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The Ymir Herald 1905-09-16

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 legislative Ats^
Vol, -  -X
o.  «.
V.Mii;. n. c„ satiw;|i.\v. si'i'T., ni, toon
l'i;i( !■: Five Cots.
New Mining Company.
"JSp,';^     The Mineral  Exhibits,     •*,>.,.-•  	
    '*-*• ••■*;-•; -. ■. •   !■"•   Ally  (ii'idip  of Claims   N .<i r
"i ih.'i.'i,,',,.,,-. .I,;,«,,..,. ,'i„..,'.ii i., ii,,, ,!,,i ,,;,.!,!       j',,,,    is      Alfred Pan   and   Cliarliu   VuiMi- ||;ill Sit|ii|u'.
v    ... * p ,   .     *he reply given when many   pros -   '' '"" h*vu take** « *e*»e on tl.o T..,„-
Newitt Si Oo., are  removing   their    , „ , '     '        arnck mine.
tors are asked to   enter   samples   in
• * ■ »•*•■*••**-;-*•<■ *-■»*-- r*i» | »,-.*, + » -       ''(ili'vi-.   |   have   « I  specimen
.l.rhn Philhert iand family   returned   l'i'v'"i '""" "'.v claims, but   nul    good
enough to win that modal,"   That   is ™ J *"   '""i   r'"'ul";   *Vul''1'-
Mr. Gore  fjesjgncii.
1 h-piitv ('niii,nis.-jiiip'i' iu  I;.
.S||iv,-, i|,-il hv Mr
I itll'lH'l.
..•I. ,,t' dry gou Is etc, to Nelson   to
A Block company has heen   fufined
competi lion for the medals  pi wen ted      *'ohli I3e|l is shipping rich oro from    to operate llie Ark   group   of   mine,      VV. fl. ("Jure, Deputy  Commissi...; ■
'*•'' by JJ, W. SVirldowkon. the Kootenny Bull, mine   at   Salmo,   near Hall Siding on tbe Nel   ,,,,,1 of Lands and U'oiks,   ha-   resigned
A line display of   northern   light-*;)     Mr, Widdowson  wishes   it   to  be j One carina/J wont -$78 per ton. 1'"lt   sll'TI""d   railway.       Several   He bus been nearly ,'10 years   in   i
Nelson men arc interested.   Thoeom*  department,    It   is   uiidcrstniid  th
puny   will   I..-   known   ns   the   A|'k "it a i'C(-'*-nt Cabinet council   a  chiu.g-i
Horn-To the wife of T.   Hamilton I,||C ''•chest specimen in die fair, "but  l.nv,: JuV ^K,," '^lini,;;;. 'ni;;;,;,!,;;;;.;', : 'i,',:l,1,/,i!;,';'- ;""i :N',ni"« C I v,; i» Uu' ihT.ny   hnad   was practica   ,
.... Saturday tho Oth Sept'.,   1005, - ,>, ! *» "•» PP-* and finest pieae of  ore their !„,,,,, on lhe Ymkr  Q.     „, I"/'^ , 7^ "* "   "^    t        I ■     ,'       T, ,  '
*,',„ir, a boy li'Utr-.ed,    |ly t|iis bemoans a sample  ,|1P flrtt ,        ', ... m'""   000 in shares of 35 cet.U each.    R„lf states that the resifiiialion will be ac
.    ^      .    p.    ,,     ,     ,       I*-** r pyrite, will slapd a,   ',„l       ,        ;   ' I '   "'" ''""   "Hhe stock will bo reserved   f„r  dPJ copied.    Mr. Gore,wi|l   probably
J.mG.lle   ami   Fid,    r-qttlo   have L c,mhpe ot ^    ^ ^   J a   «»'h,  |.,,h ,„-,. ^^^ succeeded by Jl,*/Qoepel,   u-.v,
iiasseon   here   op   Thursday   night distinctly understood  thai   the   pid      Tl„,  ,,„vl,.   ,.,.us     |m(.  .-„..-„„„.
1 medal he is giving i. not intended [for  their „-,,,.„ „„ t|,RQ„e,
ii  mine,    anil
rlarted on a prospooting trip   m   H'o   piece of solid gold, no assay valuo be-      0|';,!'"" t'1""'''""1 "'"' ■■■« received       At a meeting   held   at   the   mine   Hpectoi*.     The   resignations   fi   M
nuighboi'liood of Christina lake j jng ukel| -,„,".,,,',„„„ very sAtisfneto-y returns ou the   firs! : Tuesday evening, Septembei I jjth,  J. : (-*'"'*' ■"'•' Mi- I:"," Johns, chief cl u-l.
John Doultbee, uf   ltosslund,   who I     As no entrance fee is nsked in this '"" ,'1"i"1"1-"•' 'Xtrneted  during  J. Hudd antl M   Kllimt were   elected \i0*oe time agio,  remove   t»-u   of   th,
ivas about tn start work on the   May] competition tlie fitir   oonmiittee   will ''.« lease of the Yankee (Jul mine,   i-  temporary chairman and secretary re- "lost prominent men in   the   dppArt-
May Group   has   been   seriously   ill,  probably aocept onirics up to tlio day ,low ,lftuljnK dowlt lUu balance of   his   spectiv'ely, }'. K.  Wilson   i.   solicitor . ""'"' "8ain tw hum considerable cr ••:
ivhich has prevented him from com ing before the fair, ' •"'' •""'"' -sl'iij.mi.-m 1.     He   was delayed  and lv I',. McDeruiid auditor, of   the  cism had beoh levoled,
uver. The gold medal  iu   north   .-'lTi.iiO, ljy '.''(l Uasl""" "■' ,ll(' Dundee wagon | company.    A meeting for llie election I
Father Alil.uil   vviil   be   in   town
next Tuesday and will In,lil services
iu the forenoon in the Ymir Catholic
Church, returning to Nelson tho same
T. II. Atkinson i- applying for
letters of administration for tha estate uf his deceased wife,    The dstale
h   a   largo  number of
is valued at $8000 cash   and   $,10001 crown granted mineral otaims   iu  the
.a! estate and other property.
Wo.. Hong, tl.o Chinese randier nt
Porcupine creek, laid information
...'sierdiy against Cyrus St.   Amanda
and the silver one §10 00, and   ii   is 'ond a-portiuji   of   which, after   the | of directors will be held   on  Tuesday     Jfa   Ymir    Gold    /Mine*--
hoped thai a line display of  minerals *J,l'nase done to it by tl,-   recent  fire September   26th.      I..   Union,    Q.\ pmited
will bo entered to compete for   them Wtts ,'flPaire'1   by   the   Government,    Ritchie and Geo. Bell, of Nelson,   are' 	
*nd so justify   a   repetition   of   tlm "" ««»     •"**•   '»"   '"    h-vy   stoekhnlde,,, I ^
awards next year. a-s.    J ho Govermnent has   stayed ,      'he Ark group   consists   of   eight fa        h
T,'a dalH.ro rtlll   on   vie.v   i„ *  '' *  ^ ™>   ^  *«*••■   - ; ^lm *o  of   which   have    been  Qo,d MJ,
Patennude's window.-Tribune, pun ed It, only to have   it   wash   out   crown giai I.      Active   work   has   .j,
  again this week- been carried on   under J   J,   Pudtl's '    , ,
v- , , , ... .'. I.nure|.,e Pounl.lQV  lllll,
>p\i mniitii  a   larao number ut ■ supervision fur over   n   vi'ir      Five ,      ,, ,,
j _ I   , , ...,....,   ..., fxmdoii, K C, *28 August, 190
n    re
Nelson division, on which  the taxes *
have not been paid, will te advertisod
fir sale.
The Porto Hico Lumber   mill   is
n..'i. have hem.   umployod   and   over i    „„    . ,,' '",,',
*4******4****4*4i4w4****** Unnnn ,     i ,  ,     r. lhe following oable has   beei
-   §0000 has been expended.    One um- , ......
