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The Ymir Herald 1904-10-08

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 HERALD'""" v
Vol, I     \n :.'l.
Price Five < 'i-iyi-
t,. ,,i .,• 11,,ri imm w as a   . isitur   in
|l,« ll   I1.1-   week.
M    I' .-'. Hurley, of Napaneu, Out.
The Ymir.
The mine manager   of   ill"    Yum
Eliott--Houston Libel
..II l,,s, |   >,  ,,,lt,<>l ,.,,   I",1, I'-,       '-,,,. .. ,
i    .1         i         ,-  ,i       vi     i i,       ,       ,,         ,        , , ,    ,      (odd Mines has reported the following       t,,,,. ,,i ,l,,. ,,,,..   ;.,,..
\|, , ,    ,v _■ ,i,c souili io I,,:.,-  brothel in law   nl   il,.-    Vii,„lnl3ugarl       I'apei- lu.i- I ii    rved on   Daly, "     ' toe most  , >■
i i>t ii i 11   1111■       A 11rm■ I       li>      1111>      I i,i.11..11 i       ii,        v-    .
in th, .S|„,kiiie fnii l!l"' •   '•   visiting   In-   relatives   in
I'a'sv Chit I. .s ., | irted lo lie   due
;   re   ii Monday ,!-••'
|,o,n |
I'bo Chinese laundi'Ymiin, now   ac   """ t""'1'"1
l'ni..i - ', im I ii     rved on    Daly         reported me io„owin»       One of the most  interesting   ini
Hugl 'al  in co. ni tl,   the    "•':""'"'■    Au8uat   "'   ""'    '■ U   which tho Nelson pie have had   -
litigation concerning   Kiltoii-Ya.   °  ^ ' '•-"^"^ -« " '"     °Ppm,U"ity   '"'   '"""""'   for   """
rushed 2,750 Puis ( J.t  lbs.) of ore
producing 7.'14 ounces  bullion.     The  i,l8t, being finally settled   by   mutual
vears,  wus   coliclui
'"   '' *'".n.i..,vu--.   "■■• "  producing i.H ounces  bull       1 He |ll8t, being finally settled   by   mutual
VV   I    Spenec, ,.f N -I •„, iisi- "'H\vi"«Htng Wee swash house across H. Brwimlmin,  ex perl for Pal nek  estimated realisable value  (cross,   „t . „„,.,.,.„„.,„   bo.txvemi   the   contending
ingin    wuyes lav. iheim-r ,,'°,    ,  IIIM Clm-k, tl ell kn Spokane   „,i„.  tho pi'oduct is -98,100)   357   tons  of L1U, ies.    John Hottslon   M.   I..   A.
.      ....   '.   . .  I'll"-<tl' '"'"iki h.r live years  ,„.,„. ,,,„,,. „,,   examination   of   the | eoncentra hipped, gross estimated   ,y|10 was the defendant, proved   I -
.   ;  ''•.     ;       7   7  t'\c,'v'l   ,', IU"lW" ","' Atlin mine .hi, week. ; value, *0,700; cyanide   plant   treated   x]i mw ,, „ uini, „,'   ,!„•   u	
,.'" "       """ George Colman's weight is so wears)     ,*,„. ^       „„„ „, t|„.   ,,„,,„,   ,,-„,' l,«00 tons (2 000   lbs.)   of   tailings   t„I1B,ily n( -„,... , ,,n,| whilst in the
Ing on the foundati f the Waldorf,   |nim, wj,| sno|.t|   b|) j ^   producing bullion   having   estimated  wit i   box,   showed   himself   wed
Jake Stiei;le, one of the old   timers ,|mt the front of the building settled  r, *„ n„,  , ,,"      ,   ,,.,    ,„„„,-. " S1'088 value of «,25l; sundry revenue  ivb]e to hold up his end,   against   the
of the camp, is back alter a lung   ••>»'• 11„ • three inches and   had   to   l» L ,,,,,, „ ., „,,-*; ,,,,    viL M1461— •10.501     Working   expenses, -foi-etmit: skill and acumen of I
or pro utaii o ore is now      sg t.   lie   ■,,,,,-,     ,,   ,.  j,, ,         ,
'   lice. ...., .... .1.: i. ' ' #14.951.     Pl'ofiI 91.01 J.        here    has   .1...     t> : '        I	
boosted up this week
: contract on the No,   1.    tunnel   taken
"w  Mb bV'1" p ,""' lln;  *?*   '"      The ,:iilc butts ,„-,. now   practically i l'v Gilbert I',-,- .ml other, ha- been .     .   J" "
nn.in      o at the   court   m   Ncl on. .      . . ,     , ,,i,,i,„i ' it,-.
.    .        ,        , completed, and rifle practice may   be. compieteii. 	
reluriied to 1 inn oi,   I .lUrsUav. , , „„ ...        ,    . -■       .
commenced next week,      Ihe target      [n t|,e t«blo of production of Ymir Dredging Costs.
Mr  It.  A,     McCJiegor,   Provincial  frame has been erected,  and  a  l'Hg« minea for AuyuHt, «ivL.„ in last week's
  °   i mines tor August, given in last week.
Inspect, rof mine,  *.„ ,„ town   this   .ker's pit dug, pr cted by a wide  w     tho out    ,   Ilttl.,butw,   t„   th(
 k' ;l!"' l'!u<J "" ' "i•':,ll m" '"  "'" """< I;'    Tl1" «'»-""   "'""K   i"^1   Qu  mine was inadvertently placed
',,hl ""'"'• tlilH lid., of granite bluff,   a   mile U|0 ,„ „.     „„.,„_ *.,,„ ntM_  „....„
B too tow.    During the nth,,,  ,,ii"s .   , .
i, i    ,    i                  ii-              ilow n i hi- i-,iii,,-nl track    nml -iliont'   ■       ,                 ,.                              r  cui'ic tcett average speed ot   buckets,
Ur. Dolu'rly has resigned Ins  posi-  iioun tne luuioau uatK,   ..no   aooui     the Queen shipped   04   tons   of   , , . '
,,. ,i      v   ■     lull i-nils west -,,'   tin-   iiiel        Tin-.  - 1 ''- Per iniiiutei average hank nua-ine
.n .-1 n.c.icd on.,-.-.,   to   the   Ymir   '     >•""* "'»'  "   ,"    " ■" '• ""   concentrates and intlled 710  tons   of                ,   .
         .,      .,,  .     inno i'i    ,,,,,,..   .,-.,..,,,1.    i,„,i.* ,,.   .,                                                                     : per month. ib.O.'lii cubiu vai'ds:   aver-
hospital, to tike el',,-, from the  :i I-t,   1000 ft   range   extends   buck   to   «,,Pei
Die  lie    intends     to     locate     in   point just past the n ntain spur   to
ISvorett, VV.-ish' the south of town. '1'"' " C. fitamlafd Mining Co.   in
I -'..llitio,, to shipping ore to the Gran*
f   ll!"   M'1""'1      The elections are now  fairly   elo-'.e ky smeltor from tho Double Standai-d
 !    1   .1    1..1.M:...      .--      .1      . I      *
•i now shipping   to   thu   Greenwood
V co   .ert   in    ai
funds will be given shortly, it   which   ut hand and the probability   is   that
-fll,'..ir.l.    Profit If 1,011.    There   has the    province's     greatest     lawyer
been expended during the month   on    -p|loae „|l(, |„lvl. reiu| ,|„, detailed  ac
- counts of the trial, will bo much
amused at the position of the pnv,
who were evidently ull   ut   sen,   and
The  following   figures   are   taker"11'1"  MT-V   unvvilli"«   '"   r""""   "
ftom the book,,,.',,,,  vide  dredg-  verdict of guilty,   seemed   unable   to
ing company:      Bin   ot    buckets,   :. j ansWet' questions put to them,   iu
any other manner, than would I, ■
susceptible if that interpretatioi
Happily fur their peace of mind, dm
Ing the third attempt, to patch Up
th.-ir verdict, tho contestants arrived
at a conclusion themselves, and Hon-*
ton agreed to retradt tho charges
A spectator of the trial informs  illicit it was ahead of any   show   tin.
