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The Ymir Herald 1905-12-16

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Vol. 2-^0.29.
YMIH, 1}. ('-.-SATUlJlUY, DEC, 10, 190.-..
Five Cents;
**#* ***4 *4***4*4i*4*4 44*
P. Daly and Harry Jackson have
gone to worjc at the Wilsox.
The Wilcox stamp mill started up
again last Saturday.
W. J. Hughes left ou Wednesday
fawning for a twq months' visit tg
friends in Oregon.
Arthur Glare, forrnprly foron-an at,
iiie Vmir Stamp mi'l isv_ow employ-
n the Second Relief mill.
/.ho T. Freeman is able to be out
,*»f the d'-spital after a   so vere attack
if pleurisy.
Mrs. T. H* JHothorham intends to
i ave shortly to join her husbsnd al
Mr. and Mrs. Percy J. Clearer left
1*1 Friday morning to spend tho Christ-
naa holidays with frier*ds ut the coast.
If you want a d*il, go to 'Tlie Fair,'
-Clioy haue thorn from,5 cents to $JO
In l.-kiq,' for Xmx.. novjltis, dont
iyget that 'The Fair" mikes this
,iws ofgo.J**  a spjoinlty.
It its holqiay gouds, '-Tlio Fair'
.*.i!l have   them.
When buying your    Xmas presents
i"nt forget to call in and examine the
-. i*f. at A n lA-eiuli's.
Parr aud Northridge jdiiptjed a   car
li '-id of ore yesterday from tho  Tain-
.t.-ic mine.
A large stock of J&naa pirsentsfor
j inthers, wive, and sweethearts at
Wiss Frenolt's.
Mrs Q. W. Orobard left on   Thnrs-
i»y evening to  spend   the   holidays
" '<**&.'. |'*rPn_i,at__.in-»««_»li.
■Murdock Campbell carno in on
n'hursday from the Second ltejiof  for
.wheal treatment.
P. Murray returned yesterday from
ii week's visit, to Nielson and has re-
niiiuod his position in tho Ymir stamp
Hilph Kdlig i-n return * I chit -v.u.c
jJrom a visit to his old home iu Miuno-
Mr.and Mrs. Willoughby left for
Spokane on Monday morning.
A. B. Riickwnrtli spent the past
week in Vancouver, ou business.
All kin 1 loi! fi.u/  o,:lu-i,   luil
kerchief*), glove), ties an I f-iooi*     no
tioiiH j.ist, tlu  tiling for    Ciristmi
ptesenU, at prioos to suit   the   times
at Mrs. McLcod's.
A. W. Oyer, telegraph editor of
lho Nelson Daily News, accompanied
l.y Mrs. Dyer, spent last Sunday in
The children's annual Christinas
tree next .Saturday night will be held
in the church, instead of thn Uu ion
Hull as previously announced.
Winslow and Vanliutkirk  have laid
in a supply of provisions for tho  winter aud have   started     work   oil   the
Sil.orP.iikgr.mp   run th)  head of
Wild Horse.
Con. Wolfle arrived Thursday from
ripelctne, und went up to tbo Silver
Peak mine on Friday morning. II'.
lias completely recovered from his re-
"-.■nt illness.
The regular meeting of tho    Ymir
lo-dira of the K, of P'e. will bo hoi J on
Monday evening at which one degree
will be conferred.    A   large   attends
..nceof membors is requested.
Mrs. 8. Snringcr and her son Ifo w»
.'nd will leave on Monday for SpolUne
lor tlio winter. The/ will be joined
there by Mr. .Springer, as Soon as the
Y_.ii' saw mill closes down,
The beer   that   made Milwaukee
famous for **a)a ac  the Waldorf.
The Vinir stamp mill and Cyanide
plant sinned up again   on   Tliut.day
after a two wejk'.s shut down for  re-
pairs.   AH   the   old  employees   have
gone hack tyi work.
F. 0. Oieeti,   P. L., S.   of   Nelson,
surveyed the granite   bluij;  one ruile
south of   Ymir,   this  week.    Tl|is is
tlie property recently purchased   by
the Spokane Monumental oompaiiy.
A very pleasant complimentary
dance was given in Miners' Union
bail; on Wednesday evening, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. C. V. English,
who left on Thursday morning for n
visit to friends in Ohio
Ymir has been favored for the past
week with ideal winter weather bright
sunshiny days and clear frosty nights.
There is just suflieient snqw to make
good sleighing, r*.4t scarcely enough fo
Dr. J. 1[ Hamilton, .Superintendent of the Arrowhead hospital passed
through Y«ir on Sunday morning,
en route  to the   east where  he will
visit Toronto, Montreal,  New   York
and other eastern cities.
Last week's Gazette contained ijq-
ticc of tho incorporation of the Daily
News Publishing Company Ltd," with
a capital ol .'.5,000, divided into two
hundred and fifty shares of oqej hundred dollars each.
The city council of Nelson bus released I). McBeatl) and W. ft Tier-
ney from their contract iu connection with the now power plant. The
work will in future bo carried ou under the suit.* r-i-ion of the city engin-
Miss Chirk, teacher 0f the Vmir
school, has been holding a written ex
nidation on the diffo rent subjects
taught during the past tei in, f„r the
purpose of grading the dillerent classes
for the next term., The result i.f the
examination will bo published next
The class in the Ymir public school
who have been piepaWng for the High
School Entrance Examination were
greatly disappointed when word was
received on Monday that nd entrance
examination will be he'd this year.
Then would have been three candidate, from this school, all of whom
stood a good chance of pa-sing, At it
is, they are forced to spend another six
months on entrance work.
Dr. Dixon of Nelson, has taker. ~a
lease and bond on tho Mother J/odi*
on Sheep Creek, from the owners,
Ben lie t and Hillings. *"n has a force
of men at work building a rawhide
trail from the wagon road lo the mini;
and will start a force of minors at
work iu u few dny-., The ore will be
shipped from Salhio,
Nelson Daily News was ahead of
Umi! whon it announced ou Tuesday
last thut tho Ymir saw mill had closed down for the season. Aa a matter
of fact tho mill is still running nud
will continue to turn out high grade
lumber just as long as the weather
will permit, as tho company has orders
enough on hand to keep the mill running all winter if it wjre   possible.
The Christmas story "Mrs Mason's
Christinas", tho first instalment of
which appears on the third page of
this issue, is from the pen of a well-
known Ymirito an'1 is founded on a
truo incident. Lack of space prevented the public ation of the complete
story in this issue, but the balance
of it will appear next week. We would
suggest i bat readers of tho Herald
.unserve tllis paper so that tht com-
pte-te story may be read.
