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The Ymir Herald 1904-10-29

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 ■b^b pip3   WPlflSR^i   i ii^BAfcf%%
V..i.. I    Nl
I,,-,  BASK11   -J    W.   It.is- *).     P..     Ill
■■llie liill ilallih.-r" is filing to bin
a haul lime to I'ulliil all liis -, l,-,.-tio
Y.\lll{,  I'.. ('., SATURDAY   U< Tol-Ki; •_'.). UIO-I
I he Ymir Mini;.
"^'v-w^ - Pkk i: I' IVK  I K.NTJ
A    LOSa  to  V ''It.'
Hiieeatiion tu   du   business   v. ,i
gh i'i implicit confidence iu his
iii    {inn.
Ijiv Ore in 100l)-fo()t    l^evel. |  Heath of •], \V. !.'.--.-I. 1'.   jj.v.    lie passesf uu- midst   will
\    I'liiioo'i-    if tin> Ban unblemished   reputation,   an.I   i..     „,,    ..     -, ^^^__
IA    lU"!  "      '   " |„„;„„'la lihtlso place i,  - l".«.N».titr ay,,,, tlm   \> ,
I own.
On Tuesihiy last, Ymir *.i|!p*rjil ' 1. - g
lo-s uf one ol' i'.s most prominent men,
me to «!u:-e une|.^y art.,   shrew,|n iss
linupcl  is the jiiiginei't- (or   the    West
Mrs. Franks, ,,„,,hc, of U,s.    Wil  j Ausl|,liilln Go|f]fi(i|(,s Co,     L,|t,   w|„,
limn Clark, leaves for thp   ens)    pexl
Monday* Yr,,ir (',,   and upon hit, report   |isi|ii|*
Rpnx A daughtci. , to the wife of Iy depends the  plan   of  development
W, 1!   DeWitte, ,|i Yniir, Wedne-sday.| for the iipinediitte t'utur,'.      On   this
ivn the punt roi of lho   stock   of   thclfering from repeated attacks of  u-ui
'heuiniitisni, passed aivav iibui|t    5:301
i. in   ou the '..'Vh, inst ,   the    in, I-u
ate cause of death being*,!  Ittsiun   ufn
ilh October, I oacasiuti wo believe that Mr. FJooppr'sBihu brain     '('be end was lot.illy    un-l
I'llni   Mcleod   and    Mitchell  Tan  l'ppor* will bo  decidedly   encouragiiiglexpectfid, atuj altluntgli   the  deceased.
it o-.v,., a ere.it. .leal.     Mr, K—     iv 1
hud for some lime bi-pn    lyi'iltly    -nf-]
wrrc out, down the line, after  grouse
and deer this week.
Dr. Pol,city Las given up bis office'
en Second Avcniie, and  henceforward
w ill reside al lie- hospital,
oral items of the   utmost    intri-Huad been c.u,lined to the house for
.-si und importance. Iiavp reoontly   be-l'liiy of two previous, hi   spoko   cheer
known       Firstly,    the   Klrikelfully of being about Man in a day  ...
mull' nn iiie upper   level   somo  tiun
ago, has, ii appears, not    been   over
.tin,-ii,-'!, and is. iu itself a   gui.run-
WO.      | le leave- a wife    ale!    soil     to|
nuurt) hi*, loss, besides his son's   fan
Iv. and with llii-iu llie'wliolc town   ot|j
l'l,,- I',,,!,, !!,,,, Lumber   Co,,   ex- | tee of better profits than ,!,„-,- uf ,„,-|Vn,.r feels the loss „f ,,„-. -,1-u in   ull| 'ZZ'Zlu '.'..' nX,,','.'th- funeral ' h-' ! ^".J! ^ZZZZ''''"Z '.'.1". "'
i-uiplilied the. popular   feeling   at    the   ny ptecemlitig months.    This   uro   Julius dealings, c minded   the  respectg
death uf Air   Uo»v,   by  ulusing  rlown I being shipped crude to   the   s i eiter Hind confidence of   his   fellow citizens.!
i!„-ir works, ,.ii the afternoon   of   the-So. Ily, uii the (jOO foot level,   e-|    Mr   Ross was born ill LS-|i in    tliij
,, 1,.  j,,   Ui-,ler   thai    the    employes ore of much higher   grade   ihau   lhe|tow'iisbip   of    Vailghan,   county     ofg
might attend the funeral ser.'ice, | usual run of tho mill  stuff   has   beenjVurk, Untario,    At an early   ago  beg
mine js In l)e extenileij, to ,, -i-.-
tho No ll tunnel lo tie: null.
hard indeed lo fill
The funeral sej-\ jee   tool;    i-laeii .^M
||     in    on    Wednesday   afternoon,       Twu diHerciit panties uf ejpei-ts,
l'h" pall-he.irer*, »  M,.--1 ,.  Ail.in     ports examined lho Queen   und    ','
-"ii, |!uel;wii,th.   Campbell,   ljlei|/.er,    lowstouo   properties   at   Salmo    i in
Ki'ijiis ,*u,il Se.-ini",-,    ami    tin;  collin   week,
was followed f|'oni the IJnss   residence
io ihe Presbyterian church, by a lung
proccstion including nearly id I tlio
'itizens of Ymir.  The funeral seni)un
Mr. A, II. Kelly lias pi-.n-luv-.ed th
I remains of the old Tniunruc truniwi
| for the [luliance Ggl'l    fining   Com
..us    preaehed    hv    the    llev.     I'.aer, I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
.\Ieihoili-*t, Minister of Nelson   who ini     There have been active dealings   i
tbe course of his remarks refiirred    lo   tlio stock of the   Hquter   \'.   duriin.
ihe fact   till,   |,e lirst   lljet   the   I lie     ,1.     the past   week,   the price  ljavi,|g ll    di
W. llu*,-, eighteen years ago, tlio   oc- ; cidedly upward tendency.
■a-i'in being tbe funeral of his  broth
•1'.       .\fter  [lie   -el - iee      llluil her     pl'i-
- ssinn eseiu ti .1 the casket to th>'  de
put, w hence ii was taken un i!
A strike is reported on   the   Lo ■!
Buy group two miles   north   of   t i
; Arlington mine,      A    new   lead   I
ni- from Rob. . linn's    funeral    est ib-
consid, i ible w idtli.    Tin- owners
lisliuicut iu
Nelson 'I,,' folio., ini! day
• a.in-of S100  per  season   "ill   beI     Wai.ijoiif    Hothl:—Bryant    Bell
niyl>C{(.(| | Krie; George Nunn wife and daughter
. .     ' Nelson: Cm. Wollle, Spokane.
Since the   last    cuurt   ut    revision
,        ■.lCi^"      ,,1,1,-d   io       Ross HoUsm-J.W. Matsim, Nel
there have b. en -.1   names   iidued   to
,.       *   ,      \-   •     ,.-i . a, , .,i : son:-I. It. MeKenzie, Spokane; S.    I'.
ii„- voters list nt the   i mir   I'-leetorai •   . .
, i-    ,- ,.   i ,,-« liorn   MeL'ougilll,    Sun,lon:     Alex      Kelly,
)>-<>,ot.    As no obicctions haie necn
,   ,   ' ,, |  ,|„.   Bosshiud; .1. A    (i Neil,    Kelson;   .1
i n-ed lo mi. iii those mtiiies, and  tin •
i   i - i -    ,- ,      ;    ,„,..-   McArthur. Northport.
lime tor   lodging   objections   is   now ,
unst, ull these names will be added to      Cosmopolitan    Hon:,.:     A.     Mel
ll„. Ibjt after llie next court which ' is calf, Krie;   J.   Johnstone,    Krie;   II
u„ the*Gth of November,      None   of [stior, Sulmo; E    McArthur,   s.ilin,,:]
these new voters will have the    privi V   P. Rand, Nelson; M    I). Clements,
,,,.,,,-   vutfn*"   al    the   iippi-ouching Whitewater; .lohn Hall, Krie;    Itufu.s
,.',. tion   however,   us    lho    new    lists Cox, Nelson
will nut issue in time, Mcl.nut, Ho'ri'.t,: -A.    M.   Mowuti
Miintieal; -1, C McDormid, Muiitri
In ,,,iiM'ii.ien-e of tie-de.'.lh    of   -I ^a.,*.....................************************************,
I . , I Claude    I'ldiiier,   Svrucuse;    C      I).
