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The Ymir Herald 1904-06-18

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Vol. 1—No, 5.
YMIH, B. C„ SATURDAY, JUNE is, 1904.
Price Five Oents.
* MtMHrflriHrilriHIHMtai Mrif MHM1****
Father Althoff will be in town next
Tuesday and Wednesday.
Ymir merchants must be getting
Wealthy. Two new safes arrived this
Sam Miller is having the Miller
House docorated with a new coat of
Mrs. Graham of the Ymir.' General
Hospital nursing staff, left on Friday
looming for Spokane.
A grand dunce is to be held in
Salmo on Saturday, June 25th, in aid
of the Salmo base ball club.
It is reported that Dell Smith has
secured a job as reporter on tbe
Man" of the Victora Colonist.
Bob Sheedy has returned to his
official duties as assistant station-
agent, after a" few days at Waneta. ,,
There wore no objections made to
any of the hotel licence applications
at the court held on the 15th, inst.
A. Br win and S. Joynt have bought
out Henry Harshaw's interest in   the
teaming business of Wilson   & Har
Pete the Packer has pre-empted a
ranch on the Salmon River below
Salmo, and near William Feeney's
William Davis formerly of tho
Trans vail-Zambezi Company and
Hunter V. Mines, is now operating
in mines in Chili, South America.
A very enjoyable dance was held)
in tho Miners' Union Hall on Thursday last, in aid of the lo-al base ball
club. There were about forty present.
Two large steam ship lines are now
carrying stoerage passengers between
Liverpool and New York for $10.00.
The lowest rate hitherto has been
$'27,50 which is tho rate still in force
on Cunard liners and on the vessels
of the Morgan shipping combine.
It is reported that Peter Peterson,
has applied for a placer lease of half
A mile along the Salmon ltiver above
Ymir. Peterson is an experienced
placer miner and was the original locator of the North Forit placers, one
of which he sold for 110,000.
At the local recording ' oHicc this
week. O. Ponlin recorded assess
ment work on the Commodore, Surprise and Bonanza claims, and A. E.
McDougall on the HL Anthony.
Bills of sale on ono third interest
of the Afterthought and Forthought
claims were recorded from Kiuley
MiLeod and J. G. Dewar to A, H.
Tuttle.   Consideration nominal,
Herbert Porter recorded the location of tho Basswood and Iron
Mountain claims on the ea-it fork of
tho north fork of the   Salmon   river.
A. H. Anderson recorded the location of tho Speodwoll and Buena
Vista claims on Sixteen Mile Creek.
Paul Victor Loth, the locally well
known secretary of the Active Gold
Mining Company, is a versatile author. Ho is the author of the following "Literary Gems:" ''Think,
tho Best Thoughts of the Best Thinkers; Verse, tho Best Poems of the
Best Poets; Shakesponr's Best
Thoughts; Joseph Addison's Best
Thoughts; Due de la Rochefoucault's
Best Thoughts; Lord Bacon's Best
i Thoughts; Earl of BeaconsHold's Best
Thoughts; Lord Chesterfield'* Best
Thoughts; Ralph Waldo Emerson's
Best Thoughts." They are published
at 12 cents a copy, or $1.00 the Jot,
by the Monitor Co., of Cincinnati,
The Nelson Intermediate base bull
team went dswn to Salmo on Sunday last am! defeated the Salmo boys,
by a score of eight to five.
Jack Hennessey, well known all
over British Columbia as one of the
pioneers of the ' Slocan* is i« town
and was up to examine the At) in a
day or two ago.
Mr Ferguson was in town on
Monday last, and promised to have
the cup which lie donated for the
base ball game on Victoria Day, engraved with the result, and sent down
as scon as possible,
On Sunday last the Ymir base
bill team played a team supposed to
consist of local miners. As far as
we can learn the score was about 40
to 10 in favor of the former, but the
score sheet cannot be put in evidence
as documentovy proof thereof.
We emitted to mention last week,
that in the contest for prizes offered
by E. W. Widdowson for the best ore
samples sent in by the 21;h of May.
G. F. Demoine took the first prize for
a specimen from the Hunter V. mine,
and William J. Barker the second
for a specimen frum the Arlington
mine at Erie.
Nineteen carloads of settlers' effects
passed through Nelson yesterday en
route from Washington and Oregon
for High River and Carstairs, Alberta. The belongings of the settlers
consisted principally of horses, cattle
and household effects,' oft tfhich tho
railway company gives them a special
rate. They are going into a splendid
grazing country.
Fatal   Catastrophe,    On
Nelson &  Fort Shep-
pard   Railway.
The   Hall   Creek    Placer
Hining Association.
An association known as the Hall
Creek Placer Mining Association, has
been formed under the milling partnership section of the mineral act.
The promoters are Mesirs. John D,
Dewnr, John W. Falls and Finley
MeLeod, who have taken up three
hydraulic leaves of eighty acres each,
on the tint at the mouth of Hull
Greek, eight miles north of Ymir.
