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Vol. I    \i.
V.MIi;, B, C, SATURDAY, SKl'TEMBER 17, 1904
Pun k Fiyi: ( 'i.m
 -     Registration of Voters.  "; • Trail's  Finances. The  Hennessy Group.
,,,.,,,,,,.. ...'.'     '" answer to un    inuutry   by    tie-      John llcnitpssy. the original l|..'ato|
\'otcrs,in this riding, whp are   nol
Mr. Bub McDougall returned   from   :,l"':"l>' "" llll'v""I'* 'tot, »<o remind- •     Hand drilling   |s   again   replqeing
his trip >■ tsl on Thursday  last.
Mr, Cameron took a trip to    |'orl
land, Oregon t' '
ed that the list will cluso on   the   last |machiiio work at. tho "V    .,,.,,
Monday i|l   $< ptcnl.-.-r,    that    i.    the
-Oth Inst, until  after    i he   com I    of
Th"   Hi,|,
secretary oi thu   Ymir   Citizens    A-    of tl-e Wisconsin ami    Lucky    Striki
so-iation,     .Mi.    \\\    A     licviil,    of I mineral claiuis on   Midge   creek,    12
Tiail, has \cry kindly   I'mni-~!n'-,l   the  miles front (fuotcituy   landing,    i     u,
•/.continues   to    ship  following information,   which   should   Nelson    hiring pirn to wirk    on    it:.
UK on  iiiiporlint    |;,., i.-i,,,, „!,!,.,, Ls ho),|   .,.,    ,,„.
lh.ee | ars or about 80 ton- of ore  per   h,. ,,1 oi-,*al  use in estimating the pro
propel,v      Some yours ago   I Ins
v ,. . ■          .     ,                       '   ,1    '"iy. liable cll'ecI of  incorporation   as   ap-,petty passed out of tho hands of   Mr.
-V'\o[||ii.r.      Vs i|   is    vciv    proUaule '                                   i      .   i
The anniversary ..f the 1$, |'. I....I*.-,-' that tl„- Ijnmh'ii,,,, Ll, ci ion wijl .-„„,.-'     William Conplly, lessee of tho   Ca- P1""' to Ym.ir.                                           Hcnppssy and his brother,    but    now
will be celebrated   in   Y„ii|-   ,,„', |i,-' about |I„- tp.t. ueek of  Y,.,-i„Ih-.-.   it j nadian King mine at Krie is shipping Tlio tftxos col|octed arp elmqst   the    y have secured a   bopd   on   guoi|
I Ull, inst.                                             j is improbable that those who   ni'glen   I" thp Trail spielter. samo ro those now collect, d in    Ymir l ten,is m\ will work |.i f0 20. pan., al|
,   ,„., ,i   *,                  i  ..      ,,    .,..,,         .     .                           , and sent to  the   Government,      The winter,    Mr  Hunneasy   said   ve-i.i-
Miss Carney will sine n solo in the  tfiRpttlltl,,mnies 'fore thp 2l>th,       Professor Lukes n    penver,  Cp., ,   ,     .   Q    ..        ,.,'„,,,          ,,      ,, -,     v"     •     "    ,
.,    ,              •              " '    '            l   • mi               ,i                .               .,       ., property tax is 8 mills aud the school  day to   the   Dadv    News    ropurtei
Presbyterian   church   next    Stmduv ."'"'" v''" *mVK   'lno,lltT   "PI I'.'".','"..',   paid a visit of inspection tp thp   \V L ',    .„         ,.           , , ,     -         ,   .:.   .               '   ,                .',
•       '""' ■     ,,             ,-i,i                   ■ .- tax 8 mi Is. nmklllU   U    total    of    one   "\\ c havo ii    nooil    Mi-oposition,    b
evening, entitled, "In His Step.-.."         tw do so.    Lveryhod,y w|tp can qualify   cox ipine this week, ,      •    v           ,-         ,                    ii     >          ,      \,        ■       ,
'    '    •      •    i               i„ ,.i,i     ,        . nit trill 119 ui l nilr     Liquor licences i neeil development, end that   is   lyh,
Purse pleasing prices in staple ami
fancy groceries ipnl pr,,visions at
should got nn at ....
percent at it, v,ipr     i,i.pi>>r iioeiiees | need development, apd mat   is   w ha;
Sir. Qeorge   Bell   has   leased   the  aro $2Q0 apd trade licences $}0 as  in   I propogo tp  give   ii   (his   fall   .... i
Ruddy-Miller Nuptials.
Jin, Grah«m, has returned tu |owp      Th-i^leticT^M r.   and   Mr
''  M"-"''-'"«l  'I*  i'»ined   Messrs.   Mil,n. Fi|,8l Avenue, was   the   see..,
I>«lcy and Anderson in sinking   t|.e Lf ft Vf,..y p|.ettJ, weMin),   ,M,    Mi,n
group owned by Bennot and    Billings  Ymir.    In addition to   these   p,osti
um) propose*, (o ship tlii-j « inter   oyer
the slltiw,
.\ rich streak ,.f ore,   two   ai
lutes are fuieij  *j~i    per    month,    and
gambling games are taxed.
Trail has, ..f course, a gf-eatet'   pop-
winter.    By tunnelling I    run   |'euc!|
ll depth of 20Q0 feet which  I hope    t-i
accomplish before spring.    We.   havo
already driven  a   tunnel   and   ha. u
..   !;t Avenup, was   the   scene   ,,.,„-,...,., wi,,(,  h;ls   ,.,.,.,,   bncuu|(terer, | ulatiqn than Yqiir, and tho funds do-1 about 100 tons of ore on   thp   d p.
shaft .,„ tl,*.. Vapkee Qirl
.lav afternoon, when their nicer,,   Mi—
ii the crosscut betweon the raise and ' r'vw- !''""' l'ie!,u ,iixi's  ''"'   consider'-: which is quite good enough   to   ship
able larger tl,up tho   $3500   estimat-   Tl nly trouble   is    that   wo   havo
shaft al the Atlin mino
Miss   Whillians   reports   ap    i,„-   Amy Miller, of Curleton,   Out,,   who Ipd for Ymir, amoipiting   in   fact    to I no wugop road and it will not pay   ■ ■.
provement in the attendance   of   the  '"•" '«•""   ^siting   with    them,   was      Godfrey Birtsch, owner qf the Ore I  buut twico t-hu mnoun(.      Ilpt   in    pack out     However, 11 that   the
school, which run up   in   38   during   «nitec| in tpe bo,„|s of matrimony,   to   Hill claim at   palmo,    male   a   Hpli I Bt0i|d of |lu>vItM notlitiuf tq hIiqw    foi   representations I hav, ,do   to   th,
ihe week, against  ;IJ   at   the   com-  ''' ^'  ''"''''y-    The nuptial knot »i
inencciiiei.t of the term. tied by the'Rev. IL    Young   of   the
Presbyterian church, in the    presence
Mr. W.J, Bowser K. C. M.   P. P.    c i       •;•.,*•.      a-,
.>.^., ..(.   i. ,,   0j ,, n,,,,,!,,,,. ,,f  nniied   fnends      Ihe
-,    who is also   Grand    Master   of   the   ,„.-,,,. „,,„   Uecomin ,v   ,,,,:,,.,,   irl   ,
Grand Masonic f*d«e of British Col-: „,lvl.|lillK diesa ,f 'h|ue    broadcloth
-liipuient to ihe Trail suielter  recent-   ,, ,,    .   , , , ,      , ,
1 | the inoii.-v c.iiiiicied, an   examination | government and to opr Input   |uemoc|
Iy.     The nji- netted   over   -J|80   per
tin,bill, is expected lo visit the Masonic rxidgo iu Ymir on the 'Oth  inst.
and was assisted   by   Miss   Catherin
At the lpe.ul recording office this
week, Kdtnuiiil Chape recorded three
years asscssinont work on tlip    Rising
Star nnd Itisiu^' Sun claim-     A.   W
of the expenditure,  shows   that    the  will huvn the effect of inducing   thett|
town must have dei jved large benefits., t,,, at any rat,', assist us i„   building
The ilcnpi   of   expenditure   are   given   a road      This would    benefit   tl   l.ii l:
below an,| from it the following may
be gutherei] us indicating general im-
provei,i.iits to    the    town    over    and
Nickeini.-ni.    The   groom   was   sup-  Qodfroy and A   N- Tr-inby   recorded above running expensi
A Are started up yesterday in   the  ported'by pavid Rogers.      It was a lho iocatjon (,f ,|l0  o.pp.-r   King ut
underbrush and dead wood   near   the  veO' prefy scene in   (he  cosy pal lor ,|le |101lj ()f Wild Horse   creek. D,
Presbyterian church. The fire brigade  w,ien   'lle   eeremony     took place ; ,;,..,„,,.,.,.,„.,|e(j llKse8Sme„t   work on
were quickly on the   scene   however, | 'v'to' >l Wlls uve*' t,IB   '"'I'l'V C0UPIb | iho Iron Hofs i the south   fork if
nml .soon had the lire well in  hand
J'iie departu
S    1(5.00
575, ti»
loilll  1.llld
number of prqspecturs, and owners    , i
claims in that, pai't   of   the   country
Our ore varies a gl'CUt deal;    one    biy
ledge is iron carrying    gold,    linothei
is galena currying a   ee. lain    aiuoini
of silver, and still ..nother consists   i .
