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The Ymir Herald 1905-11-25

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Vol. 2—No. ?<>.
YUlli, Vi. (.'., SATURDAY, NOV., 25, 1905.
. .. ■',.-..- *♦♦* -i - _-_ a -i **. * # - ._.-••   *..
' fc**# IrflHIrltrtHriti* 5- »•&•*..- »*•» ftlf.*!* ^
Co to Miss  French for first class
.Ji essmaking,
Mr. and Mrs.  D.   Campbell   spent.
Thursday in Nelson,
The Boundary Palls smelter   will
start up ajjain next week.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier celebrated Lis
sixty fourth birthday lust. Monday.
For ii goi
Pubst beer
i iii.nk
i. I li.r
VV, II. Mi*Isaac,  seciutary   of
Vinir Miners' Union, is   miking
regular inoiithly lour ui' il
tin- vicinity of Vmir ai|d
Ymir Lodge of the  K
the   lainous
it'll..'    ■     ut   I 	
(.heir regular meeting u.i Morula)
evening, At the next regulur meet
ing the uleaiion of ollicers  will take
____________ Miss Dickson,  who lms been acting
The    elections   in    Saskatchewan  us nurse at the   Jfmir Qenenil  Hos
\. ill   take place on   December 2nd,  pital  r'...- tlie past  few   months,   lms
T ■- -       ...        •
A number of miners eu....! down
from tl..- Vmir on Thursday
evening to attend tli.. .lane.- given ii.
honor of Mi. Mrs. Dan   MeLeod.
Mr. lv Haligus of Lewiston, Wash.
an ulil time friend of L.J. Winslow is
spending a few 'lavs in town, on his
way home from Alberto, where he
I spent the summer, and made some
large purchases of land neai Stayeley.
He speaks very highly uf AlberUi as a
farming aud ranching country, Mr,
Winslow ..i.l In. had i.i.t met fur .'10
Just receive'!, shirt waist sots
l.elt buckles in ihe latest design
Miss French's
liy the police census taken a few
liays ago, tho population of Toronto
is now 202,741).
Dr. and Mrs J. C. Elliott spent
Wednesday and Thursday in Nelson
returning   on Friday morning,
Harry Jackson left on   Wednosda)
morning forSalmo, where ho will have i
.■Large of Robert Hell's livery stable*. .
George Nunn Ira viler for A   Mao-
as  iu   town i
ppointed  matron  of   that  in* I    '-Tbe question of§ a
time table pf the   S I*
I I.e.
C.   T.   Rogers  was   elected   lirst!
; Mayor of tin*  recently  incorporated
' town of Cranhrook,  on   Wednesday,
defeating Alex.  Moffat   by a  vote of
141 to 57.
Frank Fletcher, P. L. S. completed
tl.e survey of the Active (.lol.I Mining
Company's mineral claims nu Porcupine creek, on Tuesday last and rein rued to Nelson.
change   in the
tfc X.  railway
er consideration by tl.
  the itllicinls
of the Great No rt liner., but nothing
definite has been given out yet. By
the proposed change tho service will
he greatly improved, especially from
Northport to Nelson, tt i« rtlmorei
that a straight passenger
be  installed,
Mining    Records.
The following records wore made
from this district last week: Isaac
I.'. Dundee recorded the location of
the Irish Girl fractional .... Dundee
mountain, two miles fio... Vmir, on
November 1,1th.
The Jessie, a relocation of the S..I.
M. on Porcupine qreuk, was recorded
by I). K. Grobe. Th.' location was
made in November 2nd.
Frank Dticharme recorded the los
cation of the Granite Bluff, one mile
south of . Vmir, along tlio Great
Northern Railway The location
was made on November 10th.
The Hunter V. Mine.
A. D. Whoele
of the Hunter V
big shoot of high
t    formerly
l'ia. 11
ore   on   lhe l
I)...laid it   Co Nelson   w,-
yesterday on his regular monthly trip. . ., , . , ,      . ,
• lu'.ao, a property which l.e   Has Utirlei
The recount in   Calgary resulted in ' lefisfe near Ainsworth.
'-lie election of Hon. VV, II.   Oushim
A, B, Buck worth retuened on Friday morning from the Slocan. where
he was showing ev.govieil ir Savage of
Nebraska and A   II   Kelly   of   New
lias   struck a j York, through  1!
by a majority of .')7 over   R.
Watch for the .Drug store   adver
tisernent next week  of   jewelry   air
other articles suitable for   Christmas
Wm. Hay ward, of tl.e Porto Rico
Lumber Company is convalescent
after being laid up hi the Brandon
General    Hospital    foi    a    couple   of
months with typhoid fmv..
Tl.e  following pupils of   the  Vmir
___________________   public school will write on ll 	
Mr. and Mrs. Hickey, Miss Dickey j School examination to be held in
und John II Freeman of _rie and Mr. j Nelson, hommenoing Dec. 11 th: Vera
and Mrs. McDonald of Salmo came up j Mac Lecd, Alfred Clark, David Keefe.
for the dunce on Thursday night. w yy*   Vm.y   a miniuff   ,)()(,l,Uo,
Mn ,       , _ in     j 1 of Kiigeiip, Oregon, spoilt a few   days
189   Lat-nev left  on Tuesday eve     ■ •   ■     '. .'. .        .    ,     ,
_       ,       , -irl        c.  .   Ill Vmir this week visiting his  broth-
lung for   her   home in   Kaslo,    after I
.. i ,,        ,,   .    _,     !er L. Jl. Avery, and incidentally took
spending several months in Ymir, tlm I . ,
.   e,      * ,     -.,    a  „     . a look at some mining   properties
guest of her sister, Mrs, 8. Benzie. -,   i    .
W.F. Edgar, who has been under
I.f ie weather forjthe past week suffering
from .stomach troubles is now convalescent and is able to be around again.
this district.
Tomorrow   (Hominy)  the   Masonic
Lodge of Vmir will attend divine service in the Presbyterian Church   The
# i members will meet in the lodge mom
Manager Koss of the Ymir Water- L lM _  „,_ B|„, 81jbsequ0ntjv
Works company lias had the reservoir L0 the chUroli
lixed up, the  pipes  flushed  and  tl.r
M.'. .tnd Mrs„J. ti. Willoughby, step-
; father and mother of Mr. A. E,
; French and sister ot Yniir, arrived
I on Saturday evening last from Port.
land OrugOll. Tllny will likely make
j their future home in Ymir.
