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The Ymir Herald 1905-01-14

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 :1 ,
JAN IT 1605
OfiH'    Es4™*™ isSr
V.MIl;, li. ('.. SATURDAY, -I VNTAKY
J'l-'lt I.  I'll I    ( 'l-..\ IK.
i'ionsion, Mayor of Nelson i  Paisy Clark To Operate
John I loustoll   li ; ,    tlgailj    dp....i.i-
-.■■   .-•-'  >•    .-    Annual Meet;ng of the :	
LOCAL STEMS I      Presbyterian. Church. [HIMING NEWS
^^ -2**:        .  ^^ . .   . ... >nii,i>, u-i,,, in,,, i". iiii.iiiii.ni-
...... .-.-.-...,' ... .    i ....
1 ' • ' ,,   .,,,       i     i      ,i ii siniled his skill in 'handling un   elec-
lh.,|.i.'   eiished fpec,it   O-iniphell's        »)n llu..'sf!«y „s   Uieannpdl   bus,       ,,.,...     ,. ;;   , ,    |)my   ,1|,u,|l ^   - - -
n.-s    meetina   .'I      he     J ;. -n\ I.-. -.an ,.   ,    ,,   ,       ,,   i   ,  ,    ,i    ■
.'lesl, Hnlhind    llen-i.,..    in    1711,     , lu.i     n        11 "v '"'  > ''       "' '      '     U*lmir of Nelson liy a dore margin    .,1
.'ton (ipiiiMui    iipi ing   ...       ...   n lurch  was  mid. tic llev.   II. l ; .*    ,      ,.*,     -n , ,-   ,    , ,i , , ,,,i
,,<,.„.,-   -i -,,i ,.,. ii- ,   .        ,,,* , " YunkeuGiil.    I lie t-i I dm tunnel   15 vote** out uf 1015 cast.    In  seven
-. ,t. ,-i.,n,-\ .-, ■ I.-.'--pi-    *.,- in I ho   .-..'.ir. he   accounts   show .   . , , ■ ,   ■. ,   ■   ,        ,.,,.
is in L'ond oe. tt hi.-n ,- i.i'in-'   mitJKed  i.,. i  i..,i	
In Salmp.
IiniHil.tuii!  .\i'o.(.ci;ii :(-,
o toil-, on. uf 1015 eu t.     Iii   seven I     According lo recent    leporls    I
kit-. „t >,i„„.t'.*, si.op ,,,- i.,;. „,   ,,,,;,.     The ,,,,„„„«  Hl,ri*-j.; j(| ,, , _ w|||oh ;, bcina W|flkl i
Kenneth MeLeod returned fi'oip   a   that during tltfi year the su 1 $-1-13   ,-,,,. ,.,u p;,!;,,,,
letigtl.y M.joitrii at lh|'p.»|i|t mi Wed-I was l'ecuivP(1 i Hcetiqnij, aij average      „„,.",, ",',''    ,
"lavlat ' of about *8 3D per Sunday      In    ad--     "'" machinery to,- tl.f nft-'ii stamp  six a psl     I.   present...
  ,i,t„„ril,i-r,- is about S30t(.    ha    ,,,|.   i.nllal  il'.'   U'.'i.k    mine,    lms    ,iott j stam-o, lip ., ,.|,,-.ed l,v a -m.dler   ma*
AJi'  l>"^:M't.rth and   family   nre -. ft  „,,.|.|.. ,,,,^,,1,.,. in   nj, J hoe., brought down  If.    kelson    from  jurity tlmu qn any previous  occasion,
expected i. • I. tro-ip tin- east on   gun-   .......   ,.,..',, .,,, ;., 0|, •„ i»"..,.,i ..',', I Six mile ci'uk, ..i d will u-i.-h    Vmir |and it is cfiiiin."..   report   in    Nelson.
years Im Ipis conl ■ ted seven ulections
civic anij pa| iinuii'iilai >•   and lia- won
fluv next
leet'.il M• Hii ttei-Kij suiisurioers in    ur-     -■--.- .,
W","!SU""  rei'i,';, Ketl.or with 81 3Q in hand on   Si* n.ilu ciuk, aud,wil| „-:,,!i   Y.„ir (and it is ,■„„„-,.„,  report   .„   Nels„„,
iilie'ilst l),!,-,-ml..T     T m'»t»mling ,,Mt    "'«*•    Ml'    T,l,,;"    '-'"'""■" :,l'»l '" ■•» l,w   •l'"'"";i   "'   '"';tv>
Cm    Wollle,   sup,:, indent,   or   the   |i,-t,ililies amoipit to about &|B.    Thp \tU>*'a "1" tttko li,'t>llt a "l"»l|l '■* H l,bttin-3'     C,,lUi" P'»:li«»l"'   ("'   Pi
;.,-,. SpnUu.'    ....  ,,,1,1.,-rl    livh'"1^' I liose. olK-red I irM. •,u„|-on   his    ,-1,-ti
'•.ti    lyou'i:,    si||ii:iiu.ieii(,   or   iue   liaqjljlies ipnnipit to abopt H\tt.     I III	
i-'o^horn iiiim-, r.-liiiiiiid l'|-,|,i Spol.iin.-   r| -lilt OH tl|a   manse   Mas    .(dined    by  stft-L"
on Wt'dn. -idipv | ?"iT,      llepoi;s   werp   read   -'v     Mr.1     A tria] of tlie Atlin ..
Rose, ofTered large sunjs on Ids   elec*
,   i lion  nnd pools Here formed   l.v
I'O    IS    t.,    lie | , , , . '
,, w.,.,,,   I.... ' • s- ,       i, i   -        -ti ,     • i   .,   i     i  i i   i Hon  nnd poos were tormed   l.v   p'.r-
.. \\ oi|ni sd,iv •■?*.'),      Ilei.oijs   were   read    'v     Mr.       A tria) of the Atlin urn   i-   t(|   l.e I ' . '
,.. lis- it -I i    ,. ii.- ii       ui     11   ties,   who   under   the   circumstances
The K. pf P-   Lodge   is   arranging   Young, by the Secretary and    Irenu*  made or) the Cl,il.| C\i\> i|ii|l      Should
, , , f    ,,    :   , .       .,, .... .     were not pied i-postd to tutor   eitliei
ir a dance qn Valentine's   ll.v,    the   uj-er, and by    l|m   Secrpf-aiy   pf   the this mil] test prpvo #iitisfii'.'tory   it   is .    ,   ,
r    i-       i-iu 'ia . i   ii       i   . i- -.i    -l.e I in ticiil.iriv,  |.|    take    up    these
ttli  ltVlii-nurv Liultes Aid Soetely.      lhe   managers probable  that   the   maphinery,   with ' ■" rl '
,.,»., , i *...i- I Ini-.     llie result was, ot course, that
.. ,, ,,,,'■ ejected   lor   lhe   pi'eseiip    tear   were |U xception (if till,   etiginp,   ..-   now.l
.Mr. md    Mi-.    Ilniigiilij   UiKlierof} I»,,      ,,,',,,,        i   ii   i,   m   i       i1 , i     ,, i  i.      ii *o  i
' W in. Olark, I'. Oampbell, l>. M.-l. I  owned by Ryan and li.uiellv,  ».ll 1.
removed this vveak fur Huokauo where    ,   .    .    , ,      ., .,, t .      , ,        :   .,,
' , Alex Utl.li>• and   Jiiliu   rra-iu    wilh' removed to Hear crpvk. am] will   ru
lliey will reside far the present. .. ... ; .     ,  .. '
: '-'etirv j*,eaiiis  I ii-a-*iir(T, regularlj on '.he Ail.n product.
S".' the handsome piutqros in S. 11. 	
Keaney's window,    ihw of these   ttill
lie given away with every ca-*>l| purch
ase ,,f ten .joll-'ii-i
'l!lds w.-el, was the  coldest   of   tl..
winter .-!IiIioiil;Ii the minimum record-
,„                      .,, .,        .      ed is  i.i.lv  I•*.. In-low zero,     Other
1 lie new saw    mill    on    I'oretipiuu
.    .   ...      vears the leniueraturc has dionoed  lo
Hotel Arrivals
\\'a..i...iik IIoiki.; —
II   Kiillerton, Xelson,
-i-i ii i. •      i ' i. l°         ii...   ,,,i,,-.   .......      **,.',,.,    en  eiion   nelson
I ho new saw   mill   nn   Porcupine] ■ "   ' ■*"*■•' "• .
Pi-eok, is nearly all in place, and   M,-. I >"al" lli" '«»!*'*"«» |'" ''"'I'H  ,u Com * olfle. Spokane,
\|-Kivevp,„-.i. i„-,a,,  sawing   this tw"ll» ,bal°*'    '"   ^ "mi""-'  ^ U* H. Ferguson, Salmp,
liftei-noon below bus  iili'eady   beep   cvi'.'i'i.'nei'd   A U. Hunker ami son, Nelson
1 this year. ,.,., ,,,.,, ,, ,,,._.
nliigena Orotoau formerly a   .-iti/ei.
,,..,, , , (In lluirsdaj lasi a oai.d   or     uve-
i,t  i our, und ihe   owner   or   sundry ■ ,
, .     ,       . ,.,       .' hiilo sporis troui Nelson struck   town,
mining cltiims hern, is a candidate, for .   . .
., .   , .    i,     ,     i with a vu -v ot   indue.ng   a   land   or.,.,,,,,,. . ,,    ,. .
iildormamp honours ... Itossland. ,. „, ,     ,      ,
■ Vmir ynun.i'siers lo go up to    Nelson    JJ, Lllnncliiird, Snlmo,
Win.  'l.io!al,ay,   fornuilt     black J llll(| Kive t>htum a hockay match. Thoy  S. P. Caw ley, Salmo.
Kiuithal the Dundee mine,   and   il c; must hate u-ed considerable   per-uia-      Uo^mocolitan lion:..
s. president of   the    Vmir    Miners' . <iv„ ,,|,,„,„.,„.,.  ,.,.;   K1,mB   of   lhe   hnvsllJ   l^,,,,.-   s,l,.„,
il(.l,|-',oli 1I..TBI.:-
P. Chapman, Vancouver,
S. .McKay, Nelson,
Charles 11, Drown, Spoktun
these parties threw their totes and
llillilel.ee (0 Houston ill older l(| ttin
their liels, and as it is safe to tiny that
■it least eight, of lliein uotl'd uj.oii
these ]i..es, Houston won out,
Great   Northerns   New
Trains Ape Now  liuuuin'g
I laily Into The Fernie
('(.al    l-'iclils.
