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The Ymir Herald 1904-11-05

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 y^-ft^M^v^--<^ \~c
■' .j? "^
\ L-. _ o- 7
|*3    NOVH1904     %)
Y.Mlli, li. C. SATURDAY, N'OVEMBEU 5,1904.
Pkick Five ( 'knti
«■,..,... 7,.
11N--T0 the wife of Joseph I
isepll Leahy
at Ymir, a daughter, on Saturday the
5th, Nov.
The Hev   Wright, of N
els..11,    wil
ch in the   1-
resbytennn   e
hero, on Sun.lav next
Th? Ymir Fire Case.
The preliminary investigation of
tlie charge ..t' incendiarism made
against T. II. Atkinson, the local
need    Friday,     Ith,
Druggist,   ennui.-
A.   f
lease,    s
kiary magistrate, from Nelson, heard
the case, and the prosecution is represented bv W. A.    Macdonald    K,   C.
The Dosbrisay Jobbing Co. has
jus, got in a carload of Ashcroft po-
tu toes. Now is the time to put in
your winter supply.
Geo Harrison is one of the heaviest stock holders in the new brewery
combine in Nelson, which includes
lteisierer s, liosneH's plants.
Inconsequence of the stall being
engaged at the fire tiial case, publication of the Ymir Heiiai.d is delayed
this week until Sunday. This is 'the!
first time in its existanco that the
lll'.l.w.l. has missed its due date.
Some very line looking ore wus
brought down this week from the
new strike in the Foghorn tunnel.
It is reported thai there is now ore
in sight ai the Second Belief mine -it
Krie, to furnish the mill lur six yens
The Fern mine at Hull Siding is
to be operated again, The property
i- under bond and lease to J. 1*. Me*.
Million and A, Skinner, of Spokane,
lho price being $30,000.
will, S. S.  lav
lor K. C.  for    tin
First of all the insurance policies
held by the accused were put ill and
figured as follows: London Mutual
i?1500; Union Assurance 82000;
Western Assurance §2000; Canadian
Fire §2000; Equity $500 making n
total of 18000 divided as follows
$6,500 on (lie stock, $750 on ihe
ou the building, -"56*15 on simp fund
lure und fixings and §105 on In,use-
hold eil'ecls.
The witnesses   in   tlie prosecution I g .,...■„, \
were all   ordered   out   of   tho  court
room during lho examination.
Constable Fraser- wis the first    and
wus examined by Mr. Macdonald,  He I
$40,000 Worth  of   Property
Tlie    Liberal   Government
had not notified  all   people  in  the    Costly Blaze In Ymir. Election Results
block.     said that he soppised   might   	
have advertised it in   the  paper,    but
wished to    avoid criminal libel suit.
E   l>. MeDermid,   of   Nelson,   insurance  agent,   (eu
was next examine,
writing $4000 insurant „   Atkin-1
I lest!
lied   by    defence)
I   and    testified    to
I ues,i.iv   morning   last     tbe
greater port inn of the   main
stock   mi    I'.'th,    March    1904,  block in Ymir was destroyed by   lire
11The lire is believed t..   haw   broket
it about  I :ID a. Ill.    behind    Atkill
licy I sou's Drug storo and thp   post   office
II ss    examination. -■ accuse.
isuraucc   the  year
had applied for   ii
before hut had not    taken    up   policy
Sustained by a
ti n
The general elections held through-
uut the Dominion on Thursday   last
resulted stroo,
id ,
;lv ill favor of the   Lib*
en,Is anil the government were   giv..n
mother five   veins   le
i if
because rato of ten per cent,  was   tun j Members of   the   fire   brigade   were
quickly on the spot  and   claim    that
Con    Bobihson,   examined,    stated ! 'he Humes could have been got    un.le,
that he repaired sidewalk, in front of
Atkins,Hi's, two or three weeks ago,
Mr. Atkinson .furnished   abnut   500
very quickly and with comparatively
very little dan,age done, had it not
been that tlio hose nozzles   were    uil-
feet nt',,!d lumber from the cellar for accountably missing. Frantic .search
tho .purpose, no new lumber being in all directions at last lead to their
used, He wus iu t in cellar himself, discovery under tlie Ili.it.\i.i, printing
but Mr Atkinson passed out lumber office. This was nearly half an hour
to him under llie sidewalk. later however, and   in   the  meantime
(This closed the evideine given    on ' Ihe llames hud    worked   lin\,„-     with
ihe most southern of tho buildings of
the block.    As s,,,n us the  apparatus
-dor tho lire hri-'uil
While the Conservatives hoped t., m
least reduce the government majority,
they realized that '.bey bad a bird
struggle in order to overcome lho
strung liberal majorit) in the last
I house, backed up ..s i\ wus wilh all
the intluence and prestige of a parly
entrenched in power, und having
control of all the election machinery,
While the result, iii some of the Provinces is very disappointing, it i-
realized that as far as the Conservative party, and its leaders is concerned, the campaign wus fought in a fail
mid honorable manner.
»'as „. oraer tno nro i-rigaae   got    to      aenera| rvgret will ba felt   ,.l   lb,
Rifle   Brigade. .vnt'k, and to their energy and '"'"*>-,,,,,•„„ „f Mr. li. |, |;„„|,„. ,|„. ,',„,.
ty is due the fuel that-tlie two build- ,     , ,,  ,*. ,,
.     , . ,. ... ,,..     . I, ,.. ,, ■ I scr.ntivc leiuler, in llaliiax.      lie IS ll
stated tliat he lieard llie uliirniol   tire       1 lie following list give-,    tbe   score  ,„,,., ,p|l   ||M.  |)01-t|,   ,.,,,;  occuoied   bv
,        ,  ,,, ,, . ' ■ iiiiiiii thai under the   present   eireum-
about 1:40 a. in, on the   morning   of und averages ot all tho practice shoot    Masterson and Campbell were   saved. .,, ,
....          ,           ....       ,                                                                                                                                         ' -tames, can ,11 lie    spared     Ir-nn    lie
'!'" I:'' ,N \'{m\    S\':Cn '"' ^ ",'! "*, brought down to Thursday ni,!,,.   Valuable assiM ms al, ndered   ,.„„_, (,||nm,j|iv    ,.,..,-.., -.,*,_.„,,,
I he lire it was burning   the   rear    mil
In tlie scores   which ar
by the Porto Hico Lumber Co. which
inn a two im li huso   nv.r   from   the
tThe   Dundee   To   Be
llossland Miner, 8rdt "Arrange
incuts nre iiiidei way to resume operations on the Dundee mine, nenr tin
town of Yniir. The Intention is lo
Install an aerial tramway and a com
pleta mining plant, ami to roopeli the
workings on a large scale The Dundee is considered one of the banner
mines of Ymir district, and, although
it bus bad u checkered and unfortunate career owing to various causes,
ilie news that P. is to resume opera,
tiuns will be received with snlisfaos
tion.    lis   principal   setbacks    have
been due In a shnrlliess of fluid-, and
il is s-uiil dun the pal-ties who are t,,
take hold of It now al'0 amply pro-
i ided ii ith working capital.''
of Atkinson's storo and the Post offii
,., , . ,| ,    i    .       ,i     i hereto tbe score is   taken    pel'    round
I in- tioso was then connected   to   llie ■ ,l;1
h \ .1 i-i ti I lint nuzzles were 1,,'ssin"  and ■ for th'' 20 > yard range, as each round . , .        ,     , ,      ...
iij in inn, um .no zzi i s «iii ii.ssiu^ Him a . Although there were   nu   fatalities
nothing ..,uld   be   done,   ^Following  consisted of seven shots,, or a possible   diete   were   several   narrow   escapes
in,aning obtained search warrant und j [uUl\ ,,,- ;;:, (8UVen bulleyes)     For the   Harry Kearns, who occupied tho   top
I examined   pnv.ue   residence       Was  500.yai,l ra,.ge the average  is  taken   ll • of the Aikinson     I ding,  got
jshown-a number of    bullies   on   shell'j                                                 . ...   ;,, .  ,,, ,:.   . „:,:   nnthinD'on    Iml
!. , ,,    . per shut,  us   the   rounds   w.-re   not   uui just in iiiiii  witu notning ml ed n  Cnnserviitivii   majority   in the
in pantry and was told ot some   more his pants and shirt-one mintiti,   Inter;...   ,       ,      ., ... ,    ,', ,   ',. .,
1 ...                                                                       West.      In    llniisli   Columbia, tbe
ml his escape would   have   fccen   cut    , .    ,■ ,-
1 : cities   ol    \ ic,-,,nu,    \ iincouvcr   -ni-i
ontaining druggist, supplies, ami   was
and opponents alike join iii bearing
testimony to his personal it.tegrii*,
nnd honesty of purpuse, An analysis
of the re-uli iii the different Provinces shows that both parlies were mi-
tuken in their i stiumi>'s made prior in
the election,    Even Liberals, conced-
,,       i ,        v      ,     ■ ,   I always of llie sanie nun.l.ei of  shots,
in the    basement.        Went    down   to J
busement and was shown row of boxes The possible total is five jier sliot.        (|,    ,,,.   Wj,   n  .    *, ,„  ,h ,
Now Westuiinster were   expected    t
escape through  their  front entrance,    ,   ,   ,, , -, '  • ,
1 '    nli.pl     I , ,ii-e,*\-;,t, \es      while    m    ,-,-,,-|
200-TAIID ll.ix.:,:,
tulil thut that  was all      Afterwards
found further quantity hidden    tinder |{(ISS
rubbish iii corner and was ihen   told Olcaser
of furlh'r lot   on   sills   below   lloor. Archibald C
Was again told that was all.     Subsc- I M. Campbell      '
queutly arrested accused who was re-   Buckwortb       3
leased ou bail luui went to Nelson the   l'an* |y
snine evening,    Next day in company i Keefe ii
I, ct   Conservatives,   while   in  oacit
■ instiliien"v the Liberals ivcro oleclml
lounds. To'l Score. Aver,  whilst the rear was  in  [lames,     An
■". I'i 15.8  intoxicated   individual   iu   the    Lloss  , ,,      .
