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The Ymir Herald 1905-07-22

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-  I-'"'-' l/t/r*  ,:,
Vol. _—No 10.
I'i;ii k Five Cents.
*■«*-.,....- .iU'iti-iri '• ■ ■ •■« • i    The local  passonger train  will beU
i   LOCAL ITEMS  *   taken off aho*!*, and   the old   mixed
{4rt,i,1.,,......*..l,:i.}.,lil.t.;ti'!ii!iptit'-i.   again.      The   proposed
schedule whieh is now hoing approved
at St. Paul, will make a .si ip over   of
.   .. «   »■ £ *.  *•, - *• f| *: }   *j,«   *• -I   I- »   r
''t forget   the   open-air   Sound
next Wednesday.
............   v ,    ,!.>_,.   II   ....    ■
I'he liunler V.   mine   now    under
lease to the Hall    Mines   sj'ilielter   is
an hour and a half at Northport.   th.
■Three teams are now   hauling   ore  evening train being due at   Ymir   at 8,,,pP'n8 n*8"***-
7»om the Yankee Girl mine about 7 p. m. and Nelson depot 8:45.      Jim lUiddy ha- ,-,,mplei,-.|   another
I A. H. Turtle   has  bee,,   app ted      George Coleman, the  proprietor  of | f" ^«t of driving i„ the Q^een   tun-
jprovisioiial liquidator for the    Broken   the Waldorf Hotel, had a serious   »,.
laolc of a species of paralysis on Sunday Im-t, since which time he has
been confined to his bed. He lias
.suffered greatly during the week but
is now happily much better, and it is
Imped will be abuut again in the
course of a few days.
Hill Mining and  Development   Con
'.-•-Fred Crowe returned to town    this
"Week   after    an    absence    of   several
(Jjotttlis.    He   is   fa tier   and   curlier
ihati ever.
9-Htephen Bywater president of   lhe
•Bi'iil.en Hill Mining Co.    arrived   nn
Wednesday hint ami visited the   Wil
:.(to.\ mine on Thursday.
K'lbe Nelson Freight and Transfer
Co. has the central t foi hauling eon- from the Second Ijelief
(Mini* to the railroad at Krie.
*LMiss Taylo". formerly matron of
the Ymir (.ciiernl Hospital, left for
flip on Tuesday last, She is
succeeded In Mi-- Payne, nti-lv of
The local railroad is having lots of
trouble of it- own. One engine was
recently burnt at Northport, another
was badly damaged and pur out
commission on the llossland Hue and i
yesterday came news' of another
wreck near Springdale, to which the
local freight engine and crew were
hurried to give assistance.
nel on the Union .lack gioup owned
by the Active Gold Minim.''Co. The
good showing obtained during the
first pm tion nf the work, continues to
improve] and then- i- considerable
high grade ore in the face of i In-drift.
Indications uro that the Queen vein
will make a mine yet
Mitchell   Tail,   superintendent   of
1 roads and I rails, has finished    putting
i the Arlington wagon rand   in   shape
J The Arlington will probably put itself
nn record this year as one of the most
paying propositions iu tho Kootcnays |
Ore is now being mined  which   aver- j
ages up ill   the    hundred-,    ami    will
make large profits    for    the    owners
Big Placer Deal.
Th.' ileal pending for several months
between the London Venture corporation and the owners of several valuable dredging properties on the
Feather river for the sale of the hu-
ter, has been affected in London. A
private despatch frum the east states
that tho London Venture company
has agreed to take over the properties
and that its representatives would
soon bt here to arrange a formal
The properties involved are the
lliistuii and California and the Huston and Oroville companies and the
Oroville Dredging and Exploration
company and the Bear River company. The price agreed upon is said
io be thee million dollars.
J When it is remembered that the Ar-
A certain well known gentleman |ington was at one time supposed to
has a strong kick coming against -Tim be played out, the uncertainties of
| Hill's train service. Last Monday j _-|lina ,„.,. we,|
he waited nine hours for the pai-eu
|The teinpernlure on several uftor-.Ler t|.aill, <■„ Tuesday lie waited
•Won- hist week was up to !!.' in the ftbin,t ,',„„. |lom„ fol, „ },,,•,,,,, „,,-„
Made     This kind of   weather   makes L|K
for a  fi
,i   ni Wednesday the train wouldn't
md he   got
to   get    n
The Porto Rico stamp mill   started
up on the I4th July and is now   run
ning on high grade ore,    taken   from
wait, two seconds for him,
Mmun want to take off bis  skir.
M '" his l'C"-^- I k-ft behind whilst   try-in,
■ The lessees of the   Kern    .Mill   are \ tele main . ll.
-in*.ini.'a   very   successful    n ill    run.        Fruit growers will    have  a
gndy Burgess is going up to haul the , t(, „j„ ,„IIU. |„rRe prizos llt ,|„
Interstate Fair   this   fa
: tho upper levels.     Mr. Barnhurdt, the
| lessee of the  property,    anticipates    a
. bigger cleanup than  at any liineheie-
| I of ore.    There are now    twenty   men
chance    „ ||K, p|.0per-*,V| an,| farther develops
^P"-*     ment in the No.  I. level will be coin-
■■    '  hortly.      Exploratory work
new Premium List shows a number of , on t,,(, smf,a.(, ,|a, reguh(.
nf | new classes in the Fruit   Department,
mcentrates and   will   also   Iiiu
((_>jj0lie lumber for the placer flume
i    At the Second   Relief   a   crew   of I new classes m uie rrmi   L-eparcmenc. I erjng .j,e vojn •„ a netf p|-ftC0i
IH is emnloyed.     The   road   to   the : The class for District  and   [ndividual   n-J,J|tjonil| lesd-ves of ore,
mine has been lepaired'aud   the   con   displays has been revised,   and    *?.*-00 I j.
centrales are being   sent   down   and  «« nWjgiven in this one   class   alone, I
ihipped to the Nortlipurt smelt,, The complete Premium List   will   In
mailed to any one desiring it, on   up
giving .
