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Vol. 2—No. 17.
VMllt, li. C. SATUKDAY, .SEPT., 9, 191
Puice Vive ( 'im-
. '* i . *. . i i .:4
I HCAl   ITPA/IQ i        'he   FrUlt   •Supplv-       ^Jl'.'-V.^w        Alberta atd Saskatche-   Ithan is t., be f„„,,d  in  ,..,>• oth,,
. ,^=i_iIisSSi   «■ ' '■ i'«" '■■"- h'NINQ NEWS;- wa,,. ■;«"',"  '"'"'
..      .,    ,   ,,    ,      „      _" .          ui a are at present labouring under   ' *"..-,....*.....;' Where the soil    is   nol    adapted   tn
Mrs. Doyle lei,.  f,.r   St    Paul   onCoi,Hldemblo  difficulty  in    supplying      After the Wilcox mill has  handled            Till   New Provinces. farming or cattle raising, it will be „f
'""" "   '" "                                       tho local demand.    Che I    grown    mined in the Arizona mine,  a ! *""a va,m'il^ :t "l"1"''' I'"""'' v"  Tl'"
Born—To the wife of W.   Baochler  fruitisinsuiHcie.it   I.    i, ,liuity  paa-el of about 100 tons will be   sent      Today ivijnesses the  establishment &*-*•• water fishoiies are the   greatest
nn Sunday 3rd Sept., at Ymir, a boy,   and in variety   to   -upplv   the   local   o"«'n to it from the Pilot mine.             of the new provinces qf   Alberta   and """""'    Of coiil und ii-ofl    there   am
(iemge Crowe has removed his bus , »'<» k«-i. and the importation   of  fruit       'J'l wncrs of the iifyrtle hydraulic   "'askatcl,ew,in-      We   boundary   be ^""dant i , . :         li....m
incss to the store next A,    11.    Duck-   flum W«*-ln'nSltn is  alm„,t    entirely   clain, at Hall ^idip", have  purchased
'•orth's office.                                         j slopped.    Wholesale dealers   on    tl.eUoO feet more of top inch nine  which ,           i
„    ......    ,        ,     ,    ,                    "(her side will not ship fruit to   Urit*   will .die On       mil                .'correspond ,o    HOtl iridian ltttlon and a'""'ll    "^lll"t'"i'-       ' ''"
Patrick Clark with  S.   Bresnuham      ,,,,     ,.         ,    •     ,          ■-•!"« HI gne tl.pm a total length ol   pipe            ' Canadian Pacific and   the   Ciimdian
. ,.,    '"I'Columbia retai ers, un ess the hit-  line of „i*p.* Rnn fMo. west of Greenwich.     Ilns crosses   lhe
s expert, is examining John Devi u's,                  ,     .,                               , "'"  "' "u' 'Ml" '"-l-                           -.,  „  ,,           ... , ,               '... . Northern are at    present   the   chief
ter assume lhe risk   of   reaction   bv                                                                   C. P. Jl. near Walsh stall  which is '
S,ww* Winslow   and   Vanbuskirk ; 32 miles etet of Medicine Mat,     Tl.e  tt,'teries "' u'a"'"' '"" ""-v wi" sl "
■*»     ■*■■-** *•». I   in I   -.l.ll*l   l[   *, III*
tween the provinces is vihat is known   these provinces   constitute   n   regi.
as the fourth survey meridian,   which   fitted to be the home of a large  pn|
111- e.V|
property ut, Salmi,
ihn   Dominion   inspector..
A   ««
umi i  , u-ii. in   .in .ii,,iiir   i iitt, lilt*
I!. J. G.ilbmth, formerly connected   known firm of wholesalers in Spokane | '"lVC ''esun,e(i "'" k "" ,l'1' S|K"' ,Vl,k I not thorn boundary of both is the 60th ••y '"'   sHPPll!ll1P"ted   by   lh''  •>"•"!
with the Porto Rico Lumber Co.,   in   writes to o Ymir merchant as'fo ,s.; ,i"'"l'-"«"*"'   l»V   tho   Silver   Peak   paiullel, which is tho same as thai   of Trunk Pacific, and t o threo   great
its early days, is back in town. "We regret very , ih that we are  M'"''"'' '"' ''''''    A   ve,'y  l"'olnisinS   British Columbia, and the   two   pro- "*x stems with th. -ir branches   will   at
lit  as r,l,u*»»K •'■« <*«•• obtained, and  ii   is Linees brace all that region between f»''*J every facility  of .- inicatiui,
1     ■'     '      •      ' ' that p.„-i,!',.| „,, ,|„ rth, the   inter- that can possibly be required.
will Open  Up il hi-; sll.inl  of
 ii   ,     ,.               i   •   . showing haa been obtained,  nnd   it   i-
The rivers and ,-reeks in   this   dis-    'llmbIe lo SI"P 1'ou such fruit   as ,,,,-,            "     ■                    ,           '"
,1,              ii ',,'lievi i   a tin i ii-r ten fri't  "t   dnvili"
iii-taie   now said to be lower   than   H1'1-I"''"'!""--phmis, p,,„-,   ,.„,, bntl                                                       '"'-
it seems that the   Canadian   government has got it in fiir um and ive  can-
not afford to tako tho chanees, for ihe   *********************444*»
simple fact that wo have   had    some  ♦ NOTICE *
nt   any   time during the last    two   <.-r
three years,
.1. A Alexander has sold part, of the
. .,-.,,.■ in.i.  ,-.,. i, ,.,.   i ,,
pipe belonging to Ins compressor plant    , ...
... rr _ , ...    ,,    ''legaut  Imn   rejected.      II.:
national boundary on the s  Brit-       l';'11"""1"" '- the provisional capital
i-h Columbia on the -.est and   Mani-  "' AII,"|U-    ll '" a beautifully/situa
inl.ii on the e.isi     The nii'ii   of   each
i-   a   little   under   300,000    square
,,,,. ..    ,,      ' :'""   ■',in   ""','"   ..      . I* ir- ■   ,.•   • ♦  'niles.
in H. ll, (spencer and part  to Ci;    I.   ,   ,- , .       . ♦   ♦       in , .   * ..
1                  '                          decline to ship orders across   the   line  ♦ .                      i     i ■        i •   ♦      Allierta contmns thu following   mi-
♦ A CI'OSS lll'irked 111    tins*.-„,..,,,-., centres of  ,...,.„!,_, i„tl:      Ed. | there this aim  the Canadian  Pa-
we   ♦
ted city on the North Saskatchewan,
and is grovying vvith great rapidity.
It will be a point in common to the
Canadian Northern, *hicli will  reach
I tarn hurt.
■ for fruit that requires inspi ction
acorgoMoffat hied  him   away   to      The firm referred to above is by  no fsnnco                indicates   tliatfl m0"t0"' C,ll"u'-y'   Stratheoiia,   Mac eific which owns the Calgary Si    K
lho boom regions of the Similkaineen i s the only one   which   has   tie- ♦                       '                              i leod, f^thbrid1..;, Medicine Hat,   Ked """"•'"   Railway,   and   the Gnu
..n Friday last.    Tom Roilierhiun ex. dined to ship fruji to JJ  C.     Nearly If youl' Subscription is ill    lil'-X Deer,   Wetaskiwin,    Ucombe     and trunk Pacific.    It, will also be   i
nects to not hero also next week. nil il„. ,.l„.i,,.,„i,.,\ t .';...:.'.   t                                                         t other minor   towns.      Musi    of   il„. '"","*1   l"'""    "'    ""' """ b,w<
nccts to go there also next week. all lhe wholesalers are of one inituJ in ♦ . ,.  .        ,    , J other mine
,, .,   ,        ,   , * rear um we won i   be sai ♦L„„fi i„,
The Doyle Unas'.,   option   on   the ^he matter with the result that   liu'e ♦ -      |; -wntlieilj ., , ,,.,-,
1 ♦ * I mcluded in whal   is   known   as   ,.1, J navigable strean
gueen mine expires on tlie 10th  inst. j0I" no fl'uit is C0,ninS '"• | In lirnr   tri.iii   you
An extension of 20 days   was   asked      W'de the Dominion inspectors an   ♦
' ... I   .....   i-        .1 7
quarter of the   province   i-
hues.    The North S iskutcheii in is a
The   provisiou .1
semi arid belt, and very extensive   ii
to be commended for their strict   at-  ♦ wish to have il   continued.   * I i'««atioii pi-ojt.-ut>> ]i»ve been inaugurn-
l (-111 ion
liuution   of •
for   but    declined   by   Mr,   Waldii
unless a partial payment was made,
tl.e incoming fruit, tliere would   -eeii
The Ymir Drug Store   and    Miles  ,„ ,„. corjsirJo).ttbl„ (Hvel.(?eilc,! Il( opill,
Mclnnis1 news agency   business   will  ,„„ liHW(.(i|i l|ie_ ;m(| |h(, (|
ove in a couple of weeks   i, he „, ,||(. (|„,||itv of Uio K0Qth
huilding now occupied by Newitt and
i 'n., next door to their present premises.
