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The Ymir Herald 1905-04-22

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 Yoj, 1 -No 9-1.
■     APRs^^MIK^l^c.^ATiinLW. .M'KII. -J-J, liiii-l
"V>   - * -.., - -——-—
I'l.'ii'i-: l'i\ i: ! 'l-'.NT-
i.j.  pag?**^w
nt.,! ,it-|i tr-i-sv-a *i
Th-Ht Railway Policy.       Ymir Rifle Assp, iatiou.
* J    5afe-CrackiTtgr-itvixY^ir. js .-..•--..•;.. ■    ...
LOCAL ITEMS |   fcrt J£*~TL fHNlNG NEWS .   .,.,„„, .,  .,, „   .,,„„„ ,„,„„„.,.	
I the depot safe Inst  week,   were   evi- menting tho lack of  railroad   legislu-  night to arrnnga tlm   all....--   or   tin
Cheques cashed f|pe at  Campbell's ,ja,lt|y nuviupn 4b the lob.    Apparent- The Ibokcn Hill-Mining   and   De   tion during t|io past session, and   en• above us-jociatiou, it   sp,|,"cwhu|   dilli
I'he school children are now enjoy,  ly they were ulao novices at   handling valupnient Co, js about to   i„s;,-,il   a  deuvoring to mulfo capital uut   of   it. jctilt tpatier in view of  Hie .fact  thu
powder, and as most of the local  men fiv- drill pompiessor,   and   i-  making j;, A. Mnudoiiald the   leadof   ,■!'   the | most of (be records uf the fV.-speiain,
lire well up in this n|'t,   thu   burglars plans for thp development of the mine apposition, whilst   refusing   in  allow  were burped in the fire    if   li-t
jn;; the Raster week holiday
A gang of hobos struck   town   ibi
.   gang o   ioqqs s ii|i.    ow       ' s j were probably strangers    They   only  on a larger snide than Heretofore, tho Mclll'ide Ooverunienl any   pi-edit *.ember.
 I*,*nit were persuaded to move on, suct.eei|e(1 in ^.j^ t|lomse|vBS   „  ,/J     _^ ^ fur calling Mr  Mu.-sp's Mull,   a   step      Dn thp cling being nailed to  ,..
George Column bus had  the   Wal-   ,f tiouble for natlitn*-*. and also a   In' •'      ■ .   ',- '    which tup wliph? Provipce is upplaiid- der, Mr.-C Archibald wus elected   n.
.    ,.   ,,      , i •    ■      i      i , ,,        .      . wnil, ui"   iiii     iue    l nm,uoilo.-e   gro|ip , , .,..,,-        •,*,     ,-       i      ■ ,
licit  lloiel   ,i"-ii,li-i,'!,i,„-d   through-  ns trouble tu   Maurice   Costello   the ,     .,   . ., , tna, endeavors to make papital iigainst thp cbaiv.    I |ie Ijrst business was 11,
Opposite   llie     l i,il|-    evaiiiilu    works. , .
the Government becnuse   Mr.   Morse election of a captain in place   of   i!
succeeded in buying °li'   lhe   clmt'tpr  lute J. \V. Ross,      Mr.   i-V-usei:** w,
lh" Kootenay Shiiigh
Kidmo this week
mill   at
tation agent, wlm i5 loser a good big Thili  „|1(H]p   -M  (,vviii„',   ,|V   M,._.„.,
Dr.FJIiott  has   received   his   up* I ovfiicat, one new pipe,   one   ancient: Qiabe, -Poulin and flii-vcecl., and Un i „     . .,,..,
nointment as Coroner   for   this   dis   uliaif, several cuss words, and   „   lot   .„,,,.,.,,- (,„,,1,;,.1(li,|1. ,,;,,„*;.,,. for the road from Huston  to   Ivita- elected tp this position   by   "icehupa
Hiet. ol'iii md trouble  ill    cleaning   up.   ; maul which carries a subsidy iii,i.ijinl- ! lion.     Mr. I'.aekwoith was   re-,-!.-,-,,.
The burglars succeeded in blowing off      Con. Wolfle reports ihat the   work  ins ;,, uj| ta jS*'iQ7-g,000 and which was to   ihu   position   of   secretary   i.n.l
Seven more Chinese wero taken   io = ,   of installing i'he aerial   tmmwaj	
j the heavy outer poor ol the Uttfe,    uut ' •
either ran uhort of fuse or   were   in- tl,e r°«h"''"   is   Pr**«d'««8   mpMiy,
terrupted, as th.-v failed to   open   il.e-""1 tlial ■'<-"poets the tram wijl    be
The .Salmon river is   inning to get j inm?1. ,]„„,,_ w,)icI{ presents  Ies   diili-' mi,l-v '" "i;l'lil"' >"  tl,p   com's0  (i "
full early this year an.   will be raisin-.   (.„||V ,|,.,n (J,Q |,i;; outer door.       |.;v(.„ J few Weeks,     The SHOW    al    llu:    fug sume erroneous idea,   that    lhe    Uov I toi
llie usual trouble.                                I had "they suee led in penetrating in- I'""'" is ""'v ""u''' ''"s   tllil"   nt   t',e eriiment   could   not   lit."   unless   it The matter of tho trustees re<|iiiti-,l
Quoit matches havo   re*commenced  to the safe, their efforts  would   huve j *i,l'"° peHotJ of any previous 3-ear. yielded to them     Somo,   il   is  trUe, by the Government was   then   iijns.
ju consequense of the return of   John  been unrewarded, us there  wa-,   only      The |-Vi ill will -t mt   up ngnin were more moderate in theirdeinonds, duecd iifid Mr. U.   S.    I'.   |t.,--s   ex
Harbottle, chninpion of B. C.                a little small change inside, the    bulk  next Monday.    The  initio   and   mill and   prob»bly   would  have  received plained that at  present  he,   Ingelhei
,1' the day's takings being remitted to are still cmler lease to Messrs.   ahin- Eavojablp coti*iidoi*iitinii u l   ilu-   hands with lhe estate of the late.I. W. I!..
ranted in a previous session, 'i'ln. ab>: Percy Qleazer was elected   trpuuit
surdity nf   this   is  pvidpnt.    .Ml the! These ofljcers   together with   Me--,
other railroad propositions bofofo tho  \V. J. Hughes and    I'.   S..   T.   I{ns*
Ooyernmont,   were   colored   by the  w*ero eppginted an executive commit,
The ground belonging lo thn   Ymi
ileneral   Hospital   surrounding   tic
et*ou every e-veiiing.      So   far   nol nei, Conk, Hughes and Handnll,   who of the (lovernmunt, but for   the   Fact wore responsible la  thu   Qovernineiu
,,     •   , i   -i t-      ■   i  •      i   '   ,        ib.e has b..*en ul.iuiiic.ii us to the ideit  : huve ^'ut uut a considerable   ill!
Jlnsint.i  bin iiiu.', is belli*-; cleared up
1 bl '' ' ■ -I     ,:  .1. . , ,  .   .1     .. ,-.... ...in:.,.. 'l'i...
utility  that, at this pre.-.enl stage of tho   de   for tho safety/if tho guns   ami   ivei
!ind plotted off for a garden.
Three bis policemen   aro   still   al
titv ut tlie bitrglafs
of on- ready I'm- milling.      The   mine
looks web mul there is a largo quantity
veliipnient of llritish   Columbia,   the undor bonds to the auiouiit nt'   >"-'•""
iiiliiiinistraiiiin bus decided that   only . Messrs, Tail, Coflby iind .Mel.'-od   a.
of ore ready for breaking down.      As i a railway policy ivhich will appeal   tu j cepted the pusitio ' bondsmen  wilh
-n   i     |   >■ a . •     . . ui iue i i-iuiy nu  uit-ui'.iii-^ 'nm ii.        n.*i   ■* -    i     -      -. . i     i .
n--.-e iii .Salmo guarding the  Japs   ul '   LIDefai      AppOUitmenlS . disupnours     lhe I l|a' people of ihe I'n.i inco a- u w hole, j ihe uiuier-tuiiil-fe,"- but    tho   associ
lhe sl,ingle mill, and piece still reign
between Whites find Orientals'!
For The Opposition
lessees expect tn get   some   rich  ore   instead of to merely   sectional   inter- tion should pay for any m-c^ury   ■■
Parties who have watched ihe pm-1 *Vl"" •' sllll''"v Cl*'tcl'°P discovered lust /'-In will be received   acceptably   by ■ pairs ami ih.it. thu   guns   sl,.,,:l.i   I,
Vmir skeins to bo thn most   sensa** j ooedifigs during the   past   session   0f fall, * hen a foot of ore running up to   H'e People. I insured igaiust fire     Mr.   I'.   >
tionnl town in 1). C, and may be   re* the   I'n,;, incial     Legislature,     have ' *5'"0Q *VM
lied upon to furnish a regular   supply , ,,ute.l tin, indifference and  uputh)    of
ot ,„'-•- requiring big headlines. some of the most prominent  members
There will be'coumini.ion   services "■' the Liberal opposition.       Develop-   ♦
in the Presbyterian.phureh   tomorrow monts in tho closmg caucuses of   ihe  ♦
ul I a. in.    In  the   evening   there opposition party expluin the  attitude  |
..ill bean faster service, with special of some of these gentlemen    who   arc  ♦
music by the choir. slated fpr Iucrativo   positions,   whicl
[t may be well to remark   in   con-  Ross consented   in   retain   the " ci.
