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The Ymir Herald 1905-07-01

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v W>***J*>»
Vol. 2-.Nc
'{croRiAjS^i^ _-._;, sa
I'URDAY  -Ml V I   I'.hi."i
'i■ 11 I: Fivk Cent*
Riile Association.
Tin- practice -ln.nl ing ni i ho    Y
Winnipeg's drouth. The V. V. *& E.   ttii!
£ William Turner Jr. is  i    visitor  in
Ii •. n this week.
■ 111 NG | a ws,	
I --i inni1.!1- iif   \\ iiiiii,, ■, -   popuhi I ho amendment to the V. \   .-.    I
____________________*        ....    .,   ,     ,,. .,,      .,,   tion were so conflicting thai the   eiti   charier, urged at Ottawa, by    I'nn
last week, and the scnrf.s ,., dato   aro       ll,n •"•'"   lllc0    '"ll"i'   ""'I   ulil
as follows.    Kadi round   consists   of   M:ul "P n(iXt U"'K'
___________________i    aa__aaaaaaaaaaaaaaanaaa______aa_aa_aa_aa_a__
Civilian nul'- Association i noticed
council   I'econth   orderi I   a     censu«  Hoss in favour nf tho (5re.il   N'ortheii
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ laken.    Tin done the  railroad, passed th
illan   Forrester   and   family   left • seven shujs antl tho possible total  per      John Boultbee of Hoailaml was  in  slnlr0f t|,e Henderson pirectory  Co.; | vote of 78 to 00.      This   i,   „ulv
town ilii- wool; and   examined    llu
jTmit aud thp Yinir mine on  Monday    round is 35. J
].. *>00 yds. (lying) j bottle's Mnyblosi-om   group,   wil
[louiirls.    Tula!.    Average   view to purchiiso.
mid llie "''-'.ill was make kuowr,   last [committee   stage   howevei    nnd   ll
lluck worth       1
William Oollsy is about to tako a
liiiatinii fi-tnn his arduous labours in
A ■ ns .niii purloin--!, __\
"■'•■    C .i'.-v oxpect-i to bo away from   i
J i * l.OWl!
Jsi . necks to  two   months,   and   has L.   ,. ,
' i. i in.1.or
Higngod Mr  Saunders to act   as   h.s   ,. ,, ,
"**-(   .     . ( "ll'.'V 1
llli'stltlll -. .-I
i- raser I      ^^^
'1   li    I'll - 111   |'l ice ..t   it'll,     613,   6s, '.'"11  Vlis    (lllieelill;
I. is tlio highest on record for many    Archibald - 51
years     Copper is up to 15 and silver   iJuekwoith I L'l
In -"■■' I -::, Gleazer '..' 1"
Tliere vas no meeting of tlio  Ymir N-'•"*'*•' :-
i iiizeii*-' Association    lost   Thursday,   ('• l)"JV1' -'*'
i*. not enough members turned out   !••
1   n   week.    Ami.iii.'.'.s Wi:ini|M'.'^i'is v.eit: ; Iiiii -iiii It i-. io !„• ]. i -   i ■..   n liy r
|offering ten   to  one,   and   no   takers, | house in session.
1 ".
•JN   ll
■1  1     *,
1 ■»
_ 1 . ■)
■i| o
A New I men tion.
W  !!, spend i- and J.    Armstrong  thin   ihe   figures   would  i .• il  ovei i
of Spokane were in town    this   week,   100,000, xp that    the   actual   count,
and   mado   an   examination   of   the   7S,3G7, has proved rather disappoint- , I ■   "~ •
Ulackcock mine, which ij- under   op-    ing     Winnipeg has |io rca  tpfeul I O" Wlirri    I ]l  htllllips,
ii.ni i.i the iii .i nan.ni. anything  but  satisfaction   witli   hor
growth, however, for   the   census   of |     A Heyqlstoko man. lms   invented
Mr. M.    nubbins,   prusi lent,   and
Mr. Clodps, treasurer, nt  ihe   Golden
-, ' Monarch M   ant] M. Co. Ltd., paid   a
1901 found  her  with   IJ.000,   while I device for the economical destruction
tliis last enumeration gives  her closo | <»f stumps,      Brieliy   described,   Ut
!'..iiii ii tjuorum.
The Vi. tmia Times   is  celebrati
I •''
300 yds. (lying)
ii    ; wi ..:-. iii st birthday and   has   is-   ,,
■iin tl u splendid number to   common- | -.,
iuekwoith        !
__M____  '""."    "   upon douhle the limuvi of four    years   burner    I'esi-uii.ies    a    gueeii      si.o-
|;,|0,v,s„o.   inspection    ...    il.e   I'oghorn^      Nr„ 0,,ier cit     in   Canada,   ,,or Uthoilt a   bott    lo   ii.      Tins   i.
200   '" on^cibie-Mla*,   last,     1   were I  ^^ ^   ^   ^   ^   *    I piaoe[l over tho  stump,    which   itsel.
00 0  tnuch plea.e.1   with   recent    develop-   „^ (Ulrhl-,hc  _,.,,,,   ,„,;..■.   Wld  acta as a bottom     k is provided wi,!,
U.5  "1"",";    It is prnbahe thai m, I   ,-,„-    yy-,,,,-        ll(,uM cl,|.l, ,,,,,.  i,npftlil.llCe  an ingenious smokestack   which   let-
i., ,,  struction wil  start shoillv.     Ihere is , .„,„,,    ,|,„   _,,,,,!• ,1    , ,,!,•,...   it
I.ii ^ ■ for anotlier yeai or so, wlieu slie   will   out    ""    smo«,e   ami   leguiaies   in
•i n   now ore in sight to keep n   mill   run-1        , , ,    , , I ,>,.. ,„,.).,    i,...-,.,;,,,,   .,,, ]    ,.,'..;,,.,   ti,
• . surely pass   the   hundred    thousand,   oiauglit,   loiienng   and    laising    tli
| mng for over a, year. I In the censu     just   taken,   no   count   beat as mpiirul,    L'ntil    the   stun j
I'-i 0 I  1  -.v,,-, iiiad..- ..!' tli.- -ul,in I.s uf Norwood,   •'■•'*•'!    -'''■- properly burning, fuel and
""."   **4Q*}4ti<>v*4f><>>>4***44444t64   <-   Hunifacc and Louise Ulidge; these, \ kindling is foil onto il through   a    hi
i I
Hotel Arrivals
:-.. .1. Speak, manager nf tho   Ymir j;,,-,,.-•
Inine, has resigned his position, and Fraser
Mr, CM. Ii.-.ni arrived on  Thursday
-i 1.1 occupy Uie position
A force ^_________t
tiring the approach   to   the  bridge       \|; i,i.,,i, llirriii,;	
pver iiii*   Salmon   lliver   at   Salmo,  Chas Scoti, Nelson-
which was washed down   lids  spring,   Chas. L   \iilligass, Nelson;
Mrs. John Philbert started for  Ot-    "• Mi Millcri Vancouver;
Inwaon  Thursday   hwt,    whero   she  S. lladwen, Nelson;
will spond about two   months.      Mr.   W. Hill, Euderhy;
i'i,illicit wiil follow hor in tho   course   '*•'  s- Hurley, Napinee;
. i a few weeks, W   "• sl" :' '• ''■ Spokaiie;
':. II   Hariiliiiiflt, Nelson;
I.. K   Ai nistrong, Spokane;
I. Crossed, Nelson;
A   fiogi i. Spokane;
II. 'i..nmi, Spokftue;
_________________________ I-.* I ____ _______!
A large number of Yiniiitcs are  in    \y j  0ni*f  Nelson.
•lelson attending lho   llominion   Day       vYaihoiIi*1 llivri'i •-
' *-•    'l'il" l,'cttl    sftW    mil1    '■'"•'"i   Johu-lioulthei*, „  ".slai.d;
lown early on I'Viday   to   allow   >•'*■   Ai(.,;  ii,...,,.,,,,, Nelson;
10.0 I
18.0  I
«  ' ' '  ' "   "' ■ *■'""*
*   if counted iii, would swoll tlm tutaI lo I at the top, similar to   the   lid   ol
4 ■■■'.■■--'<
a resppctahle  po]
ulation   fm* I Queen stove.    One of   these   burne
«•       .                      l     i    ;, ,i;   _ la town which hud Only -i.OOO iuhabi-1 adapted    for     comparatively
,, ,   *    A cross uuiiKei    in Hi-if                              •                                    ,. ,              ,,  ,
5 *   t-uii*. in 1 -7-                                           dianieters ol itumps, would   lie       it(
♦ space indicates   tlllltl   light aijtl easily porlahle     They iuiv
♦ ' «»
•» rear and wc \^ ottlil bo dad *»
%   St, Per Head for Douk-    Ui„;; '^'-"^
The Big Deal in   Ross**
(iovernmciil (.lives   I iral'l   to
♦       I'oreign Steamship  (!o.
ir* nt!.
