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The Ymir Herald 1905-05-06

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 i<, ttive :'li
Voi, I -Nq 3*1-
V.Mlll. I'.. ('., SATURDAY, MAY ■>. I00o,
I'ltllT Ft vi   (Jknt>
anvsmav   i
^-~£?Z'-—:*'?-?;!*"i?—***'i ■<' I'-; J^.—■
.■■ B5« —.*"'-**"■'■*-•:-'■ **■■-■ ..•■.■'. |W j—-.■■        i.^i    ^j    — ^    ,   j.-*— ■ r**wggaBM~ .   i|i«a^.r;..""i.''*fc '"     ■■■■-—■^— —7—■
*.  m -m«« »-«««4 t****-J "   * i  I rha Hall Mines Smelter, j, -    *  - • * .-...-..     Ymir Mine Hakes Profit. I  Infringement ot Eight
LOCAL ITEMS       , ;r.      . HINING  NEWS '     Hour   Unv
Following   uru   the   returns     for
.M111.1 i a., cabled   lo    I-midon.
stamps pan jii days, und crushed
-   ■- ■ ,.       ....... *'•' ''' ''• Cimpboll liasm'ven s e
,..               ,   , .               interesting information to u  Tribune
I lieuties c.i.-l.fil free nt   < nnipbeUi*. - ,           ,
1 repoi'tei 1 with regard to   ilu-   .-inciter
tt   liitlv-   Im.
• . ■ 1 ►« 1 ■
cured   .,   water
Six muck em, I'.   Kellv,   f'i'ii   i-'i
-1 . H. Sammy, formerly   of   Ymir, of whioh ho is manager, and with  n-  <%'" "'' --IH> »»■'"'   He'"' Creek. J"J™^'   ' ^ ", {     "      ^   P- "'"'Ha'"., Chru-las   Heidi,*,   1*1
is i„ town «gft ni. short visit. gardio the reported combine of   I j    Ore  is  being  l>iu>led  d   every duoing Gi6 ounces bullion.   Tlie esti- L^'T r "' "  ^T' 7,^7
W. ll. Spencer has:  removed   fr \*™H<-'**-    "Payments of bounty   up*'.lav now from tbo Yankee. Clirl   mino, ,nl;tod realization value (gross) of the       , U'',"'.''''","'
S i-onto Spokane where   i„*   is   es    on exported lead   ceases   upon   June whieh, f,-oni this an, may bo considered prq,iHct ia $Q]T50.    Ope hundred and  '"    "'j''' T ' '7 '
i ■ dishing i. business as   broker   and I 30tl' "PI1*. -Uld then the smelters will  m f the regular pp ducing mines „,' m lQm q{ ,.,„„,.„.,iUl,s  s|,ippe(j. >esteltl»y '"' •"'l'llu
mining m-oiu.
; have all the lend they want   to  keep J tlie camp- j gl.0S8 wtimntefi vulue, 83.TS0.     Cy»*
l-'iithor Althoff is ejected in Yniir Ulltl,.8'l'StftcksS0ing'    Wellu™bH     William   Waldie,   lessee   of     the nide plant treated 21OQ   tons   (21)00
,     Monday, and will bo aoco.upnuied  "P0"""1** ,nQ,le*y -vl'a|l-v   •"   br,n3'n8 Queen ipine, took [upothcr   big   g    pounds) of tailings, producing bullion
'.; tbe Bishop of the diocese, who will |  "' "'"     *,P;tQ,c',lte> ;1'"1   *•'••   "" ! brick into Nelson this week     lie re-   having gross estimated value of $]30C
■■ nduot a sin i ice.
Harry Wright M,  P.    I".   for   il
Vmir district returned from   Viotoria | s-nmltjng.    As to the fteberlein   pro-1 ,!„.,„   ,i...   ,..,.„:
on-Wodnosdiiy last, and   is   expected eess, wo have benn investigating  that      Tom Plynn and Tom   Kellogg   am j       ^ '
in Ymii- iu a day or twu. for eighteen month past, but it is oils doin8 ussessment work on the   Kitten p
lhe Atkinson arson ,,,-,. is  appur- *.v "HMn the lust month or so thai  it ! F,',lclio"> l''"''''' ln«.rocliun« tnm Mr. ~—
wal, tbe first ease   nn   ll.e   c,.jmjlm| has been claimed to have   been   used   A. G-Hmid of the Dundee Syndicate.  The  Active Uokl    Mining tho shift follnwios*   The matter  was
docket at the .issues which c mence wit,,i'1 thc United Status.    When  ifc  This is tl.e olaim whioh is  in  dispute rnmnanv reported \a the mine   inspector,    .vl.i
Puendaytl    !)tli inst bus been demonstrated at   Murysville j '"'tween the Dundee   Kynd.eale   and
mir stacks gojiig vve will bo   able   to ; (i|)i.|s l|(|i| t)|(; tB|in(i, ||(, is (1)-..i||i:   isj(Sulldry     *„„,.,„.     S28T-813.087   ,     ,
install more nnd mofe up-to-date  aps ; ^                ^ , vfj ^-^   ,j(l. , .Vo|.i.-ng uXpense8| ?1 Ullv,     Profit)     ''
Himices, and so cheapen the  rates    of j k,.|lt „*. „. SGTT*       There    |„ts    1 „    expended   ...','.
i   development,
the St, |5ugppe tpine, pleaded   guil
f'l.W   and   co>!
g the eight bom
law.     Tin-   case   was    ;:iitl    befon
Lewis Thompson, justice of the peuci
Thomas Morgan, the  mine   iiispi  l, 1
for the district, intended to   im   pri.-s
enl, but tin. train   wp-s   tlelayed   n n|
the trial was over when   ho   arrived
e 8t|i and '.'th of   March    lluvi
men wen* working iu the shaft    leva
There was a rush of work,   and    they
were a-iii'il to work oyor-tiinoin orih r
to have the muck   cleared   away    fm
at the new   smelter   the
re,    w e    iv, I
i Pat Daly nt. nl.
We cull   the  following  intcrcstinj
iu ttirn caused the arrest of the nu u
There is also a heavy fine for a com
puny violating I Ins law, and tlm   cum.
i    fully recovered nud disinisiod froi
i  -■ iisvhmi
Cronin i- not iu town, so   it-   r-   ni I
|l      -.else,l  on
.Sing Kee, lhe demented  Chinanian 1, .       .       , ■ , ,   , -,. , -1,,   i   ,     ,,; -.
,      "       Have an opportunity of iiiiiiecttny   it      Tlie tunnel an the Kootenay Belle, n*-'ws flou* ,l|p "Cincinnati   h-i-furrer" P'in\ violating tins law, ami mc   cum,
v. ho Was seal  from  J mil" to I |e    .Nell , ... c   i       i   11.1    i ik'hiuhI   lhe Sl    Kiiitpiii miiituv     iv   i
.    ,      .    ,                   '             j at close range                                         is nan*   n U^O feet, which is tbfl   dis- °»- April a*Jiid                                         against the Mt. MMLiie conipaii)    vvi.i
iv estiiiiiisti-r .v-v ulii. i»   leiiort,',     to       ....    ■■.,,,,       ,    ,   . , , ,, .,., . ,     -.    , .   , , ,,    ,    «,„,, ,„,   ,:,„.    i,.|„|    |,	
.,.,, ',..,,:'.    , ,- "^'"i-   s'dd Ml". Oampbell, in reply  tafice determined by the surveyors at      "Reported to .Stockholders!    I>. A.  <• '"" '•!■   '"    ••'	
' | to u query, "wp are in a  heller   posi- ! which the vein should be encountered ' Cameron, sliperinlnndenl of the   Ac.
Minn now tluiii a year ago   to   handle   It is expected tllttl the vein should be liv('(;"1'1 Mining Company at   Ymir, 1 possible to give his views on the -. .-
Uougidd Canieron, who, ns will   be! the lead output of the ciuiitly.      We  struck artv day. and the   engineer   is "• *-'-. wl»cl' belongs chiefly   to   -..'in-1 •''■■-   Moyie I.,-a.i.-i
hi   ii in the report elseiVlmce, has been   told the government   that   we   could i expected up from Bpokane tn   inspect  cinnatjarts, arrived iu the uity yester- ', 	
ci Cincinnati in ooniieotiun  with   the not haiidlfl thd smelting, rcflniltg  and   it,      On   his   decision   will  depend   day tu report be  mining   proper-, t-»jf|e   AS-SOciation,
nll'airs of the Active Gold .Mining Co,  marketing of the lead ores altogolher,   whether Patsj  Clark   lakes   up   the tics and to confer with them   in   n-
is now in Ottawa                                Und so the government   was justified   bond or not,    So.far he has expended S111'' t0   ll"'i|'   fnrtlmr   dovelopnient.       ^ mBUt\„ . ,,f   .|,,.   executive   n*,-
■I. Kirkpatriok of Nelson wiis down ['» giving the bonus on   ihe exported   about $3000 during the  five   months He says tbuy have spent SHO.OOO   on \^ ^ *jsuesUay- Comstitblu   Fnwer,
ibis week and made  an examination Q1'e"     tint now the ens.-  is   altered, | since he secured the bond ll'i'1'"'"" ,l;"'k'"''"'''""'1|:n" "l"'"'! who Im, aei-t-pied'il..- enptainc-,   via.
di'the Vow Victor  tlnnm   on   Wild   We are capable of sineltinn nil that is I  ed several bodies of   good   ore,      Mo                '                  ,   . '     .
in ne  .*i"   i nun   coup   on    nun                   i                         a                                        present ami suggastea iliut,  ll.e   son,
l-l.i.rse creek, with S. llooth,   who   is | brought to us, and   tlie   refinery   nt  "'' '""'"'' idditionul   expondi-  alTnil„einunts .s|l0l,|,j bo followed wifli
...,.- ot ilu- principal owners,
I nu   (iriihiun,   vi im   entered   suit |
■i.'iin.si (,'roln-, MeLeod nud t-ovcll to
ri -mtin i hem from advertising hiin out
i i ilm Vimki.- Clirl, cliiiming thai   lie
. .1 pei formed   id-   port ion   of   the ■
•    -rk, ha-   llow    iliohped    pr,
'■i'i pul up tin- amount of   n
i -pule ii iiii tin- ciisi v
■ vdie, bul admitted that tor some tune  j                ..... ,, iiiid ho snys the thousands of   -etilei-i
 Iniys;                 .                                                    .  T vuiii' Slllisi'l'lllt lull  Is   ||| Uf-o •    ,,     v    ,,        , .,.                  ,,,       ,     out to praollup, win
,    past Tin   was hand ng tie who e   ill"                       ' , in the Northwost lerntory nl Csnada       ,,.„,.     ,      .
mipy   in  '                                 n                        2 ,'           ,       ,   •     •   i        ■         ,,      ,   undertnkiiig i" retu
I utputof the Hull Mines smelter.  Xfcni'nild WC Would  bo glad < ] ,nu8t bu>' "   '" ''   "'""   »•   '■ : ;„ ,„,,,„,. b|m|*„,
' There was the Caiiadiuii uiaiki-t tu be  1 ii markets.                                                            .               .
T . I he '.hoot me u i.
Dundee nine.
looked   after,   and    thcil   a   cot-tain   Z to llCllf    li'ulll    lull    il'   J'Oll!!      Al ig thoso intui fluted in the   Ac (  ^ ,,,. i,„,.,     -i,   •'.
•amount collld   be   marketed   in   tlio X ',',  live Mining Coiupany are Public Sor-1
Orient.    There bud been .in  arranges
Air. A. l'l   I!;,, „ I, i\ In, i i-i lei J  Y i ii ir'        .   , - i. ,i    ^ it t, • t
nit-lit Huh tlit* >e|liv   -inclling   vvnrks
i week, said in till    interi ie-.i    ihat     , < .   i* i .„ ,i,.„ i   ,i     i
at San rriineisco, lull there  hi,I    also
I - ■■• present lease on lhe llundee mine   i i        ...     -,.  .       ,•    i-	
1 ; iicen iliii   nppositinii   ol    I'.verett   toi
4 wish lu have il cuiiiiniii'il.
lure of 810,000, and ibis wu.   agreed
Trail is being enlarged so as   to   deal
with that end of ibi' problem.' Z NOTICE.