******* there is   no  dearth   of
,    , ,     , ' ... .,.,     plication to the Secretary at Spokane,
school teaclieis ut   the    (.oust.       I lie
trustees of the Ymir  .1ch*il    tire   ml-       The now strikes at Salmo   bid   fair |
aHfiising for a new teacher and   have to eolijlse anything previously found;
Hjreailv received half a dozen rcplfn-.   I '" this district.    I'or an area of   sev- i
oral   sipiiiif1   miles   north    fiom    the!
-Rev. II. Kllnhuist left on   Tuesday
for tlii[()kaii.igun when;
preach for a call.    The
Queen mine, the ground is practically
all stalled antl some remarkable veins'
pulpit will lie occupied by    Mr.   Riw«
e Been   uncovered
I Welti v    or
pfCraiitl  Fork
thirty new- locations have been made,
for    llie    next    two
! some ol   the   veins   being  traceable
lover long distance*! all  of   which   is
$■ An ci'ji.yable open nil    thince   w-as   now covered by locations     One   vein
held   last   Monday    at     Anderson's Lf considerable width is   repoited    to
Clinch.    The managers of   tbr   affair,  nftve  assayed   $300   per   ton   fighl
Including the man in the mouii. are to  across,     Down in Salmo   most    every
«eomplenirnteiJ on their handling ui  „„,. |I|W .-hunks uf quart* spoiled with
Ihe affair gold, ih their pockets, all taken    froin
■At a recent    military   review    and   these newly discovered veins.
sham light, where lhe beer wagon was      j\„, rjHnadiai) government alio ws a
to licnt'  from  you   if you;;
wish to Imvg it coutiiiueil.
The May Day   Bonded.
$15,000 Deal.
The May Day and Pink Diamond
claims owned by John F. Harbottle
have been bunded to John Boultbee
of Rosslund in the stun of $15,000.
These claims are situated at the back
of Round Mortitain about three miles
from Yinir, and have a tine showing
of galena ore. But little develop
ment has been done heretofore, but
lenders are now being called for, on a
contract for 100 feet of tunnelling on
the May Day. There is one tunnel
already in about l'i feet-, and another
lower down the hill has pist been
started The tunnel io be driven by
contract will be a eoniinuati in of this
lower tunnel.
There is considersb'e   high   grade
I ore in sight and preparations   an*   n,
j be made for the immediate   shipment
of this ore, involving the construction
of a wagon road from the property*  tt,
the railroad,
The Albcrni Election.
A few days ago, ucccrdii *.'   '•■
Liberal papers, ii was u .
elusion that Mr. Aitken, the    Liberal
candidate at Alberni would be elected
by a huge is now conceded
that the election will be    very   close,
which is of course, preparatory to  an
approaching   admission    of    dnfeit.
Meanwhile a   lot   of   type   is   being
used to explain   the   reason    thereof
VV. 13. Mclimis the former bolder   of
the seat for  the   Liberal   party   was
elected by a vole of nearly    three   to
one.    If this majority is   turned   into
a victory foi the Conservatives, it will
be a crushing  condemnation   l.v   the
penj le, of the  Liberal   tactics  during
tl.e sessions of   the   house   since  the
last general election.    It will   moreover give great additional strength to
the .McBride party, not only   by    tea
son of the additional supporter in the
•'ouse, but by reason of    the    exhibition by the people   of   confidence   in
the policy of the government.    Under
these  circumstances   both   sides    are
making strenuous'effurts,    and    while
several members of the provincial enh
inet are mi   the   ground    supporting
the Conservative candidate, the other
side have two  Dominion   members,
the leader of the provincial opposition
and last but not   least   the    redoubtable John Oliver-    The   last   named
gentleman however is regarded ii, the
same way as some   Yinir   politician-,
'I'he more they work  for   their   party
Jie better the oilier side likes il,    be
cause il brings them votes
Rifle Association.
i   „,, ,
I he     scores to     tlate     are      as
follows,     Each found     consists   of
seven shots ami the possible total   per
round is 35.
Death of Alex Grant.
somewhat too much in evidence, a
loom) newspaper reported the cusilal-
tiesas follows!— Shot, unite Half-
shot i«in>.
Fifteen itieii were let out from the
NKniir mine early this week, but a few
-ftkve been taken on since. The pros-
jHBcling tunnel is now in    about    lib
feet 'iiul lhe looked for vein   may   I,"
»lruek a, unv moment,
_f> Mr. and .Mrs. Maurice Vanl'ellu-
gart returned from their honeymoon
list Tuesday, and Were plopi'riy    wi.l-
, corned by (heir many friends. They
||»vi> taken up their residence iu the
Mar Viral house on Second Avenue.