J  ied.    One uf il
eapita! of   Silskntchcw an    i-
lituated on tlie I'. P. Ii., n citv   thai
in   population
lose is thut of   the   C.   '" M,''l,|,'-V   i"-''"^".*-'
of 3,000,000 acres lying east of   Cal-
**************************  p. H„ which aims at   the  utilization  and importance     The Prince   Alb
branch of   the   <'.    P.    R.,    extend"
northward from Lleginu, and ii !- the
arid belt is naturally unfit   for   crop   intention of tlie Grand Trunk   Pncilh;
.  raising, and in some years   all   of it,  to build a branch to the   city,      The
Mr. Stephen Bywater, president' of | practically, speaking enjoys  suflicienl  ""-l"'(:tivl'   legislatures   of   the   pro
11 ■-..-• - vinees will determine whether 01     nol
  g.irv.    No part of the so called   s.'ini
""■" ''    Broken   Hill n. &  I). Cu.  u
Railroad-**, Cut   011    Fair the llroken Hill Mining and Dev. Co. I moisture to make farming   profitable,      	
An An»lo-Chine80~ttur  broke m.i                        Rates. Ltd., has been  appqlnterl   permanent but In most years irrigatioii is needed. '''" I '','""""'"1 capitals sli_.ll !"■ ,.t the
in the east end  of Ymir  this'week.      .. liiiuidato,* to the company,   and   will It is the great   range   country,   and P«'»*-s named.—Victoria Timen.
ft is expected that a peace treaty will      ""' ,l""ll"':"i"11   ''*v   ,l"'   ,uh"'"1 be down in a day or two to stall   up thousands of cattle roam over it.     Of                    	
ho signed in day or two, but us usual, c°,nPnnies- ,emitlJ 'nade.ofacut   in the mill on the Arinna  oro   now   in less ^magnitude   than   the  irrigation             -p|1e  Ymir  MilK*.
the amount of the  ititle.nnity  is   U'Oi-ate to the l.nwis and   Clark   ex- the bins.    Tl.e Arizona lessees ex| t enterprise of the C. P. R. is   ihat   of
tiekingpolnt                                        position, and return from   ull   points to have enough ore to keep  the  mill the Alberta Railway  and   Irrigation      The ricli ore recently found Jn   the
in Ore-,in,   Washington,    Idaho   and running for ut least a month, and  .if- Company, with headquarters ac J-eth- D00 foot level of the   i'mir   mine,   .-
Ihe old mixed tram is due to nl'iiko   British Columbia, efleclive on and af- terwards the Uremner   Bros,,   lessees bridge    This company   will   furnish now found to bo readily   milled,   and
is appearance again on Sunday  next,   ier September 1st, of from   one   fare Lf thu Pilot mine, will send dowii 100 water   to   something   like    300,000 in consequence is being passed through
-ml lien-after   the  trains   will   arriveL,u* onp ,■,•,.,* f0|. t|)e ,.oum|   trip   to tons or ni f rich   ofo   fr    that   acres.    Tl ffect of theso enlerprises the stamp and cyanide mills,   instead
_   "u.   minutes   after   th,-  -whistle   is  one fare and  mi-tenth,   assures   lhe property,    tt is  expected   thai    Mr.  and h Ireds of smaller undertikings of being shipped crude,    This  ore   It
;  heard.    Any gthet1 schedule is oi    uiggest attendance yet al the Exposi- Bywater will also Imv ithority   to upon the agriculture of southern    Al- is believed will average -Mo per   ton
ly misleading.                                        tiuli during the last six weeks  of   its put miners to work on the Wilpox   as berta will bu very  great.      Northern and tho returns for   September   iiiav
The Rev, W.' MeColl,    I!,   A.   nf existence.    This generous rate  places there is considerable high   made   ore Alberta has ample moisture   for   the therefore be expected to be far i ■.
I  Phoenix will occupy tho Presbyterian  * visit to the Exposition   within   the insight which   will   go   t'n.i   Inwards successful production of crops,      For cess of nny iviuiin   during   tho  lasi
I pulpit in Ymir next   Sunday,      Mr.  reach iif nearly every citisen   uf   the poyir-g oil the   Indebtedness   of   the the most part the country is timbered two or three years     fn   addition   in
MuCol!  expects   to   be   here   for  n   three stales whicli were carved out of puny. with poplar spruce and other  woods, the ore of number five,   good   ore  i
I  month, but the matter will he decided   ''"' "Id ' Iregon country. |     All contested claims will be tried a-   In q placas aro  oxt nisive   forests now being taken from tlie ,*,i-t' drift
■    .. I        I I.,.       11 I.....  1       .  . 1. 1..  . I  I,,-    I-  . I ,, ,*,, I I, ,,i    i U    i ,i ,\.    I ii   11 <   I, ri tin- ... I...1...... 11,1,'I ,    . >,,   I I,,,    I .",) I,    it1.it . .C    ,    1.. 1     ... 1.... VII.,,.... nn   .tv  iinr)  ea.*n.i
 ...,..,...,,,     ,,,ii,,,,     ,,,,,,„,,.<,.<<..   -i    - -   — .         .__...
i   the   Presbytery    meeting  tikiij^      Tlio Exposition is now in its prime,  to thoir validity ou the 15th in-i.
Inco at Grijenwood next Tuesday.        nnd late visitors will  find  everything	
n lho best of condition,     The Traill
Hotel Arrival's
,Joe Martin n lawyer, is writing
ress as-to the admiiiistr.il im.    m
It,-    emu
.  il.e ..... ns. ineiit -in-,-., is better   uow
than at any lime dm in-.1 ihe fair,    llii
'i    nstice in this    province lie    emu ,   ,     ,    .  , , . ,   I      WaLHOHK llniT.I.—
~-i    ,  .        ,       ,       ,   . ,.   , i   lew sliiiHers uf diiiihllnl nielli     Which
['linns that logal foes aro so high, an 1 . , George Woods, JIallj
operated dm ing tin-early weeks  have
i n dispensed with, s,<   thai   every.
,:|'he law's delays   an1    s.,    long,    thill    ,'' ,.'.'"'"".'.'.",  '.,"." W. 11. Strathairn, J-ias
I rospeutivplitigants   exercise   every "'.  '" '"     '.     '"■'   j D. Barbrlck, Sal|iuj
', ,    ,    . , ,..,. ihn.g i.i In--ia ii   ihere   n  lirst-class
imsslrle device to sett e t.,-,r   d.ile, - . *.,, , .     h,,-,-,-, •_
;.,« ., , , and worth the money charged. .*,!, i.i.i.i. ii.m.i. -
H i-lices witho-il ii|.|ieuliui( In    lin-    law ,       ,.        ... -   . .i ■
* " The attendance al   i)..-   Exposition F, Jcnson, lino'
Jj rthich has lieen gimil ft'niii   the   li.si, |-', I[andcock, Krii-;
i     Anight   show  right  on   the  fair „« ing to a largo extent to   patronage \, B. Sloan, l-lrll*;
1 grounds at the Spokailo fail1 in   Oeto- from east of-the mountains,   has   in- Wm. PeWitte, Nnlsim
I her is sn.net),ing quite new, and   will ,.|,.„s,.,| -.leadily, and ihe   inciease   it A. .1. Anderson, Krie;
I idd greatly to the attraetioiis   of t.li*" expected to continue right up  to  the Miss Ulanchard, **Jalmo
I fair.    I'hm'.y of fun and frolic   under u|,w|na t|ay, as tho end of the harvest VV. E Wintflmute, Vnnocuve
I the bright tJletitrlo  lights   vvlll   draw „,ls,„l will permit faiihei;.: nh,.   have "  L. Sheperd, Spokane
,,,..,, n-i, , -. .-iiiiii", npokanei
■ hig crowds for thb flight show,     H'" baeM ,00 busy to get away   earlier   to 	
*l   lanagement has reducod the prico of , ■  -
 *"-it to tl.,*   biggest   fair   ever
if great commercial vale,-       Alberta on six and sevon
is traversed by the Smith   Suskatcho I    One iinportani result of the   -,,i iU• ■
wiin, the  Nurtli   yaskatchevviin,   the is that the west drift on the 1000  ft
Athalias.'ii, the I'eaee and    III uns    level is |., |lt. driven further,   wilh til
tributaries of these rivers      It   c«n-   expectation of striking   tlio   ore   ex-
tains many lakos, tho principal   being  poseJ in number five   al   the   lowi
I Lesser Slave hike,   Hay    hike,    Claire   level,
hike, and the western half   of   Atha-I 	
'"Ml l,l"!, ,        The Cost of lhe Tire.