WnTirc .,       iii i • ...    .- ,   ,       c.-ivt-il li,-ilny li-uiii lhe   Muir   Mai
INIJ I ICh, I   nel has been driven 230 feel am    has *
'or the killing of ono black   dog.     Tt j now shipping a carload of   lumber   a
understood however that   a   treaty day, and has orders ahead which   will
lias been arranged, an ideinnity   paid,
inni the case will be dropped,
Mr, It, T.   liilcy,  manager of   the
keep il busy as lung as lhe iiver i- in
lit condition for log driving.
All railroads leading into Spokai.e
Canadian Fire Insurance Co., was in I ban. announced generous excursion
town yesterday, inqiilring into the rates for the Spokane Interstate fair
circumstaneis connected with the fire. October Oth to 15th. Each road
of last November.' Mr Uiley's com- gives a single fail rate f,ir tlie round
pany' carried   8200U   on   Atkinson's trip on one day.    Besides this on   all
drugstore, and tho latter io'now.put- days of the fair beginning   will,   thai   The oompany intends  to   conti	
nn, in his churn for tin! i„s.H-,-...c,       day before   tl.o  opening   each   road;     |nvest ors Astonjshe(j development work through   the   win
\y.  J.   Darker,   foreman   of   the «ives tt fair and a third for the round ... .        ter) awl c|,,,ct ft fivB   Bt)l|1|JJ   „...   jn
Arlington mine, is taking   a   trip to trip-   A ticket purchased any day   "f (-Jranil   Trunk   Pacific   Pniul    lho spring.
—_                       \, been crosscut for 20 feut, .
.                     ,     ,                   ...     rn,             .     •         ,          ,    ,. "Crosscut  in   tin.   hanging    ■-...'.
AoitWSI 'ked    in    this;;        he fiioupis situated   .„,   Ifl-M.le; ^ ^      ^^ ^ . .
. i   ami t lea. watei-   creeks,   eight    miles i
Linni.n                   !.,, IJ...,.,,..    il..,i,,              ,.   ,         .,          ,.          ....      „ dV Of ore.      I lie average Width Ot   til
•sP<i<( iiiuiciitcs   tliat ; east of the railway line.   Tho forma- ■•   .   .                               .
,,   .              .      .-                   ,   ,  , vein is u feel; average assay of ore  •*
,       -    .      .    .           ,, tion is granite *ith well ilelln.nl   led - .-     ,,. ,
VOU1' subscription IK hi    nr-,,:          „..         .     ,.      . *530.    Wjll telegraph any ohange.1
1                                ,, ges.     lhe u.i'is white   unit   pyritos. ,,„.     ..           ,..,'.     ,
, I   ;,„         .               .     ,             ,       V Olliee Null1      I nu!    liirther    wnil
rear nn.l we would lin u-lndo  ""' exwtenco ol a large  deposit  has ,     ,            .  .        ..    ,,.
"'       '         ".'inn  in   _i.iu;i                                ■*>       i has been carried out, lho Directors ;,
,, been established,   lhe veins run from .,             ,   .                    -,
,          ,.                    .„            ,                         ,    ,   ,,,         , not wish too much importance to
to Ileal'    Iroin    vo.i    i     VOU-,. two to three and a hwton wide. Ai- ,   ,       .     -,                —,
a                                                     •       , ,             ,    ,        ,        • i atlaelii'il tu iiie aliiive cable,    bill    .-i
X                                                      ,, says nf .selected specimens have   gone .        ,,  ,      . , ,
X ,,.; i,i           •,        . .•         iii.                       .. *■"'**•' ol 'h'1 vvnlth   ami   value   (a	
f ui.sli tn have ll  continued.       over $80 in gold,   The average value , . „                 	
X                                                      ♦--,.,'■, t-'1 '''-• I"'1 '""I " '* information tint
**************************   »'s churned, is about 820   in   gold, ,',,1,1,,. ,l,l,,.|„ll,,„l.1 ,,„„,..,  lu,„   ,,
and -uiall values in silver.
the Portland   Pair   accompanied   by  tho fair is good lo return any day in-       i(1]jn,,.()('
family,    rn recognition of the succoss eluding the day after tile close.
vhich   has   attended   Mr.    Barker's!    Tll('  Spo**--!"*   J.,,||„   g.   \,„-il,e.n |
methods at the Arlington,   the   company are   allowing   him   full   sah'iy
during his absence, in addition   to   n
further cash honorarium,
ci'.niii.'i: K.EHH, ■**.•
Devlin Group Bonded.
rond and all its    branches   oive   one
,1,,,1'lip   /.  J, .1.  Hudd spoke of tho   prospects 	
tiiit.i.ii Lauscs '    ' 11,, .,. / u ,„|. •iv.      .r,   1,
and plans of tho oonipai.y to a  refi-o- *• 1USJ ' linl-    niivoii   1 p   t
Surprise in Kngland.
*•    ,i     ...].-     ... A special Loudon cable savs:
are rales lur tl.e   found   trip   Onto- '
sentative of the   Dailv   News,     He pcrtv mi Slirrp ('rt'.'k.
her 9.
I'he text of tl.e C. P. It.   petition I      ^ ha*'e heen prospeot.ng in   K„.,i-;     Patsy Clark, of Hjiokane, tl.o   «•,!!
known mining promoter, has taken  a
igaihst the'route of the Grand Trunk
enav for the in-i six   yearx
Di. Elliott,   Yinir's* physician,   i- |':,.-itir nas bee,, m-i-iv.-d hv mail   by  "''' l'li'"1'1" "'' have a good  property bond 011 the Devlin  group of claii -
The manager of   tlie   mineral   t)e. (now lying seriously ,'1   at   the   Ymii* „,„„. ,,.„,;„„ ||,„H1.S !lhl| ,us „,,,„.,„,   now.  Of our two veins   0.10   i-   two on sheep creek. The price is 87ft, ,
Partment oPtho Nelson Fair has ask- Hospital.   Tl.e doctor had been  feel   b|u|]k .u.tijniHliment, out only   among  f«et wide und tl.o otl.ei- i« Ll and a  um| tl.e boud bee -   operative  ...-.
ed Percy Gleazer to   get   together   a  "'« fttl' f,'on' we" fo1, 'aome  ti,,,e'  flnd financiers,   but   in   business   circles'"1'     W° have drifted ou   the   tun- the :'lsl, byVf.lah data Mr,    lh-,-, ..-
mineral exWbit from Ymir.   As there •'*"■ tt haed tn'P to tl,e   '•"","'  "li",■  where firms are deeply  coneer I   in*. ""' ''"' '"" """   :""'   lmw   "' '"* ham, PaUy   <'!a.l,'s   mining   ,.,..  •
..re only two or threo days   interven- !- >'1,l,»"   lft8t   Sl""li,>'   ll0 8Un"erpd  Canada, inas, I. as it seems to  im-   ^20 feet,   Another 10 or    „   feel   will have ,na*le his ins, iiun,
ing before the openltfg of   the   l-'air,  8 ''s,v"'"   hemorrhliges   from   tl.o    lv ,,,„ „ ;llli,„ ,   „„.   Canadian   ^'^'ke the pay shoot. Well strike      The first paymont ha, to 	
lungs.    >Jince then ho has been   con- \|iniBtry ,0 break faith with   l'.i.h-i-   ■*• *••■••»■ «   ,nl"11-'1"'      *•'■«  "i:"1"1 on Oct. '.'I, and the whole of tin   hal.
fiiu-d to hi- bed, but on Thursday lasi
tabled, that Ih'. l.allau was   sent   t",,i
i nnd ri'iiilii'd here on a hand car  from
the time is altogether   too   short   i.
allow of a collection   properly   representing the rich mineral  resources of
iiie district to bo gathered   togethoi
'•nl if those who   have  good   Ramplt?
