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The Ymir Herald 1905-05-20

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 ":    IS 1905
L"Si!   lL*J   lil
Vol, :.'   No I.
V.Mii,'. I! (',. SATURDAY
\Y ::'•   lilli:
I'lVK   U
'•'■'■••    ■    • ' - •    ■   .' ;     Miss C|r ,y. funnel ly a nurse if the   The   Atkinson Arson Cflse ke out, und il was then   I iiiii.u-y heai-ing     ''!.•:
LOCAL,   STHMS Y,l,i1' (Jf>1'*,ml Hospital,    has   — s - ». - ■ tin,    •'< oi       Ies t'nr the Ihu I     lind     In pi-acti™
..,.,.,•    lice ciiuiiection     with    the    Plmeiiix        C'l!lllinCllOllllie(lt    ni    I !'!.:'        tli   ippean      mid 'he   iti/.ciis wi
;■    Ins    i|-i|s|iip In    .
i I.t iue - cn-l.i i! i'k c at   Ctimpl.ell'.-
pa-t to aiti-i.il .In- Atkinson trial
All l'r
Hospital, ai which *l;e ha- bean   di
ill     N'elson
Ite.'.ples.-    . o ii :i  ilre i . . i. u in lie   een-  , loan I,:.,   i.,-,in,  ii,    nindo-l        ., :    -, ..
I ing the lasi twelve inoiitlis,   an.I    was ire of the husiiiass |  irtiim   of    Ymir.   actually on the ground
''   "■• (    '    :    ■ '"   '''''''*   li',':"    ''"'i in imvii ilii.i wcc|; on a i i-ii   to    Mi-!     Thin i-ipse opened on Tuesday after- 'l'i u ic ....'■    v   i    found    Ijiler   and       A sii'ii  ut ion was caused mi    Ti.ins-
(jleaser, before leaving fur thu   c,„ust,   noon hist, the jury   consisting   ..!'  T. Atkinson declared lluil    their   ,li  ip*   day afternoon on its becnuiiug  hnovvi;
tree in rs licences  expire  ou I     The Daily News   of   Kelson   i-   a   A   Milla (f"l'pn,i*M)i l&.iAni",-, ,J.    I-i. peanmce wus a hoy's nick.     Uonsiu-    that thu heat of the couiI   , n   '
||,e.-;U,    day    of    this   month,    and.L,y|,t paper, but it should    |,ftVp    jtH   Love, F Seinian, .1. Mel'hie,   W    -I bh* Fr*i«i*r turned un   him.    huwevcr,
Ihould he roiiawed un or   hnfnra    Hint ' ,- i -..      • i      Tqyo. |1.  I!   Miglitnn, .), Jackson,    C nl     said     ii     was     not    a      lim'*
pen i o.  .i.i.'.-.i.. ou in   i.ia.i,.    .u.i,    iniinii-i u|-in;ie.s written oy   men   who       ■ •        I
Bate :i i ,,i     i ti McLaughlin, I'  C.    Winkler,   J.   (j. trick   Ne.\l i ning Cuiistiihlii  I'Yasei
J ; kiin'v  -) little ijl;tii;l mines,     lis late-; '
Hiiiigan and -I   \\'.il-tiii. nul nth el    Kt'iirched  the lunise of tin
, ii- -Ml witnesses on either    side   were accused fur stock. Atkinson   admitted        Uougnld   Cameron    was    the    bi
ll says i| eonl ,,-ict bus I,ecu Ipi   tor    a
, i    , .-       . i .   ordered to leave the cOurl room having certain •food*  and i;ave   a  list, witness fur the   tlefence    nnd   iluruii
■Iy be reached much eai-l 101   this   year    compressor plant tor   tlie   treatment
it'i in In-!.
Tin- Sal n liver ii rising  stoiidilv ; break is uboni the Wilcox npressor.
»ni I the high water mar!; will    probu
; he ill i■-- -ei   exhibition .        M i.
kin inn   el .-ie.) ihe dangerous „ttj,
which were removed  hv a    eniisluhle.
.,.,      ,.        . W. A. Macdoliidd, nn niieniii"   fm   but  said he lind no others, llul    earch   his evidence there were frequeul    tli.s-
oi  Its own ore.      I III" obiect i|ll!i'-il     III , . ■
., .    , .   the crown   slated that    the   ividence  found a number of other "nods .iii--i.nr. bivtwBOn lhe bulge and coiin-
m rapid aijil ei-oiii inical treatment   "1
,i -,     ,v i i    ,*i i produced would he lengthy,   and    the       Mr. Macdould tlu-n culled the first Uel as to the iithnissiihility of s    or
!li 0,        \\ e iviiulil    like    to    know   ' ■ , .,
i   , ,    ,-.i        i i   proof would he circumstantial, nitness fur ihe crown, Charles  liny-   the evidence tendered.
..   ,     ,      ,       ...       whal percent.nl Mm values aie saved
for tlie rocepl t Mm liorde  ot    m- The building which wns burned   to   ward, af   \ icturia:   meanwliilu    Mr. I     On thu court adjourning the   iudgti
in    I I'i-ii t in.'iil    lie      llu-     coinpi't'ssol'
I the grqund in    Yinir   was   a    three* i Mucdiin,ild accepted **i.    S.    Taylor's  warned tho jury to hold tlicinsulves ii|
11 is reported i hat Mayor  Houston
N'elson, is preparing   n  stronghold
It ad, rs froin Yti.ir.
Tne Gxilarliam ostato is estlmatei
story ffiune building,    li wus bur 1   undertaking  tu produce a deed   from I readiness for an    i veiling   pitting   i.i
,:    >1--..003.033 diichthe   sticces-        ?''" 'T7"7 ''""" V"'"' "', ''! ''" •-'''"'-"' ■•»    ""' '<-'"'      The I Hnyward to Atkinsom I Friday evening.
lion duly  paid   to   the  Government iT' °"       "'  7   """""'   ^   fi'B ' ,wl flercpl-v- ' :,t  ",:"   time       M'''  "^ ' ,"!'1   "''   M< 'H     A ' "4" ",""'"'1'   "'   ^'^   ft"
L, ,„„„',„ -.--„i nm Paly i„ei muii a laili.-i- -moils   iu-i-   j, „,,.,,.,.„. .,,-,*, •    .„,,-      ,   iHli|di„ calling nn hiin iii his   office   al    Vic-   the defence went to   Nelson    ui   il
Hiinoiini.tuv i*iu, o tui. i ,,,|     i i ■ ■,   , .,   I -
dent.    The horse which he   was   i id-
wore in gr ne iliinger.
i tori.i, ami his purchase,   after   nego
J.P.Bell, of Erie, is   taking   over I '"fi stumbled and fe|!   while  crossing ,     The prisoner had gone tn  Ymir   in   tuitions, of a lut on    llellville   street,
llie-bam hitherto used by A. H.    Hi-,| a piece of   corduroy,    llirowing   and   181)7, and from that tiini ward   his   Victoria, fur $.2,000.    Atkinsnii   said
ivin for Ins teams, and is now hauling 1 tuWrnn *"■ >*8 filler.    JuuK    was   car-   business had prospered     He laid    hv
SU from the Yankee 0 ino.       ''''ed I e Halfway   House,   and   a   money, and with this had engaged   in
Miss Fuller, sister of Mrs. DoWitt,
inesscngei' seni to town for    I lr     lv!
lioti.     lb- was bruught to the   hospi
a pavvnbroker's business n-. n side   i-.*
md a former resident of   Ymir,   was , i      -,-i       i i       i       -
talon I hursday evening ivhore he    is
In- intended to build a brick block
for use as a drug store I le gave
Hayward llie impression thai he
would mil build , ii    i:    for   abnul    a
"i,ere on a visit   las!.    Sun.lav.
lu l',»i."i    Aikinson    had   gone   to  yeni
Fuller I., now n nurse in the   Ivooten-
iiv Luke Hospital at Nelson,
resting easily, and if no coniplicatiuns Victoiia, and had il„-,e boughl a   lot i     Cross-examined, Mr. Hayward said
set in will bu around  again in  n   few with a view of establishing   his   drug I tbo investment was a   g I   one.   At-
'''•w business there.     IJo had also consull-
Au accident to the driving shaft of       A lery pleasanl    "Al    Hume"   was oil with Maxwell Muir as to tho   cost
ll,,- -aw at tin -   Porto   Itico   Lumber  given on Monday evening by the   hi, of erecting a storo.
Tion * ; ;, evening I i-ai n
New   Accident Insurance.
During the lust tm*v years   w.unlet
ful -ii ides havo been    made   iu    per.
feeling tho vai imi- forms of   secidenl
iii-iiianee, until it is nou possible  foi
n person, « hate.vi r his occupation,  tn
proi ide againsl all furms  ol   sickness
kin-on had so far pul tin im  buildine. , .*
'        ' or accident, except    ot   coin so   thus n
self  iutluced.     The Can.tli:.n   1 'isiiiil-
Tlie land hud   already   increased   in
value considerably,
ty I 'o., is io the front in this direction
and noli is-m-*. tit,, policies ivhich tak"
Company's mill, on   Thursday   after,  diou of the Ymir Presbyterian church lu    1000   Atkinson    una   insured A. Maxwell Muir was next cal!
i il "'luscil n leiiipoi.irv Jnii.   down   jn honour   of   Un.   Mr.   and   Mrs, with tho Canadian l-'ire   for   ?-J,000. To W. A Slacdonald, he said he  "'ilM v,',",,,.,,,^., .,.
fi i!nii in.-itiiiii ai    foi    ii   days. Young and   Mr,   \V    C.   Huvward, I That insiirance stood till   the spring met Atkinson iu October,   I '•, '*"■.   At- j' .      !,",'. "'i'','
■                                              '          " toi ins ot iicei.ieiit  oi'   slcKliess    vvnic!|
,,,,,,           ,         -      .      .        There iviw it large attenjani f mem uf 100*1   when he gradually began   to  kinson visited  him,   as  uu  architect,   ,. ,,. „i, ;,, i,;. i   i„„   i , ..
