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The Ymir Herald 1905-02-11

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US'''1"1'^ Aa. "
FEB 14 1905
Vol. I -No Ull.
I'lii. i: I-'ti i: < 'kn i
Ymir   Water Works.
Ten   1'rr   Cm.    Dividend
-.44      P. Clark   Strikes  $175
hiNING NEWS i Gold Ore.
I leclared.
Mr. .1   •!. Co'.biitb,  who   has    been
h   annual    meeting   „►'  []w| ia charge of llie Kern mine f..r Messis
Ymir Water Works   Clomp-wiv    rjt.n Skinner, Cooke and   M-icMuhon    has
wns held, in lhe Compaq's   office   ft,| eionued up bullion to. the   ainounc  of
Kive    Fo it    I ..(!-(*   of   Fret
Milling    Rock   Kneoiin-
lei'i'il ut     S tlmo,
Cheques cashed free at  <' tni| h
Fresh Holland    Herring   in    I
hits, at ..Seaney's, 81.OU per  kit.
■loe T'ctrie is the 1-eit old   timer    to   V„,i,- 1-,-t 'I'lii-div 108 1-4 ounces, estimated nt-?17   pel ,
'"  ' xmii itu.t i,n-d,.\. ]N   THE    KoOTENAY    111-. LLP.
gravitate bael   lo Vmir this-week.            Thu company luui to faco a  serious "U,K'P'    Mr, Colbath has   hum   iclin-
Tl, -  mill  - Porcupine ,s   held ] >« > eath of the originator and   fl'^ 1'^'^^'"'''   «"» '   '"
u,. for a few days   awuiling   the   „,-   former president os tl pany,   tbe '■«> Athal.a-c.i mine.
rival nf a new saw. late J. W, lioss J   P.   to   whose  ear,-      The   output    from    lho   Arlington
nnd attention, the success both limin- | mine for tho month of  Jiinuary   was
ci'.orr    ^^^^
1 Mr   (.'lurk   is   Expected   lo   Return
i-Yoill New York in a Few
Phil Weil.- paid a business visit
to town ibis week, and renewed ac-
i,uaint,i,ice« with bis old  friends
ciully and ill operation, of   the   eom-
. pany's plant, was largely due,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 "    Several of the books H    (h-    cun-
Tho next assizes for   criminal    and   puny had been lost in the reeetll   fire,
civil ...ui,- I'm thi- district, «ill   coin- 'and thi-, coupled with the loss of  .he
uieiiee in Nelson on tlie 9th, May. forme, president, rendered the   work
Mr. and Mrs.   .In,,,,-..    Ruddy   lt.J of the other officers   somewhat    diffi*
lurned from Curletoii,    Albertn,    this  cu't'
,.,. i ...In ..* i ,, 'I'he   business   of   the    past    vear
week, and will reside permanently   in j ' '
v    ■ showed that   L'ood    profits   hud   been
i nor. - '
e.iiued.     The  value of    the    plant    is
The  Presbytery   meeting  for   the  Woofl    |H|I,   ,-„,   *„, ,.„,   fl)|.   ,,,,u
Ktx.len».jr  district    will   be   held   i„  .•,„,„ vv;vl„, ,llt,„ w,. p,:; i:* 7o ,„„. „f |
S"1-""'"""'"' Utll> 1""1 ,""1   lGl11'I which a dividend of ten per cent   has I
ten ems of high gradoore, which  will | ' '-''■
net the company over §10,1 -  ».    Lie- I    T||Q Kootenay Bella group i.t   Sal-
cent developments havo shown   up   *   rao» li. O!, about 10   miles  from   the
lame uuantiiy of hluh   tirade ore un      ■,      ,     ,- , ,     ,  ,
■s    ''    "   - h     - railroad, wlnoli was bonded some lime
VT'I foot level, which has been    ab.ill- I      u ,*,,.,    ,     c o_ , ,
nun l.y Patrick (-lurk ot Spokane,  lias
'1""nl ■'"'' M""" -V(':l,'s j made a splendid s'.owing in  the   last
The seventh annual  general   meet-   20 days.    The report of a big   strike
ing of the shareholders   of   ihe  Cold . on the group was   received   Wedues-
Roe? Mining  and    Milling   company  day, February   1st,   at   Mr,   dart's
was ii eld ut   Rossland   ou   February office.    After sinking a shaft   for   20
(ith.    This company owns two claim
known „- the Rainy  Day    N'o.    I--'J.
on Willi Horse creek, nine und a half
miles northeast of Yniir, on which
some development work bus been
done. There are well developed
mines all around its holding?. \V. 13,
Townseml, the president of tho   com
February. i ,   ,      •       .  n .,     , .
been declared    pay.,hie  on   llie   1st,
See lhe handsome pictures in .S, H.   March 1U05-.    Although the  nominal
Keiiney's window.    (loe of these   will | capital of the   company    is   812,000,
be given away with oiery cash pureb- only $51)20 has   been   issued.      The
use of tell dollars. sum of Sllii'i has he.-,, placed    in   the
The I-i. of I'. Dunce comes off next   """''''" f"'"i'
1'ue.sdav     l''.r.-i class music has  been   °" l,le ,ue<;Un« '"'"- cu,k'(1 '" 0,',lep'
engaged from Nelson, and the   dance   h*  ''""'I'1"'11   '"";>    *••«   «■•■■**.   i""1
,,.-,, ,    ,1,,       ,-, i     ,     , actiiiK secretary U.H   T.    Ross   pre-
win he Uierliii.ee ot the season, • '      i
sented the biilanco slieet for the   past I
l''"1"'1   A"'*"'*'   *■"   '"'   l,ol'°   ""   vear, which was duly passed.
Monday next   and   services   will   be'   Ml, ,i^,n M^eod was then elected
1,1,1(1 '" "•" ' ';"1|":'" rml"■■'' ■»"«■ ll"'' president, for ll.e ensuing   year    ..nd \
'"!lval  "f,llc"' -   Thous-ual  ser-L|10   fol|()will(j    imm_     .■■-.,...-„,„...  t<,<j<>*<t>*';*O4<>*<>0<>**4*<>*4**<>
''■*•'•«•■ I ■•'»*'    ''"    '"-'''I    ""   T lll>',.Messrs. MeCo,i|.iodale,    Miller,    Mo   5 MOTiri
'ls'essen and Mrs.  Ilos-.      Mr.    17.     8. | f INO i SU
feet, a five foot ledge was encountered,
the ore from whieh is free milling and
will run 8175 to tl.e ton, The ground
was bonded by Mi I'l.uk from the
Dennett Billings ci nipuny  of   Sal,no,
I'., C , but Mr,    Clark    has    nut    >el
given out lho bonding price, The
property is iu charge of J. oreRtinhan,
lum nine ;,( 7   u   in.
pmy, bus some fine specimens  of  oro [one ot Mr. Clu.k s experts, and   tl
from one of the   claims,    which    was    are 15 men working on the shaft   and
taken from the bottom oi' u   50   foot   on a crosscut.
shaft, This ore was ii ight lo the Besides sinking on lhe property,
meeting for inspection of the share- Mr, Dresuuhau has started a crosscut
holders.    All tbo old board of   direc     to tap tlie ledge at a   depth   of   125
|o,*s were le-eleele.l. [feel.     The crosscut i- now in :!.",   fee,.
and the ivotk is being rushed lo reach
the ledge,    Mr. (.dark, who is now  in
New York, has been notified    of    'he
trike and is expected   to   arrive   in
The Foghorn crew call,,- down   las!l] '''•  Ro*- ""s appointed secretary    and ,
Spokane some time nuXt week.
(light, and will he obliged to lay off
I'or a few weeks, ill ,.'ons.|uence of tlio
lurge quantity of drifting snow al the
camp They repoil an excellent
showing in llie ill i.'i on the deepest
tlso appointed to manage and   super-
A cross marked   in   this'
rhe Tw > Per C~n;..  Tax.
The Nel ion   liruimh    of    th.     Pro
vicci.ll Minn;.;  A  social inn In,    iidnp
o..l lh" follow ing ri ,olul ion,    -, ii -
which have b 'en -,:,l out  to    ill    lh
branch associations, wit I, a ,u; . '■ . i ,
thai coiiliriuntury r, solutions       |
' 11 -i Ived, tha, the Nelson llran
.it lhe Provincial Mining 'Vssuriul u
is of the opinion thai the taxation - I
,nines iu operiitioti should be sole ,
upon the profits earned; that in ordi r
io moid the ulijeutions raised to a tu ■
■ in nel profits on account of the - up-
posed difficulty of determining wheth
er lhe profits were correctly repotted
or not, it recommends lhe deduction
of the amount of the mine payroll*,
from the net smelter or mill rel tn i -.
iu determining the amount lo b.
taxed, .his being a ineasuru of coin,
promise oi expediency That it b. •
lieves that the greater ..umber m
those operating mines, the emph y. -
of tho majority of the mines ,-,,_■.._
ed iii the industry, und the prod ie, , -
ot the greater pari of the toi.n.-n■■■
mined eudprso this opinion as .l.e
more equitable foi mine taxation ami
favor as a meilsuru of expedient v i
recummciidiiliou referred lo. That iu
order that so important a llieasui -
may be devised with lh" fullest pi,s-i
ble knowledgo of all the contlitiint-.
this brunch would welcome lhe up-
point,,,cut of a commission lo inve -
tigate the whole qUeHlion of mi...'
.axil.ion and to recommend u syslt in
whieh would I, ■ alike equitable . -
M-e lh" plant, a,el to make   the    eoi*   »        ^H**^^m^H   ,
♦ space nn K-nii's ihut
lectiona. *   '
 ^_ | % your subs
scription is in   ar-
* rear and we would be ^ltul
The Heeting of the Leg.
v\ Government  Surpliis.
Kirs! in Many Vears,
Hotel Arrivals
M.'l.hol.  lli.Tt:..:   -
L. ll. VunlJcJlogart, Erie
VV. .1. Il.ulv.i-,  Lrie;
A. U, Sloan.-, Erie;
A. -I   Aiulei-Miii,  Erie:
John McVicar, Llossland]
11. J. (.'lark, Montreal]
(1. \V, McBride, Nelson,
Shares Iii the new placer   company In »iew oftho discovery of nickel |tojl(jar   |-,.()|11   you    \(   ynu
  ,,,,.,, ,,.,ii vj,,:,„            ,.,, ..to on thu Yankee Girl mine, and  it- o                                                    $1     ,.    ,,                                      tL.—————————.
■ •I 11.1,ui ,.i Man "silling are   now   on -> J1     tor the first tone,,,   many   years,  p[   j   m,,,,,,, Nelsoi
-ni.-.    When bed-rock is   readied   it t suspected preseiioo in other   veins   in | wish to hftVC ll   COUl iliucd.   | j Hri                                                      '                   '     "
l ,..,,..,, ,1 , i .,,, i,,,    , ,   ,, :o   ,,„ tlie viciniiv, the following  particulars *>                                                       ♦
ls MP*-C| :" ' hares   Hill   be ,,.,,,     ,    ,      , *********************4***4
gr ly udvolieed, - v is the   lime llbou* ,l"' meUl1 vvi" bu "'  ,nt(?,'eHt'
to get in nt a li.u'g     Hois'iidv'r., on Nickel generally occurs   iiBsociatet'
British Columbia bus   a   surplus   uf 1 \y ];  rjrown,  Winnipeg
livilh eohalt.    Tlie chief ores are   liie-
euli'o (in itl-senide) and g.irnielite   (a
I-I.i, I lo.i-ton M   I,   A   for Nelson   ..ii,.,,,.,     The r',„-,„-r i, „f
l.-i-t   i
lias declim
  a   copper
.   -   "   ii'vitatio lin:   ,(1,| ,,,|„ul, U|,|, brownisl I   streaks
v"'il |I"' l.ieiiieiu.i.t-doveinol',   -ml l)f „ „„.,,,„,,. ,„„,.,,      ,|*lle   ,iltu,,.   iH
,"-"""'1'1"  ";;M|llMil    '"   '"-1   "•" apple er,*en iu  colour   wiih  gr sh-
his advisiil', in the enpiieity of ,i   rah. „ |,i,,, si.-„li,, and   has   ,,.,   metallic
I""' niinisier, he could not be   lb    to |wl(,|l(    N|,.k|,, |U|||  ,,,,,.,„   „,.,.,   ,in.
u"s '< "I"-""-''- »'ih him ijuih'I'iiIIj iissheinied with Copper  sul-
A in- foil.   -.  aciideui   ii, ul nice I'1"'1''1 "l"1 pyrrhoiim
fy.'miners Is   noil    iibtiiluable       l-'or Tie- iw„ .-liief smitees of th-world's
811) a yeaf, ,, uiiimi en uie Sin a **'"l'l '> "' ll"'"''1 «i'BHodbttry, Ontoi'lo,
week all the time he is di'lmired fiom   "''"'"'   l!"'   ""'"'1    "'"'   IWH(1*-i,«lPt)
ivorkfiiconseiiiieni'Hol   mi   ucelduiil, -vith clipper in Hulphlde irftd  msenide
I • i |20 .. ii-.ii ■ I, - -.'.-I- .-•-.'i,    ii    «,..|,.   '"'''-' ■* hi' I. also hnl-y  plfttinU iml
amis iu 11-,,|. nn,,,,     p.  oi, -„/.,,(-   - I  In New Caledonia-where  the
i is tbesc wiilicies fm ■• ii,-1. niekiil urs as a   silicate   associated
revenue over expenditure
The expenditure   during   ile-   Inst
year   wiu|iil80St,ODO 84    whilst    t
The   iliseoveiy    Of    lliitko)    i.l    the    rovetiue *as   82,038,200.08,   showing
Yankee Oil'l ore, Inis lead lo a olost
comparison of oilier ores from neighboring properties, ...id it is   now    bo-
a surplus 8242,209.70.     The   aetu,
expenditure during the year  includes
_______________________m .an additional 8170,7-43..30   spont   on
lieved that i,ii.-kel will be found   pres*.   tho       New     Westminster     Inidge,
out in a good many  other   \eiii-,   in I this amount is rightly charged to  the
which its presence was   hitherto   un- Moan account of 11)02-3, , , ■■-."-•,
suspected,     Several   plopol'tlcs    mi |     From public ateounts for the   pot*-* •/■ A- Whitiucre, Nolson
Dundee n,ountain and .Jubilee   inoun-  |od from July 1st, 1003, to Juno80th "
lain show ,„.- very similar ill   appear- I 190-1, it appears the ro von lie obtained
iinee to the nie-O'l ore of the    V,I,il.ee  ; fn,m I ho ini,lelul     lax    amounted     to
('o.s.lol'iU.ITiM  llo'l'El,!-
Jollll Bensonj Salmo;
.lames While, Sallllo]
1-1 McAithur, Salmo]
li. Martin, Sul.no;
0, I). Neilson, Spokane
W M Hon,.-  Ilo-i r.i.:-
D, A. .NL- llinii. Phoenix j
McKay, Nl i on
Tin- nickel showing .... (hi-   Yankee
(lirl, has ....w been sufficiently  devel
800,8 I I, of whieh sum West Kudtoil-
,iy contributed 840,223.83, Free
mine.-'' eel tificates produced 800,861,«
,.,,,, .,',.,, 75] milling i-eturna iu ubncrul,   JI08,-.
pod, that the owners ure   irasonaiily " ' '
,,      i   , , i 270.S0J royalty and tax on coal   net-
uro tlioy liavo a commercial „-se',   u, ...