Tlm Yl.ii   Live of     tllO     L'l lies     ii!
ihe Maccabees gave a very  enjoyable
:.■ ■ hii I 'I ' u . 'I ty.        There    was    u
| large attcndaiico, iiiid  ico-ereain   mil
i-alce were -eived in the intervals,
J, .1. Thompsoii, Nelson;
. . | loyeus i" tako the 11 iiii   on   thai
l've,li,,a IJ   1>   Hell, Krie:
Campboll's Comedians   will   be  at   C. Clodtis, Hiiy.villej
Ihn Miners'   I'liimi   Hall,   July  3rd   M, Uobh'ms, Uiizville,
and Itli, and Ymir   people   may   ex 	
cl to have n   fit-SI    class   evening's |
Itoliear   from   vou   n   yoi
fwisli in have ii continued.  ♦ TlloQ 'lT,l':i"!:i;"'"' ■;" ' in';'
4 4      The. iiiforinali ilicited recently »y Colunihia have been sold to a  L'nriml
**•>•>*->♦«♦•»«-♦•><>**♦♦*♦♦•»<•*•»*»    ^,-, Uriah. Wilson, M. P.,    respecting syndicate,     hen.led     by     Mr.    Oslei
" the extradinary contract made by the who is identified with   tlie  C.   !'.   I!
Qlieen  AliUC. Department of the    Interior   witli   a Tho    consideration   is   stated  to    ....
combination of steamship   agents   of i?8-35,000 and includes tlio eoiitinl     ;
Win.   VVllldie    NOW   Sole        Amsteidiun, Holland, who have form- lhe Centre Star, War Kiglo   a.id   St
Oilier. cd themselves into  a   concern   known Eugene mines.     The   ''.   P,    !;.
.. .       as the North  Atlantic   Trading   Co., ready ywn-i the smelter al   Trail   an
VN in. Waldio who has been working   , , ,     , , ,i i   i    i ,    , i,       ,i
has aroused eon-.iilera.ble    interesl    in tins latter purchase placos  the,    cm -
tho Queen Mine, near   Salmo,   for   a   ^.i,,..^, ,.,,,.;, ,     Ti;;.   ., ,,,..,,.,    ,-,,,. pany in practically the sum   'po   tin
*yeat'* wi,h   ttn   "I'"""   '"   P«"*l»*.   mre of tho contract i   that the   Gov- as are tl.e Hill interests in tho   II -
 fcnp*'"*n»- "     ruenday   last   „.„„,_„.,   ,„ ,.,,.   ,,,.|1|M|1V   „ fJary,   Jho Toronto Worl.l coiii.nen
I'he owners of the Queen wero   John   , ..... ,,,,       ,,,,;  ,,    ,,. .
bonus ..! .-•■• ..n   i very   man,   woman on uie .ituation says;
A.Turner,   holding   a   half  interesi,        ,   . ., .    .     ,                ,       ,     , ,.i,   ,.,-,,. ,i,   ,.,..,-,,„    ,-,i     ,-
and child of    lhe   agricultural   class, yiies tlio aosorption ot tlio   i l-
.'lll' 1  M. S.-tillv and    William     Walilie, , , , „..t    pi,   i    ,,   j.  ,,,:,,:,,,    ;,	
'   and on   domestic   servants   over    h einain ..  IjIucksiock milling   inleie*  .
each holfliug a f|iiartcr.      L'nuer   the ,,       ,     .• ,,      ' ;,, I1,;.; ', i',,' I,;„   :,, ,..,„■,!   , i, •
i years, coining to i  niadil   from   Lon- in isntisli iwiiiumoia, O) a crown   in
I linontal Europe, whereas a   i is   of have been identified with tiio C. I'.i'
only SI,75 is paid by tlio Government | smeller at Trail," mean that   il    is
option, Mr, Walrlio, if ho i-vr.-i-.-d it,
was to pay John A,   Turner $20,000
royal ty; bui it' the Option   was   taken
_ and   ,M. __^__H__^__H__^__a__H^__^__^__^__^__^__^__________a_i
  -     i- "     -   !"   ''"'   ->•--! i> > 11 > I •   agents   oi    Ureal   continuation ol   the    I-lit    thai
__ _______ ________     I lain v Wrighl   M.    L.    A.,   is   in   " "'»'"'  "-•    In working tl line lo i,,;, ,i,. ;l„ ,; ,,,li;;>. .: ,,; „!,,,,   |;nli..;,   been waged against J     .1.    Hill   and
■Milcrtainmenl  wilh   lots   of coined)     ,               , .                  ,   .     . .         per ecu I  ol the gross   nroceids   were        .            ,                             ,             v    ,i        ,,."■         ,,   , ,,
■    Seattle and is   expected   back abnul    '              (                      ' enngrnnts booked    to   Canada,      llie   the Northern Pacific in Unit Province!
band ijnoil music.                                         _ .    ,   , paid to Messrs.  I inner nml Scully   an                              , .            •      ,                   -e-        . i     i          ,     ,     r ,,            ,,
1       ■                                                       'ith July. ,.,,.,                             , ' pany mimed is permitted to  carry   I hose who havo closely   followed   I
.ne,.'   in u... nei ship are of   tho   boil is  Ian    another   nun ■   i i
inch of horses whicl,   )..   has   pur-   ,„.,,„,   N„. , Ashcroft, no" better   ,„'M,,   k,M7. "\^ "paid" ±7^77, ' """f1''',- ,N"?V1'V' ,    ^'"^ \ J!'° '^^J" ot, ' ' "'     V
based during a trip through   Wash-    ,,„ W1)rld   pelrfll| prlc0 oll   ,iv0   .,„,. ' Sweden,   I',.,land,   and   Switzerland,   Grand lorks thero is located a   -,„..,.
i   -ton and Orefion,    Ho   is reported  , Ho*~   Iurnor and .Scully  as    royal-  ,,,,-j u,,-, other country   the   Minister  ter that is   o closely   connected   with
I bo bringing in a full carload ties sinco he began working the mine,  of ihe Interior may direct,    li   is   to  the ini.-r.--i-of ihe  Groii    Northern
Ail'lilional supplies are being taken lm] o|l )|ist Tu(, |liy |,0 j,.,k|   ,,„.  ,,,    s|,,,. | ,,..,;,.., ,i,-,i, ,|:,.  annually   that there is   litilo   «■.    to d.mht
icpiiiting   thai   and a new cartip is   beiim   estubhshed lt~~m ■,,,,,,,,,■■■',,,,,,,,,1,,l,■,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,■■■   ~^-m
I    .......        ....     ,.,     ■    „v„,„,„i                                                                 ,-....'.... "j -I-   i.n.".   ,m its 01.,.,,l,i0„s   in    Holland,    Den-1 change   ii
Ul1""    ^"''l-'"':    ?»I*W       Potatoes thai    you   can   eal    ami , „,,  „,.. , uou p„id as royalty  were        .,     '       .      (iermBnv      Vustria     lief that i
"!:"■'' ;t freight train with   a | ,.,.,^1,       Where!   at   Campl-ell's,   all | tl) c,mnt as plivnl(.nt» bn   tl ition    ,,"" -'* '1    '     .......... .n..i...
perty belong i to him
I1"-'8"1 i Hiver Plaeei Mi g  Co., ,   lhc ,, v,„,heilv   vein   where!