Ld. Peters, under instructions from  , ... .     ,           . ,         -.-,.-      '"''^ " '"' "' '"' l°s,ng   be-   empluy
.......                     .      ,,       ..      hers of the  congregation   and   others increase it tillthe insurance stood   at stating that ho an    idea   of   building              i,.,,,,,,,,,,,!,   ,„.     ,,.,,„.,,„.,,iu
le- (iiiid t oinniisi.iuner lor    the    ills                                                                                    ;   ,       . ,   ,                                                ...,-■•       , ,,,,,■     , .mem,    I" mpoi n| il",    Ol       | ei in.ineiil ly
.     .   .                          and an enjoyable cvoniiig   vi-ius  spout the time of the fire at   88,000,   made in \ lctona,  He told Muir he wanted  ,   .„„,..    ,   ,*   .   ,   ,
net, made a trip of    inspection   over                   '  '                                  ' , ,, , .      ,         .,           ,   ., ,   ,,.     .,    ;lhl   general    lieallli   polio*,    pays   n
,,    a       i i, ,- f           '          i   ,,-    with games, music etc.    Ml. and Mrs, up us follows!    Smdi,  .-'(,,.,00;    shop advice, but might not build. His   idea        ,,     .   ,                            	
.'tbe --i-coiul  lieliet     IVUgoll    road    lin- . I              ,.,,.,..           .        ,                   'vuel.n     in,I, in.ill I     i .in il       lo      llie
Young will leave on Monday evenit)", furniture and hxiures, fu+Oi ha f    n»  was a brick   building   A'   that  ii ;               ,.  .              ,                        .
fceek, to ascertain    whal   repair.-!   mu                                                ■               ' , ,                                      „.         ,.            amount of the annual   preiiiiuin,   and
for a ihreo inoiiths'holiday   visil    to terost in the   building,   SioO;   ftirni- ne owned no property    I liey  discuss-    ,         ,i .,,.,„-,i„, , ,   k ,.    i        h
h-'ifssili'V                                                                                                                                              • ■ii'i;ilMi.iiiii'i,iiii!iiiiiit\(]uiisiiii
the east, ahd    Mr     Hayward    leaves lure, 31-05, erl Inaahlies. Next day  Atkinson  told
Mitchell Tait, who   is   aiding   for  nexi week fur MuoseJavv,   where   In There won a full sel of hooks,   on
the lim* a-  inspector    iif    roads    and    will in future  reside. "1 il'llicl   vvns a nlock book, which ib.
'trim-, ibis week iiispi-t ied  ih.-    Porto
lie o and. Yellow -lone    IV Igotl    I'oads,
On llie Inllei' a lindge ha- given    way
ami v. ill need n-bnilding.
A very satisfactory clean   un   via-
nia,le al lhe Fern mill ibis month, by
.-run n suggested h id been prepared
for lhe insurance companies in case of
loss.    11 showed far more stock   than
ime.    By paving it premium of   .? I u
Muir he had decided lo bul a lot, Iml : . ,, ,
I a year on e u li ot lliesn therefore,   or
flill had no definite plan !'.•,' building       , , ,
! *-0 ii vein altogether, a person is a--
Next September Muir wrnlu I" At- , '. -.,,, , . , ,
1 ' sined of f 10 a week,  vvhdsl   lebancd
kin-.on telling him of tin* C I'.I!. hole!   . .
tiuiii Ins empliivmeiit, uln-ib. r I,is ile-
yot ii reply uf wli ich he pn
, ] ,, .   . ■■ ( ....■ I ■ .     .   :    1        |'l   ' I"  -■     -  * '      ..' ■-•   '* . i
III'" les-ees     Mcssl-.     Skllltiei",     look, .   . . bllllv     al 1-1 s I, i III    slil.liiss     or    aeel
,,    | i    ,,     , ,,       „-, was actually in the shop, dueed u copy,    lhe   original    having   .     '     ,, ,,, . . ...
Hughes   nnd    linn.lull.       llie   pros- ■ ' I, .  ,. dent,    I' CJIeazcr has   thesu   policies
.   . i   • , , Atkinson carried  on    his   business   been sont tu Aikinson in  January at  ,        ,
J-iist Aveiiit--, t mir is no w decora*   peels   in-t    these   lessees   is    ,-prv , ... ,    , ,  ,. ,
' l.v I s, li.     Mc b.el no eletk; be was   the latters request. Atkinson u   leltei
now    su
for sale locally.
Japanese at So I mo.
ted w n!i toli'm iiih poles       I be    lum.   Eavuurable, as thev    hi	
.   '                                                                                    i    i  •                     '      i  -.-.     i    i          .1 iml  in i obi; im   eiiiliovee    of    ll (!     containing 11,,'  reqiic-l  was enter	
ber piles in the Porto Hico Cos    Vnrd  w'ded in running a dnfl    beloiv   the I   •         '    "• •                              '
•                    '       ,,                         ,       nim E rich ore  discovered   on   the OUn it Co,   via-   aflcr   hiin   fur his  the case us an exhibit. The letter ids
■ve grown so  lull   as   i,,   interfere       ,     . ,                        ,.         ,  ,    , ,    ,  ,-                       ,                    i
surface late last fall        lhe   dun    i- creditors, and yet this stock book wns   n-l f any enquiries hul ueuii nui'le
f"1"11"   1,,|''l ""    ""'l'   "     l1'"   now about 00   feel    below   lhe   Huh kept in multiplicity   „f   detail, On   to Muir about tlie licensed,    h*.  .1,.'-    II"'    tiuverilllll'lll     luideilVOl
rlnnler   V.    miin-.     and    llie    11,    ('.    sui-fueo shiiwilin   and lie-   face    liliows , i     i       ,,    -      ,,
■     ,    i   ,.                               ,               urn... siou „.mil   ie    i,ue   siiohsj 334 t|le|,0 wlwllHmn nmry0f as -was January   l-ib,   I00-ri.   Muir   re-       j,     ,,, <j. .   j,,| ,,      M .,,.,. ,„
Ktiiidnid   (ii.,   hi*,   iiccnrdingly   re.   frum one fool   to   sixteen   inches   of ' ...                               .                '               '        '    "   irl-'lii   '
high grade ,„,- which ,s being   sacked -''- *■■"-■• »el '"'* ■'l"':' ''" SI0,031.40
up in thu slopes, an.!   shipped   in   a moneys duo him bringing up   his as-
The   bridge   on   Keeontl    Avonue  crude state lo the smelters     In   ad- sets to $18,38**! 00.    I Io had cash in
trtruug lhe Wire along the street,
turned   the   Ictlj.'l'   and   leciclt d     an
iickiinivledgoment. On Moiulav lasi Mr, F. S.    Hussey
The go uds discovered in the   celhu Isuperinteiideiil    of   provincial    police
Ibi oss Qunrli e:-'k has fallen   down,  '''''on hl tins, thero is over   two   feel   |mm| m :|„. i,,,,i. ,,,  ,|„,   umuul,|   ,,y ni A'.lcihsoii's house were all   display wired Harry Wrighl M. I', i'. for the
I was put in by the uiilway company  "' •"'   nnlung  mo, .-j..i',ii.    On the uther side ho had   ,i   "din the court housc'on   Wednesday Yniir district to niecl  him  al   Sal ,
in I-'.'7. and  ha-   aboul   -ci ved   ii- bill owing of  8228 78,      There   was  morning, unci constable   Fraser   des- .Mr. Wrighl  wenl dnwii nu Tuesday
Uue    There will probably bo a little '*' "  •>s"'"''-- I also money in   escrow,   .*r7-'-',   which  oribod the finding of lliein in thu var- accuinpiiniiiied by maniiger Archibald
In v iivail.il Ic afier   iiie   |sl   July   I'ih-miv i ini v\  ('uiinii    S a n d a v   left the   not   a-i-eis   at   817,-I30 18.  ious liiding places,     Thu   c Is   oc- iif lho Kootenay .Shingle Co,   whon n
lien for iui|.im. monts in   ihe   town,  School and    llihlu   (la--,    l'i   a, m   This was iiul ami."  nml,  lie   hail  eupied a large space   goncrally   Occu confc e  was held wiili a   view in
ftlid ii »ill l.e up io lhe i iii/.cns lu do.   Evening servfen, 7'.30,      Vnling Peo-     ro money in tlm hunks, pied by tne jury,   and   pari   uf   the bringing abuut an  adjustment of thu
cide ii In-ilicr ii mil I...   convened   iu  pies'Society nieots on I'riday  evening      On page* 2 I, 2lfl, 2|ll to'J22 there  Hooi  space generally reserved fur the ihlllcullioi between the c pany  and
Mil" lepnil  of ibis la I'Le,     or     lo     llie    lit 8 o'clock,      A11  a I e  web . nu l|el.    WIIS ll list of gOOlls llCpl at his    lloll-e,    ll'glll  geilllemUll,      Till! JUI1)'  ,■>,.,Ini,led I lie foi liter   ll bile 1 inplol i c-   Tliela-is
lpii-t i net inn i.t   sidewalks. II. Young, M. A., Pastor freeiiublv good*, amounting tu   8171.    ih''- Is ir. detail     Constable    I'm- uf hhcIi iiii arrangement will of course
 77. sor referred further to an alarm clock be lhe withdrawal of all Japanese and
J    \V, lluldv bus   seemed   a    eon- 1'itv*   Hfio-'lfli"   Qlo»nnlc , .... , , , , , , ,    ,     •,,, , , , ,
,     , . , « '~-  Drigaue  njjjnai.s. It appears that in Ymir before lho I which   was   10I   for    I:.'      oolock, Ch'ncse employeei,   lum   ile   mil-.
