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The Ymir Herald 1904-12-03

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 • > -& ■l-t'i ■•'/;„
DEC 6 _ 1904
/CrOF?'A   ,'V
Vui. I     N.. :.'•».
YMIK, ll. ('., SATITHUAY   l'l CKMHKI? :i, I WW.
!'i:i.■!■: Fn i: L'
John   I'iiillieri ■:    new    h»hy    is
!*).   II'V  hus  |l III 10    a--- i|-tl:ii'|il
of t'ir-li candies u||d • -.inf.-.-; ione* v fur
X iii i-i.
Ai thur ITi-piii-h .ni.i hi- sinter   i.n*.
••'.   i' lumbermen and C. P, R.     The    |Ne\v    <ioM:nio'
iHINING NEWS.    ,,, „.
I  ,       I he  I i»i*i-1"". 1111 n»!i  | ll'liill im  nl   ul
the t'linn-Inin   .Miiiiiit'.-i--t..i---i -    Asso-*
 Tnc Hunter V.  i-   stuidilv    main-    .   .     , .'   ,   , ,
^^^^^^ '"I runted \\\ 0  Steele's |-o-ii(fuiiep in iheHahiing its output   of  L'OO   ions   pet • •      s.   '..    .   c  ....    Minto an govei nor-geiierul ol Luun.
''"'"'"-   ,'"'-!l'" '•' i""""1 '"'J' south end of town. ! day. .'" ",   '.   \ ",'"',,'' '''' ',""'   ''''",','-'""":'""'"' !^'- l'"''"'ii1'"'   •'"'   !
H I tor ivtii.*-iii.; In nlit'V t[i.-oi-,.|er   "t   .In
 " Seapey's fm-t'l-pjil. minucnicat       We lLuyo to record this   week    twp
:■■ ! other Cl.ii-.i,n is .......liiii nits ||i|ihS| tW() l,),t,Tl.j„4,ti!, ,,,,,1 ,..,,, ,..,,,!,.
Dr, Dixon returned to towp to : ..t' present ..)■ fopine!' V||.ir ejtij-e.iis,
Tjie Ymir ."line.
The following are   thu   . jlicial   re*
Uailwiiy poiiiinissiop, lelalive to   .1
icurrying of shingles and cedar  timber
'.u ' ' jrey \\\y\ sqc ■ .<-.i- tl|u 11 ,
itn us goveioor-geueinl of ('-in.
ted ..|i tin- I -t. I |euei'|b.*r for
post, . i ■ j l* . > 111 [ >. 111 i - - ■ I   I iy    tlie i !<ii*.iit.
th.-ir t'.vq duughtcr.s, um]    two   ai-
A tun.-   si'lectipn   ..t   fancy   goons  turns ioi- wuuiui-i.    _•■ -. (>-,„„ _.. • i-iiii.,,,.,   •■„,, ,,,    ,.■	
suilublu for Ohri-itwipi   pre«e„..s    will days 1 crushed 1,700   tons   (-J.000 •■«> »P» n"* *l'«t if .is t,unsporting          L     {           t|.oea.|am|
be found.,, Seaney's.                              pot s) of ore,    producing    11.2   .-». other kinds of lumber.     ]|,e Iqiuber I
*-,.-    "... n *  I bullion.      The   estimated   rculuihle -nf<-l>««-» ■'«■ MU"*-«- * *..°   °om   duke 0f ^berUt,,,  polo.iial   «
look aftei Ins niinuni Hans.. 1 joil«. A ,-,„.    ,,-!,.,!,„„    „f    ;'„n,*y    yr„„|s   turns for O.-iubei:     2Q stumps rail 29
John,on is hack in Yinir nml s
will ui'iki' |ijs winter hot|ic here, I
.,      -,,,., , ,,     .,     , ., *,,      ,,       i      o ii    i .bullion,      The   estimated    realuiti
Mrs. Wilson uii'l 11.utlv   leayo   for       Mr. A|a|'S locally wpll    known   as '
i .i        -in       c .i'. •       t i ,iii.       value (gross) of the product is§l,!)'J5:
11 .* east about   tl|p   i||n|dle   of this a former conductor op the   local    pus .
,, , ,    ■ ,    i   ,    ,- • i I 90 tuns of uoncentiales shipped, cross
month, senger Irqi ,   - pent   last   b ricttiy   m   ' '• ''   "
1 •*..: I , .......   «1 *.r,:i  ... ,.io I,, ol,,
lloit.V.—To the wife of John    phil- ! '     "
hut, Noveii.'ier L't-th, I'.IUl .it   Y.;iir. ;     A letter received in town this week
|l, C. a son. announces the death.    I|i|t:li   east,   of
,.,,     ... „..   ■ ...     ! Will ier Brudlev, well known hero and
I lie citizens  if l ipir   IIPO    rejoicing '
■    ,, ■  .   .* ,i   • I for ii loii'. time nu    pinplo\o   i|t    the
in the receipt ot tlit'ip assps*i*n,ent   no-I ,° '    •
c I Yniir niiiie.
l tees tor next year.
Wo n|e |{lud to 1..-   ublo   to   report
from Viu.;-oiiye|- apd the Con-*.,   cifi.
of llritish Columbia lo A|.iiijt..hi,    nt
estimate.] vidue, 82j2j)0, eyiu'i.le. p|unt
treated |, J DO tons ($',00Q pounds)   of
crude ore   shipped,   §1,950;   sundry
mission through the .\ssoeiiition for n
dp-cupip. Apiung thp pcrsi .-
who gat||pred to, bid tlio l;i e«.-ll n\
railroad Million  n'prc   foreign   seciO'
 |   th
duke of .Vbercouu,  pploninl   spcreliirj
l l.yllleton, und tl|e   A|pe('icun   charge
change i.| the nites of fr.'igl|t, .pi   the ! "r""."""'  ''''   ' :.'.,""   '"'
,,..,., ,        .      I da burs Ileiirv    If,      1 lip      III
ground t|iat the railway was charging' ' *
10 to l!| cents more   for   trunsporta-
rcitteil  i.j.i.i ions i-;,..o,, ,„„,„„>,    oi, i steamer pirisii,,,, ur,,-, u„ on.
iiilim.<   ii.-,irlni.iiiir Kiillini. li.ieim.   ....    tlOll p,t slltnglus anil    than   tor .      ,       ,     ,     , ,    ,.    '
.upings, pioiiuotug iiMition pining es- •' ceptipp by t||e lord mayqr of   Livpi'-
,imated g.os, valiiuV*-.•.(•.. .'is tons  „f |otlier cIub-cs pf lumber.    Ihpy show       ^
cd that no spelt   discrimination   was
ers will iiinbii|k oil the Allan lim
steamer 1'arisiap, after an pllipial fe-
rpvenue, 82-10—9,805;   workjng   ex, madp in parrying lumber   from   On
ppn-es, Sp,780; protil   -III.     There \t,iy'l» tp Wini|ipeg and uthpr   .ll.inii.,.
h„s been expended rluring the   mouth | |'il ^"'"W a,,d ,l"' "mI,,>' tt"'^ l"'"'''1
I '"
After the Codljn  Hoth.
Mariiibu. -At Nelson   on   Fi-iday i ,  ' ","'„" ',',.','.",''    ".'','   ,,-',      !■>•'--.■*■- --. ■ -> --        ,     ,          ;,,i,.„.ii„,   ,i,J     I'Ved Adie, of Waneta, w]ioso woi
1           tha   A   II       nil .-,   ot   the   N\ileox an deve nnnieiil 840: oj tho   Lommissiqii   instiucting   in.-       ,,..,,..,
Sloth,   Novoniber,    I).    lidi.Liu    apd                                ,.                                     '        '           "K I l!,ilw-,v t,,   ,e„,,.v,-   the   ,,l, e,-.iu„-,l   ''^ J V""l"',l!    '''Uit Ipspcptor fop ih
mine, is now in a fair way   tu   rpcov-                        uajiwat to   temme   uie   oojei-tionai          .                  ,    ,.
H idie SiiiMurt   of Yinir                                                                            *'                                     »-*              r-*..           nn • -n    ,.                i    i-      i  ,       i     'iistre-l   las i.'-i'ited in u   steddv    n
'                   ''   !    "'                          I »-y, and will be   m|iflciontly            PoitO   RlCO    Mine. , ''|U'S-     Hie Company declined to   do
^^^   ^^^                   ^m^^m ,i                 i ,i    .   ,i         i                   liniM-meiil o   tie olid 111 v of t ill it    n
so on the grunnil that the   clause   u>" '
The postultipe is now   pcrnialipntly | i.e^v,.,«-j t„ be brought   .loan   in   a
!...-Hied in  the   Beer  llios.   buildinji
next to l). Campbell's.
lions.—To tho wife   of   John    F.
id.-iv or two. The returns from the present   work
John Houston is a   capdidate   for at tl.e Porto Rico   mine   have   been
..,,•***********************_  -   1^m     the mavoral chair of the pity of   Nel J eminpnlly satisfactory,    Besides men
purne,   November  25th,    1904,    at | S()ll,    ^je has a   strong   platform   of working on development alone,   there
K,-lo,v„„, ii. 0„ adaagliter. ! municipal improvements.     Pr.   RoseU^™ boon three men working for live
L-Viends of George ltlavenn will  be - is reported t. be tl.e only other   cm-' itlw at getting out ore on tribute
interested to hear of his nmrriuge   on didalp i„ the Held. This ore was put   thro,,,,,    he   mill
.     ,.,,... , j dining .. run "I -0   days,    lho   result
tho 1 (Sili of November,   to   a   young '        h ■lllllllll*■
ludv of Colfax,
its charter    permitted   i|   to  c|iarj
what, il wished.
Ypir   Mine.       J
I'tiv ■ )|v in  1000 It.  Level,   j
A new poet has been discovered  in
Card of   Thanks,
being ti In irk ialue.1 at 85000   which
was shipped oil'on the 'J'Uh inst,   and
I in addition, about two   cur.loads   of in the person of John   I'.liikelev, ■     Mr, 1!, J. Williams, wi-bi-s to  ox> 11,*™], ,,,.:ll|,. eoncontrates
•4.       who has handed in the production   Oil | press |,|s thankn for the   kindly    sym,
our lost page for publioation, | pathy expressed bi Ysnir cilijsens   in
S. II. Seamy is now  selling    Span
ish grapes,    These  come   packed    in
cork and are a choicp delicacy.   Novel
the death    of    his    father,     the    lull: 	
Hieharil Williams  who died   ill   the tc j, e-spectcd thation this level   an-
The leasee intends lo \v irlt a force
if men all winter, and v, ill continue
the tunnel run on the    No     I    level.
ported into Kootenay, was in Nelson
Noveiiiher 20th, and nave some pur.
liculars yf his duties. He iias inn
had *to condeiii unv finil thi
week, the iii->t woek with u cloui
record t'u many uioilths, Up. to tin
present v,!u-n Mr. ,-\.(liu has condemn
ed fruit the shippers lime been nuti-
lied and allowed to take it bock, but
a change may now   come.      lb-  bn-
Pay ore in the 100Q ft  level al the
Ymir mine is now   un   accomplished
fact,    I,utest advices are to tho effect ,
,   , ,.      •   ,    i-       i      ii- .       been ropiesied by Mr, O. S,    Morle*.
unit live lei'l nl gooil nnlliiio   ore   ,uis i        ,       I J
, i      •   ,i ,i -,-. Fruit   Inspector   of Stevens county,
been opined up in the   nasi   di itt   on *
,,     , ' ,        , , ...   land Mr. A. V.-.n Holdcrbeke,   llort.
the deep   level,    and    on.    from    Ibis j
. .,,   ,      .,., . culture Coniniissioiicr for the Ktute of
-.hoot  is now being milieu.      I Ins   is
the news Ymir has been   awaiting for
n long time, although,   iu   we   men
la   ex*
Washington, both of whom came b
to Nelson to copfur with hiin, to oi
d.-r the destruction here of .ill appl<
from tlpit slate ull'.-cli'd with llie cud-
cork and are a choicp delicacy,   jNoveri Yinir Hospital last week,      lie   alsoj at|,e|, jqq f0Btof .hiving  will   reach  tioned three weeks back, it   wi
before obtainable here al the   present I wishes to (hank bis .ate  father's   fel-1 lhe    ,, shoot ,   ,Mi   , „p   a   hn]m peoted any time within further   sixty I *'1"" "|il1 ;''"" ,'"",,""' w"" ,;"; "''•
price, 10c per pound.   (he   Arlington   mine I ,,,„,,.,;. llf ,„,. feet of driving,    ft   is   perhaps   tbo |lln ,"oth' ■■wtewlof allowing shippers
If.... -.I....-..1 iu. ...Mi.!,,, ,,, hi,,,.   i,,i '    ..._.. I most important event in   tho   history jto ,,,ft.vo,t,l lmok', A vi«010US <-n"
^m^m^mimKMmmK^m^mamnmmi     for their kindly assistance to hiin,    iu i	
1 ■ .shareil with Nclson_ the   in-  ,  .    ,     ,, ,,   , , \  n  ,.,  ,   _   .        . .     „
ioniivoi obioiiuoy of St. Andrew's bnntfnsl,l:n "' ^"'"'' "'."' British Columbia Fruit.