Llt.T'.i     I carbonates carrying as high   us    IfiQ
Tfu^Nelson Board of Trade is asking the Provincial Qovernmcnl to
appoint Flro Wardens, to look after
the protection of timber thl'oughoul
lho Kootenay districts, and lo give
then, power to engage help for hire at
any moment deemed   necessary
and assembled guests repaired to   the p01.cupino   ,r,,.|-.     Oscar  Anders.,,,
lining root,,   and partook of n   wed   L -(|ed the location of the  Sylvian
ling lunch,    The bridal pair  go  east  ,.,„-,„ „„ rjuirtitt cCou|r.
by Monday evening's train,   nnd   will
spentl their  honeymoon   visiting  the
principal cities of Canada,
Mr. .lames Buddy, lho l.-ippy
bridegroom, is one uf the pioneers of
Ylllir, and has given his chief   atten-
Siinita|-y departnient       IIjI-l.il
ounces of silver,   besides    gold.        \\ •
have already .|one a l.,t   of    wolk    iq
the way of improving the   t...il   intq
the claims, but   we    want    a    wagon
road and if the government will   help
In spite of general running expense
and $2400 spent   on   improvements,
we lind Trail at the epd of   its linn,,- j ug „.,. wj|| |,p]p then, to build    it
New    Manager   at   the   I0"1')'6'"' w't'1 ,l» p*cess of $150 over Lm taking ten men out with   mo   to
expenditure,    Mr. Pevitt further re-   morrow und propose   -"   start   worl
irks "Trail bus 1... debt,  never   had j IU„| pUS|, |t »|| win.
Wo aro requested  by   Father   Al- h'0" l0 mining,    Ho has beon
ihotl to give notice  that  he  will   le  ed in inufly othor local enterprises,  in
all of which lie has earned the respect
,,f Ins fellow .iti/i-ns, and the lliain.i.
ml never will     that   call    be    trust.-i      h is .slated that Mr. I Icnu-•
M"■•.«■    "'    IMrnlmnlt,   who  hasLj,"                                                         ?10,000 with which to begin tho   d.
1 n in sole charge of the Ymir  mine      Ml, Dovitt himself enjoy, a  multi    ve| |)L.nt of ,|„.S(. p,-opeities,
since the first of the   year,    ha-    ,'.'-! ,u,|,, „r ,,11;,,.^, being C'hicl'   Constable | 	
signed his position   there,   and   will j City Qlork,   Assessor,    Inspector   of!
Hotel Arrivals.
in Ymir next .Monday, and will   leave
again on Tuesday morning for North-
pun,,    Services will therefore be  held I joins with his many friends in   wish-1give his  personal   attention   to   the j HeuiL», an,i Preiiikos, PoUiitl   Keoper,
in the new Catholic chuiel, on   Moil-   '"g In'tn, and his bride, every joy  and  operation of "the Porto Hico mine,   on  (Jaoler, etu, etc, and   practically   de |     V.\sr,,i\ i-:u lloiix:    C. O. Buric,
happiness ip their   new   position   in  which ho has a  lens,-.      A   force   of vutes the whole of  bis   attention    to  Missoula: Joe Prudhum,   Nelson:   'i
day morning al I" ... m.
A general attendance of   ull   Cttth«   '''"•
t.lics is requosted to roooivo   the   do —        , —	
tailed (favorable) financial report and       I'lu-y'ro line flesh 101,1 reliable <n>i>'ls
building account, which will  be   sub Ll (itnnpbell
men have been working on the Voiio
Itieo for some week- past and are
opening up new reserves of ore.
.Mr. ISarnhar.lt is succeeded at    the
ihe running ..f the city, for whioh  he   Belli 'tiger, Northport,; (!. Dicaire,   K :
receives SI00 a   month.      In   Ymir   Will.it, John   ClaJToy,   Nolsoni   Jo
where the duties would be  necessarily   JJegllill, Spokune;   W.     lho,,k,     l!o-
lighler, ihe same ollices could be com- 1 land;    J.    Cfttsi,     AuU,     1 f-', M.-in-• •!,,
eitied after the services. , ..      .  ., ,   Vniir by Mr. S. J. >ipeuk, of London,  Wnoc| |V|,j p,.obablylijB0 u   month   to Porto Hico.
A  second da,„  ,s lining    Constructed     ;„i,,„ ,„,„;,,,.„-,,,'« id,,   overieliee   i ■ ,      ,. ,,     i i I     .
.,    ,        .,,,,.    ,, , ,    ,.        i,,     ,      ,      ,. a mining engineer ot w xponenct.. Unopald ollcer would   be   tho   only      Waiuohp Hotki — ('  V   l''uruu«oii
Members of lho Ymir Hole   A*.-,,-   by tho Porto Hico Lumber Co,  near ' ,..,.., ,       »yai.uoiu n.......     >. -.., ,.„.....
.   ,        , .,   ,;   ,   ,,.    ,..., ...       ...  . i essary distribution in the  way   ..I   staiton Orerxon   Ivl   l-'cruuson     Nel
lilllioil, who lllivi?   not     US     v. t    paid    Porto I lico Siding,    which     will    give  , ' . ut) ion, nn „ in,  i, e  , i i. u-o.,,     .
  • , „   ., , ,     ,.   ,  ■ salury.    Uy this means  tl.    would   „ ..
thoir ineiiibership fees,  arc  requested   gro'iter faoility to the work   ot   hru.g i-i.„ii,..,„  ti.;.-   Coll li .     i it
. ' ,,.,.-        i Llecllons   I his  rail.        be a proportionately   largo   -um   left'     . ,  ,,   ,,      .    .
to Imnil them in to the seciotuiy, Mr,   ing the logs from tho   upper   portion i,    . "   .   „,    ,      ,     -  ,     Boss liousu:—J. Ivullske, Mpokuit.
for Improvements, um in lr.ui, a i,.-,,,-1 , ,,,, ... ,,,   ,. ,.
1                                                              ' s.   I ho,upson, Kelt le rail-.
Biu   Hill   ClllllillOl'    Culilil'tt.s  li • k ys,   ll.-t,   by I     ^^ ^   ^^    ^   M
Mac I'll,'I'SDh's  Ki'inni'ltH,
the diiv.it benefil of  the   town,   und
, second, by givili:,' wort;  to  idle    men,
S   II, Seaney, when tiny will he    en-    of their limit  to the mill al   Ymir.
litltsl ;., us.- thu pruclico  ammunition      'I'n-aculi i- nourishing ns well ss pal-
a nl t" the loan of i In- iiiles The range   ntnlile, ilfio per package,    lor   mile,   at
i-I,.w   l.eiii-' cleaicl,   but     umt'O    Mil-   , 'n u t,, 11. -11'«-. ,,.,,, ,   . .      "     .•«■>,•, •>,. --,,    ,.
s .. ,,.,       ..   i.     .■ »• i    With this shining example lieforo   it, , ,       ,.
)' i,nicer help would   greatly    u--i-t    iii Mi.  W. A. Gallilicr,  M   P., Ol  N, d-l..    .,,,,, i      Spokane;    .loin,     I'lei'inan,      I
.,.,    i,       ,,-      ii.,                                   ,.. ,1   Ymir should ink,-   hearl   and   make  J , ,,
,   puditing the work, which it i« hop-       Ihe Porto Bico  Lumber  I puny son, was In   Tot out ently,   and . x " "   "   •     '      "     n
ed will  ho   ace pli-lud   before   the  aro now rtinning   very   stcatllly   nlitl whllo tliero "1H« Uill" Giilliher, im iio    "'!"   '" '!"'        „ „   .,
1 .ii i        ,.   i ,. . Ihe years expenditure ...  Iran   n
\isit of ilispet'tl .f Col. II,,bin-.   H    nn.kue, re. I i ui- per day.     During |-* oopU lll'ly known iu    hi-   c.nst.tu- ■       *.      '     ...
