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The Ymir Herald 1904-09-10

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 Vm. i- No i;
V.Mli;. B. C, JSATU-KDAV   SKPTKMBEH 10,1904,
';;i; i: IV. !•: ('i.\;
I'i.-im. pai i ies an. still the .pier of
the ihiv. * •..;■ party to < llearwater
,-iv, l< had Inicklcborries iii \ low,
whilst the ulhur tu li .11    or-eek    wpre
The New Dundee Co.
li will be fur the Directut , to .-.
fully , oiisidcr thu i|Uesl ion uf ti
YA'e ure  ceipt  of  a   prospectus  tho ore und to have tests made b\  i
i ,11 of the new cumiiiim  which   hi-    been   various    othei    methods
Si in nil i x   c| Is l.aic Incn   i-Mii.un-      '     ' . >i. i j ...,.   ..,,,,,    i,.,      min
Culistable    l-rascr   was    culled    to  :	
.* , . ,  ■ .,.,       ,       utter black cup* .       ,     .,  ,, . •  „,,., ,.     ... . formed to operule the   Dundee   .nine,   Useil in Ivootemiy before udoptui;.
Nelson qu special duty  on    Ihursiluv ing tpe linn neuk ptaeeis luteH, ami ' ' . -
.,., George  Column,   appeared   outside ,*.„*•„ li:!. ,-M,,,-„, „t week. and the following particulars are tufc    special method of milling,   ml    it
„n Thursday last, for the first time it. ' en therefrom: believed th.(t with   - pete.it
Yo.i .nil lind exceptional  value.*,   |n   hUVel,n| t|;l..<i      Although   he   is   now      J . H. Kowlcy recorded the location       The name of   th. npany   is   tho  'W nt and careful trou in of   tin
Stationery,     Confectioner),      School   ,1||,v:.it.s,l1„i |,,, l,i|„,,^   ,,,   undergo "■■ lhe Hi-Metallic claim, am|   assess* Dundee I lold Mine f-iinited, the  nip-  nru tho Puu.lrc cm bo mudc :i   pi
supplies, ltaz.-i-s $,-. at C'ninphell's.      ^ ^ operation shortly, men t work qil   ill''   l-li.namsa   claim, jtul being $li25,000 divided   into   :!,>; t-abtp property,
Sam Ma.isl.idl and'his  brothel    ar-       „ ,     . . , this wee!.. t 5.00,000 of par value 33 cent*,     tint.
, , I',use pleasing prices ... staple    tlud ■   , , ,
lived on Friday tq do   work   un   the  , ,     ..,.;;..     ., tpi lion ut these shares have licnit  sit
,    .        ..    J   . '      ..,.,        fuuey   groceries  and   provUious    at      M Uawley am  Anderson clos- „„•
l.iMor   caim,   above    the     Wilcox   -Jamubell's , , . ,    , "8"
<-,l".p"l I. s- ci III colltl-aet,   llist Week  will the own-
You can get up a good iiieiil i|t   low
expense, ifryou buy your groceries at
Qrace Bonner.
...„lc (ot the purposes   of   the   coin-      [nduin races, war dunces and "Iced a colltl-aet   ,-ist week wit ll the own-  ,   .  -,„,,„„,   , i i . . ,    ,
,,.,,„., , P,l")> «•"' l.nOQiOQO shares bavehuBii  dances in an Indian villagu   all   th.
ers of the Yankee Oirl jirnup, to sink ,-   ,,  i -,     .       .-     ,i .,, , .
,    ,   . &    '• issued as consideration  tor  the  pro- own, will bo one   of   the   interestiii
a shaft 00 feet on the property,   anil ....,      ,■« • ■     , ,* i . ,
,      ,     '    '     ,      , PBI'tyi    Hie provisional director;-   arp sights at the Spokane Interstate  Fu
went   to   work     I.ist     Wetlnesouy, „, ,- ,,   . i ...
as follows
| this year, which lusts one week,   fi-on
  Slioulil the ileal now   uii.lei-    negnciu. ..     .,      .. ., unci „■   ■
Mine owners and prospectors   wh„      G.ace Bonner, impersonator,   gaveLion b(J 0.050(, (w e      ted       ,. '"   '*■   A»"'""».   *»*«"««■'    H,  H October fl to I).    Chief   Lot   ut
intend sending in samples for e,hihi-  an exhibition of be,'versatility   to   :.'befl ,„,„,,,,„,,[  ,„,   tho   eon. J""1  *   la™T?  Af '''    '^'' S.P^ne Indtans w.ll pitch his Did
lion at the Nelson and Spokane Fairs  small audience in the|Miner's    UnionL       w,u       u        with   „, „,       vunouu '''■ '«• u- \™™nt< village, on the t.ur grounds, aud   w
l.oula>ncUheminu« a   to   Mr.   Hall on Thursday last.     The   young L ^^  „f      „.,,   „„   tl„.   slllm,        ol'»   "«"'H   P'^nt   It,   C.   fl,,y f,,d„i„ men   and   w ,.   ....
Buck-worth.     Only   seven   or   eight   My had several tlitfleiilties   to   con. L " Mills 1. .1 1. Co   Ltd, 1 res.denl   ui  children will hv,- ,„       tepees   and
have been received tvs   yet,   and   the tend with, it, the shape of whispering tlic \ ii,,.-i,v,-,', Y\es,n,,,,s.,-,   ,v    iu*. furnWi a continual performance,   f.e
time is growing short.    Ymir   should | children   and   empty   benches,    but      Seyeritl necessary additions to   the1';"'   "<Mlw«ty,    Vancouver,    II.    C, of choigu, of fun and ainus nl   f..r
ho careful to keep up   its   name   fori managed to interest the   majority   of | offectivo operation of tho   Hunter   \ ..'    _    resident • ^ all visitors to tho   Fair,      They   will
variety and excellence of its  exhibits   the audience, in thu little drama   she tramway were  miide   this   week   by       Ihe Hon. Sir Chatles ]{,bbe.t Tup- Cuok their meals in old [mlinn fashum
,,,     .. „ presented.    Tho piece is   milled   Rs,   Messrs.   Riblet,   which    necessitated Per> K-C > K   c-M-G-,   Vuneouver, Und will engage in   all   thu   Indian
DtckSchrumandlomKeloggmay^   iiidtiincUho  ^   .^^   ^  „„, st, ,f lll(! ,„„,„„ f(,   ,  iaf\B.Q. pftsti  and an, t.ts.    They wi
claim the best hunting record  of the M o{ whkh aie tiiken „„.:,„.,„„    .,.,„. ,,lt(. ,„-   shi        t   J       F. T. Walker,   Assistant   Manager  i,ave their ponies and ■ ,on.
year.soar.    Ihey were o|,t on H,ds ^ ^ ^    ^  ^ of i tinues to average about 80   tons   ^ Kuy«l Itank «f   Cana-la,   Y„„, „„.,-,-.;,,,,,,  on   the   Fair   grounds   track.
den creek for a day or two    and   re- ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ Au inspection of cl, e as  it  "• C Sunday, the last day of t|,e Fair, will
turned w«tb a bag of one bear,   thus ^ ^      e   aud, u,       ,, on t, ,.,,„,, ,, 8llfflJ    C. li Major, Financial Agent, New be Indian day and       I„-    „,
teen grouse, two ducks and one   I'ttb.l .     ,    , .......        ......    .......   ... .  ,    i Westminster,  li. O. '..,,„,.. . •!,;..,• I I    \.,.-
,'.  " hence was never in doubt   as   to   tho cient to show that She values must be    » estu.ii.ster, I,, t
icr   reuatne !. . .... „ .        i'.„.,t..„.s.    i,,,,„
Int.    We do not   remember   i.-am,,-.- . ..
