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The Ymir Herald 1904-08-06

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Vol. I —No. 12.
Price Five Cunts.
.'■   *•'«•>«»■ !*-»♦■»»»*(■•»m,Hi»Hij| M<Vl
Al. Garvin and family have removed to Krie.
Wo regret to announce the deat.li
•of Mr. and Mrs Patterson's baby
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Spericeu, are
■in town from Nelson, .visiting their
old Ymir friends,
A picnic pi<rty of about a dozen, re-
turned from Hall siding yesterday,
with a big haul of berries and trout.
In tho case of DesBrisay vs Active
•Gold Miming Company, the argument was concluded on Thursday and
judgment reserved.
Mrs. Finlay Mcl.eod is making
good progress towards convalescence,
and will probably be liome from the
Nelson Hospital some time next week
J. A. Alexander has   returned to
Ymir after an absence  of   about 12
■months.    That is about   as   long as
long as any Ymirite can stand to be
away from Yiuir.
Mr, DeWitte, foreman of the Wilcox mine, who has been a patient at
the Kootenay Lake Hospital, Nelson,
for the past two weeks, left that institution lust Thursday.
W. II Dowsing has been appointed!
secretary of the Kootenay Tourist
Association in the place of Harry
Wright M. P P., who finds that his
duties in his constituency occupy all
his spare time.
Fire chief Coffey has prepared the
following signals for handling the fire
alarm: Steady ringing means fire.
()ne stroke (paiwe) two strokes (pause)
three strokes, means a call for help to
handle the hose when drying and'I
reeling it up after use.
Professor Cooper, the blind phre
jmlogist. who has given two or three
lectures here during the week, has
given some very interesting illustrations of his science. He has read the
heads of several well known Ymir
moil and in each cose his descriptions
were wonderfully accurate and tallied
well with tho characters of the indiv-
uuls in question, so fur as known to
their fellow townsmen.
Tho Queon City Mandolin Club
of Nelson, under tho leadership of A.
Le Hoy Ferrier, will give a musical
entertainment, followed by a dance,
in the Miners Cnion Hall, Ymir, on
Friday August I '2th, In addition to
an high "loss musical programme, tho
club have secured fhc services <•;' Mr,
II. llichardson, anjexccllent sung and
■dance artist, who is at present travelling with Campbell's Comedians.
The full Mandolin orchestra will fur*
liish music for the dance after the entertainment
W. A. Copied in'again in charge of
the mining doptrtment of the Spokane Interstate Fair, which is held
from October .'1 to I). Mr Coplen is
not much of a talker, but has determined to make the exhibit fiom (lie
mines fur lieUcr lhan it was last yea*, |
and last year this department was
much better than it hud been before
for several years.
The Fair has retained all the ox-
liibiUi of lost year ill this depart incut
and it is Mr. Coplen'x intention to
add to this exhibit by ore snmples
from the mines which were not represented then He bus already
■been through the Coeur d'Alone* anil
secured promises from the mines
which wore not represented lost year,
lie goes north next, visiting llunville
llepublie, Orient, I'oplur Creek lind
Nelson Later he will lake in the
oilier millingdistrlots of the ninth
Cash invested in life insurance, re
turns compound interest und is the
best provision a young man can make
■for his old age Take for instance a
young until between 2-r> and *'!i). lie
pays in about j$50 per annum, less
than til per week, on iui -endowment
policy. If lie dies any time within
20 years after pitying the first premium, his people gets-&1000 down in
cash.'. If Ije, lives out the 20 years,
just alxiut the'time he is getting anxious to quit work, he draws down
over #1500 in oold "c'aslk The Mu
tual Life of New York is cue of tho
biggest financial institutions ju 'the
world and has over 100 million dollars of a reserve fund, (the biggest in
the world liar none) aud uu -annual
• ncome of 80 'millions. 'it ha-, an'
agent in town (P. .1. Glenzer.) who
will figure with you on any known
form of life insurance.     Married  men
with families dependent on them, owe
it to their families to .protect them
in case of an accident to themselves.
For 632 per annum (less than $••', per
mouth) a man aged 10 can take a life
policy, which will insure his family a
cash -payment of $1000 at his death.
And when he insures in a company
like the Mutual of New J'OI'k, he has
his money in the soundest financial
institution of the present day without,
HI N ING news''
Ice Cream Social.
On Monday last thu Ladies Aid of
the Presbyterian church gave on ice
cream social in -the grouuds opposite
Mrs. MoLood's stote. There was a
lurge attendance and a very enjoyable evening was spent. Professor
Cooper, the blind phnenologisi who
was to have given u performance the
same evening, very kindly postponed
his engagement to help out the ladies,
and tbe selections gave by his grauio
phone, which is an exceptionally line
instrument, were very much appreciated. Mr. Loveriug was chairman
of the evening and interspersed the
programme with humorous remarks.
instead of making a set speech. Mrs.
Young, Miss Carney, the Misses MeLeod, Miss Fuller and Miss Kay
Wilson contributed vocal and instrumental music to add to the evening's
enjoyment. The receipts amounted
to over !?."»0
4 4-4 4 4 4-4 4 4-4-1 » t
* «.*■**»■**■■**»'*
Hall Creek  Placers.
The placer mining on Hall creek
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ and along thu Salmon river, bus now
L. L. Tower, of Northport, was in ! advanced to a stage where there can
town this week and put men to work .be but little doubt, ns to 'the possi-
oii the Pat ckiw on Monday. They re- j bility of working the gravels at a|
turned on Wednesday.
Bayonne Mine.
