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The Ymir Herald 1905-05-27

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10 191
Vi   . -1    No ;'.
YMII.'.  I'.. C., SAT-I'UDAY.  MAY -.'7   !.*o"
l'i:l! i   li\ i: l 'ia I's.
■*aa-** "-■■" --.,■- ■ — .-r.* .'      .»■""......
lake i !,•- prop i-ilinii lluil tlie -.-■ - i u
men!  ihnulil Luc nil the gold null ul   i
local ITEMS niMNfi NFws    Minister of Mines Report
,.,...,      the Yukon and uive tiniiuiuneiil   cur      -I  1 HI i! 5 i T V J   l*-jCi>VC --^
ror 1904
A Volume of Special fnterest and   Vain..
- • > 1 ■•'..>••-. 1 ■
Wedi • -. 11 i.i-i, i* the In-' dn;  f u
!« .'.;;  free mini i --  licences.
ir.cnI.-!'-,   il.    The    111.1111 -,   mil 1 in
11 as al 1 ui len million**!.     Ile   mi"'...       Messrs.     Klviui    mul   (\cllngg    u|e
...l.i..... whal   position    the   gnu-rii-   shippjnj. H i*ii||,niil , f   ,„,.   tro\\i   ||l(.
''''■  I'-  ''in1-    und   M11.   Yiuiiiii   ine.it would take in   -nel,    ,1    mutter.   Dundee inine whicl| they   nre   tipefu*
'•"•day   hist    for    !i|uketuiy,   Hmi. Mr. l/inkling replied   lluil    the I ling nu lease.
 .-    -*■• .-. ii-in. .nr.  t'lennnii   ri'jinei,    tnui     me 1 1111:; mi   n-iise.
(■■'-"•'-'• -piesii,,,,    Mould    probitblv   „„.„•    ui        ,1 ,.    ,   1 , This vepuvt cuu.es l„ hand thiti tveuk, an.| is «  ipluitt epiio.11
,. , ,1    v 1 ielii.ii H„. mint u-.. ,,....K-: fo.-    ,, '       "    -'" "peiatiims tlirniiiiliuiit lhe JWince during H-0-t.     It   is   beautiful
- nm ie  1 -.-i, i- nei; „i  1;,,. _\ ,,ks ii.icn Hi." iiiiii' ui- ie eli    t peii   '...,,._,,,,,,.. ,,| ,.,    ,-,.    Yankee llii'i    in
'    Plate 1  .:,.   ut  Uedley Cilv, in   the ,'""-     In the uieiuili  hew,
iiiiilkiiiiui 1,
Mcfsis  (j, II. Iluriil ii 111 ii C. i-:
tiiirly .;•'■• 1 -li-ip--. an [ lhe ,m
to have an ..pen mind uu llie   iiibjent. L, „,],.„.„ ,,_. ,,,;
1. gge were  in   inun   ..1
(.-■ ening slid i isilnd I he Yinir inine,
V     fl   Melsiiue,   sccrcliiry    nf    lhe
1 ;i M ne r • I' on.n. i- null nr S ill
1.11k ■ City alien.ling a Inboui nm,. lite 1,
1  Wednesdii.       A Minister of /'lines.
nn! the illustrations in tone, of mining seen,., .-.n-i f,imot|s views,   a..-   . -,.
'■'":''    tiomdly perfect ii|u| artistic.    An entirely new feature ihi-i year i*, tl
'■ .li'.c'ion "f a 11111,11,ei of drawings 1.1111 lu by the Provincial    min<-t-.!.,.-;-•
John I |.,i-bi,,.ile lms ;,,,-.. ii splendid   self,, made fiom lhe working plans of various riincentr-'itiug mi.lls in tin    -   ,
j -lum ing ..ii the .M.i 1   !>.-y    (Jroup   "i,   '',11-
Hound Mountain     (le n ts twelve      The total mitiei'ul 1 Iiictiim for l'J0-|   is  figured   ul   $lH,!i|7,:i.V,i     .;. -I
!'  i- llgllill reported   f      OttllWH ],.    ,    .. , ■ 1        . 1     -,     I-   ,1 • , ■ ,.„
teet nt high graiju galnnii ore,    besides   is the largest for any year ivith l! xceptiim ot  l""l        lhe   pievinu-
."".''   ''   '"' ''' " ' •'    '"      "'  a snndler shonl   uf   lhe   i>*a-rplio|ially   (11KKI )ll„! pfgductiun was *S|,JS 1,403 less, so that  l!)0|   shows   uu   iu   ■-.-■
cieiilii 11 1!   a    (let.-ii lihiml    oi   inine*. i   • .        ,                ,.           .           ,                        .     .                        ,,,,                     .,,.,,.                 ,      '
., ,        .   ,      ,, rich galena on lot winch   i||c   group   "t s  1 per cent.     Ihe luuwige 111 1U04 far exceeds any prcviuti ,
Willi   11   ll,on,Iter ..1   llie   I Intnl.»l      i.l      ,,« I .- *
is l.-oiioiis. I,l',l|,001) tuns us iiifiiinsl !':Mi. I l'l iii [001.
-I-I,    li.i.ei   mid   a- ■,;„,-.   |,nve       P'"'the. year I !I0-| tlie „ut|,|,t nude," the above head-, was us follow*
-Quantity V il i<
(.'nil. Itide i'.i.im.i.s, -."J"." I'J -','.-!' "i s
i,7C3 1,1.1 ,v:!i I.
head.    There i*. ,,,, doubt    thn I    sue
lli.ugald l.'auieion,  who    mis    here  u department'might bu iif usti in   pin
la-! neck „s a ivitiiess in the   Atkin-  in ning the interests  nf the mining in   done a lot of develnpnieul   work   dm*,
•on cm*, left again mi   Tuesday    lust   dishy in   Itritisli    Columbia,    if    the | '"*--> *',p l",st Veiirnn   the   Ark  Croup
i   I   ' lie  eiisl.
Minister mils head    was     H„„.. i'-tH'leiriiui.-r creek.     A (tunnel    has   °",d   I'''""""''"'' ■ -
IV,• the lirsttime since   Ymii-   Vi,J more than u E,,liiici«n p« |)u,.  been driyen ,-   ,-m   fee.    .„■   the   ™r ZZl
- „,   vein, nud it is ex| ted that    another
n town the Itth nf Mnv    was   „   wet   «>• a lewnitl for party   seri-ice1
.   -      ■        ,       :i ,  | tbe eNperience lluil    llrilish Columl-i,. | f)0 *<-'        ll_re.iul._Uw   richsh     ^     .",-,,"ii,
Lead , ..I-i
..ns. -j,-;
Coke (uuis. j ■_'|n ll,-i
there were no   celebrations   in    ymj,-  h-is had, with tho    milliner   in   which   •*'l'opp'nt0"m tlie stirtace.
i::■-• year, her interests have been   regarded   in      due P|-ndo and his   iiMociiilrs   who  Qtlier iniitoi-
respect to other   industries,   snub   us nre leasing the  An/.ma    mine,   have
: *i.7l,i, l-V*
":.''ii'i.::i j
1,7(50,1 rn
!,l9*i,l Id
iJOO i" il
William   Hayivartl   nf   the   Porto
the fisheries and lumbering, does    no
,01   iinw got out over  liOU    lons   of    |i,.,t
,. ,   , - '-*- ■■"- *      , 11 '•»  -."i on' ". ei   ii-'"    i ins    oi     ii, .-a ;   -i
Iticu Lumber Co.,    1, ti   on   Saturday I . ■   "'■
■   ,   , ., .....'    '''"' age us to liope Unit u   ilepurl     clas.s milling ore which runs about 612       ' The prnduellnn for 1001 had a ginss valuo of sis,'.i77  '..'•:' ivhiel   , ...  ,  i*
.-■!    ncui   .'li.i .*i|aw.        Assiniooin ,    .. mi • i        -
no i.1 ■ i i.uiibai    liniilil     lie    if    inucli ! io s| I per ion.    The  \,i/ uuljoins   lo over § 100 per capita for lhe entile pupulnti f lhe pint hire   nul
■ I en  he   «ill   take   cliarge   u£   ih-
iiinpaii*, - yards,
rngri'ss   except    limi    ol
. li hi :-•   uf   man ici in, in
practical benefit, beyiind pinviding   „   the Wilc.ix inine und by   u   compara- a steady rise since l«fl4 from *?4,2'jr-,717 In the  pi  -.-m    li-f,res,   i     pi
suug posiuoii fm  i.i,.-    ..i   die   '-siili.i   lively siiiidl expondiiiuu, its   me   can   tion.ite increa f about  130 per cent in thrs,,   im    .   i ..
Mrs. McBride (for .iv Mrs. (1,-,-t- j seven."—News Advertiser,                      lelivereil  to the bins of .the   Wil- As legards distiiets, nearly every district sl,„iv.s
";""":    '!;"    Vl"il    Hospital)   wciil cox stamp mill,     The    broken    11,11 llosshind, where the output has been retarded   hi
I'"'::"-;•';i1si':r'',h''Ii"i, 7 ,*", W. W. B. Mclnnls.Wins. c '""^ l,M ei,lPIL"1 int0 "" "«   ««.!«,*».„,,,..■«. „t„fi... B™.|,..,, ,
11, P.rtlatuh (h;n, ivliere her husband ""'   nient tn treat lb? ore  produced   froin ■ -—	
ivtll huve h!s headquarters. ( ii,vrn;,,| ship    of tilt' Vllkoll    tl,c Ari-xun-i. Prof.   BrOCk Selected.        ly is engi.if.'d in   .1 g   ...........,,;,„-■
Tl  -Ymii  Hive of   the    Ladies   of                         -                                                             , woik bet ween t.'iiluii,bin and Ciiscnde.
llie Maccabees is »iviii" an "at home''      '"■P*'**'"1 to the Times, Ottawa,  Muv | Will HllVf  (Illll'gC   of  Ktl'UL'    Altogether ihere ere four   parties   iu
"  I'hursday ov, ,••<. ■; ,,.-:.i ,M   June,   ^-".W. P.. .M -Inni, it-i|   l.e   ,1,.-   ****>******************4*4* lma|    Sm.w,v     ^ ^     ^        *,,.  ,;,.,,, :l| , „,     -, *|v .,.,._, ,    „,_„
in tho Masiinic Hall.     All    mero.bers   "ext   wmmi-Biionei-   „f   lhe    Yukon.   ♦                  NOTICE.                    } mi      i'      w-   •                   wiH do the   u,., n-;,,:,, i.„,    wnrk    thi
of the order of the   Knights   uf    ihe   H'--appointnieiil    has    been   decided  |                            _.                          *» i"-^i.iin        ..Ulllll".              season is not yet in the field, but Mr.
M.e- ■'.--.    in    good    standing,    are   "I • and may be ollicially-ineouuced (|      .\ .'I'',- ill.'U'k.'.l     ill    l|li.**I IM.-Ilirl. Mm: A ir expects il   ,    ■   ||    he
cordially invited tn attend.                      to-day                                                         ♦                                                               ♦ | Another parly is being    ..,,.,,.,   „
...... '•' rdei has tube sent to Toron-tspnt'O Indicates   Ilmt i       '  iiu.ig interesis ol   ll.mlar.d j H,      „ c   fi)|. t|_ B       .       k_
ludge Morrison, during the Atkin*   ,,,,-,„. H,,..,,,,„,,,,,! ,,,- ,.: „.,,-lm             4                                                         % have repeatedly called   the  attention
..-•ii   11 ie, d 'livered   iiinisi If   of   some
very did ictic aiitl euphonious obseri n
tor llie iipprnviil of liar! (J
\V. \V. |J   Mc Junes is a   native   of  Xyour KlllJS('|'l|)tl011  IM   111    1111  Z  of the govrmment l„ lhe   need   uf   11  *, .
''"'   mg between lhe Skugil and the con
Ontiniti, having been born   ia    hie--   ♦,
linciiiial  survey   o|     11,,-    || isshu.d
ctinn ,s the I'littghesl    pm I    1 f
■iiii-l, North Ameriea,    The   111,mi
ibi- is 1 iriieulurly lhe ease iiboin the
turn and has secured the   services   of  ,-   1        ,- .,., ,
tinnier   hue.       I'here   i*   iiboul    711
ins.    Ilu refrained counsel  fur   lhe      '",'• '   ,""';,.    ,'   '.                  ".. ♦ l'c»1' ;l'"1  «'' Wllllld   111'  .-Iml * niinl*nu   ,| .,, „.,       -pp.