' , , ,, , ii.  ,.      . quoted by Mr,  Devitl i-here given-.
(   11. Augusts u of tliu employees got   in onoy, gavo lho Telegram Ins vlows u- ' '
thirty onutlays.    Largo quantities of L t|l0 Ua ft lections,    Mere i- Pollco salaries .     . |h        y ^      |(      ]A
 "'invorsary of the   P.osby.er    |1IU|, ,r.„le lumber ,.,,• bci.e,   .hipped tho Interview   ...   nublls I   111   *.,■«« daparl t expendituro      10.0"
isnehuroh takes   pin icxl    week, Lve|,y dny Telegram! Printing and stationery
Hid in older In celebrate ill Casiol, ..,,.,,, , I Salaries
Vou can gel up a good meal al   low      "No, tho Dominion elections   have    (
expense if you buy your gruu. rlns ..t < not ben fixed, but they tu as -ure  u-
Ininphidl's, if,lev had.    They'll take place   lids
j fall with,mi fail,' said   Mr.    W    A
Cidliher, Liberal M.  P,    Nelson,    B. I r,,tB1'CHl      .
C, to a Telegram reprcsentatlvo, Liconei uiissioni'i
Any chat,gos likely lo bo  in   the Ofllco expenditure
' cabinet I"
'None that I know of."
"You noli I the report about  Mi
School appropMiil ,0,1s
n Scotch concert will be given   under
11 e allspices of the Ladies' Aid Socio>
l\       Those who remember the   Scotch
inncert given nn   thu  -am 'caslon       Mr. Campbell It.ism, who   for some
11 t year, may look forward to  11   re«   weeks past has  been   a   resident   In
i-otiiion of the good things  llti'i)   di-    Ymir, and loft for Spokane.last   Sun,
1. \. i- .1 and   discussed,   on   Monday  has something of a history,  Born and
thu 20th lust.    Everything about the   bred   a Scotchman, he went   to   tin
ei I,-, ti.inmcui will be Scotch, even to I Tninsvull In his early youth and   be-
the refreshiltcuts   thut i-,  of course,  came lint It nil Und as a   Boor,      When
, . 1 • 1 1,1, .     1 .1.1 ' Ainswoitl,"
tl 1   eatables, w Iu,'h ale even more   de   I the lloer war ItroKe out he   II,few    in, ..,    , ,
"Yes, but I d place no ciudonco   m
licinln   than    Scotch    liuuiil    n-l'iesh-' his loi Willi lite lloer-, and I until   a I
Municipal  elect illll
I l-.vpenso
Ouloll land
son, Cambridge,   Ohio;   J,   Swanson,
1 11.   Miudonalil,   Nelson,   I!    Oardoit,
Hewer,   li.  |{,,we,  F.     It.     MoAl'lll II
Mil.i;oi,    lloiei      Win      Chill
.-'|.i!.tl .-'J   'Sdu.o; c.s   W I,-,-,   NoIm.ii;   Tl
IDI 30
.'.7.'.. 10
l.'t 10
I S5.08
I 10.10
A. Lake-, Denver, Cul.j \V, I
Ollehi'lst, Nelson; -\ I'loncli, V» 11
can ,1; |''i ink Moil/.le, Toronto; ' I
A,   Woy,   Van vor;   U,   C,    B.u
blick,  Salmo.
1 en.-'.     I here will be vocal   ami   in    captain in tho army and subsequently   ,,    ,,    . ,  ,„,,,,., .
' ,    ', ,,        .       "What about   0,    P.   Orrtlmn,   ot! I* lift and water
.'1-cental   Solos,    duct-,    trios,    and   uiljuluill    to    .he     la.1.oils      (,oh,'nil
1."iiici.-.,   featltngs   ..n.l    iceiiiiiioii*.. Christian DuWet,    <>n   being   taken    '
The Uev, .1, t. Perguron, of   Nelson, pil Hit M|i|*il   to   Ceyl !    "^ hat phico is thein    or    ii.    ,,„,-, ,,t oxpom|lture
.,      . ,       ,     ,      ,      ,. , ii,.'-     1 tho cabinet?    li miv new i.lood  is  to,
tiil 1-,-i-t   nnd   talk   the  Scotohlest and when wium was declared, refused ,      , ,- ,, -,  '-l.nl equipment
    .... .,,.,, ' 1     bu ...trod I into tl ablnet,    lt.il
S,, -,,-h.    I he a.hiu-'.ioii   ,«   .,0 cents to sign thi'-t.ath or allegiance   •■.   ti,,- Scales otci
.ll    Col bin     111 ll«. I     line     the    I'll'-1
Keep of prisoners
Sanitary dop.ll tl 110111
Itoad tllX (i'el'u..dsi
fire chief Cull'oy has prepared    tin
following signals for handling the I'm
ah,1111:    Steady   lin^inii    iiiean-    lire,
iii -,, I One stroke (pause) two strokes (pau 1 1
line.' stroke-, iiiean- a cull tor help , ,
I1"'-""1,       o , 1    •
handle    Ihu   hose   w Inn   di ying
8.1,80 i,
I .il I.:'. I
I 12,30   I'lu.siivi inns   < 'in tu u     M ,, 1 ni 111
reeling ii up after use.
Including   il,,-   refreshments,    which I British Crown,    Coiise.jift'iiily ho w„»   ' q   |
tt ill consist of   all    kinds   of   HuMitU   (IntmiTcl fl-nltl    i ■ -int 1 y    11,1,,   Sollth I chalice.    Ju-t   now    il    has   only   a
i,ni.diluent- and coitfet'tlotiiiries, 1 Africa,
lllflllslef  ,1 itliolil   poltl'olio,
Services, II a. in.; Sunday school    I'J
Kvcllillg M'iti,,-, 7 ■',...       Voting    Pen
plea' Society ...ci t on l'i iijiiy   eyei
at 8 o'clock.     All aro wnlcomc     I,'. \,
71)18.2-1   II. Youtii', M   A., Pusior, ETC—33 T~T.—'.■".'■- :■ "." "" ■' ' ■"•-... -■■-■■ ..'■■'   '
THB YMIR HERALD!l>itiKl,Culu''»bi'l! '-i"»"-i—m
_____________^__^^____   war eoal I,|is b on the most     valuable
I'liWil.t, '.,-,-v K..„r,l„ '  •   :,„;   ()''»d"ctioi, of    tl.c    Broviiiee.       This
,- .,,:.:■!,.,-:,■.: i >- - r:-, * ■ r :u •■-■■: \ ear gold goes a little al, end   of   coal,
- '    .'I-.- ,.- v.'" : whilst a little below the-c two    pri li-
L'ipal items of output are other inilus-
i, ies. win, h w .11 pos-il,lv      I e    i loser
'1 .11:    III:.,.. ;.',   .*   1  . ;    ':' li   1, nihil.
rival- ill tie- tioil.l ful.
