easterly from it, while the Kas*
kaw ulsh division lies to the  south  of
^f. t^ie Alsek, and extends to within
about 100 miles of White Horse.
What the future of this district will
be can only be determined by systematic development, and there is little doubt that after the prospectors
get through the stampeding fever and
settle down to work, that considera
ble gold will be taken out of the district. Aa a matter of fact, ever since
last July there has been but little
more than stampeding and staking
done. Reports brought in by the
most reliable men are to this effect.
"The Big Salmon country, which
was discovered in 1900 and has experienced the vicissitudes usual to
placer camps, where the conditions
are such as require expert knowledge
and experience to overcome difficulties
not usually found, will this yoar show
a greater production than any since
its discovery. It is not a camp
though of sufficient extent to warrant
any stampedes. When I was there
there wore 00 men, every one at
work, and   the   claims   which   were
^ favorably located on creeks, and
crosscut a gold bearing slate formation, were all producing good pay.
Rut claims not located in this belt of
formation have for the greater putt
been abandoned, either because it was
too deep to bed rock, which is the
case on all claims located below a
certain point on each of the creeks,
shafts on some having been sunk to a
depth of 100 feet without reaching
bed rock, or else because gold in paying quantities could not be taken
from ground located above the belt of
gold-bearing slate, Wages in this
camp aro $4 a day and board, and
there is room for about 100 men.
"There ore somo very extensive
ledges of quart/, in the Rig Salmon
country which have aa yet received
but very little attention, although on
ono property which I examined, the
owners, a group of placer miners,
havo dono about 400 feet of work, resulting in demonstrating that the
property  has great possibilities,
"Another /.ono which has until
now been practically unknown is   the
"      - one which crosses Lake Bennolt.    In
* f       this, several very promising veins   of
quartz carrying gold, silver and   somo
lead values have been located, and
some of these are now being developed either by the local owners or else
by syndicates who hold bonds
'In my opinion this portion of ihe
district, part of which lies in British
Columbia, together with the White
Horse copper belt and the Rig Salmon, can be counted on as large producers of ore whenever certain difficulties, which are by no means pro
hibitivo, are overcome It is impossible iu a short interview to go into
such details as to endeavor to prove
the truth of this assertion, but during
my residence in the country I satisfied myself j as to. tl;ose details, and in
my mind there is no question but
that all these districts have a bright.
"Who Knifed Dundonald"
(With apologies to Cock Robin and
the Sparrow—but not to Sydney.)
Who knifed Dundonald?
"I," said little Sydney,
"Men of my kidney—
(Who play all the tricks
Of peanut politics)—
"Know what's etiquette!
I did—without regret—
I knifed Dundonald I"
Who miscalled Dundonald?
"I," said the Premier;
"Called him a 'Foreigner,'
Then again a 'stranger,
Because I scented danger;
And I stand by Fisher,
For Sydney's my well-wisher!
I miscalled Dundonald!"
Who backed Dundonald?
"Not I—Sir Frederick Borden—
I had to go accord in'
To what the others did;
I do as I am bid!
For Fisher I don't  care;
He nevei' has played fair!
Alius! Poor Dundonald!"
Who'll back Dundonald?
"I," said the man who votes!
"I," from a thousand throats!
"I," from ten thousand throats!
"I," from the brave red coats!
"Confound their politics;
"Confound their knavish tricks,
B. A. M , in Montreal Star,
Rksi-kctino Coal and   Petroleum
Lands in South-East Kootknav.
NOTICE is hereby given that licences to prospect for coal and petroleum
upon and under lands situated within
Dloek 4,698, South-East Kootenay,
will be issued forthwith to all persons
who have made proper application, in
pursuance of the provisions of thu
"Coal Mines Act" and amondmonts.
The foe for each licence will bo $100,
and till applicants who have not do*
posited accepted bank cheques to -cover that amount are hereby required to
do so without further notice.
Licences will be issued in the following form, yla:—
>-Mining LlOIMOl issued indi.u  tiik
i.'hai. Mines Act and Amendments.
cenee is not to bo taken or held to
waive enquiry by the Courts into the
proper performance of all conditions
precedent as between adverse claimants; ami further, on the understanding that the Government shall not be
held responsible for, or in connection
with, any conflict which may arise
with other elatmauts of the sanio
ground. ai:il that undor no circumstances will licence fees be refunded.
••And the holder hereby waives any
claim or demand against the Government, and expressly agrees not to take
any steps or proceedings, or present
any petition, to enforce any alleged
claim or demand against tho Government of the Province ot British Columbia arising out of the issuance of this
licence or of any other matter or thing
appretaiuing thereto.