firo it wan suspected   thut   Aikinson      The jddgo however would   i«..i   ml- Thai    such   n   culmination   may  he
CUt "ii He   >  I I  .lie k     iiiiii;-, llie |,'m, ,.\.[,.t t-,,.). v |.<u   Minnie.I     llie . ■      , ■ , ■ ,     1       ,- i ,     ., i
1    < was-oing lo sei   fire   io   Ins   place,  mit this evidence, ootiteliduig thai   it reached is fui ed by lho report thai
., , I Henry Kearns, who livod on the third  could not bo proved if it was  set   for ,|„, un|0„  ,.,,,,,11,1,1.   ,,|    NViunipeg
IHe group is raising the vum  nl   --in,   alarm!    Steady  ringing   means   lire I ■ !■■ 	
tract for di it ing I, O feel on i! ross
mil mi lin- I' ni- ni Jink    mine,      The
•/active Hold .Mmitig Co niuell   owns | following *.|gniila for handling tho Hi
"'   floor, and *ould bn   in   duiiger   if   a 112 noon ar I.'   midnight,      Witness I,     i„u,„i ,,, i,.,„,n„ ,1 .  1,i,,*.!„. „i
J" •"•■"»•'"•' ;':"\'-'"l '■'     "»     ""    0 kelpau-Ctvii, strokes ipiuse,    ^         ,  ,M„;, ,,,  , ,„ ,    ,,,,,„.   1 l.en  we   ,o,,e-e    , ' *     J"0"- ""''»•''"'';'"--
pri'i'Miy.    In this ni-i.,nei. the   work   three strokes, i inn a call for help to I,     ,   , .,  , ,, ,       .;,:„   ;,,., ,„,..•,,,„.• i,, ti,,. i,,,-   ,,,,l ,,,,   ''"'   k'" ;,v   -'I'i'igl" Co. although
....   . ,• ,      , llie stock   was   llclll"";   illllillll-ln il ,-s.    Ilillsj'l-I    piev lolls lo I lie llie, inul iiii
•lill"1   ilneete.l    !..    , muni"    Hie   Iiandli-the    bose    when    drying   aud1.,   u ,,,. •  ,, ,,,  ,, ;„. ,,,,*, i ,, ,-,,.„
,    ,  •    " H. Senney, Atkinsons neighbor,  -us-! ibe n,gi,i oi tin* nie,
•ossein on the L11 ion . I. e-k, which is   reeling it up after use, ,   ,.,' ,       ,,
iiecleil tin- sanie Hung Inun Hie    same
jBtpeeleil tu cul  llie,nun    vein    ttl     a   ,
„ ...... cause.    . uiistiiiiie r nisei' was informs
(I -l.inee ol Su ti-i-i I,out    lhe .present   ****>******************4444 , ,-
i »-r-,v-r-r*»*»»v*»-»-r*»-r»-» ,.,|„sioil,i"  suspn-i    i,,,d   kept   a/dbvil,,!   counsel   io,    the   defense  authoi'iKC(] to make any new   ariaiige
neb report i-, al proselll vi illiuul con-
Henry Kearns was nexl examined, Ifirmation,
ml iii cross exnn,inn!ion wus  attack-1     Mr. Archibald stales thai he i- not
Sivitaid und  linker,    ii lii'b    III)    bus
promised to do.    Mi   llu in   Ihu
:::''*»'"f' I"""      ""  "","1"1' "th  * the judge reproved for   "beat-  mo||U w„ ,,.„,,„,,„, ,    ,
lieurs ant   quite   ii 'puis   idling   <[   J thdro iviiaan open removal, ivhich thuiIng thb alt-"    His lol'dsliip   nl-o   in-
ffiie l'.ir,-ii|iii.e.      "Shorty'1   llijgins,  j[     ,\ i-niss liinl'lvcd    ill    lllis,! orown suggested covered a  rot "ro*. terfered sevornl tlmefi i-o prutoot  wit.
Biuir's mighty, huuti'i'   uii-l   trapper,  J J J;  Vol of fill1   more   stock    I lum   the l I10M0H and throughout lin-   dxaulitln
lli'.i a hirgi*   black    I', ir,   imi-   the 'J|s|mii'(' im lii'iit es   lluil J[ stock I k. would show,     On   Hallo-  lion was constantly   I'tpiiivin'g   both  inealillmo is remaining al Salmo, Mr,
Km tli crtiMsing, mi   Thursday   morn   J ,.,.,, ',', we'en Coiistublo Frnser watchud   At«
■„     i   ti     .,,.. I,,,,,,   ivour -tilii-i rii>ii«hi it-i in   ur ,. ,      ..   ,        .
■K        J.    li.       Ale\iiin!cr,     ilepulv    ]J. I ]j Im,  loavo Ills shep and    go   home
■"'nil'  al   ih"   McKay    aw    mill,  ♦ ,.,..,,. ,m,| WMV(Hllil  \)C -l.nl o No light was left in tho »hop,   Henry
■m- d one away It  Hi-   camp   on   JJ J[ Keiutis, three Iij,iiis   later,   al   nml
■]..i.d iv ni-lii, and  on  Sunday   lasi   J J to llOlU*   ft'OllI   VOU    if   vmi!! night, full   uneasy,   alid   frenl  down
■lie of llie lllillel-s ill   lhe    llulller     V      J| Jj  I  |ooki   I  a i ■ 'll.l,  lull   sn ,v     nothing
■tin". t ou". mi ibe   iiul   between  j J wShIi to llllVO il   I'ulil iniii'd.   Jj He went upstairs and I brow  himself,
Hie  IB lind the Nevada china. |IM-i>>>l»Wt«><>lUlHl I   ll"1' ||"'NS'''1' "" ''"' l"''1'      *':*111'    ll"'
I i
the counsel fof1 the   prosecution   and Wright, who is   exerting   himself  lu
for the defense,    Tl thai   witnesse ihe ullnost lo bring abuut an admiea
pxainitieil woro Messrs, Kails, O'Neill, ,,     ,,, ,.,,    ,.,,.   ,,
lib- -"IH"iiioni ot i be oille-uli v, is ierv
Misivald,  Newitt,    Mrs,   VVilson,   S,
..      .      ,,, i    i   t   , i    ,,    i hopi't'ttl    thai    Mil' eiintloli i    ill    lie-
Newitt, Oleazer, ArohiUidd,   Oruh n-l.       '
II,,mi,ml, Ml I inly am!  Orobu,   hul K nny Hhingln Co. will bo indu,   I
I,,,, the ni. ,, pal-l no new facts   were lo (Jlliiilni lit* Japs   from   their   enl
, licled beyolid lliose sWoin lo ..I    lho plov j^ll_.j   . :iir~rn  "
THE VMIR HERALD;i,i,i""-i- *'J* *«*■■■■ ■« *■■«■.
  the exhibit uf fruil giown in tlie   jjji-
I'ublll-lii'il i i-i-ri- S-nup.luy nml iiiiiili
i !.ii-.-—.... .... ■ rru-p in imfi
lined; ii.- .-. ii.-imi v wat- ii   revelation   lo
-I,-in ; •:, nil'!. In  liplliy c i-.-.■-.  I ; | Cl -
 r |.u       .I. un-  ...        ,-abl.       , .    -..ii- in iou in    the    distj:■•' 11,    I'.