The association consists of fifty shares
of which twenty-five are hold by the
original locators, and twenty-five are
for sale at the rate of one hundred
dollars per share. The funds acquired
by the sale of these interests are to
bo exclusively devoted to tho purchase of machinery and to operating
the leases, the vendors receiving
none of them. It is proposed to in
stall a 0 inch whirlpool centrifugal
pump which will havo a capacity
from itOO to 1200 cubic yards of
gravel in twenty-four hours. This
type of pump is capable of handling
a mixture of gravel and water, twen
ty per cent solid and will carry rocks
or pebbles of less than four and a
half inches ill diameter. The pump
cost* in the neighborhood of $300
leid down, and the other necessary
machinery will bring the cost of the
plant up to about $1,000,
Wc have already described the
nature of tho ground in a previous
issue. Briefly the whole area consists of auriferous gravel, the upper
layers of which will run 75 cent* to
the yard, while it is a natural presumption that at the bed rock, which
has not yet. been reached, the average
will be much higher. If the anticipation of tho promoters ore any where
near realized, the proposition will be, a
very reuumerativo one, as to handle
400 culito yards in a day, live men
only will bo necessary to do all the
work including cutting wood. In
California ground of this nature
averaging only 10 cents per cubic
yard, has been made to pay.
Frank Butler kki.i.  to   his
On Saturday morning last as the
Nelson train was Hearing Ymir, n
distressing aeci le nt occured hy which
Frank Butler, a brakeman, lost his
life. With his working partner, Sid
Brown, he was passing over the
train to got to the front end, in order
to be in readiness to cut out a car to
leave at Ymir In passing through
olie of the Hunter V, ore cars he apparently stepped on the trap door,
through which the ore is dumped
from the bottom of the car, and the
door being unsecurely fastened, he
was precipitated through onto the
road bed, tho rest of the train passing
over him. Sid Brown pulled the air
and the train was stopped as soon as
possible. The body wus found about
a couple of hundred yards back, be
ing terribly mangled, and the neck
almost severed,
Ou the arrival of the train at Ymir
the body was taken to Win. Clark's
undertaking establishment, and the
Coroner at Nelson was telegraphed
for A special train the same evening brought down Dr, Arthur the
Coroner and the portion of the train
crew who were required as witnesses.
Tho coroners jury inpanelled consisted of Messrs Archibald, Burgess,
Dewar, Gleazer, U. S, T. Ross and
Seaney, and after an inspeclion of the
remains, were taken down to Hunter
V, siding to examine the car.
On arrival at the sMtng it was
found that the levers and rods which
s-upportod the trap doors on this
particular car, had been removed in
the course of tbe day, and the trainmen professed ignorance of their
whereabouts. During tbe first sit
ting of the jury however it transpired
that they had been removed by Mr,
Costello, the Ymir Station Agent, and
ho stated to the coroner that he had
done so, in order that the car might
not be loaded und that they should
not be tampered with in any way.
He further stated that in removing
them, he had no idea that they
would be required in evidence to be
on the car.
Cornelias Leggo the conductor of
tho train was the first witness and
briefly recapitulated his duties and
those of the brakeinun under him.
He stated that one of his duties was
to make a general in*pi<otion of the
train beforo it started in order to see
that it was in safo running order. If
ho found any of the doom in the liot-
uan of tho ore cars to be open, ho
would take them out in that condition, and in fact hud frequently
done so, The brakemeu had no in
atructlons to pass over the train
while in motion, but did  so of  their
To  Subscriber* and Intending !
As wo stated   last  week   we
started with  a blank   subscrip-  !
tion lisl.    A goodly few friends !
to whom we sent copies of tho , ,
first issue, on expectations, have \
responded to our invitation to !,
walk in anil deposit, but  there
are others.    All advertisers get
a free subscription; but we shall
necessarily  have   to   gradually ',
eliminate «M   those others to , >
whom we are now sending, who , ,
do not declare themselves,
i ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
own accord in order to save timo.
Sid Brown the other brakeman on
the train, testified that he and the
deceased were going forward to tho
front portion of the train, in order to
bo in readiness to cut out a car at
Ymir and save time. They had no
instructions to do so, but were in the.
habh of doing it in order to save
time Tbe deceased was two or three
feet ahead of him as they entered car
No. 609. Butler d ucked his head to
pass Under the second cross beam, as
he, Brown, did the same to pass under the first beam. As the witness
raised his head he saw tbe deceased
half way thioUgh the trap, and mak
ing futile efforts to catch hold of the
sloping sides of the car. He imined
iately rushed to the baggage car and
turned on the air. Brown testified
that on enteiing the car, it would be
easy for a person to see if tbe trap
doors were open or not There was
another way of passing the car, which
was along tire outside; but thai was
considered unsafe.
Maurice Costello, on being called,
produced rods and levers, and testified as above, and tbat the ones exhibited, were the ones which he had
removed from car (it)9 earlier in the
day. In answer to a juror,| he stated that he had heard of no report as
to the car being defective, and that ho
had since tho accident received instructions to Inspect the car.
The jury refused to render a ver-
dici on tho evidence produced, and
claimed an opportunity of exuming
the rods and levers when in position
on tho car. The inquest was accordingly adjourned until Monday morning, when the jury was again taken
down to the siding and the rods and
levers replaced on the car.
