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The Ymir Herald 1904-11-12

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 I^-^l+Zy^nSt^JZ) (X-l>^
■■■■I ip
U- L'
V   l-l.Vc
NOV 131904
Yin.. I■- Xji _■<}.
YMII;, JVC., SATI'ltliAY. MiVK.NJBKIJ  l_», 1904,
'Kit i: Fn i'. I i-N it*.
Ymir Mine.
ltiieeiit developments at the   Yniir
.,      ,. ... .   ,     ,,     ,,     ,,     .        mine ure of u most    eiiruur.iyiu"    nu-
Mr. Iiiu rv W ii-.-In M.   V.   P.   in* ■ .    . ,     ,
,     ,' ,-    ,. ,        .'tlllT, ll,,d i'i.'i V eolilldellee Is tell   thill
terviewcd about lho lire,   states   ibai
,,,„., . .   , the theory n| the eastern trend ot the
although all the money  appropriated .,,   ,
;    ,.    ,..'..,',    ' iii pay ore wil, i,l|oitly   be   established
tor il...' distnei bus open expended,   he
.,, ■    ,      ,       -,      o Better ore m now    icing  encountered
will see Iii it that llie    sidewalks    ur- ! ,     ,      .   .
| on the I'iijij |..,,i level, nnd it   is   ex-
■epiiire.l, und i*; ulri'iuly takipg action |
in the matter,
Summary of Evidence Qjvep During the Trial.
Ymir  will    ,uiie';ly    recover     from
the blow euuseil by the fji'0 of Novum-
her 1st. Alroady Beer Bros, ni-e rebuilding their burnt building, Mr.
Coffey will rebuild almost immediately. It is uljo propabla that tho Mc-
Connuudale building wjll -vis,, be n-
Over 30 pack horse loads of supplies Hero taken up tu the New York
Central group on Jubilee mountain
during the past week, Commodious
winter .punters luui' been erected on
tho property, pevelopmcnt work i-
ippoo.eeding rapidly and the big ledge
which is bping opener] continues t,
give great promise.
We are very pleased to be able to
announce that Mr, T, II. Newitt will
start up again in business in thi
coiirso of a few days, with a full and
complete stork of goods in bis furntei
line. I le bus already ordered n largt
Stock of goods, and others previously
on order will be lie,!• in a day or two,
when be will opm  temporary   prem
In his concluding address   t..   tie
milgistl'ato in the tiie trial, S. S.
Taylor K C, counsel for the defence,
paid a   high   tribute   to   Provinciu
Constable I",-user's wgrk   in   com	
tion with the case. He said that
the constable hud done his duty iu ,i
thoroughly eflicinui nnd very fun
' milliner. Ymir is to I... congratulated upon the possession of such at
(,u Sunday last a couple of line
deer walked into town, probably to
view the remains of the lire, nml ,,
size up the prospects for Ymir returning to it.s priiuitire Condition of primeval forest, Being disappointed in
their hopes they were leaving bv
v.iiv of the Ymir road, having came
"down the Dundee   roadi   when   tl.ci
were spotted by the   -uw    mill    boys.
who succeeded   in   shooting   ono   of
lliein, llie oilier milking its CSCIipD,
(in Friday November -lib, Smith
Curtis addriune.l n iurgo audience in
Union Hull, in support ..I' \V A. (I.l
lil.ei's candidature, In the ,-, ttrso ol
a two hours speech he discussod ih.
principal issues ui stake, lie nisi, expressed regret il Mr. Borden's defeat,
mid-ui.I ihut friends nml enemies
alike deplore the loss of u geiitleinnn
of sin h reptile und unblemished character, Mr   !*•'. S. Tailor, of Nelson who
wus in towu foi the Atlkinson   trial,
Clime in lute and also uiMrsscd the
I tillB
pect-d that another 60 feet wil) |,.-i„g ; T|ii. i|1V(,„,igrtt|||tl o{ ,,.,. ,.,,„..,„ „f
the drift on thi. lev,-! imo us good ore I ,wn :^uuA -,- ,, A..|.insun was
■«■>»>'■.■ I'"-' "l'|»'i' Ipvels- TlieL.riU„„ed on Monday. Mi. li. \V.
theory of tho eastern   trend   |,as   id*.  Haniiinguiii  ,,.1,|i!,i„. W. A    Mac-
ready been established in the   No.   ti I ,      i i ,-. .   ,,
, doniilil as prosecglipg attorney,
level, where, in llie east   drift,    (mod       <, ,  v     -.. ,        i  i.n
" " Stewart Jsewttt (iigeil I-) exainin-
pay ope is now   being   worked.      At  ni? ,x|,i,,„ed how he   wen,   j,,   eo.n-
present +0 stamps nre   in   "]'<'P"i"'.*   tlilnv wil|, l,is f.-nKo,-,    A,kins,,,,   und
and when sufficient water cap be   s,-  ,..,„(|,,, ,,„,„,,:, t|„.   n,:).x{,,   „,)!,,,
,.,,-.,,1   ll,.,   ,,,.,.. ...   I li   tl...     Sl.   .,.,...... .....
cured the pemaindpr o' the mo stamp
will be put iu e,iuiii|i-,iiiij.
apd caught sight of the missing   I
iplgides lying on the   ground    beneath
the building
T. S. Newitt gave siipilnp evidence,
mid in. to the  condition   of   the   lij-e
The  rule    of   shipment    from    the   when he reached it.
Hunter V, is now just double the for- I     A- U* O'Neill, postmaster, at Ymir,
n,er rate.    The big tram is   now   be- j stated that he left tbe post o|ljce,  ad
Hunter V.   /Vline,
inn worked l.y night .Is well as day,
in.I ihe average shipments amount to
150 tons pep day, half of  which  goes
lo llie Nol tlipol t Milliter ami the
other halt to tin- Nelson am!    Qrilllby
joining Atkinson's storo. the evening
of the lire ul 10 o'clock and every*.
thing was then all iii order.
The remainder »f the .|.-.v was token up in llie examination mid   Cl'uss-
inelters, Puring the day shift the examination of S. H Seaney, whose
main Irani is supplied by the I [.inter | -toi 0 was situated next the post iillice
V. works, whilst the Double Standard in the Atkinson building. Stated that
supplies   lite on- trai,lined during   the   when he arrived    on    the   scene    the
night     11. is expectetl thai shipment
in Trail will be    commenced    shortly,
whole inside of Atkinson s  store    was
on lire,   Saw i„,    lire in his   grocery
itill further increasing the output. department next the Atkinson';
The present force at the mine con« building, Saw Hurry Jackson, ex-
dsts of 38 men, only sixteen of whom pressman, take quantity of il per
however are actually employed ou cent, gasoline into Atkinson's ..tore,
mining and mucking, The output of while that which he used in lamps
150 tons per day is therefore mined- was 76 per cent. Had repeatedly
iy theSe sixteen men only, and the seen goods taken from-'the drug store
cost of mining al ihe Hunter Y. is which first aroused his suspicions,
-i,lise.i|in tills- lower than u! any oiher! Atkinson some lime previously asked
iue in llie province of British Col- him if Ids store was frost proof, slating thai his own was not and that he
wus taking   freest-able   goods   to  bis
1 til bin
St. Eugene's Dividend.
TIlO iililllial eelierill meeting of    tin
Si. Eugene Consolidated Mining coin
pany limited wus held November Nth
being at that time behind Seaney's.
When In. next looked Ijre hail spread
lo Seaney's.
Mitchell Tail swore to seeing the
roof of t||e drug stupe full first.
Charles Archibald gavp evidence,
as to the early location of the fire, describing 't a-S buck of 'be post olliee.
dl'l|g stupe and Seaney's store.
Richard (ioefe, who lirst rang the
lire alarm, gayo similar ov'(|onco,
Mps. Wilson testified to niiiking a
hasty escape down the front -lairs   in
,.he Seaney building, ami then looking into thu shop fron| of both of
Seanpy's   departments,   while   then
A. McHjirdy, Insuraiiiiu agent :
Nelson, testified to taking Atkin- i i
application    for     $|,0OIJ     iiisurai,
llu.I tllket) notice of the utock ut   ! ill
tins'   Miireh)   and    copsideicd    them
w:i- then sl ii.i ii ui worth "f  goojls
ihe -toie     Wus under i|ic i|iipre.s.sii i|
that accused had shown hi|ti In- -io
taking invoices although he   had   noli
checked.     ('.elieved said invoices wen.
ill foolscap book or ip lose   sheets    i
book.    I hd not   recognize   book   ex
llibited us one ho bad seen    before   i .
this connection.
