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The Ymir Herald 1905-04-15

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 W 1S 29Q::
'V>>f. J^-V'.   I-
V-MIi;. II ('.. ,SAT!'i;i!.\Y    MM.II, i:,. lim;
PttlCE l''!V!'   < 'fc'NT-S.
•'    j-      i...,,,..,    Woodmen's    L,ien    Act   '.	
' l.i .pm- i ,-i-l id tie,- nt   Campbell'*      One of llie last Acta passed   during      Tom Oailon of   Nelson    was   dowi
Newitt iVCo, ovpect tuge.1   moved   ""' M""si"!' •■" l   "V'T'   '" thp   W""U lln"   u"'k   "x:""i,,i::-   '""""   ■■■■"'»*.
ito theii new premises to dav men's Lie;,   fof   Wages   Amendment in which ho is   int.,,.  ■ I    with    I'M
Ail   I'.IOJj.      '('he   principal   amend* Pelers.
Liiif Jou Mcl.clliin is v-Rpui'icd to  bo                 ,i              ,..     ..,.., ■ m
meets to the proceeding stutgle,   eim-       [*, j; Duylc Is   c.imtempluling   lh.e I *
Company     and      tlie
\yiiiii' Wiii'i-.iT.-
i- now located ut  Kas-
"   K-   .i-,-i„,m,   ineliisioti    will,   logs   or  iMstl,)illionnfh,.still(,|ni;e| ,.v   „'„  J1*"**'   '   '»f^   "\^\
timber of "lumbor of .any  description , y ;l.„ ,..,. „„ „    ,„   ,,'  „,„  '*»< Chine,.!   at   tha   Ma mo shingle
'     i-t itnaniifac-tured-frou, the-same  ,„•   any .,,„ , , ;'■■•'.*   ■»■-    '      Mr-    Arcl„W,l,    the
manager fur llie   ctunpunj    i:pei'at;tnj
Mr. ID  A. King,   general   manager I the mill, il js evidenl that tie'  djlle,
John MaeViear   who   in
■!,u.i,    Montana,    i-.     ti.--.       |'ni.|ii  nf llmni,' wbii'li tu ty be    held    under I
father of a* bnhy-gil'l. ,|ie liep like logs of tinibe*',    Tho   in
I'. Campbell is moving i" John    I-'
,:U'""'   ,"'lIS'     """'"'    AVenUe'   Ui'^'-Mol ^Liill .I-, n,l,u, mul'iui-ll.,1,-1 i:'>" '" -'"' Wil— >"-'   "-    ><•      ^mili-puleivnuldaeivd,-   f,    i„l,i,,-„-
f he Japs at Salmo. | lliu chief ojlimflei-H    ratlipr    than    ih„
.Lips, ii reutiii k   v. iii'-i.   m a-,   ill tim   j
('olilrl.l'.iin-. ol' tin'   Sliin;:li"     mid only exci'sublu   on    ii.,-    ;i'ouuiJ-,
thai the so i.i!!-' oral i: Was rather i ,
ii ippuidary. Tl.e axiom of - ■ :i di u
that "all hien aro ciitpil1' joifi'l not  ■ .
rioit, i:t.-s,,e,.eh,.s nf   ilia   leaders I "Well,,«Lil1* M-,.-'-face of   tl <■-'<
white men   who   are   ..b- '■ "f tha wl'iUi n;-'" '« "UN "l1 vvi'1'   l!'
introiluetion   of Jans M'lPsi al"l natural!)-thu so ialisi   luui
to find .somebody to   'in.rate."   ugiin-l
Qtlier avowed iSooiali-its, v.h.i   w  •
on tin" grpund, ;,„,!* a larger grasp  y
tl," circumstance-:, and    were    largely
jectii.y to I
ii-i|ii-:-t:,!ii,i,   of  ilm   plum."   ''labour,1nf tllt! 1!r''ke"' flMI Mi"-"K   '**•*•    De-| ceos between   then,   cub!   be   very I""*" '■''"=""'
servic  services"  i-   ;,'-„ extended | VI!|'V nt Co , paid a visit of  inspeo |easily adjusted, if the two parties   t.. j'11"1 ""••■'• _
instripoental   io    piaijitniliing   pen.),
ii here he w ill reside fui the ful nr,
, tion,    '1   , null have evinced a   «ill
hunter V.
i i-I v,i en tin' six  allll  -,-i mill   level-.
L'wenty   witnesses have been    sub- ,-riplii.n i-. manufactured,'
poenaed for  the  prosecution  in   the 	
iiisoii cbargo againsi T. H. Atkinson. The Yankee Girl nine
any work done, by cng ers   and  all      Con. Wollle has a i mul er  of men | ^^^ aaanaaa, _^___
•mi'1 ]     J. J, Capipbell and   S.    S.   I'owlef.
re   both   u,!    tho Ili'.ni'-r  V.    i!n\
i       ii       .• i ,      , ■    , ii   i     ,    ,i      i.-  ,  | their labour by  the   company      Hull week  and both  an,   oleased   at   llui
ur tucuii'v where lumber ut   nuy   lies-1 removed and instilllod   at    lhe    I'ng-1 •' '     - |       "■ ••■'" '""■' I"1
they will not cuiiseiit to wo|k side 1-y ,ml|0flk now befoio   ihat   mine.      A
Tlie Yen.- mine i    ..-i.niii.il    tn   i.e      .' , i     *i   >• .i-       t • i   . . i imtness tu adjust matters, .-,ml   -'and ,
,l!1   mm mint  I" "l'i,.,,   i"   ***- othei* persons or   wor|iinen employed   di ".mantling ihe   nrruil   tramway at •' '
now in,i,iiii"-mi n hunch nf "ni,.!    nre . • . m I .i     .  i- i    i i    Iri-uii lo accept tlio nr-ices oilercd    for 1 u*n-
"'     nuuiuij,    mm.,, or „iiou    mi j,, ,uiv capacity in of abnul iwy    mill   the Arlington mine, whieh   is   to be ' •*'
I side with lhe Mongolians.
An eneici'iii- i lliu'i  .-   being   made        .      , , , , ,      u„     \.  , -i   i i    i
A' i   riling in   .u i".    Arcllilialil,   I
to re-organize the arlairs of the   Ailin i    ,     .,,,.,      ■   i   i,       .      i i
i '".'ii got tin- M,ingle luui-; cut. anil tie-
recent utriku at the QO fopt level hit-i
placed the mine in possession of ,|
new am] good looking body of ore be
W, Cl   Sii-.er,    i. now   luanninnB mine nnd to adjust its flnanelnl   mats I ...  ,   i :_,,  ,i     ,.:,.„.,     ,    -.., ir,   ....                           .   "  1 ,          „„
..    '  .  ,     , ,.,    .    ,, Since the signing   of   tho   papers, .,..      ,.' ,, loercd into thu roe,   at   -t-M-i   per y 1 a porphyi'iiic   dyke.      The  urn
ilireetiir nt I ii- luliili' I'.iupire l ii.,    a lei-         Im "I beers an     uli'iuring    uu-        ,i   i ,. , i   . i i :,, , ,i       ,   i        ,-,.,i      I ,     ,                  '         , .   "     .
,.     .       ,. .       . .! whereby the Yanli-eo Qirl grinip   was    ,  .,     ,.,...,.,,...., ",   „,„ I00"1' 'V tho °n<uitals, and is further | b„dy is penetrated into for a distaii.e.
ui'iiernl trust aiid iisve-tiueiii    ngenc,
in Spokane
blinded to C. J     Poyln   of   Chicago, '
unil; has been -lea lily progressing on i
der considerable dillieiilty as   all   tl
i lunik- ,-iiid accounts were burnt in lho
D, McArtbui'of Nelson who is  in*   ihe pi'opei'ty,    liven before thai   dale
forested in tlio   Porcupine   saw   mill,  n Sp]nndid showing had been innde by
lire las!   nil.
paying 1'.    cents   per   ibousuud   f"
sawing, and eiglit ,'.'iii-   for   packing.
I'lir-e pricas, tlie men say   they   tlicy
will accept, provided nil tbo   work   i-
"i ten feet, and the results o far nn
favorable. Till! [{miter V. i- ape u-
liurity in mines,      Ii-   (Vrimifioii   is
iillie iitiillv",    wliich    Illlts     -li^llllv      n
m .inn nu  in nil.-,   ii.ni     iiii:     ,..i|i-. ..n. it.,,    -.(j    iiimisin    bllVCr.        ACTOlllllig
X  Archibald replys thai   ho  cannot  hop to Alt'. Campbell, seven ounces in  -il-
4 j the objection the whito men hayu   to | ver is payable in lllis  oro.      Ti.,.
i.iriveil ni Victoria from   Sim    Fran-  the'lessees, but since then   there   has I ♦»♦♦♦•>♦♦♦♦♦•>♦♦•>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ I done by white men, and tliey aro not head, in gold, anil from'tin do  or foui
eisoo the middle of the week, |,,.,,   ,,    remarkable     improvement,: X NOTIfR -||forced  ii.\ with   tha   Japs.      Mi.!,,,   'JO   ounces ip silver.     Acioidine
Jim Graham has settled the dis '1'lie showing now obtained is fully ♦
[],ute about his arrears of assessment sullicieiit to assure lhe future of the ♦
[expendituro   on   the   Yunkeo     Oii-1  mine as u steady produce      In   I'-u-t ! ♦
uroup, by paying ,,|' the sum  claimed Steady shipments could be commenced ' ♦ space in,I
with the costs. 'U once, if thu wagon road up to   the
mine were nompleted.
