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The Ymir Herald 1904-09-03

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Vol. I    No IU.
Phtck Iuvk ( 'en rs
VV. A. S| eneer, of    Nelson,    i
« n on hi- usuid num.!ii\   . i-it.
The  Ymii:    Hi
> ••  - •      -■■*... Mi.-i-i   Whillians,    the    ,v   sehi
The Porto I lien saw mill is riinnii:.-   teiioher, i- giving half an   hot
a three houi lute shift now. e.uh dm to the   scl
recovery, nnd is now out   and   ubout   am,nation
The iidvei'tisenienl of the  Montreu
,,   .,.      ,       ,     .,    , Family Herald which appears on   out
On  I u,'-day the .ioih.   All-       .     " .,
,,      .. o page, nii'ers ii verv   cheap   sub-
gust, the wife ol   0.    Hundley   of    n
George   Column    h.i-   been   do
scription to both the great fumih   papers mentioned.
. . ,      , Al rungeinent'i are hem-.'    made    in
this week with a severe attach ol    In-.
., , , • ; Nelson tor the establishment ol a   lo-
0U.1 stomach complaint.
mil stock exchange,       lin-    may    be
Purse pleasing prices in   staple   ami . ,.,..,,„ ,ls .,„ jndi,,,,;,,,, tl,at t|„,  i„„|._
fancy   groceries  mil   pro .unions    nt L.s t|,cro are ju{ng ft prosperous  bus-
Campbell's, ! ■
I think it. will be generally admit
ted by the citizens of Yndr, that
since its institution, tho    Ymir   Cili-
nppenrs   this   »*W9«*6«««*€«««««««e«««««««M
\ TUNING NKWS. !w,,"k tbBtler I|,1:i,ily '"' w* 1 correspondence g
■   which we hope will make it    il    i e   KSiiiieiSirSiSS^^-iSZSZSS-'
"-"•■'        Dr. Dixon U s n tow..!    looking ^t-'^'''<'P'^««ion     We are pleas YMIR, 1st, September.
I'"   have If,,,. „,,,.;,,.  property. '    '" '"  r ellurta to   produce h'o Till. Rl.iroil ur I'ltK Ymii: Hkiui.i
,        i. i- i i • , | passed the H Hi School Entrance  ex- ' a decent sheet ure  being  appreciated Dear Sir:
ton. Kobiiison, hi- iniulc   a    uuiek   I >"■*." ' *   :       .   ..     , ,.v,„.,.,,.,I    „,     il„.   ,      i .*  ,
r,   ' \ iimination <-ie,it.tt|i is expi   ted   al     me  by the greater part of tl mmunity,
VVilcox mine this week. and that tho Hkiui.ij has   thu   good-
Work on the   Highland   Chief   has ■ will of the u hole of the    townspeople,
been suspended foi the season with of course the exception   of   theL,ens Association has d iiuch   •_	
The Hunter V   -.hipment, are   ,„. wl """"l'"i"' bftn-" "'""'"   "0t   ]*°  lQ U'ork for tho   town       All    un,	
averaging three car-,.,,'day, or   ovet   £°'"J   b,Ut   ll,em«lv"   P*»P*ing. Lents which have been made   during
"   ' • ' Happily the numeral strength uf  this  lhl. p„8t tl.,v V(,.,r, ,.,,,. tu |„. edited
bind is small, and  to   the   credit   of|to t|,js   Association.       L'ndcf   these
Kowley and   Andersen   are   doinu  i),,, inwn  In. it  s,i,l    i-n,i,lic   dwiml !   * . .,,,,,
611,1   town, ni  ii   sain,   i,i| _\    ii» inn  i circtinistances, 1 think is is   very    i.'-
work on the Bustler n Ini in,   situated  |illg. gretable, that    the   citizens   do   iml
near the 1,"",a-   I take more active interest in it-  met I
"'everul new placer   locations   have1 I digs und attend them more regularly,
receii'ly been in i-n  in  the   neighbor-       W A   Coplen,   superintendent   of The whole work has practically   been
hood of Hall siding. the mining department of   the   Spok-  carried on by four or   I'm-   incmhei -
Foreman Mason, who has   been   a.       v    ...  ,  ,. ,.
.Newitt iv i n, are making prepara-
the Hunter V. for over  a   year,   has  ,.       ,    ,,        ,        ,, .,..
' | ttons tor the wet weather.    I nev  re-
lipw left to look    after   his   interests
ceived il very large   shipment    of    all
kinds of rubbers ihis w.-e-;.       If    you
Colon"! Collillgwood  iling,   an    old   take one rubber then-, you will surely
resident of Port Arthur, which is now , buy more,
such a centie of interest, was in town i     ,,*,      .* i     . i , ,       i   c •
I lie   .Nt limits    Wlio    I'ltlll'H'l     ll'olll    ,.,uiliiiuiii" iiioi hliloui    if     llu*    n-.eil      i .- . I \i       ..     i
this week. . continuing piouulii u   a    ine   usual   pies of the various ores,    Mr.  Coplen
j 1 »ea\er after one days   shooting,   re- • ,**ito
Dave Grobe has the proud   distine-  port that the birds aro not yerv plen-
c,   .      ,,    ,, ,■■,, , • , '        • Work ha- been lesiinied on the Al
tion ot being the first amateur  hniti—' ttful theie tins year,      Later   on   m
,..,.,   ,,   , , . , ,   , i lin mine.    A crosscut is being driven
etilturisc in linir, to produce    n   imp season however they may bo expected .    •
1,.   ,.,,,,,,,>,-l    il,,,   si.1,.'     '.I ll   I   tl,,>      I,,,,'.,,.,.
Fifty stamps are dropping   at   the   :""'   l»1"'-"""   ■""*.   wl'icl'   "P«ns Even tho larger holders of real   ,
Ymir mine, and    ,-   will   probably  October .1, is getting up a fi liplo- perty in the town,   seen,    to  neglect
be put in commissi.,., .his week. '"'V which will  be   awarded   for   the this institution, which is the great,-'
best mineral exhibits this year.   Ihese safeguard to tbuir property now exist
The Second Relief,    Vrlington    I  diplomas will be awarded by the most |„g.    [t, is suruly impossible that   tl
Queen mines, nt Salmo and Erie,   nre, comj ,-t judges for  tlio   best   nam- paltry sum of 25 cents per moi    i-
foiind prohibitive by these   genlleuu u
is receiving assurance of fine   exhibits  who tiro so heavily interested]   in   tl
from all purls of lie country.      There! town's welfare.
is every reason  to   believe   this   de- '     ,\( the lust meeting of the Assi
of home-grown apple:
! to show up better
Now that a  little   rain  has  fallen      There aiv a largo nnmber of   Ymir
tu connect the Mini   with the  upraise  partment will be better than over bes  tion, a resolution was passed, instru
fore.    The railroad- have   agreed    to   tjrl„ t|u, secretary to prepare a rep,,.
from the tunnel.
*    Ymir take lilt ore samples to   the  fare free showing the dues collected   and   f	
ii       i .i i       .,   ■    i  v       i oi-i.-      Miipuicnts   turn     tho     Keystone     ,   , „„ ... , ... B
anil cleared away the   smoke,    Ymir ladies who are experts at all kinds of     .     '    , .      ,,,    . ." ,   ,     of charge.    I hese will be reiained  in  whom toccthcr with a s'.ateniont   ot
, , i .i ' * i , • um mine at   line, which    is    operated   by , ,    "  '"'
Its a clearer at.inrisplierc than at.   anv    'aucv, iliawn anil line   worn .       I hev ! r ' Spokane and put into a permanent ex    expenditure     This   report   will    al-,
i    •      .i     i , ,      ,, i* ,       .■   ,   •       , -i     Messrs  I.. lemenls     iml    Uavls.    have     ' '• '
tun.' 'luring the hist month. should send lit examples ol tln-ir   skill! Ini.it which will be kept from vcar   to   show- ihe n ones of   those    who   Inn-
.,''„,       ,. •      , • been temporarily suspended, , ..,.,."
