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The Ymir Herald 1904-12-24

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 .•■J.  (--i-'-'-i.ty,..
,•>>>' •'.,
oec 2 7
Vol. 1 -No :;:
Y.MII!.  ];.('., SATURDAY. DKCEMBKli l'l. 1904.
I'kkk I'm i: i 'kyi-
:'    ' •    ■■ ' '      • Du« Hi inn v Jobbing   Co.   an.   -.ill
! LOCAL ITEMS   -ll'-« ^»»* i «« * r
•',:...-,,.,                             , P'und.
' i>. to Senuey's I'm 'fresh   iiiiiiecine it A line    selection    of    fancy    g is
and other Christ.nn-- condiment!* , suitable for Christinas   presents,    will
When you   want   right   priei  bu l'"1""1 ttl s,':l">'v'--*-
aiiyth'uig   go  lo   DesBri-say   Jobbing We still have iifdw of those Wiitor
Co. Sets left,    Iteiiieinlier that   you   gel
S. II. Seaney has .. fine .■asortme.nl '""' ''"'*-' »P l" J'""''">' *»*■• Tl"' Pair.
An  Open   Letter.
On the ocousiuti of the departure of
Miss Whillans, hitherto teacher at
the Vinir school, ■ lit* Hoard of Trus-
tees have address to her the following
open letter, accompanied by a handsome set of carvers nod a set   of   uni-
Ymir Public School.      ,  Strike on the  Foghorn
broidery scissors,    l-litjjelter,  wo   feel
siire.t'xpi.'i-s •.-. lhe sentiment of llieeom-
of fresh candies and confectionery furl     The school trustees are advertising inanity, who  wi.-di   tlmi Mi*-s   Whil-
Xiinis. in   the   VaiR'oiiver   News-AtlvertUer  |,insnriny be as successful in the   new
.        . . for a   teacher   for   the  public  school  sphere of life to which she   is   callc
aliss Kate Klavona leu   on   Wed. | '
' I.e.
is -In- hus been us school   teacher   in
nesday iu spend the  Christmas   In.li-
ihiys in Spokane Last Thursday was the shortest day 1 Y,m*'
and some extiii careful observers   rc-| Ymir, 11 0, *l.'lrd, Doo. 11)04
Miss M. I. Whillans
Public School Teacher,
I'or fresh candies, nuts  und   fruits
,.„,,,. ,        port noticing ihe lengthening ..t  days
a- iinythiiig for    Chi.-I...as    site   Drs-•
I already.
Ilri-ny Jobbing Co.
Mr. A. II.  Tmtic of (he   Broken
Hill Mining and   Development Co is
I expected   back   from  Chicago  about   „ ,,.      ,    ,    ,   ..
' , Public scliniil, desire   lo   express   our
the middle of next week
Vmir, 11 C
Dear Miss Whillamsi
We, tbe  Trustees   uf   the   Ymir
Tho Kootenay Shingle mill, nl S.d-
....., will close down on the  1st,   Juii-
uarv for about three months.
, (lie middle nt next week ....,.,
, , , ,.  .    , appreciation of tie tint ntul service you
A large number   ..t  turkeys were. ,
, ',    ,,..,    , „;.      | Desbrisay Jobbing Co. are   unload   have rendered   as  teaclior dnrins lhe
Won at tlie .Miller lii.tisc on    I i.ur-d..y ' !
,     ,, , .,     , .    ,     .- ing il car of    New    Pack    ..f   canned    pas! term.     We desire   lo   make   this
In- those who refused to bo frozen out, i '
goods,   celebrated     Inrtun     ilia.id.  acKtiowlelgemcnt, both for   ourselves
Dr. D.ihertv. left mi Monday   for  Direct from Hamilton Ontario.
Km-icii. Wash.    Dr. Kllioit,  late  of       ,. ,.       .   ,,.
,,     ,     , . ., ,    • • I'..'I Adie, ot   Waneta,   has   ilia-
ltos>lan(l, is now resident   physician •
j nosed of lhe old I'ort Sheppurtl    hotel
to Mr.  Davis, of Krie,    who    recently
Pretty nearly enough   receipts   fo>' murricd   Mrs.   Collins,   formerly   of
water rates were printed in tl.e Unit* ' Yniir
A I.U otlico this week, to sell    the   Sul
inon river.
and for the piivun   of   the   children,
who have expiv-i-te I tn  us their great
satisfaction  at   the   progress   which
their children have ininle under  yotirj
Honor It..11.
Fiir term ending Dec.   IGth,    I 10*1
.".III    . I. \Ss.
1.  Birdie Shri.iu.
-.  Luring  Mclsaae,
3   llessie Clark,
4th  class.
1. Lottie House,
2. Alfred Clark,
.'!. Stewart Newitt.
Su.   3ttu   CLASS.
I.   Vera  MeLeod,
•J   Edtlie O'Neill,
Jr. .''.ii. clash,
1     Dorothy Harrison,
'.'.  Milton Newitt
1. Florence      Peters,      and       Ivn
2. Alex MeLeod,
1st clash.
1. Karl Peters,
•J   Willie Stewart,
3. ,3.11-1 Koss.
•_'N I>     I'HIMI.K.
1.  Murie Shrum,
■1.  llii/el Newitt.
Bit, 1st I'lti.MKit
1.  David Peters,
i.  Willie 1! ie.
Jit.   1st I'llIM I'll.
Kindly accept lhe   little   token   of
There ara   tu   bo  two   Christmas I "«'' <»*• i he.ewith, ,-..,d  with  every
dances this vear one ....Christinas Kiei g*M(l  wish  for )'OUr flili.re happiness j      1.   .Mu. i.-l  MoTsaaC,
A    D. Rack worth 3.  P.   left   this Lm| one on the day  after  ClulBtnuiH.   llrid Rioupoi-ity, niltl  the compliments ■>. Hu«h MeLeod,
Week, for a trip to his  Inene    in    On-   ■*,,, ,|H. Silinday evening   tl.e   char-'e I of lhe siiason, wc re....in, .'1.   Hugh Koss.
tario.    lie expects to lie  back about   will only be 00 cents  and  the dune-          Yotirs faithfully Regular atlendanco and punctual!-
the 13th, Jiinu.in  next.                      I lug will stop promptly ul  .tildniglit.                  The Board of Trustees! ty.    Florence    Peters,    Karl    Peters,
-,'. .• ,i    ,- .  1      ,    ,.        , ,   ,,,.   , I Win. Chirk, I David    Peters,    l\a    Shriiin,     Marie
iiOc presents of yolll' OWll   selection!      Lui.es who   are    "wil in      are    re- ,.,,       ,, I,.,    ,, . '
(Signed)    lid, Peters,
Hi...-, up to   January    1st.      It    vou   minded    that    they   havu   only   one; j (J   g  T. Hoss   Sec
want holiday goods, we are the    pCO-1 W(\-k ...ore  it.    which    to    stiitre    the  ..     	
pie,                                 The Fair. elusivo     batchelor.     They  will \„. •44444444404444444*44*****
Tie V,„ir .ui.,,.  is - shutting down four yeara okior wheli  tho   next op. |               NOTICE.
from   Sa.nrday   night   to     Monday poi-tunity comes;
l ling, in ord. r  to   give    the   cm The shingle mill und   planer at the ?        y cross llUU'lit'll     ill    tlli*
plovees nn opportunity   lo celebrate  lvrio Hlen Lumber Co Mill doses t..-
Sh ru m
Promoted from '.'ml Primer to   I si
Keiidei:     Marie   Shrum    and    Hazel
Newitt.   •
I'm I't't'i of ('loan < Ire,     "■ '
Keel Below Siit'l'iii.-.
