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The Ymir Herald 1905-02-25

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FEB 28 1905
Vni.. I—Xo 41.
VMIR, I!- ('-, .sATl'itilAV. PKlili'iAHV s$. |80n,
PhlfK FlYJJ  ('ES'I'S,
**».   ' JKSgsr .. -I".
■i .-■-'- -■ I tin- -alar,'.
.•,...-..■,"•..■;,!  The Lieutenant-Oover-  :      Alaskan Hard-hips.
LOCAL ITEMS I   The --■ i»« »kh..« u.,,«. ^- fniNlNO NEWS s norship.
• ■-'    -   "'"'l  ■'v-ii..,, ., |.,-, .ni-,,,, ■-, in,   oi   t  ,**.' __ _: Tunana i. auic) m bp u|j ayaiusi  ii
[t ia reported that llfitish   Ooluin- strqng.    To thai „n.i,p   lo*,t   sun-uu-i
"  bin's "-olid seven" at Ottawa are   op   were shipped in all the uhl egg*j .„   ,
of     ,S',ll.-Uil,
, , -  i iie.i- -...- lout ,i per caj
,.,               ,   , ,.       .   -      ,  ,,. : foui h|i|i,bcd  nml   fifty   dollars   for
Cheques cashed free at  (-an,obeli.-                                                ,           ,      -,,    ,,      i   ,.     i
1 '  ' rural school   districts,  shall   ho   paid j     Ml'. Oavul   1 h,
Try .-tliiiicb at i|,c Ymir I',ak|.Ty.       ,,,,-nthly by the  minister   pf   finance  t-vo'-khig a stpall force   un   thp   Ne«'I posed tq thp   reappointment   nf   Sir I Dawsqif M   ,,-.    i
Purest bread.and.   largest   loaf   jn  out uf the  consolidated   revenue   of Mr1 ictor Qn-up qn Wild Horse crrpk.      tfcnri Jply i|p Lot||binji?rc for a   sec*
province, to each oi the teachers  cm-      A large pump   has   been   ordered ond term as   lieutenant Governor   of
■ i. ,.,„   .,,„.    ..,.,,,1.    ,..,.,„   ,;,, il'loyed in siiiih. piilili.iscboiila provided jf,,li(, s,,|, Kia,u-isi,!, f,,r |l,,:  Apiericap   thifi PrqvMlPO.    Sir Henri, is   a   tlrit
il    i   Lilfvi^    iiini      ii'it l'i'      ''/l'l       ' 1!
upon, al Yinjr Hukery.
tow,, i,t Ymir H.i|;ery. I province, tq eaP'l qf me ieaot*cra   oin- j     A large pump
j ployed in such public schools provided j f..,.^ s,i|, Francispp f,,r |l„:  Apiericap
that the schpols have been  cqndHctcd | ^ p c. Placei- Go's*,   work   at   Hall
i in accordance with thu nil***"- and  rage | siding.
There were two "VYashinglpp hi|-t|t* L|lltj(,ns p,.eseribed by the PAHncjl   qf     „.'     ,,    ,,     ,,
lav iiarticH in town this week ie   ■ i   i   «.       l      i I'he bulk of tbo   Hunter    \.   crew
i ui j paiups in fUMil'His nepn. public instruction, and that each pub-      . , „ ., „„      ,    ,
|,.,,,,,,,. ,.      qua   wroi-b   "ll    Friday       lhe    bail
Fresh Holland    Herring   in    1,1b   llf) school   and     ugh  school   build,ng, .        -,,',,,,-
""'"-, i ' _ _ °   weather  is    Said    tn    nia-.ii   the    big
'-iii-, ut .Seaney's, *»|,*"jl: per kjt-
The Dqyje Bros, of Chicago, ciimi
in on Friday tn eijaqiino thn Yankee
(lirl .nine,
Chas. Fa.nells   ,,,.-..   against   ilu
al its equipment be satisfactory   to
glory holes almost unlnuabiu.
b||t not such a died in tjje tvep) Rrit,
uu to overlook the wishes of tl|e electorate, ii'hi'it tliijt, electorate calls for
a Conservative "joyei-timonc. So he
has fallen into disfavor (t||(| Fl'i'inier
Laip'ip|, has been informed that some
8taunel|er partisan wjll   have   to   be
were t,,n -trong to   -ci!    readily,   r.tnl
Here di-pli;ce,|   by   fresh   -tuck.
Tanuua was jobbed   '"   ''"■   i1    I
frontier stylo   and   got   the an i, u:
stock     '('he stii-ins cun,i;,g f;,uu Tan
ana np,w abqift tl)n eggs   hatching
going SO tea, fully lo tin- bad, lib.-  in-
Tab-,, that they cannot   be depeu-le i
ou, are frequently t-uM about town
I tool >   nine*- n-iiui'.-.,  io.,n."...>e- ' |       '    J     »■ I -
the said council. ! stauncl*er partisan w|ll   havo   to   be      Upar grease, pi*iqus. lioibm • an-|
A fqrthcr m capita grant  of   one      We like   i.otliipg   hetter   than  ml ippiJlllU,,|     yy, c.  Wells,   whp   IimLffcw pi|wf pntent nrticl-wof M an
dollar for each dollar  by   which   the | have nm- pntes on mining jn tips sec- \ miu-e ,t M.pilt,,ti,,,, |ml,,, IHM* js ,„,„■ jn | lnij.(l|j wj|h T|>t. but   pvp|
salaiv uf ;itiy tciieher i.'ii,|,luyeii iiiuiiyjti"1. cupicii into   oilier   papers,   and   .,*■-,.,
hool shall be  supples  tn"lP especially into   papers   devoted
itenay Shingle t-.).,   will   probably I meyted hy   the   tipsteos   of   school t°   uiiniutf,     jspuietimes     hnwever,
lecided to.day. districts, -shall be paid by the minister errors creep in, during t|„- prqeeas  af
>ougald   Oaineron   left    Npokane  of finance   out   pf   the   consolidated copying which soitiewhat distort   our
week fur Ottawa,   in   connection  revenue fund uf   the   province,   liulf original report,    for instance, in   the
, some railway worn   he   has   in [yearly op first days of  Janunry   and last copy of  'I"'   Mi,,inH   World   "f
t July in each year, to  each   municipal Chicago to hand, a note referring   to
,   ,,....,      , corroration i|i the case qf city   sohqol tho recent discovery of nickel on    the
I. t. O Neil,   the   postmaster   at       ' J .,    ,      .,. . .        ■   , t       ,,      ,,,,
,      , , .',,     ,   *,   .  districts and h'Vt yearly on first days "ankeo Qirl is popipd from tl.e   |li-.u-
ir, has been appointed local ticket ' > t   .    .i
'' ..f I  .....    ..,!,. ;., „....!. .......    ... , .ii.n      ii     sl.at.Qe    hnweve,-    tin        he
the east, i*. said t"   bp
fur the lob. and as he   has   inline,,till
triends may pussiblv land it.
A. C O'Neil,   the   postmaster   at
nintetl local lick,
igent for the C. I*.   I{.   vice   A,    I
lluck worth.
,     , .....      districts and half yearly on first days   Yankee flirl is popipd from the  JIki*
^ nor, has been aiinointed local  ticket J       ' , ,   ,     .,
.    of January und Jqly ill each year,   to   AM*)-     It-   sMm   however   tl,,,'     ,l„
pach of   the   teachers   in   tho  ruial niekfll pceurs in the ppopurtion of   B]
school distriuts, but in  no  case shall j t"'1' cent- which at tlm   present   price
Ymir citij-eim who   have   any   in-   SHC|, supplementary per capita grant of the* nietul is equal to $4-1 per   ton,
lerest in tlio well being of the _ town,  s0 tu bB paid   as   aforesaid   by   the Th|s is of course contradictory.      In
should at onoe join tlio new   Citijieiis' j njiniti-fcor of finance exceed   the   sum stead of 51 per cpnt our report   read
Vssociation. of one hundred dollars per annum 3.1 per cent, which is of   course   tl
The members of tl.e   grosbyterian | 1 con ect figure
Citizens' Association
n  applicant seeips tq have no smouldering   elh-ct,
and lhe Tunana   egg   supply   wunl-l
1 have been exhausted   long   ago   -, ,
for the fact tha,    the   eggs   iisse, n i
I themselves.
j     Faijb.u.l;-; faces a calamity,    !■    :-,
jail because of (.he unsuspected cap-n :
  i ty of lim populace of t|lO new Tan-,'; t
The l,a,lics Aid Concert and    Sale camp.      The   five   tl,oil-qui   ppupla
,f Work last Tuesday  was if -nccess there are drinking the whisky supply
Concert and  Sale   °f
financially, and as regards the  enter*-
tiiinnit'iit    ji|i,\ iih-il. Altogether
about HO? «a« tiiket,   in   uf   which
about siT'-i will be over ami abovp expenses, and will bo available for those ready suspected of being   diluted
many philanthropies which   the   Iji- some of the less   scrupulous   resorts
dies Aid always lias in hand. \ At t|ui tame time the whisky   supp v
The puficert in the evening was at-   in Dawson i- pretty well reduced,
dangerously low, and it b-gi.,- '.., up
pear as if the gamp will have to   p i !
ti,i-oi|gl| iiii spring on   diluted  co ':
tails,     l,| fapt,    llu-   drink-   nre   '•
l.adii.-'- Aid   wish   U,   ixpress   their j    Ciei^ens' Association.  I rended by an audienpB which   taxed I within the last two weeks nn ndvanct
■ere thanks   to.   those    Mies   and; ♦♦♦•>♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦•»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ | t|K, .s0„ting uapa„ity    uf    the    l.'nii.n   took place iq     ,l|.i    wli-,lc,,.|...   ,m,;|
sincere thar....       ...... .    ,
gentlemen,  who   so   kindly  assisted |    'i'ho second monthly meeting of the
ijiein by taking part in theprogramine
oi the concert last Tuesday,
.Mis Win. Stewart who lla^ been
an inn,ate nf the Kootenay Lake
Hospital for some time past, has been
examined by Ur-. Hawkey and Rose,
of Nelson and pronounced insane, anil
:-. fit inmate for the asylum ut New
Westminster,       Magistrate     Crea e
iciiii)   ic|,.iiic.i   tlliil  ou    nun       .*i men
gave the necessary order,    and    .Mrs, |  , .,.....,
. . .I the memocr for   xiim■ with   reterence
sieWiut will again he   in    chttfce   of , .  . . ,       ,,,,.
, " tu the appniitment.iit Or.   I'.lbott   as
In.  Doherty, her   former   physician, , ,     , ,     .,.
, coroner and I,call h nllicer
"hois   now    stipe, inlet,daut    nf    the'      ,,     .,    , , ,
Mr. ISuckworih reported   thai   '■■■
\,-w Westminster asylum.
new Ymii' Citizen's   Association   ivasi
held ini Thursday.     Tho   clia.r    was
taken by Finlay .McIveo,l at   8|30   p,
.Mr. John   Fhilbet't    was    proposed
nnd seconded and admitted a member
of the association,
After lhe minutes of  the   \
meeting luui been confirmed, tbe **ii
rotary reported that bu  had    written
A crtiss niiirkcl   in
js|iiicc Indicates Hint;;
X vmir njiliscriiitiini is in   ar-!>
X* i,
JM Hall to its utmost.    The   programme I lions
''   was an excellent one and the audience
showed its appreciation bv repeatedly
calling for   encores.
llr. EJIltatt was first    on    lhe   pro
gratntnti with a viglill sola      Yinirites
irevious ♦ rear and we would l>
| to hear  from you   if yon
wisli to have it continued.