,,., .   .      "  . . iiuently making u special trip to   ex-
flight.     I ins is the hrst    year   for   a ',   . . , ,        n i    i i     < -     .. .i       e    .\
press then respect for the diiceasetl at KeiimrkahlD  (.niwlll   01    till
the funeral servicej also to   the   staff |      [ndl1»tty    Expected   This
uf tho general Hospital for the   urcit'
long time,   that    tl.e   patriotic  Scot,
have neglected to oolebrate.
Campbell's window displaying drills  fnro und attention bestowed   on   Mr.
nnd patent, medicinal is one of tin
I ,-st dressed window- ivu have seen ii
the town. Jimmy Mel*. *i*jin is th,
i.iti-t and hns'done himself proud.
Williams during bis sickness,
most important event iu   the    history i^■■■■■•^•^•^^^^^^^^^h
,.,, i       , tl.i -,  suite is buing carried op now   (igaip-i
ot the camp Tor a long    while,    us    it ! "•
,,,,.-* o   .    .    this particular fruil pest, and it i-   to
means thai the Ymir mine will short-1        ' '     '
, i i „        {   be hoiied ihiit. if allV'-ted    apples    be.
have opened up very huge reserves of .   ' '
, .     ,   , ,i •       i ,,     •,       ,! come a total loss to shippers, trallic   n
ore lying between tins and the   upper | "i     .
workings, and its future operation   i-
assured for many years.     It    de'lloil-
i lliem will ceiiM'.
strates moreover   the   corrootliess   of
the theory which has been    maintain-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H I lall'-.i-mibion    fruit    trees   to    be
  planted tins vear 9   the    eslimiite   of.       I^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
A Salmo  Pioneer  Passes, Ml-.T H Cunningham,   prov lal \f b*V   "'"   ^''•""h  engineers,   wl,
i'i nit inspeei,..-.    T-n years   ng..    Mr, |'""" ,'x:l"1"""1 ''"' " ',l'wll|"l»' '
Wm. Coffey bus moved  his   barber     ( in is    Willis I lies in Yinir Cunningham foretold   lho   extensive
i-hop to ihe Beer building,   in   which Hospital growing of fruit in British Columbia,
he will   remain   during   the   winter I '' but those who did not nee   the   won-
lb>   contemplates   electing    anotbei       With deep.regret we have to record Iderful po-sibilitien   of   this   province
building on his   lot   near   bv,   next 1 tho .leuth ttf   Christopher   Willi-,   u regarded this Statement   more   as   a
N'1 oig. well known Salmo man, who died   nn joke, than thing else.
On Monday last  teren.ony   of  Kl"1;'-V"'"-"'l   '»«.   :"   ""'   y"»''     0| f the largest blooks to be pul
christening was performed by   Father  UoHPitttl   '1'1'b «eek previnua he was in u» soon   us   possiple.   is   that   of
the victim of u bad uoddeni   ul   Sal- Messrs, Stirling ii Cortipany, ot   Kol
mo,-from which howevpi fatal   results ownil.    This company tins 300   norcs
•nre      . | n it i-      unexpected, Iu prepared) and has contracted [or »00,
taking a huav) loud of machinery   up 000 fruil Irowi of all varieties,
j to ihe (,11,1. n mine,   nftei   dark,   In-      Twenty   thousand   young     trees,
(    v\   MeAnii Iv. C .un   ..I   re*   «,iU,m overturned nnd throw hint out, shipped by Ontario ind ijicgon grow
Aiih'-ll nl the Catholic church in
Yinir, ou the infant daughter uf >)os*
i'|l. Leahy,   lho   infant   son  ..I
.lohll   I'hllbelt.
time, that the ore shoot had taken a
sharp trend towards the east, from
about the 000 ft. level, This theory
was conceived on the completion of
lhe long crosscut when the ledge was
reached nl 1000 ft. depth, and found
to be barren of pay ore, and has been
persistently advocated ever sinco,
On I In- GOO l'l.    Icyel    lhe    eastern
I'Yosll Holland    I lei riiiL'   |n    |y; ,
kits, III Seaney's, $1,00 per kit.
Hotel   Arrival.-*.
W.M.Iioni'   llolhl.   - I''.     W.   Swan,
noil, Nelson; J, Timlin,   Nelson;     M
Horn, Rituville; Miss French,   Suhnn;
Cm    Wollle,    SpOkane;    Pr.    f)ix m,
Cosmopolitan     IIotki.;—J       N
O'Ni-il. Nelson; C John  Hpokan.
I-'.    John-,    Hpokui i ;   I'.      Siillivnn.
drift was extended somo weeks   back, ISpokane; J. Altholl,   Nelson;   C.   .1
with lho ivsnlt that   the   tl. t   re- \ MeLeod, Calgary; I'. Norman, Nml
ceive.l confirmation by   the   striking   port,
of high gram-ore in   that   direction. ' M. I.i.oi,   11. > j ii.     A    .1    Anderson,
    Tho maiiagnuieiit theroforo persistant-   A. N. Nattstcml, N    N,   Nuttsti   I,
i   i..n judge, has now renrierod u  de*  -n,0 „„■;„„ was on a grade and   mm. ersi ure now being ins- ted and turn-1 '.v drove-ust on the   Hue.   ft,   level.   C. Hilchers, F. White,  C,   Williams,
i   ion In the matter of tho  Le Hoi vs    „„.„,, ,1   running back ihn bind wheel  igatod at the gnvornmonl   station   |„ Practically all   tlio   profits   derived   KdK Hell, Krie.
lhe provincial imsessor, and tho  mill-   passing over his ohesi   alid   breaking  the C. P.  II    Vnrds   al   Vancouver, |'""" ''"' "',,|llllll'"t' "•'  '' ''  ''|p  ;     IS. I-'.   Williams,   Clranite,   Mmn
ing party is called ii|  to pay an L-veml ribs,    He was taken un up to Tl (feet of having a competent   and  ll"' "IT"1' levoll,i   IUI'1   ('v""  f*"'t,,op 1(1. Edwards, Nolson;   C.   M.   Jaim .
ailditianal Haninf 116,425.27   ill   ies*.  tho Qutien mine, whete  Dr,    Doherti   strict in-ijjection of all stock   entering fu,,*l"i l,ftvo gone to push   this   drift,    Vancouver; R Draper, Nnlson; Jacob
1  of the two per com   tax   on   it-  ivas i|uickly ih ilttendut      As soon   tho Province is   shown   by   the  facl and this piilloy lias now benn juatilliid   jjarch; J  C.   Skinner,   Porto   Hi   .
oiitnul,                                                 as possible the patient   was   removed  that llritish Columbia fruit is remark   b>' tl10 ■'ecem *tl'l-u''    ^ •" lru(i   ll,ftt   I.. C. McFarlaiiie;   W    II.   Speu.   r,
.,.,        ,   ,,  ,, ... , to thu hospital hero.    He mado rapid  ubly free fr  pesi or blemish,   which  !luJ H','M of ll,° P1*)'"1'6   l""l>'   '"   i'01   Nelson; J. MucVicar, Nobon,
I heiiei'tol III  there  « ill   oe |IO III. 'Ill- ' ■ • ' ol     .     I- .1
liigsorvicoi I',.- rial, church ht,,i,ie"   "'^   '"""^   ,l"'   h ow,n« »' ' '",i'",>' "'  th"   «owl     0 ''     !>     *       \     ,
a- ihe llev. II. Y.„.„., ■ 'anged h' »d,1>' """I ' lUi" l   I"1   '*   " *M*>      °™\T* X •»"'■«'»» "^"'^     »       Pire chief Coffey has prepured   - -
,    , ,     ., ,    of danger.    The   followirg   morning 00,000 trees have arrived this n th,   th" upper levels, is lenticular	
In ei,lulu.-I   Services    at    ,-s.ibno    eilc ° n        ' i   ■ ,-     i ,   ,1     toll..wing -ignals Im  hiii.lhii" In--   I
how,..,-,-,   ihe   heart   iicliui :u  und aa Ibis is only lho   beginning   of  being coinparatlvely narrow  at   both
,....,    ,        -,,       ,   ,„ I weak, ami   he   rapidly   sank,   dying   the st ,,,   Um   inspector   ahd   |,iH ends, and bulging to a   maximiin.   of   ■*-*■'■>.    ^'"^  nngniu   iiiksm   l.„
,l"""' :,—ll-'""l"l"   "'"! ,,,mil ,.,,,. „, rtl|ffw, ,,., ,.'. yfeetintl iddle.     T ,   i» O uioko (pause) tr„k,   (,„,     -
Willi-was on.',.f .he   pioneers   of   no reason why this slta| id   these  three strokes, ins a call for he
November   proved   a   piii'licUlftrly | propoi-tionH should not bu fotlnd   con-1 |mndlo   thu  hoso  when  ,l'-vi,w  HH
a- ihe llev. II. Young has arranged
to conducl services al itjalmo each
Sunday morning    The Huiiday school
i I   llilllc Class « ill ll.ei-t   ,ll   ".   p,     III.,
ill tin- evening senIco will   be   held
nl   i le.1 usual hour.
Salon-, where ho has resided for   over
linuoitH ,o depth, Iioh thai the fact of I
 ,i reeling n up after use
A week or two ago a couple of deer Ujx yems,      II-   has   been   engugod   ntifd inotltb with comparatively   bill
Walked into town ,taking to  bn   -hoi.   luring nearlv nil that pt'iiod   hi   ihe   iiiln     The maximum average led) per   the vein itself at dopth is established..
Tlo-  week a   rabbit   ventured in and   ijvery bnsinoss,   and   in   i. Ing   lo  alure was   IK0,   and   tho  minimum  Ou this being proved to bu   tho case, CHURCH  NOTII I'
tin local Nlmrods turned out in force   ,,,,| , ,| ,,,.- in   the   vicinity.  37.2, tho range being 7.7.   The   pro. tl duo will have i v ore ahead   °'  pMRHIIVTB1|MS  Ciiitici
with dogs and guns   to   demolish   ii    Hewn if the most popuhii   citi- eipitatiiirt for the   inoiiih   wns   2.0.1 h^ thati at any thub iu iw history, and |[i*e"|l00| tl)„|   |jiu|u   ,,,..
Al '-. an afternoon's hunting ovel'the  sens of  ou.   neighboring   town,  and   lll''l,l's-       "' "n ""•    oinpeiutuii   ie*   ,i ^ in IH)| be long boford it returns to   Evening service 7:H0,      l'nuua
corded was on   tbo   2nd,   •">■.,-,   the        . . . .    ,    I   ,   .  . ™.
l-iil o|i|-o-*ile town,   inim     llnnnv    .it   his tfomalty and coilstiuil L-oml nil.ire ,   , , it-lonm'i-    pn-ilinii    as   olio   ol    the   i.les Society meets on I'riiluv   evei
" ' ' • lowe-l on the until' -il ihn   I Kill,    '-'-i. |
lost turned nl bay,  anil   jlnall)    mic   I'lidcilrd Iiiiii to bis OiCliils   both   in  ti,,, fjr.i, snow of th., season   on   lho Pr'nc'I,tt' dividend payd's oftho   I'm-  at 8 o'clock,    All aro welcome,    II  ..
i-u.iil.iid lo one of lb. eiiiek nuiiksmi-n. j Siibno and Yinil. I lowlulids fell on tin- iNlll, vini-e. III. Voting, M, A., I'lisloh, Suggestions  for Xmas
W*. ^§1
And    Sterling     Novelties
1 Heart 30c
2 Hearts 60c.
Heart and Maple
Leaf 70c. Pendants in
Nelson nug-Kn'al oOo, CUT STEEL
(Iresi.-oiit it    "
Maple Leaf     SO,,
Sterling Silver  5
rieces $3.50
I'euiitifiil Design   and
Quitur Brooch $1.50 Hear*.    .60 and 80c.