'elusion   that   while   the   opposition I cabinet in liis storo, and it   was   ,,
their   friends   und   newspapers,   aro I cided that a rcuoipt should  bo   bikti
making a great outcry about the   al,   from enoh porson I   whom a gun   wus
sence uf rail ray legislation, thoso out-  issued, iu which the said  person   en
i side of parliz-u,   politics are in a    pu-    gu^ed to return lhe gun in good   con*
A cross mai'kud   in   till.**!!iticn ' '"pl'^y. with a great  pro- dition.
liability of iici-urui-y, that the  coming      I'or tho benefit of llioso  who   wish
will cuuse tin-Ill to bid farp'wcll to  the   ♦
, iiitlientes   tlllltj season will see more railway construe   to join, the   fu i   was   elicited thai
Meiitbeis of the  Citizens'   Associa*-   , ".' ,"".      ,   „       "".,"'"".,  ,     .   "", ♦ ... 2 tion than has been done in   the   past membership toiho Association ontuil*.
eins ativc nail-.       lr,    fllclnnis   ,.t  • vinii- -su ,-seen,I,,,,, w   in    or-*' . ,,..,.
Un are reminded thai   next   'lburs-    ,,, ,   .    , . ,   ,.. , ...if >'"" '"    ( "1"    "        "     '"   21 three years put together. led no obligation of -military   senn:
.lie, is iiie date of the monthly   meet-
Alberin is to bo a count-,- court  judge J
Ii mav be pointed   oui   tli.it   ilu-  inoro than reiiuircd of any citizen   iii
Ooveriiment's   conduct    in     dealing time of wur,
* real'and we wi mi, i Do giai
Inc.  when   important   business   will  ,. '       .. ,     ,,, ;♦ ^ '       »    ■■■
' Ina novel-mil- "t  1 iikoii  lerril.orv, J X1
cuiue up for discussion, .,., . ,     , ,     xtoiic.-ir   f'l'iini   vmi    if   \'diiX  with the railway promoters   through-      lhe ilifliculty experienced lust  veai
I In re is nnol lier rich  plum    lo    he   »'""'"       '   '"    .'■"".        T, • .    .
,,.,    *..   •   ,,.,,    .       *,-,-,   i i   ,       , „  , 1$ X out the course  of  those  negotiutions in insuring tlio   rroper   use   "I
Hit l imr Kiile Assiiciiiiiiui i-in I..-  awarded, und news of tho  proposition  ♦-,,--,    f , ,
,1,1. „,,,  ,    ,-,   i ,| i .     .   i* i   - , .     ,      T WISll 10   UIVO I     COll  IIIIK'i .   X   has  been    strict V    iipoi,    inns    li'iim an,munition Wus lllscussed, anil ill
bongrutuluiea on securing   Lonslaljle  (1f tins came before   members  ot   the  T * ........
*> which there has   been   nt)   ileviittion, iler to obviate lis misuse, il    wus   ,li
which    simply   ilem.-iii'lcl   ie:i*,.i|iil!i|e i ci'letl thill nut niore t.'uiii   hum,  n1,.
; reipiireiiii'iii-, bona fides   and  ability shells should be issued lo one meinbei
esnuhun, representing "Pntsy" , |o ,.,„„„„„„.,. i,mnw|intn construetiuii. al Lho same time, and that lie  -b d
Tli.-u    these   very   plain    conditions return the empty shells before  rcceiv.
could not be lillf.l i- nm ih.- i'nth    nf ing any nun -    The regulations   g
Friiser as Captain.    Mr.    I'rasey   bus  caucus also     Sir Henri   July's   term   **************************
I'-vMeeu ucti.'e service in the South    Af-   hug yet several months   to    run.    but
jr.l-ieiin war, and  unil,-rst:iii,|s   uiiljita'ry   ahea.lv the succession let-    been   de-
ytici-oiiti en, pts and arms   better   thun j tcriniued upun by   the   party   mnmi« I Clark of Spokane, came in last   nmiii
«.*ny one iu town probably. gers, und the nuine mentionod   is   no  fmm the kootenny Bollo   mine   nenr
Th.. I  nlies of lhe fitholie     -hii-..'-    less I hall -I. ('.  I.l'iiwii uf New    \\e-l      s*,L|„i(,      I ii reiilv tu iiiiiilliv ii- to   the ., , i i .'..,.
llie fituiics ot llie-tatlioiu    liiuioi nuimo,    in upiy io lnquuy im io  uu    ||,0 Quveriiinent bul  "!    lhe    riiilway  einuig  civilian   assouialions   provid.
"■will give an "at hnine" in the Miner's Miiiist'er,    Pevelopments iii this   eon   progress of developments Mr. Urosaii*-
/."niuii Hall on K.-ister Monday ('.Mil,   l"'r,i" '' eagerly   .'waited    because  |ial, sfti*j.     ••Tliors   is   nothing   new
if Ihe   announced   delerminutiuii   of Uince I, was here  before,   except   the
l   A programme of vocal r.nd
Hotel Arrivals
Mi I.inn llona:   -
.nil iiineiiial ninsic will be pun iiled   as the parly lenders to seemo   possession  uifiount of work done.    We are   -til!
\.w"ll as games of all description,    lb- "''l1"' Hovernmenl of British   Colum-. driving our crosscut througl intry
I  f'rcshnieiit- will be   served,   und   the bin, and tho faol   thai    ii    was   Mr.   l0uU.    Wo expect to strikdShc  ledge
tepmeeeils-•''he   ovetiiiig's   entertain- Meliride's refusal to he a member   of very s w.    Wl  we   do  there \H< H. Avery J r„ Nelsui
' iii.-nt wiil lie ",'iven   tu   tl„>  Catholic the .-ami" n.i'.e, „„i"in i-   Mr.   Brown   w||| bB something worth reporting    '   E   u ■ "'"' '"■ N'' ' ' "
■-. i 'i,iit,.-h building Kund that put lho latter   on    the   uniting| think.",
l.'n Saiuulay last Constable  I'riuor
h.it in state, up at the goal, waiting for 	
im i-xcilfid crowd of  voters   iu   eoinc      John l-farbotllo is   buck    in   Yn-.it ,
i;p i„ nominate und elect firo wai-deim, ,., ,|„ hi- annual ivoik   till   thu   Muv M0"'1 kl,ow ull-v     -X,mI ' 'l!" "'" M,lv   . '      ,       ' *ft"c"l,vel
The time for i.omiiuilio.is lasted from Blossom group on Quai'U creek.        ' ^ that it « ,11 not be tulico up ii    -,'i- '   "■' "■
I  10 lo I I a. ,,,. and j„-l a-   the    clock
wenched the hour of eleven,   and   the
I lining ollicer was about i"   retire,
A. Sutherland, Kelson;
Asked ih.nit ihe ij.u.en .-roup   he   A, M, Sloan, Krie;
replied:    "Well, the  Queen   has   not   AuS* J* Anderson, Krie;
been definitely tnken up  its   yet.      I I l'1'"1 J-'"*-"", Krie;
Tin* directors of ihe   Atlin   Mining
und Millini: Co.,   haic   succeeded   in-
Nelson News
I.H. Carley, Montreal;
i leu, A. Mulnt) re. Vancouver;
Geo. M. Davis, Nelson;
raising funds  suillciunl   tu   .-leu,- oil'    The Second llelief mine stnrtcd  "I'chas. Burt, Nelson;
*%t.erre»i,t..ringii   ,-„.-   „gui„sl   »'•• lho ^eutei'portion «.{       iMljobted. this your on ll.e 1 ith, April, which is   ft  8 lS   k,UK„
upaiby of Ymir property holders, ohe „(>., „,•„„. ,,„„,, 111N) ,,,„n„ ,,;1V   ,,ie a record for early  beginning   in   the Q W|lil(, s   u,,„„,
eliiwn  w„s  observed  spfiuting    up ,    ,  mU       advertised   ii,   U,e hi*stor>-of tl.e m       Hitherto   this
im-lull, and amved .|„-t in    time   '"   N,|„„, ,„,„.,..    ,lis   t,x,„-eieil   that  property has always luui to shutdown ■"•"'■"■'  ll"" '■
*'Ml!"   a   m""11"1' '       -VPl" ">   ,ufllcieiit further funds   will   -hoiilv I during lhe winter months    but   Mr.   II. H. Green, Nelson
thai all shell*, shall be retur I to llu.
(lovernmeiil t'"i reloading, and thai i
complete iijuonI of il"- scores made i l
pructico should bn k.-p, Mr, l;..--
' reported ihat there woro imii
I liOO rounds on hand . . i thai a
en ilu-,- su| ply of |iui rounds pi i
member won   be issued    by   ihe   ,1,
pai'tmeiit, as soon as   tho   , rd   ol
Ins, veil  will   "til in
It wus fill rii"i decider] th il n i
ahooting "hould bn allowed, unless il
least three members    ero bresoul.
A -•■'•und meeting of   the   A  ••
.ion was urrnnged for   neni   Tuesdnv
, Week.
plr. liuckwortl, is   ilu-   unl\    ,-iti/ei,   ,,, |u|.|||( ||]ir ,n   mrrlint   ,|„.   ,.,.'. | llariilianlt is now   making   uriiiige- 51. Doyle, Denver, Col.
ments so thut the operations  can   bu J- Kelly, Denver, Col.;
continued throughout the year.     The Ed. Pergeson, Nelson;
maintenance of the   water   supply  is Coil. Wollle,  Krie;
Iiiu, lakes enough lUteri -1 in ll, •
I ■ eifiire of the town, to Walk a few
1,locks to nominate men fof,  ihe   i<
-inup,imi of work on the property.
