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The Ymir Herald 1905-02-04

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 VOL,    | AH   li-1.
V.MIII,  li, ('., SATn.'DAV.  |'KBKl:ARY t. 100s).
i'lM.i: l'r, i:
"'"■-•'•*••    •    La Roi  Amalgamation.
LOCAL ITEMS |    , „.,„;,-;:,  „  TUNING NEWS
!  Ill,:i.l .11^    l.f      iii..'     ,-i|l.ri
holder- of the I.i- llui    Mining   Com-
Two Fer Cent. Tax.     I The New Citizens'   association.
Tbe N.-I-",, Tribune says:    '-Kor   i
time there was cnnljnuitl agitation to
11ui,iet s i-i t in-  , ,i- i .ui     .11 iiiiuu'    ». uin- .. .,,,,,,   iu,,,    ,,,,,. ,(,,,,,,..„,,,,,,,,,i ,,,,
ri„ .„,   ,.,j,„K,, t   ru,,,t,l,»ll'»lf"inv, iu London,    ilu-   ch.iir.iiun   re-      The force at tl.e Ymjr   mine   ,,.,»   changes in the mineral laws   ul'   tin-
ported   another  disappointing    vear,   numbers n.bout (0 men. Pro*.      livery session of the   Leg-
01,1 Quart--. Creel; i-   rapidly    ""<-,„„„„„,,, e  discovery   of  mo, e       ,-,,,,,*    f     ,|.„    Yai,!.r--   < 1„ I ! ^'""'" .," "--ed . the    i..i«ei-»l   ait.
'"- """ V;i"' '■■"•■ "I'ade nre it pr ised better in L]mf*, by-lluwley   and    Anderson,   is U"'""?', in 19pi,   ll
Al Parr is at present sojourning af  the fuiuie,     'I'he   meetint,  approved I „ow ini,,;;   i-awhided
phoenix, 11. C. the proposal   ibat   lho    Lo    Roi   Co*| rajlviiv
Phil YVjiit,; nr. i\efl   ip   town   p„   »nialganial« wilh other llossland min-
Thursduy i.igbf. | '»« c»«npiitiie« with ,. capital t)f   £|
cfuwti    to   the
The nickel found    ...    Ihu   Yankee
I pirl vein js said to bo common to   nil
the veins in lim. vicinity un    (hmdee
The strike on tho fonn bus assumed
mute important proportions, An
assay across a considerable width gave
SIS.00 per lull.
A strike of line   galena    ore    il)    ll
ilewly opened portion of the mine   is
Nelson bus forwarded   the   f'jll.owing   reported from   lhe  gueen   nt   Salmo,
now under b. ml to Patsy Clark.
Game Protection.
The Game   Protection   Socjuty   of
■ 000,0*00 'i|.d   •'*    working   capital   pf
Hob Pipit is back ..gain  in ymir j $m>m 0|. £400,000.
lifter several iiioutl,.-- absence,
Fresll |lpll..pd   Ftertfl|g   in    |/l
kits, at Seaney's, $1,50 per kjt,
i!o.iN-()n Friday mot-ping,  Ijrd   Stile of Trout   to   be , Pro-.
Feliruniy, to the wife of }wl.    peters, llijlitctl.
nt Ymir, a boy.
Mr. A, 11. Ti|ti|e, manager of   tl|e
-Broken Hill Company, returned from
, .,,,       I petition to   tlm   Provincial   Govern
j-spokiii  I li.irsdny. '
, meiil.
Newitt .v.   Co.   are   udyei-lising   „l     J.. T|n-.t the 8sll and game   of   the
elearing out sale at   cost,   of  KC"ls'i distt-ic-. of and West   !{„ nay   bio   of  profitable   milling.       Abnu.
furnishings, clothing etc.     _ ■■•„,„ „ Vll,uil,,,,. llss„t ,„ *.,,;„ p*,*.vj,,e., u-c.lty tons run   through   the   C! ,1,1
Miss T.-iylin i-; now matron  qf   tho  at)d aro now in groat danger   uf   eis-  cl)p     ,,,;||_       produced     twenty-one
General Hospital  in   place   uf   Miss termination   from   onntinuul     forest  ant] ,*, |)(*,if ounces of bullion, and  two
Kennedy, wliD left hist Wednesday,     j !|rcs, indvsuriminato slaughter ami   ip.* : torn, „f concentrates   valued   ut   |30
per ion. The tailings run about $3 -r,0
per lun, due tn tho ihfec's in the
equipment of the Gold Cup mill, The
costs are reported ns follows: Unwinding §-.50 per Ion. freight nn ltail-
wny jil •_'!) per ton; milling 81 50 per
ton, mnking a cost of §7.70
I per ton.
1'liu mill ,es, of Atlin   ore   proved
conclusively that the ore is   susceptn-
niinii.g .-"in
inillei, of tlm Assembly niado .-. declaration that it was |i..t de. nnd   iifj
l in Tuesday Inst n ineetin-.'  of   I !i.
citizens ,,i Ymir,    w is   held    ii     lh
Miner'- Unioi) Hull, nl whii I, , v „|
Yinir Cili/.eiis A—ii,-ia,iuu itus,    : ■: m
ally dissolved, and a  new    nsso
formed.     Finlny M iLcod was
vlsjublc to make any cli.ip.ges in either  President, U Campbell and   \\
,,-i    \. ,-,     ,       i.i .,   i iidi'oiinie protection.
llieY. C,   A-   winch  mean*,   the       !       '
*..   *    ,..,.      .    .      • ,*        ,    , ,i    i'  That the fish nnd game of these
i nm    l-itizeiis    Association    Should
, ,,        i   i     ...   ,,     -,.   ..    ,,    districts offer   "lent    inducements    to
not be cutil,in,id.'d with -be Y ■ Al.   C, _ n
. i tonri-is who annually  come   here   in
! increasing numbers, and unless   steps
,1. P., the Customs   ollicer L.e jn..m..|j,ltc1y taken to protect   the
at Waneta. has sworn out a    warrant ; |y, .„„, m_^ tn(1 p|,oVinco wip    lose
for tl.e arrest of his wife, for adultery, ' ,hl, be|)e(.. „f sl|rh,el
'" sl"ll'i"»'- ;). That large   quantities   of   Ash, I
A       |inn't forget in make no oiher    en-   mainly trout ure annually sold in   the !
gngement for the evening of the | lib,   local   markets   and   in   lho  nearby   **********4*****4**4******
February, which is  the   day   of   the towns of tho United States, and   the IS NOTICP
dale oi ihe K. of P. J>mce. only way to prevent the wholesale do   <•>
plption     oi     our     streams    i-   to IX
.1.0.  llcM,,,-,   llem-y    Kearns    nnd: ,nnkes„,.-|, sale illegal. j|      A  i'l'llSS lllll|-|v('.|     111     tlli.H
A. II. Kellev l.ave been re-appointed       I.  Phoimants and  quail   have   ro-  tgpace Indicates   tlmt
licence commissioner* for   the   Yinir cently been imported here, and a clo.e
the ml no il ui' l|io placer Acts at
that session, At every ipcunini!
session tl.e name declaration lin*; been
made by the mining committee, nnd
the result is the people nre satisfied
thai t|ie mineral laws of the Province
iue, -ij good that they should be left
ns they ure. So with mine taxation.
Ever since the two per cent, tax was
imposed, in li'Op, (.here has been agitation for a change. Parties have
made declarations and pledges ic-
specling it; bid tho tux still stands,
and n,any people nre beginning t.< believe it is nol advisable to make a
change, When people understand
the laws and when they become accustomed to a form of taxation, a','i-
t.ition for changes is confined to narrow limits.''
district fur the ensuing your.
season foi- thftw years should be   im- j Jynnr subscription is ill   ;ir-
, ,, , i" si-d for their protection. IX . I
Spencer-Sanderson well known   ...      .   u        ^m   ,,„„,,   ;i„   llM  JIW and WO would  be glad;
i in.riles,   as   Ur   t. r.i er   liarilwnro , - , ■       ♦
,       ,        . . guiuo wardens Without   compensation  *-.   i ,. .,.
merchant here, is opening up a   large *,,,..       X tO Hear    li'.iin   Vuu    it    \ nil
,      , ,     . ... ami lhe lire wardens ot these .list nets ! X
luirdwaro business in Vancouver m-Nt .    , 4
hionth could also bo dopntiwl as game  war-1 J^j, |() h.|V(, j*.  (:oll, ilm(.,|_
(leorgo tt-cdiier   an   ..1.1   timer   of      0. Wu    would   therefure   humbly
Oinirlz Creek in  07, is buck in   Yinir suggest the following amendments   to
after several years absence.      I|e   i- the Giuiki Acti
now working for Price   and   Burgess      (a) I Mine trout in thb act,   as   no
1... the lonii. definition 1 hereof exists in tho statute.
,,. . , , ,    , (I.) Mnke the side of trout   illegal,
Harry  \\ right,    membi r   .,)   the „„       ,      , ,       ,
,.     . ,    , ,,      „ ,        ... '<')   Hint ll.e close  season   tor    deer
Legislative Assembly   for   tbo    1 mir
lie 11,114li- toe  sail
lluil no dee, be sold until October I-'
, , , ■' iiiniie ine  -an,-    as    caribou,    and
'.leelurial d,-,, stalled tor VictOI
i 1 mi Wednesday last, to  attend   tl.
session which open* ,.,, the Dili inst,
in each vear
(il)   Mike lho -ale    of    blue    gl'OU il
The colilt sl temperature so  fin   n-  unlawful
The assignment of the placer s „i
Hall creek !,. the American 11.
('.   llyd.-nulic   Placer   Co,   Limited,
wns recoided ibis  week*      The    lenses
involved are the  Dlnok   Sand,   Gold
I),edge nnd Nugget owned bv   I'll,lay
MeLeod, John    Dewnr    and    .1.    W.
I Palls. I'he olliee of the co.inu.vny ,'s
I at Ymir, B, C. and the directors are
John O. lie .nr, president;   li.    l-'.d-
A fragedy in the Northwest.
Salmo Men Involved,
I'lnncie Holt of the North*We,t
mounted police wns here on Wednesday last ii, connection with n murder
trial, to be held at. Kim..1,ton about
lhe end of this inoiilh The Slot'} of
the crime rends like one of Gilbert
Parker's romances of the northwest.
Two men mimed lleywoiid nml King,
who both woikcd nt 8a|mo some time
ago, nnd nre locally known, started
from K In,onion on a trip to Slave
lake     About    lT.I)    mil -s    north    of
Coff-y vice-Presidents, I!-.-. il.
Young Secretin')-, and A. li. l.e !<-
worth Treasurer.
It. was resole,I }l|-(t the utifinishi-t.|
business of the old ussoejutioll should
be taken over together with thu en-l,
balance of 30 To ii| tho treasurer's
JFire-Chief Coffey reported that ha
had hud new runners for the hosu
cart mado at n c-ist of ^'L'U, ipnl bad
ordered appliances costing   •*-'■**      Mr.