A cross iivii'ki'd   in   this
•space indicates that _	
11 '(J      Death has claimed  unothei   victim
yOUl'Subscription is  ill    -||- ;;  in Yuiir. and Alex    Qrant,    Who  for
many weeks has been   an    inmate   of
rear 1111(1 We would  be glad j || the Ymir General Hospital, died there
Ion Thursday morning last about !i
a, m. The deceased for many years
hud ii disease uf the bone in his foot,
, und abuut six weeks nip., ibis became
so acute that lhe foot had to be amputated, After the operation beseemed
to progress very rapidly towards   re-
coin y, and was soon able to   be   out
and around the   tovyn   on   crutches,
j looking forward hopefully to the   „r-
I rival of the artificial foot  which   had
t been ordered for   him.     Last   week
however It became evident   that   the
t disease was still cxi tent    in    the   leg
-idly spreading.    He ■ was
Active preparations for thoroughly
te sting the placer grounds .tt Hull
siding are now in progress on the
Myrtle claim. Lumber foi a l5p0
foot flume and lot) feet of   ten   inch
pipe are now mt lhe ground, and
bounty of .-7. .at, per toll on -tee! rails | wit|,:., ,|,t. ,,„„.„. „f „ ,',.„. w,.vk. H j||
made ,t( linine, this added to  the    im- , |)(j inst(l||.„|, „MrJ devolop a pres-iire of
port duty of seven   dollars   pm-   tun,   150 pound8.    it j,   anticipated   „„„ .""d wa*, ,-»,„.iiv sp,-e.,.i„,g.
gives the domestic   manufacturer   an | about 800 yo|.d| of _.ave! per dBy cm | probably   not   in   sufficiently    good.
ad van I
nm over Aineiicaiii
domestic    manilfact lirer    an I ,ll)(ilU m,(. yo|1(], ,,,■ ,,„„,., ^ d|iy ,,,„
i uf no less than $l2.fl0   pei ' l)(.,,, d by this means, and   if   (be
ground averages about DO   cants   per
yard  as Indicated bv tin1  rough   tests
already made, the proHts   should   be
very good,   Theio gravels also  curry
, , .*iii       i; was amputate
iiliusilal large precentageOf black sun,I . ,
mid later on ii is Intended  to   Install
machinery to save the valuable sands,
The hell   I nailers   have   resumed ,
I he r
,-r III
following tabic
itive amounts ut   goal   and
ids in allots are shown from
The alloy repre
sents the bus,.i metals, and which ai
Usually cupper nr sil«'ei
i- J I '''I! lis line.
(' V
■ i-i
Pure  gold
V. iu T.
health  io   stand   another operation;
but it wus apparent that an   iminedi- I
ate nperaliuli  tin*   itllpelati-.e        Dr.
La limi of Kelson wm accordingly on
I IL-      1 , I    .1    .1        i 1   Will-lllW
gaged and un Wednesday last the ieg|
' at    the    thigh.       Tin
extent of the disease was than clear,
and cause,
have lived
IHU il
.. The dangers   attending   the   niii-
trjcliue uf marriages in Yniir tiiv  on
llie ini'ti-iiM' The yo(lflg ladies of
«9wu hate new instituted a ilia,i-
HBii society of iheir own, and    future
bride- will lia.e in take   'hi-    society
Iptu iiecni.'nl
Hl'he Presbyterian Ludie- Aid  iiii
jji\e ait ..pen air social un   \V'edli--dn.V    I'lir.sll'i TlillMN   l.'llll.'l It—fl u ll il a t
trxi. tie- i'l'iih ins., on tl"- t-auanl  lotiSehool and   Bible   Class,    In   „. ni,
'lS(M   Ki Intel- stni,..     Tin-re will bft j Kvi-hilig Ifl'VlCf, 7:S0.       Vu'llig 1'eo
surprise   (bat   lie   eojlld   '
lung. After tin* operation
ie iceitied In be   resting   easily,    but
tt'i"'l-  I"' Kootenay Belle ut Salmo. I ll)W,ir,|, cteninn began (,, -ink   rapid-
1000.00 j ri„s property was hold by them   nn- | ,r) ftnd (ll|Il||V [i;t^(,,| awav ,,„. f„||()w.
h Hi.Hii  dur lease befiue Patsy   Chirk   bonder'
"50.00 ''* "",' ,''f'',' ''',l"'' "s ""* "■"''" "I'1'1'
Ing morning
Ale.*-!anile|- \Y. 'Ilafi! wfl*.   Iloln
ative     Mr. Clark In   giving   up  bl--   Victor County, Nova Scotia, and was
•JO0 vds. (lyingl
Hounds,   Total.
Archibald        II           *■**
Buckwortb        1            'if*
Gleazer           .1          00
Lowe                 il             'ill
o. Boyer          .           Is
Jl i'
Colli-y                  1               1!,
Fraser                   '_'           '.'7
Winslow            1              17
200 yds (kueeling)
Archibald         H            72
Buckwolth        1            13
Gleaner            •'!          00
20 0
Lowe                     .'I                ol
18 0
o. Boyor         i          20
d.ney               1            1 -'
l'l use!                 :-'              20
Win-low            1              l.'l
000 yds. living)
Archibald         II           02
80 7
Buck wm ih        1            20
Gleazer            II           1s
Luwe                     H                5-1
Bnyei                i            ,'lii
Fraser             >'           '-'•",
13 ■"•
Win-low             1              1".,
20 0
600   turds.
