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The Ymir Herald 1905-10-07

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Voj,. ..'--No. i'l.
VMHi. 1!. C. S,\T!').!>.\Y, OCT.. 7. lOOo,
'hick rivi-: ( i KTi
>»* * -11 .i-.i
An Inch Qf Water.
-John   Houston.
A Pen Portrait.
an extended visit back east on   Mpn-
day last,
Sam Miller received the sad news
frum home last week cf the deceasu
ul' his fatli..'.'.
Tbi' limit,'i' V. i, io
i steadily throughout the ivini. ■
......... i . i..,,.,,,.,,. 4 v, t       We have been asked   i;,   give  tlm
Mrs. P. Campbell   relprncd   from  e*"'ct  *l**'-« of the "inch" of   -vatei
as laid down iu the statutes of lliiti-
Columbia,    Section I-)-'! of  tha   Wt.
ier Clauses Consolidation Act   IS97,      The first clean up  of Arizona  ore|sUoloh o( J°lm Houston:
says'(One inch of ivnter   shall   mean at tl,e Wil«»f "•'ll is expected  to   bel     "Old timers will douhtless recollect
the quantity that »il!   p1W9  through   nuu'e on the ]0th inst. John Houston, the  first   foreman  of
lho Times, in   1881,      II,-   tramped
Ai the lecjil   recording   oilice   this
week, JJ. Nat.tsti-a.| recorded   an   as
never defeated upon any pr .positim
"And .mu ..' .Im II,.,-'"n. from i   .
dusty, gold diz/.v,  .lobe town -■'     l'i
, ! : apah sends forth ilia news   th r    :.     -
iperatcd      The Wood River Times,   pub isheij    , ,
1 there and   what are vou
it llajli'v,  I.lab.., ptiu.s lie' following     , . , ,,       ,
1 about ii' Ho volunteers n
if Ins depat turo from   N
Mr. and Mrs. John A.  L-Voss
an orifice two inches high by half   an
inch *ide mud • in a two inch   )>!ank,
expected honio from thuir honeymoon j the water tu have a constant hem]   of Isessment on the Sioux-   .i.   Chestnut
next Sunday. iseven inches above tin, upper side   of recorded on the Oversight* 0.   Lovell
Air. G  JI, Harnhardt of   thu   fiec.U1;0 wi-iee. "-nd every additional   inch i on the Yankee Girl,   Canadian   Oirl
ond Relief  and   Porto   Rico   iiiinrs; "f *atel'-'h'111 ""'»" so much  as   will Lnd thp Yale   Fractional;   and   Nels    ,.
| pas through the orifice emended liori- ! I've
i zontally   half   nn   inch       ju   cubic
| mitisurement, one inch of water   shall ;
.osition of express messenger on   the j ri|e.l|( „ „,m Q, Wll„„. ,„|iu|   „;   , ,w
spent Thursday last in towi|.
I rain between    Korthpnit   ;;ni
eul.it feet per minute.''
; '!:,.' I i
ixptri I.'   -
-..li. ri ,   !
as i- apparently oiieprned there is .
such place as Nelson on the map,
"Jolin I [oustoil t- nol crazy. Tli ■
who know him besl admire lii- int-'*!
ligeuce uiul in-'i.y and k".-u .m.-in---.-■
ability tho most, Likewise they deplore his possession of t|ie most inexplicable idiosyncrasies oi nnv in-in
I tlmt over did as be blamed please.
I'he KootPiuiy Boll, under lease   to I lished in a tent   on   the   second   lotL,       "     ,    ,   ', , ,   .   ,.
Houston she had better cb.uti lum iij,
He is worth keeping, '..»•
from Poiae, where he had been foreman of tho Stat.'sinnn. to ftailey, He
was indefatigable, repeatedly -yorlfing
for three days and two nights at a
stretch, (topping only   an   hotir   for
, ,1,.....-.
.son on the Allyn and   Keelertou. ]     ,. .    .,
nit ti.n.i the Ti
nil's was   pun
Harold Chapmrii, formerly engiu-
■er at the Porto Rico Lumber Co's
taw-mill, i-   a   visitor  in   town   this :
Robert Bell of (Salmo, is milking  reg-  from Croy  street   on    First   avenue.
ulttr shii 'iiti-   of   high   grade   freo The lot upon whioh tho law  olliee   of
milling gold ore, to the Trail smelter. Sullivan Si Sullivan;, the Snug  Btiloon,
i A car i.- sent out every five days and , the Crescent millinery and tin. IJeyes
shows about $05 a ton  in   gold   and  harness and leather store  now   stand
■     — silver,    The pay  streak   is   now  35  was owned by William l|.   Atkinson.
I'ho manager ot   the   Ymir   Mine (f(.,.t long and is worked by a shaft 75 | It w„s-io feet on   First   avenue by
The   Ymir   Mine.
Immigration  to   Canada,
19O4-05, by Origins.
cabled to tin- olliee of tin'
PanJ' m  feet deep.   The lead is five feet  wide 120 feet on Croy street.   There   was
Dr. El.iptt who i.s now greatly im-   Tendon about tl.o 18th ulto , as   foi-1 witi, t«-o and a   half   feet  of   high not a house in town that Inni a   roof.
j.ilived in health, Is expected to be|'0Wl>- ''Crosscut to the hanging wall
out from the hospital as soon as the' level No. 7, line body of o.e, the
weather is favorable. '■ average width is ten feet and average
iissav of ore -*n.
George  Grown   has  suld   out    bis
bakery and confectionery business   tu j
lii- grandfather .Mr. E.   l'elhain,   and
has left for Moyie B. C.
WV would call attention to the
rliibbing offer uf this family journal
md the Montreal Family Hcruld, advertised dm another page.
grade ore.    There is a good   deal   of  Not a foot of lumber was to be   had
J18 ore on the sides of the pay shoot, j Whal few l.ous.'s there wero were   of
I but thu mine is not   able   to   handlo I logR,   chinked,   will,   canvas    roofs.
j anything below $30 ule.    Aside from ! Ila'dey was a ,-i. v of tents,     It. had .1
Up to this week twenty five stamps   the .5 foet shaft there   is   a tunnel population of 4,000   souls.     Money
cutting the ledge at a depth   of   150  was common as di-rt.    Forty-live   sa-
Several men were let out nt the
Vmir mine this week, pending the ar
.mil uf tha London directors, who
-iiii lay out lhe winter's work.
The Bonto Rico Lumber Mill was
-but down on Thursday last in eon*
-.'qui'iice of the belts becoming wet
luring tho incessant rain of Wednesday night.
J have been in operation, but ten   mure
; have aince been put   in   commission,   fee-.
making a total of ,'!.j   slumps,   which
nre running nn far   better   ere   than
that obtained fur the las.   nv..  years, 1*
It is confidently   expected   that   the
Siptembor clean  up  when  published
will be found to l.e   far   in   excess  of
any since 1908 and that tl.e   Ootoberl
return's will be better still. *Jspa__. .....  iiiili.-nt.
It is understood that the plan-'   for
the winter's work will not be definite-
ly formulated until the arrival of Mr,
Oliver Wethered and his party fin...
London. Mr. Wethered is one uf
tl.e directors nnd represents the  large
A cross marked
. 1  '
1 nis ♦ I another, which i-. still   the Hurtling
,     * >\family residence, brought »50: and   a  Iiun
111; 11 ''
".thiid netted him $35,     This was   une   Fren
your subscription im in   ;ir-
ri'ar ami \v<* would In* clad
interest held by the West  Australian
Neil MoLonnon who has been away  Goldfields  Co.,  in  tl.o  Yinir   C ■
from Ymir for the   pw-t   four years pany.
prospecting in tho   Simllknmeen,   re-, 	
turned to his former stamping gi'Oiiud .     .
, Hotel Arrivals
.lus week.
Mr. M. .Mecklenburg the eye-spec    1     Wai.i.ouf Hotki.: —
...list wliji was to   have   been   here G. Nunn, Nelson;
Monday   and   Tuesday   ln.st,   writes! F. Luring, Nelson)
that sickness prevented his coining,  It. Barker. Toronto;
mid that he will advise 1 siter ns to the ■ Bert llynn   Norlhporl:
1.ti* of Ids visit. , L. V. Wilkins, Nelson,
It is sdOietimes unfortunate  to   be!    McLeou Hotki.i  -
► wish to have ii continued.
loons supplied 1 Iiii -.t quenchers
".Iolin Houston had hardly been in
town fuur weeks ere he owned three
log cabins that netted him iJl.'IO a
month. One of these on the lot
next to the Times,    rented   for   8*15,
African, South
Austrian, N. K. S,
Hungarian, N. [J. S.
I of the most substantial structures   of German, N   R, •*■'.
1 Hail.t at that time,      It   was   'The Alsace
' Printers' Corral,1 and located un   the   Buvarian
j west side of .Main   .tree!,   two   lots  Prussian
to hear   ft'Om   you   if   youf Lbove whoi.e ,,„.,,ailey lumber   yard Saxon
; is now.    The 'house' consisted of four | Wuitcinli.n g
walls made of   poles   stucu   upright,   English
about twelve feel   high,   110   roof of I Welsh
  any description, a gunny sack  across I Scotoi.
All tl. e products of the   Kootenay ; ****° ""'>' "penin.   for   a   door,   with  Irish
mines are going up,    .Silver,  HI    5-8;' bunk" "ll"i" "■'   ''"lt""   wou(1   P"!'--| W.-st Indian
copper l.i; and lead Cl 1-11-5. Tl"' P-inters cul the poles and   mado   Bermudan
their rorral after working hours.   Hut Jamaican
they all paid rent to   Houston   until Oreol
Thine is said in be unite a    stir    ill
llev. W. It. Boss, Grand Fork*
Max Gl'bhai'dt, Nelson;
A, J. Andbrson, Erie;
the bearer nf a well known name. A
■■ n'kor two ago we remarked that
luhli Dewar hud left Oil a trip to the
s'imilkamoen, and the Victoria Week : II. J. Moore, Nelson;
uixiously enquires if in the body nr'iii Ti llarrison, Nelson;
il,- buttle, C. W, II. Coles, Montreal;
,,      «,,,    , ,        , .,        „i   1 D   Moo.lev, Sal.no;
Alex Oddie l.n- purchased the sail-1
I,   , . | , -,| ,„i Q, II.  Bartiliardl, Brio;
lie horses, rigs and eiitters,   hitherto ' ,
,.. ,        . , I,- T. W llsoil, Kimlii'i'iv.
owned by   Kirkpntrick   nnd   krwin.
A ex Krwm who has bought out Win. |      CotMIOI'OM.AN lli'Ti:!.: —
Kill, pul rick will   henceforth   confine c. Hllllgass, Portland;
i.i, attention   to   the   teaming  and  \\ ,j. Hilllgosi Portland;
.- ulii j*, business Ralph Hllliguss, Portland;
W.tifost on Record.—Il is aioer- BWIx Rendler, Nelson.
t.iined from oUicinl sources that the
liii.ntli of September lms been the
wettest on record since 1802, when
1.00 inches of rain fell. Tbe mean
temperature for the month  just   past
Fire Brigade Signals,
Fire chief MoTuiiis has prepared the
following signals for handling the fire
56.22 und the total I'ttiiifttll    I-1*1'''I alarm:     Steady   ringing    menus   firo
inches. One Btroke (pause) two strokes (pause)
The rains of this week would make \ tlireo strokes, means,. ,■ ill for help to
,„.. tired.   The local   mining  plants handle the   hose   when
have certainly bee. suffering frum ,nn ' reeling il up after use.
ii sufficiency of water, and their man- 	
tigers have   been   devotedly  praying1
fur rain.   The present   supply   l»,w*
..er reminds us nf the Scotch  parson I mm ,.,,,,
, c ,.  fi,*,  who have signed an agreement to act
In. was praying   for   rains   foi    Un
'in)is, und   when   his   prayers
Northport mining   circles   over   the'   .,.,_„•      .,      ,  ■ ,, ,
' | lule 111 ll.e lull, «b.'ll, tl.e.e being  six . Hebrew
discovery of nickel   and   tin   in   the  .    ,       , ., ,      , ,,    | .    ,.
ii.cl.es of si.o« un tin* ground and the  Italian
Muse claim, three miles south  ot    the , .    .       , , .     ,       ,,.
I ilollble log e.il.in ill wlneli  tlie     limos   Mat.......•
loivn.   Tlio property is ....   Btoddard .     ', .      ,   , , ,      „    .
11 : has since been printed   haling been   Newfoundland
mountain,    adjoining   the    (lalenn  ...       ,      .. ,    ...   ,, ,    ,, ,      I v.      ..   ,    ,
•' built nml rmitc-il «ith iliii'k   the boys New Zealand
Oueen and is on lied bv II.  L.    Pl'ntt. , ,.     .       ,
,' • I move. I I., il.e   comparatively   luxur-  Portuguese
Hecent   assays   und   analyses   made   . ,       ,,   .   ,  ,,      .   ....    _ ,
J ■   . , loii-nesh ami excellent shelter .,t   this I Polos
show values ranging   from   i-MIO   to    ... !„
i olliee. | Persian
i? 150 per ton,   "s   per   cent   nickel,       ,      ,, ,      ,.     i ., .      ..   ,.
' '.. "Later   .l.ilui   Houston   bought  a Roumanian, N   I.
18.00   percent tin, 8*1.40 gold, and a , , , ... ,    ,, ,, ,,     .      .*   ,.   ,
1 M'iiiii and wag,,li anil led for luilte, in   |:-i^-.:nti. Y  l„ H,
trace of molybdenum.     Many   loe* ,. |llu,v wil|, ,;,.,„.,„. ,,,bberi,   later Finns
,il""' lmve l"'c'" *"i"1"' a well known editor and proprietor of Doukl.obors
Captain Duncan and hit   -on   nim newspapers in Oregon,   They   roach I Spanish
have been oporatlng   the   Pot   Hole ,..1 Butte in January,  nfi.-r   suffering Swiss
plaoor claim on Hull creek, havo been I hardships   thai   would   have   killed I Servian
the victims of a most unfortunate no- most men. Danish
cldent which has   practically   caused      "Tho following spring John   Hon-   Icelandic
iIn-in tin- Inss nf tlii-ir season's   work, i eturned to llalloy and   rosumcrl iSwedish
The hi'.ivy ruins of the List im. weeks |,js .«ji'jn   the   Tioiot,   saving   that Norwegiati
raised lie water in Hall oreek to such this was tho only white   man's office Turkish
all extent that tl." III.me   was   unable   iu .be new Nu.lhwesl, held it    I'or    a I Armenian
It. ca.'i'V it over the diggings, and fill-   i few weeks, llien sl.ul.-d east    Willi    a i Egyptian
a!h broke down Illllnif up the   hoie,  bund of sheep.    In   those   days   tin   Syrian
and submerging all llie   work,      I'ho nearest railroad shipping   point   was Arabian
unfortunate part of the affair is   that   Blockfoot, 17"» miles away, i Negro, Muhiltu, >■
within two weeks the clean up   would
have I'cen   n.i.de.      After   removing
Irving   ami
I'hiel' M'liinis of the File    Ib.gad,
scoured the following   volunteers
*    -'4
IS,. 17
H 90-8
7..'. i-*.
