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The Ymir Herald 1905-07-13

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Vol, _ -No. 0.
V.Mll;. I j. ('.. SATURDAY, JULY  l-">. I90o,
I'lin i; Vl\ i: l'i\i*.
Harry V. lludfoid, eihtur -i W....I
in I Wi
'»'",7.~'_"w '\^-r*« ___*.''      VanDeBogart—Keefe. ,                 -..,...     Leasing of the   Hunter Home of Big Game.
•i L0CAL.'TEfVl?.;   "..»"■' i,,,.,:,,,,,,!,,,,,,,,,, iniNINQNEWS; v.mi,,-.-.
Maurice Van iJuHogart of   Vmir   was                                                                   ...        ,        .,   ,,     ...   .                  1,1.1 u ■,■•■     ... .
^forget the Fete del,,   Cl -   ,„„,., „„, „, ,,„,  ^   -^   ^       „ ,,.,,,„ (llll! ,, ,.   ,-,.    ,,,,   l„    the    Hull    Milling      .1.1.1 J^'J^^'^"i    i,    X,
'"'"' ' M",1"'"-V .;:;'X'' ,U77 7   A'"   '>•**>•»>"*   >'*'.    ™<\   Ah-     lluvid »-' — '—~''-   im-up   of   el„i,„,       Sllioltil.tf   Col I..)'     Ol' York, who'lias just re, ., ', '   .
'" :"'"'''     'hTr    fl                Keefe of Ymir     The couple   lef,    on  ' "'" V-l. tone and   thi *                ficial Statement, trip through th   interior of     ,, .
class music, and n first cuss floor,          ,,                                                .   ,    , ,,,.,,I,, .. .,,; .,. ,,- i,;.,.i. ,,, ,„,i .,, '                                                  '
! the nioriiing   train,   ncconipanied    by ""'   -1-"1-' <>  lugllgia.l                                        vince after   tn'-'   "anu*    -m-       "Nu
The Ladies Aid of the Presbyterian   ihe bride's two sisters,   Mrs    Thomas      A parlv of surveyors in   chai"e   of      11 is good news thai    the   liunler nortiun cif Xoi-lli    Aiiierii-n   --.ini--.
ehiirch are giving a   lawn   social   on j H, Huiherhum am| Alias  I,ilv   Keefe, |.'. Q (Jrueii, P. L S. arrived on    I'Vi-   V' '"''"''   belonging   tu   the    ll.   C. British Columbia for diversified «puri.
Thursday evening July 27th     Watch   together with Messrs. T.    Ilutlierlin.nl day to oomnieiice thfe survey   of   the Standard Mining Company, has   been■ piifticulnrly big game and fish.      All
i.'U for more paiticulars next week.     : and George   Moffat,    for    Northport New York Ceniral group.    .Mr.    Pet   lou,i(-J(l -0 tl10 H'111 Mining and .Smelt- Specie.s pf big  game   seem   t„   ,■,:.,-„
Father Althoff   will   be   here   „„   'vhcio the wedding s.-m,-e   was   per* ers reports that the fine shoot   0f  ..^ M'lg Company who will at   once   com- h,,,.^,. wt,i!?|)ts   ,(,.,„   .„-,„, i,,,,.,,   ,.|„
.M,unlay and Tuesday next,  and   will >1""''1,   subseijuetitly     leaving     for L, the Hover claim in this grot|p, bos   "icuco operations and   probably   ship I know of no   part   of "the   cuniri
Buld the usual service   in   the   Yuiit : l!">,la,"L now n ex|used ou the   smface   f,J ore to Nelson within a   week.      Thin wtioi*o Rrizzly. black fueed   moose   and
E'atholic Church on Tuesday Morning       M'-    Maurice    Vai.L)elloga|l    has ,,,ye,-ul hundred feet,                               is a good arrangement    for   all   con- white goat   are   su   plentiful.      Ti,
!i a. in.                                              made Vinir hi-   hend.|Uiirters   during       4 i..,,.,.. .,.:, ,• ,■ :,„.... re,'np(I'    The smelter   wants   ..re   uf Eastern sportsman couM not.select
There were two business changes in
Vmir this   week.      lit-.    Klliotl    has
the last tsvo or three years,    He   has
deservedly many   friends   here   who
A remarkable stiako of free milling
ne is   reported   from   Sabno.
luoky |„n lies me Messrs. Ilillin,
The u
| the Hunter V. grade, and the   I:.   C   more profitable lield than Britisl   (',,;
Standard wants their'inoperty to   be   „,„hM.    The guides are elficieul    and
, will doubtless arrange a rovnl    recep- ",'"'.', ""'"' """"«" **■"    npcrated.    Although there is  nu   de-   t|1B „■,,„.*, ,.,- ,,..,. ,.i   .. |,,..|.,„. n,  . ,,.\,n.
taken over thu Drug store   from    L-     ,    ,-       ,      , ' Sekwinkic who have   located   a   big    ' , s   ,.,.,,     ,   ,    ,.       ,       ,*•""""<■'" «■»■ l, win u„, in, -,.,|.|,.
,,      ,    ,,       .  .,    ,   ,, tioiiforhim when he returns. ." h'elepn.cnt work, done J J. Campbell,   horse or canoe, is extremely    interest
Liiiiuda Drug & Book  Conipanv,   and,     „,,    ,   *,   ■ , ledge ul me in the nm ih nt the    11111111';.,    ..:..„.„ 1 1     ,1    •«. a. .,   .
" '    -' I be bride ,s  a    young   lady    very ,        , interviewed by trie Irronne, says that   ;,,,,    r
•go Crowe has resumed  his   man- ■        ,  . .     ...   , , ° „ ',   branch uf Sheep ei.-efek.    The rock    i-   ,1 , .-        .• *
■ inueh ideniiiied wm  ihe fortunes   iif ... there is 11   uiianliti    ul   sui-taco
,'iiient, nf the Yniir Bakery.
in_r-    Tin'-, coupled   w ith    th-    grand
"'   scenei . of the floekies,   Selkirk*   and
,.    .     ,   . .   , repiirtisl to i,e iluel.iv s.-nltereil     with1   .   , , - 	
-'■nr, being one of tl irl.esl    e.ti-   ^ > mailable t can be quarried  in   Hie  Coast ranges, piesents a  , , hi,,.-,,
......... .a.'    a I ...     a  ■_' I      . \ ' ! .. -.Illlill lll-ll.l.iil-        ia al        tll.i 1 1.i.lli- ll.ill ..
Vmir was visited with two or three I zons of the town,    She came to Ymir -jsame   tuuner  a-   the   properly   wa-   .,-.•   uttntotioiw   unsurpassed   in     lin
Bjhizing hot days last    week,    hut    its  with her parents *hen the town    was
1 Milieu causes it to  stiller   Ies-   in   just starting night years ago, an
■ piile a sensation in Saline, nearly   all
the  1  ,he t living stain- ""I "'"^ ^^ ^l,    '" , ""'''     ' l"'1"' in l'"' ''"""^ l" ""'k"
„ ■    ;      .-i' '■■:">" r  ped-d.-tin.^,„,,„,,,,.in,,,,,,,,-. ;' "VTl ',, •■    "„• roveml ***lHpsthi sh l!iitWi
Bus respect than other places nearby,   grown from early  girlhood to woman- ' ' be extracted; but there is   1 bliga-   Columbia after big game, partieulai
On s lay last   tie-   temperature   in  hood amongst us   during   thai   lime       A liiOO fuot lliiiiiu   i-   being   con- tion on the Hall   Mine-   Cu.   in   tin  grizr.li*, eheep and moose.'