l*y large majorities       Munituhu   ami
7 I":.' I".4  house was only forcibly dragged  from ,,    v   ,,   .'.*   , m
* I Ibe North West  territories were    ex>
10      bis bed whilst   I..lining   cinders   wore .   i . i     i      , in
peeted lo break about even.      llie  li
0.2  billing through the roof onto it.
with Air. (ileazcr foil ml second cache
under   veranda,      Afterwards went
with Kearns and Gleazer  and found
third ciiehc containing cariboo head, | Yuiiu" I
off whieh horns bud been sawn, Watch ' Newitt •",
I). Mcl-i-o I        a
Peonc  • 7
Alexander        I".
Card of Thanks.
desire In offer   nil' sin.vie thanks
maker's lathe und tools, Subsequent
Iy found other caches Could identify one bottle Itlarked alcohol, ns one1
I which he saw Aikinson carrying
! Iu me two or three days previrusly
j und w hi. li I,,- inn I toi, i I    contained
-I   Campbell 1
Winsluw I
F. M.:l. I I
(). Boyer I
H unites o
coal-oil,   Supposed total quantity   ..'', Seaney I 1
I" il iiize.isuf Ymir bn- thuir assist   goods discovered would cover   twenty
in,, ii in saving my  properly from bo- | feet square lloor space    Found alarm
| duck with alarm set   tii   I-   o'clock.
I Described method of Invoicing goods
f.ni,ul ami plan adopted to keep what
. was taken from    eoeli   hiding   place
separate-,    Asked as to what won  the
in--, destrbyed l.y the redbht lire.
I). Cunipbt.ll
Bayonne  Mine.
Anicl.'s uf Ineorporatlon of the j Jjencml npiiiitin of uucuned'a honesty,
llayonne mine have be. n filed at Vic "toted ll»" li" hiniseii' know of 110th*.
I-iil'irt ! ing lo bis d'iriiuent,   bin   bad   heard
The head olliee of the   cuinpiinV   isM various report*,  ilisliineing -.'	
,muted iii tl ity ,,f I'.utt..,   County I    """'V   Kearns   examined   Hated
i.f Silver   I'.mv.   State   of  Montana, I that ho walked around  the  building
United States of America, about 1B:15 ,,.   in,,   mid  evorythln-j
Jell'Davie, I
Widdowson ."i
Tail I
l''o, lest ol' I
Leileh 3
(J. Crowe :t
Pelhiim I
P. Duly
'J 7
I" Tho principal losses aro as   follow-;
N     Atkinson's dtug stock estimator] •■sl:!,
D.8 000,   iiisuranco
suit Hives the    l.ibeials     I-J    ineiubei •
and the Conservatives 5,
lu Ontario the result did hut    fulfil
88,000;     MoVicar.1,, ,
the anie-eleetiuii prophecies ot   eitl
II'     building  (half   drug   sl ,   $1,000;
23.5 Seatioy's" general stock $8,000,   sayed
20.1    •*!,(11,1) in cellar,   III)    ihsiirunee:     Mo-
II     Corquodalo building   R1500,   no   in-   .... ,   ,,    , .-,;.,„
1 ditiou in H.e Laurier i aoinet, wasd."
IO-1'. suram-e; A.   C    O'Niell,  postmaster ..   ,   , •   ,,   , .,-       , 	
1 le.-ileil in I iiirhiim.      I uiuiito us. usual
party. The Conservatives —till hold
the Province by n majority of I I
Mr. A. lb Aylesworth, the latest   ad
1 i
r.ui,.vim. it.isort,
shots,     Score.
The amount of the capital of the
Company is four hiindred and llftv
thousand dollars-, divided lllto four
hundred und fifty thousand sl,tires of
oli, dollar each
The head tilllce of the OotllpllllJ' |h
ibis  I'lovinec is siiuin'eil   a,    Nelson,
nl Archil' Mai ii Waring, Juhlisoli,
was then all rigllt. Then went to
bed und was iiroused by commotion
outside    Got up and pulled on punts,
und on opening buck (lour found terrible lire raging at back of buildings
The sluirs were lery Iml especially al
the landing   when-    the    llames    were
Rosa 11
.)   Campbell 0
D. Keefe .17
Pem-.e -''I l
Alexander 10
Parr If
Winslow ll
Dover 'id
Iileazcr 8
j Archibald I 5
20 §300, no iiisurnncpj Newitt dry goods
I 1.2 stock $8,000, insurance 1>3,000|   Cof-
* fey building, barber shop, and house
13.5 hold effects H000, insurance 91,100;
7*7:,)   \V. Hoss's estate, Hoss   hotel   *•".,-
21 500, insuraneo $1,000; Win, liremuer
10 liquor and cigar stock WOO    no   in*
13      ; siirilhee; Mrs.    Keefe,     In,us.'hold     el-
I l-l   fects   $500,   no   insurance;    A.   I
11 Buckwortb, ollico effects #250,   insut
I I       iinee !fi-"i; I'.eer 111,,-, building  ♦l,200,
12 3   insurance f7'i(,; I). Cillllpbell,  gcnel'-
12     id slunk, damaged only, Insurance W,-
I     OOOj  W. Wilson household effects»1,-
II juuu
rn viow of suspicious circumstances|_ ,
1 Ontario
Aver- attending  the   butbroaki   a    searoli ouobec
gave substantial Conservative tnajori--
ties iii Bach uf its four divisions. II,u,
Goo, I-i. Coster, Minister of Finance
in the late Conservative government!
being Bloctcd in North Toronto ov,,
Mayor Crguharl,
The result iu i.hn li, e iv i- nol   very
surprising, bul ii was confidently  ev
'  poctod that Nova Scotia  would   have
ei\en Mr  llni'den   stronger   support.
The other   Mai itillie    proi ilu es    guvi
neither side tho advantage.
Tie- result by Proi inces so   far   i,
learned are as followsl
Lib, Cm
.",7     ;'-
N. W. Teiiitorios
British Columbia
M   Camiibell     3
iiid   Ai'olilt    ilainwari.tg, Johitsoh,  rfrir.* atruiig.    Fire apparently   most I N* lwil, 3i
Ihinister and Solicitor, whose address   .      ,   ,     ,  , •        ,     ,       ,       i^1"!11-
tlien behind Seaney's and   the  sheds   ■->  \i,.| ,.,„i     i
is Nelson, Hi C, is the   iittorney for,  ,,,.,,       ,       ,   ,    ,,       „.     i1    ''
lho Cutni any (not euipower.d   u> is* I l,"lm"1 Atkinson s and tl„- I est ,,ih,-e. | Seaney
-ue ami transfer slock), ' Afioi' getting tlown, went to hydrant
The lime of the    DXistailch    of the'., turn   on water, nhtl then Iu    search
Company Is twenty   years   from the for nmsides,    Found they were i In
lirst day Of Allgilst, 1001. hose cart or   in   Rrohall,     Dropfied
*   l'i:i.-n-,-|"in IN   ClIUHOII     \1 0 1 ll i 11 g
Services, II ... m.; Sunday school 12;
livening service, 7|30, VouiIk Peo
pies' Sueiel.y meets mi Friday  evening
I (Ire fighting and   went   to   help   got  Widdowvm    ll
goods from stores,    Under   cross-ex* | Anderson
umbullion, siii'l   luui   been   ktllpielous
somoiima previous aud   had   notified
warrant   was   issued   by   Percy   J.  Nova Scotia
'      Gleanor.). P., for tlio searching of lite Now Brunswick
g 20 private residence of T. II.   Atkinson,   l',i"r'  l lwl '   '   '
93 I Subsequently a warrant for Irs arrest
1,501 was mado, mid   he   appeared   before
■83 Justices' buckwortb und Gleuzer, who
released hiia on his personal bond   of
.75       „ ,     ,. ,     . , . , Totttl   l-lhelill-       1.1'J
. *5,000, ha f being taken n cash,    re-      	
2 93 Total Conservatives    , I
1 33  "landing  'I'"   preliminary  trial   the      |/i||1,|.i, MBj„W(.y    ,*,s
|,04   following Fridny,    Mr. Atkinson left , wuh 8 sen-, to hear from.