A-k.das    to    lhe    exislel f   11 I ! ! I meeting ill till! Oibsotl    lloll-
cumbine   between   Trail,   MiirysviHo I     A I'l'OSS llini'ked    in    tllUu  npany, in nddilion   to   ii-    ininos, j ^'"^,"^1,'
and Nelson smelters,    .Mr   Campbell X <■ """" •"'•l|IMl   ;" ""*   i:t'   limber   land I
said ba knew nothinn an   -<>   Marys- ispneto iinlii'iiti-s   tlint
♦ ,,   ,, regard ti) the cure of tho guns   a-
▼  to hv   ilu-   local   stockholders   ui    11      .,. .   .
Illllllltl v    .-i.soi-ui.ioii- ilm-       re i
i would be nlloieil io each   four    iiii-n •
I   1..    cespoiisible   i'- .
its sat'.- ket pin-.    I'.i.-b ii!'.'"- must    In
u huh is all llu- linnlicr in tin"   valley,  , .
•    signet! for In   th"'  person   tukinc   •
um -I. also aigll nil
ll ii il eleinii- .    ale!
vice Director William Mugly, M.
I..11I1. Charles Mayer, In II. II.
Grolh, Charli 1. W     Iruliiiid,   lidward !
eovernitig ci!
iljnll   association,    than
wns dtine last year.     A careful    won
will he kepi "l' every   shut,    an 1    nil
! used shell- lnii-1  In- I el urr.nd with ihn
11, Stern,   John    lv    lluisbeck,    lien ,       . .,. ...   ,
'" "y*' F1>'"-n  ' Kcll,,|*'« is   "'''• I meet.    These eon,I,lions are now   al- I    Joe Prado and bis associates,      whoi Meldingsfold, Mel V. Wu.-sl, Unis .1.   J"""'       'X-Iv^fternZ.s    w, "to
iionable at tlulty days notice,     '• l«ey  lL.,-i„U) llllfj a|tliougli   Ml-    Campbell  '-ro working the   A,i/ona   claim   on Qolriinan,   Aim   llloch,   A.   Luliiiian,    '•'     .   . j     ,.       . "' .
Iuvtn'1 "tly struck a ledge  six   h»t  wonW,|l(A my how, yot lia   admitted,   lease, ard getting oui  some   line   ore. Clem T.-onjes, II ,,,!,. l'„-n   Klein. 1 '7^'"'""'"^.''! "''"'"'7 '."   ^-ui'i'l
wide carrying ore of nn average value L^ Uwt t|l0 BrllWl Oulttmbh miel.   I'I"' clai es very near  tho   Wileox 11. R Hico, A   11. Ilarf.fo. th, I. Hur- ,      "   , ''
of 934 to the ton, ami   th    Il'ssf'eii  ters werd no longer c, ling against' "tamp mill, and tho ore whioh is   fred tig, Maurico llambilrgor, U  V. .Stein- \" ,.,. '        .       ,       .
<"'■' preparing .1 shipment. each other in   tbe   Oriental   market, I milling, will bo milled for lho   lessees mini, Dr. Morris May, K. If    Hampe,       ,,   ' ' ' "   w|        '
Mr. Hand,   bowevor,   visiteil   tlw LKj ,1Bikt| *,|mt ,B ttMemp(, WB1I to   ue  by the Broken Hill Co. Josopn L.   Komtliolm,   J0I11I   Sauer,   ,.','in p,'','',,. j   „', t''J |(. .„  h,-   ,.,■•• .':,
[i'toromS   «!J l-oi.r^ 'l'l   "   "■7'i"m,i,' rk"1 a farla,,8e''  '',,:W"il>'      'l » '"I""""1 tlla«  k wiil ~1""1- ('l,;"''"; .,.S'""""'':   K";<"""     K Hi. 1^ '»• will .lepulo one n, t '-■
been tl ase in the past. Gioup  on   Porcupine   creek.      This
I     lii'Liilliillnli*  lo this einl v, ilh    s e ,      ,,., -,,.,.,. '
.. ...    .        .   , I bis doubtless indicate*, an arrange 2K)UP comprises lho well  known   Big
1 ilifonua capitalists, «bo an* propos.          , -4 ,                      ■ ,,         ' .    , .,
1            '                 •' on-ill ot sonic niiliiie   wilh    lhe   lead ■■„..„ all,|    ,||(.   Cind Kvil    foiiui-ilv
"i^ lo take ill. I ll' III n-llrv sha.es    III i ■            .        , •   i    i-                     in,
1 • Icoiiibine, into which Kverotl anil  la
the. possession of   ibis company and: ,       , , , ,
1 1    • ctiina linvii laiely entered.
t I'.icecd in exploil the Dundee, At
I resent the mine is being worked   by
means of u shaft, which in now    down
Hotel Arrivals
known as the Happy Thought, nnll is      MuLHod IfoTKi.i
owned by K M, and   W    I'.   Kdtar,
The Iii-.' Horn  which    has    been   ex
I   M. Hamilton, Vancouvei
II. A. Floglll und wife, ('algal 1 .
I'here wml ah exciting race ...   tho tenrtrtly workwl, ha- proilneed   some j  y si,.,.!,,.,,,, Vancouver
 ut 200 feel,    Th-   pr.,pdR„l   now I<««P»t last Wednesday between   llur "f tho richest 0.8 id 111 tl amp.   |.;, j. m,,,,,,,,, Al„,„,,,, N  ,.
heing considered  i-   two-fold      The ry Wl'lght M. P. P. for Yll.lr,   Uun- 'l'1^""' »il" "lk"" ■""" ,l"' *',aft W. Hill, Bnderby;
me is to make acr 1 innii.-l «l.i.-l. I''"" McArthur of   Nelson   and   Ji„, which Is down stimo forty   feet,     A  J0  Vi,ittn) VVin||ipi.K)
HI o] ip thi. lodge nt 1.   depth   of Hill.   Tbe member won ...11.  in  spite tUnftol ho» been started   to   tap   tho  D, W, McTttvi,|,. No|,OM,
00 fw b'-l I,",.! of,I,,-  ,1111ft,   of lhe many pounds of oxlra   weight | "**' '""'>' "l ''-I'"' ttnd '•" bo6n My-\    u-AU„,(tf. „„.„,.
ud tht)olhcf is 10 drift in upon   tho he has uci|uired cluriiltv;   bis   stay   at ™ over 300 feet.    "•F'UW*™\
11      , 11     1 -i 1     1   .1   1 v';,.i, t-i.i wi I  bo in charge of tlm  work   when
-Uc,e ill tho    lowest    possible    dpfilli,   VlCtoMA. (i. Ilcirn, Nelson;
1.1 1      -,, 1     ,       c.it 1 It rccoiinnelH-cs, expects   to    have    to'
vhich villi be 1, Inn   tee!     below    ||,e|      \V.  A   Macdonald K. C.   has    hecn    , , ,' ..    .      A.  II.  Heed, Nelson;
, ..,1    c ,. 1-1 .drive tins  tunnel   11 comparatively
■pex.   1H0 former is the onu   which   appointed pliMeduliJl' foi" thd Crown n        „ ,,..        .■„..,.. , ,   ,,
  " ' small distance  tuiillel- to   rc.ich   the
» nt present being t-ivored,    I be oro | the approaching assizes      Both   llu '
•f ihe llund
i-i' runs i-ni 1011
ly    There 1 uivil and criminal list afford   u   Held
vein, at 11 point nearly   -100   fotit   below the surface.     If tho ore assays at
il, I'Viiser,   Nelson:
P, W. Sivannell, Nolsolij
(J. KergUson, Nelson;
Mrs. A. I"-. O'Neil,  Coulee I'in,
John I'liennaii, Nelson;
M   Anderson Northport
CoSUOl'OUTAS' JIotI'I.:   -
I). Noiton,  Kaslo;
P. .1 Mafofloy, Bpokane;
Inliii Dobson, Spokane;
orlhpo, t;
<'umbel land 11.   C,      Mr.   Kbiilidrat I "3 teat, and canio off with   „   broken  S McDonald, Nelson;
much which will   go   830 to  $10   for n fmensio battle Betweon Messrs,. , .      .,       ,   ,             ,,      ,   ,,
,,      .     ,,                1                 . , ibis point, is high  us  in  the   shaft
Occasionally   ai'says   have   nm   into Macdonald nlii   TaV or,   who ilpponr    .        ,,    ...   ,.          ,,, _rnl._ „  ...
.,,,,,,,   *..,,„,    ,,.,       .,..                                            • "       above, tho Big Horn will prove a big
■. .un in.**.ii)ii.    Ihu milling   portion  „sniftst each id tor   in   n",lrlv every   ,
..11,                1                  . ■    1 '    bdliaiiKa.
ot the ledge    may   lie   eoitseivili ively jcitse oil till' list.
■ -ii'"I to yield S? to   .-s    ,„,.     whilo       „„     :,,..., ,. 	
,,    . 1 ,1      llu* llev. li. \11t1ng    leaves    about :
l.V',PJ,7 t*    t '"IT       ,"'UI     lb" 'J".!, of this llionll.    for    1,    three       Wiiliaui Macki,,   a    miner   at    the
-on in,. II, he    !,,„,-,■     KUIlg    about-  f Second d-lief none, bud a  Very    n«r-
..•e-leiith nl the whole ailllilllll ill   ll'-'
.   .   in lb,1 mine.      ll i-  lie-    nil
..   , : llev. ,1.   11.   r.uiiiiiii-si,   leceniiy oi
■ in., comiiaiiy, n lin-   lut'senl    deal -
Ijiius through, nnd, according   to   Mr
1 11,,,,,1,1 s V'licillion ill 1.as,en,   1 111 „i,ia,   '"' ■ ■ ■■' /      " '*"" r
I His pulpit will bu   occupied   by   Uie row osoilpo lust Wwlnosdiiy.    Ile  fell  K. Keller, ttossla
''"""" I llev   ,i    It    Kliidiliisi    lecefillv of down on incline shaft li   distrtildo   of   Max, Powell, No
of tho party. Tho government rules
stato that the captain or his doptii)
must be implicitly obeyed.    The ruh *
J also rcipiiie that there shall   bo   iw..
, „,„,ke,s at. ibe target always, and
the captain or his deputy will ni -
range who shall net in  ibis   capacih
and bow long,
A,iv body over 18 is eligible fm
membership, on taking ilu- oath ol
allogianco, I'bo subscr iption is nn,
dollar per annum, which must bo paid
ill advance, and entitles  lhe    n'en-li*
I,, Imi rounds of ammunition.
Piii'.siivraii in (liniM'ii- S 11 11 il 1 .
School ulltl llilile Class, 10 n. „.
Kvening service, 7:110. Vouriu Peo
pies' Society meets' bn t'ridliy evcnii .'
at S o'clock. All urn welcome, Rev,
II. Youritf, M. A., Pastor
.V K. Haiul, litis   is   pine!ie.-illv   us-
. win! was a   fellow    student    of    Mr.    deiiddef ulld 11 l„W sc.ilp  woiuid-i.   Hi
! Young's itlid graduntod at   tile   dime : bad to ride from tho mine to Kiie,   a
""•,',,• to commence develop,,,,.,,!   up-   () m p(,.,,.|, „„ ,1,,,,,,.^   Sunday Mini*" f fourtUofl iriilcb,  and   then
mi the lines indii'atcd iritbin ibe ne*it  ;„ .I,,,,,.,..,1,,] f|.,„n   thut, 'ilme   eierv  take the train to" Yhilr, whfcro   he   is
69 days. .niiliilai milII .Ml. Ygblig's i-cturii now 11 pnliolil "l lho llospil.il.
T, Ihlrke, Nelson-
Ithbeft McDonald, Colville
.1. Johnson, Moyie;
K. Thompson, Phhniilx;
fj, l>. Amltiuilii, k/Wlo.