Miss Hii) returned to |i_* home
at Waneta yesterday morning; after
a weeks visit to her Ymir frien.js.
W. II. Mclsaae, T. ft. Watt, and
Hector jlfcLsrty have been busily
engaged for a couple of days fixing up
the priion halj for the entertainment
on Christmas night in aid of the general hospital. A larger stage has been
built apd tho scenic artists have displayed consi'derabte taste in the decor
ations of the rear and sides, which
will add greatly to its attractiveness
The Dramatic Club are faithfully rehearsing and the affair promises to be
onu of tho best entertainments ever
held id Ymir. A large attendance
is practically assured, as a large iiuro-
btr of miners will be in town for the
holidays. Excellent music has bean
arranged for Uie dance which is to
Christmas Display.**;,
Wlwt Herald Advertisers are
Showing fur the Cl'ri.t-
mas Tr.de,
Safkatchewan Election.
The elections in Saskatchewan on
Wednesday resulted, as was expected, in a victory far tho Scott government The latest returns give the
liberal* )6 members and the conservatives}) Haultarn, leader of the
opposition put up a plucky light but
the uombination against him was too
strong, The campaign throughout
was tho bitterest in Canadian politics.
Newspapers in Nelson.
Judging from reports, Nelson will
shortly have a plethora of daily newspapers. Tho Daily News ig at the present the only one in the Held, but preparations are being made for tbe publication of tbl-ttcmora. -Rev VV. Baer
has given up the pulpit for the editorial rli.iir ami is getting ready to issue
the Nelson Arlvanee, -which is* to take
tbo place of the defunct Tribune He
claims that it is backed by sullicient
"iipital to make it a success and that
it will he a "good clean Conservative
paper'. I). M. Cailey. of the Economist, announces thut. on April '-.'nd next,
be will commune, lhe 'publication of
the Daily Vidette. Mi. (,'urley aunouu-
ci-athat Ins paper will be '-Conservuivc
to the core", und though It ''carnot
boast of any linaiicial backing, its publisher/eels that with years of practical
experience, good hard work and ihie re
gard for economy, tbe Vidette may
break even from the ulart". If an>
oui! can niaKc 11 success of an evening
paper in Nelson, Carley can. 'llie Independent Conservatives also threaten
to start a daily paper iu whiub lo air
their political opinions
The outside public will watch with
Interest tho development of the theory
of •-the survival of the littest". The
Herald wishi-stltcni all the greatest
amount of suec.iss.
Fire Brigade Signals.
Fire chief Mclnnis hus prepared the
following >-igniils for handling the fire
alarm: Steady ringing means lire
One stroke (pause) two strokes (pause)
three strokes, means a call for help
handle the hose when drying and
reeling it up after use.
PiiKsuvTwiiAff Giiunai—.S u ii il * y
School and -Bible Clast, 10 a. rn.
Evening   service, 8. Young Peo
ples' Society meats on rriday ovenin
at H o'clock. Ml are welco me. ReV
W, O. Koss, Pastor
tt.W York, Dim. 14—Bar silver
t!5 5-H; easting copprr 17 1-4; electrolytic copper 18 3-8 to 18 7-8,
strong,  lead* to 30.
London.  Dec.   14—Silver,  3.   1 8;
lead,  j.1. Ks. (id.
As Christmas draws near, the busi-
uess houses of Ymir are taking on a
holiday appearance and special pains
are being taken to display tho holiday
goods in as attractive a manner as
possible, in anticipation of a briak trade
during the coming week, rjvery one
of I hem has semething special in the
line of goods suitable tor the season,
and there is no excuse for any one to
send out of town for Christmas presents, when goods of such quality can
be procured from the Iocs) merchants
a. cheap as elsewhere. The following
is a short sketch of some of the displays made by the merchants along
Front street.
At D. Campbell's store, that artistic window dresser, 1!. J. Mackenzie
has taken special pains to mako the
store look attractive, In the window
of the grocery deparinient is a beautiful Christmas tret*, loaded wilh fancy
packages of confectionery, et.:. while
at tho base are pyramids of fruit of
all kinds, nut**, and candies to gladden
the hearts of the young people. In
the Stationery department, there is a
fine display of ladies' baud bags and
chatelaines, toilet sets, fancy Christmas cards aud a thousand other articles. Tn tbo gents' furnishing department there is a display to suit
the taste of tho most fastiduotis. The
interior of the storo has been decorated throughout with holly and mistle
As usual   thn   DesBrisay   Jobbing
Company are 'hero with the goods'
this year.   They   have   every   thing
required to make the holiday  season
joyous and happy.    Ih  thliir grocery
window is a display of   fruits   of   all
kinds, nuts,   confectionery   etc.    and
on   the   shelves is   a large   stock   of
choice    family   grouerics,    tastefully
arranged-     Their    clothing Jwindow
displays a large assortment   of handsome ties, collars, handkerchiefs, lints
and in fact every thing    required   by
gentlemen in the lino of dims.    Both
wibdows  present   a   very   attractive
appearance and   look   very   ti.uipting.
to those in search of Christmas goods
Mrs. J MeLeod,  has   this   year   n
larger stock than fever of ladies furnish
ing, millinery  etc. consisting of ladies
fancy collars, plain and   fancy   handkerchiefs, ties, fancy   linens stumped,
all kinds of fancy   beads   in   newesi
styles of pearl, gold and coral and   h
great many other things that the masculine mind cannot   comprehend    but
are asourco of delight to thn eyes    of
the ladios.
One of the most attractive display-
is that in the window uf the Ymii
Drugstore. Dr. Elliot has received
a largo stock of high grade goods, con *
sisling of gold necklaces, watch guard.
bronchi's, bracelets, jewel cases, tabh
silver ware and cut glass, carving sets,
work boxes, papeteries, souvenir
spoons etc. any of which would make
a very bandsomo Christmas present.
Miles Mclnnis has also a' complete
stock of cigars, pipes, smokers, sup
plies etc. just what the gentlemen like
for a Xmas gift.
" The Fair" has a large stocK of
Christmas novelties and will repay
a visit from those looking for suitable
gifts for tlmir friends. Tho proprietor makes this olass of goods a specialty, and every th ing i* up to date.
Miss French has also a very fine
display uf goods suitable for the holiday season consisting of cushion tops
art linens, fancy collars) ties*, shirt
waist sets, bell back Ies Joavebir spoons
etc. Intending purchasers will lin.j
her stock very complete and up t .|
In the hardware line V 8 T Rist
has everything Uiat a complete hardware store should have. Ho ia displaying some lino cutlery, shaving nets j
and a hofjt of otber articles, both nsc
ful and ornamental, suitable for holiday gifts.