'Ii'ii- * "'iiilv nt K'-ni, in    !>,!.       He ♦                                                               X      tains aru very rugged  md   Im  I     nnd
1   tencu truin entering into  11   "iiieta- *    ,   ,    ,       ,, *                                                         4 has favorablv considered the ai>|"
physieal psychological disipiisition" on , ^ ^l   i'-,,,. „ !„,', llo.,,,,!., lU)]nW     l''""'    J'011     ''    >'0U
Ll"   im,S,'rJ'S ,hl'° °f ,ni"d uf' llritish' c!.b,n,bh,,U L Mi-.   McI.'ines||lvi.slltollllVllil   COlltilllietl.   |   Prufi" ' H""k'' "f Ki"«st""   Mil»*'«|milcs^of this'wil-i      ,--..-.
-J. M   McCloskey, the blind   enter gr.idu,ited in arts from Toronto Unit-- ♦                                                           ♦ '"'ll""1, l ' "'"'"' ''"' "'" '"■' " !'!l'1'   !"'  veyed, and the nhyi-ieal difiieullies   in
tainer.gavei ntertai, nl   in  the ersiij  ,„ 18SU, and afterwards  e , •♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦   -,11 do thi ,     ||,*   wjll   , ,,.,    ,„' „;u   , '^/^ ! '   ,    ''
Miner's Union Hall on Thursday last, ed .ipon the study of law al    Os«    •A-itli hiin s i of    Ihobesl   ,,uutiHo<] j tW(J SOllMJtIlt to n„ull it       ...||(._.(,     ,,,
The  attendance   mis   very   fail   and Hall, Toronto. ■'*'    "    ■ ■■ >' men of the genlngical   -till,   ami   will
The Hunter \'
nunc is 1 ■ -11,p..rn 11
-i cure some assistance in Pu i 1 i-li  . '"!-
no trails, anil lie 1 m ty « ill    I, ,\e   1,
Mi     McCloskey's   humprious   refill-      Coining   to   llritisli   Cubnnbia   he   Iv shut down, pending so    financial   ""'"." ' ""' '"''''.'" "''"'"       ' literallt saw its way thiuugh the   fni.
Ihms, wet uch enjoyed, ns were his   was adn.ited tt. the Imi  of   lhe   pro-   re arrange nti  now   pr eiling   in """':''        ■   '.''"'"" '*   l&""1   "•'"" len tiinbcr in order to gel in the puck
c-wiiunis of  ■ f   his experiences   vince iu IS93, ami look   up   his   resi-   the old country.     I'hut the shut down ilM"v''v"1   1'1W   'l"i-.„-!.-i    In    ii„-  -soh |„'„,-ina wupplies,      Then'"'   an
in Utah  nul elseivncre,                  '         dencc nl  N'aniiinio.     Having   reni'ifk   ' will be 1 paratively short, isassured , ""'""H ':'' " "' l!'"v|1""' sectiuii.*, there, he says, nf   ,.,,.- ,..,.,.
Vs thero were   m lebratimis   jn  ••*JIB'd'i-ily as an nriitur ho was   early   by the fait,   ivhivh   we   hiiv    the bio area thai have nei er   been    trod-
Ymii .-,  2l'.li,   -ei-,nl    Yuin-iies  attracted to politics,  md al  ihe   gen-   hest autbnrily, Ihat tbe mine is look- QUoit Championship   of |en by tho feet of white men   m    In-
»:   in,,' ed 1 1 Kaslo   In   take   m    .|,*,|ei''d elections in lMilO was   elected   „   ing veiy well at the presenl   luiimeiil British Columbia. didim.    Mi   MiioArthur says   l„
-ions thi-n-.    The    Kasluites,    how*   """'''''' '"' ''"' """'  r ""'""■       'l'l body is more  cl ly  defined (   ,,',,,,, ,,
.'.,,. ' -,-■,,. ,..,1 ,,,, „,,.,   itiiml-in    with       lliispooch in 1 ing   the  add n   i ftlmn heretofore, and tbo    values    pei        Ahl ({li there was lio   celebrulin'ti ''' '    ie par y   in
il„. clerk of lhe weather,,ind 11   rain-!'11 the opening of the House uiwle fir   ton are higher.    Ilesides which   there   ll(''  M"*)' -1'1'. 'll"   conditions^ of ''"I"'1 ntiins divide by the end ul
ed all day, u thing which nevei     Imp*   ili"1  ' ''T'1' '"'" ;,s '""'   "''  ll"'   best I jm an nniplu inarket for thn low   grade *■■■• donation of n challenge   ,-.;    fur the present in h, or earlj   in   .lime
pens to Ymir celebratiui'                        pohiicl    »peakei*s    I ghoul      H re as lluxing 1 rial, lho i|unit cliiiinpiniiship of II. C    nee The hikiiv is mill plentiful on   the   di
Ajiril   Returns.
-'• In le 11",nil,1..11.    Mr   Mclniio.   tell in v \\ righl  M    i     A     siarted , , ■ ,     ,, .  ,,
■                                                     igni -l Ins -. al in lhe House oi   1 !om«
tin   1 iclm in iignin 1 isi   s,in,Hp,i     |,j^                                            -,,.,
-ii -,n* In cnl. r lie-   prot ne 11,i    legishi-
pi menial oljjecl hem;   to   again   en- ,,   , .       ,
lure.    I Ie hai ever sin ,.,i    ,,,   11,,.
'!' ai",- 1,1 oi um   ,1, m| „n   ailiiisiinent . .      ,  .. 1     -        1
• local House.    Luring tlie   reu    ot   .... .,-  ,
of the   Jni s,.   iii,,,,,,   trouble   -ii   ,.,,,-     , .    ',0 Kl,,,,,l" '"" ■*' days and   crush™
'   h"'r        ;Ul,iwJ ""'I " I    1 ,,n. (■> I lbs.) of ,    proline
ssituted 11 match on thai   day      The
up,   « hii li u its 1 n -1 nn il I \   \|, In 1.
1 ide,    I in.-.- in the iccliun   the   inn k
■in I"- carried    ..11    nm .1   ;,l, ,,,,    11,,
The Yum    mine
pi-   cable
.-, ,ii,10.     11 e innol h • mi id    thai    1 lie
".oison, uf Nelson, l"i the pluyei    « hi
should win tit ice out of   il,,,',-   years, lh'ddlo „f .September next,   when   lb
was finally won by Mr,   J,    I',    liar. I'ain and snow will begin tn full,
bottle.    Thu first year thu game    itas 	
provincial    iwretary,    resigning     hi-
ing I su .an s   bullion.       The   ,-s,i-
11- 11 by Wallace uf Nelson second and
Hotel Arrival.*.
"■"^■yu  Yniir spare, either I     ,__,,_, M ,|,P fln„, breakup of limi |'"V",  ' ,   "| third   years   by     Harliottle       Tl.e
tiouboor neisotm  eXiiiiise  11  ds   ef       ,   ..        , . ' "luted lenln-alilc value (gross)  ol   the       ,,.,,,, , ,     ,.
1 ! luJiiiinrstrat nm     Dating  hi-   lenure        , - , ,,   ,,-, < innteh Ibis year was   between .1     I-.       i|, I , ,„, 11,,,, ,
forts In promote the interests   of   his    ,   ...     ,     .        , \     , I" :t 1* *i.250- 145 tons of cui u-   ,,„,,.,,,   .     ...       ..      , -Mi i.hoii norm,
' "I "!'  I "■ -in..-. ■ il ."-milkilli i"    apt-   .,     ,        1 • 1 ,    1 1       ■ ll.illii'Hlc. ...     .l|e|lotial,|,     , ,■,..,:,,,,;,,,,
1        tratcs slnppetl, gross estunatefl    value     ... ' .1. I . (..,1,|. .11, K ,i,,|,„.| .
.1 si. Aiulrews,    Aiiligotiisb, \.
tule for lh    i-hnin:-.'i-nii if   ullitirs,   •j.-joRn-cvanido
lis conduct    nf-1
plain    treated   7700
lllld .1.   A.   I'l.lsll   of     l.lliel,,,-. || 0 .
I'. '1. Iii. h.ii.l-.in. v., mi
'"'"I11" ■<"'-"<" , ^000 lbs.) of tailings, producing   \ , ,"" '' '      """  M. Ilartlay. Toroiit,
neeted with ll Hico tilw such as   to  .   ,,-     , .:..,. ....,.... .I,"M|'' '" "'" -1    ugainut    Mcllmiald's
Vllkoll  Gold.                    ' H"™111   "' bullion having eslimated   gross   value                                                                   ,.   ii   ■    ■  -   I
win for him the esteem   of   hi*   ml- .  .,,-,,                              .i,„,   ,  ,  , ''1 anil 'i\ rtgainsl   I'riiseis    II       .1    ...   v          ., ,
.,,, ,,        .       .       , uf i?l 150) sundry revel  ¥100; loial ,.,,,,. I    Nninn, llosslund;
ll„i.-   mis   n   discussion   in   the  league   iu the gnvernineiu ,,--,,     ,,*   ,-                      ...,,.,,, t. Harbottle is now   the    ginned   .,,      ..  ... ...
,,                             ,              , .-.'ii".    Wo:kiim expenses   .-l.i,,.In.         .             .                                            Arthur ivillunna, Nelson
lb use, .11 1 it in ni, b,*i.   week,    upon      Helms   energy   nnd   urbanity   of ipioit champion of 11. C. .,   ,,   .,     ,     . ...
  U.  II.  1.1111I1 inll, l-.ie
the issue "f I loin in ion curreiiey  notes ! milliner, whieh will adapt him f ir tin
Hon   Mi   l-'ieliling   said   during    ,|,n  ""ice which he is to fill.
past year eight million dollars'   worth
.,,,,,, ,■ 1 CHUHCII  SOTICB,
til ui-l noil--, li ol been retire I ana new
ones -iili-i.iuti
\| 1   Tli Hiipson , Yukon 1 slid   a ,     11
I. I tl -. Ill -ll i f
gold producing |>
hi- iiitciided, dui'i
Fire BHgdde Signals.       Survey of the  Interna-    p ^!'k^w
|.'ii,. chief i'-.ll y has picpored   the
tional  Boundary:        o. w. ai.  v    .
I. \   Martin, S'el
following signals for handling the lire       1    r    \i„„ 1 .,1 1    .-     •    , '
l'HK«iVT«uiA!.  Ci ,-s Uy   ;,,;i„M;    Sl,,„h.  ringing    ins   lire      '    \  ,','"', .'  ,"     '"      Wai.iioi.k JIothi,
s- !.-„,.!    lliiil,-   Class,    |„    ,   ,„ Canadian international boundary an,-.
'   |.;„,,i„-.v,,,i,-,., 7::i...      V .Pe„     ° -'-1'"!'"1   '"'"•""l"-'l-"*"i vey.s, king about the   pn.gr fj_ ;"' '';"'
il v   exclusively   ..i,,,-Society -U on Priday   ".-,, ,   three strokes, means u call for help to the work, said that ono of tho parties -sokorski, Ho    am
hi ..I   Canada   thai   «t H o'clock.    All aro welcome,    llev   Imndle tl.e       when   drying    I  '"'f •"' m   «;""* ,"";   "-""   |   "^ .'' Kr,,":
inputs   her.teen   till)   Columbia   mid' '• Hurtly, Sloeun;
ng   tha   session,   in , II. Voiiin;, .M. A.. Pnsior reeling it Op after use Pcfid il^Veille l-iveis,    Alio-hel-  par*.   D. Sl   Mel .M. N.-i-m THE YiH.R  HERALDil,,'il'^n!^,,r'■''''■'lV'',:,!■ r;- ^
r r      r"    r go lo llu- ho;.e;s. and ot lh,s Iml)    lli.t
I'ui.lii-!,-1 , i-orv Salnr lay .-ii'l -
,!:,'•-- or li-lit'Ti-il by .'urriiT iii
winner of tj'o   ponte^t   will   get   !}■>
"""-' j per cent. ilU'l tbe loser '■'■'•   pet  cent.
