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The Ymir Herald 1905-04-01

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•I Hi-/,;
\PR 6 _ 1905
V-„•„ l—No 4»i.
YMIH. H. ('., SATURDAY, Al'lill. I. lim:..
l'ltll K  KlVK   ■'lA'l*
»****<** kllU  I^,;  fhe Provincial House on':•"" •  «*«■••■■>■«•■»*»  •••••      Ymir Mine   Returns. B.C.   Standard ninini.
LOCAL ITEMS j       the Autonomy Bill.        TUNING NEWS *     ....   .. „      — , . ,     . Co..   Ltd.
^^^ •/ . ,     Hie following is the ofnciul   return i
for Feliriinrv:     "30    stamps    run    25 ,,           ,          i   ,.   i              --i      ,
1 Kcport find Diilaiico h, it .
',',... I
-•*•*■'■ *, t M' *'
Cheques cashed free ivt  Cimpbi
I'he motion ol' W. .1. Bowser,  cen-      The llennessoy property on Sixteen
| days and crushod 2,000   ton-      The
Join. MrUiil's brother «•„-. a  visi-   ""'"'*    ""'   Dun''"'0"    Government  Miln creek is under bond   to   llos        .     ,,.,,. .;
,-to tow,, lust week ' f"r   ,tH   '"•'i""    in   "'"   wluc"ti 'P^ies.    A force   f   twelve   ...en    is eft,,nat«d ™J''»bl8 v,llue   "-*—   "'I     Tl.e directors'report for   -i,.-   v.*.
' clauses of the Auto y    11,11,   came  „ow nt wo.-l* on U,«, properly, the product is $u,S,(3:,    13-1   ton,   of  ended Decemcer 31,    190*1,   «•„.   „
Ihe jovial Fred .Sturkey, of Nelson,   up last Monday and wus adopted   by j     ,,..,, " | concentrates, -hipped, gross   -timnted | companied    liy   detailed    *,4ateiii.*i
.o a visitor in town this week.
ilio House « itliniii   a   division,   and
Mr. Iln. le,   the   representative   of value 84,000.    Cyanide plant treated Igiving particulars   of   each   muni
Father Althoft'   will   be   here   on without any other speech   thai
Monday, next'and the   usual   service of the mover.    No   member   of   the
«il! Le held in   the   Catholic  church Opposition uttered a word,
on Tuesday next. ,r "•'-*. inking it altogether, a  very
,,    ,,   r,    ,*,  ,       .•    <     r.      i pitiful display of   cowardice   on
Mr. K   S.   Cody   of   the Canada ..  ,    ,'	
fllil,'.    ^^^^
t stablishment,
opera,ions  and   analysis   uf    tiijniin.
cost*..      These   showed   that     nft'
[making n charge for wen nn i tear • >
tho syndicate which has t iken a bond 1,500 tons (2,000 pounds' of tailings,
on the Yankee Girl, starts' work on producing bullion having estimated
the property to-day with a full crow. , gross value of -51,219' Sundry revile will push developmenl us   rapidly enue, §75—$11,157     Working   ex* Itramway cable and for pluYit   depi-e
"-' I as possible,     Cluirliu   Cameron   who  pencos .*?! 1,850.    Loss 8093      There ration  therelutd been n* loss of S.'l.-M
  _    ,._    „.,.. ,,   ,.,,    lhe I • .'
      ".  ,'.'., "  ,"      '"            ,. .    has been   taking   ore   out   on  lease,  has been expended during month on   0n the operations   for   the   vmir   •
,   _   , . .    part ot the Liberals,    Even a   polili-1, . , ,        , ,.,-,, - ,*.   ,
Drug und    Dook    More   is   now   in    .                                                             hitherto, lias a largo accumulation   ot   development 0*300. shipments of 17 101) tons       The   i
,.,,,.,       ,      .    ,      wan may be supposed   to  have some  , . ,        ,              ,    .      , . '    r
•e of the 1 mir   branch   ot   that:                                      .                      high grado ore ready for shipment.                           port further stated that:
iiiniilv hlonil in    lr*,    veins,    hut   the i -
^^^^^^^^                    members of his Majesty's  Loyal   Op-      Hei ween December-?7.    1904   and Gold Reef Hining and     ;     "^ Nuvember when we made ,
The Porto Hico Lumber   Company position in t|„, Kriiudi Columbia Leg-   February -J7, 1905, there was shipped :                 IMlUnv   Cn '""''"" "''""' "' *'""' '''"' "'"""" *'
■ is now in the nml kel   again   to   sell |i,|aturo were content to sit in   sullen | frolM t,,e Ailin-Efton miiiR, lii-ie,   525.7 |                 (Timing    vj. [shipments during   thai   month    I,
I dry and green  lirewood
See   their j,i|0MC,. and hear ,  pol
,|,p,.npn-   ions of ore* net smelter returns   from-1    The seventh annual general
I been received, and  it   was   expei
advertisement iu fchii issue, | Hay their leader, hold their party   up j which were 820,400   or   $-0.21 per I ■„;, of *..,„   **,,,•   ,.„,,.-" Mj)li|.,,  ftnd {that after having defrayed the  iuiti,
Archie McDougall has entered   in- lerision; and make a public   -k-' ■"'•     One onrload,   net   weight 44,-   Mi||i„, Company w a, held  nt   Koss-  expe,,se ot 0peninR  "■'   ''"'   'i":""
to partnership with T.   Newitt, and ery of them all a*,  creatures   |ttcki,.K W-l pounds, assayed 4.50 ounce-a Kold   lal  ,,,w,n.  ..-,.      ,„   „,,.   ;ll)   we would have a few   thousand   d„l
tii!le„".„ge in   the   ilrv   goods nnd «piri\ consist ene*,, common sense   ,,,. J'er ,n,,, ,*-. I ,,,,,,,•,.-si,\,,-,,,,■!   ,', |„-r   „,,„,,.,,- M,, Com,u| Wo|fl* tli   mk. | !•*'» P''0^ w'th tie prospect of   pro!
nt lend,    (boss smelter value,   $2,
gioeery business.    The new rirnl    ex- j political  honesty     	
pect to occupy their new premises, mi      Mr. Dowsor was in good  for,,,   for  0,l'7..'19 or-SOI 72 per t
First Avenue, some time next week,   j Iiiu work;   -He read to the House ex- ' 	
ing expert, who was unavoidably   ab
I cable operations throughout 1905,
, .,       ,,    „  the  froiulit   and   treatment charu
sent, the president, sir  \\. II. town-       ,    , ? , . ,
, , ,   and mining costs had been consul""!
_^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^_^^_^^^^_^_^^____^__________________________ I sen,I, present!.d a report on the   work
,,,, , ,-       f„    v,   „ ,,-, nn I tracts   fn,,,,   Sir   Wilfrid    Uuricr's   *******************4**4***  done on neighboring properties. bly reduced and a market secured
Lhe circulation of the Nelson hoon - . ▼ ------- it, - i    i greaty  ncroused output
....       i-   -,   i ,   . •     (float speech on the   Multiloba  schoo II M-raTirie* *i     It was decided to make   a   trio  to!    s       - '
inst in Your is limited to two copies j . HBHaf   .     . X Nil I ICR. i '     "———■—————■
    I the property, which it in Yn,ir   en,n|
Arm and cruel hand, drew the deidly
parallel between   the   so-Joudly   ex
pei  week, which we    suppose    is    one!
reason why the   editor 'supposes   he
, nil gratuitously ilisldt the people   of
lhe town, without  feat'    of   peeillliurv
P10s    „   ,*     •    ,,,„.       ,   ,, .,        I IMJIIUb. 2    , ,.,..,..' immediately after arrangements   hie,
'-luestiou iu 1890; and   then,   with   a J X the property, which is m Ymir camp   , , ■       , "   ,
4 , ,  been •made for this increased   taming'
. i i as soon ai the ""iniiv    was   gone,   until
A CI'U-SS Illtll'KOd   ill    tin.-**?;.. „.,...„... _, i„,i,.,.,. ,..  the winter stormi began, c-ists   w.
preyed-   v.nthnenf.,    of    the    le„ git      lldicatCH    I lllll _\! *«! W""I'J' b""f    ""'    ^    *h
light of lafiiidniii Liberalism in   1890 |J ^ j probably would be timle,- the   learli
iigiii. ot l.ioei nilsm in    muo.A
and hi-actions  „!   tho   present   lime  J VUIII' Sl|l»scl'i|)t iull IH
A. 1'.. Duckwortli   ha.-t , pjoved   Jj»5 | teftcr a l,-,p-i- of barely nine year
in   nr
■•---' luuvi « iayx oi .iiirt-i)  nn,,- ye,.;-;.       ,,-k                                                                ,♦ I excirsioir would be iu June. It deter-  I.        .,   ,'   j „   , ,     ,,        i:„ :.,   '
rtice to the store   formerly occupied    'if M,, fewser desired to   put   ,.,,. J *""' «»>« «'e WOllhl  bo glad J; I    , ilN„ tllllt st„„k ,. d be offered    71!^    ^   • '
hv B. W.lWiddows is an a,say of- Opposition in a hole, he w.u, certainly' {.    ,           ,.                     ...           I \: 80 as to create a fund  for developing   ** '" ""      T             '" ,
,*        .,-,,„ , „,. ,,.,. ,„,„„  ,i;,:,i,.,i   ;„             .,    ,   .               ...   ' i X to leal'    ll'otn   vmi    i     von,,,             u           '"         oe^'-'opwij*   lls to leave a barren  capping, whi.-h
I,,-,*,     Ihostoro-lms been, divided   ,„  8Uccaj.sfu|    It is haid to imagine how t                              '                ■       f| the Buiny Day claim,  to ascertain!,              .,      .     * .         ... ,
■      portions, then est.,-,,  half   being j.fiVe„ the .fear of losing vote, it e's j | wisl, t -   ,,.,,;,(,   (.„lltit|ll(,(l.