Tail, had been arOUIljl will, a s,,l,
scription list and had collected >'L'".
towards this amount, whieh was
turned over to the new   treasurer   of
the av'.cialiu,,, by w 1,  (J,,- bill  will
be paid. Hereafter the association
will the lire Brigade, ihus ob*.
viaiing tl.e public subscriptions so
often required       «
The plot ami deed i.f the Comoten
grounds which were iu the hands of
the secretary of the old association
were ordered lo be recorded in llu.
Land Registry ofjlce. As it was proposed that the new assscitttion should
take over all public business of the
town, it was urged that an ell ,i;
should I,,- made to secure as large 1.
membership a- possible,    The   Pu  i
dent i> iiiatul Messrs, Tait,   Mcln-
nis und Only to interview all the ciii.
sons and householders with a view to
getting the,,, t.. join the association,
The bylaws of tl Id  association
were rend, .mil adopted ns tend, for
the new association
their en,up was visited by the Indians
some of whom camped near then,
During the night ,1 shot   was   heard
umonton thoy camped on the   ."..-j    The membership   fee  is continued
•of no   Indian   Itexoi'vutiuii   and   the same as   before   viz, ,1'wetily-livu
.-cits per month, payable iu ad\ in   -.
After the first month,   new   men.
 n  -      j hers will have   to   bo   proposed    nml
i*1"1 s*"""i •'' 1|'"'1   Ki»8 departed L0COnUed, and bidlotted upon in   ihe
alone.     Tbe   Indians   examined    lb''   usual   way,
camp, and in tho ashes nf a   big   fire,      Tl,0 regular day for tho meeting of
discovered the gold fillings  frmh   In.
...nil'  lee,'.-.       They      COI lllicilte.
their suspicions to lhe Norlhwes
Mounted Police, who tracked Kin;
lu-.vii nml arrested Iiiu. lie i. now
held in Kdu 101 it,,1,    ,,,,   suspicion   11'
tin- association will bo tho l.isl Thin --
av of each month,
ll"'i''  "uspioions   to       Northwest      perev Gloascr called   olt,-,,i...,;   ,,
Mounted Police,   who  tracked   King tho d 0f a henll Heer, and" pro.
......... ......  ,...1 ,.:...       .. .	
"""" " 1"' """ '"  '■"    "■».."'"""• j(j|m a. Do .at, president;   I).   Knl-
corded in Ymir this week,   is   eleven      (e) Prolcct pheasants and quail for   |0w8 secretary and troasurer,  and   8
degrees below .-io which wus reached   three years by a close season. ,t  SeH„ey ,,s\iM;l|ll  {reM_rWi      T,„
II Seauey assistant treasurer, Th.
lit'octol's are .1. G, Duwar, .lohn
Kail-.  Filihiy   M.l/od,   I).   Pnllowh
and S. II,* Si atiev.
authorities with  a   view   to  sccui -
the ofH f health nllleor and coroner
to tl.e  resident    physician        Mo.    11
carried unanimously,
Hotel Arrivals
W'edi, 1- : 11 evening  last,   Thins-      (f) AiHelld   ection lil of the 0'iini
liny uighl «as live below ami Tuesday Ael -oil,a, lion-residents   shall   only
,., la eight below, pa) a license lee of ?10 in lieu uf th.
ri,eProRl.ytcri«»   Ladies Aid   m '^"''^T.^t the appoinl I     Tl '* ,v   "f   "i"li"1   "'   !l"
.,  il„-i,u,„i„.„„ «„l, a -,,1,-ut »,.,!,!„ii||(i , tiih|w|   ..||(,  HH|.e|1 I Yankee Girl vein Ymir,   it   the      Cosmopolitan Hot,-;,.
am! en.     liiesalei't   work   will first feeol'deil discovery of this Vuliia*-   A. Johnson, Erie!
,    ,  ,,.     ,    .,.        ,.  .     ,, ,, may also net us game wardens. 1 , '
1    held in lhe Miners l.  Hall on      M||(;ni,  |(|11   H,.„,,.„.,„,   „„„,,.    blemetal In any appt'eoiable quantity 0. Hull, Nelsoiij
nfteinoon of February-1st,   and       " ,      .    , , 1.. 1,..:,: 1. ,. 1..   i.:.      < ,.   ,, ,,: ,  v..i..
posed a resolution that the  Secretary
be instructed   tn   write   the   propi,
having murdered bis comrade,
Great interest i- being taken in the
trial nnd about seventy witnesses will
bu present, some of whom   are   being
brciuglic from I .1   country.     -'id j    A vote of thanks wns proposed
lloss and Mr*. J. Macdonald of  Hul-  tlia -chairmo  Messi-s.   C.ffi'j
mo, who were acquainted   with   both i Tni, ,-„, ,,„.;,. s„ni,,.s Ilj(j||
paitie* me also among the   witnesses,  .,,,1,   ,i,n  a, ,.
1 - «un   11,e   lire  ei uipmoiit,      1 nil
: iinaiiitiiously
Tl,.- meeting then adjourned   	
'■      .lIU'lll.'ITIUI      I   ,-Ul till   ,      _,-!,        ,,|i,|
.iu i-oum-d power iu niiiioiiii su -li ,-e-i-
:.\- liatcl.elors win. wan! some sewing
. 1    ,. ,    deniN as are willing  lo   act    withoul
1.l.e, some shirts,   nigulsliirts,   socks
, 1 , elllllliet'.l, toll.
uiidergiirmenrs imule, or have   am were al-o added    llial
il'k ... which the   fall'   manipnlnioi- ,           .,,,,,
,,        ,,,,, free miners i»' idlmved to -Imut   game
;  llu- need e and lliiinh.,-,    call    out-        , . . ,
, . , , only iu case ot    necessil v,   and    thai
mo thein. may will, eoillldGllce   ap-
.1. British Columbia, An assay made
lust week resulted in .1 return of 6.1
per cent of nickel,   'I'he metal   is   a.
O, Girnrd, Nelson,
Wamioiip llori'.i,: -
M, Johnstone, Nelson;
present Woril,   about    II   cents   per  A-'lopping, Nelson;
il,.,   so that the actual value per  lon  Con  Wollle, Spok
I' ihe  ore   sampled    is   about    ••'I I
Win, T. iiiinul, Nelson;
I, W   S.'.an.iell, Nelson;
VV, Spencer,  Nelson;
lulu, McVloilr,  It,,--land
,   in i.i--- ,,     ,1,-, ,-,--1,,,    ..uu    I,,.,,
. 1        ,1111     ,- iOol.l and silver M.hies   iiecouiiianyin,
-,i,-                1            .      provincial eonsl-ililes he ileii'il,-ed    US '
I iiincli unv ol ll.e lad,,-- el     lhe    i.tud nmde the lotul Willie    over    #(10    1)01
,          i    .    .              ,                gil.ue wiirdelis,       I I.<•-,*    um, mluienls .
•e.elv, aiid y.'iillv in..mull'   tl.e    na-                                       ..,,',                   ,       , 'loll,
',.  ,   .      and tJie clause prohibiting the sale ut
-   re of their necessities,     ll.e   ladies There are unhappily   no   bicillties       Mcl-ttoti II....-:
, i-oiii are ih,- in,.-,  -,i inguiil and have ''
il .1'. tin-   ..-si,   and   11..-   gnrnipiil                   .,     ., for treating nickel ores-in li.   (J,   sn G  Holland, Nelson;
.,, , ,     , i .,        i-all-ed i-oii-ideiiil'le opposition.
ill be'rendy for sale   by   the   illst, ,|„,t ilu p,-,„|„ei would probably have Coljh C. Brown, Vancouver;
id the bnlchelois   will    be    able    to                         io be nial kelcd in (h.lni io,   Ihvulvlng   K. S   Ki,,.l!<-v,  \'a uier;
mgratuliite tlieinselves ou aiding the      Clllie Sthde's l.liildilig in the  soUll. m   eJtpensivo rato for freight,     The  A   It. Ockennah, Vai Uverj
I,nub whilst   inliiineiing   ...   their end of town has succumbed under lhe nickel ore of -Sudbury, Ontario,which   B. Fallows, Portland;
mi wants.,    The concert    which   is incubus of snow, and is now   .,   total made Canad.i ll.e groutesl producer -.1   T. A. Mnrtin, Brockvllle, Onl
," ,                       ,                wreck     This building was f tin. the white    h.elnl   ill   lhe   woild,  i-  S, U, Calvin,
'  lollow   II.   Ill,- I'M'llllin  III    lhe      -nine . .                                                        .,                                   ,.    ,,     .,             ,,   ,        ,
Hist frnnie liuil.liiigs   in   old   Quarts said lo  averngn    ml    -1   per   cent   t'. It. Itoss, Detroit,
h  wlllbotlieoceiiHlon of the   in   rj,.-.^, „s Ymir w.i gliinlly  called, nickel.    The owners  of   Yankee Jas. Crook, Salmo;
udiieiioii of new local talent, and   u n,|(| „„.,,.,,.,.,,.d by John 'M. I. I   In Girl are making invustigntlons  ns   toi A. J, Bali's, VaucnUvpr;
-t   class .program  limy   b«    l-olieil i'he fall of 181)6 as   a   general   store,   whether thfoi n be iinil-kend ... al Philip Wl , VaiKliUvet'ij)
-poll                                              behig ihu first store Ih the town.       |piollt. | A. J), Moftii,
Thursday 23rd, Febt in
o v
Sea the handsome pictures in -   11
Senile)'- window.     One of ,1,,-e
lie ejicii away will, oU'iy cash | Ul   li.
..->■ of ten dollar-.
Pire Brlgdde Signals,
Firo chief Coffey lms prepare I
following -i-iinis for handling the lire
nl.,,-,,,:   Steady  ringing   means   II .
Gno stroke (pause) two strokes (pu,
'I.i' 0 strokes, menus ,i call for In In in
hatidlo tin-   hoso   when   drying   and
 lite,' ,t up .il,-1 use,
CHuitCJI Mi'iii i-:
PllltsilYl Kill iv I'm ui i| . s I, n ,| , ,
School in,.I Bible ( I.,-, ,'! , „-
livening service, 7:.10, Younn I,.,
pies' ,-'o--ieiy meets mi h'iday ey, i ,. |
it 8 o'clock, All nre welcollle, l|i i,
ll. Young, Mi A,| i'i-,,,1- Ontario Elections.
