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The Ymir Herald Sep 2, 1905

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 _■■■ IU—
KlWP-'*     I
v^giiatfi/tj /*,
Vol. •,'-• Na/n^'
-.'■Mlli, U, (.'., .SATrKIUY.  "4K1T.I 'J   IUU'i
rivi i i \
LOCAL lY_^r_S)kkP^j^'sp6NDENCE. -   T|w    ,1astinSs.    ,i,'ltis,l  '/ '■-»" .»■«■< «« ■■■*! iiih,.
...--..f.-..(^!:*i^*.^>^-^*''^'-»'''''--'-':i:   ,     Columbia,     Explore -i«*"-' -■ ..-.n-, ..t..-.  -i.-.;,.-.i.._  u..- j ,,„.-,„ ,.,
HoHv.-Un .Monday -i.*jth i„.r   ,,, A c»nince for Vmir Babies tion Syndicate. _"«f ^f-T? l'rtm^ ."',.01 Tlly '  ■''•
..       ,     '       \,1["  '"-'■   '" * i-'11"1" I"'"' deductions, v.-.,,........   than thu R.-.I    > ,- ,    ,        ,
iv,;:!;;[:". """H,Kl,lv',vt v •&| v,„„ii,,i,,, Ariji1Ki,H,Mine, T '•.•■■■•■*•■■.'-»■ n- *» >..,. .i,,,.-,.... „ ,„ ,,.,., ,;
"""'L" Ue.ir-tin—Upon   the  .■-■„„-i  ,|-,v per ton, and the averago   no:   - Itei   than at ui.y |.n   ;..,-. *,:	
Mrs. Newitt >i|id    family   removed   "■' N.-J-.m 'ii Aniiiuil    |.'ai,    this    tear,      The folluwj,|g j., f.-ui-i Uio ilii-eot,.,:* !■''.-• .--('  Tu     Qf lhU uro,   ll-J   lulls   nmniigemei ;,,■;..   j.
1.1 Nelson on    Wednesday    last,   and j-I*-'''*-* will be held one of the   g.v.ilcsi   "'!'""• shipp-d were taken   l'i    the    Head j l.|„u|{ r,f g di hi:,.-.,
nil' reside there permanently. ''al.v -li,,ns   ,..-,-,,-   |l(,|,j   IM   c«nml*i       "faring thn year l,(i**i-*- fuelof d.i- Arh'ngtiin workings, the uveruyc   tint   reusuiwblu t,, e\i ,vi   I,      ,,,,    ,,
Stephen IJywiitfir, president of   thej H,lvi,">' hem appointed   malinger   ol   ■vlopineni work was dune,   consisting s|,"'l,'"i' *"1'"' °f ""* "l" being S5U 33   ii„,| |V,..|, ,,... ,1,',,.,
Ilmken JiillCo,, Inv'sbeeu riisticatin-  "''" i""',",-v,i"-'   ,''';i!""'   "<   Nelson'-.  of''''t'1". eruss-cuis, raisas and winzes,   I'1'1' >""• ■""' 1.0)0 Ions «,-..- from .1,.-      -|.;„. ,;,„, .,,,..■   ...„,,.,   ,,.„.   ..
I'*.r . few days at Hull Siding, " [ b'""'' ' '*'" v "'■*•' 'l"^il";|- of making It   i:"' l"ll*! ''"''' of which fur labor   was Arlington workings, the average   nel    „; ,,f ueenunts ,,n.J   h-il.iu ■    -i,.
. " ' ' i a remarkahle SUUCIV.S, and-1 am   mix*-   *10,.*124.11, equal to 80.12   pur   Po..t, imelter value of wlii.h   was   £*|.Ti..,I0.   were unuiiiinmisli    ,„,',,,.., |     .    ,
•>,:!« Clnshalm, is   back    i|i    Yniir,   iou, to have vour town well rrp.e-.oiit.   which compares favorably   with   pin- Tne!*e Value* were slightly higher than [.lend at I|ip |-uteuf o|i,.   siiiliii,"   ,■
nnd is doing   development   wmk   nn  ed will,   beautiful   habie.s,   double 0,*j vious years. those obtained last year, ; ,,,„,, ,„, ..,,„,. ,,, ,,„   .;,,,..'",,.,
'''.'". ("".''"""1-'1'   '"'"'I'   "','"'     'l:L'i single.     We huve   collected   sevnr.il j    "J'-'fing the year IftOiM I   folh.n        "In addition, a sum   of $|,200.|2  was dei-liired; ihe «|||ii ,if    r     -.
' ;""' "'' hundred dollars worth of prii.es,   md  ed up a  small   streak   ol  high grade was received from the J inion gov.  500), w remuneration I'm  'then   7,
I'or thn thin) time   ll.is   year   the   will be pleased to have the mime   and   "re which had    boim   exposed   ah..id eminent as |i bounty o|i the lead con-   vices, novering   .•    .,-,-; ,;    ,f   „u.„
Iiiwii of Fernie Iiiu liemi visited by   u  age of any babies-Ymii-wishes to en-   the Jib*. 1 or main tunnel, and   which lents of the ore, making* a   total   ro-  eight years, was voted'to   the   din
disastrous fire,    rn tho lust   instance   '''''     Kindly gel  your towns  people  assayed well, bi|f. was considered     cejvod from oro of W.I.POO fj|). tors.ltn be divided'by them   in   su
the damage done iiiiiounted   in   over interested  in   kelson's  buliy   Show. I s»itmll to work.   This streak   enlargerl '''"-'  ll,!l1   '■'"',*-   °f   mining   and  proportions in ijmy   i. d|...-,. *.-   ;,..„
.-•.';•">.mm. I....*.-a mil Ii-i i,i' the prizes  ..ill be a'"'  spread,   nnd   linillly   developed hauling   to   |**rio   wus     .■*■;' |,7 |.;..,«;, ^   _^ '
publisher). most of the ore  which   was   shipped leaving ft gross profit  of   $JP,154 0|,
during this year.   This now ore body equal to 20.34 per cent,   uf   the   nel lhe  Vmir  Mine.
Very Jlespeetfully, extended to within ft ft    of   the   ore smelter return*
Mrs. Jennie E Harris       previously mined in tIn*   large   utopo      "The detailed mining oasts per  ton
  known us ihe 'Hull pen,'and was on- of sorted ore were .is follpwsi—
I'liiHied from it by a   thin   layer Per ton. |
The versatile 11. ')'. I.owery has re-
iiirnpil tu Nelson, and is storting up
.Inn in,ne of Immur ami wit which is
known throughout the pi-ovinoe as
l.'.iverv's Claim.
J'hiiuking y...i fur n reply ,
li'h'li Strike nn .'.no fuui
Nurse Secord, of the Vmir   Uener-
,.! Hospital, left that   institution   on
Wednesday last.    Mho goes east tu !„•
luarried and carries with her the good I
wishes of many Ymir friends,
Card  of Thanks. Iof barren slate.    The development of D°ve*"l nt (labor)
Mai mo, It. li. Aug., 30th   I0OD   tlli,i "'o b°dV necessitated the contin Stoping (labor)
pjjt,,,. uanee of the old 770~ft.  north   level, Sorting and (ru inij
' Dear Sir:—Wa   wish   .„     t.()|lvi,v .and afterwards of the J?o, 2   prospect Timbering
through tl.e columns of   your paper, I1""1,    T,ie 770«ft'   nol'th   "evel   has Supplies
heen continued, witli the bends, foi  a Surface and geneml e-<ponsos, in*
i li|e of the most imp .rtaul    -;i ike
made this year is that roporte I   fr.i i
,„  tlio Ymir mine ilns ween      The   !•■-
port has been t-.mp|)   L-onfirnied   nnd
., .,-, I ''"'i'- i> now little doubt but that    in
a short time the mini? will be  mnkin-.
The president of the Citizens'Asso-1 our   sincere   thanks   to   the    many   ,- '        ,   , "'"'- ,' ''" profits compnra      .
ition is   calling   a   special   public friends in Yinir and Salmo   *ho   ..-'- 'I""1 "f'^ ^ which places   the      eluding assaying and surveys   I !>.", ■'.    ,   .,    \ .     '
eeting of all the citizens   of   Ymir, I sisted us and showed   us   such   very  prMent faC0 '2>i0 ft' in a *tni*ht  li"" ,Uul,n« tn JSrio wul laulipg   on
I.. consider the election of a now  lireleront ki„d„e,s i -   i,,,,.   ,.„,i   i,„   ^ the north-east of the former work.       '**»
jings.    Ore was found a short distance Ore tax
from thn fuce of the old workings, and Insurance
lection of a new   lire grout kindness in  our   late  ...id   he
ehief.    'I'he meeting will lie    held   in  rcaveinent,
Union Hall rooms   on   Thursday \v. ||  Cawiev
Sarah J, Cawlov,
.\t al. K |,, in,
The lisiim^ li^i at Hull Siding   in*
li-lnded a lot of picnickers   this    week.