A cross liini'kuil   in   thUg* .Ulll,, , ,l„..(a,,s IlN is ,,.„,,.  at
There was ,.ne fully armed   rough
rider present al    the   installation   "f
iriltcs   flint-♦  the co'ast, and further statos   thai    in
j.ia 4   tho past, tho white men have perform-
iyoiir subscription is  ill   ;ir-2 ed their work so | ilv, and ihe  sup-
j ply of whin- labour has boon so irreg*
Mr. II. J. Doyle, who is  managing If .,„,,., „,„,  ...„ ...,.,.,.■   ,1P  ,,|.|,ia>|- -
v   , .,,,,.    tbeprupei.y.stal    be   ,.    .,-rv  |"'" ,l,Ml  "'   ^"""   '"   S'ttU |  ula. I fluctuating,   thai    the   con
'l,q "'"""■   Ashoc,UT l,,,"s|"' "•-■"•" ■' ; '--itolicar   I.',,,,,   von   if  yonf^'r ?mt™  T*™'
- ^^^ *       a I I Im uiily way Im coulil    iniiko   tern
.villi the white men, would nceessiiat
iirms in sighl however, the police "U-
Iv smiled iiinii-nlilv.
Vftlll" llie .lap iim--ln.li had ipiieled   |n sliipping ore.     The   width    of
|ilonsed with   the   showing   made
date.    The tunnel i-   now   iu   about ♦
."■ui! feet, tin- i.-isi ij:. i'i-'I   being all ♦ wish to have it continued
tin- ♦
from its lluxing i|ualilios. Smelters-
stieli *:i- the Hull mines and tin
Marysville reipiiro silim, iron and
lime for a (lux, and the ofo of tl •
Hunter V HUpplies two of the-e
w-iinls, lent i- in.l :U il,-* sum" time     i
dead Itux, simply occupying space ii
ihe furnaces.    Apparently the   Hun-
  I'.'-r Y. ore occurs.    I; v< not a  lissure
heir puttiuy up cush security for the vein, nor is ii .. lenticular mass;it   is
.vi. on Tuesday hut. Suliuo.| :eed-  ,„.,..,, ,,„. ,-.„,. j. „„,   |.,llAW,,   llH   .,, I »♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ j pcrforuianco of their work for a   deli-   ,,„, ,,„ii,i,-i; n. m a  geological   pu. le,
I'd to give tho Vmir boya n defeat   al   Uiough the tunnel   has   deviated   in   uito period, as was dune by the   Jap-  but as long as   it   giies    r-jsiilts   tin
base ball, tbo score buiug II \a   0   in  both di'i-ectious at diHercnfc points,   so    The   Railway Situation.      anese eniployinent agency which  sup- Lhuroholclers will doubtless   bo   satis
ivor.of the For r far neither of lho   walls   havn   been        . .    I'1'1-1! the .lap labourers at present   "imi',,.,1.    The length, breadth and  tvidih
ft is not often that a railway   pas- lielcbed,    The *holo width .-..-ii*-. tl.e ,  l'1"'   ' >l','"'l'.T   I It" SCl'il"CS     Hi.-, ground. | of this oro body    i-   mi    determined
cngor coach is used   ,.-   a   court   of j face of the ttiiinel, consists of straight |,ull,'.v' Mr. Gray, on behalf of   , ion,
■   -,   •   i      .   .i ,   ^ i     :,",,,,,,.,,,,.' ,.,,,"; ,,,,,,,,,' i ,,   inn stated that if tho   men   in   tin-  past
ustii-t, ,,-,t sueb w,i- ,l„. ,-a,,. ,-u   Sal-  shipping uie, consisting ut h. ..-.*.   non       Rof n-,oving the ndjournmenl   at
no last Tuesday       N'eedless   t.i   say   sulphides and n   linn gfnined   galoiia,   ^   ^^^   uf   |.*;il|.iv-s   H,svi,„,    ,|
ilm action nf ilm law was speedy. ahnosl solid nml freo from ipiailz    I,
nowu lin,i ilm pay shoo! niusi    be
'he average values  nf   tlm   uru      i,
  Ihiirilly lie ,-,ii! in h.r.e in-en .isi.i ri.-iin*
mo mil worked faithfully, it was   l„- j,„|_    s„ ,,,- ,;„, |jninston0 ;., „, j,..
_^_^^^___^^__^^^^_^^E .- kllllWII  lilill   llie puv shout   11,,1-1      be,	
Archie    McDougall    is   getting   ■-. ,,,i',,,i     i,l   „„i,   w,s" l0 m"KU nn anuounci m    wm,,,    k f       ,        ■ ,     ,    .
,     ,    „   , ,.    . , e.-,is|ili riiliiv ivitler llinii Oils, allliniigli . , . .,..,   ..    -.      ,- -ei
ireat deal of the credit tor | roventiiig | , (| regard to lhe raiiwai  situation,    llu* j fiini-llv forood to take   legal
Icause of unfair Ir.-Uiueilt by the    eu,
l'""1   ll'1'1   ■"•  ployers    Theii pay   hud   been   held
nisi, tu make an anuouncemcut   with I
|ny trouble at   Subiio   between   ihn "x,l<   ^   '""    "  ' '"   ""    "    |        '  : Ooveiiiineni had decided that no
ili-lerinilieil      Tin- shaft   hum lh" sin
" | un,'- iu recover ii.    Tli
tittlto of miiieraliitiitioii as tu   be   •■!-
most barren.    Oilier parts nro ricli in
mineral.    The c.ono is geni rally   miii
proceed-  cl-aliited, ami ii is apparently minerals
Japs and wliites     He i- how   dubbed
ICouropatkin   McDougall   sincu     Im
patiy hid ; |Z,.,| i,.,,,n below lhe body, and is li-
face, should connect with ilm   i
lltltu.|   "yi"'1^'" ;'   '"'   introduced   at   .ever violated tl.e law   which   ah k. l0 hlcreaso in   value   witl
'In-   conclusion  said i |iinv nil.M t0 ,)i|Ul| w||(lll,   ,||(,v   like,  ,.Hl|,er than diiniiiish,
in,I Iue! been lined fur su doinji
,,   , .       ,   , ni a noiiil ,i!   feel    further   in,   and .,    ., ,, . |    .   .-   . ,
counselled h   wise   and   m-derlv   re-    •    ' Mr. Mcllrule, had   been   arrived
deeper, ami llie    uie                                                                       i         l I   laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaW_
I'lciit.                                                       .                   ,' .   ,. vwy« tantly, and it was only   de       [t ;K evi.K-m   ,',    those remarks
III the In lluin ut  lhe -lint' l-    -llnllal       . ,    ,                  i        .,    ,
■ii         i*      .-   i    ,-   i   i-      i      i cuifi  iiih.ii Himii u   became  apparent ,i,„, ,i,, ,.i,, ,t-,i,it;,.,,ii,. i   ,i,. i   i,     ,
H"'   .adies uf the Ciilhohc   .l>u,'' ,  ,,, ,!,;,, i„ ,|„. |W„,„.|,    it i-    evidenl .,   .,,....     , .,      ........     [ t""t ll f dilliculty is tbo luck   ol
,11 ifive an "at home'' iu the Minni
that no ill'uri- of il,.-   (luvertiment—
co-operation between    tbo   men  audi
Hotel Arrivals
M, LKon Motki.1   -
'"'' '   ilia,  a pat  -hunt uf al least -JillI feel  in     ,        .     . ,1,111 I    i     MH aaaaaaaaaaaaaa*  i    I'   si r,
ini .,11..,, Ka-ic-M'.mlav ,"..!,   ,,.„„,,    ,,„u.,|    „,,     , isting     of I    -^ - '""  ln,ld" M'e employers.    Tl.e stipulation   llltl| A. B hluot., bn
I with unceasing diligence und vigour— !.
■ men should pul Up tt-cash deposit '; W,J' l!"1-'1'' 1;''"
, i„ ,:  i    i,,i   ,,„ j I'M. Kitrr, Nelson:
ll'-l   )       A   |i|u"|.inline nl   lill'lll  l.ll'l    III      I lull  i/l-iw In ulili.nl        Tlm     -I I lieini'll    - in .1 l'l  pill   111 I ll lll-u    lll'pusil I
i      ^ I llu, I ul lllll! hi 11 opi llu  1)11'.      iiii-iniui           ii           i.                             ,,         ,                                                   •          '                        i            .-,,.           ...
,, hi i   i ii     -  lid avail   lu    -e.-iiie    laili-u.id    ootl-   ,,,    „      ,l„.,,.        ,,,;,,,    i     i   i   ,,       Kid. KiMT, NcIk.ii
-'"' nt'il music will be provided   ,'-,,„,,, ,H   llway   |,|.V„,,,|   ,|„.    -i,.*,i'i . .' ""'   ,|"'11   "" Ued - labour,
ii                      e   ii  i       •  .-           I. •                                  -It'i'-liuii ut anv kiml, alii     lie   I 11,1-1   I ,i, ,„. i, ,, i,     .1   i   .1  .      ,       ,               .'". I\ai,    Ne Noll
veil as games of all d,-,-r,pi      lie- |ll)Wever, .mil is probubly  n •   than,. ,   ■ alone implies that the   shingle   com.
