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The Ymir Herald 1905-01-07

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(,     \/ 4^-^x.   C
ot^c^y ~k -<^ -
j An l ' $05
7,--; qj . ,
Vou I    No ill
YMIH, li. ('      \ rUUDAY, •' VN1   VKY ", tUo:
I'ijii I-: l-'i\ i: Cknts.
(In   l|   i.out  hod the ('In isiinn    Un
fill   i if. t  gave nn ".ii  I....II.i      .'■
Hunter V.
Another Saw   Mill
, in the   Presbyterian   clinreh       The HunU'i V. mine in now in lhe      tf.J.M-Kiv   In*   startel
I'   ( i.in| 11II Im*- *i-t I It . onti.-i. I
' ' '  * . ■ . •>,., |„j.M  rur |lu,    |.,„|,,   |;i,.,,   I.nnili. i
                             .|.||e  (-,,,„■.;    ■;   i   r  ,;   Co    Iiuk   ''''  ' ''''"' ''"-'" '" ""'  ''"' """"'   posdion oi in. .no n   greater  demand I tious on the big pile of logs  eui
Fresh Hullond    Herring   in    1711.1 iniueil nearly three .-nm        A a miU tt"  '"  '  -'!   '"•'"-"   ""'"   »■   for ll Iput limn il is id.lo to meet,  winter >u  Active   Co'*,.   win     I.
hoii.e t . i. ■'.' i. .•..•!■  until   I-.'-'   the during lhe piv-ieui    tvnithci'       M   I* L'wo   ir* of machinery   arrived     .is
sumo eve.  ii-.-     (inn,-   of    ill    kinds   now shippiiti   l,,-,i-.d.   to  Trail,   and woek     and   wero    u..loaded    a.      ..
i i
| were indulged In, and a good program   Nelson, but is unable to meet the  ro- Hunter V*. siding, at  the    inoulh     i
,p.in-lip nis of the Northport   Binelter. Porcupine creek,    I'lie engine to d >ve
(in die I'.tl. in.-i it will   star.   -lii[i- tbe machinery is a traution engh.
piiii! to the Snllit.-in sin.-Iter at Marys- ' .1. V. Case, such as is often   Used   t'-.r
ti'lo. This demand for ilia Hunter V. portable saw nulls.    The   ouilil   « II
product   in significant of tho facl that include all tho essentials of   a   si    II
• its, nt Seiiney's, if 1,50 per kit lion ...ns of coal during   I '       . bcui
Mrs. Carrie Nation is   -ni.i to  I,-  200,000 tons being turned into       e.
around in Ymir will, I, •,- lit tie hatch-   '""'   ll"'   "'"''    ■l,,PPed    ,IS       '
Hob McDougnll is now   located  ..t
During the past year thp   I'.o-s' ,
Ihe Porto Hieo Lumber C.'s.   logging I*""1*1 lms P''"(iucetl :l • -•'"'-'      '
,_„... ore, valued at 1)4,400,000.    'I i
Arthur KYencli and his sister left
on Wednesday last for their old homo
in ll-rtotii.
'Mis*. I'jvans, matron of the K.."t-
enny Lako ■•"O-rpital, was in town on
Thu.i-i.lay l.e-l.
tonnage of tho entiip  for the    l.-v
years since oro wus lirst   pro In .ed
of music mid us it .' Ions piovidod,   .if
to,- w Id. li ri i',r hint ..I- wen. nei ved,
a' only nnd original .), Peck Mao*
S-.t, ii, nutlior, criliu mid ehcuinnavi-
jiftlo., blew into to. n   last    w. ek    ou
the'nil i ml   nt   a   hoi -canter   snow the smellers huvo found lho oro to be  saw-.nill including a planer,   and   will
l,,d   I-.., r   j* r'vTTil   '.tk"1'"'    Hecmno!  various points the best flux obtainable and hereafter   be installe, ir   the   logging ..*.. ..;.
ilo'oiO *,-'| " ' """'   '   Ur'        |"  Kootenay and WaRhiiiKtou, !.is there is likely to   be   a   market   for about two miles up   Porcupine creel.-,
*•   >-   '<-' ■ destination being anywhere.    Me is u every ten of rock   the   property   can  where about one million'feet   of   ' •:-
Thu newly-elected olncer*. ol member ».f the   In toi national   Typo- produce. are lying ready.
Ymir Masonic Lodge, will l.e   install- gl,ip|,ijc,l| I',,,.,,, «|,i.-h entitles him to 	
.  .       M(, ,. ,    , |C,'0"tJ,l1Jlh.11TnS,      Tl,e   ^ cmft   courtesies   liny ire   on     the        Ymir   Public   School.
John   iM.itornnod.iie   is   back    in  elect of the Trail Lodge, together will [ t.oum|   -,vo,.**j,      ][,,   |m,|   long   ago| 	
town, and is contemplating rebuilding ' a nun.her of other brother from that
i-i> his lot. block  111.
lodge will be ill    uttendaic.
Mrs. „nd Mrs,   Miller   are   ,-nte,-;-i"'"1 insUll"lioM   >-'-"'emony    "       the
laining Mr, Miller's brother,   who   is; two Ms** *'i11 u1"' I,aoe , u ition and will come again,  probably
on ii visit from Ihe Ivist. Price and Burgess who niv  .level-   to locate  permanently;— Simllkam^en
Over 53300 was   collected   during °Pin8 *l,e Tonft 8rouP   ""   Porcupine j Star.
1901, at tho office of the deputy ini... creek, expect to strii   ihe vein  in   .,,    The famous J   Peck  is ^apparently
, ...ie..:.   v   '• f.-w days.      Meatiwlii.i   tbe    country [ anxious to make n record for   himself
rock through which ihcv   are   pausing
A   large   and   festive    gathering L   highly mineralised, which is u' go-vl
heard of Princeton and was only re- , The follow ini. figures with reference
eently enabled to Include it in his| to the Yinir soluiul me taken
itinerary.    Ile thinks it an ideal  sit-   from    tlie     last     report     of     the
Siiperir.tcnd.ini of I'Mucation.
Population under s:x years 43.
Population between ti and Hi all alio.nihil! school 54, of   which    .11    are
The Assessment Figures.
Commissioner lieuwiuk Bom
fpletes List of Nelson.
Little change from Lust Year.
Slio-lit  Increase.
Hubert  A.   Itonwick,    assessment
Wntih.il the Now Year ill, at. the Mc
of hating worked on   every   paper   in
the Kooteniivs,    He worked   on   the
indication that lhe vein   is   close   .it l Yinir Miner in HJU0, and was respon-
i.eo.l Hotel as guests of Mr. and Mrs.   |w|)|]j ^ ^htains good ore. I sibl. [U.r the mechanical work   in   tl.e
I'i.ilay MeLeod. fifc   hl.M w,.,.|*s issues of tlie Herald.