In the afternoon (Wednesday)   Mi
Taylor placed    the   accused   on    th-
was no (ire at all in the   tobacco   de-   stand und examined him.       Atkinson
piii-lincnl, the lire had   just    touched  stated that at tho timo of the fire,   h
the back corner of the    grocery   store   hud fully $10,000 worth of   e-,ods   j.
next lo I||t» post iillice
The witnesses for '.he defence   were
then called.
tbe store, less what he led   tittfen   tl|
to the   house.     His    sl".-k    h-.,.,!<    fo
. 190.1 w.is iu store ui lime of iii,
Archibald llrcuiep wus lho first, j Store had been jammed full of good
and slat el that he and Archibald until quite recently when bo had r.
and Watts were the lirst mi the; moved some ,,, house, s,uro Was gtil
scene us far as he knew lie and j ipiiti* full however, und did not think
Watts first held tho hose (without that any outsider would notice an
the nozzle) from the  top  of Seaney's difference,  as  stock     icinovcd     ivu
cellar.     Al. that, time the (ire wns en-
tirely behind  Seaney's,   und  he saw
mostly from places not in sight.     Di
scribed in detail building  and   cell,.
none behind the post office and   .bug  In Infer there wus a partition   l»-
store.     Could   not    see    Seaney's    oil . I ween llie portion    under   dl'UJI   Still
house for sheet of flume. land   that under  post, office      Tin.
Fred Philbert Baid   that  the  boys partition win originally three   thick.
on   that   nig':.i   (Hub.iween    night) nesses of board, ono put in by himseli
scared  his  wife,  und hearing   them and two thicknesses with sawdust be.
oyer near lho fire hull, bo  went  after t ween put in bv ll, .1. MuKonziii,   hi
lliein.    Thny heard him  coming an.I wall of frcst proof cellar, whon   lattci
tan in different directions,     He   did was running present post ollle'e   us
 „     _     * not go to the   (Ire   hull   but   chased grocery st     Cellar was   not   frn>.|
house.    Had paid particular attention young Campbell to his fathers   store, proof however, and last   named   ha I
j to the   drug   store   stock   recently. Swore co seeing   Seaney's   roof   fall j lost a-lot of potatoes and   turnips   In,
Pilrticulary nnticed sliow case  which first, then Coffey's and   subsequently frost.    Had himself erected what   In
hud couinined   expensive   goods,   re-
placed   with   toilet paper,   and  also
Atkinson's, supposed to be frost-proof plaeo in In
Sidney Koss of Salmo   stated   that own cellar,  but   frost  had dostroic
he knew Atkinson in former years   to  nil llu.goods he pu
patty hunted was held November Hth   ,ha(. a(]v(,,.tillcmonlH   were   hung   on he knew Atkinson in former years  to Lil the goods ho put   in,hat   w --.
it company's-  headquarters    in   Tor- Lhe|veH (0 |,id0 empty -pacs.     Con   enrry up stock and store it in hit  cub  Accused then deso'rlbed itt Imigtli na.
"   ' ' iilered   stock   reduced   about   iwo-|lur. lure nml  possttion  of goods  iu hii
'I'lu*'lirectors presented nn excol
enl report iu inal'koil contrast t.
hose of recent  veiirs.    Tbe cash   sur
|thirds before the Ore. II. A. Ibbotson stated thai   he   as |ntoro proper,    Asked'to as  his  n-l.
Tl ..iitiiiiiation of s,   H. Seaney I slsted to connect hose with hydrant at   tioiis with   Ivourns, one ,,f   11,.- wit
wns concluded  ou  Tuesday morning Palace hotol and also to run the  hose |u*Mea  f„r  the  prosecution,  faccused
P,UH " :!l1111   "''   ^'l'''''"1"'.    Iw'p-j,   aicii7.or   being   next witness   across f the .her mill,    lie was  ,,.,„„|  ,|m,   |,is   relntiuii»  Iue
^»»131.<  ••ft'''' l"*y'»« »" ''"'e*3"   [[j, testi ny chiefly related lo
l.'dliess of .-"Jl',.lllld.
siiriin.-e of -**l ,"il,i, whieli   witness    hud
A.pmrterly dlvldond   of   two   pet'L|ll(.of| ful. Atkinson the 21st   Mnrclt
eenl    wusdeelired piiyibleon  Deeeu,.    , ^       |jc„.|ibt.(| ||,u mcnilillO of  llu
her  loll
J. VV. Ross' Estate.
lolls   lind     I ,
directly behind Seaney's cellar at  one very   friendly  until  two yours  agu,
time and the fiio  was   then  confined Nidations   became more friendly, and
to the rear of Seaney's   store.    Could almost as before, until about one week
however sue port ion of oil-house, before the  fire   when   he noticed  it
''   •                                               word   gasulinc   in   th     application,      Under    reexamination     tbbouon cooliicus,    (junstioned us  to   th.- it.
..juold board of directors was  un-   whioh referred iu | It for   its   use I sworo postivoly to  seeing  no  lira in movai of his diplomas, aocusi-d  stated
ailimotlsl*,  re-eleeleil.     Tl.erepoil   I'Oi   M ft., |||um||mnti      ||.,d,,oll n    In-    Alkills,ui's or the    po-l    olliee,    when   i|)ttt lis I Igllt tllCIII   fro,,,   tl *l
..■rs iii il.itt,.line terms h.   tl,,-   pn,s.   ,•,„„„„)„,*,, ,.,,,„ |,.„,„„,„,,,,,• |t|nui, ,\ ill hose was started     AdmilUid with him, Ihiiiklng that   ilmy   would
I I" «t tile mine fin'   the   i icxllnio J p|„ee(j |.y Aikinson ubont   ihe   sums tllat Atkinson called  to -.'.■ him  on  bo of assist -.; im In Ids business
'""""    TIwwhiii 'if   water   caused  |jmi,    *jlleHl|,,no(] „„   ,„   Atkinson's Sunday niuht  hi-,   (since   ihe   .-  but flnding  it'wns not   -.,,,   hud  re-
by tlfo iii.usui.ll) .In -un rand fall  ,,,'OHperivv, staled that he belie  I,.-: nl of tlm trial).   iut-nl that    veil in to Ids bouse, alx.ut eight
was tho one drawback i0| I,     All L.iuldrank a ig the four niosl pio*> ho did not knoiv ivhiil   I nine  for,   months ago     guestioimd  u -
arrangements' linva   now   been   P*'r*L0|-ous men In the town      Hud   not |The lire business was nut    mi I. occupation   lief 'otuing   to   Yniir,
feeted .to obviate the delay caused  bv  „ngngnd )(lWyH,   ,„   ,,,„.,.u„,   ,.i,|„,|c lentlon by pr uiing   ciun*  accused stated   ilni  had   irmkiHl
for self or for Insiirii ompaiii. sel of nu f Hugh Miicdonald, « it    for Mr. (! love (now ,,f Ibmland) m
,o|  sen or lor lllsiii ,iie-'- i 'ompaill , se, oi  iinuie oi   iiu^o   ..,-■-', ,,   --,*-     nil' ,l||-. oiiihh'O' iiih'i  hi ii'i-Miiiiiii ii
Kxclusii'o of the dividend   referred      ju|ltl w. Falls,   s| i„l   cor.suble,' ncss said   tlml   any   .-ham.-,   inade. Knstern Cannihh (at this .logo thenc
bo tlio 8t. Kuk lompiiiiy bus   paid   witnessed as tv finding ol   goods   and j against himself   i Id   have   to   be |eu*,e,l broke down altogathor).
in dividends tn date-f'J 10,001) alli_( ,.  „ -,,, ,,„„_ ,,,„,     i:,„„„ „j..,„; i,, wn.u l„-   ,,-       ,,. ,i ii.,««ii .-,i i„
subsequent disposal, mainly   conl'irin-' proved.    Heing asked to, wluil In-   re       Ot, the continuation of tl muiiiii-
ing evidence of Constable   I'raser.       iferj'fftl   'efused  tu answer       rinally utiou on Thursday, the   licensed   ex*
I'i,,I,ute hus been   granted   liy    his
liolior, judge Leniliy, of the will of ll.e
lull-.I. W. Koss, justice of lho peace,
of Ymir, who (lieu vet) suddenly on
the '.''"il. of lust inoi.lh. The widow,
Sural, l''r,,„cis lloss was the applicant,
und under the tonus of ,h.> will made -lirea stroke-, menus it cull for help t,,  |n ||i(, hnrU ()  n|. Wilson's residenco] were untrue,
tm the 2nd, of August,  1898,   ull   of bundle   the  hose  when drying tilid  over Seaney's sloro,     ijticslloilod   its      A, C, T*-oohoad, commercial traveler nway,    Was going nut of some   hie-
to   Aikinson'-     personal    chnradtcr testified to calling upon Atkinson  the this year because of pressure of othei
Atattll   lllal     he    bad    done    business j-'.il ilrduy bel'me I he  Iii e,   und   selling   bUslllCSS, SUcIl US sulllllg milling stock.