I   Il-„s,l     Slliiiilt'     ,t-M.eiateil^»"! "'<■>   ""•'"" ie,...,,,.--,     ,„, . -
,, ..      , ,   |       |     ,i       ,   , ,    ,     ,l    .       ;    . ted •*''•',000 00   tllllbel    ease-,    ,?     d
_ . ,i ill, .-o nil and „t-ailv free fl- p-   tllU llll'tal.      Ill UlO   tlllllUll    thee    '" j ,(H>) lf| '(.    , |( , ',,
In.-lovers ..I'  sitting,   v.l...  hrtv.i J pt,K    ffiei,oi nml dobalt ai e both   de-1 "o* tt «'»«'twrt  l'"''t   "f   "i,'k"1 '" '
<-    per    cent.
II. Anthony, Salmo;
.1. N. Hake,-, Nelson]
Geo. young, flalmoj
.1  Mi-liae, NttUonj
Al. Oill'Vln, Hall Si.line
Wm. Sinlrl, Klobaii
Don t loi'gfcl  I , ui ike (to u III ;     . ,i
gageiii6nl for the evening of the I i.l
"I")''"1''""- '   : ding oil the liver Lyed us bye products fr  ihe Inaitos  ^hidi  will   afel-ago   ll
»"'«i'Aiiiforson     laneh,   iffu   grontlj   ,,f lho smelters whicli lieul   tlm   f^tw  AlohRititlo of tliin In   n   fool   of   rich
il"l,!'1""   i;-''    A-"h'ri-'0|.   brolberH   f,,.m ,bn lead and nine mines of   Mi-i- i "xi.L  , « Iii li heithel'sllltl havo the
;|""   Mrflirld      '-.   and   fr„    ,„,,,    Anlll ,   ,lM(]   biHinuth   nre  »■"*  J*'   ' ;"'1""1'   ''"'   ,"'"1
'"■'       '   '''' •'■'I»'     '""'"    '">".'.'is,"l    „.,,,,  ,',„„„|ui, I,  l.i.Kel undine    |„l|, | **WLIl rf tl re hod V   l.cilig -I ill     li tl -
1,1 ''"'I "-''"' '"' '" 1"""1   wnrlitjoii. ,, ,,,; ,.,,,1
'I        i .-..- | ro( ided, :•><<   o!   chnrgni
llul .lld.-ll ha. en-r    bee,, ;
nl    -  * Jo ,,i i in lr, ,
■ n'H    l]  anil iiinceirti nl.  i
I   I l-iiule.  I I    le|.'-l 11 d   I ha I    I     ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
lime   .i,d..;.-   on   .he  local   thn liltle sitk herrings   sitiiiin;   nuind  n|v   e|, , |,   v,.,.   , ,,, .,,,,,<.,, ,*,[    *,mo | Court Ael    the "County CoUrl   Act,
,'(H-J.o(l; I in,her royalty ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^m^m^m^
■s-i-sn, •),;,,.,'| February, which is  the   day   i.l   th.
The speech f|-(jttl lhe    ml-    -tales 1,1"'" "f ' "" K - "'   ''    |l"1""
that ,'1e,i . Il'ol t, is being made to oh- 	
tain "belter terms" fiom lhe    Morton-        ...       ,,- ,     ... ,
,,   ,,,i,.,   ,        Fire Brigade Signals,
Ian gofernmenl Uiv I'l-nmh Uolumbia. j °
lr ul-./ states  (lull    ft-    (JofOI'ltllleilt        ,,.       ,.	
I ]      1',,-e chief ( i.lh-i   ha-  |   . ,        ,    ,!
 h                                         has nude,-   iidvi-eini ,,i   method'   by
\v ii  . .. .„.,,-,   ,,.,,,,„„..th'    ..I'.ii,  I   i- i  . .i     .-. ni.i i     fo lowing slglials foi'handliiiii the
\1 ui'K Ilea iieen   teinpornii)   auiin- wbich trilrtspdrtntlon l,ic,l,(e-. eitu oe ■*   "
 — \*i ,,1-k i,.ri i.ee.i   t porany   aoan-1 which thlifsportntlun facilities can be    (»*-■»"•"■■
Liltlfe MUriel It'ainid id Ini'  ll'ss.m ,lm,ed on ihe 1000 foot level   ill   the inoromled without placing Uitduo  bur*   •',1"""    Steady   ringing   mean
hat ''Yarmouth ia celebrated foi   the Yniir Inine i'nd   a   ItUmber   ol   men  dens oft the provincial exchequer; tJno stroke (paose) two stiokc« |
.ring of herring.1'    "< Mi, lunv   fUnnj |,i|,| ofi.   The drift hits yet fui'ther to      Measures to be submitted   will   in   three Htl'okes, Irthans a cal  I      , ,  ■
,  inli't be," she  ctclnilncd,    "Id   see g„ before 11 shoot is re.u'lled, the L|udo nrtiend.nentil  t"   the   ' S'.pn ....•' |lllll(||,.- ||„,   i,,,,,.   „],,,,   (||-yili
1,1        ||        :-      in',, ,-!l, . ,     0/1     lh-    KeltKlg  hell.
Il.'uli, I', i.i..... •'.    II."  iii..ining   |..'-      The (iosl.1... let look he  Utile  I ,y
will leal    '.'e,-,iu low,i   iiliodt   ](l „1!X( dooi'i ode day, ulld fluid
„,,ii.-,,..;,,  hi.i..'-.' p.-iK-'i l-iiie-hv ...id i11"' "Pilbll''  -*. :-<    Act'    and    	
,,   .    , ,.,       , . "Game Prole, no,, A ■' 1898
ll.e ___________^
of thil dl ifl   IS ' ' :  ' - '•'j-eieii     and    !,,
,i t'liltg ,1 en .ill'i- Use:
,     Di. King "i I Iranbr.) k; uske'd thai ill llirll   NO'I uli
(lie- house ,1'p.llt (heir toilftirn ' ill    |',,|;m,i il-,.,   --    ,   III  ;:   ||     H   . ,, d
                                       waif,. I |a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a«
!t i  i   |,the mountain itbobt '"a   in,,!     i,\ wilut a pair  'if   sFiw     for   I
,,,       In      he ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^■^^^^^^^^^^^^^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^al
(•ie,  „g it will arrive here al.Wli  -1:!W      4'rehcli kiW'..ike.l tltu si/iv„ -md   ,I''H"1-   '':'1'"""     ''''"''   l""'''   """'''   I"" ' '"'!> "" '""'"" ll""'"'''
Thin   viii   I ti'uight   t.iiK«tiiig(*r| rtccoiirviliMhi'd clerk, biglfer recenllyi iteeesillatlifg rt   cut-       IIawt|ioriitlnVaite of Namiiilt                  _,„„,,., ; ,
tu iml  a   *i|.'.ra.e   freight   iiaii.      oj-f,,    ^ir |, |s]*   |{j-j''   vm    i| ||,K down 6f expcndltmo Wl develop*-  nuiico of a bill   proyidir.g   an . ._m . ,,i ,s ,,;.|,,, i,.    ^,, ,.  ...,,,,,,.,      .-
(Jvtll lake oare of the freight. :/iilii,'!j 'ft,.tnr,'  _, „„„,, (hoiir (lit)' for sirtelto'f eitlpltfyous 'I, Vu,,,,,, .V)- .v.; I1,,,,,,,
'''■  thu rei|Uesl of lumbermen tor alt   im    --, |)(,0| „,, l   llibli    Cl i   .,
.   •^■a^ala^a^a^a^a^a^a^al ,.
I..' e,'-.-   e, Vice,  ,    -"        1 oil.u
tp.ick rWort,
'1,'T't \vt.rfc Extracting Gold Prom
Sea Water.
Long Soriglit   .Solution   uf
lit.'   I'm1,1,' in   l'',,ui,,i.
A.-eoldiie;   tp     (!,;.     Lend,,,.      Del,
News of ,!.i,miiiy 28, the long stm^hi
solution has been found of llu' prpb-
lum "f ,M,,ie,i,e; mild fro,u sea wider
by a COI.lllieicl.il and j ■;• il j 1.; 1 jl il nietll-
...I. Tie- process, which i- described
a- resembling thai uyd in,bo mines,
nl' the 'vViiw:iie,-.-.,-ii,nl was spbpiittesl
to Prof llamsay, whu bus jusl report-
I'll mi it ill terms thai leave no room
for doubt of il;; si,,-,-,---,. One |-c-,il,
lif the report i, lii.i; tli,: sharps of the
syndicate owning the patent, laielv of
|l,e value of 80, ti" no. cjiapui.m
hand.- at .*.'J:itJ.
iix=Premjer   porcibly
iijigctecf From, Po*:
Ijce   Court.
rW  Mart ill   I'n-lly M|i|l
Jo-i-j.il Merlin Iv. C. l-is-I'ieuii,,
, I III;,: -h (', -!|!i|ihiu w,-is the bi-lo of
a fracas in tlie Vancouver Police
Com i . i.i- u ,-ek. | |e |,,|.l success •
fttlh defended one Jacob Schuu-rl en
ii.ii,iu-- of issuing forged checks,
and wished the magistrate tq repyi-
imiud the detectives who |,ad broughl
the ,n cusiition, This (he inugistrale
refused to dp, ,-md Mi. Martin lie-
I'iniliiiuli reprimanded them hiniself,
nailing itii-m liars and perjurers,   Tl
.l-.-AI IS,
K. \V . Wiilllowson.
|!.:-t'i■■ I .mi   ( 'u.m.    is.'    l'i.11,m ,.,
I   IN,   -   I.N   Su,   ,11   K 1-1   |i IN I |
l>   (iiipiplii'l!.
Desliiisu*, Jubliin-j ,'o.
; , ,,-*j|,,:,.,.   ;,.-.A, l.e
ni i'M.i,A..i: ash   in.-, ti i:,,i:.
Pi , -\   ... Id'-a/.cr.
JO   ,| -lll.l;.
MM HI', is bereb.l given ilnd   Hue,,-      ,li Im riiilberl.
ees io pr, epi-et for coal „i„l pi'ir.ili-i „•*   ■ •,.„„.-   i.nii   .-i.nt.-ij   \i.-iiin
up, ,, i . -I under Ian.Is (iliiali -I   » nl-in
Id' .-i.    I .','..::,   Sou;,, Ivi-i    K,,oii :,-i\ .
wih in i--.ni ,1 (oriliwill, in ijll   p, irons
« Im Inn e mail,' proper application,   ,,, .
|.iirii|.ia|i v   of   ll.e   proiisii ntj   ol   ihe      u dliu... Clark.
•I'oal .Mi-ic-   ',i-r   :;inl aiii-!i|iii.,iii ... |.l(,i| lililKS,
'I'll,    tee  p.I   : n.-li   lifl nee  (till   lie-i'i II |,     ('„ |11 j, h(-!l.
.pul ull applicants tvliu   have    nol    cle  '      In-liii-,-  .obiim- <'.,.
|,o-,ilei! aeei-|,liil  liiulk cl„-,pu\. |,.  coy. I      sj    j,    N,,lMi
",' Mud ..moil in an- lieiebl  i' ipijreil   lo
do su w i,l,out fur,I,er nol'..,,!
I.i, ere, - will I, - ism„"I in Hie follow • '     ''"" "■ 1 >■■'"'I..I.—J. !,:, Un all
  form, vl*:- Ml •  |l-*ll»*.-f-lnli*y-\l.*|*...*,|.
Mill,-, |,h.,,-,—s   Mii!„r,
I'al.ice- I ni, ,y I.'u.l.iy.
V.Uie, ;,, i i     (liven lio^ er.
•ill l-oli-idei-.tlion     of   on,:     lelielred!       IVllbloi f - (jclU'ee CullUllll,
dollars m-.v on,, ipulci' i||„ -i.i.i   a.:;>. j Vmir— -J. W. iMtialerson.
inni -iit'ji'i'i to ih,; prpyiiiions   tl,p||,uf, I .,-, i.i.-    , | , v. i u ,.   op   iiij.pi>,'"-]
I.W.N   l.on-   111 p mi   (  ini-sio;., r. ; ,\;,-«. Join, MeLeod
in-line lor llie Cliiel Con,,,,i.s.sio„e|'   of ,, ,iv	
|,,i|ils.i||i| Wi.ii..-,. licence                    I ,,        ,   ,,;                     '
|o  t'|iier,   ptpflii'i'l, i ' ''"'.. •>■  ulenjier,
i>i',|ic|| ipul work |or cq.il and   peirul- I'uim.m,.
eit|'p (b||t no oilier metal  of   ml.ic|'ul) Herald Publishing (lo.
.'I ■ lh I" ul miller (ill lluil    piece   or! ,r v. ...m.iiV
piiici'l of piiueral liipil sil|,nleil iu   ipid
lurniliig pan   "I   liU'-L   i*,003.   Ka-i O-< anipbell.
i UN!   liislM'ss  ,:| ilil! «'■ tait. .*>■ >""".'
ymih, b. v.
\Yp    fiiriA    tlio    loniliug    l.raii'ls     imported      I *i*,!i' - -.
mii'l  Cigars,   Siiiut,    \!:',    Brandy   and   Wine,
■:.\1,mv, I.l, is,-,-; ,.--, i:;i in.,,.,,,,   ,,i,;
Ci.At  M I.N(5s Act a.m. .\\,,;x,nii.M-.
Ivaileiiav |)is,|-ie]     i|i,,|    ,|csc,il,ei|    i|-s
s. 11. Seaney.
mul not exceeding in   tl.e   liliolc   sl.*-j      Hartliutv & Wilson,
hundred ami Ion*," statute nerus Jae|json tV f-caliy.
"Oiving in ll.e ..timber of  itmplicaiits       A-lex. Oddie.
I, r he, nee- ,,. pr, Bpuul   fer  .eul   mid | | n|u-:,;i AKt-:i|.
I'l-lloli ,iin, and   ,1..-   pi ■'.',, It ill'  ciieiiiii-'       William ('link.
81IIUCCS SUIT. |...l|illg III.' II |'|" i,',l| ion for ' II A |.|. W A I j.*;
ll,,- i.-sii.'tm-e of iht'.-i- l,|-,-,,ci-.   l|„il   lhe        '     S. 'I'.  Ko-s.
iie'l known fuel Hint ll.e   issuance  has I on u . m-T
hei li   |iu;,voi,l;|l,ly   st|.spe..ijit|   for     su!       Mil's  Meltuiis
i,noil    months,   II-,•   liovi, nun-lit     of
llritish (jiiltipibia llnili it impossihlu lo   _.
ili.lt*! ,,iii,e Uu- equiiahlu   rigi.ls  ol   ll...
i,inner, ,;- applicants.     Therefore,  for
Hie puiposu ot enabling all peisons   lo
^o befi ic the proper  tribunal   I).'  tlie
ilett-rniiiiiilioii    of     lh, ir     I'espt mi-, ,-
lights mul  prioriti, -.    , ids   hemic,!   i-
,.-.-,,. il ami iicoi-pleil   -u'-i-.-!    to   sliel
•    j11-:ai><,'i \i:if ns   ini;   minim;  .\ii-;%   a:;u thk
! TRAVELLINQ l'l'111.K'.