Rev. Fuher Althoff, of Nelson, will
I hold services in tl.e Catholic Church
I at Ymir on Monday the -7th inst.
I after lho arrival iif the train from Nel*
I lon
hydrants  bunked   in  preparation  for
Ihe winter.
ft is rumored that Hon. Clifford
Sifton will be appointed lieutenant
governor of Manitoba, on the relhe-
ment of Sir Daniel McMillan, whose
term expires shortly.
Tl.e lirst snow of the seie-in fell on
Sunday last, since which time the
weather has been fine.      During   the
wholo month   of   November  so   t'.u* . ,        *    , ,  ,  .,
,,   .   , . ,     , ,       .,   ,   1 n'T  nunc on I ucs'hiy   morning tlle
1 mir has bi'cu    tuio.ed   with      ideal I ltttmmm
'(.'he* apple crop in lhe North \V.'stern states this year lias proved a fail-
lire. The price in Spokane at present
Is $2 50 per box as compared with 7-r>
(tents fi/V tho sum'.; grade iif apples a
{/ear ago.
SuniHltaneously with the operation
of the mine by the Hall Mines Co.,
It is expected that the ti. C. Standard
• Co., will prosecifto' diamond drilling
With a view to closer determination
/ind location of lho resources of the
John Mo Kane, formerly rtf ltos-
latid, who was the conservative candidate against W. A. Gulliher at tlfe
left Ymir on Tuesday evening and
visited Kaslo, Sandon, New Denver
and Slocan City: The party were
taking a run through the country,
suing up the possibilities.
The oomtulUeo in charge of lhe dance
on Thursday evenlug were greatly dis*
I Appointed In not being able  to secure
I an orchestra from Nelson.  They eon-
I si'ler. il that an  orchi'stry   was eosa_<
.♦■ , ** p* "
"'J*.11 i e.l and only out Hint they could
not euinc when it was too lule to make
oilier arrangements for music. They
were not al all to blame in lhe matter
and nre endeavoring lo find [silt Where
Ihe fault lies.
The fact that no less than eight
commercial travellers visited Ymir
luring the past week is another evidence that business is improving.
Not one of ll.e.n left town without
securing an order for goods. Those
gentlemen do not generally go to the
expense of visiting small towns unless
they are sure of .sullicient business to
repay them for their trouble and exs
We have made arrangements with
tl.e Pacific Poultry man, published at
Tucoina, Washington, whereby we
are able to give tl.e Ymir Herald and
the Poiillryman for one year to now
subscribers and old .subscribers who
pay up arrears and one year in ad«
vance, for 82. Breeders of poultry
will lind the Poultry man a very   use-
Arrangements   have   been     raadi
whereby   thn   present    lease   of    the
.   ..     ...' Hiinlei■ V. mine   held   by ll.e   Hall
lervice will J
Mines Smelting Co.. is to he   emit in-
i tied for another twelve   months,       A
meeting cf the Ii. C,   Standard  Co.,
is being held in Nelson, at which a
method for raising the necessary capital to put the company on an operative basis will ho discussed,
Miunwhilo high-grade ore continues to be shipped. Mr. Seuley, tin
foreman, has uncovered an ore bod)
carrying high Values in gold and silver and quite 'lisiinct in charactei
from the characteristic calclte of the
-     90
J'liici- FrvK C_-nts.       a. 8*
A Pioneer Leaving
Yinir will shortly lose   Olio    of    ii -
old timers in the person of Win Kirk •
patrick,       who        intends      Iravi/g
tor the Similka.i.een  count, v.  "Jlillv
as he is familiarly called came to Vinir
in the spring of 180.* and  bought   ....
interest in the  Pioneer  stables which
business he successfully conducted up
to about three months ago    when   he
sold out    to   Alex. Erivin.     Prior   to
loming to British Columbia  I e   had
■Large of Ihe horse department of the
.., A iterC company's farms at  l.'uh
lake S.wift Current and Medicine Hal.
-Vheii llu* gold   fever   broke   our   le
•an.e  l.n    B C   but   failing    to pick
ip any huggets in the golden   city  he
ame to   Ymir where he has sine.;   n -
tided. His gonial beaming countenance
■.luff hearty  greeting   «ill   be  missed
n Vmir, but  his   friends   wish   I.....
-uccoss wherever he may decide to In-
-   -
A Promising  Property.
A Hearty Welcome
Given Dan MeLeod nnd liis
Bride by Ymii* friend.--.
   ful magazine.   Sample copies   can   he
Services will l.e held also  at   the  seen at the Herald oilice.
Tho Yniir Christian Endeavor society will hold a social on St. Andrew's   night, Nov. ,10th, in tho Pies
by loi ian   church.   A programme of
uidsic, readings, games ele will take
up il.e evening Refreshments consisting of nn entirely .Scotch menu
will be served. A silver c illcction
will be taken at the door, the proceeds
to be devoted to lhe fund to provide
a Christmas tree for tho children.
All are invited to come and enjoy it
good time.
J. M. M. (/r.'go'r, inspector of met
alliferiods mines tot Kootenay,
spent Monday last visiting the    iiiiiios
!Hth inst ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Next Thursday, Nov. :10th is f<l
Andrew'; nicht, a night dear to the
heart of every title Scotchman, and
one Which is generally Spent in feast
and sung Ymir "ami of Scotia have
as yet made no arralfgoinonts for celebrating 111 honor of their patron snifit
.Tames Hickey. of Erie, who went
easi u couple of months ago, relumed
on Tuesday nli/rniiig with his bride.
Ho was married on October 1-7th, at
Peterborough, Out, to Sliss Minnie
O'Neill of place. Mr. and Mrs.
Mickey hal'c taken up their residence
at Krie.
.....,..., ,.ft,.,,,T„ ,...». v»Q,..,io,  ,.u ...„ ,     H. J. Oral,am,   a  cousitf of Sam.