I.Hi  for Nelson   the   sa ivening   and!    Tho dal f the   postponed   ■■;,.
J.CO, , , -    , ,, ,.      n     ...i.i, tlona are as follows!
260 during his absence   Police   Constable      Dauphin, Mnn     Nomination, Nov,
3.8   I'Vusi-r miide a more thorough    Inves-   7j pnllingi Noi   11
2 431. ri i i. Maokonuic, N, W, T. — Noininatid.i
- ' 'i iigatiun ol his rcsidei .resulting   ml., ,,.      ..       ,.
;; 17 Nov, s.; pulling, Nov.   in
e I |   the discovery of   large   quantities   of      Kootenay,    11,     C     N'oininiitioti
• •ll  stock, hidden   in   excavAllons   under P*"0*   >i fi0*1'11* N,ov'-i'
■J 7 I "l ule-( 'ill ill,,,,,   It,  C,       s"lill'i ll I ,
at 8 o'clock,    All are welcome,    liov.  Provincial police officer on 24th, Oct ,
tl. Youhgj Ah A,) PMtdr, and also other parties.     Ashed wh-,
, '      ,      '...  the cellar floor, and I her   biding  m..   i ■ e,,iii,i" Sov  ■'■>
p , Alexander and Hughos still s   wo\, i, polling .-v.v. *,
lead lho iOO-ynrd   range   (oil   hand   places     An, .unf of  lho   pieliini-      aa-pe, Que,    Nimtiuaiinns, Dee   I
,       ,,     . . .. hull.II','   I lee.   -.
I'V lnv«stigat. o far as al    pi        Vu,;u|,    N    w    ■,
, eoudticl d is (riven in  this   insus. I Nov, 18) polling, Dee, 19
shooting), while   Coffey   and   Lnltch  nary lnv«stigation, so far as at    pros- | P"., ,     "v    ...    .,.     v
aro ahead at the 500-y.ird (rest shun,
ing, THE   VMIR   HERALD; Candidate   Mackintosh's  —•■'■■-»■"■" -"' - -'■'*««■• Q.   jVlcARTHUR     &   COS
', liinlelv   delayed,   and   -h-hlcl   Mr
II- ll.',]   ..,'-,-    s   I...  Iii     ,111,1 1,111 it.',I
..or '■!.■.uri-.l '.-. cun   r in I   in
■   *   it, C3.I.0 i-.-r. tniiniiii,
Iv'-rll&liiu i.,-* . I: '. i ; "i- :;. -ii  i i-r ■    ■   -.
['Ill,    .1 Ell*. ■ 1'   '-..ll      ■■   : :   I 111   1,
le   .....::',,  •:.     li   -,...,  .-    ■	
I ■■ ■- n .si ii ni,-,-.
I'i,in,in■[',-,;,I    I'l-inllii-..'   nl    ' v. i->      ,;,    ■  ,.
,1,,!,,. ,,,, 'I,,- i.i* lie-..-   ii  -,-ii. !.,:.! ,,i i •.■-
'-, lll.l, lll.li [IV run
lirit.il.0    I'l'UI.ISIlING    CO.MI'AXY
11.    KF.A1INS,   MAXAOntl
Meet i ng.
Candidate   Mackintosh,    the   •''"ii
■niili.e   -i iini,nil    bearer    foi'    ii.-
li,.niei s 'elegi am  • i a pi  ol of his in*-
teniions in iinniediatelv  proceed with
J consl i ■ ctiou   should    he  be   relui tu d
Koctenuy riding   he!,! a very        -    -   „:,; ijm-ity.
:'"' ' 'ing her    Satui lay   night '      |*,.;- ,,,.     ...   ,1.,.   ;..,,,   |    ■ „*■*,    :,,
'•'•'■''    N""' f ''•'' meeting .vu*  vi   ,   ... ; ,: ,,   ,_ ,.   *-,■,   ,; ,,,,   ,     ;   |   ,„.,
slu .;. ii   il was mi!.' ivrranged as    VIi     ..., ,   , , ,,, , .,..,     	
Mackintn h  | issed    through    on    hi   : numelv, the dut*,   of   '   1-8  een     on
"   '   ' :' ' "•> ,i;'    "  ";   '■-    trai       le;,,]-, |      ,..| will, ;! ;'   un
'" ■•ertheless th i iiduime    a    ivr*   ... ,_. ■        .,.,,.,   ,.,     | :,-. ,        .,.,,,
large and the speakers  wen-   li.stonod   Koutfiiay,   succeeded   in   getting  the
to with the closesl attention. bounty, which success wa« however as
The chair was taken by Mr   J.    N    much dec to llie   Coutervative   party
McDonald who stated    the   ubjeel   of|,H  .,„*,■   uiher, ' In   proof  of   this   he
SATURDAY.  NOV., -5, 11)01,      I the n ting and intimated thai    a'ny   cite 1 the following personal letter fi	
body who whished to spenk fo,  either   Mr.   Ilu,den the Conservative  leader.
UbeiaV- Conservative   Candi-  uf tlm <W,W***',U candidates would be House of Commons, Ottawa,
dates for Parliament. allowed ,in »PP".*«'>.*y. I «- " nd, ,u„„ ,,7l)lj ........
: lime as Mr. Mackintosh himself.    II,
My dear Mr. Mackintosh
l-'or Koolemiv District, then introduced   Mr.   Jinny   Wrial11
CHARLES   II.   MACKINTOSH,   j M. P. P. who addressed   the    eling   |.,!.,...  ,„„,    ™k   *.„  ,,",'  ,,,,'J^
0f   Rowlond. | in support of  Candidate   Mackintosh    f(||.w|l|.(|   .„  ,,,,   -[nl|s(.   |(   |Wjlntjon
lr   Wright refei red   to     he    (iatni
l-',,r   Valu-Cariboo   District,
Of  Grand   Porks.
New   Westminster District,
.1.   D.   TAYI.011,
Of New Westminster. .
Pur  Vancouver,
R, I'.. ELLI8
for  Victoria,
(I,,.- groat lesson of lite lire last
Tuesday morning is the need of bolter
organization of the lin- brigade with
reference to the euro of lho apparatus, j
li I,us I n shown how tlio town may
be left completely  at the  mercy oi
;,.,.:...;: :i i i   !■' 'i protection to the
dale's inlluenc i on i In    mining    inter-
i. -."i   ni"ii-li v   of   Hriilsii   ('iiluiuliii..
Something was discovered   of   our in*.
instrumental in brinirin" m ire capital   , i,   ,i ,,
iirition, and as u result, the gonlleiueu
, into the counl ,- i ban unv other   indi- i       .■      i .•   •
v ,. - are   hi re lor the  purpose nl   nn*
, \ idunl, and yet Irel alwa) -'in -,,-,,■ i:
. . Ilg    I he    1 ll}   Ol     llllS    |'i lici
,*t-"-tli« interest   of    ihe    u   I . ,.,.,     |Dp|l|    ,,„, ,,.,,„„.„,,!
wcrfcliiK .'lasses     The    .*   ike,    th ,y our moti.m for the presenl
■ i -i'i in d io his o« .. ■"■■ ion-    . -    repn
hgusi.u-.old WLeessiTirs
I'll is i-i l lie lime of the year lo gel your pick of the many select pi ■
I- 'ui niiiiie.    Iron lie b. I.i m .leu ins, Hugs, Carpels and  Hum mockj
Furniture Dealers and  Funeral Directors
**.' B.—We are sole agents for the Marshall  Sanitary  Mattress and   llie  KIhIi.
Sectional Hook Cii.sc inn! Fibs.