-? *i
J bfe.wly fur.nished tl,i'o„gboi,i.    (sample ,-io,us in ppniifction,      j
?      lliite- .SL.'O l|i sfX.'.ll pe'- day. •
F1NJ.AV   MoLEOD,  Proprietor
11 ■« IJLl'J 1,  J.,.—
********.******************   **********************
I'h-iise forwaid T,1|,; Y.mir Hi:iiA,.o for
iiiuinh   t
i ,    ,. i ,        ,, urior ri.'lits of other uersuns   ns   iiiiii
letectives,   and   nntaby      letectivo  •     ,,    , , ,,     , ,     ,  ,,■     ,:
exist l.y h,iv. „,,,l ll,e date ol   this    l|
m'.mm i»v nnv, nun up1 iu|iu >ii   una    i\ *
Mulheru, ijiuuriilly objcctnJ, unci   the Utiico id uut to   bu   Uken  or  li.'-l  m ; Cjoods
MRS,   4.  McLEOD
magistrate told Mr. Martin   that    hp  wnlvu eni|iii',y by lho Conns  Into  llu
propel pei lorn,am I  all   condition
|ir.'cei|.-iii ns between    udversu   claim-: , ..
it.l-: and lllilhe,-.   „|,  llu-    ||iiilei'sll|ll.l-   1 P«l     UfllOC    M'>l'<'      '       1MH-.
ini' Unit lie- (ioiei inni,,' shall   mil    bu
liehl responsible lor, <xf  in  rmnicctiuii     ^    jj
tuili,  in,i   ciiiitiict   ivliiiilt   may   urisu
with   other da,mams  ol   the   suiiie  |)MT*UCT MANA0KH VANPED
gi'uiuiil, ai it iliui    under   uu   clr, un,   '
* * « HI h.'euee l.e- he n-f ,„.lui|, | y. t)l;11 ,,-i, t  pn.-it ion; rapid ai|vance-
"Aiul tl..- holder In n In waives   am , ,
nliiiui or ilumiiml ngaiusl ll.e  fiovern- ment; salary and  oxpenses;   lull   m«
in, i„ „n,| ,-xpressly agreos not lo lake Lniction* free of   charge;   cleat,   de*
mi) Blcps nr |irei I'n.'.'s,   or   ,ii-,-- ni
mi) I'fiiiliin,   to cnioi.'e any  allegcil sirable business.
cliiui) oi-ilumaml neainsl lhe   tiuvurn- n«     it    v; i   ,   i-      r.'.i   'n ...,
,,       ,   =     ,„■,.,., 1 Ne .1.  I,.  .Nleliois ( o ,   I.t d.    I urolltO.
in. ii, .-I the Priil nice of llfili- i l.oluui- j
i hi arising out of tl... i--ii.-oiiii' ol tins i (Mention this paper.)
lie. nee ... u| sny other luniter or Hung !
iippretKbiiug thereto,
••Tlie land being und. . reserve from "'      ■""' '
I > 11 - iiii|ilion an I sah, Hllp lice.IM.   does
not Include tmy light   other  than   lhe „..        _     ...—,-^j-
right lo prospect for coal  nml  petrol] '   ' C-El  -^ U-t^-B JN
IN" 11 ti i'i) 11 on  ,,f  iiii-   licence   is
fin mi'- liar from Ihu . I'JU. I
'•|».-;i„,j i',,1 -- r .a i,ni,|-\ IV-.ii, -
I. ,i il. i m . i,.- Ii, |tinin.-tit,
\ I.i...rl,>, ., .'. .I!'.."
i.  I . ijlllll, >.
. IiI.-ICmii.iiiI-.-I  r ... I,,iii.|. .,   il...,.- ~
i,„,„,. „,.,.,i,„k.ii.|, i,. ; Iobaccos, ConTsctionery
Yinir ('itizi'iis
wns out of order, nnd usked hi,,, to
leave,    MiiHu i u   wei i    it,to   a   side
loom and Ml. Martin followed hiin.
shoilly afterwards reappearing jn „
very excited state, saying that lhe
detective had assaulted him. "No,
i.o, no  Mi*. Martin," -aid   Mr,    Mul-
llOl ll,   "Vol,   I |,,i,e   vi!,-.'
"I Ih I ,0,1 not afraid physii-ullv,"
i "iitinned Mr, Mm ,,,,. "bill iu an
ollicer of lhe coin t I do nol waul in
he mixed up iu „ lij.hl woh ;, cou«
Uy ilu- time Mr. Martin had
moved over ,.. n ,- ceiilre uf the
I'ourl im m heliiud the desk uVed hi
lhe pruseeUlor and  the    colli I    stelio
griiphur.    A- I ".,,inued   hi-   pro*
lest, the in igisti ate lu-ui on to have
.In-next i-iuu I'.i'led, and requested
Mr. Marlo, io discoiitiiiiie In- intei
i i.ptiuns, Mi Mm in, said lluil if he
., us « lone hi, might he sent to jail,
A* he did not io- >|i ipiiel < lllieer An
dui-on came forward and ,,,->•.el him
over to the opposite side of lhe room
from « he li le- hid -iii. nd. Tie
pu,   -lopped    ill     llolil     of     III"    lllllll
leading to I lie police uiagisit lie's  pti-
l  lie olliee.        \||     \| ,| Im  , ., 111 ,1,11. ■. t   ,,,
lid, alio,n -,-ro-, olltr.lues, and lhe
Chid' of Police i>.Id hui. thai he would
hue to Keep uiiiel    oi    be   put    oui,
•W'.-ll, |,m me out , hen,' letoi led
Ml    Mm.in. {
Tl,.-   Chief   nnd    the      Pull mi
li ibbcd Mi M ii nn. .md Hi Mm lin |
gtiiblied ile- pi I-hii ei-' do. I, After'
i, tug lhe 1.,'iye, - hold    was   brolien. I Hcillli|llllrtCI1l lul' Milling Moil
Aihewisg it through tin-door he |     ||p||,   ,U|,,,||,,,|   Ull|,   |„-t  h, Is of
linn e.l lum-, It   i-i.i,,-'   lhe   d | h, | .. ines,
llul he was pa-lied thioiii'h, red bag
and all.
The Chief   nt   Police   bullied    hi*
I i lick It's ou the dotll | lll.l, dill illg lie-
Ill-', , .ne, t he I i-l wold, he ml ll "iu
Ml Martin as lhe dooi was elosed un
loin «.-..- "Vou -"ii of ,i l(UU, you
sl. in I, in.
In   I-.   Mi   Mini iv unrr)    the
Innll , before the Pnlic,   I 'on --nm
, i before the eoiirl, Sl', '.-.,,,, "t
11, ie, in.  Miilbern h,- engaged   Mi
Hill ill lev in.'-'  look llfb'l hill.. -.e*.|s.
IMI'dKTI'.H   am.    DOMESTIC.
anil Pruits,
MILLS MelNNTS,    Proprietor,
I. Wl "lill ttHU.W in IM II MiiNTII.
I'im.11 Mi I,Mot.. I'm sidt lit.
lin   II   V". v.. Secretary,
A    II.   Ill , l(»"„, ||,   Timis,
S.AM   MILLLIl,  Prop,
Tniioe Manaa
A I,,,,up londlna il !'l;.'l'-li nltitS.'.i'rll'li,,,, wnv
'nil, I.It ii-riTtnll, eur ,,|,nni,ii fn-i- .- I" Out   hi
,,e,.,hi,.ii |l |>r.-l„,l,lv |, ll0lllnl.il*.   I niiiil .'!■
-.    .- ." .'  V   ■' II.,"..o .1    I lull-!,    ■ .ii .'illi-liU
,„nl I  ,,,,,.,., .il-I'IM v ,"i •"- lion.' in.li'nl..
I'niiinii in,.,", ilirnuuh .Uiiiin ,«. i*ii, r l<«
ll,n I'll ,1",,"', wl'li,Hit ,-lnl Ll-, .
Our jjcullctiiiin's i.|k.
Solid gold, h I, lit i,Incise Wlllclt (N'.'- I -"'I ;t
sells for $4,,...''.
Inn ,,..,..„■ *..,.■ i>'.:...! ,.,..•
,N...  1 .,-.,-. In.- - 1 .-» ,1-
,,-,-, •■ |{,, i ■" in..vi 'ii-i'i -, II.
A l.ulv's .olid gold
ivntih 1 Mil, 1 j;;. ■)« ill-
giiur. in teed " llyric'
movement \i ill com
yon Slj.oo,
|„ n     ■<•.. i;.-'.' Ill- .1 • me
... ..    ;,.
$ .-,,.    -.. 11,1 for 1 Htiiiueur,
12VI>i!-: lif^OS.
"te.AMi .nn ItAI 1 "
lllld apkl||)wlei|gp leeeipt ,it' enclosed S	
V Tpn IIkhai.i. is published  every Halui-d|iy mor.|ing apd ^j
4 Contains   all   the  news  of lite camp. c
II n 1:.-- -|'i-;n Ybaii, §2; llii.i' Yka.i, sl. f
♦ *
GRAND CGNT1UI-  HOTEL Clark's   Furniture   Stor«
First class bar
Opposite Courthouse and   pew   fast Undertaker   and   |-'ii,-,,it,,|-e    hen   |
iiilii-r,   lle.t l'.ii meal   in   town.      Mail orders promptly attended to
Kuropeap und American plan. | |ij|t(in Stiihbt,
Only   while    hdjur    employed,
l-'ip.-t -clan's I >i 11 i 11 ti lifiot
Hcsi    l.inii.Is   nf Winis
J,ii|iiiii's anil Ci^iii-.
OWEJ5   HO Villi, Prop.
Hotel ....
(U.ulcr ctireli new management,,)
Uinitig Ivoiiiii anil Mar
supplied wi'h tlu* best
in the iiimiict,
Rigid opposite tl.'poi,  Vmir
Second A\'(
JOHN   llliLAL
Headquarters for Hi ning
Tiik iiwt bhandok domkhticI   antl Commercial Men
The Kooterw'y  Starrdardl   Mcmt' (w^\o hotel in thu tli*..
and   Juanita.
V IS.   I .Ml I   1,1.11   ,,\
'].   C   Thelin 8 Co.
Nelson, li, ('.
+ 4+4 + 4 4 + 444. + 4 + .-V•*> + ,-.4 + 4 <*.•**.+
trlct,    IJvorything llrst-clas
VMI 11,   11. C
t Delivered nnv
f plnee in tow n,
♦     Stove Lengths
Sl 00
I'KKSll   AND s\l,TK|, MKA'I'H
Wholesale and Retail
Mail orders receive prompt, attonlioil
JOHN  I'lllLI'.LKT,  pi'oii,
Scientific Hmeiicati.
A lii,„i,."iii,ar lllnatralsd wi-i-kk. . nrupil Hr-
.niiiil,,n ,,f „„r n'-i.'ii,,,,'- I'.iirinii, 'i.-oi'..»a a
mm ■ Iiiiii i,i.hi,,h «.   Ion).-».,.I lm« alai*.
MUNN &Co »6""°",-» New York
|    Per Carl Load.     ;
t   X
Porto  Hico       *
♦     lilllllllCP Co.   |,|(l.      X
X 4
i ♦♦•Hm+ffm-Hmm-H-f X
Cold, Silver, ,,,-   Lead   -   s] ,„,
Hold Silver,
Cl.arg, - I'm   ,,,|
-.1. ,,-
S| ;,,,
,, r me,ids on hi,
li.  W.   WIDD0WS0N
Provincial Assayur
I'.O, Drawer Al L'l,   YMIK, lie.   I JUS!  IN
Fresh car of groceries,    llul uut price on tl, i<e g i. I, i   - ih
aro selling lho... cheap, ui.il   ivu  ulivuvi   iiii   t".   Ion
We can please you fur I'ualii.y .,-  well  as  |    u'1   lines
In in;   reduced,
We are selling ut very low prices.    Ilubbei-"    iii1 are guiug
,o elo-e then, out before spring      del mir
price- before buying.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Customs Taxation.      'i"'" nt« of which Im says in ,.  i',,,--
inul ,,-iori that "There   is   no duubl
——   — | i        i
The Trade and Navigations n iHnelMiaa proved that gold can pn.ti-
i,i,ns im the last, fiscal year, just 'ably lip obtained from sea water op a
issued, show that the .disproportion in | largo scale, and-the amount uf gnld
the levy per capita continues, «o that |oblaiiied i- -" large Mini nhether tie
t ie    average    customs    taxation       in
M ,, I.- ii.iin every morning;
exeepl Sunday, tor freight
mul [mkhcliters I'or Vmir
mill. I',\ special orders ,.u
Sundays. • it lor ymir mine
Al EX. ODDIE     P.for-
Small Prices Bring Big
W ATI-Ill   si. i    LIKI)    POli    I".
MLSTIC     i vi,     l'l lit:
PCHPOSES    ■   '•' li L I
Hii     it) I 'NU-       PltlvS-
I'. S. T. Ilo-s, Keen tn  ,-
1 *iiti-.li Columbia is 91 ft.ilfi per   head,
col of ilu- l it- ii t in i'i. t  i- .-'ji. a ,i ii, ui
even ll.e outside figure of --Id a   ton,
.en, wo,,,.-,,   and  children,   Indians,  which it could not exceed,   it   would
Chinese   and     Japanese     included: not inake lery much difference."
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ly.
he ",,lv     all   rail    route    he,.
-.- nil,-   the   average   for   the   whole
' ,'ininion is only $7,00—(he ,-illiniu
ms   issl.s'l .,V|- i;i,l-s Kl
U'l'iimi, points east, west and south to U
11 Liltlcfield,   an   assLstatu   uf
p land, Nelson,   flrand  Forks  and Jie-
'.' :■
' eiivc daily! 11-';"
8.4*5 ti.ni Spokane
1.1  IU ii.m Rnssl.ll! I
0.82 a.in Yniir
7.VO a in S'elsoi
i 1 :Mi) a m d     nd I'o ks
8 80 a.m Republic
li.le p in
■l.:i.'. p m
-I !!■") p in
7 l'i pm
-I . . p.m
■   I.', p m
... .. .public.    Uu,I'm no    run  between Spo
lion in cud, case being based on   the -Ml' " illiaip, goes   further   than   Ins kftno and Nurthpoi
population shown by   the   .ens,,-   of chief, apd in a report to   the   share- KllVeiivc .lum
i'JOl, Here ure tho figures by pio- holders, is qnotcrl as saying: "A-
i incus, I far as 1 tan see, il only    remains    for
Population. Collected, j}'"" ■" S,IV how much gold  vmi  wuni
('niiiiio U,182,947 -Jl6,.128,7ftftI a day, and it can   bp   produced,      I
-1ni-bee 1,048,898    14,308,671   would not ailviso you   to   put   down
Manitoba i'i'),!] I       2 725,2ft"  enormous works in one place, because
llritish Col., 178,0ft" 2,724,411 ' 'hink it might get opt of hand, and
N.ea Scotia 439,574 2,300,480 ' tlim|t il may be best for you to
New Drtinswick 331,180 1,391,013 spHi- 'he works up into units. The
No,i|,we.-i Tcr. 158,040 599,138 008' *'" ""' exceetl ten per cent, on
Yukon 1)7,171 gold extracted, including interest   ",, |Q REJIT
Princo Ed, I-!.   103,2CO        101,380 j iapitiil, management, etc.
       .      "On'.be basis of practical tests  wi
Total        5,271,315 l?40,952,909   nu'd.',    supposing    you    are    dealing RAlt-Wrt 1 •
Included iii   the   total  population w''h eight acres   every   twenty-four
heri! stated are  52,700   residents   of J hours, or, say, three hundred   days  it
lin.il eanineil territories for which    tin-1 vc-n-, y<n    would    produce  -J720.00Q
customs taxation  cannot   be  figured | K°hL    If you treated   20   acres   this
eparatuly.   The real oondition in llie w-ould produce $1,80Q,000.    Sn,,p„- I |» AQ 11.'|('    (JQAST      HUNTS
ALIi    TJriS     TIM!B
5'.attle,    Tacoma
niutler of the   ineijuality   of   which I'Hg you deal with 400 acres, it   would
,.-:ish Columbia complains, is  worse( result in a little more than **2fi.000.-   g^   Paul,    Chicago     '
York, and
than shown by the above figures,    fori000 I"'1' annum
I in duty oi,'a great quantity   of   the vs siticii (101.I) ab >v.\Ntin
fi'ioign   goods   used   in   this     Pro       "These are onurmous figures, and  ll      W^,      POINTS       EAST
. -i ■ • is collected iu Ontario and Que.! nolic, d one or two of you -mild w hen I
li-. while th.-   in,pons   ii.,   llritish | I" mentioned yog could have as much'      PALACE   AND   'I'ul'i; I-'l
Columbia ports for use in  lliosu   pro-
.',,'■-■- for the most purl pass  through
I,  bond and pay duty al the distribu I with fuui hundred tie)
ling . mires in the Lust. I worth of gold per annum,    I' i- old)
v a 'pi'-.-iion of putiii.e dow u  so   iniiny
(lold   Prom    Water   a   M',s tlfwo,'ks tD inc,'e,w0 3™'"" ol"i""
I up I" « hat v.ill want.