I In- southwestern part of Saskatchewan i- III ll.e -i ini-aiid hell. Im.   ll.e f*,,. repair wnlit    mi    the    Yelhivt
reinninder of thn province, which em- nf ono road at Baltno has now been
braces at least five sixths of it* area, completed at *i cost to lhe Govern1
has ample precipitation for all pur- ment of about $1000 The Dun I,.
poses. 8a Imi.•In-wan contains the Ln,| Ymir roads have also heen i
following centres of popuhitioni lie* pUiir>d, and added tu tho expense ut'
giiiu, Moose daw, Qu'Appello, Mooso |*re fighting, it is probable that thi
miii, Saskatoon, Prince Allien, York* i icccnt lires haVo cist, the Gdvernmeii
•    i ,- I      ,     I"1V "   •"'"
i.-siun at night tn '--I cents and at
,      ,    i ,   , ,'i        ,, i      held in th.- Pacific Northwest,
-ami! t ! has dmihl-l the vi.ude-
. too and nthem. In lhe m.i then, and
northeastern sections then- is consid*
eruble forest, much of ii Commercially
1 valuable.    It   is   traversed   by   tin
Pirc Brigade Signal-**-.
. -.Ill,Ml,11 I ' I I-.-  . -   -     -  -I        .•'. ' '"        | .,,.        .,,.,   ,,,,,! Ml ,,,,,        |.,I |.i ,.|
Kireehlet   I n l.-V hll-   I'lelml ed     lhe     ,        ,     ,     , , ,      ..        ,     ., '     .
,.. ' ,.      South Saskalche wan, the JNorth   bus- trails, and the doVefntnonl  is   lliei
........ al-tlhlla  fur    iiiiii.  11 '.'      le     lie
not less than $3000 iu this immediate district alone. The repair work
mi the mads of course comes oui nl
the   Appropriation   for    muds    and
'illeandapiusement   foultir VI! Firo chief UJflcy lias prepare,    tn u,^ Srj,kalollBWWl| t|m Koitli  Sas- trails, and the doVefntnonl  is   tlier
he performers will put on their   best The I'Mitor of Hie ifprald Is ill   ,.-  ollowing sigiwls for hantiling tlie "'e   katc,iewnlli tlm lnain   S_«k_to.i in, fore hdt really out the   cost   of   thi
urns, the band wil) pla}- its best mu-* -     jf ftn (nvitntlaii fro'h thd   "II,- M''"'"':    :S"''"'-V  ,"l';l"'',  7"'1""      °, 1 the Qu'Appulle, the Souris aud   other work.    Nevertheless I minii-v   ,.
,. ,i      -i          -n i        ..   nin-no. One stloke Inallse) t*'o strokes (pauseI ..  ,     ....                          .,
". the midway will he      altiac- .              | t,            j,,.. "      '        (                            •           rivers of lhe   Winncpig   systom,   the huge fnu-i suH'ei !.',-   l-easuli   of   llii
.     ,i                          ,i         .-..,.      t    .1,,. "                                                           ' ihlee -II,,.,-, ineiili- :. eal! Im  lieliilu               ,'.,,,..,,...          „
'e than a.t iiny other   tune   ol   tne                           „    ,     ,           ,,     i               . Churchill and its tributaries,   Ituwing money be ng spent on rtd   work,   in
'V, the exhibitio -ildings will   be «>»'"'« «»' '"   ce, mo,,,,,    he „„.   , vlll,„   ,,„„„,,   Mti  ^ ^^           ^     f   ^  /t)l  -J ,^   ,„„,,,,,,    ,„.,
''• i'."".y features w    put but n„,ch regret tl    male „.,,„„ „. ,.„ „,,,., ,„. I branches of lho Great J ke - „„;,,„„„:„„,,   ,,,,,   „   IUl
ii ni  ,,,,,1,,  ...1,1-1 „.. I,.,   .i.,.,,     ,1    I., iii I  it,        hire    IS    .1    ' "ilillii lit v        ,         ii... i.i..     .i  ....if ..i-   \,
ii,  .mil. lll'lliy  Illiliuies  y.        |	
it night which cannot he  ►Pirn   at  to accept it.    There   is   n   cordialitv
•cm.    Besides the eastern half of At
■nv i,iher time.    The "Fall   if   l'"i't In'-otit lho iiiviiatinn v.lii.'h appeals  to c|jl'l((!|l NO'ffCl'Ji Ihabasea, it contains many   hikes,
\iil..n" will be pies.:.lied ill  v.i,i.i.Ier
cl flrewot'Ks by the   Pain   company, | |ipii(
'hicli iiianufnotiiroa tha finest line ,.t
organization   nt   it   very   llul
hyioiechnlcs in lho world,   Thi- fea-      VV(, w.lll( ,,, |
me alone will be ns fl no as   all   **■'" t ynu ean hollei In oui1 rain "bat rel
'-' of the fair put together, j    y,, N|i,j.,. J-jwii our cellar don.
I,   iiii.il,  ,. 'II'    III..     .....I'-ri' | iltti^..s<-n,   I v ,.,,,,-..,.,.   ,....,, j      ,,,,. --.->,      -   ,
.,.,,-,, . „., .   .    ,   ,i, .  ,",   ,i,i    „ , more Cost would irtakd the miichinei-v
fraternity of the   pen      1""   ol   .'   pB)w,.v. *,N  Ciirm-n—8 tl n d a y peo'il-f towards the north, tlm largest ,
,,.,„!-- ischotftand   Bible   Class,   In   Pl. rtl.  « Roifidee., but numerous otl.ers are | for the pr ntion   Hml   the   Bxtltlg.
V...I ,.,'iv t.hiv in .mi- fhml  raid: Ktei.ing set'.lee, 7 •'!".     folilig peo- k<»ite P*temY6 bodies of water, uishing of fot^l fires   m fHcient,
W i want io lovo you overm         pies" Socloty i Is on Friday  evening     Tho perceiiUgd of  *,tet.d   htud   ... n i, to be r^otted tha    Govern
... d ....1....1.       vil me wi-li-iiiii,-      Ifrit-1l.l.ri 000.000 s.iuare,   miles  eomnrisinu  , ,i,„.. ,„,, ,..i ..,!,...... ,i	
at 8 o'clock..    *VII are welcome,    RdV  thti 000,000 square  miles comprising  ment does riot lake action in the mat-
tt, Yullngi M", A.i Votiot I these ttvo provinces is  probablr   ll   -.,.
: I m
■i-'-'^r'^'t**—_.'■   -■■ut. u." "-..■ i-mji --u-***-*!-     MPW ■
■ ■WW_W^WBWgWy_aM-WMMyMI f
v..   ..
TJiiE VMIR HERAl.'j, ,l">l,,i:"l-"',""li ' -IVMIR   lil.-I.M-.ss GUIDE
__________________^_^^__    pkiynieut   in th"   mining   and   i.e-tn!  :
l-urgieri industries.