■ - ,  s now- snipping   to   me   ureenwooct
li dratimtio piece tvdl be rendered    by   some lime during the present   month, . Sh|l,,ln. „,„, j, llr|.a(IKjni, ,„ B|lip ,-,,„„
the local lunatue*. the elcctofs of this district will   have   fho Honter   V.    to   the   Northport
Mi   Lyvering, so me  Methodist   ,ln «'Ppe«-tunity of hearing   both   the  S1))e|t01. so 80on M tl)e c|mngel| t0  „„.  „, • COst, 4u.,.o.5j average   ciepin   oi
minister   h.,,-,   passed   through    0„  ""'"l^nw for this   riding   air   th«f liaxiliafy tramway are finished,, which ground, SO feet]   age   „f   dredge,   :i Sl
Tuesday Is t, on his way cast,' where   vie*» ln ll,° l""^1"- 'lotions of  the   wlM ,„, ;„ „ -,,,. dlvyg , v„ills; ,lv,.,,,._,,. |n,,l| r,)s| ,„-  ,ra|/ing|   In
he goes to tithe a course at   the   Mc   ll,,v     M''-Galllhor the Liberal candi^ +.88 cents per cubic   yard.     Taking   "(
Hill Coll,-ue. dale is already opening his campaign,      1 he following records   wee   made  tl)e e of lho 0l*oville ground   ...   "!
..     „,"      vl. ,,,.,.     '""1 aovernor   Macintosh   the   Con-  this week at the local fecording ott.ee:  10 otintJi Del. cubic VIU,,. (ind   wrlt,„u ••>
Mrs, I.H   Atkinson, who left   for  sel.v,,tive standard bcnrei is   enpected  Jw-Bpli Cttirtbpoll 1-eUoitletl  assess nt
Owen   (Sound lust Tuesday, was taken . tl| Mf-     f|.(|m Qttllw„  in    .,   ,|,1V   ,„., work on the SkookUn, claim, ah.l Con
. :   I.   ■       s* .1 ..I      i.l      . .     , :. -I  ...     ,.. ,    , . .
sick in Nelson   und    had    to   I'e
\Y olllc ii eorili-l   assessinelit   on   the
foghorn fraction,       Ada.    Campbell
per month, '.. 0'M cubic yards]   .....
ago hours running per   month,   535;
average k. w, hours per   month,    23,-
995j average cos, ,,f power per month,
$359.93] average cosi of oil, grouse
and sundries, .Jl.'! 29] aveiage cost ,,,
repairs, §1,212.09; averugo olliee  and
general   expenses,    ?177.-I0j    average
il        ,    ,    ,,,,. .,., i     ,,       c   Had been ill Nelson lorn long    whili
labor Cost, lUfi.ooj average   depth   ..t
shcritl'Tuck   several   times   erected
niself with tile   cry   of   pomposity,
"Order in the court"  but    the   judg
ho appeared to enjoy   the    show     ,,
16 cents per cubic yard, and    writin
oil'ten percent, for deterioration   of
much ns anybody, told him to let   tl.
people alone to enjoy   thu    jokes,
of operation of 1.88 cents,   leaves   a
over,    Mr. Atkinson went up   Wed ,. „s,„„„ , ,„UI,„„.      .*v,,.i.   v,,,,,;,,,
liesdav evening and returned the foi-      Victoria Colonist;    ''John MuLeod |.econje(j luCttlj )f|-(,   |,(,,ja   t.-lim|
lowing morning,    Mrs. Atkinson  has late postmaster ot Ymir,   has  arrived on c all,.on crebk|   wiiii,,,,,   Kennedy   "f P, °* T™ f""    .     y'"''
been obliged to g.vc ,p her trip -as,, In Victoria, having spent some   tl»n» U the Ort«t W«tern cWin on   Can- j tt" ""' "! rTVy ""   ' " "°
andwtll  remain   at   the  Stratheom, monllm u| rth.    He   was   an.tious ,.„„ C|.eek      j   j       .    c      ,,„„  of profit of #o2o8, per ai„,-„. - ,
Hotel in Nelso-'for a while, '" '"'•"'" ;" "l,K "-'*■•»■■■*   '■■   '!"•!       ... '.. '0 per cent, interest
ii „ i    i ii i ,     .-   i i i - lone as they did not display any nai
the dredge, will leave a   net ot  14,4       8 '   J     ■   '
Is per cubic yard.    Duduetin; sl   liHllll"l|l|J
The Tribune compositors resolulel,
refused lo be tied down as to who
wus the actual writer of the alleged
libel, bid wheli Houston   got.    ill   th
mouths up nor in.       in    was    un* ous   „„ i ,i     i      , ,, i-,,,,,„.n     f   >  ■- ■•      i	
( yon creek ana   Joseph Uuilipooll  ot,                                          ,               ,  box,     he s ton doretl all   tho   bam
lo 1,,,-i.Ib in   ellloM     i,i-,,vl,l,,'lc     I,,     ,1,1- ,                  ....                                               .10 per "cut.   Illtelesl   on     tin.     capital
to locate ii, tills,    proxitntj    to   tlie t||e   Accidental   claim on    Canyon  .    '     ,                                       '        and said whether hB white it cr   	
terminus of the Orand Trunk Pacific, fc                                                  """ '■"'
,.,         ..                  .                           ,   .,                 ...        HI II 1.1 UIS oi   , ,n* . .11111,1 I I lliov.     I licilie, , ,.„,,,,,.
Phe Ymir mineral   olnbit   winch   ,     ,., , .....    I1-"'1
!,ut like ...any others similarly   in-
took first prize at ihe Nelson  ft11"
lined, was unable lo a.certain   where!
, ,, lit o,  ., .is  ., un on*  o, ,i «.-.-i i iii ii    ., ii.-i ,- ■         i -  i	
|,ow on exhibition at Spokane,   where  „„. ,mi|1||1|s ,vil| ,„.      M|,    MoLcwJ  fpjni  the   foghorn   , ,   « -e   „
It   will   probably   seclro      »llotl;.'^ -.hi«kH that phobnbly   little   will   be «ouplo ofmen have I i   doing   Mi.
An impoi'tatit  strike is reported       The Ymir  Hospital.
This institution is now-   to   be   in-
■iwnrd. After the fair clas s, it wil
be shipped to the Toronto University
where it will remain as ,-.   perinuneni
1 and said whether he White it I r    IU
he  wus   responsible   for   everything
that appeared ,,l th" paper,   and    wi,-
prcpnit-d to stand    by    it.       This    i
nothing less than  could  be expected
I km
hi o.tl-id  i*   in    this    subject lf,ice work.     0
iiivc neeii   qoilig   sin-   :
, . . cori nrateil under the llfni'Volent    So   .from   th,!    vali.-.lit    liillle    .lohn,    III
ie ot    then,    who    was 1
i        ,    .      , , , I cletics Act, 1891,     The   articles   of though the retraction   which he is  i
I tur another twelvy months.    He wont  "own during the week  reported   un- ,i      ,-i        ,,-,- ,
. . ,    .         .   . . ,          ,    association are included   in   the   foi- publish -i  *."'   nmto   in   accordan
is ,„, as Port  Simpsdn   ami   every-   covering eight   feel   of   high   grade                                                          I' '
exhibit, and    useful n Ivcriise into ' .,,■..,.,■ d.-.-l,,.,.,.-:,.  -.•.h,.,.   !,:.   i„-n   ,i	
the resources     thi' can
. fat
,          ,         . ,      lowing declaration, which   has   been therewith
. where t'.iunil '.he people very   Btithus. g«lena ol'P) right on the surface. He       ,-,,,,      ,.   • ,      ,,        ,     , „,,      ...                ,,   .         . ,,
11                                ■ ,.    ,,   ,        .   i .i   .       i-i       •  i . .*    ,. hi.-d with  the    I, •gistrui-tleneral    at '| he trial however will    be   chiell
iast-ic over the proposed rath-vat   Cor--1 furtltol 'Stated that   while eight feet     .      .