-lackson and Leahy, the old Itrm ..1 i
The niarriiigo   of   Mi,s   Whillnm*-   teiimsteVs have dissolved  partnership,  Weldo-nofc know o!nny P"**1',n   l'"
formerly school teacher here,  to   Mr   Ju0 Lejhy lma   MlM   ]lis  cwo  |mrs&, Kootenays, upon winch he has not at
Wright,   editor   of   ,|,e  Similka,...'.. - :u„, ,.,,,;, Fl,„,u „„,,„„,,„, ,lll(]   ,ws Homo time shed the light of Ins   coun
Star, is announced.) uk(,n ||U,,. 1|u, B-1|g)lJ  M, Hg   ,-,„,„.
Hee the-handsome pictured in 8. H. erly handled l.v Harry Jiieksnn.
Keaney's window. One of these will Harry has donned his best clothes
lie given away with every cash pure!.-*-1 and n big smile, and is DlWlil.g his eye
use of ten dollars. i towards Toiiapull,
..ei.an.-e.     If there Is such 11 paper   t
s located in a .own which c,
cached tin tho brake beam.
hoys nnd 'Jll uills.    The averairo   ac-I t     ,,       , ,      .
1 n n commissioner for the  department   ol
tual attendance was ill'.1,"'.    Number ,     ,       , .',.'« ,
lands and wor-cs tur the    Nelson    a—
of visits of trustees   '.'       Number  oil .  o , * . i .   i   i;     n ,
sesamont district, completed   Ins   !i-.
of other visit...- "s. ^       j this week.    There are several ch.in-,-
The inspectors report on the   Yinir ■ c      i   . .     >  /■ i   . ,i     ...
1 I I from last years futures but  the    tot,'.
. :  e..n  ' P
will show little alteration.    There, ai '
1 three    new    subdivisoiis,    Kitchener,
pils   present!   48    pupils     enrolled.  T.    , , ,,        ,--, .
11111 Procter and (jucen City,  now   sepae*.
School Renerally well conducted; con*    . , . .-    ,,   f.. ,  ,■        ,   ,
, alely assessed tor the t.rst   time,    nil
sidetnble improvement   in   some   re-1  ,   '   . , . ,        ..
| "i t      ! the values are not   high.       Lven  ol
the railway lands there will boi   little
should l" do\ itf-d   to   drawinii   an I       . ., ,,,       , j__.   ... ,„      i
n variation.    I'our hundred   thousand
writing: primary cl-ts-es   still   some mi-     ..        ...
1 acres were sold during the year  at     .
-t'hool is as follows!
"Inspected fob. 2nd l!in-l; I'J   pn-'
I ri.-iids of Phil, White will   t-ejolce j     The Active Co. is at last showing a 11 NOTICE.
B will   rejoice |     The Active Co. is at last showing a  ♦
he   father   of disposition to liquidate   iti  liabilities 1 ♦
A ciii-s marked   in   tins
ttiihhii...     Hi*, i- now tun    tatiier   ot   disposition to no
u buuncing gil'l which   is  said  fo  be   without icctiurso to further litigation i
much in his likeness Tho money derived'from tho   -ale of
Th.- Atlin Mine started   up .main .,1,e !"-s ,"' ''>' l",u«'11'1 C""I,M"" l,lst itsl,i'',V '      ' ' inuicateS   ,1,Ul t
lhe first of lho year, and Andy   i)m..  «'ii.ter is being used to   pay   oil   ,l''': f.im ...,.,-...:,....    ...    ..,,,
„,s is preparing   to   rawhide   down   Ihtbilities incurred it. cohnec.i ith |j*OUl SUbsmptlOU IS 111    ...   ;.
some of tho highgrade oro, |tl,,l,  '"""•"'t    . T|,e "l"',"r   l,,,,u' |rear and we would lie uliii'
which con.pl-ises 6000 acres nf some of i ♦
Miss Isobi'l   Henderson   I!.,'   helV  ,i    ,*,, , ,:,. i  , i„ ,t„   t> ,-., ,.  i„,d X.    i ,■
the 111.est timber In the  1 rovniet*   h',h ' T tl) lll'lll'    fl'OHI    \ Oil
teacher arrived on Monday last,   and    v i,,,.,, fullv paid for. *
Miding with Mini  -I.   Wi  Koss, ., If-iviali to liave.il continued.  !!
if   yoxi!!
s.-iiooi o:
pencil on  Inesday last,
Now  Year's   r.vo   seemed   to   be
what, backward.   An excellent record
cents  an   acie,   but    the    reniaiiiiou
in hiuli school    entrance   work,    was  ,     ,     r .,        *,
r ' 1 lands ot the railway .'rants   ale   a
made by this school at the   mid sum
mer examination held in Nelson
On the   Salmo    school    the    report . .      ,      ,    ,,
1        amount to about   the   .same   as   la-l
' ' . year, when all railway lands were ,.--
"Fair   progress   made   by   senior .   . ,.
J , sesred at 45 cent.', an acre.
sessed at an average of about a dollar
an acre, so that the   total   tn*;   will
class) insuthcieut teaching dene)   pri
.nary work only fair;   drawing   poor;'
The follow ing is a summary of   tl
assessed  Value!*,;
***4* . 44,4 >4<>**************
Ymii to   be   congra'ula'ted  as
laving set of'energctie school trustees. Under their regime long need-
pi] i.,i    ivementR have been put In,   as
el. by a gang of hoboes to make a
There is only one foot (,f   snow   in   wd ,„, Ym|r.    Two   of   the,.,   we.o
\ nn-to-day, which is   Ihe   least   ,,,.   a,,,,mm„f|,lt,,|   _„   Constable   I'raser
record for this time of the yeat', since     -,i       • ..•   i   . •      ;.,   ,,	
J*-***, with a nights lodging   in   the   goal,
Ymir was a habitation of man. ,-,       .,*   t      . ,i ,       ,,;.    ... ,i    ;,,
while a ll.iril souu'hl a    t'lild    bed    in
l-'ather  Allholl    will    be    hei.'    tin   some of tl.e citizens' wood sheds    eon
M h>} next and will hold tin* Usual I siderably SUiiring so.ub of   the   ocou*   .. resul   of  persistent  repres'entations
•orwees on Tuesd(iv tl.e 10th inst,    in   pants of tl.e house--,  where   the    no-       •   In;   gnveniment,      The   cost   was
the Catholic" church at 0 a. 111.   llilll-p.   folk wei-6 oltt.    The next   day    there nt    IHOU     which   is     paid      by
John   MoCorquodttle   and   liobe.-i   werepumbers of theni   around   beg-
Ualk.-r   hace   puichiised     tl,|,    ,,|d   (Jlhg nt lhe back doors
Windsor holer, and will stnl-l   'horilv      The special mining review  publish
lo remove ii to MeCorqtiodalo'a lot ii.' ,.<l ,,u tho li.st of the year by the Nel-
IHock 10, .,,n pally News is a  li.st   ,-inss   pi*o-
I. does .. .!, ..pp-ir lilii'H- ih.t   any-   dllCtioil, nild    'he   publishers   deserve
tilte will lib   t-iiierpri-iiio   cmtiti-gh   tu great ciodit for the puinstaking and
M.-kl.-tlie   skating   l*ink   proposition | c'"'*Jful   way   in   which   tl lining
'his year,    It ha* nut pt-.oe.l i.   very | llihtol'i' "'' !il1' district during U.r pasl
pn.fiiable proposition in past year--       V('"' l,;'"> ' " compiled.    Tho edition
Mr. Ile.tizin's lilth* hth t'.as hillllv
'lillen last .Monday by ,). ek the l'ai-
Icrson s tloL'i   Tho bitb was h   severe
fiiintKii wonderful record   of   ntlcoin*.