.1 h-rli-in.' rati -. 11 Kl
: 'i nn niii
I nited   t-itatcs  and   Canada   ferni-.lie.-j
n nrlv all the rest
'.il.lii*li...| I'v-ri' Satiu-ilu' nulluil loui.i ' I         "
.."--.. r i.iiv.,-..: i.. ,..-:.. -r ,n i.. »-, India furnishes (JO per e/yit   of   the      E. W . Widdowson.
 .,,,-1-!',;  i   ,;,,  ,, ..:.,,.! '-d'soulpu. of mica, ,,,.. llie   If- .'.W-Ui. ANp   in-,. „.-.:,■;..
I'i r;-y ,i. ..leuzi-r.
)!/ ii iik;:.
John Pliilhert.
im.  iim.-.i ;i'-ini i„. i,i,,i   irinn  all |..|..| i ,,*.-1      1 he mosl remarkable fojl of meteor-   Wi)'   OOOUi;   am,   /ii.ni-   i-fHMslllS,
-.i-i.-ni-r. in iii- .n-i;.,it,..r v,:, i,.- olittt nul  ite» known to histpry was that   whieh
' ■'"'"■ " "ic"' occurred al  L'Aigle in France in 1803
lomiiRTiiliil  prinHBK .-'  .-.-.-:,    ii.i*<uripiiun   Between   i!,000   and   3,00.0  uuileoric
. an- on lii,- |,r..iiii-'..- al *;<n.i:,r-i in.: -.
l'l  11, '■ |,l.,l   ie.   ■,;.!.
stones fell over an area nf  nine   miles
! ing by three   wide,   somi   ,;?   whieh
KHALI!   I11 ISI.'S'JING   t'OM'*ANY weighed ijO pom
ii.  KEAltl's,  ma **.■.!<n:ii
The two mines of   the    Yinir   di
Mv.1" EUIES.
I),  Cumpjieil.
1). .-Hi is iy -loliliing < lo.
Hi Tkls.
Iin-iiH.i.. lil nu — John Breau,
Mel I I!' ii.-e— J'ii.lijv McI-cikI.
Miller JJm.se—S  Miller.
Tnl'iee- it.il A- J:..,l,l;.
issued un Atlas of oil pages   c/mtiiin.-      Vimcou,     -Owen lluyer.
A*.  Atlas For $f.00,
'he Great Northern   llailway   has
li. (lamp .ei'.
I'eidii 'nay Jobhing Co,
Tim ('imn Iii Drug and li iok 0 ..
1,'llM1 I.     IIHAI.I.e.
IVillinm Clark.
Wiildoil    : .ei.iee Colnuiu
ymir—J. IV.  MnsHerson,
I'. S. T. K
l'"111'   Mi' ing up.to-date maps   of   fowa,    Wis-
llict   win, li   generally   emplny    the ,: u.-in. Ilhincs/iln, Nuril,   nnd   "south
largest number of workers, have hen I'akoln, Montana, fduho, Washington
for some time past working with   re- |,"'ilis'1   <-'"'''»''''«,   Oregon,    Kansas, j   .,.,.,,   ,.,.,,,„,-,,    SNp   hh.mmh
i , ,,    .        ,, Missouri, Kebnuka,   Wyoming,   Gil*      Mrs. John ,MeLeod
.In.ed forces.      During   tin*   summer ,,        ■       ,
oratlo,     Alaska,      ((iiwnii.     Japan, | jijniko   ukcuhuejj
noi ' ,i,*• Ymir '""' ''"  ihwU>-    V- Philippine Islands, 3h.li.., Hie United      Perrj J- Gkaw
looked   particularly   promising,   and States and of the World. hunt •'.
the camp has buffered in conse,|uence,       In addition to this, tlie Atlas   con
A mining camp, -hivvever, is evor   the tains valuable statistical   int' uiion
scene of quick changes and to day the
prospects of this particular camp  are
Herald Publishing Co.
ST.     lONKIIV.
relalive to the stales named above,   isl    "' ''""'I'1"'"-
TKA.M.-l l.jn.
l.iiii!'.! im ih.- very   best    quality  of       Hurslmw _ Wilson
pap. .". shows the lines of the (heal
brighter than over. The news of the Northern Bailway, and is in ever)
.-hike al. 11 e  Ymir   mine,    which    is   way a commendable work.
now amply confirmed, is   in   Itself   a This Atlas will  he   distributed   al
guarantee of an increased pay roll   for the actual cosl of production  .nd  will
the camp, while the. fine showing now   '"' ■""' to any add    upon   receips
obtained at the Hunter V. will   ena. "f **-oa    Add reus, P,    I.    Whitnev,
,   .,   . .        I'u   onger   J'ruHic   Manager,     Gre.u
ole that property to resume operations   ..     ,        ,,  ., ,.    , ',,.
1    '     - ' N..t!..'in Railway, St   Paul, .Mum.
nn something like   ii *   formei    scale,
Down al Salmo, Patsy (    rk   is   still ,- .,_,, - -
looking for proper!v. .'.t liriu the
Arlington and Seen . Heli.-f are both
making larger profits than heretofore
while the same may 11 said of tlm
inn en and Porto Rico minus. Willi
all these •_.>.i«l reports coming in il   is
Jackson A: Leahy.
Alex. OUiiie
Miles Mclnnis.
Willi Clark.
(I I'IIM   V. I
Certificate of Improvements.
YMIil LODGE N,,.',| A. !■'. -v A
M      .Meet- first    Friday    in    each'
The Kind Vou Woiili Like
'ASTpS COOH      is GOOD
Old Settlers M-uple   Syrup,
l-p teM^^77^*~.
Pure in ,!
-i, I-;' ainl I gallon Tins
Sold by
-, ,, Kiljtf&V :■■   -.-7f:> . __.,-.
I jl^_:__^r_-2."l.!!
1 *;"i***?w«6*#J..'n-*r''-!
Mining Agent      -      Stocks and Share*
Mutual Lifo Insurance Company of New York,
Canadian Casulaty-'Uoiler [nsurance Co.
London Mutual Fire [nsurancc Company,
Ottawa Fire Insurance Company.
YMOt,  B. ('.
I    month. VisiiiiiR brothers welcomed. I f\S to
surelj* time for the pessimistic trouble      Blue   Quurlx,   Kover    New    VmU
,                       ,          i     •                 »•    i •          'eiilrnl      Mineral    /me    nnd   Cunioil
 "M" '"''"  "haek.eat      Nothui«  ,,.„., | Mineral Claims situaleil   in
hurt- a ennip -.i i.ni'h a- ih" I i.1 uhi-i-   llie N. Uon Milling   Oivision   of    Weal
Ki iit.-n.iy In-lr.el.
ous individual who goes around    v.-il,       iviiero lociied*.—On Jiibllen   Muiin-
., lung face condoliti" with his   uei«h-  "''" all ail iwo miles from i'mir
l.-.KK    N.U i.'K   •Inii    I,    I'.     C
bois. on tlio bud times, and   conpiuin-  [Ji-een, iicIihk as agent for A.   H     _*«• t-
i      ,         i • • ,ii    ers I 'ire Miner's   Uerlilieale   No     I!
me ihni he is d a no uusin.'in at all,    '   '.,       ,   ,.    ,.    ,,    ,,    ,
M ,991. Il.l.l    I-.    H     II.    limit, r    rri-e
Tho lack of liuainewi more   often   Mintr's Oerlilionte No  B  81,1)92,    i-i
, ,   i.-ini. -iz-v d.ivs frnin il..- ilatii   hereof.
H-nceable to other and more   personal   ,n n|)|j)j. ^ , fD M||ljng Kecorder ,,„. B
leusons than to the  dullness   of   lho  Oertilieuto of Imprnveiiienls    for   lhe
pm pi su "t oblal uiug a   in,iv n   (Irani
1 amp, ,,l ,|„. i,i,me claims.
  —- And further take notice that   action,
iiii.|..r suction ;17, must in-   conimcuceil
Tho census department  al    Ollawn  i„.r0ri. tlm iasuaucc ot siivli   Ocrlilloate
places Canada's   population   al    ovor\<~ lnipiovemeiiis. s
' Dined .lii- Ivventy-cighl dav of  July,
six millions.    The increase since  tlie       u.  nm.,
last census in 190-1    is   estimated   al   A. 1'* <'■ Green,
Nelson, li. I .