The Bayonne Cold Alines Ltiuiu-li
is being foiraed in Unite for the f .it-
pose of operating the Bayonne group
which is located over 20    miles    fruifj
the foot   of   Kootenay   hike.     Thi
The Dundee mine has been   incur
.   ,    ... ,    ,   «»nK Ann eoLfwjtnsingle pans, and from definite
porated with a capital   of.  9625,000,    * "    *
,. .j   , .  . .,,.     ,.       ,      ,    ,   (itiamitii's of the gravel   taken   hap-
divided into two nullum live   hundred I ' " r
thousand shares  of   2*"   cents   each.
Work on the Dundee  mine   will    be
lesumed this month.
lurge profit.    Actual results obtained Iprincipal stockholders  will   be   \\">)-
consisting of quantities of gold obtain- j'liam Seal Ion,   formerly   presiileul  td
the Anaconda'Copper Company; Jo|in
Professor Webber, of Orevillc, California, is at Hull siding, where he
has been making an examination of
the Monarch and Empress group; also
of the .placer . locution there. The
Professor iH one of the best known
geological experts and mineralogists
in the States.
At tho local recording office the
following records were made this
week: W F. Edgar recorded the location of the Cend-Eva, and H. W
Mitchell of the May Lillian. James
Stewart recorded assessment work on
the Homestoak, Climax, JEdith M.
and Golden Gate clnim.s-; W,. W.
Keech on the Telegraph and St.
Thomas; Ed Pete.'.; o:i*tho Carion and
New York Central.   .,
Forest   Fires.    B
There are two fires now raging
which St times assume a threatening
aspect to Yniir. Ona is below Krie
where a large tract of valuable timber
has .-been destroyed The other
started from a spot about two miles
north of Hall siding and has been
steadily working up towards the
summit aud along Clearwater cieck.
The truck of the cloudburst which a
conple of years ago lore out all vege-
tat ion for a width of about .'10 feet,
two mil.is above Hall siding, makes e.
good lire line. On the north side of
this track, the lite hns butnt tight up
from the railway line, to the spot
where the water first hit the ground.
From this.point right up to the summit the fire has burnt Itoth sides of
the railway lint*'"and Hie section men
mi! kept busy renin ving fallen trees
from the truck The lire bar now
reached the heights ilboyp Nelson and
in consequence of   the  dry udilioti
of the ground, ||Mye |s no telling
whore it will xrop, Kuttpi ami acres
of valuable timber nave been destroyed along the Salmon rivet and
Clearwater creek. Unless however
there is an llllllstial cluing*,' ill the
regular wind currents up and down
the Salmon riier Ihere is no (mined
late danger to Ymir from either of
t-il-SM fires.
Salmo News.
William Blukcmore, M. E . returned yesterday .from a trip to Sulmo.
He inspected a group of 15 contiguous claims and found two leads, one
ten feet wide ami the other four, of
free milling gold i|iiants. From assays of the ore taken from various
parts of the leads, values of 818 to
the ton were shown. Nothing but
assessment work has so far been done
on the properties. They aro situated
about J2 miles from the railway and
easily aoeessable. Mr. lilakemoro
was examining theniin the interest of
a Kpi;ke.iie syndicate, but of course,
could not yet tell the press what is
the nature of his report.
He says there ore comparatively
few prospectors in the hills between
Ymir aied the boundury and little activity except in mines already iu the
shipping class.
He met a party of Timber cruisers
who were scaling timber for a Spokane company, which proposes erecting mills. The .Salmo shingle mill
is working with a full force.
Mr. Black more considers the taking
over of the Bay nine group a very important transaction and likely to lead
lo other developments,
Hotel Arrivals.
MoLbod llorKI.:—A. II. Mot lis,
Vancouver; L. It. VanDeBogort, Salmo; L. L Tower, Northport; Joseph
Zinkan, Fort Qtl'Appelle, Assa; Dan
Mel-cod, Erie; W, 11. Spencer anil
wife, Nelson; A. L, Hoy Ferrier, Nelson; durance Washington,  Nelson.
Wai.doiik Hotki.:—Mr.  ami   Mrs.
Dean, Moosejaw; Mrs.   Peter   Camp
hull, Winnipeg; Alfred Sawyer,    Nels
son; Andrew Ferguson, llossland;   H,
Fulertoii, Nelson.
VAHOOUV-RK Hoist,: -John Du
front)* Seattle; Htephun Cohrian,
llossland; A. McAllister, Moyie, Jisi
Qodlll, Salmo, Joe Dtitnuiit, Sutmo.
Boss IIoiiwlt..~r.W. Sharp, Hunter
V.; U. K. Short, Sulmo; Harold Kin*
uhati, Nelson; It Sandy; Win. Sandy,
Biigham Utah; D. F, Cooper, Nelson; Miss Ituymer, Rosshiud
Cosmopolitan Hotki.!   J. .Mitchell
Nelson; Doiigal MeKinoii, Bosslmid;
A. Anderson, Erie; .1. Wulson, Nelson; Jus Bremtii r, Kiic; A .1. McDonald, ';i nncl Forks.
hazard, are now on exhibition, and
furnish the bent possible evidence as
to the richness of the ground. Messrs.
Falls and Dewar have been working
for the pu*t two weeks on the 210
acres leased by the Hall Placer Min
ing Partnership, and during that
time have thoroughly tested the
ground til all directions. For their
work, conducted only with tho crude
appliances at their disposal, they have
a -nice little bottle of gold, for the
most part consists of quite coarse
flakes. Of their many tests the lowest result obtained was oO cents from
one cubic yard. Another half yard put
through returned §1 25. When it is
remembered that large areas of
auriferous gravels are being worked
in California and other states at a
cost of about srveu cents per cubic
yard, it can easily be seen that this
Hall creek ground is a very enticing
proposition. Apart however from
the figures above quoted, which represents the value of the coarse gold
flakes recovered, after separation from
the black sand, there is an additional
yalue, recoverable only by the smelting of the bluok sand Assays from
this sand have ranged between $38
and $120 per ton, und from rough
tests it is calculated thut a cubic
yurd of gravel contains about 15
pounds of this valuable sand.
