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The Ymir Herald 1905-08-12

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 -     V
Vol., ■>—No, 13.
XUHi, \\. ('.. SATUltPAY, AI (M s'l  1_, UK).'
• -i-i. i. 1'ivi; < '-.:-. i-
Game   Laws,
'i'u,. uiiiiie In.'. -  fur   thin    fin incc    '.
, are moro   htrinuenl    th in   heretofori
.Miss Peurl Cari-on left for Portland       , -, , , ,    ...
Uiul  ll   I'.-lnilC- -|...;!-!,,. -n   l.i     fumillll
ii Monday Im.'., where oho   v. ill   tin- ,,        , .,,   ,,
is...- themselves with   the
Ici-lto an operation on the eyes. ,i    . ., .■ ki>e fli.-l minp     Plinrl
1 Ull'V 111.- lllit  In   I'.-     I Iiiu I. ill     l.i     ill"    **''     ""   llllin-i      '  II'1'I
 ■  ■ • *- **       Forest Fires Neap   Ymir, oneapoti :. and  forth
niNINQ NEWS    , ,.. ;       . u. "*ht ■'■■:'-  in  '"
I '.iniii'v in   I nul.i'l'  ;ili.|   Mill gr, aitoU firework di i '.. -.   i,.
:,,,,.   |)|..,,i ^ travesty     It nhii-.ni with   n    mi
Since thu    iiijunct  ■!.   staying   the'                    '".-
I,-, ill-.
_ lijrliti   n.i'    i   i   ,,- . '     iierv i'v
nv      ,i     wyle llros., friiin workinj*- tie    Vim-!     ,,                   ,    , ■    ■ ,- . •          ...                             ,,
•" •>    ,l-                                                                      Once .....ni: ih" l mir district    -.it-   intense reilne.       M.i         ;
i .
j fers from    fierce   fore-i lii"-.    Wild   ted smoke, rellccird t! 'I ;bl I'l.im I
I'he Now itt* and   DeWitt   families   letter,    Tlie open season fur arouse of  been shipping t|ie ore mined,   hi   hin
orse creek, Bear creek  .i:..:   Jubilee fiery mens   below,       l-'i   y     iM-m-ni
returned from a two weeks picnic   in j all kinds, deer and c i commences mirin-l.w Imko of tlie property   pre-1 mmntai_ ,mvo ,„,,,,   sW01„   ,,v   l|u. ,.,.„„'„, ,.(i ,a|| t......  ,, „, ... ,* ,t   -. .
Hall Siding on Wednesday lost,             on 1st September.      Pheasant,   quail vious to the Doyle bond.                       | Haines nml h.rKe iiuantities of   valiia- ...-I ers   of   spark-    -■    th,    ...,
The Death of Judge, Lenmy, one of u,,d F'-i'tridfe'is havo no open season  ... During the   month   nf   July   the I ble timber destroyed.    The  buildings j Giants of the forci    ill    -,	
lhe judges of the local County  Count,   all.    It is illegal tu sell grouse of niiy   Nelson smelter treated .'1,088 tons   of  at the  Dund iue   including   the fervent heat were cul   ilmvu.       I'lii-ii
is reported from Uraiiil lrorku on   t|u, j kind, prairie olijclieu   or   ptarmigan, |P,i,| bL.*i--ini, ore   from   which   |32.'l   boarding house, .-haft,   house,   stable lien   -rosts wore sr.eu tu   J..-. Iv. 1-. ■.
It is also illegal to take   trout   under  tons of lead bullion was produced.   Of  and boiler   I so   have   been   burnt and"Riitliering furce. gradually   "■■. I.
• r, in, liiv in l.-.ngili.    Any   constable this tolnl/Jurnl mines   nf   the   i'mir ddwn,   tlio   hoisting    machinery   in- un until with n   las!     pa-medic  ru-l,
..,,,].,,.,;..' ,,.,    N\',,:■■-.! .             mivy Ha*rest any offenrlor  nifiiiii.sl   this district contributed an   follows! -Ar- [jured, and several bridges   along   the they hit the earth with a   resoni   ine
'"  '     '                    •         '  act witluiiii a warrant
llii   lllsl.
Krnest Mni'i'ii I. ft the employ of il
md ..n Thursday   went    to   j"iu   Ins
brother at Kaslo,
The Queen  Mine.
lington mine 85 ions containing 3A road leading lo the Dundee, Atlin thwack nnd sent up n _.,!.Ji-i
ton) i.f lead; Yankee Oirl 31") tons and Yankee (iirl iniu.-. destroyed i fountain uf Humes nnd sparks. 1:' il
containing |8 tons of lead; Ymir On Wild 1 loiso creek iibuui half a wero not r'nr the material dannigi
mine 107 tons  of   concentrates   eon    inile of the corduroy wa^'un   road   to!,|oiin, Ymirites   could   have  eujovi-d
iii" Vinir iiiiiu1 has  been    l-urut    out.
Mitchel Tait, inspector «f roads iiiid
Hails, retumed with his gang nf   men     Boilflocl to Doyle H|*OS., fin* ...     ,. , .    ,
1 ■"> . I ell II 111^     1   I      lOIP*    <d     I-   •id. I II'-      1   Jill I      lilll IC    Hill      '"'I'll I'UI III 'lilt .
ti   .1         ■*'                              .■                             ill I an mum ihi'-,.( ■  i :•■    profit J ■!    oi* ln_i,,     In
...i    Ihursday.   from   repairing    the .1,100,000. ,.,,    „., „,„„,.,„ ,.     „-, ,   ani.ia gang of . -.ten arc out Hying    to '
wagon road to the Porto Hico mine. „.'! ,"""?.'  '   •   ""      H «w tho   ro.uaind.ii-     ,    tl„.   ri7,,bL., i ^ ovent it i, an ill wind that   bl..--i
TheQuee iue nt .Sal , tl.e pur- Mining and  Milling   Co,    lum   been  sllu l"     '■"''■l'"'    '•'    •■■'    '""'"'
Stephen Bywater, president of   the    , .    ,-, ' , leased to the Urrmine   Dm    ,..,d l«ek   ownK* bV    (ho   Vmir   Co.      Jubilee    ""**> -">"< ,iml   """•'    • •""l"     ""
. i chase ol whioh was recently uumnletetl "al"'-u -° ""  '"' '■'." ■  urus. unit iiaca . .
Broken Hill Mining and Development   ,,y f||B  t 0f „ total of  850.000 Campbell.    Tl.e Pilosis   a   pi ising ""•«""""    '■'■■   ■"«■>-•.-   enveloped     in   arc reiuicuig because their  gnu   I
Co., «..- in town mi   Wednesday,   mi   hy Wj||jam Waldio, was   bomled   mi 1'1"' !lliilii,-- pi'opositiou and thelessecs   s'"|'k'' f°1' three days and is |*-ra«;tical-   now i-!.-..!-,-! of hiush and oonse.|.ient-
business connected with   the   Wilcox   T,1,..;,i.n, ..ls, .„   ,.'   *,-    ..,,,;    [{    j. are putting in an nrastrn, which   will  ly burnt clean, save fur a few patches  |y „jure easily prospect. .1
Doyle,   who   during   the   last   f
crush the ore, and, it i>   believed,   ef   of green timber whiclwescaped.     Tin
s have been operating the Yan-   ■'"*■■ « - ]   P''<?centago   of   recovery.  mill'0,ul ' >V*n? ow"s  """•'   '
(Ibiistahle Pi as'*r hail men    out
tilober    which    In
v:i  destruyed,
Mrs S. Buckwortb, mother of   the tnontl
local J. P„ returned to her  home   in keo Girl mine hero      Tl -ins of At present the only other  araslra   in
I'l-ii'in Canada   on   Thursday   last. tliB bond, which i- for, twelve t|l8) operation in the K nays  i-   situa- j wl",_^'1ie _l'*iCP|'i "'   ,l 1SI"'1"  '""
I Ii-i -mi nud daughti-r in-law   uicuiii- call for a  first   payment   of $20,000 ''''""   Forty-Nine   rink,   and   tin1
I'm- lav and Wc
llll'SlIllV   I!
dits, I- ith
to tin1 soiiih ..r nun mul to ii.--  Wild
owned by Bucknurlli and   Crowe   on   Horse I ridgi
Slrallini.rii     .I.
-I-       two      I'll
will ii in nn in
session    aim    i-.in-
sidernble interest,    Tli
punted her n- far as Spokane,
The ilnyli1 Bins,   are   letting   the
hearing of their case set fm1 the   I ith
i       , ,   ,,       T, . ,     tinue   to   operate   the   mine,      The  installation is wry small, and if oper
i.i-t., uu by   default.      ilns   merely   ...       '     , , „,-	
louceir.s   tin1   continuing   nf  opera-
lions until tlm assizes when the i|iii's-
tlu1 rust 1 ...ik ..i the .-ul
III.'.,  i n.T.
lire wm len tor i1"' disti :--i ca'.iie .1 .
.   be made on the   tenth   S.*plember   rB«lts obtained from ll
next, until which   time   Mr    Waldie   telprises will be watched    with   con-       ft is believed   thai    the   In.-   »a-  ,„, Th.,,„;.,.   ,,,,,; ,,._,   „„,,,   .