, .,,   , I 1      ,1 IS'.'ili'llllV  I" id      III     pill I I. Ill 11,     llpnl.      ,.   1      I,,, ; I   „   ,    , i,     ,      ,,        I   ll.ll- i- Sent',   ,N
ii.-sluneiiu will li,-   sei.i.l,   and    tho ,]oub|0 t ho c*li'iit nl   pre lemon* pany is ileteriiiuied not til lldll.ll    Ibi"
i      ,* .i                                  .     ,   • ! leriiis ur w -, 11 ii ill I an'.      i .1 in'".-    I i.i I       I ,,,, i   I    ,,,.      v   ,, .    ,'  ,1   ,                •    |l.   I . (h-.i-ii,  \ i
in ii- ul ilm   eveiunus   I'liter'ain- u,,,ii,„l                                                                                                                   | #11110 lauour,    .vum ut  tlm   men    in                       '
would at nil adci|iiately   pr, 1   H"-'11|Uostlon are likely  to   have   such   a      w ni'Horr.i.:
fproceed- of ilm    evening's    eiih't'inn- s(|.,|,.||
uin         I D ''i,iii"ii'' Hun,         omfi    1 1 mini*) 1.     ,    1    j************************************—,.. „  ____________________________
Chinch Building Fund  „„  „,,,   cunsiderable   ■ ,-  of  """" " '" "' "   "'   ","     ' "'     .1 ready cash as   would   he   ,-*   It-Lany on, Nehnn;
■IV   'ollowi Ivorti ,1,    ap.   rich „,.',,eadyfo,    -l„,,„,„,   all   „.^"""'    """''fT '   ""''   ^    l-lr*!. ...d   ll lition   itself   ,-   H- H. Ja.nl , Vic,	
,,„      ,„ 1     Nl  '    ,.'  1  hich has  a, „- I „, ,1 -,-  '- ■""    "     ';;",y  "•|"""""' '    Tta I'  II  I -  J. Aiider  North,,,,,",
I1**"'   in "u  ■>l   "'■    iiiouiu    ",   111 iinpresiioil upon ilm I louse,   nero   re*
,ih      in*,      '-Winled-  i-n-ii -.liaielv   ' nf deii'Iiipnmiii only, lllld   whieh   Hill!        ,   ,,     , .   ,,
'"'       "'  '■ * -iiiu  1     ,.,,.,,.,,.,,1 i\, I .. i;illi|i il Lv In- liuiilliineiit   IIS    llblol-
imedonieHtlo   I'tpewurn,   about   D00  be "hippod a■-  ...-.   „   melhod   ol   ,v ,.„,'.„,,,,, ,„., ,|„,v ,,,„,,,  |)|lw
leetlong,    Mu-i I,-- found uf oliildreu,   trftiiHportalion   low   been    arruni-od. 1 ip-t-iMlatiun    le-   uueslioii      Tin
No other nood apply     Consumptive,   ,\i in-esenl Mr, Dtjyln liSs h force   uf|p
..,,-, ..!' Daily New-.     Lmige-I nr any   ,,„,,   ,,„ ,1,,, ,.   ,,l, wbi-h In- been   pul ',".".'."'".    '. '   ,   "
utber mil 11 Mnrily n pied''     We , . , ,,      ,,     ,     scores of hills, both public   and   pri
,-,,-. ' ,      , ■ III -fiiiel -llillil- .is l.ll*   11-     lie-     I llllulee ■-",--"
convinced then is a    n 11 men tui ■
mine, It is proposetl to t'oiituiue   un
reiiuer remintlcd   lho   Mouse   1I1
I, both   public    and    p
vale, lllld   liec,    passed    by    dilleren,
ie",  iinti.nd.     Tin-   i'..,lu iluu 1,1	
ier Co, loss than   ten miles   ,ii.i,,r,i,   L""i-N"H, !'■ 1'" H""
md working under   nlninsl    identieul   w   Hurnnm, Nulson;
I aunditiuns, dutis not   ri'i|iiire   silch   nl,;   llubbaril, Nelson;
l.'l u-ii, and I11- nu   dilllculty    whal     C. Wollln,   lum;
ivur in «etting all the men   il   11 1- , '''"' tJrik, Sol mi,
lhe s um- eiimp.iuy la-' yeir paid    III 	
its   fur   shinglo   sawing.      Other! CllUltCIl  Nol 11'
(like, will, 1, Ineal appli-.ili      hidden                   . 1 is pr,T„-.e,i ... , ,„„ ,1 .1    , ^ s „f ,|,is |.|.ivii.i-..,    mid    ill                          I,      ,1 ____|......_H__
Nouiewhoro ill this ad, but up to duo   the Atlin ronil for 11  certain distance          ,     ,,     ,„„.,, ,,v   .-,,   ..,.,,   ,    """"," l,   "**"Kl »™»   <    '""P  Pbbhiiytbihan  Church   -S ii ii d a v
i..iv,.|,',',!uu,l,le,„l„ ■„",,.                 and then-by switching back, the , d     " „-T   ,l                                     '   '""'"" ""—""-" if H'° Hchool and    llible   Class     IJ   n    ,,
dwll Upon tho very scunt iiiiioiml   of   Kootonav Shiin/lu Co      would   it    1'  'i'-,    •'   p.    "•-
inanswor ur eritlcimn's  of  Itsl  <■« '"Il1""""1   "l"1   l|"'   Y.ii.k.- .„liU,lvs  „,,;,.,,   ,,„,   „.M|1„.,|   f|.0I„ J        *        *• Evening service, 7:30.      V-u,,.   I-. .
week, the editor of   il I'Jconomist"  Oirl workings, with annul   „  .pi„,ler| ,     ...   ,   .■ ,   • ,.. ,,, ,     , ' '     '       ■>    ''     "pies'SJocioly meets on I'ridav  uveniii'l
mmmm aaaaaaaaaa»«aaaaaaiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa^aaaal aaaaaaH-  '"  >' ".Million. "I"l.||,.s|. enlicell.-,      there ...
;at s iicliH-k.    Al! are welcome,    H.-t.
pub'o-l.es 11 ve, v ebai inlet isl ie   article uf a mile ul'    new    mad.      This    new] , 1   1     1    I-        ,r 11
1    , .   ,              ,-,                     ....       ,.    ,                                                                            purl, had   pl'd.-ed    liim-elf   and    loin Iu. lasi we, k s   issue      After  (irsl |„n will he mimew in!  tlilllciilt   of J,               , ,,   , ,.
shifting all lhe blamu for misrepresen '     ,     „     , ,,,,,,  ,   .      Ouvernmeiit tlmt niy   railway  pollcj
  I'pleseil , . ,
ajaaaaaaj aaMiaaj    ., ■      , i-ull-l I ml lull liullfler   ami  will    lil-el
ini inn on In tlm    imir   currcsponilcllt
„f il Daily News," lie makes „ sort "'"" "-dcrable hick   lv, ,1,
loubl limy could «et all lb 11 llu '
________        >   II. Yuum;, M. I
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^needed, wl,u wmild do I Imir   wuik    ill I
'•j'bi-.! ""'v rtl,Rl11 '"'"" ''"rt" sl"'""' '"' '"" i ' ,ll"i'"'l^l'l>' clllcioni manner. 	
involving iiclilal nnd ImmixJIntu   cun  |    a WOrd of praise must bo 11 li
i' half apology to the woman ol \ 1 ill-   road will bo b s i| kl> nn possi-   MU.mk    Mn,,  ,„„, v    jn (. .        	
and proceeds to expend soma   of   his ble, nrtd then the   Yankee   dill   will,,     ,   .       ,      .     ...        ,'     ,    " ""' n who worked hard to   pre
'•'--■ .'-.,       ........ -. tiontoiiiirodnco legislal 1   that | V(1||l .,„,.„ ,.„,,,,„.,.   ,„,,   T j
iilmico vltupcratloi ditur of       ,.,,. „.. „ „*_„,„*., ,.„,„l.ii„1,11|. ,„  ,|,,..' ." '	
ill"  II,.lllld,    Whlltll     lie • describes     lis ... ' ili-i-,-,p' Inn, p
■ ,  ,.. .,.,   11111 put "1 tne 1 mir i-'iiup. ,, ,   .
pm, inn'' ami "a viJoiir  and   ignrfbl
beiist."    Wu are nol al all  concerlicd
rolncting the iiiieieu ol
llie people in evi iv pull of the luiln-
li y and  at    llie   same    lime   pro! i.l,
in lo what Mr. Cat-ley's opinion of us      Tlio Jupiinfle Coiwu'al Victoria  i- adei|Uiilo transportation fiielllllos,   ...
pel.-nliallv IfuiV lip,   bul     iin"    glad   In .                     .                  .1   .1     1       1     , 1   1      ,                      ,      i   .      1             1
1                ,          ', in I'liiiiiuiiiiii'iiliiiii wilh the   lend    -lap did ii"l    propose    I"    iiilruiliii.e   what
,n   il ui  Im in  least l'( Ulll/es III-    HI'"                                                                            ' '     '
lor.    ll would be iu much   to  i-xf 1 at Salmo, and Is believed   to   be   en* was known ns railway   legislation   at
lluil be would fully ncktiow ledge it. i|i-iitrni Hit lu bung Ihe Japs built nil.
l-ire liri-jjaifc Signals,
Fire chief 1 lofiuy has pi 1 pared   ll
I'lm only arrest mad.", was   fur   what  MMlnK ,igllll|s ,-,„. ,, ,„ yHU, ,,„. „ ,.
might be termed a ''technical" oftimco    , ,     ,      .    .
alarm:    fsteaily   ringing   means   in-
.iml was probably made for tlm sake ,
1 lim .-1 lokn 1 pan "i 1.1 o -iruk.-'. (p ii! . .
if example.   S.einli-i O'Brien is   ,,■ ■ , , ,, ■    ,  ,
' ; three strokes, 11   m - 11 1 ol for Imlp : ■
I"'""11"  hnvo   ''''" i'"1   ll1'1'    ->"> luunlldtha   1    »lwn   drying   mill
police, 11- lhe ngelil Of OHpltttli-llK- WCI" |lColillg it H|. ilftt'l  Ii-i- 1
American and B.  C.   Hydraulic (YMIR   BUSINESS GUIDE
Placer  Company Ltd.
A - - -. I I *.'..
K. \\ . WIUUowsou.
i i.ui.i-.iiA'.i-:   i\ii   is.*i l< % Ni 1:
Pi ic;,   .1. (Hi il/.i'l".
 li! II.