:i:, I
I I'.I
tuns and tons nf loose gravel which
had accumulated in the Pot Hole,
the pay di.t had been reached, and
two days work on the pay slieak had
been but ill befoie tl.e llutid came.
That lhe work would have pi lived re-
nuniei'a'ivi' is unquestionable, as ..I
though the richer part'of the gravel
had not heen touched and actual bod
rock had nut been reached nl   nil,    in
".**'.une In....lbs    Intel1    llO    was    in , India
charge of the Wisconsin state   print-
were! under bis Older-nl a lire: •<.'.   Alchi-
,        I bald, John Philberl (anslstant chiefs)     	
•niddenly and copiously answefed   re- nien/er F. U   Sunn-   . , ,.    , w„.   ,__
' 11-, .vici.-,„i, i, ,,i. ,.'■'.. ,, | tl.e two days  over   two  <
bionstrnted with lho Giver for "lpair \_ A ,■ (.'N.-ill, Con l.ubfnwn
overdoing the thing." Thlrty.six am) R j, MoKensie. The chief says
hours nf Incessaiit downpour is a littlo |10 \m- several others in view whom
to much Wet even after a dry   M »wn. i he has hot as vet sCCUied.
ill lll'I'S
coarse gold was taken frum ilm sluit
boxes.    Many of the individual   li tli.
gets wire wm lh over *l a piece.
Fiscal Ve.,1,   100.1 "I
I 10,2 '!
Ing office upon what he wrote   was 'a IO-,li
measly $00 a week.1    A year   after-  Fl-ohi United States 13,0
ward - he mis  running n f 100 l',,{l
pi intlng office in liallns, Te^os, which!
he soon I.itt to trump across the   continent to Los   Angeles,     There   lho
Times lust track of l.i.n.
"He ai. supposed to l.e dead until an Article In tlio I.ni e Statesman
o|' lhe '.'.'id ..id that ho last August
,Ii-i,ppe,lied    from     Nelson,     ||.      ('.
where ho had been by turns, and   al
lines all al ol , editor, mayor, legis- p|PH' Society i ts on Friday  ovcnii 4
"  Inter, | iotoi'   of   (1150,000   en tei - „i -*« u'elock.    All are welcome,    !!•»
prises, always ill   public  office,   ami .V. <3, lloss, Pastbr
I'lti.siii'i...ii iv iIiii hi ii S u .. .1 a t
School nud I'-ible i'ln-.-, in a. in,
livening service, 7:30,      VTaum*   Pet'
1   :
'•• jggWWtf. ^^■%yni**^l;jM«!Baa*f*^y*i*iA-'taw
: /
l'tiiilii-li.-d everv Sn.luriliiy uutl tnaljed i„ nn.v
address, nr delivered by orjU-r in to.t-.-n,
Sub.-urlp.Uons f'.'.t,.. j.it
.'llllll,   1'il.v.ibl,, In
AdvtTtl-.il!. nu.'-i. }l IjO |"T
|..-r un,ut.,
TUB IIhiiai.ii -'an bo liu.l fr.'.m .all li'iulllm
.,-■*■-1, nl. irs in Hi- dlalrlut, or *,iv" I..- obtained
Jlr.-.-i from tl,. ..iIIl...-.
Conttnercjal   priiiim.*  ...   .-.v.-r.    .1.-;*ri|,ii„ii
-I'.i ii tli'- i.r.'iiii-.-*.'nt -.i'in.liir.1 i..'i,i.'-.
fi in i-,ii.ii in vim
plied the cleik.
■'■'Wrong/' said tl,i,e Iue- > \vot you
gee on my month is yesterday-v. "sr*
i.ady (ill parly vimviflg stune ,.|iiui.--
ry)~And which is il.e foreman!
Casey (proudly) — Oi am,
!       I.aiiv—lieiilii!
| Casoy—Oi kin provo ,'jt /Call..
uut to lahorer); Kelly, J>ill*! y.cr
The conduct of tl.e Mciliidc   Government toward tj.e Liberal Press   "I
il.e country, is ceitainiy mu-t incon- (Cancellation   of   Reserve.
sideiate.     It, .should have   le.ik'.i.bei'i
ed the disastrous   elject   upon   then
fast year when the announcement was      Sntlce l>lii-n-by  -#ren Uinl  >ln- r rya
""li .1 nlii.'li nu- |i_lill.-)ied   in   ll,.' li,  r
made that the   first   surplus   British
Columbia ever    had    was    coincident
with the first    Conservative   (Juvern
ment llritish Columbia ever had- The
announcement was tho cause   uf   the
Utter demoralisation of the papers   in
question, and a bjow was dealt   them
fi'iin  whioh   they   never   recovered.
Ever since iheir history has  n(forded
n long and fruitless serie-. of efforts to
discredit   the   administration   which
llms treated them,
Now the oflense is repeated,      The
announcement is   again   made   that
another surplus is on   hand   for   the
fiscal year just closed.    Wo are  filled
with tlie gravest apprehensions as   to
the   effect   of    this    announcement
pinongst our Liberal    friends   of   the
Coast District.
Uii/i.lti-, uiuldniod 91|| Aintii-i. imn. ctivi-rbtu  j
1,-H ..I li. ii il .-ilenilliiK   back .i illsl/i  ..I n**j
miles ii.-li side ol tlie Skr.-nu River betu.."i.
Kitsiliis i:.-/ni,hi un,I lh,/.-1 ion, i- i-ni.i.i*li...l.
Nollui.l-rslHiplvi.il   1I...I  lluil  in.riii.n ,1 ibe
r tn, Inn. nol) 1 ,,-lilcli  wus pubjlslu-il   in
Hi'1  U. r. i-ii-.ii- .-,,,.1 ilnt.il Irtili  Ii inbi-r.
isi:.. BiveVinpii bell or bind exlendbiK la-lw	
tie- iniiiiili -.1 Klintiit IU\,-r und Kiuiais Uiu.yo.i
i- r in.l.'.l in ... Im iia ii uovers Inn.I lying be.
Uveen tli •> Kii-lln.- Cnnyon .....I ,i nolii! in tlm
K il unit Viiil.-.v. iii .inni tun .nil.- in n uortllerly
illri-.llon Inun ll.e uiou'.li ol Kiiunn Kim, und
Hint frum. Inii'l- Hi,'fun will I,.- „:,ru   i,,   -nl,.,
|,r,'-.-iii|.ti,.n uu.I   oilier  dlsnosltl iiujer llu-
|,pu i-i,,ti- .,r Hi,.   I..-in,I  Aut,  o I lifter llie
nit-lit ).s.li; tl.iy ,,f Ut-ceniliM m-.i: I'mvlili*.
llial tin. rlirhl of way ol nny rnibiuj slmll u,,i
In- Itiuhtiled in tiny bonis.-,, noi|ulre I.
li.i„ii\ r.,iiiiiii-i,.iuT ,.f i.niiii.  nn.I  iv irk-,
I.nn.I- mid llul,- ll. | nriui.nt.
Viumrui, ll. c . m-t August, mn.
A.-SAVI*. ..
K. VV, U'lddowson.
i;ii.ii.<i:it/,,i.: .n.u  is..; ii.vn.;:.
Percy ,i. Gleiiy.er.
)!.. -ri'i.'i.i:.
.Ii.liu I'liilberi
lil.'l    i.Ill,;,-   ami   /.i.ni.   i : i,-m.*iijm..
Jl. (riinipliel1.
DeslJrisaV Jobbing Co,
I in Cans In Drug an I liook (lo.
IMIXlTl-i:.:    0RA1.F.K.
William Clark.
i».  CunipJ,, 11.
Ursliiisa*, Jobbing Co.
tiosniopnUt.iii—J uli ii fiiieitu,
MeLeod House—finlay McJ-ooid.
Miller House—S  Miller.
l'niiii'ii —Tuit & Jin.I,l.i.
Vancouver—Owen Boyer,
Waldorf—George Co lin an
Vmir—,). IV. Mastcrson.
HAIJi.M'A ijh
!'. S. T. Koss.
I M II's    J ril.MtillN/;     ,\Mi     .iiii.J.'NKH
.Mrs. John MeLeod.
Percy J. (ileii/.er.
Herald Publishing Co.
1). Campbell.
Harshnw Si. Wilson.
Jyckson ..V: Lealiy.
Aics. Oddie,
Miles Mejuuis.
William Clark.
An Atlas For $1.00,
The announcement of n second surplus by the   McDrido administration
should    further   Strengthen      Uritisl;
Columbian securities on the London
market. Moreover it will undoubted! give a tone to tl.e mining enterprises of the Province by restoring
confidence in the government, it has
been repeatedly stated in l.uiiduu -financial papers that one of ll.e chief
dangors to the speculators iu
lititish Columbian mines, was the injudicious legislation, which an irresponsible government ivas at any time
liable tu bring in, ca'iii'lated to of
t'ectively cripple an enterprise already
stalled, and in which large monies
had been .sunk. Naturally specula
lurs and financiers doclinod to take
the risk, and the country was put
hack many years l.y the reason of its
futile and evanescent-administrations,
The present administration lindane more to abolish this evil reputa
ii,,n than nny previous government
has been able lo do.     11 entered upon
The Great Northern Railway haw
issued an Atlas uf "ni pages containing up-to-date maps of Iowa, Wisconsin. Minnesota, North and South
Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington
iiiii ish Columbia, Oregon, Kansas,
Missouri, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Alaska, Hawaii, Japan,
Philippine Islands, China, the United
States and uf the World.
In addition to this, the Atlas con-
lains valuable statistical information
relative to the suites named above, is
printed on the very best quality of
paper, shows the lines of the Oreal
Nml hern Railway, and is in every
way a commendable work.
This Atlas will In- distributed at
tin- neittal eust of production antl will
be sunt it, nny address upon reueips
nf SJ.00. Address, F. J. Wliitnev,
Passenger Traffic Manager, Great
Northern llnilway, St Paul, Minn.
YMIH LODGE No.31 A. V. Si A.
M.     Meets lirst    Friday    iu   each
month, Visiting 1.roll.ers welcomed.
John McVicaii, W. M.
PEIICV J. Gli'iAZlSit, Secretary.
YMIH LODGE No, ."._ K. of P.
Meets first and ll.i.'d Monday in
each    month,       Visiting    bi'otLiets
Charles Aiti'iiiiiAiui, C. C.
John 0 I'nwAit, K. II. .1- S.
MACCABEES.       Meets    second
,,nd fourth Tuesday in each month.
I. McLisop, L C
L. Duckworth, H K.
Ct'L'tillcalo of Improvements
Drop in and see our   splendid   assortment of readijig 'natter.
Try our book exchange.
The Kind You Would Like
Old Settlers Maple  Syrup.
J'ljre in I-!. I-:.'' and j gallon Tins,
Sold by
P. CAMPBELL,   *   •    VMIR.
Mining Agent     «•     Stocks and Shares
Mutual Life jlnsiu'ance Company ol'Now York,
Canadian Casiilafcy—Boiler Insurance Co.
London .Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
Ottawa Fire Insurance Company.
VMiR, J?. ('.
_>______ -*_V*.-»-V-h*.-**--*t-^--^-»V-*»*-»-»-^ .
as 9
S w
Hint* ijiiari/. Hover, New Vnik
ijoutrtil, Mineral Zone mil Cnulon
l-'iaciiiiiiiil Mineral Claims ailualnil in
the N.'Unii Mining Ui vision ol West
ICootiiiiay lllstriut.
-.Vlicre located:—On Jubilee Monti*
tain aii.nit two mil is li'iim Vtuii'.
I.'.KK    MII'H'K    •hill    I,    I.     C.
Ita duties witli the avowed   intention ItJrocn, acting as agent for A,   It    Pel*
..,,.,.       .     ,.              ,,   ,,    eri 1'ii'c Miner's   OerillJciile   No    li
t>f ostoblieldng      finances   nl   ilm ,s, _,,„,_ ,(||(|  ,,    „    ,,    Bo||U,r   ,.. 	
Provlnoo on a ro satisfactory ha-i*,,   Miner's Corillloato No. li. HI,Dili,   ia j
,. , ti-inl, i-1 /. t V iiiii < fnini lh" 'laic   liuri'of.   Clal*tr'o     I'ui-iiil iii*i-     Ctm-u
lit no. .." I ic exiieliilltiue to   lie    III- ..     ..- ,, ,     < wIbiR  n     I   lirillLllrl.     CHUIX
""""''    -i",.,"1-.' i"  wu |,,, n|,|iii io ti„- Mlulng Ki'i'i'i'ih -r for a|
Undertaker   and   Furnitun
Save doctor bills hv li-ltin^' Us  pro-
Scribe for yuur colds.
A full line of drugs and stationery
always in stock.
.1. C. ELLIOTT,  Prop,
^ ■ r~ _r
3 -*   Z
.^.    *,. V
O   —    -J
£*■ j/i    O
*** *
*C    *•
• * £ **_
3    l_r    W
. r~
diiiiilv mnuifest in the increased pros
peril)' of tl.e Province, the larger in-
(lux of foreign capital, and lho appreciation of the aovernnienl   securities.
Borne and cutting down  needless   ex« Certillcalo of.ImprnveinenU,   lor   the
puiposo of obtaining a  Crown  Urniit
ponso.   Hie result has   heen   abun*- |4if.tt.o ubovu cilutms.
And further take notice that   notion,.
under section 87, must he  conn i ij     Mnd ohlors prouipt.y attended to
I...!..re the Issuance ol such Ce'rtlHoolu
.,: ImprovHiiient.. ; tonci] Strubt,        - Ymih
linteil tins iwcnty-elglit day ol July,
l>.  IU0. ■
A. 1'. C Oroen,
Nelson, li. C.
False Deductions.
.£0   CROWE.   Proprietor.