All work entrusted tons is neatly and
promptly   executed.
seiilnl i vi ,,,' the i iding in die I'i
ciul I [ou " Ine Uoverninen
which he ivas a member h 'I been
: agn
in I i,   deficit   lei'i by fo,
ui-.e, I h, v assert, the  Ho, ei nmenl
ml    o bring do'-vii -. me isui ■ pro
i    ... fur u lei •.   - nn, i li i able '    inly
■ ■-. fe ir ' Iml l he ini its ,-i the
■ : r\ would   I .- i.',,..i,  I..   [ire
|t'i"ments of over half a   lion   ,1.1-       „ltiug a discussion at the present    Dealers in .Staple nnd Fancy Groceries,   Miner's  iSuntlricH
Inni, line]   had    in    co, iico    I,     ■    |noi|    |M       ,  ,,,,„   ,,,„.,;l,„:v |,„1
ibligcd lo curtail  cxpen
•ll'-es     ;e,    lul.lel)
is possible,     1 le hud however obtain
I e,l a considera! le grant for roads   and   ,
homo 1  «   .i -toUnued,   nevi r th
to   i .i 'ir   reque it   fin'   d    iy    In
inn il    !■'.!:, thai their uppri
fire-fiend   Ir,    llu-  simple  method   of
ll'iil-. .viii-i   i:i<    llivn i'Xi  CI   III III' , i    .1 1-HK1I   6''"*1ST   ti     (•?
apparatus.] I wish to avoid   tl iblanee ol  unv l\bL,5*871\   D;  vJ.
distric, and although   he   I, id    been , • i      ■ i , i
1 action -a Inch might   pr --vl ,- •   i ne m
unable to |,!i.-i-e   cvervbudv,    be    had .■ , ,
i .        ■       • ' lei ■'■ i- ol so gi eal   mi u isi i ■      I am
done iu much a**,   ho   possibly1   could.       ,. ,        ,
1 making  1111-  exphui 111 .11   uecause 111 v
a,id although he hid    refused   to    I
tampering v.iih part of the up]
Apart from that aspect of the case, I
iIn- Yniir \(limited' lire brigade can I
bo  complimented    on  lho  energetic,
Blankets, Socks, Mitts, Gloves,   Rubbers,   Underwear,    Overalls,     Patonl      Medicines-,
Siat ionery.
O0X 1093.
Ivell-dirccted  and  elllcieul work thoy
dictated to iu the in liter      h id    don
I  uii   in the We : lin I .1 1 ight to e.\
„ti„„ss„ is „„■ nu^ies wee I,,i "'••<' *^M '";'    "   '-"iMining Agent
I his llul V  1(1  the   lies'   ot   Ills   llllllltv. ., ,      •
munition.    Everybody looking at the ' during tho  present session to impress |
I ho Cliiurmaii then made a few ,-,-   n,    p^ (|| U)C condition of tlm'
S locks and Shares
wreckage   hus  said   lho  smnti   ihimi
Thut it   is  a   wonder attj portion of
the 1,1.ick was stivci
ninl'ks introducing    Mr.    Mackintosh,
: lie referred to the    National    Policy,
which was-one of the chief factions in
1 lunulas greatness today, and stated
Astudv of till- geoliigv    of    a     dis-   ,|    ,   M      .1     1 ,.,,     I      .1 i-
- n lltat itlr. Alaekinlosli who was one   of
rict enables lho geologist to   see   far  ,, ,-,i  <     11       .
.those, In com ,11,'I'   V-ith Sir  .lohli    A.
I,eutl  mining ii dust 1, and  the necessity of inereu ,-d prole I i-,,,.
I)eliciu me, dear   Mi.   Mnckintosl .
l'ours fail ifully,
(Signed)        R. L. Borden
Mr, Mackintosh   then wont   • n   to
into tho ground with reasonable   cer- ., ,,     ,, ,.,    ,.     ,,     ..   ,
^   McDonald,   responsible  for   the   first   ,,„.,„„„,,„„  ,,„, v„ies cost by Mr,
';'1""'  P^'IM^tlun of that policy,    II"   fur-   () ani|,, ,.,„ „,,, ,,,.  \Ml   ,•,„„.  v.1|s,
iher referred   to      Mr.   Mnckintosl
-   -AGENT    TOll
Mutual Life fusuranco Com pan}1 of New lork,
Canadian ('usiilaiv  -Boiler [nsurance Co.
London Mutual Firo Ensurance Company,
()ilau,'i Fire Ensumnee (lomonny,
i.iinty   and   considerable
The geological cross   Ktctious   are    1
ktnndard by 11 Inch   to   measure   thu
• ir-eess , ,|- f-idltl e    of     l||0     geologists.
|t lias been -aid that those Cl'OSfl    sec-)
' i-,:i- ui-- nu • p 11, I'n, an-l nine  11 iris I    ,     ,.  . .,
1 ' ! edgo Ihe fact lint iluiiug 11    Mi ike   ul
roving from them ii. .1 he (Mr. Gnlli-
reini I Usui, upholder of the rights of  ,„,,.*,   |m ,   L, |p|   .,,„   |)TOlnjH(.8 |l0
working classes   in    Kootenay,   and Ln,-a pl.flviuus t0 his e|,,0*.ion    -.<,!,.,
stated frnm his own personal   knoivU juf l||Me   v,„„s  ,„  ,:,,.„  „,,   , ,,„.l
page).     After   briefly  describing tlio
first avkmm:
v.mii:, is. c
I Cosmopolitan
Hotel ....
'-ne--, und that  is    true,    iu    a    wuy.   ,*. , ,,       ,.,, ,..■ , 	
"        ' '   i() eiwu,     he    Ottawa    (..llizen,     I h'-n I . -, .     .        .,,,   .     .•  ,-,,, ,  .,,  ,
-.  |,.,„ ..„„,* iwhnllinnc Liberal   mel I ol   rewarding ballot-.      ^Mltt ELEOTOBAL I) 8THI0r.
"       n                                                          owned   l!y Mr. Mackilltogll, lias loiind ,       ... , ,     . ,       ,        \
luallv sees nnd knofcs lo   the   tliiuus  Bluffers Who won  elections  for them,      Notloe n hereby given thai   I shall
1 ,   l,e ihe only   pruitim-   olliee  111 thl-
unknown  drawing Ills Ionic fl    the . I Mr. Mackintosh   wound  up  will,   an on Monday llie 7tll, day ol   November
■ I v cnploying union men I
iiiuilogv of oil.ei   d,.,,„■!■   and   ti       "      '     ,,,   ,    ,, ,       ,    oloquont appeal   to   lectorato lo A' D' " it Ihehoiir of 8 oelonk  In
Mr. Mackintosh   then   ruse   lo ml-        ' '' . .    ,„ .. „ .
,. .- .- - 1       ,11      ,1 the attornoon, ul lho rnrrosleii Hall m
the u|i|» Mention nl   t.uilv    v.el    eslao*    , , , .     , 1 ,„,,,    nee,,.,,,,.,   1,.   ilinti- ,•,,,,. iei i.,i,s '
.       , , .' '" ling and  was received  VfJt'    """"ll"' '"""" L""u'"""s' Vmir. ,,„|,|  „  (■„,„•,   „i   It-vlilon ol
li lied h!i\ slcal and Ileal IIIM A , ,       ,   1 1    . ,, , 1 • 1 , -,i .  .1
1   ■ will,   lu-olongeil  upphiitse.    lie  com. | which must  lessarily bo against tho J Resliler of Voton to bo  ptepnred   by
I1' nionced by referring W the nttttemenU reckless financial policy of the Laurier me under the provisions.,(  tl Pro-
lo Hcceol these  el'iias   sections,   often     , • ,   , 1 ,    , -, 1   • !        , . it,
1 -1,1 li hid 1 n made, as to Ida being government vlnolal Hlioiloim Act." 100-1,
l»"iniifully regular, lilerully,      Ol'di-  , |,|   {„,, lho bosilion to  Wliloh ho      , ' , ,, !>..U .1 al Vmir -Sept, l-t, 1001,
iiarilvlbect lions, especially, of .    ...     ...      .. In response to another appeal from ,,, „    '.„,.,
I WiiH it-,., 1 in,.- mill Mil 1.1 III,    heliei e,l  he I . J I, A I II,N-o**l,
(I'im1,-r entirely new management.)
Dining It....111 tiiul I in f
supplied ui'li the IjcbI
iii 1 lie market,
Iii gill   Opposite  depot,   Vmir
JOHN  UUIsAU,  Prop.
■ was ,-,-pii ing, and said he   believed be
 hly.i] 1'■,".„„.„.'indi-j^ ..j,, ,.,.,„,-■,..,•■ filling the bill     In
1 iii ions of tin  1 "tal ion nnd  Hiiecessioii
excellent discourse Ml. Mackitlt.
the Ohairmait for speeches ou   behalf
of otlu-r candidates Mr. Daly took lho
Iteglstl'lil ol Volets.
"i the strain     llley arc valuable   a- touched upon ull the lending i)Uestions platform and spoke briefly in supper!
far as they gi   but they .1,1   not,    ni'i'||H,f„ii, the people     lie went   into the L( Oalliher and the   Liberal   uilininiu-1
Ho they pretend t,1, give , lib   deflnltl. nRU,-es of ihe   Grand   T k   hc -,,.|l|il)|L    M,.    |)iU.   „.l,,,     .„,■!