''   l""n   ' ""   '    ''     ''"':1;   1'"'""   -. I ore lms been recently   un-      Uef  Mr. Waldio mok   the   pi
'   nl I lull Creek     A  pany  of (.overed
.: ii4iiii   hat lu'en  ini -. pnrated, bul
llilM'lllslll'.', p.'ISlB	
■ i ( pamphlets,    Tlio   Govei iiinonl
I i-'l'iiiie-^^^^^^^^^. ciii-liin
At the .I. elion for n achool  trustee
mul reducing the oro of   t ho   ' ■'. anhj
I ii-i i id and   .i1 o   of   other   mnal
lllillOH III   lhe  ' id),  gold mil.II   '     eoni
iinliiiscs on restrictions upon the inin-
I'"'.'1'  "   l""1   '"""    u"l,'"i   ,1|;'!"' pany in   regard   to   bringing  settlors
., „ v.loas i a precentago basis by a   syn- from Central   Europe   except   tbosu  of tho Western I'rovince,      Sow,   in
In-i wreck, Ed, I'eters was uiiiiiii*iioii>   dioalo,  and   ii   i-   undcrsl I   they f  Galleia, llukownnia an.l   Poland    this, tlio railroads are vitally      I
It I i lUII'li*. , ,    , , , . ..    , ,,i., ii. i    ■ • , ■ ,
ly n elected, although rathei   "_;"iii-i   .],.,.,,,,..|    ,,».,[ ) in tho shoil   time No bonus will bo paid  mt   any   emi-   ou,    it means a flocision as to   whieh
Ihuce White, tin puielnmer of   the  hw will,      Hi-   services   iluring   his   ,      ,   . •
Mr. Wu!.lie took   hold   wilh  little
|V re-elected, althouKl. rather against I-,|fia,1Du Un $.J4,000 in the shott   ti.no No bonus will bo paid  on   any   emi- ed.
~m                                                               ~~m rants in   ex -   of   5,01 lining railroad is to move tho oro  ami   pro-
___^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_ffi'                                           '  High
McKnv sawni      on   Porcupine creek   pi evii.us term wer/* however st ich                               .    ,   .,      .,    ... iioiii meso couuirii    in mij          j ,,,,,.
i                                                               Mr. Within- took   hokl   wilh   littlu ,       ,             -,      i           , 10 a bng hau to tbe Eiut, aro no    an
.vasdown thi.i   week    in*.pccting   hu   appreciated thai  hi-   reelection   was                               .... I n order to assist aim    m   ui.i-, h
.   ,:..,.     |ie.,i.-   ncoinpanicd   by   insisted upon,    Tl.e now   ,cl I   ael   monvcpiul than faith  in   the   pro-  ,.,..,..- ... make   -, iai   efforts   i, adjunct to the profits of a rood
'.»  McArthur wl w,„   the  balance  ,,„ , into force on tl.o 1st,   -I .ary  perty, an< the  has  succ led   ,- Norway, Sweden, and Finland during Bt.|~ade SI_nal_
,;.,;„..;,. „,.     It    i-   lelteved  next, when   there   will   be  nnothc.  evidence that io of the gold   mines tl.e next three years, I   after   that >  ire Drigauc  piSnai_.
I  nt the'employee*,   "i"1   s\ ..i kid   in  clemi.m fur the whole board  uf   trus- j„ the Nelson   mining   district   pay '""">'  «ou»tl')'i   ""'   Minister   may Fi,-0 c],ief CoIToy has prepared   tin
a—a—i—^~*i■*■I-* ^^^
i  ,•   Biiwinifl   his'-   winter   will    lci I   n.es.
about 7f> per cent, of lho   wiig«*s due
Tl !■ Nelson   Tribune    reuislers   ii
,,.iii. ^I^^^^B^H
■ iioiii.' kick in   Thiii--da\'s   issue   bo-
A ireai i- iu storii   for  those  who
I,, hear Campbell's   Comedians nn
Monday and Tuesday, July   3rd  arid
cause the » igon road tn the   Arlim
The ore from the Qucon mine is freo-
inillin'g gold, and is worked at the
Ycll.iw-ioi!.. Company's 10-stainp
mill, which i- ti'-.trliy.
*l iai gronl t" tho company of   83,  ;
ollowing si-mils for handling th • lii ■
liirin:   Stcn ly  i inging   mean ■   fire
750 t ye.il1 for special work in   those I J'"'   {   •"""""                  "'
1 Une stroke (pause) Iwo strokes (pause)
coiiiiii ii-  on i-.inilii.oii ihut tne  loin-,  ,             .                        ,, .    ,   ,
, ,   .,       tln-ee stroKes, moans u e.tll i ir le m i i
pilllV    sllpplellli'llls     It     I'V    a    lillthel     ,        ,.    .. , ,     . i
'   .. - liandle the   hose   when   drying   ami
reeling it up after u-
ton mine ha t been fixed, and gen* ''    Coinciding with termination  of amount of 85,000,    The agreemenl is
Mm.iiav anu lt.es.iity, .liny   oru   ami;   foi'a t.eriod of len years, nnd can  on-
,,    ,.    ,i   , ■ , .,   i„ ilis   fium.  era v roasts ho Minstei    of   Mine.   Wm  Wnldic s option, and   the   i -       .   *      .        ■ ,     ... ,      •
Mi   Cainpucll lias in ins   imn- . |y bo terminated by either party  giv
puny this yea,, Miss Hose Gavola   of the Member for Ymir and   ihi.igs   in  •umtntiti «   'h'1   dual,   comes   t,,e ing notico in WI-UioK, tl best per.
the Gayela Family of   England,   who   general,   The goyeilimenl   approrri   nows of mi  important  strike on   t,1e iorj 0f tonninalion boing four yeuiH.
1,8   poequal  mi   tl"    violin.     Miss Ltion* aro not   availablo   until   July Q n.   Some pieces   of   rock   were 	
liiNclu's playing lms I nabighit  In   istl but Mieh Tail   and   a   gang   of  brought to town this week, which are      Tlio only pliieo In town whore   you  ^ p . 	
ud lho places visited'by the  company   nie„ woiit down on Thursday lo   exe- a igst the linost specimens of gold can get Swift's   Premiam   hams   and  nt 8 o'clock.    /\|l aro welcon*. *.    IVi«
lids »easou. Icutelhe usury iej.ii.in., | <iQari*s ever sec ro, | bacon,    Caliipbeil's, ) II..Y..iu,g, M  A.. I'i-uu'.
PlIHSIlVTl'.ltl iv   I'll, mil - S e ii .1 a ■
School and    I li lil'*   Class,    i'l   ii. nt,
livening service, 7 "').     ^ounj Pei
plos'Society meets on I'riday  eyenin'J WW-PPW iw---'-1- -" ■*~*»*>**W'~~**~*~'
THE YMIR HERALD The ^s!°» of Frontier*
l'iilil,i-li.-.| eycrv  s.il,i."l-iy iml •i,.,'::,■.l   lo i
i Mr..*-., -.r .i.-ii.-r-.l l.y ■_■..rri-■ r [it ti mi.
,,,,.,•;,, ii.,,,. ag ,,; ]. r uupum,  ;. ynl,l.i iti ■■:
Enrolled Ibi. Sport,
prepared for War.
An  a ganii'aii.iii.   with   objects    as
-' <"" "'"»''' I above, in   being  formed   in    London,
'•'us Hsii*s.i •* '.-'.ni  from . i   i-»iiiii-..  t0   include   all    IJritit-hers  -scattered
• "■•-''■i'i"''; ».■:-"■:.■-..••*.■■' ■■<-■ - "''"'""I.I throughout the world, -yJw have   cer-
1:;..-' from il.'' ollltie. j     , ,. ,       . , . , , ,
'.lill  • •'.I.'llll.e l! IMI-'.   WlllCll   WOUlCl      l.'ll-
Coinra.-rcl.il   prl.U1.1s   o>   every     .--n, •,-,.   .1.,,. ,,,_,,.    ,,/,.;.:.:,     M.: van's    lo    the
, i,- ..:i lie- ;,r-iiii*.-;;it -i .iMlnr-l i.r. ■■ *. ,        ,        ,.       . , ,.      ,,
mother land in tjuie nt war. Ijuall-
Ret.l ni"i) arc all who have worked,
hunted, or fought in wild countries or
the .-i-.i. This includes all regiments
of ununited police, fi ri- brigades of
-".nn. ii, rn..did leagues, iiiil camps it'
lumbermen, stockmen, fiuart-j miners,
gold miner-;, prospectors,   hijntiis   by
, .u.'-i-i.n i., ■ in:
HKRAI.I)   l'l HI.ISIIIN'U   i.'';Miv.:-
II.   KK'IINs,   *.;.'*-:.-   ! .:.
VMII! LODGE So. .'ll A. L. -i A.