YMIH LODGE No. :i2 K, of P.
Meets first and third Monday in
each in,mill. Visiting brotheis
i ii m:i.i:s Ainiiin.vi.ii, C. C.
. li uis (! I 't.W mi, K.  It. it H.
Ppjicy J. Glbazkii, Secretary. |/l\  ^
ah \
MACCADEES.       Meets    second i\\
.md fourth Tuesday in eacli month. f.HS
I. McLeoii, L. C i\S
I,. UucKivomit, I!   Iv, 1 /)\
■ —■— -\_
—B—i m Jim. _——1■
Companies Act 1897.
• 02,21 •",.    All students of history be
lievo thai what the   nineteenth   cun
hirv uns In lhe    I'nileil    States,    lh
1 '•■ eiitieih century will bc to Cumuli
During tho Inst century  the   popula-j     Notice is heieby givon thut    Kdgar
lion of the former   ountry   increased   Milton Hand, resident mine manager
, .,,. ,   „   I of ihe C puny at Yniir, 13    C,    Im
from about one million to ovui seven-| ... .    ,
1 v millions, tho couuti y  mis   covere
Will remove Its Block into the building new occupied liy Nevvill a- Co.,
nn or uhoill Sep!. I5lh —Cul! and see
i,s iii new stand,
,  In "ii substituted . ho attorney of  the
"Ymir Oold    Mini s,    Limited,"   and
with a oel work of railroad, and from  ||m| ln„ (wMcr MI|lMiluli,,u 0fSavan
S. Y. Wm Ull IN,
Registrar of Joint   Slock  Compank
11 spin sol y populated .in—   bo-  nah .Inliiis.in Speak Inw been revoked.
1 one one of the   forumost   industrial       Dated July 20th, I'JOu,
niiiiiiries uf the world,     T,,-d„y   lin
American nation i- fourth in   popuhi-
ji,,n an g the nations of  tho  world |
nnd foremost ..t' all in in In-iri..!   ac-
ivi-tv and general go-ahoadiiess 4 4+.>.+.4.44*+>4.4.4--f4***t*->-«+* + '*v*
Try n bottle ..l llerpioido. Tho inn-i
popu'-ar 'Iiim'IiiiII' i ure onil liair dies-
dm S uvenirs are selling fust, Don't
nirs llieni
Full lin- of I'oilet Arliclus alvvays in
J. C. ELLIOTT,  Prop,
y.    S   _,
J5*  s.    -C
Jt   3
yi.r ia
s ~.    SU
7:   I
• 5'     to
g       SU
:- f
si     su
o1      su
-"; to
This history •■Tl during llio   iwcn-   ♦
Clark's   Furniture   Store
o  Undertaker   nud   Furniture     Deali
*•*»•   - __ >
G? it ?
—*  s  ■*■
:i.-th century be repelled
\,,i even the United **'' itcs has 11101
._ 1,ai- gifts bestowed   upon   il   b
nature than those   whieh   form   tlio' «.
v   Canada.    {      MILL   WOOD.      %      ,,,„,,,,,,,..,„ ,„;, :,Ue,„!ed ,
I lolivored any
place in town.
4   Ulltl II tSTRERT,
"•"*"■•»''•<*"«'«••" of  lar-d   uf  the   1 S|ovc   LenKths        X WALDORF        \'t%
Inaplo   leaf.      In   agricultural    and! 4 W AULIUXir           W
* Dry 1*1.33             Green 1*1.00. 7 -r-.r-.r-—*—                        i'i*
'•"'"'■»>   '' ("•^.Canada     stands   4 •                                               t HOTEL...          MS
without a,dvai, and tl.e , pla who  I Per CartLoad.     :| A
will become hor cilizcns  aro   pouring |t Now is the lime to put 111       4 ; Headquarters   for   riiningl/ft
4 a gnod supply",               41 , ■    _,            nj
I II and Commercial /nen     j/\\
lNirlo   Rico       *
v. ill be an accomplished fact, and   m   I +
—     y.
in day by .1 iy tn develop thoio resources. Al the end of il," present
..ni in v,-1 li • development   of Cnmula] X
I .int of population and industrial
1 rogreu, i' will surely rival ii- oldet
heighboui to the »oUth.
• |     Musi comforlable hotel in lho dis*
I 1        i      M"
X   Lumbor Co. Ltd.   t,,,,,   Eve thi  Bl_t.olaHHi
i 4
;-H»»»»-H*H*H♦*♦♦♦♦ ♦♦*>♦*>♦ 41 YMIK, n.c.
I       Vmir, B. C.      I
% 9 Closing  out  our   Clothing  and
Gent's Furnishings Department
11 its, Boots and Shoes, Bjlankots, Or:.':
practically i\-holes,i*.le price-;.    Gnu
1 ijiucli before sizes -j ■■ ',.,■-■)., ■-.
It will pay vou to  lay  in a
stock for the next two years,
—-:>o goods sold on credit ejieept   hj    .|...,-;,.,|   arrangement.-	
.i.ll accounts due inu-l be imi,! ,-v 0|usc,| i,v ,.„,„ ,,,.,-„.,. *s|   ^ |;in;
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
; Mei'fjs-  train   |.\,.|.\   - -njng
except Sunday, fop  frcjyhl
1 miii passei^'crs. fur Yitiir
inill.   Liy special orders  on
.    Sundays. (Jr for Vmir wiino.
ALE.y. GDLi'.E    Orop-
Which End?
At the opening day of the kinder.
. ii ifii little JJillie had worn out    the
ii-her's patience, and, being  of   the
: school, she administered the times
honored remedy for naughtiness.    Aa
1   ■  would have it, llillie belonged   to
elect.    His mother was a member
uf ihe school   board,   und   forthwith
ie down upon the »ehool teacher,
llr tones were icy.    "Miss Herring.
. I wish some information on   this
1 '■' I"   -'in   revolutions   n   minute.
Prom ih.. cutting end of the   machine
the. endless chain  moves   along   nvei
a dry,in,' or heating   block    prepuwl
for this   purpose   where   the   match
I splint is heated to   a   degree   nearlj
equal in that renuired to  melt    pnra-
I nine so that the   pa raft! ne   may   nol
|. hill .ni    the   stink   when    the  stick
passo-j through it, hut thai    the   end
may he   thoroughly   saturati .1.     The
chain moves on   to   the   composition
."Hers where the match   receives   its
iragcous proceeding.     Kindly  tell L     ,       , .,
, , ,    , " : l"''"1  ,u"' ''"'i'   comes   inni   contact
■■ inst what end you hud m view   in     ■,,   , , .,      ,  .       .    .
with blasts of cool dry air for nn I
punishing my son.       ".Mrs.   Grant,
the reply, "I had the same end in
nn 1 n half when   ii    returns   to   the
place of beginning, Just before   rcaeh-
l".-' '    -'.    > " _ in ll I MU,    |I|-L
new that  anybody    would    hay.1   in   - i-i   .*, ',
,.,,,, ''"•-' «lnch the matches   are  punched
rpankinc a little boy. „ ,,      ,   .   ,
out nr the chain by an automatic   de-
"**' viec into smell paper   or   strawboard
A  Debtor's  Answer,        j boxes varying in sine , taining 05 t..