After holding the rein- ,,f power
foi over thirty years, Premier Boss of
Ontario, has gono down to disastrous
■ ■:• i, I'he lent, ns no fu' ns al
p,' -'-,,.: received,    iuiliciitu   ilia'    lhe
I - ,,-> ,-viitivo-i will hnye a majority of
foit\ -i\ in the new house, no less
than twenty-eight seats he|.| formerly
hi Liberals having been turni .1 by
t-he ijthor pa. ty. Ottawa ihe seal of
t!i-- |iomini,>ii Government, of course
returns two Liberals. Toronto however returns fcur Con.-p|-vatives. A.
loitiey-Geiieral (Jib-on who w-.-i- biidlv
pii i'i -I up in the Minnie 'M. Sciiuilul,
!, :• been defeated, a- ha- Minister ut
Agriculture L'ryilen, The much ills-
ic.i-.-i.1 Mr. Gmiiey bus proved ihui
his constituents ,it |eiist, in j\[*niiiim-
lin, have .nnfulence in his i;11<*Lii iiy.
and ho has been i i-tmm ,1 l,v ;; pia-
j. i ity of,.. -|- |0Q. jireinii-r Jloss
hini.-olf escaped defenl by a |in.|'ow
Uiujority ... Unity
Tin; chief issue of ihe election was
of course lhe   corrupt   practices,   |d-
II ii.-.I to h i e bei'i. originated bv tbe
lh..-. machine, ulthongh lhe Liberal
party steadily endoa.-ored lo changi
the issue to «,!' thedevelopinenl
"I ne,-. (lo: irio The p|-o\ inn- however Las now declared, with no un,
certain voice, tii.U ii will not countenance manipulation of lhe elections,
and Mr. Ross has gone qndei wild a
regrettable stigma attached lo : i*.
name, H-- may not li ivo be n responsible for the corrupt practices,
bul n i- proved thai he stooped to
temporise wilh the grafters, and that
has assuredh been the cause "t his
lluil, pari ie- however are ngr, ed
thut the sweeping condemnation of
corrupt practices is a wholesome lesson for other provinces. Hull, parties have been guilty in varying degrees of these practices, and ll i- Well
that it should be understood that   the
people w ill nol stand for a govern
men! .lining liy \ ii-t in- uf it, ,-i nfi \
lliuiiipuhil ion nf tho elect inn.-.
Wireless System on Empresses,
serjes ,,f stations of their Mw-n -fetch-  yjUfj      IMS1NKSS    GUIDE
ii*-_r   across   ihe   continent.      While 	
these are primarily ji.tended t-i   cum- assavix.i
pete lyith lh.- land line-, llio-e    situa- I      i-i. W . W'iddow-on.
led mi tin-    Pacific   ciiasl    would   be! ,;,,,i|i,;iiA,.,-: asp   is-i i:\n,-i.
available   for   eu, unicating    with      Percy J. lilei.--.iir.
,11   ll'IIKII.
vessels at -ea.
< luce a html station i»   iu   a   fair
.I0I..1 l'l.illicit.
.    i.    , i       ...     ,     1,1,1     l.llill'-     IVH    ,.|.NI-   , I  1,'NIrll.V.-
wny ,o being established on th,- \\ est
,, i     .,   ,,   ,,       u       , I). (Ismpliel'.
( nasi, He- ... I. I,, will ordei appara. ■),..,». |g,'lV Joul.lng Co.
lus for the Oriental liners,    Tin-  Cu- ,,'iisi rn.-i:,:
.>adi.i|i-Australian boats will also   i.i-j William Clark.
Ijttci| with lliesp uppliai.ces. '•'tCi'MiiEs.
i —, -I,..,. — «,i„.I.,.-....,.,' |>. ('iimphcli.
Vmir vVater   Works Co,,     '"'""'if'0 ,'"i,l,i"(:''''
'    '•* " " "  1 .-.     II.   .',1-IIIH  \ .
limited, iiotk|.s.
  (insi'.iopnlil nil — .lull,, Ilri',111.
SllTlCL. Mi I..-ed lh.a-"- (•'inlay McLepd.
Miller House—S   Miller.
The fifth»l general meeting of      I'nliioe-'l'ail & l{u,|dy.
,      . -ii i     i   i i - \ uiigiMlvcr—(Jw-en Buyer.
••I*"*1 ' F>iy Will beheld m lho      \VHb|o.f-i;uor,.o Column,
i.n.ce ut' ih,.- company at Ymir,    II,   C.       Vmir— .1. W.  Maslerson.
on Tuesday 7ih Feb, |!)05, at 2 p. m. | i.^i>ii:*i    11 i mi iiii- a   am.   *•>" |*|Ki ii
V. S, T. Boss, Secretary. Mrs, John MeLeod
l.i.MNU   UK,:i,iiOi:i;
I'erej -|.  (il.-az'-r.
Uii:,'„l i'ublisliiiig Co.
SAM   .MII.I.KK,  Prop. stationKttY,
——. .- H-   I'lt.npiiell.
Ili'iii|.|ii:iit('l's foi' -M iniliLi'.Men-    S' "' s':U1''> ■
I)..,'   supplied   will,   best  brands of       Har.l.nw & Wilson.
1 ' Jackson ,v. Lealiv.
wine-, liipiors nnd cigars. A1, v (jililie.
 -' I   MIKIll'AKKI;.
K|.sr A\ I'.M'i-:, Y>il|(, J).   C        Willia in Clark.
Haiipwa in;
I'. S. T. Boss.
Ton m . ...s|
Mihs Mcli.nis.
M. TAIT. .■'-   KUDD.Y
V.MI!,', 13, C,
W'r    tmrrv   tlio    leading   brands     imported      Uqw ru
nn,I  ('i^u's,  Stunt,    Vie,    Brandy   and   Win,'.
Hk-.'I ,  I.N.l    I',.At.     ANI.      l'l.|IIO..Kl U
I.IMS IN' T|> K.V-T Ki.ulK.Nll.
Mil It:■'■'. i- hereby given ,l,,i   licen* |
ces ,o pr. .-peel for coal mid poll'.ileum '
upon md under lands situated   will,in j
Hlncli    1,51)8,   So.,ili I-;..*,.    Koolcuni.
will he issued fortl.wltli io all   piiiuns
who have made propel application,  in
j iir.-iiiiiu-i-   of   llie   provisions   of itn- «-»«•»«•»
•Conl Mines \ct" ami aniiiiulinenls MRS,     J,    McLEOD
The fee for each liceiire will be.flUU,   .,     ,    ,.,,. ... \',,,,,
and all applicants who huvu   no.   di.    losl    UfllOC    fttOJ'l!     -      I Milt.
pu-iteii tieceptiitl hunk clteoiics to cover lind ure herebj ici'iiirc'l   lo  -m—-—.—- —mm^*—————-•*—»
do so wi,lion, further notice.
Licences wi issued in tliu ow-   |,|ST|. rrjT m .\ s.\t; |-;|; WANTED
I iiiu .u| ....  \ l/.l —
, t
■■Minim, I.p i:m i*: i--i i-;o . soi-lit  ti..'       Periiuuiciil position; rapid advance-
, i,-,i Minks A. . and Ambshmbnts . . . ,,
ineiil; salary and   expenses!    lull    m-
"In conslderalloii   of  ,   hum I  „.,.,„.-■„„, ,',,,. „,-   „,,., ,,,,,„   ,,,..
| dollar*, cow pod under the said   Acts,
inni Mit.jeei t-i ihe provisions   ilu,cl, si ruble business.
•      I! I.'A li...i'.\ I! I'i:its    F011    MTNINC1    MKN    AM'    THE
Newly furnished tliroughout.    ^ap.plp roopis i.i ,.-,„,i,eetioii.
Bates 81**50 t<» $3-50 per day.
FINLAY   McLEOD, Proprietor
************************** *********4************
! THE   YMIR   HERftLD t
1'1,-ns,' forward T..|-: Y.ui|, llpi.Ai,.i f.i|-  uio.itli    Jj
*<»  ,-*. i* t
J and m-kn'.«ledge |ncujpt of enclosed Sl  J
* Tii|. Heuai.p is published  eycry Haturday moi'iiiiig and   ♦
«  eimt.-ii'i-  all   the  news  of the eump. 4
J liAT.-'„s   -I'l'ii Yi:.\u, .*rL'; |l.u.|-' Yri:\i|, .-j|. J
♦ ♦
I I   w. *-. lime  liepuii  . oinmissiuuer,
To tl.e Canadian   Pacilic   llnilway lnoilnu tor the Cliiel ConitnUsiouer   of
The .1. I,. Nichols ('0, Lt'i
Ooippimv is   probably   reserved    ||„.  Lniiils and Woiks. licence 1 Mention this paper.)
1 ',. , . p. 111,er,   proceed, i '
' ol    lie,1,,'     lhe      -I-i-     -,.-a,,.-hip , 1  ...„,.!. |,.„ .,   ,     ,.„..,.1   I
1  ■-ei,icli nnd work lore,.,,  nml    pctrol-
owners to inslnll  tl.e   Marconi   wire- cum (hut no oilier nieinl  or   iniucnl) , ■ ■      -«——-•-
loss I'elograplt   system   „|    n-ssels I'l'mi, in and under all Unit   piece   or
....         ,,     ,. iiurc-l ol mineral I11111I siluateil lit   mul _,__ ^_, ^^^t..—,^-.- —
plying from Pacific const ports.  Some l,,,,,,,,,,,^,.,   ,,,   ,„„,,,.   ,.*,,,,*,.   KlM\ THJ3 ^UEEF
time this year Vancouver will be   110-  Koolenny Ulsll'iot.   ami   described   as      CIGAR . STORB.
t iii. .1 . I' lhe   a p| ul.   of   th.    I;,,,*   follows. ' —
, ,., I ami not exceeding iu   llie    whole   -is
presses  a day or two before ll.ei   nre iiuiltlri.t| *,-„• f0,-,j st„tutu acres Cigars
sighted ofl Victoria.    It i-,   lioweier,     "Owing to the nunibor ol applicants
hot to bo expected   lor   th,-   p., *,-n> I ■"''h''''" to prospect   fer coal  nml     lMPolJTKH    wp    IKiM KSTIC.
, ■     • ,, I p.-in.I. -inn, and  ile peculiar clrciui-j
11,111   """"" '"""    Ul11    '''    "'''"l-ii,,,,-,- -,„.-, imilh,-. llu -, lor
lislied between the ships of   the   lleel llhe issuance of these Hue.ices,  nml   Ihu    ToblCCOS   Coilfsttioiierv
when al sou ns is   the   ,-,i-e   on 'the we'l known fuel He., .l.e   Isslianuu lias ' J
Atlanlie wh.'.e ll Xcl.illiue of   new-!
i"i 1,  unavoidably  suspended   1",-    su
1,1 on   nun,,li-,   lhe   (    ol
and Fruits,
through a chain of   vessels   reaching | llroi-li (lolumbin limit it Impossible to
I.  cast toeimsl reudeii it | i-''1""1 lh« «|«»«  Hgiiis ol tin- M.-INNls,    Proprietor
,,..,., , , ' lilllll. lull- ilpplleilll.s.        I In ri line,   lor 1 . .