■ -Dominion election  in    H'OO for  this   ftlillor, pissed through Ymir on Wednesday nwriiiiig, ou route to Pi iuce uf
fonstitueiicy, hus made an Immense
fortune at Tuuapih, Nevadv. The
.'n.irkct value of Lis holding's at To.uis
hah is about .11,000,000 Apart
from fids In- is the priiir.rp.t' stock*
bolder in a number' of otnor valuable
properties in the "icinity. Ho is the
Uggesfc mining operator in tlra btntc
M Uevadft, i
VV'ali'.-i island, wheYo he ha-l -f.'-euied il
situation w.Ui a mining company,
on ihe arrival of ilw inun be made
inquiries for Lis friend whom he had
QOt ,i eu for ;-•'..I y four years, and
\V. C Hiu'_i.'S ooii had Mr, and Mrs,
Miller 'it th* train  where they enjoy-
in the vicinity of Erie, On Tuerday
ie inspected the Ymir irfine. To tho
Herald Mr. McGregor said that
while Ire could not disclose atiytl ing
l.e sa\» in the different mines visited
he found a Hindi more hopeful fueling
among mining men and the people iu
general than Oil his lout visit. lie
expressed the hope that lho diHtriet
i is oVi the eve of inercilleii prosperity
j mid tfiitl the coining year would soo u
1 marked improvement in   tlio   mining
Mr. Daniel MeLeod   and   lus  bride
relumed fiom tuiir lioi.nytUoon   trip
to the Boost on Monday evening. The
bride whose maiden name was Miss
Norma MoRse Is the only .1 ttlgllter of
Mr, and Mrs. A. I). Mc '.ac rt the Hot
Springs   road    Agassi.    They    were
married at the   home  of the  h ride's
parents on Nov. 14th   by   Key. W.ll.
Madill of New   Westminster  in   the
presence of shout   lUO   invileil guests
The h.i.le was attended by Miss Gsssle
Mcl'lii f Vancouver and   two   little
flower girls. Misses Maggie Ogllvle
Uladys Forrester, while the groom wan
■upp.iited l.y Mr. Edward Johnjiezull
of Agassis.
During ihe w,-i-k the many friends of
Mr. MeLeod in   Ymir   decidell   lo   do
something to show their regard for lii in
and his bride.     Mr Mel.eo.l i.s a talented violinist and has always  he..'.,   willing imIbllgu the young pc»pl« ol Vmir
l.y lUpplyl.lg nJUtlO    for   llleir   dances
il was to give a dance 1,1   their
honor.    This look place i.i  Miners  L'n-
[onIin.II on Thursday eviming and was
largely sttended, .< large number coming from Krie. Salmo   and   llie   Ymir
mine and mill lo greet their ol.;   friend
um!    offer     Iheir congratulation     A
thoroughly gond time was enjoyed  by
every one present up to two o'clock in
the morning, supper  being tlerved   al
mid night sl the McL/SOd   Home,   Mr.
nnd Mrs.   Mcl.rod will    lilkc up   their
future residence   at   the   Vmir   mine
where Mr. MoT-eod   is em'plojud   us
hlacksmilli.    Tlfeir niaiiy   wish
them a long and happy married life in
which wish ifce Herald heartily joins.
Messrs: Winslow and   V'anl'iisl-irl,
returned on Monday from the  Sii-.'.
Peak mineral claim, nine   miles   from
Ymir, near the head of   Wild  Hois,.
creek,    They spent ten   days   cross-
cutting   the   ledge   which    is  about
eight f'.-et wide   and   can   be   trice.I
through two claims, and carries   good
values-for the whole distance.    Ii    i*
i lead proposition, the average assays
being about $10.    There is also a gold
'edge on the properly f.'o.n Which   as
says from slirface ore I.iue    been   gnl
is high as   $:!;,'.      The   property   is
owned by lhe Silver Peak Mining aie:
.Milling  Co.,   which   was organized
last spring, with Con Wiltlc as   riiini--
ager.    Tho stock is   held  principally
by  Spokatie   and   Ritzvillo   parties.
The illness ofMr. Wollle has   dolnv. .'
operations,  bin it   is   expected   th..!
arrangements will bo made   to   woi
the property all Winter.
Hotel Arrival.*;
McLH on Hotki.:—
A B Dockitcader, Nelson;
l.obt Bell, Salmo;
W Avery; Eugene, Ore;
A J Anderson, Erie;
•I F Riihiirds, Briej
0 A Karman, Van:ouvor:
jy> Welsh, Vancouver;
0 E Campbell, Vancouver;
K W Jones, Vancouver:
Wm Jarvie, Nelson:
J A McDonald, Nelson,
B 0 Bywater, Eos Angelos.
.) A McDonald and Wife, Salmo'
J C Gilchrist, Nelson;
Cosmopolitan Hotbii!—
George A Brown, Nelson;
Jas Provost, Olynipis, Wash
J T I'reenian, Erie;
James Hickey and wife, Erie;
Miss Kate Hiokoy, Erie;
Wu/noiir Hotki.:—
W Gray, Salmp:
K Ferguson, Nelson;
Duncan Harbrick, Salmo
ed a  pleic.aat   chat ovM o1(C ifmC's a- , . ■ -(
round 0.«rlk/flf Fliifce i i-orWitiows of tire Tmir oantp.
Hotel For Sale.
One of the best hotels in   the town
of Yniir, centrally located,    fdfillshed
throughout, together with stock of
liquors, cigars etc. doing a thriving
business. Proprietor Aisho". t6 retire,
Apply at Herald officii.'
I'RKSffYTIIRIAN   Clluf'f'll—S U D ll a /
.School and   Jliblo   Class,    10   a. nf.
Evening    service, 9. YoUng Poo
ple»' Society meets on J'riday eveniif^
at fl o'clock. All aro weletuei-.. Fie*.
VV. O. ltos«, Faster
The beer   that   iiiadA   IviilHaiikce
faftYoAs, f-t* «_!4'_t lU. Witilbit:
I-ire Brigade Signals,
Fii'o thief MoItfnU ha« prepared ihv
following signals for handling tho fire
alaraf: Steady ringing cleans Um
Ono stroke (pai/se) two ..irotrt's (pause)
threo strdke-f, means a oall for help1 id
handle <lie hose when dtyiti? till*
tbilttig it up dtUit u*: .ri
j.   I'lihlinhnl fr»ry Sii.uar.lav anil mailed  to any
I aildrr-s. or delivered hy carri.-r i.itown.
I  Subscriptions   ni-num, pa-iibl. in ud
I   ildverMllng rates, pi-r per mouth
«   The   Herald can  bn bad   trom   nil   l.-adinv
wsdeali-m ln tbo district, or "o»u  bn obtained
Hired (rom tbe olflce.