I act, Inventor Finds
Syndicate    formed   Will
Knrli Men o« l-i.i.l  Hi'.'is
-.\ ami Lord Twoodall
113   HllHIvlloldoi'Ki
And call ymir attention this wen.1!*: to two tsjiecinl lines >vo
lmvc just added,
Boys and Youths Clothing and Shoes
Wo onn show ono nl' ill.' nicest lines. I.utli in   Pat torn an I
finish ever shown in Kootenay, til prices th-it will not   emise
v..u to look elsewhere for a bettor bargain.
S, hoot, Books    Wc received » full line, and  yon  will  nl
Ways find all the requirements of Public school work   in  our
Station buy Our stock isjusl in and we can assure yon
satisfaction in every pti|'ticu)nr. Our stock is large and t.lie
selection is up to date, Ask for what vou want yon will not
be disappointed, as  vye carry all requirements of tlio trade,
Din us and I'atknt .Mkuk'im-:s- Wo carry a omul line at
low and honest prices,
<i en. i:i;iis am, J'ltovisioNs They are line, fresh and reliable mul our prices aro right. - - < *ive us n call, we like
\ nil to see our stock.
U. S. T. ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Ymir,    B.     C,
Will us ymi   ivintcl.      I,   is   ,juite I Sl.LKI'MIS     IIUFFKT,
proutiriil.    You can nut    help   having    I.IISItAliV    t'Alls,     MODERN
5.000.000 I |,Ay COACHES,
MKAI.1I A    I.A    1.11(1,;
1VOIIKS iVI.IlRADl     l.si \,,i.i.-n,,i,.
liest   Meals   on   Wheels. iv
According to tlio Daily Kxpmw Hi*' Q      FAST    TRAINS       Q
, wort. Id which Mr,   latilelield   ref,.,-]/ |.*AST AND WE.ST DAILY L
Special    Lveiirsioii    Hates
j red arc .li,"" which ,!,,- si u.licatu  has
recently acquired on lim   miutl.   uo.ist i
of Kiiglaud     Thoy iucluilu two n-e.- \~    «■*,*     ■ .<    ...     ...   ,
, I o World s Fair, St. L( lis
Volts,  i,ue o|  | «e|,| v     ,-iet-i-     und     I lie
ill'.Al.LlI   IN
ShoK and lliiilders 11 iriLv.i.'i'i
Paints and dil". StuV(!1, <'uii.
Steel, IWil.-l, l-'u-i' and (.'ap.,
(Ii'.inite    mi I    Tin .lure,     StB.l'.l
All   kind-   ..I'   Flumbilig,   Tin
-mithinx   and   Ouneral    llep.u.
Work-,    '
Vour Choice of Itoute.
The ?.liliiiiil Life lusni'mur ('oinjuiiiV ofX. V.
Has Assets Bxceeding $^oo.ooo«ooo.
nlher of eight    acre*,    in    men,    «ith
■v,       d,iin,miiid «l inpleie      Adja-I    Kor ralcn. foldur. I lull Information       A policy ill il is llie safest  illVOSl tlleiit ItllOW n til lUilll.
cent to t le-e ii .a k-   in,-   al„,in   fuui*! regarding trlpH, call on or m'Ureas in.
'    :'l"""'";l1 Mi-* "'"""   '"-"      I„.| o,.i-eh„„d,,,l „,,,-,„• | JngentofihiiS. V. .v X. Hallwaj or
I    ,i- tha, wen-   niad"    -i ' .1 i.l    Veal's   ., ,        . ,   .,      ,      .III. A   ,1, \ r K *-.( IY 11. BKANDI",
Lm      ll.    New
(  thai lined tn furnt pat i   uf   lite   local
hill '.or.      I In- I mil hill ll. en    reclaim
ed and all tha' is in
-ai v  is III    I"
■_    of the di-'i'ilieli i|f   n   ..."lho I   e|'
i itiuciing uold from -.'.. ivaler and
t he derision with whli'h the idea win
' lUghed ntlt nl' uolll'l        London    folk
I'lllllllllKllielil.      ll |,e,|      II        Mould lie '
I   .. havo .,,,   niipiii'iiiiiii v   '■,  IliVwt ,
.      ' iei.lv toi the manufacture ot «.i|'l.
tl.iM. n,-.,„'<■ ip -„'l, an   uiidl'l'takniUi
,...', "KnK "i IIHH -l'.l»s-
i -i wiiii-ii it li averred ih.it mi ,i,,i,,,i. -■    ...
, I wo engiiiPPrs ennnt'ctttil «lth   th"
.'.. >l (liipplv ut Oil- prei.-i.iu- eii'tiil i-iiii,         ,.                    ,
,    .     ,, syndic have heiMi travHlllul* ahiitnd
i •  olii-i.n.'il triiin -eu ivulel al   ., itl.,                       ..    ,.    ,
..    .              ,.    , il..' .-...-I- "I    Ki.ulund   „,,d    Ireland
1.1   - fill' l-VI-l-v  01)00   I -Ml. .-It'll. , .      ,  ,
..,,,,,       - , liuie.' ,o oli.am -iilliihle -lies   ful'   nn
~ II   W il'i.in, ltau,-av   llllli-il'    seiell. ..   ,
„   • ■ t \i' ii-e.i, o| ihe wuikH,      I hey enmt'
t.l.i    li pill, 1,10,1   ,-   III   (III-     |l|e|||-t,     ha-1,
lo the   i -inelii-ion    IMut    a    iimi    ot
Iii-Cll  lellllllDU bV ,i Ml'lltllciltb iilneli   |»:   . , ,
,    , .  • , about ii tho,t.,,,,d acres would he ln--t
'. .  ed lu.i Inditsiii.il und hnuinei'i'inu . ,        ,    , .
, .    . , ,   ' IK Marl  w lill, and   lln-v     illlVO    loiiinl
I .,,-. ( Lull.ted), and ,1 Iiari'hohlei■•'. ,    , .    '   ,
,.,.,,,,, ,   line.' -"liable Kites ,,,     llie    -,,„lh    ,,|
Id nl id, include Lold  ll.a-ev.    I„,i'| | ,    ,      ,      ,,.,
I'l'laiid.     II Illree Kites vulv from
. iM-edalc,   th-      liinol'ahlt.     A linn   , , , ,
I I  to   Inn',   on    I     enel,     ,1, ,,-
l -ll o*i    siiV,-l-„l    inilhl'fill'lliter"     a,el     ,       ,.      ,  .
w hen I,it. d for mil-king   ,-  e-iun ■ t■•• I
A   .-ii Sandc.liaii, ful'.ni'i'uoviii'iuii .if ,   , .      ,   .
,,,,,,,. ,      .„, ' I" In- 'apd I p-iidllCIIIJ- a net   p,,.-
to • liaiik ol llngaiit,    II," sy idiin oi „     .   ,       .....
hi ill i.l i *|i)0, ' .. vear,
!■:.- tie, ,nod.-t Capital llf ?l.l,llO(J    in ' I
|.-, ,i,,,.,,., Im- »—11.-.I thai   Mr,   Snell   lin-,
The inventor   of   ilia   process  |*y|ho-'-'i>tr<l suveral \> .*--.-. .-.II ..• e.ht.-l,,
'-• id-1, it is li,i|-ed to make it corni'r in   have lli'oll luilillc' for una   ii i«nti   m
Ilia world's gold Is H. J  Snell, iimitht't, hut that his hili.-d,.oii nltich
-.1.   1VII.M.UI  HICMBVRl   ,'.  II. Sn   \Vjlliaill  llu„.,\   rep,.,,,,!. I-   -lie.'
Wj.   William lliiii,-„,v Iiii- uiiidi!    ."/■   .,...,I'nl I
li.  K   ,V; I'   A.        (,. I'. .V I ' A.
71U W. ItiietfiV  ,. Spokane.
Ptotn t Cflfei-
«,,-iu tod tltuui
iml dollar pre
r-iitnlir.il srl.
llrtily Bilks A
Bens' tncilltte-
fi.r tunliilii: noliil
illvrrwarc air
t«,-,.rs«Vtl by no
r-llirr cuiicero in
rr-t, ttloilrrll niaHiInftf. ait.l »kllli-<l liniul
ivorkeil, nil iiinlir Hit itiir.-t ritprrvl-ton cl
ti acltcat iiirtiiii--il of Uis firm, nisks an m.
(,|,iii,!r.l t-'iil"!1!!!1!',!!  for tU'ltlitJ out line
"il'titr d,i llltiltralcd raMtoniie.
i ;e-li invorttod in l.il'i1 Insiii'.'iiit'c i** eiif-.li invcutoil that   will
l-.'td I'll L'Olupotintl interest,
.' 'I Kiiocossful Inisines.-s men onrry Into,,   uliiotlntn ur lil.
inni   nice,     ll pruvi.le- 'ui'tile ratniljV, pt'oleeis a Mian in |,,.
old a*   . mid protects li is cither investments-.    Vov   niton ml
liny foriii .!' lite itiHiirniico apply tot
Percy J. Gleafcer. Local iftqenl
—m isiiii an*,,  *.«
Oir*w:-.'-.T. •
If v. dry,
5letlln§ SllVer,
Sllvrr Pllll,
WatLlttl, lit.
Henry Kirks & Sons
r5 • n i*. *i • BUILtJino
J.*f leri tn Iiii  I  k   r.tfiny
t)t- fill i.l Mimo
Wilson ^ HafshAW
DraVtnen and
i Mill,   U,    ('.
ll'iiiillliur lit'-ivv ri'i'iulii ii
iid'ii'Siiidiiii'iii'i' |ii',,iii|iii.y
Ulll-i|l|»"l  1(1-
.Nkl.Stl.V .V I-I', -'llKI'Allll 1-1*1 . . .1
V. v. A i-; uv. a ,v t (.,
ttnll Hi'.-iH Northern, N. rtlmHl I',-
: und Ot It. .*: N. Coi,   fur points   t
; ivest,   und    SOUtll '   eonnee,-    ill     11.--
! land ami Nelson  with   tho   Can i
; I'lieillu  Itailil.l)'.
CopllBcW ut Nelfldn -villi lin-  P, ii
.'.■ N;  Co,  ftir   Kaslo  ahd   K. and -
: point-1*..
-     I'',',,,.-' ", n1 Clil'ibti   fA-ifc.li   i'.i".  f,,
, iJrct-titt'Uod and Midway, ll t'
IllllVel    e'l|-   i-i.il   ,.|i   H-jiln    |)|,|, ,,.,,
spol(i,i,e and   Itupullli,
II   A, llAI Ks,,N
llenel'll fn — eiiwel- ,\_l
Spoku.iv, i     - THE YMIR HERALD'1 ' v"w' ! ! '
___________________________^ is open In ei iliei-in.    Iieeiiu-e    il     lms
i'„biiisi,...i i-v.-rv s-iiuMiiy ,„,„„,.,,,  | been proved iii   the   past,   thai   tli-
•*,,:.jr-**... or i.'ln.f.'.l lij tinrrier in li.nn %l'l'\\\     1'ililWrty    colli | ;ihii H      tflMl'jnilly
-1,1,-iTn.tii-ii—-."ii-i; ■ r ii nn inn  i>iiyiiiji.'*i'i *id    muiiu^ro tu «f(il I he lie ii ni" .i land dual
with ;i   [Htiviiuiiiil  yin eminent,   und
\<t\-rii-nu' riii'--, JI.-'-o  in*r   iiit;li   in r inonlli        , ,i    .1      ,        t I       I      i i
jfrah Ihu pru(Jiicuve liuuiH, leaving tin1
I ill'. IlKHAI n UHII lil' lllld 'miii .ill l.iilii.
ui'wmli-al-LTr*! in ill" di-trt'M, <.r I'tm In1 iihltt n< ■
•(ir'--! froin llu* ollluti.
, grab i In. product ive lauds, li
'      lillH'll   pIllul.CS
Other measures which will hi, I mini
CruiiiiMTiiiiii i, r 11 ■ 11 ■ > _- i-i   i-vi-n    -i. *..ii|.i .1. led ,],,- -'---inii. «ii| de.d with further
iliui-i ,.ii Hi- un- - .n -rni.Lii-., urlui-s.
i*auie pi-otecl-ion, und n -v-t f pro-
1*1 IU.1-.HKU  ,11   'io
i,oiiii.i.  ei ni.,-,,,m.  .-(imi'ani lection from f st fires,    whieh   have
 _ destroyed so much of   the    Province's
i iniisl vulualilc assets in the   past    l'i-
I years.    Tin- assessment ucl    and    the  ,.' . ,
iinanciiil 11• >|.1111■ u11*11(-   ut   tie-   I io.
Ut\< IJONODH tin* I.i, mt, -inn, t.
(iiiveriior in Council has heen
pleased lo appoint the Hon I". Carter ('olio,i. President of the Kxeoii - :
ti\e Council, lhe Hon. It. Ci Tallow, |
Minister of Phiunue, I'.i. id ttussell
Ker, of ill" i'in- of Victoria,  Ks.piire,
nnd •l.iliunnes l.iint/.en. ot' ilu- Citv of
Vancouver, Inquire, to   be   C mis-!
sinners under the "Public liupiiric-
Ai-l fur tliu purpose of uiupiiring into
.'md ,i polling upon l|,o upi'i-iitiou of
tin- "Assessment Act, 190')," with re-
pi -I to ii- practical bearings on   the
iwo p..,- •.',,,  mineral    tux,   ure   ulst
troubles..    pieces    of     legislation
« llicll   « ill  probably  ||e  up    f, |.     M..
SATURDAY,   I'l-'.l: ,   I I,   1005.
'in another page *-ill bu   found   ..
ii.-tniiiut uf u company which claims i
have ,il last solved tlio problem of ex-   ""'""■
tractiiitc tlio   gold   froin   sea   watei', '
Many   patents   have   already    hee/i Notice.
Hike,, out for various processes claim-| T0 | HC1-1 N<Jf KNT Co-OWN Kits.
lie; io accomplished '.bis,   hut so fur
(I U. \V, Keech, ur any other per
Tn u, vv, i
. .. i   ., i   .   i i
son to whom he  niiy    have trans-
however have had such   recom nda-   forred his interest in   the St. Thomas
lions nnd endorsation as tin- new- and Telegniph mineral claimssituated
process devised by Mr. Snell, Prof. ,n *'ie Nelson Mining Division of West   Kootenay   District, am
The said commissioners    will   hold
tln-ii lirst meeting ai llie olli 1' the
Minisiir ot Finance, on Tuesday, ihe
It'll, day of January, 1905, al 10 a,
in., of which nil persons interested
are hereby to take no.iet: nod govern
themselves accordingly.