Ma'lin     " 1.50. Maple Leaf BV4Uc.
I'llllj..   _ " Trie. Bur Pin I .Maple
Leaves '.Ulc.
liar Pill -'I -Maple
French Cray finish Leaves ""70c
the   nicest   ever Chuleiaine brooch $1
made, varied do Fine Enamel Chn-
signs SOc telaine    Brooch
Same. I'.-ndiiiit   SOc. SI ,70,
verv new
■■ JXiTW-XOJLiRY •■        r^r^-
(Hull Marked)
Thistle 10c, and doc.
Shield 00c
I logger       SI '.'.". nnd Sl To,
Hat   Pin SI III).
Scotch Pebble Brooch       $5.00.
From 50 cents   up  to  $40.00.
ASSAl l\o.
K. \\* . Wlddowsoii.
Mrs. Crowe.
llliOKKIU'dK  ASH   1N-I 11 \MK
Perej -J. Gleu/.or,
III 11 I IE It.
.lolui i'liilliert,
1)111    1,null-    A.M,    nl-.NI-   1 1 IIMSIIIMI-
I). (jttmpbcd.'.
Hi-.-ll.i.-iiv Jobbing i'o.
Newill .V Co.
William Clark.
I).  Ciiiii|.I,k||.
Ji.-.-sitii-.iv Jobbing <-.'•
S II. Seaney.
Cosiiiopi.lltuii—John Breuii,
McLeoil Housii—Finltty Mcl-coil.
Miller House—S  Miller.
Palace—Tait .(.- Buddy.
Vancouver— Owen Buyer.
Wuhloif— Georgu Col man,
Ymir—J. W. Mii.-ler.-oii.
I..U.IKS     1 I'ltMSIIIXl,     ANIi     MII.l.lNKltl
Mrs. Jolin
I'crev -J.  Glenzcr,
Herald I'ublisliing Co.
station kIit.
1). Cum-jibcll.
S. 11. Seaney .
llnrslimv & Wilson.
Jackson >*i  l.caliy.
Alex. Oili'ic.
William Clark.
Ymir is Safe.
vVe Have Medicines For All Ills Of The Mind  and
A complete line (if patent incdiciiics of which tho following
arc a few: Castoria, Beel Iron and wine, Lung Balsam.
Pierce's Favorite Proscription, Yellow Oil, PaincH Celery
Compound. Hood's .-Hid Ayer's Sarsapnrilltt, Painkiller, .Syrup
Figs, Pink Pills, Carter's, Clause's and Dodd's Pills. Nestle'*
Milk Pood, Mecca Ointment, :> 11 Liniment, Plorida Water,
Castor Oil, Epsom Sails, .Sulphur, Glycerine, Vasiline,
Linseed, Tooth Powders. ... We have also put in a complete line of school supplies,
Watchmakers, Opticians) and Manufacturing Jewelers,
Phone 293.
! Hotel Ymir?
lies!   Meals X
Quit the Mine to Soon. ,     y „,-,. (-jt jz,.„s
Ton men employed   in   the   Cain- V • •    .i. 1!
brinus inine, near Whiskytotvii   Cah, , V sS( IClil I |( Ml.
have a great   joke   on   the   Eastern
Company that has the property under
bond,    The company was   unable    lo   |,AST 'JTKSDAY IN  KA'II  MONTH,
Ineet its obligations   to its employes
Under the hotel,   through aoroe  misfit     J   W. Rom, President.
between the EastoCn stockholders and l " Cas ,ai" Hewetary.
their moneybags. _ l'"l>"'A' M':l',:""' 'JVeasurei.
As the only honorable way ..til  of """" "™"	
Un* dilemma the inafiagoment al   lhe| +♦♦♦4+4444.44444.44.444^^4.444
Inine told the limit   that   (hey   could • I   - - *
take the initio and Hull add run it
themselves until November 't'l, undel
the restrictions of the hotel, and pos-
■  they  might  -akt- out   enough X '"'! -i< ♦
gold to pay then, what tvas .heir due i      'Villi Accommodation      4
mid for their  work   in   digging   out  ♦ I own. ♦
their pay I   J
The miners foil in wltli a will,   ami I \ line-.'leei ion of U'ines, |
fortune smiled   upoli   them.      llev 4 LiljllOI'Sllllll ('igfll'H,       ♦
struck a good pay   streak,   Hud   the 4 4
little two-stump mill was kept | ml* X ,   w   MAHTEHSOtf      I'ron, I
l/ig (uvay on all the, oro that corJhl   be 4 X
khovelcd into It .lay or   night,     The **************************
ininers hail worked on their own hook
only a fett    'be-,    wltt'll    all    »h<Wi< +**************44 4444444^
Were paid tip in full,  and   now   tiier, i . 4
Ure clearing all the wal- from   -*l   up  J      MILL   WOOD
I -f
!o f IH a day for   onch   niiiu.     They   I
lievi-r niiike less than tile liix Wage 1 f
1*1 u (Jav, and -*?Ki has been tl (•
liigliest wage taken out,    iJIQ n   dnv t
Delivered ailv
place In tifwn,
Is about the average** and   ihev   havt*|£ »..*, 1 *
a  a m «i,t of w,„ „i„ [j     st6ve Lengths    I
of them. "'
$100 j
Per Carl Load, t
Clark's   Furniture   Store X _., _ X
WILLIAM C7,ARH j [J,,,.^    ^ I
Ijnderlukef   and   t'uriYituro    Dealer: t     ,- .- 11 *
Mail orders promptly attended to      f      I dl III lid' (  <);   utlli X
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
HP he only nil rail route between
points east, west and .south to Ross*
Inn.I, Nelson, Gl-und Forks ami lie-
public. Buffet cars rift) between Spokane and Northport.
Kll'ectivfi June 1 III:. 100.1,
'.oiivo Daily Train Arrive
8.4fi a.lll Spokane U. 16 p.m
lo Ji) 11.111 Rossland 4..s.j p.m
9-1^ a 111 Ymir ,i :W> p m
7.-io Nelson 7.20 p-m
! I (65 ti in Grand Forks 4 00 p-m
*s.30 Republic. fl.i5 p.m
-A-I-iI..     THE     Tli^TE
-Seattle,    Taeoma
St. Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
SI, KM I'KIM     11 UK I'FT,
MINIS'*!   (.'Alt.-v
Ilk A 1.8 A   t,A   ( itHTg
Best   Meals  on   Wheels;
2    FAST   TRAINS     Q
Special   Even i-i. .ii   Hates
To World's Fair, St. LouLi
Your Choice ..(' Rotttt',
For rate*, foi.ler.i mul full Infurniittion
rpgiirilinj' nips, cull nn of tif'ilrets mi
agent of the s. K. >,\. Katlwili of
ti. A. .lACKSO.M.        II, KkANUt,
O. V. A I'' A.       (i. p. 1*. r- A.
7|o W.' Ave Hpukttlid
M. TAIT. ,1.   RUDDY
We    carry    tin*   lending   brands     imported  ,* Li<[iuit|S
iind  Cigllrs,  Stout,   Alt*,    Brandy   and   Wine."
The Mutual Jiit'c [nsuraiice Company ol'N. V,
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
A policy in it is the safest investment known to mnn,
Cash invested in Life Insurance is cash invested that    -'iii
return compound interest.
All successful business men carry large amounts of life
insurance.    It provides for the family, protects a man in liis
oki age, and* protects his other"investments;    For   rates ..n
any form of life insurance apply to:
Percy J. Gleazer, Local Agent.
We are doing business again, and nest week will   have   as
complete a stock as ever.    Wc have nq\V a complete line   of
GLOVES,   HITTS,   TOP   SHIRT5,   and   UNDERWEAR of all grades.
At Present in the Union Hall   building.
t/MTR LODGE, No. Jul,   K.   P, WALDORF
Y      > I* first   and   third   Mo..-| VV XXXJJ-rV-rXVX
ty- of month,
Visiting   brothers   welcome.
Wm. Cowiv, Ci C.
Ci.Hu.iK wooi'-mm, k. R. s. j Headquarters for flirting
Hotel . . .   .
a,nl (wonn.ierjial Men
(Uinler entirely nbw managbtnmit.J
Dinilig  Rooltl   hull   Hat'
supplied  wifh   tlio  best
in the mai'kot,
lltighl  Ojiposlto depict,  Vmir
/IOIIN  IIIH'.Ai;,  I'frip.
Must comfortable hotel in the
tri'.-t:   Everything Hrst-claM,
YMIH,  I). C.
- * - -
Ml.K'11 Sl'IIKK-l,
Y»m\\ 444444444444*44444444441
a ltd
Mtffc    J, McLEOLf
Post   Olliee   Kf,,i',.,.    .     Vvn^f
Tin-: iii:'sT Int.-iKi) oi-' boMixi'ic
the Kootenpy   Standard
*/vvir'M'"frii*'ii nv
~J."C.   ihekn & Cd.
Nelxoti; 15: ('. jj.* iwr AVPM7P;
Wholesaltiund Retail
Mall orders receive prOillpt uttentioil
SAM   Ml'l/I.KII; Prop.
Me>i(|(jn:i/lers I'dl'Mhliflg Mini
Oaf  srfppTlell   i. ft.1.   b'e-l. briiii.l- nl
wint's; li.'pi.ns ant! 6igafs,
Y vi tt, li, i '-,     .-  I ■UVd
1 Ml
Vol.. I-  N.i -'->.
YMIH, B, (',. s VTUHDAY   "I .< 'I'.MI'.n; :i, IH04
Price Five L'kst-
I!   Sc
of fmsl. '-..Id. d cdn'fe. Sy't!    ^11 N i NG   N EWS.
Arthur I-'r.-n.-h .ni.i hi- gister   June       Tno lliinler V. is   stiodilv    main-    . '.    ',             :   .'".
I   i,      ni-,]          il,.     ; -ml hill Ini- •-,il l li'il III.- .i|,i--.ll    llgultlst
'" hdberts    i.e.'*,     :-    -,,,„,, (1 iy   (!   .-Steele's ,v-i,!,-„-e i„ the   tun,lie; i' - .....pip    of'-.' ..lis    per,.    ,,,,,,.      ,       «     '
1   ■ '        llie (J,  I.   I', to  I lie    QUpl 'ill.•    cqiil I.
lumbermen and C. p, R.     The    New    QoYernoi
I lie  I |»ui-p.M lnl mil  | 'ep.ii 'in ■•nt   ...
lho Canadian    Manufacturers'    Assu-       ,,   ,   , , , ,.
^^1 Km I lirey uh-i :-n- i.e-i- il.-- 1,  ,
.Mint-1 il- govei iiul'-ii-'ll.-lill uf  I .in,'
Tjie Ymir (Tiqe.
bouncing   foitrt.,;. p,.., l„iy. IsuiUji end uf low*,. day.
(lot.. Seaney's for t'l-psh mincemeat       Wo l|uYu to record this   week    tw,i
'..ih.-i Chi i-i,n is condor,, bh'ths, two iipirrjiiges and two d.-.ith*.     M
Dr. Dixon has returned to to«'tj to , uf pri-sepi or foi-iner Y||ii|- c*itijtt us, v||„ f,,*lowj ~ ,„,,  ,■",   , ,,k,ia,   re,
|-...k ul.-., g iriius.c.ion.,. An(le   ,,.,,„.,,„„   ,„■   .-il„,y   v JtUHwf.-rOcU.lwi:    2Q stamps ran 29
Jolin Stinson is back in Ymir and i suitable fur Christinas presents, will dny-s and crushed 1,'UO tons (J,(WO
will mako his lvifitBr iiotpo here, be found at Seipiey's- pounds) of ore,   producing    111'   ozs.
Mrs. W,Is.„, and f.n.ilv   leuv.i    fur       .M r.  .\|a| ■   h.|.-.-.llv **>fill    known    as Ihullio"'      Tl,°   ^Mlnated    realizable
(ho east about   tl.-   ipid- if   this  a former cpi.duetor op the  local   pan   ^"'ue («ross) of the product is H^o;
pionth. senger train,   spent   hut    l.'.i.l.iy   j,, | PO tons i,f concent.ales shipppfj, j-ross
I'.oiiN.—To lho wife of John   PJiil- ; '
hurt, Novoiubur 28th, ||)0*| nt   Yniir. i    A letter reoeived in i-ivu this week
11. C. ii son. announces tlm (loath,   bach   ease,   of
Waller Hrudley, well known here und
The citizens of Yi|iir   iiiu    rejoicing ,.^^^^^^^^^^^^^__
., r .- .,.  , j for u 'oi.'' time an   crnploxa   at   the
in the receipt ot (lii'i|- iisscs-oient   no-     r '    •
,.       , I Yinir mine.