pli-hini-ni in thi- fitltl of industry,
at.d a tlistllllt lea.Ier is bound to be
inipii-ed wilh lhe   wonderful    possi-
thc   lovernment.
Card Of   rhailks.
.Mrs,      W   Ross wishes to  express
her sinuei   ihauks to all  her   fridnds
in Ymii'i '.-.    ' ive *.. kindly exprc
i d hv work and act,   their
with herself alld family in their reconl
books to bo kept cleani writing seuet''*      ,, , ,...,       .,  .,
1 ... Iliiu.i!   Addition—Heal   property!
ally neat and even good,   Two pupils i. . .,,*,«-
6 ' .'      |103,450; personal property,   f2,03o.
puss -1 high school entrance e.xumiua-       ,, .    .        ,.    . ,   4,.,. r, -
' n Fuirvtew—Ileal property vl.il,o'Joj
personal properly, tl,Q70,
Davis   Addition —Heal     propprtl
The Ymir Mine.
The return fro... the Ymir Gold
Mine for November as reported by
cable to the London olliee, was as foi
8 111, 128.
Ot-dston—Real property,   119,8110,
personal property *n,000.
Ymir—Ileal   property,    ♦ 110,1 *2 •"»)
i personal property, $17,000,
lows-    "30 stamps ran -29   days   and      ^rie Townsite-fleal property ♦l-'l*
crushed 2,700 tons (2,000 pounds) of 019; personal property 12,800
ore, producing 023 on*, bullion,    Th- |     ,,,,„..u ,,, ,„,,, ly mii
estimated realisable tah.e    (gross)    of       9&]mq      ,,     ,„,,,„,,.,,.      fj0.00.1l
theprodu0tM7,170.    HO tons   "'| p,,,.st)Im| ,„-,,,„.,-!y .-?: l,2uu.
eoneentintes, shipped, grosses Ited      Kil,|„,MI,.    ,.,.„, ,,,„,„,,,_,-   ifH.fOo.
value*3,500.    Cyanide plant   lreat-|     QuUen  Citv    Ileal   properly   •*'.',
led    1,800   ton-    ..'.Doe   pound-)   of  39H,
tailings producing bullion having  es-      Ploclor    Ileal properly »l,3fl0.
,, i       r   i*i •.--       "s      Nelson A Fort Hhepbard   lluilwav
iiui.it.-.1 gro*.s value ot   sl,-'.-.       •.•*• i'
.' express , ,,,,,„,   Lands   Reul property, f2l,06l;  wild
sympathy I'""""1''1"'1 ■   "'"IT"'1'   *1»180'I |ttllds, .(1228,379. lfl.  '
Hotel Arrivals
W.m.i.oiii- lion;.,;   ■¥.   \V.   Sivnii-
,11,   Nol-o.i;   Mi-s   Fn
-'.',:.',   -91.1.41
Kalso it Slocan    llailttav   I .un-1 -
Working expenses,   f 12,750.    Profil   ftenl property   ■r'1-".,'.,''.,   wild   i.,,,.l-
-rl'\      There    has    been   expended   (1J3,180,7 i,
1 I
during month on development  J035,"      Und  Plit-cliisrs   lll-al    piopeity;
514*1,201.00:    wild   lands,   If23,70.1j
pors tl property *l 10,1 10
Preempt ions    It.-a! property   (flU,
Ai. t.xan.it.alien Uf   these   figures
show- thut the return per ton  11 euro.
hue on the cheek, and tl.e doy should
ci.her be kept Undo. ro-..Hiin or kill ^'hic f llie'country,     Tho   review j ^'j|ci*)onft|j ^Montana; J .Hammond >n SI. 12 net   prolit,   poesutning   lho ,.|hl
"'I- presents a fair  and   accurate   state*  Sftjra0. j0*„, N,   linker,   Nelson;   A. concentrates   shipped,   and   tailings      x.-l ....    Pbi-sunal properly   •*•'.-'..
Constable Fi-oser he-   iitaii'id   out mSnt of cxUling facU,   witlniut.   any i .\n.lcrson, Spokane; .'.   L.   Perguson, Cyft|,}-J0(] wore nil Jurlv-nil from n. nini- 1 4.1; taxablt* inconiu   9158,171,   iipoil
lhe now year   by   elosilig   down    on .d tempi at boom in-.-, and  cannot   foil | Nelsonj 0. Khglish, .Spolttlno, ilar quantity of uro   crushed,      This which the il .He US amounts to *3
King to dtt willi it
Firo chii'f Colicy lms p,-i io
proht p.
lho gnmbliiig games whieli have  been   lo be of   bt'iiefil    ill   iirlveltising  the|     McLnon   Hoibli    -I     A     li-v.ai.  pro(it rwl. t0-n |N   very
I illlllillg freely of  htle.     I''"iui.line  ro-   i-e-otiive- o1' the uoUlltl'j*.
hioiislraiiel'S fl'om lho wile   of   a    i,  . ..
pul-il vii-iim are snhl to   hat.-i   ,'toino-; CMilUCH  NOT I Civ
ip   l.
x"'" s'  M'K,V'    Nr'-"";    A;]J' that obiainod.luring tl Id dividend I     .*»■■*«.   rltficdf.-s
Anderson, Krie: 1'red   Ueilsen,    l*,rie; Voia\t    Real prouortv, * 1,4O.'l   ■■
,    _ tT , ,.  ...     ,,    ,       i payili''d iy>, tthei,   aliout   -t-i.ik)   was
Wnt.il   Carr, Nelson; It*. I.   Cooper, M  '   * 00,up0n whit-h u tnX of oiib per  i
SclsonjJohn McCa-kill,   Nelson;   S.  lhe average. yealds »14,0.')S.38; wild lan.N,      !<*U
hiKsiiVTHltlAX   Cm -i-i it — S ii ii d a v   j ■-.1 .<;!-■ >i.. N<l-..ii;    C.    Al.    Kgbert,      The belter profits and  the   fact   ol   270,81) upon which ll las of I   u
School and    llitilo   Clin.