A Hint to Parmer-,
Eyery fanner in Canada should read
thePaiijily IJeralcJand Weekly 8tar
of Montreal. It is without esceptk.ii
the best Family and Panq paper en
the continent, and oostu hi>t ono dollar
a year, including their most beautiful
picture "(Jueen Alexandra, Her Grand
children and Dogs." It i« the biggest
dollar's worth offered this aeas on, toi!
no farmer should overlook it: Tbe
farmer,*! Manual and Veterinary
Guide issued by tbe same papershauld
also be ip-.the hands pf every farmer.
Particular* may be had at ihie officer by writing direct to the Family
Herald anrfWeekly Star' Montreal
So enterprising farmer should be
without it. It is recommended by
the best authorities. Samples ean ..
seep at this office.
A Successful Season.
Hotel Arrival.*!.
Cokmopolitan   Hona:—
It .ipi. Hiliigoss, Parent, Minn
D, K.Cair.  Uosalaud.
J. T. Frcemuii, Krie.
.'. O. Frank, Sandon.
John Sclar, Noitbport.
F. II. McKay   (Ireeawuotl.
(1. I'avics. Hall.
Watoonr HowLr—
A. S. Hrown, Nelson,
K. A. Maker, Vancouver.
James Huswlll, Hunter V.
E  Ferguson, Nelson.
Ijonrad Wollle, Spokane.
I'l-ti-r Di-vi'v, Ymir mine.
Mcleod   Hotcl:—
J. A. Sutherland. Vancou ver.
H. J. Marshall. Hunter V.
A W Dyer and wife, Nelson.
J. Miller, Nelson.
K.I!. Ki.-linr.l-.iiu, Vancouv«t
J. Ceni-lle and wife, Nelsaa.
Annual Meeting of tbo Port a
Kico Lumber Co.
The annual meeting of   the Port-i
Kico Lumber Company  was held in
tho company's office on Friday  after
noon, at which there were present J
A Dewar, president, O  W Orchard,
secretary, O Hanley, P Mel. augblii.
of Ymir, J M Lay,   A G   Lambc-
K Harrup of Nelson.   The Auditor',
report for the year ending Oct   _et,li
showing the business to bo in  a pro--
peroui  condition   was was  read  an-i
adopted.    During the vear, the  saw -
mill was operated _0'2 days, the tn.
age daily cut   being    .7,300, or  M.r
•ii millions feet for the  season,    'i'l.-.
total amount disbursed for wag-'s «...
$4.3,040, and the  total amount paid
out for wages, supplies, etc. was f&H
114. Tho following officers wore clev;-
edj J A Dewar, preeidenl aud inn. -.
aging director, G \V   Orchard,  ms.
Crea*,, D McArthur, E Harr4p,"\V
Hayward, O Hauley, G  '■.' ./r.U.d
Aritoine Richelli.  skip tender     .
tlio War    Eagle    mine,    Rossland,
had his head crashed   on  Tbunde.y
night, whilo bringing the cago to Ot.
surface.    Death   was   iailMMaWo .<* sv.
'.iWH-'t l'i■>M'.m iH    ' i" » »M|-n-ViVi»'
_ijj_. ... ..-.-rr,'.*"'-*"
-.ill    i.  if<i is
I 11
I     .   >_ ll  " -rr Halur-la'  .nt       . all.'1   10  all}'
■ Irtw, »' -1.-Ji.--r.-1 li*,- of flit'»    town,
a,S'lUorIptteisMOO4*1   ai>ai m, p»>»)jlfjn ill
.'.Ivsr.-n-; ral«i,   II 00 es-l inch i-r nonlh
Tall IlKai.o o*» I" aa* from all Iwd.nu
.,.',".i«l"i la Ut« district, ut 'can bi- Obtained
Ireot fcim th.* ot-i-jt.
L'Aatiaerolsl tirlalin** .' i*v,ry d-."'-rip;i-».i
i" i. on tilt- fira-uUc-vat fli-iadartl urici's.
i--*»i.Mi»iD *-yTM*i
'li;K*.(.p   i*i;ULISIilM)   COMPANY
Such mislead ing atatetnents as   tl •] vdvan Cages of government ewnership
• oul.l ba obtained while throagh the
stribulionofburden.be danger   oi
.vorcentralization would be   avoided
.-AT 01!DAY. pm,, ID 11*05.
Tije amount of knowledge? concern
in;* *Ke rnininj,- industrv in the Kqot-
(-..,.- -i acquired by sow.; tourists in a
flying trip through the country is
I'eallv. surprising Afttrr spending a
Coiiple of days in Nelson and st.udy-
ihjr the subject at scowl hand from
Home of the 60 called mining' experts
they feel qualified to^iscuss tl.e oon-
ci'.tion of tl.e industry _j:d the milling
laws affecting it wiflt-all the confidence begotten of ignorance. That, a
wrong conclusion should be formed
add u wrong impression be given tu
those not familiar With the real cn-
ditipiis is lo be t-ApecUd trom euch a
superficial observation, The true cou-
ilitionH of tbe industry cannot be
studied trom the dec!; of a pleasure
yacht on Kootenay lake or over ■_
bottle of wine at (he club. To get lit
the real facts the person who wishes
to desoribo tne condition** as tlicy exist must get out among the boys in
the bills, walali them at work, find
uut the dangers and hardships to which
they are exposed, stud-' 'heir environ-
i.inits whin off shift, and tho net.
usultstjf their labor. Tlie freight
.ind smelter rates for treatment of
different kinds of ores are also among
-he important factors that directly
-ilfect the industry and without a
thorough knowledge of all tho above
.- inditious no person is justified iu
giving out statements which aro calculated to do the country a great, injury, The above remarks were suggested hy reading an articlo ... the
I'.i-Mouthly Bulletin of the American
Institute of mining enginocrs front
the p3ii of Ur. 11. \V. Raymond sec-
rotary of the Institute containing an
WOOUnt of a trip from Now i'u; a to
Dawson ill which lie condom. > With*
'out roservo the British Colombia
milling laws, especially the eight hour
Tho following is   his   rel'oreucu   to
i".*? eight hour  law:
"In tlie; immediate neighborhood of
SiUon no largo mines luvu <eoii
upenedjattd the smallor operations
Whioh might become important, have
been, handicapped by hasty legislation, such as the passage uf an
''tight hour law" for British Oolum
bla, Quito apart from the question of
t|ie wisdom of such laws, as applied to
large and profitable undertakings it
must be at unci* confessed tint they
Operate most cni'illy npoti enterprises
engaged in "(load work," or not yet
ni a paying Oasi--. Any arbitary prohibition, in such cases, of the employment of cheaper -abor, or the employ*
ment of men who volunteer to work
for more th.ui eight hours a day,
-.imply shuts up the luLtiot. whioh
might oth-rwl«i! develop into great
prodocera. Such lusty and iudis-
v-riininute legislation lms inflicted up
on the mining district*, of l.ititish
Columbia, much injur.*., from which
t,*._ aro bat slowl-y re..v.imir.''