Hotel ArrivaU
Wai.iioki" llori'.i.:
\V. Cooper, Nelson;
.11       ill'-,,    , i 1 1      I   .1 t .- I-   .     ,   » -  I I'opiT,   .VUnli.
have seldom had the pleasure ot bst- '
i      . .* .   ..,     ,   ,   .        i I I* Qalland, Nelson;
,,.   irl'iil       '*"'"« t(' "" **>'tll-t uf ''"' doctor s cal-     	
"    n''"1,,   ., , ,, , . , .,       ;.M,   Ihomnson, Nelsoi
;,, ibre and needless to say Ins oontribu- '      '
... ., ,i m     " • Sinifle, Salmo,
I ibre and needless to say his contributions were greatly appreciated. Mr.
Hamilton followed with a eninie Iri-b
recitation and was dressed up to   the
part.    Yinir's sweet singer, Mr*.    H.
Rowley   and     Anderson
F. Young, coinrilni'ed seveial solus
ami al-o took the soprano in a duet
with Miss Henderson. I lot ll the solos aud the duet were much enjoyed.
The luwness of the roof always interferes to the great disadvantage   of   a
W. Siniile, Sal,u
II. Jackson, Porto Itico;
('. Williams,  l(,,ss|anil;
A. .)   (.lold, 1'orio Rico;
-I. McDonald, Nelson,
•I. Triggs, Nelson.
.Mcl.i:oii  Hotri.:—
Thomas II. Allice, Victorin;
H. MeLeod, Vancouver;
David Booth, Nelson;
T. Wilson, Nelson;
Fled Jensen, Krie;
A. K. Ockern.aii, Ynncouver,
had forwarded -the cemetery deeds   to
Wm. Ulakely was arrested on Mon* Nelson for record, and had   not   yet   have shipped a carload   of  ore  from j
lay evening last by Constable Fraser, , received them back. the Yankee (Jill shaft lo  the   Ilouli- |
und charged with carrying a revolver, The mutter  of   lire   wardens    was  dary    Falls   smelter   nt   Greenwood.
to the   .lunger   of   the   community, then brought up.     It   was   strongly Thov obtained a rate of ti for freight         ,    .
in i   i    ..                                ■  . ,   ,                                          . ,    ,           "                                           ; vocal soloist,
i.iakeiy it si s was very   intoxioat- urged that competent men should   be and treatment winch is a figure   very-    ..    ,  ..,,                          .,     ,.
,,.,.,.        ..     i   , - , .      .               ......                                   ....              ,      Mr. J   I h'.u.nson, a versatile    l-.n-
:d and after he,ng letuseil   drinks    at appilllltetl who would   ,,o   their    dull' ■ much ...ore favorable than that quoted '   ,. ,                           ,    ,            * ,    ,   .,
,,,,,,.,,                   , ,    ,                                               '                                        ...              , ghshman, wns to the front -nth   both
the M.-Le„d Hotel, went   away,   and fenrlessly.    On motion it   was   resol- hv the nearer smelter at Nelson.                ,    ,        ,     .    .       ..         ,    ,i
,                    ,     . ,           , -                                                                           vocal solus mill riTltatlnns, tor each ot	
presently returned with a   huge   re- ved that tho secretary nfonn the b»      ,,    ,. v- ,,. ,,„ .„,„..,,    if,.i,.,i„     , - , ,                           ,      .
,               ,.       . .loin. Mc\ icar has gone io    Helena   whioh he was  aonroiil'iutrlv    dressed.       ^     ,,    ,      ,                               .   •,
vo.ver ostentatiously protruding from cl constable of the association's   de-   .,             ,          ,                   i..« .m   <       i          L   in      ■                     Hea llie lianilsome pictures iii is, H,
,,   .   .,       ,  .   ...              ,.,, ,                                                      .Montana, to   make   some  extensile The ftt0t that each of is   pieces   was a   .    •     ■   .        ,,      .- i
ihe inside poeket of his coat.     When sire for tho elect on of   lire   wardens, ,           ,   ,,             ,-,-   ,                   ..       ,              ,-.,.-       Seaney s window,    One of these   ,
I                 |           i   i      , •   i    .,       i ,     ,   ,                                                    '   tests us to the si.st-ept.h.l.t)   to    cya- . vociferously   encored   is   a    siillicenl
be ugaiu demanded a drink, the   bar- and ask bun lu request the Gov. agent    -,-       . ,,             ,*       ,,,, ,      ...       ,,.    .,.          ,,.      ,  ,.
,     ,                  .,   ,                       ,   ., ,                 '                                    iiiding ot the ores ot a certain pro per-   critic ism ot Ins ellorls     Mi-s   Julian,
tender reports that   in    View    ot    tho In   sent     lhe    nece-sarv    tinners    foi          .             ..     ..   .,-     .               •
..,,,,      ,,     ,            , ,,.                ■■<*-*-*-'*>i   papers         ty there.    Mr. MoVicar's experience w|,„ followed, with a pianoforte solo,
gun. a drink Inoked pretty cheap, and ||,,|,jii,g an election,   um Ur    the    Act     , ,,     v                   • .,    „ ,, „,|.     ,                                      .                 .,
i             I-   i       .                      i .   .                                               at tlid Yintr   cyanide  mill,   together jR always a favorite   performer   with
In-   accordingly   set   um,   out,      As re hit tig t heroto,                                    ..,  ,,        „' ,               . ,,      • ,, .,   .    • ,.             ,  '        ,        .
  .                       , .    , ■ ,   n „..               .  ,                                Wl-I' his   well   known   mtita!lur«clul  Yititr audiences and as usua   received
I.Inl.lv s anil was raiseil to   In,I    fine- he needs of t he i   -liict    concern-     ....              ,    ,-                    ,
skill, has made Inn, an authority   on lin ,.,„,„*,..    Afterwords tho audienco
ihiil ll
whisky,   the   bartender  Ing roads and 11ails  wen-   t'.en
ore treatment,
wen- treated to a tore   treat
he given away with nierv cash pur-
use of ten dollars,
•■i.Mioii, me gun, nun   me  eonsiaoie cussed, it being pointed oui   that   the L ,.             ,,       .,     .,        the Miners  I
I   • *,-    i     m       in  t i ... Mi-     --Pit.i-'    Cliii-L-    vi-iled      il,,.   tot in ot readings hi-    .Mrs.    I li Hon,
being notified, Mr. Blnkly was ti eat- provincial   legislature   would     very •"'•     ',l  - i   ,    .         ,,,       ...    ,   ,  ,,       i j 27th. Feb., a
.        ...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 '                                                                     il- II       II                      ■                        I             .       :     It   III,      ll       . 1,1.11   111          III      .-ii,          IU      I   lill     llllill.l'         III
A i ill,I,,- meeting will i ,■   held
the Miners' Union  II.ill  ou   Mnnd
with the estimates,  '^"'''" ftnd K"""'"">' l'"'11'''"'"'"' llls
Monday.    A- he told
ul to ii freo board for the night,    On  shortly hi
appearing before Justices   Duokworth   and lhe appioprintlotis for the  sen-,   .
nnd Oleaster, the following   morning,   ul districts would then be mode.      [t |porter, thU was Ids fli-st visU   to   his
In- declared that  he   did   not   know
« here h-
It , tvllti il should be said is the holder   of
■ceognized that there were  steel'    new1'' l"""1'''1 I""!'"'1'""*    Tl"'    """
has been confirmed, alul there is
hcci, too much under the influence, I bo asked, but il Mas felt that any for I &eTet<tr* ''v,''.v ''""s"" "' l"'li,'u' """
A- he had hitherto born a good char- i „ial rcipiest should be the outcome of j ll"' ,"""1 wi" ,M; l"1'''" "•'
acter, and had not riindc, himself oth- a public meeting, at which all tin
erwise obnoxious, he wa- dismissed eiiinens and those Interested in min*
with a reprimand and n line of five ing, could be iu attendance. On res-
dollars;' olution therefore'it   was   decided  t.
call a public meeting to    In
go, the glin, or in fact   unv*    ;,| badly needed works for  which    ap-1 ;,f tl,° s"'ik'' "" ""' _ ^OOXmay
ihing-ibout,   the   occurence,   having propriatinns of public   money   should]
Thomas [.a.vsou in his hist    ilist-il
at 8 p. in. to discus** nee i
,        ,, ,  , , ed appropriations for roads and trad-,
several   uohl   medal.,   tor   elocution, ,
v  i   ....ii ,   .    ,,       , during the present your.   The Publi,
■ nm audiences .,,,, soldo,,,   have  a,,
...... i   e   *i      Schools   A iiilmi'iil     Ael     luiw     h. ■
nppiil I inn, \  ot I,-,,-ning lo -I,eh hlilsh-
I    , i        m        ii      ii, ,-    ,    hue the local legislature, und ,| •
otluoik.    Mrs   11..nn,n-i,  is  perfect
The New School Bill.
Shu,lid (be new public    kcliool
llow before the House, pass   and
alike in illustrative gesture,   in  vocal
expiessiou, aud in nil the little points
of technique which an, Indespetlsible
in a really first class elocutionist, and
although, like the singers, she -ull, led
!', inn the poor acoustic   properties  of
the hall, the   audience   ciilihl    gather
, the full value ol every word :pok",i.
Id    in | ment ,.., Frenzied   Finance,   has   this,     Af|(.,. ,.L,f,,.  „,.. |,„| ,„,,,    .,„
i ed the -a,
I I. i	
uf to dais facilities and rush, (0,000,
feet of its becoming law on the   *i'n
Public School,   will  also  be discu*
Fire Brigade Signals.
Fire chief Coffey has prepared ll i
following -igniil- f,,r handling tlio fin
alarm;   .Steady  ringing   means   ii,--
the I'n,mi Hall on Monday the  27th  ,„ sav about eoiioer mini's. ,   , ,
i io sai .loom i   || icd the "iime artists eouli-ihuled    oilier I ,,„,, vt ,.,!,„,„„„„, ,„,,   ,,. i     ,
.Should the new public   ichool    bill | ln«t' lo <"*mH9 noetled apprdprilltiOns |     "It requires, even Iu day,   with   all i ,,oi-., ip.ni ■ iiMo-ii,,l.,    ,,..,„    ,
cost of inuiutaii.iii".
j nil    toe   \ .-.ll .
loiiie law, it will materially alter the | '*-'',e attention uf the association ; (JOI) in money und tUv years of spend-
ig schools in rural of'"*-! c-,!ll!,l '" » lji|! Ho* I Bfoie the j |ng j|.. ,-,fi,-,- ,, ,-opper deposit has been
ili-trici-, such as Vmi,-, and will local legislature, which if pa»se,l, found, before it can be made W yield
throw ii heavier burden upon the peo-   wt,ul(l ,"n" ,Im'  1'"'|,|'t-   "''   malerially ' returns.''
pie At present, the 6e-Vemmont reducing tllU ilHiuUilt obtained from I This is a tri.le iliseoiirigiiig, and in
puis the whole salmi* of school teach-!tll(' government for the school teach-1 ti(.«- of this expert, opinion, tlio pro.
er* iii unincorporated districts, but er's salary, it w„.s decided to siso prietor of the Herald, has determined
it is pl-oposed to reduce the Govern- bring Hi it matter tip ut the public j |„ abandon nil Ills copper prospects,
met   contribution   and    make     tha I meollng. j unless delinquent subscribers pay    up
trusters responsible fur a   portion   of     The meeting Wai then adjourned      mora promptly.
pieces to  lhe second pall of the    pro
gramme, which was concluded with a
three strokes, menus a call for he!
handle tl„,   hose   when   diving
pin,t.atlin,ic   accompaniment   to   the reeling it Up after use
'l,„st Hose of Sdinmor" lUug by Mr*.