I"' ISpokatic;  A.    Ferguson,    Vane 'er; the sliilHng of the pay-shool    in    Lhe  cent,    yields    Ipll,0l3.1l;     personal
Firo ohibf Coffey has prepnl-ed   the "  '        '      - ■. .-p.,,M.„.. ...   ....,-       uie suikiuk i"1.*- --" •     cent,   yioius   -tm.">■'-..:     persona.
follow Iffimls for l.ancllini, the (im        ,"* '"'"""' T"'"1' ■  -,""""     ,i\A    M"',""'•   N"'""";   '''    HBni,,M' M»o. 1« lovol, luivi ■ ly had   Ihei,   pfuperty, ♦780,300, on  which  ,.  mi.
iiuwingMgnnis tor i.nncitng tne lire ., Snciety mec>ts oh I'Hday ovcnlng jfeiw,n-o. Herman, Moyie                   ,                ,                           ,   ,               .  .         ,,»-..,-•,•,    -,-,
Itlirh,    Steady  ringing   means   fire,  Jt « fl.J.    All 'elco.lle;    Itey. ', ,MV     „„,„..;.    ,-      „    ellect on the 1 ket, ,t,,l   pel it. tax j, elds M,.103.0U     I hes
One stroke (pabAe).-«yo strokes (pause) H Young, Id   A, FMtoh Arthur, ftiimoj A   Hurris.ftilmo; U, "l««« h«"o 1-een .Leodily fi«iif|.   The ;*lth tl» ...«.....« fi*. g^b n   I I     I
Hir.e-irohes, tneiiiis u call for help io;    Catii.oi.k Ciiii..,,:   BeHice   ul   8  Martin, &ilulo; P. MuDonald. Frnnkjl'
lointion now is -l-I'ltiis  (.;l J.".j   a- lane* of ♦38,028 41,   The   total
handle   tho hose  when drying  an.I i a. in. sl
reeling it up after use.
r...'.-d:iv Moining.
:). Althoff, Pr,
i'h..s  Powell, Nelson; W. II. Spencer I as against 1 -Bth   (Q0   obnts)   n   fe«   sessed   values   umOUnt   tn   >-..'
and wife, Nelson,
i weeks
I.i!.. m o.,
THE YA1IR HERALD w! ",thewo1:"''*,,uj ",l -
lition with Ijiiti-.li Colonies onlv.    Ii-i
trcalth of tiinher is an   ,-is-ot which  is
i h 'ing rapidly coined into money,   nnd
! LJ is   HONOUll   the   Lieutenant-
l'ni.lii-li''<l ovcrv S'ltunliiy nml niiiili-i) to any
ii l(lro*>s, or delivered !•'■ mtrrifr In i  v, u.
Milw-nt.ii.'ii*. fv'i*j)|...r  milium,   ; ivu In nil-   bld-H fail" to llHVQ evetl 11  "I'PUtPl'   I'MIU* ■  ■   «
Uovcruur   in l.ounril his   been
Uli""   lll,,n   l«"retofore        littropean , p|ensc.(J to m>llUu tl„. ,,„„    -,.    -•„..
countries which are becoming   defor-   ter Col  President of   the    Bxecu-
i-i.-.1, lime been looking foi a   source   tive Council, the Hon. II. 0.   Tatlow,
ir  which I ew   iheiv  depleted | Minister of Finance,    David    Russell
Ailvertlslnu ru.--. .Jl.fiO ;• i  ni.ili  |„
'I in;   'o.ittii, can  tn- lunl   fr,>.ti   all  li-itJui-j
IjOtl llluilj   ;•■ Ill ':, ■   loin-- 1       ijljlll'-ll,-,,
llrnul from llui otlluo.
.'■ miii'i-.-i.tl   ni-niiun* i-f   nvi-ry    tlcscri'jlloii
.1 li Ihu i-.-tin • ■- itt sooi l.o-il :,ri,:,-s.
l-t l-.l.l-llllli  HV TUB
II,   KRAnNS,   MAV'A.il..:.
forests.      llritish   Columbia   is   the
source chosen,    1,-   cedar   and   pine
K"i. of the City uf Victoria,   Esipiire,
and Johannes Buiitz.en, of lhe City of
Vancouver, Kstmire, to   bo   L'onimis-
»re preferable to all others, and these „;„„„,., u,„,,,.  u ..„,,,;,.   [,„,„;,;„
European countries are   sending   for  Aut"^Tur the purpose uf enquiring into
all the   seed   of   these   trees   which ami reporting upon tho  op,'ration   ol
British Columbia   can    supply   them  tlm "Assessment Act, 1903," with-re-
isnii't to its practical bearings  on   lho
with, ' ' '
I financial  requirements   of   the    Pro-
Clark's   Furniture   StoreI U'-j.|H; SIlil, commilisioiiei.a   wi,|  ,,old
WILLIAM  CLMtK their first meeting at the office of the
Minister of Finance, on Tuesday,   the
Undertaker   and   Furniture    Oealer h0th day of January, 1005, at 10   a
! then.selves accordingly.
!     Provincial Secretary's Otlict
DISTRICT MANAGKU WANTED ! 29tl' December, 1904.
SATURDAY. JAN., 7,   1005,
This week, the first in tl.e new year,
.tho pipers published in the busy mining camps and towns throughout  this
Province, have generally contained ,,- !     Mttil "r,|,,rK r"' l,t:-v aUended to    I...., of which   all   persons   interested
views, covering the year's   work,  and I BlilCIl S-rilBBT, - yM„tj are hereby to take notice and   govern
lhe most important happenings in con-1
i.ection with the mining industry, dur
I .g the yet r which just c.!o ed    If-nyl
i f our readers had the   doubtful   for-        Permanent position; rapid advance-
tune to occupy an editorial chair, und    "I; ,altt,7 •»"1  expenses;   full   ins
thus bo enabled  to examine  a  large struelions freo of   charge;   clean   de**  TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNKRS
number of papers, coming as exchanges   sirablo busiiiens. () (j, \v. Keech, .a-any other pe
in,m all over the Province tlicy could   ''"'''• ''• Nichols Co.,  I.i .1. Toronto,    * sou to whom ho  m.v    have trans*
nol Iml be struck with the wonde.ful
'. nry which is revi-aled   by   n   careful
perusal and comparison of tin so mini*
• ions reviews.    The -tort   i-    unique,
mil wo doubt if so  large   a   country
iter before produced such a record of i
Varied and   abounding   wealth,   dug
from tlio bowels of the earth.    South
in. llritish Columbia ha- an    area   nf
over 100,000 square miles,   und  from       MRS.     J«    McLEOD       i dor to hold same under provisions
nearly every portion of that great area, ]">ost    OlHco   Store YMIK   of the Mineral  Act,   and   if  within
tti-havea, hand reports showing  the ninety days from  the date of this no-
u -m—  -  ____________ iii i-you  fail or    refuse to   contribute
your portion of expenditure, [together
YMIR  STAOE wilh oil costs of advertising, your   in
terest in said claim   will    become   the
•I'   .barge;   clean   de*-  TO DKLINi
iraliln business. _    >y
e J. L. Nichols Co., I.t .1. Toronto,   Isoutowl
ferrt-.l his interest in the St. Thomas
and 'I'eh'giaph mineral claims situated
in the       Nelson Mining        Diti-
-i. n of West Kootenay District, and
recorded in the  Recorder's   olliee  for
Furnishings ,*„. ,.,.,„, •£'•„•„„ Division.