Me.sr-.     Forrestor      Duckworth Nelson 1'air, where  prizes   are • year for Interstate fair exhtbtt.
v „.,,    „ i f, „■      ... i i,  offered for the best  exhibits   uf   this.     Of the many oxperts who hnvu   re-
.Newitt, utul t otlev, went ilown on the 	
...       .in." ,   ,,      , •   i    kind of work. ccntly examined the Yankee Girl, one 	
first, to take first pop   at   tho   birds, • ,,        .     .
, ,, .,. ,, , iii and all express their confidence in   it.
nrouu'l Heaver siding. Pretty nearly everybody   in   town; '
"       . ,'   ,     '   , . ,.   Negociations   in     several     diil'eienl
fou can get up a good meal a.   low ; •- "• Bvooolackon norutng ol ^ ^
expense, if you buy your grocerie.-t   at   Iuesthiy last,    ibis was not   duo   to .
lump hell's. any particular addiction to early  ris-      *\ report n» to die new staff of the ,
been regular attendants, und to win
efforts the niaintiiiniince of the    institution is due     |i is to be hoped thai
those huge owners of real property  i
Ymir Rifle Brigade.
....     ..,     .      ..      ...    ,,. ...      the town, whose names do not appeui
1 he lilies   for    the    1 u.ir   ( ivilian
.,..,,,., ,   . i will take n tumble to themselves,  aiel
I»ill.- Hr,glide are now on    tlieir    way | :
,        . .. .,.,       ,. ", | lienci forth help, both bv   their   sir-1
here iron, Vancouver,     the shipment
•Jump bell's. I any particular ii'toicii.ni to eany   ns-       /v repuri. m w »«: ma. »iuu ui   un i  ^t^ ^^ Vancouver.    The shipment   """-'""m '"'l'- """ "-    """     	
.,..,,,,          ..         „    .   ! ing,'but because of a   very   startling  Lo Hoi mine, finiM.ies with the   states ,,-.., ,,      -,,,.   contributions and  by  their  presence
Mr. M  l.oth, the president of  the       J                               '                             ,      ,               ■-,,,- consists   ot   ten   Leo-J'jtmold    rtlles.                   .       .      ,           ,
,.,,,,,,..,, ,    ■   ,      clap of thunder,  which   shook   every  tnent, that the production will be  in* ,.,.       ... ,,    ..,,.,,     ...   at tho meetings, in   the   conduct   ol
Active Gold Mining Co., and   tuther       '                                                    ,             ,        ,     ,         ,           ,. these l't lies ai'u of   .JOJJ ooltbrc   nnd,                                 ,
,.,,...        i    i   • ,   ,  ,        bouse in town,  and  quite  outclassed  creased,   und   that   the   smelter   at    . ,   _,      ,   ...,.,,,   ..„..,.„       ,,.     this very useful association,  I an. Mr,
i-t Paul VlctOI   Loth, IS expected   here,                                             '                                I   ,                     ,,,                 , stglited Up to .HIM)    \iutls.       Aeeoin- I                                                 ,,,    .
                 '         ,           the no I w'tisi e .is ull ear y caher.         Northport will treat a ai'ger tonnage, .       .                   .if                                           iourslruly,
Rhortly to look into the affairs of   the                                          ■                   L„ .    '.,,      ,   ,,               .,,   ,   ,, panying them aro a number ol  acces-                                              '
.  •    _                                                                ,,.,.,.,,            .      .    ! Ibis  will orobablv mean -till    lurtber ,                                                                                            .MKMIIKIt,
,,.                                               •                                  • panying mem are a numoer oi   ucces-
,,        ,.          i     •     i     i                       This will probably mean -till further                                ,
1 t'te   ItttVccch   is   back   again   nil                 '           - sone.s, targets and  accoutrements   to
....,.,                     , ,      increase of the Hunter   \ s. produc       .        . ,             .            ,.
l mir. after having been examined by get her with ammunition to the extent
')" I            ..,..•*.,.     i       ■• .•      : tion' .. , ...         ,   ..          .,           i        r
Active Ci
Charles Dundee, accompanied   b,                 ,                      ,      ,.   . t,,,,,                                                                                     .           ,
,.   .      ,         ,     , .                        '   eve-SpeCiahsts in Montieal.       I ntors ot Inn rounds  tor   each   member   ot
I is lirotlier who lias uist    come    out     '                                          ,                  .  , „,,     . ,,                       ,                        ,                                     , .                           ,
,*■,,, .                    tnnatelv the repvrt of   these    special- 1 he billow dug r-Voi'ds    were    made   |l,e     Brigade,    which    tiow    numbers
tiom the old country,    was    in    lira ii ...         ,        ,. ,.          ,         ,      ,      ,             i-          .-    .             .        .                          .,           ,
,.    ,   ,        ,      ., ..           ,   , tsts is to the  ellccl   that   his present this week at the  local   recording   ot- forty.    In using iheso cnrtntigcs   the
this Week, and paid a   Visit   totlte|,   ,,,,,,     ',.:                J. :..   | e„,    ,,.,..,.,,..,, ,..  ,.,..   ,i  .' • .,..   ., ,.,.„.
J mndee mil)
The old man KcniK
half blind condition can novel' be ini*   ficel    Hugh McDonald recorded   the Government requires thai   the   shells
proved and that In' can never hope to i location of the Champion claim,    near lie retained and   ultimately    returned
 - -'dy who has been  sec rny better than ut present,    Pete   thn Porto Rico mine.    Ed, Poters re- for   Handing,     Captain   Itoss   has
llu inmate of tho hospital for   neverul 1 |„IM t),e nympatliy   of   all   his   Ymi'.' corded assessment on the St. Thomas, been busy this week    hunting   for   a
Inonths, died last  M lay,   ami   was friei1(|s in his nlHiction Telegraph, Maple Leaf, No,   00   and favorable location for   the   riflu-butsi
buried  in the   Ymir   cemetery,   the Centennial claims. Col. Holmes I).  C.   0    is   expected
TreBoult is nourishing as well as p:il-
f 'Mow ing day,
Base Ball.
Before leaving for   9t.   I.otlis   Fall'
lill your   trunk   at   CnnlpbaH'-J   with I     Tho base ball game at    Salmo   lost  ataUlu, 2oo per package,   for   rale   at
8   ' - and clothing, you will be in   the   week, resulted in favor  of   Ymir   by   Campbell's,
latest style wnen you get there. a score of'Jf-to II.      As   usual  tl
here about the 'JOth, Septembei
Yillir Citizens AAsocia-
Miss   M.icgieg.,1-,   who   has    n I n»t part oftbegamewent all in   fa- I     On tl vertiliR of neXt Monday I t,on-
Hotel Arrivals.
M.-l.i-on 11,,-na,'■- It T. l.owi-1..
Nelson: Pled i)ohn-in. Summit) t'
Dttibrick, Salmoj Colin d Drown
Vancouver: K. N. Jones, Vancouyerl
II, ,1. Moore, NelsonjChaS Hurt, N",
sole S. Ilulfour Jr., Hamilton, Ontario.
\ an. oiir.it HoTEii:—Steve Dcrln.