Second only in importance tu .:. ■
strike of pay ore ill tne 1000 fo I
level of the Vinir mine   is   llu-    sllik'l
which we hate to record 'his week
the Foghorn mine. The two (ieepesi
developed mines iu the Yinir district,
have now proved to a ilei.ii.i.stratiuil,
tint!, the values in the Vmir veins du
persist with depth, and that tic. p
mining is to be one oi lho principal
factors in the future prosperity of the
Ymir camp.
The strike on the Foghorn mine   i-
of the utmost importance to tlie Ymir
camp, as ii proves that that   property
bus very large reserves of   ore,    sullicient to insure it many years of   profitable operation.     Wu reported several weeks ago, a strike of   line   galena
ore, which was found on the    surf ice.
at a point nearly perpendicular above
iinotl.ei point, about 000 feel in  from
the portal of the long crosscut tunnel.
Systematic exploration in  the  tunnel
and drifts ileal this point has resulted
in the location "fa pay Ishoo',   at,    the
depth of some .100 feet below the surface, which it is practically certain, is
the same shoot as that uncovered    recently ou the surface.    Specimens   ol
ore from the two points,   the    surface
tjut and the drift 500 feet below,   are
so exactly similar that they cannot bo
told apart     Con Wollle, the manage1
reports that    the   strike    mado    tin
week, has disclosed from ten tt. fifteen
feet of clean    shipping    ore    of   good
grade      (In lhe surface lhe width Will
llu- Christmas season properlyi
.lav, and   .he   whole   plant   is   lo   be ' { s|KI('<* .
,    .       .      . ,      shi.iiii nguili for getting the Iol>down, i ......■- nnd wp Would  lie iHatl■> < which Messrs. A   l».   Wesiby and  L.  ating in the Ymir District which be
h! acksmitll shop, has he.-n put   ...   l.y ■ ju.ii  mill   *•*•     >-.>'..... -,■"" ,,..* ,■',.. ,. . , ■< i    .* i
thegover. nt gang, and vvlll   prove    MMkh Kobel He , f Van. ver, *     , . .. j;. H. Seldon, of Minneapolis are int. -"     •	
Very useful in the writ spring. for.neriv a teacher at Fail-view School, |tollOai'   llMl.i   VOU    ll    Villi. -
Vancouver, has bee.. :ipi tditi ■•-1 teach*. ♦    . ,        , -, ,•        i    !!
Amlv llurgess is preparing a  raws ..   .    ,,,,.',    ,    .,. t Wish lo It.'lVf it   I'lllltlllUCd.   ,,
• '     *       _ e.  ill the   \ ...ll    Public   nt-hool.    Miss ♦ J
hide trail down from the Yankee Qir    ,,     , t   ,, , ,-e- *____.___... •uuuuuui>i stances vesierd.iv to a reporter of Tit
ll.-iiih-i-sonlioldsatir.il   eh.si   ce.t.t.- 44444444******************
Ore Hill to be Developed, (-bout nine feet, ami  presuming  the
-   .    — dimensions of the shoot to   be   aboul
Clipitttl to   In'    iMiinislicil    I iv  the same, in the intervening portion*..,
it is easily seetij that the property has
-  - S Minneapolis Men,
,    .       ,i   .,     ,, .      ,      overhauled a'n.l repaired, for reopen- x ,      .    . .    . ,,;   an immense reserve of profitable   ...
A piece ol -idcwiilk,    running   he-   . ,'...,   t vour snlisci'ilit loll is  III    ill'- <. ,,., .,,,, .      . ,,,. .
' ,, .    ,.,, , ing us soon  us lhe liver is  in    good   ?• ' ol lhe (Ire  Hill  is   the   properly   in I I.e.... 18 perhaps no company, Opel'
ween tho    Dcali    li.nl.ling    Mid   llie i .      , ,    i<>
ested. ami was the object of their  recent visit  to Nelson.
Mr. liri.sell explained   the  eirUuin-
mine, over which the t.te taken out of
lhe shaft by Rowley and Anderson  is
Hutu -....I conies very   highly   ret-on.
Mien.In I
The Wagon roads to (he  ..tines    au
to he brought down. Tl.e tunnel be*
ing run by Chillies Cameron on this
property is now in about 30 feet, and  '" l,:"1 enmliti.in for  heavy   sleighing
iruud oro has becii encountered, -vliiclt  i""1 '""'•    'V little      now   ivill
make things ail light htiwnven     The
Ficsh llolli'iid    Herring   iu      1711
kits, al Seanl'l's, l>| 'ill per  kit.
Daily News, lie has been working
for .several years on tile Ore Hill,-
which adjoins   the  Queen     Some  of
Ier deserves this  good   fortune   than
the Golden Monarch Co.,   which    li .-■
indcfntigably prosecuted ih'i'p    .lev.  -
opnu-nt, iii spite of   repeated   disap
poiniincnts.    It is estimated, unoll *
ally, that   fully    {80,000,    has    been
spent on the dovolopmeilt of the pi i-
'he Mil' which hill lit hill.    OUl     has   lhe  lime   he   IliW   worked   alone   butI peffy without a pound of    ore    bui
not prevculed   S.   ll.   Seatioy   from
again haVing Olio of I lift best   displays
more often with a couple of men.    lie I  | .       |      ,j.|
has a small 'mill ull the   pronl'.ly con- I
.,,,;.,.„ !„.,„„',,,,.,,  ,|„.,h ...iiKeiinngsai, r.g.ir nnwei.r        ""',„■ (.|„.isl„M,s  ,ls     ,',.,„„    i.|,i,-h    to   sllu.-ted l.v him-.-lf, am!   has  crushed   "
,  ,„„„ „„.,'!„, „„,. „.,. ,„   lVU'e I"''" ;'"" 1'""";  »l<*l I* !•«.«- best  beloved,    .gho,et„ pay operating expenses
Hon t i.iiget tin* (.niisi.nas tt,e io   0je<ni(!(MitratdH and tlio Keystone nlid ' 	
bight  in   Uu*   Presbyter.....   ehoi'clu'\nl\m ,„ *, |llivn several dirloinl-i   of
Th.-ic will Iii.    preselils    for   till    tl.0       H,,,,|v    ,•,,,.   diipiin.il     when    I hi
children tui the   tret'i   and   probably   ,-„ni|*, nl-e Hi bettel-conllitioli,
for .Mime   of   lhe    l.ig    cllildlUII    tun
The Dc-lhi-,i\ Jobbil.fi Co ,    Is    li-
mechanical im* for   the   In lit-   ones
. lit' 1.11*1 a very choico selection of
ii iii ilea siiiiidile for Chrl'l.nas pt'CS*.
.'ni*t including leather goods, toilet-
coles, .'ic, licsiihs a line collection   of
lhe fro.i.  » ilh a display of   I'hiistn.as
Not bdlng a'capitalist himself, ho has
not the means of developing lhe properly as he wishes lo do.