.'. hll   I'llilll, |l
lllll    i.i.ii,'-    AN1"    01.NTs   I i  IIM»,1I1>
lllll    i.i.nr-    AN1"    '.. '- i
Capital $50,000 111500,000 Shares of ten cents each    n.,■,.l,|... .
|ii-..!,i isuv Jolibiiii! ' "
It. TAIT. J    ll,'ll|'V
\\'i.    ,.,-i!i\    tlie    1 failing   lu'iiiitl-     importeri      I*i<|tu   ■
nnd  Cigars,  Stunt,    \.1l>,    Brandy   mid   Witif.
Pill!  I',   I  I   I  1    H.-l ;    Ull    II l-l'j   I!
i ; UM i I : :     UK A 1.1 i:
'-.•- .   . uu I    ink.
1 1 IKS.
T!u" ('ii'iiji'in ,' is now [ii-cparing in wor!*; lin- (lold
!)i',il'„c, Iiii;,■!; S.nul ,mil Niju-i'i -j.J->«-<-1 leases nl Hail
Siding, and in order to inireliiise tlie nei essari nnieliiii"
erv, the promoters have sel aside  n   limited niinilier of        '' l':-11 p " ■'•
, ' , . , . , I,. -li; j- I-.    I. hi..11.   '
share,** lor nmnedial e sale.
The shares are fnllv [laidand 11011 assessable.
The Company's ground averages .">() cents per enliii
yard on I lie  surface, o\ er :' 10 acres.
Until lied rock is reachid tiiese shares can lie oh
tained al n bargain.
Meanwhilethe treasury -lock (•JOO.IKIO Shares) i-
Itl'i intact,
YMIR, '>. C
S    It    Sl Hill .. .
lll.l il -,
1 Insnu pi lil,,,,—.Ini,11 llreiiu
Mil..."! II. it--   I-'inliiv Mel !
Miller Utilise—S  Miller.
I'm -I.-.' -Inn .'.- Umlily.
\';ii I'oiii 1 i     lltv.'u lluycr.
V. ultlurf - lit-oi'nc Ciiliiimi,
Vinir—J. \\ .  Mu-ii 1 sou,
I! '.lil'''!-.- lil.
I    S  T   Koss.
I.AI'll.-       1  I   IIM-IIIN   li       \M"      UII.l-INl-.lt
Mrs. .1. i n MeLeod
MT* i>i|    III 1 OIlDICH
l'i re*,   .1     (in.:.,'. I-
1 IHMT--:.
Hi rahl Publishing l-o.
S'l mux 1 KY.
i). I'mni bell.
CA'fl   HAT
in*, in coiinectii
£ Newlv furnished throughout.    Sample roomi
0      Hates 81.00 In i?2.oil per ilav. »
•> 1
* 1 INLAY    McLEOD,  Proprietor %
• is
hi,,! crank,   four   ami    on,  ball    fool       S' "' '"' ;"''-> '
,    1   ,,     ,     , i :■:■-. v  i'i us
iliiu'".. two I .-ia In--- on tlie mill wiicels        11 11 - It -i *v  *.- Wilton
The Last Clean Up
                             , -   ■ nir-inr.v i\- ti us
The practice of   sweating   i.i.uil-a- '. '""I *-«» cal-U*.- spliee.l lojfether, in.-ik-       .Jackson & Lenlti
1     ..,    ,                                                 in-' abi ul    ''. i-ni,    i'i * 1 due   e, Lie        Alex. Otloie.
:ili il uu.I plates, :i*. en 1 i.-.l un   nl ,-	
\V1-1 Australi
mated mill plates, as carrieil on   at    a '"* I'ouuii'i
lia mine, is   by   eoverinj. *«'" »'-d o, n.rler iiu-bes in   ,lii„„e Mit,*, Mcl„„i»'
lho plates with (,'uiiny sacks and turn ',l'1'" "ml «(''«l'i"S ;'-1'1" l"1""'*.   «•'•• , cni-eutakiiii.
i„, steam ir. between tbo   pi, I *-"l «' tbe bo, ' II,   and        « «"l  Clark.
ihe bag*.    Tl.i- i-   eontii I   fm   an the cublo tlml was n-d ,„,    1' ,-   n,;. ur_K^—______Kr-mr____._
 ,1-   ,-,-   more,     by     wbii ,      ti  "f the ' wtm'  ll1"'   «=™'"Wi*-** .       ,.     ,
the ..niuhmm i8 so soft lim, il may  '■- inclH'S in diiimetui'aud »,-,:;l„,l- Ladies
♦*-Os>««s>»*-*t*"S.-><i-»*<v**><i-*#-i><•»■>*> **********************
Please forward Till*: Ymih Hki; u.n fi
 •"'■•'*•'    ♦
Ik     illl'l   ilVI']l"Vi!l-H.;i'   ll-.'-IJH    '.I   fill I-..-.-.I   y>  Q
♦ ■ ■ I    *
o The  I li-'u M.o is published   every Saturday inor.iinir and   <s-
,*  .'iu,inn-  nil   iiie  new-  ot the camp. *
4 and acknowledge receipt of enclosed ■-.-.
1 cli  - in diameter aud weighed S, 100
 nd -, making tliu  total    v eigbl   of
» II in;-   l'.-.n  YliAll, $'2; 11 u.i'  Vi-'.'.u, $1.
**•»♦■*<>•'-> A i>4**Q4<?4»4*44<>*4*4*->W>4,$><;******<i**4*'i-
1 1,000, wbii li   ii,.iil'l   rep
readily removed willi an iron scraper.
Tli'- plates ure   nol    injure I    by   1 lie ''
process-on the ol ■ baud, aro   soft- ' '"'!":' "! il1""" f-   '-5'1'     '■'•"'   '"":"
...nl and annealed by ii mil rendered "M"' •"'••'■•l '''',!il  ""''"   ,1"'   '" 1m:">
bettor for tho purposes of    alganm* si*w-    Approxiin-.il ,st uf   ll.e   well,
,- .       i,' ,1 .:.... ,r     ii-     ii.; 1.     iboUl ■' 10,000.
luui.     ll tlio coating ut gol'l is   tini*K.
it peels oil'in good aiueil scales,     ll  is Notice.
more easy lo reniovo a thick    than    .1
thin layer of amalgam,    Overboiling T(>  UEI.INgUKNT  COOWNKKS
plates bv means of direul    application , ,,    ,
' . • , '' ,.,(! James Ond ou or nnv i.tlu-i per
ol lire is considered nipiiious   lo   the    E
.    ' « 10 m In,lu In* 11,11 \    um e    11 iinsli ni.i
ol.itc    After  treatimi liy  swenting, ,.   . .     , ' ,,
, .      .,    , , . l.i- interests 111 111 • - 1 ankce On I.    ( a
UK above uescnoeil, tlie plate    1-    wel ,,. ,       , ,.  ,    ,
, . 1111,1,a,1 '.ill and  1 ale i-1 id 101 n 1 i
u il ll     - 11 1U1L'    llVlllui lll'il I'-    in el       mul
nl clittin.. -11 uitled un I line!: e    moil u
!,i |,i ci.eii 'I *■*. il li i;   fur   1 tvi nl;. -fuur
boui-.    A niixtuie ol . ipi il   pm ti    ol
powdered  ammonium    chloride    und
nitre i- iben hi rend   over   lhe   plate
1 ' ilii< Iteeordei - „
and i' i-  then   gently   le mod.      1 be   .,    .      , .  . .
:    ,M .mi:'.'  I u\ isioii.
dressing me Is and    appears   in   ivurk       .. ,      , ,      ,
1 "Inn mid em I, ol    you    are   hen In
ii - way ben, ulli tin   gout     « I,en    lhe I      ...   ,   ,
.    ,        .,   ,       , ,   notifn 'I Lluil we have expt uded   ,1,
I..- ,1 Im- rawed ni.nl 1 lie i lain   n   red  ,
liuiuln .I
I'u.-i   (iiii,-,"   .Store Yum.
lam,  iboul 1 wo milt's i'i um   ^v" 111 i 1 -,    in
ii    Ni I-..'   Mining Divi.- iou of   We-I
Kiiotenay I lislrict,   and    ie
'-.•  for   the   Sel	
Yinir ('iii/t'iis
I INI. ir Mi l.i;-'n, President.
I!i.-.. I i. Yoi-xn, Secretary,
A   li. Hi ' ii«"iii p. Tteus.
CRAND CENTRAL  HOTELlCIark's   Furniture   Stor
Opposite CouttlioUKQ  and   new   l'i*:   Undertaker   and    I'uriiiture     Oeuli
ulliee,    lle-i --"'• int-.-il    in    town.       Mail orders promptly atleink'd to
Inni j "nn null   Vnierican plam               Ilitu-Ii H'l'itEi'r          -                    V
<inly    whitn     labor    employed. ,     . ' ,      ,.rr_.,^,„„	
l''u-i class bar
■■"':::::'V;■":'•''■'■'■;.:; 1;;,';::!MILLER HOTEL
A Deep  Hole.
hot ii i- -1 1 aside 1 ol,   when   the
gold may bu sl 1 ip| ed oil into „ * al  or
, .      11. u'-i   . claims in oriler tu Iml,I	
tub     Whero the   amalgam    is    tbin, .. ,,,,., *■ 1 m   \1rr1vn    U,....
,,.,,. m.'I- 1  lhe 1 luM-imi- nt    ii, •    Mineral -   V.M    -II i.l.LI..   I 1 1]
...I. hes ul   gold   'i 1!!   often   rem un, , ..