Ht'iailed itiformatloli which is reip, ' Hiking for  Ids nullioriiy 1I1I1 Hun. A.  , ,   .    ,
language w.i- iiilmired,  and   1.1-   pas-
t iioune pilrpnses    .Nor em.  those (!    |t]|;1:   w|,„mi   |„.    ,-.,i,|,   I'i,.,,,,,,
.■ lions lake I   the , ,., !,„„.„„ hll()  ,.„■,,,,, „„ u„     :"""""""'  ""-"'   '"n"  ' '  "
Innny minor natural itecl.lenU,   ivliicli .-,,;i,  .,   ,,,,,,,.,., , ;.,,,, ,,, , • |„ •   l'>«ed ■■ I ellect if  he   Inn I
• i'i,    lull.  "•! I'll thb miner.    The Ii„   showed    conclusive!}    I bill   the spoiled it by venturing   inio.in   urgu
truss sodium   made  bv   lho    I'liitcd seheni'e could lint L*ust th intfy lessl meiit wih Mr.   Mackintosh, on   poinli
E3tntc  Cieulogieal Burvey ill the  Lakl iliittt •?) ■"11,000.000, anil eliaracterixi'd on whieh   the   latter   gontleniati* wan
gunerioi  flisirict, llavi sl odd the leal the Liberal    litteiilenl   thai   tlm  cost   inuch better posted than  Mr   Daly
l,f*netuiil p'mdf ill   nun.'   c '   and would lie &lti,000,00l Iy as  „l,-o j    The   maeting   closed    with   thri-i
I,    |i beeh of great value In   tin-   tie-* bttt-h  ilica|)abl'o of  pi'dol       llu   pro- cheers for each parly  seVfral energot
,(.|o|iibent of tbo mineral deposits   tif tested ngai nil   '"  Liberal cry that, il   ic politicians  being noted a« voeif.T'
dim ,,.,do,,. I   iwei   iti "" returned,  the   ously cheering both .lidvs
^-^j Slerling
V if Silver
/£^r%,-': • *
Tin.  hkhT hi; VND m   oii\ii.-.tk ;
The Kootentiy  Standard
u im 1 oTi inni n*
~~j,'X,   Hhelin & Co.
Ncl.-.iii-. B, ('.
I'lem n ccflr,*
f,,, „,,i hi n UlOUl
tut) .l.illnr pic
Bflilnlioll Itt
IlrlllJ* llllkllf.-
Rr.n.' fadllllei
tornsklttg solid
illvcninie nu
]i,i-.-.-si-il l.y in,
oilier "Mteirn In
Cn 11.1 fls.
oUsrr jus. ArlltUadMlgn-
•■iM, modern maclitntery, ah-I ikllled hand
norl in, ml under the dlreel lupertliloa cf
1 :,,,..,.,1 niemberi of iii^ flrth, iiiiikriui un
-.in.,i','t eoiiibluitloo for lurultig out Bui
WittP fer lllii.Oiilp,! rntntoRlie.
Plf AHTMtNTf :
lev, dry,
Sterling Stlt/er,
Silver Plate,
Wil, lici, etc.
IScnry Kirks&Soiis
Jpwnln.1,1 II,. I «.'lo„y
i,,r I' trial Mil no VV.   A.    Galliher's    Voting '-'••- <1"' miner,* friend.
.„ , IitoN axu Steki. INUVS'IIIIKS.
Record. ,. ....        ......
On page I 16 yon «ill nml n motion
• (Extracts ErouT L'ai'liamcn-\h* Mr- u"lden ,or tho""c "*e "'
I,,: the Imme manufacture oi   .ion and
tary Votes and  Pro-        LtCL,|
Mr, Gulliher \..t>■-i nipiinxl  the inn
, linn.
Wilc011   &    HclFShaW ^Iarks   Furniture   Store VMIR BAKERY.
WILLIAM  CLARK ! ],,.es]. \)n,{l\ \.]xrn-   AJ,,,*,,!,,,
Draymen and
YMIK,    11.    (..
Llndertaker   and   Furniture     Dealer
Mail orders promptly attended to
Sii--, u.i\o   Nii'is.-imi . (iii:   1!.-,,i ia ,:*.
Ou the 24th of April, you will lind       A   motion   was madu on   die 20th
il in the votes and proceedings of 11)01 April, ''This  Kousn regrets   .hut   .he
thut a gross outrage bad neon commit Gover -nt. buf   gran ling  further
ted by the Returning Officer for Nipis- concession* to tho  Grand   Trunk Pa
sing, in  withholding an election   --i-i cilic, did  not   lirst seek   tbo  aid   and
which   hud   been posted, and tho pro- ml vice of competent and   independent
clamation  issued for the 3lst of Oct.. experts   whose  oiliiiioii   might    have
I.,-,-.   Meanwhile the date wus changed, teen procured and hud   bef.up Purlia-
the Returning Ollicer took the election meiit.
clerk, one   Flunnery, to bis own house      What would- you   have iU'w. Klec-
and there   lay   concealed   during   tie- tin-' 1 B-Jfif-
day fixed foi nomination,    Tint.!. i'-.       Yet, rensonable us it was   Mr, Clal-
Clok had   been   Bitting   mouther, ihnI liber voted against tlie |uoposition.
he iiilended ou the regular day to put       Si umit Plioj kit 'l'0 rill*: PkoI'LB.
in bis   papers, but could not    lind tbe      On the -.ill'  of   April   I-'.   I-'. Clark
lleturning   Ollicer—and on the   20th o1'  Toronto   nioved   "that  this House
oi'    November   McCool,   the    Liberal believes before   c mining the Cuun-
Candidate, was  returned  by acclama- try to  such enormous  obligations ihe|
tion.    Further,   "new   lists  leu! been Government   ought firs!   lo submit t.
prepared."     The    < .;;'.,*-.iii',!i     asked the people tin  whole ipieslion, whether
t!i.' House in vi -.-. ,.,'   die matters set Camilla should   not  uesiiiiio entire oh-
forth, du- invaliditi of   die second el- ligation,   und   thus   own  und   control
.'.-tion writ, and   du-  conduct   of   die the entire   proposed  line  "!'   flnilway
I ['nulling heavy In ighl ;t
('ot't'esijondence promptly
iitteiiileil tu.
Mi ttcii S'rni'.i'/r,
Yin a
MllS.   OlIOWl!,   IsT,  A M.S. i:.
Two i ,, I,, lent  for   light   housekeeping
■one .—-■:~jr^?i—.r~-rrsr-wzi^T=t cxrj
I'ii'si -class I lining liootn,
Rest ln.'iii'ls ui' Wines,
Liquors and (ligai'H.
(i\\ IN   1 ,.!.!!.   Prop,
•      lll-;\|,(,l'.\l!Ti;i!S    I'm;    minimi   MEN    AND    THE      J
Newly furnished throughout.    Sample rooms in connection.      *
•       Kates $1.50 to $2.50 per d.-.v
: I'lNI.AV    Aid.F.ol). Proprietor        I
« •
M.  TAIT. ,1.    Li'i.l'V
YMIK, \\. (',
>(•(•..in I Ave.
YMIR      "e    wU't'J    the    leading   brandn     imported      Liquor,
trii    Hhould   be  referred   to the Com-       The oiiestioii   was, wero the   people
inilti : Privileges and lileclions for   to,rule or llibGriuid Trunk Pacific di-
tho   purpose of  impuring into all  the  rectors to dictate a policy!
iml  C'itfara,  Simii.    \le.    Brand
V   and    Wine,
• in itmstniii'
Mr. Gulliher, menibei',   .'iltetl proposition, and   in   favor of the   1,
again I   anj   iu ■■..,':■   . and in fs coriorution.    Cenainly the   (luveru*
Vour of stealing .   Is in Parliament nieui had been hard task-masters.
PtlOTKCTI*. '■'.   • .'.   1,1 K I-i                           . V .U)\  in il 11 I. .-'I i Ull I,
Yet Mr. Gulliher voted  against the       Permanent position) rapid advance
ment! salary and   expenses;   full    in- I      »W!W9i»»»W»*»»S»9»i(«»#9i»$»»l»»l»9l»9!»999»Sa.'93i#»SS -
.-.ii." ^
-i i u lions free ot   chargei   .-lean   tie-
.Mr.   tallica
titrable liusmuss.
I'he.l. I, Sichols ('.., I.. .1  Toronto
i .Mention this paper. I
20th) moved ll was moved on the 19th May
Dill No 2 to ai I i ie Railway Act, that, in view of the immense responsi-
hhould   be read   i       mil   tiniCi    This  bilities assmed by the Gnyerl nt foi
  : ,i!    1"'-'   ■   the construction of, the Grand Trunk 1 KoOtSflflV    C-OliCC    Co. !   ®
...   i. .,,,!,,.l ..,■„,. ' " (B
I *
s       UNION MADE
Shirts and Overalls
• :;
-ii      THEE.E3T  IKTHS   TVL A/K/i-C PUT.      «j
llie operation
Un  ill: ifnctOI '
di is Count ri
n-y of such .