W. Ituss, the   dunce    which    was   to ■
I ( aniens   ."-v i touse;   L.   A,   llephurn,
i,m in, ti„> •.'•ui. ni-i.. ii\ i...      _."       ^^b      mk^m
lho  council    for    Raililiain   township
^■^H   ,      ,     ,, leneounti'iei . whieh   wil    oreatll     in Sunned to   Kan,I,am   town-hip,    u hereU
Governor Macintosh, the Conservu- «       ■        | a
ere.ise   the   mill   I't'lurils,     Thud v,She spent his early manliood, ami   lirsl
live candidate, will go down to Salmo       ,      , . ^^
, ,        , .,, , and per nips must iniportaiil ot u
lis morn ng (Saturday  and will   re- '       ■ ' . , „
\ . .      ,,     the fact that pay ore   has    been   en-B tihed with many industries, and where!
turn hero on the 'evening   train   the , , ; ,     • -,   i ,    i 1.1
...   countered on   the    lnoti   foot    eve .Eover bo was domicdeil took an   activcfj
-nine Hi v.     In the   evening   he    will t . ,-   ,     ,      ,v •    B
.   .      ,, This is the point upon wideh tho ultis! part, in the conduct of    local   u|luis™
meet tbo supporters ot the   Lonsorva- ' I '
."      . unite fttturo of lho inino depends, undBlio was for several terms a meiiioerol
live party ... i our.    He will  he   ...- , ,       ,
.   , ,    ,, ... . , ,    ,,     ,   iihetaei that pay ore, ..III,...."I. s,, tm*
niimpauicd by Harry \\ righl   M.   u ,' ; "
j of uiidetennine.l extent, hus been i n-
j'ounler.-il, is one of ilu,   must    inipol'-j
A new coal-burning     furnace   l"»s  timt items of news not    only   to   ihe*
been ordetcd for the   Ymir   Genci-al , V|iii|. (Mrk{ |l)o|H,| ,)U| ,„ ,,„, ^^^J
11,,-pitai to replace the wood   burner I* mining iuiere,is of the L'rovin,
pow ill use,     The hoi air    pipoi   no-v 	
installed will be  connected   with the B^^^^
new furnace   The cost of  the  new I Hotel Arrivals. |
ir-lnlhi'.ion uill he about and a B^B^flflfll
Ymir Rifle iiri.^a.L'.
The following ': >l l;i\>-s   tho   score
Ballingor and MeBvuy.
lto'.vlev and   And.'!—in    « ho    h I   •
: the contract on the Yankee Gii 1 shut',
have been obliged to I'uil.,   being   un-
I able to handle the water fas'.,    etiotlti I
ni|v,l|i..' spent ins eariv man in, aim   nrst| . -" •    I without adequate pumpinff iniichineri
1,   is|emburked  .,sin,-s.    lie was iden g'"'1 llve'^M  ':  ' ■ "'" I"1'""" -1'" "    T,„. ,jmfl ■„ ,,„,,,, ng f et, the botto -.
ul, biuuehl down to I'liursdav night.   .  .      ,,    , . ,        ,
] ocitig all a high grade ore,
|u the scores   which are   appended i
hereto the-eon-i-,   taken   per   round       Mr. Kd-vard Hooper,  tl insult.
for the 'Ji.ii \.iid rango, a- each round | ing engineer of the Yniir  mine,   wli >
unsistetl .it seven shuts,, or a possible
ue! was active  in   looking  after   t|K.|total of 35 (suven bulleyes).    I'or tin
interest! of the district, with which he
is also personally    interested    in    | ■
Ilunli r V   mine, paid a visit    of    ii
was identified.    He was president   oil
lho Auiicultural Society'of his  town-■*■*•*-)•'■ "'' ""' Mm* ' 'i'"' "f ~!""s' | Pro8«« wl,id ' boen ,|,i"1"
hip, n society   whieh   ainounted   t-
nothing bcfoi'O he t .ol. hold of il,   1 ut
luring his presidency bcoiimo a great
success, and a distinct factor    ill    the(Hoss
00-yaril range the average   is   taken I spection to the  latter   property,   and
per-.hot,  as   the   rounds   were   not | w'iw very agreeably surprised   at    tl
prosperity of tho district. In tin
grain buying business he wis very
n.iees-fiil and built up a COIlSidernbll
business, at Nellls Comers, beside;
luiiducting the farming business bo-lp-m
pieatbed by his father,   Jn 180?   hej|{eefi
-old our. most of his interests    in    th,
H-i,st. and came west, finally es,ablish-H
fling himself in Yniir, to  whieh   pluc.
tl e (,.i.< City Mandolin   Club   »-,-
in d mil ii Kiiveiiiber llrd.      M r,
r leader ,,f the N'!-,,n   Mundii-
( Hub al-"  teaches   M todnlin   and
Ne! ; Chas,   A.
Irown,    Sp, kan
l^uittir,  ■-.,
i   ihnsn   desiring   I"   tnk,
.1. Campbell, Sul ; .1. C  Carriitlicrs
Nelson; liny  I'.-iiiii.   Nelson;   .1.    W
Acknian,      Nelsun;    Alex     Thomas
Nelson; I!. II    Huwdeti,    Van iver
•I   N  T.i\lor, Turonti).
io was shortlv nfter  followed   by  his|
wife ami  son
Since I S97 In- has been one ..♦'   tl
no-t prominent citizens of this   bowu,H
ml the ejeperienco which ho ucquii
n lho east in the conduct of local af-I
fairs, has been used repeatedly for qui
benefit here,    Ifc took an active   interest in tbe public affairs and to   lib
•iVoris Ymir owes much, in   i he   im-
elprovemeiit ,-f ii- nulural resources   ns]
i tow n*ite.     I le was ihe prime   inov
■r and ol'gani/ter of the   Ymir   wiiiei-B|,',,||,,,|,,|.
rorks, a  Kiiccesuftil    ileal   utile,'pi i-<*-HI,<-ii<->i
he  SU, I'i-.- (if whirl,   is alllios,     entile gl j   Q|-„W0
le-s.,,,-. call inal.e ill rilllgeiiien  s    will ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
|,jnl| ni tlie M. Le id Hotel p.irl'ir,   on —	
'>'""      '■■■   l""1        ,'rl,UJ'-       "''      '^      "^ Tlie   , lie,, II ,s.,l ■,!,-   ,.„,,.,    V    ul
dreeing, general delivery,   Nel I.    ,(,Mvi,   U)|(1    -^.^   {.       ^
C     I ■' *""'■ "" '  » V1""';- I „ postponed for ii    week       It    i
'flip liielivsl  quotation    mi    Homo said that the Activ.'Co    i   now ovine
.■ ,|...     Mining   Company,   of   South jug a disposition lo settle up.
|ukmn, in the history of   the   C  	
I anv was iu 1001,    when   tlm   slock
k(,|,l „t*?101 per share      The   lowest        I'.ro chief Culft*y has prepared   thi
pi i,*e at whieh ii I ia" sold iii tlm   past following signals for handling the til'.
I,ui vein's was $10 pet share lit    In.H alarm:    Steady   ringing    means   fire.
|i. present market value is   •<-".-.    pei
Tl,,- years    if   great, st    dm-
. in" stroke (pause, two   h iki - (pause)
llirce strokes, means u   rail foi  help i
The possible total i- li.e per -hot.        '. his lasi visit      lie is confident   of    i
g'-eat future before ibis property.
(00 1 Ull. IIAMiK, '      '
Hounds. To'l Score. Aver,       \ ,|,,,| [s deported  he   Behnoi I
1-5.3 (.i-oup al Waneia   ow ned   by   -I.    I
17.4 Vi-,,,iu illeetors   of    customs,    and
10 others.    The claims aro bonded to  It.
'•'•- A. Abraluns of Seattle, and are   - ,i i
I" to be very promising   properties,   a--
■*■ saving iu high as .'inn ounces of silver
0 o besides gold and copper.      They   m
■'. -10 -iiuiled about ,1 mile and a half   ti" a
I". -'*'■-. th,- railway track,   and   seven   miles
■i I I '-■' ' from ihe   Nut thporl   smeltei'.      Tl ■
5*1 I I bond i- foi six month i and   c ill-   f ,i
59 19.(1 considerable development   work   dm.
'•'" ing thai  pei iod,
Gleazer 7
Archibald •"
M, Campbe'l I
Buckwortb ■".