th"  Spokane   train   registered    105  .maintaining lhe respect    ami   friend- strueteil  on   the   .Myrtle   Hydraulic niqj'e, and they have no iutentioh   mi
fining four hours of   tlie   afternoon, ship of ml I who knew her,      -he   has claim   on   Hall   creek,   ami   withip their part to undertake extensive de-
M iih nearly every window in the   car always been ono of the most   popular about six weeks a   monitor will he in- vulopment work or to furnish   capital        More   Safe   Crickinir
Biide open. yo-ing ladies iu the town,   and   those stalled to work   the   gravel   mt   this for that purpose      When   the    mine
The   Mineral    Department   has   a  who know her best, can be hearty   in cllli|u-      The   ground   tarries    good closed down   ii  did   so   because   the      The safe   ciaekers   who    made  ,m
luiiininent location in the   new    I005|tl,eir I'ongrutulutions to Air.    Van be values in coace gold nnd   an   excep- available working c-tpitul   hud   I n  abortive attempt on the safe    in   i,-
..    1 1  .     . 1- *      11 ( I'lu-'art mi his seiiiriti" snell  a   in-l up tiona.1 pe rccntage iif black sand, which exhausted, and meanwhile tho   cuiidi-   \-,,,;,. ,1,,,   ,
..*-j' ..kiitie    Interstate    run1     in um ."".*-'ll 1 ".. ins si.i 111 in,    1    pi 1/,e, 1 1 mil1 depot, s  lime ago,   seen     .,,
|.ist.    Diplomas are   offered   for   tt||  The Hcral.1   joins with   iheir   many itself assays very high.     The   lower tions had so changed that 511 entirely   ,„, t,.avH|ir|„ ul t wilh n ei*c to bet-
|i.s|,h,ys meriting them, and a   hand- other friends it, Ymir in wishrng lliein I""'"'"' '" H'« gravel, were wurked by different system of working was   , -
I Silver Cup will be given to   the everv <nf and happiness in their mar pick'and shovel   work   several   years essary.    It was at first thought   that
,.     ■'    ,    1    t . 'ied life ago, nnd many thousands   of   dollars the company had a "glory hole"   pro-   C rand Polks where the   Kettle Yallij
lin nip sending in the best general   ex-;" • "" • '    • , •
1 ., ..     1-   ,1 ,■    1      • il    The hi.iiiiv euiiii'e are e\i,e,ted luck extracted. position,   in   which   event   the   ure   ltailw.il office was entered   by    bur-
liiiiit.    1-tiither particulars 111   regard " I i > ""'i'' »'< * ••*•!  -"" ■"<••*» I      ...
tu iliisilep'irtmeut may bo  had  from f,'om their  honeymoon   sometime  to-
ti ,■ Seerela.iy at Spukane. | ward the Inner  end of I10.\l  week.
Music   (Miss   MeLeod   and     Dr, !
K ...,ii) .Mirth (by a bust of Yn iritis)      'I'he raspberry season has now com
Rid .Moonshine (by tho Man   in   ihe menced and bauds of  pickers  are   n
M. ..nl will be the order   of    the   diy   be   seen   [filing   Old    daily.
could have been quarried at little ex- glare last Tuesday   nighl    and   §"f,i)
I1""-''-    l-mer it developed   that   the   was stolen.    (If   this   amou.il    rJCl'll
• 1.surface cover   was   thickouiug,   and   \. ,        ,       ,       .,
.1 oeionged to the railway company, ih-
.. tunnolling   becltmo   necessary.      An
A cross iii;ii'kc,|   in   tin'.-
,1  the roof kept fulling   in.      Then   nil   safe except   some   can'dlegrease,    1!
hum Monday evening down   at   An-       ■-„,„.,., H.-igstock formerly superiu-   |"l«ce imlinlti-   llmt;;  ,;lsl witltl.,.:. „,„„,,;„ ,„  ,.„,„.,,   ,„,.,„„,„;„„, ,ll;U   „„.  eom|)in:Ui,
f":';ra»oh*    AdKnoo eopen  tendent-f  Hunter V.   mine,   has | %, „„,,„„,..„..;„ 5ll  ;„    „... || on at a loss, and at   great   i nv.m
■ will be a novelty nnd every   effort „,me to   Tnmiskaming,   Ontario,   1
vour subscription is in   ur-XI l" """'""" "L -"'"'   """"""■ wu- successfully  worked    bv   a-
o  ienee.    Thi actual extent of  the   lus- ..
made to insure 11   ,'und    inni- I                                  ,     1           •            .-    . 1    .    ♦                     ,                      1 1   1           1     i°                    ,                      ■                               • llueies       I In- iinn-i iluur ul  ...,., I   v...
'"•' " '" '"        ■' ",I,Dl I innnng e ol the big mines .,t   that  Jponr 1111(1 WO Would  In* mail-9  was not known until returns came   11
Tl.,- admission for gentlemen  is 50c, distriel
mul ladies free.        Itefreshitients, in-
titU'ling ieo   cream,    futli-e,    tea and
cake, will be staved extra,
The news as to the Hunter V, mil:
starting   up   again   will   bo   weleome T    ■  1   .     1
n  .' |_ \\ ish In In
new- iu Ymir    John Sculey, who ho.
Mi  T. II. Newitt   and   lus   eldest ] boon omplriyt'tl at thp Nelson  smelter \\*4444*4444f44444^4444**4f j lmeH> tts t)ie manage'in*e|il   were   un-   lIio robbet'i
 willing to '.nke the ri-l< of  proceeding
,   ,        .    „...       ,.      balance lo the Dominion Kxpr ■--   I'o,
le tu get    under    lhe '
covet but ic was not   successful   and   As no marks wero discovere'I on   ihe
attempt was nun
...        1         1,           , ., pried open   with   a   crowbar.      Tie
< 1   lium the smelters, and then It was ton '            I
to Ill-Ill'   ft'Olll   }'OU    if   you J! lale to save the aitilnthm.    The close- robbery   wa-   not   discovered    until
.. down was decided on 10 allow lime to Wednesday.    A reward ,,i *?I00   hm
l,|,;i   '''-*'■' i1111 C5"tl-   oniiso new capital for deCelopment'pur   been offered for the   upprelieiiii'in   ..I
son >i. ■« art together with some of tl.e j •.-,„. ,„„„»• y,.,,,,, is   in   chillgC   of    till
Hiioii 11,en had a very narrow escape, work
lii-i    week       They   were    returning
Run fishing up the   river,   and   had
Kt-iiiiei! a ride home on tin: hand ear.
(111 whieh the section men were returning fn.111 '.heir work. The eve-
lliu_' train happened In be late, and
iifl..  waiting some time for it to pas-.
Hotel Arrivals
'   ,1   DniI    ... I. , . ■ ■ i,.tin 1
I ly takes an erratic   -ileal,    .iliich    is       Wauioh*-* Hot1-;!,1.—
hard to explain.      We    haic   before  John Uoultbec   llossland!
commented on the artistic handiwork | J. Vatistuni*, Nelsoni
of the genius who edits llu1    headlines   J    [.*. (fnfbottle,  llliie 1 'leek :
to tolegrtipllic   despatches   and   cur-   I-',. ICergusoti, Nelson.
. 11111, 1   pondents'articles,    On the subject of  ,1. Hamilton, Portland, Ore.;
th.   M-.'iiui, crew had divided lu   push'
.. - 1101 tics   and   suicides    this   headline   C. Walters and family, Nel son
on 1 -   "imn,    (Iiii ■•unit a curve in   ' ,.       . ,,     ,	
, ,'   , editor I- i-upahle nt wholly    distorting   Jo ill I', lie I.   '.lie.
ui    1: 1111. (he liiifi skiUihhIv apt     r , , ,
1      1     .,        1   .■ .1 1 the obvious intent of   the  following     m, 1,,,,, ii,,.,.,.,.
i-diil  the other end "t,   the     i'lil,       id .*l,l.i.uli   lluii.i.
,        .,    ,      1 ii,    article,      Occasionally   however   his ..,   .
tin- pi-nple on ihe h nul.-ti'mul   1 ly - Wm. V> aid ie, Oueen in,nel
, , „ ' I descriptive vunibiTlury falls -hull   and
(line lo   tliaow    themselves Off, IP,       .    ' ,,,.,, ,     ., S. II. I-Ieaiiev.   Melsonl
,   1   , hu is obliged tc lull  back upon   lurid
tie   tliim  rear ted them   ar-l     Iniloi     ll , , ,.    \|.,,l. .,,    U'..    ,.,.
.   .      .       , ,, ,   !,Western   I'liln-enl'igv in onll-i tu  keep   '•• M'Uki'rl, Wan-la.
bJLo'.i   liieik ol the  h.-itideiii       li -npilv |
, , '  iud his reputation fur originality   and A   li, -iluin, ram;
mmmi une was hui t but '.lie   d.....'-•.•   was ■   '
,      , banality.    Hi» latest break is apropos C. K. I'ronch Creston:
km 1 ' I.".1   In be pleasant. I    .      . ,     ,      , *,,-.,
'of a hie a! the   ilinber mills 11, llevel \y  j   |),,,-[x-,.,-   |-;n,..
thief Constable   Bullock   Webster Ltoke,    ft is teiso , vulgar and   char- L ',','-..-„-   '   ',
, *ei       11.. . (.. r. W IIMams,  VaucnUVuri
v.h.mIuwii on   Ihursd.iy last,    inspect*    ,l,,|,,|.i^il.      ||,,    w\onta     the    iwrcs-
lug tin1  low   lying   ground    between ,    , •   ■     ,              ..           ,,          ''• Mather, Nelson;
"   n pondenl-   siin|i|e   pews  ill III   wilh    ,111
Pir.t Mvt-nue and the  railroad  track, , .   ,.                                I- Pnik, Solson;
,  , uxpleiivo, and in big letteis  eulh   ui-
iiul   been '
ii| .1
H.*   In    v liii-h    eoinpliiili
W .1. Carr, Nelson;
..•..,„ ■    The stagnant walur collected | te"tiu» "' ,l'" li"' M " ",,i,lM l'"1 busl1   ,, Un1ont  N(.k„li;
.■h ihis ground is   beliovftl   to   be   a J Are."   This is the   lirst   occasion   in
jnelniee to tb.1 publie health, and il is
: Verv essentmi that steps should be
I'tuken to reiredv thi- eiil,    The   dilli-i
cu.lv i- however in   lind   out    wlu.se
iluiv il .-     As thcM* is fniiiul to be a
which vve have noticed the use uf tin
expletive as an editorial oommeiiij in -
li. (.'. newspaper
A   I!. Iiuelc'ii'iuiei', Nelson
(!. Johnson, N/inaimo;
A. J. Anderson, Ki '•'■
1'Vetl Junson, IJiie;
' !■'red Hancock,   Krie;
I ('ll.slllll'III.ITIN   ll"|l|.
to incur further expense unless   there 	
," f"",N '" ""' l"'aM,,-v'" ""•'•' il Rifle Association.