lo publish daily iiew.p-ipem on   board th(, ,„„,„„,„,,. ||„B „\\ ]mMM  „, 	
il," liners.     Tl unmet 1   tie   go hemic I he proper irlluinul  lor ihe
great.'i      in      iim-i     nei-i-eaiilvl'1'' li":" '     """'     ri'speetlve
, , ,,       .      , liel.l-  'Uld     piiolllli  -        |!,i-      P.'I'I      I-1
ll,'(l'l"l on" rably oefote this    call h,?,,,., |, |)U.,|   t„|,j..c1    ,„   ,Ueh I
bo  done      Nevertheless   the  system  prior rights ol oilier pcrsmii   a-   iniij
wi      rvo ninny useful piupo - ' «i" ■') l:,,v- :""' '"' "' lM*   u
. leeliee  |.. mil   ,0     ll.'    l.ikl'll    or    Ill-Ill    lo
\\ irolCHM systems alloal an ol Imle j WM|VU t.M1,,,|,j i,v n,,. Conns  im.. Ihu
Use without wireless  systems   ushuie,   propel pi'iforiuiinei.  ol  nil   eoiulilions
 In Is the hick of apparatus on   llml pwwl.*iit.ii» l.ct.vccn   silvewe   elslm-
, ii,,,' '. snl'i ami Iiinlier, m. 11.>•   uiiilersiiinil*
P.U'ilie const which lms hitherto   p..-! ,„„ ii,„i ,i„. (;mt inim n, -had   ma   he
leu ted the C, I'.   It.   l'i. 1.stalling i held responsible for, or  in   ennnectluii
ll uuipleuietiiai'v n|.| ni ui,1- uu their
wilh.   nm   coi.liirl   which   in,iv   aii-
..t 11I1    oilier   elll.lll.llllH   of    .In-     -am
splendid vessels     I.    hi.     pisl    IkoiiLj,. |. ,,M| llml   uiulur   ....   elivuni
nil,,' ', need      l'l      Ol til WU,       how el e|  I -lioii-e-  will  lichee tecs  he I el-null" I.
thai tbe -„,„ of s|ini.liii,i ,- down   oil |
Ainl the holder lu-.i by waiie.    no
tilulet'stood lluil sevei ;tl of these
lullllmm ilellllllld tigslusl  the   (iovcrn-
iheesiniiates for tl in of.mun| |ind uxprusslj tigreus nol to luku
,M.ii, oni stiii ion-in   Canada,      It    is I an) steps ur preeeitilhlgs,   or   prcietil
I :in\ pi lit.on.   iu   enfuicu   any   nlli'gi'il
, .'l.llill or,el   SglllllSl   tl.-'    (inl'l'lll
be placed on .In- eoiwl   ol   \ iiiieouvei | „„,„, ,,, lhl. p,.,,, ,,„,.,,, |-llhs , Coluiu-
Island, ivliern they will supersede   tlm  < hi arising om of lliu issuanuu  ul
|.,,.-eni telegraph I - „- „ means   „f Hueiiue 01 ..1 ni.j othei mallur or g
1 ' , iippieliihuug thereto,
Imihitiiining  eon1n111111e11tu.11   between |     . p,,,, |,tn(l being iiiuh t reserve Irom
I'm inn,nth Poinl and Victoria       Tl.e 1 pre ,'iuptloli 1I11J salu Hi g liueiisu
1     , ,.      ,    , ,,,,  , not any'light   oilier   than   tin-
and line Irnver-e- a ir, 1  rough eollli*.     ,  ,!, '  .,  . 1     .  1   .   ,,   1
1 11,dil to pio-pee, lor   .1   nml    pi llul
,11   onl i-  *l dillli nil  nnd costly   lo   „,,,„,
keep in    lep.iir.      The    reri    sIoIiiin]      -llie ilurnilou   ol   this    llcci     Is
I,- , I of ,: , . l,e   felt , f»r .aw vearlro  .1:'.'.
which ei,,-'' t
Inn., generallv would w ri. I. .1 al   1 b
oni-ei.      Thi-   i-   an   Ineonvenii'iii
u|,;, 1, wiil ie..   ill'i.'C a    wireless    -i-
1,-n,     More iver, tin- ' 'anndiaii   Mm -
colli Coinpanj 11 '| us. s tu esinblisl.   .-, I
I low much the enjoyment of an evening's
enlcttainment depends on
lhe quality ol youi Opera
A pair H.»t nnitol ..... ."
(■i-.r 1. eiir
*,.,-, 1,1, |i, ,.r, inennleJ, ,\,t.
„,i..I 1,1 5W -,,..
Our   .toir'i  rcputslion  »,!
tll'V    -,r.,|,     ,,|'.     Mill,fo,'.ioll
111 |.in, li.,.mi-.   S^n.l lor coin-
pll 1-* , .a,,l,.i;ii'
GRAND 013NTRAI-   HOTKI, Clark's   Furniture   Store
Opposite Co,,,,im,,-,- nml   new   Post Undertaker   nml    Purniture     Denlei
olliee,   llesi 'Jo • meal   in   town..     Mail orders promptly attended to
Kuropeau mid Americnti plan,
(Inly    whii.e     labor     employed,
first ehiss bar
Hotel ....
Uiiicii B-riiiiB'r,
(I'mIer entirely new niaiiugemunl.)
|)inil)o'  Uouni   11111I   Bar
sii|i|ilicil   wi'li    1 In-   lu'sl j
in tile market.
Might  opposite ilepot,   Vmir
|*'i|-st-ola*-.,-. Pining Jim,111,
Hest Illinois ..I' Wjii.'s
Liquors and Cigars.
OWKN  liuVKH, Prop,
ISecond Ave.
Headquarters for Hilling
and Commercial Men
The   Kooteilciy    Standard!    MuH-; uomfortablo liotel in tlie dis
and   Juanita.
M IM I 0".'ll!l;|i   111
Nelson, ll. ('.
11 iet.    liverytliiuy Rrst-clnHs,
VMI 11,   11. C,
+ ♦♦"♦"♦ ******* ******* **** *t
* 4
■ ■ I......... - l'i mull.-I r "I l.illlil-      M   I
1. mil. , w  Ii.'i in ,,
\ lull 1 ■.,   I,  I'.. 11.1
,:   1   ..111 1. -
1 1,1.1 Uu -- 1 "' Uiul« .-.   11.. 11.
I ,o„| 1 ,\,,, - lii-| mt 1,1.
,-•.,; ,lli   .hue. I.tll
I ♦
' ♦
1 4
■ 4
I lelivered any
pluee in tow 11.
Stove Lengths
Per Cart Load.
Porto Hico
Wbolesalo anil Retiiil
Mail orders receive pin,up,, uttein •,
JOHN  I'llll.l'.KItT.
i   Lunibci' ('(». Ltd.   I
1 il
>X+*+*********4****4444** *
'l"l I.  Ml.-., ui    Lead .-In
Copper,     - .    -
-e.MSlhe,; . . ,,,,.„,
Charges I'm- nil,., metnlN •,,, 111
1^-  W.   WIDDOWSON A—nvi-r
I'.O. Drawer All:;.   Y.illll, III
m—. fe. ¥11
1 ' ^vronTKTVpr
ah :ts„
?4i   yJ-SV   Rj,
YMIK,  B. ('., SATI'KDAY.  I'KBHl'AKY   I. ism:
Pun i. IV, i; ('i :■
"'■■■••• Lis Roi   Amalgamation. * Two Fer Cent. Tax.     I The New Citizens'   v-
LOQAL ITEMS      ,, ,    ■—-—. , TUNING NEWS:   ,-, - -   ,-, ,- sociation
Al ., I irire meet.lie   ul    llie   -.bare-    -1   "',1' *u    i\a^   ' .   *w 11,,, \p|s„i,  | Vil-uim suvs:    '-l-,,i-    n aonjiioii.
ni/iiit.iijj  of   the   h||,ire-
holdci's of llie l.e llui    Min'ma   Com-
Cluijups cimlifd free at,  Cap.phell's panv, in !-■
II! 1 I'll 1.111      ,'
Did Quartz Creek i*.  rapidly   moving into Ymi".
ported   .ui.itI,.-i-  disappointing    year,   numbers ,ib,,iii 70 men.
bu' ,.w ing tu   llie   discovery   of
Tbo Nelson Tribune says:   "l'"i    ..
limu there was conljpu.d agitation foi
iu force ul the  Ymjr   mine   r|u«    changes in the mineral  law-   nf   this
Pi ,\ idee     livery session of the   Legislature .7'imcr.ded ■ the   act.
U ie got    f    ihe   Yankee   Ui
bigl.ei jii'.uli- i,re ii promised boiler in   sl,,,)'; bylluwlev   and     Vmlerson    ;.; l', in,    lim   mining   com
Al Parr is at present sojourning u(   the future.     The   meeting   iifproved   n„w beim-    raw hided   down    to   the  mi"---' ■*>--' tlm Assembly   mud.,   n   de.
the proposal   that   lhe    l.e    llui   Co. I nijlwuy I duration that it vyus imt deemed   ad* formed.    luulay MeLeod was  el-elcd
own   on ' ■■iii.alg-'iimiii- w ill, nt her llu— land niin-      ..... .            vlsjablo to mtikp any chapges in either President, L>. Gumpbell and    V,    inn,
.i-i    .■    „ i         Tin* nickel feund   in the   Yankee  ,,               ,        .,  "    ,           . r,,(v..,.   ,; ,. p..   ; .,„.,         »          ii
nig c.imp.ii.ies with a capital nt    t  ,- the mineral gr   l.e   placer   Acts   at *-":l 1    iice-tJivsi-le,.ts,      I ley       ,1
Phoenix, B, C,
Phil Whit,;  un iii.l    in    1
Thursday nigbf..
'  ,„,.   '.',",        .    .    „   .  I liOO CTOQ apd   a   working  capital   pf
Bob hlliptt is back „«n.n „. > | „mfiQQ w -,.l(JO,O0O.
idler several |pont||s absence,
l'Vesh Hnlli-piJ   Herring   in    J/lb. j n     .      ,.
kits, „t. Seaney's, |l,50 per kjt. Qame Protection.
iiiinx— p.. Friday  moi'ping.  Ilrd i Salp off rout   to   lie   Pro-.
I'ebruaiy, to the wife of J-Jd.    Peters,                          llijiitod
at Yinir, a boy. 	
< in Tu, h I iv I i-i a meelim.'    i    i li
citizens .,► Ymir,    w is   hel |    i      ile
Miner'- I'niuii Hull, .it w Id, I, i   ,. „|.|
Vmir Citizens Association wi.        I u
ally dissolved, and a  new    „.s-n
Mr. A. H.Tutt|e, imuiaeer of   ih-" |
■Broken Hill Company, returned from
"spokane .... Thursday.
fiifl *,ein js said to be common to    all I
the veins in thut vicinity uu    (hi..dee
The ,-l|ike .... '.he fona has mounted
more important proportions, An
assay across u co.isi.lsrabjc width gave
$lS.O0 per ton.
A -Hike of line   galcuii    ore    ill    ll
The (lame   Protection   Socj.oly   of  newly (ipened portitfh of the mine   is
Nelson bus forwarded    the   foil-jiving   reported from   the   Queen   ut   Sulmo,
petition tn   the   Provincial   Govern- I lmw .""I''.' bond t.. Putsy Clark.