The bond ie I.l hi  II   II. Ahiums of
aponsible position of fire wardens  He s n I he llehiumt groi f   W-P-1 the dirticult question,  but   it   is   bc
nominated Messrs. Gf.obe,   Masterson pci-nilver chums, eight, miliis east   "f |iovt,d that enough   can   besccureu,
.,,..1 Kinlay Mclx-od and us ib,-,;,-wee  Northport, having expilud April   '"t. | thro*dKhout the ye.il*   to   run   a  five|       l',,"u"-- '"'
i thor iioiiiinuii„i),s,  the  ruturnitig »» Mr. Abrnms did do! carry out   his
': It. r.anyon, Krie;
ciM'ltl'll   NOTJCR
I'lll.slllll:,!, -,N'    I 'liliirn      S  II  li .1   .   .
School nnd   Bible   C\>^-.    10   u.  -..
] Morning Service   I !    n.    in       K ,
ning   service,   7:30.        1'oiiua    I'...
pies'Society meets on i'riduy  eyenii _>
ut -*> o'clock.    All are welcome.    I,'. ..
H. Ydung, M. A„ I'.isior
,   ., ,      , r ,      i, iS. Joynfc, Nelson)
drill air compressor instead of tin*   I I
■ ..Ili.-er declared these een I leinen eleel-   OOlllraet, lho plopi'lty level'ts  10    tile k.., clJ|1|j)rew,or   ,„,„     ,„    „-...       All"""
|i"l!irndiiiii.iiiiiii.   They are elected j oHgliiftl owners, John   I'.   Vloom   of pr(Jgellt  „„,,.   „,,,   twunty-ftve   men      CohjIopoutAu Hotki'.:-
■ to responsible positions   mul   cannot   Waneta nnd Ids n ialos,   who   in ^<>i-k ii,"/ on   the   property,   a  force;
■ turn their attention tu ihe   need- ot'  teild working ii   un   a   large   -cile which  is   liable   tl)   be    permanent    '     '      '     »
lihesltuatior- any   tu..  soon   to   suit They havo an t*U  fool   slmfl   and   n throughout  the   year.      Mr.   rkrn« C. C, Ladd, Erie;^
11 i „f the property linliler.-, in  spite  crosscut 10 feet, showing   ilu-   ledge, littrdt reports that the mine  is   looksjH. W. McPhail, Phoenix;.
■ uf tho apathy and   carelessness   dis- which itssnys from 6   !I5 ,- ing exceedingly well, add that    pros*   II. Hurt, Spokane
■ |.laved by them in thu matter  uf   lhe  of silver, a,id a- high u-   .",    pel    colli
raelection. i copper.
ictsnlug lb"    ■■!   lery   [ Itablo  A. McArthur, Salmo)
, season. I«. Fuller, Erie.
i    Hire Brigade Signals.
Kiro chief Cofl'ey bus prepnred    the
fnlloiviiig signals fur luiiidliiig ilm in.-
alarm:     Steady   ringing    menu-    lire
due itroko ipuii .1-) two strokes ,p.,u-- ,
' three itrokos, mean, a call for help , .
Ihnndlb tin-   hose   ivlmn   drying   ami
!l'"i'lillg it up aflef use. ' I
American and B.  C.   Hydraulic JVMIH   BUSINESS Gil
Placer  Company Ltd.
Capita] $50,coo in 50o,«co Shares of ten cent.*-* each
The Conipam is mm   |>roparing   to   work   tlir  (iold
Dredge, I'jlnek iSiuul um! Nujrge-1  [iliie-ei' Ictuses nt   Hull
Siding, illld in nub !  1(, | till lllltili tl;r Itcrr.-is.'ii'Y   lllllfllill-"
cry. tin- |"i,oi!,it, r- iinvi- ;-i; aside a   limited number ol'
shares for immediate sale.
Tlie slums are lull) paid and non asses.-able.
The Company's ground averages f>0 cents   per   eubie
yard on the  surface*, ovi ,■ 240 acres.
Lntil bed rock is reaehed these   shares   can   be   obtained ni o bargain.
Meanwhile the treasury  stock   (_()0,(H)0    Shares)   is
left intact,
A   New    Era   in    Trans
Pacific Transportation.    .,.,     .     ,     .,   ". .
1 | I lie Lucky  Roy .Mining ;n
1--1', IN",.
K. \V . Wiililoivsou.
IIIIUKKItAOK   AMI    ,*--, li IN' '■■
i'errj J, (ili-nzcr.
Ill 11 III l:
•ll.llll I'liHbi it.
1)111      1'-      IMi     l.l-.N I-    I I   l.-NI-HIM.-
II. (iiiiiipliel.'.
Hi-itii-.it jobbing Co.
I'll,: Cii i la 11,-nr mi I   li i.)'; l,'i,
I , UM iti.i.    ihiai.i i:
\\ illitim t'larli.
I), t'aniplii-ll.
|l.-l!li.-:iV Jobbing Co.
S    11.   Mill,It.
(.osi.H.pi.liiiiii—John Hrenti.
Mil I House—I'lnlitv Mel I.
Millet House—S  .Miller.
I'alnee- Iml A   Kllihly.
Vuiicouvei — Owen lioi er,
\\ llllloif— (ieni-ue Oilman.
i'mir—J. \V. Mn-ier-oii.
IIaijow aiii:
I'   S  T. Koss,
I.llHI-.s      I I  KMSIIIN '.      AM.     IIII.I.I.SEII
Mrs. -I'lin MeLeod
'UMNO     |{ K| iii, 1.1 u
l'er.-y -I.   (lii-n/.-r
lli-rnlil Publishing Co.
maiii.e.-1 iiv.
If Campbell.
s. II. Seaney.
run* ii.ii*-
Hiirslinw it Wilson
M. TAIT. ••''   '"-'•'"
VMI If. B. C
Wc    t-arn    the    leading    brands     imported      Liquors
and  (Jiirar-H,  Stout;    Vie,    Brandy   and   Wine.
• i* ■ *
Newly furnished throughout.    Sample loom- in eonlieel
•      llul,-- $1.50 to $2.50 per day.
ITNl.AY    McLEOD, Propvietoi
I levclopinenj (',,..   I.t .,
'I'll,*   Groat   Northern    Steamship
Company in placing   in   service   bes      The regular nniiunl meeting of   the
tween Seattle, Wash   ami Yokohn ,  stockholders of the above mimed com-
Nagasaki, Kobe, Shanghai and   Hong  .,„„,,_ „.*,• ,„. hcU, „,   ,*|0   (. pn|y -„
Kong,   the    magnilicenl     Ameii'.'ii  ini,,, Ml |.;ni. n    ,-.,   ,„,   ,,„.   -*2m|
built -Iem,,ships tho "Minnesota   nnd j ,*,,.. ut \|.IV |
the "Dakota," mark  a   new   era   in '., IM
iriinsportntion fucilitics between   the, s, \t  Myers  piesideni
l.'nited Scutes and the Orient.    These |
1111(1       Jackson & l.enliv,
000, ui ihe   lioui    ot'    "
Alex. Oilitie.
Toiui cols I'
.Milts Meliinis
William Clark.
magnificent   steninstiips   wilh     their "       —— ■    —
superior facilities in liuiidling imiiiensc Notice
freight cargoes and the luxurious  ap-
pointinenis for passenger   travel   has 'l'° DELINQUENT CO OWNERS
irivon an impetus to our oriental trade. I ., , ,,   ,
■•pi i -l.-iine- l.r.-iliii i- nm- oilier pL.|.. |   t
i    MRS,   J.   McLEOD
******************** -<>**** **********************
Please fonvuril Tiik Y.mih Hbhai.ii for
,     , "T' ' -'"■""- -....,:,    • ■ I : :   j . :   .
I he North Pucilic route to the Orient    |,      ,       , , .'    , Po6t   Ohce   More \ Milt.
.      , , to whom lie nun   lum-  triuislei red
s rapid y becoming  ilu-  piipiiliir one!.. ,   •   .,    ■,*    ,     ,,. ,
, , | his interests in the 1 nnkee Girl,    I .
'lllll  nOW   Mint   the   CiVO 1 lllati.il   Steillll   !
■ I Milium   sleliln- !        ,. . i  *..   i      ,.
1 ,    ,      ..  nndiiiii (.nl nml  , uie Fraction nm,,
-liiii-;,    "Minnesota     ami      'IJukotn     ,   , . ,       ,      ,
1  ' lal i-lniiii-, -nm,,i-,| on Duniln-   motili-
luive iieen put In commission, them i-  , , ., ....
1 i tain, iiiotii two nnlea tnnu   i •    in
iu, liuestinti Inn. thai a further greater|.,    -   ,       ,,.  .      ,	
I Uie .\,-I-ni  Mining Division ot   Vit-t
Increase in our trado with the   l)rii-nt   ,.    ,,.-.. ,   ,   •
; Kootenny District,   und   lecorded   'ti
us well ns iiiiii-iff-l   passenger  trnvel
Asiatic poris   «ill   be   inuuguruted.
The first suiting of thn   ".Aliuuesotii,"
in addition to   carrying   the   largest
ilu' lleeorder's otlico  for   thn   Nelsol,
Mining Division.