1 nbo ve, when circulated by  a man <•
cupying the ptmkion of Dr.  Uaymui.
cannot .ail to have an   injurious   cf
' feet, and Were they not   calculated  l
frighten capitu! from   investment   i
mining enterprises w->iild lie   us>   al.
, surd for   rotice.     Can Dr. l.aymoti
mention on.*, mine in British CoJumbi
! that is cloned down on account of th
| eight hour law or on   which   it    ha
I operated "most cruel*-.-.''. -It   is   tru
: thut whs.i tl.e law was passed, it wa
j opposed by a number of mine owner
who could see nothing but disaster t
i iiii. industry by   its adoption but afte.
' giving it a fair trial, wc   doubt   ver..
] much whether   any of   them   woulu
I prefer to return to the old   order   o.
I things.   That the eight   hour   p.in-
: ciple is the preferable   is. proven   b>
I tlie fact that although tbe eight   bou.
day law for   smeller   employees    wa
j defeated in the legislature,   tl.e threi
i largest   smelting   companies   iu   tin
; province have voluntarily adopted it
They as business   concerns   rucognizi
I the fact that  their employees will   bi
1 iooib couteuted and do more and bettei
work in eight hours then they formerly did in ten  hours.    Such   also   ha,
been the experience of every, niiniu*.
enterprise in   the   province   that   is
conducted ou business principles.
Dr. Raymond also   advocates   the
employment of cheaper   labor   overlooking the fact t'.iat experience of thu
Lest initie managers iu the province r«
lint t|ie men who volunteer   to  work
I cheaper  than   the   regular   scale   ol
i wages and to work longer underground
i than eight hours are   the   dearest  it
the end.    They are   usually inferior,
unskilled miners, who, holding themselves cheap   nre   despised   both   by
their employers and their   associates.
The real reason   for   the   unsatisfactory condition of tbe mining industry in Kootenay during the past few
year's, has been duo more to mismanage
merit than to,  what he  calls, "hasty
and indisciiiiiirittte legislation".    Men
with   a   book-learned smattering of
mining terms but wholly without any
practical experience, h-ive been place..
in charge of properties at large salaries, and when no dividends were forthcoming- the -shareholders l.ecamfl dissatisfied and blauted the country  and
the mining laws.   Um'er such management the richest mine in  jMnericri
would not pay dividends.   Wherever
mines havo been properly bandied by
expericned men*, they havo almost invariably proved it sUccoss, and  yielded luti.factory returns.
Pi.-i-ieht Roonefelt say* that ar.
awakened public conscience is what
is required to root out tho cotabiuet.
and trusts. That will ho doubt do it
if thu public cortscienc. dues not roll
over and go asleep again, before being
aroiisnd to action
Sit- Henry Campbell* Il.inuorio.n,
tho Uew premier of Great Britain is a
Scotchman, as also are all tlio living
ox-premiers, Nd matter What the result of tin*, general election may be
tbe leader el tlie rVcw g.vrjrnnieiit will
be from north _f the Tweed.
William JennWus Bryan has con-
tributed ah • article to the Success
magazine in which h'o outlines a
plan for government ownership of
railways by* wliieh the federal government own slid dp'eVatP tin) trunk
line's arid thi state owns the branch
lirte-r-   In this way hi* _rgo», Wl  tho
A well known western mi ping nian
vho recently  returned   from a   visit
. the great eastern   financial centres
urns up the situation as regards min-
ng investments as follows:
'No longer can a smooth talker,
trmed with elaborately printed stock
.ertificates and nothing else, ge east
md sell stock. Tho man or men
with good properties, upon which a
report from a recognized mining en-
.ineer can be made, has no trouble at
-ha present time in getting all the
capital necessary in the east, to develop the properties.''
To come to Nelson for your Xmas Jewelry, as wo. are giving
exceptional valui s this month. Our store will he open every
evening, an;l i: :-• wour train is late, a postal from you'will
.*(.. being closed when you arrive. If you
iiially your mail order will be appreciat-
prcmjpt and careful attention. Parens
probation to responsible  persons.   Our
prevent the st .
cannot visit,.   ,
ed, and wj!i r  .
will be sent on   a
And now as
-—to —
It is not without reason
that Canada's largest
Jewelry house should be
known as Diamond Hall,
All over llie Continent this store is famous
as giving unequalled
diamond values. A
permanent buying staff
at Amsterdam ensures
advantageous purchas*
ing, and dur customers
.receive the price benefit
A Diamond Mall guarantee moans an absolutely
perfect atone.
fiVRie BROS.
134-138 YONOE ST.
TOftOWTO   -    ONT.
goods are the b< st quajity, and lowest prices^
J. 0.  Patenaude,
Manufacturing: Jeweller, Watchmaker and Optician-.
PHONE 293.     NELSON- B- C*
The Kind You Would Like
Old Settlers Maple  Syrup.
Pure in 1-4, 1-2 and 1 gallon Tini.
Sold by
Take not'ee n.at I ahull hold a Court
if Revision   and Appeal  Under    the.
■Asaessniert Act   1908," for the Kel
son  Assessment District,  on  Monday,
'eccnUicr 18th, 1905, at.the  hour  uf
1080 o'clock   in the foretiooc,   III   th.
iovernilient AgKUl's office, In the Couri
House in the C.iy of Neleon.
ludf},' of the  Court uf Revision and
il'Peal, Nelson Assessment District.
Dated, Nelson,   B.    ',-,  _>■*    il.h
Clark's  Furniture   Store
Undertaker   and   Furniture    Dealer
Mail orders promptly alt-ended to
Bine** Htm-t, ■       Ymir
Agent for Kootenay Steim L-utodry.
—    .*"i In renr of Poit office.." ■„'■   I
P. Saunders,   Prop.
tftob Vir-ir Herald having changed
bands, all account* d.e on the let.
•Nov, 1905, should be paid to the un-
dertigned by whom all outstanding
liabilitiM ou that date will  be paid
All advertising and o.her DcoounU
cont-ractud after tho int Nov. ai-epa-***
ablotoJ.N. McDonald who ia als..
solely reJipousible for all liabilities in-
eurre.1 aftAr that date
l'i.-y  lens.'.