•••e,,t' The mill I.--, uf Ailin   ore   proved
New-ill .fc  Co.   are'   advertising   „ j     *, TJ-.+t the Ash and game   of   the   .,„„.,„
clearing out sale at   cost,   of gents'\(ywtrkts „f B„sb and West   H„ ,r.y   b)(j   (|
that session. At every ic-.ciirring
session the saiijii declaration hat) been
made by the mining committee, und
the result is the people aro satisfied
that t|,e mineral laws of the Province
uie -,| guod that they should bu left
as they are. -So with mine taxation,
Ever since ihe two per cent, tux was
imposed, in I HOI), (.here has been ugi-
tiition I'or ii cbango. Parties have
made declarations and pledges tc-
specting it; but Uu; la* i-lill stands,
and iminy peuple are beginning t-> lit
furnishings, clothing etc.
nf profitable   milling,       About
farm a valuable asset to this Provjneoj twenty tuns run   though   ihe   dold
Miss Tuyloi ii now matron  of   ihe   and aro now in great danger   of   i-s-
(icuernl Hospital  in   place   „f   Miss termination   fro...   ountinuul    forest
Kennedy, WliD left last Wcdr.esilay.      , Ibis, iii.-|:-erii„i„ule slaughter and   ip* ( tons of concentrates    valued    at    930
TheY. C.   A.   which   means   .i,^1"!'"!"'"''!"'"''''''-"''' per ton. The tailings run about $3 50
Ymir   Citizens'   Association   should1    3   'Hmt the lisli and game of ihes,
i-ivelv thut tl.e ore is   suscepta-   ,-       -. •       ,     ,  ■    , ,     , ,
1        novo it is nol advisable   to   nmke   u
cup    mill,      pr,,d mid     twenty-one
mid a half ounces of bullion, and   two
not be confounded, with the Y M. C
,   districts offer great   inducements   to
tourists nho annually   conn-   hern    in
1 increasing numbers, and unless   steps
J   ''• Vl '>tha e',s,""'s   «■««»• are inimedi'itcly taken to protect   the
at Waneta, has sworn out a   warrant   •,„,, ,.„„, mne< J,,. pv,Mncii vvi„   ,,„„
!'..,- the anesl of bis wife, for adultery, ,,„. ,„.„,.,.. „, M1,,, t|.ft,e)
in Spokane. ,  Tlwt -^   quantities   of   fish
*      Don't forget to make no abhor   en- mainly trouc are annually sold in  the!
gagement for llie evening of the | Ilh, local    markets    and    in    the   ne u ie,     *44W<>4$**t*4*4'$.4444$4444*
February, which is  llu-   day   of   the towns of,tho United States, ami   the J
pet- Ion, due tu the ,1; fee's in the
equipment of the Gold Cup mill. The
costs are reported as follows: [taw-
hiding $2.50 per Ion freight pn Bail-
way ,?l '_'H per ton; milling ■*? t SO per
tn„, malting a total cost of §7.70
i per ton,
change. \V|,en people understand
the laws and when they become accustomed io ,, fo,-,,, of taxation, agitation for changes is confined to narrow lin,its."
dale of lhe K. of P.   pall,
only way tu prevent the wholesale do   %
pletion     uf     oir     streams    i-    '., %
-I. (!. I it-war, Henry   Kearns   nnd Lake such sale illegal. *     A cross marlwcl    in    Hii-..
A. H. Ke)ley have been ro-appointed      |.  Phoasnnts and  quail   have   re-
licence commissioners for   ilu-   Ymi,   cently been imported here, and tiulo>eI*
district for tlie ensuing your. season for Hire  years should be   im- j Jyniir subscription is in    nr-
u ^i ii i posed for their protection.
tSpencer b.inderson, well known   to '
;space indicates tlmt.
5.  Many residents   would   ael   as  trear ftncl wo w
(mi,I in' glad
.Iu,mini,a, they camped on tin-    eoi
ner of an   Indian    Beservation   and
their camp was visited by the Indians
wme ,.f whom   camped   near   them
|could uUo bo deputed as game  «''»'• || wisli to have it  continued.   |  Uuring the night a shot   was   heard.
■ * * and some lime  nftoi   King departed
(leo'-ye Beiluer    nil    old    timer    if        I',.   We      would    therefore    llUlllblV     **************************
Quarts'. Creek in :07, is back in   Ymir mi™i-i the following ailieudmcnis   to
Yniirites,   as   ib'   fi   hardware
i.t • ,       Igaino wardens without   compensation IS-,    , „ .„
merchant here; is opening up a   large '       .      , % to hear   from   vou    if   vou
,     , ,    .        ... and the I re wardens of these districts   X
luirdwaro business in Vancouver next
lifter several years absence,     He   i-   the n.imii Acti
now working for Price   and   Hurgess      (a) Define trolit in thb act,   a-   no
on (he Inn,i. definition thereof exists in the statute.
(I.) Make the sale ui trout   illegal,
Harry Wright, member of the
Legislative Assembly I'm- the Ymir
Klectorial district, started fur Victor-
i, un Wednesday lu-t, tu attend the
session which opens ..,, ihe Oth inst,
(e) Thai tin- close Benson for   deer
lie made  the   -1,11,1.1     a-     e ll ill
iInn no dour be -old until October I-'
in each i i'.ii
The assignment of the placer s „t
Hall creek to the American and 11.
('.   Hydraulic   Placer   Co.   Limited,
"iii recorded this   week-      The    leases
involved .-...- th.-  nim-i-   Sand,   Gold
A Tragedy in the North-
Siilnio .Men involved.
Frantic 11.lit   of  the  North-Weil
m.miitcl police was here mi   Wodnesday last in connection with a   murder
trial, to be held at    Khnouton   about
the end of this month     The story    of
the crime reads like    one   of   Gilbert
Parker's romances of   the   northwest,
Two men mimed lleywood ami King,
who both Wotked ut some time
ago, iiiid are lucidly    known,   started
front Kliiumii.n   on ii trip   to   Slave Lve,-0 t-eft(j( ftn(j adopted as   read
lake     About   250   .ml.--   north    of the new association
The membership fee is coniium -I
the same as before iiz. twnnlv-liyi,
cents per mouth, payable in advance.
After the first ,no,ill,, new mem
bers will hine to he proposed and
seconded, and hiillolttd upon in the
Usual   way.
Young .Secretiny, and A. II, liij-.-k-
worth Treasurer.
It. was resolvffl'lhijt the unfinished,
business of lhe old ussoejution should
be taken over together with tin- en-!,
balance of $5.75 ii| the treasurer's
}Fire-Chief Coffey reported that ho
had hud new runners for the |,osu
cart made at il cost of $20, ;|,..| hel
ordered appliances costing 8s Mr.
Tait hud been around with a sub
scription list and hud collected $2.")
towards this amoupt, whieh was
turned over to the new treasurer of
the asjaQeiation, by whom the bill will
be  paid.     II. reaftor    the    associalioil
will finance the lire Brigade thus oh.
vialing tl.e public subscriptions so
often required       *
The plot nml deed of the Coinotei \
grounds which were in the hands of
the secretary of the old association
wen* ordered to be recorded in 'he
Land Registry ofllco. As I, was proposed thut the new a-smcia. ion should
take over all public business of lie.
town, it was urged thai, un ell a;
should be i,ride to secure as largo a
member-hip as possible. The Presi
dent nominated Messrs. Tail, Mcln-
nis und Daly to Inten iei\ all the ei.i.
/.ens and householders witl, u view    ,u
getting then, to join tho association.
The bylaws of  lhe  old   association
alone,    The   Indians   examined    tin-
canlp, and in the ashes of a   big   lire, j    The regular day for tl.e meeting of
discovered the gold fillings   I',      bu- j „„. ,W80liitttion w||| |„. i|10 |,w(  'i^,,,.,
........ ice.'.      They     communicated  Jliy of ettch m(„,lk
their suspicions   ...   tl..-   N„,,i,w,-i ;     ,,,.,,,., (i||.;1Zi.|. ,,„„,„,   ,,,„,,„,„„   ,„
Mounted Police,   who  tracked   King thn | of a health olHcer, and   pro,
rlown '•""' "m"""' l"'"'    ""  '"   "»» i posed a resolution that the Secretin y
'"■   liml   Dredge and Nugget owned by   I'inlay   lle,rl »• K'lmonton    .,,,   suspicion   . f |,e i,,-t
M.-l I, Jul,ii    llewar   and    .1.    \V,
Palls,    li iliue   ,,f ihe company   is
(d)   Make lhe -ale    of   b UU   ecu-.'   ,,  Vmi..   ,'   ,' I ,1        i- ' "
i,                                     , ll   »mir, li. I. and tl.e   directors   are
I he cold,-■, temperature so   far   ri. unhiwi'id.                                                  ,  ,    ,,   ,,                 .,
,,..,.'.         ,            , John G. lie .ur, president:   D,    I-id-
corded III 1 mir tins week,    ,-    eleven n-)  I'role, I phea-iinls and on ni fur I ,                              ,
«  ,          ,  ,                ... ,                    '                       '              lows secretary and troasurer,   ami   is.
degrees below wru wb.cli was reaulicl three years bv a closu season                  ir u
„.,.,, j II   Sc.l.ey assi-tan.   ireasurer.        The
nil \\etlni'sd.iy evening   last,    IIiiiih- (f) Anu-nd   ectiim I". of the  Game   ■-.    , ,             ,     ,,     ,,             ,  ,
,.,,.,,   dtt'CCtOI'S    UU'     -I.      I..      llewar,     .lull,,
day ingbt wus live below and luesdny   Act so that imn-iesidents  shall   only   i.-i,     ,,-;, , ,    *.■ ,     ,     ,,     ,. ,,
lull-,   1* ■ ti In v     .M' 1/ud,     II.     I'allows
night ogl.i below. |hi*, a license F I J10 in lieu of the' ,i||(| y ii, Sl,,
"'" IV.-h'l.iia..   Ladies  Aid   „i ""* ' ' -,-,„.  j(Muvohy   „,-   u„.kt.\    ,,	
Hiving murdered his comrade
Great interest i- being taken i,, ihe
trial nnd about -evenly witnesses will
ruelcd    Ii.    wi ile    tin
.nil Iii nit lis will, a view tu s,, m ip*,
the olliee of health ntlleer and coroner
,.. the resident   physician       Mo,   ,,
I-  ,he front again wi.h a mile ot «ni 1,
(c)  Provide foi the appomltnenl of I
,  ,     " '.  ,     game M.ude.m and thai   lire  w„,de„-, ' nuk',";" ' vel" "*'ir V '    "    "'"
'::"'""•, :*"   7 .*°r! ,;;i.... ..n , m»i -.,1.,.-.     h""- f,M<h **<*«* -*»
hep,,-,-,,,, -un i wl,,,,,,  nre   being CUii-ied unnniinouslv.
hroiigb, from the old   country,      -'id j    A v*ate uf LhankH wa-, ,„,„  |     .
Koss and Mrs. .1. Macdonald of   Hal- | ,,„, ..j,,;, ,,,,,,„ ,„ Mew|r||    (j,,ftey
nm, whu were iii-ip,aimed    Willi    Iml h
pill ties ale also a,none the    witnesses,
I held in 11n- Miners Unimi Hall oi
.- ni'iei noon ,,i' February 21 -i,   and
noy I,aleln'|ui- w Im wan, lutiie sewing
ne, -nine-hii Is,   nightshirts,    socks
undergarments mule, or have   ah\
■  ,rk in w hid, tho fitii'  manipulators
i ilu- needle ami thimble,   can   out-
Hotel Arrivals
COSMOI'OI.ITAN   lloll.l.;   -
A.  -loll,l-iUl,   Kl ,e;
(li) Cue  ih,-  lieutenant   guve |blonieUl In any iippfeolublo quniiHly|0, Hall, Nelsmij
ll   p.iwei- |u appulllt   '-II ill   |e,|.