I)   Mel. I -'I
I'eolie 7
Alexander In
Young I
Newitt. It
J   Campbell I
Will-low 1
Mel I I
Cofley -
|0. Boyer I
Seaney 1
I, IV Davlos I
Widilow -ou ',
I'.i it I
■J ll
i i
I•'•■"•       A bar of iron valued r.l five ilolliu
'•' when uianufiictnred into various arti
-'     ' ,-Ies i- In ii,*.-1 enormously in value
I'' Thu-, ii lies tu the value of ■** I i   ■
'■■ he made from ii.    If pun-knife blad. ^
I '•' he made of ii they « ill !«•   valued   ai
I I $3,000, and .t    b ilaiicn   springs   f u
' ' wtttcbos, .-"J  i. le.i too   high    ,
I-'-"'     value.
v du,- tu the close cure ami attention
," ,|e,oted I,, i. Tu I im also, i- due
le-1■-! iblisbiiient of lho Ymir Civi>
i ui Kill" Hiigade of uInch lin win
iiiptaiii, and one of   tho   crank-shots,
Vt   ill"  lime of Ids 'I" till  he     w.|-    ids,
redid, nl of the Ymir -'ilincus Asso-
lialion, and of llie l.'-'il Liberal   As-
."i-i.i1 ion, and one of il," largi.'sl  hold-
i - of Vmir real estate.
In polii'.-. Mr. II' -   Was a staunch
K'llllS  .1    mil   1",    help  |i tj;
i  "    w Inn    'll-i 11,_      lllllj
ilcnds were   l*<00     I!"1"   and    1001
i-     i  .  i      ,       , I ,.   handle    I i'"   I
.   „ |,   e:i   .   year   dividendi    in   llie
„.„.uii,l of   .    dollar- 1"   "bare   wen    -    ing il up ifu-l '■"
I   . ,      In 1002 live do , u    was   paid,
,,, , in   101) I    Ih h'l sirs,    mid    u
,, will be   |     I   I'or    1001 UllUliCII   SOTK.'K
; .,     lend    .i" paid    m ■- ' lilj    "I    -'n   I',,., . ( 'pi lii ii     M ,i i ii i ii :
:     ,,,        ,   !■■ al  pi ■    ll I he   lo i
,.., |   i|      lock h i-    I. '"'I ed   "in.'.
i .i    III  M.il'li |  'l | | hen
pie-   -■    ii-ly IIU'.'I i i.l.
■   : .        ..II.,    i I-,   •   i   ml      I
Kvening -ei vie, i  . '•      ', mu i    IV
Pelhnm            I I
P, Daly          2
."ll... \  11(11   II .Vol
Shots. Sew,,
KO-S                              II Id
I   Campbell     (1 0
11. Keefe       37 ''■ '
Peor.o             30 OH
Vlexander      Hi I-"1
Parr                l* -'
Win-low             li
Liberal, und a strict party man,   KothH.,   .   . ^^_
n the l/isi and iii Yniir here, he ..n-l,,,'.
ii    every   election,    u   active   •'uiu-ll ■    . -,   , ,       ,-
■Arcbibnlil       I ,
.aigiier and sledfasl    lo   his   coltvic-B,,   ..   '  ,   ,,
g\|  ( atnpoell    -I
, -     (if him il may be  said,   that,
a   liberal     worker,      I"     gail,ed|i;   MeU-od
,,d       held    ll "'..   of   the   op
 ni. uf l hai   pal •'.,   - qually    will
I, ,i ,,: i       ■ In, renl -.   end    lh.il   I
LI Mil I'll'll I" llll       -'■  II "i      I el -otillij*!
,.,,, ng .i.H i -I llilll .'i   | nl- i 'Hi
i    puigi :   'i
Ml,  (loss I, IS |    '    l| oi    as     ||
I icul Ciimul I    III o.    and
'•*',. ,i iii 11 tho pru that  I
«    Leouc, Ale* ii- let and 11 "■ '
„ Ml to 8111.30 n share-     The   con,-   '"" " ""'' 1    - li-n   '    '■    "'  '   •   '  - "  I,    ,,-, ;i,.   ,    -. ,     in,|    |,      .
,. paid in    divi li  -       to   d-il      " ^o'clock.     All nru   vol,        llev nul.l hold his, in   in    evel*. I   ,  ,.,,,,,,1 al t|l(, ;, „   ,    .,.,,. -     "  '   "
.'j   ",    .,   . ■ |".su|.:, ni. II   Voung, M, A., l'.wlol'. |..raiisaclioii, whilst ml tlmso who   h"l|„i'^. | hastened,
Hughes 5
Voung I
I. i:.-ti 21
iu wo .
Widdnwsuli     II
Vudei sun
Poghorn   /Vline.
^'■''r Con Wollle, i' up. riliti'lideiil
tin, Kuglioi ii, iu an inlei ■ lew  » ilh l .-
"II mi Il.ll" in Ol    I Olllll I   "'I  till   illlpoi
' ''-'   i nice of il." i" -.-nt strike on il     I'  .
" -   , hoi n     The shaft is .low ll   ",'.   fI 11    ' li
'•' '   the new  bi d,. and the bottom     u li
' ''"   i, eight feel « i le, i    ill in high   ,'i
ore     More imp irlun •" -lill the  - um
2 '» i
_ ---I  I>.- been vei ed   iu   I
., '
., ,,-.   -I: ifl u00 f.   ' ill i   un   ! i ■   portal      •
I ,; .   tin     long   in ni
■  '   :     Ml I       i I'be
I ll
., ,.,.  - ctm ■ me so i
f oo i getii    'irk wi   h   i     •       .
I hi' w- i 111 el I I ■ ■   i ■ .   ,
;  I -•    put  I, unci        .'•! i     \V
o,       out^BHaB^BBHaa^HII
during ihe KfMMil
THE YMIR HERALD!' ""' " '''■ ,,;|l,,,,,i-" Li
     _          of tin-eamp     Inflict tin-   production
,,.,., if .1 i ,, di table sheet i- lo llu; interest
I'i li It-li, 'I i-vurv s .,.,.-.i,.. um] i„„ i,. ,1,> |
., lie**. ..r l.lio T.-1 l-> .-:.rri-i- in -■ ■-.-.:, Ilf UVCiy   l/o.!v   wilohai     ll     fll'llll/'     ill-
.-:. .,*.-r-|.ii"ii- C'.'./, i "i  iliinuiii,  ; "i; :.:■■■, ■■■,  | Vfstwl i.l I he "in,p.     M.o;   i, ' i -. hauls
. happily ypry few in Ymii 1 in e „pl to
•''•"'"'-"■-■'■■'"■   !!"" >'r ll."1'' '■ " ' [think .lu.i Ij.eir business ,-   iitllieje.it-
: :n    io.,i',;, mm i... i,,i,i   ,r,,in   .,
.-.-.|-.,;.t- in ii;.,
lin ul ttoin Um "il
i 'otiuii'-rtuiil  I'l-iiiiiiii-  i.i   .■ ■ -
lulu: ,,u il,.. i.e-iiil-..- „i. ., ,„.|„i i , i; ....
i-i iin-'o I, ii] thi
lil.i.-Al.li    l'l lll.lslliv:    , OMI'.W
I\  well k,,o« n tu I heir customers t llllt J
I hey   need   lipl   lldvel'l i.o  III      I III       ii Oil
.,., shcol The. forge) thai lho newspaper is the "lea! :.■ I\..■ i i .-.-I of the
camp in general, and ji u pi)*, llie
tif.porl of all those w hose interests
ire ideal ic.ii u ith iho-e of ! he camp.
I'hose lybo do no*; advertise (and we
I speaking in a general sense, and    are
SATURDAY, QCl',  29, 1001.       without reference fo any ip,IHid,„d in
_____     I ' !
this  pariieular    pump)    are    allow ing
Literal - Conservative Candi-' .hose who do, to p,,*, for  their share
dales for Parliament.        »f advertising ti|e camp, without con-
I Iribiiting a ceia thein-elv,--.     I,    the
the others adopted   this   policy,    the!
uewspupor could not  exist,   and   the
■nun. as a whole Would suffer   matei
iiillv llo i-.'l.v.
' S
I'or K.'oteiiny Ilistrict,
< HAIM.KS   II    .M.\( Kl NT'( )S1I.
Of   lio-lund.
I',,!   Yal,isCa|'ib,oi,   Diptriet,
MAIITIN   1-1'1,'I.IU,,
Of   Graml    foil.-.
New  Wr.-tuiiiiJrr District,
J,   I).   TAVi.Oli,
Of N.-w Westminster,
l'l,!'   YiineollW',,
It. B, HI.Us.
I'or Victoria,
i.'oi.onI'.i. i-: a. I'liioii,
The reputation of
"Diamond Hall" is continental for the quality
and reasonable prices of
its precious stone?.
Tlie  same care [|  __E_rc!ied
in nelecttng i tie? Mom. for pur
$j.S.oo solitaird ri.ifr > So.
j.i'V.'i) *'» for (,ne "'t iii or
eiyiit limes that co-sf.
A complete catalogue of our
many drpartmenta will br sent
on rcquert.
Better Tgrms.