List spring A.  D, Westhy of Min- I
l.e.ipolls to.ik a bond mi tliu  property
foi si*,   months,   hoping   to  uotnplotl
main ero-*- -ut has hi*. .
run about I Kit) feel iu exception!! '*
hard rock,  biniiles   sovoral   liumli   I
feet of drifts .iml other tunnels.     Tliu
surface showings  were   always   god
and  nt..-i  priimisingi   hat.  un.il  i ie
strike of this   week,   hat   Utile hic,!l
i grade Are 1.11   boon   uncouiitcru i  ■.
tbe loWei' levels, althoiigh II la.g	
dy of   concent, al nig   ord   h id   In  it
Diffident voting men, ft'ltlisfl   basliful*
r;wl"i,m!! n"r " ,"' V]- (so....-,' a „,;,' s„p;,iv' ,,t '^™\^ *\*u*w .■■• »». ,,,. ;,ll,1]lv„ ;,,,-, -^  Wliei; ,,,„
lleeliire ihel.  lel'hllgsi mav In.'.e   then » ' ,,     ,      i     r       ,i l , ,        , , ,     ,,
,, , , , nml fiinry ernckeiy lllis ht't*h    I ...   ill, lullis will ..No l.e |....iil| In re. j ho.id lansed and no Word had heen re-
niesenl-  iitlilresli'll    IO    tin.    adl.nied ' ..,.,,,      ,,        ,
,,  , , fr  whnh    USefu     nnd    oiuamelilnl        ,,    , , „.      , ,,  i,       CO VCr   limn Ml'. We-U.v,  Mr.   Itirls.-I. I cl'OSSCUt.
fall , hung oh the treP. So Lit 111) ofllei .1 atinoUlll lit ha-
preset.t» can bo st'locled,    A stuck of . resumed operations and has two Ihnn      |3eforo the prtviL'iii strike wn-i in..
Tin-Ivlitnr of  Lhe   lit..hi... is in perfumer-, ha. alsd been added,   and "  " '"'"'' w "'  ' '"' "      " iiitpiesent  workliiLj  on  the property ..        ,i   i,.\0||(,|,J|t „(   ||,,.   mih>,
leceiptof a  hunch  ..f  bully and  a M Utinll a Attn lupfily af special articles *«*V "chodule, but n clinhge is cKpcct** w(l|, ,,„„_
piece of llowl'l-ii.g stock sent wllll  the sin-h a-liiiits. eiin.hes  nml   the   eon ed to l.e I.u.de ah.nii    the   middle   of       |lo W.is tlierpfnfusonibwliatsiirpris'
. 'iiiupliii.i'.ii." of ihe "Vicioriii Till, i- ' ie. slltueiitl of all thosn   tit-bttx   whi'h itunlhily,      'I'hen-   will   In-   separate ed last rlatii rd ay   when   Mr.   Westbj
a i.ioiueuiu of ihe M-.oon, Thi- lltilii uio peculiiif to tho Christi.mt   neosoii, Hfmsnnlter  ...i'i  fl'biifhl   Hiilli«      the arrivuil, acconipaiiied by Ji ll. Seldon
le.n.-.nh.iii.eei' Is u.v   Mecepiahle   .!•        .   .     ,,   , ,   . ,  ., i,   a Minneapolis ..ICI'clllll.t, 1111(1 dxp.CsS'
1 A iliie sidewalk lias Uooit stnn-t- h,uei passing one way each Hay.     Ii '
louiintt fronl a plaeo more favoured ..f    .  ',        . :ed a   wish   In   reopen   negotibIiohh
mei.l, to ship some oj the ' lull surf. •'
ore, an illtei.lioil iv|lich, i. is p.-.l. di "i
viill still bo adhered to. whilefurll -1
development of the .id. resouh es  b>.
W, III tv he ejtpfl 'le I to    pio I    ,, i
on   ng l n li a in ace inine iii. on, i-o   oi       . ,      ., , , e'    a    \\ i-n     io    ii ii  en     ii< -.;"< un i, ui-      ,..,    .......   „. ,.viie - ,.      o    | -i -1       u
,.    \.    ,       m,    I'd '.v H.c  goveriiicil    lo   replace   .he ,   |l|,,|M|1h. - |,al I he innrning    pass      .. ,    , ""' ""> !
the seas,,,,, that, V ml....hleaigh gi'oU,  ||n((| ,,,„,,„,, n,,, ,-,,„„, N,„ . M,      ' ' J hey ivent Into tl.e matter   I '.".h-  lln „,-„„M, ,,„       n„.   ,	
in our own Province „f llritish Cohim-   ,„       _...   .. ,  gl-r triiin w.II leave N.-l ,„,   depol    al m y, di^usscd •he icsoiirc.-s „f ihe pne
ttion nliuli it ll u great improvement. ... . • ,    '       has nlau had under consiileratioii   I-.
bin. 'lie hoU stales thill  the   t-olitt-lils   .,,. . .    , ,, Da.    ui.    and    the    in.unili.ui    siding! p.-rlv,   lhe   reuuirUlllentH   ot   develops
lliere seems Imwuver, lo oesume d.l ■ i ' .        '   L,,,,,,, .:.,„. ,,.,,.
tiere phi, kid oi.tilnor ...   VietOllll   in   ,-,,,.,„,,,,,■ ,,,,;„„,„„„„„„ ,| |.c|,. alio.il Id a. Hi, reaching Vmir   alibul indnt, (|uostlons o|   wng.-ii   irctlmeni I      •
Cl"i'« »*<"-'•<• ;lllu,"in  flonl of whose stole the sido Mam.   T cningt,-,iiu will pm-'"'"I trliiispottaiid.i,  On   Monday an oreotiilfi a larg.
the    adl i-'lthlillV     ■ f
on- en. i.i. inL.    p| ,',-.
, , i   iwrbe.ue.it was readied by which Mr. land wilh thd oiicdtiritgeinent they  :-
li. Cilinpbdt li itdl'O llaf n l.i.c   d.s-   walk   is  built,  a,  in   how    .'     'luluM    bablv pas-i i.biuil   I .'.111.11.111  be    dul'
,     '     , ,.  ,, ' , lliitseh      Will      eo.ill.iue
..      .    .' I.1...1M..I  I. 1 ..*.. ,.f. .11.1 . . .     I     .1      .1 «. ...       ...       .1 ...      -.
that these plans will he cotlsiiiii.iteil,
play of   ChriBtihai  goods, tiUiefully  have been constructed. Some  wanted  ill thrt Modillnln about 5 p, nl
nnd   attractively   al'l'.ingu-di     Tiler
..re ell kinds of lov*. fl.r lhe   childl-et
li In lie level with *|ltfp*l   ill   Illtl'I'Villl
npbrntiunsjco|Vo this Chri-ttiiMsi   it   i-'  probabl
through the wllltl'l'at Ills Uwn oxpi'tisoj
and for I.i-  owii   benefit.    Ily  April
p   lit,
f.nev.g Isfoi-.h',. giott, S   fruits  ,vl'""-U '"Kl"" '"'  wllh      l'..('.l.i.i«'"lVcvlia: ,-,', "I   the Messrs We, by and sel. ...  mil .,,„,,
, io.amlrtie.lUfo. •!,.'  Chris. I .iKe«.tle slope,  th.-   |. fclfowlng *lg ..for hai.tlllllg tl.b n,*b "'"' with sUlHcu t to >l al to open  up
„., ,, ,       .,    . , . lhe pl'iipeilv   illi'l   pill   ..    till   a   ''alls      l'nl',-,111 Tl'l.l 1 >'    ( ...Ini.      S
.hnnei.    Ilverythhig   ilu.t   a  pllrioii  #ily.    II." crossing il'init   thti   xinir iHnrm!   wteitdy  ringing   meanJ   I  . t : L. .    .      .   .....