Vou 'iml eiii-li uf   ymi   nl-e   heieby
notified thai we have expended   three
I'lirao to tlio Orient  ever   carried    Iiv ■ ,      ,    ,  , ,,
B. ' Innnlii il iiiilliii-s   (£300.00)   in    ).- liiti-
nny ship In the world, us well as in
extensive pussimger list, uugurs well
for the future,
Tlie "Mil',,,-soli,'' '.till   null   on   iif,
next voyage to the ' Irienl   on   Siilm
il.-iv, April l'i'iIi, and it   Will    not    be
limiss to say hero that   the  excellence
and   improvements  upon  the iib
1 minora] claims in order to hold
under the provisions of   the   Mineral
Ael, und if « it lini ninety   day
I lhe dale of llii* notice you fail nr   rl
fuse in contribute y  portion of o*-
*. ami acknowledge receipt of enclosed §	
*•> Tub Hkii M.I) is published  every Saturday morning und   ♦
4 contains  all  the  news of the cump, *
| U'atks--Tkh Ykah, S2;*Hai.f Ykah, i?1, %
♦ ♦
GRAND CENTRAL  HOTEL IClark's   Furniture   Store
Opposite Courthouse anil new- Post Undertaker and furniture Deul'er
olliee,   Best'doi meal   in   town.      Mail orders promptly nltended to
Kuropenu mul American plan, Bntcn Sthbi-vi", - Vuir
Only   wldie    labor    employed, i _     __________
First class bar
Yum- Citizens
 MEETS. ...
i.A*. I' Till nsn.w in KAi'll MoXTlI.
l-'lM.f.  McLkoIi, President.
IIi:v. II. Voi'Mi, Secretary.
A   B. Buckwoii'I'ii, Tieits,
of liur passenger nct'onlinodutioiis  will     ,
peinlii-.H-t", lugBlher with ull   cnsls   uf
Um-   supplied   »iiii   In-1  brands of
wines, )it|Uurs and uigafs,
l-'ns-r  Ai r.si ,:,
i'miii, 11,
advertising,   you,    „..,,,. ,    i;i      „ | I Hl'lldf|ltUl*tol'S for Milling Atoll
In* lieinlileil in   ile-  liavcllim.'  public    , .        .,, , ,
1 cluiins will become   ,li"   pronertv   of
of the United Slates by ull   who   en*  ,,       ,     .. .     ,   '
I lite -',ili-ei ilnis, iihiler M-finui  1 of   up
joyod the plousanl  voyage  across   the; M| _.„.;,,..,, ..A„ A{ ,  ,„    ,,;|„||,i   ^
Pueific on her l'n-i Li iii, a-   furiiishiiiu   ...
, .,.,     .      : Mint nil Act,   1000.'
the iieine ol linn I e„lllf»l I.      I he filcl
Ihnt the Hiiperioi  accomlno lutions   of
Ihe Ureal Norlhern "',.-a.,i-lii,i   Coin
|,mt in conned ion « ilh the   eoinfor1
table journov uH'orded by   the   Ureal
Northern   liailwny   lo   Seattle,   -I." '''> "''J'l"ll:l,( |(|"
sailing point of the "Mitliliisota''   will .,   ■
iiial.e   lids   route   ilu-   popular   one
from "ii iilelil t<> I Irienl.
HOtel    .    i    .      a
'1',,'1,-r entirely new uianagemunl.)
Iiiiiiii^'  Uooin   dii'l   jinr oweS iiOYEH, Pi
Kii'st-uluKK Jiiiiiuo li'tiniii
I lest Illinois ul Willi's
Linuoi'H anil (liy-ars.
supplii'il   ivi'li    the   besl
in the inarket.
Uighl   ',|i|io-sit,-  'lc|iii!,   \'niii-
•lOllN  l!i|.l-.AI'.  Prop.
iiSeconil Avi
il nl Yltih  IJ, (!,, ,li,'-   ;nili^
|   l»*   ■-.   'I.'"be.       |    ■ 1
•il 'kootenay Coffee Co J
'IH'   IIKKT   UltANI) OF  IHIMlM'llJ MeaClqt,arterS   f°r   nin«'^
CIGARS. and com"iercial Men
I'or All Kind-  Of
W'lioli-sa!'. and rCLuil  "I'-nleis
ill l-'iesl, lloastcd
66   YE/.HS*
I'or mining pui'posu in   I!    C    till
"inch" ol' tfiitci i- duflnnd as   I'-illo-.v-
- the i|iin,,ti,v ",f Mali-r thai will paie
through un o-rifli'o tw0 iiwhes hi«li i.y. Fresh Bread Every Day,
half an Inch wide mrfdo ill -, tiVo ilich .     	
plunk, the watei■ lo have   ,t   cdnnt/nit A. IS, I-Yoneh, Pioprietor.
head of seven ilieho*i above tho  Upper I  |
-.ide of tie orifloo; and every addition-1
1)1 inch of water means us ihucli ,w
h-ill pass through the said orifldu ex>
leiided horizontally half un inch. In
litlbic un-i-i,ren"'ii'i one intili of water
UiiiII mean a llow uf  wutet'    eijnal    to
! iw cubic feet per minute.
Thmje Marks
I I'.illoileii her four sire-,- nr mole I ' Wf T 'V , , CoprniOHTS 4c.
Arir.ilio o.-n.lltiu n -.ki-trh nml doacrlptlqll maT
lv* 1*1. ... ,.|...l'-i,.l-,.iillii. I,..,-.- 'inl.-kly ajoortflln i.ur i-l'ii I li.;i- iilu-Oi.-r iili
1\ llll ewi-,i,.li III ,11,1." I'.l" ,,u',.„ti,„i ia|iriilnilil)i|..iiMiiiiiili'.   r..i)iniuiil.*i!*
, ,        ,,       , -.11    II     ., Ili.iiaslrlilljiiil.'llili-.'lllill. Ilii'i'll..."ki,iil'ii,..,i,«
Her ll^-u/e wns in.le.'.I illVllie, .,.,„ ,„,„. oMi-t ngancy foraociirlnuliotelila.
, , , • I'.iIi-iiI-i tiiki-n On.-UK,,  Mniiii A ,'.'. r<":ul--c
• \!  1,,-t  I hlfw li'1,-!.,.-,'. fortjiiinntlct.williDUtohanto.Intua
i ,„.« a... a, i with,.-..,i.i.'-in-:   Scientific HlUC-TiC^il-,
The blood i- in mv 'ye. MMTTllBwfiffiA   fcaJMi
vi-iir: (niirnmiitba fi   SoM ly nil hftimotelerf.
CAKES, iHiqh » Grade « Cot't'ees
M'.I.S'IN,  11.
The Kootenay   Standard
and   luanita.
„-,-,       MTI.'RRD  IIV
I-.  'Ci   Ihelih & Gdi
N,'iS',ll:   li   r.
Miist comfortable hotel in ihu di";
triei.    Bvorything flt-ftt-class.
TMI'l,   I'. Ci
l   tt
Meat makkk'!
f 4*Hf+4-H4"H*4-f+*f-|-44*|H-f A
^ ♦        I'lfl-'.sli   an!• SAl/rivii MKATH
....     „ a c     ,,      ii   MILLWOOD, t *m i" in..	
Kodaks and Supplies,   , t   | „„,, ,,,„,.,, ivr p,(*ifp( ^^
!l b'livi'l'cll .-III'' \ '
l.llH'cilltoWll I 30m  ''"H"!!''!;'!',   I',,,,,
Patent Mediciliea:-A   well   aborted j I SiOVe   Lengths 1
stock Of spring medicines   ettu   ul   I   ,  ■♦
' *     Ill'V S I  .'... n..   -■,  fin _
the , igln price,
Oieen -vl (fi
,_ Jj Vinfr Transfer Co,
'IV v solllti of our 1
i       ,    *    .     !j     Per Cart Loud;     ±\     JA,'KS,,x * i.kmiv.
lousehold   A,, inn ; 4 *
ay, .Iou ipi in t.
♦ No«  i- the lime to |n
pul II,
I'r. l-'.lliott'- ollk-e 're'i *,
l'l I" I I a   in. Kllil  • to  .".-.-in  p   111.   I
teaming flfid
Express . ,.,
I'm looking for the mall who -u -
Ihat liguies never lie.
• fill,    l"lll    lii.i.ivi.J    -•       ,..,....  ,...,.-.-,...    ...  ,
MUNN & Co.35'3-"" »* New Yer
jhtrrli (,m—). 9* I «.. WaalMnijtir... b. I'
ll gobd stippli
1*0110  Hico x
J     The CaHada Drug and ||   JJimiW(.1Oj Ltd. \'   A" ""'" ,;"f"1'1'   '"""'
11 Hook*    C«. . I ' i!""'1 *-''e glffttosl ear., exi-n-ised
X'H44^4444444444444*44JH |lliantlling of gootll
rei-eil   iu    l
^_ THE YMIR HERALD 17::r7z:!:7T^B    w^mum-     A. MACDONALD & Co.
 j  . "     " |V.MII! LODGE No. .".1 A. I'.  .v   A.I
,, ,... .   ,      ... c.i.,.1 ii i i tion of    tlieir   land-.      Several   new        >,      ,,,.,,•• , i
p„b!  .!.-.,. ..-it. s-n.ir...-., ..u.i iiiini.-i , i, ,\|     Meets first    rriday    in   encli \ rpt        _/ •     i   \r W*r»iili^   I il'P
"*■<••* i-.i,.|i-,,T.,ii,viiiir:., ,v„. |.i,ilr.,a.ls a,e   i,!,t,„ly   starting   .-on-'     „„„„ |,. V i-„ ing brothers welcomed. |   I "Q   MIKl   YOU   W OU1U   LIKC
nyiii.i- i-i -i.i | struction,    whilo   oiler     lines     are John McVltJAIt, W. M.
i-lieiinli-'l to commence thin year. All | fr.ni-v -1. Glkaxkii, Secrelar*,''.
these considerations point to tbe  fact   YMIH   LODGfi No. 32    K.   of   I".
I'm.   I".:it.i.ii cut,  1," bu I   (nun   iiii  Ii-nilne.      ,    .    i ■ , -..    , ,, ',. ,,.,,,,.    i
tlial ilu--ii er il.ere mil   bo   more        Meets lirst and   llurd   Monday   in
•i,i-l,   mouth.   . Visiting    broilu
Suli.-nr ;.ti.mi-■:'•.'.,.''|..-r io.- "in. pay
v. ti'-,.
l,.*-.-.-.l.-.i -r- in Un- ili-trii't
ii,r.;ri trom the oUloi*.
iii-ii working in lhe   Kootennys    limn j
:o  |,rimnn- .a   1-n-ry   ili...irl|.ii<.ii   ever before.     In our own    im lialu       « eleouien.