, del,I- n- a," willing   Iu    a, I     w ilhuiil io.,.
in British Columbia.    An assay made O, Gil-nrd, Nolsnn
lust, week resulted in u return of   0.1
.er cent of nickel.    The in 'till    is   at
WaMIOIIP  II.,-,.-;..:   -
M. J..1,,,slum-, Nelson;
Amend uis were also added   t|ml  Present Worih   about   II   cents   per  A-Topping, Nolson
I',ei- miners he allowed to -hoot   game
inly in ease of   neeessil v,   ..nd   thai
-iue il,,-,,,, may will, confidence   up-
, .'.ii   i-      ■•    i ,,  provincial constables he deputised   as
■    o.lell Ml)   ol  the ladies  l||      tlie     Ml|.|    ' '
', ,i     ■     ■ i - 0!'" will dells.       The-e    aim liduielils
etc, v, und gently on unale   the    nn*
      .md il e clause prohibiting ihe -ale uf
necessities.     I he   I elm- '
lb.,   so that llieaeluul value per  ton  Con. Wollle, Spokane;
-I'll,.- uie   sampled   i-   iihoul    -ll.   VVm. Tennnnti Nel
(iold and -ilver vidites   accompanying
Hindu 'he lo'al  wilitc    over    .-o'el    per
, ion,
Iv \V Swaniiell, Nelson;
VV, Spencer,  Nelson)
,lub,, Mi.-Vie,,,-, llusshind,
'I' ;"' 'I'""' "7'^""" „ ■ ""   '   ,,u„, i,„- ,„«. Sinn,-,,,  | have      '*"«* Wily   ""   '-'i- .     ^•|-1-" «»«'•'
.i'""'",";''   ".",|   ""•.«'""''■'"  ,,,.,,„„ ..„„„,..„,., ,,„,.,;,„,. for treating nickel ures-iu B.   «',   so G  II md, Nelson;
HI be ready for sale   by   the   21st, ,| he producl would probably have Colin C, lll'owli, '/ahtouverj
i'i the batchelors   will   be   able   lo   io lie marketed In Ontario,   Involving\V. 8. Plndley, Vai iveri
iiigraiiihiie iheinselves on aiding the C)llie Steele's I.tiildilig in lhe south I an   eupeusivo ralo for freighl,     The A   It. Ockcrinnh, S' ttverj
bunh whilst   inifiisteriiig   to   their end of lown has succumbed under ll.e nickel f Sudbury, Ontario, wliiuh   13. Fallows, Portland;
vti wants..   The eoi," i,    whieh   i* iiiciibu's of snow, ami Is now   n   lotul mado Canada the greatest producer of  T. A, Martin, Brockville, Oui
wj-eck,    This building was one of tlm tho white    Inelnl   ih   He   world,  i-  8. H. Calvin,
,ii-, frame building.*,   in   uld   (,'u it \i
aid.,,  average   aboul   ■',   p.-r   cenl   I''. II. llo-s, Detroit,
nickel.    The uw,his  of  the   Yankee Jas. Crook, Salmo;
' follow   ii,  I he eVCIlillg  Ul    the     -nine
lace, w ill he the uci lOtloil  of lhe    in
I  | eel;,  a-   1 III 11* Was oilglmilly    Called,
oduetltm of tiew local talent, and   u  nl„] was ewcled by .John ' Mel -I   In Ullrl nr nking invustlgutions  as   to  A.J. Ilutes; Vancouver;
*t   class pi'ogl'.illl   in*<y   In-    leli. d . ihe lad of 181)6 as   a   general   store,   whelhel iht'orn cm be liuilketcd ill a Phlli|i While, VandhUvel'jl
-pull beilig ihe (lint store ih tlio town.        Ipiolii. | A. lh Mom-.
Tail for their services   in   conneei un
w ilh    llu-   lire   el llipmullt, I'm      |
Tlm mooting the, ie,]   ,,, . |
Thursday 23rd, I'ebi uai \
Sea tlm handsome pictures in -  11
Sc. y's window.    (): \ tin	
he given away with eni y cash | 'it   ii*
ii-e of lei, dollars.
Pire liri^Aj- Slgnab,
fire chief Coffey ha- prepared   the
following i-igniils for handling the i ,-|.
alarm:    Steady  ringing   means   I
Dm- -.tiuk-e (|iause) tv ii stroke* (put  ■ .
thn.- strokes, means ,i call f, i In Ip ,.,
handle the    i;,,-e    when    ,1, .,!,,._,    ,|„,|
reeling ii up after use.
CHt'llCH No] i, i:
I'.ir.s.ivi, „, w  Cm      S ii ii d i ,
School .-nel Hiblo ( lass, ." | .,,
livening sei i ice, 7 HO, Young I . o
pics' gociety meets mi riidav  evei ,,g
,.  8 o'clock,      All a,,- wi-l, ,,        |(, (i
II. Young, Mi A., I'.-i-ioi - ■' - *-.-.. .-..'
I        JUS7 IN .
In • I, i in 11 j ii if lit*-.    Ci I in ] i i, i ii ,11, i ; 11 .'.-
u.e-ellilig ihcm r!e''i|'. and   w.-   always   lead   J'or   I r-v
I rices.
We can ple.isi'yo'i for n',ialit;,' as   well   as   price,   a'J   li'ji't
lieipg    (eduiiod.
\\'(  ail- .-ellipg lit very lo-,\  prices,,    [lubbers — we arc going
p.  clove ih.etll oi;t  hefoic sprjng       Qel oi,r
..'lie.:'., l(.'i'o|'c buying.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co,
Mi its iKiin i very rnorning
except Snnilnv, fur freight
tui(l pnssi'jtgerg fur Viiiir
mill. By special o|'(l('i'$ m\
Sundays', ()V fpr Viiiir mini-.
i .	
ALEX. ODDIE    Ph-o:->-
Small Prices Bring Big;
Schopl   pf   Hinep   For    T|ie Religion Revival in
British Columbia,
• ^   -..,_■_ ■".    ■ j,   :,
li,.,   .piesiiiui   uf establishing    a
Fro-inciul School nf Mines in   l'.plish
I'olufnbiu is again   being' uijjed   by
p.ining melt    (il    \ aner.uier.       It    is
■lagested ihat the sclmnl uf uiines lie
Established in llie -•»ii'..,lk,tineeii country That lociitiii.. i- urged or. a.-
aoui.c of the great variety of mill sral* ii| it. The Muiit.eul schoo
uf mi.let some time ago -cot its stu
dents to sltuly mini,il; methods ii
ih i'. section , its di.) also a foroig,
■nniiig iustitutiiitl-
I We know of no ipetl.utl which \>
■lculated to be of more general valui
L the mining iiidiisf-y tl,n,n the en-
fc'olishiuenl uf tv school of milieu. It
po; only furnishes e supply of ..killed
■iiiing otlicialsi tu the duti-ict it.
H.icb the sclmul is situated, but   also
■ the graduatos of the -.ehiiol   belong
■ i roving prufessiun, they carry the
■me uf the minds where they rooeiv
W'ATI-'d!   sri'l'LIKl,    I'Oh     PQ-
MlySTlC    ,\N'|)     I'lKK
,. I'l'KI'O.-'IlS    C N I) K \\
!'•"•     riH'NllS-     j'UKs
I-', tj. '('   \\w$, iSecictari.
.-. "*   ■       , .--:....-■
Spokane Falls &
Nor therji Ry,
f|' lie- only    all   rail    route   between
points oast, West and south Iu Uoss-
luiul.. Nelson,   Grniul  l-Vfgsi and He*,
limply state that | have then,  vouch- -public.*  Ilulli-t cars run between Spu-
•d to. -by the -einphtt-tio   testimony    ,,f I km,e mid I
•vitnesses of the highest c|„i|',.ct(-|-, ill- j Effective .tune 1 |-.|:. fflOU,
.Vt'i'i'i'ilil.g to H co|-re^p,,iu(e|it Of
the'"1,'o.ltfo.i ITtjiy iSJeWs, the religious
re. ival i.i Wales is being attended by
s line leiiiarkable supernalliral manifest,i. ions,, in connection with one of
tl.e lending revivalists, named Mr*.
lone*-.   The correspondent says]
"1 oil'er no ppyiiqij oji tlm facts.    I
ing   Ministers   of    religion   and    c,m
professional men."
Hail) J l'i Hi..
8.-IS ii,in Spokane
! K) to a in
0.1.1 p.m
, .... i" i" a in Itossbinil 4-88 P.m.
lugiveomi    ut    many    instances.     0.1)2 a tn ,', ,-).', p ,„
! In .he way to a meeting   ..   fortnight ]   7.20 a "ni Nelson 7'i-o p-ni
ago -he told 'a .relative   disinclined  to   !] Al~' :l "'      <;n'ml 1'Vu       ■ "° P™
,   ,. -•    -   ,   '•   •*■■ -    ■ •'••■ . !  H.aOn.m Kepi, hi lo 0.16 p. ni
believe in her powers that six persons, j '
whom-she.named, would bo converted.        SAVE      I IiVlE.
that night.    At tlie close of the   sera L ___.    T2H:_     TIME
vice, in to   Ihe   usual   dial-| j.y    irs-jivr]
j lenge, flu, persons made    public   eon-! f~.__     -.***
fession.       "No,"   said    .Mrs.     ,tones,
'there are six.     Seek So-.-uul-So, who
■ their education, all Over the mining j is here, and prepared to confess
Fori'i I Christ."    And on search being   made
I British Columbia, with its vast the person nninetl was found literally
mineral resuiirees, should oot'tainly i struggling ih agony of soul on the
Ltablish a iniiiiiig school lloor of his pew.
' -wp ... ' shins i.\ nn;   iiivwicxs.    .
Tl.e.i.he   signs    in    the   Heavens   lAdll'M'    COAST      POINTS
take tlm form of lire, and have mm   a
following from a leading    Lon-1 recognised significance in   connection
don journal give-, the latest a-, regards   with her ministry,    Go   to    Ihe   dis
Hie prospects for peace bet w ecu    lills-   Lriol    and    illi-uire— UyflVyii! is    lhe s,.-,,i,,n in    Harmoiltl,   -and   you
will lind universal credence gin,,,    to
Peace   Prospects.
si-i and -I,.pan:
"Fresh    evidence    daily    ernes   to
Seattle,     Tacoma
AM) Aid.
St. Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
Inn.-I tha) the idea uf peace is being
seiiousl) entertained in the . capitals
of Kuiiipc It is ineoiieeivalile thai
Admiral lluhassoll', the llussiaii representative mi tbe International Tri
the existence ami meaning   of   these
' Soii, the si^n appear- in   tin
heavens above a   particular   house—
and there Mrs Jones *ill either haw-, should talk ,'U large about    ll.e , alieadv soeun-d a col.vert, or    -s    eel'-
pspensiou of hostilities and the   eon- tain hi d     At   oilier   times   the
usion of n provisional peace, if Hus- Mtrang'u light falls in adassfi'ng   beam   Best   Meals   Oil    Wheels.