-I Meets first Friday in each
,.. h. Visiting brothers veli rf.   TH2   KflfCl  YOU   WOllld   LlKC
■John Mi vi. u-.  VV, M.
J',:i,i v .1  '1i.,':\/.i-.ii. Secretary.
V.Mil;  rjODOU N.r.*-   li,   ..I   p.j TASTES GOOD.     1--- GOOD,
Meets Hi -i   md  third   JJofjiJay  in
|    each    nth.      Vi-him.*    brothels
ui .,..,,d Old Settlers Maple   fSyryp.
I 'ii un.;:s Aiu liin.M.i', C. *.,'.
.I'll!*.' Q   I '..UAH,   K.   I!. ,v S.
—  l;iire in Ul, I-'.'ni;.! ) gallon Tins.
MACCADIJES.        Meets    w-coudj
-Hid fourth Tuesday in each month
S. Ol,EAZEIi, L. C.
I.. llccKSjouni, li   lv.
A- an illustration of   oui    conten- !
-ea und lu.'id, and men who    work    in
any trade of the back blocks,  prairies,
lion last week that   cheaper   smelter | n,J(jt] ,iese,.,8j   n ltujnSi   11IK|   SBil,
Trades unions and   friendly   .societies,
rilie clubs, and all sporting ehi'is   can
rules will shortly be available for all
rlns-.es of oro from this district, we
limy state that recent quotations from
. I (mi Hilary smelter on ij.ii ore from
Ibis district, which    is    very   chin
.mul their qualified men, N" man
inn enrol who is serving in Navy,
Army, Militia, or Volqnteers, Lot n.\-
soldiers who Imve done fighting   -er-
efi-lie of a limn vr of   ..re   deposits  v*a. w*|* |Je welcomed.
lore, were i?l.DO for   treatment   and      Whenever four such men   are   lo,
Sold by
_.**--n_,-__r*-i *—m
-' 1.7". for freight,
mted they are asked to foini a   team,
Lands and   Works,
{..'.aucclliitioi) nl' Reserve,
OTICE is hereby given   that   tbe
reservation CKtablidhed  in   pur-
i -nail"!- «if the provisions uf tho   "Col-
mnbin mid Western llnilway Subsidy
Mining Agent      ■      Stocks and Shares
mid pay -i snnill   subscription, about   .         .     , . ,
. , -Vet, IbHli,    notices   nt   which   wei.
Tin. .-leal fin-lit at Ottawa   ln-Lween \?~> I1'1' milium.    Ijach man on takini!       ut: t    .   •      .1       1, -,- 1    , • 1     1 ■
im .ii,iiii,iii.itoiii»,i   oLtwLLii 1      1 _.-> I published  in   the   i'lit.-h   Columbia
il..- ('. 1*. K. lobby   and   Jim   Hill's|
forces Im- ouded ;n the defeat of   the
iiilherentH uf the Canadian Line,   and
I i.i uski il for amciidment  to  the   V
the oath,  *•*. ill
iidsje   by
Oazette and dateil   7th   May,    189(5,
which he car. identify himself   in   all!      , . ,   , ,   ... ..'   ,
J 1 and nth .I une, I ,***'Jn, respectively, are
parts of the world, and join thu   local I,     , ,,   ,
1 j hereby cancelled.
—AGENT   FOR -----
Mtitiiu) Lift; 'iisiinun'!1 Company of Xew _oi*k.
<'iiiiiniiiin Cftsulaty—-Boilci' Insurance Co.
Loudon Mutual  lin* Insurance Company,
(Ittiivvn Fire Insurance (.oiiipauy,
mm.      I he    moment    lie    spin is     In
...       ... .,   1 1        ...      Crown   lands  situated   within  the
bailee he will uu'l a strange place lull I
1    .  i     ..,,;.-r   I.,.   '..:.     1 -.:.!   I, of brothers,    Tho badtfu will carry   ,, urea embraced by the   said   reserva-
life insunnce, ihe entry of a   London tion will be open lo -sale,  settlement,    _v%i_^i_^^^*^*^&^^^^^^^^^^^^^&^:2--ja,._
1 -nr •"•" ^•«-»"**v -'■-*'-4r-^-^--+i^i^-*'i4ri-*-^i*r-^-if.d0r._-.0'^.^.
club, and the subscription to a journ- )ettgp |lm] ot)lDI, .lis,,,,,;,;,,,-, unu*e,. ,h,,  tfg -*}
Lesion squadron   "ill   |„. ■ piovi-imi-of ibe
"Land   Act,"   three SU
lead by guides win know the  seal  of months after tho date of the limt pub-   :
...... 1 '       1 ■
war, im.'J will   cnnsi-l   ot    scon!-,    to
watch the enemy, fighters with a gait
1 lication of iiii- notice in   the   liriiisl
E a hundred miles a day   to  destroy Columbia Gazette; provided, how-over, fa
lho enemy's lines of  ci.mnuiinicnii.m-.! ,,,.,, in ,,!u,w,„ v.t,.i- ■ lands   arc   s„ A\
and pioneers for   dynamiting,   rough! i.i
" • ■-■ '-•--' - -herwise as
haulage, rough   driving,    and   oilier. •-iOI"i pre-empted, leased or   ot
dillicull work under liru. alienated by tbo Govornmont and 'ire TO
Mr. Ho_2i-Pocock tbe organizer of     , ,   , /ft
e    survey ^J;
This amendment gives permission to
Mr. I lill to allow his new line from
ll.e Similknmeen to the coast, to crosi
lhe boundary line, and it is the con-
!• nt imi of the C. P. It. people that
thi*1 permission will result in his con-
peeling Similkauieen with lho iniiiii
iin.it Northern system, and drawing
nil the Ir.iHic lo Everett and Sealile.
li is now definitely known  thai   lho
DrX^^  yV 1.1.,1'Ks, then „.,-   per.;*
Co. is buying up all  ihe   likely   pro- in time of war our squadrons  in   the s*-'is acquiring such   lands   shall   ac-  /ft
liners in' tbe Boundary district, oven | fieW «'i!l be under discipline,   getting quiro their   title   thereto   from   tho/ft
■ ■ he extent of a bid of over •* 100,-
for the plant mid prop*erty of it-
un atest rival in thai district, L is
Further known thai tho Similkanieaii
. luntry is potentially another Lioun-
ihirv district, and that   after   a   few
~h   •/lj\i5i4:->C3^ssS»'5i*»*j»!5!$SiS*>i»-5iS*3
,','■"- , ,.        , f      ',     ,   1 subscnuontly found, upon um-      , ...
the legion says:—'li inusl be   clearly           ■       J              ' J -fly
understood that in time of   pence  wo of the Columbia and   Western llail- iiv
  1.. 1... 1' i.in       ...,..•;,.,,     '   *•»•
transport,   nnv,   rations,   aims,   and   , ,, ,
1   -,- 1    ,,       1.       1      1  , Railway (Joinpiny, who  have  agree-
ammunition, with all  rights   ol   sol-1 ' ijv
diers to honours and  pensions.      Wo to deal wiih   such   purchasers,   pu- >!;
shall elect our own I lersof   lott.ns,|\       to     ,ess lc     „„   ,,„,   silu„. ;|J
sections, Hoops, ami  siiuadrous.     In "I?
time of (icace wo shall   have   within   terms and contlitions as the   Goyern- <fj\
our great brotherhood a secret service ,neU*, would under the   provisions  of AS
to supply iiifiirination to his Majesty's'  ,,,.., 9?
|Go.ern,nont,audouri lo   stre.igtl' |U,°   U'"1 Act'   0X00pt ",,,,wPeut   t(J '
11-  deveii.i,ineiii   of   iis   immense j will be bound in loyalty as citizens to. timber   land-   on     tho    Company'
thu power act! aid the  peuco   of   lhe',,   ,.    „,, ■ ,   ,   ,, ,       , ■   ,  ,     ,,
 ,.,,.   i|  1.  I,.,.,   l.i be 11a   beavi 11   ,.      ■ ■.■, block-   whieh -hall be BUOieOt to    tl
"iiii-ts, it is iiiiLi*, 10 ue a   ni.ui a   •_.,,,,,,,.     In time of danger   we   are J
I'll ig||| in ijiniii a a- i- the I'.i.iimlaiy
ii'.iiiet lo-day,     I'nially it is    known
Ihat Jim llill is a remarkably fore-
.  ing   individual,   and   his   present
1 ■■.'■ way policy i- based upon his   con-
i i 1 inn' as to ihe ful are.