,..,.,, . Oil VIM.IIS All. Illll.'.l.li.  ('.  I'
district, while ilu-je may   he   m r I
John (I I tiv.vii, l\. I!, a- -
;<■ on tin. i.ri-tiii.-i-.- nt -eu. lurd urlues.
i'i'r.i.i-,,,.u Mi,,.; I . |       ,. til ,     i-     ,
i wo   uniisiileriil ions    wliielt,    al    li r.-t |
IlKtl t l.li    I-I  lil.lSIII:---    I OMl'.\S*i
SATI'UUAY. APRIL, 'l'l,   1005.
G. T. P.  Work.
I'repaint ions,    for    an    early    en,*
sight, would   form    a    bul     prise.,'
'I, ei e nre others which   far,,,ore   than
counter-balance them.
inencing of work on tho Pacific   const
.    keep in steady operation, and  at    the
| VMI 11  HIVE,  LADIES ol-'   Tlll-.j
MACCABEES.       Meets    set I
.mil fourth Tuesday in each month.
__________M      S. Gl.BA'/.BIt, L. I'
A quick glance over tlie locnl inin-, ,   llct-iwo.riii, li   K.
ing conditions w ill show ihu! this I
summer should seo a very greul ex- ;
tension of the industry. The lltm-i
ier V.. Wilcox, l.liieen, Arlington and j
Second llelief may be relied upon    lo i
s!    Old Settlers Maple   Syrup.
Pure in l-l, I -- und I gallon Tins.
Sold by
I). CAMPBELL,    -    -     VMIR.
end of the Grand Trunk Pacific rail
way, ure cjuietlytgoing on at Vunenuv
er, in spilo of the pievuiling opinion
thut llu- turn do", n of Mr. Morse in
Victoria bud put construction out of
tlie question for a tew years to   come.
Lands and   Works.
Ciineellation of  Reserve
Mining Agent     -      Stocks and Share?
iie-eni moment there are   over   1:20!
n  'inployed at   these   five   mines,
I'he Hunter V   will probably   *lo",,,u   -^TOTrCli: is hereby «i.ven   thai   the
horilv.    The   l-'oghorn  1^    reservation established in   pur-
„ I suance »f the provisions of the   "l.'ol-
It i-   know n
at Vancouver thai
Kelly, Douglass & Co., McLennan,
McKceley A- Co., und Ironsides, iLe.inie
touch   with   the
its force very
i- putting in a tramway   wnu-ii   i-   a
guariinlee of  steady   operation   ui>
! to,,bin ami Western liuilwuy Subsidy
■"•aajaaaj , .      | Act,   l."-'.Mi,"   notices    of    which     wop-
tin mcreaseil force.     I 1 be Iot-io Itico       ,,.,,.       ,       ,,..,,.,     , ■
putlisliecl  in   the   Urillsh   Uolmnbui
Eoin .nines, nnd Keystone  are  likely 0nzeU(, nnd ,kted    7|h    Milv>    i89o,
& Campbell are   in   touch   vvitln tl.e l" u"lUinU0 with   M"a"   fmWa  «»'lel'land 5th June, US96, respectively, are
. , lease    Tin- Vunjiee Girl is giving  its hereby cancelled.
Pacific   const   plans   ot    thu    (n-ano
.„,,,.. ,   , , present operators   abundant   promise      Crown   lands  situated   within   the
trunk  IhciIic, anil tliey nre iiho-'t    to
,   .,,    , , * ,   • I',:-the I'u,-.ne,   ,„„1   these   operators  ttreu embraced by ilu-   saiil   reset-vu-
-miii ,i large stenmer to  ply   m,    il i _■_■
 AGENT    Foil	
Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York
Canadian Casulaty—-Boiler Insurance Co.
London Mutual Fire [nsurauce Company
Ottawa Lire [nsurancc Company.
build a large steamer co pry   on   m.
, ".,, ,ire prepared   to   push   dcvnlopn,ent lion will be open to sale,  settlement,
Skeenu river,    rhe vessel will cost  ,,,'''
, , . .„, ,   wilh nil the force thev   can   enlivens, lense und other disposition, under the
ihe  neighborhood   of   -?2u,000,   nnd _ ■ '
ientlv woi'K     The Kootenny 11,-11,,   is I provisions of the "Land   Act,"   three
will havo u freight,  carrying capncity •
,    . , also likelv t'i i naage the atteniinii   of months after the date of the first-pubs
of .'HO   tons,   besides   passenger   hc-
Putsy   (Tui;.   for   some    lime,  und  liciition of this notice in   the   llritish
lllllllllllll.il loll.
, ,       ho lias flic reputation of not   nllowing  Columbia Gazette; provided, however,
11  is   understood   that   Ironsides,
,   ,, the grass to grow under his feet.   The  that in ull cases when lands   are   so
I!,dine it, Campbell have   n    contract
        , ,   ,        ,,      ,,      placer prof ertie.i nt  Hull   creek   nnd sold, pre-empted, leused or   otherwiso
for the building of docks at Port Ess- ,
the North Fork are looking well   and 'alienated by the Government and -ire
MIR, B. (
a\s su
zzt to
& &P su
, B s w
ingtoti nnd thut the other   two   (Inns
interested ure in on the supplies   thut
Lbfi company will  require.
Tl,,- conclusion is  tha'   'In*  Grand
Trunk  Pucilic Company will as   -no,,
:,s possilile ,.o,nnit.|ice hltiliiing   npein- ^^	
,     ,,     ,.., .    ,,        iiliotti To moil, and in this case alone
tiinis miller Die Kil lama,n ami    Hit:
give promise of n successful -et-oo: subsequently found, upon the survey
while across the divide the Uityonnclot the Columbia nud Western Uail-
etiifl Hem" ssey groups, huve a forco ' way Company's blocks, then tl.e per-
of 20 niiil 'A men respectively. Tho sons acquiring such lands shall ac-
Vini, mine  ul   present  is employing quire their   title   thereto   from   the
llnilway Company who  have  agreed
i-itoii uhui tcl", which M'-. .VI n ie wus
reported to huve acquired while on
the coast.
The new stenmer will pl\    between
I 'in t Essingtnli and Hnttelton
there i- room fur doubl n- to ihe per-
niaiiei'.i-'- I
io deal vviih   such   purchasers,   pre-
f ib» present force Iemptors, lessees, etc,   on   the   same
Taken altogether the mines  named .terms and conditions as the   Goyern*)
may be relied upon   to   furnish   em-I nient would under llie   provisions   of
|.'ot nii-iit. for from 1130 in    100   men,   the "Wiiie'. Act,   except in respect   to
while if Other milling deals   now   un-  limber   l.nul-   on     tho    Company's
de  negocintiou nre consuiiiuted   Ibote
will be a deinuml for still inor it
blocks, which shall be subject to   the
regulations issued  by   the   Company
urning to the   lumbering   industry,  relative to the cutting uf   limber   on
the   I'orto   llii'i   Lumber   Co.   «ill  th
the Columbia and  \Vesterti   lluil way
Aiceotding lo Mr, lleuston   uf   thu ,
NbIuoii Tribune, the  cubillt.'l    of   the
present Piovinoiul Oovertimelit   is  to
lie ri'e,,|islrilc||--,l I'.efojT lie- iu\,     -es-|  	
-ion.    Clml-les   Wilson,   lhe   pl-e-elit,mai,,tnin its pf^ottt force of about 001 Lund Grant.
nu ey general Will relinquish   that """l     Uf >he other local   mill,   whilo W. S. COHli,
position, unci MuUrido who ut present IHnnj-eoiitiiineUnipw-t-.il   cannot      Deputy   Commissioner   of    Lam
hold-  the   position   of   Minister   of '"' v",i'1 ,l,:" '"""""" ■  "l""l,i""--   & Works.    Lands   and   Woi-ks   D
Mines a-well   a-   that   or   Premier *ni ' f *«y hemrflt to   the district   partment,
Will relinquihl. the former olliee. Tay- :,° !l H'"'"' 8t,,M "'^ l,n "   IU       Vi">"li'- "• l'- -:!"'. I''"1'- l-"i:'
, , , i   *.... ■ i.    ,, to iniiiiilui-e the Chinese ulul    Jupun-
OVolslllkc Wllghl     lit ' aja_aaaaaaaB_aanajaaai>Baaa_aaa)H_aa_t-aaaaai
..   .   ____m       ,  ,
N mil, an- I'opol le I   liy Hie  - uie"    nil
,   ,,  ,   , *,  . , , .    ,i Taking Iheibfore t1"-   Itiiliing   nud i
lliiiriiv, li..'.h l" In' -i'-i il'ntil < !oi    th'-
ulnceof MiuUlul-o! Mines | lumbering   industries   together   with
v:. I oiher smaller indusilles, there is work
lur  ol   lie
the big timber   limits   purchased    by
pio l ie-    ai on,el    Krie.      und .
With the Opening ol spring,  -ivory   -., t|,tj Yniir  districi   foi   500   nan..