Labour, Agl
fact in.-.-, and   I,
i imea secure i;
, lauiidians,
, iiaiuli.il. ih-1 '
lection   to    '
I louse affirm
lion of  human life, making it iucuiii     facifle, sto k   should bo   handed over
bent on Railway    I i   pj'ovide   prutoc   as a consideration, for aid  granted by
t ive appliance .     i u: ': n ernuiont, in   Canada.
order in del-,-,    ction   moved  that th.-       Was it   fair!    Was   ii   jns'1    Most
bill   go to  th      '-. I !om nil    '•    asstiredlv,
whore ii w,i    iui      ■ be killed. Mr. Gallihet'voted ngailisl Ibis nu,-
Putlee,   Robinsoi       nd   other  La<   tion.    Tie-  Grand   Trunk   was lo gel
hour  sympathi ed  agiiinsl   su  £•*.",,000,000   -Canada iiothilig
doing,      Mi    |: nited  against      I'm ;■-. i-i.m i. ro Uni'riHii SuiiikfTs.
Lin, i,-iei 8 inn Our ( i.vii People.
M.vrn r.  I     i..-i'iii Mr C are in. ved i 2fith May) "thai
ti,,   tbo   * Mr.   I., id-n  In all   .  is where persons arejciilployed
luove.l   dial     tl      II  use,   regarding  on surveys toi tbo cdlistrtlcli I'die
- :;' tai ill' a -   . iid i:  iis continental railway, plt'fci--
opinion th it    ■:,.. -h uld   be given  to   llritish sub-
tired |".I-   |,.| i., i,-, birth oi liaiuralif.alion. '
■' ion  toil-       M |-   l'u i tee,  tbo labour repl'i sent,,
ducts, Mann    live from Winnipeg, protested agabisl
as «iil at all   loreignei . taking tic the biead out of
in market for  die months  of our own  peopl", bul
•ahvays llrmlj   vein-    representative,    Mr.   Galliher,
of such pro'   voted against the  proposition, and in
interests,   tho  favor .if alietl .
. in ii policy ol Tu!- Ai in ,"':-• ii S'fcn il,
l-eciproeal   tnn       .  I eivilca*,   wilhin      On ihe   l.lih of July   Mr  llordon
llie Empiie." Iiiiuvbd   ''that in   lho  oplni i  ih:s
Mr. Oallihet I efaj*. Ilousn the plovlsioils of the Consoli-
Notiiisii .' ii . in I....01 ut.ii ihiied Itevenuo Act   sic.uld   bo bo ox*
On tbo 281 h  .'■-  id, you will find it tended as to confer U|  the Auditor*
on Pago  •'IU'" of  '   161 and proceed   lueiiernl power* ainplb in every respeel
im;-, .Mr. Logan nu. "I th.u the mini I to proteul the public jjuleic*t, lind to
mum wugo to  hi-  paid   to  trauklnt'il mifeguard thb public treasury,'
and •iihei-Mibuiiieis on   tlie  Umi'iii*      Mr, GulllliDr voted against thisi
nient systeih tlf Raibvays should bo al _wfc.
leusl $1,60 pet day. -j-^. 1^,1,. H|j|)0|( ,,,- |j,,|j\i.'i „|-e at an
The Government Vntcd  Udl iloiVn   a|tjtu.]B (lf |:l,000 feet aboVe »efl  h---
Mi, Oalllher *n» abseht,    lie hud ,... (|(    Q0\\vi„ piodut'ifl in ll)03 $150,
'..-.• tor ihe working man l|(,n in ;.,,|,j „,„! isas^.-,*.,!, pound*)  ol
tlm-.viv. ,r riieC'ivrui. „1„,,ll1,',i„.
i iu   the   7th   of   May, Pago •"•'. i'f - ^ .
Voles nnd Plocehoiu,''-, "it Ma- moved j
,,, ,., | ,_,.,„. n I Sili  the *0'ld   piodlict'll    UM,.
dun it, w,,s both expedient itnd India*. , ,       .,    ,
      ,, ,   ,,   120 s of stt-.-l, in whibh   bill    ID,«
i,i'iiH,ible dull   ll'** Ouvel'iiment shall   '- ...  ,        ,      ,. .
1 , .. %Qi |,,n- wi-iT credited li.   the    I mi
nt once   nttUuUralo such a poilvy in ,        ,,.
1 | nil Slides,    Iii t'.Hi", the world'* 	
L-ntincotdn  *Hli oUf  ivatef*ways and      ov
  ,  ,.,„. nut of ntebl limoU ited  in  U1,4,U,78.)
the  shp-budhg    u.ue-try,  aft  will' l'" 	
, , '        , , i ,.        ,- ion- of 'del',   bf   which   the    I nltcrl
soeed   V     end   to     I" I I) etlilt    ul   ||
' ' ,   ,   .,    i , Sides ptoiUcfd    fi,  8(1,400 ItlllS.
Canadian syslt'iii ol  both lulund  aim i
t lee.u, trnnspol'tatiotl." -~~-
Mr. Galliher voted  Hay,   Thi;* wtu      '|'|,,. pUddlilig pI'ocRM In iVhlbli   plfl
111,   first  VtlttJ   renin .led by the member   ||0n js COIlVl'I'tl'tl   HllO    tt'l'ollgllt   iml.
h-iufj   Yide't'itrii.eo  fof it itiuntli, and   wll„ die itit'etttl f lb i.ry C.ri,   an
I.*,-*,!*, I,,, wil* i.|.|.u''ed tu Uovelopiiig |ijnglisliiliilll, whii itlmlo tile dUcovery
t'liim la, iu 1784.   The  Invchlion   broved   t f
Ml-tail's  (inn' >v ,'-. ' innnens"    value,    and    estimate*      of
Elector* will And  on   b*ugo 210  of  ney wdl'tli of It.   lb   prtrent time
Votes und Proceeding*! iv ttioliuii by n-.ult., up a UilliUn HollrtH h.' more
Mi. CosKt'idn ealliiifl upun the House pj„.,,*j-**|| htwsililn; Col't bcliftille n pom
hud (lover,unci,t to   pl'dlet'l the   mill- ; ml,„l ,.,,,,1 |n |,i, |,iii,.|- year* ilas 1-0111-
,    km uf tho Yul ngainsl ilm iiionupl.i '  |,.|||i|) |(i ,l,.,.i.yi   die   pltltry  pendlni
to ihe Treadgold   \ ndieate
Wholesale and retail dealers
in l-'resb Roasted
I    01
!    A)
,   *
High * Grade .Coffees! |
When they   come from
l''.,ei,,iv ill   Victoria.
P. '». Ilox 50,     -     Nelson, 11. C.
Union   Label   on   every  Qarmenti
NELSON. 1!. ('
^6*«#e««(6*«««*W1*«'8««««««-e«e«««*l!«'8«.««e'8e'8(8(f   t:-::-: f ■'
Yniir ('ili/riis
I.A.sT  ll l-:sl).\V IS  KA-'il  MuNTHi
,1   W. II..-.. President.
I)   CASH 1,Ii.1. •*-',-,,-tiiry.
I'.II.M   Ml l.l;l.h, Tleus.nel.
I Iclivi'iv.l lllll
II Int-t> iii town.
i-oit  The  next :)o  days  \ve  vvii i,   Giv r,
20 per cent, discount
pen easn .....
(in  Clothilig,  I'uii.isliiiiv-,  I',....!-.  BlioPR, llutN iuul  C'uprti
In Groceries  we"   PEFY  competition.
Wc will nol   I"-'   undersold.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co,
—      j  ♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•»■»♦♦♦♦''••-''♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•»♦*♦♦**>♦*♦♦♦♦->♦♦
♦ ♦      ~ » ~^—       *
Stovfe Lenl'lhs     1     ♦
Per Carl Load.
Poilo Rico
Lumber ('oi Ltdt
t\     o
:    ::
♦ 1   <■
IM-.i-e foiivaiil 1111 Vjiiii II, 1   1.1. foi
1 >
1 v HiilUrda* iiiur iin(" and
_ imm-ii In lie     reiii Hold  Mioieiue. , , r. ,,,,„. ,f    ■   ,.|, ...„u ,,,.     ii   u -
•        *   Mr   :h.n I   agai -i'i     ' *   «'";"""" '    L"  f^U C"  ' ^ '^
hfinu Hie  nuner-'   ijriavai ■     II    I l!   ";"' '" ■ '■""   •    ' •'     "
] [ und nek no* ledge ,,-, nl| 1   f em lum d
o            Tui-: lli'.uu.ii 1- |iui.lisle-d  e-
J totiialm nil th" ne"- of il amp,
♦ I! ,-n.s   pi..1 Vkah, -"J. II .i.i' Yh.iii, 81.