...  .    ....   .. with I for ninny yen rs and   always Jliim it hill of go.Hls amounting lo  ijlfi oiilcu of colledtor of Votes   etc,     Th
had already provided for his soli   and
•■-n           ■ "  ,      - -    •-
l''i,e chief Coil'ey bus prepiued   ihe      Wm.  Kiikputi i"k   was   ihe   next uiunti dtliui   I."   h,el   heatsl   talk ppdned reasons for moving  .fid'/.'
followinu hignals for handling the fire  witness, and doscribed the lire   whenji nocting  him   with   an   uflorl   lo able goods to rosidencc, to make  wni
, ,     , ,.      ho first salv it, as hroceerli ig fr the steal gold from the plates at the I'm- for other "took,    Dad done   this   ,,,
llllll'im    Meu.lv   I'ltlgillg    men,is    lire.; .,,„,, ,,.      ,, •,,        i-i     i
corner of the rost ollici. buiUling next   to Hico -Uo., slump   nun,   «iueii   ne previous yonrs but never to so great
One stinke (pause) I wo -liokes (piiuse, ■        , ,      , ,   . ,      , „ , , , i     ,i;i i, ,,    ,
1 ' to M'uiey-, the w mil blowing   ii   up supposed wore referred to iiml   iviticii un extent us this yen,-.     II ul   nuvci
kes, metllts il call for help to | ,,, ,|„, \,„„\. ,|,„„. ,,,■ \ViU,„,'« ,,..1,1,-, wen, niili-iie einploved II lenin bcfoi'Q lo take giin I.
the estate Df the deceased,   both   roal reeling il un after use,
uluI I eisoliul, is   In-, jili-.'i I I.i'.!    lo    her
the lestator stating in hi- will thai In
.  il. -......,        ,       f   -- V n n Ullllili   vi   «wii«w«wi    wi     iVHin        '   > Vi III''
I'oilnd bill, honest,    II el m,'   noticed with orders to await additions,    Was ht„ck  book  exhibited contained  In-
I HiKHiiYTHiiiAN  Cine, ii -Mot "ii'K (u,y diminution of the stock K'toMUy. ail okl frleml of Atkinioii  mid   knew   moi stock.tnkiiig,   Goods amountlnc
I,, ii.iike their child any   further   n[-  Sol'vlces, 11 a. Ilij Sundav scl I   12;      IJdward Tutlie testified td   looking 1dm back east, where ho  hud   ul ways Lj ftl)0ut tJ.I'JO listed  u«  m   resldenci
•■>, | \- ■. I'liiii"   sti'i\ in'.   7  ill I. i 1)1)11'J       I 't'( i ..•■!       i -.I .       .i      I . ii . t ii       i .       . _    . .
iwmii u "!■ n«»t.    I he [khiiuiiiiI  pMinte
thut  he left it optional wilh    bis    w ife
        -..,..-..,. _. .-.  1.1 >_-.-.-.  _.   ,  i     ...... -t. |U   IIUMIII     '. "-'       n-i'  >i       un       iii.        I  ' —- |i 11 ■ [) ■   i
lowuiee or not.   The personal  estate Kvt'iilnjf Aerv Ice, i;3 0,     \oung   I eb out of his bedro    window,   ut   the | born a good character,    AccUH'd  had  wore dated   -Tib  Ocl    1001      ll.i
of the   deeeiiscl   aiuoUiita   to sboiu pies Socift)'meets on rritla)   evening n,„t Bmlnd of the belli and soei ng lire J stated tlmt he had some of his  goods miuld tlint m nudum In stoek-boul
Still.....    f*. B. Wilson   nppeni-t'd   fo, at fl o'clock,    All nl*6 wclcolni',    llev. behind the two rear   -beds   buck   of al   bis   residence!   mostly   freniable but had not thought of  notifying   In.
the applicant, It. Young, M, A, I'ustur, Atklusuo's and the post olllue, E*oflre goods, I (Continued oil Inst Page),
I'ulilUslif.1 uvi-rv Sslunlay mid mailed  lo mi,
n 1 ,r- -•. .•- I■ ■ 11 -. .-r...i i., carder in tow li.
s .' - 're. i* •:■.•,"> |.,-r ii iiie,,,i.  payable In id
.-' Iii nl, iu :        }: .-., |,it ,,ii*i,  |„-r in..mi,
' .' Ui.iiM.e can 1"- Ii:.il in.in ;,ll luadini
. - ei...■!-. ,,, Hi li-iri it,or "oi In- obia'iii-i
'!-.■■ .-i from Oi'-nili.'".
(' 'um- :■'■'.,;   print,ns  "f   uvitj    di .erlplloi
i        ... i!.' ; i- u. i -.- - :,, .,■,„.; ,;*i price.-.
'-I iil.l-IO.I,  HI TIIK
II.   ICEAItNH,   max.m,,:u.
SATURDAY, NOV,  12, 1004,
Llu al - Conservative Candidates for Partiament.
For Kootenay District,
(IIA 111.lis   II.   MACKINTOSH,
of   Kosslund.
I'm    Yah-r.-uiliro   District,
MAltTJN  1',1'lllill.I,,
Of  Grand   l-'orks,
lie- northern states and now bus   .", l.'i
alec tori,,] vote-,
The bannei state is Pennsylvania,
Twenty-four hours after the polls
closed the returns from this stale in
dicak'd thai Uoosev.eljt's plurality
w mid rem h H'0,000 Nexl came Illinois where the President poll.d ap—
proximately -J•_'.".,11.io more -,,ies than
did judge Parker. Qhio gave Boose-
volt 200,000 and Now York 171,000.
The Nov. York city returns are
still incomplete but the umnsscmenl
over the result has not subsided
Judge Parker curried Creator New
York by only -il.OOQ vote-
In general the situation i„ ehiillv
interesting because of lho tickets in
many of the states where they were
plit.     Koosevelt ran   ahead   of   his
country ns well, arc intensely in teres-1 LJ' IVl C/\ JY  I   li   LJ J~\.       CX    O  C/iO
fed iii seeing that we have a stable
policy of protection carried out The
people of Canada   are   beginning   to «.———__——______——■-
reulii-.e, the farmers] think 'HOUSEHOLD    NECESSITIES
ginning t" realize tlie value    to   I In in i
of the home market and ,,f  iinportain l'l.is is llie time of lite year to get your pick of the manv select pieces "I
industrial centres, of which   we  have1 Furniture.    Iron Beds, Linoleums, Bugs, Carpets and Hammocks,
few in this country to-day.    Parmers, SOLE    AGENTS    POP.    THE    .M AS()X-li ISCII    PIANO
newly arrived farmers, in the  North- ,
west, pointed out to mo a year nnd a
half in.','that in making  their   homos
in Canada they felt the disadvantage Furniture Dealers and  Funeral Directors
of not   having   in    Western   Canada
thofo  great   industrial   centres   nnd. NELSON,    B. C.
centres  of  population   that  allorded I X 11.—We ure sole agents for ihe Marshall Sanitary Mattress and  the .Glob-*-*..
them a market in the United   Stales, ! Sectional Hook Case um! Fibs.
That condition would come to   us   in I
West of Canada, as   well   ns   in  the |
East, if wo bud in force a policy such j
as I suggest, and such us we on   this
side of the   hou.-e   have   fouirht   for.
.  ,       . , .    ,, W ituupcg and other great    points   in
ticket in many places, notably Ma.-sa-    i      •
the west would   become   imuiufuctur-
The great fire is noil a thing of the
p.isl, and there remain several things
I • be attended too, if Vmir is to recover from the blow it bus received.
We would suggest that the Citizen's
Association call n general meeting of
lho citizens to discuss the best mclh
,-ds of accomplishing several very
necessary tasks. In ihe first place,
the destroyed block is not only an
eye-sore, but Is a serious me,nice to
tin- public health, A quantity of
of meats, groceries and all kinds of
oilier goods, but partially burned, lay
rotting, and if not promptly removed)
may breed sickness,
(bio point which bus ben made
clear by the Atkinson trial, and
which,-not being concerned with tin
direct issue, is open to comment, is
lie i.dini.s.'iioii uiailt- bv reituili ilisiir-
ani o brokers of Nelsoh us tt, the
splitting of commission, This is u
practice which ii generally llgaitisl
the rules of insurance companies, and
is one which cannot be to heavily
i' mile,mud, ns it has the effect of
materially altering the rale ut which
ihe risk is written Lk-sidl'a Which,
ii is an item which make the competition of these Nelson lu'-n unfair, ns
regards thg Vh.ir ilisUriiubo agents,
ii ho do nol thus Infringe the rules set
fur void' guidance
husetts, where Iii- plurality was *...-
000 votes, while the republican can-
lid.-ite for governor wus defeated bv
1:1,000, In ibis slate the legislature
is republican and the entire republican ticket, with tlie exception of gov.
ernor was elected.
Iu N'el.'ia-kn the definite announce*,
nient that the legislature i- republican disposes of the stories that Wm.
•I. Bryan has aspirations for a L'nitcd
States scnutor.ship. In thnt stall
to,,, the governorship is in doubl urn!
it will requiro olllcial returns to determine who has won. I'mlb sides
claim a \ictoty.