I'i:s. president of   the    Vmir    Miners^ sjv(, ^o^.„,„,.,.  .,,;   Kup)e  „f   ,||(.   boys  H, J-jnof, S.ilino,
I  nioii,    is    slaiidiug    for    mayor    lit   wiio had net er eton   had    n    pair    of i (). J |, (',„ vetll, Nelson,
Phoenix.   ■ i -kati-s op, were anxious t.. gp up  ami j s, ]*-. (.',t« !,••., lialiho,
Miles Mclnnis is starting lip in llie'I'luv. :  It. Sheri-ailen, Salmo,
i.oi-th half of  the   now   building   on       John Houston   was   sworn    in   as    '*• Will'g*»-*-"i *Moiii.i|.a,
Pirst avenue,    Ho will run a  lol aco .   Mayor of J-Jelsnn ul  lOt-Jfj   p.    in.    on 	
„„,| cignt-jstpre, and ,-d-i, put it. a line Thursday night.    We hnv I I end j ♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•^♦*>#*>*>*t>*»*>
of , fectjoncry and fruit, .,pt whether ho started out at unci  to'-* **
M.vmtlBO.—At Princetowti   un    the close up lhe uambling   games       Tl.e
ii 1 st Decefiiber 1001, by the  Un*..  .V  tinhorns whom ho   has   piour--1   •■■
(Ust Decefiiber 1001, by the  l!..v.   \- t.iiliorns whom ho   has   piomisecl   to ♦
,1.    Knwlin   (Proshyteriair),    J.     M. lire, will   find   it   cold   reeoption   in |     A t'1'OS.S Ijjurked    111    lllis
Wright, of the Sim'ill -on S,,,,-.   •„ ymir, sinco Constable   Fr-iser   closed |  imlicntcrt   llnil
Mi-s M. I,  Whillians,     Huh   form down ontho gaums at-the li.rst nt the .♦  «
ei-ly of Ottawa.—Siiiiilknn.om Slai'i year, 9 vour slllisci'int ioll is  in    ill'-
S. ti. • Verl-'es, geiicnl Western passenger agent of the Great Northern,
reports that the new branch running
from ltexford, Mont., to Pernio H C.
ttliicli i- known as lho "Crows' Nesi
Southern" branch, is in excellent fundi.inn, and is handling .several trains
daily of coal from the pernio mines.
Tin' passenger service over tho
(.'rows' Ne-i Southern branch ol the
(ir,-,-.! Northern was inaugerated on
January Huh. Thu schedule is made
up so as in connect with lhe No. •!
Ureal Northern liter. Leaving Per
\ uie at Ml o'clock a. in., the run to
Roxford is m,nl,- so as to reach that
place ai |-J:30 p, in , connecting with
llie overland fcrvire, ntid arriving in
,        .     .       ,    , JI Sent tlo al '...'JO a. m, of the followine
vour subscription is in   ur-X ,        ,  , ,- , ., ,,,
1 ii day, and at viillcouver at ,i:|i. p,    in
Nelson, Sal.no is lil.ply tp exppi'ietleii
a revival of good tin,,'s antl to at lasi
fi.if.ll its early promise. Mi S
Oresnaliain pxperl fur Patsy Clark
has beep interviewed, and allho'igh 1,(.
has not iielin itply staled *p far, Iiiiii
tho deal is c-iinuli)(|t:i|, there is etc--,
reason |o beliovp that Mr. Clark's llu
day option over some of tin,* most important ipines pf S(|!uui, will be lake,,
up. The properties ipn|er option art '
the Queen, Vel|ow;diine and (Jpnpet|
groups, all of wlpoh aro practically
contiguquM to qnn another. Qf these
the Yellowstone i.s tl,p oldest, ami
some years back was worked with il
large force. It is equipped with i.
ten stamp mill, from which ppofitabli
runs, continuing ..\.-r seypral t.-ai-
Here made, ft is sai|l, that. pllliuugl|
at the time the Yellowstope (.'o.
ceased operations there was liltlu on
in siiili l, it is only a fines tion of morn
extensive development   to   open   up
further blocks of ore.      The    Vcllim
stone Co is represented in   i|us   di*
tricl by Judge Porin of Nelsop.
Since tbe Yellowstone   inine   shut
down, itt; mill has     been   ncni t Ik-Io-'
in nearly constant operation, ih.	
supply unrnii-g from the -Juecii mini,
adjoining, A gra\ ity tram conneei<
this nline with the Yellowstone mill,
he Queen is ow lied by John \
urner, William Wiilflie and Mil.-
Scully uf Nelson, but il first became
a producer undor tho Holmes syndi
c-ite. This syndicate leivse I it, t .-
gothci with the Yellowstone mill, and
iue known to have mado largo profith
by their operations extending ..t,-i
about eighteen month-. Common l'<
port plums thcii not profit at uvei
•J40.000 during that period A'ftei
ihe expiration of ihe syndicate's le i- ',
William Waldii', ono of lhe owners
leased the oilier I tt o   liiirds    hi Id     le.
lis partners, and has since  been   op.
The batohelors   entertained   ilu-ir      u'1'"   W*-'1-**1'''   enptured   n   large Z     _       , s%(. NN((U|,'  |,r ,rJ.,,l Z The now service for the present, is   tolerating tlio property on Iiiu
 • near   lhe    Illotlth    of    Held.'Hi}    ,'      ' '      4 ,..'..,.    ,.      ...   .. i...
loiv frienjlg nt a llntchelui's dance   in   ''  '" :  "'""'   '""""'   "'    " '"'*"  11 he limited to onjj train   n   -lit-.-,,;,
iIn-Miners' Union Hall lasi Tuesday.   C U ll,is "'""•*'    Tl"1 •"■■'•■■•■ w,l«   » ttrtllOftl'
i .■ :.    i ... I    .... I    ', P..II.,    T
4 ' oe iiiuiieo  to one ii uu     it     unv     ■
IrOlll    vol)    if   VQtl{ way between Ite/ford and Pernio
; w\>\\ io have it. contiiiiicd.
count, milling the ore   i.»    heretofore,
nt the Yellowstone mill.    II.   is i",.-.
i working a farce of   men,   uu i ir
llie .Miners  i.nu.n nan last  lliesday.
Tl.e,,. wasa   big   turnout,   and   the '■"•-*' "'"f its kind  and   beautifully   ^	
general opinion is that it was one of I t»*mi-    •Mowdd rejiurts that a band X wj8], ro lmve Jt continued,   i i „,                 ,.        ,     ,                  laaso and from tho frequency   of
,,         ,           .- ,                 ,,   of tliem amioariid to im going  sotiih, 2                                           i file Lumber   Industry.       ,   ,  t   i-ii.t.     . 11 • i
ihe  most   successful   and   enjoyab e    '            ''                    h    "           '; ».4AAAAA/,AAAAAAAAiL,iAAA.Ar J       output of gold bricks and high   4r.1l,,
1  ■ ,,.,, ,,,;      ,,  .- .., ,.,-    ,,,, .    ,,|-    11,_    ******************4***444* ■ 	
dances ever held in Vmir, and this onn ran foul ol   on-   ..I   the     ouncentrates must bo ninking   con   I*
traps ho   hud  set,      The   heaver   is]                      '    "     ' Whilo tl.e Ottawa policy nf   refus*  emi,|■. ornfit
The loose-leaf stylo of b.iokkee|.iiigL„ what of 11   rate   awima!   in   this             Cheap-    Mining. ing protection to liimher lum tiiado   ill    T|,0 other'nronertv included in  tlui
.. .1 .- :.       1 1:   I                                           _ ...   1 ,    .            .   .        .,             -ii         .-I           1    '"   ■       I      1    '
is becoming' popular aiming the   m.-r-  ..eoiioh, ulthoiigli ttuces of its   handi- !
eh mis in lottn.    This   Kystdm   saves  work In fotmcr vuurs  limy   often   be      Mining Heeorder, Oenver, Coli    I
I......I. I„l„. u I .1 ,'.     ,.,,.'   1 ■ 1 .1      1       1        .- . 1 -.. is is s 111 tod  I lint    the     It.    ('      ('1100,
■ - . , 11,- , 1,,,, ,   ,,, ",,, 1 , ,   , 1,   ,,,.,. -.
unprofitable tonpeinte   thu   mills  of ()eu|| (i| Ums|| pw [||Q ,,,.,,,„,,
.,. ,, 1       1, ,,  ,       1.   I —1 . I ileal, Is Kliow 11 as 1 no lii-nn,-it       1
'""   ">-*«' l^" w,.rk in f./l'n,er vear iy   oftdn   be     » Ig 1 ceodc,, U nier, Col,    It    U„H ,„.„,,„,,.„, ,,,,,,,,'i,,,   ,lKl.    ,P       n    (.       ,
•phoI, cistoimir's   ac. ,■•„*, .vert'd ou the hunks of the   Hyo,-, is is stated thai   the   11,   C,   CoP|*er UjiwHiy, American investors profit in   n. iit,|P duvulonnnnl   work In    I
 I"1 Ly oh-t-rvant I.. ,-. C , yh.isUtelv   made  i,   reco.,1   ,,„„,,      ,.||B), |||ng   ,„    >         P ;
-Pr'f't «•.-»."«  for      A. ..„..,„„ ,„„„.   H   ,( .,„  1:„ ' '»*'MI'»   »»«<■     '"   ""'--   theCan, „.•„...-, in   tin.   N'orth   \^n^Jj-i7,   be   re,
,.,.,,... ,,.,.,,,., ' ,-lists.      I  ills ,1.111111;   Ihe    pas      tin         ,        ,,,   . 1 ... •,., M
1                  .ti,*, ,,i ih.-   1-ith   inst,    Mr.   S,  H.\      .     ,                         ,'     ,           west and they are buying the  llritish L.^,
.    , ,    -...,.„   ,.  .   ..,.    ,           Iweeks.h,-   i,t,-,,,e„   i...iMl,.r   „t   moil   Columbia   hums   dial   „..,-   , nen       , 1	
much labour, ii*j*eanh einloiiuii''s   a.-
enillll i- iheidt
of 1 ho month, 11
1 ho pel 01 -la-Hi I
»,' i-i. s  in-      a - 1 1 ni:e      1000 in ,      01     1 ne, 1 , ,   1         ,  ■        ,       ■
Tl,.- j„.    I,,-,,!,.,,    |,.,-    i-omineneed.    I'avlol K* C. i-ch:i    I a »evere eallinu          ,              ,,     v.,,        .    1 Columbia  lllllil
employed al 11..- Mother   l.".le    mine, ,    ,.1 1 in,    ,    ,
I., -,ht and liii-l, nn..  i. , ■■ :!,-•   i I    lown from Chief J    '   u   Hunter,   in , , I     "" '    "'
including ......er», muckers, engineer-, ,  ,      ■   ,
tionil at tho iiorLli-wesi. end  of   town,    Vieioiiu,    Tin oeeiision wis   liiylors                     ,               ,   ,,      , int uinuei,
1                                                                                                                                                            1 a.pe.del-, I.os-es nnd all    oilier-.     I- ...,   .   .,       ,.
.   ,., J    . ,1 I .,.,■.,    I.  , 1 ■..    I   ....,,    1   1, ■ • 1 , , ,r I         ,,.,    .11    ih   .,,,1,1  ill.    1,1,   m.I I,   >>,,.l.           Mini, I   ,,,'     I ,     t I   l-l '
Columbiu  limits   dial   our   1nllh1.cn I    Tl|„ |h |1|,l|l,vli„.   .,„,
il'" 'fll"'r   '"''|M  ""   cat. undoubtedly lw worked   to
I the tllillii'i'. 1 1    1    ■ ■       ,
ie.irpn.iei-, hos-esand all   others,    .-      ,.-,     ,.     , , ,      ,,,,,,   . ,,,„„ J ■•■Ivanugp, and their united 1
mid others have I n cutting ice   .1 lion in secrifig h H hwi si-,   and    .       , .    ,, ,,   ,     ''"' llm',"1"1-'    "",lM   »"'"""»-   ....,    ........ * ,.    ..._,     .