' mines and'prospects in lho district
il! bring tin ..' in nt once, they   will
fm warded, "
pnrteil tu he resting  ei.sllv
various names have heen L'iv.ii    to
mt is generally known as  the   side
"Ws in connection vvith tho big fails
i late years, Chicago had the  "Mid-
ay l'lai-ann.-e," St    Louis   had   the
nii'iit .md In roe ll.iii-ii   investors   in
will *np Iholclgoata depth of SOOLnco within six month.
iii-Ii eruve appreheiisiohs wine enter. -, , .  .    ,       -(,,      . foi
" " western railways .md  land-.      I Lose.
houses «.'..■ olliciallv assured that the
new lino was inti ndi d to open up
new colonization lei 1 itun
■' The property i- i.-iween the Q ■•• 1
"Ye*, we'll I p on during tho win   mine and the   K,,,,-n,u-   (Julie,    u I
ter, drive a raise and block   out   the L aim three vuins   of  gold be..   ...-
ore     tn tho spring we .fill pul  in   n   i|iiar(«, hIiIcIi is free milling,    A    I
•merit time of writing his   condition  jj^" ^l'^y7upl'icate existiim  lines    '"i"' """ "''""r '" '"'""   "''"''' M Kl!l"|P U "•"''■' ':   ;l"i' ■   ;' '
g-sotHowhiit improved and ho   is   „-  S(MM,.,,,.,.,,,,,. ,,,,.,.. ,,.,,., i,r. .,„„.. „,,.    I'V*"" that time tl.o mine will pay  its audi, yielding respectfully 1*17,  ■-   II
Nelson   abuut   midnight,      .M   '!..• _.,„.,..:,..,....   .      _,,  ''"'     In the spring wo will pul  in   a| rjnarti;, vihiih is free milling,    .\    !
'•""-'.'TfirHMd ha- ,| Trail" New ; ^ ^ ^ .^ ^  M    ^.^
■ i-i minster has the   "Sj i.-keye  Hun    of]j, hhfJW!1 ft)|. t|)e midway and thefo
id Nelson-will have the "Stupe",,,,!, w||| ,„.„„„„,,„„„ ,„,,„,s.
-I..WS t.lreadv    book*]    for the |     But tho biggest etiterttiinmenl   fen-
"'"|.e" ni the   Nelson  fair are of, a
ipprohension, and   iy thai   Sir   W.I   "*"*'* and *.*l'.'3 to the   ion,      A   mi,,
"W <■ have only a trail nt   present,' .ample has also been sent down i, tl.
ind I don't think wo shall make   ap-  Hall Mines smelter for troatmem     /
U> ""' 'S|"k  ' v""" ,1'"' Which ""' '""' ' ''""  " ",w:'-v   l,n,1fe plication for a , I .,,,.,1 we are in   a . B  I"1 , «l .,- ll lain, .   |„
""'"   l!;"   ,;"'    "•""   P™;""   "" position to ship.   The mine   will   be M l ' T *" ;   M"'"   Miin
Minislrvs readiness   ."   ileal   tiu.lv        ,    , .   ,,        ,  , ,, ,     la-", when l.e lu.-ai,.,! tli»,u ,1M,j tiM„,
worked economically, and there will In
no waste in otlico or inunnguinonl   ex
pen-, 's.
"The  ,:,i|.:tili...iti>,ii   at    .*,,",inn
i- really at less than a bonding  ba-
Dig attractions have been  «e.-ur' d frid Laurier's prompi  rcpudintior,   of
tho Spokane Interstate fair  which Um proposed Quebec Hallway   llridgi
opens October 9, both for   tho   open Dobl   Hill   Inst     e-wimi   proves   tin
uii freo performances In from  ,,('   ilm
.'.and stand and fur the midway, One ,«iiii llritish investors, Detailed official explanations nrn eagerly mini
J, order, including Bp8,|uits wild
uiinnU, I'l'ieks.ms WMned Hears,
!i"i-h      nlerry-Go-lliiiind,      Prof.
1 hit ut'the fair will   he    a    ''leap   ll.e
"ap" act "hii'li will bo given in  front
of the grand   stand   each   afternoon
ho has struck il at last,
Fire Brigade Signals,
n.iihs Mechanical City, "Loritb" the and each evening
i'l 1 it is ihe   must
Hotel Arrivals
\\'11,1,1,i.t Hotki.:—
If, Nugenl Cosby, Buttej
...' 1 11     1 flm-mlevll not   of   all   tlie   foolhardy
ifornla Armless Wmiilor, and .Miss I uaieuevii
, : I'kl. Ferguson, Nelson;
1 considering whal wo   liavo   in
and tl.e work already  dune.
ivhn invest iu 11 nterprise wil
as good a chance, 1 •. make   inoie
the ,,1 i'-inil OWIItirs."
TZntT mS Z:Z^ -hie.  have I ngivOn  ..1 I. 0 0 Campbell, ,!',-- 1.
l-'.i,' chiel CoITcy has prep i,d   ii •>
■V ing -i'.'uals for handling tlie li ••
ut   Steady  ringing   means   lire
1 •-•■ -U'.l..' (pause) two -..,,'.-  ,.|,,,i, , j
• •■ strokes, means a call fur Imlp • ,
li ih"   hoso   when   drying   anil
il ni, after use,
,',   ."' . 1. j e   .   i-i reuses and • earn va s.      Um   ruler
ilh st por-mi it. the werld 6  feet,   <11"'-'    '"" "          ,..
i, .      ,,    1 ,1 1 i-iiines diiwii a  "ti.'   ne  in* on 11    010)'-
ies tttfl, weni'8'iri!!e 24 shoes and  comes now., a,   „ /
1 ( -      1 00 am   iilinp.- a wide gap    and    lan.l-
1 ' ."!-'"v',s; , ...      , .Ltlet track onlv throe   feet   N-l-''his Wpoka
le,f;liVVi"fe fV^tj "0flTwl.rSwl.ol P«h    I-   hid.   A. And,.,-,,,,, N p,
, "f the   22nd      The Kailway:; «-• > «» J$ffl»Z  I   ! gh   . J. Cr,  Sel :
^'"« ,l «i«-I« «•» '"'■ ' "ll"*1 itnf .lame J. Shnckletun, NblsoU
Mi I.....1. Hotki,!
Charles II. Hro« 11, Spokanej
Nels Chisholm, Spokane;
The now schedule of   Uu
between Spokane and Nel
in tlm  ndveiI'sDiiiCit   1'
Nm.limn Hailvvnj ('u  1
Ai Ymir the schedule lii
aro i)s30 1 in, and T.l.'i p,
1 11 in IN   ('..1 lien     S 11 I, ,|   1 j
and    Iliblo   Clas ,    |n   ,,.   .,
• :   "- "ervice, Mid.       )',„in,' I'.,,
v wlety i its -ni ri iday  evonii g
"I',' l<.    All are ivelcoin 1.    II -,
II.  -"Ullg, M, A., I'asi.ui'
, f;
- 1
PulillMiml "i.Ti Siiiiir.l.,. un.I mallei)  loan,
',!'!, .or IhIIvit.'U by enrrk-r In toivo,
-',n-.-ri|,iii,ii- -;•,' i/i |..t annum,  pnynblu in -.-
v   - ui.
in ex Rosslaiider, ii,in- a potential
tiillionaire, Also at Cnrson City in
meeting the -iin i-i' tin- Fitr.immons
md Corbett fight,
Meantime Alderman Bird is acting
Mayor and Aid. William   Blakemore,
I ox engineer of the Crow'   Nest    Pass
| Coal Company, is acting as  editor  ,.!
'"'' , tl,,- Tribune.    Privately and   publitly
Im.   II-km.11 miii  bo laid   Irian   nil  liiidlln  Illy things lire wanting   lis    inn.led
liawail.-iilan in lhi.ul-.lrlut.or 'cm.  bo  obm'ni .i 1 ia-le al tent inn, and 110 authentic  wind
iiri'iit iron. Ll.e uillue. has heen received from    Houston   foi
 nurcial  prlatins ci,   every    d.-sarl|.tloi,   fuUI'We,ek?'     Fn S'X weeka    '"""'    llis
Imn-„l,  preinKe. at -,.„„li,r,l „r -. ! W"™ L'1"1"' ""'-V '' ' 'l'"';'"''"1 vaeallt.
I he disnppnerance is im xplicable
1*1 III 1*11111,  in  TUB
llllll VI.n   PI lil.MIIV.   COMPANY
II.   KBAK.VS,   M.VN.iniiH.
Ono of the hardest things to lind in
Cancellation   of   Reserve
Coast District.
