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The Ymir Herald 1905-03-25

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a A.
MP*'-*, p. S
Vol. I  -No. 4o
'un !•: Kivk ( 'km-
*...«..,,.....- Found Dead'in Reservoir.'," -  	
LOCAL ITEMS    ..    v ,.      -   ,.     ,,   HININQ NEWS      correspondenck.
Airs. Atkinson Ihe.-- IciTiitble ,.     ... '   ' ••*-■■• ■>■
The lvlit.it- Ymii   II ETAI.ll.
I. MufJrejjor,   inspector   of  mines,   ,,
. . i -. .,,.-.-...    .
Cheques cashed free at   Campbell'.-
Try ii lunch at the Ymir Bakery
Purest bread and   largest   loaf   in  to cast a glo \er   .
town nt Ymir Bakery.
Hot cakes  and   maple   syrup   till
iiiiiii, at. Ymir Baker*,
. ,   „     ,.       , .'■ p-iid il t is,I i" l
Another sad   fatality   has  occured   ,,
, '   , Llie.  .Ill-   -lirl;
i ■'■-<    i    . . '      I III-      hill 11      ll(
paid a i is,I to i In- Ai linglnti  iiiino   nt
The Arlington   Hine.
The present condition of   tlie
lingtou mine, at  I'.i ie, is   ..   "tun u
Ihat   ll
■''''"' """ thai .1 in» year will be   on.,     .;
The sensational heading in lhe Dai-   -j,,, ,,,<.„■ , •li.,|,|„ v,.ars •„   ,|„.
ly  News „f March 2 III, regarding the toj-y uf the mine.     Since  the   sleigh
sucide of Mrs T. H. Atkinson, calling ,.ou-j    i,*,,-.,.   up)   ,|.,,    ,„;,„.,,   |	
il 'I '''"'I   "t'   Disgace" is   at   lens, been placed    on   development    w•■-■ «
I i l-li.-l  ll gloom     oli-l     llie     limn     n| IJ    nows ill   iuitn.ll  -nil  ,t-gll,il,ng  tne    tolVn
Ymir.     Barely hud 11 lift t    caused      The oHicnrs    of   the   Silver    Peak   sueide of Mrs T. H. Atkinson, culling   r0llj
by the   tlisliessing   dealh   of   Jn s   Mining and Milling Cu., recently    in-   it the "End   of   Disgnce" is   al   least   |,,,,.,,
Westgate passed away, than anolher,   corporated are, President, Con    Wol-   premature, for  there can   bo   ti"  die   entire
111 i, in, ,ii.   iiiin    i.ai.civ. , ' n
even more (Jestressing  event,   occurs,   tie; Vice President,   I..   .).    Winslow; K'aco in  an   accusation,   livery   one   w.|,,|„
l-'ic-h Ifolhintl   Herring   in    I7lb and a sorrowiug husband   and   child, < Sccrplary, A. I'., liuekworth, should be given the beniftt   of  iluubt Itliticm
|tils, ut Seaney's, $1.50 per l<it.             are left to mourn the loss of wife and      ,,                                                   .     I until    convicted by   lhe   laws of  the   ing, u
,,              i      .i                       •    ■   i ■           The lowest costs of it placer  mini..;;       ,,. ,              i •,  ;       ,          	
,. ,                    •   ,       .             ,         mother, under the most    pa.ntul cir-                                          '                    *  country, and it is,   tu say   the   least, , „,..„]
John Cosgrove is locating ut    lletl-i operation by hydraulit-kino   was,    we h   i-  ' ■           i   ,   ,         ,      ■ -,    cl". ,
cumsuinces. '                     ■                 b                   ■ lucking ...   good   taste   una   spirit   ot   ^j,,|,
lev City in tl.e Smilkameen.                      ,.    .,,,       ,                       , believe, at Iron Hill,    Placer  countv,    i            ,-,         ,--,■,  ■             ,    '. °
On  I hiii-tlav aftt-ititiiin lu-t. Mrs.        ,                                                .  . ■    chanty which good (J hristains preach,   *na
finlay MeLeod is having the   Mc- T. H. Atkinson was missed froin  her  c'llllfom"1-      ",'1'1'   a gravel   giving  but do no,   a|Ways practice.   Let   him '..jV(.,
l.eod   Hole!    leialciniined   through-  home, and after  an   absence   lasiim, i"" ' ■"]"     '"   "'"'"      °  that is'without sin casl the first stone: ,.lMI|
I ,• i      .  . i        •       , ■   ' have given a profit      There may have ' .. rp    ,
'.ur. trom about I p  m. to late in  the   at-. - Yours truly uvel,
j, , ,        ,   , il n lower costs than at    thi-   place, i.-,,i, ,.. ., ,     ,
through-  home, and after  an   uhs 	
I,, i     , . i-i have given ii profit     There may ha
trom about I p  „,. to late in  the   at- . '
j,             ,           ,        ,   , i been lower costs than at    thi-   place,
ternoon, her prolonged absence   crea- ...
I t„,i „*.,„.      -,.| :. '-. Iml, it'-ii  we dt, not know of it,
s   iii   least   been  placed    on   Uevol,i| nt
■ntin-l\-.    Tie- mine was already   -, ■
oped well ahead, bul »ith tho   ..  -
mil number of men   all   .level, : -
mi    immense   quantity   nf   high
grade ore ha-   now    been   placed   in
;ht, reudy for breaking down.   I hir-
ii  the  |'il-l   -en-,Hi  the net   pt'ilHl      'I
1 from similar pre,   after   freight
and treatment deductions,   was   well
over i?D0 per ton, tho   intlividual   car
I'All: Play,      j loads  averaging   the   company   uvei
... ,.:,!. >i...   .......    £ 11,i,*-, .....
!, i , I, lieen lower costs I linn  at    Uu- place. I i.-,,,,  i>, .,
,, ,, ... .     ternoon, her prolonged absence   crea- . . . ' , bAiuIi.A*,.     hoafjs averaging   tl onipnny  .-..,
lieorge Crowe   is   giving   up   thn ,   ,        . ,       ,„, . . but, if so  we do not know of it. ... ,, .      , '     •
,   ,       ,     . , ',      I    , .    ted anxiety,    the evening   was   very We thoroughly agree with the  sen-   .<1000 net.
rutK'iv business at  ilu*   end   ot   tins i ,    ,       ,     , .,,.'! . ',
," <iai-K ana a Heavy   nun   was   tailing.:     Shares in the American and B.   C.   tmients expressed by   our   ciu'rcspon*       I'lio HastitiL's IB   Cl    Kxnlorati n
month. , . . i.i - i      ■ i
wnen a search party was org.iiiii-.ed to t 11 yd nn. lie Placer Co,  are now Iii... ul I dent, and cannot see that   there   was   Co., which operates the   mine   iml, i
Mr.    Arthur   Clare   left   for   the look for   her.      Messrs    Ed.    Peters seven cents, at which price sales wen- any necessity-to conuoct    tin    unfor- the superiiitendance of Mr. Leslie Hill
Nickel-Plato mine at Hedley onTues- '""' '*  *'""">   discovered  tracks   on | made locally this week.     Sinking    to j tunate occurence with the arson   case has been steadily shipping high "rud-.
,|av |il8f the snow in the neighborhood   of  the  bed rock hiu now commenced, and    if which is still pending and  undecided ore for the past three reaps     W,   J,
reservoir   of the   Yniir   Waterworks,  expectations are realised,  the   share- In justice   to   Mr.   Duckworth   the Barker is in charge of the work   ami
In Mr. Widdowsnn, Ymir hus   losf and folio*ing them   up,   found    ihey   will be selling at double   the   present Ymir   correspondent   of   the    Daily has succeeded in   opening   up    large
its only professional photographer and led   lo t'.e ladder at the side   ..I   the  price as soon as bed-rock is  uncover- Nows, we would point   out   le.never, bodies of ore in a mine which at    ,,-
snap-sbotter. reservoir, and   that   there   were  n I thut tlie head  lines,   which,   in   this time was reported to be   played   our.
Mr .Arthur French and   his  sister  lmok tW,clH'    °" """""'"■-*'   ""'   l,ld .    .    , ,,     , •     ! ('ilH'-    chicily offend,      are     usually The vein is very Hat and   is   cut.   of)'
.hi. nrniui  inn,,, an.i    ins  si-iti i      ,      ,   ,  . *\. Andersen, lhe   lo.-inei-   .-uperiu-1     .        ,      ,       ,. ,        ,      ,
returned tn Ymir tb» weak     after   „ ,    '''' s   discovered a shawl   lying written by the editor, and not by the sharply by a fault,   but    Ml Barker
I-iituiui in inn. tin-, ii.ek,   .iiiei    iii i   .,,...,,   , temlent. ami li.    II.    Barnhardt   the , .,„       ,. .       , <j.
,,.,,,.„..„ .,,„.„.,.„ on some boards to tho left of the lad- correspoiideni.     Hie editorial in   the  has succeeded ip picking uu   the  	
-nint. - aosence new munuger, were ui, to tbe   Second   ,   .,   .. . ,.,..,
der, and finally by the aid of   u   Inn ,,.„.,. ,      , ,      ,        Daily Nows ul    to-day   which   uisin   below tho fault  and   the   mine   nov
.      1     ,   •        ,* ii     ,,, i- i    ,     ,     , ,      , Belie! mine tin- week, «lieu   lhe   last : , ,
Au,iiody wanting old   newspapers   tern    d.scovctid the body caught bo- , | uates that the deceuscd womansform   looks better than at any time   in   its
can get them In unlimited quantity at  neatl , uf tlie bracing rods,   aboul   """"''      ' "'     '   "     "       "'  er friends are to   blame,   is,   iu   our previous history
,t , ir,.  i i   „-,                                       i,.       ..   , ■          I,          . ,      properlv     It is expected   tliu!,   the i     . .      .                    ,    ,                    ,      ,.
llie Herald office.                                  four feet beneath tho surface ol the11.       •,     ... . ,'  ,                          opinion, in   enuallv   bad   tuste,   and      The ll.ttness of tl.e vein   ■dves   rise
. . i     ,.          iii           , i mine and   mill will    lie   -tinted    up I     ,,,,,',,,,.                                                          " -         '
Ui-    r \V  Ifnaa nnrl Mi*.  I'  -s T   w,ltcri l" ''"' ',l1 l'"d of the tank. wholly undeserved and   uncalled   for.  to an exceptional feature      Allium   .
.in,-, j. u. koss ami .mis  ti. s, i. ,   about the 1 st of April.      *V  scarcity       ,,,.                                                                   '                                      -
i,            t   .*     .-    .i         ,   ■     ,i         L.onsta0le fraser was not died am      . ,.                   i—Li htor.                                               many thousand feet of work have I ,,
Boss are leaving for the east   in   the  .,    ,   ,                      ,      ,      . i of water  is   expected   this   summer, •                          '"'"'""""
Boss ure leaving for the east   in   the
nurse t)f a few ,weeks
The liitul IC nights of Pythias   gave
.,,    , > annul  lite  t -t, tn   .-\ iiii.        .v   scaieii
died    and !
, : oi water  is   expected   this   sunnnei
taken   to' , , .
,,,   , ,       ,      , . .     . ,  , from the smail umouiii of bdow in the
Ulurk s undertaking rooms,     < onuitl-     . .
i ,    ,.     | ,       , , „       I hills  and ii li uiti-iiil.il   to    take    the
eralile troth was found on tho surface
t-oo-inoic rruser was noum-i.    ami i
.,    ,    , ii, of wuler   is   expected   this   summer
the body was removed uud   taken   to , .    accompli
,       ,, .,    from the smad amount of snow in the       r\a \i„,,,,t>r,4 AHvurficp,
Clark s undertaking rooms.     Consul- | ,.„ ,.,,..„, , .,  , ,...   ,,..,!     Ue Hnquent Advertise- apparat, .*,.,...., ,.,, .,,.., ; ■ ..
"-""■'*• sible to walk through the entire w.irk
many t	
accomplished, there i- not  a   holstin
liiiik s undertaking r ns,     I onuitl- .
.... „ t      i i.       i ,      .* 1,  ,i ■ i ,    ..     , „       , , „      I hills, and il is Intel, dfd   lo    lake    the i .