I some duiscij shareholders illRseill    said
ship iif ii   practical    engineer.     Tl
increased, and it was   found   dilli,
[ 'j> accomplish more than  an   avei-ng,
, of aim,,t "."  tom ,i day, and the .;i ul>*
of the shipments fell.    The  Intt.-
__________________________________ I however, the superintendent, fotiiel
Iif it could be proved Up sufficient   U i-    , ,    ,.   ,     ,,,   ,, ,,.,
1 ' expedient to blast «!'.l, the ore.    ll."
command a fail   figure,   nlid  during1       ,    , ,,     ,,-        , ,,  ,
•*»"   ■ o  result of the increased cost anil  low,-
development to send  the ore to tin* i      ,,-.,., .i
t.  !    . . grade during those two months was  ■
 H neighboring   Vou  II :,„   concentrator  , ,     .*... r.nn     i.-.i    v,    . i
^^H *.*l .,,   -1 IJ    I! ,        n - li |t,Ss "1   ?. 1,1,11(1.       It  the   >■'. .''KlOef ull-
i,e,i this week to ii   Northport   lmly-1 easms, which the ineniber from   Van- llie  Kail • way  I Ollty.        wnen that shall be built.     The   old!,.       ,      ,-        .     ,   ,        ...,
1 ' i •^^— ^—~ , ; December sliip;nents   I,ad   eitrried
board of    du'ectors   w:-,s   re-elected
, i _. .*,   , -.     nu •» p II    (*' ,1
■, Cliwatofer-ion as a  cuiuiy i<*ohstitueiniy could make   a   man   -ii
ore. , ;-till and endure without   protest    lhe   ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦*♦♦
U. McArthur, of Salmo, wos   mar-1 tremendous   denunciations   and   -nr-
Tlie marriage look-place in   ijpokaiie. l-couvnr, in almost  eve,-,- sentence of
The Nels,.,, Tribune, of   Thursdr
by accla,nation'
profit equal to the uverugil   prnlit   - '
shipments during August,  Scptembf
and October, the net   profit   lot'   tli
visiblo wii!liiii-j, it i-, true, but   with"   ,"l"l',!"1 1,.v   ll"'   Oovernment  caucus    The  Provincial   Budget,     year woiiM Im-.,-been iilmnt .*?,!",
___________MMM^K^^^^^M  i ui "ii Wediiesilav night'. . —  .   , "The market .intleok is yury   sal,--
,. ■;, ,'     *. *■   .       ,iii   i"111   uudiule  protest—and   preserved ,- »,. . -, ■ '...   ■      -'W   i
Jimmto McK.en/.te w expected back ' ,M     A cosh subsidv of   $5 000   a      nnnnco MimstoT   latlow   Wbujilit factory.    Experience seems   to   hai
..       ,,    ,i ,     ,,,..,- . their gloomy and   ahaiiiestrickeii   -,l- ' ,       ., .,„,   ,- . ,   . '
Ik.iii ihe Halcyon Hot   bpruign   nest; ■ mile to the   Columbia   and   Western down t,,e estimates   n, . Iiiesday   of- satisfied the smelter«   of  the lluxinu
,         J              .,   .    ,       ,         i", >,     t'liee  while    the    "iiieaker    nskei     lie ,, , „., ,   ,    .    ___—^-*
week, antl writes that   ho   hits   fully ; ' ,•,.,„,, \i:,i,„„,. ,,. a  n..;.i.„. ternoon lost.     Die period dealt   wit
,„l the luippy pair'i'i'turHi'd ■ It,   Sal- j-liiu spcecllfhroippd upolj   Uie   Liberal
mo un Friday evenWjf, when   nn   en   party,   llu! the Oppasition  swallowed j Publi^*les *•'» -following as   the   flov-
joyable dimue was held   to   celebrate | it all—with many scowls   and   much ' crnn,entli railway policy,   which   was
■ the occasion        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ered from his atlaoli
.,  * ', .,    ,, ,       from Midway to Spencc's Dridge.
, uestioll thl'lce,   and the House    iilne- ' ■ n
Baa^^^B^^Bl BBB^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^^^^^Bnl
I,   value of our on-, and we ,'oiild to-,).,
.hI on reciird *iOnflit'e. division    it        '"l    'V*uaranWe of'principal  and j MronvJuJi 190Q to 30 -Juno   lHOO. Idisppse.of 200 tons of the   high   lin
ns,,,.    w« regtet tlntt iVea-ie UnuUe ,.      J„,iile*nation ,,"il„.' I H- , l"u',(,,t "» ,l'" construction cost of   .-, | "'"i^ ihat peri,,,! the estimated ex-  ore and 00 tons of thu  more  silicio,
|o report a similar imp-oven.-mt.    with        |*"niu.«i   ono, .mi.ition ,. fhe   |,,i. ,
j-egard Ui Wm.Coffey, who it wilh him
■i,l -ia**-of conducting Doniinion   af
The lute Mrs."T. II. Atki nson   -.Vjis
Iniried in Nelson on Tuesday hWt, the
:- llev, Mr. Ferguson of the   Presbyter
Arthur French  .",,,,1   M!-,t  Fteiich
road front (;,-,,,i,I Forks up the Kurth IPWlWfljj^ w plticecJ  at  ?2,0-21-0--l8.fiI [ore dally, while w .nii'lef this,
Folk of Kel tie river foi a distance of '■•■"'■ *'1'-   leveiitle   nl   .*J2,559,:)70 GG   not by atiy means the   limit of   ,!,
lift v iniies,   tht    Province   taking   a j loi*rin«    a   deficit    of   JG1,GG1.G5.  probable market,
li*,, Uiijiignge on Ihe load.               .     How&vep-ftlio   Finafiei"   Minister   ex        "In view of tlie.loH  grade of   tin
I'/'.'i'inpi ion inn.i taxation
^^^^^^^^^^^ fo,-j pressed a lidllef that there   wuuld   heLhipments at t|ijTeud of the year and
Inn Chtiith, otlleiatiiig.    A eonsid.-ra- jl,ftvu r'*iiie,l the Trebeljahf   building,   nf „ years on all mileage   link   by  "" defit'it,-its he anticipated a sUrplus Larly pal-t  of   Jatittal-y,   we   are   ul
nble nber of   N'eKot,   fl'ientls   at    hilhei-to occupied by George Crowe as   ,|„. (j,,.,,, Northern railway   between llt t,H) on,,inf ll,o cUrl'ent year,  which   present   restricting   tile   on,put    i-
tendwl the funeral,    The   pallbearers ,l hakery, mid by A     li.    IJuckwoith,. \li,l«*.*,y md the Fi-n-er rivel". ' added to till!   BUiplus   of   lasi   year,   ahont 10 tons daily,   whieh   we   an
,-,-e Mi'vr-. Kirkpaiiiek.    lie tn-,-.  Mi* I'leni-h «ill ,oi;ti„iie u,,-   bakery      The caucus turned down   the   pro-   would balnnl'e the   estimated   dofibit   shipping to Nelsdu as being oui- moi.