Be.ttjr terms for British   Collinibjn
promises to be tlie   keynote   of  every;
I.il.erul-Coiisei'viifive enudiiltitp in jliis,
piiivince at the coining eleel ion.
m %
%    Alarm Clocks,     %
k -— \\t
j.L      I    Sunrise, ouch §1.00;    2.    Wide   Awake,   ra-li   -Vl-...      3.     }K
iff r.i-li|,.e. ,-aeli ,-:| .'.ll; I. Km ru Lniui li in-i-,-, earl, S.,00; 5. ^/
iiy I-'iil:, lleur Bell, eneli ■t'-.-o: 0 Luminous (cull bn I'Pu.l the ^-.
iiy      ila;l:i-t llif/lll) euell £2.f)0;" 7.   Inlei niii lant  Alarm, eaeii J.'l.Dn.      s,-.
I     ATKINSON & CO.     I
A\     J?r"<]Si       -       Stationery, -       Jewelers.      ?K
<oj\       N.   ll.   - -A   ni-e  l.ll-il'tV of elieip IVIltl'llO.-!,  t'roill 81.50    tO     -.' ,.IM).       JM
■%* A"
tfc-T t*r >g;* >*;* -jf,- _&__;■_£ _£; ■& -&• -;£,• ■_£ *■*£- _g; -■£,- -*£; _!' •& -*£• -ff' -*3£r ■& V**
\\>i ■**.»*'*>is*'*^***-'^-'^.-'>.->--,*v,>.-,-v*'**v- ■>•■>•>_•'*_,•-*.*••».••-*.*"■-!? •^•-*»;
Mining Agent      •*      Stocks and Shares
~rr—AGENT    FoR—.-,
Mutual !,i!'c li|sii|';iiic('  ('(iinpiiiiy of New Yor|i,
('a]iad|ail ('n.-Milaiy•-• Ijojlev Ii'sinvtuct' ('o.
I.oiiil.iti .Mntiial I'ii'c Insurance Company,
Ptt.ftWfl   I'irc  lll*illl'jll)('l' ( 'oillpilliv.
Iii ilef.iiilt of aiiv reply   t'l.-ni   Ou      v  ,-        ,      ,       ■ ,       ,    ,
i * Notice is hereby  given  Unit   I  shall
lawa lo the rri|iiesi On-ii pending   fof  ou Monthly the 7lh, tiny ,j   November
ubout two years,  tin-   ,Meli,i,|e   govs | 'V- D- 11104.-tit tlielioltr of 2 o'cloek   In
llie alleiiiooll,  al  llie Fol'ICSterS Hull   ill
...vision o|
,,,,.. ,     p union-lit ot a   runt,    eo.u uissioii    to      ,,,,,; i. ,.,,, \-   ,,,.    .    ,      ., ,    ,
appears those Canadians who are   a!-   ' - Hcgislci ol Votets to bo  pitpnri'd   liy
, ,   .   ,      , . ,  determine   the   merits   of   the   caso   tne under llie provifinus el  H Pro-
lowed to exercise tlieir fra,|cluse,   D.11,1 .       ,
winch had been submitted.      Accepl-   vlncial JvLclions Act.' :     .
,. ,, .,     .       ,, eruineiit last   fall    proposed    ll|.'    ap.
l-.re another issue   ot    the    lli.uu.ii '     | Vmir,  hold    11    Colirl    o[    lie
I'm..I ill Vmir -Supt. 1st, 100 I.
T. II. Atkinson,
Ul'gistrul of Void's,
u* ._-jjt«n_. *.t-^«*„
have ll Vole in tlio    eleel ion    of   tlieii
, „     ,      anee  of    this    proposal    would     have
Representatives to tho g.iveriiing|oocly, '    '
.,, , ,   . ,   .       „ I committed the nonunion   eoveniuient
will na.-e cast tlicir voles, and, in    all
i   I-,-,    ,i   c   . „ n i    i , to tiotliing except the  rdengnition   of
pi ilj'iijility the tact will hi dot a-nun- '
, i  ,i     .i ,i .•  oitr claims in case they wero .shown to
i-I. us to whether the   next   house   ol
-. .   .,      ,       .., ,     , .,     ,  be well founded,     The    Premier  of
Luminous, 111 Lam,da, will lie   l.ilierul
,,   ,       ., .     British Columbia wrote;
in-l ouservatne,    1 nhappily,    wo   iu
...,.,. i, "Our proposal   to   llie  government  .
N mil*, and   in    Kootenay   generally,
.., ,      |, ...        ... „..        of Cilia-la is, and  we belieiu il lo    be   TlIK   UKST   I'.ltWIMil-'   IKIMI-'KTII
will be deburrod this privi lege,  is hen xm.   i>j*.-h   i.o.i.m,    i    emu    ,,
 , ,. an ibsoltitoly fair  one,   to   leuvo   ll,,- ,".Tr<
iv vote u will probably h" on a   tore
seltloment of tlm details of the re-ad*.
gone conclusion, an I   n    is    tlio   un-
, .       .  , , justmeut to a coin mitten of experts —
\>>,rtliy assumption ot thoso   Who    are ' '
., ,   .     ,, ,. . .... u eoniinissioii composed of appointees I
responsible tor this condition   of   at* ' ' ■
of the l'rovini'0 and   Dominion,   with I
The Kootenay  Standard
11 IM'I'KTI  lll.l.   UY
VMI If.  1',. ('.
Nelson, !'-. ('.
, ,.,       , .    .        .        ,101 ....   i rovini'o aiio    nonunion,    wm,
Fairs, Lint.) u libera!   majority   in   the I —
... ,        .       '   .,       .       a limil arbiter ehosen by the   Colonial /.       C,      CIhclitl    (3    Co.
oust, «ill weigh so heavily   with   tlie J ;—<—* .	
. , ,, .,,     .  |    Secretary.    In other words, tho   govs i
Voters that many ol them    "il!     ink J
,   . i •'..        •        i urnuioul of  British    Coluiubiii    is    so!
Iheir personal convictions, in order to
, ...       .. .,., ,     well satisliod with the justness of    its i ,
he ou the winning siflu       I lus u  llie ■'
, ,   ,.        claims that it is willing to leave them I
iissuuiptiiin but we venture to   behove
.   . .    , ,   ,,,, .,.   linn independent urbiiration."
,i is wrung on both counts. I here will '
, . ii, i.i This   proposal   was  elaborated   by \ Hn.-f-al
be no heavy Ubenil majority and the '    ' ■  lIlDlcl    ...      ,
Mr. McBride in n letter Lo   Sir   Wil-
•■at in,is, of tl,,- electorate, is ten t,
frill  I .iiin ier, in whieh lie said:
be deceived by   such    paltry   dev ices
.,, ,. . ''.My Colleagues, who wailed    upon
i,ud .Mil vote according to its   comic- ■ '
, ii,, ,,        i v ... in the   month   of    August    last,
lions,     It in i\ bo lll.l! the   result    III   •>
.,, , , ,i   ,    ,i     made i propusal to   refer   the   whole
i he cusl will be   so   close,    thai    the '    '
,. .     .        ,,, , iii.itter to an iudepundent  coniiuission
Kootl'lliiy ele.'Hon will lie a lliosl     un
i   . ,.      .i.i i ol' einiuirv, not us    I   understand   it,
p,,i mt tactor iii deciding the balance '
, ,, .,,,        ,    for an award uf liual BOttlcmeilt as  l,v
nl powei ,n ihe next House,     I hen it
.., i     ,     , .   i, ,, i   ,        arbitration, but torn report as to  Llu
u ni I," He- duty ,,t ill those   electors, '
,           . ,,     ...   .         .      merits of our   claims,   and,   nbo,   it
who propel Iy resullt the elloi-I   I - ,
.        ■ i  ,i    ,■ .■  ,i   •    nereeable, to suggesl    enuitablo   ami
terfere wilh the Free exorcise of  their '
. . . iii        ,i   .   practical lines of  ii.liustmcnl	
fiiiitehise, to rise   ami   dculni'H   lllttl   '
, -ii.- - Ibis proposal I regard nol   oils
Iho-e who an. ri'spoii-ible tui    ll    ure, '     '
i.i.i the ones lo whom they  aro   will-
in" to Bive llie 1-,-ins  of government,
As un e\idence of ilu*   vi
, Iy us eminently fair, but a* an earnest
j for our fnitll in the bona lldes   of   the
provincial contentions,       li.   removes
the question from all considorat i,,ns ,,l
a parti/.an mituru that   might   inte
local newspaper to a mining camp, wo|fcr_, nprejudicial treatment   I
in.iv mention that un   !, ivu   recently
ii, pived several  impiirics   fiom   dis
both   goi'eriinienl.s   coucei tied,        I.