A certain ollico-boy was *ont to
appear at his employer's office with u
dirty face. One morning he appeared
with the remains of a broakfa»t round
his mouth.   The junior   clerk,   with  Coine in and seo thn bargains in  con
au eye to business, said, "I   bet   you  fectionorj. for tho next few days,     A  _
sixpence 1 can tell you what you had ! lino going at almost cost.   All   fancy     M^ ,.,„„,•„,.,ill)k. ,,„,,., iM (,„, l|u.
boxen strictly at   cost.     These  iue
cash bargains so be  sure   and   briligl triet,
Headquarters for /lining
and Commercial Men
for break fast this tnoiliilig "
I lone!'' said lh. oilice hoy.
Sverything Hrst-cJass,
.>    i
as    :
as   _}
"Ii was   eggi,"   triuniph-Utly   ID-1 your pookot book.
VMIH,  U, C.
Ymir, B. C.
^€€€€€€$€$€€€$€$€€€$€€^# Closing  out  pur   Clothing and j
Gent's Furnishings Department !
flats, Hunts and Shoes, BJankep.. Crqokei*., etc. etc.     I'\,.,,,|'i,,       ,
practically wholesale price,.    Co.)|B tjuick hefore sizes ,at |-,.,kei|.      *
It will pay you tq |_|y in -I
stock for the next tvyo year?
 No gpods sold on credit e.uppt   by   ypccial   nrrangBITlBllt.-_—.-   —
All accounts due must be paid or closed by n-.te before | st Sept.   [905,
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
-M rrt.s jrni'ii every morning
except Sunday, for freight
it in I passengers for Viijir
mill.   By special orders un
iS|iiii|iiys. ()•• flip V|nii- injur,
&LE%. QDDIE    Prpp
The   nine   Boarding
i*,y I). H. Stovall,   in   tlie
Mining World.
As a usual rule, no feature or part
of tho mine is a greater source of annoyance and trouble than the boarding house, otherwise and more familiarly known to the crew as the "cuuk
house," "cook .hack" or "mulligan
pen." Tho writer has frequently
heard superintendents remark that
lhoy would rather manago a half
dozen mine*, than one cook house.
It is a troublemaker, that cook house.
The meat in too tough or the beans
are too salty; tho cofTeo is too weak nr
too black; there is not enough grub
, ooked or there ia a veritable Hood of
il. Sometimes thing*; take a Start
illld are running gloriously smooth,
when tho cook takes a sudden notion
to leave, the notion coining just lo
minutes before moid time and with
no other cook within 10 milos of
So it gobs, trouble, troublo always
around the cook house And yet the
mitt ter of decent board is an all-important one for tlie mine management
I'nlexs the men are given wholesome
food and plenty of it they will become
discontented, grumpy and mean;
Inean, yes that is the word. Feed a
ill-ill on poor "grub" for a month and
ou will have him ill tune for most
any kind of crime. He will not do
one-half as much work as ho would
tin were his stomach well cured for.
r! has been well said that the great
majority of men have within them a
ling asleep. It is a hungry hog, too;
ii particular breed of swine, in fact,
one that will root the bottom out of
Hie trough or all the boards oil' the
J* noe if lie is given corn when he
'-'anted mash.
The writer has eaten a* mines
where bouquets were displaced on
;hi'cook house tables, with napkins
uiul plated silverware, nnd, best nf nil,
fmil that was lit for a king. Again
I,,* has sat duu'ii tu a mine board
Ivhere you had to keep your hands on
ili.i flapjacks and the cheoHO to keep
ihe mice, that were gaily spirting to
'.nd fio across the table, from can ring
tin ui oil. At this last-named place
ihere was but little difference In   tlio
color of the ooffeo, the beans and the
'•-puds," and not very much difler-
ii.ec in the taste of each. Tho men
wire discontented and quarrelsome,
nnd it was a must unusual occurrence
for a menl to pass without someone
celling badly hurt l,y a broadside
luui of a 'camp sinker" frum across
lite table.
I'he writer has boon told by mining
superintendents of experience that
they have had less trouble with
t'liiiiest: cooks than any other nationality, This is because the Chinamen
i- a mail win. knows his place and
will keep it Ho is not quarrelsome
slid will overlook remarks that a
negro Will not tolerate. The same
can be said of tlie Jap, In f."'t tbe
•lap is a better cook than the Chlna-
inaii is more thorough iu his work.
A white man suits the men the beet
ot all, but is bv far the must difficult
I" get along witli.    This is  especially
true of il.e American, who treats all
unkind remarks about his cooking as
he would a personal affront.
Some   mines   manage   l.hoir   own
couk heuses, by placing' them--under i
the   care   of     tl.e     superintendent: i
Others grunt tho priyilogo   of" opera-.'
ting a boarding house to a capable individual, and members  of   the   crew
are boarded, each man being1 respond
sible for his board. '  This plan    takes
the tletails or the institution from the
superintendent's shoulders; and   give<
bettor satisfaction   than   to   hire   a
cook and assistants and1  attempt   tn
put the fiouk bullae in with other   details of management.
I.*ick of system is usually the
cause of all eouk house troubles, for if
there is n place where system is ab
solutely demanded it is around the
mess bund and the kitchen, no mutter whether it be a mine, a whip or a
logging camp- There must bo a capable head to the concern, ono wh«
knows how to buy, as well tu one who
can oook cleanly, wholesomely aud
well. The mine that otui limi such a
man and put him at the head of the
cook house has solved the problem of
the "mulligan pen." If you lind
such a man and can gut him once
thoroughly installed, grapple him to
the mess house post with "hoops of
Uf tho l,G*-n,0!l8 tons of coal produced in llritish Columbia in ID04,
the United States received 532,-437
tons, ur nearly 3*2 per cent. Fully
12 per cent, or 100,2.1 tons of the
238,428 tons of coke made was sent
to the United State-.
The urea of the gieat desert of
Sahara is 3,439,500 square miles, or
about e.|ual to the whole of Europe.
Its mineral wealth  is   small,  though
large beds nf phosphate are known
and cuiisideiiible mined frum year t.»
year to year About, 2,000,000 people live in this desert, Tl.e highest
point of the desert is Mount Tusiddo,
,S,000 feet above sea level.
\V.TT|;I|   $VWU~V>   WW    ■>••>
pu.upqs.rs  v n i>k;ii
ii.-i    PQTJNPS     PKflS.
I.', 8. T- BohSi Secretary
' ■ "■■ .   .    i——
SAM  MIU-Kli, Prop,
Headquarters for Mining Men
Bar  supplied   with  best brands of
wim-s, liquors and cigars.
Fust Avkm'i;,
Yiim, II.   'i
The Cold
Opposite Courthouse and   new   Post
oflice,   Best ;'.Bi. meal   in   town.
European and American plan,
Only    white     labor    employed.
First olass bar
Kootenay Coffee Co.
Wholesale and retail denims
in Fresh Boasted
High * Grade • Coffees
Toilet Ware
Solid and heavy—as
well as of sterling- quality—is the silver composing- the Toilet Ware
from Diamond il all's
own factory.
Characterized  by more
ih.ui ordinary beauty is
our Pompadour pattern—
a  dostgii  somewhat  of
the Rococo order.
A   large   full-bristled
hair brush sells I'or $6.00.
Prices i|iiote_ for sets of
unv 'number of pieces.
I 14-138 YONOE »T.
TORONTO    -    OMT.
Ymir Transfer Co.
Teaming and
Express ....
Humps on our back, But our feej ;m.|
hands aye sure to be warm because we nim
the most up to date Shoes, \llibbers, (.Jeriii.ni
Socks, Mills iiud Gloves ever offered in Ymir.
With each of (lie above articles we give n positive guarantee to give satisfaction or money
refunded, Jn addition we carry a full and
complete line of Suits, Overcoats, Raincoats,
Underclothes, Umbrellas, Sweaters, Cardigan
Jackets, anything and everything yon require
to face the cold nnd  dreary  winter.     Men.
Boys and Youths will find  our price, quality
ami tit right, always right.
U. S. T.  ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Ymir,    B.     C,
.Shulf and   Builders    Hardware,
Paints and Uils,   Storo?,   Cm I,
St.'i'l, Powder,   1'usn    nnd    Ci|i:,
Gi'ttnito   mid   Tinwaro,    Steintl
All onion promptly attended t,
mid thi' greatest .'iu'1 exercised in th.
handling of good*
*7^r \_iw~
All   kiit'jK   of   I'liiiuhio.,   Tin
sinithin.   and   General    Repair
Now is the tiiiu; for Heating itovetf,
) Sterling
PtOtt) ■ ccfiee
ij-*Kiu (o a tliuUk
• im] rlt.'i.ir pre
lentntioti fit
Hrniy blrkt &
R-n*' fact-title
for making aolid
i)h.iu-_re aie
pehfecaecd t-y no
oilier concern iu
^^^^^^^^^^^^ Canada.
clarct .i>«. Arti-llcflet-fn-
em. mi-Hern machinery, and •klltt-d linwl-
worker*, l'l Ulidrr the dtfCCt fiii>ri vidlcn cf
practical metuben of Die firm, make an nn
r.i'iB'lrd combination for turning out fine
Write for illustrated MUlOftit.
Silver PUte.
Witches, etc.
Henry BirksS Sous
y WC |rt| lu Hii I  ICttltMf
ihe Katlcf M.a.c
The ^NTiitii.il Life [nsiti'ance Company ofN. Y.
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
policy in it ia the safest investment known to man.
Cash invested in Life Insurance is cash invented tlml   will
return compound interest.
All successful business men ctury large amount, nf liio
insurance.   It provides fur tlie family, protects n man in his
j old age, and protects his other investments,    Kor  rates nu
any i'ui-ni of life insurance apply to:
Percy J. Gleazer, Local Agent.
Wholesale ahd Retail
Mail orders receive prompt attentic
V. V. Si E, HV. .t N, CO.
mul (!rcat Northern, Noithcii Pari III)
.md O. II. Si N. Co,, for points en.-ii,
west and .south ; connects at lioss*
liilnl and Nelson with the Canadian
Pacific Railway,
Connects at Nelson with the P. ll,
ill N. Co, for Kuslo und K. and ,*-',
1 'iiiiiiivts at i.'m-li'iv with stage foi*
Greenwood ami Midway, B, 0.
Iliifl.'i   cars run on trains ." I   i-i****!
Spokane and Republic
ijiiniinil Pastencer a^i.
-S|iokaue, Wusll mtevceamnKSmt^
\ i
is nl ways well done  Watch Repairing is done
Iiv experts.    Jewelry  Repairing, Mamifae_ur-|
ing and Kngmving is done by first class work-1
men.    Prewriptioij work in Optics is done byl
s.       j
an experienced Optician. A piece of an old
Iciisissiiilicicni lo enable ns to replace il. New
(Jlassescaii lie fittedjicrfectly. Send i'or our
new Jewelry Catalogue. sceopdAve.
l-'il'.-l -olagS J)j|ii;i'_' li'iioin.
1'ivt     liiililils    of   Wjlics
Liquors and < Hears.
J. 0.   Patenaude,
Manufacturing Jeweller, Watchmaker and Optician. ||
PHONE 293.      NELSONi B C*
I'he I-.li* Royal, in  l-alcc   Superior, 1     Tl," uiitttins of   the   world   are
yielded somo years ago a mass of unlive copper weighing i 3,000 pounds,
i ii prehistoric times [sle lloval yielded considerable ooppei and implements
inado of ii have boon found in graves
and mounds throughout the United
A mass of gold free from quartz
wns taken from the Byei it Ilaltmnii
claim, Hill End, N. S. NV., May 10
I-7J. weighing 040 pounds and worth
i?I-i...>im. It wu*. imbedded in blur
slate '_'-r.U feet from the surface, li
mis ."i7 inches long, 38 inches wide,
.■nul averaged I inches in thickness.
*+* ******■*****-** *** *4*****
* *
x        ~~~        x
X Tlm Besl  .Meals X
X     Ami .\<'.'i.i'.iii|ii'|ali(iii     f
■i .    t In Town, X
mstlioutoi. with   remarkable   mnfor-   4 4
It - T
nut)-.   The longest and highest ranges t   t
of North nml South America face the X A fine selection of Wines, *
Pacific ocean and extend almust   duo  X        LilJUOrs Uiul Cigars.        *
north nnd south,   The   longest   nnd  4   ♦
highest ranges of   Ruiope   and    Asia  £ ,j    \y   M ASTKIISUN,      p,-op.  T
extend nearly east und wost.      start.
ing ftoni Pamir, in   Asia,   mountain
ranges extending west are continuous
Jl i:\jx M'AHTJ.-H-S    !''On    MINING   MEN    AN|>   TIIK      jj
Newly furnished throughout.    Sample rooms iu connection,      ,
Bates ii.*',.. to 82.5(5 per dny. J
FINLAY   McLEOD, Proprietor        J
_ *
il    i ,1    i M il I"   _*-I —IF i V* ..,"■■"...■ i " ' ii..i    .ii.
ih.ough Kurope to the Atlantic,   and | ++++*++++'++* +**++++*+++ 4
dso with Init   few   low   depressions, * hait  r    u/nnn       ♦
 ,,l„ stern coast of' Africa   »! J M\LL_WOOD.     X
Cape of Good   Mope,      Passing   oast X , Hivi-iv,] a.iv             I
trom ihe plateau ol ramir, Asia,   aro t *              *
lofty   mountains   extending   to   the 4 place ill town.              j
I north-eastern   part   of   Asia,    thru, _ '	
Copper and iron mines   have   l.ct-ii'        .          .,   ,                             , T _t.-..Wt.  i r.—. cr*i._.
■'                                               crossing to Alaska,   unite   witn   tlie 4 SlOVe  Lengths
great ranges which skirt tho   wostnru t Dry S1.35.            Green .1.00.
coast of the Americas.   The lliunlu- t
yas tiro the higliest mountains known, 4 ret"   Q_\Tt  LO-d.
Mount Everest, of   that   system",   *       Jfow is the ti
i- thi1 higliest peak in the   world,   it
attaining tho enormous height ,,i 29,-   t
000 feet,
Yniir Citizens
operated for centurie in thp Mont.
I!,,-a, n mass of mountains of the
Pennine ridge on the Italian Switzerland boundary. Eight of the peaks
nf the I.H-..S are over 13,000 high, of
which tho principal peak, Dufuor
Hpitze, attains a height of 15,217
I',-, i Monte Rosa is covered on nil
sides by glaciers, chief of which is the
Horner glacier on the west, six and
,• iie-half miles long
The old California Stage Company
ran a line of stages from Sacramento
io Muryville, Nevada Oily, Downie-
ville, Stook ton, Jackson, Mokelilinne
Ifill and other towns in ilm mining
tpgons of California. They first ran
in 18*19 and continued for some time
thereafter, The capitalization of thi-ii
• luge lint' was a matter of curiosity,
it being $-1,000,000, but it was never'
known how milch was paid in.