.,,.,..,       , idimiitv nt tin- supposed speaker. improving consiqei'bly, as line   spects
ot ni.inv such bags in this ilisu-u-t, anil               •                            ..   , . , *  ,    ,    ,
,,,     .        .       . .. Mas Bonner also supplied entre.aors, men p, s can now   he   picked   Imp
the    Kuntcti.iy     iolll.sl      Association ,.,      ,        ,.    ,        , ,    ,,   !, ,,- „-.i     ,      i
,,,,,, . ,.      in winch  she displayed   remarkable hazard from on tlio loads,
would do well to draw the   attention
possibilities of tho Ymir district.
Xresctiit is nourishing as well as pal-
titaide, 25e per package,   tor   sale   at
m-i  to Chief Lot and    he;   follow,
Bunkers:    lioyal Hank of  Canada,  for any exhihitii,nii   which   they
Secretary;    I!. Knox Walkom ear   to make in front of   the   g
Solicitors:    Cir'jould    ,v     Grant, stand,    This will be very   interesting
ma ,'
in i
.,,,.. ,,i      ventriloquial and   elocutionary   pow,
tourists looking tor .spurt,    to    tlic , I -
New Westminster, 11. C
A deal bos boon oompletod for   the      Extracts from   reports   by   Frank  people,   wl
to all, but especially   so   to   eastern
Ymir Rifle Brigade.
sal,-of 1.10 acres of hydraulic   placer Bobbins, S. S. Fowler   and    Bernard
ground situated at tho mouth of   the Macdonald ure given, besides extracts
ti,    u     L»        Hill  Cr.         Salmon river, 15 miles above Waneta, from a more recent report by Mr.   A.
I ne ijroKen nni \*o.    , „ ,,        . ...
I Ihe venders are A. 1. Ivose  ana   VV. II. Qracey, which are hero   roprixluc
in   got
cited    »  eucv,
anything is juicl about Indians,
\ and the old board of directors was re
The rifles for the above association elected, with the addition  of   ..   Mi
Q  White, and tbe purchasers a   gyn    ed:
The annual meeting of the company , ^.^ q{ ^ Angol(ja ,„,,-„llisU   Th„      , ,„
was held on Monday tbe Oth,   Sept., syml-,ull> ,,lls  „1,.lil,1>,   bBgm) „,„,,,,.  opilliull of  t)ie   p,,,,,,,,,.    ,   ,m   my W   |\. Chelsey, C. W. Walter,   Mis
Hotel Arrivals.
lyto  your   enquiry n,   my      Wau.ohp H.rra.:-R. E.  Unyon,
tions on the property, making ditches that my inspection of   the   initio ns M' Ma'nski, Miss A,   Svoboda,    Miss
and flumes,    The intention is to in   dovolopeij by the shaft and drifts nt  G. Svobodu, Nelson.
have now been received  and   are   ,,t Edward A. King, of Chicago.      >l>e sta,i ^ lurKe l,y(jruulic plant.     J.    [   the 'JOO-foot level has impressed   ino      McLii orKL.-St.   Clair   Bal,
,|,e hardware su.,,, of C.S.   T. Ross. | board will meet shortly to decide up-   Boyd, » placer miner erf   considerable  very favorably, four Jr., Hamilton; S  Bywatcr,   s,„,
Mr ,I. W. Koss the   captain   of   the,on the course of   operutu r   theL,   ri|)UCB i8 in ,.ha|.g0 o( tho w0,,k, The vein as exposed it,   tl...   work    kano; W, J. Barker, Erie; W.   Spe...
Brigade is under bonds for the  safety   immediate future, -. ,         .    ..          .....         .
and proper usage of these   rifles,   und       A brick valued at ?2400 Was ship* 	
they therefore.will bo left entirely   in  pod from the mine this week,   lo   the
his charge.    Members of the  Brigade Dominion Assuy office at   Vancouver,| I no  Ymir.
going out to practico can obtain riflesj It, the men,.time   development   work
and ammunition from  Mr.   Boss   by  is prog.easing in No,   0   tunnel   and
sig.iiiigfor.su ,   nnd  after practice | there is now from 18 to 18 Inches   of ,.,.,„,„ . i,,,. i„ ..„,..,■,■, -,i  i,c ymg g,)()W t|,„ BVerilga   v,,|,„.   0f IPorrier, W. H. Brown, C. McAstock*.
tho concentrating oro as   exposed in  er, Miss N. G'Noill, A   M. Mctjueon,
these level" to bo from $0 to   ?s per Grace Bonner, Nelson; A.   M.    Salt-
|,„i. . stead, Krie; _ll.    \V,    Findley,     Sill
There aro exposed in the Hluift an,I   Francisco.
ings is large, woll defined,   and   car- cer, Nelson; A,  I'-.    McMillan,    Valines what   may   be siderod   good couver;.II, 1). Jackson, Nelson; A. -I.
average values.    Tho width   between Cowaen, Seattle; N. II. ITonry,   Win
.v.dls varies from C   to   18   feet,   as nipeg; Mrs, E.   Clark,   Mis,  Clarke,
shown along the levels for .  distance Miss Sturgeon,   .lis   Clarke,   .1.   G.
ho following cable giving the July oM()2feut Rnd lhB   ^^   u(   lny Plltenaudo, L, H. Chonuelto,   A.    A
returns has been received at tho Lon-      ,._„., , .,, ,-!i. ,... w  n   it,,,..,, r  \i,.\s.,„.|.
dun office of th mpunyi "nO stamp
ran 28 days   -I   hours ami crushed
3,380 Ions (2,000 lbs , of ore, protluc-
the empty shells must he returned   us high grade ore  ill the face,   I'll3 raise
they have to be sent back to   the    is. has been completed from .No. ti to the
suing department for reloading,   The portal of No, 7, a distance of 52 feet,
ammunition bus not yet  arrived   and , anil is iu good ore all the way,       I ho ing SOU ounces bullion.    The eatimat
the targets have been  sent   for   from mill will be fed from the slope opened  ej realisable vnlun (gross) of the  pro- • , ...
n ' . at several   points   along   i„,ili  iev,-is[    Cohmoi'oi,ita.n    IIotkl:    \\        l»
Ottawa.    In the meiintiuie   however up by this raise, during   the   present  Juct is 88,700.    222 tons of  concon-
makeshift targets can be utilize.
i.line   or   less   regular   slreuks   an.I
hunches ot what may he cullod   clean
11 til il. Nelson; Anc-elo Wbaris,     Nil-
month, nnd as the aver..g     value   of Urates, shippod, gross ostimuted value,
On   Monday   lust   the   executive  the ore is well over $15,  the  months as 080    Cyanide plant treated 2,280
'     , .      , , ,      ,      i i '      .,. i         i-,,ini,,,s,-,| ,,| iron   pyrites,   galena
committee t nnd appointed ,.   sub-  returns aro expected to be aoovo   tbe tons (2,000 lbs.) ol  tailings,   proline-
committee ciuisisting,af Captain  Boss; average. ingbul,|un    .„,g   est, I   ,   v,l|||„,  .,-,,„*-,„,,„,.   tllll,   MV\\A;[Z..;;;,'; s^Alex 7.  Ke,;;
and Messrs. Fraser, Hughes and Win \]m   ()f  s   ....   s ,      |1^.,|1„.   Ho 24 inches       Tom suir,lan G >'canlan    M    Sea,.-
slow to soeot a suitable   rltlo   range. I tt ,.;, ,        ,,.,,„, J'"'" N""k"' '
■   . i     ui       ,  i,i„   i,'. -*,..      .,      ,        n:-i $085—#10,200,    Working expenses,      I ho reports mado on tin    property •,     j   MrM *   i     M    Wiuit.-i.l-.