.Mliel|.-.'ll 11,11 iveij   ill   Sea'lle ,,n    )]i/_\
'■•''''"''"' . 18th, by i.ln- Great   Norther/*,   un/J
met Sullivan ui   the   llojtej   Ijutler
AdvurtlMiia put..?./l no pur i-io*. i.'-r ;, ''   Tlior0 wiu m, diil'iy   aboql    .');,■    mc,
Tub hi-it',i. .--in i"- Iik.iI ii-.'ii, yU i.-.i.ini^  coming to uu agrcpflnent, aud ilu-  paj
,,.,..l...,|..r*i„il...li-i.i.it.er .■„„  I,- iil.t.i I   |i(l|.s W,.|V ■*     j ;i;   0|.ce      Si-ii;..,,,,
ill  •■ from tlm ..iiiu... ' . ,.,, ' , I
I-, now If-lbcg   a   monoluguo   engage,
Cotnmerclal  |.rii,t..i.  o<   i-t-ory    *)WdPtl"''j ,„Prlt wit|, the Consolidated    iVmuse*
..lu; II  lill*  I'r-illl,.*-  at    -t'lli'lilfd   LI', '/n.
i" n: i-(..i-i> li.    »/■■:	
i.KRAu. i".'..i.!s"iiin'-j iiiMi'.^, T(Q [)rj(p Appeals
'imumm   a. MACDONALD & Co.
menl 11- inpany,
ii. Ki-:.iiiss,  M.i-|-n;p.ii.
r'»Uo|-ii,av-(i("]iiii'al    Suvs      jt
Will ii1 Useless tu Tui,-.!
Tl)cn;     [(>      Privy
.-.vi'nuuY. may, -2i, 190/j.   ;
Tin- Vmir uf'SQli cifse is now    ended!
a- fur as tlie law courts aj-e ;-.,;icejncil .     ji \j (jijdei'stQod tlnit three appeals
Bud ii w.,,,1,1 probably be   better   for j w,,»cl' Hio province was to have taken
I to the l'i ivy Council  are  likely  lo  lie
all parties concerned, if it lyera ended i , , ,,,, ,      .       ,.
' ' /J/'opped   IIicsb related  to lhe  assess*
altogether,    ft wunld appear however  nient of tha Nelson   &   Fort  Shepard
that this is um io he.    pretty pearly \ Ibiilway; the riglits of the province I.,
employ   Ohinese   underground;    and
everv paper we  pick   up   tratp   the     ,  ,,     ,, ,,      ,,
■  '  i > ' wlietliflr the province or  the   I *j>i.nd.-
(,'oust coniiiitis comments   upon   lli<-j ion has the right to   empl-jy   Chinese
case, and scathing  diatribes   mi   the  underground.
/■!,.ss inhumanly of   11)0   cjii/eus   of       Hon.    Charles    Wilson,     Attorney
Ymii  iu   their   persecution   of   Mr. General, went to England hist year to
, ,    .,   ,  arrange for the  appeal   in   one  case.
Aikinson.    Ihe courts  have qeeifled I .   .
I Negotiations   iirc   now   in    progress
that Mr. Atkinson is   innocent,   and  |iiokJng   f(_   (1)(J   i,„.,,.„„,.,,   „*.".,„,
he is therefore entitled in the sywpa- \ jse|snn .<.• Fort Shnphard cuse, and  as
thy of   all   disinterested   parties,  in  the Dominion   m-ms   intent   on   dis-
oiise.pienee of ,hc uio,,|l)s of   utfeer-  allowing that relating to tha  employ-
i ..      .1     i., . i, ,,!    ,.,    .if   . menl "if Chinese   undeiBlound,    i!    i-
I unity niuj worry lie lias nan   tn   sut-1
, . , . ,., thought useless to caiy the appeal any
fer: a sympathy which is  reatlily   ac- "
■    '      ' ' ifui'thi,!.
corded.    Oilier   men    however,    who       ,.      ,      , ,, ,        i
liy abandoning the appeal  a   large
suffered heavy financial loss   through sum W\\\ |„. .,>u. ,,, ||„. province,
tlie lire, and who   thought,   wrongly
us it appeal's, that their loss wus   at.
Iributublo to  tho   defendant   in  the
late trial, nn, not nccossarilv desp ie-
Japan at the   Fair.
Merchants   from    Klowery
Kingdom Called on liy
Mikado's Counsel,
able   and   inhuman,    becauoe    they
sought to fasten the guilt where they
thought ic belonged.    Evidence which.      ..      ... ,.,-,,,
M"» \vestininster, ll.t ,  .May    'lo,
they thoughl lo be damaging, as   did ...,__, ,,„..,....,.„,.„, „t- Jupan |)aa llu.0URh
the magistrate who   heard   ihe   pre« iu e.,un..el   ,u    Vancouver,    Kishiro
bniinury case, is   now   found    In   he Morikawti,   replied   lo   an   oiler   of
worthless, and their r.onseouont   con*,  space on the 1) inion  Fair grounds
, ..   , ,   „ ■*,,,   Im   nu   exliibil    from   the   Flowery
elusions   entirely   erroneous.        oui
. Kingdoin, explaining that ou iisuoun t
that error ot     |,„lgn„'i,t   ,,t   theirs,     .  , .
ot the present struggle in tlio fur east
does not make them despioable or  in*   _, wou|u be impnssibh* to give the   n-
l ni,* .ptiied attention to the  matter.      M.
The reporters who send   out   these  Morikawa has, however., been author--
further  iwl to call on all such of  the   .Mikado'*) subjects us nre resident inprchants
of Ciiniiihi, in coiitiiliiili" to nn   exliis
Province) lms an article ,,,   which   it .,
Int tlnii will represent Japan   at    tho
ns thin ihe iv,,,,,.,, ,,f Ymir heaped Canadian National Exhibition. A
t-ontuiiieli upon tin1 lite Mrs, Atkin „pttCe 00x40 feet will be placed at the
son, and were so responsible for her I disposal of the Jiipane.se exhibitors,
untimely end     Wo do not   hestitate and they promise to   produce   some
,,,..,.                            thing most attractive.
to say that this is direot niisreprcson- 	
i.-ports from Nelson, go even
however,    (lite paper (lhe   Vancouver
inli f fuel, and one which   WO    du NotlCli.
,,-.i   believe    Mr    Atkinson   himself _.   .
would   endorse   for    one     moment, TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS,
I n int; iii  lho   town   otii-selv •■,   and
,„i TO Charlei G, Simpson, or any  oihci
every     eireuiitstiiiice      alio I
Vi,III!   I.ODGjE N i. 31 A.Jr*.  -- A.
M      Meets first    Friday   in   each! 0
, „i yisitingbi■.■.her",wlu... 1| The Kind You Would Ljke
.Ion.*, McVn ui, W. ty.
l'l'l-i 1 -I. Gl.KA/.IJIf, S, ,■•-,.I a, -y. j
Villi! LQDUE No. .'l'i If. of I'
M.-.-is tii-st and third Monday in
each   month,      \ isitiug    brytheis
w;.|t .mill -.J.
• 'ii.iui.i.; Am iii.t.ti.o, ('. C.
■Joillj I't I if.ii.iu, Js. R, i s.
YMtli  lil-il'.,  I.AhiKS OF   THE
MACCABEES        Meets    s d
nud fourth Tuesday in each month.
s. Uleazeu, I.. (/.
li. I'.i i:(iwoit>u, I!   I'.
Old Settlers /Maple   Syrup.
J'l-te i|| Js),  j .-j |l||,I j   e-dl'.-n Tiin.
5oUI by
P. CAMPBELL,    «    ,     YMIR.
Lands and   Works.
t'linccllation of  Uwei've,
NOTfCE is hereby give,, that tho
reservation established in pur«
suanco .if tlie provisions of the ''Col.
umbia and Western Railway Subsidy
Act, 1896," no!ices of which well
published in lhe llritish Columbia
Gazette und tinted 7th May, 1800,
and 5th June, J8D0, respectively, ace
hereby cancelled,
Crown   lands   situated   within   the
Mining Agent      •      Stocks and Shares
 AGENT    Foil---
Mutual Life Insurance Company of Mew 'York.
Canadian Casulaty- -Boiler Insurance Co.
London Mutual Fire Insurance Company,"
()tt;i\v,i Fire Insurance Company,
V.MIH, li. ('
aroa embraced by ihe   said   reserva. *- —      , ———- ———■———--—. ._
tion will be open to sale,  uttleinent, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
lease und other disposition, under the ft* sS(
pi'OVisi Ilh'    'band    Ac,,'    three |        JQg PRINTING ^
months after the date of the lirst pub-*
,, -     su
, . . , ia su
hcatioii ot this notice iu   tha   British ^i^gg*-;!-)^*-^!**^^
Columbia Gazette; provided, however, /j\
that in all cases iflu.-i" ■ lauds   are   so |f|]|
sold, pre-empted, leased or   otherwise 'l!*
alienated by the Government and are t|?
subsequently found, upon the   survey iiC
of the Columbia und   Western   Hail- iii
way Company's bluol.s, then the   per- /J\
sons acquiriiiff sucli   hinds   ulntll   ac- f|i
person to uInun he may   have   tram
everv person in   the least   eonnei
wiili tllO ,nailer, we cun ti tilhfuMi
Kuv that, while there i- nol a woman
in tho town «li" did not,   and   doe.
■ne • tho  live!-  "dies southwest from   Y,,,ir,   in   thi
pot ai iliis time, oxpenc
lest --'lid and boi-iow inconsoi|uence ol
feied his interests in tho "May   lilos-
-i in    mineral   claim,    situated    mi
I li. oi ii  mountain   two   nud   -t   half
quire their till" thereto from the
llnilway Company, who have agreed
io deal with such purchasers, pre- i»i
emptors, lessees, etc., mi the s;nn -ni
terms and conditions as the Governs /^\
menl would under the provisions of ^J
ihe "Land Act," except in respect to ■*
tiniber hind- on the Company's
blooks, ivhich shall In- subject to the
rcguhitiuns issued by the Company |
relative to the cutting of timber on
lhe Columbia and Western Hail way
Land Grant.
\V s iiollK,
Deputy   Commissioner   of    Lands
& Works.    Jjiuids   and   Woris   be !
Vict, ";
7c   -^
r"*           ^an.'          "laaw
*a     *-   ™"
ch /   £
*      SiZ    hH
~i -*
— ~ •*
■ laaaa       ****■    f        **—
•v ^   •    ""   -^
iZ            *^^
5 -* ^
2-1     **»*    IT^T
*i_ *j? -sj"
1:   O"  C
Nel.mi   Mining   Division    of    Wosi
Ivioi.'iinv I lish i.i, an.I   recorded   in
the satl ocellll.,,,.,-,  the,,-   is     l.l.o     liol    , p,.   U,,m|,|„,., .^p,,,.    ,,„.     ,|„,     N.-l-,..,
one on whom can  bo   laid   the  leu"*-1 Mining Division.
i.hiidow of reproach foi'  any   uttitudp      Ynu andiouch of you    are   hereby
of theirs towards the tlecensod   lady,   no til'u d, i|iut I. have   expended Thn
Certainly she was never   insulted   us
to   be*
hundredintld seven dollars and fifty cl-
($307.CO) in.labour and iniprovonier-t,
ll,...,. reports would lead one   i ,    .•■■
1 upon t In- iiiu i*."- mineral claim In on ier i
lieve.    H   wi-ul.l   Lean   i'i--ei'e*tlii'g |10|j tho same Under the provisions of
process to trace to truce these reports ,|,e Mineral .\,-t, and if within ninety
llieir oi iainal source.
