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The Ymir Herald 1905-06-24

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 i ^     JUN 27 190b
p**a**a*aPPi>i^^a^*)jl^**^ji|3||PC ■*>
Vol. :.'   Nn (i
VMIi;   I'.. C, SA'ITIM'.W   .IPXR l'I. Iiiu:..
'llli i: I'd1, i' l lKX'l
Card of    Thanks. , * will Fumigate all Amer-      Ymir Public School.
, :,-'i'-.,,l lersol   V     Tl I NING   NIEWS leans.
JVllStt't'.s'  A'-rnllll!   llll'l  Tt'llt'll
Un life N .. .'.■■ K   nl  1'.  ll ish   to    i -    ' ,.-,,, i , ■     I •    ,       i
111.      1-    f.iml.l   .lll.iiu      InllBil ru!* 11 ■    1. .'   I   '    • I '   ' Ul-uh-l lib I'      III tl'lf. Inn      ill,      i,it'll l-'S    I . I'   II I    1 .
.iin. X . Liiuipbell Imnit. Ken    nel m-to the Hoi     Mr.    Chnburst,   nnd       About eight tuns of high grade  op- ,,,.,-
ihodiulliR roo». at tl.«. V„.,,-not..|. |h;.cho,     „d ,,.„.,„. ,,„,-.,  w)  „,,.  ,011 |K*i,,, low.,   ,-v,  i   ,l„y attraetul by a C h.nei.e p.viter   ii'lneh
''■"   '"""'   <"'"--'   '**"<-   '•-   been kindly supplied lhe   Uowers   for    lhe from lhe Yankee Hi, I mine.    -.   far bns appeared ... lhe Chinese   ,pu„lo,-s
«;**"1 up mo-t of Ihw   week   i,'i,l..i" ,a;i .ii!|iis:i|   iimijt,   l|i(,   9im|(i|    ,.nj| (ix cai-ltiads have ben, shippetl, »l H.malulu.     It s.,i   Hint the I
llTweZirrwas   the   I..,,-,-,   b"Hy appreciation  und    .1 is   f.„       ,|    ,„„;,,    ;„„;    ,-.    K,..,,,    «-iH • f„t.   .-       ,     .. .'-..,■
'ay of the year, and lho ivmcMcr.. art   "m\ k,l,U «*""'"«■•" al *jU1' '••Huonul   start woik shortly ..„    the    liulepe,,-1 a.u] .hat tl|0   ,,„,,, ,., ;i,    v..ku.   mofith-    -Ml these expenditure*   h-l'
t'reiidy beginning to take notice "how j-.oi-.ines, i ,),.„ _,,,,,,    tin-*   lu*at|   of   Hull   will issue an order a"aiusl ibe   pur-   been met by disbursement    from   ti
e lavs nit' drawing in." '     '
Mi    1  . S    T      Uosh,    -,., ,.■:.,,.,-      .
llu   Ymir Kel I   li mid,   ha    h u  le
government pmi italiate   '" tbe following uccounl   nf   expend
John (J. Dbwau,
lv. of ll. it S,
l'"'"1'- ■■">•> propose in tin   about   two   c|„me „f American goods, will, n pen-! l-.oV''ti"'i'*l Uopurl	
in.n11 li , « nt'l; this ■ uniinei
ally for violation of   the   order   and
in the teacher'.*! -. durv, v Inch i,   pui |
l-'or suit! cheap, two lots on  S ml
Vvenue.    These lots are cleared    und  ,  , ,   . ,', , , . direct, make a total of SO-io "di   -meni
,  ,    |  j   ,   ,   ,.     f   ii       |      i   , A new-iinke w reported from   ihe | will proceed tu have  Americans   who
.Mound.    Apply nt this office.   ''    ^ The  Spokesman   Review     Keystone mint  nl  Krie.  A  new    i*ei.i| enter China fumigated at the point of jl')' tj'w (.lnveraiue.it. diiring   the
Mi.s Jean Clark, of-Ymir, is a can J Contest. / .ving nbout nine fi-el    uf   shipping   entry and charged *-1 per haul.
■  dale nt lhe departmental   exapiina. j ore has been discovered and tin* lessees]
iitu - held in Nelson next month, inni I Up to date the    liriii-.li   ('iilunibiii j «re prepai;.,,; lu ship ni on
ill ni for a third class certificate.       candidates for the Spokesman   Ueview '
ii the Yniir school
Advertising for t, , 'he,
i Postage, siiitiiin.'i v, ni.i
Lead   Sfrielter    Plants    I'eiegrums
lb.it   y.„,   can   cut   and I trip to the Portland Fair have p      in |**, .        ,   ,        , .,.„',: ''",„]'   "„"" 111'' AUl-St   be    AIuiUM"!.-* Impress charge
Where'   "'   C"",l'1'<'b's,    all    i.t] 028 voles.      The   cosl    ,,f    these I v,„„|, ,.-,„.'L.     Tl "v--„    ;      ...;,, i/.e<l.
An inipiirlaiil
! i.-ki d. No. 1 Asltcrofl, no  better   in I        , ,       ,   ,
•    ,     ,, • i ,. i would probnoly pav tbo   expei.se.s   .-l .    :„ .i,,,,,, . t...... i',.,., ,,*• ,,,i   ,,.,
;l:c iinrkl, special price, on   live   sack                        •      • to iniuuii  nun leeiuiiion   miii   gals, twenty young ladies to   lhe   fail    in |(.lm, i„ which   |s  „   „1N   j,,,.;,   sln,„|.
Mi    is. Winslow   mul   Vanbuskirk "l«'*''<>f t«». but then lho exeite.nenl .bowing c.msi.lernble free gold,
i.-doiM development work   on    ,!ie of Uie contest would be lacking,    Thc| ......   , , ,l *"l> "
, . ,    ,    ■   ,        .,        ... i     ,-       i m        ,-     -        '-"ii  ii "Hi.'li.- ini'ii-   n   short cul     Marvsi
.   'in.-  (.wind   bv   the   Silver  1 i'.i. struggle   lies   between    Alms   Lnrrie •'
\V I, 11.11  Shi nm
I   Su] j iii -, T,  II. A: !,in-. n
Probably the mosl iniportaul   news       " DesBrisay Co,
thai has reached Koolenay for   many s- '•-• Seaney
lay is U|al Mm Heberlien process al       " i'"1'1" *■''•" ■'■ r
ille siiielter   is   a   proiiounced |). Campbell
1.7 '
i    ■
, -     .
1.0 '
llining Co., near Ihu   head   of   Wild   MuKay of Nelson,   Miss    Flora    Me-
.II on tlie i''.;;i'.i ii i..ii.I.    ivhich    will   success,    li has   now   1» i
ii   ru|iuing
I'   S. T.  I>„
Horse Creek,
donald of Kaslo, nnd  Miss    Margaret
down hill haul tu   tha    Wil-   several weeks, and him done nil   thai   Caretaker, Birdie Shi ui
i i- another,     lii-   pi
i crested with thar other  old   pioneer    ., ,'  , ,,   .   , ii-i niii- millilig susceptibility. realized  bin ii iiieaus   al    leasl    thai
,,,..,    i   ,    ,...   ' sibli  lioweiei Unit tbi'v niii be   some| '
here i- an ai I mil *ai ing of Sii   ii   lon
Inn Graham, lu lho Lake View grou|
, -ir llu1 Dundee nriii" 'hirU bursci  anion
Phil Aspinwall, an-old'97   man   in    Evre off hand   FoikH,    who" are   ,0, | ='-•<-st-vnip mill where it is proposed to j was asked or expected   of   it.      Just   Prnyage, U   J"*-*"".'
Ymir, is here on a visit.    Ho   is   i-i-   . ',,.   i      ,     ,      ,   ,i i,'    ,,    [ treat some of the Foghorn ore,   for   a whal   thii   iniolves   can    hnrdlv   be   Hepair work, M. YanlJeUogail     l
I . Witislu
,.   other   con-l     John    lloultbee,   who     wilh     M there is an act mil-aving of So   ,i   ion n. i'.-m.u- io.v'i
,      .       . ,      , ,        '    i„i:       ii.   ■; mo contest ends   I'Vascr the ll.i-isltt.id banker, owns the in the tfeatuimtt t,f silver-lead ores of " A. Oddie It'
du  I iii-ilav next   iin-   i nm-   I live ,   ,     i  , . , ,  ,., ,; ,,i,.  i|,.,t ,',.   ,,ti,,.,    i,,,|    Lin U and oi 'ii-.ei's '
,f lhe Ladies of the   Maocabeea   wi||    next week so idl lh wl    bold-    Dumas giou,., was ,n town last week, "      '"'";-" " '   ;* "  '•'     "l
give an ice cream social to he followed   ing back   will    have   to   show    their   and j.uiiJ a visit of inspection   to   the sii.i'Uers iu llie Miotena)    ii ave ^^
by a dance,    in   lho   Masonic   Lull,   hands verv shortly.      In    Nelson   a   property, which   lies   on   lho   North •-" "dopt the process,   nnd    that   llui      T|K, f„||owin„ js l)ie   ,„„•.„,.
\dniissioii is 50   cents,   refreshments   ..trons play will l.o inado to put   Miss   Fork of Wild Horse.    There is a very P-'O'b.cei' should benefit to the  extent       lt '.',^/j' .i',t.-,-T.i' ,.,,,',, t..", i^..■   le
''"" .McKay ahead,    The voung lady   oe | good showing and it is     intention ot' H " l,)" u" ,l Q0 ')el' 0L'"t- li;a'1 t"'1'' Number on roll   bovs   " '    "iris    ■
At tli   football match   last    Satur. Lupies n posj-.ioll   in   t|„.   |)1)stoHict    of the owners to .'■-- ii1"' '-1- or concentrate.       We   imagine    ■
dav'belvi'eeii the Yinir   lentil   und   a       , , ,,'      ,, ,       , i ,
■■    , ■ , . . and has some able rustlers in her   Im    lelurinelil work,
.cratch team mailn up  ol    men   trom
tbeloivn und the Yniir mini1, the latter   "''
neii victorious oy a score nt I    in   u. ^vni'vvT.vvvv'-j'rTTvi'VT'Jvv?.!.*
I'he game was a hot   one  throughoul     __,       ,,. ., 4 ♦' f cheap   treatmeiit    it    should |
 1   brought    to   light   considerable       ■»<■•   DlRgest aild    iie.st.     4 NOTICE. % stimulate   production   to   nn   extcnl
* * hitherli) unknown in the-Sloiiiin, Jusl
nn' jurlb'-r
u ill do nun.' than tax nr tin ill legislation in slille the complaints of lead
ore miners, nml by solving tho   prob-
Ciiulniii   Oore,    nuneriutcridenl    iii ,           .         , ,   Z ,         ,.                .         . ,        ,
The she, ill's s -ile, ui   Thursday   lasi     ,    ,                                 ,.          I \  ,-ru-s lil.'ir ki'd     ill     tils* bow this economic problem   has    I n
In- (      '. It. Cos. sfonniel's  in    Ivoot-   5 4                                  ,i        i .■         .i      ■•    ,
I 4 s ilud may be gathered from the   tact
.....      Im.,     I.......,-..,!     ,,,..,.,.        i..    _ *      i'                     .i      .   ^
-:i!n 1 iii iIn-    McKay   sawmill   on
'oruiipino ci eelc being  purchased    by   *-*"*•>.   bas   received    instructiiiiiH   tn  ♦ - ] i.; i * -. - indicates   that f   that the He. beleii. process is a   direct
Ur, ,eo White     Heipi-upo«ai  to  erect   build anew stean.e.   to  ply   helweoi.j ,        .     .       .     . J L, ared with an indirect one.   ll
t on the  Molly   Uibsoii   ground    up   Nelson  I Kootenay Landing, which  Z vmir >i|li-u-,ii|itiii|i l.-s in    ;ll'Z
. ,       . i      ii ... , I,. T- ' Z  does nn   produce malic us in  i i*
ibe, lake, and will first saw   up   luuw   f            ,      ,       ip|1|ent wi„   slll.pnss\* 4                 !
her for a coneentralor fn-   that   pro-          '     .                                     .,.'.,   % mxv 1U1, hveWUll (1 10  <J 11(14 D'lnary process, which ihcn has fo   bo
iiiiv iii1-i water   steamer   m    liitisu   •» i         4   .                      i           ,-   .
iierty.                                                                                                                      IT X   treated again, but .ts lirst product   is
Columbia.    The   captain,    who    will  X      i            ,• -..           *  ,   ...         ...       .            ,-       ,.  •
-I'; .   ,.,.i(, , ;    [*hildren   enioved the                                                                       X       li.-i..i-    :,,,,,    i ..m ; l     - , .i . x      .   .  <                                                ,
if      tllO      rnl,-llli'
'" ♦ i\ i.-li to have il continued,  ll i
Iii the process of roasting all    inijiuh-
i have i-ni in- c un gi
ri 'imiil: it]i day yestt ;■! iy     I n    i onset ptence of the "un. iiii.ii.iv   of   tlio I timi, s*iys provision «
ii rather, Miss Henderson was obliged I sleep 7-". lirst-class passengers,    which i J _*■<■■■
it,give up the   idea   of   taking   the   mentis that the boat    will    be   much   ************************** ,   ,        ,, ,,
,.,,      ', i      • i viscous nnd the sulphur pusses -II   so
bildrcii for a ficinc, but instead  eu-   |m.„t.,. ■,]„„, ,|ie Hosslund, now   plyii
*. -ii ii i ■ hi I   them   in   the sch loNronm
v. ith gtnu's inni tcc-crenin.
thai by lhe tier llu    ri aches   lhe
in the Arrow    lakes   between    Wesl   Indians  From     All    Over.    |e,,d stack and -the   blast   is  applied
II..1.-..I, and Arrowhead.    The specif.- nnl|l.     |v m. |ju| [Q ct|li!Bj,. , ,,„   .,
Ihe Kootenay Shingle Co., a    Sal-       .          , .              ,   .. ,       ., -i '    .      ,   l      r   p..]  i;,,     Will
cations ca   for a speed of   -S miles an imi--.-iii|*- ul    iii tlskllis   \i ill .       .    .
mo, is endeavoring to get white   saw- into metal.     Um   tloinj,   nwaj    uiih
vers lo replace tho Japs who have nol   l«>ur.    This will cut down  the   pies- Journey to tllO Dominion lhe intermediate process   of   treating
given satisfaction iu that    branch   of   cut schedule   time   in.in    Selson    tn ■ matte efl'ects the saving already speci.
work     Considerable difficulty is   be-   K may Landing f ive hours to "' fi(,(,     xiici-mo-t cireful n,*»s»ny« of   ihe
ing experienced by thee pany how-, three.    Indeed,   captain   fi    says, slag at Marysvillu show thai   all    the
,.1'i-T, in obtaining these white sawyers she will be able to make   it    in   two I hrough various Indian og.mts and ,.,,,.,.,,„„•, n ,, ,,,„   „.„„,.„„|   ■„
as the latter tnaku il  a   condition   of  ho,  U.r, |U„rters.    As  a   re- inissioimries repri-sentative  of  nearly I  ^ ^^ ^         ^ (
Iheirserviee, that no Japs or Chinese  suit, passengers will be able  to   sleep \f the llritish Ulumb,^  tribes,   the ^       ^ Another lead    stack
employed arodrid   the   works  ,n Nelso, 1   leave   a,    leaat   two   net that the 1 ...on fair is  lo  be  ^^  .„_ ,o ^ , „■ ^^
,. all, while the company   is  anxious  hours later thai) a n-ese.it.      The mid in Ne r U eslnnnster   this   year   ft ,„ umlcrKl |   lhllt   Ul0   malU(,e.