-'     .   — 500 niatcho**, tho boxes   having  heen
A prominent btisinesa house  placed .-  , ■ .    .,           , .                   .   ,
. ,„'.     ,    *,      ,  .-„        ,.    ■         , fed into tho   maclnno   automatically,
t hill iu the hands of a collector,  who ...         ....
j I mu in 111 i. ni or inure paper or   st raw-
in response ton request for settlement, ,       , ,                              ,
1                   ' uoard lioxcs aro consumned eaoh  dav
leceived the following in reply: ,,        ,■        „       . ,
..        "        f' in the packing   of   matohes   In   this
"My Dear Sir: Absonce   inun   the ,,        -,,-                    ,   ,.
eon.dry.     One   milium    and    a    halt
ilv prevented my writing in   answer
■ yours of a recent dale,
"Il will he utterly   impossible   for
ii    to settle the claim you mention at
i n sent, for the very simple but   gooti
i !-.,n—I haven't got it,
■' I lost every penny 1 had in the
win Id, '11111 considerable I had in tho
' dure, in a mining venture last Sept
■ inber.    Up to   thu   present   time   I
,.        ,      ,    ,       , times the most  superb specimens  i.F
ave not recovered trom the *.hock '
1 .1 1 :.. .> i.i
'   I think if you lay this fact before|
,i tlii-iits they will m.i   advise  you
proceed harshly against me.    From
pounds of chlorate of potash are consumed annually in the manufacture
of matchos
The purest native silver found is
that Co nul with the native copper ores
of Luke Superior, it being almost
chemically pure These native silver
specimens when crystallized affbrd   al
the metal iu the world.
con PANY u_,
vv'.vn;i:  .-|'!'!'i.!!-;ii   ;*-,*i,    i,.*,
U|.-*Tjr    AMI      |-l|;!-;
l'i !:rost-:s   r v |. kj;
P-"i   ri 11' :•-.'i (s    !'i!|-:*!i
r. K. 1'. l-'n;,--. (-secretary
Bpokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
'V\\  (-only    .-.ll   rail   route   between
points oast, west and south tu flossi
Ian I, Nelson,   Grand   Forks  apd  He.
public    liiilli-t ears .",s.i between Hpo
kane and Northport
llidlet Cars   i tin between  Spokane
and Nelson
lilieliVl    Ap:il, l'.'l'.'.,
'.cave Daily 'I rain Arrive
'•'.I", ii.m        Spokane ti-'-'n p,m
II 00 u.in        Kosshiml .|..v. p n:
!). I" a ni Nelson I', Jjij p.in
'• 1 illll ii iii      (liand Forks       [1.50 p,m
1" 00 :i in, Plioei-ix .', 30p.m.
7.00 n.ni Rep.i lil ic 0.30 p.m
ALIi    THE     TIME
5eattle,    Tacoma
St. Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
MEALS A   I.A   ,.villi:.
Wholesale and retail dealers
in  IVesh l!nii-leil
I ".■""■J   «;;.....-....■•       .        _. /■»__/"•
ir past experience of my modes  of   KOOteiiaV    *vOlfee   LO.
; needure iu days none by   |   *J0   not j
think they ean recall  .my  suspicious       COFFEE   ROASTERS
1 'iincisnis whieh would lead ihein to I
■ appose I am a debt dodgei
" i have simply heen initiated into
the Lodge of Sorrow, Hard Lack
( huptPr, Fool Div. No. ."ill. i
" My picture, hungini? crape-laden Q     FAST    TRAINS      f)
»ii the wails of the Hall of Fame, i.    Hiijli * Grade •> (Soirees J_ VV|1 WIi.ST DAILY l_
• he legend, 'Sueker No, 3*1300303.
" My motto i- brieliy, 'I would if I
'dd; Imi I haven't, ko I can't,
I'l'iiiiiie m iv smile,   however;   "p \ 	
the present noting it has given mc j ^___aa        bo YEARS'
Iniigh.     I have hope-, _BB       W__f EXPERIEi-'-~.E
Hatch  Making.
In the latest malih milking    nineh-
■     lie- wood tion. whieh    the    initeh        ~'?%faa___~__WF Tn*"£ M*"-*1' -
,    • '-^HBfflH-^ Des.oms
'     nl-are made i-   pine   plunk,    two ryrfl~      Copvoichth *.-*•
■ hes thick, which,   after   ll ugh     „-*)'■-.. ".«,":;*MrwSwiWl^S
'"   ...    . .„ ,(,)»[..iipiiiniii.-   Ciinimt..il"-
llltf, i- .e-saweil inlo I. n-'tli-    from I    ,',;, ','..."•:.-.---,ni.ic-i.fi-ii. linn toink on I'aii-iiia
.     .,,,., ,,,„,, ,,!,i..,t .,u,.iir.Pif..rts, ■ "';']s i '-rl   ■-.
1 .iiul  Beven-eigliths   to   two   and      i
i ('-half   inches,    reptesi nting     the
-ihnflhe   matches    lo    be    made.l     ^jj,,,,, „ ninMi-aiad woalilr.   Mreoitiilr.
Knots ..nd cross grained parts are|   5SJg?J"i",i'rmmti «i aoidbrollpo-»«rt«fi"f
Best   Meals   on    Wheels
Special   Excursion   Rates
Lewis &. Clark Fair.
l-'oi- rati -. folders ami (ull information
ii gariling Hips, call  on or ai'dress an
agent of tliu S, I'. .v N. Itailii u.v or •
II.   \  JACKMl.V,        II. UKANIir,
i.l    .VIA '.. I'. Si T- A
Spoknuu       710 IV   Hivi rsi.lo A ,.
S| ok..ne.
Are our two principal  hobbies.
l-'ruit Jars, pinls ipiarls and half gallons, direel   from  Um  facti rj   at   |»rt	
thnl caniiol i.e heal.
Wo nre in a position to take care of your want*,  l-n   prasui-vlng    Hiiirsio  ,
i- always well Rssorte.l and prices me right.
Wi carry lhe famous Royal Ilouselioltl, just a car Usl week .1 tliiscelelirii
iai hi1..in'. No hlack ami soggy hrend ma.lu from Iliis llnur, always whin
ligfil ami wliolesnme.    A trial suck will convince lho most skepliual,
Something n, vv, nn   iip|.eli/.ing hrenkfaal cereal, lho largest   for  lhe  nioiu.',
en r i iii i, ,1 in I'mir. \\ nil eaoli package »,- give a fancy piece ol China al "
i xii:i expense io pufcliaser,
U e ei.I'll   ll Well .-ele.'led Stock  10 elll'e ill! lllinlellls ol lililel  nil.I    lin Ij .   ll"'
tooth iielie drops lo e Tn extractors, ni striollj li-i prices'
Wc keep the -leek-, -ityle nnd t|tialily, we can lil you out to look well, appi'iu
piosperous in..I I',', i flint you are ;k good as ., Stan.lar.1 ('il Magiialu and Iwie.
ns happy.   Johnslonn's (Jlothing ami Boll's   Shoes   wo   ahsolulelj   giiarai.t.-e
iliehi goods   right prices, ami .iulii people to ileal ivtth.    No spi cial prices  i
special eu-flomers all lo-.k alike lo us
U. S. T. ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Ymir,     \i.     C,
i>l'..VI.i:i!   IN
Sln-li' and Rudders 11 irdu ire,
I*.lints and ' i.Is, Sl i..--, Cul,
Slcal, Powder Fn-' and ''.;.-.
Oi'diiito .-...-I Tinware, Steam
i.,,..■-1 .lirouuh Mum. ts. Cu. r«
. v. ti.i.int cluirinl. ,„ -.l.o
clemific Hme-ricana
n,l |a lllnatnlad waakli;.   I'.r,-n.t .■',
, ,„ ,.:■ 1„„,.,",.'iii.-i..'."iji.   'i'..iii'..|i.
'* i-iiois iino cross griiii.eu |p,,,i-  .... i    T..nr- i.,.irn tl i l*   Kgiabaollnowanasier*.
■ out „i the blocks and these blocks     MIJNN X CO.*»»"«*»* N6W TOrK
, "arii'-i oil*.,  . :   1  ...   IVaali.oilliii.Ui:.
put into the nu loir ii tic feeder nl n
1 i.ie, the pinallini1   and    cumposl-
for the hemI of the match having
ii prupei ly prepared nnd placed  in
.   respective   receptnclesi    where
ean   bo   replenished      dthoui
ping ihe machine,    The ki ives or
-Hotel Ymir\
I'puig uie inncnine,     iue «...*-=» «•   i Mcil- *'
Umi em il„,    match   split   frum  4 *■"*' '"'"'   '    .   '. *
11   ,               ,            i     i 11 ,i   X Vllt    \*-• ■'»iiiJ11«►'I-'*t n*>i *
" .,locks uie so | hii-i-d III head Uiul!K , f ■ » ""     ' *
•f the machine that when il"1 splints  X X
■• i em thev are separated by a 'pen-  f . I
'*, of nn Inch, and placed  or   set   in t \ [xw .selection of' Wines, X
(iron phtes made into an   endless J | ,ji|iinr- mi'l ' hU'-H'^- T
'    in by link nttnehments.    At    rich T —__ t
nlutioii of the in,iel.ii." II nmtehes I j ^. \| \>Tl',|!.-nN. Prop, i
" "it a..,, set, ihe machine   mailing'14444444444444***+++***+**
Ptnm a ci-ITm
a|.-on to a llu,ii-
anil dollar pru-
acii!alio,i a^t.
lipnry Iiul.. R'
B'.na1 laclllllea
for mnliiiiB aoliil
m!vr!ware at*?
poaaeaicd by in,
ul her concern in
ciantTiua. Artistic deftiga.
cu. .11,1'!',n mn'-liliicry. md ikllled hnnd-
workera, n'l under the direct lupervliloa of
., ;,,.,:,.! inciiilicrl .., Die fun, malic a n nn-
.'•■1 illcd coiu'jluallon I"i turning out fine
Wiilc for Kl""'""! ra.aloifuc.