I n-e> for next year,
We ii|e  "J,ul  to he     ill.le    to    report
Till lie,    of    the    Wilcox
estimated vnlt,e, -"5-,--";.1. cyiir*i.le plunt
jtreuted |,|ri0 tons (2,00Q pounds) of
tailings, producing bullion haying es-
tiiputcd gross v-aluo SooO; .18 tuns of
crude ore   shipped,   $1,1)50;   suudrj
Mauki.'.i..—At Nelson   on   JYida*, . ,      ,
tout A
'.''.III,    Num.nber,    I),    liulihiu     iiiid '    .    ^^^*^^^^*^^^^*^^^^^^^^_
i .nine, .- now in a toir way   to   recov>
(Sadie Stewart, of Ymir ,    .,,       ,   , ,   , „. .     ,
I ery, and will probably be   sc|Hjoioutly
for refusion to obey ll|e on|er   of   il,
Railway Commissiop, |elalive to   lhe
jcarrying .-f shingles und i.J.t,-   timber
t'roni Viiiicoiivi-i iin;| ll.i'Con-,    cities . .,
,,,..,,,,     , . ,,    .   , i who gathered lo bill  ihe   if*. e«.-ll
of llritish Columbia tij Jfnnjtoba.    at|    .,      ,    .',, , _ "
the supie rules that i| .is tiansporting
other kinds of Itpnbsf, (lie Up nber
merchants had appealed to l|)0 Cum
inissipn t|l|'p(|gh the Association for a
change ii) the rates of freight, qi] the
ground tjiat the railway was charging
1(J to l'.| cents more for transportation t,f shinnies apd cedar than for
oilier claisses j.f lumber, Th."}' show snub ili-criiiiimition was
inadp jn parrying  lumber   fr...|.   Do
Started op tlio l-t. December for
l".-t, iiccunip,i.|ie.|   by   tlie 0.).*-iit.
. their I'A'o ■ 1 i11]i;111>• i--, iiiu]    t« o   iti-l
dp-cuinp.    A|iioi.g thp |,.iiliy   pels.  .
who gat||pred tp bid (ho   I'i no-il   n
mil.oii.i .-lutein  a'pre   foreign   socio.
i t.iry l.ii.|*...l.,w.|".    thecal | an.| countess of Mi ii to,   loi||   St|'uthpp|PVi   th
duke of -Vbereoiiii, i-nloiii.-il spcretii| ;
I I.yttleton, nnd tl|e A'periean charge
d'ulluirs Jlenry While, .flip tin"-
ers will n.nli.ilk Oil lhe Alhill lim
steamer Parisinp, after un olbpial fe-
ceptipp by the lord mayqr of   Livpf-
The pu-toili.-e is now   pernmhently j l(.eovi*red to bu biouglu   down   iu  "a
located   in   the   lleer   llros.   building  (|„. ur two
next to I). Campbell's.
revenue, ^-iO-P.SOr,;    kjng   exJ.nadp jn purying   from   -'"-;      f he Q t|
pptise.*., Sp,T«0; protil   -III.      Tilel.0 tarip tp W uiqipeg and other   Manito- •"
hips been expended' dm ing the   month  ba stations,  I the order -vim passed „
1 '        n |, ,-,,,| .Vdie, ol \» iinetii, » ins' w.u
on development $+0; "J1'10   (" ls';|""    "'-U'eeliug   the -,,*-,, ,     ,- ,
  Railway to   remove   the   objeotional ^ P*w,|,cial   h"" I"-"!"''-""- '"! «_•>■•-
I*,    .      r-.. n,. '.,-,    ,, i   i-     i  .      i district has resulted in u   steady im.
'OllO  RlCt)   Aline. rates,     L'lie Cnmpany declined to   do ' ,
,, i ,i   ,   ,i i -.t the oieilitv of t in it. un
'-ion tliegiounil Unit  lli.i   Clausu   in I . '       -
ported into Kootenuy, wus in    Ne1	
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     The relurus from jhe present   work
,    John Houston is n   pandidale   fur at-the Porto Rico   mine   havo   been
lions.—To the wife   of   John    I'1-  tho mayoral chair of the eitv of   Nel J eminently satisfactory,    llesides  men
r.ii.-ne,   November   25th,   l!)Uf,    at  S0I1)    ||,. |,nsll   gtrong   platform   nf working on development alone,   there
Koloivna, 1!. ('., iidnu-jhter. municipal improvements,     Pr.   Rose l"*ve been threo men working for  five
L-Viends of George IClavena will  be is reported U be the only oilier   cm-  months at getting out ore, on tribute,
Interested to hear of his marrhigo   on did.Kp in thp Held- This ore was put   through   tho   mill .,.■---■,
| during a run of 20   days,   the result      Pay ore m the )000 ft level at tbe
| Ymir mine is now   an   accomplished
its charter   permitted   it   to charge
what it wished.
Ypir   Mine.
I'ttv Ore in  |000 ft.  Level.
lho 1 bib of No'.ember,    to   it   youi
lady of Colfax.
A new puet bus been discovered   in
being a biii-k valued at 95000   which
Card   of   Thanks, was shipped off on (the 20th inst,  und
'■(■■■■■■'^■J — I in -id.lit.ion, ..bout  two   cur-londs    of
town in the person of John   Blakcley,      m,., |j  ,j. Willi,,,,is, wishes to  ex.  |,|„n K,.ft(jB ,.,„„.,,„,,.,.,,,,.
who has bunded in the production  on  ni.PcS bin tbunlm fm-.In-  kindle   svm      ~,,, " , •        . .
'. pi ess ma man as ioi in.   Kinui)   sjm.       I'he leasee intends to work a   force
our last page tor publication, oathv exoressed bi Ymir  citizens   in    .• n    ■  . n
' ' i 1'    1      ' '      *"    '   ' iw.i-    "., c,t in;.], ull winter, iiiid    Will   continue
«. II. iSoaiioy is now selling   Span-  'bo death   of   his   father,   the late ,|„, Uunil.\ ,„„ ,,„ a,.   x„     |   ],,v,.|.
ish grapes.    These  come   packed   in  Richard Williams  who died   in thdI xc ia expnuted thut un thia  level   an**
i.-ork and are a olioiep delicucy,  Kover| Ymir Hospital last week.      He njso- am-*,. jqq f-^t 0f dii.iiiL,.  will   reach
before obtainable here al the   present | wishes to thank Ids late  fatbei's foi-J th« pny ishoot, opening up   a   further
price, IDc per pound.
low workers ut   lho   Arlington   ll
for their kindly assistance lo him,    i.
; reserve of ure.
Noven.her 20th, und gave some   pari
liculars of his duties,     lie   has   not
had Jto   eolidi-m     liny      fi nil tin ■
week, the Mist iveok with u uleui
record fir many months. Up to lle-
presenI v, ben Mr, .\,lie bus condemned fruit the shippers been null-
lied und allowed to tuke it back, but
a change |iiay now conn'. 11,< bus.
been requested by Mr- G. ,**-. Morley,
Fruit lu-pe.-to.- of Steveqs county,
und Mr. A. Van liolde'rbeke, Ho,..
culture Couinii—inner for the Ktate of
. ^ .    I tor iie'.r Kindly lutxistanca ... mm,   m. 	
Ymir sh.u-i'd w.tb nelson-the   in-  ,  .    ,     ,. ,,   . , ... ,., .   _  .       , .     „
mityof obioquoy „f st. An.i...cs','m^ln-In;:;'; ^;;i;;;,;^i_;"";;' British Columbia Fruit.
..p.iiv ot obloii
liight. This is
long time,    tl.e    putriuliu   Scots
m^mmi^Mmm^Kmmmmimm,^^^^^^^J\'\nr'a''.  mukim.'u speeiul trip  to    ex- 	
iny hi.     Ins u tho lirst   year   tor   u ',   . .      ,     , ,        i> i    ii     /•        -.i        i-    .1
| press then respect for the doceusetl at   IfeiiiiilKiilile  (.I'nwtli    (it    till
fact,    l,uie-t advices are to thu effect
that live font of irood inillina  ore  haul'"
been opened up in the   oust  drift   on
the deep  level,    und    orn    from    this
i ,   ■ ■-,   i       .,.. •     ■   ; .ultiire Liiinnii—loner lor uie .-.iu..- ••[
-hoot   i., now being nulled.      I Ins   isl
,, \-   ■   i     i c    \ Washington, both of whom  cun..-  to
tl.e news Ymir bus been   awaiting tor
i i.i       i to Nelson to confer with him,   to  or
ii losio; tune, although,   us   we   men '
, ,, iii-, der the destruction hero of all   apples
Honed three weeks back, it   was   ex- ,   n
.   ,        , .,,.   ,,   .,        * .     from that state affected with tho cod-
pectea iiliy time within further   sixty; '
»,(,"•• ,,    • , ,.    ' lin iiioth, instead of allowing  shippers
reel ot driving.    It   is   perhaps   tio ' »       11
, •     ,,      . ■ ,      11" Iiu-.ii ili.-ui back.    A vigorous crtt-
mnst important event in   tho   history
,- ,, , i -i :",   suile is hoini/ carried on now   .'i^uin-i
ot the camp for a long   while,    .1-    It "
.1,1    v   • -ii   i   .. ! this particular fruit Pest, and it is   ...
means thut the Ymir mine will short-j        ' '
-1 be hoped that if "ulfeuted   applos   be.
have neglected to oolebrute.
the funeral service) uis.. to   the   staff
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ uf tbe yiner.ii  llu-,;;ilul for the    yreut
Campbell's window displayingdrut,s ,.,,,,. ;1,;l| uttontioit bestowed   u..   Mi.
nnd patent .medicines  is  ono of  the | Williams during his sickness,
Indii.-ti'v   Expected This
hiue opened up very huge reserves of
ore King between this und lho    Upper
workings, und its future operation   is
assured for many years.    It   do'iton-
ll.-.lf-,i.,nillio„    fruit    trees   to    be j sU''"'s moreover   the ^ correcti,e-s    of
|   I .Vl( -il-IIHl IU 'l| I"       III III.*. !•' .*-.      j
planted thia year is   tl stitna f the theory which has been   nialntain
.1 by   the   various   engineers,   win
I --I dressed windows Wu have seen in
the town.   Jimmy McKeuniii is   the '.'    ,. .      ,i,„i i,,.   ,i,..   ,-„,.;,,„u   ,-n,,i •*    u-iin
...list and has'done himself nroud A S*'''mo  Pioneer  Passes,   Ml'. Thomas Cunningham,   provincial \f ■»>    "'    M" ous   engineei ,   who
..,,,-. .„,, I,„VI.„,. h.niscll piouri. fruit inspector,   Ten years   ago   Mr, Imvo examined tl. no from I i to
I time, thut the ore shoot bud taken   a
Win. Coffey bus moved hi-   barbei      (Ini.**,    Willis I lies in Villir    Cunningham foretold   the   extensi
come a total loss to shipper-, trallic in
lliein will cease.
I'le-h llolh'ii'l    Helling,'    ill     1711
kits, ut Seaney's, sl,.',i. per kit.
-1 up to the lleer building,   in   which |
  growing of fruil in British  Columbia,
bcwill   remain   during   tho   winter I .. -t-—- but those who did nol see   the   won-
H''   eonl plates   electing    another      With deep regret we have I m-d derlul po-sibilities   of   this   provinco
building on his   lot   near   by,   next j tjM, .leuth t»(   Christopher   Willis,   a regarded this Statement   more   as   a
Motel  Arrivals.
W'  Hoi m. -1-'.    W.   Swi
sharp trend towards   tho   east   from .
about the 000 ft. level.    This   tl, ,y nell, Nelson; J. Tholin,   Nelson;     M
wan conceived on tho   coinpleti ,'.'■•'"". Ritzville; Miss I'-fench,   Sal,....:
the long crosscut when tl.e led»e   wu- }*'""   w""1'''   Spokancj   Dr.    Dixoi
wall known Halm in, who died   on   |oke than .anything else. L be barren of pay ore, and has beet-
.   Friday the. 2nd   inst,   al   the   Ymir      One of tho Inrgest blocks lo he pun ^^^
Nelson ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
CoHMOI'OI.ITAN       II.ill.I.:—.I I'
o'.N'eil. Nelson; 0 Johnson, Hpukau.
per-islenllv udMicule.l ever sine...   	