,                                   '      '                           '                                ... \   ctorta. ,',.,,,,,i,,„,,-,.,               on            :l,i,-,i ml
was all that was t-xposeii so   far,    the,
..,,..,,       .   . ,   ,   IX tub Ji.vrTF.il ot-' tub  "iiiiNHvoLEST the jury who seemed  afraid to'toturi.
turlhcr wall   luel    not   been   reached                                                 n •■
,   ,,   '■                   KOCIBTIBK   \. -r, a verdict Of g(Jil IV and   \et.   did   nol
nu   un-   ..I,on oi      on;      -Va*-.    ptohllolS' ' *   .
greater,   The vein is ono of those out      WB«   ll Jowlgiieil, Andrew   want to let him oil,    Ft f,i* rumoured
  '                 thai a .-ent.-uc,   ,,, an    ItUllr    ill    Ji"o
iltsl   sullicient   tO eail-.e the     defend III
Hurry Wright    '   '    \. hus f I'om-.' strucliuli
isl'il  to assist Villi '.el',      possible . i lunnci   nun    nmi     nov    c
wav, iii securing      ehartei- uf  in,,,,*      " is 'l««tiim.ihle wl.elhel'   any   ofLnd the width of   ore   w
pornti  should   it   be   made  dear  Voters   whose names   have   been Lrmm,    The vein is ,me	
that the majoili     t   the  ihhahitaiits "'-""■'l"1 """■" ««l !'«' '•""" '"' »vl< L, ,,,.,,,,, Uy lUt. „„liM ,.,,lssc.,lt     T||U  Burgess, Alex CJdio, llobert   filliott,
areinfav i-of.lt, stop.    An t-n-iuir-, ,iu" l'"1'1 '*"• Ma*v' ttin how lm'" "" Utrike will prove of h.'.'-h   importance J P1'   ^'V 'imMV   H. MoIhooo, ot ,	
Intothdi    '-.hledost   ot'    ihuolpora- opportunity to tola al  II.U apbl I'- to the Foghorn mine, while the   pro    the Town of Ymir, in the Province of to loose his seal   in   parliament   w„
lion, reves fact, thai It)   follow iM^' '•'"'•,i""' w|liHl lllw l""'" '"'' f'"'  il' pertles in the immediate vicinity  will , BrilWl Columbia, tleclatc as   follows:; what ttai wanted, buf happily on tin
Ing the coUfse 'fpr.tce «:".• adopied in ,JlUo I""'",IS   tl!  ll'«  »dl   r"r    tl,u also benefit by it, as the vein  Is  said:     "' Wo desire to   form   ourselves partieulal-case tho jury cut no   figu-i
,,,     ,   . ,i , Cogrt of llevision.    Although i.l this   .   , .,   ,,     . i , ,■  iuto a Society under the provisions of at all,    The judge and lawyers   took
hther towns roee l.y   iiicorpoiated,   .. I to be tlacnalile Ihrougl, a nuniocr   ,.t i - '
i  , ,,        • , riding the election will   pi'ibihlv  not ,i of section 3 of the   ''Iti'nevoldnt   So-   it out uf their hands, probably   n.inh
luge sum can '"-   silvcll    HI    lawyers n ' - them. '
lake pin. a' until twit  weeks  or  morel cietiu* Act, 1891," Chap   11, Sec,  19,  to the delight of some of them,
after the date of the general   election I    Wb uiirterttnhl]   ihero   Is   a   deal      (2.) Tile intfeildod   'porate name
Thu little itt'lti ih ■• Nhlsoh 't'ri-1„n the 3rd, Nov., it. i-. hardly pro- pbiiding on lho Ciiiia.li.in Pacific
!,inn- a few days ufe, referring to hable thut thoso neW voters passed at group oh Wild Hoise eteek This
dead men drawing govern   • ■,, |.«y in the Court of   llevision  ou  the Oth, Igreup is situated   in   tho   immediate
ll"' Vmi'' |,itlinK. f"1' '' '  u'"1"   RP-; Nov., will be allowed to exercise the vil'i"it-v "''''"' 1)'"1 '""' ""''''   I'1"''"''1-
heurs to apply to   a   lit (It-   affair   at ,      ,.       ....        , .   . bio inilifes in  tile   Vmir shctlon,     It
'   , ','  tran.-liise.    Of th oho there are • I)    In   . ,   ,.   „ .....
Salmo.    Mr. Iteilwick, the gold  c s] lies abdut 200U feet east of thb Yum
miss, ,-, was down  oil   Wednesday | Ymi'' ' i"viilcial   Hiding      Fifty two mlne) „„, h a(ljU(.ont „„ t|„, U1,M   ,„
names were added at    the   ClJUl't  of   the WHoOx,    VVild   Httrso   Itlountoill
Kevisitln l.lst  .May  to    Hit'    H-,1     used   ou Which these properties lay, is   well
here nl the lust Provincial c IcctiUh,      known fof the character of   ita  veins
jf the Bociety is the   "Vmir Oeneral I    The 11. C. Standard Co    has   pui«
l((i   ,,al ■■   ' i, >|,M led the Di it :l   thiilii, which adjoiiiM
(3) The plil-poscs ol   the   Society the Double  Standard,   from   Arcl.i.'
(u.i The   establishing   and   main
tabling it   private   hospital   f ir   tin
treatment, of disenli
Hotel  Arrivals.
lust to investigate charges which   luui
been brought Ugaitist   Win,   e'eeney,
I he road fore.hi,„, ami   which    appear
to have been entirely U'ithoitt foundation.
The Por'td lticiJ Ijuttlbcr Ch's,    mill   i- oi... m •   ,.-u,,   i miiiiu   i„- 	
,.   ,   ,,      .       , ,-     . . , i group its, ll, which   consists    ..'I    loin
whisilo blew for aboiil In mi.dues   iiijulariu     Steady  rii.ging   itieahfl   fire.
Me small In,Uis of    the    '. ■ ill ili_     on   One stroke (pause) two sin,kes (pause, ,,   .
,,,,,., ' of |.aiiilli*l \ciir-, which arb atso   true
Hondny last and pretty i Iy  every   three strdkesi moans a ca   I'm-help to  „
ii ,,, •  . ' ,        , l|-'"1
W.i.ihoui Hh'lT.l.:—J,   Tl'ebeljah,
11 ) The iti-st trustees ol luitnaglng   Poplar,   A. Frehch,   Alex,     trwil
ofllcors sh.-tii   he   the   fluid   Andrew  SalihO.
IJtir-css, Albx. Oddle, Ubhert Ulllott
|l,.« rldfsl      M. Catllpbell,   Ni I
-on, W. Johnson,   Montreal     W,    l
  which al'ri truo Assures, flmh which  » Joseph .Leahy and W   I). Mclsaae. ,    v,    , ....
grot deal of profitable 0|u    Ids   been        ,-, ,  Tim Hillll Lrilslees or   nian.i'iii" ... ti ,    ,     \i-      ,i     i -
fire i-l.il-r f.iir.-v lots pii-pui-Pd    tho8,      ,   ,        pi       ,.       I, i.    -n I''1""    " ' " ''       "M" "'"- To, reiu-e, Alohti.-.o. I . W      Huikley,
" '.' extradted.      Ihe   Culadlali     Pao.fic 0||jci!r-, M|,al hold olllco at the will   ot ,•,„.„„,,„.   ,     i-.i!,.,     \,.i„„      .
lollou |||g signals lor bundling the fire I ,   .,.      ,., ...    ,. .   , ,      , VancOtHer,   •!.     a ,     .s.ison.    ,i
I group itself, winch   consists   ol    lour ., ,...,   ..f ,i„, s',, ,,.     , .
i,,w ii granted dlhi;ns, has a   hutubcr
tho inbitibcl < of lho Society, und the
said meniiie!-' of tl." Society shall at
any meeting of tile H icitity h.ud pd
lire, n.tliani, Spok me
Cil»ii0l'0I.ITAN        lb. i. .        II        I1
1        • ,        any meeting ot unc nocm, ,.a>.  ,».- y ,..,..,. M,. y|lp;,,
,,,.,,., llssHll s,  HIM    .-lie   I'ei'V S III I .11' 111 cull    - .... ,,, ,,,,,,.|   ,,||„.,. Iril'lei-s  in  t|ie    |. lice
body put thoir lieH/ls iMit of il„    ,vin    |ml„||d   tho hoso wli,.,i ilryihtt and ,     ,, ,.. 1        ' II   McDonald    V * „     •»- ■■■<.:■   fiv,
acted to those winch are   now being „{ t|,,. ,1,,.,, incumbents in olliee,
Oil's 10 -ee .'.hit    the    n ,n   r    was  I reeling i, up after u-
fotllillg I... ..' Ill -i'.'iit  no.. i,f    them I 	
returned to tlieil' shniibers. Those that i
I'lime doWil  lo   llivestlgnte   however,   .,
10 l-o.i'ib o»
worked so profitably oh tl
July and Wil,•.,';. Assays on llie
Canadian I'm ilic ore Ipi.c inn to
S'JI in gold pet   ton      There is    every I A. U    1901
. I I'iiksiiVtbrian Cm lion- M -,, n i n
t-.niul thai   thi'    w,-il     •"in    h'ul    lied I   ,      . , ,
... , Servicl -, I . a. in . Sunday school   I'i-,
tui- w pi. lie open,    wbd-'t    pc    toii-.-hl    ,,      . .      _ ., ,        „ , pi-oliabihlv lluil   Willi    luh'llllutn    do
...... , ,   , , Kvemng scnii.e, ,..1(1.      Ifouti'j   Pen r
'"'■, ".,„'""I  """'M   ,"'l",,,tl   pies' Society im+U on Pliday  evening velopH.etll  k the Caimdiai. Pacific,
lldllels.      II,chic   was    iitncklV    sup- ... ', .. ,,,       , . ■ ;    .
