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The Ymir Herald 1905-12-02

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 .\-\ uf■ *-J_-.
■ ■ -5-1'
■^     DEC 5 J 1905      _Z
Vol. 2~Nq. 27.
VMIJ.', J}, C. .SATlJi'fUY. DEC'   2, 1905
i^K.K JFive Cents.
«.-4* ****** *********** *•• *** f...
Wm Reich, Jr., of Waneta, spent
Tuesday in to»_.
Mr. and I'.?.. '»', il. Speuqw of
Nelson, arai/i town.
Postmaster Q_feU! .pent W.-ia.-i*-
day at tho j^t'lipgtoa tnitje.
Win. I&irkpatrick loft on Thursday
evening for the 9iaulka.n}een wun-
A bailor and hoist wer e taken up
from Salrso ro t.;iu Quoon mine this
K. L. lvii.'j'ani .-.jj u-.Tj'i on Sui-
•lay evening from Spokane where 1.-;
spent the 1 i.sc three months,
Richard Maohin night -vatchmivn
n,t the sawmill left on Tuesday fur _
Week's visit to S.iei Point Idaho.
W. P. Teat^ol formerly a Nelson
druggist was married iu Winnipeg on
Nov 15 th to Bliss Julian B, Cooke.
l-\ W. Swannel, collector of inland
revenue for this district spout Thursday iu Ymir ou his regular monthly
Johji T. Pi'L'j.ij in, fro'u thu Ar
lington mine ib laid up in tl.e Vinir
i leneral Hospital with an attack of
During tlio month -.f November
there Here .'52 pupils unrolled nt the
Ymir public school with an average
.'ittendnucu (If over 37,
The court of Revision i.f the Vmir
('doctoral Division will In* h.il.J at tho
Deputy Mining Recorder's nlllco oil
Monday next at 1 1 a. m.
Arthur'Ferrier of Nelson passed
through Ymir on Tuesday evening on
■ns way home from a trip to California
''(iv the benefit of hi_ Ileal th,
W.lS.McIsasc secretary of the Ymi.
Miners Union retnrrled on Monday
Veiling from a four days trip around
tho vicinity of Salmo ami Erie.
Tlie Yinir stamp mill shot do« n on
Friday morning for repair* which it
is expected will bo completed in two
veeks when it will resume operations.
A representative of Hie Herald  vis-
: ed S.thiio and Erie On Monday with
i* result that tho circulation of the pa
•r has been increased in tnose towns
Vmir Hive of   the   Ltd Ies   ot"  the
, accabnes held their regular meeting
... Tuesday evening at which ono can-
idate was initated int« tl.o mysteries
r,f the order.
Miss Pauline Annnble,  of   Nelson,
,*. been engaged to teaoh the   Salmo
."iblic school after the new year    She
.1 very clever young lady and nil.mid
i utke a good teacher.
The Porto Rico Lumber Co are
■ '.'cling a largo sash nn.l door factory
at Moos-) Jaw, Since they bought the
.'loose Jaw business it has ftmidily
icreosod and at the present time they
•op nineteen men constantly employ-.
Mr. nnd Mrs, A. II. Ttiltle left on
Friday morning for a visit tn the
east, Mrs. Tuttle will visit friends
In Detroit for tv couple of months  and
Mr. Tuttle will rnukc a business visit
i,i soini* of the principal cities in tlie
.astern states.
E Peters, agent for A II. Paten
both of Ymir, recorded tho Anaconda
on Wednesday, situated on the south.
' vest, slope of Siwash mountain, ill I he
head of the north fork of the Salmon
river, on the ground formerly known
ft. tlm Hod nnd Gray Eagle nnd later
as tho TroadvfeU, located ou No.8n.bflr
J. i,h.
..."    ■   : ■""'■-.     .'    *...**.*'•'■" '   !
Prod Loring i*. presenting the Knot-
enay Coffee CV>. of Nelson! spout
Saturday lasp it*   Ymir On iiu--in,.*,-.
A sold v.*"'; i..t- struck the   i'wi.i* |
dian northwest.   At some pujut.s   us
low as 30 degrees below   jsero   is   re i
ported.    Co to list week tho tyoath-
■ -,,,, I
or wu*-. particularly Una l
There is ijsveral oa:es   .,-t'   typhoid
fever in Nelson two of Chen being   J.
MoLaan Pniser principal of tlio High
school and W   Rtltherford   dl-uggist
ft appears t<> be of a mild type:
Eight inches ofsttaw i< reported i|i
Spokane, while the Colville valley Inn,
had scarcely ai. inch, a reversal of the
usual conditions, in Vun'r there is
'ibj.it a foot and  excellent   sleighing
Win, Hayward of the   Porto  Rico
Lumber Co, whq   was   reported last
week as convalosceiit i'i the Brandon!
Hospital has sut^brod a   relapse   and j
his condition io   considered   serious, i
Andy Burgess is preparing to iaw->
hide ..re from tl.o Taularac mine to
the Ymir ro.td for "ifessrs Parr and
North ridge, lie has the trail broken
and expects to start operations next i
week. .
There was .. coiisidorable lessening :
of the. AJ,cl).jual'l elan in Vmir (luring
the week, by the departure of Charlie
McDonald, Allan McDonald and
Dan McDonald, for Movie, There
are, however, a few oft yet.
Senator Hostock, formerly member
ofp.trlimout for this district, underwent an operation in Vancouver on
Tuesday by which one of his eyes wus
removed, The operation wus necessary
to prevcnl total loss of sight.
The gonial II.   it.  Pollerton,   re-
presenting   Wilson    lli'o.-,    wholesale
grocers nf Vancouver, tha biggest
drummer on the road, Ipont Tuesday
in Yluir, On.His regular monthly visit
to the merchants of lhe town.
The hoy.', and girls of the town
and somo of the grown up boys and
girls »s well are having splendid sport
in the evenings to bogguriing down the
hill On Birch street from tlio St, Char
los i..»tel to the railway track,
T!ittr« is liU'ly t,. he a considerable
revival nf **inWrest in placer milling
near Krie, during the coming season.
Spokane parties are contemplating
operating ome claims on tho North
Fork of the Salmon, 1 1-'.' milus from
Nu* is the tinle for the merchants
of Yir.ir to let the people of tl.e district lir.ov- what they have for sale for
tl.e holiday leasou, The Herald has
advertising space for isle and will meet
tho demand even if it ho necessary to
Increase the sine of the paper
In onotl er column will be soon the
advortisoulont <f applications for
liquor licenses for the Vmir district
Time are eight applications from
Ymir, two from Salmo, one from
Krie and one for tho Valley Hotel,
half way llet'-V.ioii Ymir and the Vmir
Ml*, Cooper president of the Second
Relief Mining Company passed
throiiL'l. V'.ilir on We d., on his win
to the mine efi.er a visit to Nelson, A
Steam heating plant is being installed
at tl.e stamp mill and It is tho inten
tion of the company to continue op
.■rations at lhe mine and mill all
win Ier.