[Amongst  others    j-erc   .Mrs,  Nesbil
if .Viirtl.piirt,    Mrs.    MeGinty     and
lilaughter of I.os Angeles, the   Mi-wee
Kin vena and Mrs.   Captain   Duncan   ting Is now becoming general   in   the
lms ei hi i in iied, with occasional   intnis
ruptions, to tlio present face.    I   con-
• in
its divide.id |i;n in-.'   In .
Iue strike iii  uuestinn   -.a-   iun.li
i i
. |on il.e 000-foot level on tl.e «.-.
drift. The oro was encountered lir-.i
last I'lidiii week, and showed nr iii-1
i*. a narrow .-in-.-ik Sine* then ii
.as widened tn -ix feel "i   .*uli.l   on.
tinued the No. l' prospect adit in   or-'''''1 cost per ton for develcpment   has
der to further develop   the   mine   in   been increased, owing lo   the  groater     l"*,'";ua  u tnight   slopping   ,.,.-
the direction of this [new   ore   body, amount of   development  ne.-essita.ed ■""'' ";il,"-':' "^ ,"'"'al l"l"r i,;"  ""'
The Cry for Help.
Javn.-iilile crop ..-pints are received
from all western points,    Wheal out-j      i: , ■ , .. .,     ,, ",i .u'   , "   ',       ,•       , °,        '   but that it will run over .*?20.n0   .,■■,
1 workings winch follow the oro to  the anu tne cosi per ton   lur   sloping   is '
audio drain   tlio   water   from   the by the opening up of   fresh   ground,
been given nut, there is   little   donbi
west, -and below   the   77n-fi,   north  greater than that   for   the   previous
level,    This edit hat  been  continued  year, caused chiefly by the extra   ex-
i distance of 1,0 ft., and is now   ion-   penso of stopir.g   small   high   tirade
lon.    The fact tli!!   thu   sti ike   «•
mail.! in the west drill j, somou Iiul ni
a siiriii i-i- us ii has a!w,i, . bii'ii in iin
if Nelson, Stephen Uywater of  Spok.   northern and central portion of Mun*-
in.', Mr, and Mrs. A. II. Tattle,   and : itolia
| Mr. and Mrs. Percy O leaner of Ymir.      An  Oxbow,   N.   W.   I1,  de-,,.,,,-!,    ,,.,,,„„;,. „_ „„.,„„ ,]f a  Vi-._(.  „,  s, ts 0f ore in tl.e Head   Ailing	
(.in Sunday last a number of Y ..««••«    "Harvesting in   full   swing,   No. i ,„„„«!, ,v  distance   of   G8   ft,! The total cost per ton of sorted -■- !-   were .„„si hk.-ly i,   ,•,„■„■„,-,
tabled    iin,!    ihe   eastei ly   iiorl ;n.-
lies went down to   Salmo    to    llttci
Send up •.'iin   harvesters   iiniiiediatel
out of ihaf Montreal .excursion.
i   Some  inall bunches and stringers   of 20 cents higher thai ill the   previous
, shoots of ore,   Mr, Hand, the
c funeral of little Miss Isabel  Caw- |0,,t ot 1M'''' <*'ontreal.excursion.             ,„_,,, „,..„,„ ,„,,. w„n, „„., wjth jn ,,,.;,..   v, „,.. ,,„. „,,.,,,.„ ,„,,    „,„„,„.,.   v;l|,„.   manager, however .... his fust inspe -
y, whose su.) death was recorded   in      I'Vom all points of tl.e west   , -   intf ,|,u IeVB|, fc0t ao liu   no   regular I howeyer, was greater   by   12 8«   |jei. | UT the Property for. III. ,,.!„.,,
no sl t has been expo:ed,   Tie'adit   ton, which is   further   increased   bv
..ill have to be driven another 100 or 81.0(5 per ton lend bounty, making   ;.
that the indication    in  the  wcsi.-i n
lin our h.-. week's issue.    The  funeral  ,l"' n>' '''"' liell
Is. ri in- was held in the school room in ' — -
L  i ,i       i. .1        ,-,    i ,, ,.     ■ .       , ,    , .   i ■ i ,*    ..,     elusion wliji'li liu-    Ijeen
VMiimo, tlie   hev.   .Mr,    I'Jmliurst   of   - . • 4 --. *-.   ..-. ■ i . • ►. i. • ,. ■ •■      \ .i0 fl. to come undor the oro body on   total increase of value per ton of   ■■*.;.
tVmir olliciating.     The   school-room i/*ll|\||\Q  NEW-S t!t!,c 77°'fl   north level, and will   give   U       ■!'       '
nel   the   uraveyiiril   were   profusely   * uboul 100 ft. on the vein between the I     "Altogether 1,24(1 mino cats of on
Ed Peters has n ium' ot men doin
Iml tastefully decked with llowers,
md nearly all the residents of Siiliiiu,
ihowed Iheir sympiithg will,   the    he- ;, ,,.„   , .„ ,,„. ,, ;„; „,- H(lM , -,.,,,..
and I.1,283 mine cars of   waste   were
'Freighting by   wacon   was   coin-   trumnied out of the mine during the
drifts were most   favorable,   u
elusion whieh ha-   I,.*.*.,
.lined by the present   -I
further reported that lhe    .. -i   di id
..ii Un.- 1000-foot level nnv ' .... *  i-ei ,
issessm.-iii work   on   ih"   Tele^iiiiih ,       , ,    ,     , , .    „    . i :      i.n.: .  ,i -^ month ago the   in...nicer   rubied
IliCllced Oil June  2.    11104,    and    Don-   vear. and in addon,;i llie -lupes   were
... ... I       I I      ..   I I    11   , I       .1 - ' .,....'..,..-.... I  I I.      .      I     I
s follows f a- lie- nenilli .ii July:
".els llw and --v.-n. nl e    | i
I'h.-iiiv  stamp*   ran   ■'.I   .1
, ,.,,.,!,. tn    'I wnii-nim interruptions   until nucu up souu wun waste, so mai   at- . ,. .       .
•-nul pircins l.y following .In*   body      ....     ,  ,   ...  . .  .,.,,.       ,, ., ,    . '     , ,   , , ..„, . . , "uericral condition o    thiiiin    h-
1 * " II.eArk Mm.in1 an.. .Milhni;   (;..., November 22. duilnu   »K-i   neriod loviu.^ fm-ine   dilJercnco   in   wei-jlit '
III...- i .,...        o .-
Jl'1,1' has been incorporated to operate   the nXl.-l Ions of ore were hauled lo Krie. between a car of ore   and   a   car   of
Aik   Croup   on   Clearwater    Creek Hauling was resumed on   sleighs   on waste, there was mined ten   Ions   of
The capital in 1100,000 divided   into December 27, and continued   to   the waste for every ton  of   ole   shipped.  '.
100,000 shares of 2D cents each,      -I end of J-'ebruary, end 525.7 tons were The total uuuntitics   of   ruck   mined  ''!,'""' I"'"'1'"'""-' ";'' "'""'*"•   ''''''
,,,,,.,,,         ..... , , i        iiii..,      I' stmiuted realizable value (i/ro-
.). Ilurlil is the local manager. hauled to Krie      this   vear   haulim.' and ..i .,..• -I,.... .d wmil I Iherefofo be .   .   ,
,    , ot lhe pnxJuct i- -.1.1.'.... I'm   ! ui      i
i....,.,,,   ni, .,,!. ,•,,,,„ ii„. ii,,,,I.., by wngon commei I on May 10, and in the proportions of eleven   to   one,
llecentsliipments Iioiii tin   lluntei _. , ,      ',,       .,, , ,, , -  neentrates, sliippal, gross .--tiniiite
V .no 'tin as high   us   twenty live ,0.. tons we,-.* shipped by   May   .11, and the cusi   ol   inininK,   Hamming'
Hotel Arrivals
M.I.inn. Ho'i'Ki.:—
uis Cook, Sail   J'l.llieiseii;
I!. Iliehardson, Yancouvei;
I, A. Mi-lnivre, Vancouver;
II, -I. Mnoiii, Nelson;
-V I'lii-hoi.u, Spokane;
V, li. "Ina.i. Krie;
I ..svi.i|.i,i.iT.\\ Hotki.: —
I. Ilennie I.'.ke View Idn'io
f- C . ('lark   Phoenix.
vl 'I -••■iet Iteith, Chainpioii,
I'iin lleith, Waneta;
vv .i.ii.iiii.' Hotki.:—
"     ''.  linss,   \'nneiner:
ll Kobeli Hull
**   Sw nielli Nelson
S'uiili, Nelson,
ounces in silver and 49 in gold    Con    Hauling by   wagon   wai   cominencdd   sorting and timbering, including sup*
,00; cyanide   plain    n   .■■ 1
iidetitig    the     nominal     treatment i •"li'1'*'*' than usual this year, bul   rain I plies, would be
chare   this   or,-,   the   shipments  has kept the mad sofi   and   in   had   mined.