MKAI.S \    I,A    fiAKTR.
li had determined on a fight   Hi   the'upon the .oof of the     chapel   when
And nail yoti'v ii{,t.ctiti(jn \]\\$ \\;cci^ \o \wo suocjiil   lilies wo
Inivc just'uijdc'ij:
Hoys and Youth**, Clothing and Shoe.**
Wi' ("in slimy (ji(o of t-fje njcost lines, hotli ii)  Palfccim at|'] ,
litiish ever sliq\vn iii K(i<itt.-iu« y, 'it firiiHiKiliut \\i!| ntif   <:ius.-
yon tu luuk lOsowhort* for it hotter liargiun,
,Scii.ioi. Hciuivs Wc rcci'ivcll ii full Ijnc, ami you J\iH nl
u't\ys lind all (lie retiuireiiients qf I'uliljn acl|Q(|l wm-k ii| Mill
* iStatioNKKY -llui'stuulv in and wu cttn a.-isuri' y..ti
•satisfactiuii in every pai'ticular. (lnr s|(icU 18 llu'go and tliu
^election is up to date, ASH I"-' what win want miii will nut
l.e<|isn|>]*<ii'i!e.!, as we carry nil reciitircnietit-s of'flioTi'iYde
Ditriis ami 1'.\ti-:nt MpoiciNiis- Wt? carry a o-i.(|(| Ijip. a|
low und In.nest prices,
GuocKlUKS ami i'liovisidNs    Ti|i*y j|i*«' line, ticsli  and   ru-
liable and inir prices ape H.uilt. .    (five lis i\ call, we   lil\u
yotl to see QUI' stqcK'.
U. S. T.  ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Ymir,     li.     C,
'■" ."''.. on u n«     UIB   lipoil 1110 I'Oot Of the      .-Impel    where pact     TIPAIM«
I.     To do so would be In ,i,|;   in, j she   i„„V    be    millislerim;,    the    roof . (j        '"AM        I KAIINS Q
•diato recall and  a   forcible   do- ntnmlinu   out   in  vivid   dmtinctneKH pfc BAST AND -\Vt58T DAil<V im nn inn „f ih,. C'/m-'s di-pleusiire
l'i    Admiral, indoe I,   i-   earofiil
«i. K * I" A.      (I, P. AT' A
ill. W. KlVOIbV   i- .*-pi.l.iiiie.
imidst ihe uuj'roiindiii^ inky eloom nf
ii ii inter's I.i«M, .iml   plainly   \isibl,-' Spuoial   ttxauralon   l-Uteo
■ini out timi peace w,,ni,i ,,niv  be t,, s.unied speeiutoi-Mit ,i dintanco. To World's Fair, St. Louis
^i ■ preliminary to   another   war    he The li«ht doea ifel alwuy-i  appear   in' v    *('l,'-.,f It
souid-e.-ireelv-uy le—under the   oir   precisely the Name form,    One sees it
Biii-laiiees  -blii    no    le-eriit, iu,,    of i us , Inee hi-ijrhl streaks 'of   li„lil,   each I    l"1'riilen, folder.*, nml lull informalion
i      .„ i * ,i -,- ., ,'       ,   i regHHllnii. irlpn, e^u on or ai'drem an
^ ".''", UXI' ,Anv ""•. KI«",H  m "Ilv » Vnrd or so in lem-.l,    to   „.,,.,„ „f fhu S. V. & N. Hnilway or
ji.ei- ol lhe wolds -I ilu not •he.ti.iii'   anuihi-i it i- ii -duel,- eoliiu f   Hie,   H, A  .lACKSIIN,        11. UK AND T-
fc - iy that   pi uu.-   in   approaehiiiji,'   to yet a third It ax-mme* ihiu   appear•
Mi-   very Irani, ileel ion uf   M.    de   in f a hall of lire,   whieh    ie-ohes
Ble s-iin as tu ||,e duty uf I'lillie"    l(l   l.-ell' inlu ii nhupe   of    ,l    lie, y     bund
VI   I"-!' U I ulhi-e- lo liu—ii,,  wlj.e'i   will, iheindes linyer.   pSilllitle    lo   11
iii I'.ni- I'uiiespondeiit   reporta,   i- partieular loc.iliiy— lutt each  un'd  all
■lu.l.ei hopeful »i«n,    The ini,. Al iii-! lum- some relation to her mlnnloii
■er of .Marine i» a man of   eoii-idei-      Sim hiw no doubt aa tq   h'ci   beiiiR
■d<, in f,-,i , und we  may .guided by Homo  supi-riialural    power.
K   ■  lluil  his wind- w ill lie   follow - I (In |,er way lo   ,1     lill;.    -hi-    will'
■ in St.  l'eie|-sbu,o.      We   ei.tjrely; suddenly turn to u foot nntli   iii-   b\-
■ice with hiin-thal    our   own  duty . pnih, xny\n_ briellyi "I am SalletJ   to
ids ,lii|i,iti i- e,|it„|lv    ,|e;,r,    nnd i \ isi, S,,.,ii|,| So," und if you    iisl;    her!
mini try will expect    Lord    Lima-! inli.nates they will tell vm, thai   .Mrs.
..." to in,pie-.- upon our   ii ilv   lhe Jones -aw the light" the pi.-iious e\e,
-d.illl of 4cl%lllK the |,,e-e,|,     |,p| u|--    nine dil-ecliny  le-l   111 (JO    there, On i
nil) fur open iiiR peueii iiegotiatinjiH   her way io a elm pel oi veiling  I..-.'
ie entente between I'Y,  md Bug.  week -he paid iwd -m-h visit i —n, ,| in
■" -'■■'- the in,, ,oiin,no*, ii |„,-i- public prnyer later i„ ehnpel -he'
■" .,- pi -a. -enui1,!'!-, whieh   would   be I ibanked "tlm Hplrii for having   gtil.l1
rime iigniuiil   liu.naniJy   lo   di-n-  t!'1 to tlih cittiifjc! of tlio old   w -
] nu 11 In. ill  Ihe elose of her  davs   give
"'        ""' -"'"'-'I" I    mollslou-    ,|, |,i'|.,'lf loTheeand lo lhe house of ,
peal to the Czar whieh ,M    Pobied-  *'•" alllioted widow    who   now   c„s,si
,    ,, i ,        ,,      , h.'.'-.'lf o,, Thy mei'i-v and iihuM's   her-
■ -I" II Im- will only -.Irene h     , o-;,,'i',,„ ,.,' '■    _, '    ,
*. » HCll in   I l.y Keeping.       She   doe,    not
lIlU    view    that     lill-,in-   doine-i ie ! i in e he, self lo speul*   nf     llie    hll'llllge
i.i.let ny compel he,    ,„   call   ■! ]"*}'!> I|!,1I wili ",11 v,,l,: ",f   V*»ii   '"'«
-|.nt'i,ally inilided, you are «„,•,. t,, .,.,.
i. I'm yourself.'' I
From ■ tfHet
•p>xjn lo • Ihoui
• ii,l dollar pre-
iriiiatifin tft.
Unity 111,kl«
Soni' facilities
fur tnnkiiiK Hoi lit
illvst-wifi If*
po.ifMfd hy flo
nih-i concern In
Ca inula.
ei-mct-UU. Ar0.llr,lr.tKn
Itt, nieVrti rttn^litnery, and (.killed linnil
...,i Icftrfl, ,i'l undffthfl direct HipQrvliloll ol
,,lr:il iiicmli"ri of llir fur,,, make an un
eq.talleil c.,iiil,liiulioti for tinning out flue
•tVrlle for Illustrated ctUlorM,
DtP*S*,'IST« 1
Sir rllnj Sll*/er,
Silver Plait,
Wttchti, etc.
Henry llirksi Sons
J.w I.,, iii II.» Kxcalltttt
lllr ,.-!,, MOilo.
iu:.\i.i;i{ in  .
Shnlf   and   Ituihleis     llir-lw trn,
I'ainls und   (1,1s,    Stove-.    Coal
Steel, Powder, Fuse   und   Caps,
Granite   and   Tinware,    Steam
All kinds of Plumbing, I'm
smithing and General llepaii
The Mutual Life fusumuee Company of'N. ^'.
Mas Assets F-xceediiiK $400,000,000.
A policy in it is tlio siil'.'.st investm«*iit |(l)o\\'l) l>. num.
('•anil in vest oil in I.ile Iiwiirnnci. in cobIi invested thai   «ill
return coinpoiind-JutercBt,
All Biicci'Htjful Inihiiii'ss men earn   liirgn  iiinonntH ol' lil.
iii-tiiuiirc.    It tiroviiloH for tliu I'ulnily, j)Vbteetn n mini in In'.*-'
ol.l iltjej nml |it'utcrls liis ullicf it»n**.*—■ tincuts,    l-'or   eaten ...t
nnv I'l.riii of life insui'iincr ii|i|.lv tn:
Percy J. Gleazer, Local Agent.
Wilson & Harshaw ^-K;1
Draymen and
Ymik,  i'i. ' c
ll-nnlliiio- heavy freighl 11
Sprriiill v.
('orreMpouilelied promptly
nil.'mir.I to.
WAslllMil.iN' ,v r. N. KY
V-.  V. ,\- K   KY, & N   '.1.
lind (li'eat*No.rtlicrn, North....  l'i
,.1.1'! I).  K.  .I'. N.  i'i'..    I'm    IH-illLH    i.e I,
' wi'-.l   und   sniHl, , eoiumel.   al    I,
: land and N'elsui,   w ith   the   (!,in , '    •,
1 I'.ieilie   ||„i)M:„_v,
I '',,,,,1'ets ,,,  Nelmm w ith I,,-    I'
\ N.   Co,   for   Ka-lo   ,iud    K. uu     ■
1 'onneel * ,,t 1 'iirl. w   .. nil    ',,-i  ■', ,
Greenwood and Midway, l! ('.
Ilull'iit  ultra no, un traiui iiel .vi>, n
S|iol..'i,,e und   llepublie
II    \   .IA. lisuN
C.-lleial l'i fls -n-.'ei   Au'.
-|. '„ 1.1  . lV.M'1 THE VMiR HERALD
, -Im i ■    i-    ■- itiir-.Hynml mul! -a   Ic,
i ■ . ■ ■. or l.'livi n tl lo .-■!.--,•■ in li ivn.
.--... -  .-j.-i. i.- :-.' oo i ,i   in,unit,. |
in,. I uni)  I'   \V   Iv. i Ii, or any other pei
 I    j !     -on to whom  he   in iy     have trims
.-- ,-, iii-iiu rules, n mi ,*-r uii.ti ,,'-r un,mli
■i ur,   11 Blum um,  ,,'■  Inni   from   nil   i'-.-'-i:i..-
;,--.*.l.-iiK-r.- in il,   ,li-;r;,-.i   ir  i-iili   i Itla'
i1:r,-i-l fr-Jlll ,,,,- olllci .
l-'-uiiii-r.-i.-i,   ,irlul,t.<i   <-.   yvi-ry    ili.-<crl|,lir,,i
,!,,,..■ nn tl,.- |.:..|in-,.- ii, • milliard orict-K
i'iiii.i-iu.1, im nil.