I apples ha, e already Uiken   ii; -1   .■
j y.MIIl 1.0PGI-: No. 31 A. I''-  "-■■   A-
I M  *<*..**. Ffl-V i'1 ::!"|The K.iui Vou Would Like f
Illullth. Visiting brujhei'S welcomed. |   «•»•>*■    a-waa*.     *.        , .«
• loll*: Mi Vuiii.   -\. M
i'l-.lu'V -I. Ci.'' tzjni. Keel el u '
!     i l-icji p.i*r im.nil
in two cDinpeliuns, i!|ie ngnii,,.| all tin    yj|||j   |.<i|„;|-",  Su.  ||-J    K
1 UK   II. ii ll ii mill   - ■   Iiii I    fl     I   nil   li-llillln-
v..aid, and   one   again*/    all    llritish       Mei ts :'■> -i  and   third   Mi nduy
■-.-. .ill .,:• ;■- ii, :l     i.  :..   ' i-   ., I
Ur-Hit from ih*-oil Culoliies.     The other fruil    i-   cpi ''in-h    lumith.       Visiting     urutl
e, I.,,,i,i ■ , •    _. ,   . ■,
Inn.- mi He  ;     ■  .-      iii.lur.I
I-. ii; i   ....   ■
,      ■::; ■     ■
\Vc dn nul In iii il ■ tin -.
lll.l: 11.1)   l'i lil.i-M IM
11.   Kl.-."- j,   IJ iv writ,
fur-., lu | ruphes\. thai   » il bin    a    ,'• ii
| years there will be ip   the   Kuuletiaysl
I i recugiiised funning and uigi ii.-ijlluial
I.-.immunity, just as there is thu   ipiu
! illg  I'.llli.'lljllil v of     today A"     "'"'
Iljai benches and gently   sloping   bill-
1 'll III! |.-   .'v::.. lini'.l l>, C. C
Inns i. L'kh in, li. II. ,'v l"
j'.\--Ti;s COOP.     I-V* COOD,
Old Settlers Maple   Syrup.
i w-fi'i T.'
■**M . J Vs.-,-!*.'.        ir,- 1/ -l
I'.cr -£'(*■&•£,$&}*
l-.'.iXV- \:- '-■- -*■,
,-.'*-*-*    i,    /--.it-    l,j
'" "Mfflr-TEl!- JAI.M-.i-jv
•Sold by
I). CAMPBBUL,   -   <     VMIR.   %LJ^__ _=■;-,=-..
Pure in I-I. I-',' and | gallon 'i'.n-
Miit ii iv i-;, i.a ni!:-' oi'  THK!
MACCAIIKEM        Meets    sncund |
mid fourth '| uusiluy in i ucii inoinli.
■- i Ii.i.i/j.ii, I., i'
!..   ill i I- 1. o|,-| !!.   J!     !'*■
SATI'lliiAV.  MAY, "r.   I'..I.,-,     j sides. i,...uy of which   Kit    now    dis-.
figured vi il!, musses of   fallen    tiinbei
Tanning jn the Kootenay I „„■ U1,/ie|.„,.ywthj uill,,.,
A stranger to   lhe    bfuotoiiuy,   pu [ ""''  undulatim
his first inspection of   its   r ikbound 1 tti-tjiL trees,     l.ubour  and   persistence ia.-.—tuj^au-xs-j—.^ . «   _..
mountains, and hnnlderstrewn valley*    nil ellect this change d when   the Lpdsand    Works. M.M!lg  Agefll - StOCKgaild   NiareS
covered in manv i.':.-,- villi de.id..i,-i   er..|i- me   ready,   lho   great    mining .  .WTO^_[_
i *,..'     -ii   a il' IttjCOlliltlOl)   ,i     lu'-Sl.I'VT,
fallen timber, is very apl , :.;■•   tu «• umly   will uljord a ready miiii-
llie conclusion, lluil  ivhatever mineral j1'* 'iJillt' ll1   band jyjOTfCK is hereby given   that   the
-.-».--., i | 1^    reservuliun established  in   pur-
Prizes for   Schools,      I••*>"*»«• »f thopmvi*, ,...'	
I)!' I'-l'llT-",     ;
ori),   oi*   rows   i * If
s* ,i'.-"a#ir:'."f:J
wealth ii- mountains uiiglil tover,   u.
nn agi n iiliiua] centre   ii    would   1 e ;
, ticablo     He would  fei
umbia and Western Railway Subsidy
°"V  "■«<•■"■"■■"     ""' " -•*■ I Tl'lll-lll'l's    mid     I'liplls      Will   A'-i, I-'"'." n-'iiee-   of   which   weie
Ihat the term "wild land" applied   lo ;      ., ,,, ,. 'published   in    the    llritish   Columbia
Have n   I dance nt  |)u        . , ,     ,   . ,    ,,     ",,,„,.
many parts uf tin   district was an apt | ,       ^ | (liizelto and dated    ,lh    .May,    !*■••'.,
nnd 'iiii -I uiii*. I s'.ui. respectively, aro
li-ei iption, and ti; il thi land was uf
such a nature that it would r:<-y re
main wild . Ill hi-. '. i-iioi- viero in
I'm nn d thai inns! i t : he laud in  i In
...     ACUNT    l'i dl
Mutual l.'.c Jnsimuici; CoiHi-nin of New Voi'li
I'liniuliaii Cii.siilaty—liuilcr fnsiimuec Co.
London Muliml Vivo I li.sui'aiu-e Company,
i M tawn Fire Insui'aiiee (!ouipnny.
' hereby cancelled.
Vevv Wcstmiiisler, 13  C, May    ITij     Crown   lands   situated   within   tho
A British Columbia school exhibit    is'
I., he made one nf lhe features of   the
•mbracod by i he   -aid   rosi I'vu-
lion ii ill bo open to  sale,   setllt inent,
iso ai. I oiher ili-i osil inn, under lhe
I'lllST \ I'-MI-'.,
MIR,  I'.. <
samples uf results, will   be   shown    tu  inuiilhs after lhe dato of thn lirst pub»
I pie from other purls of the   world,   lieutinn nf lids iiutice iu   lhe    Hrilish
and iu older tlliil thu display lainv   he
i iib'V- and  hill    .-l.e-.,    wus   covered   Llouiiuinii    exhibition.      The   educn
with the linest kind   uf   soil,   capable I tioniil iiilvitntngc.-,   enjoyed    by   n-i I
of   I lucillU     fruil     'll.ll     vevlalio,,.!'1''1^     ' ' !
cnmpuriible with the produce of the
better knovi u agricultural districts,
lie would exhibit a natural surprise.
Vet that -ii.-'n is ael ually lhe case,
,-1,iimt he denied.
At lii-i sighl these ' wild lauds' du
'mi appeal very encouraging. Take
for in stance lho Hat   purl ions of   il"' i
i     ir\D       DDIMTIiXTn    I
liii i la,., tie; proi i.led, however, iiv
thai in all eases when lauds are so iii
sold, pi-i  cinpted, leased nr otherwise     /{\
piny i.i..-,   .,.-   C„|U||1|
un a- I.>i ge :i  -ea'e a .    possible    It    I
necessary that teachers and pupils he
gill   ni    unci)   to   prepare    exhihil -.
Handsome prizes will  he  nllered   for  alienated b\ lhe (Jovermnciit and  nre     -»i<
co   ictivi  displays in, 1 for    individual  subsi'i|Uently found, tipnn the   survey     *JP
••'"•I*      I'Iiono will include products of ,.f ,|1P Columbia and   Western    llul       JJ?
iiiiiiiuiil lluil.iug, kinilcrgnrteii,   luusli1 ,, ,,    ,     ,,       ,, *»•
way I .ni.i .iiv .-. blocks, llu-n ll.e    pi , ■      /.v
iilmon nvei valley.     I'or   the    inusl   „.,„.'.  |1(, uship. draivina. cniiniiisi. |   *•*
. ing such   land-   shall    ac /IV
part they are   covered    mill   under-   tiuii, etc.     I he Minister of Kducutmu 'jt?
brush and fallen tiniber.    Uut lot the-1,,, is deeply  rested in   .he   \»o-,<\""u Ult'h'   hli"   ,l"':"1"   fpo'»   ,!'" '•>
Industry uf a    few    years   be  applied  I "'   ''xlli,,i1'   '"»   ' "   -1""1   "•   ^"'-v Company  '"'-   '<    ^'""1
pei'inil lhe   Kiipeiiiitendent of  isluca*.  to deal with   siieh   purchasers,    pit
, ii-1 ii wonderful change is the   result
Tin- soil itself is rich, and once   cleared of -lump- and    boulders,   can    he
made immensely pruduclive,    Km   in
stance, al  i   spot    abnul    two   miles
south of Vinir, vi horo a feu years a;.'
was nuthing but a    jungle   of   f tj„, ,,| ilu-nnv   huve   ii-.m-'
...      i                ,ii*                     ,i      \i       ,,-       regulations issued   hv   the   Cuinnany
growth, a fine crop ol   strawbciries   is  lered his interests iu ll May    ll	
, i'.i"        m,m"    iiiiiiniul    , hii,i,       -ini .led      ,,,,   rd -il ive Iii I l.e cull lie   of    I iii... i     a at]
inised every year, strawbctriex   which      '"     inineiu iii.ueii     un
*'"» l" ,"1*" ehargoof n einpturs, lessees, ei   .   ou    the   same     ^|v
" '  i terms and conditions -is the   Hove
■ul w. aid under thn    provisions   uf     'I?
TO  I'HI.I .\,,ii  l'.\ I', ,, u\VN 1.1;.--.   lhe "hind Act,' except in respeel    tu     -re
[TO i'i. nle- (J. Simpson, or any   oil
limber   land*,   on     the    Cuinnany'
I blocks,    .-.i.l. I.   Sllllll   I)!1   -,,1'jeel    to      till
, i-.io   iiiid   -i   half ihe Columbia and   Western   Ii.ni...n
.inn,,t    be   excelled   anywlieie     tor
...    , .   ,    niiles suu'.hwi -i fi     Ymir,    in    llie   |,:ni,| (iratit,
Miiioin-nnd lusciousn Ml    kiiuls       , . .