I   Commercial  printing of   every   dtt'oriptlon
•ionco.i the iire.nlaes;at .-wn.lar I prices.
SATURDAY. NOV., 20 1903
The Herald's Politics.
»j The eilitor of the Herald has been
'.repeatedly asked during tho past week
-iwliat the politics of tbe paper would
Jibe under his control. Tho persona'
{politics of the editor are well known
Jin Ymir and be has never been ashain-
jed to avow them, whether in victory
qor defeat, but be believes that at the
(present time all parlies should work
(in harmony for tbo good of tho town
•and district. Readers of newspapers aro sick and tired of the per-
|petuul snarl about politics. If the majority of th^m had their way all bicker
ting over controversial t'Uestions would
be tabooed: The majority of people take
little  interest in  politics  except for
a short time before a  general election
j when they demand from their representative an account of the way in
.which  ho  has  discharged   his   trtist.
During that period Under our present
Institutions', party lines are more
tightly drawn and the electors take
a decided stand on  One  side  or  the
, -ptlier. In the interval tlie majority of
readers pass over the labored editorials
'•of the party  newspaper   unread,   al
though tho editor  niay   have thought
that he hail succeeded in painting  thn
-.Virtues of his own party   in trie most
(.roseate  colors and   the  vices   of  tlio
.■apposition  in  the blackest   dye.    At
Ithe present time there is  no  burning
■ political question before the public  of
ibis provitice.    The McBrido government has a working  majority  in  the
.house and  has   two   iiwr'e   years   ot
^jwwer.    Tlie electors should be willing to give them   the   fullest   opportunity to  fulfill   their  pledges   made
(■before the   last   general   election   to
lift the affairs of the province nut of tho
deplorable condition into which  they
|had fallen   prior to   t Imir   advent  to
ijiower.    This they claim to be endeavoring to do to the best of their ability,
" In   Dominion   politics   the   I.aurier
government    was returned  to  power
, a year ago with the   largest majority
ever obtained by any parly at a  gon-
jural election in  Canada   tin   nn issue
(which   many   thought   would   have
1 resulted in defeat,    It has  still  four
'years   lca*o of power and in that time
the electors will have an opportunity
of judging ot the  success    or failure
,'of that policy.    Sirice the election  it won "Several victories at bye elect.
■ Ions and there is no evidence  that  it
Jlias lost tlle 'confluence of the majority
"bf the electors of the  Dominion.    On
' the government indemnity bill of last
' aession by which the  members  voted
1 heinselves    iin   increase   of    salary
Amounting to about .290,-00 and pro-
I ided priHslons  foi*   ox-cabinet   iii in -
I inters the   Conservatives were equally
guilty in not voting against the
111*, ami   in   accenting   .Itr   lilc'reasc
'.Ithout protest.
,_ conclusion, the  Hor_lil does riot
propose  to stand  neutral   when   any
question come up  affectin g tlie interests     of  the    country    at   larg e
and   the  Ymir    district    in     partic"
ular,   but  hopes   to be able  to  discuss them in a spirit of fairnos s   and
of  respect  for the opini ons  of those
,r)m whom it may differ.    It will tn-
deavor to discuss measures, not  men.
For the present it is sulii jient pjlitics
to try t> give tho district a boost and
til  let thi  outside  world know   that
there is ore and plenty of it of a high
grade   hidden away in   these hills a
waiting tlie ma;;ic wand of capital  to
bring it to light  and enrich the com-
The investigation into the methods
of life insurance companies in New-
York is bringing to light the most
stupendous frauds. In the past, many
people scrimped and saved in order to
keep up their insurance premiums so
thai their families would be provided
for in case of death little thinking
ihat their hard earned money was being used in the Way in which the investigation shows it to have been.
The disclosures will havo the effect of
shaking tlle faith of the poople in life
insurance which though good in principle his been grossly ill-Uso 1 by the
corrupt management of these New
York companies.
Hfjrtfe/o^fv /<*->...
Tenders addressed to the undersigned, at his oilice in lhe Court House in
the City of Nelson, will be received up
till lhe hour of live o'clock on the afternoon ot Monday, Decern her the 18th,
1906, for the purchase of lhe "Mountain Chief" Mineral Claim, Lot 2898
which was declared forfeited to the
Crown at lhe Tax Sale held in the
City of Rossland, on the ith day of
November, 1904, for delinquent taxes
up till June 80th, 1901, and costs,
The upset price upon the said mineral claim, which includes the amount of
delinquent taxes and costs at tl.e time
of forfeiture, together with interest upon the same at the rate of 6 per cent
per annum, taxes which have since accrued, and fee for Crown Grant, is
$76.46, which is the least amount that
will be accepted.
Dated at Nelson, 15. C. this 7th day
of November, 1905.
Government Agent.
Nelson, B. 0'
ThaKinl You Would Like
Old Settlers Maple  Syrup.
Pure in l-t, l-_ and 1 gallon Tins.
Sold by
Tlie lotest thing in the trUst line,
in Canada is the organization of the
National Drdg and Chemical Corii-
pany of Canada, with a capital of
$6,000,000. The head offices of the
combination will be in Montreal but
there will be branches in different
parts cf the Dominion. Nineteen
wholesale drug houses have amalgamated their businesses, the proprietors
taking shares in the now combination
according to the value of their stock
No shares are offered for sale to the
public. In order to allay any alarm
on tbe part of the retailers, the lisiial
reasons are given vis, that tl.e combination will result in cheaper pro-
duction of drugs and c bemicals and
dd away with unnecessary competition
The retailers with the experience,
of the evil effects of trusts in the
United States before them may wel 1
feel uneasy, but in the en I 'it will be
tho general public that will suffer.
A delegation^prominent clergymen
of various denomination headed -hy
Rev. Dr. McDougall waited on Preinior
Rutherford of the hew province of
Alberta last week to ascertain the
attitude of the new government regarding the liquor traffic. They urged
the abolition of the bar, an I favored
government operation of places for the
sale of intoxicants.
I     ■      -Si  Si
Tenders addressed to the undersigned, at his oilice in the Court House in
the City of Nelson, will be received up
till the hour of five o'clock on the afternoon of Monday. December llie 18th
19.0. for tlie puroliase ol the • Rlioder-
ick Dim" Mineral Olaim. Lot UH8,
which wus declared forfeited to the
Crown a*, the fax Sale held iu the City
of Rossland, on the 7th day ol November, 190*. for delinquent taxes up till
June 30tt. 1904, and costs.