Sllhno: .1.  Westglte,  Porto     Itteoj     I'
Willett,    Nelson,     A.     I4!      T.lll.lliell' ,
No.tbpo.i 0, Ballanger- SeUon; C,
EdWafd, Bpokanci
Wai. '   HoTHi.t—-Churles   W,
ti'is, Kelson I >li- M- S.lvodn and
sister, Nel-oir Mi-s Mon-ki. Nelson;
II. 8. Simon, Winnipeg] 0. P.   Ten-
'II--       ULHVUIflUUr,      W l.o        ll,,-       OC.-II  ■ -    i      - - -   r-
second nurse  ut  the  Ymii   Hospital P'0!-"' of Salmo, tbe score being I to 10  (Labour Day) a dance will   be   given      _\, t|,e meeting of tho above Asso-
for the past two ttionths left that   in-  in favoui of Sal mo ill tie-end  of  tho I in the Miners' Union Hall, in aid  of ciation last Tuesday, several accounts
siitutii.n on   ThursdiiY   lust.      juss | third inniiigH.    Then Captain Audei'*   the Ymir Base-Ball Club. I In connei'tiiJU With the flt'o equipment
Uennedy, the   m.-.tr ltcon)pll)M0-j  son threw his hut on the ground, and       tinill-onrl rates tu tltd -Mpoknlte   In- IVOrb set I.
her as far as Nelson on a slum visit,    tilings began to happen.     The   Ymir Lt.,tntB Mh   v,.!m,|,   opens   Ootober      'I'bB small s of thp genbrnUtten- well,  Salmo; A   Swannell,    .Nc-
,,,. ,.        ., ,   i ,, , „ score rapidly crept up and  soon   Sub   3 wm bo hetter thii yeuf than   t|,Py dance at the meeting of tho A^socia-j0 go Peono, Porto Hico.
Hiding p'lrtii"* win ntltj tin' 1.1 cu- , ,.  ,  , .   .     1      .1,      . . 1. * ■ i- 1       in*.
,.       ,,        ,      ,,   ,     1   was left bell.nd     In   the   match   ,       bec|) for Myor&]   ma       Mmm. tion w.w discussed, and efforts aie   to
1 UI"' M iiUI   In i\t   ji     1 (i|'\     |M,,;i»>.i!iI     I t 'ill I       .       . . .      i     i     i     *.■ , i .   . 1       i ,,   •
' the Ymir   team   included   four new   .„.,,,„,„,,., ,,. ; -,   „,,V(. „,.,..,.„ „, |„1V,. bo made tu get the business  men   to
foi 11 rule.     ror a    gum I    tiiillo •    the1    , ,,       ,,    i- . ■ 1 . 1    .1 . " , ■   . .1       •
players, xt'bo all distinguished   them- L.,. uj  Herbert Bolster's  knack   of take greater . nteresl ...   the   institu-, (
,>'"'i" ,l"'"'   ""I tivfl   poHltlunm doing business vvlt.ll ll,.- railroad-,, lie tion. in view of thb undoubtedly g IP'     |,:    '   ;'
1 u'nl to the Summit  mine,  post   II.1
^'niir i.ii.ie, is  the   most   suitable, be
ll,,-        I I'll .-.'.*    I'.      0.        i'.elllililll.
Nelson  ,1. W.   .- t.    Su »    Deuve
\V,    Sum
-. •      ,, , |,      I -ci..s,,,           ,.   1       ,-■- -■ j nis lies-  wit  I    he   I'll   road".        1,1,   0,   ,e "   o,   .,,     „ „„.,.,,,    „.„„.
Y mir niiiie,   s  the   10-t   su table, be-,,  ,              , ....,     UJ|«                                                                 ,   -. ,           . •                .• 1 •                   ,,   \i,., ;,,. I?   II   |„\ ,,.,,.    Nu sou
.        ,   1,. ,      , 1    ,, :'1"1'"- lh" now catcher,   ,-, m\U ,     b        fttJ f.Q    t6 f|i()111 work it has and is accomplishing, son, Mnjit   I, n. 1, Mu uv.  .n. 1  u
b ^ very level nnd a good mlrfuce.           ,           .. ,. ,,                "                                                ,..,           ,               ,   , ,,   , , .    ,                               .             ,     ,,
played a line   ga ,   old)       bul1 «l| points in the   Inland   Empire   to      I he seorcUry lopoi'ted that lid had      Cobmoi'olitAs   Ho,..,,    i.   Ilreit
Next Monday (Labour day)   there   , i,,g him.    Dr    Dolierly,   plnyed Spukttllll Illlt]   ,*DtUrn.     This   is tho written the Cold   Commissioner and y.    j    , t.iii,   Uriet   .1.   H-'l
1      :...                      1   ,                     1       1 ■   .             • 1      1      1  :.             '                                                                                                .11         1              1                -.i               .   1                               '
- •, ■ - ■■ •    ■        ,»|
will be an event of great local   inter-  second base, and   distinguished   Idin 1,.
1 -t.    On that day tho dedication   of! self at the plate: when lie got his mad
first time this has   been   granted   in thd local member  with regard to  an
'      "    t     "        several years,     "UlKO I
li." new Catholic .l.iit h will take Up and welled thd ball for keeps »t Faii-jj1' i» thu indtLa at
place, Cheap rates ale availableLai'e.l enough foi .-. th.ee base run 'y«nr and it applies to
from Nels in this tl.ty, and it is ex-: possibly a home run for a sli ,- bats-  " .   „«      )(|   ^
'"•■"- "  •    « 1 Suokane) Newton Orib, Saiulni;
several years,     "hike the   Old    Fruit   appropriation for t l.'-ets   ol    (.Ill
icit ed there will hi a hu    of    \isilor-
lo take part in the cereilhmy.
Spokane   this towni l,,!t ""''" ,,lltl ''',',i'v''' l!"   ""
the   railroad "wpl' tu l,iN l"lt''1'''
IratostiHwelltistoothei points. flm .ulvisability   n(  iucip „,,.i„„      I'iro chief Cblley hu prt'|...te.l   M
man.    Another new   player   in   the      One fare rates fot   the  round  trip WIW t'lt!n discussed, and tint   meeting  following Mgnuls for handling the I'm
Ymir team was one MacVicar    w'10  will be iri'.inteil by  each   road   on   ngeherully was found to be in favor of alarm!    Steady  I'itlgitlg   im-aiu   llh
Sing Keo's brother was   iibre   the   pitehed during tlfe hist tht'eo   inning?i  llifj-el.ent j,^..    |je»ldl's these  all   the tbe proposititin, thtro being only   one OnB stroke (pause) two kes(pnusr)
tveek. nnd concurred that hi-   brother  ■ ved himself to have-the   mak- L0,u1m Ullile ilt gj¥i0< u,tU of a   fare dissontie.it pre^dtlt       To-   - ,,-,   , ■ v    u strokes; means a call for help 1
Wi-'Vliuvoverwiishee-h,,,, ,,"      .\,,,H„sofa" I pitc'.er. A tidpitch !,„,,,„ -j,,,,1 *•„,, ,„„i,|   trip,   guotl was instructed to wrltu I inipora-  luilitllf    thb hose  whM, tlrymg   in
other Chinaman recently here on   tlio w lw ^ ">' wm,ted '" llie lutt,n  tl.toug I   thu   fair,     All   tickoU, ti,,,'s ut   !j|,,tnh   ('ilv'   s'""!""   and reeling it up after uso,
same business  to   act   as   arbitrator   to rulieva Anderson at tj * and il  is   wll,.,|1„,. ||„.v ;,,,   the general   feduc- Trail as to the lUnning   bxpt'usi     of
lend interpreter was very1 sing   in   hoped  thai   MacVicar  will   ii!l   the  ,. ,■., ,',,,,. ,.,i,d   a   third   tir   tho the iiiUnicittalitieM  with a   iew to  ,--
■■■ 1 o ii f a fare  and   a   third   tir   tho  tin* municipalities, with a ■ i-w to  es-
his child like cotilldenco us to liis own i„ii     Hixon ibu  fourth   new   comer         ■ , ,„„..-.,,,..,.,,. ,,„ .,  „i,.„i,. ,|...                                ...