Ihn liitul Knights ot lythms   gave erable froth was found on tho surface ., ,., ments. sible to walk throu-di the ontiro w,l,-k
, .     ,   , i        ,   ,t   •     • i    ,.  i ,       , ■ .   .        - iitmo-i advantage ot the i resent  high .,
a pleasant at home to their wives and of the water, bul this, we are inform- ' ing-.    For the most part   the   work
lady Iiiends last Monday. ed, is very usual and caused   by   ihe*atel :   A    Local    CllSC   <)eeasi,,ns ings are horistontul and in no placo is
ScveraMarge 11,,,-ks  of    wild    geese   cllU,;nin« °f ' V,lter '""l"'"l<    i?'   ut  '  Litiglltiotl, the slope    stee, u„|-   ,„,„,,,,,„,
, ,   , . , . ilu- intake.  . iviilkinp
were observed this week passing over;   **************************       . . s'
,,    ,        • ,,,    ,    ,.     .. lh, fact that in the nm do  of  the 4 «      An important point   ...  coimectioii      The richest oav-sliooi   nf  ,1  ;,.
the town in a southerly direction, X v,-r\T'ir'c* »-...- "WMI I',  -^n""1   '"   ".'    lein
day, the   deceused   woman   had   ro   Z IMJIICt. X Willi the workings of   the   Provincial is in the form of a   blanket   of   	
Mrs. llavis (formerly Mrs,  Collins)  moved her rings and   given   them   toll — ♦   Mineral  \.-t  was   raised   befure   hi- rarying from a few  in-le      ,,   three
U taking charge of the Second   Belief her Utile girl, with a charge to   keep*     A CI'OSS nitll'kefl    ill    tlli-S •  honour judge Foi-in at tlip Hitting   of .,„. ■•„,„.   fDet)   u|t),uugli   its   average
boarding house, as soqn ;W it starts.      them if inything   happened   to   her, 1 , X the county court Kaslo, iMarch   -'l-t, width is about sixteen inches      'I'l.i-
M.. Stephen Bywater, preside,,.. „f * »■"■■■'•—■""   Indleftto   thai   death |»Pace indicates   that*      T .,ise   was   tin.   of   Craliam ore ,.ung from wo t0 |150   j,,,,,,,,,^,
ll.e Broken Mill Mining and   pevel- \wm vre "'»tol, although ll    is   "- | V(„„. .nl.sei'iiiti.,!! is  in    .•■•■-1 ™"""1 ('ml'" ,l".'1 ..'"'"^      °-   )V- specimens can   be   obtained   ...lining
.„„r„.nl,C,,   itt'ilved,•„,,„.'„,,,,  T„„..i I""1 hut in the early   pari    of   the*' i   McAl.n, K. C. of K.uslo, appeared   foi ,';ll-   |„ghei     than    the    latter    flaU."e.
,,    a, .1      ,1      , -, , would seem to   indicate   that    death X ^l'""''' ■ • •
Sir, tjtcpnen Bywater, president, ot Z
1    a   1       nn \f  ■ 1    ,,     t    was premeditated, ulthoUgh it.   i-   ie. X..   ...    ,..i,
lie lii-oken Hill Mining   and    J level- ' ° XyOllI   -III'.
,, .,        .* ' 1 •    , -i-       1 port e,l that in the early   111,11   of  lhe *'
pment Co., arrived in town on  lues- ' X
,IV |M( day she hud appeared in comparative- XlV-ll' lllld
IV    'f'HIll     l.i'.-ltlll    :lll(l    ainicfru ]*\ll*    •iullin X
ISCI'iption is  ill    nr.|hNn«taruheand   ol "s      <:.   W. Rpcclmeiw can   be   obtained   ..inning
X  McAnn, K. C. of Kaslo, appeared foi ,';ll-  |,jghei   than   the   latter   figure.
we w,nil.I  he glad * the plaintiff and P.    K.   Wilson   f**"- This pay ahoot consists of almost solid
I  the defendants.    Lhe defendants hud galdna and iron pyi-itcti; nml although
li'iiiil   VOU    it'   VOtlX proce. d under section four   of   lhe In general trend but sllulitly deviatl s
.                       .        .    XI Mineral uut of 1800 to "advertise out" frolllt|10   hoii/,,ntal,   it   taises   and
li.'iveil   continued.   11 the plaintiff aa a deli...|uent co-owner dropHl making   „,„   „,,„„,„„„,,„   ,„
       < ,1 11   in, in,ri, I   i-l, iiiu.  f, ic  I,,!,,,,.   I,,   tier— .                              .......
Iv g-ioil health und spiiits     For some X
Mr. K. Trt'lieljahr   lin-    purchased   time past however she hud been   suf- Xtolieni'    fi'<
ihe bakery plant from   Mrs.   Crowe,   feting  | ■   health,   and   depressed*    . ♦  mineral ucc or muo 10--uovemsooui    ,,.,,„, ,|„,   horijeoiitu!.   n
llealso  purohased   S.   II.   Seaney's Lpirils, and it is not improbable   that Xw'sn t0 ■1UV0 ''   continued.   X tho plaintiff as a delint|uent  co-owner LropS) nuking   the ' arm
residence some wqeke ago. recent troubles   and   anxieties   may *************4************   of u mineral claim, fur failure to per-   ,,„,„., ,„ whab dilHcult    In    |.;..
The^Porto Rico Lumber   Co.,   hlls '"^ unhinged her mind,   fo, sshareofl issessn.entwork.   it is DtltirB!y cut off by   barren   pur-
L.*t io\-,.,-k .in ear t vc-y early this       Cu,'onBr. Artl,UI.' '■:'""'   ,l""i'   »™» '  ' ' '" " 	
„    t,i     1        i.i, 1   1     1   ,     Nelson this morning, and ou  viewing Hotel A
..is.,    -it has nee,, obliged already  to, *»' MUivl '^
.,    ,    1 ,     1 t, r , ,1     . 1 ,  . the reservoir, cume lo it ncltision
start a late shift fof the plaliel', ,,. ,,
that the case was   evidently   .1, f       WaLIioin   Hotki.i-
i: W. VViddowson left   this   weak auiolde, and that an inquest  was   un-   It. J. Doyle, Chicago,
for Nelson, where he will conduct his necessary,   Tho bndy will be taken to <'m.  Wolfle, Spokane]
,-saving Intsii.ess.     lie   BXpccts   his  Nel.lon to-morrow, G. Ntinn, Nelvon;
...*.*.   ...   I    :.     I.-...     I.  ..,!..   e  1,1 ..     .. ..    .
Hotel Arrivals
Assaying business,     lie   Bxpects   his Nel.iun to-morrow
wife to Join him shortly from tl Id   ,   ,,,.    ...
'*    ''   "  ' "ho attended   theU  THggs, Spokane
5, Ferguson, Nelson
"niintiy. W,   L).  Mi't-aite, V, In. ai i.-iii--1     uie 1 |     |,
liinntiiil   di-iiii't   elmvenHon   -.f lhe  11   i-*..] 1..,-■..a■   \'i.k,,i.
The Ymir Coui-I  of the  thdbpen*  u*   ,        ,* ,    ,-       ,     , n. i'Uiietton, «ois.,i.|
,,,-     ""■"'"'   federation ol   miners, .... ■■, |t.i:U.-.. Toiont...
•lent order ol Furestors has i„"'ii   d.-*   v.. ,                   ,    ,                  ,       ,
DelSOII, llu- «eel,,   lms    lien    elected     t,    |..,| ,.,.   \' ,,,,.,,,,,,.,
estabishet, and the charier   lUrrem •      , , ,, < ...    ,,,,.,     ,,       '
1                                        1 vice president for tin- 'll-Uni     llcre-
1'ied,   'I ho former members are i.ow    ,. ■ , . ,        MoLtsoi) HotEli
utt'-i ihe I edeiiiiiiiii proposes to   take
l.iembers al lutge. f ., , ,       W   H  llonrv   W'iiinioei
I a vote nl  its   men.her-   on    proposed " ""'   "innipij
Altogethe, there have    been thirty legislation before lllc llritish  C-ilnm* : K l-1'ttnclmrd, Sal,,, .-
ueven deaths in   Vmir   ilnce   I8D?, bis legislature. J. Cu|-ry, Rossland;
when the town   Hr»t   .tarttuJ.     The     t. tfewltl |,M ,,,,,„! U.e   Wittdsor  J "' " ^VaneuUVon
"Hdocoure f this   wefk,   i-   the hotel building, recently purchi I   by  U   l-»«dsay, Y.tncoi   crj
lirst t-iseor Hie ileal Ii -,f ,t woman   in McCuiiJuodnlo    nod     Walkel     and , "    •'■>'' '"'• N,'ls""'
lhe town. moved onto McCorqUotlule's   lot   in  •'• Weixol, Nelson;
The birthday of   tin'   *;ii..t     uhi/1'"   !""'"   *,t|*'ineiw   lilm-k   0I1   First   StClair Bill ford  liatniltoii;
r   ... ,       •  Ul.     kl  ...., Ill   .  ...        :.. .....      ,   ,1       .    .      u    .     I-
:>"'■", io- -,ia..-on issessnieni woi-k.   it is entirely cut off  by   barren   pu.
So much was admitted, but the plain    t,jo,m'which   are   left   us  supportiii).
tiffs counsel, C, W, McAnn, objected Lmil„ |„ uu* -,i..|.t-, whilst  tho  high
that the notice was not sullicient.   P.   ,l:lll,. ,„.„ ,.,, a|.,ll|n,| -n ,,.,.,.,v,-.I.
13. Wilson argued that the dolendn,nts      The fottco employed iiv-eiagos  about
had given all the notice  required   by   tli it* t v men
lHW- January returnsi   Smelter  returns
Judge Forin   admitted   the   ureal ■(,...,,, ,i„,   i,,n   m;,„, ,   t    u    , .
■*. ,10,11 tuo  linn  .liming ,v   Smeltim*
importance of the poim raised, as   <**U | r,,, N.*|s.,i,. „j,   |ji,|    i,,,,.,   ,,,-   „,,"
audi notices published in   the   news- L,.,MS COIUellU of w|)ich   U1,,,.   -.„,,,'
papers of   the   province   follow   the  J04.7.15 ozj -II m-,   ?7l.i>.-,   ,„,   n,„|
same form, and admitting tho   invid- )l|lUj # rt872  Ml      Average   contents
idity of one would    w   doubi   •<"   ,,„,,,„, «.,.,,.:    a0)d, 8.138 oe|   sllvei
Lhp validity of nil. .--.lir, „,.I,,,,|:,I7    Ib,      Nol   -„,,•!,, 1
The judge hold that  the   intention returns amounted to  J7,0iil.*l*l,   ,.,„(
f the legislature had been to provide Hxiien»en.     tnnht.li 1	
The birthday of tin' ^itinl »hii''" !""'" b'tsines*-, block 0I1 I'init StClair Balford liamiltoi
tl rove out the -nukes from Ireland Avenlto. Ml', Newitt will pul it, 11 II. W, Jiilmson, San IV,,
was celebrated this v.eik, as was also I complete stock uf gl'ocel'les in addi- W. A. llu.ley, Witinipog
the birthday of Sain,*-. Seagram, t(on l0 ^ ||)lB 0f clollllhg ahtl Kent's D, J, UnjuliHrt, Montreal
•looilerhaiiiei. ill,   who   1,1-oi.ghl.   the fumWiinga he is now carrying      Tho J, L. Johnson, Toronto]
(makes into Canada,                            building is to be renovated   and   ihe   A, J. Anderson, Brie) has been qUeationed."                             ■ ■■•» ui .j-uue signals,
A certain 011 tsido inluHlncu agent  staifs I'emoVBd lo the  oUtaldc.     The  p, .len-en, Brlei   ,r     ,',.  ,
Who made Ymir hii headquarters  for lowei-llool1-.vlll be fitted   oUl   i»   im  M. Kebhardti Nelson| t'llUltC'll NliTlcK.             , „    ,                  ."..pupa,,"
,, ,,  ,     r.    11.      ..        ,        tolldwihg MgtmlA fof hahdlinB tlib Hi
some days about, a mouth ago, is now I up 1,1 date store, ami will   lie  ohf  flfT, Harrison, Nelson| I i,i-.suvil',lti\N  Uiullfii—h u 1, tl ,1 \ ,              -,.,,...
1.     ,       .,           ,,,.,,,„,-,          i.-            ,   i,  ,.            v             , School and   bible   -..'lav,   :!   .,.   ,„ i ";'"";   '  "'rl-v '""""-   "'emu   lh
wanted by tho no Ichi   mid   a so   by  the largest stm-es 1,. town     Itt-  e*-   A. II  Oknrman, Vancouver] , :, „ ,       ' 1,,  ,    ,
1                               ;                                                                                        . Evening service, YlOO.      !foUti?   Peo- P"° *ll'OK0 (l-mUse' two strokes (paus.