Millinefy Vouund   ouch   of you ure   hereby
ilild notified that I   have   expended    one
StflDle hundred and two  dollars    mul   fifty
(innrl - cents ($102.50) in labor and improve
ments upon   the ..hove mineral claims
1) oa 1 ers in Staple and l-ancy Groceries,   Miner's Sinult-i.
Blankets, .Socks, Mitts, Gloves,    Rubbers,   Underwear,    Overalls,     Patonl      Medicines,
Stat ionerv.
B©X 1095.
Mining Agent      -      Stocks and Shares
Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York.
Canadian Casulaty—Boiler Insurance Co.
London Mutual  Fire Insurance Company.
Ottawa Fire Insurance Company.
YMIii,  I'*. C
production of vast mineral wealth
ti old, silver, lead) copper, riu.'i coal
illlil oil uie all found it. lul-gc rpiniitit*.
le,, sometimes from the same !*« U],,^   i i > t i 11   every    ll... Iliiim ProPerl.Y "f the subscriber, under sec
nnd    tltStl'ictSi    und    siiiiu-tmils   ear
ion 4 of an act,     c.tilhd  "An    Act t.
exeepl NunlaV, lor  Ireighl
t-laiming   special districts,      British I and   ptlsscilgei'S for    \'inir A""''"'   ll"> Mineral    Act,    1900,,
Columbia  nnv  not  bu  the  (-rcitesl mill.    I>\ special orders   on AJt.PETERS.
,     .      ,        , ,   .     , Ssiiiiilnvu  (ii-r.ii- N'tiiii-iiiiii,. Dated at Ymir, B. C. this   11th
hint uccr of   mineral  wen th   ...  He ^min-i\.-.. i M loi 1111111111110.
1   day ol Nov   1904.
■arm-id. but if its infant   promise   may AlEk ODDtE Pro.".
he relied upon, it ttill  yel   lay  claim
to that distinction,    It enn   however
elniiii to have one uf the   largest  and lUlU* Cltizeilf*.
lieh'est mineral uoncs in which all tilt)
precious and Commercial minerals  are j
found in close approximation,
Kootenay nlid Valo seciti especial}'
favored, The combined area of lliese
two counties iR 17,800 squilre mileS]
nnd here We find mi abounding
wealth of mineral, vVhicll includes III*.
.•hides nn.nv valuable t'o'.iillo'lilie',,
lhe svstemillie exploration of .toy ..ltd
if which, tt,,"ld -it-tain a 1 tl■■!<• [inpll-
111.in.l. Colli ami oil, il'nll, I tippel.
•/in • and !. -«\. to s;iv notbiin.'    nf   the
precious mineral**--, nil < well the  ipioin
of Koo.eii i. - mineral we ilth.
That these resources are   lit'cuilling
TPO WaLTBU .1.    Hi onus,   or   any
oiher person to whom he may have
transferred his interest in the .Meadow
Lark   minora)   claim,   situated     on
Wild Horse ci cek about seven   miles
from the town of Ymir. in the Nelson
Milling Division of   West   Kootenay
Tin.,a\ .M.l.I....,, Treusurci. I District, and recorded iu the Records
: er's olliee for the Nci-m.   Milling   Di
11 ision.
You ...ul each of you   are   hereby
notified that I have expended seventy
six   dollars   and   eichtt-sisven   cents
($70.87) in labor   and  improvcuioiits
' upon the above inine.nl claim in older
• __. , o, „„,       to hold same under the provisions   uf
Tn*Di; Marks '
I.As'l' Tl ICHDAY IN  I'.A.'l!   MOSTlli
*i   \V, lloss. President.
I> Cam i'iu:i,t,, Secretary,
06  YEARS'
*                               j
TRAVELLING  PUBLIC,                                 I
Newly furnished throughout.    Sample i-ooiiis iii connection.      J
Hates -J1.50 to $2.50 per day                                                                        *
FINLAY   McLEOD, Proprietor        ;
All wo.'k entrusted to Us is neatly and
proinptly   executed.
THE   YMili   HERftLO
Designs .he Mineral Act, and it with...   iiim-
Copvriohts Ac. ,        , ■     ,
A iirnnp .r.ii.lim nukrt .li nml fl.-«.-r.ii ii-w nin>r IvdnVs l.o.n the date   ot    this   notice
.                         .                      .    i    I    qitii-iay ii.-'-i'tiiilii otir tii'ii.ii.ii fro-9 (Vhelllbr sn
Inure and more opened Up   cnnnol    lie     i,„.,.„i„,ii ,H|,r,,i,iii,iyi„ii,-iii„i,i,-. .i„,„m.ni.*„. yDu fai  or rofuso to contribute   your
o .   .   ■   .■ Ov. ..i.ll,I,.nil,.I.   II no 0- .'... ..o I'm .i.l m . *.
II    .1   I h* anyone - in fully p-iii-in-    ' \n\\eM* takon tEn&TtfuimrJwniitTi po.t..... of expenditure, together with
I    f;,,onl ii'jf,-,, tvlili,jut cll.imo. in tho ,, , .  .
the many annual I*views   rbferred  lo       Ce*-ii>Htifti*   1IlMA**i-«'IH all coats of advertisiiiK, your   interest
,.,      v ,        i,   ,      v XKnllllC nm*?V .Call* |D „icl claim will   become   tl.e  pro-
ui  re.       I lid    ,s. I on    ...nit     .\im--   Aiiiinii'"'ii"WiUu?iritic'i ttrtii.   Ijirotutclr. ,
mi.iiii.i.i ,,i iitir«>.t)iiiit).- iiiiiniiii.   Tonni,nt oertv ot tl.tiMih-erib.-i, under section
.   ne, in il   excellent review number,     Mjjfj <•_>'".'■"'." «'- Kul.iuy.iiinewtdoilan. ' -,,...,
. his,lin,1Nl „,. ,.„,,     MUNN&Co-36,B'o«d*»»NewYgrk '"' l """l1"' "A" Acl l"
■-       :    iisionisinng list, ot enteipuses       -prmmtom-1. ra. i^i m.. Wi>s*iiniit,...uc. Amend tho Mineral Act   IU00,
Please ftirward Tun Ymik Hnn.Mii) for
md nel;ii'i\«.-|i-(loi' tetelpt of enclosed $.. •,,   .