There is a curious situation ill
Minnesota where the returns give
Roosevelt 125,000 plurality bill where
a democratic governor nnd n republican lieu,em,nl governor were elected,
TI.e eleeiiiti ofn democratic governor
is the second in the history of the
Chairman (bibcock of the tepubli*
Call congressional committee has
been returned to congress t'r    Wis-
ing centres, great industrial centres,
before ninny years hud passed, if we
hud in Canada a tariff adequately und j
1 "" •  f ' z_i__. HERA LD    OFFICE
-_4___t-_____n*u-,*-__■ .<-vi -.-. _.-._.
Companies Act, 1897.
All work enlrusted to us is neatly and
promptly   executed.
Notice is hereby given  that Savannah  Johnson   Speak,   resident   .Mine,
Manager of the Company u, Ymir, 11.   _
('.. hus been substituted  the Attorney       . * M     A       -.j-     _.   _    _     .     _      —-_ _ __
•■■■ •*»* ao.d Mme,Limited," a. MACDONALD & Co,
und that  the former substitution  of
Richard Mead   Atwater und  George
II. Uarnharl has been revoked,
L'ated October 25th, I'.mi.
"S. Y. Wootton,"
Ilegisirar of Joint .Stock Companies     pealei'8 ill Staple ftll'1 I'diicy  Groceries,   Miner's   Sinidri
Notice, Hlnnfcets, Socks, Mitts, Gloves,   .-Rubbers*,   Undor*
wear.    Overalls.     Patent      Medicines,
"TOWa-t.   -i.   Ur _, or any .Stationery,
'other person to whom he may have NELSON   B.   G. ■ BOX   109-5.
transferred his interest in the Meadow j
1.,,,-k   mineral   claim,'   situated     on
from the l..«n of Ymir, in the Nelson
Mining Division of   West   Kootenay .
District, and recorded in the Records MlMUg Agdlt
cousin, but chairman Cowherd of  the'er's office for the Nelson   Mining   Di
democratic   congressional   committee
Stocks and Shared
iviia defeated iu  Missouri
The situation in Colorado presented
nn interesting phase, Roosevelt curried th.- state by probably   15,000,
-AGENT    Killt*
You and each of you   are   hereby
notified thai I have expended seventy
six  dollar-!   and   eightysoven   cms Milt mil Life litMlraiiet'   Cnnipanv el'New  Yuri..
($70,87) in labor   and  improvouioi.ts ,,        i. .. *,-.      i ,       u *i  ., i.,   ,., .,      ri».
v        , ..*,,. ( aiittdiaii ( fif-nlatv-■ I'litlci' Itlsili'ailee l c
upon the above mineral .-hum in order
but the governorship is still in doubt, to hold satin  undor the provisions   of London Mutual   i'll'l. lliMilatiee (''iin|miiy,
Slul ineiils  wele   IsSlied    hi     iudtfe   the Mineral Act, and it' ivilhin    nine- ,, ...       , ,,
1   •   i                    ,    ,        .   ,. Ottawa I'ire Insurance ( "liipaiiy.
iirker utiil W.  .1.   Ilrvnti,   bulb   of ty days from ihe date ol  tins  n io
you full or ,, fuse to contribute   your! m     i    , ■
p""i"""f"X| """''"'^""'""''KIliST AVKM-l;, VMIR, I! C
iVhoril liiseiisscil Hit'  election    cliul'UC-
l.itle Ictilrns in,lie nu- that the   cn-
ull ensts of advertising, your   interest
in said claim will   I ome   the   pro -
tiro republican state ticket   tvilh   the perty of the subscriber, under section
I      -
exception of governbr was olcetttl   In   1 of an   ael   entitled   "An   Act   lo
Miss„uii.    1'ie-iiieiii    lioosevi'ii   has| Amend the Mineral Act, 1900."
I'MiiinI the state bv a large maliirity.
Roosevelt Wor_e  Than
Laur,"r' | Prtjtactlnil. |
Had l,..(Mli(HIII Mure   Votes   ■     lho failure to give    adc(|iiolo pro I
Tlllltl HiB GppoilOllI tnctlwi to Oniindliin Industries Is duo I
nhiiost entirely     to the   belief    thai
11 llile the pl'Ople of the    I' l-l el II     |>lo
viUcos wiiiiul approve of such a policy
Willi ihe election  returns   Incdhi
I leti-i   ihe 'plurulliy    of   ptesidmil
Roosevelt in the net ion, „. riling  it, the fiutlieis of the   Northwest   would
nil Indications will excrt'll 1,500,'JOO
I he greatest plurality ever Riven an
American ciilitllilnte,     Interest   now
rebel,    The hi'.nimbi,- reecp ion yiieiil     IwJ
to the plott'lliollists SpeocllOM delivered |j$j
l'l    Ml     llobe.-l   l„   llo.di-ll,     till*    Coll- ■ §8
I si-liiiliii- leader, wllbll llO   IV bill    wl-sl,
kenlers m   Missouri und   Maryland U,* ,,,,, iMj|*.„.te any «roal  degr if
I .nii* returns indicate thut llie funnel J hostility t,. a policy that would  build
Dated lit Ymir, R. 0., this id   day     VMM   kLK-TIORAL DISTHIOl'.
"f O'tob.'i   I'.ml. N,nice is hereliy   given  Hud   I   shall
— I mi Moulin} ill,- ill1, day ill  Ni vetiibct
A. ll.   lilU-l   ill I Iii- li< ur of ii o'ehi.-k   111
V;ti2«»t»_. 111ll- lltleriiooli. ill llie forreslel s 11,|1|   ill
rmir. hold  u   Co.in   ..I   lli'vlslon ul
Iti'gihier ol Volets to bo  picpnrcd   by
me under llie provisions of lho  "Provincial l'l-el.mis Ael." 100*1,
! I at Vmir   Sept. 1st, 11)01
T, II.   AlKIN-'.V,
Iti'ttlttrur oi Voters.
-tale is in the republican eoliu'in, so
far as the prcsidciitiid t Ibctol's .-...•
i.uicerneil, but dailies W, I'olk, the
llcmochttle cnliilidiile   fur   gtiVernbi'
has been elee'ed.
lip I Iniiiitliiiu iuiltistries    Mr. Uordeti I
believed  lll.ll   It   was  rlglll   11) III voeule i
ill thi!   NiiribwcH   the   same   pulley
Unit he advocated in tho l-last hvl'ii if'
i, should prove u,ipopiilur  thel'l1)   but
lib was agreeably   surprised   to  find |
In Maryland the presidential vbte that his advocacy of protection fur
.ill probably bo east lo.- Housevblt, Caiiadiau inilnsirie*. wus favilrably n-'
InllrooUibr   stall's  It   Is    imply  a wiv I""-1"""'  iV-Jrlhiiest,   Ini
1 Ill' . Illll'SC of It     .|.eee|,     (leliveroti    ill I
iiiesiioii oi plurality, i ,    ,, • , ,
1 ' llie lion-" ol col Us on il,,.  I III, uf
Tho "aolid south" iviw   brolinn  b.i   ,,„„,  ,l)0.,( Mr   j,,,,,,,,,    ,,    [Mm\
tho probable defeetldt, uf   Missouri ,j,|-
Tlds section of the  cotiuiry   alivnys      ''And Lsaid not uiily llie   laborin
boesdemocratic      The  lljiitt Wow   uu-n of Cuiimli  duly   UiMau   ivhol
Thi.*! quaint old-style teapot is one wlibse fiopular-
ily "age rlolii hoi stale."
With !,„« hirili„i[ .iivrr
i,,,,,,,,tn,ii. inni in>> mono*
|',1*,,,, «o -'ll i, fof Sio'v,.
,, I,... ,. wlillffl .-.'.a ,.l ro.
Iiiovsbto "»,cr|.i.'r.'
Ordrring bv hiail means
piompt and iati.ifiir.tofy
purchasing. ™*nd    lot
tfYRli. lil4()S»
"IMAM. ..-.I' IIAI i "
Hotel . . .   .
(Under entirely nl".v liutuiigeuu'iit. )
Dlnihg  liobhi   Itntl   Um
Sll|l|)lie,|    wi'll     llie    lu-l
in llie inal'kOt,
Kiglil  oppusito depot)   Vmir
.1011.M   BHBAUl   I'ron.
In I'.: siuies with I'!.'! voles for I'm*
l.ir,    I'lcsident lloosioeh carried ull
hilvn cnpititl in., i, d und  thbsb   wI
ll-eei.e il   « ||g0 onl   ,,|' ||,,,     jn, c*,tlllCI,l  |
Till'.  IIKbT  Ull iN'l) 01' IniMHKTIC
The  Kobtenpy   SrfinMard
ll ivrr.i. Tiiu-ai in
~/.   C.   cJfieiin & Co.~
Nels   II, (.',
ckI.it ju4.
i*rom a ccfj't
i\**m to a thou**
■ ml dollar pre
gliitatiuii iet.
llrnry Ilirku ti
feoba1 fari'.itlf'
for making sotiU
rilvcr-rrare at r
poHSfiwed by T\v
other cuiiccrn in
Ca nntli,
A riisltfflrfii({ it
em, modcH) m«rlilii-"fy, duel Hkillrnl hiilitl-
tvitkern, nil uihlerthe diirrt lUpervllloil cl
prnotlcal niftniiet^ of tlie firm, make nn Ufi
etpiHllcd buuitJltiiilluti fur itlrniiig out fii.t
W'iiir for (lluiilraled rn(n!ogue.