The comfortable-way is via   ti J
Close connections for all  points  East
and Wc*itwith2 Jlodern Overland
Trains in eit her direction daily
For detailed inforhvrtian addr-ess t. WHITNEY,   Passens-ci*
Trtfic M^r., St. P.itil Mim,, or    8.0.  Yerke. A.O.P.A   S.*ttla
Wash S.S. Dakota sails from Seattle for tho Orient March  12
*J.s. Minnesota nails from Saattlo for the Oraent Feb. 1 19*5°
U. &. T. Ross, S-ftrelary.
NELSON fl. e.
Opposite Oo-jrthouse  and   new   Paul
office,   Best -51 rheal   ih   town-.
European and American plan.
Only   whilo    labor    employed.
First clan bar.
.. A.   ER1CKSON,
First-class Dining Room.
Best brands of Wines
Liquors ami Cigars.
Second Ave.
Ymir Citizen.*
Last Thursday ih bach month ,
Pislat McLsob, Pr-rtdett
tui... Qi.fe«i_B, Secretary.
A. B. Bociworrn, Trean*
Headquarters for Mining Meft
Bar supplied  with  beat brands of
winen, liquor* and eit;ai s.
Finn A.muK,
Headquarters for Hining
and Commercial Men
Moat uorhfortablu hotel in tbe did
triot.    Everything fitlV-^lasj..
YMH., B. O- IVTjs. Mason's Christmas.
'11 (■ itrilrc was ended. Tho tall
chimneys of the great iron plant of
McA—Bros.' once more belched forth
volumes of smoke thai rose ukywai-d in
black columns, changing,' aiion, into
fantastic i-hapcs aud sbadca. Here
nnd there groups of employees were
hurrying towards the works,, dinner
\ «il in hand, all glad to return to their
■positions which had been abandoned
for months,
Mrs. Mason hummed softly snatches
of favorite songs as  she  wont   about
her household duties.    Ifer   husband
was also returning to work this morning.    Their last dulling .had, long since,
gone for tne bare necessities, and their
credit at the grocer's was being sorely
tried.    Little  Mamie was  better too
this morning and the poor   mother's
heart   beat high    with   hope   ns  she
liastily prepared her customary breakfast from the meagre supply.
■i       Little Mamie was not a particularly'.!
beautiful child, but  such  a  thoughtful, mature little face on i tot of six
was   seldom  seen.    Her   large clear
huxel eyes and solemn visage reminded
■iiiu of the Madonna of Rubens.   Little
Mamie was not  hungry this morning.
She ate sparingly of the buttered toast
but eagerly drank the "milk  in  which
it dilated and then asked for her dolly.
Alio was a raro hothouse  llowei",  and
like all bucIi, required much cure, The
Doctor's   instructions to   supply   her
with nourishing foods and  fruit  was
followed as far as possible, but during
lhe past few weeks, it became more and
more diflicult, as their little remaining credit had to   be   used   sparingly.
And Jack Mason?—Mr. Mason like
many others possessed peculiar   ideas
on |some things.    He was a   devoted
husband n*yid i.iolizod his only daughter.    Ur was a skilful mechanic, held
in high esteem by his employes-faith-
ful and   accurate in the delicate  worjj
assigned ;o him, and yet   he had two
faults which ,corabined, wore to wreck
his life.    He was very   proud   of his
ability to  "hoe his own row'1,   as   he
called it, and   would   stand dictation
front no person.    Even his wifo knew
better than to  attempt   anything of
lho kind,   When he drank too much
liquor for his own good, as he occasionally did, he was wunt to  excuse the
fault by' saying that it was only mice
in a while aud lie would  promise  not
to allow it to occur again, but alas fur
such promises.   They were no differ-
erent fron those  made  many,   many
times    hy   many  different    people,
and will continue to be Mode indefinably.   This latter fault had not been
overlooked by the  great   iron   merchant, by any meatts.    It w*w seldom
indeed that he   overlooked  anything
whore the interests   of   tho company
were concerned, but he bad hoped the
matter would bs remedied without his
personal remonstrance, as the foreman
had promised to sue that it was stopped.
Jack was in Ills working chillies ai
tl.e great whistle signalled tile beginning pf tlio diiy's toil au.l On his way to
his old place in the shop when ho met,
tiie foreman. (loud morning, Jack, I
am glad to sen yon back at your olii
pltcu again. W.i started Up ln time for
our Christmas ttlr key.
Why Yes. laughed Mf. Mason, I had
almost f.irgotten that tbe Company re-
meml/in. usln that way on Christinas,
It will on welcome with tts, ! amsnre-
Wnat ll frtj particular work to He , to
day, Mr. SUepparil.
Why! that reminds me, replied the
forerun-,, Air. McA. said to lull yotl to
come t the offleu before beginning work
as in. ii --4tio.il to sue you personally. 1
near'*, ;'• rgot about it. Hope Jon aro
booked t..r hgti.r wages, Jack, you
certain.; are i.-rftputeat enough.
Jack I/lushed nke a schuolrfoy,   sod
•lumn, •■■> d: 1 iusi do my best that's all
Yes, ,."-., 1 '..i.i>v yoii do, Junk,' well,
good J.i.-u '   yon any Way.
fjaclf noontoifi.d hims'elf in (he'pres-1
i-Dct-.I the great itontatsikt. Come
Mr MoJo'tr, mid he grtt-id'y, though,;
kind],', it ■'. M itunled for a few min j
ales, ;. ml .."• I . yuii presently, Mr. I
MeA.   •■   f* i'--. f who had gro*#n grey i
Just Arrived
INew Line of Groceries comprising
•     XMAS FARli
To neiy     subscribers and ..1.1 subscribers paying one year jn adranc.   Sample
copies cf lho I'oullryiunn mnj l.e seen at the Herald ollloe.
i n il.e service of ihe company.    Begin
ni ng at the lowest round of the ladder
he hud given lhe best   part  of  his  life
lo llie interests of the works  reselling
the position of bead of the lirm,    11.
knew little of anything   nut connected
with its  various workings and wus entirely unskilled   in  diplomacy  of any
kind  He bad no time to   waste in uso
less   preliminaries,   but  always   went
straight to the  point of   any  ijuuntion
and with little loss of time-    His face
was uot an unkind one but had   "business" indelibly stamped   in  every   lineament-
Jack made no comment, but wondered vaguely what ll.e summons n.eaut.
de even found himself indulging lu
visious ot the position of foreman uud
wondering what the salary amounted to
He then surutiui.cl some of the plans
of iron works with which the olbce wns
well supplied and (iiially heard his name
called sharply,
Mr. Mason, begun the business man.