It is tbe intention of the partnership which own' the lease of this
ground, to install a centrifugal pump
which will handle about 1000 cubic
yards in twenty four hours. This
pump will take up the gravel mixed
with water and will carry rocks and
pebblcM of less than four and one-
half inches in diameter. With the
installation of this and other necessary appliances n large rate of profit
making should be maintained.
The Peterson Bros, who are work*
ing a creek claim on the Salmon river
juat lielow Hull creek, have also got
something to show already for their
labour. They have constructed a
ground sluice and a wing dam, and by
these methods are handling a considerable quantity of gravel. A representative of the "IIkiiai.u'' got u
couple of shovclsfull of the gravel being handled at tin; time of his visit,
and panned them down, The result
can be seen at the HlHAl/D olftie! any
day. The gold is liner than that obtained from the Hall creek lease, but
there is a large quuntil y of it in this
specimen pan, sullicient to demonstrate fully the intrinsic richness of
(.round, •>
Near the claims of the Peterson
Bros,, another placer partnership
syndicate, mostly consisting of local
railway men, has a group of five
claims, ,^i which work is now being
done, with similar good results-*
Jamex.tStowart bus purchased the
residence formerly occupied by W .
F, Hull, near J. W. Moss's.
•Gillie of the -Butte .It Boston company^
C W. Goodalo and olliers who are
.connected with the Amalgamated mid
allied companies. The work at tin
Bayonne group will-be in chaige o)
H, W. Teague, formerly in the em
ploy of the Amalgamated company.
Charles F. Booth, who represented
tho syndicate and is a member of it.
upon his return from Nelson B. C,
where be concluded the details of the
purchase said to a representative o!
the Spokane Review:
"The mines are located in the (''.«(
river mining division of the West
Kootenay district, being 20 mile-
north of the international hound,ir.
line and 25 miles west of the Kootenay river. They are roaohed by n
rough mountain trail from the river
"The properly was first brought tn
our attention last full und I're.'i
Green, Assistant geologist of tin
Amalgamated company, was sent up
to make an examination of it.
"His report wan so favorable that
a crew of men was secured, supplies
purchased sullicient to lust until
July of this year and tbe party lelt
Nehon, B. C, iu November to de
velop tbe mines. After experiencing
great difficulties and hardships tie
party reached the mines and at one'
commenced development work on
the tunnel already on tho property,
and the new tunnel was started or
the vein 2000 feet distant and 508
feet lower down the .mountain,
Work was carried on during the win
■tor und is still iu progress.
"Last month Messrs. Winchell ate.
Magee of the Amalgamated company
and myself left for the mines to make
an examination   of   the   work   doiit
dllrHlg ihe winter. We found tie
upper tunnel was in about (100 feet,
showing a body of oxydiz.id ore uvei -
uging about -three and one half feci ie
width mid containing values averog
ing aliout. (25 in gold and silver
"The lower tunnel was about H.'KS
feet in length and exposed a very fine
body of sulphide ore, averaging foul
feet iu width, with values of aboul
$27 per ton in gold and silver. Oul
contract with the owners, Harrison
and Itisdoii of Nelson, required tin
erection of a stiimp mill during the
current year. This was bused Upol)
the oxydised ore which was exposed
in the upper tunnel at the time ■*..■
obtained our bond.     Later   develop
monts, however, went  to show   thai
the ore extracted from    the   propi-rt-.
would noon become entirely  a sulph
ide and it was deemed expedient h
us to arrange for tbe purchase of l it.-
ptoperty outright rather than  expend
money for a stamp mill   wlii-h   i	
not be permanently utilized, and   tl
purchase was concluded.
"The claims are now being HU-r.v -
vd for a crown grant.
"We are organizing the Bayer"
Gold Mines, limited, to operate | ■
"The eoinpiiliy will   be    under    ' »"
Immediate necessity of uonstrnutiujt i
wagon toad from   the   river   t
mines ns the present expense of p ,.   «
A sample of the black sand from tho I Ing supplies It quite 176 •> ton,
Hall creek placers .is iu Fred Hume's —— ■       —
cabinet.   It assays 9107 in gold, CHURCH Noiit'i',
There will he   un   opportunity   for Piir.siivn.ui is   ClKHlCM-   Morning
tlio ladles of Ymir,   many   of  wjmin Services, 11 n, m.; Sunday sel      '
are exports at tho production  of  all livening service, 7-..10,     1'uuno   I   •
kinds of funcy work,   lo   enter    their pies'Society u I  I'rlday   evei    ■:.•
special lies in the prize competition  ill at H o'clock,     All are welcome,     | .•,
the Nelson Fair next month.
It. Young, M. A., I'ast.M. THE YMIR HERALD
I'liUH-liH isvorv Saturday and mallei!  i,, my
....1.1.-.--*■*-. ordclivored li> e«rri--r In town.
SulnuripUons W,00|.or annum, iiajubh: it, -i.i-
A.lv.-rtc.-imjj riii-s. fi.sii per iii'.-h par month
Tin. IlKRii.i) nan bi- had from all li-ndinn
,;,,-,vsil.*ii|,-rs In tb'o dtatrict, or ottn In- obtained
dlreol trom tbo oflloe,
Coiniuorolal printing ol every dugar-lpMou
done "a the prcmlserOtf itsndard pricoe.
ri.-ltI.ISHl.II   BT TIIK
In this weather, the smoker und
the camper, should remember that a
lighted mutch carelessly dropped,
may mean tiio destruction of acres
and ucies of valuable titnl eij besides
other personal property.