Ymir is a  ruiordm.      Of   the   many     Nl,li''"'- l"'r'-1'.'   wrm ilmi ilu* vati,,...
niiiloe of nliii'l, nn- |.i,!.li-'.i..| in i!i. It. r
varieties   of    quorum    the    ui.lv    one   Uani-lti*. iu.il .in lad Dili Anuu.-i      il, L'uii-rliiii a
... ,.,    ,     .        ,.*,,.      b«llol land -Menillnii   bnuk n  ili-ln I n-n
Which can readily lie fijlind   in     1 mil     ,.,,;... , „ „..,,.|| s|ileot thi-Ski-i-nii Hilar 1-u.ivi-en
-       ,1       ,        .,       ,.;.       1        .*    . I j   Kll.ll.'l- I'lllll.ll  llll.l    llll/rlti.tl.   ,,   i ii|.i-.-]|..||.
- that   re.iu reii   lor   a   solo   came.
1 ■* !    .v.ii.-i i-ii ]-., unii   ilm .Im.  porilon .1 ilia
There   have   been   several    attempts   *"«'rvn Ion. uoiIob ol *-lil...li wns imbllilicil in
ll.e 11. ('. Un/elti- iiii,; ilaliil -.'nil lli'i.'1'Uili.'l'.
lately to get the citizens and    proper-    letHU-'c ju-ritimi belt of Ian   "Mi-tnllnii  l'i>t.ti.i-ii
the iniiii.li of 1< II iiiii I River . I Ki'.-i ',* i'i.iui.ii
ty owners together to elect anew Ine |, rtwiilii.li-il I., so r.ir.i*il>ciiv-'r--liiml l.iiiii be-
cllief iii place of C aptain Coffey   who  '/v""" "'' "u>"'!'''"'■, ,*' "  " ".'"
1 I J K it iiiii i V nll.-i. ill inni ti'ii miles ln ii   iii.rile-rly
has left town.    Knell df these   efforts   'Urwitou fro... tl.e iMtnfKli iii-r i
iiiiii > -f.... i. Inn.!- ibereon ul.l i.i n   ...   mile.
have   been    without    effect,    because    |ire*.'l..i.tl..n nml   oilier   di-ii.-!'inii  nn,Ier llie
|.!-n. i-i..it- ..I il...    I.iiii.I   Ael,   <n   iiiid niter  llie
only one or two turned.up at the   ap-  ,...i„ ,*,.,, .,„....! ii,.,n,,i„r n.si:   Provided
.    ■   ,    i    , s ,- -i-i . iiinl tbe null! <if mu ...  inn' rnilivnv  -linll  mil
pointed pace ot meeting,    the  ones-   .   .   , ,
'. i l,i- im-tiided in liny Inn,I- -., itoi|liire I.
tion of lire protection concerns   every W.s.iioitt:,
ii..|ii.i. .' mlssioiier ..I ! !*   I  IVo.ks.
property owner in ll.e town.    In   the  i-mnisum! Works ii-piiriin.-iii.
, , .,.        . Victoria. II. U, :n-. ■Viiiri.st.  UK,',,
first plane   tin*   prevailing   insuranie _____________________________z_____m
K. VV, Wiildowson.
Percy -J. (ilenxcr.
in ii in it,
John I'liilliert.
l.lll     HOODS    AM,    OUSTS   I I I1M.-IIIN,.-
I>. CnmpbelJ.
DesBrisny .Juliliiiij; Co.
The Cnnnila Drug and Hook (Jo.
i .rnsiTUiiK   iiKAi.Kit
William Clark.
I». (Jampliell.
lii'.-llii-nv Jobbing (',,.
(losiiiopullttiii—John Breau.
MeLeod House—Finlav Mcl.eo.l,
Miller House—8  Miller.
Palace—Tail Si limi.I...
Vancouver—Owen liuyer.
Waldorf—George Column.
Vinir—J. IV. Masterson,
I'. S. T. l!u.-.s,
IAI 11-     I I liM'lilM.     AM,    MII.I.IM.ll
Mrs. Jolm MeLeod
MINIM!     lllll ,,111,Kll
Percy J. Gleaner.
Herald Publishing Co.
STA'l liiNKUV.
1). Campbell.
Hiii'.-linvv St \\ Hson.
Jackson ivi Leahy.
Alex. O.I.lie.
Miles Mcltinis.
Willjani Clark.
rates ure based on the  understanding \%\   Atlas  Hot' $1.(10.
il il there is nn organised lire brigade
, The Great Northern   Ilu 11 way   has
here, with a chief,    lhe fire   brigade i(lsUQ(* m M]m ■__ -,. pagea   ^j,,.
i- hcio all right, the equipment  is   in ing up-to-date maps   of   Iowa,    Wis-
,   ,             ,       ,                     i    , cousin, Minnesota, North  ..ml  South
Luii.I sliiii.e, and we nave   as   -juuil    a ,,,    , ,
n            • Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington
1 1 of fire fighters as can be   found   |-)i-jij8h  Columbia,   Oreg    Kansas,
anywhere.    Hut in tl,1   event   of   a Missouri, Nebraska,   Wyoming,   Col*
uiul!,,,      Alaska,      Hawaii,     Japan,
cuiillagrati.in, the lack of an   author philippju. Islands, .'I....a, the United
i/.ed chief, would be a serious   bar   to States and of the World.
the effective handling of the hose, and
In addition In this, the Atlas
YMIH LODGE Nu.',1 A* I', - A.
M.     Meels first     Friday    ill    each
month. Visiting brothers welcomed.
John McVicau, \V. M.
Pimtcv -I. Gleazhii, Secretary.
The Kind Vou Would Like
TASTES coon.     IS GOOD.
Old Settlers Maple   Syrup.
Pure in 1-1, 1-2 and 1 gallon Tin-.
Sold by
D. CAMPBELL,    -    -     YMIR.
Mining Agent      -      Stocks and Share.
Multiii] Lift) jii.siii.-tiicc Company of New York,
CnimiTian Casulaty—Boiler Ensurance Co.
London Mutual Kin* Ensurance Company
Ottawa Fire Ensurance Company.
*______-_>t-_fc________^_fc__ >_fc_feifc''\ a
# to
if".'il K.)
i' ul I miirovchU'lits,
tains valuable statistical iiiforinatiotl
conflicting orders won!* be sure to j'rolativp tq tho states named above, is
create confusion. printed out he very    best   quality  of
paper, shows tl.e line- of   iin*   ureal
Another matter Which   should   -be  Northern Railway, end   is   in   every
taken iu hand by the eitlliens of Vmir  way u commendable work.
,,.,...      i     .* , This Atlas will be   distributed   at
Is the I.unera   e\ unit tor tl.e   .Nelson     , . ..        , ,      ...
' lho actual cost of prodnet.on and vull
and Spokano Fail's,    Ymir this   year be sent to any address   upon   receips
seems to have lost some   of   its   old "J" *'■""■    Add'-css F.   I    Whitnov,
Passenger    Iratlic   Manager.     Ureal
lime encrey.    For the first   time   ill   Northern Railway, St Paul, Minn.
Its existence it, passed up on iis   24th      *        '•"■"""        **■     ' "
ut May eelel,i'lil ion     Hitherto it   lias
had a mineral exhibit every year, and
If it is not going to fall   behind   this Criili
viar iu this matter also, it is time active   preparatiuu s   should    be   made, iVi.ite.
These mihoral exhibits aro   undoubt-      Hlue   Quint:     I   vor,   New   Yuri;
uirtil,   M. ii .' d       mu   anil  (,'iinion
Billy u splendid advertisement of   thr   ; l,1,.|„,l,.,| y. ,..   ,     lalms situated   in
resources of tho camp,   and   for   ilu* ""' ■**'1""" ' "'    '"''"""   "f   u',sl
Kootnniiy DImi ii
Widespread   advertisement   obtained J    Where loci.•-!       •• Julilleu   Moun.
lin- cost „f collection and arrang ent: u1.'..^11 'N,'. ,!|        .^ \""\:     ,,
(ireun, in'ii",   i* •    in for A.   11    Pet-
• "I- I'Vee   ,*il iu     *        -l'l iii, ule    No      11
sl ,91)1, ami   I II.   Bonier   Free
Where,   Oh   Where   i*     liner's oen.ii ,i   ... n bi.ub_.  io
' ...I, lisiv iii.i   ti ii thu iluti' liuri'ol
Hayor   HoUBtOW. -u npuly toUn mg Kecnttlet* for a
. . iliiu-iiie ol Im ■ I- ills,   for   11..'