Fire Brigade Signal?.
l-'ir,''chief Coli'ey l,»V  piepaletl    lh"
following signals fm* handling lho fiiii
alarm:    Sleut'ly  ringllig   means   Hi ■
1 im- -1 rokd (pausi i two strokes (pall, • 1
'tlu-eit   trokos, means a .-.ill for help 1 ,
11,alldle the    hoso    when    drying   null
1 1 ■'•'•liiig il if), tiftt-i use American and 13.  C.   Hydra-uliQ \WW  Wmm CUIPP
Placer  Coinpany Ltd..
5     ,mt~~ T2SSZ&
im i . i.oni'r   A.v|.     ,,.:,lc   1 i KKIglllN
Capital $50,000 ip gpp.oop PJiarps pf ten cent* gagh    p. onmpbi
,V.-S.lj IN...
j-;. \v  .viiitio.vson.
l.l.l >)S I JJA; ■ K   AM'    IN,*| |l Iii !■■
Percy -I. lileu/er.
in 11 in-.;:,
.loliy Pliillicrt.
I'ln' t'i'iii|iiiny i--111.vv [it'ciijii'iiig I.,, wiii'b iiii- (lull!
Dredge, IJl.ick Siunl .-nul N'tiogcl pla.i r leji.si.- ii| jlnll
Siding, inni in imlri't(, iiiiK Iii'isr tjie neeessfii'V iiiiK-]iilie
fry, tlir propiotei'K have sel (isi'l/' ji lipiiteil niipilie)' id'
shares-- Imi- iiuincilinti) -vale
The sjuires (ire I'ullv paid nnd, iiidi n.-.-1'.-.-al,!.'
Tilt' ( '(Hlllljlliv's   n|-(i|i*nl  ;|\i'l-,-|o,-.-   .")() (-flits     lull',    ("1,1,ii'
yard up tlie  spri'iice, pyer \!\o juti'*-,,
Until lied i'iu-|< if! I'l'iu'lit'il iltr.-r   .-liiuv.-   r,iii   (ip   (ib
laini'd til ■•, bargain,
Mean«\! 1 ile, the iirp.-'iiy stiii-jv ciooxw ^|i|irps) is
I'll ijitiiet,
A l'l'I.N
Turpentine and Influenzal        Buried History.
Mi rmiii medical linn are  pu.riiu.injt,      I'.Xi.l.il'al jnn. in 1 ',-i|i*sl |ni
jnvi st igutions into ilu ciljcat v   of   "il i
. t im |lenlini! iu the treatment nf   in-'
I! 111*117.11 .
jJcsHrisny .)tj;,oii!t' Co,..
I'ln ,',-i.t ll lire,.- ni.i  H-iqli I'.i.
|'| i-v-i'il    l'i-:.vj.|.i;
William 1'lnrk.
p,  Caiiiplicil.
besHliSiiy Jpbbi|lg lu.
to ll. Seaney.
11*11-1 s..
(iiisiiiopi.llinii—John liii-ini
Mt |.i oil JIo|lsn— fillhiv .M,!.ia,l.
Miller llousu—8  Miller.
l'aliu-c —'I nil ,',* liiiihly.
Vancouver—Owen Poycr.
VVtlldoif—(-jeorge I !o I man.
Vinir— J. VV, Musierson.
y. S, 1. Ross.
I  -.Oils     | | IIM- |l|> |,     lN|i     |II1.-.INK1.
Mis. Jolin Mel. I
\l 1 N INi.    III.. Ulll'I'-fl
I'l-n-l J,   (ilt*!i;i-r.
Ileialil Publisliiii" I".
sT,l'Hii.N| ■■.iiy.
|). t'aiiipiicll.
is. II.  Seancv .
llai>!ia',v vy v\ ilson.
ilnclisoii ,v Leahy,
Ales. Qildie.
I'"|i ll t i'1-f
, Miles  Melnuia
|    To lin- -iicleni of -'i-iiptme   nyery  | ix|iE|t-|-.vKi'.lt.
tlliliy in i-iuilieclinli ivjtll lite ivoil<   ol'        \Vl|Jjt|tll Clark.
Accident is said   to  bat,-  revealed  tm, ]>H\l.!>l'm. Jjjjjplumtinii l>'uiid is   of j 	
its usefulness.    Thero was an epiilem-   M,,,,,.,      peferencc is mude    in    ibt-j '        **
ic of inllueuiia an k the work n of L,,,,*,,,) ,.,.*,„.| |c, ,,,,. „„„.,.   i-*,,.... lil|lt
luxe watch factories   in    Miulrelsch,   ij|,*)s
imi those employed in a fourth   were      '|i„..,. j,„.|,„|,. „ i,,,.,,,, \m\\ ,„   llH|llw
entirely   ii me       In   the  factory ;,,.- ,ti.,,.lt |!.C. ;'U0Q not yul   fully   e.-s
ivhiclt 'Vlls immune, oil of  turpentine -.-muted; a fine bi",,/,. scimitar,   siuii.
wus. used.for. tho operation of turning ,,„.. [,. ■■,„ , ,„   Assyrian   scimitar
I i.i,* v.iiicb-e.ses.      The   I'., I a,i,   iu ,,f li. C. 1 .'hfO, hut possibly   Egyptian;
•.,ih-ed in   Hie    prill-ens    liar, I    and ,,„ j,,,,,,, ,,,„.,, j,.,    „,-   bWU.u'|w    ,,„| M „<- i       M,.l   Ifdfla-.
evaporated the oil, and the   workmen scarab seals, including a   large    mini-       ,n|**3,     *»•    ~*l-Vi~V
her  of   lie-'  Ilvksos   pLU-iotl-      of  ■>ll>l    (ll'irr    HtOI'e VMllt.
Ith villi ui u'.TJ   stittiim— wbii-li   | iiinl '
i —+»^m ■ .1. .   , —-i^waaiaiB—•—^■aaaajaaa-^.
-"*"**~ • in much iiitercoiitsu between Pulestiuel
Shingle Combine Revived nnd lv,'ypi under the Hy>*-ns (Simi
were almost continually ini,.,lin-.;   tin
vapour   llietetl'Ull.
bei'd Kings), anil ti    lurge   Kcurali   ut
Nearly All CompaniesOry-an-  Aiuei.hutqp ll
Ymir Cili/.oiis
i/.f tCI   li'l'.-sll,!,'   f'l'iri's,
P 111., ami hi*, ijueen Thyi,
uf the , i ii ii-   of . lin-    I'i-II    .-I Ainaina
lublets; -eieial now  f - ol'   poltei v;
■ Id appear tha.  belter   , --"  A-**".   « 'act   tiiblo.   dated, UHTTI.fimmviN K.M1. M»NT|.
-«■) In nailed iii Hie shingle  trade 'lt»JLP- "iiicl. apparently   ref,.'i'«.t,.|     lt>'i.*n WoLwili, President,
,„ llii.isl, C„! bin and lluil  1)0   per a'""' lr'""1" '""' ''"''"«."'" "'"-" "f j "»v* "   Vopso, Secretary,
L-c.it. of tho   trade   have   voluiltnrily   JIhiiushc-Ii; u..i,|Ue ,specimens of  ..run  ; A   11. IH riv«"inii.   1'ie.is.
pul it beyond thcii power i , il   menls in bronco mid iron;  the   ' "f'.-'i 	
in-  folly   of   breaking   ihn  inirket  '"' -J,ll,l0B buiU fo1'!li "'  'V  si"-"'" I
,.,ice of. shingles    below   tbe   |m,,it |-Mnccbseus, a  fine   -,-,,,,   of  hm,\ y I i    I    r- p   MnTn
point,    T „,.., s have been nr. j f'  """ >   C»« ""   I'"'1'"1   '"   IVIlLLLn   ll U  I   L.L
gunised t„ I,an.lle ihe entire output ofi1'"-"1 ' "' ' onstantine; anil two soul
the mills and fully UO per cent of the  "„,, ,-f ,l„-,'„„,il, ,cni„,,-,       r,-] BAM   M I l.l.l-.li.  Imp.
,,-,,,! 'o giving their , pen,!,.,,,    11.  I'"'^'"""" tlio head of Chrisl
V.MII,', li* C.
We  i'iiiT\   thn  ipading h\wA*   !mp°rH    i.'m"'.!-,
and t'ljau-s.  gt-piit,    \lf,    1'inM'iy   a\y\   W}ne.
. wa
•    iiKA|u>i'.\ii'ri';iis   rip!   AUHiNq  «p   A^p.  Tin. .   J
; ti:avi:i.M>v(; pypwo, •
t MM   —
Wpwly furnished throughout.    Uaniple rooms in copiiectioii,      ,
J      H.il.-s SI-3Q I" £3..fl0 per dpy.
I'LNI.AV   MoLEOU, I'l'.'p.'i.'i
• "T ' «.
************************** 4*********************
| THE   VMIR   HERaut)
Virtue ini.iaiil Tiip \'s\\\\ Hpii-M p fuy
and iii-kiirn liuU'i" receipt pf ciiuIhspiI $	
Tor;  ll|.;i,'M p is puli|is|i|-il   tiyeiy ^utiiiday nijifniim itud    *
rii|i|ni;i-   ill   ibi"  |ip\vs  of thi* camp,
1! i-l-K,s.- -l*i.|t Yi.vii, ?2- 11.u.r Yf.vii, •-"!.
—! m *        -  —    IHU     -IJ" -    -IJL
GRAND CENTRAIi HOT!':!. Clark's Furniture  gtore
Opposite Collitlioiise  mul   now   V'*1   I inli-|-',iilsi-r   mul   furniture     Deuli'i-
olliee,    r.i-i -.!•".• UUUll   ill   town.       Mnil orders promptly attended tu
Kiiri'pi-an upd A imi i.-iui plan ; p|)!( ,, S'|'ll|-;|-rr.
Only    villi)'-     Inline     finnl.i\-i*.I. I
First .-lii-s bar
lll\|AS a-  KMM'KSON',
the pl ni.    Tin- names   of   lb
panics nre the   ISxpol t   Lumber   and
IIii- ureal iinuiber nml
viirietv  of Meiidiiiiartei'sfor Mining -Men
tin- iii-.i-.iu
mad.,   al     (le/.-r,     lllld
liar supplied   «Ith   best  brands of
ii ni.», liquors ami cigar*
i ■ i A v i \ i i
Hotel ....
11'mler i-nl il.-lv   new lllainigcliinnl.)
|)iniiiL! lit.um and 1'iar
supplied wi'h ihr liesl
in tin" market,
Itiglil ,i|ipi,-ii,' tlepnt,  Vinir
JOHN  UHliAU, I'rop,
|-'ifst-i-liis*s i lining, liun'ii
Hcsl      lililll,l,*s    lit'    W'iin-.
| jiiuors lllld ('uiai'S
llWKN   ll'.iVI'.ll,  Prop,
S.-i-imil ,\ve
Ymih. |1,   C  ,,.
Wlioli-sale ami retail dealers
ill  l-'re-ll   Ito.lsli il
NKI.M.N. II, ('
Shingle Compaiiy, Imnitwl,   and    lhe| l,,l'i'" illustratluii of nearly every   per
I'nioti  Lumber'Company,   Limited,  ■"'■ eovensl h*,  the   lliblu   narralivn,
I'.i-li.inei- of all lb.- mills' ban-    been j n,"kp :' '""'I'1"1" ''.vamiiial i f    the
Miiien io,   nciiuaiiitinu   them   wilh   mcund of special iiuptit-iauee, and'.the
.    .... ,     .   .,     I'oiiimil ic- hope limi llieir  caoi i -   to
11- ■• coiiniiioii nt   nil.ills    inn     ol    tin- .ii i
. .iiiiiui Un-   end   ii ,11   In-   generousl*,
ehange iu tlio price ol    ihingles,   and   sU(,| ,„ ,,,|     \| ilnitiJioJf iim   uvea
asking tbpiu in deal direct vuiii   lliese i-eniaina In be explored
- mpiinies. ~^.