Archibald        3           1*2
Lowe                 'i            51
Buyer                .".             (10
Win.-low           D             '1!'
21) i'
I'-riis,*!'              B            ■'. 1
7 ,'
The olilv plrtCO ill (own w
can get Sn-ift's  Premium   1
bacon,    Campbell's
t-ire brigade Signals.
fcg I pingruiu. including   *uin'    new
SB'.d talent, .md ice cream am!   other
Mf'—liilimit ■! will be seri'l.'d.
pic.-' Society meets mi I'riday evening
at 8 o'clock. All nra weldome. llev
H. Young, M, An PmtBt
500 00 il"""1 H"'(l t,Wl tllfi ""''   ,ll'"S  "'"""  ,,lil,v-1"11' vea's of age M.rli 1,0 died, I
with it was that llec d    nut    SrflOfl   H_ _„,„„    ,„    ,,,,,    |{„ot(.ImV,   ^i
with the <i*u'"'. iw t" the price, but, wven yem a(l0i miil for |||(, |iiSt two
ihat the mine itself wu-*, looking   first   jean* has been employed ill the iiliiie1--
clas.s    The Bell brothel's are   uf   the .-il„uii Vmir.    He was a   inembef  of     Firo chief Coffey hM prepared   ih.1
late to resiiifie  the Ymir Miners' Union, ttnd  wnfl   » ollo»i bg kigtmls for handling the fire
man rfispdcteVl and liked by   rtll  *ltll
•s-hoifi he e.iilit- id eon'acl.
The funeral) whieh will lie bond tided by the Tmir Miners'  tlnioii, **lll
tako I'lncC i/ll  Hrlndar    i'.I'ii'»fl'l'/fi;   HI
same iipiuiuii alio  pr,
the profitable shipments whieh tht-y
wen: making wlt'-ii ClBlk took bold.
The*, huw lime thi'advantage of the
r.'l) foot cfdlSt'Ut tunnel to   die    leiii
which lhe Intter Inta (Jl'itWl 'ft (Item. [ ft t/cloek
ahull,      Sli-il'lf   (itigihg    iii,'aiis    fin
line stioke (pattse) tw', strokes (pause)
ibreP strokes, mean1, a Call for help t.'
handle the   hose    when   dryill|*   ari'l
i reeling it up after use THE YMIR HERALD
Uiililil-li.-.l everv sm iirilny un-l mailed  1.. mi.v
mlilr.-.s. <.r J.'iiv.r.'.l l.y .-nrri.-r in n.ivn.
Mili-i-ri|,li',ii- Q3.GU |.--r ainniti),  ptiyabln in -lil
Advorllslng run*-. (I.HO |i«r inch  per
lio: I!Miami .mn In* hail In,in nil I.u.Inm
Ifetvsdealers In the district, or can bn niim n.'.i
•l!r.*itt Iran tli.. mil.a.*.
Commercial prlutiUK <,f every dc-crlptloi
done on Hi" prei,]Isea*at standard prices.
I'tiii.i-io'.ii in  ihu
SATURDAY. JULY, 22,   1905.
The Liberal dailies at the Cnast
are certainly outspoken if nothing
else The times is being sued lor
libel by Premier McBride, and the
Province is boldly challenging for sim
ilai treatment. The Province how-
ever is eonci rni tl with uuuiliev good
Liberal politician, .Mr. Duncan Koss,
M. P. for Yale district, to whom it
Hives the lie straight from the shoulder Surely the Liberal nest is »'it-
tiiia somewhat befouled.
YMII! I.ODGK No. 31 A.  V.     A.
M     Meets lirst    Friday   in   each
month. Visiting brothers welcomed
John McVicaii, W. M.
I'liiity J. Glkazeii, Secretary.
Y.M 11!  LODGE No. .'li.'   K.   of   P.
Meets lirst and   third   Monday  in
I     each    month.       Visiting    brothel s
Ciiahles Am, C, ('.
John G I'ewah, K. li. .V .-*.
MACCAHEES. Meets      second
mid fourth Tuesday in each month,
L. Buckwortii, li   IC.
Newspapar Politics.