I'he upset price upon the said mineral claim, which iucludes the : mount
of delinquent taxes and costs al the
lime of forfeiture, together with interest upon the same ai the rate of 6 per
cent per annum, taxes which have since
accrued, and fee for Crown Grant, is
$114.75, which is the least amount that
will be accepted as s tender.
Dated at Nelson. B V. this 7th day
of November, 1905.
Government Agent,
Nelson, B. C.
Cancellation of  Reserve.
Const Disfrirt.
A Valuable Farmers' Book
The I* armors' Manual and Veter-
erinnry Guide is the title of the book
just issued by the Family Herald and
Weekly Star of Montreal. Tt is safe
to sav that no book has ever been
published giving iu such a clear and
concise form just what farmers want
to know. It is publicly recommended
hv such authorities as the Hun. N,
Montsilth, Minister of Agriculture of
Ontario; Prof. Day. O. A. C., Guelph;
J. A. Ruddick, Dairy Commissioner,
Ottawa; M. Cummings, Prin. Agr.
Coll. Truoro, N. S., and others. This
book is not sold for cash at any price.
It can be had absolutely freo. Pull
particulars may be had at this olfi'ie,
or hy writing to tne publishers. The
family Herald ant. Weekly Star's new
picture this season is a gem, - and i'i
in great demand. A sample of it can
also pe neen at this offices. The Family Herald's offer this season is tho
biggest value we have seen. Our farm-
readers -mould see the book before sub
Nolle* IS _M'r*'hy Riven that the* rescfVAllon
UOtioo of ivliloh tt'-M publinVd in the 11. C
Case tie, An*.! tinted flih August, 1901, oovortog a
b-lt of land -atendinis baok a d.Stanoa of ten
jnilpri on Hiieli side ol the Bkcotia Blver b_t\vee_
Kit-lists i on y mi an*- IlazeUon. itt cul celled.
Notice Is kIso (liven tlmt that portion ct the
reserve ion, noUoe of .viiicii $>w publlsh-ra in
the U. '.'- I.a/elt.* nml dltul Sfftji _>eur\,
1HW. 0 (Vermis a Ix-lt "of laud extending betwfeu
the mouth ol Kitm&t River and KtUtUl Canyon
ih rmotndcd in io far us it covers land lying be
tWBUt. the KltslItU t'atiyoli and ft point in the-
Kit-mat Valley, dtstfttttteil ml Ier* in a norttierly
direction frptrt the njbu.h of KttnUt River, and
that'Cro.vr, land*, thereon vVlllbo o:»on lo sale,
pre-emption and oiher d-tpOllt.OD un_or tin-
proylilottl of the Land -Art, on and after tM-
elgbt (8lh. day of OeeeiuVr next: Provided
that the right of wAy of any railway shall not
bo Inoluded in any lauds no AoqUlred*
Di+uty ('omiuiKsionVr of hauds   and   Work.-.
Landi and Works Department.
Victoria, if. 0 . :ti-t Augiiit, 1005.
For one week only
Toilet Articles, Pockot Boobs, Chate-
Klldl line of Dri_**s and Patent   Medi
Get Mr   priceb   6_   fltitWrtery   »nd
Schb61 .Supplies.
Don't forget to tryjour Book E-changc
("odd veadihg for the   long   winter
J.e.__LI_lOTT^ Prop.
liATH R'(.OM
Af*oh. for Kootenay Steam Laundry.
—«_f|» In rear of Post office.-	
fp, Saunders, PrOp,
Mining Agent
Stocks and Shares
Mutual Life Insurance Company of. New York.
Canadian Casulaty—-Boiler Insurance Co.
London Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
Ottawa Fire Insurance Company.
i »♦
5 Nertly furnished throughout.    Sample rooms ihrfcb1rfic!ction.
* Uates l\M t*l $2.50 per day. ... -' "'' '"'     '.'   ''""
• FINLAY   McLEOD, Proprietor
SURli.  '
fl. S. T. Rons, 8-el'
Kootenay Stan<Uir(L
Janet and Carmelita.
Tlie-e are tbo
brands of domestic  ciiiar-l
and are knbwh
thniiif,' bout
the West
j. c. Thelin,
Nelson,   -   -   -   -   B. C.
First-class Dining Room.
Best brands of Wine_
Liquors and Cigars.
DWEN BdYtfR, Prop.
S_<Jortd Ave.
:: »*■.♦♦■»■■•■♦.■■»»■■*>♦.♦»•>♦♦ \;
i:   MILL WOOD.    |
D-livercd any
place in town.
»toVe Lengths
Dry $1.35. Green $1.01). |;
ii    ^ei* «2art Load.
;;       Now in tlie time to put ta
a good supply.
_?ortc. Ricb
;: t-Umber Co. Ltd.   I
j \.........,,... *)..<>..-.»!:
Opposite Courthouse  and   new   P »I
office,   Best Sn*. meal   in   town,
European und American plan.
Only   #hito    labor    employ,I
First class bar
J. A.   ERICK80N,
8AM MILDER, Prop.     -    .
Headquarters for Mining Mori
Bar  supplied  with  best brands of
wines, liquors and ci**ftr_.
Fkft AVijidb.
Vkm, B.
• i    ii.
rieAdquarters for -lining
and Commercial Men
Most comfortabl. hotel in the tK»"«
tricl.   Everything fimt-rtaw.
VMIR, f, ... Socialism in Practice.
In the Outlook for November there
aj'penred an article from Ihe pen of
Ifobert Donald under lhe above heading. Lack of space prevents tl.o re
production of the article in full but
the following extracts will bo read
\vjtli interest by all who nre interested I
nun ■<."-'
is always well done. Watch Repairing isdone
by experts, Jewelry Repairing, Manufacturing and Ehgravifig is done by first class work-
Prescription work in Optics is done by
V piece of an old
lensis sufficient to enable us to replace it. New
Glasses can be fitted perfectly, Send for our
new Jewelry Catalogue.
