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The Ymir Herald 1905-08-26

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 'tll/ti .
Wi 2 ■ 190J
y tV-j**j**-_-h_uai | <_- ——
^ t
o    '
Vol., L'     Xu.  I.").
XUm ll, C,SAT( !;|i.\V   ,\['(jl ST -'"i. loo:,
I1!!!'!-: V\\ i-: Ci;\!.-,.
Road Repairing, Grand Trunk pacific.
31* • *'; / I Fife in the Chines*? Quar-i  -, • •      .--...,.,....  .. . t
I LOCAL ITEMS; ter.     ' [TUNING NEWS     ,.,        ,..              .   ..     ,.,   u, ,  ,.
;'£,       . .... i,# ■-».•.*» -,*-,, , tu.,\ ,'., ,......,..,•.,' Wlt|l    ,-.-i.iiiiel.ili.li!'.-      i..'..i:.|ine.-. • >y||il|.'ijrc   |,-ll-:i- \\ l|!i|.'    (nil
■ m-    p.e ;. fn.,,!- -„.,i    \i:      nm,, 0" Sunday night h.-t ' ..Unit   mid, ....                                     " (he damage done to the   Quvernincnt j,
■ .Mi- liiss.it* (..'lark nnd    .M.I-.-,   (111.,- ■' " -            - wenty-live   stumps   are   una     n         ,   •    ,i ■    ,- , ■ ,   i      ,-               .                             Ii.ni.
ii.-l.,:„.j!„,,..i,..,,.,|..,,!»igl,sB !   night ii tin-I,,-,,.,.,,,,, ,„ ,l,e ,-,-,!  :i,l„   , .^ a[ ^   y-         (  to„ds,n tins district, bv     he     ec„
jf, Nel...,, .luring the ,,, ,,; ten,,. 'l«»-?«   —    ""'   "™   '""»   »'«         ,  .     f                     lire,,  ,«, a re,idy heen nearlj   all               A  ,„„„,,,, ,,!„,_   of   ....,,,,.
■ . hiiildii,-...w,e,l by .\li Hill, ih-Chin- ...        .,                                "    .   "' I""""''     -l*«0 ' l";"1 ||;|- l'"''" l|1-   C.-,:;...l!..i. i.il«..y ...'!. .iii'l ''..iiinli.-1.-
Big Hill tho wasliee-man, ho qf the
cm! laiiudryniar-,    wns   put Irely   i|es>
from   ibe
ami 500 foot levels
-t   itii|i,i-   on   i!i„    inn     i ,   ,      ,,     , ,
,     - ■       ed up, and ihe    Pundee   und   Qi u
hai bet-ii formed under il;<;   r.aiue   -.
a,-e and luminous smile, sa-ya   |io   i« I troyed.    The Haines   spread   i..   -he ' ''""" roads aye now heing lii-od.   -Jim J|iul- L,|0   ,N,,-„IM|   Construction    C	
go,,.-t'i .eb'-lild   hi*.   Vi.ub-liinise   '*' ha.-.iidry iiceiipieil l.y .\h Iiii! iij,.|   ,l,o       ItecoiiU reports fr  lho Jfipitor V. dy hits * pang on  the   Dundee   road,   pnny|» ,WJ |ms entered int.,   puntru-i
■*n '''■ destroyed it, besides    the   lot,   cabin "••■«*• 'ire-most encoiiriiging,   and   llie and Mitchell Tait has a   hn-jjot- f"»,<-*e  witj, t|,e rj.-d*.,,! Truuk   Pacific   ll,..il-
BiS.!h.i...l opened on Monday last with   alongside, and tho oahin oceupicd   bv 'i--"«'ing now flilly warrants the   con on the (-Juceii u|id Yplluivmoiiu   rnad. Lny Company to construct   the   lin.
vfl/b -iitendiince of 21   pupils.      School j Dr. Lee.    The   two   Cinnamon,    Ah fidence which has always been felt by On this   road    ilu-   damage   coveredL.om Winnipeg to tho   Paei|ic   Oceuii
Ji-fu-tirs (.'liiik and   Peters   addressed | Hill and Dr. fiee are the  nolo   loser.-, (hose, ucijjuu sl with the property. nearly threo and n half   miles   which  an() a|-,M tlu JJrai'icli line   from    Purl
^^^ ^B^H^^H „       	
■tbe .-.-l.-iol.
[as there wus im insurance,    Tl.e    ' iss .
N.  N.  N.u l-leinl is doi |lg Wu|k    ,.,i
■vt-ie rendered unite impussublo,   The
William to I,ike  Superior   Junction
. , *, •       ,*       *.    '" Ah P.ill is probably in  llie   ... -.'ih-  ,,,, v        v .i .    .,   . ,      , .       gang is divided into two sections   ou   -,-,
V large railway, anng is making   its; .    ...,,',., il.e.Nei.-   y oil-   and    llunulo  pluiins  ".-       '      , . ,   ,       ,    ; lhe new   company   **-
Bie.i'i.piui teis i|i    yniir   now.      They
borliood of *f(|0Q
receive   .in
jiro eiigagi'il iu    putting   in   new   tics
)iig the road.
J j    The-origin uf the fire is   unki*,Mwn,
just abmie tho Yn.i,-  mine,   and   has  t|,is wo'* jM •* is™*1! mated ith*« "'" j .ei„l,-r, that, are now being asked  f
although the Chiiiaioeii claim thai    it  |ea(j j   believed I
pe.ieil .-. very promising load.      Thi-   cos
ii this rimil ul.,;.,! « ill   In-
.y niiuiy l" be u nm,*
1,000.     Oold   Ci
lliniis-inii.-r    lieu
and will make out con'.nipt*, fur  u u-t|
\\ iif the t-oii-tii.L-ti-.i:.
was iiit bv si'iuebiiilv forcing   iin    en- ,* ,,, ,- ,.    .• ,i    |',*   , . *   ,       ,    ,     . wick -pent Sun.lav  and    Monday   .if ... .        ,,    ,   .      ■,, ,
„,         „.            i      m          ,.   i                   ■               ■ in..i.iii.ui nt the I,in,,I imnl    which   is            ' Uns method .t wiji no   reni'iiuo"!
Ihnprohts  at   the   .Monte   Carlo   trance  In   the   sporting   house   unJ ,,,,    ,    „ , ,   .-,, this week gaiing over the ground,  and ,         . „       ,.    ..
,,.       ,                ..i.i                                    v tho objective point ut the   prospecting                  "     " ed, was follQwed in  ilu*   cqnstruciici:
unhling place  are   stated   tu   have   knocking over a lamp.     Th-   woman .„„,„., ,, .„,   ,. ,,       «!   -           ' lost no   limo   in   getting   the   work ,,,    .,       ,.     v   ...    ,.  ..        '.,''
,                        .,,.   „    i I,      . tuniii'l iniiiii: run Iiv Un    l mir   con-                                 "        J of the Canadian racinu Hallway,   in-
Imoun ted over seven  million-   dollars- w»u occupied it says that she  left   it „,„„                      ' started.    The ,!.\-penditiir i this re- „    ,   ,       •      ,-     ,             ",-
,   .      ,                      ,,,, •                                 '                                             .Univ.                                                                              *'                        " North American Construction   Liiin-
"iiring the past year.    J Ins is a pret.  Hfteen minutivs before tho alarm   and                                                                          ^^^^                      ^^
|; good rake-oll for.tlio man  bel,i„.l   svel|t ,u  ll|(.   ut.^A)l,vU^   ||U,|M.  t-„.