I,".'In t.iii- (2,000 nounih . ..i   lailiie's
I   lull  Ol     Ill'K
producing bullion   having   estim.it.-I
must be making a goodly profit.
ondiiion, and   the   eovernmeiil   has
'The ah.ne en-Is il.elude all ll.e i \
value nf *-s i,: 1 _ "ii -mid
:i  i. •. • 111,
not dorio any repair work   at   all   on   penses incurred at tho mine,   nnd   ....       ' .
Duriiii; tho mouth   of June   II--    , ,      .• .      , ,        •., ,   . - *»S,0.'l.-i; proni - ■<.i
the   government   roii'l,   vvliien     lias   connection with mining and shipping,
ure  wen-   shipped   from   "'" ,..u,s,,| ,|,.|,,v .,,,,1 ,.,,,,, ,.M„.||S,. „, ,|„.   but do not include the expense of tho
Nelson otlico and iif the general man-1
i-lij; total $8,220; working   e\pi n-i -
''8,035; profit -!.-'.'>     There has   h
xpi iiled during the  ... null   on   d
Arlington mine, producing n   nel   i-
turn from tbe smolter   of   44,701.1*.'      "DuHng the year t rna worn  ri
or nearly 440 per ton.    Ju July   0.').- eeived from the smelter on   1,128.7
18 inn- wei" shipped   producing   -ti'. tons of ore, the gross
!i!i7.-'l*. net or over ♦-4-7 per ton. 	
prolil -!-.'.     There lms   i,
velopmont t.'.'.' 12
.1    tin
From these returns i1 .-ill   i ',-
l'l.,-   develoi ..,   of   this    new  »erve,J that th» geneial average of	
round on the 77 ft, north level is of   treated was of >i far bettei grade tlin*i
cry great iniporliiuco lo the futureof I fur nianv monihs previous.    Tlio   net
The Ooodcnoiigh  Group   adjoining , ***4*****44*4*************_ . he mine, as ii ..pens   up large   possi- L-ecovery was nearly   to   nei    i n
iin- Ymir mine, whieh is   now   beii
worked by   Nnls   ('hishohn   and   I
l/ivell. has developed n veiy   prohu's
ing showing,    The vein itself   is   ex
A .'I-..-- iliiil'ki'd   in   this
1 'd with a width   of   twelve   feet,  X.„|.->((- iiuliriilrs   Mint \ \\ throtlgl t the gvotind lying between       Pife Krijrade Slirn-il-
 I,.,,,,,,.   ..,,li.mi    ilooiiLihoiii    ll.ui   a .i   tin. ,,i.,-s..iii -iin,.- iiiiii il,.. ,,1,1 \i;,-,,u- ! * 'Js""'-s.
CHURCH  Nd'I'H'i:.
i -nv i kiiian  Cm ii. ii    S .. n 'I i, y
1 1 mid    llible   (l.i--.    I"   a. In.
mid car. ies  galena   throughout   Ihat
width.    The ore is   pr
iroiignouc   in-,.   4
I'.ii-'H-   similar IZyoul1 KlllwCl'ipti
nil  IM   III     ll I'
ll! chariu ie. lu that in i1     Vimr   or,
shoo, rn. the uppei le
,1*.    nul    il    i
.ro 4 . ..mi        i    i"  there is it large urea of llie vein to la
Z reiir nnd ivo woulil in* irliul,. ,    ,    ,   ".
■ni; sen ice, 7:30.      V..una l'i
leumrkiible thill where the Ymii
-limit ceases on llie
line side uf a   lii-  4
in. *
tolibnr   from  vou   if  m.ii
duvolbpud.   The ore snoots   now   i-\-
poscd are narrow', hut   more   DontiliU
ollowibii} signiilM for handling the ii  •
.iliirmi    Steady   ringing   means   lire
One -ti lke(pau*te) two strokes (pans, ,
-  — _  >.ui luui in the portion  of   the  vein  ,1,......  ... - ,, .
II.    Society meets on I' nday  evening    „   ,„.,  |i,n fjoodeimiHi veil   com   _    -.        ,         :,         ,•        1                                                                  Hiree aUokos, means a cal for hep 1,1
^o'clock,    All lemfle,    Hev   Z^ull , ,.l. 'f ^ mdv further l W«h to llOVO ll  COIltlllllCil.   |  ., ,  ,     [U r„„sihlo   „,,„„„,„.„,„   ,    _  [
bilitics,    There i- a   large   block   of
ground belonging to the company   ly
ing to il.e north nf the present   workings, and    if   llu-    vein   eairied   ore
figure   approximating   that   of
years in which dividends weir nn
ihe prescnl slopes and lhe old Mieaw.
her workings, il   will   be   seen   that      Firo chief Coffey has prepar.-i
> "Ulig, M. Am  I'aitur
lioHii the hill
)   *****w*******************w   givel.l.V i-slilii.i'ei.l'lhe  IjUllhtitf  «>f ttt'Hhg It Op nfttt* u«e. I
THI: YMIR liERAl.D1   ;   ' l     »««'-t«th.,uu..jyj|I|R   BUSINESS  GCIDE
  : ..-al li*ii me oi' lii" iii.   -xhibitjon. 	
l'iil,lii-l.- I   i-vi :.   Si
ii Mr,---, or Ji'livi-ri'iJ in   r In I  nn
-..     --r
,.ii  -■
A-.-Al INI
Although the   Ii ish   Guards   have
i.'.t li. .mi long in existence, nnd up   to E. \V, Widdowsoii.
I their formation there was no partieu- iiiiokehagk ami  in-i hum i.
''   '■' '••"" ■   ;   .'""■»"   : •   .'il' ■''  "■ ! i     t • .   . ■■      .■       • .    , i. ,   ,i
l.'l!     I 1 1-   I   lill I.ill.HI   IiiIiiiIii.i   ,,!,,.   ,.l     I... I  I H-1    -1 .   I ,   "ll/.
Ini  Irish battalion forming one of the I     Percy .1. (Jlcuxer.
household legimcnts, il has yet   gain- '■ Bl '" "Eltl
-' '' '  '    ' *"   ' '!  '"' "' :-"'      , *    .     ,. .li Im l'liilli.-u.
ed a reputation for itself a- a   magni-
Ml:   IIKIIAI.U nun     i!   IiiiiI    Ir.....   nil   .. ....... l-l:'i     i-    AMi    i,l.N'l-   I I IIM
in-wad.-ni-.r4ii   i,   ..-■-.-    ,-...-,  .,-,-. ,      ncent organization, so fur as the rank      U. [Jam.   ..,-.
'n-'!!    ith und file are -crned, but    mure   es-       Deslilisay Jobbing Co.
"-'orain-f        ri.it...!! o'   • -. --    !■-.i;.n.,,   pecially through   the   splendid    band
ilu. n Un i-r.-inlM * .,'  nrlmii ,    .,,,,,,        ,, ,   , .
that ( . II. I! issell suecee led iu   getting i ig'etlier.
The Kind You Would Like
-  ._____»
1-liKl. n
lli.i, n.u   I't'iil. silisu     .ivi'.,:--.
II,   Kl! ■ UNS,    -I l.V.lUF.Il.
An   Atlas For $1,00.
The Great Ni
'I'lii! Cuiia I i Drug an I ll . ik U.i
. I'lIM 1 ll.l!     I'KAI.Kl,
William ( lark.
'.i.i'i  111,Ills.
IJ. ( nnipliell.
DesUiitjK**  Jobbing Co.
.."-. ,'i|ii.'itiiii—.lnliii Ureini
M, I.,,.! Hi ii-— I-'nii.-u  Mel.eo.1.
Millei [li   ...-—-s   Miller.
I'idiice— ! ail ,v lliiihly.
Vai.i-i in i i — (!-\ "ii Buyer.
V, u iloif -Oi uri!" Column.