Old Rivals Matched.
days from the date of ibis notice   you
| fail or refuse io contribute your   portion of expenditure (which is onn liun
dred and fifty three dollars and seven
.     ,   ,,. ,   , o     ,-     tv five cents for lhe three years ending
. nin I-. Sullivan ami Charlie   •»' - ;
s May limn) together with all costs of
Mitchell  Sign to  tight,        udyertlsing, your iniere-it in thu   siid
claini will l„ me the properly of   thu
John )/. Sullivan   of   Boston,  and  ,,ubiicribor, undor uection 4 of an   A.cl|
Charles Mitchell   of   London,   have  ,.lltj||,,,|  ".\n   Aet   to   Amend    i
Sighed  nlicles in fight a liflceii-rotinil    Mineral A.-t,   1000."
boxing contest on tho Tucoina   base j ,|,,MN p Hahihh i i.i:
ball grounds mi September I9tll lieXt,   |),iU.,l at Ymir,  loth.   May  1110.1.
by Mail j
Customers all over Can-
f^nda tell us that our Mail
Orel r  Department  has
men nt to them added convenience andlcssenedcost
Tlir fifti.yr..r rapuUtlon el
our M.-ie naaurea aatlafac-
,it-r ,., mail coirr purchaaera
,.f , n-eity, watchea, aUvcr-
nare, atatfonar*,", eic
Our roraplnlecolnlogue will
gladly lit- nut on tc(ileal.
a. -*. ^—
-i-    'A     ."*-'
J.     **^_
ST 7  *
I        Ymir, B. C.       •
^€€€€€#€€€€€€€€€.€*(!€€€€6^ if
We have just got in a
new line of
Which are hard lo beat for price and durability     .\l-n  a   line  ..;   t| le..
hrati tl Anies I fold n shoes,
our     NEW HATS
'.Vhich Im i e ju-l mi it oil. oiler .1 'in Li" vaiielv of -ni -ilv u|i*>tii*||i|t|!   styles
fit  lipe of Sli'tso||S|
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
CaribOO'S First   Vehicle.     She im- ml Iresuerl the followiiig leu,,
i i the London Uaily    Sews,   ou    lie
Clild   Ciii'iiiigu   of   By-gow
11'ij-s pug up lor   I )o-
iiiiniiui l-'nir.
\ u hide ml.I and ancient, i lie lirsi
In reach lhe Cariboo gold digging be-
furs the wagon road was eumpletcd i,
Mi'i'i.- I'li'ii rii-ii iiii'i ii'ipj
I'Xt'i'jil Sitiiiliiy, l'i ir I'l't'ifiiil
lind imssciioi'i's fur Vmir
mill ' By hihtm] onli'i-s on
StiiitjuY'i < 11' l'i ir Vmir niiiii*.
AIL*. ODD'I:      P-- I
Co;ipany Ltd.
vv.vit.i; >rri'i.ii-;ii l-'Oli DO*
"SI r.sri< ■ \N|i i-'iiik
riiii'osi:-*   r x i' k ii
p.".     it >r N | is      p|;i-;s
Take a Look
I'. rs. T. How, Secreti
iv      :i| _ We have Just received mir spriiiK stock of Men and Hnys suit**.      '!'"'"
,/ot   ',|!,'i SpOkane   FallS    & Le thi'i-iy*;,..,.! fenUm1,- about them, Style, Quality   and Price.      W.    In"
Northern Ry.     I"""'"'1'" ","k":l~ ,;,i'"'"' '""''■'in"'"'''"'"''' '"''"'''".",'x
days, and will ,|iuirai|tPO y,,i| a big rediictiui) ill  Suits,   Sunuuiil'   Underwear,
f Kii'dand to sond me   their   pledj;es I'I1 Im nnly    all   mil    route   between
1 .    '    „..;.., ,    ,.„.. I. .I....1.      i -ll"."-.   II.,,-   .Ve.  .Ve.
"Sir,- -Twelve veins    ;i,.;,   a    scan
p issed oM-r this enuutl v    which   look |
lie sli.ij f    a     llu-.-aleliil
crinoline as  an   a| li-.-le   uf   h-mini
e-tr,     I appealed then tn the   wouiei
igainst ever deK.',.,ling ll.einselves   In ,    ''""^ '•■"•'■ "est and south to Jluss*
.      . ' laii'l. Nel.mi,   (iriiiid   l-orl.s   ami   I;,-.
m, and which HMs at thai   time   ,. I id.iplii.g a fashion at one anger- pul),ic      *.„,*,,, mp ,...,,  butW(XM| s,
latter of much curiosity to the miii-1""" ;""' s" 'iicnnvenicnt, with the  i
us, has been dug up on the llovston M1 *'"11 '" ,l few 'vee'is ' Cl'-olled
Auslialiaii ranch at Me^ai'diia, |1X'. : ""''''•'"'<>'"" -1-""" «'"""''■ nf all
and will be ou exhibition at the Du h"-'!*'and conditions, The efl'eel of
minion Imir to he held at New West- tllis w;ls '" kil1 ,l'" ■'•'"''l'l''-
minster from Sept. L'i" to (Jet. 7 To-day lhere is another threaten*-
The vehicle was the inventiun uf   Mr | "'-*' "f ""' """" lli;l"""''  '""'   danger*
lloj'slon, who, wilh the assistance   ..■'"u-1 le- A-k1  "l"'"^ **""■•' "■'  1|"'
Mr. Ol-jon, propelled il into   IJuesnell   '»*-»d'cis of the "No-Criuolii,e heague"
loaded Mill, supplies.    It has but one |lmve written '" |I,H nskin« ""''" savp
ihein from ilu*,   .Molo.'h   of   fashion.
i So, al11H iitili I inn an extremely   busy
We carry a few specials nip1 ipetiturs tin not, such   a* '•■■'■iif, -   Pr,
kune and Northporl
lltilj'el Cars   run  between   Sliuknn,
and Nelson, I inni IJacon and Ham, llazelwnnd   llutter,    .-\sho|-nfl   potatoes    and    varioii*
I-lli i Iiie Ap:il  190,1,
' can- Daily Train Airiv,
ll.-l.'i 11.111 Spokane II.-Jo |..ii
11 (Jn a nt Itimsliiiiil .1.55 |i.n
'.i.I" a in Nel.on li :;,", |i.n
'. i i.'Ui a m (iniiiii I'mi,o :'i -'.,' p.m
1  II  111. I'lloel iv 6 SOp. in,
7.UII ii.iii Republic ,i 80 p.ni
.ili.-r articles.
price i-
,,« as the loi.e-i and ouality auurauleed.
wheel, in thu center, and  i-   operated
by two men ul a pair of handles  each
nn either   end.      11    W n ■   peculi ti It
The  Seized Sealer,
Seattle,    Tacoma
KIN I.Nil   CAliS,
Ml-.ll..-,  I   It   CARTE.
Iwoiniin I feel it absolutely iiicuin
adapted to -ettinj- over tlie riiuf,d"i be,,t up01""*-' *<> "land by my sisters,
country in the days of its service Um, instead of-jl.000, I w»„i    131,-
. j (Kill lo join  my   l.eiiene,    Wllicll     ill vol•"
ies n i eo-.i or liability beyond that  of
iiie penny ktiiinp or   halfpenny   post
.■iiul necessary  for   sending   me   the
The outride   perpetratod   liy  iho ',,], ,|.,,.:    "I hereby pledge to do nil in
L'luyuayangovernnienl    on   Cnptnin  |yy poWf.,. to 0^jpoi.o the   tveariiitf   of
Mull I'\in,   of   Victoria,   and    the  ,, |n,,nm.,"
mates and crew of the lieuliii" sel i-j     ( mtrj wV tlu,t this ntlempl  ill    ro
rAsnesO. Donahue, owned by Cap-, vivini/the fashion of  hoop   skirl,   ,.,     ,.      ,
ain'S.Balc„ f Victoria,   is   I*!..,,'  „e, has not oriuinated   wilhSt    PaU,«    ^ICagO,    New
I""1"'    -I'"    ,-";*isl1   government,   tt*onien,  with men,   und    if   once York,   and
mid it is asked that ii    war   uliip   be  *..„. „ ,itll| nm,ssll|.y ,0   provide   the        ill        |-|||\T<       PAQT
sent to Montevideo to fully investigate' tt.,l il( expended, the datitier   of   the       AUb       "  ''   ! _      bAi  '
ie seizure of the sealer. crinoline beinj-; f ed upon us   is   at PALACE   AND   TOUBIST
It is nnw leained that in    tlio   iii*.- |e,„L a |,umJied per cent, iik Kieat    as j     .    SLEEPEKS     III' FI'KT,
fctiissjon before tho   Dominion   purlin-  :, .,,, .,,•,„,.,,      i, ;   •■,,,.„   ...
,   ,,      ,,     ,        ,    ..   ...        ' 't ««* "l-'ietlimi,     It  I- -in   iioinei,   „|      U|;|.A|;V     C\Wi,       MODERN
llienl Mr. Ilnche, of    Halifax,   caUed (l|| c|1UiMM to 8| k now-tu say,   and |
•mention to the fact lluil pan of   the  tu sn) *,nip|iutictt||y, .N,,
crew who had escaped from the  I'm-'     I a,,, no friend  to   such   advance.
Himyan govein nt, had   been   (jiven „„_.,,*. f,„. „, ,,,, ;1S   tt.j||   |„uko ihein
'"'-"' ""   *10-*"-d   a   United   Si m- ' „„„.., ,,„. „ ,,„,,,! .,■.„.,. ,-,„. „„,„.   |,„, i
—"f-i-    Tbev had  found    ■   f,,r ,i|, thai makes for line,  .li«nilied, I Best    Meals   0M    Wheds
nay back   lo   Can.i.l.i    by   securing |ICIl|thv, and rational advanc nl    I
; ■- igoon this i-essel, and the   mem '.„„„,,,,.,.     | .|,„„|,| reRll|.,j ,|„.   ,„„
i.'i -aid i! added iiothinfi  lo   I'.mi-I, ,,,.,] ,„j,,,„i0., ,,,■ \ |M.,| skirts as   the
1'i'aliK**  lo   hue   Canadian   seanien | w,,.v ,.^en ■   retrogressiou,      Si-
.ok ti. lhe Am.-iii an ihn," for   oi.ile. - ,. ,.
i i,-i     goiters    cyclists,   spurtsitomon,
,     ,, •     i ,      i bread winners, vouuir, old, rich,   poor,
A cablegram rccetveil by the on tier ■ '
|f the   -e ne,   I,,.-,   coulir I  lh0 l>i'ft*y, plain, don't rctnigi'iide,   I   wi
rnteticc of these years' inipris icnt treal you,     i uurs, ele ,
meted to Captain Mull  Uyiin, and    ii .Julin Struuge Winter
lllso a.lds  thai    iiie   mates,    Wi ham ,-.——.......... —■
Porries und William Hi  have each Notice.
been sentenced to ono   tear.'   unpii** 	
tiiiuieni, mul liiieen   member,   of  ihe fill'   l.in'ki   Hu\' Milling   tllicl
n-ew were given six months, nil puutil I li-i I'luiiliii'iil In.,    I.lil.
hi t -. 11 tu Ii' 	
The Agues G   Donahue, which was      The regular annual meeting of   the
j. nii-i tied, sailed   from   Halifax   in stockholders of the above minieil coin
I'.'"•'!. .-iinI «i- seized hv an    Crilguu- pany, will In- held al   lie-   Cumpaii) -
pm ship six miles oil'   il ...i t   of iH-ie, al Ive II    C,   oi   tin   '.'-', I
imtci'ideo and taken t,    lie-   latlci day uf .May 1006, at tho   hour   of   7
pi,ne.    Tin i-.i-e lms been before   the ' I' ni.
nurls since then and iin-   judgement -s- '' Myers, I'l.-i.i.M.
I. '! 500   e.il-liins   on    board   and
i        p    ii -.t . • .-I, uged « hii   having
-I dcoI roiikvi ic-.
Here's where wc shine,     We have greatly added tn nm  I'atenl  \l   li.-ii
SAVE  "FliVlE.    !-""'^:in' '■,'" MTi,h -v""witl''"'""' '"|.vi|ii"s ;" s"'"i|>|is! !''■"'
ALL     THE     TI^CE
KV    I SIN, I
iiW'"   M
U. S. T.  ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Vmir,     li.     C.
Q     FAST   TRAINS     Q
Shelf andt lluildei. II irdwai.,
Paints and Oils, Stoves, Coil
Sleel. Powder, Fuse and I 'a| \
G'riinito and Tinwnri*, Steam
All   kinds   of   Plumbing,   Tir.
smithing   and   General    lb pui
Special    Excursion    Hates ' ""'        "~
To World's Fair, St. Louis. '|'|... .Miiiinil Life [li.siirancc i 'omjmny of'N.Y.
Mas Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
A |inlii-i in ii i- iin- sali'rtl iiiM'-ihp'iii known to mini,
Voin Choice of Rouii
For rut, -. folders mul lull inforniiitioi
11 glll'llillg II i|is,  call   on   0|   :,.'ill.'--   Ill
•,e.„lo| ,lo   >. I-. A.V llailu-iv  or (.     j    111VI V-t L(M 1 ill   I.if''   I ll.Sll I'.I II-'''  isi';l.-.||   illli'-lml   tlliil      '.'.