11 is rumored ihat. John  Houston
has in "I'' a stake ... Tonopah.  Nevada
and will return Id Nelson to rosuscl*.
tald iiie Tribune. More unlikely things
lime happened aud should' John .etiiri.
the ; •.i.lial.ililie.s are thut ir. spite of
,|,is ecoiittricftiM the people of
Nel.-.„«-would again tftool him mayor,
Benson and Ross, or **klui<i, are
making '.'-insiderahfn intprovemects
in their store. A runrr] in the nortlj
e.ist, cornet has iieon njcely titled up
for tl|u post olliee, the old post, ofljoe
being torn out. i... make i-qom, for a
belter display qf [goods, The firm
curries a tJJ 3,090 stock, qf goods and
don large business with tho ..linos in
the vicinity of Salnm and ICi-ie.
The Ore ffill mine, nine miles from
Sal.no, and two miles south of the
Queen wagon road, is looking better
than ever and   n-ill   he   Ivot-ked  nil
winter. Thci'il are a% present eight
men at work besides the foreman. .\
new boiler has recently been installed
at tl.e mill.
The l/idie.s' Aid Society of the
Presbyterian church have added a
new stove to the manse fi* rpiture.
Roy. Mr. Koss «as also presented
with a handsome llgured s.jl'a pillow,
a supply of bed linen, jars of fruit
etc. Mr. Ross says the Indies think
more of l.iin in his old ago than they
did when he was young,
At tlm conclusion of the Thanksgiving supper at the Porto Rico
Lumber Company's boarding house
on Thursday evening, the committee
iii charge of the .'iiTungenien'-s, on bo-
half of the employees, presented Mr
A. E. French, with an address ex
pressing their appreciation of his uu=
varying kindness to them during the
summer and also expressing their
best wishes for the future prosperity
of him und his sister. The testi-
inonul was signed bv W- KinrarJe
W, Fagrr, J,. Oxley, V. Finney and
-1 ..Ini Black;;
Fire Brigade Signals.
Fire chief Mclnnis hus prepared the
following siglials for handling lho lire
alarm: Steady ringing means lire
One .stroko (pause) two strokes (pause)
three Strokes, means a cull for help
handle lho hose when drying and
reeling it up after use.
I'liKsiivriuiiA.v Church—S u n d a y
School und Riblo Class, 10 u. ni.
levelling    si'rvioe, *\ i'ming Peo
ples' .Society meets on Friday evening
nt 8 o'clock. All uro welcome. Rev
W. O. Ross, Pastor
New Railroad Schedule.
Tlm new schedule on the local line
will go into force on the 10th inst. Til.*
morning I rum will leave Nelson at !'
a. m. nud resell Ymir about 10*16 a. n.
I'l.e i veiling train will pass Vmir aboir
4,15 p, in. This willlie a regular passenger -.-nice uiul 'the run will he fro..
Nelson tn Mi.K-us and l.n.-k every da*
instead ol to Northport u heretofore
There will bo no buffet cur on tin. train
however. Freight trains will run as
exigencies of thd triilllc require.
An unconfirmed report further state*
that as soon as the C. 1'. II. line fron
the Crow's Nest to {Spokane, common
y known as Ihu new Corblu line, l>
Completed, another passenger trail
will he put 00   this   line   In   compel,-
wilh the C. P. R.  service.   Tnis tram
will leave Nelson in ll.e evening aim
reach llieru early iu ll.e nun..ing b.
llmt Vmiriles visiting that m.trop.ili
cm. go there   and   hack in   tne   sane
Erie News Items.
The Tn.i.sv.ial niltJO  .III.Ier   lease lo
.sirs. Collins ul Krie, is lookhig bettei
llian over aad four me., ure omployeii
taking Clll ore. Mn. Colllnl e.vpeeli
to whip a ear I'.ail of high grade un
.iho.it Christmas.
Kri'il I-eiteh,   who was   Iiiiii    up   fo.
sovorsl wi eks iii the Vmir hospital as
il.e result ol an accident at the Ar-llng'
ton mine is hack again in Krie anil ll
stayIng at tbo Moray hotol. Uis injur
ull fool is progressing favorably nml bc
expect, shortly to resume work.
A ti Lqwe, Hen. Lawrenee and
frauk Kititi'.iy of Vtijir have secured a
lease on the rfeystoae mine, four miles
from Krie.
The .now at lhe s-,.-oi),! f}..-ii...f mine
is about ffO luohes deep and thcra is
excellent sleighing on the rou.f to Krie.
A ■!') horgo power boiler and engine
are bc;.._' iugtullod at the Second
Relief inine for .i^-. when the water
supply fails.
American   Thank-giving.
Celebrated by  Employees of
flio J'l.i'lo Jiieo Ltitiibcr
The American Thanksgiving day,
Thursday, was celebrated by the employees of the Porto Rico Lumber
Co, with a dinner in tl.e company's
boarding hoij«e. ,\ considerable
number of the employees of the company are from the United States, but
the Canadians united with equal enthusiasm iij unking (he affair a success, and in show ir.g them that although of diiierent nationalities, they
are ono in the spit-it of good fellowship. The members of the company
and their wives were invited and.
besides the unmarried employees
there were present Mr. .1. A- Dewar,
president; Mr. fi. W. Orchard, se.ro-
tary, and Mrs Orchard. -Mr. O.
Hartley, manager of the logging
cump, und .Mrs. Hutlley, Mr. und
Mrs. Springer, Mr. and Mrs. 1'onzie,
Mr. and Mrs. English- and Mr. aud
Mrs. Willoughby. The spread provided would have done honor to any
banquet Iiiiii and reflected great
credit on Mr. A. K. French, thn popular chef, and Ids ai-Us*.' -Miss I'VencIl
who during the many courses wore
highly complimented both on the excellent menu provided and the tasteful manner iu whioh it wits served.
After the good things had been
thoroughly discussed, J. N. .McDonald on behalf of the employees expressed the kindly feeling of the
Canadians for their fellow Workmen
from the other side of tho interna
tioiutl boundary lino. He ul.su gave
expression to the esteem-in which the
officials of the company aro held by
every man iu their employ, as evi-
deuced by the font that there has
been pruelienl'v the same crew iu the
.nilI for the past two yours, Mr. J.
A. Dewar replied for the company,
stating that whatever success the
.ouipuny hud enjoyed iu the past was
In.-to the fait I.ful manner in which
iheir employees had done their work,
If the Americans in the company's
imploy, were a sample of the Amen
.■un workinginen, they wore <>f n high
irder, and Iii) would not objocl to oe-
ng un American himself.