(Vancouver   Province) irnip oso if .iniu .: n  Crown a nun
Nelson, Sept.,   | _. — r-',M-i-i-tl> -.Hls,l ! • ' A^Vr-V.'-Ul. r . - '       ,,l|l     ROlloil.
Where Moyrir Houston   is   and   jus!  umlur teciluu .1        -i Im  cuniiiiuiic.
Is but tiillitiL,'
YMIR LODOE No. 32   K.   of   P.
Meets fust and third Monday in
eaeb month, Visiting brotlieis
Cii.viii.ks Arc1iiiiai.ii, (..'. C.
I.'IIX U  t'KVVAH, K.   I!, ii S.
MATCCABEES,       Meet*,    second
mid fourth Tuesday in each month.
I. McLkod, L C
r,. n.-nm!,urn!, it i*i.
what thn Mayor Is going   lo   do   am before the Isst.n
..„.', , i i   ''■  I III [it'll \ •' Ml - II'
,„/.! ing fi lends   and     lliea   here, j     „„',.,,„,,, lrt
Ho left for Victoria early In  August.     |»   i;.n,-.
to combat there the application of the A. ••
West    Kooteliay    Power    and    f-iight
i -n, ii  (Jurtllluui'
"inM day ol July,
ll   '"!!
Nelson, It. ('.
Wili remove Its stock into the building new ocoupleit by Hewitt iS Co.,
,... or al.out S..|ii. 16th.—(.'.il! Rnil eoe
ns in new sianil.
Try a bottle of Herploitto, The most
popultti'ilanilrutt eiire ond hair dres-
um Souvenirs are selling fast, Don't
inise iinin.
Full line ut Toilet Atiiclus always In
J. C. ELLIOTT,  Prop,
v'"Zr ,fuVpl 'ftl ,o£ T7'lulU;\x ****************>***»**
plans" by lhe  Uovi'inor    ill   Council.   T
These would militate again-! the  »U
cess of the city   power   plant,     The!
plans were nut presented.
At il.e same time an application of
the opposition putty for.... injunction
against tbo alleged  high-blinded  acts
i.t' Ml*. Houston -la*! turned down by
Mr. .)'tr.t,-:e Dull'. [totlt-t-M had Won
till I'oUnd
The next news of   hhll    Wa»    in    a .
New VVentininslB*r pupBl*, that he wan
in that .ity
Tin xt wa', frum   Ml*    Houston j
biiiiself from Ban   Francisco,   and   it
$.ccins thai he Rot oh a San   PranciBcn
bunt by mist.it!,' for   lhe   Vaneouvei
liuiit nt Vi'etoHi..   After ihii'  all   i
conjecture     Minor   placet   him   ■
'I'oi.oiiiih interviewiii ■ Inlin   MoK.n
Dullvpl'etl any
plilCtl iii 'own.
ij^lov-e Lenglhs
Dry ijl.3i5 Oreon i^l.OO,
Per 6_rt Load.
Ni,w in tho time to pill ill
a ^'iiv'i! supply, *
Poiio  Rico      i
I   Iiiniihcr i\h IjIiK   *
Clark's   Furniture   Store
aker  mid   Furniture
Mail orders promptly attended
Undertaker  ami   Furniture    Den! ■  *_?
Biiicii WtiirKt,        • ,        f(\
■ »■*
t 444*****+******+****+++ X\
Headquarters for Min
aiul Commercial IM
Mo*t e.unfoi'lali'r hot..    ■
tricl     Everything l\i?,'t-ilu ■
YMfi*; IJ ■'
'fi **6iJJ:*<*«.S
Ymir, B. C.
^(^(^(((((■fMtMM/ Closing  out  our   Clothing and |      ymir stage
Gent's Furnishings Department
Hats, Boots and Shoes', Blankets, Crockery, etc, etc.     Gverythin«
praotioally wholesale prices.    Como tjuick before sizes "ei broken
It wil! pay you to  lay in a
stock for the next two years
 No goods sold on credit except  by. apecinl  nrrnngemertf,	
All accounts due must he paid or closed hv note before 1st Sept.   I imi.-.
DesBrisay Jobbing- Co,
I Moots  train  every  inorniiig
except Sunday, for  freight
j    nnd passengers   for   I'mir
i" '    mill.   \W special orders  , n
i    Sundays. Or for Ymiriuiiic.
ALEX. ODDIE    Pr   ■
.Many Prominent VisltOI-B;     Mammoth care, Kentucky,   is   lo-1
~,,       ,lr,       ,,.       filed In Edmonson countv,  85   miles
Some Public Men Who  Will  southwest „t i_._i.viii*,;  kv.    rJ
Attend    the     Dominion       menl diameter is  about   ten   miles,
M"i     rol'NDs      PRES
I . S. T. Boss, Secretary
Fail1- -Notes.
New We.stiiiilinn-i-, Sept. ! 2—(Spe-
•ittl.)— It is likely thai there will hen
largo attendance of well known slates
men and other prominent men in the
city during tlm Dominion Pail',
uiiong whom will be Hon Sidney
l-'isher, I Ion. VV S. Fielding, Hon.
Setiatoi- Tiunpleman, Hon. Wm. Putin-son nml Hun. L   P.   llrodeur  of
while to date i'l.llv Imi miles of    passageways have been explored,   llicllld*
2:;:r'',t:;;:;;r:jri,'!;:::: Spokane Fails &
miles long, running In width fi'om   10       ^O^ til 6-Til RV
io |?5 feet, and ii: In ight iVom  |u   to! " J '
128 feet. Its ,,-,,,.,-t hull or dome ll,e .""'v "" ''ail l™16 beVVeon
i ,, „ („  points east, west ahd south to Boss-
is known as Clout City, or temple, i;111.|. X.l-s,.,,. Grand Pnrks and l'„-
'•hd is ah oVal liiom oil t',1'1 long, public. Buftctcars rtln between Spo
'is"! feet wide, untl |25 feel high, kane and •Northport.
The so-called  star   chaml-ei'   mimics r.ea\*e Daily Trnln Arrive
u.20 p.m
il 5. !*"i p.m
,   ,   . , ......I .-' isoii k io p.ni
manganese flecked with white crystals  ••..lo a m     Orand Korks       I 25 p.m
nf gypsum.    The cavern exists in five  10.00 a.nn Phoenix il lOp.m.
7.00 u.in Republic G.80 p.m
.Im Dominion Cabinet- Sir Henri Joly  ,'11' sli"'.v lieavens, becituso of its lofty    9._« a.In Spokane
Lieutonaht Govel'iior of  British   Col*, coding, composed of   blank   okide   ,,f  '_ ™ "','"        Kosslnntl
,    ,    , , -0 a. ii. Nelson
sUCcessiVu tiers,   through   which   at
VarioUs points shafts have  lietJn   nut, SAVE     TJfWF'
that are know,, as pits or dome. The   ^-Lj-j ________
Inrgbst aro the bottomless (lit,   Dorms ...    ......
diinie, the SlaitliHoth dome   and   the
Maelstrom, tlicit* average   depth   be-   Vs-REinl
niiii.iii: Premier McBiide, Hon ll. O.
I'atlow, Hon. P. Cait-.-i-Ci.ttoh.
Hon, Charles Wilson ami Hon. Hob,
Hi ecu nf the Prs.vinci.il Cabinet.