Liberal - Conservative Candidates for Partiament
For Kootenay District,
Of Rossland.
For  YalesCariboo  District,
Of Grand   Forks.
New Westminster District,
.1.  D. TAYLOR,
Of New Westminster.
The Dominion Government has
;p.ussod the 'ite'w election act, and the
■date of election in Kootenay will be
fixed by the returning officer. Thete
will be some hot electioneering be-
•tweon the date of tlie general election
and the local dute, and if the results
from tbo general election are close
enough to give the deciding power to
the delaytd districts, there will be a
concentration of political luninaries
iu Kootonay and the other ridings iu
The details given in this issue respecting placer mining operations now
leing conducted on Hall creek and
along the Salmon river, will command
considerable attention. The result
quoted will convince all milling men
faiuilar with placer operations that
tbe auriferous -gravels.of this section
j.resent an attractive field for speculation. So far the industry is iu its
merest infancy, but with the installation of adequate machinery, great
things limy be expected from the Sal
jiioii ri.'or plucej's,
Those Liberal newspapet-s of the
Province, which conduct the hue-and-
cry after tlio-scalp of the McBride
tGJovewment and stand ready to con-|
demn each and every act of that
Government no mutter what it may
be, have rather let up on tho Hast
Kpo.tehay coal and oil licenoe question,
The fact is the Provincial Government stands to not over 800,000 of
revenue, 4he greater part derived
from American sources, and escapes
an endless tangle of litigation, -which
could only be unravelled at a large
expense and consequently .larger taxation. All of which, to the common
people, appears like a very statesmanlike proceeding.
If plenty of reading makes a man
happy, Nelson residents should be
among tlio blessed. There are few
towns of a population comparable
with that of Nelson, which can boast
of four newspapers. Yet such will be
the proud boost of Nelson shortly.
With the re slat ting of thu daily issue of the Tribune, there will be two
dailies, and the removal of l/iwer.v's
New Denver "I-edge", to Nelson,
makes a second woeltly. llossland, a
town of about equal size, has only
-one paper now, and that is none too
flourishing If the four Nelson paper., representing as they do, all
shades of politics, can make a living,
ii speaks well for the prosperity of
the town. The Nous js a staunch
Grit production, the Tribune is Hous*
tonic and anti-loly-McBrldolto,
•while the Economist is nnti-HoUMW'
ic, anil the Ledge is presumably Cot:-
ecrVtttive, Nclsonites will therefore
be in a position to bear sharp fusillades from the daileis, supported by
cannonades of satire mid humour from
Dave Ciirley and the versatile I/iwery,
in which the utterances of the dailies
will be dissected and served witli
|i*l per and salt and sometimes a little
Vitregar once a week.
There would now seem to be every
indication that the season of compilative in-aotivity, through which
Ymir has been passing, is about to
end, Good reports are coming in
from all directions, and there is every
i eaaon to anticipate a busy fall and
winter. Reliable reports from the
Ymir mine indicate that better ore is
now being got from the lower levels,
and that good profits qjay be expected from present operations, a condition
whioh would.gofar tow-establish confidence in B. C. in the London market. The Dundee mine will resume
operations this month, and will be
financially situated so that work ,cun
be conducted upon u scale, commensurate with the big ore bodies of this
property. 'The Foghorn mine is also
reported to be about to recommence
work, with the probability of a largo
mill being erected in the near future
Shipments from the Hunter V, are
increasing to a aertle, where tho force
will have to be considerably augment
ed. The, Salmon river placer .mining
operations are attracting widespread
a.i'csitliui and will grow to an inpor-
tancc approximating that of the
quurtK mining industry. At -the
Wilcox mine I be conditions are most
encouraging, all the several ore bo
dies showing continuous improvement
under development. Several new
ileitis, involving large sums of money.,
are now undor negotiation. The
local lumber concern is running to
the full capacity, and according to
reliable reports, u still larger concern
is about to be started lower down the
line, At .Salmo and Erie similar
conditions prevail, aud it is difficult
to escape the conclusion that "times
are looking up."
The Kootenay   Standard
/.   C.   Thelin &  Co-
Nelson. Ii 0.
MRS.   J.  McLEO©
Post OHiee  Store,   -   Ymir
Wholesale and Retail
Mail orders receive prompt attention
First-class Dining Room.
Beat brands of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
Second Ave.
Spokane Falls &
Northern Hy.
YMIR LODGE, No. 32,   K,   P.
Meets lirst   mid   third    Mon
ays of mouth.
visiting   brothers   weloome,
Wm. Con'i.Y, C. 0.
Ciiki.hik WoODSIDK, K   11. S,
Meets train every in.irning,
except Sim/lnv, iiir freight
nml passengers for Yniir
mill, By special orders on
Sundays, Or for Yniir iniue,
TV he only all rail route between
points oast, west and south-to Hoss-
latnl, Nelson, Grand Forks and Republic. Buffet cars run between Spokane and Northport,
Effective Juue 14tlt. 1903,
Leave Daily Train Arrive
Grand Forks
8.46 a.m
10.40 a.m
9.32 a.m
,7.-SO a.jn
11'.36 am
S.30 n.oi
0.16 p.m
4.36 p.m
5.86 p iu
7.-89 pm
4 00 p.m
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Fresh   Goods  for  the  Spring Trade
Ask for Swift's Bacon and Hams (they are the bosl)
Dundee Marmalade, Blue Point Oysters. Crosse &
Blifokwoll's Pickles, -lams, and Chow Chow; well
selected Teas, Coffees and Cocoa, Government
Creainerv and Ha/elwootl Butter,
'isliitiK Tiu-kfr, StatitiMPi-y, Fire Works, Sporting Omuls, Ma^'iuilifs, (,'i.h
incry, Pipes and Smokers' su|i|ilies.   All uoods sold i.\, eery raosooalil*     4
YMIR, B(2. The .Conservative Policy.
