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The Ymir Herald 1905-12-21

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 Vou •_—^Q. 30.
i>.*., ■-*?.  -tflL **■*.,,,_        j_        flis
&   ... fsj__    irfp
YMIK, J.. .'..lSA|&BX)i
■a-4 *i .-■_■* . * 4-4 4-4 _+* *#*_ -
Geo. Coleman, of the Waldorf, visited Nelson, on Tuesday evening.
' Mrs. Springer and her son Iloward
left on Monday for Spokane,
Etev. W\ G. Homs will leave on Mon-
,Jay morning to spend a few days with
|iis family at Grand Forks.
In this season of "Peace on  earth r—
Good Will to men'', dqr|t forget tl|e ed
Pri"ter* Smith   Curtis     is   operating   the
Dr. Henderson left on Sunday for ^•*K«,y Man Group at   Slocan June
Moyie where he will relieve Pr. Har- tion'   ,v,,ere  t,le ol'c shoot   is   threo
vey for a few weeks. *Jc't!t wi<io* Wnwig   values of |{10 to
The Yinir public school closed   yes       Annabla ..   .   .    .     » •
terday  for two weeks' holidays.    A   Moose Jaw -       -    l.n,;
number of the parents and friends ut'   frail Creek t ■,' . -. • • ■ ;■ ■
tl.e   children   wpro precept   at   tho   Violin lalfe h'-.u-   -'.
closing oxei'ftjjse."cud expressed them   purposo of putting i.i a-juvii|ill.
selves as well pleased with   the   pro-
gloss made during tlie past term. W. B.   Mc.saac,  mveu.ry  uf  th.
r Yinir Miners'   Union,   returned   on
At the meeting of the licence Monday evening from a trip to the
poipniis. iiniers for H|he Ymir license mltm ;n the yi_inity qf .Salmo and
.(strict held in Nelson last week all J",.,-,*., j*e reports everything work-
tho applications for liquor license.*., as j,,*-. _.\or,s smoothly at &!! the mines
published in tho Herald Were grant- visitud.
wland Disaster.
'■•M-ion ofGeligrjite,   Kill.-^
•' S Ingrain ai|d Jn- '
jurea  Scores.
At two o'clock on Saturday  afler-
noonab^t a tor, of gelignite in   tho
Five Cents, f A
School Report.
Result of Pi^^n Kxaini)1
».u»n in the Ymir pB|>
He School.
thawirfg-house   of   the   Coritn
W B. Mclsaae, is visiting tho Ymir
aud Wilcox mines on his regular
monthly trip.
Alderman J. J. Jlalof.e has announced his candidature for the mayoralty
of Nelson in opposition to W G. Gil
The buffet cj.i- on the ."Spokane Palls
mid Northern railway caught (\:o on
Wednesday botweon Northport and
Marble,    The tiro orginated from   the
      r   rV" "' cooking range and was   not   exting-
| fi   a ton. uinhed until considerable damage had
The B.C.   Mining   Exchange  re   heen done to the ear
printed i/i its Peceiiiher issue, the ar
tide     from    the     Ilcr*fd      headed
"Future of the Ymir Camp,"  t|il|s
givipg it publicity lo a   greater   ex
tent where it will he a benefit to the
Sunday Observance.
J*    Q    Kialin    ,„ muf-ieturer     of
f-he     famous    Kjootenay     Standard
4* Tnt Thursday'..{ Ymir ,,J. I ^^ ™ ZfZu   £
-«g business among local cigar dealers,   highest price attained 3^^
The price of sili-er continues (o ad
■jolive.y.qt the  Ymir
ipen on Christmas
The gimeral
post office will 1.
day from 9.30 to 11 30.
John 0 Dewar is spending a few
Jays iu Ye,.-, fjo has been in Phoenix for   i" p.ist few months.
.-■ Waldorf for To.q anil
V die, ami the beer that
auk. e famous!
Mr. .
the ...
oven. . •
friend   i
C  i   ,
fort.ii .
_, I
nra!  I  .
we ''<
peai . .
« .,
ti   bas  received a large
finest   poultry  for tho
Mrs  \u_.-,st il-chle** from
..., mill left on L'fiursd.iy
,-.. i
.'selson.     ^^^^^^^^^—
' .li ,wh6 formerly i-.nided at
• . lied in tfavudi a few day
i id amassed a considerable
.lining .
'.' .... - is .,• ii is die i a n-it-
i.'.ii >Un -'-..ii in   its last
"positively    last   ap*-
ent rise and the highest point reached
in ten yens. Lead has also risen to
§5.00 per hundredweight.
The best Christinas present you cm.
send to your friends in the east, is the
Ymir Herald for the year 1906, Ii
will -be the same as a letter to them
fifty- two times a vein-. If you feu v.
tivodollars at the cilice, we will do tin
1 . 11.oir- saw ...iil
'etiiug after a vorj
I Im planers  «ill
up I
The Miners' Magazine, published
Denver, Colorado, had   an extejlei
cut of the Ymir Hospital, in  its iss i
of Dec. 15th.    The cut   is 81   inch.
. , ..,   | by 0 inches and  shows  the buildiii-.
tew   days   with ,      ,
'to good   advantage.    It   was   ..i, .
from  a   photograph   taken   Hy    I -
Elliott-.    ,
The highest upraise known  iii   ,,
history of iiiiuing bus jttst been   .'..mi
pleted   by the   Alaska   Persevere,,--.
Mining Company, near Juneau;    I'..>■
raise is from the Alexander tunnel ...
tlio surface a distance of 920 feet.
The annual Christmas tree enter
taimuent for the children of the iown
will be held tonight in the i're*ibyier-
ian church. The children ..roiiM**-** an
intere-ttin;, programme of songs dia
logues, recitations, etc. and invite all
their     grown up friend** til  b«  pies
Tiie following letter •rrittnn by
Hev i{, 8. Alcohurst, formerly of
Nelson, to the Karnloops .Standard, on
lie above subject, has been received
by the Herald with » request for publicum..;
Dear Sir,—There has boon sent to j
ui" forms of petitions to   the   senate
a..d   ri, ni...   of commons   of   Canada,
seeking the enactment of   legislation
on Sunday observance. May I bc permitted   space in vour paper  in which
i   ■   i.riii.i »hy I am   unable to sign
th   e or   to   canvas  fur   signatures.