I • work will necessarily eiil  a  hole
pany, of which Sir Wm,   Van   Home
ill the aniouni   uf   ihe upprgnrjutionI'    " i    -       i f    i
leuu.nniy, SUJ,pw.    W,e claims she   locked   the   **************************  t\,v ,,,-« v,M,U-,u^ u-;uk    ' | was manager, naving cnarge   oi   in,
Nearly ull'the Indies  in   town   re.   dooi's after hor, and consequently,if the ♦ NOTICP
i-iieii communications from their in  I Haines started as  supposed   from   an
iniato t'riciii'l  'Muiiiio' this week-,     ft  overturned lamp, some une must h u:
uis us gund as a play to watoll    their   either forced an eiitiance or thrown n
races as thoy gradually took   in   the stone through the   window,     When -fsiinci
|iieunina uf the eoiiiiiuiifieuii.iii. ' tlm alarm was   given   a   hor
^_m_________mm i  Fruit    Qarden5   at    Say* ISupw-toi* brunch, it i-  expected,   will
A (Jl'O.ss niill'kod    ill   t-lll.Sf ...„»,i be extremely heavy work.   Thefiiuui
^~**,"""— Wclrvi. ^^^
——ml__^^^^__        ♦.                                                             Icing of this •portion has alraatl)'   hi
      , inilii-.-ili-.   Unit;;      ^o0|0q() ,() ,|(,  |.;s,((.U(|e(|       attended to, the :fi :-,.-,..'•'> •
,    ,     found tied to tluTfront of tl.e    1 VOUf Hllb-SCription j» ill    |U'-L - '       *   mite   bdng  gaaninl I   by    the
'Ihere mil he   u   meeting   ut   the .      " ''J- ' ,,      The Say ward estate,  consisting   of Grand Trunk Hail way. cyst    wbii.
bitiam's Association next   Tl.ursd.ty,   ,lm| *»*™}\ w'*""1 Ju«« "'»'"•'  to Irottl' lllld WO would  ho -dado abuut 1,20
|i which all memben should try   and  Pre™nl " be,n« l,!",l*v ln"1""1- t *'
I'm almost tl.e lirst time on record,  j .    In-ir
ihhh . I.,
Bje present.    One of the chief matters
il.e fire hose was not handled so   well  ♦
wmk of construction,
The ib-x IQiQ mile-    if   the   L.I...
200  i.in- at   Beavor creek, there is a land grant by  the  Qiitari...
.'Iabout six miles   southeast   of   Trail, Government.
                                                                                                                      IVoiH   yon    If   J'OlloLnd has beon purchased by   n   syndi- 	
lo bo considered will be the   selecfon I"'»«™ "«».w«» «'«««'«■«' '» t                                                    ocato   consisting   of   Me,s,-s.    J.in.os ,     ,.         n
in' a new „■■«,   chief   to   replace   Mr. ' -'l """uId "vve been    although    U | w,,l, l„ lutv,1 il   continued.   ! 1 Hunter, Robert Hunter, Smith   Cur- Indians Prepare.
.. iv .. ililli.'iill lu i liiee I he   Illume   on    nnv  ♦ ♦'■..,,.. ■ i,
•                                                                                                                   ....                               •**##*+***6+************4*    ''-.    .'iiiL-'lui'l mi'. O,   I.,a-..li. ul    hiss . i>  .    ,     ,.   .,    ...   ,,               i    i-    | ,
i particular   person,       The   hose   was   I*********************9***       '                     ,,-.,,. 1 l'|ZOS TOI'   > l.ill-s   lllld    P.vlil
William Coffey  bus  removed   with  ■„,     , - -,, , land,   and   sub-divided   into   thirty
bin...'I.t tn tl.e hie    w'lt      ii'iiin.enda- „    .     .                            ,.,,,,, Lit-,    Xtl.-.i-t    llioni In      n
|is family to Edmon'tun, where bo in- L,   ,    ■,-           -,              ,   ,   ,,        ,-,     f-,   cl      .          . t.      .      fruit   farms,   says   tlm   IVail Creek Ml- -\M i.ui   I llllll to JK)
ibiei-.-iii.il     ■ . it mis neiniv iiuit un i Prof it=Shann_ at the Ar . v        -,-,   ,   ,           ,        -i •     .- ■
fend- to reside permanent y.    InMr,    „   ,„„,.,    ...   ,        , '..       ..      ' ,u"1 J,lut l,!« ul t,,c •>A'    News     I he laud covors   threo    1)11.111,011 l'llli',
' ' - liour alter ll.e Inst i.lai...   butore    the i:„.^t im : . ... , .   , ..  ,,        .
"nil'.-.'. Ymir louses   a   good  citizen, | WBtftl. w„„   ,,„.,„„,   ,,„      ,,^„n   ,,,., MngtOn ffllne, I of river front aud is boautifully   situ:
ated and admirably   planted   to   thi? Now Westminster. A      "I
growing   of   fruit,   for   which     the Advices from various missions  and
j water was   turned   mi.     'l'lu-n   tlie
Hni!    : e vim .!,.», :i!'.wi',!fc- bi-i-ii til    lhe i i    -,*,- — ■ *l -        ',.      ,
■ < ,,,,,, ibuil.lllius meiitiiiicl wile ion fill1  U'une ^    ( ;()|)(        i,.,
.fuic. in unv  oca   work lur   the    uuuil   ,- i .•       •      .i i   •
B      ' tor unv li.i|a* ui having tnein,   nud   in
c cedent,
*Df the e.iiiimiiniiv.     lie was   rlfief   of
Northwest Territories will fiiini-h an | agencies throughout lli.itlsli Columbia
,-thi1 lolunteei-   lire   biiguile,   and    Iii I j"'   ' Jf™."T } 1?J   ,',"*'", i '" ., ^'        '''"'"  sl""1"-   ""   n,i,,e  llividHllds j inexhaustible iiiurkot,    This wus   theI which aVo   continually    i-caching   tin
*i»a.iv  oihei-   di lions   mi-  .-.Iw.iv-     "',""",,"', !'," T ■''."   i   "','"."""  Il:1' ""l ' n frequent in British Col-   first land taken up in   this   part   of ollioo of .Maiuwer Koary promise lluil
'      uily to gfv-e freely g I a,,.! eilieien. '     '.'","""  ' '"   ,     "•' H" U'"- ""'   u»'bia.    Then age nt of tl.e   A,-   the Kootenays, having   been   located   the gathering   of   Indians   in   N--
I iguiteci.    (in,, ■in, iiosewasm  o|    lingrtin fniiio al Brio has made  u   be-   by Victoria people some fifteen   yeais Westminster during the lHOo Douiiii-
ation, good work was   dune   and    tin-    - . •„ , ,   " ' ;.,.,.,
ginning. ago. ion run-, which opens on   h«pi    -i,
«—■   Next Sunday, wi     bo   the    last    nf'Humes wei'fl ouii-klv stavu.i. ,, ■ ,      ,;,,,i     ,'.;,i,,'„i .,,,,1               , ,        , ,, .   . -ii ,     .•   ii ,
' , '..*." Iii ooii-Kleriitiuii ul the taitlilul antl      The land has been   laid   out   into will be fully as large as wa«    >t   lu-i
tSh1' ll,:V- -^Ir.     Kin.Iiur-t s occiipnui-v ,,.  •    , .   ,i   ,        i.i„,i   n .   ',,    , ,  '
.,,,,.. '   elhcient work that enableU   the   com    blocku coiituiniiig-10 to 10 acros, each  miticinatod   if not laracr
»!,! Ibe 1 .■esbvieiiui! pulpil, lie   term'      ... ,    .        ,   . , ,i    , . .i:..,-i ... i      t ', .    , ,.       . a_H . ^^^ n
,  . '     New-ill ,fe Co., are olosing their bus   pany recently to paj   a   dividend   "t  block extondiim from the river   front
M! his engagement   being uw,    A" j11(JSH in   Vllli,   „„   ,„.   ,„.,„,„ ,0th LgJO.OOO.  the   II ngs   Kxploi-ui..., , „, ,|„. ,n,!,-oi,-| „,,. k
Bhe announced last week, the llev. 11, i                                                        ■••'a—^—a—^ ■—■*—i■—^—■ ■—■■—■—
^p'.iiini,' is nut returning to Yi
■ie we believe, no iirr.inge.nents have 1^ ^j^,;, ^j ,'„,_,!:lk„','.' „,',,.„,', |employ two and u half .lu.i- off   with I hw benn'mude and other roads havo h**- develnpod among   tl.e   nunn-i-uus
Ken iimdii for flllina- the pulpit   llfter   Theii*- Ri-ouvey stock in Yniir is   being j full pay at tho  till f   tho   N-l-.n   I,,,.,,   |,.„|   „U|   m   conveiiiem dis- tribes,      the   national    feeling    has
f/ Kl'.'; Tl,   l'"V0;    ' °U,H 7 advertised at cost price. >-.    Those who d t wis it-  te  I also been aroused I,        ,	
Hepswill be taken for a supply with- tend the fair may work,   nnd   receive      ,.;,„.,, ,,,.,.,. n ,  fa,ni,|le,| wlth J 	
Ha-itu d.'liiv. N"'v 'I'"'   lh."    I'.'.....'    -t.fi,.-    Im- ____HH^___H_I l '"ii pur-'1!  i-    "ll'i.'l
un in Lo I'll ill ional    I..-1.'....    -       • inue
.'    '     '  Sept.    Tlu-v ai,-   opening   n   Cent's iSyndicate, through the inanagoi1, J.es- I     ,V reserve for a road  or  liuiilcvard   ,""'°* """''"" ""u"'15"
, ', ' '   | Furnishings store in Nelson al    Hob- | Ho Hill, lias oflered to thu men in its  a|„im ,|u,„, n,*|w ,|,1ML, tho i-ivei- front  "P01'*3 '""' exhibits and   keo
The lieli ..i- I. in. been ii.formi'd -•!