(111 (be Mill l'l.     leyel     llie    eu-teril ! I-    Johns,    Hpoklllll';    I'.       Sullivun
drift was extended somo weeks   book, j Spokane; -I. Altholl,   Nelson;   C,   .1
with tho re-.di that   the   tl ry   re- ! Mcleod, Calgary; I', Norman, North
| ceived confirmation by   Ihe   striking   port.
..,eM I of high grade ore In   that   direction. I MoI.Kot.   llo-ntt,:    \   .1    Audeisuit,
I The maiiagoment therefore pefsisteiit-   A.N. Nattstoud, N.   N,   Nututead,
. hi Monday l.i-t i In-   ceremony   of:
fhristeiiing was performed by   Pather  lIuKPita''    The week previuus ho was in a» s ,-   possiule,   is   that  of
Mthofl ul   ihe   ('ml.i,In-   church   jn  the victim of a bad iibcident   al   Sal- Messrs. Ktirling .t Coilipany, nt    Kol
Ymir, on tho infant daughter of  Jos.   .•from wliieli however fatal   results ownii.    Thi-. ipnity has  300   ncres
eph Leahy, and   the   iufu n oi "'      'l'""'      '""'M""'""1'        In prepaiedj and has contr lfoi-200,
lohn I'h.ll.eit taking it lioavy load of uiuuhiuery   up hod fruit tree-of nil varietios.
io th.-(,..i.-.1 mini-,   .lli.i   dark,   hi-      Twenty   thousand   young
(.'. \V  M.-Aini K. (',. court   of  re* L.MK„„ „vuiturned and throw him out. shipped by Ontnrio and Oiegon grow.|T,ie matiojioineii .
1   ion judge, now re ,,-.1 ,, do* W i{„n was on a grade and   .- - ers, are now being ins| ted and .'.....*' •>' lll"v" "i'sl "" ll"'   l""1'   ,v   lovo1'   C. 11 ilche.-s, F. While,  C   Willian
'■■■•>•■" h. ili.'.nu.t-. -of the  I..- lioi vs,    ,„,,|   running back the hind wheel igated al  govern nl   station   |„ Praotlcally all   tlio   profits    derived   Roll, Hell, Krie,
lho provincial assessor, and the  mill    passing over his ehesl   add   biwiking the C. P,  ll    Yards   al    Vancouver,  "'onl tho. twoHnent of  tl 'o  from-     |.   ).-   Williau.N,   (iranite,   Mmn
ing company is called upon to pay an  wveinl itLx.    lie was taken on up  to Tl ffect of having a compotnnt   nn-i; Ul" "l'l"'1' '"'"'^   ■»»"■   "v""  •'",th"1' |(l■ K Iw.nd-, N.-U..,,,  ('.   M.   Jam.
lho Qut.t'ii mine, whele  l>.-.   Duhert\ strict lii-mediou of all stock   entering     '"  "'""
was ih     A-  ii the Province is   shown   by   tho  turn
,is possible the patient    was   removed llritish (' iu fruil is remark
nddil i.uiul -um of .**' I".,-I'.'.i.-J" in ..■—
peel of i he two per caul las on its
outi ut,
TIli.l.-.-l'o. ill  there  w ill  lie no mi.I'll'
„s possible the patie.,i   was   re ve.   that int.    ■*.,■ .-  ...     -- ^        ^        , MuuVit.n). Nelf0I1,
to the hospital hefe,    II-mud,, rapid  ably I from pest or blemish,   winch   HJ ^  I
funds, have gone to push   this   drift,   Vancouver; I*", Draper, NoIhuii; •! .• .'.
and this policy has now been justified   March; J   C,   Skinner,   Porto   Iti   -
by tho receni strike,    tt is true   that h,, c. McFnrlnine;   SV     II.   Hpem  r,
Ingsorvicol  PWsbv.oriai. church I •*|,W«   ««*»"'«    '"—>'   •""'     ""  -" K'dmost entirely to  the   good I H b«t this was expecte.l,   ns   th
,0,(1..* Rei   II   Young   has arrn j  'I'liuisday lust seemed to be i,tiil.    work done by   the   officials.      Over boily of lhe , as developed   iu       ,, :hief CljlT(,y ,„„ p,,,,,,,,,,,   ,-,„
"       "<  'l:<"*<-     T"«    f"11"^'-     ""-"•-    80,000 tl  Inn 'ivclthi t|,     the upper levels, .leiitieuliiri,,.,bur, t.|]|(iw|i ^  (  _
however,   the   heart   ncli -.-,.  and as this is only lhe   begliining   of  belnK eomparativoly narrow  al   both
lends, and bulging ton   maximum   of   ,L""|:    Htoady  riiiginji   means   I
io conduct services   al   Huhnn   each
..        , ,,,,      ., ,       |    llowe.i
iMinoiiv morn.I.g,     lhe isomJuy scliool i
nod lliblo clu-s «ill inoel ,0 •! p.   in
und the evening servico will   bo   held
ul ih.; usual hour.
weak, and   he   rapidly   sank,   dying   the season,   lhe   inspector   alid   his
boil.  '.< ...  m
stuff will be kept  b
thirty feel in (he middle,      There   is  One stroke (pause) two strokes (j .
Willis was une of lho   pioneers   of  r no reason why this «lta| tid   these  threo strokes, menus a call for lu'!| where he has resided foi   over      November   prou'd   n   particularly proportions should not bU found   eon-  |mn,||B    t|iu   t   u!l,u   i,^,,       |
' '-   "■•'   ' tinnoi.s to di pth, noil thai  lhe be-, of
..-.,.,:    .. ...,.,..,...,  Reeling ii up after	
, ,-llllH, -,     .» II'   1 .     in     ,,,,*    , .   *     ...
A week or two ago a couplo of deer L|x ypnrs,      II--   hit.   been   engaged   "did month wills comparatively   little
Walked into town io.king to bo   shot,   luring,nearli nil that period   ...   lho   ' •''"■    The maximum average teiiiper   thu vein itself at depth i   established,
This week it   rabbri   veulured in and   Uvory business,  und   iu   la ns   lo  •.'.new..-   IK.U,   and   thu  iililii.num  On ibis being proved to be   the case, CHURCH  NOTll K
the local Nimrods turned out in lorce   ,, ,| ,  the mine. ,,,   ilu.   i-ieinltv   !17.'i, tho range being 7.7.    The   pre.  lhe initio will have more ore ahead   ol
">(. .ioiii im iiunm n     ul.mi), i riiimnvTiiuiAN  Ciii'inu    ■-   , ,
ivith dogs and guns   to  demolish   ll    He wit e of thu most   citi. for the   month   »..-*   lll.l it, than nt any time iu its history, and s,.|,,„,| „,„|   |;,i,|(,   ( |.,..    ■■
After an afternoon's I Ing over ihe  /.ens id   ••'..   iiHighboring  town,  and   ""''''v    I he highest tfliuperal   re*  R will not bo long before it returns to IJvening service, 7;30,      1'mnq   I
hill opposito town,   pom    IJUuuy   .a  Ids u«nialty and coilstanl l'oimI jisture     '' its for r   position   us   o t'   lhe pies'Hocicty meets on f'ridin   cv.
^^^ ^^m ■■••■ ^^M lowi-l on .In- iie-lu ,.l ih.-   l*-lh,    Ji.
■--'■—. -i:-:-l   -I'Softlin    l'K.« ul  -' o'eloek.      All    ,,.-|  ,n,e-.      I,,,
III. VTotingi M. A., r.istot.
  ' ,,'.        ,    ,. ,   ,,    .,   '""'•"" '"-    ''   "•principal dividend pay. I'
•diii bui.   nnd   finnlly   nuc    i-ink-shd him to Ins fHelilM   boil,   ,li   |*||L. ||rNl h y of the sen ll    Hn-  ' _
i u11,iii 11 to one of the crack mat ksnien, | Sulino and Yini..
luwlnl.ds fell on the l«lh.
s-H THE YMIR HERAI;& :i!l,fol,,.,wl inf, 'T/'V"
California, and the   ■■ Id    win. I.   has
ii-l,...i .-.-. :*.  s iinrdny  mul   J  ' - mi)
■   t.r  I. I '.,. l-lirrl.-r in  loll !,.
'•ri[.(.. II- f-J i.i   . :   mum 111.   |.n,l l.ili   i.i -j i
'I HE    ll'-i. II.Ii r ...   In-   h;ii]    [run     ll	
Ii-hI-t   In il,    ll-trii-.t. nr   'un  In   ..... i .
Ill   nl :r un llu   .
i   niiiuireinl   i.rlnlinii   <-'   rim-i-i     .     . I|
[I    ■ .   . li till   |.|-'-i;,i-,- ;il   Rt-Uillur.)   1 1 ll!   -
I-CI.I 1*1.1. II   111    , IO
111.1,-A,'.!-    .'.  llt.lSIIIXli    COMI' '.*
li, en .li—enii.i.-iti d llirough the ground
from the net no. k of veins ii. this
ni ighbulhuod, ■-.- ii e gold v. Inch is
:    -. being    li' -.'I    into  the.-o -. ••in--,
, curding to which, ver theory is
■ doptid, "ill yet he picked up by
,;. -,-   vuriK-iiiUH     in.ichincs.        Any
■ uiind, and i here is nbiindance of
il around, « hii I. g. - i wenly cent. I"
the ■ nl. w il! pay handsomely, and
gi   in.] « hid. v. ill n. i iml:'- li*': y   cents
I-   11   I.*  1,11... I.
...   KKAIIN'S,   MAS.M.t;!!,
K \'lTK1.AY.   DEC.,  •'!, I!'":.
The only thilig left for the politicians to worry over .em- is the elec-
I ion in the Yukon.
'. iei'iaiiu -Stati siimn's   Travels
Among The People.
Express Correspondent: — ll.-.r
Kolb, an Inperiul (louncillor and a
close personal friend of the Kaiser,
has been vi-iiio-.' the United Stales
disguised as a poverty-stricken immigrant in order to study tl.e conditions uf life of the American Working
"Social rpiestiuiis," he says in n
book describing his experiences, "always   at inn I    my    attention.      I
'idle mining press nnd  the  columns I «'"nlwl to learn the condition of   the
f ,,     .       •       , workers in America.    There wen   bio
il the American newspapers, nre now
lone way in do ii —to become a   wurk-
levntmg much attention to the   mug-  , ' ,, ,
in::  III.ill  inysi'll        -•'•■  I    cii.n-llided     Iu
I!. T. I.owery udverli.-es in iIn*
"Kemie Ledge" that "ho will send
:hat paper to any nddresfl for life
for82"), lledoes nol -,,-iy however
whether he means the life of lhe pa*
per ... of the subsetiber.
npaniesAct, ,897.     Q-   McARTHUR    &   CO S
.',1 'is hereby given that Savannah Johnson Speak, resident Mine
M i i ul lhe Cooipany ai Vmir, B
C I, . been substituted  the Attorney   HOUSEHOLD    NECESSITIES
of  ■ Ihe Ymir Gold Mines, Limited,' : ,.,•■..., . ,    . ,
I ni- i- .In* tmm ul the year io gel your plus ol lhe many select p.
ui.'. that   the former substitution  of furniture.    Iron ll.-il-. Linoleums, Kugs, Curpeis ami Hummock
Richard Mead   Atwalcr  nnd  (Jeorge
11. bur.ih...i has been rev, kid.
tinted October 25th, I90L
"S. V. V.',,,11.,.,."
Ilegisiri. rof Joint Sim!; Companies
Furniture Dealers and  Funeral Directors
N 15.—We an- -ile agents fur the Mm-hull'y   .MiiUress  ami   the   (il
Scclioual Book (.'use and Files.