Tin-mints of   the    United    States  i
urn at Philadelphia,   which   was   established in 1872, and  theroforo   tlio |
oldest ot' the mini-; at S.iti   1-Yancisco,
istablished iii 185.1; .il Denver, csuib-;
lislied in 1802, and al   New   Orleans, '
established in I "-■"•",      The   miht   al
I'arson Oily, Nev., wns established in
Infill, I -it uns, loved in i.*-:>:!, doubt-'
less m ier in reopen,    The fate of the
' 'in -mi < it *  mini « ill   doiilil less   ere
long overtake I he one   al    New    (ir-
" i',,,, _ ns,-!  the ii.'.i'tHE ymir herald
nf iiie iii I'tti.     \   number   belonging
i n _ <-   ru.
to the submerged   Atlantic  continent
tin' to put in
n good supply.
Porto Rico
♦   Lumber Co. Lid.   I
Association.      t+++++++*++*++++++++++++ x
ASTTB.■||s,,.vv,NKA.-UM.,NT.l.   SpOkEIieFallS    &
Einlai MciLeoii, President, «._ _ __
ith. v (;,,".a/,:,i, seccary.       Northern Jity.
A   B. lliriiMoiii'ii, Tieos.      tp      ,)jly    a„   m.,    ,,outn    between
points east, west and south to Ross-
——«——____———_———— Ian,I, Nel mn,  Grand  Forks  and Jle-
public.    Buffet cars run between Spokane and Northiuii I
6.20 p.m
ll oij a. in l!ii--lniii| 5.15 p.n:
7.20 a in Nelson 8. lo p.m
! 1 iSO a ...     Grand Forks       l 25 p.m
li a.ni. Phoenix U. 00 p.m.
7.00 n.ni lieptihlic 0.30 p.n.
ALI,    THE     TIME
'l..,c asMyi. Netn
ii Smeller)
Gold,  Silver, or   I.
Copper,     -    -    -
Gold Silver,     -   -
Charges for othc
■nd     -     -'1
-     -      Sl
II).'tl.l.S on
Baker St„
1' i) Drawer 1108,
I'h,un' Al
rieai'e Daily Train
9.45 :...n        Spokane
A Real Mr This Year Better Than Ever Before
The Twelfth Annual
October 9 to   15, 1905.
Wonderful Displays of Pain's Famous Pyrotechnics, "Tho Fall of
Port Ai'iliur" in Klaaiiii. Fiewot'ks.      larger Exhibits in Every
Department of the Fair.    Men's Relay llace during   the   Whole
Week-, eight entries,    Tlie Finest .Show of Live Stock ever   held
iu Washington.    lJp»To-Pate Vaudeville Program Every Afternoon and Evening.    Uenutifiil   Fruit   Displays   for   Hig   Cash
Prizes.    Five or more Kxciting Races Daily.     Spokane   Kennel
Club's J Jig Annual Hog show.    Indian Village and Indian Paces
and Dances.
Reduced Rates   and   Special Excursions on all
Concessions for sale Howell W. Peel, President
Write for Premium I.i-t Robt, If. CosgrovO, Sec. and Ugr.
and Race Program.
Please forward Tin: Ymir Hkii.m.i. for
and acknowledge receipt .;f enclosed .*?	
j Tin; Hhkai.u is published  every Saturday morning and
-» contains all the news of the camp.
It.Vli: .---Pl-:H  A|(,   §J;   Hi   I.,.-   Y Kill,   .1.
•"NT  rni
Seattle,     Tacoma
,th88ul r«ed Ail:"l,i" ' '"""": W/rr-[.l V      \VH'«r.foiiu_,„.B| AXD.VLL
nvn been located and their elevation   .ILLMl ,, ____),«__»&   PACIFIC   COAST     POINTS
determined,    The   loftiosl   of   these   liAilTDCAl   mh ''!"'"""""'   lwo
mountains is Mount Sainthill, located   "lUii I (ilAL i;1;"1""''"*-' pritT'ottmt.  St.   Paul,    Chicago     New
I ,._,  .        _ ''"' Moniimi   Herald iii-»*i»i     ,,-*«
i.    1.-...1     ..ii...    >,,...:..       i I....1.     I   rrl 1 I  n ,,   n>.    .   ..
Ill  lilt ll ll' ll-   I'J ill'.,  -'d llllll.,   lOIICltudo    UCD 1 I  11 ""'   i'"-"'  "iii.i'.ii** \      ,.i ,
„  i nrtiAl IV        "*"i tir-iuii to ni, iork, and
IJ dec   20 mill . and which    was   di-* i "•-linLl*' Mini wn.i  lhi> i—• «'
I'-Tllll).-   Ic     II
iiivend In 2.33,   This peak rises   to' i„:". .w.\i"','h. WA
-til.i.i a couple feet of th. .„ sur-   ifi?"BSS_!l_ fiVt'i".
i,„". inni is n trifle ove,   I 1,000 feel in   _£__&____»__»&
n'Tii.iie »im_ti Kruotti
ntli ",r eoniplslt »iirv tn. I
I ink.   Jum llir pnjH., to ,.
f'or Six /Months.
height, um- giving l! ean a
:,i almost two mile* in that locality
leiiiii-i-1 v ihcre were minis for   ti,".
. nil.u.i iif money   in   almost   evei y
'      . ii
.••nulli'in   Great   1 '.ritn.n.      Itesides  _
the sovereign, barons, bishops ami tho
i...-.in monasteries exercisod the right
of coining. From William the Con-
.nieior's time the greatest part of lhe
coining in Great Britain was done in
London, but it was nol till the reign
i.t William III, that all the provincial mints were abolished, The present mint ou 'lower  lliil  in LondonI   in,.	
1       i,|vi-iiii,'„ I. |'r,illl,|,;j- l-ull-l.t..' V.   r,i„i»:i!i''rn
was erected in 1813.     Tin    London     ::':i:;"r,,...,,:.;,,,:.N.,:,„,..'f,\,!„:,.,'^,::,!;:;:;.':-
mint  supplies il.e whole of  the    coin- ;     -^"^^ahfeK^n^l^ '    ""'
ago  of the   British  empire,   except        ■> -:—";,-': *   ""'■ -
I.I N INi;   r.\l!S,
MEALS A   I A   i urn-:
Best   Meals   on   Wheels
And All Coast Points
Quickly, Easily mul Comfortably Ttcachod
via the
"The Comfortablo Way"
Close connections at all Terminals.
For detailed information address I*'. I. WII.TNEY    EW
s, s, Minnesota sails from Seattle for tlm Orient Nov 0
2    FAST   TRAINS     O Tin   bfst Iiii.vi.   ,
i >  i in. i.i.mi i,i, \n11 iii domestic
SMeKI-       j Cosmopolitan
Hotel ....
Special   Excursion   Rates
i^__?Ki*  Tnior Marks
■SkI-v        Dmions       j
Anv i.i-.-n Unit n *.'.••,', .,   i .... irli-.i •-, run. I   L'WI*-.   iV   CI/irL'   l"/lir*
nl.kiv „ rt.iin our n|,iiii„,i rroK .1 ,-r »i —iSWia   V.\  VIUTN  I ail.
AuatU-a- I ihe -M-t indie-,    chl ^ftHf^
,,   , ,, , , .   .      . AU'i.l."', ilr i!it.-'r,'.fi*l wneklr,   1 ifrott 0)
aie Mil'l'll. -ii li'.iin    I.inn.'h    in hit*    in1 .-.iUii'-u -.f .11,v -ii'ii-iiiii.,- j-iiiii.nl.   'iiTiiin, in
,     "    ,,      |      ,• i  .,, i    i-        I t'".r: 1'nir nn.miii fi   fold b/nil nsirMmln
s,,„,,,   Penh.  Calcium  and   I - ||« . ^|K»-l*B|||
l oil-
m OHlce. iITt 1 M.. Wj.liiu-iea.. K
For .ai. s, foi,I,'i-i ami full Information I
regarding trips, call on or ai'dresi an
■iji.'iit of il.e s. F. Si N. Railway, or
, !'. & V
The Kdotenay   Standard
and  Juanita.
HASI r-.. Tl'Ktil) lil
(Urfder entirely now mnnagemont.)
fining Room   and   Bar
suppliod  wi'Ji   tlio lirst
in the ln.'irK-i't.
ltt^'I'.?.'W   / _L___g_£3__£Z: Uibrl" °wjoslt0 d*ot. Jrm-»
Nt'lubn, li. c, I
71" \V. liivei-iilc ,\\.
001 * **
1 ''-lAAJJUW**
Vol. 2—No. 21.
V.MIR. B. ('.. SATURDAY. OCT.. 7. lOO...
Pmiue l-'ivi-: < 'i:\i-
14 i -i -i i' *. :• < 1
Oliver Wethered, eliairtnnii of   the
LOCAL ITEMS   »~n«ion*B. c. (iiiiiiiieids, i„„i „ :ri|NiMn npwc
■    ■  ,......-,...,.,^,:.   director of the Ymir I lold iMines l.„l     V   ■■^Hm I   .CW3
Mrs.   Kiiee'and    is   away   at    the!
-|,i,l,ane Kail'.
arrived in Vmir on Thursday last tu
go over the Ymir .Mine. A San
Francisco engineer also   arrived   hist   ""'"' u'"k "" ll''' 01i_-l.M.lia group
Mr. John Dewar returned   from   „   Friday for the s>." • i   •'•   Wild Horse ereelf.
11 ip east this week.
The  Perfect   Woman.       been gained'this season   would   in.-.
to In- made public through the   re; .-
The most symmetrical-woman   and | |nr _urwy climineK    Tl.o   structural
Joe Sturger,,, has resumed develop- '  , " "^ '""'"'t^ ''""''i'"",' T"   '"  M"v"v "f «'" I1 " ^"!:   ''"'   <"'"
*• tho west have been   picked   by   tl.e   being completed, but will have to   -.-
Wild Hots,, ereel- l'll--k'"1 ,'"""1'" S,"'*i",>' "f   ''■'■Wwrrie. over to  v,„r,  u th ,,
i        ,     ,   „   ,   "' P"W . '"';l   "       ,.         n              v Lhe Vyo,,mn ia l atiss A' 'lVe,"ll'>'* **'•<"  making cannot be carried  on   du, .,'
iM«ob»o!e that a program  o    devel-       Messrs. Parr ,   N,,,,,,,,,,,,  „,,„  „ho ,v ppeal, lU   lll(.   -„,,,„,.   „ , I       ^ -
Jim (..lie is back Iron, a trip   into opulent will be laid out for   the   en-   are operating the J'amurac   .nine   on in   .Madison   Square   Garden     Newn    ...   i     -n i               , -     ,
,,-.,,                                                    -        -                                                  ,        , '                      '              tne ivorK will in- resumed in this icn-'v
the Siimlkaineen country                      suing utnter.                                        lease havo now over 100- tons of   high York, October 9ch.    Miss    Trenary's \m.'ma      \    .•,„.-.        ,.-.
Con. Wolfle is operating a mine   in      'rl»' Beresford, liull'eri,,  and   Mist   -'v"'l"'n' *'"'*■"•       for   shipment, measurement,   follow.      Neck.     13 Lork) embodying.such results .iT'-re
Idaho with ii big crew of men.            j Fraction   claims   which   adjoin   [|le   l,,p3' '»'« constructed a   lirst   class inches; chest, normal,-10; chest,   con-  ,.eu,jy fol. pUbir_utiort will   !„*   i- .,.'
Yinir mine    advertised   by   .he ™w hide trail from the mine   to   the tractcd, 3. 3 _.* chest, expanded,   H during the winter
i.lficial   lieci'iv,','  of  ,|u.  old   llritish \Ymlr W"«u" V,ml 1 2; bust, *ll-waist, 27;   right   thigh,       n is understood that  the   goolog.-
America Corporation to  be   -old   by      'Hie first clean up from the Arizona 24 ^ *■> '"P' il>  li*-'1'1  knet,i   l:'   1*4i'cal structure of *hi« camp   lms   biwn
The government is now   doing   re-   tender,   The sale takes place in Lon-  "re, has proved very disappointing to loft cttlf' u s'*-i '''H1'6 anMe>   s   [i-i found to be   of   extraordinary   cm-
pair   work   on   ihe   Wilcox   wagon [don, and besides these claims in   this   the teesoer,    A   brick    weighing   80 "=,,lt bi"eP*«. •" repoHP,   I-I; right el- pl.xiiy.    From   comparatively   early
■oatl-                                                   [immediate neighborhood,   there   are  ounce*, and about l_ tons of   conceh- bow' ,0 '"■» '''S'-t forearm, in repose, geological tiiueis lo   a   period   -.!.-...-•,
The Editor of the Herald is in   ro- '■'"'■''' "tl"'1' lols comprising claims   in Urates were produced fiom   2*17   tons 1■,***■ ttTi',t' G 1"2> ■leiK*-t» r> feet  D> recent thia  has   been   the   s.-e,..-  ,.(
icipt of an enquiry,  from   Winnipeg, |tlie Mos'lnnd district,                           of ore crushed.    As the   assays   ob- weiS''t. m pounds,     These   dimoii-  hej-V^-- volcnntu actUitv,   one   „„,,,.,,
mined from tlio ore nearly   all    went '"'""" ttiH BlwblB ""' lll'**ca "'' •*•"•■•to  rock alter another being extendeil   „i
'I'en return tickets were issued from
Yinir to -Spokane on .Monday last,
for lands in this district  suitable   for      The train over thu   (Spokane   Falls  ''
ti :ut raisins
and Northern to Spokane   lu-t   .Mine
from $12 to .17 the lessees were   an-   M'"1 ",u l,ow '"''"' tlie*v npproach   il
Mr. and Mrs .1. A   Fraser   return
lay was a record break?
l.e   iiinl.
■ ticipatii.g a far better return.
ideal form,
10 intruded until an intricate outwork
of rock ha* been produced. Further
complexity has   been   introduced*   by
ed from their honeymoon,  last   gun.   frohi Nelson brought 130  piusengers.       In explanation of the   cable   from
tiny, and have taken   up   their   i__i» Pver l'25 eamo f,om ''."- a,w"J *'Vk«   tbo manager of the Ymir mine which  C.   P.  R.  Will    Cut    Rutl- j tb*-wholesale Picturing and  faulting
ilence in tlm Atkinson hdUse. | branch and about   the  same  number | wns published in our lust   issue,   the] ning   Time.
branch and aboilt   the   same   number   was published in our Inst    issUe,   the
it'r  Hos-liind',    These   all   met   at   London olflcc has appended   tho   fol-
rlends behind.
il ilu1 cooled rocks by movements ou-
■nsinii!-.l by   the    i Ulcanism    tind   liy
Cyrus St Amanda, wl,,.  has  bee.l j u^^hTr'e'^ si.Vgio "train is" made : lowingnot..' "''This"' important 'ore tl.to Tin1 Koote.l.lVH  "","i" buildi"S <:'n^    W,,i,i  "l!