The petitions must be  taken in conic.-: ion with tha enacting  clauses   of
•hi* iaw which   the Dominion    Lord's
Day ..lli-inoo is strenuously advocat
—     -<tar
mine at R.issland,   exploded   through
so.no unknown cause, killing,,. S.  In-
**ram, formerly   chief   of polico,   and
injuring several score of    people.    Jn-
gram was in charge   of   the   powder,
and lii/i death removed the only   possible Soiiicu of information as to    tho
cause of   the explosion.    His   body
was removed from  tho debris,   badly
mangled .1,-ockhai.t, assistant diamond
drill operator, who was at  work   under the Centre Stat- oflioes, was badly
rut about the head and legs,    but v/ill
recover.    Sjevern] member of tho   office st.-ift' and men in  tho   compressor
I building were hurt by I'ying glass   or
I by beins; thrown violently against the
machinery.    Buildings in the immediate vicinity wero twisted oijt of shape
and the   window*-!   all broken.    The
big War   Eagle   boarding    house   is i
Tho following is tho result pf tin
written examination for promotion
held last week in the Ymir publi.
school. The senior fourth class corresponds to tbo high school e.itraiic.
class in graded schools.
Si**, io .i Fourth Class.
Number of marks obtainable,
Vera MeLeod
David Keefe
Alfred Clark
Jij.iioh Fourth Class.
Number of mark-; obtainable, ,I"tH>
Number required to pass 000.
Edward Q'Neill •    '' K
Third Class
Number of marks obtainable,  11 OH
Number required to pass, 550.
Cassy Stewart
Alox. MeLeod
Florence Peters
Iya Shrum
Chester Patterson
mm^__m_____________.^.-     ..,„,„ Skcqnd Class.      ^^
badly damaged, so.,)o of"   Tlie   inm'atr's I v ^T^ °' mark>' °°^"Me, 900
■   ' "™»w« NumlW required to pass, 450.
These petitions, besides making
legal tbe Sunday indulgeme iu many
inocent   recreations,    will   deprive
i to Ric, Lumber Company
on Wed-
iinish   up
--.— *
many .voikihg people of the only op-
porttimt) they now enjoy of spending
i. t.irno.iii.
i     f-iywurd, who has beon   laid
th» past   c-o.i(ile of  months  in
•ini'... hospital, with  an attack
• of tfphoi i fi .-).■ is siiil wry low  and
his cpnd ■ io-. is consitlered serious.
Father AlthofJ, of Nelson, will arrive in Vmi.- ..ii Tuesday, Dec. 20,
nn-i will hold services in the Catholic
church •51. tho followiin* day at 9 a. in.
Mhia Olive MeLeod and Miss Bessie | vacation trip
Clark, who have   been attending  the
N'-ls-i;. High i-cliool, will arrive home
ta-dii), for the holidays.
A B Buckwortb returned on Sunday morning from  a week's   visit   to
\ aticou-rer.    He reports business live
lv in the terminal city and the weather delightful.
The poople of Northport are elated
over the prospect of the resumption of
operations at the Le Hoi smelter as a
result of A. J. McMillan, beiug
elected managing director.
The Herald staff acknowledges: with
(hanks the gift, of a box of • ,-irguer-
ito cigars from the MeLeod hole!, if
the cigars are a sample of the goods
kept in that hotel, the public may bc
sure of getting everything of the best.
The funeral services of tho late
John S. Ingram of llossland were
held ou Wednesday under Masonic
Abepices. The remains were shippeed
to his old home in rit. Thomas Out.
for interment.
•1 !"**   hours in tho healthful open ai.
of the country, and so escaping for a
brief •;•<•!! ilipsoul deadening surround
ingc of their daily Iffe    This act  will
ooi prevent the riofl frori) Using   their
0.W11 carriages, boats  iitv'   oilier   con-
, -\ ..lee-, 01      from employing     their
■ 'nn i'si.i.«. limits on the  Lord's day,
11.   ... |,.iii   wlio. e.innot offord  such
Li.isj.issi ins, and,have few if any    op-
[piiiu 1.tin*, oilier r-li in .Sunday of   using public   conveyance for  pleasure
will be debarred  r'.M.n   doing  -<o   on
that day.    Must   wo oouclude   that
litre 1 service is for the rich a necessity
but for the no-..'- ■•• d isecration of   tlio
Walter Burke a former resident  of ^^^^^^^^^^
Ymir who went to Siam a l'»w jears .Sabbath? Is it just to refuse a public
ago spent Wednesday 111 town renew, concession of those kinds of recrea-
ing acquaintances and looking after tioir'to tlle poor which the rich have
his Ymir property.       lr. Burke il   at  lung taken   without hesitation? Above
being injured slightly
In the city the shock: of tho explbs-
ioli caused   UlUc!)   voiisternation,   arid
a large amount   of   dam age.    Nearly
all the plate glass windows   on   Columbia avenue   were  smashed,   inatiy
people receiving cuts from   tbo  frag*
merits.     Merchants    hud   Christmas
goods displayed, much destruction   bo
ing  wrought among   these.    The  a
mount of glass destroyed is   enormous
and heavy   importations   for   repairs
will be nucosaary    'I'he  citizens   feel
thankful,   nevertheless,   that lho   loss
of life and propi.; ..y w:.» no greater.
The Centre Star, War Eaglo and
Le Hoi injurs were shut down for a
few days, because of tho injury to the
steam and air pipes and compressor
machine.)-, and the practical **iock of
the buildings containing them. The
damage cinn.it be exactly appraised,
Imi it i.s thought it will reach probably 150,000.
The list of injured is w follows:
Ki M. .Brown I ia-liy out, about head;
Mrs I.: M. Furcell, badly cut; Mrs.
O<orgo Cain, cut about the face; J'is.
Leiuy Donohue, badly cuL and bruised about face and neck; William
Lockhart. nose severed; William Tom*
'inson, face badly cut. .Many more
were slightly injured by falling glass j
Hattie Patterson
Hugh O'Neill
Carl Ross
Earl Peters
First Class
Number of marks obtainable,
Number required to to pass. 300
I low aid .Springer
Marie Shtuin
"Si-r.'vii Pbi.mkb    ^^_
Number of marks obtainable,   50u
Number required to pans, "50.
Hugh AJcI/ioiJ
Greta Patterson
.Muriel .M..Isaac
David Peters
Minnie O'Neill
' First Pkimkii
Total number      obtainable,
Number required to pass,  150.
Hugh Ross
Piuuahv Classics,
Number of marks obtainable,   30u
George Benzie 100
Number of marks obtainable, S00.
K.iterance O'Neill '100
Arthur Philben
■I -in Clark
I eachor.