ICUlabihtV.    ll apnea - i- : ',„- d«, nt'Oved hi.llself to bo a hard   I lit -     P    .                 ,         .                               '       llUWtim    *""    l"",", '"'    "^""^""'
bei-of the Chinese Mission at Nelson, ,M° ''"   '    '      '                                provide that tho pure er   may   re-   ||„p,     ,,„„.,„,,„„,-„,!,  lllf()1,nation I'ui.-umm^v  Cnt-wii    Mornin«
and in the course of his remarks said,     - main in Spok until tho day follow I .-,■.-■ Services, ll a. rii.: Sundiiy s-huol    I
"M«  Chlistian   C niton,   therefore      This viclo.-j   gives   Ymir  the  cup,   in„ ,|„, ,1 | hit   ol'   he   may  it 11 llw HiMiilirm ot   tho   Assottat.on ^ ^.^ . ^      y ,   |)(|
eaititot tell a   lie."      Wu   were   not thu loam having won tho best two   uf | return sootit'f,                                       to call a public meeting of the citizens          s   .               on I'l'idnv evi'idng
awiirelwforotb.it   11   Chinaman   had   three inatehes.    The Sal boys   will      Single fares f.-r the round li'ip will,        ih„ '  " '  ", ' ,"    ",,,"'        ,'"'        ,,
Only to bo Christ! /.ed to bo a rival   prol y bu up again on Sunday   Um   !    the   Spokane   l-'-.IK ,v "n ' nd td take .1 mJU upotl   ,l„ :„ s „,.,„„,,,    A„ „ ,,	
l.f ib-oige Wiishingtoii, llth,illst,                                                 1 Northern road O-t ,1,-r   tilt.                    kubject, "             ■   "    '     '■     -
ll. Youiu.', M. A.| I'-'--' aagagggggggcagCT-g: - - pa -. g
THE YMIR HERALD!     ,,I'IK"1   '  ilL    u   l
I'lihliMii-d    ■..:.  Ssliiri) ,y -o,-l iiinil
. !itr, -- , or i.l,i,;',-1 lo currier in loun.
.-i,:.-,'! ,].ii.ii- -''.-1:: | it  iitniuin,   [.lljlll.ll    ",',..
.    |ICI'.
.* Iv,*rti-iii'_* rui'-s. 51 yi pur uicji  j.-t inoplti
'INK    lll.llAI n  I",11   I,--   Illel    fr'.tll    ill!   Il'jldlllu
jo* A-s,l"a|.r- ui llr- 'li-tri.-:. .,r  ctpi   !»'■   Obla'.ai*,]
!,..*.-i from :!,,- ,,iliL-„.
t.-,,,,ini,'!',-i;il  |irlui,r,x  •■'   ,",-,tv    |]L*sprt|itluii
' a Un- iirc'iniscr, ill -, Iiird prices.
,-rr.i i-in.i, nv tub
tlpR.U.p   l'|'|ll.|SIII,\l,   COM )' VN y
I pi iiicipul iieim, would he the upkeep
pf tin* public schpol [including the
teacher's salary] and a salary 1 ■ tin
city rlcik, who would he the only salaried municipal o|ljcer necessary,
With regard to the school <:\|.-■ 11.1i-
lure thi- would he hugely ojl'set by
the Goyernuient pec capita grant of
■"■in oi| the nyeri(g'e daily uttendapce
This would amou,,( at the presi nt
•-I'm- to -Jd'JO. and as the prpseqt   u|
II.    KKlltX'S,    M \VAI!Klt.
HATUKpAY. SHP,, .",, lppf
Liberal - Conservative Candidates for Pa.rtiarnent,
Vvv Ivootepuy pistrict,
of llossland,
liir  YidesCarilioii   District,
Of Grand   Forks.
New Westminster District.
.1.   D.   TAYI.Oli,
Of New Westminster.
The question of incorporation for
Yniir has been discussed op several
previous occasions, and on P'lpll of
such occasions the genural consensus
pf opinion, has been, that any step in
that direction would bp premature,
and not tu the best interests of tho
i-oii.tnunity. Circumstances have
however, altered sinoe the last public
discussion and there are two or three
new considerations to bu taken into
account, which put u new   aspect   on
the subject
In the first piece Ymir is, or should
be, the capital city of the new Ymir
lileetoral Division, That it, all the
business connected with the ruling
should he conducted at central offices
in Y'mir. Cleographicallv, it is the
most centrally situated .own of any
M/.e,in tho district. It bus only ono
considerable rival, tbe city of frail,
which has been incorporated since
I001, but which is situated ill one
corner of the riding.
.•should Ymir acquire its proper
place as the olllcitil centre of the Ymir
tiding, it is neither just nor Citing
that it should bo dependent for it-
1,,,-ul government end regulation up,,,
another town.    I' should certainly be
self governing before it   call     hope     to
extend any measure of jurisdiction
over the riding. No one can doubt
the material advantage  which   would
—. j
:  -   i
agsgwswmflc  ...
I'ii'st •clasjsi Djiiiny.' Uponi.
||t'st    liiatuls   pf   Wines,
A  metal ,s called     mall, able    » hen
jt can bo  flattened   oul   with   hammers, etc.      Examples   of  malleable :
metals are gold silyc,- and copper,
Tine- hundred million   pounds   of ■
copper    and     13.500,(100    pounds    ,,f
spelter are annually    converter]    int.
articles o{ copper and   '',•'.■■-   ill   'hi
United States.
' The fust copper   mill,;    worker]    ill
keep of the sphppl ipplpdiiig salaries L.he United Status wtps the Simsbury
j-only ubopt |800, thp dijlerenpe niine at Granby, Conn. It, w first
wopjfl npt In- vpry large. The n|lice located jj. I70.r| and was in operation
of city  clerk  generally  includes  thp «" RnJ Dllt0 1770, vbp|| itwasahun
duties of assessor ipiij ta.v pollpptPf,
un.| in fact thp who|e eluripal work
uf the nipnipjpuljty. In thp present
case the office should not bp wotl||
|no|-e thap SnOO a yea|'. So fii|'
|.|)C|pfo|'e \vp have up annual exnendj-
ti|re of §050 ..g:.i|.st a I'pvpnpe pf
,i,"i|iii. There are l.owpyer several
emergencies to he provided agiiinst.
In case of an epidetptp of pun|,ageoi]s
disease, the municipality is liable {of
the care of the ijifi'i-ted pcfsons, iliit]
as in, iiniiipd sum s|)oidd he laid aside
for this purpose, by way of insurance,
.-\ neniianpiit city constable 1-; not
necessary, but spepiiils would bare to
bp sworp in from time to liuie us occasion might arise, and permission In
rent thp provincial jail for the safe
keeping j,f prisoners could probably
be   obtained   wjlhout difficulty.
Iv'i-H with these expenditures, it
will he seen that a considerable sum
s|iou|d be left over for improvements,
or il would he within the  iurisnietion
of 11 if mayor and council to reduce
the ran- of taxation.
In the letter from Mr. J. \V.  |!o-s,
don, ,1.
!d<|iin|s tintl (Ijgnrjj.
■ iWi-.N  RPY]JH, Prop.
SeoomlAvp,    '-       VMH!
Wilson & Harsbaw
Draymen and
YMIK,    !••    C,
I I'lutlliiiL;' heavy freight n
CorrespoiirieripQ promptly
attendee] to.
\u ail' uoiiipcessof pnuducus air under pressure frptp ono pound to tin
square ipch up to 3,QQ0 pounds or
more. 'J'iic i|si]al working pressure
ranges from f)0 to |(|ii pounds 11
si|Ui(re jpcll.