would, in fact, lie a judicial an I nol  n
lant points as to mining properties in  ^m^ |(„j(,u ,,,-,„„. ,,lM.   „,   ullirll
this district.   Many of our subscribersj wonl|]    ,„„.„„,,., lM>.    , i(l,	
'"'"   \wnom   ,,lromlV   " w"'    in   most eitreft.lly ll im.stitntional   dil
mining ettterpri-.es here, and take Hio j ,u.ultiu. ,il;„' hn,   , „    hll,KC.hted,
liaper in ordef to keep in   touch   wilh I     j t,,e lvliuiims of  „„,   „„„.,    pru
their interests,    They themselves and    -        .    ,   ()j -
•Sir Wilfi id did nol thin . ii    w, i il,
their friends « ho happen to pick i,|
tie sheet, "id read notices of othei
propositi..ns, whieh seem iillmctivc t.    while lo ^i.'- iinv alii ntion to Briti.l
them, a i'i'ni ibu- lead    to   extend   ,.,,,'., v ,
their invesl litis  in   ibis   direction. Mu"'1,m! lwl,Kst'    N '"    "
'I Ins is a nu isiial occurri -. with | Mll,, ,,, ,i,. p*. ,|,],. „f tliii pi ovine •   i
every paper published in the   interest
,,■■ n mining eiuip, mi I tin- paper thu■ | *^IW' nitei n in Sir Wilfrid,
(I'mIer entire!;, i.e.-. management,*)
Dining   Room   niul   Bar
supplied   ui'li    tho   lu'.-d
in the iiiaikcl.
liight  (.pp...sin- depot,  Vmir
All work entrusted Ions is neatly and
promptly   executed.
Gents    Furnishings   Store
The. only reliable nnd up-to-date .Men's Outflttei's
in Yniir. Our goods are the besl quality, and we
do not propose to be undersold.    ;:;::::
A full line of Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes
l'l,i- is ilu- time ot ihe your in •i.'! your plok ol tin, many Saluct pluoes nl
I'll 111 i 1111'.'.      Iron  lie.ls,   l.iliolellins, lings, C'll,'|.els Kllll   lllllll ino.'l.s.
sol.K   AGENTS    Mill   TIIK    MASON-HI.SCH    PIANO,
";:.\$ | Slcrllnu
\j Silver
PtOlU  n  rcfTfp
|\i ..m to fl l!i'iu>
■i il dollar pre-
sriitatlon st t,
II, my Btrks &
S m.i'     fnri'Hic!
for making M.I id
t i \ i i *• ut '• ;i: (
j-.   .'   .•*<•.'.   Iiv   Ur.
oil ei com fin in
cum » juo. ArtlaUcdMIgn
■.   M    lent i   ■ hh - • v   nttd i' IIIi 1 li »d
jS • -       ■ ■. -i . ■ . I
-   ; ■ '..-..; • - - .     ii tin
. *       lU'Ml   f ir tin til tig  OUt line
V. ■     -!■;."•■■'■   I ,     I I'oClie
'•■:    '  ...
Una Silver,
'   !    --   ,'.   It,
Watches, -t..
i wi  .  is in |j*.      ^  -   . nty
t!„.  I■    ■   ,1 MllltO
Furniture Dealers and  Funeral Directors
N.U.—Wu urn soli) ngrnts for tlio Marshall SanlUry Mallross nml the Globt-
Seetioniil liool- Ciuo and Kil.-s.
DouliTH in Staple imtl h'uncy (Ttocel'iea,  Mincr'-s  Sundries
HIiinketH, Soeks, Mitts, (Jloves,   Rubliers,   Under
weal',     < IvcI'iiIIm,     Pateul      Mi'.li.ini's,
Stat ioni IT.
NELSON B. 6. - BOX 1095. That Watered Stock.
It   represents   btr
l.uurier as combatting these proposals
'I lie (ioVeriiiiieuf-,    ,-,
uiel  Mr.     I'.onleii
tlieV  In-   put  into ell'eet.
insisting    tbill
by Canadians against  rebellion,  iu Clark's   Furniture   Store
spite of tbe  open    sympathy   of
Present Premier with tbe rebels.
the Grand Trunk   Railway  Company tlicy lie put into effect.     This  is.   ot' kouoiit aoajxhttiib c v.
.•I -"?:20,060,000 ot the  eouunoii- stuck course, n slander on Lord  Dundonald.      Then came the need of u   irunscOn
.1'lho Grand Tinnk  Pacific    KuiUvuv '! hax already been  made  clear   thatl tinenlal railway,    It was icipiireil   to
Company, free ufcharge is lollugrunt the general proposed nothing regard-  o|  up llie West um! to  keep   faith
a raid on the public that   the   advo- ing military service thut   is   not   now i with llritish Columbia, which ihroat*.
Undertaker   and    Furniture     Dealer
Mull orders promptly attended to
l-Yosli lii'.'ii.l Kv.'iv  Mi.
i'i ing.
M us,     ii"" E,   1st, Asia   i .
Two im.mis t,, rent   fur    light
.•iu. ll MiM:,:r.
Yit tit
■lies of llie deal en
nn,,:   ie.'l    eullitor-
n tho statute hook.    Par fr  fav.
■l-ile  it' Wl
tailed to   live   ut
table over it.    Tliny in to drape   llie big conscription ho is  opposed   to   it,  to the terms of Confederation,   Never.|
blartling   nakedness   m    which    the as the. llritish as a  people  ure.       As  was any project fought  c violently
spoil stands out     Thoy caunot,  how;- the law stands  at   present,   and . has and I e bitterly than Wilfrid Lain-
ever,   by   any   sophistication    uiukc always stood, Canadians are   reipiired ier and the Liberals of those days ie«
tbo thing appear to be anything   Inn iu case of emergency to render   mili- -sistc.1 the Canadian Paeitic    llnilway. I
what it   is    n,i   oulweous   "steal" tary service i it defence of their   eoun-1 They bad no faith  in   Canada.      Iii"
from the people.   The Ministerial or- try.    Lard Dundonald asked   for   no  truttic of the country,   tlipy  declared,
gin in Toronto has the   hardih I    to change.     What is the object of repre- j would r.ol pay tor the uxle-grer.se  re- ,
proffer tbo theory tluil  the   stuck   issmiting to our sister province   thut   a quired for the'  railway.      They   pre1
essentially and permanently worthless Uritish general was sent out to Cun-   dieted that the venture would end    in
at* an investment,    The Organ in   efsM't for the purpose of forcing us all  to  two streaks of rust across the   conti-
feet denies that   any   dividends   cun loave our business  mil   becomo   so!-   nenl     Thruiigh all this canipaign Mr. |
necuro to the common shares hold   bv diel:s! Laurier opposed the making of  Cana- j
the Grand Trunk Railway   Compuii
N-iiv thut. Lord Diiudoiiiild bus met.
He t'u
d lie
,f   hnv
HEADQUAKTKliS    I'.ill     MINING!    -MEN     \ND   THK
simple room- in connection
Newly furnished throughout.
Unto- $|.50 to *'-'..'''. .•■!  day
KIN LAY    M,l.KOI).  I'luiiiii'tiir
If the stock is ineligible I'm dividends tho accusation directly and   has   tins- * ing the railway  ems    transported    in
it of course is now und always will  be "'--'"'ll -r* »'l"tt course will the Liberal , Hal bottom bonis up the   hikes,     Hut,     	
Without value.    To set up such   pre- leaders   pursue;     In   justice  lo    the again in spite of shortsightedness and
tenee is most dishonest.    In the  Act ■mu,i ft"(li moreover, in justice to   the hostility, the making of Canada  pro-   M, 'p\|
incorporating the Grand Trunk Paci- Mother   Country,    the     fabrication (ceded imiler the direction   of   Conser-1
tic Railway Company   ii   is   provided oUfjht to be instantly and frankly   ..-
that the common stock shall   be   ex- tracted.    So far   ,is   the   General  i-
changeable for "plant,  rolling   stock, concerned the story is an injur! uis ,-.t
docks, elevators, wharfs,   warehouses, tack on his military repuUition,      So
■ "-sels, or in.-',-rials of any kind," et,-, far its the Mother Country is  affected the canal system, so ii.s to give  us   It        W e     flll'I'V     till'     leiUIUljj;     DI'llUI
'•due regard being  had   to  the  then it is it scheme to   weaken   die   bonds feet to the sea, was earned   on.       I'   .,.|(|   ('io-:lis.   Sl.Hll,    A
market value of   the   stock,''     How and estrange tho affections that   bind | was all but completed when Sir Wil
.•mild it be thus traded, or how could us to the   Empire.     Therefore,   not
,   have a market value if it were   not merely cnninn.n justice to   the    Scot-
iwed to participate it, the earnings! ,is'' lie,'°. uut tl"' highest duly of pat-
vat,ie states, lien,
•| lliso- 00NI5 AM. . voosi:.