.. charge of the Hunter V   trail,   for, ,(|,     „v |M, t{m ^   ^   ^^   (t__ ^ _f *,„ ^ ^ St       ^ ^ _        i    ' M_ makes it a   very  favorable   I	
cine months  departed   tins   section Spoklul0 jt w ovm.   ?(J0 h »ti-ucl. 230 feet east from   the   shaft       'J'ho running time between   Nelson  tion for tl... formation „.' ore   bodies,
,. week-. ,„, fl',i*s nmi.y    '-v!"* I aboard '     | 200 feet l-elow the di very  (9   fMt Und idl other Kootenay   , -,   i„„l " '"lakes .. tough knot to untie
of §20 ore) in level No. o,   which   is   Vancouver nvu- lhe C. P. ll. will   be|     After lhe  volcanic   n'res   _   .,,,,,
Mr. 11. It Ativiiler Jr. of   tteltllin I ,.„*''  ■'"'1|(''''*„ '!.""i''"' |,''"sl"!'"'   2 10 fed west from the shaft,    Oner ''"' liv "^'r"-v lWL'lvl- ho"*» "ll"" ll"''! -{lttciel' lV"m ""' ,,0,'lh 8Wpl5t m"r "'
1       " '   '"    "   ' ;    atingcost, tintto   about   JC per w,ntar " U",d «"" i,lt0 e,)'ecl  cm Uo«"try in this district,    ,,„,   ,
lent output,   exclusive *-"'about November   I.     At  preseul   *>'<l  loftiest peiiks,   melt   a-   old
......i,,,,,. ,,„l Mr s   i  s,    i ,     "   "1'1,,'mt, but this figure can be 'be running time between Nelson and 0>°ry   and  H „-,!   mounUiins,   .,,,1
21 loniieY  i   7';,   ".'PHcial'lvreil,,,',1, , la,,,',-   out- V« -ver is 30 hours,     „   wi„   be -raping recks  bare.      Followi,,,
,77.!r,...!'.* «!!..."   .   ... imt." reduced to 27 hours under   the    - the glacial period   a   large   body   of
schedu'e, whieh is ...iw in progress   of water occupied the valleys,   sni.i ,.-*
Montana, who in lDO-1 was   manager  ^ |(1|) j.^, ^ ^ ^  ^   „ti„g cost a .,
nf the Yli.ir mine, is how at   IIW-l.,! ,„;,„, -„ ,|r,           .      bf   consU|li "... on the pies.
Arizona, examining the Calumet and j „,,„, ,„  ,-,,„ u  , v , f ,,f developmt'nt,
Arizona Cos property there,
David K. Ordbe has beert  appoint- j Mihes, Ltd., have foiiuetl a   btlsinessl '
til vice-president of the, Alk   Mining  pal-tlifcl-shlp its mining engineers, with	
and Milling Co.) which   Is   Operating headquarter* in London.    Mr Hoop-  *****+w****4**44*44444****      £•,'■ ',',",'
under the itlnli;i^t*iJic?lll tlf -). j.  llildd j er was I.) leitn- London ml    Ibe   ;Jllib   X *
ut the heott'of Cleilt-water ct-eok. inst, oil ll professional visit to   West
Ymir ha. again wm, the pi-ize   this ol'" Australia,
year for thB best exlribtb of free-mi 11-j     Last neck's   II.   C.   Gazette   boning gold oMi lit the  Mpt.khne   ,'xhibi* I tained notice of tho   appointment   uf|lS|JHU0 llM.'icilfi'S   Hint
lion.   The Hunter V. mine also wins Percy J. 0leaser  to  the position of J ......
, ecoiid.-itt ft* the best   e.hlbit  registrar  i.f   voters   for   tl.e   Vmir |yoi«* BUtwchptloH IS 111   111'-
i.f sii ver ul. ElCctol'al District, vit'o T. H.   A i kin   Ireal'ailll \\ c W (llllll  lie I'lud
John   Itoustilil   telegrapheil   from   "«>" l-esigned.    A court of levisiur. to t
RolilRelds. Nevilda,   t.i   the   Kelson   be held ia the "Forester's   Hall"   on||tollCl
i'ribune, that Harry   "arshnw   (late | l>0i  lli'1 ,Vil'  ftlso   aljvt!i*ti«ed   oVer
ing them to at least the height of tl,
A ci'osh luarkuil   in   llii.**
advent ,,f the new tiflfo town of Rosstnttd, and leaving a
.ill the route of iiiuel between Van- ■ we'dth of soiled tlobris over « consi.i-
; couter iiiid Nelson «ill be radicallyU"*ble portion of thd rocks, This
altered To-lay in order to got to widespread mantlo of drift has been a
Nelson In,lli Van-.aver, or from - *.'"'ilt bandjeap i,. prospecting a> well
V.ineoiiier to Nel.-'in, travelers pro- "* to the geological work in the
e I via Arrow   Lakes    iin'l     llobsoili   tl'IOt
After Noveinbei 1st Hobsoti  will   be     Th. impression prevails   thai    '
siilctrat k.-d altogether, and the  route , ,!l'"ll( !s satisfied tlmt there are si..-.
in and Mm. of   Nelson   will   be   via  properties at frtsami   idle   on   wind
' NakUsp, llosebery and Slocan City.    ■ "'"''*' "bould bu tlune, ojid that if ib, ,
f*eiiviii_ Nelson, the C. P. K   route "re to be worked, the   present   iin,,
if Ymir) add Tom  foM'i.s  hau-   iust   Mr-Gleneer'sliame but   so   fur   that j| Wl'sil to lill VC il   COUtillllCli.   ;;  will   run   to   Hlocttn   Junction   and   w'"en the big mines and  -..teller   ,•„,■
broUgllt ill a burro load of   ore   that Im^kMmy has received no otllcial nu- ^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦J  tbonce to .locaii City  bv   rail.      Al  operatll.g ol. a large  scale,   oflers
will "-o nOO-nuiices In silver, I'roiti  the licB of   llN   uppointniBlit.      As  the   Slocan city bdaU will bo operated   to  wvofable an opportunity as is   like',
■outh Tell thst-ich Forester's Hall was   burnt   doivi.   il Columbii   lend   ' ^'^ " ""' "J "»'s|'"'11" ,-'l;"   l00CCU''
yearligolijsdilllcultiesi.ro still   fUl-     KrM:li>'1 -vOIUmDia   l.e*atl   iThuiice thhl-o   will   bu   ur-othur   rail
nr   from   \Mil   il   vou
A triumph of surgery bus just I.
With regnl-tl to the permanence   . f
tlier ini'i'i-usc'l. Production. ride in   rYakusp   mi   thb    Columbia  '' I'd bodieo in depth It   is   under-.
•.nii'.iinced   from   Philadelphia.       A    River,    l-Yotli Nakitsp boiU will runI8*-*-'0.'1 tlmt he i -id,.,'-   the   present
man ha-:, liv-t'il fol'several hours  ..b!l' ^ hnblly reviseil figures of lead   pl-o-   to Arrowhead and  thence   over   the  indications to bc lather favorable,
his hem t was   H'moved   foi   repairs, j    SineB its discovery   ll*.   Klondike j ___iwn  fm.   flifl   fiscal year ending usim( route vift liuVe!_tokB   to   \'-"i       Askedwh.it   had   butiii   the chief
flint is notlliiltt fo. the Stlitds   where  bus contributed more than ?IS-'.OOO,-  Jutle ,1o last hai iw been  publish-  ,„„,,,.    T, „„. ,,,„„. „„, ,„.   ,-,,.  handicap to the dev_l.jp nl  of thi
the dead rise regularly t.i   cast   their 0d0 to tl.e wbHt]-_ U. .Id supply. ,.,,.    The following are tl.o figures:       lowed from VallCoUvBr Into Ntilson,      "amp. ho repliedi    "The mime,  wast
votes at olel'tioll titilBi Sir William   ll'illrttty   states   that founds Iboli    Bounty Narrows Dehiyoil llbats. '','-"
The ltillll'l Tramway Co., III. been ' n'.'t. limit'limn o.„-l,-iilh of nil  ounce   Nl'K"" Sml1'"1'   16,421,071  8110,709 |     |„ ,„,),.,. „, ,,.,(„,.,. It, running lim'        Tl ""I''1 *il.v "r t! anlp   makes
i-ngiieed foNeveval   weeks   in   i!on-   of latlibin is known to be in uxlstance Ti-ni" H Iter     I.'VI-10,08(1     00,081   botweBli Vaiicouvel* and Selsdn,   the il necessary to have the mining   .lone
net ing nit aerial Ihiillwuy fniul   the - anil that the amount of radium  salts
C. P. It. was forced   to   abolish   thu *'l"'*!1' ll|o dilcetion of tho -bent   tech
-inn-ad group of mineral   claims,   on LoHimolily referred to   an   .ado,,,,   i-   Including clainls |Wltl at the   Mafys-   n-ip up the ArlolV lakbs,    While   on nii;al ^leni, dud at ho time   is   such
Inula WindV arm, Yukon   Territory,  l-el-V small, ville smelter, the totnls fur lend   pin-.,,,,. ,„„ fl,„„  \'nncoU,.ot,   ,,,   y0|gon j managument more necessary than   .,,
the lake, for the conveyance of Ore
.,            .    ,                 i   .,    i ,|l"'ni '""l   ^""■|l"1   "'   "'H"*-l*> tie the navigiitijii of the   Arrow    l.ak,- the fiiitiol stogos in  the  developm,nl
,Meri"..rv    lossl's    lire    silltl    tb    he        .„.. .    .         i,    .,,     ,     , , ,,.,,., '
i»d supplies.   Tl.eH*,.ii, 'y baWe i« (.Dthest ill tllo-n* mills   nt-.ti.ih_:   in*      ','' V    „„ ' !"' nled no clilHculti*i U U iin| i- of a property    Thd salary of sUch ,,„
itatedtob_10 380foOtfnlon_th,        ,*,., llH|ll| ,l(miuil)M.    fhtte , ,   „,. *J, "-  ' " ' ""'"-l;  . ble on the Inn f    Nelson   to   U'o Lmcial is .uickly sa/ed by the avoid.
,     .      i    ,              ,   ,„,-                    ,         „       ,         i.         ,        i        Ilio.amountOf leivl .e*potetl «n- ,,„„, ,„ ,,,„ ,,„ ,|„, M,.. ,,,,„,   ){(lb. '       •
li.iiiii.'i the hist In-iiilh  I'loi    tons jcUt1 dile to lloilrod iiiurcUry and amah .i| ytf jn*i_    pound-,   tin   winch thn     .... i     i .             ....   ....... I ano° b' ''eiu'   nll;-      •"   the
nf ore iiet't- shipped fiom the  Arliug*  gulli m!.!1-!. Hows ""...y In tliu  Ullings  |)(il|„iv   ai.| Wlu *yo.(G.y,B7,
on to A ..'in head dlll'illfl    ll!"    hifillt
mi n Eiiti, t.i ll.e Hail   MinesUhd iiuiiU.lill*attJa
without having to loso   many   hours
,  history of th
8 camp) nn I especial I) In,
Tlm pliich.t'.- pli-'■ ot   Alaska  »«* fmi-, i* .'i."i.7u:!....'ll   pounds   of   leadi*-^-,
'he Ri-and total for the year, there*  ,j,no „, ,|„, .\,in.,,,s j,,,,, below   No*  ,",'"-v "■' ,lu' Smaller companies, which
Smelter,    lhe net retu.ll. after   do*      -,-.,,. ,.,^1,,-, ,,,,,.. „,   ..,„.„„   _lls -■„,„, j. .-..-..7i»:....:i i   i mis   ot   iea_iku,p     *j0ats leaving   Robs at ly I could least alTord it, a large   ,     ,
luction oHreight and treatment ^*S I •t.stOO.OoO. <ttMl It. !■«« fatw tmted produced and   «*3S(.._ftO.»V   paid   in ,,, „ „,ing always have to lie   upofnb tely useless, k w„    I
' nnledtbiei-O.---  -.!'   ovfr   «.i   thAt tlie iitUimy «rlilcli fta fni*,  Usher- bounty, .„. ,*-.   Narrows   till   daylight   next ' ""
per ton net,   The expbitsos  lii'..-liiding ,^ (i!ii| ,l)im,., |iiiu. ,;.lllr,„.,|   .,,   u„.      Tlm leading prodUeul1. nlitl  .artier. ,„orning.    It is becauso of the   Nar*
ilevelopm-nt   for   the   month    »'•'''' p,,,,^.'. or,|,„ f„ii,'>|s,,'lU., -i,,',.   its J „f t|ib lead bounty wele, in  onier bf I rmvs and the delay involved ill   pass-j     F'»**S Brlgfade SlgnalSj
"ll'SS'-'!- ' ptiri.-ha-i'is in "-ie--  tlf   ten   billion production, as follow*     fit,   Bugehb,  [ng tlifbugh them that Hobson   is   to
The Ymir Dramatic Club is   b6iug  dollul'S
.. .     ' 1 .   ! .'.... ll       .. .
the Bldcan), Punullse (X, E. KodtoH-  n,ai'nii   Steady ringing   means, fire
nv), Silie. Cup (UrdeaU)i Bnterpriso, ' 0,,° "ti-oko (pause) two strokes (paus.
Lucky iliui, Silver liustler   (.SlOcan),     Survey    Work    ill    the    three strokes, means tt call for Imlp t,
■ '.rgani/ed, and will   |jls;o 1t-   nrst
i"'ii'oi'.ii,-iiict! mi ill alloilt the   l)th   of
Kovembeii   The plecn which is   call*
"A Family Affail1" «i!l be ruudel'
•" in aid nf ..l.e public s'cliool   funds,
Nojth f.tar (both In Artt  Koortmay)   i„. e,,t ml the route  at   least  duringL *'"! clli°,f J,cr,l"to '""prepared th.
Slocan st.-,,, tvanhoc, 1'nyiie   (nil  In I tho winter month*. | followln*. **lgual* for handling the (in)
hotei Arrival?