J, 0.   Patenaude,
Manufacturing Jeweller, Watchmaker and Optician
__ PHONE 293.     NELSON, fl. Q
War Eagle and Centre
The directors of the War Jjjagle and
Centre Star hive decided on an amalgamation. Thoy agree that it would
permit of a njore profitable work-in*;
of the mines They havo decided to
sell the War Ragle Btook to the Centre
Star at the ratio of ten shares of the
Centre Star for fifteen of the War
E.igle. For soma time the Gouder-
liams and allied interests have owned
a large part of. both properties, The
Centre Star wus handled as a separate concern, however, and several fortunes wero made and lust in its Dotation.
B. C. Act Disallowed.
Tho Dominion governmont has disallowed the Act to amend the Supreme
Court Act, ivhich was passed by the
British Columbia Legislature on April
8th, 1900. Tho Act provides thai
"Persons to be appointed ,-Judges
shall be barristers at-law of nut less
than ten yeais standing of which ten
years they shall have been for fi
years actively engaged in practice at
the  bar of Uritish Columbia.
Value of a Live Newspaper.
A live country newspaper, well edited, well printed end full of local news
and sensible oomment, is the best advertisement a community can have.
Next to the public schools, the local
newspaper is likely to be the subject
of in.iiiiry among per ions of intelli
genoe looking for new homos for their
families. The citzens of any rural
communities who are seeking to build
up their neighborhood cannot do better
for themselves and tlm country than to
support their country editors in niak
ing and maiiitaing model weekly news
papers.— Ex.
in the subject of the practical   side! of I ■ ,     . .   .
socialism   The Author takes ti.o an experienced Optician.
ground that "Public ownership direction or operation of public works or
institutions and undertakings ia socialism in practice."
"Canada's national question is tho
twin problem of transportation and
the development of the Northwest.
ft has led to government ownership of a new railroad, and to the
provincial authorities-notably Ontario
-entering into a kind of benovolent
partnership with the farmers for ini?
proving the methods of culture, dairy
farming, fruit growing, transit. Canada is also maintaining.' its position as
Ian lowner, and is stopping the policy
of giving up its national inheritance in
land and forest",
'.'In Great Britain thn government
has years ago established the principle
that a land owner cannot do what hu
likes with his own lain), cannot ho
trusted to fix the rent which a tenant
.can luirly be called upon to pay, In
Ireland and thn Highlands of .Scotland land commissioners fix fair rents
us between landowners and tenants,
and cancel arrears of rent if they think
that the rents in the past have been
excessive. Following on theso precedents it is now sought to apply
,tho same system of fair rent courts
in the slums of congested cities
where the rookery-owner grinds the
faces of the poor. The poor of
Whiteohapal are as much in need of
protection from the usurious tribute
of alien owners as are the .otters of
ri'r.lway or the crofters of Sliyo. Dn
der the Irish laud act the state acts
08 agents and bunkers to enable tenants to buy up the present landowners
and become owners of lho soil they
cultivate. The state supervises the
transaction and advances the purchase
"The British government has been
making advances toward socialism in
various ways-by adding to tho functions of tbe state, by increasing administrative control ovir railroads,
.radon, faciei ies, oto. The last acts of
the present conservative government
in the session just ended were to give
miiliicipal power to manage colonies
i'or the unemployed, and nationalize
ihe telephone service
"The proposition that municipal
authority should feed half starved
tohool children at the public expense
ii now soriously entertained Two
(■thills were before parliament last session
io croato a publie authority to own
ttjld manage the port and docks of
London. Decrepit, dividend hunting
corporations, by mismanagement and
neglect, jare imperilling the maritime
supremacy of London, and hand!-
.apping tho commerce of the Umpire,
All parties agroo ou the remedy —
puh-lic ownership.
Tho industrial side of state social,
ism has perhaps been oarried farthest
in the states of tho Australian com
monweiillh und in New Zealand. It
is seen to best advantage in the last
named colony, whose natural richness
makes it-it favorable ground for experiment. It would be much easier to
•-.'}• what the stato does not do than
what it does iu Now Zealand. Of
(nurse tho stato keeps possession of
• I.e. telegraph, telephone nnd express
business. It is the chief landowner,
curries on a large insurance and banking business, maintains registry bu-
I'-ius for servants, runs farms, dairies,
I1 in. s„ constructs public works by
I'oupa of workingmon on co-opera-
Ivo lines In the domain of industry, what the stato docs not run it
regulates. It has established maximum hours of 48 per week, regulated
**"ges, inspected "sweatshops" out of
Mlntenafl* provides old ago pensions
lor th*) -. iiturant of labor, and insur-
' .;■»;;;.(. accident and sickness.
Just Arrived
New Line of Groceries comprising
The following Jtcm   will b
esting  to  llritish   Columbia
The   supremo  court   of  the
Stales has aft'inned the validity ot
the Missouri eight-hour law for miners
in the ease of Cantwell et al. vs. The
State of Missouri. Tho plaintilN in
error were convicted of violating the
ld,W by compelling or permitting their
miners to work over tho regulation
eight hours. They com ended that the
In iv was invalid under the provisions
of the statu constitution prohibiting
the enactment of special laws regulating labor and of the federal guarantee nf tho right of contract. The supreme court of Missouri hold tho law
valid and its djuision has been affirmed by the supreme court of the United
BltO***21U<JK   ANII    IX5ITAXeE.
Percy J. Glen.or,
John Philbert.
nny (joods  anu  uknts FlUUfllUlNQi
D. Campbell.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co,
The Cnia la Dru» an I I!.
I'UftNmiltU    IIKAI.KK.
William Chirk.
I). Campbell.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Gosqjopolltni.—-John Ure.i.i.
MeLeod House—Finlay McI,cj.|.
Miller Bouse—S  Milli-r.
1'iilaee—Tait <S Ruddy,
Vancouver—Owen Boyer,
Waldorf—Qeorge Colman,
Ymir—J. VV. Masterson.
IJ. S. 'J', lloss.
LADJ_S    l-l.'1-XISH!*,-.;     A>ll    ... I.I. |..B !(
Mrs. John MeLeod.
MIX mil   ItECOltDEll
Percy J. Gleuzer.
Herald Publishing Co.
D. Campbell.
Joseph Leahy.
Alex. OU.lio.
Miles Mcf.i.iis
William Clark.
YMIH LODGE .Vo.:il A. V...
M.     .Meets first    Friday   in   each
month. Visiting brothers welcomed.
John MeVi.AK, \V. M.
PEROT J. Gi.kazhh, Secretary.
YMIR LODGE No. 83 K, of P.