'.•"l.v begins to sizo up business   pros*   ^ MtoWil(1|ei| ,.,„,,pi.jses      other
,,,,-ts and to considel" all the   vnl-ious
■ ' ' entcipriscs such a- il pern    ol
items, which tnkon collectively, go  to]
■ ii.tke up it fat -a a leiVtl    year       Pol
il„. mining industry g rally »   may Jp,wtcni   l';"
be safely said that  tlio  prospects for mining deals now  under iicgMeiation,
the Sllllllliei  season ill I'.. C wt'le liefer   tm„ ft(*J |.,.,,_,,.|v ,,, t|,i« fij}u,-0      |*,Veil
brighter,    Aliuuly the toniittgo   out-   ^ |10 ^-i, addition- am mwb liowcv.
,,ut from the begiirtiilig ot the your, to
I.,,,-, i- nn'cl, larger thalx."during  the
„ ; peels for I
a,,,,, period   111   any   previous   year,   I
vli.oh   .    FV(l0tica,|y  fequivuleni   to Ymir district MtJ AUII Hl.mi.ly.
„yi„g tlmt there are more  men   cm* j ,.,        „—...-..-...,„ i  i i
.lined in mining      Willi   tl nor |
■ . ,.   ilHSTItltl .\l WAi.LII WAN I I'M)
,,, us ni-li   r'f   ilm,,,gran'.s   into   the
;,„.,, \v.s!,vvl,„-h bus   already   be-      Permmiol.l portion; rapitl advance-
nn  ,,„,,,. -, li!;,.|,- |*„ be   a   demand menti salnVy I  nfmm    U\\   in-
.'„. ii. ,;. Icinber wliii'l. will   lax    the Uracil-*, ft' I    charge    ch'.dl   il(*
•  .        ii   . .   ii,..   nim,ml   sirttble littxiinAs.
,,.,. its ..t *.be inilH to   tne   uiinoi.1.
,     ..,„,,.;,.. The .1. L. Niebnis i'o, LtM. ToVimto
l,,.,,, are -everal   strong   companies
,.,.,vse-- ill the L'.ul and oil lutl'U ol ' (Me'ili'.n this p.i(,ev.i
er, ii "iiiinoi In- said   that   the   |n*os
nming   •••i-.,*iii,   in   ib"
Our gentlernan's 14k.
solid gold, bunting-
case watch (No. 13617)
^vt'l sells lor $4(1.OO.
Inn n-VMir cnM.fillt'.! r.i.r
,N,.. i.i.iH' llie s.mir caw-l.
l--iit "Kin.-' movetnaTit -**11.-
I..r J...n.i.
A lady's solid gold
watch (No, 1 _576)\VlMh
giiariuitceil " Ryrie"
movement \vill cost
you Ss-5.cio.
In a ag.y*arvolil-llllaa 1.1-p
(No, l.jjI it ,.,-t. only
S17U.1.    Sonil I'.r .al.tlo'Jin-.
I        Ymir, B. C.       | We have just got in a
new line of
Which are bard to beat for price and durability,    Also  u   lion  of   ihe  celebrated Ames Hold n   ho,-,
our     MEW HA TS
Which Im',,- just arrived, oiler a large variety of strictly up-to-dute  styles.
See our line of Sii-i-,ii|...
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Mi 11> ti.'iin even morning
,'\c,'|it Sumlas. I'm' freighl
und passengers for Vmir
mill. I!y special orders on
Sundays. (lr for Ynni' mine,
WATI',1!   SUPPLIED    l-'ol-.    DOMESTIC    AND     KIKE
PURPOSES    I! N li I-i 11
Un     i',l'Mi.-      pitKS
Koss, Secrelurv
Joe Chamberlain   Oil    Re- j bfgKBst rushes to  tho   plueer   mining
ciprocity. bin    if ihe Fraser river thai ha- tuk-
  en,   ace .since the   great    gold    -lain
In the course of ii speech  delivered  |-e o of that year.
Inis week,   Mr.   JoReph  Chunilerluin |      I'he Mipw upon tho   inotiiituins   ul
deidt lengthily on Hscul   matters   und   the hem]waters of   lho    Kroner   i ivur! SDOkO/Il©  FclllS    & I
the necessity for Great Britain adopt-' nre this year less than they hate I n       i
ing a system whereby she could re- since the memorable vear of ISf-8.
luliato against discrimination and en- The greatest depth during the past
Ier into closer eoinmerciul bonds  with ' winter « i- fourteen feet
Carries The Stock,
And Leads in Price and Quality.
the Colonies.
IS    tipp,
Northern Ry.
Honi'S, SIIOK- AM) il.'MIIINi; DEPARL.\lEVl\—\Vi* liavu u'.i nm
I spring j. ooi I- iu a ml cheerfully invite the public to Inspect our stock, th n .v
| may satisfy 11,,-ni in rptality ami pric-..
Dell's shoes, wu carry an   immense   slock,   they   speak   for   lliein* 'v -.
I'liis Hue Is eonllncil lo us. mul no mm else can procure lliein in this lour.
We ids i liav lhe exclusive ri-'lit of the famous Weston Shoe for lioj -  l'i -.
'l'l nly    all   rail    route   between   look as good un.l ontvveni-two pair of any other oriliuary make
points east, ivesl and south to II.
to no average depth   of   thirty three  Inml. Nelson,   Grund   Korks  und  lle-
Sjuiii.-. Suiu I ir men am1 h >\ s are also in. ami marked down In Hi • , nvesl
possible notch.    I'or tiniiln.ess  and  duriiliility,   one  glnnce  will uoiivlu      ilu
"At the present moment,' ho  suid, ; feet in oiher years,  and
a   ina-'.iiiiiiiu
public,    Huffet cars run between Spo-1 most skeptical Mini vve carry tliu real Uiing for westurn tradii
"tho President of tbo    United   Mtates  depth of fifty-four feet.    Then-is   no
is one of tho ablest, one of the strong j record of the depth of   the   snow   on
-t and one of  lhe  moil courageous the mountains in thp winter  of  IS57
men ii ho ever set in   tliu   presidential  and 185S, but i, is   thought   that   ill
.....          ,  -  ,         i    ,      i     I           ,                     .                                 ! '.cave If,ilv Trail
chair.    He is a patriot,  and   lie   bus  was about twenty feet, and the waters         . .    ,
...ii               .    .             I   „   ,                   '                                      9.1u a.m Spokane          0.20 p.m
ipenly declsred that ono of his grout, of the l-rtiser will probably   be   evon m (io am Rossland         -1 56 p n
kano and Northport,
lhill'et (.'ars   inn between   Spokane
and Nelson,
l-.ll.cliii- A pill  1006,
Ai i in
jeets and desires is  to   connect the mote shallow thtn thev were in   thut
United States more closely with   our year when   the   burs   of   the  upper
Dominion of Culuula  by   reciprocity, reaches of the  river   g-xvo   up   llieir
. do not know what success  he   may golden treasure to thousands of  pluc-
have with bis cotiiitrj-nien,   lutt   cr- er miners,
luinly they are in a position  to   oiler Ever since then the high water   of
.-cry favorable terms to   the   Doiuin- the Kraser huve prevented any indiv-
ioii     If wo reject the idea of eon-id- idtial placet" mining   being   done   on
•ring a .similar proposition   made   to them, but this year it is  certain   thai
j--, is it  too   much    to   expect   that Mill's Bar, China liar,    Doston    liar,
■ Canada may turn in   another   direc- und all the o'.her   sandbanks   in   the
I tion? I Fraser whose name-    are   writ    with
•—-»—    — letters of gold on the annals of iiiinina
The   Turbines  Hade   a   in this province,  win  bom
9,10 a in Nelson fi 8o p.m
'. 1 iilo a iii (Iraiul Korks o..'j,i p.m
lo no ii.ni. Phoenix li 80p.m.
7,01) a.m Republic 0.80 p.m
Seattle,     Tacoma
.\M> ALL
Grocer)  Department
N Is nn com ni ni. ive haie got thestnsk und can - ive vou nl mey.
Stationery and Drug Department.
v\'c are ifi uiim iiie business tvh.v':' I3ecail3fi if a package is m irke I - ■ • hi
lho maker, lliul is all yon ure required to pay for ll here. Wc do mil ,ii--
uny fancv drug store prices on lhe 10,000 articles vve i nnv In tins depiii-lui nil
nml i-i ni-"-. | in--) i l.v ive hnvo the good vvill anil pati'oiiHgu of Ilia community.
,. , utitl open to gi.'e up   ibtii-   stores   of
gold, which  huvo   l,i-e„  „,-„n,i..l.,ic,l:|,,(.||,'||.    QQAST      POINTS
The Allan liner Virginian  hus    at- j Untouched -nice the lush of I8"18.        j
lived at Halifax at 10-30 o'clock,   six      Tho little snow thai   there   was at St.   Paul,    Chicago,    New
llays 22 hours und 15   minutes   f|.om  the bendwuters   of   the    Kruser   has
Liverpool.    The voyage is the   fantcsl j ,U!tt,',.v lfli "'"lie, and low us the   wutei
ever mude   ucross   the   Atlantic   |„ of the river now   Is,   tho indications
Halifax, and marks itn   era in the i„-' "'' |l'''1 '« "'■•■ "'l he higher m    any p vr.ACl"   ANI'    l"U|i-'l
roductionof   the   turbine   stun rs liino (l*ll'i,l« the l-ommg spring or sum- '   '',    '   J  .     |,II|,m
hut will stnnd out in history us   ono  *'     ^ is not   ex| ted   thai    the HUhlvl 1'iHS,    i.ii'i'i'.i.
f the most remarkable   ir.  shipping UHUul.spring freshet will have tl f     LIBRARY   CARS,     MODERN
nnuls.   Tins   war   the    Virginian's f(,t:t of •■•*■•»••■•« !t moro than u   couple
inuiden trip ucros-5 tho Atl'inlle.      ft  of fBef> aml attel'   ,l,;l!   jt   ''ii!   -''' j
'..i- been looked forward lo  liy   those steadily lower and lower
interested in turbines the world over,      The diclltm  of   Cnptuiii   t'eele,   u
for, while these vessels have long since wel1 luimvM ol''lil,,e'-°f -'■'•*'    Wests -Best    Meals    Oil    Wheels.
been deuiOtistrated   u   sticccssi   lliuir  minster, was short and two the point: .-.,--.-    -i-7>"i imc
. ,,, , , iH     I AS I     I l-M'N'S
ami tho many  improvements  *'Take your pickaxe and   shovel   and   '/
i [inn nun no ni uie oars hi   in-,    oegr
ii i-i-- ui them, i-riiie   owners   tin *
U. S. T. ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Ymir,     B.     C,
York, and
ALL    l*( i| NTS    EAST
IlTNINCl   (.'Alis.