.MrLliuil H-Jrhi.:—
,,   ,   ,  ,     ,    .,,, I1 Jetison, Rriei
».nch are *i liith- behind,    llie pre**   ,, ,,        ,   :, .
 ,,.        ,1'  Han 'k, l-l'ic;
nl nii'iubt'i'ship eohsists ot the .Misses , ,, .
1 .(ill  ll'iriihii.'lt, '	
lark nnd Keefe, Mrs. T  H   lloiher-    ^ ., ^{mU< |,;n,,;
Imnl, and Messrs. Mcliinis, Mcl-.eiir.lfe  jje,,t Winn, Malum;
■md Saunllers,   If the pelforinaneo il il A Mbntgomery, SuNoil.
u '.-sflll aiid well   | .all orilsdl    I!    IS        CoHt-Oi-OMTA*. Hotl'.l.:-
e^nslood that tho    bibb    ivill    gIVo   Jj M|»"fe ■■*?'"r{,1|h,fcl,i
: : |Jd I'.ioeklev, Saul iwreww
Hiei pei fol miiiires dUl'illg lllb  "int.'!': ,j |i,.(ll|   f'li'j'i.;
', aid of the hospital and wther   good ; |.- |j,.0i#ii, Mvie:
' m-es. , ,v Andbmon, Nortlip**')
Vmir . illlir)|  1'id Ttiii'ie | l.arileau)-,
handle the   hoso    wltl'ii
' reeling it up after uie,
trying   nmJ
It, \V. Brock,   in   elntrt'e   id   the
After being stationery for  .ovcral strnctui-ul gcologicftl   survey   uf   the "''
days thb price of lead advanced   two  Kosslarltt ca.npi has Ibft fof the  Bait,] CHUIlClJ KDTICri
poinMi1 idiu- I is now _N IBs. 1"","r l"",i"« '"   ,overul   IB0,,l,rt   j"  ,,|,,!"" "'"!,v ''"";"1   ■*•»"«**«
! t.irih.-.Si.i-e of ile'loi-K'n v.hi'-l*   he (School nud   lliblo   Cltl_*i    lii
If it gains \'l points morn Hie bounty.j* engaged, says the llossland   Min-r.   v     . •,,-*•.•*        '*
will be Wiped out,    Th.pHc.uf  ts-.ll*> j Messrs. Jloyd mid YoUng will remain    ' ' """-'"' '•)"'•■' :•■■       1 -,.■,.- \\.,
, , I.e.,-I',,, -on.,'  time   lohgef      Asked l'le" f***'oty meets on J'riday  evimin*}
i'cr agitui iulvance.1 .  -: , - •    l-Jnboui tHo aiinlindrt *ork, Mr.    Bt-uutr |nt 8 o'dUiolr.    All ,.,,- w-l .„',i -     |, ,'
,i,iti*il  thai   n-htt   inforuiatiou   li».,l  W, fl,  U   -   Paste.
llllll el  its 1'HCOnl   pli's'S.
: (
i'lil.lil-lii-.l uyurv Siiiurihiy nml tiiaii...i  to tiny
,i-!,lr,-s.,,.- .I,.|ivi-|-,.,l Iiv qirri.ur In  lojl I.
suiwriii.tio.n8 wm __, ■ou.uin, i.,,:,!.., *,,., Cancellation   of   Reserve,
Vine'". —
C-ons| |l;.-U'ii'i.
Ailvi-rtlsliii- r '■■-. |i SO i-'-r uu'l. in-/ mon.li
Till:   llmui.il eat.   I,a  lllld    fr.,m ,11   li-nilln-.'
,i,..- -l.*i]..r- In ill,- ili-i;-; .(,. r Im ii ,■■   ,,,n ii. ,l
..Iit-i-i froin Hi ■ • :l: ■ -.
Cotii.n--ri.-ial   ;,n:.:n..-   i i   .■•.■,••-.■     i,   -n|,i..,i,
,-1". n tli'- ;. i- - ■,. 11.- - - *- .-it . -.in l.ol in,-..-.
.1-s.l.l IN',.
!■:. IV. Wliltlowsou.
l-.i.Uij-il.UA/ii'.   Mi; I    IN.'  1,'lN.   I..
l'i l"\   ,1. Oli'l.Z.'l'.
in i.il I-..1;.
.1,.Ini I'liilhorl
lill)    /.nn)'-     IN;,    .-. J. N I.    I J  IIM. II! V
ll. i.':i:i.|il>i'l'.
Pt'sUrlany Jobhinjj Co,
;,i;i ,,-.
Tlm Cum In Iiiu.- .-in.I li tok t'..
,  I  IIMII'I.I.    UKAl.l.i;
\\'i!!i:,iiii I'lurk.
'.I.-.'.' KHIKS.
j). (.Iinipbull.
N,-!,- ■ i- tii-ri'li-,'   |fl| 'ii  il. ,:   ii,"   :,. -. i ....   i,
ii..;i f nlileli  u.i-  i'l'i,ii*'., I   iii   il,..  i,    I-
■     ..".. Ix* 1 ;..'■ I ii'l. An.'';-'   IWI,   •'.,.' 'Hint   .,
I,, a    .1   l.,lii|   At.-.lill.lll    1. i..|     ,   ,.i-l in,-*.     .;   ... ■,
■       OH   .*  ■■   ,   ...!,-■   !   I|„- -:...,:..   l.'l,    -    l,.-l)|,.---|
Kiijlhis i:.oiv„, i,.,.i ii.,.-,i, i   !- ,.;,i.,*. |i..,i.
-.   .'.■'•   I* 'i '..    . ;- i-.l    llii'i   '1,:,'    pnrlii li   ■ 1   '.',■
it i'.. -i.i 1, i .    in. r.'-nrvii Ion. initj i iilili-'i   '  .- ,iiiiili.sl.i-il   ...
— —,v, a,*.,,,,*,,     Z77-7::7:.:777-.777,''7:77,
  -j Un';iii,iii.Ii i,rj<iiiu;ii lllii-r in.,) Kii-i ii   i -.,:-•
'   |i-r.-.-)ii.|.,l ii, -iif-,ri..i i.,-.:.;.   I.vlii-j   '■ l)"i il, i.i.iv .),,!,!,i,j„ (:,,.
Ilt',','11 111,' |vj..-Iln- l.-illl.VMj    .n-l   ;i   n   in;   in   II,.- , "
Kiliiiiit Vnlli-.v. Ukli'iilli'ii mill   mn    n.irllii-rl-, . ' **
. ._   .i.i.-.-,-i.-i ir ni, iin- in-.ir-, ,,i Kiti-nii  hivi r.  i,ii I :     ''"sr.iopiiliiiin—John Brest
!  llllll   ,   I-"'.- I,   I,lll.l-   Il|l-fl-,>l|   11,11 -.•■   .    H.-I,     In     M||,.
SATURDAY,  OCT,  ";-,'   1900.       [ i.r- , ini>n, n mi.l   uU,n ili.|„is)ii.ui  in r .',.'<
i prut i-i.-n- ul ih"    Ln,id  ..,-,,  . i    niii iiiii-i- II,.-
>i||l<l .'Hi,    il.llj   ,.|   li..'. in!,' I-   ;; -VI:      I'm' 1.1...I
Iiiii il,i' rutin .il ii-1-..i nl  .,nv ri,IIini)   -linll  ij";
HI lllilllllK-ll 111 IJl.)' lull']- -., | lil*.! 1.
.y.s. lioisj:.
I),■•,„))• t.'i,iiiiiii-.i,,iht ul Liitul-   ami  IVniks.
I ;, ii.I.- inn, IV. -J.- |ll'J,-irl..li-..l.
yjiiii.fjii. I). U , .".-i An.'ii-'    I.,;,.
John    {Illusion     bus     apparently
shaken lhe   dust   nl'   ilm   Kootenai's
from Ids t'eet fcr.-ever. This man,
-ifnsily the most wi/Je-known   man   in
eastern (Iritish Columbia ''a   membei
of pailiaiucnt, mayor of   a   city   and
promoter of dl')0,000 enterprise"  La*, j
chosen to east oil all these ollk-es and 1
in i,nee  mora   take   to   hi*, .original
trade, that   of   n   compositor.      He
-riles from Ooldfield's, Nevada,
..where he is   working   us   a   printer,    U'gilt of Way for   Iiiiijwnys,
that he will not return to Nelson, but ] '''c;*
a—i.ns no reason.
If any reason can be  found   at  all  ,,„
::i,T,ii; '. iieri-l.y -inn Umi nil Crown
■I- nloiiB il,-- loom I li.n- ol .on milivtij-,
Ti-r ui- IriMiiivi-y i-'iiii|,-iiiv. iiiuorporiiti-il , n<l,-r
to explain his action, it must   be   in ""''"""r °l "',", ;-'>'i;'"""'" °< **■'" '■"■■<"
»,|il Iiiiviii--.ii ly'dili  nl l|I.)'   ..Mil   t.-i   ,.n   ,,
,n „l -niii linos, itrii Pi's i.-rvi-il for riitlil  ■ ■! ivny
urpo.-ei r„r hin-lt   rniltvity, poivi-t- or tniiiitvtii
w. p iidiii:.
0' pi.ll   l  il;.,'.;;   -i'ln I' , I   I,nil-1-   ,'.     \\     I,, .
the inherent pride .,1' ihe man lie
once stated that if be were defeated
in hiii handling of   the   Cue   brigade
rpisede, that is, if Sam Coulter    ever    I-"'"1*1""'* *»"*-k   •' ■   '
1 \ i in,,, n i .. unl t"'i' i"'i'. nm
i.ete.l again a- driier of the lire team
that he himself would never net as
ii.;i\i r, Whether that is the reason or
not, the fact remains that he is gone,
and Nelson has lost its most proini-
II. nl and aclive citiz .11.
John I louston   certainly   hud   his
The Great Northern llnilway liau
issued an Atlas of oil pages containing up-lo-dntc maps of town, Wis.
cousin, Minnesota, North anil South
Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington
British Columbia, Oregon, Kansas,
faults,    Everyone knew thai   because   Missouri, Nebraska,   Wyoming,   Col
lie delighted    to   make   them   publie
and fu elv   eu in d    tlii in.       Hut    the
An  Atlas For $1.00,
orndo,     Alaska,     Hawaii,     Japan,
Philippine Islands, Ohina, the 1 luited
States and of llie World.
nun himself with all his   faults   antl i     Oi addition to tips, the Atlas   con
lain- valuable statistical information
relative to ibe stale- named aboin, i-
prinie.l on ihe very   he-,    quality  of
idiosyncrasies was a inun   to    be   admired,    Ile was n large-hearted man
.,      ,   ,      , i paper, shows the lim- ol   the   On al
nn, tln,ii:.li he always scorned to  en-   V,   ,.        .,    , ,   ■     •
I .Nnriherii llnilway, anil   is   in   every
deavour   lo ingratiate   hiinsclf   with  way a cnniiiiendable work.
the public, his large- heartcdi.ess     en       This Atlas will be   distributed   at
■ llie in lual eost. ot production and   tt Hi
denreil liim to tliosq who we n   a'kp sent to nny addtess   upon   receips
friendly footing with him,  an'1   gavo  of $1.00.    Address, I'.   I     Whitiiev,
,.,,,, , ,        ,. ,    1'iissengcr   Truffle   Manager,     Ciroal
llllll tli.lt  bull! "li     llie    peotile    which    v.     ,i h   ll        .   .     1,     i    M-
1    ' .Miitlieiti Kail way, Sl   Paul, aIi.hi.
i i mi Ii- him so nisiiv i imes - ictoi ions in     ■
legislative  and   municipal    elections.
He had a personal   magnetism   about
him which Im used   politicaliy.      Hoi     CEO.  CROWE. Proprietor,
wus nn astute political.,  bin   a   very  Come in and sen tlm bargains in  con-
Undiplomatic one.    His typical west-   fectionen for tlie nexl few days,     A
i in ruggedness allowed nothing of ilu-   line going a. almost cost,    All    f.tnev
,i .- |-  i ,    ,       ,i    i,„  boxes strictly   at   cost.      These   aie
sin,>,ttIiii,-.-, et    a   diplomat,   .iiul    le'
,,,.,, cash bargains so he  sure   and   bring
oti nt defeated Ins ends, U hi- blunt- ,      ,     ,
| your pocket book .
re-. uf bpeecl,,   and   uncompromising
niiitude, Hi- ho tineas eneigy ami
gri at exei utiye ability made lion fa i
ami aw a' lho most go ahead mayor
Nelson evei bad. and lii- tenure of
olliee wu- a!', ..\ -. in.ii lied by more
progress iu cii ie all iii- than 'im ing
il.e Icnuie of oiler iiicuuibcnls
Will, tongue and pen he «as alike
i ii ile, plain  spoken,    lllld dirccj        A
spade wa-- a sp ule, or m iybo a d	
,-pa,ie with him, and unci1 a horticultural implement, lb' -poke bill ."i^bt right out, and nevi r troubled
j.. bide hi-, opinion of a lllll, In
fact he lived toil ty nr forty years ton
late, In the curly days . :' lie greal
west, Jolin HoUNton'« ruggednoss
would have been an additional
sltcngtli io a line character, and be
WOUld hale gone far, as be would
linvo ti'i'iaiiili gone far ill i in oil ii
day, were it mil hi* lack of iidapli-
.Mi-I.niil lions..1—'-'inlav ile!.,",-!.
Miller House—«  Miller.
Palace—Tail i Jfudtly.
N'liii.'iiuvi-r — (liven lio) er.
Wujiloif—fjeni-gc Colnian,
ymir—J. W. Aiastersott.
I'. S. T. Koss.
I   \   I Ji-..-     llleMslIlM-     AM.     .III.I.INKII
Mrs, John Mebeod.
jimm.   iiki■iii.-i'i.i;
Percy J.  Gleaner.
Herald Publishing Co.
.-•I'AII'lNJ'.llt .
li. Campbell.
lllil'.-lliliv  A;   l\ ilson.
Jackson Si Leahy.
Alex. Oildie.
'I'ii'i if.,ii- ,
Miles Mclmiis.
William Clark.
YMIH LODGE No..11 A. P. ,v A.
M .Meet- first Friday in each
month, Visiting brothers welcomed.
John McVicaii, W. M.
Pisiicv .1. Glhazhh, Secretary.
YiMIIl LODGE No. ,:_   K.   of   P.
Ml els first  and    (bird    Moll,lav   ill
each   month,      Visiiint;    brotheis
i'u nans AnniiiiAi.il, C. C,
John <! L'kwar, K. I!. Si H,
MACCABEES.       Meets    second
and fourth Tuesday in each month.