•setend lodul parties, with    .vhoiti   he pooled that   Ihe  alterations  itill   he   David lloolhi Nelnon| . ,u,„,,,,:,i      , ,i,,-,,,  ,, •„ ,, /
'                                      ' pies Society Ineetn on 1'rtduy  evening ttiree stl'okds, n.enhk a call for help 1
wrote policioi, receiving u portion   of I completed   and   tliu   returning dohB   -iV, jM. Andfehwn, Spokane) atSh'clock,    All arB welcome:,    Rev. handle the   hose   when   drying   un
il.   premium,                                   j about the lirst of April.                    , *J. A. Noble. Vancouver, 11, Voung', Mi Ai| tW.ot"                    reeling it u0 ,,,,,-,• u«oi
! i
of the legislature hail been to provide|expen-w,     including      devolr,| ,,,
a .simple reiti'dv, itl.i'ii liiyilletl might   WQr\,  t0 a, 1 |(|- .,.1
use to secure the .•,•,■;,very of paymoni |     ,.•,.,„,,,„,y' |.,.||||Ms      SfflpUo|,    (|
for work done In  proportion   to   the  turns for 28fU7  tons   of    ,   ..,,--
'"'"   ''""•■'   '"'''held   by   ,1   delin. cuntotits. wel-ei     Oold, 8(17.2 oz; sii
ver,   l,i'.-'i.j.."i   or    lead,   10,057   II
-hate of tiny claim held   by   ,    ■■-,.-
ipieiit eii-oitm-i-i or tht"   fot'feituro  of
title to sUch ohiirii      As   tht)   defen>
,1.,..,.   I.,..I   .' I....I   „ Oil   ..II       ll	
IIII'"  in  -lli'll   eiltlll, .1-1      till-      lll'l'-ll-       .
dants had complied with all   tin-   ro-   awmkb eonlenU per lon wew 0
quifemenl* of the statute   in   giving I 2.804 ox) silver O.d o/.j   lead   ,;;,
their notico, bu hold thai   tht)   notice Net. smeltel- returns amounted   t
wa- sullicient, and entered judge.ne.it | :i| 7 ■)-, okpenses, ihcluditig   devel
fo1'- h'femhtnls. ||tenl „,.,,. si;.,,, |;
I his w.-is the lirst  time   since   lho '
amendment of the   Minel'al   Act   ini 	
1000 that the validity of such notices       ,-1jre  Bt.jga(je SltfnaU
hus been questioned, ° •s"*,"'i GENTS FURNISHINGS,
Wp havf a |i)'nii.l n.'W li|)o ;i|)<| can ■•■ Y1)'! Hill
from licatl to fppf, >\-if 11 ,t gopfl foj*jii(|a{.if)il ot' tlie
best .slioii-j nlitiiiiia||lc, ami tjnishiiiij' .|f| witli «11»* -
pf our np\\ fip.fl stvli-ili lint-•
W.i iloirt iicc.J in i,c,'|| |,n telljng j'ou ivp )i|'p
here, and i|j (jj'p (jptjcopv business, because i| i-i
well knpiv|i that thi' 1,,',-t gni.tN inni flip li.'-st
prices are always to be trot at f|*c
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Wilson & Harphaw
praymen and
|l'inilli)io' lipavy ffoigllt a
iltteiuU',1 \o,
ijii.- ihe handsome pictured iu s. II.
Seaney's window.    One of these   will
rrjent Act.
Promised Hil|.
Carries The Stock,
And I,eads (n prjee and Quality.
AmmendrnQiits to Assess*, or occupied   by any  person  tinder
J agreement, lease or   permission   fiom be K'ven ^'W ;,itl' p^p7 p»sl' P*a,v*1
I lhe ||oi-,,i.i'.-"  IjotBi-nnieiit   sjliall   be« asc of tep dollars, BOOTS, 8HOK8 ANP C^OTHINO PKl-AK l'MKS 1':—We li.lf
I ioVOI'Uniellt Bl'jnga    1 IQWIJ   |«vsue*3*ied and lui-ed us   real   property,   ■——**■*•*—--——aaaapa. ,       ,       , , spring goods in nml cheerfully invite ihe public to inspect our -'nel-,   ll
| wild hind, cqifl qr timber land, an  the  RTlflkfinP T^fl 11 «•»   J^ | mtiy satiufy tliem in quality and pri
lease ma) be, and unci, person -shall In
The Government's' bill   to amend   l"'l'st""'ll.v li'*'"!<! f"-' *"* "•••*<>" thereop
llie Assessment Act  w.-js  i
ntroduced   l|ut thu hjiul ili.elf shall not he   liable
Northern Ey,
Pell's shoes, wc curry an   imniciso  utoei.,   tliey   speak   foi   .le-in.-'■■„•>.
I'llis line is ennlinetl lo us, ami no one else pan procure tlmlli ill tills town
We iila'i l.avH tin, exclusive right of ll|e famous Weston Shoe for hoys t ■',
heriflhts  pf   thp|T1,e. °n'y   ""   ''"''   ''outp   betwcon  look as good and ot)tweai-to pair^f aiiy other ordinary make.
bt'ii.i given a special olassififutjon   in- ' s*'ss'H*"it and taxation.
dependent from *jld lands 'I'1"-' government intended   to   ex*
Therate-of taxational! wild land is empt income Hp to §-">00 as recoiq-
reduced from fj per cent. t„ ;i pei. ",e",||"l ''--' *'•>' 'l-'»essnient pQiumission
cent. On personal property a redim-', bl,t VVfw S°*Keli liv. ^* e>*^* *" I11'*-
liim is made f,-om one per cent, t,,.'1 b'Uik to «1,Q0Q again.
iv... thirds of one per cent The! Op exemption of preemptions Hie
ivl'iolu schedule of rates under the P-ecHon has been madp to read as fol-
lu- w act is lived ttf follows, j h'-vs.    s" much of the  personal    pit;
On Ileal Property.—One per cellt. J l'ei'v nf the ownt..-nr lessee of any
upon the assessed value of real estate, fu,'m* orchard or ranch as consists of
other than wild land, coa] land and |tiie f|il''"ct Produce of his land, whicli
timber land. lms bpen reaped or   garnered   thei-
(in W'ihl Lund.—Three   per   tent
upon the assessed value.
On Coal Land,-••-•One per oent,   up
from and which may be in his pus
session op tlie laud ut the date of assessment of his oilier personal proper*
nn the a.-se-sod value under Clasu   A; ty, and so mi;eh ot his income as may
two per oent, upon the assessed  value '"' derive:! I'm... -uo', land; [ Provided,
under Class 11 huweirr, that his real and other   per-
(hi Timber Land—Two per   cent. «onal property and  inoomo from  all
upon the assessed valuu.
(in Personal Property,—Two thirds
of one per  cent,   upon   llie   assessed
iiii Income—On so much of lhe
income of every person (subject to
the deduction* allowed in thi- ucfc
and ill the sohodulo of forms to ihis
.ii-i . us exceeds one thousand dollars,
within tin- following classifications,
upon such excess the rales shall bo
:,- follows, namely:
('lass A. - Over one thousand do!"
lars and not exceeding two thousand
dollar**., one and one-half of one pel
Class I'. - Overt ivo thousand llul'
'.ii« and not exceeding throe thousand
sources other than from such land
shall be assessed md taxed.
0<he,- amendments exempt the unsecured booli debts due at the date
of assessmont
.Moneys deposited iu the bunk in
the province, whether on deposit or
„)n„i current account, is also exempted.
Minerals, matte or bullion in course
of treatment at any smelter shall also
he exempt
The taxpayer i*. not to he assessed
on ho,I, his personal property ami income,     lie ii; to be taxed  on    which*.
ever gives the larger return to the
Banks are to bo assessed and taxed
dollars, three   and   three-fourths   oil0" income under the regular schedule
, |,IM. ,.,.;it. lot' rates instead of by a special one.
, Huns ('.--Over three thousand dol-      I'he assessed value of townsite  lots
lur* ..ml ...it exceeding four thousand I-hall not bo less tin,.. $25,
i .     ...  _      	
dollar-, two per cent.
Class l>. -Over four thousand dollars and nut exceeding seven Ihou-
hiind dollars, three per cent.
Class li,—Over seven thousand
dollar-, four per cent.
M I f ( N tl IT. Mil I'Al.'ll KY. ( O
V   V. & V.   KV. & S  CO.
and Clival Northern, Northern Pacific
Provided, that ,f the taxes are paid  and 0. I!. & N. Co,,   for points east,
nu oi before tho thirtieth day of June
ii. each year, but not otherwise, lhe
['.illeclor is hereby authorized to allow
t-i ,-ve, v taxpayer a discount there
ti nm -it the rate of ten per centum,
hut such discount shall apply only to
Hi" taxes of the then current year
and not to arrears: Provided further, i lint if the assessed owner or
tenant residing upon any land of not
h's- than twetity acres iu extent
which is cultivated or being brought
Into cultivation, and which is assessed
a- impioved land for a taxable value
not exceeding one thousand dollars,
and who shall pay the taxes thereon
foi the current year on or before the
thirtieth day of June in ouch year,]
bul not otherwise, the collector is
hereby authorised to allow such person, in lieu of the ten pet cent, dis-
.iiii..1, a discount at the rale of forty
nor 'n i.t. upon said current year's
i.iml'! belonging to thu  Dominion
Oovornment iu the province,   claimed
west anil south; connects at Koss
laud and Nelson with the Canadian
Pacific Hallway.
Connect- at Nebon with the P. It,
ii N. To. for Kaslo and K. and S
Connects al Curlew with Stage for
Greenwood and Midway, B.C.
Ilull'et   curs run on trains between
Spokane ami Ilopublio
(!,-,,,-ml Passenger Agt,
Spokane, Wash.
Wednesday,    [n line witl. the recouv. Jewhr,, n r shall the riflhts of   »„,, - ,minU eas,, i,wt ,,,,,1 s,„„l, t„ Koss-        ,.*„., ,l|iu fdl.       „,„• ,,„„,U.L. IlUo ■„,,,.,,,, ,lillrkuil ,,„,,,. ,., „„-,- -,. ,
nieudations made before the   commie,   Uomintun government   tp such  hind \m\. Nelson,  Grand Forks and Re- '     "
sion, coal laud and timhur land   |.nvojbBaffuptei| in any «»y   -7   such   a--* public,    Buffet cars run between Spokane anil Northport.
Bullet Cars   run between  Spokane
and Nelson.
Efl'ootivo March, lilt);,,
'.nave Pnilv Train Arrive
p.flO a.in        jspgkanc ij.-JO p.m
10 o.'i „.in        Rossland 4-"i*, p.m
10.8a a.m Vmir ,i. 12 p m
P.20 ii tn Nelson (J.30 pin
: 1 ijli, a in     Grand Porks      :i;!.") p-m
y.i'il, u.m, ri.Qei.i.*; 5.20p.m. ■     ,        i
8.00 a.... Kepuhlic 8.80 p.m   !,ny f""^' ,|nl« BtorB l"'"'''s °" "'" ,"'""u :ll-"'l''s u" <,|*",-V '" ""s   dcpart.m ill
iml guiiseotioiitly we finvc ific good will ami patronage "I lhe commiinii* -
possible nololi,   I'or nei|i„,-i*a  am! diirnhjllty,   one glance will uopviiu'r Uil
most skeptical llnil wo can) t(ic |,-iil tfiipg for wpslufli Ini'lu.
Grocery Department
Needs no comment, we (*avo got tlie slock ami can §a\'e yoi| tuom-..
Stat.onery antl Drug Pepartment.
VVe are getting il.e business why?    Because il a package is marked i   i  l,j
llie milker, thai is all you art, roquiretl to pay for ii .fierp-     Wu do  not   .•',.. •
J-.XjX.i    the    TJjVLE
i:v   l/SINQ
Seattle,    Tacoma
St. Paul, • Chicago,   New
York, and
1IK.M.S A    I.A   r.lltTK
Best   Meals   on   Wheels.
2    FAST   TRAINS     Q
U. S. T.
Hardware    Merchant,
Ymir,    li.     C.
Slu'lt' anil Builder*. Hunlw, ,-,
PainIs ami   Oils,    Stoves,    Coal,
Steel, Powilor, Fuse and ' '*,: -.
(I rani to and Tinware, Sum u
All   kind"   of   PI Iiinu.   Tin.
-initio,,-.: and I -in., .il lh | .ii
Special   Excursion   Rates 'p|.(>  M1|(„.,|   \_[fe  \ „sunill('C ('oilljlllllV of N. Y.
To World's Fair, St. Louis Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
Your Choice of Route, ,   -
A policy in it is the safest hivestineni Known t,, man,
For rules, folders ami full inform alio,, , .
regarding trips, call on. or ai'dress mil     I'nsli invested 111 Life lllsilt'illiee is ensll invested tlliil    will
agent of the s. l'. &n. iialiwav or       I'etui'i) compound interest.