. ■ -. l.i--  ;
.vhich have from time  tn   tin,",   been j piin ,,,„, ^ ttj t|u, lm|.8 ft|  ||ltJ   ,,._,,,
ning of An-'!-,, ui:.|  vou    w ill    mil,.
sS   0   i
AII.V  L      ■/
i,i;.\i.i;k i>
Sin-It' and lluil,lei's llurdwuie.
Paints and < hi-. Htovns, Coal,
Steel, Powder, Kuse an I Cn| .
Gi'unito del Tinwurei Steam
All    kind-    of    l'l I,inn.    Tim
smilhiu"   and   General    llepai,
about adopting   them.     (Ino   reason !
f .!■ thi- i- ile- special . .-ir truciion   ii
ilu* hull, which ih • turbines call   fm
mi 1 the grout e,)st i li.it would he   in-
• i.i-l if in ensu of dissali fuel em  il
nuchinery slmul ! have tn lr- eliaug
Ilm the turbines seem destined n
,o completely supplant, all other cl
it' engines,    Th
Siiecial   Excursion   I! iti
vour ton em".
To World's Fair,St» Louis Tlio Mutual Fjife ht.sufttiH.c Company <>f N. \
Vour Choice of   Routi
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
A polic\ in il Ih tlio safest ilivi'stinaiil kilown to man,
('jwli ii>\,'-i,',l in Life 111-in1.1 ii'''' i- 'IiimIi in\'■-!'•'I that   will
**4**4*****44************* j    ..-„,. ,..,,,, f„i,|,,|.a anil full information
If I  g       ,       a      « r           • ♦ ; r,-.'-,rili,,-' trip", eull   on  of ilt'dresa un
"il\x Motel Ymir f «««mor.......K.*.N.H*.nway «,■
"w|t ♦   II, A   .lAi'K-D.N. II. llllAMM'. |-|.,|||-|| ,-,.iiiiii,Ulltl  illlcl't-1.
ws  t   ?l            ll   I    -S I'   A-         I ■ !'• *v  I' A. ,                          '
'•"'""                        t .io    ,1   ,   '.,    1 4          now.                ■■    if            VII sik'L'iwsfiu business ntuil  i.'ili'n   i;,l-[' aiilniiiUH   nl   I
"l'."1 '77'"'"':   T"'X v   1         ,',    if 1                                                 itisi.mnco.    It iiroviflc.B for thd tiuiiily, pwiteclH»mnn in   1:
,,., t over, and it will not be   limit f -ill1' .\i'i"ilii,i|nM.-i| I'Wi *: m—im—m ■n.n..*»».CTw—                                 i                       ..-',,
Ill Tow 11 .
A llu,' st'leultoil ufWIiit'
',. fore a 'hibin, in '"■- le-v nppeni nice
in the l'a.-ii'n-, tlidre being two   build- \
in ■ in the old eounti -.- foi use "'ii   the
♦ ,-\ mi,' ;--i'i,','i nm ni \i in,"-, f
', iinuduiiisAusl ru um hue,                    if , •                  i ,,.                 *
...                 , .        ! f I-i' imns 1111,1 ( itfal'fl,       ♦
I ho \ irinniiin is a  nistor   ship   i" i r *
ilm \'i,-loiiaii,   which   wus   recently f _
nompleted for the trnnsitlantic   !„,-! j * •'   u'- MASTEllSDX,     I'rop. ^j
\ Qreal Chance for Placer
Small    Snowfall   Thin    i'fiir
Will Kxposi  llinii Hni'H
nil I'l'.'l-L'l' Itivoi'i
Many of the rild-timel's,   •>!: i   iVere
in the provitxe prior to the   runli   in j
ISD8, and are able   i impure   tlie .
„ii  ii ion.   then   with   those   .vhich I
,. I of th    .: inlmi   that
Hold,  Silver, nr   l.ea-1    -    >' (10
Copper,   - 1? 1,no
1; ild Silver,     -    -     •        *?l 30
(1ia|..'i-, foi* oflihi" ijieiul- ou up
plii itlion,
ri.  W.   WIDD0WSON
Pfol illel 11  A 'sayi-l
Iclson   : ■   -..
From • ccfTex
t^Aju Vt a ttaoui
■ nd dollar ptc-
iriitntiuu let.
Henry Hitks -Rf
Sons' facUltl-u
fr,r innking BOltd
illverware ar»-
poiieucd by no
other concern in
CL*ntT 4V% ArtinUcdeilKn-
er», modern nmHilnrry, and ikllled hand*
workera, nil under the direct lupervlalon of
nrnctlcal metnberi ot tha firm, make on un«
equalled combination for turning out fine
write for Illustrated catalogua-
oh I ;i-(., and Mint ci ts liU otlidr invest meiiLs,    Imji'   imi . ^   on
urn (brni of lit'.'' insumncc mj»|»1 \ to:
F*ercy J. Gleazer, Local Agent.
Wilsotl k llarshaw: *___^:__%™'
Henry BirksS Sons
r.itrii.—'o---.'        H0NTR| V|
 —— I
Uitchti, etc. i
Draymen and
YMIR,   H-    C.
Il'inilling lit'iivv fl'ciglit ii
,-    ■ -        Iliil'llCC lll'll
\v.\siii.\',;i',,N a , . X. rv
\. v. a i:  io;, \ n. co,
und (Jfeul Northern, Sortlli rn  Piu
nnd 0. It. a- N. i'" .   for  point**"  „u*-l,
-.-,,. •    nn.I   -..:-■ I ii •  .   Illliuel -   -il    ll'
. hind and Keluoii  vt ith   the  ' l.inudi.ui
■ I'a.-il:.- Llnilway,
Conn.-i-i- ul  N. i*"i-  .• il li I li<    P
& N.  ('•■.   for   rtuilo   mid   K.    .  : -
I point-).
Cdllili   i- ci ' Iilrl, ■■   il ;'!i    tufe'e i l'
Qrennwood un ! Midw •■*'. D. ''.
Ihiif.-i   . rn- run oil ti iiii, n i... -,' 1
American and 13.  C.   Hydraulic |vmir - BUSINESS GUIDE
Placer Company Ltd.
Capital $50,000 in 500,000 Shares of ten cents each
Tin* Company is.now preparing to work the (lold
J'rclo,". Black .Sand and N'uggel placer leases til Hall
Siding, anil in order to [jurcliasc tin* necessary lnacliin-
crv, the pi'oiiiotors have sel aside a limited number of
sliari's tor iminedial e sale.
The shares are lulls paid ami nun assessable.
The Company's ground averages "iO cents per cubic
yard ,,u the  surface, over :J4<> acres,
Until bed rock is reached these shares can lie obtained a! n bargain
Meanwhile lin -Ten Miry stock I'JIMI.IICO Slifires) is
left intacl
,J.   HUI'!"-
Hard Earned Wages.
\ unrnfflin" your temper.
It while seated in u fritindly   guinu
An artist wlio win employed to if* .of poker un acquaintance draws a
touch n large puiiiting it: an old Knife nnd tries to stab you in lho
i-liiirt-h iiillelgiuin, rendered n b'tll-1 henft, cutuli tlvu point of the knife
for *-?()i -1". I between the   thumb   and    forefinger
Tin- cliin.-b iin-ie.-, however, n ■ and give it a short, quick twist to*
ipu'red un itemi/ied bill and lhe l"l- ward your opponent's iliroai, then
lowing wus duly presented, audited shove his elbow until the blado sticks
nnd pai-:. out of the buck of his neck,    Thin   is
Correcting the Tun   Coinniund*- i unlled dngosit, and should bo used on-
incut., j.*  0 I J , ly ill extreiiie en-en, nnd   llien   by   Ull
lienc-wing   Heaven,    ndjustiiig expert in jiu jitsu, as   it   requires a
„iais 7.1 I   t-hnroiiyh knowledge of the art to   le*
Touching up purgatory und   re- stor-e your opponent,
storing losi souls .".mil     If-you nre approached ul nnv   lime
liiijjlitei  ng up   the   llunies   ef in a suspicious   niiinner   by   u   seedy
Hell, nutting new I iii on tlio |friend be prepared for a liven   tolluhi
Devil, and doing several   odd
jobs for the damned 7.1"
1'ni ting new stone   in   David i
sIi11■_•. enliirgina tlie  head   of
and when your opponent extends the
glad hand setae the lunii! above the
wrist lllld twist Iiie elbow out of
joint.    This will successfully foil   the
(lo'ialh I' I:i j intended touch and decrease lhe likeli*
Mending lho shift of the prodi hood of subsequent similar nt tucks.
gal son und vlciining his 1'iir ."..-".'.'I     If in lhe course of  a   little   family
Kiiilti'llishilig I'.n'iu- C'l.io-and I iillcrcaiioii vmir wife should seistc  the
pulling new   ribbon   on   bis rolling pin und attempt to bruin  you,
I iet •"'"'-' I advance toward her with a uahn  self*
I'uttiug new tail on tbe roust er assurance and   cheet'full  siiiih',  until
uf St. Peter and ineniliiig his '.il|st within   range   of   the   weapon,
I-,,ml, '2..0  Hold vonr head within reach  of   her
lh-plinniiiL.'uu'l re-gilding   left* arm, and iuTsIib swings the pin   duck
wing of guardian angel n.18  an I grask her araund   the   waist   as
Washing  the   servant   of   ihe I the pin goes by     Lift her bodily and
E. W . Wiil'hnvsoii.
IIIIOKlCl'tAGE   AMI    IN'sl UVN-'i.-
Percy ,1. (Ilciizer.
ui num.