Vmir—J. IV.  Muslerson.
!!.\i:iu aiii:
SA'J L'ltDAV, SEPT, 2,   I'JOiJ.
1 he urent Northern   liuilwav   bus
issued an Atlas of 5(1 pages    eontain-
The trouble has already commenced   ing llp,to.,)nte nmr,s   of   ,,lU:,     Wjs.
between ll.e J-Vlcrai Oovi'inmei.I  and   eonsin, Minnesota, North   and   South
its protege the Grand   Trunk    Pacific   Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington
Strained relations exist over the loca-   British   Columbia,   Oregon,    Kansas,     ,   . ', s   , L-,.isiU,i><j   an:.   iiii.i.i.\kh
c   ,'       iv .     Missouri, Nebraska,   Wyoming.   Col-      -..,,   I. Im Mel emi
tion   ...    tire    Winnipeg     teiuunul. .i.i-.*..i.n .m.i.mm
.,.,.,    . .    ,, mado,      Alaska,      Hawaii,     Japan, m.ving   uec
vil.ili- n waa    practical! v    agreed    al    ,,, .,. , ,     ,     ,,, ,     ,.  .     ,
1 I l.iiippini- Islands, China, lhe > nued      Perej .J.  Olcazer.
•*'■•»-    ll**lt   (be   Government   should i Statl    and of lhe World. i-kintis
select tl.e terminals, the Grand Trunk In addition to this, the Atlas   eoi
Pacific company appears to have   be- tains valuable statistical   information
come somewhat    . nrulj   uf   la'.i    and relative to the states named above,   i-
,                   -ii          , I i int. d on the vei y    1.--t    quality   of
pro]..-. -  to   have   ti i iiiuuils   lo  ited
where it desitcs.
Jn   ihe   meantime    the    Canadian
] npi r. shows the lines  of   tl.e   Gn ul
N. it'1 -i ii Railway, and   is   iu   evi ry
v. ay a commendable work.
Nortbcin lliiilvi        wl  cl.   has   been      This Alias will  be   distributed   at
waiting   on   the   Government     and   the actual cost of production and  will
Grand Trunk Pacilii  to arrive at si i   bo sent to any address   upon   receips
decision which muy result in liaving a   of-? 1.00.    Add.,-. I'.    I,    Whitnev,
L'nion depot, is tied t, , and while its    ^ssenger   Traliic   Manager,     Great]
Northern Railway, Si   Paul, Minn,
plans -ii >■ int itically in i le  it   c . i n .
proceed vv ii!i cotisi ructiuii.
li i- -aid that the Government ia
held under an obligation by some ol
its strong supporters to ph.-e terminals in one location, while the Riii-
way Company has ii-; own ends to
serve bv niacin;* llu m in another.
I!, raid Publishing Co.
ST A no.SK K Y.
1.   Call'      .'ll.
llarshaw >v U ilson.
Jackson .v Leahy.
Ah x. Oililie."
I'oiu. i-ui-r
Miles Mclniiis
William Clark.
Old Settlers Maple   Syrup.
:i. 1-1. I-'-' aii'i 1 gallon Tin-
Sold   bv
ll   '•*..>#f^jgi tiij.
__\-/pt))&Mi>. .^y-i
jjv ■■■fmsi'M's^ffl- -.
Is _ ,h^Mm":
•|P7f!A-^-^:':'v   i
1-: kimx-i % (a. ■
Mining Agent      =      Stocks and Share.
Mutiuil I.iii1 insurance Company of New York.
('aiiadiiui Casulaty—Boiler [nsuruncc Co.
London Mutual Fire [nsurancc Company.
< Ittawa Fire [nsurancc (lompany.
VMIH,  U.i
(l-ouM I-', j
Ci rtilicale of liu| i ovi mcnla
YMIK LODGE No.31 A. I'. Si A
M      Meets first    Friday   in   eachlWy
I    month. Visiting brothers welcomed.
John Mi Vicaii, \V. M.
I'i.in v -J, Gleazeii, Secretary.
a*s to
YMIH LODGE No. 32 !.. of 1'.
Meets first and third Monday in OS
each month. Visiting hrotheis '■'*•
weh ied. iW
I   II Mll.l.s AllrlllllAl.i', (.'. C.
John c I 'i;«.\n, 1*1. !!. Si S.
McLeod, L. C
. JJucKvvomu, I!  Is.
-    --»—•    - Uitie    '.inni!/..   Hover,    N'ew    York
The great enlargement and   success  -j"""™''    AMn«r«l   SSju.u   an-l   Cnnlon
tractioniil Mineral Chums siluatml in
ivhicli has attended mining in IJri'.ish the Ntlson Mining Uirision of West
., ,      , .     ,    .       ,     i    , ICootenav llistrtcl
Loluinlim, d Ill the last two   years,       ,,.,.,.,.;. |o(.illel|._0n .j„|„;,.,.    moUI„
is ai last haviii" its duo   effect    upon   lain ■ii ml two miles fn in Vmir.
|-AK_    NOl'ICE    '.hal    I,    V.     C
lhe  London   mnritel     and   removing  (;,.,,,.„, aeiing as agent lor A.   11    1M-
II',.   somewhat   poor   reputation   the -'rs Kreu Miner's   ijertiliiiilo   N'o     li
' ' S1.1IU1. anil   V.    II.    II.    Bonter   tree
mines of  iliis piovincc   have   had   in   Miner's Certillcate No. H. 81,UOii,    i*i
,,   . i   , r,.       i  . -     'i'i      !■     i1    tend, tir.lv iluvs from the ihile   bcreul,
tluit market tor so long,     llie   11,    ( -     *   ,.  , ,
to i!|'|".- i" il"' M U Kecorui i for  a
Uoview published in fjondoii says:        Ccrlilicate of Improvements,    for    the
.,,,       . i    ■ ,    ,,   , ,i     iiiiruosu of obtaining a   Crown   Grant
"ihereisno  .hum!   thai   ....   i!.-1 !,, ,j„; ill)()V(tC,lli,n9B
whole tho mining industry in   British       Ami f.inher take iiotlee ili.it   iiction,
,   ' iimlcr -i-i-ti"ii :i7, must be   commenced
Columbia is on a -mm., and   progres- ; L)t,fo|V lh,. jssiul„ce ,.| ,,,,1,  ijertilicate
-ive basis,    From nearly every   min-  ol Improveinenis.
Dined iliis twenty-eight day el  July,
ing section in the province reports  of       |,   i:,,,,,
extended operation.*!   and   new   mines A. 1-. i . i.i'-ii,
' >.-!-.,ill,   11.    I   .
are general,   i l.e speculative  p irio I.
when a proposition was n 'mine,   and , . . ■■ .^-r—^—^.~,.
■ ': it'.-- sold indiscriminately, has   i.<'f-
,■,,,„. I,,,.,,.,.,,,.,!.   i-v duvciopnent,      Companies Act 1-97.
1 _
When companies have been   compelled j     y,,(j,.„ \. |„.,,.|,v ._,;,,.,, i|ia,    lidgar      Wutcb for oUr Ymir  Souvcr.OI's.
.to justify their existence.     Uut   out  I Miltoh Hand, resident niino manager
Hide capital is again   -'''•...'   invest-   of the Company al Viiiir, I:    <'..   h
luent in mines that mak,       favorable   I il substiti I the attorney  of  tlmi     |-.|.,,| .,. ,„,,,..     |,-;||nii   t|eV0*OI,e(
.  I    ,   , , lil, 1 ,, .!!i,.,     Ihr   ''Ymir Gold     Milieu,    Limited,"    and ,.   . ,    ,
allowing,   and    notvvitlistiinaing    im > rln.|    pictures   finished
,       ,        limi the former substitution of hiivan
ililliculties nnd   obstacles   that    have
niii ilolins.in hpeak lias been re* ek1 u
rendered   tile   ilevelopnienl    of    the       ||it|,., ^^ ..^ |ll(.
mincnil wealth nlow  and   disappoint- S. Y. WOO'ITON,
ing, profits are becoming mole   regu-   llcgistrar of doinl   Mtock  Companies.
111 1I1.ui they Were.'1
MACCABEES, Meets second|/I\
nul fourth Tuesday in each month. |-tti
Closc-l  prices   in   School  supplies
fur tin   iveek.
G S a ibi lei's for -•''!•
Pencils, IVns  ^^lnt■ *-s erasers "t".