Tiik IIkiim.h is published   every Saturday moi-iiitijj; and   4
it contains all  the news of the camp,
ll 111.-     I'll:   YlJAIl,  i'i;  II 'ii-'   ^'.:>.:,  ■?!.
b\  « hit h tl.e hillbral I'. miUi-ci's uf  the
:mii,,i it   ue being "I" i.  .1     Up,       And
Dated al Vmir, li. C.i ibis '-"•'   d«y
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦4*«-»4-<*.-*>♦•«>♦'>••.-*<>«*«•»< «0*><- *><>*♦*«.t,4»1i*«
i Hotel Ymir I
, wi.li i       thtr review       All   over i       . ,- ,, , ,,,   ,
4*4******4************44** ol Octobsr IH0L
!•        unit,  the h  I   i*    till)   '' i.In
in-! I In  coin ii.sio.i i- irte.t iialile   thai
ll   i i-h ( iihiiiilii.i.  .ii I mul ■' .'spi i iitll
K-  ten,.,   ,„.|  Vi.le, ale    (lestillt'il    |o   T T|a,   |,(,s|    M,,.,,,
'       no known ai I he   richeiii   sli)re«|t      Alltl AtTlillilllOlllltioil
hi .1   - . i i,  • nn s ! II v ♦ I n Town
In n.ldil ■  ii t.  it-. '•• onde. I'ul n inei
,.  i    unices,    lliiil-h   Lolilml.h.   has II \  Hll'ti hMccUtlll (ifWllH'H,  -j
resources, which nl-o brillj'iiisj itlr        LiljllOfrt mill Citfltl
p. 1 in- n
-lYmiir transfer Co,
i-i , 1,1111- n t u.iiiiiiiu. mis ♦
ii 10 .,--, « hieli nl'e hi ilbdnfj i. ] f
utlv I el'oro the ',.. .Id,  Unii-li   *
Kootenay Coffee Co*
\\'lioh Salt and retail dualors
ill Kn-slt Itousled
JACKSON & I.KA11V. Prop.
I'oliiiiibin ti mt   has  recently sc
•urc.1  *
X Hiqh ■ Grade - eollees
-• Ilrsl pi   os. one   ...   c petition J....
,1   W.  .MASTI.K.-'hX,     Prop, X
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦t^«>*t»+»t-»-v
M'.I.SON, 11. C'.
Teaminq and
Express k k. >
All   bHiers   pVolbjitly    lU'ei.!. il 1
anil lhe L'.'.-a.,';-' -■:..'" - xeVcis. d In the I j
Mndlin" of tfOod'-l
ribld, BilV'eh or   l.-a-l     -    -I.t...
Copper,     - . -     §1.50
Hold-SiUer,      -    -      - ,-| .'ni
t.'hnl-.'-s ful'   ah, 1  in*etill'N oil ap
Provincial A--.iv.-r
I'd). I.i.i.t,-,- Al |:l,    v.,1 ||j, fn-
Fresh car of groceries.    Out out price on ll.esc goods as we
are selling them cheap, and   we  always  lead  for  low
We can please you for ijunljiy .is   well   as  price,   a'l   lines
being   reduce I.
Wen ie selling at very low prices,     Itublcr—we nre going
In dose them out before spring,     Gel out-
prices before buying,
DesBrisay Jobbing Co
In I Till) diamonds were -1!.| at •■?■!
per carat. In 1850 ?'2~> pot- curat.
T-.-.lay •■? I -J5 it carat is considered
retiNotiable for a good diamond.
nil I
missioned to   secure   solnething  like
3500 pounds of the much wanted tree
s Is for export chiefly to   Denmark.
The | roducing and exportation of
any quantity of young trees would in
\olvo too great expense to permit of
lllis process being considered pnieli-
cal. Tho see 1- musl therefore be do-
pendod mi in -in I. a gigantic undertaking as i- had iii view by the various European forestry ex] .-i is.
"I am   exceedingly   anxious,''   -aid
Mr, 1 li my, "to execute tin minis-
si-.ii, an I w id be glad lo lake all the
• ■lean I louglns fir and cedar seed I
can get, pin ing --1.50 | er pound for
the former and -j:' per pound fur the
hitler The seeds can easily be secured by getting tliu cones from the
trees, or after they h tvo fall -n, nnd
""" *"""■ ! then -pr,- tdiii 4 ilo-in 011 .1   ligbl    Hoot;
One can hardly give the cost of or sheets of paper in a, dry room. In
digging a ditch per cubic yard of ma- ajiow day- the cones will open and
terial excavated; the larger the ditch Cl-te seeds drop out'Wy stilting them
the smaller tho cost of digging per I occasionally. Tno seeds can ihen be
cubic y.it.l. ft must be obvious tlint cleaned with very little trouble by
if tl.e ditch is largo enough to allow [ tl.e use nf a s into, or bv poling from
the 11- • of plows ami scrapers the cost \ one receptacle into nuulher in a slight
if digging must he   less   than   in   a   breeze to separate the Ijght seed   and
"I want all .he seed 1 can buy and
.here is g I money   in   it   for   those
wini   will t ike I he 1. ,,iii,In.     'I'i,    nnv-
'i.10 lit ing   ii,    ihe   neighborhood   of
A Diamond drill hole   rarely    goes 1       ......
smaller ditch  where    only    pick   and
straight for the point aimed nt; it will    .        . , ,       .1,1 .1
" ' shovel can 00 used.    Abut where   tin-
inViiri.i'lilv "drift ' or .let iate fiom  th'.'l        ,    , ,      ,    ,     ,,    .   ,    .,       ,
ground has tu be blasted    the   larger
line.     li. drilling    a    Im.i/.o.ital   hole   ,, ,, ,      ,
the excavation tho   more   work   dom
he drill will almost   invariably   drift!,,. ,1 ,   • ..
j l.v the explosion ami hem."   est    per
'    '    "                                                 cubic yard will be   less,     Ordinarily, logging operations   particularly   then
In ISOJ gold   was   discovered   at]however, a ditch for   cafrving   i.',500   is a g I opportunity to make money.