Willi   111!   1   plell.i 1 -lii-  Iml    llii'i-
,1 1.. -..-I- thai th.- dist. iii « hich has
■■  .nn <l tho arena of this political con-
.  t, in one w hi- h ii is much   lu   the
interest uf a 1 ailn "I   eoiporalimi   1
..it il,nt.11 v lo il- main -i tein.
V Mr, Iiii: 1 hurtci ii"'-1 itanils, In
i ..ti conned the Siinilkanieen di I icl,
h ti h iis large agricull urul and ininlng
I 1 ■ ibilities, with l.i- in dn line and
;. iw all tho trallic south lie has
nl laiiicd ihis concession through    lhe
live partisanship of tbe II. ('.  1111 m
i .... ni (Htawa, and   thu   support   ol
, ,. 1 oinmuniiies contiguous to the
h undary, That these latter will be
li nefitcd, looking t" lho industrial
u 111 ity t'i.ii'i"|ueiii upom i tt in n bate
: .ii'i'.el 1 in -11 uctiou, cannol bc
-. ubted, bul viewed upon bn ader
!ii. , .nei from a Cauarliiiu slandpoinl
n . enl legi iluliou is to be do*
• |i 11.'  a , tending to develop   Ameri-
, . ii':..   nl  the e-peii C of   (-'.iliadiiin
, ., ami from   tl.e   exploitation   ol
l ,.ii,nliaii natural resources,
liable tu be called out for   ho  de-1 regulations issued  by   the   Company
fence und for lhe general  defence   of 'relative tn tbo cutting of   limber   on
"T:,e"i;,l,i of Lonsdale i- iiie   Presi* I'1'" (-'"l"l"l'i''* '""'  Western   Railway
deiii of the Legion and ihe comniittec   Land Grant,
includes many world-famous names,    \ >,-  u (.(iiii.*
sian—-m_aniaiaiim_aiinniiiiai_ am j     Roputy   Commissioner   of    Lands
Notice. !,v Works.    Lands   ami   Wonts   De-
I part ment,
TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS.      .**. ,   ■    ,, .,   .,., ,  ,- ,     ,,„,-
\ ictoria, ll. ( ., .'..nl, I-1(>.. I im 1.
111 ('lu.i It, G, Sini|.-im, or any oilier
pei -ii i" " hoiii he may have trans-
fcred l.i• inn rests in iho "May lilos-
-.1111 mineral claim, sii uuted 011
Drown motititniii two aud ci hull'
mil •--ou'ir.i. st t'roin Ymir, iii the
Nelson Mining Division of VVosi
Kool  ni..' 1 listrict, and   recorded   in
lllC   lliaolllels Otlico    Eoi      tllO     Nelson
Mining Division,
Y,m and each of   you    are    hereby
notified, 1 hat I have   expended Three
hi.IV.nil nud -even llollal'S illld lill V els I
IjiZi i.nti) iii labour and improvements
u|      tlio above mineral claim in order to
ho     the -line under the provisions of
ilu- M iii -nd A'i, and if «ithiii ninety j
duv- from the date of this notice   you ;
fail 01 refusu lo contribute your   por-
lit n ot i':.|iiii.li'iir(' (which i- one bun i
dred an I fifty llireo dollars and '.even
tv i',te rent- for ilu* tliiee years ending \
s Muy I'*'"*'1) together with all costs of
advertising, your inrorest in the   said
claim will become the property of thu
subscl'ibor, under section I of an   Act
entitled  "An   Aot   to   Amend    the
Mineral Act,  1900."
John F, Hahikitii.i:
iiati-d at Ymir, l-'Hh, May I90B,      |
1 Paper
Year by year our tt.i-
tioneiy and leather bocxIs
depaitment has been
extending its business
throughout the Dominion.
Wr will -rnil. aspreai prepaid,
7^ f„]l slic-i-i of linen fabrlu
., rilin,; pap.-r, cniliwacil in
f„U,r villi any initial, an.t
71 fn.plnpea lo inftt.h for
only f 1.00.
IT.ngfavin(! of caidi, wrilJiiif
invilalioni, etc., promptly
attrndrtl to.
1        Ymir, B. C.       | Lake of the Woods
 AIsq New Supply  of   Canned Qoods	
Meets train every murnino'
exeepl Sunday, for freioht
;iinl passengers lur Vmir
mill. By special orders on
Sundays. < >r for Ymir mine,
AI.E\. ODDIE    Prop
Take a Look
■.'all "ii us for anything ill thi' nay nl' Mats   Shoe-, ur   Clothing,       We    Inu
thu latest styles, finest quality nnd lowest prices
DesBrisay Jobbing Co
9 ■
Nothing for British   Col**jmmles*-'e*,tion8ino''0h.oountry, iim*.
 . . ! .'nllieriiiL' niie of the   choicest   collec
umbia. i .      .,       .       . .
lions oi precious btnr.es, silverware
D is intimated that further pro- j and art goods thai has ever entered
lection will be given by ilm Dominion 'Canada. Thoso goods, il is expected
Government to ihe manufacturers of will arrive in time for the. opening of
bindoi twine against foreign ooinpetl- | the new premises nim- being prepared
lion. But while additional protec- •?"'' '•••-1 Hyrio Bros, limited. This
tion can be given to thai particular building, which is simated somo throe
industry all protection whatsoever is or four doors above iheir present
-refused In British Columbia's greatest premises, will I... ready for occupation
industry—that of lumber. The seven | toward the end of duly and when
■members from this province seem to completed will he ono of the largest
bo absolutely incapable of any inde- and most palatial establishments mi
pendent action when a decision lms lho-continent, even rivalling anything
Ho bo made between ibe interests of' that New York or Cbiougo has to
their constituents ami their subser-,show,
vienco to partisan   demands,      How
•dillereut wero llioir pre-election  s.ati1-  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Incuts. |     I'he (ileal Northern   Railway   has
issued an Atlas of -ill pages containing up-to-date maps of Iowa, Wisconsin. Minnesota, North nud South
Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington
British Columbia, Oregon, Kansas,
Missouri, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Alaska, Hawaii, Japan,
Philippine Islands, China, tho United
,     ,       ,, ,,   ,, i    ,   States and of the World.
In the   House   of   Commons   lost
I       II Sl- I 1,-1,,..       Minialni. i 11  lltlllit illll   til lllis,   till1  A t 1,'IS     COI1-
ick, Hon. Sidney    ri-her,   .Minister] ... .....     _■_
con PAN Y Ltd,
ok-*;, Secretary
An Atlas For $1.00,
Wants Japanese Trade.
Canada Now Desires to Become Party to  Coiiinier-
t-iitl Trinity.
of Agriculture, announced   ihat   the
'Canadian Government bus   addressed
tains valuable statistical   information
relative to the states named above,   i-
a dispatch to the British authorities! printed on the very best quality of
btating thai Canada desires lo become| P'*Pe,'> sllow*> tlie ''nes of the Ureal
u party to ihe imperial treaty of con, j Northern Railway, and   is   in   every
 ce with Japan, whereby our   pen- j *■*? a ■••"■"inen.lahle work
pie would 541101 the advantage of minimum tariff rites in Japan on a nutn-
Spoka'fi-c) Falls &
Nortliera Ry.
We ha.e just received our spring stock of Men and Buys suits.     'I'I • n
are three good features about them, Style, Quality   and Price.      We   ha
deeided to make a general cr,t Hi price., ill tlli-i ilepiutliiunt, fur the HPXl ■'• ■
days, and will ipiariuilec you a big reduction in Suits, Summer Underwear,
Shoes, Hats .ve. ic.