The Clg-/
present in charge of a mining   proper
ty in Siam and is on an eight mouths
One of the most original window
displays in town is that of U.S. f
Ross, hardware merchant. In the
window is a tvpical logging camp scene
with all the equipments uud tools required. The d-splay cost considerable time aud trouble, but it is quite
an attraction for people passing along
Front street,
In arranging your programme   for
ull is it wiso to multiply restrictions
and requirements beyond what i.s essential, when we know that men so hemmed in bred; the barriers, and iu   Jo -
log so with a sense of guilt become
hard ned and prepared to transgress
commandments of divine and eternal
obligation Let us in all lawful and
expedient ways try to ensure to every
man his weekly dap of rest, though
that may not in all cases coincide
with the Sunday. By all means law
ful let us try to lead men to a right
observance of that day. But hs Chri>t
- -   - -   —-1—— ~ ~. v..,.„ _,,j. ,,_, h.s unrnt
Christmas don t forgot the entertain- iai.. Wo have no right logo furth.,
mentintho ..iner- Union Hall in than St. Paul did when-one manes
aid of the Ymir General Hospital.    A | teemed one day above another" » hie
first class programme has been arrant
ed and an enjoyable evening is assbr-
ed.  The curtain will bo raised at rt.,'10
for the first act of thu cornedy-drama
" A   LoyAI   Friend"   by   tlio Ymir
Dramatic Club.   The   intervals   lie-
tween acts will be filled in with song.*-
rausic, etc.    Tickets for entertainment
supper and dance are 75centH.   Everybody is invited to come and   i/iijoy   a
pleasant evening and assist a   Worthy
.    ution,
"another esteemed every   (\n,y alike
the apostle1 only said '-Let every mar.
be fully persuaded in his own  minri.'
-Much of the work of  tho   L. D. A
is commendable, but   their  proponed
law in its ptesent form seems nolthei
iidvis-ible nor just, and  to sii;ri  tlieii
petitions, though verygenerai in form
would signify approval of n.e :,!*•
Thanking you  for   your   courtesy,
Yours Truly,
H _ AktfhUrst,!
Lady Maccabees Officers.
At the last regular meeting of Ymir
Hive of the Ladies of the Muccabees,
the following ollicers wero elected for
r.be ensuing vear:
Mrs   kneelaud, Past Lady Com.
Mrs. J. MeLeod, Imdy Commander.
Mrs. .Mclsaae,   Lieu.   Commander
Mrs.  Buck.voith,   Kccord Keeper
Mrs.   Orchard,   Finance Keeper
Mrs. Miller, Chaplain
Mils Ktta MeLeod viistrcss at Arras
Miss Jessie McLcnd Sergeant
Mrs  Clark, .Sentinel
Miss Clark, Tyler
Miss Carson, Cupiain of Cuaids.
»    f.irn
.. ms Im
1   •   V.
Iml nl.
1- ■■
Hotel Arrivals
r- opnt-i*-'
.11.  g'.e."
1 ling . I
.e  boy-
of cigar-
ih. Unite!
..'ly  said
**^H .      .    Amer-
r s wor-i.i
iban lirjuor,   Ho adds that do   cigar
I-.       1 1   top of the
... ,-     '. . -.     .   ■' ■   uu   'a--  above,
i'       ■   •■ . 1    .    I,   bnj - of a nation
-. 1 • I.  ol ilm .'gislatot-
ih 1   1   -•   protaotn) fro..
If    I*    ■'. ,'-'.:   h.il.|ts such BI
..sol in.».   winch may ba in-
'il 1
,1   1
I" HV>
"ilgml in t,y dmu ,,f m„iurc years.
Fire Brigade Signals.
Cosmopolitan    HotU:—
L R .I.H -art, Eric.
. K K  I'ho. .Is,
J J I.  ■    Phuunix.
K .s swam ,1  I i-iiix,
K (i P*.rkir   Pi,, eiiix.
(! Uloki.. . Komi mul.
lJ (J Ji.   ' < 8ai don.
*1CLK011     U'JUi.L: —
'.   J   Bar-    , Krie,
A J An.1      .., Krie.
M   -Ulh'i   ,    I, Krie..
J 0 Be>i II I'hooulK.
Wanioa: HoTRi-r—
John Din y r,',- boo.
doll-.   I'll . .1
Fire chief Mclnnis hns prepared the
following signals for handling the tin1
alarm: Steady ringing means Are
Ono stroke (pause) two strokes (pause.
three strokes, means a call for help to
handle tho hose when drying and
reeling it up after use.
ciiui.cn NOTICE,
PllBSDYTHKlA***   Cll.ltHII—S _ n (l .,   ,.
School and   Bible   Class,   10   _. nl
Ev. _ing    hci vico, fl. fouiig Prs,'
pies' Society meats on j'riday  overt in
at 8 o'clock.    AU an, welcome ll -v
w. 0. itoss, r«to*, ***,"■.■'
.    i
rubllfibiS firry b'alurili.) and  iri.il, ,1    n  uu
l.|r-».s, or dntiverud I.t crri it hi   luwti.
•.MiUf-ripliii.-i ta.ui |*-r   ut-imm,  |»a-.-*l>> In s.l
A.-iv-*rli«n.s rain,. 11.110 p.-r no:..  i'-r n.,.iilli
Tint  llKitai.n cun l." bad   Iroru  nil Ivadinn
lewadeaU-r, lu lhe dlatrlcl, or Hoati >*'• obuilned
Iwol ir..... ih,- oillc.
I.'.iaiiii.-rcittl   prialmy  ot   i-vflry    description
'. ma on tbe prasiU-w**.! at-ir.. „r,i prions.
1-IT1....SIIK.I nv TIIK
'll.li.ll.ll   PDUIilSHIKO   COJU'ANY
iS AT CRD AY. DEC, 23 . 1900.
The now School^ Act' tho principal
provisions of which are published else-
whore 'n this issue, goes into effect,
with the new year. The changes iu
some particulars- affecting rural schools
are quite extensive and it may take
some time for school boards and ratepayers to become familiar with the
new act.