Hotel Arrivals
Mci.Koii Hotki.:—
V, V, McArthur, Nelson;
II ,/ Moore, Nelson;
W H Spencer and wife, Nelson
Charles II Browri, Spokuue;
James E Stephens, Vancouver;
JOMioroi-iTAV Hotki,:—
Arthur ■"•'arris, Salmo;
J\ A McNeill, Salmo;
I. R Vnn De I'ogart, Krie:
NV H Lapierrie, Nelson;
J Altl.off, Nelson;
Alfred Parr, Tumurac Mine;
P Murrey, Ymir Mill;
W_t,D0Rt*   HoTF.l.r—
George Num., Nelson;
Fred l/.ring, Nelson;
II Jackson, Salmo;
II M Fuller ton, Nelson;
F NV Swannel, Nelson;
John Ulukcly, Ymir Mine,
Fred James, Hunter V Minej
Jus II,i,sel Hunter, V Mine:
C. E. Society E-ntertaif).
St. ^ndrevys nigh't w^s  co.'uqr.tt. *
iu Ymir with asocial u;i ier tbe auspices of the Preshyterifti) on,roh       A
entertainers the ladiej of   Ymir   .-•
hard to he.vt ^nd they certajply sp ir ..
no trouble to proyide for  ti.s   ...u<.
iniiiit and entertainment   of    their
quests.   Thair was quit, a large   ■'-.
tendance  and    every    one   cresoi i
thoroughly enjoyed a   \cry   pleasant
time.    Games,  music,   addresses   '-l
tided put the prot;raiiinie r.fter   -vhri >
refreshments consisting of the n.'-.'.-!..
Scotch fare   were   served.    A   'ilvo'
collection viis taken at ti.-)  door,   the
proceed!: of which will go towards tl c
fund for   a Christmas   :r«e   fur   «..-
Hasons at Church.
Members of tho  Vmir Lodge
A. V, & A.   M.   Attend
Divihd Serviue,
The mem .i.i.-' of the Ymir I/kIhc
No 31, .V. F. .VA. M. attended divine service, in full regalia, in the
Pr-lsbytorian church On Sunday evet
ning last, where a sermon was preached by Rev. Walter (i. RlSS. Ti.!
preacher took for his text, 2nd Sun-
uel, ^'i-;'": "I am distrossetl for the.i
my brother Jonathan; very pleasant
has thou been nnto ma; thy love i..
uie was wonderful, pissing the lovo'of
woman." "How are the mighty fallen,
ami the weapons of war perished."
In dealing with the subject Mr. Ro- .
illustrated tho spirit of masonry by
tho friendship that existed between
David and Jona than. JVher.i, David
was in danger Jonathiii hastened to
warn him of his danger and to relieve his distress. Masons should
have the same feeling towards then
brothers as exi.sled between the.se tw.
young men. Brotherly love should
characterise every man initialed int i
the mysteries of Freemasonry,
While tho first duty of a Mason is to
relievo the distress of a broth.•.
mason, it did not in any sense deprive him from extending love and
oharity to those outside the lodge
Tl.o order is only for firsUeluss men
men who ure respectable ind honorable in ull their dealings. It is an oil
shoot of Christianity and its prion
phis are those that were taught bi
Christ. In conclusion ho told oi
instances in the east, of charity dispensed iu secret, by masons, whereby
families of deceased brothera were
placed in a position where they Would
not,   feel the presure of want-.
Public Warning.
The Family Herald and Week 11
Star of Montreal this week warns thu
public against falling into a simple
error. There is another paper with
a sCine what similar name, but it i*
hy no means the Family Herald and
Weekly .Star. When any canvanset*
culls be sure your reteipt is for tie-
Family Herald, the word ''Family"
must boused to gel what you wan!..
The Family Herald and Weekly St...
is the big family arid farm panel
which gives that beautiful picture
"Queen Alexander, Her Grandchildren
and Dogs," ftee to ull subscribers,   I.,
is the biggest dollar's  worth ever   ol
fered.     The    Kin.ilv      lb-raid      and
Weekly Star    have    also    i.s*,.i"d   the
Farmers Manual nnd Veterinary fluid..
a book no farmer can well afford to bo
without. There i.s un enormous rusl.
of subscribers to tho Family Herald
and Weekly Slur this season, nn 1 trie
publishers aro asking present sub
scribors to renew well in advance,
to help them out in the great   rash
which will grow too when their In'ml I
ful picture is   scattered   throughout
the country.    The picture   alone   is
said to lie worth more than two dollars
yet one dollar will buy the p.-tpsr iIt
year and the picture.
_ i   iiw.     iia.'i
aa ' E-g
I'lililiahHsnarr SatnaiSav ami uiall-'t   ..   any
ii-tSrrti, *k SallrrrtS I.» virrlrr li.l'.wn.
SiiliawlBll'iai _M|>.  ar-in.ra.  payadl* |.. l'l
ASarrliiiax ralM, Sl IM r-r im-.h  |"r ..."..ll.
Tai  llna>>» naa b.> haJ   (r.-m  all Intfdluu
sawsdsslsn la thi dlilrlsi. ar'ban '.'■ oi>i<t;in<.i
ill net Irna Hi, oltl,-».
I'.immnrr it   pilatnti-   pl    ,-v.tv     il.',.ir.|'tl»<.
•I 'in' aa tb* un-l.,.«,-«>l *>l«n-l.r-l vrln..-.
rvai.nn.u ar tiik
SATURDAY. NOV., 25 1900.
I Ml
Co operation.
Tiio question of co-operation as ..
principle of business and industry
has been so successfully cseiiip'i'i-sil iu
EurOpfl and in apecial Jinen i>! industry
in America that it js surprising tha,t
more people nre not familiar with
what is being dune nhr.g this linn,
I'here are many instances of successful
,;o-oporation even in Cariitda. Almosl
the entire dairy business—cheese-
making establishments and (*re"*,merie«
is purely - oofoperative and in British
Coluhibiiv the system is being applied
to fruit growing and might wilh profit
l.e applied to mining, It menus that
'Labor and Capital" wid work together in a business way for mutual benefit instead of jn antugouispi, eilli.r
upeii or passive
Tlie beginning of tlie system in
England dates back from December
1814 when twenty-eight weavers in
the olty of. Hwhodale who by contributing two pence a week had been
able to accumulate $140 decided to
embark in .hfitSmeub, \ A-ruoin for a
store war, fitted up after •*• hich they
had 170 left wiih which they bought
some flour, butter, sugar and oatmea!
At first the store mis kept open two
nights in the week. The principles
on which they worked were ; to
buy and sell for cash paly* they were
to keep goods oi the best quality,
prices were to be those current in the
trade; there Was to in no competition
-with other dealers und a certain per
cintage of the profits was to go to tl.e
.* ta'. inhment of an educational fund.