PXPEniF.,"- E
The Mutual Life LilsuPaucc Comjmin <»' N. \
1 Has Assets Exceeding $400-ono,000.
-.,,,,„. ,,,„„.. A i'.':!., in ii i- tlio nafi.8l investincnl known to nmii,
Cop'r"ht9B&h.    i     Cn.-li itiM'.-letl ill l.ilc liisiu'.iiii',' i-(M*'!i inn-'i.'.l ih.il    will
]SM&^^fi^&&i '    All sutwsHful buMinosH men uiii'i'y Ini'tn! niiinunts of lib
|.i,i«i,t\ IiiHi-ii ilir,.ilM.,*liii,ii n 1 ■'■ rm-ol'f ■ 1       1 ,    .1   •  i-       '1 , 1 •
.,,,fi..iii-ita,wiih.iat«fljM,a.ii."  . iii-mMini',    ll provnleH ftlr tin! laniily, proteets u limn 111  In-'
SMUfiC JlWCl'iC-ltn.      old ngn, and ptnlccis hi- ..1I1.'I' inv.'si ul-     l'<'r-   imii-% on
*«l»MniWfl>SSSi '-''':'!*^   iiny form of lift' insumnce npply toi
I    1   i-i t jrnll it    1w ll -
Percy t  (il€ Local Plfleni '      WATCH    SALE.       j™ l!L™ <■■'
\\ e are selling watches i Iml will prove to bo 0, Iv.   in every
respect,    A good Elgin Watch.
7     Jewel*   in    Nn-
C use    -.- 7.00
11 9.00
" 12.00
I I 00
" is. oo
1-. W. Wi'lih,..-,,,,.
Mia   Cume.
HI 'I.I.IIA,.,;   AM,    IN-I II AM ,.
I'i icy .1. Id,, /er.
:.: I, ii iu.
.!. Im Pliilheit.
1   I    :      UOOIIS     ,',M>     '.KM *    | I   I. •• il-1 ' I M ,-
I     I). Oiinipliel'.
1 -. -1'.i i-... .Jobbing i o.
New i;i ,'. . ...
Wiiiiiiin t:inii.
I). Caniphi'll.
li* -llii- ,\    .bibbing   ( ',,.
S   II. Seaney.
           __________________ tiowiiopiiliiuii—Julie lireiiu.
~ ~~      * H'cLeutl lions.'— l-'i„l,iv,,Mol,eoi|
Colombia, Sou til America, produe-   (say 8) 2 per ton or less),   it   hus   iet      Miller Iluuse—.S  Muler.
pd in gold  during    1903   $2,000,000 I been considered aa a silver oie, but  it     I'niaee-Tiilt & Rmliiy.
It-has remained at about this amount   is valued on account of  its   iron   und i    ,••'",7 "V ',,    nL'i,li,)ei,
U iihloil — buiiruo Coliuuu.
for the pust three years. minguneso content as a   llux    in    tbo       Vmir— .1. W, Mn-tir-on.
TJio Straits Settlement, from Vbicb •,moltcl'8'   •',l11""^11   tilt:.   silver   may l'aoies   itiim.siiimi   and   jiillinhii
comes most „f tbo world's  produeiion 3 'vlmt UUS '' lllis Vill<"'    NVi-"''      All>' '''ll" >l'l-""li-
tbo ire ia sUlliciently: high in   manga- mining   hucoiiokk
Pure) J. (ileBKer.
'tins is a special salo und you should take advantiigo of it   now,      \V
ivatcb for examination, and If not satisfied ii can   l.o   returue.
ul ...ir expense.
Manufacturing Jewellers and Opticians.
NBLSOiN, 15. C.
To Fill Your Wants In  The   Following
Stationery,   Confectioneries,    Pipes   and   Tobaccos,
Groceries, Provisions, (tents Furnishings,
Boots and   Shoes.
We will clieert'iilly refund yon your   money   il   goods   purchased here nre nol as represented,
Prices are as low as any    in    Kootenay,    and    we
want your trade.
ot t.in, are in Eist India, a llritish
colony adjacent to tbe Malay peninsir
la, and bounded l.y die federated Malay stules They t'orui the islands oi
Singapore, the   port   und   territory ill
Ymir Transfer Co,
JACKSON .V u:\IIV. Props.
Teaming and
Express ....
uese, some of it is utilized in llie inan-
iil'iieture of s|,ien'elei-en, the I'Uillllity
so reported in tlie year 1003 baing
I I,'*-..',   tons, the  remainder, 179,-05
I lil.N'l I Nil
Herald I'liblishiii-j ( ii.
STA 1 l.iM.I.V.
I    M. Campbell.
Headquarters for Hining
and Commercial Men
Most comfortable hotel in the dis-
M.-.liieeu, und the   island of   IV ing.I '""■' -"""-*' '" ''"' sll"'lll'ls f>>*' Huxing      s. II. s.-' y
I      purposes
The total   area i- 1,'JHi square nn
and a population of  572,249,   mainly      Hi tbe making uf barbed wire, four Harshaiv & Wilson.
-,,,  . ,      .,    , ,„, , . , .111,-,,soil  iS    l.'-illlV,
Chinese und   Malays,    Ihe  colony is coils of «'i"o carried on reels are placed ,\.t-s   (),|,i,,,
adiniuisiered by a  governor  residing back of the   barb inacbine.    Tbe wire i m,i inaki u.
Ail   orders   promptly   attended t.
ui,d llie greatest care exercised in iho|tr*ct"    Everything first-class,
 idling of g Is KMIH-   B. C.
ui Singapore
li is generally known thai lighten
'ing striking the ground, sometimes
forms lull,-, lined with fused minerals.
In April lust, during i thunderstorm
in Kssus., ningland n hull of lire, whieh
from two spools  serves   i<>  form   thu      William Clark
strands, nnd  the   wire from il titer
two s| Is is used for the   hurl..     The
two slrand wires, thut nre heavier
than the others, ure led I,el ween u'
pair of  friction wheels  und  drawn In
■ ■ _.. —,-.,.
('I.I.T'IU      II. OF iMI'lloVliMK.N I -
seemed i" oast darts in nil  directions,; proper tension    They are then met by I ' ones.
Was seen to descend  from tlio clouds, I t-'ie two other strands, which  are   led  .. ~TT, "~,     ,  ,, ,
. . ,       , Hiiyonne, Oxford   Maiylatul, Dulewarc
There was a crashing  explosion,  and  m transversly, one on cither side,   ,Vt   Cnlunihnu  Ohio, Kentucky, New  Jer-|
nl'ten. :n il, iii   an oat-field,   three dis*. stated i rvuls of  a   few   inches,'acs^ey,   Virginia   and   Illinois     Mineral
li,,,-, sets of  holes, ranging from nino cording to the 8pncing of the  barbs, ^^ZiZZL 'of "\Ve.t TooS.mJ
Inobos doffn to one  inch in diameter,  pair of revolving fingers catch tho two iiuiriut.
were  found   in   the ground.      They I btil'b wires and  givothetna  twist  us Where loeaied:   On   North   fork   ol
were perfectly circular, diminishing in I round one of the strand wires, und ut   *",'"","'.'''"',     ,,   ,  ,    ,*,,■,
i * " I      lAKt' Mnn i; lluil   I.    1' li deriek   *-.
iizu us they went deeper, and were out  tin' conel union of  the twist two  pairs CK'nietits acting as agent I'm- Frank U,
through tho yellow   ohly as  .'lenu   as of shears out tlie ends of   lho barb di« Hi-'!'".   Free   Minns  ,;,niii, uie   No.
,i      ,, ,, .ii I'..   bl,6D8    nml    lieoiee     Harrison
agona y,    hus   n .« , i-u,g  the  sbarn ,.      .,.     .  ,    ,.,.   ,  *.,    ,,  L,,   ,.,.
• I" I     *.,,.,.   Miuel s (,erlllle;lle No. Ii. Sl.'.'ili,
points -.. coinmon In barb wire.    T|ie bui-nil, ulxt) days from ihe dato her	
7" "Ti Vi" i      .-       ,-,  two wires  next   onss  downwardly-n*'to apply   lo the  Mining Itccordor lor
each nail mill can   produce from l.)0 | ' euriillcates   of   Improv mils, for the
.,„,       ., ,1.' .-   round nu  idler, nnd I hen   lu.i t/outiillv , ,    ,. ,,
to 500 nails per  minute,    in trout or.i •   purpose of oLiainlog Crown  giants of
,        , ■     • , i - -   ■ int.. ii combined winding and twisting ih,< ubove elauus
cneh inacbino is a  reel  upon which is " *  '■■*■ "'";'- ' ''••»'"•
.,   , {, ,   ,  , frame,    Tbo frame itself revolves on      And (uitiin   take notice Hint act	
a cod of steel  wiru    (' n« of the under seotlon 37, must be oowniuiieed
,   , ,, ,. | ii Ilorizonlu  axis parallel « lb tbo iiiu-! ,   ,      ,, ,        ,
«ne i*.   led   u,loth"   miirhiut' und, us ' ovtoi'o llie issiiiinco ol  such oortilicaiea
the  power is tur I on, the wi.'o be-  d,ino.' "'"* 8C,'vea ''-v ils  'ovolution t nproienie.il
,. ,, ,, i   i    tivist the two strands
gins to disappear through a small hole •
casting] iu,
Gold, Silvpr, or   Lea
I ,.~iU
(.'Inn ;es foi  oi in r metals on ai
Provincial Assayer
P.O. Drawer Al l.'l,   V.-lll!, B.C.