I lie    ii
,  ■ -   ,|« .,1,-r- in il,.-  I,-','..--,   r  uitn   .,	
dir.*.:t from tin brace, nificenl tjinber resources of the roun-
pnumeroinl  prliiiiui! c   t-yun    il.".crl|iilu,i   I'vlun Iy just begun to    he    pro
Hoiiu on the areinlses.nl      ird uric*. pprly    explpiled,    ::i„l    tie     Province
•till vet be one if the   greatest   lum-
!ii:i:ai.i.  i-i ui.isuixti  uo.Mi'AN'i
it. ifiqitsjs, i|.\.fAot'i:.
beting countries in the world. The
li-.h panning industry is already
in es .ensile one and is gradually  in-
" ! crca-itig fiom  year    |i,    yea)-.        fhe
SATUBIIAY. SKR,  |7, 1!M||.       fe,'ti|p valleys of t||o proviiipo a|'B bo-
"' I ginning   to   topip   Hllflep   cultivation
Liberal - Conservative Candi. Unt) thp crops pf wheat apd fruit pro-
dates for Patfiatnent, d-joetj are of the first   ffuulify,      Oil
■  { fields pf the   greatest   promise   havo
for Koutenay pistrict, , l|ri.M t]J8COVC|ef) in   dilVcrcnt   districts
jJHARLJSS  P*   MACKTJjTpSH, Lf tho Provipep. »'hi.c|'. may   ye|   be-
Of   llossland. eomc .he Pennsylvania of   the    west,
Kor   Yulc-(-'n|iboo   lli.it.i.l, | N,",:w cofd fields  havp    [i|so    been    re
MABTIN   1H'KI!|1.I:, pently diseoveied which   will    illfalli-
())■'  Grand   Forks. bly increase tho output of   t'.is   most
New-  Westminster piatript, qsttful of all minerals.      The   tntning
J,    D.   TAYI.O]!, I industries are busy not   only    in    the
Of New Westminster. production   of   gold   and  coal,   but,
.." silver, lead, p.ipuer  and   sine.      The
It is reported that   W    ll.   Hearst;  list; of vah|iib|e copi dities imputed
(■.line to Nelson to see what kill'l of l(   |V,,m ihe province i- a foi midahl I . 110
little  mining    Cl).mp    it    was.    winch   a||,| jM,.||,,|„,     n,al,    snl|poil,    timber,
pool,I support four new-papers. 'gold, silver, lead, copper, jtillc, besides
   1 L   limit    ,,(■   iiilu-r    items   in    Mnaller
There are lots of stories written ,„,.,„,;,,,., Uesides these the tigri-
pbout new-paper ".-cops" and thp ,.„li ,,,,,1 re.-oipe,-and the ojl I'd,Is,
Vancouver papers just now are tptar- h)()l|, 0f w|,jL,|. .„.,. jnfiul| industries,
riling as to which one first "scooped" . w*|| .|()(| *.|ipj,, uoU tQ ,|1(. ,.,.„,,,,v '„
(he annoii.ulenient of   l.o|d    drey   •***   proilllctiul).     Although    other    COlllt-
successor of   Oovernal-0ener.il    Lol'd tl.jei, mily  s|um,  niuoh  heavier    oul
Miuio.    s etimos little   papei's  B«t I pUt of any of tlicwi nrticles, wo   know
Considerably ahead uf big "..ns.      wor ,,,- ||t) „t|„„. country in the wide world
instance, tho roronto''Mail and   .*.•>■• L-hich unn exhibit such it  varied   list
piro" of Sept,, Oth, publishes   a   half uf valuiil'le rosnurccs     Clreal as those
column article oi| the Indian  consus, ,.esourcus are, however, their exploita-
Under lho date line, Cdcutti,   Sent,, tj,,,, j*,, K0 far, confined lo  .,   limited
mi,, which indicates that it    is   l0,°'' area of the Province.    Practically the
graphic news from India.  The "Yml|. H.|m|(. (,f   ,|IC   pi,,u,i..i-ni   iinlustries,
Herald" however published the   same |mV(J ,|u,j,, p.^,,,,.,^,. HrIiIm of netivity
article over three months ago,   having jn ,],,. •*I„,,|U.|*|1 „,„| UOnsl purlions    of
received il from its speoiul correspuit L|lP pnivineii,    f, tli i«   an   urea habit.mt uf the country,     The    .1
dent in India, as large again, as thai heretofore   ex- number of pins manufactured in   tho
■■ ■-- -*--'-'"-• J"--1- pinited, of which but little  i-   known   ''» I States for 1000  was  08.H80
B» nno'iRtlte Liberal   members ^ n|    ,,,„„„.,„,-„,   l,)|l|   ilH   ,,„
I s
l-'i'.ai, ores containing lend there
In- been extracted since Is". lo
I'.lOl, iu the I'liitcd States,    in,   less
than .',,•",..i.,.  tons of metallic   lead,
■1 quantity so vast thut ii would
make a i wo-incl, li a I pipe which
would reach several times mound the
1 hosphor bronze is „n alloy of
l<l o-plior, t in and i oppei, ,-, plaining
usually O.Op.'l to 0,7() pet oent, phosphorus and four to ten per cent, tin,
balance copper. It i^ as tough as
wrought iron, more ductile than <op-
pcr.and i-. pifpable of withstanding
givrft wear.
In the present workings of tin-
Copper Qnpen mine, Bisbee, Arizona,
ma|achite i.s not abundant. It occurs
usually in little nests a,p) bunches in
soft limonitjc on, containing earthy
cuprite, f ho presence of littlp green
specks of l|,al.iehi!e in    SUch    pies    is
generally it|dica|iyo of a high tenor
in copper
Malachite, a grcon basic  carbonate
of copper, is found in greater o, les»
ip.ant ity w heree.i-r copper ores are
undergoing oxidation.     In   the   ohlci
workings of the Popper Queen   mine,
I'li-bee, Arizona., ibis mineral was
abundant, occuring in lurge and
beautiful ipusses with nsurito and
culclte in limestone caverns, Tin
walls of these cayes were poVOI'cd with
velvety| moss green niiiluphite, timl
sparkled with the blue crystals of
uzurile, while from the I'Qufs hung
tiansluaent   sttdaetitio   draperies   of
e ilejle, ile|iealc|y banded and tinted j
with the salts of    copper.        bet    tl
caves   have   been   Btripi
treasures and cither filled with waste
or allowed to collapse. They are
things of Ilu> past, and nm-eiim Sfeci
mens, of which perhaps the finest
collection is that in tin- American
Museum of Nati,rid History iu New
Yolk, can but feebly suggest their
foi mnr splendor,
Tl,,- L'nitcd States practically iu«
plies the world with pin-. In this
country we use annually  of   common
pin- no less than leu billion, or tell
thousand million,, This i- un uversge
of not far from  130 pins for every in
I'ii-1 class I liiiino' Kocim,
li'-l      1.1,111.Is     of    Willi's,
l.i.|ll. Is nnd ('i^iis.
pWEN  BOYER,  Prop,
Wilson & Harsha\v
Draymen and
YMIK,   li.    C.
H-nulling heavy freiglil ;;
s.i'uit.l Ave,
I    Cpi'respoiulonco promptly
) ^"f! attonclefj to.
Mining Agent      ^      Stocks and Shares
.—Ad'tf.NT   FOR-
,M|lt|iiil Lift) Iiis|)r,iiiti!  ('(tiiipiiiiy (,1'Xoyy yprjf,
*Miii',vl;i]|.| Cas;iii|lty Cqiftpany.
I.umlt.ii Mutual l'ir<' Insurance Cpiflpaijy,
()tt;i\\a l''iti' liisiii'iiitfc ('((njpaiiy.
aw ""*i ."m"
of the Dominion  lloii-e   tl eems
to h.ivc been eolisidci able dive, silv  of
ill,-,--, appear to be   fully   a-   ampl,
I mil  llioi'i
-o, Ihiin tlmso uf ll lb-     m] Q
.i',ii gross,    There tvete 13   pin   f„c.
torien, whieli imployed -,"..,ti   people,
Pills ll 10    turned    out    autoiual ieallt,
ci  1-,-gloilH lelerre
fell-cl   '.(,,   Willi,'  lie ill-
lie machine is capable of pin-
duuiuu si tend thoii-iiinl gross of phis
per hour,    Coil- of wire   bung    upon
would bo delayed for   ..   yenr   while  m||||i|, ,,,,-_ illfll|K.v. ,|', ,-   ,,,„  reelt nra pamad ini .ichines   that
others predicted, thttl   il   would   be   .,,,.,„, „„, vet m.uJrn. tliuuuli   the uUt l1"-'l","l^' length of win for   the
opinion as to the date of the   election,
.onio stilting autlioritittively   thai   il    ,     " f thl] ,m|l|ic|,n     „„,   ,,,,
All work entrusted to us is neatly and
promptly  executed,
Qents    Furnishings   Store
The (jiil) reliable and up-to-date .Men's Ouillitfis
in Vniir. Our goods are the besl c|utility, and we
do nol [iropose to be undersold.    :::::::
A full line of Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes
„„||,,| oil'   very   shortly.      Now   all .,.    ,                   ,     I plus.    They drop   into   „   reeeptiielo
I""   '    '            '               • , on.ill -y i- In" «,1b Ihe pioiiu-,    ol    a                  ,                                              ,
,    ,                   ii     „,.,„ i '                         '                       aicl nu-, h.inieii It iiii'.ingi!  t heniselven
1 oilbt -ecus   o   hate    lice,    re.novel .              -
,,     -1""1 l""""' in thu li fa -I,,,   I I   by  two
und nil tho pronouneententH phieo llu. ^^   ,,_,   ,.M rnm.1;1,„„...    lla,L         NVh,,, tll„v  ,„„.,,   t|10,0#w
dntu us thin full.      Mr,   Qulliher,   "s „l,rr:,„l|I.   pn|jdit,H   ,,-■    ,|„,   ^ihond. end of the Imrs tltey an    seized   und
will be sec, ,„, another ptige, is  quite   ,<n ihl, ,,,.,, ,, r„lm„|„ (|   ;,   ,, ,,    ,,,',- .,1 between two disc*,   that fern,
""'l'"1'"1 Mtoit'    M"|V  ll,M"   """'   I ii.li.ml nt.  TheOre-U Northern
we lire In u position to male   thai   If |(n|Ittftj 1_|,l,,llp,(J , „„,   W1,..|*   „,■
the head-, ami puss   llloilg    into    the
>4i ip   iif   uiiolhei   -.le,-!    Instrument,
will he within two inamlw, nnd   I »l   „      U|     , „, ,   c    whlNt
i<M   for   il..