.-retain the J»p     - rk    in   I lost of the now steamer i -    defi- bus become widely advertised   among f ^   _.^    ^   ^	
 ly stated, but it will run  up   in.  Indians of the province   and   lhe  | ,|tm |mV(J been wfttd)i      , ,,..
-is  llgures
An  Atlas Fpi $1.00,
Hotel Arrivals
Tin- On ..i Northern   Hallway   b i-
i-sued nn Atlas of of! |iage*i   contuin-       McLuon HotKi.: —
ing up-to-date maps   of   fuwji,    Wis-   D. Wadds, Nelson;
L-onsin, Minnesota, North  and  South  Jas Slone, Uraiitford;
I'iik.iin, Mnn::1.!.:!, Idaho, Washington   p. Lament, Neltjoi i
liiiii-h  I' 'l.iiiibin,   Oregon,   Kansas,   a. Turner, Nelson;
Missouri, Nebraska,   Wyoming,   Col-   Chaa H. Brown, Spokane;
■ iiidn,      Alaska,      Hawaii,     Japan,   Jas Crook, Nelson;
Philippine I ilands, Jhina, the United  Jhiiich McGeir, Placervillo, Cat
States and of ll e World. [ten McNeuin, Rossland;
In additii n to thi-, the Atlas   con-   p||j| Aspinnnl', Spokane;
laius valuable statistical   iuformniion       Wai doIik HoTBl.'	
elalive to the states nnmed above,   i-' M   11.-.,,,,ji,,,,, Grand  Forks,
printed on the very   besl   quality  of L-  i*nylor, Grnml Forks;
paper, shows tho lines of   the   Ureal L  |.m,u1i, 1Ull| soll| |:„„..],,„,|,
Northern Hail way, and   i-   in   every   |.-   |,   ||   nonter Chicimo1
say a onmniendahle work. ,,  \\',,i,|,, snnknii.'
This Atlas »ill  bc   distributed   al   ,.  ,.- ciodius, llit*vilie;
Uu* actual cost of production and will   ,.- ,-,   |li|(    Kitxville;
be -..„! to any afldrcss   upon   roceips   v  w  Swnnnull, Nelion;
,.i $1.00.    Address, I'.    I,    Whin,.,-.    |ihn , ...j,    Kf-
Passenger   Vrullic   Manager,     Oreal   f!   N   Oih-luis*, Nelson;
s,„,b",„ llnilway, s,  |',,„!. Mi,,!,,    , |l(i|| Koe|)tl|   ll0M]flnd,
presence of thousands of them on   tin
.   ,      ,. , ,, .    ivliii.inrnl ..I 111 < - I ■• t li.-i li.-ii    proce.
bunks oi tin* rraiser during   lie1 gieat ' '
,.,.,.,      i i   for a long time,     llev   realized   thul
miuonal exhibition is already assured, '
,.„    . . . ,    il ii pro veil a -in-ill--   al    Marysvihe
I In-inn management lias set   asuJo
,   ,. i ., .     iln'v n nu hi have to lelnpt it, nud only
"s'.'oOO for prizes for    lieli-in  exhibits       .'    , .
,   , . ,     waited for proof of its   efficiency   be
am] -p. 11- mid there  inonnses  to  be ■
.. i     i     ,■   i :      I'm'1 dniiig-.1.    Ihocjst   of   inslulla    Proficiency— Vera Mcl/jod,
aonieihing   doing   m   lively   fashion ,,,,.,'      , ,, ,        ,
•       . tion at tho  local   smelter    mud.I    bo   Regularity and Punctuality    [va and
mining the redskins every dul   "I   Uu-   , . , \i,,;.-si,,,,,,,
,"      „., .;,  .    ,   ,      „   between i?KO,000   and   *?100,OOQ,   a       olano hliium
big fair.     I b ■ -ports will  include  all ,-,      ,     Deportment—Muriel McTsaacs.
.   *   considerable sum, nml one 'vlntili    the       '
Average daily altuutlaiice •'-'
I llllil'.ll OF  1II.IIIT,
lih Class.
Vera Mi Leotl,
Slen art Ne« ill,
liklward 11 N.-ill,
il in.--.   Ciiuipbell,
David  Keefe
Senior Hid
Dorothy Harrison
lloberl Clare,
Milton   Ni.'.ii'
Junior 3rd,
|''lorence Peters • .
Alex MeLeod    |
Iv.i Shrum,
Chester I'.iiii'is.ui.
2nd Class,
Kul Peters,
Ada   -'it--- hi i
William Stew irt,
II irrielle Pattei mi,
Hugh O'Neill,
Wih-oti Newitt,
l-t   l   ll-S
Marie Shi um,
Hazel Newitt,
l'i i- Wollle
2nd  Primer,
Hugh   MeLeod
David Pete i,
Muiiel   Mclsaae*
Minnie O'Neill,
Mn.-.ii, i   Paltetsoii.
I li-nl Cl i--.
lii. haul Clare,
i leoi'gn l'..-11/i.1,
(Iraco Ste« n I
Hulls ..t  Honor,
sorts of canoe rneea on the river, fool
mul horse in e* nnd tug of war on
land in ii he h the females n- well as
lh" unties will participot
management   Would   not   have   been
F ire Brigade Signals,
justified in asking for uuiil   the absolute success of the process had been       Kiro chief Cofl'ey has prepared   tin
,. ,          i'     i   I         ii           demonstrated.    Now   that   this has ollowing signals for handling the I'u-ii
1 .-ia  Indian liitiuls hint' all'i'iuly en- s     n n
been achieved we may hopq   to hear alarm:    Steady   ringing   means   Urn
it-icil the musical competition.                                         ,   .               , ,                            '
„.,    ,                i   .i   •                      i   betnre mniiv niniilbs liitve im—ml thai One stroke DittUseHwnstrokes (pause)
The braves and   their   wives   and    ,,,,,",                       ,                               '       '
families from the  most   remote  parts : a" ''"' '","1 'SI""I"'IN '"    l;"""'' ' '" thvev Ml"kl^' "l";l"s ,l B»" '' "' l,H,P ' '
,,,'Hi,.,, e will also come to New   '""-b'* bnvo foflowed suit,   and that j handle tho   I ,    n   ilryiug   i    '
Westminster by their own primitive
modes nf conveyance and ti) some of
them ibi-  ne -ns   perilous   itips   hi
ihe lend mining industry   lms   tr.koii   reeling it up after use.
on n new lease of life.      Incidentally
thin will be effectual in   turning   the
scale iu favour   nl   local   as   against Phksiivthiiian   < in m n    > u u d a i
water that culindt   be   made   m   less 	
I'iiiropcan treatment.—Nelson I ribune School and   llible   Class,   l'i   a, m,
ihitu about t no months, ,. . .,,,       .. ,,
  tivening service, ii.nj,     lounii i ••.
While In I e    lhe     lielinn-     will      be .,., ,        , .     , nlo.' Snhii.lv I lu nil   i-iidiv    nl'l'lliliU
I ho only placo in town whero   you \'s oocicdj meets on inuaj   eniiiim
gueits'of   lhe   gbvcrnmenl   aiid  the c.,ln Rot swift'.,   f-iemium   lialns   and at 8 o'clock,    A wel --.    II-
. ininiiig'-uiei't nf the fair. bacon,    Oampbell's, Il._Yuiin«, M. A., Pastor
|*ul lll«l|i   I   ' '."l'i   S'.l'il' I IV ill. I lllll    .1    '
, !.!!•■.». or I.-11v.-r■ ■• 1 i.i unrrliT III t.    n.
.  .. .
• * ii* -.-.' in ; >-r   iltiliillt
A.I ■■ itlnliis rouia, t'.'n |n - iit'-li      I   imii.il
ii Inch are ready and   willing   to   do
custom work for u reason ible .■■ n lid
ei atioii,
V.M 111 I.0DG1*; No, 31 A. P.  -i A.
M     Meets l'n-i     l'i iday   in   each
mouth, Visil ing brol her» web onied
John Mi \'n in, W. M.
l'i.in i -I  H:.. \/i.i. Secretary, i
Mr. McBride, the Provincial Prein
ie,-, has telegraphed   t News-Ad-   VMIH   LOUUU  So.  :I3    K.   of    P I
erti     .     -king thai  bsolute  de !     Me. Is lirst and   third   Monday   in j
uch    im,nib.      Visiting    brolbeis
An Absolute Denial.
Tht Kim! You Would tike f*5
( 'ii uii.ks Ale nii'.M.i1, C. C.
John Cl 1 i:ii in, K. I!, k S.
!;,.    Ill itAi.n (ian  '..■ Iitiil   :; 'I.
il.'.il >r. ii..ii.  'ii -I.', it,or .-..ii  In   olii. i ■
■., ■ .., iho oillco, uial In- given lo an an icle which   was
:.      .-:.: | 'hmnii m   ■ . ■ .        -  . . ■    '.  ■'' li-hi'd ill    rridny's   issu '   ll  i
.   I, un-1 ■ .. ,-    ni-iiini i.rims. Vaiicouver "WmId," insinualiug thai
:   , . i-iinn iii     i. he nils inlereste I, either  directly   or
...:,'.  ei ni.i -him,  com im sv ■ lirectly, in the proiiioiion   in    i  in  |y.M1H   IUVfi   lTaDIES OF   'i'lili
'•'"'of the   Western    Canada   Paper j     m ACCAUBliS Meets    sec I
1 ■''■''   '',;:l    C"",l )'•       ■^■^"■'-   '•'       |lll(, t-,u|.UlT l|lV i;,,,,,.!, m.,,,,],.
.nu  ill nnv  oilier   pulp   company | S. (JuuzElt,  I.. C.
!..  Iiii KWOll I'll, 11    li.
TASTES GOOD.     IS (.mil).
k^M7 ,^'
pim^ix::, ,..■■•-/!•!-.
Old Settlers Alaple   Syrup.      ^ ^tyjmv#-\
Pure iu I-i, 1-- aud 1 gallon Tins.
II.   KRAItSS,   ll .is '.',.
bn " I had any   interesl   or   comic ■
SATURDAY. JUNE, 2-1,  I'JOii.       ion,''says Mr  McBride,   A reference
. I in the issue of the "World'   in   ipii —
The Vancouver World   which   has  tion   slmwi two articles',   pruiniiieutly
i . ,,. i : ,   ,i    i      i ,..  placed, and with lho   undoubted    ir.*.1
lately pastcil into tie' haniis -it a   lieu i '
Sold by
I). CAMPBELL,    -
■ $.1 ,-iS^i.	
YMIR.   •-:;■ __z^^2S~A
md younger gem nil i- n cif iourniili-lii
leul ion of seeking   to   make  polil icul
'   pital to Mr.   McBritle's   piejudice
- trying bind to work   up   a    ci ml I
■ to wonc   up   a  s M A perusual of the articles shows   Hint Lands atld    Woli<S. iWiilMW   A-TPllt
.resent   Gove, of | U,e writer of ihein could  never   Imvi .    - ItHH-allg   rt&tllt
('iiiict'liii.tiuii of Reserve.
ngiiinsl ib    i
I'. C, and tho Premier, in   loniieetiou j read the prospectus of   thu  Company
ii ith lhe pulp leases issued b    u   new I on which he bases his  attack,   unless
i nmpany.    That tho whole   hi ig is   a
I are assumption and absolutely  .vith-
nUt l.iisis can be easily seen from    the
Stocks and Shares
ii e are to assume — u in
•h  wo   should
iitii'le friiin   the   "News   Adverliscr'
^OTICE is hereby given   llmt   the
* '    reservation established  in   pur**
lie smry tu do—that   he  deliberately '
.,,. n i     ,* i       , ,        ,    sunn;: »if tlie provisions of tin-   "Col-
nii'i wiltully   in uu1    false   stutemeiits '
, ., . ,    ,-   ,•      umbia and Western Railway Subsidy
. ...mi llie matter,     I n im pint nl   I lie ;
Vcr, 18911," notices   of   which   wete
11 —li   (.oluiiibui
pros) - ctus will there   be   found   any
i-i ii       i .i   . \i    \i ii 11    ti ..    published  in   the    llrilis
uInch wo reprint, and   by   the   cate- ufscrtum thai Mr. A1. -1 > t ide  "guaran-   '
,,.,.,,,.       -    (iii/eiie and dated   7th   May,   189G,
um it-id denial issued by Premier Mc-1**'1 the truth ol   stutetncnt.i   Iheieiu
,-, ,, ,■ i     ■,    ,,     and ..'ih June, 189G, respectively, are
i, . , ■ containc I,     us   Un-   in tide   n,    the. ' ■
L"'"1°- :.u-    - ni ,       -ri        i„     ,- ,  ,      hereby cancelled.
"Wnrnl   asserts,     I lie mnv retereiii-e
Mutiuil L.fe lii.-iii'iincc Company of New York.
Canadian Casulaty-—Boiler [nsurancc Co.
London Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
Ottawa Fire Insurance Company.
Wiih   the   gradual   reduction    h
li.illil     u-sri 1-.        I in- oui i    n-i< i in. ■
to Mr. McBride is in tt report by  Mr.      Crown   lands  situated   within   the FIRST   A V I'.N U K,
VMIR,   15. C.
M, King, of Victoria, on tho   charac-  area embraced by the   suiil   rcserva-
freight and treatment rales which bus  ,,,„   ,-,,. ,;,,i ,,   ,i.,.   i.,,, i .    ..,, '..,,, , .,
Ier ot the timlier  "ii   the   laiiils   io-, tion will be open to  sale,  settlement,
been in progress for some  years,  ami I served for the Company, in which   In
the constantly increasing  nunibci    uf | gives the iiainus   if   banks  nnd   linn
■ men in Hi
inn in in whom In- i- known—a    very
provisions of tho ''I.uul   Act,"   three W
tamp mills and other treating  plants "-•" ny public men in llritish   Col-| A-.