Voung.     The young ladies who    took
part ill the .epresentalioii    did    their
I'l.KSIll , 1,1,1 IN Clll'lil'll — H „ ,, d .1 V
School and I'.ihle Class, ;i p, ,,,
■ Kvening -oi vie,-, 7:.'.'.. Vou,,,. Peo
pies'Society meets on Friday evening
who held them up tt, long iu a  some- -,,t g o'clock.    All nre welcome,    It. v.
what strained position. I ll. Voung, M. A., Pastor
work well and the only   fault    to    be
found wu- with   the   cdftaln   puller, — L.-1+.f•-.mfWi
i' I. lUliml .-.. rv s-,1'or-liiy anil mulled lo tuiy
•i.l.lr-.-*.  -r lullv.-ri-tl by onrrlt-r III town.
against ih.* Gov. ii.tncin, approaches
(h.u task warily, li/,r til-ate i.. ever a
danger, thai in rubbing hi- fur the
wrong way, le- may turn and rend his
iijiiilogot i,-   interviewer,    nod   deli.vet
11 Ml   ,.   I    ■-,'-.'.    |.  1   till   ,11.
I hi ill it 1'i.w Houstonic   epigrams,  iiiu.-
Lralivc uf his opinion ol   the attempt.
hie   II  ,: un  Is, Inni   from   nil  li-uili,,,,
,'So, tor tne ,,,o,,i part, In-  ,-  watched
.   ,v ■■! ,. -■■   „ tl,., ■ 1 - - * r: -j ■. or   U-J1,   ,,-    -l,ti. ::.--l '
,;ifarolt. and   ,..   ile.    Liberal    press.
ll!Vl.'l  It,III III.. '.Ill
 nii.-r'-i-il   ,irii,ti"iu  i '
- .-jii;aiuji  which   ,-.iu   be   aut.lioratively     dis
-I llu- ,,r'-tin-"- ni M'tii-iiii-i j,r:-,--. i   •       j  -.- -. i  .-.     . ,
eiaiiiu'ii ii ii goe- wrong, is   left   tn
i-i iu ,-,>,.i> --.    .,,.
IIKII 1 I.l,   ,', III.JSIIINIj   i O.MJ', N -i
II.    M'.i|,vs,    MVV-.M.I,;.
SATURDAY.  FFH. *.*"*,   100")
.i,-i< ,.,* fanning the Bra A messuge
to (in- effecl thai -John Houston
,;,.,i.' -mie lime in the legislative
halls contemplating th« ceiling, was
i in-,.-,,,, ly construed into a deep plol
to .,iei-liiri,'■'-'   the   McBride   covcrr
,.,,,,., ii. ,.,<■>       in,       ,„■  ,„ ,,„        ;:',,.< i, ■
, un i.t, by coalition with other -unp,--
Accordiiig   to   the   Nelson   Daily!
■   c.t dissentients,      .n good   humoured
New.-    the   Government   bus    been  . .     ,
about thirty-seven times on tl,,- verge
fit defeat by ;ea-,,n of   the    .'-volt    t.-l
ii,.ejection h. .John, of a    suggestion
that i. would In- well to have   a   few
laymusi on i certain committee,    no1
composed of lawyers, u   mere   sugges-
Estate oi Earnest Bdaiv
N'u'ir.T, TO  CRgDl I'ORal.
.„   i.i. —aaaai   ,,,,->
TAK E IJ.olico that by nn ordsr uf
His Honour Judge Forin, dated the
I3t.li day of February lOOu, tho .,,,-
dersigned was appointed   administra*
tor of 11.,- e ,t ii,- uf the al,-,-, e    named
Ernest 11,-lunger, deceased.
All persons having   claim-   against
the -..id d, ceased ot hi- estate are .■■.
quired to tile llie same with tne,   dull
v.-.; it'..-1 l.y   a-rljd.ivil    or   lii'clar.itiun,
ii ithin one month froin   the   date   of
, hi- notice, after which time   I ho   -•-- |
late will he.,/; itrd) mod   without    re-
gaul to any claims of u hi.-h    I    shall j
nol have had  no,ice.    And   all   per *
s ons indebted to said deceased or   his
estate aieheiiliv   required   to  make]
.■*.■■■■■"■■■ to me forthwith. ijVlfclijlg  Agfiflt
ii.'.ilfi'- in Stauj.0 uu*1 Kaiicj  Gi'occfies,   Miner's  Sni-uli'li'a
|'.i,-i,]:;t'ls, Su.'ks, Mjlls.   (iiovc*:,    UijU>■■}--.,    I'll,),T
Wi'lll'        Ovt'l.'lli- l','ll''l!l .Mi-,:i,'!l;i'-.
S.'iil i'lii'vy.
NELSON 8, -8, ' BOX 1095,.
I laymun on i uertaiu committee,    now
ii- mem bets, -i\ or -even   third   par-
I it's     hate     bOCl.     fo. lie,I     W ilhin    its
tion  -l.l'l  IIOl   l j,j',-| , .-ed     aiueiidnien,,
ranks to dictate to it,   and    McUrido' .        ,   ,   .
, w.-.s passed over ..- ii  via-, intended   it
■nenils ino-t ol' his lit-i,*   on   the   lloor'   ,,,,.., .    ,.,
I should li--.   lh,- aforesaid liberal press
ol   the    Hogse,   apo| igizing   lo   the ~,il   ,     \-,
, howev/u-seized on tbe item, and   with    J
clever Libe;-ajs   «lu;   have   cornered   , ,,. , * son to who
Jag   headlines    paraded     ,!,,-     news
! im: all uf   w|d, h    i.    probably   very     ,  ,     ,, . ,      ,   ,      ,    ,
1 - | 'John Houston ignored and   laughed
acceptable reading   to   the   few   ..Ice      .    „.,    .       , ,    ,      ,       ,
.at '      I he fact thai he had a   lengthy
look upon the reports   circulated   by'    . . . . ,     ,
' private interview   with    Mr.   L/iirter
ihat -heoi. a- inspired truth.    To the  ,, . , ,
Cotton, i*-, construed   to   mean   thai
ordinary individual  who    note*    tbii     , . ,. .
these, two nave formed a coalition    to
II - Government is still iu power, that ' „.,.,,., mt*j-., ;,i.-.    And sn ,|,c member
ils   record   for   l!)0   past    year   has   f,ir Nflion is much the mo«l   intcrcst-
;i-eiijjllie i   ii   greatly   wjth     the^ fog personaliiy to both   Liberal    and
Dated  the 13th day of I'Vl,    l-UOO
I'. Tuck,
Olljcial Administrator, i
Stocks and Shares
—- -AGENT    Foi'.--*.--
Mutual Life Jnsiij'.-ni! t- Company of X< w Vmi-.,
Canadian Casiilaty--Boiler Insurance Co,
London Mutual Vive Inswanw) Company,
rs!)    (J . W.    K, i i li, , I" ,.l v (.lh, r  per j
,,   he   m iv      haie trail--
ferrcd his interest iii   the St. Thomas (!i;,-nv;i  \<hv 1 ii-JUMHiv < '(>iU]i:Uii
and Teleginph mineral claims -ilualid-
in the      Nel-,,,,        Mining       Divi-1 ]     ' u '       ■ ■   '■
.-i, li of Wi -t    Kootenay    I li-! lie!. and
recorded in the  Recorder's  olliee   for
the Nelson Mining Division.
Y,ui and each of you are herein
notified that 1 have expended une
hundred and tw
.Mill,   li-  (.-.
 3   expe    one ^$^^&1^^9999999'$99&&*
i  dollars    and   fifty /j?                                                                                                       vi
onaliiy to both   Liberal     and   cet)tH (§i02.50) in labor and improve-1 )k
ntivc  politicians al    Victoria. Lients upon   the above mineral claims /jj\
'lectorale,   and   il,:>!    McUrido   has Cunseri
lill the confidence of  hi-   adherents, *, ,s Bllfo to say that any little action li der to hold same under provisions
eh reports are worthless,  and   eve,, ,,f j,jM Iifjivever innoceiitlv   intended,  of (he Mineral   Act,   and   if  withii
those part- of then, «Inch deal   iv.tl
nrdiuury    business,   a,-,-    discredited
I, cause of   their   e
jealous partisanship.
• i ,   i                             ,■    ninety davs from  tl.e date of ibis nn- /lj\
ii ,i can possibly he   t,<i\. „   nn   an,, ,         •'                                                     i '.I.'
ticeyou tail or    refuse to   contribute rt\
.Mel'.lide     twist,     nill     l.e       iu-t.illl .1V [                      , •           f               I ,             ,        ,1 /iii
,   .                                       ,,                                                                            I your  portion ot expenditure,   toi-ether /1\
hi cause  of   their   i-inh-ui   taint     ot                                                                 I    ..                                 . -,!•.
j heralded forth  by   ilu-    l.ioeral-.   a?  with all costs of advertising,  your   in- -fj\
, another nail in lho coffin of the horri
Thai, surplus i- still    worrying   tlio, bly-temicious Premier.   Happily how.
opposition Press, which refuses under ever, there is lio one more   competent
any consideration  whatever   i"   give   ,;,,,,,   .|,,|,,,    Houston,   a    newspaper
credit to the Government for   l.avinif ' ,,- , ,,,   ,, .      ,,,,,;,,.,
man lum-i It. to sine up these   puerile    ■ ... , j -.*
brought about a   condition   ,,t'   public'
finances almost unprecedented in   th,
history of  llritish   Columbia       Just   -.»»*.
lief  the meetinu of llie Hnuso,    the
rumor gui abroad, that Premier   M-- '
lh ih- had been unable   to   f u I fill   bis
I ri nii-e-.,    1,1, I    that,    lift, r   all,     he
iti,uld haie   to   announce   a   deficit,
Y\ hercunon   the    aforesaid     I.ihcal        *0
att.einpi-. ai their propei value.
terest in said claim   will    become  lhe j/U
property of the subscriber, under   see ; /4\
ion-I qf an act    entitled "An   Actto m
mend   the   Mineral     Act,    1900,, n\
All I'KTKKS.     j -/j\
Dated at  Vmir, 15. G,   this    I 1th | /JV
-iv 1904. : a\
as sv
■Hi       . jji
If       af! I
—BaBMniao» a—— wm
•-j-*!) James Graham or any other pet-1    y.;
j     to whom ho may haw-  transferred     i
^X   hi- inii-ri-.-t- in ihe Yankee Uirl,   Ca-'    '--*
niidiini (li,l .-md Ya!e Fraction miner
id claim«, situated on Dundee   moun-
Tfiaee ?«']*-,R''.s    tain, about two miles froin   Ymir,   in
DusiQNe       i  ,    .. ,       ,,. .     ,,. . .       ..   ...   ,
Copyrights &a.     the ISelsor. .Minii.e Division ot    11 i--t
Anrnnf 'flltUnS li Ikolrb ini'l dOACtiptlon 1.!""
pi-uss proceeded    lo   gloal   extremely,
nnd to dimouncc   tl.e   unbusinesslikeI     niA,VJ""';;™;'!;;«i;^:,!!^1^^::^;' ^ K.-,,eiiav lii-i,i,-l,   and   tecorded   m
,     ,       .     , . • ,   I      invoiitlnn - |,r,,i„,i,ir t,,.u-"o-",".  t'ninniunlra.. i
ni'hod- ,,t   that     eoierninent    iv   nli I       a atrlcin/rnnSSontlal. Handbook on Pauinta    i;,,. |; irdCI'S olln-e   lor   the   Nelson
..in in*,.. OMobI ,.u',',,,y foraot n- |.i.tt-'ii«.     |
had been unable   to   evcell   all   pre-       J-_Ztt%itt*&£<£*& ""   M.niiiK Division,
Scientific Hmerican.   ^,,,,,,,,1 ...„-., ,,f yo? „,,. ,,,,..,1
l i.ni- loe ll  e nel lllll,'111-.      Win-ll   llOll-
bt'oiimo km,v.,, thnl    the   flrsl '     AhMidiomairilluatratsdwaekir.  l*mjt,gij   notified that ivo have expended   tin
1 «•!   1 -mi.- i\ iMi-n 11 iM.n     im     in-*. "lii'it'i'i u nt  i.iv  plantlflo Inurtial    Termi $8fl  |
. 1      r,.„'r; i.-uii. Uu <■   fioidbyol. newidoalors.     luindml tJoJIiira   (§.'J00.OO)    in    li bor I
••'|,h""';"   ll1"*"1'   ,"'"*""1    'I     MUNNSCQ-^,3'°^'N8WYCraia,„l   improve nts  upon   tl.e  above
"      ""'      ''" " ':' '" ,;' v"'":- :'      mineralch. , der to hold   same
I in,der the provisions of   the   Mineral
coincident    v, ill,   the   first
• I . ,;■     - .line   . lovei .intent        I',, iti-ll
Columbia ever had,    a    uuick scmei-
s.-lllll   w-is lienllv    exiillted     hv     these
viicifiTously ci it ic.il sheet -. The on-
I |,os«ible way out, was >,, | ret lid
tluil , ho accounts show big lho -
I.;,,- w,,-,- cooked accounts, in »pite
o| ibe 11 iiiiieiite ,,| the Auditor.