To enjoy the benefits of the association
each member had to contribute a sum
not less than lii which could' be paid
iu weekly sums of not less than two
pence. In one year tho capital increased to-1900. Tlie store wa*- now
kept open several nights a week but
the salesmen worked without p»y
By 1850 the membership had increased to over GO and tho sales of goods
reached 1400,000    At   the   present
time iii iiiiln il alienations
is considerably over 2,000, exclusive
of agricultural associations and the
in.i.ii'i/raiiip is over -},_00,00. with
su invested capital of about _ 140,000
,00. The business has been enlarged
to include printing, banking, building,
Insurance, farming, manufacturing,
Wholesaling and retailing. Tire
largest and best priutiug establish
ment in England is owned by a
eo operative society and so is one
of the largest shoe stores. In tho
town of Woolwich nearly all the em
ph.yoes of tho Royal arsenal aro
members of tho association, which has
a large central storo doing a business
of ovor $1,000,000 a year and ten
branch stores. The society also lends
money to its members for building
pilrposos. -
In France there   are  over   8,000
societies; in Germany thoro are 20,000
socioties; in Austria 7,GOO; in Switzerland H.fiOO, in .Sweden J,_00, in Hoi-
land 1,152,
This little organisation oc. obscure
weavers is the greatest example of
peaceful commercial expansion ever
known., The members ot the association believe that cummer.'.!,':! sl rife has
a degrading effect and there is no
doubt that it lias been of groat benefit
to tluiiu in making them, more self
reliant and has rendered them more
.i.depei.do.it of the vicissitudes of the
labor market besides promoting a
spirit of good fellowship and .-good
If some practical system of co-op-
orsiiun along somewhat similar lines
could be devised and adapted to the
U|ining industry in I'rilish Columbia
it could not fail to be a great benefit
to the Urge number of owners of
claims who for lack of capital are coin
polled to allow thorn to lie idle
•V Brooklyn man startei!" out with
7,'i cents, played the races and won
#150,000, His wife counselled |iiin
to hi vest the money in real estate iu
her i|uiuu w|)ich he did, and the
pliaiiees are that when the tide tiirns
lie will have bis wife to thank for a
good home. Moral: always take your
wifi's    avice.
The province qf Manitoba is taking
the lead in ownership of public ulilites.
A couple of years ago the government
secured control of all the lines of tho
Northern Pacific ' in tho province
and leased them to the Canadian
Northern on terms advantageous to
the people. Now tho government
proposes to construct a system of telephones covering the entire province.
Qovormqeut ownership of public
utilities that have passed into the
hiiri<l.*i of combinations i.s becoming
more and more a question of practical
politios anil it is the only way to counteract the evil effeot of these monopolies and is the real "Socialism in
practice." When held by the government for the people, the latter really
control   them.
"•Hyde"    .
\Ve:i ring-quality should
be th.) rl.ief ion*'.iileration
in selecting silver-plated
tablewtire — and then
comes beauty in design.
Plato from Diamond
Halt's own fiCKjry-prac-
tlcally equals soliJ silver
in iis effect, both as to
durability and artistic
For S3.00 we will send
prepaid one dozen tea-
spoony in a favored Old
English pattern.
LIMITIitl " ■ 1.
Clark's   Furniture   Store
Undertaker   aud   Furniture    Dealoi
Mail orders promptly attended t*>
Bmpn Stbeht, -        -        Vmir
is always well don,ef Wajtah Repairing is tfotie
by experts, Jewelry Repiiring, Manufacturing and Engraving is done by first class workmen. Prescription work in Optics is done by
an experienced Optician- A piece of old
lens is sufficient to enable us to replace it. New
Glasses can be fitted perfectly.   Send for our
new Jewelry Catalogue,
J. O.  Patenaude,
Manufacturing Jeweller, Watchmaker and Optician,
PHONE 293.     NELSON, B, C»
IheKind Vou Would Like
Old Settlers M-aple  Syrup,
Pure ip 1-4. 1-2 and ) gallon Tins-
Sold by
CAMPBELL,   -   -    YMIR,
Agent for Kootenay Steam  Laundry.
———In rear of Post office.	
P. Saut-d.ri, Prop.
Wholesale Dealer*, iu Liquors  Cigars •
Agents for
Tl.e best on the market.
Hotel For Sale,
Late London cables presage an early
dissolution of the British parliament
and an appeal to tie country. It was
rumored llat premier Balfour intended
to resign owing to difference of opinion
between the conservatives and the
liberal unionists ovor tlio Chamberlain trade policy and that either I.ord
Kosebery jr Henry Campbell-Banner
man would be called ou to form a
liberal ministry but evidently Mr.
Balfour has decided to go to the
country on the past record of his
government. Iu Great Britain the
opposition has a groat advantage in a
campaign owing to tho greater latitude allowed them and the faot that
tho government has always to not on
the defensive. The campaign will l.e
watched with interest in   Canada   as
One uf the best hotels in the town
of Ymir, centrally locai>*d, furnished
throughout, together with stock of
liquors, cigars etc, doing a thriving
business. Proprietor wishes to retire, j
Apply at Herald office. '
. Notice
The Ymir Herald having changed
hands, all   accounts due on  the   1st
'Nov. 1905, should be paid to the un
demigned by  whom  all  outstanding
liabilities un that date will  be  paid
All advertising and other   accounts
contracted after the 1st Nov. aro payable to J. N.  McDonald who  is  als..
1 Rolely responsible fur all liabilities  in
J curred after thut date *,*
I Percy J Gleazer.
An Atlas For-.$1.00.
EAST    pl
The comfortable way is via the
Close connections  for all   points  East
and West with 2 flodern Overiand
Trains in eit her direction daily
For detailed infurmatian address I. WHITNEY,   Passenger Traffic Mgr., St. Paul Minn, or M. Costello, Agt.Ymir
S.S. Minnesota sails from Seattle for thn Orient Nov 5,
The Great Northern   llnilway   rW
issued an Atlas of 5(1 panes containing up-to-date Maps of Iowa, Wis-
tho question of intor-iinperiul triiiln cousin, Minnesota, North and South
relations cannot long be deferred.        j Cakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington
__________ ________ ! British  Columbia,   Oregon,    Kansas.
"Thev got more votes than we ,|i,l' Mi"ouri- N"l.raska,   Wyoming.   Col
*  I oradO,     Alaska,     Hawaii,     Japan,
but not so many moro as they did tho : Philippine Inlands, China, the United
time before" was the   philosophic  n- 1 S****** and ot tho World.
, . „ „ . .. j , I In addition to this, the Atlas con
mark of Hon. II. L. Borden, leaderUain? valuable statistical informatioi
of the opposition, on hearing thn   re-  relative tu the states named above,   .