II. A   -IA' K-i'.N II   IIKANDI', , I •   , ,
(i .   iV |,  ^       |   i- „ |   \   rctiiin ,'"iii|i,,ini,l iiitL'i'OKt,
"10W, ..I-i i,.- All SlICCl'SMflll lllLsilll'SS 1111*11   I'll IT)'    llll'gl'    .'Ull', lllll -    of   fill
ilisui'iiiH-i*. |i |n-i,i i,|o- bn' ilir I'.niiily. |ifn!'*--i- ,-i iii iii iii hi*,
tild age, nnd pt'oti'i'ts his otlii'i' invcstiiKUiU, l''oi' i'''* "i
.nu form of life insiiraiicn iipplj '":
Pathetic Appeal.
I - I'l'iiii The i 'l'iiuilinc
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦■♦■♦•♦♦•I.4-* ♦.*♦♦■♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
• *»
I Hotel Ymir I
Tlm Ih'-i  Meals
AmI Afi'oinmodnli,,n     *
in iown. *
  -»   (
•iiriingo Winter (.Mrs.   Stan-jt  ,\ Hue selection of Wines, X
the famous English author, --, i-1 4        I ,i(|ll01'S .ill,I I'liJ.'irs. •♦ I
t *!
  •♦ !
:f | Sterling
,        ,ade inovemont of ivnmen  back f ,|t  \\\  M ASTI-'.lisoN'.      Prop, 11
. I,      I'e.leeen-I.tedlltsof I lie lu il, ill ne. ' X*4*****444**-**.***\*4* *****^
Prom » ceffee
IpOOO tun tlious
■ lid il' !l.,r prc-
ttiitntion .-.'■!
Henry Blrkl ft
Buns' facltltte-fl
for making ulld
■ilverwftf-9 are
poi leued by do
other concern In
CLARET Jus. Artistic (Iml(to
rn!, modern machinery, and akllled hand-
workers, nil und. r the direct mpervUIcn of
pi ncllcal membera .,f lhe firm, make ah tin
equalled combination fur turning out fine
Write for I Hint rated catalogue,
i i !-»•• ■ mi*i<r-» '
lev, dry,
Sterling Silver,
Silver Plate,
! Witches, etc.
Henry itirks&Sons
Irwrllcillo III. I  xi.llrncjr
lhe Kail of Mm c.
Percy J. Gleazer, Local Agent
',-' M I i-*,
M i;.\T    MARKET
NKI.FON All. SliEP Ull. Ill   '   i
UEDMOl.'.N I i IN I! UI.W \YI   '
WASIIINliTON a- i'.  N   111
v   v. ,v k  nr. a- n in
and llienl Noiili.-i n. V. i llici n   |'a
  and O. ll. it N. • '■- .   fur  |n>iiil    i    I,
-.-..  i   mid    "in li . ' niini'i.l -   al    lh
land and Nel-mi   with   tin*   < lali til   ii
Pacific llailiv-iiy.
I'lll'.SII    Wil  SAI.TI.I, mi-; it's ,.„ ,,aI  .s.-l* -.,, iiitli Ull    P   :'
,v N.   Co,   for   Kilnlii   iiiid    K    unj   -
Whole.,,!., nml Uuliiil Conned   nl Curlew  wilh    tn«i< f I
fjreenwond and Midw ii)', U C,
I'.iilli-i   car ■ run on li.ini- i»-i ■. - e
Mail ni'ilct'H receive proinnl  iittenlioii ]_   . .   ,,      , ,
1,1 i    " i j Spnkaiic and   llepunlie
II   A, .1 M lis ,N
i;,-,i,-,i,i I'ii--- -.-■ ■■
JOHN  I'llll.liEIlT,  l'io|i. .-I--2 IT-i-l-'tggSLTjJILL'ilill
r**-****^yia**>^;!^"*a*^*t-*ii*-  -|.-»||"«.uh
THB YMIR fJEBAW|HR,f,ft^.1?,"TC if
r r    nr r    •—   „u to the bojjte/**, and of this halj   Uie
i it inner i,f l!,e    .contest    will   get   (So
l"„i,li,-!,.| avi-rv s,en,-l,y,,,.| ,n, I loan, | yr{. ^  |>|J(* ,,,,. |(WJ|. .,-,   '    , ,...„,_'
lultlrtit! nr Ji-lln-ri-il by nurriiT In -,...n. *.,*.,,, , •    J      , %,
Mftcljell iyi;riieij in Sealtle on   M.:;}
' iptloiuW-Wl**'. -ileum. Wflil  I ,-.,!,_ |,..   gJB    ,:,,..,,     N,„ ,|„,,,,_    ,,„j
"" ' met Sl-lli-van  at    the    lloj'!    Puller
A,iv..in,,i:i„"..i.:iii|.o  ;, mi  j'l-heie tun. noilel-iy   aboqt     )];"    l'1/.N
■;:ik   Union, cut) bu Iml   ir.,m   p.II l.-.Cin.-   coming lo an llgrepjjneilt, mid llie   paj
friiviilwilnr. In tl,n iljalliiit.or -....  I,- ni.i.. I L>Qn w,,|v ,-..,.,j ,g    .,.      Si;lli..iin
Je  :•'. Ir-eu thu -.llie.-. . ,.,, ,
I-,  now  UI ly n     il     mollOl-JRIfO    C!iei;ee.-
CowiiiiircUl   i-rii.1..,!1  .'   -v.-rv    '• -.mi.''1'1'   ,,„.,,!,villi t|,e  < ■o.--,.,li,|,ttc I    .l,nirs-
menl  (1. inpany.
•w»   A. MACDONALD & Co.
,.!,.! il tie- |,r.-„ii-.'- nt -l-iti-liir.1
,-■ ,i: .'-mm 1".    IfK
IIKR.U.J)    I"  lil.'SIIISU   ' 'iiMJ.'.'.N,
ii. Kr...iis's, m\"*; n:/;n.
Tq Dr,,p Appeals.
thought u-cle-. to cinv the appeal any
liy abandoning tin* appeal   o   large
' it.lii|'ii,Gy-< Icneiul    Says      jl
_i Will B.' (Jsoless to TuI-jg
syiTju>.v.\ may, j,, i.'h.'j. Tlji-iij     u-     Privy
- Council.
The Ymir njvm ease is now   elided !
ii- fm- as the l;ni- conrls ii/-e poncc-ncd .     ji in understood that three nppealu
pud ii would probably be   better   for] *■■.<■•■ the province was to have taken
1 to the Privy Council are likely t", be
all inii'ties concerned, if it vers ended    ,   ,     ,  .,.,' , .   ,   .    ,._
1 fj/'opped   these related  to ihe  assess*.
altogether, ft wwuld appeal- however meat of tho Nelson A- Fort Shepard
that this is not rn be,    Pretty pearly \ ••'■■I«'<«y; the rights of the province ta
employ   Chinese   underground;    and
everv'paper iye   pick   up   froip   the     ,   ., ,,      ,,
■ i i i " wlietlifir the province or  ui"   linnnn.-
Cuast contains comments upon *iiC! ion has the right to employ Chinese
pase, and seatbing diatribes   on   the underground.
■jr-jss inliu'.nani-y of   il,c   citizens   of       Hon.   Churles   Wilson,    Atl  v
Vmi. in   their, persecution   qf   Mr.  General, went to England last year to
,   .,   ,  arrange for the  appeal   in  one  case,
Atkinson,    lhe courts  have duci'lc!    ...
.Net." it nit ions    nre    now    n;    progrehS
that Mr. Atkinson iu   innonent,   »nd |lloking   „,   „„,   ,„.*,,„„,.,   „,•   ,,,,.
!:... i- therefore entitled to ilm syinpa- *N-,.k,„, _ ■.-,„., sbephaid case, mid  ns
thy of   all   disinterested   parties,  in the lJuiiiinim,   seems  intent   on  dis«
cousequi e of ihe months of   uncer- allowing that relating tn the  employ-
i ,. I     i,,   i,   i    , ,    „„(   . menl of Chinese   undcilfiuuild,    it    i-
lainty iiinl worry lie Im-; lind   to   slitter-, a sympathy which in  readily   accorded.    Other   men   however,   who]
suffered heavy financial loss   through \ ,,„„ Hj|| \H. sliVe ,,, ,|10 j,j-..-v ii,.-.-,
the lire, and  who   thought,    wrongly  -•-	
as it. appears, that their loss was   at. '        ^pan  at the    Fair.
iribut'ibli- to  the   defendant   in  the
, Merchants   Inun    I'lowerv
Ini,1 trial, :u„ nut. necessarilv  clesp ,c-
(ib)e ttnJ  inhumall|   becuuge   lhBJ.       Kingdom Called on l.y
Hought to fasten the guilt where they Mikado's Counsel.
thought it belonged,    Evidence which.      ..... ,   ,    ,,
Jioit YYcstiiiitister, It.l ,  May   'Jo,
iln'v (lioin'hi lo he damaging, as   did   <><i        ...        ,    ,- ,      ,  i     ,i        i
■'   ■*   ' '     - -      - | |M, einerinnenl ot uapall lin- through
the magistrate who   heard   the   pre-   it, cuimscl   at    Vancouver,    Ivishiro
hminary ease, is  now   found   lo   be   Mnrikntva,   replied   to   an   oil, r   of
tiorthless, and their consequent   con-  "pace on the Doininion  Fair grounds
,   . ,■   , ,   ,, u„,   tor an   exhibit   from   the   Elou-ery
elusions   ontirely   erroneous.       i.ut
,  .      Kinedoin, explaining that un iwconn I
that error ot     piil^iiiiMii   »t   ilu-ir*-, ,   .    ,    ,
of llu1 present struggle in ihn fur na-l
does not make I  despicable or  in- -, wou|d be iln, M. ,„ „iv„ ,,„,  ,,..
human. quired attention to tlio matter,      M.
The reporters who send   out   these Murikawa has, liowever been author.
reports from Nelson, go even   further '-"d to call on all siic-h of the   Mika-
hoivover.    One paper (ihe Vancouver  •'"'< Mll'i",s ilt i"" "'sil1"1" mmhanbi
. ,   .       . . .    . I nf Caiiudu. to contribute to nn   exlii-
Province) lias an article in   which   u
int tlnii will represent Japan   nt   tin-
ays that tho woman of Ymir heaped Canadian National Exhibition, A
i-oiitiniieli upon the lite Mrs. Atkin k]lllr(, fjOx-lO feel will he placed ul tho
son, and were so responsible fur her disposal of the Jnpanexo exhibitors,
untimely end     We do  not   hestitato U»d ihey | liso to   produce   some
,.,..,-                              ihinii itio-i at i ractivu,
to say that tins is direct niisreprcson*    " 	
ttition of fact, and one which   we   do ISotiCC
nol   lielieve   Mr    Atkinson   himself
woultl   mid. a--  fm-    one     m cm.  TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNEUS,
Living ill   lhe    Um ll    mil-ell -,    nnd
YiJII!  I.OLGiE N i. -'II A.'}'.  & A.ij
M      Meets li;-t     Friday   in   each f
uionih. visiting i I, t-ti    i jThe Kind You Would Like
.Ion;. MeVn ill, W. V.
l'l lo V .1. lil.i.i/.rii. Si-civlari. j
VMM; LODUE N"  :i->   li.   of   P. CASTES COOP     IS GOOD.
Meets lii-i  nnd   third   Monday   in
I    each    iib.      V isitina    l.joihei-
»,i,oi,„,i Old Settjeps  /Vlapie   Syrup.
('ninn,-.. Am ni.i.ti.i., C. C.
..Iou-.. ,; i ',11 in, ii. It. & s.
Pure in j-|, |-',' and I gallon Tim.
Y.Mtll HIVE,  I.Al'iKS OE   THE
MACCABEES        Meets    second j
and fourth Tuesday in each month.
s. (jLEazuii, I,, i'
L, Hi c-jjivoit-fii, It  )'
Sold bv
P. CAMPBELL,    v    .     YMIR.
Lands and   Works.
Cancellation of  Uetsorvc,
Ni (TICK is hereby git-en that the
reservation established in pur»
suancc «>f the provisions of the '*Coti
umbia nnd Western llailivay Subsidy
Act, 1896," "not ices of which wei1*
published in il„- llritish Columbia
Gazette and dated 7th May, 1896,
and Oth June, 1890, respectively, are
hereby cancelled.