; -i d by -pm ks   from    il
engine selling tires ni i!i" lies.  There
\ were no fires ...'..i' Andersen's   ranch,
just south of town, mi Suud iv   lifter-
... the fire west    i tin1 i liirn id   li   In
tow i'.     I '.■ . iim in :   t.J    Nul '111
■ inn,' evening,
loyle Bros., and Dr.   McClure,   who   all0,,!i l;l"v" cenuinerativo i. i- proba
is nssociated with th , left on Thu rs    hie that tlie enterprising lessees   will|Ju .     ,
noon   In-i,   bm   Charles    Audrisen       '
i ion « ill be finally fought out
A letter arrived the   other
Iressed tu "His Honour the .Minor uf
day morning for St. Paul and   ( Im a-  llftVU "'"'.',' iniitutoi-.-
states ih.i «oon aftei the   pausing   of
the evening passenger train, Im ....li.
feci thai i li.- i ii i-   in   the   Yiiukr
i lirl shaft and inni"'   li ive   all   bee
A letter arrived the   other day ad ,     n.   i i., ...   , ,i    •     .. i
             ,    ..                   I!l   I" '"'.*"' 'I'e Queen mine  In-   ***********************4*4 L.d several .sui.il I fires   biirning   along  hurned   and   tin1   ground   has   con
S  |                 NOTICE                     I the truck.    Sniue of these ho put   uut 'tuently  caved   in.     The  hoist    am
been in llu-   bands   ut    many    pCul. e   * '     '••■--•l-* 2 , , ii       i   lii.ili.i-nl ilu- I)    ii ,.,.   I    ;.
*> *     l.lil. ut lli'l.  il|.pl"..   '"  I. .. ..   Bn.nnl.l I
* *
been ri.niewl.nl   eliei|ueied.
Ymir."    After   several   unsuccessful
attempts to get nd of it,    Postmaster    I,,,.,,:, „.,     a,..,   .,,,,   i    i ,.,   i      „
since it Mas    Irst,    slarle-l      Inn     ha-   _ _.,.,■,■,. , u/nv liimn tn- h       nml n I i ,,-     in   .
..-■,, , i , -a*. , , ,   ,    *• .,.,   i  ,-,,,, t i     I ,,,, ~,   , t ., 11,,,,,,...,,    ,,,,,,    \- ,i\   iii ... ll  i ui    11.. i.   i !i I  1111  ' in'     i >ll l"
O'Neill was   obliged   tone.*e|   mnde money for all of the...      Three f     A Ol'O.lS Hllll'ked    ill    tlli>i| hmttl> °"t,M ™ lf c" '".".".   '
1 ...and responsibilities of the pnsl R   „,,„ ,   .        | . | a srong breeze fanned the,    he,   ,n«.  ra-,e    the  ground.     On
and attend to tho letter himself. ,, ,       ,,■        ,.       ,      ,       , _>|>il('t' indicates   Hint 1 and they .piickly spread   across   tlio   Porcupine creek, pari    il   ihe   \,lii
llohni's Mining Co, who cleared tin a   _ T , „  , , , ' '
W.»   "'   ^lan,   whos, , Iv   , l.y     Then W.  Waldiesecur-  | V. „,,-s„ I.-. ri, „ i. „, \H  in    nr t Z C'l^ ^cZt  ° ' '^' "' ""!  '      ' ' ""   '''
■lentil occured al  Nelson   this   woek,   ed a lease -nil.   option   of   puroh.ise  * $    .   .       . .. troyed,  thu miw   mill   ».i" has   l«-t-r;
was well known and greatly respected   f rum J, A. Turner and Mark   Scnley, {tear lllld We WOllltl   lie -l.ulj """"   """       '       "l'?., '," ''i'0! burned over, and n oui tion of the t;
♦ i giessul vigorously and on Weilnesda-) ' '
by a huge number ol lmirites,    Dur-   who owned three-quarters,  for   -?.'I0,« _ ., Z ..      .   i     c   i . -. .  nf uiw-lnm Inu-n ln.,.n .,,,.,. ,,,.,i   ti,
,. „  , ' tin  ii-ii-    In in i    vmi      I    vim _     .■• win i-nt   Jubiee   iiiuiiiitani   and   "t saw-logs im\ n
ing his tenure of the oHico of customs 000.    He already owned   n   Mii.ut. r ♦'""'"    '   ""   •   '"    "    •    ''_. .,      ,          ,
Inspector at   Waneta,    his   courtesy  inteiost himself.     Ho   In nerated  *_■    - ,        , . •        ,
. ... . , ,  ,,.'     ,.   j wisli iu have ii conl inneu.
nun obliging nature were greatly   ap-   for a year and   a   Int It,   nulling   his *? ♦ . .
predated  by   the   business   men   of quarts*, nt tho YelloA-stono   mill,   it tn I, ************************** '''."''''"•'," ''" ''! '   J     '"'.'','>"   ,.""  being made to clear tlie grouml rmiiiu
1 ■ ' Wcdi.i'sday   afternoon llie     lire
i iiiu* with whom he hml dealings. has done so well   that   he   paid   iii-'   i   i m towers,   and   "ive   this   val
C. Pellant had a unique   experence  ">i'HHy «nd-clea«d off several   (   No   Teacher   p0|.    Vmjf. I'JLce.i.led 'some wl, up pZ.'pine Pln|,t-
with a big black  bear  on  fllursday   •"'<*«'''-"-orued-liabilities     Aboul   a School. chick but wns again  blown   bel,   to 	
lasi     ".*   was   .mt   picking  buckle-  "■■""■"■«"  '"'   exercised    ptlon Hear creek in increiuing volume.  The
i   „,„-,    ,,, m  ,i ;i       i   ,       and bought out his partner*, ho   thai      Dn 1'riday niorning, just threo dnys '
h rnes ancl Inula large pat I  and   two ■ ' .   .       . .    .     .     . hiul.lui!'-ul tlie  New    *iml,    Central
the south side  uf   Dumlee   iiiuiintain  aerial tramway tu the lluntoi1 V   miii
ivero nbluze,    The Dundee Company's  '-, menaced   but enercetie   efforts   m
Rifle Association.
null ii..es full H hen lie suddenly
w ho is the sole owner,    Mr.  W.d-   before the opening of school, il
upon a big she-berr with   two  cubs.   '"" '" 'I"1'"   Phi' I,iwl   '■l'"""   iL   '
.   ,     ,       i     .-   . ,      Ciroiiu i.n ilm south uf Jubilee   m-nm
elm y ot il.e Imaid   ut   trustees   for '
The big one came after   hi...   and   he
It- suvs while l.e would  be   ufad   to  lho Ymir school, received n   tolegran
tain nra threatened, and although  the follows,     I'.ach   round     consists   uf
:.'...i yds, (lying)
luillnl-.     'I ..I d,     A   ei i..
blacksmith shop  has  been  destroyed seven shots and the possible total  pei
,,    i , i      ■ sell out for 8100,000   and   mko   his from Hie lady who had  acce| 1   the ,  ,.      ,   , ,., . -   ...
Ihrew the large pail of berries at   her ' ..       .       , , ,    , il is believed the othei  buildiniis   nre round is do,
i     |      .,.,   , i i    .■ profit, ho ia not at all anxious, as   he l"'v n of teacher to the   soliool,   to
bead,      Ihn   uns   good   enough   for ' ,      ,. , ., siifo so far.
,,     ,, . ,   , ,, keeps nn pegging away, and  manages the ollect that she   coulil   nol   come. . ,,..,,,,       ,   ,
Mr", I tin i. i   who  stayed   tu  em   the        i        i  •--   . • «   I ho flro up »\ lid Horse had n   —|
, i ii . m    nn i to bring   down   n   gold-brick   every Oils lidy accepted the positioi rn , ,   ' '  i
li- -, wlul-i Air. Pellntii roinombor ■ , ,       urate nnirill.   Iue i- kimw n    in   have   An luhnlil ,1
, ,   • month; and his gold-brick la a   brick than two weeks ago and   since   thai
ed an uii|iort.iiil   engagement   in    an . ■•. in smuu di-nua ti" tr llie iihiiiiIi   i'l , l.ueKiiui tl.        I
1 uf .-uld date I he trustees havo of course   con* n
•iliei due,iin... .,      i   , i  vt i        tho creek for   some   I inn1   nasi,   mid   (jlen/.ei
  -ideri'il the iiiitl-'i   ' l.i-eil. .Nuiv, iilnli '
Willi. I   Barker, f man uf il.e      Threo of lhe largest   fairs   in   lhe all the teachers have  probably  made
Arlington mine, has I n   lho  victim Pacific Northwest close the week   l» • 11 ■ • -i■ engagements, they   Und   ihem*
of a despicable joke.     A   .."i."1   to fore   the   Spokane   tnlemtale    Fair Lives thrown over, and have   to   ro   wiltJ "'""   l'"1'-''    '""   ''","':'1'1" ''""''v
«l,a -   inline   M.i-   forged,   wb* opens    This means that there will boL| their ellorls to find   a   teacher,   I'1"-"'1"'1""'"   -vA'ching  all   night    -rasei
.1 i> ■     i i        ii   i n e .,       , . . i , .- who mi t" able tu nul out the   llUlirOSl     W ll.sluM I : i
pusieii on tin-I'.rie depni, and   nailed nil manner of good attractions al   iue with very pom   chances   "i   success. '
for Chinamen and-Japanese to   apply 'Spokann Fair llii*   year,      Il   opens This is tl ami tl Un    has   ,„-   fires whilst tl.o wind was   quiet,     I. iOO yds. (kneeling;
to him f iViployineiU.    Mr. Darker October U—Ilia week   I wing   the ontwl, ohd       imttor   -I Id   be   lm* ",,w 'mm,cl1 tho   br,d"0   tt,ul   l"w  ,    ,     ld '"
.-a Ichopi I   to   tl iiplnv- Montana *'i  Inn, at   Helen,,,   the bl-ougl tl.o attention of    Sup    -J«*-nt up about half a ...il   i I..-   Uuokwoith       I
,   ... I. ni- u     , v   ,.  v- ,       ,- .-, iii    i       rov between the bridge and tho Mali-   Uloazer ■'• '."
in.iii ut .Mongolian labour iu) any one Wasliinglon Male ran at Nmii. in- erinteudenl ol r.ducatioii,      lea.'he.- ,  .
mi\ huii-e.      The   Vuiii   Company's   l-owu '< ,'il
•iiilv in the week the itrong   brcer.es   Iajwb
mvo ii new life,    li   tlirentened   the  ' '• lloyei
j.ml the joke, if joko it wns  supposed   kimn, and lhe big Provincial Fair   at   too often have a  habit  nf accepting
to be, Was us silly lis it   »i,-   despica-   Ne« Westiiiinster, II. I'      Tbe   ap*  t|,0 best position offering at the  lime,  ,n8" nl" worl«ill« "' P1' ' ll"'   good   O. Buyer
ble    Mr, llni'l "i ui("i- a rewind   for
Ihe nnding of the perpetrator   of  the  -,. ( |m   v„m
iiotleo, u l.ieli ooiMtltuiM   .i   criminal
Hotel A^ivals
Mi'l.i'.mi Ht.TBI.!—
-1   K Stevens, Vancouvet;
M. lieliliai.ll,  Hall,
A, -l  Anderson, Erie;
i'  10. Tin inn, Vancouver;
M i-s M. Tnyloi'i Spoknm*;
•l Sprout nu I wife, Nelson
W u,nnnr I1.iti:i.:—
II. Kullei'lllll, Nelson;
II. \V, Cliwley, Sahnu;
Mn- Jensen, Wnrdnerj
I'  Miiii.ey, Siihiiu.