, -I V-t'.lll.       Ill   the     -a      Illlo-     tin
of du* i-iyer    John Philbwt Is   mak-   iu|vit-,ing his elieiirt lo  ti insfer   lhe
. ■ 1 ne  11.-ti iseoku    ner no    ni'-niion-. -
, ,-iv-fou,.    In tho   -    (ime   theL, ,        p,,,!,,,,,,,,,!,,,   \mhev  ""-ke ttfonuidiihle   .,,,,1   of   ,
'" "\"'     ',"1"1  " '-    '<k I'idviKing luo.-io   n,,,,tor   ih.-ii !,„„.„„ .pi,,,,,,!,,,,. rt,.,.k Has,.t-erai-i-d '       ,.. Light      In thu I Is of nn   ,-,-.
ing ice for hinwlf, in >.   wooden   hnv, ,   ,       .,  - ,-, ,.   ,,,   ',.,.--,,        ,- mi, company about lo   erect   it   fifty   01     - '
priipi'ity from lh.*..'iiafiies, att"i    the   ,125,-1 lolls ol  or",      I Ins   gives   an ,   ■ .,,:,.:..„ ,„ ,„ .„,..    „.,,, ,,..,
■ 1 1 ■        ' * 1    . 1 1111 * 11 . 1   ■     1 ' 1 ' I   1111111JIL:   I ll 111    m IM1       I 'I 1 'till •'' -I
Hill   bus a rea. \   |IH  up-i good    'p.an- ,. ,  .-    ,-.,-,,.     S XtV  I lou-and    dollar    null    in    this ° '
'   ' ' hiry had broiiidit 111 a vei t ngaiust   avi'rnge j er week- per   man   ul   fifty-        • ..     ,    „.,,.,..„....„   ,,
ih,.,.,  i„, 1,.,-„,.  ii,,,   ,, 1 ,    „f   the  '"' ' '■"'•. '"   «   ,i,lllv average   pi'ovincc, merely   ...   ordor   to  hold
th.'lll,  l)Ut DetOlt.    Uie     ..III ol      till ■ I,,..]   „,„,„   I,, develop  til,-in.   up    to     t|
||,'ineni,licr to keep   Pebriiai v   the .,    11 mi       i...i.._l l«*r inaii of 11 little more  than  seven | umber for a tew years,   .inni   11   -be- | • ' '
'"       -,'■,  -                                       th,.,,,  buthefore  ihe   ... I .-    of   tl.e  "" • '"'' '"   il    >  nverago   pi'ovincc my   111   o.i.or  •
'                                                      in.iu, out, ui-roi.    111.      ...  .                                                                                                                                               ,.|    ,      1 bed upon lo develop lliein. up    0   tin.
iuinendiei-In  keen    Pe irii.n v    lie               ,     ,,                 ,           .,-,        ,    i       p, r mini ol a I.l lie   ..ion-   I lum   seven   limber for a tew years,   mm! 1 i    ,t    ,lj.-- ,           •                       '                 '
""''''    I       '       ' ■ eollll    1.1     l.-on    line, he     .lll,l»e    ' -I | , ,
,. ,                   1       ,,-,      ,    ,-   1    .   1                                                                   inns     'l'l, in, 1   nil-out d i-    not--                    1                  111 ghesc degree wiirranted,    ll ey    ■ ,1
I ...h disi-u-'.ie ,|        li,,-    I.i,di.s    Aid                                                                      ; ions.     in.  mini  is   uu -iu» inn     10 >h- 1 < -. >■ ■ n •-. mu.-ii     tali.ill,     ac !
older,-I lhe pioperlv in oe n-toiod lo   .                            o          o          i i                ,- , i     1
..... goingfro give a cncerl   and   s.le '      ' log exceptionally well, a   largo   new    IMl 0f Hcarcitv across   the   border.   "mko "m"J'  ''"-""' ,li"' '""
"• *«* * 'i '.-■ >■ "■Uw •'::":,, '•"'. !,,,fl,;1nf ]> w« •> u»^ ■ uy°' ■ ^t n„. n,,,,,,, u,,.. „ ,„,,,,,.,.i-— ««■;«»« i-t— «••««< ■
...:n  uv.it.. 1              .* .:     i......      1 inn sled A i-     ni- ur. e milium* that.     1  ........... \'   ...:   \-...;..    1. .    I                                                       '       ' •              ,   .  ,          ■,, .
"■'■(■  "*•.".■   "' '  :  '"I"'1""1 "»'-"" ; |-|... n.,,,1,1 i,*.i!,..... i,,, ,....,„..„..,,,   I""'"" "'"."'- I"'"l'"-"- '»'!■" I'
will proli'tihly be one of the best,   ever; roasted .Mr. I nylor, clniiniiig that he      '|'l,o Hunter V. mine at Ymir   hits   ,                     .......    ,..         vine,*, and Salnu. will have tl	
•   '., '.          ,            •       ,            11           •,.     1           i- ,  1.1 r             ,                     iii-              1 M*1 that lumbering 111    llritish   Coliitn-
given 111 '.yrtnr,    1   '"ill   intrndiiee I had 1 n guilty or an   iiulicliiuie ot-  -eteral   limes   equaled   this   record,                                                               fiction of beiim kept   eniistaiitlv
 ...ov;...lei,i.      Kuril,.,' |,a,ton-   fCI,sl, and cuhietiipl. nf curl. 11 hiring November   lasi   the   avortigi.  bi(l *'" i" a ■*»* >-«w bo exceedingly   '     ,„.,..,..„„„               '" ,   "
, l-.ll *.l i.l l'>Ml'IIJ.jMIItHll.',l*"-ll,lMll''l ll'_l'
Iiii-m l-itttv: on. .utpul was loO tons per day,    whieh , profitable, even without the assistant •          '                                 '
 . 1 1                                          1    is*., m                            1                     1    ,    production.       News   of   the    delinili.
  was produced by Sixteen miners   and Jf tariff protect ; an.I protests  th-itj1
McCorouodiilean I Walker are liusj ...        .,                .            ,     eonsilmiiinl
.,..   I,,        ■--       1,   •       ,     r-i„      1.        muckers, making an aver.  , .     .  ,
p.epniW to move the Windsor hotel,     I - j t* ci Brigade Signals,
d.m 11 to.'tho    block    ...'M    lhe   di...
ill,      News   of   the    deliuitu
,.     ■    f..        111        ,. .      .       ., ,    . consummation ol tin- d- al 1*.  expe t<
i-ngo ni   nine  it wool I bu Unfair   thai    those   who
nnd ft half tons   p.-r   day   per   hum.  have invested large sunis   .,;'   money.
.the   block   ...'M    lhe   drug anu ft hair tons   per   day   per   mnn.   have in vestud large sums   ,,;   money
There are  Kcver.il   dillicullies      |.',re chief Coll'ey ha-  prcjinre I   the Taking the whole forco itf  lire   mine,  employed largo numbers of men,   niu
leg.iuiiitud   in   lemoviug   this   fu|}0%vinx signals for handling the llie  excluding only those who ojeralo the  helped to create 11  good   minki'i   fn
nnv day,
Manitoba  and    Territorial    pioiluee,    l'»W"M'K»l-lN   Cnriicii
, .   . , -    '   ■■  CHCIICII  NOTII I
'"I'lding, which is 01 f   lho  li.rgi.Kl   ii|,||,h|.    S|„;1|v  nll,:u.,   Ml,,„,s   dro, tramway, which would   conic   umli       .
mid mo I substantial in low 11.    I1 ha*                 ,                        ,    , ,    ,      ,   ,. ,             ,  ,- .         ,             .111
One -tioke (.11.11 1 1 t'to slroke-(piiusel the head ot 11 alls poll ulioii    eo-ls,    ,u    should h
'oiii-.imi the hill ,,|  the so. Illd of                             ' .                     ,.,-.,,
1                          ,                                    three strokei   m. ans a call lor lull- to twenty four men during   .In- period,   fore • of 1,  iirrnni   o,    ,. ,
I 1.*t at..im.-, and on.-s .0.-i-the   ni.    ""                                                   ' '                              '                                 •             pies Society meets on I'rida\   eiennijj
lowbndgeerossinu  guni-m   creek   al   h.mdlo ihu   hosti   wliiin   tll-yinj<   11I11J and tl.e avera-^e per   mull   is  i.bi.rl)  pi ion, during which il  i.  probable  .,, , ,„.)n,.k.    Ap ,„,. ,,.|,,,'„,     \Mi
the fool of il,.- lull,                            reeling it up uftor use. jthu wnl as at the Mothei txftle.         imitiy wfiilld bo iqurt-tell out,              n. young, M, A., I'uatoi,
I f
^999999 9999999999999999SkA
The 1835 R. Wallace Silver   Plated  Wan?
lis designs arc unequalled in beauty
nnd we guarantee its wearing quality.
As a gift or an addition to your own
table nothing could be nicer than our
|.   Spoons nnd Forks in the Floral Pat-
fcern, French Grey finish.
Among011* other speealties in Jewelry, Watches and Novelties, will be
found many attractive tIiius Suitable
for Christmas presents.
0, —— ~—,
—_  j«
Our Watch Repairing departtmenl   \V
q\  is first Has* in every respect. Send us  \]f
j\\   vour work We guarantee satisfaction.      yo
_». ._-____   » W     lit to thoot tvithi
PATENAUDE BROS.  | ; ;; •»
\l/   I'lcr. '1 have a Iii
w I1-
Manufacturing Jeweiifii'H and
Lord Roberts on the Brit
ish Army.
sullicient    ttl    .'liable    l.l.l.    to    shoot
slraiiilit and carry out simple1 orders,
if ever hii services are   required   for
Lord Robert-., in the "Nineteenth | national defence."
t'eiilury" points nut some of the Ies-| "OfllcBrV he says, "are no loiiyer
.sons learned from the present wnr ill I directly ahltt to control their men be
the fur Must He frankly points out]cause the fighting formation bus been
existing deficiencies In tlm present cltahfted, and, therefore, the men
British Army,    He writes' I must havo a far higher   standard   of
"A tenible lesnoti awaits the mu Individual intelligence) while among
lion "hose soldiers find themselves op-|tl,e "nil'''ls '"nilli^ncC, shit-reliance
posed by e,|U.illy brnve but buttei ftml t,,e PO*"!'*** O-f leading must be on
trained oppononU on the field of b.it* i,l P-'opoHldnately higher level, The
1!,-. .No amount of mtmevi 1.0 nation-!ljBtte*4 fo1' 'll0 '■•"l>s *»•>■■ the hour of
id sacrifiefs will thcii avail; for mods tl'hil cotnes
t-i n warfure moves fast, und time Inst
in pence .'.in never be made up during
the stress ..I a eampiil^ii. I bold
Ibis view slrilnglyi anil willlld Ul'gd|
my fellow -1 oilnttviill'iii   with   all   thi
tore i.l illy collillinlill,    ID   look    tllt'l           111!  I listlilillll Society
plain.facts ill the fai'e." '  —
Kurl Koberts does not a-lvowitt- j What Is rcgnHled us thb most
'.iiinpulsiirv-Service, "beuattsB it is (lis- j liable collection of ali-.-ietn jokes in
tasteful io the nation and iucotijpati* I existence lias just been presented to
bio wilh the conditions cf nil unit*/ j the Missouri State Historical Society
which lms it largo proportion of units , by W, ll. Thompson, of dear Colum-
Iu foreign service, but, ui'iilitailis that | bin. These ur(' in 10** alninlllics, one
Great Britain must have a lofg.1. re-! for each year sii.ee 17'..,*.
serve force) and 'if the citizen* nf Wl III lhe al.nafiac for M(J(, now just
great and prosperous a nation as ours , a ceiilt'rv ago, (oilsidehible .pace is
are to remain exempt from cOmpul- devoted to "original jokes, witty it*
sory service III tillte of p''(ict' Withntlt, fDal'lcA nflil htimoiotis nncedotes."
lhe safety of the  Empire1   being   en* 1 Hero illo ft few   of   thl> ''very funny''
llnneeied, the tight olurt "f l«eil ItlUBt .things' hi the idd/nii'iiV of iMli-
bo attracted td   the   army   l/y   good ,     -a profess,,,, li-etitrifig .„, tiei.l, M,.'
se'rved that tfne of its iriosi   cc/rMpiea--
weather are. longer than those in
"Sir John Doyle, on being informed by a tr,.telle that ho had been in
a country where the   bugs   were   so
lingo nnd powerful that IWo of lliein
would drain a man's blood in a single
night, humorously replied; 'My dear
-ir, we hnve similar animals in Ireland, but th.re we call them hum-*
"A .inni having been capitally con
victed at Old Bailey wns, us usual,
asked what he had lo say why judge
it'i : uieiii of death should not be passed on
loin. 'Siiyl' replied he, 'why I think
the joke litis been curried far enough
already, nnd the less said the better—
if yon please, we will drop the subject."