1 itjlgarilie, Western   Australia.      iu  miners'inches of water wil! cost  froin The cones can easily be   collected   by
- iiityeur there was produced  a   trille iJ6,000 t.. i?li,000 per mile.   Of course the sackful and the rest i- easy.    The
er 81,000,000 in gold and by jumps if much tre-tl.-won- or   fluming   has use of abandoned kilns, or even  com*
md bounds this splendid district   has to be done the cost  -.ill   ho   greater,   in vons slight!} .vanned,   provides
- .1110 to the front,   its    1003   output
i.iving footed up close   to   *-IO.(iiK>,-
..'.-,,-: close to .$15,000,000.    Mines and
towns along its route are   now   «up-
plicd with water at  the    rate    of    *-0
i-t ids per   l,(H)ll   gallons,    as   nqainst
former price of $10.
although wiih a long ditch it will a quick and convenient method of
rarely exceed the latter figure. j treating the cones.    I hope that, any*
Dynamite freezes more easily   than : ,"'1' l"lvi"- see ' '" ,l'11 tti" aUvis0 ""'
'Hie length of the pi,,.* li onve.y water     When froueii n is  haul   and . Is '""" "" !",s'>'1,le lls tn ,l" •■■titV
ing water to the   Western   Australia|cmm\, be loaded   properly  into  i,ol.,, available, und [ will at once send  di-
mining districts is .'ISO   miles       This j hole, and is.liilin.lt of explosion.     It   ««<•'•*"'•"•" '" "hippint.."
isi undertaking is estimated to Imve must be thawed.    In doing thi-,    wo ' -"■»-
encountei f lhe  peculiarities  • .1 A Good Tin   Story.
ihe powder, and almost its only prau-
tica! danger, Dynamite can 1..- set ■" ll:r l'el'ol't "■' tllu Provincial
.... lire or burned up without causing Mineralogist, of llritish Columbia, is-
an   explosion,   but   one   inusl    nevci   "nod -January, IDO..*, appears the   foi-
In order to calcttlato the length   of'>'"-'. •"-■ '">'* ■'ryit.    That is,  lt,wi,'8 P*t-W«pln
.        ,      , , ,   ,'y.m must, not lu.rv it    in   embers or I     "I his department has recently    fell in a cod. approximately, the toi- ••                           - ,       ,,    . .      c                    .   .-
",            ,'     ,,, ,   : hot. ash"-, nor pu. it in   an   oven or   cetved samples taken^from a tunnel ol
..tin" rue may   lie    used;        lo the,                              ' ,1       c     1           1-  ,   ■               1
"      .,'.,,         ,   , .,; km tie, 01011 boilers or   other   heated   a .111110 in llie   Cariboo   d.-lr.ci,   and
m inieicr, in tect, ot    the   wliule coil. •     ,-        .1                   1
.     .   ,       ,    ,      ,   ,  [metal*. r set it up before a fire, ..1   011 examination  these   .sun,pies   were
-.,   tie diameter 111 tc.lt i.t    the hole I                                    ■ -       1.          ,   •    ,                         o.-
....     .  ,       .,       .., ,.   expose it lo unv stronu   radiation of   tound to contain tin in very   distinct
-,, to • muldle ot til.' c ill;  uiUitiplv tin-1     ' ■ .1-1 -ei
•"■' i,,.,,,      Because a cartridge  of   dvna- metallic pariiclcs.     Ihe   rare   occur-
■ uni bv the int.it.ier ot coil- and    turn I • ...    .     . ...
...    ,, .    ,,        ....      Ill to imiy be  it with    n    match    and ,,'11-'1' "' *"' ■•■ *■'*- m.'tahc state is rocs
mutiply the ploriUct by .1.109.      Hum ' - 1     , ...       ,    .. .   . ,
.'.-        '   .        , ' . burned wilh safety in open uir—mosl ogtuzed, and, while no doubt is felt as
result is aiiiiioMiuatolv the uuuiiior ot 1 * ' .1 i .- -,i     .-   1 1 .1
.       ., ' ialw.-iv.--—inaiiv people are led 1..   -up to tlio tfooil faith of the sender of tho
!, el   111 the coil, .11 1 ,.11 o •
pose that it Dan also be roasted before  "'imple, tbo discovery will require   ...
Tho length of time taken to   fill   11 L plle ,,,. h|llL.e(j 0|| top of 11 -tot.,  and   ho Further investigated."
iixteon cubic foot car   depends   very t|„tWc(J with sufety.    When   lit   with       A year later   a   report   from   the
much upon the shape and sine  of  lhe a m-lt-jh only n very small  portion  of Unmn otHeial sat-:
'.token material and also ..1.  us    ■vt't-j[||1, ||(.1M hecoincs hot   tile balance to- '     """' finding of till    near    Barker*
miuniiig cool.    When boa  before n   vi""' ""'nti(""',! '" ■■"-■ J'-''*1-'"   '''I""''
ness.    It will nisi, make a   difference
if shoveling   sheets   have   been   luidjfl r exposed to any direct heal   the ''as   been   further   investigated   and
lowii before blasting     Ordinarily   » ontiip muss becomes heated ton dan- provei to have been   misleading,   the
muekei will (ill   thirteen oi-  fourteen |g^.^ ,.,,jnl-   ■y\ll.   sensitiveness   of' '■""••■d having apparently been   melted
cars iu a shift of eight-hours.              ,,|,„„„,i.e increases very rapidly   with "■■ '■""' ''*v n n*"B-''
Usually three men aro required   to  rise of   temperature   above   normal. This ia a story that Will fltid a   n*-
npei-ate a diamond   drill,   the expert When it touches a temperature of 36q "pome  In  the experiences of many
mid two helpers     The speed mado by degiecs it will   surely   explode.      A minitig men who have   been   led   on
iho diamond rock   drill   varies   tre- dirt ridge war d before n lire   .night long .mil often expensive trips to   in-
1   ■ndously accordinj!  tu   the  ground become so sensitive that the  slightest vestlgate some such rumoi-| apparent-.
1  ing bored through.    In  ihi    r-i-ad-* ■ shock would explode it) or a cartridge ly oriKinatlng in good faith ana"  from
villo   district   dr.lino   through    the I laid on top of.1 stove or iii  tl ven j ciediblS sources, to find   at   the   ond
white porphyry fifteen feel in  a   day mighl easily been 0 hoi as t,,   ex- ""■)' " m.ul) "'' *•' IomI »«tlllng worth
nf ten hours will be idered a good pintle wiilmut any shock.    Iii.   bet* , ,'"llh''1' inveatigatlun     But   BUch   is
day's work. te; to.keep it,  during   cold   weather,  tl,e *"!? ot ",0 wol'ltl-
.,., •,,   ,,        t    ,.,..,. .,     ,,    I when- il Will li.lt freeze al nil.     Adit —•	
I no resistnllco of   tl Iclioll   nt   the
.-     ,    ,1       1 1      ■   war in cellar or tlrcp mine will protect
lluW ot water through  pipes    ut    um- ' '
1       ,        -i.i .-   ,1    i'-     It Iheso directions are disregard ,
foi in diameter 1- indepeiniluni   ol   tl..-,
, • ,, .,     ed nil explosion of more or less in tell- ;
or   suro and increases directly us   the '
, ,, ,.,,    '    ,_ .,    sliy is liable to follow.
mglh and the s.pjare ol tl.e   velocity I
if the How, and inveiwly as   lhe   di- —■«^—
' 'terof 1 lie pipe.     With   wood,.,,   ^    chance    F*lr   l-ocal
:;•■* i!i. friction is I ""> times great- .,      ..