V' Hi ratlin I in, Knsloi
proprintioiis for tliif latter amount to and sul-sequently, if a better   opportunity comes   along,   throwing over
The l.eiiis   ami   Chirk   nxp.mllioii the first engagement.   Such a   habit
will alsu be drawing to a close III this   jM mallifcsllj  unfair and apt, iis iii the I
time and   liia.iv    altia.l
frum tnere In Spoknne. I trustees III a very
patch uf iiiiil..'i    neitr   lho   Halfway  Cnfloy I I:
To tllOSO « Im had (Ml..1   and    ineli- '- WlllsloW
I l.'l
nation, the   view   looking   south   un] UOO yds. (lying)
We.l.ii'-dny afternoon wan vivid   and   Archibald
Ureal   Buckwortb
. I u
I .'l.o
i - ii
l.-l it
time mid nia.iv   .iiii.i, limi-   will   go   present instance, to place  .lie   sclnsil
,      I,, ... picturesduu in the   extro
Ijllll   pn-ll.ull. We1 '
, ,, iiii.i banks uf   den-e   and    liillu.ii    whito   Olenzor
,     I In-  means   iIn*   racing   program [do nol infer that .l.e lady   win.   hml
i      , i i     -I,   i.i . i   ,    \,   ■       i     i     i i sinoko -hull'' brilliant v in the -.... and   l-uive
-In mi Id be iillc.l   with   many   entries accepted the Ynni snlnail,   lias   been -
, .,   . i       ii'.i,. .i , .i lowered to tremendous heights,    The   lioyor
nnd il.ii the tried   and   Ins!   horses actuated by those motives,   .1-   there
ii | ,i     <    i ,      . . im -i crests nf    these   iiuii-'nilieaiil   euliiinn-   r .a-er
m ill he oil the npoKllllO   InicK.     Wliei'll   ||my he ..in.inl'I ilili- l.'.is.uis    sllOll    ns
,.     i ..     ,i i, i i • i     i i .i uloWCll uiih iiidisci-nt   lules,   varVillU     ** Ill-low
Hnnl scores for lhe seitwiu will be set* sickness etc.,  which  have  been  il.e 8
lind      These uihei 1'ini's   i.nliiiliii" I lie . i mu        . from a -nun  like whiteness to    a deep
iien.    iniseoiini nuts, un mum, iin ifnoniii*! ol preventing  her   Filling   her
Portland Kair, will ho a help to Spuk ' n . Hold,    Dolow tha sun mado a fantasy Archibal
■        V, | ,' ',,,,       ni.iiiii-" Mi'l win-        n-ceiv- n .
aim,   rather   tli.iii   otherwise,      lhe1   of gorgeous color   mi   ihe   changing,   Lowe
midway at «pnk ,, .1,1 he cr I- «l * lays uta U»Ud. ta   ^ rolHng m. I « I   all   the    ■,.,■
ed with more attractions   and   better ing, and Iter letter It Is  tu   he  imped " *
„„i| iiior,. novel sights ihaii over   bo* will give a satisfactory reason fur in-r col.ns of the   rainbow   from   a uecp Wimlow
|-(I|1, laotlun piuple iu a dull menacing red, chased  l'riasVf
1- ii
i:' •'-■
.,., ,
vii r
i- .'
K. W. Wililuu.-nii.
I. I. ■ l K I. I.' A <. I:   ,\M.    IN-l l:\Nl I..
Pi rcj il. (ilciizci-.
it (hi(( (1 prices  iii   Wiitt'hes, Jewelry, Silver-]  iIolin ,,llin„.,|:''""':'
UM    ..inni.-    IM.    .,1 Nl •   I 1 IINI8IIINUS
H. (Jnmpliel!.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
I'liii .'.niii In Drug ami I! ml: On.
i riiMiinK   i.i;,M.i.i;
William Clark.
t.lll.l KI.II.S.
II.  ,'aiii|.iii-l!.
l)c-liii-,iv .lobbinw Co.
Cost'.iop,.lit..n—-lulin Breau.
.Mi 1.. ml House—r'inlliv -Mcl-e.iil.
Millet; House—S  Miller.
Palace— I nil A Ruddy,
Vancouver— < liven Buyer,
Wal.lot! - <ii rn ue Column .
i'mir—J. VV, Mastcrsoii,
When in  Nelson
Call ni PnteiiiUKle's.    You will lind greatly
({iu ((1 prices  in   Watches, Jewelry, Silver
ware, Cut Glass, and Novelties.    You can   always lind something in lii- stock suitable for ;i
^il't, and his goods are always most reliable.
J. O.   Patenaude,
Manufacturing Jeweller, Watchmaker and Optician.
PHONE 293.      NELSON- B* C*
•  -
,     J Newly furnished throughout.    Sample rooms in connection
• Rates $1.50 to 8*2.50 per duv.
FINLAY   McLEOD, Proprietor       j
Crow's  Nest  Pass Coal.   | from Asia, Thrace and Spain   dm-inK
  i the Roman empire cnuicd ii- valuu lu
Trillion 0,     1*.     II.     LoOOlllO-   depreciate uiie-eJKliteonth that of guld I
ti\*i*q I'i'iivi1- tin1   ('mil   to      i ',;" 'ImiiiL ih" miilnli- nm- ami down l • lS- I-"oss.
I 111 .-i   I   I l I*. I -   1 111     l   . 1.1 I    in l;l Us    IIIMillIM,    ,!M.    5111.1.INl.lt
,,          ,          .       ,                      l.. till! sixteenth century, when   there ,.      , ,    ,,  ,
I  avi'.Stllicniil'Mi'illii-                      |   ,    ,  , ... .          , .         .,      i Mrs. Julm Mel I
was a luck oi skill in   ivorkiim   silver „,„,„_   ,,,., ,.
lllg    Qualities,                   nre*, the value of the  metal   rose   to p*..,ey J. (Ilen/.er,
I .mi-nulh,   one-eleventh   nml     one- i'ui.ntij-m.
Mr. Jiiines MeEvoy,   "eulogist    *•"'' I twelfih that of j-ol.l.    hi the   seven   ; Heralil I'liblisliiiig To.
the C. N. P. Coal Co, last  week   re-   menth century it fell as low   as   o j stationbuy.
turnerl from Winnipeg where for  two j ,.iKjlteuntli that of suhl   anil    in    the 0. Campbell.
weeks ho has been comluctiiiK a series  eij,||tl ,„,,, ,,.„lmv jt   ,.,,SP   ,,,  ..,!„,„-! tkam-ti-it-
-E tests with the Miejiel   coal  on  Hi-   ,„„„,„„-,.,,,,,, „„,,   fr ,„.   ,  y'^^^'
<■.!'.  I!    trains   between   Winnipeg   llicl,c(.n,ent to the inid.lle of the nine- Mux. OUilie,
...nil lli-aii.li.i., -ay- th-   fernie   Freo   te,.ntli century the reintivo  values nf Tobaccoist
Press.    These tests   were   taken   un   tllc.tw,.mctnl» fluctualwl f|*om 15   to '  '"" ' ''."n'i'ii.iiiaki,,,.
'!,.- iiiiiiativ.-  nf the C.  1'.    1!.,   who    | - ,-, William Clark,
uskcfl ilu- C N. R. Coal Co, to semi
American and B.  C.   Hydraulic
Placer  Company Ltd.
Capital $50,000 in 500,000 Shares of ten cents each
a representative.    The samples   were
(.iiiliereilbytheCP.il.   from   theii Ladies
regular supply from tlio   Michel   to!- FltrnjshjngB
lieries   ami   oviiluntly     eonaiilorable Millinery
pains liad been taken   lo   secure   the aild
worst possible samples    One car was
entirely slack   which   had   probably
In -ii filled I'm the   Fernie ovens   bul
in transit got into tl.e .C P. 11.   sup-       MRS.     J.    McLEOD
,,ly,    Other samples were injured   *^>* I l»0f«t O'Hicc   Store    -     VMllt  I I'h'st class b,u
heavy rains,    About   a   tlo/.on  tests j
were nun!.', eacli consuming from  two   —-——— ——-———————
to eiulit tousi    A Free Press reporter \'      •     /..*■•
-„  conversation   with   Mr.    McEvoy ™1V <   itlS-GllS
Opposite Courthouse  and   new   Post
oilice,    Best '_'~i • meal   in    tow n.
I!iii"l ean und American plan.
(inly   wliiii1    labor    employed,
loiriied s e important faots iu connection witli tliese tesls. The lesls
tests   iiii 1   out   very   satisfactorily
afl- ■—| __*"!
and fully sustained tub convictions of   I.AS'1' llii I1KDAV IN r. -»( II MONTH.   IJ    ^   i
tliucoali ipany ollieials   as  to  ilm       Kisi.av MchKoii, President. ! IIOICI   .    .    .      .
1:14.1 v 1 li.iiAZl.n, Secretary,
A    11.  UuCKWnllVll,  Tn.".-.