Naturally it is tho question of (Irian
ces for the support of the schools, that
will receive the greatest amount of attention from the ratepayers. Under
the old law tho government paid
the whole salary of the teacher and
granted f 100 for expenses of maintenance such as caretaker, fuel, water,
etc. Under the now act the ratepayers in the district have to raise a
part of the money required, by direct
taxation. As will be seen the government gives a per capita grant of 8180
per annum to rural schools and an additional graut of ono dollar for every
one dollar raised, up to one hundred
dollars. Besides the additional salary
of the teacher, the school district is
required to raise tho amount necessary
for maintenance. At the prosent rate
of teacher's salary viz. sixty dollars
per month, which it would not be wise
or in the interests of the school to
decrease, there will bo required about
$870 for school purposes in Yniir
l'ext year, of which the government
pays $580 leaving a baianco of close
to §300 to be raised by direct
taxation. The exact amount to be
rained bv the district must bo docid
tpd at the annua! school meeting, The
.vhole of this amount will not be
paid by the residents of tbo district.
Non-residents ot tho district owning
real property therein nre liable to taxation as also aro corporations and
lorupauies. The trustees have simply
to send to the Assessor and Collector
for the assessment district, a list of
all persons, resident and i.on-resi.lei.l
who own roal estate in the district
and of all residents liable to bo assessed for personal property or income to
Set'uer with a statement of the amount
determined upon at thO annual school
meeting a« required to lie raised
The assessment is then made and the
rates collected under the provisions of
the "A-so-wnrent Act 100-".." The
rates are payable immeli.itely after
the completion of the. assessment roll
Tho sums so collected are remitted to
the treasurer erf the council »f Publi.
instruction, who pays over halfyoarl*.
to tbo board of school trustees) the
-miounts collected from such  district
Whether, the now regulations will
be moro sali.sf.lc*mv than ttlC old,
remains to be seen. It is oe'rtainlj- a
departuii from the principle of entire
stale control of ed_fe-{t-_h and pliic*.
mom rcsponssblity on the school trus-
that they are already taxed quite enough will be inclined to grumble
when nn ndilitional number of mills ....
tl.e dollar are added to their tax. If
there is a corresponding reduction
ill tlie '.-ale lovied for other purposes,
there will be no real cause of complaint. It will, .it anv **ate have
tho effect of causinc tbe taxpayers to
lake more interest in the educational
affairs of the town. The school in
the past has done good work considering the difficulties under which both
teachers and trustees have labored nn.l
it is hoped that under tlie new act
its efficiency may bo greatly increased*
The Herald wishes its readers and
llie public in genera!, a very men}
Christmas and a happy and prosper
oils New Year.
Tiio Western Federation of Miners
is discussing a plan to raise a million
dollars to embark in the mining business on a co-operative basis, each
member contributing ten-dollars.
Tho latest returns from Saskatchewan indicate that the Scott govern
ment will have a majority of only
three or four in the new legislature.
Considering the number of controversial questions ivhich are sure to come
up in the organization of the now pro
vince, this can hardly be considered a safe working. nmjaiity. The
official cunt will be made on Saturday and this may upset tho claims
of either side, to some extent.
T-lis is a seis'i'i of gn 1 will ml a
timo when tlio brotherhood of man
is drawn closer than at dny other ti.n"
of the year Lit us then make i
stronger resolution than ever to work
for the prosperity of the district that
its future may be brighter than in tlie
past and by this unity of effort accomplished more during the comiu.
year than ever before.
Some days ago at a meeting of the
Ministerial Association in St Catharines, Out., the statement was mi.de
by ono clergyman and corroborated
by others, that Western Cahada was
without Bibles ami that in administering oaths, magistrates sometimes used
'Gulliver's Travels" The Toronto
Star adds piquancy to the unintcntion -
al joke by remarking: If tbo witness
kisses the I.iliputian side of the b»ok
bo only tells little ones, if ho happens
to strike the Brobdignrgiaii end of
the story, nothing short of whoppers
will satisfy him.
What has   become   of   the   Ymir
Citizens' Association?   Tlie association
vas re-organize 1 a few   months ago,
vith a stiff of  Officers,   sinco   whieh
une there lias been only ono or   two
meeting and these very slimly attended.
The business men and citizens generally should take  more   interest   i n
tho Jwelf trO of the town, if   it is going to   prosper.    Although   business
lias been rather quiet during tho   last
few months tlio  oiltlook for  the   dis
i rict is brighter than for   somo   titrte
oast and instead of folding olir   nVtnfi
ind waiUti;',  Micairtber like, for some-
thing to turn up, make a united effort
to io ost the   camp   and    hasten    the
good times \*.!:'ch many have waited fo
so long,    All 'lie Yn.ir district requir
■h is a little judiciou s   mlvcitising   of
its rich an i as yet practically undeveloped resource* ,t.) nuke it one  of   the
most,   prospurbth    mining   WmpB   itt
Solid Gold
Cuff Links
= $5.50=
Strength, quite as much
as tasteful design, is required of one's cuff links.
Those from Diamond Mall
possess both qualities.
In solid j;old, the prices
run from $4 to $60. One
ol the most noteworthy
pairs sells for $5*50.
These are of a dumb bell
pattern th.il permits the
engraving1 of monogram
—for which no extra
charge is made.
Diamond Hall's full
catalogue is gladly sent
on request.
134-138 YONOEST.
To come to Nelson for your Xmas Jewelry, as we are givin«
i>xceptional values this montli. Our sto vill bd open every
evening, and incase your train i? late, a postal from you will
prevent the store from being clo ' win* i yon arrive. If you
cannot visit us personally your in
ed; and will receive prompt and
will be sent on approbation to
goods are the best quality, and lo
J. O.   Pat
oro 1 will he appreoial
reft ' attention. Parcel
.) >  sible   persons.   Our
Manufacturing Jeweller, vVa
PHONE 293.     N
TheKini You Would Liki
iter and Optician.
.ON B- C*
JD &Co.
rENDERS    WANTED   l'Olt    THE
PUrtOHASE Or? V   I: *! . tv,
renders addressed to the uwlorsign-
...I, .it his "ili.ic in the Court Hun-! in
tho City n( Nelson, will he received up
.ill Ihe hour of live o'clock on tho after  I
noon of Monday,  December the 18th I
1905. for lhe purchase ol tho  • Rhoder ,
ick Uiui" --i nur.i! Claim, Lot  llu..
which was declared forfeited to the |
Crown a', the fax 8,1!.! held in the City
"f Kosslun.l, on ihe 7th day of Novum-
Uei, 190*. for 'leliu.iue.it, taxes  uptill
June 80th. 19.1*1, and costs'.
i he up.-et price upon the said miii-
-rn' olaim, which includes the ainouni
of 'leliii.|.ioiii taxes and costs al the
time of torf.-iture, together with inter
est upon thu same al tho rate of 6 pei
cm pe> annum, iaxos Which have sine-
accrued, and fee for Crown (iraut, is
♦ 111 76. « hich is the least aniouiiL thai
will lie accepted a.-., a tender.
ll.tud at Nelson. B V. this 7th day
ol November, 190a.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted "cheque", payable u,
ih. m-dcr of Die-Deputy Comuiissiono.