' printed on tl.e very   best   quality  ol
paper, .shows the lines of   the   Gre'ui
! Northern Railway, and  is   in   even
——. j way a commendable work.
I    lids Atlas will be  distributed   a
The   report   is   current   tli.it,   thej the actual cost of production and wi.
Dominion Parliment will  mee*; about j be'.(.nt to any address   upon   recoip
•January 20th, and there"   will   l:,i' noi'-f §100.      Address) P    1    Whitney
tariff revision till tl.. foil,,, ing session ' Passengor   Traffic   Manager;     Ore...
suit of tlle   bye-nlocliollS   he'
Nothing official is to be lind
Northern Railway, Ut, _'<>. i, Minn.
II. S. T. Ross, Secretary.
• .unite Courthouse  and   new   Post
office,   Best 25 -. meal   in   town.
opean and American plan.
Only   white    labor    employed
1 ut class bar,
First-clasB Dining Room.
Best brands of Wines
Liquors and Cigars.
Second Ave.
Eettdquartor- for Mining Men
Bar supplied  with  best brands of
"■ine*; liquors and cigars,
!''.!!*>]•   \VHSUIt,
Ymir, I...
Headquarters for /lining
and Comm ercial Men
Most comfortable hotel in   the
triet.    Everything first-class.
Ymir Ci tizens
Last Thursday in each month
Fmuv Mt'Laen, President,
-.ury Gisazm. Secretary.
A. B. Buoti.Q-_.-_, tft.M. —
P. ._..,:
• "...:-,'■.   .
C5.ine»clh South Africa.
The Chinese imported' into  South
Africa to w«rk i" the wines are *-yoe*.
fully restricted unVter t^io ordinances
"hich   have bfrcorcn natatory.    The
0hin«s3E.r«   ac.nilte*,!   under   indcn-
:-.*ro, with provisions whjclif 'exclude
then fro_ -.oibarkiuf: i:i aliy' hicrcan»
t:ie pursuit as  trader orK shopkeeper
md from carrying fin snypf tbo (sailings cot-ir.p; under the head of skilled
'.abor, such V thosrof blacksmith, car
penter, engine driver, m«cl|unip,   etc.
Tt is i-ilsD   erpressly   stipulated  that
those who import i'nski!!e4JTabor from
China for a stated fernq  sha'l at the
conclusion thereof undertake  t,||e  repatriation of the coolies at the end fl*
this contract, under pni.--vit.es 0-f both
fine tnd imprisonment, in '-ge- ca«°  Qf
peglact i. comply with   vine   stipulation.
For one year
. - . .       *f**_
Ti|e ne w sulwcriboM and old subscribers paying Qnc year iq advance
qopies of the l'oul|.ryman may be seon at the Herald oiljce.
"iampl e
. Granny Properties*.
:->re is a well deQntx) rt.mor in
in cooper circle, that the Granliy
.-, pli'-ed ..) pay regn'.ar dividenas with
the comic-*: of the ney yeir. The
splendid ichievetnonts being made un-
-ler the s^perintan-isn-iv of A- It- W>
Hodges, in the eeonoa-iual mining and
Bcce'ting of the Phoenii ores, together
with tho e*.:elle*.t price obtained for
V.ii. copper ir.etal, i. »aui:ug copper in-
vestoi'B to look serioqgly to Qranby as
one of the "big things" en the market.
The company ir. its early history paid
one dividend amp-Jriting to ^lJ2t0Q0.
S::i3e then it has been the policy of
the directors to place a'.l profits in the
Jte.terment of th? big mines at Phoen
ix and tho ealargement of thu company
tmeiter and convertipg plant at Grand
Porks. Tha company is iaa healthy
financial condition, well capable, ac-
t>ordin*-fto eiper.s, o| paying regular
dividends. Home IJOO to 1,800 ton*
of < re are being tre*Ued dai'.y.
Common Errors.
Who -cu* not make errors id every
day speeehl At a matter of {act it is
Very uuusnal to lind any person whoso
use of tbe i.**igUsb IacKuag-.is .bsoluta-
|y correuV,The follqwiag .re examples
some -rery frequent errors or faulty
expressions often hoard;
"Letyon and I gc:'-Btm_l:l be "you
k.-d me."
I arr. as good as hir"- should be
'las she."
"You are younger than  *_e"-should
be "thau t."
"Come to dinner with Jehu and I"-,
should be "John aud mo "
"Between yet) and   I"—should   be
"vou aud me."
"Where are yat-*, goiogl Whoi  hi.T'
--should be "Whb It"
"Who do yutt sesl"—should bo
"If I was her"—should   be   "If   I
Here she,"
••Where is he sl'1—.she-'. 1 ne
'Where is hft:"
"Who were you •pvakirig ot"
-♦should be "Of whom t.-s you speak-
Qo!d tq the amount of . 10,000,000
wil( b|l c •ptrilnited tp the world -
wealth by Nome and the other minin.
camps in that vinciity ag a result ...
the work i|ur ipg the present season
This ..inui'i't will bp -.3,00,0,00,0 in excess of the tqtal yipld last year. Tin-
estimate is finished l|y Frei) Wing,
in charge qf t'|o Seattle L"; .S. assay
The inepjaso in the Rand, the
United States and other gold producing districts renders it reasonably
certain that. the $.00,0PQ,000 mark
will be reached before the close of thi*
year JOOli. At tha. dajtp the accumulation of gold in the entire world will
amount to 16,000,000,000, three times
the aniount available when gold was
discovered In California in 1818
Jiord Mount Stephen formerly president of the Bank of .Montreal, and
chairman of tlie Canadian Paeirb rail
way, has contributed $50,000 to
Queen Alexandra's donation for the
unemployed. This is tne largest individual subscription thus far receiv-
At the meeting of Us American
•ffr.Jein-tioh of Labor held in Putaourg
last week roioltltions <***re adopted
_s follows: "Condemning courict
labor when in sompetition with freo
labor; indotsitrg the eiyhv hour working day; recommending tie abolition
of child labor; providl.-j-r for tho organising of - wom.a's union label
league, and .welcoming the aid of the
Presbyterian church in the establish
uient of a department cf church and
The Indians of Neuchatalitr, B. C.
held a sorrowing-dance last week in
which the women sotatch their cheeks
stld breast until blood is drawn, to
mourn for the India, hunters of the
overdue aealing schdduer Fawn, be-
i>v_d iu have foilndefod en route
heme /rom Behrintf sea. There were
*.*. white men and i-werityone IrV*i«n_
i. tb. .Uling res-IB^ |
Tenders addressed to the undersign
ed, ut his oll|ce in lho Court House iu
the City of Nelson, will be received up
lill llie hour of live o'clock on llie after*
nooi) ot Monday. December the 18th,
lyUa, (or tl.e purchase of the "Mountain Chic.' Mineral Claim, Lot 'J398
which was declared forfeited to tin*
Crown at .the Tax Sale held i.l the
City of Rossland, on the 7th day ol
November. I.O.. for delinquent laxei-
wp till June iJUlh, 1904, uud costs,
The upset pric upon the said mineral claim, which iu eludes the amount ol
ilelinijueiit taxes and costs at the linn
of forfeiture, together with interest up
on the same at the rate of 0 per ecu
pur annum, taxes which have sine.! ac
erued, ami fee for Crown Crant, 1'
$76.16°, which is the least amount tha.
will he accepted.