Most ci tnfiirlalile hoti I ill  the  .1 -.-
,i|i"n..r   ipuihty   of    lliell    .''..!     I".
ilcutnini*  1111 poses.      The    ordinary
■ rupoiutive power of coal in the practical working uf locomotive*) i- from
-i.\ to seven pounds watei1 evaporated
.1 one p .und   coal   consumed.      I he
n-i-    lucted   by    Mr     McEv.ij
.luiwed mi i-vap-iiaiivo   power up  i"
!0.0 pounds of water to one pound of Headquarters for flirting
■ nil consuuied.    This i-   believe I   11
i,t. u.c best result f-.r any coal on th.      nnd Commercial Men
 liiient,    The mosl interesting lest  .
'.•.a- on   iii"   local   cMpress    hetwo. n.
SVinnipi'g   and    IJrnndoti,   nil1!    1!" j
Mops between those points.     ll    *■■'-  '"•''     Uverylliiiig fimt-cln*!
found thai '','•■" p..'.nul- of coal   u.i- , \j m    p   ,
il, lent to nmko the trip uf l.'l"
miles, The tests won also made • n
freiglil engiiu -. and lin1)' kIiuwi* • con-
lu .ivi li 1I1 " th i1' was equally   si
K ... I foi heavy ••■ iiiiin.u pui poses
1 lur of the iidvantag. • "I' the L'luv
Neil coal over the    PitUburi*   article jg,,,,,, ,,,;.,,    ,    .    ,A , ,, ,N ,.;|.y
.   ,,.   ll..     ,,1,-   -II   T   llf   -   II     It '  lill       '  tl    I
..  thep -....-.,..-m■■.    losesj AT COST  PHll !•>',
. 1 nn of it", lolalile   propel lies   und
 K tin iu   tctl     thn "   in  eliurge
noled tho aim11-!    entire   at nee   ol
(Under entirely new management.)
Dining  Room   ,nnl   Bin*
-H]i|iliri|    wi'li     tlie    Ix'Hl
iii the market,
itighl  opposite depot,  i'mir
JOHN  UREAL?,  Prop.
The Company is now preparing to work the (lolri
Iiredge, Black Sand and Nugget placer leases at Hall
Siding, and in order to'purchase the necessary machinery, the promoters-have sot aside a limited nuiiilier '■■<
shares lor immediate sale,
Tin1 shares tire fully-paid aud nun assessable,
The Company's ground averages 5.0 cents per eiihi.
yard on the  surface, over -Mn acres,
Until l.i'il nick is'jviu-lk'd these   shares   cun   he   oh
turned al n bargain,
Meanwhile the treasury  stock   (*_(!0,(JC0   Shares)   i-
le-fl intact.
-.,. ■*   am in _■■—■■ ii —*—_■—<-Wh*-l W*-_W-rtW-WwJ_M*-l       .1 I   ■ ■ 1 I - —        1  ■_>■**_*•
************************** *********w*********i4>>
iii. "i -r mi -.Nil "i   iio.Mi -i i*'
   The Kootenay  Standard
and  Juanita.
''   ,*•!   I   "   II   1,1.II    111
Please'forward Tin: Ymih Herald fur
il acknowledge receipt of enclosed •*?....
.. , month
v 'l'i!.: HKHALI) is published   every Saturday moi'iiinc; and
4 eoutaiiis all  the new- of the ctunp.
{ I! mi--)'i:n I'uah, -"_'; Half Ykah, >}1.
Dominion   Exhibitior
iko after tlm 111 it few   pell'-   were
l',i--i  .'ni' MuVeli ai .'in,.
:'.'. ■ line al  ' '■■■
till Iiiu   . I'   IVcpni ii -ry   M-- inm. --
I'l'iiini!,'*,    Mi ilioated   mid   'l'i ill ■
'J'estH ni   the   Kovcresl   kind   were      ,-,i ip.
imuleto mul I llie Michel roal clinker   ,.
,,,l„.r,'.,'.   N.-i   fuel  -i l,|\MiUhi'.*pa-rln«pl j    led ti
U.t every   li.lie   and   mil   a   .Inglej    j    Q    ELLIOTT,    IVop
• liuk.-r was found anlotiil tin" anlies, *
Ji ~~C~ Thelin & Co,
NelMUi, i;. c.
Clark's  Furniture  store*
V\ III.1 Wl i i, VHK
Undeiiakei   and   Furniture    Dealer
Mall nnli ■-- 11 | ■'.   itlended to
lllll H BTIir.Kt,
Silver at one thno win mi it   purity ,■*-*-"—
hni, mild,    Kaucher In   lii»  writing«
,' l! . llllll   (M igilllllly  -il*"!'     'II     "OHIO
' oiinli ies was 'ini lh ipiile ai much If
iml more than ^'M; hut Mi- wan ecu-
-,;,,,. a.^.i, liy the law of Monon the
,.;,!„,. of ui'lil was fined i" i**" nnd
,,,,,. |„,|f times ihal of silver, In the J
llf tit century I). C.i *"'lJ wn« through. |
. in ihe i'i.-i, worth si*' In cl/jlil  limes j
ll.e value of silVel1,    III   thd   tin F
I', i ,, ..nl Xonnphon gdld ivan worth i
.,.,, iimi., thai nf silver op is 10 to I ,
.-in iiliiiiiilii..'-.1  of   the   "Ini"  mi tal |
I'lll-'ii' I     INI.    ASS vi lill,
! ,'      .,' -
(ini.!, Silver, nl   Lent!    -     ■ 1 00
Copper,     - -    -     --'I 50
(Jold Silver,     ....    ,-| 50
i 'hat':  i for i tin i HietnlS on ap
|.1|. ill Mil,
Baker St., [Melaoni
I' O   lll.l  -i-l    I IH-        l'l.,'!!.-   AC
I' il'*-l '(*|llHM   I lilllli'J   lil.i.Ml.
l.t'Hl   IuhiiiIh   .,1   Win'*
l.i'|lln|- llllll  ( 'iinti .-
1005      September   27   to   October   7       19051
I'nder the aiisuicoK of the Uoyal   Agricultural
nn.I Iii'lii-tiial Society.      ......
iStuiloudouh and oonipreheiiMive urraj   of   I \-
liil.iis rciii'i soiitiiig the resourceij nl all Canada.
81C0.0C0.00   1"   Prizes   and    attractions,
Knlarged grounds, new. handsoine aiid Bpacioiin
WOllLD'H rllAMI'IHNsllil' EVENTS in H iwin« and   I,i-i ■*-.   I! . -
Itii.iiiK, Uroncho "bunllngi" Military L'uradei iml Exercise-1,
UOYAL IHtSI-l (iUAHOS and othei r.n.-:..*- llan '.-.
ailANU WATER CAUNIVaL—Parade'of   L-'raser   ii-.i    n-lilli*-    '■
pairul boaia  II, V  wiii*,hip«  Indian .vni canoes, ci..'.
Indian Spot f
I'ornllinf uitioii illitti W, 11,   ItEAHY    rlucrett ml   M......
New W'.'-iii.iii'ii'i. ll i
Second  \VI
Kootenay Coffee Co. Ymir Transfer C<:
COFFEE ROASTERS jackson* lraht. i'.m*
VVliol. ...I: ..n-l ii'tail .', mil r
III Kli-li Roanloil
Mi-iin »<arat«e • Soffees
m1.1 s'.y, |i .■
Teaming alnl
Express » .. *
All   •.'!"!'-   pl'olhptly   atlendi I
aii'i llu1 yreatesl enre b***.('i clsed lu
ll tn I'i-ir nf .......l'i THE YMIR HERAI/J ""■.'■:';',,"",'l",,-""-wl «btto|-B YMIR   BUSINESS GUIDE
 punished is u menace to the   eouutry. 	
Publllshud even  Saii.rJi» ami inni „„,    ■Jl'---**-h Columbia iu the past has   had I assayinii.
,,.,.,, ,. , . .....£. W   Widdowsou.
■, '.n—. .,r ,i..|i'.,.r..il l,v .'iirii-r ii. loivn. a -pli-u-lnl i i-i.nl al mn a- a law abiding
-" ri|iiiiiii»f8.i-0|.i.t iiniiiiiii, payuiiii- iii -1,1   ami law-respecting eominuiiity, and ii '■    j.,.,,.v j, _|l.|,/,Br
is too bad il.ai gentlemen from   other hi i'i iikk.
l-li.-rli-iii.- ml.-. tl Ml  i,..|   ii,,-I,   p.-r in..mi, .. , , , .,, , ,.,, .Inllll  I'liiiln-rl
parts ol < nii.nl.i, with perhaps   differ- uiinii-ii..
I'm   Mkiiai.ii .mn   li,.  hml    , r. .in   ull   |..|i,lmu ., , Dill     I'-     IM'    '.I.N I -   I I UXISIIIN.li
mit ideas in ours. -In,uld In- placed   in       ,,  ,.       ,   ,,
li-iri"l.',r  null   li..   i.i.iii n. -I H. . iiimpuel1.
:,.. a position for which 1 hey are nol    lit LlesHrisiiy Jobbing Co.
,,..,,          |        ,    i      ■                                    iniin-.
com rolul  iir.ii.ii.il ...   i-vi-ry   ... -m.i i..-,   ""I-     iNo Judge    ivlio    pleads    lor   a       ...    ,.       , 	
I li.' I anal:,  linn, mill   1-liitiK I....
lnl Ui" iir-'iins...- in -i..iinli,r.l i.ri"—
I IIIMIl-liI-;    I1KAI.KI
i -nrnli-nlnri III tha
■In.-nl Ir'.n. tin* alii
ii isoner because llu1 ci inn-. t"i-    \i lin-h
TheKind You Would Like
l'l 111 l-llllll   111   Till.
lll.lt.M.ll    |-rill.l-lll.\i.    I nlll'.l.W
II.    KK.U.NS,    11 ANAnl'.n.
he i- accused i- "monstrous'1 nr   "im-       William Clark.
probable in view of the  condition   uf uiiocuhiks.
1). Cnmpliell.
Ins nerves   should preside at criminal      UesUiisuy .lol/bing Co.
trials, «0TKp.