'  ,   . Ael, nnd 11 within iiinelv   days   from
\Vhen it is no ongei  ilesired   to   use .  , . 11 ,.,,|,,,,.,. 1 ,,.. c,,,. \|;,.;,,.,. \|,.i,
I the date oi this notice vou fail or    it-   lll'lltHIUiUlOIh 101  .M IIIIII:: .Mi ll
ll •■ pinto, ii limy bu   In ited   red   liol
,       ■  , ,   1   '■ ,    , ,1 tuse to cunti iliute ".-ii I ul 1 ion of i*> ...        ,    ,        ,        ,     ,
in I -i-i in..ii 'I   »11M ll'iwci "i     ' .i'i." . I..n    stipiilteo   wilh   1 '   Inni,us ut
, . , , , , . - |" 'in I in i', '■ ■-' ;." 1  "■ ill, all   ,    Is   of ,. ,   .
1 lueli causes   llie    eoltl    In    lorin    in      , wines, llouols mul cigars
,        ■ ..'I-.   1 ' '■ in .-.     you I     lliteresl     11 1
li    lei    "ii li 111 '■■'•   "I    Uu'    plate, I
,   1      ,,. 'l»!,"-i ''"'■  "'   ,i"'   properly   ol    In-.,   .\\i.m i. Y.miIi, ll,   C
1 -11 iln-v mm In-   reinoyi -I       I lie 1 '
1 It -    ul   . 1.'   ; ■. umIer seel nu,  I ot   nn
".   1    ies ,11    only j    tilic   ivlieu   null ,. ,.,,.    ,  , «_.„.^_„„^,.u^
ael entitled "An Ael  lu    \mend   the	
-,,.u Ij ,-   in  1 -.-   for   .1   , 'i. ul rulec
Mm. rnl Ai',   II11KJ
1 me "i pei in nn ,,1 h
, I,   I'.  1.1	
li  Mi I.*.. I,
1 II.    \     l/JU'll
Th" 'I" 1    I   11 II   I'm'   'li"'   I   ui 1 1 ... Ymii II i'.   Ibis   10th,
Ann ,1   1,  iti.-coldin :    In    llie     \\ illlllU    , ■   1 I,
1 . ,      ..   .1,1.'    ; 1  ,     I     "1
toi 1 mi| 111 \v, ■ 1... ibetb,        YMIR BAKERY.
l'eiiu-\ liaiiin,    1" el •      milt        f 1
I'iltsblllg, tn 11 de| :!i  of   ll, '"' I
li   was  -Ln ui   100   feel   IicIum   the
Pittsburg coal vein     There wai  unlyl      CONFECTIONERIES,
no siring nf cusin; in the wi II, ii be-;
big six and 11 i|Uiu Ier   und
ileep,    Al lie depth ".   ' ■> feel a Howl
nf gas m ai  ■ 1' 111 I   wli   11 was nullleii.Mil '
lo make ateam to drill tin  r,     of   tho viAIAfatL*      CO  YEAR3*
I  ile,     Al ii,    ' ■ :    '      ■•  1    n,   1 i".i"      ^   -•"    '
120 .    ,M   tli il    rate   tbo   heal    ^jg,
. ipi .'. to thu boiling poinl of   watei
1 ■ ;.i i ■   found   a!   the   depth
• 1 0,000 fi el Al tliu depth of 5,.100
feel ilu- n-ii-.i n pull, y broke, cut lhe
. ;.. and dropp id thu tool-   100  feel
Hotel , . .   . j
-1 fuller eniii'-l-. new niiuiiigelliiuit.;
1.lining  llooin mul   Htir
supplied   wi'li tlio   lu'-*!
in tlio iiiittkot.
... , . *   "   , ...   Si.,.i.|nl ,\\ -I.
Illglll     tippti.-ll,"    (l('l)Ol ,      1 [Ull'
I Vancouver
Kifsl c1u.sk 1 lining Uddii
Ikiisl Iniuiilsj of Wiiu
Liquoi's nml (Jigiu's.
'     UWUN  BOYER,  Prop.
VMI ll
JOHN   I'.KI.Al .   Prop
Kootenay Coffee Co. ...   .,   .        c,    ,
1 In; Kootenny  Standard
COFFEE ROASTERS and   Juanita,
nei i- ti 11 urn i;-,
in-: iiicmt iiitAMi oi' iiiimisih  Headquai'tefs for nininj
CIGARS. !    and Commercial Men
l-'.-r All Kii.-I- Ol
00 fuel I Fresh Bread Every Day.
A. IS  I'len-li, Projiriolur,
W1k.Ii   ide mid retail dealt I
in l'i.-*,i I:. 11 ti-tl
High - Grade •* (Soffees
NELSON, 11. t'.
TO   01 I.
Mr, l'„ \V, Cody, from our   Nel«
"d.-i I'oinfurluble holel in ll,
iii"i     livcrjlimi'; iii-t du   .
YMIH,  I), c
I.   C.   TheTin & Co.
Ni'l-.ii, 11. ('.
'i   M   :  ! ',
X**********************-* *
X 4        I'llKSH   VMI  - Mi 1.11 \n; \i-
J    M\LL_WOOD.   t
I k'livci'od unv
1 'I.ni in tow 11.
*   Mi
lord i-.viv" 1,'.'ini-!   nit.
of   nt "   *   in ,-
•**■ JOHN   lllll,!',i-;iit,   Pntp,
^1       i,W^'WW«Woti*»V •KiKJWWt.i'-Mt.. ^A *r^i .it ti-e m
X     Stove Lengths      :,,.,-. r
X n,.,..,.,-,       ,-. ,lflll J Vmsr Iransfer O
I.no.   4
Trade: Marks
JACKSON .v- I I'.a 11%. l'i'„|
,   oe and dropned llu, tools   IUU   t"el, *-r*/»«*,-      copvmcurt. «i-..
I '' Ani-.-lli- .rii.lll,-, 11 -'n-l-li ■,-,'! <!.'.   Ill*     r.lllliy
.hieh cuiLsed a stay   ,,f   1 Iliifd,   :'''.'. ^ .:',",'.',:.'.''-'.,;.' '".'.'■.V..!.'."".■^'-'. .i.'.-'U: Any e,„,|   „,
,..,,.         ,| ., ,.,,     , iiiuiaairlot|v....i.ii.i...,,i,i. i:.,ii,ii..»ii.ii'l'i.i>-i.ia
iiili,    ;-      11   III  was neeu ui     lu    „.,, , .,., t nvi-ni-r ruraeniriitvimloniii.         ,,, „iK    ,,.,,,,
, , ,,,, |.,,,iii« tnii.-ii tiiMiii'ii .iluiin .li 1 <i. ri»:i)l'>     ■           I
. extra heavj    Inniiry. Iliev ijKeiiunoil".wiiiniutctian.-a,luibo
.-nw. mi. p.o.,gi.,i..,two201, $cMiiic Hnwicati. ?
!■ '";"' ."■■■■■■rv.ii .";••- ■-■ -i   _JasSTTiV4_^ X   Lumber Co, Ltd    I ':
inch belt, Ibirteon and   half   f I _t__TFfS^*_\m^°7y'tO   I X 1   l'"' ai   ■
i    wheel,   r,vo*i.,i'l,   foi'Ked  ,l,„f,   IHWr'CSURlP   ' B°°!<    C°' 'ItHW +H4444444 J  l»n.|ll,  , ,.
X     Per Cart Load.
i    v    ■      • 4
* •>"»   'I tllU li"," to 1 u *
1,11,1-k iviii I- t (hI '"I'p'j * Teamirtd and
; Express ....
l-orto  llu'<>       I
X       -■' I'omptly   all
I in
4 I
We liavc ;i l,|'iinil |-e\v line tind cafl fit ,\un ai\\
froin lu-ail t(i i'put, with a goof] foiindatjoi] nt' tliu
lipst slinr..-; olittlilltlblf, ami fiip'tjllitlg <ih \vjtll mill
nl' our new jijiil st-ylisli hats,
.Mitts train  pvcry morning
i'\ri"|,t Sunday, tor  freight
and passengers   for   Vinjii
|nill,   By special prdcrs oi]
Sun,lavs. ()r for Vinir mine.
Wc don't ni'i il tn Jceep pu tpllipg -.nu ,\v per
here, ami in flic Grocorv business, because it is
well loiowp thaj ilu' best goods ,111,1 the bes(
prices ap' always to begot at flic
DesBrisay Jobbing Co,
*,VAT|;li   SUPPLIED    j-'iil,    po-
MIls'l'iC   a Mi     KIHK
I'I'Kl'OSI'.s    r N li K \]
!'•",     rlM'NpS      I'KI'.s
Carries The Stock,
And Leads in Price qncj Quality.
Whv They Aro   Tramps, j -**1 ibp ehureh, und it v\\* bpips toi*n
—  — tn nieces by relic bun tern, who desired
JflU'i.-  (ilcancil   by ail    IpVCSrisouveners of their vhiit.    Tllftl   niter- ■; $ m, *jipitfi Secretary HOOTS, SHOP ANJI cl.oi'lilNi: DEPAlU'MBSTi—We Im*-'
^ntii'tltor    Concerning    tlie      j"""" tl-e pUvsteiiriK on tlm .-valla   was " '. gp,.|„*, goods in anil chaerfully invite tlie public to inspect our s-iocl-,   l|i
-uljirin^, iiii-! nt tlie miiuieiit   of   the __    _1 0     may satisfy them in quality and prioo.
''<>"<1*   I'l'atei'llity. |l,oyWnte|'ing the building   n'.V8   full SpOKaiie  T aUS   GG llell's sliors, wu carry un   imiiiensB itoolc,   they   speak   for Muim*
 : ,        „„,   of lime dust and sand.    AshnstepJ       lsj _ „i *i    _ „ „   -|"> „ Tbis line is eoulined to lis. and no one else pan procure them ill tins own
An eminent  professor   who   spent I ' niAntitAiifi    ""
_____ . oed in-i-le In- -., |-iui''li .1 mi   the    'lii-i
Blue tiiiie traveling .-leoill    the   eoun- j ■    . .     .        .
Northern Uy.