1'iiis leasing to llie Hull  Mines   is   i.
temporary expedient, which will be a      The    scores    to    date    >n «
benelll to both parties,    The  smelter follows       Ivich    round     ccns'isi.s   .1
will get ore which it needs,   and   the seven shots and lhe possible total  pei
mining   company   will   ect   royalty, round is 1)5.
Negotiations will   continue   for   the ilOO yds. (lying)
raising   of   new    capital,    and     the Hounds,    Total,    A'-ia-
chances will be improved by tho   fact Archibald        .'I V-
ilini the mine is in operatloiii and tho Buckwortb       I ,'s
shipping of ore will show   that  there Gleaner .'t iii]
is some slill available,      Mr    Canip- fjowo ;i (i.'l
bell says he nud his   company   diruc- O, lloyer '-' •!-
tors hjvo us much confidence  in   the Coffey I I'.i
property as ever, and would nut   part tfrnaei :-' j"
with on1'share ut   ilu-ir  stock  below Win-low I 17
par    This is an authorized statement j ilOU yds (kneeling)
of the ptesent position of the affairs I Archil/aid        '( 7.'
of the ll.-0. Standard   Mining   com-) Buckwoi tli        I 1.1
puny, and in making li The   Tlibuno Oleazof ,1 lilj
.■an only add thut in   tho   publie    in Lotfc .1 ."11
toresl it   welcomes any  arrangement 0. Boyer _' 'l\i
which provides work   for   miners   at Coffey 1 l^'
iihe liunler V mine,  and   more   oro Fraser -'■ 80
for the Nelson smelter,     May   these VVinnl.nv I l.'l
i'l 11
L'l 'I
i'.i 'I
': 1 • i
■ I .,
11 n
1 ■ 0
in 'i
conditions continue — Nelson Tribune
Beam running under the embank-'      Pire Brigade Signals,
ljie.it of the railroad truck, il  ii   con-
lei.iied thill 'he  ,*,„l,.mki,.e„t     11    not Kire ehief I'ull'ey Ini-   prepari'd    tllO N. W. Mcl'hursOn,   Kilz.ilh'
•^ts' fuii-e of the miter liaeking up    11   ollowing -igual- for   hniiillipg ilu- lire C. Pedlar, Norlhpurt]
wvnU therefore seem tn be up to   the   alarm     Steady  ringing   means   lire It. Hilliguss, MeiitunuJ
(join miii,,'.    Mr. >Veii-i"i   11U1   in-  One stroke (pat|sc) two strokes (pause) VV. J. Hilliguss, Montana;
Beted tlieChinesu laundry   and   or-   three strokes, means a Call for help to ('- Moore, Calgari
di'li-d stune alleiiitiuns niuri-eiiinllieive I h„„dle the    In^S'    »h«*li    ilniii'J    mill W. II. James, IlosshllllJ j
I'lU.snviuui »v   ClIUIIOII—S 11 11 d ,1
1 Archibald
Hiii'kwiu th
School and   Bible   Class,    in   a, in. ,
i* ■      - *,..      .. ..      I OUW
I'.ien.ng seriiee, 1 ..IU.       lOUUStPeo   I
pies ."soeiei}- meets on ['riday evening!,,,.
.   j     • ,1     L. an , « lllsli.*.!
I at 8 o I'loch.    All are welcoliio,    \\ov\
II, Yoiiiik, Mi An I'a-t'ir I
1 I Archibald
fo cleanliness to be made.
reeling it up after use.
It.ilpb Ciook, llu-sliiiid.
The nlil.1 place id town sherd   j-ou   liutei
can net Swift's  V imn   ham*   nnd   \Y|n*loM
biii-ijii     Campbell'-,. ; i.-,.,^,,,.
• ".nn yds. 11 Nin_ j
.'( i',J
I L'.i
,1 ■!>
u -, 1
II ill]
:> '_'."'
I ".1
,*00   yaMlsi
it \i
i\ :, 1
a ,in
il n't
ii '>\
_ii, .1
n 11
l.s      '
1... I
I •_' 'I
If I)
:: 1'
Llu "
- 1,
f''iMii-h.-*l ,'Vitv  SMlurittiy Hipl umilfii
l-lri'-s, or Jftllv.-Ti'd bj <*'irn**r in town.
- i ■■ ■-*;,i UMI*- V'.'J*" |.t*r   ti nn ii iii,   [mjiibli*
-. ■ r • ...•-' nii«--, fl.r-0  |ht  ini'li   |.i r  inunlli
'I hk UctiAMi tiun I.- inni rnmi nit Ifiuliii:
i *-. tilual r- mi iii** -li-iri.-t.nr can \n* ohm n.*:
tit reel from tlie otllcu,
I  I'liiiM-r-'ial   prlutl
li.:n< mi ihi! pniinlsnK
i-vt-ry     l. *>urli.tioi
.h'l.iri prim*.
IM  111 l-HI-li   in    ' rIK
"line you  puwei    in    ,h'| oil    ill'
asked Mr. Foster w ith a smile.
"I believe when we gut to the line', Y.M IH I.ODG15 Nu, -'ll   A. I*\     A,
Mr  Fielding replied, "tbeic might  be!     M     Meets first     Friday    in   each
11 question as to out-   powers.       If   a      inunlli. Visiting brothers welcomed
'"a one side of  the   lino   wished Jonx McVicaii, \V. M.
lo .send silver across lo   lhe   other   a Pbiu*v J. Clbazkii, Secretary.
very  delicate   inturuaiionul   ouestion '  '
might'arise, l.u- Mutnnd to take   U.c|YMl"   ")D-UE N"' 32    K'   "'    ''
risk twitlistanding         jud ni!     MeeU fi,'st nnd   ,ilinl   M Iav   "'
of a distinguished judge in   th,   pro       eacl'   """"l''      Vi»ili,l«    l"'"""',s
('ii mii.i.s AnciiiHAi.il, C. C.
John (I I ikwak, li- Ih *.-. s-
TheKind You Would Like [
■■■   ■ '^7,$i_\%
VI.ll.e ot I lllllll'u.
Iteplyiug to    Uriah    Wilson,    Mr.
j Fielding -aid lhe  banks    would    take
Ameiicaii silver at par under thi   ar-'YMIIi  HIVE,  LADIES OF   TIIK
SATURDAY, JULY,  13,   lU0*r
Some   of   the   inveterate   kick
range .•'    -.nd ii was    not    thought '
wi-'1 i"   barge a discount as it   mighl !
interfere    .litli   trade.      The   banks
I would be paid a small commission   by :
j the go vi rii.iie.nt of three eights of one
, per ceill  for '.heir    trouble,    and    the I
government   would   pay   express  on
against the Government  and   all   .;-1 ,|„. ,„;„  s,.,„   abl.1|af]      rnoijt.llt,vl|y
ullicers, in default   of   anything  cl e i'u   idn would receive a   very  mater-
particular   lo   kick   against,   turned *'■ pi'olit on the  transaction   by   the'
iheir utteiiti -i-ci-iilly to   the    l'i,,-I        titutiou of Canadian for   A ri-
Ivor, fui w'eile there was no pro-
MACCADBES,       Meets    second
..ml fourth Tuesday in each month,
S. (Iliiazkii, L, ('
I..   lil'I'KMoltTII,  |{    IC.
TASTES i;i ii »i.      IS Uouli
Old Settlers Maple   Syrup.
Pure in 1-1. I --J and I gallon Tills.
Sold by
D. CAMPBELL,    -    -     VMIR.
~&E''i V'lHlSUI Ij
«noi nt\mit— -xiiv\ —
vincittl Mineralologist, and made pub
lie charges as to his lack uf kno-A
ledge of the Province'1 resources,   es
li in coining gold, as the inlriiisi
h I Face value was the same, vet -il
ier •  s not worth nearly so much  us   [\
Lands and   Works.