"In ,1 newly ranted corps a soldiei
lately observed to bis comrade, who
was nn Irishman, that a corporal was
to be dismissed from his regiment.
'Faith and indeed,' said the Irishman,
'I hope it is the corporal who is so
troublesome in our company.' 'What
is his tiaineC replied the other. 'Why,
corporal punishment-, lo be sine,' le-
plied Pot."
"A person who could not read n
syllable took up a newspaper in 11
New York coffee house, and, holding
it upside down, pretended to peruse
the ship advertisements on the first
page with «icut attention, 'What
nows;1' inquired a bystander, 'There
has been a great storm in the West
Indies,' replied tho reader, 'The
vessels are all upset."
"A country squire asked a mem
Andrew why he was playing the fool,
'For tl.e same reason you do,' said he.
'out of want. You do it for wunt of
wit, I for want of money,"
"As a broker wus folding some
bank bills a wu}1 observed: 'You must
grow rich fast, 1 perceive you readily
double your money.'1
' A poor country hawker being detected in the act of shooting a butch-
el bird, was taken before a justice.
.So, fellow,' ciied the justice, -you see
fit to shoot without 11 license, do you?'
onor,' said the olfen-
icense   for    huWklng.'
1   Baying   he   handed  his   peddler's
ruse, and the bird shot being a
hawk) he was discharged."
''When .Mr. Alexander Hun Was
discharged from the Ivlinbiirgh customs hnttse the entry made against
his name was! 'A. Gun, discharged
for making a false report,"
Ancient   Jokes.
lOhl-Time Wit  Preserved  l.y
A Hard World.
"Mama" said little Annie, tlged
seven.. ' If I stay an old maid, -shall
I be like Aunt .land"
"Yes, probably, my dear,'' mild her
"And if I get married shall I have
a husband like papa?"
"Oil deal'. Ilsabar.i world folds women isn't it mother.
Wo    carry   the   leading   brands    imported     Liquors
nnd Cigars,  Stout,   Ale,    Brandy   and   Wine
E, VV. Witliloweon.
III.t.Kt-.l(A..K   AMI    INHUMAN! B.
Percy J. (ilenzer.
111 "roiiKk.
John I'liilberl.
DUV   COOllS    ANI,    OBNTS   n.llNISIIINtlS
Ii. Campbell.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
I-lKNITl'l.l-:    1IKAI.EU.
William Clark.
I). Campbell.
DcsBtlsay Jobbing Co.
S. II. Seaney.
tjosiiiopnlltiiii—John Breau,
MeLeod House—l-'inliiy Mot-coil.
Miller House—8  Miller.
Palacp—Tail t Hiuhly.
Vancouver—Owen Boyer.
Waldorf—George Col man.
Yniir—J. W. Mustel'son.
I.AIllKS     I I HMSlllMi     AMI       MI11IKEII
.Mrs. John Md-eml.
Percy J. (ileazcr.
Herald Publishing Co.
1). Campbell.
S. II. Seaney .
H:irshti.w & iVilsou.
Jackson & Leahy.
Alex. Otldie.
Willia in Clark.
Fire chief Coti'ey has prepared the
following signals for handling the fire
alarm: Steady ringing means fire.
One stroke (pause) two strokes (pause)
three strokes, menus a call for help to
handle the hose when drying and
reeling it up after use.
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ey.
'I1 he only all roil route between
points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson, Grand Forks and Re*
public. Buffet curs run between Spokane und Northport.
Effective June Hit:. 1908,
r.ciivc DoilyJTrain Arrive
8.45 a.m Spokane 6.1*5 p..m
10 40 a.m        Rosshind 4.86 pirn
9.iii a m Vmir 0 85 p 1.1
7.20 a. pi Nelson 7.20 pin
11:86 .1 m     Grand Forks       4 1.0 pin
8.30 a.m Kepublie 6.15 pin
Seattle,    Tacoma
St. Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
palace and tourist
sleepers,  buffet,
library   car-s,   modern*
day coaches,
dining Cars,
Tiik best iihand of domestic
The Kootenay   Standard
and   Juanita.
"77" C.   Thelin  Q'Gol
Nelson, li. ('.
gband cumal hotel
Nelson b. e.
(ippohile Courthouie and   llbrt.   rant
ollii'e.    I Iest io i Int'liI    ii)    town.
■  i Kuropbati .,...1 Ainolicili pl'in
val- I ' '
Only   whill)     labbf     ilnplnyitl.
First oln'is liar
l«*iisl-class Jliliili;,' I'o.iin.
I'.cst blntliIs of Wines
Liqimi's ami Cigars.
Best  Meals   on   Wheels,
2    FAST   TRAINS     Q
Special   Excursioh   Rates
To World's Fair, St. Louis
Your Choice of Route.
I'or rates, folders and full inforni.»lioi*l
rejjarilihg Hips, rail on or dl'tlress nil
ugent of ihu S. V. * N. Hallway or
<i. F. & P' A.       (1. P. &T- A.
T10 VV. Kivci-sAre Spokane
Headquarters for ftining
atid Conimerciai 'Men
OWEH  I'.liYI'.lt, Prop,
Second A\0.
THOMAS .li KIlli.'KStjX,.
Hotel . . .   ;
bonditiona of pny inni ptfiwiom and it
is the boumlen duty of llift state to'
tue th.it every   able'-bodied   man   in
tin*, .-.-unlry,- no rtniflor tO what gfade
o.-iely    he   helon;
kfKi.vl.Klg0 "f tiiililury Duel
1111*1     some
on iii youth
oul prbpni'tlM rf.is (he power   ,,-f   t-.i-
■piindil'to   all    liddios        A    liUIHul-oUs
studei/t rose in Id-,   seat   and    a-tl-ed-
'In Ih^t tl|0 f.'1-.on the davt in    iVi'uo
(1,'iniii' i'iiiiri-1-r new nnmtlgehifliit,J    II
Dining Kooiri   mul   Bar t
*!ti|i|ilie.l  wi'li   the   best t
ill tlie lu.iiUcl.
***************** 44444444
Delivered nny
place in town.
Stove Leng-rhrs
Per Cart Load.
Most comfortable hotel in tl.e dis1
ttieti    Everything first-clas1-..
YMIR, a. C
PHRftll   AMI  SAl.TI'.ll .vIl'.A'I'S
Wholesale anil Het.til
Mail ot-de.s receive prompt attention
JOHN  iMliUUOKT,  Prop.
Uiglli   l.|i]i(i*iite   tli |i..1,   Y
,IOHv,l BttBAU   Prop1
: 4
I'oilo   Rico
Lliinnef Co. Ltd.
\X44+4*44444*4,t4444444i44'  X
BAM  M1U.KH, Prop,
Hcndijimrtors fof Mii'nng Met'
r.iu' supplied with UM lirnndu J
.vines; liquors and (jignrs.
V nw A>t sni','
I'tililli-lii-.l  ,-v„rv  s-tf nr-lity n,i-l inilili.il   n, i.ii.v
iii.-I.-.---. or .1.1,.,■,-,-.I lo ,;iirri--r in t,,-i:i.
.-iii,-cri|'..tiiii- W.U) [<i1 milium, |iu)'i|1,lii in ...l
\.h.rii-iii_- rail's, ll BO bit
|j.t i.-i'io
l.lll    lit.i:-.   I, .-1,0   li.-   laid    Ir.-i,i    nil   I.iltlnill
.■ .\-,l.-.i|. r-oi iii-ili-'.ri.'.i..,r <-:.n  in- ol,la!ni-il
_*.r- -■ i from llu- Hill,:.-.
InniiiiiTuiiil   |-rii,i,ji--£  '■'   rv.-ry    -
luiieoii lhe i-r.-ml-M-*- ni -i-oi-lunl i-ii.
I-I io t-io ii io. -i in:
11.   l-'K.lltNS,   ll AN-.Kil-'lt,
SATURDAY, -IAN,  14, 1905.
emigrants yviw raised to -r-j()0 a   head, j
This l.nd   dm   desired   effect,   being
practically ii prohibitive measure,  en- i
tiroly shopping the influ.N of Colestials 1
1.1 also had the effecl of cutting dy\\ n |
UI IS    HONOUR    tin-    l.ii-n.onaiit-
Oovernor iu Council,luui been
pleased to appoint lho lion i\ ('ai -
hundred tliii.iv.nd dollar*, p.-i- annum, ter Cotton, Ji-r&sidenl of il„. E^ocu-
und further embari'iissing tin-do.orn-   tive Cuuueil, tho lion. It. 0,   jl'ntlow,
tlm revenue of the    Proi
in.-i-   several
incut which    "as   already   I'm-in:
Minister ot' Kiniu.ce,    David    l(u-
The Provincial Legislature meets
lho first week of ne**.'- inyiith, and tin..'
t -vsion will bp u,n especinlly iij.ti'ie.-*-
J ing one. There are several import'
nut measures to cone.-, up before the
Jiouso, the introduction of w-jiiclj ^.e
public i-: eagerly awaiting,, 'flip
pi i I loud program promised by Mj'.
M.'-l'iide, is on. of the-,/*, and if ttj*. w.e
hive reugon t,o believe, i,t is a measur/..
calculated to greatly epppjjfagp rail*
;.\av building   \''ii)..i',i   ilip   piflyip.ee,
;,vitho..t unduly giving away tl.e
rountj*y's resources, i;, y.jll in'.'pt wifh
a measure pf public nppropatip/, y|.i,c|.
will greatly strengthen the hands "f
;ln- present administration, J);.i-
(h-nco.s are not \yanting, thai the nexf,
few yeai-s wijl witness a great increase
jn the present transpoptatipp facjli-
ii.-.-. l.v means nf new railway enterprises, .Hid if these enterprises are
carefully fostered, and pneourager) by
judicious legislation, t|ie benefit to t|)e
Province will be incalculable.