Dii-an'Mt Nil I
Sterling Silver,
Silver Plate,
Witchti, etc.
Henry Birks&Soos
jiwetlira i" 11 ii i *'..*:»( >
th*! I ml i.f M mm  r,
Mining furnishes many illustra-
i in- in which stock holders reap
'uie profits   in   their    investments.
(,l !' these ills! iiiu.',*, i*. that   ot'    tin
loekholders in the Crown   licet (;,,!,i
Mining company   ot'   the   Transvaal,
Sou,I,   At'l i'-.l.    W ho       in  the ptlljl       1 'i
years bine been paid S7,100,000, in
dividends ur l,lfJS percent an average of T.'l per cent, a yeniT
The Cornish mines   in    their   mo-:
a thaw will follow.
II there ;-, no snow before J-inu-
(try, there will be the mure snow in
March und April.
The more -now. the mure healthy
the season,
A -now yen, a rich  year.
Snow is the po-u- maun fertiliser,
and ("nod crops will fulluw a winter
of heavy snowfall.
Kootenay Riding.
The following table gives   tin-   re-
Wilson   &   Harshaw c,ark's   Furniture   Store!        YMIR BAKBRY.
WILLIAM CLARK Fresh Bread Kverv   Morning
luti .-(• siieneiji of each of tbe
Draymen and
YMIR,    ll.    <:.
Il'iiulliiio heavy IVeight ;i
I 'oi't'esjiiniiieuce promptly
;i! I.'tuled I...
: Undertaker   and   furniture    Dealer
Mm! "i leis promptly attended to
I'-iu. u S'rni'.KT, - Ymih
Mr-.   CltoWE,  lhT, ASKNIK.
L'wo rooms to rent  for   I'-.:-'    Imine*
prosperous times gave employment   to *•'''*' ridings which are included in  the
71,000 men, and  yearly   turned  out   1'(.minion £lcutoral Riding of   Knot*
I 100 tons of tin and I "2,000   (o,.s   of eiiai      Ihe first    column   ^iics   the,_«_«—___«■*___.
copper     Tin-   Cornwall   mines   have  number of names on the list now,   in-'
seen their beat days   and   their   pro-  eluding thus, added at the Courts   ofrj V-UlCOUYei*
duct tosday is   insignificant   in   Lmth I Heviii.in liebl liusl May.    The  second I
tin and copper as compared with hit- [column stives the number on    the  list   flOtCl
eidny lucidities.    The Cornwall iniii*.[Pp*-v'"ll!i '" **,us*- revisions
ing district is in lho southwest purl
yf Cornwall county, and in e.xcaca- [ColijHibia
lions made in search furore in Mime I Cranbroo)
places the tunnels eMend for eonsid- l'erni
erable distances under the bed of the
Atlantic  ocean.
lu the United States ore is weighs
ed in tons of L',(l(IU pounds, ivllilo bullion is weighed in troy ounces, hence
we have tlie assay ton system, greatly
siuiplyfying tbo work of the assayer,
relieving him of the necessity of calculating each assay separately, The
system is based on the proportionate
weight of one ounce troy to one ton
I pound - 7,0U() grains troy
2,000     pounds ■■ 11,000,(100    grains
ISO grains troy    I ounce troy,
: 1,000,000
——    ill), 100 ounces troy   in
ISO.        I ton avoirdupois,
11 (15
I *'! 13
073 j
! i ,85
813 :
first-class Dining Upoui,
Best 1.1.in.Is id Wines,
Liquors and Cigars,
Newly furnished throughout.    Sample rooms in connection,
tales ($1.50 to $:2.50 per day.
KIM.AY    MeLEOD,  Proprietor
()W IN   I ( H. If.  Pro*
She Has Tacked.
ssul Secini'l Ave,
M. TAIT. ■'•   Hl'liUI
YMIR, li. C,
We    carry   the   leading   lirands    imported     Liquor'.*
YMIltlawl  Cigars,  Stout,   Ale,    Brandy   and   Wine,
The elections were long   over,    ihe
. i    ,  ..  , I     l'ernuineiii position, rapid advance-
excitement huddled out inonlbs   n;n, l ...
.,, .,   „.        ,     .       .   .   I ineiitt salai'v and   expenses:   full   in-
iinu tbe cares of olliee,   despite   t.ieir . ,
, ,      sti'ttctions ii. .•. f   chargei   clean   de*
accompanving pomp ot   scarlel    robes
i    11 '    i   • ,    . sirable business.
nnd golden chums, were beginning   lo
,, , .  .        ,'. ,,    The.). L, Nichols Co,,  Ltd, Toronto,
pal! upon the recipient ot 111, u,        lie
, . ,        ,   , , . . (Menti. u ibis paper.)
'-•ii   in   ins   parlour-study,   smoking
*-. i    *
„ ' . _
'John, ' said tho   aldermans   wife    ■/        . c    it /*»      !   *
breaking in upon the silence,     did,.\ KOOt-Snay    COlltV    LO.    f
A most important addition   to   the jn« tell me soino time ago   thai   your UOA*sTl:WS      '   %
list of available building and   structsUlection was   due   to  your  personal -wUH I  .        ,ih\."     ".!<*.
und materials, and .me that   ii   niuk* •magnetism
Ing rapid headway in favor, is the
combination of sleel and concrete,
whose successful introduction and exploitation is u. bo credited to l-'rcnch
engineers, says the Scientific American. Tho reputation of concrete as a
building material is almost as old as
history itself) but although this material is admirably tidepted to struct*,
ures in which the stresses to ivhich it
is subject aro chiefly those ot' .-..,..
pre,,ion, it hus always been recog-
i.'/ed that its luck of tensile strength
I laced a strict limit on its usefulness I
'Yes, my dear," replied the uiikusi
picioiis I.end of the  cuiiibiiuiiion.
"Well,''continued the    partner   of
his joys and sorrows, "the carpets tint
In- taken up lo-moi i  >.-    to    I
beaten   before the children,s    Christmas puhi, und vour  magnetism   will :
coiiio   in      bandy for drawing    out
lacks.1 , j'
Float Mineral-*.
\   1
Wholesale and tel ill   lealel's
in fresh Unlisted
J High - Grade - eollees   |
Shirts and Overalls
When thoy   coinc from
Factory at   Victoria.
AGENT.  FOTl   !<<»( I'i KNAY.
P. Oi   Ho\  •"..'",        -        Nel'-ull,   ll. ('.
Union   Label   on   everv   Garment.
Tracing a mineral deposit   by   the
'Hunt" ..,• sinfiicc mineral is not usual*
y considered lo be strictly   scientific,
Ihe   following   from   the    Dei: vet   but, as a  fact,   the   prospector   long
Mining Ill-porter .should have a    n.eul
application iu   llritish   Columbia   as
wed us in the United   States!      "I In
Vlnir rilizclis
 M kills	
i.asI' Im i-'.nhaY is l:.\cli MoXTIIi
the ijucsiion of publicity it might   bi
\. ell io point out thill the must   pl'i
ago brought this kind of   work   to   a I
science     In the glaciated regions the I     ''   M ttosti, President
absence oi- presence of any  lloat   ma-
loriiil ...' to.-k can he lake,, as an   in-
liciiliou nf the  Itication uf the miner- ,
11   C.llll-hl.l.l., Secretary:
Imni.a'i  MiLkoh, Tieasiuei,
Ileal plan for spreading abroad kuowl   nl de| it or ledge,    When the   gen-   ***************** ***4***i
l-tlge of the mineral wealth of milling end direction ot' the glaciers is known i 4
districts i- to sit| poti il.-uii, boiiesl ,i- it .-an easily bo by an examination i ▼
luui   well-edited    loeid     tiuwpapurx
l-llppol tile.' ll lo, ill paper doe- not
■-impll Iii, all pal ii,^ II siih-'i i] Him,
lull also by giving i! I he IIBI1 i I n
I -s ll,.in a IllUlltll ItUltlS whieh oligi-
liulll em,in,lied t'lo,:, thu local paper
v ill have appeared in ■.cores of other
| i| ei -, reaching i he eyes -f many
tboiisiuids ot' realh i s I'l-i'w hei
M..I,    ii
' "Oil Hill-, I'letllllltlll   be    del iv ed     bj
the  locidily    to    whil'lt    li','.'i-.''i""    i.