Meets first and third Monday in
each month. Visiting brother
Ciiaui.i'.s Ahciiiii.u.i*, C. C.
John 0 I', K. H. .fc S.
MACCABEES.       Meets    second
nnd fourth Tuesday in each month
I. McLkod, L. C.
UNION    Meets
very   Wednesday
At the meeting of tho American
Federation of Labor hold in Pittsburg
last week, Mr. Mosser presented
statistics showing that unionism is
gaining many converts each year jM
the United Kingdom. Ho said there
wero 1 llii) trade Unions with a total
membership of 1.02818 an_ that these
figures were steadly increasing. The
British trades aud labor council is
the third wealthiest in the world and
Inst year a total of $-'2703000 was
bin hi I. d by Hades Unionists.
in Union Hall
evening   at    8   o'clock
Hrothern cordially invited.
Andrew Buttons, Pies
W.I1. MoIsaao  Sec
Go To	
For   Ladies'   Furnishing!
Millinery ami Staple Goods.
Satisfaction guaranteed in
every line. The only storo
carrying a full stook or everything required for ladios wear.
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Jobbing Cos store.
Our Line of Shoes and Rubbers
lis still coirjplete and these we are selling at
Greatly Reduced Prices
We can Clothe you from Head to Foot at Prices llmt
Cannot bo Equalled
DesBrisay Jobbing Co,
U. S. T. RSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Ymir,
B.     C.
Shelf and   Builders   JIaii
Points nmlj Oils,   Stoves,
Steel, Powder, Fuse   and
Co.. I,
All   ki...
jNow is th.-'tiiii
Tinware,    Stei
Plumbing,   Tin*
Goneral   Bepaii
for floating stove*
The Mutual Life Insurance Company of N.
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
A poiiey in it is the safest investment known to man.
Cash invested in Life Insurance is cash invested that
return compound interest.
All successful business men carry large amounts of
insurance. It provides for the family, protects a man in
old age, and protects his other investments. For rates
any form of life insurance apply to:
Percy J. Gleazer, Local -.gen-..
Mail orders promptly attended Ui
u-O-Srttifi      • -,..Y**"'
Fm lay, PreHident.
PlltCY (ll.ttAZKIl, .Si>, .     . .-
A. B, BucKwnnrir, Trrx*
Shop I .   ",|-'' r
Future of Yinir Camp.
A jrespecter when questioned as to
•a hat lie thought of Ihe future of tliu
cam*.' wrote the following for the
So far as development lias p-jone   it
has proved that there does exist large
bodies of ore in the Yniir .amp, home
of them in close proximity to the town.
Tt is true that some of them are of
a  verv low grade according to   some
of the local experts, but I fail to agree
witli them,    I have a good knowledge
of tho values contained in the ores   of
several of tho  most promising  prospects in tho samp,  a great ■ many  of
which I have sampled  from   time  lo
time.    The result of these sample.*! arc
that I find tlie average values ranging
from S14 to 8*23 per ton these  values
ranging from 75 to 05 per cent in gold
As to   the  question of  those  yxlues
being high grade or low giade depends
entirely as  to  how the    opinion    i'
reached.    Prom a close perusal of  the
host scientific works uu ores  and their
relative values in different countries, I
call the above values tending   towards
tho high grade  and  higher  than   7D
per cent of the   cases   I   read   about
where mines are  being . worked   and
paying big   dividends.    Now what is
the.reas'iu there aro not  more  mines
ton; kiflg    around   Ymir?   One   of the
reasons is the spreading  broadcast of
the report that the ore bodies do  not
go down,    That this  leport  is  false
has  been amply   proved hy tl.e  companies that  have the  necessary  capital  to develop   and  locate   the ore
bodies at  depth Us they Vary it great
(leal in their course as they go  down.
There is still another reason and   one
that has a  ruinoUs   tendency.    The
experts that pronounce the  camp low-
grade do not give any particular   rca-
N.m for so doing, but jump at the conclusion that because $1-4, .1,, or tiO
ore will not   pay  from   •*■'•> to $8  per
ton for packing it. to the railway aud
a freight and treatment  charge of $6
to $!) per ton  uioro,  the  oro   is   low
grade aud the camp a failure.    Now
■what I want to hIiow is that tlle principal ore bodies in the Yniir camp aro
n per ceiltnge higher than   thill  of  a
great many of [tho   mining camps of
lhe Western   .States   and   Australia
_n   these countries it- is   tlte adopting
pf the very latest  improve.nonts and
scientific processes of  treatment that
has mado mining  a Success in those
Countries aud it took years to do  it.
They tried method after metbo'd before
they got  the one that   whs  Suitable
.and would make mining psofitablo and
so it is iny opinion that tho   value  of
tl.e tires should hot be determined bo
fore wo have loarned anything  about
ll.e many different of treat-
fug tho different  classes of  rriinera is
and iu particular those that predominate  in   the  Yniir cairip   vMiiofi aro
known as iron sulphides, crtrryihg gold
values.    Now   in  a groat  many   in-
itancos tlio sdrface cropping* of these
(li posits, are frib and   consequently a
mill _ ti.lked   of and perhaps erected,
l' is a mistake as   is shown by the
Inany failures   matte  by companies in
(pending Urge sunn of money in   tho
erection nf plants ami why should   it
Ik*  done?    About 75 pel* con!   (if the
guld    mines  in   the    World   are    of
tin     sulphide     character,    and    wo
read   of them'   being     treated     on
tbo gro'unii at a cost of *.! 75   to   i'i
p-ir t.m    A' the [iraepend .rfoe min e
at Cripple Creek a process   is   being
installed to troat the low grade ore on
the dump of which the'average  value
h' $'J and which tho mvirVrs ex pect to
treat for $'/,  nAkillK  a   profit of _l
fior ton on tw6 miltii.n tons of oti on
the du'irp.      This otb  is' of the  same
6'iar actor as the ores uf this cs'mp and
rV wo wero treating these st/ called low
(; o otoh of ..t.'i'*. that run   from   fl 1
to 1. .0 per   ton  for  a cunt of $_  or
•JVen .4 per ton, then   I will leave,  it
ij all Mining j,men of pi'itrlieal  exper*-
fcnee tordouide whether   there cannot
■Mi large profit i made by   working tho
^es of the   Yi"ir _tt_*}*;
' Ryrie
" Steady Flow"
Fountain Pen
Our $i.o_ Fountain Pen
is ;i popularly favored
specially at Diamond Hall's
enlar:;:d Stationery Department.