As soon as this had been done, an
important defect was at once noted,
in that the levers wcie soma eight
inches shorter than required for them
to properly rest in the jaws on tho
side of the car, placed there to bold
them in position when tho trap doors
were closed. For this reason there
was no way in which they could be
prevented from being swung out by
the jolting of the train, and the doors
thus released jXhc levers on all the other
cars were found to be of the proper
length to rest in the jaws. After
carefully noting these facts, the jury
returned to Ymir, and concluded the
C. II. Prescott, the master-mechanic of the line, was first called and
stated that the car fi'l'.i was one of
t wenty-livc first placed on the line in
1807■ No complaint hail heretofore
been made about it, and he did not
know how the levers in question got
there, unless they had been transfer
red frum another somewhat narrower
car. lie had never had his attention
called twllie short lewis and could
not say how long they hail boon on
the car, although ho was of the opinion they had been there for tho lost
three years at leaft He considered
the car in its present condition to bo
safe, although not so safe as if the
levers were long enough to rest in
the jaws. He knew of no other car
out of the twenty-live which hud
short levers, and this accident from
the one which was thus equipped,
was the only aocident which hod over
Maurice Costello, recalled, produced a book of rules issued by the railway company and governing the du-
tios of conductors an.I brakeme ll,
which was handed to the jury for
their inspection.
Tho court was then cleared for the
| jury to consider their verdict, After
• considerable discussion   the   following
verdict was rondereil:
"The deceased, Charles liuiler, met
his death by accidently fulling from
N. i F S. car No. 600. The levers
on this car, which hold the trap doors
in position, were defective by being
too short to reach the jaws <m the
side of the cur, and tho Railway Co.,
is guilty of negligence in allowing the
car to be used. Attention is also
called to the fact, that the auxiliary
keys which lock the connection be
tween the levers and rods supporting
tlio trap doors, aro missing from
several other cars, which are thus in «
dangeious condition."
The election for School Trustees
takes place ni'xt Saturday. It is in)
portant that representative men, pre
fertility those who have childveh attending the school, should bo elected.
A telegram received yesterday in
thelites that Miss Blakly, who was
recently hero on a two weeks visit
with her sister Mrs. D. Campbell of
this town, is now Mrs. Cook of San
The Ymir base ball club has accepted an invitation to play Nelson
on Dominion day. The Nelson club
is guaranteeing expenses. Wc will
publish the names of the selected
team next week.
The Norris It Rowe's New Big
Shows will exhibit at Northport,
June 27th, and when it docs it will
be known as the Nonis & Rowe's
i Greater shows tor it is now a greal
big circus, exhibiting under its snowy
clouds of canvas on two rings and an
elevated stiiL;e and hippodrome track
over one hundred varied acts iucluil
ing the live marvelous Bclfords,
world's greatest acrobats, four (lying
La Vans, sensational aeriel gymnasts,
Molnolte, Lu Nole, ifc Melnotte, European high wire artists, the Oiirdncr
family of six who perform upon tho
high horizontal bars, tho six Grolhs,
graceful equilibrists, the three Mc
Donald Bros, startling trick cyclist*,
the royal Oka Japanese troupe of
oight, and many, many moro sensational features of this kind.
Hotel Arrivals.
Waldorf Hotkl—S. Willman,
Spokane; A. S wuiiiiill, Nebeli.
MoI.kod Hotel — F. P. Smith, wife
ond child, Spokane; K. N. Jones,
Vancouver; R. S. Pyke, Vancouver;
J. C. Burbank, Cheney, Washington;
R. J. Moflett, Greenwood| A. Phillips, Erie; A I). Dookateader, Nelson:
W. It Bays, Einerelaw, Washington;
Win. It. Watson, Paradise Mine.
Cosmopolitan Hodhk— Joe. Bernard, Brie; Bert Porter, Erie; Fvalil
Ross, Erie; W. I). Cloraont, Bile; A.
Slifka; J bill is, Spokane; J. Hickey,
Eric, I). Slow; Al Brooks, Dunkirk
N   Y.
Ymih Hotel— Fran* McLaughlin,
Spokane; M, K Palcrson, Nelson;
Scott Jones, Nelson; E. I). Holm,
Butte, J. A. MeKaugluin, Nelson;
Ed Chape; Hobt, Aaron, Spokane;
A, Puteison, Northport] Roy ,\|.-
Relizio, Seattle; Thos  Eaten,' Cliica-
Ross Hon 8K— J. E.   Taylor,   Nel*
son; M. Hill, Waneta;    Dr    Arthur,
Nelson,    F.    LomleUX,     -Moyie;      ,\|,
Campbell, Brio)   Al   Brooks,   Nelsolll
Ed Murphy, Republic; J.  Hennessey,
PiiKsiivruiiiAN Ciiiwii —M o r ni Kf
Services, 11 a. in ; Sunday school 1.1.
Evening service, 7:30, Voting IV.i
pics' Society meets on I'riduy evening
at 8 o'clock. All are welcome It.-*'.
II. Young, Mi A,, Past.*, THE YMIR HERALD
I'uliliiilieil *.v..rv Saturday and nutllaC lu any
a driro.R, or dflllvQred by oarrii-r In town.
Huliaerlptluu* W.ui ].er auuum, payable In n*J-
t * ilea.
Ailrertiiiiu rate*, II.Ui jx-r inch pwr noatli
'I'NK Ushixi. can b« hail from all leatllim
ii«,-4-iulea)flrii in tlift di.triut,or can bo obla'.nai]
diriMit from tbf- office.