,,. ,11 id, -,,-, 'In- fact remains and is
ne ontestable "lh it the lii-i Conset vn
live (lovct timenl li, iii-l, Columb u
ei. r had ' has been ublo tu accomplish what no preceedinjj  novel timet,I
llf  the   Prill illi i> hllS  been  llhle    to    do.
'I he uttitu I,- of tl pposition    to-
ivnrds Mr. John Houston M, I'. I'
1 1 Nelson Is mosl curious nnd in*
ii H -1 in-,- Tentative efforts aro n*. i-
denl It I h ■ i 11 l: niiele to in 11 his   -111011I-
,!, iiie.' llallie of ,-inyl-l   ilLtaill-l   the  .Me-
Ih ide parti, into n flame, Hut the
greatest ,-,,,,,,,,, i-  observed,      John
i. a < ' ill-el Wlliie, even if he dllCS   lint
like lho Joly McHrideites, „- he calls
il,,.,,,, The Liberal diplomat who
undertakes tn incrctt»d Iiiu rosotitlheiit
Customers nil over Canada tell us that our Mail
Order Department lias
meant to lliem added convenience iindlcsscneacost
Tha fifty-yr.ir reputation ,-f
.-ur -, ire ataurea ialiafac.
,i„n ,,, mail order purcliaaera
,,,' |eweiry, watcheii eU-rer.
., ^rv, ■uilonerfi etc.
Our complrl,- calnlo^iifi will
(jUclly he Brut 0,1 icqucit.
Act, and if within ninety    day-   fro...,
the date of  lllis noli, e Voll   fail ur     le-
fuSO tO eon, 1 it,,ile yciUI   |„,| liull  of   ,'X-
j pelidilllle.  t(l|{eth. .   « i. ll lill    cos,-     of
I advertising,   your   interesl   in    said
1 clailllS  W ill   bee e      the     pin] er, V     of
the subscribers, under section I ,,l  an
ael entitle.! "An A, 1 to  Amend   the
; Mini raI Act,  1900."
1 11. K. (Jrobe,
; li  MeLeod,
I (I.   A.   Lolt-ll
ll.it,,I  III   Vlllil   II.  ('.,  lllis     lllth,
day of January 190.1.
7;   ~- :
•ir '  _\
4t*t-*l->*(>*****fi4 + **«-»4-»***»-«--»*»*t*44*»      (\\
I || |
Tlir l'.t-.-t Meals +1 T \
viid Acconiniodation + 5JJ c^
In Town. t1 ™
  i as       *»
I A fine Hclection of Wines, X   ^ ^
*       r..,.,or.san«lC.g.i.'8.       j   m YlTlir,      B.   C. •
>   '/■
X J   W.  MASTERSON,     Prop, tl  tS^  M/
sux,     Prop, ti  '•!«** .W
X     ^^.€lt^^^t9A^1^tmA^^_t,_ti£i4t.AA__i__t_ti__\_^
f4.t*.**.**.t«*4.f«;     vv--^--***>.-*^-*^*h*-^.*^**^-*^*^.*^*^*^-^*^-j»^
_w__m $7*.	
J(JS7  /N
'■'lush car. uf groceries.    <i«-i ,,,,. priue on tha-m goods ai we
ft|*e selling then,! ohpap, and   wu  always  load   i',„   l,;w
"tVe can please you fur quality a.  wall  an  j" i.'--   a'|  lines
heing   ,c'iiice,|.
■*. Wo am selling at very low prices,    (lubbers—,..- are going
to plosp them out before spring     Opt • mi-
prices before buying.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
g.--5-rsV4—   i ■ >-ma—i-L--.'-Laaiij--v.-_jj-.--
had no assurance, even of the remot
est character, that without assistance |
iron, the Province, construction is t
! be begun will.in the Province f>
several years io come. We do nol
Bay that any blame attaches to the
managers uf the Grand Trunk Pacific I
Company fur this condition of affairs,
Tlu'v know their own business best
and they lunk upon the matter a- it |
affects their own interests The reflection is entirely upon those politicians who deliberately and Knowingly
deceived tlie public for political, purposes
.Ovci'  Capitalization,       I sl1'"-1? reflected frpm the snow   masses
 .-  • A-hicli cover his   beloved   rocks,    the
liuring the  decade from   18"-l   l»[ vast stretches   of   mountain   ranges,
• a '. the dividend account of   British  1,,,,1-i,,,. ,1-,-,, ., f,*0*,e„ ocean spread be*,
Columbia's   mines   shows   in   round  fQ|-e him as he   gnues   fiom   a   star-
^\1( (is iiiiin i \i-i v inoi-n|ug
except Siin.liiv, tor freight
nn.'l pat-gen govs for Yniir
mill, J>\ special i.r.lt'ii-- on
Stinilavs, Or fur- Yinir mine.
ALEX- QQQIg   P*op.
lumbers   -$7,500,000,   the     iininiiml,striking peak, the vivid st-nsets which
[capital invested being represented   by||ie M\n[\yBa ,dm.*st daily, the exuggera.!
■■''"■ ■'""■••    This shows !'■ I.-I l"'i'| si,,,,-„f the atmosphere,  his  natural  SPOkane FallS   &
cent, on tl.e nominal capital   for   the ttsuhcruncy r.iid iihnornml   bump   of,     tT- , __
|Ieuide,.rl.Oiqpercout  !„-,   iinimui hnpe^alhtheso.make him a liar even       JMOrtXlQrn ity,
uutlie .luminal capital, but   assuming w;t|, \,\mo^ \
,l„„ t,",e actual1 cash capital    iuvoiyud I     iiM __ UlB „,„, ,„, iuA „„,y j I    l^'L^rlndTouth $C
v.as   „„!y   $15,000,000,   t tctua!, |,B, whon his dny« are numbered,   de-  land, Nelson,  Grafid  Forks and Re-
dividend account would  I..-   $7,500,-   part to a realm where every   lit't   in'public,    Hufjutcars run between Spo-1
:'.ui divided   by  $15,000,000  eijuals
',', per   • i ..     Heretofore   the   divi-
dends liom   It.-iti.sh  Columbia   mines
Oailyj Train
clouds discloses to his  fascinated  oyo lmnB *»nfl Northport
a pay streak" of uold. and may   lie   at! Effect ivo Juno Ull:, 1908,
last   depart tn a   place   where  there!   cave
have looked small because  they   have „,,. |,:(,„ty „f  panned    Boston   bii-kojl   .qj* ani
ei, -e, against nominal  capital   ac*  |)0ttl)Si an(j „   M.iiieicnev   uf   baking    9J2 aim
count,    As this   nominal   capitnlij!a-Luwcje|VS.lw bosom and flour, fur  tlm
lion iu llritish   Columbia   has   been   prospector is tho man who   finds  the
earried on to absurd and extravagant  mines that furnish the sold   for   the
extent, ,1 tl„, dividends admitted   to j WOrld tu do business on.   Curse   bin.
hupiii.land   which  have  been   p»"d I not, yo inft(lc!n.
are set against the actual cash capital !   _
iiiyested-asll.aveshoivn-the   re*     Q    ,p    p    Con8tpi|ct,on.
suit 1- 1101 hy any means (liscoifruging
indsugiiestthat future  management      Respecting the construction of   the
Grand Trunk Pacific under the scheme
confirmed by Dominion Act   of   Par-
Mill -.■'■'ire.i dividend   margin   oven
double that represented iu the past.
'I'he injury done the province from
excessive capitalization of mining concern- in llritish Columbia,  has    been
lin,net, there were two main objeo-
liuns un far as the people of this pro
vinoo were concerned,   On., was   tl,,,
■varied and extensive.   The most far- general terms under which  the  road
'l-eacliinu-, however, bus heen    that    of   n-as to be built as compared with the
Iiii p.m
Kossl111.il 4*85 p.m
Vmir a 85 p 111
7.lit) a 111 Nelson 7-90 p*m
! 1:1)5 .1 in     Grand Forks      -t nn p-m
h30a.ni Itepublio 646 p.m
nv Lsix<;
unuking the dividends appear infinitesimal compared with ihe fictitious
capital   set   against     iliem.        The
terms of tlio proposal ...adit bv Mr.
It. I., llu.'ilen, loader of the opposition; and lho other was the faol    that
olnmges iii ineotion with tho   ...in-  no provision had been   made   in   the
cral industry now progressing ir.   thu contiact for simultaneous commences
■province, will include a wholesome revision of the overcapitalization tnelh*.
-.nd-. This elimination will show the
f iml nice sheet as it really  is and   the
meiit of construction as this end. It
was pointed out that the extension of
the time during which lhe Western
pm tion uf the railway could   be    con
ic-,,!, will place thu   financial   aspectktl'Ucted by three years, was a   dolib
of llritish Columbia milling in a much j,.,-,,,,• attempt to enable   the   railway
liettei light than has heretofore    pre-   company to hold up lhe Province    f.
The Prospector.
-Seattle,    Tacoma
ANI) A I.l.
At  Lowest   Prices-
You'll lil;.: the tastu, You'll like the price,
Today we inn underselling our competitors in ev.erythirig in the;   •   r,
linn, and we are making money every d-n, because w,  1. .'ii, v,, in ,    .
tils ami quick returns.
We are ,, it a tru.st or con,hi,,,, i,| this line, but ivo are prepare-1   t'
pose st|ch and onii in.ike yot' prices that, will starve the combines to  ,-
We cap \ a laii,',i assortment   nf   Patent   Medicines   at    .Mr:
maiked price and can show you a saving of :i.i per cent, in thi- line
Stationer)' and A).aginiiil0S, we carry everything thai tin- Male
and strictly up-lodate in fancy Papertins, Calling Cards ,ve. ,i..*.
|n this line iyn have a large slock.    Sen what we   have   10   ofji-r,      .- 1
use your own j>, U'iii'-ni, don't tlpnk they are cheap because ti,-- pi i--'- i*
Johnson's  Clothing and Bell's   8hoes   arc   Our
U. S. T.  ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Ymir,     B,     C.
St. Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
IdlillAllY   CAIts,    MODERN
1IKAI.S A    I.A    , AI1TK.
:i subsidy, ur otherwise it meant   that 	
thero was no intention of   commence, j Best    Meals   Oil    Wheels.
iflg the llritish Columbia   port     of " TRAINS        O
the road until   utter   all   the   other   II ly
parts had bee,, completed.    It is   un-   L EAST AND WEST DAILY L
Shelf  and   Builders    II inlwi   ,
Paints iiiid   < lils,    Si,,.-,-.    I'
Steel, Powder, Fuse   and   i.'.h -.