.-an want for lhe Ch.istm.H  festivity   ||„„i , e depot, hail also I   *,,.,.ke (pause) t-WniH (pause)   "Vhu OruHlU contalnl free  Hjllllliff Uwmil.g^el'vten, 7i80. '""younf   I.-'
s lobe found hie, while   llu-   stock  paired and  cos.mgs innllti bvlil   the Elii!eit*liiikbs, tWenns a call foi-lll'lp to L0|d *t„d also some  value*" iu silver,  pies' Society il ts oir I'riday evoiiinjj
iM'.'.'WflJs siiiiice... to M-itle any   at-  puis oi  *si I  menne,   nl.leli  are handle   ihe  I ipse  wluni . hying  and   11 i. within easy filch by a gnod load,  at 8 o'clock.    All ard welcome,    Uc-fi
r effect of ilie~,e,.sion. , nsualv very inudd*) in wt wt'iither.    I reeling it up after bib: l,,f ll"-' s' l'l * N' •'*lil,Vliy liMI' ' ■■• Vo.iuu, M   A . I'liston THE VMiR HERALD
'''•' ■•-'■  . .-v.: ■■.  s nir in- nml ,n:ii|,-,i in u
s.lilr,      -1 : ■'.       ...    . rrler I). lew n.
..-■-.   :■:' U ; ■ t   niiiiu.lt,   [,:.   ntili   |u
The election of Dr.   Thompson   in
lhe Yukon district, by a majority   of T() DKLTNQUENTCO-DWNEUS,
over 700, i-i au emphatic denunciation
fll. V'    Keech, orai y other pei
ol the em riipii'iii and mis. n!•-,    whieh    I        .       , , ',
' " son to whom I,.-   in iy     have Irans
has been Jramparl  there,   under   ex>  ,-,.,,,,,! .,,.. ,„,,,,,..., ;„   ,;,S|    Tliomui
! Governor ('oiigdon,    The   Intl. r   re.
I'M 1M"ii pur ii, mi, j signed Ids position lo run for    Palilalia nj. apd brought u ilh him    ail    I liu
inlhieiee of i l.e    'Liberal    machine.."
ilnu.-tili w ,,s -up) :,-i ,1 lo be i-o far   it-
• Ikii*. I li '"ii'  I    from   nil  1,-iiJnni
i   "i 0,   illilrl -i ,,r nun   i,,'  otiiu'ii.itl
•i'"'i tr-nii il,. ..til ,
' -        rem!   : : liiiiini     -   uviTy    .!. ti-rlpil
■'   ;.   ...- ■ ..i ■. indiirtl urlci-s.
ill: i-ui.l,  I-.,' Till.
III'IIAU)   I'. !II..MI!Mi   COlll'ANY
....   m:-.i:'-.,s,   S|A,*f,V(tI-;if,
.■JATT'ilDAy. Pj'.f, :<\,  ipQf
The |Ii n.n.i; wisl|0s its, reader.*) a
full enjoy iiieiit of nil t|ip gfiOf) thing;.
attendant uppn tlio C')i|*ist||ins tjejpipp.
May (flit* apd    all    pf    tlipij)    have   a
"merry"   Ch; i.-tuias,   jn   thp   fujlept
sense of the  wonl
und Tclegiaph mineral claims situaic •
in the      \--i- ai Mining        ln> i*
sion uf Wesl   Kootenay   I ii li id, and
recorded in lho  Record, r's  office   foi
j i he \' In ii Jlining 1 Iii isii n,
ifoU .: nil   each   of VoU .ui-   h. rob)
moved from lhe ceiilrp of government notified  that 1   have   expended    on.
I hill    all    soils    qf    cor'-Upt     de ices j I,inch ed nnd tv o   dolI'ilH     and    fil'u
could be   safely    worked       The   ac-   cents IS10180) in-lubnrand jinprove*-
i'i ii-
counts ,.,.(iml   from   the   northern  n'ents "P0"  the above mineral claims
,.    , , in order to hold same under provisions
liiEtrppplis snow   ilnil attempts    were. • '
j of ' ho Mineral   Actj    mid    if   n illii.i
made, to control the election, hynich  ; ,        ,.       ' ,  .      »'••
  s ninety Uavs from tlie tlatp or this no-
'II,e o'd g.-uia of tei minus-tracking
S. C-pis lo he on iigjiip j n the tin ly
part of tin present iveelf the papers
all contain..! a dispatch that l-'orl
Simpson had been .hil'mitely settled
Pjitm as the nimiiiiis of tin,' Grant!
'I i link  Pacific llnilway.
I in l«' S.un look il so to hear'., ilint
tho American papers loll..wed with
ini announcement llial ihe island opposite l'ori Simpson, which was hand-
i d ovci io tin- United. St.itps in the
|ust arbitration, would bo decorated |
with a fort to command lhe harbor of
I'-.rt Simpson. Then President Hays
uf the Grand Tsutik gets  up   to   say
licit lhe location of ihe terminus ha-
ycl to be decided upon, anil the rt-tl-
e-lale snappers w ho h.t'l got to work
in l'ort Simpson, hail lime to get
biealli. Only a short breath however
for the next utlieial announcement i-
that Kaie.i island i- tin- fi|vured spot,
Next that in.lh have hi en applied foi,
And so the game goes on.
oils which me only eoutpnra|)lp, to
those of tl.e notorious Tammany Hall
and IJyron II Loin T|te voters lisf-s
were kept fj'tini the eonscr .alive pall-
djdatp and |iis vvprkprs, nnd were it
not for telegraphic instructions fl'Rip
Ottawa it is probable thai Mr, Cong*,
don'jl opponent, woiiltl not hnye been
able, to use tl.e lists al all As il
wt.s, it was unly by police   assistance,
(hat the lists yvere r .iced.       It,    i*
1'i.rther said, that the judges, were
completply under the cpntrol of
Congih.ii. and thai  no relief t-ni!-|     he
,,       , , i .    .1 othernerson to whem he may havi
olitiiined bv an a .neul lo   the    courts. '
loalei'H in Staple nnd Fancy Groceries,   Miner's  Sun.hi. ;.
I'llfinki't-i, Socks, .Mitts, Gloves,   UuMieps,   Under
wctr.    Overalls,     Patent      Mi'.lifiiirs,
NELSON 8, 6, * B0X 1095.
ticpyou fail or refuse to ppntril'ute
ypur portion of expenditure, [together
wif,)- all costs pf advertising, your interest in said olaim will bepopie the
property of the subscriber, under sec-
ion I of an act entitled "An Actio
Amend [the Jliner.il Act, [900,,
Dated at ymir, 1!. 0. ibis | III. j
day of .\..v   1901.
TO VV.M/1EH .1.     H. ...ii-.s,    or   any
Mining Agent      »      -Stocks apd Shares
.   ..   L...      .
Mutual Life rnsuvance Company of New York.
Canadian ('asnlary--Boiler Insui'anoe Co.
London .Mutual Fii'e Insui'iince Company.
Ottawa Fife Insurance Company,
| transferred his interest in tho Meadow
Lark   mineral   claim    situated     on
It  is very -nli.-l'ntt. ry lo Hole, tlud in
spite of ull   th.-se   machinations,   thel Wild Horse cieek about seven   miles
people by .heir votes, expressed   their , f,-„in tin- town of Yniir. in lhe Nelson'
strupg coiiile.n.ialioi. of .he nianipula- l Mining Division of   West   Kootenay
tion, and that Dr Thompson   secured    P*striet, and recorded in the Records
YAJlK, !', (
a large majority in Dawson, an I in
every oihei polling station in the district, e>icepl one. ll is even more
satisfactory to note that   the  ereater
er's otjico for the Nelson   Mining   Di
vision. -I
You and each of you   nre   hereby
notified that 1 have expended seventy
six   dollars    and    eighty-seven    cents;
pari of tlio Liberal press,   throug'.out ($76.87) in labor   and   improvements
tho Province, joins with the   Conser-   "I""1 t,ie abovo lllinOTil1 M™ ■•' "•'■•■'■'
, . ...       to hold same under the provisions   «.f
value element, in expromg sal.slue- .....
the Mineral Act-, and if within    nine-
lion lit     the    ileie.it     ot    the    Liberal 1        ,        ,. ,      ,  ,        ,,     , .