We 111
io luiv'. Hie exclusive right of the famous Weston Slioe I
i ,"",  ' :;   ;■",    , | ami w-v, «.i*^l with « violent   lii   of'!1 ml)'    Hi'   mil   '.'""!"   **-■■«'<-<-<■   ■''••■«■" - ' °"Uv"*r,IV" ',ilir "' M, Qt!,0r °TZ i- T.Iowi • ,., ll -    ,"-<    ■
h naked every tramp   ihat   lie    met ' ' ,•**-„•.<.        ,   „„., .,,,,1 ,,„,i,,,, l-,,.. «„rlii.» «iiil* for men am! boysaro aluo In, oml morkcil down to in
; ,. , , ,      it   . *       1   euuR 1 ng, and   n  the   piiro*,vsi|i    the       points east, west and soi|tH to 11 - Spring -mis ui .   . ,
iy he didn't work     He interviewed        «     » - ' la,i.l, ^Isoii,   0|'.1U(I  lr('!'lis  npd He-   ,)0fsil,le nuleb.    I'm-nnalness  pud durability,   ono  glnnct  will
l,.,i, vagrants,   and,   classing   1 ben, , ""'''"'"' v"'s ""'**.'"'" "P »•••■   ""'    "r I public,    jlullei cars run between Spo    ,„,,.; ..kt-mic.il lluil wo carry lho real thing for westurn l.e!'-
,,       ln ,.„ | the way. I! , v-   ,.    ... .
"Vet, -.erioi;sly   ofl'lllgh,    the   buy
act "idi'i",'tn ihe   reasons    they   guvl
foi- iml enriiiiiy their bread in nn    or ^_^^-^^__.^__^^_^^
'Hindox iiianuei", ne get  the following: I,m(i U'"u i''11'"'1 ftt tl)0  "•'■'■"'
Six  hundred .iinl    nl'i y-lliiee   said -"•""
tin v ,M'ie willing lu wink, but   could   Lamb  Alld   Uon    'JOgetll=!   en
no! iil>l-tin nnv; | |*l   emiltl   li.u,   give . „_
"aj'hy i-en-i'ii that   would    bold   water;!
801 tie.unlit that   no   one   ought   t
■veto work,   and   if  some   people I E^'imeiil-H   of the   Ti*aii,i*,*
Me:v f..i.li>b enough to   do   so—well,       Ucsultcri 111   Making  the
Byi.iteiidod living  on   those said        Animals 1.'ast   Friend*.
_J Four hundred and seven   were   mi ,,,..,,
I     A luui!) |s tbo pliiviniite ot una   of
their -nil' l'i priiuliie work at   distune    .,     ,,            ,.        •    ',,         , , , .
•    ,   '               .      ,   .                      the lieieest linns in    linstock's luppo-
towt,-. Iiiiiiii!' ii-tu*is iii their   posses-    ,                 ,       ,„         ,,,. , ,,    .
. .                               '             ill nine un llie    Place   Clieliv, Pans
Hii-ii I i■■ 1111-111u   tlii'in   enipluynienl   nt I
■'{Hi,- said   towns,  and   the  remaining
\',i\ were waiting fur relatives   to   din '
pi"! leave them their money. .
Mr. Hostock tells how it took nine
months in bring about the fl'ieudlj
       "1 Ins, a whole eurloiul    nf  •!,-,„,bs,"
'""""■■" | Ik* -suid. "bl'fore succeeding-—lambs of
riiracle     That    Proved      | tbo kind children play with.    I  plae-
ed in the cage all sorts "f l"\s of   th,
aniuiiil variety— cotton sheopi   horses,
m^^m BaaaaBBan amaa
One   Apparently   M;iI \'i-l< utr-, i-.-ililiits   iii fact,   ii   regular   Noah's
! ark.
('ui',' at a Shriiii' al Leas-
lias   Practical    V,\
''Then I s|iei-inlizei| on   sheep,    bill
ii look a long limn for iho lion to Hud
 nlll thai I hey were nol   ",uoi|    tn    on!
  I Piiuiliv a Iiie hi nib   was   introduced.
■Stories of tlio miraculoui    perform-1 A, ^  |in|| ,,,„,.,„, M|11„isl,    ,„„,
|n,es in which   Piilher    Ignatius,    "t   t|,,n |„y dnwI, an,l Rent|y pllwefl    ,)„.
Uinlhiuiv,     Wales,    has    raised    UloLj,,,,^     Tll„    ,,,,„,,    ,,.,,    ||||t    fa.
rW'l in life, recall ilu- sensation of   it! lW^ um, _nwihK bac). a ,,„,„ ,„. tW0)
fen veirs ago ui  Nock,   ill   Ireland,  i   ,.   , ,,    ,- ,,
1 ~ ' | liuttetl the lion in tli>* mane.
where in u eeriaiii    i-hurcli   il   sin im-,     ,,...,. . .
"llus appeared   lo   greatly   in e
,va-supposed io   bine   restored.  Um the ,.  w|,o playfully rolled over  on
■lit, the lame, and even the blind,      |||is   ^   u|u,;.   (hi,   UmU   bm|(,ci
Al   tbe   lime,   Bays   the   Clm*nR°       •
H-ibuue, Dr. O-wtr A.   King,   of  tho    *„y0< mri  Ml,    |jostock)   i,,,10)
Heulty of tbo College   of  Physicians  ^ f|H, ^^   ^   m   j,,,,,,.,,,,,.,.
laii.i Siii-'eiins. was (raveling   in    Ire- , , , ...   ,  •     ,  , .
*^" . .    ,   company- would be justified m   taking
; the lamb as a lirst class ri-l..'
Grocery Oepartment
JJUi.,|, no - ..iiii.i. ul. in- hiivi- got tlicsiock uu'l cpn savu you tu	
Stationery and Prug -Department.
inso if a paukago Is iiiarkcl -
li.ine anil Noiib|ior!    	
I'm|li-t l.'ii|.s   ,i,n betwepp   nipoltnnp
and Nelson.
f.|l'iclivp A pr il. I '.ni."..
Daily Train Ai rivo
!).4f> ii.in Spokane (1.20 p,m
11.Ufi n.111 Rosshillll *l.n.'i p.n: i
'.1.1,i u ,n Nelson ,! :!.". p.m
111:30 am Grand Forks B.50 p.m          "-Ve are g, ning Um business why?    Because I
in on a.in. Pnotiiiix fi 80p.m.   ihe maker lluil is nil yon nre rcijiurail lo pay for il  here.     Wc ilu imi   pin
•"ll" a-ni Republic 0.30 p.m   .mv -|lnPj ,|ri,8 .,,„,. priees on tlie 10,000 nr'.iolps wu carry in tins   departu:  • .
^AVP     TlMF            and consi"t|iiu*jlly wp have the good will and patronngooT llui eoiiimnni'  •
J^X-Xj     THE     TIIivdlBj
Rail-WAY.  -
Seattle,    Tacoma
St. Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
I'AI.AC!-;   AND   TOl'lilsT
MKAl.S A    I.A    r.Vini!.
Best   Meals  on   Wheels.  \.
U.  S.  T.
hardware    Merchant,
ml, uu'l In" in i'i" ii a point   to  look
I'lio vane of 11,.- -uu ies of   marvelous
■•(li ,'   tlm ases   wus
111.,1.1     IT  Veals   old,     will    bad     been : ♦ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
' '"'•^"7'i"^   trachea    ort   Hotel     YlTlir J
wiiulpipe,   siii'lilie doctor,   recallnijf  f *
-.Vtbe i-\|ii-riei|i-e.     "A 'dilia    to    llie \X ^^^
■Mtiiirii's current Ilia boy bad   been   af«  4
ijTfieii-d -nee liirib 'ini tli" tumor   lid
^Lei'i, declared   Inoperable.      Yet
ll.e I '.-"lie lo llie church niu! had    been |
Till*   Ik'Ht    Ml'llls
Anil Ai'wiiiuiiodutioi)
In Town.
• *-iit,.,| iii mi iiistai,i. ir \ line select inn ,,l'Wine
..Well, I went iliiv.ii tu   lho   place |        IJi|iioi-» nncl Cigars.
-jjbini) found the young  num.   who   ro- j
Bior.tcd the story in detail.     Then    I J f
;<T ,    ,    , It .1   W.  MA ST Kit.SON,      Pr,
Ht'oiil to ile' surgeons w bo hud  ,-\',,,i- i *
^Biu-ii Iiiu,, aii'l who gave up   hi-   case
Bu- luii'i-Ies-.   The report of   the   sur-
■ l'i nl,-,     was     llntt     since     infiini'V    llu
H'liil'l bud bee,, troubled by a tuberch
[in   the   -vitidpipe,   the   thing  being
iibout the size of n pea  and  attached
[to tbe -.mil of tlie iiiiclieii by a I bread -
lib,- liber     The parents of   the    child
were indlHorent about lhe   open tion, j
ut best, while in the nne trial ol   thi
physicians lo roinovo tho   obstruotioi
lhe buy bad fought tbe,,, all olT,
"I Im miracles nt Nock hud aroused |
the interest of thu pur",its,   however,
lllld lie'   boy    had    been    sent    i|..« li
lliein to thn shiiiu".      Al   ihat   time
lhe faithful were  going  111  hundreds
Gold, Silver, or   Lend    -   81.00
Copper,    - -   -    81.50
Gold-Silver,      ....    S| 50
Chnrgbs for oilier metals on up
Provincial Assnyer
Nelson, B, C.
Ymir,     li.     C,
hi:ai.i:k in
Shelf  and   Builders    II tiil«   i  ,
Paints and  Oils,   Stoves    Cod,
Stool, Powder,  l'u-.e   and   Cap
(Irani,.'    and    Tin', ie .     Ste m,
All   Mm!,   i■!'   plumbing,   Tin
smithing   nml   General    Kepaii
2    FAST   TRAINS     Q
s il1 ,ExlurH,,onJ*T   •   The Mutual Life li.siii.mrr Company ofN. Y.