Reviewing the chief points at issu a '
botween the federal parties, towards
the close of what may prove to be the
last meeting ot the present parlia
incut, the Toronto Mail and Empire,
chief organ of the Liberal Conservative opposition, tinds the outlook for
its party tho best since the days of
Sir John Macdonald, when the magic
of the old chieftain, time and again
proved a determining factor in the
1'his session, the paper named remarks, -''has been especially favorable
to the Liberal-Conservatives, and is
calculated to inspire the party with
renewed energy, and with a larger
hope for the welfare of Canada. For
one thing, it has exhibited to the puli
lie a united body of parliamentarians
under a statesman who is daily grow.
tug, not alone in thu estimation of
his colleagues, but in the confidence
of the country. No leader could receive
a heartier support than that which the
able phalanx of repiesentatives behind him renders, and certainly there
is not one who better deserves it.
Strong in debate, constructive in his
statesmanship, kindly in his personal
intercourse, honorable beyond question, and gifted in a high degree with
the business talents which commend a
public man to the good opinions of
his fellow-citizens, Mr. Borden is the
statesman to whom tho best thought
of Canada is looking for guidance at
this pivotal point in our history.
"His policy as developed during
the session makes unquestionably - for
the public good. At the outset it
whs a forceful and well directed effort
to defend us from a proposition which
a former Minister of the Crown has
denounced as a 'sheer wasto of the
public money, without one redeeming
feature.' From this unhappy muddle
Mr. Borden has striven to deliver us.
There is no reason in the world why
we should construct a railway at the
public cost',' and then deliberately give
it away that private parties may reap
the results of our investment. Mr.
Borden is on firm and patriotic
ground on this subject, and the country is with him. He is also in line
with public opinion in his views of
our fiscal polioy. It is true that the
concession to the woollen industry
Ills been accompanied by an unfortunate reduction of the British preference, which is equivalent lo a notice to Great Britain that we are not
nn iill her on the question of inter Imperial trade. It is also true that tho
anti-dumping law is illuiory in that it
applies to individual cases rather
than to all instances of slaughtering.
Those measures havo their bad features. But they are a public notification from the government side that
Mr. Borden is right and that ho has
l»>en so from the first.
"Other issues of equal importance
pi iiss for solution. It is not proper
that Canada should be taxed to meet
an expenditure of (70,000,000 a year.
Half that amount was too much eight
years ago, on the testimony of the
present Ministers. The above figure
takes  from  trade channels   millions
Nelson Fair
Second Annual Exhibition Of The
Clark's   Furniture   Store | Ymir   Bakery   and   Cafe
Undertaker   and   Furniture    Dealer i 	
j     Mail orders p/oinpt'.y attended to     • short orders a specialty.   Fresh lucid,
Bmou Btrkkt, ■ Ymir cakes and  pies daily.
Nelson Agricultur.il and Ehdustriai
September 28 and 29
New Buildings, Fine Grounds,
liiii- Premium List.
*•**£ Novel Open Air Attractions. €€«**
Write tor Prize List.
J.   E.   Amiable,   Sec,   Nelson,   B.   C.
Newly furnished throughout.    Sample rooms in connection.
Rates 91.50 to $2.50 per day.
FINLAY   McLEOD, Proprietor
Gold, Silver, or 1-eud - 91.00
Copper, ----- $1.50
Gold-Silver, - - - - 91.50
Charges for other metals on ap
Provincial Assayer
P.O. Drawer Al 13,   YMIR, B.i".
i Hotel Ymir I
incuts ou the pretence that they are
I private property, the suppression of
thu truth, the attack upon the independence of public officers, the open
demand that these officials shall subordinate efficiency to politics, the requirement that the public expenditures shall not be subject to a propor
audit as ordered by law, the assertion
of Ministerial authority over the
judges of tho land, all these things—
developments of the present session—
constitute a national peril from which
Mr. Borden, as a friend of freedom,
must protect us. No issue facing us
to-day is of more importance than
the last that has been raised, namely,
the question whether the people or a
small body of politicians—a now
Family Compact—shall govern.
There is before the Liberal Conservative party a mass of work to be done.
The railway muddle and the transportation question have to be solved,
the producing industries, of the country have lo be conserved and promo
ted, the taxntion of the poople has to
be reduced, the 'deals' have to he
stopped, the liberty of parliament and
the right of the electorate to rule
have to he restored. It is a national
and patriotic task that is imposed upon the party, and il will lie nn honor
to1 enter into such work and under
such a lender."
The Best Meals      ^^^^^^^^^^^^
£    And Accommodation    J and  Cigars, Stout,   Ale
In Town.
Jj, We    carry   the   leading   brands     imported      Liquors
• • A fine selection of Wines, ±
«--,   t Liquors and Cigars.
Prop. I
Brandy   and   Wine.
Wilson & Harshaw
Draymen and
YMIR,   B.    C.
Zinc, when exposed to a moist atmosphere, is soon coveied with n thin
Dim of oxide, that adheres   closely   to
Handling heavy freight a
Correspondence promptly
attended toi
Hotel ....
(Under entirely new management.)