I    ul"."*-"*"''
- lenelrv,
] Sterling f-Hv'ir,
Silver Plate,
, H'iUhci, etc.
Henry Birks_ Sons
..... ■ 10 Hia Ka ..iracy
.ha Karl of Mia c
All kind*, of Plumbing, Tin-
smithing am] General llepaii
The Mutual Life [nsurancc Company ot'iS. V
Has Assets Rxceedlng $400,000,000.
|K,]ir\ in ii is tlie siifrsl iiiv.'.-iinciii known to man.
Cash in vested in Life [iisurunue is eash invested thai wil
return compound interest.
All successful business men carry large amounts of lil.
insurance, li provides for the family, protect* n man in lii-
i.ld .-iu.1. nml protects hi- other invest merits, Vov rates < ;i
iim form of lit'.1 insurance apply to:
Percy J. Gleazer, Local Agent
, Y"MiX~l
.-, rti I      WASHING I'ON .'  U, N. RY
V, V   & K   RY, Si N, UO,
mul llienl Northern, Northern Paeilhi
  mid i». I!. .'.■ N. Co.,  for [-uint* ea-t,
weat und Kiiuth ; eonneet* al Ho '
Inn.I und Nelson u ilh ihe (lan.uJi m
Pacific llailvv.iy.
I-'IIKSII     \\|,   *-\l,'l'l.|l   MI'.V'I'S Colllleels ill   Nel-iil!  uiih tl,,-    p. II.,
,V   N.   0,1,    fur    Kilsln   nud     K,   lllld ■-
I ...ml'..
Wholesale nnil Retail Connect* nt Curleii  with   ntn^e fur
l.ieellvi.M.'i nnd    .'di.Imi'. .  |J, ( '.
llulTel   car* run on (rain* liel ■■ emi
Mail orilera receive |*rimi].l  iittenlimi   H|oknnc und   llepuhlie
.lulls'  PHI Ml HUT,   l'i
Ociiurul I' lasuiini i- A.--
Spulmue, IV .. 1
I ■
'■ 11 £
I   -
When in  Nelson
(all ;il Patennude's.    You will find iireatlv
CEO   CROWE,   Proprietor.
Co  in and -,-i- thn bargains in confectioner] for the next few days, A
line going al almost cost,    All   fan, 1
reduced pi ices in   Watches, Jewelry, Silver-1 bT, ",ric.t,y ', BMt    TT, -l,e
1 '   ' Cttsll bargain.-, so I"'   -mc    uii'l     br.Ug
ware, f**ufc Glass, and Novelties.    You can   al- -,,u: i k<"' k* 5
ways lind something in his stock suitable for a :
gift, and his goods are always most reliable.      MILLER HOTEL!   j
Kewly furnished throughout.    Sapiple rooms in connection.
... §1.30 to ■-"-.'."," per day
IINI.AY    McLEOD,  Proprietor
\M   MILLER,  Prop
J. 0.   Patenaude,
Headquarters for Mining Men  —————————
Manufacturing Jeweller, vVatchmaker and Optician,     ,. ,. _~~~ ,  . ,:    .   ., \ i;. ,i i.;ji ihi-v. n
PHONE 293.      NELSON- B C*
liar   supplied   with   hi
wines, !i.|■- .i- ... I cigars,
III   AllM'E,
Retter Than Ki er tk'fnn
I he Twelfth Annual
V.M1H, 13,   I
American and B.  C.   Hydraulic
Placer  Company^ Ltd.
| ©ctober 9 to   15, 1905.
i ini ■.■-;!•' I'."iilli,.ii-.-   nnd    new    1 * ,-* '   _^   ___  __ __ _   _ . H   r   r /--.   r    r -—r—
,.... d.-,..*,,.,,.,-..,, OPEN    DAY  \  NIGHT
l!ui-.| .-j!, mid Ai.-.-i ii uu  |   in
Capital $50,000 in 500,000 Shares of ten cents each        Only   whim   labor   cmpim-ed7 NV"",,',!f"1 "N',ii,v" '/• Pili,,'s |,'i""",i- p.vrot' "Tl,c n]\"f
,. , Port Allien    in I'lamin" l'Toworks.      Larger Exhibits in livery
^i-i-i-a—^—^—^—_^_^_^_^__^_Bl I' 1    1
Department iif the Pair.    Men's llciay Race ilarinu   the   Whole
Week, 1 -i_.i 11 en..ie-     Tlm finest Show nf Livestock ever    held
ill Washington,     Up-Tu  Date Vaudeville. Piogram Every After,
in mn and Evening.     Ileuutiful    Piuit    Displays   for    liig   <.'•-
. ' l'ii■■-     l'ivi> ni more Exciting II.icps Daily,      Spokane   Kennel
Cluh's llig Annual Dog show,    Indian Village und Indian Rimes
Cosmopolitan ™-i n. -.
Reduced Rates   and   Special  Excursions on all
Tlie Company is now j - „ - -1 *. 11 -111 __ to work tlie (lold
hir.|_i'. I'.lnrk S.ni.l ,'iii'i Ni!•_■■_ 1 ■ i (ilai'i'i leases al Hull
Sidinir, .'in.I in ordi r to pureli.'t.-i1 ilu* nci-i ssarj inni Iiiii***
cry, tlie prniw Ier.- have -. t aside a limited iiiunlier 1 I'
.-Iiiiii- fur inniiediate sale,
The shares tire full) paiil and nun assi'ssidili'.
The C [uiny's ground averageo ."ib eents   [ii-r   etibie
yard on the  surface, o\er li-JU acroi*).
t'uiil lied roeli i- reaelieil these kIuuvm can lie obtained ni n bargain,
Meanwhile the tre.-isni\ Ktnek (_I10.<.00 -11.. 1 ■ -1 is
left intact.
A     ERICK.SOy,
i'r ,,' iel .. .
Hotel . . .   .
i'u ter entirely n",v mai iigenunil.)
Coil! I'SsioilS I.'!' - l!''
I lining    tfoolll    llllll    Bar   Write for Premium !..';
supplied   wi'h    1 he   best   md l! -*-*- Progi-um
in 1 In- market.
Howell W. Peel,  Presideiu
Rnht. II. Cosgrove, See. and   Mm
Mie 1 v, ,1 ;■   .-. ,. .- ■ h    ■   value   1111-1 and at a height 1.f 73    In    i1 ''   iiii
.nr    1-
liight   opposite  ill')."!.   Ymir
JOHN   UREAU,  Prop.
Till    III ST   lill -.Nl) Ol    Ijii.MKS'1 I1
eison rair
li! |-7i, when   it was   I'n-i   ii-.d   I'm   they I iiiovisihle   iv here the
1   itingche.1.1 wall p.i] l-'roin i»> |muri* raieli.d tl.amil.der Iheexh   ,-t- CICtAE.S
^^^^^^^^^^^       .^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
vinccVllentoalhirl   nf   Um.   ,     ■   | "  ll.e upFer ah   <l,..*s   not    The    KooteH.'-Y     Standard   f-.,,^   , 11(.,,,,' Sj |,'Ji'   I *| IV   (il I il I i  I i IK'S (»f    ||MV('l
In 1S!i."i it. was discovered    hal   inii-n   Imw. ive thorn from    lhe  olteel.
was a good insulalor      I'Vlhi     l ,,f their impact with the  at,n.>sph..*ri a"U    *JUanit8. WRITE   FOR   PRIZE   LIST.