Ill'.lt.U.lJ   l'l llUSIIIMi   , ii.MI'.W,
IIS    HONOUH    the    l.ieut. limit-
(Jovernor   in Couneil his   been
h , red hi- intei ,-t in   the St. Thomas j pleased to appoint the Hon   I'.   Cur-
| und Toleguiph mineral elaimssituated Iter Cotton, President of  lie-    Execu-
SATURDAY, FED,  I, 1905.
According to somo eastern Liberal
join,mis which attribute all the
abundant harvest, the met-eone of
population, and all the marks of pro-
giess of the last few years, to the
Wisdom of tbe Liberal itdtniiiistration,
We may now expect that the sun will
shine as heretofore on Canada, witl,
the exception of Ontario, which has
renounced Liberalism, and will therefore be left behind in the race for
woalth and prosperity.
I'.oil recently .Senator Tenipleman
,tl.d  VV. A. Galliher M    I', have    been
considered rivals for ,i ■icw cabinet
position al. Ottawa, whirl, il wil-. believed would be created by the government, The position wa- to be
that of .Minister of .Mines, and a-
llritish Columbia, so greatly predominates over the rest of the Dominion,
I,, the matter of ils mineral wealth,
It was fell that a representative from
this province should lill the new olbce
Now however a later rumor has it
that Senator Temphinan is out of the
field, and instead, in to be made Lieutenant-Governor of ilu' Province,
while Mr. Galliher becomes the Min-
i-le, of Mines. A further report
says that llnlph Smith M. I', for, is also in have a new port.,
folio made for him, that of Minister
tif Labor,
The public aet- of poiitii IllllS   nftel
involve their newspaper apologists in
tangles which exercise all llieit in
|*cnuity   to   escape.     The    Liberal
I'l'o-s of lllis   Province    is    today    it,
that position,    When   Premier   Me
Is.ide, the prime minister of this pro*
Vinci*, lentil,ed to apeak in   the   f)o<
mi.ii..i. campaign in favor of   Conner*.
Vat ivo candid,lies, a tiniuiiiiunis   howl
in il.e       .Nelson Minini,'        Divi
sion of Wesl Kootenay District, and
recorded in the ttecorder's olliee foi
the Nelson Mi,iiii-,' Division.
Vou and each of you are hei-eh)
notified lluil I have expended on.
hundred and two dollars and fifty
cents (§102.50) in labor and improvements upon lhe above mineral claim*-
in order to hold same under provision*,
of the Mineral Act, and if within
ninety days from the dale of , his no-
ticeyou fail or refuse to contribute
vour portion of expenditure, together
with all costs of advertising, your interest in said olaim will become the
property of the subscriber, under sec
ion 4 of an act entitled "An Actio
Amend   the [Mineral     Ael,    1D00„
Dated at Vmir, B. C. this   11th
day Of Nov   1904.
live Council, tl.e Hon, II. G. Tallow,
Minister of Finance, David
Ker. of the City of Victoria, Esquire,
md Johannes llu.,,/en. of the City of
Vancouver, Esquiro, to bo Commissioners under the "l'ul.iie luiiiiirie*-
Act" for tl..- purpose of enquiring into
and reporting upon the operation of
the "Assessment Act, IPU.i," with respect to its practical bearings on the
financial requirements of Uie Province,
The said commissioners will hold
their first meeting at the olliee of the
Minister of Finance, on Tuesday, the
10th day of January, 1005, at 10 a.
ill., of which all persons interested
are hereby to take notice and govern
themselves accordingly.
Provincial Secretary's Otlico,
20th December, IDOL
(I, S)
IIkniii 0. Jolly Dr Lotbinibrr,
Lieutenant Governor
*-p() James Graham or any other per*
" to whom he may   have   transferred
his interests in the Yankee Girl,    Canadian Girl and Vale Fraction miner
al claims, situated on Dundee   n.oun-
iiii.i, about two miles from  Ymir,   in  Province of British Columbia,
the N.i-oi- Mining Division of    West j Edward VII.,by the Grace of Cod, of
Kootenay District,    and    lecol'ded   ill j     Tins    United   Kingdom   of   Croat
the Recorder's olliee for  the  Nelson      Britain and Ireland,   and   of   the
Mining Division, llritish Dominions beyond the seas
You and each of   you   are  hcieby      King, Defender of tl.e  Faith    Ac,
notified that we have expended   three,     -fcc   A'e
hundred dollars  ($800.00)   ill   labor To our faithful the   members  elected
a.ul    inipiovi nts   upon   the   above       to serve iii lhe Legislative    Asscm-
mineral claims in order to hold   same ;     bly of our Province of British C'ol-
nnder the provisions of   lhe   Mineral      umbiu, at our city   of   Victoria.—
Act, and if within ninety   days  from '■     (Iukktin-.;.
ll.e dale of this notice you fail or   re-   ](. A. Ma.'Lean,
fuse to contribute your portion of ex- '■-       Deputy Attorney-General,
penditure, together with all  costs   of      Whereas We are desirous and   re-
advertising,   ymir   interest   iu    said . solved, as soon as may   be,   lo   meet
claims will become   the   properly   of Our People of Our .Province of British
lhe subscribers, under section I of un | Columbia, and to have their advice iu
Dealers in Staple nnd Fancy Groceries,   Miner's  Sundries
Blankets, Socks, Milts. Gloves,   Rubbers,   Underwear,    Overalls,    Patent     Medicines,
NELSON B. e. - B©X 1095.
Mining Agent      -      Stocks and Shares
 AG KNT    FOR *
Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York,
Canadian Casulaty—Boiler Insurance Co.
Loudon Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
Ottawa Fire Insurance Company.
act entitled "An Act to  Amend  the
.Mineral Ael,   IHOll."
I 11. E. Urobe,
I)  MeLeod,
I O. A. I.ovell,
Our Legislature:
Now Know   Ye   that   for   divers
causes and considerations,    and   take
into consideration the ease and   convenience of Our loving  subjects,   We
I.iled at• II. (.',. lids   Hub, [have thought fit, by   and    with   the
duv of January 190D, advice of Our Executive Council,   to
hereby convoke, and by   these   pres-
™"—""^' I cuts enjoin you,   and   cueh   of   you,
Ymir  vVatcr   Works  Co,,  that ou Thursday, the ninth   day  of
February, ono thousand nine hundred
The lift I, annual j:eucral meeting of
lhe above company will be held il, the
We,,, up   fiinn   all   tlio-c   provinclil otlico or the company al Ymir,   It,  0.
Kootenay Coffee Co.
Wholesale and t'olail dealer*.
in Fresh lloasli.l
High - Grade = -Soltees
NELSON, li. 0.
journals which urn Industriot ,,'i
huulcing a vulnerable spot in hi- armour,    li was   "improper    "doruga*
I", l lo his high olliee" aud ,1 host, of
1'tl.rr       When    Ihti    |',oi nice
I'Cturiiod Liberals to ii.i Dominion
I louse, then t bu cry was thai tin- pen
j.le had resented thi   highly Improper
1u , ion of lhe    ('oli-iT.aliie     I'll'iniei,
lind hud -li--.-.. ile-it opinion In- returning Libera!', So f,n. -i, nood,
i i.i eonsi-,ie,e-\ i- ,i jewel, and ii i-
li.ov iii order for these   Liberal
|i:i|ici *,   lo    siinil.iry    In: lie    I'leoiier
Laurier foi' I.i- activity iu supporting
U,   11.   Ilo-s ill  llu- il,..,e   ,ri e|)|        11111-
jiaiyn In (Intai io, Mr. Luui Ier ftpoku
sev nil lime- .In behalf nf   Mr    Itoas
llui ing tin- (* i. I .-it io i lections, and    ne
VOI'dillg   to the   - .nn-  line of    i. ,'<_' II111. -111
Ihe people of   ' b,lurid   showed    theii l *>
\, >i ni merit    b.V   tui nilig   dm, n    M
V* I.i liuine imil'.ril I       __\    _____     ____      	
•slut,- howovet 111-it iidii.. ol   lhe   pro ' J T
, ,     , , X •'   w-  MAMTKHWON,     Prop,  1
vim-iiil Liberal papers have u-i    been , J }
WMe to nppreelale the pnim 'llMMM^MmOfHW+W
ii Tuesday "ll, Feb. 1905, al 2 b, m.
I'. S T. Iluss, Heerelary
* 4
and live, you meet Us in our said Legi
Inline or Parliament of "ur said Pr.
vitice, .it our City of Victoria, for ll
Dispatch of business, to treat, do, act
und   conclude   upon   these     things
nl,irh, in ()ui Legislature of the Pro
vinee of  British   Columbia,   by   the
Common Council of £Our   said   Province may, by the favor  nf   God   bo
In Testimony   whereof,   we  have
unused these Our Letters to  be   made
Patent and the Great   Seal   of   Our
said Province to be he, e lint.,  ullixcd;
Witness, the honourable Sir 'llei.ri
(iiistave Joly I).'' Lothiniere, K   C  M.
(1, Lieutenant-Governor of Our said
Province, lids twehty-elglll day ef
lleceniber, ill the yiill' of Our Loid
one thousand nine, hundred und four,
in lhe fourth year of Our lleign.
Ity Command.
A  I'aiii'i.hi.i, Ili'DUlH,
Deputy Provincial Secretary,
^t-2&->*-^>''l?s-i>i!i-2fc^^-^^AiviliAl^A*^^AiS»*^-'V .
•J~ «BS*»-aatK-** -ULV'  ■ m>. —  OT«'a-<U*---*>-*aV^-*il^B^-a|i^>a^ -SBlll^ <-^i^ ^a^^ -SBt -b-*Sa*a*^-*a*Da^4BS^-aaV*^4a^^***a«----4«H^r-4*9a-.'   >*ES*a* eaad*    Ik
«755-^->55>->'>'>'?7»'*?9y5y*'5!5 ^SE-^l
%   ti
1  J      H
■ r.
-#-, *••? A
J'   eg     *^
_ T •/
-«*• .    '.
*4      *
p    -.
C6   »
r-1"    7
r,   *
C   '
n   *■+
»-S     -
).     <%
'     <L
I Hotel Ymir t
The I'.,.*: MealH
And Acctiniinodiition
11. Town.
J! Ymir Transfer Co.
JACKSON ft ld'.AliV, Props,
esent.nerit   by   turiiilig   down    Mr   4
,au,e,'.s     i-aniidale   liy    un    rtVer-   |   A  lim1 SflecHllll (if \Villl!
I ,i.|ii..r-. and ('igai'H
Teaming and
¥..\preys . ...
.\il '..d'ei- prnnlplly ,,,tended li
und the u'reuli'sl call) e,"vei»'"H ill lb*.
leinol'ie; nf ,■•:■:<■>■■
C   V
45s a,
d    _\   *
a ^. •?;
,-/. 7. -"-*
0 /.
i\ _ 0
I      Y
% __m    w


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