I ii >,., imony w hurd'ifi we have
made and siglll'd this ,!•- I.iinl ion In
duplicate, this SO day of   Si>| tember,
11;-ss*..,, wiiii,mt much da
at 8 o'clock.    All lll'O welcoille,    lief,   would SHon  b io   a-   profitiibln   it |
II. V......   M   A;,' Pastor, |prdilllccf its ltd hbitr ntfiglibolft,
Nelson; (j. Ditvie-   Porto II    -  <'    II
Hunt, Mal'ctts, Wash   T    Cull,    -
don; Wiii. Alt. it   >'•
Mi i.i-M, Hdn >.    W    If,   llivi
1,,-iiii'iid---: M, lliui'l,     Li'thbrid
T S  Hurley, f   I': mf, I I     x; ipn  -.
. hil      Hill   .Mcl.'iirl
\\-   ||, \p |H.*,A,-, .1 ,,.   St'-tlitig, ',' -i ...    \ '-',
:!,,-   1,1- \ni I A, I.  isecue.l. Vmi,   ■,- ,
iVShlll'll   I'.. i ' , s*.
\i i;\. IIPPIH,
III .lu.i! i   I'il.ri-ii .
^ What  Ihe  Scheme   Will
A feature of the discussion of the
(iiaiid Truhk Pacific sohoine is the attempt of the machine press to minimize lho ini| oiiiini question of the
cost to the people, When the Grand
I runk Hail way Company   evinced   n
desire lo cnler the Not til West, il
approached the Ottawa government
and slated ill a petition which it pre-
si nted thai it was prepared, with
reasonable aid, to build a line ,,t' railway from North Hay to the Pacific,
and to agree to terms under which
the business of the road should be
brought to Canadian ports. The
company, if subsidized, would have
made Montreal, Quebec, Halifax, und
St. John its Eastern outlets
The cost lo the country uf this pro
positioi. would have been us follows;
Bonus for a   railway  from
North Hay to the Pacific
coast, 2,400 at $6,400 a
inille §15,300,000
Now, there are lines already in operation between North Day and Winnipeg. One of these—the Canadian
Northern, from Port Arthur, was
bonused by us on the distinct understanding that when the Grand Trunk
wished to get into the West it should
have the right to use it, on reasonable terms. A wise Government, in
aiding the Grand Trunk to enter the
West, might have said to it that it
had better use, until its business began to cull for a new line, the rails
already in existence between North
Hay, Port Arthur and Winnipeg. In
that case the Grand Trunk would
have reached Winnipeg at once, and
would have had to build only from
that city. The aid for a road from
Winnipeg west would bine been
llontis from   Winnipeg    to
the   coast,    1,1500    miles
at $0,400,1 mile 1*0,000,000
The Grand Trunk could thus have
been carried into the Went for SO,-
000,000, or $15,3(10,000, according to
the agreementi and, as the application of the company shows, the pub
li,.- aid would have secured a contract
under which tho Eastern business ,,f
the company would be handed over
to the Intercolonial at Montreal to bo
carried to Canadian ports. The
scheme, ns thus outlined, would havo
given competition in rules, and wouid
have opened up new tcrritovyeconom
icully to ihe country. Wc should
have        had        an nil-Canadian
rullto, and our own Govet'limeill road
would haic SCCUl'ed    business,    while
i »■ r own p,,iis would have got trade.
'Ihe l.-iurier Go.'urnmenf would nol
bine thi-. There was no jobbery in
it. There wen- no offices for hungers1
nil, and no contracts to sweat,
Hi ilu- Ministers th,' admission of
the Grand Trunk into th" West on
-u, li reasonable terms was stoutly ,.'-
sinicd,    If lho company insisted upon
going ill, III SO small n cost to the
i am. I V, it should hot go    ill    at    all.
Then enmo ihe Government Scheme,
un ulll'i'i,alive which wnft so bull, so
c\| ensive, and so stupid thai Mr
Hlail'i the greatest I ail way expert in
the Cabinet, gave up his portfolio
l.ither thai. 10 hast- anything to ,!u
with it, The estimate which Mr.
I.l.iir lho leading   hibw-ul  authority
i i. railways, gtlVe of the eo'.t of ibis
thing lo the taxpayer was $130,000,-
HOU A grPai company enlhe fo Otta-
i ii with a petition offering to kiin-
linne its line Into the  Wet   fur   the
1 i f either $0,(100,000 or of $15,
.' 10    nccoWlii.g to the   j ..iii. i   at
which the woll,  wus tli hh eoltiihence.i
.,i,,l the Ministers  nl ttlally  ttirned
to il and -.lid I lull Ih'cV would llol
consider nin kUc.Ii inoiierap' pvbbosh
lion, If thh i oinpany Wished lo e.\-
, ml lo ilu- i mist Ii must agree lo
terms uiidcl .illicit Hit)   takpaycrx   of
lid. ,,,mill v Would be rcp.il.'I lo
\ ..• up .it least $l!)D;000,000 il, .ash.
\ ,      ini'b .Mi. Blair spoke, the tfrtlis
I n\i been revised, and the cost, to the
11.1,nii v bos b'-eti   increased.      It   ii
Interest on   mounlai,
quite difficult   to   determine   lo-duyl    thereafter
the exact size of   the   obligation   we   Bridge at Quebec
have to assume, owing to  the circumstance that the   liabilities   ure   of   n
mixed character, and   to    the further
fact thai much depends upon   contingencies,    Hut a very moderate calculation places ,'.(• cos, lo the public   at
from $150,000,000 lo   $170,000,000
Clark's   Furniture   Store |
,.   ,, -..,. ,"*...... .,„,      Mail orders promptly attended to
Cost to countrv    ¥104,010 500 •
This docs not  include   it    variety   of   Bntcil Stiickt
contingent expenses   or    of    pro!,aide '
liabilities, which 'ought  really   to   be |
Undertaker   and    Furniture     Dealer
Fresh Bread Every Morning
MltS.  .-'now,:, [st, Ant.wi:.
Two rooms to rent   for    light    house
One of the Mrs.,    things    .1     under   considered.      it,loos    not    take    in!,,
the agreement is to eivo   the   Grand   -wnwderotion tlie-low   upon   dupiica-
ling the Intercolonial, tho cost of
keeping up the Eastern section, the
loss on bonds through having to Boat j
thein ut ,-,. discuunt and to redeem !
then, at their face value, or the loss
ilint will be incurred if the railway
docs not pay its obligations. The
figures are a tremendous argument
for Mr. Borden's plan, which will be
cheaper,    better,    and    all-Canadian.
There arc 37 miles ,,f underground
tracks in the Fayal mine at Kveleth,
The Stevenson iron mine at Ribbing, Minnesota, .shipped during the
month of JulyJ.-isl 354,000 tuns of
iron ore.
The steel ore cars in use for   haulage of   iron   oie   in   Michigan   and
Minnesota _carry     oU    tons.        The!
wood ore car, of which a great   many ]
arc still in use,   averages   about   l'5 j
Numerous tests have been made ill I
concentrating  platinum ores     which
are   pronounced    successful,    by    the;   jj.
Elmore process of   oil   concentration |   jC
on magnetic sands carrying gold   and !   J
Trunk a bonus of $26,000,000. This
grant is made, not by taking the money out of the public treasury, but by
authorizing the printing of stork to
that amount and the passage of such
stock, free of charge, over to the
Grand Trunk company. This pro,-ess
of subsidizing is insidious and novel,
t'h.e (love,-nine,it says to the (.hand
Trunk: "We cannot very will give
you §25,000,0,01) in cash, as we are
really building the road ut the public
expense. Hut we will authorize you
to receive stock to the tune of $25,-
000,000, without paying one cent for
it." The public provides the cash
and credit with which to build the
road. The company gets §25,000,-
000 of slock for nothing, and draws
profits upon it.
The first expense we have, then, is
this grant of $25,000,000- as much
cash as the country gave for lho construction of the Canadian Pacific
liailway-s|is a bonus to the company,
Having given 825,000,000 to ditto the company we proceed t.. build
for tho company a line of railway
1,1.00 miles long between Mmicton
and Winnipeg. One feature of ihis
line is the fact that it runs parallel to
our Government railway—the Intercolonial, between Quebec and Monc
ton, Its purpose is to take away the
business of tho Intercolonial and lo
make the road cost the country more.