Crown   lands   situated   within   the LlK-ST   VKKUK,
area embraced by the   saiii   reserva.    «^»«—m ««.-     ,
Mining Agent      *      Stocks and Shares
 Aii'^SV    Full	
Mutual Life Insurance Company of New^Yftrlc,
Caiiiiiliaii Casulaty—Boilcc Insurance Co.
London Mutual Firo Iiigiii'ance Company/
(ittaMii VU'o Insui'Hiicu Company,
YMIH, 11. i'
tion will be open to sale, settle ,,.,    ^99&&999&99999&99999$&&B&
lease and other disposition, under the   **:r.l S$f
:::;:;;;:;;:;;:::•-;:;:;: | JOB   PRINTING  S
;,.-.ni.m ot il.i- i,..tee,,,    il„.    Hiiii-.li  jjii999*Z**»2m#iiSa&i*Z9*^^
Columbia Gazette; provided, however, /i\
that in all cases when lauds   are   no (fll
sold, pre-empted, leased or   otherwiso 'I*
alienated by the Oovernmuut and are y}
-uli-eipicntly found, upon the   survey iii
of the Columbia and  Western   Hail- /ty
way Coinpany's bloaks, thon tl.e   per- /t\
sous acquiring such   lands   uhall   ac- /fj
quire their   tit!"   thereto   from   the OS
llnilway Company, who have  agreed ;J:
io deal ttiih   -n -h   purchasers,   pie- iii
emptors, lessees, etc.,   on   the   sum /jiy
terms and conditions as the   Ooyern- fl(S
men, would under the   provisioi
the "Land Act," except in respect to •'
timber land- "tt the Company's
blocks, ivhich -hull be subject to the
regulations i-sueil by the Company
relative to lhe cutting ni limber on
lho Columbia and Western llailivay
I .nml (Intnl.
Deputy   Commissioner   of    Lands
iV Work-.    Lands   and   Worts   De
knowing   every   circuinstance    a
Tl I 1 'Italic. 11. Sinn,-mi, m nnv   ol In
,i      i       ,,„i pi'i'snii In ti Iioiii bn tiiiiy   hate    trill
everv person in   Un*  least   connected ,
• i .i .,       „       .,,   t,.„ii,f,,li,. fered his interests in tho "May   HI
ti nli lin-   matter,   WO   can   ti ul litti'lt
st  to
I\.^'   su
«;3    \'a
~ 2 r.   v
~t-     A      ^Z
2;   ■*.
'/.     a*.        w
-i in     iiiiiii-i.il   chum,    situated
Hi-.«n  mountain   two   and   <   half
Kitv ihat, while there i- nol a woman
in tho ton n -ilt" did ii"i. nnd does
„oi ul this time, expo, ienoe the  livcl-  mllw muiIiwi.1 ti    Ymir,   in   the
, Nelson   Mining   Division    of   \\i--i
lest iinef und sorroit inconsequence ol , ,   .
Knot may District, ami   recorded   in
lho sad occm:eueo, tl i is   ..I I t|,o lhtconlors otlico foi1   tl.e   Nelson
one on whom can  bo   laid   lhe  leas! Mining Division.
iiliudiitv of reproach for  any   attitude You aiidioueh of you    are   herein
of theirs towards the  deeeio-ed   lady, no tifii d, i|iut L havo   expended Three
li-iiniiilv she tins never   insultei
In,inliii! aTul 80VCI1 dollars am! fifty el-
tl,co repoi'
11   would   he  an  iiilcresting
($307.60) in hilniur and iiniiiotemei Is
i.|in|l* would lead   one    lo    l.e- ,   ,  •     • ,
upon Hie alio'." mineral clan,, in order in
hold the --nm" under the provisions "f
process loll-in-' to trace tlfeso reports .|,0 Mineral Act, and if within ninety
tn their original source. dny- from the dato of ihi- notice   you
,_ fail or refuse lo contribute your   por*
Old Rivals  Matched. tion of expon.lHtiro (which is hun
tlicil nud fifty three dollars and seven
,   ,      r   r,  ip ,i   /ii..,.i:,,   tv fivo cents for tho three years ending
. ii in L. Millivaii nml ( linrlie   ■
8 May I0O5) toifethei1 nub all costs ol
Mitchell Sign to  Kigllt,        udvertisinn, your inioro«t in tha   said
claim will becomo lho property of  the
John li. Sullivan   of   Hoston,  nnd  Hubscriber, undor section 4 nf an   Act
Charlos  Mitchell   of   Loud    havo  ,.,,,-;,i...|  ",\„   Act   lo   Amend    the
sighed irtlcles to fight a fifteen-round   Mineral Act,  1000,"
boxing contest on tho Tacoma   base | Joiik F, Harodttm1
ball grounds on Soptenibor 19th next,   pllte-j ,u Ymir, lilth, May 1006,
by Mh\\
Cmtomera all over Can-
jjgj   la tell us that our Mail
Ord r  Department has
meant to them addrd co:i-
venience and lessened cost
Tha firtv-yr.ir rftputntlon ol
i-ir t.t.-ie iuii rei iftllifae*!
i,oi- t,i maltorilerpurclifi-ten
cf , well i'. wntcneti iHvcr«
tivnr-t, ktntlonsr)'i etc.
Our complela catalogutt will
ylti'ily lip v nl on ifijueit.
l>Yl*>lli BROS.
/:'■ £   <4
f.        s»_
aiis    _} z\
aiis      9 -
as     - k
ah        "t
t Ymir   R C |
,^^'^'-***''v-*«*C*C*C-5-*C-*t*^-'C*^*>5*5:^?-C-'«:-*C*C'*!r-t We have just got in a
new line of
(A'hii'li are hard tn beat for price and diirability     .\lsii  a   lipi* of   ijin  • ■ * * 1 ■ *. j
l.iii'.nl An.- I fold ,, shoes,
".Vhich Iniie ju-i arrived, oll.-r ., hi'ijP viirintv of strictly ui>-tn*(|iili'  styles.
.**! nir li|,.- of Stetsons,
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
in'Is -r.'i'ii cvi'i'-j u11• |■ 11 ■ 11•_;
I'Xt'i'jit Sum In \. I'or IVri-lii
nml imssciiiri'i's I'm- Vinir
mill ' liy -|n'fi:ii i ui It -i - on
iSniiiluysi < li' I'lH' Ymir iiiinc.
Take a Look
! at
Cariboo's First Vehicle.   She im- ml -i,,--.cii the following io i,,
i the London I'.iilv    News,   nn    ile
il    CfU'rijigo    nt'   Uy gone
11'iys I lug up I'or   I lii-
iiiiiii,,n Fair.
WATKIi   MTl'l.li-.li    |.*(j|      |,,,.
M^STfc   vxji    i-'ii!!-;
l'l Hi posies   r n li i-: n
lin     i!'IN I is      |-| ;'■;.-.
> i' I; i-:
'. ri. T   l!o.-*..   .*-, i-iclin v
\ vehicle odd and ancient, the li i sl I-""''    ' W-'nled Hum In t)te   tvoinei
„   , SUITS
'Mr,- - l itcite t-e.-ii-s   injn   :i    si-are 	
i ,i ,      '  i-i ,  ~~""   ————— We IniiL1 lust received our sniini'stuck nf Men and llnva  --"H--      '!'' "•
sseil over this cnuiitry   which   Ioiik I-q « -jri-i    *i*i o '      • '    !'"--
lieslii,, f   .-,    threatening   of   th, I bpGK.3,116   & ciiiS    & .ire threiy- I fuui tires ilium t them, Style, Q jty   and Price.      W,    I
ri,inline as  an    n|li-,-!e   nf   feminine |       "NTnT-f" Vl OVH   T? \T lecidi'd tu make a griiei'al nut in price, ill lllis department, fur thn    ie\'
, reach llie Ciuibou gold digging be-
..,•> the Wllgnn load tins t-'iin].letfd i,
I.**?ciO, and which tt.,*- al iIml   lime   .-■
if England tn .solid me   ilu-ir   pledges '['I"'""!)'    u|l   mil    rnute   hettveei
igiiinst ever degrading llieiiiselve.s   I.t
points east, v.i-st and smith lo Koss- i
idupting a fashion ul un-
natter of much curiusily to the niin* \'m* "",l *'' inci.nvenienl, with the n.
■rs, hits bten dug up 0„ the Uuystoii su,t llmt'" a few lveelis ' •''!""11*"1
Australian ranch at Alexandria, U.C. "" ■Wt'1' tlm0 -1'000 lV"""'11 1'1' ;'l!
md will be on exhibition at the    i,,, , -'"'- -oi-l ■•..inllih.n-     The    effect    uf
minion Fair to be held at New  West-
minster fn in   Sept.    2f   t"   Oct.    7
lloyston, who, v. ilh the assistance o!
Mr, Olson, propelled ii into (v'„es,,eli
I . uled « ith supplies, It Im-. but one
ii ln-el, in the center, and i- operated
by t .i.. men at n pair of handles each
n oil I it end. li \i a ■ peculinrlt
i Inptcd to '.-. nine; over the r'uugh
i -niii i v iu the diiv-i of its *.f| i iue
i Ids w.-ts to kill the attempt.
To-iliiv there is  another   threaten
me of i he -.iiiie bidet
ills III..ile.   Apd    IlllenilV   SUIIIC    of    llie
■ iii-iii 1 ii-i-* of the "No Crinoline League"
have written In ne- asking mc io save
iiie,,, from lids Moloch "f Fashion.
So, ah In mill | inn nn extremely busy
unman I feel it absolutely incum
bent upon me to ilnnd by mv Bisters.
Um, instead of J 1,000, I want    I 2 l,-
i.ui'l. N'ei-oii,   Grand   Korks  am!   11.--
public,       llllll'i-l ,-ll| -  I ;;:i   !„■!■.-, fen Spl ,
kime nml N.,1 ilmoi;
r>iil!'et Cms   iiiii between  Spokane   j
mul V-l-on.
Ill" nu   Ap:il  I!'"."',
' onve Hitilt Train AiiIvi
lays, and will ,puiri|i||ep ymi a big reduction ill  Suits,   Su IPI    I. mc i ••' n
limes, Hals a-.-, -ve
We '-in n n few specials nqr competiturs du not, such   as   (swift's   I',-,-,,,?
  liucon and Hum, Ifiizelw |   llutter    .\shc|ufl   Potatoes    m. I    variou*
nllier articles.    The price i- as low aa the luwesl and ijuality guaranteed.
The  Seized Sealer,
000 iii j"in my League, wnicli   involves n i co-.i or liability lie;,ond lluil  uf
tlie penny stamp or   halfpenny   post
I en I'd necessary  for   sending   me   the
Tl utn'«e   1'C-peti'alod   by   il"'' ,,|, ,|e,,    "1 hereby pledge to do all in
'-'rugiiayan govertmie n   Captain L.y p0W(,.. tlJ oppose the   Hearing   of
Mall Uynn,   of   Victoria,   and    ^ie ennuline."