N.-vt iu iuipo|tiuiue is tiff; readjust*'
(in'iit of the Assessment Apt. The
Ait at present in force lias been the
subject of many criticisms,  apd  the
Mi-Hi id" government has shown every
disposition to adjust ii to n shape
ino.-i- conformable with the Irishes of
lhe people. A large revenue, is now,
find necessarily ini|sl l.e, derive.) from
this source, and it i* extremely  di'li
cull so to adjust the workings of   the
Ad, that it shall not press unduly on
liny .-e.'tion   ..t'   the   community.
The conditions undo.' which the pies
enl Government tool:  ovor the reins
of power, when they had to fa.''' a
large deficit left l.y proceeding tlov-
eriinioiits, mado it  imperative thui an
increased til\.11i-,11 shimld   he   applied
in sonic Mai' oi' other,     Ami in »hat
i-.ci• nay tin. ini'i'i-iisi'   WHS    lllilde,    il
tut* safe lo say that   one   portion   of
llu- ,-..iiiiiiilnily  W'ollld    hale    a    kick
imning, mid consider itself unjustly
treated.   The present asseviilienl Act
W n- an i'M'oi t   in the    I Ighl     direction,
since it In-ill*, principally uu those
hesl able to afford it, Nuvot theles*
lliere ur I'tnill as| t-   of   its   pro
l„ ..,„,, I, fi  ;,      -ll -,- I Ker. of the Citv of Vicluui,:.   JCsniiiic
la.ge (Jeltt'lt-     I ne    opposiinin    press | ■ •   "    *
.',,'.', ,   , and JohauneK Jlunl/.en, of tlieCity of
is loud in denunciation or the present   lr ,.
Vancouver, l-.-ijUi.-o, to   In-   (.onunis-
(.o.'.'i'i nui.-nt because it has   it-it   sue- ,      .,      ,,,, i ,-     ,
1 '   •     . "   ."•        "*"■      -.oner-   under   tlie   . 'I 'll one   Ji .< pu ill's
.ended in    iiiiniii"  the   largo deficit   Ael" % tlm purpose of emigiriiigiiHO
injo a surphis, in .-ipil.e of these  dilli-i and r.'p.,r,t.ii.-ig .upon the   operation   of
eultics     .^ne cannot    eat   ones   cake . l1"'•"A-scssiniytt Ant, ,1 Od.'J," with re-
,,M i,    i i •< .i jspect to it-: practical hearings   on    the'!
and linyi.- it, lio.v.cviy, anij if the   pen-I   ' -  ' " I
,-.... I financial i.nqyh-ewent-.   pf   the   Pro-;
j.Ir ito.is.i- oil ,tli.,-.- st.ippao,, of .Chinesel  -
' ' ''  ° i vinep.
eini'i.,it;oo ,.;..; •i-...,v,p,.i'.,tly   «,f   tl.ej    T|,e saiij L-o.ij.n^sigi,ers   «i Id
considerable revenue derived th.-.v- their firs,! /.nr-eti/ig a,t ihe o-licc.of the
J'rom, il if J.ia./Jly j/_i oi-de; I-, oil- out ' MioJ.Y.v of Fijian.ce, ,on Tuesday, the
because tho   proyi/un'al   iflcoijoe   hasi 10th .day /if .Jmuiary, 1*90^, ni ^Q   a.I
i,„,  ,i„    i      ,.,.,. ...    ; in., of which   all   persons   in-terested
tjeen /;cajue>tiu.     $f.\U.   »;.   ,oj.p/..s.;.oiiJ ' '
' ,  ' ! are hct-eby lo Like notice up.*!   govern
paper, in sea'-ch of  a   cry   UBainsJ;  ai  . .' ...
■'   • ' -    *'    lr      thefljsej.v.es .\c/co«w;igv.
government, does n,ot   gejier-all}'   em       „     .    * . ,,      ,     , n_,
•i    r-r.       i provincial ciet-retaryti 0-»jire;
ba,-.-as iftsejf v-if); ji-^cnl   ;'e.-st.-ic-tio.i.s. j pth pecppijb.e-', IflO-J.
/ll Up\\pf rfir.eetipns,   l^j,e   ni-m-ini-iiil •               .mi        i ■
revenues ,\vjll ^e fflflnd t,y  |iaye   b,e,en ;
iu.iy.uiisi'd,    Jffjiilp   ej<pcnil''t,u;es   l)ij.yp
bee;i cpnsi,(f,ei'al)|y   cut   ,dow;i.       'J'li-? ■
I)eal(\i> jn Sta-jllc and Kaiicy (ii'oc-cries.   .Miner's   Si.iniliii*
|^liiiil<ets, .Socks, Mjtts, (iloves,   .Wublic.is,   I'l-nlcr
Meal'.     Overalls,     I'a-ieijl       Mi'.'ii('il*l''s,
BOX 1095,
P JJ. W   Ejee,cli, or any other per
son to whom he  in iy     have tratis-
Qoyefnipient ba-j by n,p   means   jwne ■■ T
behind, and has hamileil the   finances ,      ,,.   •
ferreif his interest in the St. Thomas
intmyvliicb v-ill certaiply l;eW' ^ 7<,|^lap1) mine,.ftl claims situated
compnrijiQij wjtJ- t);p jf-n-ya of jts   p*-p, | j,, th*.     Nelson       joining       Divl-
decessojs. . gjon of West Kootenay   District, and
- —     jjeeol'ded in the Recorder's  office  for
Ymir Transfer Co, l'"e,80n MininK Uivisio"'
•JACffSON ,i- Id-:.-,!!)', Prop,..
Teaming -and
Hxpri.H's , ,,,
Ytm and   each   of you are   hereby
notified that f   have   expended    one
, hiindred and two  dollars    and   fifty
: -i-ents f$102.f>P) in labor and improvements upon  tl.e above mineral claims
jn order to hold same under provisions
pf Ihe Mineral   A.ct,    and   if   within
  ! ninety days from the date of this notice you fail or    refuse to   contribute
All   orders   promptly  attended to ypUr portion of expenditure, .together
ami the greatest cai-e etjercised in tl.e  witl' »" cos's of advertising, yopr   i;i-
,      ,,.       .       , terest in said claim   will   become  the
handling of goods
property of the subscriber, under  tec
, ion 1 of an act    entitled "An   Act to
j Amend   the .Mineral     Act,    ]900„
Jliited at Ymir, B. 0.  this   11th
day of Xov   !!)04.
♦ * -f*»-f*-H*++*+-fi-f4-M-**H-*-f-f4 ♦
| Hotel Ymir
The Best Meals
Anil Acci.iiiiiii.diiti.Mi
Tit Town,
A line Holcctloil of Wines,
i,ii|ii(ii'saiii| Cigtirs.
.1    VV.  MASTKItSOV,      Prop.
'TO Wai.tku J. IIi'oiiks, or any
other person to whom he may have
transferred his interest in the Meadow
Lark mineral claim, situated on
Wild Horse creek about seven miles
♦ ♦♦•>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦f ♦•>-♦->■•*•» jfroin the town of Ymir. in the Nelson
Mining Division of   West   Kootenay
District, itud recorded in the Becort
el's olliee for the Nelson   .Mining    Di
You and each of you   are   hereby
notified that I have expended seventy
sili  dollars   and   eighty-seven   cents
(♦70.87) in labor   .md improvements
upon the above mineral olaim in older
►•-I. .la...es (Indium or nnv other per-
I to «ho... he may   have  transferred
his inieie-is in the Yankee (Jiil,   Ca-
Mining Agent     »     Stocks and Share*
U_JJI" -iiijl   Ul.llil
-,-A<il«NT    Wft——
Mutual Life Insu-rance (jofljpaqy o( K-ev Yn\\..
f •iiiadian Casn)^-— !jioi.W l^Siipaiio& Co.
Lojtjrjon MutiittJ K/i'i(. Iji^nj'aiico Conjpai)^
Ottawa Firo [))«jt;ra.t)ce ('(*>i]ijiany,
jl. ma _   ...   . .■
FIRST AVEN'UE, , ,        YMUl, ti. (i,
iindian (ii.l and Yale Fraction miner j lo hold samo under the provisions of
al claims, situated oil Dutlded u.oiin- | the .Mineral Act, and if within nine-
lain, about two miles from Ymii'i in \ ty days from the date ..t' this notice
the Nelson Milling Division of    West -you fail or refuse to contribute   your
isioiis whioh I rovlsion,  ami   the Kontenny District,   and   lecofded   in
(iiiverumcnt appeals in every way
.. illing to adapt it, to a form more
iii-eepiiiijle to business men.    I'or this
purpose lliep.e-enl i oininission,   coin-
prised nf well known llnanuinl experts in d business men,   i-   considers
Ing the workings of tho law nnd   will
submit suggestions for its revision at
lho iipproaobiiig session, suggestions
which "ill doubtless bu adopted
In ad litiotl to the    deficit    it   had
lo fine n hell il   look   olliee,     the     Mo
1'nide (1 iwinino.it isnp against the
operation of  new   legislation,   which
lllllsl curtail the revenue of  the     Pio-
. in.-e. In accordance \\ Ith the oft
, \pio.M-il wishes of the people, measures wcro taken to   restrict   Chinese
portion of expenditure, togBthor witl
nil costs of advertising, your interest
ie said claim will become tl.e property ..f the subscriber, under ceotion
I of an    net    entitled    "All    Act   to
lhe Keeonlei's  olliee   for   the   Nelson
Mining Division,
Vmi and bach  of    you    are   heiehy
notified that we have expended    three
hundred dollars   (-?300.00)   in   h-bor j Amend the Mineral Act, l'.iOO."
and   improvements  ..pm.   tho  above M1TCHFII   TAIT
Dated at Ymir, II. C, this '-".i   day
of October 1004,
mineral claims in order lo hold same
nnder tl.e provisions of the Mineral
Ac, and if within ninety days from
the date of this notice you fail or le-
.fuse lo i-oiitiilnne your portion of bx
pendilnie, together with li
advertising, your interest in said
i-laiins «ill become ihe properly ,,i
the subscribers, under section I of an
act entitled ''An Act tu Amend tin-
Mineral Act,   1000."
I I), li, Umbo,
I)  Mel I,
I o. A. Lovell,
Dated at Ymir ll. ('., this   luih,
iii"r,'s''",i! Kootenay Coffee Co.j \
ation, and the t.kK    oil   Cole tis.11day of .January 109$,
Wholesale ami retail  dealer-
in  i're-1. Honsted
NLLSON,  11. C.
High - Grade . eoffees   I YlTlir,    B.    C. f
I'li'-h car of groceries.    (It mi. price on lljese .goods a - jv  i
, tire selling them cheap, and   wp  always  lead   for   l"-.v
We .-.'.ii ple.i-i' ypu for quality a.  well  a-;  price,   a'l   lines,
pfilig    j'cduecd.
•jVere telling at very low prices.    jlpbberi— we are guipg
to e!o-v them oui before spring, .  (j.-i ot;.
|n i< i-. before buying,
DesBrisay Jobbing: o.
 mt* i. ■   , ...,
Proteptipn   For Wives.