"The land being under resurve from
preemption and sale this license does
not include any right other than the
right to prospect for coal and petroleum-
•■The duration of this licence is
for one year from the ,190.
"Deputy OomtnlMlOOQt of Laudd .. Works.
"Lands aud Works Dupartmont,
Victoria, 11. C .190."
It. !•'. URKKV,
Chli'f CommisnioDor of LunJ.-i * Works
Lauds and .Vorks Department.
Victoria, H. C.,lllU Juii.', WW. Ji'U
Clark's   Furniture   Store
Undertaker   and    Furniture     Dealer
Mail orders promptly attended to
Bincu Street,        -        -        Ymik
Ymir   Bakery   and   Cafe
Short orders a specialty.  Fresh bread,
cakes and  pies daily.
♦•H-fMM ♦♦♦♦♦♦ -HM-»*»»4*44*
ii Hotel Ymir ii
The Best Meals
--£     And Accommodation     ?
In Town.
■ • A fine selection of Wines, :-
Liquors and Cigars.
Newly furnished throughout.    Sample rooms in connection.
!.50 per day.
FINLAY   McLEOD, Proprietor
•     Rates $1.50 to $2.50 per day
:;  J. W. MAHTERSO.V,      Prop. : [
Wilson & Harshaw
Draymen and
YMIR,   B.    C.
We    cany   the   leading   brands    imported     Liquors
and Cigars,  Stout,   Ale,    Brandy   and   Wine.
"In consideration of ono hundred
dollars now paid under the said Acts,
and subject to thu provisions thereof,
1, W. S. (lore, Deputy Commissioner,
acting for the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works, licence
to enter, prospect,
search ar.d work lor coal and petroleum (hut no other metal or mineral)
upon, in and undor all that piece or
parcel of mineral land situated In and
forming part ol block 4,698, Kast
Kootenay District, and described as
and not exceedmg In   the   whole   six
hundred and forty statute acres.
"Owing to the number of applicants
lor licences to prospect for coal and
petroleum, and the peculiar circumstances surrounding the application for
tho issuance of thoso licences, and tho
we'l known fuel that the issuance has
been unavoidably susponded for so
many months, the Government of
Hrllish Colombia tiuds it Impossible lo
determine tho ei|iillablo rights of the
numerous applicants. Therefore, for
the purpose ol .maiding all persons to
go before the proper tribunal for tho
determination   of    their    roapeutlve
rights ami priorities,   this   In oe  Is
issued and accepted   (UllJoOl    to   siteh
prior rights of other peraoni  aa may
xist by law, niid the date of  tbil   II  |
Handling heavy freight a
Correspondence promptly
attended to.
Hotel ....
(Under entirely now management.)
Dining Room and liar
supplied with the best
in the market.    —
Right opposite  depot,  Ymir
Headquarters for Mining Men
liar  supplied   with   best brands of
wines, liquors and cigars.
Shirts and Overalls
When they come from
Factory at Victoria.
P. O. Box 56,     -     Nelson, B. C.
Union   Label  on   every  Garment.
ID Mt Mt M*Mk MjMhMiMi MtMa M*m\ MiMiMi Mi MsMi Ml Ml MiMlMiMiMi Mi Mi Ml MtMtMiMM M.XiMlMl MiMiMiMtMiMtM%%MJMmM4lMlM,Mt
FOR   THE   NEXT   30   DAYS   WE   WILL    GIVK
20 per cent, discount
On  Clothing, Furnishings, Moots,  Shoes, Hats and  Cups.
In  Groceries  we   DEFY  competition,
We will not  be  undersold.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Fiust Avknuk.
Ymih, B. C,
V. V. & E. BY, & N. CO.
and Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. Ii. it N. Co., for points east,
west and south ; connects at Koss
land and Nelson with the Canadian
Pacific Railway.
Connects at Nelson with the P. Ii.
ib N, Co. for Kaslo and K. and S.
Connects at Curlew with stage foi
Greenwood and Midway, B, C.
Buffet  carB run on trains between
Spokane and  Republic
General Passenger Agt.
v       Spokane, Wash,
$2,00 per annum.
Please forward Tiik Ymik IIkiiai.u for
 month   '
!', and acknowledge receipt of enclosed $	
The IIkiiai.u is published  every Saturday morning and
contains all the news of the camp.
Katrn—'Pkh Ykah, 8'J; Halc Ykaii, II.