C'liii-jellcitioi) of Reserve
Mining Agent
Stocks and Share*
as.. h
pneially those of the northern district,   the stump on the coin indicated;   si ill
OTICE is hereby given   that the
reservation established  in   pur
suance aif the provisions of tl Cul-
-u.iin,    .,.    iue   j ii , . , i -|. ui-   ui    LU*' >.Ul*
At the mi,,,.1 time the govurinnenl wus ,''« ''"I "-.i lecumi.iend the transaction   u ., .„„, Western Bailway Subsidy
iharged wilh neglect in nol   mlun ti-! ",",|:l1 -1"'"'"1'    Hie loss by   de -! Act, 1890," notices   of   which   weie
latitat would bo met ten times over bv      .,. ,   ,  -     ,t      ,, ... ,   ,, ,     , •
ptihl.-hed in   the   British  Columbia
tug those important districts. As a
matter of fact those charges are both
entirely ill-founded, Professor Robertson has a very intimate knowledge
of the greater pari of lhe province,
nid is now still ling on t 1000 mile
horseback ride   to   (".st   himself  on
Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York.
Canadian Casulaty—Boiler Insurance Co.
London Mutual l-'irc Insurance Company.
Ottawa l-'iiv Insurance Company.
H'« Pcol't ">* Canadian coinage  whieh  Gazette and dated   7th   May,   189G,
would replace American silver.    The' luli, ,-„, Jun_  180fij respe(,tively, are
government proposed making ihn   at-  |iereby Ctttlceiiedl
rangeinent for  one   year,    and    then,     ,, ,     , ,
, ,        . ., _ Lruwn   lands  situated   within  the
perhaps American silver   in   Camilla I
would he -n .searte as    to    lender    it,s' "U'ea embraced by  the    said    rt-ervu- .	
jeontinuttnee iinnecesBiiry. j1'"" ui!l he open to sale,  settlement,       ^■g'£^-£-£'£-£^'£-£'£-£-£'£-£^^-£-£-£^^£.Y
'How    -h   American   -ihe;-   i-  lease and other disposition, under the  -/((j ""*''■
 '":;:l" "'"   '"t^   "'"   ""'^  therein tl,e,oU,,tryr',Wk'ediI,  l^s-S,ruvisiu,,s ,,f ,he''Und ' Aei7'(lnW   SU IAD DDI\lTllVr_ W
',',,"t"'"'"-' "• ' h"V"'""    '—' I months after the date of the L pub- If     JUB V K 1 1\l   1   I FN U to
self personally explored."    The resull
Mr. fielding answered that he had
nf his observations and    explorations found the amount   in   circulation   in •«
sir Francis Hincks days was from jCulumbia Oaw-ttei provided, however, |JBjJ
four.to five million dollars, bul the that in all coses whoi-i lands aro so fa
highest cstlmato of the amount here sold, pre-empted,, leased or otherwise. /i\
now w„s SUOO.OOO      That was by   a alienated bv the Government and are f%
llnanciul authority   fur   whosu   ludi*-     t ,i   .*      i .i /IV
J    ~    subsequently found, upon the   survey  W
ment tho govern nt   had   high   re-1      ,    ,.,  ",.       ,   ...   ,        „ .,
,      ,, ,        „ . ul the l. oluiubia and   Western    Kail-
gard,    (Itber  liniinciers    placed    the
aniounl ai 5500,000. j "iiv ,-'""''ll'lll.v'" h]'"-k-i tl"'" ll";   Pei"j/i\
II. I.    Uorden—If  ymi   practically sons acquiring such  lands   shall   ac- fK
w-ill probably bo printed and issued
by the Ooveriimenl in pamphlet form
and widely distributed in nil quarters
where a knowledge of the conditions
might utlriicl settlers to the district.
A large number of similar   pamphlets
lication of this notice in   tlie   British   XwwMWMMiiWWMS^WWlMWS^M^M***^*^**^*^
tin hiding reports fl'om dill'ereiit -i Urci
mi the resources of the upper country i                                   •                     - i ■'•■•'*
'    ...                                 ' I pro* id" t lmt it can   be   ledeemed   at  quire their   litle thereto   from   the /ii
uie peiiodieallv issued by the Govern-         ,     ,  .   ,,      ,          ,,   ,              i __
any b-uill ill Uuia.la, would that    nol   lluilway Company who  bate  agreed  fUS
rather have a   tendency   ,"   increase   .    i    i  ...* ,         . .                      itv
j to deu! wuh   such   purchasers,   pro-  ffj
ment and widely distributed,
ilu- ilnw into Canada
ptuis, lessees  etc.,   on   the   same W
To    Export    American Mr. fielding—J do  nol   sci!   that .
Sj|ver |anyliody   will   hii.e   a„y   object   |n j tefms and contlitioim as the   (loyeri,-^
ilvei for it,    I cannot see   where   it1. *.j..,ber   land-   mi     the    Company
will be a source of profit      The   in-  t,   ,       i .* i   i  n i       i-   ,        ..
1 *      blocks, which shall be subject to   the
..,,, ...... j        „,,i        in... ..,1,        ,ni|..,  l        111 M
bringing American silver into Cuiiiula I ment would under the   provisions  of  fa
1'intlUce    Minister     Kieldilllav'sr1" thu purpose of   getting   Canadian  lhe "hand Act," except in respect   lo
. .it. ...    I'...    1, I      I       :. 1    .      .
Witli   Hunks.
tiin-.ii- value nf silver is tl
In' same tu
bnlli countries, aud un our side there
is practically nu discount   "it   Ameri
an silvut*.
I ii the course of hi- rocein    budget
ipeoch Qnance uiitlister fielding dealt
it'll lhe ipii-itnii of exporting Anier  |
nan   siliei'.
I'm some time, Mr.   Fielding  said,
ittenliiin had been called in the house
•llul pte-s to I Iii    p!'1-I'llee    ill   Cllllttdll
iif large quantities of foreign eurl-uncy
notably American silver.    There  was',,,     ,    ,, u,
I Hi Lliurli'-, d Sunp-iiii, or liny  other
TU lil'.I.ISi^l'.NTi'O-oWM-'li!-.
regulations issued by the Company
relative to the cutting of limber on
llu1 Columbia and Western Hallway
hand Grant,
\V. 8. GOltfi,
Deputy Commissioner of Lauds
iv Works, hand1, and Worts Department,
Victoria, li. C, :23rd, I'Vb , 1 Don
a very general de-site thai sonic stepi
hhould be taken in '.he iiiatier, as
lucli silver was looked upon as ,,b-
ieetioliiiblo. If there was recipjocity
in ilu- matter   theru   wnuld   be   les-
per.-uii lii whom he inn1,    Imn-    Iruils-*
feted bis interests iu the "May 1 *.l<.-,-
sum' minei'iil claim, situated on
Ih'.iwb mUUtitttin twu und a half
miles -uii'.l.wi'.st friiiii    Yiiii!-,    in   the]
""•'i'1"1"11 ll"1 i*-'>-Js» il*  "no  tli-ay N„K,„,   U| _  Divisit)tl ,,r   vVl,s
did not aeei'i I Caiiadlitu silver except
in a  few     phlei's    ttldng    lhe    bolder.
The giivei'iiin"ni bad therefore concluded it was well t" tsku steps ml
send American silvel1 bail, to lilt)
United Stat1'*1, Nomo :•'•"' yfeal's itgu
ibere In d bi'ell ;i "lilliilar illllu* uf
American silvel- lliln Canada alio lb--1
then Mini-ie! ot Auniice, »^r francis
Hincks, deUMmiticd lo export it  from
ll.e eulllltlV.     It Wil',   lllll     livatly    so
plentiful here now  .,."   il   wits   then;
nevertheless the ftovttrninoiH had   do*
-bided to take si
They did nol ask tlltj poop
lu refuse to  ne. '.'pl    il
Knot -nay District, and l-ecillded   in
the HucOrders tilllco for lhe Nelson
Mining Divisiuu.
Y md "aeh of ynu nl-n   het-ebj
liulilied, 'hal I I1,:'.!'1 cXpellded Three
hundred and -even dollars and fifty cts
i-.'|ii7.*',"i iu labour and improveniet-ts
.•pun ih*- above mineral claim in order n*
hold the saute Under the provisions of
the MinVl-al Act, and if within ninety
days froin tin" dale of llli*, notice you
Sml or refuse lo contribute your portion of expenditure (whieh is olio hUn
tired mi'l lijtv iln-ee dollars and seven
tv 1'n.e cents for ibv thitoc vi'u'.'s ending
in   ih-   m liter. I - May 1005) together (Villi all costs of
|C ol   (satla- ' ailietti-iie.', vuiii   ititeie-i In lhe    sail!