.Nel-oii     -\ 11! 1111 •_'     |,|i|sioii    ul      West u*   <   , * (, i • I •
uf vegel.ibles are ] bi.'d    and    also   K(Kltw.M ny  |,;.,,„,.  ,l;,,    ,,. ir,|    ,„
, ,11-11 . ' I 'epUlV        '    IIII-SIOIII-I-       o| . lllll-
wheat crops      Aru.und 1 eiiuy hike,   , |„. |;,., -,„ ,|. i   --lli.i-   fm    lhe    NeUuli '     '
.,   Wi il--      I..nd-   .mil   Wins     lie
grapes, plums, pern - and   apples   are
produced, iihii li nre udmitted to bu of
Mining lliiisimi,
Y ..I each of  you    arc   In rch-, | pai'tnienl,
, |      ,    . Inutilled, ihat 1 hiivu   expended Thrmi       Vietmia, I). C, i",til, l''eb,,   l'.",'i
In* very   lluesl    nuunty.      In   lei  • '
,       i I tin d  >!. i   even dollar-, und llfli cts
i vervwheri! ,1, ,i lhe   bind   has   been       ,,,-,, , .
i - it),.•>") in I ii"-in and inipiuvemui '
'l""    '     "      "  u",ll>l  eiil'ivaiion   n]i.,1| ,,„ ,:,. ..,.,,, „.,,,!,:, „, ,,,.„,!  ,,,,
ihn ri   nil- have b-'i n   inusl    • ilisfac-   i. ,:,,  :,,,      , ,.  ,,,, | .,- ,|. , ,,, , ,  |,
lory,    Climulic ctuidiiiuii    are   veil   tin   iliiu-i     Ael, and if wit bin i.i net)
, , | | • ,    duvs I'llllll   l|||l •! III!  1)1   III! . Until e      Vol
i.ii,mi nolo and even  al    , be   Inglie '
i.mill *, - ii-l,   ns    I lie    *- mi'     -idili^
i "iiniii    feel i    b'-i -'.'•'-i
Wutteta, an . '-' client crup nf  liniuth)
:, priidueud e'-'i v yea i
f ul ur refu ie lu cunl 11 bule yunr   pur
.|.,,.| n|,||     tll'l ll   all'i     111     ,    'III l'l'   I ll ,1 111 I -    III   I   -e \e||
ly llie cents fni' lhe three yi ui - ending
M  iV     I'.I".'.'   Illgl llll-l    llilfl   111!    Hints   ll|
aili -i i. iiig, youi* inieresi iu the - lid
claim .. ill hue,Hill! the propel i v uf i Ini
siihscriber, undel secliun I of nu A, l
eniilled   "An    Ael    lu    A nd    the
hail d ni Ymir, lllih, Mu\   11)00
Tl„. chief drawback lo the   district
us an agricultural districl is thu   Iii-1
-cl of.leoii.g Hi"   land,    Extracting! M'"" '' AH|   ",U°'"
-loll).   !'',    I I Villi..I I 1 I
stumps, uud i i-iiiii'. ing butildui -.   i-
-|.,w and costly process,    When ho,\
ini, iin- loii  pri ,i   which   these |
-i 'Id lands i- hi be piii'chas, ,1, is I ■
,n iiiind, lb i-i uf clearing is pnill)
. ii' ■ -1.    Once de i red,  lho bind   suoii
puis hack il >-| litiirc,
ii *!3!iWR3Kii^' ISP*  TnAoe NlftRKS
Famous a- th"   Kooicnay    lias    be \ '^i!v*H?2|v* Des.omb
I n»lf *l™^      Copviiights Ac.
,,,iiii.  beciill t lis weillIn ol uiliiern1 tnfnnoaonrtliiiiaaliiilcliiiiidaoacrlpuntinin*)
'                                                                                             j      Till.-10V IIBPCrtlllll  Kill- ..|.|IIH.II in-.' i* lii'llli-r nil
,-.     -, ,; a;   ,   .;,, invi.|lll"i|  l'l I't*. ImlilV |.'. I.'i. I'll. I'.    I  Iiilllil.-,l.
il- uiiiiie as   ii     Hun ginning    ui-,,,',      i|,„i...iii,.,ivr iiii-iiiiiil. Itanrtl k on I'alanli
.....1 lie... i ll I ii v I ....an,- |„l,|.|l,»,
., ,|| Vei add lo thai   fume.      Already -      '  '   ''   "     ""   " ' " " ■ • '  ■'"":'"'
, I,,) produce uf   lho   ranches   around
Kooieiuiy lake have taken   im| mil
, riKUM in ngiit'uliuial fairs and   exhl*"
tpectil ii--' io'. fflllioutCDarao, in Um
ScicrsJitic Hittcrlcatt.
A l.i.ii,I...,ni..|v Illiti-lniU-it wi,.|ilr.    Inrui'i", i"lr- |
dilation ..r miy -.. tt-i.iin.- Inuriiul,   Tornu, fn n j
v.. ir; l.'iir i illis fi   -..il.l t.yiill ,ii.,v,.(li.||i|.|N. i
! MUNN & Co.a6'8,no,"ay New York I
llili, i-,-. llllii.-i.-. Il't I M ■ lVll.lillial.il.. l<. U. I
Boll Ies
Noihiug makes n more
chariulng' pift for
"My ladye fulrc" than
a silvcr-inounted per-
inine bottle.
No. i |* '  Id "I"-.  . ' ..iiiu- .it
$.1....   I t i'k-nie.1 .".-•
I..1 ,;l.,s*. iirnaiiietitetl will,
opi ii imIIitii iii - -i-ilint; ill.
.i-i iii*. i.lt,
Distance is annihilated
wbotl you or.hi' ol us
by nmil. r.ilidogtic
sent nn request.
- ah
, as
i §
! ah
i ah
Ymir, B. C.      I
Ml At
>^**^**C«*«-C-«*4P*&-^*s:*»r*»'C!*5; &&GGwG<&*r
m I We have just got in al    YMmsTAflE    Take  i\  I Ook
Mci-tn  Hum  .on   o.i.iion-     I    (|I\V       tl       1—^VJVJIt*-.
new line of
Which are barf] to b,eat for price and durability     Also  n   linn of  the  celebrated Ann-- Hold n shoes,
our     NEW HA TS
Which have just arrived, ofler a large varieiy of strictly upsto-datc  utylps,
fine uut Iiiu- of Stetson*.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Davies-Sayward   Lands,   i the return sliowins   lhe   number   nf
  I ullicers,   N    C.   officers,     men    and
HolfltQ SyniHflate qf  Ql^l'IO   horses trained in  the  year   190*1,   in
,'Hlil Mullitnli.-l 1
i,..,i | district camps vie find   the  followin
statement, of whip may   bo   regarded
Ml'l'fs    lifiiii    ill ll    (tippling
f\i'f|il S|t'.!t|:iv.  !'iii'   fj'pighi
.'iml |inssepgi'i'.-,   I'or   Vmiri
(liilj,   My special onlt'i'H  mi!
Suiiiltiys. < lr I'T Vimr miii".
A I £ v. OppiE   Pro?
WATl'di Sll'I'LiKli FU11 pO-
Ml's'l'M' ANP ill:I:
l'l III us!'- I' N' l> E l;
pu     rO!'\|is      I'HES
IJ, •*-'. 'i'. I!oss, Secretary
^ajp"**lV   WI—~
We have just received uiir spring Btock of Men mid Uuys suits.
Irrigation Division   and   Set-; is our effeptive militia force, nut i It ; IbpOkSIlB FoliS   &|are three good features about them, Style, Quality
t lenient ri(i|iii-
Of an ari|iv, il  i* li uu, bul still a    nu- I
•It a*, for organi?atitiii.    'I'ln-   number
Another extensive  and   important I "i ullicers, men and horses authorized
I'eal estate deal bus been made in   |-e-  is:
-| eel of hinds lying along the lino   of I Olfloera .".'J.'.l1
lin- Nelson and Fort   Sliepptil'd   rail-   N, C, officers and men 2u,482
'.mv.    Less than a week at-n   W.   g,   Horses ,1,'j! ;|
Rutherford, president of    the    Ruth-       Of these 1808 ullicers,  10,34f   men
li'iford Laud company, of Minneapolis,  nnd l,|ii| horses received training of
Northern Ey.
iininiuinceil his co|i,|ian\'s iiiieiition tu   13 days or   under.      The    untrained   'cave Daily Train Airiv,
and  Price.      We   Invi
|decided to make a general citl m price, in this department, fqi lhe   nexi    ■ ■■
days, and will ,|Uiiruiitec you a big reduction in  Sqits,   Summer   (J|iucpv,-tu
'I1 I ly    all   rail    route    between       '
' points east, west and- i„ ll,,— I s|""'- Hllls *tc' &ti-
land. Nelson,   Grand   Furks   and   lie-
public.    Ilull'ct cm s nm between Spo
liaiie and bjoi'thpoi'l
IbdVei Curs   run between   Spokane
aud Nelson.
Kill, in,-  April. 1
ill's     Pre,
We carry a few specials our i petitors do not, such   as   Swd
mm I'.n.on and  Ham, llii.ieliv,,.id    llultcr,    AsllO.oft Potatuo-,    and    vai
Tbe nrico i- us low as the lowest and quality gunranl I.
u-l. :r :,i'i.