>       Km •**■
f:   O*  -'
-   SV
-,. ^ su
' 2   to
z: j-.      SU
' ~- SU
- § to
< to
- - to
l su
_• to
r     su
Locally things   haVc   greatly   iin-
proved during lhe last    few    moiitl
I |l0 Arlington mine hits   tli
'-   Orders   for     Photographic    supplies
J. C. ELLIOTT,  Prop     /j\
 , _- ~J_~__,.~,.   A
Clark's   Furniture   Store jj?
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦4*>*W4*^*l WILLIAM   CI.A11K /j\
1  ■!■} -I ,  ,.., i      jah
MM' m iiugiwii umi'    in"     "  ■    ■ •     <r <r f»
. ,        ♦        - * 1 j   f     \\T/~\/~\ 7~\       Q  \ ndcMuhcr   unci    I lilM.itut'O     licnlrv w
''-'' •'"l-"'" ^"'"' I,,w;""'l; '•'.. I    M \LL_WOOD.   %    Mui| wXm pi pt.y altcni]ef] „, f
|ie« and vol*,   considerable   body   ol    J _ '.*)..•
-    .    ymmi as
Mopping ore, the Hunter V.   is   -hii     I
Delivered anV
•. 3 -'
---« _,
"*        -^   .,w
I ing richer ol-u tlm!    I
Second Relief i'i making bigger money
■r  v .   is    snip-    a
.eletofore,   the   X plllCC ill tOWll,
Ul 111 II Sl lll.l''
linn during any previous   vmir,   and \4
•iin Porto Ilico :- alio   niaklng   good
lonev for il- iBsnee
the buildings at ',' '.'- pal-lt)   where
■ l„. 1903 Dominion fail vvill open on
(Sept 2T, is mi elaborate baud stand
for the accommodation of the lloyal
1,-ish guards band,  which   Ins   been
♦   Dry $\.3i
t     Per eart Load.     X
glove Len^hs    i     WALDORF     I
Green 91.00, _j _-w_v_ — /j\
4 * V^
.       Now is the lime to put in       J HCadquaftcVA  fof  nilling /i\
New Westminster Fair,   i           ft fi,,od supply, ? /*y
__-•_ f   X     and Commercial Men     T
Among the Attractive additions   to   j , t| T****S
Porto  I.ico       x
♦             °  lx,co       II                           . i
I                                iii*'     ^'"", eomfortablo holel i'.i ln-3 dis-  i#.\
I    Lllllllll'l' Co.   Ltd.     f            .-      ,.,,,, S
J     "•<•■■■■                                      i  |,.„.|     Everything ni'st-class. «>,
»f4JM.4-*.f+*.*fM-fn*>*1*'r-»*>'H-*-ii VMUl,   13% 0
■Z*ii *«€«<>«««««(<««««« «t««tC«««««««««Ms
•_L___; * .-   _• ■■' j*.
:*S?*«« «:■ T-V'if*^
nir, B. C. Closing  out  our   Clothing and j      vmir stage        HONEST DEALINGS   AND   IN
Gent's Furnishings Department   ^"> train ",rvPI.v .,.,,.,.;...,
   i I'Xfcjii Sunday, I'oi*  freighl
I      ,,,„,,,, i ;l1"1  prtssmifrers   Ibi'   Ymir
**'"' ' ^'"d siiues, I,laulmts, Crocken, etc. etc,      Uverything   Buw ut | „„'|i.    B\* ..special orders   tin
pi-netioallj wholesale prices.    C piiek before sir.es get broken. , Slin,|,-|\ *-. Qr for Villi!'
it will pay you to  lay  in  a
stock for the next two vears
 No goods sold ou credit nxeepl   l.v   special  arrangement.    —
All a.r.m.its du n-i, he paid ur closed hv uute before I-I   Sept.    Mill.'..
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
WATKli  M'i'i'i.i!-;n    i-.ii;    no.
MUSTIC    ANU     Hii I*;
1' r I! Pi >.*-• l-;s    f S |i |-;||[
!'•".     ml Nlis      PJIKS
I', s. T. I;..--., si .-I*, im.i
The  0.   T.    P.     Coast      I it will be forfeited if this is   not   de-
TeriTlinus dared to be the terminus mi   or   he-
_  I lore Jinn- 30th   ! '...iii,      Tin.   theory
The Toronto "Globe"  in   n    recent   (hal the Knjen Island    townsite   will
-in- contained   the  follovviug  letter  be a second I'm-. Montiy   ignures   Ibe
bm llishop Du   Vernef,    Uishop   of  fact that the   I) nioii   Qnveri ill    SpOkclIie   Falls    &j
liledonia, who is now   in   the    Jiasi,   is mi active port  in   the   eontiacl
Are our two principal  hobbies.
I'ruit Jars, pints .|iiurls and half gallons, direct   from   Hi"  tui r;    at   | 11"
lluil cannul l.e beat,
We nre in n position to take euro of your ivtint-. for preserving   Oiiu* -.to.
I is nl wnys well assorted ami j .ii, -. --*• hi a right.
Northern Ry.
, ,     ,     , ,.-,                  .,    , . -a . - .  , , , a- i  . i    a a \-               Wl carry lhe famous Koyal Household, |ust a car hist Week  if this o I.-■   ii
cnb.ng ICaien Island, which is   re.- When tho 0. 1. P   submits   its   plan ^ UI UiCiU  liy.          ed l,r.,m'.    No black and soggy bread made, from   thi-    Hour,   always    wl.ib*
|rded by mony ns the  like y   tertni- for a western terminus to the llniniii- 'j    heonly    all   rail    route   between  ligbt and wludesume.    A trial sack will convince the most skeptical,
(is of the Grand Trunk Pacific! ton Government, and    the    Jlotiiii.ii.n points east, West und south to Ross-                                                                            ^
While it mir be   .p.itu   tin.1   that Government approves of the    location l'""1- N"k""'   Gl'»'"J   1''"1'1-  '*»<*  He-                                          CARNATION   FOOD
■e Hoard of "Directors of  the   Grand this must be final for the .Marine  l>,- !,ub,,c'    »«>*■;«"* ""■  between Sp,
■_t                  . Kane and Northport.
jfi.mk I'u. iiii- l-.-iil mv ban-   ina,   jut piirtment mi!-! light the way in   from
S'.'.i .-'iiisidered ilu-  question   of   the the Pacific—an entirely dilfeient   eti-
Hi" nf the western i"i niiniis, yi; those Ira lice in thai of Port   Simpson   bar*
■i-s.-ly rn.i.ii'i.'tcd  uiih   lh1.1  company bor if Tuck's   Inlet    he   the   choice
ffli'■' Ink en such preliminary steps   as Port Moody and  Vancouver   uie   on D.-lii n.iii         Spokane          li.ao u.'m
H render it safe to say ihat the   most the same inlet, and it   was   a   r.imple 11 Oil 11.111         Hosslund          -1..to p.m
lliill'-t Cars   i nn  between   Spokane
and N'elson.
KllVciivii Apiil, IDUS,
I'uIv Train Arrive
lobabli! site   is   Knjen   Island,   on I matter to extend the C P. P. n   few ..''!',' :,l:'     ,,   N','l;'.'"1         '; ?■''r-m
I .1:  ...     (..ami l-orks      "..i" p.in
iii'l.s Inlet, miles nearer the -im. IU.0U ii.iii. l'i  i\ 5 30p.m.
A brief discription from   nil'1   who       N'urtheln lliitish ' Culumbia,   wilh 7.00 it.ni         Itepublic         (1.30 p.m
^is been nil ronnd liiis   locality   may | its magnificent scenery, its  salubrious *CLA\/f^      Tl A/I P
Si imi!,ini-in «. mi   nppeli/.ing l-ri-tikfasl ceroid, tin   largest   im  Hi"   mo
i ii i iHi ii 11 in Vinir. With encli package we give a fancy piece of China
l M I i . \ j i n-i- In  |Hiliii;i-< r.
-,\ i" car I j  a well Sfleiilt.il -lurk In run' ill! nil ill" ills uf in in. I mid     hi \\ .   I:
limii: ache .Irons lo eon. • xlraelors, a! stiiellv li-l prices'
f of interest! I climate and its untold natural  wealth
Kaien Island (pronounced   by  the  in forest and field, mine and st-a,   «i!l -A--^1'-1    THB      TIlvCB Speeiai cn-domeis .all ..;;.-m ■•
15V    L'SING
Wc keep Un- -ii 'k, si 11" and quality, we can li1 you mil In look i    II,  ., ■ ...
p-osperotis a i.i l h el that yon are a- good n* n Stini.tiird Hi! M igniiie i i I
ns happy.    Jul.iHloim's Clothing Hint Hull's   Shoes    we   iile-olulclj    gunnr.ii.