\Vhe11 a mineral i>; spqkon of us
sectile, il ini'tins that it can he cut
in thin slices |,v a sharp knife. Ar-
gentite and cefargyrite aru crumples
of sectile ores of silver     Talc,   mica
and   St6|ltit0   i,|c   other   Maniples   of
sectile ijiitieruls,
Nugg.-ts of larg • sijc   ,,f plqtinum
are exceedingly   rare..     The largest  FIljST A Y K\ U I',,
known is from the Ural mines and   is    ________^___
a part of the famous petnidoff   collec '
tion in  |li|ssjit.     |t    wpighj   :..'J    J-.'l!
pounds,     Other luuips are one iu   the
Berlin Museum from  South  America
weighing |,Q,S8  grains;   one   in   th"
museum at Madrid   weighing   11,041
grain-., and another in the St.   Peter*-;
.burg   Museum    weighing      II     1 -'.' •
Mining Agent     ■     Stocky and Shares
--.-r-,VU|iNT    FOE ■
Mutual l-i|<' ll|*s|H'fU|i'P  Coii)pai)y Qf \'mv V'JI'li..
.M.'ii'vl.'iipl Casualty Company.
|.iiiiiI.i.,i Mutual  l"'ii't' Iitstii'iiiico Company.
Ottawa I'M'-' !nsi(rai|i't'('unijiaiiy.
iTMLR,  1! I',
pound.--,    No .\niericui, iniisoum   ex- '  	
hihits a hunphngoi  than i|,u    0,11       J—J J-4     L^   A.    J    Jj Cy/^/^   1 LP*
Dnatli Valley in   iooated   in   Inyo
county, California, near the Nevada
bolder. The mime was given by a
survivor of a party of immigrants 30
published in last week's issue of thn I jn number who in 18+9 lost their
lluiiu.n, that gentleman   proposed   11 way and, after enduring frightful suf-
All work entrusted to us is neatly and
promptly   executed,
sli| illation that nu money   should    he
burrowed for 11 specified number of
yea.ts, that the mayor and council-
men -luiulil receive no salaries, and
thai tbo taxes should not bo raised
for the same length of time Whntb>
er* these stipulatiuns can bo introdue-
ed into the articles of   incorporation
fei ing, most of them died iu the hot
sands It is said that lio other RUch
track of ground iv known, It le-u
from north to south, with a length of
about 50 miles and width 35, and its j
surface is ;M0 feet lower than that of I
Gents    Furnishings   Store
tho ocean     lluring August  there   is
lens than ono half of one per cent,   of Tho Olll}' I'ollable  aild  up-to-date Men's  Olltfittoi'H
uioistutc in the   atmosphere.      Sum- ill Vlllil'.     OlU' gOQtls lU'G tllfl   bosl   i|lialil,V,   ail.I   WO
 r boat rises to 137 degrees 1,,  and (lo not propose to be Uiuloi'tiold.    :::::;:
ivc do not know, but certainly we   do  [50 has been known; a   higher   torn-
not think thut Ineie is any need
either for borrowing, paying salaiici
u' raising taxes So far as wo can
,ee the presenl   derivable    income    i
pei-iituri) is unknown on the western
hemisphere, Tho valley seen from
the summit, of Panamiut rango presents in November a long gray  wasti
desert, in    which    there   111
A full line of Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes
",:;::: newitt & company
I.,-, rue to the town, if made the eoun .
.   1      . ,. ,, every year produces 11   balance   sheet,
tv sent of the riding, and   thu   tteecs-        • ' '
Wiry first step in that direction   is   |„ "bowing a goodly list of   assets,   and
loosen the bond- which    make    it    so  liabilities "nil."    And yel   coiisidera
,   bunds of white,   made   by    thin   de
.imply sullicient to run thu town,  ..lid . ,
' posils ot borax, and to  the   south    1
we believe that capable men    can    lie
found here to undertake   the  olHcjal
duties, without being paid for their
sen ices. Nor is there any reason
for borrowing, The city of Trail bus
been incorporated    three   years,   and
much dependent upon tlio neighboring town of N'elson, This win only
be done by incut pnrution
Another consideration which puts
th,- proposed incorporation iu 11 inoro
favorable light than heretofore, is the
ii-ciii increase of taxation. The tax
> 11 personal property i* now one per
cent, ciud for the  present   year,   the
hie money has been expended on the
Improvement of the town. Wo are
of the opinion, that with careful and
economical management, Ymir will he
able to exhibit 11 similarly prosperous
looking balance sheet.
,11 a thin line, the Ainargoe    river,    L)       Lv\C/\ /V    /    li   LJ J\        QX     UU J
a poor, sluggish stream, dead most of
ihe year, absorption taking it all iu a
short tin,... The mineral wealth of
Heath Valley is doubtless large, but
outside of borax nothing else is milted.
Spontaneous combustion refers to
the ignition of bodies by the internal
development of heat without the application of an external llatno In
substances strongly   lubricated   with
oil, if the oil is freshly made, it is
very ready to combine with the oxygen of the atmosphere and give out
carbon and hydrogen.    The heat thus
developed, diffusing Itself through a
mass of intliiinmable material, will on
occasions suffice to set them  on   fi"o.
LlitUinillOUS coal, piled up in lu-aps.
has 11 tendency to ignite   because   of
This is the time of the year to g.-t your pick ol the many seleei piece* uf
furniture.    Iron Beds. Linoleums, KllgS, t'arpi'ls ami  UatUUlOuk*.
sold',   AGENTS    FOR   TIIK    MASON.HISCH    I'lANo.
Furniture Dealers and  funeral Directors
}i u.—We are sole agents for the Marshall  Sanitary  Mattress and   Hie  (ilubfc.
Sectional llook Case am! files.
, ,   ,.„   Tll"'i'" ""'"""' ' ' " ' 'I'"",\"' Fresh   floods  for   the   Spiing  Trade
lux will yiohI in 1 mi 1  about   .-|...ui. 1 Simi;.    rf there is anything   in   tho iron that it contain?.    In slops laden ' °
To this add? IS00 per   11 1111   N'1 „|,| uadition, tl.6 doctor, should  reap wltl' coaHmprHKnated  wild   ralplrar
t',.|   lirenci- bv the nine hotels   withiil
III harvest packing hi- present, around
1 ami iron in thu form of blh'llphurel of
the town limits and   t-JIIU   paid   fori' "' ' iron (pyrites) doc ,o-iti„,,   of   this
        , 1    ..laii-l the population of   Kernin  -luuild substanee is al times occassioned   by
I his make- a total ot ] '   '
retail llcel.ee-,       , mi i .• - ,. ,.-...,   ,,, :
■ ,,   1   ...  .   ,     iii,,   , the access ol   nioisluie,    ami    heat   Is
•3*100 of annual revei   now   being b uh 'hcrciised thereby
T  ' evolved to such a tlcgt' is  1,,   cause
paid over to the Government olHee in | ~ | tl„. fbinlunitioti of tl nal, pai'ticular
Nelson, ivhic'i would bo available   for      I'lie cost of itieorporatlon of a town |y |( nh' is admitted   freely.     Spun-
expemliture in the town if   incorpor |neeil not be very high, und it is   pei     tanoous combustion has  been  known
j in metal   mines,   parti
III      lll<   I <0 „,,,„   -, I'll ,1 I,   ,1 Mil  I » ,,  I ,'   I
nt.-il, iml i-i,until.'.' -11 in 1 ix  small it. nisi ,,ii-.-il,le ihul il hi  payable out. .if   the    , ,        ,,      , ,     ,,,       ,
'   ■ I Ihe ol'.-. al e her. lly i-harge.l will, sill
.\>k dii' Swift's liai'iiii an.I I lams (tlicj tiro the be«t)
Dumlcc Mai'llmliidt', lilttii Point OyHtors, Crosse tV
BllieUwi.H'H   I'icUcs.   .lam-,   iiti.l (1i..\\ <'liuw: \\i II
selected   Tens,   CofTees   and   Cocoa,  (Jovornnioui
('reiuneiy and I [azelwood Butter,
<l iARM ANH T()]3ACCt)S
l-'.-hiiiv; Turkic, Stationery,  I'ire Works, Sporting Uoods, Maga/.ities, Coil
' j fectionery,   Pipes  and   Smokers' supplies.    All mood* sold at very leasom.blll
niliirlv   where   ..........
pi 1,-es.
lit   l'-.e|IUe -u
•li  iis  peddler-  licences, lirst year's revenue.