tha prises dial are nlTered   for   tln-ii
II     IIV.lllv
■■ been  -ellleil.    a     -„,d     j,,!; ,e   ''   ,','    , ,"',"     •"'•' '    " I'"""* '".*  "" — ■|T1>  '
li 'I  not appear to be   generally .             ,  . I'orentan Hnrker has been oven more  ,,, |„, ,.,1^,.,, ,,.,„„ |!,.,1V,,,. ,.,,.,.|-    ,,i,.„n
M n I hat return tickets n. .wis- l",k,!s,",il" i'"v"'u   »    '•"'-   "PP™ KB11Crouslv dealt with,                          ' «-   < -r... ,,..,....        w tiid that .. m.inbe,
.            i     i    -i     , i               ,, eiattid.    lhe   correspondent   nf   thai -    ,,.,     .  ,.    ,     ,
■in'ii on the local railroad between all .    ,       ,       ,            ., llie Arlington is now   mi   « g
—                                ,, . paper wired in ihat ihe   timiiil- i_^__^__^__^__^__^__^__^__^__^__^__^__^__^__^__^__
|j..ints  iii    Uritish   i .fin...inn.      lhe  Mns .,„.„i ,,,-  ..\i,.f;;„,,.■■    i basis with excellent pros) I- llueo  in-inutiiig-ysteui      About two  miles  of Washington will   j-niin.-,    t-i   i
two iniliis from the Columbia rivor.       ,;"' '"'" """'»"«'' *■      ■ ■'"■"■i
Work has been commenced   on the  est and fastest red men oi    tho   state
__________________________________ over the removal n*' ".M.l.i.i! inn!     	
ralu for tlie round   trip   .<   one   and    .      ,.                            ... . y i ago the inine was coiideiiincil as  „/ \\,.. ,,,„\,. ,,e ..,„, :s ,.i,,,,,.,i    ,„|.,|,.!,-                             ,
,.   ,           .                       ,, ib-eiliior pm on a lieadhn  the                                                                    "  -■   '"   ••'J '" ' " ""'   "IHI ""    I lasei rivoi with a de tern  nation   to
I   -i-iIn..1- lh- -inule rare,       fassen-  iul.iele-s.    J ho prnsent    maniigctnciit   ,,„,  „:.,, ,,,■ ,...   ,,,,.,  ,i..,,,,     ti,,.,■,.
...1....I  t .. i  i ... .,,, ... ,, .,  I    In- . ' ' "I' o,|,. in, ii  . ii i ,. ., i  ni*   11' inc.      ...I'      i , i      ■     i
. ... . .. .    .cue. I  .III... ll.e -II ll.e «.l-    ..lil".I     O-i,, ,    , ^ '.'llioii-    "i  ,-     i,-i,   |.i,\   |,-n :   i
",l"1"   >IMr   "'   ''"•   M '"':  , ii-,,,,'-.,!-„'  ,„,„,.      MClimy  ^ hard and patienl  chus d -will ls.nl  [I, '«t of fl three .
slat cm can thus save 'JO   cents,   and  . strale.  tho worth ui the property,        .■„,, „ ,,i,. M11i ,,.,, ,-.,,, ,i,....   ,.,,,.;,,„  ",m '""   •■"*"•"   '   -
,    ..%        , . however is not ii  nil   nil,    but    i- i    i     . ttti   urn  nun t».i tect uinp,   ..a• t_>irj_.
'"  N -lep,.. ::.,,,,.    th0 Uio term u^| l,y tho miners,   for  , l.e I   750 inc f water.    This flu, illNuH ; '' "'-    "':'     "
"''","'':  "''"■:"' k"N "'".inn i iu ti,.* mines    t ,i.    Death of Isabel Cawley.   -r ^...-..., !„,."i„.-i,.., -ami >-. i,.,i,n,. ,., ■
u'.il lor iiuit;. .lu.i-. I culty between thn company   and   the half long and below there will bo ab- over;  ■   ,0 is to bundle u   ,., 1 I -*
The l'oie.-t lire, ,ne-till   raging   in  ,„,,„.,. Ht of whom work    on  con-      On'.liurwlio    lust,   Isabel   Cnwle>   out a mile of wooden pipe,   Tint above k, ,,„„   .,,    ,.,,.,,.   ,, , ,,,,,_.   .
iliili.'ii.i pu.I- .1 the di-tii-t n.u! umi   ti-uct, was as to whioh should lo«e tlie hrcathrtl her last, in the   ymir   (Jen.   constitutes the inahi syslem,   llruiich  .,,,,,,...,..,,.,., ,ir,   i   p
i-i do ,.iii',i'!-i,ib!e  damage,      Kuer-  time lo«t in reiuoving thrs? drills, "'■''    Hospital.    The   doceHsed,    who|« len pipe   .vi!l   ixtenil   from    tho   '
,- -ti- efforts ni Kail siding  prevented        ,    , was in   tier    twelfth year,   was   the  mains tu tlie river   front,   furnishing
,    .   ,       . . li. li- Al-viiinlii   ot   Spokiniii   .ii- .      |,,     . ., i    m        u      n i   ii    ■      ,i .• lei/ed to    i1
I the spread uf the   flumes   Into   some , daught6r ol Mr    and   .Mi-.    \\     II    i ich bldi    with plenty ol   watei    tin*     -^
.     ,,      .    , „     *, , be. I. upi-oiiil.-d -iii.ei ii.ii'i.denl of   lh ,,     ,        .   .  , .    i     i
i. fiii.fi. I- timber.    A strong firo uurnt "        .    .' Cawley of .Salmo,    (she was   operated  der pros   im 	
.•,.   , (lepiirtineiil ot mines  and   mining   ul , .. ,. ,,        .,,   , ,   ,
nslderalfle uoo, 1 mber on wedlies-      ' , ,. .       , . . upon oh tlio day belore, foi   oppendi        About-*?2U,i  will   be   expended -.,.  .,,.,,
BHH   __■ __■ -^■■■■■■^■H lull  Null,
■i\ l.i.-i on Alum creek,  a   liibutary ,      ,     ,, ■ ■ _^__^__^_____^__^____^__^__^__^___ 	
-■_^-^-M_nH-^__H_-_B___HB_n__IH_n^^^K.. i v.r\^____\
[of Wild Horse, while the liill opposite ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^*"
llo.vii    Ini-    le-n    Illuminated     even
night for in ai ly u wci k
1.0, L Alexin,di , of Spokniii
-hi .
mining  ul
cites, bj   Hi-. L.Li'i nn.I   Kl I i-.i i, and on the | ct,     lho hind will bu sold
ii Is this year October I) lo    <i.    lie   .          ',       ,                                                  ,               ,   .         .,        , ,   I'.h-uiivti-u.a.
it was thought   utter   tlio   operation mostly to peopl.i from   Maintob-i md     '"■ ''' ''■''''
is conversant    will,   all   the   mining    ,       ,    ,    ,          , ,,        ,     , ..   „,                  ,                ,     . ,     Hehonl am!    I!.hi-   ci-        in
that sl.o hud passed through   il > thu lerrttorius who are I I   ul the                                          •    '
districts and camps within 300  mil—    ,   ,        . ,       ..        ,,      ....       ,                               ... Ivvenini/«,-,   : - 7 in       v	
.. '            .                       deal   satisfactorily,      On     I hursday | severe winters of that ivgioe ,.,.. i..o„-.'.. n.,.,....,       lounj
.   : "l sl "l*-:"'"     He   li1-   the  necessaiy |I0W(,VC|. H|M, rnpirlly sn.nU. ivncl  passed      As tl In and hind Is   iiu-m- J'1'"1' s'"'i",y •'""'i- "" I-i-i*-!.*v-  -\.',fii,g
!">' ""''   "l    ll"' energy and information to make  tin- ,     , . .,,,   ' ,,      , .. .. ...      , nt fl o'clock      VII uru wnl      I1 .