Should any mill,   limvevor,   1 ive N,,u   ,,„,!, „,,,, ,|„ „,,.,
mi nrdei direct, that mill will liand ii -|-|H. «11111■ 11• • i- maidens iw
over lu the wiling   company   lo   lill. they swdt a quiot liamlet   ■
'I'lip price of sliiliglen, iillbougb raincil, Also n liomeo,
i*. less ib.-iu the schedule price   beforu "**""
,.., i- .Nul-,,  "This is thu landscape i Ijiqli -«Grade * -Sollees
tin-price war,     'In'   i'1'l   price   vms '          -»-".*-j          »-
iiiiiiied vmi i-i -.ii^'yi-*l ii I it If • for,"
i?-J,05 to fifty cent points, and  •*>"'   io      ., .      , ,,,,.   ,     .
f    t-i Itlees : II Iii! i illier itnprussloil
puuiU outiide.    Tin-|- -ui   rate   is-j9lj0i    Why not call it'HmneT'
-'■!.-.ii to liiiv ei'i.i. point- and  beyond'     liAuliei: "'Homo'l   Why'/"
-•.'!<.",    Tho present pliui,  of  course,      Critteek: "Jlcciiuse there's no plac
makes the control of the output pruu-|liku''-"       j The Canada Drug  and ||
'«-•*•■   ''•'-  P' —•    "»1 --- -    I       B°°k   C°"  Y"lir
gieat wil   lo   l.e   guarded   against. I      .-tfl k EXPERIENCE
Willi a possible uutpui nf, from one
liimiliiti ni.tl fifty machines of nine
hundred million n yenr, and   without
son c li "■ ton! ion, OVCt' plod, i i-l ion    vi a-
hiv lil.eli   to   follow,      Wiib   each
I Ani-oni MndlnB ft Rkotcll nnd aancrllill^n mnr
.   ill  ,ul,,l fii-t.iifilinu to    in     lolliliilile   ,     qtil.-lily ii rliun i.nr opinion fro* wllOltwr iiii
mill lull ll ai toini in. i"  an      .piii.iiin , |'„vl,„,,„„ is probablr iinioiiiuiiln.  t'omDai ■ »■«•
| tiiuiiislrli'llyr.iiillili.iillal. llnilillimikiiiil*iiti*i la
I Hal   lllll II    In which n          Hive    llUI'CCd, »i"-l !"■'"■ l'l"I'", .ilii-ii'-y fiirni'i-iiriliKI'iili'iili..
jllsi   |. an,  i                                                o          ii |-iii,.„n tiikcit thr-nii/h Miiiin * l". r'lcalvc
,                         ...               , .i- ml ii'.lln. i- .Hi,,ul .linrL-,1. In 11,,'
UA7V:: ::Z1Z,  Scientific Httierican.
,„„,„| und business imi) uu cotnJucleU    ^_^«s^__^T__f/ )_*&$_
eli aiier, more ceoliouiically and oi
more legitimate lines.
.in. iikht i.itA.N  i><.»iiwric H«»dqiiarter* for ninlflR
■'•'■—'   ■' I jigars a,u' CommerclatylVlen
Kootenay Coffee Co. ThB Kootenaj
[•y  Standard
and   Juani(a.
VI 1MT ViTI Kill!   11',
~J.   C.   Thelin & Co.
Nelson, I'.. (',
cm n fur table hotel in the  di •
I'jvorylhing llrst-clnss,
VMllt,  11. C.
mi;at  M..\.i{Kivi:
X***************4***4+**_. :
* V, ■       rtll'.SII    AMI   S.\|,T|-:'l.,MI'.ATs
X       MILL   WOOD.      1 Wholesale and lleiail
Our   lending  librurv   has  u  large
Delivered nnv
[iliiee in I own,
| T |l,i,,',' III 1 IIM II.                   , ,
ni   Ins  ii  largo   T   j j
ders wm enjoy. | stove Lengths     \
After   the   lirst   4 4
ortly    costs   you   I ^'T *''•»''              U.cen *?l.(J0,  1
......    T a-4 .        ^        .    .            .           I
Mail orders receive pruiupji, attonli   i
JOHN PIllLIII'.lt'i'i Crop
i nenl. 11 ii ii i. iinl.   readers   will   enjoy
looking through It,    .
book lias been, lei  ||    i ....
Trade Murks     12S cents for nny  l k,   mil   nf   two   +       Per   Cart  I,Odd 41
OMVRUHTi&tt      hundred to..pjck. fiom, I      v 1
ii g I -uppli
l.eiive yotni niiler tt'illl n>   for    any
hook v.ai  may    ,, ml,    nnd    ivo    w ill    +
pr,„„|,|th piii.-nre ii. for you,
l       Porto  Rico
i&Mttii'^ Ur.  Wlloii m-shun...   ... 'L„-    | |     |;|||,|1)(,|. ('..    I ,.|       J      A"   ,l,,,ei     I"'
vear: l.n.r ni.aillia |i   tjuldbynll iii-vaili-iili'ia. noil,      osnoar «   '    '   "•     ''l'l.        I ,    ,
"Bl^VErNifX!!* I i,:.":,;,,;,^,,, ,j  |;-;;;»-:
Ymir Transfer Co.
JACKSON & LK.\II\"| I'rop..
Teaming and
Express ....
iniptlv   attend,vi
nre exorcised is  I -£V?V'«"V    A&86jj>
Veil, | - Nn ."il.
V.MIIi>, I'.. ('.. SATUKPAY, MAY -i. l.Ki-i.
PjtK'J. KtVl    (.*KNT>
'"iiVll.l-  t*l|   .:■.,'-
*>«? w—"r.~jL*3*!
I I '  _ 1 i
_    x „ '*?  The Hail Mines Smelter.  ■**....,.     -    ,  Ynijr Min? Hakes Profit.'  Infringement of Eight-
LOCAL ITEMS -    ... .     - —    .        , -.HINING NEWS: Hour Law
 I*,"-**.,.- t,, ,.■-,,',     •»»•"-■• J- Uinpboll has given some U     ^  ,,     •        Fulluwi-nu   nn>   the   returns     for
Cheniies cashed free,,.   *^pWIV&;,^fl^'^.'l   ™H     Pa",   Duly        ttred   .,   water \*«* « «***   «"   ,""1'""       "M      >.:, -I.,,-, 1'.   Kellv,   ,„„   ,,,
. n pm 1**1, wit|i reuaru to   the   *■* h-Uit- ■ ..,,„.   ..... .-in Anvu -n,    (.,.n i .wi   •»   '
,.    , . , , „ ' '    •    i  .      ,'     ,.,,   •      i 11 . .        i Mi'llI]  .i I'll)   J.J ' lil\ >.   .UM    ( [ USIIGCI     -.'nil      . i .. t t   » »■ i , .
'     "  S '■>>■ h"'m«'V   of   Ymir, of vi-hiub h meager, and with   ic-,"«'""» --1"1 ■•■■• '  '"-' '  k'      00q Ls (-,1000 pounds) of   ",-    116^"^'^',!-^/ '
in town again on n short visit. giirdio the reported combine of   lead      Ore  is  being hauled  down  every L,oiniT Glti oumJes bullio,,.    T!.'c esti-   """'''''':"" '''' "'"'' ,v
W. II. Spencer bus  removed   from  xmelters.    "Payments of bounty   up- day now from the Yankee Uirl   mine, ! mtvtod°realization value (gross) ot  the
'Kim to Spokano vvliBI'e   he   is   es    "n exported |eac|   censes   upon   June which, from this on, may be considered prq(iHCt « $Q,750.    One hundred and
1 iblisliing a business as   broker   and j'1'"'1 "•"•'' '•»•' l|ll'il fl"' "inciters will  ou,* of the regular pfoducing mines of s,,,,,;.tv ,;,„.. „f con.-ctrrates  shipped;
1110111'' tinont.
have nil the lead they want   to   keep
all their stacks going.    We have been
tlio camp. gross eutimated value,-?3,f 50.     Cya-
William   Waldio,   lessee   uf     the hide plant treated 21OQ   tons   (-JO00
l''.',tl,or Aitboll'U expected in  Vmir *-■••""--■, .-•     - . ,,.... ....„ :     -svilliuji   Waldie,   lessee   uf     the note plant treated 2IOU   tons   (2U
■     Monday, and will bo aoeompuiiied [P        " mQne}'  fen,''-y   '"   1,""-i"- J Queen .nine, took [apotlu r   big   gold   pounds) of tailings, producing bulb
'-. the Bishop of the diocese, wl,,, will ""''       ," HP;tQ*ll,lte'  ;*1"1   v,',,!*   ""brick into Nelson this week     lie re-   having gross estimated value of 113
I,let I, so1 v ice,
our stacks gomg we will  bo   able   toi no(.,s ,,,„, lht, ,,„.„., ||t, js ,,,,,,..„„   is j Sundry     revenue,     $287—912,087.
.,        .... ,. ,     ,imtB|1 ,noro and mof0 "P-to-.late aps LIuki I progress, t v„ shifts   be-   Working expenses, .*J11,410.     Profit,
nun-yA\t*,8!,tM. P.   P.   for   ,l,e Ulces, and so cheapen the rates   of I        " *, S,7T.     Tll,,„   |lM    „ ,„,,„*
1 mir tlistncl returned trom   \ iptorin : smelting.    As to the fteberlein.   !'•""
the -Si. pugpiic ri'ine, pleaded   gui 1,
nud vyere each flueil J2.S50  and   t-
yesterday for violating lho eight hum
law.     Tin1 ease   was    niitl    befmi
Lewis Thompson, iustiy.e of lho pe . -
Thomas Morgan, tho   mine   ilispi  u.i
for the district, intended to   be   pn.-j
cf   but tin. train   was   delayed   0 u|
tho trial was over when   ho   anind
dr, the 8t.I1 .''.'"I '.'th of   March    tho'i
men vveic working in the shaft   lev,
... ,     , - .,.      ,. ....   ,   1   0 during the month   un   d.'\"i,ipiiuint, .,., 1    ,-... „i,     . ,   ,1
Wednesday lust, and   is   expected eess, wa have been investigating  that      L'om i'lynri and Join   Iv'ellogg   imi      '   ° ' There was a rush of work,   und   the-,
-- Ymir in a day or two.. for eighteen month past, but it is onJdoing assessment work 011 the   Kitten \9i    ' were asked tQ work over-time in order
I'he Atkinson arson ens,, i.    ,,,,.■„■   My wfthln tho last month or so that it   F''1*"ion, under instructions from Mr.  ~ to have the muck   cleared   away    f,„
call the first* esse   nn   tl.e   criminal  '■«" be<-l* ulnilwoU to have   been   used   A- & Hand of the Dundee Syndicate.  The  Active Uolll    Milling: shift following.    The matte   -.
•' ,   . .1 i-i ; ii-iiliin tin. l'liit.-il s;,.,,...      wu.   ii   This is the olaim which is  in  dispute i^.,,.*.„.,.. reported to the mine   inspector,    1vl.11
ui-eket nt lhe assizes winch cainmence  nm"n tno United hiatus.     When  u j ' Lomp-flllV, . ' ,   , ,  ,
i    v 1 -ii     1     ,1    ,. 1   • li-.- line,, ileinoiw,,-,,..,1 it    M„f.,*c,-iiio between the Dundee   synd.cate   und ' in turn caused the arrest of the   men
j    .v'-.M-ii ou I uesditv   I    '.iib  nist        "as ooen ueinonsciateu .1.    ftlnrysville
at the new   smelter   there,   we   will ' PlU Only ot, nl. Wc cull   the   following interestingIThere is also a heavy fine for a   com
iMiigkee. the demented  Chinaman , |mva __ ,tunit   „.  ,„       ,       .,      T|)e , ,      ,,,,, |{ m      m     news from 11 lincinpati   |.Jm,uM-er" P'*")' violating this law, and tl.e   cim.
v lin Was soli!   tuilii   1 mil' In I |i>     .New , ' -   i      -l   n.i    l nionniil   i I,,. S'    |-'"---n entiinv     w    i
. ,    i at close runge is now in UgO ftet, which is tlifl   dis- .<»f April 'JJnd against llie Mt. 1  m     unpuu)    wi*l
'   ,', tC''     ',     •,"I.T   ,.   '"'    ^'es," said Mr. Campbell, il, reply tance determined by the surveyors at     "tteportad to M klioldeni    D. A. oume up for   trial   Idler    in.      M
.    ,'^'i'"''M'iv'l:';''''i'M',K"''U,'mlj.o a,p,e,v,--,i<" .,.-,.. in a better   posi- which the vein should be encountered   Camel , sliperintende.it nf the   Ac- Crotiln is not in town, so   it   i     ml
tion now than a year agu   to   handle It is expected that the vein should be   live Gold Mining Company al    Ymir, possible to give Ins views on the unit-
Dougnld Cameron, who, a*, will   be the lead output of the country.      We struck a.lv dny, nnd the   engineer   is 13. C,, which bflongs chiefly   lo   Cin-Her.-   Moyie J.eader,
si   ii in the report cIseM/hofc, bus been   told the government   that   wo   could : expected up from Spokane tn   inspect  oinnntiitrts, nrrived in the uity yester- ! 	
n Cincinitati in commotion with   the not handle the smelting, rofinillg and it.      On   his   decision   will  depend   day to report  he mining   proper-' |^jf|e   Association,
hllJiiin of the Active Gold Mining Co,  marketing of the lead ores altogether, whether Patsy Clark   lake.-,   up   the tios IM,i • nfer with them   In   ro*
i-now in Ottawa und so the govcriiiiient   was  justified bond or not,    Sa far bu lias expended \&<*"l lu   ll"'il    furtlmi'   development.      .,,„„,.,,„,„.•   ,|„.   ,.>,,,.,;,,.,    „,.