' phur.
YMIR, ee. Would Spring the r-Iec=
m,  y
Clark's   Furniture   Stoic YMIR BAKERY.
Fresh Urcad Fverv   .Mi.t'iiiti ■'.
'I he Iv.stem    newspapers   con: itjue ,
lo discuss " Iwtlier or nol tie.   gVnei il
elections are to be held this  fall,   and i
..fcer giving credence for a few days
lo the reports of iudepi! ton on tl, -
I u t of Sir Wilfrid, they ure changc-
ing Luck to the posiii. ,■ d, clai al ion
that the government are to hazard an
Thus the World of Toronto gives
piomiuenco to the statement from 'it ■
.Montreal correspondent to this eflect:
''That the Ottawa government has de
citled to appeal to the people, the
coming fall is as certain as the fact of
night following day, all statements
coining from men held to be in the
confidence of ministers being merely
to hoodwink the opposition."
In Montreal niinisleral circles, we
are told, signs ure multiplying which
can leave uo doubt of th:' fact that
the ministry aims at a surprise and a
snap verdict from the electorate.
All the surrounding counties are
swarming with Liberal election
workers, and the party press is being looted after, iii a manner that
leaves no possible doubt us to the
intention of the powers that he at
Le Canadicn, Mr Prefontaino's
newspaper, has made good progress
since it was started, but. I,:i l'res-e.
with a greater circulation, has been
selected to do that sort of campaigning which cannot be confided to the
organ of a minister of the crown.
The first shot of the campaign will
be a letter addressed to the people of
the Pond,dot, by the prime minister,
Sir Wilfrid 1,,-iurii'r, who has not for-
gotton   Sir   John   Macdonuld's    "A
llritish subject I was horn, a llritish
subject 1 will die." This manifesto,
il is assorted, is already iu oxistance,
I in ing been written in collaboration
by C. A Dansorcau and Edward Farter, The premii r's letter will, it i-
asserted, declare absolutely that he
appeals to his countrymen for the
last time, end this will he supple
mooted by hundreds of impassioned
.peakefs telling   their   hearers   that
i nee fjUUI'ier has departed from the
K'Onc no other French-Canadian will
i ver again be premier of (.'una,la.
I'll.' strength of such appeals can
readily be understood, amongst u people so profoundly attached to their
Institutions and to each other.
The organization of the (band
Trunk Pacific, with such life-long
Conservatives oh the board ..s Sir
Hugh Moiit.i-.il.' Allan and E B
lliecnsniolds, is another curd which
Sir Wilfrid believe-, ho can play to
advantage in the city of Montreal.
Although the president of the now
transcontinental railway announces
that there will   bo   no   construction
Work this year, already half a dozen
combinations havo been aft good as
formed in Montreal nlone fur the purpose of building parts or the whole
of the Winnipeg and North Hay sections, and it. goes without saying lb it
lucrative conirit.-ts will In' held dilllg
lillg over tllO heads of these   powerful
and wealthy corporations until tiftet
the general elections.
"It may be that the exact dale of
Ihe polling hits not been fixed, but it
can be taken for granted that by   the
time the United States will have
chosen their president the result of
the ..lost bitter contest Canada has
ever known will be decided." So
concludes the Toronto World, whose
inspiration is likely to be authoritative,
I'liit.iiillia itit'l.d is mainly uti alloj
tif tin and utUt.i.ony, bill, often contains small iitialitities t,f copper, zinc
iind hisinulh. A colli.noil alloy is
I 40 JJal'ts Of tin, three of Coppbl' and
bine of uilthholly. When copper is
lined it is done to Impart color, Britannia metal when ch'ctl'.l-phdl'd much
li '-'chillies silver and is used considerably in the manufacture ..f table ware
und domestic utensils.
&• EL ±J*> V>
Undertaker   and    furniture     Peal
_     „__ .Mi.il orders promptly iilteude I to
Second Annual Exhibition Of The  'b.uc,*•,,„.,„•, v.,,,;'
lltoW !■:,   1st,  Am.
rent   for    ligh
Nelson Agricultural and I udustrinl
September 28 and 29
New Building's, Fine Grounds,
Big Premium List,
***ȣ Novel Open Air Attractions. $$$$*
Write for Fri/.e List.
J.   M.   Amiable,    Sec,   Nelson,   I>    ('.
* r lllltllljiiigil .son,     ,,.. :,,'i,,.a'J,flfleoc:,'.'a^c',i',:('
in:.\|.\.i'..i:'i i;i;s   koh   mining   UK)
-ample rooms in connection,
Newly furnished throughout.
Hate- SI.SO to l?2.50 per daw
FINLAY    McLEOD, Proprietor
RREE      F RElEl      m TAir- ■'•,!n,i,v
A School  of Success. v............
\\ '.•    enrry    the    lending   brands     imported
TAUGHT    BY                             -,,„]  Cigars,  Stout,    \l<\    Brandy   and   Wine.
The Most Successful Business Men of America.       ._      „__	
Sir William Van Uorno, ex president of tho   C.    P    li.    Sir   Thomas J
SI. iim,hnessy, |, resident of the (.'. P, It: C. M.   Hayes,   general   manager  uf jj
the 0. T. Ll.) Sir George L'riiiimiond, .. ice president of the Hank •>,'   Montreal $
Dr. William Poterson, principal of McOill University; Churle*   I!.    Hosmet'i ™
president of the C. V  It  Tulegraplt Company) I:'   VV. Morse) George U.   Cor- to
telyou, formerly secrotary to President McKinley und    President    itoosovolt, /|\
and .1 host of oihers of the most successful men of  Canada  and   the   United
States, have agreed to tell the hoys and idrls* the young men and thu    young     *
women of Canada *,,
The Family Herald and Weekly Star, of Montreal, at great expense, Jj5
has arranged for a scries of articles on Success by Allan West, bused "ii tho to
experience of fifty or more of the most successful business men of Canada, &
some of whose names are mentioned above. J
Thu articles will shortly appear in the Family Herald and Weekly  Star,    *
and no hoy or girl, no young man or young women, no   father or   mother  in
Canada should fail to read 11n - ■ it ''
The YMIH HERALD has completed with the family Herald and
Weekly Star a clubbing arrangement, by which every reader of this paper
and every resident of this   district   con   enjoy   the   advantages   of these
"Success' articles.     Here arc the terms:
Present subscr'bers to this pap.,- who are not readers of the Family 11, r
aid and Weekly Star may have that paper until December 31st,
1904, for only , ,., ,'..,   20c
To new siihs.iil.ers we offer llin VMIlt HERALD and the family Herald and Weekly Stat' until December Hist, LD04, for only,,,,.,..    35o
Shirts and Overalls
When tliry   come from
I'aeioi v ill   Victoria,
P.  0,   Hon   50, - Nelson,   B. C.
Union   Label   on   every   Garment.
I-DK   THE   NEXT   30    DAYS   WE   WILL    GIVti
20 per cent, discount
The*..' prices practically mean giving both papers away, but the  publish* l*0R  GASH  • • • • «
ers of tho Family Herald and Weekly Star do so on   this   occasion   to  give
young Cunadians the benefit of this school uf success! and tu   let   the  public (in   (Jlotllillgi   Ful'IliBhingHi   Hunts.   Shut'--*., Hats   illltl   (ap.-,
know tho many good features of that groatest of all family papers.
This offer is good only until Octnber   1st,   100*1      The  Family   Herald |n   Groceries   Wfl    DEFY    competition
positively refuses to Uvcupt any subscriptions after that date.
Send your order now to the VMlIt  II Kit Aid'.
Eleventh Annual
We will not   be   undersold.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
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Fifth Regiment British artillery blind.