To World s Fair, St. Lou.s ^ A^ Exceedlng $400,000,000.
A |,nli,'\ iii ii is tin' -iil'i'-i investment known to mnn.
ri.gniillnjr trips, call on or ai'dress an I ('nsli in\ e.-t e,l ill Life IllSUrailCO is < -.' I *-11 invested tlliil     wil*)
lgi.„loI.I..,S. I'.iVN. Iti.il"ay or compound ini.'I'l'Sl-
II. A  JAL'K-Stl.N,        11   lUlAMM,                                          , ,       * ,
li. V. & V A. All Sliceessl'lll 1 Ml.-I IP'-.- IIU'll   rilll'V IllTgO    il III' illllt N    llf   lift-
''' "" ,iiisiii'iinri'. It [irovidoH for tho family, protects n man in Iii-.
old age, and protects his other investments, Kor rates on
any form of life instil'iincc apply to:
Percy J. Gleazer, Local Agent.
Your Choice of Ilouto.
For rules, folders anil full Information |
(i. V &
710 .V. .
^ Sterling
Prom a crffcr
Ipoon to a thou*
and  dollar   prr-
MnUtlon s-^t.
Henry Dlrkl ?■■
S' nV fncilittr*.
for making loHd
illverwarc ir*
tmueas-fed t-y no
oilier concern in
^^^^^^^^^ Ciinnda.
cL*ntT Jim. Artlitlcdril|n<
ert, nioderh nmchlnery, nnd Rkl'lcd hand
tvorVerfl. a'l itiiil-r the'Uiccl Mipervlalon of |
1- nc.ir.'il tin mi   i* i f ill" firm, inn I e nn nt
| equalled cotuuluullotl for tinning out fin
Wi :tf for i'lu'.trated rata'ofiif
Wilson & HarshawrKLF0N*n'SHK1'AB"^'^
.'trlim Sllvi
jilvc, I" ill
"I'atihl.-., Hi
Draymen and
vmi a, n.   c.
llnhdling heavy freighl n
CoiTcspolulehco [)i'oh.ptly
atU'inliil to,
\V.\SIII.\(;i'o.\ .v r. N. KV
V. V. & }■:   ItV. S N, CO.
mul Creiit .Vorlliem, Northern  Pociliu
.■iml O. If. .1- \. Co.,  for point" na.it,
iVI'st   mul    KUIIlli ;   cnllllects    itt     [toss
luii'i and Nelson niiii  tho Ciiniuliiui
I'ni-ilie Uiiilwuy,
Colllieels Ut Nelsiui with  llie    |'.   |{
it N. Co,  for   K.-isl., nml   K. B,.-l s,
CotitiedU ni ('tirleiv niiii H| l(.|, f,
Groonwodtl ami Midway, li. ('.
Bllffol   curs nm o„ tr.iins betwoo
Sjuikiilie mul  llnpuhlia
llciicrill l'",sa,.||ei.,* ,\,,,
Hpokanui Whki fit ywir mui\j
-i...,I .--.-.tv  s-ci/iliiy iitcl miill-il  loiitit
iir .!..|i.'...,,-.-.l l,\ ,-,".-: ,' ni  : ..i ii
■     ' '-in- .'-.'.',,: !*■:   :n::;.;jlii.   put ;i,il>-( n , el
.   ■ • ro .nit- r^ii-*.. 11 r,j ;, ..r -„*,',  iji-t ;i  ,.."■
'i   ,   ili.iiAjn miii ij,- hull   from   ill !.-,eii: -.-
.|.m|.t* in ,1;.- ,!i-lj;.;i, -l-   11*11   l,<- .i'.i.,-    .
,/ir .•' [ruin Oe- iilll^.-.
I .ii.ni rt l.-il   |.rii:l:r.-   .'    i-.-.-i-.-y     sJ - ~ -" 1:1 -L' *.-»
1 .11.. oil l!i<- l.r.-lili^'-s nl     : -.11.3;-.      :.:-,.-.■
)■■ ,11, l-l,-,lli li;   .J, 1:
1I1-.K.-.I.I)    l'i l: l.lSlj 1 N';   l.l.iMi.".;. N',
I,.-I I i-l   t.
,i coJiniicnii   ins   iiii(i>|jciiiie:ii-e
iino his ly'iimos i:,: 1 et\'.-i 1 c,' ,to Indrawn itnlo I'l-kle-, ,-;■ pi-.-ulii ure ,.,-,('
en I, 01  land
II.    KK.Miy.s,    >/IV|i,r|;,
sATUitDAy. \rmh I-.
'I'lie .election of /iiy- wu;-i|c;i.- is to
fje hold to-day, an.-'i w-.e Ij.OIW th^t cl>
citizens will ileeiji il lyoj'.tll wl.iiiu lo
east a yolo '(I'Jlp liry SOflSOf) il, co: ,
jbig Oil and UV'l'.e ;u-o .v v ;ul danger;*
,ous tii.L-truii.s ii,'ion;   v bid;   should
)'})i)} 1/H>ti& So. .1*1 A. J', si   -J
.\! Jleels  lil-,1        ,1'liil.ll       ill     ,1-I.H'l
-V,: - j 11111.   ybuljllg lii-i/hor- v..i-l.;- u,:..--1.
..loll.*.   ,\l    1'lnfi.   V..  i'J.
\\'bile ,','. ,* uniloulileilli,-.. ■ tiififf   !,!,.,« I'llul A. ' '■ 1." \z.' it. See: -,:.i.
The Kind You Would Like
i'AST^s QOQft
hitfriiik!*ttw/mwi-t'} ^i^YUfa wmifi Ko.-3.rj k. a P
'.In- i-lu-iijii-M t'ii.ri.i.1 ot hi.1 mm- ,, ...m .*,,- ;     *,|,.,.,„ in,,!. m}   ,hi.i-..l   .\| ,!av   i,-,
,i,Tri:.Vi 'In it.  u.m-1. etlieii'litly. the   in-       ,■-.,,',    i,.,,.,,,!!;.       -.-.'i-il ile,      bwUnys,      -0J(|   g^JJeTS   MHPl-r     S\r«p
,'lo.|,le,i,,,|,  :,[   el,ell|,   Ml),U"-l;liutl    JallO-tll'I .*•*• |t* I UO 11 lt*lj.
*fl un*,' ,:,,,,„^;-ii-,, ,nv«l ,*,''   ne eswity CllAUi.f.s Au.-ii.-o.-.i.-., <'. <■'
1    ,       .  , , , J'.UIN C   I '.' UAH,   K.   ,11.  .'   tt,
;.i.- attended jvj/Ii results,   iiiihh*.,tiiti-j.*.- 1
•M-i,-t,i-,,,Vs   j.o   tl,e   >y.l,itc    liOiovijng   V.\J|I,<   HI \ ■'!■;,   U. Iijlis • )!•'   Til J;
4ua.se*■ ul,-i,;!vM-,!l...di,, tli-   Hi*t.'i,cl., j      MACOAPgiiS. Meets     .*<-.' j
,,.,', ,   ■'     .-;r,! fourth Tuesday Ln each month
and ultijiiut-oly 1,0 tbe eouijiafly   neil-
i/Jg llu* j,in,i;.',lt,ioii.    Jt' llu- white juinj
is If) li.e only .Hi,- pioneer l.i, llu-    M -i,. j
g-i.'i,;;, wi,;l;e|-   if v-lti.,) lit by-  disco.V: J
eieij nnd opefled up new distj id-, ai;ij j
iii.s enterprise i,j .so doifig iia.i eii;".blud I
compline--- hi establish   piolil.-tbl.'-    in   ■
d.gstj'Les.Ji.e is U> bo ileometl   '■    'J"» LulUh 300*    Work.**,
sic,ul:.-   ,-;n,'J    tjj-oj} table    work    wjjicl)
,S. i,liJ-:ii/.i.li. I.,. C
J.. .Iii aKWOU'lll, fi    1:
,Ji,'ic,ij, J-I. I-? uu'l -   SplWotl 'f'WS-
^o>d .by
D, CAMPBELL,   -   -    YMIR.
mm npiinr-n—tt
,    ... Caiiecljiition of  Itescrve,
li/iulit 08 .In.. ;i-nu;;ie,:,tioi,    ii.    nller 	
be seen io.    A', |y,.-*.-;.t it it Roljody's ! ,„. ,,.ls ,..M.vt.(] c|1,t .L ^ni,,,,,,.,,, ,,,,,,,-j, | *vt()|'ICK is hereby given   tliul   live
duty loiitii-iul i.-j i,>,'-,- matters,   '-'•'- ',,.. j,,j■, .,.„• ,'„,,,,,... a;i,| p„bli.s)u*.d io!!        i'"M-,".i„io;ie.sii.).li-li.v!  in   pur.
i iirco lire ,Mi,-,]..u,  ..bo «iil nei feu.-- ,.■, ', ,,   !■--''"'   ' •'f tbe pi'ovisiom-: ot' the   ''Cojs
>■'-'>        ,....,, tlio world it*   lyiwifa!   resnui-ucs.    tbe
ssi'v    aii/J    iiclepi-nileiil ly,    eaii
uuibin und Western Hallway Subsidy
Mining Agent      =      Stocks and Shares
..lupsjind Chjiicsu iif-a   to    be  'I'icliy j \e,, , *!,,;,' ,,.'1 ice-,   of   wliiclj    wee
lunch Inward*, siO'ifuuj'dii.''   the    pros   .       ,.     ,   ,       ,        , •   i     ,     .     , !      , ,. ,    .   .        . . . .      , ,      ,
° '      I iieiielit.-il ilu'i-eliy  tli.-ii   n.-le.-.i   tliere  published  in   lhe   (iriiisli   Columbi*,
pi-ny of  ihe   .iiri.-n,.       \t  P.''"'io.l>s (is LUt little J-iioin ill tllla t-iiuntry   for Ca/.i-tte and dated    Til,    liny,    («!)()
elections for (ire wardens, only o.io "■ ' ,!„. u|,i(e work.-,-,    lit   cunnol   m,,,Uml »tli June, 1 SOC, respectively, an
two lin.e consiili-o-il il worth while In
llu- harvests nt
III"     bus
: hereby cancelled.