'o Lands and Works, at par in Victoria
to r the amount tendered.
(iovcriiuni.it A^e   nt,
Nelson. I5.C-
1 .ike notice that 1 shall hold a Court
of Revision   aid  Appeal  under    the ■
Vssessroeiit Act.   l'.tOlO' for the Nel*
son Assessment District,  on  Monday,"
I'.-.-euiher 18th, 190.'., at the hour ol
10.30 o'clock   in tl.e forenoon,   in  the
Government Agent's office, i» the Court
House in tho City of Nelson.
Judge, of the Court of  Revision and
Appeal,  Nelson Assessment District.
Di-cl, Ni.lsou,   B    U,, N ).'   -').i
1905 -
Clark's   Furniture   Store
Undertaker   and   Furniture    Dealer
Mail orders prompt'.y attended to
I'mcii Strkbt,        -        - Ymi
""ymir barber shop
Agent for ICootenay •"'team Laundry.
 1 In rear of Post oilice.	
U. S. T. Ross, Secretary
First-class Dining Room.
Best brands of Wins.
Liquors and Cigars.
F. Saunders, Prop.
•Ci-'.--..    I'he ravepayei'-i   *'u'   -'.insider I li litisl. Columbia
The Yniir Herald navitVg change,
hands, all accounts due on the Ik!
Not. 1905, should be paid to the un
de.eii-ned by whom all nut-itundir,'.
liabilities on thut data will bo pai-
All advertising and other :iccoum
contracted alter the 1st Nov. Are pay
able to J. N. McDonald who is aU
solelV responsible for all liabilities  in
! cun-ed aftel- that date
j Percy Qlea.er.
Ymir Citizens
I'i.ii.ay McLbCD, President
1'krcy Gt-KAZSR, Socretary.
A. 11. Buck worth, TreaR.
Second Ave
NE   SOV B. C.
Opposite Coin thouae  and   new   P->--t
otlice,    I! *i 25* meal   in   towi",
HOTEL. . .
:;' adquarters for Hining
arid Commercial Men
Must cornfoi-tible hotel ir*. the dis-
t-i'.-t..    Everything first-clam.
Atnet ican and European plan.
European .
..)  \.iwicaii plan.
wh.i •    labor    employe'1.
First class
1 -ar.
8 A
_   ,,1ILLER, Prop.
Headquarters for Mini'-ig Mvn
P.ar  su|
.phwl   with  best brand- ■'
wines, liquors and eigars. .
FiRsr Avh
nu>?.                  Yunrril-- Mrs Mason's Christmas.
(Continuediron) last week.)
Jack stared  at the speaker   thinking he must have misunderstood him,
Do 1 understand sir, that   I   run   not
to be allowed un occasional   drink   of
liquor? yes. Mason that is just   what
you are to undo rstaiid. And what, Sir
if 1 may usk, retorted  Jack, his   tine
flushing darkly, is   the   occasion   for
such mi unusual  demand?
Well,  Air, Mason,    to explain   our
position concisely, I will say that   wo
are ofton under contract to fill orders
within  a   certain   time   limit,    and
our   failuro   to   comply   may   result
in serious consequences.    We  cannot
always secure a man to fill your place
I'or the asking, and as a result certain
parts of our business   suffer   in   consequence.    Unfortunately,     you   are
among many who cannot   indulge  in
an occasional drink,   without  finally
becoming intoxicated -and   of   course
unfit for duty.    It is true   that   this
only happens occasionally   but   we do
not wish it to happen at all,   therefore
1 have decided to ask you to <|uit en-
tirely.    Will you comply   witli   tin's
condition or not.
Never, shouted Jack, springing to
his feet and trembling with rage. *
v/ill never allow any person ti tell me
how.often I shall or shall not take a
drink of liquor. The few days I have
laid off on that, accouu t wee deducted
from my pay check, and did nit coil'*-
. tern the company.
The face of the iron merchant never
lost its composure for a moment-. He
never got angry. It was'iit business
and accomplished nothing, lie had
.spent some time, for him, in an effort
to explain why it was necessary to
ask for the promise but to no purpose.
He would spend no more.
Very well, ho replied, composedly
reaching for thejcheclc book, and selecting a blank check, rapidly filling it
out, we will discuss the matter no
further. Here i.s our check for
your service for to day, but we will
dispense with it in the future. Jack
.glanced at tho crisp business looking
.pieco of paper and delibortely throwing it in the stove, strode through the
office and slamming the outer door be
hind him made for the saloon on the
, corner.
Tho whistle of the iron works ' had
. long since shrieked the signal thatjthe
days work was ended.
Little Mamie had sobbed herself
to sleep asuing for -'Papa". Mrs
Mason's annoyance at finding the supper growing cold changed tn anxiety
and then to alarm as the darkuess
deepened into the shades of night.
A knock at the door 9tartled her so
that in her overwrought nervous state
she could scarcely suppress a scream,
Has liy opening the door she saw two
men walking rapidly away. And
Jack—yes, it wan Jack, but so helplessly drunk he could scarcely stand.
Let us in mercy, drop the curtain
on the misery, shame and humilia tion
iu tl.e Mason family that  night.
At day light next ruoruing, sleep
finally in mercy came to the relief of
Mrs Mason. She slept long and heavily. Little snow birds leaped upon
the window ledge, twittering their
morning song, aud looking in vain for
their regular crumbs. A ray of morning sun found the face of mother and
ihild as they lay clasped iu each
other's arms.
Jack, said his ivife that, evening,
iftor Mamie hint been snugly tuokert in
bed. She arose softly from her sewing
as she spoke, and gently kneeling by
his chair, clasped one of his hands in
hers. L>e»r Jack, I have nevef yet ask
Dd a special favor of you. Will you
^rantmeone now? She bent an imploring look up into his face, a look
that might have been seen on trio face
_f an angel seeking the return of a lost
■pul to Hod. Ob Jack, Husband, I
nave a strange present ment, thut wc
nay not all be together much longer,
•for the love of God, Jack, grant ma
-.bis favor for once. It ia .'or Mamie's
•■ake. not mine. Why, Helen, he, re-
tnrned, touched and not a little   awed
For one  yeai
! I
1*. .