1    i.. ......i  i... ;. i., _ „.! months after the date of the hrsl pub-  W
Ihroughout the Province, a new   field
f eulei i'i ise i- being opened to   miners and prospectors.    Until   the   in-i
year or ti  i,   only   i deli  i orpornlions,
ax-X.***..15*.'-!. "-*."*-*v •'••»•*.>»■'».•.■*•-*. •*•*•••. •**•*. x-.-'*>v*xv.***..*>»..*iv**e».*^v*2v.-'*» .*v
been in progress for some  years,  and  se,ve,l for the Company, m which   l»|:ettM and oUierdtapoaition, under the   %} %
    ' '  ■*■"      B    PRINTING  1
zz to
1:    *-.'     to
.di'nul    tiling     from     ivlnil      tbe  lieiitiun of this notice in   the   British  jivS$-$-g.-*fc:*j£.-$!-}ssi$ij^
"World's" articles suys, nnd ivhich Columbia Gazette; provided, however, ilv
'1 -ci no responsibility on lho "''i'' i!,,lt in all eu*.-:- u h-i ■ l.m-i- are so fa
a* so of names and   institutions   that
'     sold, pre-empted, leased or   olheriviso fjfo
cou'd alt    1 to pul in nl.mt-    for  ihel be mentiuus   for   nnv   euarantec   of                 iii
,,,,..            " ■   , ■                 I alienated by the Ciovcrnnicut and are r\\
local transportation of low grade ores,  *••'*■'• *Ml* Kmg states m his ie]ort. ^v
...         ,,         ,,       ,         ,    .             rtisn.iK-htoberegielledthat.tnv Mibse-pit-nlly found, upon lhe   survey |W
Which   Mould    eiialm-    lie in    to   lum I |                                                                        "       ,   ,       , ,      ,.          ,    ,,.                ,,   ., f*}\
1.--1 table   newspaper    in      llritish  ol the Columbia aiiti   Western    Llail- ^.;
them at the reduction works nl a cost  „ ,     ,.    .     ,         '     ,     , .          ,             .            .   ,,    ,      ,       , W
( ,i.-null.i. ii, the hope ul making  pul-   way Companys b ks, 'ben tl.e   per- iiv
leaving a margin of   profit,     Cravity   i.i.,„t „„,,:,„i f,„. :.K ,.„,.,., k|,„ni,i   ,.,,.                 ..'        .    *,     *,      ,   ,, ;!;
itu.ui cii|iiiiii ioi its pin ij, snouiu   n    sons nctjuinng such   lands   shall   ac- j]\
and aerial   IraniivaVH,   mining   on   aUort lo such methods a-   thut   which'     .     ,,   .     ,.,     .,            ,.         ,, iu
.nine their   title   thereto   from   the fj\
large scale, and all    kinds   ol   enuiii-   we are now   cimii.ellpil   to   condemn.!      . iiv
I ,    ,        .       ...  ,                         .,   . Iliiilwav I ouipii'V. who nave  agreed '.',?
ment for the economical handling   0f  Such tactics will do no injury to   the                  .,         ,            , A\
,,                                        .,.              -f rprese.it Piovincial Oovern.neiit, ivhich   toiler! with   such   purchasers,   pre- W
the ores were necessary,    u   a   prolil   '                                                             I                ,                              , rlj
had nothing to do wilh   these   leases   emptors, lessees, etc.,   on   the   su  ..:
were to be made   mu    of   low   grade            ,     .   ,        ,,    *.    ,                                     ,       ,                 , ""
for pulp timber, all ol   lliem   liiiving  terms and conditions as the   Goyern- fa
ores,      An   individuil   owner,     mil   ,„„.„ .....,,,,., \iy M,    W.   0.    Wi"
bucked by largo resourm -   could   nol   th, n i hief Commissioner, and now
„.,,',.. ,       ..        | inemb i ol the Opposition,   lhe   party  t"B "
nilnril to *lui --.ii rock     No.v    how- ,   ,        1 *    .,,,.   ,,      ' ,, ■ •
supporti d   by    i he   "\\ or il Hut  i ,,, «
■   ni would under the   provisions  of fls
.,  ibe "Land Act,' except in respect   to
hnbei1   Inn.I-   on     tho    Company's
'ni rales are reduced, and   there   isUucii false   and    reckless   slaiements! , ,   ,       ,.,,,,,       ,*   , ,
blocks, '-ibi' b shall be siiliiecl  In    tin-
even- likelih I that a   still   furihm-  may do great injury to   the  interests! '
ol illis Province in England, and cast regulations issued  by   the   Company
and mure important reduction will beL„ , ;.., ,, ,i,,. i,, ,,,,.,,■ .,,„i  i,,i..,n.|. ,
1 -i-i'i'i'-i. on ih.- hnm -i.i .ii.'l   integii*  rL,iutive ta the catting of   tinibcr   on
Inutle in the near future,     Ore   from ty of our public   men   und   methods,
, with the result of   making   investom tlie Columbia and  Western   llailivay
lie- camp, and typical m lb"   general ,   • ,   . ,,,-., , .
1 ' tiecidu to avoid IJrilish (Juluiiibia   em   Lund 0*. ant,
I uu of the ores of the camp, has  been  terprisei 	
\\   S. G011K,
hamllcd  al     Boundary   smeller*!    foi   s^zjsaamis-riv^z'fiJuar^six^ia^i^xiKiJBa
i     I loputy   ' lommissioner   ot    Iiiinds
I?:!.50 per ton fm freighl   and   treat*- Notice
incut, although the rale   u ked    from
i;..,i.i   -tneliii      was     considerably TO  I d'.l.i SOI  I'.N T ( ' I ■• IW M-'.Us.
Iiiglu r.   With a •-:!..'-ii rate for freighl
„    |   ,     I'll l.nl' • tl. Sjnii-oii, oi nnv  other
n miner can .iibud   to
",      '   Sf
-..    y"    £■'
•      IZS    to
~-.-- -i
" *"   ■****■   ■*«,
£      ^
£T -s rl-
2?    -c    *• *,"
fa    %s* •-.
IS'-^   >
-ar,          -"V         ___^
lil: Work-.    I.ui.ls   nnd   Worts   Do
I pint menl,
i     Vielnriu, li, C , 23rd, I'eb.,  InOo.
tt in i Ileal uu ut
erson lo « bom lie may  have   i runs-
j iy -ni  ~.'i n   toll    for    l.i,"line,    and   I
moid lhe heavj outlay   for   a   I     U" '        ''
". -i ■ or other del ice l'i i    . ;" i|i   lot al
iiiii:-|.ii'iiii ion,      And   i i.. •  | •   enl
hi in     miii, i-ni    . Iiiint      nil ii itisl     ou ■
llrnu i mul tin    ii1 .i   and    'i    half
i      '          i    " l,VVl'h|  ''"""    V '    ,h"
.,..,.,. ,i Ni i" n   Mining   tltiisi f    We«l
i lit' iiidii'iilind chum nn ii"1.',   in   nul I. i   .
i Kmii nay I iisl i mt, nnd   lecoi tli I   in
'i his own resources  of  muscle  and   ,      n ,y,      ,-      ...       \- ;   ,
• he lli-i'ordei - olliee  tm    I he     N,j-..n
terpri c>, withoui being   under   the] Mining llivisiim.
in  -- ity of interesting ciipital   i   fun       Vmi and each of you   am   hereby
be can realise on his  propeiiy.     The notified, thai I have   expended Tl	
illji ully nf gelling  lhe  . ri*   In   i
i    i hundred nnd -.even dollars and I'.i' i
raih'niiil cheaply, is the   chief   draw-
i -nni ...i.i in labour nud improveinel Is
■.| tie above mini nil claim in order to
• "'ll perations     I   tin    t i*j1)n)(, ,,„,   M,v ,|,„|,,. ,|,„ ,„,,, „u„. ,„■
'.. an, nnd if the smelter rales m'e   ie-  the Mineral Act, and ii within ninety
Iured to such an extent thnl   the  ru   (lays f i the dale of this notice   you
iluetinii eipials Ihu   cosl    uf   hauling,   -••■' "* n'^w l" colilribute ynur   pur-
..      limi of expi ndiUiYe (which i- una bun'
,ie ro me   many   pro] cities   m   i he I ■
I fired mul lit'ii three dollars and seven
m-i^libuil I which  can   bo   woikefl ty f|VU a,l)U fo, ||1(. t|nt.e years ending1
m, a imall -'.le by   prospeetois   nnd:- May 11105) together with all cost* of
advei ii-iiii'. your iineirii. ill ihe   said
claim will I e lho propm ty ol   lho
- ii-iiilii'i', under section I "i an   Act
mint i - who first lucalt il   llu in.      I n
.   -iiion, llu1 iniiiiiii'i  i f  -lamp  mills
.ii tlio   Ijsl: iet    biiiilil be    an    aid,    us
n-i ,    if ib.' oies are free milling, nnd
entitle 1  "An   Ael   lu   Am >n I   tin
Mm.I .1 Ai i.   I'.uiii."
Joll.N I1'. 11.* 11 l'i 11 "11.1'
".mt.' from a mill, ni"st  of I i ,lU, i.,, viint, l:iih, M-iy I i0,0-
by Mail |
Customers all over Can-
ikJh tell us ihat our Mail
Ore!T   Depattiucnt   lias
meant to them added con-
'.tiiiience and lessened cost
Tie- fifiv.ytiir leputatlan ,-i
..ir .t,.ic itaaurea i.m- Ini -
lion t., majlorilerpiircliaaera
i,f idvc-l.v, watchca, silirr-
ii are, stationery, etc.
Our complols catslagua will
gladly l..-i Brut on ic|ursi.
'■piAMOHD Hall"
«r , -a   *i
I',    -c
—      7
/^-carS?   'r5iT-fr-r.!r*f*rir-*!r*&ttc-r*rt-Tt*r*?.f
Ymir, B. C.
iW •4,iT'~i~:——m
•y-ses -r^rj
We have just got in a
new line
Mt'i'i.-  Ifiiiii   . iei i   nioi'iiing '.
i'\ci'|ii Sunday, for  freight j
anil  passengers   fop   Vmir
inill.    Ilv sin'ci.il orders   mi -
AMERICAN SHOES   \ ««>■■-,d___■v,!1,,-„.i..,
ALEX. ODDIE    Prop-
Which are imiil to beni for pripe and durability,    .'\l-.i  \\   line  uf  the  cole*-
biatetl Ames Hold1 U shoes,
our     HEW HATS
Which have lust arrived, idler a large variety of strictly up-ito-dutu  utylps.
See oui lin-1 of Stt'tsnu-.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Take a Look
Norway and Sweden.
tho subject without incubating u solu
ii-.n   satisfactory   to  boih   rnuntries
Why  Tl icy Ate Oppq^ed. in ISOf the Libornl party   wan  one
— —  ; more victorious,   but   n.i   step   was
hi 1814, after a  union   of   nearly , ,      ,        ,       ,-,..    ,,
• taken to settle the consular   difficulty
fuur centuries between   Norway   and
Uenmark, the Danish king, Frederick
VVATl-Jll   si'1'l'l.lKH    I'lili     Iiii*:
MIOTIC    AM J      I'lliK
PURPOSES    (' N li I-i 11
Do     POUND?      11! lis
I'. .*(. T.  Hi.-.-,   Ssecil'tHI y
i'l , without consulting  the Noriveg-
until |P0J, when another
was appointed,    'i'lii^ ci
uiittid a report lu favour of  a  separ-
;;jZtti Spokane Falls &
........ :..= v.,.., ,.. , ■;,',, I, . ,    ■■        TV "T   Northern Ey.
- '   ate Consular  sprviee, and a Lnmuuin-
Ihe Treaty of Kiel.      But,   not   un-  • „ * •    ,',„■,„ ,- , ,. I '| ho only    all   rail   route   between
ijiie (.'1,1,111 in  lUUd trom   members    nt i  I   _   • _ ,   " . ,   ,,.     ,     . .,  ,    ,,
naturally, the Norwegians, never having been consulted in the matter,    re-
both   Parliaments   rocommeiidiug    a
settlement on the following b-i-i-.
Fused   tn   acknowledge   the   cession,,        a        ,   ,,       , ,
**■ * neparate Consular services to   In-
I       1  ...!....       .1 1.11 ..       il.- II...1    1.   ' '
established for Sweden   ami   N'.,i-
iv,iv.    Tlio Consuls for each   coun-
claring   that    whilat   the    Danish ,
King might renounce his right to  llu
Norwegian Crown, it was  quite   an • I     .,.„",    i,      ,. •   ,    ,     ,,   ,    ,
" ■ i try in Ik-   subject   to   that    Inun.'
nther thing to dispone of the Norweg- -.      , ■ ',       , ,     r eav
" ' "       authority which each   country   de-!
inn Kingdom.    As patriots t In v   do-       -i    ,* ,   ,   ,■
D ' -i      eliies tor l t.-l-l;.
(ei mined to fight for their  land,   audi     ,    *.,       .. ,   , ,,     v
s In nlay of Inst year the plorwegiai
when shortly afterwards lhe   Swedes, \~ .     i      .   i     i   ,*    .■  .-
' . _        ' Government submitted a draft ul   tin
under (Jul   Julian,   invaded   Norway |
I hey met with   a gallant   resistance,
Tin- struggle, however, proved   hope-
proposed consular nervine to the
Swedish Government, who, instead ol
elaborating a corresponding draft,
ninthi certain demands and recommendations whioh if accopted would
havo reduced the pioposed Norwegian
Consuls to mere   ciphers.      Negotia-
points east, \vesl and south to Rossland, Nelson,   Grand   Forks and  lie-
public,    liiill'et cars run between Spo
kane and Northport,
1 in lid Cars   run between  Spokane
and Nelson,
Effective Ap.'il, 190-5,
Daily Train Arrivi
'.i. l"i u.in Spokane G.20 p.m
11 i'-"i u.in Itosslnud 4.56 p.ir
'.(.lu a in Nelson i; 83 p.ni
: 1 i.iii a iii     Grand Forks      U 60 p.m
In 00 a.m. Phoenix .'i 80p.m
7.(1(1 a.m Uepublic ii ilu p.ni
le—, hostilities wero soon   over,   and
Carl Johiiii opened negotiations.
At a convention held   at   Moss   it
was pi'oposed   that   the   Norwegians
-hnulil accept tho Swedish    rving   as
lliuir   Sovereign   on   condition   that
I heir Constitution of the   17th   May ltions between the  two   parties   were
remained intact,   except   with   such ' now broken off, and in response to an
alterations as the union   necessitated. I invitation from   the   Crown   Prineo,
Tho Constitution in question, adopted  nctins as Itegent,   to   resi    these,
by delegates from   all   parts   of   lhe,,     .* •        ,. ,      ,
1 .tlit- Norwegian   liovernment  refuscil
eounii'v in the   previous   May,   mu-1
unless a separate consular service was
iiiiiiiil    aiiii<ng   its   most     niportaiit ;
features the Storthing,   or   NationalftSreC(1 t01    Matters.nt I   tin,  until
Assembly, a  uinglo chamber   insiiiu- last April, «lion   the   Regent   again
lion, which the King has no right   to advocated umlual   negotiations,   l.m
i '
dissolve.    An extraordinary   Storth-\M t|)0 ymett •,„   UM (*own  we|.e  ,„,,
in"  was   summoned   at  Christiania, ! ,,       .,    v '
ucseptablo to the Noiwegian Govern-
mul  on   the   I Ith   November,   l-**I I,
,. ,,ii e      I nieiit, bis proposals were not accepted
.loiivay was (leclareil In   be     a   tree, ' '
Independent, indivisible, and i„,ii.,,. jTlie ni'ttsnl ,.f ibe King to sanction
able realm, united with Snellen un-! the action nf thut Government, and
del one King, his endorsement of the Regent's   sug
gestions nf April 5th, have produced
another deadlock, and sinco each nation is equally determined not to give
11 ne. Is little imagination to   real-
." thai this Act of Union could   nol
• ■ satisfactory to either nation.    Tho
Swedes had hoped to make a province
nf Nil tiny, ill-tend they    had    merely'""}'- 'be BOVOling of the union    would
joined   um   independent   kingdoms,  seom to bo the inevitable solution   ol
The Norwegians, on the other   liand,   t|l0 problem,
saw their independence threatened  nl
iery turn, notwithstanding they wen- _______________^_	
in   retain   their   own    Government,
I'liiiiiiut in,  A ru,v,     Nut,    I'llslinit-, w-taklAatala'aa*'^     B0   YE**"3'
ij|       Kexperie."-:£
i-tc.    lho relations between lho   two       * ^^^^
■ niiiiti ie- will be realised « hen   it   is
i ri.-i stood iiinl a   Norwegian   i-   a
t reigiii i iu Sweden nnd  a  Sw eile   a
i rcignei in Norway; neither can held
,- ni otlicial position in the country  of
ll  ■ oiher
. |    ,, , , || . , * i' 11'        v     i -■■■'■ i *.-,,,.