he  one   selected   will   probably    be             Thp   Yankee   Girl. ,     u           .,  i i ;.     i.- „.i .. „,„i \l,„. I      '
,.    ,     ,, '„ , ,,' ,l„,                                                                      $15,100,     lJro(lt$ ,0.10.    There   hus >.y Messrs. Kobliins, |o .wlei nml Mae j sM   ,     j    M        ,   ,.    ••,,„,.,      ,:
over the   and Iv.ng to tin- west ol   the   .' ' . ,   .,
|,oiia|,|,   I   behevo   lire    Milislauluilli
son; W, Boytl,  Erie;   II.   McDonald,
Gram] Forks.
and /hie blende.      I'l.ese    aVOf'lgO    ill |      Rf)H(,    ||,„sl;.     A      ||airis,     Ki i
,1 li i    i . . ,l Holial'l,   I    UOIICVO    me    suostaiiiiauy ..    , ,       u   \1 ..I.l,.., Miss Uell--V     .1
railroad   truck   ODDOS to   All. h-rsoii s ! ,   ,   ,, , ,.,. „  beert oxpciidct during tho inoiith   ,,.. • Muiltlell, s. ,m,.,i,i, ii, .hiss c. ii \,
I am oao   iiii.u   opposii.       in      i A deal is   now   under nogoentlon " correct, and my own op n on   is that ,*,,,v,  ,,   i--;,,,..,,.,, i  ,r.ma.    \„i
ranch,    Volunteers will be ..-..lied   for..     ,     '.. _..,.., i„.*,.i tH'iiW." .... Kolley, Ji. Kinaiiaii, A. .nines,   ni.t
to help clem  the filing line
i for .he Yankee Glli group, consisting
of the Yankee Girl, Canadian Girl
and Yale Fr.ietioit.il claims (In
Thursday last J, Biesnaham   and   P.
Dedication   of  CathoMc*    H Clark (sonof PaUy Clink) exam
Last Monday   (Labour   Day)   the
incd the property on behalf   of   Patsy
Chirk, and we gather   that   there   i-
very probnbilty of a deal being   t'OII
new Catholic church, In   Ymir,   was  eluded it.   tlio  early   pun   of   next
dedicated, the ceremony   being   con- week     I'lie Yankee Girl group    has
ducted Iv Father AltL.,1)'.     A   I urge l«"HJ b«on known as oi f   the  most
number of visitors oamo   down   from pi'omlslng properties   iu   t amp,
,I"V"1 ■'"-•-'"- iVith proper develo, mt tho   Uundee : %w, ^ •„„,,. Ili.villlf. ,-,„,  „,„.„,,;   .1.
  »ill prove a largo and valuable mine." I Knilth, Northport; P,   II    Clark,   I
The pros tusconcludss with   tint   Br01,im|)ttni j, M, Russell, Kpokane
Pougald   i' .me.on,   ins|,e,i,,i     of   following gonui'id rcinarksi
mads nml traiN, bus lefi for Creston,      M is believed by invading a   smal
npressot  and    dris lug    the   long
whore there is some trail work to   I..- '"""I *»'' ami    orivnig    ....    mug      |'|,0y«ro lino fresh and reliable goo.l-
„, IW.C.    For-   'I referred to in Mr. Macl aid's ,„,, , IU
report, it  »..ul.l develop a uooy ..t urn
restor have also   left   for   thu   sumo  fcll|Ht.tt.nl]y i„r|,o to iiiMiira the hUucuhh 	
lone     W. I'
r'ul operation of a   milling plant    for
-nine     Mill-.
Fire chief Coffey bus prepared   the
I'!,,- y Mm lli .iiii.u is now   circnlu- j" '  >"""', following signals for handling tho fire
.oiii,.,.-i ■ ,,t M'-iio. ■ .-an ,..M,   ..,,...   i -   i-  i   ■■■        ■ ■ .,,,,. ,■ ,i,       A test sliipnient of lo tons ur   ore,    j Steady   ringing    aus   ti."
Nels  including the   .- ,-   of   the  »'„l i er thu   „„i.„„c,„,-,„   of   the Un* in all the (Inane tout, f the   „„„,,„.„,„    N„, „„  „ h„,   ^ ^    : , tV,Hln,k„ (,,,,„„.,
Catholic church at that  place,     The Clurki.it iU, will doubtless bo rap-   eastern states, am ailing  the   al    u,lVB values of $.'l2.0n   per    of    p ^^  , a call for help t"
service was an iuipresslvi e, both i«.'''")' developed nn a largo scale.   Ymir t(,ntjon ,,,- „„„,,,., „„,„ i„ the progress  which $21,00 whs in   gold   und   the
bamHe    thu   hose   when  drying   and
the participants irf the church and  to
others witnessing it,   The singing   of
the choir was much .idinilcl    us    was
also u solo by Mr. Scinlan. uf Nelson
astttown   will  derive   immeasurable!  f ( ,,,„,._. ,,„i„.,,v   „,   tins   -,,.   balance ill silver and lend,   litest-   I'u    ,,,.,„„, ;,„!,,,„., „
ben.-lit from the operations of such   al , urus closely confirming the teturns to
nyndicate as that controlled by  Patsy ccivud Irj the old   Duiulcu  Cuni|iaiiy
Clal-k, and may t Hdenlly look   for.      Messrs, Itiviuro   aud   Dueliiirmn on tho oru aplppod by th	
ClICHCll   Null. I',
i    M o
Sen ice-,   I I  II. ... . Si in, lav school     I
Thu new church is a handsome  build U'ard to llveliur times      The   owners owners of the   land   orotund   bj   the     Coiiceiitratlon tests have also been
Ing, and forms a permanenl   Improve- L-, t| ,(jUp ,,,,„   |jn|1   .m,.i.,„„i    o   proposed   tillc-hutts,    having   giveb made by thu Ehnine oil   | s, and   ''''    '"
 l,tt0J;!,e« ?ViPr;;'UnCU,10fH,'°  I^vollJiinGr imandD   Grobe.  If conseni, tl *   of   «l 'ing al gh I havo not yet I „ «.,,. ,        ,.
town.    The proc Is of the collection ,,..,. , ,   ,   ,      „■ ■    ,  ,       , 	
In aid of tl lo   building   fund,   which Tl in understood the deal is negoeluted it he firing Hue   will   be   , unenei.d eluded, sulhcieiit has   I I    '" pi*..,' Hociety meets on rridu/ eveun^
was takeu up at the   dwJIcation   sor- through   tho   introduction   of     Pal   to-day     U   is Imped   that   u    « I prove that tl. c   \»   ,,„„•„.. ,1,-   to llt g o'clock,    Ml are welcome,    llev,
Vice a.noiiutcl to -7 1. |,a|V, |liullibcr «ill votuntet't thch help,  cefltratiou by thai |Vo u II   ^'o..^'J, M. A . Pastuv, THL: YMIR HERALDI  [nou''ttnic,°on.,R«»T»™tto».la"
[wee!,-,    we   omitted   one    additional
l'„.i!ii-l„-l ovctv Saturday mil) mulled  loan)1
,: lOrnift, <■. l,-liv,-r,-,l by ,-,irr„-r in tow it.
S,,!,-<•;';),,,, li- '.-.'1^1 I ■ r   „|,I,„,„,   ].:,\iil.;.. ,-, vl
A-h-'iti-iiii.' rutuj, |l.r*0 |ilt lucti   per moiitti
'I iu:   Ilium.i, ,-■,„   .."   I,i,J    le.',i   „Ii   li-n 111,11
im-u'-.i,.,,!..,'. In ...  JUirl •   "r ••.,,,  I,- obi i
dlmui re.ii, ii„- ,,,li.-,..
i , i„.ii,.r.-i„i   prliiliint  ,.'   L-vi-ry    uV-.crlpiion
-I, ii" dm il,- er.!,,,-"- „i *,-,,, iiel i.rlu,!*.
ri 111.i-111.11 i:i ', UK
11.   KKAUXS,   MANAOIill,
Liberal - Consetvative Candidates for Partiament.
source of revenue, which would stili
farther assist the finances. li may
I,- ,- mceded that . in- exp. lines < <-.;-
nected with constable fees, und keep
of prisonors, would be more th hi net
by tii" umounl • received .-s lin,-- from
polii uses do. I: « it li by the munici-
|. dity Foi instance, tho lines col-
i ,-;,-,I this week, would pay these expenses for a considerable period, lu.i
us things ale al pn ■ ei,I ;'.,. \ go
i *:,_;i11 to tl,,- Proi incial Treasury.