II. A  JACKSO-N,        11. 1IKANDI', ... .. , . , ,.   ...
li, |.-. ,v i'. a,     (i.p.&T'A,     All Hiiccesstul liusiness men curry large amounts <,l life
insurance,    li providen fort-he family, protects a man in his
old nge, and protects his other investments,    l',,r   pates tin
any form of life insurance apply to:
no w. it i-
in the colt run Of the ..cut few
weeks., I intond ti'iinsferinx my
Assay Olliee to Nelson ll. C,
Wishing to settle ALL luwiness
accounts before leaving Ymir,
I -houlil he obliged, if every
one whose name is on my books
would  call  and   settle   theirs.
From a ceffee
■P'mu to a Ihou-aV-
■ iid dullar premutation let.
Henry nlrkf&
Bona' f«< l.itlf.
for making solid
silYtrWif-t srr
lioMewed by Bo
oilier concern In
CLARtT jus. Artistic deslRn-
ers, modern marhlnery, snd sklllrd linnd-
worker*i sii under the direct lupenrlstoB of
practical members' *>t the firm, make an un
rr|iialUd corubitialiun for turning out fine
Write for Illustrated rntalogue.
Jev.tlry,    "
Sterling SHVer,
Silver Plate,
Watches, etc.
Henry BirksS Sons
Jrwnlrr* lo lim Rn eileacy
the I »il i f MiiXO.
Percy J. Gleazer, Local Agent.
As I nm closing out inv business in  Vmir,
nnd removing to N°Json, I have
The Following Store Fix lures:
Soda Fountain, Coffee Mill,   Acetylene   (ias   Machine, Large Queen Stove, 3 Show Cases,
Light    Truck,    Counter    lialance
Scales, Paper Cutters, etc.
At Tiik Cash GkocerY, ——**—■ w~w~_~~
THIi VMIR ^ERALO'"1""1"'*'■"■'■''■ W,J l,v-- 1,ll|,,jl"'> lw
|iiij-i-Jia>jL',il hi,ally, i' ajtuilds in   ren*yjjn
■-.. in. i ....*■. i."-;-i„,:'„'i,^,;,..i r<.,.,... 8-t/l'-'L Victoria and y„ucovvW-   incrch*
,'::•*-. • r 1.-1 :,.•-.-• ! l.i oarrii-; In ••>.,-. i. rant* would experience   a    I: ellii'liijn.l-.
-    -'r.].ii. !.-■:.',.-,-;  r |i,iiiuiii,  |, r>.:i. ;..,■,■ i.i -j inerea-<- in by-inns.,,   n/nl   both   cities
■''""' ' tt-OljIlJ   he     1,1,'gelj'      !,'■!, elile,,'       by      ' lie
' l'i':-',':'     "•""   "  '■""l   "r '"  it Mini,.,-., ..'I,,.-,;,,-.  transacted     Hence
•:-   """■''■ '■'■' "" '"'  "     :' '"'""""liheirwilliiiKiiasi.t.i.'eetltf 1-eH h-a-i.-
,.    . - ..ill.-;--in 'I - li-tr,.-' or  mill   Im   o.l.ll'ljii'il
,.,,., ,,,.. „'•*,., of the  Province    -a.-, il'n-ij        ft   ilu-
,-    .■„..*..,.,   ;,;■ ,.';, .•   . ■    .....*, -,,      ., ' M '' I ll'ii I" ' in ■ ". ...li 'III  ha-, don,"    ,1'ltll-
ii Ma' i-r.-i.., — nl   ■  il  lur.1 .', ■  -                , ,;,,, ..!■.,._  jt li,,, ,h,,.,,,,  itHL'lf (.0  1,0    iui>
l-l l,   i  ,r li  ■.,   - ij.
in:,i u.ii  i-i iii.imiinn i oMi'.ixy
.:ii...i-^r.ihly tho superior of those  pre-
;. i,i,i*- inlini; i-irati,,..-,   «li.;Ji   l.rnve.d
jtliuiu-elvcs njch fnojlp iu-ii inn,-nl-*   in
ii. Rl-*.}li**'s, ;, i:;i'.i.i;. ,.    ,      .     , , ..       ..      .
the I, ,wis i.t   powerful    ,-a.I. 'nu,    i ni-
|.";; n ti,i',,-*.      It i,    ha/I    ai-eepted     .11,
SATLriiPAY, 3}AH, ;'o, 1«0S,    Jm„.-,.s   proposition,   ii   is   probable
._ i
": tji'.i,: the next   few'yeurs   ...i'/ht   have
Mo l,antj Qrants.        Lw, „ consider inHu* of busbies-*, *,,,
Mr. Morsel   ,!„-   rj"-u-,,J   T-rj-nl* \tli°m>v W»,oa* P,l**8"f ;l"'   lv"
I yjnee, iijiil ihat iji,- |in,iii;i:il   J,ilu-„l-
teruis n.'ul ■iiu.lili'i.i,.-' -i-  ll"'   /'".VA',1'"^
 ll.l would un,Ier .lie-   n.ro-isions   ut
ilu- "(.mul .'.'!,";•,■;'•,•* ni in respect   to J
,h,, h„„i- n„   i   ( ,.i .I   T^g i(in(j yoy Would Like
bl.-cks, which sjiiitl lie M.bjecl lo -the
rcgulatin/iH issued by (lie Coninaji**,"
n-liiii,.,- ui the cutting of limber >!)
the .!',il,viiihia and \yester.n (lu.il wo-}-
Laii/J liynfif.
W H f JO lift
|J,-|„.I V      '   ul.lllli —inil'-l      "f       I- '"'»'-■
,v Works J,iin."J*. mid W ,:'s >!u
Vi.-iniiii, )J. ■!'., i'-'l.rd, Pel*..,   l:-i"-r-
Kstatu of Earnest Belan*
!'.\>\'*;> G( I0I>,     ;l> <j<)<)\).
Old Settlers Maple   Syrup
.':,-i« i.i |*4, I --- ami J gallon Tim.
Sold by
sii'n'KT,. ijiKiijn>),'...     ;(-,, CAMPBELL,
, .»aB838Bg**eaasciaCT-^'!
. 1 **? iii?;-.*.T«:-:w-i5to Jfi£
ymir. ^'Mmmmm,1
T VK \i .Y'.ii.-r- that by an order uf
Ilia fHoHour ./iidgc Fori,., dated th;.-
j."ith ihij-'.of Ecbruury iOUo,  tl.e   -..;-
deisiglii'd M iu m'|i;i;,i!.--l    ud'ninistl'Ui
fur of the .    Ue of lhe a boxy?   named
I'lieilii' Co., afte;' spei)dhlg abojjt   li
, ,■- , i        ,       ,   i   .- . |ties of  tlie   (joi'oriinieiit niiuhi have,,
-.i-ecks in Vu.J.or-11,   l.ias   departed   for * Jji*n*.nt Ji< lander, /lecpa-^d.
, ,     |,, been considerably   liuhlencd   thereby,       tn
lis In   let   nl 11 - - '        Ail
Alining Agent      *=      Stocks and Shares
.hi- east, after taking pains
(.- - -mi- hat, in-,,'   uliijjild   against ■
AGENT    F<)H-—-
.ic. , ,i    .  ,-     .- -i   i '.'ainini! -nine lill le credit to the rulilllC. ■ I... miii'iI   ,,  ■•-,*, ,1   ,i  \n< pstnlp ui-n  u-
the (Joust paper" k.i/OW, tjiat lijs   faib "        ■ •>  un nan,   ., ...ut,, o, ,,,•*. tsiau -,n   ,t-
, , ,  , ..   j aii.ni.'iisii'.'if i,,;j.    llui the  i.earini.'   of i iiniicil In file tlie sunn-"iiii uie,   duh-l
Mio to squec/e a lan/j jjiaijl  tiuin   tjic
:„ I the proposition uriou   tliu   I'.ini..--   yf | veri^ed by   affidavit   nr   declaration, | M ul fill J,id' lll.-fll'ilJHV ('(iinpauy nf Si'W Ymk
r.'ijin.liiin I 'a-.il;ii v-- Ji.'.il.'t' Iii'suraiiqe <'■*.
i,i,, i.l im' I'l'nposil loll  i,
1 rnviucial l.HiM'i ini:. ii, '.'.i,'l resujl   in '    '
fl,L"constructw|of.tl,£."ljrji,d   Trunk rhc IPwincp has been  woll   kepi   in
l'at il',,- hei,,i< p-.-h.-il t.m:. .,-,.*! to wvst mind, nnd the liehest   assets   of   ll.e
only, und that ft way not   reach   this I p^ovi^wi, |i)-e.sei*vcrj   for   its    latiple.
1'rovinco until ''schedule   tiiy"    that
«ill,in on • ..ninth from   the   date   o|
ihis..-miim, lift..,- t-.liiili time the -.*,
late -.till li.- di itribul -d iiiilmut re.
yaitl In nnv claims of which I shall
i.ni lia\e liad .'I'lti.-e. And all per
su.is indebted to sai.l deceased or    his
The ''pii* pistol" held ul its h""itil, has
is about ID10 n. !:"!.    II.- i-   cai-csl. ,,,*,,■,
been ilisregarded, and   "i."   alcllrido,estate are hereby   rem.ii.ed   to  i.uiki
Ini in tell il,e I'lji'-i -, and   nt   course , ■ ,   . ,
,     ,     .   , .    ,     ,    ,     Ooven in   is  tn  bo con-fratuhitcd payment txi we fortlwitli.
lhe people, lhal .1 is the fault oi   the |      ,Jatl!(i ||i(. |;)l|, (i,, ,„■ ].-,.,,   ,goo
I'rovinciul Goven in if nonstructioii "P0" ll» departure from the disustruns & p .-^
i- not coiliuienccd ot the   Pacific   end | -vavs nf its predecessors,
Loudon Mutual Fire Insurance Couipany,
Ottuivii lin' Insiu'ttucc Com i)in v.'
,i:-\l sumuier, nnd lo point   out   whal
u volume of trade the   Coast   merch-
I'lli'ST AVKM'K.
MUi, ij.
:.. I
nuts will inus, by tl,o   fuut    thai    in
I'lishini"  construction   from   oast    n
Ketuie. Mr, lim-,.- left, an inconsld
i rate   i-rportei    asked    him     "Ilow
west, all supplies   will  be  purchased  ,lbm,t Ml'   "'n's   '''""''   '"   Senator,'-pO Jaines-a.-aham or any other per-
      ,,        ...      , i  ..     .1    i.     - ■    i     to whom he may have  transferred
in eastern centres.    When Mv. Morse  I-umplenian, just befoie tlie 1 .mull I      . ■
lirst arrived on the scene, to hold up
ihe Provine.iuH fioverninent, he carefully loaded and primed ilu- "Uis
Pistol. It' you iii'.'" ns -i land ^.iinl
ni |ij,000 acres per mile, ho said, we
» ill commence consli uction froni   lho
his interests in the Yankee Oicl,   C'a-
clectiun, in which   he  promised   ih.ii j „.,ai.ni q*,.* .,,„, Vak* Fraction miner
aonsiruction from tho wost would i„- al claims, situated on Dundee mountain, about two miles from Ymir, in
the Nelson Mining Division of Wet
Kootenay District,   and   tecorded   hi
•^ i>- -^s -*y. Q3*--3>- ■> ■>- ->- ■>*',S-->-'JS*-a*'i?}"iS*-•?*•>•> •>*■>■ •>*■ a, ■>
... f9if-*-^-#'-«-~~--r---*f-^--'-*-+'-+'--*'-+-9999999'^.%\
. )|)u-..il A.Jin.ni-l rato.       Jiv -il
as $
z:   SV
iS &   SU
.'iiuinii'iiri'd at once, in   siinil.itn.'.iiislv
wiih ihiit from ihe Knsi."     The   re
porter in iiuestinn should really   havo the Recorder's otlico for  the  Nelsoi
Coast, and will buy all   ou.    supplies  *je<i considerate of Mr,   Morse's
, I Miiiiti',' Division,
j     V„ii aud ennli iif   ymi   art-  bei-eby
here     If you don't, all  our   suppliesI feelings,    That gentleman had talked | uottfierl that we have expended   threo    *W
will be purchased in the   east.      l''1|r quite u bit about It being the fauli of ihundVed dollars ($300.00)   in   labor    *?|J
,i ,  ,:,,,   .. ri.|     iii.    'Ili<i   Pistol" . • and   improvements upon  tin* above    'I*
aoout lin-   i-ni.-   in-      i...   i isim    the Province if conslruetini,   was   nol      .,,..' i   /i-i
,       i  .1 i     ,.,-,,,   ,.,. mineral claims in order to hold   same    "I*
Iris hei'ii held til tlio ll -nl nt Un'   i ro- , ,   i ,
|cominenccu al once, nml tin-,,   tn   a«K
t incial ('.'iii-i miieiit,   and    i here   I
li's-n   i-iinsidei .ihle   interest   exhibited j
, . ,, ,, ,    nothing, wus certainly   eml-arra-isinu,
us to tho tiaiuie ot the answer   wind,
would be returned I., this big biufr.      all'] '' is " '"' u I,'"',i   ;"   tlml
I'Vom all ifvor the  interior   of   lhe the talkativo Mr. Morse   could   only
Province,   and   fijiin   Liberals    and j unsiit-i- thai lie had   nothing   to say
'. li in, if his chief olliccr's iinnl sitiud fur
l 'iinscrvaiives alike, there   hus   arisen   ft|)0U| ||M|
n strong denunciation of nnv   I-***.;'•*'' i i—      . i ■
ii 11 io It would give away moi o   of   ll.e I
I'i.iiincial assets   in   the   mallei'   ,,f
I,md.     Past Govurnnients   of    lirili-*h
Columbia have   already   l;hi',i   away
to various railway corporations,   vustl        L'llldsancl    Works.        Iday of January 1003
le, i it.ii ie- of land, rich in . imber and
agricultural mul   mineral    resources,
I'bc inodert slice asked   for   by    Mr. I MONICE is hereby given    lluil   tl
under tlie provisions of the Mineral
Ael, and if within ninety tints from,
the dnte of this notice you fail or re-l •!?