Commsrotftl   printing o'   every    ouftbrlptlon
dons on lb*- prntnl.e*>t utindard prices,
ri'ai.iniir.n bt thc
We are glad to note a new fashion
in Ymir, which indicates that sidesaddles for lady riders, will soon be
a thing of tho past. In a mountain*
ous country such as this, where the
only available routes are rough f/rails
and wagon roads, a side-oaddle is not
only leas secure for the rider, but far
more burdensome to the horse, than
is the other type. In the big cities,
oven, it is no uncommon thing to sec
fair equestriennes riding'astride.       *
After seven years of' faithful ser
vice, John MeLeod has tendered his
resignation from the position rof post-
master. In 189C lie undertook the
distribution of the mail as h voluntary service and convenience to the
prospectors who made old Quartz
crook their headquarters. At that
time MeLeod was running the only
siore in town, which was a kiud of
rallying place for the early settlers.
In 1897 he received an unicial appointment as postmaster to the new
town of Ymir, an office which ho sus-
mined until the early part Ot the
[resent year, when in order to b» free
io visit Northern B. C, he resigned
the position. The resignation bus
only recently boen accepted, end
Arthur C. O'Neill, secretory of the
local Liberal Association, ha* been
appointed his successor.
Plastered House, eight rooms ami miliar, $15 per month.
Furnished House, seven rooms, $20 per month.
Furnished Cabin, two rooms, $7 per month.
Cabin, partly furnished, $<> per month. ,
he can derive is three per cent, interest per iiiiniuu on the money invested?
Surely not. If be so invests it in a
hazardous business, be does so because he expeco, to gain large inter
est on his investment. The Liberal
contention of course is that the public is deriving its greatest benefit from
the opening up of the country, but
Mr. Borden's proposition conserves
the same benefit to the community,
while preventing the profits derived-
from'tire investment of the people's
money iieing'divertetl to the treasury
of ii private corporation.
The whole Canadian newspaper
world is busily comparing the two
different proposition* now before lb#
country, as to the financing of the
new transcontinental rial road. It is
imito eyident that these two   proposi
Tlrts is the season of the year, whan
tbe hardy prospector nboiilders his
pu"k, and sets out to And the ever
elusive prospect, which is to redeem
his fortunes, and make him care free
for tin- rest of his existence. We
have several times beard it remarked
that the ground around Ymir has
been thoroughly prospected aud
everything of value staked for miles
around. We venture to think this
is ipiile a wrong impression. There
are plenty of places from ten to twenty miles distant fvom the town of
Ymir, where, if the foot of man has
ever tnsl at all, it has been in the
course of ([tiick cuts across country,
from one objective point to an«Uier.
Other aieus similarity near to Ymir
have been superficially examined only, and may very possibly contain
veins to equal or exceed anything yet
found in this vicinity. We do not
pretend to know all these districts,
hut a few of them we can name,
where the prospector can travel
alxiut for days, without seeing a sign
of human haudywork. Never a tree
bliotrd aud never an old tin can to
murk tlio journeys of a proceeding
explorer, can be found,
tine of these sections is   thut   lying
Stamarac mines .
Jf? The Secretary of
2h the above mentioned
Wt Company invites ap-
iM plications from parties
yfy desirous of working
the Tamarac and other
claims under lease.
l'"or particulars apply:
(J. H. Master,       4ft
Bossland,   -    -    Ii. <\ $
We arc selling for almost your own price to reduce stock.
AH Stetson Hats going lor $4.50.    Others at similar value
At prices that cannot be beaten
lo which we lead in price and-quality.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Post Office  Store.   -   Ymih
Headquarters for
Mining and Commercial Men."
Choicest  Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
Good, comfortable
room* will be found
in connection.
YMIR.  British Columbia
Uom will form   the   main   issue   on Vound  the   headwater*   of   Hidden
which the wat general   election   will  Creek and CiiIiuh   Cree<,   und   from 1
bo fought, and these regpootlve inertia thenee north und south,     ^""■'•'■ly |SpOkflIl© Fall8   &
tire therefore,'the subject  of  with., around the head of   Boulder
Mining Agent      -      Stocks and Shares
— AGENT    FOR-—
Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York
Maryland Casualty Company.
London Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
Ottawa Fire Insurance Company.
.    ^ AT THE
■ ;--'n r'> 1      1.1
All work entrusted to us is neatly anil
promptly   executed,
I-rood dUounioUi Mr, Borden's' ami back from thence toward* the
proposition in generally admitted to Second llelief. The district lying lie-
I- the more statesmanlike and tbe twifn the IWUi Hico and Second He-
more business like, the one which ap- M "«'»'>* and west thereof towards
peals more favorably to a financial the Columbia Uiver was all prospect
-xpert. It is based on the broad <«1 W'ctt.V thoroughly in IKM, but
principal of preserving to the paying] towol llie location* then made are
oublic, the fruita and gains acquired existing. Then the Sixteen mile
hy their contribution. The public country, although a good many
money put into the construction 0' prospectors have made locations there,
the road can be regarded at will, j has not by any means boon thorough-
.iihor as an investment or a specula- j b explored yet. The basin of Sixteen
tion Whutovor way it la regitrdod m!!6 Creek, which creek ia nearly as
the results ar« to lie reallxcd by the large as the Salmon River, is a very
parties putting up the funds. So says largo one, tlio forks of the cifflk being
Mr, Borden. The Laurier schomo is very dtVorgeh
• iilleient.    If the drawl Trunk Com
pany makes a success of the opera-
lion of the road it pays three per cent.