Commencing September 20.    Larger and b"t-
icr i!i;iii ever.      Kvi'i'vlliinu' new   mid   lip-to-
•     . . .,
date. All kind- of open air attractions,    l^acli
(l,i\ something interesting. Yon will nice!   old
■I'lil v.-iv ihiu iiiid   iniilei-ules,     II ed, nU   -i   fraelion
nr in mul un -
Tin- earliest kmi'.v n rec -id '.;' n p
J. Fi. Amiable, Secretary
Pli .■!-•■ forward Tiik Vjiih Her imi for
p„se the sheets are split very tlnn aim    ecuies,   .,.>• uikus umi   h   n"'"'"" \l.*.xi:i-.*.(TVItl'D HV
,, cloth to he wound ii ings  nt a .-eem-d to   cunsUme   the   Rinallei
'" •'   v-"u]i "-'"^ l"stca'1 ot  ~jr  c,   ThiHn & Co. '
m ,,. ii*-, id umi in space, were   without   —	
_________________________________ in..linn                            ■•ni,1      ■!   hv    lhe
raiieil.si        ei  mi -vns lh ll nl    mnn - .,,,..                ,    ,                          Nl Isyll,   I >   I  .
,,,..,, earth in n- llighl then  late ivu ltd    he
'IHTttU-b,  llaiiu.lial,    '■:    '   .:-■    |,lli|al, f,„ lho u.|,   ;-,..-   ■:■   earth	
a- in Im I* iu :■'" 11, ''■     i : ■'   l'lin"-   I,, its . il.il is ni the iremen, i u    peed
hieated nl   Guadaloan.il   at    the  „f j'j miha each second nf time, and ..   VclllCOUYCr
funt of the Sim-rii Moiena in the   pin-   met  n.ming in   contact    with    tin
I-i. : Curdnva,     The   productive,   earth's, "i'l"" I.l immediate!,    W^gj
iismime a    l. mpeinl in I    cstim ite I    i1     u i-L'l.'wi
 f these nuni'ii Was grn.il as M    1.1   (.n()^ ;    ^ ;    .^   . |(    .     M(,    „
i'u-! -i-ln— liiiiiii- 1,'ii'iiii.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
i-il llmiriili.il   '    poundu   nf    .ilvei ..-*— 4 andacknovvledge receipt of enclosed 8	
each day.    The   mines   wero   vvolked A.   Dr\'   ClillUliC. l',.M        ln.l.ll.S    lij    Wine       _ -.■„,.  ,,,,    ,,   ■        , ,• , ,•,     ,
* •"   •     _ In,; i I i.i.'.\ i. ii is piil.ii'lied   every halurduy morning ai
"'-,":nl'' !-______________■____■ %
I ,i(juor.*i nnd i 'igai . ♦
ii coupli  nf mill'   into lhe   iiiuintuiii
■ lV'. j.,\   IKJYKll,   Pi-' i'
„ K vi i.— - i'i.ii Ye.w!, --J: Half YkaIi, 81. ♦
* €>
♦ *
\|,. .i.e.'. ha '.     My   di ir,   do   you
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      iliink   I -h'.ll I "ll.e.i."l I 1'iii-in1 llu1
Several ihmi  md pniln.l  ul in 'icuiy . -ami- hahita in "llie lie.U world   us   in
. i■ ipii--l.-i!v. r me e-.-l .-i.-.'i-'v in    ilu-   ihi-' ■	
1 , vi  .  „,,.   ,,;        Mr-. Javvliaik     Well, y..u will and .	
mutiny in medicines, murj    in- - — ■       —.--.
mated with   -".!,■   nU"!   -•■'"        Ml."j,,ivl,„cl<     What do you mean! | _ f._, #
ill   .i    ,'    v.. j.i-i  Second  \\.". YMIU   | lOfS'l 1 tl Ifkil r~* V h_ 1 r_ 1T i ~\ Y\
tl.eir use produces    pecillc tint yi.u w.mT get a think. _ 1_/\J 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 \J 1 1 L_< A \ 1 B tl I i,\J I I •
■•.' ■ i.i! . i. ! ... i.... * i, i i, in il.    Such
.. n |. imd- nn-1,nn nm-. i din,- pui),        Ladies'
• i'i.  wilh   chalk    (gray   pnwdurl PUFnishinffS
n eii'in nl    ..iniinpiil    and     mercurial -.. •,.-
milliner v
i   ister       Ad   me. uri.il    . nmnoum!1
■•■■-, !!:_■    '1        Cil'l  Ulil, illll   lllll ''   .1     pt'CllI- -.-.Sl
iii infiiipiiceovprniitritii.il    'ihi-   i- Staple'
especially Iruo of the salts nf mcieiliy Ctoods
■ mil 11 -  llli'lel'lutls   ehli.t Ide     ol1     Clllo>
luel, mercuric   old 1 •  corrosive       MRS.     J,    McLEOD
Mihlimato and merciiriniis   iotlitlo   or     i      .  ,   ti-        u, i-
I i -i ( 11 11    Store    -    ^ uiit
Ull    '.I eel.   II ,'"!.'  Ill    IIIPI    III V. I lie!
\ mir ('iii/cits
A-**i'cial;(!ii.    I
i.A-r nil iishaV \y ka, ii mo.vi ii.
I'ini ii  Mi l.i-..!., Presi.lciit.
I'nhi v ili.ii.v/i:!,', Secretary.
A   I'. Ilm kwiihtii, Ti. as.
„.,.„„„,, „, ,1, uf ., i, hed"  _— I E.  W.   WIDDOWBON
i e„!i„...-iii..„-'iii «i,ici .- Ymir Transfer Co,
,!,»( KSOS -V l*K ,11. . I'fnjrt.
ui v I'm ills .',. i'.i! i.    Mercury   iitism h*
I d by I he M)1 ■>. In .'.* Hi i "-.- i.l miiiei-
in ijuiekailvcr i.iiups i- a ' inli til   poi*
Meteors   l.efore   encouliltd'ilig   th,"
i ni ih - nt iiu.'.ph' re am inv i.-.iI>Iu to  u.i
traveling in their   own   orlut.i  about!
• he -ii...     tmioeillaicly   mi   -Hiking '
,l,i- i in ih's atmosphere  Iheir  V-.iih■ t'*■ Mid llie grcale:.t care exercised *..  tin
tne.gv begins tu he  lur...d  i.i heat;handling of (j It
Teaming and
Kxpre*-**) ....
.*,:!   nidi i*   promptly  atten_ed li
(Ti'.'iri    ivn   Assavkh
ILaii anarer Nfl.-j, SiiicIi-ii.
Gold|   Silver,  or    (.end     -     '-".i"1
Copper,     - -    -     6-l.nO
(juld Silver,     -    -     -    -    C;l -Mi
i 'Inn jes fOr olhi i metalH ...i ap
liaker St., Nelsoli.
P u Drawer I l||V.   Phone A07.
I90_       September   2?    to   October   -;       I905.
Lndei  tin- aiii-piri- ..I ilu1 lloyal     vgrieiilturid
and linlit.-iriitl Socletj	
Stupendous nnd eoiiipreheiisivc nrriiv   of   \'.\
liil.ii- ti'i •r.'srtii ii-- ilu1 resoiu'ecs of all Camilla.
»100,000.C0   In   Prices   and    Attractions.
Enlarged grounds, new hamlKotnc unci ssimu'Iuuh
WOltlib'S CHAMPIONSHIP liVENTS in llowiuK ami   [ ,',■     |( „-..
Il"'1"-'' & 'io "Busting,   Military Patailes and _AerciSi*n,
ROYAL IRISH (JUAllDSandoihl*!1 V »» llandsi
011AND WATKU OAHNIVAL    Parallel   h'rasel1   river   h-hin,   Heel,
piiii'i.l boall, H, M   ivaislupsi In Im,, vn, L.ni,0CH| ,.,,.
j Indian Bporth
LwwJl!S2*wr,',w'H- u:v,:v- ""^ 1 » «*


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