Through all the years of Conservative administration the  deepening  of
I'. .1.   MUDDY
VMM;,  II. ('.
imported      Lii|iioi'.s
Brandy   and   Win.
I *•
lishe.l, clever men bud   been   brought
to Canada to tpaoh us the art of  hut- I »
! *
ter   and    cheeso   manufacture,   .-old ' *
storage hud been provided for   trans- : J
bid finally came to office. A few
locks only rein.due,I to lie finished
I'm-the development   of   agriculture
[n section 5 of tho  same   Act   it   is  riotism, demands  that   the  deceitful experimental farms hud    been   esiub
piovided   that  the  preference  stock   campaign shall be  slopped   ami   that
n ill have such "priority   as   respects   the truth shall prevail.
dividends and otherwise over ordinary ,  ••■■•^	
(took as may bo declared in the >-e-      Who Made Canada?
' IuI ion" of the ordinary shareholders 	
I.i fact, the preference slock is a  sec- A Liberal Chairman ut   a   meeting
.Hilary creation, the Act   authorising in tho East,   introduced  sir   Wilfrid
imply •*? 10,000,000 of stock, llie | re- Laurier, referred to him us "the   man
fereuce shares   being   a   mailer   for who made Canada" and    the   Premier
adoption at a meeting of  the general with that delicate humor of   bis   re-
s.i.in-holders, who must not make  the l'litM- "Until I became Premier,    Can*
preferred proportion exceed i",;*!0,00(),-' i«'tt w,ls practically unknown "
'iii.     As the Grand Trunk   Hail way
, »»»i»*»»»l»»*i>»» *99»f*»& ;£4*?**4?**»43*»3 **}«3-3**-'!*i-**$->,s
Company possesses all the common or j     Now, there aro some   national   un
ordinary stock, it lias   control,   for a dcl'takines that  huvo  had   all   to  do
share of common stock   is equivalent  w'ith tlie making of Canada.   Uf these
,.. n share of preferred stock for   voU   ,l11' P"'mcipal may be briefly stated  as
ing purposes.'   And that the comiuon  fnlloWsi—•
-tor; is not debarred from coming in*-       '■ Confederation.
to a hard money value was shown   by      2- The   acquisition   of   the   great
Sir Charles-   Rivers   Wilson   at   the   West.
semi annual meeting   of   the   Grand I    3i The inauguration of the Nation* urm-d them to   stick   to   free trade,
and, SO far as he was able to do,  kill
ed the project.
This is ihe record of the man    wil,
['.-nation to ihe markets of llie wo,Id.
Two things remained to Ik, dono t,,
carry out the plains already wo!I nut
lured. Ono was the establishment ,,i
a fast Atlantic service. The retiring
Government left a draft contract
awaiting signature to make it binding, Sir Wilfrid lor,- up the contract and has never done anything
.since.    Another thing t-j bo   grappled I   -j-
with was the arrangement of a niu- I
tied preference with England. The
movement was well advanced A
conference had been .-ailed. Sir Wil'
frid bad pledged himself to get a preference lie wen! to England, told]
the people we desired   no   preference,
Shirtsand Overalls
When tlicy   ('(iinc from
Factory at   Victoria.
.1. < . ( ARRUTHEKS.
I', o   U.« •"..'.,     -     Nelson, I'.. C.
Union   Label   on   every   Garment.
Trunk    Railway     Company.        He a' Policy
showed that it indemnified the
I, The building of   the   Canadian
panv for its liability on the $15,000,«   Pacific Railway.
loK    TIIK   NEXT   :.<i    DAYS   WK    Wil,I,    (ilVJ
000 bond guarantee,   That the  li-ail-
Tbe enlargement of   our   great! I"*8 *-''° amusing assuranoe to tell    ti
way Commission could   restrain   the c'*'"1' "J'stem.
 pany from  paying   dividends   on      0. The development of  Dairy and
Ihe common sto?k is absurd, for   that meat trade by speoial education   and
lluvJActof incorporation, and not t'a l,,lcl "torage transportation,
Railway Act coverusi G' we look nniong the names of the
     ra  men Mho htlVo worked to give us these
natural aelievuinents, we shall search
In vain fur Ihe name of Wilfrid La,trier. We nlmll read of Sir Jolltl Mac
■ homid, Sit-  George   Oarth-r,    of   Sit-
now thai, be bus di
made Canada.
20 per cent, discount
,,„, ,,„,,, ,,„ for ensH	
(in  Clotliiug,  l,'ui'niBliiujjH,  Boots,  Shoes, Hal-1 nnd ('niw,
Lord Dundonald  Exposes
a Praud.
The height   of the volcanic nioun-*
tttin, Vesuvius, Italy, is    3,800    feel.
Since Ihe year I DUO there, have    been
L'l violent eruptions, ,lm   most   noted,
and violent of which »ai that of 177'.)
when Humes of lire arose to  a  height
of IOiOOO feet and stem's, SCOl'ias. etc,
11 is woll that the campaign tifJiunstghorlesTupper, of WfLeonnrd Til By, ,  . ,.      ,   ■ ,.    ..     ,,
,,.,,,, , ,. .     , ' . beniL. iiroiecte.l to a leiglit   ol    2.000
Und Dundonald has at  lust elicited : ,,f Hon, Thomiw White, of   .Sir John ,        '.".       ,.       ,-,,,,,   ,
, . feet.     A river ot lain  liOOO feel Wide
nu emphatic and   crushing   rosponse   Cnrlinai of Sir Mnckenaio Uowel 1, and ,,      , .     ,, ,        ,   ,,     -,
.,,,       '                          , .                    ,                      b'                                              '         ; flowed tor  three    and on.'halt   miles
I ne (loviiniiient and its ot.nutis  have i ,,f numv men "till aeti\.'   ami    pl'inni-       ,            ,   ,,.,„,,   , , ,   ,,
,   ,                 ,   .                            ■                                   '          nnd extended 000 feel under the sea.!
for months bi engaged   in   a   con-  nontin politids.    These are men   who  ,          .   .,           -„ ,     ,,     ,,   .
■                                                       ,ll was in tlie year i ■', A.    Pi    tliat
hey ' did things, not   men   «llo   pretend-'
In   Groceries   we   DEFY   competition.
We will not   be   undersold.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co,
the cities of Poll.peii    and    llereulan-
-1*11111 were completely engulfed by ihe
frightful eruption of Vesuvius.
Please forward Tin; Yinn Hi'.km.i. fur
. mouth
and aekltOiVlcdgO leeelpt ,-f ohclosod I	
♦ Tiik tlnilAlil) is published   every Saturday morning und
* contains all the news of the camp, «
X I! \TKs-  I'lii  Vkaii, *-".'; Ilvi.r  Yinn,  81, t
•piin.-v ,,f   inisreprRseutntiiin,
have charged that llu.   Scottish   gen thoy did what others had done.
nil is a bad militarist, that b" wan,- Hln wii.riui. Ol'I'osHl) Tim Makin.i.