"'"job printing
) ilieienl if- ii 11 being   ul..ained    from
try ii. and went tu Chic
placer mining  operations   l>\    u.eans|     He saw many phases   of   life   and
ii dredges in California nnd elsewhen
There are now aver 100 of these    hii
ti- t.-iiii.i-s eating up the ground in the
California valleys, and such i-, the ex-
unoerwenl munv strange experiences,
ipentling .'■•• eeks in humble lodging-
houses, living nn ten cent meals,
and   wiiuderinc   through   lho   streets
I until fuiilsnro and weary    looking for
lent uf theii  opi ration- t h,it   an    uut- I tt.0,.|.
cry is being raised because of their Speaking uf the servant question
disturbance of ontlire's arrangement and the good and wag.-.
oi theeaitli.    The pertinent point  tu  housemaids    receive,   he   reiiiurks.—
, -   ,i    i-   .    i       Thev have cood positions, these  iiirls,
milling men however, is the fael thut '
I mid if I were mil an   ulliciul-   uf   the
nil these big    inachines   ato   inaKing     .   ,    ,, ,. , ,,
■ | ot the (ni inni ' ui eminent   I    would
money rapidly for their   owners,  and L.unt l0 | Imiiibcrmaid   in   ....
tlie industry bids fair to outrival the American family,
lode mining industry. In Montana Though he offered himself as wall
ill o wc road of one private individual!' f, dishwasher, driver, gal-rleuei-| ol- lifter paying £100,000 for SO porter, lll-rr Kulb was unable to oil*-
acre* of ground, built a dredge at lhe tain einploymenl until, through tho
cost of §70,000, and calculates to re-1 intervention of another homeless
i mbilrsc himself in ono • eai a opera- ! wntnlen r, w In nl he calls "Friend Hill,"
lion. j a   temporary   position   as
What inni;.---. lids   method   of  gold   waiter  ul   an   athletic    association's
recovery more   attractive   than   hide  buiupiet.
TO W'ai.tki. .1. Mi-mii.-, i any
oiher person lo whom lie imy have
transferred his interest in the Meadow
Link mineral claim, situated on
Wild 11 oi se c.eek about, seven miles
from the town of Vinir. in the Nelson
Mining Division of \\'<si Kootenay
District, and recorded in the Itecord-
er's office for the Nelson Mining I)
Ynu nnd each of you u.-e I
notified thai I have expended sovenly
six dollars and eighty-seven cents
(-J70.JS7) in labor and in.proven.cots
upon .he above mineral claim in order
to hold s line under the* isioiis of
tho Mineral Act and if within nine- :
ty ilnv- from the dale of . his notice
| you fail or refuse lo contribute your
portion of expenditure, together with
all costs of advertising, your interest
it: said claim will become the property of the subscribe., under section
I of an act entitled "An Act to
Amend the Mineral Ael.  IbOO."
MITCHELL tait.      Dealci'H in Staple aud Fancy Groceries, Miner's SumlrieH
Land... ymir, H. c .bis an day:       |.|,,l,k.,ts S(K.ks Mitts G|ove8    Rubbers,   Under-
nf October 100-i,
wenr,    Overalls,    Patent     Medicines,
luii ing, i- tho greater measure ol cor-
ton. y «hich preltiins lo i. How
i - ei high elude u tpiu. If. vein nlu.v be
i u I he -ni fm .-, tin ie i- no nssiirunce
of i hn presistniice of i he high values
|i ileui h, mid the clement    uf   uncor
The l.n| eri d < ouneillor s n.-vt  job
was a*, handyni .n a. a brewery,
After lea\ ing    the   brewery    Herr
Kulb Int.l ci,phi*, uifiii   in   u   bicycle
iclory ul ,i salary uf * ii.OO  a   week]
ml I' ul the work . irosunt -, but  no.
All work entrusted to us is neatly and
promptly   executed.
BOX 1095.
Ni.i ice.
1,0 If. VV, Keech. or any oiher per
-on to he m iv have transferred bis interest in the St. Thomas
nnd Teleg.uph mineral claims situated
in .he      Nelson        Mining       Divi-   ...    , _ , ,   ~
iotiofwe-t Kootenay District, and Mining Agent      -      Stocks and Share*
recorded in the Recorder's office for
the Nelson Mining Division.
Vou mid   each   of you are   hereby --—AOENT    FOR--—
notified that I   have   expended   one
bund.ed .....I tw.. dollars   ui.d fifty Mutual Life Insurance ('oinpiiny of N cw STork,
cents $102.00) in itibornnd hnprovo- Oiinailian Casulaty--Boiler Insurance Co.
men is upon the above mineral claims
in order to bold sumo under provisions London .Milt Hill   Fil'l* Insurance ('('lllpllliy.
of the .Mineral   Act,    and    if   within
ninety days from the date of this no-'
lice vmi  fail or    refuse to   cutitril tit'.-
taint) is forcM't present,    Will,   hy-   hard,    Al llu end .if   threo   in...oh-.
ruulic mining this  eletneiil    cull   be  however, he left Chicago and went   lo
eliminated to u   I'm    greater   cxtenti  San    Kranciseo,     thence      i.'tinning
I'leliui'uiiii v '.p-intioii- .-.-...    lit!    eon     homo.
ducted which .(ill practically -i j  -™__________^_
i n lam ave. '.'•   ftil    a   certain I
,   mbi i ,,. feet over  a   i-erlain   nreii
The pri'limiiinl y  iprl-cl iulis • dilipll ted, I
the result i.- '. delimit' gri -- value    in
..  il. and all I hut n main   i ■ the fill- !
'.,1.1 of wot king t'osts in .- low   .-. I
llguie as | ible,    The dri-dgo itieth- !
ol i- admittedly ile i-he'.pt'si   method
til ll...idling . In- ground U.ld lllidel
t ivorable eo.idi. ions large Ijnuiil ii it's
uie ihiill handled in • 'nlifoi iiiu al It---.
I hill live eelll- |'"r fllbic J II 111 The
higgesi dredge in   opt hitiiin   is   said
|i -i less than f IU pel' day tl. npet
uie i
I  ,.,,. i      Unfa, olublfc        L-otitlil n-:i-.
il, t is ..hen lite   ground    is   tleltsel
,,   ensl u ii li hi U di ..lid 11 ii- kly .plead
, (th huiildi. ■■ the i.. ll .-   aid   nol   to
. .i i tvolvi I   pill l nl'd.
\|, || ueeu Inni tl ll'Ij to lode iiiiii
in , . in i hi ■ purl uf III ili>h ' 'olu.n
|i     ..,. i-   tl.l'   possibili-
i        ivnitiim Iheiti fiiuli   mi Ilib.1
il    .. ing,     li in fab    ploiilios-
Lii-mioi  to K.iy   ll.ut   dredgo   minliig
Our gentleman's 14k
solid gold, hunting- •&
case watch (No. 13617) !|».
sells for $40.00.
KSl    [no il-yenr tfolJ.lllled enu
vl-'tl   IN,'. 1161S) Ina imiiic cxtfrl-
il'.ll  "Itv.i.1'    Illl.t-L-Illflll  10II1
fur $.. ,^,.
A buly's solid gold
gtiarnnteed " Ryrie" will cost
yon $35.6b,
|„ .,   ..,.,. i;,,i.!-!.i:.,1 1., ie
IN ■.  . ■-.--. li .•'">.« ""iy
$,;.,,      '.   1 ,! I ,. , j'.il'igu...
KVfeiE lii>OS.
"|.:,\M(>i*ii> ll.-il I."
Ot til wn Vive Insurance Company.
yinir portion ofejtpendiiut'eittogetherpjj AVKN,f,-
will, all cos'.n of advertising, your   ...-
Vmi I;, 1;. ('
tereM in saitl cluiin   will   become  the
property of thosubscriber, under  see
inn 1 of an itel     entitled "An   Act Id j      4
Amend   lhe  Mineral     Act,    l_0OO„
Doled -it Vinir. B. C  lids   I III.       i
day of Nov   Ihol. *
Ymif Transfer Co.
JACKSON 1$ I.i:\HV. Prop-.
Ti'aminq r.nd
Express . i..
All oi'l'-i*. promptly attended to
and t be ureal.-si care ext-rclsbd in the
hahdlinu of kiwhU
ilKADQVARTHUa    FOll    .MINlNC   AiHN    AND   Till'.      J
.S'ewly ful'lii.'-hed Ihlougliotll.     Suhipli* hioms ill Contiectilill,        ,
Ibitr-s illl.SD to i"'J..'i() pel- llu.y.
nNLAV   McLEOt), Pi'opiicttii'
T  r«lML. ■ ■MS
Shirts and Overalls
Cold.   Silver,  or    Lead $1.00
Cuppi-f,    -   - -    -     i?l.f)0
Hold Silver.      *     -       - 81,00
('bnrgl's .'..!• tllliL-r Itietul' on up
mm.   '      *
t      I'HliD JDJUST1 JCjnT THE   M ARKHT-
% When   lIl.'V    collie  fitllll
W ,.                                    V ■               ■
ft I'uclwiv at   » ii'tona.
E.   VV.   VvlDDdWSON
Prdvlnclid As-.ii;, e(
r.o. Drawtir All.     V dll!, I1.C,
I'. (.   I!-,\ BC|       ••       Meli'oll,   I!   C
Unioh   Label   on   every  Garment.
iHcc*tt««c««««ccee«c««c«ccc««c««*ii'i i.«c«.««««««««(ei««*f.«
The   Sudbury,   Ontario,    Canada,
nickel   deposits   were   discovered   in
1800, but were not worked   until   30
.                         .   ,        .      ., 'years afterwarjy,    Previous to    1903
A one-quarter i >i t < - li rout , with 30  "
.... lb. v yielded  3'.', 150   tons   of  nickel
tool span   will   require   gutters
in he ■ \* ide to carry   off   (lie   watei. •
111,7 I'i ion- ot copper, n    total   value
JUST IN wide lo curry   oil   the   water.     . .
,.,     ,         „   ,                  ,,,,           of ?    ,0*1(1,220.      'I he crude    .re is  tors and a so to mine managers.   I li>-\
I he o  the gutters should be   at1 .  '
^ ,. .;  ,■   .     .i -   .   .. o ............i.. i. ...... ■ i   .
when   the   resistance,   measured in
ohms, is very low,   the   presence of
mineral is indicated.
The machines have been i.l  use in   . < ,.   ,   , .     ,,   , ,, ,   ,.  ..
,, ,..    .   „ , lai' nt A-licrf.ll  I ulntui-..     I >• i in it Iml in "jet    vour   sniitih
Ualitornni lor sever***! years and   have! , •■ ■•
proved of greul ossistuitco to prospec-1 ' '"'     " n',',|'•
le i-l one ('ml in lil'ty   feet,   and   il    is
bettor io have one and   . ne-hulf fool
estimated to contain 2.G   to   2 7
drop in that distance
p| i r.     In all I 800,000 tons of
i have been mined iu thi-  dislii.i.  tl.,
Th,-idea  underlying  the so culled )SU|phiile  content   running   Iron,   00
"secondary enrichment" theory is that  .„,,. ..,.,,,. ,„ .,., pel,   ,.,.,„,     T|„.   ,, _
nftei the main deposition of   mineml, | ,„,vi,itii« portion o£ tho oic   is   maili-
percohtting waters remove part of th.-'!v „,„.-,,.; „.,,„.,, MTVl„. .,. ., (ll|V      ()t-
'" " from one place and by deposit-1 tl,a *,,,.,, p,.0Ijue,j ,ven ,„. *,jg|.,  ,.,-
ing ii in another thereby increase tho't|10 minm |,.IVI. p,.0juce-*] ovol. 100,000
values nl that place This theory C)c-|tuna Wlc|,. fuur l,nye produced 200,000
plain- so many facts   connected   wilh' t-*-,,,^ ,l!1(i un(. „„„,, ,|,ilM 400,000.
ire deposits that   wo   do   not  doubt
11 i- a cum.non idea that the carrying capacity of a pipe is iu proportion io ii- interna! area, This is.
One thousand feet (board measure) however, not correct. A pipe four
of well seasoned pine will weigh from feot iu diameter bus only four times
1,200 to 1,800 pounds, according to t|,ettrea of a.pipo 2 feet in diuinetoi
the proportion of resin in them. The nm| V(1, ,|,,. f(JU, •■„,-, pipe wi|| r.l|TV
yellower and browner the pine, the 5.6Q*tim«i ns inooli flnir] us the two
more resin it, contains. Freshly cut foo, pipe un(Jl,,. |h(, s;||||, comjitjon ,,,
green lumber from the hills wilj Jel,Mtl, and headj in other word-, a
weigh nearly twice as much. The two foot pipe will carry 17,0 percent,
whiter tl.e pine board  is   when   pro
nt, uf nickel and 2.0   per   cent,   of  the value, but    bv   them   ilu-   width
• and direction of a vein and ii- depth
below the surface can be rccurately
T,.o year.- ago an electr.i-geudelic
machine wus used tu ...ike u plan of
the .Sunlight claim   near   Ainswnrih,
Mr.   11 ill ill  has a    copy     ol'     the    pi ill
-till and exhibited it to the    reporter.
thai i.  i- of   permanent    and    of   in
ere ising value to the niinei
duced, the. more water   it   will    gi\
up during the process of seasoning.