To Saw Mill  Employes, Prospectors, Miners, etc.
A small animal premium will Insure you a "stun varying from ?500 to
$0000, in case of iikath or i,iK,\iii.i'.mknt, and in addition will leourfl a
weekly Indemnity whilst prevented front working in coniequenoe of ail
accident,    For full particulars apply tot
Percy J. Gleazer,   Agent. WE ARE RING MAKERS
And in that capacity wc have to carry in stock all  kinds   of
loose precious gems.    Diamonds are   our largest and
must   and   complete stuck,   and   they  arc of   the
best quality,
Rubies, Emeralds, Olivines, Sapphires, Pearls,  Opals,  Amethyst*,  Topazes,
Turquoises, Moonstones, Garnets, Cornelians,   Corals   Bloodstones,   Agates,
and Carbuncles,    Send in your repairs, tlioy will receive our careful attention,
Watchmakers and Manufacturing Jewelers,
S. IT. SELA.3ST£3"y", -A.C3-E1TT, YMIR,
4;#++* ********* 44 ******+•* •**
The five-cent United States nick,
els aro composed of 70 per cent copper and 25 per nickel.
The imports of lead into the United States for the yoar ending June
80, 1904, amounted to 64,000,000'
pounds, valued at. $2,700,000.
The zinc mine called Violle Montague, or Altonberg, near Morestiet,
Belgium, is doubtless the oldest
worked mine for zinc in -the world, :it
having been in operation on and oft
since the year 1435.
The gold output of the Transvaal
in dune amounted to 308,219 ounces,
value -£1,309,231, making the total
for the half year 1,815,213 ounces,
value £7,710,534. against 2,955,749
ounces, value £12,589,248, for the
whole of the year 1903.
Some excitement was caused at
Klerksdorp, South Africa, reoontlyby
(he discovery of a diamond of nearly
three carats in weight in the streets.
A little Dutch boy picked it up near
Ihe bridge in a piece of repaired road.
Two pearls found by clam tUbers
opposite Prairie du Chien, Wis., in
the Mississippi river, havo been 'sold,
ono for $1,000 and the other $1,200.
The former weighed 54 grains, was of
a bluish tint and drop shape, and tho
titter was a white globo weighing 50
The American Refining and Smelting Company has announced that it
will distribute $100,000 among the
employes who have been with the
company for the past two years,
This is following out the profit shar>
ing systoin announced by the company two years ago.
A nugget weighing 50 1-3 ounces
of pure gold was found recently on
nhiim No. U below Upper Discovery,
Dominion crook, some thirty milos
from Dawson. Dominion oroek gold
is worth about $17 per ounco, which
brings the value up to $850. The
gold was almost covered with hull
quart* and showed little to attract attention to it, Thousands of boulders
of the same material aro found on
that claim,
The gold in circulation on Juno 1,
I HO.'l, wan $1,005,230,498, and on
June I, 1901, $1,005,528,477, an increase in one year of $90,391,979.
The gold in the banks has in the
•"line liino increased $8(1,019,071, so
that about $4,000,000 of the additional gold in circulation on June 1, aa
compared with the year before, has
found its way into the national bank,
where it has become the basis of the
credit of the country.
•Inpun is making copper steadily,
ulike in gooil and in bad times, and
this metal is one of tho principal ox
ports of the island empire. The
linger mines and smelters are thoroughly modernized ontl are operated
in a manner highly creditable to
Jtipnneso intelligence As a rule tho
ore measures are not especially large
ot t ich, but are made to pay by vir
tue of economy, low labor costs and
employment of tho best mnchinery
and brains to be hud.
Near Monte Rosa, in Piedmont,
northern Italy, veins of auriferous
pyrites in gneiss have beei. worked at
a profit, though a yield of but ten
grains of gold was obtainable fiom
tho hundred-weight of ore.
The Chilian mill consists of two
heavy wheels or rollers, set parallel
on a hot i/.on till shaft, and a second
around a vortical axis controlling the
horizontal shaft, They roll in a vat
or other suitable receptacle, and
scrapers are usually provided to
keep the ore in the path of the
Large quantities of lead have been
used from year to year in China for
the lining of tea chests, A crude
method yet iu vogue for tho manufacture of lead sheets for tea chests
and other purposes is as follows:
Molten lead is poured upo-. a large,
Hat, anti very smooth stone, and upon the lend is placed a similar stone,
which is forcibly pressed down. A
thin sheet of lead is thus obtained.