I^ 11_?■ t goods, rigid prices, and , l-hi people In deal with.    No special prn-i-  '
Inlians Haven)   i«   about   Ou   miles  suoti become most iiltractivu   in   set-
iiith ni'   Port   Simpsuiii      It   is   a
ountainous island, bin on its    north
In ire facing Tuck's Inlet  there   is   a
tiers.    I an unxious to do all   in   my Gf-aEHT
power to helpdhe right kind  of   peo- NORTHERN
to Collie to the Pacific    J-forthwest D7in umv  I
trip of land gradually   .sloping  buck 'and shall be glad to give   any   infor- Krt ll<VV-ri I» •"—*
Hi the base of   tl.e   mountain,   from  uiul ion that I can regarding Northei n 1*1
ffliiii' a mile tn a mill' and   a   half   in
width, mul about three miles in length
British   Columbia,    tin-   district     in
which   I    am   constantly   tin.'elling.
Seattle,    Tacoma
■his is tin- probable town site.      Tli!1 Speculating in town lots which are on
(land is        rated   from   ilm   main    ihu side of sumo steep mountain or on   PACIFIC    COAST      POINTS
nd by a narrow   passage,   hut   the  some rocky islet miles away from any    .. ~~
linlutid is rocky und unsuitable  for jpusuible city will not help  but   retard  St.   Paul,    Chicago,    New
lildings.    To the west of Kaien   ts-1 the dev-elnpilient of our country. York,   ilII'J
■  I   and   separated    from    it   by   tt I-'. II. Uu   \ I* U N in. 4( j |,
rip of deep watei'i less than    a   m.le | Bishop of Calcdoi
t widtli, which forms tlie entrance to      Toronto Junction. PALACE   AM.   TOURIST
nek's Inlet, is Digby   Island,   7,250 , , „.__„, .__._. SLEEPERS     DUFJ*'_l,
LIBRARY    ('A!!**,     MODERS
i i.        i       i - DAY COACHES,
Indian reserve    Uitfby Island   forms
Hie western break wuter to Tuck'i In-       COFFFF   POASTFU"* I'l.V-Nd   lAl.s.
■t, which is about 10 miles in length | .--■--       • meals a   i.a  caiite.
Ci.ii.iti-.'   in   from   iji.-     Pacific     by
U. S. T.  ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Vinir,     15.     C
ii-s in M.'-.e.     Hus i-, a  comparative-
lv im,.; island wiii, good soil, bui it is Kootenay Coffee Co.
|flji-..ivi,'s Entrance there is  a channel
mile wide with a uniform  depth    of
ver   i    hteen   fathoms.      ' In   ... .sl
limits this has been crriliie.ii.-dv mark
1  ' foul   v.alei1;      When   neat   th"
-i shore 1.1' Kai. i, Island 'I   tilth   l« '
.de in il' '.,   passing   between ]
_:I.\ Islmi        .hi- left   ".ml    Kaien I
i.ml mi iiie l-it-dit,
We sounded here agiliti antl   nguill i
id found in. bottom   at    twenty   fa* j
nm     Thi • i-  u io   inuiiedinte   en-
Wholesale, afid retail dealer.-1
in Fresh li.,,-!-.,..!
High • Grade * ©offee.
NKI.S'iX. U. C,
co veAf*T>
best   Meals   on   Wheels
2     FAST   TRAINS     Q
Si.i  i.l   Excuision   Iiiii"
-.-'.-> —-
■   eP*—,  i0 ^—~ ■■
i   i  >---—*.?——•-
\i      K
All   kinds   "i   Plumbing,   Tin
-nlilhiil','    .ii   I    (" i"".'!      IJepai
M__, fXP-Iii.T.1- E reg-r.lil.g I rips, eiill
■>?%'< „     ,       nueiil "I ii. >.   •   .V N
|n,lii-\ ini! is tlio Kiil't'sl invcstiiK'nl kiitiun to Intnl.
■ 'li i -;i., situ,iii-ii nn a magnificent
I a llucki d harbor, large i noufjh to
m ... tin. I'uiti.-:h mn }-.
A- -i. ii us Injury i-- often ddno   tn
, c ri   i ......      The Mutual Life liMii'iiiicr ('onilunn oi N. )
Lewis <?< Llii! .*. tail, '
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
For nil. ■   folders in ■    ul  infoi mutimi
1 a.'dresH :,n 1
,,,,...       ....   . Wtt> '"' (*a«li inve-sti'd in iiifo Iiwumiiec in eiwh iiiuvilinl lluil    wi
5V*m_>-X..j-■:■»•■-■»-^      ||    v   ,|,\. K-ll.S ..-.AMU. 1  ;, ,    ,     ,,
{>$*%' 7 7S      o. J' *v r  * i-.&T-A. rctiirii cnliiiicuii'l .nii-ivnt.
■■'■'' ,,,-,.1, a  .       A,]] .,,,.,.,•,,|',i| I,,,.in,...- hi,.||   1,-nii   I,-,:--,,,   .ini.,iim ■-   nf   lil,1
;;/-    f:--;jgf.   .'."     ' [ illMIPlliei*.      It pl'OVllleS ful' till* 111 lllll}', ])l'(ltl*C'tM 11■ ililui in    lii**
'.hi .-i-i', ,'ui'i |.|-iiii-.-! - hi- "i Iici- inv.-i iiieiils     i ■•.'   rati*?)   .nl
ll.uicu.      Another t'.in. this   line    !■     JS?,        J l \ 7}     ■ \   :       ' ' ' ■' 'tt
11-1.-i-t, iiiiii..- nm- i.i '.I- i"'.ipu-ei!   -^4 _%w__\£i$7t7x''--.   '"■■
.. :•   ' ■     ■
Ai "T- -• •• "-'- i     i1"
qll|. |l| .:- ■ •:   In mir li|il
-  ,:i .-i iinitiiililrpn"
A- Kcnous iniury is otten iioiio   i" ,'-.,„' v!-,,ii.i.-,ui'.i. n.ii.n.-*. ..■
'     ,. ,   ,      , ,,..» .,.!:'. Hl,,.-a| ,,,.•• ■      i. ■•.■-." -.-,'  '
1 new countrv by lodlUh Und  Bpecu*       ;,;.,'*■   .-n ttm uti, .-•!.-■■•• - ■
l.tiot., mado l.y ignorulii investors, il ! >*S*»4fi('(,/•  U*M»*fl^tt
I Hotel Ymir 5
,    .l-HfflUBPBfe
_'     ■■'-i  I-land ifl UOtlcei'lied there is HO-      rS-ftV'foii'r'rnontni l'l '.-'i'ii'l'"il l.i'11.-'-i'-ii.i»«.
*    itelyn n for pfivitto   spebuhi-     MMNN & C0,3a'3'o_",N8WIQrf(
■ ,..     'j'lm   li ini...   - ,ri mt |   W«a{Mgfc' ■*-»«*»**"*■u15'
|.  ntrols the western point   of   Kaien  "        "
H - md in, I tho whole   of   Digby    I-
I     i a- an Indian resetvci   The Pro
I   ■ ciul Uovernuiehl ha.i reset ved   the
HiiiiUi.taitiuUH putt of   liaien   Island,
.'     uld"-- for building  purposes,   but
I      . .Ie t'.ir a mountain   patn.     1 ho
('•.md'l'i".nil. J'li.'illc   Piiilvviiy   Com*
ti) i'l'li'i'itlv through an olUcial has
■iiii -I of 10,000   acres,   which   eih-
. ices nil the level land on Kaien  I--
[ mil imi Indian   reserve,   afid   noine
I land mi   il.t-   opposite   side   of
■ i- - Inlet,
Thin land and the money   paid tor\*,+444444+**+*******++*¥*+*
ti,, I..4I   Meal-*
Antl Aci'iniiiiiodii--'011
in Tow ii
—.  4
A fine a lec'tidil df Wines, *
I iijimrsmi'l i'v.'io.'.      *'■
.1   \V. MAST_lt«OJ*t,     I'rop,  X
<^ipf% Sterling
fin-il n crllcr
Bp -on li n tln-iii,.
end  t!'i:iir   |,r<'
Ikntstlofl ai-i.
Iltniry linkaSi
fiona1 Uctlltlea
fur nnkinc nolicl
filvervs'iire sre
(v.s.csscil l.y no
rllirr colit-crn in
CL/acr JCH. >.n,-tlr i!.»i»iii
cu, moiti-rn mnclilni-i-y. «nu .killed hand-
woiliii-i n!l iin.lcrtlic direct lupemlilon of
nractlctti inelnbfrl. I lh« (•"!.. niaku an nn-
,.,, led coulbluallou lot tUrttlaf outline
VII 111.