The following resolution passed    bv
... ■ ■ o  .    ,i ',.. .. . ...     . '■
Inni iimI h'u'iii i he scene,   of     t|lo|-e   or
less bi|ili]ing during the,    sp.i-.ioii,    and
lin' activity even spread    beyond   the
lhe reeves of l.iovi'i- Miiiidand tniinic- .;,,,1|„li,.ltil.l,   |illlils   ,pot|)|   mt   .„„]
ipalitic-in r-o.|vei|iioi, .-i-soiiihlcd, fur i„,., j,,j,. ndjaeent municipalities,
nishes uniflistaknblo prpqf qf tljb sil- Desidos the now bqildjugs cpected
cut political iulltiei.c. ■ that dominati-i. j ,..„.,,, \vm-|,(.e„ H- |;Ugo expenditure
pur agricultural districts: "That. (he., j.-,,,. mm-dclling, Rfilurgipg hii,] im
convention lecoiiunei,.; the govern-,| |;,,,ving old bpildings for various
nient io pags ;.uch a law as will   eptj- -purposes.
lie a woman to nn indivisible half   iu  _^	
terestol all real  property owned   l.y      wh       ,     Bc„me    An
he. husband at tl.e l|mo of marnagu,
or of any \yhi|ih hp  may  become  tho American.
owner of subsequently! and that   any I   ,,
Conveyance or   inorlgitgo   or   chargt
pin- products, even at   lower   prices,
: on tin-  In iti-ii   mid   oilier   markets.
IThe inler-state trade ot lie- "United
j Mates ui   America   is   vastly   greater
i him the inter-state trade hd ". en tlie
'(United" States of IDuro] e
Usees lively    low     inland     freight.''
Isliiuiii no the interchange of products
» i'i.iu the counl i v,    .'.nd    i i in:;    i lie
ma iiul'ii. inn-.-   and natpral product of'
fin inland -into- to till) seabord    al    a
ini ni. 11 u ti i.    Tie- rate of  cari'iiigi
of heavy   gn| ds    | e|-    Ion    per    mile,
which in Ih.inin is   three   farthings,
in ('--. iiiiinv a halfpenny. and in
i France a little over a lialfpeunv, is in
, ihe United Stales only one   fa. thing;
Lnd on l,.,,g distances, f,,,-  goods  in HARD AT IT, HAMriER AND   TONGS   FQR   l*->05.
bulk, sometimes as lo.-   as   one.ninth Your after vear we solicit vour worthy iiatronage und wc hereby express
. * • •  ' ...
| ot a jienpy per tpp pe|- ipilol our sincere gratitude for your liberal patrqnage-in,   tin;   past  and   by   liongs)
As   a   steel   apd   iron    producer, dealings and low priceij hope to merit yoqr coptiniinniie*.
Aui.-ricii ha-.; lel'l li.itaiii iiiiii all Ivur-
,,,,.,, i Mive llj a cull and receive toll Milne tor eve;v dohar you .-,oe hi 1.1 diiei-l
,.pe hopelessly behind.    Last vear the I
,,.-'-. ' . I our way.
I ...ten Slate:,   production ot   pig-iron
against any local property by a man; T,„, (,,.,.,,s „|liL,h |,„u, brouRht
will, a living wife, must have the vol- \ Anie|.icn 50 p:,„,,i;,en|lV tq the fore-
lintary consent ofhis wife."' Being fl,,llt •„ *.,,„ ,,,„„„.,, ••■„, commc|'oial
di.-creet   men,   the   reeves  refrained; „,„■ tmlustrial supremacy,   aiul   have
f ' discussing the resolution.   They LmfJe ■„.*..   urit4ilJ's  most  formidable
passed it. without.a dissentient voice, j ,.*„,,_ .,,.,, m(inifl,|.|, ■;„•_ |„,,.k „f
Hi-...ov  pp   I,,   Preiniei   M.-lhide ,hn|| ;ii| •_ ,,„, ..,,,,„,,  Ilm)  mqste,.fu|
'" "' ■ ipersfiiudjty of  the  typical   Aincrjcnn
^*^"   ~ captain *f industry, or leader   in   li-
U    S.  Vote, . I nance—shrewd, alert, uiipablei aggres
sive, and fearless, with a keen delighl
altaii-ied Lhe ci|o|'inous uuantity of
Kj,250,0p(J tons, ...- uioie than twice
that of (ileal; 111-itniii.
The I'niipd Slates cqul output is
uovy ovef -*"iO mjllion tons, or a tenth
more than the total Iniln.li otltjiut.
Hut wliaf is 01 U.ore iinpurtanco is
lhi|t American coal sells at half the
(.rice qf Ilriliiji. The co.*jt at thp
pit's mouth in 11.i.O was, in the Uni-
j ted Stuies, "is. oJ,.|...   as   against   J'.'s.
By an Erstwhile Britisher.    9|-'in Kuglandj    As  ,ur.  Thwaite
'says, the Aipei ican ipanfaetqrer   get*,!
The iilliciul canvfls of lhe votes Cist I:
in coutlict,   hut  running   no   needless
the fuel for his fur...-ices at half the.
prime ci.*jt. of ll.at usei| by his liiiiish
rival, v, Idle his transportation pharges
to tl.e si'.ilioa|'l are 'in per eiint. less.
Undoubtedly, Aincricnp labour   i,
Groceries   and   Provisions,
W'e will name prices that defy   competition,
Hungaiian Hour .-*} ,*<j per sa-k*
Griiuulatod sugur £7.(JtJ pel- sack
Apieiicau Ham apfl ]3^cop   thp   very
choicest J 7 I -3c per lb.
\o  1 Creamery but let-      j|8c per II;.
quulity guaranteed.
•Uhcroft pol;|l.jcs, no Jjcttcr   in    thp
world 2e p.-r pound.
Fancy Biscuits      [o to '_'0 els p.-r lb.
(linger Snaps I ii 1-2 els per 11)
Fancy apple.-, §1,05 per bo.-,-,
Itene-iiil.ei our soap offer, with every Joe purchase you receive a tickul
more eRjcient than b|-itis|i. Tltisl whic-li entitles you tu a ()rawing fur a *$5Q.0Q tlramapliouu now .... oj{l.|biii(ii|
may partly be due to the exhilarating in our ''"I"
effect of the dry climate, b'.|t more to
the fact that the I fades union-,   while
doing nil they can tp protect ihe
worker*! never limit individual.output
E man or machine     |u   pnglaud,   a
ou November 8th,   for   Presidential   Hsks (l CI)(J| Cll|cq|,lt0l. „f   ,|„,   wty-s  worker dare iiot bustle as tl,o Amen
electors   was   completed   this   week, L„d  Illl8 timt m„ko for   success ..in  can < s; ho must not "tako tho bread I
when the result   was   announced   in L*|miPVer business he may be engaged  out of another man's mouth" I I 111'   MutlUll   Lill'   I llSlll'lllK",' ( !(
■Minnesota, Xoith Dakota and Wash-
)Hl|i;lll\   of N". V,
Has Assets Exceeding $.400,000,000.
^iinuesoin, .Noun  uiicu.-i 11,10  u.-isn-., A splendid  -.-h.,,,1 sv-lein,   open    lo
ington.    Tho total is   13,608,400,   ns      .,-,_,. . ,.„„,.„„,,,. „,- Amc.ica i- taught  and used alike by rich and poor,   and!
againsi |.:!ii',8,5'M   i„    l',.,H)_a   ,!,-  —timi „,.]t ilrL|j«lit—in Jiiiti-h sirl.ools   «.*, -,e.l on the 'principle of developing!      A  |>0licy ill il  i - I lie Sftl'esl  ill vest llicill  known Id  man,
lhe intelligence, nnd   hot  suffocating       C'lsll invested in  Life Ilislll'.tltcc i.-; ORtsll ilivestcil tlliil    wil
crease of 400.0T8
The ballots were divided as follows
I loose Vol t (liepuhlii-.il.)
Pari;.'.- (Democrat)
Debs (Socialist)
and colleges, and the average   British
is ronowsi  B(.|jnol hoy or  student    knows much    the child's power of thought and  rea-   r0tlU'll 001)11)01111(1 iiilcrcsj.
'• ? '    " iniii-B about America than   the aver-  son l.v "cun. nn ing.''    Mere   informa.        i n ai 1  . • ,
B080054 .' \    Aii-HUcct'ssjiil ousiucss men tmi'i'v largo amount*"
•go >mJage Aniei-iuai, youth   knows about   tion   ia   „,„   .ducati,,,,.      American jn8umnC0i     It ppuviilrs li.i; t lie laniily, |.i'..!ccU i. ma
' ! Britain
..I   lili.
l.'tll   ill      Ill's
wallow (Prohihiiionistj        380,503    ",*,,',.„ ,.,!,;.,„- M„d   inaiiuCt'c-   Umc,,e,^',*!eR '"1"" '• siting edge on (old up, mid protect. Ins other invuK.nionts,     I'ui'   I'-tlc,   u;i
Watson (Pepin'-)
('orregiin (Social Labor)
inn o ii- ue-r, in io -   aiei     iu nun n; - , , , . . .....   c e l'c.  - i
IU037 , the younir brain, and not blunt it   un am  ]..nn o| llie msill'-'ilicc .'tniilv to
11 '."•"! in ier- men vet   know    but   COIIIimril- i "   •
llolcomb (Continental l-.-il-oi)      .-.n(»!
|    lloosevell reoeived   over    all    (-1,111-
tivi-iy liitln of the.   Incessant   working
md planning ill     Ann*.ican   factories
ity facts and figures,  .Besides   tlm :
public    schools,    "business''      college-
' I
and technical schools abound   ..very-
Percy J. Gleazer, Local Hgent.
and colonial   markets,   and   deprive  where.    Muny other causes might   bo
'»■  "' ''-1" -"" !" ""-   ""\-ite,|, but I  Will close witl, one of  the   WHSOII      &      Hai'SliaW   NK''S0N "'  '' ''   9'fEPAH" "''''' '
home nun ket.
nod niljces to capture. British   t'. reign
petitoi-s, 1,7 1(1,7.1.**', and over   Purker
p.:.l7,--.7.s     In lllUll   Melvii.loy   had    ,         ,- .=...,, .,.„!,,-.,„ ,,,..  ■,,,,,■■
■ (17,046 more than nlltho other .an-;,             ,  , cited, but 1 will close with ,ono of the
home nun KOt.