In 1 s'.'ii tin- M,nilung appointed   a     iimm wi-r ibirMieiaobln. (v-mm-intNi
*»     "I ;     iii,ii, .Inrllyi".nil.lontlnl. llinii U..ii I'm. nil
committee to inipiiif. into the   prncti  ;   ^"faEK?CS5h'WiSnrcB?liCiV.
im, .. ,    I .-   , . Mh'i'tiil Hotter, Without flniru''). in '.it-J
:::z:i-:::L,r'Z:,'^Z. Scientific »mer.catt.
,            .    .                , .                    .,,1    A hiwdiomoly lllailrated weaklr-   l-ai-oflat clr-
.:    lb"    existing    loliiliiiinlKin     w1111 .    iuim I wiraolonUBnI'lurnaJ,   Torma.Ma
I     vi'iir: I'.iirinimtli! fi. Bullliyiill i.i'i'-.i.'iili'i'".
*■.-. I'di'ii.    A year Intel the  **Jtottlnng
i ei'idi'd I.. establish a consul ir service.
The King refused his Banetiun: then-      	
■ I,    -■■	
i'l mi ilm Norwegian Government   re-
pied       The     complete     deadlock *»*»**H*»**H4-»*»4-*>*»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦H
.' linn ensued was   terminated   bv  a *r
fnADE Mumis
Copvnic-HTS As*..
Aiiv'.tii- londlnfl ni.':. ''-li mi'i n-.-.Tipii".. may
nnloKlT ii". in nun" 1'ilt e|.i  li.-" «lii-lli. " '
 &Co.36,E'o"d*a»'New York
rui oil OITli-o. W-. If fit. V/ajhiuiiitiii. Ut
! Hotel Ymir?
— x
Tho Bosl Menls t
Anil Ai-i'iiiniiHiiliiiion *
III Till! n. •♦
roiuproinUu; the Ministry   agreed   to t
ieti i. in office on condition that   the j *_
it ii was postponed,  not  dismiss* '■
ml     !  e following year il.e program
in      | > atud.
\i i he close of 180-1  the  triennial!
i!    ions took place, the  result  being
tl   •      mjority of the people declared J  A line selection of Willi's, X
in        ir nf   sepnruto   consuls,   undlt        LiiJUOI'S lind CiglU'S.       *
evi-iilually for a separato   responsible I.T   1
Mu.  u-r for foreign affairs.    For thoLt J, \y. MAHTE11SON,     Prop, X
next iwo year.*   i.ommitt,1'1   sat   un^^<wu> W(t(,M(MMj
A.XjIj    THE      TIjVTE
I'.V   b'SING
Seattle,     Tacoma
St.  Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
ME A 1.8 I    I.A   CARTE.
Best   Meals   on   Wheels
2    FAST   TRAINS      Q
Spuoinl    Exim    ; n    Hates
Wo have just received oqr spring stock of Men and Boyn suits, 'i hen
ire three jjooil featqroa about theip, Style, Quality and Bpce. Wu ban
leeided t" iiinl,,' a ui in1;nl em in price, ill ibis department, for the noxi .'I
days, nud will (|uarantet: you a bi;; reduction in Sqits, Summer I' ml-i n ■ mi
Shoes, Ilm- ,',i. ,'.'.•.
We em ry a few specials our competitors do not, such as Swift's l'i. n
nun liar..ii nnd I ] nn, llnzeliviiiid Butter, Ashorofl Potatoes, and viu-ioi:
other articles.    Tbe price i- as low a- tho lowest and quality guiti-auteeil.
Here's iihure ivo bhine. We hue greatly added to our Paten I Medieiu
-in. k und iim -ii].|il\ you with in,i.t anything at strictly list price,
U. S. T.  ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Ymir,     B.     C,
,■   --.•,* ' -or
1   j i W/d h
i«i 11
;iv|   IwISi
lil'AI.I'l''   IN
sin If and* Builders    Ilardivai-p,
Paints mid   Oils,   Stores,   Coal,
Stoel, Powdor, Puse   arid   I lap ,
Granito   nud   Tinware,    Sieau
All kin I- of Phi nbing, I'm*
smithing and General Repnii
Lewis & Clark Pair
i'Tlic Mutual Life Iii<nr;iih".* Company of YNi
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
A pi'lifv in ii i- tin1 -ii!'i'-i invt'.slnicni kiniiiii to man,
('n-li invested in Life [lisiirnnei* is casli invostoil tliai   will
return ruiniiniinil interest,
P. .1   I    A '
For rut. -, folders nml full ii riiiiitiun
. ;;.inline 11 i| -   cull   on   rn .in -- nu
1-1 ni of iin S. V. .'- N. llui or
ll,  \  JACKSON,        II. r.i.. .'ii"
(J,  I    & V   A.
spukuuu     7i" \*        Miii. ai. :    All siu'ces.nfiil 111 i-i 111—- iiit-n carry  \i\vgo aniniint**;  "I' lil"
''i"'':i"    jii-iiiMiii'i1.    It [provides for tlie family, protects a man in his
■"*"  old ajrc, nml iirotects his otlicr investments,    Kor   rates 0.1
any form of life insiii'iinee npph to:
*-J-.    %-- ■    -.-aj
,  I Sterling
From a ccfTe-r
»>;- -'..1 lon IhutiK-
• nd dollar pre-
lenUllon itt.
Henry Iliiks ft
Bonn1 fftdllUu
fof mnklnjr Solid
fcilvctwnre nre
I«*Mieii.se(l by no
other concern ln
clabct iua. Artistic d-filfin.
ers, modem niafhlnery, and aklfied linntl-
wotker^. nil untlrftht (lirer-t lUpeiTultoil of
prACtlCtl inenilftn cf thr fnni, mnke nn un-
equalled coml>lii<>iiun fur turnlag out fine
Write for illmtraled CtUlOgVCi
Jev,elry,    *
Sterling Stiver,
Silver Plate,
Watchci, etc.
Henry Bids & Sods
Jewelli-r» 10 JIi<i K.xicilcacy
the li.il i.f Mm «-
Percy J. Gleazer, Local ilqeni
vr i.-i x ~j
llil.SII   AMI   SAI.TKU MK'i'l's
mi'I Retail
Mail in'ili'is I'l'ci'ivi- prompt  nit.-nlimi
JOHN   I'lllI.I'.KItT,   l'i"|i.
M-d.-i.N 11. If. SHEI'ARI) Ki'     ' 'i
HI'di.Mol'XI \IN 11 UI.W IV I'll
WA.-IIIM- I'ON & ( .  .*•'.  liy
v. v. .1- I-: kv. ,- n, co.
nnd iii'i'iii N.n-tliern, Northern Pu ill"
mid l). I!. & N, Co.,   I'"i'  points   t i I
ivost   und  -"nib ; conn -   11   ||
bind nnd Nelson  wi tli   the  ' 'an u
I'liril'm  llailiinv.
('.iiinivl.s at   ■*.'"I-.,i 1 u ill, il„.   I'   |j
.1- N,   ('".   I ii-   K.t-I.i   and   K.  mul S
.Connects al Curlew with  hIhui foi
0 toon wood nnd Midway, 11. C,
liull'.-l   i-tis  i .in  .,ii  train, i,..i	
Spokane nnd  Republic
II. A. JA( KSli.N
Oenorul I'.i— mirur A^:.
Bpokano, W'niii BBi
THE YMIR HERALD!•'-'"»--'>■..„.. «.i..„8 to ,1,
cusUnn work for n rcusoimblu  ci n ;•!
I'ul Ill' lu 1 ovcrv  Sfll ur lay and mull* I I     in
: if1--, oi  lulh i r* 'i i\ earner In :<    n
■ • ■ n- -.-j <•*!; it  11 nu it tu i      ; - -       In *id
,\   ,■ rlislny rutua, ll.fiO [ier n   It |   .   .
i1 ■ kalii oati   '.-■  Im I   from
■    ■:■■ i.l ■-- liajLhi 'ii-'.'i ". ur   -.ni   li    nlitii'iicd
■., ■ '.. the oilice.
Y.M ii; 1.0DG15 No. 31 A, K   it A
M     Meets first    Friday   in   "("'I
in intb. Visiting lii'.ili.'r- nel' o d
Jons Mi Vi. in, W. M.
Pl'.iici •). Gl.i-:.iy.i.li, Secretary, i
Mi*. Molli-ido, ilu- Proiincial Prom
er.hu-, "News-Ad-  YMIH  LODGTi  No. ■•-   K.   of   P
Moi is lii il  nnd   third   Monday   in
An Absolute Denial.
Tht Kind Vou Would Like W^f"_~~T
vei-l i-i ..   ii d.ing lltal mi absolute  do
iii.il bo given to an article which   was I     p*-*-'l nth.      Wiling    biolltois
.......  ,,„,,„, ,,                                I'lillisbid in    Friday's   issue   of   LlieI welt-oi.icd
.   i .;, i :-,.■       ,„.l„r.l ni-.-.             \  iiver "Wm Id." insinuating thai | Ciiaiii.es All' llliiAtf., C, C.
i,i.i  i,     u                       be was iiiterostcd, either  directly   or Jniix G L*|-WAlt, K. H. & S.
;.  . ,l.u   i-i ni.i-uisd  (JOMI'AXY         . lii    ill', in the promoiion   in    Lin yMIR   HIVE    I  V I'll EH OF   THE
[ don of tint   Western   Canada   1'iipoi
II.    KI'.MI ,-'.   MAN ',.! il.
ATURDAY. JUNE, 2-1,  1!
MACCA11EEH Meets     second
and fourth Tuesd iy in each month.
nm in any other pulp  compui H.Gi.eazeii, L. C.
ive I bud any    interest   or   connec \ L ,., CKW0'||TII| K   |;.
on," - iv- \i r   McBritle,   A referi nc •
Old Settlers Maple   Syrup.
Pure in 1-1, I -- und 1 gallon Tins,
Sold by
M • *.'-      .«? y.Rl-'ii-ii -LZdt
,igi. ^\-.i'A'i|i,,i*''?r
'  '<■-
il'1 i!^Mif#; i
iS1.,', "*   •'.J .'-. ft-vw
. t tu llie issue of I be "World     in   nut s-
The \'imi'i iiver World    ivhich   lias  tion, shown two articles,   | r inenlly
lately'pius ied  » the hands of a   new j I'1"""1'ni,(i witl*  "'"   u,"i"lll'tefl   ■■•-'
•' in i, ii -.1' seeking   to   iiuiko  politicul
, tpiial to  Mr.    Mcllride's   piejutlice j
A pcrusmil "1' the article1- shows    that
llui ivi iter of them could   never   have '■
~ D. CAMPBELL,   -   -    YMIR.  %
W   iN.oO?.TEO--''Ci.(ifjr05y  -'I
f.    J„'-.    .i.iil.,s-|J •     '•        j
■ •■     '";"   '.;_' "■'-■       -    'i
,: ii younger gcnei'iitum of jouniali-ts
'-■ ilying hard i" worli up a • " '
iigainsl lii - pi nsenl ' Ion rnniei of
I! C, and the Premii r, in - inei-tiou
i. idi the pulp lenses issued (• u new
i ompany.    Thai tho wholi
J% '&m.
Lands and   Works.       MS,
Vuning Agent
Stocks and Shares
i-ead the prospectus of   the  Company        (..'ftlicollntioil  ol'   Uo.sei'VC.
mi which he buses his  attack,    unless
.„ are to assume—which   wu   should   MOTICE is hereby given   thai   tl.e
'8 ls  "   . ,      .,.1      . it      ,i reservation established  in   pur-
be -.ni",' io mi—Unit  be  deliberately '
pure assumption and absolutely with- .; ,     - .        ,  , ,     sunn:; «.f llie provisions of the   "Col-
.an-, wiitully   mado   bdso   statements '
nut basis can be easily seen from   th-1    ,.,„ ,,„. ,„,.,.,.    r,, „„,„„,. ,„■   Uie j umbia and Western llnilway Subsidy
article from   the   "News   Advertiser"   prospectus will there  be   found   any Acr- 189,i'" noliceH   "'    wl,ic1'    ""'"
iibich we reprint, and   by   the   cite-  a--serti,i,i that Mr. Mellride  "g.iaran-- publUliwl in   lhe   Ihitisl,   Columbia
I      ,,,,,,    , i,   Gazette und iluted   Tth   May,    Ic-'JG,
loi kill denial issmd by i-rcmier Mc-t(?c'1* tlie u'ul11 ol   Ml"r l,tH   ll'oiem       ,.,   , ,   ,. ,:'
,,., contained."   a-   tbe   article   in   u,0l*nil 5th Juno, IbOb, respectively,  are
  "World" asserts.    The only i,-,',,, i,,,1"'"!'V —""'"'■
to Mr. McBrido is in a report by  Mr.      Crown   hinds   situated   within   the
W ith   ib"   gradual   reduction    in  ,,  ,..        ..... ,       ; , ,     ., . ,
M, King, oi Victoria, on tho   cliurac-   area embraced by the   said   rcserva*
freight and treatment rates ivhicli bus  ,or()ftllc timbel,  on   ,,„.   , ,,   ,,   !
been in progiess for .some  years,   and  served fur llie G
ilu-on,-' ,in'v increasing   nuinbei    uf give*! the names   if  banks  and   Iii
Mutual 1.1c Insurance Company of New Yon;.
Cumuliiiii Casulaty— Boiler Insurance Co.
London Mutual Fire Insurance Company,
(Ittawa Fire [nsurancc < Company.
YMIK, li. C.
i'  on   lb"   lands   ro- Uon wji| he open to sale,  settlement,     ^--£lr>-^.^;>.^-^..^.*^-*&.^.-&
"mi'iUI'V' '" wl,ldl   '"V'-.t-,.- and other disposition, under llie   $ W
:;:l JOB   PRINTING  1
in llritish   Cols
provisions of the "Land   Act,"   il
; ini  mills and othor treatinK  plants il,1(1 lli;in.v I'"1'1"' '" ,|! "'
,.        ,,,.„- ,.,,   a,„ ni" v.l,.,;„ I.,.',   I< V11_a   V01.y| months after the dale of the lirsl pul
Inrougliout the Province, a new   held I . . ,        . ,      ., . . , VM \M
lill'cienl    iiiiii.1     from     ivlial      the  Itcation ot tins notice in   the    lintisli ]iv;-.'-,5i5^;i.^5-.'4ii.-;*$»-;s:j.j$»i.s55*§55;-t^^
"World's" aiticli'i   says,   and   which  Columbia Ganclto; provided, howevci-, iii.
'laces no ros| sibilily on   the   -cm-  ttlil( ;„ ,,i| v.,.,.s u),..,.. |.U|,:,   .,,,,   so /K
nlv   rich   corporations,  or so of mimes and  institutions   tliutl    ,, ,111 ,1    „■• „ i'i
sold, pre-empted, leased or   otherwise ?fi
i-ni,b! all'    I to put in plant*!    for  the he mentions   for   nnv   miuranlec   uf , fa
I alienated by the Governnieut and are 'M
i nil.': prise 1- hi in:: opened to miii-
i*i i and pro pectoi -. I 'mil lhe lasi
,, ," or tn
local transportation of low m-iulc ores,  w'"'' M'> Kil'" *l1'*1   '" "** "'I'"1-     ! jk\
... ,, ,,       . ,    . H 1, much lobe lOK.ettod that any  Mibseouently found, upon the   survey ,W
v.liiili ivuitlil   enable   1 in-m   1.1  land ' i   .   ,        ,     ,.        ,   ,,- ,, ■     »J*
i...i table   newspaper    in      llritish   of the Columbia and   Western    I.ail-  fa
tlioui at the reduction ivorks al a cosl   ,..,..,, ,.      , ■ ,   I , .   ,,   ,      ,        , '1?