Tempering steel constitutes one of
the most delicate, curious and useful
branches connected with mechanical
art; it is an art of very long standing
and always one of anxiety. In drawing the temper, the hardened steel is
usually reheated until the scale of
oxide on tho surfaco* assumes a certain color, which color indicates a
certain temperature and is constant,
or nearly so, for any particular steol
aud is slightly different for different
It is interesting to note what the
big low grade copper mines of the
liutte district aro doing Following
is a careful compilation of tho gross
value of the oro:
Gold has never been found absolutely pure, it being always alloyed
with silver in more or Icsb amounts,
Tho ;,old of Mount Morgan, Queensland, is very pure, and from there the
purest gold over known was extract
ed, it containing 99.7 per, cent, of
gold and a trace of silver. The gold
of California rarely exceeds 90 per
cent, in purity and that of Australia
averages about 9-1 per cent. The gold
of Alaska runs about 90 per cent,
pure. Qold from North Carolina
has run as high as 90 puro and some
gold from Nova Scotia showed the
great purity of 98 per cent. The so-
called white gold found sparingly in
southern Arizona is an olloy of gold,
in which silver largely predominates,
or 20 parts silver to four of gold.
The gold coins of the United state*
contain 9 parts of gold to one of
to 1 of copper, and those of Great
Britain 11 parts of gold to 1 of copper.
Electric Smelting of Ores.
Dr Hannel, superintendent of
mines for Canada, who was sent by
the Canadian government to Europe
in company with other commissioners
to ascertain the economic possibilities
of electric smelting of ores, has made
a preliminary report to the minister
of the interior in which he pronounces
the process both economical and easy
and urges its adoption in the dominion.
Headquarters for Hining
and Commercial Men
Most comfortable hotel in tho  district.    Everything first-class.
Minnie  llealey
$ 6.2G Gross.
Boston it Montana
Butto it Boston
Tho Boston it Montana, Anaconda,
liutte tk Boston, Parrot and tbe Colorado aro controlled by tho Amalgamated company; the Minnie Henley,
Hants and thu Johnstone by tho
Meinzos; tho Original by the (..'lurks
Tho Spectator by tho Lan-oy estate
et al.
The Snake River of tho West has
doubtloss received more notice among
mining people than any other river
in the country. This is because of
the marvelous fineness of tho gold
that is said to bo contained in its
waters and gravels, estimates of tho
river's gold contents being mode up
to several hundred millions of dollars
ami tho vast part of whioh wo are
unable to extract because of the    lack
of knowledge as to how to recover
this very fine metal, or tho socalled
Hour gold. The Snake River rises in
Shoshouo hike, in the Yellowstone
National park, Hows south through
Wyoming, west thl'OUgH Idaho to the
Oregon border and west through
Wiishint-tnn and joins tho Columbia
river. It is 1,100 miles in length
und is navigable to I-ewistowii, Idaho,
Courtship by the Hour.
It is not a new thing for a man to
bring an action for broach of promise
of marriage, but the plaintiff has
hitherto made the usual assertion
that his heart was broken, It is an
innovation foi him to charge for his
time, at $2 an hour. The charge in
volves the ungallant assumption that
the lady's time was worth nothing, or
that it was worth 82 less than his—
say $3 as against $5. He must
"prove also that he derived no. pleasure
from the interviews; that he was wooing simply from a sense of duty, or in
performance of a contract, of whioh
marriage was the consideration, He
intuit show also that his time was
worth $2 an hour and that ho could
have,mado this amount in some other
occupation, had he not been uttering
or listening to words of affection.
Should this claim be allowed, and a
precedent established,   some   interesting questions will  ariso.     How  aro
you going to fix the rate!      Will   the
trades unions make a   uniform   rate,
or will the expert lover be allowed to
charge more than the artless and  iu
cxpeiioncod swain?    Tho  plaint ill   in
this particular   case wants to charge
for  4C4   hours.      Many   a   bashful
youth would admire iu silence for 464
hours and       l blurt out his  love  in
4 j4 second..    This would entitle him
ovon at the $2 rate,   to less  than  30
cents for the whole  courtship,   while
tho representative of linked sweetness
long drawn out would got   $930,   bo
sides putting tho lady's  family   to   a
considerable expense for gas.       Many
columns of sarcasm hayo been launch
ed at the plumber because of his al
logbd tendency to waste time and   increase expense. If tho lover is allowed
to charge for his time, the temptation
to try to make $1000  out  of a  $10
job would be appalling.