Dining Room and Bar
supplied wi<"li the best
in i lie market.
Right opposite  depot,  Yniir
that ought co be in private hands,
and that, if thus distributed, would
add immensely to the enterprise and
'.ho industry of the country. There
is a constant drain upon the earnings
of .the people for unproductive purposes, and it is the duty of the wise
statesman to stop it, and to allow the]
people to own what they  earn, or   at \ •78,000,000 for the year
all events, to require them to pay  no
more than the honest   needs   of   the
country  call  for in  order  that   the
government may be carried on.
"A moderate expenditure,,a Canadian policy, a rational transportation
system—these are matters to which
Mr, Ilorden has applied himself But
there is another feature of this programme that must not lie overlooked,
and that is the requirement that the
people through parliament shall be
supreme. ' Tlio new'system of secrecy,
the rejection of parliamentary govern*' the southern  hemisphere there   ate
went, the withholding of public docu** 18,800,000 square miles
it and protects the  metal   from   further change.
I'he production of gold in South
Africa for tho mouth of .May was
314,4*0 ounces, valued nt 16,676,000
indicating a production   in   excess  of
In our kIoIh, there are eii»hi parts
of water and three of land, or in other
words mil of (he 197,000,000 square
miles that make the entire surface of
the world 1 I l.oOO.OOo'are water and
but 62,090,000 land. The I'aoifiu
ocean has an area of 70*000,000
square miles und its  greatest  known
Headquarters for Mining Men
Bar  supplied   with   best brands of
wines, liquors and cigars.
-   ■—■■•«.■.— .—..— --*— ■**...-■*- *—■■—■*»   .^.—■.-.A^-|A--*--,'fc,*,*.-.*,*fc——------*-..,^  *."*.  -,  -**.   1
Shirts and Overalls
When they come from
Factory at Victoria.
P. 0. Box 56,     -     Nelson, B. 0.
Union   Label  on   every  Garment.
FOR    THE   NEXT   SO   DAYS   WE    WILL    GiVK
20 per cent, discount
for easH	
On  Clothing,  Furnishings,  Boots,  Shoes, Hats and  Caps,
In Groceries  we   DEFY  competition,
We will not   be  undersold.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Fiiist AvBNi'l-:,
Y m 1 it, B. 0.
depth 27,900 feel, or ■> I-'J miles,
the  northern   hemisphere   the   land
covers S8,90P,000 square miles Mid in
V. V. & K   KY. & N. CO.
and Great Northern, Northern PuciHi
and O. It, ii N. Co., for points east.
west und south , connects at Boss
land and Nelson with the C'aniuliai,
Pacillc Railway.
Connects at Nelson with the I'. II
.It N. Co. for Kaslo and K. and S
Connects at Curlew willi stage foi
Greenwood and   Midway, II. 0.
Buffet   cars run on trains tietweei
S|ioi<aiie and  Republic
(Joneral Paisaiigor Ajji.
Spokane, Wash.
$2.00 per anuuiu.
♦ to.
PletUS forward Tub Ymih IIkhai.h for
. month
and acknowledge receipt of enclosed t	
Tiik Hkhai.ims puhlishcd every Saturday morning and   i
contains  all  the  news of the ramp. ^^^
Hat Kb--PUB Ybak, $'J; 11/lf Ybaii, II,
To Saw Mill  Employes,  Prospectors, Miners, etc.
A small annual premium will insure you a sum varying from IfiOO
10000, in ease of death or ihkablkmeht, and in addition mil secun
weel.lv Indemnity whilst prevented from working in consequence  ol
iieiiileiit.    I'or full particular! •tpply toi
Percy J. Gleazer,   Agent. /.,
We arc specially fitted up to do nl! kinds of Jewellery
repairs. Look into our jewel eases; you may have it good
brooch which only needs n pin, or a ring that wants it stone
reset. Wc may use the old settings or reset anew. If
stones are missing we will furnish new ones at a very low
price. We want your repairs as we are sure to please you
in doing the work. Do nol neglect your diamond setting it
is perhaps time you had it reset: this is our special work and
we guarantee satisfaction and safety. On receipt of postal
card we will mail you a wooden liox to insure safety in
Manufacturing Jewellers and Opticians.
S. H. SmA.2tf.E-5r, A.C3-m2>TT, Yl^LXTL.
4 * * * 4 4 * * *** 4- «■* +#% * * * 4 * 4 #* *
Tot-holes are the result of erosion
caused hy water flowing in rapids over a lied of hurd rock. The waters
moving in a whir] carry around pelt-
lilcs and stones, and through this
grinding process circular pits or basins are gradually worn iu the Holid
The curious freak of nature recently discovered in a copper mine in
Chili, an Indian transformed to mineral, has a duplicate in a Swedish
miner who fell down a shaft of an
abandoned pyrite mine near Fahlun,
Kwedan, and his body was discovered
GO yoars after, being found converted
into iron pyrites, whi'ih had slowly
hut surely replaced the organic materials and retained their forms.
When taken out and exposed to the
light and atniosplicro the pyrites after a time decomposed and crumbled
Various theorios have been antiouu-
ced to account for the phenomena of
radio activity or from whence this
wonderful energy. One of tho suppositious is in supposing the atoms of
radium evolving and transforming
into another simple body, and despite
the extreme slowness of that trans
formation, which cannot be located
during a year; the 'imount of energy
involved in that transformation is
tremendous.    Another   theory    eou-
Two Centuries in B. C.