Eseh tender must be nccompanle.
by an accepted "che.iuc'', payable )■
the order of the D»pmy Comniissioui'r
of Lands and Works, at par in Victoria
for the amount tendered.
Dated at Nelson, B, C. this 7th da
of November. l'JOS.
(iovernmri.t Ago
Nelson, U. t
TENDERS    WANTED    I'OR    111)
Tenders addressed to the uiidersign
ed, al his olliee in the Court House lithe City of Nelson, *ill be received ui
lill the hour of tlve o'clock ou tlle after
noon ot Monday, December Uie Hit..
1906, for tire purchase of the ' Bhodbi
ok Din" il'iiru ;.l n. Lot H'J.t
which wus declared forfeited to tin
Crown a', the fax Sale held tn the Cit)
of Kossland, on the 7th day of Novum
tier, 1904, for delinquent taxes up lib
Juni' Ulltl*.. 11101, and costs.
The upset price upon the said raiu-
oral claim, which-include the amount
of .lethi.)ueiit taxes and costs at Un-
time of forfeiture, togetlicr with inter
est upon the same at the rate of 6 per
cent per annum, taxus which have Binec
accrued, and fee for Crown Grant, is
♦114.75. which is tho least amount that
-trill be accepted as a tender.
Dated at Nelson. B <J. tins 7th day
of November, 190fi,
Each tendsr must be accompanied
hy un accepted "elu.[ue", payable to
the order of the Dupiity Commissioner
of Lands and Works, at par in Victoria,
lor the amount tendered.
Government Age1"';
Nel.oti, B. C
WiO-sic-iAU*; ANp   l«ja*JItA*.pK.
Percy .. (;ie,-i_er.
-/ohn I'hilbert.
onr t-oqp. ani*  qiNTii FpM*i._ni.tM
D. i;ar,ipbcl...
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
The Cinsda Uru,' and iiwk Co.
fuuNiTuiiK  qtcAJEr*.
William Clark.
D. Campbell.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Cosmopolitaii—John Brcaii.
Mel^-od House—Finlay AleLeoil.
Miller I'ouse—S. Miller.
Palace—Tait & Ruddy!
Vancouver—Owen Boyer.
Waldorf—Q_orge Coliu.iu.
Vmir—J. W. Mastcrson.
U. S. T. Ross.
LADIEI5    FfU*-;iSI|lN(i    A*-fO    _*l_t,t!*  KK
Mrs. John MeLeod.
Miss 1J.M French.
MIN'iNfi  itEcqitpKi*
Percy J. Gleaner.
Herald Publishing Co.
D. Campbell.
Joseph Leahy.
Alex. Oddie.
Miles Mcliiiiia.
Willia m Clayk.
4Ǥt Arrived
New XAm Qf Gfrgqerjeis qqiQRri^in^
F|_y(TS, PEE|-5s A-NO A-1.T- THE nece^aky
^Ma^ pare
Qur L,i>.e qf Shoes an<_{ Rbhers
|s still complete and these we are selling at
Qratly Reduced Pri: e^
\Vaii ('Ipthp ypii frop Heafl tp fppt at Prices thaj,  '
Cannot be Equalled
DeiBrisay Jobbing
U, S, T, R0S5,
hardware    iV\erchant»     VHlir,    B,     C.
Shplf and Builders ^ardwuri:.
Paints and Oils, Stoves, Coal
.Stpel, fowder, Fuse and Capty
Pranito and 1'inwarp, Ktean
All   kinds   of   Plumbing,   Tin:
smitl.iu,   and   (Jeneral    Hrp_i|
Now is tjip time fpr Heating stov*/'.
YMIH 1,00015 No.31 A. J", .k A.
M. Sleets firs! Friday in each
month. Visitini. brothers welcomed.
John McVicau, W. M.
Pbuct J. Glkazer, Secretary
—-, Ml *
VMIH LODGE No. 3'_ K. of P.
Meets first aud third Monday in
eacli month. Visit ing brother
ClIAItLHH AlU.III8-l.ri, C. C%
John G I'kwsb, K. H. * S.
MACCABEES.      Meots    lecoiid
end fourtli Tuesday in each month.
I. McLwro, L. C.
L. li.CKWOR.JI, II   K.
in Union Hall every Wednesday
evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting
Brcthern cordially invited.
AndiCw Homiiss, Pros.
W.B.MoIha.w:  Sec.
Mining Aijent    -     Stocks and Shares
mmmwm wm b.»i
•^-AOKNT  foh^-
.Mutual Iyifolnsm-anoe Company of Now York,
Canadian Ca«uLity-,}_Qi|p*' Insurance ('o.
Xondon Mutual ,?«•_ Insiiranee Company,
Ottawa Fire Inaura-iop .Company.
Oo To —
For Ladies' Furnishing*]
Millinery and Staple Goods.
Satisfaction guaranteed in
every line. The only store
carrying a full stock of everything required for ladies wear.
Next   door   to   DesBrisay
Jobbing Cos store.
Newly  furnished throughout,    r-'amr.le rooms in'cwd-Meti.n
Hates 11.50 to $3.50 per day
FliVLAY   McLEOD, Proprietor
*»•••--.................,,, __________	
BOO- -ami 8HOE MAKKIt.
-hop in old post  ofllce.
Delivered any
jilace in town.
Stove Lengths
Dry $1.36 Oreen $1.00.
Per Cart Load,
Now is the time to put in
a good supply.
Porto Hico
Lumber Co. Ltd,
Kootciuiy Standard,
Janet and   -Carmelita.
These are the
brands of do*
men tic   ci.nrs
arid arc known
throng li o o i
the West
J.   <\
Nelson,  i
B. C. ■Qejfera! iNews Items.
The .pjuratjian   Northern   railway
"iine   .was completed to Edmonton  oi
Saturday last when the   silver   spike;
was driven by  lieut-governor  Bulyea
,-fif Aiborta.   The event was celebnitqd'
,(.i fitting ,-jtyle.
E V>- McKay, of the piovincjal land
department has been appointed surveyor general for the province of
■Jiriiish Culuuibia.