(iOSI'.iOpolilllli—.Jnil!l Hrutin
MeLeod Housh—R-ila* Mol.eod.
Remarkable Trials.
commit themselves to   an   error,    because the*, have not    sufficiently   ex-
Sometime*! the very best of   pap.*.- Miller House—S  Miller.
I'aliii'e — Tail Si Kuddj .
Vancouver—Owen Buyer.
Waldorf—(ieorvje Colinau.
ymir—1. \V. Jlii-ii'Min,
,,,,    ,..,..               .                .       amilied   into    ihu   circumstance*!   ...i ,,
'The week    a   provincud   review HAItuwAitu
,                                                            whieli they are commenting.    A  case I). S. T. Koss,
puhlwhed at Victoria has a long am-1         .     ."  ,                     ,,,, i.-m-   h-i.niu.iim1   inii   uiu.inkii
..... . in piiit.l i- thai nl tlie   Ininiilii   (.lulu1
i-le in its last issue upon   the   strange Mrs. Jolin Mcl-eoil
...      .     ■      ...        .     known as ilu- "Grit   Uible,"      As   i- „,,KI.   ,.,,..„.„,,,
attitude of Mr.   Justice   Morrison   in minim-   i.i.i iu.iu.i,
.,.          ,              .    .   .    ,            whII known the editor of the Globe  is I'erey J. (ilea/.er.
presiding at hearing ol criminal eases.,
....          ,             ,   ,   ,    ,          •           a reverend gentleman uf the strictest uiiimim-.
I.nose who uiteiuli-il ilu* la-t assir.es at ; Herald Publishing Co.
.. ,.,,.,,               .                .      orthodoxy.     Mr. Low-icy nf Uie    Fee-
Nelson will fully coucuc in the    upin-                                               * MA lliiNKIII.
, ,      , ,   ,,         -,.,      ...   i       .,.,     uie Ledge   and   of   Lowery's Claim, D. Campbell.
i,hi- -ut Im tli  in    1 he    i\ i'l'i;.       I lin '
......       ,          , ,             be it known, has no   pretensions   to ,,     ,         .(-.A-Msikus
i a.-es ile.-i-i il.i .1    in    tin*   article   are llurslinw & Wilson.
..,,,                ,        ,              .orthodoxy   iu   hi-   religious    beliefs jHckson t& Lealiv.
Ilni-c ol (..lili.uis a!    tin-    Const    and ,i v   n.nli
i*    ..              ii   i      i . ,                    i Hii'A. uuuie.
,,,*.,              .. ,          .,.,         ,       -in* train it.   Hi* has liii.-lv niinniinrcil ...  ,         , ,.
■lolin Robert! ut Nelson.     II ther                                            ' luiinim-i
.                  that he "ii! reestablish    tlie   lam....*. Miles  Molmila
eases   at   the   Nelson   assizes   were                                 * iimhsi.takkii
,,            ,,,*,-          ,       Lowery's Claim at Nelson, and prom- wmii.,,,, <*i'...-_"
pipully remarkable for their   conduct                                                    ' ,."Illlal'* Ciaik.
,.        ,   .          ,      ,      ,       ,,.,     i-i--ihat it will be "a monthly journal _________^________________
a- iluecteil   trom   the   bench,      lhe "'       	
Week snys in paj-ti
"(in several occasion* il   has   been
lhe duty of the Week to call lhe   at-
I devoted lo truth and humor, with   no
! strings m ii- t'lliinials."    Tin*   editot
of the sacred "(Ilobe'   who   lias   evi,    YMIR LODGE No. 31 A. V,   A.
,Identjy nevet seen a copy of the Claim
M     Meets first    Friday   in
tenlion of the public to   instances   of .,    >■   ■ ■     ,    ,, , ,
' | iuuntil. \ lsitmg brothers welcomed.
serious   miscarriage   of   justice     i„ | says "wr cannot have "too   many   pa- John McVicaii, W. M.
British Columbia, and tl.e verdict   of   pers of that sort       We hope the first I'm.cv J. Glkazkr, Secretary.
the jury in the ense of C, II   Gibbons  copy which comes to his   notice   will   vxirji  LODGE No   3*J   K    of   P
I e more example of   weak-minded Lot be 8t,u-iling in its (.owory-isnis, Meets lirst and   third   Monday  in
sentiment over-riding tlie  law,     The each   month,      Visiting    brotlieis
verdict haa   been   given   by   twelve welcomed,
.,      i i, ,-     i MINERAL  At' I'- I'min.i'.s Aii.'ini.Ai.i., C. C.
'good ini'ii nnd true,   mul in lho eyes '
,   , ,,,,.,,        . . (iiiu.M l1'.) John* G L'HtfAU, K. H. •& 8.
..| the world Uiobons is  .....  innocent
man,    That would be of nu public im Certificate ..I Improvements
portaiice except   for   Uie   dangerous -»   -—.
precedent which   tlie   result   of   the] Notice.
TASTES (!(i()H      is GOOD.
Old Settlers Maple   Syrup.
I'm.* in I-I, I-:.' and L, gallon Tins,
Sold by
D. CAMPBELL,    =    -     YMIR.
Mining Agent      -      Stocks and Shares
Mm ual -Liic fusiiranco Company of New Vorl*
('iiiiiiiliiin Ca.suiaty--HoiLer [nsurancc Co.
London Mutual v-Jfirc Ln,surance Company.
Ottawa Lure LnMiiraucc Company.
YMII.. I'.. (
•«s(y,5'i5--5*-5'';S'~_(-~*y ■5--5'.-Pr-5'-5'-3'-5*-->'-*'rf»--y-«r-v?ftd
)% i    SU
z* to
~ r c    sU
i *_ r.   su
(irecn, acting ns agent for A.  K    Pel-  „,,. -,    ,    ,,  „.
ersr'rec Miner's   Oertitle.iie   No    B,    l0 Clm-,,e' '' >"" '■
ii- anv   othi-i
MACCABEES, Meets second
.mil fourth Tuesday in each month.
I,   M.I.UOll,   Ij.  C
trial sets up for the community.   The      ,-,,„.   t<imi.1Zi   Kov,.r    N-,.rt.    \v.y L. Buckwoiviii, R   K.
jury is not particularly tu be blamed,    -entra!,   Mineral   Zone   nml ..Cttnlon '
I Kracllofml Mineral Ulnii)is.8iinniml   in ■■»-»__»__^—^_.
beoauso the verdict was the ieiiult   of   iiie Nelson Mining  Division   of   Wi i Notice.
the attitude 'of the   presiding  rjMge,' Kooli'iiay nistrmi
' iVhcre loouted:—On Jubilee   Moun-
Mr, -lustiue Morrison,   who delivered  lain ai. i|jt two mil.-.- irnm .mir. TO DEM i^U.ENT CO-OWNERS,
, , ,   ii    i-     ,-     ,     ,i   ■     TAKE   NOl'lUK   '.lull   I.   V.    U.
the mosl remarkable oirection  ..   lhe
jury on record in this  province.      li
.       181,901, and   I1'.   II.   It.   Bonier   free I person' to whom he niny  have   trans-
Wa*. not so much a s-umminu up ol the ; M,nel.-S c.oi-ttlfoitt- No  11. Ul.UO-J.   in
evidence by the judge, us it plea and a ! tend, i-ltt) days Iron, tliu date  hereof,   fared hi" interest! in tl May   Bios*
*.o apply to the Mining Heouriler for a lsn).    m*,nel.ft|   ,.i,,i,„,     ,ituateil     on
direction—a plea lor th" licensed and , (juriilicute of Improv cuts,   fur   llie
n direction to tho jury to a it   hiin. - •""■"""' "' nl'1 '''- «  ('!'"»"   "'''ml   ,!l'"w' llllt,li"   «""   ""''   ''    l,ul(
..., ,   ,",,.       .,   | u'(Im nboyij elaiuis. miles southwest froih   Ymir,   in   the
1 lie serious purt ol tins method   ut      Ami (..nl..1!-lain1 leu llmt   iioliuu,
,,       ■ , under section 87, must he   eommencinl   Nelson   Mining   Division   of    Wes
'onducttng th" trial   ui   persons   ac- ..  .      ,, , ..   . .    .   ■ ,. ... , ,  ,
" hefore the issuance ol sui-h  Ccrtllicate   Kootenay District, and   recorded   m
used of serious ortenco-i i-i the   moral   of lmprovem -. the Rocordore oilice fm   tl.e   Nelson
,,   , Dated this iwcnly-elizlil day ol  -lulv.
-ii.'it upon il nniunity.      If   be  ! A  j,   um Mining Division,
uause a husband dislikes one   of   his 1', (J. (Irueu, Vou and each of  *n..   are   hereby
wife's friends I'm ia  safe  in  slnming ' ,'1'""-   *    * notified, that 1 have   expended Three
,,      , ,       .,   „.,.       ...    ,,_ ■- n   i-iai  i l    i liiiinli-i.il mul -iu'i-ii ,!. ill, ii- anil lit'lV i-t«
•ii ihi* tiu'ii'l wiih ..'ipiiiuiv. there   i- I
] (-JiJ07.00) in labour and improvements
•il.-.-lv in be -initi* a ln"li' ti."" "•   tlie] _.jt     \\,     __ .     t, i . •      i  , •   •      i    .