What the damage will be it is dilli*
cult to estimate, bul it will be very
considerable, The line between Quebec and Moncton cannot be In,ill for
one cent less than $40,000 a mile. Its
1,000 inih s will cost us  175,000,000,
It will take eight or ten years to
build, and .luring that period the
money placed iu it will lie idle. The
interest on' the money employed during construction will be ut least $10,-
000,000. When the line is completed wc lease it to the Grand
Trunk Pacific for ten yens for notb
ing, the rent for tho last three years
to be added lo the capital amount
If we ure paving il l-i! per cent, for
tbe 675.000,000 wo have borrowed
with which to build the road, lho
Cost to us of leasing il to the (Iran,I
Trunk for nothing will be $8,635,000
a year, or $20,850,000    for    the    ten
Vent's.    At the end ..f the  ten  years
the company is to  pay   rent—.'I   per
cent   on the amount invested   by    us.
We borrow tbo monoy to   buil I   the
,-omi „t ;t I ■>  | er   cent.     Then   we Iono thousand stamps in'its six   mills.
rent the road in the  company   at    3 j Hmh cyanide plahtv   have   been    .n-
,„.,■ cent.    We lose half per cent,  pet  1,ii'«'m1 lo k,,(T 1"""' wilh ,,IG oruahinR
annum for forty years on this   trans' capacity of tho   stamp   mills.     The
action, and the loss,   at   8110,000   tt.| largest itom of PXpeuso is charged    to
year, is in all   $10,400,000,     Oil    top
Newly furnished throughout.    Sample rooms in connection.
Kates $1.50 to $2.50 per day.
FINLAY   McLEOD, Proprietor
M. TAIT. j. ruddy
Wc    carry    the    lending   brands     imported      Liquors
and Cigars,  .Stout,   Ale,   Brandy   and   Wine.
>*-)•?•?•?*•>•)*)•»*»-J-J-J-5S-J-J •J-J*i»»-J*»9*»^»-»**J-J»*»**»**^>->**-»*>**i
There is probably as much interest
manifested in the operation of the
Homestake Mining company as there! (8
is ii, any similar mining company in
the world. Each annual report is
scanned by thousands, not alone by
those who are interested in the financial end of the. company, but by op
eratoi'8 and those interested in mining in general. The report contains
much of interest, It shows that the
bullion receipts amounted lo §4,800,-
558 4S, showing an increase of $873,-
(i I (i.l I ovr the year previous. There
were 1,299,057 tons of ore mined and
milled during the past year, which
gave an average of $.'l.(i9.r> per ton.
This was 15,6 cents higher than that
for lUO.'i. The report shows that the
1,100 foot shaft, reached a year ago,
proves that the ore bodies extend lo
that level, as well as the values. This
shaft has now reached a depth of
1,250 feel, and another level is now
being driven to the ore. "One hundred
stamps have been added to the mill,
which glvos   the   company   an   even
Shirts and  Overalls
When they   conic from
Fuctory at Victoria.
P. O. Uox 56,     >     Nelson, 15. C.
Union   Label   on   every  Garment.
FOR   THE   NEXT   30   DAYS   WE   WILL    GIVE
20 per cent, discount
for easH	
On Clothing,  Furnishings, Boots,  .Shoes, Hats and  Caps,
In  Groceries  we   DEFY   competition.
We will not   be   undersold.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
of this we have to bit) tho great
bridge al Quebec for #0,0-78,000 und
to keep tl..' line between Winnipeg
und Moncton in   "betterment*    for
labor account, and during the year
the company disbursed one million
nine hundred thousand dollars to its
employes, Twelve dividends of it
cents n share, amounting to a total  of
ever.    What this lust obligation   will  six hundred  and  finy-llvo thousand
cos, ii". it is impossible to guess,
Turning to the far West, we have to
guarantee the capital and interest ot,
ihicc-fottrths of the est of construction, whiitovei1 it inay'be.'and III ad
tlition we pay the interest >.n f2fl,
000)000 of bonds for soveil years   out
of lilt! pilblit! treasury. This al (\ per
edit., Will cist us $-307,000 per annum', or $4,882,500,
and two hundred dollars were paid
to tlif stockholders. The following
amounts iveie paid for tho supplies
HolV are the figttl'OS, so fur lis   ll.cy |      Silv<-'''  P,lltIn8
.". 000,000
cm, be lunlle out.
Subsidy to the    Gram!
Timit- i„ stuck 4 23,000,000
Building of the l-'istcri,
'■eel ion
Inicus,   during    COll"
sli .let i.Ill
l.ri.iiss'itn of Wllt.ll fof
It'll ysal '•
l.oss in iiil..'"''  chal'gta
for     forty     year*
Wood and limber
Iron for foundry
Blasting powder
Other supplio*.
t 10.838
Please forward Tin-: Ymih Menu.,, for
ill.Mil ll
tl) i
and acknowledge receipt of enclosed f  J
2 Tim Hkbalo is published  c\i'\y Saturday morning and
<■* contains all  the  news of the camp.
t 1< iTKs--»'t<u  Yum, f2j llu.r Vi:.ut, $1. ♦
-» h
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦->♦-»■♦ ♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦*»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*■>-> o
riie Mutual Life Cnsurance Company of A. V,
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
A policy in it is the safest inveslnieiit known 1,, ninth
Mr. T ..I. Oriel'   is  superintendent     ('ash invested in Lifo Illsin'ftllCO is cash invested thill    wil
Iof this immense industrial enterprise, return compolliul interest.
10,000,000 and for Skill and management he I.as.    All successful business 111C11  carry   Ini'gti   iliuoilntfc   of Iii.
shown a master minvl    lie has gath insurance,   li provides fur the family, protects n itittn it
4d,.i,in,ooo ereti ..,-ou„d him a force of men who|ol(l Hg6' and jjotibctH his oth.-r investments.    I''..i'  pa"
I ure  not   cxcellutl    in    the   mining
1    Ills
1    'in
Jan)' form of life insurance apply ti
Percy J. Gleaz«r, Local flat"*
1 i,, [i il,,. en in,-,■-,,. m-unlur.l pr -.
I'I ,1,1-, 11.1,   BV 1 ,0.
itr.ii.M.n  puiii.isinsu . ..mi'an'.
II.   IvKAltXS,   MANAOhli.
SATURDAY. OCT., 8, 1904.
THE YMIR HERALD   w.i^.io»i«d.p.i™tu..
i'i a ot prosperity mid progress   under
,.,,.,, „ ,    , ., , ,        , the Liberal rule.    Wo   suppose   that
I ,,l,l,,-l,,-,| ,-v,-rv Sillurilny,iii,l iniillcil  tonnyi ''
-,,!,h-,-—. ,,r .i,.|iv.-r..,i.., enrrier in town. everv great nation had „ beginning nt
.-,c,*,*r-,.ii..„-,:x'nii,-r iiiiiiuiii, ],:,>„!,:,■,:,-,-i-  some time, and fro,,,   that   beginning
it was hound io progress on.      ftome
Aflvi't-lisiiig r;.i,.-. II.00 i„-r inch  per imnuli  ' ,- i ,, ,
iin.c*. h, cause   "1    good    "ovei nun*,a,
,'iik  llmuLU can 1„- luid   from  Hit  Itti I,,,-.- ' , •,      .■ i     i
someti s ni si.itc ,,t had government.
,    v*.!...C..r- in Hi- Ui-ir,.*:  ■ ■:   ,-.,„   ,„•   ,,:,,:, ,„■,!
..,;,■.„,,, ni..,.. I' is,, poor iirgu-nienl to  saj    thai
r,>a,iii.-r,.iil  printing  •■'   uviti    dxcrlpiloi, | because the country progressed,    during a   <•->■ ,;,in    p,--i iod,    therefore    itn
| I
goveriiint-iii must have been good.    I. \
i is equivalent lo saj ing that naturu
causes, such as immigration, sprfiul
ihg tradp, and the opening up of in
dustries bused on natural ro-sources, i
have nothing to do with i.. Tlie
Liberal plea that Canada has I,ecu
prosperous because the reins of government were in the hands of I.au-
rier, is a very hard lo [.rove, and, in
I fact, no easier than at an attempt to
| prove that the progress has been
made in spite of Liberal misrule. As
ii mutter of fact Canada has progressed, primarily, by the opening up of
its natural resources, by an evci
increasing population, by the exploit*
i.ti.-n of its intrinsic wealth, and the
facilities given it by the Canadian
Pacific Railway of plaoing its coins
muddies on the world's markets. And
to the Conservative government must
be given the credit, of that legislation
which made the trans-continental
line a possibility, and opened up the
way to the years of prosperity which
the Liberals claim to be the result of
their own superfine legislation.