Iv days troin the ilitte   ot   litis   notice.
Always   useful   and
certainly   bcaul'Tiil.   n |K§
brooch is ..ever amis*
us a gift,
Ne.   . it-Sj  i. n  fn.- t.   ,1
Hi,',,,id with Uininoi ilrcnti
•|l„- price i • romarlitiblo ...
Distance i-. no obstacle to satisfactory
dealings wilh our
bouse. Write for
i.iu'.l-tirilcr  catalogue.
"DI/SMi.Nl> IIAI . "
I ll III I.' I
To the oulookert in the neighbor
ing towns, the municipal election in
Nelson, is ii source of abounding joy
und amusement,     The   "Progressive
I arty" binds itself   In    Ull    UUtoC.'atic
leader, and promises only to prugre.'s
*,j far a- In- directs. The autoerai
himself denounces all who venture to
diller w i.h him,   us   either   fools   oi
■ll' SO. lor,, and run- "tin ly relia-
b'e papei iii Nelson1 foi the apparent
Bole  | utpose   of   thai    deintiii i ition
Til'-  slip,|   --| -:i||y   N e f,  .'       dllll'l       tt'Ulll
i■ 111,.-.- ot the eiindidates, bill b.. ami
Houston Ihrov ■ mud al it,   casts   its
llitluenco foi   I 'i    Hose,     The     11	
mi it, w huh is dependant upon John
Houston, u. provide ii -i.hjc.i mutter
I. . two ot thi. 0 coin.mis i. week,
throws ii-clf hurriedly and whole
hearleillv into the fray, and is hot on
the track of ihe mighty John,     Tho
t'lcetol s    | hi leselli s     ,ue     Bll'lcl I.V    Up
iigaiiisi it, i'or ihey havo only to  lend
11 irniiiK and eveniiiK   papers,   toi y\vv ,s   trnin   every   innl'liini
lind .ha!  hull, eiindidiiles  are    logl I      eXccpl   Suiultiy,   ful'    li'cio'llt
hi..I i iiiiii..* uf ihe ih t-| e*t die, or else
you fail or refuse lo  contribute   your I
portion of expenditure, together  with
all costs i,.' udvertising, your   intercut
ir said olaim will    liecotue    the   property of the subscriber, under section , —
I of an   ael   entitled   "An   Act  to
Amend lhe Mineral Act,  1000, '
MnciiKi.r. TAIT.
Dated at Ymir, 11. 0., this J'.i   day
of October 1904. .
1!KADU|'A1'TI''II.S    iron    MINING   MEN    AND   THE
Newly furnished throughout.    K-unpIo rooms in connect!.
Hates -*iil..'l(J to *i*'.'."i0 per day.
KIN LAY   McLEOD, Proprietor
Clark's   Furniture   Store
I'ndertaker   and   furniture     Ilenler
Mail orders promptly attended to
I i
[linen SritiiKT,        - Yum
 *~~ " —"'I
; Kootenay Coffee Co.
SVholi kuIo and reluii dealers
in I'i -h I toasted
ISiqh - Grade ■ eoilees
All w-oik entrusted to us is neatly ami
promptly   executed.
0--,44*'>444444*444*P->>0«->0»*>« «•-)(>♦«>)•*>*>-»•<•♦'{•>♦•*>♦♦-»)>;.;•> >
rtoiutd forward Tin; Y\int Hi.ir\i.i■ foi'         "montli   J
r\.arw——^*—»— m—w—w.A-r—— ■■■■. w ■***■
r •'       *   - ■*, %-1   -i    (. V-J . * -»j-*l. J« J ■.    i
— -—r.rm
Ymii' CHiz( is
p..| pels in ihe hand*,   of   so  dark
ni)■■■..■.....-   eiiuihinaii. f   machine
pot ith inn-. eompared to whom, Mcsn'i'M.
I.ni and Shihley aie parai(oii*i  of   in
l.ocelli ■      How lh. y   'id imiili'ly   vote
ilialill    tl     le| ei di.  1.1 nn    w h it   cic
di in c i i.,-\    i.i-   tin..-   itnili   din
I.ihe-:,     (m '      l-l-.-   Itil '.;     the     weekly
I liuiuli red) bo hum    . i,.-   pi il i'ii. ui  i i'
lhe I -   ,.      ill      I'D | i... I i.-altv II, ej      :    NV-  l;'     •  |V'"''
tin.I passengovs for iTmir
mill. By special ordoi'H on
Suiulnys. Or r«r Vmir mine.
A l EX. ODOIE    Prop
**444>**444*4*4** 4m <Jf4
l    MILL WOOD.   ||   %
x nnd ncknowlodge recolpl of eiicloncd •*?■	
*> Till',  lllili.M.I. is  puhli-hed   every Siilurdiiy innr.iin^ nn.'l
O  contains  nil   liie   news   ot' the camp.
IIai.'.s --l'i;i:  Vi;mi, --J; ll.u.f YlUII, 91.
AssonntlOil.     ,♦     per e-nrl Load.
I,AT ill SDAV IN I'.A. II   'I'.MII.
11   t am.•in:.,I, Se, nlHiv.
I''ini,.m McIjKoIi. Treasiiiiot,
Di'livoretl unv * —~— 	
, t
pliicrm town. ♦  -./     •    -T- £      ^
  i Ymir Transfer Co.
StOVC   Lehgth6 i JACK80N & I/KAHV, Props.
Teaming and
Express ....
X        Porto  Rico       J
♦ LlilllllCl' < \).   Iiitl.      I
♦ 4
J ♦4+f4*>Ct*f-f + *K-,lf*ff*>-f + + -f J
All   oiders   promptly   attended to
and ll.e yreii.es. C.ll'U eXCI'ciacd  iu   llie
Inn.tiling of yood.
Hold,  Silver, or   l.'-nd    -    l?l 00
I 'i pp. i. •     •     -    -     .* I   ,.'
Uold Silver, -     -        ■•! 50
i Inn 11 s for otlii i iiieinl'i on up
pllcailo ,.
1 j
E.  W.   WID0OWSON \
I'i -i\ in--i.il A- aver   - - -    f
I'd. Drawer A.I,','. "v.,|||:. B l'   I
l*"*'W**t**>**'w*tf*/d*ar*M-'.*fc^ ' wiiiw. *
\ The Editor's  Dregm.
The citizen took hold of   the   other
I "
I handle, the editor -still retaining ,pos-
li   wus   Christmas   eve,    and    the j session of his.     linine.Ji.itely the s, ene
editor of tho I It: It.*.....■. sat in his chip. i,:han-.d, and lip: editor began to    re-
p'.ea'miiig of two-page  advertiseinenf»Lp^.e mpntal pipf.utps of   the   life   of
:n  I unpaid    hills.      The   njght  *.yu*i  '|*jm w|,u |,e|,j t||e ol|,e,'. |,a,,**J|0.      In
p, •.! iml he Ipid .Ifaiyn HP   |li« Pllfth" UmivV succpasion thepo   ll.i-.hed   l.y   a
i. i|i.- Ree, A wintry |jla*t strj-ok h''P* se|*ie« or scenes in which that   person
ii, ihe hack, und lip    tp|iip||    to    fin**1 Lyl p|nyed tt oaj-t, anf| thp pd>tor    re-
(! e door oppnipg to let   in   a   faded I-.eiv0d light qn iflany   points,   which
Would have surprise.) the   unconscious
yicfiin qf iiivi!stigi|tini|
Iteftp'p however, l||0   pnlppker    lad
Ijipe   to   i('||ia|.k    ||Upil    f lip    varied
scenes spread to his yifiw, the  dpleful
yojce of l||e st.npj'er \y;.s n'jnin heard.