Provincial Secretary's ' lllice,
20th Deceit.her, IDOL
Dealers in Staple and I'.-uny Groceries,   Miner's  Suii.lri.-**
Mlankots, Sot-ks, Mitts, Cloves,   Rubliers,    I';;1"-
wear,    Overalls,     Patent      Medicines,
Stationery. -     t
NELSON B. 6. - BOX 1095.
Mining Agent      =      Stocks and Shares
lliiuisnv, who has tested it, und prai   ,
,       ,   recorded in tl.e  Recorder's  office  fir
tically vouches tor il, is n scientist  ol     .     .. .       ....      ,v.  . .
, tl.e  Nelson Milling Division,
the highest   reputation  in   limjund,       jfou and   unci,   of y u-e   he.-.-by ;(|, s ,
and whatever   emanates   from   him,   notified that ]   have   expended    ...,'.-1 ,[',.**,,„ q   ).„.,., | „. | ,m,:l;l
ma\ bi> regarded us the bona lldue re- : bundled nud two  dollars    und   fifty
Mutual Life Insurance Company of New^York,
Canadian Casii.laty—Boiler Insurance Co,
London Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
Ottawa Fire Insurance ('oiiipanv.
YMIH. 1- C.
.suit ..f exhaustive experiments!
cents (--li.'.'.oi.) in labor and improve-
It the process accoinplinlies all that   .
,,,t-tits upon  tin* uliove mineral claims
fiieutonant (love.-..or.
liol.N.l-; OF  IlldTlsll  CoI.I'MUl.V,
4' 1
„ .:,i., .', ii a iv i„.;:::::l:;,i:l::;lr:''',n'1:'rvif:.'\'-'-..-,ivi..,.,y,,„..n-u,.,.,,^;,,,,,„t| ^   jqu    PPINTINO    •!•
as w
,. ,,      ,.    »' i»«e Mineral  Act,   and   if  wi i    ThlH   ,;„;,,.,!   Kingdom  of   Great
! Hung of a rnvolu 11   the   h    „;,„.,., ,,,..„ ,-,,„„  ,,,„ ,,. ,',|„,  ,„,.;     ., .    ,
II l'l till ll alio lrel.-i.nl, nnd ,,f the
n.inc.al   world,   besides   ivhich   Mr   ticeyou fail or    refuse to   contiil-tiio      ci,;,   i,    • •      , , ,,
Uritlsll Dominions bevon.l the sens;
Lawson's campaign   against "frenzied | V"*"' porti f expenditure, tog er      King, Defender of tho   Knit I.    Ac.
in. I
.      .       , , , ,. ,  .        - ' '    <   oi    .m-i ' .i.'ii     '-. : '.' ■ . ei,,.     I i|-
An   iiiexhiitlstiblu   supply   ol    gold
property of the subscriber, under  -.-,-
I d out into the world's   markets,   • ,  ,   .-.     ,        ,-,,   , ,.,
1 ' j ion I ot „,, net     i nt11li d "An   Act In
would revolutiunlue all existing moth    Amend   lho ^Mineral     Ant,    I! ,,
oils of llniinee    The purchasing pow i A.H.PETKRS
er of the yellow metal would  steudilv Dated at Vmir. II C. thi-   11,1, '||   \   MacjLha*
ilu| liate, and ii- relative   value   to lll,y "' Nuv   !l""
iitl.er currency metals Mould have   tu __mm*****--**-.
Undergo revision,    Whilst the intrin-
sic value of these other metal,,   such Notit**                      Our People of Our Province of llritish    A
...      .   Columbia, and tu have their advice in    wN
iissdvcl, would nol increase, it would TO DHldNtJUBNT CO OWNKllS. Our l..»i-l„t„,,-                                |   <fj\
nuance" will sink into   insigiiillcance.   W'*'"'H <*'os'*sof ..dvertising, your   iti-l    A..,, ,v,
i terest in said claim   will    been    llie t..   .... i'..'.i c.i ,i               i           i        . /IV
ini nif imthtul I In*   members  elected ft\
to serve in the Legislative   Assein- fn
l.ly ot' our Province of British Col-J /JS
umbia, at our city   of   Victoria. — | /ft
Deputy Attorney-General,          J OS
Whereas Wo nre desirous and   re*     OS
solved, as soon us muy   be,   to   meet )   lf|X
Inelwie rnpWIi-   il.   rellltioli   to   the] Now Know   Ve   that   for   divers    /fi
,,,,,,,         .,     ,                      ,         T>''•!..U.e- '.lllllillll or ll,iv  utile.■ |ier-                           , *iik,
goul stun.inii.    Huppilj' liiiwev",' tin-    I        .      .                               ' causes and considerations,   and take    W
■ to Mlio.i. he mm   bine   transferred .              . ,              , ilk
iioiiung ol   tbr,   monetary  .en.lutioii  i-   -     ...     ,,. , into consideration the ease und ,-,.„-    f|J
,,,-,,,,,■,,-l- ,,, lhe *, iinkee (.,,],    C ii ■                      .   ,      , /Iv
need nol   ho   looked   f„r,   for   some   imdi.... di.i ,,i„i v„i.. w i ,. | vcnience of Our loving subjects, Wei   fl|>
''"'   """"'   nndiun Oirl und Vale I'racti duel
lllllihi-     in,
gold mines nm}'|lt«tpoim llie   reuli/.a-   '''""•  ''"'"' Iwo miles fi-oni   Vmir,   ii
: ion of ally
(ui ., decade or 11101*1
ion of any misgiving* they  may feel,   ,l"' Nl '"'"   M,,lin« L>'v'"'*"' "''   West
. , , 1 have thought t'.., by   and   with   tlio 1    ;!?
years to coiiie, and tho   possessors   ol   il claims, MlU.ited oil Dundee    nn- 1    *|H
'advice of Our Executive Council,   to     T
hereby convoke, and by   ib--e   presents enjoin you,   mid   each   of  you,'
thai mi Thursday* the ninth   day   of
I'Vlnuurv. one thousand nine hundred
und live, you meet Ds il, our said 1,,-eis  j
latere or Pal'liamenl of Our said Pro-
• ince, nt   City of S'ictoriu, for the I
Dispatch nf liusines-. t<> treat, do, act
, nml   conclude   upon   these     lliinus i
,, .,  ,. "' rnl claims iu orili'i'to hod   same     ,.,   . .
•renin"  MclrKO        ,    ., w 11c Our f-egs attire of the Pro-
■*-      s»
'tl  2
to- «   is
>? 3 5
-  s»
'!■? I
I'be   Provincial      lii'glslaiu.
Kootenny District,   nnd tecorded   in
ihe Uecll.-di'l's 0Hire  for the   S*eisolt
iMiniug I ii. isioii.
1       ^'o,l und each ot'  you un-  be. ehy
llritish t 'ol nn 11 tin  11(111 veiled ou 'I hurs    notified thai wu have ex. led   lim
Iml,Iv   |„.   hundred dollars   (is'too
.....   1	
uie of 1 be   1(11111    iiiipoltntit   sesiiioi
iy l=i-i. foi■«hut   Will   pi-ohubly   be   hundred dollu.-s   ,.-.",,„,,,,,,   ,,,    |, |„„.
ml   hnpriive tits  upon   il Uove
iiii.1i .- ll.e p.011-1,„is of   the   Mineral
lor 11111111   veals,
has promised a  far-real'hililf   luilwiiy    1 ,       1 -.-     .,  i vince of  llritish   Columbia,   hv   tl
,\Cl, lllld It « llinii Ulliell     dm -   1  I   ,
I'olicy, which   If   ndoi.ted   nill   tend   tl.e dale of this nol ice you fail or   1 c-1   "'" ",'"1""''1 '"' l*""1'   ';,i'1   1V"
,,      , ... ., villOO lllllV    l'l   .lie  l'it\ I      ( |„(J      1,
greatly to open up   ilu-   resources   ..I   funo to tribute your purlion of ex.
In Test
isiiuiony   whereof,   we   lms.
t   Hi   Amend   the
'In* J'iomii"',   ,,-.,',,ei .   a-ldt-h   me   |>endilure, tiigeihet win, nil  ,-,,,,-   of
 '"''■• '""  iJr»vii.«. uf "j1-1 ;* J'  ";""- i .1 ,ftlu,J( 0u, ,..„.., „. ,..  ,.
,,     ,      .     elnnn- «ill liecouie   lhe   oronertv   .,1' I .
lhe I' miiIIII     I lit* new    lollies  are   ,,       ,     ., , '.   ' Patent and the Oreal   Seal   of   Our
ll"' subscribers, Ier wetum I of nn     ,, ,.
tlt'Sigued to open up   pollioni of  the   net 1-1 liili.il *•• \    \,.  •■-   >- •>     "ll    "l'"vl,i«u to bu here unto allixed;
L'"ul,ll-V "Li-h ni.-but    sparsely   set-    .m ,,,.., ;i)   Vt.   U
il.d .,1 present, bet which uie knou,, ■
lo pus-less abtindniit facilities fur -u- ' '|i  McLtod,     j l**i-.>-vit
..inn!,- large and pl-ohperousc nun, ('• '*' '•",l'il.
Ities.     Itdilwu-y*   L'lilel-iug   tht'SI -' ',liu,|t nl Vmi'  "  ('" ll"-   |M|1'
lay uf 'In,im,,v I UU
linn.- must >,. i-e-.-in ilv   he   Unprultta-
hle I'm tin- lll'sl |V«  yl'ilMI,    Until    the
''"""> ll"-1" "'" ll,,l,,tl   l'"l'"latfd,   ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦44*44*4«,**j44#
III ,i   1- no ,o,,,|.idii   i-    li|ieliililt«    fin    ♦
I I    l llltlll'OpIc plll'|l0Sl'S,   i1   |s     lei'.slil
b   -  tO -ilp|.l.-e III 1,   11 i|„i'l  pl-ll l|||i, for j X
ll.i'ir sei-vlefs ill dpi'lling tip the coull*   * Till' llcxl   \ic|il--
11 v will be Vouchsafed,    Tin- -y-en, t     Ami AeeliliiliiollaHon
I : .,-„i grains Id new railway   enter-   t "M " '
I , ises   hit -   bt*tm   ilith.ll   usedi    nnd   f
X A lint! sell'.
Witness, tho honourable Sir .Henri' w
(luslavu Joly De r*otbii,icre, K C M.l W
j lr K. (iiol.e,   JO , Lieuteiiaut->(Jovernor of Our   said _
lllis   twenly-eiglit    duy   nf 'W
December, in ihe \ •,,   of  Our   Loid W
. |oi„. thuusand nine hundred und  four, ] (y
lh lite fourth year uf Oui   lleign. W
l'.\ (' muiul,
A. '.'imi'hi.i.i. I!.;.1.ui:.
~     ***     "3
*^*.    ■?"  -**
^' Deput-, Proviniti.il Heeretary,      '»•*
Ymif Transfer Co, '!>
/ /•
It - well, i.'-i iiuVj ilu- mil .liy 1   n
• : .  net 1     .in
team.tig and
Kxpress . ,, 1
'"•'-»'"'"''''          4,     j - '.i.'-rTi?*rrr. T-.-?T-rrr-rc-r-i!-rriririrc*r*fir-rtre*rtt|.|->«-
vii-,-,,ll„s -newt UllUOW lUHl C'lffll-H.        X /ft                       \/           •              O         /*
1ak.11 '..1...1, 1    . x\ ah o,,i,,, ,,,,,,;,,„, „,ww j       Ymir, D. v.
lentally tin   I I- ad   4 '' W   MAHTRIIhOS',      I',,,,..  ♦  „|,ll tl.e gmllbst earn eM.rcised In  ,l„- '£
.1!  j, ■ .' el   to  lill
■oie ,,n,| incidentally ih-  I
The «.y«ti t   giving aivn,   ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ft44**t 11, uui0 ,.,• *,,„„u
if barrel, palcl.es
Other measures which will be hand
THE YMIR HERALDrt,"!conm,'yVwpu" ,,u""" r
is open to criticism,   because   it    has
i b 'en moved in    tlie   past,   that    tie*
I'liblllsliwl t-v.-rv Siiiiiriliiyiinil amlli-il tniittj      * " I '       '
Hil.tr..-*.. or .l.-llv.-ri'il l.y uurri.-r In u.u-ii. great    railway    cotllf ill.ies     generally
sii,.-i-ri|.,i,.,i-.-.-.'i.i;-r inni  |,nviiiii,-'i-i -nt    mauiigo to gel lhe ben ..,'., land deal
"'""''• with   u     provilieilll    eoM'l nine,,,,     nnd
VI..-,,-,„_■-,..-. J,.;.,  ,.-r   ,1,-1,   ,..-r  lltniill,   L,.^ t]|„ j,,,,,),,,., j u, ■,„„•,_   i,,m„_,   ,|h,
I in: Hi iiAi.ii nun l," IueI In,in .ill I- n III
tii-n-mli-nl.-r*) In llli-ill.lri.u, or mo. In* ntilieii
-liniul (mm the olllci.
Con rotui  i.i-iiiini.' ...   , i-n    ... -.-oi-i • i. .led ibis session, will deal with further
iloll.i oil the- l.p.*llll*-i.'-- ul  -eni.lnr.l ,.i i"-- . ,
_'iiiiie protect ton, nnd a Rysli in ot pro-
i-i lil.l-.ith n in   rill.
iii.ku.i,   ri iii.,-iiiM.  , i,\;i-iM lection f 'orest fires,    which   have
11.   KKAIISS,   M is i,.,,,,.
SATURDAY,  l-'l-'.l!,  I I,   11)05.
Oil .-...other page -l ill be found no
ii.'iioiiut ot' ;i company which claims U,
huie nt last solved the problem of extracting lie. gold from -en lint,,,
iMunv   patents   have   already    bee/i
destruyed so much ol'   tbe    I'm, ince'i
 -i valuable assets in .he   past    feu
years, 'riieii--.e--ineiit.net nnd llu
two pei- ,eu, mineral tax, nn- nisi
i loublesome piei es of !i "islution
« 11 i.i i « ill probably come up   fi i-   u--
I--    HONOUR    tl"-    Lieutenant-
taken „ut for various processes claim-' T() DKI-INQUENI' C'O-l>WNK1(S.
lutr to accomplished this,   but, so fur       ., ,.   ...    .,     , ,
' rpi> u, \\ .  Keech, or nny other per
liono have proved satisfactory None ; I Sl>„ „, „,„„„ ,„. mxy ',,.„,. ,,,,„..
however havo had such reconimenda- ferred his interest in tin-St. Thomas
lions und   endorsation   n-   ,l.i-   new   and Telegniph mineral claims situated
process devised by Mr. Snell.      Prof i "      -Vl'K""       w.'»'»«       |,i,i'
,   " , .        , ' si,,, of West  Kootenay   District, and
lluinsiiv, who bus te.-ted it, und   pine- | •
i recorded in the Recorders  olliee  t.u-
tiddly vouches for it, is a scientist  of   ,,    v ,       ...  .     ... •
' , lhe Nelson Milling Division,
the highest   reputation   in   England,       Vo„ und   each   of you are   hereby '(J,, g )
nnd wlialever   etnunates   from   him,   notified Unit I   have   expended    one Heniii 0. Jolly Di; I.othiviki.k.
inn be regarded us the bona lldue re-   hundred and two  dollars    nml   fifty
salt „f  exhaustive experiments. i ce"tN C#10a.50j in labor and improve-
I, the process aceomplisl ill that  .,l,e"t" UP°"  ^ "^ "'i""''a' M"a i J'""V,S''K "F Bh,TI8" C°fA'wlA-
in order to hold same under provisions K,|wnrf| y [r.,»»y the Grace of God, of
" '"'■■ '    "'"''"   "'".  i"M'"""''   bu   of the Mineral   Act,   and    if   within      This    United   Kingdom  of   Great
Bonn -thine, of a revolution   Iu    the    fi-   ninelv iIiivk froin   the date of thi*.   m>-        i, -. it    i      i i      .-    . i
nun i_\ ...ui. iioiii  ,,,' nan oi nn- nu.,     Britain and Ireland,   nnd   ul   the
nui.cial   world,   besides   whieh   Mr   ticeyou fail or    refuse to   contril-iitu      llritish Dominions beyond lite seas
ilnst "frenzied   V"**'' portion of expenditure, together      King, Defender of the  l-'uith    Ac,
Blankets, Socks, Mitts, (Moves,    litibhers,    I';;'"'
.*a»     '  '**""
wear,    Overalls,     Patent      Medicines,
Stationery. "     t
NELSON B. C - BOX 1095.