John I'liilheri.
Ull     i,iiiiii-    ANH    i.KM-   II KNISIIIXi
11. C-lllllpliel'.
1 li-slii i.-ny Jobbing Co.
inn its.
The Ciii:i In Din: und 1! >ok U i.
1-    llMTI'l.l.     OKAl.l 11
William Clink.
i.ll'H I.IIIK.S.
I). L'nmplii'll.
Dc-lliisiiv Jobbing Co.
s   II. Seaney.
il,T|..l.s. ,
(josi-.iopcilltiiii—-loin, Breau.
Mi I., i.i I-Ioiisn— l-'iulny ,Mcl.i-..,l.
Miller lions,—S  Miller.
Palace —Tail .V- Itn.lil.v.
Vancouver— ()wcn lioyer,
Waldorf—George Column.
Yinir—J. W. Masterson.
11 a nn wa ui*;
I'  s. T. Koss.
I.AI'lls     II  IIMSII1N ,.     AM,     Mil. I. IM til
Mrs. .1,iliii Mel.coil
M I **. 1N11     III -'.l-lllllil-.U
l'eiev J.  Gleazer.
Herald Publishing Co.
ll. Giimpbell.
S. II. Seaney .
Hiirsluiw A: Wilson.
Jackson -v.- I.culiv.
Alex. Oddie.
TOBAI ' "1-1
Mile-* Mcliuiis
l Nlll.IIT.il. Kit.
William Clark.
Pus!   Olliee   Store Y.MIIi.
YMIR, B. ('.
\\Y   v-.:,-i-v   the   loading   brands     imported      Li<ju-
and  Cigars,  Stout,   Ale,    Brandy   and   Wine.
Newly furnished throughout.    Sample rooms in connection.       «
Hales 91.50 to $2.50 per dav. *
FINLAY   McLEOD, Proprietor        J
• ••••••••••••••••••••••■»••*•«••»•*
♦   X
Please forward Tun Ystm Hi-.n.-vi.i, for
. month
and acknowledge receipt of enclosed •■?  J
Thk LIkhai.ii is puhlihhed  every Suiurdny morning.and   j
aiiitiiiiis all  the  news of the uiiinp.
Rai'I.s--Pi-h Yi-.vn, s-J; 1I.vi.i-- Ykah, §1.
d     putting
i tils- her ove!   into   lho   corner,
cm-mine on bis cheek 0,0:1 pressing the hope that she will   enjoy
Taking the .pot--* off lhe son  of | the place.
Tohius lO.HO
Putting   I'.nii''-.;-   ill    Snruh's
Decora tins;    Snub's    \ik    und -The   Lliokj'   15',,V Milling   Ulltl
pulling head on Sheni I..11
Development Co.,   Ltd,
The regular annual meeting of   the
stock holders of the above named com-
Practical  JlU  Jitsu. ptthy, Will lw lielll nl   lho   Company s
olliee, at Erie B    ('.,   on   the   SJ2nd
,liujiti.ii   I-i.-   si-ruck   the   stuge. day of May 1906, at the  hour   of   V
tVlready there h n party of Japs lotit ' p tn,
Ing tho vaudeville theatre",   who  give -s. L  Myel'ft, I'lcidl-nl.
exhibitions of I       •.ion.!.-:ful   aft   "i •— ■ -
wlf-defcnsc       l'',e.-l-,., I.    Trticsd.dfi | YMIK   BAKERY.
i,|,, acts in  "The   College   Widow
Ymir Citizens
LAST Till llSli.W IN BACH MnNI'll.
I-'im.v - McLeod, President,
Itut. 11. YovnpiSecretary.
A   B, BucKvvoliTH, Tieas.
SAM   MlLLi-'.H.  Pl-op.
Headquarters lor Mining Men
Bai   supplied   with  best brands of
wines, liquors and cigars,
Fils'i   Avi;mk,
Ymih, li.   I
GRAND CENTRA!-  II0TKI- Clark's   Furniture   Store
Opposite Courthouse  and   new   Past Undertaker   antl    Furniture     l)e,t!-i
olliee,   Best*arii meal   in   town.      Mail orders prompt:   attended'In
European nud American plan. : Ijnu-n Si-i;t,-,,-:r,
duly    white     labor     ei',ployed,  i
first clans bar
Proprietors.   '
Yi in
Hotel ....
(Under entirely new management.)
Dining Room mid Biu
supplied wi'li the best
in the market.
Right   opposite depot,   ilnii
~»»~~—        Fn'st-eluss Dining U i.
Best   biands of Wine**
Liquors and Ciont'Si
1 Second Ave
-HOTEL i . i
To,- All Kinds Of
Fresh Bread Every Day.
A. E. French, Proprietor.
I,us . on.piicd il set of  , tiles   fof   th
members of bin   company   who  nave
bi come enthusiastic ove1! the   -•■ ii'li'
They follow:
If .|,(- crowd i'i the stl.'ei   i-nt   0
• ,,iiii-s loo li, use   for   y,,ur   comfort, |
just I ni.i- the tip of   the   iniles   finger
i,n(l touch each of tin!   Indies   within
reach   under  the  chin.     The  Indie"
i, ii, draw buck and gi«- J'""   ;l"   ''"'
u you desire,    This is the  famous
I,in hi kitchi
I, you uie nut in n ditlk -ileft I'V
two thieves who upproiicb VoU ffom
, ppotiite directions, Hike each' by llu
liupcof the   neck   and   bump   theii
,    , il*.itBHtrlctiyc.inllili-Mtl'iil. 1 liit-icll.. ir.k .111 l-nli-nt,,
I ,. ,,U ",,i.eilier     This 's ei*  ri     li'iKi-v - ioiiIfroo. Oldon noarior forBocurlna-jjiWnli.,
liCUils lOgouit i.                                        .  ■     (i-itanti taken iRpnivh Miinn * CK rsoaitl
,    . -., ,       ■ rpr-mlni.tlf-i, w,,l,,iutcliarHO, ifill.fi
:t;:;:;;,";;:.;:::,  ^miiicHHierkaii.
■ iveii-i'-n, in    i"' Aha„il«"iiii-irlili,»irn,i"l ifeotilf.   Utt&tJj*.
, ',,„ I   i'i),llinii nl miTHfli'iiOII" J"Hnii|i.   'I'.-rnm. IS a
i t-i I  other at onct', tlllls giving )nu   ,i j  v,.„f. tnlirinontui |i. Boldbrnli nawineKlwi.
fh,nce ., i. >   r-n..^   «   IfllSft^^tlftSW
Kootenay Coffee Co.
'iVholi-*ale mill i-elail  dfllers
ill Flesh Hoasted
High m Grade » -Soffees
7?!'LS!)>',  I'. C.
' ii   fi   tie
I'.ik iiEBT bhandoj* ■ .<.Mkk.m• |"eadciuarters for rifnlng
ciGf.A.i^P nn^ Comitierclai Men
j The  Kootenay   Standard
and   Juanifa.
■H-        I       .   Im
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ai*.,
knfon* lending a nUptrh snd dojorlptlan oiht
qtll'klr il,'*i'l'f-*,:illi If-ft l',-,f,'i„ frt'u- wli(.',Srf,,.|i
nvonllon ll I'mh-il'ij piitontabla.  Cnmtjiiiiiirit
We carry (lie most conifilete l:t,t- of
(i,uni-()-]'lioiie iicoids in (he Koot-
eiiav. UrihH yoln old one- in and
bare lli"in ev,-hiiiii.i.d
Si.l-lii'S.   SISEIUf,
Now is the time in make (ll-eparti-*
lion- for a llower Harden, und we have
a well assorted stock to ehodsB   from.
Just Lin!- ill miii,I Quit ive ulso
liuv-e a full line of Patent Medicines,
nnd Stationery lit llie
The Canada Drug  and
Book   Co.
Hi.   l-illioli'.-: olliee hours  at  the
drui; store from
vi v\tTviTl'iii;ii  Iiv
/.   C.   Thelin ti Co.
Nelson, I! C.
Most i.tiinfollalili, hotel in the  i
ti-ici.   Everything fifst-claos.
YMIH,   I!. C,
± Dblivcrcll nnj
X place in town.
|     Stove Lenglfts     \
•ry *?!.-".•". Oieon 91.00
Per  Gam Load;    |
Ni        • ',' tithe ti' put in
'"I supply
r   io Kh'it
!!ii-:nii And sai/teU mka'i.*
WllOlesale and Retail
Mull ,,'f'di-l's i-iH'five pi",,',i!pt attelil
Yrtiif Tmhshi' Co,
iJACftSON ^r liRAHT, Propi
feami^tj nnd
Express t itl
X     1 ... ii I.l ii      A!i    "I'd'-i-'    |ii'oi!ipl!v   ail
_   Liimbi i' ( oi Ltdi   il   , ,
J X and tlie gi'outest cure rxorcisi
IO to 11 «. in. and i to bO0 p   in.  ' *444**4**4**44***4**4*44 {|liHnliln| Of _W\i


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