Etlitoral dissertations "it the politi
ed situation are always more  or   less
welcome lo all those interested in politics, ami   lhe   mos!   scathing   comments upon the actions of public   men
are made with impunity.    Such comments are the penalties any man   who
enters the political arena bus   ;to   put
up with, and it is possible    un!   pi,to
ticablc for an editor lo   utterly   wipe
the floor with   a   politici]   opponent,
deride his policy,   and   disprove bis
arguments in   a   gentlemanly   spirit,
and without degrading   himself   and
bis paper to the rank   of   mischievous
slanderers.    Occasionally  however   a
| aper gels into the hands of those    to
whom all means are fair provided  tho
end is attained, and no slander is too
despicable, no lie to apparent,   tu   be
n.-l'it'bv lb 11  means   one   or   two
votes can be obtained during an   -lee
tion.   This is the spirit of journalhnn
ns conceived by the   Victoria   Time-,
which, in the hope of influencing lhe
Alberni bye election commits itself to
wilful inistateinents whieh have   lied
easorilv culminated in an   action   for
libel.    Premier   Mollrido   commands
lhe respect personally of a large uulii
her of  those   politically   opposed   to
him, us well us of that major    purtioll
of the inhabitants   of   this  province
which holds his government in  power
When his personal integrity is assailed, os it has  been   If   th"   Victoria
Times, friends  and   opponents   alike
condemn the malicious and ubnoxiuus
slander, deiogatory to journalism us n
art, inni to the Liberal   party   Whose
ends it is devised to servo.    The uiti-
cle referred lu in   the   Times   reads
TIlC envoi ninent   of    Ifoll.    Hi,■hard
It was an ,m t'ul trip, and when 1 got
off the train the president of the Santa l'*e says to me:     'Scully,     yuii   can
have anything we've got. and   if   you
want to go buck frum Chicago I ■ Lis
Angeles we'll take you iii forty-three
''And,'' saiil Scutlv "I've been
thinkin' over whether I'll take him up
en not There was only four whole
windows in the dining car when we
finished, and not a whole gloss to
drink out of,"
"Was il, worth £5,0001" Scully was
"Tt was worth just abuut $40,000
for the sensation," said Scotty, "and
it cost nn- just about. $9,000. You
know you can't come through on a
champagne llier and keep your hands
in your pockets, 1 spent lho lirst
thirty hours in the cub with the en-
gineer, and the better he did the more
money I pusxed bint 1 didn't give
him the hank roll, but he did pretty
well. I was the engineer myself
when ive run a mile in   1)7    I 0   sue
All that is what Scotty is proud of,
What he is not proud .of, and resents,
is the insinuation that he is throwing
hi* money away.
"In Chicago," he said, "they says;
'Hero conies Scotty, the crazy miner,
and we'll all get big tip-.
"Did thev' Not on your life,
They were all u sleep. I'he bellboys
was asleep, und the clerk- was   asleep.
the hack drivers wns asleep, and   the
hotel managers was asleep. Thev expected tne to wake 'em up with the
hundred dollar bills. Philadelphia
ain't got notion' on Chicago when it
conies to the sleep line. I wunder if
ii- the same here?'
Scuiiv -ays the ure in his  mine   iu
the Death Valley is one-seventh  pun1, , ,      ,
  Ihat in nil eases wliei'1  hinds   are   so   A\
gold.     lie went to the Herald Square f\y
sold, pre-empted,'leased or   otherwise
TheKind You Would Like
TAS'J'KS GOOD.     IS ii( ml).
Old Settlers Maple   Syrup.
Pure in l-l, 1-2 and I gallon Tins.
Sold by
D. CAMPBELL,    -    -     YMIR.
'^C^s^/^9 1
Lands and   Works.
OTICE is hereby given    llmt  tie
Ished  iu   pur-
(..■Hiicollatipn ul' Keservi
NOTICE i- hereby «
reservation em ah
-iiiince «.f the provisions of the "Columbia inni Western Railway Subsidy
Act, 1890," nut ices uf which weni
published in ibe British Columbia
Gazette antl tinted 7th .May, 189G,
and Oth June, 180G, respectively, are
hereby cancelled.
Crown lands situated within the
area embraced by the said reservation will be open tu- sale,  settlement,
lease anil other di
provisions of the "Land    Act,''    three
Mining Agent
Stocks and Share5
Mutual'i' Insurance Company of New York.
Canadian Casulaty—Boiler Insurance Co.
London Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
Ottawa Vive Insurance Company.
Y.M II!.  ii ( .
tu- sale,  settlement,       aJ..*»-v-**».'v-v'ii.N-*»-_-v*\-*».'**.._.N.N-_-'s.._-_.3.-V\ „
.spositton, under the /fir '"S-J
"Und    Act,' 'three  fa jAH PDINjTlNfl Vl
months after tlie dale uf lhe lirst pub- m      ~> \J U F l\ I 1 1    I   11^1 VJ W
lication uf this notice in   the   British ,*MWM9»awM»M,l^MWMMi»w„WM,»WMi9,^
Columbia Gazette; provided, however,  'j* _ JJ*
alienated by the Government and ii
" a
subsequently found, upon the   survey  iii
Hotel, ordered a gallon of whiskey,
and was as straight us a string when
he got up and started for Wall Street,
"e went to the Stock Exchange, j 0f t|ie Columbia and' Western Hail- /|\
w here his presence attracted a big
mob, inside and out. Scotty said afterwords! -'Those brokers are tierce.
I'm glad I left the main bunk roll
with the missus. My inine isn i for
-ale, and there's no stock for side. I'm
here for a social time. I'm going to
-lay a couple of days. When my
money gives out I'll gu back to lhe
Scutlv, as above   observed,   drink s-
but does not seem to mind it.
■■I always know what   I'm  doing." blocks, which shnll be subject to   tin-
he say-.   ".Mrs   Semi   anil   I   onco regulations issued  by   the   Company j
drank twenty quarts of wine nl u sit-   relative to the cutting of   timber   on
Iiii", mul we knew    where   wc   were! the Columbia and  Western    Railway
way Company's blocks, then the persons acquiring such lands shall acquire their title thereto from the
Railway Company who have agreed iii
to deal wiih such purchasers, pie* fa
omptors, lessees, etc.,   on   the   same /«
omptors, lessees, etc.,   on   the   same |[i'
terms and conditions as the   Goyern- fl
ment would under llie   provisions of
the "Land Act," except iu respect   to   $.
timber   lands   on    the    Company's
when we not throughi
I in i!■ I Grant.