»     il
*   3
Just Arrived
Mew Line of Groceries comprising
T.» n,iw   subscribers and
copies ol the Poultrynian may
Id subscribers paying one year i.. advauu
seen at tl.e Herald office.
Course I will if I  can.    Jack.   I   waul
you io promise mc  to return   to  the
work-, nn.l agree io what they ussed of
you.    Jack half roso to his ,fect    hut,
his wife gently pulled him hack. .'ael;.
Mamie is .lying for the   want of food
nn.l medicine and—What?  interrupted
•lack, springing to his l.-.-t and staring
at her in wild alarm.    She had louche.!
llie vulnerable point in his   armor   at.
last.    Surely,  Helen, you don't   mean
thai?    Yes, Jack. I do, and tne doctor
implied as much, although he did  not
say so in words and she grows, weaker
daily.    Uli! Jnck1 Jack! How can yon j
hesitate, when our darling's   life is iu i
tl.e balance?    J would not tell vou  of
Iliis, while you were ,i;.i ihlc to   return
to work, knowing it would only worry
you. hut now when you eou do so  by
the sacriliceof a little pride, an.) knowing the circumstances wo   are in,  will.
Mantle dying -The poor wife could go
no further*.' The'tears she had   forced
back so Ion:*, guslied forth in   torrents
thai seemingly would never cease,   bul
tlie weapon she had used iu   her   light
with her husband's pride had Won.
I will do/as you ask, Helen, hul. by
God, I'll get even with him for this, if
it takes nie the rest of my   life.
Ile kept hud promise, hut arrangements had been made to lill his place,
aud at preseut there were no vacancies-
He began to realize his position, but,
like many others* laid the blame everywhere except where il belonged. Mrs.
Mason had ordered a small supply of
previsions on the strength of her assurances that her husband was return
ing lo work, but it would soon be gone.
Jack sought consolation by returning
to the saloons and brooding over
fancied wrongs. It was Christmas ev,*
but cold and cheerless was tlm hearth
of the Masons. Little Matriic had
grown so weak that she could not leave
her bed. Tlle sunken cheeks and wax
eu hands showed plainly to anyone bu.
a mother, who hoped against hope,
that the end could not be far off. Tin
Doctor luui left at three o'clock. 1
have dune everything that jiicdical skill
can do. were his parting words. Should
your la.ighier not awaken by six o'clock
you must send for mc, and i|cickly.
In the Meantime, you must be prepar
ed for lhe worst.
nim BUSI2.I.SS guide
Our   Line or Shoes and Rubbers
is still complete and these we are selling at
Greatly Reduced Prices
Wo can Clothe you from I load to Foot at J1 rices
Cannot be Equalled
Hotel For Sale.
One of the best hotels in the town
of A mir, centrally located, furnished
throughout, together with stock ol
liquors* cigars etc. doing a thriving
business. Proprietor wishes to retire.
Apply at Herald oilice.
Wholesale Healers ill  Liquor, liigafs
Agents for
The best on the market.
♦ MMMt .♦»>.♦»»».■*)*■ ..♦♦■»
Percy J. Glens-ei*.
Ill Tl.lIKK.
John 1'hilbert.
Dtt*r noons anu ui..NT*. FL'MXisiri.vns
D, linnipbel...
PesBrJsay Jobbing Co.
J. C Elliott, M. I).
irKNITL-l-r;    DBALKrl.
William (Nark.
I). Campbell.
Deslliisay Jobbing Co.
Cosmopolitan—fohn Urea...
MeLeod Houso—finlay MeLeod,
Miller House—8, Miller.
Palace—| ait „ Ruddy,
Vancouver—Owen Dover,
Waldorf—George Colmau,
Vmir—,/. VV. Mustorson.
U. S. T. Koss.
LAWKS    FI.'UNISIIIN.I    AN.l    llll.l.v _
Mrs. John MeLeod.
Mi us H.M French.
Percy J. Gleaner.
Herald Publishing Co.
I)   Campbell.
Joseph Leahy-
Miles   Mclnnis.
Wm. Clark.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Y Mill LODGE No.31 A. _?. .t A,
M     Meets first    Friday   In   eacli
month. Visiting brothers welcomed.
Jon* McVicau, \V. M.
Pbiii'v J. Oi.tiA/.i-hi, Secretary
YMTR LODGE No. 32 K, nf P.
Meets first and third Monday In
each month. Visiting blotl.ei
CiUrtLBs AnciifiMLO, C. 0.
John O 1'Ewaii, K. H. _ S
U. S. T. ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Ymir,     B.     C,
Shelf and Builders Hardware.
Paints and'Oils,'' Stoves,! Coal,
m • 'A
Steel, Powder, Fuse and Caps,
Granite and Tinware, Steam
Plumbing,   Tin*
General    liepitii
[tili.e[foi Healing Mi.w*.
Mining Agent      •*■      Stocks and Share*
.Mutual Life Insurance Company of Now York.
Canadian Cas-uilaty—Boiler Insurance Co.
London Mutual Firo Insurance Company.
Ottawa Km. Insurance Company.
MACCABEES.        Meets     second
and fourth Tuesday-ill each month.
I. McLkod, L. C.
L.  ISl'CKWOKTII, It    rt.
in Union Hall evefy Wednesday
evening at fcl o'clock. Visiting
Ilrothern cordially invited.
Anb«bw Mourns*). PrCs.
W. Bi McIsaa.;. Sec.
YMIR, B. ('
ii Hotel Ymir
flu; Host Meals
Awl Acoomf-odatidrt
In Town .-
••"j ber strange words and manner,
A fine selection of Wirte.*?,
LkjuoTs and Cigar*
J W. MASTERSC-*-.,   - Prop.
Go To	
For Laclids! Furtiishlntfa
Millinery and .Staple Goods
Satisfaction guaranteed ill
every line. The only store
cafryirtg a foil stock of everything required fur ladies wear-
Next door to DesBrisay
Jobbing Cos store.
Newly furnished throughout.    -Sample roorrls ih connection
Kates $1.00 to $_.M) per day.
FINLAY   McLEOD, Proprietor
tuHstm ttoPAitiiiia
&h<ep ia old pmotSce.
4 44*4*4*++++++**++++++++{>
Delivered any
place in town.
Stove Lengths
Vry -.1.35. Green 81.00.
Per C_art Load.
No* is the time to put in
a good supply.
Porto llico
Lumber Co. Ltd*
14+4+444444 *+\ 444 4*444**
Kooteiiay Standard^
Janet and  (Jannelitu.