Oranito   an I   Tinware,    s *■ .,,
All Kinds ,.f Plumbing, 1 1
sniiihiiiu and General lie* ,,
The Colorado mountain press   pos-
-t-sts a |i,ih ,,,-ilist, of ...licl. ...ore  than
average ability—tho   editor   ,.(   the
1 'uster    11 it idoi
.11111.-1.n; ivo'd pit-till,- of the   pro-pec
lor i- ivoiih preserving:
Here he 1 ic*», with his overalls or|,ubJ00' wu" *laitB  »PPare»Ui   and   in
necessary here to refer to the   consid-
iinitions    which    rendered    such      nu
Tho     followini/1 agreement a grave   injustice   to   the
Province of British Columbia,
Special    Ivvcui'sioii    Rates
To World's Fair, St. Louis
Your Choice of  Route,
The Mutual Life [nsurance Company <>I'N. V.
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
A policy in it ia the safest investment known to man,
dash invested in Life Instirai'rp is ciihIi invested t!i.,t   will
The feeling of the   people  on   the
For .'..lex, folden and lull Information
regarding trips, call on or ai'dros an   I'Otvit'll (.'OlUpOUUll interest,
corduroys well marked with gouge or order tn oflsei  the  prejudice created  agent of the S. F. *N. Hallway or
Urease, usuallv both.     II-   whiskors ■" tlleil mmi* 'Waintt   the   contract, H. a. JACKSON,       II. BKANJH, . .
Lnll I        ,, ic * p. a      t. p.AT'A   1 stimnce,    It iirovit es \ov tie iuimly. protects a ma   in  In-
' W H-h» a hungry  phy- •*««.mn »•«»'*«•«'■* VjO W*BI-Sr»wr I s ,-lle        old age, and protects his other ilivesiits.     Vov    rule-   .,„
l0" >■ l-"1" eofrlchesl^r-icti f  the Grand   iru.ui any form of life insurance appl) to:
All successful business men carry laim. tnuounts of lifi
to bo acquired if only the  hole could -Ptt*'*nc would be begun   al   this   ,-,,,1
be sunk deeper.    Who is   Lhe   outmT "fwthwltli anrl uari-ied   to completion
S climes he is   an    individual    who
could resurrect ,1 hheepskiu issued by
Mr Eliot of Harvard,   (Ifterier he is
11 plain An,erica,, citizen with little
schooling, bui versed in the fore of
individual contract and being up
ii'.',,ins, it.
Nutty! Nol much—only born  will,
the pioic'cr instinct—the   wandering
foot — the ear w hich hears only lhe
' ill uf the wild. Many of then,! Si,
S.-uoi-; many Every boy who hacks
bit name on a fence with his jack-
knife Is a tel.it ivo of Daniel Boone,
the same who in his Kentucky cave
cut "II. il." on the rock wall of his
refuge from savages,  there      tu    ho
lead with Iti-tftd   feelings    by    those
v ho now dwell in fair Kentucky.
'I'he prospei-toi   is    always    ,1    liar.
Id- can not help it,.   The bright miiii-
il the same tune as lhe other portions
of the road. We pointed out that
this was an evident attempt to deceive the people,  ns    there    were    no
clauses or conditions iii the contra,-!
lo enforce it. As a final resort, a
letter fro... Mr. Hays, general manager of the Grand Trunk Ruilway, to
Senator Teinpleman wu- published on
the eve of the e!,'elion,   assuring    bill,
that A-s soon as SURVEYS
struct ion   would   commence,   at    the
Pacific    end    and    proceed    eastward 1
without delay.
Needless to s.-iv, lhe electors of
British Columbia, buoyed up with
hopes of a transcontinental railway
and promises ,,f its immediate eons
struction, riturtied ,. solid contingent
of seven Liberal men. -ers In   Ottawa
L'p to the pre-ieiit   time   we   ha.e
Prom a ccITm
apooti to a Ulcus
and dollar pre
arutatioti ant.
Henry Dirka &
Sons' facilities
for making aoliil
illverwara arc
-posscHsed by no
oilier concern In
c'.natT jua. ArtisticdeMgn-
era, modern machinery, and skilled hand*
workers, all under the iltiect supervision of
practical members of Un- firm, tnnkenn un-
equalled combination for ttiruiug out fine
Write for illustrated catalogue.
Sterling SHVer,
Silver Plate,
Watches, etc.
Henry BirksS Sons
Percy J. Gleazer, Local flqeni
Wilson  &   Harshaw nki-son&kt. shepahd ry..■■>
Jcwcikri in lit* Y xt.flli.Dcy
thi* Kftrl t<f Minto.
Draymen and
VMI It,    II.    C.
HHiulHiig heavy freight a
(lorrcspondenco promptly
nttondetl to.
V.  V. it K   KV.  & S   L'l),
.ml (iri'iii Northern, Noi-tlmrn I',ii-,i',
1 nnd 0. It. -i-' N. •'"..   for  piiintji  en 1.
1 west and  south : connect 1  111   ll" ■
I I,Uld lllld N'elsull   will,    'le-   Clllllliliil.l
Pacific Itiiilwav.
('iinneet-. 11, N.-l-iin with the I'. II
.<.• N. Co, for ICasIn .-md K, anrl H
Connects „t Curlew with stijgr foi
(1 reen win ill and   Mid« ai1. I), <'.
Itnfi'et  car*, run on  tr.iin*, between
Spokane and  tlonublic
tieiienil PhMonger Agt,
Spokane, W.iitii SSStaant
'•'iitslt car ni' groceries.    Qet mp price ,-,.. tie-.-,, goods ,i- wa
Pl*e selling therfi ohpap, and   -vo -ilv, iy-  Imuj  {or  |nw
y7c can please yon for quality 113  wall  an price,  a'|  li,;i:v
heing   reduced.
•-. Wc nre Belling at very low price*!,    Ilubbers—...- are going
to close then, out before spring      -1,-t oqr
prices before buying.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co,
had no assurance, even of the remot»
est pharacter, that without assistance
from tin* Province, construction is Lo
be begun will,in tlie Province for
several years to cojne. Wo do nol
-say that any blame attaches to thp
managers „f the Grand Trunk Pacific
Company for this condition of affairs.
They know their own business best
and they lui.k upon the matter as it
affects their iiwu interests The ,e-
iiei.tiiiti i*. entirely upon those jn.liti-
chins who deliberately and Knowingly
deceived tlie pifhlio fof pnlioicaj p,,,--
ALEX. QQQIg   Prcp
.Over  Capitalization,       I .«hino rellocted frpm ihu snow   masses
  ' Jihich cover his   beloved   rocks,   the
Outing the decade  from   |i?i)|   In, vimt stretches   of   mountain   ranges,
j  'Mil th? dividend account of   I'litU. |*jUUing 1 ike a frozen ocean spread be«
L'nlunibia's   mines   shows   in   round  fqre him as he   ga-.es   fiom   11   star-
I numbers   ^T,500,000,   tin iitml uti-jkii 4 peak, the vivid smiBets which
[i-apitnl invested being represented   by be adniireii almost daily, the exaggenu!
$.111,000,000.    This shows 10 l'i per ,jons 0f the  alpiosphere,   his  natural  SPOkaiie FftllS    & I        W
cent, nn the nominal capital   for   lhe t.j;ulicraney and  abnormal   bump   uf,     Z.-.        ,, --j |,,.,,„,„,
Becadeor l.Oj-3 per cent  per   Bnnuin ; |,np(. .-all.tlicao nml;.. him ,1 lin,   even|     IN OYliXQYXl Ry,
11 Jim nominal oapittll, bul   assuming  w|,|,  idm-elf.
I that tin- actual oash capital   i 11 v.,:*,.*.| ,     |i|(V.-.(| be the prospector, and may
*j.--,B i,„i „v ,„o,-,,i„gl -     At Lowest   Prices,
except Sunday, for freight
iu:l  pat*seiigcivs   for   Ytnipj
,1*011,    By special iii'ili'ii-  mt        ...   , , ^_^_^_— ,_^_—
,,'     ,      .  . i   ,.     *.* 1 oday we orn uiKorselhng our competitors in ev.erytlitng in I'h
•biinijays, Or hu1 1 hut mine, 1 '
you'll lil;,.- the tastu, You'll like the pric
line, and we are making monej evury 'l-1'., because wi  1. -li, vi. in
tils nnd quick ret urns,
1 n-
a are n it n tinst ,ir con.bii.u in tins line, but wu are prnpare i
l„,se such and ,..,,, make yot) prices thut. will starve tho coinbnies in -
^^^^^^^^^^ Wu ua.-t \ a large assortment   eif   Patent   Medicines   at    M ml
'j' lie only    nil   rail   route   but ween I mat ked price and can show you a saving ,,t' •'■", per ,■,-,,t. in this line    - 1
________..  ,,,,,,,.        > .      1      i^aBaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai ,       points east, tvesl. and south tl| lloss- I Stationery and MagiwillOS, WO Car-I-V OVerytllilia tllftt the trade
was   on y   $15000.000,   the   actual  ,„. -,,.„„ ,,is ,la>, ,,„ m„„i„,,„li   ,,,..  ,    ,  „„, -.,.,„„,  p   ,.„  „„, ,-,.., ^ - _    ^ - J   J      ^
■ dividend accom.l, would   lie   -Ji.tiUU,-  pil,.t to a realm wliere every   lit'i   in   public,    Huflotcars run between Spo-
I ......1 divided   by  *$15;00Q,00Q  equula ,-iourls rihsclasoai to Iiiu  fascinated   eye k'tne and Northport i   gQygi    YOUTHS'  AND QENTS'   PURNISHINGS
-,11 per -.-ei.     Heretofore   tho   divi- L pay st|-pak'of uold. and may   he   itt j Effective Junn Utlt, 1008, *    "
j--n,l-li'im   British  Columbia   minos hast   depart, to a   place   where  tliero! r-0l»'8 DailyJTraln Arrive
have looked small because  tjiey   In.'*'!,„-,. plnntv ,,f  ninned    Boston   Iwkeil   ,?A. a,m *foHw B4fi p.m |
, .     .....  :....,    :,..!    ..... i . ". ... ....     1 In fn ,1.111 Kossltiml 4.86 p.m
been kut agHinst nominal  capital   »c-j bpans, and  11   sulliciency   of   baking
''",;"'-    -Va this   n inal   uapitulijsa- powder, sow bosom and Una,-, for  tl,„
lion in Hriti-.li Columbia ha- been Li-oapectoi' is tho man who finds the
i-a.ried ,„, ,n absurd and extravagnnt mjnes that furnish the gold fo. the
extent, if the dividends admitted   to world to do business on.   Curse   him
be |,:ii I and    which   have   been   pMU   „ot, yo'illfidek
iue .-ei against the actual eas.li capital ' 	
invested—as I ham shown—tlm    re-;   /-.    -n    i-»     •*-• 1        -1
. .. G.  r. P. Construction.
suit ,- iiiii by -my incut, 1 discouraging
and suggest that future  management      Respecting the coustructi f   tlie
will secure ,1 dividend   margin   oven  ar«ud Trunk Pacific under the wheniB
e that represented in the past.    | confirmed by Dominion Ant   of   Par-
*••* dm,1,
i).:l-J .i.ni Vmir .'. 85 p 111
7,20.11 m Nelson 7-30 p"m
11:115 a in Grand Forks -t nn p-m
h :i() a.ui Ki-nnlilie ii. l.'i p.m
ALIj    TUE     TIjVTE
Seattle,    Tacoma
In this line we hayo a large stunk.     Sen what we   have   to      f
use your own ju Igment, don t think they are cheap because the pric,  ,-
The injury done the province   from j Ha-iient, there were two main   objeo-.