I'uso to contribute your portion of expenditure, together with all costs uf
advertising, your interest in said
claims will become ihe property nf
the siibserihci's, under section A of an
in" entitled ''An Ael to Amend tin
Mineral Act,   f'JOO."
/.    -~
7c   O   --
, D. K. Orobe,
I)   Mel il,
I O, A, Lovoll,
limed ul Ymir II. C„ this   10th,
Morse, al ihe   rate   nf    13,000   nm
('iliiU'llill iull   (it    I'cscl'Yi
N ON ICE i- hereby given
ie-i'imi in,i eslablishei
i-i mile for about I'm miles  of   con
j Hiiani.- «,.' Uie pirn isi-ms ,,t' il (',,1
unibia mid Weslern llnilway Subsidy
I Hotel Ymir!
Tho Best Meals        +
Ami Act'..nun.,ihiiion     X    yfy
In Town. +   to
decide I, both panic  jniuing   to   de-
liounce any such grant.
I Inly in tho I'mi-i i ii ies   waa  llioro
any ind/ication, that the   land   grants
uxked for would nol   be   opposed   h\-
tin. j pie,    Letters   have   appeared
,   , i, I licalion nt' tins notice in   ilu-   llriiisl
in the (.'.msi papers, signed    by   well
(Juli,mbu. (.„/,',le; province!, however,
known busi.ies,   men  nnd   polilieiuiiR l|m| ^ ,,„ ,!lM ,„,,,,.. ],,„,..   all.   s,
un both sides nf the house,   fnvotiring Lji*^ | empied, leased or   otherivis.
lhe land gnu
of Wines, X   _
X   _
i is
Kiruction in 11. C, would ml   lo   w  [eiUti," notices   of   which   woi'
-i\ inillnii. iii-ies  nf   I.md,   in mil   of  published   in    lho    llritish   Columbia
which is I wn tu he   veiy   valuable   Guxeltu and dated   Tt li   Muy,    I80H,
l",,,i,'si, u,,,.   thercf.ie   strong   nnd  and 3th Juno, 1800, respectively, are I   \ Hue 8electii)lH„  .,,,,.--.   -     ...
hereby cuncelled. '£        IJquoM Illlll Ciglira.        X    '}}
Crown   lands   situated   within   the I I     '»>
area embraced by .he   said   reservu. f
... ' , it "I   W,  MASTEHSON,      Prop.
in.ii m ill he open !•■  Rule,   sen lemeut,  J '
lease and other dispositi  under il„-j ************************** I   /|\
provisions uf tho "Land   Act,'    ll.reo I   fl'
mm lbs nl'l",- the da f I he lil -, |,,il|. I <___________,   ,** J^*1*?!,       '    */»S
C0PYn!GHT3 Ac.
di mul doiortntlon roc
fiulrUy n-n'iTlalu our nuiiiiiin fruc n lu-tli'T tin >iv
liivontlnn h pnihuiii*,' i>niri<i)'.iiiiiI   <■.itnmuni'-n.        -ill
iiNiiSfiirlrlljrconllilriitliil. 1 IniicllHiok mi I'uH'iUt* 'Jf:
v. ■•j'-ij
Th'-   reason    is   uf ulietialed hv the Govel-nnienl and
cntirso very   obvious,   and   tends   to  eiibse'iuoiitly found, upon tne   survey
,   ,      ,,       •   i    .* ,i    „   , ,,.   of tho Columbia and   Western    llul
sliuw ihn, iii th." i,inni-nt tbese   par*
way <'niup-inv's blocks, then the   per.
ties, the interests ol il„- I roviin'o   as . . • .
sons ai'ipiirii.g sllcll   latlfls    sh.ill    ne*
a whole, are uubservienl i" their   per : ,   .     ...     ,, ,. .
' '| tiuiro then-   title   thereto   from   (lie
hoii J interests, or to the    interest    of
their own particular district.    Should
construction   from   tiro   coast   '".n
llnilway Company  who  have  ngr I
in deal wi11,   such   purchasers,   pie-
emptors, lessees, i • u-,   un   the   tuino
Trade Murks
'tc-   I  /ilk
Anvoitp .nn,,,nu it RKatflt, mul ili"i*rrll»Un'' hut a.|a
n.il.-l.ly ii".-i-rtiilii our optttlnn fr.n- Wnotll,-  -
•ml,iii is ,'i'",iiil'li' ,' ili'itiiililii.   I'l-iiiiiiii
.-,lrlclly.-"iillil.'iill'il. Iliitiilliiinki'ii I'ii,
.•ni iron, iHili-t ii^oii.-v ti.r *-<.i.|irlni.' patonll. IWc^- ^s.. **i,b*a.amimim *■* *.* . - . -
l'.,!..„M ti.l„.ii tln-.'.ii'l, Jlunit -V CO.r«0tlT€        5P**,***",*W**«*W«-lhII«««"|l«e«aJ-6*-B*B^
uncial notlca, wlihoul, clinrao, In tho -Jfj _ ■»•»*»•«■*» «(a««i *r*-5-t^s-f-« HCICC-flC «'•' -.
Scientific Hmerican.
A hitndtomolf lUnptrnted wooktr.   J-aroeit nr. jgfa
ouinllnii "f "'iy icloiitlfla Inurnnl,   Tornw, 19 a /.\
nr: t'ltir nionitifl fi. Bold by all newidwloni. ji-v
"iH & Co,38«B...d--i». Npw Yhrk '.S-
ram-,' 0,1'ica. Ut, 1 Li. w».limai "i
Ymir, B. C.
•- ;.'
v yugljj^ai,^■ajBf*^fcgggaaaF*g«--*l-U-1'-1-
j i
litij-eliiis".'.d locally, il '.'-l.nds tg   ie.is,n;i
:., 111,!,*.-*] ..'Tv ,.,...*.,i.,-,'„.i ,Iiyi:,.,i >,„,.,-j**'''11 ^.'cto.''a Bl,d ynneoyvi-    merch-
, '::■■--. ,.r .ii*i:..--,-. I by ojirrii-/ in toji-n. , mil- would experience   a   tremendous
-    :>-rri|.ll',l!--:.'l..l/'i    I    iiiii.-ii.i.   |'** \ ;i till! ,-,   i-|. j i |,L'l'l-a.-,"  ill   bg.-ilR'SJ,     11,'ld     both     lilies
•'''"' would be   largel","    !,.-i,.-li,.-,;    by   jtl.e
. .-..'ili-iii.- r;.-.   Jl.'-ii  ■ • :   mull   |.t  im.mil , ., .     i      ,,
| ".iillluu- ;,■!  Iiii-i;:!--,   I; .ill-nrli d     III lie,-
. ■•■::   IIbiu;,   .-,,-.   in.   li . i    In,in   .ill   |, , l.i,.    ,, .,,. ,
1 Iheil- WllllllglU --  I" -ni- I In- l.-e. I   :.—.el.-
,.   . - I. nl.-:-in il ■• li-irr-r  or   crr.il   bo  .ii.ni t ,,i '
. ■.... ,,„,;; ,,„. ,,;i,., off.be  Province    sacriliccd,       \t   tjie
I'mniniTciul   ,.,- ,;tu -.*     '   ....-,     i. • •:.,.    .. - Mel!, ide 'in '•'-. nn;-iil  bus don,"   notll-
'    ■ " "•'■ l-r-'"1-* ,1,   ■■■■ .--•■• , ,;,., ,.|..,._  u |.,,, sh.iMl;  itself /'I bo    illl-
•;i,.n- -.mlily the superior of thosn   pre-
;.i,-ius nihiii; i-lrntiuiis,   \»h...-^i   prove.d
t Jliein-elves sjjch fuojle instruments   in
11.   Ml.lliV.s,   )i i'.'m.W:. ,iii.* e *i t
j ;ln* h mils ,,t powerful    railroiuJ   cy?
" i |.';;nli,ii,,s.     It' it   Jiu/I    accepted    Mr
SATUHPAY. 31 All, ;'•",, 11)05.   j m,,,.m,-s  ,,n,|„,iii,,,,,   it   is p--w.-a.lih.
' , tb.i,"  thp next   t'eUj*,-,'iii's    mi'-.lit   hi,i\c
No  UantJ   QrantS. L«, „ consider inH„,< ..f   business   to
Mr.  Morse of   the   Qju,),J   'fill,.* I*1'0 mmv fW"*** P'"** «f »■■'<-   Jw
P'aei(ic Co., after spe",di""g about   fivJ »"'nw» a";l 1,u" '■" iU'IWLm)   'J,l,iiMl1'
IIKII M.n    l'l  IIMSIIIN'j   illMIMNV
terms a.'id i»lulitio,ea iui tIu*   /'.'W".' j
nien.t would nnil,.'.'!' .1.!:''   n.noMsiun.-,   of
lhe "l.;iud .Vil," J',ii;'.nl.L'i .respe-t    to]
linl.be,.   lands   on     the    (-omj.anv'» JUq  V{nfi y0y   Would  Like
blocks, which sLuilJ he suhjeel   Lo   iiie
rcgvlatio/.s issued   by   the   Comna-ny
relative to tl.e cutting -it'   lin.be,.'   at)
tbo <J-il,vnil,ia and   NVestejii    lla.ilwoj-
I .nil. I Uro-Ujt"
1,V  H  (iiQUft
IVnpyty   ' oifimissiune.    nf    I- ui'n
,v.   Works      hands    ,m-j    yVur-fs    J;.,
Victoria, II. C. I'ni'l, Feb.,   I{r0,?.
Kst^te o/ Earnest Belan*
-TA.ST|i;s GOOD.     :l> GiWD.
Old Settlers Maple   Syrup.
i'vu in •-!, 1-3 and J gallon 'i'i!,-.
.Sold b>
D. CAMPBEUL,   -   -    YMIR. i
,*«¥/.- -*"*>-.-*'LiK>'?7 Ki
weeks in Victoria,   lias   departed   fi
;    ities nf  ilu-   (lovornment might hnye
been considerably   lightened   thereby,
T VICE .Vniuie that by an orde,' uf,
Hi.. Honour Judge l-'nri,,,   d.ited   tlia
13th iJ,ij'.of February i'JOo,  the   uif-
dersjg,iu'd wus u^poi-nuyj   tulifiinisti-u, |
•   ii     .,,,1,1 i t  ,.,„ j Mining Agent      *      Stocks and Snares
'■ Eriursl It '
anger, ffecieunci
the east, after taking pains to   let   ,-.H ! ""' ','"' »   "-"""' '"-'"." |     Ail ■    -„|,s l.a.ing   iilajiiM  againstI
the Cast papers kiww, .but his   faiil-r- «,li,,",-F «on->o 1»t -redit to the ruling L.e said  le.-eaae.Ui his cstale are re*
iue to sfjuee-tt! a land grant fiom   uhc wlmi»istra,tiu«.     Hut the  hearing   of   .juired lo Iiie the same with me,   duly
,,--,,, ,     ...        ,, the nronnsilion upon   the   future   of  verged by   affidavit   or   declaration,
I rovtiicial Govcrmnenj tvi-JJ resjiu   :n I       '    ' ', |
,-he e.iiisirijetin:, :-.'' :in- Cii md   Trunk U'w P'wincp has been   woll    ke|,|   in
witljUi mi ■ i.innth from   lhe   date   o| |
ihis.-miire. .ilu-.' which time <i
Pucilic being pushed from cast to wsst mind, »iul the iidlest   ussets   ni   the  tnte'-will be diiU-ibuteii   ivithoul    n
■nly, nnd that :i ifiay not   reach   this  Pj-ovif,co   iireserved    f-'.    its   pe/ioU"
Province until ''schedule   time'    ihutl
is ul,,,uf 1910 ni i'.'11.    lie is   cures
fill to tell the pipe. *, and   of   course
The "liig  pistol"  held at   iis head,  1,1
gnuI to unv claims of which I shall
nol Inn-.- ,'iuil notice. And all per
sons indebted lo sui.l deceased or   bis
•-.-— -ACENT   Foil——
.Muiiiil Life fiuiuancQ Company of New York
i 'iijiit.liiin Ca.snlaty-"JSoilcr Instirauce Co.