, ...      ., ... Rustlers,
■ 1 ihn. letalhc,     JJoiibling   the
1 i«lw jnci-co-os liin  c.pusity   fout   \:MVl,v,. \V;lnts   \\     ('.    Ticc.
VV..-" rope* n.'l-l  iml I ill-.l   li!;,-       N''» higher  -In.cut eo.ll.l   pu.
hemp ropesj they must   he   rolled   t,l   l,!'  be paid theiinsurpasscl excellence
unrolled like rolling a wheel   m   the "Ml"' IJm,«l'lfl flr ,U,(J wo,,u'1"   ,'"'1'"''
 ml.    Tho miner uk.    ..   mil   of ;" '" ll,lIk'" ' xl"'^   ,Jr,i"'
,      . , , I of I lie forcsti v experl -   in  I lenmurk,
no  rnpCj   and.   afl •!'   1 im 11 nig   ihe , .    ,,
1 i-i lain lal-ge ilreuM  ..t    rrtlssia,   N"i •
11 i. starts ami 1 ills the   ciiil   like  .1 ,- ,,     ■,  ,',, 1   „.. ,, , 1
- iv,  liuropi nu I- u« mi an 1   tscol laud,
.heel along   t'.e   grOttndi   Uf   enurse  , ,,„--, l),u   ff.ls of   ih---v   inagtilfis
toning the hiofie entl   i'u-t       Thi.   rent native UeeS of llritish  C'olumbin
.ill   prevent   kinking.      Old   rope    ■"' the tecloilliug of   Hi"   dl'f..rested
hould also !„• treated tin*   way   ami 'h-tii1-.-' of the countries named
preserved.    They may e  in   ten,     .Mr, .1. Henry, tile vetel'ali tun sery
handy for gUys or stiuys, man oi'  Vancouver,    ha-   blil'll   com-
Von- after year w.o s,i!i,*it, your worthy patronage and wo hereby ex
our sincere gratitude for your liberal patronage in   the   pa-.:   an I   by   lii-nest
dealings and low prices hope to merit your-eontinuancu.
Give'us 11 call and receive full value for every dollar yon see :i' to .tireei
our w av.
Groceries   and   Provisions.
We will name prices that defy   competition.
ligation Hour &.I •'-'•"l 1 < r *-.'-'•
Granulated RUgur        §6.50 per sack
American Ham and Dacon   lho   very
choicest li" I--'' per I1-'*
Nu,  I ('retin.-ry butter        !28c per lb,
quality guaranteed.
Ashcroft pol.'.l..is, no Jielter    ill     lho
world '-'•■ per pound.
Fancy Biscuits       IB to 20 cts per lb,
Ginger Snaps I -' 1-2 cts per lb,
Fancy apples i?1.0u per Lon.
lte.iioin!),-r 0 ir soap olli-r. with ovorv J-".,; purchaso you r. ivc   .1    u k"r
which entitles you to .1 drawing for a &5O.O0 tlram-apl mw shibiium
ill our -lore
^u-m<Tiir   unrf"    —IIm —
The Mutual Life tusurauee CoraDauy of'N. N -
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
A policy in ii is the safest invest nl known to Inali.
C'aali invested in Life rnsumnce is ensli invested tlial will
l'i'tiii'ii compound interest,
All successful business men cany Int'gc luilounts of life
iiiMir-'iiicc. It pi'ovidc'a for the family, protects a man in hi*
oh| age, ami protects his other investments. Vov rates mi
any form of life insurance apply to:
P<ttcy J. Gleazer, Local Agent
Tills is lho lime of llie vmir to g. t you- pick of llie nni'.v Scleel pieces ol
Pu mil Ure.    Iron Beds, Mnolini.ns, Hugs, Carpets and Hammocks,
SULK   AGENTS    FOll    Tilt:   MASON-lirHCH    I'lAN'o.
q^o ] Sterling
clArct juo,
Prom a ccfT«
Ipoou to H thousand tlullar pre-
(.t-iiliili'iii 5"t
Henry Blrkl-ft
ftpn»' ftdllttM
formoklbg lolld
lllvfcl ware arf
possessed by no
oilier concern in
cru, tf!f!'lcrn ItliCnlofcr?, ond skilled hnnd-
ivorkdrl, ail under Ihi direct itipefVlilbu of
n Rctfcnl iiiefiiberi 'if llie firm, mnki nn un-
equfllled cbiubination for tm ninj; out fun.-
Write for 111 nitrated catn!djriie.
Sterling SllVcr(
Silver Plate,
Witchei, etc.
Henry BirksS Sons
Jeweller! to Iiiu I x-.-HlrDty
die Karl of Minto.
Furllitlirc Dealers and  I iinern! Directors
■jl.j**,, Wc aro solo agents for. lho Marshall Sanitary Muun-ss and  the (il
Sectional Book Uttsu ittnJ Kile*,
W«i ■   «•    fe.    ti^.i>*U.i.i. 1 NKhsdN .'- 1 • r. .'"-nKi'a 1:11 i;v. •
Draymen and
VMIK,   l!    u.
l-t'iiitlliiig l.r.'ivy fl'digln tl
Sjiccii'ill >',
WASHINd I'ON & c.  N.  IIY
V.  X. &  K   KV.  ii  N   eu.
till (In-lit Northern, Sorlli, rn   I'.i -id ■
and O. II. .it N. Co.   f,„   , olnl
'.vest   and   sO'Oli ■  conn i I l!o*t>
lalid nnd Nelson   \\ ilh   ilu-   ('nnudiaii
Pacific lli.ilf.ae.
Conii.-ris al  N.-l nit   ritli tlio   I
ii N. Co.  fur   K..-1',   oid   K.   11 1
('onnc ' - ill Curli .  v..' ii    •   .-  ..-
(Ircenwood ami  Midw ,., [1 1'
Dttflel   ."lis inn dn train,, :-     ,   ,.
(lori'PHljbiillelici) hi'biuhl Iv     sroi.aue and Ucpiibii
I!   A, JAI K.soN
attended it.-
OullOl Hi   I'i--,.ii^-i 1    ', _ •
--I. • tun . ,1


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