<mi the money loaned by   the   public
It is 'essentially a
low grade district, but the veins arc
us a rule vciy wide and well defined.
It is a much Jess rugged district than
this imiiicdiiile vicinity and a pros-
take   his   horse
If en the other hand it makes a   fail- I*""'"' «•» » ""»
'anywhere   over  tho   ridges   without
Other   but
! Utile known districts are those   lying.
ore, the public stands the loss.      l«et
us pot the public in the   , lace   of  a I «'"ul'lil'« to '■»*■ [m,U
builltesi mail of some financial   aciiiil- f
on who Is seeking an  investment fcr[««««*■ "M"» °»»k »"*1   8he0P
bis surplus oapital.    Does be  risk   it' Creek, the   liead   uf-tlw  South  fork
j; '..somewhat ha/nrdoiis speculation, of Wild Hnr.su Oraok,  and   thu   dis-
•*4iere if be wins the  greatest  benefit ti jot south of ifouMci Creek
Northern Ry.
'Til e o j all', 1 route between
points east, west and south to Koss-
land, Nelson, (band Forks and He-
public. Buffet curs run between Spokane and Northport.
KflVetivo .hum Mill, 1908,
l,e»»e Daily Train Arrive
8.1.0 a.m Spokane li.l.l p.ui
10 40 s. in        ItossUnd 4.Ho p 111
tf.liii a ui Ymir 0 So pin
7.'.'11 n in Nelson 7.20 pm
Itl8fl a m     Oratld Forks       4 00 p-m
SSI) a.m Republic ti. If. pin
III connection with
Uhk.vt    Iiukthkkn    l*v
Tickets to all Points.
si. Paul, Duliitli. Mlniieiipolis, Chicago
and all points Kael,
(Seattle,   Taeonin,   Victoria, Portland,
and nil I'aeillc Const points.
Through Palace ami 1'ouHst Sleepers,
Diniiij,' unit lluffet Smoking Library car
For ratm, folders and (till information
regarding nips, cull on Or ai'drvM an
agent Ol the S. F, AN. Hallway or
II. A. JACKS!)N,        II. IMANI'T,
(j   F. & P, A., C. P. AT. A.
Spokane.      71" W, Riverside At,
Gents'   Furnishings   Store
Tlio only reliable aiu. up-to-date Men's Outfitters
in Ymir.   Our goods are the best quality, and wo N
iiu not propose to be undersold.   :::::::
A full line of Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes
This is the time ot the year to (jet your pick ot the many gejeol pieces o(
Furniture.    Iron Reds, Linoleums, Rugs, Carpets and Hammocks.
Furniture Dealers and  Funeral Directors
X H.—We are sole stents for the Marshall Sanitary Mattress and the (Jloli*.
Seetionul Rook Case and Files.
Fresh   Goods  for  the   Spring Trade
Ask tor .Swift's Bacon and Ifauis (they are tlie bewiv
Dundee Marmttl&de; Mine I'oint Oysters. Crosso iV .
lilackwell's  riekles, .Jams, tunl VUow Chow; well.
selected   Tens,   Conoos   and   Cocoa," (iovcriiiiiciit
Crcaniery mid lln/.elwocd Butter.
l''ishing Tackle, Slatioiiery, Fire Works, Kpoiting Cm»mK, Milgur.lhes, Ctu*
feutlOliery, Pipes und Smokers' supplies. All L'oods sold at very nsisoriiidU
S. H. SEHNEY        -        •       *       YMIR, S tt. -*»-r
The     total   cost   of   millini;    the
Honicsiake ores in one of  its  milh
(120) at Lead   is   approximately   40
cents u ton.
Every Kaffir in Capo Colony must
pay a labor tax of 12.50 a year, unless he can prove that he has worked
for three months of the year.
Novo Scotia has produced since
1S62 aud up to 1904 gold valued at
$16,400,00. It produced in 1903
30,500 ounces of gold, valued at
Experience has shown that a oast-
ii on guide wears the stem of a stamp
much less than a wooden one. The
guides should only be bored one sixty fourth of an inch larger than the
stem, and must be accurately set and
kept in alignment.
The great oyanide plant of the
Homestako company is saving about
75 per cent, of the value in the
tailings (averaging about $1.65 per
ton), at a cost of about 36 cents per
ton. The slimes run a loss of from
R0 cents to $1.10 per ton.
Minerals containing copper will produce green, blue and red stains in the
surrounding rock. Iron produces a
rod or brown color, manganese a
black, lead often a green, yellow or
white coating, cobalt a pink aud cinnabar resembles natural vermillion.
Cobalt is produced in the form of
oxide and sold in that form for use
in the coloring of glass and earthen
ware. But a few hundred tons of
the mineral is made annually and it
has a varying market, about two dol-
*  lars per pound being present value.