Jjondon Mutual Firo Insurance Company,
Ottayi'ti Fire Insurance Coiuntjtny.
been disregarded, and   tha   Mclti-ido. estate are hereby   reipiired  to  make
i loveiliment   is
the pcoplo, thai i, i- lie- built of   tli
Provincial Government if uoiistruction |UP0M its departure from tliedisasiruiis
i-im. coiliiuenci'd al tlie   Pacific   end | '•vu^'s of its predecessors,
|,ext summer, and to point   out   what ,   .-
,i volume of trade the   Coast   mere)
-.,  hi  be coiwmtulutcr] vayment tn mo foi-tliviili
iini- will miss, by ilu.   im i   thai   in
lli-tmn Mr, Horse left, an iuc.iusld
hnteil the 13th day uf I'eb   [OOn
S. P. Tuck,
ODieiid Administratur,
,  ,   ,.     ,,,    no DEi.lNyUENT ro own i;i;s.
ernte   reporter   ,is|,e,l    I,,,,,     "How '
j'li-hinu'   construction    trom   "'',sl    to
west, all supplies   will   be  purchased   ,ll,out Mr ^V'"   l''""1    ("   Senator ,"pO James-Graham or any other per-
      .,        .,.      , i   .,      .,    ,.     ■ •     | ■ to whom he may have  transferred
iu eastern centres.    When Mr. Morse   1-omplenian, just befoie tbe IJominion I   ,   . .     , '   .    ,     ,,.-,    „
i his interests in lhe  1 nnl.ee l.iil,    l_u*
lirst arrived on the scene, to hold   up election, in which   he  promised   thai   llBfjian GiiI nnd Yale Fraction miner
lhe Provinciirl flovernmeiit, ho   care-  ounmriictioii from tho west would   bo|ul claims, situated on Dundee   moun
fully loaded and   primed    this   "Jlig
Pistol,'    If you give i,s -i land   ^innl
nf 15,000 acres per mile, he miid,   miii ill coiumeiicu construction from   lhe
.   ., ,    tain, about two miles from   Ymir,   in
commenced al once, or sumltaneously
il.,* Nelson Mining Division of   Wet
with ihat from lho East."     The   re-  Kootenay District,   and   lecorded   hi
irter in ijucstiun should rciillv   have  lhe Recorder's olliee  for  the   Nelson
,'ii iii,,..- i-nii-iilnn
I ! Mr.   Morse's
Mining Division.
:\i!i{. u. c.
as   o^ju     i-i\n^ « ii^ivj    to
• su
s?  SU
S .=-   SU
b' ■= - '.-2   1
1'O.ist, and will buy u11   ou.    supplies,- '     '      ''      ;     Vm, mi, ih of   y.m   are -hei-eby
here     If you ilou't, all   our   supplies  feelings,    1'liat gciitlemnn limi lnlki*d | |lutiVied that we have oxpeiiderl   threo    W
will bc purchased iu the   east,      For quite a bit about ii being the fault of, hundred dollars  ($1100.00)   in   In-bor
di..in  lin,   v.i','1.   iii.    -lh"   Pistnl" . ■ und   improvements  upon  the  above
■iifiiu  uie   -.-ui.-   hi-,     in.   i ,si.„    i|u. Pinvuico if conslruutuiii   wns  not     ..,..' Jk\
,       i   ii   , ,i    i     ,.,-,,,,.. mineral cairns in order to hold   same    "I*
his been held ,il Iiii** li.'iel ut ll,e   I in*
t in. ial (hue, um,'in. inni there has
been considerable interest exhibit,-,I
:,~ io ihe ,,..,„,,' nl'. the answer which
.to,,1,1 lie returned in this big bh.il'.
commenced al  lo. and then   to  ask \m,\er tbe provisions of   the   Mineral
him it' his chief officer's word stood for Arl- H"d if within ninety   dais  from
I ii is not to In- wondered   at   that I,
.  , , the dute of this notice vou fail or   ii
nntliuiif, was certainly   eml'iiriass.nii, I . * ,   . .
tuso to contnbuto your portion of ex* I   \ \
penditure, together with all  costs   of     ■
From alUvor the  interior   of   tliel the talkativo Mr.  Morse   could   only Iadvertising,   your   interest,   in    said
,, ,• , ii      i i i     i    i       ,i - claims will become   ihe   property   of
Province,   .in,I   from    Liberals    una  uuHwer that he had    nothing   to  say '    '
'   tno subscribers, under sectiun il of an
'' "'vatives alike, H«iru uLllml| „,„ I    . BntitW „An ^  ^   ^^  ^
■' Bl,0"« ''"' iati f ,u,y   ''"'J'"-1 I —  [Mineral Act,  t'JOO."
which would give away more   of   the
Provincial assets   in   the   matter   ,,!'i
I in,I.    I'nsi Gove i, nis  ut'   British j
i'nhuubi.i have   already   givon  away
In various railway corporations,    Misi i
l,i 11,,ii ic. nl' Inn,I. , icll in timber  nnd
UL'rieultural and   niin.eral    resources,
i 11.  K, (I robe,
I)   .M,-I.i'i,d,
I O.   A,   I.UM'II.
Haled ul Ymir II. C„ this   10th,
dny of January 1905,
r,i,,i'.'ll;ili,,ii  of   Kl-SCI'Yl*.     I♦♦-♦ ♦'HUM♦-»-»»»»4**H*»*»-»*»44»|
i       \|,     viONICE is hereby given   that  lhe|l   llOtCl      YmiTt
Lands and   Works.
Nn.N |i. I-. i- hereby given    Und   lln-l.
ti'-fi \n.in.i established   in   pur-- j'
.lllll, t- llf I he |i|in i-imi- "f  .1 i',.!-
-».                "^
pf ? S'
•   -as '-
-»     T
»— ~    •*<
"**-    *      O
,***;          -"-^
2T -s ^
S3   f^   —
ty s: ^
WW* ~Z7   >
;   o' *--
:'  S  >
Tito BvhI  Meals         X »
Ami Aeeonnnodation     ♦ (^
In Tow ii.              + to
                  t /1\
Morse, ii ,he  i.lie   of   ,.">,nm  inn
pel mil,- fin   ilioul   100 miles  of   cull  ! ,,. ,. *.
. | iiuin.il mul Western Hallway .**uhsnii-| T
struction in II. C,  would umounl   to Act., I-ml," notices   uf   which    wc   T
-i\ millioii acres  nf   land,   much   of published   in    lho    llrilisli   Col,nubia t
whieh is known to be   very    valuable Oir/elto and dated    7,1,    May,    1800,  T
|" -, ,,.   ih,-,,)',,,-   s, R   nm| and 5th .lime, 1800, respectively,  are t    \  fine scleetioil of WillCS,   -t    T
dccidc.1,1 par  i„ g   to   ,,cll^n'eancellt.d. |J        Liqt.Ol'S and CiglU'S.        X T
( i.i.iii   land-   situated   within   the I I '.4*
'■ any such grant. nrcii embraced by the   said   reserva. { t <{S
Only in the Coa*t cities   was  there L m bo open to  snle,  settle ut, t J    W" MA81EUS0N,      Prop. J A
ii,,y indication, thai the   land   g Is| lease and other disposition, under ilu-j ♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦t->-*>*>-r**f->->-f♦♦♦ : /j\
ihe  "bund   Act,'    three!    ' */|S
60   YEARS'        I aS
>•.     —'  '
5. -?" 5
ii-L"d for wuiild imi   I pposed   by provisim
the people,    Letters   Im |>| r]  n.onths afl-r the .111 f the ll.-st pub-
,, licalion of .his notice in   ll.e   llritish
In the Coast papers, mgned    by   well ,.   .  .
1   ' Columbia Oa-'.eite; provi.lcu, however,
known bushiest   men  and   politicians ,|mt -„ ft)| VMn tt.,lt,Vl .,„„.,,   „|(,   su
,„, butli sides of the house,   fuv 'ing HO*,j| | empted, leased or   otherwisi
ll.e land L'i'i   ■-..    Tin-   reason    is   of nlielialed bv tl.e Govel'ii'nienl and  are
,,,,,,-e i.-i-v   ,.'ni,„,s,   .md   i-nds   toUubsc, nlly found, upon the 'survey
,       ■   i    .• ,i of the Columbia and   Western    II.ul
. lum tImi   ii ihe minds of these   par*
,i,t\ C.i.np.iiiy h lilocks, llieii tr,n   per«
tics, the interests of the Province   as .    .     .      ..,,
-nils ,1, Iplll lllC sllel,     III,ICjS     sh.ill     ne-
ll whole, nie mbsei -. leu. i" their   pe.
s ' iiitermti   or in the   interest   of
tlieii ...in particular district,    Should
quire their title thereto Froin tl.e
llnilway l'uiii|> mi « ho Inn e agreed
io denl tiiib   Kiich   purchasers    piu>
t „,-n in tlull
from   ihe   coast    coin.'emptors, Ies , • • i■ ■,   uu   il
Trade Marks >Ai
Diis.cns i    r|>
Copyrights Ac. in.                     _\
Anrfino lendlna h ihotob and d-Morlntiqn rant '    *|*                       -
qui."My ji«ciTliim mir Oplnlntl fTOO ntifiln-r nu ,      /iv                                 __.
iiivonMon !• pmbnutr nntQiiUbJo,  (.V>mmuiilRi<i> fll                         "■,
i nm nelly rniiiiiii'tifliii. liiitKllKHihiml'iiti-iitii ;:•
■ent rroo. oi,ii,-t ntfoncy forgoairlnapAtonts. intt-UMt-t * emi*.-*,*>**.* - ,
^aWtMA'tfiB^ r,TC"c! W *«««««««««««««««««««««««•««•«««•, ^tctfrt,. •
Scientific American, gg
A lifindsonii'ly iMiiilniio.I wooktf.    IJiKOll rlr. fj_*
cillRllnii uf unv Bclontlflc inuriml.   Tormii, -* ■ a /\
nr: t'.ur nn.tu Im |i.  Bold Pyitll pOWidaillorp,
""JNN & Co.3y,B,oad*"¥ "
Ymir, B. C.
rl«i..il',/il..u. i|1. I- hi. Waa.ili.aint .
IP, ^mcmmmcmmcmmmW1 GENTS FURNISHINGS,
Wu pfivp <i Id'ainl  nc\v li||.: ai).| i-!i|| lit yqt* (jjj)
from |ipad l;.i fppf. wifli fl gopfl f'.iiin.|ntii|ii   qf fjiu
best *iliot!-j ()ljtii.inilil.', <-iu<l I'liiisliiijo' ,|ll with Mil','
nf oupnpw i»l>i* styliiili linii
Wii don't nci'i! i" Ifeorj 1,11 telljng yo\t i-vp pj'p
),.*]'.'. anil in tlio (i|'.|.'cr\ business, because it isj
well i<upwp that tjip best gnpils aii(l thp pps{
prices ape alwnys tu be l>t>t at r])p
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Wilgon & Harshaw
prpyinen and
yum, is. q.
,-\mmendmenta to A^ses^^/'i''i.'i-iipied |,y any person under
ment Act.
Jj'uulliii-g heavy IV-'igl|t •'-
('p)'i-es[i(iii(b«|ii"(> jir(i|iiptly
iHU'luh',1 in,
'—"""-**- '     ■.-**"■—■•— i.,       ■
Wea iiie handsome pictures iu js. II. -
Si alley's window.    One of these   will
iiveiiieut. lease p|"   permission   i'u„i>' *"' Riven Hwiy with pi pry pas)) pureli-1
li n   ii aaaaj    i   -^aaajaaajaa
Carries The Stock.
And Leads in Prjce and Quality.
I tlie Pomini'iii liovB,-niii,M|t   ahull   be use of t.-j, dollars,                                           BOOTS, 8H0K8 AND CJ-OTHINO pKl'AU l'MKS I':—Wc ln,.e ,-
I IpVei'lUnBUt Bl'illga     DQWl*   j *V**-*K!¥ie(J and Ui-:e,| ns    real    property, •———————m^-mmm»mm—m—mmm  spring gumls in nn,l cheerfully invite the public to inspect opr ptqcl:,   ii.