There are some hundreds of thousands more men than women in the
Central and Western States of America and in Canada.
As a result thousands of trustworthy men—Farmers, Miners and others
—living in certain districts there
cannot possibly got wiyes in their
own neighborhoods.
But in England Scotland, Ireland
and Wales there are a million more
women than men and, in these (Joun
tries, thousands of good, intelligent
and attractive girls—many of them
daughters of farmers and all of them
qualified to make excellent wives —
see nothing before them while they
stay here but the prospect of living
and dying as old maids, and this, to
them, is a decidedly unpleasant prospect. They would willingly emigrate
t« America, could they be assured
that they wero going to meet worthy
men there as husbands, and if thev
could look forward to happy, if humble, homes on the other aide of the
Wo may say that all of them could
afford to emigrate at their own expense.
We aro prepared to give good men
introductions to these girls.
If you wish to get an introduction
please write us with such particulars
of yourself (age, nationality, occupation and circumstances) as a sensible
girl would expect to get and we shall
write you in reply, with a view to
bringing about a suitable introduction without undue delay.
Tell us what kind of wife, (age,
nationality, appearance and disposition) you wish to get.
If you have preference for any particular Christian Sect please name
You will also inclose our Fee of
5 dollars. A further Feo of 45 dot
lars will be due to us within one
month after marriage, thus making
50 dollars ol together. We do not
confine ourselves to one introduction.
We give as many as will be necessary until marriage. But wo make
no charge for any introduction after
tho payment of our said Feo of 5 dollars for the first.
It is not at all necessary that you
should bo a wealthy man.
But it is necessary that you be a
man who would make a kind and
good husband to a good wife.
If you aro not such a man please
do not write us.
Address;—Messrs  John   Lloyd   k
Duncan,   Anglo-American    Agents,
91, St. Mary's Road.
Loytoh, London, England
E, W. Widdowson.
W. A. Hufsclimidt.
Percy J. Gleuzer.
John I'hilbert.
O. Campbell.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Newitt & Co.
William Clark.
I). Campbell.
DesBiisay Jobbing Co.
8 H. Seaney.
V. S. T. Boss.
Cosmopolitan—John Breau.
MeLeod House—Finlay MoLeorf.
Miller House—S. Miller.
Palace—Tait <fc Buddy.
Vancouver—Owen Boyer.
Waldorf—George Colnian.
Ymir—J. W. Masterson.
Mrs. John. MeLeod.
Percy J. Gleazer.
Herald Publishing Co. ■
D. Campbell.
S. H, Seaney.
Hnrshaw & Wilson,
Jackson & Leahy,
Alex. Oddie.
William Clark.   .
Ymir Transfer Co.
Teaming and
Express ....
All orders promptly attended lo
and tho greatest care exercised in the
handling of goods.
Sbelf Hardware,
Builders' Hardware,
Paint, Oil, and Glass.
Gold, Silver, or   Lead    -    $1.00
Copper,     -    -    -    -    -     $1.50
Gold.Sll ver,    ■   -    -       $1.50
Charges for other metals on up
Provincial Assnyer
P.O. Drawer All 3,   Y.MI II, ll.C.
Tinsmithing and Repairing
of every description done.
Kootenay Coffee Co.
Wholesale and retail dealers
in Fresh Roosted
Hiqh • Grade » Coffees
Traoc Maiikb
Anrnno MitiiilnK a -.kntrS nnil itMcrlWInn nbj
•nili'UIr iix'ortnlii mir-i|ilnl"ii fioowlii'lhi-r «ii
lli»i*li,liin I" PrOMWf |inl.i"l»Mo. (.'Ciiniiiuillni.
Iliiiinrtrlntlfriiiiailelillnl. KuidtK»SoHPuti'iita
■ojitfr..... (fin.M.1 Minor r<.ri.e.iirinKui.i....io«.
I'moiiiH lukrii Ihrmii/h Muim A Co. ruo<il»c
irfrHI MllM, ulilniut clump, In tlio
Scientific American,
A hanttiinninlr llliiiitr»t«il irnoklr. \-!'i","'1 S''-
miHtnn of miy .oiontlflo tannin I..'""l'":,'»*
ronr: (QiirmtmtM.lt WMby-UI powMtflOT.
4+4+*4+44+++++44 +444 +4U
Delivered any
place in town.
Stove Lengths
Per Cart Load.
Pofto Rico
Lumber Co. Ltd.
;; ♦>♦+♦♦♦♦ 4444*- ♦♦♦♦♦■*♦♦♦♦


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