' -eiile fiiiiners nn the   land   purchased  amounted .to;    Olliceis |,43-|,   N.   C,
from   the   Qtoat   Northern   railway ■ ollicers and men   7,l-').r),   and   horses
leuippany, having   been   acquired   by   1,(42,
■that Company in respect of llie   Pro-
lv incial land grants to the Nelson and
There ii another   statement   slit vv
ing the nuiul-or of ullioji's, etc,, train
J-'oi-i shepp'iii.l iintl Ku-lo and   Slocan I ed at local headquarters,    /lhe   total I        **<»A\/F      Tl lw\ P
railway companies.    Now a Canadian of tho two is as fullows:
A.T..1"]    I'lUE     TI-MI-E
9.43 ii.ni Spokunu C'20 p.m i
11 03 :, m lins-lniul *|.55 |i.ir
'.'.!ii -i iu Nel.-oii il So p.ni
'■ 1 al" a iii Grand Forks 11,60 p.m
In.uu n.in, Plioeidx .", 80p.m.
7.00a. in Republic (i. 80 p.m           Here's whore ivo shine,    Wo have greatly added to our Patent Med
syndicate is in the Held with a   simi-  ISslub'nit.     0, Camp, I,. Ildqlrp. 'I'll
ir enterprise,    Though in respect   of Officers ,'1,202     |,098      l,9C0
i' niuell sin ner area
elude ncti e colonigation on  lands  to
lb* impioved by the company.
Its plans   in- N. C's, ' men 26,482   12,170   11,050
Horses 0,'.'-J-'!       1,207       7. I 10
Iiii id,-,! into trained und uiitriiitied
Tin- lands between Siilmo   and   the   the numbers are:
|]uundary Hue known as  tho   Davios ' Trained !'.' dais
Jf-avii'iird laudu,   including   the   Say- and under,   Untrained, T'tl
"-.-aril tnvvnsite,   lhe   property   of   the
•Jin'.ie- Sai ward   Lumber    cunipitny,
Ullicers 3,201      1,098      1,900
N.C's. & men .'12,839     8,820   II,G50
■lave been disposed of en   bloo   to   a j Horses 15,49-1      1,910     7,llu
-.'Si ii'lienie of c.-iiiiiiilists including The strength of the permanent
' pioinineiit Ontario and ManitobaIcorps of active militia, wiiriunt olli-
..jin.-ii, whtise mimes are   not   divulged ceis,   niin-comniissionud  ollicers    and
„v'Jn piesent,    Negotiations  have  been men al 'lie end of the yea, 1901   was
^Hurried mi fm- some time, Smith   Cur- as follows:
■lis represent he; the eiislein men.      At    Itnvnl ('.iiiildi.iu llra^eons '.HI;
*-."• i I
' tie- beginiiiiiL' uf tliis week Mr. hang*   lloynl Canadian Mounted   Utiles    DO j
Vjun! of Pnrtiige la Prairie   arrived   ill  Royal Canadian Field Artillery    108
the district lu luuk over th.    land   in   Uuyal Caiiadiiiii Oarrison   Aiiil-
..ipie.Hon.     The deal   wus    then    cum- le1')'                                                   107
*Jf>Jjl.-li-.l.     The iiurcliase price   lias    nol ' lloval Canadian   Iviigiiieors I'i
'■jb "'ii given 11111. Royal Canadian  lieglmeiit            353
While in the distriot Mr, Langford Canadian Army Sei vice Corps          ii
■ ttpol.'i- of the plans  of   tho   company. Pei'iniuienl Army Medical Corps     33
lie suid that ir,minim, ditches   would Ordnance Slurs Corps                      7,r,
''Ij-le.l from Heaver creel;, sitlHclont in The expenditure in behalf of   mili-
" :j" lent and number i ,  provide ample tary purposes incroiiseil from 81.28*1,*
•Siitler for all ihe 1.;.. I,     It   was   pi
It-   l'','tirnlioii   neulo    possible    and
bciiivenieiii,    ini,,    In    aero      block-,.
I'll"-,' .vi uld be sold on easy terms  to
in    L8U3-9I   to   $3,02-1,
Ipsed to divide tho bind, as noiirly as   IH0D-1D00   in   consoquenco   of   the
South Afrioan war, since ivhon it bus
decreased to $3,515,300 in 1903 3,
Owing to ilu- obligations which have
boon itssiiiii, d in il.,  1»,       iou in re-
'   in,   lido   settlers.       Arrangements sped to defenc    vie mi,      "xpect   to
v .,e already being mndn for   attract |»>/*• this greatly increasod heronftcr,
in:: sell I, rs fi oui I Inlitl io an,I .Maui
ti b i. Tin Hi • -eiilers li,. thoughl
Mould iirrit'o next fall.
.    Colonist,
nilitla and Defence.
Tin' Linda  Hoy Mining and
I li'Vl'liililllrll!  Co.,    I.I'I.
Seattle,    Tacotna
AM) Aid,
St. Paul,   Chicago,   New
Yorki and
sl.KI.H-.i;.-*     BUFFET,
Ml.Ms .1    I.l    i  \llli:.
Best   Meals   on   Wheels.!
2     PAST    TRAINS     Q
I stock and mil Mii-i'M you with most 11113'th inn at i.triotly lis! price
U. S. T.  ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Vmir,     B.     C
Shelf    anil,   I'.llil.lels       II ll'luill. ,
I'.iinls and Oils, Stoves, Coal,
Steel, Powder, l'''i-c nnd Cu| -,
Gruuito   and   Tinware,    Steam
l-'ll lilies.
All   kinds   of   Plumbing,   Tji
smithing   and   Cunoi'iil    I.U*| iii
S|iei iai    Excursion   Rates
To World's Pair, St. Louis '|'||(. Mutual  Life I llSUl'ailCC Cull)|iill.v of N. Vi
lias Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
,\ |iulir\ in ii in the snf'i'sl invi'Htineiil known to man.
('n-li invested in Life hisiiHiiiei* is I'tish in vested thai    will
Vour Choice ,,f  Route,
For 111I1 s, i-ililei- neI lull in(..1 lion
11 ifiil'illlIJl II IjiH, Cull   mi   or ii'Mi' M an
lleelll of llie S.   I'.   iV N.   Illliltl III    or
H. A. JAI-KSO.N.        II   H«ANl)i;.A    ,,.!,inM.l„ll|M,ull,|ill,l,,.-,.
i- ,v r a.      t„ r
•JO W. ii ol-1 m
Wu uru in receipt of'tho  rupori   of      Tho regular unnual inretinjj of   the
|l.e |,e|i,n iineiii of Milithi   mitl    lie- j slock holders of the above 111 It 1
ft*ii"e for the vein-   100.1       It   is   a  pany, will ho held ul   the   Gonipany's
lllce, ui Erie II I'., on the 22nd j
day of May 1005, ul tho houi of 7 1
P iu.
S.   I,   Mlcr-.,   I'li-iiletll.       j
* *
\ Hotel Ymirt
.iim I vulumo of OS pages nml is mado
Qil  piiiit'ipully "f ilu-   reporls   of   lhe
Iai 1 us brunches of what is now 11
Burl ..I' I,yd rn bended    admllllfttl'illloil,
^'■ 11 ii   tin*   exception   of    incidental
Mi. "ii' i.in,    which    could    scarcely    be
idcl, a slrutigcr lo   Canadian   uf-
furs «o,ild not  have   dreamed   thut
n-'iil, a person   as   Lord    Dundonald
,r existed, notwithstanding thut he!
In is ('11111111' 111111 * I- - i 11 - C11 i' • f for llie 1
tlu.i jtil- 1 >.■ 11 of the year covciotl by
[1! e report, In this res pee I it cun be \
|inilv said thai ii is more remarkable
lit tiluil il oniils llinii for it hal il 1
|t   -iliiins
Wo   gathor   from   tho   report   In   .
»|ucstion some *.tatl»tlcii regarding the t •'• W, MASTERSON,     Prop, \
fttrongth "f the Ciniulian foreoi      In ' |ff »+f 4f ^f *af *f+tttf t,f f 4+* '
The l!i-l   McnlM
And Aeeoiniiiodalion    t
In Town.
A lini' -I'li'i'tinii of Wilms, 4
l,ii|iii)i.-nnd (Ijjai's,      ■*«•
%? j Sterling
"^i^vi-**''**,, p,nm » """
* *        •**■ j/ aj^at to a lllulta
ami i|,.llar pit-
artilnlleil art.
Il.-i ; y llilk. Hi
Bona'    facillllri.
for making •olid
lilvrt wate iiii-
poitcMtd liy im
Other colireitl III
ei.atT jus. Atll-tletfrslRn-
?r,, mii'trni n*ischla«ry, ami iktlletl lu,,nl-
workers, all iindi r tlie 1II1 ret mpervlilotl cl
practical memlilrt of tilt (inn, innkr an tin
cifunlled cotnbloillod fur lutuliig out Bm
WtiU lor lllti.Imlfil rala'ngnc.
Dl..ll*MF*l|. •
Sterling Sllt/cr.
Sliver Plait,
Wat, lies. etc.