I wild land, cqal Q|-timber lanr), as  thp R*nnk'nnO TTollc    ^ | HW satisfy tbem in qiiality and prioo
lease may i,,, and sifcli person shall be
Promised Bjl|,
The Government's' bill   ta amend   P*-*'80'!1--''? liable for the takes thereop
bpokane rails &!    Bel.,B6hoeg)wuBarrym in,moilS0 8too)fi u,ey ..,„,,,- tm- .i,..,!.-".
North-em 1^-v     ••''" li,,e '* *-on».nEdio "s-;ii"'n""••,; ',!se °:in i"'"*""'--' i|iem i» ti*.is town
lhe Assessment Act  w,W  introduced  ^t Um l-md ilself shall not be   liable '  f' We also l.ave the cwlusiye right of the famous Weston Shoo fur buys. ■...-•■,
therofqi-,, nor shall the ria-hts of   thJ 1     . "|liy    "ll|,,u|   ■'"ut>)   between  |00U as good and outwear tq pair of any otl|cr ord.iqai*y make-
Wednesday,     In line with the ,ec        - -•'.   <•     s,„„i .1, . ghts  D|   tl.p]      poiIltt. ett8f„ WB8Umj 8l,„th tp poss J J „,..„,„„, ,..,vs arc ..'Un in, ami mark.-,! <!o.v„ ,o ,l," I I
meudations made hefore the   comml*  £*«.     give  e„t   tp  such  l„„d  ,,,,,,. Xebu,   Grand  Forks  and ResLJ^o        'o, ,,,„,,   an ,ahi,i.y   one glance  wi,. copvh.rr  .,*,
sion, coal laud and timhnr hind   l,«»o|»» •**** '■< W ^   '7   "^l   «* P»Ml".    Imlle cars ,-„„ between Sp„-   P      sk        j ( *   ^ ^    o        „ .   . £ ^J .^
K ■ 11H    111 li I   ..i (.| I 111 ii i] ( "
heiiii givon a special classification    in*   **«»«miBllP '•nd taxation.
.]epoii.lent from wild lands '•''"•' government intended   to   ex>
Therate-of taxation an wild land is empt income up to §",00 as recom-
n-i.ii.'ftl from •". per cent, tq ii pen '"ended by tlm tia-ossmcnt pommisBion
cent. On personal property a rpduo-,l,,|t v''p*,(' -*""''0'*1 ty •'■*-' *-'***'■;*•'■-■ •" P"!
. imi is made from one per cent, tu i>-back to-$1,000 again,
two thirds of or,e per cent Tlie j (J." exeinption of preemptions the
iih.ile sehcdulo  of   rates   under   the | se*-'*'u" '"'-s been mudp to read us   f.il-
ii, w ael is lixed an foltowsi
On lii'ul Pruperty.—One per cent,
upon the assessed value of real estate,
oiher titan «ili] land, coul laud and
timber land.
t'n Wi'ul l^tud.—Three per cent
upon the assessed  value.
On Coal Land,—-One per oent, ups
on the assessed value under Class   A;
lows; S,, much uf the personal pro
perty of the owner ur lessee of any
faun, orchard or ranch uu consists .if
tlie direct pioduce of his land, whieh
hat been teiiped or garnered therefrom and which may be in bis pos
session on the land at the date of assessment of bis other personal proper,
ty, and so much of his income as may
two per oent, upon the assessed   value  be derive:! frum sue', btndi I Provided,
tinder Class || ' howevet", that his real and other   pei-
Ou Timber Land.—Two per   cent, j*-"1"11 Property nnd  income from  all
upon the assessed valuo, sources other than   from   such   land
On Personal Property. —Two thirds sl,all be assessed md taxed.
nf one per cent,   upon   the   assessed I    0*1-01' amendments exempt the un-
value secured book debts due at   the   date
i>n Income—On so much of the
income of iivcry person (subject to
the deductions   allowed   iu   this  act
of assessment.
.Moneys dopo'itod ill  the    bank    in
the province, whether on   deposit   or
imd in the sohodulo of forms   to   this I "'I'"'" current acoount, is also exempt *
ael) us exceeds one thousand   dollars,   ''"•
within the following classifications,
upon such exeess the rates shall be
,-t- follows, namelyi
*'lass A. - Over one thousand dob
In.-s and not exceeding two thousand
dollars, one and one-half of one pel
('',-tss It —Over two thousand ilul-
lurs niid nol exceeding three thousand
do.Iars, throe   and   three-fourtha   ol I "•• income under the regul
Minerals, matte or bullion in course
of treatment at any smelter shall also
be exempt
Tlie taxpayer is not to be assessed
on both his personal property und income. He iii.io be tnxetl on whichever gives the larger return to the
Dutlks are to be assess, il and taxed
  ,„,, omit, of rales instead of by a special one.
diun (.'.—Over three thousand dol-      .'he assessed valuo of townsite  lot
lurs am! not exceeding four thousand shall nol bo less than 935,
dollars, two per cent.
Class ll,—Over four thousand dollars aud not exceeding seven thousand dollars, three per cent.
Class li.--Dver seven thousand
dollars, four per cent.
Provided, that if tho tuxes are paid
on or before the thirtieth day of June
in ei-.i-b year, but not. otherwise, the
collector is hereby authorized to allow
to ever1*; taxpayer a discount there
Iioiii at the rate of ten per centum.
but sin-h discount shall apply only to
lho taxes of the then current year
nnd not to arrears: Provided fur-
MIMNil IT. Mil PAKU liy. ( I)
V.  V. .V K   KV. .ii N. CO.
aud 0 real Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. II. ••*' N. Co., for points east,
west ant! s< >u 111 ; eonneels at I'oss
land and Nelson will, the Canadian
Pacific Railway.
Connects al Nelgon with the I', li.
itt N. Co. for Kaslo and Is. and S
Connects „t Curlew with stage for
Oreenwood and  Midway, B.C.
Buffet ears run on trains between
that if  the   assessed  owner  or Spokane und   Republic
tenant residing upon any laud of not
Ies- than twenty acres in extent
which is cultivated or being brought
Intu cultivation, and which is assessed
it- impioved land for a taxable value
nol exceeding one thousand dollars,
.-in"! who shall pay lhe luxes thereon
fo. tl.e current year on or before the
thirtieth day qf Juno in each year,
but not otherwise, the collector is
hereby authorised to allow suoh person, in lieu of the ten pel" cent, ilis-
count-, a discount at il.e rate of forty
per 'ii nt. upon snid current year's
Lauds belonging to  the   Dominion!
General Passenger A^..
spolia,,,', Wash
Buffet Cars   run between Spokane
and Nelson.
Efl'ectivo March, 1905,
'.ttiiye          Daily Train Arrive
A.till ii.ni        Spokane U.20 p.m
I0 6,i,i.ii!        Rossland -t..V, p.m
10.:!,"i ii.ni Vinir 5.J2 p m
p.20 a m Nelson (1.80 p-ni
'. 1 ivJu a in     Grand Forks jj.85 p-ni
Si.'ii. a.m, l'l.oei.i.*; 5.20p.ni. , ,       ,
g.OOii.m Republic 8.80 p.m  any fancy Urng store prices on the 10,000 articles wo carry in this   ilepar     -
axjI..   tue   tiuvee
Seattle,    Tacorna
AM) A 1,1.
St. Paul, • Chicago,   New
York, and
URALS A   l.A   t.ll.IK.
Best   Meals   on   Wheels.
Grocery Department
Nceils nu comment, we have fjot tl,e stock ami i-:|ti -;.i\v yoi|   Ulliliej ■
Stat.onery and Pmg Department.
•A'o nre gelling lho business why? Because it a package is ni.uki-l .; ■ • i
lho maker, thai is all you nru re.juireil to pay lor ii .here- Wu tlo not •!.. -..
,ny fancy 'ling store prices on the 1U,1),JU articles wo carry in this ilepai
nml subseiiuontly wp have lhe »oui| will ami patronage o| lhe  comnuiiiily,
*■■      ■ HI    ll-HIIIBI IM II    I   all | Ml all Ull I  I   I Wl    I       "'     -—^—^^_^-—_-m^mm~-m—m
U. S. T. ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Ymir,     B.     C,
Sln-lt' .i,,.l_ Builders Haitiw. ,..
Paints ami Oils, Stoves, Coal,
Steel, Powiler, l^uso anil Caps,
Oi'iinito .ml Tinware, Stes ..
All kinds of Plumbiii",', Tin*
sinitl.ii.',' um] ' ieiieral II- i ii.
2    FAST   TRAINS     Q
Special   Excursion   Rates
To World's Fair, St. Louis
Your Choice of Route,
The Mutual Life [nsuraiice Company of'N. V
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
\ |inlii-\ in it \< tlie safest invcstincnl known to nitin.
For rales, fohlers anil full luformatlou 1 ■    1 •■   1
regarding irlua, call 011. or at1 dress an!     I 'ash mvestedlll Life lllHUl'tlllCl' is rnsli invested tli.-it \iill
ngontofiheb, V. &H. Hallway or         I'etltl'll compound iiltd'CSt.
11. A. JACKSON,        II. ISKANIM',               ...                  . , ,      .                                      ,                                     ,. ...
o, K. &p"A.     0. p. &T- a,     All successful business men enrry Inrge am.units ,,i i11,-
Ti" w. it v        Bpokane.      insiirnuce,    It provides for the family, protects 11 nmii iii liis
-.--------------------------.------ old age, and protects his other investments,    Kor  rates mi
any form of life insurance apply to:
imcnt in il.e province,   claimed
In Llits courso of llie nexl few
weeks, I inlend Iraiinferini; mv
Assay Olliee to Nelson li. C,
Wishing to settle ALL business
accounts before leaving Vmir,
I should be obliged, if every
une whose name is on my hooks
would   call   and    settle   theirs.
f:. w. widdowson
Prom a coffee
ip-wii to a thou*
and dollar pre
■dilation set.
Henry llirki &
Soot' facilillrs
for making solid
•■Uverwtre are
t-osfleiwed by bo
other concern in
eiAftCT ju«. Artistic deftimrn-
ers, modern machinery, and ikllled hnud-
work-en* all under th* direct fiupervislon of
practlctl tuemberi of the firm, make an un-
ri|iiall(.-d combination for turning out fine
Write for Illustrated cntalogite.
DiFARTMn.T*» •
Jev.tlry,    '
Sterling Silver.
Silver Plate,
Watches, etc.
Henry BirksS Sons
Jew-tilrrn 10 1 fin K*'.cilcocy
llit- Karl 1 I M.h'O.
Percy J. Gleazer, Local Agent.
As I am closiiiu' out ray business in Yinir,
siii< 1 removing to Nelson, I have
The following Store Fix hires:
Soda Fountain, Coffee Mill,   Acetylene   Gas   Machine, Large Queen Stove, 3 Show Cases,
Light   Truck,    Counter   Balance
Scales, Paper Cutters, etc.
At Tiik Cash Grocery, J
American and B.  C.   Hydraulic
Placer  Company Ltd.
E. \V. Widiiowso,,.
IlIliiKl-.llAlIK   AM.    ISSl-IIANt-K.
Percy J. tjk'ii/.er.
  It,   IT,IKK.
I)Ity   11001)8    AMi    OENT.*"   I I 11X18111**,',IS
Capital $50.00(1 in 500,000 Shares of ten cents each    i>, onmpb,>u,
^HH Di-i-lii i.-nV Jultliinj; Ci.
, I H.MTL'I.I-.    IH.AI.KII
William Clark,
'.„'■( Will-:-,
ll. Campbell,
The Ciniipii-m is now pirjinrinsj   to   work   tlie  (iold
lliedgo, Black Sand anil Nnggel  placer Icuk&h al   Hall
Siding, and in ordi v to pvtreliase the necessary  niacliin-        DesBtl-*„y lobbing t
ei-y, the promoters liave sel aside  a   limited immlier Of
i-liare.*- for immediate sale.
Tlie shares air I'nilj j aid and noil nsse*-*-al,le.
The Company's ground avewrges oO cents   per   cnhii
ytii'fl on the  snifa,','. over .240'nol'i's.
(InsiiiO'lnlitiili—J,1I111 Hl'L'UU.
MeLeod Huns,!—Finlay Mcl-cod.
Miller Hous,—S Miller.
l'-iiiiui'— I ni, & Ittidily.
VaneonviT—-Owi'ii linyer.
Wat, lull— (leorge Co I niiin.