attend, and there hus practically been  but 1|lust I))0V( ,lul ,IIK ,„.w ,.,,     \    Crown   land,  situated  within  tin
I nre.', i-iiibiucii'l by   the   --iiiil   reservation will be open to  sale,  settlement
, I lease und other disposition, under tlie
1,-piiinbii- men.  and   preferably   men ' j( i; p,,_..|,|(. ,|,;,, ,)„. ,.,„(,|„yi.1.i,   m|iy piovisiona of lhe "Lntul   Act,"   ilm
lei cit-cii.i n.     Vmir    le,.    lately   had
,-eveie ics.-un-. il, the mailer    of    lin-s  !
nnd the • ill,, n.- ..Iioiild .-, B lo it   thift
('ni* tliu little . yellow   i.-ii-n    ,.i   reap
Wlinn Moiitfuliuli labour has    become
an , -lalli-li.-il fuel
ui i,ny I'.iiiiiuiii.H
who have themselves la)'£;e interests
to protect, should be appointed guar
liiiiiis of t)ie public safety us legui'ih
!■■ IV. I . i."«-.P. '
place llc-ii-   product    ull    thu   market
iiiu. after the date of lhe first publication of this notice in   the   llritish
, \i*i-i ■     ,ii* , Columbia (.lunette; provided, however,
«In'i* labour,     \\ lolc il    is  ilotiliiitil! '
...  , ,. ,    ,* ,  ! that iu all eases wher • luinls   nre   su
!u ihe cost nl  production   nu   regunls
,,i , sold, i ne- i-inpt in I, leased or   otherwise
iiicluul lilinin  i- unv   lest,    Umy    mil}" ' '
alienated bv the Government nnd aro
'he second session of the   Mellridi ,
niuko bigger protlts on their  boniding
iiiimiliistl'iitiiili bus lio-.i   i-oiiie    lo    rail I , j -uliseuiientlv fiiliuil,  upon llie    BUrvev
, house, ii.- ll.e ,lii|l- Hint    t !,iiii"m-    cost I ' ' '
,,   -ACI'NV    FDI	
Miitib'.l Life liistnaiict'< (itnpaiiv t,t'New Voi'k.
I 'anadian Casulnty— lioiler [ji-siirance ('u.
London Mutual Imi'c 1 insurance Company.
I)t|inva J-'ij'e Insni'iiiice Company,
I'lHST AVI-.M')-.,
.Mil!,  IV C
•**■*■ •s*->--s-'>A->*->-'a"i&--.'s-'^--^--2>--Js*is-&aj&&j&--^>i*S •> t
fa SU
end, and in spite of nil lhe prophecies •
of disaster, with which lhe l.ih.-nil '
projs inuessaiilly hiimmered tho cars
ni' lie- people, the enlinli v is vtill safe,
ji- lilinin ml ..un j i i ii .11 i. better, its
credit is higher, and its iiiiinrul rc-
Bources havo been proaei i ed to the
puoplfi Willi a lii-iinu-.s niiu-.nil ill 11
(' adiiiiltistrations. There hits been
one disappointing feature of lho sen
hum, ihe lack ol' a   pro.41e-.-ivc   rail
-is lo feed, and nre no! so pnr*
uf the Columbia and   Western   Ha
Liculai aboul   their   aecoinmodatious
Hi,1 a company making   the   innova
way Company'* blocks, then il.e   per.
nous act)iiiring such   lands   shall   ae-
.,, ,.   , . louiru tlu-ir   title   thoroto   from   the
1 um 11, 11 new ilistncl will I,ml its e*.-   '
1  ,i Hail way Compiiny   who   have  agreed
p. n-c lull mounting up in   .1    w^r,    tu
mil r.e 1 aii\- pu-si
-sible  ci
lllllllllll'S      III ,
to deal with   slid
,    pun liasei-s      pi
oilier direct ions, While ihn while
ennui,unity may be perfectly orderly
and law nbiding, iheie i- an element
if risK in its avowed hostility,  which
emptors, leasees, etc.,   on   the   same
terms and coinlitioiiB as tho   Ooyern-
uonl would under ihe   | rovisions   of
h" "Land Act,' excepi in respeel   to
way program.
This, of   eoiii-e    has
been seized upon by the opposition, as
indicating a lack of executive  ability
i,,. ...        ,       timber   lauds   on     the    Compafiy'
II, l-l III' proi lill'll    toi .        \\ lu-ii    two '
■ ,  i blocks, which -hull be mibiucl   to   ll"
ir siiie.
' 1,1,1 Inn-, 111   I IVO 1 < illlitilllll I li" ,   lite -I
; hi-   side    iii    upell    Im-lili! v    to   one
regulations issued   by   the   Company
rulutive in the cull ing of   1 imbur   01
W  S, (JO-HU,
i'Uier    llf     Hill ids
, 111101 her, iluv live 011 a »,u   fool ing, 11
on the part of lho gover nt.      Uut . tliu Columbia nml   Western   lluilwuy
1 Fnoling wlncli is ii'iinul in   he   expeu   :
Unless tho government is itself 111   tho '        Lund Oruiit.
-i\e      I ho win*.tooting is the giiiiriin-
i-.iilwnv building business,   ii    is   nol ,
l.e n| pence, but it-   up-lteep   1-   ex   .
rightly designuted ihu-       It   is   lho , ,       , ' ,   !     Ueputv   Cumini
pell uve, ull liim-jli  11    ni-ii     never    he 1 '
duty of ihpgoM'in ni i"  giw   wm. U  \v0,ks,    Unds   nml   Worxs    1»
,    *,,   1   ulilized,     111 1 In- eiisu   h>k   before    11-
Hiderulion to   | ropnsilioin   ml mine 1 partiiieiit,
by those who are in tl.e ruilwu)    bus- j w" do nu   suppose   the   luw-ubiding       Victoria, H. C,'J.'lrd, l-'cb., lOOS
Inns,    |f 11 proposiiion   1-  siibmiltiil eiiizeio   . Salmo,   »ill   .-..11111111   nliy
tvhicli would mean loiistruelinn  in   11   breach of the  peu-e,   bul   neiiher  do
districl where   -ml struction    1- .,.,,,„,„. ,;,,, ,|„. k,„,,, „.,,    shin.
badly iieeded. and tl.e , ids  a-k |^ ^^    %    i|iml|i   ^ ^
|,,i i.-.i-oii.thli" aid, su, I, a- would   nol
,       1 resenl attitude ot    ill,,' .1    will, h'nl
reninry   ol    the   '
n --. mid the   c.-i    of   this   nttitude
Piovince, und ivoulcl   not    ussitiite
the giving ii-viii of lurgo ureas of vaU  will eoituinly counteriicl any   p",ssible
i.iblo public lands, iben  the   govorn-1 «,i\iug in ll st uf   | hielioii    by
moot would be justified   in   accepting   \|,„,.,,!,.,„.      |,,„,ked   at,    therefor,
i.-.,.I, a nroimiitioii.    llul    if   on   the	
July deplete, ih"   In
,h,.| linml, ilu' -.eh" - submitted in
liciilu that tho   pi 'i
not ers   look    for
loin the point of 1 i.-n of    expediency
,,iU 1 ibis company would be well  ml«
i I ,0 abandon theh preseiil    lh-
11U,     As to lhe moral   rights    of   lhe
hei, I'-ui, ration, nol from lhe pro
Hi of railroad uporu 1, bul from llu
Hpeculativii value of largo land grunts, 1 white men, Ilm judgment of   the peo
mid Irutisforablo legal privileges,  then   pic* as a whole, is iiltogelhpi'   in    their I
li is the duty of the   goveriiineiil    to fnvuui and againsl the company
protect ih" ,ni",e.si-."I' 11"'   cnmmuti.
iiv.     if no fair propoiitioii weru  -oh- ! ~~"      —-~- "
„,'„,,„ 1  ,, ,,.,„ Biirely bettor to accept j 0IST1UCT MA V\<;i-'.H WAN I'I'.I'
n , limn 10 teeepi the leas!   unfair, |     |■,,,,,,„M--11 * posiiioii; rapid iidiaiici!-
diniiiisii'atioiis   I,
men!; salai y and   expense*;    lull    in
lllui u-uvi- In    ' ni
K.,,p   tl.i    -*       vful     harvest.       M'-lmructioiis fl f   charge;   clean   de* j
Meml of dm, ins Mcllrido for   lii»L|rnb|c biisiness.
Mluro I Iroiliieu   a   railway   prii-jTIie .1. I.   Nichols Co.,  I.I'd. Toronto,
,.„„.,„,.. ilu  Liberal pies*,  would   del (Mu) 1 thii papel-.j '
Our tfentlemnii's 1 |k.
solid yoldi li u 11 ti license wntch (No, 12617)
sells I'or $40.00,
l„.l m-O'.ii Blllll fil    .1 oi*,-
IN...   1461BI I ill 11   ...'  •
1,1,1   ;:    .   11.01 im  ■ .1  ■
Ier Shoo.
A   lady's   solid   gold
watch I No. 1 s57fi)wiili
guaranteed   " I',- ric
movement   will   cost
you Sj5.11,'.
lit a i.-venr koIiMII -'	
. \   ,.      ,...,,1     	
I17 on.   s. ml 1 1, - .,-■,..■;:' • ■
BYBUi I3U08. I
"I'lAM, ifiH IIAI I "
I        Ymir, B. C.      |


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