I sent for you this morning tu ...ive n
short private conversation with you relative to the position you huve held
with us in tbe past. With a very few
exceptions, all of our old employees are
returning to work, and I shall be glad
to aiiow that you aro Included in the
number, but your doing so implies a
condition. The Coiidiliun, continued
Mr. mcA. Is that you give me your
word that, beginning in-day and
as long as yolr are an employee of this
company, you will abstain entirely from
intoxicating liquor of any kind.
(Cuutiuued nest week.)
ntllKKIIAija'   AMI   IKSL'tUt-iCK.
Persy J. CHenzer,
John 1'hilhert.
II. Campbell.
DegHrisuy Jobbing Co.
J. C  Wliott, M. 1).
William Clark.
1). Campbell.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Cosmopolitan—John Breau.
Mci.cod House—Finlav MeLeod.
Miller House—,8, Miller.
I'Ulaco—Tait A Ruddy,
Vancouver—('wen Boyer.
Waldorf—(jeorge Column.
Vmir—J, W. Masterson.
U. S. T. Koss.
1,.Ml IKS    H.U-tlSHlV.I     AN.I     II.I...I*
f'rs. John Mcljeod.
f*-i.KS H-M l-'reiieh.
Percy J. (ilea**er.   •
Herald I'liblishing Co.
,        j_ '        STATIO.IIBr.
1)   0_mpbi.ll.
Joseph l.sahy-
Miles   Mclnnis.
Wm. Clark.
Our   Line of Shoes and Rubbers
is still' complete and these we are selling at
Greatly Reduced Prices
*t.;?  .... ■«	
AVfc can*Clot ho-you from Head to Foot at Prices tlmt
Cannot bc Equalled
|      '■
*•.  . * -, •  _   *     .   i
DesBrisay Jobbing Co
U. S. T. ROSS,
Hardware   Merchant,     Ymir,    B.
-Shelf and   Builders    lla:
Paints and  Oils,   .Stores,
. Coalj
Kteel, Powdi r,
Fuse   niid
Granite   and
All   kinds   of
,   Ti,,-
srnitl.iriK   and
Now is the^tinie
fur Clt-atii.** Kin*
Tenders addressed to the Undersign
ed, at his olliiie In n.e Court House in
the City ol Nelson, will be received up
lill the boOr ol live o'nlock un the r.fter-
nonn nt Monday, Puci'tnber the 18th.
I 'JO ii, fur th.* purchase ol ihu -'Mountain _lilef' Mineral Claim, Lot ....
ivhich was dc'llared forfeited to tilt-
Crown at lin. Tax Sale held in tb.
City uf lt!3s|aiid, ou the 7th day of
No lumber, 101)4 fir delinquent taste'
up till ifiiue8.il*, 1904, uud costs.
The upswl prlcp upon the said miner
al flaii,, wliluh includes the auinuht ol'
■ieliii.) -...'. La.-ies and costs at the tini,
if (orfi.'iii.'iv, together wilb interest up
...i tbe -ii...!' at tne rate uf 0 per cen.
pur annum, taxes which have since ac
•:rued. a...I I.-,! (or Crown liriuit, it
>7ii.iii, whioh ia thu least amount thai
t/111 b<- uccaptod.
Kach tender must bu accompanied
oy an adcepted "cheque'', payable to
..in order uf in..! Uupuiy* Cuuiminriioner
uf Laiid-i .md Works, at par in Yicloria,
lor llu.' amount tendered.
-  ,    .  .      ;' '.    .
Dated at Nelson', l»i C. lllis Tin day
ut November, 1903.
Uo-rernmvi.t Agent
Nelson, B. 0.
VMItt LODGE No. 31 A. F. * A.
J_.    Meets first   Friday   in   each
month. Visiting brothers welcomed.
Join* MtiVicAit, VV. M.
.1      Ppncv .I. Glkazkh, Secretary
VMtH IjODGE No. 3'J H. ot P.
Meets -first and third Monday in
each month. Visiting brother
Chaklks Akciiibalii, C. C.
doriN G L'iwak, K. 11. A 8.
Mining Agent     ■      Stocks and Sharei
Hotel For Sale.
MACCABEES.       Meets    second
..nd fourth Tuesday in each month.
I. McLkob, L C
YMIK   MtNEllS   tJNlON    Meet**
in Union itall   every   VVOdnakday
evening  at   H   o'clock.      Vinitin-.-
Ilrothnrn cordially invited.
Andrei? Ktniuus. 1'f-cs
#j. MoIsaac. Sec.
 ■-—■•'-- •*■*■* -■-
■—AG_Nl'   FOK	
Mutual Life1, tnsUrandc Company of _\'ew York-
Cahadittii Ciwulaty—Boilei* Insurance Co.
London Mutual Fire Injsuran,c Company.
Ottawa Fire tusUl'ance Compttiiy.
YMIK, U. c
'»>*.*.#»>>»   *44*4t44**U»m*»»i.*i'kt494
One of the best hotels in the town
of Yiuii-, Centrally located, furnished
throughout, together with stock of
liquors,- cigars etoi dJing a thriving
business. Proprietor wishes to retire.
Apply at If "raid otlke.
*.   ELBON, B.C.
V. bol-lal. IKulefi iu  Liquors'  Cigar.
Mb. i
igenta ftfr
*     P/kllfft'
The beat tin lh. «i_rknl.
Go fd— r
MR5. j; Mcleod
For La'des' Fitrnishinfj*.*
Millinery and Staple Uoock
Satisfaction gnararitccii in
cveity line. The only Htore
carrying a full strtck of everything i*eipfirc(l fdr ladies wear.
Next  iloor  to   DcsH-risa' |
Jobbing Co'a stori-.
-■■' -■'
HOOT ifnl SilliK Ht.lKKK.
SHwflH old port _•»._,
HHj-tDqUAItTMli8   FOR   MfNfNO   MEN   AI*D   TIIK
Newly fUtifiShed throughout,    ^axflpl. rctortis in eon iim
Kates #1.00 to I2.S0 per day.
FINLAY   MC..F.OD, r-roptictor
T? TfffttTTT.Tf T""TfTTf
Dfelirei'eU atty
pldc- in ttfwn.
S.dv«. LertK.hs
Dry $1.35 Green .1.00.
9if «_« bttad.
Now is the tinib to pat irl
_ gotfd supply.
Lumber Co. Ijtd.
"..-jj______»_*____ . A . j, 4
Janpi iM  Ctirmelitii
These are ilili
tttalliJaf d
(fr-andi) of d.i.
Wwrti-i  ci_afa
and are known
thr-*;,' h o \t .
ih. Wont
J. h  tllEtlN,
Nelson (
•j  B.e- ■■-.'»■'
Provincltl News.
T. G. PtutOB, spcrting editor of the
Vancouver Daily Province,' died of
consumptioni lant Saturday-  /     *.