lloss and lioilly.    Mr.   -I    Atkinson  htinlhuM and will put in "iilheT lines,  position nf the Grand ', nn
,k   to  ex-
loll' the coming Vbar,    Ti,,-   stalemclit profitable nial'kot and ono from wl
,| the   defeased   lady's'   -is,of-   re
hiin Miss French   will   establish  a  cl'iangu the cash subsidy of $5,000   n  "* piovinciul Htmnccf-   presented   was  „-,. ,.,„,  ,,i,-.,   quickly   asccrUin  tin
clear   add   blislhewi    liiie,    liHhffihtl
luiiied to Vmi,    the   following  ,lu.y, jdres-jvuaking and millinery   business I n,ile for the   "Kitiilint   road'1   for   a  ''"''"'   nnu   ousiness    nae,    nringing ^,-;,i|,.        ,,,' ,|„, snipmoiil*
mul mi Thui-ilaj lilt!-   Gladys,   whoi    8, ll.'Seaney left Yinir for  Nel-,,,, land drinit of 15,000 acres a Itijlii.        commendation cVen   from   the. most Wo have also arfatiged U> begin ship
has been a favorite, of the Vlllll'   peo.  on l'ridn;, and  frill   take   nvor   the      Ml*r1-»>KlHto«i, *lniso   attitude   to- lbi,"'r"'' the oppositioni«tR,   from nienti   to   the   Sullivan   Compaliv'">
I'le for a long   ii     left   Vi,',,   for   retail business of i)    A,   Macdonald, wards tl*   Mclliide   Goveilimeiil   is   |,fllJ'tal j"VrJioli»U likd   the.   Victoria mneltel'at Mal'Jsville, fcast Kooteiini-i
gi.,.,1, iu company with 1-,-r mm,,  whoi fitim the Ui April.    Mi. Seuhey  Im- well kno>vir,1,as the following to   say  coH-jspoudont of thu Uuily' Ifows. on such favbUrahlo tm-tfts thai nre   i,l
will take charge  fit   Irw   hencuflntln [trifil to got away from Vm,,    before, oft the sljliJHcl! . 'iUv   H+'propriatlolis     tat    I'datls, the analysis wlilnh wli are  now   ship
Mr  Atkinson who,was mflcli-|irt>«ii*ii-. but w-atVtliily able to Hlnnd   it   for   „      "Whlflb fKit.withlioldirtg  from   tlie  hridges illlfl  trails  In  ilu'  ItorfttJnay pitlg will pay its way even if of as lo«
led by Ida loss, has ken in tl,"   d - couple of yealsi ithen ho IhuI','io   ,.- GovcMmlont tllP   llieasill'*)  bf cfatUt 1nn-' Honinlary ridings aCe as /dlloirs! gnu]e on IHll   rtvtjtiige   of   Movembii
tor's bauds in Nelson,   add   has  nol   turn     W6 trust' thai   hn  nil!  ajmin due il, individually  and   collectively.  Cranhroiik $ ",000|ftnd OecoHlbt^ shipments,   tlm  m,.-
F v-i returned to Ymi,
It is OUSy to In* :'il l-ililoi.     AM one "ill	
■ I, is to do no cording to an   Oklahoma  ■■ _••
I "inihority;   "Is to be able   to   write ft^ £|ir|*V,i,|-§
I | ,ns, discuss tht' Infill    ni.'l    lli'mev  . _
'piestions, umpire   n   biisebtill   game,       Ml l.i'.oti Hor»!,i—
I leport a wedding; saw wood,  denci'lbu  \V, ('  l-awience, VancoUVerj
i 'i lire so th'tt    the   roadtfrs   will   shed I Ul", Ailhilf, Nelson)
their wraps, mttki  dollar   do   lhe l'J, H. Cix'iy, Nelson j
Work of toil" ihlne at ii dutico,   meas*  "'," Adainsi Vancouver)
lire calico- abuse lhe liquor habit, tes>' I,. F, McKai, Nelson)
whiskeyi subset ibi!   to  uluiritlos,   s«o >V, ]\ Perry, 8t, Puulj
without ihenls. nttitek free nilvcr,   tie*  \V   H VYintolnifJic, Vaiieol/vei |
fend biuletall,sin, stieer  al,  snubbery, ' F. fftafkny. Nelson)
wear diamonds) invent itflvUrtiseuienta A- Muljlleeh, N'elfton)
overlook ftcaiidal) appraise babitts, ,|,--   I,. II. Nicholiun, VancoUvt'il
light pumpkiit liiisefs, minister to the       W'u.iionr   HoTHI.:   -
hlllicted, hwil IhB dln-grlintlwl, llght to |--. ff, Bwilnnell, !!el*onl
•t linish, let  type(   inoflld  opiMons/, f. si,.",,i,a,,i, Noi'thp'iri:
'.ueep the office* HjiBftk^a prayor niefi-   ,,    y,,,,,,,.,,.,,. v,-,,,.,!,,,,,,',,
IcUperli'live lhe I .nn    im-li-   The Tribune mini --.'iy th-ti.i!," »redil
foi'tllD rtdOptiofl rtf   llie1 abort-  policy
  Is due til threo'firivnle rfletfibofs and
Grand F'u I-
tm<! n,eiflher iif the go'vi mltt-lil.     Till
private iliemf.eis I'.lm forced tlif 0ov-.|a,,conwnt,(*
f'riimeh! to ,-tilopi    tht!   above    [Inliev ' ",'v,'lsl"-<''
lire Fi'iutbl" of Grand  Porks,  Shatford ^hnilkartieem
iifSiiiillkai.'i.ei,,   nllll   Mnedowafl   of sl"1'"11
Vancouver, nnd thb  me,nber   of   the'*""
5,0001of    UOtll    mileltHl'fti    tlldUgll     vni-yin.-
10)000   silmewllitt ill tel'llls,  yield     llioitl.    lh
7 000 I hi!mO i'n (his clnsl df Ore.
(1,000     oQur experience this   -.t inter,   an-1
B,000 ; ih,. pfostMt ,i|'|'i',i!a,!t,',! cf the deposit,
11,000 : point to ♦he desirability of devnlopiu^
'-!""" jtlto mint* dhdel-groiind  bofbra   ne-li
It) 580
winter    This itcfelitHatef)   thu   nee1
 ,    I    , it i -t I   j.    ,t  ,     -.1 | of working capital refolted to In   mil
<Jovcr,,.|„.,,l whd «lood for it i- V.   ('.       I'''1'111 ll"" ''■ *l« " "fcu» 'hat  with »     '
■i.  ...-.I    i.i   il lho exedotion   of   I MD   Similkaiiieen   Noreinber report, rtnll it *tll   I.'   th.
( oIt,HI, p|-i"»ul"li! I't the eouili'll, '"   ''•"I'eio    01     nm    a„iiiinn,,,i.cii, ,
  ^'ntir gi'ls a larger' appropriation tlulli j duty of tilt! Hoard td dbVise BU mis   I '
. any of the other fillings ill sbtith bant, ruine tfla (inuitiil   at   rt«   cnfly   date
F,*-e BUgflde Sl^iiali.     |,;,,,;,, ,,,„„„,,,,,. | ^ M ^ o{ ^ ^^ "	
Iligh a". Cf 11,at takull otll in   devoltip-
j moni -vollt; tlm   profit   ''.'I   'le-   I.t-"
ar's Hhipllteilts Wotlld liuyo provided
Fiit, chief CoH'ev has prepared   the
folloitillg -ig/inl- for I,mulling tl„. fire
(•HlMtClf  NOTfC'R
nliiiin    si,-,'!,1!',- li/iging   means   llro
ings, and stand   In   "it!, overyiKidj'
III),I everv tiling"
/I.  *A'. ■)-,;*-■„ Snliie,.
I'uKMIlfi.lllAN   Clll'llt'll—S ll II d It V
iSfhool _HHI ___________■
On,- stroke (padse) two strokes |pause)  |,;v„,lin,, s,,,.Ni,,, r.;i,>.     *,m.f   j,.„. '*'"' l""'*'"';"'/    *">f   *>pn»\{   and
.|,i,-,"-li„l--i-. uihalis/i ballfo. help,,, p]M-s'lj-jiety meeU oh f'riday evening «'«• <'alde ot thi. holtii.i s of the  ,,.*
llnlidlb lhe   ho-*"   when   drying   und  nt g   , |,„.).,    y,    ,,, welcou,.-    llev **nl   Miaftiholllers   wtmlil   Imrn   I,-"
.''•"•i">* » w ',iv* t,•',•' ..ll. *' ,ulnfi M: .'.., FMUtf (CWntlneed tu Third   i'-,g,,, gff
bMHna ■■ inivw<  i'i""Mi*(g
Wt'- Ii.'iyn ,i I'I'mhiI 1,1'W Ijlio nnd can lit van oui
i'vova luiuil In l'i'"! wi,,li (1 hi,,,ij l'i>nin|;iti,;ii ,,l' tliu
I test ,-.ln,i'-, i,litiiiii,'iljlr. lllld tiiii--liii|,i:   i|fi   \\'itl|   0,110
nf nm- ip'.vv mid atylwli lints',
.M rets   tiiiin  every niorniny'
cM-cjrt Sititility, for  freight
nml  pnssengeiiH   for    Villi*'
mill.   By special orders ou,
Sundays, (Ir for Yniir niino.
\\'i iluii't Hi't-il \o Keep H'l i''**!1'^' yn wi'dl"
lii'i'c, and ii\ tl|>" I'l'iti'i'l'V Ul-iinPr-f-i itccau*-,,' il i->
Weil l<ii(,\v*i i|nit t|ic |,r,-t gpoilp iiiid llif lu'.s|
|,rices nre al\\;i\s tp |,c ^i,r p* », 1 >i*
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
cunPANy ud.
WAI'IJH SI'l'I'I.IKli nil. l>n-
MI.STK' a\h iiiu:
'.i."i      l'i ll'N'1-S       I'KI-'.S
I'. H. T.  lii,s">,   See,el,,,,
Carries The Stock,
And |-eads in Price *3n<j Quality,
HOO'I'S,  SIlOUS AM) ('l.iirillNI.   IIEIUIU'MBSI':—Wulia.*,   ■
I spring goods in nml cheerfully invite lhe public to ii'spept o\p -. It,   ',
■(Continued from lHi'si Page,) treye i-e-elrctod,    .Mr.-I.-1. Caropbel
gi-ea'-i tiian if ii   huye,    aipount   of  "'»» rempppipleil niamieins   l|i|'ecto| -. |
Hsury stook hud been disposed uf    , Tlie directors   and   offers   fur   thn
■\\'e must nqw dual with the   unit-* year a|e|    Meitsrs. James   ifnhnstiuie, 	
'...••-.,    it   staiiiU.     The   uniijiiiiioii-   M- le and  <-'    1',    president!  .1    J, | «__ k«vi-a lFal'JQ    j^I may satisfy tlieui in <|iiality and price.