Deputy 'Jomiiiis'inner of Lands
iV. Works, Lands and Worts Department,
Victoria, ti, <.'.. 23rd, I'd., 1-BOO.
with the returning offlcd- of lho l''er-
iiie cuiistiiueiicy to steal ono scat
from ibe l.ibeinl party.
TO Churl'.1! (i. Simpson, or unv other
person to whom he may   have   trans"
McRrhlo waa'conliivcd In treachery of!''"'"'1 «•■ ■•■■"■■""■• in Ul° "M".v   mm
lhe blackest chit!.icier and il Im- been sum" mineral cluilll, sillitled on
maintained by tactics of nn oven viler Rrown mountain two and -i half
fharucter. Finding himself practically j miles soutbwesi from   Vinir,   in   the
In a minority  in   the   legislatu M Nelson   Mining   Division   uf    Wont I
the province   the   Premier  connived j K00t;.nn,y DiBtric*., und   recorded   in
the Recorders olllcfl  for   the   Nelson
| Mining Division
Ymi and each of   J'Oll    lilt!    hereby
If it wen- nol for the personal libel nol(nel|| ,|,ai I have expended ThreoI
the absurdity of the stiitenienl vvoulrj iiund,.et] a,„| -even dollars and fifty eta
but raise n smile. As it is Prem- j (*5s30T.00) ill labour and improvemer-ts
Ier McBride has entered action for j ^pon the abovo mineral claim in order to
libel, and will probably bring thu "us'.1 |10|j ,|l(.„. un(j0,. ,p,, provisions of
lo tho criminal Assiiios, t|ia Mineral Act, and if within ninety]
i    a doys from the doto of this notice   you
Miner  "Scotty"   SesS        fail or Tefusu m contribute your   per-
New York. '''"', "' e*Poni**im'a (which i- one bun'
dred and Rftv threo dollars ond seven ,
' iv live cuts fm- ibe three years ending
Walter Scott,    the   riiwhe.v-n.iiicr,    • . I
,,',,,      „      ,.      ,  8 May 1905) together with all costs of]
whoso specua train broke all   railroad,        -. .
1 ,    _   .„ ,  adrertising, your lniornst in the   said
l-otords between tho Pacific coast and, • ,
Chiwoica into New   York   with ''lintn will b.   the.
one thing tn lie   proud   of   and     itibscribor, Under section 4 of an   Am
thing tu rogrot. Untitled   "An   Am   to   Amend    tin
>*No one ever came near   that   '•"»-! Ait,  1800,"
hum- record of mine," he sa.d, "and   I JoI1N p_ j*^,,,*,,...,,-.,
r.    *-■
jfc  o .-*
~   to
r *3    to
- r   su
- *=■'   to
_■     to
$      to
•i.      to
- SU
r»    su
>      su
~       to
Customer! a!l over Canada tell us ihat our Mail
Order D.'paitmcnt has
meant to them added con-
Venienco iindlcssenedcost
Tlie flfty.yc-ir repilUttlMl el
,*.,r i.i .ie aaatirca antlafac*
ti.-ti tdnialtunJarpurctiaapra     I
if i^ivrl. v. tvatchoa, silver-
...-M-, .utiotitty, etc.
Our ccttlplttg MtslojIM wi"
yLilly h.* t- ill on I-—jirfal.
Ymir, B. C.       I
c  / Lake of the Woods
<_)__R.__C__D   J-U3T  II?,
A|so New Supply of   Canned Uootls-
us for anything in the way ,,i' l|.ii.-.. Sho.ij, or  Clothing,
tjlp latest styles, lineiit huolity and Imve.t prjcpii
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
<<.—••*# i in*0*m^mm*~v#it+i_-**i*m**
Will Cut Off h Day.
tion.    fn ] 850 the amount of saline
matter buld in solution   was   -ii   per
mSl is expected that when    thn   iin-   C0l)t.,and at tbe present, time it is Ies:,
f**rov( 'iits which    are   now    taking  tlinn 15 pel cent     The hike is   grad»
place on tho Canadian J'acitic system i Hilly reuotlinff- ft was much large*,
H*st of tho lakes are completed, tho ullce than it js HOW Thu bars, cliffs
(Oinpaiiy will next season be able tp Olid beaches fnriflod by the waters uf
$pn lhe Imperial i,imitnd from !NC<>>i- 'I10 ancient hike, called hike llonne.
R-eul to Vancouver, a disiuiiei1 of !],. ville, ore plainly visible along the
flO-'i miles, in seiunty-lwu   limns    ill-   base of tho mountain.      The   ancient
lake had an area of |!l,«00 square
illiles, and ill some port-; a depth ex-
ooeding a thousand feet. The depth
where the Mormon temple now stands
SSA report conies from Vancouver ii-i estimated to have been 850 feet. Its
that. Harry Monties. ,**■ years old,   was
♦tend uf an al pruseut,
Shark Wants   Boy,
ftttneked by a hu«o shark while
jng iu false creek. Harry Dusen-
beny, special fr .in Calgaiy announced
that standing on   tlm   nhure,    saw   a
, ,-fa- e following lhe boy up, llien a
Jiig lin shunt through the water, lie
■touted to tbo boy to get on thorn
fjuii'kly. The slunk came on no fast
thai it slink nu a sandhill. Di.sen.