I excessive capitalination of mining con» tinhts SQ far as the people of this    pm
eei-ii-in Hi iti-.lt Columbia, has    beenU-inpo were concerned.   One was   the
■varied Mid extensive.    The must far*  ncneral terms under  which   the  road       ———————
I „t iiciiu 11.1 iii-i uiitn 1    i.iii.ii    tin    111.111 , (     /t--,iti'p        HMIV'IV
i-eaeliinu, hiiw ever, lms been   that   of was to be built an oomparod with the  I Auli'11/    wAol      lUI.NIo
■nuking the dividends   appear   iufln-• tei-mtf uf tlio proposal   made   by   Mr,' _
■itesimal ciinparod with   the  fictitious j^, j^ )]un|un| louder of   the   opposh |St.   Paul,    Chicago,    New
■capital   set   against     them,        'I''1*3 tionj and the other was the faol    that
■changes iu connection with the   mt"* no provision had been   made   in   the
jg-rriil industry now progressing in   the Lontiact for simultaneous  c  nee-
Krovince, will include a wholesome re; „„.„, ,,,- L.0nstrUotion as this end.    It
vi-i,,,, ,,1' il„. iiii-rcapiiuliwtioii ineth*.| WM pointed out that the extension uf
the time during  which  the  Western
    pm limi of the railway could   be   cm,»
Ii will place the financial aspect !,.t-.***.|*.,| t,v three years, was a dolib.
nf British Columbia mining in a much erntu attempt tn enable the railway
liettet light than bus heretofore   pro- company to hold up the Province   foi
Johnson's  Clothing and Bell's   Shoes   arc   Our
U. S. T.  ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Ymir,    B,     C.
DKAL13R  l\
■as.    Thi.-. elimination will   bIiow   the
fbal'iiice shuet as it really  is  and   the
The Prospector.
MKAI.S .1    I.A    CAUTB.
11 subsidy, or otherwise it meant   ihat —,—m
there was no intention of 00 ,,ee. j Best   Meals  on   Wheels.
'ing the llritish Columbia   portion    nf
the road  until   after   all    ll.e
York, and
si,,,It  and   Builders    II u-d «
Paints and   lids.   Stoves,   I'
Steel, Powder,  Fuse   and   < '-n -.
(I run i to   an I   Tinware,     S •■ in,
All kinds of Plumbing, Tim
s,,,iil,i,,e ,11,d General Up| ii
The Colorado mountain press   pos«
-e-si-,a iniiriialist of much more Ihan
niei„,.e  „l,ilitv--ll,e   editor    I    the  	
Custer    Guidon.       Tho     following | wtfeeiiietit a grave   injustice   to   the
Province of British Columbia,
The foollllg llf llie    people    ,,,,    lh,
2    FAST   TRAINS     f)
musing wo'd picture of ihe prospo
,,- i^ it,„ill presorviug:
Here ln> i,,iiii-, with his overalls or
,', nil,,ovs i. ell mat
parts bud been ,-itnpl,-ted.     ll  in    tin-	
necessary here to refer to >ousid*. .  Till'  Mllllllll   Life   I IISlll'IllK'C Collltlllll V of N . Y .
(.rations   whioh   rendered   such    an| Special   lixcursiou   Rates »~~~~
To World's Fair, St. Louis
"I'oiir Choice of Route,
lubject was quite   apparent,    nnd    in
ked with gouge o,.Ioi-cler to oATmoi the prejudice created] ^,','t ofTh.-'s'."k,'."* N. Iti.iiw.iy ",
I'nr rules, I'olilt-rs nnd 'nil luforniiitlou
igiinling trips, call on or m'dreil nn   I'Otlll'll i'..lll|J.illlnl illtt'l'l'St.
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
A policy iii ii is ilu-safest investinent known to mini.
Cnsli invcstcil in l.ifi- fnsiiPinic,' \< rash hivoste.il thai   wil
sulci,, assurances   wen-   ^'iie,,   ti,,,i|
eiinsti iielinn   of    tin-   Grand    Trunk
Pacific Would bo begun   at    ibis   end I
grease, usually Intl..     IN   w.iM«m|ln tlit-ii ml»d« .igulnst    nntrwt,|H. A .IACKSOX      H. BttANDr,
iue ragged and he has a Iningri   pliy-
siogunmy.   Listen to bis tale of riches
I-. lie aeipiireil it' only thn   bole   eoulil   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
be sunk deeper.    \VI„, is   t !1WH} forthwith and carried   to completion'
Komeiimes he is nn   individual   who '" ,l"'sil ' w "'" ' '' \»»"""*
could resurrect a sl pskiu iss i   „y ot l\\o mul    We   pointed   out  that
Mr Eliot of Harvard,   llftencr he U\M* w,w on evlr,el,t at,oraP'   '"   l|'''
t-eive llie  pen|ile,  as    lle-re    we,,-    nu
1, plain American citizen will, little
schooling, but versed in the lot., of
Individual eu..tract and being up
against it.
Nutty) Nol much—only born  withl
the pio,,'",T instinct—the   wandering
foot—tl ill" whioh  hears   only    lhe
call of tho wihl. .Many of the,,,! SI,
Senorj many     livery boy who  hacks
Iii* 1111,ne nn , 1 feiien    will,    bis   jack'
knife ii a relativo of   Daniel   Boone,
the same win, in his Kentucky cave
(•ut "D. B." 011 tho rook wall of his
refuge from savages,  there      tu    lie
lead with Wistful   fculltlgS    b>'    those
v ho now dwell in fair Kentucky.
The prospeito,   in    always    a    liar.
He can nut help it.   The bright situ-
clauses or conditions in ihe contract
to enforce it. As a final resort, ,,
letter from Mr. Mays, general malinger of the Grand Trunk llnilway, to
Senator Temple,nun w„s published on
the eve of the e'eelion, assuring bin,
st,-,,el im. would eoininenee al the
Pacific end nnd plueeed east waul
without  delay.
Needless to  sav,    .1 lectors   of
British Columbia, btloycd tip with
In,pes of a transcontinental railway
and pronation uf its immediate con"
struction, r, turned n solid contingent
of seven Liberal mem "ers to   Ottawa
L'p tt, the present   time   we   haro
All succcssi'iil biwiiioBH men c-iirry Ini'tru ittuotintN "I  lilt1
I.N, II.    llllll.MII, . , •    I e 1 e '*, I   •
i,   |- lV p- ,\       (,. P. & 'I" A.   iiisiiraiici',     It ]ii'iivi.|.'s lor 1-hr laniilv, [il'otectH a man in   lu-
7jo w . Kivewv o.spokano      old ago, and protects his other iiiveKtmontH,   for   rut en  mi
-«*■   ■     i -a-——aaaaaaa*.    (l ll\    fol'lll   Of life   \ 11S11 I'll III 'I' a ] 1| ll V   I Hi
Percy J. Gleazer, Local Aqent
| Sterling
P,nm a ccd>i*
sj*-*.,!, to a tlii.us
anil dollar lur
t.,,,,.tie,, art.
Unity llllkaSi
Sons" lacllltlaj
for making sellil
illvsrwsVI aic
pi.ssi-Hsr.l 1,y im
otlirr conrern In
eiaatT IM*. A rti-.tlr rlraHnfi-
«t«, modern Bsetitseffi she ifclll*d hand-
worker!, nil utidtrthi dlrtcl lupurvlsloB ol
p,ii,iirnl nietnbcri ot tlie limi, msktsn im-
equalled eotublllltlod („i turning out fine
Write for llltialrateil ratalojite.
,i,..rMisr» ■
Slcrllnj SiWer,
Silver Plate,
Watches, tic.
Henry Birks&Sons
Jrwr I--II m Hk 1 xtclkbcy
lh» In! . I Mil-ii
Wilson & Harshaw
Draymen and
YMIK,    II.    C,
il'iiulling heavy fl'diglit it
Correspondence promptly
atti'litli'il to.
V.  V.  i*i I-I   KV.  &  N   I'll.
nnd Ureal Northern, Northern I'm-ni
and O, II. X- N. •',,.,   for  point*  e.,.|,
west,  and   son,I, ; cotineeta   al    II"
land and Nels,,n   wilh   "I,"   Ciiniulnill
Pacific H ni I wi, v.
Connects at NeUon with tho  I'  II
.i'   N.   Co.   for    l-'a-l-i   nnd    K.   and S
Connect", at Curlew w-ith  Kliyj, ful
! (Ireenwood and   Midway, 11, I',
llllll'et,   ears  run on  trains hntwmul
Spokane ami  Ropublic
tieiii'tiil Paiiengor Agt,
Spokane, Waiiii
I agaa*sa»aaBaaaaaaBHa»aaiaaiW*»    mm
l'i:'.;,,-,....I i-vi-rv Salimlay and mail-id to any
•:!.!!■■■--.    r i„!e,. :-,■■! !,v ,*:,rri--r in ',.".!,.
i-;.. rtl-inK : tui, 1, ■-', ,  ■  ':•-'■-. ,i t -,,, ,-,,
Tun   inn-, e .-„„  ,„■ ,,, i   !r..i„   til  ,.    in
ngiiinot .iiie Governuii-iu, approaches
ll,,o task Wfirily, u/y tin.,'.' i,, ever a
danger,-thai in rubbing Ws fur ile-
.wrong way, I.-- piay turn and rend Ids
i..p,il,,'.'i',i.- interviewer, inn* deli.vet
i.nni a few Mouslonic i/pigraius, illu.s
i uaiiie of his opinion ol   the attempt,
'Su,, for the ,,,,,-! part, he   is   watched
.   ,\ nlui i - - In ll ■ .l1^'-!-.;;,.. "r  '•:-,,  ',-    -i.e. ,11 -I '
■ -..., ,t.,iu,,.- -.ii:-!-. j afar off, und   lij   di-.    Liberal   press,
i "iien-r-i-ii   iTii'lni-'   ,'   ';.■•■."'      li-ssrl]iliuji ' which    "-.ill    ii      at.' llOl -it i vet'.'       ois*.
- .-I l.li,. priftnlses, nl M-iii-iiil'l pric,
i-t r., i-i'iin pi ■,,,.
till,,.'.i.o   ,-, ni.,s,,,:.,.   i i,:•;,•; Nl
It.    ,."K'l,**'S,    M.lS.Mli'l;.
According   to   tl,,,-   Nelson   Daily I
Estat* of Earnest Be.an-| ^     MACDONALD & CO.
vu'ii:'!', to creditors
Ilia.iljets, Socks, Mill.--., (iloves,   B libbers,   Untie.!'
weat-     Qvej-'iills     Paten)      .Mcliciiies,
Ma! iiiir'i'v
TAKM JJotico that by an ordst ,-t
His Honour Judge Forin, dated the
I .'lil, day of February 1905, tho ..,.-
djersigned was appointed udministra-
tor uf ihe estate of the iihove    mined     I ).".ii.'i- in Slaplf au-1  ! ai;,-.   Gl'OCcHes,   .Mult-   :-M,-n-
la nest li, longer, deceased,
All persons having   ulaiins  against
the s.id deceased  ,, l,is estate arc ...
quired to file . he same will, ,,,,-.   dulj
i;,, iii-' I by   iifijdavjt   or   lioeliiriitinn,
w itliiti one month from   the   date   uf I
iliis notice, after which time   the   astute « ill Im :}i itrilj uted    without   re-
gaitl to nnv claims of which    I    shall j
nol have had  notice.    And    all   per"|
sons indebted to said deceased or   hit.
estate   ine lu-ieby    required   '->   ni.-ikii
, .ivtie-i.,  In mo foi thwilil,
baled the 13th day of l-'.-l.   1000
H. P. Tuck.
(llljeial Adniinistrator. i
NELSON 3, ©,
B0X IC95..
Mining Agent      -      Stocks and Shares
_ .^*Mne*v^-
claimed it ii goes wrojig, is left tin-
in.sk of tannine the lira A message
to lin- effcel thai John Houston
spciil lonie time iij 'I"' legislatiyc
Itttlls contcmpl.itiiig tiu3   ceiling,   was
in-tanlly construed into a   deep   ploi
SATURDAY.  FEB, '-"',   I90.-3.     j, ,'■ ,,      .■ n -,
-to nvertnrow   tlie   McuritJe   govern*
nent, by coalition with other suppa**-.-
,,i dissentients,      A good  humoured
News    the   Government   has    been  . ,     , ,
■ ■ .iiie.ji-.-in,ii iiv .t,,lin, ot a   suggestion
about thirty-seven times on tlio vci-gu ' . ,    ,        ,,      ,
I Unit n would l„- well to nave   a   tew
nl defeat bv reason ut'  the   revolt   of , ...