ti hiclt point-   llu in by pl'OMUI'C,   Then
the) lire dr .pped Into n   solution   11
11 HWlllmrV  niUl    oll.ee,-          ,|,„ t'amel,.,,,  I'clieha. ,,-,,nll -   s„„,   l„ e,, t, I, g .IS l|,„y go,    10   bo
"fciwl even now being inning    nCKl Its Intention to fWiii it  lurge clot I nml then into it hot  lolullon
Ml, progriun of work for next yen,      i ,.' ■■(' tin, th.it i**.   al-,,   kept   revolving,
, ,,,■!■ o   ll.i.' tlu'V L'.'l   their    bl'illllt    coal    of
 ih, the i ii'iiinl 11 unk   nictlle    « ill
ipon up ,i nut loin,I highwiiy und '.-i.,
ii — I,,   lin    I'.-iiilr   fidlnys   of   tin
lin. then pushed along until sulllelenl
Iy liiii'delli tl, m hen t]|'(.p| ed ini.. u re
l.isroV,', ies   of  In .ill    Veal -   ItllVU  ,"
tabb-hcl Ihe fllCl llllll   lho    ..'	
.,     ,. I,  ,  ""'"-" "' lh"  "'   ' -v '  "'     lolving bun-el of bren  und  suwdust,
ol   I'llilish    (  i,I..I..I...I     lie     .III.',.III.lie,I ,,
Pcieo und other rivers, mid  i in-   ttliiuh i Is und polishes thoni ut   the
nnywhei'o   In   the   world   for   Iheh   ,.,„, ,!,.,,„.,, ,U|1| „;,,,,   ,,„,,„.,   holtsNitino lime.   Through  the oiulllntlon
VniU'ty anil   oxtonl,      All   « """-, uiii,-|, mo known lo exisl tliere,     [„ J of Llili bnrwl tlio plna wol-k ahulually
'»« l,,B,r pl'i,,oll"11 i,"l,,Ht,'i01 wl,lcl'' Ltlter directions , rlvi niorprlso   is ,lmVI '"' l,an"U l",,,""' wlli"h   iv
In time, btivo bee  idenlllied   with  .      ,,        ., ,  ti inetidlii pinto cut into silts jusl   big
'                                                                 i liiiililiny latltt.iv- lor  lin-   servtue of I           ,   ,.     .,    ,    ,     ,.   ,       .        ,
,         i    ,  •.  :    .,,,„ iiinoiiiii   ttlcit , cnoi,uli  tot  I he Inn vol I he pins,    I mi t
them,  llllt   It   ,s lll.W- ll     iple-lli.t,    »n,l.         iiiiii •                   '
.   ,.   , ,.... on .,ii,i ,- ius, not lurge enough for the I'.ooil to puss
l" PI'inclpal iml VOi "      ' |    All the 'e fuels which have   but   gh,    Thus they nro itntlglilcn'od
Iry, imtl   if   tl lontlon   could    ii-  t,,,, t,l(i..,,     Uritish Columbiii t.ut I 'own ngulltj   nnd,   like   well
lutswored   s.itisfiictorlly   now,   ii Is  hu, ,„„,, p,„^,, „„,, ,,,„, ,vnr|l   (l(] I drilled soldiers,  push   nlohg   townrds
This is the time of tlie year lo gi t yon- pick ot lho nntuv BUlOi.il pluuea ol
I ui nitiii-i*.    Iron Duill, l.iuohiiniH, Kugs, Carp,-is i,,,,| llaiiitnocl.-.
SOLE   AGENTS   FOH   TIIK   MA8ON-01MCH    l'lAN<>.
ItlUI'Cns « Inch only nccil   the    li mini
11 iho i duo . f   thu   boti,,in   an,I   slid,
tlou II :...  in. lieled pllllie,    -I'll   I IlltJ,"
Hi-Iain thill  il would   icpnie   n„>,lih-
l.nl loll ill tin' colli *.,' of   -l     fow     J't'lll'S
''"'"' h.tit.l  of   nun.,   to   blncu   upon   ihe ... , ,
|-,.„,Mlt„ni.i In,-   it-   colli    .....I   oil. ,„ ,   . ,',., jingby ll.eir  heinl-, unlil   they    re, I,
MiUiilobn Its ivhciit, Miohignu its inn
ni„| i-opper, Cullfurniu  It"   gold   nut
Furniture Dealers and  Huneral Directors
S II. - We ure sole iigcnls (or the Mtit'ilnill Sanitary .Mittlrcss ami   the Glohu
Se, llotlltl Honk Case [till! I'll, I,
Fresh   Goods  for   the   Spring  Trade
Auk Poi' Swift's Bacon and I lams (they aro tlio bout)
Diindco Mat'inalatlc* Blue Point Oysters, Ctohmo (Si
liliickwell s Pickles, .linns, aild Cliow Chow; well
Helectcd   Tens.   Cott'eca  and   Cocoa, Qovci'iiinciil
( 'li'itllici V fllltl  llit/.i'lwtiutl liiiltfi',
, ci.:,\lis AND TOJJACCOS
worltls    kets,      I...-ii    ,-\i-ieiu-e -inps ,,. paper, iiiiii which   tuny  	
IU| mmi', .,,,,., | ,,|' woitl til,   lllllsl     iii-   hi-eiiel liy ii peeuli.tr j.-rk of the  ma- j        Ktshitlg Tinkle, Si.il iniii-i y.   l-'ilc Wnl'ks, Sporting 0 Is, MilgmtillCs, Cllll
' ..I.;,...     ii' ,.,, i, i'    ;     :,,   i
limher,     South Afiica and    Au-I.alia   |.jV(]   , ,-    [mJ-Jstry    mill    Hull    bel'oi
IP, |   ._,,,!,|    fields,       l'l,I    wlilll    I,..-: liuitiy tea.-h.ite pa-t.
- Iii in'.     The c uisiiinplioii of    iron    in   leii loin i v,    Pipes  nml   Hmokoi's'supplies,     All L'oo.ls sold i.t, very rca-oiiablc
lho niiutuf.tctuto of pili-foots   tip   In prices,
lie     iiciuhbolb. i il    Of     10,000     lulls
vein it
S. H. S!iflNEY
1 Ak Old  Friend's .Adventure, "w
Nelson Fai
Phil Hillings 'ami Shorty lliggi, -
n-tui tied thi- week from repairing the
i.ail up Poplar creek, While picking
berries one evening Shorty saw a very
huge grizzly. This was al 16 feel
distiitu c I u getting away the hour
had to come within 12 feet of Shorty.
11 was much larger nl the I - fool
i iing - of vision. Being on a la, t;e
l-oek nn,I tho bear being on a
evel, Slcity had also accui
-on,e size al the lesser distance.
Neither audibly expressed his feelings. I
The Bear just grinned. Shorty ditl'iit j
A hear grin is a very toothy expres-;
sioh and might niean anything from a
hob Hush blull' to ii caleh-ns-catch-
can skinning mutch. Shorty stood
pat, also his hair. Alter n few
thoughtful moments the bear n-tir.-.l
as gracefully as possible, considering
tlie difficulties of Ids position in hating to watch Shorty, und;.' headway
and wear a grin. Shorty believed
tjiat a magazine rifle nnd man should
ho inseparable companions .... tlinf
trail. i'lie bear is still at huge, and
the largest that ever went berrying on
Poplnr creek,—Poplar Nugget.