1 iiluinbta, 11, tbo hope "i making pol-   way Compuiij - blocks, then tho   per-   iiv
leuvit'K a margin of   profit,     Gravity   1.1.1       i.i c.. 1,   ......   1 ,,..11   ..„. .. 1    1     1      1   11 ;!;
iinai nipiiai 101 it-pa. 1 .. sii,.ii,.i   11    S0I1S actpuring such   lands   shall   ac-   (t\
and aerial   tl-umwiivs,    mining   on   a iort to such inelhods as   ilmt   which'     .,'-.-,     ., .• 1     iilv
.ijiiii" then*   ini"   thereto   from   the fn
large scale, and all   kinds   ol   1 iiiiits   we are now   comi oiled   to   cuiulemn. | iiv
I.,   ,        .       -ii 1 1   . Iliiilwav t oinpii'i'  who liavo  agreed •:»?
ment for the economical htiiitlling   ufj Such taction will do no injury to   the .iv
,. ... ..[present Piovincial Governineiit, ivhich  to dual with   such   purchasers,   !■"-   A
tlie ores were nceessui v.    11   11   prolit   ' I , li\
Iliad ii"ibinu' lo do with   these   louses  emptors, lessees, etc,   on   the   same fa
were to bo made  oui    of   Ion    grade ,    ,.   ,        ,,    ,,   ., ,        ,. . ,        , *•*
  pul|i timber, all ol   lliein   having  terms and conditions as the   Ooyern*.  /|\
"ii-.      An   individuil   oii'iier,     nol   1 , ,,,, 1 1,., 11,,   w    r    \v,.;iv ' ,. , . . .iii.
oecn giauieii 11;   >u.      .   i.    «ells,   mel,t would under the   provisions  "I  <|>
bucked by largo resources   could   nol   llioii l bul Coiiiniissioner, and nun    11 ' /)■.
uie  r of the Opposition,   tho  parly . 'lie "Land Act," except in respect   to   >(
supported   by   the   "World,        Hut J timber   land-   on     lho    Company's
ivel rates aro reduced, und   there   is  such f.ilso   nud   reckless   staioiiieuts' , ,   ,       ,.,    ,   ,, ,
, •  ■      ,     ,,     ■ ,      ,  I blocks, ivhich -ball bo Biibject io   the
everv likelil I that a   still   furtliur  ,*1."- .    K'"l.t ",J"') lU   U     •n'D"-"'uI
ol iiii   Province in Englund, antl cast regulations issued  by   the   Company
u...l ...uro imiiortant .-eduoli ill be    „,...„„„„.  ,v ...,„,   „, _..-•,..,.„-..,. ,., , lUl       f   „„,,„,,   on
in ,,i.  in ibe near ful ure.     Ore   from  ly of oui public   men   nnd   methods,
.   ,    .  , ,   witli the resuli of   ntiikinu   iuvestoiH llie Columbia and  Western    llailivay
ini- 1 .nul', antl I vp 11 'nl nt Hi"   general ., ,,,..,  ,,,      ,.
1 dot nl" io avoid l-nti-h (Joluiiiuia   "ti    l.mil Giant.
nm of ll 11- of the camp, bus  been  lorpii ••
baiidled   al     Uouiidarv    smeltoi-*:    foi    !jrJJttamrin*r»w?z'i^!ttzm>i-.Gn3i£*Mt:i7—
- ', DO j" r ton fm t'leiii'iit    nud   Ireat*-
inent, although lho 1 ui -   11 ked   fi-oni
< pin Im. 11'.
i    Victoria, IJ, Q , u'.'lnl, Feb.,  1000
ill'onl to ship 1-.11 rock      No*    how-
iti'iiit 1    smeltoi      11 as
!'..!'. r,   With a ■-'.'• ■'"' 1 ate f 1 fi. ighl
till-1  ' le. 1 III' III   11 mill"!' inll    ail.id     I" :
1 iy ■ 11) ■-■'. a  ton   foi1   hauling,   and
avoid 1 In- hi 1111 nul I iy   foi   a   train ]
". a ■ or other del ic r   l-Iio tp    local
::   ,   1 - 1 ini ion.      A nd   thi:'   presents
hi , [ipoi 1111 il \ for the leaser,   or   i"i
: :■'.' in.In Mad claim mi uer,   tn   » nl!,
on bis on 11   ie   .in ■• ■,   of   muscle   and
TO I'lil.i N'.'ll-'.M' CO-OWNERS,
I'M 'Inn In G, Simpson, ui in v   - I hei
W s. GORE,
Deputy   Commissioner   of    Lands
■.V Works,    Un Is   and   Worts   Do
pel "ii '.i' 11 Iioiii ho may have   11 ins
filed Ilia illli l-osl    in llu      May    lllnn
-. 111     miiivi'ul   . I.din, sii 11 ited     on
111 mi :i   11,■..-;. 1 in.   111.. ami    1    half
111; .      null' hwi hi   from     Num.      Ill     I he
Nelson    Mliiiiijj    l>'ii-iiiii   of    We-i
X< 11 it  nay I 'i-i 1 id, and    rocoi (led    in       1. ;•
!,,. li.-,-md.-1- oilice  t'-.t    Llie    Nelson
lerpriso, withoui being   under   tin*   Miniuu llivisioii,
iiicossiiy of inlorosliiig citpitnl   iiofon        Vi  1 ami ouch of  you    an1   hereby
■    - in 1  .iii  this   property.     The  notil'u-d, lluil 1 havo   expended Three
* -      *w     r~
^ SU
3' to
Ity iii ".' King   llie  . iv   i-i   ilu
nl flu uply, i- (lie    1 hief    draw
bun hod nml sovt-n dollars nud I'.i''. cl
, -':'''", ,;">(!) in labolii and iniproveiiiei Is
i upoii the above mineral claim in order to
: " ;l1" "I'"!"'"1"-   "1   Un    ! -'  |m|,i  H,n Hamo under the provis'ons of
■ , nud if ibe smelter rntcs 111*1! lo
lucod to such an extonl thai (he ru
liu-ti 11 oiiiials 1 ii" 1 'i.-i of hauling-,
I •  me   many   proporlies   in   lho
III i.'i.ii.il bund  Which    tail     bt!    '.'..ill.I'll
.ii 1 tin ull -.' do by 1 ro! pe. Ini . iiiid
mini 1 - 11 Im lit■-' locuti d tin in. 111
tddiiinn, tlio iiuinboi  1 i -1.nn].  mi
ljt.ll let  -Inilliil be    1111    aid.    a-
ni ,.   if the ores nro freo inillihg, and
.I11IIS   I''.  11.1II l'i il"! I.l-
■mote from a mill, most  of   inted at Ymir, llltli, M«#. 1»Q5.
I In- M ,1,, 1 ..1  Ai '.   and if ll ilbin l.iliely
ni. :'i0111 the date of this nolico vmi
".nl ... ii'fiisu in . oiitributi your por-
1 inn nt expenditure (u hich i- onn bun
ilrcl and Iiii 1 three do 1.11 - and -even
1 v iin-1-t-iiis for iin- 1 In i-i- years ending
- May ', HOD) together w ith all cost* of
ad ,iii' in. . 1 .in im 1 ■■ ' ni ih" -aiii
claim tt ill I... .inn- tlio proptirty ••'   1 ho
-.il.-. 1 ibor, utidci 1 imi I ..1 an   Ael
entitle I "An A'i i" Am "ii I the
Mineral Act,  11)00."
Customers all over Can- p
ada tell ul tliat our Mail
Order  Department has
meant lo ll.cm added con-
Vetkience andlcsscnedco-rt
Tin- (if.v.yfar reputation -*l
our m 'in Atiurni vAti>tfnc*
1 i.ni tuiuaitoriler purchmcr*
nf Jewelry, watcntii fciUer-
ware, ..uuoncry, etc.
Our complola catalogue will
gladly bfl lent tin reqUeiti
*•*•*" ~   :
-r   y,   -
£*" **— -5
... ,            V»*       >MaJ
/:   "C -i
">», S;
f. -:    -jj
—    /     —
2 •> "
'--        '-: '
,"■       ~'      **-V
1—^    '. .*—
—.         ^.""       —.
-".  1 >-^r
;:  /   ^
'"fi A
ai   C      •**•
~      /'
-.:     laaj,
(*,\***<: eet-MieeMeceeetc«««c««t*«i««*M«|«t4e«>ieeee<   ',
1        Ymir, B. C.
Ymir, B. C.
iKcSiiC &£idi_t_b_tt£i_Zi_etdtt-ti-tL-ti £.•£. &.&.&. &£■ We have just got in a
new Sine
(Meets train everv ifiPI'iiiny
fSCi'Jil Sunday, for IVi'iirht
iiinl passengers Iiii' Vmir
mill. I'.y Bjiccijvl orders mi
S|iiii|;i\s. ()r I'u!' Viinr initio.
Which are bard to beat for price and durability,    -\l-.i  a  liim n{  t|ie celc,| ALEX. ODDIE   Pr
biated Ames ll'ildll -line-..
Take a Look
Which h.ue j:iot arrived, ojler a large variety of -iri.tly up»to-date  stylet.,   j
See on;- Iiiu- of Stetsons, i
DesBrisay Jobbing Co,
*&*r qa-qg t*%*v, —
Norway and Sweden.
the subject without incubating a solu
: i-,n  satisfactory  to  botli   countries •
Why  Thoy Al'G Opponeil.       [n 18nr the Libornl party   was once
snore victorious,   but   no   step   was
in 1 ■- 1 i, after a  union   of   nearly
WATi'li   SUPPLIED    FOU     Im-!
MIOTIC   ANi;     l'l 111-: |
t-UHPOSES    I' X li E I!
D-i     I'OUNDjS     l'l! lis
a* I'ui:
I'. S. T. K",-.-, Secretin y
taken tu settle the consular   dillicultv
four centuries between   Norway   nml ,., ,,,..,     ,             .,                           _,                              __.    ,..         _
until    HJJ, when another   committee 1 Q v\r\\, nv\ **»   Tj-.-sll*^    Sf-
Denmark, the Danish king, Frederick ,   ,     T|.           .,,         ,     bpOKaiie  X* ElliS   <&
•' was appointed,     Una committee sub-       JL
V I., without consulting   the Norweg- -.,   ,                 ■    ,.             ..                          TaT^v-./.*.*), _,,„«   n „_
"                   n mtlH a report ui favour ot  a  separ-        IM OVi. tlPT'Tl   IvXT
ians, ceded Xorway  to   Bwecdon   by ,   .-,       ,                       in                    l^UIlUCJUIliy.
' ate Consular  service, anil a Common-
.'!.,. 'I1....!.- . i1   I.'-:..I            lit,I        ,,,.!      ,-,,. l'l*
thu Treaty of Kiel.      lint,    not   un>
.. i 'I1 In, only    all   rail   route   between
lane t-aiiii! iu  I'JUo trom   nieiiibei's    nl i  1       .   ,   • , ,       ,,
initiirally, the Norwegians, never hav-1,   ,,    ■*,'  ,-        , ,. points east, west and south to Hoss
" linlli    ru rl laments   ri
ing been consulted in the matter,   re
-.e',1.lenient mi tin- following basis;
!uei|   in   aeknowedge   lie   cession, ,.       ,                       ,
"                       'j separate CoiiBtilar services to   be
lieeliii'ing   thai   whilst   the    Danish ,  i r i    i .-     <     i                 v
: established tor liwedqn   anil    V-i-
King might renounoe his right to  thei ....    ,,       ,   ,.         ,
a Way.       1 ll" (_ull-.ul-; lui- eilell     Cl
land, Nelson,   Grand   Forks  and  lie-
public    Ihill'et cars run betwoen Sp"
kiui" and Noi'thliort.
Ilnliel l'iii's   um between   Spokane
and Nelson.
Norwegian Crown, it was unite   an-I ' ,   ',    i         i*   ,           i   .    i fir,.em,, in.n inni
l ti y tube   subject    to   that    I ie i.uccino .-.pin. i ."'.■,
nther thing to dispose of the Norweg- ...        , ,    reave Dull v Train Arrlvi
1 h       authority which each   country   'I"-! '  llul" .nun
inn Kingdom.    As patriots they   tin-!      ;,|,   f i-  i-t-1- i  '•'■''' ''■'■"        Spokane G.20 p.tr
Ieiiiiini-il to light for their  land,    and       ,    ,,       ,,    , ,     v 11 Oo imi
In .'lav ut le-t year tin-  (Norwegian
when shortly afterwards lhe   Swedes. ,, ' ,     ,    .
' . r        ' | Uovernment submitted a cli-iitt ot   tbe
under Carl  Johan,   invaded   Norway
ih'Vinel   with    a gallant   resistance.
The struggle, however, proved   hopeless, hostilities were sunn   over,   and
Carl Julian opened negotiations.
Ai a convention held   at   Moss   it
was proposed   that   the   Norwegian*
should accept tbo  Swedish     King    as
i heir   Sovereign   on   condition   that
proposed consular service to the
Swedish Government, who, instead ol
elaborating a correspond i nfl draft,
made cct-taii) demands and recommendations whioh if accopted would
have reduced lho pioposed Norwegian
Consuls to mere   ciphers.      Negotiu-
iheir Constitution of the 17tli May i *-*°ns between tho u" I"1"'1" """
mii-iined intact, except with such ' »ow broken off, and in response to an
alterations ns the union necessitated. I invitation from the Crown Prinr.o,
i'he Constitution in question, adopted I ncijn„ ua |*.0Bent, to resume these,
by delegates from   all   parts   of   lhe
country in the   previous   May,   ron-|
laiii.d   among   its   must    inportant
the Norwegian Government refused
unless a separate consular service was
features the Storthing, or National j ftRreC(l tQl M*ttei*B.«tood tl.m until
Assembly, a singlo chamber iustitu- last April, whon the liegont again
limi, which the King has no right to Advocated mutual negotiations, bul
dissolve.    An extraordinary   Storth- fts t*,0 •■„„,, (l0   |uit]  t)own   „,.,,. „„,
ing   was    -uuiiiioned    at   Christiiiniii, ,, .     .. ...
acseptaolo to tbo fioiwegian liovern-
 1  on   the   llih   November,   181-1,
,   ,      , .     , ,.        ment, bis proposals were nut accepted
!\orwny was declared to  bo    a   tree,
in.lepciidont, indivisible, nnd   mali*,,. The refusal of the King   to  sanction
able realm, united wi til   Sweden   un- the action of that   Government,   and
ei "ii" King. his endorsement uf the Itegent's   sug*
li n- Is little imagination to^ real- ge9(,ion*, 0f April 5th, have   produced
another deadlock, and sii.ee each   in
linn is equally determined not to give
thai 'hi- Act of Union could    nol
itisfuetory to cither nation.    II
.ledo.- had hoped to make a province
■ -I Norway, instead thoy bad merely *•*)'. *■"*> severing of the union would
joined two independent kingdoms, seom to bo the inevitable solution "t
'I he Norwegians, on the other   bund, ] ||l(. problem.
• tw iheir independence threatened  al
.cry i iu n. nol»itlistanding they were; ________________	
i  tain   their   own    Government,
I'li'.iitliiinl. Ai'iiiv,     N'tvv,    I'll imi-,1 w-f->-__-__-__'^     GO   YEARS'
vj| H-lii,'Li:>(,'-.£
I he relation- between      •   two        ——————
• imi i ie- « il! he realised w ben   ii   i-
. ulei luod I hal a   Norwegian   is   a
■ ,. igni i in s.veden and  a  S.vedo   a
' ".   "i   in  Nol way; neitllOl' fan held
iii olliciiil position in ibi- country  of
■ ' I    r
tji.riill It'ilff, llltll.Mlt.l'1'liril... Ill 'I"!