,-pjt    n of the   ininine-   experts   nrlm > Campbell, managing  director;   S    S i OpUa\ari*C  E dllO    UC/ [MPs shots, wu carry nn   Immense   stocl;.   ;l„y   spent,   lot   Uieiiim -i> -...
imi visited is unit ii ■••"••-.■" r-m.j uina stocks and    Northern Rv.    \'m*,,,w'*uonn ''""•■ "",l'"" Ue°"npr0Cl,rell,ewiBlk.uT"'
*      , ,   ,    ' ,,,,.,      "Vm-nuiii Cannicliuel   M   F ** We nls'i Imv- thu exclusive right of '.he famous Weston SI for hoy**. t •■>••,
pre    .,'-, in pi'iivi-iii In-ii   very   large v. .>,„,„,,..,,  .,i, i,. , ,,,.,, , ,
■„,si,      •*.,„.   I7Q0Q  tuns   -.hiuneil       Mr, Campbell, after  th;uiki|ig   il »>, T '"' ""■■''    a"   '''"'   !'oute, bet*cc'1  look M * ' «"'l nu'-weiii-nvo pair l| nqy ot ier on|ii.ary make,
M|    '  '                  .           -            ii                                                                            points east, west anil south tn lions*' Snriny Suits for men nnd boys are also in, ami marked ilotvn lo tin 1"".  :,
fSiii,-theyeiu--hoiiM hen   fair   ill    shareholders, gave an explanation   "t |,....',  v..i     ,, ,   „ ..., ,,...  ,        'l'"--       '->'"•
uuI. Nelson,   Grand  Forks  and j!,--'
______     _____ ,     .....    ...       ,,,,11 . I"' -"•""".   -'foi"   ii'iti-i  mi"  i"-   ,,,,1-sihlc nnleli.    For nealliens  ami  ilnrnbility,   Dim  glnpce  will i.'o*ivi|i|*i' ii*,
|x of the grade whioh we   may   ex- j the   that   had   bee,,   met pubHc,    ,,,„•■,.,,,.,,*.„„ ,,,,.,,,„ Hpo jk    ,; _ ^       ^ ^^ ^
pet - it- ship dui iu^   lliu-'i,   mil   with   »'iMl m eaiiyiiiu uu Ofrp ijuarry wo|k | kane nnd Northport
BITuctivo Muroli, 1(105,
' eave Ilitilv Train A,rive
il.ilo Spokami fi.'iO p.m
10.63        liossluntl "l.SS p.m
in.:,,', a.m Vmir o. I-' p m
P.20 a in Nelson li 80 |.-m
such .-. ••mile mi,I our   |,|-esctit   freight during the   winter.      The  plana   by I   Pjuflet Curs   run  between   Bpokane
and '.leatnu.iit rates; and ndinngcosts, "lli*!'- the stipentitendeut Imd intend j nm! Nelson.
and the daily ton,,ago v.hiel; we hope i"1 to iiveroomo these h„d not   proved
to ship, ihe   profits   would   in-  very »Hccessfal, and work was   ul   pretenl
f(lj, nol being carried un   at   the Pouble
"  *-\\'iih th., expenditure  nf oqpitnl j Wtatuliinl.     fli'istinu  brought   down
fe .-,'!,!itioniil development aud  plant, iiiueh snow in addi I to   snqw    lluil
the ■'.-( of milling silu.ul'l   ho   nppre- drifted iu,   nml   when ^impelled  lo ri-diieed, -u thut wt;   feel    tl,!".!, ^"P f"l' SQUIB days tin, life fro-;i"  solid
lhp,.-'li we have been disappointed  in '" tlle sl",ft wliu''' w''s "se'1 ils i'" ort'
the ;i-t year's ri-ults,    we    have   an : chute,    For some lime past the   faces
•Wt.-' n, is-- in whieh we eun fairly   in- of Hie workings had  differed  greatly I^LIj     THS     TT^VEE:
Jiti''ipital to invest.'' in grnde in dilferont parts, adding   to j l;v    L S1* N
-,gsK-rs, lim dillieulty uf the superintendent in
■nes, mineral olaims'and ensuring   that   only   profitable    ore
■ ,,,,,-,- ri'dils SlJO-oGO'5.1 should be shipped.    Anoiher   feature
OroQprj l)epa»-tni*?ni
\'ei"ilsi n,. eomnifiit, we havu go! thestook und oau save you niuiu
Stationery pnd Prujc Department,
Wo :,,'■
Ing itut li„oi|,e*.s ivhyf    r,,-'":ois'' it I) pnekngi is nvii'k'eil J.",
:i:80am     Orand.Forks       I 85 p.m I (|1B „,Hkei" Hup is all yon urn renmreil to pay for il   here,     We ilu  not   |
8.00 a. „i
11. ■, >,, lili-
8.30 p.m
V -fa i ia|     itud       aus.ili.iry
ir.iin.vays, railway  spill"
..  i.ii'l mine building*.
'Plant and niacbinery, per
nia,lent    improvements
nn 1 etpiipnient
Mi, -• supplies  and   sit,res
on hand per inventory
A,    "Hits  receivable,    un*
® expired  insurance   and
1 11'portion of  preliuiin-
•-  .,iv <-.\[ie„se account
Jjc,-- and gain account
bad been    the   incr-easing   depth   of
| barren   liinci'ock    overlying   the   ore
.'iu,u8S,70   body, owing to the downward dip   of
the,nini-i,iiiiii,inn.   The sttperiiiteiN i       $catt|e,    TaconiH
dent had attempted to get in   under- ,W|I.\I,I-
uenth   iiii.--,   bul   ou  account   ut  tlie
like I
1,050,8-.' [.lentil   Hiis,   bul   on  account  of the]., .p| .,.,* nniarf     |>n|V-|V
crevices the   blasting   shattered   the  ' A-bU* H lAJABJ      lUlllLO
1,5+a.lOj upper rock, so that for   safety's* -sake gt<   pa(J| Chicago,    New
it had to tio'tie down, and it -tas  then |
York, and
any fancy 'linn store prices oft lim 10,000 nr'.iclos iv« carry iu lllis   depart,,,' i|l
anil eon." -i| in--, Ilv   -ve have ', lie gOOll will :',ll'l  piltf ,,l!|g.. Ill : il'1   COIHIllllllil, :
U. S. T.  ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Ymir,     H,     C,
sometimes a ipie.tion of liow much  of
it should be sent over the dump and
I.."..' how much of it should be left mixed
I -IS3..J-I   with lho ore,    Mr. Campbell  thought
 lil would he proper at    this    point    to
.-I i,.i,.I.*-.i .1,   jnfui-iii the shareholders that owing to    |,||!|!,\I!Y   ('Alts,     MODERN
Mauii.itil's. the confidence of the board as lo   his
■pttal stock .■.■.'i.iii.oiiiiiii) s|,,.l.i.,i |-ltI1,.ss ,,, ,.„,,,,   wit|,   buiiiu of
Bfss treasurv | these ilifllcultios and .to his ability   :,,
■stock sl-t.UU-M'H
J<e-- due    ou
-hares .7,'i.HI'
' ,1 i his ow ii as'suying - and thus  avoid !
MKA1.3 A   I.A   t IKTK.
the expense of ati ussayer or  the   do* i ^^    ]Vlea|s   on    Wheels.
9\. i-niiiits payable
B'n '- payable
i'cnk of Montreal
lay by wailing  I'or ihe   results   from
__[&____ outside-H. W. brigstock    has   I
-'I ",.*, ',•''! i,I   ongiigeti   as   superintendent
,*i (00''I I Urigstock's icon! in conneolioti   with
., , |3 iy  the development  of other  properties
lias good, nnd  Mr.   Fowler    Ini'l    hail
Shelf iiii,I_ UmiMi-i, Hardw ',■■
Pilillts :ini\ Oils, Stoves, Cm I
Steel. I'.iwih i, Kn-e and Cil| -,
(iruuito and 'fill nine, Si> ho,
,1   111
All    kinds    oi
i    l'la,ni.i
ii.',    Tim
smithing   am
1    rieneni
1     llepail
2     FAST   TRAINS     Q
peeial   opportunities   ,.•'    satisfying
Spinal   Excursi tales rp|j(,  .Mnlllill   Lilt'   11 |Sll I'M 1H'<' ( !om])Slll\   of X. Y
To World's Fair, St. Louis Has Assets Fxceeding $400,000,000.