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I'lfiiso forward Tut-: YMill lll.'i.M-i. fell'
• ml h
and acknowledge receipt of ohcluMld •*
'I'lIK  IIkiiai.I. Jh published   every Saturday moraine, aid   ♦
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contains  all   the  news  of the camp.
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We arc specially fitted up to do all kinds  of Jewellery    e. \v. widilow	
repairs,    Look into our jewel eases; you may   have ;i   good uakehy
brooch whioh only needs n pin, or n ring thai wants a   stone     Mis (Jrowo,
reset,     Wc may use the old settings   or   resel   anew.       Ifi      iinoKKiwciK and insl-uani-i
stunes are missing we, will furnish new ones a! a   very    low j   Percy-j.Hici.usur.
price.    We v.a.t ii your repairs as we are sure  to  please  vein
in doing the work.    Do nol neglect your diamond setting  it'   ''"'';1 l'1"11"'1'1
is [lerhups time yon laid it reset; this is our special work an...
we guarantee satisfaction and safety.    On receipt  of postal    i)...nn'.',','v'.i,,i,i,ia,. 11,
earn wc will mail you a wooden   l>ox   t..   insure   safety   in
Manufacturing Jewellers and Opticians.
S. H. SE^2>TJ±]"y\ A.C3-E32STT, YMXR.
YMII!   hi sinks:; < I ii»E Ymir Transfer Co.
Flathead   Railway,
Ne-vill iS ('.,.
i . um .em:   ni'.Ai.i.H.
William Clark,
H. C'anipl.i'll.
llcsHiisny Johhlng Co.
s  11. Seaney.
tlosr.iopiilitiiu—John Breau.
Mi U'oil it- us.'—Finlay Mul-eod.
Miller House—8  Miller.
Teaming and
Express ....
All orders promptly attended to
and the greatest cure exercised in the
handling of goods
Acarai ivei"hs three und oiie-sixin I     , ,    .  ,   ,,   ,
9 i      Inline— I ail & Kttihly.
Hoy grains; !M carats is the  standard      Vancouver—Owen Boyi
Steps are being taken for   building of pure gold, or gold   absolutely   free      Waldorf—George Colnian.
.      ,.,   ,      ,    ...       .-                .i     i ■   i    .-      , i     n-i Ymir—J. W. Masterson.
a railway into   the   Mathcad   IS.-it ttom any other kind of meta).   \\ I	
... ,. , . ,.     I.AI.IKS     | I  UMSIIIM.     AX,i      MlLLlNKiiy
c..aI lands hv representatives   of   two  gulil lias u   iincncss   lower   Hum    l'I
syndicates now in   Victoria.      These carats it means thai an alloy of  some
arc Judge I/rather, of   Spokane,   and other metal is contained, or,   for   in-
J. Mcintosh, of Grand Forks   (direc-* stance, if tho   alloy   am,amis   to   a
tors of the Kootenay Coal Company), fourth of the \v hole, the   gold   is    18
and I-', \V.  I'cetze], of Nelson,    rcprc- carats li ilid six alloy.
sealing a   Nelson  Syndicate.     Both «^—      -
corporations are heavily interest,',! in
lands adjacent to the Crow's Nest
Coal Co., and which were recently
thrown open,
Arrangements have been made by
11,,1-,• two syndicates to hand over one
hundred claims between them, comprising 64,000   acres,   to   this   com-
They're line fresh an,I reliable goods
nt Campbell's.
In tlio United States copper is
classified in three grades, lake, olec-
trolytic and casting copper, and is
sold in form of ingots, uuodes and
wire  bars.      Lake   copper,  meaning
Mrs. John MeLeod.
Percy J. Glea/.er.
Herald Publishing Co.
I). Campbell.
S. II. Seaney.
llaisliaw ,v- Wilson.
Jackson &  l.c.l.y.
Alio:, 0 Idle.
William Clark.
pany, the latter iu turn   agreeing    to copper from the Lake Superior, Mich
construcl a railway and put up   coke
ui en-,    'ii ■ i s land  on   the   Flathead
. iver w ill h't opened up t,, ull.
The names of those back of the i.e..
company are not known but   an   im
pression prevails that Corbin is hack
ill it. It is saiil t,, he hacked will,
amiile capital and the company will
be capitalized at ten million   dollars.
IV,,h panics   have   largftjlioldings
• t i latins yet remaining.
i ornn
0, T. P. Terminus.
low   l-rovince Can   Secure
lU'ticlit of Real Estate
igan, I'n Id, is must pure and tough
and for many years has sold at an ad-
vunco over all othei-   grades,      11    is
«ell adopted to th. iking of copper j Bliyonnil) oxfoiTM^yland. Dulewaro
Hiic.    Electrolytic   copper   is  copper (join mints. Ohio, Kontuoky, Now  J.-r-
electrolytically worked and more of it sey,   Virginia  and   Illinois      Mineral
,,',       V.iii        i   - 'claims situate,1   '...   the   Goal   River
is sold than of -the Lake a ,   now, M Dlvta,0ll o[   West   Kootenay
tin; standard used ill    market    t|UottL- I HlsLrlct
lions,    tt is presumed   to  have   not Whore located;   On   North   Fork   ol
, .      i- ,i      i   i i    •     Summit creek.
quite the purity of the   Lake   nnd   M|    Takb N0Tice that I.   Frederick   S.
therefore considered loss desirable  for elements acting as agent for Frank C.
electrical uses.    Casting copper usual   Klsdon  Free  Miners Oertiticute   No.
... ' 11.   81,698     iiml    Georco     Harrison,
ly contains impUrttes that  ....pan-   its  ,.|(|i n',inBr.s Cfertllioato Mo. U. 81.270,
toughness nnd   electric   Conductivity,  ini, nil. sixty days from tin- date hereof,
lhu.su impurities   being   arsenie,   an-! to apply  to the Mlulng Recorder for
i . ,.,, ,,    . 1 curllllofltes    of    illiproveilleilts, for 111.'
timony and iron,     i ho very  smallest: p(|rpoM o( ()U.lining Cl.oWM  grinl(, *.,
percentage of arsenic in copper  spoils n,u above olamiB.
1 per for wire making,   Casting    "V"1 'urUier Ulw notice that action
I I' " under section 87, must ho ootlimenoed
copper ii usually sold in ingots,   Luke before the issuance of  such oercllictiles
,    I      ,    , ,  .-   ■    • i       i   ,   ' "I in.I"oM-nie.it
I'he Toronto Globe, discussing   tbeande trolyt.u ,n ingots,   who   bars } ^ ^ ^   ^   ^^    ,„„,
Coming selection of the   terminus   of I •, n    anodes.       Cupper   uliotlus    aro F. 8. CL/EMBNl'S. Nelson, B.O.
the G, T, P., Biiysi | heavy sheets of tbe motal used in co|
"To pVovent a   stlturnalln   of   real ' . .
1 , pur plating hv electrolysis,
property speculation,  usii.il   in   such
*—b——m—^—i —————■
Gold,  Silver, or   Lead    -   SI.00
Copper,     -----    SI .50
Cold Silver,     -    -      -    •    $1.50
Charges for other metals on ap
Provincial Assayer
P.O. Drawer A I I.l,    Y.,1111, B.C.
Wholesale and Retail
.Mail orders receive prompt attention
JOHN PIllU'.l-.KT,  Prop.
Meets train every morning
except Sunday, for freight
ami passengers for Yniir
mill. By special orders ou
Sundays. Or for Ynnr mine.