•A'ri.e fur lllualrtted ratrtlcfiie.
0iri.*w.**7. •
Stcrlini' Sil-.'cr,
Silver Plate,
Watchci, etc.
1 Wilchci,
I". .—^1"7.
Henry Birks& Sens
llll\   Jul in u|  lilt.' .11-111.111. .■ ;i].|'l\   I DI
Percy A. Gleaner- Local Agent
:n-.i i :■'■
).*. I. no 11 . I x. ciltocy
ihf Karl of Mli c.
M'.!.-.l.\ ,'   I I . SHKPAliI) KY.    I    I.
,r   .   ., I    I-I'       WA9I1IN(JI'0N .* . . .-*.  IIY
und Great N'ol-thern, Hi rthei n  I'm il
and ". ll, St N. , !o    f> r | nil ts e.,-1
•...-•   mid   soilth ■ etllilll ' *s    il    Un
lalld ttlld Ni'l' in   witli   ihe   '' m idi •■
Pucillc llnilway,
I'll I JJ Ml' \'IVI ''"in ni N.•!■■'•! with lh-   P  I!
-v N   Cb,  I'""   Kiislo and   K.   u    -
tail i 'utinbe'U al < luf-lbi,  •: i'h  siaoe |..
1 !''i'i'.|ivi!.id ,iiii|  Mi,lu.i' .1' i'.
[Juliet   cam run on trail I    ■  I
I1'  nllfnti '■■' Spnkttiili and   Ilepublin
II   A.JJAI K*-(..N
(i1 r.ii I'a.s.inifur a ■
lfjDl»HT|   Pr.,,1. s„„i;. iWm.h
f -.-.--.-.-. -^^^^ZZSSZ
i    i
When in  Nelson
CEO-   CROWE.   Proprietor.
Come in and see tlm bargains iu  con- .     t
fectionerj for tlie next few day-,      A
.a.aaa.aaa.aal.ailllD-     - '-  ' " —" •
j   McLEOD H >TEL  j
... . i-iii.-i \  im 'lin- lii'M  lew -lays.       .\ |       a> 	
Call ;ii rateniiiH.es.    You WillJjhhI greatly n,,,.going at ahuostcost,  am rancV|   :   hhadquartehs  for       in«j   >'■'''■  AND   ;ili:   j
Heijikiimi'tcrsjor Mining Me
reduced prices  iji   Watches; .Ir-vvcl.v,  silver- '"TV""'- ;",'"^    Tl7. •"
i ■ cuali bargains so u0t sure   ami    uiini,
NV.IIV.  ( illt ( ililsS. ityil N(»V('lli('s.       Yoll   Call     al-   your pocket book.
ways lind something in liis stock suitable for a """"   -"————--   -————•
gift, and his goods are always most reliable.      IVIILLLn HU I LL'   !
J. 0.   Patenaude, I
Manufacturing Jeweller, Watchmaker and Optician.
PHONE 293.      NELSON' B C>
TRAVELI-I)      ; '   " '*-'•
Newly furnished throughout.    Sample rooms in connection
Rates 81.50 to $2.50 pei day.
FINLAY    McLEOD. Proprietor
liar  -n|.|ili.-d   v. itl.   best brands of.
wiin-, liipjurs and cigars
.1 A Real Eiiii This Year
11 -i Ann r.
Yum, B.   C
LJ. C.  Timber.
i iimbiii lumber.    A large ipiunlily   of -■*****-—__————»—*.—_™=_______-—
-  lumber, shingles and lathes were   also     in    ...    i. i- v ri it    I     MAM-r-l
Tl.e   Provincial   Government   has  exported to Manitoba and   the   Ter-   UitAJND I liJN I li.A I-   11V* I ■_ I _
just issued an interesting  and   useful I -itm-ies via the Qreat    Northern   and' NELSON B.C
bulletin upon lhe timber resources  cfj t|,e Noi-tlietn Pacific rail ways.    Ii   is
Uetter Than Ever Befoni
The Twelfth Annual
©ctober 9 to   15, 1905.
he Province, from vvhicl. the follovv-1 i|np),sU),(. tc) obujt|   (.M.n   i.pp„xi_ 1 Opposite Com thouse  and   new    Post! ^ T_0 T_~ fLT IT) A   \T       $ KJ J ft LJ 1
ig particulars are taken: [ niute.figures-of these  shipments,    but "ll:''*'.    Best 251 meal   in   town, j \JL      L-~ 1 V LJ'/"l   I p       I Y  I W 1   1    -1
oi.lv   whim    lab
ll'        !>lli| lliVlil.
''Th.*.'" .in* ovnr    100   sawmills in  t}...\ ,,,,% l,,-^ufcl\ .*-1i.n;ii.-.I iti   each    Europeu I Ain.-i-i.iiiii plan.
the provinee.big and small,    ■.villi   a i ease us euual lo those made   via   the
combined daily capacity   of   over   -',   Cumuli im Pacific railway';    Tlm  Iota!
000,000 feet, hul tin-i limit has never Ui.jfp-j-,,, ,-,.„„ Washington   via   U,.-;  '"'"' tflm" b'"'
heen reached, the iitinual cut ruiinitigU-i.ri hern Pacific in 100*1    aggregated .,.,,,,,.      ',   ,.,,.,.      .,
hetw, 800.000,000 and   8D0.000.- ho.SM e, I   lumber   and   2*0*0 ' KKICKSON,
000.    The acreage of   timber   under L.ol.„ nf shingles; vin the Givnt North-] Proprietors.
lease is about 2,000 square mil'-, and  „,.,,, H.-I7-I car- nf Inn,lur   nnd    I:'.-     ■   .. ■        ~~-*-.—	
l! c total area nf forest and   woodland   f*(*-j ,..,,., 0f .|,j,,._,;,., "
is estimated by tl.e H nion fstatis-      -,-,,„ ,„,,,, „,„ „,- ,„„   „.„1,i,i,„,1.   C-OSmOpOlittM
er   .Miisi.ii-ra- ,
iii ilic market.
:,.-i-,i• nt   •>:.....i   suuare   miles,  ..,- ,)iv ,.x u   ,,„.„   |j(   ,-„„„,,,   y.in^
1*2,75-1,200 acres, but this must not   anting to 3*48,031,700, whilo  the ' HOtel   ....
be taken ns all of present   commercial L.t revenue was $110,270.40, ,,-   ,       „   ,
, I-   c -. i       .1 (Uuler entirely new nniinmeniBiil i
value as much ot it w   cov I   -villi      The foreign lumber shipments fron,
small trees, only fit for fuel and   local DHtish Col bin for 190*1 aggregated billing ' ltooill    lllld    Bill'
lumber, which would not 1 insider 3S.-1-20.1-18 feet In addition to which supplied   vvi'Ii    the   best
ed as'timber'by tl.o   loggers,    whose [,30(1,508 feet of lath   also   went    to
'■-"' thods of selection are   very ,•,„,.;.„ ,.„;„,.     ,-„,„   ,,,„   ,,,,   „,- __
;"-,""',iw:;'-"":y;1 "ul>\''"" M'-yum-..-.*.■ n„- si,iP,„e.,.s «■,,-,.. ,>• *,-. oppo8i;; (I   , Vmil
largest and best of the trees,      In   n   rmmber, 18,081,223; lath, 150,000, 	
few years frum now when limber,   by JOHN  BREAU   Pi-od
reason of its scarcity elsewhere . , . .     ,  ..      ,
..  ,    , , I      II win ii !i.iii-e ivilli a 'iiill.mu Inine*. _———__—.__._—___________
Becomes More   v ,ilualile, ,.
,   ,   ,        ,     standing on codar   imts.      A   tierce
much Hint is now   discarded   l.y   lhe                                  '      .              .    . CM^KF
,   ,,      .,.    ,      ,  leinpest from the um lh had struck   it J-i-'i-c'IYC-,
i in,In -i -mi'i. will In- gladly ni.li/...I .iikI I .     '   ,                  .,,,
 ,   ,.   ,          .,,    ,       |u**l nlii'i- the imil Inn     h.'i'ii    ir,!!   "li  .—
In nl1 probability old  limits   will   l.e J '
|und tlie   weather   boarding   finished, llIK   IIKKT  111:AND Ol'  OOMESTI,
Wonderful Displays of Pains Famous Pyrotechnics, "The Pall of
Port Arthur" in Pluming Piroworks.     Larger Exhibits in Kvcry
li.-pai inii-nt uf iin-- I'.-.i.'.    Men's Relay Hace during  tlie   Whole
WceK, eighl entries    The Finest Show of Live Stoek ever   held
in Washington,    Up-To-Dato Vaudeville. 1'iogram Every Afternoon and Evening,    lleautif-ul   Fruit   Displays   for   Big   Ca*!!