Vmir— J. \V. Mastorson,
Until hed rock is reached-these   shares   can   be   oh-       '"'"• iii-xi-numi  am, milum.**
Mrs, John MeLeod
 H MINING     lll-lrl.Illllll,
Meanwhile tin-lira.-iuv   stock    (2(10,000    Shares)   is Perry J. Gleaner,
elt intact.
tainccl al 11 bargain
Herald Publishing Co,
II. l'lllll|iiit-ll.
S. II. Seaney .
llarfhnw iSi \\ ilsou.
jaokson & Leahy,
Alex. Otltlie.
W:ilii,„, Clink.
-it aaaaaaaaaaaanaaaiaaaaaaaaajaajaaaaa-iaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBaaaaaaaH
A   reastlile bcneliie. i-**'-2),    If thus composed  without   nd-     u. S. T. Koss.
inixiii f impurities, it should   con- Toii.irr.u-,
I iniii about ■'. 1.5 |'i'i- cent,   of   copper.
Houston's    Proposition.   ,    Chulenpyriie is  llieorclic-ally   con,
I posei) of copper iron sulphide  (('„   F,
-l,,hi  ^^^^^
lllfll   In'  "ill   i,,t,"il„l
III. it j" HI      "II I
It. i- very inn-, however, il,->t  niincral
L'oiii" into supply which aims   1"   it' I*   1   it   "-I,    • ,      I.,
11 - in bulk will jiiVe such a high percent-
feci 11 radical ulntnife in the   lim,mini ., ,   ,   ,    ,
age.    Many ores   Unit   look   pure  I,,
1 -niiililiiiiis of the 1 rovincu.    'I he
"'Whereas tlioT-u nre, roughly speak-
the eye will contain m e than   11 Furnishings
tion i'i,Ilv explains ii-.-lt   una   i-i   as ,       i- .,., • ...,,.
1 Iper cent, or l.i per com  copper,  llu- /Villi I net" V
is due to th'.'fuel   Unit   thu   mir.'ral, nnd
in-lead nf lieinjf pur.  ili,i!t.-i,|i\ i ile.    I
nia, -.'.-10,000,000 acres of   iinoct-Upied I ... ',
" ' cullipuseu ni nun    pyrites   ami    t-omi!
crown lands in the province of   lll'ic- „    .    ,. .,  .   .,. . ,,,   ,      .
■ i hnely tin uleil -iheii nut \ isihh- l'i   lhe  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ish Columbia.    Those lands   nre,   'ini       '   ... .,     ,    •     , .,   , i,nL. «      ..   • »-.«»«•»
.  , !"VI'-    "l"1" '■   I"   »'ue   lhal ninny       MRS. J.    McLEOD
tin- ma,n, unnci-upicil nn I    un,',..'lin- . . ,   .   ,
1 ' iiiiii bill,"-ii well li'iiineil then- Vision     t,      ,     , ,,.. ... . ■
five because   thev   are   inaccessible. |.,      ., ,        , .        ,    I* OSl    OitlOO    Mure,     -     YMIlt,
Thev nre known to contain ifreat   re-
We    carry    the    leading   brands    imported      Li.piot.*
•md  Citrats,  Stout,   Ale,    Brandy   and   Wine,
•      HKADQUAUTKHS    b'OH    MINIMI   MEN    AND   THE      J
Newly furnished throughout.    Sample rooms in connect!.
•      Hntrs i?1.50 tt, -J-2.50 per day.
FINLAY   .Mel.KOI). Proprietor
************************** ********4***********4 *
Please fui'wui'tl Tiik Ymik Hisiuld Eur         month  »T
A  -
"'  I
and acknowledge receipt of enclosed •*?	
<_ 'l'nk Hkiiam, is published  every Saturday mui-.iitig and   *
«  contains nil  the news of the camp. #
Hatks--Per Yi-.ak, $2; Ham? Yi-:.m:, *?l
[ that they can Lim- the value  of   such
Ji'es with a good   den1   uf   precision,
Miiiit-es uf iron, I'Onl. oil.  .-ilver.    l",i,l, '               .                    ^^H ,  ,   -, ,, i, -,- ., . i. ..,...,  ...virii
vet iii the majority of cases such   ores OJolilH 1 .MA VV.I.I. W A.N I r.ll
gold, copper, and'lo'bo covered   with','                              .             ,
limitles!.quantities of fine timber," oe> r1*/"^'"^ °**        f ' !''•"      ''" '" P^tionj rapid advat.ee-
'                                             I iiinins im the luanver in correct    thn ,            ,                     , ,,
sides eontiiining  many  million   acres                                        ,              , ment; salary and   expenses;   lull   ,„-
J . uverraiing.    Lopper   carbonate,   also,
of divi'i'sted farming and ni'iining land.  ■        .,        ■       ,                           , structions freo of   churgel   clean   dels anotlier mineral   very   apt   to   in*
I hey milv reouire population,   capital                , .       ,         ,,'           , sirnbto hiiKimica
1       '   '                     .     overrated in value.    Many curbpuntcs >>"aw ousinoss.
and  ins   ,.f   trnnspoitation.     'II,"                ,                       .   '       .  ,       . .,.,     ,   ,    ... ,   ,   ,.      ,  *,   ...
'                            itppaivntlv   pure,   consist    iii.-uulv   ot , he,I. I.. Nichols Oo,  l.ttl    Loronto.
basis of all industry, the natural    re- .              '  ,       , .             ,
.,.,'.             ,       ,         impregnated    calcium   carbonate    or , \i...,i;,,,, thi* ,.i,t,ei- t
Bources of the soil, is   already    there   ,     ...    ,.,, ( ah inn,,, tins papel.)
; Iiiu,I,u,setl 1,-lilspnr.
lh. problem, therefore, ,r to   provide .^_______
ptipulatioiij   capital   and   means    of »
transpui'tation for the unoccupied por-!
linns nf British Columbin H	
"And whereas the natural resources  YMIH I.OllGli >',,.  :;| A. !•'.   ,v   A.
of the unoccupied lands, made i Hi-      m     M0L.ts llrsl   Monday   in   each I
gently available to the surplus  popu-      month. \Msitlng brotliom welcomed.'
liiiiuii iiiid surplus   capital   'it'   ,.tl,ei ,
' I
pal is of the   woi Id,   may   thcinseli es,
hi- Init'ii' In -l,|,plv llie     ini'iilis     l,eie--|l
u. supply  the   rail I-,   irrig«-| YM,»  '',,|i,;K N"- ;!-   '<•   "■'   *'•
Meets iii -1 and   third   Monday   in
e.i'I nih.      Visiting    broil,pis
[iMPOUTED    imi    bOMKsTiC.
lion, canals unci wngun rnaiis, which
ini nl.,ne initke them productive.
The methods of stilnUlitllhg I'liilrimd
ton*' i notion, ■•" im in - i>gue, have
in. , uni„- beyound the iiiiii of bur'
ilening   the   ahuudv   productive   re-
Ions MoViCAh, W. M. •	
I'liti, v *i. Glkazi-h, s,.,'ii.ini-\.   Tobaccos, Confectionery
and bruits.
, ',1 \ lli.i..-   A 111  IHII.M.i'.   ,' '.   I '
Jon** 0 l 'i.«ah, K. It. & ■•
MILES  McINNIS,   I'roprii-nii.
CRAM) CENTRAJi HOTEL (Clark's  Furniture  Store
Opposite Cotii-tlioiisc  arid   new   Post Undertaker   and    Ifurniture     Den lei
olliee,   Best 251 meal   In   town.      Mail orders promptly attended to
Knro'n'i,,, nnd A ricaii plan, j;,,,, ,j s-,i,,,,;-,-.
Only    white     labor     emploved, i
First eln-s bai'
\' ii 11
Hotel ....
(Under entirely new iMiiiingeiiit'tii.)
Dining  Room   mul   Bar
supplied   \v'tfh   the  "best
in the market,
Itighl   opposite  de-pot,   Vmii-j
JOHN'  lill LAC  hop.
Pirst-class Jliiiiii^ Kiioill
T'est    lil itn, Is   uf  Wii .'•.-
Lifjuol'sj and Cigars.
jSUcOlld Ave.
Yinir ('iji/ons
  fry Ml It   IIIVK,  I.AhlKS M   TIIK
■afiiii-c'H of the piovlnce with   Laxaiiuii I MACCAHBBH        Meet-    socolid
I„ „,1P,i np new districts     It is i*uite mul fourth Tuesdaj In each month, j
,!,.,,. that if the natural re-iources   of K.Oi.ba7.mii, L-C                     1. \sI rill KHDAV IN' BAl.'ll MONTH,
un.iccitpied landii could be  made   tht) I.  I'., i-uiuhhm. I!   U                  I-'inlaV MoLbod, Prenldelit.
lueaiiR of building ruHwuyi   lo   npeii:. ..                                  ,. ,    .                  Ubv. H. Yot'sa,Seeretiil")-,
up these lands, tlfD already prmlUiJllve YMIk  STA(ii:                                  A' "   ,!lrl"v"'11"" 'l'i'"'--
l,.*i"Hices of the province   would   nol ■
, , ,,, i, roll' •'"! ol a   hbavj    bil'l'den,
I   t   th.'   wmI'   "f   ileveliipmcilt   lo' ,
,,„.„„. of i-ailwuy  ronsii.i-iinn uoul'd rS,,'T> hundnj', l(ir rreighl
I,   ,ar,ied..Ul Itiuel capidlyi' nlf,]   l^01^*,  lw,    imn'|           BAM   Mti.l.kli. I'i-o|i
Tliu i'.l:si' iittAMi ui- i»t,Mi-;siii'
Headquarters for riinins!'
and Commercial Men
The  Kootenpy   Standard]    ^,wt Bomfot-table hotel in thn dis-
1 iet.     I'lVerything (ll'st-class.
and   .luanita.
ii iNUFAiTUimu m
M«i|-    Hull
i   i \, i \   ti , i im
Therefore, bt) ii resolved, ihu' iiii*-;
mill.   I'>y special orilers  ,,n
__   Ci   Thtlin & Co,
Nelson, Hi <\
YMIH,   1). Ci
_______ ■ ___. ____________{   \'t4**********************,
,,V,'.\ye',-ln'.','s'|h'e ptovll-.l* of     II,,,   '        S'"„|;.ys.  OHtll'  VlMII' 11.ill,",    j,,,.,,,, |T|., ,.„.,.„ |-(1|. M|n|ng Mvn    X
, ColutiirJlit-should Usui, 110,000,000 A Lh X. ODDIE   Prop „ ,.   ,"'.",",       , ,1+      MILL   WOOL).
^^^ line   supplied   will,   UBSt  Ul'illlUs Of
, ihi-i lil|Uors and cigars,
YMik WATER Works
Hi-1'i's of land Ic'l'ip. inliiiii^    wilh    il | '
Ihii riiflil of l.ii-.-itiii,, mi   ally   of   ilu'
i*i*i.wn I mds   « hi, I,   ale   tli ouuupied,
-,] the ; Ighl in I've'iyiliinu ilinl is In
H . hind nl- mt ii 1 it should be   issued
i-  ,i,',„„i,ii,.,iii,ns of In  fn, tflO,   ,120 ^^^
WATi'Jll  .-ri'i'l.ll'-D   -|-'<i|-    in,
:l,., 010 nel,'-, at  ih"  ufiifoht!   price
„, -: ,,,-i ,,■„'. tl,B   pi'iiM-l-   Id   I..* MIOTIC   AND     I'll!!-:
I ,,, ,i, j,, poyliiR oil ih"   provincial I'll! I'MsT.s    17 M I) E II
., .      2) providing dm.'liilnl fdnrt; (>1) |l6    ini'XD.s     I'ltK.s
nidiiiK tbo construetldn   of   railways; ISL'MB,
, l   ,on triluting -y-teni, of  irrigation j
,.,   , . in ihe semi ini'l  'h-ii'ii'i't   nnd |
,, building trunk itagoi.ro.ulBi" ' r s* ',' H""< *el*l«q
■',:s-, A i i.mI:,
Ymih, II.   C
Kootenay Coffee Co.:
\VliUli"SiilH iltid reUlll d8rtlot"s
in I'Vi-h Itoiistinl
High * Grade - Coffees
NI-ll.S"N, E' li
place in town,
Stove Lengths
ii:i'*'-;ll AM, HAL+bh \ii-:.\r-
Wholesale and Retail
Mnil brdtlra reedlvo [iroinpi uttenlinil
I -JOHM  i'.'lll.lll-'-KI',   I',,,,.
Vmir Transfer Co
JACKSON -V I.KAIIV. |'ro|.-.
Per Cart Load.     V        Teaming and
| Express . ,. s
Porto   Hico
11  Lumber Co. Ltd.   J
* i
, |*fff*H»»ffff»*r»»if I ♦ Ml f -f JI litttitlling of flood*!
All   ol'il'"!'-,   pl'olilptlj'   MtHhtlcd U1
anil tlih gl'fiatL'st eill'b bxbl'olSed In  il,lJ


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