^____mm_————————————m^^^——hmmmmm ■■■'■ ' '■"■'        ******     ""■■ '
Mining Agent      -      Stocks and Shares-
, lovernor in Council lias been
pleas, il ..-, appoint the lion V. ('nr-
,i i- Cotton, Pre-udenl uf the Kxecu -
tive Council, the Hon. II. <: Tallow,
Minister of Finance, David Llussell Doalt'l'S ill Staple Ulltl Kaili'V Groceries, .Miller'-. Still,ll'i."•
Ke.-. of lhe City of Victoria, Esquire,
und Johannes Uunt/.en, of lhv City of
Vancouver, Ksijuire, tu be Coniiiiis-
-ioin-i- under lhe "Public rntpiirie.-
Act' for the purpose of eiupiiriiig into
iiiul ii poi, iiiLi upon the operation of
ib,- "Assessment Ael, 190.')," witl, re-
spiel to i,- practical bearings on lhe
liiiuiici.il ii'ipiireineiils of lhe Pro- I
l ile •-.
The said commissioners    will   hold
their lirst meeting nl the olli f the;
Minister of Finance, on Tuesday,  .be1 «»•    •
j Hub day of January, 1900, at  10   a.
in., of which   nl|    persons   interested
ure hereby to taku notice and   govern
themselves accordingly.
Provincial Secretary - I Mice,
20th December, 11)04.
M nt mil Life Insurance Company of Now^ ork.
Canadiaii Casulaty—Boiler Insurance) f-o,
Lund.hi Mutual Fjre [nsurancc Company.
Ottawa Fire Insurance Company.
Lieutenant Governor,
YMIK, H ''•
.awHoi, - eumpaigli   ag
liuunte" will sink into   insigiiifiu.ince.
A,,   iiiexhaiistiblu   supply   uf    gold
,V'*., ifcc.
witli all costs of advertising, your   interest in said claim   will   become  lhe To our faithful the   members  elected
property of the subscriber, under  see to serve in the Legislative   Assem-
poi I iii.I mil. the world s    markets     -,    ....      ,.,,,;,|,,|  ,. ,,,     .   ,,   I      ,,      . ,, 	
.                                                          , .on . ot nn in i     en lined    An   Actio      bly of our Province of british Col-
would rc-volutionlise nil existing ineth     Amend   ihe 'Mineral      \ei      I'l.ii, . i-      .                    c   \— .
-,              aiiiciiu   nn  .»,111> lo     ., uu ,, iiinoi.i, at uiir city   ot    Victoria.—
ods of finance    The purchasing pow i                              A.H.PETKRS OIikHti.Wo.
or of the yellow metal would  stl-adilv           Dated at Ymir, B. C. this   I Ith U, A. Mac-Liu*,
ilepn'ciate, and it- relative value t..
tjther currency ... etuis would have tu
Undergo revision. Whilst the intrinsic value of these other  mentis,   such
day ot Nov    I'.M.l.
as-ilvei, would ,„„ increase, it would   TO Dl'lLlNoURNT CO OWNRHS.|Our Legislntuiei
Increase rapidly   in   relation   to   the.
gold Standard.     Iluppily liowev",- the     |
Deputy Attoi ney-deiieiiil.
Whoreus Wo are desirous and   re«
j solved, as soon as iniiv   be,   to   meet
I OUI People of Our Province of llritish
Columbia, and to have their advice in
-,() James Or.ib,in, or unv oiher per-
lo U hoi.i he inni    have   tin,,-felled
■ '''8o1   •"''   mimctary  i'^'"'"^" i his interests in the Yankee Dirl,   (.',,.
need not   bo   looked    for,    for   some   iiudiun Oil I and Yale Fraction miner
years to collie, and the   possessors   of   d claims, situated oil Dundee   nioun-
gold mines may |JiwtpollM the   teuliz.i-   tnin, .iln.ut I w iIes fruin   Vmir,   in
: ii ni of any misgiving*, they  may feel,
lur it decade or more,
as W
the Nelsoi. Mining Diii-i t'   West
Kootenay District,   nnd   lecorded   in
the   HeeOldel-   utlicl!   for    (be    Nel-oll
Mining I h. i-ion.
I'he   Provincial      ht-gisluttli
Now Know Ye that for divers
causes aud consideration-, und take
into consideration tho euso and convenience of Our loving subjects.   We
have though I tit   by   nml   with   the     jx
-    " !   a?
advice of Our Executive  Council,   to     T
I     I
hereby convoke, nnd by   th-wo   prcs-
cuts enjoin you,   and   eueh   of   you,
thai on Thursday, the ninth   day   of I
Fein iiarv. one thousand nine hundred.
*£    --*>'    _zz
^ % is
P i_  -.
•*-*      v»
^T C Cw
iv' •     ;
*~         **•»
as 2 •*
P ^ •«-.
_Q    *»        ia*
^-w.                    1—
^3 c  ><
>- § 3
§ § '<>
*>fc  *+*•     *> ■
und five, you meet Us iii our said Legis
oi       xuu and eacli uf   you   are  heieliy ■ . n,|. ..,,        ., ,,
,,.,', , -   Im ure or Pat'liainetil ol Our said Pro-
I'rilish Cillllnlblii  CiJilveiled on  lliurs    notitii-d th.-.. ui- have eviiended   tIn,'.-      . ,,......,
1 ] unco, at our City ul Victoria, for the
day loati for wlial   will   probably   be   hundred dollars (^lOU.OU)   in   I, '  Di„pntcl. of lHiHi,IBHs, to treat, tlo, «c*l
 f tho «    iil.polt.itil   sessions   '""l   '"'I"''" I|U  "I >{___   ,-„„el„de   upon    I      things
,,,,.,     ni al chums in order to hold   s. '    .. ,   .   .,     ,     ...        ,.   ,    ,,
lor iiiniii   veals,       Pi-.-mii-r   Mclll'ldc , ., | «Ineh, in Oui  l.eei-luliue ot the l',o-
n.uler the provisions of   the   Mineral .■   ,, -,   ,    .. ,     , •      ,      .,
I"»l i"11"'1   rar-reat'hililj   railway   Ac. and if within nineh   days  U.,m7""'" . "    '"'     ''      '*!
|iolicv, which   If   ad ,.l   "il!   tend   the date of thi lice you fai or   «.h|L.°" " ' T'l '" L !"\
vinco uiuv by the favni   ol   Clod    I, ■
gi-i.'.itlj to open up  tho   resources   of   fuse to contribute yout port ton of ex-       . ■     ,'
the LProvine.',   1-1 ,-, .   nbiih   ,.,-„   l-mtditure, togeiher witl, all  , '""tm'twII v    ■ ,   we   have
ii. i       i, i   advertisingi   your   interesl   in   -uid ,   ,      .,'   , ,
liui'i iialed in any oilier   I'mviiice   uf • , eallse.l these Oui tatter* to lie  made
chums « ,11 b    the   nroiiertv   of I ,, ,   , , I I
tin  I'liitiiniUM    The lieu    lollies are    ,       ,     ., , ...      I Puieni mul the Ureal   Seal   ot   Our     I»
tl.e subscribers, under »fctum lot an     , , ., ,   ,   , „       \   i'i
said Province to be here unto allixed;     i*
Witness, tlio honourable Sir   llei.ri 1
,'iiiiiiiiv which are uu    sparse y   sot-    \i:,,,.,..,■   t,..,    ii,,,,.                                                                          •          i t
'                      ..uncial   > ,,     ... i.                              tluslavoJuly De tatbitiiere, K  (' M. '
lied at oreinillt, but which ale  known'                                     ,i,   ,,.  ,,,  ,         ,,    , .             ,,,               ....          .,1
. |   II.   .-..  tilolie,     .(,.   |,lellli-ni|||,-(lo,e|-||ill   ot  Ou,      sllid |
l„ possess abundant facilities fur suss DMel. I,       Pi-ovince, this   twcnlyciulii   duv   ,f!   '-1
1 O, A. L'.vell,
Dated ul Vmir II, ('.. tin-   Hub
,,     , „     ': ilnv of .January 1000,
11. n- iini-i iiee."-.-ii! Ilv   lie   Unprollia-.
hie for the lirst f,'w yt<al'fl,   Until   the   ——-------—-------——-------—------——
Ill-signed to open up   pol iioiii of  t In
l.iiiiiug large and prosperous comuiui.
ities       Iiiiii<i-.-ii.Vm   I'.ilelin-f   these   -ee-
I leceniber, in lhe i mi   of  (lur   1-oid
oui- thtiiisand nine hundred and   torn, j
III the fourth year uf Oui   lleigu.
Hi Com I.
>',,,i,u\  bu- lll-i-UlHc llldl'l!    pnpltlalt'd,   +♦♦*. *>+4>444444*44.*44.4+>+4a I
•';'i","" h>'-" "l"'1"'11'' ,'"1 t Hnfpl   Vinif ll
|l   l-llilhrople pui-l'o-i-. iii-    letlstitlll-    X    ■   fvl*l 1   IIIII     *
■pill \    I'l'OI lllllllll   Sei-le,,,, 1
v. r- z
9*. /  c
!, -to Mippllse thai a i|llltl pHI l|Uo foi j 4-
ll.ei, set .,' >'- in dpulling ,'p tho coull*   f
• i    .-   ! he '.,,'.i hSi.fed.     The  -y«'    J,
I : und grains til new I'lillwiiy eiittl-*
I --.e-. lee- b'-i'u illibill Usedj und
. iks well, hl'cnUVj lhe rail illy com
i .: .  ,,, i --nl liy n-i - ull i.
Tlil' lli'.sl Mciil:-
Anil A.',''.iiiliii.il,'iii.in
in Towni
J Ymii* Transfer Co. |
4\ as
r- *
inn llf WIlicH,
JACIISDN "• I l-'.AHV. Prop,
'r«j'.iinihq and
as        7 ,-
(*S \t^*„    r>      ^ §
   I A lini's.'li.'ii
•  I ,.  ,.   I       l.i'|ii<.."'- ulltl I 'ii^m
",'   ','""?   t -"—- 1       •^ll   ""l"l"';   t-tWithiitl-i   at tended tri I W Y   1 1 I 1 T.      I~> .      \t/. SI)
und p.wer to itlako Its ilwit land   ml    * . . *\ ' iii *   »**»■  -J     *—* •      ^r» W..
......1,.   and nieideninllv lb"   I l-nd    J'1    U'    MAHTRUMON',       Prim.  II ulltl ll.e gl'e.lll'st flllt. exercised 111   thi. jg . W
* •-..-•.-...•......  '^£_±_Z&&_%-iL<i&_ZA<&&&&&&&_Zi4_i*_i&&_M
1 "*5-•"»?•*!•* -5? --ff-ff^^-sC-Ti *%?*'?•*»? "■C***S**C-**»?**c***C'»P**C"--TCr
,1     The system of   givilig  afl-in   "•♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-» |i ||luo Of rooiIh
mmmmm JUST IN
Fresh ear of groceries.    Get out priceoiltlnsegiid-.il   -  we
are selling them cheap, and   wo  always  lead   for   low-
We can please you for .{Utility as   well   us  price,   u'l   lines
bt in-,'   reduced.
We  nre selling ut very low prices,     llubbers-    we lire guilitf
to  close them out before spline       I lei our
prices before buying.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Customs   Taxation. Iperim.ept.-ipf which he says iu  n    for-
  i|i,d report that "There   is   no  doubt
The Trade and Navigations ■•*..-i-S'fplPhiw proved that gold, can profi-
turns foi the lust fiscal year, just Mably bp obtained froip sea watpr i.p a
issued, show that the .disproportion in | !"''go scalp, i.n.d-the amount of gold
lhe levy per capita continues, -o that lobtaiiied i- -.. large that whether the
Ihe average customs taxation in co.,t of the treatpient is ifliO a Un, or
liriiii.il Coliimbia is $15.20 per   bend,! even lhe outside figure of §10 a   ton,
which it could not exceed,   it   would
not iinike it-ry niuell difference.'1
HIS ASSISTANT liiiMS Kt'l'TIi 111,
:fit, won.eii   nml  children,   I...linns,
Chinese   and     Japanese     included;
■idle    the    average    for    the    whole
M . lis tiiiin every morning
except Sun,lay. for freight
anil passengers for Vmir
mill. I>y special orders on
Sundays. < ).• for Vmir mine.
ALEX. ODDIE    Prop-
Small Prices Bring Big
WAT Kit   --riTI.IF.il    l-'oh    lio-
I'l'IHOSKs    f N |. K K
!.".     i (H'Mis      PUK-S-
I  . S. T. Ilo-s,  Seen tin-y
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
rp In- only    all   rail   rout,'   between
points eu.-,. we*, und south to Ho—
,*  limit, Nelson,   Grand   Forks   und  lii-
omiiiion is oitlv §7.00 —the eiileula- I      H- D   l-iltletield.    an    nssLstanl    uf I      ...        .,
' ..   ....... t public.    I junet cars run  between Spu
m in ouch case being bused  on    the p"!' >> illiam, goes    furlber   tluin    llI!i  k'ftne and Northport
latiiui shown by   the   census   of chief, and in a report  to   ihe   sin
i 101,    Here are tho figures by   pi
\ incest
holders, is tpiotefj   us   saying:      --."is
fur as 1 can see, il only    remains    for
Population. Ci.Heeled,   vou '" say l...w much -.-old  vmi   want
l-niiiiio !l,182,947 $10,328,7801 h day, and it can   bp   prnilueed.      I
Quebec 1,048,898    l+,it08,671 j woulri not iiIviho you   to   put   down
Mniiilobii 250,211       2,725,267  onormoiiH works in one place,  because
llritish Col., 178,GuT 2,724,111 I think it might get out. pf hand, am)
Nomi Scotia 450,674 2,-')0.i,4,sl0 ' think it may be besl for you to
New ItruiiMvick 331,130 1,391,013 SP1'* 'he works up into units. The
Northwest Ter. 158,040 509,138 cost *''■' not except) ten per cent, on
Vukoii 117,171  8°'d extracted, including interest   on
I'ri.ii-e Ed. Is!.   103,250 151,380 tap-tal, manageinent, etc.
 j     "On thp basis of practical tests   we
Total 5,271,315 -9-40,052,900 ma-Je, supposing you are dealing
Included in the total population *'■*•■ eight acres every twenty-four
here stated are 52,?0Q resident.*, of j hours, or, say, three hundred days ,i
Unorganiiicd territories for whieh the V1*-"I', )'<*"-' ""*'-d produce $720,000
customs taxation cannot be figured gold. If ymi trented 20 acres Ibis
separately. The real condition in lho would produce $1,800,000. Suppos-
matter of thu int'tjuality of >\ hi,-!, I iflS y,.u deal with 400 acres, it would
British Coin,iibia ciiiphiins, is \vorse| result i„ a little more than $25,000 -
th ti shown by the above figures, for 00° I""'' annum.