Lord Dundonald Vindi-    Vancouver
Following the announcement   mado
by Mr. Balfour thai Lord Dundonald Kil'st-class Dining Room,
had been tendered nn important   Ini- :
perial position   comes tl,,-   intimation | Bcsl     brands   nl    Wl'llCK,
iliai I lie distinguished soldior has I,en
ii|,pointed Governor and Commander*
iu-Chief ul Ceylon. The post is one
licit is confided only to a » oil I. i,-,l
and high-class man The strategic
position of l i,e colony, will, its thri e
million inhabitants of ninny religions,
aid i he hij'g. j ..'. ers eon ided to I he
I lovi i nor, uiaku it incumbent upon
the Imperial Government to   exercise
Liquors und < ligars.
Second Avo.
Wilson & Harshaw
Draymen and
YMIR,   I!.    C.
tit lulling heavy freight <t
Special I v.
oiTPgpondenco iironij.tl
.'Ittl'lllll'll  to.
For Kootenay District,
Of  Rossland.
For  YalosCariboo   Hist rid,
Of Grand   Forks.
Now   Westminster District,
.1.   1).   TAYLOli,
Of New Westminster.
There are several   important   deals | judicious discrimination ii   the  selec-1
in negociution for  properties   in    I
neighborhood of the Bayonne mine,
now being operated on a large sc.de
by Butte capitalists. Should these
deals be c.insinuated, us from   preset,I
oliico is considered one of  exccp'ionul
responsibility and honor,
\\ ti have in this appointment the
einphntiu answer of the Imperial Government to the campaign   waged   by
around Summit creek, sullicienl t"
foi m tho nucleus of a new mining
camp. The district is undoubtedly
rich and with two or three mines in
the neighborhood with good sized
payrolls, another town will lie added
.,, the list, of Kootenay mining eumps,
W. It. If curst, the great Amei ic.in
newspaper man, and presidential candidate, may bo safely regardid as an
individual of souib understanding, and
on,- whose opinion is worth eonsidera-
Tho piesent'hunting season, nl-ltluii. ITo has been enjoying himself
though apparently short  ....  g.imo  is' during th.o pasl   week,   nnitingsi    the
cortainlv lone on tho weather,      This hikes and    mountains   of   Kuntcnay,
lime last year tho hunters had to con   and expresses tlie opiltion   that   ii   is
lend with an incessant downpour   of one of the flnesl places for a  vacation
he his yet visile,I. I Iml il i- a pai'll
li-.- Ut\- I he hlllltl I' .'..id II ihei man,
and is rich in    scenic    beam v.       The
There Is a report again cuiictil
that Ihe C/ar of Itussia is going to
the front. If he does'nt go soon his
journey will not he a long one,
id vices seems probable, there will   be I the Libera) politicians in this country
.   huge   number   of   men   working j ■igniitwt-Lord Dundonald     l'o Canadti
ho hero of Ludysmitl. cine   with   a
plendid   reputation.       He   was   re-
Evorytimo the Japanese force
Kouruptithin to retire, but fail to entirely put him out of business, tie-
Russian papers come out with Ihe
Hews of   "another   Japanese   reverse''
coived with enthusiasm by all classes
,,f tl.,- community, in In- uHici-il capacity Lord Dundonald  was  brought
fan- to face "illi conditions that, me a
public scandal. The exi rcise of poli-
ticul pull in tho management, of the
militia force threatened disintegration an,I general incapacity. T/hc
olh'cei in command hail to choose between quietly recognizing this evil or
making su. I. .. protest and exposure
as would lead to a remedy. To a
man of I,on! 1 iiiiidomil.l's courage
ami character thet'fl Mas no alternative, lie hud to do his duty quite
irrespective of tho probable conso-
quen, es to himself. Thai he succeed
ed in directing public attention in ,
marki d degr. e to the rot tehness ol
ourmiliti.iadniinistfiitit.il cannot be
denied, The Dundonald incideul
opens the way to better things, 11
  was, however, nov, I anticipated    that
Kootenay Toufisl Associutloii   should |t|1(! J.ibei-iil politicians  would   pursuo
luko note of tho fact, and an then,   is : the departing soldier w id, the   spite
Alining Agent      -      Stocks and Shares
Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York.
Maryland Casualty Company.
I.tuition Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
Ottawa Fire tnsnranco Company.
YMIB, is. (
A !l work entrusted to us is neatly and
promptly   executed.
probably nobody who   butler   uppre
chiles the v-'ih.e   of    judil'ioUs    a.lver*
Which is just about the same thing as I lisuinuni *|,..1M   Jj,..    [teal-st   himself,
kayin" t'.-it Monroe llukfid Jeffl'ios.
fulness that they have exhibited.  Nol
satislie.l wiin relieving    him   of   his
duties in this country,   the   govern
| incut speakers have sought to   relieve
will prnbal.lv not   ublccl   to   Ihoi,     , ,,,    ,      , ,   ,. ,, , ,,
^^^^ ' •' l.oril I Itiiiilomil.l ot the reputation   a
I Association using his expressions   fi<r  tt so|tlior nnd a. ^entltsHiiiii  for   whiol
On the lirst page will bo found ok-|,|.u purpose of advertising  thu   .-	
tracts fiom tho prospectus issued   by.,,,, p,, hu |hl|,.p ,„illlil.|„,,
the new Dundee Company.    Them is -—«j—
every assurance that the Dundee will      \\*« quote tho following   IV    llu
he lias l,ct-ll  pr.'-CU.ille.lt. Dy     fill
accusations, cit'culatetl l-y   the  Globe
and not yet   retracted,   tho   Govern
incut sought to wreck tlio   career   of
Gents    Furnishings   Store
The only reliable and iu>t0'date Mens Outfitters
in Ymir. Our goods aro the best Quality, and we
do not proiiose to be undersold.   :::::::
y ' ■•"■kin«;l ' l*'mWo|,»«l i^uo of the -u. c. Mining ii,-,. I['» *»tl^^; ^' ^u *U fu|| |jne of Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes
_«  .* ■. I..., ...i.....a i.-ri.. \- >.  ....i *
force of men as in pasl times, hut   at|oid."    "ThoYsiiit IlllltAt.i.  calls   aUl
him deprived of the privilege   of   do
the same time il rganisiers   of   tho I tcniion to an iniiovatioiii likely to n-t- jfendina liiinKulf.    Yet Lord   DuniJon
new company   have   verbally  stated tract ll.t, attention   of   mining   men aid loft this country with every mark
that they do  not.  intend   lo operate travelling on tho   Nelson   and    l-'orl
from li.'.nl to mouth, and when   they Sheppuid It ail wily, to tl ii al-or-
tin start, will he so financially Bltua ctiring in tho district, in tho pasted, os to cohttnuo tho Work in asysto- songer tl'uin htitming daily between
malic manner, j Nelson and Northport has booh   plat
_      _„. or) an oro cabinel for   thu display' of
Mi'- tIoUK ,f l,1°   N''1'"11   'I'1'1- samples of ore from the mining camps
buno hun published a si g   cotidem- through which thai   sbctl I'   the
Imtion of il..- unworthy motics which railway pus,,-.. Vmir has beer, con*
will moke the hext Dominion election npicuous in fcuont   ybara   at,   Nolson
I' ■ or less ,,f a fa.ee, so far a*   the nm| Spokane exhibitions for   Ihe   eft
kootenay Hiding is eiincerned, by de- ,fellonoo and yariot} of its exhibits of
laying tho local polling .....il after, samples of gold-quartr, and other ores
ihcicsiilt of il„- general   election   I* from Its mining properties.   Lust year
I'l.""!.    Thorn is i arlhly   reason |t not only had ihU Ittruest and   best
for mi, h a course, oxcopl the hopo collection of gold quarts ores then
that,   ii   preponderance of    winning shown nt Spokane, hut   ii,   also   won
Liberal candidates ol-euliero, will   in-   lirst, prize for I ho best   exhibit    ,,f   a
Ihu'ii.e the local voters, and Induce nugget of gold. Besides Its lo lo and
then, to put in will, il,,- winning side.L|Ucor gold ii has other minerals of
Mr. (ialiihei, the local ineinli-r,   onn-1inloreat, prominent anion-,'   which   i>(
of popular approval.     In    the   course
of ovonts tin- whole matter   was   re-
viev.cl by  the War ( Hiiro.     This   was
inevitable-) lor Lord Dundonald did
not propose t,, niiie from Ihe service or thi' Kmpiri' b .use of the de
plot'abiO ct.nduci of the Lnurief Gov-
i-i 1,111,in. The authorities in England
have not bei'ii long it, feiiching a de
ci-ioli. They have llol only ncipiitteil
Lord Dundonald of .'thy I'.iull, or error t.f judgement, bul have placed
him in ii position of grealor responsibility and tr.lst .