These are the
-•■ t a n (lard
brands of do-
rtiestic  L-igiu-s
and are known
throng U o u '■
lhe West
J. (%
* * ■  b^ New School Regulations.
i   '
Principal   provisions  of the
New School  Act,
Tlie people of the districts tliern-
•elves will delcrniitie tlle salary to be
paid the teachers, and the sum or -.urns
required for conduct of ihe schools.
The salary provided by the govern*.
menl will bu §10 per iii.inth, and
tliis sum will hi supplemented by a
grant of Sl for every dollar by which
Hie original amount is increased by the
district. I'or example, say that the
average salary in sucli district is $50
per month; in order to maintain this
basis tl.o government contributes $10,
plus -*?o, or half the ten-dollar in-
crease, and the district peed only raiso
$5, a month for salary. The govern
merit will make such .supplementary
gl'ant up to any sum not exceeding
MOO a year in each district. School-
houses will also bo erected by the
government in rural school, districts
which aie not yet provided with
schoolhouses, aud in any district
which may hereafter be organized
It shall be the duty of each 00 1 lector
of taxes to collect the tates to lie raised
in such rursl school districts in the
same manner, as may he, as oilier rates
and taxes arc collected under the assessment act,
The School District shall have powro r
to elect three trustees and an Auditor
and to determine upon nil questions of
lpeal or district support of schools in
conformity witl. this Act, I.nt. no person
shall ael as Auditor of any accounts of
tbo year in which he may have been ft
A person shall Dot bc entitled to jote
at any school meeting on any question
Whatever   unless  he shall   he a   ratepayer, either a resident   In the district,
or a non-resident; therein  owning property in Hie Distnct. or the wife  of   ;.
resident   or     non resilient    ratepayer
n..d unless lie  shall   have  paid all District School  rates  imposed upon   him
for the  preceding   year,  iu  case  any
shall  have   been   imposed.     Chinese
Japanese and Indians shall not vote.
The Trustees elected at the lirst an -
Ulllllschool    meeting   in any   district
shall respectively hold ofll'e as follows:
The   person   receiving   thn   largest
number of    v'ot.8   shall   oontlnll i    In
cilice until   lhe next    en?uiiig   annual
school meeting after bis oleotion, and
Tor two   years   thereafter,   reckoning
I herefrom, and from that time   onward
Until his suooessor shall have hoau   elected:
The person receiving tl.e nexl. largest number ..f votes shall continue
Until-the next annul sohuol meeting
Und for one year I hereafter.
The pel so., receiving the next   lar-
gest number of votes shall continue   In
lilllOR Ulllll   the tiext   ensuing   annual
school meeting in such district,
Trustees holding officii
Provincial News.
The provincial government is calling for tenders for the building qf a
bridge across the Kettle river at C..r-
Typhoid fever is prevalent a.ouu d
Phoenix and the city medical officer
h.i. warned thu public to boil thoroughly both milk and water use,.
'or drinking,
It is expected that the Boundary
mines will pass the on.) million ions
mark   for output of ore for 1903.
Fifty five candidites received third
class teachers certificates at the clos'i
of the provincial Normal school last
Premier McBride is expected back tn
Victoria, from hisi eastern trip on
The !*>t. Eugene is putting on all
the men recently laid off and the
little town of Moyie is lively again.
Andrew Campbell, a Victoria 1!. C.
Scotchman, who was born in Duni-
femlitie, the same town as Andrew
Carnegie has received an annuity of
Sri'JOoO u year from the millionaire.
The railway commission has issued
orders permitting the Columbia and
yVesteru u. construct two short
branches in llossland to connect with
the Ited Mountain Company's line
liy way of Tl ird avenue.
A young man in Cranbrook who was
tailing on his best girl '.old her that
he was going to Kiss her beforehe left
the house. She commanded him to
leave at. once.
The Miners' Hotel at Morrisoy
Mines with all its furniture and contents was totally desti.iye.l by lire on
Sunday morning. The fine hotel was
b'iilt three years .....at. a cost, i.f
fl2,000, and the contents will Lriig
this sum up to ■*ir.,000.
The British Col umi iu Electric railway company paid another annual .Iiv
i.lcnd to iis employees last month.
According to the terms of the | rofit*
sharing system inaugurated by this
company three yens iigo, employees
were to receive one third of the annual dividend in excess of ll.e regular
■I per cent dividend,
Owing tO an outbreak of glanders
at J affray among the Kast Kootenay
Lumber Company's horses tl.e whole
stable was tested by Doctors IJell and
Warnnck and every horse responded
to the test and was destroyed, along
with two horses belonging tu P. De-
Rosier, one owned by Pearson and
Jowell, a...I one of Prank Glover's, in
all U horses.
Ii*$.\>i..*>v.(uenco of the disclosures
at the Coroner's inquest   in  V ictoria,
Go to Miss French's for
fine fancy and iashion
able    goods.      Every
thing new and  uj> to
Wholesale and Retail
mail orders receive prompt attentio.
An Atlas For $1.00.
Christinas is approaching once more. As usual we ave
prepared to supply your wants, to enable you to show your
good will towards your friends.
Here we carry the most exquisite and up-to-date, ever offered in Ymir, Fancy Goods, consisting of Ladies' and Gents-
dressing sets, Ladies' work boxes, Baskets, Gloves and Hand
kerchief sets, Xmas cards, Calenders, all the leading Poems,
Toys of all descriptions, Chocolates, Bon lions and one thou
sand other things too numerous to mention.
Here all is necessary for you is to call for what you waul
We carry a full stock of Fresh   and   Who it .some  Groceries,
Nuts, Grapes, Oranges. Bananas and all the delicacies that go
to make up a dinner, that will cause Joy aud Merriment, W o
The Great Northern Railway has
issued an Atlas of 5fl pages containing up-to-date maps of Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and .South
Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington
British Columbia, Oregon, Kansas,
MiSsOUri, Nebra-ka, Wyoming, Colorado, Alaska, Hawaii, Japan,
Philippine Islands, Chun, the United
States and of the World
tail;: Sail iSie^ hitation jcannot be surpassed by any, and equalled by   lew   in   Koo
relative to the states named above,   is   eiiay.
printed on tlio very   best   quality  of ;   _^t — ^_^  r.  r T I—■ T   T   T K T/~~
paper, shows the lines of   tbo   Great   Q £T J\T f ^ f^LJ M JN 1 O M 1 i V O
received a shipment of fancy Ties,   Gloves,
Northern Railway, and   is   In   every
way n commendable work. |       We    llii ve ill-
th.a^^ F6r a little money we can fit you
be sent to any address   upon    receips   (jilt 111 till, very latest Styles.
of 31.00     Address, V i  wi.itnev,      The only place in town where Johnston' s Clothing and
Passenger   Traffic   Manager,    Great **• *
Northern Railway, St  Paul, Minn        Bell S .SllOL'S are obtainable.
 j     Prices on all lines defy competition
« —i   n      o_ Fancy goods and Christmas presents _\s per cent off.