I. Kirkpntriok of Nelson was down  -" b'ivi"8 ,l"' ,"11""- on   (be exported aboul §3000 during the  five   months| H" <"*)'» llll'>' 'mve spent *}ii0,000   on j))eU] ^ •,-||^iUv_ ,-,,„_,,,■,,[,,   p,.,,,.
i   is vti-.-l; and ui.aile   an  examination  Q1'e»     Ilu*. now the case-   U   altered, since lie secured the bond
ni'the New Victor  Croup   on    Wild   ^e nn capable of smelting all that is
Morse creek, with &.  Uooth    who   in  brought to us, nnd   the   refinery   at
f the principal owners, Trail is being enlarged so as   to   deal  ^
with that end of the problem.''
A-k. d as    In    the    exisiei if   a
combine    between    Trail,     Mai vsv din
and Nelson smelters.    .Mr   Campbell
suid bo knew noiliim;  us   in    Marys*.
lho Union .lack mine and have opened sovoral bodies nf g,,o I ure, I Io
recommended mi udditionul   expondi-'
who bus accepted the   captain, \
iiresi-ut nud suggested ihat   t|iu
lim Oi'iibuiii, wlm entered suit
i iiinsi i.'rolie. MeLeod nnd fx>vell t"
• i in in t beiii from iidvcrtisiiig him out
i ■ ilm ■**("s.11K-.-.■ (lirl, churning thru    In-
■ i pei formed hi*- portion of the
-   irk, Im-  llow   dropped   proceedings
, ' . '.     | !'■'■■     i i .o.   -' us 11 ne M lloi  i 11.    ■-'• i       -I    *-.
»...! |mt up U.f UUK.U t ley   ...IJ, ,„,,,,„,-..„ ,,;    *
di-piile w ,ili the eost*.,
I in,'i
llllill'lltl'S     tlliil
l'l.III' Slll,SC|'l|ltl,lll   IS    III      111'-
Dundee nine.
Mr. A, M   It.iutl, n Im visited   Yinir'
I  w.-t-k, snit| jn nn    inleri ie•.,     that
(Irienl.    There lind been un  arranges 1 W,sl1 '" '",V0 "   COllt-1 Iltietl
iin-iit vl nil ilu- Si-lbv   suieltiug   works
at San Francisco, but ihefc hid   also
lure of ■•? I it.lum. .md this wns   iiereed
» line oi   rr1,!"'.',  iiiiii   iios  „ ,,. iij^
NOTICE. o toby   'lie   local    stock holders al    n
'' meeting hi tlm Gibson  House.      Tho
A I'l'OSS lllill'ked    in    tllis|  npnny, in addilion   to   its .nine-,
wu-  5,000    acres    of    timber    land  !
. lis sale   ,,-• pin--
i i ...I....1. :. ..n .1... i...   t  :.. .1. . .  .ii... '
which in all ilu- lumber in llu-   vallev,
and In- seys ilm thousands of   settle! - I
'. ,'iiTiiug, iii. uis -lioiild bo followed with
; regnril to ile- cure of the guns    i-    -
military   n.-,..-in.iou- (lie-     i >•.
vvould be ulloleil to each   four   m.-n ■
hers,   W Im would     l,i      ;,-..pii|i!,il,e-     fi ,
mil rifle must    I
signed for Iiv   tlie  peivm   i ikiue.   •■
in ilu- N'orihwe-! Territory of C'liiad.i
ville, bin ud mi lied that for h e lime 2
past Tniil was handling the whole   if'*
the output of tlie Hull Mines Rineltcr.lXrear mid WC WOUlit   '"
There was the Canadian uiuikcl tu bo  i
looked   after,   and   theil   a   dot'tain   J In Ili-ni'    In Ull    Vfill    il'   yOll! t      -x I.g those inteiesled in tlie   A.   ,q|i , ,,,i,,. ,     , ;.   •;.
'amount coUld   be   inorketed   in   the|X JI j live Mhiing C pany are Public Sor-1 covel.ni|1,, ^jvjij,,,,   IUsociatioii,   i
,.(i J'  must buy their   i inibei"   from
mil to pi.-t.'ii.... who inn i. also -;-••  nn
uuilertiiking lo rcl in u ii ehiiiui1.    nn
in proper shape
The shooting vi iii    be   do ic    n -
Director   William   Maglv,    M.
I,ah,   Clmrlrs   Mayer,    In     II     II. [
, wu- dullO lasi  vear.     A carcl'u',
I-   Messis, I'll,in ami Kellogg is    Ier
i linablc al llui'iv d tv -  iml ii
h ivo recently -.tr
Gruih, rh.11.1. W     Ireland,   lidii.tnl
It. Stern,  John    \i.   Ilidsheck,    Hen
will he kepi of every   shot,   an i
used -.he!!- iiiu-i In- inturiind ivith tin
" l"','M"" ,"" "ll"'|,,""!"l'l";""|l,"c„.l,e    opposition    of    Kveiell    toi ,...-.«,.,  „!       Wi      p^.^ wj!| b ,    WwJl
ineci     These conditions nn- now   ah      Joe Prado and his assoclato-i,     who lleldingsfold, Mel F. Wunst, Uuis J.
I'licy  >-' .-■■     »■: .-«  '"-■
v ,-iinl Siitiirday afternoons,   vve.il!
v divs notice.      Ihey ,.,,.:.„   ,, ,t .Jti,,,,,,,!,   \\,.    r.',imi,|,n||   aro working .In-   Aiixonn   claim   on   Golriinan,   Abu   llloch,   A.   ..••loiiait., .   . ,
-■   iiinig, ami iiiniougn   .in     lainpoiii - permit tim;, otherwise   the   captain
•nek :, ledge -i-i   teet   w„,,|,| il(,t „,_v |„nV| v,,, |„,   admitted,   lease, are getting uut some   line   ore.   Clem Joonjes, lien lioih, lien   Kl'''"-  ul)1 ,.„.,,,„„„.-„.   BIIJ.   :„',,.,,„„„,  ,u,.j
wide carrying ore of nu average value
..f ir'J-l lo Un-ton, ainl   these   !.--sees
ii ■• preparing n shipment.
;    npei'l)      wilh     II     v ii ,i
Hist, that tho British Columbia smeN   The claim lies very near  the   WilcoX 11  IJ. It i.e. A   II. Daififm lh, I    Ilm- ivu „.,,.,..,, ,
tors were no longer i peting ..gainst stamp mill, and the ore whioh is   free tig, Maurice 11 am bit rgor, 11  V. Stein- 'i'i,,.,',. „„,., ;„. „„; |e«s than livu in
each other in   the   Oriental   nuirkot,   milling, will bo inilleil for tlio   lessees mini, Dr. Moms May, R U.    liampo, t.oei, K|l0(jtinjr pnrtv  and  when   Cun.
nul.   however,   visited   tlm |lln„ n^., t|lttt an attempt wtw to   be I by  Broken Hill Co. J pn I,.   Ronslicim,   John   SaUer,
Ie to market a far larger  iptantity      [t is reportodillat work will short.  Clmrle'1   Stegher,    Utigenii     llotidnt,
Iborough  explol-atun.   «.t   lhe    mini*, j (lf ,,.„., ,,„.-.„ ,„ „„. ,-„,,„„   ,,„Ui    ,ltt8 ■.. ,„,    |„M,(||,„1   „„   ,,„.    ,,,._,    ,,,,,.„   Samuel Trust ...el Oitn V.  I,.,(,.
I he Dundee compnny has entered  in-   i        ,, ,, , : .. . ,        	
'    .- ., been tliu case in tlie past, Gioup  on   Porcupine   creek.      Hus 	
I   negotiation* in ilus ..ml .".iih   some -    -o •   i  .u.i      -. n   . .       ,        ,,   , ,.-
,..     .        ,   , I his doubtless indicates an arrange K|-0up comprises tho well  known   Ihg
i  ilitormu capita ists, who an- pronos- j        ,   ,»  , , • ., .. ...   , ,.
' ' '     ■        Inn-Ill ol some mil iue    Willi    lhe    lea* j*,,,.,-    .„„!    -|,(,    Cilld Kvll    loilnl-llv
o.g to take up the treasury sluires   in'
Hotel Arrivals
combine, into which Kverotl and 'I'.i*   known as tho Happy Thought, and is      \i,.| ,.•,„, n,,,,,
i „e pussessiou o   ins   company   and: ,,,.,   ,. , , ' .ui.i.oii in.u.i
1 i coma Intvi- l.-iii-ly entered,
I roceed to exploit ilu-   Dundee.      Ai ;
wiled In I'. M. and   W    I'.   F/lcar. .   ,.   ..     „.      ,.
I   Al, Hamilton, \ iincmivei ,
Tlie Hi'.' Horn   which    lias    been   ex •   ..,,.,      ,        , ,, ,
ll. A. I'logal and wife, ( sign, i .
I i-osent ilm mine is being workwl   by . ,.,,,,
means of a dmft, which is now    down !    The i4 HI. exciting race at   ll.e ; tensively ked, has produced   someL   y 8tBp|I0Mi v,inc„„".,,,
, ut 200 feet     The   prop-laid   now Uw* Iwt Wodnesday between    ll..r   of the richest or8 found ... I amp.   B. j. BIoqftnH Amhcnl, N. H
heinB considered   ,-   two-fold      T y Wl'lght M. P. P. for Yll.ir,   Dun-  ™s °''u  *'il"  ",k""  ""m ,l'"  ,1,ftft W. Hill, Bnderby;
me is to make aero.sc.it tunnel which can MeArthur of   Nelson   and   ,|„„ | wbn-b is down-o„„* tony   feet,     A  Jc  vi»ian, Winnipegj
,11 „, p th,, ledge at ii   depth   of Hill.   Tl.e member won out  in  Bpif0  tUnnol has beet, started   ...   .a,,   .1,,-  D# W, McTttvW,. Ne|M(l||i
OOfeoi below tl.e hood of the   shaft,   of the many pounds of extra   weight  oh. body^at deplll.ttnd has been dr.v-      WAhimt ,,,,,,,.
ml thi! other i Irifi in „,..„,   the i Im bus -icp.ire.l during   bis   st.-.v   llt   en over .100 feet.    W.l.l'xlgar who       f|i , No,H01)
,,      , .1      , i.i   i \';,.i. t;.i wi   In- in charge oi  tha  work   when
-lice nl tin;   lowesi    possible   depth,   Victoria. ... , O. Henrn, Nelson;
,r,      .., ,     ,  ,,       . ,   , , il recommences, expootS   tn    huve   to1
iInch will be 1,100  fool    below   the       W. A  Macdonald K. C.  lms   been   ,..,.,        , ,-   ,
„„    . .    , i.i idrive tins  tunnel   tt    comparatively
ijiex.   The former is Um onu   which   appointed plosuiiutUl-fo(" the Crown in        „  ,-, ,*,.,.,, ,
,   .     ..   " i small disliuici! lUrilief  to  reach   tlio
inlpresentbeingf.lv I     I he ore the approaching ussizes      I'.otb   lho ,        * ,„   .o,,,,.,   ,,
»,....                    ,     ,        .,.,                  " " , , vein, ut n point, nearly   ♦00   foot   he-
.1 lh." Tliu,'I. e runs i-iiimusli-       llinrn I ..:..n  I ..: :....! I,,..   ..ir.....i    ..     II..I.1 '
lain l-'ia-er is not able to   lie    pilM'li
. himself, he will depiilu one member In
act as his deputy, and to be in charge
of tho party. 'lho government rules
-t.iie that the captain or bis deputy
ii i ii -1 lie implicitly obeyed, The rules
also rcquhe that there *-! i,i 11   be   two
, inni ke, - at the target always, and
the captain or his deputy « ill ni -
range who shall act in  this   capaciii
' and bow lung.