1 Help  Wanted,    Female,    upon the above mineral claim In order to
'•""""     ,!"'   ■ :i,w ' ''■'•'■"' , hold the same under lhe provisions of
Wwif.n    l,ii,li,.s io do plain   sew. ' ,|l(, Mincrid Act, nnd if within i.inety
be iiii'iti-.'1'ii to in1 aucidenlal. I'liere
would be no assumption on i'"1 pirl
*jf a jury,   when   a   jealoui   husband
illg ai hum.',    iiliull1    ol1    spa,,, ii,,,,..    ,|avs ,,„,„ ,|,,, .|„,,, ,,, ,|,i, „,„i,.,,    yuu |
|«0 tu*l<> pel1 ttecK,    Work --in   any 11.„| ,„. ,,.,■„,„ Lo comribule your   por-Mj
distance, cliargos paid.,   Send sump I tjon 0{ expenditure (which is one Iiun
tetches a gun which nap-puns to gu ull   .    ..,,,,     .   , • ,
for Hill I'liitii'iilai-. i ,ln„| „„,| n(lv ,||lv,. ,i,,||al.s „,„■ 8BVeh I *
nnd «iiu.ids tin* mill! In1 i- ii'idoi.is    ul,    ||-\\   \|i't*   I'D     Mnlitinal I                        a     ,._,,,                        ,.     \'.\
i.i .■*-.*-. . nv,.      .,  'i miai in, |u. (ivaconts for ih*- three years endii
ih.it the shooting is intentional.    Mr, I
■lu-tii'i1 Mo'.li-ui, in theClibbtilisease,
x *********************
said:    "Do A"ou believe thai   Hii1   ae i *
1 use,! is a man  of sullicient nervous i
fo to woolly get a gun   and   inten* |
liuiially shnui his mall?"    This   *|ue.s
tion might be  put   in   any  Mwoting
asi- ami the jurymen, not   being   in
the habit of doing that soil   of thing ]
t'ni'.i.s.'Kes, would saw   "Nn.        All
!.)(>)) vcl'cd any
iilaci'in town,
I 8 Mul i1.....'.i together with all costs of i*k
| advertising, your interest in the said jilj.
1 eliiini will be mn- the property of tho iiv
1J subscriber, under section ' of an   Act' iii
Stove Lengths     i
nv ■*-'!.:'.'.. Green 81.1
00, 4
brime seems improbable tu people who I I |fcg.   f»^f\  l.oa_. 1
»ly \X v-      * ,-           , X
■ I ♦ Now i-Liiv iiiiiv l*i pin in I
Ar ' X                il ttnuti supblv, X
entitled   "An   Act   to   Amend   tlio ■ jJy
Mineral Act,  ll'OO,"
-l"n*. I1', 11 A'iin.ii-ri.1-:
l! Dated ui Vu'ir, Iflth, May 1005,       I
nn- nut eiimiiinl".   bill   unfortunately | t
•limes ni-i1  e*jittmftt*ed,   althbllgll    w
Companies Act 1S97.
Not in- is heieby given that   _dgar tj$
Milton Hand. .r*>i.l*-.it miiiv manager tJIS
if the Company nt Vmir, !i, C,   has 'm
X i.i'.-n sul)siiuit'*i< *.i'v-att'iriivy nf tl..-,'ls
Wehav-tl «ht ll   rtalrabta   for  It \>X)yU)    |»j(.n 1
the public welfare to no into this mat.  j t *♦
t   IiIIMiIm'I' Co. Ltd.    X
In.iV nut llli*le. stale. *-Vliy
1 * il V-ai'I'l ill].I
Ier at some, length, because   tlie   ei.      #
w. raiment .rfhiwl nil nl   lV   | 4»mm»m^mHt)H|   Heglilrar of Joint Swck Compa
Yinir ('iil'l    MillW,    l-,i".i|il,vil,''   and  f|\
.Imi the t'oM'.iei' substitution llf Havan-IONS
nah -lohiison Hpreali lias ln'.*ii revoked.'^
Dated Inly !10th, 11)03, l^j
s. Y. WOO'ITON, W^,
ni..- I
Ymr, B. C. Lake of the Woods
c__rL__c__iD just izrsr.
-Also New Supply  of   Canned Goods	
M rets train every morning
exeepl Sunday, I'or freight
nnd passengers for Vinir
mill. By special orders on
Sundays. (>r U>v Vmir mine.
n us for anything in tlie way of llais. Shoes, or  Clothing,      W'r   have
ihe i-iiesi styles, finest ijuality and lowest prices,
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Fact5 and  Figures About! uia is -:>- ■•"'. against an average   for
the Provinces the whole of Canada uf   ■**.'(.70,   and
  for Nova Scotia   $15.8*2:   in   mines,
I'he following statistics  are   taken !'.*82.2o, as compared with   £.***.h.'i   for
,'.-in ilu*   Canadian    year   honk   for j«ll   Canada   and   819,70   for   Noval
ft will be interesting to know that
"he proportion of cultivated land lo
ihn whole area in the different provinces is as follows:: British Columbia, 0.20: Territories, 0.17: Manitoba
I! 70: Ontario, 0 10; Quebec, ■'! 10;
New Brunswick 8.00; Nova Scotia,
|).-')0; Prince Edward Island, 52.00.
Naturally our province is the lowest
in this respect.
In regard to the proportion of forest and woodland to the whole men,
many will be .surprised to learn that
in .Manitoba it is 40.00 per cent , and
in the Territories -l-'l.OJ, British Columbia lias 80 per emit, Ontario.J(i..*lI
and Quebeo 51.32,
The average sine of the family
throughout, Canada in 11)01 was ."..2 I
lu British Columbia it was 4.1.15, and
in Quebeo "> 36, not su very much
over tne average, considering its reputation of its population for large families.
MKSTIC    AND     III!!'.
95     POUNDS      PWES
V. S. T. linss, Secrelary
Scotia; in timber, $10.90 per head, a- : SpOka__e  Falls    &
against 99.68 for Canada and   **?l I 60        North-GITl  IXV.
for Quebec.
British   Columbia   is   under    the  T    " ,1>'     ,l"   ,'"il   ';""", '"'V "
puiiits east. West anil soiilh to ISn—
average tn respect to  farm   products, |,an()| Ne,soll|   (;,.aM(1   ,,,„.,.,  iU1(1  Re,
being only if.'lO 28, as against -J56 90
per head for all of Canada. Manitoba leads with J8-1.20 per head, and
Ontario is next with 873.00 1'liis is
usually represented as a non-industrial province, but for tho production
..f factories per head it lends easily,
The average fur Canada is 8106.08
per head. The next is Ontario -villi
$130.92. British Columbia is 813fi.-|
50 per heart.
.    Ih
tl'et ears run between Spo-
u.d N
■t Cm
s  nm between  Spokane™
anil Nelson.
clivo April, 100-5,
Daily Train           Arrive
a in
Spokane          U.20 p.m
11 Oi".
11 III
llossland         -1.56 p.m
9 in
a in
Nelson          ii :i-'. p.in
! 1 i.'lll
a m
Grand Forks       :l 50 p.ni
Phoenix         .'i 110p.m.
Republic         Q.30 p.m
An Atlas For $1.00,
____ij   _?__:__   TTi>d:__
The Great Northern   Itailway   has;
issued an Atlas of ~id pages   contain-1 *VSfl»_l-rl 1
ing up-to-date maps   of   Iowa,    Wis- NORTHERN
consiti, Minnesota, North  and  South i
Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington
British  Columbia,   Oregon,   Kansas, '
The average number of persons   to  Mtaouri, Nebraska,   Wyoming,   Col-
ihesipiaremileinCanuhiis i,17.   Inl"1'1"1"-      'Vlasku,      Hawaii,     Jap,,..,
•Seattle,    Tacoma
II.   C.  iti-iO...   in ..he iVHto^J-Philippine Islands, China, the ('lli,"^: .,..,..,.., '„,     -)mVTV
u.:,, in Manitoba.* 90, im-Ontario ll.;.]»"*"'i""1 of "l" NV'"1'1' I PACIl'IC    U»AM      I'OIN I S
In addition to this, tho Atlas  con     ,...,..
ormuiion St« Paul-   Chicago,   New
hi Quebec .••L8,   in   Prince   Bdwurd |
(island 01.0, in.New. Brunswick II 83, t**in" v'*luftble 'tatistical  informutioi
slid in Nova -Scotia   22 3.      Ih-iti.-h I l'"l"'jv(' '"•l!l" s"l,"s nftmed f,l)"v"*   is I York'   ant1
''oliinibiiihaiih,.   l.',iV.,t proportion pHnted on Hie very   best   quality oft
i.f nialea,tQ,the population, being 63.9, >"'•"'''• s|loWH tlie iill('s "f   ll"'   0ie,lt
■.- compared with SH.2-3 for tire whole- ^'"'''"'''V R-**-il-vaSlltuid 4s   in   every
uf Canada w''1*'' ll cnlninelidahle Work.
Of   for.eljtn   burn   population   the .'J™" Atlas will,be   distributed   at
Territories have tlm largest percentage ll,B'mitaul mt ,,f P^uction il"*1 *vil1
being 30.-83, as   compared   with   an bc-sent to any address   upon   receips
..veruge for the whole of   Canada   of of (91*00. \ Addrcsij, 1*'.   I   i-Whitnev,
O.2..    That carries   with   it  its own Passenger   Traffic   Manager,     Great
 imentaiy. . British Columbia   has Northern Railway, St; Paul, Minn.
::i'i.iui. •
The .lim.-1111:1 referring to   the   pel j           I fUllC'.**.'
■ ''titi.ige uf I'Venult origin  i*i   interest
I'nst QHice  Store        V\i
ing in view of certain statements   i,'e<
nilv made. by   PYeucli   papers   in
Quebec thai, the lfi-eneli   would   yet
..ii'.iier andp.';s:;i.-ss, 'juicily, t'f CoUl'IU).
'iiiiai iu. The percentage ill ull Can-
■ la is .'10-70, >nd in Quebec alone
-".I*- In Ontario it i- 7.27, New
Brunswick 24.10, Prince Kdward
Island    1342,   Novo   Hernia   10,02,1 •—<><•"+•< "■" '      ' ■**" ■
Ml" ba 0.38, Alberta 11.7, and        KOOtCliaV    Coffee   Co.