Scientific Hiticrican.
aoe ms.rks
Copvnic-HTS 4c.
Anv.-iti. landing ....■'- '<•>. and doacrlptlmi mm
!     ^„|,.|!|y „....|lllill i-ilt i.|.iii...ii In-i. nl..'  im
III 1 WO lbe M.athing a|i|iiiiii(iu     ii '    mv i laprohnblyniiieiiuhlo.  <"''"'"',"li';''
8    ' ' tinnHatholirtinnHdontlal. Ilnndl It on I'ntouu
C'liiiiiiltee to ini|iiin into tlm   praoti      'W^S ltX" "B?o'S5^[^ZS'ifWrweiVa
ibilitV     Of     e-l.d '    llillg     a     SI p   I'ale
Norwegian Consular service,  instead]
. .. .  ,  I     A linii'l."iii..!v llliiilrnl.-il WNklr.   '.'Tl-...! i-lr-
I.l     III'-     CXlstillg     t'ulll.Hint! lull      Wit III     i'i,lnti..ii ..I iiiivh.-i.-iiIIII" I .<iri.ul.   Tornia, M ■
i    ,',.,,r: I'.iiriiinniln |i. Be" 1 Lyiill nownloiilora,
.-.ii'ile,,.    A-year later lhe  *itoithing    {y|lJNK & C0.n6IEr<"d"a* NeW YOfR
derided to establish u consul ir service, |      memoffles. 8* It t*~ (ffuwiuton. i>.c.
The King refused his caiictiim; there> I   , mni, ____	
upon ih" Norwegian Qovernmenl   re-
(llffl       Tin-     C plelO     ileadliii'k ! +-»■♦♦♦•♦-♦♦♦.♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦-«.♦♦♦♦■*
.- hiin ensued was   terminated   bv
J Hotel Ymirt
• ompi .ini-e. ilu- Ministry   agreed   ti
■I'  i  iu oiiiee on condition ihat   the *
:'      on wus postponed, not dismissed     '■  e following, year the program
ii ' all-'l.
' ■ he close nf l^b I the triennial
i i       ,. luuk place, ilu1 result  being]
tl   •      iajorlty of the | pie deolared! ? A lino solectioil of Willi
in ■      ir of   separate   consuls,   und
i'i niually for a aeparuto   rejiponsiblu
Mn      . for foreign affair**.    For thoLJ j, \v. MAHTEHSON,     I'u
fexl iwtiyearsK   eouiinilte"   snt    un ,
Tin' I'.i'.-i Meals
And Accommodation
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Rosshiiiil 'l.a.'i p.n:
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'. 1 i.'iu a in      Grand Forks •" 6(1 p.m
1" "" a.in, I'hoei.ix 0 80p.ni
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York, and
sl,i:i-:i'i.iis    BUFFET,
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fpttltfB-^tJarri-ji rv\; ~>
Norway  and  Sweden.       the subject without incubatina: a solu
  iinii  satisfactory  in  both   countries
Why  Thoy Al'6 Opposed.       [u 18DT the Libcrtf! party   was  once
more   victorious,   but   iin.   *-te;.!   was
\VAT|.;l,'   SUPPLIED    I'm.    Ini-
.Ml>'i'ir   ANi;     i-'i i:k
Do     idl'XHp      i'lil'.s
I'. & T. )!".-.-, Secretary
taken in settle ihe consular   difficult*-,'
in I-311, after a  union   of   nearly
tiiKt'ii in set ii.i mu consular    uiuicuitvi —    „■, \n    i ,     t     .* \i   ,, it , ;, ,
r'tuir centuries between   tforwayaud       ,-,..„,.,     , ,, •    ' i « , „    ,, Wu have just received oi)i* sprinR stock of Men and Hoys suits.      i.
until    ni.iJ, when another   committee ■ Q-o-> j-. \, r. ■*% ^ 1?nl1n P„ , , , , , ,. ,  ,, .
Denmark, the Danish kino, Frederick *,   ,     -,,, - -,, ,     Q UOK&Iie r £L1IS OS I "'" l1'""- ■-.""" ''••"•>•"" "-boutthou;, Siyle, tjuahty   antl Price.      W'e   In
•' was appointed,    lluu coinmitteo sub* j      •* ^^
\' 1 , without enii.-uliiii''  tbe Norweo-   . -,,   , ,- ,■
" n    nutted a report in favour ot  a  Repar
ians, ceded Norway   to   Bweoden   by!   ...       , ,     ,,       '
'   ate Consular  sprvice, and a Coi|ii|iuii-
I ho Treaty of Kiel.      Uut,    not   un-  • •     ',,.,..,- t .IT'1" onlv    all   rail   route   between
..K|ue ciiiik: iu I'JUo trom   membors   nt i I      :...,.       ,    ...,      ,,
naturally, the Norwegians, never hav
Northern Ry.
i.iue came in
I both   Parliaments   recommending    a
in... been consulted in the matter,   ro-     ...' ,,    .• ,, i    •
settlement on tbe tolltiwint; oasisi
Fused   to   aoknowledoe   the   oession,. ..        ,   .-,       , ,
n ' separate Lansular services t.>  be
iloclarino   that   whilst   the    Danish , ,  , ,■ ,    , ..     ..     ,                 v
,                             . estublmped tor Swcilon   and   N..i-
King might renounoo his riolit to  the | .,,,    ,,       ,   ,         ,
"                               B way.     1 b"-Lnn-.nl-; Im1 eiu-li    i
points east, west anil south to Ross
land, Nelson,  Grand   Forks and lie
public,     linll'et ears run between Spo
kitn" and Northoort.
Iltil'iei Cms  run between  Spokano
and Nelson.
Norwegian Clown  it was   iiuite   an- I " .           .          , ■    .           .,   ,    . MlWiin    \n-ii  inns
' i try lobe   subject   to   that   In  njiecino April, i.m.i,
other thing to dispose of the Norweg- , . .       , ,     r nave Duilv Train Airivi
™ ' n \    authority winch each   country   tie- "wo  uum rtinvi
inn Kingdom.    As patriots they   do-       -.    »    -ispif i 0.-I5 u.m        Spokane G.20 p.m
lei mined to fiabt for thoir land,   and      T   .r      /*.    ' ,,     „ It Oo ti.m        Rosshinil
In May of Inst year the {*iui'wpgian
when shortly afterwards lhe   Swedes, \~ . ,    ...   ,     ,   .-,   .■  ,,
' _        ' Uoverninent submitted a dratt ut   the
under Carl  Julian,  invaded   Norway
proposed consular servine to the
Swedish Government, who, instead ol
elaborating a corresponding draft,
made ocrlain demands and recommendations whioh if itccopted would
have reduced tho pioposed Norwegian
Consuls to mere   ciphers.      Negotia-
iheymet with a giillu-iit resistance.
The struggle, however, proved hope-
loss, hostilities wero soon over, nml
Curl Johan opened negotiations,
At n convention hold at Moss it
was proposed that tho Norwegian!
should accept lho Swedish King as
i I,eir Sovereign on condition that
I heir Constitution of  the   17th   May ltions between the  two   patties   wore
 ni.eil intact,   except   with   such * now broken off, and in response to an
liberations us the union   necessitated.! invitation from   the   Crown    Prince,
Tho Constitution in question, adopted ' actir)„ ,1S j;,..,,,,,,   t0   f--*sumo   these,
by delegates from   all   parts   of   ibe',     .■ •       ,. c     \
' the Norwegian   luivernment   retuscu
e.uiiiii'v iii tlie   previous   May,   con- I
,' . . unless a separate consular service was
liiined    uniting   its   most     inportant '
features tho Storthing, or National I nSreC(1 '"• Matters-stood tl u. until
Assembly, a single chamber institu- lasi April, when the Regent ngain
tion, which the King has no right to advocated mutual negotiations, but
dissolve. An extraordinary Storth- as tho linen ho laid down were nol
in- was summoned at Christiania,
and mi the I lib November, 181 I,
Norway was declared tu  be  ".t   free,
iie-e|itiibl" to the Noiwegian  Qovern-
iiidependont, indivisiblu, and   iimli'it*
ni"ii(, Ins proposals were not aceppted
Tin* refusal of tin* King   to   sanction
able realm, united with   Sweden   un- the action of that   Government,   am
nit- Ki
i his ondorseiuenl of the Regent s   Bug-
It net Is little imagination to   real- gealion8 o{ Ap|.j. 5t||| lliw.   p,.0(juce(j
ze thai this Act of Union could   not ,      ,    ,.   , ,
another deadlock, and sinco eacli   na
be satisfactory to either.nation.    'Ibe
.      , it, , iiun is equally determined not to give
*-..t'il"- had Imped to inake a province
■ i Noma)-, instead thoy   bad   merely *■»>•. ll"' sovoring of the union   would
joined   two   independent   kingdoms, seoni to bo the inevitable solution   ol
The Norwegians, on the other   hand, tho problem.
■ni their iiiili'i'i'tiil.tiii'o threatened  nl
. lei'v turn, notwithstanding they were _____________——	
In    n tain    their   u« n     (J.ai 111 ii ii-i 11.
50   YEAR9'
Copvmc-HTS Ac-
 I deaciiptlnn inni
lr,.,. iiii.n.
I' ii: i.t ii it ii i. Army,    Nnv,    Customs,
etc.    The relations between lho   Iwo
i. niii 11, - « ii! in- rcidisi .I ii lien   ii   i-
. .'i.i :. oil thai a   Nm n ojian   i-   a
I .eigiii i in Swoilon nnd  a  s.vede   a
.i.i in Nm way; neither oan held
i iii official position in lhe country   uf
''   '011'ci' .       Ativ.iiii. londlns
ntil.'iiiy ii.r.-iiinti .-nt-..inni..n in..' iii."i.'-f mi
Iii ISUO ill" Storthing nppointoil  ..    M;«:«™,|jrt5oft
'   minittoe to iiupiire into thu   praoti  |   "{l^'Z taion iK«b,0Jiuiu74*Co?N"oiV.
I ju, ..       .   i,     ■ tttfctai notice, without olmrso, In tbe
;orwe„i„n Consular  service,   instead       SClCltUfEC  flltie.1Catt,
, |    A handiomoly lllailralod wfloklr.   L«iw»telF'
II tli"     OMStinS     cnllililll'ltliill      Willi,     inliiii.,11 .,[ iinVKi'lontlll" I iiiriuil.     I..iim-.**.m
v.-nr-. Loir i.ii.ntin |i. no; li.yiiil ;.""-'i""H'■".
Sweden,    A-year later the  Moitlung    £V| UNN & C0.;,6,B"'l'l*'y f'8W YOTK
. i-ciilofl to establish a consul ir service.        Brscob OBi* fc. tfeu WabUunoii, UC.
'I l.i- King refused hi- sanction; there**    _ _lln ....,_,.■,■■ .
tijion ihe Norwegian Oovernmenl   re-
jieii      Tin.    complete     ^.-.M^k:. **************************
hich ensued was   tormina ted   by   a ! f
'•ni|.i .lui-e; the Ministry   agreed   ti
Hi  :  io oilice on condition that   the|f
ii n mis postponed,  not  disml
;   Hotel Ymir:
The Bcsl Meals
Ami Ai'i'iiiiniiiiiliit ion     j
III    IllWII.
A line Hclct'tion of Wines, *
n at ei i.
 close nf 180*1  the  triennial
' 1 ei lonk place, the   result   being
ti lajority of the people declared j t  •*   ■ -»
in- ir of   sepuruto   consul*),   and[|       Litjtiors nnd CigRW.       j
L*\      inlly for a Bepartito   responsible I.T   •»
Min ier for foreign affairs.    For thoLt J, w. MASTEUSON,     Prop, ♦
I cm two years a   collimittC"    iat   0'''^-^^^»^.a^ft»--t*tt**^^+^'   .
I.o.'i p. II
9.10 a ni N'elson l! .'i.'i p.ni
11 iiiu a in Grand forks :i 50 p.ni
1" 00 a.in. I'iioei.i-. 5 80p.m.
7.011 a.m Republic O.IJO p.m
a._jIj   the   TinyEE
i'.V   USING
Seattle,     Tacoma
St.  Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
SLEEPERS,    lil.'l-'l-'KT,
MKAI.S A    l,.\   i AHTE,
I £*C:-:-3
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Shoos, Ilm- -V". .'"'.
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Stoel, Poivdoi',  I'u..*   nii'l   i l.ip ,
Orauito   and   Tinwure,    Sti u
All kinds ..t' PLi'iibim,', I'm*
smithing anil • i. neral lli-p iii
Special    li.i.ei    ion    Hates
Lewis t- Clark i air.
For nil' -. foltlers nml fall li    i nuition
, ,_■ il'tlltlu  I 1 :;  ■    Cllll    "li   fl illTSS   ill.
t^i ni ul iin H  !'. iS N. I.'n or
I. \ JACKS!l.v,      ii. ni.   '.'n"
I,    I    & I" A. I'    iii   I    A
71" V i-ni.   Ai.
-|, ■.
,-|,,„ mu.
^":-'V| Sterling
From a ccfTcc
IpOOU to n tlluUH-
■ n<t dollar prr-
icnlnliuii set.
Henry Iiiiks ft
Bonn'     facilities
f.r making aolld
kilverwore nre
poueaacd by no
other concerti In
cLA«tT jua. Artlrtlcdetlfn.
rrs, modern machlneryi nnd akllled hand*
wniker**, nil under the direct BUpervlilob of
nractlcal metnben of Hi*? firm, make nn un*
equalled combination fur turning out fine
write for lltuitrattd caUlogiit.
Jcv.elry,    *
Sterling SU^cr,
Silver Plate,
Watchti, etc.
Henry Cirks & Sons
Jewtllen io Hit J-.xteilencjr
iif iiul of Min.e.
The Mutual Life [nsurauci1 Company of X.^
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
A iiolic'*, in ii i-ilir -iii'i'-i invcstiiu'iii known to mini.
(';i-h im i*-ii'i| in I .il'11 I ii-iiniiii'i- is ciisli in vest oil 1 li 11    wil
I'i'l inn compound inti.res't,
All siicccssfiil liii-iih1-- men ciii'i')   Inryi*  Hiiiniiiits  of lib
iiisiiruiK'c.    li ji'uiiili1- for llu; funiily, [ u-> • t. *. - - - n nian in h,
uld am*, nnd iiroti'i.l 1 lii- 'ii lii*r iii\"-i 111 • -11; -.    Ini'   p. 1 * !• - .i
.in\ forni of lift) iii-iii'.iii"'' ii|i|il' 111:
Percy .!■ Gleazer, Local Plgenl
j.SKI.-i.N .'   II. SHEI'AHI) KY
HI'iH.Miil'XI \l.\ II WI.W Wm
WASHI.VU lux ,v 1 . v. uy
V.  V. St  i:   IIV.  St N   CO.
'■ uii'l (lii'iit N. lib.'i 11, V. , tliern  l'i
  inni o. K. ,v N. Co.,   for p iim    ■
tfoi 1   ami  -miib ; eonnoi' •   11   ll
liilul ainl N'elson  with   the  Chiim
j I'aeilii'   KllilwilV,
llil.sil   \Mi s a l.i fill Mi;', is ConneclHiil N'olwiii with tliu   I*  II
& N. C11.  for   K11-I.1 an I   K. nn   -
! 1.11,1,1-
Wholosttlo nnd Rotilil j   . ConnecU at. Curlew with  -i .-■ :. :
. Green wow 1 ami Midway, If I'.