Henry Kirks & Sons
MI„KV  lllllltilNO
All .-iii'i'i1.—fill I'li-iln-- 1111*11   I'lUTJ    Ini''.'1'   HI IlltH   111' lib-
insiii'iiiKT,    It tirovidi'N for the lainily, proU'cls a inan in in-
,,li| nor, nm! |iiuii'i-i- Iii- iii lur invostnieiit-s,     Voy   I'ati'H mi
nn-.  I'orill llf III'' in-iiran,',' appl) !',:
Percy J. -Gleazer, Local Agent.
Jr." I'll to Hi. I ., rllfacy
ill* Kail 1 I ll-i c
IM -.11    WU   MI.IT.Ii  MICA I'H
Wl le lllld  lielllil
Mull i-iili-i "ri coin- prompt nttelitiiiii
JOHN  I'llll.r.l'.IIT,  I', -
M.l.-o.N & I I   slllI'Mll, KV  CD
WASIII.M, I'UN & 1'.  N.  HV
V. V. .v K   KV. .v N, CO,
und Creiii Northern, Northern  I'm il ■
um] 11, II. A- N. Co,,   f .1   points  eii-l,
lle-t     lllld     south  ;   .-..1111111 ■     ,il      llo.-
! nel and Nelson  « iih   the   1 liiiindi 11
I'm iiie   II.lil.1 liy,
1 '.,in,i els ill Nelson « ith the I1 ll
„ Ni i'o. fnr Kaslo and K. ami s
(lonnccts al ' lurluii  »Ith   iiuxe ful
, 1 Ircnnivood ami M idu iy, ll. I '■
I'.nll'el    1 -.ii-s   1 nn   on   11,1111- in I lie, II
ukitlie 1,nd   lo -public
11  a. JAI KSDN
(lilli-r.ll   I'.i-.1 lejer   \ :
.**(!. 'A un-,   l\ ..-j American and B.  C.   Hydraulic
PJacer Cpmpany I4d.
Capital $50,000 in 500,000 Shares pf fen cents eapb
i In-1'iiiiiii;i|u is ii|,,v |neparing   tti   |vi>i'|i   1I1,1  tiiild
l'i',,Iue. Mbii'k S.-ind nml  Nuggpl   l)l|U'(*|   li'ii-i s ill    jl.'iM
Siding, nnd in older Ip ;m 1, Iniric llu* iieee.-s,it\   iii-u-liin»
1 11. ihe |,rum,del'- linve net  nsi-li1   a   liniiteil nniiil'i'i' of
-llille-   |,i|' ijllllU'ilillle -.,'lle
Tin* shares are fully paidapil mm a.-sessn|,le
The ('(iiii|ianv'.-s Lii'iiiunl averages .">(> repis   pep   piiliie,
vard mi the  stnftiee. pver •_'|o npi'efj.
1'nlil lied rni'l*. is |'i'iie|ir|| lhe-!1    -hnpes   e;in    !>r   (i|>
(aineil a| a bargain.
Meanwhile the treasury  slpek   (:i(l(U;|!0   [Sli'iivs)   in
|efl ininei
yiM>] v
_4t-^my_i—S\M. -r ar
■MP! ll-?"  "V 19wt~t '4 la—Wl I
Smelter at   Pair.
I food  agricultural   <I.,ii-|iii;n*nt    !,;ni!
is; be.COln.iip- -.c.-iieer nn.! -.career iilukeii
line of tin. l-tiesi iittrnciii ns sBcur-jii,en0 iniffiitiqn projects uf  ureal    inni fm- .he |)..i!iinioii l'..vliil.iiinu t., be  j,.,,.,, ,,, ,|-, homeseeker  itud    in-i-,
li.-l.l i.i Ni-ii Westminster from Sept.,   tm-
JTioO.i f, is ii|:  exhibit    that    wjll —.-^
ho illustrative of mining mid sineltiny      A considerol-lo oniDUnl   of  ppipica
i.peruiio.is, .irriinaemenU   for   which LtoH0 is use(J in   the  nlailufucUu*e ,.f
l"lVB   b"°"    ue   *•''■■   ""'      Ha" oilcloth,   ii    beins   used   i ,„,
■* ' and Si„e!tiu» cQiiipiiny of Js'el-I ,U||.^   tQ   ,|v   .-^   ^^   .,,-
"""• ,JC' niiinl laid -ui ilm oijuluth.
.,     , ...    ,    .    .      .. ,1      I'ln-e lo ,"1 0Q0 lolls nl lend lire    lill
Yukon  District   May    be      „ .,    ,,    ,,,.
■ nuidly consumed by the   ( Innese   m
Joined   to  British
A-sAl ISi   .
K. W . \',',.|.|ou-"ii.
i;|!ii|ii-.j:ai;i-: .'iNi-   INtsi IMKl'»*■
I'erei .1. lilcnjMir,
11, n III 11.
Juflll   i'liilliell.
inn   jjpons   iNp  i.i vi- 1 • iim ■ 111 m - -
ll   I  itni|,!icl'.
i,e-iiiisiiv Johliini;''.'
Tin, Uiiiui-hl 0n,_' ami  11 "!* ■'■■•
|. I UNI 1 l'l.'      ''I  I'.I- I!
Williiun ( link.
-.llui I-.I.1K i.
I), Cupipliell.
1 >. - {-51 i.-il\ Jobbing '. '
S    IJ,   Seijllll
|ins|'.io|iiiliinii—Jolin Hi.- ni
Mi I,., o.l llousn— Kiiihiy Mel.eu||.
Miller House—S  Mille*-.
I'alllee—fi.ll  ,';   jpl.lilj .
Vnie'oiii er-- (l.vt-n lie  er
\\ iililoil —(icnriic Col until
"i mir—J. \V. Miistei-sbn.
11.1 u 11IV a .. 1;
!'. S. T  Ito-s.
1  -.1 II*-    1 I I Ml lilt ',     \so    !tll,|.|SKl<
Mr-   J, Im ,Me|..-o.|
,1IMN,.    111.' -,.!.lii-.„
Percy J, Gleaner.
Herald Publishing Co.
-Tl ■IjllSjClil .
p. r,il,,|,iie!l.
S. 11. Senney.
Itiir.-linii- ■$ iViison.
.Lio't-son ij I,cult;..
Ale*;. Oiliile.
Iii'-.A, '..-1|-1
Miles  Mcliinis
| MU-:iiT.i|iKi;.
William Ci ml;.
aaaaaaaaaalaaaaaaaaaa , i paa-aaa
,J.   lil'l'l V
YMII.', B. C,
\V,i    ('.pr1,    flip   lpadjny   bmnil-i    -M-op-toi]     U<pp -v\
iiiu]  C'igai'-s,  tftqut,   Ale,    B,i'a*li|y   au'1   W»U*i
—--1 r—•—!£ ■-. ■ j     ———     1     '    -~~~~     ——f*"
the manufacture o| i|,e   so called   tin ,,      ,
foil or sheet lend thai is qsed for   the I UOOdS
linins uf lea ebest-*,, j    MRS.-   J.   McLEOD
'"""•"'•" fC »7»'A%".      Tho term fold in geology is used to Posl    Offlee   Slure    -     VMllt,
Premier Laurier suirirested tli.it   iihen   , ,.     , ,- ,
.It 11.,,'nn incline,I position ml" it lu.-n
I he conference is held   unoii    Manilas ,.       , ,
' nu urns ilu tu liiiiii-is iniiv Imir    uiei-
hu's claim fur increased territory, "ii     ,      ,                ,   i          , , ,.
,    .,          - en roeks previously lioriZotiUI. I'.ven
-■ .-ni.i In., iieiliiius,' eo'fill'iiblioy  if ivo               , ,        ,   '      ,    ., ,- , ,   ,
1 1        '             '      • very brittle rock may be thus tol.leil,
liniild ask Alberta tu   |"in    us,   and .111            1
' rather tlinn broken, mulct*   a   severe,
oeihitii-, ilni.-ii io, .md, pel hups,    One-' ,
11                                   . steadv pressure.
I-i-.-. nn,I lo usk all lliose proi inces  i"
mite over the   iidiiiiiiistration   of   ,,;i The Welsbuch gus  mantle  consisis
iitwgnnized hinds to   the   north,   a- "■' ;"'! I"'1' ""'" 1    tl"J»ul»   nxi,lB   ''""l
fin as theye.itend ,11    llritish   Tcri. ""e per cent, cerium oxide.    In   their
* -at V
!      !ll'A|i"!'.\|lTj-:!l-i    li'Dll    MINiNli    MY,\    A.slll    VUH       \
\" 'I'll VY-RTJ-T-Nn l'l'i'd-lt'. j
Kewly furnished Jhropghont.    fciaptple j-oo)ns in ponppctinii.
•       Il.ilc- J*I.■",!.! I,' -r'J--"'" pef day-
1.4444 •
I-'INLAY   MeLEQD, Proprietor        5
* THE   YjWIR   HERaLf) |
Please fp|'li-n|-(l Tiik Ymih Hek.ii.ii I'm'
♦ '
.niiiiitli   4
nul acLn-iw I, iltji1 inct'inl of I'ticlnsi'i! ■*?. • •.   .