■ ' I laymun on a certain committee,   now
ii- members, si., or seven   third   i ir- I ,   .,
composed nt lawyers, ,-,   mere   sugges*
ties   Imve   been   formed    within   its    . . , ,
i ion .oui not i j-,, 11.-,-.1   amendment,
ranks to dictate to it,   and    M.cUrida' . .        ,  ,   .
I Was passed over as .1 was intended   ii
spends most of his lime  ou   tl.e   Boor-  ,     ,,,      .„,      ,        . , ,.,      ,
1 should lie,   I he aforesaid liberal press
nl   the    House,   apo) 'gizbig   lo   the  , -    ,        , ,     -,,
1 . however st tzed on the item, and   with
ileier Liberals   »ho   have   ';o| nered   , ,   i    .i
Ing   lie,,, la, ies    paraile.l     tl.e     news
him; all ot'   wliich    i,   prohiiblv   very     , ,     ,, . ,   ,      ,    ,
1 - I 'liilm Houston lgnoreil and    laughed
acceptable reading   to   the   few   w)io'   ...    .,., .,   ,       ,    -      ,      ,,
1 * , at        I lie fact tlial ho had a   lengthy
look upon tho reports   circulated   by'    ■    .   • .     • »,      , -
1 ' -    private interview   wnh    Mr.   Garter
lh.it sheet, as inspired truth.    To the  ,, • ,   . ,,   .
1 c iitnn, n. construed   to   mean   that
miliumy individual  wIm   notes   that
lhe Government is still in power, that ' ,,,,.,,., M,-1-,, ;,t.-.    And so tlio memhei
><-   ficoi-d   f«,r   the   pu«|    m-.-i,    has   (,„-NeLson is much the most   interest
sirengthe i   it   greatly   with     the ing personality to both   Liberal    and
electorate,   and   that   Meliride    I
'-|ili 'I iiili'l"ucii of   his   adherents,   [t is safe to say that  tiny little action  in order tu hold same under provisions    JHJ\ SM
such reports .no worthlass,  and   even' „f |,is however in. tly   intended,   of tl.e Mineral   Act,   and   ii  within |   j^i^^^i^^^S^^^m^^^^^i^^iiiiiii^
mO U. W. lit nl., , nu y oilier per
■ son to whom he ini\' have transferred his interest in llie St. Thomas
and Telegraph mineral claims situated
in the Nelson Mining Ilivi-
cinn of West Kootenay District, and I
recorded iu the Recorder's  olliee for
, I the Nelson Mining Division,
these two nave formed a coalition    to
Ymi and   each   of you aro   hereby
-j.   AGENT    FOB,——
Mutual Life Insurance Company of N<sw V
Canadian ('asulaty —Boilei' Insurance Co.
London Mutual Fire Insurance Company,
())ia\\a I'ii'e Insurance * 'ompany.
Mitt, li C.
notified that J   have   expo. 1    one      ^99999^99^9999999999999^
hundred and two  dollars    nnd   fitly     JmV "*\*J
,in«*,P ^i'y'«''oth Liberal    and   cent8 (-3*02.50) in labor and improve-    jfc B^feO DDINJTllVri H
l*8, Conservative   politicians al   Victoria,   ments upon   ll bovo mineral claims    i{\ a j % 9 O fi      $\ 1 1 l|    1   11  1 \J \\)
idinarv    business,   are    dNcreditcd',. , , ,    .      ticeyou Fall or    refuse to   contrilute Mft
,|McUrido   twist,   will   be    ,n**t;,„ili | yf)U|, |iulUi)|l „f expenditure, together j   /i\
I Lose i, ,| Is ,,,' , heni   whieh   dell      will '•     ■ -l'l !      llilll'tV lI'IVS frnlll    tllO (llltl! of I llis   I.l
ii.o-i p.in-,,, ,,,,,,, Mnn ii 111,11   «.in   ,, ,| (.Qp possibly bo   given   an   anti
nrdiiiary    business,   aro    di.credited
I, cause "I   their  ei ident  taint    of
jealous partisanship
liernlded forth   by   the    Liberals,   a?  with all costsof iidvertising,  your   in , /J\^
i          i ■   ,i       ,]<     .-.it      •    terest in said claim   will    become  the /i-l
                                      iinnilii r null hi lie- ,-olnii ,,t the horn-                                                                                 I r.'.1
i                                                            property of the subscriber, under nee ] (/i\
That surplus is still    worrying   tlio  bly-.tciiiicioUB ri-eimer.   Happily how.    j()n i qf nn (1(J.     entit)ed «An   Aotto jK
pposition Press, whicli refuses under over, there is no one more   competent     mend   the  Mineral     Act,    1900,, ■*}'*,
A.R.PETERS.    | jl]\
Dated in Ymir, 11. C. this   11 tli    /fj\,
M"-'    neill  Iiii,,-" ii. to -i.'.e lip   Ihese     |,tie,i|e    ,|,iy„fN,,v    :i,„| [    A\
nn- nip,-, a, their propei iulue
-y~.:.. -is*.*
mil cotisidei'tttion whatever   to   give  than   John   Houston,   a   newspaper
en-,hi to i lie < loveriimont fur   hie in
brought about a   condition   of   public
Ihiaiiccs almost unprecedented in   th,
history of llritish   Columbia       -I n-l
before the meeting ol ihu 11,,use.   the
 ...il  abroad, that  I'l.'lnier    M-- ^^ft^afaO It/" /iNE^E
Iii ide had been unable to fulfill his
I ri ini-es. i,i, I that, afli r all, he
Would have to announce a deficit.
Whereupon the nforcsaid Liberal
press proc led    to    gloat   extremely,
In |)l-:i,IN.,.l'l-:.\T CO OWNERS.    /i\
•n-i > ■!  .,,,   ' . iiniin or any other per
*f**0 J times Grahaii, *-i     , -. | • .        .,.
to whom ho may have  transferred     •}_
nadian (iiiI and Yale Fraction miner
is,.* this interests in ihe Yankee Girl,   Ca-
1    '
Biflsiisisssstw   -d el-iiiii-, siiuiited on Dundee   moun*
Tradc MaRKC    tain, about two miles from   Yniir,   in
CopvRToHr'i <f".i..    tl'" N,-|s,i,. Mining Division ot'   Wet
,- Recorder's olliee for  tho  Nelson
miiig Division,
nil,ok,» .... .-nam our opinion [roo win tin r in
,        .      , ... iiivi-iiii..ii ,-1 |ir..l.iil-lr l"i '■"'"■   "" I'liini'-"- I
l,, 'I,, I, Is ,,|   t liit     i.",. eminent    u   nl i I      i inns nt net ,t lUdontfnJ. nanitlioolionl'ntonrj 1111
i       soul ,.,'„. Otil.-.t .im-ii, v i,,r: ,;-,,,,,'■ ptitelila.
I -id  heeii  iiiedile    lo     eveell     -ill     l.le- ' I'nlonls llik.-n rl.r.-.iu-li  Mulltl  ! Co  rot»l« I 1|
,..,,, nn ii nn., ,,„    in    ivnii    an    pn    |      nweialtaollee, wlihouioharBO, lolio , ■ll
ii„uiluc.ilg.,vnrnmoiiLs.    When how- SCiCttttflC Jlt11CQ*iC-*(ltt« V"1"""1 ''"'',1 "''   *v""   lll'e  ll0IBU*>'
everit bee known that   the   first1     *ftSWa(B  ISSff-ift   "otified that w0 have oxpendefl  three
1      raMi "ourmonlos. I'   Sola Wall nowsilonlorj.    hundred dollars   ,.-:;,'!,.,„,)    in    h Inn
"i1"-"1'" l!"""11 L"'" ' BVOr    MlJNNSCQ^,3'^">'N8wYorI(i„,iii i,„P, t. „,„,„ ,i„. ,ti„,t,
iliunl' tat'n-u. f.!". I HI ■ Waabtngtoi. UU
h id,     , iiicidonl    with   lho   t,, -.
'"( Villi        .it lie    < I'ltel lllnenl I'-l il ish
(lol bin over had,    a   i|iiii I- st in.. -
- tuli was neatly executed by t hesc
vociferously ,-t i'i, d dieels. The on-
! i |.,,. -,i,le n .i\ on,, u .is ,.. | n-l, ltd
, hat tho accounts show my llui -■
pin- were cooked accounts, in spile
of ihn certificate nf tlie Audiiot
t lei,,*,'al, \ el the t',,,-i tomains   and    is
in, -ilahle "ill il   llie first Cnservn
live Government British Columb'a
,-i, i I nil' hus i,,ei, ii I >li ■ in accomplish wind no preceodmy government
oi the L'roiinco has been ahle  to   do.
i mineral claims in order to hold   samo
mm «ma».*rCT»»o»J     III,,III' fill'  plolisillllS of      I III'     -Milie,III
Act, nnd if within ninety   dais from
lhe dale of tlli ■ lint i' e  Voll   I'.lil  nr     |e-
t'n-i- in eon,, ibuto '.,,,ii poi, ion nt' expenditure, togethei with all   ,-,,si.s   of
j nilvei, ising,   y.iur   interc-il   in   «nid ,    .,,
I claims will become   the   property   of I   w
, he -nl— i ib, ru, under seel lon I ,,l an
e-t entitled "An Act  to   Amend  th
The ut i it ii le of tlio  opposition    lo-
tvnrdfl Mi. John Houston   M,   P.    P.
It  Nelson, is inns,   em ii us   nnd    in-
leresting    Tentntlvo oilorts aro   nvi«
il.i.tK- being mnde to rub his   smoul-
.!, , ing (lame uf angci against the Mm
I", ide part). into u Hume.      Bul
greatest un ution is  observed,      John
i  ,i . lonscrvntive, even ii ho does not
like tho July McHrideiloa, as he   call
lliein.    The   Liberal   diplomat    who
undertaken to inclxMe his reset,tiin-nt
Cur.tomers nil over Gin-
ada tell us that our Mail
Order Department lias
meant to them added convenience and lessened cost
Tlin fifty-year rtpuUtlnn ,,(
e„r hi ira assures aaUaiac.
lion t„ mail unlrr purcliasrrs
,,| icivrlrv, wat,I.t'.. ailvi-n
tvare, stailoner}', rtc.
Our Complela rntnlnnnr will
ulatlly hi* trot on lequsst.
the   property   ,,|'|
i   ^
I <«>
Mineral Act,  1000.
I),   l'i. (In.he.
D   Mel I,
IO.A.1 ill    I   •
Dated ni Ymii 11. (',. this   Huh,     A\
dnv of January 100.1. jfjjS
*4********444****4***4****\   -/ji,
j Hotel Ysnirr |
i    —     i f
* Tho Bi-mI IVIcivIh        %   fl
t     And Aw modiition    X' 9*
* In Tov it.
i as
* ^
l ,\ ii
1(1   -Cll'l'l |l
.I'l'ii.r- nn,I ('igni'H,
,n ..('Wines. X    fa
S. <T   -
"4   Si ".
X       ^f<S«-C-e-ff5
||       Ymir, B.C.       j
tl «
I -i  w, M,\sTi:i!s<>v,    iv,,,,. ♦   rat ill
%4***********4**44*******X    v^«^r*cf^^^-^^-^*^-tr«***c*^^*tr-5r-«r-?r-«:«c^
... _..*>.—*.--,--,--,-*.•-■■. American and B.  0.  Hydraulic ;VMIR 'BUSINESS GUIDE
Placer  Company Ltd.
K. \V. WiddowoOti.
I'erev J. Gleuzer,
John I'llilhert.
_ ,.      ,    _ . ! lllll     I,(JllllS    AN'II    ISENTS   fi  IINIsllIMls
Capital $50,000 in 500,000 Shares of ten cents each    d. Campbell.