Tlio point is of finely
finished solid 14k gold
wilh iridium tip. Tho
name "Steady Flow" is
accurately do script! vo,
and lh,! pen is guaranteed
for a year.
Larger sizes $2.00 and
Samples of note paper,
embossing and engraving
are fjladly sent on request.
_.Y!..E   BROS.
 LIMITED '    "
I34-I38  VONOE ST.
n      TORONTO    -    OUT.     »
Hotel ....
(Under entirely new management.)
Dining ltoOm and Bar
supplied with tho best
in tlie market.
Right opposite depot,  Ymir
Kootenay Coffee Co.
Wholesale and retail dealers
in Fresh Roasted
High - Grade * Coffees
NELSON. 1). C,
11   .in   . 11  '11 _-—_———«—»
The Ylilir Herald having changed
hauls, all accounts due on the 1st.
S'ov, l'JOn, should be paid to the undersigned By whom all outstanding
liabilities on that date will   be  paid.
All advertising and other accounts
Contracted after tlio 1st* Nov. are pays
able to J.N. McDonald who is also
solely responsible for all liabilities in
fcurrcd after that date.
Percy J. Gleazer.
j?ftfc*_H   AN_  RAl.tKiJ MtlA'fS
Wholesale lind Retail
Mail orders receive prompt, attcntioh
A Greeting.
f.. our Friends and Customers: —
We lire here to stay find to taako a
success. We like the country and tlio
people also o'jr liuishess and Strive to
increase it by all honorable meads.
Our creed is the best goods at lowest
priced. We believe id selling Only such
goods that will .ive ehtire satisfaction
nnd wish you to believe that we bblivo
ih given one dollars worth of goods for
tine dollar. A trial will convince you
that you got ybur money's vratrth hbi'e
We trust that this appeal will bring
response and that buisiless may open
between us *|jifcb may continue long,
pleasant and profitable. This is n one
priie store T hanking you for for past
part image and hoping for a continuance
of the same in future.
Agent tor t*atennuile Uros., NclsOn B-C
Yours for business,
Sliiis li. M. French
"iai iri;'i "n 1 rrirr
An Atlas For $1*00
The tirent Northern Rsilwriy lin*
issued an Atlas of Til*, pages contain-
ing up-tiwlatft maps of Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, N Orth end South
l.-ikotn; Montiiria, Idaho, Washington
I llritish Columbia, Oregon, Kansae,
' Missouri-; Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Alaska, Hawaii, Japan,
Philippine Islands, China, the United
Slates and of the World.
fn addition to tills, the Atlas contains valuable statistical Information1
rMative Ui the Nlates' named above, jh
printed on the very best ((anility of
pttp'e'r, sIio'wh Ihe lines of the Ui'eat
Northern Ri-.ilway, and is in every
way a co'nYmerfilablc *#ork.
This Atlas will be distributed at
the actO'.il COlt of production and will
be sent to any address lipon receipt*
.,f * 1.00. Add..!*, F. 1 Whi.nev,
Passenger Traffic nfana'ger,' Great
Nurltoirrf Railway, Ht Paid, Minn-
Spokane Falls* &
Northern Rf.
*y tmly alt rail route Between
points east, ttest and south to Ross-
lahil, Nelson, Grand Porks and Republic. Ruffet cars run between Spokane and Northport.
r.eave Daily Tr.iiri Arrive
9.45 u.fh flpokahe G.JO p.m liosslnnll 5.1-p.m
7,20 n.fti N.Isb'n S-jn p.m
11:80 a.m      Griui.l Kof-lis       4 ib p.m
lD.OO a.riu Fhoenl*. t) 00p.m.
7.00 Republic 6.30' p.m
AJLTLj    THOE     TllN-ilfc
RY   1/StNO
•Seattle,    Tacom**.
Is sparkling with newness, and adv.mcing in.
Good eating is half the joy of life. You eat one thousan^ fines a y, a*/
but yot. don't save money by throwing into your interto. shelf *orn, e* -
groceries of inferior quality.   Just received, lemon, orange and citron \m\.
Use Royal Household Flour, and your bread, biscuits, Cake and pW
will be all that any good cook could desire. Olgilvie. ttoy*»l Household
Flour Combines the nutrument of Manitoba spring wheat with the whit_n,,-~
and liavot- of Ontario fall wheat. That's why it makes more bread and Dnt-
iir bread" than any Other fioti. milled by an electric process, for mi.-iei
Canadian IioiisewiVes.
You canilnt appreciate how much merit, value, style, fit arid neatne*
pattern are contained in a ready to-put on suit until you have seer. our.
A pair of poor shoes wili produce more   suffering,   disappointment,   .J.«-
gust etc., iii a giver, length bf time, than any other article   df   ftpparol.
pair of gdod shoes costs nd more, wear longor, and retain their   elasticity
the last.    We handle Cell's shoes.
WEEKLY * ^^ks^-^
MONTREAL £?•£&- £•?;
St. Paul,   Chic-lgo,   NfeW
York, and
IIBR.'ii.Y   CARS,     MOT/feiRN
btstm CARS,
HEALS A   f,A   CMm_.
For one year
Td now Suliscfiber-I and old subscribers paying one year in advance. .$_*r.p.c
copies of the'Pou'ltryman may be seen at the Herald otiioo.
■*■«•& tk«
>«-a| Jot ihr
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aample copy, X cents.   Send to
UO Liberty _»•_«
NELSON, ti.fc.
Wholesalo Dealers iu Liquors tiigA**
Agents for
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Tri'A' best on the'raVrkei.
_jest  Meate «ft   ^Viieek
Special   Excursion   Rat-os
Lewi- -. Ctarfc FaifV
For ratt-s, fol.lrrs snd full Information
rriisrilliig trips, call on or ai'tlross an
s|{eritol the S. F. &N. Railway, or ,
O.K. 4 PA.' (J. »•- *T'A.
Spokane      7W W. I*riversld« Ar,
Hotel Vmi--:
;     , The Boat Meals
Anil AccoYn'rAodatioW
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IA fine 8-lcc'tiori Of Wincrf, '■
LiqtfoTs -rid Cigars.
U. V.. MASTERSON,     Pro*p.  1
Trade iVIarks
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Scietitific Hmerlcatt.
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