While llu; mineral resources of .lap
uii have been   recognized,    it   is   no
generally known thai  in   the   seven
teeth century ibis nation was an i.n
V      port.-iut source of supply nf tho   gold
" or nearly IS per cent, us much as
will u fuur foot pipu, This proposition of   carrying   capacity   doe-   not
i*   hold good for   Bill.die.'    pipes    of    the
t same proportionate diameter. A one
foot pipe has only 17 per cent, of   lie
. carrying capacity of a pipe two feet
n diameter, and a one inch pipe   will
silver and copper of the world,    fn a curry only 14 per cent, as much as  a
recent book by John W. Foster on
' American Diplomacy in the Orient''
it is recorded that doriog the seventeenth century the Dutch exported
from from Japan 43,482,250 pounds
sterling in gold and silver, principally
gold, and in that and the next cen
tury 200,203 tons of copper, a metal
ut that time scarce in  Europe,
Twenty years ago, or in 1884- the
Broken Hill Proprietary mine, uf
Australia, was located and it. has
practically been in active operation
ever since. Up to October I, of this
ycur, it hus distributed in dividends u
total of $48,888,000. Hi nor. its first
ore wus mined and up to tl.e present
tinio it has produced 7,115,879 tons
ot ore, that has yielded 662,303 tons
of lend, 6,600 ions uf unti.uoi.ini lend,
1,564 tons of copper, 9,531 tons of
silver, and about 2i5 tons of gold.
There has been expended in plant IJG,
il I 7,4 13, and $35,000,000 in wages to
Blasting in shafts l.y tl." use nf ihe
cilvaiitc battely is now successfully
iieeoinplished by employing what are
termed "delay fuses;'' These are
fuses which rbqliire time—the fraction
ol' -i second—to caust! un explosion
I!-,  this mentis   "cUttillg    holes''    ll.aV
l.e tired lii.-t, 11 '• intermediate   ''sinking holes" nt'.tt  'lid the "squaring up'
holes last.     Tl;.-   great   duiniigu   to
\   timber often resulting by the   simuh
-•   liiiieous dischiii .e of the full rnnti'l of
holes is thus avoided to a great extent, and llu' ednefs tin mil havo to
inn the rink il.eidi nt to ''spitting' u
large number -1 holes.
The •'I'lltllei   I, -de''..!' (''   is
hue of the Coming '.ones of lhe Ooldfin
Htato, iii cont indistinct ion to the
-Mother Inlde. Tile "l'.llher Lode''
Is on a line SSI.hiding from Michigan
Bluff to Qtlin •.    It cronies the euuh-
I.esuf  Placet':    Nevada,    BieiT.I    mil
I'luiiias,    ll I' ll.iW/s a inaintuuth dike
of sorpentine    The terpentine is   foi
fowed in a straight hue from   Mitihi-
"iin Illull't1. Wuiu. •.. 11 hi .in lin-
'"*•*• ... ,
known qUanlii i      It  if-   Known   thut
Ihe  chariiclii i-'ie-     if   tile   "Fiitbei" are, .!.-'l"--.e dly, (be    slim''    as
Unit uf the "Molhe" Lode," but it has
been nt'gleei' d ih dovelopnient.      The
"Mother Lode' lias l.eell located upon
fur u hundrr I  iniles.      The   "Father
Lode," extcn linu iliwiirds; is most
Iy virgin U.I' I " *■. Ilel-e and tln-re
mines ou   'b      'M-'ithhr    l.'ide"    have
shown extra i.-ib. ii'i richness.    It* i<!
•fliltracting alll'Oti.ltl    and    hext   yea.
the "Fathel' Bod    California"  will  "
lie lhe iiligo I  foi  de' prospector   and j I
Ininer looking fur u.--< lie). Si
do no. indicate the kind of mineral ui
— Our   Stock   i-   Complete,    Prcpara   for    Winter
(lur < ii'dccfv Stock   is    Fiv-ii.     loan   mid   lTp-tn-di
ski-: I'm i-'.ii;
IE^£':ilE'BDesBrisay Jobbing Co.
.. i i i e   i.... i
two inch pipe
IIadii|in never ceases to emit energy in the form of light* and is perpetually bo.i.binding its surroundings
with minute particles of iis substance, acting at the twine time us a
regenerative furnace, which, though
without apparent apparatus for renewals, is warranted to retain its bent
energy for more than 2,000 years.
Professor Rutherford and Mr.
offer solution of this double conundrum. They allege; that the corpuscles of the riidiuui atom ure constantly colliding) thus developing a state of
chronic friction and disruption competent   to   furnish   tl.e  phenomenal
energies of heat    und    motion   which
the radium displays This belief,
though accepted with considerable
limitations' by **,ir VV. Crook, s, is repudiated as reVDlUtionery by Lord
Kelvin, who will not even entertain
tllO idea of the theory
as a will-king hypothesis. Noting lhe
Ctllie--.ll.itl.erf.lid ostiritafce of the tremendous pacB at which Indium spits
foi th beat for about a year, Lord
Kelvin say's that if Ibi- amazing
emission really la-ts month after
month, fie-h energy musi somehow
lie supplied Ini... will.out, olherwisi
the .-all iu iet i io apparatus of the litmus
inilst full oilt of Working older. In
other wolds, tht* requisite sinking is
donB by the ivavts uf the ether which
bring the ftiHiuce fresh luud- of energy ad libitum, still mote conservative are lite eminent M, Berihelol
und his followers, wl... assort that the
new riidio-iietivliy i- possessed by
almost all known bodies, and ilia! [ litt-S pliolpluli Its, r.'i'io'*. il-j
I'nertv frottl till' 111n.
point where thai reading was obtain
el. the operator made, a series >»f con-
i Iric circles.    A   line   wus    drawn
thruugh the points of lowest resistiqice
on ouch of the circles. Since then
the claim has been opened und developed und lhe \.-in was found run
ning exactly in the direction and fur
the distance indicated by the nui-
Many mining men in Kelson   have
inspected the machine, and it is   like- j
Iy that a local syndicate   will   acquire
one for use in ibis distt iet.
The headquarters of the company
i-at San Francisco and 1) P. Hatch | agent, Brace Hatch
is representing the company here at
present and is operating the machine,
lie has many contracts to fulfill in
the nest few weeks and left for Ains
worth to begin the lirst Tuesday
Clark's   Furniture   Store I
Undertaker   and   Furniture     Dealer
Mail orders promptly attended to
Bmcn Stuui.t,        - Yinit
♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦«.>•>♦♦-»-».»« ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■♦♦-»*v*
Please forward Tin: Ymih Hur.M.o for
Tun Halt a no is published  every Saturday morning and   ♦
and a.-know ledge receipt of enclosed "5. . .
v  contains all  the  news of the camp.
J i:,v..-;.---l'mt Vi-:m., Su': Half  Yk.MI, $1.
Kirisi-cliiss Diniiin' Room. -Od'C    •    •    •    •
Best   of  Willi
Liquors and (Mgnra.
♦-f+**-f-*M**^4*4-M-**M*f**-f-f-M*4* [
x Hotel Ymirjsi ii.iM
I      —       ii
The Best Meals
Ami Accomiiiotlation
In Towni ♦
iMorle-y  &  Co.  Stock
of' Xnins Goods.
I Fancy Goods, ToyA and
Books, Violins, Quitars,
Banjos etc. etc.
fvleota train  cVery morniiig
r  t , • " ....".   *''•,•    .-■--.....--
t  . ..       . „...,       1' exoepi Sunday, for froidil
I Ahn0 8t3lectionnf.Wl.iie8, J and tlassencers   for   Vmi)
X      f^i'iuors anil Cigars.      | mj„    By special orders on
X   X\ Suntlays. Or for Ymir mine
X •)   W. MABTERSON,     I'.op. I
4 4
•♦♦•♦♦♦♦ ********************
Anroatl MtrtfllnH .«ihpll'li uri-i -|-jflCr|pUon nmr
onl.-itly ni-i-M-i'ii l.'li- bplnlnn ton* •*. Ii»*r tin
liil*|.|,ll,ill IS poll:ill?!V |.illnr i.. !-'.    ' ..l.eiililiH:..
ii,,ijn.irirMS(-iii;tl''".i.|.il. linn ai-i'ihell I'liienti.
.—i.l (i.-,-. lMi!i*i-,t .iL'-ti'-y fori", niflliil I'-ilniM.
I'lili-nlil tnki-ii ilir.mvli Ituntl .V CU. "-'v.-eUe
l|irn,il ll'ititf, v.-ll lieut I^*.*. Iu '.'id
Scientific jHwerican.
Ahandinniel}lllollfaled wriviv. UtTjUti dr.
tiiiiiiii.M .-( imif HL-iyiititl-i Jiiiiiiml. 'I'.-tni.". M ii
roiir: I'.ur ni.i-jtli. fl   roi.l ii>ml nlwidj-Jilttn,
MP & Co.«•*--"• New York
Bra.-cl- oilil-o. HIM,
At Prices Without Regard
for cost. Yon can save
50 pt-r cent.
Everything in this clast-
must be sold before Xin ..-*.
and price* are redicnlous-
Iy low.
60 YEAi-nV DfSTitlCT MANAdl-'.K WANTED mviXL,M
experience ., NELSON.
PermunonI p..-.tion; rapid ntlvance-1 \
iiii-nt; siilu.v  expenses]   t''.ll   in- | ""
. !■:;;:;:;::::' s wiison & Harshly
Triioe Mar«s      'l'l"''I- I-* Nichols Co 1 l.t'.l. Toi-ont.
UESiGHB       ' , ,,   , ,.   ,    ,, ■    ,    ,    ,   ,
CbpvR.OHf S &u. (.Mr!it .'.Ir tins paper.)
ALEX. ODDIE.   Prop-
Prospecting  Made  Easy.
Mi-lsiut   No«-»i—UrUco   of!
l,os Artgblon, tt-tls in ili.'.-iiv   Monday
I'kliibltin^ .in t,lt'.-tri.','('...l(-ii.- mineral
linillT.       it.-   iVus   .•ic.'oiupiinii'.l     to I
Oriinilo Uy Ur. t OiTjatJn, .1. o.  I'm ;
i-iiiiiiil'1 ami   Willi un      A
li'st  »;l*i rtliull] llicl-c oil tlio sin I'ii.:.'  of
sou.i- pin li.-illv (Jevt'lopeil cluinis and
ilu' rendiligN of tile ilntclilne Wero
foiltnl to i-orn-.i ui'l eltltctly "ill. tlie
restlltfl -it' ilevcldpilii .1.  work   iill*early 1
!„,,..        .
Ulei'   \\v     llul. ii    '•■.! l.i'r.M.l    ll.i'
I-i- l'l' ill" I"     1     l"l !'!!cr    Of
I'lu- Dally N.-»-.:.   Tin- i.-.i-iime !• of>;
■Vri'i 1 liy Hi" .'ni 1I1 to itlbctl-iti currents
in i-n lici .Irately irit*a urt'.l    The ri
i*.i,m. !• OlTel'Ctl liy    ..iiiu-ml--   ii   ap- 1 li'-'i   limn    I luil   nll'eled   io
iini-ioi..- -.r   "inn.'.-       ('litisi-ipieiitly I
Pro*u A ccfT-cc
i\mct\ t*3d tliouh-
t i.d dollftr pre-
ibntatlon Htt.
ilenty Ilirtaft
finns* tadlltles
for maklbg K>Hd
1 ilvet ware ot v
j ,,t4r^.',^(l   liy HO
Oilier concern in
CLARtT JUrt. ArtisticdtflKn-
cri, liiodrrii mactllll-Sty- Knd skilled lumd
H'orkera all ittuUrllte direct MipcrVliidh t.f
c nl ;i.*;:i inpttibera of the firm, make an nn-
t [tialled cbmbluallotl for lurdlnft dUt fint-
\V(.I tl.
Vv'ritc f.if tiltlAtta'terf rr.!a'oc»e.
Siefllrtj SllVer,
Silver Plate,
'A'-itclics, «tc,
Henry Birks&Soiis
BiRft'..- Donbma
J.w. I.r. i-. h % I x
1.1. I-...1 .1 Mil. 0
Ymii1 Citizens
-I  W., President.
I» Cam.'.'.:...:, Seureluiy.
l<,im»tT McLboii, Tl-ellftUret,
Draymen and
YMIK,   II.    C.