An ollloor \vhu litis fulled or I.hindered i- not likely lo he ndviiiiccil. It,
follows that in the   judgment   <f   the
British Government Lord   Dun.humid
did In. ll.,..<■ ai.tl IU) le■ - that, his duty in thi.*, coin.try. SUch a coniiiici,
iluiion of the conduct of the British
General lb itn implied Condemnation
of the cohduct of the men who drove
him from this country, One of Sir
Wilfrid Liiurict's organs   in   Quebec,
not escape Ling blunicd   for   such j tho silver-bearing lime fount! in  largbn   ,, ,   »• ...  „ ,,     ,,
| n B     Lit I'logics .Iu Viillcyllcld, enhs   upon
tinWoTtllV taotics, which  are    in    the nunntltv ou the    Hunter    \'    "lolin-   n i ,     . ,   .•      .,
j ipi.iioo.. uii nn    iiiiuni    i.   .limp, | ltH readers  to support the  Premier,
tiatii.e of a slur upon the Integrity of uwncd by thu ll, C, Standnitl Sllhing li tuse ''lie hus not only token offtlie
llu-vote..-.    It is   possible,  liuwbvet',|Coihpnny, of NbIsbii.    Doubtless   ilU'l  " head of a powerful English tSenor-
lh.it the scheme will bo found by itMJtvaWlHng exhibit on Ihe railway train
originators, to prove n inosl rlisas- t,lll be thoroughly ifprtsentatlvt»i
irons boomerang, and ih.it   Conserva   ,,,,.,, si Id space   limitations   noces.
lives gains elsewhere, will, if ll.eir es-   aJtatU its being a small one, for   whal-
tiinate of ihe Integrity of  the  votersLVL.r Ymir bus heretofore tl in   the
is   proved   correct,   weigh     heavily Direction of allowing a   collection   of
" al, but has fiitlicrniore chased him
" frotll    the   cnuntiy."      'Ilio   best
opinion in    Canada   is   against   that.
view, and so i- that of (!lent   Britain,
It, foic lc:n hi);  for    St,    1,'otlls    l-'i.ir
llll your   11 unk   i>i   Campholl's   with
This is tlio tin f the year ... t;. I you- plok of Ills many select pluoea ,,|
l-'iiruiiut'e.    Iron Buds, Linoleums, Hugs, Cat pel.- ami  Ilaiuinuoki,
80M3   AGENTS   I'olt   Till;   MASON-HISCll    PIANO,
FUrnitUPe Dealers and Funeral Directors
Nil.— We aro sole agents for the Marshall Sanitary Maltrosi and  tho Blob,
S.'clioual Hook ('use am1 Files,
nyaiiisi ihe chance',   of   the   MboralI its typical   minerals   has   been   well Iahopa and clothing, you will uo ill   the
I Illllill'l.tC.
Intust »ty ic 'vn.'ti ytJll get tl.'urc.
Fresh   Goods  for  the   Spring  Trade
Ask lor Swift's Bacon and Mums (tlieynro tho best)
Dundee Marmalade, Blue Poinl OyHtora, Crosse &
Blackwell's Pickles, Jams, and Chow Chow; well
selected Tens. Coffees .'in.I Cocoa, Grovoi'iinioni
Ci't'tiinciy iiiul Hiizclwootl Bilttcr,
ci.;,\i:s and TOHACCOs
rishlng Tackle, Stationery,  Fire Works, Sporting Hoods, Mugnr.ines, t
fectioncry,   Plpos and   .Smokers'supplies,    All (foods sold at Very reasoiiiihli
S. a SEANEY        •        •        -       YMIR, Be, # MISCELLANEOUS
Ninety-seven per cent. ,,f tin
houses in tho city of Denver, Col .
are built of b, ick.
The mineral collection of Harvard
I 'Diversity is by far the oldest in tin
L'nitcd M.ies, ii having had its foundation in 1793 through the gathering
and installation of tjoipp   Now   Eng
laud u,in lab:.
I'hero me ..[.wards of "iti bucket
dredges 'it work in the placer districts of thp stuto of California. Till'
first dredge of this type was used in
New Zealand ill 18S1, and SO RUC-
,-,'s.sful have they proven that there
are over 200 in operation in New
Zealand at the present time.
Iron a* a nicdicino has been in use
foi several thousand years. In its
native fo|i|, OS il'OU, it is devoid of results, hut whet, reduced to a salt or
oxide, capable of dissociation, it possesses valuable iiieiliciii.il qualities.
The amount of iron thus ttseil each
iiar in the I'titted States is not
known hut it is pic-unied fonts up
I iiu tons or more.
Pho winter of the Head Sea con
tains high percentages of magncsiun
and soda salts. lis specific gravity
ranges from I IT- to I,--?, pure water boing |,Q00. The proportion of
saline matter is so great that while
sea water contains only 8,5 per cent.
of salts, the water of the I lead sea
holds upwards of 36 per pent, oy
im,re than eight times us much its
the ocean waters.
The steel pun was the invention of
in, Knglishniaii who iu |80*3 produced
pens of sted of barrel form. These
were in.proved upon later by another
I'lnglishnian and the stool pen of to-
il-fcv is due to the   genius    of   a    Mr.
Oillott, of Birmingham, A billion or
more pens are now turned out annually, und the consumption of steel for
the manufacture of those runs up to a
thousand tons.
Nelson Fair
Second Annua! Exhibition Of  The b
Clark's   Furniture   Store|        YMIR BAKERY.
WILLIAM  CLAl'.K |.'|,,>t| \Wr;u\ Em.y   \.[, ,.„;„
Undertaker   and   l-ui-niti.ie    Dealer
Mail orders promptly ..lieu,led to
men Stkrbt,
Mas. Orowe, 1st, Aneni i .
I'm., rooms lo rent   for    light    In
Nclsnii AuTicultur.il and h»<lnsli'i;il
ember 28 and 29
New Building.*j fcHno Grounds,
Big Premium List.
££ Novel Open Air Attractions. €$$*«
Write fflr I'riae List,
),    K.    Annahlc,    Sip.,    .Nelson,    li,    C.