'V   e only    all   rail    route    bet ween
points cast? west and south to ttoss-
lini'l. Nelson,   Grand   Forks  and   lie-
public.    Buffet cars run between Spo
kane and Northparl __\ 	
ll.iicl I'ars   run between   Spokane   j We carry a few specials our competitors do not, such   us  Swift's   Iv
and Nelson, | ium Bacon and Ham, Ha»e|wuud   Butter,    Ashorofl  Potatoo*.    and   vari
Effcctivo April, 1
'.eiii'e Daily Train
li. 15 a.in Spokane
Ai rivi
11 05 u.in Rossland
li.lo a in Nelson
; 1 :iin a in Grand Korks
10.00 u.in, Plioeidx
7.0(1 ii.ni Republic
bur   of   natural   products    including
condensed und sterilized   nii'k,   hops
This Atlas will bo distributed ul
the actual cost of production and will
bo sent to any address upon receips
,.f $1.00.    Address, !•'.    I.    Whitnov,
,     , ,ii i      „„„ „l  Passenger    [ruffle   Manager,     (.real
leather and leather goods,  susmi   una    .,,,., ,    ,,   ,  ,,-
Northern Railway, St, laid, .Minn
In rsos. ——*
The communication  also s] ccifled
iiiiiniifacturod goods,   including   cot-
Ions, wollons, paper, enameled kitchen
goods, rubber goods, huts and caps.
lion. Mr. Fisher sail 1 he   had    ro-
The gold found in quantity in   the
beach sands of the    Pacific    coast   of
Washington is accompanied by   smal;
amounts of platinum ami   irldosmine,
, civi .1 information 6f the assurutico ol'I «"nh magnetite, garnet sand and   p*, -
,1.,.   jll|mneso   aovernment   ihat   It rite*    Mining is carried on by  means
would allow Canada to avail  herself of sluice boxr*and rockers,   "'"I   "•'
of these f cessions under iin- British j ready nubstantial pay <Un   ha-   been
i:,,,„■, although th.1 time has expired , produced from ilm Shisbi   beach,  the
• i       i-i !• ... ,i, ,..,c ..ioiiie.1 in. Ozetto and iho Yellow beach   placers.
wiihiu which Lauacia was oiiiuiea, n\ .
treaty, in mail herself of theso   priv. _ 	
The piovision to do   so  was  made |
uhen ilm   llrlilsh   treaty   was   sub- '
initted   for   our    consideration    ti n
\   ,o-    ago,    hut     Can.id t    had    then
ii uughl it better nol to join,   because
il,-  -,i. favored nation eluu a  niighi
i ,ne hampcrcfl mir c< nercial   free-
[Join   and   liecntise,    inofeovcr,     ll"'
ii ,iiv would have pi'i vi mod our  im
I .sing any rcslriclions   on   Japanese
Immigration, which  many  Canadian*!
II en wished.   To-dav   those   dlQIcul ]
lo    lotiifCr   exist,    becailSO   Canada's      A hiuidioraolr IlluilraUd wooalr.   Ursnat Hr
-aaaa—Ma*-  i- - I    riilniieti >.f niiy aolonllflo J.icrtiul.   Term*. 13 i
vi'iir: f'.ili- iii-.ntlia 11   Hulil byull lu'wi-il.til.-
TnAoe Manna
^^^^^^^^^^ Copyrights 4c.
a hv,mi. ...ti'iinii ii aSoloh mi'l ii....'-. iiiii. hi tmiv
Til-'lily ii-.iirliiiii i,ur ....iin.-n In-., w I.--II..T 1.11
tliv.-llll'tll IH |.r.itlll!.l|f |.!.l.'liliil.!... I *.... ,r 1 u I. l.-n-
111.,nm or! ly.oiitJ.liit.ll.il. 111111.ir...,«..11 I'1.i. 1,1 a
I-..ill  fir.*.  OlilMHt j.u.-ii.-V I11I Hi', HUM,* |'i|l t-l.' ,.
I1,,'-no. taken llii-mii-li M111111 ,* to. MOOlM
Hi,' lilt ll'iflo, Willi.Hit cinimil. ill *.l:,l
Scientific Htnencsn.
__I_1"j     THE     Tl JVEE
Seattle,    Tacoma
St. Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
MEALS A    I.A   t.'AUTE.
Best   Meals   on   Wheels
2    FAST    TRAINS     Q \
S| eeial   Excursion   Rates
Lewis & Clark Fair.
ther articles.    The price is as low as lhe lowest and quality guaranteed,
Hero's where wo shine,    We have greatly added to our 1'ateut Medi
lull; and can supply you uiih most anything nl -iii.ilv li-: prion
ii 86 p. in
;i oti p.ni
5 80p.m.
II.HI) p.ni
U. S. T.  ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Ymir,     15.     C,
Shell   ami; Builders     Hud,'.at-
Paints and  nil-,   Stoves,   Cu I
Sieel, Powder, (-"use   an 1   Cu]
Granilo   and   Tinware,    Stem
All   hind-   ..t'   Plumbing,   Tin-
sniithini(   and   Gonend    Rep.-ib
I The Mutual Life [usurauce Company of N.Y.
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000
•V  ill ll   i-  til'1  -ill'r-l    ill
('n-li invested in [ .id- 111 -11 r.i 1 n--• i- *-.1 -11 invi
l-'or ratu*. folders anil full Information | ^   pollCV 111 ll   \h till! KIlfeHl   ill\ r-l llli'lll   kllOWIl tO   1 Mil 11.
ii j; ii ri liny trips, eall  mt or ai'ilrusa an I
i," i ni ii,.. s. I'. ,v N. Hallway or
II-  I   'Al I'.-n.v       II. I'.iiANIM".       ,.,..,,,n , 1)01111(1 inli r* -I.
I,    I    ,V I'- A. .  .  I'. .-.   I- A. ■
Kpokuno       710 W. Hlvmshlu Av. I      All HUCt.'OHHflll l)llsillON.s 111011   INI IT)
tlliil      Wl
•W..V,   ...
inieroial freedom   lms   beun   fully I   siiVai'ai
•mniiTi'ial lieetioin    lias    ueuu   lunyi    aanaiti o n. . m       ,i
,.,,.., i-ed whii-t C'lntii'i'i 4.tiiisi  MUNN & Co.36,B'raJ a' New Yo.i
i.l IOU,     «lill-l     l^ailrtUttS    st[ll(tl|        jBralt-li Ofllt-o. (1% t nt. WiiiIiI.iki.-. L..U.
policy, moreover, is   not   i"   impusol   „.,,.,......_.—-	
any discrimination against   Japanese ,
henii-inlinli. I 4*************************
An   Enterprisinj;   Mer-   j Hotel    YIT!IT |
chant. i_ i
;t Tin- lb1,! Mcnls X
Amonysi iin possengoi's who arriv. t    ^nt] Accommodation     X
,,! hy the Daiuiiia mi    her   lost   trip T IllTuU'll. J
was Mr. Jamos Ilyiie, *ho   just   re- T   ^
turned aftor   a   protracted   visit   to T X
i   r ,i,. i,i,. t niivni + A f ne soloction of Wines, +
Murope in search of Um imi-.t iiomi   t >
,     i,-       i   ilh    Ti.m.iin \*      J.hiikii'sinn  ( iirars.      +
ties    for     Illillltolld     llall,        I OH.I.to. I T. I _ 4-
During hl» absence Mr llyrlo visited T   X
luily, Switzerianil, Austria, del -iiirtiiy, jT  J.  W.  MASTKHSOy,      Prop.  X
Holland, Franca and   England,   and
Fmm ■ ccflee
»!«-><)U toi thouh-
■ iid dollar pre-
icntntloii leti
llrnry liirki ft
Bon*' fftfiiillff*
for inn-inR Mtld
fi!verw_r« nrr
potseMt'l by no
oilier concern in
^^^^^^^^^^^^ Cnnn-'U.
ci*BtT JU«. -Arlktlcddlrn-
ent, modern m«c)ilnery, ind Bki'.lrd linnd-
wotker.1*, all undefth* dirrct fnij>crvIi>loti of
practical luetnbefi of the firm, inakr nn U_«
equalled comWMUoo for lurulnif out fine
Write for Hlualraled cntftlogiie.
!fv;elry,    '*
Sterling SllVer,
Silver Pla*e,
WaUhei, tic.
Henry Birks&Soas
Jeweltrmo Ilu Fxcclliacy
tlif Kail of Mia'J,
ll'^i'     111111 111' 11 --     III
iii-iiiiiii'i'.    li |iiu\ iib'- ['or tin' i.iiiiilv, ] ii. .11 -i i - ii in,in in  hi
ul.l iiji■. and iii'otoel- hi- other invcHtnionts,    Vov   rih'-
any I'oi'in nl' life hiHiiranec npply i":
Percy .1. CJIeazcr, Local Aqcu!