So common are the seniors of the
present generations in British Columbia referred to as "pioneers'' of the
province, that each reeuriing volume
of histories of centuries of white
man's experiences in theso territories
conies as a new surprise, iu that so
much of present day interest has
survived tho lack of facilities for
keeping records in these  far  western
New Caledonia, A thrilling chapter
details t4ie perils of the voyage down
river, and of enforced portages where
the surging waters defied navigation,
until he passed the mouth of tho
North Thompson and the limits of
Now Caledonia. Then "as he gets
nearer and nearer the tide-water he
meets with increasingly numerous
European wares . . . From Yale he
tates to the river again, having in trust
one place to snatch a uarjon by force
from an Indian, who refuses all sorts
of payment, and who finally accom
panics him, trembling and Sobbing at
the thought of the terrible natives
they will meet at tho mouth of tlie
river. These effectively prevent the
party from reaching the salt water,
and Fraser has to turn back at the
place where New Westminster now
Headquarters for Hining
and Commercial Men
these claimants to popular attention
is a substantial volume of 350 pages
by a present citizen of Vancouver,
the Rev. A. G. Morice, 0, M, I.,
than whom it would bo difficult indeed to find a writer better qualified
by experience and learning, to deal
with the subject which at his hand
lias been made so interesting. Father
Morice presents in the most entertaining way a "History of the Northern Interior of British Columbia
(fonnerly New Caledonia) from 1060
to 1S80." An outline map heips in
the understanding of the narrative of
travel, and- a series of portraits and
other illustrations reveal many faces
and scones of historical interest,
The author explains in his preface
that the present volume is an enlargement of a paper he had prepared
on Aboriginal History, embodying
facts which ou account of the light
they i.lir,,/ on the manners and cus
toms of the natives in pre-European
times, he thought it well to preserve
for posterity. "As he wont on in his
sists in the supposition that radium is studies," we aro told, "he soon tlis»
capable of captuiiug and utilizing I covered that only a part of the hiss
I'oine. radiations  of  unknown   nature' lory of British Columbia  hail   so  far
There are some hundreds of thousands more men than women in the
Central and Western States of America and in Canada.
As a result thousands of trustworthy men—Farmers, Miners and others
—living in certain districts there
cannot possibly get wiyes in their
own neighborhoods.
But in England Scotland, Ireland
and Wales there are a million more
ful to transmit by mail any books, j women than men and, in these Coun
magazines, periodicals, circulars, news-j tries, thousands of good, intelligent
papers or other publications contain- and attractive girls—many of them
ing advertisements representing mar j daughters of farmers and all of them
veleous, extravagant, or grossly im - qualified to make excellent wives-
probable cures, or curative, or heal- see nothing before them while they
wilds of but yesterday.    The latest of ill>? powerii by   means   of   medicines, \ stay here but the  prospect  of  living
Quack Advertisements.
The  post-office  act  was  amended
Aug. 1st, defining it shall not be law-
Most comfortable hotel in  the  dis-
Everything first-class.
which   cross  the  space   without  cur
The following on explosivos is from
the pen of an export and commands
attention: The advantages of using
strong explosives are manifold and
manifest. If of two explosives of
equal price one be Stronger than the
other, it is evident that less may be
employed to do the same work, und
tho principal ecouomy remains, even
where the stronger commands the
highor price, for the main expense of
blasting iu the labor of driling, loading, etc., Ihe cost of the explosive being ono of the minor items. Therefore, it is economical to use the stronger explosive (even al a higher price,)
The completion of the work in a
shorter space of time must also be
taken into account, for the sooner
the work is completed the soonor wo
shall commence to realize the profit.
In many cases, however, strength is a
matter of secondary Importance, and
in certain classes of work the mode of
action becomes the paramount consideration. Of two explosives, one
exciting a very powerful action upon
a small surface and the other a milder
hut more sustained action upon a
larger muss, it is evident that each
will be useful in its own way
one will shatter the other wil
In dealing with haul rook| economy
lies in the use of the strongest grade,
or No. 1. Hut in blasting a softer
material No I, is too local in its action, and a linger muss can bo broken
with u weaker or slow.-r explosive, or
No. 'J.    The relative no-1, of the   two
such advertisement.
explosives need not be considered!   as
a general rule, it pays   to   have   ex-|gent {llt),e,.)ivnd no oil'-n
plosives adapted to the work, witlioul
to the ■ ill differoiioe in cost, his mother,
been written; that which is most iu
toresting and, from a certain point of
view, most important, has to this day
never been presented to tho public.
Who knows, for instance, that long
before Victoria and New West-
i minster had been called into existence, the province had been settled in
a way, and had possessed a regular
capital —at Stuart Lake—whence a
representative of our own race ruled
over reeds and whitest—Not one in
a thousand Canadians or even British
Columbians. The record of these
times und ways of life which are irrc
vocubly past has never been written,
not to say published, und the only
author who has ever touched on Mime
of the events with which we will
soon entertain tho reader.— Hubert
Howe Bancroft, is so irretrievably inaccurate iu his remarks thut his
treatment of the same might well be
considered well-nigh worthless ''
Residents on the banks of the
Fraser must be interested particularly
in the pro trait of thu first British
Columbian of note, Simon Fraser,
now for the first time appearing in
pi-iii'; nud the details from his own
notebook of his visit to the river now
healing his name, and of familiar repot l as a gicut highway to the ocean
when in 180(1 I'Yaser set out to cross
to its headwaters, there to embark on
a highly perilous mid sensational exploration.     11 was ou this   expedition
that he established Port 8t, James,
on Lake Stuart, und Inspiredi by tho
mountain scenery   there   confronting
icli reminded him of the ah-
Murder Charge Against
a Doctor of Van-
co uver.