I'i I lo foi ce every  C.in.idi.lu   into   the When Confederation was being   es--
army, even boys of tender yoarsj that tahlislied Wiifii.l luurier was a young ""-*
he wanted to make   cimsct'iption   the man. Uut lie knew better, of thought     tt U fepofted at Halifax   that   the
law of the  I.ml.   and   to   entail  an he did-than the statesmen  of these  United States stdel corporation is set
i 'inous milttiirj expenditure on the 'days-    "It is for the welfare   of   tlio iously considering   the establialiment
country. I English colonieii" he deelat-ed   in   his' in Canada of a large   plant   for   the
This fabrication lias UOOll made   to ] n.'H.spaper; Dt'fricbeur.   And   he    ad- manufacture of SteBl  rails   and   steel1
tlo special service among   the   peace   ded, "We do not care il   IU'   tot   tlie generallyi    Its agents  at-e tfullfci'ting
loving ami loyal puiipln of Quebec.   Ii; English tJolnnies,..;.: \\'e think  on- data regarding   output,   consumption t
bus been loudly p'ot-lai ,|  from  tlie |y of IjoWer Catiutla and   the   French'etc, as well   ul Delecting a  lobutioll
pliiti'ornis and pt-inted aim.1st, daily   in   race."     Hut Sit-   Wilfrid'*,   efforts    to  for tin-proposed work-.      When   this1 ""        "••"n mi» ■
the newspapers,    ho Soleil, following Istir up Ills race against. Gonfedelnttiiii | work Is finished the question will   be- Mil.,,   Vf-ht-ilnl   l.il'.i   lil   miniwui fiimimni   ..I'V    V
.1     i      i    fi il.      'e. ,iii        i .,.   ,        ,    , >• *>.<        , ,   ,      hi, ,.       c   . . ii      lilt     JMlllllill    I JI 11      IIIMIIillH.t     *   ( 1111 | I, I I   >    (11   .s       |
the lend ,it tin-    Loroiito   ('lob,-,   lias  f,,iied, iind the uuiking of •. aiutilit pro- settled,    Hie Mew duty Of St! ten   dob "J     "i
-,'iiuht hard t,. raise tl,.-imiiiiiry   |)0»Loeded III spite of liinti Ilnfs a ton on   steel   Nils   completely Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
,,,.   The special significance of the      tn tlio«eday* Canada+as  it  stluill shut out tl... American rail   manufiiu        A      )ie   •„ j( U ,|l(, M|)',M invcutincnl JfUOW nil,
netioii of Le Soleil   lie's   in   the  foci  country, and Sir John Macdditald de- turers, and as the  Canatllttn  tliat-kel
that Sir Wilfrid Laurier is   its   chief Lired to make   it  glbat  and   graiidi'ls h ning a vfl-y iitipoi'tnnt one till!      <'UHil iuvt'stod ill Jiifo Illhlimiioc in tmll irtV08ti'il thai    will
patron,    tn.its issu9 of October   18th  vVhile Laurief was flghtingj Kiriliihni'cilly way out of   the dillloulty  is  tu I'OtllHl C [JOUlld illttTOUt,
this strongly  aiiti<llritish  tiowspuper I the old cllioftult   «6cllrbd bn-  us  the! build u manufacturing planl   in that       All flUUUt'HMl'tll IliioillUHK lUC'll   t'fll'I'J   li.)■_'■,,   lllllnitiltH   of  liti
In.-mi arlid.'beaded ,;l.e Militarisim-I ,.iust territories of   tin'   WUst       Till*  bUUtltryi     I'ljtpertH say , thai   u   plant illHlimilCP,      ll   |,l',i\ idt'fl Ibr tin* filllllly, |)l'..!r,'l - ,'l III.ill III    liis
Voila I'lsniu-nii''     I „ llul, in lirle    Le   W„H u great "lep ItiWilt'ds 1 lit'    making1 ^„,.|| M ,- (, s|(,,,|    c(j,.pU|'iltloll    would "l'l il^i', nll.l  |ll',.l .'('I.- ll i> nt ll.'.' illV.'sl ll.'.'l.!-'.       I'.-r     IMI,-s     ,,;|
like to put dp would e.lsl from    -*:1'.',-
f*inleil declares tlnil Lord Dundonald
Demanded (I) tlio creation*uf a regular army; ('-') "conscription, or  forced
of Cumula.     It wil'* uecoinplUhed    in',.,     1.1 .... , ,-     -tin     IVIiy Idl'lll of lib' ilisill'.l Her ,'l |i|il\  In:
spite of the hostility of   Linlier,   and
afterwards Western Canada «is  held  600,000 to 913,000-OHU
Percy A. C-ileazer. Koc.\l Aqcnt Villi!    IIISlMiSS  GUIDE
Wc nre selling watches that will prove to bo (). K.   in  every
respect.    A good Kloin Watch.
7     Jewels   in    Niekul     Case    § 7.0')
.-. •;, ,. ,< ,. ., O |„,
•Q              17 ••        ■■        .. -, 1-2.00
,q.             7 "       "   Silver " 1000
15   " I I On
17 «  " l«,00
. 'lis is -i special sale and you should take advantage of il   now.      Will   send      IVsHiisuy -Jobbing t
watch for examination, and if not satisfied it can   bo  returned
at. ur expense,
A.-SAI IN,..
1-:. VV. VViiUlowsoii.
Mi-, (irowo,
KI.'iKI'.UAOK   AM.     IN*-1  II \M -K
Pen-*. •). (dei.z-r.
Ill TCllKK.
.1,1,11 I'mII".ll
1)111     o.i.il.s    AM,    HI.N |-   i 1 II.NI-jlllXI
I   ii. (JiiiiipUeb,
Manufacturing Jewellers and Opticians.
The State of Parties.     WilsOll   &   HarshaW
The lust Dominion House, consisted of 213 .members. At tho present
election a body of representatives
numbering uM I will !»• elected, -,-.-
era! changes in the relative strength
of the province.- having been made by
the redistribution bill of 1902 The
manner in which tho strength of the
provinces is rein esc, ted is as follows:
The province of Quebec has always li",
representatives in the Dominion
House of Commons The number of
electors on the Quebec list, divided
■by .;."> gives n unit of representation
by one member. The electors lists in j "™'
the other provinces are then divided I \ a nrOIIVfl*'
by this unit, and the result is tho
number of representatives to which f-1-r.fpl
each province is entitled.
The following figures give the men
ljciship of the last Parliament an
ihe one that is to bei
Draymen and
VMI It,    If.    C.
H'intlliug heavy freight tt
CoiTespoiuleuco promptly
attended to,
Nova Scotia
New I.i unswiek
1 I
l'rince I5dw. Islun.
ST0l'tll West Teres
llritish Columbia
The Yukon
At the lust contest, that   of    11)00,
hirstchiKs Dining Uooin,
IJcrI brands of Wines,
Liquors and ('ionr**.
.New i.l  .V-  (
. I  UNITCI.-i;     UKAU.Ii
Willi,,,,, Clark.
(iliugw.-li s.
I)     ( ',, 111 | loll
Oeslli is.i.v Jobbing Co.
s  11. Seaney.
liosmopelitiiu—John Breau
>.'el,',.d Hi use—Finlay ,\|, | |.
Millet' House—S  Miller,
l'tiliice— | nil ,(,- 1,'ii'h.v.
Vuiiuuuver— Oh en Buyer.
Will.I.nl -(here" Colmaii.
Vmir—J, \V. Master-son.
I.AIUKS    I IIINISIIIM,     AM)     MIl.l.lNHt)
Mi... John MeLeod.
MiMMi   liKoOltoi ;;
I'i-icn J.  (!!. n/.i-r.
l-llis i ISO.
llemlil Publisliiilg -. . .
1). Campbell.
s. II. Seaney.
Harshaw .v Wilson.
Jackson & Leahy,
Ales. Dililie.
t M.KKIAKI.11.
William ('lurk.
To Fill Your Wants In The   Following
Stationery,   Confectioneries,    Pipes   and   Tobaccos,
Groceries, Provisions. Gents Furnishings,
Boots and   Shoes.
Wc will cheerfully refund you your   money   if  goods   purchased here are not ,-is represented!
Prices are as low as any    in    Kootenay,    and    we
want your trade.
Ymir Transfer Co,
JACKSON .**; LEAHY, I'rops.
Teaming and
Express ....
Ai! orders promptly attended to
nnd the greatest care exercised in the
handling of goods
Headquarters for /lining
and Commercial Men
CkhT'I ic ti; of liii'ioi i.ui-.m-
l-tsiyonne. Oxford Maryland Delelvare.
Cnltiliilius Ohio, Kentucky. New Ji-r-
sey. Virginia anil Illinois Mineral
claim*, .-iiimti'l in Ihe lioal River
Mihliijj Dli i-h n of West Kootenay
Whei loeali'di On North Fork of
Siimuiil creek
I'AKK KUTlcii lliat  I.    1' i, il.-ri.-k   8,
('], nu ni- in-line us agent fin Frank (!.
Ills.hui   Free   Miners  ii i*i I Hi, iile   No.
y \|| |;   ll.   ••!.- Si!)    iiu.l    (Jeorgu     Harrison.
1-iie  Mini • ■ ... ii.Ileal>• No  II. 81,270,
j hiii-iul     vi. ibn.s from tin date hereof,
IHSTItli'l' MAN ACS UK WANTED |to iipp i    o the Mining Reoordcf for
ei-i mi- :,i •   ol   iniprovenieiiU, for the
■ i lainiug Crown grants of
Second Ave.
Permanent position] rapid advance-
libel, the racn  cry  was  operated   bv  '"P'O] sulary .tiid  expenses]   f	
ll,,-   Liberals   with   gtenter   fefvoor j■"'■»'•"""-''"'''"'   '' '"-""•   "I™"   *■'"
Ihonevet before, the results by   pro-k'"1"" '"1"1"""
i ince were us follows!
"i ."i
Novii Scotia
New llillnsw irk
l'rince Edward  Is.