I'.iill'.'i   earn t un on trulim ijeti ■.
Mail ordem receive prompl  aitenlion Bpokttna ttm|   Kepublie
II  A. -I.\f KsuN
JOHN  rilll.llKKi',  l'in|i.
General I'iiiii mifnr A^ Iiii: YMIR HERALD »M- Iv ' Wl1""^ "':1'1
custom work for 11 reasonable  ci n id
I'tibllMiml . -..-i-i- s-ii'.iilHv nul mul . i -.    iii
,: !ri.sn. oi lulivurcil li) etirrn-r Int.   u.
|il * ie vi i'i; t imiiiiii
I,. In • i.l
'. ■    lltl'J   I:.i-■-.   fl.fO   ..' -    |tl    i,    p,'|   ■; ul  'I.
An Absolute Denial
Y.M 111 LODGI'I No. 31 A. 1''   A A
M      Al.et- lii -i     Friday    in    eu
n, inth. Visiting bi'.ibei'- i-eh onied
John M"Vi. ui, W. M
I'l'.in'i .1. (Ii.i.izi.ii. Secretary, i
Mr. MelJi-iile, the Provincial l'r.-i ■
ier, I-,- telegi-iiphed  i News-Ad-   YMIH   l.-ll-iil.  No. K.    "I     1'
! ll.    I" ::.,.', l-an .. 1    'r   ■:.,.-. ' '
:...-..-. ,,,;i,. .„..,.,.■...,■ ...,„ i..,. vertiser,''asking that an absolute de-|     Meets fust nnd   third   Monday   m
.   ..in. ii-.. nial be given lo an article which   was i     each    month.      Visiting    lirullieis
:.    ....,.,  . Mm ...   .,..,., . | ul'lishtfl in   I'lid.iy's   issue   uf   Llie 1     welcomed.
.   . .;:■ i -.,:.'■- ;.     inJunl i.Hiiis. V uncoil vci* " Wt a 1.1," i nsil iiialiiig t ha t Ciiaiii.KS Ai iald, C. C.
 :. i.,     i. lie was interesied, uitlier  directly   or John 0 I'ewaii, K. It. & S.
UK! .:.'.   i-i ni.i-iiiNi.  uomI'axv ■  lirectly, in the promotion  in   L in    yMIl!   111VF   I  \Mi''   OF   THE
:'"";' lh"    'V'-1"''"    ('""';|;'   '''I";1'!     MACCAIllik"      m'""1-'  second
i n!   Pub    Coiiipiiiiy-      "Neither   in , *     ,,  -..      , i ,i
II.   KKUINS,   MAXAiil-.l!, I I       J null totlrlll   lUCSlbiy ill eilflt IllOlUll.
''"•   ■"" ' 'V "ll"'   Pulp  '-'""! V S.G1.KAZEH, L. (.'.
' " ' lmdll,,y   '"te,-esl   '"'   '^"''"-; !.. liL-cKivoirrii, II   K.
-SATURDAY. JUNE,  2-1,  IUO."i.       inn," says Mr  McBride,   A refcrenca]
1 in the issue nf the "World'   in   ijui s-
The Vancouver VVorlil    which   has  tion, shown two articles-,   prominently
itely pasted into the hands of n   ne« \l>W™ll< l"''1 wiUl llu;   uiidonbteil   in-
wm-mmm   A. MACDONALD & Co,
Tht Kind Vou Would Like I**!1??
i"'rs' ^-r^lRlBS'1
■-:•■■ \ounger gem rali- n of jouriiali-ts
• 11; ing hard to wui 1; up n ■■ ml I
against i he   ptesent   ' lover.line.      of
Old Settlers Maple   Syrup.
Pure in 1-1, 1-- and 1 gallon Tins.
Sold by
i). CAMPBELL,   -   -
■Mi" :'. V-itV1'-d    -■ .'■ I"
ii' >0M^M
831 .., '■■-, 7 JS ii & ••*- ',j
fl|*'    ^aQH-lEO-CAhi-grOSv"' -
YAI1R. -4  ;   ;; :.. ;i—_
teiition of seeking  in   make  political ' w$W$?7S7-W
capital to  Mr.    Mcllride's   pieju.liee j eH.£l:l_J.iSi
A perusmil of the articles shows   that L"iliClf-  and    Work's. fHiflhlff  AffCtlt
the, writer of lliem could   nevei1   have] . "    -    h      0
Stocks and Shares
Li C, oud tho Premier, in   'onnectiou  read the prospectus of   llie  Company        C.'iUlColllltioi]  ol'   ! .f.-iTVc
with the pulp lenses issued ti    11   new  •'" which he bases his   attack,   unless
...   . .,       ,   , j v, 1* are to a - -ini!'-    m hich   wi
I lill'    lill'   '.I'll  lie       ,1   ,'.;   1-      .,
1 ninpauy
1 ure assumption anrl absolutelv witli-
nUI basts .-an be easily seen from the
article from   Hi"   "News   Advertiser"
till   MOTICE i- hereby given    that   the
deliberately reservuti Uablislied  in   pur-
illy   made   false   statements   suan:3 a.f Ibe provisions of lb.-   -Cl-
ini.in and Wi-.ii rn llnilway Subsidy
11 ibi'
mi ibe mutter,     In no purt uf   1 i
pros]. .iii- m ill then
I"in.'I   nnv
Aei. 1890," notices   of   v hich    wci'
* Inch wc reprint, and   by   tli-   cate-liusertio,. tliat Mr. Mcliride "guaran-   I'"1'1-1'"1   !"   <1"'   I'"'1'*1'   Columbia
(.oiicnl denial issm.l by Premier Mc    teed the trull, of  statements   llteiein  Gazette and dated   7th    May     Is...;,
containeJ."   a-   tl, tide   in   the,■»■'• oth Juno, 189b, respectively,  are
hereby cancelled.
Mutual Llffi lii.-in-itiii-i' Company of New York.
('iinadian (lasulaty—Boiler [nsurancc ('0.
London Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
Ottawa Fire Insurance Company.
"World" ossei 1-.    li." only referent
to Mr. McDride is iu a report by  Mi.I    Crown   lands  situated   within   the FIRST   AVENUE,
Y.M IU,   \\. (
I 1 IM U    %
Wiib   ib"   gradual   reduction    in   .,
11. hii:.', "i  i ictoria, on Hi"   cliarac-   area embraced by tbe   suitl    reserva-
fieiSbt and treatment rales winch bus  ,      f t|    t|   j  j.     ,    ,j (    | „ j < .,.,-,., 1,   ,,,1.,   KPttlempiil -^."-a.-*•»••.. .^-. ■•**■-.. ^■'^■■^:^*-*»K:>.-**v*«v^*1*v*^*^.2i-.>.-^-'v*^v.:ii -x
,111111   will   11,    n| 1 11   1,,    -III ,     s,  nullum. ^r'^Z**. i-"**--.!-- .:*.  -rt. ^-.- #.-> ««.■««- w-^i^.':*-- -**^-a.. .TJ**^©*-. -Jl-** **.-.* ,.j»-.ai-«B- -ru.  »|i   V
oeen in pio»iess ioi   .eiiie  yeais,   anil  servet  tor the Company, m which   he  . >   ,,      ,-       -,- ,     ,,      V.fjf
1     * ease and other disposition, under lhe   -r-jy
the constantly incrensinsr  numbci    of uives tlie names of   banks  and   firms I        ..  ,        A-'. f ^"■v tt-«*»
,,. ,,■■,,.,   I provision** of the "I-auil    Act,'    three, W g £ \ %J
lamp uiilis and other treatiiiL' plants *i»d niaiiy public men in llritish  Col-j' ^, B \  I I > i;— S'C  ill  ";-Vl
iiiii'im in wlmm In. U known    ,    v.-rv months afler the dale of the lirst pub- W        ~> VJ-' S.^>
ll.i'ii.J.'.m lie. l'luvinee. a new    li-M   '""  u'" "' "'    ''"A""""''    Ul-| .,. ,        ,   . . ,   \U SU
.    .   , nilTereiil    "iin.1     t't      whal     the  licutioii of this not  in   the    Urilisb  j,v-ai»aaa->aaaai9*5»»»8»»i^Sl»iSi»9
1 i-ni.-: pi isc i- being opened to   nun- ....-■
ei < mid prospectors.    Until  the  hisl
...'   ir li  ■,  only   rich  corporations,  m-so of naines and   institutions   that
cfju-d alf    I to pul in i-.l.mt-    for   il," ' Im 11,. ni".11-   for   nnv   iniariinlec   of
11 j
', il transportation of low bi-hiIp -,, I wliai Mr, King states in his ie| cut.     1
, I     It is much !.. be regielled llui
'World's   articles  suys,   ami   whicli  Cnlunibiu Cbizclte; provided, however,   /ii
'     ''""'  that in all cases when lands   are   so A\
sold, ple-einpted, leased or   otherwise fn
alienated by tlie Government and are fl-j
poi-1 alion 1.1 low grain •..I""1" ""• '""s ""i" '" "" '■ 1 ""•     ! /J-i
.,, ,.  ,,, ,,     ,, ,     . It is much lobe regretted that any  Mibseipiently found, upon the   survey(W
Which   wintlil    en,tlm-    tbcm    to   luui;                                                                            ,    .    ,       , ,      ,.          ,    ...                 ,,  ., ft\
respectable   newspaper    in      llritish   "I the Columbia and   VA astern    Kail- fa
them nt the reduction works at a cost I.                  , .          ,1          ,            ,  .,   ,               , ».J?
1 nitiuibiti, it. in" hope ot making pul-   way ( ompanj - blocks, then the   per- iiv
' "\;l ':/ f  ! "•     UrBvity Uicid capital for ils party, should   re- L„s M,^,wg su,h   lliu(]a   slla„   ac.,T
and aerial   trumwuvn,   mining   011    n  ,0rt tu such methods  as   ihat   which'     .,..,,             .           , iiv
ijuire their   title   thereto   from   lhe f\\
Ini  c scale, and nil   kinds   ol   euuip-   we are now   cfiin(.clleil   to   condemn. | ' ilv
u   .                 ,.  ,                         ,,     llnilway Company who liave  agreed KV?
meut for the economical htiuilliiig   „f I Such tactics will do no injury to   tlio              • /Iv
.,                                     ...             „t \present Piovincial Government, which  to deal with   such   purchasers,   pre- AV
the ores were necessary,   11   a   prolit  '                                                                                                              , fi\
had nothing to do with   these   leases   emptors, 1 .es, etc.,   on    the   same fa
were to bo iniide  oui    ni   I "i    grade            ,     .   ,        ,,     .    ,         ,                  ' W
tor pulp timber, all ol   tbcm   baving   terms and conditions as the   Goyorn- fa
'"-     A"   ""''V"i'"1    '•    "ol   ' ..«™."i«ll.yM.*.   W-   0    Wells,  ment wouU Ullilei. Ul0   pnvMoM „f |
backed by large resources   could    nol   then ' hiel ( nniniissionei-, nun now   a /(,■,
... ,.    , ,,       ,      ..        . member of the Opposition,   llui  party. the "Lund Act," except ill respect    to   fjj
 I i-i -in' >." rock,    Now    how- •,,.,,■      1. ■ 5
supported   by   the   "World.        Hut timber   land-   on     tho     Company's
ever ralfs ure reduceil, mid   there   1-   ,uc.li f.ilsu   mid    reckless   stiuements1	
■  ,       ,     bocks, whieh shid  be subject in   the
"■I, likelihood thai a   still   further  '" i'd" great injury 10   tho  mterestsi
"i ihis Province in Kiiciiinl. and cast! regulations issued  by   the   Company
;'''" n....i'u.,|i.iii..ii leilu.-iini. v.'ll  I."  ..,..,„.„, he hunesty and  iutegri-      . ..     ,   ,,       ...        ,   .-   ,,„     ,'
1 ■ 1 relative to the cutting ut    limner   uu
tu;,il,- iii tin- near future.     Ore   from  ty ot oui public    men   ni.'I   methods,
■    ,    .   , ,   with the resull  of   inaking   investois  lho Columbia and   Western    ltailway
llu-1 auip, ami 1 vpieiil ui lii"   general . , ,, . . ,   ,, '.     ..
1 ' tl . elf in n\..id liiitish Coluinbia   "it    Land Grant,
fun uf lho ores "1' thu camp, lias   been  lerinis"*!
W 8. G01115,
Inilldlcd   III     I'.i-iilnl.it v    -uti'lli-i"     i"i    ;>jcra*!*ar.Ha»w«---*^-sBi'5ai'iiH«i^^
1     Deputy   Commissioner   of    Lauds
~il.ni. I" 1 toilful freighl    and   l real fv'..i ;■-,.
' 1 Mll.lv (J.
llienl, allhough lhe 1 ai     11 ked    from
iii'iircr   'iiieli.i      was     coiisiilerubly  TO I '1.1,1 N.,ii' I'.NT ( ' i o\\ N i;i;
!   •'. ■ r.   With .. --'.'..''ii into f -t fi L'iglii
•inn in   'in. ... a mil,-. "...  .ifluiil   lu 'I'GCIiiirlfitl.Hi.i.i or any  othei
, iy   .1 83 1.  ton   for   hauling,   mid l)ul "!' :" "! ' ""'""' l»v"   "'"'-
avoid iheheavj nulla*   f,n   u   Irani ,'' " ' i;   '   '   ,:' ll'« "M«y   |;1"-|
". a    oc other ib"- Ice  '. r   eln ap    local
11 niisportiilion,      And   thin   piestnls
:u . ppoi ■ m il j for the leaser,   or   for
::-,- individual 1 ir.iui oil nel1,    1"   « nl I.
> ■. his ,.n 11  ie "in ■•■-.  of   muscle   iiiid
terpri e, w ii imin licinu   undi 1    the
■•.',:   Works.    I.aii Is    ami    WorKS    Do
' pill I ment.
I     Viclnriu, IV C, 23rd, fob.,  1005.
lavaanatnxAa^i laaiiiiMiiaii laajtnairnia-tniiCT
j:   O
*/■'           --J
-f    y"    *^'
*v.          1*^.
-i   -r
*-^_ '***-
-^ ^
:   H"n
II! lllll. '-i-al      .  lit 1111, -11 II l'e. I nil
I'.i.ii-. 11 in-,"i.1 iin 11* 11 .ui-l 1 half
mile-! -..ii'iiii. -1 I'min   Yin,!,   111   the
'Mi ■ 'i   Mining    l;,i 1 -i i    Wt -t
Kunl nay I 'i'l i icl, antl recorded in
. he lli'i-orilei - oilice fni ih.. No] on
Mining In-i tion,
t ily of interesliiiif ciipital   before      Vou ami eneli of  you   .ne   hereby
imi died, ibui  1 have   expended Three
hundred mid ioi "i. dollars and llfl y el -
. -':'.'ii .'.i.i in labuiii anil inniroveinei-ts
upon ihe above iiiineral 1 laiui in order In
:     '''hnli! lb- mill,, under lhe prnvi-vons of
ii 111, and if the smeller lull's  mv   ic   ,j„. \\,,,,.,.,| ,\, i, and if wilhin ninety'
Uu ed iu Mich an i-Menl thai   ihe   re   diiy* t'luiu llu- d il" nf this noiiee    y.ni
".ul .a 11 i.i-e i.. . nun it 111 It1 yniir pur-
limi ni i-xpi'tidi11.ie ', which i- niui bun
ill <-.i aii'l   Iiii 1  1 i.l ee dollars and -even
'. • eiui i.'idi .- un his  propert v.      'I'I,,
ll) ,.i' gi llii'i*   the  . re    I-,   tin
i .ih ■ el cheaply, 1- ih"   . hief   draw
Im ie  me   many   propi Hi-    in   the
iieighboil d 11 hich  can   be   w ..i ked
,11 a  -mall -i-il"  by   11,,.].e, I":      uie
1 v Iiie cetils t"t ihe 1 In nt- vear- endilii
mini 1
uldiiimn ibe nuinbei  1 i Htuinp  mills
1;  ,1,'    ljn| ; iet   lIlOUlll be     llli     I'.id.     lis
n-i ,     if tile urns are free milling, and
• May ','."'.'-) I,.... ih.'i with all ei,-is 1.1'
,,.,,,,,, ,        :,'! -' 1 I '. 'ile...   \ '..111' illli'lTIl   ill ill"     -niii
nun |-.1 Who 111 -I   lui-ali '!     Hit in. In
claim will bci iniio tb" propurty ol   lii"        ;
• nl.-1 aiber, under secliuii I "t an   Act
eiitill'' I   "An    Aul    in    Am 'it I     lb"
Miiiei il Act,  IU00."