I um') sat iImi i|ii^ attempt  ill    n
iic* inn: crew of tin- sculiii" schuun-
ir«r::: a::,   isrs STATIONERY AND
'.i.l" a in           Nelson           il :;.. p.n , i-^.  ,—. j   j /—, _-~\
: 1:3(1 am     Grniid I'ork.       H 50 p.m J h? I  J ( j >•)
In no ii in.         I'n.ieiiv          5S0p.ni. IS I  \  V«-*-  ^-* •*—
'-O-Ja.ni         Itepulilie         11.30 p.ni Here's where ive shine     We have greatly added to nm  Patenl  Medicii
SAVE     TIME. """'' :l"' ''''" M1hi'lv v"" *'1' "*' '"'.'''''i"'-- :'' sfictlj lis! pi-ice
ALI,     THE     TIME
I'.V   L'.SING
Seattle,    Tacoma
VsnesO. IJunidiue, owned by C,ip-:vim|lgl|,e ;-,,,!,;„,. oft||0 |ll)op   „■<•,.•
Balciun of Victoria    is   beine i- ,   i      *.,   -^t.   Paul,    Chicago,    New
'        •"  ^.''"ii.i.   's       in-  ur crinoline, has nol  originated   nith "
'V.t-before   the    llritish   government,   u m, but tiilb men,   and   if   once York,   and
"I'd it is asked that a   war   ship   be L*-. Wipii,i| nece y to   provide   the ill        |,|||VT<       I? ACT
-nltoMontevid, fully investigate!sUM!| w nvm__t „1B ^m   of   lhe AUb      IU1|>J&       lA> '
the seizure of the healer.                        crinoline being furceil upon us   is   at PALACE   AND   TOUEIST
It is now '■ i.i,:,-! thut iu   ihi-   dis-  |,,,,, ,, |,„,„!,,.,| p,.,-cent, as great    -is j .    SLEEPEUS     BUFFET,
■Siissioli before tbo   Dominion   parlia-  ;. ,,.,. .if,,,,.,,,,,,     i, .   »„,.., „  „,
..    ,,   ,      ,   ., ...      ' it mis ,U met i     Itisfioiti n«i     |.||i|;.\i:v    CARS,     MODEKN
■lient Mr. Knche, of    Halifax,    '■'li'd ' al| ,-l.,->e, i„ .pe,d< ,,.,u -* to s tv,   ,„.d .
ptenlion it  the fact thai part of      to siiy emphatically, No, "''      '   '""
Rrnw ivhu liad escaped frum lhe  I'm-!     [„„, „o friend  to   such   advance.
g««yan guteii nt, had   been   given  |11L.nl j*,,,. wolll0|, ,„   „;,.   make \hein
U. S. T.  ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Ymir,     B,     C.
lettige   on    board    a    I'niied   Stat,
i usurp tin- natural place fur men;   I,in
|n. ni-of tim.    Tl,et-Inni  f..ii-i.l   thiei   f,,,. nn n,,, ikes fur true,  dignifiei
.-v...y hnelc   in   Canada   by   securing healthy, and rational advanc nl    I
I   ' '-  tlllS ••oss-ei, nnd ile   men, ' ,„„ ,..lu„.,..    | ,|l0„|,| regard tho   gen
'•'''' said it added nolhing   to    HritMi L,.n| m|„,,iiun of hooped skirls as   tbe
■'iialige  to   have   Canadian   semncn | u.,.y essence of   retrugressinn.      Sis
look io tin- American il ig for   nrotecs I ,. ,.
1 ti1!-*   goiters    cyclists,   Kpurtsu onion,
,     ,, -ii, breadwinners, young, old, rich,   poor,
.\ cablegram received by lie- ottuei j ■ '
ft the   seboonei    bus   coiillriued   lhe I"'1'11.-'- I,l,li"i *J"1*'1' retrogT'ide,   I    mi
leu fence uf these yours* huprisni nt  troal ton.    Vours, etc ,
pit'tcil to Captain Mall II i in, and    il .1.-1 „ Ktrnnge Winter
Vorries and William Uyan, have each Notice
be- ii   . ii i iiiii*. I lo one   years'   impi is*
Une.iii.  iiul I'm..rn   member,   of   lhe Tin-    l.nrkl    Ihn   Milling   .-ili'l
Riw were given six months, nil poind llt'VPloiillK.'Hl  (Jo.,   Ltd,
Bim ' ili'de
The Agnes Q, Donahue, ivhich was      Tho regular annual meeting of   the
■itillscated, sailed   from   Halifax   iu stockholders of the above mimed com
T-l'.iii.'l, .nul \i-.is seized by nn    l.'rugua-1 pai'Vi will be held nl   lho   Company'*
■in ship six miles  nil'   tin nil    of   fflje, nl l'l e- ll    C„   oi   llu   '-'.'il
Kluiilevldeo and taken ti    the   lattei  day uf Ma> IUUA, at the   I i   of   7
■lace,    Tin case lms been before   the ' I' m.
Bruins since then and the   judgement s- '*  Myers, fiesideiit.
jj>'   I   d n00 sealskins  nil   !• d   and  ************4*44**********
fi! - .- iptuin '.i i* charged with   having
MKAI.S  tl.li  til IK
liest   Meals   on   Wheels
2    FAST   TRAINS     Q
Sheil'    .Hi. 1     llllliilel i      II il-l-i  o •',
Paints nud   ' nl--.   Stoves, Co d
Sieel. Powder, Fuse   und < '.i| *-,
Ciraniio   nn.I   Tiii'.i.uc. Sti-iiin
All hind- of Plumbing Tin
smitliing and General llepn
seal rooKei ies.
I Hotel Ymir j
Pathetic Appeal.
I - IT,,in Tin1 l Tim,Iiii,1
Tlir l;,-i   MciiIh
An,I Aim,,iiiiih,,In! imi      *
111   J f)Wl 1, *
i: Winter (Mrs.   Stan    t    ^ |'M|1. ,(,|,,,.| i,,n nf WilifM,  X
-'l'i us English authoress, is ♦        l.iiiiinr-niid ('iirill'H,       •♦ I
'   I? |
Special     lixcursioll     Iiii.-- " ■    '
To World's Lair, st. Louis. '|'|l(, Mi,|,1;,| [jf-j [nsiinuict* Comjmnv' --IN- V,
v'"" r1"""' "'' l;""'' Mas Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
For rales, folder* anil full inform,,! ion ,        ,.       ...      , ,.    ,   • ,       .,   i,    ,,,,,,    ,,	
regarding trips, ,-, , i„M,.- „.,        A  \H>Uv)   III ll  In Mil- Hllll-xl   IllVl'sllllOlll   kllOWIl to   lii.ni.
ilgentnl tlio. I-'. iVN. Ullilivil)   nl1 ( .|lHj    i„v„riU,,| j,,   |.i|',.   |l|Slll'UIICl'  is Ulisll   illVI'Sldl  tll.lt      W   ll
II    \   .IA,  K-ii.s II   I'-ltAMll'. , I    , ,    ,      ,
(i   j,    v .,. ^ 1     j,   A   1     ^     I'd lllll i-ii||l|nilll|il  llltl'K'Kt.
now. \n _,,,,.,—1 • 11 im-iiii'-s inni riiii  lurjfji* iiiiiouiits of ni,
iiisiii'iinci*.    Ii provides for tin* family, prott'uts a 111111 in I, -
"hl ii11!'. iiinl |ii',,!''i't - his ii'li'i' inv '-'-t in •; 1" s.     I'.','   ri''- "i
.un form of Iiii' iii.stii'iiiic'i' applj to:
y*s.^':-  JfArljiiff Percy J. Gleazer. Local agent.
Pinni n crfTrr
■(••'on lo a I bun**.
• ml Ocllar pre
Kii la lion irt.
Henry BIrki ft
Bom'     In' ■i'.itlr-
f<ir nsklng niiiil
fllvei wntif nt t
poi lemed Ly ii"
ollirrcoiicfni In
OLAHCT Jua. Artistic«!r«l((n-
en, modern nmehlnery, intl ifcllled limn!
orkern, mi iindi r the dire, t itipervWon cf
practical memberi of the firm, make an un*
equalled combination for turning out One
Write t"T IHuitrated rntntoRue.
11 tlitii llipco sIimiiM bu   110 1
I • .i-i** ni"*einctil uf w
A*   i" tlttuom l'i tu Jin _ >>i iliecrin ilino. 1
X  J;   VV    MAsrilUsoS.      Prop.   ;
'mm-''< t .1. vv   m.\>ti:i
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦***;t****tt '
pl...-MI-IT. ■
SUrllnj* Slli'tr,
Silver Plitt,
IValiltti, tic.
Henry Birks& Sons
Jr*i- lit. lo 11,. I «■ i.ltncy
till! lull i,l Mn- c
'/ M I Et
M-il.MiS ,i : I", sin;!1 iim ni   i   ,
KRDMOl.'.N I AlN ll UI.W VY (.'n
, ,        WASIIINliTllN & V.. N    111
M   I', A    I .MA   I!  K   I.   I v    v    ,v   ,.;    ,,y,   ,v   N    ,;■-
nn.I Ureal  Sol lie-in. S, rllim n   I'm    ■
  and O, li. i*o N. t!,,.,   fur  puinl ,   .-, i,
-..,.    I     nn,|       ..lllll  ;   I i.lltieel-.    al      lit
l.tml and .N.-1-..n  with   tlm  (Jim id   n
I'll.-ilie    llailtlllV.
I'lllisil   \XI1 HAI.TKI) MKATM Cimnnctii ntNclwni with tin,   I*. II.
,t- N.  ('...   for   Kit-do  nnd   K.  um   **
Wliole-iile.-iiel Itwinil Connects nl CnrlfM  with   stagn f'.l
Cieeinio...! und  Midway, U U,
Uiill'e,   i iii    run on trains ini ■■ • • ,'
M"'l "|l1"1' ""''■'''•   I" ''    ''M''"'i»»'   S,,,lo,,,,- and    llep'.l.iie
|l   A. .1 M  It** IN
I i,',ie, n!  I'm*,, net-
JOHN   I'llll.l'.KII'l',   I'lon. American and B.  C.   Hydraulic \\W   TOW imim;
.).   l',l'I*l>
Placer Company Ltd,
1 ,st , IN1-..
.,    jj. i, . iVidiloii'sini.
lii...Ki-.i;,n.l-.   IN|,   r- -' It A K (■ \-.
I'l-ll-V  -I    llleil/'.|-
111   I,  III I..
,1. Im 1'llilliclt.
inn   '■' '.;i-   iNp  - , -. i - i , iiM.-iir*.'.- j
YMIK, l'>. 0.
\\\-    fjp-rj    ;h,-.    Ii-ii'ling   l.'i'iiii'ls     i\fl|Kii'tei
iiihI   ('io,-,i'-    Stini1.,    Mi'     l>i',ii!'lv    ni!'!    Willi.,
Capital $50,000 ifi 5po,opo Sjiarvs pf ten cunts eaS-P    n. (iiuupiji'i-.
|). -Ifti.-uy Jpliliiii|! I -1
Tin* Comi'iiiiy i« now iircpnrliifj   tu   ivoi'l*.   |lir (-oli|
I in ,lui'. I-liii li Saiiil tun I xi'-:^, t   [iltii'i'V  !,n-i-- ni   llnl|
Sidipcr, III 1 I  ill  lillll I1 III  pllll ll,'!-,' I III'  I Hi ■!'.-.-; I I V    linli'liili'-
. 11. tlit* pi 1 niii'i'i.- inn i' -11  .''-iiii1   il   limit, (I  uiiinlii'!' of
-linn - I'.ir i'liiiirilin',,1 -.-,-,li'
Tin -Imi 1 - in,' l'i ill y imitl iiiii I |iun n.sspssit uie.
Tin- ( i,iii| nm■'*- Li'ouutl avi'i'ii^t's "ill (.'t'lit.s   iii'i'   iiil'ii-
•.Hill   I'll   I ll<-     Mil lilfl1.  Ul l')1   - |H   i'.l'l'is.
I 'lllil   I.I'll   llll'k   is   i-i'lH-Ill il   llll'r-i1      rill,UTS      r,li|      |)l'      (ll)
1,-iiinil ;n n liargain,
Mi ,inn li;:!1 tin  IVi ,'i-lll v   -tui)..    (^00,11(10     ,"~*l lit ll*-1    i-
|fl! inttu*i
inn 1.-.
Cm- , 'lll.l ll|   111   !_'  IIII  I    1!  . Ik  ,     ..
I 1  CM I ll|.     IU-. U.I  I;
William i'i	
..Ill', 1 Ml i.
p.   < ':. Jit I >l..-! 1.
|i. -Ill i-,it  .l,,|i!,i;i" I 1,.
> 11. si-ainy.
ii.,ii-.i u
litisiiiiipoliliiii—Inlin lli-enii
.Mc] I J I'll —•— Kinl-iv  Mid. |.
Miller lli.n..,._s .Miil.r.
I'lllMce- I nil   ,,,-   Ipi,I,ly.
Yin ,1 |iver- (liven (lujer.
\\ u'.il.ul — liioree I'olneiii
Y.inir—j. VV. Mai-lemon.
Hiiiini .11,1:
1'   S. T   Koss.
I .1 I  11 -     1 1  I  Ml III! -,      IM.     ,lll.i.;.-.K!
Mr*. ■). Iiii Mel.uoil
\II.N'|N(1    ll| 1 "i.l' I.H
i'.-li)  -I.   I ill 11 n-l
|-ll|,\ 1 is,,.
lleuiU publishing 1...