I     llie"
of the st Hut it,ns in the rock   in   pine,-: *
or liom llu- pieiiiui,   studi t    llie'-f
scientific gluClstS, the pl'tlSpeCtot has a I *
sound basis n. guide him *fc
Ih,i .Him- ii miiierul rniige bv I TOO-It
illg llie lloiil Hill I III nil up the .in rent I J
,,t' the ktri'iitli i" a cullllllUII sense idea.   J
In ll I '• nl' the "I 0 i.il in lion   il    J
ds of le.iihis i'l-"wl„'ie,     l.ei   i-s-d'e i y   i luu   n 11 \-  considerable 11
ifolinatii'ii    be    teli.ibli-i    und ; ,|iiutiiu\ of "lloat" III tllB sll'Pnin    bed   i
ndieiitcs a vein or deposit farther up.' X
An  interesting   implication   of  this t
uiiuiple earn" lo notice fro,,, ''iir awny   X
I lelivered an-,
plate in ttiWlli
Stove LehKths
Pw Ciart Load.
Car ofAnliorofl L'otntoca.    Do liol tail to get   ymii'  (*uppl)
I'm'    Winter,
—■ -   -tlllr   Stock   is   Complete)   ITetiute   fur 'Wlntei1 -■•-•
Olil' lil'oei*l'.\ Sliick    is     I'Vesli,    I'leail    lllld    l.tp-ttl-itilti'i
"hK I A l-'ll!  Ill's I Nils,-'.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦•M *►♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«»
* The vmir HBRaLD
Porto  I.in
BnoW That Brings Nc\Vs
|i in. 11 i•  ean," in notice iron, 'nr away I
llraxili    In the province of Diiinientin I .
(lonio Aninrlenns are   exploiting   ili..-,t      lillllllicr \ l>.   Ii((l.
P|.,i-i' fol-ward Till; Ylllll ItBKAl I, flit'
miinifet'ous snndi.    Thi' liier gravel  I
yields both gem stunt"! and    llOI't,    t-f   4
Know i- gl'nerally pt't'ciii'lli.'d   I 1   a black diauinlid, so ncouasury  for  ust
g.-ner-d annn ui'1., of until lllld    I,'■'.*-,
wiiieh colltilllll's until nl'tet till! SHOW-
f .il , nils
When tl,1, lil-l   'teiw   le.halhs   on
in   He-  diamond   thills   tin11   worth
about  half (be prifcfl (if the gen, stolll*.
li wus found that all uf tht' bort   ...'■
curs bi'huv 11 unii nee tion wit.!, a side
lllld ,|.-l;|..)w|e.lg'' leeelpl id' CtleltttBll *T	
Tin.   II UK A I.l, Is  published    every HalUl'dliy IllUI'llillg ail.
*   eoli'i.iMs   nil   Ihe   news   of  the euiiip.
lt.iTi-;s--l'i.i, Vii'u, --"J; II u.r Yu.lli, •-'!.
ii      lolintl sollil' llu.u iii   |llaeM   nol i ,1 renin,     li <tinH I'l.uoludell thai    llu-
b'xpou'd to thi'   -'.ui,   .-*|'i-' 1   it   hard I Is ,111 Indication tlliil   the   Uotirco   ol
Winter, the Uort is ill   the   iidjoltltilg stream
When the siiulV falls dry, il   means and oil tllH thoury   explorations   me'
I,, li,-: but light u!id -ofi ihikei   often I being n
I ring  rain ! ed.     I
Hurtling Wood in Wiuier p,,p".  more  to lieu'e ilu'i unv (lout rtiillbrttl comes
before -now
I: lakes thi'ee cloudy dlU'fl '.'.i lll'lllg
,|   I  ,- ,    V    snow.
If  lie- "III. I ll ll.e*.  i>il-|-e>l"l-     iu     si/'-.
ThlfiC !W---nfp
III*,  t lehrs     i-vi, oi'iilions    ul l* I rf.i~i|Ori 1     n       , * ■= " ■■',
mull-Mud land I.'.- I.     sccur* I       Ai,».'i"*"ii'll..!i ft.."Vl-'t-?• r--**-** -*'.;-*->,■!".,, i-..n-
.,,il,"ilv .,.- 'Tl ,,.. i'.u A'!,''. .     wliollinr .11
n ii" slop"- ii is reason v «..fe    .:::,:':.,,-;V.iiipiW!;;fe.it;' i; .-.Iiuuiwm"
re thai uie. lloat minbral .-. s    ' i-u'i'.,','i'»V-Ki!"''ii.,''.''),-i,:"{|'si'"'-..'.'"s'^.i
..un 1,1,,,,'t,,,,;,-,,'. .Mil..,is yffim Jjmfa
not exaULy 'dollltllig I Ihe glunnd ,     ^ ,. „-. ,,f',II,,91f„,^ (,„,,.«   i..;.,,-/.„
1    i'ii.iTi,.., id „„» ISfttitlUi, j.'in',".. ,'.l'-..',A.J.I "
bill ll i- hceillg billher lliuli Mu- noint       »,-,in ,..,1! i„„„un (.   MMIVsll HtsnMnMII.
MUNN & Co.as,""rt-«- New TPrt
flSFoli o.t.'fl. tUt ft. wos.nsii"'. I*--.
uf a |'i'-k
The Muliiiil Life tllHiii'anee CUmpatiy <..'N. V.
1 Has Assets Exceeding $400,0001,000.
A iiolici in il is tlie Hlllclxl inveslineiii kltflWII to niaii.
Ca,**li inie-sied in l.il'e [iiHUi'iuiuo in en«li invented tlliil    will
I'l'Hirn eoinpounil interest,
All siieecKsl'til lawinosH ineii cbi'I'v large iinloiint.«i  uf lifi!
iii.-stiranei'.    It provides For tlie family, |ii'i)teet« 11 man in in-
old jure, aiid protoctn IiIh other investment*    l'..r   ratex un
any iorm of life iiiHuraneo apply to:
Percy A. Gleaz«r, Local Aqcni WATCH    SALE.
At   lllis  KlllglJ    pl;Oti.-_''-:ipl|s*shii\vi|ig
■ ilu- . ui.is of tbe lire, the (ire l.-'.ll  and
________       -ii .1,1   I.'     In   „ci.,'v the Herald olliee were put   ill   cpurl
tVeare sellingwatehes that wil) pi'oyp to he ), h-   !l! r~w.J  J^. ,,_,„„.. ,.,,„„,.,,   t(l  ,„
respect.    A gooil plg-P N\nfch.
Jewels   iij    Ni- kul     Case    ■-' T.Oq
ii        ii        >i '| ..i.i,.,
,,      ,-      ,. ,,       t*>.oq
•■    Silver        •■ 1000
1) 1,1,
'Ibis is -i ,-|,,.iul fide and yoti should take udvi^piagg of it   now.      Will
w;|te|i for e':nuii;iiitu.;i, apd if no! safisfipd ii gun   bp   i-.■,..i ,.,-■!
ll( ou, e.-.pci,-e.
^   1.^
Manufacturing: Jewellefs and Optician;;,
NEt-SON, b. C.
in-, mark d
Subseipienily thp pr. ■ ucul i ,u re-
mill -I (Jiilistablo l-'.u ,-r ill n -btiltal
of 11,,- evidence f|f l-'i.'d Pliilbeit.
'fhe C ,i|stnb|e -aid that be bad gone
lip nil the plat fill iu uf til • Van- ,l|Vur
11",--1. an-I a-.-, rlained tl|,il thp build-
I, I lugs the roof-, ,,f which ]*liilbe.|'l had
sworn hi. sail full fruip* tlial . i.-«
pi ini, 'ii.i'.d mil haye been sgi'p at nl!
f.-nill thu -aid plalforpi, ll- ' b-U-iier
shop intervening.
(,'.   Qrchanl   and   Win     lluywurd
were culled in robi'ltal of tbe . i idence
',,,'   I!.   |l,hots.,n,   boll!   staling     that
I when the mill liust-i was   started   that
The Vpiir Arson *?a*e
(Continued fnun first Page).
, ur .nice co npuui es a; to tr,u|.fer of
goods. Questioned as to v»|uo of
goods foi|nd ul bouse stated that ho
would not give un c-.limde of their
value. Finally said t||ey Pligbl be
worth **?~n0 The accused [ben ox-
i-iiiim-d   ihe   mutter  of  llu-    cariboo
To Fjl! Your Wants In  The   Following
Stationery,   Confectioneries,    Pipes   and   Tobaccos.
Groceries, Provisions. Gents Furnishings,
Boots and   Shoes.
\Ve wil] cheerfully fefuijd yiju your   tuoiirv   ii'  guilds   inn
chased liei-enr.. not as representeif.
Prices are as Ipw as any    in    Kootenay,    and   wo.
want your trade.