'•    duty iu. n great quantity   of   the is .-illicit iioi.I) as-,vaNTi.I).
fi'ioign goods used ii, this Pro "These are enormous figures, und I
.  li-- is collected in Ontario and Que.' notict d one or two of you smiled when
be.-: while thi    imports   via    llritish M ineiiliotipd you could have as   much PALACK   AND   TOURIST
( - io-iiliiii ports for use iu   lliusU    pro. j *-'"ld   a- you    winlcd.       It    is    quite SLKEPKHS      BUFFET,
liiu-.'s for the most part piisti through  practicul.    You cannot   help   having    I.IHItAltV    CARS,     MODERN
li   bond ami pay duty al the distl-ibu I *'i*l' ■'"'•■ hundred ntfea 635,000,000 |, \ y COACHES
I ng ■  -nll'i'i in the East, ! worth of gold per uiiiinm.     It is only
_        .jr a question of putiing down so   inany
(iold   From    Watei-   a r1* "f tt'0''ks t0 imeM* )'m"' '""l""
I up lo -,. hut you wani.
I act, Inventor Finds wouku auibauv  m-i,„.n„,„.
Effuciivi  .lutiH I i-.i . 1003,
' oavo Daily) I'raiii Arrive
S.4u „.,,, Spokane 0.16 p.m
10 I.' ii.ni Rosshiuil 4.85 p.m
0.32 u.in Vmir o 30 |. in
7.20 n in Nt'l-on 7.20 pin
11 i.'lii u m (liiiiiil I'm k- -I nu |'.m
S 11(1 :,.,,, Republic 0.18 p.m
ALIj     X'X-XIH     TI^LE
Seattle,    Tacoma
St.  Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
liest   Meals  on   Wheels.
According to the Daily KxpresK llie  rt      FAST    TRAINS       Q
.       |-    , ■■ ,    u"..    Iwulk8 t0 wl,ich Ml''   LittleHeliJ  ref,-,-V  BAST AND WEST DAILY Z
niildlcntO      l-onne.l    \>itli     red mo thoao ivhicli the syndicate !><,-
sey .Hid Lord Twccdnll
ns Shareholders,
[.oiidoii,   Jan.    11, - New      Vul-k I
Sti.'li .Midi m« l-.ii'.l    llr.is        recently ac.|uire.I on the Houth  count Special    Excursion    Linton
of England      Tlu-v in, 'bide til er- Ur.      at;       ii,     r-    •      e>i    ■
,       , ,     I o World & Fair, St. Louis
'on-, one ot twenl v    .-u-re-   und    , he
oilier of eight   acres   in   ,- i,   iviihl Vour Choice of Rouio.
Inn,-mid slnlve's   eoinpleie      Ailjn-I    Kor rates, folilura and full Information
.-ni, tn;these work*.   ..,,-   iihnut   fotirlrpgiirdlnji; trips, call ou or a.'dress uu
,. -,,le„,- iidl doubtless recall    •,-.-,-  , ||wJ o|i |lv|  |im||||(| t   I ,,, f ,|,e s. !•'. & N. Knilw,,-,  ,„•
i. -ii- thui were  made   iieveral   i-eaM .. , , ,    , ,  II. A. JACKSON,       II   liKANIM".
.   'I."' 'i-.''l t" ton,, pni-i    .,)   tl,,.    o.-it I .   ,,.       .,. , .    .,      .... .
|.».. of the disoovei'y of a  metluid  uf  , >.,    .    ,,     , ,. ",   ,    ',   A'       (';.   , * '  A'
hi.loot.      I he I.il id lms I.i en    i.-. linn* , 1U \\ . Un ei - v   e Spokane.
i iiructii.g gold tioin -eu   water   and     ,      ,   ,,  , . ,     I
ell und nil thi, ,- necessary i- to lev.
II     del i-i'.n will, w Inch tli" nl'-,,     iiirl   ti,-                       i   ,         .        ,        •———--^—-~*—-—__.^
l'l uli'l i ien,   ,,  .ii,d  p,|,  -l,|,ee-   iu lilt.
I itighed olll Hi' dolll-t        l.niiiliiii    fl1,„ , . , ,
l-lullilllKllieilt.     u he,,     it      Mould        lii.l   ...    ».
."» iintt'i,,,   ,,,,,„,'("nn,    .i.  Invest .     , , .    ,.
'' ready fut tin- manufacture ot «..ld.
li-il  liiolii-V io -It'll nil     Undt'l-tilKlllgi
bi;i.K oi ll Kit -rrf.s
In  whieh l! li livened lin,I ,,,1 nnliul- ,     ,„
I .io engineers rnntit'cttld  « Ilh    thi'
'lid Mipplv ot the precious metal   <-ntl i        ,. ,
'' •   ,        ' -vinbeitte have In-e,, iravellhiH around
I •  el,ia.iied from -en water ill  it   eilsl '  , ,.,.,,,
I ho coasts Uf    l-.in.li,ml    I    Ireland
Irving to obtain suitable idles   for  un
i.l -'-" ful' every iSoOO entr. cled.
sit William Hatnsavi ivhnsc   -eielt-
.    ,        , ,   , ' *.!' Il-l'.li   ol   lhe  WOI'KM, llil'V    Cl	
lil.e t-i putatltlll is ol the   hi-'he-t,   has',      , ,    .        ,i
to  lhe    i-oncllHinn     Hint     a    i,ui,     ot
lu-en n uini-d by a syntlieatti wl,i.-i, is:  , , , , ,
nlioul  a  I Inill-.uid iieres woii'd be  be-l
I , led im. I.ulusti i.tl nnd l-ne'ii line;
, .   . , ,  "in Mm , wn!i, and  they   havo   louml
llll-l l l.ull.leill, nnd lhe -buii'holilei-A , '
 ,     , . three -nimble -lies ,,,     the    -,,u,h    ol
lil  niuell ill,-111.le  I'ol'l  llm-ev.     I.nl'1- ,     .      	
I'el.u.d,     I he-e (hree sites vul v from
"""i;"'   tl,D      ,l""""''1'1"      -\!l    iooo to IIIODae.es,    nnd   each   acre
l-.l-.--,    se.Vcl-ul     itlillilifiililtliel'A     lllld      .       ....   i «
»lien hit.d for working  i- e-tuu-•«<-• I
A i-i, ,Siiiidl'i!!n,i, tiiim,, eov,,|-nii|   ,lf;.    , , . ,    .
' to   III-   e,-l|i,il,||. til   |,|-Ml   Ill-Ill;; a   l.l'l     |'lo-'
the Hank of ISnglaiul.      he sylld c.lloi,,     .   ,        .,,„,,
, In oi „bouI  ^Ii.ii.i.i.i1 ,, vent.
I-i- ihu modest capital iif ¥15,000   in ' I
».-, .i,,,,.,,.. l'i- asserted thai   Mr.   Snell    bus
The Inventor    of   the   process   by | l-n vcntfcl several proeeSse", all of ithlehl
k'hieh it i- li'ip.'.l in make .-, eoi iu-i iu   have lii'elt faihlles for one   il'iimiti   nr
'I. • wmld's (-did is II. .1   Snell. iln-Jthbl, I  it tin' in- !ati-l. on   wllicll
mil  w,i,,.m, ..:;,,i,;\i:.  r, If. s,,  \Villiaul llnnai  repdl'leil, Is -in-*;
Hit Vvillium It,in,-ay has madu   ex- eessfuh I
^j Sterling
Prom ft ceffe-p
H].-.-)ii lo tl tlious
ftnd dulUr pre
f'-ntnlioii s*-t.
ilenty Hiikn K
ftotll' tncl!ltlf«
for MinV.iti(; fioliil
tilverwire atr
|)otMH*bd by no
f.llirr coiiceru In
ciKUir juU. AHIftUedktl|B<
eri, modcrti mufiiitifr^, Iha ikllled hand*
wot Veil nil under thi direct itlphKlitott cf
; -in Ileal ItiehiUfrl nf lli« firm, make an nn
pqimtlcd c<jiii!.'!iih1!'jii f<>r LUrtttu| uut fine
\Wiir for lllmtriled eriUldfttl.
0IMHTUr*MT-* '
Sterling Silver!
Sllvet Male,
WitLhei, etc.
Henry Birks&Sons
brnf.s' build,ua
I»i*r Itn 'o I hi I i riltocy
■».- I ...l.-( M ,",
j\inl call your attcntiini tliis week to two special lilies ivo
have just tulded.
Boys and Youths Clothing and Shoes
Wc can show one of the nicest lines, both in   I'littcrn an I
lii.isli over shown ill Kootenay, at pi-ices tint will mil    cause
you in look elsewhere for a better bargain.
S. noor. BooKS    We received a full line, and   you   will   al
way.-- find all the requirements of l'lil.lie school work   in   our
Station KttY -Our stock is just in ami we can inssurc you
satisfaction in every particular. Our stock is large and the
selection is up to date. Ask for what you want yon will nol
be disappointed, as  we carry all requirements of the trade.
I>i;t .;s am. I'atknt .Mkiu.'inks- We carry a good line allow ami Imnest prices.
(iito. Kitit s and l'uovisioNs -- They are fine, fresh ami reliable and our prices are right.    .    .    (Jive us a call, we   like
\ oil to see our slock.
U. S. T. ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Ymir,     B.     C;
nr'i.vi.ilit in
Slu-lt'  .md   llitihlei'i-i    II inlrtii.-i.
Paint* ami  Oil*,   Htuvei,   Gmil
Steel, Powilel', I'..-.'   anil   (Jup*,
Gi'iinita   an I   Timvure,    Steam
All      ki.ld-      uf      l'lllll.lu.ie,       I'll,
-ii)itIiiii-jt   ami   General    llepiu.
Work,   '
The Mutual Life hism'ance Company oFK. \^.
Has Assets Exceeding $4oo.ooo>,ooo.
A |ii.lic\ in il is lhe si lest invi'Millent ItllOwti to inan.
•'ash invested in l,il'.' tnsui'ailci' i" caiili inVesteil that   will
ret il rn colnpountl interost,
All HiiucesHl'ul buHineHH men carry lalge (itiioilntn Uf lihi
insurance,    ll providoH tor tlio family- protects a mall in hid
old njic, and protects h is other investineilts.    l"\»r   rater- oil
any f'onn of life insurance apply tot
Percy A. Gleafcer. Local flqcnl
Wilson & Hafshaw
DraVtnen and
Nfel.SdJl .V II'. "-itKI'AlIll UV. i   l
WASHINGTON « i    >i   i:r
V.   V.  ft   I-.    KV    A   N   l (..
ttntl Great ffnftllerH, N. i-thel-li  Pm ill.
nnd ')-. ll, .v N. i.'u,   tv,  jiniui-  e.i*,
V.Villt,    H.    ('. | went   and   winth | i-u„ ,-   ni    11.-.
' land itt.,1 Nolsdil with  the   Can i
\ I'ueille   llilili'.-iiy
Ciinti»'.:(i iii Nelfldn with lhe  I'. II
4 If;  '1".  ftit*   K.-i-l.,  nil,I   It, mul -
ll-ni'llilii;' heavy Irulglll il     p0|t,t*,
CUIiiitWU ..' * ■•ills-is  A'ltli  -".i--.- f,'
S(ii'(-i;lll V'. ,n,i.i tmi.,,,1 anil Midway, ll. U.
Illttlel      e'l(-    l-Ull    (Jn    Ll'ltll IWI . .'
 ,  , . , ,,,        Bpnkoiio und   I tbiJulJlii'
«l,,l',.spt,l,.|HlH.ph,iliptl;V     ,        „   A  ;)A(KS()N
llll,-t|l|l'l|   .(!•
Ul'lll'l'lll   l'„ — ellBI-l    Ajjl .
-tiilkllli--, \ i   i American and B.  C.   Hydraulic iYMii.   ia siNt:ss GbMDE M-J
Placer  Company Ltd,
Capital $50,000 in 500.000 Sjiarcs oi ten cents each
.1.   HUPP
K. \V. Wid.lu.v-i.i,.
l:.,i -I-i I. HA 1. j.   ami   l*\M 111*.. ,:.
I', ii-i  .1. (ill ,,/.er,
.1.  I;-111.,:.
.li ie   I'liiHieil.
llii'i    1.':'."e-     \-,i.    ,  l.s-,-   1 1 |;\,..|,,M
I,. (illinplll-l'.
YMI!.. II ('.
\\',-    caii \    tit,'    leading    l.ramls     imported      Liouorij
iinij (.'igars.  Stunt.    Vie.    Brandy  and   Wine,
|i. -llii-.iv Jul.liint! Co.
;■ 1 1,'Ni.r,...   oKAl.l 1;
Tlie Company js now' preparing   to   ui.rl;   'he  (lold Wiiiuim t-iiuk.
Dredge, Jilaek -Sand and Xuir-jel  placer leases a I   Hall ■ ••■•m ......
iMilmg, ami u] order to piirc.liii.si. tin- necessary   tiiiu*lim» im-itii-,\ ....;. ,.;.-,,.:.
(•ry, the proinpter-s linye scl asiije  i\   lii.ii',',1  unrulier i*f s    ■ '"'"":"
shares for immediate sale,
The shares \\w fully paid apd nn.n siHsesj.tvWe,
The Company's ground aver-agos ."il) ceijt.s   per-   en
(.e-l.ii'ij,,!:*..,,, — ,Ji Im li;e;i;|.
vai'il o|i \\\\>   suifacr, 'IVI'I' -40 aeies.
1'ntil !n'd rock is reached these. ( -iha.re-^   cilii   ha   til
(aiiifd at n bargain,
Meanwhile the li'ea.-ury   slink    rJOO,!)!!!}    Shares)    j-
II inlaet.
Mi |,i,ul It. us"—Tiuliiy Alej.i-uil.
Milli-l' l!,,e.-e~-S   Al11
I'allici!— I mi ,v Ilu,1.1.1.
Vimeuuver- Owe*, (iiiyer.
Ullldo.f     (lei'l^e Column.
Vmi. —,j. \i. Mii-i, r.-mi.
I'1!- IIII-     1 1 I M, 1111 (.     AMI    lill I lf.1 !
.Ml.-. -Jullll   ,\|el,l'l,ll
1IIMNO   nl*;, hi .I.;.!;
I'i'i'i*) ,1.  (Hi.-,:;-!-.
Hi ,nl,l j'ulllisliiii'i I'ii.
.-'I   .'I l'l.M-.l.-. .
ll.  ('!l||.|i',i|-|l.
S.   11.   Seaile', .
oitoc«ii3ieiiMt-iiif aoi-s *i,.i':ooci..'.,iii'-ica')Ooo(o,it
A * •
•      ||l-;\Pi,>l'.\l'tT!'-lt*S    .'Up    MIMNU    y}-i\     AN|»    Till',      \
TjlAV|:;i.I.jN(i Prpl.lC o
Kevl.v furniuhed throughout.    Sample riioffip in poiinrctinii,      2
• Hates ril.60 to -J-'-nQ per day.
• FIN-LAV    -Mcl.KOh,  IVipHhHor
Ontario's Interest in   t|ie
j*i*.   -*?-?   ___\
|l„l>|,l, -,v ,-.-  t\ llsilli,
Jackson .,V l.ei.i.i.
All V (lildie.
I  MU.Ii, A K II*.