* >
A School of Success,
The ,Most .Successful business |y\en pf America-
IlLAii'.r.VliThlt.s    FOll    MINIS'.!   MIA    AND   TIIK
Neivty furnished throug|u.ut.    Sapiple t'ooins in connccli..
Iiait's $1.-5Q to $3.50 per day.
I INLAY    McLEOD, Proprietor
\1. TAIT,
.1.   III'LI'
YMIK', l'». ('.
We    carry    tit.'    leading   I.rands     Imported      I
itii.l   C'igars,  fitttut,   Ale.    Until.|y   nipl   Wine
Kir William Van Rc,rne, B)( presidept of the    P.    1>     |!.;    Sif    Thomas ■ fff
Sl.atiuhn.-ssy, president of the C. I'. I* ; C. M.   Hayes,  general   manager of J£
ihe Q. T. |l.j sir George L'l'tuniiinnd, vice president of tho Hank uf  Montreal *
l>i-. William Peterson, principal of McGill University: Charles   I!.   liosmer, %
pr&sidcpt of the 0- P  I! Telegraph Company; V  \V. Wrse; George R,   Cor- j£
tplyou, formerly seerotary to President MeKinley apd   President    (loosevolt, fli
and a host of others of Ihe most .successful men of   Canada   an,I   the   l'nitcd Jj\
States, havp agreed to lell the hoys i|nd ojlls, ihe youtlg men and the    youii" *
women of Canada
The Family Herald and Weekly Star, of .Montreal,    at    great    expense, $
has arranged for a scries of articles op Success by Allan West, laiseil 01,    the 9
experience of fifty or more pf t|io tuost successful business   men   uf   Canada, a>
some of whose names are me..tinned ahoy. ^
The articles- will shortly Appear ill the Family lie.aid and Weekly   Star. 9!
and no hoy or girl, no young mipi or young women, no   father or  n.oihev  in
Canada should fu.il to read them '
Camas tables iii conjunction with
mump mills ure mostly confined to
California mines, ..ml hi|t few are
used outside. Sonic of the milieu
Operating with canvas tuhles in California arc. the Kennedy mine, Jack-
lion; the /.eilu initio, Jackson; the Empire   mine,    itt    Crass    Valley,    and
Champion mine,   Nevada   City;   the To new subscribers wo offer the YM 11!  111-', It ALU and the Family Her-
W. V. 0, l». mine, at   Grass Valley;'        M ,iml Weekly Star ....til December 31st, |!M)|, for only    35
ihe Confidence mine, al  Confidence, Thoso pricos prnotioally mean giving boll, p..pes away, but the publish
1 -'    ' ..'...    .,- ers of the Family Herald and Weekly Star do so nu   this  occasion   to ni*..
Shirts and Overalls
-AUj'V- -
When they   como from
Factory at Victoria.
1'. 0,   BOX  BO,        -        Neh-oll,   li, 0,
Union   Label   on   every  Garment,
The YMIK IIHUAI.l) has completed with the family Herald nnd
Weekly Slur a clubbing arrangement, by whiph every reader of this paper
and every resident  of  this   district   can   enjoy   the   advantages   of these
''Slices-,   articles.     Here are tl|e terms;
Present subscribers tl) 'his paper who ure not readers of the Family Her
aid and Weekly Star may have   that   paper   until   December   3lst,
11)04, fur only .,.,,..,' , ,   aOo
and the Jumper mine, at Stent; th,
Hmuggler Union and Liberty Hell
niiiies ut Tclluride, (',,!., tis,- canvas
FOli   THE   NEXT   :10   DAYS   WE   Wll.l,    <il\ I,
20 per cent, discount
for easH	
ers in uic r auili v  l icraui ami   n coi.iy ni ar no so ou     mis    oc-iisinii     10   givoi
young Canadians the hencllt of this aohool of succeaa, and to   let   tlio public Oil   f/Jlothillg,   Kni'iiishinu;.-.,   limits,   Shoes, Hilts   tlllil   Laps,
know tho many good features uf thai greatest of all family papers.
In  Groceries  wo   DEFY   competition
We will not   be  undersold.
This oflbr is good dnly until October   1st,   1110-1      The   Family   Herald
positively ,.-fuses to accept any subscriptions after that dale.
lloavy stamps aro more affected  in
tho quantity of ore they   crush   than Bend your order now to the YMIH HERALD.
light ones,     The stamps should    huvo    —*■--■" - ■ —■— mi ■ ,        „^
a drop of from live to six inches,   and
Eleventh Annual
tlu, -peed iiU ays !l j drops lo th
minute; or, prefera'bly more, .is a slow
iImp dci rea-.es the duly of the slumps,
allows tic ipiiel.silver that, bus been
l,c,| into the battery to settle and
diminish.'. .is contact with tin- ore, -,,
that too inmil is liable In be used ut
one lime, wI,It'll uill provo .. sum
Iomi   especially if tho uold is  lluured,
A tniick, short    ilro|i    keep,   all    the
pulp ill eo.i-iaiit ngltotion nnd   mixes] , ,     "., .
 i Wit i Uartro U splays in al  Deimi'tments,
the ipiiuKsilver uniformly, so that   ..n ,m,a i i
parts of tbo ore eomo in oontaot with $2000 Ottered for Fruit and Fruit   Exhibits
h before lua\ in;" the battery,
There lias been a large increase   in
the pi,nlil,i loll  of    copper    ill    re. cut '
v'.is, but authorities maintain ii...t Pive   or    More  Exciting    Races    Each    Day
512,000 in Purses.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦4*-»« ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<
I "li ii* i* forward Tills Vmiu IIki.m ,n for
ami acknowledge tocolpl of enclosed f),
More tlitin $30,000 in Premiums nnd I'mcs,
Tin; IIkiiai.u is published  ovory Ha lay moi'iilnu, and   ♦
contains all the news of tho camp,
It \n;s     Pp.n  YliAll, ■-'-'; II u.i Vi;\i:,  -I.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-^♦-♦♦♦-M* •»•»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦->->♦♦♦♦♦♦->♦'>•»
Tin' Mutual Life [nsurance Company <>|'N. N'.
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
1    A policy in ii is the Httleul inveHtineiil known to innii,
Kim. mineral disnlny, do- show, ml, exhibit, etc.     <>h i»veste«lin Life Insumitee is ctish invcste.l tlml   will
I'etni'ii fiiiii|...iiiiil intercut,
REMEHBER—Low Rates and Special   Excursions]    All sncccssliil IniMinesh men eniry liifge nmoiinl    ol' III-
iilsiii'itnce,    li provides lor tho liunily, jirotects a nian in   1
old nj{(-, und protects his other invostnients,    l-'or   rates   mi
:''1"-"'1" "I f'M ...,.,..-,   and  Ihal  (, _ .r|v|||«w for Male,    Write for Prrmi  I.Ut un I Haee  l',,,,,,„„.' any loilll of life insurance applj In;
|,|..;,,i I   pr'lUes   «ill  be  ieali/e I   foi      III"
... Ilobt, II. (Jusgroye, Seciotary and M.uue.ei.
il,,- consumption has gained proper
tioniilely us 1.inch. Copper has cor
tlilnly been used in various direct 1.He
to 11 pi,1, e oilur nu t lis, while,
the    industries    which     have    idwav
hcen ronsumers of copper have ,-x
jmndod along with all others, Then
is no reason to behove thai tl." sane
will nol be line ,,f ihe future, bul on
tin- other I. illtl, and, i, may be taken
fill granted, that a te, Ival ill the iron
10:,I 111eel industries will  also  -> itne
I (..un towii carnival each night,
Midi Uegilnenl British iii'tillery hand,
Free liiiyll .'lass VaudeVilh> attractions daily,
on all Railfoads,
Percy J. Giea/er, Local Agent. Fg*,„... -'  J' . .   .'" -. ..'   .....