Lihaal - Conseivallve Candidates for Pattiament.
For lCootenny Hist rid,
C,'!.\l;l,KS   ll.   MACKINTOSH,
(if  Rossland.
For   Yul.'-Cariboo   District,
Of  Grand   Forks,
New  Westminster District.
.1.   D.   TAYI.OI..
(if New Westminster.
A- wo announced two weeks ago, a
prominent Llossland Libesal has been
appointed returning officer for the
federal election in this district. Mr.
John Boullbee is the gentleman referred to
While tho plainest oi
all rings, they are the
most important and
the most constantly
Hence tho ilesirnblll.v of
having them well -„„l .'..„>-
fortabtv proportioned. I.l
"Kyrie ' ring* ure. Scut
for mail-order catalogue.
Our wedding rings are
of solid 18k. gold and
range from $4.00 lo
birsl -class i lining Uuutn.
I'.r--t    l.thinls   nl'  Wiiu's.
Liquors and (d'gni's.
(,\\ 1-: n 1 ..id;. Prop.
Second Ave.
Wilson & Harshaw
Draymen anci
i'MIR,    I',.    U.
i 1 milling heavy I'reiglil .
(lori'csijonilencn [ivoni})! h
attondecl in.
Mining Agent      -      Stocks and Shares
Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York.
Maryland ('usually Company.
London Mutual hire Insurance Company.
Ottawa Fire Insurance Company.
Ahiiiit >i ton nnd ;. half ot literature tolling about what the Liberal
Government has done for Canada,
was distributed from the Ymir posl
jlii-e this ivee'-f. The pamphlets told
a lot of what had been done, but left
out ii lot nunc which has also been
done by the s.iirl government, und
about which the less said llie belter.
Another (,,,1 und a half could bo
iv Kitten about «hot il sjiouhl have
done ,-uul did'nt. The pamphlets
were marked "wilh W. A. Clallihers
compliments."     The   voters   of   tin-
Kootenuv    I'idillg    would    hive    felt
more "complimented" if Mr. Oalliher
Inul noteust the slur upon 1 hem, of presuming they Mould follow  like sheep
llu- trend of the election elsewhere,
nnd for thut purpose turned the   olec
I ion here int., what is tantamount   to
II hve-. lection.
The cnili.t between the G, ft, 1!.
nnd the ('. I'. It. for British Columbia freight, Is .1 striking testimony,
not only to present importance of the
freight in question, but to coidldcitce
existing in tie- minds of the great
railway magnate*, ns to the future
growth of this I'roiinn-.      Doth  the
big lines ure extending tOlinClCS into
the southern purls of Ihe I'loviin-e to
draw the freights to their main lint's
Doth me taking a pal't iu other in -
tlustl'illl i-nti-l pluses, wh'u hv ll....
iu,-mis the w hole of I he lliiullllg coll
Itectod with til,,-"  iiuiu-tl ies   ciili    be
The Liberals throughout the country ure making records for themselves
ns adepts .it the mt of winning olec-
I ions in spile of the voire of the   |	
pie.    Several Ontario members   have
nirendy   been   unseated   for corrupt
practices.     The    "Toronto   .Midi   und
Empire" summing up the case sue;
"So fur us we huve gone it, is made
plain enough that the l!,,ss Ministry
is njscieutiHc conspiracy of wickcdnass,
having for its object the exploitation
of tlie. public resources und the robbery Of the electors.
The thing is brazen in its criminality and impudent in its hypocl'isy.
The principal men talk of purity and
honor Ull  the    platform,    while   tliei
Notice .s hereby given that I shall
...1 Monday ihe ?th, ilny of November
A. 11. Hint, nl tin-hour ol 2 ,,'clo'd, in
the afternoon, at the Forresters Hall In
Yniir, hold a C, un of Revision ot
Register of Voleis to be prepared by
me under ihe provisions if tlie "Provincial I'd, ctious Ad.'' 1001
'.'..li d at Yniir -Sept. 1-t, I ..ol
T.   11.   ATKINSON,
Registrar«( Voters,
V.MlIt, 11. l*.
TlIK   I'd-'.sT   Ull.'.M. til-'  IniMKS'l'K
at rni':
All work entrusted lo us is neatly ami
promptly   executed.
The Kootenay   Stand
M W.'I'.MTl 111.0   BV
'~J.    C.   Ihelin  &   Co'.
Nclsoll.  I'-,  ('.
ardGents    Furnishings   Store
(Under entirely new management.)
Dining Uoom nnd Bar
snpplietl wi'li tho bosl
in tlir market,
paid agents are corrupting   the   olec- I |i0t6l    •    .     •       •
tors or stulliing .he hallut boxes.
Hired thieves rob the people ,,f llu-ii
public possessions ,-uul  of  their  fran
chises,   ivbilo  professi d   hypocrites
and iv hi ted sepulchre, who quietly
encourage the iv mug, are pretending
through 11 c. rrupl press that lies,-
things ought nol to he. and that lie-
small ,.Menders not the big 1..seals
ought to   he   reprimanded,      Wi,
have pas-'il from  Ol igillill    sin    I"    a
combination   of   brassy   fraud    and
slimy hyi ri-v.     Is it  not    lime    1,,:
p.it an ,-nd lo this    situation!'
Close upon this comes news Of    the '
conspiracy for the election ofCollgdon
in the Vtlkoil district, where a  rieoid
The only reliable and tip*toilato Men's Outfitters
in Yinir. Our goods are the best quality, and wc
il.. in.1 propose to be undersold.    ::;::::
A full line of Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes
llighl   opposite  ilepot,   i mir
j I ,,i- i- tl,,- .un,' ,,t lie. \e.ir to gel your plus ot He III1V1Y Btilopl |ll -     '
luiuiitir'.    Iron I1-*.I-.. I.inoli inn-, Hugs, Carpsls ami llaillmookn
J0HN imRAU' ''"'I1' ,.,,|.|;   ackn'i'.s   1.111   TUB    \lA.-,i\-l:iscil    1'IANO
Controlled.    Witness the   ('.
I has been made hv    the    Libe-ul
smelter at Trail, and the 0.   N.    It's, j"1'1""   politicians,   which    outclasses
acquisition of briul measures  in   lid  anything ever ercd   to   Tammany j
Koot.-nay.    Mrtro recently ami   in,.:,
-hiking still i-. th,- acquisition l.y  llu
A 1 nun load of ihe  ctltttrol   of   tin
Uranby company at Phocui.t, ivliitih
is by far the biggest customer of tie-
railroads in 'In' l'c iuco to day.
There •••-.,> hi' ml better <-i iileni 0 as to
lho pel mail.'lice ut ll,,* | i Nblll ileitis-
tiiis of the I'r.ciiee, and tilt) Ctlnfl
•f tleiice i>\i -i in" ..f their large growth
in the near I'm uret
Hull. .Tho 0i'it press h   vainly   en-
delivering lo   .-as,   doubt   Upon   the
truth of the  report';    sent   OUI    from
I li.i-A-on, but every mail brings further conflrinntioil, and nldiltlncnl
Vaiteouver merchants convorsattt
.villi  tile   slate   of   a (Tub's,   in   the
inn them capital, fully c inBrill,  frum
their..«n    pol-soiiui   knowledge   the
fuel (If tile  i--.i-r.-n, c   of   ,1   pnliliciul
eiie-piriiey of lho '",,-,1  Inn.I
\\\§ j Sterling
v       '"        "       ipoon td A thoui
onil doltdr pre-
ituUtlon wt.
Mctiry ttltklft
BODS1     fmilitlf.
for ntftklhg nlfd
lllVCfWAfk rt"'
^ouei4<d -'Y ii"
niiipr ctfnceru hi
ct*hfT iUi. ArtlitlcdMlgn-
cri, modern mn«*)tltn»ry. inwt Ik Hied Imnd-
workers, All under the direct lupervltlbu 'i*
; ,, •■ I mefflberfl of tlie firm, make on un*
equalled tOmbJuaUoU for liirniufi cut fine
\^*iltr for Iltunlrhitrd cnlnlodiie.
uift »••■<■.1* :
Sterling Silver,
Silver i>late,
Watches, etc.