Cumberland  Countyjs
expected to Vote
j Clark's   Furniture   Store YMIR BAKERY.
W1LL   '   '  U'AI:K I'lvslt Bread Kvery   Morning.
. I Indei taker   a,.-     furniture     I,. uli i
Second Annual Exhibition Of   rhe
Nelson AiiTK'iiltur.il nnd Lndustviii!
Mail ordei - l      nplly nttentled I
llltcil SiitKi r,
Mi s.  .'imu:. 1st, Axes'. ...
I tvo rooms lo rent   for   ligh     hou •
V-.'i: keeping
i   uirge
inlZijSeptember 28 and
Now Buildings, bmt. Ground
Big Premium List.
21)   : 	
'        *     III: AiuH'.tiri'i'.iis   i-iii;    mimm,   ,\ii;\    am,    iiu;
1 «
N.-w-iy furnished throughout.    Sample room- in connection,       2
»**$$ Novel Open Air Attractions. $€€•»!   •   i .1^1 n, <_,.,,,, ,i,y :
Write Tor Prize List, ! FINLAY   MeLEOI), Proprietor •
I   ' :
►J.    K.   Amiable,   See.,   Nelson,   P».   C.   ;   "   ••••••••"••••••••••••••••••••••••••••"••••—
This tear's Supply Dill nmoUnts   t,
FREE FREE M   TAIT .1.   nri.l.V
A School of Success. ym..,-,.•,.(•.
We    carry    the   lending   brands    imported      Liquors
TAUGHT    BY                             all,|  Cigars,  stout,   Ale,    Brandy   and   Wine.
The Most Successful Business Men of America.                	
Sir Will,am Van Home, ex president of the   ('.    P.    I!.;   Sir   Thou
. Shall'hnessy, presideui ,,i lho C   I'. II : C. M.   Have-,   general   manager	
570,000,000, or thereabouts.^    It   u  ,,„. <-- ,,, i; . s„. (;, ,„„. , „ .„, „d, vie president of the Bunk of   Montmd     |
Dr. William Peterson, principal of McGill University; Charles   It.   Ilosmcr,
resident of the C. P  li  Telegraph Company; F  W. Morse j George II.   (.',,.■
.-.iii,i.t.i.,01.... more than the Tories ex
ponded in tho days of exttavngaitce.
What these hugh outlays mean is
inu'de apparent by the following dispatch to the Amherst Nows, in (-'»„>-
be, land County, N' S.i
(lit a ...., .July 20.— the Supplement-
iiry^.'stiniiites were submitted to   par- j
liiiment hist night.    Your representative, Mr. Logan, bus secured the  following votes for Cumberland   county:
$16,000 for railway   improvements
nl Amherst station.
85,000 for railway siding from fort
|,aw rence lo Ainhcrsl pier.
?i"i,000 for subsidy f,,r steumer Kil«
l'..il to run to snid pier.
81,000 for Frctleriok   Eaton,   who
was severely injured in the explosion
in the Springhill post   ollicc
So,1...1.   for   wharf    at     Amherst
Stat or, havo ag d to tell the boys and girls, tho young men and the   young    $      THE BEST IN THS   MARKET'      jjj
"'"""•" '"'l' Mltt $ When tli.'v   come from
lelyou, formerly secretat') to President McKinley and    Presiduut    lloosevelt,     &
and a hosi of others of the most successful men of Canada  and  ihe   United    J5
Shirts and Overalls
The Fimiily Herald und Weekly Star, of Montreal,   at   great   expense, Jjj
has arranged for a ..erics of ..nicies on Sue,ess by Allan West, based on   the jjj
experience ... liliy or more of the most successful business   men   uf   Canada, rj.
some of whose names are mentioned above, J5
The arii.-li-s-will shortly appear in the Family Herald and Weekly  Star,    IB
and no hot or girl, no young man or young women, no   father or   mother   iu
Canada should fail to read them
The V.MII! lIKIt.M.D I...- completed with the Family Herald and
Weekly Star a clubbing arrangement, by which every render of Ibis paper
und every resident of this district can enjoy the advantages of those
"Success" articles,     Here are the terms;
Present -ub-ci'bers to this paper who are not lead.is of the family Her
aid and Weekly Star may have that paper until December ill-i,
1004, for only , ,       30c
l'iietoi v at  Victoria.
P, it. I'„,\ 50,     -     Nelson, U. C.
Union   Label   on   every   Garment.
•Sirt*«•***•*•<!«**-f«-*«**•£******•**•*(•>:*» *Str«•■?*-!• «J-rtctt%*«
Foil   Till',   NEXT   :)0   HA Vs   WE   Will.    GIVE
20 pet* cent, discount
h©r easH	
i6*!) ouu for \pole River wlmrf, '" '"'" subscribers wo oiler ihe YMII! II KHALI) mid the Family II.
..,',„,   ... ,   ,,   I        aid and Weekly Star until Dccem'oor 31st, 100*1, for only,   ......    UOe
83,000 for   tinprovenienls   nt   the L
Juggins wharf. These prices practically mean giving both papers away, but the  publish"
S3 000 for Mulnaasli wltal't ers of the Family Herald and Weekly Star do so on   this   occasion   to gite
.-MMii, for iidtlition   to   Parrsboro' 'V"U"B Cunadiaiis tho benefit of this school of suceessi und to   let  tho public. QX]   (Jlothiilg,   Furnishings,   Hoots,   Sinn's. 1 lilts   and   Clip
'  ' know ihe liiatiy g 1 features of that greatest of all family papers,
f<4,000 for improvements fot'   Will This offer is good only until Ootober   1st,  1004     The   himily   Herald
,,   , positively refuses to accept any subscriptions after that date.
lace I la, hot' ' I..
.***■ t utiit fur Advocate  Harbor  tiittl Send vour order now to the Y1IIU  HKUAI.I'.
extentlons to wharf.
$3,500 for fun bet- improvement up
on the Spriiigliill public buildings,
?12,000 for I.leaktvnlci- at ill    Pofi
tint i',le
Provision*,  hate  hImi  betm    Inadt
foi Miiccan station for providing   mi
ililionnl   lidhvny   fncillllei   ...    that
The above iiiiin.iitl" al.- In addition
I-, il
lilnatl'-.   Which  ttele a- follott
*|0,000 for Amherst pie.
fl»,000 for Improvements al   Am-' \\'i, |, |-,a|'ge I ii-.pin\s ill all |)o|Mi'tlriollt8i
si'tMiii Offered for Fruit und Fruil   ICxlllbitH
I'.lrvt niii Annual
In   Groceries   we   PIEF'Y   competition
We will not   he   undersold.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
lie iiliot e alum.Ills ale III   all.Ill,oil mm.***   ,   *■     «      „    r    I-*'-       ,#"n .-/-^ <-»-* r-\    *T-^-N     *~\
 i intiicMit    SPOKANE' OCT' 3 TO 9
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*-»-i -*>♦*♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
the ymir herald
I'li-n-e forWarll Till: Vllltl llctui,.. lor , . . . .month
1 ,'i-t Station.
1*1,000    iniprottiiiiii.-    "t     Won.*
■?2,000 Oxford Junction fur adui ■
t.olial inilttav sidings.
si,.-.i.,if„.-iaiitt,.v i„,p,ovi-i„e,,t-,it|Flve   or   More  ExcitinU    Races    Each   Day
Kill Spring-,
s.i.MOii f»i- iinpi-otcltii'tils to rail-
Itiiv ueeoiutiiotliitlon at Springhill
ilunclion,  ..ml  many  other   smallei
Items along the line.
This is evidently Mr. h'-unii's mtn
i, j mi to tl..- county,    ltd   I-   telling
I   .   i copIO ihal he  lia«    made    a    I >u
1 mil ,,ii. of the   puhlic   chest.     Tl"'
tMi.',\.a doctrine now i- thai the pub
I    tr. USUI ■■ i    I'm   li.....;,    ami    thai
I,, in m uhu   can   u< i   'ii1,   hit -e-.
v, ,,.- I, .iu il i. the   besl     uiber.—
'i   i into Al nl  ami   Kuipire.
"  t,
More than (1130,000 in PremluniH nnd I'rizoH.     J
SI2.-500 in Purses.