Anvliodv ov.'i    Iw    i-   eligible   fm
I membership, on taking  lho   oath   nt
allogianco,    I'lio subscr iption   is  	
dollar per annum, which must be paid
in advance, and entitles the   uloiubi
lo I'M) rounds of iiinuiiiniimil.
lee runs VIII loll-lt
'I'hi'i'ii ! civil mul crimiiml list alTord    n    Held
wucli which will   go   830 lo   810   for n forensic battle between   .Messrs,
low the surface.    If tho ore asuays nt
ibis point, is high  iui  in  the   shafl
A. II. Hood, Nelson;
.1. Fraser, Nelson:
F, W. Swaniiell, Nelson;
I). ForgUSOn, Nelson;
Mrs. A. I"-. O'Neil,  Coulee ('in
Dceiislonally   assays   have   run   into Macdonald add T,.yl„r,   who   appear i ^^ ^ „■„ „"„„, w ,„ pr,ivfc a hl,, John Ilronhttn, Nelson
e.00 to 8.100.    lhe  milling   portion  aga hist each titer   in   unify   every,.
,    ,      ,   , , ...    i '   ibnliaio.
nl the leilgu    limy   lie   ct.iiscrviltiv-eh-   ,,„,,, ,,„ t|,„ jj^t.
uteil to yield #7 to   *»s   ore, while      „.,    :,      ....      . ,            ,.
,.   .            , ,1    The llev, II. loting ll'ut'es   ubotu
i-ie supping   grade   nvemuos about .,.,.,.         ,', ,.
'.'       ,      ,          , ,        the 20th of this Hiontll for   a   thbee
• ■'."' in 910, ihe   hitler   lieing   about  ,,
,   ,     ,  ,, .   ,     month s vacation ill I'iiiftterii   Cuiiltdii
oiir-tpntli ill lie- whole nl,..llui Ot   tin
William Mncklo  ft   miner   at   the
Second llellef mine, bud :i Very    fiftr-
llte in
ll i- lh.-    ml
,\1  Aiulei'Miii Northport
Cosiioi'oi.itas' Hi,tI:i.:
li. Norton, Kaslo;
F, J Murofiey, Bpokane;
John liobson, Spokane;
I'ur.sin i i:ui vn  (liniw'ii- S n n il  i ,
.School und   Bible   Class,    10   a, u
ICveiiiiig service, 7:.'I0.      Vourii; Pen
pics' Society nu-i-ts nn rriduy  evenii .'
ut 8 o'clock.    All ni'., wolcomo.    fi.  .
i II. Yountt, M. A., Pastor
• tl-i- i o111)1.1111, if i he i-i'-si-iii di-
loies 'lifoiigh, nnd, aecoldiiig lo M
."«. K Hand, ibis   is   practically
' His pulpit will I ecttpied   by   lhe roft aionpo last Woflnowlay.    He  fell  F. Keller, llossland;
''"""" i llev.   .1.    It.    Kllliblii-sl,    iccelilly   „f  down an incline shaft a   dist.'Uli'e   of   Max. PdWOll, Nol-tllpof'l
'll'lll    --.   <-....,      I    II' i.l.l.      ..       I.M..-.    U     M..II 1.1     V..1.	
.,     Cumberland 11,   C,      Mr.   Khnhdrsl   75 foot, and en iff with   n   bfokon 8 McDonald, Nolsoi
who was a   fellow-   student   of   Mr
young's .did graduated at   tile   silm
ini-i'd, to commence development   up.  lluA vHI! p(.,.,,.|, on ,,,„ fl,.,*.   Sunday Idistai f fourteen mile-,   and   thoi
■.botildef and ,i lew se.dp woeml.',  II
md to ride from the mine to Erie,   a
T.  I!,like, Nelson"
ItobeK McDonald, Colvi ,,
.1. Johnson, Movie;
n the line's indicated within the iic*thrj June, and from   that   time   every   take the train til Yinir, whore   lie   Is F. Thompson, Pliheiiis:
69 days. Irtulidii* until Ml. Vonii«s n-i'irii now I. pulient "I Ihli Hospital. V. D. Andi'i-oii, K/l-lo.
Fire ftrigade Signal".
Flffa ohiof Coffey ha)s plbpatcd lb/'
following signals for handling tlm ihi'
alarm: Stonily ringlfig means lh
One stroke' (pausi | two strokes (patlst •
three1 Irakoi, means a call for help i ,
i,.,(idle (lie hose whon drying and
r'-'diiig it Dp lifu-i nm We have just got in a
new line of
iVIiich are hard to beat for prico and .durability     Also  a   line of  the  celebrated Ames Hold'n shoes,
our     NEW HATS
Which have just arrived,«*6f}er u large variety of strictly up-to-date  styles.
Mei't.s  tntin   every -worn ing
except Sunday, .i'or freighl
.ui'l passengers   for   Vinirj
mill.   By special orders  urn
Sundays. (lr for Yniit' mine.
 , t
■jee our line ot -stetsons.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Re-Establishing British l but in other market*.,   i migiit par-
Columbia, tictilarly refer to tho groat future   of
 *-    - I llie wood I'.dp  nud    pupei-   industry.
"llritish Columbia,'said a   gentle- ■ \i,, -r,,,.,„„.., i„ ,i,.,   .1      ,-   .1
.in    1 ui nei luiitie uie  speech   ot    the
WATEI?   Sl-p-Pf.!*-'!'    PM,    lio- j
U5     POUNDS     l'HE.S-1
• "SURE,
man ".vim bus recently returned   from
eve,lin-.' at. ii recent haul uet of :lt
'Enfilaud, "is beginning to t-csunip | British "Wood Pulp Association
. miething of its   ft nnei
U. 8. 'I', l.oss, Secretary
Spokane Falls &
,"M'"" iu ulM"l,i",v- ,"r'"- '"■■•' PU,H   Northern Ry.
"IIIVII    IJ    IU.IHI.I.VMI I III" Ull  1*C5L \'\.l I
I be. confidence of tho   linglish   hives- ftnd papel.-ft,ms ,-„ t)ie   wuMi     ,,-
tor, . ..,..,,,..1. , 1....i.    .. i.i. ... 1 .. ...    1
Carries The Stock,
And Leads in Price and Quality.
liOOl'S, SHOES AMI t'l.OI'IIINi; DKPARl'MKSr:—We liar.  ,1 i  •■
spring o,Ji;,|s in unit cheerfully Invito ihe public to Inspect our stock,   llml
tuny satisfy Uiem In quality and price.
Bell's shoes, wc curry uu   inimonse  stock,   tlicy   spoak   foi   if,-,n-- v
hili lino is conllnoil to us. am) no otic else can procure llicui in tills town.
We al-) have the exclusive right ol the famous Weston Shoe lor liny*-, is
speech, was dealt    with ul length   bv
That confidence was rudely shaken 1 „•• pilpm ,.omiet.tel| with ,,„, .,,.„,,.
and will take time to restore. Of L„d is lho cftuS(J „,■ i|iliU. ,,„|,lili,^
course, it may be argued by some fl.om a)1 piu.*.„ of Knl.upo. ■ Mivvl.
that it was never riiecessary to .lis- . we s|m*| M),„, scc |a,,ge ,jove|opmel)t,
1 ;.b tbe failb o^Jihe investor iu Brit- < on t|„, IV|)0V0 Klm •„ ,.,.,[;.,, Culmn%
ish Columbia undertakings, but   that i |,;n
is hardly the question now.     It   has:    ..Then ,,„. ,-„.,   l|m,   l))e   ,.,„„
been disturbed, und   the   tusk    is   t
bring the feeling of the investor buck
to normal The gentleman referred
to stated ihat he found moneyed men
in London willing to listen and be
convinced who a few years ago would
scarcely acknowledge receipt of a letter froin British Columbia. In ibis
connection lhe province is really sin-
l*lehailded and alone in promoting ils
interests und ptlbjjsllillg the utlviin
ayes it ofiei'8 to tl.e investor and the
iioKieseekcr. The.Dominion olliccs in
London confine their efforts almost
wholly to .Manitoba and the North-
Host Territories; if 1-British   Columbia
which up to recently bus been known
as the 'Sea of Mountains,' should
nine captured 'from ull competetion
among the colonies the highest pi-ixtn
for fruii, is having a good  ellect       1
I'lie only    „l!   rail   route   between Ilook »».good ami outwear two pair of any other oi-iliunry make.
1 • .a. ..... i .1   .      ■■ 1 Ci.f.1.1   *   SSiitlu f >•• titan   .lint   Imi 4 -n'n nU:i In    Mini   murkl'd (fn1.*.'
points east, west and south to Boss- I        Sprl'iia Suits for men am! hoys are also hi, and marked down tn the
land, Nelson,  Grand  Forks and  Res' possible notch.    For neatness and durability,  one glanco will com h,
public.    Itiiffetears run between Spo- ' ,,i"-i skepilenl lluil we carry Ilia real tiling for western trade.
kane and Northport j
Buffet Cars   run between  Spokano
and Nelson.
'Effective Ai):il. lOOfi,
'cave Daily Train Arrive
0.45 a.m Spokane IJ.20 p.m
11 Oo 11.111        llossland 4.56 p.m
J''!''1""     ,,   N=,*J?n, „-'fP,m vVd „re gelling Um business why P    Boeause if a package is marke.l it:. ■   -
! 1:1)0 am     Grand 1'orks      11.60 p.m B       - • , ,    ■ ...    .
10.00 a.m. l'i,oeii\ B30p,ra.   Um milker, lluil is all you are requu-eil lo pay for it  here.     Vie.In  nol   •• - ■-
7.0(111.in ltepubllo 0.30 p.m | any (unci drug store prices on lho 10,000 articles wu carry In tin-   depnri un-i '
1      , . . . f, , .,r      rpi .afs ami rniuien'icilly ive have the good will and patronage of llui  eonimunii
was in liOiiiJon when   ihe   lasi    gold IwA y U     ol  I/yl !-■
iiii-ihil w,s w,.n,,v ,1,-iii.l,   Columbia, 1^     ^.^      -^^l
anil one -vould Hunk trom llie   genu-
Grocery Department
Seeds no coiniii'iii, wu liavu got the slock ami can save you mom
Stationery and Drug Department.
iue pleasure manifested by Mr, Turner when-the capture wus made, ihat
the fi nit. vvts-giown iii his oivn orchards. There could be no gainsaying
the fact thai the man's whole heart
was centered in British Columbia,
"It will take   time,   patience   and
.-nergy tu put British Columbia    hack
is mentioned nt all, it.ii   in   u   ni.,st ,„ -.he>femt pillco am0nR j^, „    in.
casual way.    Of course, JMtMl    Col- , V(,s|i,|X( bo| „ is ,,,,..,,_, (|ui|„  ftmj do|||
limbiii could not stand 11 big influx   of  w,,.-
poor immigrants) it is   realised   thai
none nre wanted here who    huve   not
health and strength nnd a little   cap
nal. It in, however, being gradual Iv
brought homo to the right kind of
men in the Old Country that British
fColumbiu is a most desirable place to
live in, and the consequence is un en*
lirely different and be,ier class of
immigrants are attr.iu.Ud here. This
Is due largely to'the discrimination
exercised by the London agency of
the province,
"I was in J, II. Tui'iyi's nfl'ice my
TO Churlei 0, Simpson, in- any other
person lo whom ho may  have   trans1*
fered bis iniele'tts ill the '".Mil1'     UloV
son," ininorul claim, situated . on
Blown mountain two nnd n ball'
miles southwest fiom Ymir, in the
Nelson   Mining   Division   of   West
Konl'llllV  Dl'stliCti   mill     leeiil-li-d     ill
f several time*,." said   the   ganllc**, rtl,B Uncordota ollico ful    the   Weli-oli
man referred to,  "whon   men   called
for   advice   and   information.      Ml
Turner spoke to   111 - -, 11    frankly   and
■Icarly about die country, I',,end what
branches of life   the   inquirers   wel'i
BY    L'slNi;
Seattle,     Tacoma
St. Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
LIBRARY   <'A1!S,     MODERN   |
HKAI-S .*.    I.A    CAItTJt.