,. i away about S:.)0 p, in.      Il-r   fnlbei   passed for fruit growing, with   plenty ■    mi nu        i.. ■.
,;.i,.ni wu- iiowii j imix.i-tmil   deparl '    heller   ib...       .       .                           ,           . , .             ,11   Vounu   \l    \    Pi_iiu-
■_^_H_i        I   ""                      ' and lumber »cir in   ..Iteii.l.illee,     bill, ot.i.-ne!'         i   in.   uiihiilili-d    ni.irt-.t-', '         ' '■"'-'  ■'' • ■*•  ' 'l*'"'
■er i no in ..I hi i - who .inn-   up   from .
his wi "!. -in- a I .
Ymir hospital,    Dr. I
on Wednesday   and   conducted   t-W(' 1 ever liefnrt*
operations, wlfilsi ofie was   pel formed       i  |„indsome   silver   cup   «i::   ne   , , , ,   , ..  •     i     I
 , i,       ,.   ., '   . Salmo were too Into to see   then    be.
bv Ur. r.llintt. ... tin1  in1.1.He   ol    tllO „iven as a ll'onhv ful  il.e innmi''eump : . .   . ,
. « i loved sister   before   ihe   end   can.
nig,I   p.ev.m.s.      Dm,   Lilian   and Ll.W. sends best display ,„   „„,.-  .^ f _, ^^    ^ |(j -^
Lllioll also-sinniii-il Ml-  'oil-in,  ol ]  ,    i     •|*|„,n. i,    onlv    ope   condition    ,      ,
 ,. ,,,   , . '" • Sunday next.
Hull Hiding, on Wednesday, fi nd eon, ,,•„,-,,„,ll,„ti,„l..   i„,    this   rnm-the      ti,,, -JoowisikJ tfh-l faalnK the y	
''-1'" loneluslontlmtshoiwas   of |d,,p,,y md., he allowed_t ,, ■i|Mtof ^ faniMy WM Ul0ptt   of   ,„.,.! 	
rire Brigade Signals,
in.'.......I iniu.l, advised her immediate
removal to an insane asylum. Her
husband look her tU Nelson Oil the
s nno evening.
llllll  lie..-'" H ho pUI -
■i .i ward   can   make
"UkU>   "'   il   fuw        Lire .I,i-i Coll-y In.- prepared    	
liiom   iu   largo   in- ollowing signals fur handling the lin
iilly 11.- sdttllng   of alarm:    Si-inly  ringing   n,.-.!1
in*..r Trail   «ill Ono stroke (pattsi , i .> o strol -• (paus
the .. ''"' pel I.nil.-lit \w______M_mi_____________^______________________-
mineral exhibit      Hi ides  the silver clde,'H| who lmvB *lu,to  ^vn,'MlU,>" i (it "ll1 "il>''   ''■   "■   Amler-mu, thr i,.,«,-. „ „*-, _ tn\]( .,,,;,,
,-up, diplomns   will   be   awarded  for;"-'i'1'* unity in thoir   grei.i   I      •*•, s   in the engineer for the   iy«.  handle tho   hole   wl Irying   ..,,,1
. .i. .-peciniens of iiiiii.Tial or ...e. I rmvtiflent. .• |i-|.|;|;     it up ufn-r .,•„■, THH VMIR HERALDM«-*tf**rH* i it b
___________________________   surprising that in each of these
l'iil;lil-Ii."l everv Sniiir.liiy mul uuiil.-.i  i
•nl.ln-s. ot i.*liv.-r.-.I lo carrier In loiru.
Adverllslns rules, SI.GO i-r uicli  per iin.i.tl.
'   III    IlKllAl n  .'all   I*•   llllll     lro.ll    lill   |.'..lll|..'
I"   - .- l.-il'T- in l!|.'.|l*Ti"l.'T 'tl.oi    ll"   Ml.In  II, ,1
i ' Iro.n ll.e olllde.
i 'iiiiii..r.-tnl   priutius
.! i   -.ii tli-. preiuiaea'at
,   every    .1
mularil prions.
.'. III I -II l: l>  in   NIB
iii:u.u.o   in i.l.lsin.M.  roMi'.i.w
(   the prisoners were   dismissed,      l'n-
luippilv,   huwei-r.   we   know     that
puyutiie in h.i   crimes are couimited   every   day,   in
ilfi- -inful world, und if  every   judge !
I and jury wero to pronounce ii   inconceivable   that   lhe   prisoners   buforu
I them could be guilty of   crime,   then
.crime would forever    ■;..    unpunished,
and ull the   machinery   of   lhe   law
would be of the utmost futility,
II.   KEARNS,   MAS.Millll.
ATURDAY, AUGUST, 26,   1905.
An  Atlas Foi $1.00,
The (j.eut Northern   Jtifilivav    has
" ; issued un Atlas of Sfl pages   colituiil"
The present provincial  administra-  jng up-to-date maps   of   town,   Wi-.
tion is afforded almost daily  new   op- consin, Minnesota, North  and  South
portunities of displaying its increasing ' Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington
strength and stability, and it   is   t]le llritish Columbia,   Oreo,,,,,   Kansas,
., , -   ,      ,.,    .Missouri. Nebraska,   Wyoming,   Col*
irrepressible coast papers of tl.e   Lib-
orado,     Alaska,     Hawaii,     Japan,
era! persuasion which ure ulfordhiL'  it   phi||ppi(ie r8lnndSi _]nUUj the |-,li(,.,
these opportunities.     Attempt  after .states and of the World,
attempt bus been made liy  these   pa-      In addition to this, tl.e Allan   eon
pers to discredit the government   and   taitia valuable statistical   information
each attempt bin been singularly    de j rela,ive tn lllC sXtttes l,,l",eu "l,"v"'   la
,  .        , . primed uti the very   best   quality  of
■oaten, in such u manner us to impress
paper, shows the lines of   the   (..rout
the electorate of the country with the   N„,.t|im, Railway, ,l|ltl   is   ,„   „v,,,.v
business like management of its  pfes« way a commendable work.
ent directors] and to lend more conft- This Atlas will  bo   distributed   at
tlenco in their administration.'    It   is tl1B ''L',tllli '■'<>** ai production and  « ill
a wonder that the leaders of the  Lib- "* Mml to any address   upon   rcceips
. oral party in this   province   do   not I of $ 1.00.    Address, I-'.   I.   Whitney,
take steps to put a stop  to   the con* I'^'K*--!'   Trnllic   Manager,    Greal
v      '           v Northern Railway, St  Paul, Mum.
tiuued series of absurd    und   always
abortive attacks made by their organs i. ■—_■_■__■ a. ..    nmn , »
at the coast) the defeat of ouch one of
which gives additional strength to
their opponents.
The latest tunic concerns the tii*
on timber lands. The usual tax no
tices were ,ciit out   bj    the   Govern*
K. Vi. Wlddowson.
Iil.i IKF.HAOK   ami    IN-I I! IMI.
Pi-rej .1. Gleuzer,
HI  h 111.11.
John I'hilbert.
lllll     HOODS    AMi    I.KM-   I I  l:\IMIIMi-.
I). (iampbcl.1.
Ilesllrisny Jobbing Co.
Tliu Ciinoila Drug anil Hook Co.
I l IIMTUllK    lil.AI.I.II.
William Clark.
H. Campbell.
U.'oll.lsi.y Jobliin- C...
(iosiiiopolilnii—Jnlin Hrciiu.
MeLeod House—l'i..lay MeLeod.
Miller llu.ise--S  Miller.
Palace—Tail Si Muddy,
Vancouver—Owen liuycr,
Will,Imi — Cuorgc Coin.an. •
Vmir—.1. IV. Mnslerson.
U. s. r. lios.-.
I a I ns    ll 1-MSlllMI    ANP    miii.;:- I II
Mrs. John MeLeod
Percy -1. Cleaner.
I tern Id Publishing Co.
I». Campbell.
llnrsliinv .V Wilson.
Jackson >t Leahy,
Alex. Oddie.
Mile.- Mel.inis.
William Clark.