, , llidates, and ,-*".|.,!l,s I nio.-e tl,,,n   llrv- ;       .    i        i   .,,.,   .    i        ,, I most important of a", and that ls|
■"'    ''I.''vo.e I'.,,- |f, volt was 400-  tm*j|1K| _lmy of" Alncrit.*,i'i    labor   is M'"1""   Amwlcwi   ingenuity   has
Mil more than for   McKiiiley,   while Lirtedby tho most perfect and cconom supplemented     and    perfected     tho
I    llril for Parki-r   was     1,1/77 77','    lesu                   i -                   i            n              . i    , ■         ,                         n •     i      •
" leal machinery   nnd   appliances  that triumphs of   past   British    inventive
highly  trained   skill   und  ingenuity gc„iUR| ttml has done more tlinn   any-
can evolve,   [Brieliy,  then    some   of L, -      ,             ,    ,          ,      *    ■
Nn,, ,i,.         „v   ..                                                  • ilnng else tosvai I-, pia.ing A.i.e..ca in
ine Million   Dollars.       the causes   of   Amurion's  marvellous
I the forefront ol the.  nations,      .Nine-
The year of   1004   has   not only      KM.ni,„|v „ ■,„„• •„   America   ths of all Jlritish   patents-whloh
Peen the most active and   most   iin-|_t|iu p0(ir m get rich, and the rich to average   somo   30,000   a   year,    as
K««bt in lho history   of   Wi *°K y«t i-ieliei*.    tlio only   genu!no idlers against,  in    1000,   (HO'.OOO   in   lho
will, legnd lo tin- buildlllll    of    hiisi- i,i i
"'" llie "trnitips,   nnd tho only "gen- Hut0H ...„,,.,],,,,,,„,,! Ilt ■ hd end of the
. Ii'iiipii     in the sense   uf   one   who j
jJhan for Iii van.
tu ks i.i... ii , pi.o-i ■ -1 ,-.oi -inp ,n ;
i nint -, oui in pom! ,.i i Kpendil ure no
('.'iiiiidian ,-ii\ has n record that can
,' i mi I it, Tin- aggtegati cosl of the
huildiims I'm v, hi< h pi. um . wero i-,
■ u" 1 iii tl.e oily building i i.spec toi
for lhe year, exceeds nine million dol>
i ir*., the In. ;.--!   t   ■ pent   in
liny on.- year for building in it I Iu
tu ilimi city. So thai Winnipcgon
iu iy congiululatc i heinselves on   ihu-
il trippiny   sister   metropolises    In
i   ;   respect, i.   « -II as in the  contin>
id   rapid   growth   nnd  Buhstaiilial
... K.lopm. nt and prugru f thu city,
'I lie main fcatutcs of ihu   building
' ;  i... ions during the p isl   soason are
huh year,
.1 ii - nothing   in   particular   is   the
"hobo," who so easily 'obtains I..-,-
rides ail over iho continent on .1..
freightscars, and i.e.' food nt the
homesteads eu route,
In i. in:.' is tho i ul.- in American
'tictories, Neil her in m nor iimohiiic
is spircd; both an- driven to their ul■
mosi capacity. The (jucstioii is nol
how little, but how much wiirk can be
„'o! out of both man and   lunehiiie    in
,i certain time
To li! up Hi itish   woi ksho[.s   wiih j
American machinery does nol equalise
matters,    The siimti in . hinn in   Brit - '
■tin i-aiuioi be in ol • to yield thu si i
""' largo iiuinher of   bu iness   | lit . -   „,,, n,    „,._ ,,,,;,,    ,  .,, ,|   |   ..,
,1"1 dwellings thai hue been erected   nnyfhing like the -.ame s| I or clllc* |
I'hi   i   indicative of expansion in   lhe  iency as in America.    Thai is a prov-
'■    .uie- of trade  being    done    iu     t!,,    ,.,, f;i<jt.
md increase iu   population,   all       A hug.! Iu.ii).' market   enables   the
es having found tenants nl   good American manufacturer tu   work   up
nl    ..-  soon  as ready for occtip _ large and prosperous  business; and ,
li ui. -,.,, i, H facilities increase,   he   finds   ii
, , ll'sldll I. r.c.
I hero is no putt of  Ihu   city   that   ciu-V a-Hu profitable to throw Iih   hu I     ;	
■ \S | Sterling
)Xi Silver
, V', •, .- "■ i\        p'"m *cr'1"'
* Jl f,, .on (un (Ileus*
mil dollsr pre*
•ciitallon n i.
Iknr>' Dirks &
S.Ii,' t.-i.liilii-
for mnklnn sol!"]
t [Ivci.. nre ni .*
,, ., .1  l.y in,
r.iticr conceia in
"...'ir mo. AriMIedesign-
Bin, in       i '-   - I'll i-rv, Slid skilled liand-
I , t . .-,    i in] -i-.: : .n if
■ ..-..'       I of till-      'II, 1 i .'.-. lill un
l   .,.;!.:   itloti f.,i luriilug uut fine
. ill
V.'riti f..i oi, -o .-. I..iti'n-Tiie.
Henry BirksS Sous
Bll I-. ■' nun tlINO .
i-i ii i n . i .
.- I Mn
Draymen and
YMIK,   II.    U.
I t'liidling honvy froiyhl H
('.)ri'('.-|i(.ii.l.'ii('c [il'Olliptly
nttoudci] in,
VVASHINi; lii.V & (     \.  KV
v  v. & i: i;v. ,v N, co,
nd (Jre.-it Northorn, N'oi thern I'i .iii i
and O. It. .'.' N. ('o,,   for points east,
wesi and  south; connects at   ll..--
land and Nelson   .villi   the   Cumuli in
Pacific Hail way,
Connects at Nelson with the I' ll
4 \. Co. for Kaslo ....'I K, and H
i lot]nods ul ('urlew » ith Htage t'.'i
(li,. nwood and Midway, 11, •'.
Ilufibl   '■ irs i.... on trains u.-i ■ ■  n
Spokane and   llupublio
II   A. ,l.\'   :<■'.. IN
(li'iieral PiiKioiiger Agl
Hpokanu, .\'i-1
I'l.-TIIICT .M.\\.\';i:i! WAN I'KIH
I     I'.-ini.-iii'-iii position; rapid advance-1
ment; salary and  expenses;   full   ln»| MootH   tt'aill     every   lnni'iiiii'.
slruutioiiH froo of charge; clean de*
, sirnblo business,
The J. L Nichols Co., I.t .1. Toronto
(.Mention this paper.)
Pu-t   Olliee  Store        Ymih.
exeepl Sunday, I'or I'lvi-hi
and [iiiHsengerH I'or Ymir
mill. 13) special order.") mi
Sundays, I >r For Vmir inine,
Vmir ('ili/ciis
bAS'l' 'I IlKKflAY IN  i: \* II  \|i.\ |'||,
-I   W. Itoss, 1'ie.i lent,
I'   < lAMI'IIKI.I .  Seeietiii v.
I'l.lbAV MCfiBOII,   In-.,   on. The  Governor General To! Tl..-l.i« palp rally created   great   di--
Visit    H    C satisfaction among the French   Cana-
■ diin-, and it «.,- linallv repealed bv
'I ii i ami.ii|ii<'.-iii -ut hi-li-"i made l|>e ' '•; <-. ia! I'l.i-liunmni, after an nd-
(.hat his Kxcolleucy Uirl Urey .ml '|res< to Queen Victoria had been
j-.-iiiiU'.' will \isit British Colnii'biii pi.s-.e-l by both Houses, The use ot
pcxt summer. The jiafly «ill bu •-. the Kreiich lanouaye in Parliament i-
|nrgu one and    some   week-   nil]    hpi provided for  in    the    lliiti-h    North
ppcut   in    Victoria   nnd    -.'.imot i r    -\ lica Act, which   i,    tin-    written
They will go via the C. P, H. uoiistitiniuii pf the  Dominion.      Beo-
_Ma_ 'i. .. I|),'J of th,   Act run Is as    follow-;
'•Either the (English    -.-r    the    ft em h
la..j,'u..ge may in- used by nnv   persim
iu He- debates uf :!ie Houses of    I'.u -
| lisiue.i! of Ciiiadii., and of the ll-iu-e-
An   Extraordinary   Request.
A big delegation of itnpuiieis  fn u
l.oiidon, Montreal, Toronto mid   Out-
I ' '11' 4 > lill I ■ !
, ,    i , i ■       ,        tllCXP   lllli/UUBOK sllll     In- 'l-|'|l     Hi     li
In-.- waited on   the    members    ut    the'
goveriiinent, January iith, and   asked
.ii -n ,il those Hiei
|liu duly on certain woollen gonds hi |
|eoin-ed from .'id per cent,   in   y:l 1
,      ., I,  , | lcgtsliitii|-o of Qiiebeu shall bp   printed
percent,    fn (ithar H'ufld, lo   restore      ,     ,,. ,   ,   .     ,", '
fhe old t}|'jtis|i preferepep wlpch   wusj
.1' lie- !eyisl(.tti|-e of Quebec; ...id boll
these liipgus
Irespeutive   i
I those   III,Use
1 lie'  Blil-li  lit  ol  • 'l,inula illl'l of     tin
legislaliiri; of l,)i|.'b..-c ■ j;ali he   p-rinlc
•.mi   |!|iili-liod    i,(    hull,    tlifiso    Ian
ilpil    |n;;i inil-    nt
Tin-   acts   o!
1-1. W . Wid,low-on.
! 10. >l< KKAI.H   AM'    l\-l II 1X1 .<;.
I'.-ie.v .1. (ilen/er.
ui iiiii.i:.
Jolin 1'liilln ii.
I.Ill     loiiiO-     \'.|i    i,I.NI-   | | lisl-HI'M.-
l).  (lillipliel'.
I), -III i.-;i\   Johbillg  ....
I I KNI'lini.    pKAI.I i;
W'illilim Clink.
i.l.." ij... ■-.
I.   ( iimplicli.
li. -Hii--ii .1, t.luii^ ( o.
*>   II. S, a ni.i.
Ilnfiliopolltiiii—lolill Hn-iiii
,M. I.. 1.1 II, -.*-,,•— l-'iiilav Me|-e,*||.
Miller Huii!,,!—S  Miiii-r.
I'll   lO-f - I 111.   A'   lill.li.l .
Vniil'u|l\ i'| - (liven llo_\.-r.
W.ili'iuf- (fiMirup Col.nan.
Vuiii—,). IV.   .lia-l.T.-nn.
I.inll..-    I I 1,1,1.- ill*. |,     ami     \i,| i i M j;
All-   John Mel-.-od
liiSINii   j;i:i ih.-uki;
I'ci'i-j' -I. 01,-a/., r
1'HI.N | .\,i.
Hci'i.ltl  I'lllllifl.ilio Co,
BT.\ I |i.\|-:n,.
ll.  Cll.npiiell.
S.   II.   .-Illi.e)   .
ll-ir.-luiiv & Wilson.
.Inekson & bealu.
Ali-s. (Milie.
IM.I.IM AKl.l'
\Vi||iani ('lurk.
M. TAIT. -I.   HI'Ll'V
V.MII;, 15. ('.