The hotels of the city ale making
xtensive preparations for tlio rush
lill-in* the fair- and orte hotel alone
'..:- sl'ctire.l a hundred and fifty ex
Ira beds and cots for sleeping itcoom-
Work has been coilliliencrd on tile
erection of the electric illuminations
I'or Columbia stl'eet. Iloivs of incitn
descent lights httVe been strung all
'ilotij; each side of the Btl'Bet,
Tho IJoitl'd of Works' ha.", a stall    of
.mu engaged at present   cleaning   i ji
lhe streets for the fail1   and   putting ly linked with nypsum   crystals, A
Ihein in as. neat a shape   as   possible.' feature of the cavH  is   thai   eVeil to
i'hi! hoard Ins leiiuested   the citizens ! the deepest pita   the   atmosphere is mi       POINTS      RANT
'    ,     ...   ,    .,        both chemically and optically pure all AhU      l ^___li__      LAl° '
'. a.sist as much as   i.is-ii.li' l.v keep- ! ,, i — 	
I llii-vear in.,tun. ,,.,  .,,,.     , v ,.   'e,,. • ii ur
ihg lho thoroughfares   opposite   their PALACE   AND   rOUItMl
1 '      ■ _— .   . m ______ |||M_ m	
I remises tidy. SLEEPERS,    BUFFET,
—_____ I kootenay Coffee Co, wbrahy cars, modern
Oolcl is the most  mallbnblo   of   ull DAY COACH EH,
Inetals, and'those nex-t in   order are      COFFEE   ROASTERS DINING CARS)
silver, copper, platinum,  iron,  all-mi*1
.•nun, tin, zinc and lead.
ing 100 feet.   Oval   depressions,   I
'•"•Ilv    hi...-.in   as   -.! 11 lv    holes,   drain
through the    pits   and    chusms    and
torn subterranean hikes aid streams
thin litnillv Hull ah outlet to tho
neighboring Dreeli I-i vial-, the largest
of the rivers is the Echo river, a din-
(lib of miles in length.    Beybntl What  PACIFIC    COAST     POINTS
is known as ItiVel1 I lull-,    long   men- 	
ues extend, which are most beautiful-  St.   Rati!.,    Chicago-,    New
York, and
Seattle,    Taeoma
Are our two principal  hobbies,
I-'rult Jars, pints .mart* ami half gallons, direct  from  tlm  fuulorj   at   price'
that cannot l»' heal.
We are In n position to take care of your want*, for preserving.  Oour sloes
i- always well assorted anil prices ate right.
\\'i I'liii'v tin* (anions Royal Household, jasl a car hist i It -if lllis c, Ichi il
",l l.r.un1.    No black and suggy bread,made from   this    Hour,   always    ivluii
lighl nml ivliolesoiut*.    A trial sack will conviucu lua must skeptical,
Something new, ah   up penning breakfast cereal, lho Inrgesl   for il"1 rtim
t-yer literiil in Yniir. \Viili each package wc give a fancy pl f China u ii
iM rn l *,[-..-.is.- lo pllfcl.llil'l1,
',\ e carry a well selected slock to cure all ailments ol mind ami   ' idy,  fi   ■
tool I: Uche drops to cun extractors, al st ricLl) !i-i prices'
Wo kerp lhe sii",'k, stylo and i|u    ly, ive .•■,.. lii you out lo io,'k well, nppi n
p.ospu s iii.il i,, l tli.it \c.-,i are as good iis .1 Standard (Ul Magnate ami l»   ■
as happy.   Jol.nst. 's Clothing and Hull's   Shoes   we   absolutely   gutiliii.tei
Kigl.i good-, right priofls, and right people to denl ivllh.    No special prices  0
special customers, till look Itllko to us
U. S. T. ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant.     Ymir,    IJ.     C,
Sin.'Hers   in   California   buy    the \VI10l"
iunrt_ from the miners   for   Huxing
I 111 poses, paying oil ii.s'my valm*, in
this w 11 y siine litit.ilrcls of small
I'-iiues are enabled lo 1*11 tl al. n    pl'ofiti
liial.s thai show   '-(."iiiii    --tl lirl ill;
i'i'' lo their once having ll.en in a
1 .ilti'ii -uu,' fiom v. Inch they hal ■•
"'idilied into their preselll sii in'line,
Iii geology nre know li 11 - igm ou i,
I l.ey include lava, basalt, granite etc
--in h rooks are not stratified, and may
'i'i'III' in en.ill"'li',ll with   seilim.'Ma. V !     •*•§„*
i " ks o|'nnv tige, if* tin- ij. ni, iv. k, [    .*M    Y^t-k
have usually lleon  el'Up'teil  fr    ile
inlerii I* 1.1' the earth and ful-ced tip-
and retail dealel■■-
.-h liottsted
High - wrade fc Goffees
JlBALS A   I,.'.   I .'. UTK.
littet   Meals   on   Wheels
Q    FAST   TRAINS     Q
/- EAST ami WEST DAILY •*-
Sjieeial    Ivvcin -ioli    Hates
':|S,,X' ,! d Lewis S: Clark Fain
,', .    .__. j
I'or ralei, folders ami full loformatloi
BO   VE&B9*      ' 1.'ivirdili" trips, call  on  or address ai
_xp_bi_i*'*:e   ; agenl ol ihu s. !■'. '\- N. Hallway . r
1.   I   _ I1  A (.. 1*. .v I ■ A.
Spokane      Mu IV, Kivct-s do Ai.
."I okum.
li.'.',      1.     .'-MS
^■fj'-n^       C-.l-KHIOH-f-; «...
Shelf   aul    linildi-is     llufdvi 1,-,-j
Paints and  Oils,   St ives,   Cul,
S !, Powder, Fuse   and   I'.; .
ili.init,!   ,".ii.I   Tinware,    St, .
!•'...! i..''-.
All   kinds   o|   Plumbing,   Th
smithing   and   Ouucral    I!. |    I
Now i, the time for Ueatine «lovi
A ,..*.* 1«- ■ ..'. I!'-,: p, rl-i-i'!,;.''! -!.-'':!'' '        '
nul,,! ir 1 .       II   iir,. in .'■'"• wIiiiiIim
Mat hies are tOUIlded hall- of bl'okeii       linlul'-lirlttlywiiiaSoiilfiT.'Ijnnu.i.'io'ioii i'liiral,
1 ,, , , 11.1,11   I'M. .1  .l.-.-li.-V I",  -"-ll,  -..- |ll.tO-.■-.
ciny, iiuiii.le, ngntc and other mineral       1*1.11,1111. tun •,, ti,r..n*/ii muiui * co.,.-..-..,
;'"';' :,;: tB?"^ 1ie2ZeA ''Sci^tiflffC Hittericitit*
1"''"1''   ' I°h«     °i     l!""'     P-ayll.i'-8«.        .SJmII ,"ll!„«r,i,,'^,.ilv.    ...,,.*,., dr.
,1      ,   • , , 1*11       ,.,.1    '      rill1'!! t" "1   .- - .*r.-*nt111.- J..l.rui.l.    T.-rtr'a. *'t a
uie mineral most used is n linnl,   cai-     cimr■ r<>itVmuniiti t, (ioiat,»ailno*«iiBiiiei*i,
•11,oils stout-, that i- lii-i Ul'oken   Up
Into sipiare blocks  witli   a   hniliitier.
Iln-e are theil Iiun'.* II  IU0    Ol'    lilol'C
together im,! a mill thai Is construct-
d of 1. stationery, flat 'lab of   stone,
■■ ith a number uf concentric  furrows
upon ii- fact, liver this a block Hi
•'I. of the mitno  diameter,  pal-tinlly
listing upun the small Btonos, i-  kepth;
'"volviiig, while wtiler i!"»- ujlon ihct
. .1.1      1    1 -. .*...,..   .1	
il noiTsdoalet*!,
 & co.'»s,"*Md--*- New Tori:
IKccd 0111,"j. 1.-3 V St. Waaolngion. Ul.
Hotel Ymir
tone .slab. Iii 15 minutes the iluir
'Ies aro worn completely roulid, and
ui' ready for ltinrl.it. An establish*
menl with tht'tie mills vi ill tm n out
'.0,000 iniirbli's iii 11 week. Agatos
nu inndo itlto iliiil'blcs 'ii Obel'stcln,
'"■iiiiitiiy, by lirst clipping ihe   pieces
Thd lUi Mcnls
Anil Aut'Miiinoiiiition    |'
In Tow 11 \
:: ,\ (lilBrtdloctioildfVViile***), t
Liiiiiiii1- nml Ciunt*      * ■
&df^ Sterling
I»rnni ft CCff-M
*\*>uv. to a thoui*
nul dcllnr pre-
i'-t,tnli'iii ifl,
Henry Iiirlcs &
Bum.' facilities
fur malting wild
kflvfcrwirt n 11
|wuefi id liy do
oilici cbaccro In
riArttT ■n:>». ArtisticfJealRD-
er», tho<]rrti mnrliinrry, and ikllled hand-
worU&rl, fl'.l under Ihe dlre< I "up rvIAldh of
p ictlcril memberi of lhe Ctm, ntukean un
cniinlltJ cbmbluatlon tot turning
^•iiie f»r llluatratt ' calali ,   e,
kl^wnrloffUiem   down   updn   the IN   W. MASrBIWDN,     P.op. J    WlUhiM
I it. ui large «rindHtom»si '^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦* ' -•■"■■
Sufllril SliVkl.