" _>_ 11^
l-'lll-'.sill   AND HALTED MEATS
Wholesale utid Retail
Mail oi'ilms receive pronipl  ait'
.KiiiN rini.iiiiiiT, I'.'i
NELSON -v rr. SlIEPAllD KV.   ' ''
WASH1NOTON a- i'.  V.  I.'V
V.  V, ,v K   IIV. ,'.• N. ft..
and I Ireal Sorbin rn, Northern I'
and ■'. II. "' N- Co,,  for poiin    • i i
Wesl and 'i.mh . .'..nn,'.■•-. ii i,
land nud N'.'l mi wilh the I' lllll
Pacific llail'.i'.'.
i lolmecl - i. Neh in v r \ :'..■■  V  ,
ill N. ('...  for   Kaslo and   K. ,.,
poiftl ■.
Connects at Curlew wiih stage i'i-i
(Ii'ei'iiwood and Midway, li. ('.
Ilulli'l   cars run on trains lx*l   ■ ■ It
nli0'* | Spokano and  tlepublic
li.'ii.i'iil I'a.smiior Aul,
Spokane, W'na'i M-n^MH^tmi. n i-iA.iU'.ViJlriiiuiniti
''.-■  '•
Watch   Repairing
NTo matter what is th". matter witli your
Watch wc can make il as good as new. as we
t'iii|)l(iy (>nl\cxjicrl workmen, and our work
is nil guaranteed. f^eave your wateh with
jVI i'. A. i\. French, our local agent,
J. 0.   Patenaude,
Manufacturing Jeweler, \Vatchmaker and Optician,
v;mik  hisinkss cnpEl ;
American and B,  0.   Hydraulic
Placer Company Ltd.
AliS 1 I IN"-
E. VV, \Vi.|,lm.v-.,:i.
i:l,..,-:i.!IAl.K    '.'-"    I"--' llASi ..
Percy J. Uleiuer.
a. n in u.
John I'liilia-ii.
I'll!     (I00t)*l     AKll     .   I1- 1       I  .   llM-lli'.M.-
H. Oanipliel!-
lii-Bri-iiV Jobbing Co.
nu ii iis.
The I'ma la Dim.' an I  11 i lk (   ;.
, I iixiii ..;.   iieai.i :.
William Clark.
(ill -I i.i.ii*-..
If,    l'!HII|. lU'li.
I li'.-lii i.*;i\ Jobbing ('o.
(ii.-iiii.|i..lil,m—Jolin Ureal!.
Mt-!.. i .1 House- finlay Mi-l.i--..!.
Miller |louse—S Miller.
I'liluce—Tail .1- Kuildy.
Vaneou*. er- Owen Uoyer.
Waldorf — (it'iirui- Colinan
ymii'—J. W. Musterso'i.
U- S. T. Koss.
I   ' 1  11 -     IIIMi 111.'1,,      \M.i     Ulil,IM.11
.Mr.-. John .M.I..O.I
ViNlN(i   iil-.i-iiiihi-.i:
Pen**, J.  (i en/ ■!'.
H'-rai.l Publlshina Co.
•      l!i:AI"...r.U!Tl;li-S    I'Oli    MTNINC   .UKN    AND    TIIK
i     • TliAVm.l.lN'll  ITIiLiC. •
• Newly furnished throughout.    Baniple rooms in connection-     a
• - u
• Dales $1.50 t" $2.50 pei  .l:.V. t
• (■
2 MM, \Y   McLEOD. Pvoprietoi'       !.
• v
°.•»Bce»9t»eooiie»eo«oi»»ee»eiia»Maa«i«o»a *tt4**>**«e<
stmiii:. i:uv.
Capital $50,000 in 500,000 Shares of ten cents each I   u.,•L1.llllill.ii,
l'li-as,- forwiinl. Tli _ Ymib Ihm.u.;. fur •     ....   m.mlli    |
♦   tt
and m kiimvli'ilim receipt of enclosed §...
*"> Tiik IIkiiai.u is published  eycry Saturday m
«> '.iiiii.ii'.is all tin* news ni the' camp.
I In* ('i:,ii|i,'in\ f-iinw preparing   to   work   tlio  (lold
! iit'il-i1. r.ini'k Siiiul mul Nugget  plucev leiuscK nl   Hull
Siding, nud in order it. purchase* tlio necessary  machin**
cry, tlio promoters have sel aside  11   limited niuiilior nl'    j   yyii*i„
-li.'ir.'.'- bn' iiiiiueiliiite sale.
I In- -lint! s are fully [laid and 11011 assessable,
The Company's ground averages 50 cents per cubic
t.inl nn ilu1  surface, over _4Q acres.
I'niil In-i! imk is readied those shares can lie obtained ni 11 bargain.
Mi-anwliilc the treasury stock (200,000 Sharon) is
left intact.
Tl'..l V.-ll  |jH
llnrshaw _ Wilson.
.hi,"'.   "11 ,V  l,.-:,,i\ .
Alex. Oililie.
'I'OH, id '.'i-i
.Miii- Mclimi.s
I'M'Kli'l Al'.lili.
iii',111 Clark.
$?, _____ -it.
South African  War  Land
(Irani   Act,
I HANTS of lain! mink-  lu   Vulmilwra, llu-lr
li.iri- or if-slBii-, iimli r uiitliorlij  u( lliin
A ■'..   .rr -ul if condition tnnt   ■ o--li
I) ml- -Iwll In.v- i-.-ii -1.■.;',".I    l.j   lii" grillll	
... ii-liel ■-.- Ilm '.'-• il July, IfJOTi.     S illiw
'   -I • '. ' ■■.   IllTI'l,}'   .IIVi n    lluil   iippil Ion.
I milt ■■ by 11.1.1 ilnii'.
.-ohumi there radiates five   grcal   jew,, (J  ,, ,,.,.. N
thai  -!'■•"'.    up   i"   lho   unsurpassed! ,,,,,.,  ,.;, ,„.,.,,, i,„,„i.... v,-,„;..
l-ciking reeently in Ixintlon uu "Is   |10i-T|,i uf'-'50 feet.
Flat Earth Theorists
■a   .hii.-.. rot eutly in l."i:.i"ii nu
•A'.'.r I., vol   or   Co ,-iN "   Dr.    Di
1.11... ... I \\ nr!;. I> ■ i...rt nt,
I ii-liiian sii Vi I  i- an alio*,  of
V I,", i:      111. Mill  M !'
i ..a man -nvi i  i- an aim*, ol   nmKi I,
|.   ... ilh-,-) i -i.i. ni ..I il.e  Univer- j ,   . **...     ,'      -. I         ^
il '/., it lie Si eii lv) ■■:': I    .'mil    if   we    .,       •' ' ,   ,',. "     j
silver is composed nl lour out-   cop- . .   ...
Ill ii ii ..lohi' -J.-i.Iiiii. i. il.--  in    en- i    , , \\  ,,    i|i>/i    ' i i'l    ' I 1.'•   ••      L'lll.
ini, Iv.n i-.-ui- in, k.-l   anil   two   parts   ''  1    «il'    il!iil\lli-n     Ovlll
nufi ,i ni ■-. ih-- deeln il '■ "i   . ho   Iirsl ,.
zinc.    1-or *>oiiiu purposes lliu   propnr- • • ii   ,   •     i
» ul«lb07.8,wl„el. evory    man    , ^    ^^   »,   |( mg 111   all   klllds    <>.
;""' «aa not a fact.     l. lliert* w.o.  ,.  ^ {oi   ;|||„.^|ut   a|(.   „   ,„.   ,.;^,
-. inn,• in the Suez Canal, thou (In- ,    . .       |
| 111  I'' : I "I 'I :ilii|n il   Ol1    hainni.'l iv)      ii
lh 'i -'"a mi'l of it ivnulil In'  one   mile ,, »   ,    ,   .       k, .   ,
,m.nl | ■ ri"ai' n;-1    i-i     li'.i'l    r-    ai,',;.-I.   -»<   i-,-w«»A
,'   I Inu lb il nf ih" I'orl    Saifl .,       .   .      , . ■_
l ..'iiiian all vol i-    aril' r   ami   tuuulli-r     R
il, u i.i.ii wa- m inif.'-ilv iiniifinilble.     .       , .  ,• i   I
1 . i ut in a*-, ami it. litki'- a lino   n ilisli, I
■   ll • nl h .   ui in 1. ii nth a-   seen   ,, .,       . .