During the early days of the Corn-
stock mines great heut was experien
ced in the deep workings. It is said
that in 1878 it was necessary to sup
. ply the miners in the Bullion mine
with 95 pounds of ice daily and that
they would ordinarily consume three
gallons of water in an eight-hour
Amber is not a mineral but a fossil
resin. It is, however, a product of
the ground and is found in quantities along the ahores of the Baltic
sea. After a violent storm considerable of the amber is found along the
shore, thus indicating that deposits of
it lie on the bottom of the aea at
The Standard Oil company oper
ates a pipe line from tbe Lima (O.)
oil fields to Hammond, Ind., a distance of 210 miles. The pipes are
eight inches in diameter and each
pipe is 22 feet long. The cost of the
pipe waa $7,000 per mile or a total
expenditure of $2,2bo\000 including
pumps and reservoirs.
* The highest mine in   America,   if
not in the world, is found at Lunda,
Mono county, California. Ii is called
the Crystal Lake mine. The tunnel
through which the work is being dune
is 13,000 feet above sea level. Six
months in the year the oUieen and
miners (tre prisoners from the depth
of the anow, and in shady places tho
snow does not all melt evon in summer. Many miners cannot live there,
ou account of the rarity of the atmosphere.
The Ilomestake stamps are each
crushing more than four tons of ore
each 24 hours. , This duty is possible
only because: first, of tho very favora
ble nature of the ore, the slate and
pyrite crushing readily and the
quarts being an excellent medium of
attrition; secondly, of the large proportion of water used, being from
eight to ten times the weight of the
ore crushed; and, thirdly, of the uar-
'' tow mortar, which is only 12 inches
wide at the lip.
The definition of a dry ore is, one
> containing precious metals, yet  lack
ing a sufficient quantity of lead or
copper to carry the precious metals
and to have  • clean slag to throw
*ivay in the first stage. Lead is used
mostly as a conveyor, und in dry ores
is added, at least ten per cent lend
being necessary for satisfactory results. There ate mines in JSritish
Columbia of dry ores which will necessitate new metallurgical treatment
lo exact eyen up to 9 per cent, of the
precious metal contents
What is promised as the most remarkable gem of modern times is the
kunsite stone of Palo, San Diego
county, California. It is said to be
more beautiful than emeralds, sap
phires or rubies. It has the property of absorbing light and giving it
off in a lilac-tinted gleam. After being submitted to the action of the
Roentgen rays it will absorb them
and give them out again when placed
in a dark room, and after being subjected to the action of radium it will
shine in the darkness with even more
brilliancy. It is found only in a barren mountain ridge of an Indiau
reservation in a remote corner of San
Diego county.
Gold is heavy and settles at the
first opportunity at the bottom of a
stream, unless a stratum of stiff clay
prevents its reaching the bedrock.
The nuggets and coarse gold are found
nearest the lode whence the gold
came, when the topography has been
of a nature to afford them a resting
place. Farther down stream the
lighter flanes and small grains have
been deposited, as tho stream widened
and the force of the current abated.
Fine flake and "flour" gold is often
carried many miles down stream by
the force of the water, which keeps
them turning over and over and sliding along with the muddy water of
floods or freshets Metallic gold,
wires and thick gold leaves have also
been found in chunks of lead ore; also wires in copper and leaves in iron
ore in the lode mines of Farncotnb
Hill, showing plainly that the lead,
copper or iron was found or deposited
after the metallic gold had been made
in the veins. Such specimens are
much more worthy of the real scientists' speculation and research than
the few battered and partly "rusty"
placer nuggets that may fall under
their observation. The gold in the
placers came from lodes,
I Hotel Ymir
The Best Meals
And Accommodation
In Town.
X A line selection of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars,
;: J   W, MASTERSON,      Prop.
»♦♦+♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦»♦♦«♦ Mt»»I ti
Wilson & Harshaw
Draymen and
YMIR,   B.   C.
Handling heavy freight a
Correspondence promptly
attended to,
Eastern Canada, the Western States, Qoast
Towns, and in Great Britain.
Gold, Silver, or Lead - $1.00
Copper, ----- $1.50
Gold-Silver, • - - • $1.50
Charges for other metals on ap
Provincial Assayer
P.O. Drawer Al 13,   YMIR, B.C.
Headquarters for riining
and Commercial Men
It Is Important
To   let   these   financial  centers know   that
Ymir Transfer Co.
Teaming and
Express ....
All orders promptly attended to
and .he greatest care exercised in tho
handling of goods.
Shelf Hardware,
Builders' Hardware,
Paint, Oil, and Glass.
Tinsinithing and Repairing
of every description done.
Clark's  Furniture   Store
Undertaker   and   Furniture    Dealer
Mail orders promptly attended to
Bihch Sthmt,        • Ymir
Kootenay Coffee Co.
Wholesale and retail dealers
in Fresh Routed
High • Grade * Coffees
Most comfortable hotel in the din*
trict.    Everything lirat-clas*.
Hotel ....
(Under entirely new management.)
Dining Room and Bar
supplied wi*h the best
in the market.
Right opposite depot, Ymir
JOHN BltF.AU, Prop.    I
Headquarter!* for Mining Men
Bar  supplied  with  best brands of
wines, liipiors and cigara.
First Avkkis.
Ymir, B. C.