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦■♦■♦■♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦• 44-f4 ***
lliiiilltii- lieaVy (Teiglil ■•
Corl'ersiiontleiiee pronipi i,*-
attended i<.
»„„»1i.i..-.   ,■-" "
1   f
I   ♦
1 *
I *
Delivered ttnj
Iillice 111 li.U II.
Stove Lengths
SI 00
Per Sari Load.
iNirlti  Rid J
Liiiiilici1 (ibi Ltd 1
4♦♦♦■»■♦.4***** ****4 44**<ri
NK1.SOS * II. SHEPl'Altll KV. ci
WASlllNClON  .*- ''.   -V   HV
V,  V. .*-■ I.   KV. « N. CO.
* ' ml Oroat Nurthcril, N. i-tlife. .1  I'. ■ .ti
and O. '!. * N. Co .   foi   p. ini
^        «.'*..       II."I       -'"'ll
Ul '-       ■.'        I''
III       ll     "
^   lalid and Nelson with   >'"■  '.'
•f    ['oci'dc  I Jail • "
* j     (',,111 is al  N-l-oo  vitli tin.   •    II
j 1... '-,'.   1' ,.   foi    Ittwlo     ■' i   K    0."I H
!   points.
ilonnbtiU  -" 1 '■"It'"  v .'l.  ■' .■      '
. Ireciiwood ."i'i  M.'' ■■ ... I'.''
llullol   ears .un on train   1  ......
J   Kpnliane ..','1   Ilejioblic
* 11   \  ,l.\( KMllN
4 .,. ii.-' I' i.-'i-.^i 1   A-
* I M,,.,M,,,-. Whs..! Rings Rings
K. W. Widuowson.
M.s. Crowe,
.11;   AX.I    IN-II1-.M -K.
WJia-1 present i* more pleasing  to   a   Lady,   I'n.'v.i'ci.,/,
Il-aii an up-to-date ring, sel with one or more.   ,,,.,,,, niUJ""
We mighl jusl remind you that for Xmiis   .rifts  ltinus   are
very much in demand, and the fact   thai   they   cun   he
purchased ;it very reasonable  [irices   makes   them
still    more    popular    for    Xnnts    presents.
Note the following prices:
Bob. '.^ !0k. hand rin'' (the word
Pet or 1 lulling   engraved   oil
pahy's 10k. I stone gem ring     $1,00
Misses 10k 3 stono gem ring       1.001
Misses 10k  plain Hand ring l.OOj
Misses 10k. single stont Emerald        |
ring 1.75 ]
Misses 10k   Toi'i'uoiso   it   Pearl        j
Cluster ring 2.001
lSirtliday rinifs, (stones   suitable
tor eueli nioiilh in the year)      ."..00,
Liuly's 10k. •"<   .-tone   Gurnet    .1-
Pearl ring 2.50 I
Lady's   10k.   u   stone   Opal   &
Pearl ring 3.00!
Lady's solid gold    lluckle   rings,
set with one stone   85.00 und 15.75
liolid guld, Lovers' knut ei.gnge-
n.ent ring, set uiil, one .stone   ,"..".(.
10k. .1 ruby >v 0 Pearls   engagement ring 13,50
10k. ,'J Sup] h re ,v G   Pearls   en*.
gagi:niQnt ring IG 00
10k. (i darnels it '.I Pearls engagement ring 3.00
Ink fi stone Opal ring 7.00
Ink. "i stone Pearl ring _ 10.00
(iinis' I Ik. Signet ring I" 00
Cents 10k. Signet ring .'...".(i
Lady's solid gold Signet ring        i\.:,()
Hill   ami   IIENTS  .. UN.sit.soil. Campbell.
ln-sUiisiiy Jobbing Co.
Newill * Co.
William Chirk.
li. Cuniplit'll.
UesUiis.iy Jobbing Co.
,s II. Seaney.
(josuiopuHtiiu—.lobii Breini.
McLeoil lions"—l'inlnv .Mel.e.iil.
Miller House—S  Miller.
Palace—Tait .1: Ruddy,
Vancouver— Owen Boyer.
Waldorf—(jenrgo Column.
Vmir—J. W. Musterson.
Mrs. .John MeLeod.
M.MN.i    IlKIDKIll...
Percy •).  (ilcazer.
Herald Ptiblistilng In.
I). Campbell.
S. 11, Sc.uey .
Harslinw .V Wilson.
Jackson .v Leahy.
Alex. Odillc.
William Clark.
Ymir is Safe.
v\'e Have Medicines For All Ills Of The- Mind  and
A complete line of patent medicine's of which the following
arc ii lew. Castoria, Heel Iron and wine, l.iin^ Balaam,
Pierce's Favorite Prescription, Yellow Oil, Piiines (Jelen
Cninpi Hind. I In. id's nnd Avers Sarsoparilla, Painkiller, Syt up
Pius. Pink Pills. Ctirt.'i'.s. Cliiisc.s and Dodil's Pills. Nestle's
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Linseed. Tooth Powders. . . . We have also put in a coin
plete line of school supplies.
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
Watchniiikeis, Opticians, and  Manufacturing .lewellels.
Phone 293.
'V lie only .ill rail route bet-weep
points east, west and solllli to Russian.I, Nelson, Grand Forks and lle-
publlc. Bilffct cars run between Spokane and Nortliport.
Effective .lone 1-T.h. 1908,
'e.ivc Daily/Plain Arrive
8.46 .1.111 Spokane 0.15 p.m
|(J 40 Kossliiuil 4.86 p.m
9.82 .1111 Yinir 6 86 p 111
7.ill a.m "Nelson 7.20 pin
'.1:85 am Grand Forks 4 00 p.m
8.30 Republic 6.15 p.m
A.TJX*    THE     TliMIE
Seattle,     Tacoma
M. TAIT. J.   ItUDirV
YMIR, ]}. C.
We    carry   the    leading   brands     ini ported      Liipi 1-
and  Ciirirs,  .Stout,   Ale.    Brandy   and   Wine,
The Mutual Life hisurance Company of'N. V,
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
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Percy J. Gleazer, Local Agent-
We are doing business again, and next  week will   have   as
complete a stock as ever,    We have now a complete line   ..I
- - i- '•■ * <      '■• ■     •*,... - ■ • 1 |j,in Hid   llowers   tliu!   tlo.iiir-li   will
CORRESPONDENCE. ;;|  triii-m* •*.«»?,
'"" -.-*,,-"-: While Rdme that at,,   planted   *i" I i"»AGlFlO   COAST     POINTS
Tho following   is   contributed   l.v n'ero tlbcoy .	
1lol.11 Blakely, who had Iiiu hand    injured in the Hnllim Hhinglo   mill   re--
.l.ii.'-. 111. w. r.i.V.
THIS SllAI.I'i <i|'' l.ll'l'i
St. Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
Mr. Lott Returns Not.  !    ALL    POINTS    EAST
There's n shade in the early morning,      |*e||tjV|lle,   Lint.,   Nov.    2D.--Mr.        PALACE   AND   TOURIST
\ when th- s,,n unes,low,,.     ,,,,„„•-  |,,,u, who i*. otit on   .<,,„(u,j s|.|-;i-;i'|,|is     BUFFET,
I'.IIAIIV    (Alts,     MODEHN
'•l'l' *:. |.l.'..c'.lull shu.les the llidliin. |„ij| ,„   ,|„,     ballot-bo*    .-use.    **l I
All in his hunting gown, have appeared in   tin-   Poliee   Court I
Hi, wai-IIkB hem!, it n.h.-st not, t|,U mol'liillK I..-UM-   his   hilll,       He 1
Th.1.iuIi "hulled with lonely oare
failed to appeal'ill ' telegram
H-   i-l.     not   ..»   panning    pilgrims, «r,u.s.i   I.a  i hits
,,     1     ,       . *.   1       ... alleged til   have   been    —..I    hv   hiin,
I'm- In   li-iirt 1- always tlierB. syru.iiM'vi'-n'idi.Vi und   M.-i'.'i-. J Best   Meals   on   Wheels.
trate Hint accordingly   declared    hi-
,, 7,    ,    ,    O    FAST   TRAlNfi     h        i" tlie market.
,   hn.l I'silented, und called   ujt   l.-.o-l-.  ;' I « J 	
it j men  William   f-nit,   Henry   Ill-own   * EAST'AND WEST DAILY L  jjjgjj,   opposite   depot,   Vinir
Tlii'i-'s u   simile   in   the   dull dnl-k
wciil her
When Hie chilli* ure -.'..Iding   o'er
iVIipii   il.-   heart   doth   mourn    ii
4""'1;"'"      ,. . I and OoorgeWhitiy to make good tl.e j S| ift,   Kn,,,|.>-„1   |(at(,s
And the ilioollllglil sl s 1,0 more ; ,lmolnu „, ,|„.|- bri||(|      .(.,,,,   j,llR,^ .,,
Asl.-i-11 on Kith --I'iitisoi. pllluw • 1 1    ,1       1     ,       . ,,    ,
,,,-.,        ,, trate iiiihI he thonglit tltrtt if .Mr I....1 .,
Sh.ul-d tilth eurtlily -nute. , ItiUI' CllOIcO oi   Koiilt
I... 1 1      !•      I . ilpnoarldl   within   n   I'liasllnable   timo
It tin- millil hus toiiiul |io\* Ireiisitre rl .
Tl.-.-'- peiiee and fort there      :""' B>'*ernntoiit would not   inni' ; r(l|?l,r(1|ng ,,.,,„, 0tt„ „„ „.. ,„,(||,,<s .,„
I the forfeiture of tin. bail. agent of the S. V. .*--N. llnilway ol-
II. A. JACKSON.        ]|. IMANDr,
B. I'   * P- A.       (.. 1*. 1*. T- A.
GLOVES,   HITTS,   TOP   SHIRTS,   and   UNDERWEAR of all grades.
At Present in the Union Hall   building.
yMIllLODGE, No. 82,   K.   P. WAT.T^fTRT?
Meets lirst   and   third   Moir I "▼ -**.4JJ^V*/-£V«
,y-i of month, TTO'P'F'T
N'isiting   brothers    welcome. XXW X HlXJ  ,   .   ,
Wm. Coffey, C. C. __
Chuuiik Wooiwiub, K.11. ». j Headquarters for nininy
; "and Commercial Men
Hotel . . 1   .
(Under entirely i\f^- milnagCthMnt.j
Dihihg  Ltooln   and   Bar
sii|)|.lii'(l  wifli   thu  be-St
Most comfortable hotel in the .lis
triet:   Everything filnt-olnnH,
YMIH, I). C.
To World's Fair, St. Louis
Your Choice of Home,
l-"..r rut. •*, fhltlel's mul full iuforniullull
, *-B l'l      ___
JOHN I'.lll'iAt:, frot.
iTIKSlt    \Nil SAl.'I'I'.ll M|-;,fi
'•"■   "" """   •■",-"1' Wholesale mid llotiiil
I her-'- u sh.-lde 0(1 lllis « l-.-ilv lif"     of
SIi.itled with !o!i-l.v eutt'i '
ii'ii.-i.-i.ii inosi itsti-eusur- Kootctlciy Coffee Co*
Whin morn for life to .-nic,-
Blinded in pity for Mice and all,
Th- moments. nmo nnd go,
Dli, ih- world   wilh   ile-   loss   of  a
now-born cull)
\\ uold bo -hi..Ii-.t in t.'iuls .,f woe,
rjO W, IllversMu Ave Hpokano
l'l -I. iii-, long shaded   11 uts,   I |
tiu-i tho'y ure none.
And virtue •.'•ill |-"i..i i"   ..   swcci j
I'.v.'l's SOIIgi
Hiqh * Crnde * Goffeea       Goods
Mi?*,   j.  McLEC^M
NHLHUNiJJ.G iC'.sf   Olliee   Sl.iic.    -    Y\in,.
V.'li'l.-vili* iitel dliali'M
•ii I'l-slt Konsted
Mail OrdeC-i iHi-ivL* prompt llitelltinl
.10111*1' PHHdlWIM';   Pt„|..
Till-',   IlKST  llllASl. hi-'  iJoMfcSTIC
The  Kootenay   Standard; SAM MILLRHj Prop,
and   Judnita.
M w.f \. I'.ii.:ii u-l
Headquarters fdr Miiiiiiu Mn
 ..          ll111'   -siippli-d   «itl!   best lll-und* .-■
/•    G.    Thelin   &  0d. .wineii Ikjaor**) ithtl citron,
Nblsoui li. Ci
Fiurr Avi-xo


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