Spokane Falls &
'.cave Daily Train
9.4fi a.m Spokane
al   the   litre
this net comes into force shall continue . showing the   infant   son of   William
•in office iniri perform all the duties  of j Duncan to have died of opium poison*-
trustees nn.Ier tllis let until ll.eir  successors  are elected
Says Lumber  is too High.
ing as the result ..f the administration
Of a fractional part of the prescribed
dose of Chamberlain's colic, cholera
and diarrhoea remedy, the attorney
general's department hntt diruoted Dr,
When tho tarill commission sat at j PWl"> *>'"<'*>"'y »f the p-'"viticial
Hdmonton on December 1-2 testimony !lw,lr,iof l,"altl'* to investigate tho
was offered by J. Fletcher of Kllers-;conditions atucliin-jj to tl.o silo nf all
ley, who spoke against protection 'proprietory remedios conUinirlg pot-
_eing granted to llritish Columbia sons witl*,l v,ow '" *B Introduction
'umber'tru-h. He said t!v..t in his o- of legislation safeguarding the public
pinion the millmen of this province in their US-in l'ritish Columbia,
had sufficient protection and made a
good deal more   money out   of   their
limber licenses than a miller   in  Al-      N(jm. R|10#|i ,)(,(.a,ls(, ft  ,1(.wap(,pn,
herta ould from  his Hour ...ill. Wl,  t„  give every   scapof   news, s,
Mr. Fletcher said the farmers iii |ong as yo0 take no pains to niycthe
Alberta could niit afford to use lum- j _ilut i,lfol.nmlioll. \\u have seen
beratji'12a thousand feet when   they Leaders who   were   much put   out at
Northern Ry.   I
ti\ only all rail route between
points east, west and soUtll to Hoss-
laud. Nelson, < I rand Forks and He-
public. Mullet cars run between Spokane and Northport.
l.._._:__    BK£?    fSfi VMIR DRUG  AND CIGAR   STORE
11:30 a.m     Grand Forks      J ib p.m | " , . .
io.ooa.m.       Phoenix       B oop.m.     Jewelry, cut Gla&s,  roilet articles, at prices that &t_    Eignt
7.1.0 a.,.,       Republic       0.80 p.m Dq]^ Stfttioneiy> $_.     nir | 08t.ttuti_, oH mil Vicinity, 8.■•■
A.X_X,    THE    TIlvlB;    See our line of Ci
DY using Pipes, Tobacco Poi
GREAT a liox of our Xma
NORTHERN | Gentleman.
Seattle,    Tacotna      !     PPe»     a»l
I come niitl see oi
XriAS    GOODS t
At The
Dolls, .Stationery, Soi     nir I ost*cards, oi"\ mil Vicinity, Se
Our line of Post*-cai:di 6 lor _■'.(., S< c Our A .arm clocks $>J up
• sets, from e)3.5_ up also Scissoiv.
-.-■, * % r cases, cigar Holders etc. Try
it's, makes a sui-.  bli   present for n
St. Paul,   Chicago,  New  ■
York, and
b< colates !   Fresh
- s, Li'.-.. ■.
bnyii here,
. ELLIOI I & .1   rvIcINNE!
Were only  goUiiiK 23c a bushel for [ ^wa? b_odu_e wb made no note of tho
il.cir oats     Witness said the farmers
would welcome nnv relief in the  way
i>f cheaper linn her and fchlllglea, lie
'said they had been forced to livn in
!j)g houses lonj,' enough.
• ciiuttcir. sfoTlbte.
1'nKsiiYTr.iiiAN CnuBCH—H ii ii \\ a y
School nnd liililr* Class, 10 a. tn.
Kvenin**.   aetwici*,. S. foutit* Peo
ples' .Society meet.*, oh hri.lay eVenin
at 8 o'clock. All are welco tne. llev
W. G. Hos?, Pastor
arrival or depiitiire of a friend viitting
them, or a local affair, or the heavensent babies that visit their I.omen over
ni_ht. '1 he avet'Ogfe newnpapl'ir man
in not a mii.drea.ler, but «ets most of
I.i.s l.e'vsth.; same.way tho dairyman
gets his iiiiii.—by   pumpitlg,
'I'll.* lieer    that    inade  MihlaUki-e
faii.'i.is for «ale ut  tli.i Waldorf.
,The Ymir Herald  $a»oo>.
\V» at* fort-antic Itt
" b»ln» able lo givfc
"UiriMHln.. __. club-
iil-n __ m_ f.b,5 "O"*****!   Herald
HERALD   br_¥S%
ssez-wK -'
Munmarlace lorm i__Hfa.
I Iht  Farmer aa«  ...   ...
Hoaaewiie; Bimdayreadin.
Mraiale   Maikel    Report.
  Q*  complete atoi- aa.
««.   Jual Uie paper lo „
Best   Meals  on   Wheel. **»*"-*-*
Hot- .   ,
i '"'*'. mai i) -enHmt.)
'    ,ri^   Liooiri  nml  Bui
supplied   rti'h   the  best
in tin- market.
Ki.-jiil  opposite depot,  Ymii
2    FAST   TRAINS     Q
i;asi vnd wkst daily _-
l-'or nil-     folders ami full itiloru.ntion
ri'l.'iir.lit..- iripa, call on or fti'dreSH au
tgeht of llie S  V. .fcN. Railway, or
II  A  .Iai:Ksi)*i. CM- MAHONKY
o.'F. *?■-_. i;. r. *t-a.
Spokau 710 W. llivcmiile Av.
Kootenay Coffee Lu.
WhblrAal. and retail dealers
in Fresh Rotated
High • Grade « Coffees
Hives each month an Index of ull important article* Bppearlng in over 880 I
American and foreign publication*, also
atatracta of the most valuable articles
and from four lo eight original article" j
bv practical mining men, fully illua-
trated.   fXOO * vear ia advance,
aample copy, 20 cent*.   Send lo
UO LilMrtr SttMt


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