Wo are specially fitted up to do a|l kinds of -TeYvelloi*-.
repairs. Look into our jewel oases: yqu may have ti uwil
1.1'..i.rli which 011I3 needsn pin, or a ping thai wants a stone Mrs. Orowo,
n'.-.'i. We may use the old settings ur resel atic-w. li
stones iti'i' missiiig we will furnish new tines al 11 von low
price. We wanl your re]mips as we are sure to please yoiii
111 doing the work.    Do nut neglect vour dianioml scttintr  ii '   '' ':i   "
,   ' * I       .   -. '..,-'•' •    1 1   ' 1 I I'..*    HOODS    AMI    i,I.NT*.   IIKSIjlliM.s
s pt'i'liiiiis tun.' vim Inn I n reset: this is our special work anil     ,, ,,
1 ' •'.,:. . '      . 1        P. (allipiiii .
we guarantee satisfaction and safety.    <!n recetpl   nl   postal    PudBrisnv Jobbing o
card we will ninil yon a wooden   1>on   to   insure   safety   ju
! raiispoi'tal ion,
A-SA1 1 N<.
K. W. W'ul.low-sou.
l:lo>111.IIAOi;   AM.    IN.-I IIAKl P..
Percy ,J. Uk'nzcr,
1:1 "nil i-.it.
Manufacturing Jewellers and Opticians,
I3{\se Ball, U»'iw till)' in 'ill constituencies   wept
  I tl|.-cc ip liijtisl. L',iluml)(.i   11,id   three
Inabor day beins? a general   holiday |or four   in   thp   Hasten   provinces,
N'eW ill i-i Co
II l.'MTll.l'.    iiKAI.I-l;.
William l-hil li,
I). Campliell.
Di'tHiisny Johhing Co,
S  II. Seaney.
Hot ,•:!.-;.
(iost'iiopoliinj,—(oh,1 Bri'im
Mi'J-i-Uil House-|''i|ii:|V .\tc|,ciil.
Miller Uouse—S  Miller.
l'alncc-Taii # pjuihly.
Vancouver—(|wen lluycr.
Waliloif—liL'oi'i!i! Column.
Ymir—j. W. M.isi<rs..u.
Ymir Transfer Co.
JACKSON & 1.K.MIV, Pl'ops.
Teaming and
Express ....
All orders protuptly attended to
upd tl.'- greatest care c.sorcjsed in the
handling pf gpod-j
n, base-ball npitch was playool botween   Kniltenay is one Of the  lltree   British u   ,.T'lix|slllN,'i   AN(|'   „„.|.w.|,v
I ho employes of the Porto H,ico  r.*um   Columbia constituencies in which the ' M|,s juj)n Moryl*„d,
per Company, and   tliu   rest   of the   date of tbe election is to bp   liyd   p.
town    Most of the   star   players of suit the pamlidato of the Liberal par,
tliu Ymir Huso-Mull Club,   ware   in- : ty, and the date will bo after, and not
eluded in tbe itiili team., so  that   the , before, the result of the general   elec
opposing teaui had to be made   up  of I tion is known    It is safe to sav,  the
players who had not had   the   nflvati- j ,.e»q^t of tlie aenet-ti.1 olootion will  de.
ti,ee of much practice. I [qwevoi'la vet'} |   . ,   ., ,. • ■• ,,    ,
■ ' ' -  I cule the result. ,1. every one ot the lit-
fair name was put up, the errurs made
being apprt'cialcil   as   much   as   il
will not be   an   exception.      If   the      Alux  (),li.i
country is carried by the   Liberals,  a unokhtakk
i     William Clark
eood plays. Little Pave |<ecfc manfully held down second base, for tho
town team, and mud.' some good
plays which   made   the   bin  fellows
KIINIKP   |tl-:rill(M.i;
1'elcy J.   (lie..'*;.'!'.
ll.-rahl Publishing Co.
|l. Canipiiell.
H. II.  Sea.icy .
llarshaw «Sc Wilson,
Jackson .V Leahy.
Clpld, Silver, pr   Lead    -   81.00
Cppppi',    - r   -    SJ.5P
Quid Silver,     -    -      , S(,Q0
Cjiaygps for other ipetalu on ap
Provincial Assav.r
P.O.  prawer A, 11*",,    Y-Mllt, B.C.
.ibcral will be rctiii ui d   from    |\oot>
■ii,iv     If the country goes Consul va-
ivateh themselves,   Tbe   final   score ,
! 11vi', a Conservative will be   returnetl
was siimewhcre about |5 In ti it. favor
of the mil) team-
In the evening a dance wits held in
the Miners' Inion Hull, in aid of the
finances of the ball   club.     Quite   u
llUinber were present and an enjoyable time was spent iu spile of the fuel
thai the music was  not    as    (rood    as
usual. Unfortunately the expenses
were higher than anticipated, and the
lict profits were nut so largo as had
been hoped.
from   lyioionav.     The   election   in |
,*-      I l'|.:ilT'VI<.'..TtovlMmtOYK'|I.Nls.
Kootenay will bo a farce.    "Big Bill, 	
vmi have deprived the   boys   of   tho ' OTIPK
' - 	
 bui.ee I|iey could have  uf  suing  K**y0iinn, Oxford, Miiryhuid, Peteware
vou up on vour ...cuts as   a   member Columbus Ohio, Kentucky, New- Jer-
I' " Isey,  Virginia ami   Illinois     Mineral
| of parliament, and they   won't  fnrgel   plaints situated   hi   the   (lout   ftivar
Mining Division ol   West   ((ooteuay
|   Istrlut;
\\ here locate.I:   On   North   Fork   uf
Sun,mil creek.
I'akk nqtich that I. Frederick s.
t li'tuunts acting ns uncut for Frank (.',.
Itls,h... Freo Miners Ourtilieutu No.
|i.   si ,698    and    George    Harrison,
I  Miner's (,'ortilloate Mo, B. 81,276,
Y..III! ELECTORAL DISTRIOI",      ' lend, sixty days from llieriate hereof,
i   apply  to the Mining rleooruer for
Inn, forms fivo per cent, of thu
earth's crust, yet outside of one
doubted discovery in Qreonlund, and
its forming a pari   of all  „„- -i„-s,   ^   (|  ^^      ^ ,,.,_,,,.    ,h ,      ,,. rl:1„„...
",ltiV<J i'"" h pm,t,CUl,V UMk V"'     |'l *-r * Ull InIjg^nXSi: eomiSe'd
v.. dr, I. nl. I   a  (on.,   ot   Iti'vlslou of i-rf.iro the issuance of such eenllioates
Noiie,■ is herein   (liven  lluil   1 iluill\u,  mi-jalcs   of   Iniprovemeuts, for tliu
on Monday thn 71li dui of Novomhor   purpose of oLtainiiig Crown grunts of
FljESH   AN|> siAi;i'l-'.Il \|K \'l'o
VVIiolpsale and Hetail
.Mail orders receive prompt ut ten tit, n
,M 11 is tinin t m iv uioiiiing
except Sunday, for freight
jiinl passengers for Yniir
mill. By special orders on
Sundays, Or for Yniir mine.
60   YEARS'
New /calami,   from   the  discovert'
It. e>i. r of V, tc.s to le   pll pule,I    Ionic nndi r tic provisions , t  the  "Pro-
nf gold within its lin,its in 1853,   bus   ylnolal Elections Act." HUM.
produced in gold to 1001 tbo sum  of     .inttil ut Ymir   Sept. 1st, 1001,
&117,050,000.    She is    now   p,oduc» l'  ll.  v, IONS,is,
ing gold at the ruto of fMV-OO.OQO   a| Ui^lstrnr of Voters
veiir. ,     ■ ..   i      ii ii
III-!   IlllsT   ltl!.\M> OF  D0MF.MTII
Poi'i.M!   Niooivi: — An     alcohol i
wave bit the   camp   this   week   am
" >',!,1:;1'""'"'" "'r',',"11 l,y,",: "'"■;' I The Kootenay  Standard
»i,|e.      I here wore (niche, mill I'lrneli, i
aud    Suede,    and    Norwegl      and': MASU'WCTUHKU  W
hutch, anil  lliilian and United States .   —-        _       -_,    .,        ,,     ,
annus.'   J'   *■"   Thehn  & Co.
ui improvement,
Uati-il this Till, day   >.l August,   I001,
!•' >i. CI.KMKNI'S. Nelson, II. O.