"1 will UP-V eat|se   (he   ipachanitim
|ind hedragged, specimpu p_f hqrpanjty,
y, In. »tpP|J liipi'lly Vi'-'iiting tft bp ttd-
jh-essed. Tl|e e.|it.)i' epptefpplttTed
I ini in drbflmy silence, and the iiiij.ii
slowly advanced to the light, e.*jhil|it-
ing a thip ant) emaciatei| figure jtightly
| id toned up iu a thruadharo ^'m ii|ent,
which might l.avo 1*96*1 ai| ove|'coat at 11„ S||UW (,m]ti takjng rjjflgp lep. ycais
t-onie reu.ule, perio/). His Ijanpja and
(he end of his notjp l^'eye l)l||e ffiptl tlie
pol.J, and Im vjifibly shivfreW aa I"-
,-tood. T''P editor iiiotipppd |iipi pi;
y.ardi. t|ic stoye, tp t|ie iya||pth of
which hi sprp..(l |iis (|'e|pblipg |l*4pfJs>,
lifter first dppositipg a rmee|'i)unl-ing
box upon flip table, Tlji-s bo^f utc|;ie{.-
i-.l tho editor's attetyligr), and, the
granger fpllpwipg hiii gage, hastily repossessed, liipiself of thpobjepf.
•!f have ||C|p ap invpp|.ion" he said,
"which will .pake ipe rich and fa|)|ot)S
\f I can Ijii.ig it to public notipe.       I
[itive spept evpry cent ( possess on it,
ji.|(i liuye no mean-; to travel tg ipore
populous parts, to c.\hibjt. i(.    f   want
to show it to you apd get 3on tq  po
lipe it iu your widely-pciul paper,
which I know will give if all the ad*-
yertisement it needs.'1
The editor's heart lyirmed to the
stranger, who exhibited such remarks
,-dile intelligence, and he usket) \vliat
lhe thing might be.
"It is a time machine" aaid the
visitor, "l.v its pieiins you can look
Upon the picture of .any person pr
any place, and see what he ur it Irmk-
pi| like, and wan doing, at any particular time, either past or to come."
••My dear fellow" said lhe editor
.-.ire you like that!" Yoil luui better
get away to   the   Hospital   at   onee.
Ijeqce.     |f yo|) gentle||ipp    will   con
tinge tp lipid thp |.npdlfs, you will' be
liho-vn scenes wt|ich you may .11'   may
! not repoL'iiijio."
An.|tlipr sharp pliek and   lh'*  inep
[ul piciijie-i |.econ{m.eqee<|.
Tl|e scene wus a mountain valley in
whiih nestlpd .. thrifty lilt-lp towti of
possibly some oOOIl inhabitants. A
river wdunil it:, way alppg t|ie eastern
edge, flanked by a    j-.iil|-.>;id    line,    to
wl.ipl. entered   a   branch   Imp   fropi
another valley (.0 thp ii<jpLliciiijl,. A
Cue depot hi|il.|ing stood at the iunp-
tion of the two lilies;. '\\i the south,
the track was Ijtied with puddings,
wbieh to t||e practised, eyps of the
onlookers,, syepp eaay |-eeognij-.able as
the terminals uf aerial tramways, the
cables of which Sjtretclmd up the hill
sales to the past, and wpre iimrKed by
such iiaipps as American (Jill, |)un-
das anil (iatlipg, West of the ll'apk,
ami pill'idlel Id it, IHU a haudsouip
row of brit'li stores, ati'etc|iipg frepi a
laige fra.ne building sip mounted with
Red Cross and (Jnion Japk tlag*., at
the imi'th eiul, to a large power houso
tin rising ground to the south A
closer look at Uie stoics, showed them
all to wear a festive appearance, am
to be decked with a |iingni|icent ael
ection of all kinds of Christmas
goods.    Ol'OWda of men    and    wninen
In-. Dt.huri is   a specialist   on   suet. | we).u t.on.|,,g nmj going, laughing and
i-uses as yours." talking, buying   ai| I  bug lining, and
Tlie stranger did not reply* He oynrywlicre was an appearance of good
opened the box and revealed a mass fellairJih'lp ami Christmas jollity. As
nf intricate median ism.   Touching a the oidnokerB from   tbe   past decade
s| g, the   wheels   began   to    whirl
with incredible rapidity. I'Van one
joint, a cohtilliout) stream of blue lire
seeineil to emanate! Ii might have
hie.i electricity, and   it   might   not
looked on, a train rushed iu from the
bri'ilioh line nnd .hew up at the depot, disgorging un immense throng of
men, who appeared lo be miners
coming to town for   Christmas,      In
I'ncoiling a wire at the end of which l,^^ succession arrived other trains
was a ham]le, tho stranger placed the over the.Millie brunch, each loaded
litter in the editor's   hand.      At   the   with passengers, while   each   of   the
nme time he asked him lo  close   his
res, and try to think   of   Christmas
buckets on the several lines   of  aerial
(•able, had all occupant to    swell    the
i.e, ten years ago. lie then turned throng, In ii short time probably
an indicator hack from w»l*o in |*Or goo miner-* had arrived, and ijuickly
it ml mil down. I lust themselves: in tho   busy   throngs
I .edi.ilely   the   edilor   Inst   nil ; whi,-h packed the slrrcls.
knowledge of his immediate surround-       |*,,lc|< cf the front Street was iinotlis
lugs,    New thoughts ami ideas   came ',.,. avenue II 1 ou both   sides,   with
to hiin with a semblance of former j „,,,..,.,. „,.,' warehouse*. Al the corners
familiarity, and soon a mental pielure ;s|,,(„| several large hate-l**, brilliant
formed itself in his brain, lie saw a #|*.|, Christmas decorations, which as
s, cue of Ch.isim.is festivity in a far ; dark was loming on, gradually be
llistll.lt OOUIltry, and saw a youth, in ,_,,„, t„ hhi/.e wilh eleetlie lights, l'p
hi. own semblance, playing at all j und down the streets rushed trolley
hinds of mischievous franks. VyithLonrii crowded with paukaire.ladun shup
concentrated Intercut ho contemplated Le,,M Mont the middle of the town
lhe scene, until a wen.y Voiua broke Ltood the largest building in sight.
iu j It, was built of   limestone    it nil   SUI*»
"We will now puss over speuilie ill's | mounted with a tower from which
tail, and bring forwuid the salient ; |,,,„ll(||-,- limited u huge flag, (her
points of subsequent years.'' j tin- mum entrance ran a legend show.
Another stop was turned, 'iin.1 nf« *ng ,|ml t|10 building WHS I l.e town
it i a short pause, the editor began to |m|| „,,d niui.icipal headquarters.
see a quick succession of ('pi-odes of | Ken tt. red nil around lhe central busi-
hi-own career. For some minutes ho ness portion of the town, but chiefly
leiiiiiued alternately cackling io|„|,„,„ tin* line of the trolley-carl, were
himself, and blushing over past »ins, j ,.,,„.„ HM,| olltsters of pretty residences,
while the scenes spread lliemselvea be* i surrounded by gardens. Household*
ton* his menial eye. Ile saw himself i,.,-, W(jra husy putting up decorntions,
in nil sorts of positions, and engaged land ...erchaius' vans were rushing
iiiiillsorlsolsel.en.es. ; hilher itiul ihither  delivering   Christ-
Wc pre lnisy ii|iloii|ling n jjjig load pf^lie liuest goqtlf< ever iiHcrcil   hi
tlie jj,oo(1 people of Yinir.