Ii.iitn ttnvii eiiriilval eneli night,
lil'ili ileglinenl liritish nrtillery iMllld.
Free hiL'h (Jlans Vaudeville, attractiuiin diuly,
nnd ackn-.tiledgo receipt, of enclosed *. . . ,   .
'I'm-. 11 KHALI, Is pul.lish.'d  every Saturday niurniiig antl
« contains ..II the nows of tin- camp.
I! t'l i.-    I'i.it  Vi;tii', S'-'; ll.ti.,' Yli.Mi, 11,
>♦-»*♦-»♦♦•»•»♦■»♦-»♦♦-»♦-»♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-♦♦♦♦♦♦♦->♦•»
The Mtitihtl Lilt' Lilislll'iUHH1 Ctnnpanj i»l'N. \';
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
A iioliu-) in'I is lit.'.-al'isl iiHfsliiirnl ItllriW n to lililtl,
Fiuu ininural tlmnlny, dog -show, nM exhibit, etc.     CVihIi invented in Ufa hwuhtilisi' U kiirIi invented ilmi   will
ridiitit (•,ini|,,.iiiiil interest,
I REiV.Er.BER»"LoW l^tes ami Special   l-xctlrsions     All hhwo«*JHi1 IhihIhohh moll cni-.y lal'gt! m int*  of I if.
on «'ill Railroads. insurnnee     li |irovideH for tho litltiily, proteets 11 man in   his
old nge, and iirolectt* hin otheHnvi'Muieiiis,    Fur   rat en   mt
 ,..j,„, i'rivllige* fni Sale.     Write for I'lnniiuu l.i-t and II    Progl .""V  lol'lll of llfa illsill',1 Hit ;i| i| ilv tOI ^
i;,,i,t. 11. omgrote, Hottetary ami Manager. | Percy J, Gleazer, Local Agent SEE '
About your eyes when in Nelson, ii will help von  to  enjoy
the Fair.     Wo guarantee firs! elass  satisfaction.
Wc have on hand n very large slock offline R.   I.'.   Watches
nil constructed for this particular pari of the country,
vmii:   BUSINESS GUlDE|Ymir Transfer Co,
See i hem ni i he Fair,
r\ v.
Manufacturing Jewellers and Opticians.
E. W. Widdowson.
Mrs. (Jroive,
llllUKISHAUK   AND    INSI |l.\Kl t..
Percy .) . < iknizer.
Ill l.ill-.l.-.
John liiilluit.
I in. ,    ,.i„,n-   AND   i.l.N I-   I I ItXlSMN,
I). Clampbcl...
l)e.-l',ri-..V Jobbing Co.
Ncwilt ^ Co.
I l.'KKI li'l.i.     liEAI.KU
Willlnin da. I*.
ono. unit -.
I). Campbell.
DeslitUuy Johbiog Co.
S   ll. Seaney.
Gositiopnlltiu,—John Urea,,.
MeLeod House—l-'inlav Mcl.co.l.
Miller House—S, Miller.
Palace—Tall & Ruddy.
Vancouver —()wen Boyer,
Waldorf—George Co I man.
Ymir—J. \V. Masterson,
.,, Mcl.co.l.
iiimm;   KECOHUElt
y J.
hi I
'ubllsldng Co.
. Si
anev .
& Wilson.
& l.cal.y.
. ().
Ci-:tti''l"l('.'.TI-: OK Improvements.
) Oi 11 • K ■
Aluminum, on account of its light- In the vast process of chlorination
lless and its groat toughness when the crushed ore is placed loosely in
alloyed with other metals,   has,   since large vats and moistened with   water.
its  production   been  so   cii.n usly Chlorine is forced in and tho whole is
cheapened, come into general uso   for ullowell to stand for about   2*1   hours,'ladies   n iimsiiin..   am.   miu.ixerv
a multiplicity of purposes.     Hut   one iThe material   is   then   leached   with      	
great drawback lo its use is the rapid-; water until the washings give no fur*
ity with   which  it- surface  becomes titer test for gold     The   solution   of
dull and leaden in hue owing to   rap- j gold chloride thus obtained is treated
id oxidation.    This characteristic  ha- j with sulphur dioxide to   destroy    the
hitherto   prevented   aluminum   from   excess of   chlorine,   and   then    with
being easily electroplated   with   gold j hydrogen sulphide,     The   gold   sul-
or silver, as copper may be;  but,   according to un   announcement   in   the
Electro-ClicmicaJ Industry,  this   dif-
Piculty has been removed by  the discovery of i method by   which   alun.i
nmil can be given a coating   of   any
desired motai,      The   film   of oxide
which covers the surface of the aluminum is removed   by  adding   to   tlie
plating bath a mulII quantity of soluble fluoride, and the metal   then   re
ceives a superlicial cotltitig of BII10 or
copper, upon which silver or gold run
he subsequently deposited. Ihe new ,
process will doubtless be highly valued by the makers of opera glasses,
photographic lenses, telescopes and
• i her instalments,
Vou will linil oxoeptional values In
Stationery, Confectionery, School
Supplies, l(ui.urs i&o. at Campbell's.
Locating mineral veins, water and
tils by means of the so called divining rod has been pnti ticed foi' linn
tlrcds of years. As commonly used,
tho divining rod is a forked, slender
Hick of witch battel, birch or some
tither wood. One branch of tho [twig
i- taken in each hand bEtwee.ll the
thumb nit.l forellngor, the two orttla
pointing down Molding the stick in
ihi- position, ihe palms towards the
face, tho operator passes over the]
surface of the ground, Whenever
the upper point of the Slick bends
over and point., downward it i*'. iudi-
i.ititc of a mineral vein or spring beneath,   On ptlltilig   the   experiment
"'n '"■■il' ""' ,l",t" ',"!l "°l'"1;1 i Thfe Kontcnuy  Standard i   "'
ttill of necessity turn, oft   the   bunds ' 1 l*ost   Oilioo   Store.
     close, re    tlghtl}.    lipo.1     It, MAXUFACrU .1
though tins lias llrtt  the  hppearanco]       r     ,-     q-.   ..      «    *-
phide thus precipitated is decomposed
with borax and the gold is melted
into bullion. I'.y the llnrrel process,
water and sulphuric acid is put into
large barrels, also chloride, of lime,
and the ore is placed in. The barrels are then closed and rotated for a
period of from one to four hours. At
the end of the time tho contents are
leached and the gold is extracted as
by   val     process.        The   chin,illation
process is ,'cncrnllv applicable lo   low ,,^^.^^^^^^^_^^^^^^__^^^^_
Buyolino, Oxford, Maryland, Deloware
"lade ores, and these niiisl have  been   Columbus. Ohio, Kentucky, New  Jor-
roaatod, unless   the   gold   occurs   in s,;-v-'  Virginia ,ttn.°   n.in°r.   ,Mi"!'1''1
'claims situalcu   in   the   uoat   Itlver
them native, |Mining Dlvlsiou of   West   Kootenay
Where looaludi   On   North   Fork   of
Summit creek,
Take notice that I.   Frederick   s.
Clements acting as agent for Frank 0.
Hi.s.lon Free Miners Oettitti'Utu No.
li. bl,6'J8 ami George Harrison.
Free Miner's Certificate No. II. 81,276,
intend, sixty ilays from the data hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for
Notice is hereby  given that   1 shall  cerulicat.-s   of   improvements, for llu
.t, Monday die 7th, day of November j purpose of obtaining Crowu grunts of
A. I). l'.I.M. at the knur ot -J o'eliie
the afternoon, at the Furie.-teis 11 ill In
the nliot e t-liiiiiis|
j    And further  dike notice that action
^^*^—^^^^^^^,—^—,——^_—^^_   tiniler section must lie  eouinienccl
i mir, hold   a   Court   of   Revision of u.-foro lho issuance of suoh cortilioates
Register ol Voteistobe prepared   by ol improvement,
mu under the provisions ot the  "Pro- Haled this .ill, day   of  AugUst,   190-1
vinciiil l-.h-c|.otis Act." 1004. | F. 3. CLEMEN I'S. Nelson, B.C.
!>niul a' ymir—Sept. 1st, 100*1,
T. II. Atkinson,
Registrar ol Voters.
Tiik iikht uhand of domkhth
MRS.   J.   McLEOD
JACKsd.V & LEAHY, Props.
Teaming and
Express ....