D. eftMPBELL,.
I,...ul found   hurried   in   the   cellar,   building
am ,,f bis business a„d    aii-".or,,l    it' A11<illsuji's   mid    franey',*     bui|dings
w.i's coal-oil,     Did n,,i himself    |5M0W were aldpne'tij a lifee e-ftpnt.
difference between 71 npd 7!'. pi r .•«■..       li!'-''   Macd |hl   .*"*   cullpd   i|i
gasoline an sold by lyholesnlers.      Pid Pro"f "?  stM"""'",   "'il'1''  l»a   "'   Ji
nql   know   which    description     his 1 bbot«4P, but his worship   .|i|efj tl.ia
shipment cunsisled of. evident ut.
LTnder" crosf-examinatiop   hi    Mr. This closed tl|o evidcnci.
llanninglon, witness    was    lake,,    at1      After ll tell mill sr.-.-ss,     S.   S.
length ovpr the various costs pf   con- jTnj-lor If. C. cotin.o'j for the  defence
struction uf   ihe   difrerenl    parts   ,,f niado an able and eloquent appeal fu|'|
m to w||pthe|' Atlqpspn pr the buys
pelcbratipg llalluwcei) bi.J t|ieir), was
|lbopt eVPIl- A' I hi,, stage the nccUS:
ei| fainted away, iiuil was ipicppsiops
for some tin..-. The cpui't was cleared
tu give hjiu air. The magistrate
briefly concluded his remarks and reman, led llie plisoller to lite next IU-
Fotimatcl    it     stood    hiin   dip disniissal   of   the ' charge ' against | *»|»*. <■«•••« lli'il :"   860QQ,J|1000    '"
Til  pl'XTNQUENT CO-OWN K!!.-*..
1-()   I'. vY .   |\n eh, or any other per j
son to whom I i1  in iy    have transferred bin interest in  the St, Thomas
and Telegiaph mineral claims situated
(said he,,(| Avas given him to inount on Obont $5Q00       Pid   net   understand his chmi.t.      lie  contended   that  th.
*   .re-*, he to   get   one-third   uf   the 1,-jw Mr. Mcl-Iardy (insurance   uyent) Krent weight of  the  evidence   tended
I , ice for mount,ng um! selling.      He ||];|*  -a   -^   ,   ,,,;,..,,j,,,,   ,ls   i,,!.,,,,  ,,f to show that thp firp started at  Sea)i-
llid not mi)ke good  job   of  mounting f-_..-,(jo      |)j(] u,,i tell   |,ii|i   that    but ey's oil-house, anil that the boys wepo
|iud intended to remount it sometime. ^ |in| ^^ ,i(   IS.,.,1;,.,,(|,,n   ff|u.n   |;1. guilt} of biding the nozzles on Ffalloi
Owner bad pie3»ed him lo send it   to ..;.,,„,| j,      His was only   n   half   in """>       H>  forcibly    depieled    thu
Nelson Tourist Association,    but    he teres! iu luulliii"    other   half  owned slide of   mind   of  the  accused,  idler
|.new they would not pare  for   b    in ),,.   .\p.y j,.,u..    |,|,|     uut    remember haying been snubbed by   [(earns  and
that condition.    Took head down   in (-p]|iii|< Mr. Olensspr abnul  iS-fOPO   in •■'•"'-'''■    Aflor having lmd  nu   sleep,
pilar and replaced it by  another,   in „,,..,.„„.,. |,|;„.,.,| w|t|i MpDci-tnid ,v Me- A11"1 i working all bight, eld and wet
pinny ways better, which was   up   in '■■.,,.,;v „ |„.n |„, (j*,**.   Gleajter)  took thidtigh     After luiYirig  been  openly
Keuin's rooms,    Kearns   helped   him aiiplication for S1500 ill f-unduti   Mu charged with sotting fire tu the town.   , ____
,   .     .    , ,, iii, i- .   , ■   , ,    ,, iu the     Kelson        Mining       Divi-
l.rtng it down aticl lie explained   wi,\ tl,.,|     pid not think ho told lijin but l*1*'timing to bis homo ivuh all   these1
he made tho change.     Tried   to sunk notil'.ed bis bead olliee     Took  §500 things iu his mind, with no friend  nl
|;,-a,| in tub in cellar l.n,t found it   im- m,„e wilh Mr  lluckworth abnul   twu hand to advix.o him, huw he aaw bin,.
possible.    Took it up 1.1 louse   where I niont],   i,..,,.      n||.,    llu,!;.', nrih    had "'  ^ brunded as a criminal,   und   very
cellar was warm, to soak   in   an    old pol ici t-«--tl hiip some time previous   but f""''*'   ('decided  to piako away   with
bath tid).    Sawed I he   loins   oil   to believed on this occasion  he weni   to "'"-,;-' tbouobt might bo It.-okcd up-
sod; head   butter,   us   is  frequently |nl|1>     v.-uruied   conversiiiioii    with "" us dnm.iging evidence,   and   sub*,
dutio by taxidermists, Mr, Heuwick, district assessor, during f'lueiuly buried    tho goods  he  had
Explaining   tbo   finding   of     the suminei of ibis year, when thai   gen- i» his cellar.     Toe  whole  .use,   the
watch   repairing   apparatus   aceused Ueninn asked him if an assess nt  of '*''*1'" ntiiu-el cciitendid, lay in  the
stated that-ho intended going out   of $4 000on stock would suit Turn   had T■" '■■'-  er   the   accused's   ev
that lino, exeopt an to very small    n- sui'l it suited hiin all right     Sl u'< at l-'hinatiun of thewi  circurtistances was
pahs.    <I,hers he would send ,0   Nol- »tuck taking bef figured at §10,000 teiinhle       In  wus convinced   it   was,
s,.,, or To,onto.      Tried    lo   sell   J.is |,„| not think he had been   dishonest «"*l "   I    '   '" " '"'" I li- Wo"«hip V'!U,'' ',',"""" "' '■■■.",'"1"-l,,v' i1"^'11'"''
outfit to E,   Trcbclji.lu-   las.   month. uilllM|.  |,,.„wl,.|. would,, ..,-,■„„!   consequently  Wl111 ,,n cos;Hof'",v cH,8,n8' 5'0U''   '"
\i--.i 1   ,       .,,;„,,1   „ ,,i-    1,.,,1 .      , ,.,,,. 1,    ,    ,1 '   terebt in said claim   will   become  tin.
\\ 11b regard   to   optical    woik,   hud       (Questioned as to bis stuck book for bsmiss th   cluirgo.
it.siiilici.-iii room   iu   store   for    ibis ,,„,,, ,um))   _x||.    A|Km. .„,,      This    morning     (Saturday 1     Ml, | pmperly of the subscriber, under    sec
he ponpludcd that Hie balance „f |>rP*-  Y|||jr Tf^Il-Sfer CO
babildy f|opi the    evidence produced, 1
JACKSON )Ss UUHY. prop**.
Teaming and
Express ....
All optlcis pi'Omptly attended I
und the greatest cuit exercised jn ll
handling uf goods
three suiBties e ci, and §3000 person
al bond. The sureties ure Georgl
Hnirison, Sidney   lioss   un;|   J.    \V !
Cold, Silver, or  f.cad    -   81.00
Copper,    -----    §1.50
Gold-Silver,     -    -     .        §1*50
Charges for olhtr metals on up
Provincial Assayer
P.O. Drawer All3,   Y.MIK, B.C.
si,hi of W, -1   Kootenay   District, and I
K.'eordi d in th,-  Becorder's office for
the fllelsotl Mining Division.
V,.ii nnd each ..f you are hereby
notified thai I have expended ono
hundred and two  dollars    and   fifty
cents t.-'|U'j .",,') in Inbnr and in.provu- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ments upon tlie above mineral .claims J^'J \\ \   \        ^\ \ \[ K \\'V
in order to hold .same under provisions 	
of llie Mineral   A''t-   and   if  within       ,-|...-SM   ANI1 SA|(TK|) MBATH
ninety days from tlo date „f this no- Wholesale und Retail
ticeyou  fail or     refuse l„   eontrilute Mai| orders receive  prompt attention
i|0 ea-e     for
work, and bad removed purl only   nl   (bat p|-imatily tho book wi:s niade for "• ["'-'":  sl*"ll»ej  UP
his optioid test oases  and   appliances,   bis own  personal use   only.      Alien- '"'' I r;   '""''       '"!"..
Test eiwo found in Imusc bmljintonded   tion being called to iletn oil pnge'151 lhl" 1!"'"1"'    "''      _.,
in trade for retiuaucopn, for which Iip {rcnrlinu "ono piece uf linolet .uvea*- of tllu *"c    *'lMe'
1011 1 of an net      entitled  ''An    Act to |
.1 Amend   lllll   Mineral      Act,     1000 „ I -.,      ,      .      .