The Kind Vou Would Like
MInLUaL Acr.
(IoiiM 1*.)
Ceriilli-lil.1 nf Improvements.
Old Settlers Maple   Syrup.
Pure in I-I, 1-2 and I gallon Tins
Sold by
Mining Agent      -      Stocks and Share_
.M iitunl Lifo *l iisui'ance (!oinpaiiy..qff New^York,
Cai nn I inn Cnniilaty  -lioilcr [nsurauce Co.
London Mutual Fire Insurance Coinpaiij'j
Ottawa Kirc [nsuraiice Company,
YMIK. 15- ('
construed into ah illegal   attempt  by ^ MioiU KsiSli'-1 f..T  ,v
TAKE    NOlkh   '.lint   I,   r
inenl collector-, asking that   a  return      Blue   (intlrlz,   Hover,   SmV    "lol'k
..,..,, ," n    i     i   Central,   .Mineral   /.me   anil  ('union
of the timber lie made  oil   all    lands  Kii.ctiumtl Mineral Claims Slttltttecl    ill
l.eld under lease or license, us well as'tin- NiAwri Mining MlfMoil   ul   West
Kootenay District.
those   owned   outright.      This    was       lyiltlrD loOatcd:—Ou JuUllcs   Motln*
the   Government   to   collect    about (ir.-en, acting as agent lot." A.  It    Pel*
us,/in Ann       ..       i.   .      i_. 11 i      crsT'icc Miner's   Oertilloille   No     H.
6400,000 on these lands, -held   under 8l90,  ftnd  ,.-    „    ,-    -.()llU,(.   ¥ne
licences  which were   issued   on   the Miner's Certificate ffo. B. 81,UP'J,   !i
letijl, sitt.v fi.iys from the ilute  hereof,
to apply to tlio Mining Recorder for a
Net-tile-,*;   to   su.v -iucIi Cirdlieiilc of Improvements,    for   tile
pllipose uf obtaining a   Crown   'irulil
was not the intention,   ilnu   needless L* t|,u .,*„»■,, claims.
lo say furtllbr, tl.e tiapel's llluklllg the j    A'11' f"'1.1"'1' '"^ >'*>)>?* *,l*»l   ••ol•01-',
1  ' I under section 87, must bo  oouittienOuil
tiutcry were well   awr.ro,   that   such before tlio issuauce of such Cci'llllbuto
was not   the   intention.     Anything 6^S,U~e,
goo.- Iiowp.i r with the organs, if there '     l».  1U0*J
.   ,, .    .   A. !". Ci Hhicil,
is halt a cli'inco t'O fni-O « cry against, Nclion ll. I'
the government.
understanding that tlie lands were tn
l.e exempt i
enty-elght dsv of July,
.Mr. JusticU Mortis.inV. coudiiet of
the lust assises at f-ielmii, is coining
in for wide spread criticism Wb
have .drvud.y culled -attejition tu ,nii
-.vrliclii, pttblUlrtsd ill a Victoria
weekly,   winch was K, cllfflaly t*tsasoho.|
Companies Act 1897,
YMII! J.ODGKNo.-'ll A. I'. _ A.
M .Meets lirst Friday in each
month. Visiting brothers welcomed.
.Ion**- MiVi.aii, W. M.
PUIIOV J. (ji.i:.\y.i-:ii, (Secretary.
V.MlH r»ODG_ No. 32 K. of IV
Meets first null tliil'd .Monday ill
each month, visiting brothers
ClIAIIMCS AnrttltlAI.il, C. C.
•limi' (f l.Kiv.iti; K. II. 1*. r«. .
VMllt HIVE, iiAfrlES -OV  TIIK
MACCABEES.       Meets    sneond
nml fourth 'I'nesduy ill each lliohth.
I. Mcfjajon, I,. C
ll.   H((tlW,)!!T|l,   II    K,
* sV
.   to
i***i**!T"H* il hereby given tlmt    l)dgal'
iMIltott. Iliiiidi resident Uilno uialiaRel1
of tlm Ooillpuny at Vlt.ir, tl.   (.'.,   Iia*.
beeu substituted the sttinhi-y b( the
.„ ,   , .      ,     "Vmir ('old    .Mints,   I-mii.'-'),"   und
und   specific   (JeIiuIIcI.  I'Ott    ot      the ,
r that tlie foiiuer s-tbstfiutitin ol Siu.il.*
•Judge's   ct)iicl.,sion»,   end  n strong riA,, ,,0|,„s.i„ f.VcA bus been IWJll*!
in-oiest against his method of addHMt :    Put,.; ,|\Hv SOth; iWO,
(ng tlie-iur-j.   A lett'r h.,1 no*   tip*-' fli Y. WOO'lTON,
l.earo.1   in   the   Itondon     I   .anoinl | RdglttVAr Of Joint   Stock  OompanldJ.
, I
llli   IIIn 111 la-OTT-  Wil tn   1   1
C!.)*-.»jst pi'ltstts   in   ilcliool  sltpblies
lor this week.
i'i Scribblers hv _&<d.
I'eti-.'llR, Pens Slate6 erasers Dt"..
Watch f.ir olir Ymi*- SouvWters.
Unlets   f„V    t'liologruplii,-    .stippl'ii-*!
Ill hii I at once.   Films  developed
nud   picbut-tts   f.nlslieil,
It -J
_♦■   v.    ■**-
_ L
. 1*
i    f—    --
Dhronlbl-s oH i\m\at llnfisartd denfi.tg
with bis o-iidHct of the P.oberts otto
last M-ty, and polhllbg Mitt tt_  bflVJol x ^^ ^^4^4444444^44^4** *;
iipoii the public. Quito apart from
the quest-lob ot tho guilt '•>'.• IttWoenct
Ut the accttstfd, .Ml*. .Mmii*ioll'.s .state-1 ','.
m.nt of a >:rimit!.*.! '.-us'ii tt) a jury, is
to say the IvSst Wmaihaule bH-J with-
•IMI jilsj'cer'eill. tn the Huberts a'.ld
Atkinson eu'es ftt >'elsi)n, and irt thd
■MacC'redy c.l"o it th« .:oa»,i, ll» asked
Vhe jury fin cfeh Occasion, if it ttere
t-oncoiyaWc -Ant tlVe pVi-rineVs oould
liavo comniitUl tli'e *:\ittiH of whicli
they st'outi aMtsed, Itt hVi'cll ft manner
*is to silggcat tl-nt Id niW, it was
tiuito niWn'd'alvaWe. Jurlos aro of
•,''i*»*->j inpt to follow tl.e itnpliod   dir
J. C. ELLIOTT, .>ro0.
i5!  <
DeWvdl'etl ntl-J
I'lltfl* il« t'MVll.
Stftte Lengths
♦ Pry ll-ub Oroen 01.00
Ptt 6art Load
K*,«w is tin tirtrt »i put m
a ftoOd »%ly,
Lutnfotti* Ok Ltd.
|h*»*>m*>*imm*)im^^*>h X
Clarke  PurnltUfe  Sioti
\\\u.\.\\\ ci.Aiik
UlldoftakoV   slid   rurniture    bealer
Sluil ot'defs pVompViV aVten.led to
illll.l'l SlliV:i!t, *■ Willi
_--_   . —. -.        ■     -
if 5. ?
He_-ql._rter5 for ri.riinfc
MoaV coiUfoVUblo hoJel Nl toe  i^is-
tyttt,    Bverylhing lirst-cluss.
cr  PS
M 2
^^ _-.
ft ^ B
a* "»*
S?    7     %
r 7 *
*• 5*
* _t
Ymir, B. C. Closing out our  Clothing md
Gent'g Furaiskmp Department
Hats, Bast* and Hlioeji, Hk-nikets, d'uuka'-}, oto. ota.     Rvonytliin"   -,,*•..   .-t
praotioally M.-liqlesttle pf-jcp-j.   Con:1) ,*gick bafqi-e sizes yet Ijii-kei*.
It will pay yoM tp lay jn t\
"stock for the pe,\t two year??