Iii'l     lliev I claim I'dl bee,line '.''e p i.,pi ilv llf   the
Would make an Amingeirinni with the subscribor, under section I of nn   Act
imtitleil "An A.,-, i" Au'.eti'l tht
Mineral Act,   I'.IOO."
. .niii- by which tne latter would cdl*
1.11 Aiiicricaii sihvv and lhe goveVn*
ment would expvosi. it to tho   l nitcd
^l!ll."S     .
•■',iiii\ I-'. II '..niiiil ii.r.
i in! vi  i«i ir, l.'llh, Miv   IMi").
Our gentleman's l.*,k.
solid Hold, Imiitil.g-
case\Viiteb(N-.'. liGif)
Mills for $hO.*--h.
In a is-vrsi* BolJ i'lil.-.! r.-i'i:
IN,,.   l.-l.lKl.lli.*  Hilllll! «■-..■■.■
I,-,a " llv.i.-   iu.A.-.ii.-'l '.'.!-
Ier $1- OH.
A lady's solid polcl
watch (No. 12576) Will
guaranteed ''Ryrie'
uu'vciielit Viil! COSl
S*ou $2;.<ai.
-Veal HoW-lillril .
li   i-.nK
1,. 11
IN,-.   ...
}i-oo.   ScnJ for i-atnlUBi,
"ll'.AAItlNll ll&l.l."
£ _z: '>:
>. I g
1:   ft, 5? -
*s-   '   ,_ •
fa -        w
I        Ymir, B. C.      I
J J*
■**<       X
•*     V Lake of the Woods
Also New Supply  of   Canned Goods——
l.'.ill   li us for anytliing in the way of Hals  Shues, or   Clothimr.       We   h
ih" latest style-, lim st quality and lowest prices,
DesBrisay Jobbing" Co.
Mori .*-  i rain   cvi r\   nioriiint;
except Sunday,  I'ni-   Ireinlit
1111(1    [msSClini'l'S     I'll-     Vlllir
mill,    \i\ special rinlci.s  (,n
Sundays. < ir fiir Ynuv initio, j
WATKH   SI.'PPhTB-D    l-ul-     DO-1
MhSTJC    AND     lllll'.1
rri;ro.-i-:s   r x u i-ni;
I'.-n million dollars as   uu   endon -
In.ui  fur   higlici    education   in   thn  im,.,,-,-    heal  al   ibis   depth,   usually
B'nitcd Sinies   hus   been   given
|(l, ,,,.,     | | I.-.. As usual, our stock is composed uf nothing but tlie l>c.**i
sijllli Wc take a pride in having our customers say:  that, ii'd
only do we give the besl   quality  for the  money, Iiul  thai
their orders are filled \\ il h neatness and dispatch,
Gift of  Ten    Millions.        »hy   miuerul   in   payable    quantities
should nut be found   at    a   depth   uf
10 000 feet or even    i e.      (If   the! **■'. S. T. Ross, .Secretary
iiuiighl up a-  an   argument   against    QJ -j-, f\ Is n •»-) <_  TT'cilIc    Rr
Briieral educution board by -Tobn   i>.: s,i. h .i,--|, ,,iini:i-_-. -.■.,-  likewise  huv,-,     -*^ e*l._o   w Jiiist til |)i'eseiit wc are paying considerable attenlill'.)   ti)
■tuckefeller.   Th iiioiiiicciiient was j ,„, fPlll.,   We think it could be read-      Mortlieril JR/V.      j mil* Calilbrniii lu'tiits.    When   preserving' time   comes   I'or
■iiadehyDr.    Wallace   Uittterick    of ;jy .tlicjvvn ihtLt in the mining distriet.v ' ' " '
'the I,"in.I at a meetilig in New   York
..I im- .'inih.    Tin- followina letter   lo
all   rail    routo    be I
oluins, oeaches, etc., we wmild like to liavc  you  give   il** ii
ween I * '
I "fter reaching   or   two   thousand points east, west and s h to Hoss-1 call, and think WC call give VOU prices C't-C, thill   Will   In*    ell
feet iii depth, ile- usual  incremi
-■  land, Nelson,   Grand   l*\>
■       .   ., ■ ...  i  ' ...... -1"     •*-"*.) ipuly ,.;;|i i.st'actOI'V I'l 1 Oil
■li .  -t   ti i..ii, - .mn   i. hi. u.i    niiiieis public,     llullet cars run  between Hue
|il the beard from V   T.   dates,    Mr \ ^"'Pemture worked mn by  geologists   kanC llM[| N,„.,,„,„,,
Rockefeller's       representative,      was does not continue.    The fuel   thai    i'i    Hull', t Cms   nm  between   Spukane
Knen i-nt: was cooler al  I. Inn lee. than   ii    was and Nelson,
"I    '""   authorised    by  John    D,   at .'1,900 feet, in llundigo,    would
As regards our (ients' I'urnishings Department, this   i
liu.l-el'ell.-r io .-ay that he   will    con-
1 lii elite   A pill   I '■,
,'e.ue Daily Train Arrive I Ijceoiniiitf and now is one of our leading departments.
to show that conditions may exist    m    ,, ,- ,.    , ,. ,                             '
■-ibute lo the general education board    ,                                          '                  j   !'- '•' !,-!" bpokane (UO p.m
• i'i'        in          i,.    the mining districts   at   great   depth   11 Co a.m llosslanil 4.55 p.m.           IV   ,.,.,,    !..,.,,    ,,,.*   ., I,.,,.,, 1 .*   ,..,11,,, I      ,,-,.    u-mihl
lh.--mn il ten   million   dollars   (10,                                                                 '       ;   n m „ „, \,i ,,„ ,-, ■■-,,,„•          I       \ < Ml    IhM'    1101   Jllll'iHh    ("llltMl,     \\C    WOllId
I    -     1                                   ,                           I                         , , .       .                    . .                    ■'.  I ■ '    .1    III i> -   IV'lll 11    .1.1    1   . 1U                                              ,                                                                                                                                     ,
hitherto undreamed ol    -Mining    lie-   ;, .-■„ „ ,„ Ur.m.l Kohks i) 60 p.m
lash, or at his option,  n   income-pro-1 porter.                                                   10.00 a.m. l'i ids ii8Up.ni.
, .ul) a. ni Republic ,l DU pan
BOO.000) to be paid Oct.   I,  next,    ii
■ash, rn-at hi- option, in   income-pro-
lucing securities al their mat ket   vnh
He, the principal \*:o be held ill pcrpet*.       Potatoes that   you   can   eat   and'        SAVE       SliVl{£.
»i;tyas.-i foundation   fw   education,  relish,      Where'   „t   Campbell's,   ull __XiIj     T33I__      TI-vdTE
•Mli'' iiiL-.ni.i- above expenses   and   ad-     • t    i   v     i   i  i      .-. i   ,. nv    i-ctvp
1 picked, no. I Aslicrorl, no  better   in hi     I oIJMj
Sniiiiiisii-aiiuii   tn   be   distributed,   or    , ,, ... ,-—._,,„.„
,      ,,     , .     .     I lho world, special pr ce on      ve   sack   GRE'HT
..|i-ed i,,r ilu- beiit-lil nt    such    llistitll vnv    nl
■Biuiis of leariiiiiL'. at   "tlch   times,    in
Rich amounts, fur such purposes   ami ~~*""
Ruder such conditions, or employed in I        A'1   Atlas  For $1.00,
f   Kuril other v.'a'.'s, as   the    heard    nniv.
■_,        , i',i, The (neat Northern    llailivay   ha
SjUeeiii lu-t ,1'laj ii il in promote a com-1
,       ■ -t-i i ' is-.nd an Atlas of Dfi pages   coil tui ll
lin-lieii-iii- ■ -.'-i  m ut    Higher   i-.I..I--.-L-   . '
Si. i    ti        i ...  .    -i Ini! up-to-date maps   of   Iowa,    Wis
tu.n in ihe I -nil...   Mates. ' ' .,,,,., ,,„       ,      ....„
_^ cousin. .Minnesota, North   and  South  PACIFIC    COAST      POINTS
hal;,,la, Montana, Idaho, Washington |
Deep   Alining   in   Au_-    ,-,,,,.,, C(,Illinbill)  <>„.„„„,   KansliS|
tralia. Missouri, Nebraska,   Wyoming,   Col*
I'lhe director of the Geuii.gical Sill--   pi,j|ip|ii*ric Islands, /hum. lhe United
#•7"   Vir,"n"'   A,1';,,;'llJ'   T"llV   Stales and of the World. pALACE   AND   T0U1UST
»■*••„ report to  tl Hi,-    ilepalt- hi n.Mit inn In I hi-, the Al las   eon   ] ....