V. V. * E  RY. * N. CO.
and flreat Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. It. <fc N. Co., for points east,
west and south ; connects at Rossland and Nelson with the Canadian
Pacific Railway.
Connects at Nelson with the P. R
AN. Co. for Kaslo and K. end 8.
Connects at Curlew with stage for
Greenwood and Midway, B. C.
Buffet can run on trains Detwocn
Spokane and, Republic.
General Passenger Agt.
Spokane, Wash,
$'2.00 per annum.
is one of the richest free-milling camps
in British Columbia, and
Has More Stamp Mills
in operation than any other camp
in the Province    •
It Has Developed
and Paying nines
And many others which only need a comparatively small amount of development to
become profit-earning.
R HERALD Watches....
If you wish lo purchase a good
wiitch it will pay you to examine
our slock. We carry the largest
and finest stock of Watches in
the interior. You can have any
movement in any case you desire,
and we guarantee you satisfaction.
_   ' ^ '	
Watchmakers and Jewellers
N.B.—Mail orders receive prompt and careful attention.
• <
Newly furnished throughout.    Sample rooms in connection.
Rates 81.50 to $2.50 per day
FINLAY   McLEOD, Proprietor
We    carry   the   leading   brands    imported     Liquor*^
and Cigars,  Stoat,   Ale,    Brandy   and   Wine.
applications, all of which are renewals
except in the case of   J.   W.   Ross,
Ross house,   whose   name   has   been
substituted for C. B. Archibald. -
Owen Boyer, Vancouver hotel,  Ymir;
Mitchell Tait, Palnce hotel, Vmir;
J. W. Masterson, Ymir hotel,   Ymir;
J. W. Ross, Ross house, Ymir;
E M. Peters, St. Charles hotel, Ymir;
Finlay MeLeod, MeLeod hotel, Ymir;
John Breau, Cosmopolitan hotel, Ymir;
0. S Coleman,, Waldorf hotel, Ymir;
Samuel Miller, Miller hotel, Ymir:
John Marshall, Marshall hotel, K itch
Fred   Adie,   Fort   Sheppard    hotel,
William Gray, Salmo hotel, Salmo;
Wm. Roberts, Florence   Park   hotel,
Near Nelson,
Robt Wood, Thistle   hotel,   Woods
ville, near Nelson;
t. G. Procter, Ouclet hotel, Procter;
Geo. Bartlett, Sirdar hotel, Sirdar;
James Band.Grove   hotel,   Fairview,
near Nelson;
J. R. Hunnex, Erie hotel, Erie;
Geo McBean, Mersey hotel, Erie;
R. J. Long, Creston hotel, Creston;
H. J. Lambert, Lambert hotel, Slocan
C. E, Burgess, Edna hotel,-   I-atoraon.
The annuel report of the depart- ore with a very di.ute solution of po«
meut of the interior of the Dominion j tassium cyanide, and the deposition
of Canada for 1903 gives the follow- of the desolverl gold and silver upon
ing conoerning the production of gold plates by means of an electric current
in the Yukon  territory.    The   gold at one operation.    The pulp   of   pro-
production for the year ended June
HO, 1903, amounted to $12,113,015.
.14, as compared with $9,566,310.52
in the previous year. The value of
gold produced there last year was
greater than in any other year, tho
next best having boen in .1899-1900,
when the production amounted to
*9,809,464.G4. The largo output of
last year is attributed to an unusually
rainy season, owing to the fact that a
large amount of the pay dirt is removed by hydraulic methods. It is
stated that there are about 3,500
acreB of land in the Yukon territory
under cultivation, on which all kinds
of vegetables are grown. Oats have
also ripened and strawberries were
successfully cultivated.
H ints on Advertising.
Wc do not know an auctioneer
whose persuasive powers can touch the
soiling qualities of a clever newspaper
advertisement. Clevor advertisements, however, are not easy to write.
Some men aro inado for this special
business, and And no more difficulty
in framing smart phrasings than does
the ordinary man in writing a letter.
Most of these clever chaps make a
•,;ood living at the work.
An advertisement, to be attractive, should havo an appropriate
hoadline—some "catch word," if pos*
sible. The language should be plain
and simple; big words often mar or
destroy the effect. Words are not
idcai', but signs of ideas. Readers
glance over words to gather the image
they represent. Should the words
describe in detail the merits of a
brand of cigar i, a mora glance over
tho words should give the reader a
complete idea of what he may expect
on smoking that cigar. The words
should be fittingly used to produce a
symmetrical whole.—Canadian Cigar
mid Tobacco Journal.
per consistency   is   charged   into   the
agitator, together with enough   alkali
to overcome its acidity, and sullicient
cyanide to bring the  solution   to  .00
per cent.   This agitator is the   essential mechanical feature of   the   process    It consists of a cylindrical tank
having a conical  bottom   of   45   per
cent, pitch.    In the   center   of   tho
tank,  and  extending  nearly   to the
bottom and top, is a cylindrical   well
in which revolves   a   vertical   shaft,
Bupperted and driven from above   the
tank.    On the shaft are seemed three
screw propellers, and in tho center of
the shaft, which   is   hollow,   is   the
stem of the discharge plug at the bottom of the tank, operated by  a hand
wheel at the top of the shaft.    A Circular apron extends from the   top   of
the well in all directions toward  the
sides of the   tank,   having   a   slight
slope   outward.      Underneath    this
apron and outside   of   the   well   are
supported   the   anode   and   cathode
plates, supplied with   current   by   a
small plating dynamo.     Tho   revolution of the shaft carrying the  propellers creates a strong upwaid   cur cut
in tho shaft, mid tho result is a rapid
and uniform circulation of tho  whole
charge upwards through the well  and
downward   among    tho     electrically
charged   plates.     When   the    assays
show tlmt the operation is   completed
the plug is drawn   up and  the  pulp
discharged into a settlor, whence   the
geparated solution is pumped buck  to
the stock tank and the tailings  sluiced out.