Tub IIkum.h is published   every Saturday iiipvnillg iin1
X con'.iii'i.s all  tin* ucivs of thp camp
♦ l!\Ti:.s--l'i:u Yi.ah, f'J: Half Ynu:, 8J. ♦
♦ *
milking,  cotton    faliiie   i^   sutu ru tod
M,   li". I.. I uruVii   -Thai would   be »■*■•■ ''"' 1""1'"' mi**»*B   "'   li"'   '"
hi v satisfu itni t rates o!v thorium and cei iuin, the cut-
Mr. W. I'. M.i.-l.i.i.n--Wliui ivonld  t,,n 'll"''' l""'",,,l "l" ;""1    ''''   '"''""
Ire tempered,    h is then conted w ith
Sir  Wilfrid   Laurier    That   WC1U|,J  uulloilion and ra-uly for murket.
l.'-eoine of the ^ llUilll
Sir Wilfrid   l.aurii
I ei-onie pari ot lb i!i-li Columbia,
Asphtillum is found  in   the    Don I
e-.i. the suppose,! site of   Still un    lllld
I I..iiiiii iali. lllld "ll llie    -in foe    uf    a
chain of springs ulnng it-  bunks,   far
bollllV tho level of the oceil 11 St I alii,
referred   to  this  remarkable  feature
A  '"'"    inigatior.   prujecl    ivhich   .,,„„,   yellI.s llg()i      n„.   ,,,.MI ,,.ti„„
':'" !l"'   N""l!rt"-'   »Lf the two ill-fated cities,   may   (tav
Buford-Trenton Irrlga
tion Project.
\\n\v Citizens
LAST  I 'lll'KMi.W in i:\iii MONTH.
l-'iM.ti  McLeoii, President.
Fkiu'v Gi.UA/.iiii, Secretary,
A.   li.   Ill rKMilll'I'll.   Tll'lls.
GRANP CBJTRAIi  HOTKISClark's   Furniture   Store
Opposite Cnuithouse and new Post Undertaker ami Furniture Dealei
otli.-c,   I lest ".•inn-ill   in   town.      Mml orders proniptly intended to
European and American plan, Ilntcil S'l'iii.:;:!', - "S'mii
Only   wbitn    labor    employed, | ' - -  -
i-irst ,-iass bar I Vancouver
Hclel ....
fUmler entirely new management.)
SAM   MII.I.I-'.K,   Prop.
Hcndqurtpters for Mining Mini
Ilm   -upplicd  ii ith   best brands of
»ities, liquors und cigars.
1 i ■ i At i m ', Ymih, 11. C
'  '  |; fi'iJ-Treni luclamati.iii pi- ,„.,.,, ,,„„„,,„,i uit|,,  i(   ,„,, ' ,,nlM,,i
' "■     1:'     ; ! ';"!   >"'' ■   ,:"'•"'"" bv  i t-i natural stores uf ibis  inllam*
»•«•"' ■"»•      tside SoDO.OOO   ii-   this „;,;,;,.„.,,;,,,,,„,     Tl„.   „ ,|M,   a,„
'   ';:-    »"1   '    '       '   ''   "    Opi'ialioltVl     Will ,.„,„„,,,.,„,,_,,   |,.,r,!e,,e,|   lock      oil      ill
i"«in inside ul   -.it    days.       u l-" ,|„.,.,,,.,,   „,.| ,,„ ,|„.   I,„,|;s   „f   the j      mCCCC    twi.i;;    -nc
ii,!- «.,|.i .--..I    i -1,. u i ,, ■wUrrcc  Ku,^^•,.l<^
-,|K     " ■ '" sen were oxidized into   rosin-liku   as* i
'      ■  "'    lHml   "'"   '"'   "' pliuli     Pi.-.es picked   up   from   the
,,:   : *est'*.i:j'?;;':' -•■ i-™*?-***&,,    W)„, ,„„„,„,,„..,.,,,,,
Pining Uooln nml Bill'
supplied wi'h tlie best
in the market. | Second Ave,
Kighl  opjiosite depot,   Vuiii'
.1011x i:i;i-..\I', p,op.
Kii'.-i-i'liiss JiiniiiL!' Km,in
"'•f-t   liinr.ils   of Willi -
|.i(|iiui's and i 'gins-
Tin: iii:-T nn \m, ov domkistic
Kootenay   Coffee CO.| The  Kootenpy   Standard
and   Juanita.
S'nrih ''.'.', ns iiltraelivo ii
lenis  of   Jerusalem,    into   oina-
I    e-ll   ll.'llst.
'"-" ''   ll"'   U'"'   l«vrt  n.s, which retain   an   ",'v    lino,
"■' " - l;llU "f  u,e Aristotle. Josepbus „nd  ph..)   .. I High * Grade - QoUqqh
M  '•-' l; ' V ,       ''   "  ''• '"'"l liousiu.il.il deposit,  tit   Albania,  on
'•*l ,!-"l' t"''1  ""■    ""l   "■-''*""' ,,„. ,|lo'rM of the   Adr'atic.       Diosn
mil I,,,' ' ' ,         '0 000 and   "j nun    .,     ,,   ,             ,     ,.     ,    , . .                             \ ri s. i\"    r  i'
""' "" ■  ' •' -  -               - • rules Pedunius, ibe (neck   historian,                    -i i.-',s
'" '"■'   '' ' '   ;   l"'    ;l"'   I"'"!'-"1 t0||, |„,,i the citizens of   Au-i i.ci,,,, ,
Headquarters for Hilling
and Commercial Men
Most comfortable hotel in the district.    Everything I'n-.i -class,
YMIK.   II. C,
" 'I"  '-1' '":| ""''•' ""l s-utl, "f'!■", in sioi|V| ,„„,„,,  1„.lr„|,,„„   j,,   ,„,!,.
""' I '"''■" ''    N "ll"'"1   l^'l*»y   „ prior i" the   birth   of   Christ.
\\ ill   ciijui   Im,kin,;   through   our
'" - 1-oini  ':'"'' three miles   east   ol   ,-,,.   twu   ,,,,„„,,„,   jt   ,,.,,,,,,   ,,„
l|""""'   N":l '  '   """'   ""iU   "ti'-i-   of   rienoa   and    P.i.n.n,    in   „,.'„ ...ei.e.i lim- ut r,i--.    an!, In,,,
northern Italy. Plutarch describe!
,i I tlo- iif hi iz:n_" petrtih tun near Ko
li.tiniii. l'.-i si uis wells hftve proiitic
,,I oil liberally for   lines,   utidei   tin
llufonl, North Dukota,   on   il **-
tt.-iin- wesk'i -i bord il nf Sorth l)n-
I ,, , ti,,. s hul ihe beginuiiit' uf
Ihu I'xtensivi iiii« iti m ', rojects which
h ivo been planned by theOovernuieni
WesU-rn   Dakota  name of "naphtha," the   descendant-
tiiul indii idu ib   ii
.; Neiilteiist-in   Montuiia,   ivhich,
if l'i ru-. Darius and Xerxes cansuni*
i gether with tho Milk River   [n*ij<n- jnR tlle ttuid for ii* light.     The   ear-
ij„ii project, will roclahn thou«iinds of    ,,, ,. |, ,.f China rffui  to pen-,.'.
io t, s for settlement   f r  agricultural: ,.   ,.„,.,.     ,   .     .
. emn, iiinl -in,ni .|iiiiiiiiiics  nave  Is-cn
I ut|- ■"-  whi ill h     " '-iin    li-un n   foi ,  .           .
1 ,    ,. ,,.,   i     ("iiinl in llniii't.    A i to uiit.-iin on
i, .... ,,i d ,floi     n   opportunity   t-"
line-. Mirrors, Victor Iti-n-ic- nml
To,nlis. IN 11 , -in s, foil t Waters,
Poll 11 Si n| -, nml I ollet I'oti tlcr*i,
\\ nl limi Shnving   Hi u-lies,  -*iirii|is
Simps, Lotions mul   Uuzoib llie  liuosi
lin i   i an lllll ,  1,1 III- -
The Canada  Druy;   and I X
Hook   Co.,   Ymir.
MlM   I   U   II   I,I'll    111
J.   C.   _______ & Co.
Nelson, B, C,
♦ 4***4******4************
I lelivered nny
plaee in town.
stove Lengths
Green 81.00.
Ymir Transfer Co.
JACKSON & I.KAlty. Props,
Teaming and
Express ....
All orders promptly attend.*.] In
i nnd the greatest cue exercised in the
1 handling of (roods
,•,,' "i the I.nn in i-1 in-i- bus   gushed
Ion,is ui llieiioHB      The  tact   that  steadily tor over do ceulurie**-,
lhe lilimolms of the    l''n»l   to   lecui   (
♦ Dry ■**:..".."i.
X     Per Cart Load. +
4       Now i* the time lo pill in o
■i |* I supply, X
#  ~* 4
:      Porto llicii x
  |   4 4.
In.   I 111,.ui.. nl',,,- hours  at  the    j ♦     | al 111) 1 >■) 'V ( 'o.   |,|||. |
10 I.. II a. in. -ml I to 8:30 p   in.  ' ♦-H-t-f-»>+-»-f-»+*»444^>+44+4. X
(l"ld, Silver, or   I..-.,,!    .    sjj.oo
Copper,     - ...     $1,60
Gold Silver. .       , ,ii go
•s'li'ii -i-s for ol In r iiicimIs on up
Provincial Assnvor
Nelson, B, C.
J   I,


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