Tlie largest lead s.iieltiiig furijaoo
;n existence is being built at Ihe Koot
fsnay Engineering works in Nelson for
the Trail smelter. It js to be L'l feet
long an'1 Di feet wide. The dein.iud
for new machinery and repairs for
inilll* aud mines is iiipreaspig ver)
Preuiior MeBrid e and JJon. R. .J*1.
preen commissioner <jf land and works
left Victoria on 'j'uesi^ay for Ottawa
to interview the goyepnuient on the
financial relations of tlie province and
dominion and the introduction of
military training into the schools of
the province. ,
jj?, A. ."^uiit'oe. an old resident of
jJ.i*>oude was found dead in his bed at
fhe Pacific hotel in Grand Forks on
Tuesday uiorniug.
The Saskatchewan elections will
take place on We.luesd.iy, December
I-'1th, and not on Satiiiday, December
^nd, as previously announced. The'
error may be credited to the telegraph
service announcing tha date as December 3rd, which of course is**, fcsurl
day. The not unnatural inference
therefore, was that tl|o date intended
was December 2nd. Later .information corrects this presumption, Nom
jnatious take place on Monday Dec*
finbor 4th.
.—mix._ .-i
Ymir Mine Returns,
Cabled   returns for October: Twenty live stamps ran 20 duys and crush-
e.l 1900 tons (2000.) of ore, p'-ud'iein*'
$.'2 ounces of bullion: estimated  ical-
izable value, gross, of the  product  is
*j.2t!!)0; 115 tons concentrates shipped
ftross estimated value S3700;  cyanide
j.lant treated (330  tons   of   tailings,
producing bullion   having  estiinated
gross value of $800;   sundry  revenue
-•HO; total. -.(iJ-'JO; working   expenses
j!9ij00; loss 13270; there hus been expended during the month on development work, MU0.    Oilice note;    "The
•imager cables   that   the   costs    for
ictober have boe.i exceptionally high
■ wing to expense  in   instituting   the
■wiiter arrangements.    He states thut
tlie returns will   improve   when   the
loping    of   the   recently discovered
i^h ore commences.    This, it  is   es-
:.mated, will take place in December.
Ij mdon l-'inaiicial News,
A Loyal Friend.
The Vmir Dramatic club have coin-
nil-need the rehearsal of "A Loyal
I'Yiond" a comedy-drum.i in four nets
.... be given on Christmas night ju -ml
(if the I'ulir Uuuerul Hospital. The
. ..-to of characters is as follows,
Royal Playford, every body's friend
JJ. .1. MuKeiizie,
Unbelt Farishaw, a nowspnfur man,
.1. N. jJcDoiiul.l.
Raymond Alvarez, a Spanish dlplo*
. ..i.ii,,>l*\ t)- Maunders.
f ' O'Kolly "wan o' the ould
It    C.
Kelly "wan o' the ould sod' Miles
Mr [un is.
Monte,   Alvarez'   servant,
Arthur Kunshaw, Gilberts' son,   E
Mrs. Milly Me*rryman, a.jollyyoung
1 Widow, Miss Clark.
.Sylvia   Filn.baw', her  sister   Miss
Mrs. Griggins (afterwards O'Kolly*.
';. wd-ly," Mrs. Ilotlierhu.n.
A sad accident occurred at Brdoki
-iiruige and Lund's logging oomp at
jheop creek near Cranbrook on Mon-
liy whereby two ni.-n l'/st their lives
md two others badly hint In the
rocdsS of blowing   out   slumps   olir
.titue expected and two men went to
investigato>the,ca,yse of the failu re
While bentiijjg ,$Io,yu over tho stump
tlie.cl.arge,e^ipludtd, killing them instantly and wounded two more men a
short distuncc away. The tiatnet? of
the victms jyere Sainijnl jlacpherson
and G. Qordon one froifi Prince Edward island "-nd the .other from Mass*.
The  /jojjndary  Falls sjnoltcr  was
blown i'u on Monday n.ori.ing by  W.
II. Thomas, smelter superintendent for
tlie    Do ipi pion    Copper   cprnpany.
One furnace is   now   in   commission
reducing about 350  Ions  daily  from
the company's Brooklyn, Ste.flwiiider
and ft.iwhide njin.es in llmt camp.    A
second furnace is to be hlpwn  in latm-
Greater caro -should Ijo ftkon, i?)
fastening caps ki fuse. Caiulcss--
ness in tins \york is responsible tqe
many niiss-fires with trjeir stjt^equoub
danger. Caps should be crimped
with tools provided for thi|t purpose
in sijcli c manner that the lire in tl*e,
fuse will not be choked, and that
water WU| bp ox eluded. Needless tq
say t||p practice of '-'cj-'luoping with your
teeth" is foolhardy and  rerirelierisiljle
A Greeting.
To ou,r Friends and  Custpmers:—
VVo aro here to stay  and   to  make s
success. JVe lijce the country and  the
poofi-ln also oiir bfiisnes. and strive  to
iqcrease it by all   hoiiorabl.)   means.
Our (■reeri i.s tljp best goqds  .;t Lowest
prices. We belipve jp sejjing qnly such
goods that will »ivp pntire satisfaction
and wish you to believe that (ye lielive
in givep one dollurs worth of goods for
onp did I a;-. A trial   will    convince you
that you get you" money's warth here
Wp trust i.|iat this   appeal will   bring
response and that huisness  iijay open
between US -Wiich i)i»y continue long,
pleasant und profitable.  T!)iy i<< '.• one
price stfiri! T hanking yog for for past
partanage and lipping fpp acpntiiiuance
of the samp ip futijre.
Ayijiit for Pateimude Bros., Nelson BC
J'ours fpf business,
Miss H- M. Frenph
i a i.
Notioe is hereby given that the un -
del 'mentioned pirsons have maile application under the provisions of the
"Liquor Licence Act, 1900." for hotel
licences at the places set opposite their
respective n.imes:
Joseph Walker, Russell Hotel. Kiteli-
John .Marshall, Mwshall Hotel, Kitch
John   Ilia i-ili irl.   Mi.-'ri.eri    II 'Ml,
William Cray. .Salmo Hotel,   Salmo.
George Munro, Munrii Hotel Creslo.-..
,s. J. JJlllor, Creston Hotel, Creston,
Fred- Atlie, Fort Sneppard Hole.,
Robert Wood Thistle Hotol, Granite.
T. Q. Prooter, Outlet Hotel,   Procter.
Mrs, Josephine MoBean, Mersey
Hot.'I, Brio.
C.B. Burgess, Edna Hotel. Patterson
Owen Boyer. Vancouver F}ulel, yiuir
Mltchull Tait, Palace Hotel, Vmir. .