British Columbia :' 00, *
The percentage of owners uiul oc*
i-upiei's of farmx in Canada is 8.8 pei1
rent in British Columbia 8.32, in
Manitoba 12.Ui, and in Ontario
I j. 19. The average value uf farms i
per oceupant in Canada is 83,735,
decidedly high, and in British Colutn- High  * Grade « C-Offeell
iin i'i. I** I. whioh tups tlir* list,  Brit- _ .*
Ish Columbia  topn   tha   list   in   thr* j Nl'lISOS   Il.e'.
ivurajfo   production   uf   ihe    farmsJ  ^^^^
which for the Dominion is   8?50,  at „   .
,,,- ,,,,„ ...        ,.       ,. . 444***********************
047,    Inf next highest is Ontario  ♦ Tl
si.KKi'Kiis.   iiii'Kirr,
MBA 1.8 *-.   I.A   • A ill.:.
Best   Meals  on   Wheels
2    FAST    TRAINS     Q
As usual, our stock is composed of nothing Iml the '"-'
Wt* lake a pride in having our customers say:  tlinf. nol
only (Jo we give tlie best   i|iiality  for  the  money, Iml   thai
their orders are filled witli neatness and dispatch.^
•lu-t nl present we are paying cwnsiderable 'itteiition   *<
our California Fruits.    Wlie(n   preserving   time   ciniu's   I'm'
plums, peaches, etc., we would like to 'have you  give  ns  .,
.•all. and think we can give yem-pric-fea etc, that  "ill I"'   ' (i'
tirely satisfacton t.. you
As regards our Gents' Kurmsluiigs Department, this  i-
becoming ami now is one of'Our Iui!u.Kng departinents,
11' vou have not already called,  wc would
like *o have \<»u coinc and examine oar stock.
( niii'icous liciihiH'iii is miv "motto."
U. S. T. ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant.     Vmir,     B.     C,
S|ii"i'.l   E.Vulirsiun   Raton
Lewis »& Clark Fair
l)_AL_H   IN
Shell  and   Duildei'-i    Har.l«    • ■
I'liiii-. and   Oils,   Si. !-•'*    i'
Steel, Powder, I'lite   and   '' . -.
Ur.i.iii.'   and   Tinivni'i*,     *- ■
All   Kl.i.l*i   u(   l'ii.i.iliiii..-.   riii'
'iniiliiii-.'   uu'l   Oeneral    11*. ■
I'm- iii.i-. iii'ilni- nml full iiil-ii llinii..ii
regtirilllii' trip*, call ..!. ..i ai'tlresa mi j
agent uf il.. s. !•'• •*.' N. Hallway, or
II. A   JACKSON,        II   IIKANI'I'
M. I-', .v I'   A.
Snukiini!        rju IV,  llivi'ialdo Ai
The Mutual Lite Insurance Compan)' ol'N.N
Mas Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
,\ |n,lii-\ i.i il i*. tlie Wiftml iliVL'KtlllcliI IcnoWll tl! man.
1 'a-.li iuvcitlcil ill lilfu tllBiil'ituei* i- .■"-I1 ill Vested tlial    will
'7.77v a.!"'111111 ''""m "'' inu'i'i-si.
VII utieeeMpui IjumIhowi lllell Wll'I'V   lal'gc uinoiliits .
Sl UKHlll
\Vli.,!i-,-ili- mul it'liill dcali'1'.i
In I'l'irtll ltu'1-i..'.l
tHotel Ymir.
ll!'  Oi-.l
'i 1 81,040,
Tin' expenditure for odtlcatiutl per
Painilv i-i Iilglisfil in Manitoba, •fis -
"i'l, and ii'!.-.! Id BritWh i.'.ilunilii.i,
SID 31.
in pi miii. -tii.'i! tlie annual liicomol
di'liii!.! ftiilli all Milili.'i.'s i- l.y Cil   lho I
lil«he*il iii   !iiiii"l!   Columbia,   being
8290 per   head j   h*.   compared   with
**'!s.*i:!)(■ (or Canada   und   8210   fur]X   i   \\-   MASTERSON
Ontario,    in Ruliorii?*) U.-itiili Colun
-*.-.- -«-. --a- .      a. ...a ,
J   an)' lorin o
§■> j Sterling
/ Silver
i iii-iiriiin-,..    11 |)i-o*i hied for i In- family, protecth ii ihiiii ui
Iiiid not*, and proteel."! Ills oilier iilveKttiientn.    Voy   raicn
r hfti iiimii'iinct' apph i'i
CLHf.1- IU).
Pmhl a crlltr
Ipmou 1-fl thou*
iml ilu'.lai pic-
IVntallon Mt *
lli-nry Iiuki t.
«..■•■»' fa.iiliii'*-
In maklag lolli)
lllVkrwIri n'f
paiieaakij l.y nn
cilic. cou.-fin In
Ct nails.
Anil Accommodation
In Town.
\ tine selection nfWincn, X
Liflliors and Clttnrn.      *
ert, Ktoderii marli!..'*-., mill (killed In....!
fftilberi ..:l und«rtti« direct iiipeHUlbh et
i. i*!-.iri.i roemberi of llie flrm, iimUfl -in ll^
eq.ialled coinblmllotJ lui u-ti-iii; tf-Jl Cm
Write fo' l!tullr»t*d tatalotuti,
Ptfrcy .1. -Gle_*_r, Local flqent
iiiiiii l an n. ii an
I "M: T T8,
.1I..-I.I.T. ■
lev, tlry,
li'.irlinil Sill'ir,
Silver Pl-iif.
ii'stil'.-i. de-
Henry Dirks _ Sons
%44i4*******+***4>**++**++*    ^--r-^^-J^-—^
r I-   . I.    || »   I   |   .    ID.,
I!.. lailllM.n c
NKI.SUN _ !• I'. SHEl'Altl) KY.    I'O
WASHIN'd lux .** > . >'■ HV
^' \. ,*. r: iiv. » n. n.
•iirl (i|-.'ii! Nui|l".|'ii, >'i-i' hit ii   I'
nnd <' li. A N. Co. for | i*. ■ '-i
-♦,.-1   ,...,|   ...nil,    .-..iiiu'.'I-   .ii   i;.-.
lulid and Ni-l-.-n ni'li ilu   i ii
Pacific Iliiilw "
I '..nu'  .ll   y.'I'uM  Willi  I In-    P    ll,
,i- >'   ■'-..  for   li'ii-lu and   K.   iml **
I   ' '-.   -      'I'     I   'lU  I'-"       "  itll       'I    '."      I    •'
i;i,-.v. |ijd and  Midway, I1 C
Buffet   ' ■"■* .".. on t.'.ii.i- ." •.... .i
I Mall "'■!' tbiVl* 11 ihipl    •'■' '■■ ■! .-«,,. i...... .... i   )i. public
II    \ [JAI Km IN
i , |. ra| I'tMiensoi   \.
i       ,)..'.i\ I'll li-l:KU'i.  Prvp, -.,,,, ., \ -•>.
i:i:-ii   i'lil *• \l I i.i' Mf \ fn
.m.i u.i."' When In  Nelson
CEO-   CROWE.   Proprietor.
aia«caMsii(it«ai(te«» • » i»»»en
A new line nt' c nifcctiniier.    |: i - *   ar« |      a
,,    ii ,. ,   . .. -ii     •      i i iin-!.    Kvertini Tulli'v,   Avleibur)        9
tall at la tenancies,     t on will find  ^Toath     n,,,,, .-.,„,!,, s.,^'u-: ii*., .i._r-.'   "
1-      «
k din < (1 prices  in   Watches,  Jewelry,  Silver
ware, ('ni Glass, awl Novelties.    Yon can   al-
Cli late, Suited Peanuts,  l'i |.| ei
• 11E.U1QUA1-.TKRS    FOR    MTNING   MEN    AND   TIIK      J
• «
ways lind soinel iiinu' iii
U'lit, awl Ins u'oods are always most I'etiaoh
!,issl,"u,:i,i,:.,l,;!'"ri'MILLER HOTEL j
SAM   Ml I.I.K!,'.   Prop.
(Ii :i(li|ii.ii!ers for Mining Men ._
Ni'-il-, furnished throughout.    Sample i is in conneetiti
HiiIdh i?1.50 in !?-.'.50 per dav '%,
l'l.XI. \\    McLEOD,  Proprietor        !
„    ..      -    t    „        . ,    ,       , Dm ,rl,:ied Miti, best brands of  American and jB.  0.   Hydraulic
Manuvacturine Jeweller, vVatcnmakerand Optician.        -,. ,
° ' wlni", li'|ii.ii- nnd cigars,
PHONE 293.      NELSON- B  C-
!■'.:- i  Ai ::\i k,
Ymih, li.
Returning   United   States   throwing the trade luth.it mud.   The   ,..,.,,.     „,,-,,,[) , I     miTi'l
c... I Intercolonial   losses.   *?-i,UOO,O00   ,,,   '' li.\ .Ml   I  h.N I li.\ I,    IIUM.i.
iiiiiini, und certainly i' seems absurd NELSON B. C
lohn Knight, secrotarv-treasurer of   '"'  '',vl*   lls   '"   invest   public    moiie*.
, . , ■ ,. Ipnnsile I ..Ul I hini-e   mul    new     .   .-I
reject        -i-hi'-h       i- '",    ' '
ullice,    llesl -5 • meal    in    town.
lho Canadian   Hunkers'   A--, i-iaiim
ivhu wns one of   llie   delegates   whoI make the looses larger      If,   as    M
ohl'ered with the Minister of Finance   Power points out, this   parallel    line, ; lum.] nm .-.n I Anirrii-iin plan
at Ottawa on the iiut'stion of   ridding   which will   cost    fully   t-20,000,000, 0i))y    w||j
Canada uf foriegn   silver,    says   t|,*u Uuves but uigl iles in the   distance]
"although '!i" iirrangilnents   for   the  euvercd, the thing ceases lo be u  l"
r     cniplnyeil.
firs I class bar
ullcction'and'shipment of    Anieiican  *""'  assumes   the   iippearani t   n THOMAS A EH1CK.SON
ilvei have nol yel been perfected,    ii ', criioe.