Neverl)ef(>>*e Jn the totory of Qiu'pamp lias llici'c been spcli u
Mil'icty lo clioosc iVoip. Presents for ol«| and yonng, consisting of '\\)\ -.
Dccoi'iitions tpv tl'*' XmastH'c, Toilet ("uses, ^aniciipeSets, TO-yoi's,
Allnnns, (faiiH'sot'nll (le^'nptions. ^pape will npt perniit to make
mention only in a  Ijiniteil way,
Ijei'e we have a seasonable line, (o ontflt a gentleman in tlie very
latest London style at jiv'ees we <|ety eoinjietitioii, and excelled li)
none tor quality,
Luscious and fresh, ('nil of nutritions worth, We are going t<>
throw out an Inducement to your stomach and purse. The following
prices will only prevail for one week,
Piiiiiiiiii.s 40 cents; Granges,'tho best tliat-nionoy oiui'buy40 oenfcsj Ctuulics -ii.- tu ."iiii1
per poilti'l, I'n-sli I'nnii tbe tiu-Hii'vi I'unoy Biscuits, a savoi-y tqiicli to tin- iiienl lac tu 211 ■
peppoiuull |[n>!chv(ii)(l luittcr, \vt* make a cut qf KJc pep pditnd, and |(l|Ock it (biwii tn :l-".c;
Aslicnil't potatoes we aluocitl In 2c poi: pound,
We respectfully solicit your patronage and hope your   prosperity   will   exceed
your expectations for 1905.
I) 1 ST 111CT AIA V A (i I •: 11 W A N I' I'. 1 >
Perm.uicnt poKltion; rapid lulvutice-
nienl; s.d.irv und   expeimeKj   full   inst... etions free uf   th.irge;   clean    tie-
nl ruble business.
The.I. I,. Ni.-hiils Co.,   Ltd,  'I'm nn to.
(Mentinn this paper.)
Wilson & Harshaw
Draymen and
VMI It,   11.   C,
H'liidling heavy freight n
(.rics-ioudcncc promptly
attended tu.
This '..-> lhe time ol tl.e veur to get you- plok nl Die iniinv select ph
I'liruit.ire.    Irnu ltetls, l-lnoloilnn, Itllgfl, Cupels anil Haillinoek-i
A. lliis nliinicnt tlinre entered    the
♦ »*♦">♦*»'♦"♦♦♦4-»*»*»*>*»***»*»44t»
-I Hotel Ymir!
Illl.s guilds.
ni.i..rid s.imUlili,   ol.e   t.f    the    most I      In I In- il.-.^lihiiilihiiiid ul'the   ttiwii-.
I iMini.ie.il ritizeiiN of the town.     Tile ■ hull,   ini]ii.riitnt   Itfoklrljj   indiiiduiils,
ii.iiideicrlpt   stranger    tOuelietl    Ibo beurtfig on il i theuinliltiiikablo ev|.
ethliir i.n ihe sliolildi-r,   nml   ii.liliess-   dencea   of   pl'Ospel'ltyi    were  cuitlillg
inu hiniselt'I.i tlie new ......ier snid,       I lind going,     A-, ihe ln.i.r   gl'eil    Inter
••I inn Kiluwiiig .Mr.   (JI.I-.K   ii    lieu ' tlii'Mi. iii-liviiluiils heerine inu.e n.i.i.er*
you    ...in.I, oils, nnd llie .)iil....keis bovnino   .ev.ire
el.,-(...ul device.
liuldiiig till* li.iiulle fur n nlfhUlc, I that they wore about it. witness a
whilst Mr. Qlau eoittiiiiie*. hit invpn. j eiiie bunquoti A dignified Itidivlduul
tiutltiulll" (Jtil.liniie.l to Lint   P.AgC.)
The Best Meals
And Accommodation
In Town.
A line select inn ul Wines, X
Liquors and Ciyni-s. 4
4            1              - *
4                     ♦
t •'   W. MAST Kit son,      I'i..,,. X
Furniture Dealers and  Funeral Directors
N U.—Wo nro 10I0 agonti for lho Marilmll Sanitary Maltrtm hii.I  tliu (llu
Set-lii.mil Ittitik ('use inn1 Klh'ii.
Cni' of Auhcroft Potatoes.   Do not fail to gel   ymii'  supply
l-tu-   Winter,
 Our  St.iek   is  i.'.i.nplete,   Prepare   for   Winter	
()ui' (ifiiccry Stuck    is    I'Ycsli,    Clean    and    ITp-tiiilattfi
Bl5E i-s l''<)lt Itl'slNilss
DesBrisay Jobbing Co. *   HAVE  YOU
Theirs R. Wallace Silver   Plated W^rc?
lin fleSigfijj \m miequallcdin beauty
and we gum^ui-te«'jth mwrijig quality.
A.g a gift or an nddltius ty Youfcowii
table nothing (wild be nic-Si* than our
Spoons and Forks in tbe Floral Pattern, French-tirey finish.
Among our otlfer specaltie.*, in .Jewelry, Watches and Novelties, will be
found many attractive thini-;* suitable
for ("Christinas presents,
I tl.e Mast nnd .'uiitrols hues in Quebec
, and Nuvn Sctitin.     |t  is   now   askuig
\l>   ; for authority in  act'uirc  tin-   Great
iii   I Northern "f Cm.it.la, the Cliatnnnguity
Mr   i,v Northern, tho lri.nd.ile, Hanc.rt.ft it
iii     Ottawa, the Quebec, New   lirunswiek
yii   i.t Ntiin   Scotia and   lie  .]anion   Hay
railways,    The Canadian Northern is
the practical owner of tlieno systeins
already.     The ,1 nines J'.ay i-   applying
f..r authority to build from Lake .Mus-
koka ihrougll  Ottawa    to    Munt k.-hI,
and from Si; Ihu. y wc.t   tn tin-  l.'unit-
diaii , Northojiti   ruilwlfy ..near   Port
Ari)|.ir.     The plain) cp|.tfiinplatu the
purelm-w: or ceinst|'l|Ctioll .if mure thin.
a thitus'in/t inili's uf railway,  nnd  tl.e
connection of   tl.e-C-niaiiian   North-
crn's^vheat linen with a seaport outlet
iu tbe, mariti me proviiiicea.   The rnad
ruim-i.iilv io  I'urt  Al'tl.iii   un   Lake
J   COME   AND   SEE   \JS>  OR  .-SEND    US
| * ~ __
/ft Our Watch Repairing departtnient
is first class in every respect. Send us
your work .we guarantc; satisfaction.
Watch makers," Manufacturing- Jewellers nud
Mrs.  J   McLEeO
Post office stow,
I'ifst-clasa --Joining*Jtoom.
Best brands of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
Second Ave.
The Editor's  Dream.
(Continued from Third Pugo )
arrived und was ushered   with   soi
like distant stars, marking the location of butty minimi can ps. Yinir it
certainly was,  but mich  a different
; Yinir.