.'.illN   F,   II l|||*ii|"l I.l-
"utile frtiin a mill, inii-l   uf   i ,,te I ai Ymii, I:',ih, May   I >('0.
Customers all over Canada tell ui lliot out Mail
Ordar Dcpaitmcnt liai.
meant to llicni added con-
Venience andlessenedcost
,*| Tlte fifti-.j-eaf repulallon .-1
ci.ir Hula fts.iiu*^ aul,-!...*
tion t,. mailoiilei purcliaafra
til invri.i. watcnea, ailvar*
.-.i.fl, M..IK-IICIJ-, etc.
Our completa ealalogua will
gl&dly bn srtit Oil lf.|U'*?t.
1 DIAMOCTD liAl.l."
— ~
■> " --^~
-r    >
':;   r~ I
•«.»  -■
a .' 3
*,l*»     **-
—.     *-^
-»    /     ^
—          ■■■
-"r    ':M -
^   ^r
■»".   "i ■*-»
^m J
...    w
aS**'<r- ''*z***$$*ss*i'«iszte'«i^^^
1        Ymir, B. C.      | '-m
Watch   Repairing
A-- 11 IN',.
K. W, Wiildowsoii.
in,.>Ki-.i.-a(i;;  \\-.i  ii-., !•' U'Clv.
I'.i.'.1.  .1. i;|.'ii.;..|'.
I'.i 11 in ;:.
.Kim |iliil;i'-ii.
i niplov only expert workmen. ,iikI our   work "7,,': ' ;:" ■'"•mm"">
I . , I ' • 1). l.iitinil.i-l'.
No liiiillcr wluit i-lii" niiilffi'  uiih   your
-ivatcli we c;iu make ii as mood a-- new, a--  wc
-*_ * -     '- ' w       ' ._ G_
is  all   iu":,,.'i!,|l(,('('-      f-ft'avc your svnjcli   willi
Mr, A, K. I'Vcucli. our local ngc'iit,
J. 0,   Patenaude,
jVlanufacturing Jeweller, vVatcjimaker apd Optician.
American and B,  C.  Hydraulic
Placer Company Ltd.
>i in
Dt'uBlis-iy Joliliinu Cn.
Tlio Oi In Urn,' nn-1   ll . >'; i' ..
IliiNi'ii'i ;.   '.iKAi.i.i;
\\'i',li;iiii tllijrk.
1.11-', 111. IKK.
p. Cnpipliell.
D'.-liii.-nV Jubliinji Co.
lli.lhl ,.
Uos|iiopiilitn|i—Ii.lui Uveiiu
Mi'l-itnl ll. us..- l'iiil.iv .Mi-!., ml.
Miller (lonau—S  Miller.
I'lil-irc— I nil ,-■  l'u.l.ly.
Yattpouver -Uwen llu',rr.
Waldorf- quorgoColumn,
Vmir—j, VV. Mastersou,
11ai;iim ,m:i:
Vi -S. T. Ross.
i ' l ii s    I I i m: m: i.    \n|i    ,ii!.|.;.ski:
MfS.  -J'-llli   .Ml'l.i'll.l
I'er.cy .J. (jleiiz -r.
•      HEApQUAHTERS    FOH    MTNJN'G    \i!:%    Wl)   T
'I'll.Wl I.l.lN'i I'lT.l.ic.
Iii mill Publish ing Co.
.l'l I (ONEliy.
Capital $50,000 in 500,000 Shares of ten cent/ each    n. cumpbeii.
llnr.-liiiu' St \\ ilsou.
The Comptiuy is now preparing   to   work   tlio  (lold        Jackson & Leahy.
Dredge, Black Siuul mid Nugget place-' least'H nl   Hull        A1"v "'"''t,,,-,.,,, ,„-,
Siding, mid in order to piirelitise tlio iieeessary  iiineliiu** -^'i1'* Motmiis
.1 I '  1 I*      -.      I 1 t-       I I NPEItTAKEU.
fly, the promoters |iave set tisule  a   linutcil inunln-i- (|l        William cim-k
.-liiirc- lop innncdiate sale.
Tin1 shares mc fully paid and 11011 nsiscssable.
Tin1 ('onipanv's ground averages -IO cents  per   cubif
vnrd on the  surface, over ~-K) neves.
[Jijt-il liedJroel< is rciiehed these   kIiiu'ck   c-au   1"'   ol>
tained :it a liargain,
Meanwhik'the treasury  stock   (*200,0()0   iSliaivs)   ..-■
lef'l intact,
South  African   War  Laud
Grout Act,
New Service.
who i- one i-f tho oldest gold coinmis
-i.iiii'i- in ih • pro*,into,
HUNTS of latul iimilu   In   \'..linn... I'-.  Iltolr
lii-ir*. or iiaaliziia, under luitlinriiy ..i  ti,i-
,\l-l.     lim    Hll.J.'tll      I"    l||t!    COllllitiOII   llllll      :IM*ll
Inn,I- -Inill linn- I...-H -.-!.-.:i.:.|    l.v  Um nn, -
i.ii ->!■ !.. 1..!.. ilu- lir-i .!.... ..t.liil...  11*05.      Nutlet-
Is. lli-r.|,,|'.'. li.-r.-l.>' nivn lluil ;i|.|iii.';lli..ti-
1 -r-i.i-li Llii'i- inn*-! !,.' Iiii-.I nt n llm.-riinii'ii!
.." ui bj Umi Uiiti*.
I!    I   I.IIKI'.N.
I'1,:.-! r..|iiini—i.iit.-r ;.i l.iui'i- .1 u ,.rl,-.
I. ni.i*. mi.I \V..ri,- li |..irt	
Vliilnrin, lii'. -."iiii Miiv, r....'.
\ distinct innovation will    In1   in-1      	
•iii-nl.-i tlii- -i-a-.'ii liy the N"i ilu i n
,.,",,,1-1,,, c pany whieh opcmti-H     Happy   With  Either,    i  	
i   .•      ij,jn,'nificieiil     steamships      the
- N..,i|,,v*-t''.,!,l ■•Ni,.'il,liti,.l' un il.t-i     A maiden lady wa.    very   i J   iit i  • i-
t;*eat Lakes and which  sail   between  Lho minister paid her a vis.t.   "Well,"   " '    ,m    ,l1'1 IUllO «»    Kl
i  nuth, Chicago mid IlullUlo. .said the lady,''J suppose by   to-njor- lit!_.* Ill  Jill   |\illlls   of
llerclnf    tho   service   on   thesi   "•'■■ night, I shall bo   in    Ucclxeliub's
i    ,is   Im-   entirely   been    European   !        "*N'".''   said    tli blister, StcltlO II Pl'V.
I   ;i, Imi tliis year ii has been ariani* | "you iiiean Abraliain's bosom." '•Well,'
. i„ place   i.i   effect   an   American [either will do,    When you have lived
I   ui service on both the "Northwest1    w loinf as I    have   and   never   been |
.1 "Nmihl.-iii'l      The l'n-t   sailinu   iniirrii-fl, )ou are nol so particulai
■ • iiii- "N'i.i ili«i-i" tn .in I'uliiili   will  Tinier, London,  England.
;    .1 uiie -J7ili.   and   lhe   "Northland
i    in ( liieiicn ilune '.' Ilh.
STowl\- furnished throughout.   Kaniple r lonis in connection.
- ,!..'.:' to J2.5Q per dny.
I'lNLW   MoLKUU, Pvoprietov
******.$***4**w »*********44 **************4*±*i%**'it
! THE   YM|R   HE|«ail,D t
un.nth    Y
THE   YM|R   HE^atD
Pl-jasc forward Tui: Viini H*J«Ai*p toy        .     .
i .........  |
i mid iii'ku-iv.lt-i|i.'i' receipt -;t i-ncliisetl §. .... .
V The  HElUl.|i is publjshpd   every Saturday inoi-iiing and
Z I'l'iituiii- ajl thi1 |ie\vs lit' thi.1 camp,
\\ \:\-.-!— -V'.-.h Ykah, ?-'; Hah? Ykh:, r'1-
GRAND CKNTRAL  HOOT clark's   Furniture   Ston
Opposite Courthouse and   pew   Post
oilice, Pest '.Ti: itiral ill tqwu.
Etii'iiprnii nml   \:in'iii.'iiii plan. I'ir.i'll .Stiikkt
Only whhii labor eniployed
First class bar
Undertaker   and   l''niiiitare     Penh
.Mail orders proinptly attended to
Hotel , . .   ,
(Under entirely now management.)
Dining Itoom anil Bar
8iipplie.il \vif]i ilu* best
in the inarkcl.
Kight   opposite depot,   Vmir
JOHN Bli-AU, Prop.
A New Mineral.
\ n   iiiin-'i ii    niineral   Imi     In
: inni in Lill t, the mi-, ovi i \    I.in
i   _ Liken plnci' dui iiii1 the proi es
Whi ii yon see u pretty u-ii I putting
in a pni-lage stamp, then   .Inn'l    you  T 01'   (l)l('   WCt'k   Olllv,   III
m i-li you ii ere KIiil; IM« urdl
The Canada Drug antl |.
Book   Co.,  \'mir.
1 III'.   HKST   111! \N|i ii|-'   |>ti\!|-;sTll'
The  Kootenay   Standard
and   Juanjta.
v INI I'M II-ni--.il  ];\
Hotel I
First-class J lining Room
Best   Iniiiiils   nt' Willi"   \ I
J.ii|itoi!,s and Cigars. *
Second Ave. YMII,
HOTEL...      1
Headquarters for ninim
and Commercial Men
Must comfortable lintel in the  tli1
triet.    Everything first-clasfi.
YMIR,  B. ('.
L    C.   Thelin  &  Co.
Nelson, I'.. ('.
Ti III III i      ll"..   -i lipid VOU   an1,    ti
III! -'ll  '.      Cull I   llltlllililv
.1,11,1; ii| •■!
i il,,' ih,,!-,' ul the I...nt
II water that Chillies c in dti   it
I ti.   Kllioll'a olliee Inun.   al   the
i * 444**4******************
npanv whieh is operating   mi   lhe ,   IU In 11 a. in. and 4 to 0:110 p. in.  I
,        .   ,     ,. ,        Alni-i'il I'ni'il     I -liuiil.lii'l Lr   -ni'-
.    i,e|. ri'iielii - "l thu I'm-.a   river     A '
,                      i     •. .       prised     TIipV say ilmi Pools i.'i.iiii.i.':       ,   ——-     -
intill oi   heavy   sand,    having   uj" ™■ ' '■ *""1
.,■'', .ri, ' i'i v i i].idlv these ilai -.
IVI   n ' .'!"'   all'l  UlCtlllle In-ill'.     "a-           .         I       .
I      ,,„i.   ;i|,,|   III,    lli'ilill.'lli.   nl'   I In'      l'"l- 	
11ul Cleologiual Survey depiirtnient, to|     "I^'l us wail and see lho lady  eon i #
,1,, ..„      .MM   ,-,,       „..   . I   4
I lelivercd anj
place in town.
Stove Lengths
Ymir Transfer Co
Teaming and
Express ....
All   ordera -promptly   attended
ami ilu- ^'icaii'-t eat • exercised in ilu
lllllldlilif; nl' IfOOfJu
Viiiir Citizens
v   a-an,i lr   was   fiii-wiirded,   ro«   toriionist," said the bachelt
I... i hat ii is made 'ip of ii ui-niekel I nideslmw,
.-'A.M   MII.I.KI!,  Prop.
y, 17   parts;   platinum,    ;,   and,     ''Wouldn'l   interesl    me,"    replied   HcatllpllirtcrH for Milling Men   X
i a her minerals, 1".    The "iithcr miii*. the benedict     "I- mo   nl   linim
fi.i!-    comprised   indosmiiie,   native ovary day."
p.Id, iiiiignclic oxide of  iron,   titanic      "At home?"
Jrnii iiuait/. anil xarnels,     Tho   iron-      "Yea; my wife  has   one   of   iln.-
i,   kel alloy i- Rtroni*,ly niugni tic, and ( blouses that button al the  back,"
, i. analysis gave over 75 i nr cent,   of
There arc only two instniicci I now ii
-.. hero a mineral of --imii'u- eoiilposl
i, „, lias li.n'ii found, al Awnluii Hay,
\. /.. ulii'ic ii i- found associated
f tl, gold, pliiiiiitiin, tin, chroBic-iroii
,,, .. ute., ami on Uie lilvu, in Pied*
,., ,,,i. Italy, where it i- nlso associo-
,, j uitii   niiiil   ami  other   minerals,
Bar Bupplied   «itli  bcsl brands of
w ini1-, lii|Uois and cigars,
V iist Ai im i,
Ymih, 11.  (
i Per ear. Load. V             Af™^
Now is tin- time to pm m I ,.  .,,,.,
J a ".mil supply, -a-
*   T      l'inlay MuLkoii, President.
■♦ ii     ,       i,. T:         Puitrv 0leazeii, Secretary,
I | '    l0rt'°    l{l('(» li               A  ll. liitiKwimni, T„,i-
; ♦ liiiinlicr Co. Lid. J
Hun im
»«h iuwitC|" nfter I-'. 8oue», of Clinton,
JS I',p,;e"7HM""'"'Kootenay Coffee Co.h^^^^^t
englisiii-   'ileal'   mul    rati'   Aladuin,I •' ,
!   MRS.   J.  McLEOD
i Pout  Olliuo  (Store   -    I'miii-
(the letter i- addressed to a lady d	
tor in llcngal),—1 havo much pica—
nn' in inform you that my dearly ufi*
I'm inn,iii- »ii'i■ u ill In* no  longer   Un>
. der j ■ kind ti-eatincnt,  -Im  having
loft ihi- world foi il ilm-   mt   iin-
,,..',„.,„    ,,   :.',   I-.    ,,-,'    '       M,,M,I,I   ..|',l,'-7ll,   „lt.       |-',„-   Villi-   l,l-l|,
w miner al shall  bo   known  as in (his matipr I   -.hall   t'vpf   remain
Wholesale and retail dealers
in Fresh Roasted
High * Grade - Got tees
NJ'LstfN, 1!. C,
lUltuuyti Nelson Sin tiler I
Gold, Silver, oi- Lead - $1.00 |
Copper, --..- j-j.so j
(Inld Silver,      •     .      .    .    C'| 50 '
Charges for nthiir metals nn ap j
Baker St., Nelson.
P O Drawer 1108,   Phono A07,   1


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