K. W. Widdowson.
W. A. Hufscbmidt.
Percy J. Gleaner.
John Pbilbert.
T. II. Atkinson
D. Campbell.
UcsBrisay Jobbing Co.
Newitt & Co.
William Clark.
I). Campboll.        -•■•"•- 'i
Deloiisay Jobbiug Co.
S  H. Seamy.
U. S. T. Boss.
Cosmopolitan—John Breau.
MeLeod House—Finlay MeLeod.
Miller House—S, Miller.
Pulaco—Tait & Ruddy.
Boss House—C. Archibald.
Vancouver—Owen Boyer.
Waldorf—George Colnian,
Ymir—J. W. Masterson,
Mrs. John MeLeod.
Percy J. Gleazer,
Herald Publishing Co.
ST,\ [TONER..   . .;
T. II. Atkinson.
I). Campbell.
S. H. Seaney.
llarshaw & Wilson.
Jackson & Leahy.
William Clark.
Our Stock is Like Running Water, ALWAYS FRE^H.
A large trade, quick selling methods and prices, keep the
Stock moving continuously. No chance for anything bur,
the FRESH EST here.    To-day we   offer   the   following,
Best Sugar Cured Bacon and Ham (Swifts) per pound	
No. 1. Granulated Sugar, 15  pounds   for	
Choice Creamery Butter,   Bulk,   27c.    Tomatoes (Quaker) per can
A Splendid Laundry Soap 6 bars for	
3 pounds Moca and  Java  Coffee  for £ I -00
Try 3 pounds of our Ceylon Tea   for  ai l[n
i 5c.
If not satisfactory your money will be refunded. We are not hard up and
have got lots of money. Save our discount* and defy our opponents i«
eqinil us in price and quality.
For $6.00 We offer a regular   $30.00  Belt.
For $25.00 We offer :i regular
.    .    .     Sandon $40.00 Belt.
Both these BELTS are in First Class Condition.
Directions how to use, with each Belt.
Only two left.   Call or send for them.
Druggists and Opticians. Ymir
Please forward TnE Ymir Herald for
. month
and acknowledge-receipt of enclosed $	
The Herald is published   every Saturday morning and
contains all the news of the camp.
Ratks--Per Year, §2; Half Year, $1.
nelson^^ JUNE 28.
Performances at 2 and 8 p. m.
Circus        Menagerie        Museum        Hippodrome.
Just twice larger than ever before.
2 - RINGS EL8Sffl0 RINGS - 2
A New Circus Throughout.
Hendryx Process*
Tho Hendryx electro cyanide process, now in its experimental stage nt
Republic, Wash., is an follows: It
v'WisUts pf agitation,   of   tho crushed
Ymir Licence District.
Commissioners Meet and    RoneW
KxiKtin.fi Hotel  l.ieeuoea.
The licence -commissioners for the
Ymir district held a meeting at the
court house Wednesduy morning at
liKa'plaaki f<>»' the purpose of cunsid
Bring the applications for hotel Ii
oenoes duly Mod,
John Q. Dewar and Henry Renins,
of Ymir, were the members of tho
board present, Mr. Kelly, of Nelson,
being absent.
The  board  grunted   the  following
Wholesale and Retail
Mail orders receive prompt attention.
Ymir  Bakery   and   Cafe
Short orders a specialty. Fresh broad,
cakes and pies daily.
Hotel     S^-:'^|
First-class Dining Itooiu.
Best brands of Wines,
Liquors lyid Cigars.
A multitude of   new   features   never   before   presented   in   America.
5 Marvelous Bclfords D
The World's Greatest Acrobats
Melnotte, La Note and Melnotto
Europe's Premier Comedy High Wire
(i Graceful Groths G
Most     Remarkable      Contortionists
3 McDonald Bros. 3
The Foremost Trick Cyclists.
8 - Royal Oka Japanese Troupe - a
Second Ave.      -      YMIU
Arenic Artists and Animal Actors.
Poiforming Elephants, Camels, Lions, Tigers, Hyenas, Tapirs,   Liainas,
Buffaloes, Kangaroos, Ostriches, Elk, Deer, Ponies, Goats aud Monkey*.
^T-  JOLLY     JEST1NO     CLOWNS   -~ 30
Graud Gold Glittering Street Parade at 10.-.10 a. iu.
Adults. Ti0o.    Children 26>. One ticket Admits You to Everytb.u
4 Flying La Vans j|
The Moat Sensational Aeriel Gymnast*
0 Gardner Family 6
Heros of the High  Horizontal   Burs.


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