.time I     -im       ,.. i     • i
I he editor wus sei/.ed with   .1   lller-
ceri'iiiniiy lo the head   ut   the   table, I ,   • , ,        .,
,. , ,        , ceimry denire to rush <nit   and avail
which   ui-uiini'd   under   its   I..ml   of L i      ,.-   k i i . •    ,   ,
liiu.selt ..I his   newly acquired   know*
Mimituults   tiiimls.       It.ilh    thu   mi-1,   .     ,     , ,    ,
letll(e hv Inn tllg up .Willie nl   llui   situs
lookers, lo whose council usmsK a cei"    , ., .-. t    , ,*        ..   .
uf the most iliipi.rtiin. hull.111.■,'*,.  Stt.-h
tain remote faniiliarity with the scenea , ,     ,,
• llHIiapill  real   estate   should   not   be
luui   already   been    made   apparent, .    ,    ,       ,    . ,
' "        'overlooked.    Just  at  that   moiiicnt,
Nccmeil to rcooimue in this individual, , „„ ,     ,, ,,   ,   , , ,
° however, the pliittircs suddenly fidud.
presiuiiiihlv the mayor, the liuflanicntis i      *,, , -  ." ,
'. - '   ' and llie monotonous voice of the mueh*
ol   a   face   they    knew     inlilnatelv ■ ,    ,        ,   ,   . ,       ,
, ,     , lii'di.-i'.'^led stranger was ayiiu.   heard
Sh.iit and wiry, with a heavy    .iimis-
tilt-he, they see.ne.l to rocoglllne a   foi
llie.  hotel u.ail.     Other fa.'es    around
the Ii.mii.1, they also seemed to recog<
nlae uid 'limit1 intuitions began to
take ...nn and shape with nn.re de*
flniti'iiess. Hastily they Kcailtiod thr
towii, searching for former landmarks,
vi ni. would identify it with iinolliei
jiii'im-e icry I'mnilur to them. The
hills around were the samo, There
«-t   Taiiltirac iiioiii.tui..,  Wild   Horse
- -i.-eli, DuildoO l.iolll.liiiu, and all    I In-
nn hills which   liad   been   evci
I p .nl to their guiie for years.     lin.
'!,. town itself!    What, h ohangu wo*
there.     Where there had he.mi   iliunti
i-   n plots, covered   with  iinslghtl)
lin .'-rbru-.h, there was now   nu   signs
•t mother earth ni nil,     I'.etHi'en   tin-
'-airly buildings were   pavements   of
, >d und   concrete,   up   and   down
ii, li inn ilu; trolly  cars,     A   net*
ii.. I     of     telegraph    and    lel.-|.houe
... . stretched over lhe streets,   mul
i   . h-'.'e was the appearance of mail..   oroHpdlity,    On all the familiiu
'-, ,1      ,,,,,„| . ■»<•■• now tw inkling lights
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
rp bu only all rail route between
points east, west anil south to Ron*,
laiitl, Nelson, Oram! Forks and lie.
public. Buffet cars run between Spokane and Northport.
Effective Juue Wth. 130.1,
' ttavo DailyJTrsin Arrive
K.i,) it.ui Spokane (i.l.-ip.tn
10 40 a.m Hosshiiul 4.3/. [j,m
9.1)2 a m Ymir .i Do p m
7.20 a. in Nelson 7 20 pin
! ti.l.i a in Grand Forks 4 00 p.m
8.80 a.m ltepublio 6.16 p.m
-A.3L.Ij    THE     TUME
Seattle,    Tacoma
York, and
"(J lumen,     lie  said    "I   hav<
i.hunged my mind.    I tun am inercon- I
ary, and have come to the conclusion St.   Paul,    Chicago,    New
I can make, more money by the   pri«
vate use  of my  Invention,   than  by
giving it to  the  world,     The world |
will n. ier ste it.     1    I,id     you    good* I
Tin door shunned, mid the edil.OI
with a start opened his eyes, to lind
himself alone, lhe stove cold, and the
Dickering lamp on the point of ex-
pi ring,
Third   Railway   Across
Canadian Noi'tlicnt's   Proponed Km elusions
The Canadian Northern railway
has given notice of iis intention t..
seek powers from  parliament  which
Ymir is Safe.
We Haye Medicines For All Ills Of The Mind and
A complete line qf patent iijediciiios qf wl|icl| tho follq\y'iii$j
arc ti lew; Castoria, Heel Iron anil wiqe, Lung Halsani,
l'iei-ee*s |'';p(|i-jti' l'resei'iptjon, Yellow ()il. L'ainea Celery
('()iii|)iiiiii(|. Hood's iiinl Ayep's Sai'BHpat'jlla, Painkiller, .Synqi
I'iys. Pink Pills, Cartel's, Chase's and Dodd's Pills, Xestle's
Milk Fqqil, Mecca Ointment, :i Y\ J^iniinent, ITlqriija Water,
Cantor ()jl, Kpsdiii'' .Sitlt|j, iSiilplijir, (rlycerine, Vasjline,
Linspcd, Tooth Puwdei'p, .,, We have also put in ft WW)
|il(*te Jjne of school suptJll-3l|
,J. UUDjlY
\Vo   twry   tlio   leading   bntadj    imported     l-irmorn
11 il igars* .Stout,  Ale,   Bramly  and Wine,
We ape doing ljii.sijH«.s->i again, and next we.ek will   have   a.*i
complete a nt-ock as ever,    \Vo have now a complete lino   of
GLOVES,  rUMSf  ^OP   SHIRTS,   and   UNDER-
.WEAR of all grades.
At Present in the Union Hall  building
Hotel .....
(Under entirely new management.)
I lining Roam and Bar
supplied ,wi'h . tlie best
in the market.
Right .-opposite* depot, Ymir
HOTEL. . .
i iggigr
Thi; Br t ijkand of I'...mksti<-
The Kootenay   Standard
and Juanjta.
"77 c.'WieWe Co.
Nelson, B. (J.
Headq.uar.ters for flining  _ _
and Xommercial Men    | /VlOrt^fl^C
0*3.16 • • • •
Mont i'..|i.f..rtabl(! hotel in the  din-*
Iriit.     Kverylliii.K filit-chi***..
YMHif. »>• c,
PALACE  AND   lol'lllsT
ttLBKPEHS.    I'.riT'KT,
l.lltltAIIY    (.'Alts,     MoliKli.V
DINING (.'Alts,
MKAI.b A    IM    CHirTR.1.
Best   Meals  on   Wheels.
2     PAST   TRAINS     Q
S|ieeinl     EX'UUI'alofl     Hull's
To World's Fair, St. Louis
Yuur ('lii.iee nt'   Ktuite.
1'i.r .-nit-'*, ft.l.lerfl ...ul full Information
will Pliable ii tn urosa Canada und be- j rpgardliij nips, cull on or ...'dress an
come the thh.l irahc inental qwam "-"", ",' ll";.S' ''' "-"'I]"!7™!
„.,      .,   • ,.      U. A. JACKSON,       II. ItKANIM",
Ml"   (-'ina.hiin | ,;, y, & p. A.       (j, [>, & r- \.
nt   tl.e    Do.nil.inn,
Ni.rtl.etn bun an eXietiahc avaioin iul
7|n \V. Uivi'isWe. S|...kii.ii'.
Kltl'.sn   AMI   SAl.tKII MBATS
Wholesale u.id He tail
Mail ..rtb'iH recnivo prompt altontion
JOHN l'lllI.I'.KltT, Prop.
Morley A  (Jo.  Stock
of XmasGootliS.
Fancy Goods, Toys ant!
Hooka, Violins, Qui tars.
Banjos etc. etc.
At Prices Without Regard
for Cost.   You can   save
—_    50 per cent.
IVIILLlin llU I LLjEverything it. this cla-s
s\m M11.1.K11, 1'L.p.        jmust |,esold^bifore;<m-is
jand prices arc redictllous-
Meiuhpiai'ters for MiiiiiigMon j|y j0*vv#
H.ir  "il|iplicd   with  best liriiiuls W
Mines, liiutolH nnd eiifiirs.
!•' f»V All i.H',
Vfcil., I*. ft


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