Silver Plate,
Henry Birks & Sons
oimi ■■' nun : INO
Jew..I-   ■ 14 Mil I a' I   .if..-
lha F.aiUf alla.a,
-__ r~.*~.i-  - ___
Tlie Allltllill   Lift!  iilslllMiMV ( '(ililjl;ili\   of X. Y,
Han Assets Exceeding $41 o-ooo,obo.
|H'lir\ in ii is tlio siifcsl ilivf.stliiuiii known to mnn.
I'asli in\<*si 1,1 in l.ii',* riiKiiiiuico ia eusli invcHtt'd llmt   will
roi urn coiniioiind iuti'ront.
All -11. r.'.-.-till Ini-ini-.—, Iiinl   cirly   Inl'gd   aliiuMlit-   nt   I'L'
insiimiicp, li prnviduN fbr tlio liuiuly, pititt'ctH n Inun in lii*1
old ago, and nrotoctH his otliol* invostniuntH, l'"i- r. 1'• ■ -• mi
an)1 form of Itfii iiiKuriiiicb itpply to:
Percy J, Cleaver. Local Aqcni-
_T _v£ 1 ~>
NK!..-i).\ .«. ! I. SHBl'Altl) Ri     ,   )
W'ASHINd lo.v A 1 -. \. i:v
V   V. & K. KY, ,v N. '...
antl Oreal Knrtln rn, N. rthern I'., it
 1 "'.'I Oi K. iii N. .'.,.,   for p.,rn'.
j wosl   untl  south ■ cotinci •*   al   l;. --
I nul nil,I Kelson with  the  ' lanni   ■ •
1 Pacific l(nil.,nv.
FHB8H   vn" Ml Tl.o MKA'i'S     ,    Connects al Nelson with thu  V  li
IA >', Co,  fur   Ktwlo and   K. and ■-
Wh..|."-,.!.-mi.) Itetttll Colliibfts ill Cu le«   uiih -i..- f,a
• Greenivood and Midway, li .'
Duflbl   itits run on traini i.e.	
KlI brders receive |.i!,..i|,l ntteiitiUnISpuktutb And l!-*,nblilt. A.j;JAl k.mi.v
Ui'iii'iiil I'MSenser Ael
,n,iir* l'iiiiii'.PiiT  I',-,,,.      I -„„i,i.t,.-, iv„* 1 ■
When in  Nelson
Villi!   BAKE111
GEO   CROWE,   Proprietor.
C'.niiu i;i uihl j,',' ii,*- bargains in   ton- i
fpctionery for the ;  few days,     A
lipe going .-.' Hiin.i-t cost.    All    fancy '
Call a| Patena,ale's.    You will lind "wat-l.                .   .    .    ■ - . .     • ,   .. v ,.,   . ,.    .  ,,   lVn-   _
!-            . npe going qt. almost con.    aii lam-i        .      HEADQUARTER-.    FOR    MiNiNCi   MEN    A«t!    im-     *
reducedprice.*,  in   Watches,  Jewelry.  Silver- th'7\ ■;,ii"'''", t0,t    TITseL n,e    : trayet-wxg public. •
1                                                                           i cash bargains su be   sure   ami tiring i      a a
ware, flat (jlass. and Novelties.    Vou can  al» •*'our p°cket book• 5 "                             g
1 i0 ■•>-
ways lind something Ju his s|uc]c suitable for a          (       "*\ ~ _
gift, iiiid lii- goods in.citiuiiv- most reliable, MILL-tri HU I uLi   £
J. O.   Patenaude,
ifewly furnished throughout,    Sample rooms in connectipn.     j
- tjl.-iQ tu $2.50 per -lav. <*.
FINLAY    McLEOD, Proprietor-        _
Manufacturing Jeweller, v,»'atchrnaKer and Optician,
PHONE 29ij.      NELSON- B C
|Ifii.lijii;irt. !'.-- !'ii- Mining Mriii
ll ir   supplied   i, ith   best brands "i j
wines, lii|UQIS and eigapl.
A Real Fair This tfeai Batter Tlito E.ver rlefn
The Twelfth Annual
*■*— IJ   "_,W ——■.   !■   ■■■_»■—■
nved uith nickel.       In    ti,,-   stony
l'l 1ST Al KVT.
Yum, li   I
fljlking    Domesticated
W/h-nlpc .,,...-: ill'- ii ui.fi ni   combinations
. in v, liiult are peculiar to   these   b
Not the least of   the   triumphs  of diet and serve as   one   of   the   main
modern  scientific  methods   in  man's  features in   recognising   them   when   ,, ...     ,, , ..
   *r^__7._t,7_^\ OPEN   DAY i NIGH
GRA.ND I i:.\'ll:M. HOTEL
NELSON    •■ C. 1
October 9 to   «5, 1005.
"ii .1 re-i ,!',■*, isf-jt-e-    they were not -.,vti   at
Htm/, uiou .,i a i
cast in ii brief announcement ju- received from tne N • i ful, I ui I while
fisheries to the extent  Unit   Profe-ssoi
Mu'lcr h is sue •"• !• iini iineslic itin_
•hen   fall.
The sir.,.; mines of Sohpeel erg,   in
Kiu.-jiiiii slid Ainti ii an I1   ii
i Wonderful Pisplays i f. Pain . J-V.mi.i;- Pyrotechnics, "Th.: Full of
Saxony, in the fifteenth century   F'° "!,ii'   wi,itn    l*»bf"'     ••"l'-'}"l-!     Port Arthur" in Flaming Reworks
jxhihits in Evei y
.luced iiimc enormous masses of native   i'u-' class bar
a herd of fifty sulphur-bottom cow Lj]veri ,}.,. greatest having teen a
whales, and Iras perfect 1 an apparatus |U„1U weighing 5dS pounds, q mass
I'...- milking them. ,],.,, ,„..,.„ , , ,1,;. j.iV |m8 lu>VB1.   |„.,.
Thoyiold of milk from afull-gi-.wn|e(]Ullie,j     [n 1750  there  was   taken
in,    Pceiberg   a   lump
,• |u ileil     In ! 750   there   was   tnki n
whale is from five tn seven   li ..-,-ii*   froni a njiw* iii
n-day.    The milk is fresh   ml   -■*••;   weighing 189 pounds     In the  Royal if n-mnnft| jf «n
Midpeculi-_i.vri.il   in  nutritive  aud   museUm at Copenhagen ia a mass   of vOSHllJ p01|lail
medicinal properties   It is much rich,   nntive silver six feet long,    two   feet H-r-afpl
er than the bos'. Jersey nilk. and pos   | la> and-eight inches   thick   which *,,Ul^1   *   »    »      ■»
-,■--,'- ii peculi irly  pleasant   an !  dis-   wrts ta ;,,1; .,,,,,, :l ,,,;,,,. ,,, u. iy„>*ii.,.. (Under entirely new manag nt.)
Iinctive lluvor whieh those  who   have  ;,;;l ..   Norway. I      ' i*
, . . 1' 1 i l i 11 _.    11 i. 1111
i isted it pronoum ■   superior  to  an*,
known milk,    Chemical   n i .-.-   •   -
.-I...wn thut the milk  of   ihe   su!|
button, whale i-   i    i   iu   tl  .*<•   - 'ii
fills ,1
liver oil its value as n reinedi il  f. nt.
-   turns, anil to-day only a   couple   ol ,ld||X  UREAU   Proi
11    nit.I    Inir
Depnrtiiient uf tho Pair.    Men's Relay Race (faring  the   Whqle
WeeK, ei*-lit entries     The finest Show of Live Ss'tqck ever    held
in Washington,    LTp»To-Date Vaudeville Fiogram Rvery Aftcr-
i,.,.,n and Evening,    lle.uitit'ul    l"i-.;it    Displays   for   Rig   Cu?