SCIilatlon of\n mntwijofl        JMOOtH    tl'illll    CVCl'V   lllill'lllll^
A .li. I I'. 1 r.U.S.     I .  .,       ,       ',.       ,.    •   .' ,
iTiugii nielli ,   ,, , 1    except ounday. tor treit; 1
1 L,;,, J        Dated at Y ', B. C. this   llth |      i1 '..     „.
bad aereeinetit.
ing ,-niiiv store lloor" IVas asked if  he  ""'   "
t*iy    reus. ,11"
■■■■) n Mi —I  tntr*^
On the night of the   fire,   accused   flMlled he would forget fac. of si/.e   if      The evidences of guilt were   very
 .mbered      meoting       C table  ,...-  .,.    Stated    *■« lardy f^ibly prcsenic, and     he   learned
, 1 ,-,,.• eollll-     SCOlllei    I he idea  Ul'gCM  i.V    llie
l-'raser     Could not reinember remark   the book was intended fur   insiiruncB ■
.111..., . ,-    ,-,,       deli loin" loiinsc!     1.it     the    explain.-
be bad addressed   to   constable,   but  CU|„piuiies to examine in case ol   lire   ' ""'" ~ 1
,.   .        , 1 ••' , 1   ., -ii    .,;,     tion of his actions, vouchsafed by  in-
Inter reolied "this is in. Inns   w.uk     Counsel quoted other siniihil   (It*.crip-, " ,     ,
, 1   .    ,    ,.l,,      • ...   . 1 ,,,.    ,,,,.   ai-eu-ed wa- sali-taeloi V, and    clcni't'll
r,,nld not rennu.ber al v-liui stage be  tions lo which the accused   gave   llie .'...,
, ,        1    ... , .,        ,   ,, ,, , ,,   ,..,„, him frohi theiuiputati t   criminal
 , Kearim and received  snub   from Hiun0 nnsiver.    lot il quoled ansuei
him,   on   -king   I.OW    he    got       -   „f , lavas,.,  Inhlg    "« I   I*     "" -U-l. .„,    ,h"    several    Wt,
Went to bed that   night   about   U:30 >. \m\wm |„ tobaci ml   cigars"   and nesses p.osented by  tbn   p.osie tt.0.1,
having-left store about 9 p   In,    W«sLa, is, I  ,1,,-,    had   no, 1 dmribtd .he condition   '"   "'" ,.   s
HLkLd  bv  whistle,     Assisted  in-„.,„,,.,,„.,, hi--.„-<  nince   stuck.ak- lire d i 1'erent Iy fro.,, In   pmsec , i OHl
,0ll)-,h for nobles and  left   young k.g i„ Kebrnary and did no!   re m- In oach case ho showed   l.y   tho  re.    _	
New,,. n«nt Waldorf  going    Ihe,  n h.-,„, th,- hi, .'     *«; '".   tlw    - 'ImWIIty TTrTATTinPT?
_,.,,ii„" behind -lelin M.I ,   Mil.  ,1 g Is in     Asked if he believed r,f this evide      II" tinted   - *   | WALUUK11
,.,    rimlH Iley'a residences,    Could  ,ho boys had taken   the   noxxles   on ernl Instance-,  re the lub.t ol  the
„ mber whl.t ti"..' Ii-fi \m tt   H.dloweon , refused tu say, aiiswering i'"''""'1 *"" *]"'"u '" ,J"   "'   «rc,ltl-)
|nnl,,j ,,',., ii,,* bui think about   H  t|„a ho had always f I them   go., or valuo his propel ty in   bis   stock
day of S uv   '.004.
MRS.   J.   McLEOD
iiikI passengers for Vnr.r
mill. By special orders 0:1
Sundays. Or for Vmir mint',
NKI.SOS & l'l'. SlIKPI'AKIl l!V. CO,
V. V. ,v K   HV. & N, CO.
ml <in-lit Northern, N'orthein  Pacilio
and O. II. & N. Co,,   for  points   e-.-l.
west nml  south ; connect* at   llo*-.
hind and Nelson  with   tlo  Cumuli 111
,   I'aeilic  Itailwny.
I    Connects al Nelson with the   P. I!.
,v N. Co.  I'm-   Kaslo and   K.   md *l
Connects nt Curlew with st,,^e • ,1
(lieenwooil nml  Midway, ll. ('.
Mosl comfortable hotel in the dis-'
y.MIK 1.(1111 IB, No 32
Meets first   and   tin
ymii:, ll. C.
  _ .      Buffo)   ears  run Oil  train, n.-t-.v.
____________     .    ... , ,,.,,.    ,„.      ,,,  1 k.iilidhuw,   puttinu   away   ihe! Headquarters for  Hilling Spokane and  Itepublio
u ui     luck 1 !..-nni, under udluoiu-o  boys nnd was loth tu  pul   the  lilanit   1 'it  A. JACKSON
„.■„,.„„,-,   accused   hi f   b in« on them    Suited   that   he   did  not quesiion as lo w I   lie   lire,_ me      a|u| Commercial Men      ; (leiietml Vuimgm -Vgt.
,   ,,', ,     am-,-.      I!e,au   to hear the Newitt boj II to I vhen accused wm bey I dnUbt a    r Spoki,,,,-, Wu-i-
,;„.       public   opino,,   and   be. \ ho ftiu.id the nmlw,   ns   w.s   „„ver by the lire provided In.  collected   his, ________
...'..ullv exclled     Went to depot   to, very near the Herald olHce     Hid not liwur 0.
,,., wll'„ ,„„  b,.olie   down   opposite think the Newitt boy would   deliber*      Mr. lay lor   then  itga.n addressed
the Ymir boter      D,.««ald   C, tJ Iy lie, His Worship, for  I led,,   after
■„,.,ni„l,,l him to (jo   b.-.e-      Went      On Friday niortiiirg under   contin- yylilcli1 Mr. Crease pn.ccetle, le*
I   ,,„- -in I Iboiedit ".ei ■ sil uutinii   and ' u,.,|  CIOSS eMiminiil ion.    aeiused    bad bver .jiulgeiiieiil
,',   „,'„ , „   ,i,„|   , neer I, I |„n„ technical i.ruou.ient with  ciunsol      »:30 p. m.  -His worship in review*
rm,,,uiilit of !*• I"   lea.s-.      Went „„ to his stalenio.it of test-alasses  bo* lug tl vide,,.,,   said   thai   lie   was
,„.,,;,„,,. liar,    t   strewn h„K ,,«, longer used by Upticians.    lb- bnnijjht to ll mrluslon   that   the
I     Uecauie alarmed aiid   made ffl,-,-ing to carlbno head reiterated Unit »•' 'i«in.'l«l   Hi     "'"     Atkinson
;,.' M., f   il ,   which  it was very eon.n   prac ng unl-iHii*   H # t but be struck
,,,l |,v ,.„„ " them in the various  uxi.lerniists tu*ww hiirns oil'and   af* «iih the fuel thai the aCcUsed  staled I
I,'..,..! places      Did  .1 iko   ill lorwards fi* lltfiii on, and   that   the when he nrrived at the flrn,    that    I.
U In'j only .Itig hole (cache No   I  t lessened i Ida  there, di, t take  notice   where,   ,|,o   II.
b«    Hivoi'tt  positively thai    ho   had wiw   pr buy   from.     -■ li    he|^
__________________    '    M'-
iv- of in ,11th
Visiting   brothers   welcome.
Wm,.('oiii;i, c.c.
ClIliLHIK Wooijhiijk, K   I:   -
4444^^444*(. ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦
\ Hotel Ymir:
ejt        Tlio Hoi Meals
0 X      And Aci'oiiiinod.'iti
  ^^^^___________, Iii Town
With reuard to bottle   of   alcohol, j ll0VW tuld anybody,   nxcop'    po.sibly  Uoueht ...„, „u,,l.    lie then rrferred 11
-iK.ut which C table   I'r.uier   spoke  the polio Kt„bh*. that   his   -tuiled  .0 lho burial uf the gunds as a ,l„mW| J   A (i||(, s(,,,„.
4 SAM   Ml l,l,i:i;,  Prop,
♦ llriii|i|tiii'tci's for Mining ,M 11
fc, hi... when he saw   what   be   was   ,, jowellery etc, had   all    been  Ihr   "i"' -'•" ■       ■)"««l1     l""1
,, ,   ■„'   a   nighl   ur   two   previous,    ,,,,|-- fire, Ktmed that bo ha. acted as a  „rd,
Co,.;.„blo bad asked f he intend-      T .», f     accused  f '   ;""' ''"" MAHTPlwoN      ,
....i.o,, s, lonit,    -up, :d Loh.,1 t«|,it,   I'Vidny,   haV, adage, • C.nsc.eileo 1...1I -ward, of \% .1   W    MASri'.HWoN,     I
In ft a. iosking, but did not think   it ing lusted over two whole days.
^^^^^^^   l inn ol Win.
X       Li(|U01'ri lUltl < 'iuill'H.
,,f Us."    As n-iirds il„-  huso  lidi!i!lcsl*f*H***>'>*»*>tfHf*t*'Ht'>'H'f*H 11''"'"''' Aviwi 1:.
II     I;,,,   supplied   with  best brand
* ! h hie*, li.pioi -. -md cigars,
Ywi.i, I'.. (.'.


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