J.iseph Martin K. C-has resij-nc-d
tluj city solicitors,,!? of Vanopu-ver- and
.2000 salsrv. J,t is repor^d that lie
.ill accept tl.*? soli*, hot-ship of the V.
V. 4 E. and other Great Northern
A  dividend of   throe   per cent   on
t'-rmby stock, am matin;*, to  $400,000
-va-i declared at tho reoent meeting  of
Fl.iireriold.rs held in Nfly York.
A force of *sur*.cj-ors 'have started
work on the proposed railway up  the.
ninth fork of tho   Kittle  river  froin
'hand Forks.    It is the intention   to
continue the survey to Franklin  csrup
this winter.
The Grand Forks city council lias
uas-ied a salary by-law granting a sal-
»,ry of *.*J00 to tin- mayor and $225
n e*cli alderm in for their services fur
Ija pist year. From this will be di*-
4,uctedl*. fine of $'\ for each a'oueiiee
from meetings of council.
Indications in all noctious of siutl.-
sast Kootenay are for an active season
I-, the log<»in*( canins. Preparations
■-re being mado for a large cut A
number1 of sawmills have close I down
and others will contsmii. active r.per-
•,mom tllis winter. There ir* a sje.ier-
u. improvement in toqo, tne foreign
.- rvrki-t having considerably incrc.-ii-
.-1 in activity.
The County court at llossland was
v.'. scene of a scriouH misunderstand*-
i i gbetween His Honor Jydge Foriu
md Mr. J.A. McDonald K- Q.,_1.PP.
"ider of the opposition in the local
i louse, which ended in the latter bo-
i ig ordered from the court room by
tho former for the reason that he re-
f ii-ed to apologise for what tho court
- .maiderod insulting language.
Wm. McAdams, formerly publisher
uf the Sandon Paystruak who hus been
connected with tho Vancouver World
*<>r the past couple of years, has gone to
Kdtnonton* to t.ikc a position un the
Kdmonton bulletin the personal organ
of the Hon. Frank Oliver, Minister of
Interior. "Billy" is ono of tho clever-
est nowapapet men in the west, uud
k-arncd the business nudes  that   ver
A-Mliti*** of, tha f80. d.**p*i*/ now j
■required Infra all persons running f-.r*
liiglit hour la" for al! lri Id,.
Old age pension**   .,
Womanhood Huffrags.
Bill to prevent lobbying
■   Amendment -to   Hhop   Regulation
Eight bour-day in Hmeiteri.
Bill compering all atock cou.'-ar.i ;
to ma.o out a *ta_Mcent regarding
their receipts, expenditures, etc.
Amendment to tlie Coal Mine* lUig-
ulation Act.
Protection for the am til Farmer.
Public   Abattoir Actf ,: **•
Amendment to tho Woikin gineii's,
Compenaation Act.
Tenders addressed to the underaijj;.!-
ed, at his office io Uie Cohrt Hoii-rn in
the City ol Nelson, will be received up
till the bourof rive o'clock on the afternoon of Monday, December the lrjth
1905, lor the purchase of the "Rhodcr-
i.< L)i-i" . ii*!1 -'lain. Lit Uu;).
Which was declared forfeited to the
Crown a', the 1'ax Sale held rn the City
of Rossland, on the 7tb day of November, 1901. for delinquent .taxes up till
June 30th   111 li, ami- Costa
Thu upiet price upon the said mineral claim, which includes tbe amount
of 'leli.uj.ii-.it taxes and costs al tht*
time of forfeiture, together with Interest upon the same si llie rale of 0 per
cent per .lu.iiim, itUes which have siricc
accrued, and fee for Crown Grant, is
(11 >( 75. wbicfj is tne least amount that
will be accepted at a tender.
Dated at Nelson, £ C. thn 7tb day
of Nov ember   1905.
Each tun.lur must be accompanied
hy »r, accepted ' -cbtijue",\ payable to
lb e oi'iler ol IheDeputy Commissioner
ol Lands and Works, at par in Victoria
(or tlie amount tewlereU.
Government Agent,
Nelson. II. (}-
To our Friends aa G_i tomers:—
We aro here V) stky and to make a
soceoss. We like tho country and the
people also our buisn-ss and strive to
increase it by all liopora.1.',means.
Our creed is the best i{oods at lowest
prices. Wo bcliove in aelling only such
good* that will give entire satisfaction
and wish you to believe that we beleve
in giving one dollars worth of goods for
one dollar. A trial will convince you
that you got your money's wo rth here
We trust that this appeal will bring
respoukc and that business may open
between us *l.ich may continue lon g,
pleasant and profitable. This is a one
price store T hanking you for for past
patronage and hoping for a continuance
of the same in future.
A_;etit for Patenaude Bros., Nolson B-C
Yours for business.
Miss H. M. French
Wholesale and Retail
Mail orders receive prompt attention
An Atla* For $1.00.
The Great Northern Railway has
issued an -Atlas,of 0(i pages contulli*-
ing up-tni-dute'ltlaps of to*a, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and Mouth
Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington
Briti-h . Columbia, Oregon, Kansas,
Missouri, "Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Alaska, Hawaii) Japan,
Philippine Islands, Oluna, the United
Hiatus and of the World
In addition to this, the Atlas contains valuable statistical   information
• -atil-.genius H. T. Lowery, in the of- j *a*M™ **>the 8tat68 ™med ab?*fi* »"
lice of the N,v Denver W.ge. i ffij$g_*2 fffej
Schoolroom Humor.      SJJJa^^ h e^
 ■—' This A-**-**-*;?*-** De   distributed   at
Kve**y public  sdh.jcll teacher   irteots    the actual cost of production and will
with instances of spontaneous and un- j bo sen^oaoY.address, upon   receips
conscious humor in the answers of thn
pupils which ire really interesting
and amusing Tho following .ro a
t'uw    xaiuplesi
Writing a eompoai-ian on "A Railway Journey" onO bof said*. "Vou have
to get a ticket, whichJs a piet-o of
paper, and a man punches a holo iu it
i<>let yon pu*,-, through'*!
A teacher wroto this eontouoe on
the board for .-i-r.otioni "Tlie horse
and tha cow is iu thu field."    No one
of .1.00 Address, P" I Whitney,
Passenger Tralfic Manager, Great
Northorn Railwayi at   Paui, Mlbh
Public Warning.