WC    entry    iltc    lending   brands     iiiipiirtc'tl      | .ii|in *i*o
nml  ('io'tii's.  Stout.    Vie,    Brandy   n-ud   Wim-
SAM   Ml 1.1.Ill:, Prop,
|l('ii(l.|ii:utt'i's f\)l* .Milium Men
I'-.-ir supplied   with   best brands uf
wines,- liquors and cigars,
«-, ,, KipiL'Ps."    In Parlianieiii all   uu.lions,
(■ul oil ,1 ypar ago.     \\hnl.lhey   want ■   .   ** .,.,,,'
i    .i •     i '   ,,       In I Is, .etc, are    pi'infi'l     i|l     .oth     an-
is to apply tin-; decroa,.,!'   li-   tvapll.-li '      '    '      ' '    ' "
,■;..., . gtutgps, so, loo. are tup   journals,    the
goods not made in Caiiaua,   such   u«|
,,,,,.,.. i       i    • -Int.slin- and tin-. ie|ioi'U- of    thp    (l<-~
woollen faorics, lining and moliQir, , ,
i..    *,,.*u- ■ i   . ii ii       batfts.     Siieenlie-i ale delilelld i.l    the
Sir Wilfrid, t,aurier-mid   the   dele '
I b return laniruaifft, ln,t  tli.-v   are    mill-
g.Kion «.;s i| lllliuue o||p,   nu   ;|    was . '-
,,    , , ,    , I I'lirutlvnly few.
generally increasos t|,ai   were   ip-jko.I
for.     The goie. ...nni.t  .mi;li| (jjya  the I -*~
inafer ft|ll cmisideratimi,      ' Twit Jews, f«ther   and   son,   went
_ , for a -troll ope swplle'iiiff day ip    ihe
... ,,   .. . I middle of summer*    *\s  they   pn—ed
a vetHlpr of ire-crciiui, lie.  hoy turned
Various Sllbstuncps   a;e   employed   to his f|i||er.
for extingtiishiiig lire, the poninionesr      "f vish you'd puy   me   -nine   i,.,-
Iiciiis carbonic acid, u   Cas   which   is ,  ,    „ ,       . ,   ,
h   . - ^      , cream, fader,   he said    longingly;    'I
jncapablu  ot   supporting   i-o||.husin ti
ii       ii ... ii' '1" f' ''I hi't.
lind thus inni.. - a   lire   in    ;i   closed
-pace. Waier is capable of absorbing "No, no, |-<ey, my poyl but I'll
l.u i'i- pi tutii'u - of ciirhi.nic acid un- dell you Vot I'll do. I'll l.-H you
tier pressmo, and some.forms   of   fipe some ghost stories    iut'11   make   your
extinguishers me merely -.uoni;   v.*-,- I,,, , n||| mll] -.
scls containing   watei   clinigiid   with
the gas.    .Moie usually, howevor,   the      , „,.,., ,.„.,	
apparatus contains tho nt ssary   in- |   -
gredients for generating lhe gas; these TJrI_E   Q.U'IiljZlIISr
lire kepi separate until needed and by      OIC3-A-R/   STQB-E,
simpli  luriiin,'a hnndle or   invol'tillg - —
the apparatus they are mixed and the' Ciffars
en- is produced.    One form of this ex-
tinguishe nsists of a cylinder which     IMPORTED    im,    pOilEt-sTfC.
is filled with a solution of bicHibonate -
ofsodu,    Inside the cylinder  n   glass    TobflCCOS, Confsctionery
buttle of sulphuric   acid   i-  fastened
and when the    cylinder   is   inverted, and   Fruits,
ilu- mixes with the solution of  blear
bonate of soda and genuratos carbtmic ■     M I l.l'.S Mel NN IS,    Proprietor.
... id     The pressure   i-   iiotisiilurable,  	
and  » hen the lioz/.lc   i-    opened,     the
wider -now   ehnrged   with    y,-  -is, _____Md_.      BO  VE&RS'
forced through   it,    and    Issues .ImI WkU EXPEniE, "*E
-iii-.im which isd.iected on lire flames.
There me seieinl of this form of extinguishers in uso in Yum. Among
oiher stibsluncus enipl'ived ns Urn ex-
iiiiiiiii-hfis ai.- amiiioniiiin sulphate
and   chloride,    b irnx,    -u.lillin    phos .
I'l.ale. tungvlute, sulphate and    bicai-     t^^'^S^^ ^^
I uie, and water   |*lass,      In   C-r-     Z^^TXSt^^Z^^-V':
.   , I'lli-iiu laki-n tliriuit/l,  Muiiti xi"    '-.vl.r
liiauv nil oxlinguislier is   used   in   lhe     iwrlniiwtite. wlihoutchsruo,In*.ho
fiirui of a caidb-niril ease colilai ning a
l«»vder, which, when sel fire to,   pro*      ^'^^C^^^^.Vi NORTHERN
,   ""  i-
\    iii-;a|k,h aktick.s   fqi^   minini,   men   and   the    ;
• Tli.WEM.JNI! PUBLfU, ' t
4 ■>
* Newly fui'iijshed thfoughont.    r-Sapiple rpoms hi ponuecftoo-      |
t     llati-o 'Sl.oll tn >-l*".!| per .lay. |
; FINJ.AV   McLEOD, Proprietor        5
************************** **********************
* . .......
J Please fpjwni|l Tiik Ymir Ili-iK.ii.o fur
i.olith    T
J and ael;ii'iv.'le.|.iil* receipt of ojiclpspd i;.
<> The lltiit.M.n is published,   eyeyy Matiirday i|io|-,|ing upd
contains all  the  news  of the camp.
I1aTRS--Pkh   YliAlt,   fjli; II.MF  Yl'.AIt,  ifl
Fust Avkxit,
Y\i in, 11,   l
ad£ Marks
An*/nne .,-niltiiii n ikeloti inni..."' re llmi nnv
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry,
'J'he only all rail route between
points east, west and south to Koss.
land, Nelson, (Iran.I I'orks and Republic, Buffet cars run between Spokane and Northport.
l-'.ll'eetive ,!u ie I I'd:. 1908,
' cave DuiljJ I'liiin Arrive
s. IA a.in Spokane .1.1-5 p.m
p. in a.m Hossh.l.il 4.96 p.ir.
9.82 a in Vmir ,'i -i,', p in
7.'JO ii.ni Nelson 7 80 p- 111
11 :iln a iii Grand l-'oi lis 1 no p in
s ;l(i ii.ni Itepublio •'.. I-', p.m
J-.X-Xi    THE     TIjVEE
UY   isino
Scientific Hmtim. Igrert
 y Hi'UMiiitt.' it hi nml.   'I'.'i'-". o o
ronn fourmontni '•   SoWbyall iipwhiiibIo--
;,:p:,:,,:;;!:,; ;;:;:•;::;:,;,,. :„■ munn & co-^---r- New York
i i,i- pin.oii i.iiisisi- in a  iiiixiuii    oi gmBob om.-ii. ni t Ht. WulUnjioi  i.e.      i
GRAND CENTRAL  MOTKI, |CJark's   Furniture   Story
Undertaker   niiil   Purnitiire     |)e«li-|.
Opposite Coin t house   and    pew    Post
olliee,    I'cst *2D; meal    in    tnwn,       -Mail opders promptly attended in
E.....].can and Apicriean  plan
Only   white    labor    employed
first class bar
Hotel . . ,   ,
(Under entirely new managemiml.)
Ul|t.'|l iS'l'RKICT,
1 Mil
Kir.st-cJi-.88 Dining Kumn,
I'u'wt liiiiiitU uf W'iii.s
I.i(|iior.s and Cigars,
Pining Ltooin   nml   Bar        owes BOYER, Prop.
sii|)|)licil   wifll    the   licst
ill tlio iiiiti'Uci.
Uiglit  opposite  depot,   Vmir
John iniEAU, frop.
'Si^iiiiiil Ave.
till pan- "I llo ier of sulphur, iio nf
-di petre, and   a    sno.ll   .p.a.i. d v    nf
' li.ii-o.ll and o-.ide of  ip,n. ,
French Language In Parliament.
The ii I lhe  I'l.-u-li  Ian-
(ill ,-je in the pruc liio.:- of the I.e.-,,
1.iiiiii- ha*., from .1 oh.-(    d .1     of
lhe parliamentary liNlori nf Canada
i i-eeived the sanelioti of   . n-i-nn    and
laW,      Al   lh'- lllfll   -. —nu, uf lhe     l.i-i;
i-laiive Assembly  ul   Lower  Camilla,
in  1 7.I'.'. il  « a- resolii .1 thai no    mo   .
lion -I Id In- debated oi put  to   lhe
I I'.U-*!'.   Hide--   il       sv.-l-     III ..      lend      ill
l-'i"_disli ..nd  I'Yelieh,      I I Ul- al-o  de
bided ... have   i Im   j it il   ami    the
I,dl. printed in Knch-h iltul l-'reneh,
When the i«o p.." ii.ei • .-I I ppe.
...el [jdwei' Can.ub. were united undel
.-,• I'm h iinenl, ni l*ll, ii « us pro*
. iiled by the I I >l wetioll l.f   the   Ael
nf I'm hat    i in'   ,1 mil    md   tie-
li —i-l-..im- i i-i-   should   In'   Iu   ihe
I'll Klisll laieju ije, iiiid   ll v.h     li ...-
Iatii.lt mi^hi be made, no copy of
11, uu -11... 111 ■ I I.-- l.'-pi annul!'   the   ii--
i, id- or he di. uied ill nnv i-a-e to
In ve ilu- foil e ol ll I'iulll.ll    I--   il'll
Seattle,    Tacohia
AND A 1.1-
St. Paul,   Chicago,   New1
I jewelry
Customers all ovet Cm- "
acta toll us that our Mail
Order   Department  hai
meant lo them added convenience and lessened cost
The flfty-ycnr reputntt-rth ol
,* t i.i ■ r ;. .■.'■ ■- fentiiifiii'i
r . • t ■ ijilUtnlt'i purcl '•«' n
..i i "(n-ii v, watcNcii nltver*
\ .,r.*, htniluneo'i olci
Ouf * omplel* ci-talogufl Will
(j!ttdl) b ■ i itt i n rcquortt
BVBIE iii>o.s.
York,  and
I'Al.Ai I-'.   AM)    l'( U" IS 1ST
sl.KI-l'l-dlS     I'.ri-'I'KT.
Tiik iikht iiii \m> ok ijo.MHfe'ric
The Kootenay   Standard
and   Juanifa.
II IM T MTII.I;..   Ill
~jr~C7~<Tfiel(h & Co.
Headquarters for Hi ning
and Commercial Men
Mil-I  enliifnl-lalile  hotel ill   lhe   ,1,-.
irii-t-.    l£vorythiny fimtfolaim,
YMIIt,   I!, (',
Nclsiin.  |i. ('.
| *4444******************4i
l.ir.UAIIV   CAHS,     MODKUN     X
I..W UOACllliS,
IHN1N0. ('Alts,
MI-..M,*. A    l.A    . A 111 1-1
Best   Meals   on   Wheels.it
i ♦
i *♦■ 	
I Iclivcrcd any
|iliii'.' in l ii\\ ii.
l-'HKHII    \M.  SAI.TKO MI'.ATs
Wliolesale and Retail
I Mail nrder- I'i eeiie  prompt   nt 1,-ltt i-oi
JOHN  I'lllUIKIiT.   Prop,
2    PAST   TRAINS     Q I 	
Spi'oial    IvVfUi'^iun    Hull's
[To World's Fair, St. Louis!?     Per Cart Load.
Your ('hone   uf   I!.,ull
lor mil ■«, foi ile I'd anil full Infili'niiillon   *
e-Jill llllio  trip*,  Cllll    Oil    i'i   l.i'it.e*.-   Ull    ,
Porto   Rico ♦
I'pimnllng trip*, cull on or in'iIivm iiii  f •*
iiuiuil ot iue s. I-'. >v N, It.dlwny or       ill i , .       i      , t
In a ,i\. k-.i.s.     ii. iip.ANiii',    t    I-umber ( o. Ltd. t
i.i  .* p- a.     .   i' >v r- a   X X
mo w. iLiei-AM -p,,),-!,,,'    ,$♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦+♦*►♦*•*>•►;
Hold,   Sih-i,  ,,r    (,,..,,1      ..     ,*i| (,,,
Cuppur,     - .    -     8|..,ii
Hold Silver,      -    -      . if | n(i
Cliai-gCH for oihi i metiiis on up
li.   W.   WIDDOWSON
Provincial Annny..
I'd. Drawer A 11.1,   y ,| lit. I;
( V


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