I. McLeoii, L. C
L. HucicivoitTit, It   K.
The Kind Vou Would Like
OliJ Settlers Maple   Syrup.
Pure in I-I, J-',' -'"i'1 I iw-ll-oii Tin*.
5o|d by
|). CAMPBELL,    -    -     YMIR.
•**  ,Ni?WT^c^tScD3;r'^
Mining Agent      -      Stocks and Shares
_..__ai;i--.NV   FOR—
Mutual I-ill- rusuiunce Company of New York,
Canadian Cnnulaty—Uoilcr [nsurance Co.
London .Mtiiii't! Vive Insurance Company.
()l!;i\v,i Jm!1!* Jiistiivincc Company.
V.MIR, B.   !
f_fc7 y-y _r» ■_*■_*•_*■ -_f •_»*--jr-^-*r■+*-^-+r-*r ■+* ■*?•_* ••_»• v_»■&■ -^-^jj
O      \\jf
I Imp in and see our ■ splendid   as-
sortiuenc of reading mat lur.
Try our book exchango.
Saie doctor Iiii!- l,\- letlinjj us pre*
6, i ibe for \ -1111 <*.>liN.
A full li if ihii»- ami stationer}'
always in stock
^■*"   t~_~.
22? ___"   !___
__- i r**- !____*
•Hi* \_M S
7r   ^ k:
*~. -:
y. .7 9
—-.   -—    *___•
<*_      m__\__    "■-*
___?  '•   3
O'        '<
J           »■      _,
' S_ H
I r-:. w. widdowson
ClKMI.-l      AM,     ASSAVUH.
,',,'c Muyer N,-ls„n Sn.el.rr1
Hold,   Siller,  or    Lead $1.00
Cupper,     -----     sJl.fiO
! 11-.Id Silver,      *     *       .     ■    1.1,50
1 'Inn Mi's for  nib. I   inelals on lip.
'- plit-i i ion.
Saker St., Nel_on.
i'   . Drawer I 108.   Phone AIJ7.
J. C. ELLIOTT,  Prop     A
Clark's   Furniture   Stored
I tiil'-iiaker   and    I'lirniinre     Dealer   ;';
.Mail orders promptly attended to      ;.;
Y.M I It'/K
/is     ct^C
Headquarters for rillllng A\ 7- g
and Commercial Men      -^
i:  _z   >
Mosl comfortable hotel in the dis- A
__.II.Il,  13, C,
triet,    Rverythinu first-class,
Ymir, B. C.       1
...__-,: — i,Tm*m-*imir4*<Li
Closing  out  our   Clothing  and ymir stage
Gent's Furnishings Department   w.,*.h ^.,7^ m....,,.w
t'xct'pi iSundiiy, lur  lri'i_ii!
lints, Boots and Shoes, Blankets, Cro.k-.n, etc. etc      |_._,, '     I!!':'!  l'™'^'.*   >'™'    -*'•»••'
,.,,,,, '     ,      •' i. "inni.   .,.-.   m       umi.    Bv special oi'ilers  mi
oiaelieally wholesale prices.     Cumo quick before ..i„.,,., |„„k,„, Suij«I«V8.  Ol'fill'  Vlllil' lllilU*.
It will pay you to  lay in a
stock for the next two years
 ^° fit-oils sold on credit except   bj    special   arrangement. .   —
All accounts due must be paid or closed bv nole before Ut Sept.   100;".,
DesBrisay Jobbing- Co.
Canadian Forestry Con-   Society of Civil Engineers.
Veiltion. Representatives of Associations   of I
Land Surveyors.
Representatives of Fisli and (i.nee i
Associations, nnd
All otbeis who take an interest    in
watki:   — f i■ i'i.ji;ij   i-ni,    no.
l'l Itl'OSi;.-: I' \ |. |.; i;
'•'■' rdl'NI.s PRKS-
I . S, T. Ross, Secretin-!
The lleiald is   in    receipt   of    the
t'ol'iAiing   letter   from   Sir    Wilfrid
TER OF CANADA, An invitation is also   extended   to
Ottawa, 21st August,   1000. |t,,e -Bureau of Forestry of the l'nitcd I SAAI   MILLER,  Prop
Tu ibe Public of   the   Dominion   of  State.--, the American Eorestrv   Asso-
The Co
..... .___ _____      Humps on our back.     Bul   our   Foi-»1   and
tvy|11 j rp LinTCIl   nall(,,s ;,|,(' s,ll'r '" 'M' warm  because  we  can*)
IVllLLtn UU I tL'i|l(. most up toda-to Shoes,   Rubbers, Germ.ui
Socks, Mitts iiiid Gloves ever offered in Ymir.
iaiio,, ami un-Sinn- Forestry iiur- Hoiiiiquai'toi's foi* Mining Men! "Wi (li each oi (lie above articles we p"ive .rposi-
Rar supplied"*." best brands of tl VI* jLjfll.l I'll lit'-'('  .0 give SI I tsfilC. ioi)    Ol'     111011CV
Canada possesiies one of the larsrest  e,iu'1 ,llK* Associations lo -end    repi
' " ,. , •    ,, . I     Lar   -ui'iiiii d   m nl,   In -i   i
seutatives io ilns Convention
areas of virgin forest of any   country | se"
in the world and i.s ranked by    liuro* i
pean experts lirst, or among the first,      The subjects to  be   considereil   al   *''liSI'•■***'•,:SI <~
of the important sources of the woi Id's the convention will bo discussed    un
limber supply for the future. ; der the following divisions:
The preservation of the streams   in       I     The Nation and the Forest
Wili'iiiM,.,,,..,       | willra-'iM«o.''S and cigars, ' 1(* fm III < *( I.        I 11 ill 1< I l'l *< 111  WC    Wl IT}'     il      (lill      8111(1
Ymih. II.   C
perennial and constant (low, whieh i-
Inrgely controlled by the forests on
il.e watersheds, will have  an   impor-
''iirrslry iu relation   to    Agriculture and Irrigation,
3.   The Foivst  and   the   Lumber
taut influence on   tliu  industrial  and and Pulp Industries, I Opposite Couithouse  and   new   Post
;riculturol development of  the   Do-      I.    The Relation of oui1 Forests  to ..
• ■ .ii ■       r i ^   , .     . "tine,    l.esi :.!• mi -ii I   iii    town,
minion. Tho expansion of our eluc
t ideal and mechanical industries will
be regulated to a great extent bv
water, whieh forms the greatest
i-oitrce of power in all countries, and
■nine of our western districts aro dependent on irrigation lo ensure the
success of agricultural operations
our other Industries! Railways; Watei
* - -    , ■ • ■■-<"<
'owe,-.-;   Mining;   Building   Trades;M-urop---**" ***''< American plan.
Wood Working Manufacture.'
3.    Scientific Forestry and    Forestry Education.
By the kindness of   the Canadian
llailivay Companies a single fare rati
Only    white    labor    employed.
First class bar
J. A.   KKirisS.iN,
mplete line of Suits, Overcoats,   Raincoat:
Underclothes, Umbrellas, Sweaters,   Cardigan
Jackets, anything and everything yon   require
[to face the cold and   dreary   winter.      Men,
I Boys ;ind Youths will lind  our price, quality
a.id lil right, always right.
ver their rends nn the cei tiflcato plan
In   all   tho   older   province-   t|,e U'ill probably  bo  allowed   delegates, ; _*.„■,,, ■*,., __.    , , , ___.__mu-m.m~-,
clearing of the soil has   been   carried ''e«,l,tllt,,s of tho  number   '"   atten
lo such an extent that tho ill  ef!eL.l8M"nce   In regard to rate ail*ays   KoOteHaV   Coffee   Co.
on the water supply and  on   .igr.'.ul- |'" ""' ' "'" " M,,lrs>   tnnounccme.il
ure are clearly marked) while on  tli?'
be made later,
II    Ml*    IM.t-l*-    I.il l'l ,
Fniier linn,iiineeineiit will be made     COFFEE  ROASTERS
U. S. T. ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Vmir,     li.     C.
High * Grade « -2o!'«'ees
H'estorn prairies the need  of   shelter-
in. trees for I10.US-8 and fields is    ser- \ l,'tBI' ,l"'1 fo1' 'V'r""M'   P**>'ticulnrs    lips
iously felt by the settlers. plication may bo made 10 the   Score* ,,-,,,
- '.    ,',i , ,',,,,.,,,,,-  ., W ho rsnle and vtai   dea er-
Tho   early   cor-struction   ol     lhe ''"> '"   '" ^"vcntloii,     ^ |
Transcontinental   Baihvav,   and    o*f l!' "' Campbell, i„ |';,..i, |'Da_ted
..the* railways, through our  northern bept, ofthc interior, Ottawa
forested districts and the   consequent "° '?-.
, pehing of thuse districts   to   Kcnoral ' 'l';"' Courses of study leading to Ihn |
IrulHc, will increase the da f   from' <H'-' r'   mining   eligincor   Occupy
Nl-iLSON, li. C.
$**-- -  ___*sgBSB>i9i
Theso condition* are not h'ewj they  ■"-"" ""' '•    Tlm requirement*  fol' "M^-7 "'"lj|'(W
" -■■'■■,i -■■■■•■■'- 'm> Transfer Co.     JM        MU,
JACKSON iS l.i:\!IV. Props.
I ruinci win increase the ilanger   liotn ""-"'    "'   ""'""_   ,|i;nnl    i*.
lire which has already   been   a    -..four year.*.,   but   exhibil   quite   Wid.
■ live agent of destruction,
vai inlioil in plan and   scoj •-.    n  ,|*
 *--. ■"*- -•- ■■,   .,,..,
lave frum time to time received pub- admission to lhe best  mining   Schools  V.,,:,. '
ic attention, and during the   Bossion comprise     l.lumontar.y   ami    certain
it closed Parliament authorised  the porllons   of   advanced   niallieiniiiici.,
,      elemental1*.'    i-hi'.i.i-i IV    and    physics,
niiiioiiing of a convention    or   the ,     ,     ,**,. ,.    ,  ,      ,
■ tree band drawing,   I,.._!■ -!.,   elumen**
■i"   h.ir.mghdiM*li.-.si.iii.,fth.**.....i-.   ,!1M. i,:.,,,,.v, .-I.*,,.. .....i-M-r i  and 'IV^imin.i   ,-111,1
I therefore hereby   call   «   public !ei.lf-r nlo.ncnlary K,.„.h,    Intin   or I _aminC(  and
M'.Al.l'il!   IN
Shi li  and   I! lilders    I! ird« iro,
riim- .in-i ..,;-,  St ,.e-. c ii.
Steel, Powder, I**use and Cap-:,
tjrauito and Tinware, Sti nn
All   kinds   "1    Plumbing,    1'iii*
-iiiiiliiie.'   mid   Oonernl    llc| di
N'oM i- the time fm  lb sling stoic
n   ±spr '
I i .i.'ieiore nereuy   eitl!   s   |
■ iniveiition to meet  in   Hie   City   of  Spain !i
1 ilia ia on the I ot li. Uth  and    I 2ih  —	
i ,I,iimaiy, limii, under the  uu«pices
t tho Canadian Forestry Association,
md i" i Id- convent ion   arc -pe :i illy
invited: I
Members of ih" Hetiatc and   ' 'ouse \
til 1 'I'lninon-;
l.ii .iiiu u.i.(-.I'.-'-it.ii!-. of the   Pro-
\. V.
Express . ...
Members   nf  f-egisbitiv.   Councils
'i"l   [.oglslalivo   ,\, hii,-   of   tho
l'l ',i iiiees;
I'. ininii'ii   and    Pnn in- i.-l    Forest :
V- tubers of the I lanadinii  forestry I
\    iciatioti
llcpresental ives   of    Luinbcrnien's
.   ni iai ions.
I!,'l ii'.-ieiiiiiti'.'i",    of     Hoards     ol
llopresenlatives of Universities-,      '■ j of n Uii-g-e Amethyst sur-
I'.epi-esen tat ives   of     Agricultural h rounded With 3° W"f6
.'.-,-.                                              . h Pearls    the price  beinji
lleproseiitntivesof Farmers'   tusti- I' $32, postpnidi
''[7 -      I     l2Yr.l6 BBOSi
llcprest ntiiiiv- of llnilway   (.on*.*     <- - M.n ,
liepresnnlatives of   thp   Canadian
Wining In-tiiiiie.
li.pii'.stniiitives of   the   Canadian
Tin Vmethysl has b.cti
referred to as the " Matronly Jewel " and the
epithet 1- inidoubteclly
The new Diartioncl Hall
Ikis ■ 'i unit 1..hIIv est. lined •.-,•,-;- of    ' lll.-lil.l'-t
4 li,-,11.1 !u .. I'oiiun ni -.
King's, Necklets, etc,
One Brooch of com-
rteliing beiiUly   consists
Tlie Mul iiiii Life [nsiirnnee ('onipany ol
Has Assets Exceeding $400.(100,odd.
|nili 1 in il is tlio siifcsl iiiM'-iiui'iii Iviiown tn limn,
All   .inters   ;   unptly   attended in       ('nsli invi'.slcil in Iiifb lllsill'iilli't* is cii-.ll invcsti'il lluil    will
and the gr. Host cm  rciscd in  tliu   |-c.tttl'tl l'01ll|H)tlUil IntL'I'OHt.
Iiillidlinu of go.si lin i-  1 1 1 p   i'i
I     All Hlir-i'i     !i;l Im-ini--- inni  nun   hirjo   niiiniiiil-   nl   lib-
»_.*— —..._._^  iii-ui'.iii.'i'.    li |iroviiliiH for tho fiiinily, proti'uH 11 niiiil iii  bi-
ui'l ngo, mill |irotooi ■ l'i* oiher investm * 111h.    l*'or   rate.*!   on
in\ f'oi'iii nf life iiiMiii'iuico fipply to;
rv><lv*$     StcriillF Percy J. Gleazer. Local Agent.
) v / Silver
®~m$®_   ,7:z:;:":
mul dollar pre
rintfltiaii n.t.
llrnry Iliikl A.
Bottl' lim' ll«
for making wild
I j!. p, v.-nte an
I.,-.,.. r ,1 l,y .10
oilier cot.re.n in
c'.iatTjyi. ArlUtlcdtilgD-
en, modern mnctilnery, ntnl ikllled hsnd
all under the direct nil   .*..-' n > f
■ . , ■■  ,^-i . f lite f.i 'it. make nn un
mallei! 1 >ral InaUi n toi larfilng oat I Di
v.'iiti- f"t lllutlraled eatSI . I I.