Pr. Robert Telford, of the Burrard
Sanitarium, who was arrested Saturday evening at the close of the in-
queat over the body of the lato M' ss
Howell, stood up in the police court
this morning to answer to a more
serious charge than the one at first
laid against him. When he appeared
before police magistrate Williams, he
was informed that ho was accused by
the crown of having committed murder,
Dr, Telford was accompanied by
his counsel, Joseph Martin and W. J.
Bowser, and was supported by several
friends. In a dear und distinct
voice he pleaded "Not guilty."
Mr. Martin urged that the prisoner
be allowed his freedom under bail.
Magistrate Williams replied that
the coroner's jury had been composed
of representative business men; (hat he
supposed the crown knew its business
in making the charge it had; and that
he could not admit to bail under such
a serious char- o.    . '
The Inquest itself terminated late
on Saturday afternoon, the jury reporting tho following verdict:
"We, the jury, find that the deceas
ed, Hattio Howell, came to her death
as the result of an abortion performed
by Dr, It. Telford, and we consider
that those responsible for  advising   a
appliances or devices referred   to   in and dying as old maids, and this,   to
them, is a decidedly unpleasant prospect. They would willingly emigrate
t» America, could they be assured
that they wero going to meet worthy
men there as husbands, and if thev
could look forward to happy, if humble, homes on the other side of the
We may say that all of them could
afford to emigrate at  their   own   ex*
We are prepared to give good men
introductions to these girls.
If you wish to get an introduction
please write us with such particulars
of yourself (age, nationality, occupation and circumstances) as a sensible
girl would expect to get and we shall
write you in reply, with a view to
bringing about a suitable introduction without undue delay.
Tell us what kind of wife, (age,
nationality, appearance and disposition) you wish to get.
If you have preference for any particular Christian Sect please name
You will also inclose our Fee of
5 dollars. A further Feo of 45 dollars will be due to us within one
month after marriage, thus making
00 dollars altogether. We do not
confine ourselves to one introduction.
Wo give as many as will be necessary until marriage. But wo make
no charge for any introduction after
the payment of our said Feo of 0 dollars for tho first,
It is not at all necessary   that you
K. W. WWdowBon.
VV. A* Htitsclnniill.
Percy J. Gleazer.
John Pbilbert.
0. Campbell. „
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Newitt* Co.
William Clark.
D. Campbell.
DesBtisuy Jobbing Co.
S  U. Seaney.
U. S. T. Ross.
Cosmopolitan—John Breau
MeLeod House—Finlay MoLoml,
Miller House—S. Miller.
Palace—Tait <fc Buddy.
Vancouver—Owen Buyer.
Waiitorf—George Colmaii.
Ymir—J. W. Masterson.
Mrs. John MeLeod.
Percy J. Gleazer.
Herald Publishing Co.
D. Campbell.
.   S. H. Seaney.
llarshaw & Wilson.
Jackson & Leahy.
Alex. Oddie.
William Clark.
Ymir Transfer Co,
Teaming and *
Express ....
All orders promptly attendo 1 to
and the greatest care exercised ii: tin
handling of goods
whole country
young girl, such us deceased   was,    to
submit to such an opurution, are   do-'should be a wealthy man,
serving   of   the    severest     censure.,     rjut it i„ necessary that you  be    a
Shortly after the adjournment, Dr. man who would make a kind and
Telford was arrested upon the charges 'g..(J,i husband to a good wife
(1) of using a drug known as ergotal
to be taken by Hattie Howell to procure an abortion; and ('.') that he did
conspire with David Mcllarg to procure an abortion.
David  C   Mcllarg,    commercial
traveler for u local firm, who IS ulleg-
ed to havo been primarily responsible
for Miss Hattie Howell's trouble, arrived here In custody this morning,
having been arretted in Portland,
Shelf Hardware,
Builders' Hardware,
Paint, Oil, and Glass.
Tinsmithiftg and Repairing
of every description done.
Kootenay Coffee Co.
If you aro nut such  a   man
do not write us.
Addtess:-<-MeHsrs John   Lloyd   it.
Duncan,    Anglo-American     Agents,
91, St. Mary's Head,
liCytoii, London, Knglaud
please High • Grade * Coffees
Yniir Citizens
.1. VV, lio-s, President,
I) t.AMt'iiKi.i., Secretary.
Finlay Mi'I.koh, Treusiiiei.
v right.;
Aiiyiiii *"nillni* ante-ii-h mil rtoacrllittOTi u; v
nnl.-lily H.rproitll mil- epltiten low nliillicr i u
Iiimiiiiiom w |,rnbni,lr nntontobte, Ci,iiii*iiin. ■>.
nmiH-llilPllf lelltlilimtlnl. IIlihIi-i^S,,:, I'ntauti
in-ill tino. <nrtf»l rilwii-y fw i'<T.illnK i„i'-t»
I'ufmila tfikcli LlirMUWi Jilleui ft UI. on.il-'C
lurrlnl ««f Iff. wlili-mt rhiiriio. Ii, llin
Scientific ntmkm,
A hMtiliu.nii.lr IHiHlrntwl weokljr.   LfinMMt fir*
riiiniimi >,r Mil- iolrnitlflo iqiirnti,   I », w a
rt.ii.i-1 iniii-iiiiuiiiK (i. (-.uiitliynll n«».i"l"»low.
Briu-el. onwe. (.4 t bt. WMbUisIM*. l>.(
Wholesale and retail dealers V
in Fresh Roasted
NKI.SON, Bi 0,
•>TTt-t.TtTTTT-rTTTftTTTT 44,4..
I Delivered any
t place in town.
♦      Stove Lengths
I $1-00   .
Per Cart Load.
Porto Rico
Lumber Co. Ltd.  I
* v


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