Tins Family Herald ahd Weekly
Star of Aibhtrbal this week warns ihu
[<U blic agaihst falling into a simple
»rror. 'I hete is another paper with
a some what similar name, bnt it is
by no means the Kuitiily Herald and
Weekly Star. When any canvasser
seemed to know what was wrong with I .alls be sure your receipt is tor the
it, till m last a p ilitru little boy raised | Family Horald, the word "Pamily'
lus hand.    "Wrm*. i-i il Johnnyl ask-
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
ty only all rail route between
points e.ist| *Vest alw* south to Ross-
lamb Nelson, Grand Forks and Re«
public, lluffet cars run between Spokane and Northport.
f.enve Baily Train Arrive
9.45 a.m        Spokane O.'-O p.m
11 05 a.m       Rossland 5.15 p.m
7.'_0 a.m Nelson 8.45 p.ill
J 1:30 a.m     Grand Korks       -1 ib p.m
10.00 a.m. Ptioenix . 00p.m.
f.09a.m        Republic 6.80 p,m
A-XiIj   the   time
Seattle,    Tacoma
St. Paul,  Chicago, New
York, and
Palace and tOURisT
Christmas is apgro-ching once more. As usual wear,
prepared tq. sujply your wants, to enable you to show you.
good will towards'your friends.
Here we carry the most exquisite and up-to-date, ever offered in Ymir, Fancy Goods, consistiug of Ladies' and <_ehhv
dressing sets, Laa\_j. work boxes, Baskets, Glove's and Hand,
kerchief sets, XmaTcards, Calenders, all the leading Poems.
Toys of all descriptions, Chdcdlatcs, Bon Bona and one tho..
sand other things too numerous to mention.
Here all is necessary for you is to call for what you want ^
We carry a full stock of l^resh  and  Wholesome Groceries'
Nuts, Grapes, Orange*. Bananas and all the deKoapie. that go
to make up a dinner, that will cause Joy and Merriment, W
cannot bc surpassed byany, and equalled by   few   in   Koot-
We havi-just received a shipment of fancy ties? Glove*.
and Tailor-made Suits. For a little money we can fit yo*'..
out m the Very latest styles.
The only place in town where Johnston' _ Clothing at.i-1
Bell's Shoes are obtainable.
Priceis on all lines defy competition .
I mast bo Used to gat what  you
.-.I the teacher.    "You shuuld put the
i i.l) lirht," oorroctod Jpbnny.
Heli^'iou:) pr-ji.-l'.'.ns rtrO *l*io proiUet-
bro *f .Mfuraei:'.
"Who wns ".ni) "-ben the prodigal
■Tb. fatted -..iilt.'' ws-s tlio  lu^en
uou-i ropl) of -i shining j-.nttli.
Pi'rliBps the most l-iugliablQ of tbo
ulioolboy "dutiriiliu'i*," win the follow
ing: "An epiiitiij i. tliu wife of un a-
p.istlo": and rti. iptotestitifl bit nt iu-
ti'imation t_. the l'..jl-.»ing: "Edward
the Third Ms bct'o in ihd absence of
both his p.iidn.
I'he Socialist l-»rogramme.
riiefollo*».ri.- in the proposed pro-
|*i iiume of lugislatlml to be iritryducod
liy thn fcji.ci tlix. party at .hb uest
■imis.ouol tin' provincinl hound/ an au-
Li.unced by J. H. Bawthornwaita hi.
It, A,, rtklwture given in Vau.n*.v--
./ i - baturdaj pv-uningi
Thu Family Herald and Week IV Star
is tho big family and farm paper
which givun that beautiful picture.
"Quoon \Inlander, HorGrandc|iildrun
mid Dog-*," freo to all subscrih.rs. It
is the biggost ddllai-'s worth over offered; The Family Herald and
Woekly Star havo also is-iued Um
Farmers Manual aud Veterinary Ouido
a IkioIt no farmer carl well afford to bo
without. Thorn Is an enormous rush
ot subscribers to tho Pamily Herald
and Weekly Star this season, and tho
publishers aro asking present subscribers to renew well in advancu,
to hrilp therd iiut ia the great, rush
which will grow too when their beautiful picture is scattered throughout
the country. The picture allono is
slid to bo wu'rth more tbuli tw<>dollars
yet one dollaH w ill buy thu paper for
year and the picture.
1     - *•-
Best Meals on   Wheels
past Trains
east and West daily
At The
Jewelry, cut Glass- Toilet Articles, at prices that lire right
Dolls, Stationery, Souvenir Post-cards, of Ymir Vicinity, See
Our line of Post>Cfli'ds) 6 for 2.r)c, See1 Our Alurii. _clooks $1 u|J
See oilr line 6. Carvitig sets, from $3.1.0 up also Scissors,
Pipog, Tobacco Poliches, Cigar canes, cigar IlOkldrs dtc. Try
a Box of our Xmas cigar_ij makes a suitable" present for a
Fresh C'hofeoktfeb I   £resh 1
A]-iplcs, Oranges, Jap Oranges, Lem»ns.
come and see out* goods before buying elsewhere.
THi  YiMIR HERALD.Kootenny Coffee Co.
For rati.*, lol.I.t* and lull information
regarding trips, call on or ai'dress an
agent of tin) S. Fi AN. Hallway, or
0. F. _ P- A. 0. P- * T* A.
Spokane       710 W. Riverside At,
HERALD   _&&_%
PrtSsBTTitaiAN Ciiuticri—Sl ondsy
i Bchool and Bible Classi 1. a. i...
i. Bv'fcrting service, 8. Yoifn? Poo*
; pjrs' ri'jcietrj' meils on PriiUy   e venin
..t K' o'clock.    411 ar. welcb nS.. Hfc'v
W; O. Horff; Frtttfr
Wholesale and fcUiii dealers
in Fresh I.ba*iU>_
High < Grade * Coffee*
Hotel Ymir
the Best Meals
Ami Accommodation
In Town.
! A fine SolecUon «f Wihes,
Ivii*ti6rs arid Oigttrb.
1 W. MASTETvSDK,  • Prop
•_» MM nor. T.   .
For Six
NELSdN. b. C.
Gi»M ctth Malfe.._ In ies Cf nil Im-
pcTUnt trtll-lct «ppf ai in( iu o***»r 300 1
' Kt_llric__ -flit Wrtljn publ.calloii,, nl«o
I tbalract* ol tkt auat -raluaow article*
_*.4 from four tb eight otlKiul irtlcln J
wf practical mining men, fully Illustrate,*.   pOSe year, lo advance,
•ample copy, JP eenU.   StrU lo
UO Ubwty 8tfm<
Now York
Hotel ..•._'.
|    (Uiidef eiitirfIj now inaiingnmeiit.)
j Jbininf*; p.oom and Bal1
■Supplied .vkh tho best
in the market.
liight opposite depot, Ymiiv'
flOUN BKKAU; ?t»9''


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