»de Man.'*,
Copvr.toHTri &,
Antons -.piuIImii fti-lirtrti niutil.-^i.ilpil, r,,- ,-
nnlekly iisrurli,in pur ncuilcn Irnu .vliilln-r mi
liiVonOnn .s t.r.ih.il.ly pnteijtablp.  , in,	
i  ,1,,, iiy ii,,,ii, l.-i.iwl. Hniidlinall PJ. l-uii'i-
-.■nl I,,-,'. OlnOBl BHOpOy f,,rH,-,:|llll,iII»litl,l,l-
I'lih-ii.'s tiiki-n tliniUBh Mm,ii ,<■ lu   'OOffl
llirrlnl ll-.tilf, Willi."Ut phlinio. >|| '..,u
Scientific Hwnmi
A hAndapmoIr llli,«i»BtoS wrokW. I nreort olt
i-,iliiil.„i nt miy HrlBlitlU,- liiliriliU* 'lortin *-. ,
vour: fpurruontui ti   puiaiiyull iii,*.',*,!„,ilsrr
MUNN & Co-36,a—"-"-New York
Jlrarcb onirt'- -*"?• t M- WS|blt|(,tos. UU.
-,. badly tanglod up   In   il
pliore that the .Ills took to cover  anil
Charley Hanson's bear had convulsions, Justices uf the peace took to
I., tin* higher levels, and Chutaway's
mules retired to tho seclusion  of   the
Links of Ten,lei fool, And Vel the
supply of cxhilar.inls is more than
Piiuol in lie demand.
Ni'lson, II. C
Hotel ....
(Under entirely new nianngeninnt,)
Dining  Room   nnd   Bar
.sii|)|,licil   wi'li    ilir   licst
in tlie inarkct,
lJij^iit  opposite depot,  Ymir
Nci.sov 'I'liini ni;: - The Tribune
has given its opinion that iheie would
not be a general election ibis fall. It
now goOS further. There will be no
eleeiiiui in Kootenay, either this year
or next, There will he the firm uf
holding an elect ion; but it will .ml)
Ini a form,     Kootenay lul- been   phn-
ml among the bj'«olooli nstltuen-
,i,s     Thepeop f Kootenay lia.l   III      QOFFBE    ROASTERS
right to be allowed lite t  | rivllego
.,- is accorded to the people of othci
e,iis',iiue|iiies iii C,inu,hi, thai Is,
voting for their political   con vlctlnns
Thi- |,„s been, len i-d   lien,,    ho,, ei e,. ' HlflH   'Grade   ' GOffefiS
i ugh the .ll'-.rt-  of   Mr,   Oiilliher,'
Kootenay Coffee Co.
Wholesale and retail ilealeri
in Fresh Itoastctl
yMIR LODGE, No. M,    K     P
.Meets lirst   and   third    M in
ays of in ,..., li,
Visiting   brothers   welcome.
Wm. Ou'itv, C. V.
Ciielhik Woousiiiu; Iv. Li. si,
SAM   .M ll.l.l'.i:,  Prop.
Hi'iiil.|ii:iii,'i's for Miping .M.'it
I'.ar  supplied   »(tit   l.i-st  brands o|
wines, liip.iors and cigars,
.'lUST Avi-'.M K,
Yum, 11. (J
Headquarters for flining
and Comniercial Mep
.Most comfortable hotel in  the   ,li..-,
trid.    Everything first-class.
VMlll, 13, 0.
I Hotel Ymir
The l-.'si Mt'fil.-
Anil Accoiiimodation     *
in town,
, A fine selection of Wines, *
X      Liquors ami Cigars.       *
t  .1    \V.  MAST I'll ISDN,       Prop.   J
♦ *
v4***4************** + * + + * r
MRS.   J.   McLEOD
Posl  Ollifi' Store,        \' m i ij
Ymir Citizens
I, AHT TI'KHJIAV in i,\i ll  MONTH,
,1    W. Ito.ss, l'i,-,,|,.|,t.
|l   CAMI'III'.I.I., H el,11 V.
l''lSI.\l   MuliHOl), Tieasilrei. j
NBI-SON & 1'T- SllKl'l'Altl) RV* UO
V. V. & K   HY- & N. ('(,.
and Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. K. -V N. Co,, fur points oast,
west and south ; connects at Itoss-
hind and Nelson with thu Canadian
Pacific I tail way.
Connects ut Nelson with tho P. II.
A N. Co, for Kaslo and K. and 8,
Connects at Curlew with stage for
(Irei-mvooil and Midway, 11, (.'.
loill'.-t   curs run on trains i.clv. ,1
Spokane and   llepublic      *
II.  \. .lACltstlN
Uunurnl Pussetigur <\e..
Spokane, Wiii-li.
'i I,,- ocnerul elections are held on   the
Delivered any
place in town.
Stove Lengths
Per Cart Load.
* T
t l*orto Rico      ♦
* X
I Lumber Co. Ltd.  *
t I
* 444*44***************** x
Prom t «Bm
ipooti lo a thousand dollar presentation aet.
Henry liirka ft
Bona' faclllltea
for making solid
altvetwarc are
poMeHaed by no
t,l her concern In
eL»«tTiu«. Artl«llcdeal|in*
era, inwtcrn michltiety, ami aktlk-,1 hand,
workers, alt under the .itn-c-t nipervliloa of
prsetlesi ntmbsfs of the flrni, tnakssn nn-
equsltsd combination for turning out fine
Wrllc for llliiatruled catnln-jne.
Jewelry,   >
Sterling Silver,
Silver Plate,
Watchei, etc.
Henry BirksS Sons
Jcwrlkrl, to III, I-xcllency
lll.  IMllll.t M in,".
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
'I1 he only    all   rail   route    betwet ll
|n,i..is aiist, west and south to Ito---.
land. Nelson,  Grand  Forks  and I.e.
public.    ItulVet cars run between Spu
kune and flortlipoi't
Eireotlvo June l-Jth. 1908,
Leave Daily Train Arrive
S.I,", an, Spukane li.l.'i p.u,
|H in u.ii, Koss hi ml 'l.Hfl p. til
9,82 a m Vmir •'. By j) 1.1
7,20 an, Nelson 7 20 pm
11:86 a m      (iru.ul l-'nrUs        I 00 pui
H.liO 11. in lll'lllll.lic .1  I.",  p III
A-XjIj    THE     TIME
Seattle,    Tacoma
AM) A 1.1-
St. Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
BLBRPRHS,    lil'I'I'I'.T.
1,1 MM! OA1W,
MKAI.S A    I.A    .   \ ItTH
Best   Meals  on   Wheels.
2    FAST   TRAINS     Q
Special    lixcUI'sliill     I! lies
To World's Fair, St. Louis
Vour Choi i   ll'-uie.
l-'or rates, fnldurs :...'! lull It.f.it'inni Ion
i 1, ^„i,iiiie ti'lpi, call ou or u.'.lr.''    ni
Hgl nl o| lie S, I. ■• N. Il.ii'rt -n   ut'
11. A  ,I.\i'K-h.n.        II   I1KANIII',
li. I-'. ,V I'. A., •'.  p   ,'•  I.   \,
.spol.aii". 7 I" \\. Itlv. i-i'l"   \\ ,
Spol 01,',


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