Henry liirks&Sons
JlWlHtn 10 II . I  -1. r,|.|.,y
Ih-* hililMima
Furniture Dealers and Funeral Directors
N.P,      \\ -   le ngi',,18 for thu Mlll'Sllilll  Sanlt.il'J   .Miltr,-.--,  and   lie-  (Slob
s,. Uonal Hook Uiwtu am! Klh J
I l.-.il. I    ill Sl.'iplr illl.l  h'lUH'V   I i I', u-.'l ir       MilH'l   ■    Silllllli
I'll;, nh.'l -. Sink--,  Mill-.   (tloVOH      l.'lll.lu'l'-..     1 'll.l.-i'
wen.    (hci'iill-.     I'ni.'iu      Vll'ilifiiii
Slni ilnici \
NBLSON «, <2.
HOX \W> s
Aboul your cm-- when in Nelson, ii will help  you   in  i-nitr
the Fair.      We giinnuilee tirsl  elass   satisfaction.
Wc have on hand a very larjje slock offline I,'.   I;.   Wateli,
all constructed for this particular purl of the conn try.
Sec lit. nt al the I air.
Manufacturing Jewellers and Opticians.
!    K, \\    \\ iddowson,
C, Mil.NV
Mi-   Ciou,
I'cci .,. (Jlea'/.er.
ci ri-,,1 it.
.1, l,u I'hilliert.
1 III    1100113    ANll    i.KN'l-   I I KNlulllNOS
li. (hinii P.
|m-I'.ii-„v Jobbing Co.
;\', « ill   .V   CO.
i .fi.-M rri.i-:   iiK.n.i.it
William Clark.
1).  Cuni| II.
llesliiis.i'y Jobbing Co.
s  H. Seaney.
(.'nsf.inpiditnii—lolui Un in.
Mi Uml lb us..—Finlay Mcl.eoil.
Alien   Labor    Legislation, Iwiiini d the government    of   tl x*.      Millet-House—8 Miller.
I pense and difficulties in   I he    waV   „f!     '•";"'"-'1 '"< * Ruddy.
Vim°^   " t0rU3ti"«    "Vtow   *■«•"«   the   , cssary   authority   for       IsM^-V^Z^L
Of the alien labor legislation at  Otta-  Rllf„rcing    the   Act,       Mr.    Clarke'    Vinir-J. \V. Musterson.
wn, is a feature of tho   current   issue I n,ovw] „,, amendment to the bill so as   lu'ns   ruKNisillNa   and    .iii.i*inki*y
"f the Independent, the spry   weekly  tu enable the fines to be recovered   in      »••''•• •'■•>■" MoLeo.l.
published at Vancouver in tho   inter-  tho usual way before any police   mag I "'MN''   '"''" ''
est of organised labor, i        ....     ., .1    l'o-.v .1. (il. ;•/.-,-.
1*111X1 INli.
lb-r.ild Publishing Co.
61 .VI lo.SI.I.V.
I). I '.implied.
I NUHli'l'AKKlt.
tslrnce, etc., under   tho   proi ision   of
The history „f   this   legislation    in ,,,-ticle 98, of the criminal    code,    but
Canada, this review   shown,    reflects *|.o   ,,„,,,,,„„,,,    ,„„,,,    lhis   ,,„„.„ |
hadly o» parliament fr my  point Mr. Puttee voted with Mr   Clarke
of view.    "In few   words  it  is   Unit      What did all this n.eai.i    tn 1902,1    S. H. Seaney
the interests of the   labor   organi/.a on Apri| 3lHti it wn8 8ail,   hya   f(),J trasistbiu
lions instead of being protected,   have |mvo, of l)|0 Kove,,n |M -„ ||ic,   ||0ng0|    llsistiniv & Wdson,
l^en shamefully trilled with." „f commons.    The goer nil    have     t^Ztn '"""•'•
When, opposition,   before   1890,   ill(, ,,„, „.,, „.,.   ,aw    ,„   pmn   t)m|
Sir Wilfrid i.aurier (then Mr.    I.aiir* !,,,„. i, ,,. , ,,  ,i,-„„   ,        , ■,,     ,,
ini'} ll avc nol lung   lo   ,!,,   unh    Ihe      William Clurl
iir) and men whom he afterwards re* •   • ■
v,nrded with high judicial appointments (Messrs. Mills and U'raser) do
u,ui,iced the principle of alien label
la..-- as "illiberal" and "barbarous."
In 1800 I.aurier as prime minister
denounced this legislation ,-,s n blot
on the statutes of the   United  Stales
and  insisted that   if copied il   Would be
a blot on ours. Public feeling however, was soon urouscd hv the treat-
niont of (lantidians   in   tho   Unil, d
Sl: Ies and something had to be done
After considerable compulsion the
government reluctantly, iu ls'.'T, produced an "amorphous boteh" in tho
shape of the alien labor labor ui I ol
thai year,
The minister in charge. Sir l-ouis
I levies (now u judge), I.rough', i, ill
between his finger  and   thumb    nilh
To Fill Your Wants In   The   Following
Stationery,   Confectioneries,    Pipes   and   Tobaccos,
Groceries, Provisions. Gents Furnishings,
Boots and   Shoes.
We will cheerfully refund you your   money   it'  goods   purchased here aro not as represented.
©UR G©©DS ARE N0. 1.
Prices are as low as any   in    Kootenay,    and   we
want your trade.
Ymir Transfer Co.
JACKSON & I.KA11V, Props.
Teaming and
Express ....
All orders promptly attended to
and the greatest care exercised in the
handling of goods
Headquarters for flining
and Commercial Men
—s-yrflfr.* i»t-«r-ir-«---.-n Tr-ip - ■-1 .W.MnCUTZ,'?-"*
enforcement "•' tlie Act." And -,, it
cuno to puss that after yearn of linlt-
eriic- will, a piece of legislation tin v
did noi believe iii, tho government
tried to wash their hand- of this
"illiberal" and ''barbarous"    business,
Ci-.id'i io . tt: or 1311'1(0\ i.mi-'.nts
} unci-;.
This could not   altogether  happen, I, . ~~T.     ,     ,  ,, .
. . " Buyonnn, Oxford  Maryland, Oelownro
m '" IJ "- "'"" tbe elections impend L'oltimlms Ohio. Kentucky, Nov Jer-
ing, Sir William Mulock hiboicd. Bey, Virginia and lIlinuLs Mineral
end of the session, on the -'.ni,   duly.   i'jsi,i,.|
In ils original form il got sympathy, Where located!- <>n North Pork of
uul approval    f i    many   quarters.  'Sll""nil ''""'k ,     _    .   . .    u
'I AKK KOTICIi llml   I-     I'.' "h'lick    S.
Cold,  Silver, or   head    -    81.Q0
Copper,      - -    -      Sl*oO
(I, ,1,1 Silver,      -     -       - 91.50
Charges for other metals .... ap
Provincial Assayer
, brought forth    a bill at    the   &*,,'claims sltiiulcJ   in   lho   tioiil    Itiver  j  ,.,,, tji-awcr A 1 I 3,    Y.il I li, 1!.<\
. Mining Division  of   West    ICooteuuj :j	
Most comfortable hotel in the  district.    Everything first-class.
YMIH,  1!. C.
4 4
t Hotel Ymir j
The Best Meals ?
And Accommodation
In Town.
X A fi nt* selection of AN mes, t
4 t •                     1  i '•                   'T
*■ 1.11 morsiiiid (  irars.      ♦
4 '                                        T
I J   W.'MASTERSON,     Prop.  X
ll was a long bill, and i.    lay   (pn'cs (jhnieiils acting as agent for l'rank 0.
cent   until    the   session   had   almost llihilon   Free   Mineis  Uel'lillculo   No.