Vt'Iin.! .-.'l-.rr,
j Silver Plait,
■Vatchu, ele,
— Hi
Henry Birks&S ins
bihks1 DUllOlNO
MONflll Al
!■   . !>, h'., '   .   .      |„ y
thi Fallot '
1 "- - *--  - ,. 1  ... 11
■f 2s_  I 1 - -
\|   I.'   \   'j'       \|   *.   jj U  !."('        iVASIUNUI'O.N  _  «'    .'   K.
•VJ    ■ A   i       ' '   X " ,V ,J ' V.  V. ,v K   KY   »  N   1 11
i:i;u.\|,.!'.*.' 1 un h UIAVAV co
\v.\--iii.m- |'oN ,v <■. .\   KV
mid i'i' al '      :" i-    -   rtl ,1  I',    :,-
 .. llllll   I '.    II,    ,'-     ,'V.   CO.,       fill       ;  '
'■•  I   and     h - • nm   - ni   |; ,
i md an I Si i "it  '. 1 h   the I
r     I    Un     *i
;    I   ;'   '''^' .AI.TBU MEAT*! c.mi •, at Ni*|i. n iviih tlm   I'. I:
• '-'■  ''.  f<«'   I* md K. and .*-'-
H - Ii i1 in-'!
Mil .-■'   prnirfpl  ntli*
JOHN   l'llll.!'l''!('l'   I1..,,
1 'uiini "l      t I 'ui li'ii   11 uli    ' .     i'.i
1 Irocnv ... 1  in.I   Mid ... ,-.-. p. 1'.
Ilulli I t nn trains hot ivuuM
-, .1 .   |.',.,,,,i ...
H.JA.JJ   I I. -:i *.
Hun 1 ,   r ,    itifor A it
. mn, U :,i.
. _m
: (
is iilways .velj done.   Watch Repairing ta done
fry experfs,    Jewelry .Repairing, Maiiiifftctw-I
.ngancj Kii^i*'.ivjngis<loiie }>v tjrst cja^s work-'
nicn.    prescription wo.k jn Optics is cjone fry
;in experience'!  Optician.    A piece of an old!
leiisissuHicienl to enable us to replace it, Xew;
drlassescan he fitted perferllv.    Scud for OUI'!
Ri      _ i  .   i                   *                                  I Second A.
'\yel)-y Catajo'iue.. !	
I Hotel
: J-'i's. nl-ass J.imi'j*; Jfr-Wll
I'cst    |.';iii,ls   pf   Will*'.'
I        Ljquors ;iji<] Cujaj's.
ywpB j./yi-ji, Prop.
: ———
• HMltyM*'WM   FOK   MfNiNG  »gl.   AJJP   TOE
• ..■wi. tuiiii.-iii-ii throughout.    Sample Foonje io connection,
lintc.- UM Lo il?2.,.fl per day
FINLAY   McLEOD, Pmpi'iefccf
iiettcr Than Ever Hefore
J. 0.   Patenaude, rw^Hi^v^ri
Manufacturing Jeweller, W-atf-hmpKer .and Optician*! X 1* °ie'    I Ul IT | A Hwl Pa"' F1"8 > * ^
PHONE 293-     NELSON' BO     [\      ,f,   ~~M ,       I The r*e,fth Ann^8,
October 9 U.   15, I9P5.
Smallest Coin Current*   l,,ive *Men ntiw und-sresthnat-Bd ti.an
egAggerutitj..     Tlm   untire   went   is
Tlu. Best Meals
Anil -\<-i-oiii»|in)ittjon
In Town,
lx .Wiling.
"Wo found British Columbia in  *s|| A fill-UolcG'tiou nf Wiiieu,
prosperous a condition as our  ono j      l.iijuois and ( Igftl'S,
province, Quahrc.     i'he wave of pro.-   f 	
perity aflfecU the whole .oftntry. J J, \v. MAHTERSON,     Prop,
"Now tlmt the   uinc.-j   have   been t»4 .•»♦*>*»**■»♦♦♦»♦■.♦ M ♦ M ♦' ♦ -. | Wonderful Displays of Pain's Famous Pyroteohi)i_s, "The Full ot
placed upon a sound ^u-iis there   .-ill
————*————~b~——^—< \     p.,,.--, .\rthiii'' in Planning Fievorks,     I.irger I-.xhibits in EJvery
Uo renewed activity,     it   in   not   a
mining boom, but the mil.., ne-eiitb. t ♦•>♦*•>•>♦♦♦♦♦•> ++++ ++**+**4\        *'"l"» ' »l'"' ■■■" •'■'»'■■    ^""'" ■-.<'•■•>■ ■•"* l!u"»-   *ho   U '■"
less reflect the (/eneral   prosperity   nf ! . u/aah      ♦
the West   Tlmy a.e doing twill.'' t     MILL  WOOD.     J
The l.i-|,,ri' of the smelting
iildns-    ▼
lolivej'erJ any
try in llritish O.ilumhin really   dates   ♦            place ill town,
from   |888,   when   a  small  oopper  j 	
smelter  -va.8   erected   at   (.olden,   a
point un tho Canadian Paciilo railroad 4
at the confluence of the Columbia and 4
Kicking Horse  rivers,     Apparently 4
'iis   smelter   was   erected   only   to ♦       s.,w in the time to put in
Stove Lengths
Dry $1.35. Green 81.00,
Per Cart Load.
socure a i.r.int of land adjacent to the
town, becausa after its completion   it   ■*
was never blown   in.     During   |S8!)   ♦
a good supply.
Porto Rico
Tlm smallest pain no-v current in
■|'airopi.',.nnd the ono having the leaet
• iilui; ii.triiisicallv,-is th« Greek top-
ion isiiinn idea of its vmaljliess may
In.* had from ijie .taienient thut it
takes IQO of tl^t-in to make a drachma
and the latter coin is worth a trill.*
less than -•() cents jn Awwaii money.
English-Speaking People
English is now Bpnken hy itboUl
J 25,000,000 people. -V century ago
i. was spoken by _0,000,000 people
only. During that period no otlier
leading European language hus made
the slightest advance. Germm has
ln-ld its own and is now spoken by
80,000,000, but this is no higher percentage of tl.e tut al number of people
ni European descent than it luui a
hundred years ago,
World's Greatest Forests
The crown forests of Russia com-
prise 30,000,000 acre., belonging to
the Czar, and 303,000,000 acres .-',..-
trolled l.y another branch of the gov*
eminent, The Czar employs 'JT.uoii
wood police, mIi.i cut approximately
I .,000,000 tons a year, d.ietly I'm
firewood. Twenty lear-i ago wood
, utters in the I Initoil Siaios foiled
I in.her covering 1.0,000 acres annual
ly, imi. tin- wholesale destruction has
lii-.-n stopped,
A Wonder in Beards.
Tin- most hirsute man in the
world i- not to be found in the
"greutest -how on mirth." II.- is a
[frenchman, and i- content to live n-
tt moulder in the iron wink- ot Mon- j
Iineon, eiirning his livelihood   l.v   la I
I..I,  tlltlUgll   ifli II   l.-ll.plnl     hi      lin_i  i
i lii-i■ to nialii' iiii exhihitioii .-I him*
■' If, His name is l/mis i'oulon, nud
he i- -mi lily-nine v-.ii- ni   ngi .    hul
makes   ii   a   | ii    of   pridp,   aftm
moulding for Hi'xty even years, in re*
ti-i' a reiii iiiu' pension hi fnrn he i-
, ghty.    Ho i- imly n little mini,   Inn
''   l:"'",i   " '•"•'    '   ""'""   i'""-'*   ULLIMI " iS.r'LJ-0.^   I'ACII'IC   (MAST     l'U|\"l>
,n-I is crnwiieil In    ii    ii,iiii.iii In' mniiTIiril    '"":  ffopoallloai   iwo
imi.t's from tip to tip.,   Whim  <'.... j lYIUlV I litAL ^ffi^f^a St.  Paul,   Chicago,   New
lull is nt work he rolls up   In*   hiinrd I lirn 11 n '•' lhs K"at roanaalna-
,.     I '!■ lirnfl lirm|,.-.Vrr_Iuli   lo  tl,,
hoi tucks il iiii'l'i In- -loll.       I lii'ie j llhllfllaU l.iim uiih ih.- bein _l
i ,      , , , , ,     . IfllillllK   III!   Ilm   l,„mc .
I- - Ilm," ol    hi-M'dilv    ah. ill    |,i.l I "iion  ai  lant* quantityi
ilu   s.ws ..i ihr World in
.a-.'.     His father had li heard   i ach    fWimnarlaBlloiu i„',Kthl„i
IM   I ■inni   iiiiil   lot   llu
•in   In his line.'-, and Lwoofliisffle.il    Houaei»ll«iBuBilaj.r»«dln«
| i.nnaif   Mnikri   Rrpotta
llliulcs, -ii|i|iei» In I he ai inv of    .lour     one  cowplalj itory  rail
11 i »»ri..   jiii-i ih, papei to ■_,
dim,  had i I,ul i..uns h aids. i ».ll'youi local i-npar.
Week, night entries,    The Finest Show of Live Stock ever   held
in Washington.    Up-To-Dato Vaudeville Program Every After*
«! noon and Evening.    Beautiful   Fmit   Displays   for   (jig   C-.i i
4  Prize.     Five or morn Rxciting Ptaces Daily.     Spokane  Kennel
Club's Big Annual Dog show,   Indian Village und Indian Races
and Dances,
Reduced Rates   and  Special Excursions on ail
Howell W. Peel, PiesideiH
Jlobt, H. Cosgrove, !-*ei:. aiW   *.'■.,.
the Kootenay   Smelting   \   Tratlin. _.
company completed a smalting  plant.    ■*     r    .   t    .. / i.     t . 1      X
,.    ,. ,      ,     ,,       '       i    i   ihi" ( o. Ltd.   X
at Rnvolsto'.o,   whero   tliu     tailway    -*-
oro—es ilm Columbia river   about   -•'■
miles north from lhe head  of   Allow
hike, and commenced   smelting   lead
ure on a commeroial   scalo,      Actii
ope. ai ion.- wore continued only for
.short time.   Tlie   works   were   then
olote I do« n, leaving n memento in tho
shapi* of ii moulded bar of lead brand-    |
ed "Kooleniiy," whieh is now   in    the
t ********+*** ♦ .*>*>♦♦ »*•►+»
i Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
'"'      only   all   rail   route   between
points east, west nnd south to Boss-
, ,, ,, land, Kelson,   Grand  Korks  and Be-
Minern   Museum, ... tlai   Dip iiime.it        , i-        ,,„,,. , ,   . ,,
1 public,    i.uiiet cars run between Spo
of Mine-at Victoria, whete it in  said   knne and Northoort
io represonl   the   first   bar   of   lead
smelted in British Columbia.
Yinir Citizens
'.'■ave Daily Train
D.4fl a.m Spokane
11 05 it. tu Kosshind
7.:'o a.m Nelson
! 1:80 a m Grand Porks
10.00 ii.i.i. I'lioenix
7.00 n.ni lienublio
A. rive
6.20 p. iu
*..lii p.n:
8 l.'i p. in
4 2fi p.ni
li nop.in.
O.SO p.ni
-MKifr-.... SAVE  TIE.
VstTill usn.-.v is ICAC'H MONTH. ALIj    THE     TIME
I'ivi.u Mrl.i.,,1'. President.
Pin, i fji.HA'/i.ii, Secretary.
A   II. Hi ''liwoinii, Ti.-.i-
111'   USING
.Seattle,    Tacotna
WtLMl     ^,!3.rL:°.^ PACIFIC
York, anil
«r. D THI
The Entire West   Boom-
Sir Thomas bhau^linnssy,  Senator
.1   I'm'.',  ind Mr,   Charles   llo--
i , i .hi in -I   in   Montreal   Saturdny
i     i.m_ mi tin' Soo train from   their
,,i inspect imi in the in -...
•y ..II report thai . li ..mt i y  i-
111111 fi I • lo rendition,    The   condi-
,ei,ii [houl ni'   ip.ii''   tho   host
,- ursii-.n country h.- over .-*•-
, i uluii. i- in splendid   shapi',"
, mn     il Mr  ll'i-miT, as he  itcppml
.ne train,
Wo find thai   lhe   nop   roports
sl.KKI'KKs     DUl'FET,
!   I.II!I!.\I!V   CARS,     MODERN
MK.ll.S A    I.A    CAKTB,
j Best   Meals   on   Wheels
ff^'    '.     ' ;0     PAST   TRAINS
2     FAST   TRAINS     Q
Tn;.'.-r .'  ifll1
Obi in.
OopYmaH'i i At
Anrniio mnSlns ii nfcolrh „,nj floiiorlplli n niii;
niilckly ii-i'itI'iiii our n|.lt..i.lt friio -.Ih-iIi.t in
,iiv,'..ii'"i i* prohnnlf i-,iii'ii-iiitt".  (iimniuiil.' ■
i  i,rii-ll>'i..lll|il'-l|[|,ll.  11.ill'll,i 'ihuil l'l O'llL:
10..I In'". "Iilr-I ll!M'l"'y for ."Cllllil.'lint,',,,..
l-.tl,-iil*i l.ik.-n tl-rniii/li >iinn. \ I'u. r.*.-*.'l-7i
,,,rct,ll ll-ifli-*, wl'lt-Mit I'linrii,', hi tl.0
$c..n..fic nmcs'icaii.
A hiindi-nnioir llluttratad w#_ktf. )>nrffMt f\r
I'ltiniii'ii i.f liny lol-Dtma jiHiniiii. 'I'onniiM i
ftj.ri i"iir niqniu . •   nohS by»u nownUwieri
MUNN & Co 3G,B"°''"* New York
Hnu.nl. omt«. at li' ht. Wuu.-wiuu. Ut
Special   Excursion   Hates
Lewis -. Clark Pair.
For rales, folders in il lull litformntii
regardIny trips, cull on or ni'drcss ...i
igont ol the s. V. .v N. Ilollivny, or
ti. I'. & P' A, (.. I'. Si T' A.
Spokane       7 In \V. lllvorslilc Av,
Tin: i!t-:sT hhand of DOMESTIC
Hotel . . .   .
(Under cntir,  .         . , .
Thv* Kooten.iy  Standard
Dillillg   |!   mn
and   Juanita.
supplied   . ■■
in the it:,....
mini KAi-niii:ii nv
*■ — i
J.   C.   7/ielin & Co.   ~~
tight opposite ■ • ■
Ni'l.-un, l!. C.
JOHN i;ic..
nn   umi   i   i


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