—I .*• I ih",,.",".',.-'7 ! him-elf a- 1.1 his capacity.    liileliniiej Your Choice ol  Route.
eiioii, ami   in 01 m coniruots for a large tonnage   of   ore     |,*or r8ieil fo)i|«rs ami full Information
'J'o est   of   mining   and
iii'iial    ti.iin.iiv   tr-ms.   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
purtutinn S'J'.i,'.1'."*. 17  hiin-ii h justified in spending a   eon-
'■'T" I'niglil and   iie.tiinenl sitlerable amount of money in prepur-
!10,|8|.M|   at ion foi tvintel's work,   but It  look
., lung time iiiid a great deal of   trou>
1 lile and worry before the other   smel.
________________________________________________ A iiolicv in il iu the HiifpHt invcstmcnl known Lo man.
omraots for a large tonnage   ol   oro     ,.■„,. nl„ „_ fo)llttr. ,, ,foriUll,loll '    . ,-,-,*,
:ould have been  arranged   with   the regarding trips, cull 011 or oi'dress un       l llHll ltlVC8tq(l 111  Idle llisill'tllici* IS (insll llivusk'tl tlliil    \\
111.-lin, in    the   -.iiiunifi    he   ii,,u|,| ; ageiil of'he S. I-'. .V N. ItuiliMii  or 1','t 11 I'll ,',>I|||)(,IHI,| illl I'l'csl.
ll   I-   ,-.- p   A. ti. I'. .V- I • A
|n W. It -'
»"'i depreciation  of   pla 111
ii   inni    machinery     and
t   aei-ii 1 tramway 1,112.00  tors, outside of Nelson   smelter,   hud
>.-•!''. amount written oil'do- bo satisfied themselves as to the merits
jS   M inpinout, oil pi 1  cent of the oro as a llux, at the rates'which
of §2,20*1 00 1,102 031 we required, to giie autHuieul   oss 11 r-
ftj'" interest, discount,    or» | ance of this larger m irket ht the Same
I   g-tni/ittioi, expenses .nel ! time    We have now arranged to ship
taxus 859.10  1,000 tons of oro to   the   Marysville
siliellcr mi such a Ini-is that .'I u/„  ore
«',1| pay its way, and 11,,der lhe   present arrangement with the Hull Mines |
, ,     ,   1   ••-,- 1 -., - 1 ! smelter reeeni. shipment*  curryini
■ \   '.iilm: ot ore exltiicleil   Vou,473.l I ' '
,'        ... ,. I 1-'.' 117. silver lo the ton will   vieli
-v ; "iii ,,„ operation   ot
boarding lions,- 711.1-  -1'"1" "f :"h-	
;>l':",lt Un:ks   :""' JDISTIill'T M.WA.IKIlWANfKD
shares I 500.001
All Hiiccct-fflful Imsiiirs*. men  nury  liirjji!  iiinoiintis  of lile
|f| Sterling
is receipt for transfer feus 16.50
ly I alance :i,ls'"' ■"''
I'l-iinioteni position; rapid advance,
inenl; salary nnd  expenses;   full   In-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      sirti'lions fn I   charge:   clean   d,-
$"2,183.87  Miniblo liitsinuss.
L'h, report and balance sheet   ivere The.I. I.. Nichols Co.,  I.t'd. Toronto.
1.j.ted   mid    the   il'lil'ing   dil'-SOtOl'sj ( Mention this paper,'
Prom ■ crtltr
,|m,u to a thou.
anil dullar pre-
aentatiott aet,
Henry Illrkaft
tVina" facilities
for maVliiK aoliil
ailverware are
jKissriwed by tin
other concern In
carit III*. ArtlatlrdMlajn-
era, moilern machinery, and akillt.l hand-
workcrl, all undsr lhe 'li'"' aiiis-rvlalon ot
practical tneraberi ul lh« firm, make an un-
equalled eombluslloo for lurnlng out fine
Write for lllmtralcd cataIo»ue.
i ii-i ni inc. Ii provide*! im' tin* liiinily. 1 in it i", 1- n man in his
ul,I no,", and iH'otcctfl his (iiiu"i" invoMtnicnts, I'dp pttti's nn
nny Conn of life insurance np])lj' to:
Percy J. Gleazer, Local Aqent.
Sterling Silver.
Silver Plate,
Witchei, etc.
Henry BirksS Sons
Jew. It. to Hi* t.-cclleacy
the Earl bfMitito.
Wilson & Halrshawl M:uoN&Fr-SHKPARnKy'("
v. v. -as I-: KV, & s ni.
and Great (fortliorn, Northern Pu.-if,,
nnd O, II. A- N. Co., for point-i ea*,!,
west and south : .'.,ii,,".-i-, ni II.'*-
liiiul and Nelson with the Camuliaii
Pacific llnilway.
tjolinedts ni Nelson with tbo  P I!.
j A N.  Co.  I'm-   Kaslo nnd   K. and >
Connects nl Curlew  with   stage foi
Gi'Ddnwood nnd Midway, I!. 1'.
Buffet  cars run on trains betw,-,ji
Spokane mid   llepublic
Uunernl I'tisseiigiir Agl,
ftpoknnu, \\'...ii.
Draymen and
YMIK,    B.    C.
Il'iiulling heavy I'l'oiglit 11
('orresponrlenco pf'omptly
iilti'inlcil In.
1 I
_ ., . —■M—^»—■—-,■■-..   .       -.        ■   ■• iiii   i l   a
itaiiieil in this iiiiieli.-.      A-» aj jclttiin»j wfwnted on J).gn,je-e   flWD/i*
  l.suiniin; Wuti il in   nm    umpired   -?,*,w tm-n*-Jiout two miles fruwi   Von,,   .n
.,,     ,       ,    . ,     |, I tjie K-elsor- Mining .Division .of   >AVl
-.-. ll hoiil ami wnb ulterior i;;el;i, ■.■*, wo
. , . (,-..",Ie,-|itv /lis,liel,    .i.'i-l    .i-i:.i.ii'-.l    '1'
i,lli" jii-i ilieil ,,j    iisl;,,,;-     m I.,,    ;.    I In.
1'ublll - ■   -»   -i-li.y (■ml ,  ;   ...I   in   ti;
-in.-'-r- ■   i,   ... ,,- : , .-- i.l
{.dl'l-rll .    ■■/,.  :i   ..   ;    ■      III-,,    -'.'I
'I in:   III ■.    it* In*           ,r II  I     Im
■ i-sili-iili-i :      .    In-   i-lii„ . ■
rt-c, fro,
,'otntni'i ■-.,.     '   ■, ■ i ■     ■ ».'ii|ii....'
|„U 0,1 -li' '. ■       ■•   ,    -  '01 .   : , ■■;. ■   -.
lll.l:.'. I.l)      i lll.'SJ' IN'-    rnM," ; N)
II. Kl     :.,-.-; 'I;  '.'-, !;■
.the liwwtkr'* olliee for the  $~h~..
11111,11  who ■••i-,-,,J,e-  lo   i-;|ifv   ,     uJuite   SJW1i/Uj Jlj.isi,,,,.
.-,,Mill;,llli;.,   ol' ..--peelnlile   »i.;,„',-|,   -lli,j .        )'o-,l  a,-|i| --Jllll   ol'     Voy     ll.,-    i l.'l I'llV '
in niin.-v then) in :, .-"«nrii'v iii.iiiii..,i-,   notified tlm, we havo es|ieiuie/J   thn ej
.ii.ii.l, |'.-i:;i,i,;I-,   ,.-,el.-,-   ,!„-,.,    un,  I'Undml/Iwjlai-s  (SHOO    h'bof
Thi? Kind You Would Like
ibljL-    io   -n.iiiv    theiusch
tli/l    uiiii'-oM-ii.t'iils   ii|iii;i   ,'lir   nl
ijniiera  i-iaim*. in
ivhalover Mi*, ('.ol.-..- iiii.v iJiink,    tl,.. ,,
' Bii/jer ii:.- provisions ol   ifwi   tinier*}i
wiW»»t Vmir lim,' -,ii:li'-,e,o of thai Arl   ,|Jld i;- ullhi„ „-,„,*.„   ,;„...,   -*,.U,J
('h,;-iin;i ,-hnrii v io let'r.-iii, I'ron,   at; the /late of" fhis"jijuticjo yon fail or   re-
i,-n, I-I in;: i) jijstificatfou, which  wogld fuse lo coiif, ihute mho p/jj-ti-on "•' ey* '
open ui, nlol   of   private   (••■ievunee* peiifjjture, tether witl) all   costs   of
ji.ii dil/i.i.-'ii'-i.'-      There   i,|,iy   hijv,
ulvcriising,   your   interesi   in   snu/
claims will become   tjie   property   "'
j'A.i'J'KS G«OP,     l*. OtOOO-
OM -Settlers /Vlapje   Syrup.      !
l'i;,-,- ip )-i, I*-." i;i, I j gallon Tii-i-
£old by
S.VLTTl|l).t//.  .ll'l.'ll..
beeii faults ,i,o boil; aides, and    |,),,'ba
'■>■   |b|y wm; but of il <• ive ace nol    th,.   .l(., „„,,,!,,; .- \„ .-.,.,  ,,,   Amend   the
judge, and oejtljei i- the uijitor of the ' XI;,., ,..||   \..t|   joni.i."