■«-'**t in regard to the deep   dovelop-  tains valuable statistical   information
H Pk.tthoNe«    Chum   ll,il- \ ,,.,„,;„. „, „,, vla„... ,,„„, ; ..,,   J   LIBRARY    CARS,     MODEM*!
Hiy min** in the Uendigo district.   In   (i|.;„.,_ ,,„ ,,„. w ,v   bes|    qun|ity  0f
His mine, at a depth of   1150   fet-t. 1 pnpor# sh„w_ tli» liiir-H of   lhe   Greal
■x."llein    looking   quart!!   of    B^bI;   Northern Railway, and   is   in   every
Bl,i.'kiies-, has been -imi; through, The I U:1V „ L*ominendable work.
g|l, I -aiid-miii-  eiiuniry   i-.   also      This Alius will be   distributed   ul
Seattle,    Tacoma
St. Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
like, to have vou conic and examine our sto'ek.
I 'our!cons Ircattiicnl i- our "motto."
II. S.  T.  ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Vmir,     ii.     C,
Ml .lis A    I.l   . nil E.
Hist  Meals  on   Wheels
pi--1'1'' mineralized.    Tl nan,! t*'*i-^   t]lt, ucluiil (.oJit of productinn ami  «ili! "—
I" tmlpliides and Rold,    In  m.   paH| be aent to any address   npoi eipslQ FAST   TRAINS       Q
ff u.i."' I,-   tl"'   a|'|-,!.- ■   of I „f -fti.00.    Address, V.    I     Wbitnev,   2L EAST AND WEST DAILY Z
•y.l-l I.-'.i ...ui,- I'm.liable than at  tlii-1  pllS8l!Mj,Dl.   Tr.ulit-    Munager,     Great
«•""     'I'l ''ii reme ..I' ..leal   11.1-- -,'.„, i „,,,,  | ;,„ | u .,_.•, Si   Paul, Jlinll. .     ,.,.    „ .,    -.        .,
Wl'ib bn • i.'-a-i d inUi li conillionl    ih I
ill'll -ii ;:. :■■ nl::" i-i:-.-:i--. and ihe lie-      "       """ '*    " LeWI6   '.i'  Clill'k   I'aii'.
port'ii., I* discovery is  generally iiiii. .-   YEARS'
lee A-,    iiii|.iii't.-iiil    fuel ib_JaHK^M__ EXPERIEi"CE
linn ilu- ii, .... i v tin- iiindii Im less
l|l„! st i', i i l„.| ,..t iin- las) body I I
tp. ti     uf ii pa. .'.!.- ti ii me.
'l i- ini- .    ling  ! •   unto   tliu!   ai
nna. ■ I. nil, Iiie   ,,l-    in ■    ,.. i ~^b_&§g____fFTM~?e''tA*RM
water is cold  md   tlie    ,tip|,ly   of r~~f~      OOPY^IOHTO &0.
■ r i- excellent,    Tho ruck, an.I   wat- '   -iifi."'/^
H- me im1.1 i
thin, al   I ■■'■■• ! ei, an . ,
__l ilu- -iii vey   late., thai  ho    -i es   mi
Suolf and I: nl.has 11,11 la ■
Piints an 1 (J.Is, St ii- •-, ,' i
Steal, I'.i-v.l a-, l'i-- an I (',
Graiiito   an I   'lin . ire,     s c
All kin I- of Plumbing Ti i-
sniithim* and General II piii
A.ir.-n- ■nDltlpli 0 "!"! '- Und '•••■"•:..■:. in ,, aj
1'0,'k    .'lll.l    w.tl- Hul..'. lv ..   "ii ■"! ..it "I'liil.n1 fr.M-.-ii.-. '.-r. ...i i
I ii.v.-,i|'i,.ii n |.r-.l..u Iv |...»i.ii, -. 1".   i . I-.-.mi" ■'■
.,i     il.;.    ,1,., ,|, it,„i«.,i'iiily.'..iill.!..i.lliil. Ilm..11 I"'1 '"'- in,             ru.
1,1      lhl*    llCpdl ,..,',,,..,.. I.l t .„,,.,„.,• f.,ri*..i-iir.i't'|.'.l.i.'-. V\      /'-.         „            ,,
,,,                                      .J            |':,I,-|,M   lilki-l   IllPitlfll   Mum!   tl   I ',. I"".'I'C ^        ..    *> t*,  i ..,.;     .,
I the director of rimialiitftKa, winiout ohjros. In thd -CN.^ *,'%,      ,.;,   ^tCFilia
Scientific Jfmericai?.
Mi-'ii  n hi  I,,-   il iii f I    cnul.l    Iiul    be      A han-laotnoly {lln-ttfil.t'ftl -areeklt-   I .r.--, rlr.
.   , 1-iiiiiii.iit nf anr ai'iciiiili.-- loiirnoj.   lorma.na
feoi.'ii...   I lu   .. !ii''|.   ; .a  mnn-    'I'he!    _—*t fourraontln.»l   Boldby»llpewBdoiilor».
Hi.ii.i        rd,  I,,,,,,,,, ■ MUNN&Co.36'8-"^ NewYnrk
■<"l'.l  be -'.'.!•  t:- ;l    llpel'lllillllS   I'l.Hid !
:B> i'.i iii.I . ill -.. thoUl   undue   distress i    '—~~*—"-~*-"~~        ——
B l!"'  """"' ♦♦♦♦ 4*4*4**********4***4. *
■ In view uf ih"   ,rn i    Dial    in   this   *
■^e' ...■.■-, . ,i   '   :, ,    ih.in    s't;l,    !',.,., j *
Bin 1" I,,- sunk tlirodjfh in   uidei   to I
Hi-1   rn '''"!•   ::,: i, I il   ,|.r"    n ,    the j f
Hen"-iiii,, it,,-i,i ii',*..,-',iiv  Ul. (,,:?        l'iic lk'«l Mouls
Hi■ ,,   io   whbther   il.e   -,,„„.   fu-ts T      Alltl Aci'HIIlllKidilti
m'l.t nul be observed iii dc«|i Ameri- I                 '" Town +
H<i mines,   in    i|,..   I,.n■ r   lurels   of I                       ——— X
■mli H plays mil.      After   nll,|X ,\  I'm,- ,--,'l,.(-| iml ill'\V lilt1.-. X
l.ii|ii,ii'.-and <'-iffXtwii      t
rnniir |
i'lic Muttlnl Life hi-uiiiiH'c Cdinjmny of NT.Y
Has Assets Exceeding $400*0001,000.
A |in!i'\ in il i-* i lir .-■il',--! iiii n-i infill known to in.in.
( ','isll   illVI'stf'd ill   I  ill!   Ill-III.'IH' '  i- r,i''i   ill', .'   i "'I  til 11      l\ ill
iv I iii'ii compound in!'1;'.'-''.
;" ''•   "' All *i,:','i'--!iii 1.11.i'i",- ini'ii  i-i'iiv  !-• r_<    nii'iniii-  nl'  lifi>
_vI (jK it Ilt'i
1 iii-111 .ii'c,    ll |irovi,li-.s fiir I lie liiiilily, protects 11 inni) in   lr-
",old ii^c, and pi-iitcclrt his otlu'i'invi'sinli'iits,    |*'oi    n .■-   u.i
11113 '"'''in "I iiie i i> urn in 1 appl) to:
Percy J. Gleaner, Locdl Ageiil
I-'.,:- ne, *      . '  ■ ■ mill lull In fm nm I un
Pl L. '■ lllll..' 1, ..I   un   01  ai'iln -.-  ul
j He. Ill  l.| lill   '-    I     iV  V Kiiiln 111. nr
11,   1   |*\   :,-ii.- II   IlKANDl
1;   I    ..- i     • 1     P. •*.  I'* A
• ( t Silver
B,l" "   I'-' '    b.li l\      --l.il. i,...    !!,',,    lhe
Int'     .-     ul'  lhe  , ,|| I Ii,   ;,|,.|   Ul    in,.     (J,.,n
Wi--     1    ,11 il.e |,':-i.|iii(._v ,,f mineral
flora ft crflrr
Ifl -.11 t', a llll.US
and dollai  pir
eciitfili'-i, si t
Henry liirl.i ti
t  -JJ'      (.i.il.lir-
tvr tti.-iki"!! »olld
, ;!\-i ..are art
-loucaaltd ly no
n,!ie, rcceiii in
ct.iatT ica. -tnltllcdtalgn-
cm, modern nuclilnefy, mul atiilcl bond-
wo'rVfi, "'I mul. rihe direct tupervlalofl cl
.,.,:, ■ I,,, mlifrS .' Un! I"'"", make an lin
equalled coiul-luallon fur ten;lii» oat fine
V.'rlle for UltiBtraled rninloBttft.