All orders promptly attended to
and the greatest cue exercised in tho
handling of goods
•^rz* M iTJU4.Tr * 4
Cold, Silver, or   Led    -   81.00
Copper,     -----     ?1.50
Cold Silver,     -    -      -       '§1.50
Charges for other metals on ap
Provincial Assayer
P.O. Drawer All-'!,   Y.tllli, B.C.
Wholesale and Retail
Mail orders recite  prompt  attention
yMIR LODGE, No. 32,   K.   I'.
Meet.s first    and    third    Mon-
'IVS of  111 Jill Ii.
Visiting   brothers   welcome.
W ti. Coppet, C, C.
Headquarters for Mining Mon
Bar supplied   «itli  best brands of
wines, liquors and cigars.
KinsT AvKNii-:,
Ymih, I!. C
Mpets train every morning
except Sunday, for Freighl
and passengers for Vinir
mill, By special orders on
Sundays, ()r for Vimr mine.
ALES   ODDIE    Pfop-
E>0   YEARS'
Trade Marks
C0PVD!GHT3 &o.
AnfrffiG »,-n,ii;,(i u pi,..,, I, ,„,.i rtdsorti.tlnn mnj
q,il,-l:ly llfcbrtnitl i,ilr ..j,!,-,,.,, (refl -vl.ettier hi
i,,-.-,-,ili.,,1  H |'rii|,„;,|j* j,:i|,,„l:i',,|,,.    .'. ,,„,i. „,,.,■,
i,,,i,shinelly lldolltlnt. H,ii,il„,oliit:. Pntrilll
rl,-,!l tii-i-. Ill,l,".a ,K"'I„:1' l-,r -—''Mr,hi- imiom
I'litqiiU nil.,,, ihrmtgti Muuti & Co. i-ijcol-i
s*,<-<-,,ilii-.ticc,..,,.,.,in. .iiiiu1... ui'.Itu
ific Httieric^i.
A hnndnomoly Mlnatrated wooitiv. l.nn.'P'-.t cir
t'Uintitiii of iiiiv Bolontltla Inumul, 'J'ariiis, (3 ■>
vciir: fmir months (•*  gold by all newsdealera,
BrKi-t-,1 oiiice. tftt l* p:. Washington, U (.'.
Headquarters for nining
and Commercial Men
.M,,:-t comfortable hotel in the district.    Everything first-class.
YMIR,   13. C.
**444**44 04* *+******** ****
I Hotel Ymir I
— ♦
The Best  Meals *
Anil A.i'oniinodatitin     *
In Town, *
4 4
4 A fine selection of Wines, *
* , • i , ,• ♦
♦-       l.i.iiiurs and (JiKars.      *
* i ° ■ -4
4   ♦
* j
t   .1    W,  .MA ST HI! SOX,      ]>,op. X
«■ *■
*->♦•» Of ♦♦-♦-►* 44^4****^*****^
Spokane Falls <&
Northern Ry.
Nelson, Bi ('*
Hotel ....
Iiinine   It'i.niii   aild   I'.in'
supplied   \vi*li   th.'   best
ol sorting to resi'.t its luotioh. Mtnv
u-,is of the i,„l believe in it, but
thev do bclii'-.e ihut tlit- nt!'tailed
Force Is excited   without   uny   itit.-n
I i-'li 01'  eoliiionslics-'.    oil     theil'    pllli,
nnd thus they ure docolVed l,v tlio
hiotement, When the oporatnl' lo«
tatcs water. If digging   plotc   eater,
li.e ucuinehi'ss ,,f il,, , l.iiui looks I tUntlor otitlroly now management.)
•_",,,l. If, ho'.'.ctel-, it i■', nol found,
Usually something cist- is, to which is
given the benefit of the rods movement, or if neither water nor mineral
be met with nftbr cbrtaln ilorltlij   the
operator clahtis Hint .,!.,• ol the oilier
i- lliere, but will, greater depth] and
i lis might he carried oiit Indefinitely;
•s-'iue ingenuity Is thoteforo necessary
In csposc the ilei'cptii.b       There   h,e!
i,evi .• been a teiit of this foolish
i,,< llitxl that t-vi-r priced a success,
though it might he Haiti that hi bx;
heme cases springs h.r.-c bebn Ihutlti'tl
bin -. henbver Mich it tvns pitrelj' n
■bit -1 luck on the part .,( the »u«chll!
l-.i tt ivai ,1
Ih i,,i,' Ii at iny for St, l.olil« Fnll"
ii i ti In titin!< it Cnlnpbell's with
• , - "..el cldtlllligi to,, tVlll lie ill the
Inti'st Ity le (Vilen yotl ret th'fle.
N'niir ('ili/cns
„ ..MI'.I'TS	
i, \Ni 11 kmdaN in bach month.
.1     W,   Koss.   l'l, -I,lent.
|.  t'wirnii.i. Scicliiiy.
lisi.tt  M. LBOU, Tieasur'i.
\VABHlN(ii'0N & ('. N. M
V. V. .V E   KV. & N. CO.
and (heal Northern, Northern Pacific
ami <). It. .V- N. Coi, for points cast,
west and south ; connects at Ross
laud and Nelson f.ith the Canadian
I'a.-ilic Hallway.
Connects ill Nelson with lb" P, 11.
lit N. Co. for Kaslo and K. and S
Connects at Curlew ui'li stago foi
(liecutvood ami  Midway, li. 0.
Buffet  ears run mi trains between
Spokane and  Republic
(len.-ral t'tHSUIIgtil' Agt,
si.ukiit.c, Wash.
iii tin* markol
|{i;4lit tipposito tlept't,   i'mir' i
• lOIIM   BtlBAUi   I'lo,,. I
j 4
Kootenay Coffee Co.||
\\holesal, and I'Olail dflllers
In I'iesll Ib'ificl
Hiqh • Wrftde * <2oMees
I h'liveiiil ,'tiii
plilcc ill tOWlli
Stov-41 Lengfhs
Par earn Load:
l'tiiio  UicO
Lumiioi1 ('<»- lil'l.
Prom ft ceff-re
5;v >Ott lo » tlimis
mid dotlitr pre-
ffii.niitin act.
Hnir*' UitUiflc
B~ns' iTacililics
for making wild
tiKtrwari; art
pottciicd by nn
blher cdiicctu in
8UnttiU«, AHifttfctt««tta<
crfl, Bibd-ertt inicnliierV, InA licltled Imud-
workers.ill tiudrrtlie dlicct iUpcrvliloB t-T
(nncticni tiietiiaerl of iiir firih, mnkfi ah nn-
equalled cbtUbluatloQ fur lUrulng out Qua
write for Illustrated cilatogtit.
U('»M,,,'ini'j :
Stcrllrtg Silver,
Silver Plate,
Watchei, etc.
Hdbry Birks & Sons
o.nKs' build,no .
Jewtilrrmu Hi*. I'XsHltKy
III. Kail i.tMl.,10
V be only all rail mule between
■mints east, west and south to Ross«
Ian.I, Nelson, Grand Forks and He-'
public. Liu i earn run between Spu
kune aud Northport.
Ktl'eeiive Juno 1 III:, l'.n.'l,
1.. arc Daily Train Arrive
•s.i.', am Spokane 0.16 p.m
10 (l) ail. K.nsliitul 4.3S p.ir.
tl.Si! a in Vmlr 6 ii*'. p nt
T.-.'n a.m Nelson 7 '.'.) pn.
I 1:85 a ,„ Grand Forks -1 00 p.hi
8.80 tl.oi Kepublio .i.l.'. p.irt
A.IjIj    THE     TiJVEE
Seattle,     Tacoma
St. Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
Sl.F.Kl'F.HS.    11UFFF.T,
l.ll'.UAUY   CAHS,    MODEHll
MKA1.S a   t.A   CAUTR.
Best  Meals   on   W'h'eels,
2    FAST   TRAINS     Q
Speblal    Fx.iti'sion   K.ut'fi
To World'a Pairi St. Louis
^',lu, Choice nt' lio.iti'.
For rules, I'ol.lefs i.n.l full inlorn rttfoll
li oiiriliii"! trips, call  on or a,Mr,  s all
agent ol the S. F. ,v N. Ilnllivttj' or
II. A. .IacKSO-S,       ll. HKANDI'.
a, F. i-S IV A.. C I' .V' T. A.
sp.il.titi".       Tl.) W. tiivi'i-siu ■ ,\v


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