Best   Meals  on   Wheels,
2    FAST   TRAINS     Q
U. S. t.  ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     \0^ir,    IJ.     C
'MA 1.1,II   IN
Special     E-ve iriiiou     liiltcs
[•ulninjj Division
You and each of   VOU    ale    hi-h-liv
nol infill, that I huve   expended   Two
hundred and   live   dollars ($200)   iii
labour mid  Einproveltior-tn   up,,,,   the
•nel for, and ibeti   honoily advised ttbovo mill*-''"1 o'tlin in order  to  bold j
them in favour of or nirain«t comins thetsaino Undot' the pruvWona uf the    i'or ratal, fold     and full lufornmilon
i«t 10 fltlii-h   Coluipbla,   according Mlneiul Aet, antl   If   within   ninety"
10 the lii.-oiM-inii.-..-, b, each inatanee,  ,Ift)'"fl""1 ll"',l!'"''"' "''■ ",;tl''''   >'""
I was   , ,-ulary   HtrUuk with   t|,B fail or i-ofu* iu i tribute your   por*
.jntei-.il manner uf tliuxo *ho wore li"1' "f "•'t|"''"li,m''' (whieh is one
lold that they would be ilmkiiiH ft huntlretl nnd two dolbu-s and fifty
bad move by coming out here,     I'M- j l',,,l|s f'"' ,l"'   '""   *v''a,s   '•,,,ii"-   8
lelllly they had l.'een   differently   ml-    May  I'.UU, lo^etlier ililll ,!ll c,"ls     of
Shell'   lllld.  Builders     ll.ii-1-..i
I'aini*, and  "il*-,   Stoves,   t'o.il
Sleel.  PoWllel-,   I°US0    and     < '.'|   i
(J rani to   and   Tinwari'i     Sieain
All kin,
ol'   ''liiinbiii'.'.   Tin
id   Ci 'al     H-'p-i ii
:.annTanaialu mil ■■■A7a**ll ■■wa...
isi.'d iii oilier ollici's, and  the   frank,
lioneul inaiinel' in whioh .Mr,   Turner
advi itlsilitf, u,lir ItilbltBt i!i the   sun
claim ivill become the proporty of the
I ■
nlviseil them was in clear 1 ontrast  to Uubucl'iboi', Under motion I of an   A el
,, 1 .1      1    1 .1        1 1 entitled   "All    Ael    In    Auli'ml    the
liter couniel they liad    leieiled,       I !
•allied that III thi". iVttV    lb'!   ii",',"!!'',-
Ijll'ltod away probably 80 per Bent, of
ihu people who think of coming to
British Columbia,   'At.     The derk,
■ mall   siiO|il!eepe|-|    professional    ineii
- i 1 lumt money, ftlid tin* ortJinnry
"iiiixun in similar circumntaticl'il.1   Oh
11 Hier hand the agency during the
P ,.* .. ..(■ l,,i.*i been instrumental in
sen . ' -evel'id bund,,-,ls of familici
nn imi amount of citpitalj in sulne
in l'l 'i.'juo ur inori', who a,,- ink■
h , ' 1 it or buHinetMii with the In*
'ei . nfiikltig   lli-iii'.l,   Columbia]
thi       ,"".    In addition Mr. Turner |
ilt -1 -   amount   of missionary
\u . n ijh in beginning in bring
l)i       - 'i is, not only iu  the mining
Mineral Act,  I Hun.
•JnnS I", llAltnoT'ri.v.
Dated at Ymir, 08th, April 1005
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■♦■f4-»*****-»-»**f***t>
To World's Fair, St. Louis The Mutual Life tiisuranee Company ot'N. >
YourCh if Route, Has A»«S«t." lixtiX'diilK $^oo.ooo,'oo<*.
A policy iii il i1* tli»' HiifcHl invoBtinonl known to llinii.
regarding ll-i >' ■   :l on or ui'dfen un I . ... ,
agent of Um 8  I    -*N  Hallway or ClUlll IllVlMtCU in rAIO IllHlU'aitCi? IB Cllf.ll IIIVO8IC1I lllllt    wid
H. A. -HCfted-M 11. UKANDI',      j petlll'll <-ti!n|)iillliil illtCl'OBt,
tjo'vv. 1 p'oka nu     .       All HticccBsffJl bunlnesS IllCll  CIll'I'V  lJ"'.--,,','  IllilOlllltfl  of Iiii,1
1 iiisurniici1.     It pi'ovillcfi I'.i- tlie family, lil'otoctH ll 'nun in Iii
' j old hoc, mul pt'otectfl liis otllCl' iiivcstinciit*-     Vov   I'lltcH mi
any form of lil" insuraiico npply to:
, ' - . Sterling
*  //        *-»
; l,f Silver
Percy J. -Pleatfcr. Local Aqcu»-
j Hotel Ymir
The Bent Menlo
Anil Ai'ctttlUHotlallon
hi Town 1
A (lilC'.-lMi't'liiiniil'Wi'iii'M,
l,i''|ii''i'1V.'anil ''iM.i'ir-'
X -I  U-. JhWl'ERSCrff;    Vtup. X
*44* 444**4****4444'4'*******
l\    n.
ni.rnJ Wilson k Hai(,shd^PKLRDIf*F'^•9"ffIt,,R,f•,
Oraymert and
t,. ,,11 ',< fl O-.'.n*.
ai,,l dullti   pu I
IritnilnlHH, I
limi) 'e'liif* 1
f. in"     tt' "nn- i
ii.)iiinV.!,|l -'.Ini I
ll'in viala a" 1
*'.>*i|f .'.If.
f.,*....-s! l.v ii.
ml .i-i i"!ltfci n li
era, ,'",'!r,*, tru-fl.lHtery, ('l'l ili'l'-'l Inni'!-
v/.i'lf." t, I Mini , UK ill i-.i ninervlt'oa if
I* arl'r 1 i-nn,.-1, ... llir runt, makl flu tin
rqaallt'l Walt''ill! loll tor (Ilinln-J t'tll fini-
*•,'(;!-• f-i! !    --'tati-.l rnla'.i|*,liV
•'*-"' J-"*1*
!,!criini( Silver,
Silver ri'tl,
e'in'l-3' BUILDIN9
.    ^lONUIXAll
J.wf.laii i„ ll . I i. ..Lacy
tlia I ail i.l ll,ma
y.viit, «.   0.
Il'lllttllhg hi'iiVV ll'Blglll A
attended ttfi
WAOHlNOroN iV ( . N. iiv
V. V. ,-c K   RT, i« N. in.
and Great Kol'tllot'll, efortllOrli Piu-il
and <). M. o. N. Co.,  for points ,•„-■
wesi and N'ti'il, • c'loii'cis ni   ii,,
litnd ii,„l Nelson   t'itli   the   I luiindit, I
Pacific Kail way.
Co,,,,,',.'.- „,, Nolrion "ith the I' II
x Ni Co. fur  KohIu and  K. mul -
- oniieci   at CUrlUtt with  itagn i i
-iiel'llvlooil . ml   Mldv uy, II. ('.
Lilll'cl   i-His  run iiii  truiiis lu-t in-., i
tfj'uftuiie mul  llopubllo
I   A, ,IA( KS.iN
(icneriil I'lissi-n/er Al(t.
i —rsxaxsac
THE YMIR HERAU)H wi" *» Ml!"il1 ! "'^ ,l"
  ' purl n-i-i-t.    'J'Ih  .Siiljiiu   in.ciiie.iiJ    -.ul!
■-.le ll  [ll l'l
YMII-, f.ODGI-; N". •".! A. I''.   .V   A.
■ *■ ■    i '
'.nr.   li: ,       , . .-    I     ,
is.l.-illi-r.- Ill lie- il;,*.i     .
- -.-i irotn Hi    -ii
1 ■ :.(-*i.' :. If) 1 ..-I
IH'.II.M.I)   i"i !;I.!i-111N■.   iiivii.-in,
ii.  ';i".;i:*:-. >;.in.-.:;:;o.
SATU11D.-VY. ty.-YY,   ti,   1000.
'v. riy i-ll'iirt i>. In-ill'.; in.nl...   l.y    Mil
' i- iplc of lh." Main;,ill  Itivel   Valley    I
( ujK'rly i.iy ',i to; i-   tlje   goym nnieii
FiieK hid You Would Like
igfetr^r^sE^- *
'"■'V   >.)"> -'•'   -..'"liipnny   ii'iilinne   l)i       |...o,,lh. Visitini; l,folhi'f>:»'.c!coini"il
i.|s,••'.;..• .viih Mi u-i  iuu In     ii-i-rs,   it Jnus MoVn m. W. M.
i- [inihiil ;■. tluil other .. ni pinies    ivjll I'/.K' ,'•'. Gl.*|--,iy.f-.it, .Soerclurv.
?"l'"    '' ■ ■' ■"■ ■'*    "     ll is  ih r.*foii YM| II   UlD.GK No. ;,:!   |\.   ul    I',
ii-ry    i.::   itiiui    •  ul    r-..■:;-,'    i*|ln) Meets Ijrsl unJ   third   Monday   in
'"•"iid • i" '"-•■■ j'isitinii  hi-oiiieis    oi4 Settles Maple  Syrup
T.-VSTJ-v-S Gf)Dp     I- WW
S,.,..,nlj      H'lcoined
l il 'in.! -.,: A.;:,' liiii.ti..!'. I'. C,
I.'|ii!   M   I   I vv Al:.   |\.   I!. ,V  S.
thu iiiliuhitunl ■ of the   Sn!l|io|i   Itiver j
,,,   ,.,,,,■ YMjl!   If I VIC,   l..-,lMl.s <il-'   Till'.
.1    ilACi \ui*;t:s      Mel-   sfcoiulj
illi,J t'oijrlli Tie iilay jn eat |i nioiilh.
Mr. llni'V Wlifjlft,   r-ieinbej   for   Ihe
ilistricl, ii*ul Mr. .!. II.    Ilavvthurnth.-
hui-OHHlilj    thnishcil
1 -n-.-hy ni-i itious   igned I v  n.. u r   nil I
ii - of I
. illey huve l)ei ll l'
i Invoi uiiient,  mul    lhe   inlluciic
si lay |ii ■
.-. 'M.i-.A/.-..i:.  I.. , I,
).. I!t;h-'. i Hill;, jj
j-l,  I--,' und I gallon Tin-
Sold by
-..-ilili-   Im.. been  -o'.ii i',. .1 '.. | i -;r I | '
I In- Qiivi'j ii i.i ■■ ii 1.