T 2 -'■
M'I.-,)N' ,v I r. Sit El' lllll li,     '   .,
-A'ASHINd VOX & <    M,  ill
•y;    ; ,     .    'j! II     .     l,l*    |,-'|' ».*.-• III.M'I'.A   -•   '       H.   II)
lev. dry,
vBi'i-n.   \\i
can   ste   no   ria.sui
  4     Slcrllrt*$Sll-/er,
-I   VV, MAtfl'-lLSO'lf     -'V,'!'. X   Lsil-yrPI.lt,
♦    1 Watches, etc.
""   i44***********************
DIRK5' BuiiDina
r lu. 10 II., I > . imcy
lhe I- arl tl Mi. c
«'holf ..
mill Oreal Nol thei u, .**■• i tin rn  I'
ami i). II, ,i- N. Co.,   for |<i)iii .   .
* est   an.I   -'."i h ■ e i'i' - ' ■   ti    i; , .
md ei. I Nelson  with  the Can ul    .
I'acillc liailwav
I 'nil,lee,,,  ul    Nols ,11   H ith   • || ■     |>.    |;.
"  \.   Co,   f.fr   lva-1 -    ill,I    |-i.   m I -
1 lon nee Is al (Iiii leit with  *■ ,.■.. | ,i
(Iruonwodil ami Midway, I; c.
Buflcl   .in- 1 un ..a it..in-   .-.    ,1
I" bMll'ls lecbivt, ,',.,In,,,   itilefitibi,   9])okanb- anrJ   ,, ... ,.-,
1!   \. -I ,1 KS i.N
(Jui  111 I1,-- mu ir Agi
.-;.. Ill--   \\      ■
JOHN  I'llll.liHKT,   l'i.,|-
m v'atch   Kepasnng
Nn iiiiiilcr w!i;il is tli" hiiilicr  witli   your
Unlet' llith  hiin.      The   I  'll
assimilated a- m'li'-ly „-   ■ oiild   be  to •
11..-1 ropi dure in ihe |Iij.'li   Ci'i'i'l   "* J
I )||lii I,,,        Tl,,*     illi'll',,, I •     l-'I'l      liccn •                                                                                       -——__—*.
limsi ciiefi'l iu   i ,!i-,niiii.■■:   t'n,'   evi- 9                                                                                                     Tin;      **
,',„,.     He  would   eousent   U'  delay 2       j | r.\ |.. i|'.\ |IT|:US     Ful.     .M|N|S<!    Ml*-     A-,','      H!l*       <
.    .   ^_                      ,         ,,        .   ,.,,,,,   ...    .......    .,        ,.,,   the   report     I    il               minted «■                                      Tlj \ \ \- l.i.J N| I   l'l'!'.!.|C                                       1
iv;i ell WC dill 11 illvC   ll i K ii'OOl   is  new. ;i-.   \\c                            .         ',.,,.,, 2                                                                                         *
1 ■ I here was an   i,,,,ie--i.:, . i ,u  uie pm »   m t
1       • ■ ' _       ' years lie had not liiinwi, a siii-i) case        •> tfewly furnished throughout,    banipiii I '-  nneainii.      jj
IS    Jill     Si'llcll'tUltCC*.           I it'll VI'    VOUl'   \V}1 It'll    \Y*t!l   whererich    |i['!!|ilii   M,.e   c.iiieeriied.l t.
Mr. A. I',. I'l'dndi. our local  ;iu'i'iii,
J0 0.   Patenaude,
/Manufacturing Jeweller, Watchmaker and Optician*
America ii and B,  C.   Hydraulic
Placer  Company Ltd.
O liale- vi.'lil in -.-j.-"*!1 pel'
ie liRI*     bin •
l-TNLAY    McLEQH,  Pruprieto
ere  I'lcll     p|>!
-.11 the parlies iyt*ru   in   hipiiblt!   life,
lb ■ ri'-li michl I a, ri ^^^^^^^^^
.' they did not -... I tltein here j
t'liiill'.' i be ; i'l".|'  « ill   i.l nptl ll    "li !
ihe-uiiderstandiii" thai  ll .- bill  stun i . "
till Monday- 4.44^44*4**44<}*<>*l>*44ii44444   ♦^♦***5»-»***>**-><V**V-*.''-*1«*-l'
igS)a_B^a—__pK~>sqp—~i*.'—__, ^
|.Y.,|I!,   |.IJ«INKSS   CHIDE !
i              __.                \ *
i _
K. \V. Wiiblowsoit. ♦
♦  tn.
i-,i.,i|.i-:iia,.i-:  ANp   in.-, ut*. I-i
Please fi,|-',vuril  In j: Y-,ii|: HpitA'-p tu;-
tii'iiilb _
l'i ley .1. Ch.'i'.et'.
i'-i   li Hill,   ^	
iluhn I'liilbert. * and qc.kiio-.ylcij;;!'I'eupjpl •'''- nelpspd. •*?.
I'll,     ,.' 'i.|>*.   -ANp    l.I.N'l.-   1 i  IIM.-IIIM.- ♦   - ii'i      i ■! I     'I
,. ,. <*> l'i'.-.   Ii-iiim.iiis published  every fsaiurdiiy mpriiiiL'iiinl    *
I.  I innula,'! . ■     4 ■      '  .,    , ' ■   i <•
DesliiUur JobbbiL' Co *  cii|i|ai||.s  all   the  new-  ol  llie camp, <,
",:l"- * |tA-ri.s---PBn Y|-:ah, Si; IJ.ui-- Ykah, i*l- I
In,- (' tun l.i Urn,' an I H ioI; Uu,        1     $ %
i, iiMiim,   iu.a'.ii; 44*444'»**44*4$44*Q**44*****'****4<r*4*0<><><>*4**t<i44*
William (lark. I      __=____-^__—__________________._______«__^._____..__ ,.,
Tin. .•'.„,i,iii!V!-i,.,M  ,,„-p-„'i„_   i..   work  .In- (1..I.I    |   ,,. ,-„,,,.„.;;"' "■' GRAND CliNTRAJi 1|()TKI*. Clark's   Furniture   Store
|i|'t'i|ui-, Black Silim lllld  Nil:'.;.1,!1!   plticci   louses ill    Hull l)r»Un..n Jobiiinai.*-
Capital $50,000 in 500,000 Shares of ten cents each
II. .'I !■!.-..
iSidinn-, and in order to inircliaso tlm iici-cssarv  iimcliiii" j   ,    ,.  ,. ,-,   '  , 7  ,,
I lu -! 11 *' I >' ■ 111.1! 1 — .lei,II Hl'eall
I'l \ . I In1 lilinii'lrl - I111M1 -i'l   ,'i-iili1   ;l    li|nitiil   llilllllii'i1  |i|' Mel-i-oil House— l-'inlay Mcl-egil,        I Opposite Com tholise  und    new    1' i-i
.'              '     ■            ,-             | .Mill.-r House—S  Miller.                                  ,
Sllill'OS   tor lllllllCdllltO Sllll*. l*nl|ice— l'ail Si Kinhly                                 ullice,    I'.i-i :..'.i ■ meal    in    town,
Tlm shares are Full) paid and lion assessable.
I     Viiiicom i-r—Civen Boyer.
1     \\ i.lil.i |    11. -a i>e Co lin a n
_____ Vmir—J. W. Masleraou,
lhe Company s ^romul avei'nyes oo eent-si*pel*   cnoie    j Hahhwahi;
U   S.   I'. I!"--.
\V I I.I.I A.M  ri.Al'.K
lii i'i I mi the  surface, over --Hi acres.
Until l.i'd rock isj'i'iiched these   shareK   can   he   oli
Iniiii'il ;ii .'. hai'gain,
Meaiiwhile the treasury  stock   (;_II(J,U|I0    fSlini'es)   is
11 * It intact,
Monkey   Crowns   thi
I'lil.-     I I   I.M.' !!!> i.      IM,     lll'.|.tXKH
Mrs. Julm .Mela-nil
1'elll   .1.    lillll,1,.!'.
Herald Publishing i'n.
- I I I IU.NKI11 .
ll. Canipbell,
llal-liiiw Si \\ ilsun,
Jackson fi l.'aln-
Alt \. Uiltlie.
I'OHAI ' "l-T
Miles Melanin
i Miian.iKi'.i:
Williillll < 'lark.
Undei'luker   and    l-'u:niiuie     1 in tli i
.Mail orders prompt!)' attended : i
leiiupeini inni Ameiiiiiii  plan. ! I'-HUI! Sti:|:i:t. t • V v. ■
Only   ivbite    labor    employed.' •-*     '    '  '   i—      '
i'-irst piass bar j Vancouver
THOMAS it E1UCK80N, Hotfil
Ij-ii'st-c.lass I lining Uooin
CjFO    CROWE.    Pn-.'1'Mf.'il,'.
Hotel a .  a   .