Berry, who is a boatman,    rammed   a
.-■, Jjoiitliouk into the mounter's eye,   and
■Sift-ben as it open,id    its   shoved
j^Uie pole down iu; th;out      The   ti'.iill*
''•-.. Iter wa; aoon killed.     It weighed    I,
Jfji. pounds anil took L'O ineu  to   pull
it ft nm the wale:1.
Obeyed Doctor's Order.
Jjti'i.'il Oliciliciici* Almost Un
, suited  in   Explosion   of
Dense Patient.
dry bed i-i now occupied by over -011,-
111)0 people. The waters of ihe lake
formerly reached thu ocean through
Columbia iiver, Geological re-
searches prove that there have been
at least two moist period;; with in
tervening and subsequent periods of
dryness. A change from the present
dry climate and scanty rainfall to a
moiut-'-climate would result in a great
increase in area uf the waters of the
lake, and a possible return to funn-'r
vast urea.
An  Atlas Foi $1.00,
I'he Great Northern  Railway   has
issued an Atlas of ,"ili pages Containing Up-to-date limps of Town, Wisconsin. Minnesota, North and South
Dakota, Molilalia, Idaho, Washington
llritish Columbia, Oregon, Kansas,
Missoufi, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado,    ■ Maskii,     Hawa{i,     Japan,
... -   .    . 'I'hili-ppiiie Islands, .'.,'hniii, lhe United
(Dr.   William   O-ier,   fcA-niurly   i/f States and of tho World,
"John- Hopkins, now regius professor
of iiieilicine at Oxford, was tii'king
during bis lecetit Canadian tour about
lu addition to this, tin1 Atlas   eon
tains valuable statistical   information
relative to the states named above,   is
llie iinporlnnce of   preciuion   in    the  printed on the very   best   quality  of
Wlilingof   prescriptions,    states     the
■Sew York Tribune.
*£ '-Wherever a   sentence    nitty    have
tw'n meanings," -ai i Dr.   Osier,  "rest | llu-wrung meaning   will
betaken,, it is important   iu
|Jl*e-ei ipi ion* writing anil i.i  directions
lo imlieHts llmt   the   greatest   elurily
nnd pieeision be nbluiiieil.
jHK"A young foreigner one day  lisiled
-••i'l-htsiciaii and des.-ribed   a    cniiiiiiuli
.   *
'' lluil  bad befallen   htm.
''•The thing for   vou    lo   do,'   the
uht.-iciiiii said, 'is in diink hoi   water
llli hour befme breakfast every   iihu'Ii-
I "'Write it down, dt otor, so I woli'l
Btil'Ji ' it,' said lhe patient.
E "Accordingly  the  physician  write
Stlii    direelions   dow n - n.nnely,   that
the tn inn.' man w a- lu dt ink hot   wilt
V.f   an    before   I leak fa.-1   every
Inni mug.
B'Thn patient Wok his leave, and In
;,*» wi ei. he returned.
•'"Well, how are  you    feeling!'    the
jjlr. -i.'iau ii-ked
paper, -hows the lilies  of    lhe    Ureal
Northern Railway, and is in even
way a comineiidable work.
'Ibis Atlas will   be   distributed    at
the actual cost of .production Olid  wil!
be sent to any address   upon   rcceips
of PI.0(1. Address, .F. ]. Whitney,
Passenger Truffle .Manager, Greal
Northern Railway, St  Paul, .Minn.
' TnAoe M*',ni*.e
Copyright1* An.
Anvntin lOIUllnff n Hln-lcli and dOtWrlplll n ii '!■'
nitl, kit ii'i.tiiiiii mir ..|.ii.ini. frui, «...'In.r un
i,ivi.ntl"ii ' i i....i..'i!.lj- |..'it..iiii.!il... I ..iiiiiniiil.-iiii,,iiamti.'tiy' ok nn i'u ii.
s..nt free. I illicit .i-mniy lur in-ruling iml.-i.t..
I'.-ti.'iiis tiiH.-n ihrniii'li Miiini ,*. I ». r-'-rUe
i,,i i ml ii'.ft.r, lYitlioaiflinrL"-. ir. -.Im
Scientific American.
A hmi-iMftnu'iT llliiiirattd jrMtclf. l-nriroit -Mr-
ciiluftiiii of jimy i*i*i«iimUi' juiirii.ii. Tormii t"> a
roan fnurmontni It BoiaDjrell nowadaalara.
MUNN&Co'V^r'NewYork I
Braiuli Offli-a. 0*. t hi. WuIiIdkiiii . Ut
JSJeetfi tnii|i evpry mo|-ning
pxcopt jSnnday, |'|,|' frpight
iiinl paKseilgeps fop Vuiii'
mill. By special m-rturs on
rSuudaya. Or fop Vnnr iiiini*.
ALE*. clPLiiE-   PROp.
W.Vi'|-;l|   aUPPLIBD    lill:    DOMESTIC    A**,'|>     I'lliH
U   purposes  u n i) k;u
Po    POTJNPS     PHI1:*1*
('. f*. T. )l,'on, Secretary
Spokane Palls &
Northern Ry.
'V   oily      all  rail   route   between
point, cast, w.-st and sunlit to Rossland, Kelson,   Grand   I-'ori;«   and  lie-
public,    Buffet cars ran between Spokane and Northport.
Iiuit'et Cars  run between  Spokane
and fs'el-tiii.