 JSo goods uo|d oi, credit pjipept  b}   upociu]   arrangement,—        _
All accounts due pmst hfi paid w ph«ui| by n.jte befo.ro |st Sept.   (005.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Roosevelt on the flunroe
Jack L-ondon as a rUisi-
''The Monroe dootrine is not a part
of international law, Ijut it is the
fundamental feature of oijr entire foreign policy no far as tho Western
hemisphere is concerned, and it has
...ore and more been meeting with recognition abroad. The reason why it, talent wa,
is meeting with this recognition is be*
cause we. have nm njjuwed it to kb»
come fossilised, but havo adapted our
construction of it to meet the growing, changing needs of this hemisphere. Fossilijtation, of com so, means
ileuth, whether to an individual, a
(lovorument, or a doctrine,
An l-luslerii ne us paper soys thai
J auk London, on his lust visit to New
York, waii introduced in a cafe lo i.
l'l, too, inn u musician in   a   small
way,1' .London   said       "Mv   mimical
onoo tl.e means or  saving
my life."
"Mow was that
"There wus u groat   tloo
town in our boyhood,"   replied
don.    "When the water   struck
house my father got mi   a,   bed
floated with the stream nnli) he
lie musician
"It is out of the question to olaim ' rese
i right and yet shirk tbo  respousibil-
ly for exercising that right.      When
in announce a   policy   suoli   us   the
lonroo doctrine we thereby commit
■irselves   to   accepting   the    come-.
i-ieiices of the policy, and these   con.
petitionees from timo   to   time   alter,
e( uis look for a   moment   at  what
lilie Monroe doctrine   really   is.      It
tabids the   territorial  oi-croaclinient
nf non-American powers on American
-.il,    Its purpose is partly  to secure
this nation against seeing great   miii
i.ny po>ei|s obtain new   footholds   iu
ihe Western hemisphere,   and   partly
...   secure   ti   our   fellow Republics
-..uih of us. tho   ultrtnce   lo   develop
.long their o.wmlines   without   being
. |.pressed oi conquered by lion Anicr*
i .in powers.      As   wo   havo grown
ne and more  powerful   our   i.dvo-
>cj of this doctrine   has   been   re*
. .ied with more and   more   respect,
"it what lias tended most to give the
doctrine standing among tho   nations
.-our growing   willingness   t"   show
(that we not only mean what   we  WlV
I are prepared to buck it   uf.,   Jut
It hit we moan io recognize our obligations to foreign peoples, no less  (Iiun
. insist upon our own rights.
"We cannot leriiiaiientlv adhere to
.  Monroe doctrine unless   we   sue-
"I in making it evident iu the   first
ne that wc do not intend   to   troal
in nny shape or way us uu   excuse
"And you!" said th.. musician,
•'Well," said   London,   'i    accompanied him on Ilm piano, "•—Wa»p,
Post Olliee   Store    -    V\i li
Kootenay Coffee Co.
le-iile und retail de
in I'Vesb Roasted
High > Grade * Coffees
NIXSON, 11. C.
60  V CARS'
expeime of lho  llopublliS to
ith of us; second, that we   do
.tend to permit it to l.e used l.v
|  i th-im* republics in, a shield   lo
.. I that repu 'lie    fi nm    the   COllStJ-
iuot,oes ..f its own misdeeds against
|i .reign nations) third, (hut Inasmuch
■ by this doctrine we prevent other
ii ions from interfering on tins side
I llie water, we shall ourselves iu
iod faith try to help those of our
•ier republics which need sUeh help,
|.ward toward pence and order
"1 do not want to see any  foreign i
Traoc M-.ni-it
CotavHiCH rs Ao
Ani-.inp ishdlfil aalifli*-,. sndjdMcrlpUnn mi
'Mil. 111? i|.i'i.r!illn m.r <i|iin.tni lion Hli.-tlHT i
iiivi-iiii..ii "-..." '"il. if r.ii.-n'i'i.!..   i'.i'.ii.in.i,
....,-,...11 l,'Ov.''.iill'll.i.llill. IIHII.I1.....I...II I'.ii.'lit
....it ,rix>. oiiii-Ht ii^i-iH'v forMClirliiB Miianta,
I'nl..nu ink.'ii  i.ii'.iii/.i M.l.iii A < ... I'.i.'lv.
,;„, i.i. ii.i.i.i.. i,uii,mt uliarito. ill lliii
Scientific flnwicait
A lmnS«i.iiii.lr IllmlrniaS wi-i-alr. I.nrco.l rlr
i-iiln.liiil nl nflf.aiimiiltB-' Jniiriiiil. 'ftiruia. 1*11
v-nr: l.uir iiii.nllia fl. rulil bf nil iirwt.ili-Hli.ra
ut. 0*. t nl. Waaliimiirai. UU
er take possession permanently or I
It inpurarily of the   clistoiii-houses   of'
American republic in order to on-
"i* its obligations, aid the  alt^rni
r muy at uny time bo that w
forced to do so ourselves,"
Tllit lllll POHOBMAV,
"In the ihtCTest of justice, ii
1 essury to execiso the polio
lo show charity und helpful
nitv    Hut soinetlilng cm.
• done towards   the   P. d
hat Hfinethiug,   for   in Inn. e,   the
''..ai has already don card*.  *
♦ ♦♦M*-t-»~f*4*M"f-M**-M-f ♦♦-♦-♦♦
HMel Ymir
l\J COCri train pyppy |j}ojiliing
except Sunday, I'm fpoight
wy| passeiigons; fqu Vl'iii'
mill Hy snecjaj qi-dors on
Sii||,l.-iys, Oi'f-qp Viuii1 iiiiin*.
**jn_wni.i i«»»p^»f—^——_.__■■
COriPAiNY -Ltd,
W'A'l|j|{ SUPPLTBD POU 00-
SIl.'.STIC ,\V|, FJltE
PURPOSES    t'.VDI-ri!
i-i'i'Niw    p|!i;s
t". -S. f. floss, «*ecrelai
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry,
'y  heonly    ull   rail   route   between
points oast, nest and south to lloss-
and, Nelson,  Grand Porks and Re>
publio,    Mullet emu run betivenn gpo,
kane ami Northport.
lluli'et Cars  run between Spokane
nnd Nelson.
KllVclive April, lllll,*.,
9.45 a.m
11 0.'. n. in
9.10 a.m
11:80 a in
10.00 a.m.
Toll a.m
Daily Train
Grand Korks
(1.20 p.m
4.5S p.m
0.86 p.m
S.fiO p.m
0.30 p.m
HV    L'SJ(\(J
Seattle,    Tacoma
St. Paul,  Chicago,  New
York, and
Best   Meals  on   Wheels
2    FAST   TRAINS     Q
Special   Excursion   Rates
Lewis & Clark Fair.
For rule., foldi' - i. .1 full Information
regsrdIng trips, ...ii on or oi'tlresi uu
agent of the S. )•'. .V N, Kuilwiij  or
,;. K. & p A. (.. I*. .v T* A.
Spokane      710 VV. Itlvorsldu Av,
Are our two principal  hobfcieg,
I'Viili Jars, pints qnuris and half gallons, i|Ii*eot from the factorj   i|t  priees
Hull C||ii|iol |.c l.eul,
We sro iii .. position to take cijre ol jour ii/tp'ts  foi-  preset1! hig.   <) it||i sl-i ik
is ijlivays ivi-11 assorted ami prices aic right.
We curry llie fumoi|.i K.iyal Hoiisoliokl, jqst u cur lust week if this u, lclir.ii
ud brum!.   Mo blaok qi),l soggy brcqil made from   this   Mo.ir,   always   -I'hiiu
light iinil w||olesoi)iu.    A. trial suck will uoiivhicc tlie most skoptloiil,
Something in »v, mi iipuellsiog breiikfnst ceroid, the Inrgesl for Hie niuii.*]
eyer ollereil in Ymir. Willi each package wp give a fain:}1 piece ui Cliiin, ai n i
ealru I'vpense to pufcliuscr,
*.\ e carry a n-ell suleulail stock to cure nil ailnict|ts of mini! nud   bqily,  from
toptli nolle drops to oaru uiftraotors, at sirlolly list price-i1
We keep ilu- stock, style and quality, ».. can fit you mil in look well, uppeui
piospeioiis. uiul feel that vou are us good a-, u Standard Oil Magnate nil twioi
ns happy.   Joliiiatono's Olotliing and Boll's   Shoos   ivo   tibsoliilely   giiiiruiiii;i.
Right ynoila. rijjlii prions, mul right people to ileal with.    Xo special p.•..■■■-  ...
special .'Usloincr.  nil look slikc to us
U. S. T. ROSS,
Hardware   Merchant,    Yniir,    B.    C,
11 MA I. Hit IN
Shelf mid Guilders l| irdu .rn.