W'ijliam (.'ini-k-
II ,\|d'i\ a,:,:
1    S. T. Uu-.-.
I 11,1 M (.'Olfc-f
•>lili< Mflntiis
I ■ ii ino *-'i.-n .— Qtitnriii htm u di ei1
I.,, M -, ,1, llu- YVesI■- a -l.|-|-i:il i|ltei - NO'I |<  1-..
i-t heeuuse this   |i|-nvi|ice   ha.,   dime KV'sl-KfiriNO   (.','.',..    -,\n    1', , ,,m i , .,
,ii.-n- ,lum all the ili*-1   ul'    Ciltllldll   In l.AMn IN Sot'Tll KakT Ivmm l-.N-, I.
populate lluil   e.iutil.v      hi    flie    It'll - —	
-' -M-- iietue,-ii i-s'.U   und    1',mi|    lllis NO'l'JliK is lii'i-i'hj-given l|i«l   lie.,-,-,.
province cnlriutiteil, iimmlins to the   B0S "' '"'',"l"'''1 (7' ",'"' :li"' l"'"'"l'"">'
. li|iiui ni il n;iil,i  eu.,!-..   s,.„„,eil    n , t in ll
ipiimii, "il.T-'ifl | i-i.- i" tl.e  peiniiiu-  Block    I,fit);!,   Si.wh Hast   K.„,,,,,,
i ,,i |i„|iiili,lion uf Manitoba, Uie Ter- ' will u' i--""l luriliwitli to nil   |.i ,-*.,,i,-,
i i-   ,   i   ,, • ,      who have made propei annliciiuii.   I,,
, iiiiiiie-, aud e.i.ti-li ( i,i,iiii,ii,i.       Iu ,    '     >        >.', 	
pill'suiipei!   ,,(   llu,   |u e\ i, a   i ,   ,,,,.
those -111,,'  I,-11    VI III- l.'.ll'llie e.l.e  the :  ■-(JOIII M tiles   \i .'' and   11!!,"; iluiei,,..
vVestonly   11,1171    pcuple,      Ontario     'I'1"- fm-vior tech licence will Vfliiu        MRS;       I      Mel  rnn
, , , ,, ...     ,    : lllllt  all   ll| |.|;e.,l,!-   ulltl    le,'.'-     |ll.|     lie lT »•*•*»•        |lf.     l*lKUfr\>U
I flu di.iii* line li ii. I'll tuil/.e tin'     \\i'-l, *,    i .   i i , ■
 , ,  .        poaileil ii I't.-'l Imi.I. el,,-,,.,,-,, , . ,-,.,-.     i,is,    ))(i'u.(,    S(( _     yN|,
'"■'I -.'ii-i' Hie 1 101 .-ei.-u- wm   taken   if iimi un.. i u: .-.,,-l.i n Li ,,i|iiiieil   in
lhe   umMm,-nt    of   popuhilion   frum *'° 8J -.villniiit'fuifliiji- notice. ■
.his,,,-,,*  miii. w>. im. i ,.lll!'::,;;;;;;;;;.,"M,"li' n,.'foii..w- pistiuctmanaghk wajjit.d
,:,,'n.e, lh.,., ,„ a.,, prqiioui lime. ..M|MIW1 ,.„ ,,„,, „„.,„ , N/, i:   nl|        ,,. m,.m poR-tion, w w :l|lvMh(,..
~m.~- '   t "U. MjM'.s ,'.i r ami Amiimmii.Mi
ni, in; milary und   ,-v|,e,,-,-.,    full    in-
.-In coii-.iilei'iition   n| .uie   Im,niied Hti'iietions free of   clmi'ge;   clean   de-
ilull.ii-. ii.-,i  |. iiii mull i- ih.< -aid    ,\
******4******************* *********************4
* 4
J j'l,-,-,.,- l'i., .mill Tui-: ^'Hij; H,-:|iA[..i fur .     . , . . . n,i,.itli   4
*>   tn
! I
X ,111(1 iirl-li'iw leijei' leeejpt ,:f ejiidiisi'il -i:. . . ,   .                                         J
<* 'III,-;  Iliill.M.p is published   every fiuturdnv ini'r.iiie,' u|ul   ?
« en|Hiii|i-  .-ill  the  i.ews of the i-u.np.                                              4
i 1
J IIatks    I'm, Y|;ak, §*2; Hai.*? V|:u;, >'l.                     *
♦ ♦
New Sun Spot.
I|-|- ,, I ,,1 ,,,,,.,        .UU.   i-IC   I'S'l   l-i  Mil-    lll-lill, *.      I   1
Ml1-  u'"'   l» 1>"1.V    ""■« 0«   11. \v..v (;„,,. in-puty ,o„„,„-
Alill'i   Ad'tlSti,
,t„i -"   :    ' pruvit.iuii.1   llitreol,  -'i''1'1'' 'ul-i,„—.
nel-.  The .1. I,  Ni.-lii.l- Co,  I.i d   Toi-oni
(Mention this paper. 1
(IRAN!) GPTRAli   HOTEL Clark'g   Furniture   Store
NELSON -g.c. \\'|LL|AM   d.AKK
Opposite Comthouse  and   new   font rjndei'talier   am!   I'tiniiiuie    Dealu
olliee,   llfsi 'J-', • iiu-al   iu   town,      Muil orders prmnptly tiltended in
Kiii-iipi-aii and American plan, -.,,.,.„ s.|.|1(1 ;>. . . Ym ,.
Only   whim    lain.''    employed. 1
l'i|-->l I'lubx bar
THOMAS ,i-  KltlCKSdX,
a,-line tor ihu ,    iet 1 1 ii***»i„,n ,-   1
; |.„uilu mul i\.-,;,-. licence
i"  enter,   propped,
A sun spot, helievcd to hi    nm,   of  K'nreli ami Work lot* eo.il ami    pelrol-   —————— ■—-    —	
llteli,,-,!  I ami best defined mi-,-   oh-  ^ \\\" Z^ T»\i.".''   ", "'^ TK"E   ^UEEN
epou, in und until 1 nil ,!„it   piceo   11 r-^rr^ a T3     am-—\-d tn
served, ha   hi   11 disi-uvj-te-l h,\     Pint,   puiei-l of niiueiul h.i.il situiileil iu   nml >^-i-l^r-^V —j    t5 J. ^JlrC±Li.
A. II   Cole,   11    Chicago   iistiuiioiiier   {'-'nilng pari   ol    liloel.    I ,.111.1.   Ka-t
,  ,       Kooli'iuiy Uistriut    iiiel   ih-serilieil   a- m*.--,.
I rnjecled Ihroiigh a small oper.i  ghiss| (,,,!,,„.. ClgaiS
on a sheet   nf   white   paper,    ,|   disc  mul not i-Hei'i'iliuu; in   tin-   \\ tiotu   -i\
I              i-                             lllll lllld and .mil -l-dll.e -,ei-e- MPOH'IKI)      \s\)     IX) M IXl'lC.
I,leii.siiruig six niches in il.aini'lir   was              .innii'iii »iniiu nui-s '•-•
,, .   , ,    . "Owing io lhe miniuur,ol  uiipllcaiil-j  ^_    .
disclosed,     M. it;,,*,,,,,, ,,-al   .-.,„,i',,1,.,,,-.,,.,. !.,.,,„.„, ,„,„,, v,.Kl    for   l*Jtll   ami
proved thai lhe spot mi ll.i suifuec ut  pi'liohnni, ami   llu,  pectil'mi' elreum-    TobacCOS, Coilfsctioiiery
llu-sui   -.ii.*.. -ie- 1,-ntli nf ii-   tnt.ll   di*. | s,"""'1 s " muling llie application for I .   „      .
llie  l-Mll.nee el lh, -e  lieeli,-,-,    ;|,„|     ||„. a|1CI     rTUltS,
: :'     '" ""'  v'-"""   "»•' '    in    ""   we'l known fact lluil     i-m,,,,-,-  |1HH
weies: purl,    The spol is    egg shaped   liei t,   iinuvoiiliturv   siispiuulutl   le,-    S()
and can heeasilv disceineil thiodghii !""|J   l""",li--   "''   Ooveninieni    ,.1      Mll.l-'.s M,*lNN|s.   Pi-oi.rieioi',
HnM-li (iiiliiniliia lliiilii it inipi.-sji,!,. to1
sin.iked ulcss.     ll is Mltinliil .-..-,    ni ,i,iei„,i„e ,,„. ,.,,„],;,,,;,.  i-igl.ls  ol   Uu.   '  " '  —-—-'	
llie central poll i Ill ,111 .md  to. biiinerolis iipplicuiilii,      Tlii-ri-ftiit-,   f,„.
day will lieahiii-t in the    middle   of "'e I'Hipose ol dial g nil petaiim,   t„
• ,     • 1 , -" l"'1""' ""' I'i'upi'r   U'luilnul   t „   11,,.
11 " '"'    '"'       l: '' sl'"l lyl I w   "-■>■ ileieriniimllnii    1 ,     Unit-     ,-,.|„e,iv„
lil- ■ i. ■ lay- llglilsailil  prioilliea,    I hid   liocneu   i-
.i.„lt ,     ^,:„...   EiiToSSineC hAH'.".'..rR8.,AY IN KAC. MilNTII,
MhihI tl   ri* 11ml tell   Mini \i.ur cm    ''""•'' '•'"" '"   1"'   ' ,n'n   '"'   l«fl»l   tn       l?l»UV McLlWIi, PiVNidenl.
t\:i!\ I* I l.'ilfl, \   !j\   till1   i'l.lill-    11,lo    Hi., ii. 11     v
1 ■     •*'■•■ <■-'-■     I     '''I   prop.-,  p..,JR,r ,-.-   ,..   all   ,-,.,,.,,,„;, '     V,N"
rmi wan led, mul   thai   vmi  pri-i-cilent n» liehi'veu   uilvi'in,   i-lniin-
1   iliUstulV! mt-; and luiilii-i. uu the   ...iili-i-siami _
1. v -e, ,        ut'' .hat lhe (jin Hum ill -hull    ,,,,,     ,„.    ,   ...     .     _. -_     ,   ,
!i     '^•-••■ii ■■■■"«"■■"■ ,..;.t,,-, 11,1,.(„,•,,„■ ,,,, y     CD unTC
I II    willed me   ill    -nel    .-.ml:   Willi,   nn-,   e iii,   til.leli   ,,,1,    in-ic,.    lVIILLL.n    NU   I   L L
'.Ini.11     .    .    ,111    in.-n,-,     lulling''''1-1   "!l"'-'  •■Jtiiiti-inli*   ul    ll.e    -	
--,   1    :,   ,-,       I    ,„.,!.    ,«-.,    Is!" '   :";',",:"    71"';   ""'•''•"'-» SAM   MII.I.Kl;.  Pr„p,
-ll.l.ei  .  11 ill  lieenee lee-  lie ri'fl|llt|t*i|
and ll.i- ollicer   nir.-sleil   me      Cu,.      --Ami Hie holder hereby waives   -,,,-    .. A
1   1 idi.iie.,,,.. el.ilm or ili'iuaiiil ii.-nnsi ihu  dov.-ri,'.   ' •''• ■ * l« I',: ■ll''•'--> '«"' .Mining .M 1*11' ■♦
un ul   mul , \|i;e--h ugi  ma ,,,   |.1K
Ml,, I .    ,.. I 1	
l-'il'spclaxK Dinino' litmni
llotit     lililllils    uf    Willi's*!
l.i(|in,ps ;i||,l Ojgara.
Vinir Ciii/ciis
A   II. ll, 1 Kit .-ii, 11   Tn-,-,-.
Hotel .... I
(I'lel.-i eniiieh new manage men,.)
Dining  lim.in   and   li-irj        OWEN in iv i;k, i',-,,p.
sii|i|ilii',l   wi'li    the   lie-.! '■
in tin* market.
jSecoiul Ave.                  VM1H
Uiglil opposite!  tleput,  Vmir  , _.„	
■Kill N  IHU'.Al', Prop.
III-.   III'.ST   I'.KNNI, l.|-   |.,,M|.ST|f
|    HOTEL. . .
Headquarters for riiniiv
and Commercial Men
The Kootenay   Standard    m-> "'u.'mtaMe i„,t,.i m tin* ,i,,
triel     I. •-!'. thiny li,-.i -1!,. .,,
! 'i Mill,   11, C
and  Juanita,
MAM I -.' 11 K,,|,  ,.-,
"J.   C   Thelm  & Co.
Nelgun, I'.. C
Y 'M I I I
iiii-i  t-lc-pit 'ir.pri'ci'oilluj.s,   ,„.   ,,.,., hl      |l„i<  Kup|ilied   with   l,.-t hrmids of  T
•"  '"■'  !"»■   '"''"f"'*1"  "».■!    g".l   i, , I i.,„„.« and cigars ±
ei.11111 ni' ilellliiitil  ilgailisl ihe   1;.,, ,.)•„ ' h ■  *
**********4***44*',>*****4        |,,|,EH"    NN"  SAI.TICU-MKATH
I , 4 Wholesale nnd lletnil
X      MILL   WOOD.     I   Mail ordei-H reeeiv
,,', III  1.1 I III"  l'l'  ' Uie,- III  III .,,> 1  I  1,|u
..   .;       ml foi -, posit i    ,1
del,   '     ' I   1 .••  a 1, lining - -. im,1
iid lhe i.iHpciiiir, halidingi, i,i aii-ing out ol ilu,  Is-u.-niCu  ,,|   1
hi.,     ;..i,.i.'-,..,-■."...d ih.'   |„„-|.i-i    j,, Heejic, 111 ul any otlit-t luallcr or Hung
I1  ■'■ ,    '   wonnili'ri   skirt,   and   lhe pi-e ent|iltni. an I sale UiIk l|ei>,i*.t.   ,
,11 1 .,. ml      ■- -Iue...I ei -h i , , .,| ''■'' In. I" le ,1.11 light   ■   In i"   ihu,,   ,,„
1   .                             1 . ilghl i" prosp, i-t [.ir euiii   ami   .„ ■.-,, 1
,/" Mm. I le ,vas ng uii.tl lum, alul    at *          '      '                                ■ ' '""
- up.    Tl,"  i,,*| tor   was|     """' 'Ininilon  ol   ii.i-   lice     ,-
il ,-e   li'iir I,mil lhe ,l|)(j
I,,,I, 11 lllipiCNI ed l'l   In-   i-lei ei 11,
l'i: -1   A\ i.m 1 ,
Ymih, 11.   C   I
1 lelivered nn\
plttc.e in tow n.
,|,|III I limng  llieli I,,. l'i f      f« /-. ♦
...Kootenay Coffee Co. 11    S(0Ve Lensths   |
: *
4 «~.
sharp c.i,.tl«h,"   I, |, "   '   ,'  '   .      "'       "•■" «
'     unit 1. nlk. Ii.'i itrtiii. t,t,
"l.i In uu   ■ I, ,1  ,, • nil Use >..   Inni      ft
it. 11111 I,   *'iu |i   - luiiigli    ,,,    in,die
dotJitl' ■ '
V  ,11   ,
, I l'l'-l ,: „ii,iiI»i-I -'"-I   ■: I I,  .,   it,,,1,
I .,-   ■,   I,„ll   lieIk,   ll. .  ,:
I V 1,1  ,rl 1.  ,',  f      ,  ■ ,-, ,     i., 1
W'le.hsiile and li'lail  .|,-.lle|-
in  fresh Itoasteil
High - Grade ■ Go
Mil..-'i\,  li. ('
I     Per Gail Load.     X
:       l*c>rto Hico       ;
frees I *
11   Luinbor Co. Ltd.   I
I :
, J-H+++*fff*ffHfM-f*H*HfH X
prompt  attention
JOHN  1'IIII,|;i',i:t,   I'rop,
assaying" (
,;"l'h Silver, ,„    Lend     .    -| ,„,
Copper,     - .,,-,,
liol'l Silver,     •    .      . j| .-,„
Cliiirgen for mini n„t.,l.- . ,, ,.,,
I'roviiieinl Assnyer
P.O. Drawer All;:.    *,.,|||;  ,.,


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