Effective April, IDOn,
'.'.ive        ,   IJiiily Train Arrive
!l.4"> Spokane n.JO p.m
11 On a.m        Rossland 4.66 p.m
0.10 it.m Nelson ii 8fi p,m
lltSO il in      Grand Forks       !! 50 p.m
in.on,       PhoeiiU        .', 30p.m.
7.0(1 Republic 0.80 p.m
ALIi    TUB     TIME
Seattle,    Tacoma
St. Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
MK.U.S A    I.A    C.lltTK.
Best   Meals   on   Wheels
2     FAST   TRAINS     Q
S| iai    Excursion     Hales
Lewis & Clark Fair.
For rates, folilort anil full luforniittlou
regsi'illii|* nips, cull on or ai'drou an
agent of ilia s. 1-'. .-.• N. llnilway. or
H. A JACKSON,       II. liliANIU,
(i. K Si I'   A. i.   P. .V I- A
Spokunu       71" W. Klvurulilu .\t.
t*,| ukiille.
A* usual, imp stool? is compose- of nothing bul tlio l*esf
Wo lulvti it pi'id-3 iti having our Qijstoriiers say   that, nm
only do wo give tho best  iiiudity foi*. tho nioijoy, Iiul tlmi
tiioir oi'ijefs ape lilloil with neatness a\u\-(lisjiaU li
•Itiai at (ii'i'moiii v/o aro paying considepable'itteiitiun h
on i1 California Fruits, -When pi-esepving liiip* ooiuos it:
plujiis, poaahes etc., wo would like to have yoii n*s a
call, and think wc can give vou prices etc., that  will ■ n-
til-ely satisfaotorj to yuu.
As regard*-, our t-Jeuts' Furnishings Department, this i~
liocoiliing and now is ono Qf-Oitf leading departments,
Ii' you have nol already called, wc would
like lo have vou com*.' and examine our -lock.
Courteous trcalnicnl is our "motto."
U. S. T.
Hardware    Merchant,
Ymir,     B
Shnll'   mill    Builder**     II ir Inn'',
I'.iints and  Oils,   Kim.*,, Cnl,
Stool, Powdor   Fuv*   and C.i| -,
i Iran I to and Tinwaro, S.ti i h
All kiul- -it Plumbing, Tin*
-.milium,' and (Sonaral I! *piii
The Mutual Life [nsuranee Company < I N Y
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
A policy in it is the Kiifcui investment known to man.
Cash invested in Lifo [nsuranee is uauli invested thai   will
return compound interest,
All succcssfiil business men cany large amounts of Iiie
insurance,    It provides for the family, protects 11 man in  liis
... 1     , -,    ,,.,|i„„.    4*******************4**4**',
Worse, ilm-toi, none, iianytliiiig   «. ♦
jiii- tlio reply. i ♦•
'"Aliein,    Did vou follow  my   ud-!J
jn- mid drink hot wjltei an hour hu-
Sic liipukfuutT
I '"I   dill    lhe    he-l,    nil*,''l    lllO
Hnniie mnn, 'hut I couldn't keep it u)i
lin.I.-n tun minutes »t r td-otcli.
x Hotel Ymir t
Limi Salt lake U 1,300 feel  above
|in level.   It i-, nliout so miles long,
ii In,in i0 to .'!:' miles in width    It
in- n
The nest Meals
Ami Accommodation
In Town.
A lino selection of Willi
Liquors and Cigars.
X -l. vv  MAISTERSOK,     Pr
: - - X
rap. X
apparent outlet  but BVUpom*. ^fHmHmftmttHH>
Ptnm 1 eefftf
*;•■,'ni to I thoub
■ ml dollar prci
(trntation let.
Henry iiiikift
Biitu' Uelllllca
for miking solid
• ilverware ■rf
pnftHrMfd by no
ether conccrh in
erd, modern mwhlnery, ind iklUcd h«nd-
workcri, nil under the direct »up*rvMon of
practical memberi "t tlie firm, make an an>
rfjunllcd comMnalicn fur turning out fine
Wi ii- for llluMral-td caUlogne.
cL*ptiT -iue.
OlC»«TMf *MT#*
Sterling SHVer,
Silver Plate,
Watchci, etc.
Henry Birks&Soos
j.»nirrtio in, 1 icallnn
iht latter ilia c.
Mil.I i\uo, an,I iirotcotH lo> iii In-r mvoHtmont.*
nnv form of life insurance apply to:
nr   rate-   ,'
Percy J. Gleazer, Local Aqcnt.
_r _v_ 1 r>
NKI.soN Si IT. SHEPAttD UV.   C I,
WASHINOl'ON & c. ,\. Ill'
v  v. ,v 1-: iiv. _ x. rn
und Groat .N'-.i-ih'-rn, Sortliorn Puoiliu
and O, II. -v N. Co.,   for puintt  • i i,
wait  mid  -....ih , conned - al   l!n--
I land and Solnon with   the Cumujiaii
I'luilli; Railway,
I 'illlll,-,.-ts ill   H itll   III"'     I'     II
ill N. Co,  for   Nu-!.,  and   K. mul S,
Connect* ut Curlew with  -i.e.-- for
Greenwood and Midway, It. C,
I'.ull'.-I   -uis inn 1111  I min. i,,'i,.. , 11
Mailordei elve prompt attention Spokane and  llepublio
11. A .(-IAI Ksi,N
Wholesale and Hetail
JOHN  I'llll.llKliT.  I',.m.
(feooral Pattentfer Aul
**|..i!.ll.n-,  '.\'.i»


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