Paints and Oils, -Sen-.--, (.'.il.
Steel, Powder; Puse an I Caps,
O rani to and' 1'inwaro, Steani
All kinds of Plumbing, Tin-
unitliing and General Kep.iii
'it* ll.'st   Mcnls
'u Town.
■ I'tioii i,f Wines,
ne .es nn,I (!igurn,
ulw and is now trying ti
.rds Santo JloilllflgOi
Fiom a ceffee
aiwou to a thoua-
an.l dollar pit
■fiiiatini. if,.
Iltnry IllrVl ft
Sum1 facllltlM
for tiiaklht aotld
ailv(iwar« art
poaafaafd by So
ollirr cfliirtfti III
emaiTJua. ArtlaUc d*Slara-
*ra, nioilun marlilnf—, and aklllnl hand-
•roiksri ail under tilt direct anpcrvlalos of
pnctlcsl tnembtri of Hit am, mskt to un-
eqMlled. eomblnttlon Im luinlag out Sne
Wtlle for lll.i.iinlr.! ralaliism.
44**************** l
pif.aTMiaT» '
liv.clry,    •
Sferllns SllVtr.
Silver Pine,
Welchti. etc.
Henry Birksi Sons
jf»r li « io Mil KxcclUftcy
itic K«rt it Mid e.
The Mutual Life [nsuranne Coiupauy ot'X. Y,
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
.\ policy in ii ia the oafest invcKtinoiit K'linwn in mini.
('iisli invested in I.iii* [nsui'anun is cash in vested thai   will
return compound intci'OB't.
All miccoHHful Inisiiicss men cnei'y large ivmoiints <.)' Iiie
i iiiNitr-iiii-i*.   li provides for the family, protects a man in lii>
>ld ugc, and protects his other investments,    Vov  nil.1- 011
my I'ufiii ul'Iiii* insurance apply to:
Percy J. Gleazer, Local Agent.
Washington & u, \. rvj
V.  V. .t IC.  KV. ,V- N. rn.
and 0 root Northern, Northern I'mir..*
und (). It. .(.- N. Co.,   for pointi  .-..-t,
j west  and   miuth ; eiitliii.ct.s   al    Hos-i.
; lulid and Nelson  with   the  Uilll.uiiaii
11'ucifl.: Hallway.
|.'l!Ksn ANU s.\i,ti:i» MKAI's    I    Conneouat NoUon with the  P. 11,
,i: N.  Co,  I'or   Ktulo  .-iii.l   IC,   nul **-.
I points.
Wholesale lind Retail CoIiiiccIh at Curlew with  Htajjo fm1
(JrCellWood und   .Midway, li. i'.
I'.i.lli'l   em's run on innn, between
Mail orders rbcfcjve pVompt altchtioti Hpokano and llepulfiie
1 e inni! Pauoniiur A".
,WUV MlllillUllT, IVop.        , Spokane, Wall) •
When in  Nelson
A new line of confectionery just arrived. Overtoil Toil. iy, Aylesbury
Butter Scotch, Nougat-', lb. ukgs .
Chocolate, S il Led Peanuts, I'. pper-
v';ill ill Patenmulos. You will find .irrcullv
reduced prices in Watches, Jewelry, Silverware, Cut Glass, and Novelties.    Yon can  ;d ——r—-— —
ways lind something in his stock suitable for ;i MII I CD UflTpl
uill. and his good* nre always mosl reliable.      ,V,,LLI:n nU ' LL
SAM   MII-LKR,  Prop.
J. 0.   Patenaude, ni-.-i.i.in.-iiti-i-tin-.Miuii.-.m,.,
Manufacturing Jeweller, Watchmaker and Optician, j    "      !     '
PHONE 293.      NELSON- B C*
wines, l.i|ii...ii and cigars,
l-'ii.-n Avi.m i:. Yjlllt,
Bulldozing Chinese.      'Protection   Attracts   Im-
V. S. Govennnent Holds An* migration.
ihoritie-s Responsible  for
Ni wly furnished tlirougliout.    Sample rooms in connection;
Rates f 1.50 to §2.50 per day.
FIM.AV   McLEOD,  Proprietor
American and B.  C.   Hydraulic
Placer Company Ltd.
In tliu course of Iiiu ml. I reus nt   the  Opposite Couithouse   mul   new   Post
Annual Convention of tho  Canadian „„;,.,._   Best .,r>. mea]   h|   tow|]
Manufacturers' Association  in    Mon-    ,. ,  ,       . ,
t is learned upon   gocd   authority   .,    ,  ■»     - ,    , ,,*   ,-   ,. ,        kmropeun ami American plan.
1 ■ 1 Heal, President \\. K. George,  refer-
ring to a letter in which   an   iMiglish ''"lv   uhil"    l"1'"1'    employed.
. lord advised   a   prominent   Canadian first class bar
I that if  Canada   would   throw     down —
its tariff wa]ls population would    How THOMAS .t  ERJCKSOX,
In like ii mighty stream, said.    "Here ' Proprietors.
i.-ntt i-i stopped, and has al-o given no : ,,    , , ■ i   i     - i     ,•■ i
1 - " are two countries, -ule In sine, d.*. i-1--
lice tlini. China will In- held  resnonsi*.I    i i .•••..   .• ' "' r
1 | e.l by an imaginary anu invisible hue;
iiie for loss sustained by reason of the    ,-, ' • • ,       .  .  .
•** alike in everv    essential    natural    re
il..-it the American   government   ha
notified China  that   nil   negotiations
for a new convention to   discuss   the
Chinesp exclusion ael will be   discontinued niiiil tho anti-American,  boy.
oiiiee and in potential greatness, one
boycott.     The    Chinese    authorities
slate that  thev   will   take  energetic   ...,.:. ,      , ,. l_I„-i-„i
■*•*        Having no advantage over tl.e   other, HnfAl
steps to stop everything of  -in   illegal i       •   -,     ■,  ,, ,, ,,uul    •    •    •      •
1 ■        ■ i     as similar in tliese respects us ure the
or disorder!; character, but that  ile-v',      ,   .        .. ., . ,,     , fUmler entirely new iii...ei<'eiiii.ni \
•'   two halves of this paper.    One has an      -.* ""'   "'"' '.* '"-" uiiuiugiuu.iii..;
cannot st..|. tl.e boycott. i-    ,   , - i  ,'   ,-•   .,       ,i ,,--,, ,    .,
' >        ^ exceedingly high tariff,  the   other   a Ullllllg   Room    llllll    Hill
m moderate nr low tin ill'.     Surely   the ...       . .       ,       ,
A   Pnl-o   Al-irri-i -i   ..     i-  .        •„        .  ." Sllllllllcil    W'lMl     In*    best
A   I HI.*>C  Alarm. one -Mil. the high twin must have, to ' '
a superlative degree, all those feature*! Ill the market,
A n-i "i-i that has   appeared   >onio-   , . . . .., __
' rl . del rinieiitiil    i"   imiiiigratuin,    which
where to the elle-.-t that   Canada  pro-  , .   ,     ,,. ,,.     ,,       ., .    I{i_]i|   ..iini.sile   dcnnl     Vinir
'        Ins l.'iiil-liip saw in tarill nulls.    Ihn    •"•'ji'"     'I*l''    "'    *" I11",    -*• '"•'
poses to build a chain of   forts  along        ., , , , 	
gentlemen, wlmi are the facts ot the ,«,,,,  ,,,,,  ,,.   ,,
, . , JiiII.N   I.KhAt ,   Iron,
case!    lo -ihiih country did the tide
of immigration (low,    in    wh.ch   land    '"      '
tho United States   border   from   tin
Ai laiiiii;   to   il.e   Pacific   leads   tie.
Pittsburg Dispatch  to   remark   ihut i ,., ,,       .,,, , .