• ••»cea«<s*89tac*|a*
;ei4 »»is»«e««a»«,<) ••••••«•••••••
•      in-' VllQl'llTKliS    FOH    MiNlSU   AiKN    .\N',>    TIH'*      I
I 111,       1      { *■
! '! li A V I'd, I. INC   l'l'lil-iC. I
J Jvewl) I'li.'iii.-In*. 1 throughout.    Sample rooms in i-unppctipn.      «
»     Hales 51-.H1 ii' -*-"-'--"1" per dnv. J
; *
• KIM,AY    .Mii.KOll.  Pi'iiprii'tm %
• *
|). ranipbell.
8, II.  Sennet
.Tl ||oM..lrt.
Only The Crumbs,
When llie "solid seven     tveru   -   ,-
I'ln* .* ui Id's silver production   fi
I'l'll.l. . ,.i-,
.Mil.-.  Mel a
1 N!'Kl(i.tl>i:i:.
W'illifl in (lurk.
IK.tll-l l-.|
lliirsluiiv ,v- t\ ilinn.
j|s.Vl|,,   ISfJQ  tins II bout    -MINI", ',11,1,1.        .|i,el,*o„   ,V   l.elllil.
I per   year,   irftor    iihieli   it    iinn-n-i -I      Alex. O1IUI1
to  I III.Hill,   till,   people  tlf   lil ili.lt     Col    I s|U,i |y
i-nil-in were led io believe lluil    show*
,, , , ,, 1 ,-    ,- ,    •i*«t»^-r'i*«i*.'i.r-ii''-.'-i,v-i-;*---
•1.- nl blessings 111 tlio   shape   ot    nil |        ^^^
federal tipprnprial ions would be   theil |
Ini] py lot      Ilm thu   result    bus    not j ifeJv:
...nn- up tii expectation**-, ur  anything
like it.      While  the   Dominion   a-   11 ,^.g gg
tilmle has been fed ivith   millions   in     Vmj|.    |Jcence    |)j?trict.
llie -1,1111 ■  ol    subsidies,   granUi   and
.iiii, not, niily tin eiiinibs thut    have
1 iunuieiil uf the appropriations
.   , 1     Mil ICE is hereby given lluil    thu
i.il|.-n   Iioiii    tin-    1-eileiul    table    nre •
., , ,    .     ,,.,,.,     ,. ,    iindernieiil «-d   persons   have   matin
.1. nimble l..i  In iti-n   ( oluilibin.      As        ,.     .
, application undel'   Iue    nim imoii-    o|
oil- ns tie  cun i.iaUe   out     llie    lippor*     '       ,. „    . .. _„
„,„, ,„. '' L"i ■'«■"« Act   M    ...,,    MRS.   J.   McLEOD
hotel licence nl the places sel opposiio   1,    ,    , ,,,.        ... ,.
i.i wa 1- tu midst- proportion   in   llie . | ti-t    ( l|lu*c   otoi'U J Milt.
.,     . , ,        ,-   1      ,   'I ' respective nn -: |
contributions   made   tn  lhe    I'ed, ml      , , ,,
,         ,           , ■ .l.»liii    Marshall,      .M.iisliidl      U..i,.i ■
Treasury.    Cnnseuiieiitly under   suuh 1 _"  ~
1        .   '                                         Kllelieiiei; '
n SVsti'lll llie lllllliell-elt- grClllCI'     pllla   .,.,..,,   ...,,..
.  ', , William tiiiiy, Sal  Hotel, Samo; \ iim*  /   ||r/|ins
ments pel- capita    nl    the   people   ol ' * lllll    I   lll/.lll>
1 ', ,    ,. ,.       'red   A'li".    'or     S heppitrd       old, 1
llrilish ('..liuiilin to the Kederal    Ex-      „. " '
t In out r 11-1 ..iiuiiiicil    itnh    Ilm*,1    "I   ,
1   , lliiherl   W I,   llll-lh- Hotel, (Inlliile,
I be iconic   0      I be    oilier    ptol line-	
I   (j, l'i., i.t, tiuilei lloiei    Procter:
secure for 11- 11 miserable dole frum
ivluil Liberal urgniis asserl are super-.
iiliinnliiiil rcvi'iiues. U'.il otir repie-
d-ntatives al * litnivu eontiii'ie io n-
j - ii ■    "We .in* seven
■ I. I,. I'..nel, (drove lintel, Fairvie.v;
.1. It. l-lunncx, Erie II I, Krie;
ii.-..  McDain, Mersey Hold. Krie;
i'  1-:  llurge --. Edna   Hotel,   Patte
Owrii lloter. Vancnuver Hotel, Ymir; |
A cubic !'o-.l    of iron    weighs     I-S0   Mitchell Tail, Palace llotnl,  Vmir:  '
I iiiiniN. mul or" steel IH'.l.G   pounds        j   \V. jMasierson, Ymii  (Intel,  Vmir;
'fl,,-  fn,1   copper   lulu,-   of      Neu   ll-   M     Peters,   St.   Charles    Hotel,
; 1 ndliiiid   was opened in   l-'M,   and 1     V ;
1 theend nf IST'D   the  customs   ie*; I'ml-'i  Mel-cod, Mel d Hotel, Yinir;
turns shotted ihat cupper nud   nicklcNohn    llienu,   Cosmopolilan     Hotel,
i.. ihn i.il-.n-  of .s.'i.'mii nun   hud ;     Yinir.
l.i-i-n 1 i|" 1 li
C  s. Coleinnii, Waldorf Hotel. Ymii
iainuel Miller. Miller Hotel, Ymir;
„. \ii-:i-:ts	
I.AsT I III l:-*|i\\ i\ i-;\i 11 Month,
K1s1.11  MoLuon, President,
Tiui t 1 lu.'zi-.ii. Secretary,
A   13, I'.i 1 km on! 11. Tii'iis."
SAM   M [ l.l.i:i:,   Prop,
lif,'lt|i|ll:lilr|'s for Mining Men
liar   supplied   1, itb   hcsl   brands ..1
, «: 1 it--, iiuii.a - anil cigars
.1   II   Smith, Koolen-iy   l-'.ii!-.    Hotel,'   I1-1 Am M
Slocan Jiinctioni
Ymiii, II, 1
II. (been, I been City     I!  ill
The production of gold in tho world
1    ;i   1 ■-,',|i 1 1  1870  nieiaged   iu   the
boll 1 of .-|:',|,ti."Mii'n.    l'i.-in
I -.■ 7'■ lo I --:! i, took um. li of .1 drop,
 B iu loivent level   in   WA,   of  "',"V jKOOteiUlV    C()ffee   C().
.- .-. inni,  * inietmgi.l the ll.iard ol   Licence
,,..,.-, 1     \i       { ""' 'I'*-  '' ,l"'    Ymii    l.ieeiu-e
I hi null nl lie  ' i,ii'|iii-i oiibo  Mm
inu Lt.ni] mi-, in Peru, is lueniet 11 l''Mli"'' *HI bo I10IJ to cumidei -,i,-l,
, I'lniiuii ul   IV    feel    above   sen iipplientions, at lhe Cuurl    llutisn   iit|
1 ie1. ,,,i-l doul.tli ■-- 1-   .11   .1   -i.i 1 ihe city nf Nolsun, on  Thursday   ,1,,.
I ,-nilion lliali any othei gold mill   in Hfleenih day of June,   1905,   nl    the
•   iwurui 10o'clock in !i,ei'„e,      JHiflh * Grade -- Soffees
I'he largest hill the.Iapaiiese   have      \v,||.   IIULLOCK-WKIISTEH     i
li el i,. 1 iiv In fi lei  1. cun ii ie-    -in. 1* 1 •! ■ ■■ 1 ,
' ,1, l      ' "leencii I11-1 celu
tin  war begiin   n .1 ■   for   1 ual       Hi
1 ., di Uie Hi-' . 1   Jan mn    and   tl
iiiiii, uf .lim.-, I'.lUl,   ii.     governmeiil i l',ll}-1'
ini|>orud "! tonsi.l    coal    fl \ ^—,-„*-_^.„~_
C       md, at 11 riigi;  ci -1    nf    live
... .
1  I  in addition    to   l.'U nil...- _^JO-WM-Lf.      B0   YEARS' \\'il\    ,'■(,   I' |SC\\ llCrC. 2
xperiei''*:e .   >> »
I'.n.-l iii.ui- mv I lie l'li-.-l.
Cldi f Constable's mllce.    U.'hd   May,
Wholesale an 1 retail dealers
in Fresh lionsti d
NELSON,  1), 1'.
Please forward Tim Ymih IIkii.ii.h to*'
inontii    4
X nud iickii'iii li.d"e leepipt of cncli sod •■?....   .
*> Tin. IIi-i:ti.ii is published   every Saturday iiiprning ail'l
<*-. contains ii|{  ibi- iit-'.ts of the cjiiup.
J !lti|;.--  I'i.ii: Y1..11:,  4'-': 11.114' Yi:ti:, §1.
CRAM) CENTRAL  HOTELIClark's   Furniture   Store
NELSON B. C. ; W!I.I.|AM   CI.AliK
(Ippun'le Cuuitlioiise mul new Past Undel-taker a'hd li'iii-niiiir:! .Ileal,
olliee,   llci Jo ■ ini-ii!   in   town.      Mail orders pmfh'pt!}' ntteiidt'tl (o
liuropean und Am.-ii. un  plan \im;n snifo;,-. - y,,,.
(iniv   1111 it• ■    labor   employed. 1 "* mi *    —————-—
First class bar VailCOUYer
THOMAS ,v  KliK'KSiiS',
|'irs|-cI|lrS   Pi|)i)ll>'   Kill,III
■",,,~,-■■-",',*," "aaaaaaa, ».i -aajaaajaa] ,... s
Hotel ....
(bu.Ier entire)} new tnaiiilgei 1,1
Pining ttooip  mill   Uiu*
.**ll]i|iliri|    W'Ml     lilt1    Ijl'Sl
in tho miirkct. S(JC0lu] M
Higlii 11| 1] 11 >*-iii* tlt'jRii',  i'mip
ilOH.N  I'-lil-.AI', Prop.
Ik'.sl   Ill-amis  uf Win-
|.ii|ti,ii'.s nnd ('iynr.-;,
OW|-:>'   UOYKIl,   Proi),
Headquarters for Hinlng
and Commercial Men
Tiik hi -i  \w -.nd m  |m\n -i p
C TG-Ji. RS. I
Musi eiinifortablu bold in thn  di-..
'lhe Kootenpy  Standard t.-kt.   Everythi..Ktint-dm
and  Juanita, ymih, n. c,
11. .1 r ti -it -11, ut
~J7~C\   ______& Co,
N'd-'.n, li. ('.
\\**********: *<-4-*4 4*44***4
4 *
Ymir Transfer Co.
JACICSUN ,v l.KMiy, p,,,,,..
Teaming and
Express ....
UOtl li 1,-   : im ntli f. um    it*,   "im
mil 1
■   ,     l' lllll.US   -IIS f!    Ill ill.--    il'       .loileli
im 1 i,hl,    |li I..-11,i.t,   sail   their   mosl
■ 1,   I  in flu, , sieenlh -is-        ^J Bi*  Th-ioe ManKi
'THIH'I^ Des.gns
tn'Ulh crnluiv, and in lhe year   In Hi "TT'"        CopynicHT3 io.
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—■!     WE     HAVE      KODAKS     II ,,  ,- 7 X ;«ml tlw gii-ntuHt euro PxrrclMNl Iii tin*
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l'ii*e li-i and  C.ii.ilm;,let   are   nun
lining ilisltibuted   al
The Canada  Drug  and
Book   Co.,  N'mir.
l'i.    lUlion'*, ullicy liottr-   ill   the
|     stove Lehgths     Jf     ASSAYING
X   1>'V .**! ::'. .:,,.,,,..    X ._
i     S^er Cart Load.     | j Sjji
Hold.  Siller, nr   Lewi -
♦        N'...i
' • iml ii
"'    ''I :   .
'•iin   Ilici,
H.'l'l —ilv, I .        •      .        .
Climgis fi.i  ml,, |,
pin nl ii in.
Scientific Htticricati.
;  I'liiniici- (',,. |;|(j   ;
«tt^S» '   I0U.1I a  muniUU."-,! p    > |+ ^ |
l'l-.'.  ill.   i   ,i    A-.;n,   ;■
Nelson, B. C.


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