, plistment Not Poppjar,
_   I). CAMPmilU   *    '     YMIR.
slid lhe people nf the Province gpner Victorian Colonist;      .Vllbpugh ^ ii
ii    ,, ,.       ,.,.,.      ,       li i- li..,..|i it.-iii..nn.-i.i t'linj   lho  i iiii;
-i   -., tlie injustice which '-.. being t|ni|e
i .. in, and the hiud-shius   vi !(ii-h    vvi11
*.   Me  -
uniis ana work..    Mining Agent     -     Stocks and Shares
' |,ii ||| lay   of   1 'onfeilerfited    Ciiniid
July |, vv.ll .
he   Imperial  troops       l'lllli:nllttti(|l|   llf   UlVSCl'Ve,
tcntuully oe im-i-mul in i*ui|,ei|i)ei|."o  witli.|i*.iwu from the land defences     ■
l' lhe wholesale ititintliiction of  -I >|i    Ifalifa*-   and    JJniiuinialt,    ii
NiiTICI-; i- hei-ehy given   thai   the
i,-ci■•..-tiimi established  iu   luii'i
Hi.i-su   and   Chinese   labourers    into | Work point, there is   reus    'i!~inuance vf flu* proviuions pf lhe   "Cols
i    :r cm,niitiiiiiv.    Whilst  i!    is   iid»j'**,v" that if el.nngu in lhe pru«.'i.i"llo   umbiu und Western Unilway Subsidy
l.iilted that   the   Kootenay   Shingle",iM"' "' ■'•--■■•■*'"■ tl''*,»K1'   ,ll'-'cul; Aw, 180ft," iwliMM   of   which   wem
.,.   .    ,     ,   .,       .    ties e»peiien«eij by the reci iiitins   "1-  ,„ii,||v|„,i  h,   i|„.   |;,iii-|,  Colunibiij
I..,inn- ,'it   i , v. iilini ll..; leuni | is/hlj    III   ,..,..       ,, I
1 .in-.-, * in eiihslins' Ihn ii' wary   limn-  (!i,/.cttc and tinted    ?lh   May,    |8'."i,
n'^nniny    Inbuilt1     fl'oiu      *-lin|ove|-  ,jp|. „*• yom|!, Caiiailiuiis fur   the   pm- \ „,,,, :,,|, ,j „,,,._ , S
,   i'iicl1 it limy desire, and further   oh-  posed   service,      The    colonists    of  lto**oby caneellefj.
'.oi, le-i-eriivi-lv, arc
AUK NT    FOI! —-
Muitii'.l Life In.-iD'iii!,',' Company of ^rcw V'oi'k,
('iiiiiilii;!!! I'ii-snliiiy -Boiler Insurance Co.
Loudon iVIutuid Fin' In-surnnee Company,
(iii;i\v;i Fire [jisurancc Company,
i   ninn otlicial protnotiun   mid   iwsis   (ireulor Dritiiiu it may he suid,  with-
t'.iuee in i- l' any interference wilh '""' dispaliiguiuenl to Ihem or to   the
.   . ,,     Uervicp, dn not Like kindly to   "snltl-
l  'ii uu'.ii -'• ot uclion, n i.   i.i ■•-, i ■il,1--
Crown   lun'ls  uitu.iieil   u-ithin  tho
utieii einbruced by ih"   said   i'oserva»
i-i i;^ T N'i'.M'i-;,
Mitt, lv <
" 7 "?.    ". 7;'1' 'U'u.lll.. «"    '''I,,    y , «to»*illl pento  b„1,  ,e„l,*„„,,,.      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
•""""I-'1   "'I   '••.»'   """,l1"1  '""":.„,,, „.',i,,.!),,,,,!,!',,,;,. it*, i,  ,lis,,   nre liw«s and other deposition, under the     /ft *\\\
will eondemn their action   in   nlit-n,!- •,..,.i, ,.,,.„),. ,,,     v-,>Hiiiteot*  for  service! jumvisioiiH of tho "Und   Act,"   thn
I   .« nud cutting oil' i'ron1, their proper  when war ihreutens   the  inutliorlaiid j „10„tliH affur the dn f the first pul
till" llllllkel,  lln.-i- I.,I'll to Vl'iolii    n    III' I.l
v iif its interests     Thev are   id-!
Is chiollv due thut such   market   now so roudy to givu   a   fair   |
in.,n   ..!
li. nl inn of ll.is nol ice ill    1 he    llriiisl
11'ol,iiiil,iii Gazette; provided, however
sl,     ft
-i-i..    li is lho while men who
. ied into ihe   primarily   untrodden
their time tn training   in   the   inilitial ''  /ft
Inudtorillesl ting, ho thot if   MUed  t'"*t in all eiisen w),ei-i land-   aro   so A
|ii|  in tlm hour of   emorgenii, they »o!d, pre-empted, leased or   otherwise -fj\
lleys,   established   higliwayi     a»d L,,^. |)P f„umi ready m givo   nn   iu-  alienated by the Governniuiit and aro m
I i si in-— coiiueeiiniis   v.iili..i..i   which liellignntand etllcieiit, as   well   ns   a |subse,iuently found, upon tbo   survey wS
1,   „   eoiici-rn   ii-   the    Ivooieimy  williuii, servieii for   llu-   ling,      l3llt Lf lhe Columbia add   Western    llail-
• iinglu  Coiupuiiy   Coiiltl    nol    ,
Tlu're are in this di--! i iet   ninny    men
i     . ha.-i  established    homes   as    lhe \
,,,    |;i],    ,,,ihl     lhe iidnptiiili of llie priifeasiun ot uniis
I i * iinnlliei   in-i! Ier.
'I ,„. fuel lluil  the co nings    provii
way C ii in vs. blocks, then lho   per
ns acquiring such   lands   -shall   at- -rt^
,1 fur in lhe prcm-nl    eiilistnienl    iiro!<|uiru their   title   thereto   from   the jfft
uit of many years of faithful iiidus-1 ,.„,!„,,. )iws t|mll   ,|„,   rmpvi-iiil   iingi* liuilway Cuinpany  who  have  agreed /JS
try, „i-wlin.h.tve invested their who'e   imui duly here receive,   mul   ie-  ,,, ,|,..,] w;,|,   Sm.|,   pm-oliasors,    pro. '"
i   source-, ill Oliterpi
iiei in i-"- ileneii. I.ni up-  llinii the earnings   of   civilian    -i-ini-
ii the iiali'onage   nf   a    iv hitti   eoni
miiity, such as llrii    of   i lie   Kiilnii
Isuilli-.l labour, inilitute   ngiiinsl   en
j lislnc-ni-,.      Tin-     yniing   men    win
emptor*-., lessees, etc,   ou   the   sum
i terms and conditions as the   Goy
iin-iii wonl.i iiiuler llie    iii-iivi-iuiis   i
'                                                    would he soldiers under prnsenl    con-  ,l10111 woulu ' -
"1""t'"    These nre lhe   men   who l,iU()|H „.,,,, s vvllll)   i*0|ull.   the "Und Act," except in respeut    lo     *
tvo mid.! the country hubituble, and I tiM-i-inu: in dunger's   hour,   make   ilu-  timber   Imnls   on     the     Company's
il.e men who ure   justly   entitled   to dependable he s of wl i   ihe    Do-1 blouk», which shall be-subject to   the
ihe work and  i-.iges niiorded   I.;,    lhe  Minimi w so g-merally and so properly 1 regulnti.itifi iawed   by   the   Company
11keting, and preparing for market, 11"'1^'1 i    | ,.,.|,uive to the cutting of   limber   on
I the Columbia and  Western    llailway
l.-nel Grain
■l'l1"'   country,    as   re| e I Ifeis for llmolllcers'        So   much        |)*,pUiy   Coinmisiiioiier   of    1. ml -
liy the portion of lhe wage eurner,    is of tl nlistmnnl period  has   already
tbo product of lhe  count i v   which
ey huve opened up   by    ile li    owli
li is stated ns i  simple   fact,  elu
j tor the ranks under thu   present   on-
rpnse and industry.     If the   pro-  |jsl„K.nt sl-heme  there ire a do/.»n nf
be iilieiiiit -.I from i1--   i ightfiil   in- ] I
iior, und tn '.:.- harvi-ste 1    i.-.    lh
i—-I without tl iii..1 in- ni  of   any
!,v  VV,
mils     litnl     WolXs      |,e
, , ,   pari iii,
| I   ipi   ■  ■  ] llipol-tllll!    Ill     till!    I' < 11111- ■■ 1  ! '
■ . .,...;, „f i i,,,i,.,,. ,"   may   ho   re-      Victoria, H, C, J 3rd, l'-l..,  190.1
ieiilal « ho I-1   ic   t'ln-ther  inn re ; -
I -j n  li ,|   i- .i  I.e.  i one 11  : .'l     ,'. i1
,n 'I"' country than Id     daily   wage, ',1,,.   (jiitm-H,,,,.** u   |' in   will    bc]
.     oil  i- fo   ;    ii, I       .   lil    pi ■ hi ■■-,. | ub.iiidu ied     il !•■ i ' in   -. fn- ii-    llu
 --I  i   mulch, nn i  '.' lh    ■    I'a.'i "I      -'"' '     1"'1   	
,-f his brow   ;     ■;- --* licld,. .f   in-    ;; '      "'" ' IM"'""'"' •'"■   I'M"1
il iiulhoi ities i-v   u hiclt    ; In,   lain
Bat. .. nitutaacsA
. : i .  in   I . ■    '..r.n    ho|  •    lh ll    lh • |
a nl riiiiliiiuc lo in in    ihe   I'm i -    mul
Mw'K»li»n l-mrn-ite inn) no! find  I"'",,,,,,,,,,,., (il ,i,;. ,„„. i„,,, ,„ |   	
■ 'I', und iiKi.iu fasten upon him    The ! ,.  ,i ,.   „.,,„,,,|   ,,m|   , -],, • .,,   ,|.
Mongolian in thi* country,    whatever jfciipe   piiigi'iiniuiu   thut     has     been i
|,   may be in   Ins   own   nativu  Imnl,   ueadily   und   consislently  developed j
lit.-*, the position of a   parusiie   upon '''"''"*< lt",""t .VP'"	
llui white liibouier, feeding   nud   ex« Nlitico
,.. ii] on ih'  plot f   his   ori-ji* j
■un iitboui and con u.niii  ihu -n- ', Tin' Liifliv lloj Mining anil
,. ,  i   111* 11 I li.vi'loi'iiiiMi   <'"..   Ltd,
nn e, vihe li slliiuhl be I,IS,
| i  lhe Juplltl!    "     lllld     '.'hill'-   '     III-
linui'cis ;i •• allow, i iii   gain   n   f oi
The legular uliiiilul nieel iny; ..('   the
sloekhnldel-s uf lhe nbove iiaiue'l com
hold in tin? niitin   induHlries   of   llie piny, will In, held nl   lhe   (-.'oinpun*.''
,n. .,t|,, , j,, I ll'u.-i'i al I'h'ie 11 C, on ll," --•"!
day i I May I'.ui.'i, ul llu* Inun of T
p  ul.
Im.oI. -, IV, pin  i icull)  "
iltistiy   depel  i- lit    "| pn   those in  tl
i I i-nii -   nitisi   stiller.     Thu .'a|
lite Itot   l'l'.   lllillV tn do lll.lcll ll.'.J   ;  ,,i,m	
 .mi, ti,,* loc.ti ,..,,.,. imiif , „, |i»isriii« r y. \<aukii vvani-bd
■    I,   M -,. i  . Pn -ineiii
li . iinpolizu lhe ! i, ..ui   mill kel,    i here
v. ill i.i- i lis : i '• loiiicis   for   : hem1
. :, fi i     Consequently the wholesal, ,-
will -iiU'.-i.   The evil is far   leaching
l'i-1 in im .: pi  ii inn; rapid nilvnnce
 ni     tli      .ii   u! ; nn  ■ :   Pull   in-
.11 in ii. ••   in c .      i-h-i: ge    clean   dn*
sirahln Iiu*in
l'l,,-.I. I.   S'ichol.H Co.,   : • '    ', . ■ UU)
(Metilimi !his impel , ■
Not evciy kind of linp;
seems in keeping on a j
man's hand. Our Signcl
Rir.RS however are al
once handsome and characteristically masculine.
Our ri-pii,iiit«>n..f fidy years
ii.atirri mil-- '.u linn In .'. nl-
lltK I,,*,-. M,, I „„.l, r . .il.i-
I -jumiillic -...-ii un i--.i-i-.-ki.
A speriul Gold Signet
Ring set wilh Bloodstone
in No 1770'') at $7.00,
BYK1E liliOS.
i v «*v -«»• >»• -s-fc* v •as, ■«-»• *»».•>.■ -C >.-^.-■**•*»»• s»T -Hr-aT--* •aT-'-l.-'-r **■*»**


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