, J). E. Grobe,
t),e subscribers, „,'-ile,-.,ee...:„,   I of   ,1*1    p     £ A/flpBjELL,      *       -        VMIR.
Journalistic   Imperii n-    j.]wlll0llljbt.   ,\ ,„,,, w-ju, is capable
eiict* of wiintorily and publicly,  and   n-itlu
oui H shadow i.i' reason, "..'".iue; oui , I'
hjs way ,'o offend a whole community,
is not likely to be able In appreciate
the circeinstances of s:,.-J; n uase, even
Wo bine seldom 1 ,u| to do viif, ,|
inoi'i Ibitpuiii pie, e of journalistic u,i-
.' -i tun:,!.'-,' : i nn i.i.:,, of in hji li ih.
edito • of 11. ■ '-.'--i-;:i "I' -oi.mi.i.i"  lum
pntod nt vmir u. c, .his ioth,|f^fajng Agent      ■»      Stocks ^nd Shares
I)   Me) d,      I
I I). A    Luted     j
day of January 190";,
I if bo were located on   Um   spot,   in-   Estate of  Earliest   BelaH=
!-. en godly  in   tl-i:   article 1        ... . , ,    . .,.,    I
uteail ol ma neighboring i.,«.'..     lhe. £er,
; •-! week u;,i', the iieadii,"   ''Uriveii     ,,.,.. . . '
ttliuln inticle >u * tissue or ifross   niiS*	
to Ueaih bv he;   own   .-.-x.       Af'er .„. ,    . I       NfJTICJS TO   CHBOfTOJlH.
representations, ivillfn1 inis-sfatejiieulu
■ luutiiiif the inisloudiiiif nuuounl n-hiuh        ,      ,. .       . , ,. 	
and malicious innuemU.      Vol   even • j
i.i.i'eared lit-i in tin-   "Daily    New-.' i j     I A Mi ;f.otico tlittt by nn order ot
lie bare facts   ace   eoii-i'i' v    uiveii,   ,,*   ,, ,    ,      , ,  ,   ,   ,,
nnd which   th,    local   t-'orrospondant   „    . ,      11,.- Ho„o,„-./,„l,ei ,„-,:,,.  dated ...!,"
for instance, it says   "Ju-   pioeeodetl   |3th day of l'\'bruur\*.M05y .th?   un-
eonlends, ua- itself a   nn«:-epruseiitii» , I *" .
i to the r.' .-ni.i-v\;iiioi,eii n iii.M- dci*slj{iied wus appoiiitou   auministrn*
ti,, of bis original dispaich, the   cdi-l f ^.^ iU^y ^^  j(j „      -|,;j,.<,' ,„, ,„■ , ,st(lte „,- ,,„, *lbove   numed
'      tt'VV"* ihL"   ^s   t"'   '" Ij/,.,,, „„.   ..ii,|„...,   ,„,,„■    ,„.   ,.„,, 'Km.-i l:-la.'«e.-. deceased.
make a few original  mil eatraordiiuirv '
i "iniiieiii-.     I !-■ saysi
■'Truly tin   .',,;:,,, of "1' nu,- are   to
'-■ congralulntt'il on ill, ir  display   of
i.M.-l„siveness.    Here was   a   »"i'""--,,,,. .,,.,,,,, lif ,,,,   „uitm,e   of   l|l0;r,,   ,,„,...„,.   ■;„.!,■ -   .!..•
most unfortiiuatoly situatod, and just ..,   .
woiiii-n ot v nut' to wards .Mrs,   Ate in
ii thu tiino when she should   rensonn  ! .       ., , LI umd to any claims of which    I    slmll
-.-...,-AGENT   FOR-—
.Mijtiiii]'i- Insurance Company of >'ew York.
I 'i,ji;i,li;iii ('a^iilaty - l-nil,'!' I)i>nrii)i,'i' f'o.
J.'iii'l'iii .Mutual J-'ir." riisuraiieo Conipany,
' >truwa Fire Insiiranee < loinimny.
Mill, B. <
inili.-.tii mi,   thai    poison   «u-   taken,
and tlio statement to il uitrnry   i-
pUle   lUisUluptlull.
All persons bavin"   claims  ngainst I
I the -ni,l decensed oi his estate nre re-1
quired to Hie the same with in,*,  duly     ijy
I verified by  ullidavit   or   declaration,!   j,i
'1'nuchiui; for a moment on the del    within one month from   the   date   of I   j
,/jy4*»."*2S-** SS33*3i*3»3^^
(nle will he ill -it ihnled    ivitllout    re-|    iii
in, silled llie  arson   charge   n^niiut
her hii-lmiiil was laid, we  would   say,
imi have had  notice.    And    nil    per-
mis indebted lo said deceased or   hi
lily have couuii d on the sympathy  of
her neighbors she was shunned by lier I , . '   •"""
thai   nr   do   not   believe   that   lhe estate aro hereby   required   to  make
own sex.    And is this   n   sample   ot
I Imi i 'hrisiiu'i   churil
charge   itself   produced   any    e,,ent   payment to mo forthwith.
" "ins"1'"   'h,""y    We   '";"'   K" change in their feelings   toward*   the        Oated the 13l y of Feb   1005      jjk
neb about these days I    Tho British „ .   K. P Tuck. !    iiw
deceased l.'idv. and   u    any   >>!    ihein • '    lul"1 !   fm\
Ian holds every man   innocent   until
leased to call ,i| mi lev, ii    .'.ns   mora
OHieinl Administrntor,
nu    mnn v,    un.! I ,        .,.„', .   ,   I
I ,,i !■■ ii-i'lein,ioii tor her own  leel- i *
ro istiug sotnebodv, has in   ,!ii-   case
Lands and   Works.
Cancellation .of lieserve
I he law prom
Until  I'. II.    Atkinson    lms   had   his].
lligs than tor any. other cause,      l*er-
trial in* is presumed to be in en!  of .   '
I In,lily none ol t Iii-iii    hud,    nor   nave
the crime with which he   is   charged.I i
. iln-i now, any notion that Mrs. Ai - i
Iven if he should be found   innocent I                       ... ,   .
kins',ii wns greiving uecnusu ot theiri
■-I cuilty, and thai is a in liter  foi    a |     .   . .,,        ,   . , ,    , ;
oiiii--mils.     I Iml tlieir   eoiiilii'-i    had i
■n\ io determine, what blamo should-        ,. ,     , I
. anything ,.i do w ith her   ile.tlh    is   a I
attach to tlie woman    he   culled    his . .... ,
Uiure li'.'inenl 'it  imagination   on    the
wife!    And whv -l„,uld the women of| ,   ,      ,, . . ,
j par, ot the   ticonoiftist    writer,    who,
Vmir -it upon this case)    llul thai  is  ,     .   .
lin lis  insane   ili'-ne    lo    he   always
iml tlie   question,      'I'he    mailer   of i
, omiiieiit is the   ci in■!    i ronlmeill
| n    limn    oi   generous   miutlecl     anil,
was one dBiiinudiug syinpntbv,    Knil-    ,    .   ,, , ,. , ,   ,   - ,     ■>, ,..,,■
1      ■ chnritablu women of whom bu   knows (jiinetto and dated    all    May,    181)0,
ing to get it, sl iinmitted   ihe   act , nnd 5th..lune, 1890, respectively, are
■ unfiling, iioi i-  en i    likely   lo,   and 1
,i -sr-lf tlestructinii   wliich   deprived   .t       hereby esiicelletl.
k'oiici-iuliig circumstances ol -In. h  ),,-!
Mule iiniucfciil clild of the loving care i :     *-",v-•>   lands   situated   within   il
ON tCE is hereby given   that  the     >J>
reservation establiRhed   iu   pur-      *
suance »f the provisions of the   "Colin, iliia „i„l Western llnilway Subsidy
 ,    ' I succeeded in oH'ending and distressing I \ct   Itjjfi " notices   of   which   woii
Vtkinson.    .surely her si tint ion , , I . ,..,,.,,.
;„    hmli    ol    generous    nnmleil     mid i i.inili-lieil   in    lhe    lirillsli   Loliniihiu
I  i in-.ilu
nf    V
n,liy ignornul      We   call    safely
■ il,, iii-i-l  by   lhe    said
Im drove Mi ■ Atkinson lo her
de ii may regar I the i. -ill as n
;, iltuiij io their probily and exclusive-
, ..... i nt tied will imi be the estimate
|advise llie ladies in question to   whoi-  ,„„, w\\\ |„, ,,,„,„ ,,,  Kil|L.(   80tt|ement,
K .Ii-i e-jiii'l the di iii ilu- of i his   ho I lease ,im| oi lin disposition, under llie
; bo-editor, and to   n-i   a*.
hi- aeeilsntioiis, like his other blatant
ii    upon ili'-ii (sin •"'
■t 11    othei*
lutpourillgs on    lh"    -id']'.!    of    In*
uiiinihs iii'iif the 'lit.- uf the Ural pub«
li. it nm ni' this notice in ihe llritish
Columbia Canette; provided, howover
,i a mal.- exidted   pretens
-, . i    risi inn eli.i riiv      I In- women   of
Vmii in 'V   poinl    lo   iIm   umlbeilei
.    ,   ,   ,■  ,--i    eyitiepl'.-.   of.   H-lint    lill"*,
nearer i.eighbi.Vs, are only written   n.j ,,,.„ in m|| mm „,„., , |al„u   „„.