(Under entirely new managenii'iil.)
Dining Uooin and li;tt
supplied wi'h the lit'H'.
in i In1 market.
Right   opposite  depot,   Vniirl
iKHlN   I'.lll-.A!',   Prop.
.-.Pr-t   brain Is  of Wim
Ljijiiurs antl (Jigars.
. OW'liN  I3QYKR,  I'",','.
lit iii I elevators in the   bin bur   ol
Moiilre ii. and Toronln  « ill    he   used
^^_^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   i-.i I H I ibulin.ii p,.iiil I'ur ___\
The l'i eii.'li  police  cuur!   al   Sain I   vim-e ol Ontario.
I,ami ml recently wis the -cene   of    il —
ludicrous iiproa,-cm Una uicnaj,*.    Divorce   Court   in   The  I I
eric of animals whieh  inn!,    unknown Hero we are  n;*ain,   t''ve   '(-  a   cull, j
It, their owner, net ipauietl the    lal- Senate.
ter to the   luc il   u luUlrnti*.       Win n %-.,,,,,,,. u-
ih,, ,' i lionary pro, led  to    ,„- '   |T"'   Nl.HSC   DisCUSSCl'    "''' U,,K'   '"^ lllK   W*V   !:1MN     |,"M|;S'II,
iiun the visitors he saw   suddenly   hi      Advisability of   C'llilllge.     I vinir. I
the i  two   i "hu    Leu -   mid    file
 "'*'■>*■    0| ly< •■■>•'■" '''   '        ,;"    PHK-SKNT SYSTKM   Is   (Jlll/Hl
e.iurt were inipussible of execution,  as I
lhe In- :i - tooli [ni. ' ■ iiun ol I he  -tair
ea e an i i liu moid ry i   limbed   belter
skeltei n en « hero.     ( hie finally,   af
Second Ave,
xxOTEIj . . .
Headquarters for Hilling
and Commercial Men
—--——---■ - -' ■ ciGr__:__s,
Y/VIIR '     Musl  f"ituble 1. lei ! . thn
The Kootenpy   Standard ,..    ,.     ,,.   ,. ,   ,
«-v»-»i r •—' *"iv\Fir triet,     hv orvtliinu first-class.
DRUG   SlORh and Juanita< v.mm!. i:. (•.
Says   II. Ilia-.  Mi mi ei     Who    A l-;
\... iii - Mel Im I in ihe M u i
lime   Provinces
Again Open for Business.
A full line of Urugs and   Patent
M WIT tl Tllll.li   11
mil Nel 1 -iip| ln-
We hine t 1 nee supply of  bool
'";', !'"'      will be sold chea.      «.',.i,..i in and   see I J      MILLWOOD       ♦
__________________M i'i I*-1 ii 1—■—■_■w *— *—      v   -J^ *-
T   ♦
I, ,. 1,.,, in, up eu-rvlii ill1,' d'   till  .i'1-!'', Me.li ui--- un baud
within reach, placed    a    aieen    lamp        .|-|i(,   |„(>|.t-it-t>    ot    milwlitolin**    a i^^,,   .,   •   i|   |
alia I i lb- I,-I I uf   'I' ;-; '■••■•■, In        ■ Couii fm lhe (ireseiil   system
himself. ,1  innulliiiij mull i,., - lij Ael uf Par-
-»*•*" iii ; i i- .;.. in laiked of iii th.- Sen-
American and  Canadian
Coal _L__^__^__^__^__^__H   - 	
i I   -■ lllll he     I    | "I '      .'I ||
\       *.,|ji     I,, tl,,. Canadian    Mann-   llie    i    i ilimendinii      llie       J.   C.   ELLIOTT,     Prop,        *
1,,,-ttirei-   the Iluiuiiiiuii Coal eoinpaiij   Kraiitiii|{ of '.lie Tii!awnc\   np|  icutioii +
ided that   Ihu  ■   bus t   "i   ! In   foi  ..   .1 ce
lh,, -|\i|*onto anil other Onlaiiot     lion. Mr   lloss,    Halifax,   Ibou-jlil
. , , .,   iiiu-   euiiii-iinu    willi    llie ■ llu,  whole  ilivini:     pru •din:**   were
',..,,1,,:, I  iiinipaiiies   in   a   rery  crude, and llu* | ■   ma ulil    not
ni,,|it,ible field,     "If   lhe   experi nl   "eta divon-e,     In    Ne.t    llrunswick
,,. ,   , i.. ii,,. Am, iinin .- in - in*    will  and Nova Scotia a judj,*e   dealt    »ii!
Ji   C.   Thelin & Co.
Ni l-"ii, I',. ('.
Ymir Transfer Co
JACkSUX iv I.l'. \11V. I':.,ps.
mmmm\ Teaming and
„-, „ave a ■„,„., supply o,   ,,„„ - ■ ^ „„„„„„ f44**H+*»H4 4 ExpfCSS  .   ...
iiketi ovei ai a ;   i   di-eoiliil     which    I *?l
I leliveret] any
[dace in tow ll.
1   .a lei -   | .  inptl)     ittended
ml the i;n ale-- care  ■ ;ei cist ,1 in  i
4  hairline-, of - I-
■_w_r__i**i*nji*iii_i  r i-i»*tv> j-_*_■_!_.; •__-<_; :_*:-' »*• j - _rj_w-_*r
:r hotel i„,s.r ~'...l ^^^
> ■ \l   Mil,I.l.i:.  Prop.
t     Per Cart Load.
^.i-enjoy the virtual    .puly j the matter,   and    the   evid e   was   IIl'lltli|U.ll'tl'l'S lor Milling Men    ♦
♦       Now is iin
ii-   supplied   m iib   be-i  briiiids of I ♦
» in>-, li'pi ui - and eejir-
, ive lu   i    .   :    -        Caliadiai's never printed,       Here   the   evidence
,..,     ,   :,„! in ■! :    iiia'!' '.    lllld was tossed   alii.nl     in    bulb     Houses,
imfiu-UiiiMs iu'Uiilariu  -ln.nl.1    be picked up by tl.e chur-wuinun, and   ii
k*iill> alive to tho iniporlance  of did not    iiuilie   kuihI   reudiiij-        Ile    j.«lliw Avkxck,
unitertakiiiK to n\ve lhe Dominion thought it would be (veil io adopl  the
r   d company all the   ciientir-iguinunt -v-iem   iu    login*   iu   the   Marili   ————————
I     ,,,,;,..    li ile-,' markets   arn   won Provinces-
fm- thn   Canadian   concern,    il    will       Hon. Mr  l-VrKii-mn siiiil in    I'rii
mean a laiKe increase in   the   outpul l*'dwiird Mand the lloveriini-lnCoiin.       COFFEE   ROASTERS
1'i.pUI ui -V
•♦   LAST Till USIl.W  IN IIM ii MOM
'Ol'tO     I u.o
Yum. I'-.   ('   X      I i
♦      SilllllllCI
♦       Pim.a\ M, l.i;..n. Presi lent.
l'i.ti.- t ■ Ileazbii, Seen tary.
A   D. lh i.-i( tvoirrii, 'i'i
Kootenay Coffee Co.
mul ureitllv enlarged pay rolls for the cil dwiU with the  itmtlei    mid   tin
I    i, ,., |.,.|,.l,'iil upon tin-   "U -s   ut' hail Hot had a case foi fifty years,
:.    t   midiaii mines, to   say   nothing Sot for llich People, SVImlesnle and relull ilbak'n*
,,,   ,,,,.  increased   opportunities   for      Hon  Mr. Km ,aid the bill bad  to in Fresh HoMitcd
    , ,,,| ,lum  lim- Tie       i ■ -HI 1 uiIIV tu ibe ulhel   lluil-e, nnd     l,u ^^^.^^ .. .     ^^^^^H^^^^^H
1 i uioh .(>-iii«a ■ Gnll'ees Goods
, :, „, ,-,„,,ai hue ut  beats to should be lost.   Mr. Hum had   - Hiflh « -«ra_e » nonces
,   ,, .;,,.  ,l„    het-Jil   I'l.-Ill   Mul,Ileal     lu   aill-l i/e.|  I he i il l      piu,eedill-s     as' I        MRS.       J*      McLEOD
*i-0,unu,| and in   ndditioli   will  elect   erudu and out of*Jttte,    lie e.nild nut' Mil.M i.\, II, C. I't'si    * Ml'u-i*   rStliVl! V\ll'H
l.'llKMIsl     INI)     A.-'- ■ 'i ..':.
'I..'.* mwvii Nelton Smcl'ir.
' "Id. Silver, or   Lead    - -:   ■
upper,     -              .    - $l.r,
(lold Silver,     -    -      - -i "■
Charges for utbei metal.- m a]
Baker St., Nelson.
P 'i Drawer 1108.   Phone .V "


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