.1. W. Masicison, Vmir Hotel, Vm'r
K. M- Peters, St* Charlns HotclVin ir.
Kiiilav MoLeod, MoGeod Hotel Vmir
John Broun, Cosmopolitan Hotel.
li. S. (.oleman, Waldorf Hotel Ymir-
damiiel Miller, Miller Ho.is.!    Vmir.
J. ill. Uluuardsou, transfer to Louis
K- McPeak.      Sirdar  Hotel,    Sird.iril
J. H. Smith, Kootenay Talis  HolcJ.
Slocan Junction.
Kit 1 Boyer, Valley Hotel, near Vinir
A meeting of the Board of J.iccnoe
Commissioners of tbe Vmir Licence
Olstriot will bu held to consider s.icli
applications, nt tbo Court House, hi
Un- Oily of Nelson, ou the fifteenth day
of December, 1905 nt the hour of len
o'clock iu tl.e morning.
•V.ii. BiilliK!|*-\V..|istei"
Chief Llceuoe Inspector'
Nelson. ..HiNovember 1905
If £•■■■■• I IR,
Wholesale mid Ilelail
Afail orders receive proiypt attention
Is .sparklino* Avifh.j-tewness, and ^dy;|;nci_>g  ii
— I P*
Good eating i.s half the joy of life, You eat qne thousand f'rnes _ year
but you (Joq't save money by throwing into your interiqr shelf worn, aged,
groceries of inferior (juality.    Just received, lemon, orange and citron pcfel.
Take not loo that I shall hold a i.'ourt
of Ki-vision in,| Appeal under ibe
''Assessment Act, IU03," lor the Nelson AssessTieul Dlstfiot, on Monday,
December 1 tstii, v.in.i, at ihu hour of
in Su o'clook In iu.- forenoon, iu the
Ooyernmi utjAg '.n's olttoe, In the Collrl
llo.is! in tha Cl.y of Nel.ori.
*-v. a. joivcrr
I n Ign of the Court uf Rjvislon   and
Al'p-al. Nelson Asses-iii.tit Ull trio:,
-Date.I, Nelson, B,  C,   .Nov. ioth
Fire Brigade Signals.
Fire chief Mclnnis has prepared the
following signals for handling the lire
alarm: Steady ringing means fire
One stroke (pause) two strokes (pausej
three strokes, means ii call for help
handle tho hose when drying and
reeling it up after use.
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
'y only all rail route between
points east, west and south tp ItpSs-
land, Nelson, Grand Forks and Republic. Buffet cars run between Spokane and Northliort.
'.euye Daily Train Arrive
9.-I", a.m Spokane ,..0 p.m
11 ()5 Lin Rossland 5.15 p.m
J.20 a.m Nelson 8.45 p.m
ll:.')0S.m Grand Forks 4.35 p.m
10.00 a.m, Phoenix 6.00p.m.
7.00 a.m Republic G.30 p.m
J-X^Xj    TIKE    TI3VCE
i;y using
5e-lttle,    Tacoma
St. Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
IIKALS A   l.A   CAltTE,
Best  Meals on  Wheels
2    PAST   TRAINS     Q
Special    Excursion   Hates
Lewis & Clark Fair.
For rates, folders, nud full Information
regarding trips, oall on or ai'druss an
agon I of the s. F. & N. Railway, or
O. P. -*c I" A. II. P. & T* A
Spokane        710 W. Hiv.'isidi! Av
Use Jjojul Household Flour, and your bread, biscuits, cake and  past*'
will be all that any good cook   could   desipe.     Olgilvies   Royal IJouseho«*j
Flour combines the nutrument of Manitoba spring wheat witb the whitenesi
and Havi.r of Ontario fall wheat.   That's why it makes more brc_d and  baiter bread than any other fiom*  milled   by   an   electric   process,   for
Canadian housewives.
PiiusiivrniiiAN (.iii'iini—8 u n d a y
School and   llible   Class,    10   a. in.
Evening    service, H. 1'oun. Pe.i
pies' Society msote On i'ridny evening
at rl o'clock.    All ar i welopWS      Bov
am l lidetitly failed to go off at    tin , ^   y   i{()!j|( p„
Hotel Ymirj
Tin* lie*-! MeahH
An.l Acodmniodafcidn
In Town.
A fun* soloction bfWiii.es,
[-i-quors .-nul Cigai'Si
You cannot appreciate how much merit, value, stylo, fit and neatness
pattern arc contained jn a ready to«put-on suit until you have seen otjrs,      '
A pair of poor shoes will produce more suffering, disappointment, disi
gust etc , in ji giver, length of time, than any other article 0f apparel. A
pair of good shoes costs no more, wear longer, ap, retain their elasticity-'fo
the last.    We handle Hell's shoos.
i"11* '        '     ' I  l..«MW————————————_-    lllll I,
Where? Why at the        ** '
  -.£■■. ■■>:
A full lino of Jewelry, Toilet Articles, Toys, CapVcrs,* Xi»*'* s
cards, Xmas Pbst-cards, Dolls from 50c. up, Pictures, Pictiti.
frames and .Stationery. \
'.See our Papeterfes at the right prices.
Souvenir Spoons from $1.00 up,
Xmas cards 5c. up.
Xmas Post-cards C for 2i5c.
Full line of Drugs and Patent Medicine**;.
Fresh Chocolates !   Fresh I
Cigars, Domestic & Imported
1 )on't forget to got our prices before buying elsewhere.
Mail orders promptly attended to.
"  btlng thic to gtn
_   _ ™rr_id«i« fine club-
The Moolml Hcnld
'• 'ne mat m«nmilne-
nmpiiMtw.fnii 70 ,ne
brim with lhe bent of
reading Ic  ihr Some-
Kootenay Coffee Co.
'.ciioi. in „,oe qn,0|ily
'ne New, of Uie World In
•umnmtirH form Mm fot
ine lirmei and Tor il..
Noiuewlle! Sunday reartln,
"crutaic Maifcel Rrporti
..ne complete ,tory ea.i
;«_. Juat Ihe piper to ■*,
•IUi four local p.p.1.
For Six rtonths.
Wholesale and retail dealers
in Fresh Roasted
High • Grade - Coffees
NELSON, li. C.
J.   VV   .MAM'l'F.llSON,
y t+ 4 4 4 ++* ■»**•>.•*. 4444
MINING leep, you
Gives each month at. index of all im-
porlant article, appeaiini; in over 200 1
Americas and foreign puMicatlinis, _..,
atxtracU of the most valuable article,
and from four to ein.it original article, j
by practical mining men, fully Illustrated.   J2 00 a year In advance,
iple copy, 90 cent,,   send to
IM Liberty StrMI
Naw York
Hotel ....
(Under entirely new management.)
Dining Rbpni   and  Bki'
supplied wiMi   the   bent
i» the market.
opposite depot, Yni-H
♦     /


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