I on n little cheap i iriety,   nnd   lo  „,|,|, pie*einpted, lensed or   otlierwisc
iusI ii few nickel* from   tlie   pockets nlieniitud bi the UoM-rnini'liI nnd m-el
I nl' lhe  linn lllilly rill l"ll-.
j.   ~-
'lz   O
si SU
3 \u
2      SU
- to
■ to
I subsequent!-) found, upon tho   survey
I   .v
ilisheil hv Iheii" treatment
i - i In   littlu   one's   niolhor,   but  oil I
i n. :. side of lie- ledger wil! the   re- '
- i
i-nrdiug uiigol m n k il»'ii  conduct''     j
The appalling il'lpi'l llliem-e of    ihi- I
' ii .-oi. iii-ion we « i,uld   -iiv,    i Iml
w ,uld iiini-li prefer   to  hnve  seen
oi lhe Colin,il.i.t ami    VVesluril     Kail
|ua\ Company's blocks, then the   per-
: his sn ', oi eiirei    passed   over   « ilh
ns acquiring kucIi   lands   -hall   ac- i
j:   **— /.
V. If i"
■^ * '      .***
':l'""'"1'   P-w*"  "vcr   """Iqtiire ih.-ir   title   thereto   f i   the    'A!
ttJ**, menl ns   possible. While Hallway Company  who  hue  agreed     ifv
n-ioii ,s appi
it.    After
• .'■      :• en
■ ii '-I'   ,'"ji'.'   of   consiitttiini
( honey. 1,   we     hiin-     evelV     -yillpillllV
v. ill, ihe   husband   of   the  deceased
indy, in this hi- h"in  ,.,'   so,row,    wo
. es n jinv upon  Mrs    Atkin-1
iieb they '■■ rtiiinly   never  did, I
fell lluil ii would be out of   | lace i.
allow  such unjust and   uncalliid    a
in deal  wiili   -ti.-li   purchasers,    pie-
Plliptol'S,   les-ees,   ele ,     on     lhe     Millie
terms nml conditions ns the   'loyvi-n*.
uieiil would under the   provisionu  of     iu.
lho "Land Act,' except in respect   to     i»i
,;...l     i l ,i ..       / '     '    *.f?
iit-i apparently claims   a   fore*.:
i persn-lii
the editor of ll
mis, l,.e- seen I'll to  throw    upon    ll
led".!) of the verdict   of   a   still |llfij..s ,,f Ymir, to pass unnoticed,
I ..    i triliunnl,  and   modestly   -nii-1 —.....
,• |,e, Hi.'- Mark C'nrley, nnd |
ei tiling  angel,   are   in  perfect
,,. ni  upon   the   subject,      We
ru iii;i.ini,'I'i:nt co own win
'          ''"    lin,her   land-   on     the     Company's iiw
ie    Keolio   blocks, wldeh shall bn subject to   the i!v
regulations-iasuod  bv   the   Company iii
relative in the cuttinj. of   lilnbcl'   nn /1\
the (.'olio,,Ida and   Western    llnilway (j\
Land (Jrniit. aS
W « ia,in:
,tul ito lhe ,'•■ ■ rding angel,
, , seriousness,    however.
to wbom In- may   havo  trunsfeired
] his interests in th,  Yankee Chi.   Cn-
In     ie protest againsl   ihe   assump.   imdinn Oirl nnd Vale Fraction  minei
',i:   ' •  I.,,ni.: ?S \/*4^-«!*-    r>     r* to
1-(, .Inines (iiiilinni or nnv oiher o.-i '     ' f6 V  ill < t« (Ua» / ve
 , i  , .t Works,    Lands   ,,,d   Worts   I),*,   SS
pnrtmenl, j   ^ W
Vit-ioiiii, ii. c, mird, I''''1-., lues
Ymir, B. C.      « American and B. C.  hydraulic .ymir .jiUSUNless .cum-:
Placer Company Ltd.
Capital $50,000 in 500,000 Shares of ten cents each
J lie 1.1 -iiipiiiiv is now pi 1 'paring 1,, work tlm (Juld
|ii-c(|ov, r.i.ii'k Siiiiil ami Nugget placer leascis nl Hall
Siding, nnd in order to |iiiri-liiisc tlie necessary niacliin-
cry, tlie promoters have scl iisidc a limited iiiiinlier of
.-liares lor.immediate sttle.
The sii arcs are fully paid and lion assessable.
The ('I'liipaiiv'.*. ground averages <">U cents, per cu|.iic
yard 011 _be  surface, over '240 tteres,
Until net I mck is reaehed these
tiiitied al n buriniiii.
liares ,cau   lie   ol»-
Mcaiiwliili* the treasury   stuck   (200.(1(10    -Shares-
loft illlai'l
A Queer Oelusio n.
I'lia'/'liS**oiu e had wings i- tin
■t' of   elm, I, -    I'm ie.   11   detfl
loggi r, who ».e; brought   dowff   from*)     month. Visiting brothers welcomed.
A-SAl IMI. ...
E. W. \\"nl'liiu-so„.
IIIIOKKKAGK   \M>    IN-' H t*    K.
I'erei j. (ilunzer.
ill li'tlkll. ,
.John l'liilbert.
nu*,    1,onus    till   1,km-   1 1 um -lis ,*.
ll. (jiiinpliel!.
Iit-sliiisny Jobbing Co.
I'ln- ('1:1:1 In Dru r in I I! ■ i'i Oi).
1 I,'UN ITU UK    OKAI.l.K
William Clark.
..inn Kiiil.s.
I>. Can n'lell.
Ui'srliis,,*, Jobbing Co,
s  11. Seaney.
(iosiiiopnliliiii—Jolin Breau,
Mi-l.i-nil lions""— I'inlav .Me|,,"„i|.
Mill,',- lions,—s  Miller.
I'ala'cc—'I'ait ,y.
Vancouver-- (liven Hover.
Wuliloff—George Col in an.
Vmir—.1. VV. Masterson.
IIA l:i>\v A i:k
I'. S. T. Hoss.
l.AlOKs     I ' 1,'MSIJINi,     ami     MII.I.INKK
Mrs. Joint MeLeod
IMMi    IIKliil.-HKIt
Percy .1. Gleaner,
li Publishing Co.
i). Campbell-,
S. II. Seaney .
M. TAIT. ,'''   "    '
Y.MIK. 15. C.
We    cany    the    leading   ln'auds     imported      I iijin i-
and  Citmi's,  St,,ut,   Ale.    Brandy   and   Wine.
Newly furnished throughout.    Sample rooms in connect
It.-iles ijl.50 to $2.1)0 per duv.
KIM.AY   .Mil.KOI», Proprietor
LODCJK BKGIST-ER. ,,,,,.,,,,.
s-MMi i,,i,c"i,- v *""*,,   .   .,-    ,    . Harshnw & Wilson.
1 Mill 1,01)0.1*. No. .,| A. I-.   ,v   A. Jnokson .V- Leahy.
li'-t'of   Clin,I'-    I'oiie.   ii   ili-meot-ci! j     M     Meets flrsl     Friday   in   each Alex. Oildle.
Phillip's Arm by   Provincial  t'on-in-- John M,A'il.u.-. \V, ,M. '    '    '    UNl,EttTAKKH
blp Jones of .Shoal Unv.    The   unt'or- Puin'V J. Gli'.a/.uii, SecrelarV. William Clark.
YMIH LQOGli No. :|j K. of !'.
Meets lost nnd third Monday in
each month, Visiting brotheia
welcoin 'd.
ClIAIII.HN Am II, C. ('.
John (I I'i:\..\i'   K. It. .-- S.
I'ost Olliee  Store*   -   Ymih,
■.ni'. whore it is hoped In- n"II I
(.lured to nicntal noil nd nes*.
Ymir Citizens
tunate nian is convinced thai he   wns
llie happy possessor of ll well develop
id   iinl useful pair of wil]gs ll]   lo   the
age of ten years jam!   thai   then   hi- I
i ii,ei step mother fill  theti, 1)11'.       Ilei
••ei-.'tuition, le- -,iy-    did   nol    oeii*-i"
then. . He-stales, with ever)    ni>peiir-
, mice of sincerity, thai -I,- puis him VMII! HIVE, LADIES OF THE
to sleep every four years bv placing MACCABEES Meets second
ii tight iron band around bis head mid fourth Tuesday in each month,
lluil crushes   his  lei,,pies,   and   thut i S. (Ji.eazkii, I,. ('
while he is asleep she cuts a piece out, |,. Iiji-kho,:-,,,, It   K.
uf bis heart nnd   makes a new-   nniii'
m "£ Ml"      ',"" 'l"'IS , " H 4*4**4**********4*********
him considerably, as inight   In-   sup«|t ♦
I il, and li- has been placed in    ll.-*   Hold     Y HI 1 V  I
New Westminster n-syluin for the   in   J ♦
.,- ... ' X ■ ♦
t The HeNt  Menl-H X
X And Aei'iiniinodali'in X Usl "l'llllifcoAV IN KAcll MoXTIl.