Will   be 'lulu- HI
ui early ilate.      It    i-
-.i far ilu re have   been    voted
ipiite probable that   American   .silver  *••■'•■ ;,ll''ul' l!"' full"w '"- suills:
collected bytlie btuiks   will    be   for-   Iv-tiiniites" for 1904-5 *   500,000
wanleirto the credit of ilu-   receiver*-
I'.-iiimiii■- i.t I'.ui.i-i.i
meral of the Hank of   Montreal   in   Suppleiiientiuy     estimates
of 1110*1-5, for surveys 200,500   llOtCl    .    .    .      .
(Under entirely new management.)
Dining  liDoiii   -■nul   Bur
N'-n' Yoi!:.   Win ii the depai Inient of
-in-I. silver from nnv one of the banks,       surve.yi
instructions will be   issued    for   pay-       list!mates of 11)05-0-
ment to the bank shipping   said  coin Construction 1,000,000 supplied   wi'li    the    best
nl'   an   equivalent   amount    in   new    lerininaw   am
Canadian silver frjoin the oilice of llie      W,IV
nearest    assistant     recoiver-gencr.il
Hxpress charges nre to   be   paid    by
1 li" department of linance,"
The Blunder Cost Millions
.nun., mn
in t In* market.
Placer Company Ltd.
Capital $50,000 in 500.000 Shares of ten cents each
Tlie Company is now preparing to work J In* (inld
Dredge, Black Staid und Nugget placer leases al Hall
Siding, and in order to purchase tin1 necessary maciiiii"
cry, tlie promoters liave sel aside a limited number of
shares for immediate, sale
'i'h i shares are fully paid and 11011 assessable.
The Company's ground averages 50 cents per cubic
yard on the  suiface over 240 acre-;.
Until bed rock Unreached these shares can be obtained at n bargain.
Meanwhile the treasury stock (200,000 Shares) i-
left intact,
Right   opposite  depot,   Ymir
Total if;, 17 I..".7:.
;      Hero are nearly.four,   anil    a    half .IOIIN   UREAL',   Prop.
! millions spent    upon    nol hiug.      No
wonder I Im ministers   have   pim*. ided
I themselves   with    pensions,      [These SMOKE
iiii-ii expect that an indigii'iiul    penple 	
I'.i.unto Mail and Dinpiie
ThLMJr.ind Trunk Pacific, as origiswill',,ive them out at   tl.e   mil    op-   ...
nally designe.' by the eompaiiy    was   I "|U1 "i,v> l1"'1 ,1" > ''" ""' !'"'i ' '" | '
llel'ded In be il   Ii
1-1M ■-■-   enlerpri
' ({o einpty-haiided.
UK   Ill-XT   III! \NI. i.l    In .MI'.sl'K
.nul will, lllis end in view ii was pro-       "        .---■-.•-.-.— -     -—.. ... ,,. ,       ,
poseii that the line should  bc«i„ at Clark's   Furniture   Store   ^he  Kootenoy   Standard
Noi tli liny, « here the  flrand   Trunk
ends, and should colitlnuo   thence   to I
the West and to the rueific,     It   wns Undertaker   and    Furniture     Dealer,
the massive intellect of   .—.r   Wilfrid Mail orders promptly attended to
Laurier, nidfri by tho politicians   who ,,                                                   ,.
1 Pin.'..   .-I Ulil'.!',                   *                                      J   '-lill
iue nf.ri plriuder,   that    twisted   the 	
11 Iiiiii* around and   committed   us   ... , .   _,                .         _
the cnslrftction, at   an   expense   of \ 11111* 1 1^1*1516.* CO*
875,000,000, of iin- line liundri iis   of
miles north, and lo tha duplication of JACKSON & I. i:\llV. I'ropn.
ibe Ii.t.-i -ul..uiul railway from OuebiC
lo Moncton     Sow «■ -e  beginning Teaming  aild               Hottf
to experience the folly •.!' the   I. lurier ,
..i,,.,,,,. Express , ...
At lids moment the  Uraiul  Tumi' 	
is trying to get away Iroin   Sir   Wil- All   ..rders   pr ptly   nttended ti
fi id's northern .    untriuitv liy   build- mid the greatest can ivsercised in  tin
and   Jtianita.
l. ISI   iai Tl   lllll
J.   C.   ^helin tTTo7
Ni -Non. \\. C.
3 DAYS        3
Commencing September 20. La-gerund better than ever. Kveiything new and up-to-
date. Al! kinds of open air attractions. Kucli
day something interesting. Vou will meel old
friends there. Single fare on all. lines of travel.
J. E. Annable, -Secretary.
■ i
■i bran ih t. I'lirt \\, li i
:-. I   II
Ii indliuu "i  i -
Company wants a coniinerci.il   rout-*, i «•
und il i- bound ii  Iiii* e it.       .'.'    the
-inn. time n| |ili"i'ii'.ii I in*. In 'ii ' made'
fill a -iil.-i.iv fur a  Hun    fi u.i    Ninth
Hay ii - orginally projeeti .1    niid   tliu I
l'ii-i niiisN Dining iim.m.
l',.'-i    liniiiils   of   Wine
l.i.iiinvs nii.l ('lairs,
HOTEL...     ;
i,|,,,ri   Headquarters for Hinlng
: i-.n .in.!- i . "i:-i.i.'i,ii ,     i 'until unv
thing be nmro ridicutoui iiuin thai    ami Commercial Men
-iiiii-iii.il -ni ibi- nuliji .-I'    The ' ii nnd
l'i md, ii-l,.-il. ... tho outset, for   mod* '
......eiiiil  nablti ii  to   build   fr      >h-< ' 'infui-Utlilfi hotel in llu; dis-
I'i use'forward Tin: Vmii: ilkn.il.i. for
J mill acknowledge receipt of enclosed •■?	
» Iiie HeitAi.li is published   every .Saturday morning ami    «,
« contains  nil   the  new- ..t the camp. *
II,-Mi!      ♦
!\\ I'.N   li(),Y1-at,   Prop,
j ;: ., i.- ---Tui  Vkar, Sl'; III..I'  YKaIIi     '. <•
44***************************** *>♦♦-»♦■»-**«««««««•>«««
■i-nii'i   .AVI',
Dominion   Exhibition
N'niir ('ili/cn
win. p. c
I.AK'I  I Ml UlstlAY IN I-: A«' 11 MONTH
!'im,',',  M. l.i,.,n. Pii-nl.'ii!.
s,.nil I', iv hi-i,    Thi- wan   refuxed,  triol     Hieiyi'liing lirst-cla.i*i,
Tl.e gi.u-iinn.-ni. v.uiilil   nul   counten-1
mice tlie businci« plan,   and   ii. -1-> • ■ I
lipon coiniiliting tli" country tu n 11*<_>■ -
outlay in order thai   aiioihet   -In	
emi \ in.!* tl111 li:!'1 nwiiy i'i the north |
miulii be pushed tlnough, Now wnl
art* back tu the oriuinul   propo.tion, •,   .       ,
rovido MKIi OUR faNM of STATIONKlivil fe.   VV,    WlDDOWSON
1905      -September   _-;   to   October   -      I90S.
I   Illll'I'  llli1 Ull-pii'i'-. 1)1' till"  Iiiiii.I     Aul'iiiiililly.l
nnd hnlii-!i'i:il iSofit-1) \.
'rm\ Cli.tU'/.iili, Secretary. . . ,
A JJ. llucKwniiTii, Tteiis. T *,i,",1< " ;11111 '' oiii|ii'.'ll.*ii.-.|\.* itl'l'aj    of    |.N
~.»-—»*fc*irf~-"—.*—■****. .*
and the country i-  gtfin*|  to |
■iiuii.'v for a road ih-.i will nullity the
•iriii outlayii thai am being inadu on
'tlie far iiorih linol    \Vhile tl.ii -if.a i
tiou in taking filiape, LibDl'iilii  ill  Hit!
F.ii-t ai.- appeal I fig   lo   the   govern
iii.-i.t lo drop its '!!■!..-nie  to parallel
the   g 'verflineiit   railr/ny,      Hl llutoi
Power and other loaders have Htrong-
|y i'e|.|i"*eiit.'.l tl.1'! it \*\ ■' rui'-t.-iKi-    to
build a M'c.iiil line to   tako   ..ll   thn
bmdiieM   of   the   Interoolotiial   audi    .1. Ci  EULIOTTi   Prep,
r.,,-l  '.!,• S'nvels ill  ">l ..*
•j.-.,- line ui I "ic
| pull line ut'   h'i'paratJry   XI edit; inun, ■
iVii'iun--,   Modlciitod   and   Toiloi
Mi in I1-.
*Vni"li ippairtng pr ptly nlli'mlBil to, t
CnliMisl   ami   AmhAykh,
I in .-.•...I- NtlitHi Smaller
(e.ill. fJilvet-i or  l-i'.el *l-00
Copper,     -....-     91 .SO
i'.,ii! dilvi-l1,     ....    .-'I 50
CllillgPfi foi1 "il.e! metalH oil i.|i
Baker St„ Nel.on.
P '. Drawer 1108,   Plii-nu ACT.
llllll!-  l'l 'j 11 "a ■-.( 'HI Hl.1   till1   l'l1-. >|l | I V-   nf all   < '.I I III. 1,1.
SICC000.CC   In   Prizes   and    attractions.
Enlarged grounds, new, liandsoniu uiul sntuiimiH
WORLD'.*? CHAMPIONSIItP BVEX1, in Ho*ln, and   I.-, ,-...- ,   ll„,-
Uacwg, Uronoho "llu-niiijj," Military Parade.-i and I'J.verei.
IIOYAI. miSH dUARDS and fithet Fi n- tlandfl,
O^J.^BCARSIVaI ...;-.,,.!.. :..f   ,-, ;   HVer   n.l,lh«   !.'
Pa,"jl ll''1     «• ;1   *ui,l.i,„, ludjm, „,.a|| tUU.
Ili'li.m SportK,
■?"!• all infonnatioli itHte W, Jl    kUARY    M. ,,,.   ,    t    u
New Webtminner, B,C, ' v   "     Mi"""■


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