°    . ' did the liiillloii'i ii|i:)ti iniliioiis seek    a
there is no demand for Mich   an   ex*
pendituro of money, miles;; it be -thut
Canada desires to take a place among
th.- military people of the world
perusal of the principal Canadian pa<
pels fail* to reveal thill any ^ueI. pro-
posiiion 11-vi befii seriously niadoi li
K just possible that sumo menibor lit
i In- opposition in ihe Canadian | ar
liaini-r.i, noticing how desirous the
government seemed to bo t
of public   funds,   s-uggpstcn      •■■ ii   ■'.
new home!    Vmi nil   know    the   an*
swi-r.    In that land whieh  was   protecting and building up iis industries,
loffuring congenial  and  renumerati.-o
inploi men! to its people, and   .level-
oping n- home niarkec.   Ami as if  j^e Kooteii3y   Standard
ih.-.t were nol enough, to   that   same
land w. nt a million and a half of our aid    JlUU.ita.
own (.'eii-idiiiii-li'..rn '
MAM I'll "II lllll)   ity
J he Liverpool Daily I'ost, referring
uisnose        , ,       ,      '   .
I In the (net that the   emigration    Inun    —r       -      —.,    ,,       r,     ,	
J.   C.   Tliebi  &  Co.
ineiliod of adding !,, the expenditures,
b'roni present indications it «ill cer-
luinly be a long time before either
Canada or the United Stales will
iie.'d u lino of troops along the Iron-
Iiit. —Spokesman Review.
llrituin to Canada in August, I HO I,
was :!:'.'i less than in the sftnie month
last year, while then' «.is an increase
of over 10(000 in the   emigration   to
Nelson, 13, C.
The   Natural Term   of
Public Opinion
A coUuterblnat tn Dr. < Isier's theor*,
that ..t forty ii man's ivoi I; is practically dm.". 11 '1 nt sixty lir had hi ttel
.. .■!; ..ni ,       ,i. Im-   liven   deliyered
Capital $50,000 in 500,000 Shares of ten cents eacL
The Company is now preparing to work tlie Gold
Dredge, Black Sand and Nugget .placer lenses at Hall
Siding, and in order to purchase the necessary lnachiil"
cry, the promoters have sel aside a limited number of
shines for immediate sale.
The >hares ure full)' paid and 11011 assessable.
The Company's ground averages 50 cents per cubic
yard (.11 llie  surface, over -.40 acres.
Until bed rock is^reached these shares can be ob*
taiiied al n bargain.
Meanwhile the treasury stuck (!_00,000 Shan-H) Mh
left intact,
..-■■■-ii *»-n_*f_i
Nelson Fair
3 D___rs 3
ComiiioneingSeptember 20. Larger _n_«1 I>"i'
fcer than ever. Everything new ant] np-to-
clato* All kinds of open air attraction**.. Each
day something interesting. Yon will meet oh I
friends tliere. Single fare on all lines of travel,
j. E. Amiable, Secretary.
tlm United States  during   tlie   sittne
!|.e.i..il. mi id.    "tt is remantablo   that   VailCOUVer
lhe number ..!' Uritish euiigrautM  who
suil   direct to Camilla h lens than one*.   nOltl
third tlio ii'ta! going   direct   to   tho
United Stutesi"    The Saw York Sim.
commenting oil tnis, said! —
"li is altogethei probabla that  this
current nets towards ns instead ui tu*
words Canada,   f.fl'   economic   rather
iiinl. pollticitl reasons,     Many   emi
yrniii.- would doubtless he ■Jinl to ile
by Sir James Crichton IJrownei at I under tlm Oi-itUili (lag, but Can.ulu
the Public fleiilth CongVoss. 'J'he has little tu oITei now-comei-fl i-M-e|,i
natural Lifo of man, saj-s  Hi.-  JauiOHt  land, ulltl Inlid c*o<rts moutsy.   A stress
U 100  i.ni-.    nul,   apparently,   thul ,,f imlustriiil , litions is line  of  tliu   Seerillll Ave.
unv i-i ensure thu century i*i to bo n • j ,.],;,•• causes of emigration,      Ohly   n	
lieved in tho prime of life of  aii.ti»ty Lnuill percentage of those  who   leave
as to tho future.    Life assumnt'n,   in  their homeland in ordri1   to   improve
his opinion, ban, by re ring a   load their   condition   have    tho     means V-.s< ici-i 1 ii ill
.. i... i.ieii's iiiiiids, us-!'i.*d in prolong wherewitlito buy laud and   maintain                       '   ','...    '
existence,   Old ago   punsidna   would  tliciTi»elvt2» until the hind will   main-  .MhU."-	
.,                     ,      ,,   ,  „ i,      -      , . i tain theni. An    illiinediiile   iiieiane ,  .  ,.,   , ,,, ,    ,. ,    ,, .,   . 	
H(*rve thu-siime cilil     l.ut »lu>   is   to .   ,,          . I.A.-M I Ul l;;-n.\\   X KA(    JUNT I,
tnr miinliat l.uii.r is   iiiflispfiisablo  in
provide thoml    I hey would   add   to \_ liw-}wili. ,,f   ,„,,,.,,   llm|    ,-„   ,.,.„      l-'isuy JloT.uoo, President,
the burden* of one uhiM in   order   to, Canada olHirs only n limited prospect, '. Pun. \ Gi.ha/.i it, Secretary,
lemove the titicertaintios of   iinother. |Theruford they coilio to this   country, ^   |.  DccHH-imTH   Tieas,
Please furwaiil The ^'.miii HeIiaLu for
. in,mill
I'l'i'-i-elii.*.*-* Dining Uoom.
lies)     I nn .'s   of  Willi
Liquors nnd (,'iynrsi
OWEN  BOYl-JR, Prop.
and acknowledge receipt of enclosed •■?.
4 Tiik IIhiiai.ii is published  evdl*y Satur'laj* inol-ning and
♦ i twins  -ill   tin-  news of the camp,
I! m.s--l'i:u Viiaii, ,<•_>; J|AU.- V?:mi, *.{,
Ymir Citizens
Our scientists just now ai'1 managing
with its ias.lv widui Held   of   indus-
u, conjure up for Us rather  appalling Wal   opporlUiiity,     Canada's    turn —
pictures of the pliysical state to whioh   wl'-l vet co  -
i-iviliziitiiii, will reduce us.    In .... ad-1 i *
dress on M lay on the national ryf.-  VmiI#» Tftitd^r Ct\
Night, Sir   -lan.es   predioted   that   if, I lllll     I I dllisTCr <UO.
present   oyc-troubles   eontinuo,     we
shallull l.eeitl.ei partially   blind   or        .lACKso.N .v LEAHY, Props.
wei.iing spectacles iii.. couple of gen* . • _.
•.■rations.   This second addresi sharp-1 .
)y qualifie* any anticipatory   sutisfac*-! I earning and
tion caused by the flrsti   particularly
it taken ill euiijunttion with Sir  Oli-
i-er l/.dge's recent assurance thut us
I.ruins devolop   we   lose   our   teeth.
What a piospeei!   More   veins  mid
Inni.1 brains, but less sight und    (ewer
hu.l 111!
Express ,,n
All   orders   promptly  itltbntled t..
anil the gl'.'.ilest. eu..'I'velei'-l'd  ill   lhe
handling bf r"1"!1'
CiikMim   >f;i»   AbsAYbu,
Uk iu-ivcf NcKt'n Stitrlttri
Dominion   Exhibiton.
1005       ^eptemUer   27   to   October   7       loo.s.
I ii'l.-i- tlirt atispieC!" ot* the ttoyul   Agricultiiml
tthil linliistriul iSoeidtV.
Stupendous and donipi'olieitsivd nrrav   of   Kv
liibitsrepi'efiontitlg the i'OHOui'cea tlt'nll ('
$100,000.00   In   Prises   and    attractions.
Enlarged gr ids, new, handsi
■'(line inni KpnciOUH
Gold, SIIVKr,
Ol1   1.
■all     -
Cupper,    -
-     -
Gold Silver,
•    -
Chat ijes f"
' "ih.
1' 0 Dniwei
WOULD'a CriAMfTONSlttP EVEXTs i.. 11    • ,   ■ ,,
"*wln* Hi .1     , '-_U«ilw "Ml ||_ ll       ,? '"fi i"l     lmv0^'   " "','
Dusting,   Military Farallo* and l-.-.-r, i■,..*,
!lUYAI   '   '    '     "Attl« I other Famous Hands
■      '-;/J»NIVAl    ..,n,,d,-:„f   ,,. ,   ,iVD|,   „,,,,„     ,..„
M.waishlpsi Indian war danoesi ete.
maiion write W. |l.   NK >nv.   ..,„,. , ,   ,,
1,,,,,,..  ,),i ''"'     PocM/ifj   ...id   .M.ti...j.


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