Conversation by Post.     I to Town, * McLro.-, President.
* * Rkv. II. Yoivn, Secretary.
Anow patent just b.oilgl ll    in||   A U,}L, nt»lctitioi1 t»fWilH*S,  * A   "' l5ucltw'"''''''i ''''«'""•
'"'"'""I" i** to be <i   gr ion. j*        Lh|U0l'saildC%lll'«,
liieruiid success.    'I he idea i- so   si,,,-1 4
pic ihat In   ilies,-   tliiVs  of   l,ilking ♦
Lhinos it is a I,',- i.   I,-, ij'1   W- MASTERSON,     Prop.
been brought out before    li   consist-* ♦♦♦*»♦♦'M♦*♦♦*♦•♦"»■♦♦♦♦• •►♦♦♦♦♦
nl   -imply    making   u   phuiiographle
1,'i-ord on inuierinl wliicli can tlien  li";
-, liled as ,. post card nml sen! >■• tiny
i ,ii. of lie- tvnl'lth wliel't) the  message
t ,■: ni   once   I.,'   ropt'odilced.      M I*.
M .\ Killing) r, the young inventor ol
the ' lliseui    card   and   lh ■   "Disco-
I:, ne," lie- little machine « ith « liioli j
, i Mid cun inaku  records,   lin*   I n
|      king li"'    I 'i-ei,|ilni,l    I'll'    lh'' l-isi l
: -., veins.
•Vi'luM Ll e   |li-j ipllOIIO  i-    ill ,b"
I aids of the p"l,li" il,''',' will   '"'    no
l  ,sily I"  w , ile     po'l     'lllll-.       -nid
Mr. Kuliir." i'     "The itinaiiH of  innn-]
lold, Oilier, oi     r-entl 1*1.00
Copper,     - -    -     91.00
Uoltl-SUver,    -   -     ■       51,50
Charges fill  1,lb, 1 im lur ,„, ,m
1-:. w. vviddowbon
I',"l ilieilll   As-iilel-
Nelson, B, C.
NAM   Ml I.I.Kit,  Prop.
lli';idi|iiiiilers for Miillii" Melt
liar  supplied   with  be-! bt'ands of
wines, liquom nnd final"'',
I'lisT   AvbKl'I'.,
'^"""•, ''  ';   »M«\*«*l   hlHTlUCTMANAGBHWANrBD
Mi paten1 ■ in, howevei'i be llMotl    to
 „i „ny exidting' talking   rtinoliiinj      Perinanoiit position; rapid advance-
'■; I e liiscopl'oiii*s lire imide   of   wood inctitj salal'y illld  eDpcnaes;   full.. n-
iu,d aluinlniUiiii and are very light.    Lu-uuiions ft <  cliaf*K<?i  clenn   du-1
-A person wishing in HCIld n   Hies-    .   ,,.. , .. .
,.e to any part of   thu   world   will
■ .nt. .1 postcard lo tfhlch I- alKucd   ,•
li! o,k celluloid disc   ie   tho  imtcliint!
I, .I tlie,1 -peak hi-* iiit-mngs   inin  ihe
•   impel
••I'lie ieif'1,1 *.o lltmlll -'-Hi giv. a
, . .one ol BoiJud, bo absolutely pei-
•,, oiotit, en 1 cun l'i' mm! through the
,  .,, wltliool ihe ollghtesi injur)-.'
This patent will stlrcly  I,,-  utilized |
|.. gely by Lho   •*•'><   ndrcl'tisers.      A
1  r on ri'i'iviug a number of cards in
-in,1,1" business,
The J. I;. Nichols Co.,  l/t'd, Toronto,
( Mention tliis paper.)
Kootenay Coffee Co.
Wholesale illld |-0tllil   deidl'l*
III  Presb llo,lst, ll
Hlfih *r Grade * <*Sofl'tt«s
Nelson, ii. «J.
§0 VEAH8"
Traoc Mann*
.     Deiignb
Cot»yhio»^8 *c.
TO   Oil!
Ml: It. 'V. •''oily, f!  Mir    Nelson brnlibti, i- im* in cbot'gli   ol   our
' Ymir b".tsitie«'\
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■»♦♦♦♦*>-•♦•>■»*♦•»♦♦•»♦♦   ♦♦♦♦♦ *****************
4   J
Please forward Tin; Ymii; Hi-:k\,.i, for         month   ♦
l"  J
and acltii'iwledge receipt of enclosed 1?  T
Tiik Hkualii is published   .-very Smit-diiy niprning ami ♦
4   contains  all   the  news  of tlie camp. <a>
♦ 4
T I!ati;s-.P,:u  Yh.mi,  *r'J: ll\i,r  YliAlt, *?1. 1
GRAND CENTRAL K0TEL|Clark's Furniture  store
Opposite Couithouse and new l'ost Undertaker ami furniture !>••.,''
olliee,   Best tint meal   in   town,      SI ail orders promptly attended tn
liuropeau and American plan, B11u.11 MTi-hKr- * Y'   •
Only   while    labor    employed. | ____________ .
Fii'sl class bar
THOMAS iv  i:i!K'KSi)N,
Hotel ..1.
(I'nili-r entirely new management.)    '.
IliniiiH   lloom   and   Bar I
. I
supplied   wi'li   tlie   l)i*st
in tlie nitirkbt. i
— ' ■        11
Uighl  npposite depot,  Vmii-r600™ Av''
JOHN llUfeAUi Prop, '
l'ii'sl eltiKs Dillihg lloon
ileMl liiainls ii| Witt,
Ijitjltol's and (.'ignra.
UW13S BOY18U) t',of
V \l! 11
HKAT   Ull AM" ul'  lloMlCMTUJ
Kooteujiy   Statuiartl
anU  Juanita,
>i*"<| If >. Tlltli,   |1T
C,   'Thtlin & Cei ~~
Nclnon, hi ('.
♦-♦-♦-♦♦♦+-f4-4-l»»-V4*-f*+**** ♦
,    , 1, i"    -       1 rill. w0FYRtG,rr3 a]LC. —	
nil rCCdlVlllg a llllnll'el  ol ninls 1,1 *,i,,;^amSliit<,Safc«».'h»iiadi.|M"f'|'tl-inniB*J     |
,   .   0     1    ,  .1 1 (ttuflilr o.*i-iir,ii,i, (")1 it/l'l'in fruu SI'mIht iiii ,     , .1
i,mil. i i,ill"   led "Iml Ihi'V an' •", rtiiontln/i laVfstiMt.PfllWilabfS£^Colt>U]u>l<*n- Anv uuotls nol m -lot";   w
""" ' ,   | oiiiiaalrle-llfral'Sll-SttUU. l'.,ui.ll»"**'-«l'P<"l,U
,-..     In,   v. 'II 11 ii • i • I,, I'm, e t-'le n ,',.ii, ,r*-(,. olili-*,! ill"'''.? I"r i tli'iirms pa",i,ii. .11
lectiotl, l'l'-' "-11 ""■'   "' I-"' ""i       i-,,,,.,,,*, t--.k-.-i ,tir..,»[it Mttti.i AC-ij.recelre      promptly M"'-stei|
ill    lie
■ -peclioii, i'ln. "•" mi"   '■' 1 1    ■ ■j;,-„',;,'1j4 ",„kwi TfirlrSiH jl'u'nii"A"VSrecelVe
,,, ,- ,,„ his ft mhlntf.      Amoflgsl    pu-     WP#(V*JS(lto«'«'*.'''t*'*l
1. lie mt'*-- ,;"•*- l'i""1   ffier.ds   be   wi,
, ,.,„   i„.   Informed   thai   sound
Scientific American.
A lirin(1t'"nM'lf llliiftlrstotl wfrVlv.   y.nruCitt fllr-     I .
\   M\LL WOOD.   :
\ _______
I DbliVci'dl liny
4 place hi town,
Stove Lentfth*!
I try 'i?'- 30, (liei-i, *rl.i,ii.
Per Gart Load.
No* il '.bit 1 i»,e tl, pill in
it fo'l'l sil|i|ilB*-
Porto Uli'ii
X    lilllll.M'l' ('<».   1,1,1.
Headquarters for /llrting
and Commercial Men
.Most oollifoltttlllb liUlfel il, the
tl-iol    Bvbi'ytllihg rnn-i-li,-.,
YJlttt, ll. ('
MEAT    MAIUvi:.!
I'MteSIl ,{»h mi:\i-
IVholesaleand Rl-tHtl
Milll ohlbrs recDivo pl-onipt (,(,.•,,-,,
-iOHM   PlillillKItt;   P,.|.
.   *          1    ,1   .         ....1      ■  ' AiiftTi'ii""iin'iriiinpinuaq w^-aiv.   imrKwij-ir. ,_.                      „ ,      .       ♦       I    ,,,,,, „  1
1 ,.,„  i„.  informed  limi soaiui«*os a, ,„,„ ,lf „„-,,,.|l.,„iB-,i.,„r„„, *t*m*J_\ '\h_ Canada Driiir and    ♦    Ijlllllnl'l \
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