UesBi |gny Jobbing Co.
The Company is now [ireparjug   to   work   the  (iohl        winiam Clark.
Dredge, Black Sand and Nn-ft placer leases a I   Hall        ,, ,,     ,, ^0CBalM-
, , - -        ■' ll. < iin.plii'll.
Siding, nnd iii order to purchase the necessary  niiichin-        l>sBiisny -lobbing Co.
my, the promoters have sel   aside   a   limited   iiiinil.ei' ul' S       Seaney.
shares  for immediate sale. Cosmop.,lit„,,-Jol.n'lire.iu,
-i-i        1 e   ti • 1 1 11 Mel,toil Utilise—l'i,,I,iv Mel.en,I,
I lie shares are fully paid ami nun assessable. Itllller House—S Miller.
ml       ,, . , .,, ,  . I'llliice—I'ltit A   lilldilv.
lite-Loinpany s ground averages .>0 cents   per  cubic        Vaudouvcr-O'wen-Hiiyar.
yard Oil the   StirfttCC, OVer 240 acres. Waldoif-George Column.
Vinir—J. IV. Mnstei'son.
I ntil lied lock is reached these   shares   can   be   oh-       i/ms  n imh m, am. jih.i.inhi
lained at ;t bargain. Mrs. John MoLuod
Meanwhile the treasury  stock   (200,000    Shares)   is        Percy j. Gleaner.
lel'i intact, . .'....N-nvi-i.
Herald I'ulilUiiing Co.
ll. Campbell.
8. II. Seaney.
Hurslu.w iii Wilson.
 Jackson W.- Leahy.
———————————————————— A|,,x. oddie,
Consumption of    Stamps|showing made during the  p„*t   year. univbktakek.
in   Canada.
Aceoidii", It, the    Lii'U'.en.int -Gov
William Clark.
1 ,   ,   , Hahiuvakk
| nor, the revenues exceeded the expun       U, ,s. -j-  Koss
TOUAl (ulsT
The two cent stamp is the   den i   'htuies, and the first surplus   in   tin
nation chiefly used, 103,010,000 |,nv.''"i-story of the Province was shown,
Inn been issued during tlie year, jVUtife "e[e ■*"«*"' ta* returns, „nd,
I ine eent stumps'to the number 0f while the cxpenditurea were reduced
70,H'7,500   were   issued   and    next  "l""" -MOO.OOO,   the   revenues  were
c. tl.e five cent   variety,   nf  which  »'**-*.**wed "early -5600,000.
-',. I'.i'...-j.-in wore distributed. The; "'■I'lti*'is evidence of good adininls
expensive 50-cent stamps were tlie >-rn'l,VG abHiLy. und it also indicates
his. used, only 28,573 bcingsent out,ltlml ,l"' Province, as -, ivliole,   is   in.
Miles  McIiiiiIb
I'herc wore 00,1 I-"' le cent special de>|!'ountl ■■»»"■-•■«• condition      Although P e
livery stamps issued, and   683,539  of ,'<*,"»'""v »■•*■ practiced   in   handling (JOOdS
the two-cent   stamp   books.      One-  llie Pub,io fum"Ri tlloro seems to have MRS,    J.   McLEOD
eent post cards numbered-.2,240,000.  beo"   ""   niggurdhnoss   tliat   would .,         Office   Store           Y.MIIt
The total number of pieces used   was | CI'U,"P ■"ternnl development or nlresl
H0'I,IW2,154, of a valuu   ',f   95 Gi*J0.->} Mritiah Coluinbiit'fi imtieriitl   ndvnlice. *————^—•———*———————
1-10.20, nn inereiise nver ll.e   previous
yea, of   l-V-ll-V-'-1-"'   pieces   and     of
*-'."..:i 2I).'),50 in Valuu,
Slocks an.I Grains.
A-   I'liriliflhcil    hv    Messrs,
I'he Province is ono of slfch vast nat-i DISTRICT MANAGER WAN I'ED
mal resources that it ought to he' Permanent position; rapid advance-
| sound and solid financially It lias' moMt'saluiiy and expenses] full in**
j great stores of wealth, and if honest- struetions free.of ohargei clean de*
| l.v   und   intelligent,!)!   governed     it sh-able business.
should be prosperous and  progressive The.I. L, Nichols Co., Ltd. Toronto.
in the extreme,
e    carry   the   leading   brands    imported
and  Cigars,  Stunt,   Ale,    Brandy   and   Wine.
•      HEADQUARTERS    FOR    MTNINO   .MEN    AND   'I'll I-i      •
J Newly furnished throughput.    San,pie rooms in connection. •
• •
• Rates $1.8.0 to *$2.50 per day. J
• FINLAY   McLEOD, Proprietor :
**************************  ******************4*44
4 TUI?      VIU1D      UI.D9I  Tl ♦
Please forward Tiik Ymih Herald for
 um ml,
V Tut: IIkiiai.u is published   every Saturday morning and   ♦
• contains  all   the  news  of the camp. 4
* z
and acknowledge receipt nf encjosed *?..,
X l!.i'ii:s--Pi-:it Yeah, -?2; Half Ykaii, .*?!.
GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL [Clark's   Furniture   Store
Opposite Courthouse and   new   Post
Undertaker   nnd   Fur;
nitiire     I lean r
llice,   Best 251 meal   in   town.      Mail orders promptly attended to
Kuropeaii and American plan,
Only   while    labor    employed.
First class bar
JS.1.1 .. Bl-RBlIT,
Sharp and    Irvine   over    I   "There will not be the most satis-
Their    Private     Wire,        factory development of tlm Province's
(Mention this paper.)
resources ttlthnut uol'ks and agencies      CX&-A.XI,   STOJr^-E.
of a publit" ami sGltii-public character, 	
and these may necessitate huge outs! Ci^ar.*
The stock tnurkcl for the past two
ilnv« has shown more improvement,
Tie- advance in the prices  have been
Meady and a, ar tu f   ,1   ROt)d l»Pl but a careful Use of   the   public    ,M ,,.„..,,;■.    VN„    DOMESTIC.
healthy,   speculative    kind.       This j moneys should enable the province to j
inarke, does not .-,,,„-,,.' tu fa.   an? «<Upi ' " imperative   projects    Tobflcc06   Confsctionery
lulhitin ■ a market thut is made by without subjecting itself tn   an   rip-
l pit  ivhn aro buying a   liitio' stoek ..       . , ,.      , and   Fruits.
1    ' " piessivo tuiani'ial strain,      Materially u ,u   ' • aaaa.wa,
mul selling a groat dealt ,  ,  ,
I mul !iiiiiii"i-ill.v it is   pt-oltal-lv    bettor
nil' i,.-.l,ii thanuvni before,  and   the      MTLES MclNNIS,   Proprietor,
prospect for growth in tile future was i n-
'"•"•' brigi ■." Ymir C.(i./,t,ii>*.
'I'I 11 ■ advance in   ' 'nion    Pacidc   i
,,,.,- thai in- ure   unable   t"   explain,
just ni present ul though a   rumor   of
•1 ,1 per cent, dii Idend on   this   ••in,-i<
I,.is very likely been uf groat help   in,
putting this innrkel higher,   howovci
It looks very much   as   if       Hill  YMlft   WATER    WORKS
i 111 > ■ 1 • - -1 -. weir attempting to gilin com
i,-,il of il,,■  properly,   which   is   tie-
recognised hope "f the llnrilitiuii svs- I
MESTlC   AND     l'l UK
I'l'Hl'osKs    U N' b E It,
COHPANY [Ad, I i.akttiii usiiAv in i-..\. 11 month
I''i.m.ii McLkok, President,
Hh».   II.  Viiini", Seereln, '
Uur ii-lvice front Niiw Volli on  llioj WATtiH   OUPPLIED    FOll    DO* A. li, Duchwoiitii, TiBtti,
mil iiiee 1,1  Knell   Islallll still     ll'inni'is
^.. - .md ne ate   confidentially,   .■»•
p,. in,.: thi- '.i",-li !-, Increase il, pHer-
i.ni toon,    It appears to have   been! lin    POUNDS     I'ltKs
lu-glected during the. ploltailielit   nt'- MIirM
I'lisiniied  hi   the advaiico in  Union
I',   lie     W'- fully   bt'lluvti   Unit   nut I —
mnfk on the board Is a   piirolutse  ,tt| U. 8. T. Row Secietnrt ''""' M,l'l,lil''1 with best brands Of
It- p,e-e,,t figures. wines, HqHofS and .'ig.ir-'.
Hotel    .     .     a        a
(Under entirely new management.)
Dining  Lloom   and   Bar
Hiipiilieil wifli   the  beat
in the market.
Highl   opposite depot,   Vinir
JOHN BltBAUi Prop.
Vancou ur
Kii'st-clasN Dining Konni,
He.lt brands ul' Wines
Liquors and Cigars,
OWES H-iYKli, Prop.
.SiM'Onil Ave. VMIi;
SAM   MlLLKIt, l'ni|'.
Ilead'|iiaiters for Milling Midi' 1
Thi-: liiw'r liHANI) 01' DOAIESTIC
The Kootenay   Stantlard
*m»l   Juanita.
., hid>i-ii iii«ii it"
"7,"  Q.   7Mirt & Gd,
Nelson. Hi l'i
* **************** ***4***4
M\Lk WOOD.   ::
la^*-aaaaaaaaaaaaJliala*a*Ja**MlalMI UMaH
An   Appreciation!
I'livr Ai .'M ,-,
'I ne Spi,l:es,t!,i,l-|l,"i"t-,   nl'    -Spills'
ii,.-. whi, 1, , very 1 In id V id touch
tfitli IIiIiIkIi Columbia ttltnir*, espoc'
lallv with e-.i'ly'hiiie "lii'li ,'elnles
,,, the n,;,,,,," indttsl.-*- nf tl,'- South"
en, inleri.tr, Inn thi- to «af oditolial"
\\   , ,iei (he Iitwdiiig  "A   Neighbors
l'l.    pel ill    .
'•Il.i'ish Ciiliiinhiii sliolllu  Hi'   '-'In-1
ti'it*d„i,d nn the   excellent financial
ttii>- ll.   0
In the course nf   the   nl'il    fell
Meelis, I 11, lend tf.u.'ter.i.e   nn-
Assay (llliee   tn   Nl'lsiill     It      C,
Wishing tn seill'. Al.'.1 hdsini'ss
iieennnt",   hetnie   leaving   Ylliir,
I should  l,e obliged,  ii   every
1,,..' whose name is on my : ooks
iiiiul'l   lull   lind    "ellle    theirs.
11.  VV.   WlDDOWSON
■    ■ —     ' -
Delivered any
place in town.
HOTEL. . .
Headquarters for /"Yining
nnd Commercial Men
MtlNt eiitlit'n'l tlthlP h'.lel ill   lie.      is*.
tii"t    EH'orything Rrst-olius,
V.Mtll,  II. C
tsfdVltd^      •
CllfcS.I Axil s.AiiTKl' ktKA' *•
rVliDle»al§ ahd II,'tail
M.lll nl'di'l-l lei'ri'.e   |ii'i!n!|'t   idle,   i',|
llill'-l I'lllLll'-iltr,  Pro
Kootenay Coffee Co.
Wholesale and C'lni) de.iiel-.
in I'Vesh Itintstml
♦     tt^ov** Lengths
X $1.00
I     Per 6ari ),i»ad<
'JACHsuN « bBAHt, Props.
teaming dtid
E-xpress » ».»
...     a -r ■ i frtffo     1^(,<>
Hlflh  • Grane • Soffees   X    . .      X     All   Wderll   pl-omptly  nttondivl ti'
li  WimbefCoi Ltrt.   •|L1uthfc^ Mm „,„„„, ltl ,„„
nhlsmn,- k ei 1 \tt1ttnM*!1lt1HH**H l IwUKlllhi nt twill


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