,  ,     ,,     .    . ,     . It.   M.e'.iu     and    (leorgn     Harrison
•,"1'"1'    »» tho oth   August   It    ..;.-, ,.-,,.„ Mih,,,,. -.....(iii,,,,,. No. U. 81.8TB,
broughl    forward—it    was    brought   Intetitl. sixty days from llie (late hereof,
lo apply   Lo  tie-  Mining  ll,.-order for
forward pui| Iy to   bo   slaughtered  eurtillcalt'S   of   improve uts, for ihe I .Mail orders receive prompt attention
—first mangled and  emasculated   by  purpose of oltaining Crown grants of |(|HN  pjjILDBHT,  Proi
tin* tthovu claims,
its father In the C mons,   then    lo]    And further  ml... nolle.- thai aeiion  I nLlf.„m., ^	
M E A T   M AUK ET Spokane Falls &
Wholesale and Retail
the remark it »..s a bill   "which   1....I   „, -,   ,,    • ,    „ -   ,,    r,
gel  ,18    ouii-lu.    ,n Ihe BO,lit", , ...   ,
not much   porsoual   svinpathy    Iron.!      „,    ,, b.-fora ihu issuance of such eertll|ciuus ]
. .    ., |    " I he In.tor\ ,,| the hill,'   the Tncle-  ol improvement.
under section 1)7, must he commenced
Mr. ,P„ .ing, 'k-h ; i«ta%«i ■'-> J/icSiKxrJiJLtB.1?4' M^tH tint n 'every morning
nginen of Montreal, pointed out  ,!,... .'' "lM '"' '' pleted,      Unough   has except  Sunday,  for   licijj,'lil
the provisions requiring  tho   permi*.-- been wiid to establish   the   fact   thai ''"    mmmm"" "' '     nml   iid.-sscliuci S    for    ^ mil
sion of the attornoy-gnieral to put   i. j„ .,,,,, .p^ii,,,, |,.,, i„,.„  dishoneatly ]
in force was evidence il was   not   in-i,     ,,   ,      . , ,
, I, nidi,,!.    An iiiteiupt hi, been made
1 elided  lo do uio|e I li.tu     (leccivu     the ,        ,    • , I
, . U. IniodiviiK the workinUin,.n of C'ana-I
In 18(18 parliament    voted   in y(k'     Wo shall see if iI   be  successful.
to ,1,force iii    Again in 189!)   purlin-  On« feeble excuse is tliit-1 this bill ivas
,i -uplied .-'.",,...iii lo   ihe   govern-  killed by ii tory senate,    Thai    stale-
""'.i to enforce it, \ ,,, „,„„■ | Xftniinod for m hid it i-'
Nevertheless, ii l.it been i    notor ,,      ,,,, , .   .
ivoriti,     I ho gi its have ,-. iniijui it v  ,,t
lou«dead letter aud Sir Wilfrid   Uu !.,.,. , ,, " ,   !|>,, ,    ( il'',,.,.   Ktni'n
.     „      eiuht in the Senate to-day,      tub the ' "M    ' "'" '    ^i""'
nor wus forced to admit, on (he  lloor                                        •                   , __^^^_^_____
of the home,   thai   pending   ,„-,,ii,,.; bill ali.,-,,, de„d, il„-,, , .,ii,„i as to ,
lions with the United Stutes the gov.  wheto the govurinnotit stuiels  on ihe 1   111 11"   *   U;/ll.S
cnuient   hall   derided    to   discourage  null tor of -lli'll lllboi     legi-lati an
llinoiifoicemeiit of this   Acl   of    "",,.,!'. |„. .,,,.„,.,,,!.     [thus  i inpt>
purliitmenti and   his   supporter,   Mr.     .      . ..      .      . ,
1 ' | id lo hunt  H ilh    I ''i-    I in 11-    in,,I   I un
M,-Mullen   fimW il    SCIllltol I    gavil    a
m ii • triilhfiil re is in « 1,0 i ho     siad.
I .a tlies'
mill,   liy special orders on
Sundays. ()r for N'mtr mine.
ALEX. ODDIE    Prop-
j with the hounds,   and    ii -   l,\ i uei i-y
stands roveldi'd,'
"'! I„. A, i i- iibjectionabli
-,■ I Clirke, M. P., !•-. ho,   bj    ilm I 	
, is ii   member   of   ihe Toronto
isgraphical l.nion, No. 91)   then   |,|-'l I; IcT MA N'ACI-'.li WAN I i-:n
WASHING I'ON & ('. N. 11V
V.  V. & K   KY   & N   CO.
Ymih and Ureal t-To'therii, Northern  Pacific
and (1, II. .V N. Cn,   for  points  east,
west and  south ; connects at   It'.ss
land and Nelson   with   the   Canadian
; l'lnilic  llailway.
V'.'stlt'i'l I i<'ll '    Connects at Nelson with the   1'. I!.
St N, Co. for   Kaslo and   Is. and 8
Con ••< al Curlew with stago foi
OreoilWOod and  Midway, 13, C,
luill'el   nos  run  on  trains t.etwcen
Spokane ami   llepublic
Uouot'ttl Pancngcr Agt.
Bpokant'i Wash.
... .MKKTS	
I \,-'i   11 I KDAY in l \" ll  vl"s'l II-
.1   W. lioss, President,
11 , AMciiKi.t., Secretary,
l-'lNI.U    Mil,I.ol.,  Til ..sulci.
ned up lho situation  as   follows;
Pet imineiil position; rapid nil van.
I  , *,,,,,,,,<  II,    ,-,, -I, ,->,, ,   , ,-1 ■>, ■   ,1' I ■ .* ll, e-
... Iial ii ifessel to b,- un   alien . . ..,,■♦
1 ineutj salary aim  expenses;   lull   in-1 ♦
i ii--. ti  hriitecl C.iliad an   wot I-- ......    , , i      T
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-♦.•♦f ++++**4(
,   slruethins fn f charge;   clean   do-   +      i\ a \ i  i    \i/r~\r^r^t      ♦
was placed on tlm statute   book,   ,   ,,   ,    . t      M\LL   WUUU.     -»
,    ,      sirablo >mi- ir  i ♦ 1
lire«.'tit tnno it is  ii   dead   lol .....    ,   .    ..   .   . .,      .  ..   ... ♦ 	
1 I he J.   I..   ,>C hols ( O ,    I.l d     I "loulo. ;   •♦•
( Mention this paper
-.._....— _     4
i 4
I ♦
I Iclivei'efl (I11,\
place in tow n.
, th,     -..I   ol   May,    I! -   the
. I,,,,, nl had to c. nl'. ss there   htttl   ^.
., .     i,,glo   pi.isecution   under _
»o7. Kootenay Coffee to.:
iooi  the Act ni   ihuT  w,.s '                          t      btovc Len;
del,    rfcby    the    penalliM COFFEE   ROASTERS     \X
i i ,,  itil with   the   ■ on I 4                                                        ♦
hi i|   t'-.r   the   prosecution \%        ^CT   Garl   Load.       X
\\ hole,,de and retail  dealers J
ill  fresh   Itoiisl. ||
YMIH LODOE, No .1:!.    K.    Y
Miets lirst    and    third    Moil
ays of mouth.
Visiting   brothers   welc ,mc,
Wm, < 'oi ri-.v, . . <'.
Ciirlsih W iklllB, K. "* S.
Northern Ry.
r|1 he only all rail route between
points east, West and south to llossland, Nelson, Grand Forks and lie-
public. Bullet cars run between Spo
liune and Northport'.
Ktiective JUUfl I I'd:. 1903,
heave Daily Train Arrive1
s.b", a.m Spokane 6.16 p.m
10 -10 :i. iii Rossland 4.8*5 p.m
9,82 a in Ymir fi 85 p >i>
7.-JO a.m Nelson 7.20 p-.u
Ili85 a ui Grand Poiks I 00 p-m
8 :i() u.iu Itepuhllo O.ln p.nl
J^IjI,     THE     TinVElE!
Seattle,    Tacoma
St.  Paul,   Chicago,   New
Yorl>, and
sl.i;|.;i'Llis.    BUFKKT,
i.iiuiAiiY   CAHs,    .\ii-ii|.;i;n'
KAY CoACIIi;.-',
hinini; ('.Mis,
'll.M.s   \     I.A     .   ,VUTB.
r from tho  attorney   ticncral   of
lovini l! or I „    iudge,      .Mr
X i SAM   MII.I.KII,  Prop
Ltcst  Meals  on   Wheelsi
2    FAST   TRAINS     Q
j on from till'  pl'o(.i'.'-,   insist
nl tlm machinery   iVas   cuiribci
niqh »Gratfe • 6off«08 *
!'l - •■> »
i'|(>    Ivico
Spe. ial   Excursion   Hates
To World'a Fair, St. Louis
eailtluixt'torfl for Mining Men Vour Choit t Borne,
for. '.I. i, folders and lull luformiitioil
♦ llur supplied   Mill,   be ands of rc^rdliig^i.^M on or n'diw it
♦ ' ' | uounl ol lho 8, I'. & N. Kallwtiy or
lellective,    Mr   Hot J
ol      lb"     opplisilioll
I    Lumber('<•- Ltd.   :
I 4*
♦ 44+*+*-*+44******H+++++ X
wines, liqUOl . und L-igill
hist A\r\i .',        • ^''.lu. II. G
i ||. A  .lArhsii.s.       II. DHANDTi
t;. V. & I'. A*. ttivi-rsiili
(•pokunu,       710 W-     .••piiiooi '


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