Prizes,    I'l-.v or umiv Exciting Races Daily.     Spokane   Kennel
Club's Hig Annual Dog show     In lii;.i Village and Indian Races,
and Dances,
Reduced Rates   and   .Special  Excursions on all
Concessions for sale. Howell W. Peel, Presidoii.
Write for Premium l.i-.'. Robt, II. Cosgro**'B| Set1, an 1  M.;i
Tho fiimoiis nn ers. hautn mini -
near Eskichehir, in Asia Minor, are
sni 1 to   have   been   li. -:    '.Miik,*'l   u
-P.|.],lii-.l   wi'h    the   best '""' liKV p,0«riin'-
in ilu* market. I
.,      .    ,     . thousand yens atro.    In   a   space    -r    ...   , ,
d proteids which  -,"•■•   to   cod- .,    _ J,:■_ 111    opposite   (I
., .        , .    ,    six miles thcie ore over 1:0,000   i-v«.        ■ **
ProfeiSU    Millie.'-    e.Vpel llli, l'l-    Oil
whales, which have   been   carried   on t
in   comparative   -,••:•.\    for  severs
years, have resulted in many remarkable discoveries i.i the line of utilizing
liundl ed of these are operated, the
itln , • bi . : exhau .ted .M.-ei-ehnuin
is mil.-'1 in blocks, which aro cleaned
- r.i|."! an ! cut w ith a knife, the
mineral beihi* -ii::   soft   and   readily
Nelson Fair
2 LAYS        3
('oiiiiiiciiciiiu'S('|)|cii)]>ci' 20.   Larger aiy. I»"i-
IhedilTeren. pari,  of ihe   huge ca, ,'m    ,„,,   „KAJcp 0F  ,„„„-,,.„. i < W limii  CVl'l'.         KviM'Vl 1. jllg   llCW    illld     ll|)-t«i-
 which i hiiherto gone t,   "      : • •>»-?•*»""«•■ .' - ,b,tt'. All kinds of omn ixiv attpiK't ons.    Kacli
nual output of uieerscliaum dues   not OIC_-___R.E3
*'He has devised a process for curing!*-'* I 150 tons       ft   is   soft   when .                    ' "/                 j <l,l V  SOlIK't llil);i'  ill I CK'-I lllg.   VoiMVill  llH'l'l     Olll
and   preserving   the   Inns   of   meat I first mined, Out hardens when dry. "1C   Kootenay    Standard   |Vi(*l|(|s | Ill'lV.  iSijlU'le  f'.llV  (HI ill! I i IK'S of   tl.lVci.
which  hus   ulii .ii -   i  . n   ciinsiden d
iise  thn:.   yalucle
lhe   moat
which compares favorably in   .     ure
I i.i,' ire three   imp ,i lant   m. tal*
,   that do iiui .,-' ur native, na mely, tin.
and   Juaniia.
M \M   IH   II  lll.l,   IIV
nnd flavor with the average lid      will nine and nickel,    fron  oot-urs   native
soon be put upon the   market,      Tlie   in infinitesimal   quantities,       Kntive      J,     C.     cThelin   &   Co,
company has assurances that   it   will heml is a decideil rarity.     Quicksilver
J. E. Amiable, Secretary.
find ready sale in the West India '
Islands and other tropical couutriesi
w Inch now  depend   for   their   meat
ccurs native in imall nuantity,    N.i-
tive zim was reported   from   Georgia
N'elson, li. ('.
supply on the South   America jerked  >' * ego, native tin was reported oc   Vfl nrrkllVPr
beef,' curing in Siberian gold placers, nativi     T *»«*WUHYCI
Professor Muller has invented   and  nickel wns -iipi„,s,..l   to   havo   been   Hfjtpl
patented a process for making leather  found in Nov*.  Caledonia,    luvestiga-
from   tlie   intestines,   pleural    sa.-s
heart coverings,  and   oilier   internal
mi ini.i ii..- of the « huh- « hich, «!,.-..
.i..ii proved theao   discovet ies   to  I e
untrue.     Nature   iu   her  marvelous
i      i ..  ■ ,   i  •    i       ,,   I,,,.,    laboratories ivorkcd curiouslv,   iiiiii
nn net! un.I luiislit.fl, is ,.i great uut i* ■
to produce a grain uf either of the-, ■
metals in nnii*e state, vcl devi loping
ores of the metal front «Inch i aul
tiunulities ..t the metal are yearly i\-
bility ni ,1 liner texture than nnv
known I, nt lu-t'. Ilcsi lea its nuperior
,(Utility, ihi v hale lealber 'iu nishea
Mngle pici is of much greater dimon-
: ii- I1, m it i po iblo I" procure
t'.' in any othei animal. It is pu* •■
hie, an ording :" ti. iuventnr, u
i un from the skin of a full-gran u
hulphui bottom tthaio a atrip of
leather ah .ul 300 fool iu length and
:;' feel in breadth, fc'roin the pleural
lining a tube - f louthot L'O feel in
tlinmetoi can bo obliiinod.
Pro.-.•-.-- for   gi indiug   lho   mam
umill skeletons  into   bon •   meal   im
t'e. tilizors,   nn.I   ut'      inverting    the
gi istle nml cartilage   into   glue   and
like products are   unuuig  the  minui    i'.i-!   OfHco   Storu
Dining Room.
i.'.- of Wiiu
1 (.'itnirs.
Please forward-Tub Ymir Hera|.p for       . month
OW I  S   . i,,'i:i!,   I'm,
•iL'i'oml Ave,       -        YMIK
nnd acknowledge receipt of enclosod j	
9 Tub HBRA_p is published   every Saturday morning nnd
« contains all  tho news of the camp.
} K 111:--- -l'lll Mi,   .-J;   II M.I'   Yl'.'.ll,   sl.
MRS.   J.   McLEOD
Ymir < iii/cits
... .MKKTS	
LAST 1 IH 1"-
li \\ IS I'M II MONTH,
i isi.\-i Mi
I.K-.i..  I'u-i.lelil.
• i i \/i:n, Hecretary,
'-. Hi CKwiiirt'ii, Tieas,
iiiveniions of  the   expert,   who   has j
-,, lii'h',1  himself   for   lho   hist  live ■
yearsa tile lUl.iug   village   and   Ymir Tl*At\SiQV WO*
In I his attention to the  study   ol
whales, I       .IACKsiiN .. I.l. \IIV. Prop*.
Teaming and
Express ....
M el 'ilea ure of .«,-   class, -—ihe!
bioiiv meteorites and tho iron meteor-,
in-..   The former are uboul ton times
as numerous us tho  latter.      In   the
Iron   meteorite   iron   usually   forrnsj    Ml   _^gn   1>t.„,,f>t!y  attended to
uioie than 00 per cent of   il„'  entire nml the groateat care exercised in the
muss, but they are uliiust   invariably \ handling ol goodi
Ciii;hi-i   am,   A-siM.ii
i j'c ^-j\.   N"(l«.i, Sulfite-'
dold. Silver, m   l.-n-l    -   $1.00
Copper,     - ...     i.1,50
il.,1,1 Silver,     ....   -.i.'iii
Charges t',,.' otlu t metals oil ap
Baker St., Nelson.
I* ii Drawer 1108,   Phone A«i7.
Dominion   Exhibition.
!.*o.:i       September   27    to   October   7       ;qo.-*;.
Undor tlio auspices of tho Roynl   Agricultiuii!
and [ndustrial Society	
Stiipciulnus and coinpri'lionsive array   of   \'.\
liil.ii** representing the resources of all Canada.
8100,000.00   In   Prizes   and    attraction.
Knlnrged grounds, new,
Linciug, Uroncho "llusi
pal roi boats, II. M. wi    - -
Indian Sports,
For all ini'iiiiiiiiin..      ii
New Wesimiii-tti-, |(.i'
nilsoineiinil spacious
1 ...•: and   Lacrosse,   II". -•
s and Kxercis. -,
Hand .
I'' user   river   llahing   ih-.-i,
uns, ele.
,:, itt-i* v   1,11,1   Maiiagi't


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