(.. i in,ut -il\ ri   has   a    coppery   odor, I   S H (•; yi
in ii b iim,.n w., *    -hal pwl   like   a       . .       . , , , ,
1 ' nul i- i|Uiokly attacUi I Liy   ueul   ! .,
   . snell as liue'/ar, which  mats    ii
i Itlolll '    iii eill .' 'I    l'i"    - li .n.      . . .    . ,   ,.    ,
.. ilh    v .I -Iilii is.       Sp m    nml   |,nl;.
'     I ' '     ''     '   "     , a«l, ufihoalloy    i',,,i!.|   bo   plated   VOV   0110  WW K  Ollly,   lit
i, ivi'i (hul llu' Abu ghly ■■'■' ulil .'pen       . . ,   .    ,
, . ,    with silvei ui ... pl -iin ily cli'iui. ....      ,, ,      ,.
Il.eevi    nf men lu   llie   Irullt    whieh I    file LUIKiCUl   OfUg   :illd
/ ■■   .        nil-j    was   iryini*   to      '•'••« «K*'>    «f K-elaud,   ininiberiii|> \iuok    Co.,   Yltllr.
aliiiu i   i Imn lied, are    loe iti .1    iu    a
_,_                               rip  il   ■ mli; a fi ■    miles   -ouare, I     In    Kllioiin ollk-o boum  al   tho
« i   Mmilil    lb . in.      The   n
I     ...      .1   ..,'       1      .   .    ,i.    !    . ■       !  .
, _    i.i      .i        ri    .i'.i.  mil   ' - -,
|,(jl      line    i       -...ilh   -■.".ii, .
orninf! anil    *
I Kati-'s--Pur Ykah, ^. Hai.? Yi.\u, SJ. *
«> *
**> <tr 4^**4*4*>***i> *"?•> *}<i>**4i**4*>****4*4***<t't''!>4>$******'s
GRAND PENTRMi HOTEL',Clark's  Furniture   Slon
Undertaker   and   Furniture    Pen
Mail orders prompt-v altepded '•
Opposite Comlliouse  and   new   I'l-i
otbee,   l-i'-i  jo i m-.iil   in   town.
European un*.|  Vmerican plan, ■ j.,,.,.,, stni;:;".
First clam bar VailCOUVer
THOMAS .-- KlilCKS'lN,
Hotel ....
(Under entirely new management.)
Dining Room and Bai
supplied wi'h tin1 besl
if. tin1 market.
High!   opposite  depot,   Vmii
'■"IN UltEAU, Prop.
Till'   HES'l'   Ull IMI Ol1'   In i M I *- I H
The Kootenpy  Standard
and  Juanita,
M '.M'i'\i 'iamai nv
"J.    C.   Thelin & Co.
|''il'sl-i'l;lss  I liuillo-  Iiiu n
Best   brand-  of Wiiu
Liquors and (Jigars.
-MTOllll   A\l*
1 .1-11
1   .
.   I ■  ■
'   '
I  ,.  "
"",   ■ 11
lip   Si - i '■■", . i  mil tl, ■ Ureal    (I
hi tn 11 ii  i" and '. i" fi UU |    ii
..'",      i i -
... '       lhehillt'l  rise     limn   n   niin,i.|   m-.--.-w~.~r----.
. ... ■ Im in -   ai, -I '.- ilh -11 i. iou , de
rs w.*  -an-**  *-..'., ■ m
. ', .-I .: : ; • ■ by   dip-   fully len feel   in   iii unutur   nml   il
I   i({ ifl       n a      luntied      .In    bn   n at ilu null r  i .Iro  i-  abnul   T1
lion of   ulil i-iid btiruin   i   to  liiider   feel,    Abnul   every   -i\   lioura   il
X i l-ini   B, ('.
X ♦♦♦*W + + <i- + 'i4 •*■**•♦■*>•'• *****  •'♦1
4 I       I- 1
t I 'elivet'cd any
X place in to-.1, ti.
am  mii.i.!:i:. iv
Headquarters for nini: ,
and Commercial Men
Most oomforlablo hotel in the   I
triet,    F.vi r_\ ibing lii st-clasa.
V.M1I1,   1',. C,
Ymir Transfer C<
JACKSON Si l.i. \1!V. I'r.,|...
Teaming and
Express ....
All   oi,hi-i   promptly   altende i
and the greiilosl euro exerelsi d in
liandlinn of eo "1-
Stove Length*     i     ymil. Citizen,
X  I 'ry S1..15.    '       '; n - 1,00, J
X Per Gart Load.    |
il,-,' .'fin,,.-     fur Mining Men X     N"'A iKtl,BI '!"" '■'     i
..-  i   i   . |    . ; i    .     '          i-i    th"   ei-' •_■•'■. -i-i- i* in ia ii|.i|uii and    whieh,              '                                                 ,1 n truod sui
■"i nl'- ; .   rubbed i il     u     i   lo   U   limi    for (|iiiti    live   ininutCN.      The      i;,,  HUp,-i|t,(l   with  besl  brands of \t	
■■   led will   a   ■   .'    di|.|   :          ah   uulunin nf water fi the 0 real  n.-y-; rt a,,,.^ l;.,„.,,.. ;,.„i ,.j.,,u.s.                     |t i>.    .        !,._
Ilfl I    Ulil      d Ulltil    llie   mm ll   si-r a. nn-a-iiii -I hy   a    ipladrttllt,    hi-                                                                     X ll'"'      t»:<"(l
I   -III!,   li.    •'    T
..■•_!   .-1
♦ i
I*,   Ot      ■    :
Tin ',i ■■ '   ' «e;   a in tbe
I   Iiiiiiiltcr Co. Ltd.   I
been observed tn line to n hoijflith   of  I'lmT    '-'■ '•'i r.
'J I:' ''' i.    The ago ' f this   geyser   is
in- blenialieal, l.ul ii- cruptimiH   luvn *
ll.e Oi-uikI «f »»•    Yellow,!,,,,,    park,   ,,„„,. „ ,„. „  thoU8linf|   ^ or\foQ4Qmy   £QftQQ   Q0J *+*»+»*++*++***4*****+ ♦
I   i. mn-an i-fi| lion   bv   liilui'.'   ii-  , ' ami jfeiilii(!isH flaiin that il   hn-'   ""      '    ''*"       ** * """	
bAST Till !l-..■..•,■ |.\ |; vi'll M. is
I'im.ay Mi 1.1. .ii, Preiiideiit.
l'i.ia v Ci.i:'.:.i-i!, Secretary.
-\   li. Duckwiiriu, 'l'i
i • m with ' "iiii - -*-ati I',   fiirminx   ii bnlehed forth I    pout   ages   hardly
well 25 feet in diameter and 100  feel    ntlinut nuiubrr, and   the   more   n-
'   f    The explosion I    prreeded   by inarknblo it* wonderful  eonstuhey  of
id   .f -ii'.im in-l.ii'u '.|. '■■ a in i'.hi eru|itinn, tho interval of i  few   hours
•  i00 feel: the ureal unbroken   body („ix nl the uiu>i | markln/j its activity,
■t .v.ita--.'!.'■ .-"i.. i- iin,- in oneI*,i,d thai thi. feature ims continued Hiflh ■ Grade ■ Coiiecs
.,;a:,.'.-I'o'iiimii  to   .1   11• ■._ 111   if  '.hi fi-iiii, |„i-i   ,;..-,.   bespeaks  an  almost 	
fen,  Ivltile (tortj   ibe  aji'x   of the meohaiiical npeiatiou to.  tlio gUyior.l NId,SON, 11-C.
Wholesale und retail dealurs
In I'reslt Hoaaled
I    MRS.   J,  McLEOD
il'd.il   lHiin1   S'..ov        Vmh;,
Cii'-;iiis-|    AS|,    As-uia:
I III ,.,.,,-, N,'   ■,   ...
(lold, Silver, or Lead - 9l.i
Copper, - - . . - .-]..
'mld'Silver,     -.. .. I
Charges for oiher metalu on
BaUer St., Nelson.
P 0 Drawer 1108,   Phone A-


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