Prizes     Five or more Exciting Races Daily.     Spokane  Kennel
Club's Big Annual Dog show,    Indian Village nnd Indian Race-:
and Dances,
Reduced Rates   and   Special  Excursions on all
Concessions for su ■■
Write for Premium List
nnd Race l'l'.isiraiu
Howell W. Peel, President
Robt, II. Coii'rove. Sec. and   M.
■ ■ut i.vci several times, H	
With rcgnrd to the   prospects   t',.r| u.d had pushed il   five   feet   nut   .1'
U)05 tlio bulletin -ay-: | perpendicular
'•The lumbermen of   British   Col- j    -*<| wncr was sitting on tlie fronl   ''ne   KooteilOy    Standard
uiubi.i uie verv hopeful of a   prosrer-   . ,   , ,.
' ..    '       step, calmly smoking lr,s  pipe,   when
and   Juanita.
M.\St  p VI   I l'!!i;ll   111
l)US season (1805),   and   v.,,,1,1   nm-1 ,,,„,„„,.,,.,.,„.,,„,„„, ,,,„„„.
M,ler ii n-iiii'l if the Dominion gov ,,,,,,
,        .   . .      ••    ..  a streke ..i had luck, haven i
eminent would nccei] • to their request
.,, put i, duty of & per thousand  .... ' Vou!" - u.i (he traveller. /.     C.    TllClin   &   Co.
iiiu.'h   lumber   imported   fiom    tlio I    "Yep." (Pull.)
D'dted States.      The   imposition of      '.Building wou Id have s I  it  all I
ll.is   duty,   tho   lumbermen    claim, '-,•■,,, .    ,   ,
■ tight ii ii had been hiiuhed, wouldn I •
vimild ilu no iin.!.- 1 Iiiiii [.line tin-in nn
mi equal footing with their  rivals   of
tin- Dnlced States, and would   Insllto      "' icekoii so '   il'nii'. puff)
li great   increase  in  production  and      "Going to tenr it   down  and  bllild
i-iiiisumption   of   llritish     Columbia [| over ngaini"
lumber,    Meantime   several   of   tl.e      „Nopo„    .,,„-.,
hig liimher i ponies   aro   enlarging        ,,     .     ,
. I    "May I  a-*, wluiy  yoll   init-iid   tn
their plant- nml logging is wing   act- |
ivilycanicd on to provide for the in-  ,|""i'1' '"'
. um,rd ,ni     One Vai ver mill   l< |    "Nollilnj,,'   itliswered   the   muiei.
doubling its capacity,   in   n   cosi   ol  l'i -dug his pipe   from   in-   lliouth.
(#150,000,   I'lipitalists from   Eitstcrn ••a<jin' to wall fer a litirrlciine tot ,,-
Cuiinihi and the   United   States   nraU,    , ,|     ,i   ,   •■     , ,        ■ ,,
ti.iiu iin- other nirnctimi and straighl-
ii'iii'iiid in l-i-   inventing   hu'Hely   in ,           ...
..... , ,    mi ii up agin,   -( hiciign Iribum',
i iinl.i-r Imnl- ..li ill., i-.ia-l nnd in    t!'1-
•    I I
interior     Ihocutol    ilu-   i-.--..-.-.. | ■ -,
mills I'm IU05 1- o-timated at 80,00i   '
0 10, mid ii i- imderstuud   that   milln
in .di purls "i il.f' pfovinci'  will   ttil'ii
it   it least an average .-ni
"Fain i limiin-- a- rn the aniounl   of
tapital invested in lilmberb'g in Bl'il
i   i i 'iiliiinhii. are hard to ublniiii   hul
N,-I.-s...)i. 11. ('
Nelson Fair
3 E___TS        3
CoiiiniciHiini S('|i1diii1)ci' '2(K Lav^er jui«1 battel' than ever. Kvwytliiiig he>V iiiid up-to-
date. All kind- of open air attraction.**;. K;n!i
day soine.tliing interesting. Y<>\\ will mee.i old
friends there. Single fare on all lilies of travel,
J. E. Amiable, Secretary.
l-'ir-i-cliiKH Dining Itooni.
X   t
: Please'funviirtl TitK Y.lilli Heiiai.h for       .    .   .. .-iiinntli'"
and in knowledge receipt uf i
|'.i.»l      Iiii lis   of   \\ ll". G1    4 Tilt! IIkiiai.u is published   every Saturday m- .*-. ..•■- and    S
• .'.ii'inin- all the news uf thu camp. *
l.i.|'|,if*- llllll  Ciuill'i*-. |     J l!\|i-- *l'i;i!  Y' v..,   -■!;  II u>'   V.;m,  si. ♦
SiM'Oiitl Avo
^^ (joods
CollsOI-VAtlVfi    I'.-limate ^ f       M    a   pA.1)     .
,,;,,,,„., garogale   rn    9-1,300,000,      *"KS.    J.   JnCLCtJU
represented by mills, Insming   plants,    |»i,-|  (I ||'u r   K|.,iv VMllt
i .jjjjin-jj railways, tug boat»i etc.i   olid   ^f^______w___
,.>, lusive of lh" value nf   lands   |mr-1
Vmir ('ili/.ciis
I.Asi I'lil HKDAV !s ICAi'll MoSTll.
1'isi.ii Mi I.':..... President.
Pinii v (!i.i*a/.i in Sc'.'ii't'iiy.
,\    IV  III . ItWi.HTIl,  Tl'..-.
, If    ■    l"|l»"
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i E.  W.   WIDDOW80N
rluiied and leased as   timber   limits, I YfTIl T TrflHSfer Co.  j Ci.mis,   ami.   Awiavku,
rthieh Wptlld tr/tal fit   least   41,1 .'| || l a....... s,i.-„s„iCi,.:
>.».t l*s,)M •**( I.KMlf. I'fnp«,
•niii mmi!,
•■During the eleven mouths ending
November 3(-*th, 1004, there was
l-hipped via the Canadian Pacific
lailway from poinls in   tlie   unto   tit
Washington,   '.-'-,-''   " '' ll"l!'"!
.„„! 803 cars of shinglon, the bulk   tit
Tedminij and
Bxpres* « ,. #
____________ ....     i     »0  (ihliffti   ii!n!ii|itl*-  attenfli'd tu
■vl.loh was billed to ponts in Manito-      ' . .     ,
"'""",,'..     .' - -,     ...„„   „|„I the -.'reiit.-t. fare e.\er<-i,ei    .11   the
baand  Territories, where   t    -* a« -
...i.l in competition with Btit-i h Col-|lian_liiiij "t tjovOt
(liild-   RilvCCi  "'
.   fiend
-   Ul.00
Copp^,      -
-     i?l.u0
(Jold rtilter,     •
.    -    $1.00
t'llttf'gcs f'.,- .
iil.kl in
i-i ii Ih '.'Ii up
1*3ker St., Nelscn,
P () lirawi i  I 108,    Plume AU7.
Dominion   Exhibiton.
igoS       September   21   td   October   •;       Iqoc.
i'u.I.t tho tuispicoH of tliu Ku,vnl   A*aC''i<Miltunil
tuill lil.|ii-.tt'iul MrJt'iotV.      .,,:..
Stiilieniloil.s aild coiilpi'olloii.sivo in'ruV   of   l'-\-
liiliits rcpruwMil i'i,_ tin' renoiirdes of nil I Hindu.
1   $.60,000.00   In   Pfize_   ahti    Attractions.
Miilni'v1,.1.! L.'''"iiii,l*i. lit'W; lifiiidfioiiiofind siiitciotiH
SVOIUiU'S CliAMPfQN.SIIIP BVENTS ii! l>-**i-i_ .ui!   l.i   ■ --*     II"-
U.lCillg,  l'i'...1. ho ''Ilusling,'' Military Paradiis uu I  _;ler i"   .
UUV.VI, IHISH (JCAUDSaild ntliM L'amoi's Hand .
ORAND WAl'BIl-CARNIVAL—Vurtolo'llf   Fraser       ■      'i-hlffg   lh"'''
pat ml limii--  M. ,\l   waishipsj Indian •. •- - ir. -■    •■
Indian Sports
J'-ir all iiil'mmutiidi virit" W. |l    rvBARYi   Sl..r,.-tirv   iwvl   Miiiiau*'!''
New  Wesluiiti1'!.'''. H*-1,


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