N. W. T.
Hi iiisb Columbia
1'he.I. I,. Nichols (',., I...1   Toronto.
(Mehtion this paper ,
tlm ui,"-,
And i'.. ti.. i   lake notice that action
under •-■   m, ."-7. mu-t he oonimenct-d
In-fore ihe issmmce of  such certltlcntes
..I imp! • >■■ un ni
|):ili-il tl     "ill, day    <>l   Alien-!,    1004
!•' .- ' i.KHKN IS, Nelson, B.C.
Cold, Silver, or   Lead    --    $1.00
(.'upper,      -     -      -     -     -      81-50
Gold-Silver, -     -        61.50
Charges fur nthti n.etuis on ap
Provincial Assayer
P.O. Drawer A113,   Y.illll, I3.C
Most comfortable hotel in the  district.    Everything Brst-class.
YMIH,  H. C.
************ ******* 4***** **
* 4
x Hotel Ymir x
The Best .Meals
And Accommodation     *
In Town. >
X A line selection of Wines, X
*       i • i ,<■ -t
•♦■       I.K|iiors anil (.jojii's.       -*■
X -I   VV, MASTER-SON,     Prop. X
4 4
Wholesale ami Retail
Mail orders receive prompt attention
Twenty-seven stains by   ilu-   Cofi
kervativea will plit ihein in p.,u.r.
Kootenay Coffee Co.
Wholesale and retail deal, ts
in Fresh  Kuiist, -I
High * Grade « eotTees
The United States   Steel   col'piira"
tion iVa* organised in 1001.    It   elm- ;
si-.is of it'ii hire...   corporation",,   eueh
Of whieh  "ill     ItsClf n coll-i-llillltiell "f
koveral lesssl' companies     Its   ivhdle
|-ll|iilill is HOW .»|,|(l|,lliil!,iltll).   ,,|    nil
amount equal lo about   ledt'   uf   the
iiiuiiev ot all   kinds   in   the   united
Kiiiics.    It comprises 110 steel wurkii
7s blast fiti'iiiii-K   18,000   coke   fur*.
Iiucec, 101,000   ncles    i,|'    h'luh    li'.'. i
lake vessels fur Iu...lin*; nre, etc ,   allll i ——— *■*■*.'
koveral small rnilways,    In   the   hn<\\ ********************* ***$
holdings are  many   t'f   the   urcatest ' T
Iron nllttBs in tlio  *oH<l,   um lid}'   in j ♦
Michigan anil Stinnpfloln
Vuiii' < 'ili/i lis
... .MEETS-
I.A-T   II  I KHA^   IN   I   I' II   M..Mil
.1   W. Ii,,ss, President.
|i CamI'liui.i.i Secretary,
l-IM.\N   |\|l LROIi, Tl Hstllt'l
.Meets train every morning
except Sunday, i'or freight
and passengers for Yniir
mill. By special orders on
Sundays. Or i'or Ynur mine.
ALEX. ODDIE    Prop-
Spokane Falls &
Northern Jty.
'T'O Wmtiui J, Hlmilfca, "I any
,,ll,ei |'M sun III whom he may have
triinsferred his interest, in the Meadow
Lark mineral claim, situated ou
Wild II,,ise cleek about -even miles
from the town of Vmir. in the Nelson|
Minnie Ui vision of West Kootenay
I hstrict, and recorded iu the Itecu-d-
.-r's olliee for the Nelson Mining I'i
s ision.
Y,,u and e,e li ,,t'  v.,,,   ur,-   hereby
Washington & c. n. by
V.  V. .*c E   KY. ft N. CO,
and Great Northern, Noi'tliorti Pacific
ami Oi ll. .V N. Con   for   poilltS   cast,
west aud smith > connects al   Rons-
lalld and Nelson  with   the   Canadian
Pacific llail«aYi
Ctmuects at Nelson with (bn  I'. It.
iv Ni Co, for   Kaslo nnd   K. add si.
iiollfied that I have expended sovenly I nj|lta
nix  dollars   nnd   eighty seven   cents     Connects at Curloit with  stage for
("?70.t*7) iu labor   and  improvciuoi,ts Oreenwood and Midway, II. C.
upon tl bovo ininei'iil claim in order      duffel   cars run oil trains betweon
,   ,,, , . ,, ,1 ,       ,.' Spokane und   K.-iniblii'
lo holU same undcl'the provisions   <>\ t   '    ..        incksoN
(leneral I'ussonget Agt,
Spok.tut'i VVaSli.
66 YfcAfls-
M\LL WOOD.   ::
I ii-livclcl am
|iliii'c in ion ii.
Stove Lengths     t
Tradc IVlAnas , 4
Designs j 4
'i.u.inr nsMrlnln ...ir o|.liilun   r,„ nl,..i,„-r nu .
iiV-i, i„ii - i„-'.i,iiiiiri'„i,'...'i.,l,'.  (""■... ...'.'■'.
',,;, "I'irlr'l.y,: I,,,'i,lliil. I[fl-i.l|,.'"kee  '"..'iilH ' ,.
. .,., n,.,.. Ol 1 M,'i»'[H'.|,,,'ti(.-i''l;llll' . I ■ -
I'ulqtiu ni*.*". il..'.ti»H Wfflln A1" "*■?!'*
.,„*,„(le.ii.r, irlilwut ..inn.,', laluo
$1.00 j
V*r Cart Load,    I
Sciettflfic Hmcrecaii. I
AMnrt«mcJ?lllnfli*sfiW»Mlilr.   I'■"■'■"'.''!' ' i
l„l, , „r rt,ir-,-li-iiilll-' Im'IimiiI.   'Mil' Un »
i..„: i-.iirni.,...i.i I'   BOWU/nlInowwtMlm. ♦                    -                                               4
MUNN SCo-»r,f! -»•" New York   tfM M **
JTcm-rhiimrn in. t nl. 1Viu-:..i,fi," . I.-.C tTTTTTT                   rrTTTT    TTTT I
I'diiu  Rico      X
iiunlit'i' ('o. Ltd.   X
the Mineral A. i. and if «ithln ninety days fi'oni the date of ibis notice
you fail or refuse to contribute yfur
portion of expenditure, together «iih! .        .
„ll , of advertising, your    .rest   VM^ ^P™' *? Z-  , \ !''
. ,   , .        .,,    , , I       Meets tii-.-t    alid    third    Moli
ii- siu'i I'piiin will oecomi) tlie properly of tllO subscriber, under sect imi
I of lin    ltd    entitled    "All    Act    t..
A nd the Mineral Act, 11100."
I luted at Yniir; 11, Ci i his •-.!.   dny I
of l,-!,,l,,r I'.l.il.
i -    - i      -i  •<
nys nt nloiltll,
Visltillg    brothers   ivelcolllti,
Wm. I'mi'nv, C C
ClIHLHIK Wooosbil,, K, 11
AIRS.   A.  McLLeU
'"1st     ( lllic-    Since: \'\lll!   l-'tnvr A**i*vi V
SAM   MII.I.KIt,-  Pl'op,
llciii|.|ti:irtci's for Mining .Men
r|1 lie only all rail route between
points east, west and south to Hos-*
land, Nelson, Grand Forks and Ke-
publlci DulH't cars run between Sp,,
knne and Northport
Etfeotivo June Mil:. 1908,
Leave DailyJTfain Arrii'd,
H.4.0 u.lti Spokane B.lo p.ill
10 -It) ii.ni        Uosahind 4.88 p.m
9.:l'J a ,:, Ymir -') 80 p nl
7,-Jtl a.m Nelson Tin p- in
! 1 iti.'i u m     Grand Forks       l 00 p.m
X 80 a.m Republic) ''..in p.iii
ALIi    TIE-IB     TXMTj
Seattle,     Tacomo
&l. Paul,   Chicago,   New
Yori*, and
8LBBPBI18,    lil'I'I'KT,
DAY l'(/A'.:ill'.s.
.*.1r,.it.s .1   I.a   i-Miii-:
Best   Meals   on   Wheels,
llul-   •Hlpplie'd   ll ill.   b. sl  brands of
!\ in.'*., li'plot s und ci^arSi
YIWiiij ll. •'.
2    FAST   TRAINS     Q
Special    BxoUl'Sioll    Hates
To World's Faif, St. Louis
YoUl' Choice   ot'   ll'iUle.
! or rati'-. fohliirJ and full Inforuiiiti '
rpgsrilliijf trips, oilll oil ol tti'dress ail
rtgenl ol iIn- S. I-'. & N. Itallwiiy , r
ti. V & V  A.       (,', I'. A I'    li
7 I'** W.  ItlVel-si'le ,\li' Sp   )l lil*l.


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