»0   YEARS'
TRAi5£ :ViaR.16
L-ises, the British   Columbia   govern-
n,, ni will act wisely if, following   tho]
1 tecedent set by tho Ontario govern
incut in the construction of tlio Tern
Iskamlng railway,   it   pre-empts   il.-'j.......  ..........  „HAN|, ()|,. ,,-)MK8TW
wholo of the lond about  tho  solected
terminus,  ...ikes  with  thu    Mikity OIC3--A..RB.
i-•...,,,uiv mutually lulvantturauus   ai'-L_        .,     . .,.       ,      ,
1 ,   ,-,,    ,   ,      ,,,     he kootenay   Standard
I'tttigoniants and odjustmnnti, lays oul    * ■"" **
the site of what will   vet    bl)    OIIO    of] M . 1*1 .' •' Tl II1HD   IIV
the great oitios   of   the   world,   and ]   ...
secures for the province the benefit „i |     J.     C.    Thelin   O_C0.__
thu profit arising from the increoso in
Value due entirely tu Hie presencu   of
iln< railway and nol at nil t" tho work
 iitlnv of speculators.
"It « ill argue on the pni I   of  thai
•.•',. c. un .cut   phenomenal   nbtusenes
Anyone ,ending a •kftlnhandjjsrtrlptlnn mm
mitakly njoorUUii pur OlillltlMt rfoe.-ttiottior ,u
HiVsiiHon in pri.hnl.iir BatoHtabjo. Inn niimlen.
11,,us-,.rli'llr l'i"il.'.cl,lH. llrlii.ll.iioUun Pniauu
»,-nt .r.-n. OI,l,'«t nnonoj fill; «,',-urii,t-,,iit,-ins.
Putehtt tiihi-n oirouifh Mm,l, *•* <'j. 'ico...
ll„',l.il n„tice. ml hOUt chi.M). ... '.lid
Scientific Htncrtcaiu
A lundiomotr HlaitfllMd waeklt. IjireMt «lr
,„,,„,..„ ,,t nnr •oltntldo Jnuniiil. •! i-rns ».t r
vi'i.r: tourmontbl ♦>   foi'lbyui, ncwitlttalers.
MUNN & Co r'5'a'3a<"- New York
Braiaib omoe. tflf. I M. WmhiMHii'. U <-'.
post  Office Store,   -   Ymih
y.MU! LODGE, No 32,   K.   I'.
Meet- first    and    third    Moli-
nya of in „,i h.
Visiting   brothers   welcome.
Wm. Coffey, C. C.
ClIELSIR \\',m,|i.-i,i|.,   K,   I!. ■<.
SAM   Ml 1.1.Kit,
Headquarters for .Miiiiiii;' Men
1'iiir  supplied   with   best brand* of
wines, liquors and cigars.
First Avf.xue,
Ymih, 13, C.
Headquarters for Hining
and Commercial Men
.Must comfortable hotel in the .lis
trict.     Everything first-class.
YMIH,  13. C.
l Hotel Ymir:
The Best Meals
Ami Accommodation
In Town.
t A flue selection of Wines, t
X      Liiiuors tuul Cigars.      *
X *l   W. MAMTERSON,     Prop. X
X *
government   phenomenal   nuiusenewi,  l, .
criminal uogloct or doliberntu   cuiinl-  -TlOlvl   ...     •
Nclsoll, IV C
1 nice at.    fraud,   if    ll pporlilliil V
ihns alloldcd la allUwct] to   pani   uu
improved In   the   light   "t   .nonnc
liiscusiiotis of the ptHt   thirty   years
Indeed, tlid nidtbod of treatment hen1
(Under entirely new mannguniuul.)
Uillinu   li'ii.iin   nml    I'til
Viiiir Citizens
... ..mi-;i;i'h	
t.Asi Tl'UHDAY IN i:\< II  MONTH.
.i \v. iioss, ricsi,i,-,,t.
I)   CAMI'ltlilil., Secret..IV.
I''|M.1V M.'l.t;..!., 'I icl.siirci.
V. V. .V K   RY, & S. CO.
and (Jre.it Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. II. & N- Co., for points cast,
west and south ; connects at lli.ss
land and Nelson with the Canadian
Pacific Railway.
Connects at Nelson with the  P. It.
,fc N.   Co.   for   Kaslo   and   K.  and S
Connects al Curlew with   stage foi
Greenwood and  Midway, B.C.
Itull'et.   curs run on trains betwuotl
Spokane and Republic
(ii-licrul Passenger A)<t,
Spokane, Wiioli.
Mlip|)li(!(i    WiUl     ill.'    l»'>t^tt4+-»M + **»0f»*t ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
iii tlif market.
suggested should bo applied t..   every ._.,.
Mali.,,, alone, he line,,,' railway  from | j^^j,, n|||,(|Si,,,    ,|(,|)(lt(    Vl|lil
>l,e Pacific ocean 10 MotlCtoll." 	
'    - I
.1011W  I'.lil.Al'
YOU will lilt.I OXIloptlOllal value- In
Mali....cry, Colif»olloncrj, School
Huppllss, Rn«ort &o. m Campbell'-),
It »,is in the old Mllltlesotll lllilie,
Lake Supotloi' copper d.sdriet, thai
Viis found the largest mass of mili.e
topper ever di-scoyeied I. wan found
in IM57 li was i". feel long, :!.'
| . |   .. ,,;,* nnd eiglil   fool    thick   and
Kootenay Coffee Co.
Wholestilt, and I'olail dealers
in I",—1, llni.-i,11
Hitjh * Grade « Goffees
belivpl'etl ,'tii\
place in ii.w it.
Stove Lengths
Per Cart Load.
wu« about 90  per   conl
tveiiilicd 120 tons,
N I'd.st iN,
X       Porto  Rico      t
f j
I   Lninbcr Co. Ltd.  |
\ 444*******4*****4*****4 \
Piolii n ccffef
r,,vK,n to n lliou»-
llld ilellar prf-
«t-.itutiun let.
Henry iinkuft
Bnn»'     fndlltlel.
for msklag solid
illvorwftra me
poueMtd i>y nn
nllicrcoiictr.i l»
CL»«fT -u». Arllrtlcdeitgii*
erfl, n.n'trrii mBrtilnery, nnd iktllad lininl-
wnikris, nil innltr ttie illrn-t Bii|«-.vl.ton of
priettetl losniberl »,f tin* fitm, nmlce nn in»-
iqttliltd cuiutiiualloii fur tuilllng out fine
Write for IIIiiMrnttil catalogue.
Sterling Sll*/cr,
Silver Plate,
Watchei, etc.
Henry Birks& Sons
Jrv.r.1, ,. 10 111* I   .    *,lrl»<-y
the BtnOI MilHO.
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
'P he only all rail route betwcoit
points east, west and smith tu It,,**-*
land, Kelson, Grand Forks and lie-
public. I'.iill'ctcais run between Spo
kiu.c and Northport
Effective Juun 1 lilt, 1008,
Leave Daily Train Arrive
8.46 .i.l..        Spokane 6.16 p.in
in tu a.in        ltonlnnd 4.36 p.nt
9.S2 :i in Villi.' •'. :'-'. p ".
7.id a.m Nelson 7 '-''I p'lll
;i-86 .i...     Grand Forks       I UO p nl
silt) ii.(ii Republic 0.16 p.m
A.XjIj   the    time
l'.Y   USIN0
Seattle,    Tacomti
St. Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
PALACE   AN!>   Toi'ltlsT
l.lllltAIIY    i.'AHS,     .M'»|,1',|!N
111 NINO   CAltS,
Best   Meals   on   Wheels,
2    FAST   TRAINS     Q
S| iul     Kxclll'siiili    1 titles
To World'* Fair, St. Louis
Your Choice of  Hon.,'.
For rules, folders nml full Infornniiloil
rpgsrdlnii nips, coll .... ot address ml
iif;clit of tllU 8, V. .V N. Itiiilw-iy  or
II. A. JACKSO.N,        II. IIKAMil'.
t;. I-. \- r. A.,        c. p .v r. A.
Spoliiiie-.       71" \V, Kiv, r-i I,- Avi
Spi.!. ..in-.


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