* * 4 * * ****** * * 44*** ♦•♦- 4 4 4* * *
* 4
\ Hotel Ymir j
: % — i
X        The Besl Menls X
4     ,\ntl Accommodation     t
♦• In Town. *
A line selection ofWinc
I.i(|i!(,i's ;iii(l Ci^iirs.
W. MAS'|'KKS(»,\     I'
augur boles.
In the mniiufaolure of -steel   nails
;t************************ *
llll'.Ml    \NI>  SALTI-'.H MEATS
Wholesale and llotail
Mail orders receive prompt attention
in ll inssiVo  vei ii
Will, u rapid  succession of  blows,   u
stream of finished wiru nails pours out      .. ..     .   ,     ,      .        .,   hC,., .
1 ,     Nutico it. lierooy given that Nivan
of the side of  the   mac due into  snlull
iron b-i.ves,   ,sn   pi,n:d  us to  receivo
tliem.   Tir  finished   .mils nre  blian j ahiniigpi* of tlib CohipuHy Ht Ymir, B.
t'unveved in  revolving iron cylinders,   C.| has been substituted th.- Attorney
known us  rumblors,   where thoy are  of  ''The Ymir Gold Minns, Utnitcd,'
Companies Act, i<S(>7.
Noihe in hereby given that Sav
iu!i  -loiniso,i  Speak,  resident   Mb
llnleil  lllis Bill du>      ut   AugUSt,      li.Ol
V. S. ('U-'MKN IS. .Nelson, ti, 0,
l-.illed over   und
beiu'.'   throw
uid thu'   i he former mbstituiion  of \
II. I! Milieu I has been revoked,
I-.lied October 2!Hh, 1904,
••s  V. Wootton,"
lleii *i r ir ,,f Join! Stuek (loinp mil
utiaiust  e.i.ih  oiher  und  against  ihe! .    ,     ...     .   . ,   ,,
•**■**.'"" IS.eluud .Me,ill   Ativater and   "em
hides of ih ■ eylinddrsi receiving -. high
The mime punliee i-- appled lo  ihe
loose,   spongy,  cellulari  <r  frotldikiij
parts  "!' I,.. .. -.'.'I ;.l'-'. to ii  voh aide
iwli, which in, luili • thu lim r detr tus!
Unit   is ejeeled   ill   111,111)' t'l Upl iollH,  und
i-, often  depo litbd ... considerable di
i,tunes,    Poi  i ''iniiK i-i il puthice hoi h
Ihe solid l-iiek   lllld   the   Wllcillliu   II -h
ure mined,    Iv oi- ...• deposits of M.I
panic ash  are  knoivn  iu  Nebraska,
w hiell   n,"   lll'ltilable   il"   il    'oiiie ■   of
I,undue,    Iu the Ilitwiiiinn Islands el
m, there uie largo imniilllii ■ of | nine e
v.hieh could readily  supply  ihe  de
iininil of this eo.iniiy if ii   - oilld . "in
I, ie with th • imported nvitei i il   rum
ice Blond vuri."t  considtM'ubb  in grain
nnd hardness, and this fact hus led to j
experiment* being earn. 'I on   with a!
•,;>■«■ fo producing an at lillcial pumice
stone.   Suiih a proddcl is now tu um
fur-lured quite cxtUnsiveljl by  a  thi
in.in coiiipuny.
Iu mining silver nfe in the state
i f Colon,do. considerable ipiatttilies ,.i
lua ure obtained which contain
varying amtiunts of iron, inn, g in. i
Und»IWer,    When the percentage   ol
|}„. hist ui. tnl is t ill.II   I"   '.'"Ic
il,,, mineral vnluablu as ,t '.:..•. ore,
,1,,! |., I,, pay the sinelting eliargw
„,„; |,„-,„ u sulllcloiil lalun reinitinlng
lis r'.'ltnbursciiiont for milling exponsc*
Not every kind ,.( ,in(>
seems in keeping on a \
inan's liand.  Out .Sinnel
FiiiiKS   however   ate   al
once handsome and characteristically masculine,
o.,, ,,,",i.,,, i i,u, ,,■.,.*.
.,--.,,,,.. - ,„,,, ,i, nt-
  hr»,    M , I ..,.1.1 	
ItlgUI •'.,HI,.- - " .-  -I-
A special Gold Signet
Kin;: icl with Bloodstone
is No 177(C) nt $7.Q0.
RVUIB iii>os.
"UIAMONII ll.1l I "
T< • \\'.\i i i;i; .1. Ill ri11ks, or any
oiher | ersoti io «In -ni he innv have
transferred bis interest in the Meadow
Link mineral claim, situated on
Wild Morse creek aboul -even miles
from ihe town of Yniir, in tlie Nelson
Mining Division of West Kootenay
District, und recorded in the liouoi'd*.
er's olliee for the Nelson Mining |ii
i Isiun,
You uieI en'
f   vi,   un-   I....•bv!     Cmu-iOOts ,u  N,.| ,„, with ll,,-   |>. II,
,   , '    \ N.  Co.   lor   Kaslo  nnd   K. un.I S
ii'.iihe.l i l,:.i  I have exnen. ed sovenly
1 J    p'lIllls.
"|V-  dollars   nnd   eighty sove s,    Connoots ut Curlew with  stage for
(■»7,',.>7, in labor   and  improvements Greenwood and MidiVay, li, 0,
u| ho above mineral claim In order     Uuflet  cars run on trains in'twi-en
 ..hi siime und,.,' ii„- provisions   of '*["'■';'"'■ »nd  l;:'p"hl'"
' . II   A. -IA( KMlN
the Mineral Act, und it ulihin   nine- Uunernl Pasioligel" Agl.
ty dill's from the dull'   of   this   in,tie.' Spokane, -iVasli.
you fuil or refuse to buiilribtito your
portion of expeiiilitiire, together with
nil costs of advertising, your Interest V/'Mlli LODOB,
in s,,i,l claim "ill become the pro ' * .. M|,«l," l'"'vl "
perty of the subscHbbr, under sbctluti
I of uii in t enlith'il ''An A.-l It)
' Amend the Mineral Act, 1000," ,
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
'I1 ho Ollly    all   rail    loule    between
'iuit,ts east, West mid south to Lloss*
land, Nelson,  Grand  Porks and Republic,    Bullet cars run between Spo
kiltie lllld Northport
Effuotivo -l.lll.' 1 I'd:. 1008,
Leave           Daily Train AnIvn
8,46 a.m         Spokane ii. Ifi p.m
10 |0 H.I11        KoBilnnd -l.Sfi p.m
D.82 a in              Yniir .'> 8fl p 111
7.'-'ti inn          Nelson 7.80 pdii
'. 1 i.'ln ii iu     Grand forks I nn p-iu
8.80 ii.ni         llcpubllo 0.IA p.m
     SAVE  TIME.
\a.TJIj    THE     TIjVCE
NULSON & l'l'. SHKI'I'Altl) KV. GO. | ....    ,S,N(,
V.  V. .v K   KV. & N. CO,
nd Groat Northern, Northern (Pacific
and O. It. & N. Co.,   for  points  oust,
wesl    nnd   .south ;  eontieels   nt    Koss.
laud and Nelson \tilh   tlie  Canadian
I'ueilii:   liililsvnv.
.Meets   I I'll ill   every   llltil'llillg
eNeepi Sunday, for freight
nnd passengers for ifinlr
mill. By special orders on
Sundays. ()v for y"unr mine.
5-uatt*       Tacoma
St. Paul,   Chicago,   Ni*\V
Ywrk, and
SLKKPhlls     I1UFPET,
hilled ut  Ymir, II. C, this '.'!l    iluV
of Octobtl   Hull.
Mill ..<...<:.«:. No M    ,,.   r.|   L1BHAUY   CARS     A|(H)|,,,N
nd    third    Mnn*1
iy-. of in in.li
\isitiiu;   brothers   welcuiHo.
Wm. Coii-kv, ('. C,
Cnttwm i' ooniiin, K It. s.
Best   Meals  on   Wheels,
Mi.Ai.s a   t.\  PA.IITB,
MRS.   J.   McLEOO
I'ltsl    Olliee    Slni'e. V.MIII   Pius-i Au-m .'.
s.\M  Mll.l,i:i;. Prop S| lal   I2xour»lon   llaten
To World'* Pair, St. Louis
ilefitl.niiileis for Millilig Mi'll , Yoilr Choice of tloillo,
ror rati t, roltlitrt nml lull hiforniuilol!
Illir     •ll|'|'iled      With     l)C*.l     hi   lllds  llf ' ll L'.'.dil.e  ||t|,s,   e;|||    ,,,,    ,,, ■   :••*<! |-| -.    ..,'
-,ii„,-s, i,i,u„is und eianrj aguiilof the 8. I'. „N. llnilway or
II. A -lACKso.'v       ll. lilt AN 1)1'
| CI''  iS I'' A ... I'. H T   \
y,||u   „   p fiO VV,  Il'vei-M"   VVO Hp*,k'.UI.
# !


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